Hello Internet

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Hello Internet Christmas Special)


  you knew it was coming and here it is

  it's becoming a little bit too much of a

  pattern I don't know if I like this

  Brady people are we really expecting it

  this year right once is a fluke twice as

  a pattern and then the third is the one

  that they expect so I'm not sure we can

  keep this up forever for a variety of

  reasons but this year is the third

  annual one what's this one code the last


  very well done Brady yep that's the D

  with the movie number eight of the core

  series yeah of the new trilogy I think

  was it on Twitter or someone someone

  told me that like Disney has rebranded

  the old trilogy as something like Star

  Wars legends that's the phrase that they

  want to use to describe the original

  trilogy which if that is the case I am

  going to 100% reject that idea nope nope

  it's the original trilogy I'm not gonna

  call it Star Wars legends not gonna

  happen I heard someone talking about the

  original film from 1977 and they just

  casually said yeah it's been 40 years

  and I was like oh my god that who is 40

  years old

  40 year old film Wow there's something

  strange about how old movies can be I

  know that sounds dumb to say out loud

  but I guess what I mean is how old can a

  movie that is still unacceptably modern

  ish looking movie B and the answer is

  getting pretty close to 50 years at this

  point you can watch a movie that's 50

  years old and feel like yeah that's a

  modern enough movie it doesn't stand out

  as something like from 1930 so yeah

  time passes us all by the Reaper

  approaches every day I tell you a film

  that two really old that has stood the

  test of time

  mmm The Wizard of Oz no yeah yeah I mean

  it you watch it and it is old but

  there's something about it that's very

  timeless like a lit looks like a really

  off but 1939 that's 200 years old at

  this point

  it's remarkable it is quite remarkable

  and I'd still watch that you know I'd

  look at it think I yet charming on film

  but still a good film you have to watch

  out for those monkeys anyway when I

  talked about it it was always a good bit

  off track and you just a spoiler there

  with your monkey line sorry I guess I

  guess I'll put it in the show notes of

  his of mine who spoiler for the bear

  very minor spoiler before we start

  talking about Return of the Jedi engaged

  like total into total spoiler zone I

  have to say I did think of you a lot

  today when I when watched her partly

  because both before and after the field

  I went to five guys and I always think

  of you and I go to five guys because I

  know you love her so much although I I

  went for my traditional bacon cheese dog

  right right and I did enjoy them that's

  not paid for by the way people five guys

  bacon cheese dog oh do it again I can

  never fault a man for his eating habits

  in a movie because it wasn't in the

  movie it was a before and after I also

  got a big bag of sweetie okay like I

  think I slightly misinterpreted what you

  were saying there I guess I can extend

  movie calorie forgiveness to an hour

  yeah I'm like an hour before and an hour

  afterward I think yeah that's a window

  of time when calories don't count naira

  and if you have some kind of horrific

  eating disorder you may eat three or

  four gigantic tubs of popcorn while

  you're sitting there watching movie like

  just just in theory but this is not as

  brought to you by big popcorn well also

  the other reason I thought of you and I

  know you think this is like means

  nothing and it does mean nothing okay I

  saw it in quite an empty cinema and I

  went for the posh site so it's comfy and

  at the end of my row was sitting another

  guy watching her alone who I swear was

  your doppelganger oh yeah I almost took

  a picture of him to show you but it was

  too dark it was crazy how much he looked

  like you huh I've never seen someone who

  I thought oh that guy over there he

  looks like gray but this time it was

  like whoa I feel like almost why I check

  our our times because I watched it today

  in a theatre that was it was just me

  alone in the theater like was there a

  Brady force ghost or astral projection

  sitting next to him in the back row

  watching this movie it's quite possible

  we were having a little forced moment

  together watching the movie maybe that's

  what happened I wasn't a plane out a

  while ago and there was someone sitting

  near me who looked like someone I knew

  and I texted them and said someone who

  looks just like is on my plane

  and they said okay and then I took a

  sneaky picture and sent it to them by a

  message and I looked at the photo and

  my god that does look like me anyway

  there's no picture so no phones in them

  movie theatres Brady only if you're like

  me an iPad on your lap no phones but

  like a mini computer is perfectly fine I

  was using my find to make eggs ah

  naughty Brady you're very naughty well

  it's got to be done yeah so anyway let's

  crack home how are we gonna do this

  review we're we're so bad at this it's

  the same thing why are we talking about

  the Wizard of Oz or my doppelganger it's

  because I never know how to warm up to

  these things yeah

  as per usual this is my second viewing

  of the movie so I saw it once yesterday

  and then once this morning to take notes


  and I think once again you have seen it

  for the first time on the day is that

  right that's correct I've just saying a

  few hours ago

  just to give people the the like place

  in time where we are I think again

  there's this weird thing that happens

  where on movies people's opinions tend

  to converge very quickly so we're just

  like walking out of the movie I went

  into it pretty spoiler free and I

  haven't heard anybody talk about it with

  the exclusion of my wife who I saw it

  with for the first time and so now now

  I'm gonna talk to you about the movie

  Brady I also was spoiler free I had seen

  the trailers but I can still consider

  myself to be pretty spoiler free and I

  know very little about how it went down

  but I have got a vague idea of what

  reviewers and fans have thought just in

  a very very kind mmm this is what people

  think kind of way but I have not been

  shaped by that in any way interesting I

  know you're still MN on your own so

  Brady the thing I guess we have to do is

  we have to do this the way Brady wants

  it Brady yeah what did you think of Star

  Wars the last Jedi there are two things

  I want to say from the outset okay it's

  like an opening statement here yeah

  there were two overarching things I want

  to say one is very big picture

  overarching like in the context of the

  whole series of Star Wars films and one

  is my broad sweeping overview of this

  particular film my big overall Star Wars

  thing I want to say is like people

  listening have different feelings about

  Star Wars some younger listeners don't

  care at all some of our older listeners

  don't care at all

  some people are like us and Mike grew up

  with a and it's a really big part of

  their life and I'm that like to me I

  grew up with a it's really important to

  me it's like a big part of my childhood

  and I don't think I'm the lone ranger

  because Star Wars has become very much

  part of the culture of our planet hasn't

  everyone knows who Darth Vader is and

  knows what the fuck made a force be with

  you so I don't feel stupid

  holding star was in a special place in

  my heart I don't feel like that makes me

  too weird

  ha right so I love my Star Wars and as

  they make more and more of these films

  and I felt it today watching the new one

  and I know how silly this seance cuz All

  Star was as fiction but I'm beginning to

  feel a bit like oh you're just making

  stuff up now just keep it going it's

  like there's the Canon that was the real

  like what really happened and now it's

  like oh come on you just making stuff up

  to make money now I am with you 100%

  like I understand that feeling entirely

  and related to that I saw in the news

  recently that Amazon announced that

  they're going to be doing TV series

  based on the Lord of the Rings that was

  essentially like I wouldn't have quite

  put it in those words you've articulated

  something in my head that I was thinking

  but that is exactly what I was thinking

  about the TV show is like oh okay so

  you're just gonna make up a bunch of

  stuff as opposed to the room stuff that

  happened in middle-earth right as

  opposed to the actual mythology of

  England you're just gonna make up some

  nonsense for your TV show like that's

  ridiculous so yeah I love that phrase

  because I that has clicked something in

  my head that I was thinking about

  something else and I can completely see

  how you feel about that as the modern

  post Lucas sale of Star Wars as that era

  has come upon us that is like oh they're

  just making up stuff now yeah now on the

  film itself I would say my overall

  feeling is probably more negative than

  positive mm-hmm but my main feeling is

  one of overall meh I was a bit bored by

  it and the thing that was most telling

  to me was afterwards when I walked out I

  just didn't think about it like if you'd

  like a film or you hate a film

  you're thinking a lot about it and you

  can't wait to talk to people about it

  and there's so many things on your mind

  and your minds buzzing and I walked out

  of the cinema and it's like it just fell

  out of my head hmm it's like it made

  very little impression on me and that's

  incredible because ultimate spoiler

  alert who would have thought that five

  minutes after seeing Luke Skywalker die

  I would just forget about it and not

  care but I did and like driving home I

  said come on ready you've got to think

  about this film you got to talk to grey

  you got to have interesting insights and

  opinions and it was a real effort to

  build up a lot of care about it hmm

  and one last criticism and this is my

  criticism of the film besides the fact I

  thought was boring which is a pity

  looking down my point and I know most of

  my points will be negative because

  that's just how these things work you

  know there were good things about the

  film but when I look through my negative

  points one thing that seems to join a

  lot of them together and annoyed me on

  multiple occasions was our galaxy

  leaking into their galaxy oh my god

  yeah yeah there are lots of little

  references and mannerisms or things that

  happen that I felt like hang on a second

  yeah this has been written in our galaxy

  yeah this wasn't written in their galaxy

  I'm gonna back you up on that and that

  on very many levels from big things down

  to very minor things yeah that is

  actually my very first note is related

  to something that happens in the

  beginning of me I feel like is I know

  what this is gonna pay yeah

  it's an hour our universe moment era

  anyway before we get into all the the

  point-by-point hmm odd man winching yeah

  what's big picture from grey what

  context should I be hearing your

  thoughts in yeah so to back up I think

  it's interesting that I went into this

  movie totally spoiler free because I

  didn't spend any real energy this year

  trying to avoid Star Wars boilers I was

  aware in previous movies feeling like I

  was trying to avoid stuff and failing

  maybe because a podcast co-host made me

  watch a trailer or because people just

  wanted to talk about a thing and I would

  see it

  I don't know what that does an

  indication of but I just think it is

  interesting that I didn't feel like I

  needed to try to avoid anything and I

  walked into the movie just totally cold

  I hadn't even seen the poster of the

  movie right I don't know if that is just

  our world getting much better with

  spoiler culture which I would hope they

  would give me a spark of hope Brady if

  our culture is getting much better about

  spoilers or if it was just a kind of

  like weird indifference on my part I

  don't know I just think it's no worthy

  okay but so when you say meh I think

  that there is there is something I have

  that as a parallel feeling which I had

  after our last year special which is

  this feeling that there is now going to

  be Star Wars forever mm-hmm and this has

  changed something and also a thing that

  over the course of our podcasts I've

  been mentioning a little bit more and

  more is that like the changing industry

  of how these things aren't produced and

  it's like a background radiation in my

  mind that I kind of can't get rid of the

  like our universe concerns about

  cinematic universes and how our movies

  made and especially how our long mega

  series may like what is the mechanics of

  this I've had conversations with people

  like in the industry looking at the

  horrible sausage behind all of it and I

  do feel like that has polluted my mind a

  little bit that is the background as for

  this movie this movie to me was

  Spaceballs the movie I feel like I had a

  little bit of a rollercoaster with this

  movie where I felt like things were

  tonally off for a while like I couldn't

  quite get into it for a bunch of reasons

  we'll get into and then at some point it

  just kind of clicked in my head that

  this feels like the people who made

  Spaceballs wanted to make a really

  serious Star Wars movie and they mostly

  did it but there's like a Spaceballs

  enos leaking through and when that

  clicked in my head I actually enjoyed

  the movie more like my expectations went

  from nothing to really low and then I

  felt like oh I can kind of enjoy this


  but then I have the same kind of

  problems as you like I found it sort of

  boring this is sort of unintentionally

  funny through my eyes I enjoyed watching

  it more than rogue one which I really

  didn't like but I don't think it's a

  very good movie and I think that this

  has now reached the point where it

  doesn't feel like Star Wars anymore and

  a lot of my notes are trying to figure

  out like what has occurred so that's my

  overall feeling of the movie ok can have

  a lot of upset people out there

  yeah ok so now you're making me nervous

  do you think that the fan consensus is

  that people liked it this is what I've

  heard oh no Brian I've seen is that

  critics quite liked the film ok but a

  lot of Star Wars fans have a mmmm that

  actually could work with some of what

  you just said but that could work for us

  I really am still getting messages and

  feedback from people who want to

  violently disagree with me about rip 1

  let's talk about rogue one at the end

  because I'm one of them and this film

  has changed me even more about rogue a

  but that's my final point I'd like to

  discuss carry and so let's do with the

  film at hand and can I start at the very

  beginning it please go right ahead

  because the last few Star Wars films

  that I've seen particularly force

  awakens that moment when you have the

  Silence of Lucasfilm and then there's a

  yeah this and the Star Wars comes up in

  the fan fairy like I got tingles when

  that happened previous times like it's I

  think probably even happened when the

  prequels came out it was like yeah Star

  Wars his back and it caused a real

  excitement this time and I don't know

  maybe it was my mood I don't know this

  time for the first time I found a bit

  cringy hmm I was like waiting for it to

  happen and then when it finally happened

  bang like I was sort of waiting for the

  big loud nor is I don't know if camp is

  the word but it felt like like a parody

  of itself it's like I bet they had a big

  loud noise at the start of Spaceballs

  right yeah it felt like a bit of a joke

  of itself this time this was at a point

  where I was completely neutral about how

  good or bad the film was gonna be mm-hmm

  but I didn't get that feeling this time

  this time I felt a bit embarrassed by

  mhm and I don't know if it's because

  it's being overused and it's now it's

  not special anymore

  explain it but that's the feeling I had

  I was like wow through the literal first

  note I kind of winced I don't know what

  it was I'm sorry this is what happened

  the first day I'm still worked on me

  we're just like yeah

  and then we had the traditional pan down

  and for the first time in a while they

  didn't try to be overly creative with it

  they just went pretty standard which was

  yeah it was nice

  there's a nice change up so the thing

  that you might expect is my first note

  on this is

  Spaceballs the phone call where we see

  our first order ships in the sky they're

  chasing the resistance you know like the

  classic Star Wars set up there's a chase

  between this the ships and then a single

  fighter appears with PO right that's the

  guy's name and he's like stalling for

  time and he calls the lead ship he's

  calling general Hux and yeah it's like

  okay your movie is opening dramatic

  scene and they start off with a joke

  which is essentially a joke about like

  facetiming with your mom a little bit

  yeah mobile phone reception not quite

  working yeah it's like oh he's calling

  for general Hux and like Poe is messing

  with him right he's pretending that he

  can't hear the guy to like wind him up

  and it's like okay I can kind of go

  along with that like a version of this

  that I think worked was in the the first

  movie in his first appearance he makes

  fun of kylos helmet right like you're

  talking yeah he's like I can't hear you

  with that hump like and he makes a joke

  of it that's like okay but this is

  totally in character but the thing that

  bothered me was not so much the joke

  it's the script language right he says

  I'm holding for general Hux and he says

  okay I'll like I'll hold I'm still on

  hold and maybe it's just a minor thing

  but that just really cook lokes wrong in

  my brain with the language like it's the

  laker yeah it's the laking that's gonna

  come up again and again it's the leaking

  of our galaxy into their galaxy that

  might sound like a minor thing but I

  really do think it matters hmm it's like

  how do you maintain a suspension of

  disbelief suspension of disbelief breaks

  you see the reality of the thing too

  clearly and this is one of those moments

  like using this language to say like I

  am on hold I know can you hear me can

  you hear me and okay I know exactly what

  we're doing we're doing the thing that

  I've done a million times like talking

  on cell phones or whatever then they

  sort of go back into it but he makes a

  joke about like oh I have an urgent

  message for general Hux mother yeah okay

  your momager that's what is like is that

  okay okay I mean maybe I could have let

  that slide but like that combined with

  the hold it almost feels like it's tempt

  I log that they just left in and there's

  another theme which i think is going to

  come up from me again and again is aside

  from the real world leaking into the

  Star Wars world

  I think somebody had a directive in this

  movie to not let any serious scene hold

  so over and over in this movie they have

  serious scene and they like end it with

  a joke or they have to have a joke that

  like breaks the tension too soon is like

  over and over and over again that's a

  thing that happens and I feel like this

  was again like right off the bat I felt

  a little bit off-kilter that was a

  little bit in disbelief at the the

  opening mood setting joke of the movie

  and so it continues on from here it's

  soso seems to me very much like people

  have said one of the things that worked

  so well in the force awakens was the use

  of humor right and it was there were so

  many funny moments in the force awakens

  that were just done perfectly they just

  got it right and it feels like they were

  over encouraged by that and someone said

  oh okay this is how this works now I

  have to be funny and it's a bit like you

  know how when a little kid does

  something funny and everyone says are

  you're really funny little kid and then

  the kids are starts doing it too much

  and it's not really funny anymore but

  they get encouraged cuz the adults think

  they're good and funny are you've given

  them positive feedback and now they

  start like humor babbling in every

  direction waiting to see what they hit

  on yeah that's what's happened here it's

  like they've got to encouraged by all

  the positive feedback about the humor in

  the force awakens and now they're going

  oh let's do it let's and it's like no no

  no no no you got to dial that back you

  know yeah and it's also in the case of

  explicit jokes

  as opposed to humor coming from a

  situation and it is like okay I can see

  someone like put the joke in here and

  then yeah okay alright well let's get

  into this space battle then shall we

  another comment I've got early on and

  it's another thing that happens early in

  the film and another criticism of the

  film it sort of goes away eventually but

  it is it happens too much that is the

  film is too slapstick mm-hmm like Finn

  falling out of his bed and his water

  suit leaking everywhere very weird like

  there are quite a few moments that felt

  too slapstick and like the film was not

  taking itself seriously and I'm like the

  time that happens this is a serious

  battle and thousands of lives seem to be

  at stake and we're having like Joe key

  moments walking around with water

  leaking out that's supposed to be this

  is like yeah Three Stooges this is

  classic I don't know I felt like the

  film was not serious enough a lot of the

  time there's a couple of space battle so

  I can't quite place which one this

  happens and but I think a good example

  of that like okay so so Finn wakes up

  and he's in a comical water leaking out

  bag that makes no sense at all to think

  about it for two seconds there's also a

  scene in the movie where Poe is running

  to his x-wing because he wants to go

  save the day and the whole hangar filled

  with several dozens of people explodes

  like and he's knocked out of the hangar

  and it's a bad moment but they

  immediately follow it up with like a

  physical gag about bb-8 reattaching his

  head like how does bb-8 head

  magnetically reattached and that's again

  the kind of thing where i just feel like

  you're undercutting these moments and i

  it happened so much I think it's on

  purpose and is like don't focus too much

  on everybody who just lost their lives

  we want to immediately plant the

  question of how does bb-8 reattach his

  head and the answer is in a slightly

  humorous manner that's how he does so

  like just forget about that entire cargo

  bay filled with rebels that just got

  blown up sort of reasonably early in the

  film we go to luke skywalker island and

  this was another place which i had a few

  good notes about i don't know how long

  we're gonna talk about this blue milk

  teat saying oh god it's really gross

  we're just not gonna talk about that

  because that was just dumb

  unnecessary it's an example of the movie

  feeling like it needs to do a thing this

  is also now like okay so we are

  depending on how you want to count it

  right we're either five or eight movies

  in and the movie feeling like it needs

  to have the beats every time and it

  starts getting weird or like you just

  don't want those beats anymore as like

  okay we're gonna have to have blue milk

  oh we're going to have to have poor

  Porkins dies every time immediately in

  his ex Wang like every movie he's there

  just eternally dying and this one with

  the blue milk was just so weird it's a

  moment where again what I was wondering

  is like has anybody in the Star Wars

  universe ever called it milk or is that

  just what the fans referred to it as and

  then the studio executives are going

  Opie blue milk let's keep going with

  this and now let's really show that it's

  actually milk from this disgusting semi

  humanoid creature it was really

  unnecessary you know at least I was a

  special guy I shouldn't have to say him

  milking the teat of some weird monster

  and then have blue milk all coming dead

  it's disgusting

  it gives ray a look like he's doing it

  on purpose to be gross which makes the

  whole scene even weirder yeah it's okay

  I mean just imagine Brady when you were

  a little boy in watching Star Wars and

  they said don't worry someday forty

  years in the future there will be new

  Star Wars movies and you'll get to see

  the further adventures of Luke what will

  he be doing he'll be milking a sort of

  cow creature and getting milk all down

  his beard that's what he'll be doing

  there was also a moment early on on Luke

  Skywalker Island where we see another

  moment of our galaxy leaking into their

  galaxy in a really matter way that made

  me even more uncomfortable than the

  other ways and that was when Luke

  Skywalker dismissively referred to laser

  sword yeah yeah instead of a lightsaber

  that's like a way that Star Wars fans

  would de ride muggles because they don't

  know what a lightsaber is and they just

  say laser Sun and Luke Skywalker was

  using that terminology to to ride people

  for not understanding Jedi's it's just

  too meta for me it was like it just

  really took me out of everything

  hang on this is weird Luke Skywalker

  shouldn't say laser sword I don't know

  if I'm right about that but I feel like

  there's a Lucas ISM fair that like

  George Lucas would call them laser

  swords as a joke and then this becomes

  the thing but there are so many times in

  the movie where I found myself running

  this metacognition loop of like has

  anyone in Star Wars ever said the word

  laser and it's like yeah no okay they

  have said the word laser so it's not

  unreasonable that he would use the word

  laser sort in a jokey way I was like why

  am i running this loop in my head at all

  trying to like cast back yeah and it's

  because I'm constantly presented with

  things that feel unstart Z and I'm

  trying to like back fit against the

  original holy trilogy this is what's

  occurring and I think that the movie

  even in a meta way is again in this

  distracting way talking directly to the

  audience where they have this recurring

  theme of like let old things die right

  like let Luke Skywalker die like let the

  Empire die like I feel like you're

  talking directly to me director in a way

  that is also uncomfortable just

  constantly running this meta loop of

  like what is this movie doing I was very

  aware of that as a theme in the movie

  like let the old things go it maybe what

  I have a feeling like there was some

  kind of director disagreement between

  this movie and the force awakens but we

  can get to that at a later point Iran

  this time by the way there is one saying

  that was almost a nice saying and then

  that got ruined by something that just

  didn't sit right with me and that's when

  Luke goes into the cockpit of the

  Millennium Falcon and like switches on

  the lights yeah but for a moment this is

  great moment where you see this classic

  old cockpit and there's Luke now you

  know ravaged by time and for a few

  seconds it was really poignant and I

  thought now that's working for me yeah

  and then they went and did this dice on

  the dashboard thing which becomes this

  important han Solo memento which I've

  researched a bit since but really

  they're trying to manufacture a hand so

  they are object here that is really

  scraping the bottom of the barrel and it

  never worked with me through the film it

  was supposed to be this special item

  that touched us at multiple points

  through the film but it didn't land with

  me yeah well Luke Skywalker island is a

  weird place especially on the second

  rewatch because I was aware of being

  confused of the timeline a little bit in

  the first one like how

  long does Ray spend on Luke Skywalker

  Highland how long is she there getting

  training I don't think she was very

  trained I think it was more of a tent or

  yeah like I'll put training in quotes

  right but I was looking at it and it's

  like okay at a bare minimum she's there

  for three days

  if the day/night cycle is to be believed

  on this planet but the way the movie is

  cut like what's happening on Luke

  Skywalker Island is cut with the main

  storyline in a way that they can't be

  happening at the same time you're seeing

  Luke Skywalker Island in a compressed

  format while the main plot is is going

  on I mentioned she was there for a few

  weeks for some reason but who knows how

  long she was there but she's trying like

  what is the minimum because the first

  time I was watching it I had it a little

  bit messed up in my head and I was

  thinking okay

  there's this space chase going on and

  she she's just arrived but the space

  chase maybe lasted like 18 hours so like

  what was she there for three hours how

  Luke Skywalker Island like you know got

  an inspiring talk and then headed back

  she was clearly there for a little while


  hmm I don't know how did you feel about

  seeing Luke again I felt similar to how

  I felt about layer in the force awakens

  like it's almost the toll that Age has

  taken on the actors is so great and

  shocking mm-hmm that it's very hard to

  slip back into the film hmm you're

  thinking Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill

  no it's been 40 years and I'm thinking

  how old is Mark Hamill now he must have

  been about a tonne when you vote doing

  that math in your head yeah instead of

  like being lost in the film and the

  magic of Luke Skywalker I'm thinking you

  know gosh you know he looks like a hobo

  and more like he seems like a fun guy

  online and you know he's pitiful legend

  of course he's a legend of my childhood

  but mmm I don't know

  maybe you know some things are best left

  as golden memories haven't tarnished I

  was very distracted by his appearance

  throughout the lil I found it very

  distracting what about you I think I

  just had a little bit of a hard time

  buying Luke

  mentor I think you have to do a lot of

  like mental backfilling in of what has

  occurred over this period of time mm-hmm

  but there is something in my mind which

  is disjointed where it's like oh the

  last time I saw Luke he was still kind

  of like a you know a kid with some

  tousled hair and he was also like

  everyone talks about how he's the great

  master but even like at the end of

  Return of the Jedi when he like saved

  the galaxy on the Death Star and all

  that he still kind of flipped it and he

  was a bit young it's a major plot point

  in those movies that he is ridiculously

  underprepared for what he's doing right

  they pulled it out by the skin of their

  teeth and he's not some amazing Jedi

  Master at the end of that movie no he's

  not like Yoda and stuff like he's not

  top level he's just like a he just got

  lucky in the Super Bowl

  got a fluky touchdown at the end yeah

  and the entirety of that great victory

  was undone in the preceding times we can

  have another sequence of movies but yeah

  there was something about him in the

  like oh you're going to be obi-wan

  Kenobi role then I felt like I don't

  know I just I had a little bit of a hard

  time buying him as the mentor I know he

  ran this temple and everything went

  wrong with kylo Ren but we've seen so

  little of that that it's it's just like

  oh you're just telling me stories about

  one hurt although I do have to say that

  as a small detail I did like that they

  flashback to the event like the pivotal

  night when kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker

  have a fight in the whole temple burns

  down I did like what you know because of

  my obsession with you can't trust your

  memories I liked how they showed that

  scene three different ways depending on

  the person who was telling the story

  yeah like when kylo Ren remembers the

  moment like Luke's eyes ever are filled

  with rage I can use and he's coming down

  like I thought that was quite nice

  because that just illustrates a thing

  that happens in real life like people

  remember things differently and it like

  you keep remembering and it gets built

  up in different ways and it did make me

  somewhat not trust Luke's retelling of

  the version of what happened it's just

  like there was a thing that happened a

  long time ago and like who knows now

  what the real events were so while we're

  still on Luke Skywalker Island what are

  your thoughts about the helpers he has

  that do all like the construction work

  and also the cute little Audrey's that

  run all around the island okay so the

  frog nuns who live on that island mhm

  that to me was laughable

  that was really I think when like the

  Spaceballs was entering my brain is it's

  just like this is weird

  and the way they cut to them like they

  just pop out of nowhere it seems like Oh

  suddenly there's a bunch of helper frog

  nuns on this island there's terrible

  there should have been no one because

  the first time I saw those stone huts I

  was just imagining Luke building them

  over 20 or 30 years and yeah this could

  have existence that he'd been having and

  I quite liked that I quite liked the

  thought that he's just there alone

  tending to these huts and fighting the

  elements and all of a sudden we've got

  all these like assistants and helpers

  yeah he has a bunch of maids like doing

  the laundry or whatever they're up to it

  was very weird because yeah it's a much

  better thing if he's there on his own

  like losing his mind a little bit or

  becoming really detached yeah it's gone

  from having banished himself to a rocky

  island sort of for the sake of the

  galaxy to him going to a resort in go

  away or he's on a Greek isle somewhere

  in a convent and as I was the most

  unfindable place in the universe but

  there's a bunch of nuns here you know

  and like they must have some kind of

  interaction with the outside like it was

  very weird and I hated them I thought

  they looked comical they just look

  stupid they looked prequel yeah I don't

  know if I would say that cuz I bet

  though those are physical costumes yeah

  yeah but they looked like space balls to

  me right like if space balls had to make

  up what you're gonna have in a convent

  this is what you would do and they are

  another example of a scene that I

  thought was like oh here's a scene that

  is actually pulling at me a little bit

  which is Luke Skywalker is not training

  Rey she decides that she's essentially

  going to be training herself so in the

  morning while she's practicing her

  fighting with her staff she takes out

  the lightsaber and she starts fake

  attacking this rock outcropping and they

  used the Rey theme which I really like I

  feel like this is the best music out of

  the new movies and Luke is coming up

  behind her and he sees that she like she

  is going to train herself with or

  without his help you know when the music

  is swelling and it's and it's all great

  and then once again like what happens

  here she accidentally cuts the stone

  statue in front of her so the stone

  rolls down the hill and knocks over a

  cart full of laundry from one of these

  nuns and then the two nuns look up

  her like him there really annoyed and

  it's like why did you put in a physical

  slapstick joke at what is maybe one of

  the more dramatic pivotal scenes that

  what the ice is here there's another

  great example of that gray about five

  minutes before that happens which again

  shows this film's inability to have the

  comic timing that the previous one had

  and that is that important moment when

  Ray hands the lightsaber to Luke how

  much was the end of the previous film

  and we all were dying to know what the

  first thing Luke's said or did would be

  and he does that you know comic throw it

  over my shoulder which I think they

  thought would have people like rolling

  in the aisles laughing and maybe it

  could have worked if the timing was done

  better but just the way it was cut and

  done was dreadful so I kind of blinked

  the first time that that happened the

  first on my first viewing and the first

  time I saw there were a bunch of people

  in the theater and everybody was like

  uproariously laughing like guffawing and

  Mara and I sort of missed it but I

  remember thinking in my head like oh

  what a bunch of cretin 'he's like in

  this theater like defying at this thing

  but then when i was able to watch it

  closely the second time like no that was

  clearly shot to be a joke yeah like they

  said to him toss it over your shoulder

  in a funny way it was clearly supposed

  to be funny yeah like it was supposed to

  be a visual gag but it just like that

  was not a time for joking this is such a

  moment being reunited with this light

  say but ray this character that as

  viewers we all completely love meeting

  Luke Skywalker for the first time but

  this was such a big man's like I've seen

  Luke Skywalker throw away a lights or a

  light sword great now it's infecting my

  brain right obviously Luke Skywalker

  throw away a lightsaber in a pretty

  dramatic moment previous leaks like Mark

  Hamill can do that in an emotional way

  but this was played as a laugh and yeah

  I don't know I have to look it up I

  don't know I'm presuming that JJ Abrams

  didn't direct this one that didn't feel

  nice okay Ryan

  okay but there were a bunch of things

  that felt to me in this movie like I

  think that there are directors or script

  writers having a disagreement with stuff

  that was set up in the force awakens and

  what is going to happen in this movie

  yeah and that lightsaber over the

  shoulder is like okay that to me feels

  like a

  rector is screwing with another director

  like oh we're gonna take your dramatic

  moment and the hell with it there's a

  whole bunch of stuff with like the evil

  emperor guy we'll get to it's like that

  feels like they just decided to discard

  what was happening before there's stuff

  with Rey's parents where it's like I

  think we're gonna change all of that

  there were a whole bunch of things that

  just felt like like I can feel the

  studio disagreement in the background

  about what's going to occur mmm and that

  lightsaber throat was was totally one of

  those things now other thing on Luke

  Skywalker island is okay all of the

  little puffin creatures who are around

  the Audry's there Audrey stuff they're

  not aw dude they're like little puffin

  creatures yeah they look nothing like

  Audrey battery doesn't thought she does

  not look like those little things yeah

  they were super cute I sort of didn't

  mind then like you good look you need to

  have something that's a CGI creature

  that you can sell a thousand merchandise

  copies up you gotta sell a few fluffy

  toys Diane yeah you need in a walk yeah

  and that's fine like I have no problem

  with that I understand this is how this

  works and I thought they were pretty

  well done like they're believable cute

  little creatures that's fine yeah we're

  it felt like the world is leaking in is

  the scene where Chewie is going to eat

  one of them I can he's cooked it up to

  be a perfect little chicken and yeah it

  is a cute scene that the little puffin

  creatures are all horrified that Chuy's

  about to eat one of their own yeah and

  they're looking at him with these big

  sad eyes it's like that sort of works

  for me except that like later in the

  movie they make another point with

  animals and it it just starts to feel

  like I don't know it's just it feels

  like something from the outside world is

  leaking in here and I'm thinking like

  what's chewy supposed to eat like

  presumably he didn't hunt down one of

  those little creatures just for fun like

  I think he hunted it down because he was

  hungry like what is he supposed to do

  yeah it just rubbed me a little the

  wrong way it's like it's a joke oh sorry

  the thing they're great is like the

  horse had bolted

  he's killed and conscience they're

  deciding not to eat it like I think it's

  tight like yeah I can't imagine them all

  there looking thinking I'll go on like

  give our friend a break like it's too

  late for your friend yeah he's already

  gone and actually where there were two

  of them cuz there was another one it was

  on the fire stuff or there was something

  in this moment where it's like maybe

  because of other thing

  in the movie I felt like my sensitivity

  was was turned up a little high but it

  felt like one of the script writers was

  trying to like get it on record like oh

  it's canon now that Chuy's a vegetarian

  uh yeah you can't have chewy a

  vegetarian his weakness for meat is a

  great part of eternal yeah of course you

  can't it's ridiculous and again I may be

  reading that too far but it's just like

  combined with other things I don't think

  I am I feel like there was a joke there

  about like Oh Chu he's not gonna eat

  meat anymore I'm the subject of

  Chewbacca just quickly cuz that's my

  next note on my list I thought he was

  strangely underused and unengaged in

  this whole film but he could have just

  not been in the film for all I care you

  know when when he shows up and Luke goes

  Chewie right that was my exact thought

  of like hey I totally forgot he were

  here what are you doing here buddy he

  never really is needed like later on

  they give him the Millennium Falcon to

  fly a little bit but yeah I think this

  is a recurring problem with a bunch of

  characters is like they have a bunch of

  people who if you think about it don't

  really do anything and Chewie is

  definitely one of those characters like

  he's just there because you need Chewie

  to be there in the movie but it doesn't

  feel like he's participating in any way

  Chewie felt like he did just about as

  much as c-3po does like CT Brio is there

  but he's not really contributing in any

  meaningful way so other things happen on

  Luke Skywalker Island throughout the

  film so let's deal with some more of

  them mmm we've got these Jedi texts in a

  tree yeah which seems unnecessary new

  items although there's some allusion

  later in the film maybe that they're

  gonna play a role later I don't know but

  we also have this kind of unexpected and

  unnecessary appearance of Yoda I mean

  either they're like the weird Tree of

  Life that has the books in it okay fine


  Luke deciding he's going to be the last

  Jedi I think his reasoning seems

  confused about that but like okay

  whatever he's been living alone on this

  island oh wait no he hasn't he's been

  tended to by the monks but whatever like

  I keep moving

  but Yoda showing up for the first little

  bit I kind of loved it because it was

  the old Yoda it was a good-looking yard

  that's one of my positives I said by

  this film they got a good Yoda Yoda

  didn't look bad

  love that he burns down the temple and

  when they cut back to Yoda his little

  feet are pumping up and down like he is

  just like this is the funniest thing in

  the world like he has burned down this

  thousand generation old Jedi Temple and

  totally for the lulz right like that is

  a little thing that I genuinely loved is

  just that segments of the appearance of

  Yoda like a he did nothing else that

  would have been perfect

  I don't agree well I didn't notice the

  little dance that you're referring to

  when the movie comes out on blu-ray like

  someone's got to make a gift of that for

  me he's like peeing his pants with joy

  about burning this down just to get

  Luke's goat I don't like that he did

  that though I didn't like that part of

  the film that's when I ceased enjoying

  Yoda's appearance one I don't believe

  that force ghosts should be able to

  intervene in the natural world like that

  yeah that is one thing which is a little

  bit like new mechanisms in the movie

  okay force ghosts can interact with the

  real world as interesting and new and

  certainly would be useful at certain

  circumstances but okay and I also I just

  don't like that he did it I don't like

  that he baby burn that tree down and

  even though I don't care about the tree

  or the text like it doesn't seem like

  something he should do to teach Luke a

  lesson like I don't know it just seemed

  out of character I don't mind a bit of

  whimsy in my Yoda don't get me wrong but

  the actual thing he did saying oh no I

  am gonna destroy that tree and burn the

  text just so that Luke can have a

  learning moment that ruined that Yoda

  Center then I was like oh okay

  that was weird what I was largely

  worried about is what are those porn

  nuns gonna think about this

  yeah like when there was time in a

  thousand generations like presumably it

  was those frog nuns who've been

  maintaining it for a thousand

  generations and like what do they think

  about those like ah welp screw them once

  again who cares what they think about

  this like we're just gonna burn down

  their temple like okay we're frogs and I

  did have a nice little objectivity

  moment they would Luke was showing the

  text so ray and he was wearing gloves

  and stuff I was like think of my little

  moviemaking adventures then was very

  objectivity I wouldn't have thought

  about that but yes with the gloves even

  though that's worse

  so the yoader saying I liked their what

  you had to look like but it also just

  didn't add anything to the film and like

  a dist seemed like yeah also one thing

  Yoda said I didn't like this is another

  leak he called them page turners yeah I

  caught that serially I actually kind of

  like the joke that Luke hasn't read the

  books yeah it's just in character Luke

  wouldn't read those books no you're

  right that was alright the fact he

  hadn't read them was alright but then

  when Yoda said page tennis he may as

  well have said well they're not exactly

  The Da Vinci Code are they ok it's not a

  New York Times bestseller is it the

  thing that I kept thinking of with that

  is there's um I don't mean to bring up

  Laurence camp but there's there is a

  kind of famous example in The Hobbit

  where like someone the things I love

  about those books is the languages so it

  feels right when he makes like this kind

  of continuity error by accident there's

  a train that got into the Hobbit because

  he describes the dragon at one point in

  terms of like a train rushing by I was

  like but nowhere else in the book is

  there like this modern description of

  stuff ok and Yoda saying page turner is

  totally one of those things so now I'm

  gonna say something here and I'm aware

  I'm aware that what I'm doing is setting

  up a little bit of a Kafka trap like

  we've discussed before where I've said

  like no people who think a thing will

  think this thing I just wanna get on

  record I know that I'm doing this but

  there is a thing in is Yoda scene that

  fundamentally really bothered me

  it's Yoda talking about how failure is

  the best teacher right and like failure

  is super important hmm and I think this

  is there as a kind of pseudo

  intellectual skirt that the movie is

  wearing for a certain kind of fan

  because in this movie which you know if

  you're following the traditional

  structure of like it was a middle movie

  everything is the worst in this movie

  almost everything fails and Luke is

  talking about how the Jedi have been a

  failure like and he's not wrong and the

  plans that we're going to talk about

  later like they all fail like everything

  goes wrong

  in this movie and I think that Yoda has

  this little speech because it's again

  like nudging a certain kind of

  fan to say like oh but look that's the

  theme of the movies failure rightly this

  stuff doesn't make for unappealing

  watching just for no reason

  the whole point of it is that its

  failure like it's a theme do you see

  it's a theme for a movie it was just

  rubbing me the wrong way because there's

  a lot of complaints I have about this

  movie in the way it was structured that

  I feel like this is acting as a way that

  a certain kind of fan can go like oh you

  don't get it that's the point of the

  movie the point of the movie is that

  they failed at these critical junctures

  so it felt like Yoda was putting this

  there for a certain kind of person to

  use as a defense of the movie yeah I

  didn't look at it that deeply I just

  looked at it as like a corporate cliche

  but yeah I freedom to fail and that's

  what that was a boy's a big thing at the

  BBC when we're being trained to make

  films creatively you know must have the

  freedom to fail right and by the freedom

  to fail we mean we actually want you to

  do really well it also struck me as a

  little bit of a real-world ism leaking

  out because it's it's the same thing in

  schools or it's like a you know it's a

  real mind virus in Silicon Valley like

  oh you got to fail fast failing is just

  the best and it's like okay you know is

  better than failing is succeeding all

  right succeeding is better than failing

  yeah but you know whatever

  let's leave Luke Skywalker island plays

  thank God right we're gonna fly away

  like Rey after getting a 20 minute

  lesson on what the force is that's also

  a joke and it's pointless there's like a

  bunch of pointless stuff that happens

  but we're gonna skip it yeah I want to

  talk about what is now the main plot of

  this movie from which everything else is

  orbiting mmm all right the main

  structure of this movie is the

  resistance is in their Corvette and

  they're several smaller ships and they

  are being chased by the first order yeah

  and we have our opening battle which has

  some cool stuff

  I like the bombers like there's a bunch

  of interesting stuff in there those

  bombers that gray house slaw with a and

  a galaxy where everything moves so quick

  guys things are lumbering like tractors

  through space they were really slow but

  I didn't mind them I thought they were

  leaning really hard into like the naval

  warfare thing even turning up the dial

  with the language like oh we have a

  dreadnought like they were really going

  for the naval stuff

  is there any ship or object in the Star

  Wars universe that doesn't have one

  glaring weakness that is usually a big

  hole that you have to drop something

  until you blow it up I really need to

  get working on that yeah they do but

  like if I'm gonna guess what fans would

  be annoyed at is those bombers and they

  were the slowest things in the world but

  I didn't mind it I like the visuals of

  it I like that they were I liked the

  bombs yeah all the bombs falling down

  looked cool but was making them follow

  though if there's no gravity anyway I

  assume they were being pushed out it was

  a colloquialism that they're saying like

  drop the bombs

  I didn't take that as a literal the

  bombs are dropping because of gravity

  they did seem to fold are they there was

  a sort of folding 'no stu them as our

  folding into a hole but anyway yeah but

  I looked go with your people will let us

  know that I'm sure there's some Star

  Wars Wikipedia article on exactly the

  mechanism that those bombs use but the

  resistance is trying to escape and they

  want to use the usual Star Wars trick

  which is we're gonna Lightspeed out of

  here and they won't be able to follow us

  once we jump to Lightspeed because they

  don't know where we went I can't do that

  jump to Lightspeed and then minutes

  later the first-order reappears and it

  is quickly surmised sure how but its

  demise it like oh the first order must

  have tracked them through Lightspeed and

  this is where things start going a

  little wonky for me with the fundamental

  structure of the movie because first of

  all it's like okay we are now

  immediately establishing the idea that

  you can't track people through

  Lightspeed which I felt a bit like okay

  I don't remember that it seems like that

  would cause some problems in earlier

  movies if that wasn't possible but okay

  sure I'm happy to go along with this

  idea didn't I track the Millennium

  Falcon well maybe that is waited till I

  got to the other end and then found the

  bacon whereas here the problem was they

  were following the bacon like in real

  time yeah I like I was wondering about

  that I'd like to bumpa felt like he

  jumps into light speed after the really

  fun but like I don't remember exactly

  but whatever it's like okay alright in

  this universe you're establishing this

  is a thing right yeah but then minutes

  later they point out that that Leia has

  a magic ring that's ray can use to find

  her anywhere and it's like oh okay so

  you can't track people through

  Lightspeed but you can have homing

  beacons that work across the entire

  galaxy I'm not as aunty this is as you

  gray I think

  I understand what's going on here okay I

  genuinely want you to explain cuz I felt

  confused about this distinction of what

  is occurring and I was also I want to

  know did I miss something was there

  something on the capital ship that they

  were using to track them I feel like I

  missed something that I think there was

  something there we were being set up for

  that never happened like there was gonna

  be a mole or something yeah that's what

  I kept waiting for it's like oh there's

  a piece of equipment I actually thought

  I was going to have something to do with

  Finn but like because he was former

  Empire they were using him somehow like

  I kept waiting for a shoe to drop here

  that never dropped yeah the thing with a

  large Spade I think that you can track

  homing beacons and things like that when

  someone is at a place across the

  universe right there's a you know you

  can put a bug on someone and you can

  find out where they are at any given

  point but I think that doesn't happen

  while you're traveling through

  hyperspace and the thing that I think

  was made clear in this film than all the

  other films is the traveling through

  hyperspace is not an instantaneous thing

  it's like a voyage because you know how

  we see all those scenes where they're

  sitting at the window and yeah a space

  is going so I think the new innovation

  here is the ability to track vehicles

  while they're going through these you

  know wishy-washy like tunnels and I

  think that's what didn't exist before

  so when Han Solo and the money in Falcon

  get away at the end of Star Wars and

  grand moff tarkin says we're taking a

  terrible risk here by letting him get

  away through hyperspace because he's got

  the homing beacon so they know when he

  pops out the other end you will get the

  homing beacon back hmm this new

  innovation is a homing beacon that works

  while you're going through the

  wishy-washy tunnel hmm okay so this

  allows them to just appear sooner yeah

  you don't have to wait for meeeeee to

  pop out the other end and then do your

  five or six hour journey to get there

  okay you can be right on there but

  straight away okay that makes sense that

  makes sense that makes me feel better

  but it doesn't get to find fundamental

  problem which is okay so they they get

  out here and now the whole background of

  the movie is that there is this slow

  motion chase that is occurring right

  yeah that the resistance is flying ahead

  of snoke's

  ship and the first order and they're

  able to fly far enough out of range that

  guns can't hurt them but not far enough

  to actually get away and this is the

  moment where the Star Wars universe

  introduces the concept of fuel that the

  ship only has a certain amount of fuel

  that it can use that they can only make

  one more Lightspeed jump and even

  traveling at sublight speed they only

  have a certain amount of time that they

  can go hmm and I found it kind of crazy

  making this concept of fuel and I

  haven't looked at anything online but I

  did just ask some people about like does

  the original trilogy ever reference fuel

  and the answer is like it's implied but

  nobody ever talks about it is one of

  those things where I realize like it's

  never occurred to me the concept of fuel

  with the ships like it's never crossed

  my mind but now this is like a

  fundamentally important mechanism okay I

  think you're splitting hairs there I

  think it's pretty obvious that these

  vehicles are gonna need fueling well

  like at one point or another because

  like I'm simply saying it never really

  crossed my mind

  but now like here is a mechanism around

  which the movie revolves and it is a

  ticking time bomb right we have 18 hours

  before the ship runs out of fuel it's

  like okay I guess so but then also this

  Chase is just happening and it's like

  how does this chase work the ship is

  always able to just stay out of range

  but never actually get very far and they

  can't catch up and then okay if I even

  give you that scenario which is a little

  bit hard to imagine like even if you're

  imagining like cars doing this in the

  real world it's a little bit hard to

  understand like how does this work

  exactly you're traveling at exactly the

  same speed but one of the cars is a

  hundred thousand times the size of the

  other car like this quite a coincidence

  and this is without even getting into

  all like nerdery that nobody cares about

  about acceleration if in space like I'll

  leave all of that to the side yeah

  here's my background problem how big is

  the first order in this movie because

  this whole scenario just doesn't hold up

  it's implied and it becomes the case

  that's like the entire resistance is

  being chased the ships that are here is

  everyone that's left it's like okay got


  but the first order do they not have any

  other ship that can warp in a head of

  the resistance Corvettes like they know

  where it is like this weird chase

  implies that these are all of the first

  order ships that exist that they can't

  have anybody come in at light speed

  ahead of the resistance I get just the

  chase is dumb and makes no sense on any

  level but it's the structure of the

  whole movie it sort of drove me crazy

  because it kept pushing back to this

  thing that we mentioned with the force

  awakens of like like I can't believe

  that I'm here asking for more politics

  in my Star Wars movies but I really

  think it's like a background rot of

  these movies like where did the first

  order come from how big are they how

  powerful are they like in the last movie

  they built a gun the size of a planet

  but in this movie they don't have one

  ship to spare to warp in ahead of the

  guys you're chasing it just drives me

  crazy like this inability to understand

  the scale of the enemy in the movie I

  think it's it's really really bad yeah

  and that assault at the very end of the

  film tow that they launched on the

  bunker also seems quite small-scale

  doesn't in this game of things for how

  important it is but because here's the

  thing okay chasing down the resistance

  seems so important that the supreme

  leader of the first order in his capital

  ship is there to personally oversee this

  event like it seems incredibly important

  but you can't fly a couple more ships in

  to resolve this within an hour what that

  makes it feel like is this is it like

  this is the whole battle all of the

  first order ships are here and all of

  the resistances here which then I can't

  come up with a metaphor for it but I

  just I keep coming back to this idea

  that it

  it feels like this is a fight between

  two school gangs it made the whole thing

  seem really small the small size of the

  rebellion I think shocked me at times is

  that is that all they've got I have to

  say I always assumed the first order is

  bigger much much bigger and there were

  so many other problems I had with the

  scenario I didn't even think about what

  you're thinking about I never even

  thought about I kind of just accepted

  the premise yeah I just think that it's

  like you can't have it both ways you

  can't have it that this is so important

  that the top guy is here but it's not so

  important that we're not gonna pull

  personnel from anywhere else in the

  entire galaxy to help out right it's

  like these two things can't be true and

  yet I agree that story wise the first

  order has to be enormous there's some

  line in the beginning of the movie where

  someone says something like oh the first

  order is weeks away from capturing all

  the major star systems right which

  sounds like a metric ton of ships but

  then this whole fight is taking place on

  such a small scale that it just it makes

  things feel small and I think it's like

  it's a problem for the whole movie this

  the structure but it sounds like you had

  some kind of different problem with it

  that distracted you from this the

  problem that was distracting me from

  that problem okay right god it was

  obviously while this scenario is

  unfolding this low speed chase right we

  have some of the characters decide they

  think they can solve the problem by

  enlisting some code breaker and breaking

  onto the other ship but to get him

  they've got to go to like some other

  place in the galaxy right and they just

  like they leave they get on a ship and

  leave and go and have another adventure

  and come back so it's like this

  low-speed chase where everyone's

  supposed to be trapped but it was like

  you can just come and go as you please

  like so when Poe and Rose decide to go

  off and have this other adventure and

  they jump in a ship and say alright

  we'll catch you guys later people can

  just complete what that's crazy yeah

  it's one of those things in a movie

  where I think they're just hoping you

  don't notice or don't think about it

  they don't give you a little bit of

  fluff to make it seem like you get away

  with it but no one's buying that they do

  give you some fluff but here's the thing

  they pulled that same trick twice

  because jumping forward later on in the

  movie the whole plan is we're gonna

  eject 30 transport ships that they're

  just not gonna see it's so yeah and

  you'd think if there was some other

  planet nearby where this low-speed chase

  was happening yeah the first order would

  be all over that I'd be like look this

  Chase is gonna take us near a big planet

  saying so maybe that's gonna come into


  it wouldn't be some shock that they try

  and use the planet somehow yeah the

  thing that I was also wondering is like

  presumably the Corvette is headed

  straight for the planet right like if

  they're running out of fuel and they

  only just barely get there I'm imagining

  they were headed pretty straight for it

  and they have this throwaway line about

  like oh we're headed towards this

  uncharted planet but again I'm also

  feeling like but yeah it's a planet

  you're towing in a first order right

  behind you like the first order would be

  thinking look the only play these guys

  have got yeah is to get onto that planet

  because they're about to run out of fuel

  and get the hell blasted out of them so

  whatever we do make sure we keep the

  radars to make sure they don't send any

  ships to that planet yeah and yeah it's

  this like it's this great spooky move

  that no one yeah yeah it's like the side

  adventure is trying to set you up for

  this idea they're like oh we can leave

  and come back and they won't see like

  really okay okay that's a hell of a

  claim the Star Wars legends films gray

  did they have these problems like we

  were little kids watching them we're

  parents laughing at us because of all

  these ridiculous plot holes well again

  every watch them as an adult and one of

  the things that I have to give them real

  credit for is they have sensible

  explanations for a bunch of stuff so one

  of the things here is like okay so in

  this movie at the very end the

  Millennium Falcon takes out what seems

  to be like 20 Typhoid errs and there's

  like okay there's no problem at all ray

  and Chewie are able to take down all

  these time fighters and rise pretty

  skilled and got the fullest and stuff

  yeah I know it's like okay I get I'm

  gonna give them all that right I'm gonna

  give them all those advantages and

  that's fantastic but like in the

  original movie yeah they took down a

  bunch of Thai fighters but it was part

  of the plot that the Empire was letting

  them get away and I feel like somehow

  that first like Oh our clunky Millenium

  Falcon was able to get away in a

  situation where the Empire was letting

  them get away has morphed into the

  Millennium Falcon is the most nimble

  ship in the universe

  they take down everything this was my

  force awakens criticism all over again

  the special powers they've been imbued

  on the Millennium Falcon are very

  frustrating yeah it's crazy and I like I

  think I was less sensitive to that last

  time but this time

  time but this time

  I felt like oh come on because I had

  lost track of all of the TIE fighters I

  was like wait a minute what happened to

  all those Tie Fighters and then my wife

  she's like oh the Millennium Falcon just

  just wiped them on that like uh okay

  right got it

  great but I think that like that's a key

  thing that there were more reasonable

  explanations stuff that's a dumb plot

  idea that like oh you drop a bomb in a

  particular hole in the whole thing blows

  up is like okay fine whatever but at

  least it's a mechanism for why can a

  tiny number of ships defeat a larger

  number of ships yeah right whereas in in

  this movie repeatedly we have this idea

  that like the ridiculously outclassed

  resistance is able to just win because

  they're better like in the end fighting

  scene it was really the case was like

  they call out by number like the

  resistance has 13 ships and we are here

  on the planet with like all of this

  material like and we're still gonna get

  our asses handed to us it's frustrating

  and I think it's just nonsensical

  because you the movie wants certain

  things to happen well like it or not PO

  and Rose go to Vegas the you know Monica

  Monica is that's where they go I swear

  to God I was looking at that I was like

  did they actually film it in Monaco I

  was waiting for a gigantic sign that

  said welcome to Monaco in the background

  you know like some CGI artists forgot to

  erase Brady I hate this part of the

  movie I hate this part of the movie so

  much weighing levels yeah I'm with you

  it's really bad

  except gray I really loved the scene

  where they put the coins in bb-8 because

  they think he's a slot machine I thought

  that was really clever it was really

  clever it was terrible I know what I

  loved about that the reason I was gonna

  say is kind of clever is I didn't notice

  on the first watching

  but on the second watching I like that

  the fully artist bothered to make coin

  rolling around sounds whenever bb-8

  moved about like oh I didn't I didn't I

  would never have noticed it on the first

  watching but on the second watching I

  was like I like this way better because

  somebody cared to have it like a bag

  full of money that he was moving around

  in the Foley Department I think that is

  where this film strayed too far into

  prequel territory that whole thing this

  is also where I gotta say like the real

  world coming into the movie is just it's

  like it's too much for me yeah why would

  gambling in that guy

  it'd be so similar to air gambling

  before we get there okay thing I liked

  it's like okay this I enjoyed as a turn

  for two seconds before you you leaned

  into a too much movie I liked the idea

  they're gonna go to a hive of scum and

  villainy right and engineer fangirl is

  there and she says oh we're you know

  these are the worst people in the world

  and I liked for two seconds that it's a

  bunch of rich people in a casino right I

  thought that is a nice turn on the

  expectation that's a nice little genre

  flip here I'd like the idea it wasn't

  really explored very far I also liked

  the idea of there being Star Wars arms

  dealers it was selling eighty eighty s

  and x-wing fighters and we're gonna have

  to finally disagree on that but so that

  thing about like okay they're the worst

  people in the world it's a bunch of rich

  people in Monaco it's like okay I can

  get along with it I think that's a fun

  idea but it's a fun idea for two seconds

  and then as we like we lean into it with

  all of these other elements it again

  it's the real world like leading into

  the Star Wars world and like I felt like

  I lost my mind at the arms dealer part


  it felt like the most unstart thing ever

  I'm gonna sorry Julie I'm gonna retract

  what I said now I think about it more

  because although I do have always had

  questions about where x-wing fighters

  come from right where Dex wings come

  from because the rebellion of got so

  many of them and the rebellion it's not

  like an army

  it was very our galaxy into that galaxy

  and it was also picking something that's

  very zeitgeist isn't it it felt like

  we're having a little like Occupy Wall

  Street moment or something or it was

  like I'm having a character tell me that

  the only way you can get this rich in

  the Star Wars universe is by selling

  arms to the first order as I okay well

  yeah and don't be cruel to animals yeah

  well we'll get there it's like that's

  interesting that you're telling me that

  in in this entire like galaxy spanning

  universe there's no software

  billionaires like like who's writing the

  user interfaces for these machines you

  know really this is the only way you can

  get this wealthy if it's the only way

  you can get this wealthy like how is the

  first order paying for all of this like

  surely there's wealthier guys in the

  first order like buying the guns well

  I've got text I've got text but like

  surely there's

  who invented Facebook in this galaxy he

  must be rich yeah I know that so there's

  a thing about it which I just I really

  hate this character introduces like all

  of these rich people are bad and all of

  us terrorists in the resistance are

  great all right we have not one but two

  suicide bombers in the resistance in

  this movie they're fantastic people but

  like these people in this casino they're

  all bad and they're selling guns to the

  first order

  and when they paper in the casino here

  just like they're on a stag day yeah but

  that's what I was wondering it's like

  all of them are arms dealers like that's

  a lot of arms dealers that little

  leprechaun he's an arms dealer the


  opera singer who who yells when the

  horses come running through the casino

  with she an arms dealer are all the

  people working in this casino arms

  dealers you know it's it's crazy

  and also fair if you have this like

  special casino where only arms dealers

  can go and everyone is that rich so I

  accept the premise that they're all arms

  dealers right wouldn't security be a bit

  higher than having these people park

  their shuttle on a bender yeah but this

  is this is it like that doesn't make any

  sense right but but here we are like

  we're with the 1% of the 1% with the

  arms dealers but you can just walk in it

  doesn't make any sense and I'm really

  glad that they touched on it later

  because I swear to god I was sitting in

  this seat like fuming at this point also

  because this is where I was like rose I

  hate you and I want you to die so badly

  but when she's talking about the arms

  dealers like it was all I could do to

  not scream at the film like where do you

  get those x-wings from like where do you

  think you're buying these things from

  and I'm like I'm so glad that the movie

  just touched on it briefly for a second

  yeah it's like why are your guns better

  than their guns like are your guns made

  with flowers and lights and love and oh

  the first order they're just bad this

  sort of going back to rogue one I feel

  like this movie had a real problem in

  the way that one did have like you need

  to give me more reasons to like the

  resistance and to dislike the first

  order did rise explain why she was say

  auntie these people - it's like she felt

  it really struggling it's like she was

  educating PO about why this is bad yeah

  like was Rose like a slave to them at


  why did I miss that was she more abused

  in her background than the others I

  think she says briefly is that her

  planet was strip mined by the first

  order to then buy the guns from the arms

  dealers like again it's like okay some

  kind of weird thing and then the arms

  dealers were testing out their weapons

  on her planet and then like she quote

  lost everything she may have said it but

  I certainly didn't feel it yeah and I

  was like great I don't care about you at

  all but it's just there was something

  about it that's just childish

  in this way I'm like oh all these people

  in the casino are terrible people and

  all of the resistance fighters are great

  and just combined with the things like a

  little moment in a movie which I think

  it they all add up was like I should

  like the resistance but I just don't and

  one of the reasons I don't like the

  resistance is when we first meet Rose

  what is she doing she's stunning and

  throwing in the brig deserters from the

  resistance who are trying to escape what

  they view as a pointless mission where

  they're all going to die and it's like

  shouldn't story-wise the resistance be

  the force that lets you go if you want

  to leave isn't that a way to make them

  sympathetic instead of like oh you're

  stun gunning all day long people who

  were trying to desert still need some

  military precision in these crisis

  situations great yeah don't get me wrong

  in real life if I was running a


  I'd have stun Gunners standing at every

  escape pod all right like that's what I

  would really do but I'm just talking

  about like story wise why do you have to

  explicitly call this out like why can't

  you have her be doing almost anything

  else I have no real reason to like the

  resistance and then they're filled with

  dumb characters who do stupid things

  which makes them even more unlikable

  I've just realized by the way for

  everyone listening it isn't PO that goes

  off with roses oh yes yes and it's been

  sorry for all those times I've said I'm

  frustrated you my name is a bit mixed up

  but anyway I'm sure you've got that any

  feedback on that at all that will have

  written the comments now where I

  corrected it so great just a quick

  intermission here before you continue

  with your Monaco tirade which I'm

  looking forward to all of these things

  you think like these plot holes and

  these things that drive you crazy are

  you thinking them during the film or

  later because this

  pretty complicated stuff you're thinking

  about and the film goes at a reasonable

  pace I don't think I have time to think

  of all these plot holes until afterwards

  I certainly think about them afterwards

  do you think about them afterwards

  ordering a lot of this stuff I was

  thinking during but I think that's

  because this movie felt like a slower

  movie like during rogue one I remember a

  feeling of just being more confused or

  like not following parts but this movie

  there was a bunch of stuff that was

  bothering me during it so like the thing

  about the fuel and the relative speed of

  the ship sighs like this is crazy and it

  makes no sense it's the problem again of

  like breaking a suspension of disbelief

  that then causes me to be sitting there

  and thinking about a thing and that that

  is the whole magic of a good movie is a

  good movie doesn't do that it doesn't

  break you out and get you thinking about

  the stuff but landing in a place which

  is obviously Monaco and then talking

  about arms dealers it's like oh okay I

  thought I was going to enjoy a movie but

  now I'm getting like a political lesson

  from the writers of this script and

  that's what like kicks me out of it and

  then starts a little loop in my head

  where I'm thinking about the movie as

  I'm watching the movie so I'm in the

  Vegas or Monaco what if you want to call

  a thing I didn't like at all and then

  this person they go to get the help from

  like we save hit that person briefly and

  then they obviously don't get to get

  that person and then there's this other

  person and then there's the horse-racing

  saying yeah well just like this was

  shark jumping territory for me there's

  two things here and I feel like after

  this I have a whole bunch of just minor

  points about the movie but it's like the

  casino thing it's where the movie broke

  for me because I was thinking this is so

  Monaco I can't believe it and then they

  introduced a race track and that's like

  it's too much right it's too much hmm

  it's like they flew to a casino city

  that was called Las Vegas and there's a

  gigantic pyramid in the middle of the

  city it's like it's too much but really

  home with that kind of like lost me and

  was very very space ballsy was so they

  they meet in prison the guy who's gonna

  break codes for them you know it's just

  like a fantastic miracle of luck they

  bump into this guy and they they staged

  like an escape and off camera

  in an unspecified manner bb-8 has

  disabled handcuffed and duct-taped over

  their mouth three guards

  yeah and the movie does it is like a

  little joke where Benicio del Toro was

  like oh did you do that and then they

  show another guard come around and bb-8

  uses all of those coins so cleverly put

  in his chest and like shoots the guy

  down with a bunch of coins as if you're

  not insulted enough by the fact he's

  tired these people out there gonna spit

  in your face and have him use these

  coins as yeah and then he blows on the

  the nozzle of his gun like he's Clint

  Eastwood and it's like what is he

  blowing on that to me was the exact

  moment where I'm like I'm done movie

  because it's so absurd and if bb-8 can

  do this well he seems really useful like

  why don't you have a whole bunch of

  these bb-8 droids yeah like a flying at

  a date oh yeah yeah it's like if this is

  a thing that exists in this universe

  then it breaks the universe and there's

  stuff later on which is also like you

  universe breaking it's a bit like how

  good the droids are like you said like

  r2d2 flies or in rogue one the you know

  the robot in Rogue rogue one is like so

  good like why don't you just have these

  guys all the time why do you mess around

  with humans that just really broke it

  for me and then you know they escaped

  and they go see the horses in the

  stables like the gigantic horse

  creatures and this is where I'm like I'm

  losing my mind right because as I hate

  you so much Rose wants to free all of

  the horses but they leave the slave

  children behind it's like oh go like run

  free horses slave children you stay here

  I'm sure everything will be fine for you

  well they're using the horses to to get

  away on like there's utility to the

  horses to them and they're using the big

  group of horses as like you know

  distraction and they just dropped on us

  but I understand what is occurring here

  but there's like oh they show that the

  horses are abused of course because they

  have to be right just because you know

  it couldn't just be a horse race and

  arms dealers don't care about abused

  animals because they're monsters

  right I mean it's like okay whatever but

  these these horses all escaped you just

  leave the slave children behind and they

  do with this this romp through the city

  which i think is hilarious whereas like

  the horses are

  to jump on every single car like they're

  jumping from car to car just to smash

  them all up because it's real fun I

  guess and they sort of escaped into the

  woods on these horses their whole plan

  has like totally failed from their

  perspective they lost the key breaker

  guy they're not necessarily gonna get

  off of this island like they don't know

  what's going to happen and then Finn and

  Rose have a little conversation about

  how oh it was really all worth it just

  to make these dirty arms dealers feel

  the pain a little bit it's like what do

  you what do you mean like you smashed up

  a couple of their cars if there is rich

  as you're saying they are like they

  could make cars rain down from the sky

  all day with their money like you

  haven't done anything to harm them in

  the slightest it's like you know you're

  like an idiot protester who's gonna I'm

  gonna boycott Walmart I'm not gonna buy

  any of their goods it's like yeah great

  congratulations you've done so much here

  maybe those space horses are like really

  valuable so anyway they're like oh it's

  great we made the rich guys hurt then we

  let these horses get away you know and

  Finn says oh it was really worth it to

  make those guys hurt and then Rose takes

  the saddle off one of the horses and as

  like go run free horse she goes now it

  was really worth it it's like okay hold

  on a second Rose let's review the

  situation the entire resistance is going

  to die because your mission has failed

  but you have that let some horses run

  free for perhaps a couple of hours

  before they get rounded up again yeah

  it's like I hate you so much as a

  character and we haven't even gotten to

  the thing that she does that I hate the

  most but this whole casino thing I was

  like I cannot deal with this side quest

  the side quest is just ridiculous it was

  a rubbish side quest oh wow radium okay

  that's as angry as I'm gonna be except

  for the other thing but I'm good okay I

  feel era I feel like I got that out of

  me while we're speaking about robots and

  in BBA

  Android sorry Ben baby yeah not robots

  Brady no there was an earlier saying

  that I kind of wanted to see what you

  thought about that we've kind of skipped

  over and this was when luke skywalker's

  says i'm not going to get involved i'm

  not gonna help and then r2 guilts him by

  showing the old video of Princess Leia

  that was very

  a very human thing that r2 did wasn't it

  like it was very subtle and strategic

  and playing on human emotions and like

  what did you think of that play from r2

  that it came from r2 very crucial thing

  you know that was the turning point okay

  yeah I'm gonna help I am gonna help now

  because I remember what it's all about

  and it came from the Droid well I mean

  this brings up the deep problem of droid

  slavery in the Star Wars universe I was

  trying to go there again but it is like

  it is totally a thing like those the

  droids as presented in Star Wars are

  just totally conscious creatures with a

  range of emotions and feelings yeah so

  to have a droid in the Star Wars

  universe to a very human thing is

  totally unsurprising in a way that in

  other genres it might feel like oh

  you're just getting the robot to do what

  the robot needs to do in this scene yeah

  I did like it but then again the the

  like the little comment from Luke about

  being oh that's a really cheap move I

  felt again like okay what the script is

  getting meta again like we're

  referencing the movie itself so that

  you're pulling me out of this yeah you

  didn't have to dismiss it he could have

  just looked and you know he could have

  just looked really sad and it would have

  been 10 times more powerful yeah because

  in some ways that was the most important

  moment in the film

  yeah and they dismissed her like almost

  like he said all that craps not gonna

  work on me you stupid droid before he

  says anything I also thought that if the

  directors had just let him keep his

  mouth shut I don't know if it was

  intentional or not but I feel like it's

  also a scene that has the potential to

  really have a little poignant moment

  about how much older Luke is hmm it is

  him seeing his sister you know 35 40

  years younger and last time he looked at

  it he was this you know testosterone shy

  yeah naive boy who just thought oh

  that's a fit girl yeah and now so much

  has changed about him yeah you could

  have just lingered on how old he looked

  and he'll podgy his face was in like we

  as viewers would have also been feeling

  the same thing gosh last time I saw that

  I was a young boy and now look at all of

  us like it was very special and get

  trampled on like so many other things

  like oh don't hold on the seriousness

  too long we're gonna have to have a sort

  of half joke or a sort of meta comment

  about it they're like huh like I liked

  it until that line and I was like oh

  okay great

  here we go again there was also

  something that didn't quite sit right

  with me that like our tooth ought to do

  it don't get you know I like r2d2 as

  much as the next person but it just sort

  of an eye but it's also to me the thing

  of like I forgot r2d2 was supposed to be

  in this movie until this moment and then

  he just does the one thing and then

  disappears again yeah anyway it was it

  was an interesting scene that could have

  been better

  what about Snoke and the big battle in

  in his lair with those all those red

  imperial guards around the place as well

  the first time I saw them I thought they

  were pretty cool like the first time

  when they tried to come to Stokes like

  defense and he was just one-on-one with

  kylo I thought was a pretty cool scene I

  was like oh wow those guys badass I

  liked them mm-hmm later on they became a

  bit silly because there were just too

  many of them and they were jumping

  around the place like ninjas but it was

  a little choreographed yeah there was a

  little bit of like I'm watching a fight

  on a stage play oh yeah these two people

  are pushing this guy back and now he's

  going to bounce off I would have loved

  it if they had just run because I was

  yeah I was kind of wondering like what

  exactly are those guys are they like

  tree nice it's like I don't know I get

  you tell you like it would have been

  funnier if they read because like they

  were there for snow then boss has just

  died like what's their motivation for

  trying to kill either of those two

  actually it didn't occur to me until

  just now but he isn't kylo Ren like

  second-in-command like don't they know

  he's the apprentice to the master and

  now that the master is gone shouldn't

  they just be serving kylo Ren was

  car-like complicit and snoke's

  assassination what did he know it was

  going on and allow it did he know that

  she was twisting the lightsaber I

  thought maybe that's what was going on

  but they were in cahoots there okay this

  is an interesting moment because I read

  that scene totally differently yeah I

  read that scene that kylo Ren killed him

  okay so I had a big complaint about this

  because I on the second viewing I had to

  write it down because I thought the

  scene was so absurd because smoke moves

  ray before kylo Ren so that he will kill

  her hmm right and kylo Ren looks right

  at Rey and says

  I know what I have to do okay so this is

  a nearly word-for-word and I needed just

  the way smoke did this is nearly

  word-for-word his speechifying at the

  end in Kyllo where there was a conflict

  I now since resolved I cannot be


  I see his mind I see him turning the

  lightsaber to strike true he ignites it

  and kills his true enemy who could that

  be his true enemy is it me yeah yeah I

  read that wrong and I'm looking at the

  Wikipedia radical it also says that Kyla

  kills snakes a well that would explain

  why the Red Guards are after both of

  them your version would be way better

  but I thought that was like the heaviest

  thing I had seen on film in a long time

  and the whole villain of snow snow

  whatever the hell and my brain I keep

  pulling like Snape his whole villain was

  just totally wasted and totally

  pointless and was another thing that

  felt to me like some kind of director or

  studio disagreement behind the scenes

  because in the last movie it's a big

  mystery oh who is this guy and in this

  movie the answer is he's a guy who sits

  in a throne room and gives a bunch of

  speeches and doesn't really do anything

  and reveals nothing about where the

  first order came from or where he came


  or anything is it def mole the guy who's

  red and black and yeah it's like him

  it's like oh that's a pretty interesting

  character I can't wait to find out where

  he came from and what his story is and

  what he's all about and then they just

  let kill him off and that's what

  happened with this snake I was kind of

  thinking ah you're pretty handy with the

  force there yeah and you're pretty

  interesting looking like where'd you

  come from and what's your story

  you've got me interested and then let's

  cute it off and going back to my problem

  with like the political situation I

  think this is an answer that really

  needs to be resolved is after the

  supposed victory of the original trilogy

  where does this guy come from

  who's the one who starts up the first

  order hmm that needs an answer whereas

  like in the original trilogy because

  you're just starting the story you can

  say here's the state of affairs there's

  a gigantic empire that controls the

  universe and there's a bunch of rebels

  go write story starts here but you can't

  do that when you've continued the story

  to just like

  after the victory jumped forward 40

  years and try to reset the clock like

  there needs to be some kind of answer I

  think that was like obviously what his

  character was supposed to do but it

  really felt like someone decided a done

  like Snoke like we're gonna get rid of

  him and we're gonna make sure he does

  absolutely nothing in this movie except

  be frankly like an over-the-top comical

  speechifying a villain right like he

  just loves to talk that guy like I felt

  so bad for those Red Guards like they

  must have to hear him talking all day

  long like I think he's like he's

  practicing speeches in that throne room

  they just have to listen he does nothing

  and what's potentially an interesting

  character but like well I guess he's

  just gone okay it's interesting isn't it

  because oh for good stir whores films

  have like a dual type thing at the end

  that is really important and like a

  highlight of the film and this one like

  I've got hardly any notes here really

  uninterested in it and like the

  confrontation the moment between Rey and

  kylo Ren and you know really just like

  it was really forgettable I kind of

  already forget what happened that he

  said join me and yeah she said no and a

  lightsaber broke in half and she pissed

  off and I think you really raised an

  excellent point that just didn't cross

  my mind which is why are those cards

  even fighting them I don't understand

  either they should not care anymore or

  they should recognize that kylo Ren is

  now the next in charge oh it's a

  free-for-all for the to control the

  throne in that room like is that what's

  happening it doesn't make any sense why

  that fight occurs is to jump ahead in my

  notes and jump ahead in the film because

  it touches on this this is one of my

  criticisms and questions about the film

  too and that is the dedication of people

  that have no skin in the game like when

  the ships are all blowing up at the end

  and you know it's all going pear-shaped

  that's silver storm trooper and all the

  other storm troopers are still like

  amongst the carnage is their ship falls

  apart and everyone should run evacuating

  they're still just concentrating on

  these killing these two rebels like at

  least at the end of Return of the Jedi

  when when it's all going pear-shaped on

  the Death Star

  and Luke's dragging Darth Vader through

  the hangar like no one cares because all

  they care about is just getting the hell

  out of it though

  like normal people but here people who

  with no skin in the game and no reason

  to care this much are just battling on

  mindlessly doing things that make no

  sense you've hit on such a detail that I

  love in those original movies is that

  seen as like the ship is falling apart

  and everybody's just trying to get out

  and it's so impactful like people are

  acting in the way people would it's like

  a storm troopers got no skin in this


  as soon as it looked like Darth Vader's

  incapacitated like they're just gonna

  leave him to die they don't get like

  everyone should trying to get out of

  there yeah and it provides a reason like

  how can Luke exit because everybody's

  just exiting they're all just wrecked

  leaving a drowning ship and nobody cares

  now that's what would really happen and

  then this becomes the answer is all of

  these stormtroopers really care because

  their video game a eyes with one goal

  which is to kill the protagonists all

  right that's the answer the question

  it's terrible in my dark heart of hearts

  I was hoping for a twist that I knew

  wasn't going to come but I thought would

  make the movie more interesting like

  maybe ray and kylo will switch positions

  because I feel like in the last movie

  and in this movie they do harp on this

  theme that like the dark side really

  pulls ray like maybe more than other

  characters we've seen and it's like man

  it would be like a really badass bold

  move to take your heroine and turn her

  into the villain and maybe have like

  kylo ends up going right back to leia

  like have them switch positions but it

  you know it's like i could see it wasn't

  going to happen but i thought like oh

  man maybe it like maybe we can salvage

  this with a really cool turn of the

  movie is like oh but nope okay alright

  it's just like a fight they just fight

  like join me and we'll rule the galaxy

  together is BFFs with benefits I guess I

  don't like I don't know I don't know

  really what the sale was there I will

  say a quick positive thing that happened

  around this part of the film like you

  know how in rogue one the scene with

  darth vader tearing the ship apart mmm

  was like the scene that everyone just

  went wild man that scene made the whole

  film worthwhile right there was one

  scene like that in this film that I

  thought that is cool and that was when

  the Corvette went into light speed and

  went through the whole squadron of enemy

  ships like I'd never seen what would

  happen if a ship went into

  hyperspace into a hole like fleet of

  other ships and the way that it tore all

  those ships apart for a few seconds I

  thought was a really cool looking Seine

  I thought it looked amazing okay yeah so

  you're talking about captain purple hair

  which was a terrible casting decision on

  my good casting someone as famous as

  Laura Dern in that role was a terrible

  decision and completely ripped me out of

  the film every time she was on screen

  because I've seen her in so many films

  that she was poorly cast yeah I want I

  want to get back to her cuz I've had

  some problems with her but that scene

  was without a doubt the highlight of the

  film she turns a ship around and she

  does a suicide maneuver into the capital

  ship yeah loved it and looked awesome it

  looked awesome the visuals were great

  cutting out the sound briefly and then

  having an explosion when you're not

  expecting it like the audio work was

  fantastic the way they shit like they

  showed you that the ship was going

  through like it wasn't just an explosion

  and it was like a violent tearing

  through like that scene was perfect on

  every level except for the part where it

  breaks the whole Star Wars universe

  because because I saw it it's like wow

  that's amazing and then wait a minute

  why don't we just attach hyperdrives to

  asteroids and use this as a weapon

  maybe hyperdrives are quite expensive to

  make great well it seems like I know

  some pretty rich arms dealers like who

  might be able to make those hyperdrive

  and there are a lot of ships in the

  films that have them but seem to belong

  to pretty poor people yeah this is the

  problem is like if you want to try to

  make some economic argument that's like

  oh the resistance was able to use their

  this capital ship at the last moment

  because it's such a costly maneuver it's

  like okay

  ships blow up all the time right all the

  time in this universe and like hey

  here's a great way that you can show

  that the first order is really terrible

  have them using suicide pilots driving

  hyperdrive ships as attacks I could have

  done the first Death Star that way just

  a few of their ships into the first

  Death Star would have been all over to

  be honest I didn't think of it great I

  just thought that's awesome

  it is awesome but like within five

  seconds I was like oh now stop brain

  stop brain but it's like it's too late

  it's too late my brain is and then it

  goes like okay there's another battle

  that happens later on and all I'm

  thinking of is like why don't you just

  hyperspace a ship right through the

  core of this planet you know like if

  you're gonna smash something at

  Lightspeed into a planet that planet is

  done right it is over and the rebels

  like oh we have a shield up on our base

  like well that shield hold up to a


  going at hyperspace through the planet

  like I don't think it will I don't think

  anything will hold up against this

  weapon this weapon just destroys all of

  the battles because why would you do

  anything else you know get some of your

  slave droids to drive the ships it

  didn't do that much damage to the flag

  right it didn't like it was very

  destructive but it wasn't planet

  destroying destructive like it just put

  a little cut through the dreadnought I

  think you're overstating how powerful I

  was I mean if we're supposed to take

  that seriously do you not think that a

  ship could go at light speed through the

  rebel base on the salt planet yeah yeah

  oh yeah you could take out the rebel

  base I'm just saying you couldn't

  destroy like a whole planet but this

  what I mean like why aren't you bombing

  the planet's surface

  with ships at Lightspeed right this is

  what I'm saying like if we're to take

  that seriously that in this universe you

  can do this yeah like why didn't they do

  that on Hoth yeah exactly yeah and why

  don't they do that unhappy

  minute later and again it's like I

  presume that the first order has a lot

  of ships to spare if this is really

  important or it's not I don't know I

  can't figure out the scale of these

  things so again highlight of the movie

  totally loved it as an individual scene

  breaks every naval battle in the entire


  this feels also like around the time

  that the film should have been drawing

  to an end yeah yeah and then we go to

  Hoth - we go to hearth - and we start

  what I think of as the Return of the

  King phase of the movie yeah where I

  keep thinking it's going to cut to black

  multiple times and the movie really

  suffers from starting to drag likes when

  they start spinning up the extra battle

  like you should never be looking at your

  watch when a battle starts and you think

  like really are we're really gonna do a

  whole other battle right now I thought

  like I'd already been to the toilet once

  and I was thinking I'm gonna have to go

  again yeah exactly

  I had way too much stuff drink this part

  was it was too much it was too much and

  it was too long

  so obviously like the red sole under the

  white surface did look pretty cool yeah

  but what was the point of those mono ski

  poles on the ships

  besides kicking up cool redness I don't

  see the sciency reason for them did I

  miss something you didn't miss anything

  there's something in my head it's been

  bothered I cannot remember what it is

  someone will put it in the comments but

  I know that there is some kind of like

  in my head I have this image of a thing

  that like sails on the surface and you

  do use something like this in water to

  stabilize a craft that moves along the

  surface and I see that's what they are

  going for but this whole battle struck

  me as someone had what admittedly is an

  awesomely cool idea for the visual

  what's a cool visual we can add to a

  battle to make it different and the

  planet that has red crystals underneath

  an ice on top super cool visual love it

  what I don't love is now we have to

  engineer a way that everybody is kicking

  up the salt all the time yeah and the

  way we're gonna do that is we're going

  to give them space ships but the space

  ships can't actually fly they can only

  hover above the ground and hover above

  the ground they need to have this

  stabilizing fin that is scraping the

  salts yeah and this also as the problem

  to me that get resistance is

  ridiculously outgunned here and they are

  also confined to a 2d plane with 13

  ships like you guys should get wrecked

  immediately in this fight but they're

  able to able to hold on and it's just

  the movie contorting itself to fit the

  visual idea on somebody's storyboard

  that's what's happening there

  yeah there's a lot of plot holes here it

  was too much like the Hoth battle it was


  I don't mind Cole Beck's but this was

  bordering on just being unoriginal

  there's a lot of dumb stuff that happens

  here is like crystal creature like

  there's so is so much but it's like I

  just got a call out what to me is my

  favorite thing in the whole movie which


  Finn decides he's gonna do a suicide run

  into this cannon that they're going to

  use to crack open the base no no now

  you're doing it it was Poe wasn't it no

  his fence I was it now what's Finn

  what's Ben I know you're right oh god

  man no I've got a serious puff in bubble

  tea I'm sorry man I've got poof in

  dyslexia but it's fair enough it's hard

  to keep them straight like whatever it's

  just like you know guys do in

  adventurous things I don't know go on

  but so Finn is doing this suicide run

  into the Canon that is going to crack

  open the resistance base and is I okay

  well at this point in the movie it is

  theoretically going to be the third

  resistance suicide bomber in his film

  it's like okay whatever I actually think

  it's like okay this is not an

  unreasonable character arc for him if

  you're thinking about how is this

  character in this sequence of movies but

  so he's he's flying he's flying he's

  flying and then at the last minute Rose

  flies in from like unspecified

  impossible angle and knocks him off yeah

  of the beam and like they crashed to the

  side and he rightly yells at her like

  what are you doing and I swear to God

  Brady I recorded it in the movie theater

  the second time around because I was

  like I have to make sure I remembered

  this correctly because the scene is so

  ridiculous she goes I saved you dummy

  right like are you fool like bopping him

  on the nose in a playful way in this in

  this moment and she's like this is how

  we're going to win by saving the people

  that we love not sacrificing ourselves

  are the things that we hate and in what

  I think might be one of the most

  ridiculous things I have ever seen in

  cinematic history they are about to kiss

  and you see the laser beam in the

  background crack I hope in the repple

  base right entirely presumably because

  of her doing this dumb thing to save a

  boy that in this moment you find out she

  likes because she leans over and kisses

  him like as the base is exploding in the

  background the first time I saw it Brady

  I swear to God I have never come closer

  to just totally losing my movie theater

  oh so that the delay makes you think


  Finn's run would have been successful

  because because

  happened long enough afterwards yeah I

  think that the movie very strongly

  implies that the run would have been

  successful that he would prevent this

  from occurring

  it's like Forrest Gump saving lieutenant

  dad when lieutenant dad wanted to die on

  the battlefield this move by this

  character is maybe the dumbest thing

  I've ever seen a character do in a movie

  and it's also an incredible moment to

  reveal that like she has a crush on a

  guy that is let's be frank ridiculously

  out of her league and she's gonna kiss

  him now as the rebel base is cracked

  open like a goddamn egg in the

  background and everybody is going to die

  I was like I was so close to just losing

  it in the theater like I was like do not

  laugh out loud in an uproarious way at

  this moment like there are other people

  in the theater the first time around but

  like don't do this don't be that guy and

  I was barely able to like crush that

  laughter down inside of me because it

  was so absurd it was so absurd

  I hate rose I hate her so much I'm

  getting that impression her character is

  just so stupid at every turn and I think

  the actress was not a good actress which

  certainly didn't help but it's like I

  couldn't stand her and that was this

  amazing crowning glory for her as a

  character like and of course because

  it's a movie like things work out I

  guess but she has no reason to think

  this is going to work out like yeah it's

  terrible it's so bad you just don't

  understand love gray yeah it's true I

  don't understand love and from the look

  on Finn's face he doesn't understand

  love because he seems pretty surprised

  about what has just occurred there so

  yeah it's awful it's maybe one of the

  worst things I've ever seen in a movie

  Wow so Luke Skywalker comes to town he

  does he does

  turns out it's force projection Scott

  was doing astral projection is what he's

  doing yeah which is a new Jedi skill new

  skill which would have been a real

  game-changer on numerous occasions like

  like speeding through ships astral

  projection by Jedi's game-changer in

  many scenarios why did I ever put

  themself in risky situations at all if

  they can just

  do it from afar I don't understand why

  don't they send force ghosts who can

  bring down lightning bolts from the sky

  to resolve situations I don't know let's

  show you why does it yo to just turn up

  and bring down lightning bolts on those

  88 es yeah I don't know the thing that I

  found doubly confusing about that is

  it's so similar to the established force

  ghosts thing anyway like I was kind of

  assuming that Luke was a force ghost in

  this moment yeah and I thought it would

  be much more poignant I realized that he

  is already dead as opposed to dying

  after exerting himself demonstrating a

  skill that you never even had any idea

  it was possible before yeah I found it a

  weird choice because like this skill is

  so similar to an existing skill in this

  universe I don't know why you need to do

  this like why don't you just make up

  that like he's such a good force ghost

  he doesn't have to have the blue glowy

  bit around him has Kylie run even ever

  met a force ghost like does he know that

  force ghosts exist if he doesn't then

  then Luke can just be a bluey person and

  feel like I'm so powerful you don't have

  any idea what's going on kylo Ren may be

  forced ghosts can't hold things but

  astral projection I think it's called

  force projection can yeah one way or

  another Luke Skywalker dies as a result

  of this so this is a big deal killing

  Luke Skywalker like that's as big as it


  so the things that I think about that is

  did he just die from exhaustion that's

  the feeling I get is it was like such an

  incredible effort he had an aneurysm

  that's sort of my thought on it I wish

  he wasn't floating like a Buddha when he

  did it that was a bit of a leaking of

  galaxies again but yeah why do they have

  to be floating when he did it wouldn't

  that use even more energy couldn't used

  to be sitting in a chair yeah anyway I

  don't know maybe there's a reason you

  have to float with your legs crossed

  when you force projecting I do think

  it's a shame that of all the things he

  could give his life for it was like to

  buy a few minutes for a ragtag group of

  rebels yeah it wasn't like he did

  something amazing that save the galaxy

  was just like a momentary distraction

  yeah so it seemed a bit bit trivial they

  could have had plenty of time if someone

  had kamikaze it into that cannon yeah

  they wouldn't be short on minutes if

  that was the case but you know oh well

  opportunity law

  also when Luke appeared in the base and

  said hi to Leia did Lian know that that

  was a projection or was her like

  reunited moment with her brother like a

  big fraud that she didn't even know was

  going on I felt really bad for her when

  Hans dice disappeared he's like Luke

  gives her astral projection dice that he

  knows they're going to desert here when

  I dice I didn't think about that is that

  like a cruel joke or does she supposed

  to know I read it that c-3po did know

  his Luke gives him like a cheeky wink I

  don't know if that was intended or not

  but that was kind of my reading is that

  if anyone should know like the droids

  should know it's not Luke I thought it

  was more hey gang odd buddy good to see

  again but you're right he would have

  realized he didn't have like a heartbeat

  and all those life readings and yeah

  yeah it's a weird decision and I agree

  with you that Luke's sacrifice here is

  what once again for really small stakes

  yeah it's for a couple of minutes of

  time so that yeah a dozen people who are

  the entire remainder of the resistance

  can get away it wasn't big enough to

  cost Luke Skywalker his laughs it seemed

  trivial I didn't even think about it

  until you mentioned it but I really

  realize now that I had zero emotional

  impact from the death of Luke Skywalker

  yeah and it was so absent it didn't even

  register in my brain that I had no

  resonance in this moment it was just

  like oh I guess Luke's dead now okay I'm

  gonna move right along those dice I

  realize there are a few stills from the

  original film where there are dice

  mm-hmm people don't need to like tell me

  that about the dice but whatever you

  tell me about the dice they have never

  been part of the style was feel more

  important or associated with Han Solo in

  any way so to then make them this like

  really special thing that would like

  move Luke to see them and then would

  move layer well I wasn't moved and I

  know all these characters as well so the

  dice was silly and making them dice as

  well which is you know fluffy dice on a

  rear view mirror like so again leakage

  yeah it's it's total leakage how'd you

  think of it where they ended up going

  for their Return of the King endings

  they they couldn't bear to end the film

  and then they gave us this boy whipping

  up into space and okay

  boy looking up into space this connects

  back to me in a thing that I feel like

  oh god please don't let this happen is

  one of my little underlying problems

  with the whole movie and a bit of this

  like leakage hmm I feel like the movie

  was really trying to push this idea of

  like regular people are resisting this

  first order of Nazis and it's like all

  the regular people

  we just know are on this one side and

  like this new Anakin boy who pops up in

  three scenes and then at the end of the

  movie he felt like the personification

  of this thing hmm but I like there's

  something about this that just really

  rubs me the wrong way and I feel like I

  am really worried that what they're

  setting up for is it in the end of the

  next movie this idea that it's like the

  resistance is all of us all right like

  we only have 13 actual people left in

  the real like resistance so like how do

  they solve this problem they have to

  solve this problem with some kind of

  like massive uprising there's just

  something about like we have secret

  rings with the rebel logo on it that

  just don't like and like she's showing a

  secret ring and the little boy knows

  like oh yes of course

  I'm only eight but I know which side I'm

  supposed to be on in this little slave


  there's also lines that just like

  talking about allies to the resistance

  oh these people on the outer rim they

  keep referring to yeah there's all these

  people on the outer rim who are like

  allies to the resistance

  oh yeah and when when Laura Dern shows

  up who again I just say it is

  unfortunate that she's like she's so

  well known and her outfit made her look

  like she fell out of the Hunger Games

  and into this movie yeah she's always

  looked really out of place like I just

  don't believe you here but then she she

  starts off again with this idea that

  like the resistance is now this thing

  that is here for she says quote like the

  downtrodden and oppressed across the

  galaxy and it's just like I don't like

  this it feels like you're trying to have

  this weird political thing that you keep

  referencing and I don't want to draw

  parallels between Star Wars Galaxies and

  our world exactly like that is


  there was even like a throwaway line

  where when they have like Maz show up on

  the Skype call to tell them to go find

  the codebreaker dude and like Maz what

  are you doing and she's like I'm

  involved in a union dispute right now

  you don't want to know the details and

  I'm like it's like a fing course she is

  right of course she's there fighting for

  union rights like wherever the hell she

  is I'm trying to stop voter suppression

  here on Tatooine honest to god it might

  as well be that any one of these things

  doesn't matter but when you like keep

  hitting it I was like oh who's the real

  bad guys in this universe is like all

  these are rich people are the real bad

  guys who are the great people on our

  side the downtrodden and oppressed like

  they're on our side

  we need to stop gerrymandering on Endor

  it totally wouldn't have felt out of

  place if there was a moment about like

  oh these people don't have voting rights

  it just pushes you out of it and I feel

  like it's setting up this idea that like

  oh the resistance is all of us like

  we're all going to be the resistance I

  did notice that they they pulled a

  little trick at the end of the movie

  which I thought like it was was my tiny

  spark of hope that allowed them to pull

  a linguistic change where they said like

  oh the rebellion is born today it's like

  okay great we can get away from this

  like calling it the resistance thing

  you're clearly in the next movie just

  gonna call them rebels again good that's

  great because it's it's it's

  uncomfortable but cuz I wanted to get

  rebel scum in didn't I used rebel scum

  yeah John they used rebel scum so much

  that I never want to use it again as a

  joke because it's like oh now that

  you've owned it where he's like oh I

  rebel scum like I never want to make

  that joke again thanks movie I just feel

  like the slave children were like a

  focal point of this idea that we're now

  like all the downtrodden and oppressed

  in the universe are on our side even

  though we're only you know 13 terrorists

  like that's what's going to happen here

  like I don't like it I don't like it at

  all and the fact that it's like a

  vaguely new Anakin kid doesn't make me

  feel any better about it did you find

  distracting or entering your thoughts a

  lot watching the film knowing that

  Carrie Fisher had died and how they were

  going to do with this I thought about it

  a little bit only because I think that

  the movie should have killed Carrie

  Fisher in the beginning when she gets

  blown out of the bridge

  well that's why I assumed it happened

  yeah I don't know what they're planning

  on doing that but it felt like boy he

  really missed an opportunity to have an

  amazing impactful sudden death for a

  main character that we've known and

  loved for many years she didn't

  contribute much after that point she

  wasn't necessary after that point no

  except maybe she'd already filmed all

  the Saints and you couldn't get her out

  I think that's what it is like they'd

  already filled a bunch of scenes so they

  wanted to keep her in also if you killed

  Leia straight away that provides a

  pretty good reason to hate the first

  order and her like Mary Poppins in her

  way back onto the bridge was really

  uncomfortable but yet she doesn't really

  do anything later in the movie I have no

  idea what they're going to do in the

  next part like I was aware of it but I

  wouldn't say I was distracted by it like

  were you I was always waiting cuz I

  thought they'd kill her off so I was

  always waiting for it to happen and then

  it happened early and I thought okay

  yeah okay and then she like comes back

  to life I was like oh okay she's still

  in the film now but I think the way it

  works with reboots is you have a one

  main character death quota per movie

  yeah so we got rid of Han this one gets

  rid of Luke in exchange for two minutes

  of time so the next one has to be Leia

  right that's you have a spread it out I

  think that's the way it works okay any

  other key notes or things you want to

  talk about no I feel like I hit my main

  ones casino land is terrible and I don't

  like the real-world leaking in to my

  Star Wars in language and weird

  political references so great last year

  when we did rogue one which you didn't

  like and I kind of did like but I feel

  like I didn't do it justice in the

  podcast right and I sort of got dragged

  along with you a bit and started kicking

  it while it was down I've only seen it

  twice but I feel more and more positive

  about rogue one as time goes by and

  after watching this film it made me feel

  even more positive about rogue one like

  I want more films like rogue one and

  less films like this one that I saw

  today right because rogue one it doesn't

  mess with the Canon so much but still

  feels related and part of the Star Wars



  grown up like it still felt like a grown

  up film like it wasn't so sanitized and

  this film didn't feel as like as much of

  a film for grown-ups and I know style

  was films of a families and they're not

  just made for me but I like films that

  are made for me right of course and

  rogue one felt made for me and like if I

  was going to go and put a Star Wars film

  on right now downstairs

  I put rogue one on hmmm let me ask you

  this because I know you don't like road

  one right right and it sounds like you

  didn't like this one very much how would

  you compare this one the last Jedi and

  rogue one which was better of the two

  well I know I've just been complaining

  for two hours about this movie but I

  think it's important what I'm about to

  say I feel like this is this is the last

  time I've watched a Star Wars movie in

  the sense that I feel like something has

  now broken in my brain where I'm not

  watching Star Wars movies like I'm

  watching movies that are set in the Star

  Wars universe yeah and now I'm gonna

  have just as much expectation of

  enjoyment as I do it when I'm watching a

  Marvel movie where it's like I've

  watched all the Marvel movies and like

  they're fine some of them are better

  than others but none of them are great

  movies but all of them are products to

  print a million dollars or actually I

  should say quite literally a billion

  dollars and like when I watch like I

  watch a bad Marvel movie like age of

  Ultron is like I just feel like okay

  well that was that was a really bad one

  that wasn't good but there's gonna be a

  million of these and I think this is now

  the way I feel about the stark like my

  expectations while watching the movie

  got lowered because I feel like this

  movie veered into weird parody of itself

  hmm but I now have just like no

  expectations or anticipation of any of

  these movies in the future so I feel

  like this is the last time I will have

  walked into a theater feeling like I'm

  gonna watch Star Wars movie and that's

  just over now I mean now that's much

  easier as well now that Luke and Han are

  both gone yeah Luke and Han are both

  gone but it's also just the world like

  the world

  is different so I enjoyed this movie

  more more than rogue one but I enjoyed

  it in the sense of now it's just like

  any giant Cinematic Universe movie it's

  just like a movie oh do you want to go

  see the latest Star Wars flick like yeah

  I guess whatever like oh do you want to

  see the new Marvel movie like yeah sure

  okay you know it's a machine that turns

  out things that are sometimes

  interesting or sometimes not and

  similarly with the Marvel movies I feel

  like the plot contrivance a--'s and

  weirdness of the structure of those

  movies it's like this is just what these

  things are like there's beats that a

  studio wants to hit for particular

  movies and you need tie-ins to keep

  franchises going it's like okay this is

  all just part of this machine and I'll

  watch movies in the future but I don't

  think I'm ever gonna be like wow like

  you know I'm gonna go see a Star Wars

  movie and it's great so I personally

  dislike rogue one a lot more but I

  enjoyed this one more but for the wrong

  reasons so that's the way I feel about

  it can you imagine the time coming where

  you don't go and say a stylist movie I

  mean yeah simply because I imagine

  there's going to be a lot of them I

  don't feel the need to see all of the

  movies we also have the weird problem

  that we are now getting stuck in some

  kind of Christmas tradition which is

  complain about the Star Wars for two

  hours on Christmas morning Merry


  listen to two grumpy nerds like complain

  about the thing to end this episode then

  can you think of anything positive about

  this film the last Jedi lie is there

  anything about it end with something

  positive oh yeah there were things I

  liked I liked the force conversations

  between kylo and Rey I thought that was

  a really nice nicely done thing that

  felt like this is a believable force

  addition the two of them talking I

  thought that was great Rey is good again

  know as good know as good but she got

  there she was not as good because she

  didn't have as much to do I think Finn

  became a better actor between the last

  time I saw him and this time because he

  was a little cringe-worthy for me in the

  first one but I think he he was fine on


  yeah but I gotta say like the best thing

  about the movie by far was kylo Ren I

  really like this portrayal of this like

  angsty Sith guy and I think it's a

  character that is so easy to do wrong

  but that actor they have playing kylo

  Ren I just think he nails it like I find

  him really believable as this mm-hmm

  angsty upsets uncertain but like rolly

  powerful villain every scene he was in I

  was like this is great I could have a

  whole movie of just this guy I think

  kind of like Rey carried the first movie

  I think kylo Ren totally carried this

  movie so he was my favorite thing I

  think you're right I think you're right

  one night I made partway through the

  film was that usually when you're saying

  when you're watching anything there are

  story lines you can't wait to get back

  to or ones that you don't like as much

  mm-hmm there was a part in the middle of

  this film where no matter what story

  they cut to I was this one like there

  was nothing there was nothing I wanted

  them to cut so there was no story going

  on at the moment I was thinking I want

  more of that I liked all the jokes I

  didn't like the joking around

  I liked that after a mutiny occurs they

  cut to a Spaceballs joke where an iron

  comes down and they pretended to ship

  for a couple of seconds before they

  reveal that it's an iron I wrote that


  that was another classic like I was

  thinking a goth it looks like an iron

  and then they played they played on that

  and then when they did it I was like I

  wish you hadn't done that

  yeah I wish you hadn't done that after a

  mutiny yeah we should end this podcast

  by both saying may the force be with you

  at the same time and then like giggle

  and say jinx I'm gonna end just looking

  up at the night sky holding a broom