The Incomparable

312: A Cyborg Dolphin


  it's not brain science its rocket [TS]

  surgery this is johnny mnemonic [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  the entire terminal number 300 well [TS]

  August 2016 welcome back everybody to be [TS]

  uncomfortable rocket surgery edition [TS]

  where we look at a questionable film [TS]

  from a recent or past decade and discuss [TS]

  its mid-nineties the nineties is now in [TS]

  our in our sites we revisit the 2010s [TS]

  with kool Kat and now it's the nineties [TS]

  and johnny mnemonic from a height of [TS]

  cyberpunk mania ok from several years [TS]

  after the heights but a cyberpunk baby [TS]

  comes [TS]

  Keanu Reeves in a film based on a short [TS]

  story by William Gibson Gibson also [TS]

  credited with the screenplay for a [TS]

  screenwriter he's a very fine novelist [TS]

  so joining me to talk about Johnny [TS]

  mnemonic are three brave people David [TS]

  lure hello i just want to say I saw a [TS]

  cool cat twice twice this is not about [TS]

  cool cat [TS]

  dammit are all your comments gonna be [TS]

  about the cat instead of da day he is [TS]

  Joe rosenstiel is here Joe I have faxed [TS]

  information to you so it's in the facts [TS]

  / look for it no tax but i'll check the [TS]

  three anime images that i have and [TS]

  compared against the 16 gigabytes I have [TS]

  stored in the data doubler inside my [TS]

  brain [TS]

  okay well done and also uh hey Baldy its [TS]

  mahdi actually because of when I was [TS]

  born just the mention of Yakuza and [TS]

  black ice makes things sound cool [TS]

  yeah it's true it's true though study [TS]

  those the tropes that our work here in [TS]

  Johnny mnemonic so yeah I will give us [TS]

  the road short story called Johnny [TS]

  mnemonic i remember reading it was in [TS]

  his burning chrome collection and then [TS]

  they decided not to make a movie of [TS]

  neuromancer his groundbreaking and [TS]

  famous famous novel which the rights [TS]

  were sold to somebody else and they [TS]

  never made a movie over it but uh but [TS]

  instead [TS]

  somebody said oh but we have the rights [TS]

  to this other thing called Johnny [TS]

  mnemonic we could make a movie of that [TS]

  and they hired robert longo to direct it [TS]

  robert longo a painter and sculptor not [TS]

  a director but what hey what the heck [TS]

  and cass Keanu Reeves four years before [TS]

  the matrix a very this is like the movie [TS]

  The Matrix it's like that all the wrong [TS]

  and it makes you realize what a magical [TS]

  miracle the matrix is so yeah whats it's [TS]

  not even that they hired him apparently [TS]

  he and Gibson got together [TS]

  well yeah and then they couldn't find [TS]

  enough money so they got somehow 30 [TS]

  times the money which is bizarre [TS]

  they wanted to make a weird [TS]

  one-million-dollar art film based on [TS]

  Johnny mnemonic and instead they [TS]

  couldn't get funding for that but they [TS]

  could get what is it uh tristar to put [TS]

  in like 30 million sure this is why [TS]

  tristar doesn't exist or didn't exist in [TS]

  a they no longer use it very often [TS]

  most of the time but it's part of sony [TS]

  pictures entertainment so it's all that [TS]

  money they had in the nineties right [TS]

  after they set up the studio and boy [TS]

  what a what a total waste of other [TS]

  movies that we've seen on on the rocket [TS]

  surgery I have to say it is the most [TS]

  like super mario brothers from two years [TS]

  before there's something about those bad [TS]

  movies from the nineties something about [TS]

  its it's not quite as well lit while the [TS]

  other so the other way think so i think [TS]

  is the max headroom connection that [TS]

  Super Mario Brothers was by the [TS]

  directors of the original max headroom [TS]

  TV movie from the UK and they brought [TS]

  some of the perhaps even literally the [TS]

  sets from Max Headroom into into super [TS]

  mario brothers John mnemonic also [TS]

  reminds me of Max Headroom because Mad [TS]

  Max Headroom was one of the better [TS]

  realize sort of cyberpunk visions it you [TS]

  know and and the sad thing about Johnny [TS]

  mnemonic is it was it's a major motion [TS]

  picture made almost ten years after the [TS]

  30 million made almost ten years after [TS]

  max headroom was was done on television [TS]

  and I it is not does not look better in [TS]

  basically anyway max headroom understood [TS]

  that the way to make something look cool [TS]

  and computer-generated was to make a [TS]

  background and then put rubber hair on a [TS]

  person who would act weird you know [TS]

  well yeah but but even even just the the [TS]

  hello world of it does not look as [TS]

  futuristic or I mean it's just it looks [TS]

  like they're driving through newark yeah [TS]

  we would be greater than actually shot [TS]

  in newark they didn't have to do that [TS]

  and then apply canada at one point that [TS]

  says free city of newark and you think [TS]

  oh here comes the futuristic dystopian [TS]

  new work they're going to make fun of [TS]

  New Jersey and it really really just [TS]

  kinda looks like a city [TS]

  it looks like present a dystopian newark [TS]

  know the difference is and my maximum [TS]

  taught me this is if there is our fires [TS]

  going on in trash barrels and it's a [TS]

  dystopian future and boy they got that [TS]

  they got him inside to which everybody [TS]

  would die of the smoke by the way for [TS]

  that but it doesn't matter somehow it's [TS]

  all good inside so I sure should i [TS]

  should i summarize the plot as we go as [TS]

  we do [TS]

  does that sound like I think I should do [TS]

  now is is there enough plot to summarize [TS]

  we can spend about 20 minutes making [TS]

  final the opening crawl and then we went [TS]

  through the rest of the movie the [TS]

  opening crawl is pretty much all you [TS]

  need like we were watching it and the [TS]

  fourteen-year-old goes there's a movie [TS]

  after that that's the story there's a [TS]

  lot of words it takes forever [TS]

  it's it's really ugly its garish it's [TS]

  like it's daring you to read it and then [TS]

  at that point I'm still optimistic I'm [TS]

  like oh this is the movie version of the [TS]

  magazine mando 2000 except without the [TS]

  coherence there's too much text in [TS]

  general and it's also too much text to [TS]

  use that font and it's also too much [TS]

  text to use God raised that's shoot out [TS]

  from the middle of the screen as the [TS]

  text scrolls up through it I really [TS]

  quickly I can't imagine how excited the [TS]

  intern was when he was given the task to [TS]

  do this and how excited the director was [TS]

  when you saw how cool and it was in [TS]

  dailies but in the film this is a bad [TS]

  idea [TS]

  yeah we bought an amiga use every button [TS]

  on it [TS]

  yea crowd tells us a lot about this [TS]

  world that we're in I guess there's [TS]

  nerve attenuation syndrome which is a [TS]

  terrible disease that people seem to [TS]

  have there are ppl code below techs who [TS]

  are apparently red rebels against the [TS]

  corporations that rule world in the year [TS]

  in the far-off future of 20 21 by the [TS]

  way [TS]

  yeah it's also a capital L lowercase o [TS]

  capital t e KS yeah so you know just [TS]

  just just to really make it like Future [TS]

  II can't be low-tech people it's gonna [TS]

  be low tex yes [TS]

  oh yeah oh yeah and again I'm just [TS]

  saying this is 25 years in the future [TS]

  from when they from when they made it [TS]

  and that was a really bad 25 years i [TS]

  guess that that now there's just flames [TS]

  and in oil barrels everywhere in the in [TS]

  the city anyway so after the kraal which [TS]

  is big and looks awful [TS]

  we are taken to the internet 21 there's [TS]

  a considerable lon Moore man [TS]

  uh-huh I can accept that as good as [TS]

  lawnmower man even though this was made [TS]

  earlier I wrote down it looks like an [TS]

  episode of reboot the saturday morning [TS]

  cgi cartoon we fly through the internet [TS]

  and end up through this really kind of [TS]

  dumps 3d stuff we end up in the new [TS]

  darwin in where Johnny mnemonic well [TS]

  johnny is his name he wakes up he's got [TS]

  there's a girl there she's wearing a [TS]

  nightgown [TS]

  she says I gotta go get some ice there's [TS]

  already ice in the room she doesn't come [TS]

  back so that's that's our welcome to [TS]

  johnny is he's I don't know he's getting [TS]

  dumped [TS]

  he's getting dumped by the girl from [TS]

  last night who knows a girl from five [TS]

  minutes ago I and I'd quite frankly [TS]

  don't know he won't remember her five [TS]

  minutes from now they do not go out of [TS]

  their way to establish anything about [TS]

  Johnny's personality your tastes [TS]

  now what so it comes really out of [TS]

  nowhere when late in the movie has a [TS]

  breakdown set and apparently he likes [TS]

  room service and luxury [TS]

  yeah it was done with that now yeah [TS]

  other at this point so that then we've [TS]

  got this so we've got we had the 3d [TS]

  fly-through and we've got establishing [TS]

  shots that he's in this hotel and I was [TS]

  already in despair about this movie when [TS]

  we get to this point to the point where [TS]

  i wrote down in my notes like six lines [TS]

  down so early i wrote I take back [TS]

  everything bad i ever said about blade [TS]

  runner haha [TS]

  this is the point in the movie where I [TS]

  think boy they really want to be Blade [TS]

  Runner and they are not even like not [TS]

  even close to being blade runner yeah [TS]

  this is like a bunch of high school kids [TS]

  in 1989 making a a school project [TS]

  version of blade runner except i think [TS]

  that would turn out better too [TS]

  yeah I like that the USA Network's when [TS]

  they would they used to have those those [TS]

  late-night syfy things that they would [TS]

  make in Canada is almost eerily eerily [TS]

  similar to this [TS]

  yeah it's probably the same people [TS]

  working on it sort of the skill level of [TS]

  alien from LA [TS]

  yeah the for the NXT fans the kathy [TS]

  ireland faces so the story is that that [TS]

  Johnny is a neuro courier and he stores [TS]

  data in his head through an implant but [TS]

  in order to get it installed he had to [TS]

  lose some of his memories so he wants to [TS]

  get his memories back he tells his [TS]

  broker or buddy or whatever he is that [TS]

  he wants is he wants it all back but he [TS]

  doesn't have enough money to do with the [TS]

  price got raised so he has to have one [TS]

  more job do one more run and then he'll [TS]

  be he'll have enough to get the implants [TS]

  taken out and he can retire because [TS]

  that's totally what happens in movies [TS]

  I mean it's a very unique plot and I [TS]

  certainly haven't heard of anything like [TS]

  this with something trying to get out of [TS]

  this sort of situation but it but you [TS]

  know Ralphie's played by you know that [TS]

  guy who's in that stuff you know it's it [TS]

  can't even say mutoko here [TS]

  yeah he's it is it a ton of things so [TS]

  immediately recognizes 08 hey it's that [TS]

  guy [TS]

  yeah I don't trust him that's a no Kier [TS]

  maybe it's one of those things where if [TS]

  we were supposed to on any level at all [TS]

  trust this person then I don't think the [TS]

  casting was it was a good choice or the [TS]

  the weird sort of like a breathy way of [TS]

  communicating nearly everything in a [TS]

  smoke-filled a video escape to Johnny [TS]

  this is sort of like yes this guy's [TS]

  totally going to screw you over and you [TS]

  were going to be in trouble so to [TS]

  totally have faith in him so I Ralphie [TS]

  tells him that there's a new job and [TS]

  this is what he's going to do he needs [TS]

  to go to central Beijing tomorrow night [TS]

  don't don't be late got all the [TS]

  information is good [TS]

  central Beijing very small in Beijing [TS]

  not that big a town really and the [TS]

  central part is really just like you [TS]

  just hang around central Beijing and uh [TS]

  it'll all be fine [TS]

  yes it's like what may remain in central [TS]

  if it's the corner [TS]

  yeah the first street know how expensive [TS]

  this whole system is to operate where [TS]

  you have to start by flying somebody [TS]

  that China it's not very pressure so [TS]

  huger so he goes to central Beijing [TS]

  there are there are people riding [TS]

  wearing and at wearing like hospital [TS]

  masks and stuff there's a riot going on [TS]

  outside the hotel there's like there's [TS]

  like taxis and stuff and and what does [TS]

  he do Joey just like walks over the [TS]

  walks over the hood of the taxis or [TS]

  something in the riot to get to the [TS]

  hotel [TS]

  it's bizarre because they're completely [TS]

  surrounded by people so you think you'd [TS]

  have the taxicab just be like hey stop [TS]

  here before you get to this throng of [TS]

  people but somehow i guess they slowly [TS]

  and patiently work their way through [TS]

  with the car so that he was near the [TS]

  building but not quite there and not [TS]

  like the rest of the way [TS]

  yeah it is just it's ridiculous it's [TS]

  just poured directing and have no idea [TS]

  what that's supposed to communicate [TS]

  other than theirs civil and rest which [TS]

  has no impact these people don't seem to [TS]

  be suffering from the network attached [TS]

  storage problems that's sweeping the [TS]

  world but they just seem to be unhappy [TS]

  people who are protesting things and he [TS]

  goes into the hotel and there's [TS]

  immediately [TS]

  none of that all swept away and we have [TS]

  the the weird interaction with the kids [TS]

  and the fish bowl is a big circular fish [TS]

  tank and there's a couple of cuties a [TS]

  kid or is it a twins who were behind it [TS]

  and he looks at them through the fish [TS]

  tank as he's getting in the elevator hee [TS]

  hee laborious Lee pulls out a little [TS]

  thing and presses the button that that [TS]

  is his memory doubler which takes his 80 [TS]

  gigabytes of memory and makes it a [TS]

  hundred and 60 gigabytes of memory i [TS]

  want to talk about this okay because [TS]

  that more than any visual element it [TS]

  takes this movie to within about a [TS]

  two-year span [TS]

  when memory doublers were a huge thing I [TS]

  remember this because my mother worked [TS]

  for a company called stack that create a [TS]

  thing called stacker which would double [TS]

  the space on your drive and then [TS]

  microsoft bought it or stolen or [TS]

  something i forget what [TS]

  anyway my point is this clearly because [TS]

  none of this memory double stuff happens [TS]

  in the story clearly somebody related to [TS]

  the movie was saying well what does it [TS]

  matter if he downloads too much memory [TS]

  just get a memory Doppler like I just [TS]

  got so they have to put in this whole [TS]

  rigmarole about him installing a memory [TS]

  doubler and his brain to go from 80 gig [TS]

  to a hundred and 60 gig and it's [TS]

  mentioned like six times throughout the [TS]

  movie where they just go on and on about [TS]

  how even after the memory doubler could [TS]

  just not had the memory doubler it [TS]

  really doesn't make anything any better [TS]

  and we get the the weird little port you [TS]

  know it's not quite a headphone jack but [TS]

  a but it's close [TS]

  so again something that they got wrong [TS]

  about the near future is all the things [TS]

  that are like headphone jacks will be [TS]

  gone by then [TS]

  well this is a little thing they could [TS]

  one of many things this movie does worse [TS]

  than the matrix in this movie [TS]

  he's got ahead jump a port in his head [TS]

  that you Jack something into just have [TS]

  to sweep his hair aside and poke a tiny [TS]

  little needle thing into it but in the [TS]

  matrix it's this giant port that you've [TS]

  pic with let's look at gasoline hose [TS]

  into the back of your head that looks [TS]

  cool in in either case i think it's safe [TS]

  to say Keanu was not made by happen [TS]

  the UH the memory w a tram doubler was [TS]

  like in the mid-nineties to that's [TS]

  absolutely well yeah I just yeah it is [TS]

  I just it's so absurd that's like why do [TS]

  we go through this extra stage but it's [TS]

  cool it's a cool idea man somebody i [TS]

  read i read somebody who said that that [TS]

  they thought this was a like they wanted [TS]

  to make a David Lynch movie but at some [TS]

  point somebody perhaps even the studio [TS]

  said no no it needs to be as literal and [TS]

  linear as possible that it might have [TS]

  even been william gibson who I know said [TS]

  something similar to that [TS]

  hehe says that there's a cut of this [TS]

  that he liked we were saying yesterday [TS]

  when we were why [TS]

  doing this Joe it's hard to imagine that [TS]

  there is a kind of a cut of this that [TS]

  could possibly be any good but perhaps [TS]

  if it was more nonsensical it would be a [TS]

  better movie because your brain could [TS]

  fill in the gaps with things like [TS]

  perhaps even double your brain could [TS]

  double the quality inn in your mind but [TS]

  as it is it's just all very linear and [TS]

  and boring and it's also just surprising [TS]

  because if there is a better cut of this [TS]

  would have to use entirely different [TS]

  footage with different performances [TS]

  because it where their alternate takes [TS]

  that were way better than they left on [TS]

  the cutting room floor for this with the [TS]

  studio's like no no that's too edgy [TS]

  let's go back to the one where they [TS]

  barely get the lines out yeah i have [TS]

  read another script by william gibson he [TS]

  wrote an alien 3 script that was [TS]

  floating around for a while they did not [TS]

  use it for the movie because it was [TS]

  completely unfilmable one of the [TS]

  features of it was that Ripley was on [TS]

  screen but comatose for the entire movie [TS]

  so they would have had to pay Sigourney [TS]

  Weaver whatever exhibited some she asked [TS]

  for to not do anything [TS]

  yeah well like I said he held a novelist [TS]

  and sure he really understands cinema so [TS]

  the courier is late these people up in [TS]

  the hotel they're angry because the [TS]

  careers late and then Keanu arrives and [TS]

  he he said he holds his briefcase and [TS]

  says double cheese anchovies [TS]

  mm okay like the pizza delivery guy he's [TS]

  mr. Smith though not to be confused with [TS]

  agent smith and the matrix because that [TS]

  is again a much better movie on all [TS]

  dimensions the end that and that leads [TS]

  him that so so these guys they're [TS]

  they're a bunch of guys in this room and [TS]

  I think there's at least one woman in [TS]

  there and there and there there it turns [TS]

  out there like scientists and they're [TS]

  trying to give him something to smuggle [TS]

  that's he's the this is the big score [TS]

  this is what he's going to do they need [TS]

  to get 320 gigabytes to newark it's [TS]

  extremely dangerous if that's too much [TS]

  capacity we know that he only has 160 [TS]

  gigabytes of free space with his memory [TS]

  doubler but he still agrees to it which [TS]

  is apparently extremely dangerous but he [TS]

  does it anyway there is a funny moment [TS]

  in here where kyon who says question [TS]

  you don't look like the people I usually [TS]

  work with which i think is interesting [TS]

  because that's totally not a question [TS]

  now and it's a statement and AE says [TS]

  question like to as like a prefix to [TS]

  several things that he says is this film [TS]

  is and it's like you don't need to say [TS]

  that something is the question [TS]

  interrogative just yeah they were [TS]

  worried he wasn't being robotic enough [TS]

  so there's I just to go all the way with [TS]

  it no you're too human [TS]

  dial it back but the way I don't [TS]

  understand that motivation behind that [TS]

  all is the real head scratcher and the [TS]

  you can tell it's really a future place [TS]

  because there are sealed mini blinds in [TS]

  a burgundy wall and some giant rear [TS]

  screen projection of some anime that's [TS]

  going on huh [TS]

  it's it's it's really strange what they [TS]

  chose to do with this and I e I don't [TS]

  even understand the dialogue that he's [TS]

  having where they would be like okay [TS]

  we're going to agree to give you this [TS]

  amount of data and you won't even tell [TS]

  us how much you could store he's just [TS]

  like it's enough it's like this this is [TS]

  a weird sort of equipment measuring [TS]

  question like this this is an actual [TS]

  like you need to do this in order to [TS]

  fill this job and a he's just blows it [TS]

  off as if it was nothing and it's very [TS]

  peculiar how they chose to do that no [TS]

  one will be seated during the thrilling [TS]

  technical specification seen you get the [TS]

  sense that he is trying to you know he [TS]

  doesn't care if it's dangerous to him [TS]

  because he's just trying to do this one [TS]

  last job and they may be are desperate [TS]

  because as far as they know they're [TS]

  going to get shot to death by the Yakuza [TS]

  in a very short amount of time so that [TS]

  all that all I you know you could you [TS]

  could headcanon some of that a little [TS]

  bit but you're right it seems if this is [TS]

  incredibly important information with [TS]

  that could change the world which is [TS]

  what what it turns out to be that having [TS]

  your shifty courier who showed up late [TS]

  pretending that is a briefcase is a [TS]

  pizza box and says no no it's fine it's [TS]

  fine it's fine i'm sure it's fine [TS]

  you might have some questions for him [TS]

  but they just kinda like let it go he [TS]

  puts on the VR goggles the the [TS]

  encryption system they've got is three [TS]

  frames from the TV as they click around [TS]

  with their clicker [TS]

  on the TV and they they they get those [TS]

  images and then they fax those to Newark [TS]

  because faxing it apparently is is much [TS]

  its likes to factor authorization [TS]

  two-factor authentication that you've [TS]

  got a fax machine and it's really cool [TS]

  features they can they can send a [TS]

  picture that's awesome you know my I [TS]

  love that little device that the prop [TS]

  master made for this [TS]

  he's if he's got this thing that looks [TS]

  like a photobooth series of photos of [TS]

  the three photos and there's this little [TS]

  flat reader thing that supposed to suck [TS]

  it in [TS]

  it's exactly sized for this photo to be [TS]

  faxed it's like what else were you [TS]

  faxing with this sounds awfully one [TS]

  purpose that single purpose but it is it [TS]

  is a bizarre direction to go with this [TS]

  because even in 1995 like there were [TS]

  better ways to transmit a series of [TS]

  photos than that so 88 idea i don't [TS]

  understand how that was supposed to be [TS]

  the future when I i love watching him [TS]

  when he's got the VR helmet on or VR [TS]

  goggles on and it's not be missing right [TS]

  and he's just like our the whole time I [TS]

  keep going back and forth to like what [TS]

  he's seeing and then and everybody's [TS]

  singing and finally we all went there [TS]

  making him watch Johnny mnemonic yeah [TS]

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  about making fun of a show movie for not [TS]

  getting the future correct because [TS]

  that's famously difficult but it's so [TS]

  weird watching a movie that insisted [TS]

  futuristic while having you know 320 [TS]

  gigabytes is a huge amount and we fact [TS]

  things and all the phones still have [TS]

  your standard touch tone buttons [TS]

  there's nothing like voice control of [TS]

  anything that even the AT&T logo is the [TS]

  current 1986 AT&T logo the VR goggles by [TS]

  the way look exactly like yeah like [TS]

  modern brand-new like oculus rift [TS]

  goggles there like Bennett nail bad that [TS]

  that actually looked pretty good that [TS]

  they got that one right [TS]

  I really felt bad for their lack of [TS]

  voice control when I had to pause the [TS]

  movie to go into another room and I was [TS]

  watching on my xbox and I could just say [TS]

  Xbox pause the movie and Paula while he [TS]

  was trying to dial a phone [TS]

  oh man and David groans earlier that's [TS]

  actually the sound Connery's makes he [TS]

  makes ya horrible groans as he's [TS]

  watching the VR having it loaded into [TS]

  his head anyway so he goes he's freaking [TS]

  out because he's just been loaded with [TS]

  way too much data so he goes to the [TS]

  bathroom does a little kungfu is he get [TS]

  his some bleeding from his nose which is [TS]

  the universal sign of something wrong in [TS]

  your brain is if you get a little [TS]

  nosebleed and the meanwhile the actors i [TS]

  have come we've been watching them come [TS]

  up in the elevator it's a very slow [TS]

  elevator sometimes it's as exciting as [TS]

  it sounds [TS]

  yeah yeah they uh they come in and and [TS]

  kill everybody basically they're they're [TS]

  killing people shooting people there the [TS]

  chopping people it and arms off and [TS]

  stuff like that with this my [TS]

  no filament with that guy that was the [TS]

  coolest thing in the world to me when I [TS]

  read the story [TS]

  see he's got a detachable thumb and a [TS]

  mono- monomolecular filament attached to [TS]

  it and it just slices through anything [TS]

  and everybody at my crowd thought that [TS]

  was the most amazing idea but we never [TS]

  quite got the idea right because we [TS]

  never remember it was monomolecular [TS]

  filament for some reason we thought it [TS]

  was monofilament for a long time fishing [TS]

  line [TS]

  yeah after reading the story in which [TS]

  this guy's thumb string cut people's [TS]

  heads off and slices through concrete it [TS]

  we were like that's where they sell this [TS]

  in walmart but that that's a point where [TS]

  the coolest thing in the world is just [TS]

  made boring by this movie it's true the [TS]

  the movies good at that happens a lot [TS]

  it is and I I kept expecting kiana to [TS]

  just as they walk into just for him to [TS]

  go out of the bathroom right behind them [TS]

  and just leave but instead he fight he [TS]

  does he does some fighting because I [TS]

  guess he does he knows kung foo write [TS]

  another echoes of echoes of the matrix [TS]

  they uh but but he he escapes and they [TS]

  torture essentially some of the people [TS]

  who are still alive to tell him to tell [TS]

  them where he's taking the data and they [TS]

  finally give up the important [TS]

  information work also interrupt the [TS]

  factors that they took like a chop the [TS]

  monofilament blade chops the three [TS]

  Polaroids into two chunks of two and one [TS]

  so he can reuse ends up with one and [TS]

  then they lose they lose the other [TS]

  it's like partially burned or something [TS]

  the other pictures and and the facts [TS]

  doesn't go through all the way and then [TS]

  and then at that point we cut to the [TS]

  free city of newark which is a bunch of [TS]

  buildings and then some like you know [TS]

  like i said fires in trash cans [TS]

  it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of [TS]

  sense though because they keep talking [TS]

  about the feds and federal authorities [TS]

  couple times and they have like a plane [TS]

  system that operates into the city so it [TS]

  it's weird this separation but it seems [TS]

  like a lawless uh like and [TS]

  not part of any government and yet they [TS]

  he's got a whole passport check that he [TS]

  goes through in his implants are scanned [TS]

  and all that well i don't know if you [TS]

  noticed that are not Jason but [TS]

  everything is legal in New Jersey [TS]

  interesting even flying the Concorde yes [TS]

  she does travel on the Concorde to to [TS]

  newark that's a good discount futuristic [TS]

  i know i did I playing that had stopped [TS]

  being in use but that's right this movie [TS]

  was made [TS]

  they're gonna bring it back just it is a [TS]

  retro look for the the Concord to it [TS]

  just looks like the old concord I we we [TS]

  take a visit very briefly to the tower [TS]

  headquarters of pharma com in the in the [TS]

  three City of Newark where they decided [TS]

  that they need the head of the career [TS]

  Johnny they don't just want to take the [TS]

  data out of him they want to cut off his [TS]

  head and so they're going to send [TS]

  somebody have one of the download codes [TS]

  and they are going to get his head [TS]

  Joe you have any comments about the [TS]

  farmer Comte our first appearing here [TS]

  this is the worst model building it up [TS]

  ever seen [TS]

  I can't believe that they did this it is [TS]

  is one of those things where you'd be [TS]

  like if you know a kid or teenager I put [TS]

  this together for like some sort of [TS]

  school report to be like that that's [TS]

  neat but in a film it does not hold up [TS]

  photographically at all [TS]

  I i don't know i don't understand why it [TS]

  wasn't just a photo of some other [TS]

  building and then they just put pharma [TS]

  com on top of it they have towers I mean [TS]

  even compare it to something like [TS]

  Robocop or something like that where [TS]

  they've had to make fake skyscrapers [TS]

  before movies have done this even before [TS]

  the the groundbreaking effects work done [TS]

  in Johnny mnemonic IHS is indescribable [TS]

  be painful for me that they keep cutting [TS]

  to this establishing shot it's not even [TS]

  like different angles because it's a [TS]

  three-dimensional model the cup to the [TS]

  same angle of this thing over and over [TS]

  and over again until the final time they [TS]

  cut to it when something unfortunate [TS]

  happens to the model but a a can't [TS]

  fathom why they chose to do this is [TS]

  bizarre never seen metropolis there's a [TS]

  pretty good fake tower that that's like [TS]

  70 years earlier i love the conversation [TS]

  inside the tower because it's one of [TS]

  those things where they have to tell [TS]

  someone you speak English [TS]

  I'll keep speaking Japanese and then [TS]

  they have one of those weird movie [TS]

  conversations you sometimes get where [TS]

  one person speaks one language and the [TS]

  other person speaks the other language [TS]

  and were left to assume they're both [TS]

  fully fluent in each other's languages [TS]

  so they don't have to spawn at any point [TS]

  just can't speak it [TS]

  yep doesn't have that off and it's not [TS]

  that interesting a scene either now and [TS]

  add Dennis who plays shinji as I don't [TS]

  know the exact region of Canada but it [TS]

  is definitely a Canadian accent it [TS]

  almost sounds very sort of looks like [TS]

  and it's so he has his is sort of i'm [TS]

  sorry about your kid you know and it's [TS]

  like don't talk about my kid and that is [TS]

  vaguely related to the plot as it [TS]

  unfolds because his daughter died of [TS]

  nerve attenuation syndrome you see [TS]

  yes black shakes man a bit it's not [TS]

  enough to sway him later except kind of [TS]

  sort of maybe but only was dying it its [TS]

  it's weird that they bring it up here [TS]

  and then almost do nothing with it other [TS]

  than bring it up one more time for a [TS]

  very long time until they need it so [TS]

  they bring that they we know when they [TS]

  wrote the script they put it put this in [TS]

  back earlier because they knew they [TS]

  would need it later I guess [TS]

  hey keanu reeves is going to he needs [TS]

  some help from a nerdy scientist and who [TS]

  better to play nerdy doctors scientists [TS]

  then Henry Rollins sure as as you do [TS]

  typical computer nerd role for him every [TS]

  Rollins so bad in this even for this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  he is noticeably terrible yeah spider [TS]

  this isn't even the best Henry Rollins [TS]

  acting performance that I've seen i [TS]

  would i would gladly watch bad boys to [TS]

  Henry Rollins over this this is this is [TS]

  not a tour de force performance that [TS]

  he's delivering here but nobody's really [TS]

  on their a game in this movie except you [TS]

  know [TS]

  dina meyer admire the one who delivers [TS]

  the best performance in the whole film [TS]

  was also introduced in the same scene [TS]

  here with with Henry Rollins and that's [TS]

  surprising because the Empire it so it's [TS]

  it's interesting that that you know I is [TS]

  that I could hold on to latch onto her [TS]

  the emotional driving force in all of [TS]

  the scenes that she said and no Keanu [TS]

  and definitely on Henry Rollins and [TS]

  anyone else i would argue that iced tea [TS]

  has several moments huh and and then for [TS]

  the most part he manages to sell this [TS]

  this sort of tone of I can't believe I'm [TS]

  doing this but ok here's the dialogue [TS]

  he's playing basically the same role he [TS]

  doesn't take girl except now he's not [TS]

  true wearing kangaroo makeup so that is [TS]

  good i would like to say that my [TS]

  girlfriend riots has also just watched [TS]

  Henry Rollins movie called he never died [TS]

  and she says he's great in it [TS]

  there he is an old angry person which [TS]

  seems more his speed [TS]

  yeah yeah I think he's he seems really [TS]

  really really really miss cast for this [TS]

  part of a spider the doctor lines in [TS]

  this where he tries to not sound angry [TS]

  or but he winds up sounding angry even [TS]

  though he shouldn't it's it's very odd [TS]

  he's good at angry but some of those [TS]

  lines should just be like oh what's this [TS]

  but no it's more like God's this and we [TS]

  also see Deena myers Jane here is she [TS]

  she's uh she's got she's obviously [TS]

  suffering from the early effects of [TS]

  nervous situation syndrome she's mad [TS]

  because she wants to be the Ralphie's [TS]

  bodyguard instead of the the two [TS]

  bodyguards God but she's she's not [TS]

  qualified cuz she's got the shakes and [TS]

  we also see iced tea is introduced about [TS]

  here as j-bone classic ice-t roll [TS]

  can we talk about Jane really quick yes [TS]

  yes in the story [TS]

  her character is Molly millions who is [TS]

  one of my favorite fictional characters [TS]

  of all time [TS]

  she also appears in neuromancer yep and [TS]

  she is the coolest cyberpunk easiest she [TS]

  is the epitome of cyberpunk will say [TS]

  that cyberpunk is all about mirrored [TS]

  shades it's basically because Molly [TS]

  millions had mirrored shades although [TS]

  really what she had was just the lenses [TS]

  implanted over her eyes [TS]

  and this movie took a great character [TS]

  and just jump down the gutter and yeah [TS]

  well it's not again I i think because [TS]

  neuromancer is right film rights had [TS]

  been sold [TS]

  they couldn't have Molly millions right [TS]

  so instead they just kind of its Jane [TS]

  she's fine she doesn't have her cool [TS]

  fingernail razor blades doesn't have [TS]

  anything [TS]

  no and you know she she's fine but the [TS]

  entire movie I'm furious that she's not [TS]

  Molly I've read neuromancer but I didn't [TS]

  piece together the that she was supposed [TS]

  to be like that care there's no way [TS]

  stroll [TS]

  there's no way you could because there's [TS]

  nothing left of that character yeah you [TS]

  have read johnny mnemonic and see that [TS]

  the character is named Molly and she's [TS]

  Molly there [TS]

  yeah but it's so I didn't find her as [TS]

  disappointing because she was she was [TS]

  actually a breath of fresh air [TS]

  comparatively most of the time and I [TS]

  like the scene with her and Ralphie and [TS]

  the bodyguards where she tries to [TS]

  demonstrate that she's good enough that [TS]

  she's faster and better than the the [TS]

  other it aging supposedly bodyguards [TS]

  that that he has and she can't hold her [TS]

  her hand still so it that it's a [TS]

  tonight's little test their doesn't [TS]

  involve any killing or doing anything [TS]

  specific you just can't hold the hand [TS]

  still she's got the shakes Baldy whoo [TS]

  yeah what is that is that Ralphie is [TS]

  called Baldy at this point on others [TS]

  Baldy Baldy see what else what else [TS]

  happens around here my notes are [TS]

  increasingly incoherent because i think [TS]

  i just started to write a suicide note [TS]

  the movie is increasingly and career and [TS]

  this is eighty percent of the way [TS]

  through my notes [TS]

  wow haha I so the we also have the the [TS]

  scene with a j-bone that you had [TS]

  described where counter reaches going to [TS]

  the place that Ralphie told him to go to [TS]

  be writing the video call that they had [TS]

  and he owned by the way a video call how [TS]

  you make a phone call in this world is [TS]

  you get in your VR goggles and we'll see [TS]

  this again later in detail you get your [TS]

  VR goggles and your VR [TS]

  but in all your VR equipment you bring [TS]

  up a screen and then there's a [TS]

  touch-tone pad in it that you dial in [TS]

  the air and then that's created a [TS]

  picture of years are such a long scene [TS]

  of him [TS]

  miming things moving things around with [TS]

  his hands which instead of being seen [TS]

  that the matrix would do much better [TS]

  it's a scene that Minority Report would [TS]

  do much better right [TS]

  it's a scene that parks and recreation [TS]

  would do much to see that shields and [TS]

  Yarnell with you [TS]

  anyone I'm and so yeah we have we have [TS]

  the attempted death here we're gonna [TS]

  extract his head by chopping it off this [TS]

  is the argument we're gonna cut off your [TS]

  head [TS]

  there's a line that they have one he [TS]

  strapped down which is a time to die a [TS]

  time and then there's a big explosion [TS]

  ok that was nonsensical I i really hate [TS]

  how he checks his watch is like time and [TS]

  then need an eclipse the the thing on [TS]

  the watching it wasn't the explosion at [TS]

  the explosive device that we saw and put [TS]

  on the outside but we need to get the [TS]

  explosives from you just went through [TS]

  security screening he's just that good [TS]

  the other inexplicable bit of dialogue [TS]

  here is I want you to do something for [TS]

  me say bye and then he get the hashed [TS]

  well it's every time he says something [TS]

  it's like i'm going to show off with my [TS]

  clever put out [TS]

  uh-huh every one of those moments so the [TS]

  point is that uh that uh there there's a [TS]

  there's another fight i first get [TS]

  chianti when they hit him on the head [TS]

  and they said oh not on the head [TS]

  we got cut off his head so that they're [TS]

  gonna cut off his head and that is when [TS]

  Jane crashes down through the ceiling [TS]

  vent saves Johnny slices the bad guys [TS]

  friend and I is a slice of the bad guy [TS]

  friend in half with the monofilament or [TS]

  who gets sliced with the mono the model [TS]

  i feel i think you're combining these [TS]

  two attacks [TS]

  oh yeah this is so that the one to get [TS]

  Keanu and then there's the one where she [TS]

  saves Keanu and they happen back-to-back [TS]

  hear this but this for these fight [TS]

  scenes combine two flaws you can't tell [TS]

  what's going on and also you don't care [TS]

  what's going on not accurate [TS]

  yeah you're a lot of points but you know [TS]

  after gonna get out of the situation and [TS]

  he takes here the one guy and then he's [TS]

  fighting the other guy and iced tea has [TS]

  his buddy who gets shot by accident on [TS]

  an iced tea you take the guy and like [TS]

  we're even [TS]

  you know don't mess with me it's like [TS]

  well you tell me something about you [TS]

  because i'm going to point a gun at you [TS]

  know mrs. i run heaven over there at the [TS]

  bridge and he turns around he's gone [TS]

  oh yeah that's the towel that works and [TS]

  also the bridge is ridiculous because [TS]

  it's a suspension bridge so I don't know [TS]

  how those cables were staying up but [TS]

  they did they were I I can't even [TS]

  remember what happens after that scene [TS]

  but they kinda way to but we should [TS]

  probably just skip ahead [TS]

  yeah for the second fight from here i [TS]

  have three more line three more notes [TS]

  this is where she saved him and this is [TS]

  where he gets busted that she's gonna go [TS]

  back in and confront Ralphie and he is [TS]

  trying to get this stuff from Alfea but [TS]

  the you know easy stretch strapped down [TS]

  to the table now and they have her go [TS]

  through the ceiling vent and drop down [TS]

  and save him and it's like i'll pay you [TS]

  20,000 yes to make it fifty thousand and [TS]

  okay deal [TS]

  so that's this great and then they get [TS]

  out of there yeah yeah and then the the [TS]

  use a guy who's very upset that the guy [TS]

  stood in the way with the door and the [TS]

  door closed and then eat instead of [TS]

  using the the the mono wire to open the [TS]

  door he turns around and kills Ralphie [TS]

  close relatives right the the slice and [TS]

  dice them three times and then you get a [TS]

  nice little cut of him sliding apart [TS]

  yes as if this were a japanese anime [TS]

  with somebody had been just slice three [TS]

  times with the the very sharp samurai [TS]

  sword but then he's out of there chasing [TS]

  them they run they run locked gonna have [TS]

  higher and running [TS]

  gunfire and running and you make a gun [TS]

  futuristic not by making it smaller but [TS]

  by making it bulkier you can't really [TS]

  tell what kind of gun it is [TS]

  yeah um [TS]

  and they just keep shooting things and [TS]

  running past tons of of uncollected [TS]

  trash and they arrive at a little [TS]

  stronger and put that you gotta pick it [TS]

  up and put it in the burning pin and [TS]

  then burn the trash for fuel [TS]

  oh well somebody should tell New Jersey [TS]

  that yeah but yeah they they get to the [TS]

  low-tech stronghold and yes oh it's it's [TS]

  it's it's iced tea again and he protects [TS]

  them and they because he and Jane know [TS]

  one another and she used to run with [TS]

  them [TS]

  what a coincidence all this is coming [TS]

  together right so the low-techs are able [TS]

  to protect them from the Yakuza and send [TS]

  them down into the steam tunnels [TS]

  something like an abandoned subway [TS]

  yeah and they they start walking through [TS]

  the abandoned subway if you were the [TS]

  Yakuza and you're like where did they go [TS]

  and be like probably along the path of [TS]

  the abandoned subway because it's it's a [TS]

  tunnel but they don't go looking for [TS]

  them necessarily and they have a very [TS]

  long seen here we have the first sort of [TS]

  like memory flashback from his memory [TS]

  seepage problem and she lets him sleep [TS]

  and he's very upset about it because [TS]

  that it you shouldn't because he's on [TS]

  he's on a timer from from all of this [TS]

  from the flashbacks to the Bible on the [TS]

  windows that she really cares yeah you [TS]

  know that this is this is a great [TS]

  relationship because both of them have [TS]

  seizures in sequence here first [TS]

  he has his seizure and she takes care of [TS]

  him and then later she has her her [TS]

  little ad network attached storage [TS]

  seizure of her own that he gets to watch [TS]

  so you know their bodies have a buddy [TS]

  and honey system [TS]

  really yeah meanwhile by the way this is [TS]

  the point where Takashi get spoken to by [TS]

  a computer program of some sort in the [TS]

  in the form of a of a lady's face [TS]

  yes that's him yeah and you go huh [TS]

  and then it cut away and it will be [TS]

  we'll come back to that later apparently [TS]

  la also he asks his office admin about [TS]

  what happened about seeing this and [TS]

  and there's this whole long scene where [TS]

  she's like that was the Swedish [TS]

  whatever-it-was who ran the company [TS]

  founder of the company [TS]

  yeah and she had her mind uploaded in [TS]

  Zurich to the thing by the Geneva [TS]

  whatever AI convention she's the it is a [TS]

  whole long rambling expository thing of [TS]

  how she came to be and it's like the [TS]

  cheese should do anything in the film [TS]

  she just shows up every hour and shouts [TS]

  of people who remind you that reminds [TS]

  people of things and again you've got [TS]

  this really kind of interesting [TS]

  cyberpunk backstory that we are entirely [TS]

  just holed up in a in a download and [TS]

  this is the sort of thing that never [TS]

  happens in the william gibson story [TS]

  started early one because he's all about [TS]

  really short declarative sentences and [TS]

  moving things along and having stuff [TS]

  happened there are no times in neuro [TS]

  enter or burning chrome where everyone [TS]

  just stops and someone delivers a [TS]

  five-minute backstory speech [TS]

  yeah even the staging of this she's [TS]

  sitting in a chair reading off of like a [TS]

  clipboard with her head down looking at [TS]

  the clipboard so she's not even the the [TS]

  camera is looking at the top of her head [TS]

  to the weird but that she has on top and [TS]

  he's sitting against his desk and they [TS]

  just cut back and forth between the two [TS]

  of them it's like why would you staged [TS]

  something like this it is it is beyond [TS]

  bizarre it is so uninteresting in every [TS]

  way [TS]

  what is being said what you're shooting [TS]

  it is is tedious but that anyway that [TS]

  scene bothers me [TS]

  they you know recover and they go to go [TS]

  to this thing through the abandoned mall [TS]

  food court [TS]

  wherever they walk through is that was i [TS]

  I thought that was kind of a fun touch [TS]

  the the big they walk through a mall [TS]

  yeah that the mall seen better days uh [TS]

  oh and Johnny explains that he had to [TS]

  dump a chunk of his long-term memory his [TS]

  childhood was dumped in order to get his [TS]

  get his implants put in but now he needs [TS]

  to get to a computer [TS]

  he says they walk through the the [TS]

  shopping mall that has been colonized by [TS]

  people people living in it now the [TS]

  abandoned shopping mall and I my note [TS]

  here is you need to get to a computer [TS]

  and I thought if only there were some [TS]

  sort of mobile device that can get you [TS]

  on the internet and 20 [TS]

  he's about to say a word that does is [TS]

  not the word it sounds like it's time to [TS]

  build a pc no one will be seated during [TS]

  the exciting building a virtual reality [TS]

  pc scene where there's exciting music we [TS]

  see a lot of different products [TS]

  including one called the Thompson iphone [TS]

  which made me laugh but i think its eyes [TS]

  like it goes on your eyes therein he [TS]

  assembles this this thing he's got a [TS]

  data gloves and he's got is because we [TS]

  are thing is to put it all together [TS]

  because he's gotta make this make this [TS]

  phone call and and then we get to see [TS]

  the EV amazing vr interface which is [TS]

  that there's a globe that he grabs and [TS]

  then he dials on a keypad invr pretty [TS]

  are and then he has a phone call my [TS]

  favorite piece of technology is the GPL [TS]

  stealth module um you know your your [TS]

  graphics you want to have to be as [TS]

  stealthy as possible you want anyone to [TS]

  detect your graphics it is it is weird [TS]

  the way they came up with these mangled [TS]

  sentences for these the stuff i liked [TS]

  the scene of him building this the [TS]

  computer out of the random stuff they [TS]

  found in that room because it reminded [TS]

  me of every episode of the a-team except [TS]

  the music was as inspiring and i'm [TS]

  usually got with the close-ups of people [TS]

  welding things together to turn a [TS]

  tractor into it [TS]

  impregnable tank that shot potatoes [TS]

  there's a weird conversation vr but if [TS]

  there's a huge plots which is the fax [TS]

  modem has a buffer and so some of the [TS]

  fat thing that was facts remember the [TS]

  facts earlier that was in fact a plot [TS]

  point tax-related foot point maybe in [TS]

  the buffer in newark copy shop or or [TS]

  should I say the newark copy shop [TS]

  because it's referred to as the copy [TS]

  shop there's only the one is in the [TS]

  future there you know who needs copies [TS]

  is interaction of a hacking into the [TS]

  hotel so that he can get this [TS]

  information [TS]

  he's just grabbing these these parts of [TS]

  this triangular block and turning them [TS]

  and that's like okay I'm unlock now it's [TS]

  like a commonly it's like he's a he's [TS]

  crossed safecrackers and also he's like [TS]

  he goes to the the lobby of the virtual [TS]

  reality of the hotel and then and and [TS]

  then dials into well it's like you have [TS]

  to solve a rubik's cube to hack in we [TS]

  have [TS]

  no idea but they didn't appear on unix [TS]

  yeah they didn't want to make it too [TS]

  complicated to it's like a two by two by [TS]

  two Rubik's Cube instead it is peculiar [TS]

  because also when he goes on to hack [TS]

  some other stuff later on it it is just [TS]

  just physically manipulating some things [TS]

  a couple times and it's like okay attack [TS]

  now it's like I don't really think that [TS]

  that is that is a good way to do any of [TS]

  this but a and I certainly don't think [TS]

  it helps to communicating to the [TS]

  audience but i guess it would have been [TS]

  too complicated and too you know for [TS]

  boring not this movie is afraid of doing [TS]

  boring you know how to communicate and [TS]

  either way of doing it i'm not going to [TS]

  show how to really hack things it's a [TS]

  bite block but it's in virtual reality [TS]

  so that makes it a high-security no it's [TS]

  just a bike lock you just turn it it [TS]

  pops right off and then you can access [TS]

  into the buffer zone fax machines i [TS]

  guess this is why you have to entrust [TS]

  your data to someone to physically walk [TS]

  around the planet yeah it turns out this [TS]

  fax machines have more memory in them [TS]

  that he does ridiculous so they put a [TS]

  virus on them [TS]

  yeah black ice that sounds like bad news [TS]

  yeah and and also the the cars are [TS]

  coming to get them the acura cars their [TS]

  electric cars apparently because they [TS]

  dumped in a kind of high-pitched [TS]

  electrical whine as they're coming [TS]

  together so you can tell they're [TS]

  electric cars it's the future because [TS]

  the future they'll be electric cars ok [TS]

  alright fair enough [TS]

  good job Johnny mnemonic alright that [TS]

  reminds me of free Jack where the other [TS]

  to make some turistic was put some giant [TS]

  foam stuff all over the cars and that [TS]

  one that looks like a tank anyway I [TS]

  would get us into free jet that also [TS]

  movie with problems how shy but it's not [TS]

  take Jagger's dat the AI face dead ghost [TS]

  lady in the computer the ghost in the [TS]

  machine says oh they're coming you've [TS]

  got to go and warn them off and they [TS]

  have to run away because the electric [TS]

  cars are coming [TS]

  this is when we're introduced to another [TS]

  one of our key characters in the film it [TS]

  is the hairy Jesus murderer known as [TS]

  street preacher played by Dolph Lundgren [TS]

  and he's great in this he is [TS]

  I love this character it is interesting [TS]

  too because this is apparently after he [TS]

  had improved his english speaking [TS]

  abilities so that he's very articulate [TS]

  as the preacher in comparison to see you [TS]

  know like master the university manor [TS]

  something so E is actually a much better [TS]

  than you would imagine Dolph Lundgren to [TS]

  be if I were to tell you that Dolph [TS]

  Lundgren was a murderous preacher in a [TS]

  movie so I I like him in this [TS]

  oh yeah he's a long way from I must [TS]

  break you [TS]

  well I think he's super super fun and [TS]

  this is he is a lot of fun i would say [TS]

  is probably the best actor in the movie [TS]

  he legitimately seems to have some kind [TS]

  of inner life which certainly nobody [TS]

  else does [TS]

  yes and he enjoys his work he has [TS]

  motivation that he apparently kills [TS]

  people for money so we can keep adding [TS]

  more cyber implants to himself and keep [TS]

  getting more and more powerful [TS]

  yep and occasionally something about [TS]

  Jesus that you get you got it that you [TS]

  nailed him I owe at this point jane says [TS]

  I know I know this guy a spider he can [TS]

  fix your and she has the her her seizure [TS]

  her shakes but it's a black shapes yeah [TS]

  it's the it's the Naas I think [TS]

  somebody's baby playing at Coachella one [TS]

  of these years the black shape yeah [TS]

  anything lately black shake bone and so [TS]

  Henry Rollins going home or wait I got [TS]

  one more [TS]

  that was good news McHale says black [TS]

  shakes her back haha it's just it's [TS]

  quitting flavored you would know you've [TS]

  attenuated my nerves now monitor and [TS]

  Henry Rollins tries to help her [TS]

  the ghost in the machine appears again [TS]

  the street Street picture appears and [TS]

  kills a guy there inside with more [TS]

  burning trash cans which as I said [TS]

  before is a sign of the apocalypse but [TS]

  also not healthy on the inside to burn [TS]

  your trash cans [TS]

  leave that outside folks what if they're [TS]

  weird high-tech trash that he met oxygen [TS]

  when they're burnt no interesting we we [TS]

  learned [TS]

  origin of dr. all come who is maybe the [TS]

  person that they need to find out the [TS]

  secrets from about about Johnny's [TS]

  implants and because they remember [TS]

  Johnny remember that he had implants we [TS]

  sort of forgot because there was a lot [TS]

  of nonsense going on dr. all come it [TS]

  turns out your spider says is actually [TS]

  just a medical term for when they don't [TS]

  want to freak people out when there's [TS]

  something incredibly difficult and scary [TS]

  happening at the hospital they'll page [TS]

  dr. all come which means everybody needs [TS]

  to come because something bad just [TS]

  happened so that was a nice little bit [TS]

  of medical trivia [TS]

  thanks Henry Rollins somebody writing [TS]

  the script had the United 95 equivalent [TS]

  of wikipedia encarta sure and said oh I [TS]

  gotta work this into my next movie by [TS]

  whatever means necessary [TS]

  there's there's some trust issues [TS]

  between ken Reeves and entering ones [TS]

  especially this is your moral dilemma of [TS]

  the movie really which is that what [TS]

  Henry Rollins basically says look you've [TS]

  got the cure for naas in there that's [TS]

  what this is this company with their [TS]

  with their fake tower pharma com they [TS]

  have found the cure but they don't want [TS]

  to save anybody with it because they're [TS]

  havin they're making too much money from [TS]

  their various drugs and so this is the [TS]

  way where the corporations are screwing [TS]

  the little guy we can get it out we're [TS]

  rip your your uh your implants out and [TS]

  get the Cure out but you will maybe not [TS]

  die but you'll have some you know you [TS]

  have no long-term memory and probably [TS]

  some problems with your movement but uh [TS]

  but hey you'll save millions of people [TS]

  and you're probably gonna die regardless [TS]

  of what happens [TS]

  so what do you say and then this is it [TS]

  this is the moral dilemma for Johnny I [TS]

  guess which is you know does he let them [TS]

  you know crippled him or kill him in [TS]

  exchange for the secure which i think [TS]

  basically never gets resolved because [TS]

  Harry Jesus murder Dolph Lundgren [TS]

  attacks them and then it doesn't matter [TS]

  but I thought that was an interesting [TS]

  attempt to have at least some sort of [TS]

  moral dilemma for Johnny yeah and he's [TS]

  got to be selfless not that was ever [TS]

  into that being [TS]

  an issue before this I guess strongly [TS]

  now is like ma like Monty said he has is [TS]

  his break down shortly after this where [TS]

  has all this responsibility that he [TS]

  didn't want to have to deal with when [TS]

  they take spiders dump truck thing and [TS]

  go over to heaven and the the E he gets [TS]

  very frustrated and lays it all out [TS]

  there all this pent-up rage that he has [TS]

  about room service etc that Monty [TS]

  discussed and so it was sort of strange [TS]

  that the dilemma isn't as tethered to [TS]

  the rest of the things that you know [TS]

  it's not like he's been selling people [TS]

  out the whole entire time that we've [TS]

  seen on screen because we've only seen [TS]

  this one transaction right yeah he's [TS]

  purposely enigmatic to us is his name is [TS]

  Johnny he doesn't even have a last name [TS]

  and he doesn't remember but to this past [TS]

  so I felt like they were purposely [TS]

  saying he's nobody [TS]

  and then all of a sudden he has to make [TS]

  a decision that has nothing to do with [TS]

  him and it seems like bad mood because [TS]

  you do you think made you think that yes [TS]

  as surprised maybe a little bit uh oh [TS]

  Dolph Lundgren attacks they run they [TS]

  want to set up a meet to baby again [TS]

  still trying hoping against hope that [TS]

  there's going to be a way out of this [TS]

  turns out though that he's not talking [TS]

  to real person he's talking to a puppet [TS]

  being controlled by a virtual reality [TS]

  they a fake person he's talking to [TS]

  it's happened to all of us the ghost [TS]

  machine appears again and bugs takahashi [TS]

  about about doing the right thing and [TS]

  his and his daughter i think at this [TS]

  point and then we get to the scene that [TS]

  makes the movie if you thought the movie [TS]

  was slow before it stops the movie [TS]

  gentleman's tracks which is the action [TS]

  set piece where they try to get up into [TS]

  the bridge which is being patrolled by a [TS]

  couple of idiots [TS]

  it's the comic relief because it's been [TS]

  so tense and dramatic up until now we [TS]

  need these dopes there was neither [TS]

  comedy no relief that occurred in the [TS]

  scene III there there that there is an [TS]

  idiot the bridge speaking things we can [TS]

  I can't even understand [TS]

  and they are looking down at are our [TS]

  heroes who are down below at one point [TS]

  there's a mistake and they drop a car on [TS]

  the van but they came over in and blow [TS]

  it up which should mean something and [TS]

  doesn't it doesn't mean they just sort [TS]

  of sets up the the fact that they have [TS]

  some sort of defensive measure where [TS]

  they can drop this car which they use [TS]

  one other time after this there's [TS]

  another car exactly like this car that [TS]

  also blows things up i did like that [TS]

  Jane was just standing there kind of [TS]

  staring off into the distance and Johnny [TS]

  had to come save her from that she's his [TS]

  bodyguard and she did not notice the [TS]

  flaming VW Bug plummeting from the sky [TS]

  I don't know how much of it has to do [TS]

  with the way they decided to make the [TS]

  film i'm assuming that in the short [TS]

  story she was a she was much more of the [TS]

  person protecting him then is featured [TS]

  here because it seems almost like this [TS]

  is the sort of your traditional latino [TS]

  guy has to protect the girl even though [TS]

  she's supposed to be a ridiculously [TS]

  awesome person you can do anything [TS]

  yeah and yeah yeah weird thats that's [TS]

  exactly right then iced tea comes down [TS]

  his little platform yeah it comes to get [TS]

  them we we have we do have a moment in [TS]

  here where Johnny this is this is the [TS]

  more I find it very bizarre that we're [TS]

  suddenly supposed to sort of I Jenna [TS]

  identify with johnny is a person right [TS]

  because this is where he says now I'm [TS]

  responsible for the whole world he rants [TS]

  about wanting laundered shirts or [TS]

  hookers [TS]

  ok always laundry your hooker shoes [TS]

  that's right you don't know where [TS]

  they've been tip your shirts in to them [TS]

  so yeah so I see comes down to get them [TS]

  he's wearing like ski goggles I I [TS]

  thought that was a good look for him now [TS]

  I felt like this might i I can't defend [TS]

  this but I felt like this maybe wasn't [TS]

  supposed to be iced tea or one of the [TS]

  earlier Henry Rollins is wasn't supposed [TS]

  to be Henry Rollins this is the third [TS]

  time we run into ice tea and we went [TS]

  running ran into Henry Rollins a couple [TS]

  times yes and I don't know it just like [TS]

  I didn't have enough characters [TS]

  like why is this the same guy he ran [TS]

  into twice before because we paid money [TS]

  for a skipper is it's also weird because [TS]

  it seems like every time they meet [TS]

  it's like the first time they've ever [TS]

  met yeah there's a lot of who's this guy [TS]

  well you just saw that cut out all of [TS]

  the previous ice-t scenes in this film [TS]

  and it's just been this introduction [TS]

  here it would play exactly the same [TS]

  which is which is very peculiar in terms [TS]

  of like the with a chose to do with this [TS]

  and also if you cut out all the other [TS]

  seen step for the low-tech thing you'd [TS]

  be like oh LOL a nicety cameo that has [TS]

  nothing to do with anything but he's [TS]

  here and then he's gone and it had [TS]

  nothing to do with anything and then the [TS]

  very beginning same thing I have no idea [TS]

  why they chose to make it so that it [TS]

  doesn't build at all to anything and so [TS]

  is a maybe they were just like I don't [TS]

  know if the scene is gonna work so we [TS]

  better construct every time we meet him [TS]

  so that it's just we can be exercised or [TS]

  something it is very peculiar maybe he [TS]

  just has bad short-term memory [TS]

  yeah well he has memory problems like [TS]

  shakes uh Johnny almost has a memory of [TS]

  his childhood here he and Gina almost [TS]

  kiss in and totally honored way but then [TS]

  they don't you just summed up the [TS]

  remains of the day [TS]

  yeah haha inside this place and also [TS]

  this is very much like the remains of [TS]

  the day inside the ICU check place they [TS]

  have a bunch of tvs oh I love this set [TS]

  design it's just a million TVs a million [TS]

  tvs that reminds me Monty of a a public [TS]

  art project you'd see at UC San Diego [TS]

  oh and I'm serious this this is very [TS]

  nostalgic for when a million TVs [TS]

  everywhere was a thing you could do like [TS]

  you're putting on your low budget play [TS]

  what we do for the set million tvs are [TS]

  wired together so that they are like a [TS]

  color or something [TS]

  yeah yeah so they've got that and then [TS]

  but I ste explains know whether the [TS]

  video comes in and then we remix it and [TS]

  then we and we like extracted and then [TS]

  we provide broadcast it out and in lots [TS]

  of other junk that he says here because [TS]

  it's like super cool man [TS]

  which I kept thinking that the plot was [TS]

  going to be that since they were [TS]

  recording the three images to unlock his [TS]

  memory at a loss of the television that [TS]

  if they got one of the images they could [TS]

  know when it they could figure out like [TS]

  when it aired and what the other [TS]

  channels were and they could figure out [TS]

  how to unlock the code that totally [TS]

  didn't you you're being too smart to one [TS]

  way to go [TS]

  I I think he's just like rebroadcasting [TS]

  all the law and order and and Special [TS]

  Victims Unit episodes over and over [TS]

  again [TS]

  again [TS]

  that's what from the future yeah we have [TS]

  it but it's the movies past ok maybe you [TS]

  know there's a totally sane rational [TS]

  explanation for why they don't do any of [TS]

  that Jason and that is because they have [TS]

  a navy operative who is very Jones [TS]

  specifically trained in dealing with the [TS]

  sort of stuff in dealing with a criminal [TS]

  and and it's it's a cyborg dolphin it's [TS]

  it is and are with no major friend that [TS]

  is my last note of the movie that's 100 [TS]

  yes Jones is a dolphin and with with [TS]

  cyborg kind of parts they attach Johnny [TS]

  to the virtual reality the Yakuza those [TS]

  guys never give up [TS]

  they attack my notes say fights comma [TS]

  nonsense it is directed so poorly [TS]

  you have no idea what hang and the [TS]

  matrix that people are dressed like [TS]

  they're in the matrix there's guys in [TS]

  cool black trench coats there fighting [TS]

  Keanu Reeves and man is a terrible it's [TS]

  terrible and boring and nonsensical the [TS]

  ghost in the machine appears again and [TS]

  tells Takashi that his daughter died of [TS]

  the disease he needs to he needs to make [TS]

  a difference now he gets shot [TS]

  there's more shooting there they hang [TS]

  that one point they're being chased and [TS]

  they end up it is like trap door goes [TS]

  open and they're hanging over the water [TS]

  under the bridge but the the model of [TS]

  the monofilament cable cuts the the the [TS]

  bad guy so they're they're saved but oh [TS]

  the preacher street preachers there and [TS]

  he's got he's got Jane and Takashi has [TS]

  been shot as we saw before but he has [TS]

  the second photo and he said about his [TS]

  dead daughter who died of the horrible [TS]

  disease and then I have a line that i [TS]

  believe i've never written before which [TS]

  is dolphins apps him very slowly but [TS]

  this is literally at we we are led to [TS]

  believe that their that since the street [TS]

  preachers there things are are in dire [TS]

  straits and then [TS]

  are they going to get out of this and [TS]

  what happens is very very very slowly [TS]

  they maneuver the dolphin and Keanu [TS]

  Reeves so that the dolphin can use his [TS]

  sonic wave power amplified through an [TS]

  antenna to microwave the street preacher [TS]

  basically but it's so slow it is the it [TS]

  is it is the opposite of action it is [TS]

  just very very methodically this happen [TS]

  for a long stretch of time before [TS]

  finally Dolph Lundgren burst into flames [TS]

  and is in like 20 seconds is just a [TS]

  desiccated microwave corpse on the [TS]

  ground [TS]

  I thought it was a magnet not a [TS]

  microwave like I thought it was pulling [TS]

  his nanotechnology out of it I that [TS]

  could be why don't i don't know that [TS]

  would have been more into amplified [TS]

  dolphin waves though that are doing it [TS]

  as far as i can tell that doesn't make [TS]

  the microwaves anymore that makes it is [TS]

  microwave scientifically sound as [TS]

  microwaves because of the transmitter [TS]

  was a microtransmitter but i might be [TS]

  wrong all of us may be wrong because [TS]

  it's really technically making me sad [TS]

  situation like a very strong very low [TS]

  wattage microwave he slowly gets burned [TS]

  on the outside and presumably is frozen [TS]

  on the inside and and and he calls / [TS]

  just microwave or so sorry with them we [TS]

  don't feel ya anyway maybe that is have [TS]

  microwaves working hard and trying to [TS]

  microwave like one of those frozen [TS]

  burritos they didn't exactly hate evenly [TS]

  are you saying street preacher was [TS]

  frozen on the inside to begin with [TS]

  maybe that's why he needed obviously [TS]

  metaphorically yeah I'm saying he was a [TS]

  burrito [TS]

  ok microwaves don't freeze things on the [TS]

  inside they start for you and then [TS]

  anyways just what the major third the [TS]

  third image it turns out the third image [TS]

  they've been looking for its in the data [TS]

  is that great [TS]

  it's in the data they didn't need to get [TS]

  to third image after all and I think I [TS]

  stay at this point declares to everybody [TS]

  hey everyone out there because they're [TS]

  gonna broadcast the cure to everyone he [TS]

  says get your VCR is ready [TS]

  yeah so what that means is we know that [TS]

  the thing that was recorded inside [TS]

  Johnny's head was a video file of some [TS]

  sort not a high-quality one we see some [TS]

  of it and does look like it's from DHS [TS]

  yeah 320 gigabytes [TS]

  which means these people are going to be [TS]

  watching it for a long long time [TS]

  I think they're taking all the data and [TS]

  they're just outputting it is a on the [TS]

  video signal in order to get it into the [TS]

  world using the means that they've got [TS]

  well you'd like to think that but we see [TS]

  the start of the transmission it says [TS]

  like video pharma com data [TS]

  ok maybe maybe they're referring to your [TS]

  data VCRs from the future [TS]

  o Sole o this transmission does make a [TS]

  building catch on fire so it's not it's [TS]

  not worried about it immediately [TS]

  it does not broadcast to get the [TS]

  building sketch it's actually like that [TS]

  the the pokemon episode that caused [TS]

  seizures this it's that kind of so what [TS]

  happens is and I'm gonna let me explain [TS]

  that sense that a wire up Keanu he's [TS]

  gonna download the stuff out of his [TS]

  implants and and transmitted that's what [TS]

  they're going to do so it's going to be [TS]

  are the highlight and Monty this is [TS]

  about when my notes see the highlight is [TS]

  not just did they have a cipher dolphin [TS]

  a tank but when he goes into VR and is [TS]

  struggling to hack things in order to [TS]

  get out his his uh his his data from his [TS]

  implants [TS]

  yes hes hacking his own brain he is [TS]

  aided by AVR dolphin because the dolphin [TS]

  is also in VR and when there's a little [TS]

  3d dolphin who appears at several points [TS]

  like a level of a video game by 1995 [TS]

  because of mud and mux people understood [TS]

  that when you're online you could have [TS]

  any avatar you want but the dolphin [TS]

  didn't be on the internet no one knows [TS]

  you're a dolphin that's that had a lion [TS]

  or something [TS]

  so the download proceeds Johnny's [TS]

  memories are starting to come back to [TS]

  him as well thank goodness i was really [TS]

  worried about Johnny as a human being in [TS]

  a character I don't remember that all is [TS]

  where i watch this movie I don't [TS]

  remember anything about him whining [TS]

  about that remember all literally all it [TS]

  is is oh I don't have any childhood [TS]

  memories and there's a flash of a [TS]

  childhood memory of him like with a [TS]

  birthday cake of happy birthday Johnny [TS]

  and then later he's like oh yeah my [TS]

  birthday party now you've got money [TS]

  that's the whole story are right there [TS]

  like 30 i like that but what happens [TS]

  while the MIT Johnny's memories are [TS]

  being downloaded yes the the frilly [TS]

  faked [TS]

  our that Joe mentioned earlier just [TS]

  burst into flames pharma com tower [TS]

  catches on fire because of data exports [TS]

  I don't really understand which I would [TS]

  like to think was chose favorite moments [TS]

  in the list not a joke how do you feel [TS]

  at all like what what was your favorite [TS]

  moment is so many hard to pick [TS]

  I i holding the hand still actually be [TS]

  my favorite moment from from even being [TS]

  serious about the yeah this is a tower [TS]

  catching on fire does nothing for me [TS]

  because I thought oh they maybe they [TS]

  they made this model because they're [TS]

  gonna blow it up [TS]

  they didn't even have the guts to blow [TS]

  up the model i guess maybe they're like [TS]

  what if you have to reshoot this model [TS]

  we better only slightly set it on fire [TS]

  it doesn't Wilson jide a widow [TS]

  it totally least yeah yeah so it's [TS]

  payback time [TS]

  there's a line that happens here and [TS]

  then um and then what happens is we get [TS]

  exactly what we wanted the payoff for [TS]

  this movie that we wanted which is [TS]

  johnny and Jane standing in front of a [TS]

  green screen with the fiery tower faked [TS]

  our madden behind them look at each [TS]

  other meaningfully and once again don't [TS]

  really kiss and that's the end haha yay [TS]

  they're free we're free uh so my last [TS]

  let this is where i wrote after this [TS]

  movie finished and we got that point i [TS]

  wrote I wrote my last note and i'm just [TS]

  going to read it verbatim now what the [TS]

  actual haha oh can we curse [TS]

  only I can curse Monty no go ahead i [TS]

  believe it at all it's all bleep being [TS]

  bleeped well since every other word in [TS]

  the damn movie was fucking but many of [TS]

  my notes contain the phrase super the [TS]

  virtual reality the special effects the [TS]

  dialogue hug you know we seem to bad [TS]

  movies where I thought oh this got away [TS]

  from them but at least it's it's danny [TS]

  and wacky or or what were they thinking [TS]

  this this is like I I don't understand [TS]

  how this could have been made [TS]

  I i really am baffled by it is it is [TS]

  it's not like a cool cat where it's [TS]

  somebody who doesn't seem to have seen [TS]

  any movies before but it is in hit does [TS]

  really feel like a movie directed by a [TS]

  sculptor there's even like basic stuff [TS]

  withheld they made this worse like the [TS]

  execution is completely absent from this [TS]

  leo says not even like people executing [TS]

  well on a poor idea or people that have [TS]

  a great idea that's executed poorly it [TS]

  is just checking all the boxes at doing [TS]

  is bad [TS]

  what up across the board so I I don't [TS]

  understand like if you were the director [TS]

  and this is the first time directing [TS]

  maybe you were just scared to give the [TS]

  actors direction or something because i [TS]

  can't imagine them turning in these [TS]

  performances otherwise and like you said [TS]

  you know [TS]

  dina meyer and Dolph Lundgren highlights [TS]

  of the acting in this film [TS]

  Keanu Reeves horrible and you know he's [TS]

  gone on to do much better things than [TS]

  this and I I a just a can't fathom what [TS]

  this is other than the direction is most [TS]

  just not be there [TS]

  he's his he had directed music videos so [TS]

  it's not like he's totally inept but you [TS]

  know it's a different muscle flexing [TS]

  their but yeah the acting isn't is just [TS]

  nothing nothing works and there are [TS]

  several points in the movie I mean [TS]

  there's the one where early on where the [TS]

  the two of them are getting 1 speaking [TS]

  in vegas Japanese and the other speaking [TS]

  English back and forth and and it just [TS]

  cuts between two identical headshots [TS]

  yeah and it never changes and there's no [TS]

  there's nothing visually interesting [TS]

  about it there is no point for it to be [TS]

  this close [TS]

  there's no longshots there's no two [TS]

  shots it's just back forth back forth [TS]

  it's like pong like what what are you [TS]

  doing and there's a pong I would have [TS]

  liked to see Pauline this I would [TS]

  totally avoidable pong is a little more [TS]

  technologically advanced by this point [TS]

  in kino reaches career he had been in [TS]

  good movies like he got his head i mean [TS]

  dangerous liaisons is a fantastic movie [TS]

  even if he's terrible in it he does [TS]

  my own private idaho and speed he was in [TS]

  speed it was a big hess yeah the year [TS]

  and more and then he just lost [TS]

  everything it's weird and I mean you can [TS]

  tell there i mean i remember the whole [TS]

  marketing push and all the synergy right [TS]

  in the lasso need my energy and the TV [TS]

  tie-in novelization and this then [TS]

  descript you could buy the scripts and [TS]

  realization of this and you could get TV [TS]

  t-shirts and hats and hack your own [TS]

  brain i actually am i think i mentioned [TS]

  at the beginning I want to get back to [TS]

  44 years later the matrix came out and [TS]

  and there are some things these movies [TS]

  have in common and and I think it goes [TS]

  to show how I you know this this is just [TS]

  like what not to do this is the left [TS]

  turn and that's the right turn that [TS]

  there that there are so many things that [TS]

  in terms of every aspect of this [TS]

  production that are done well in the [TS]

  matrix and and poorly in Johnny mnemonic [TS]

  and Keanu Reeves is a good example of [TS]

  that where his character is is not that [TS]

  different in some ways between the two [TS]

  movies and yet and Keanu Reeves you know [TS]

  he's alive he has a limited actor okay [TS]

  yeah he can be deployed well and in this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  he is he is left to drown by the [TS]

  director [TS]

  yeah and i mean it's it's so weird that [TS]

  there are only four years apart too [TS]

  because I mean it's like you said about [TS]

  Max Headroom feeling more advanced even [TS]

  that was 9 years earlier and and this [TS]

  feels like a late seventies early [TS]

  eighties take on what will the computers [TS]

  be like right [TS]

  it reminded me a lot of that that [TS]

  overdrawn at the memory bank film with [TS]

  another no oh yes it is that the MST did [TS]

  but it is the same kind of like here's [TS]

  what virtual reality will be like and [TS]

  it's now home [TS]

  well this is a your fault Joe because [TS]

  you listen I i compiled a list of things [TS]

  and I seem to recall that they were very [TS]

  many people who were like yes I totally [TS]

  want to do that and I i totally would i [TS]

  I've never side never seen it before and [TS]

  I've read all [TS]

  of william gibson's novels and i was [TS]

  very interested in how wrong it could be [TS]

  and it is [TS]

  yeah it is it is banned all phases it is [TS]

  it's it's there are some ideas in here [TS]

  but even they are so poorly i don't know [TS]

  what I expect I expected something kind [TS]

  of incompetently done where I things [TS]

  that you know they they tried really [TS]

  hard to be something more and it just [TS]

  fell apart and and yet watching it I [TS]

  didn't feel like that at all I felt like [TS]

  it was kind of sluggish and lazy and and [TS]

  and pulling on the tropes of cyberpunk [TS]

  but never really getting what made [TS]

  cyberpunk stuff great across and maybe [TS]

  that has to do with I mean look you've [TS]

  got a screenplay written by a novelist [TS]

  and directed at a film directed by a [TS]

  sculptor Scott you know he's Jason you [TS]

  hate the accident while the actors are [TS]

  dentists the set designers were floor [TS]

  well what if what if the edges are [TS]

  actors are claiming matagi fer ya one of [TS]

  the actresses rock musician the [TS]

  cinematographer is it off apologist it [TS]

  just goes on and on and on with people [TS]

  not doing their jobs that's you're [TS]

  exactly right that it feels like someone [TS]

  taking those troops it feels like a lazy [TS]

  ripoff of William Gibbs I know what [TS]

  that's the baffling thing about him [TS]

  being to a screenplay grab it like the [TS]

  few good things that are in it are [TS]

  clearly it's like oh yeah thats I [TS]

  remember that from the story or I [TS]

  remember that from just Gibson himself [TS]

  or just general cyberpunk and then it's [TS]

  as if it was put together by monkeys [TS]

  after the fact that yet [TS]

  well I honestly kind of enjoy ice tea in [TS]

  this just because he's so close to his [TS]

  performance in tank girl which is a [TS]

  movie that makes less sense but is a ton [TS]

  more fun [TS]

  yeah I think that's also one of those [TS]

  things where I also haven't seen this [TS]

  before even though I just make sure i'll [TS]

  talk about it because it is fascinating [TS]

  but the the the thing was I thought that [TS]

  it would be more of a point and laugh at [TS]

  kind of like look look look at this and [TS]

  this is hilarious and this is fun and [TS]

  they did some sort of self-awareness [TS]

  perhaps but there is there is none of [TS]

  that there [TS]

  is there is no reaching for the stars to [TS]

  to make a great movie and falling short [TS]

  there is no you know a attempt at poking [TS]

  fun at their own inability to deliver on [TS]

  the budget they have because they had a [TS]

  lot of money and in it just went up [TS]

  being this much that it I don't fight [TS]

  the feeling at all [TS]

  yeah shame and as it as a fan of Max [TS]

  Headroom which was you know which is a [TS]

  very cyberpunk TV show [TS]

  I you know I I was baffled by this [TS]

  because like oh there's so many things [TS]

  that they could have done that they [TS]

  didn't do instead it's just some cheesy [TS]

  you know some cheesy 3d you know effects [TS]

  of the of the VR world and even the VR [TS]

  stuff is not that interesting now and [TS]

  that was a sony pictures imageworks was [TS]

  doing that I which was not they were [TS]

  just starting out at the time in 1995 [TS]

  like they think it was just like Stuart [TS]

  Little and like this i think but they [TS]

  this is not the height of their game and [TS]

  it is very clearly something that just [TS]

  looks like Lawnmower Man and in many [TS]

  ways sort of just as a cleaned-up more [TS]

  polished version of what lon Moore man [TS]

  was which I don't think anybody was like [TS]

  I want more of that even in nineteen [TS]

  alive and to put this movie and cut like [TS]

  film history context it's the same year [TS]

  as strange days which is a much better [TS]

  cyberpunk movie [TS]

  yep it's also the same year as pulp [TS]

  fiction which seems he comes from a [TS]

  completely different universe home [TS]

  alright well we did everybody what do we [TS]

  do I don't know but we did it we got [TS]

  through Johnny mnemonic Johnny mirana ah [TS]

  David Laura thanks for being here I [TS]

  having suffered through kool Kat twice [TS]

  i'm i'm just happy I was here for this i [TS]

  think uh huh yeah joe rosenstiel thank [TS]

  you i guess for suggesting that we watch [TS]

  this [TS]

  I don't don't don't put this on me you [TS]

  all agreed to it MooMoo boo-boo we would [TS]

  have forgotten it out and Monty Ashley I [TS]

  want you to do something for me say by [TS]

  jason I'm a dead man if I don't get this [TS]

  out of my head and to everybody out [TS]

  there all i have to say is get your VCRs [TS]

  ready the broadcast will commence [TS]

  momentarily [TS]

  thanks for listening to rocket surgery [TS]

  we will see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]