The Accidental Tech Podcast

241: Jazzercise Boot Camp


  my favorite has to be Jazzercise boot [TS]

  camp boot camp but like I'm like no let [TS]

  me try something more relevant and [TS]

  Jazzercise came out which is not it's [TS]

  the same that's more relevant you know [TS]

  like in the moment I'm like come up with [TS]

  something better than aerobics aerobics [TS]

  is so 80s and Jazzercise like nope [TS]

  didn't do it is Jazzercise like a real [TS]

  thing that people do or have done Oh [TS]

  Jazzercise was real as a heart attack [TS]

  yes is it still like yes what though [TS]

  what is it is just exercising to jazz [TS]

  music what actually is it I have no idea [TS]

  I didn't know it was still going on I [TS]

  remember it in the 80s I haven't seen it [TS]

  in years [TS]

  I am almost sure there's a Jazzercise [TS]

  clinic or whatever you would call it [TS]

  near us it's still real in the south [TS]

  obviously where where they live decades [TS]

  behind us culturally and intellectually [TS]

  John why do you have to be original [TS]

  workout 80s video oh my god [TS]

  yeah oh wow Jazzercise comm is still a [TS]

  thing and I will add that there is a [TS]

  Jazzercise clinic whatever you call it [TS]

  in Richmond is this like what Richard [TS]

  Simmons did basically no specific thing [TS]

  it's got it involves jazz Versailles we [TS]

  have a st. Jude fundraiser update at the [TS]

  time in which we record it if memory [TS]

  serves we were challenging everyone to [TS]

  see if we could get to 20,000 dollars I [TS]

  believe what's the total we wanted what [TS]

  was it currently at when we said that it [TS]

  was like it's like 16 or 17 something [TS]

  better right yeah it was like between 17 [TS]

  and 19 I think so 20 was I think close [TS]

  to 17 Tony was certainly attainable but [TS]

  I mean $3,000 was a pretty fair bit of [TS]

  money [TS]

  so we had challenged everyone hey can we [TS]

  get to 20 and within I think 24 hours [TS]

  probably 12 hours of you releasing the [TS]

  final version of the show we blew past [TS]

  20 which is an excellent problem to have [TS]

  so then I got on Twitter and I believe [TS]

  one or both of you had had chimed in on [TS]

  this and I just said okay let's see if [TS]

  we can do 25 and I felt like 25 is a [TS]

  pretty good reach goal when you're just [TS]

  now hitting 20 and we blew past 25 at [TS]

  this point I feel I felt like I didn't [TS]

  want to be like I didn't want to be [TS]

  obnoxious about it so I kind of cooled [TS]

  off on my solicitations and it might [TS]

  have been for the best because without [TS]

  any solicitations on my part as [TS]

  we record thirty three thousand two [TS]

  hundred and fifty eight dollars holy [TS]

  monkey that's amazing pretty great I am [TS]

  so I'm genuinely so proud and excited [TS]

  obviously this is not strictly a TP [TS]

  listeners not not by a long shot but if [TS]

  there certainly seemed to be a pretty [TS]

  heavy upswing in activity after the [TS]

  episode released and that makes that [TS]

  genuinely makes me extremely happy [TS]

  the Hackett family is is you know very [TS]

  dear friends of ours and more [TS]

  importantly this is going to help all [TS]

  kinds of kids with cancer and you don't [TS]

  have to stop the donations at the end of [TS]

  the month this episode should be [TS]

  released right at the end of the month [TS]

  and that's when Steven concentrates on [TS]

  it but there is no reason you can't [TS]

  donate again or more or if you haven't [TS]

  donated yet do a little now so I would [TS]

  love to see this you know get even [TS]

  higher but thirty three thousand 2058 [TS]

  dollars that is not all ATP but it is at [TS]

  least in part ATP so thank you everyone [TS]

  who through a little bit of your money [TS]

  toward trying to get rid of childhood [TS]

  cancer that's that's super awesome we're [TS]

  not I know we're not reminding people [TS]

  that if we said if they passed 20k we [TS]

  would try to come up with a word to [TS]

  describe ATP vans the best answer we got [TS]

  there was tabs because there are [TS]

  thousands of them definitely not I'm not [TS]

  saying we should use it but it was [TS]

  definitely the funniest answer better [TS]

  than eighty peons and eighty peeps both [TS]

  of which are worse than tabs but tabs is [TS]

  also pretty bad I'm still thinking about [TS]

  it I feel like we should fulfill this [TS]

  promise but I'm not gonna settle I'm not [TS]

  gonna be like well it's the best we can [TS]

  come up with nope not gonna settle Marco [TS]

  and I are already prepared to settle I [TS]

  don't like tabs at all but I could [TS]

  settle on eighty peons and eighty or [TS]

  eighty peeps [TS]

  no no eighty peons is insulting and deep [TS]

  peep says as eighty peep says too many [TS]

  gross things the only one I've come for [TS]

  so far [TS]

  oh yeah that's like force touch yeah so [TS]

  here's what I've come up with so far and [TS]

  I'm not saying this is good but this is [TS]

  the best I've got so far in my in my [TS]

  processing she was why what is this a [TS]

  reference I'm missing she so Sheila's is [TS]

  the generic word I believe some [TS]

  Australian can tell me for for women [TS]

  in Australia for a woman in Australia [TS]

  Celia Celia a woman or a girl right and [TS]

  Sheila's but you just out but it doesn't [TS]

  mean that your female listeners this is [TS]

  a generic term it's gender-neutral also [TS]

  the tank in red versus blue is a long [TS]

  time ago anyway but that's not a great [TS]

  one but it's the best I've come up with [TS]

  so far and it's mostly just it's it's [TS]

  mostly just me me being angry about [TS]

  Tim's on hello it's 100% what it is but [TS]

  I also think it's fun exercise to allow [TS]

  a group of what we consider to be almost [TS]

  entirely men who listen to the show just [TS]

  doing the idea of being referred to by a [TS]

  in a word that implies a gender that [TS]

  doesn't match yours and that you're just [TS]

  supposed to eat it and say well it's a [TS]

  gender-neutral term it's fine I respect [TS]

  the effort yeah same here and I agree [TS]

  with you on the on principle however [TS]

  it's also terrible agree it's not a good [TS]

  name for listeners unfortunately so far [TS]

  all of the options that we have seen so [TS]

  far are terrible so I think it's [TS]

  probably safe to say we probably just [TS]

  won't be named in our listeners [TS]

  engineering like it's because every [TS]

  option people suggest it was awful I [TS]

  know anyway we wanted a name that really [TS]

  is gender agnostic we could call all the [TS]

  listeners Kasey's that's true [TS]

  I know cases of both genders mmm no [TS]

  because I think Casey has a connotation [TS]

  and B says they're not all cases they [TS]

  don't what if they identify as a Marco [TS]

  there what if they're not I Miranda what [TS]

  if they're a Samantha I understood that [TS]

  represents everybody [TS]

  Casey is we've been told on a number of [TS]

  occasions that Casey represents well [TS]

  they use a gender term but usually for [TS]

  this but they say Casey represents the [TS]

  every man every woman don't think [TS]

  there's woman every woman is a [TS]

  gender-neutral term who knows but I [TS]

  understand the point you're driving at [TS]

  Marco which is that most people will say [TS]

  I wish I was Marco or I wish I was John [TS]

  but in actuality I'm Casey which is both [TS]

  flattering and kind of depressing Holly [TS]

  what people wish they were Casey now - [TS]

  because he's got a fancy SUV and a BMW [TS]

  the work sometimes doesn't currently [TS]

  work with the current state I have [TS]

  driven it only once in the last week and [TS]

  that is going to be [TS]

  we have we have after-show stuff to [TS]

  discuss about that yeah okay we yes if [TS]

  you looked at the show notes Marco there [TS]

  is some after there's some after show [TS]

  things to discuss [TS]

  anyway so we should continue with her [TS]

  follow-up I I am it's funny that this [TS]

  show this episode of the show is really [TS]

  a roller coaster kids because I was on [TS]

  the highest of highs with regard to the [TS]

  st. Jude donations however now I'm at [TS]

  the lowest of lows because I was hoping [TS]

  that nobody would discover which I [TS]

  understand I just hold on this I was [TS]

  hoping no one would discover that the [TS]

  Apple TV 4k does indeed have a fan and [TS]

  of course it was going to be discovered [TS]

  I understand that but like in my fantasy [TS]

  world I was hoping that nobody would [TS]

  know or that John would never find out [TS]

  he would go on the Todd Vaziri full [TS]

  media blackout with regard to the Apple [TS]

  TV fan because I bet you it is so damn [TS]

  quiet that you'll never hear it but now [TS]

  that you know it's there [TS]

  oh you're gonna hear it because you know [TS]

  last week last week where I said they'd [TS]

  be 4k has no fan why did I say that [TS]

  because I asked on the show before that [TS]

  I asked hey is anybody can anybody [TS]

  answer these questions for him because I [TS]

  had asked around and no one had been [TS]

  able to answer me and the person who [TS]

  sent me this answer claimed to work at [TS]

  Apple and I believe this person cuz we [TS]

  get a lot of email people who work at [TS]

  that ball and they said that was it [TS]

  before kay has no fan [TS]

  they also said this stuff about 24 [TS]

  frames per second it happened to be [TS]

  correct and so I wrote the person back [TS]

  I'm like well oops yes looks like you're [TS]

  wrong on that one and this person didn't [TS]

  say hi just kidding I don't really work [TS]

  at Apple I was just pulling your leg [TS]

  but they said and said was the same [TS]

  thing that Marco and Jason Snell said [TS]

  when I asked them about is they both had [TS]

  Apple TV for Kay's in their possession [TS]

  and asked them hey guys does it have a [TS]

  fan and this was also this was before I [TS]

  fix it to the teardown [TS]

  so yes hi sir I searched online beat to [TS]

  try to answer your question just to make [TS]

  sure Li because anyone's hair down to [TS]

  just verify this and there hadn't been [TS]

  one yet so the best they could do is [TS]

  like I'm not gonna I'm not gonna open [TS]

  mine up so my car let me let me just [TS]

  guess let me look at it [TS]

  or listen to it anyway I was Casey to [TS]

  your point I've been checking the iFixit [TS]

  site since like oh I know you know after [TS]

  right after it right after the keynote [TS]

  because I'm like [TS]

  maybe someone got a review units maybe I [TS]

  fix this tearing apart you know because [TS]

  I was actually actively looking at I fix [TS]

  it like everyday to see for a teardown [TS]

  but I knew two people who had this thing [TS]

  so I asked them to confirm and they both [TS]

  either said I I don't think so [TS]

  I can't tell or it just doesn't seem [TS]

  like there's a fan and so when I had the [TS]

  Apple employee say definitively there's [TS]

  no fan I believe and the this Apple [TS]

  employees excuse was that they couldn't [TS]

  tell that they couldn't they thought [TS]

  there was no fan because they couldn't [TS]

  hear anything because it was totally [TS]

  silent so they're like yeah my bad so [TS]

  anyway like it's suspicious because when [TS]

  you look at the bottom of it it has a [TS]

  round pattern of air holes the previous [TS]

  one had a solid bottom it seemed to have [TS]

  no ventilation at all and that's why [TS]

  this came up by the way because I was [TS]

  tipped off either during or right after [TS]

  the keynote of a public document an [TS]

  apple site that showed like the the [TS]

  lineart [TS]

  like view of the thing showing the [TS]

  measurements and stuff and it showed the [TS]

  holes and it's like holes what does that [TS]

  mean here I was like I was I was using [TS]

  the Apple TV like letting it play [TS]

  content and I lift it up and I I hear [TS]

  nothing I like I muted the sound so I'd [TS]

  would be a quiet room lifted up I hear [TS]

  nothing I put my hand under events to [TS]

  try to see if I could feel air movement [TS]

  I felt nothing and I was like well one [TS]

  of these holes for me maybe it's just [TS]

  passively cooling by convection using [TS]

  these holes like with a big heat sink [TS]

  inside who knows but I'm like I'm like I [TS]

  really don't think there's a fan here [TS]

  but it is weird there's these holes in a [TS]

  circular pattern here that would be [TS]

  perfect if you had a fan behind it but I [TS]

  could feel or hear nothing yeah and I'm [TS]

  not quite sure even after seeing the [TS]

  teardown like you know a convection or a [TS]

  passive cooling with holes like that [TS]

  makes traffic sounds a lot of things we [TS]

  don't like that but there's no holes on [TS]

  the top of this right it's only holes on [TS]

  the bottom yeah it seems like there's no [TS]

  intake holes but so my theory here like [TS]

  if you ever done any kind of like you [TS]

  know PC building with heatsink design [TS]

  you know that or just if you have better [TS]

  grasp on science than me you probably [TS]

  already know this as well but but you [TS]

  know that like you know a passive just a [TS]

  heatsink with no fan on it when you [TS]

  compare the cooling power of that to a [TS]

  heatsink that has even a little slight [TS]

  bit of air movement being pushed over it [TS]

  it's a huge difference like even you can [TS]

  have a fan running at incredibly low [TS]

  speed and that will make a big [TS]

  difference [TS]

  for instance from having no fan at all [TS]

  so I'm guessing this fan is probably [TS]

  dynamically controlled first of all so I [TS]

  bet when I felt nothing under there I [TS]

  bet it actually wasn't spinning or it [TS]

  was spinning at a ridiculously low speed [TS]

  and maybe only if you're like really [TS]

  pushing it hard like using 3d stuff in a [TS]

  game maybe that's when it spins up but [TS]

  like playing 4k video it was not doing [TS]

  anything noticeable so I'm guessing it's [TS]

  just a very low speed fan that might [TS]

  have even not been spinning at all [TS]

  during that during video playback [TS]

  I bet it's always spending but that's [TS]

  just a guess but anyway when I get this [TS]

  thing I will tell you if I can hear it [TS]

  and the reason you should believe me [TS]

  that oh no it's because marco sent me an [TS]

  airport router that he didn't want [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  that has a fan in and i was like off and [TS]

  i knew it had a fan in it I'm like I [TS]

  don't know if I want this thing with the [TS]

  fan he sent it to me and as I think I [TS]

  said on the show when I got it it has a [TS]

  fan but the only way I can hear it is [TS]

  that I literally shove my ear like so it [TS]

  is touching the bottom of the device [TS]

  that is the only and I can hear it when [TS]

  I do that I can hear that it's turning [TS]

  but in every other scenario I cannot [TS]

  hear not like oh I can hear it family [TS]

  you can turn off every device in my [TS]

  house close all the windows make sure [TS]

  everything is dead silent and I can be [TS]

  two feet away from it and I can't hear a [TS]

  damn thing so if the Apple TV is even [TS]

  remotely is quiet because it is like 10 [TS]

  feet away from me it might in my TV [TS]

  entertainment center it'll be fine that [TS]

  said if I put it up to my ear and [TS]

  actually physically touched in my ear I [TS]

  expect to be able to hear it if the fan [TS]

  is moving so we'll see I'm gonna get [TS]

  mine mine's delivering next week so next [TS]

  show I will be able to give you an [TS]

  answer mmm-hmm I'm skeptical I feel like [TS]

  you've been but I think it's like I'm [TS]

  getting on this I won't care if I can [TS]

  hear it when I put up to me air because [TS]

  I can't hear what if I can't hear it the [TS]

  same thing I don't care about my airport [TS]

  thing I don't care that I can shove that [TS]

  to my ear it's not you know it's not a [TS]

  communicator that's I have to jam it to [TS]

  my ear it's way over there so I'm [TS]

  perfectly happy to have fans that I [TS]

  literally can't hear we'll see I expect [TS]

  the truth the whole truth and nothing [TS]

  but the truth I will give it to you I [TS]

  wasn't imarco like stick a toothpick in [TS]

  there and if something hits it great [TS]

  idea this is before they had the [TS]

  teardown I'm like look is there a fan [TS]

  there is there no fan is there a fan [TS]

  that you can't hear or is there [TS]

  literally no fan [TS]

  we know the answer we just don't know [TS]

  whether it's spinning all the time yadda [TS]

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  please calm / ATP thank you so much - [TS]

  back please for sponsoring our show so [TS]

  tell me about downloading movies from [TS]

  iTunes is that a thing [TS]

  on this box not 4k ones apparently this [TS]

  is for Apple support document you can [TS]

  download a local copy of an HD movie by [TS]

  the way I hate the fact that they Qi [TS]

  doesn't refer to 4k because what is 4k [TS]

  if not high definition or even higher [TS]

  definition anyway what is HiFi yeah yeah [TS]

  and you might be able to download I hope [TS]

  this this is the [TS]

  you can download a local copy of HD [TS]

  movie and you might be able to download [TS]

  HDR and dolby vision versions what do [TS]

  you mean I might like maybe you'll let [TS]

  me maybe you won't [TS]

  that's from Apple support document it [TS]

  says you might be able to do this yes [TS]

  maybe summer download right it says then [TS]

  finally the last Clause but you can't [TS]

  download a 4k version now why can't I [TS]

  download a 4k version I have some [TS]

  theories in this the one theory that [TS]

  people have put forward is like oh the [TS]

  4k versions are too big and he has [TS]

  previously discussed and lamented [TS]

  theoretical fixed size where you can [TS]

  download stuff is not big enough to fit [TS]

  a single 4k movie or it would take up [TS]

  all the space right it's like oh there's [TS]

  too big download I don't think that's [TS]

  the case especially if they're they're a [TS]

  TVC they shouldn't be that much you know [TS]

  they shouldn't be like 50 gigabytes [TS]

  versus 5 they should be bigger than the [TS]

  HD ones but not like so big that you [TS]

  can't download a single one of them [TS]

  although maybe they just say look one of [TS]

  them is so big it would take up all your [TS]

  space and we don't want to do that right [TS]

  another possibility is that as always [TS]

  yeah I always have this as a possibility [TS]

  is that content owners are stupid and [TS]

  like you know we can't let them download [TS]

  the 4k version because then people might [TS]

  be able to pirate our movies and as long [TS]

  as we stop them from downloading the 4k [TS]

  DRM ik encumbered version of our movies [TS]

  to their Apple TVs there's no way anyone [TS]

  will ever pirate this movie and will be [TS]

  safe from piracy so please don't let [TS]

  anybody download like that's definitely [TS]

  it that's definitely the answer like [TS]

  it's such a dumb thing like so in this [TS]

  day and age where people you know anyway [TS]

  we don't know why but the bottom line is [TS]

  if you were thinking that you're going [TS]

  to be able to get to buy the Big Apple [TS]

  TV so that you could download a 4k movie [TS]

  and then watch it offline on your Apple [TS]

  TV you will not be able to because the [TS]

  Apple TV will not download the 4k [TS]

  versions of movies to local storage it [TS]

  will only stream it that's dumb [TS]

  I don't like it so once again why is the [TS]

  64 gig version what they up the limits [TS]

  by the way on games it used to be like [TS]

  you could download like 200 megabytes [TS]

  and then you could download chunks of [TS]

  on-demand content they upped it way more [TS]

  so then you can download like a gigabyte [TS]

  or more or something anyway in theory [TS]

  you could make very large games in [TS]

  Apple's fantasy world of the Apple TV as [TS]

  an actual gaming console you could fill [TS]

  the whole thing with games so tell me [TS]

  about bootcamp because Randy Garcia has [TS]

  written in [TS]

  to point out to us that as we kiss was [TS]

  John I think brought up airpower as a [TS]

  kind of military term that's being used [TS]

  by Apple as a product name which by the [TS]

  way somebody did we talked about this [TS]

  last episode somebody said it should [TS]

  have been called apple juice somebody on [TS]

  Twitter said this like right when it was [TS]

  announced and I think that would have [TS]

  been a terrible but much better name at [TS]

  the same time but that would have been [TS]

  hilarious but anyway so so Randy [TS]

  Garcia's written in to say that boot [TS]

  camp is another military term that Apple [TS]

  is used in somebody maybe Randy has [TS]

  provided a deeply troubling video of [TS]

  Steve Jobs many years ago trying to act [TS]

  do you want to tell us about this John [TS]

  yeah boot camp is the one hadn't thought [TS]

  of it's a good thing a good because I [TS]

  couldn't recall a single or Apple [TS]

  product that had military determinant [TS]

  although I would say that boot camp has [TS]

  got have been co-opted and made secular [TS]

  secular sort of non military civilian [TS]

  yeah made civilian in a way that air [TS]

  power has not because now you have like [TS]

  you know they have Jazzercise boot camps [TS]

  and programming boot camps and [TS]

  everything is a boot camp like it's [TS]

  basically just a training place and I [TS]

  guess they're still riffing on the [TS]

  military one but anyway the other thing [TS]

  is i disqualified because it is internal [TS]

  only company communication and I don't [TS]

  know if you've if you work at a big [TS]

  company you've probably experienced [TS]

  communication targeted made by [TS]

  corporations targeted at their own [TS]

  employees and they're usually pretty [TS]

  awful and you may think that Apple is an [TS]

  exception but I can tell you that bond [TS]

  the 80s and 90s definitely was not an [TS]

  exception there is a vast collection of [TS]

  internal audio and video content created [TS]

  by Apple for Apple's employees only [TS]

  that is cringe-worthy and hilarious and [TS]

  someone's good fun to write it's usually [TS]

  just a bunch of engineers or a bunch of [TS]

  people in HR making a video with like [TS]

  80s video technology like they didn't [TS]

  they didn't have an iMac with iMovie on [TS]

  it they had like you know Betamax and [TS]

  VHS and probably fancier professional [TS]

  video stuff and they didn't have actors [TS]

  they had just like their employees and I [TS]

  think the one in question is Steve Jobs [TS]

  are tending to be FDR or [TS]

  I believe that's right I think it was [TS]

  FDR anyway you can watch in YouTube if [TS]

  you want to be said about internal [TS]

  corporate communications but rest [TS]

  assured Apple was no exception and [TS]

  probably continues to be no exception [TS]

  that they can make cool things [TS]

  externally but their internal facing [TS]

  corporate videos are not quite at the [TS]

  same standard our final piece of follow [TS]

  up today is from a friend of the show [TS]

  Sam but well submit who is of the wheel [TS]

  bearings podcast this is all going to [TS]

  come up again later in the after show [TS]

  this was with regard to our comments [TS]

  about the Acura TLX that I had driven or [TS]

  excuse me had ridden in he wrote to us [TS]

  to say with regard to the comments about [TS]

  the DCT the torque converters mounted [TS]

  between the flywheel and the dual clutch [TS]

  pack and intended to provide some torque [TS]

  multiplication and smooth out the shifts [TS]

  a bit it's work but it's nothing to get [TS]

  worked up about and he provided a link [TS]

  to some more info that strikes me as [TS]

  super freakin weird like the whole [TS]

  reason I tend to hate automatics is [TS]

  because of that like that mushy feeling [TS]

  that a torque converter brings and I [TS]

  understand the motivation here the [TS]

  motivation makes sense but it's just [TS]

  you're taking away the one thing I love [TS]

  about a DCT which is that I feel it [TS]

  feels more direct to me than a [TS]

  traditional automatic the one but if I [TS]

  could see here is that when you're [TS]

  driving a DCT the shifting between like [TS]

  first and second like when you drew it [TS]

  when you're going at low speeds and then [TS]

  you're using like first and second gear [TS]

  that can be very jerky just like if you [TS]

  do it in a stick you know if you're [TS]

  selling into a market that is accustomed [TS]

  to automatics that might feel too jerky [TS]

  to them yeah if you're selling to sick [TS]

  people it's gonna feel perfectly awesome [TS]

  and normal but if you're stiff you're [TS]

  selling to automatic people I see why [TS]

  they would do that I agree with you [TS]

  though that like at that point why not [TS]

  just use you know really good eight or [TS]

  nine speed Auto and maybe that's why [TS]

  they're premium option is just a nine [TS]

  area to beat auto like and but again [TS]

  like I would prefer a DCT that's just a [TS]

  DCT without anything in front of it but [TS]

  I do see like for the market they're [TS]

  selling why they do that but it just [TS]

  doesn't make sense to me that they would [TS]

  bother with a DCT at all at that point I [TS]

  think there's a limitation of current D [TS]

  cities that they can't be that smooth [TS]

  down at low speeds right because if [TS]

  someone using a manual can be right they [TS]

  just slip the clutch more like you could [TS]

  yeah start and stop as smooth as you [TS]

  want and apparently that's not within [TS]

  the realm of not within the functional [TS]

  envelope of modern DC's most of which [TS]

  are tuned shift very fast like it the [TS]

  you know for at the higher speeds like [TS]

  but not so much tuned for creeping out [TS]

  of parking lot and rounding the corner [TS]

  around a residential Road and you get a [TS]

  little bit of a bump and the TLX again [TS]

  trying to split the difference between [TS]

  the tsx and the TL and erroring on the [TS]

  side of being boring as always went [TS]

  further they went for it like the most [TS]

  important thing is not to jostle the [TS]

  occupants so they took a sporty [TS]

  transmission and put a little bit of [TS]

  slush in between it in the wheels to [TS]

  smooth things out at low speeds maybe it [TS]

  would be better if like if that if the [TS]

  torque converter wasn't a factor at [TS]

  higher speeds or anything but either way [TS]

  like it's such a sort of Frankenstein [TS]

  setup that yeah it is it does seem much [TS]

  cleaner to either I've lucky either got [TS]

  an automatic or you go stick or a DCT [TS]

  and they all have their own behaviors [TS]

  and trying to combine them into sort of [TS]

  a hybrid suspension with the best of all [TS]

  worlds is just kind of papering over the [TS]

  flaws like it used to be when we had [TS]

  single clutch automated manuals that [TS]

  they were super rough right and there [TS]

  was slow shifting and very jerky and a [TS]

  dual clutch really helped because you [TS]

  could have the other gear set ready to [TS]

  go and swap very quickly without the [TS]

  harshness right but apparently there's [TS]

  still problems at low speed and so I [TS]

  feel like in you know another 5-10 years [TS]

  they work out the details and ECC's [TS]

  maybe they won't need a hack like this [TS]

  but anyway like it's not a great car [TS]

  anyway should there are a lot of better [TS]

  choices in that question that we've now [TS]

  lost all of the listeners who don't [TS]

  really care about cars so sorry everyone [TS]

  you can come back now we're back and [TS]

  we're gonna talk ask ATP so let's begin [TS]

  with Colin we're who writes John's rant [TS]

  about tech people forgetting betas that [TS]

  forgetting that betas are betas reminded [TS]

  me of a question I have a lot of the [TS]

  times on iOS betas I will find bugs and [TS]

  apps that I report to developers to say [TS]

  hey this doesn't work on the iOS 11 beta [TS]

  I usually get a response along the line [TS]

  so if yes this is a beta betas aren't [TS]

  supported and then I'll often see rants [TS]

  from people like top BOTS paul [TS]

  complaining about people saying things [TS]

  are broken on betas but an inherent part [TS]

  of the beta experience is reporting bugs [TS]

  in fact that's the reason betas exist so [TS]

  if I want to be a good citizen and beta [TS]

  user and report issues I find how can I [TS]

  do it without annoying [TS]

  this is pretty simple really so you know [TS]

  when you're on a beta keep in mind that [TS]

  in some cases the developer has I've had [TS]

  time to fix the bug that you are [TS]

  reporting because like the beta just [TS]

  came out and they got at the same time [TS]

  you did in a lot of cases the developer [TS]

  can't fix the bug that you're reporting [TS]

  until the GM SDK comes out which could [TS]

  be months later right before the GM [TS]

  Arena right before the the version is [TS]

  released to the public so mainly because [TS]

  you we can't submit builds to the App [TS]

  Store that use the beta SDK until the GM [TS]

  is out the apps won't accept them so if [TS]

  you're telling someone that this is [TS]

  broken in the form of like a complaint [TS]

  like I demand that you fix us quickly [TS]

  dammit that's really frustrating for [TS]

  developers to hear because they they [TS]

  probably you know had they probably know [TS]

  about that already and they probably [TS]

  can't fix it yet or have had a chance to [TS]

  fix it yet and they you know it doesn't [TS]

  really matter because it still a beta if [TS]

  you are trying to leave it asked to [TS]

  review in some ways fortunately iOS has [TS]

  has prevented this in recent versions [TS]

  like usually you aren't you aren't able [TS]

  to leave reviews from betas anymore from [TS]

  beta iOS anymore which is nice that [TS]

  would also be a thing not to do but if [TS]

  you're just telling somebody in a civil [TS]

  way like hey there's this bug I I [TS]

  thought you might want to know about it [TS]

  that's totally fine and we as developers [TS]

  need that and I appreciate that that's [TS]

  good so as long as it's not a one-star [TS]

  review or using the tone or freezing of [TS]

  like a complaint that you expect it to [TS]

  be fixed all of a sudden it's fine well [TS]

  I think the key part here is like how do [TS]

  I be a good beta user and what are you [TS]

  Abeyta userupp if you're a beta user of [TS]

  the operating system you should report [TS]

  it be reporting bugs to Apple not to [TS]

  third-party developers the only way you [TS]

  should be reporting bugs to third-party [TS]

  developers is if you are on like the [TS]

  overcast beta and Marco wants to know [TS]

  here's a beta of overcast how does it [TS]

  work and in that case mark will probably [TS]

  tell you I want you to test this beta on [TS]

  a released version of the operating [TS]

  system right because know no third-party [TS]

  developers are going to support their [TS]

  applications on unreleased versions of [TS]

  the operating system they're gonna they [TS]

  may ask they may use it themselves and [TS]

  ask their beta testers to use it but [TS]

  they really want to know how is this [TS]

  going to work on the real release [TS]

  version so if you're not a beta tester [TS]

  of the application you're reporting bugs [TS]

  on you don't have to feel like you have [TS]

  to be a good beta citizen because you [TS]

  not on that beta if your beta testing [TS]

  iOS the way to be a good citizen is [TS]

  report bugs you find in the OS now does [TS]

  Apple want to know that some third-party [TS]

  application you have doesn't work on it [TS]

  probably not but you know it's a giant [TS]

  black hole throw over whatever bug [TS]

  reports you want let them do with what [TS]

  they want but I would say that what [TS]

  Apple is looking for are bugs in the [TS]

  operating system itself of which they [TS]

  are usually plenty and if you want to be [TS]

  a good basis and you want to report bugs [TS]

  do that right but and if you want to [TS]

  report bugs on a third-party iOS apps [TS]

  talk to the developer and say hey can I [TS]

  be on your beta program the next time [TS]

  you have a beta ready send it to me and [TS]

  I will try it and report bugs and they [TS]

  would appreciate that everything John [TS]

  just said is wrong thank you Wow what [TS]

  are you trying to say you don't you [TS]

  don't want people to report bugs and [TS]

  overcast or you want them to report bugs [TS]

  about your application doesn't work on [TS]

  beta OSS the idea that I would only want [TS]

  bug reports from overcast beta users is [TS]

  completely wrong well no but like I'm [TS]

  saying if you want to be a good beta if [TS]

  you want to be a good beta citizen like [TS]

  they're not a beta citizen if they're [TS]

  not using like how would they even get [TS]

  to overcast beta if they're not on your [TS]

  beta you see I'm saying no but like if [TS]

  you if you're using my app on a beta OS [TS]

  and you run into a bug I would like to [TS]

  know about that chances are I probably [TS]

  already know about it [TS]

  but what if I don't you know my beta [TS]

  groups are really small and most of the [TS]

  time I don't have a current beta running [TS]

  so I want to know about that stuff and [TS]

  the idea that you should only report [TS]

  bugs on the OS if you're testing an OS [TS]

  beta is totally wrong I don't know any [TS]

  developer who wouldn't want those [TS]

  reports well that's how you'd be a good [TS]

  that's how you be a good beta citizen [TS]

  because you're testing a beta of the OS [TS]

  tap BOTS Paul apparently doesn't want to [TS]

  hear your complaints about their broken [TS]

  things because they know they're broken [TS]

  on the beta one oh but again it's it's [TS]

  an it's I think it's a difference of [TS]

  tone it's a difference of like hey just [TS]

  you know this is broken versus I demand [TS]

  that you fix this you know it's it's [TS]

  that's a very different tone and one of [TS]

  them is is helpful and one of them is [TS]

  not I think it even just reporting [TS]

  especially if it's a well-known bug or [TS]

  reporting it like it is almost no way to [TS]

  say it if it's the if you were the nine [TS]

  print and that hundredth person telling [TS]

  somebody to their app crashes on launch [TS]

  in the iOS loving beta like there's [TS]

  almost no way you can say that it's not [TS]

  going to eventually Drive you [TS]

  and I feel like I don't think that's a [TS]

  particularly useful thing to be doing [TS]

  like especially with something like [TS]

  crashes on launch if the developer [TS]

  doesn't know that they don't care about [TS]

  the app anymore and it's hopeless right [TS]

  chances are good they know it crashes on [TS]

  launch and they're addressing it well [TS]

  what if it only crashes on launch on a [TS]

  phone you don't use you know like this [TS]

  that's why I like these I can't think of [TS]

  a situation where I would not want those [TS]

  reports even if I'm getting 100 of them [TS]

  then then I'll tweet from the account [TS]

  saying hey just so you know I know about [TS]

  this thanks for your reports then you [TS]

  could not report the same thing again [TS]

  but like you know if if something like [TS]

  that happens I want to know to be a good [TS]

  citizen how about don't expect a [TS]

  response if the developer is getting [TS]

  tons of them then they won't be able [TS]

  respond to all of them but like yeah by [TS]

  all means please tell us we need like [TS]

  that's the point of betas even if they [TS]

  aren't our software in beta even if it's [TS]

  the OS software in beta [TS]

  we still need to know that's again that [TS]

  kind of stuff I think we need to survey [TS]

  more developers to ask them if they [TS]

  really want people testing their [TS]

  applications on beta OSS and giving them [TS]

  bug reports because I have almost always [TS]

  heard the opposite that please do not do [TS]

  not send me reports of how my [TS]

  application doesn't work on a beta [TS]

  version of the OS because it's not like [TS]

  it's almost like a support function [TS]

  don't contact me through support [TS]

  channels if you're not on my beta to [TS]

  tell me that my application doesn't work [TS]

  in a beta OS like they just don't want [TS]

  to hear it and maybe they're just [TS]

  frustrated maybe you're right it's just [TS]

  about tone and all I ever hear is the [TS]

  frustrated complaint and really it's [TS]

  super valuable for them and they just [TS]

  eventually reach their limit and snap [TS]

  but I've always heard the opposite not [TS]

  that I'm sending these reports by the [TS]

  way you save for the podcast [TS]

  I haven't being a good business and I [TS]

  don't even send Apple the bug reports [TS]

  Mike Paul writes to ask do you think ap [TS]

  FS will be supported on fusion drives in [TS]

  future builds of High Sierra so chief [TS]

  summarizer in chief summary a p FS was [TS]

  supported on fusion drives which are [TS]

  these kind of weirdo scenarios where you [TS]

  have a spinning disk and a SSD that is [TS]

  kind of melded to be one volume i'm sure [TS]

  i'm that's not going to satisfy john but [TS]

  for the purposes of this conversation [TS]

  all you need to know and so they were [TS]

  supported in betas of high sierra and [TS]

  then when the GM happened oh just [TS]

  kidding [TS]

  there is no [TS]

  fusion drive support for you so you're [TS]

  gonna have to reformat to hfs+ if you [TS]

  want to go to high sierra so the [TS]

  question is do you think I guess John do [TS]

  you think that this will be supported in [TS]

  future builds yes I do because Apple has [TS]

  shipped a lot of fusion drives and I [TS]

  think they don't want any of us hanging [TS]

  around and they almost had it working so [TS]

  they'll eventually get it working hi I [TS]

  expected what is future how many points [TS]

  do we have to go through how difficult [TS]

  is it I don't know but I do expect it [TS]

  I'll be surprised if if it's not [TS]

  supported also Craig federighi sent an [TS]

  email to somebody allegedly saying yes [TS]

  the company's coming in a future version [TS]

  basically there you go Oh fair enough [TS]

  all right well that's it for asked ATP [TS]

  as always you can tweet your questions [TS]

  with the hashtag ask ATP and our magic [TS]

  spreadsheet will find it find them and [TS]

  pick them up and then we will answer [TS]

  them if we think they're good enough no [TS]

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  all right so uh it sounds like all three [TS]

  households have received new toys in the [TS]

  last week although not all three hosts [TS]

  so the Apple watch Series three is out [TS]

  they have been received as of this past [TS]

  Friday by those who had pre-ordered [TS]

  basically at the obscene hour of 3:00 in [TS]

  the morning if you live on the east [TS]

  coast like all three of us do so all [TS]

  three households have received them [TS]

  Marco you and/or tiff have one how many [TS]

  how many did you get for the two of you [TS]

  all just one tifus I didn't want one [TS]

  okay and then I got one for myself and [TS]

  actually Aaron got a non sell one for [TS]

  her although for Aaron and TIFF by the [TS]

  way what were their reasons for saying [TS]

  they don't want so well TIFF decided she [TS]

  didn't want the watch at all for Aaron [TS]

  there is never a time she expects to be [TS]

  that far away from her phone to justify [TS]

  spending the extra money each month and [TS]

  Aaron Aaron likes her watch I think it's [TS]

  fair to say but doesn't love her watch [TS]

  she she views it mostly as a second [TS]

  screen in terms of notifications and [TS]

  very little else and so because of that [TS]

  she didn't seem to think it was worth [TS]

  the extra money each month and if she [TS]

  wasn't in if she knew she was never ever [TS]

  ever going to pay for cell service then [TS]

  why bother paying the extra money for [TS]

  the cell radio but she did want a new [TS]

  watch then she's got a new one just her [TS]

  current watch is slow or you thought she [TS]

  should just get one so you feel less bad [TS]

  about getting expensive new watch all of [TS]

  the above her current watch her or a [TS]

  previous now watch was a series zero as [TS]

  was mine and it was slow and she has the [TS]

  38 millimeters the battery life was [TS]

  getting to be comically bad after the [TS]

  court in over the course of two years [TS]

  which is just some degrees to be [TS]

  expected and I was spending a whole [TS]

  bunch of money on my fancy new watch and [TS]

  I figured you know if I'm gonna get a [TS]

  fancy new watch then she should get a [TS]

  fancy new watch that's because but the [TS]

  solution to spending money and feeling [TS]

  guilty about is just spend more money [TS]

  yeah exactly [TS]

  well yeah this is the Marco approach and [TS]

  now the KC approach it's in have I [TS]

  taught you nothing [TS]

  and so anyway say yes so your wife [TS]

  hazard has not received hers yet she has [TS]

  not received it's a birthday gift okay [TS]

  so I won't be able to ask you about your [TS]

  experience then but I will start by [TS]

  asking Marco because I suspect you will [TS]

  not have too much to say about this [TS]

  famous last words what is your [TS]

  experience what is your experience been [TS]

  with your Apple watch Series three with [TS]

  LTE I have not really used the LTE yet [TS]

  because I mainly got the LTE so I could [TS]

  build overcast with it when the API lets [TS]

  me do that and I hope that is soon and [TS]

  but that is the main reason I got it [TS]

  because I know because all of my [TS]

  customers were asking for it so I [TS]

  figured I should I need that for testing [TS]

  hello [TS]

  but the the for the rest of the series [TS]

  three it's fantastic [TS]

  I mean it's the the way that the keynote [TS]

  phrased the speed improvements it didn't [TS]

  sound like it was that big of a [TS]

  difference in sound like it was like an [TS]

  incremental speed update it's not it's a [TS]

  massive speed upgrade from even the [TS]

  series to which itself [TS]

  I know answers one which themselves were [TS]

  massive speed upgrades from the original [TS]

  series zero if you still have a series [TS]

  II row and you are at all thinking about [TS]

  upgrading upgrade it is an incredibly [TS]

  fast device now not to the but not not [TS]

  like phone speed like it's not that [TS]

  you're never waiting for anything but [TS]

  compared to where it was it's a huge [TS]

  speed upgrade yep I would agree with [TS]

  that and I'd also like to quickly double [TS]

  down and say that the battery life [TS]

  improvement for me anyway has also been [TS]

  tremendous so I completely agree with [TS]

  you if you're listening to this and you [TS]

  have a series zero watch and that's the [TS]

  only one I have experience with I can't [TS]

  speak for series one or series two if [TS]

  you have a series zero watch and you're [TS]

  thinking yeah maybe it's time it's time [TS]

  because this is way better both speed [TS]

  wise as Marco said and in my experience [TS]

  so far in battery life as well [TS]

  keep in mind also with battery life I [TS]

  was thing about the other day like the [TS]

  Apple watch is so dependent on having [TS]

  adequate battery life like if your watch [TS]

  dies in the middle of the day that [TS]

  really makes it a lot less useful to you [TS]

  like if it can't make it the hole and [TS]

  this is one of the reasons why Apple is [TS]

  so conservative about how it spends its [TS]

  power budget now that's one of the [TS]

  reasons why the OS is so limited by apps [TS]

  unlimited because you know if your phone [TS]

  dies [TS]

  you know 3/4 of the way through a day [TS]

  you can plug it in somewhere for a few [TS]

  minutes then and then get back to using [TS]

  it again with your watch that's really [TS]

  in communion sites like take it off put [TS]

  it somewhere you probably not even have [TS]

  a lot of extra chargers for it because [TS]

  they're this separate thing it's kind of [TS]

  a pain it's this giant magnetic disk [TS]

  thing so like you know most people are [TS]

  gonna have one charger it's gonna be [TS]

  like next to their bed at night so if [TS]

  your battery life sinks down to the [TS]

  point where it can't make it a full day [TS]

  that dramatically reduces your happiness [TS]

  and the usefulness of that device so [TS]

  because these batteries degrade over [TS]

  time I suspect that a lot of people are [TS]

  going to be replacing them about every 2 [TS]

  to 3 years even if they're totally happy [TS]

  with them just because the battery will [TS]

  start fading and it'll it'll cross the [TS]

  point where it's no longer making it [TS]

  through a full day for them and that's [TS]

  gonna suck so if you have a series Eero [TS]

  and this describes you which I've heard [TS]

  that's this is roughly the time that's [TS]

  that's really starting to happen with a [TS]

  lot of the series zeros where the [TS]

  battery is not making it anymore if you [TS]

  have a series zero and you are at all [TS]

  thinking about upgrading this is a good [TS]

  time to do that and these are great I'm [TS]

  incredibly happy with them yep I agree [TS]

  I'm probably gonna have to upgrade [TS]

  eventually to because even though I [TS]

  don't wear my Apple watch except for a [TS]

  few weeks a year I do wear it a few [TS]

  weeks here and my series zero it's I [TS]

  mean the battery is okay but it is it's [TS]

  it's in rough shape like it's so angry [TS]

  at me because I don't wear it I just [TS]

  leave it on its charger sitting on my [TS]

  you know dresser or whatever I tried to [TS]

  upgrade to watch OS 4 which toking like [TS]

  three days to complete because my phone [TS]

  wouldn't connect to it or I would tell [TS]

  me it's downloading it would say [TS]

  download / zoom when you're connected to [TS]

  Wi-Fi when I was totally on a Wi-Fi I'm [TS]

  like a foot from the Wi-Fi router and [TS]

  everything is connected to Wi-Fi or it [TS]

  said I can't connect to the phone but [TS]

  the watch could ping the phone and say [TS]

  it was connected I rebooted both devices [TS]

  in the end what I had to do was wipe the [TS]

  entire watch and start over and restore [TS]

  from her backup it's the only way and [TS]

  then I'm restoring from a watch OS 3 [TS]

  backup and then once that got on then [TS]

  finally I could upgrade to 4 which still [TS]

  takes a year and Dave actually run but I [TS]

  was I was glad to see that's that big [TS]

  circular progress bar and the four-hour [TS]

  wait for an upgrade so anyway now my [TS]

  series 0 Apple watch is running the new [TS]

  OS but I think I will actually buy a new [TS]

  one I just I'm [TS]

  really don't want to because I really [TS]

  like the stainless-steel one and it [TS]

  costs a tremendous amount of money and I [TS]

  rarely wear it in the end I probably [TS]

  will get a new one not this year but [TS]

  like next year or the year after what [TS]

  will happen is I'll go to WWC or go on [TS]

  vacation one year and iWatch won't make [TS]

  it through the day like Marco said and [TS]

  I'll be like well that's it I've like [TS]

  either either I don't have a Baba watch [TS]

  anymore I have to buy a new one and in [TS]

  the end I'll probably buy any one but [TS]

  not this year although who knows maybe [TS]

  maybe seeing my wife he was here cool [TS]

  cellular Dick Tracy watch it would [TS]

  convince me that I should get one but I [TS]

  doubt it yeah I mean it hey if you get [TS]

  one you can switch back to your flip [TS]

  phone yeah that's gonna have my flip [TS]

  phone somewhere but I can't no and one [TS]

  other thing on the speed to like I would [TS]

  say you know again I guess it's it [TS]

  doesn't make it like a super fast device [TS]

  but this is I think this is the first [TS]

  Apple watch that's not too slow yeah I [TS]

  agree with all of that so I got my Apple [TS]

  watch series three late-ish Friday I [TS]

  typically go and my I do my exercise on [TS]

  Monday Tuesday and Friday generally [TS]

  speaking so it wasn't until this past [TS]

  Monday and Tuesday that I was able to [TS]

  try going for a run without my phone [TS]

  which is kind of weird I mean I've only [TS]

  been running semi consistently for a few [TS]

  months it's not like I'm some expert you [TS]

  know forever long runner and even in [TS]

  just a few months I've gotten used to [TS]

  having my phone either in my hand [TS]

  careening out of my bum bag as I'm [TS]

  trying to put it in set bag which is why [TS]

  my screen broke or bouncing around on my [TS]

  tailbone as it's in my sort of kind of [TS]

  fanny pack hello the UK you mean your [TS]

  sit bone yes yes that's totally it [TS]

  except not at all [TS]

  but anyway hey the the point is it was [TS]

  it was very weird but immediately very [TS]

  freeing not to have to carry my phone [TS]

  which is super cool so I put in my air [TS]

  pods [TS]

  I had previously downloaded some music [TS]

  onto my watch connected my ear pods to [TS]

  my watch and I started listening to [TS]

  music started to run and run keeper and [TS]

  went on my run and it was really really [TS]

  awesome there are some problems with [TS]

  this though number one I want I don't [TS]

  want to listen to music I want to listen [TS]

  to podcasts I can barely keep up with [TS]

  all my podcasts as it is and [TS]

  running is a really great time for me to [TS]

  plow through you know maybe one episode [TS]

  or an episode and a half or whatever of [TS]

  some of my favorite shows and if I don't [TS]

  bring my phone that I'm not listening to [TS]

  podcast and that's a bummer [TS]

  so if only I knew the guy that uses my [TS]

  other that writes my podcast client app [TS]

  whatever of choice maybe I could put in [TS]

  a good word with him about how I'd [TS]

  really love some overcast watch support [TS]

  and I understand what the problems are [TS]

  and you wrote a really really great post [TS]

  about it and then this week's under the [TS]

  radar you talked about kind of the same [TS]

  thing so as much as I joke I'm not [TS]

  actually beating you up about it because [TS]

  I know your hands are tied but please [TS]

  PLEASE Apple give Marco the tools give [TS]

  mark of the tools so we can have this [TS]

  nice thing we just want nice things but [TS]

  anyway we've already talked about the [TS]

  battery life battery life is tremendous [TS]

  as compared to previous I have gone on [TS]

  not only a couple of runs with the watch [TS]

  but also I have taken Declan to the [TS]

  little park that's within our [TS]

  neighborhood a few times and generally [TS]

  speaking in the past I brought my phone [TS]

  which means I'm often tempted to look at [TS]

  like Twitter or Instagram or whatever [TS]

  instead of playing with Declan because [TS]

  I'm a terrible father and not having my [TS]

  phone with me makes it much harder to [TS]

  look at Twitter or Instagram or [TS]

  what-have-you because I don't have those [TS]

  apps on my watch and that's been really [TS]

  awesome what has been less awesome is [TS]

  replying to text messages and things [TS]

  like that because it seems that about [TS]

  one time in 3 the text messages just the [TS]

  text message it just doesn't send and I [TS]

  and when I say text message I mean both [TS]

  iMessage and text message so that's kind [TS]

  of a bummer kind of a big bummer yeah I [TS]

  don't know if that's a I don't know if [TS]

  that's a software problem I don't know [TS]

  if it's a hardware problem I'm guessing [TS]

  it's a software thing but that really [TS]

  bums me out the other thing that's been [TS]

  a little bit troubling is I have seen a [TS]

  very small version of the bug that about [TS]

  half of the reviewers hit insofar as as [TS]

  I run I'm running in my neighborhood and [TS]

  at one point or another I will pass the [TS]

  house because I start you know a little [TS]

  bit past the house I run for a while [TS]

  past the house again and that's where I [TS]

  end I end where I started and I realized [TS]

  as I as I was coming to the end of my [TS]

  run which is close to the house but pass [TS]

  house I was attempting to do something I [TS]

  don't recall exactly what it was maybe I [TS]

  was just seeing if what the status was [TS]

  because this is all new to me and I'm [TS]

  trying to figure out okay how long does [TS]

  it take to get on the cell radio and [TS]

  when does it fall off the cell radio etc [TS]

  etc I noticed as I ran past the house it [TS]

  picked up my Wi-Fi but then it it tried [TS]

  to cling to it longer than it really [TS]

  should have which I don't really blame [TS]

  the device because it's of course going [TS]

  to try to power off the cell radio and [TS]

  it's of course going to try to hang on [TS]

  to the Wi-Fi because that radio is far [TS]

  less you know power expensive to to keep [TS]

  on but what ended up happening was for [TS]

  the last you know I don't know three [TS]

  hundred yards of my run I had no [TS]

  connectivity because it was still trying [TS]

  to find the Wi-Fi that I had already run [TS]

  past and so that was kind of a bummer in [TS]

  general though I don't have that problem [TS]

  I leave the cell I leave the software [TS]

  for the cell radio enabled and what I [TS]

  mean by that is it can go on cellular [TS]

  anytime it wants and I have not paid any [TS]

  attention to like turning that off or [TS]

  anything like that and 99% of the time [TS]

  my phone is right there so it wouldn't [TS]

  power the cell radio on anyway [TS]

  but it's it's been maintenance-free in [TS]

  that regard which is really nice and so [TS]

  far I really really really liked it and [TS]

  I'm glad that I have the cell service [TS]

  for the runs and even more importantly [TS]

  for when I'm out with Declan and I don't [TS]

  want to be attracted to my phone this is [TS]

  absolutely a first world problem it is [TS]

  absolutely a Casey problem and that I [TS]

  should just have the self-control not to [TS]

  check Twitter every four seconds or [TS]

  Instagram or what-have-you but I know [TS]

  myself enough to know that I don't have [TS]

  a tremendous overabundance of [TS]

  self-control [TS]

  and so removing this problem by removing [TS]

  my phone from the equation is a pretty [TS]

  good way to fix it and I almost put [TS]

  Tweetbot on my watch for instances where [TS]

  I'm say DMing with somebody or something [TS]

  like that and it occurred to me by [TS]

  putting Tweetbot on my watch i will be [TS]

  defeating the purpose that I've set out [TS]

  for my watch which is to say being able [TS]

  to be distraction free another couple [TS]

  things I've noticed once I upgraded to [TS]

  High Sierra and I could use unlock with [TS]

  my watch again because apparently [TS]

  there's something that causes issues [TS]

  with the cellular watch and in Sierra in [TS]

  below so you have to be on some high [TS]

  sierra for your cell you [TS]

  watch to do watch unlock once I upgraded [TS]

  two of my three computers to High Sierra [TS]

  that has come back and that seems to be [TS]

  faster than my series zero by generally [TS]

  speaking a pretty comfortable margin [TS]

  Apple pay is way faster in the last [TS]

  couple of months that I had my series [TS]

  zero I'd kind of abandoned using Apple [TS]

  pay on the watch because it was just so [TS]

  much slower than my phone and it is a [TS]

  fair bit faster on the series three [TS]

  which I really like all in all the [TS]

  combination of the Apple watch series [TS]

  three with LTE with air pods is pretty [TS]

  darn fantastic the only things that I'm [TS]

  really longing for are an update to [TS]

  RunKeeper so it will take take a note of [TS]

  the map of what of what I ran because if [TS]

  you use the exercise app that's built [TS]

  into the watch it will save a map to [TS]

  your health app but RunKeeper hasn't [TS]

  hasn't built in support for that API yet [TS]

  which is a real bummer [TS]

  and again I want podcasts on my watch [TS]

  pretty please Apple please look at [TS]

  Marco's post and give me podcasts on my [TS]

  watch that's all I want please please [TS]

  and a volume widget please for the love [TS]

  of God no one cared about a volume [TS]

  widget on the watch until air pods and [TS]

  now because air pods don't have a good [TS]

  way to control volume physically on them [TS]

  everybody is demanding that with good [TS]

  reason and yeah I can't I can't offer it [TS]

  like there is no API for me to offer [TS]

  them a volume widget for either phone or [TS]

  watch audio levels and I just it kills [TS]

  me yeah so those are my thoughts I [TS]

  definitely recommend it I definitely [TS]

  think it's good I definitely am glad I [TS]

  spent the money on both it and the [TS]

  cellular service on top I'm I'm giving [TS]

  it two thumbs up so far really really [TS]

  love this device yeah the only thing I [TS]

  would add is like it seems like the like [TS]

  what we're seeing with the cellular you [TS]

  know holding on to Wi-Fi and everything [TS]

  else you know this is clearly a device [TS]

  that for power reasons has to use the [TS]

  LTE as little as possible I would say [TS]

  it's it's a good device to get you know [TS]

  if you have like a specific use case in [TS]

  mind like Casey at the park or running [TS]

  without a phone like that makes a ton of [TS]

  sense I would say don't assume this [TS]

  device is just gonna be always happily [TS]

  using its LTE the way like an iPad [TS]

  it's it's going to minimize LTE so [TS]

  aggressively that it's it's it's more [TS]

  useful to think of the LTE thing as a [TS]

  just in case I need it kind of thing [TS]

  like if you're on a run and you don't [TS]

  want to be without a way to make a phone [TS]

  call in case of an emergency or you want [TS]

  to be reachable by people you know it [TS]

  makes sense for that but I wouldn't [TS]

  necessarily say that it makes sense to [TS]

  buy the LTE version with the assumption [TS]

  that you'll be using it just like a tiny [TS]

  phone because not only is it you know [TS]

  very very conservative with when it uses [TS]

  the LTE at all but also app why is the [TS]

  apps are not really ready for that yet [TS]

  they were there were good segments about [TS]

  app readiness on other podcast this week [TS]

  I know there was a great one on upgrade [TS]

  especially and I think a little more [TS]

  unconnected but basically yeah I was [TS]

  connected but basically you know the [TS]

  apps for Apple watch have been written [TS]

  to date with the assumption that they [TS]

  were using the phone and their [TS]

  corresponding app on the phone for all [TS]

  their communication and the watch really [TS]

  couldn't do much until fairly recently [TS]

  with its own communication and and until [TS]

  like last week that was only on Wi-Fi [TS]

  and because nobody really went with the [TS]

  watch without their phone and did much [TS]

  with it there wasn't much reason to [TS]

  really write the apps for that so Apple [TS]

  watch third-party apps still have a [TS]

  anything first party apps frankly still [TS]

  have a long way to go before they can [TS]

  really make good use of independent [TS]

  connectivity on the watch and the [TS]

  hardware probably needs a couple more [TS]

  generations before it's really able to [TS]

  use the LTE radio more than occasionally [TS]

  anyway so buy it if you want to be [TS]

  reachable and to have a lifeline you [TS]

  know they like that kind of that kind of [TS]

  use when you are out without a phone but [TS]

  I wouldn't necessarily say buy it just [TS]

  for like entertainment to go phoneless [TS]

  like Casey at the park because that's [TS]

  not ultimately what it's for and it's [TS]

  not worth optimized to do I would agree [TS]

  with that [TS]

  also you can bring your phone to the [TS]

  park man like kids at the park like yeah [TS]

  we love our kids but like they're there [TS]

  a lot it's it's okay to bring your phone [TS]

  look Instagram while they're like [TS]

  climbing the monkey bars and everything [TS]

  when you aren't like when they're not [TS]

  interacting with you when they're guys [TS]

  running around you can you can look at [TS]

  your phone it's okay I give you [TS]

  permission to do it let me you look up [TS]

  and they're gone you don't have to blame [TS]

  your something yeah yeah I know [TS]

  I think part of the problem is that you [TS]

  know the this particular Park it's just [TS]

  in the neighborhood so it's usual that [TS]

  it's only Declan and I that are there [TS]

  and beyond that he's still in the phase [TS]

  where everything is Daddy this are [TS]

  really mommy this and then if mommy [TS]

  isn't there daddy this and so you know [TS]

  it's it's it's better if I am not [TS]

  distracted by something else and better [TS]

  if I'm paying more attention to him [TS]

  actually a Hamilton or and the chat [TS]

  points out a very good thing bring your [TS]

  phone to take pictures like you know as [TS]

  as people are realizing they can now go [TS]

  out into the world with just their watch [TS]

  many of them I've seen are also [TS]

  realizing oh crap I don't have a camera [TS]

  when I do that and I'm used to always [TS]

  having a camera yeah the thing is [TS]

  actually Mike and I talked about this [TS]

  very briefly on the forthcoming episode [TS]

  of analog but uh if I'm was going to [TS]

  bring a camera to the park I would [TS]

  probably bring the big camera because I [TS]

  I think the pictures are much much much [TS]

  better coming off of that now once I get [TS]

  my fancy iPhone ten in 2020 when it's [TS]

  finally available then that might change [TS]

  when I have my fancy you know a two lens [TS]

  camera system but for now I would be [TS]

  more apt to bring watch and big camera [TS]

  than I would be watching phone that's [TS]

  actually a reasonable plan I like that [TS]

  yeah but I mean obviously this is kind [TS]

  of a unique to casing use case and that [TS]

  may not be the case for everyone else [TS]

  but I would agree with with what you [TS]

  said a minute ago like if you have if [TS]

  you the listener have a particular set [TS]

  of times that you think this would be [TS]

  useful to you for example exercise [TS]

  particularly in a situation where you [TS]

  don't have access to Wi-Fi or anything [TS]

  else so often but not always outdoor [TS]

  exercise or if you just are like me and [TS]

  don't have very good self control then I [TS]

  think having a watch with LTE makes [TS]

  sense and certainly one of the nice [TS]

  things is if you wanted to just see what [TS]

  you thought you could get a watch with [TS]

  LTE and just choose not to enable it so [TS]

  yes it's it's I think 70 extra dollars [TS]

  up front but you don't have to incur [TS]

  that monthly fee until you you feel like [TS]

  you might want it but if you don't [TS]

  really have a particular use like that [TS]

  in mind I agree with Marco that it may [TS]

  not really be worth the money [TS]

  what do you think of the red dot now [TS]

  that you have it uh I wish the red dot [TS]

  wasn't there [TS]

  agreed I have yet to see any model [TS]

  except the white ceramic where I think [TS]

  it looks good [TS]

  I think it looks ok or passable on the [TS]

  steel ones and maybe ok on the gold [TS]

  aluminum one but that's about the best I [TS]

  can say about it yeah fair enough [TS]

  I think I feel the same way I I wish it [TS]

  wasn't there I wish I had an option to [TS]

  not have it there I like if always watch [TS]

  dots yeah I know but I don't I don't [TS]

  trust myself to apply it in such a way [TS]

  that it won't look like garbage the [TS]

  watch thought that yeah yeah yeah that's [TS]

  yeah if I could I do believe if I could [TS]

  pay a little bit of extra money to have [TS]

  a version without the dot I probably [TS]

  would have find somebody who paints [TS]

  miniatures and yeah there was some [TS]

  enamel in there you'll never notice [TS]

  it'll be practically perfect yeah [TS]

  something like that I don't know but [TS]

  overall i am i was expecting to like the [TS]

  watch you know i am a pretty big fan of [TS]

  the apple watch as a platform and I was [TS]

  expecting to like this new one you know [TS]

  a fair bit and it turns out I really [TS]

  like this new watch a lot so it is a [TS]

  very worthwhile upgrade the sell like we [TS]

  just discussed yeah maybe maybe not for [TS]

  me absolutely Marco I suspect if and [TS]

  when you get overcast working and if and [TS]

  when you decide to ditch your phone for [TS]

  bike rides I think you'll be more [TS]

  enthusiastic about the the cellular [TS]

  radio but but in general I can see that [TS]

  when going either way but yeah I [TS]

  definitely say this is a worthwhile [TS]

  upgrade I'm SuperDuper happy with my [TS]

  purchase we our sponsor this week by [TS]

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  from Squarespace all right John so tell [TS]

  me about high sierra and tell me i have [TS]

  upgraded my macbook adorable i have [TS]

  upgraded my work computer am I allowed [TS]

  to upgrade my iMac that I'm recording on [TS]

  as we speak not to say that I'm going to [TS]

  upgrade as we're recording of course but [TS]

  am I allowed to upgrade my iMac John [TS]

  what's the deal you do what you want [TS]

  sir iMac all right so what is the [TS]

  official John siracusa review of Mac OS [TS]

  high sierra view is i still haven't used [TS]

  it my jaw literally never used it [TS]

  because i didn't install any of the [TS]

  betas and i don't have it anyway max now [TS]

  why don't I have it in a max well [TS]

  obviously the Mac Pro that I'm talking [TS]

  to right now can't run it I never did do [TS]

  the whatever you know firmware upgrade [TS]

  trickery to make it run Sierra and [TS]

  therefore also run high sierra i [TS]

  probably never will so that's that my [TS]

  work computer we are [TS]

  allowed to install it at work yet [TS]

  because of some Active Directory bugs [TS]

  that are supposedly fixed in the 10:13 [TS]

  one beta but right now if you try to [TS]

  install it one of our works incredibly [TS]

  invasive please that don't let me know [TS]

  how this actually works [TS]

  hacker key things is when you [TS]

  double-click the is Sierra installer a [TS]

  dialog pops up with a message written by [TS]

  our corporate IT that says you can't [TS]

  install it I'm hoping that didn't patch [TS]

  the binary of the installer but whatever [TS]

  mechanism they have to intercept the [TS]

  launch of a particular application and [TS]

  throw up an arbitrary message in a [TS]

  dialog got anyone know so anyway I can't [TS]

  upgrade the work one that would be the [TS]

  one I would you would be most likely to [TS]

  upgrade because I would have some faith [TS]

  that the IT team that I was just [TS]

  complaining about had tested it and made [TS]

  sure our stuff works on it and it's like [TS]

  practically brand-new like it's all [TS]

  fresh and like I haven't done anything [TS]

  weird do it so if any computer is gonna [TS]

  work ok with it it's gonna be that one [TS]

  and then finally my wife's computer [TS]

  which I thought it was an upgrade in day [TS]

  one I found myself with cold feet not so [TS]

  much about a PFS although there are some [TS]

  issues with that like super duper that I [TS]

  used to go in just now has like a beta [TS]

  support for cloning from it but really [TS]

  I'm getting cold feet about the point [TS]

  zero and in a way I didn't with Sierra I [TS]

  just I don't know I think maybe it's a [TS]

  combination like just the point zero is [TS]

  not enough to scare me away and just a [TS]

  PFS is not enough to scare me both of [TS]

  them I'm hedging so I've downloaded the [TS]

  Installer and I've done like a fresh [TS]

  round of backups and clones and made [TS]

  sure all of my backups are good and you [TS]

  know I've done all this stuff I'm [TS]

  already to install but I thought I would [TS]

  pull the trigger and it's just like I'm [TS]

  I'm not pulling the trigger and mostly [TS]

  what I would be upgrading for is the new [TS]

  version of photos not for a PFS was [TS]

  obviously I like that I wanted and I'll [TS]

  get it eventually but I wanted to try [TS]

  the new version of photos but that has [TS]

  me a little bit scared too so I may turn [TS]

  out that I just wait for the point one [TS]

  especially if the point one is due out [TS]

  soon but right now I've been too much of [TS]

  a wimp [TS]

  it's a try it so I'm just I'm just in a [TS]

  holding pattern waiting to see other [TS]

  things I let other people go first and [TS]

  see what kind of disasters befall them [TS]

  and this is kind of weird for me because [TS]

  I upgrade it almost all the other ones I [TS]

  always upgrade in my wife's computer [TS]

  like as soon as it comes out just you [TS]

  know why not everything's fine but this [TS]

  time I don't know it's just me I don't [TS]

  think there's anything particularly high [TS]

  Sierra is again I haven't you [TS]

  the beta so I have nothing to base my [TS]

  fears on but I think the combo of AP FS [TS]

  and the point zero is keeping me away I [TS]

  am surprised by that me too so Marco [TS]

  have you upgraded anything yet Marco [TS]

  only my laptop I I would like to upgrade [TS]

  my desk [TS]

  my desk [TS]

  pop mostly for the media format support [TS]

  but I really that's pretty much the only [TS]

  thing that is really compelling for me [TS]

  right now and and the thing is like you [TS]

  know I've really been burned a lot it by [TS]

  the last few Mac OS releases you know it [TS]

  like ever since like the discovery de [TS]

  fiasco pretty much every almost every [TS]

  major version of Mac OS in the last few [TS]

  years has broken some sub system that I [TS]

  rely on for a little while you know [TS]

  sometimes for the entire release cycle [TS]

  like I'm I'm pretty sure Sierra still [TS]

  messes up bluetooth input devices like I [TS]

  still think blue is messed up in Sierra [TS]

  and and you know some people have [TS]

  reporter reporting USB audio bugs [TS]

  earlier on and Sierra's lifecycle and [TS]

  stuff and like you know this is my work [TS]

  machine III I can't afford downtime of [TS]

  my Mac of my main Mac here I do my [TS]

  entire job here the idea of taking a [TS]

  risk on High Sierra in you know early on [TS]

  in its lifecycle with you know with [TS]

  Sierra like I kind of know it's kind [TS]

  like the devil you know it's like I know [TS]

  Sierra is buggy with Bluetooth pointing [TS]

  devices so it's like I'm used to my [TS]

  mouse and trackpad just occasionally [TS]

  just disconnecting for no reason and [TS]

  then reconnecting like I've gotten used [TS]

  to that now you know with High Sierra I [TS]

  don't know what this year's discovery D [TS]

  is yet you know I've heard lots of [TS]

  reports that it's that it's the Windows [TS]

  Server rewrite yeah and and I don't know [TS]

  it like when I ask people on Twitter [TS]

  like hey you know what is is High Sierra [TS]

  okay or not what if it been your [TS]

  experiences the the responses were [TS]

  pretty evenly split between it's totally [TS]

  perfect I've had no problems and oh my [TS]

  god it's been a disaster for mostly for [TS]

  the Windows Server things so I assume [TS]

  that it mostly works if you're doing [TS]

  things the way Apple want you to do but [TS]

  if you have some kind of you know [TS]

  workflow or or setup that is that puts a [TS]

  strain on edge cases the Windows Server [TS]

  so for instance if you are frequently [TS]

  connecting or disconnecting monitors or [TS]

  using clamshell mode maybe like I like [TS]

  that kind of thing I bet it's probably [TS]

  more likely to have bugs related to the [TS]

  Windows Server stuff then or if you have [TS]

  a particular GPU like some particular [TS]

  NVIDIA GPU Steve trout and Smith have [TS]

  some computer with some [TS]

  Euler GPU that just kernel panics like [TS]

  based on a clock like so and thirty [TS]

  minutes in the kernel panics like that's [TS]

  the thing about a lot of these graphics [TS]

  subsystem things in the window server [TS]

  that deal with GPU drivers it could be [TS]

  perfectly fine for you because your GPU [TS]

  driver has no problems and for someone [TS]

  else it doesn't matter how lightly or [TS]

  heavily you use it if you're just [TS]

  connecting or turning them on it's just [TS]

  that your GPU the driver for it has some [TS]

  bug that gets tripped on average after [TS]

  every 30 minutes so I've heard that as [TS]

  well and I don't know if that's making [TS]

  me where because I assume I don't have [TS]

  one of those weird GPUs but who knows [TS]

  you know that kind of thing like I I'm [TS]

  just not willing to take the risk on my [TS]

  main computer when there are still [TS]

  widespread reports of problems of that [TS]

  magnitude the advantages of high sierra [TS]

  are just not very compelling for me to [TS]

  take that risk right now over time that [TS]

  calculus will change you know over time [TS]

  it will it will start to become more [TS]

  annoying that i don't have the latest [TS]

  version cuz like lots of things around [TS]

  the Apple ecosystem these days will [TS]

  assume that you have a latest version [TS]

  will only work correctly or fully with [TS]

  lives version especially with you know [TS]

  features that are shared between iOS and [TS]

  the Mac things like you know like [TS]

  continuity and handoff even simple [TS]

  things like notes notes has new features [TS]

  now the h gb c and h and and heap stuff [TS]

  like that's gonna become more annoying [TS]

  over time as my photos app can't edit [TS]

  the phones that are in it things like [TS]

  that like that's gonna eventually push [TS]

  me over probably within the next few [TS]

  weeks [TS]

  like i'm I'm probably gonna install the [TS]

  point one and hope that it fixes [TS]

  everything if not the point two but [TS]

  basically right now why should I install [TS]

  it like there's no there's but there's [TS]

  not much reason to install it and [TS]

  there's just a lot of potential for [TS]

  there still be pretty serious problems [TS]

  with it that I just don't need to be the [TS]

  one to fix you don't like what I'm blur [TS]

  one of my rules was that you know when I [TS]

  was choosing software or infrastructure [TS]

  that we were going to build upon one of [TS]

  my rules was to never be the biggest [TS]

  user of anything you know you want to [TS]

  use stuff that like Facebook uses or [TS]

  Twitter uses because you know like if [TS]

  there's any kind of bug at scale they [TS]

  will have already hit it and probably [TS]

  will have submitted and fixed you know [TS]

  fixes for it it'll be fixed by them long [TS]

  before it's ever a problem for you and [TS]

  similarly with with like Mac OS [TS]

  it's like why why install the point zero [TS]

  why not let the entire rest of the world [TS]

  use it first report all the bugs get [TS]

  Apple to fix them and then install the [TS]

  point one of the point two like there's [TS]

  it's it's selfish like you should as [TS]

  like a social good try to contribute [TS]

  with everybody but no screw that and in [TS]

  my computer to work and so I'll let [TS]

  everyone else do that and I'll sit back [TS]

  and collect the fixes speaking of a [TS]

  computer reliability my shiny new Space [TS]

  Gray 2017 MacBook Pro it's already [TS]

  proven to not be as reliable as my [TS]

  outgoing eight year old 2009 Mac Pro at [TS]

  work because I've had it for what like [TS]

  two weeks now or something and I came in [TS]

  one day this week and it was just off [TS]

  and I booted up and sure enough it had [TS]

  kernel panicked in the middle of the [TS]

  night at Korea it was just sitting there [TS]

  nobody's using it who knows what was [TS]

  going on I didn't get anything good I [TS]

  did do the send you know send report to [TS]

  Apple I looked at the thing I couldn't [TS]

  make heads or tails of it like it didn't [TS]

  nothing obvious jumped it didn't even [TS]

  look like a full crash report whatever [TS]

  had saved in NVRAM it was like just [TS]

  information about my system but didn't [TS]

  tell me about what it crash to show me [TS]

  any symbols or anything like that I'm [TS]

  like you you know if it wants to match [TS]

  my 2009 Mac Pro's performance it needs [TS]

  to not kernel panic again for another 7 [TS]

  years because it did kernel panic a [TS]

  couple of times when they first [TS]

  installed the terrible antivirus [TS]

  software they were forcing us all to use [TS]

  because it apparently had an [TS]

  incompatibility with like Zeon's or [TS]

  something I was that was it was a story [TS]

  like oh you're the only computer in the [TS]

  entire company with a xiana and the nd [TS]

  the antivirus software kernel panics [TS]

  reliably kernel panics Zeon's and we [TS]

  changed your different antivirus thing [TS]

  and so that solved that problem so those [TS]

  are the only panics I had those were [TS]

  explicable and I could tell what was [TS]

  doing it I said did we have any other [TS]

  kernel packs in that one maybe when I [TS]

  gave away gave away when I when I [TS]

  returned my 2000 iMac for our work I [TS]

  also like returned you know all the [TS]

  stuff that came with it and you know it [TS]

  came with it Snow Leopard on a plastic [TS]

  disc nice that's a computer so into a B [TS]

  I had some crumpets back but like but in [TS]

  general it's just I don't it's not a [TS]

  thing that I expect [TS]

  to happen like it just and so within the [TS]

  first few weeks of and this remember [TS]

  this is running Sierra not High Sierra [TS]

  but like ten twelve six the latest [TS]

  version of Sierra not not often I [TS]

  especially start oh well at least the [TS]

  boots fast I mean the thing to remember [TS]

  too is like you know these Mac OS [TS]

  releases on a schedule not one it's done [TS]

  Apple is you know Apple usually ships [TS]

  high quality stuff you know like we [TS]

  complain but like the their track record [TS]

  is pretty good but there's also a [TS]

  hierarchy like you could be pretty sure [TS]

  that when a new iPhone comes out that's [TS]

  usually pretty solid because they care a [TS]

  lot about that and they work really hard [TS]

  on that to make that rock-solid but [TS]

  everything else but beneath the iPhone [TS]

  gets less and less reliable in that way [TS]

  like you can't be sure that a lower [TS]

  priority release is going to be as solid [TS]

  as iPhone Hardware because like [TS]

  everything else has it has to basically [TS]

  ship on a schedule whenever it's ready [TS]

  and again usually that works out ok but [TS]

  like they were gonna ship High Sierra [TS]

  when they did regardless of whether it [TS]

  was done so we got it and it's probably [TS]

  close to done there probably aren't a [TS]

  lot of bugs but that was shipping a [TS]

  schedule not after hitting a certain [TS]

  quality threshold so it's right that [TS]

  they do do it on a schedule but they [TS]

  control scope like even on iOS they do [TS]

  they control scope so they have to [TS]

  either you give it can can change the [TS]

  schedule by saying we're gonna push this [TS]

  out or you can narrow the scope so you [TS]

  can ship what is shippable and they did [TS]

  it in iOS 2 they didn't ship that one [TS]

  feature had the most which is the [TS]

  iMessage syncing that fell out of the [TS]

  release right because you're right they [TS]

  are shipping on a schedule look we got a [TS]

  ship this because we gotta sell some [TS]

  phones here and we got a ship iOS 11 and [TS]

  whatever was like a month before that [TS]

  fell out because it's like this is not [TS]

  gonna be ready in high sierra a PFS on [TS]

  fusion drives and automatically [TS]

  converting spinning discs all fell out [TS]

  of it and the fusion drives coming back [TS]

  right so that's what they're trying to [TS]

  do is say we do want to ship on a [TS]

  schedule but we want to ship quality [TS]

  software so we have to make a call at a [TS]

  certain point you're not going to be [TS]

  ready in time for the schedule so guess [TS]

  what feature you get booted out of the [TS]

  OS and that's that's easy too [TS]

  do in theory but in practice pulling [TS]

  features out is not a harm free process [TS]

  you are left with a code base that is [TS]

  different than it was before that may [TS]

  have new interactions that you didn't [TS]

  anticipate and so you know you have to [TS]

  test that new combination of stuff and [TS]

  so it is difficult and I see what I was [TS]

  trying to do and in general that's how [TS]

  modern software development works you [TS]

  usually they you want to have a [TS]

  reasonably fixed schedule especially for [TS]

  something that's like a marketing type [TS]

  thing where every year you want to have [TS]

  a new version of iOS or whatever and you [TS]

  just control scope and there's easier [TS]

  said than done and that's what I was [TS]

  trying to do but as you said Margo and [TS]

  you know even though they're doing the [TS]

  same strategy and both os's [TS]

  the Big Show is iOS and then everything [TS]

  else in the company gets slightly less [TS]

  of everything slightly less their time [TS]

  money people everything about it is less [TS]

  how much is it less is it marginally [TS]

  less you don't you know it has fewer [TS]

  users right it is also a more mature [TS]

  product but it is also a product that [TS]

  makes less money and like so I don't [TS]

  know Mac users have been feeling [TS]

  neglected for a while because iOS is [TS]

  gets all the glory and stuff like that [TS]

  but uh in theory there's a lot of [TS]

  articles there was a good one Steven [TS]

  Hackett had two articles about this [TS]

  about uh high sierra being like Snow [TS]

  Leopard right but Snow Leopard was back [TS]

  in the days when Mac os10 was still [TS]

  pretty firmly in maybe not in the glory [TS]

  position right and it was an important [TS]

  product was a very important product [TS]

  Apple so when they did the no new [TS]

  features release a that was a lie and B [TS]

  they kind of makes it a little bit more [TS]

  I mean grants out of dispatch was [TS]

  released and Snow Leopard if I recall [TS]

  correctly is that's pretty pretty big [TS]

  feature to say no new features but these [TS]

  days it does feel like like if this is [TS]

  supposed to be a Snow Leopard doesn't [TS]

  feel very snow up or it doesn't feel [TS]

  like they took Sierra and just polished [TS]

  it because you said Marco Sierra still [TS]

  has some rough edges that just seemed to [TS]

  have never been resolved and now you're [TS]

  adding more stuff and it's not just like [TS]

  taking Sierra and making it more [TS]

  reliable and faster yeah I don't know [TS]

  like I don't like I said I haven't [TS]

  installed that I just that's my spidey [TS]

  sense [TS]

  Wow great I mean III have like I said [TS]

  put this on the adorable in my work [TS]

  computer and so far the only thing that [TS]

  I've really noticed is that I can now [TS]

  use my unlock with my cellular Apple [TS]

  watch again like I discussed earlier [TS]

  like otherwise it doesn't really seem [TS]

  any different to me and in fact it seems [TS]

  so similar to me that I intend to go [TS]

  through Stephens review not only because [TS]

  I want to read it in general but to tell [TS]

  me what it is that's different because [TS]

  it seems like a lot of the big [TS]

  differences are Safari which I had [TS]

  previously put on my Sierra builds and [TS]

  photos which I don't use so once you [TS]

  take those away it's kind of like yeah [TS]

  I'm sure there's other good stuff there [TS]

  but yeah whatever well and I and I hope [TS]

  that like you like I mentioned Housley [TS]

  Sierra still has these bluetooth issues [TS]

  that don't seem to be fixed with High [TS]

  Sierra have they fixed them or did they [TS]

  just move on and now they break and [TS]

  other things I hope I don't know I hope [TS]

  they fix them but you never know what [TS]

  these kind of releases that's one of the [TS]

  reasons why I haven't sold yet but like [TS]

  you know what you said in case you like [TS]

  you that you could barely even really [TS]

  tell that you had upgraded that's you [TS]

  know for for a release like this where [TS]

  you know they really weren't user facing [TS]

  changes that's what you want that that [TS]

  is the ideal case yeah yeah now we'll [TS]

  see I mean you know your your track [TS]

  record of reporting problems to us with [TS]

  your computer is pretty poor like you [TS]

  might tell us in six months oh yeah by [TS]

  the way ten rebooting everyday at noon [TS]

  and I don't know why like hey that's a [TS]

  problem yeah it's just been fine I [TS]

  haven't wanted to take it in like but [TS]

  but you know like I hope when I install [TS]

  it I don't notice and that maybe my [TS]

  trackpad a mouse stay connected like [TS]

  that's that's what I want to have in [TS]

  there I don't want any excitement there [TS]

  because and like and there's a lot about [TS]

  Mac OS that I hope Apple is working on [TS]

  and I hope they do improve long term [TS]

  like Stephens review had this great [TS]

  paragraph towards the end that basically [TS]

  was listing like a whole bunch of areas [TS]

  in Mac OS that are still big problems [TS]

  and could really use improvements big [TS]

  and small if you think Mac OS is done [TS]

  and that it's perfected and that there's [TS]

  nothing more to do you aren't thinking [TS]

  about the problem enough the him Mac [TS]

  still has tons of places it can go and [TS]

  could use lots of improvements big and [TS]

  small right now it looks like apples not [TS]

  really doing much of that I hope that's [TS]

  just because we're like in the you know [TS]

  middle stages of those efforts and [TS]

  there's nothing to show yet because [TS]

  there's still tons of things to make [TS]

  Mac's awesome and to make them better [TS]

  and to modernize them that appear to not [TS]

  be happening so again I hope they really [TS]

  are happening and they're just not ready [TS]

  yet and and I think what we've seen from [TS]

  Apple in the last few years is it does [TS]

  seem like there was a period a few years [TS]

  ago where they really were not working [TS]

  on the Mac much at all but it also seems [TS]

  like a few years ago they they kind of [TS]

  had a change of heart on that front and [TS]

  that they began reinvesting a lot in the [TS]

  Mac again and that resulted in things [TS]

  like the touch bar and things like that [TS]

  I hope that that's that progress [TS]

  continues even though I haven't [TS]

  personally enjoyed the touch bar I [TS]

  honestly think it was a pretty big miss [TS]

  and I think the the lack of any touch [TS]

  bar changes in High Sierra might [TS]

  indicate that Apple realizes that - I [TS]

  don't know but the fact that they're [TS]

  investing in the Mac is really really [TS]

  good I hope they continue to invest not [TS]

  just in you know cool Hardware tricks [TS]

  like the touch bar but also in [TS]

  fundamentally moving the software [TS]

  forward with High Sierra they laid some [TS]

  new groundwork with the Windows Server I [TS]

  hope that was a big deal for moving [TS]

  everything forward I hope it succeeds [TS]

  and I hope they maintain it properly to [TS]

  iron out the bugs and and to fix all [TS]

  these subsystems that might have been [TS]

  broken and move the platform forward we [TS]

  haven't seen that yet but I hope that's [TS]

  in progress yeah agreed [TS]

  thanks to our three sponsors this week [TS]

  Squarespace Backblaze and jamp now and [TS]

  we will see you next week [TS]

  now the show is over they didn't even [TS]

  mean to begin because it was accidental [TS]

  oh it was accidental [TS]

  Johnny research Marco and Casey wouldn't [TS]

  let him cuz it was accidentally was [TS]

  accidental you can find the show notes [TS]

  at a CAS e yl is s so that's Casey list [TS]

  and a are Co AR m and T Marco Arment SI [TS]

  r AC Syracuse [TS]

  so uh you know how there was a time when [TS]

  Marco really enjoyed adding just kind of [TS]

  random things to his Twitter bio and and [TS]

  you know he would be coffee enthusiast [TS]

  and then he would be analyst and then [TS]

  there were a couple other ones after [TS]

  that I don't remember that elephant in [TS]

  the room that was my favorite one yeah I [TS]

  remember that but there wasn't adding [TS]

  things that was that was one thing right [TS]

  changing things in the bio the point is [TS]

  that I am now changing my Twitter bio to [TS]

  car journalist the reason being for the [TS]

  last week I have had a loaner car from [TS]

  Fiat Chrysler of America really that [TS]

  loaner car is not what I hoped it would [TS]

  be [TS]

  it's not the thing that I was promised [TS]

  and I will explain friend of the show [TS]

  Sam at Boyle Smid who we discussed [TS]

  earlier of the wheel bearings podcast [TS]

  which you should listen to if and I've [TS]

  mentioned this a few times then past but [TS]

  if you ever wanted neutral but by [TS]

  someone who doesn't who actually knows [TS]

  what they're talking about I'm like us [TS]

  three idiots you would like wheel [TS]

  bearings um anyway Sam wrote me I want [TS]

  to say it was in May or June and said [TS]

  hey if you wanted to if you wanted to [TS]

  take a spin with that car and I'm not [TS]

  going to tell you which car it is I [TS]

  could probably arrange that and you and [TS]

  I think I told this tale of woe already [TS]

  once in June I was told you it was I [TS]

  think the week after WTC we will give [TS]

  you this car as a loaner and then right [TS]

  before it was my turn then the tire [TS]

  exploded apparently or some such and [TS]

  then they needed to get a new tire [TS]

  shipped in because apparently this was [TS]

  not an off-the-shelf tire a month or so [TS]

  later they were they were going to give [TS]

  me the same car again and then as it was [TS]

  coming down 95 from Washington DC to me [TS]

  apparently picked up a chip in the [TS]

  windshield or like a shatter and the [TS]

  windshield and so I turned around went [TS]

  back to DC so as an apology tour [TS]

  fiat-chrysler of america has loaned me a [TS]

  jeep grand cherokee 4x4 [TS]

  did if I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure [TS]

  that's what it was I do have the sticker [TS]

  in front of me [TS]

  well not in front of me but I do have [TS]

  the sticker yes Jeep Grand Cherokee [TS]

  Limited 4x4 it has about 5000 miles on [TS]

  the clock and it is it's a thing it's a [TS]

  thing is that your review that's my [TS]

  whole review what happens when you get [TS]

  that big Volvo SUV then we get this big [TS]

  Volvo and they're like he likes giant [TS]

  shopping carts let's send them a big [TS]

  that's exactly it [TS]

  hippie shopping cart a big tippy [TS]

  shopping cart well so yeah so here's the [TS]

  problem if I hadn't had the Volvo in the [TS]

  family I think I would have been fairly [TS]

  impressed by this car but having the [TS]

  Volvo in the family this car is the [TS]

  American version of a luxury SUV which [TS]

  is to say it's not that luxurious and [TS]

  it's kind of a piece of garbage [TS]

  it does have big cupholders so it does [TS]

  have a lot of really good things going [TS]

  for it [TS]

  it does have a fairly robust Bluetooth [TS]

  setup that has some really neat features [TS]

  it does in that that's you connect the [TS]

  letter you connect and it's been around [TS]

  in Chrysler cars for a while now it does [TS]

  some neat things like it'll read you [TS]

  your text messages you can even put on a [TS]

  do not disturb mode on the like [TS]

  infotainment so it will no longer offer [TS]

  to read you your text messages Bluetooth [TS]

  connectivity for media worked reasonably [TS]

  well you know all that is is decent it [TS]

  has a backup camera it does not have a [TS]

  360 camera it has an auto raising and [TS]

  lowering lift gate it actually has a AC [TS]

  plug so a not a DC plug like a cigarette [TS]

  lighter I'm talking a full on like the [TS]

  same kind of outlet you would find in [TS]

  your house plug-in in the back of the [TS]

  center console so for the for the rear [TS]

  seats which is super cool I knew that [TS]

  they had put these in cars before but [TS]

  you know to get a decent one of those as [TS]

  an aftermarket thing it's like a couple [TS]

  hundred bucks and this is just in the [TS]

  car overall that's nice car you know did [TS]

  a lot of things reasonably well this [TS]

  particular model was the v6 the v6 is [TS]

  not fast [TS]

  it does do the stop-start thing it [TS]

  actually I think was a little bit [TS]

  smoother on the stop start than Aaron's [TS]

  Volvo - believe it or not so so far [TS]

  things are looking good but then [TS]

  everything takes a turn wait as I'm [TS]

  building and pricing this thing to match [TS]

  what you're saying the next step that I [TS]

  have to choose is the color and I you [TS]

  know I only have one question it is not [TS]

  white you jackass yes it is a dark dark [TS]

  dark grey what is the official color [TS]

  where does it say it it looks like it [TS]

  comes in about 16 different Gray's the [TS]

  exterior color is granite crystal [TS]

  metallic clear coat exterior paint what [TS]

  this thing is is almost the same price [TS]

  as you know the base price was 44 de the [TS]

  sticker the you a 4x4 it is a 4x4 [TS]

  limited trim right correct Grand [TS]

  Cherokee Limited 4x4 this is a 2017 [TS]

  model oh yeah sorry I'm a 39:9 yeah [TS]

  that's the base price optional equipment [TS]

  includes the customer preferred package [TS]

  23h which is apparently luxury group 2 [TS]

  which is the $4,300 option that includes [TS]

  a 506 watt amplifier at 8.4 inch [TS]

  touchscreen display [TS]

  leather-trimmed seats with perforated [TS]

  inserts ooh we need to talk about heated [TS]

  and cooled seats actually because that's [TS]

  the thing main sense lane departure [TS]

  warning plus parallel and perpendicular [TS]

  Park Assist have you tried auto parking [TS]

  in the Tesla I have does it work it [TS]

  works mostly but it's so slow I usually [TS]

  just do it myself [TS]

  yeah yeah it's it's I tried it once with [TS]

  perpendicular parking and it was garbage [TS]

  and actually to be fair so was Erin's [TS]

  Volvo [TS]

  finally finally a $595 blind spot in [TS]

  cross path detection and a destination [TS]

  charge of a thousand dollars total [TS]

  sticker price ladies and gentlemen forty [TS]

  eight thousand two hundred thirty [TS]

  dollars which is quite a bit less than [TS]

  we paid for Erin's Volvo so it it feels [TS]

  like the American take on a luxury SUV a [TS]

  lot of the stuff is nice and it does [TS]

  have a lot of the bits and bobs like the [TS]

  you know radar cruise control but so [TS]

  much of it it gets wrong like this you [TS]

  connect thing and this is gonna this [TS]

  isn't that interesting without without a [TS]

  visual aid and so you just have to go on [TS]

  faith until I eventually write my blog [TS]

  post but the UConnect thing is an [TS]

  assault on my eyeballs it is a billion [TS]

  buttons everything is gray everything [TS]

  blends together there are neat features [TS]

  about it so as an example when you're in [TS]

  the Bluetooth like media screen there's [TS]

  a little teeny tiny button that says map [TS]

  and then it will do a popover of the [TS]

  current map so you can look at where you [TS]

  are without leaving the context the [TS]

  Bluetooth screen that's a kind of cool [TS]

  idea but it isn't pinch-to-zoom or you [TS]

  know or or whatever the case may be [TS]

  which Aaron's car is the resolution of [TS]

  the screen was not very good you know [TS]

  Aaron's car I wouldn't call it retina [TS]

  but it's it's it's of that kind of talib [TS]

  er right it's it's a decently high res [TS]

  screen this thing was looked like it was [TS]

  five years old and this is a 2017 model [TS]

  and here again as I was starting to say [TS]

  at the beginning it's it's so [TS]

  frustrating because without Aaron's car [TS]

  as a comparison as a benchmark I [TS]

  actually think I would have liked this [TS]

  car a lot more and and when I met Aaron [TS]

  way back when you know she had said her [TS]

  like fantasy car in a lot of ways was [TS]

  Grand Cherokee she's always really liked [TS]

  them and you know what I always really [TS]

  liked them I always thought they were [TS]

  really nice car or trucks I should say [TS]

  but as compared to the Volvo which does [TS]

  all of the things this does and more and [TS]

  does every single one of them better [TS]

  except of course going offroad I would [TS]

  choose the Volvo any day the week and [TS]

  twice on Sunday knob feel it was maybe a [TS]

  seven or eight it's a nice if it feels [TS]

  nice but it's not it is it really is but [TS]

  it's not [TS]

  you can tell it's just it's just not all [TS]

  there and the things that really drove [TS]

  me nuts about it were things where they [TS]

  just didn't think it through [TS]

  so as an example most of you listeners [TS]

  probably live in an area where at a [TS]

  stoplight and in for Americans that's a [TS]

  left for you know those crazies that [TS]

  drive on the wrong side of the road it [TS]

  would be making a right but for [TS]

  Americans if you're trying to make a [TS]

  left let's say that there are two lanes [TS]

  to make a left-hand turn so you're on [TS]

  presumably like a multi-lane Road and [TS]

  you're gonna you're at a stoplight [TS]

  you're gonna make a left-hand turn which [TS]

  is the difficult turn for an American to [TS]

  make so you stop the car and the stop [TS]

  start probably kicks into the car yet [TS]

  feels like it's stalled but it's [TS]

  actually fine you go to take off once [TS]

  the light turns green the car starts [TS]

  right up that actually works really well [TS]

  and like I said it's actually a little [TS]

  smoother than Aaron's car surprisingly [TS]

  especially since it's two more cylinders [TS]

  and immediately wait we we because what [TS]

  ends up happening is it thinks I perhaps [TS]

  because I'm an idiot and I'm the only [TS]

  American that ever uses my turn signal [TS]

  it thinks that you're signaling to make [TS]

  a lane change and it's trying to tell [TS]

  you there's somebody next to you which [TS]

  on the highway at like 70 miles an hour [TS]

  or what-have-you [TS]

  that is a useful thing but when you're [TS]

  on a surface street accelerating from [TS]

  zero miles an hour to 15 or 20 or 30 or [TS]

  40 the moment you leave 0 miles an hour [TS]

  and all of a sudden you get great great [TS]

  great oh my word is it frustrating and a [TS]

  lot of the roads in that in the area in [TS]

  which I live are multi-lane roads in [TS]

  each direction so there are a lot of [TS]

  times when I'm being - I'll be making a [TS]

  left adjacent to another car and all the [TS]

  time I mean we we it is unbelievably [TS]

  frustrating so here's an example of [TS]

  where it's a great idea in principle but [TS]

  it's just poorly executed the UConnect [TS]

  thing with like all the Bluetooth bits [TS]

  and bobs and all of that great idea in [TS]

  principle not a good execution and [TS]

  furthermore where's my damn car play [TS]

  it's just infuriating and so so much of [TS]

  this car and I know I say this about so [TS]

  many things but it was death by a [TS]

  thousand paper cuts I in a lot of ways I [TS]

  really liked it [TS]

  but God it was terrible any thoughts [TS]

  about the car and then I'd like to do a [TS]

  little inside baseball about what what [TS]

  the delivery process was like can you [TS]

  disable stop start yes and it's actually [TS]

  a physical button right there on the [TS]

  dashboard I've never had a car with that [TS]

  but I haven't so desperately I think I [TS]

  would not buy one if I couldn't turn it [TS]

  off and have it remember the setting you [TS]

  know it's really not that bad in the [TS]

  grand no no no no you would notice I [TS]

  noticed you would absolutely notice but [TS]

  you do get used to it and especially if [TS]

  you drive a car with three pedals I mean [TS]

  I understand the theory and like I think [TS]

  I would I might leave it on on something [TS]

  big like a mini van or an SUV or some [TS]

  other thing that I that I didn't [TS]

  consider a real car like you don't know [TS]

  me but I just don't want that I mean the [TS]

  true chops stop-start is wood Marko has [TS]

  when he's at a stoplight [TS]

  nothing is perfect nothing is moving the [TS]

  drive it has stopped but then when he [TS]

  goes again he doesn't have to wait for [TS]

  the engine to start and I know there's [TS]

  not waiting I know they start really [TS]

  fast the starter motors are fine they're [TS]

  built to be to be started you'll you [TS]

  know maybe you'll notice but you'll [TS]

  they'll never be any legs I don't I [TS]

  don't want that I don't want it at all [TS]

  it still sucks no I mean like Tim to me [TS]

  like all like start/stop CV T's all [TS]

  these new autos that have like a million [TS]

  different gears in them to me it's kind [TS]

  of like when LCD came out for TVs and [TS]

  LCDs were ok but they and they were [TS]

  fairly simple but then towards the you [TS]

  know middle and end of the LCD era in [TS]

  TVs they started adding all these crazy [TS]

  hacks to try to boost their spec so [TS]

  that's when you start getting like the [TS]

  weird dynamic backlighting and like all [TS]

  sorts like weird hacks that really were [TS]

  just like piles upon piles of hacks that [TS]

  made certain things worse all in an [TS]

  effort to try to boost specs towards the [TS]

  end of their life before we switch to a [TS]

  superior technology of OLED and that [TS]

  that to me is what gas engine cars are [TS]

  going through for like the last 10 years [TS]

  or so they are trying so hard to eke out [TS]

  every single last mile per gallon to [TS]

  meet [TS]

  new spec requirements and to be more [TS]

  competitive and everything but they're [TS]

  just adding all these crazy hacks that [TS]

  add up to being a lot less fun to drive [TS]

  or a lot less nice of a drive in certain [TS]

  ways and to certain people who care [TS]

  about such things and you know really [TS]

  this is it these are just all temporary [TS]

  hacks on the way to the next thing which [TS]

  is electric but you know on in cars [TS]

  things move more slowly and so it's good [TS]

  you know we're gonna be in the tradition [TS]

  for a while but ultimately we're gonna [TS]

  look back on all these crazy gaff engine [TS]

  hacks as just these awful relics of a [TS]

  transitional time and also the sensor [TS]

  stuff this is kind of the I think we're [TS]

  in the mouse mouse motor seatbelt error [TS]

  I don't know if the mouse model not [TS]

  getting it right but remember do you [TS]

  remember the seatbelts there was that [TS]

  there was a requirement I think it was [TS]

  like a government requirement in the US [TS]

  that you either had to have airbags or [TS]

  automatic motorised seatbelts do you [TS]

  remember the seatbelts that go along a [TS]

  little track along like the a-pillar Hat [TS]

  what those were for yeah because it was [TS]

  like before car makers weren't ready to [TS]

  put airbags in yet so like well we've [TS]

  got this bottle of car and we haven't [TS]

  figured out the whole airbag thing yet [TS]

  or we don't have a supplier or we [TS]

  haven't certified it or the car is [TS]

  almost done or whatever so they would [TS]

  put in the motorized seatbelt so when [TS]

  you open the door this little motorized [TS]

  thing with a round down you're a pillar [TS]

  with the shoulder harness attached to it [TS]

  and then you'd get in the car and close [TS]

  the door and they would go run and motor [TS]

  back up to like over your shoulder [TS]

  that's what my Saturn had and though [TS]

  first of all those are an abomination [TS]

  and I never would have bought a car with [TS]

  them and they're terrible but it was [TS]

  like Oh from now on safety features will [TS]

  just be more and more invasive but no [TS]

  like we figured that out eventually we [TS]

  got the airbag thing figured out the [TS]

  motorized seatbelts went away so I feel [TS]

  like sensors are in the little motorized [TS]

  seatbelt there where it's like sensors [TS]

  are good we want them for safety [TS]

  governments are gonna require certain [TS]

  things or whatever but a lot of them are [TS]

  poorly implemented like Casey's you know [TS]

  Lane detection thing that is telling [TS]

  them he's gonna go into a lane where [TS]

  somebody is there and really he's just [TS]

  making a left along with a bunch of [TS]

  other people right sensors are good we [TS]

  should have more than we should have [TS]

  more cameras you know all the stuff that [TS]

  like makes it easy to park and you know [TS]

  the backup cameras are mandated in 2017 [TS]

  models and later in the u.s. I think [TS]

  like those are all good but a lot of the [TS]

  early implementations are not good and [TS]

  so we get angry like oh the safety [TS]

  equipment sucks [TS]

  don't want to have all these electronic [TS]

  sensors blue Konami I want the sensors I [TS]

  don't want them blooping at me so I'm [TS]

  hoping that these the the incredibly [TS]

  annoying blooping sensors we could that [TS]

  we get this figured out and it settles [TS]

  down into the current state of like [TS]

  safety equipment like airbags where you [TS]

  don't notice them they're small the [TS]

  steering wheels aren't gigantic because [TS]

  of them anymore and we just all you know [TS]

  except the safety benefits of them but I [TS]

  don't know it's been a while with the [TS]

  sensors and almost every review it still [TS]

  raises like mentions hey can you turn [TS]

  that stuff off like in some ways I'm [TS]

  always kind of glad that I didn't get [TS]

  that more expensive option on my Accord [TS]

  for the Honda sensing packages stuff [TS]

  because I have the backup camera which [TS]

  is the most important thing but all the [TS]

  other sensing stuff for like lane change [TS]

  and whatever like I guess it would be [TS]

  easier than turning my head but I would [TS]

  probably still turn my head anyway I [TS]

  mean forever it's worth the both the BMW [TS]

  and the Tesla systems for these things [TS]

  have not been annoying they have not [TS]

  annoyed me at times where they shouldn't [TS]

  they've been they've been great the [TS]

  Volvo's is very good as well the only [TS]

  problem I have with the Volvo is there's [TS]

  been a couple of times when it's done a [TS]

  panic stop on behalf of the driver when [TS]

  really it wasn't necessary which is very [TS]

  startling but that's only been a couple [TS]

  of times where we're by comparison with [TS]

  the Jeep you know half the time I was [TS]

  driving in a couple other thoughts [TS]

  actually before we do a little inside [TS]

  baseball remote start on a car that you [TS]

  can only cool once the cars started that [TS]

  is awesome [TS]

  Aaron's car can be remote started [TS]

  curiously enough from the Volvo app but [TS]

  cannot be remote started from the key [TS]

  fob which is kind of backwards from what [TS]

  I would expect but this thing had a [TS]

  remote start right on the key fob and [TS]

  that was super nice ventilated seats [TS]

  there cool I guess and I don't mean that [TS]

  to be punny but it didn't make that big [TS]

  of a difference I certainly liked it and [TS]

  if it was like a one or two hundred [TS]

  dollar option on a phantom car I was [TS]

  about to buy I would probably tick that [TS]

  check box but if it was like a five [TS]

  hundred thousand dollar option no way [TS]

  cooled seats heated seats are different [TS]

  beasts heated seats are easy oh very [TS]

  much yeah yeah cooled seats i I've I've [TS]

  had a number of different ones my [TS]

  current car doesn't have them because at [TS]

  the time I bought a Tesla didn't offer [TS]

  them I think it still doesn't the way [TS]

  cool seats are implemented makes a huge [TS]

  difference in how useful or not useful [TS]

  they are [TS]

  what is cooling them are they [TS]

  taking like an offshoot of event from [TS]

  the main system and cooling you that way [TS]

  are they just blowing air like with [TS]

  their own little fan do they have their [TS]

  own compressor even like there are [TS]

  different degrees of cooled seats and it [TS]

  makes a big difference also like one [TS]

  issue I had with the the m5 had it but I [TS]

  almost never used it because the like [TS]

  the cut of the fabric on the sport seats [TS]

  didn't have a lot of room for like the [TS]

  big the big areas with the holes that [TS]

  would ventilate so like it would cool [TS]

  like part of my you know thighs but not [TS]

  like the whole area that needed to be [TS]

  cooled and there wasn't a lot of airflow [TS]

  like the way you'd sit in it we just [TS]

  kind of like block it shut the best I [TS]

  ever I have felt yet a while back Tiff's [TS]

  had a Lexus is250 [TS]

  and that one had really nice [TS]

  air-conditioned seats that they would it [TS]

  was it was like sitting on a glorious [TS]

  air-conditioned air hockey table like [TS]

  you would you would feel it it cooled [TS]

  really strongly to the point where [TS]

  eventually or later we get cold you turn [TS]

  it down and I that never I never had to [TS]

  turn it down in the m5 like that I was [TS]

  always like I was just dying for more [TS]

  but for what I understand there are a [TS]

  lot of different levels of how how good [TS]

  these things can be so I'm not familiar [TS]

  with the one that was in your your you [TS]

  know big Jeep monstrosity but maybe it [TS]

  was just not one of the good ones [TS]

  yeah very well could be and I think [TS]

  that's mostly it obviously I will you [TS]

  know write some amount of review for my [TS]

  website about this what was interesting [TS]

  about it was apparently you know Fiat [TS]

  and all the other car manufacturers have [TS]

  you know these fleets of vehicles and [TS]

  there's you know presumably one in the [TS]

  East Coast one of the Midwest and one in [TS]

  the west coast and so when this was [TS]

  being arranged you know I had come to [TS]

  find out that that the car was in I [TS]

  actually thought at the time DC it turns [TS]

  out it was actually in Baltimore which [TS]

  is about a three-hour drive from where I [TS]

  am and so when we were arranging it I [TS]

  had assumed that that meant I would have [TS]

  to like meet the driver halfway somehow [TS]

  and like pick the car up and then drive [TS]

  it the rest away but as it turns out no [TS]

  when you're pressed oh they come to you [TS]

  they drove the car all the way to me we [TS]

  spoke for about two minutes they handed [TS]

  me the keys and then they drove back to [TS]

  Baltimore and that [TS]

  that in tomorrow they're going to come [TS]

  to my house I will presumably speak with [TS]

  them for two minutes and then they will [TS]

  go back to Baltimore which I just [TS]

  thought was was the most bonkers thing [TS]

  but I guess that's normal [TS]

  there was no formal or implied agreement [TS]

  that I would write or talk about any of [TS]

  this really um obviously I wanted to in [TS]

  part because I feel like I kind of owed [TS]

  it to them but they never said like it [TS]

  has to be a good review it has to be so [TS]

  long or anything like that I mean they [TS]

  never really even said you have to talk [TS]

  about it they just said hey if you want [TS]

  the car you can have the car and I said [TS]

  yes please it's a very odd thing and I'm [TS]

  and I'm very thankful to Sam for kind of [TS]

  arranging this for me and we'll see if [TS]

  we get the car that I was originally [TS]

  slated to get because you know like I [TS]

  said this was kind of the apology tour [TS]

  car we'll see if I ever do get my hands [TS]

  on the thing I originally wanted to get [TS]

  and well we'll find out is it from the [TS]

  same company it is it is from Fiat [TS]

  Chrysler America I mean maybe so there [TS]

  have been a couple of times what I've [TS]

  been given review samples of things and [TS]

  it's similar in this in the sense that [TS]

  you know they don't I've never been [TS]

  asked to provide a positive review in [TS]

  exchange for receiving a thing I mean [TS]

  I'm sure there are like less ethical [TS]

  companies that will ask press that but I [TS]

  don't think they would last very long [TS]

  doing that because that's like that's a [TS]

  massive ethical problem and I think you [TS]

  know the press would not react kindly to [TS]

  being asked to do that so you know no [TS]

  one's ever asked me for a review or a [TS]

  positive review or anything but the [TS]

  implication is always that they expect a [TS]

  review mmm it's never a usually you know [TS]

  it's never like I don't like sign a [TS]

  contract saying I'm going to review it [TS]

  but usually the implication is they're [TS]

  sending me these things for me to review [TS]

  them usually when I give a particularly [TS]

  negative review I don't usually hear [TS]

  from that company again so given your [TS]

  summary of this car right I don't know [TS]

  how this company works and how they deal [TS]

  with their you know their press outreach [TS]

  and review units but I maybe wouldn't [TS]

  expect you to get whatever car that you [TS]

  actually wanted the relationship might [TS]

  end at this point I'm just saying it [TS]

  shouldn't work that way but it does work [TS]

  that way [TS]

  if for a lot of companies a lot of the [TS]

  time so and this is honestly this is [TS]

  part of the problem with that style of [TS]

  review this is one of the you know when [TS]

  you combine it also with like you know [TS]

  the nature of advertising driven [TS]

  publications this is also one of the [TS]

  reasons why there's often a conflict of [TS]

  interest and and one of the reasons why [TS]

  like you know I think Consumer Reports [TS]

  famously just goes and buys their cars [TS]

  to review like they don't take review [TS]

  samples because that can be seen as as [TS]

  affecting the outcome or you know as and [TS]

  and even if you are even if you try so [TS]

  hard you know as the reviewer to be [TS]

  neutral and to be you know objective [TS]

  about everything it still does make you [TS]

  feel better about a company if you got [TS]

  something for free it does affect the [TS]

  way you frame it in your mind even [TS]

  subconsciously it's very very hard to [TS]

  try to turn that off and try to be [TS]

  totally objective there's a big [TS]

  justification I think to publications [TS]

  and reviewers who don't accept freebies [TS]

  and who just buy the things they review [TS]

  so the corollary to this is the Consumer [TS]

  Reports has terrible car reviews and the [TS]

  good car magazine it's a good car [TS]

  magazines like Car and Driver have spent [TS]

  decades crapping on entire brands and [TS]

  lines of cars and companies just decade [TS]

  after decade of GM makes crap everything [TS]

  they make is terrible and they still [TS]

  keep sending on their cars right so like [TS]

  it's obviously you're not Car and Driver [TS]

  so Marco is probably right in your case [TS]

  right they don't need you but if you're [TS]

  big enough and important enough they'll [TS]

  just keep sending you cars even if every [TS]

  single time you send them like like you [TS]

  crap on their cars right and they'll say [TS]

  things pretty much just as harsh as what [TS]

  Casey said only in slightly a different [TS]

  language like cum and less than all the [TS]

  comparison tests the summary reviews are [TS]

  terrible I mean how I read you the the [TS]

  one-liner [TS]

  summary of the Acura TLX is an [TS]

  automotive wallpaper do you think I keep [TS]

  sending them their cars but they're [TS]

  going to they're gonna keep sending them [TS]

  because of their car and driver so it is [TS]

  possible to get enough clout to I mean [TS]

  you know people complain like the best [TS]

  complains about Car and Driver is there [TS]

  on BMWs payroll because they love BMWs [TS]

  few years but guess what that changed [TS]

  recently [TS]

  by the time they added electric steering [TS]

  starts screwing up all their cars and it [TS]

  changed a little bit with the bangle [TS]

  error with styling so now people now all [TS]

  the the conspiracy theorists don't know [TS]

  what to do it was just like I thought we [TS]

  were paid off with BMW BMW losing [TS]

  comparison tests and all the reviews are [TS]

  negative so you know some some form of [TS]

  decent journalistic independence is [TS]

  possible even if you get free cars and [TS]

  going all depressed or isn't written on [TS]

  it but look at Casey is not Car and [TS]

  Driver so I don't know it's gonna shake [TS]

  out yeah you're right once once you're [TS]

  big enough that they have to send your [TS]

  review sample just to be relevant in the [TS]

  press like if you're big enough for that [TS]

  then yeah then a lot of this stops [TS]

  applying to you because yeah they're [TS]

  gonna Center to you anyway but it when [TS]

  you're a smaller reviewer or when you're [TS]

  just try and get started it's really [TS]

  really hard to to to risk getting on a [TS]

  company's bad side because that might [TS]

  cut off your supply of review units uh [TS]

  weird thing is the the nicer the car [TS]

  like sort of objectively the harder it [TS]

  is to get those cars to the companies [TS]

  sending you the car so a lot of car [TS]

  magazines have a lot of difficulty [TS]

  getting the supercars or the top-end [TS]

  luxury brands because they don't want [TS]

  anyone possibly saying anything negative [TS]

  about their you know half a million [TS]

  dollar car and they don't need you [TS]

  because no one reading that magazine is [TS]

  gonna buy that car anyway so they have [TS]

  to do like what Top Gear used to do is [TS]

  like find an owner who's nice enough to [TS]

  let them drive their car because they [TS]

  can't get any funding manufacturer that [TS]

  manufacturer won't even return their [TS]

  calls it's like no thanks why would we [TS]

  let you say anything bad about our car [TS]

  we're just gonna say that our car is [TS]

  wonderful and sell it for millions of [TS]

  dollars and they're all already sold [TS]

  right we don't need your car magazine [TS]

  and nobody subscribing to your stupid [TS]

  magazine has enough money to buy our car [TS]

  anyway so forget it so it's not all of [TS]

  them obviously but that's that's more [TS]

  likely the case when you're not going to [TS]

  get a car to because of some kind of a [TS]

  that says why would we even risk you [TS]

  saying anything remotely negative about [TS]

  our car why would you risk you like [TS]

  comparing it directly to into one of our [TS]

  competitors card we don't want that to [TS]

  happen it's all downside for us yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  I haven't talked to Sam about what the [TS]

  best approach is because I'm going to [TS]

  write about it in some way shape or form [TS]

  I I'm almost sure of it but I don't know [TS]

  if maybe I hold that until I get a date [TS]

  for the phantom car that the in [TS]

  and the thing that I was promised [TS]

  originally is something that is much [TS]

  more in my speed and so I'm much more [TS]

  inclined to enjoy it in fact I had [TS]

  feared when I before I realized I wasn't [TS]

  getting it anytime soon I had feared [TS]

  that I would like it enough that that I [TS]

  would end up choosing that car to [TS]

  replace the 335 whenever that time comes [TS]

  so it is much more in my wheelhouse this [TS]

  this phantom car that I'm hoping to get [TS]

  you keep saying Fiat Chrysler I'm like [TS]

  is he getting a rebate that restyled me [TS]

  out of the Fiat 124 but it is good now [TS]

  that you say you think you're replacing [TS]

  your car it's got to be one of those [TS]

  stupid what do they make what's there [TS]

  they don't own Cadillac do they they do [TS]

  not know that's Jim [TS]

  I was worried you're trying to get one [TS]

  of those weird like angled Cadillac m3 [TS]

  things well I almost bought the CTSV I'm [TS]

  trying to think of what your replaces [TS]

  BMW what the hell does just Chrysler I [TS]

  think I'm guessing if Casey's looking to [TS]

  replace is BMW it's gonna be some kind [TS]

  of small hatchback that's fast and that [TS]

  has has a way worse interior than his [TS]

  BMW that's made by Chrysler I don't know [TS]

  I don't know anything about cars Dodge [TS]

  is it anyway so let me suggest something [TS]

  even though this is not to the best [TS]

  journalistic integrity you gave you a [TS]

  review of this car you just did it here [TS]

  on this show podcasts are wonderful [TS]

  because nobody who doesn't listen to the [TS]

  show is gonna like get linked to this in [TS]

  the company's PR division and be like oh [TS]

  look at this guy we're not gonna like [TS]

  you're you're gonna be relatively safe [TS]

  from any kind of negative repercussions [TS]

  that might arise with this company that [TS]

  you're still trying to work with if you [TS]

  just leave this here don't make the blog [TS]

  post know if you gotta make the blog [TS]

  post I'm doing why is the only thing he [TS]

  has going for him is his integrity [TS]

  that's all he's got but he you gave your [TS]

  honest review here and you could just [TS]

  say like look if they ask which they [TS]

  won't so don't even bother but if they [TS]

  would ask like hey you never made a blog [TS]

  post just say like you know look it [TS]

  really didn't work out for me this car [TS]

  is not for me I didn't feel I didn't [TS]

  feel right making this giant trashing [TS]

  blog post about it like something [TS]

  like you gave your review here you don't [TS]

  that's it like you've done your duty as [TS]

  a car journalist which I guess you are [TS]

  now and your regulations by the way like [TS]

  you've done your duty you don't have to [TS]

  make a blog post that would be very easy [TS]

  for people in the company to see fine [TS]

  notice and then tell someone else to [TS]

  dealing with you hey you know what we [TS]

  don't do this guy anymore [TS]

  they would say thank you for your honest [TS]

  constructive feedback we will take it [TS]

  under advisement they would the PR [TS]

  people wouldn't but the doesn't a nice [TS]

  way I think you'll be fine [TS]

  you're not talking about the Chrysler [TS]

  300 are you there's no cars that you [TS]

  should be looking at from Christ [TS]

  pretty sure John's off the list that's [TS]

  right I would refuse a review car from [TS]

  Chrysler I would refuse you refuse a [TS]

  review car from Ferrari no I would not [TS]

  refuse this isn't the one I would want [TS]

  Ferrari call me at any Q get on the [TS]

  phone [TS]

  refuse that what else am I missing Dodge [TS]

  Chrysler it is it the Alfa Romeo they're [TS]

  not Fiat Chrysler are they maybe they're [TS]

  the new alphas I actually do think are [TS]

  pretty cool looking I I don't think I [TS]

  would buy one but they do look pretty [TS]

  cool [TS]

  they look horrendous but they're getting [TS]

  great reviews they came out the tops in [TS]

  the recent uh comparison with like the [TS]

  3-series like in most types of cars that [TS]

  Julia was number one like it is a great [TS]

  car I just cannot stand how it looks and [TS]

  and there's also the questions of like [TS]

  you have a will fall apart because you [TS]

  know no fair enough yep soat willing in [TS]

  the chat says that he ditched his m2 for [TS]

  a Quadra fog leo yeah that looks pretty [TS]

  cool but it's like my favorite thing [TS]

  about this is that on its product page [TS]

  along with its specs it lists its [TS]

  Nurburgring lap time that's just that's [TS]

  just that's just a Julia it's just a [TS]

  particular model of Julia there's not [TS]

  anymore alphas I named the 4c and the [TS]

  Julia it's not the all I said was said [TS]

  it's not the 4c that's all I've told you [TS]

  and you said it's not the Julia - right [TS]

  I guess the did I say that okay so it's [TS]

  the Julia fine fine I hope you get it [TS]

  cuz this looks awesome [TS]

  right well then and then it's the Julia [TS]

  yeah that's really better now that [TS]

  you're an SUV person is it a Stella vo [TS]

  Quadrifoglio no it is not [TS]

  anyway the Julia is a really good car [TS]

  and I think you'll really like it if you [TS]

  can stomach the looks and if it doesn't [TS]

  fall apart I absolutely can stomach the [TS]

  looks the thing I might not be able to [TS]

  stomach is the transmission but the [TS]

  stick is only Europe that's right the [TS]

  reviews I've read say that even with the [TS]

  automatic that is a really good car I [TS]

  think you will like I have read the same [TS]

  but but if you are concerned with [TS]

  expensive repairs and reliability [TS]

  perhaps Alfa Romeo it's not the brand [TS]

  for you that's the problem so I don't [TS]

  know we'll see we'll see if this 4c ever [TS]

  shows rx re not the four see if the [TS]

  Quadrifoglio ever shows up [TS]

  my guess is probably not but but yet I [TS]

  mean this is basically an m3 competitor [TS]

  and and it looks - I think it looks good [TS]

  I know you hate it I think it looks good [TS]

  and if you can if you can leave the [TS]

  transmission out of it oh man I think [TS]

  this would be a fun car to own so if and [TS]

  when I ever got a spin with it it would [TS]

  be great [TS]

  here's my problem with this number one [TS]

  price to performance ratio here it looks [TS]

  like in order to get a car that's [TS]

  actually faster than your 335 you'd have [TS]

  to go Quadrifoglio which is 72 thousand [TS]

  dollars starting price which is [TS]

  admittedly noticeably faster which is [TS]

  nice like that it would be a nice [TS]

  upgrade but your ear then you're then in [TS]

  a very high price bracket oh yes [TS]

  secondly if you're gonna lose a stick [TS]

  and not have a DCT and be willing to [TS]

  spend seventy two thousand dollars get a [TS]

  use p85d yeah yeah yeah well at that [TS]

  point if you're not gonna have a stick [TS]

  get a Tesla and then get a faster car [TS]

  this makes better noises no test leave [TS]

  no the Tesla might be faster this is [TS]

  lighter than the Tesla - you're not [TS]

  gonna care the noises it makes when you [TS]

  are squished against the back of your [TS]

  seat from the p85d that you can get used [TS]

  for that price it's not that much faster [TS]

  than this thing handles better well I [TS]

  mean if you're getting to 60 in 3.8 [TS]

  seconds you're already in a place where [TS]

  you are way faster than what I'm used to [TS]

  and the sound oh that sound is sound and [TS]

  in this price bracket it's 70 grand like [TS]

  I said [TS]

  came out on top against other cars some [TS]

  of which cost more so it's not like [TS]

  there's a cheaper car that is better to [TS]

  have this out there today and I and I'm [TS]

  pretty sure if they had thrown a Model S [TS]

  into that comparison were to come back [TS]

  way in the back because despite it being [TS]

  really fast it is like a 5000 pound car [TS]

  and they would get destroyed and all the [TS]

  handling tests that's fair but I still [TS]

  like if this car was available in a [TS]

  stick or a DCT I would say awesome go [TS]

  for it but because you care so much [TS]

  about that stick and because this is not [TS]

  available on that stick I think you [TS]

  would be I think you would miss it and [TS]

  if you're gonna miss it go electric what [TS]

  you have other great benefits and better [TS]

  performance anyway or get something [TS]

  different than how they stick and you'll [TS]

  probably enjoy it more I bet I assume [TS]

  your your beloved Golf R comes in a [TS]

  stick right oh it absolutely does I bet [TS]

  you would have more fun driving that [TS]

  than driving this that's probably true [TS]

  but nevertheless I think there is [TS]

  something to be said for for a car that [TS]

  is kind of rare kind of interesting kind [TS]

  of unique and has basically a Ferrari [TS]

  engine within it I mean that's that's [TS]

  pretty freakin cool [TS]

  I don't know I I like the idea of the [TS]

  Julia Quadrifoglio quite a while quite a [TS]

  lot but I think Marco is onto something [TS]

  that in pure fun I would probably enjoy [TS]

  the Gulf are more in part because it's [TS]

  all wheel drive and as much as I fancy [TS]

  myself a really skilled driver the fact [TS]

  of the matter is I'm a ham-fisted driver [TS]

  and having all-wheel drive would keep me [TS]

  out of trouble now less trouble well you [TS]

  know what I mean but I and I'd want to [TS]

  have three pedals I really would but you [TS]

  know Civic type-r if you want to have [TS]

  some fun and stay out of trouble [TS]

  maybe not fast enough to get into real [TS]

  trouble super fun you'll find yourself [TS]

  in an action movie with those you know [TS]

  what that friends I mean the fact is [TS]

  like if you if you want fun you want a [TS]

  stick like that's I know you you know [TS]

  you you know this is true yeah this car [TS]

  would be really fast and you'd have fun [TS]

  for a couple of days and then you'd miss [TS]

  your stick and then after a couple of [TS]

  days the novelty will will have worn off [TS]

  you won't care about who made the engine [TS]

  or what it was originally expect for you [TS]

  will be really miss [TS]

  your stick like he's getting old maybe [TS]

  he's maybe he's become soft and maybe he [TS]

  will like the dough like I was thick and [TS]

  just get by on me the luxurious the [TS]

  luxurious interior and the sound of the [TS]

  engine and he just won't even miss [TS]

  shifting I mean it is possible it [TS]

  certainly is possible but I still come [TS]

  down a marco side so far but I mean if [TS]

  and when I ever get it to spin in this [TS]

  which to be honest I'm assuming will [TS]

  never happen you can go take a test [TS]

  drive at a dealer right now yeah I [TS]

  suppose that's true but it's you know [TS]

  it's a lot different to test drive the [TS]

  2018 Accord people are loving the little [TS]

  stubby shifter it's the same one from [TS]

  the Type R I'll get right on that [TS]

  you should oh and when you go to a [TS]

  dealer and test drive this don't tell [TS]

  them you're a car journalist because [TS]

  then they won't let you test drive it [TS]

  that's true [TS]

  really we saw your Twitter bar Twitter [TS]

  bio sir I really should change my [TS]

  Twitter bio shouldn't I anyway that's my [TS]

  story but it was if even if this is my [TS]

  own my lone foray into car journalism [TS]

  it's been a tremendous amount of fun and [TS]

  I felt very fancy and very very very [TS]

  cool and and part of a small club anyway [TS]

  stood on a Jeep well you can't win them [TS]

  all John Syracuse oh you can't win them [TS]

  all so I'm to let a Mercedes Porsche [TS]

  Bentley Ferrari know I'm available for [TS]

  for test drives I will tell the world [TS]

  about in your nob feel I'm surprised [TS]

  you're not soliciting the the NSX I [TS]

  would like to try an LFA if anyone has [TS]

  one of those available hanging around [TS]

  just hanging out yeah when you're not [TS]

  using you don't like it anymore send it [TS]

  my way willing in the chat has one of [TS]

  these in white just FYI he just put Ali [TS]

  I'm assuming he just put a link in the [TS]

  in the chat room you are not allowed to [TS]

  buy it in white I've read is the only [TS]

  color for this car I'm sorry twelve it [TS]

  comes in two different Reds oh they look [TS]

  the same red but for some reason you can [TS]

  get it either in red or you can spend [TS]

  $2,000 or more and get it in the same [TS]

  red there's no which one is the more [TS]

  expensive one the darker one I think [TS]

  it's the difference one of them is try [TS]

  coat competi [TS]

  Sione and one of them is just regular [TS]

  red your Italian pronunciation is [TS]

  befitting Aveiro hi origins go ahead [TS]

  John tell it tell us how it's supposed [TS]

  to be pronounced I don't know but not [TS]

  phonetically when you know you like it's [TS]

  not saying vocally Oh like I say that [TS]

  Jesus is a nosy Siragusa circus [TS]

  [Music] [TS]