The Incomparable

135: Total Party Kill


  the incomparable number 135 april 2013 [TS]

  this is the incomparable podcast and on [TS]

  this episode we're going to do something [TS]

  that seemed like a good idea at the time [TS]

  we are going to play a game of Dungeons [TS]

  and Dragons on the podcast joining me [TS]

  i'm your host Jason snail joining me on [TS]

  this edition of the incomparable are Dan [TS]

  more in high dam by Jason so good to be [TS]

  here [TS]

  it's good to have you serenity Caldwell [TS]

  is also here she joins the party hi hi [TS]

  I'm excited to roll some dice yes [TS]

  exciting for real or virtual either way [TS]

  Steve let's is here he is playing a [TS]

  character who sings in his female hi [TS]

  Steve [TS]

  hello Jason I brought my pouch that's [TS]

  good i'm glad all prepared yet and Tony [TS]

  sindelar is here as well [TS]

  he joins the party and he knows more [TS]

  about dnd than the rest of us put [TS]

  together except for dan will be shaking [TS]

  his head a lot during this episode haha [TS]

  i play D&D with me regularly he shakes [TS]

  his head a lot bear to hear you will [TS]

  have caused fire [TS]

  hi Tony hello it's good to have you Tony [TS]

  it's good to be here and I left one [TS]

  person out of course and that's the [TS]

  person who's going to take us the rest [TS]

  of the way you know him you love him he [TS]

  is the guy who has read every book but [TS]

  more importantly he is our dungeon [TS]

  master and for the rest of this episode [TS]

  he is running the show it is Scott [TS]

  McNulty [TS]

  thank you Scott oh please more long as [TS]

  fuck out of the name now [TS]

  yeah i think that I'm gonna go on record [TS]

  and say this is the episode of the [TS]

  uncomfortable that i will speak the most [TS]

  in but I'll portion could fill a high [TS]

  bar to leap [TS]

  I know it's it's it's different area bar [TS]

  so why don't we start off by everyone is [TS]

  telling each other what your characters [TS]

  are we'll start with dan explain your [TS]

  character damn [TS]

  hello I'm glad God and the foie gras [TS]

  wrong show [TS]

  no more accents I'm egg laughs the [TS]

  Goliath barbarian egg laughs really [TS]

  Berserker egg laughs egg laughs what'd [TS]

  you make for my name is close to [TS]

  eastridge it nevermind pancake sob [TS]

  wasn't taken [TS]

  Wow walking so far it's a traditional [TS]

  Goliath name i'll have you know [TS]

  ok sausage tutor oh dear Jason your [TS]

  character I am Carlos the dwarf well [TS]

  actually technically in in this world i [TS]

  am a mul we just have to work half-human [TS]

  but either way I'm Carlos and everybody [TS]

  who get to watch freaks and geeks knows [TS]

  that that's a reference but i am also a [TS]

  character not just a reference to a [TS]

  judge me as a reference to your father [TS]

  human human mother right correct that's [TS]

  gotta be real treat for my usually she [TS]

  doesn't live at red was very drunk at [TS]

  the time [TS]

  read what is your character i am a son [TS]

  elf warlock named honest Rihanna I [TS]

  believe it up i dribbled Daniel I blame [TS]

  him [TS]

  someone else for like that's not a fan I [TS]

  played him from anyhow but in Darkseid [TS]

  no she-she's in a lab you're in a ladron [TS]

  please leave there the el theist of the [TS]

  elves I don't like speaking about my [TS]

  heritage I'm trying to keep it on the dl [TS]

  don't forget packs all those things [TS]

  oh that kind of weird-looking toady iím [TS]

  know how to explain myself I am radar [TS]

  and I'm just just a normal kind of guy [TS]

  human feeling really not much to tell [TS]

  the strange world [TS]

  contrary to all evidence at the moment [TS]

  I'm just a simple man just he's you know [TS]

  just trying to make my way up or family [TS]

  you know just Steve Tony off his board [TS]

  he take you about your character [TS]

  I'm a good female 3 crane barred by the [TS]

  name of patch gap and also pirate it's [TS]

  short for catch chicon haha alright well [TS]

  that is our adventuring band for tonight [TS]

  you all your characters all know each [TS]

  other because that's easier with and I [TS]

  you know origins are the worst thing [TS]

  Andy if you ask me so everybody knows [TS]

  each other for my clutch mates [TS]

  reveal or be dark some equivalent of [TS]

  vehicle transactions and try this and [TS]

  this [TS]

  Steve you get a hundred XP for a strike [TS]

  rate joke reference it amuses me so [TS]

  you're all in a tier which is one of the [TS]

  big cities in dark son jackson has [TS]

  several large cities they're all ruled [TS]

  by sorcery sorcerer kings that have [TS]

  magical abilities all of them except for [TS]

  tier which was very until very recently [TS]

  ruled by sorcerer King who was killed [TS]

  and now there is one of his chief [TS]

  Templars isn't charged and they're [TS]

  trying to figure out what's going on [TS]

  there's a revolutionary council the city [TS]

  is in upheaval it's an exciting time for [TS]

  freedom in dark sun you are find [TS]

  yourselves in a tavern as one often does [TS]

  at the beginning of a DVD adventure [TS]

  oddly enough and you're that you're [TS]

  sitting there drinking a dark ale [TS]

  perhaps some tea carbonated yak milk [TS]

  perhaps when a dwarven messenger [TS]

  approaches your table and he says all [TS]

  right you looking for work for you [TS]

  adventures [TS]

  now beat it we're enjoying our beer the [TS]

  end everyone I speak dwarf he was [TS]

  speaking common but he can also he will [TS]

  speak to love it if you like into orbit [TS]

  i'm going to say so what's the deal are [TS]

  you trying to get us all killed or are [TS]

  you cool is this okay and he responded [TS]

  or fit i I'm just a messenger [TS]

  I have no no I mean you no harm I just [TS]

  want to do much up i think we should [TS]

  kill the messenger [TS]

  I think this dude is ok guys I i we have [TS]

  a dwarf thinking dorvan he told me it's [TS]

  only are looking at every opportunity or [TS]

  are we not stressed car he has Carlos [TS]

  scroll and he slowly backs away from the [TS]

  table and quickly leaves and this better [TS]

  not see you around here anymore i I'm [TS]

  sorry my friends are horrible racist i [TS]

  say it or that [TS]

  can read the scroll whatsits what is the [TS]

  same sorry excuse me excuse me can [TS]

  Carlos read most malls can't it's true I [TS]

  did learn dark sun just that that is [TS]

  true you are you are you are a slave eat [TS]

  it Carlos [TS]

  wait a minute did you already deployed [TS]

  to eat it for like five minutes in and [TS]

  you're already haha busting out to eat [TS]

  it [TS]

  this is going well i got us the scroll [TS]

  do you want me to eat the scroll down [TS]

  because there's no adventure a glass [TS]

  door [TS]

  I i have a lot of messengers pancake [TS]

  come on pick you want me to give you the [TS]

  scroller what up i will show you a [TS]

  pancake who's a reader i don't think i [TS]

  can read you want to fight a gloss I [TS]

  vote for the way you either the smart [TS]

  elf or the that are totally normal human [TS]

  get gentlemen gentlemen you know you [TS]

  don't want to talk too much attention i [TS]

  believe you may recall that you know [TS]

  until recently literacy was outlawed i [TS]

  am going to give the scroll to the very [TS]

  nice elf lady and not the mouthy human [TS]

  guy oh yeah I make it happen when I [TS]

  drink so is a very nice lady notices [TS]

  that the scroll is sealed in wax with a [TS]

  seal of three dragonflies on it if [TS]

  anyone wants to roll to figure out what [TS]

  that might mean you can if you don't [TS]

  care you can also skip it [TS]

  that would be as your wings are [TS]

  cannibals do it that would be Street [TS]

  wise now I got that too [TS]

  alright i can go i had a plus-10 on that [TS]

  oh no I give to the bard the brand 11 [TS]

  whoa reimu Burrell flee that was so [TS]

  impressed everybody wants her all feel [TS]

  free 2009 so that the 13 [TS]

  nice going out and with that is enough [TS]

  to know that that is the seal of how [TS]

  shaam which is one of the large trading [TS]

  houses on Atlas which is the planet that [TS]

  you're on and you will know that [TS]

  yes trading house how intriguing [TS]

  alright I'm going to break this sucker [TS]

  of us [TS]

  do because i don't care much for [TS]

  fancy-pants seals all right way this [TS]

  came with pants CLC seals don't work [TS]

  it's to that car listed oh alright i [TS]

  will read the what is on the scroll [TS]

  because I did not want to type it out [TS]

  earlier so says greetings from house [TS]

  shaam we've sent messengers throughout [TS]

  tier to deliver this communication to [TS]

  those of mercenary guys if you be such [TS]

  that you wished guys we're person very [TS]

  guys and ladies history except for [TS]

  except for you too boy if you be such [TS]

  and wish to earn a great reward [TS]

  read on do you do you wish to read on [TS]

  I I wish to get a gram or bear i don't [TS]

  know what reading is money buys a lot of [TS]

  beer my friend desert Raiders her ass [TS]

  and disrupt our caravans yet the [TS]

  revolutionary cap of counsel of tier [TS]

  will not lift a finger to help [TS]

  thus honest merchants must find a dell [TS]

  swear the Raiders claim that our [TS]

  caravans know the site of a ruined [TS]

  temple called the face in the stone they [TS]

  say if we give up the location their tax [TS]

  will cease but we know nothing of the [TS]

  ruin [TS]

  moreover shaam caravan seeking to find [TS]

  the face in the stone never return our [TS]

  request is this find the face in the [TS]

  stone learn the fate of our lives lost [TS]

  caravan and provide assistance to any [TS]

  survivors all we have concerning the [TS]

  ruins location is a line from an old [TS]

  song where the devil's horn threads the [TS]

  tunnel in the sky a stony visit rarely [TS]

  blinks its hollow I return with your [TS]

  findings to our Emporium in tier and you [TS]

  will be heralded as heroes of house [TS]

  shaam regards delam shaam guys I'm just [TS]

  saying backward kallik was in charge [TS]

  there was a lot less spam scrolls [TS]

  getting delivered back door has injected [TS]

  I was just me or they did not actually [TS]

  mention money at the end of that come on [TS]

  reelect kallik as heroes don't know how [TS]

  I feel about heroes i would like to hear [TS]

  that actually rendered in song [TS]

  casco to oblige no I'm drinking [TS]

  we need a bard guys the perfect time for [TS]

  characters would know that Catholic who [TS]

  Tony's character just mentioned was the [TS]

  previously a ruler of the city and who [TS]

  was just murdered allegedly murdered [TS]

  allegedly by his own men [TS]

  so you know not a very popular person [TS]

  but ok just look among some of us though [TS]

  justjust well he sacked we are where we [TS]

  are running out of money and that means [TS]

  that that the three creams running out [TS]

  of beer so I think it might be a good [TS]

  idea just to make sure he stays well [TS]

  lubricated probably a good idea for us [TS]

  she it's a she she's days I can't tell [TS]

  the difference between you and racers [TS]

  don't berate man good good tho ivory [TS]

  money good money buys more beer and axes [TS]

  I recommend we ask around the tavern and [TS]

  see if anybody knows anything about this [TS]

  horn this temple thank go anywhere else [TS]

  suppose you're looking for it's called [TS]

  the face you guys go ahead I'll be right [TS]

  here face in the stone this in the stone [TS]

  is the name of the temp I got no [TS]

  charisma no diplomacy so don't have me [TS]

  do it [TS]

  me neither [TS]

  yeah all right I'll do it [TS]

  Bard's what can you say who is it who's [TS]

  around here uh the the tablet is full of [TS]

  a motley crew haha not actually motley [TS]

  group but a motley crew of you know your [TS]

  your lab normal temperature colors there [TS]

  are some doors a party of dwarves that [TS]

  are drinking some very strong ale a [TS]

  couple 3i cream are ordering amongst [TS]

  ASCAP ok so there are 23 I Creed they do [TS]

  not acknowledge you [TS]

  that's road i try to get their attention [TS]

  ok they look at you they say yes yes i'm [TS]

  going to ask them about if they know [TS]

  anything about any temples lost in the [TS]

  desert [TS]

  well I we there have been many things [TS]

  lost in the desert [TS]

  you'll have to narrow it down for us if [TS]

  her face in the stone ask him about [TS]

  facing the stone what was what was the [TS]

  song that business with the song out [TS]

  where the devil's horn threads the [TS]

  tunnel in the sky the devil's horn [TS]

  threads the tunnel in the sky [TS]

  alright let's ask them if that makes any [TS]

  sense to him I'm something about a visit [TS]

  and I yes study visits rarely blinks its [TS]

  hollow i wear that general press the [TS]

  panel that something temple pops out of [TS]

  the air the shake their head but do you [TS]

  know where that is or should I keep [TS]

  saying you should stop singing [TS]

  I know I don't know where that is [TS]

  I've not heard that song before but it [TS]

  does have a certain dwarven hints to it [TS]

  but I don't know it's a motley crew [TS]

  sauce I ask nikki sixx they clearly have [TS]

  no idea what to tell you they've got [TS]

  another alright let's try the doors [TS]

  ok so there are four doors of [TS]

  indeterminent sexes they look like so [TS]

  you don't know [TS]

  although I index on tour not Harry so [TS]

  they don't have any period but maybe we [TS]

  should send the mold talk to all right i [TS]

  can go to I'll go talk to the dwarfs it [TS]

  seems like a good idea [TS]

  ok walk over to the door so if they say [TS]

  hey [TS]

  hello brother che I'm Carlos shower [TS]

  moment you know what [TS]

  hi carlos it's good it's good to see you [TS]

  a we just got this [TS]

  we just got the scroll that's about this [TS]

  face in the stone temple you know [TS]

  anything about that any idea about what [TS]

  that was from the guy with three [TS]

  dragonflies any ideas [TS]

  well I had heard we've heard that how [TS]

  sean is looking for adventures and they [TS]

  have a3 dragonfly seal i'm not sure what [TS]

  they're looking for but i I've heard [TS]

  they lost the caravan somewhere and I [TS]

  don't know who would attack how Sean [TS]

  caravan but that's bad a bad idea to ask [TS]

  me which in fact you did so i just told [TS]

  you that I didn't it [TS]

  do we have any idea who might do such a [TS]

  thing could we ask her i mean is there [TS]

  we know who their enemies i will you [TS]

  would know that are the trading houses [TS]

  in general don't get along they [TS]

  generally try not to attack each other [TS]

  though because the only way that the [TS]

  city-state's can stay afloat as if trade [TS]

  can flow through so the sorcerer kings [TS]

  frowned upon trading houses attacking [TS]

  one another on the game yet but that's [TS]

  true [TS]

  you do know that I mean it's dangerous [TS]

  to go out into the desert and that's [TS]

  what these these caravans go out into [TS]

  they go out usually they're well-armed [TS]

  so you can imagine that whoever attacked [TS]

  it was also was better armed or they'd [TS]

  be felt some kind of natural disaster of [TS]

  some sort which is not uncommon and [TS]

  there are plenty of a beast of the [TS]

  desert that attack and kill people [TS]

  regularly perhaps we could make some [TS]

  inquiries about where the caravan was [TS]

  going and when it was last heard from [TS]

  you can if you like [TS]

  yes let's do it who would be a good [TS]

  person to ask about that it seems like [TS]

  that might be beyond the realm of just [TS]

  our immediate surrounding you know how [TS]

  shaman has an Emporium in a tier in the [TS]

  marketplace so you could try that go out [TS]

  there and also you also know if you do [TS]

  intend to go out into the desert and [TS]

  track down this place and look for this [TS]

  Caravan that you will need more supplies [TS]

  that you have now [TS]

  suddenly feeling very strong pole to [TS]

  check out the important i'm not sure why [TS]

  seems like it might be a reason I assume [TS]

  that you're going off to the market is [TS]

  this correct [TS]

  indeed sounds like a plan that you make [TS]

  your way to the marketplace and it's [TS]

  very and it is a lively place so these [TS]

  the tall gentleman RR half Giants [TS]

  they're like dance character the praying [TS]

  mantis is a try cream shop right here so [TS]

  their discussion i did their stalls it [TS]

  served it's a very busy place [TS]

  i hustle bustle and he heyguys heyguys [TS]

  up on the rooftops that I don't think [TS]

  there's a radio [TS]

  oh those ranchers oh I will tell you [TS]

  what's happening we can move it [TS]

  wait a second we were lured to this [TS]

  emporium what I'd like a hot lay on the [TS]

  ground and hide as much as possible from [TS]

  the archers that are going to shoot us [TS]

  okay that may not be feasible but when [TS]

  you were finalized our chairs huh what [TS]

  those doing here we meet hey we got a [TS]

  scroll we have somebody showing the [TS]

  scroll shown the scroll [TS]

  it's cool we got a scroll don't you [TS]

  don't you have a scroll another [TS]

  successful Sylvester so lonely [TS]

  stop or my mom will present her scroll [TS]

  that threat great for something [TS]

  yes it is you know what is more dudes [TS]

  showing up this is not good [TS]

  are you familiar with our mating ritual [TS]

  it's pretty great dude there's someone [TS]

  back there by that stall [TS]

  oh there's like eight people everyone [TS]

  else abuse we created yet just to try [TS]

  his first right here okay so you're in [TS]

  the marketplace you walk in you're [TS]

  looking for the Emporium and as you're [TS]

  walking down the lane as you want to do [TS]

  in the marketplace [TS]

  I you here [TS]

  well you see this guy by the the cart [TS]

  here and he is a human [TS]

  I'm just telling you what what all these [TS]

  people are human there are three days [TS]

  yet [TS]

  the dwarves are three dwarves shockingly [TS]

  there are 23 I cream and up on the roof [TS]

  r5 LG's I know and you hear yellow [TS]

  surprise an alarm mixed with the sound [TS]

  of heavy boots and [TS]

  claws on tears cobbled streets from one [TS]

  end of the lane 23 i cream are bounding [TS]

  in your direction on the overlooking [TS]

  rooftops a handful of elves throw off [TS]

  cloaks and snatch throat throwing catch [TS]

  cos catches I don't know those are the [TS]

  cottage cheese tell you are the 3i Crean [TS]

  bladed throwing stars basically catch up [TS]

  my friend did you remember to play or [TS]

  bart air have from the other end of the [TS]

  street three burly doors hostile towards [TS]

  you behind the doors tried to determine [TS]

  looking human in a long cloak P&P bears [TS]

  the insignia of Eric a roaring lion [TS]

  eric is another city state who still has [TS]

  their source working so the guy who's [TS]

  wearing the insignia says this is your [TS]

  lucky day [TS]

  dogs of tier human on the lion God has [TS]

  chosen you to join the ranks of his [TS]

  worshippers you should feel honored [TS]

  however I'm afraid this is going to hurt [TS]

  a lot and so you know that a cone on is [TS]

  the sorcerer King of the city of Eric [TS]

  and it is clear that he wants to fight [TS]

  so what do you do anyone have anyone [TS]

  want to say anything before we do [TS]

  something they all appear to have ill [TS]

  will towards us this the seems to be a [TS]

  ambush and they do not seem to be happy [TS]

  to see you [TS]

  what the hell is wrong with this game [TS]

  Scott what is going on [TS]

  we're just here for some just looking [TS]

  for rentals and stuff fresh fruit man [TS]

  always a concern when they don't list [TS]

  the reward on the scroll we can always [TS]

  try to talk her way out of it but [TS]

  something tells me that's not today are [TS]

  not very interested in talk [TS]

  but maybe just maybe we can sing our way [TS]

  out is it so is it our impression that [TS]

  these that this was all this all [TS]

  happened simultaneously the path right [TS]

  green and the guys on the roof and the [TS]

  dwarves are all they're all in it [TS]

  together with mr. clokey so as soon as [TS]

  mr. clokey started talking the elves [TS]

  uncovered themselves now and the throat [TS]

  cream jumped over down bored yeah and [TS]

  then you know it is a to basically to [TS]

  have you kneel before him he says you [TS]

  know we can do this the hard way or the [TS]

  easy way if you just want what's the [TS]

  what's the easy way is that you submit [TS]

  to my will and we make you loyal [TS]

  subjects of who the the lion God you [TS]

  know I'm going to approach him and say [TS]

  tell us more of this lion guys the [TS]

  circle of life [TS]

  well he says stay where you are don't [TS]

  get too close [TS]

  ok I'll go right there one space it's [TS]

  cool it's just one spaceman [TS]

  alright well good so I we we need more [TS]

  agents in this city and I have heard [TS]

  tell of a certain temple that has been [TS]

  lost and I i have also heard that you [TS]

  are looking for it [TS]

  tell me why are you looking for this [TS]

  temple what's there [TS]

  what secret weapons are you going to try [TS]

  to get spy City alright but i have no [TS]

  idea we're in this for the money that's [TS]

  what they all say we are merely [TS]

  sightseeing we heard interesting things [TS]

  about the gods and those who had been [TS]

  worshipped at this temple and we wanted [TS]

  to learn of it [TS]

  Oh some say this temple is the site of [TS]

  strange disappearances we are but poor [TS]

  circus folk [TS]

  well everyone who is lying role of bluff [TS]

  role for me Bluff is under your skills [TS]

  you will roll a d20 and then add your [TS]

  whatever that number is next to it [TS]

  rights that we were in it for the money [TS]

  and I'm definitely if you are not like I [TS]

  I said there were strange disappeared [TS]

  the fact that we all set different [TS]

  things but maybe not [TS]

  optimized our story just a hair we are [TS]

  travelers [TS]

  hey Scott yes can i roll history to see [TS]

  what I know about that temple [TS]

  yes you can I don't know if it's too [TS]

  late [TS]

  yeah it's i rolled my Justin fine Tony [TS]

  ironic i rolled a pyro the one you [TS]

  actually no less than united five [TS]

  minutes ago so you are well I'm a little [TS]

  a strategy template even know what I'm [TS]

  talking [TS]

  well I am good i was gonna draw on at [TS]

  him about the lengthy history that I [TS]

  know about the temple and i think i just [TS]

  go ahh and then I get to structural [TS]

  wheels i had it was right there so Steve [TS]

  you were definitely like so what would [TS]

  what did you roll a bluff j9 ok so he [TS]

  does not believe you [TS]

  shockingly and this is what what why [TS]

  would you like to be clearly you're [TS]

  covering up something and now he signals [TS]

  to attack so let's roll for edition [TS]

  yes thanks deep so I got never trusted [TS]

  the right green her trust [TS]

  that's right sorry Scott what what am I [TS]

  where do I need to roll them roll a d20 [TS]

  11 ok and now add your word says [TS]

  initiative on your sheet should be in [TS]

  the bottom left of page 10 so that makes [TS]

  it 14 area that's exciting [TS]

  alright give me a second i just rolled [TS]

  initiative for the exciting that's what [TS]

  i was saying it's exciting [TS]

  I'm sir what did you watch your [TS]

  initiative Steve 1515 okay Cody what's [TS]

  your initiative 77 what's your plus out [TS]

  that well that's with the plus you have [TS]

  what what is your plus sorry plus 1 okay [TS]

  you probably left red eight better than [TS]

  Cody [TS]

  Jason 14 and Dan 17 th you have a 17-2 [TS]

  didn't I got 250 250 [TS]

  I added my modifier ok alright so [TS]

  forthright green go first the bad throw [TS]

  runner the 3i Crean jump next to Carlos [TS]

  Matt and Carlos my friend they are going [TS]

  to claw at him huh [TS]

  they're each Carla's well whatever like [TS]

  your people it's and Carlos what is your [TS]

  armor class little shield Jason 1660 [TS]

  okay so you got hit twice each of the [TS]

  three Creed you need some Eric their [TS]

  claws across your torso I doors out i [TS]

  like to break you I don't know and you [TS]

  take this part you take 40 in the 14 [TS]

  points of damage man now how many points [TS]

  do you have Carlos well 20 now [TS]

  alright so you are not blood with you [TS]

  get to have half your hip landslide [TS]

  remember the clothes but i'm not there [TS]

  yet so next the dwarves go the enemy [TS]

  doors that is that huh [TS]

  and they are they're holding weapons [TS]

  called gouges which are basically like [TS]

  flattened pointy shovels now for gougeon [TS]

  after that but that sounds scary [TS]

  hi they are they don't they don't look [TS]

  happy [TS]

  are we sure their weapons and not [TS]

  nevermind they're gonna go by the shovel [TS]

  they're not just happy to see us [TS]

  yeah okay so what [TS]

  thank you for catching that Jason [TS]

  revolution what is going to attack a [TS]

  Steve I know it's only right it is only [TS]

  right so Steve what is your armor class [TS]

  well I rolled a 9 i'm going to [TS]

  assume that probably misses you Steve [TS]

  yeah i got an 18 AC so good you're good [TS]

  like you better than that your little [TS]

  shrimp uh who is this let's see who that [TS]

  tony i'm going to one attacks you and he [TS]

  gets a 1700 yeah alright so hehe gouges [TS]

  you with this couch out later and you [TS]

  take 11 points of damage and finally ren [TS]

  16 16 verses you ren oh yeah it's gonna [TS]

  hit areas so you also you take for 10 [TS]

  points of damage and then points of [TS]

  damage as they they slice across now the [TS]

  Elven sniper scope [TS]

  yeah we got to go before us d they are [TS]

  you guys they got the drop on you didn't [TS]

  roll very well not so much at seventeen [TS]

  team so two of them were going to attack [TS]

  them bring it harder they fall [TS]

  true so let's see two so i won [TS]

  mrs. completely the other is a 22 which [TS]

  i'm assuming hits that will hit so you [TS]

  get five points of damage and let's see [TS]

  who else we got here think they're going [TS]

  to go for Carlos to are going to attack [TS]

  Carlos the dwarf they both hit so that's [TS]

  10 points of damage to Carlos well I [TS]

  bloody now Carlos sweet and wife [TS]

  let's see if I can figure out how to do [TS]

  the work might need some healing group [TS]

  could be such a small target too and uh [TS]

  one left will go for let's roll readily [TS]

  12 is dead 34 is ready 5 6 is well it's [TS]

  damned [TS]

  for John siracusa I'm a tank if you like [TS]

  job but I don't think of 14 hits use it [TS]

  does not [TS]

  well there you go now next up is dad [TS]

  Sweden are ever being uh under a hail of [TS]

  fire for the snipers who are on the [TS]

  rooftops of these buildings there are 23 [TS]

  I cream that are attacking Carlos couple [TS]

  dwarves and the human male has not done [TS]

  anything yet the one who seems to be in [TS]

  charge [TS]

  alright well since I'm next to the the [TS]

  threat green i will start by using a [TS]

  minor action to activate my defender [TS]

  hora [TS]

  ok so basically a there is an aura that [TS]

  last round me it's about every space [TS]

  adjacent to me [TS]

  anybody who has any enemy in that space [TS]

  takes a minus-2 penalty to attack [TS]

  someone that is not me [TS]

  don't worry yeah and if they try to move [TS]

  or attack someone who's not me i can hit [TS]

  him [TS]

  okay but I'm going to start by hitting [TS]

  that guy who is directly next to me I [TS]

  attack that three cream that is to the [TS]

  south-west of me with a jarring smash [TS]

  all right bring on my sister [TS]

  alright so I rolled pretty bad that [TS]

  looks like a 12 [TS]

  ah you did not hit i don't know i said i [TS]

  bet because of a jerk apparently was so [TS]

  you did I hit so you what what weapon to [TS]

  use i have a great sword [TS]

  it means ok ok so it's okay to feel that [TS]

  great it it rebounds off of the witness [TS]

  you know exoskeleton of the thread creed [TS]

  and if this frustrates me and I roar it [TS]

  clicks I it's just to get a minor action [TS]

  that is a free access free action mr. [TS]

  Steve your dresser so you have a you [TS]

  have you are surrounded by hostile doors [TS]

  I see that that's that's a temporary [TS]

  situation here i'm going to first [TS]

  evolved draw my my gift the gift card [TS]

  which I who knows where I keep it uh you [TS]

  don't want your pouch and ipod touch my [TS]

  dice bag your disco up which does not [TS]

  actually consume my minor action because [TS]

  i have four arms that script i'm going [TS]

  to use my jump and leap these guys which [TS]

  does not provoke an opportunity attack [TS]

  prayers and go straight for the human [TS]

  oh and i'm going to attack him with [TS]

  cutting words which actually could've [TS]

  called man i was but i usually the [TS]

  winner gets made fun of for using the [TS]

  stupid barred power names but i'm gonna [TS]

  use today I get rates that I have a [TS]

  power called vicious mockery for my [TS]

  shock that's all [TS]

  you call that a haircut cuts deep [TS]

  cutting words is a ranged attack which [TS]

  means that that would draw an attack of [TS]

  opportunity you would know this so that [TS]

  he was a true yeah alright then I best [TS]

  not do that i mean you could you could [TS]

  jump like Lander 1 square shapes I of [TS]

  America and that could be that way I [TS]

  guess the dwarfs can probably reach me [TS]

  next turn anyway let's do that [TS]

  ok let's make this let's make this thing [TS]

  happen but let's do it cutting words man [TS]

  you're bad roll a d20 plus 6 verses will [TS]

  is what I that sounds pretty awesome so [TS]

  roll20 ice world 20 that's with this [TS]

  that's why i wrote with mods ok was [TS]

  gonna say not a natural well you needed [TS]

  exactly that so you hit beauty that's [TS]

  1d8 + 40 d 8 with the plus for that's 27 [TS]

  all right he did not hit the stop please [TS]

  him cutting words rarely please they're [TS]

  targeting Carlos way it is unleashed [TS]

  wore em as this adorable i also pull the [TS]

  target two squares incidentally hope you [TS]

  what you want to pull him towards you [TS]

  I've sucked him in Carlos yes you are [TS]

  you have a threat you have 23 i cream [TS]

  next to you and a guy with an aura your [TS]

  is good for you [TS]

  I like the aura fact if you want to move [TS]

  so that they're both next to me that's [TS]

  even better [TS]

  and you're also draw blood i don't know [TS]

  how many points you have but 10 if I if [TS]

  I may make a modest suggest please I [TS]

  would hit one of those guys [TS]

  and then basically shift which is [TS]

  basically move one square to like here [TS]

  okay because then you will draw them in [TS]

  and they will both be affected by my or [TS]

  and I can keep them from trying to hit [TS]

  you right [TS]

  can I do that Scott yes how tiny is your [TS]

  aura it's it's every square size the [TS]

  size doesn't matter [TS]

  yeah it's how i use it yes no that's not [TS]

  true [TS]

  the effects of the aura not the size but [TS]

  in this case it's just one of the [TS]

  smallest which is five feet here or as [TS]

  small i mean it's it's a small list [TS]

  alright so Scott right look at each one [TS]

  if i'm doing if I'm doing this right do [TS]

  i do I assume the battle wrath stamps [TS]

  and then you should totally understand [TS]

  bonus that'll wrap it up and then and [TS]

  then i'm going to attack the the dude to [TS]

  the West that Dan didn't attack [TS]

  ok i do that you can the urology 20 then [TS]

  add whatever you should add strength for [TS]

  Stacy ok so added 10 to the d20 yeah [TS]

  okay so i get 10 plus 10 20 [TS]

  alright so what weapons you-you an axe [TS]

  is that right but it's a fancy acts a [TS]

  tree i'll try call so you leave it in [TS]

  half [TS]

  nice and it is dead oh nice thing suede [TS]

  yeah you missed the mole Lila because at [TS]

  all then your career is that right [TS]

  Carlos [TS]

  yeah thats dark now now that I'm really [TS]

  angry and bloodied I also i'm gonna hide [TS]

  behind dance or you might want to [TS]

  scrunch down a little bit [TS]

  oh it's pretty small that's that nice [TS]

  book but I'm pretty small [TS]

  alright read you you have it is your [TS]

  turn you've seen Carlos dispatch one of [TS]

  the 3i cream the good 3i cream has [TS]

  jumped towards the human who seems to be [TS]

  the ringleader you have some dwarves [TS]

  near you [TS]

  no one has done anything about the [TS]

  snipers as of yet and that there is a [TS]

  very angry clutch mate of a dead thread [TS]

  green next to your half giant boy [TS]

  all right so is the person standing [TS]

  right adjacent to me is that a dwarf is [TS]

  that of angry dwarf this one [TS]

  angry to work yeah he's he's an angry [TS]

  dwarf peter dinklage yes one that I just [TS]

  drew all over [TS]

  don't worry bankrate drawn him that one [TS]

  yeah he is he's a bad [TS]

  ok always well since he's standing right [TS]

  next to me I mean it seems a shame for [TS]

  me not to throw you know eldritch magic [TS]

  in his face [TS]

  so I'm going to curse him with the [TS]

  Warlocks curse [TS]

  Oh always on because he's the nearest [TS]

  phone I can see em and i get to deal [TS]

  extra damage to him bring and in [TS]

  addition to that I'm i think i'm just [TS]

  going to cast my eldritch blast on him [TS]

  and despite it being a ranged attack it [TS]

  does not provoke opportunity [TS]

  oh I'm awesome and I have reached the [TS]

  coast after this yes Casper official [TS]

  years something like that [TS]

  alright alright i'm actually gonna roll [TS]

  with my real died because i don't trust [TS]

  this horrible thing I don't trust you [TS]

  so here's a dice it's d20 I promise and [TS]

  rolling [TS]

  I trust you 02 30 i got a 12 + 7 I gotta [TS]

  1919 you you blast relax in his torso [TS]

  with your Eldridge might and you deal [TS]

  ideal a lot [TS]

  let's see I don't get anything 1000d 10 [TS]

  and then 2d6 is that right down there [TS]

  are 26 plus 1 d6 so that's gonna be fun [TS]

  I do like warlocks and yes ideal eight [TS]

  and four ideal 12 damage plus 5 17 [TS]

  damage then i see well then he's just a [TS]

  puddle now [TS]

  no he's still standing and he's not [TS]

  blood yet either so those are the tough [TS]

  guys for top router that is good to know [TS]

  anything else [TS]

  serenity ah [TS]

  don't think I can yack a face step would [TS]

  would make an opportunity attack yeah i [TS]

  know it's a teleport through okay maybe [TS]

  I'll do that because i don't like [TS]

  standing so close to this guy who can [TS]

  probably obviously do massive damage so [TS]

  I'm gonna tell por SI by teleport here [TS]

  can i still see everybody I you would [TS]

  not be able to see the human all that [TS]

  well actually you would because that's a [TS]

  little boost yeah i'm going there is a [TS]

  stepped alipore you want me to move you [TS]

  there [TS]

  hmm yes I would [TS]

  magic I did all right now in the human [TS]

  everything the human ships back he [TS]

  raises his fist points at the throat [TS]

  cream and a deer attacks 25 vs AC i do [TS]

  believe hits you [TS]

  yes it does so you take 18 points of [TS]

  psychic damage dude as a psychic image [TS]

  of a large fist flies out of his head [TS]

  slams into you and push you back 10 i'm [TS]

  down to nine which means i am blooded [TS]

  are already due to deck is alright so [TS]

  that was not everyone [TS]

  Jodi you go oh [TS]

  regular red car is going to back up [TS]

  because he does not like being dwarfed [TS]

  adjacent and I'm happy concerned about [TS]

  those okay with being mala Jason well [TS]

  you know I like being defender or [TS]

  adjacent but those snipers also seemed [TS]

  pretty threatening yeah so you know I [TS]

  mean it's not really a warrior but if [TS]

  Lightning were to accidentally strike [TS]

  them huh [TS]

  you know you might be involved in that [TS]

  so i'm going to use dark lightning so [TS]

  this targets the elves reflex which is [TS]

  probably pretty good at that but we'll [TS]

  see how this works [TS]

  so I scott i get to target to up to two [TS]

  guys so let's target the i'll go with [TS]

  the two guys on the red building [TS]

  ok so i'll call this is the first one [TS]

  the first one is I wrote the 14 and it's [TS]

  plus 6 that's 20 verses refi ok and the [TS]

  second one I rolled a crit ok so they so [TS]

  they both explode [TS]

  okay well yes for each so I don't need [TS]

  to roll damage for those in the know [TS]

  these are waiting when you hit something [TS]

  and it dies almost instantly these are [TS]

  minions [TS]

  so basically they have one hit points [TS]

  they're just there to be obstacles and [TS]

  and annoy you [TS]

  sometimes they can be hard to hit [TS]

  mission accomplished [TS]

  you know so they're okay do not like [TS]

  this get I'm still a little concerned [TS]

  about our odds so i think i will take an [TS]

  action point and try and do that again [TS]

  for the other roof topic i get on so i [TS]

  work from right to left so left-right [TS]

  Hebrew do this is much lower [TS]

  that would be 11 verses reflex nope and [TS]

  15 verses reflex and that does not hit [TS]

  either [TS]

  ok so i totally not worth it [TS]

  Archy out from his head you see this [TS]

  lightly you all know that magic uh is [TS]

  your very distrustful of magic [TS]

  nobody likes magic here in AZ so you [TS]

  just assume that he used some sort of [TS]

  perhaps it was a coincidence or it was [TS]

  you know I was just I was gonna just [TS]

  static [TS]

  electricity strange when you're out here [TS]

  is it [TS]

  yeah maybe yes he was rubbing a balloon [TS]

  on his head or as you do I ok so that [TS]

  was for Jason and Steve that was that [TS]

  was a route 1 in our encounter so there [TS]

  you go [TS]

  everybody has got your all you've all [TS]

  survived off into this primarily barely [TS]

  there are three deadbeats so that's [TS]

  always good and now we start again with [TS]

  a threat green the surviving fried green [TS]

  who is a very unhappy and only has one [TS]

  choice he must attack the the half jam [TS]

  and so he will and let's look he will [TS]

  he's very very angry Todd try Korean [TS]

  generally look my friend but he is he's [TS]

  he's not happy to see you this buddy [TS]

  just got split in half by door facts are [TS]

  true are you gonna do she's gonna I hate [TS]

  when that happens slashes claw across [TS]

  your face within 24 and you pick seven [TS]

  points down okay I guess that's what [TS]

  he's gonna do that's what it's going to [TS]

  do and then he was going to so much for [TS]

  your aura down that mean that's my point [TS]

  the point of the aura is to stop them [TS]

  from hitting you guys and make them hit [TS]

  me [TS]

  it's true we all die in the first [TS]

  encounter that would be a very short [TS]

  episode will actually stay there except [TS]

  it wouldn't because it's are you know no [TS]

  other not as fast movie game and now the [TS]

  daughter is gone so there's a dwarf next [TS]

  to this bloody 3i created so he's going [TS]

  to attack the bloody thread Curry who [TS]

  have opportunity on me [TS]

  uh-uh not letting this is just a normal [TS]

  attack [TS]

  yeah because you're next to him and he [TS]

  doesn't like you [TS]

  so he's going to not very nice he's [TS]

  going to sing a song you sing a song you [TS]

  should sing a song 17 but you have an AC [TS]

  of 18 I think right yeah so it bounces [TS]

  off of your armor your chain back [TS]

  doesn't do anything [TS]

  see that are that armor i recommend you [TS]

  purchase workout every thank God for [TS]

  that but another i'm not entirely sure [TS]

  how a bug where's chainmail but you know [TS]

  well especially casually it's another [TS]

  setting where patches of it here and [TS]

  there runs over to attack the throat [TS]

  cream and he hits what I was [TS]

  re you and I've got you attack nightfall [TS]

  to attack their boss man for 12 points [TS]

  of damage which I believe brings you to [TS]

  negative 2i would be unconscious yes- to [TS]

  right we're going to put actually you [TS]

  said 12 [TS]

  yes that's actually negative 30 will put [TS]

  a little X over you you collapse in the [TS]

  agony there and we'll pay guys isn't he [TS]

  the one that's supposed to heal us will [TS]

  get anybody trained in heel but we'll [TS]

  get to your saving throw vs. death later [TS]

  and now we have what dwarf left where [TS]

  should he go he's gonna go attack Tony [TS]

  17 vs AC Tony minus 2 because he had [TS]

  next 15 vs AC that was the difference [TS]

  that i needed all right rail and in [TS]

  addition because he attacked my buddy [TS]

  oh do i get to make an attack on him [TS]

  please do so you sense that this attack [TS]

  would have gotten to you but some aura [TS]

  or something has got my sword i get in [TS]

  the way there other ants magnetism and [TS]

  Dan attacks i'm going to roll in mainly [TS]

  basic attack [TS]

  yes or d 10 plus 9 right on with 25 that [TS]

  would hit yes and in addition because [TS]

  this is my vengeful guardian i get to [TS]

  deal a 1d eight extra damage on top of [TS]

  my normal institute and this is this is [TS]

  the the already-injured dwarfs oh [TS]

  alright so that's a 1d 10 + 44 the [TS]

  normal damage plus an additional d8 so [TS]

  that is 14 damage or two damaged so he [TS]

  is bloodied good for him is he bloodied [TS]

  no he's not actually I can't do this son [TS]

  of a monkey [TS]

  oh no wait yes he is yeah he's dorsal [TS]

  it's hard to see with Zach with urea [TS]

  i've just i've just done the math is [TS]

  hard math is hard as it as a DM I know [TS]

  likes to say I'm just gonna drink and I [TS]

  here guys just go on without me back [TS]

  okay but that alright so that's what [TS]

  unhappy bloody dwarf the elves go so we [TS]

  still have we to alvin snipers have died [TS]

  under mysterious circumstances [TS]

  we have we have three left so let's see [TS]

  who's over here so they're going to [TS]

  attack [TS]

  dan Tony and Carlos everybody knows my [TS]

  name my name is easy to remember it [TS]

  jerks true so let's see [TS]

  they call me a just call me check on if [TS]

  thats pancakes eggs watch out there [TS]

  shooting at you pancakes is a pretty [TS]

  good afternoon nickname waffles let's [TS]

  see ya [TS]

  pancakes is 25 verses that will hit well [TS]

  we got the last part right you got five [TS]

  points of damage there [TS]

  ok Carlos is a 13 which I believe will [TS]

  miss you yep and tony is 23 i'm going to [TS]

  get did I don't get anything from being [TS]

  in dance or any more right and New York [TS]

  it's just a defender thing so it's only [TS]

  preventing people from mainly people [TS]

  from hitting you or next to me [TS]

  oh it's oh I didn't know there was like [TS]

  an asterisk only good for melee attacks [TS]

  yeah sorry buddy [TS]

  alright maybe maybe you should talk to [TS]

  take it up with whoever likes the [TS]

  Lightning people in your in your name [TS]

  oh how much damage did I takes life [TS]

  don't like is the spitting things they [TS]

  playing at you they cut across you [TS]

  you're only wearing cloth so you know it [TS]

  leaves a big trail blood falls out and [TS]

  they spin back into the hands of the [TS]

  snipers pretty cool [TS]

  ok i am bloody book by that and now it [TS]

  is a pancake stern world tourist [TS]

  campaign how excited I don't try to [TS]

  change him back this dorsum or just take [TS]

  out the three cream i thought if i had [TS]

  about three grand to write down our I [TS]

  only know just whacking the dwarf well [TS]

  you do know so you know that the threat [TS]

  screen is a not as tough as the dwarf [TS]

  yeah and you know the dwarf is bloodied [TS]

  alright that's all you okay i will i'm [TS]

  going to hit the nitride jarring smash [TS]

  on the dwarf [TS]

  let's try that so I prefer to call it a [TS]

  canning smash is it 13 which is not very [TS]

  good that does not hit well that's nuts [TS]

  to that alright as a minor action first [TS]

  I'm going to use my stones endurance [TS]

  which means i can resist 52 all damage [TS]

  until the end of my next turn [TS]

  ok and then I'm going to use my action [TS]

  point try that again [TS]

  bring it on since the dwarf alright [TS]

  bring it on [TS]

  don't don't fail 27 how about that does [TS]

  that work for you know it actually hits [TS]

  you hit the door but what damage that is [TS]

  a d-10 much damage plus one plus four he [TS]

  takes 10 damage he now grants combat [TS]

  advantage so if you are attacking him [TS]

  you get a plus to him because I've [TS]

  really jarred him you did and he does [TS]

  not he looks pretty beaten up [TS]

  he is not long for this world you sense [TS]

  with your keen combat reflexes Chaka [TS]

  Khan yes sir are barred it is your turn [TS]

  so what do i do role for death here [TS]

  yah Rollo role of teacher alter alter [TS]

  not die roll doubles stabilize it [TS]

  doubles you get out i didn't put [TS]

  anything but d20 in the thing or deform [TS]

  an magic missile nobody has any magical [TS]

  spot haha not true [TS]

  it's a one that's that's a lot that were [TS]

  actually failures right there that's [TS]

  really bleeding out here guys [TS]

  that's not good so I should sing a song [TS]

  about you can and I'm checking the [TS]

  little failures by the moment believe [TS]

  all right so you failed so everyone in [TS]

  your party knows that things are not [TS]

  going well for shock i notice they're [TS]

  not rushing to my aid but we're a little [TS]

  busy you know there's a dude over here [TS]

  the cast magic magic not cool [TS]

  Carlos one together one of your your [TS]

  adventuring party is down [TS]

  yes you see one of the 3i cream has been [TS]

  killed [TS]

  yes you notice that what your fellow [TS]

  dwarf there is [TS]

  is uh not looking good you also know [TS]

  there are three snipers above you [TS]

  yes you also know there are two doors [TS]

  that have not been hit at all [TS]

  yeah and the human who you saw deal some [TS]

  kind of massive psychic crazy fists [TS]

  thing yeah which laid low your friend [TS]

  how also seems perfectly happy [TS]

  yeah there's a lot going on here so in [TS]

  in a in a move in return [TS]

  what what what am i sorry water miles i [TS]

  can i can move and attack an attack and [TS]

  move can move and then attack you can do [TS]

  a minor action so any of your powers [TS]

  that's a minor you can use that as well [TS]

  you can use any of your daily power or [TS]

  you don't have two hours you could use [TS]

  any of your counter powers [TS]

  you can also then use an action point so [TS]

  that you can do two things to standard [TS]

  actions [TS]

  alright I'm gonna I'm gonna [TS]

  so if i use an action point that I could [TS]

  like move and attack again but you could [TS]

  move you could you could move twice and [TS]

  then attack for example so if you need [TS]

  to get further or you could move and it [TS]

  can attack two times and attacked two [TS]

  times okay i'm going to move to the last [TS]

  remaining three i cream and attack him [TS]

  and again i am still in battle wrath [TS]

  oh and you're still in dance this career [TS]

  and i am still in dancer and i'm going [TS]

  to attack that a guy hoping to cleave [TS]

  him in half as i did his friend it [TS]

  smells of maple syrup attack pancake [TS]

  anybody come on people keep up with make [TS]

  that references references acknowledged [TS]

  so what so what am i doing to at a [TS]

  glittery and add that must say modifier [TS]

  from your melee basic and athletic [TS]

  attend i believe so [TS]

  21 alright you cleave this this trike [TS]

  read in half [TS]

  whoo cleavage cleavage which brings the [TS]

  the total of leverage the total of death [TS]

  record on the board 233 well now you're [TS]

  not including certainly not and that all [TS]

  right dad he's just already think I'm [TS]

  getting better [TS]

  can I use my my action point you [TS]

  arranged attack on that dwarf whose you [TS]

  can bloodied yes you breaking I can't go [TS]

  to him right [TS]

  I don't have the ability to direct that [TS]

  is correct ok so then then I'm i'm going [TS]

  to do my range basic attack that I have [TS]

  go for it do it ironically Carlos ok so [TS]

  I roll a d20 yes and I and I do my I do [TS]

  my range attack which is a plus 6i guess [TS]

  ok [TS]

  and that's 11 alright well I don't know [TS]

  what your what [TS]

  what is your ranged attack with you what [TS]

  do you use it's the did java or as we [TS]

  say south-of-the-border day haha oh I [TS]

  cannot but would that be Miguel or [TS]

  Reuben digitata it looks like a [TS]

  highlight thing essentially a dummy girl [TS]

  like you put a rock and I laughing so I [TS]

  got you missed [TS]

  I just wanted to know what you missed [TS]

  with crap i don't think that's more than [TS]

  it is it is not right not Anna and I [TS]

  something-or-other okay are you are [TS]

  Crouch probably not really crushed your [TS]

  behind the booth you could see everybody [TS]

  you also see your bard is laying [TS]

  bleeding out around if I green sticker [TS]

  that is a problem just doing my job acre [TS]

  I don't even know there are two very [TS]

  fine-looking Wars alright sorry [TS]

  well and the the towers my the the [TS]

  tailor this I'm killing you from Ricky [TS]

  uua recognize that he is a he is [TS]

  channeling the sorcerer kings might [TS]

  through head self really don't like that [TS]

  he's looking at you kind of feel like I [TS]

  should handle these bitches first haha [TS]

  probably good let's see [TS]

  Murphy Murphy another door fee well you [TS]

  know what they're a little scary and I [TS]

  don't like that are bars just kind of [TS]

  sitting there so I'm gonna I don't like [TS]

  it either [TS]

  can you could help them yes oh it is [TS]

  going to happen her i'm going to move [TS]

  let's see it [TS]

  whatever steve yeah he's good help she [TS]

  the one where there is ok I'm gonna cast [TS]

  the Warlocks curse on this guy I'm [TS]

  closest to that one okay yeah so he's [TS]

  he's crist he's cursed and then i'm [TS]

  going to pop a daily and decree or Tyrod [TS]

  like popping a wheelie means yeah yeah [TS]

  so just late [TS]

  this is a blast 3 which I can draw [TS]

  theory yes when it gets both of them [TS]

  against both of them but not all your [TS]

  friends its enemies only okay yes I'm so [TS]

  pale blue flame appears approve your [TS]

  brow as you order a condemnation that [TS]

  makes foes mistake allies for enemies so [TS]

  having that conversation go is it [TS]

  something like I know that you know that [TS]

  I know that you know it's basically me [TS]

  speaking a lot of liberation a lotion [TS]

  having them I know where you did last [TS]

  summer [TS]

  alright good good yeah alright so this [TS]

  is the next thing I say will be the [TS]

  truth the previous statement was a lie [TS]

  ere are around in theory before the [TS]

  attack you slide the target two squares [TS]

  so I'm number one dude up here I want [TS]

  him to go there and their poop awesome [TS]

  then number two you can i slide him thru [TS]

  the dead barred oh my dead body [TS]

  a lot of travel travel travel time code [TS]

  why are you kicking me why are you [TS]

  laughing [TS]

  right over me and now you're having [TS]

  somebody over my corpse and i'm dead i'm [TS]

  dying and i'm dead [TS]

  alright so I'm gonna roll that was that [TS]

  would happen whether or not I actually [TS]

  hit i'm going to now attempt to hit hit [TS]

  them on the on-deck first first guy is a [TS]

  14 verses well that works alright and [TS]

  second guy is much more 17 + f 24 verses [TS]

  well that does not work [TS]

  no it doesn't i'm getting time d alright [TS]

  so number one [TS]

  well let's do number two a chute number [TS]

  two door first let's have number two [TS]

  dwarf attack first and he's going to [TS]

  attack his sorcerer King channeling guy [TS]

  really basic don't know that's me huh [TS]

  yeah let's see who all right thanks [TS]

  I he misses okay well then he takes 1d6 [TS]

  plus actually no he takes to d6 because [TS]

  of my fancy curse who takes four he [TS]

  takes nine damaged or missing and then [TS]

  the other dude is going to whack him [TS]

  back immediately faced yes with a male [TS]

  basic or he could i just put this out [TS]

  there you could attack the bards corpse [TS]

  offer but I think now just just so you [TS]

  can only ride on the ground right there [TS]

  coup de Gras anyone [TS]

  okay roll my role yes your choice your [TS]

  role already rolled let's see you do [TS]

  oh he it's all right he hits for 10 [TS]

  points of damage [TS]

  sweet they built they look thoroughly [TS]

  confused this is last more than your [TS]

  turn [TS]

  I think it's just my turn [TS]

  I don't actually know probably well that [TS]

  was exciting [TS]

  now it is the Templars turn so he guys [TS]

  we should have not opened that scroll [TS]

  you could steal everything was much [TS]

  better when we are getting that bar [TS]

  drinking beer still be in that tavern [TS]

  that much more is going also much more [TS]

  alive [TS]

  look Steve yeah so I the the Templar [TS]

  fixes Anna with a gays he looks right at [TS]

  you and he is right back [TS]

  manatee Leo in your head and attack [TS]

  happen [TS]

  it's all in your head to all in your [TS]

  head 19 vs AC that will hit all right so [TS]

  he's not in my head [TS]

  well that's what you think [TS]

  17 points of psychic damage oh goody [TS]

  and you get slapped against the wall of [TS]

  this [TS]

  Oh of this house here as the the weight [TS]

  of his glare just press you up against [TS]

  the wall [TS]

  he's a tough character i can tell there [TS]

  if it's good to have our party isn't for [TS]

  with the eye and with Larry three cream [TS]

  Barry bloodied right now so let's let's [TS]

  read well no it's chilly start so to go [TS]

  ahead I'll recap for you though so your [TS]

  throat cream is unconscious your warlock [TS]

  has been thrown against a and outside of [TS]

  your site you can no longer see her but [TS]

  you heard a squelch as though she were [TS]

  bloody Carlos the door [TS]

  bloody Carlos the door [TS]

  also bloodied your your half giant hora [TS]

  pancake bloodied you in factor also [TS]

  bloodied and there is a dwarf who does [TS]

  not look so happy [TS]

  standing next to you but there are on [TS]

  the plus side to death right cream and [TS]

  two dead snipers who died [TS]

  fortuitously as you were looking for [TS]

  sure I don't know if anything to do with [TS]

  you but who's to say I I mean maybe this [TS]

  is a good time to mention to the group [TS]

  that my daily power is called [TS]

  expeditious retreat but it's but it's [TS]

  only for me guys I i do not retreat [TS]

  well okay i don't like the direction [TS]

  this is headed i'm going to shift away [TS]

  from the dwarf that's right next to me [TS]

  kind of back into the shadow of Michael [TS]

  I friend there should i attack the [TS]

  snipers or the one of the dwarfs you [TS]

  think I'm leaning toward the dwarves so [TS]

  i am going karnatak the no no not Carlos [TS]

  Carlos is a mall i know the difference [TS]

  have read a thing or two about a thing [TS]

  or two [TS]

  alright I'm going to attack the dwarves [TS]

  that are hanging out over near my fallen [TS]

  friend okay and i am going to use on the [TS]

  first one the closest one [TS]

  hypnotism who keep no ties the dwarf [TS]

  this is this is a little trick I picked [TS]

  up so this is versus will simply not [TS]

  magic not there yet [TS]

  don't I mean it's just it's an illusion [TS]

  so that would be 19 verses will I that [TS]

  that succeeds [TS]

  ok so that dwarf the one right next to [TS]

  cut out he's going to turn around and do [TS]

  a melee basic on his friend [TS]

  alright again this is the second man [TS]

  basically is dr. yes friends [TS]

  Cherie their relationship and I feel [TS]

  like I probably sewing some seeds of [TS]

  dissension and Scott he gets a plus 4 [TS]

  bonus to the excellent [TS]

  haha but for being hypnotized well in [TS]

  the hypnotism effects seem to have met [TS]

  stop his his accuracy since i wrote a [TS]

  one and he completely dresses [TS]

  oh they're all right I I think that's [TS]

  all that that that reg dark can do right [TS]

  now right now alright so the throat [TS]

  cream are dead not include exterior [TS]

  welcome you're welcome for the the Elven [TS]

  snipers are not dead [TS]

  no I don't want to have they have three [TS]

  easy targets right here we have that [TS]

  aura still yeah that does nothing for [TS]

  this yeah you know writers do anything [TS]

  no ranged attacks it works a lot better [TS]

  when they're next to us that looks [TS]

  pretty again pretty some exceptions some [TS]

  exceptions may apply [TS]

  not good in here against the Goliath [TS]

  we've got 17 a myth against the Carlos [TS]

  the dwarf we've got a natural 20 so they [TS]

  hid all ah luckily the max damage is the [TS]

  damage they do so five points of damage [TS]

  boy and he gets a Ragnar I have more [TS]

  blood and my bloody no reg are they [TS]

  missing is you [TS]

  so the only person that hit was a steady [TS]

  stalwart Carlos was becoming more and [TS]

  more bloodied as the day goes by you're [TS]

  killing me here guys let's see this to [TS]

  me it's it's really them as to attack [TS]

  the Goliath so he was over [TS]

  he's going to attack the dwarf attack [TS]

  supplies mrs. horribly X and now it is [TS]

  the Goliath stirred excellent so as I [TS]

  recall last time I hit that worth of my [TS]

  drawings match which gave me combat [TS]

  advantage until the end of my next turn [TS]

  that is correct i still have that combat [TS]

  advantage that's fabulous i'm going to [TS]

  use my wasteland fury encounter power if [TS]

  I use this power well I'm I'm Jason [TS]

  smiling so I can't shift firsthand but i [TS]

  can still just hit him for [TS]

  let's see all right here we go 2400 that [TS]

  doesn't back hit excellent you do my do [TS]

  one weapon plus ability modifier if I [TS]

  have commented Vinci target I deal extra [TS]

  damage equal to my primary ability [TS]

  modifier [TS]

  just another for know that's going to be [TS]

  1d temple is eight ok he's dead [TS]

  yay but I roll it anyway hey why not x [TS]

  hood [TS]

  yeah 13 alright good time [TS]

  he's dead he's i'm having trouble with [TS]

  the xrs he's having trouble dying let me [TS]

  help you along all right he does hard he [TS]

  does i am going to run over here to try [TS]

  and help my three green buddy Steve you [TS]

  might as well roll 20 now so as I run [TS]

  past this guy this guy get egg at attack [TS]

  of opportunity on me he does all right [TS]

  take it i have a bonus to the [TS]

  opportunity text thanks to my heavy [TS]

  blade expertise [TS]

  alright well let's see does are 24 vs AC [TS]

  hit just barely [TS]

  so you take 14 points of damage 14 you [TS]

  say it is 14 Wow okay that may have been [TS]

  a technical error i'm still up i'll get [TS]

  the boy well you're being a hero Steve [TS]

  did you say to make your city versus [TS]

  death was the target [TS]

  oh wait haha i still have that so my [TS]

  supposed to get my intern i was going to [TS]

  tell you [TS]

  oh hi did not get a 10 alright that's 22 [TS]

  down yeah yeah and always Steve sit down [TS]

  for the third time I could [TS]

  Carlos yes you are your aura has [TS]

  abandoned you [TS]

  yes you was also nobody near me there's [TS]

  no wonder you it's true except for my [TS]

  dying you here [TS]

  I'm died on the wind I am I was all god [TS]

  I a I can't help him if anyone had to do [TS]

  was break things anyone can do anyone [TS]

  can do a heel check even if you're [TS]

  untrained and he'll check will stabilize [TS]

  him if you are role more than a 1000 [TS]

  will feel free to let them know before [TS]

  I've rolled too bad saving throws well [TS]

  now pick up this you pick up the stuff [TS]

  that's outside of them and you put it [TS]

  back in and make a suggestion [TS]

  yeah that's one to get yes sir if you [TS]

  want to go help Steve that's definitely [TS]

  a great idea if you wanted to attack the [TS]

  dwarves you can also charge which is [TS]

  move [TS]

  and hid in the same action and i'll give [TS]

  you a little bit of a bonus that said [TS]

  steve is dying [TS]

  I've also got these archers hear ya [TS]

  straight well especially also and have [TS]

  fewer options for who they are going to [TS]

  hit so they have to you also are not [TS]

  them you were also not the person was [TS]

  probably the best ranged attacks against [TS]

  ranged attack this is true it is a [TS]

  connect so what was so i can save i can [TS]

  try to say Steve you can't so under your [TS]

  skills you'll see that there's one [TS]

  called he'll yes what is listed there [TS]

  one so you have to roll a nine or better [TS]

  on a d20 to stabilize the I'm he does [TS]

  not have to roll [TS]

  uh another DEATH safe now if he it's he [TS]

  does not even fifty percent it's true if [TS]

  he does not get if he fails his next [TS]

  death say it's three strikes and you're [TS]

  out here on dark sun so that then why do [TS]

  i do that is that my whole turn [TS]

  well you would have to move you how they [TS]

  have a movement of what 5 i'm guessing i [TS]

  don't know what is that where is tell ya [TS]

  you can be read you will be able to get [TS]

  to him and then you could do your check [TS]

  and that would be your whole well in [TS]

  fact there are two options in 26 States [TS]

  the house my side stabilizing the dying [TS]

  i think is actually Dec 15 Scott but he [TS]

  can also grant him his second wind if he [TS]

  still has it which would give him [TS]

  actually give him points [TS]

  o or use a 10 [TS]

  let's plug it in for the remainder or i [TS]

  could give myself second wind because [TS]

  i'm also very close i mean if you want [TS]

  to prioritize yourself over Steve [TS]

  absolutely i mean Jason how do you don't [TS]

  do it man [TS]

  how do you feel about Steve or hyde park [TS]

  how does Carlos feel about kotka you [TS]

  only have to answer one of ok ok so i [TS]

  have everybody loves the part just I [TS]

  know that ok everybody watch guys my [TS]

  favorites i'm going to use i'm going to [TS]

  use the second one on myself [TS]

  Oh damning the bard to death [TS]

  excellent so you probably know like [TS]

  bloodied I get eight hit points right [TS]

  that's equal to my search value connect [TS]

  and you lose a surge as for that [TS]

  nobody expected in the killer rock-climb [TS]

  still bloodied I'm telling you this is [TS]

  hard okay now come out now can I run [TS]

  over to Steve [TS]

  what can I do nothing LOL you can run [TS]

  over to see are you know because i don't [TS]

  have enough range right now you do I [TS]

  can't I can't [TS]

  ok but you can drive it you cannot do [TS]

  anything else though [TS]

  let's go attack anybody have an action [TS]

  point of interaction point that's true [TS]

  no I i spent my action tonight then then [TS]

  you can just let Steve sit there and [TS]

  like say hey look I look great [TS]

  I healed myself how you might roll [TS]

  better than I get so when so i guess i [TS]

  gave up my at my attack by moving the [TS]

  second wind [TS]

  the second wind is your standard action [TS]

  oh ok you can do a minor action and most [TS]

  don't get the dwarf benefit do that but [TS]

  yeah I don't think I have any good minor [TS]

  actions though [TS]

  oh alright Randy and I can I could use a [TS]

  telekinetic grasp but unless there's a [TS]

  piece of junk that I can throw at [TS]

  somebody it's not going to you could use [TS]

  the glowering threat but that basically [TS]

  attacking known better yeah so you ran [TS]

  you have been you been thrust against [TS]

  this wall with under a wall of psychic [TS]

  pressure it did not please you watch now [TS]

  I so my first question your finger it [TS]

  has done I who besides the dead bard is [TS]

  most bloody in the party was good [TS]

  crushing i would guess I'm gonna say [TS]

  Carlos Carla how many points you guys [TS]

  need some help [TS]

  no Carlos just healed up I have 13 hit [TS]

  points so call 40 dan has seven bad at [TS]

  seven okay it was not important to keep [TS]

  alive at this point [TS]

  well Charlie's player characters think [TS]

  they are themselves i think that the [TS]

  human Templars the most important to [TS]

  keep Eliza can you do nothing for Steve [TS]

  I can do nothing for Steve but I could [TS]

  potentially do I mean it might be worth [TS]

  running up and trying to save him just [TS]

  because you can show just for show [TS]

  I mean but that's it still try all you [TS]

  have to do is run roll a ten or better [TS]

  that waste my standard doesn't it it [TS]

  does well have stayed out ways to CZ i [TS]

  get my kids and your work on existing [TS]

  ruling skill to poorly try and heal [TS]

  Steve yes [TS]

  it worse invisible for return oh yeah [TS]

  that's not gonna help Steve I want to [TS]

  talk steep but it'll help one of you [TS]

  okay it was alive and can presumably [TS]

  help Steve or killed warps I'm about the [TS]

  killing [TS]

  so i'll leave the healing to someone [TS]

  else I'm a killer not a lover [TS]

  this is not a healing else is this is [TS]

  this is an elf who expected all human [TS]

  classes although awkwardly I think I [TS]

  have the best deal school in the group [TS]

  at to your healing person is currently [TS]

  got two were so waffles [TS]

  alright well lot with all right how [TS]

  about this if I will I will use my can i [TS]

  make it yes and i will use my next turn [TS]

  to heal Steve you should probably make [TS]

  me invisible so I don't get hit between [TS]

  now and then [TS]

  sounds like plan ok then I am to do i'm [TS]

  going to go ahead at and exercise from [TS]

  sites one of the dwarves who is the most [TS]

  bloody of the two of the dwarves [TS]

  I that was good question well there's [TS]

  only one wife was bloodied and that [TS]

  would be a well who's hurt at all and [TS]

  that is this one that i'm moving closest [TS]

  to the closest to the surface or gotten [TS]

  ok good heart [TS]

  well that guy also happens to be the guy [TS]

  that I asked my warlocks curse on I I'm [TS]

  gonna exorcise him from sight [TS]

  I don't know what that means but magic [TS]

  removes all evidence of ufo's senses [TS]

  that you're one of your allies exists [TS]

  and also hits him a little bit i'm so [TS]

  i'm going to roll up critical fail [TS]

  oh that's and it's very sad I guess [TS]

  nobody's getting invisible this time I [TS]

  am going to spend an action point into [TS]

  something else as well do something [TS]

  awesome i used up a lot of my awesome [TS]

  things [TS]

  well i'm still going to shoot an [TS]

  eldritch blasted him because you know [TS]

  what he deserves to die at the door not [TS]

  aware not happy and not Carlos but [TS]

  that's an 18 the door that hit 18 verse [TS]

  reflects hits array [TS]

  it he's gonna take a butt ton of damage [TS]

  oh yes he's going to take 10-12 70 in [TS]

  222 did points of damage [TS]

  22 points of damage he is wait for it is [TS]

  bloodied he's not dead he's bloodied [TS]

  haha no wow [TS]

  but he looks he looks a like he can see [TS]

  death from where he is because he he [TS]

  could see the bard ha ha ha ops ii can [TS]

  see when curry from here to there can i [TS]

  hide by that cart if i find that card [TS]

  remember if you move at least three [TS]

  steps my know when I could make a card [TS]

  for you that's closer [TS]

  here you go there's a new cart you can [TS]

  hide behind that cart if you like [TS]

  not the fake cart that Steve is credited [TS]

  intentionally going 100 bucks and three [TS]

  four squares to move behind the car [TS]

  right here [TS]

  thank you and that activates shadow walk [TS]

  which means he says I my turn if I move [TS]

  through plus squares from the starting [TS]

  square i gained concealment until the [TS]

  end of my next start you are in inky [TS]

  darkness I like inky darkness don't get [TS]

  hit you notice of a sudden that you are [TS]

  by yourself really not happen [TS]

  nice i notice right guard notices right [TS]

  never forgets what you do I'm gonna [TS]

  scurry over a little bit closer to my [TS]

  friends and I mean about the leading [TS]

  them to us [TS]

  I'm gonna hope that no one's looking at [TS]

  me too closely you're gonna buy a hot [TS]

  dog [TS]

  I you know our hotdogs are still [TS]

  available on APIs they're made a skank [TS]

  oh I am going to sand in San yeah well [TS]

  the roller um I'm gonna do a spirit rend [TS]

  um get don't worry about where that's [TS]

  coming from guys but I'm gonna spirit [TS]

  rend the the bloody dwarf but this is a [TS]

  burst one [TS]

  ok so it's all leave each enemy inversed [TS]

  oh yeah so it'll hit both doors and the [TS]

  demolition man [TS]

  yes so let's let me roll vs on this is [TS]

  versus will so let's workout left to [TS]

  right all right that's a crit on the [TS]

  first one [TS]

  ok the one who is not yet the one has [TS]

  not been hurt yet that is an 18 verse [TS]

  will on the second one that hits and [TS]

  that is a 13 verse will on the bossman [TS]

  that mrs. that is really unfortunate i [TS]

  was really hoping to hurt him [TS]

  alright this does sue 3d6 damage 366 [TS]

  laid on me as i would have liked that to [TS]

  a bigger number 14 damage [TS]

  ok necrotic damage if it matters it [TS]

  doesn't and the target is immobilized [TS]

  alright well this this the blood one is [TS]

  very immobilized because he is dead is [TS]

  he [TS]

  just out of curiosity he's not undead [TS]

  right he's not he's not undead he's [TS]

  choking the power does something [TS]

  different if they're Undead [TS]

  I i would have let you know that there [TS]

  were dwarven zombies [TS]

  I would have picked up on that ok [TS]

  probably so that was dead her a the [TS]

  other one how many points of damage to [TS]

  say 60 I 1440 alright the other one has [TS]

  been hurt but he is he is immobilized so [TS]

  is immobilized I'm sure that there is [TS]

  some kind of yeah I i just i toured [TS]

  three spirits is what I did or something [TS]

  did allegedly I mean you know like I [TS]

  don't they see down the street so it's [TS]

  impossible t-shirt question their [TS]

  existence [TS]

  alright so now it is the snipers turn [TS]

  yeah they could see the [TS]

  spirit terror they can also saw that [TS]

  whoops they can see Carlos I I think [TS]

  they're all going to attack totally it's [TS]

  okay I've got like six points so let's [TS]

  see gonna die [TS]

  oh yeah so what you're gonna be drinking [TS]

  by myself in the bar by 2 haha my AC is [TS]

  a 18 and 16 16 16 but i'm going to use i [TS]

  have a shield power that I might use if [TS]

  you are you're going to use it [TS]

  okay yeah i use shield ok which means i [TS]

  gained + 4 which is an immediate [TS]

  interrupt when i get hit which I am [TS]

  sensing that's what's happening [TS]

  it's all plus 42 AC until the end of my [TS]

  next turn [TS]

  what was your AC again sir it was 16 so [TS]

  it's now effectively 20 out of 20 so you [TS]

  only got hit once instead of three times [TS]

  that could have been really bad for me [TS]

  so you take five points of damage i'm [TS]

  still in a really bad way [TS]

  let's just say that can't happen again [TS]

  everything's getting hazy oh dear so the [TS]

  the dwarf goes he is immobilized you [TS]

  can't do anything [TS]

  alright and I was dancing yeah alright [TS]

  well i will try safe Steve I saves the [TS]

  times ready 15 alright Steve you are [TS]

  stabilized you no longer have to roll [TS]

  versus death you are still unconscious [TS]

  data you're not bleeding dreaming sweet [TS]

  dreams now I want a weenie where I want [TS]

  a weenie [TS]

  somebody order me a weenie what I [TS]

  recover Costard is not by Carlos your [TS]

  turn [TS]

  oh my turn so you see the throat cream [TS]

  has been stabilized you saw the snipers [TS]

  all attack a rag dar um my name don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  well hit with its clothes ready Reggie [TS]

  you don't know where that you're like is [TS]

  the Warlock seems to have disappeared [TS]

  you've got a dwarf and the temple or [TS]

  these the snipers are all active targets [TS]

  as this [TS]

  I don't know if they say that anywhere [TS]

  but i am going to to I am I am in my [TS]

  excellent battle wrath stance and we'll [TS]

  attack that last dwarf ok [TS]

  so you have to move so you step over [TS]

  onto the thread creates body but y'all [TS]

  come on you're not stepping over vital [TS]

  organs or anything so it's ok how do you [TS]

  even know what vital organs are you know [TS]

  anything about the three Crean I don't [TS]

  think you do know where i keep my dice [TS]

  and it says it doesn't show it in battle [TS]

  rather get a plus 2 bonus to the biggest [TS]

  that's a damaged roll not to the hit [TS]

  role that's correct yeah right i'm still [TS]

  so you're angry at 24 that it's okay and [TS]

  i wrote for damage and that's going to [TS]

  be d 10 plus 9 plus 20 so that's and at [TS]

  1616 that was a mighty blow that has [TS]

  made our dwarven friend here bloodied [TS]

  okay excellent [TS]

  leg last 13 pancake friend you're [TS]

  crouched behind a cart and coward hot [TS]

  dog cart apparently and very lucky you [TS]

  your your cloak of darkness [TS]

  yes and that's where I shall stay and [TS]

  once you purchase raining down here Tony [TS]

  sleeping sickness had a if I had [TS]

  multiple if I had attacks that hit [TS]

  multiple people i would get rid of those [TS]

  arches right quick but unfortunately i [TS]

  only have single attacks that do lots of [TS]

  damage to one person you don't you have [TS]

  one is that one too funny dude there you [TS]

  have 1i have one burst but it's each [TS]

  creature and it's only a burst one yet [TS]

  but they're also their creatures and [TS]

  there's nobody near them who's our [TS]

  buddies [TS]

  yes I'm saying it's only a person i [TS]

  would only get two of them that's that's [TS]

  pretty good at that too is better than [TS]

  zero my friends whether you'd rather I [TS]

  killed two archers then then try and [TS]

  knock out one of those forms or you can [TS]

  also attempt to heal the frankly you [TS]

  could give him your second wind her [TS]

  excuse me her her own second [TS]

  oh yes I just say I'm giving all your [TS]

  also an option that always seems to be [TS]

  at the bottom of the list [TS]

  captain good of the three green and i am [TS]

  very and forehead points i don't know if [TS]

  i can sacrifice those a sari exactly [TS]

  what I'm not worth it [TS]

  alright so here okay [TS]

  how bloody is that door over there [TS]

  the enemy or that he is positively using [TS]

  these piece you've seen bloody or [TS]

  dwarves but he doesn't look particularly [TS]

  healthy I think you just inspired a song [TS]

  with that cat can i make it can make a [TS]

  suggestion if if we take out that dwarf [TS]

  than is the only dude that either Carlos [TS]

  or i can really hit [TS]

  ok see you would I think I think the [TS]

  snipers you have range and I think you [TS]

  can take out a couple you in and and [TS]

  Reggie over there can take out a couple [TS]

  of a couple of snipers but i can [TS]

  guarantee i'll get at least one [TS]

  well in that case i'm gonna kick that [TS]

  door sauce on the next turn so I'm gonna [TS]

  kill me I mean would leave him well in [TS]

  that case I will drop a first one on the [TS]

  these fine folks at first yeah the [TS]

  lovely snipers so first papers i'm also [TS]

  gonna throw a a warlocks curse on the [TS]

  leftmost sniper why not [TS]

  ok so sniper number one does a 14 verses [TS]

  reflex hips no okay what about h know [TS]

  another 14 verses reflect nope it was it [TS]

  was a valiant effort but failure state [TS]

  now anything else [TS]

  um no that's everything ok [TS]

  it is the humans turn again [TS]

  so he's going to attack both Dan and [TS]

  Carlos oh yeah had to say something it's [TS]

  not going to move back a few Howard [TS]

  ground is Howard comfortable carless you [TS]

  to join me down here is not that bad but [TS]

  we might be there may be a pilot body [TS]

  there right this and it's fairly soft i [TS]

  may just lay down right on top of you [TS]

  Carlos not waiting here he hits both of [TS]

  you wear something called a federal glay [TS]

  get blazed gays definitely don't for the [TS]

  pad game that's later I don't want to [TS]

  know a glass don't have been donated [TS]

  so you take 15 mins points of damage [TS]

  I'm I'm unconscious I am I also [TS]

  unconscious and if you even if you were [TS]

  unconscious you would be unconscious [TS]

  while because its power so all right [TS]

  you're both unconscious just got this [TS]

  has been great guys goodnight [TS]

  yeah thanks for joining us on the [TS]

  uncomfortable and now uh red star [TS]

  uh-huh so ya you have seen now let's [TS]

  just count down who is conscious you [TS]

  rent and somewhere I you don't you can't [TS]

  see her I the bad guy and a dwarf is the [TS]

  dwarf stolen mobilized i think i am like [TS]

  him actually start the bart says yes [TS]

  tony is he still immobilized save ends [TS]

  David's ok i could have the answers he [TS]

  is not immobilized [TS]

  ok so really at this point it's just a [TS]

  matter of who can we take out to make it [TS]

  really inconvenient for when they bury [TS]

  us [TS]

  you're gonna have to lift our bodies all [TS]

  by yourself [TS]

  so in that interest Red Guard is going [TS]

  to kinda he's just going to kind of look [TS]

  at that uh that one of the elves up on [TS]

  the roof and he's gonna kinda pointed [TS]

  them and go shot and he'll take a magic [TS]

  missile which means the automatically [TS]

  takes seven damage and he's dead [TS]

  okay and yeah it's going little stern [TS]

  they attack you to do elves one hits 45 [TS]

  what's damaged ok technically still [TS]

  alive [TS]

  there you go the other mrs. sadly that's [TS]

  good because you know what this [TS]

  situation we very different them now [TS]

  it's the dwarfs turn and he charges you [TS]

  oh I thought that was Carly Carl's [TS]

  unconscious under the frowny face i am [TS]

  laying on Steve's body [TS]

  yeah i didn't i didn't realize there was [TS]

  still a tour feels it's a nice of us to [TS]

  die in a convenient pile for the guy [TS]

  with the car to come around just give us [TS]

  all up what I fell swoop [TS]

  18 vs AC that will hit and you take i'll [TS]

  give you a hand if it's if it's an [TS]

  energy rom in trouble [TS]

  it is it is several integers whatwhat [TS]

  several 1 832 you pick 140 points [TS]

  alright well i'm i'm pretty in trouble [TS]

  then um yeah I'm on my way to death huh [TS]

  I hear it's nice there alright peaceful [TS]

  read i know it [TS]

  I've always pretty different unfair [TS]

  amount of trust in your abilities to [TS]

  sell adjust from certain do [TS]

  dan is unconscious steve is unconscious [TS]

  Jason is unconscious Randy's conscious [TS]

  probably time to stop holding background [TS]

  alright so you've seen your friends a [TS]

  record our fall you can peek over the [TS]

  corner and you see him [TS]

  collapse under the gouge of the dwarf [TS]

  who he thought was Carlos and that he [TS]

  really is here made a mole with a Model [TS]

  United war from a distance they they [TS]

  look similar [TS]

  oh that's what they all here the human [TS]

  laughing and saying fear the lion and [TS]

  the two you see where the hell are the [TS]

  cops to uh Archer archers are still [TS]

  there looking for you they can really [TS]

  see you can really see them so that's [TS]

  good where you are but they do they even [TS]

  have lions on FSI likes and lions or [TS]

  something [TS]

  it is metaphorical lion that's ok that's [TS]

  racist by the way [TS]

  ok so read your chain well things are [TS]

  not going well [TS]

  no i'm leavin even the hot dog guard [TS]

  tight cart guy is running away he's like [TS]

  I'm out here [TS]

  yeah he saved his weenie so i might [TS]

  again recommend that maybe somebody beg [TS]

  for mercy from the powerful dude who's I [TS]

  don't know tell him he'll lion or [TS]

  something that I lawful believe it for [TS]

  me or asking maybe you're not a liar [TS]

  like Steve useful artifacts in this this [TS]

  temple were looking we were looking for [TS]

  about 45 before we dive but you can [TS]

  always run away and we did not [TS]

  it wasn't attached to these people [TS]

  it's true you were just drinking buddy [TS]

  so good sign up for this but you know [TS]

  maybe i'll give him a parting blow [TS]

  because I'm tired of this door beeps uh [TS]

  let's see i'm just i'm gonna go ahead [TS]

  and curse little laugh about this over [TS]

  weenies later [TS]

  yeah but laughs and because I am [TS]

  technically the closest a live a lie i [TS]

  get plus 1 [TS]

  yeah close the limelight and everybody [TS]

  goes the trip exciting [TS]

  who are you currently work for the jar [TS]

  oh yeah the bloody door open to do [TS]

  ok the big dude is not even bloody and i [TS]

  feel like if i say hey look at me he's [TS]

  gonna look at me and that's gonna be bad [TS]

  got nobody else to look at [TS]

  it's gonna be okay I think maybe I'm [TS]

  gonna hit him for a lot 23 verses reflex [TS]

  that those infected [TS]

  ok good so that is going to do 10 and 16 [TS]

  it's definitely more than six you didn't [TS]

  do much but we're taking him with us [TS]

  guys [TS]

  excellent i'm sure you could tell me how [TS]

  it is you will share a card out to the [TS]

  dump [TS]

  it's 18 all right he is he's totally [TS]

  dead [TS]

  cool sure he's totally dead [TS]

  not just partially actually dead he's [TS]

  totally his head has been separated from [TS]

  his body [TS]

  see it's usually a sign when my head [TS]

  comes away from the body eh ova now we [TS]

  killed all the guys that we're gonna [TS]

  have to bury us that one guys going to [TS]

  bury like five people three and by [TS]

  moving spaces i turn something [TS]

  concealment AG and concealment in- Scott [TS]

  yes I don't know if you realize this but [TS]

  suddenly the hot dog guy steps forward [TS]

  hot doctor says I too am a member of [TS]

  this party my name is Frank further [TS]

  and i am a good hot dog guy and my tongs [TS]

  are plus 20 plus 2 togs of workflow whoa [TS]

  hey he's gonna life [TS]

  he's getting away hot guy I'm just [TS]

  saying hot guy but I mean you may be [TS]

  back i have another member of our party [TS]

  so wait so who's turn is it there is so [TS]

  it is the human Templars turd looking [TS]

  great and he is going to attack because [TS]

  no there's nobody alive to attack but [TS]

  there's still one hey I'm stable so I [TS]

  might still live [TS]

  you're all doing a live technically yeah [TS]

  boy [TS]

  so read you do get bonuses but he's [TS]

  going to attack and she's secret I [TS]

  thought she's hiding she gets she's [TS]

  she's shadowy shadowy but not invisible [TS]

  know so 18 vs AC and that well what's [TS]

  your AC was that 18 after before after [TS]

  yeah haha i'll take that as a it's budge [TS]

  she swears more than anybody else [TS]

  thought yet so i'm going i don't want to [TS]

  say this but I'm going to 20 points of [TS]

  damage [TS]

  yeah or dead ok so you're all harmful [TS]

  Scott Scott we've we've been McNulty we [TS]

  want to know I want a chance to roll at [TS]

  least 4 i'd want a saving throw it just [TS]

  in case I got a 20 as we've been in [TS]

  worse situations than this haha yeah [TS]

  what where we were in a pub and then we [TS]

  were here [TS]

  so which of those times was worse that [TS]

  the service at that pub was awful at [TS]

  right ticket point taken is it too late [TS]

  for me to take the lion god is my Savior [TS]

  is there any chance that we all wake up [TS]

  in bed with bob newhart it was all agree [TS]

  there's always a chance [TS]

  ok so you're all uh unconscious and I an [TS]

  indeterminate amount of time passes you [TS]

  don't know how much time because you're [TS]

  unconscious but you wake up and you're [TS]

  all in an alley [TS]

  I and you look naked so just another day [TS]

  at the pop then basically you are you're [TS]

  in tally you you're alone with each [TS]

  other and you look at your wrists and [TS]

  you see that it now has a lion all of [TS]

  your wrists happy lion tattoo even how [TS]

  do you tattoo a bug with very short very [TS]

  very differently and metallic paint [TS]

  their they're not going to show you [TS]

  where it's at but I you know just lift [TS]

  up the kite pass exoskeleton show you [TS]

  it's the soft parts and so that's [TS]

  probably a good point to end with that [TS]

  was so so so maybe we should have just [TS]

  said ok why God sounds good [TS]

  you know what i want to do what now [TS]

  listen then tattoo it's okay so yeah you [TS]

  don't know why he's done this you don't [TS]

  know what's going on but you know it's [TS]

  probably not good [TS]

  stay tuned next time for what happens [TS]

  after they wake up apparently your next [TS]

  time as the party gets the crap beaten [TS]

  out of it again again but at least [TS]

  you're not dead [TS]

  ok so before we go what do we learn [TS]

  yeah okay tactics are important not not [TS]

  having our healer die like round one [TS]

  yeah that would lead to roughly at the [TS]

  most powerful guy in the boy [TS]

  yeah bra strap that was probably a [TS]

  technical error and next time when we [TS]

  next meet you will track into the desert [TS]

  and see what fates await Ruth AI think [TS]

  you're being real optimistic 30 let's [TS]

  let's not go to the desert no desert [TS]

  that we might want to practice your car [TS]

  in about haha that's what provide us the [TS]

  hot guys at the end of the alley [TS]

  do you smell that it smelled like sand [TS]

  ok on a hot grill where will our [TS]

  intrepid party venture next only scott [TS]

  knows and he may be just told us until [TS]

  then though this has been the [TS]

  incomparable podcasts incompetent [TS]

  Dungeons and Dragons party i'm jason [TS]

  still your host thank you to Dan more in [TS]

  serenity Caldwell Steve let's Tony [TS]

  sindelar and no thanks at all to Scott [TS]

  McNulty who killed us all but none of [TS]

  you died [TS]

  ok no no where were naked in an alley [TS]

  LOL take it was not that that's Papa [TS]

  alright we're in an alley [TS]

  what will happen next nobody knows [TS]

  anyway until the next time this has been [TS]

  the uncomfortable incomparable Dungeons [TS]

  and Dragons party [TS]

  Wow [TS]

  Wow [TS]