Top Four

Top Four 35: Pies 🥧



  yeah two six five three five eight nine

  seven nine three two three four six wow

  you're a nerd I think that's yeah Wow

  are you just realizing this now is this

  is this new no no it's not it's not it's

  definitely not new but I didn't I I I

  thought I had the most digits in my

  brain and it was hardly any okay

  honestly compared to other nerds I'm

  hardly any oh yeah that's like nerds can

  go pretty far I just thought I would win

  digits over you but I don't have any at

  all I need to turn around and start

  memorizing yeah fail we are talking

  about pi not on pi day not it's not pi

  day which i think is kind of BS e yeah I

  don't want to pile on the pi day right

  with my PI urban mode

  we're being innovators our innovators

  anyway so yeah we're gonna talk about

  pies because this is the pie season it's

  really in his pies I mean you can make

  pies pretty much any time you want but

  it does feel like they are you know

  along with other indulgent and dessert

  foods it seems like pies are seemingly

  more permitted and more socially

  acceptable and and for some reason you

  consider them like oh I have to ignore

  all health and reasonability for this

  month or whatever piece of pie right

  exactly and pie for breakfast after you

  know because you eat leftover pie

  obviously and but I always find it

  strange that holiday season is for pies

  but most fruit pies are best in the

  summertime because you have the fruit

  available yeah that is kind of weird

  isn't it right but like you I think of

  pie like making pie for the holiday but

  I guess like you make apple pie and

  pumpkin pie and like holiday pie anyway

  so yeah we're talking about pies we're

  go we're not eating them right now we

  don't have 14 pies in front of us that

  we're gonna taste we're gonna test all

  these pies actually but for one of these

  it's kind of oh but one of your

  birthday's I had that key lime pie party

  yeah and we have all different key lime

  pies and if anyone was like what should

  I bring I'm like bring a key lime pie

  and so we had a lot of different key

  lime pies to try that was awesome that

  was a really fun party I like a good

  theme yeah can I say

  turns out my key lime pie was the best

  pie who knew who knew we knew Arthur

  Arthur knew anyway so I thought it was

  actually I had some trouble deciding

  what counts as a pie so everything

  counts as a pie that's kind of yeah

  that's I was gonna lean towards a more

  permissive attitude here well that's

  what wikipedia says you should see some

  of the things they were counting

  empanadas as pies wells okay so if you

  go into finishin it's like a hand pie

  suggestions like I think the British

  definition of pie is much more broad

  than the American definition of pie no

  because we call those things hand pies

  also sort of but if you ask most

  Americans yeah I think most Americans

  don't know what mincemeat pies or hand

  pies are are you kidding anyone who is a

  relative of an immigrant of some sort

  has definitely heard of various I guess

  that fringe pies you would say because I

  don't know my grandpa is made meat pies

  yeah they were like Italian meat pies

  they waited thirty forty pounds I don't

  know yeah you just like put like a whole

  bunch of entire animals in a tray yeah

  and like but all the salted meat animals

  from the Italian you know butcher shop

  so you have various salted meat log

  animals that go in there exactly but

  yeah he made those things that's like a

  meat pie yeah yep all right I guess we

  should dive into this we should so do

  you have any honorable mentions I do

  actually I have two okay

  I do too all right well but it's a whole

  category well that's fair because yeah

  III think the definition of pie here is

  so broad and and on that note my first

  honor mention is chicken pot pie whoa

  honorable mention yeah because if I want

  pie chances are I don't want chicken pot

  pie however I do want chicken pot pie

  well if you want dessert you don't want

  that however can you just buy again

  because I really like that when you save

  up chicken pot pie is really good

  the best day yes I love my needs I don't

  know why I think that the word potpies

  and Marco refuses to say it for me I

  don't know why because he's holding yeah

  because you care so much about this one

  weird word for some reason anyway say it

  so I think chicken pot pies are amazing

  I we've had a couple other kinds of pot

  pies but none of them are as good I

  think if you're going to talk about pot

  pies chicken pot pies or the pot pies to

  be pot pies so like that's day

  those are great and they definitely

  deserve a list a spot in any pie list

  even though they are not desserts and

  when Americans think pie they think

  dessert but I think you can't you can't

  ignore the wonderful wonderful

  everything about chicken pot pie chicken

  pot pie is my number two I'm so sorry I

  was so worried that you would get mad

  that I included it yeah it's a pie it's

  it's pot pie like it's a pie it looks

  like a pie it tastes like a pie it has

  crust that's made exactly the same as a

  sweet pie and we didn't say this is like

  top for sweet pies top for savory pies

  top for pies like period like three

  point one four point three point period

  that's how most decimals have two

  periods alright so what is your first

  honorable mention my honorable mention I

  only have one it's a whole category it

  is the quiche that's why you know I

  didn't think about quiches it is kind of

  like an egg pie right yeah I crust right

  and it has there are other various

  breakfast tea egg concoctions that do

  not have a crust and I would not

  consider those pies but a quiche is on

  is on the border and we have a table is

  not a pie frittata in the rest yeah so

  the only reason that quiche is a

  honorable mention and not on the list is

  because it doesn't have pie in the name

  like a pot pie so I felt a little bit

  strange putting it into my pie top for

  well but I think if you look at the

  construction in the ingredient I mean

  they're like the ingredients are not

  that different from like a custard pie

  you have milk cream butter and some

  flavoring things in it like that's

  cheese the eggs and eggs do yeah and

  like so you have eggs yeah yes but like

  that that's many of the same ingredient

  as a custard pie that you know

  differently prepared and differently

  seasoned probably and with different

  flavor profiles that you're going for

  but a quiche is like a well-made quiche

  is I would I would call that a pie by

  any reasonable definition quiche is one

  of my favorite breakfasts or meals in

  general I just love a good quiche it's

  quite good carmelize onion

  oh yeah yeah what goat cheese that's a

  very subtle pick mm-hmm all right my my

  other on would mention is oreo

  cheesecake wait is cheesecake up hi-c I

  thought about this but I think I don't

  think no I don't think cheesecakes or

  pies well so why not I'm curious okay

  cuz it doesn't have a crust her toes

  no it doesn't it doesn't have that kind

  of crust it doesn't have like a I've

  constructed this crust it's like crumbly

  cookie crust that is packed down it's

  not up the sides usually you're right it

  isn't usually up the sides however I

  would say that the that the crust being

  packed down made of like crumbly stuff

  there's lots of pies where they have

  graham crackers or Oreos as as a crushed

  down crust like I don't think it needs

  to be a baked pastry crust for it to

  count as a pie but a graham cracker

  crust is a baked pastry crust if you do

  it right well you can actually bake the

  graham cracker well but and and

  cheesecakes can have that too and

  sometimes do but riddle me this mm-hmm a

  cheesecake it's more of a the crust is

  more of a layer of the Cheesecake that's

  true and also the name says cake

  well quiche doesn't say pie but we

  classified it as well that's why it's an

  honorable mention and this is not

  mention make it all the way I need just

  want to make sure that you don't have

  any cheesecake sneaking into your top

  four pies because I do not think that

  cheesecake is a pie I don't have any

  cheesecake in my top four but that's

  only because I don't like them that much

  I like them a little bit now there are

  cheese pies I'm aware of and they're

  very different than a cheesecake so you

  are allowed to pick cheese pie yes you

  are not allowed to pick cheesecake

  because I only in classify this as an

  honorable mention I'm gonna let you have

  this one but I think the the actual

  difference between many types of pies

  and cheesecakes is not that big

  a difference to the point where I think

  cheesecakes should be classified as pies

  even though the rest of the world will

  you know we'll get you down for that

  similar to how Tomatoes are clearly

  fruits even though the entire world says

  they're vegetables they are by most

  reasonable metrics fruits yes of course

  so you don't taste delicious like fruit

  tastes delicious

  they're pretty good and yeah but it's

  biting into a tomato that's that's rough

  if it's a bad tomato just like like a

  picket hold a good tomato like an apple

  all right and not to mention anyway all

  right I just need to I need you to say

  this what these cakes are not pies I

  refuse to agree to this Tim and I will

  also further derail the conversation by

  saying within the category of

  cheesecakes oreo cheesecake is the best

  cheesecake and that includes both the

  oreo bits that are throughout the white

  cheesecake and also the crumbled Oreo

  crust on the bottom see now are you

  talking New York cheesecake or are you

  talking like Italian cheesecake which I

  which is which I don't really know I I'm

  calling an Italian because it's made

  with like the I don't want to say this

  name of this cheese gotta no matter how

  I say it someone hates it yes the games

  that we will so we will call ricotta if

  you have a problem with how to pronounce

  we apologize we know that many people

  have problems with how this is

  pronounced however you all can't agree

  on how it should be pronounced so we're

  gonna go with the one that everyone can

  recognize and that is simply saying

  ricotta even though we are so sorry but

  I cut that yes something like that this

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  this show all right so time for high our

  number four it's pie time you want to go

  first or shall I do you want to do you

  want to finish last go for now okay

  now I'm second-guessing right I wonder

  how many times they say that oh if you

  actually think that quiche might be pie

  I would it look if chicken pot pie


  then I think he should count because

  neither of them are our dessert pies

  they're both savory meal pies but if

  that is you know it's up to you which

  would you rather have would you rather

  have quiche or chicken pot pie or the

  other pies re-enlist my number four that

  I wrote down is peach raspberry that's

  it yeah because you made that ya choice

  right yeah I make peach raspberry pie

  in the end of the summer like when

  peaches are really good and I like the

  little bit of raspberry because it

  brings the tart into the peaches and

  it's really nice do you don't not a lot

  of raspberry just a little bit yeah and

  I really like peach pie because you can

  like sweat the peaches and get the

  juices really goopy and make it kind of

  like a a peach simple syrup and then

  pour it back into the pie so you don't

  have a lot of water because if you do

  that if you don't do that then you have

  like a pretty watery pie but yeah I

  really like the peach raspberry pie that

  I make lattice top for that one it's

  it's you construct it very similarly it

  appears as an apple pie yeah I'm also

  going off of pies I like to make mmm

  yeah and by the way behind this isoh but

  I will TIF is really freaking good at

  making pies like freakishly so

  especially the cool the kind with all

  the cool crust work like apple pie with

  Lilith lattice top and everything so

  that's that definitely plays in here I

  think you should be you're really

  freaking good at pies and it's a great

  because then I get pie and I get good

  pie it's fantastic so I really like

  peach raspberry pie I think that that

  would be my number4 but if quiche counts

  I might bump peach raspberry to my

  honorable mention and bump up quiche but

  again it depends on the meal so I don't

  know like what they're tied fair enough

  yep it wouldn't be topped for if we had

  a top four yes honestly I don't like

  most fruit pies yeah actually I had a

  hard time coming up with four total

  actually because you know I was looking

  I I can't believe looking online to see

  like you know a list of you know

  America's favorite pies whatever just to

  see like am I forgetting anything am I

  missing anything and and there actually

  were not that many that I really had in

  contention here yeah there's like I

  don't really care for blueberry pie


  because I don't like blueberries that

  strongly I find cherry pie to be too

  sweet most of the time I do not care for

  I don't know what else is there there's

  like so many other things every rhubarb

  is a popular one here for strawberries

  that much I came to that realization

  pretty recently yeah I felt like you're

  supposed to like strawberries for so

  long and I was just so indifferent about

  them and now I think I'm done I'm done

  with the lies I think not liking

  strawberries is kind of like not liking

  vanilla like in the sense that like

  there are people out there who don't

  like vanilla but there aren't that many

  strawberry I'm like cry about it right

  but like the whole world kind of assumes

  that certain flavors are universally

  liked vanilla is one of them and I think

  strawberry is one of them too I think

  pretty much everyone assumes that

  everyone likes strawberry yeah but if

  you don't like and I like it so I've

  never felt this but if you don't like

  strawberry it's probably really hard for

  you how do you how does it make you feel

  I don't know the texture is a little off

  I prefer raspberries over strawberries

  any day definitely pick a raspberry or a

  strawberry I find I I do like the flavor

  of rhubarb but I don't like the texture

  of rhubarb so it's really iffy if you're

  gonna get a good rhubarb pie or not

  because if they don't properly cook the

  rhubarb or treat it beforehand it I

  don't know how to do it I've never made

  a rhubarb pie but I know it's just too

  iffy to even put in the effort

  so what also like oh they're you know

  making a pie is a good amount of work

  because it cuz the way you make it you

  make the crust from scratch you you know

  easy part well for you anyway so the

  point I bet if most people tried to make

  a pie crust with someone who knows how

  to make pie crust they would see that it

  literally takes ten minutes don't want

  the motor built yeah don't let the

  butter melt but like there's tiny little

  techniques to learn and as long as you

  make it with someone who's already made

  it you will see it only takes ten

  minutes it has like three ingredients

  and you are done and you have pie crust

  and it's awesome and there's no need to

  buy pie crust from the store anymore

  because you almost always have the

  ingredients for pie crust is just like

  butter flour and water right and so yeah

  unless you're doing for like

  more complicated crust that has like you

  know some cream cheese or something in

  it for some reason but you don't have to

  there's lots of things Oh God baking so

  fun I love how much fun you have baking

  that way I have all those fun stuff to

  taste all right well what's your number


  all right we're talking about for worst

  pies my number four you were going to

  despise this pick but fortunately it's

  not cheesecake it is cherry cheese pie

  well that's fine it's disgusting but

  it's still a pie so cherry this this is

  a staple of mine growing up so it's a

  laughably disgusting that's part of it's

  part of the the value for me a

  sentimental value but I think it's also

  really good it's one of the recipes that

  is on the can of sweetened condensed

  milk there you go if you buy the

  candidate gets eagle brand like the big

  brand of sweetened condensed milk it's

  like it's on their website it's on some

  of their cans I think and it also on the

  cherry can maybe cuz that's all father's

  yes so you pretty much don't make any of

  this it's more than that you assemble

  this pie so so you you get a premade

  graham cracker crust it has to be a

  grandpa crust you know so the pre-made

  ones of those and don't bother making a

  fresh one to put in these horrible

  ingredients into the pie because you

  know know know where the filling is

  cream cheese sweetened condensed milk

  and lemon juice blended together and

  then the topping you pour that into the

  graham cracker crust and you top it with

  a can of those red syrupy cherry

  cherries from cherry pie filling it's a

  it's literally can of pie filling so

  it's just like cherries in a really

  thick goopy sugary red sauce is so 70s

  it really is and it's really delicious

  and like is it it's it really delicious

  it really is mm-hmm yeah so cherokees

  pie it's very easy you pretty much can't

  screw it up and it's it's really you

  know it's already screwed up it's really

  junky flavors it's all like junk food

  and and sugar and everything but it's

  delicious and I love it

  I don't love it as much as fancier pies

  but it's definitely my number four this

  is like the time when I was in school

  for like first grade or something and my

  parents came to open school night and my

  mom cooked us beautiful homemade meals

  every night it was always something

  different she

  very much prided herself in having

  amazing dinners and being a great mom

  when it came to pretty much everything

  but when it came to making dinners for

  her family and what does her daughter

  her firstborn daughter the firstborn

  granddaughter of the family put on the

  wall of my favorite foods when for a

  little interview thing that for open

  school night stovetop stuffing stovetop

  stuffing was my favorite food I probably

  had it once right and my mom was

  horrified I don't have ever had so this

  is like one of those moments where it's

  like you're like please it's not your

  number one no it's my number four it

  just barely made the list but I do like

  it I bake a lot I know and to four of

  you only have four choices you have four

  slots don't worry the rest is all things

  that you either make or can make okay

  but still to lose one of the four to

  that pie I know it does sting a little

  I knew you would be upset about this I

  have been okay I had to be honest it's

  my number four it's okay

  I know it's sentimental value yeah and

  it's also just really good it's I mean

  it's pure sugar but it's really good

  anyway what is your number three apple

  pie really okay and simple apple pie and

  you and your referring only to the

  lattice top four already not the crumble

  top right I don't really mind as long as

  it's kind of like a brown Betty apple

  pie I like a lot of brown sugar and

  cinnamon and you know all those little

  flavors lately from my mom's recipe of

  apple pie that I normally make I've been

  adding a little ginger and I've been

  really liking that so and when you make

  I will pie you have to make it with all

  different kinds of apples if you make it

  with one kind of apple if you just go to

  the store and you buy a bag of apples

  you're doing it wrong don't do that by

  lots of different apples and have more

  green apples than any other variety yeah

  slightly more because they they hold up

  really well in a pie so yeah my mom's

  and my brown Betty apple pie

  it's great crumble top or full top or

  lattice top that's it to me that is a

  different pie is like they are but I


  all tops of an apple pie that's fair

  okay I'll give you that because it can

  it can hold all of those different tops

  it's okay

  and your pie is also excellent because

  you you find a way to have the apples

  not be too watery like that's often one

  of the I think the biggest challenge

  when people make apple pies besides

  under doing the crust in the middle

  which is kind of related is if you have

  just if the inside just full of water

  yeah I reduce a little bit of the excess

  apple liquid if I end up letting them if

  I let them sweat for too long so those

  of you bakers out there if you are while

  you're preparing the crust if the apples

  are sitting in the cinnamon and sugar

  mixture too long or depending on the

  temperature outside or in your kitchen

  you the apples will sweat more or less

  so if I have a particular day where I'm

  making a pie and the apples sweat a lot

  and leave behind a lot of liquid I don't

  just pour all of that into the pie I

  reduce some of it on the stove and kind

  of make a little like caramel syrup and

  then put that back in the pie but you

  don't want to do that too much because

  then you'll get a dry pie so it's very

  tricky back yeah it's very much a you

  have to see the day late on the day what

  what it looks like it took you a couple

  years to get it right but I think the

  last year's I didn't have I brought one

  of those I brought a dry pie once when I

  just did it too much I know that was not

  good yeah the last couple years you've

  been pretty pretty silent thanks all

  right my number three it's boring but

  it's good it is the lemon meringue pie

  yeah I actually I had a little bit of a

  hesitation when putting this here

  whether I wasn't sure whether I wanted

  lemon meringue or lemon tart a lemon

  tart despite being named tart is clearly

  a pie and you know and a lemon meringue

  is very good but I have not had a lot of

  good meringues I've made a couple that

  were great but the actual like having

  someone else's pie or having out at a

  restaurant oftentimes the meringue part

  of lemon meringue pie is just like this

  really cheap flimsy foamy stuff that

  just falls off and it's it's kind of

  taste like plastic like well sometimes

  they over meringue it like it they over

  whip it and it gets too funny it just

  breaks down a little bit and gets

  crystallized a little bit yeah it's too

  dry sometimes so I didn't have any lemon

  on mine cuz I don't know I don't really

  like a lemon curd flavor yeah a bit too

  strong I really do like I well it's

  lemon curd but the the the kind of

  filling that's usually the base of a

  lemon meringue pie that's usually not

  very you know bitter or egg yolky at all

  it's pretty it's pretty sugar yeah I

  definitely based my picks on consistency

  mmm based on where you can get it so

  right if I you know for a peach

  raspberry I don't really think you could

  screw that up most of the time it's just

  peach and raspberry and I like those

  flavors just as is apple pie I almost

  like all apple pies there aren't really

  in any apple pie that I would eat and be

  like whoo this is terrible who says that

  that's fair and the same goes for my

  other two picks all right what was your

  number three well did you want to finish

  talking about your lemon pie oh I mean

  yeah just remembering I'm a big fan of

  citrus flavors in desserts I really

  enjoy them and it's just a really great

  pie you know it's it's basically lemon

  custard in a crust

  the crust is often a little bit bland

  because it's usually not a graham

  cracker crust ring like that so I that's

  one of the reasons didn't ring a little

  bit higher for me but and it's hard to

  find one that's made well but when it is

  made well I love love meringue pie and

  honorable mention for this lot

  lemon lemon tarts which are basically

  just the bottom half of a meringue okay

  well tarts are I would definitely

  classify tarts as pies they're just

  skinny pies yeah yeah exactly

  tarts it's a skinny cousin of pies all

  right what is your number two

  so you can pop by we already Popeye you

  have anything any more say in the matter

  no love me a pop pie my favorite Popeye

  ever is Tania's potpie yeah it's really

  good my best friend down the block shout

  out to Tania

  sometimes she listens I love your Popeye

  please make it very soon it has a lot of

  time in it it is delicious oh my gosh

  she makes the best pot pie she like does

  the whole roofing and every ah yeah

  every it on all counts it's amazing I'm

  dreaming over right now I might just

  call her up tomorrow the show first we

  just did a show about pies Dania you

  need to feed the beast

  give me the Popeye Popeye my number two

  with a full crust top and bottom

  oh yeah of course I mean you can't have

  any like I don't I don't know understand

  those pot those pot pies that only have

  like the crusts on top it's like no no

  there's no pot pie

  go full pot pie no if the crust is only

  on top then you've used made a really

  sad version of chicken and biscuits you

  have not made Bob I know how flaky pot


  alright my number two related to the

  lemon meringue category but better in

  every way the key lime pie hey you know

  the key like key lime you know for me it

  doesn't even have to be actually

  actually made from key limes key limes

  are pretty hard to find

  bottled key lime juice is easier but but

  it's still not that easy to find so

  pretty much any kind of lime custard pie

  that now labeled key lime pie this is

  where you are wrong no because key lime

  pie is my number one okay so you're

  gonna you're gonna defend the priority

  we're gonna talk about key lying lahiri

  laws yeah key lime juice is very

  different than lime juice it tastes

  different and it looks different if you

  make key if you make pie out of lime

  it's gonna taste very different than if

  you make pie out of key lime now you

  don't need for the flecks of lime bits

  that go into the pie yeah the zest does

  not need to be genuine key limes exam

  very hard to find yeah I've only done it

  for you like twice once for your key

  lime birthday party and I think once

  another time that we happen to find key

  limes but the juice is important it does

  not it cannot be substituted so you are

  making lime pie or you were making key

  lime pie okay well and there's a bunch

  of different variations minor variations

  really on how to make it I think one of

  the bigger questions is whether it's

  cooked or not and then how much it's

  cooked these are all I made my number

  one because it doesn't matter all key

  lime pie is good the frozen lime pie

  yeah yep yes

  martha stewart's key lime pie super good

  there is also I made and in kind of like

  an icebox key lime pie with sweetened

  condensed milk and like a whipped cream

  kind of emulation yeah an assembly pie

  and that was very good key lime pie bars

  very good there's so many ways to make

  key lime pie did you basically have like

  graham quadrats key lime custard on top

  of a graham cracker crust everything

  else is optional some people put a

  little bit whipped cream on top

  I like a little bit of that to help no

  rang on there key lime pie I think

  that's wrong I agree and I like lemon

  meringue pie

  however again I will still eat more

  because I like healing pie yeah I will

  still I would still eat it too but yeah

  meringue has no place on a key lime pie

  anyway my number two is key lime pie

  made pretty much any way but it has to

  have a graham cracker crust it has to be

  I guess since you're telling me all this

  it has to be made with key lime juice

  and ideally with a small dollop of fresh

  whipped cream on top

  wonderful absolutely love it the colder

  the better in the fridge is great and

  the freezer is great absolutely love it

  yeah I always try to make you key lime

  pie for your birthday in July which is


  every time I serve it it just giant blob

  of Key Lime just is that everywhere it's

  horrible exactly I try I try so hard

  all right so number one so your number

  one is Key Lime you said key limes that

  we're done with your list right yeah no

  I just I really love Key Lime Pie you

  are the one that introduced me to loving

  Key Lime Pie I think before before you I

  don't know maybe like six years ago I

  would have been like what are you crazy

  I don't like that at all I'm

  occasionally right but it turns out it's

  really good and every time that I've

  like had a spoonful of yours when you've

  gone for dessert I've loved it and

  wished I had it for my dessert and

  usually will end up eating half of yours

  anyway that's how it works cuz you know

  you love me like that mm-hmm that's okay

  with you

  so yeah it's okie lime Key Lime Pie I

  just I've never come across one that I

  didn't like so it has to be number one

  fair enough

  all right my number one is something

  that I would be a lot less willing to

  share with you that much the New York

  style fruit tart oh now I figure about

  fruit tarts right and that does count

  yes I you figure like if key lime pies


  yep or and of lemon tarts can't like if

  there are so many other things that are

  various types of tarts that are in pie

  crust that I have a custard filling that

  are topped with something sweet that's

  what a fruit tart is mm-hmm

  and so by all accounts a fruit tart

  counts as a pie if all those other

  things do and then clearly do especially

  like key lime pie is named pie and is

  like nobody would ever say key lime pie

  is not a pie and if a key lime pie is a

  pie then definitely fruit tarts or pies

  that's true yeah all right yeah fruit

  tarts are pies mm-hmm when I was looking

  at lists of pies and everything I

  actually didn't for this was one of the

  very last things added to my list

  because I also was not thinking of it

  and I thought well you know I wonder how

  many tarts count as pies and I started

  looking a list of tarts and that came up

  and like oh my god of course that's of

  course that's number one yes so I've

  seen a lot of different interpretations

  of what a fruit tart is so forgive me

  listeners I'm going to tell you just in

  case you don't know it for those of you

  who do know I'm sorry so a fruit tart is

  a sweet pastry crust in the crust is a

  usually vanilla flavored custard on top

  of the custard is fresh pieces of fruit

  usually strawberries blueberries and

  raspberries or some combination there

  may be just two of those sometimes

  Keeley yeah sometimes Kiwi or like maybe

  a little a little like peach wedge might

  be on there sometimes it depends on when

  you get it and where but almost always

  they're they're mostly berries

  blueberries and strawberries and

  raspberries seem to be like the main

  ones and then on top of the fresh fruit

  is a thick glaze made of honey apricot

  jam and sugar that is to me the the best

  dessert like if I have to just pick like

  a one dessert like an half at the end of

  a meal like give me like an espresso and

  a fruit tart oh my god that's the best

  like just I love fruit tarts the only

  major downside of fruit tarts is that to

  make them really well takes a lot of

  work as you know TIFF when you make them

  Cornish it takes a lot of work cuz like

  you can you can skip a lot of the steps

  on pretty much every part of it you can

  make uh you can get like premade crust

  you can make a really crappy crust you

  can get I did and I tried to jello

  filling or pudding filling instead of

  instead of like making a whole custard

  after making it the hard way I tried

  making it an easy way and they

  not as good yeah and they're still good

  but mamatha difference between good and

  great for fruit tarts and the great ones

  do take way more effort because you do

  have to make the custard from scratch

  when you're like and you're like

  scratching out the vanilla bean

  and and like pushing the custard through

  the through the sieve thing it kind of

  does feel pretty awesome going through

  all the steps like you kind of like a

  mad scientist yeah and making the glaze

  is not easy usually I make the glaze for

  us and I've it is surprisingly difficult

  to get that apricot glaze to be the

  correct consistency and flavor the

  spoiler you have to strain it and

  secondly you you have to use a lot of

  simple syrup in it as well not like only

  use a little bit of apricot jelly and

  most of it is simple syrup and maybe

  honey if you go that way but anyway when

  fruit tarts are made well they are

  wonderful things I first got addicted to

  them when we were coming home through

  Ghent through Grand Central every day

  there's a couple of little markets like

  in the like kind of off to the side and

  then in the main area of Grand Central

  that you can basically get a fruit tart

  every day like as you go home on the

  train every day and boy it's that it's

  dangerous and glorious and and when you

  make them your easy ones we're not as

  good as those but your hard ones are

  even better than those they better be my

  god I did all the work

  so yeah look I love of good fruit tart

  it is definitely my number one as soon

  as I realized that it should be included

  in a category of pies it was a

  no-brainer that's why you were so

  excited about doing pies I was yeah

  I totally got I thought you'd be really

  mad about the cheesecake and the chicken

  pot pie being included I'm very angry at

  the Cheesecake yeah it's cake it's cake

  pot pies is pie I don't it's not

  marketing it's right there it's totally

  pie anyway it literally says cake if it

  were like he should have said nothing

  that would be up for debate but it

  literally says cake the other one says

  pie I don't know what the problem is