Top Four

Top Four 33: Pumpkin Spice Everything 🎃


  Alexa good morning good morning fall is

  here along with everything pumpkin

  flavored cookies lattes beer you name it

  if only I was designed to have taste

  buds maasai I guess I'll have to ask my

  developers to deploy a pumpkin patch

  alright it's pumpkin spice day hmm

  that wasn't what I was planning on

  saying is that like a spooky pumpkin

  spice pumpkin spice oh my goodness there

  are so many pumpkin spice things and we

  are going to eat them all yeah you and

  this is one of the crazier things that

  we have done which is saying a lot we

  have a veritable display of pumpkin

  spice everything like literally

  everything everything we've got

  marshmallows we've got some Entenmann's

  doughnuts we have butter we have a whole

  bunch of Starbucks stuff we have hand

  soap we have whipped cream well you

  smell it we have pop-tarts we have

  cheerios we have puffs insanity creamer

  cob corn yogurt Twinkies tea hot

  chocolate chocolate almond ice brew

  coffee almonds pop-tarts you said that

  already yeah starvation coffee we have

  peanut butter pumpkin spice yeah peanut

  butter we have Bailey's actually we're

  gonna get a little tipsy Oh Bailey's and

  and the technic category intern thing

  yeah oh it's not it's captain captain

  morgans Jack Oblast there you go

  The Jackal blast okay pumpkin spiced rum

  so because we have so many different

  things we're going to try and pit


  categories of what we're eating and rank

  them in there pumpkin spiciness and just

  how good they are whether they're

  revolting yeah yeah yeah

  so all right where do you want to start

  we have some cold drinks that I'm

  worried about that I use now let's start

  with the Starbucks and like that with

  the coffee group basically so we have

  some fresh strange from Starbucks mhm

  that would I think we should drink first

  cuz they're they're you know hot and

  fresh okay so I'm gonna start out with

  the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte this I

  think is what started the whole craze if

  not it at least popularized it it seems

  like everything

  is pumpkin spice everything and that as

  far as I can tell it started with the

  Starbucks pumpkin spice latte I'm not

  entirely clear if there is like an

  official definition of what pumpkin

  spice means this is my opening statement

  but it seems to mean like cinnamon clove

  maybe dry ginger or maybe allspice elana

  sometimes I don't know yeah I don't know

  I don't know spices it's also unclear

  whether things that are labeled pumpkin

  spice need to actually include pumpkin

  or if it just is like the spices no it's

  good um again and it's spice but we do

  have some things here that are like

  pumpkin cheesecake yeah though I don't

  know how that's gonna be and there's

  also like there are things are labeled

  pumpkin pie spice or pumpkin pie

  flavored and so we have a couple of

  those here and there but I didn't want

  to have too many of those because it

  becomes a pretty broad category and it

  certainly opens up the question of like

  what does what does this even still mean

  we have peeps we have pumpkin spice

  peeps yeah they actually make me a

  little day look horrible that they've

  deflated yeah they are fresh they at the

  expiration date is like two years from

  now so yes I don't know what happened to

  those peeps and I can't believe we're

  gonna eat them yeah they're well we'll

  put the pumpkin spice marshmallows yeah

  I'm trying the pumpkin spiced chai from


  spiced chai latte this is very good

  because it's lunchtime for us and we are

  very hungry so I'm trying the Starbucks

  regular pumpkin spice latte it the

  father of it all the mother of it all

  gave birth it's a mother yeah sorry

  you're right that is it's good I chose

  really good to see this is good okay

  pass pass it tastes nothing like coffee

  at all it's it tastes like hot milk with

  with sugar and flavor in it ooh yeah it

  tastes nothing like coffee I would say

  taste any pumpkin your chai your hot

  pumpkin spiced chai latte tastes almost

  the same but with a slight hint of chai


  well chai is also kind of pumpkin easy

  that's also like spiced up and yeah so

  your chai has a little bit I prefer mine

  I think it's just it's so it's so

  nothing it's just like just milk it's

  hot sugar milk and it's eight

  it's a pleasant flavor it's not like a

  bad flavor I don't think the Chive

  urgent of it works very well I don't

  think it's a good combo see I disagree I

  think the chai does work very well it

  gives it a nice new layer I like it a

  lot I'm gonna try it okay we also got

  the latte iced and we got a Frappuccino

  so we're gonna try those we did a lot of

  shopping today we had to go everywhere

  there's a Sony please it was so hard to

  find yeah we we thought we'd be able to

  just go to like the one big grocery

  store in town and they would have all

  the pumpkin spice varieties and

  everything and that was not even close

  to true yeah we tried stop and shop and

  we pretty much struck out there's like

  two things there so Starbucks they're

  putting these these stick on stickers

  like these printed stickers on the cups

  now instead of writing your name and

  using the markers that's cuz ours is a

  drive-through and these eggs really

  poorly like once the cups start

  condensing these stickers just look

  horrible it's because ours is a

  drive-through all right this doesn't

  taste much different than yours just

  cold so I'm drinking a cold milkshake

  thing but I don't I don't taste much

  pumpkin or much spice the so the pumpkin

  spice Frappuccino I would say has the

  best flavor of all the Starbucks drinks

  and actually still tastes a little bit

  like coffee whoo yeah the pumpkin spice

  Frappuccino is the tastiest set of the

  out of the bunch the ice the ice pumpkin

  spray or the ice pumpkin spice latte is

  almost as good as the Frappuccino it

  tastes like it might be even the same

  like the same liquid that they're using

  it's almost as good it also tastes more

  like coffee than the hot drink the hot

  the hot drink I think it just does not

  have enough coffee flavor maybe if you

  if you're gonna put an extra shot in it

  that might improve it but well this

  doesn't really have any coffee in it

  it's just coffee syrup oh I'm only

  tasting syrup but it's still good okay

  we also in addition to the Starbucks

  ones we have this we have a couple

  different cold brew options that we

  should taste and then rank all of these

  and see if yes so this is we have this

  calathea farms almond milk cold brew

  coffee combo they they sell these

  normally like without pumpkin spice but

  we found them is what the pumpkin spice

  latte variety of this so let's give it a

  try I also found what's that one this is

  the la colombe a la colombe a pumpkin

  spice draft latte and it has like this

  plastic ring it sits in a can it says do

  not shake hold on

  shake did you shake did you shake this

  okay yours you think this you shake

  yours and I'm not shaking mine wasn't

  that this tastes terrible maybe I should

  have shaked it shaken

  oh it has a sip through lid that's what

  you put the plastic thing back on why no

  I'm trying to but no people can sip

  regular cans like now it doesn't fit

  with the little tabby all right so the

  the Calif EF Arms cold brew with almond


  pumpkin spice variety I would judge this

  as terrible this tastes like garbage -

  let me see that this this is just very

  the the khalifa' khalifa' is just really

  bland it's just like it's yeah yeah this

  Calif ESF it's almond milk it just

  tastes like spices yeah la Colombia is

  terrible - this is awful it's just right

  okay it just tastes like it tastes like

  bad coffee with too much cinnamon added

  and nothing else like there's no

  balancing element for sweetness a little

  more other spices I'm getting really

  nervous for our this day did you expect

  a lot of these to be delicious all right

  we have Bailey's coffee creamer which

  I'm going to drink directly from the

  bottle the try yeah I mean I feel like

  if we're going to try it that's kind of

  dealing with we can say shake we do

  shake already shake that one and then

  I'm gonna go get the tea and the hot

  chocolate and you have some kind of

  dinner rolls in the oven right I have

  much time to this

  I have cinnamon rolls every time we're

  going Alex Alexis going okay I had a cup

  to pour things in but we're being

  animals all right so that's the Bailey's

  coffee creamer let me try that good huh

  don't drink coffee creamer alone it

  needs college did you drink I kind of

  took a swig of it thinking it was cold

  brew no don't do that no it's a it's

  like concentrated sugar oh my gosh let

  me wash this down with some chai there's

  a smart it just it's really weirdly

  sweet it's a weird variety what is this

  water sugar cream I mean it has natural

  ingredients it doesn't taste natural it

  tastes really artificial right I'm gonna

  go get our hot drinks and then we'll

  move on to you pick something else okay

  in the nut grouping we have the Blue

  Diamond almonds I could use something

  protein E mm-hmm after all that sugar

  and caffeine it's not gonna help the

  sugar aspect we have the Old Dominion

  peanut company pumpkin spice butter

  toffee peanuts and a pumpkin spice

  peanut butter from peanut butter and

  company says it's made with real

  pumpkins did you read the real spice it

  just tastes like peanut butter to me I

  don't taste any pumpkin

  it tastes like a pretty good peanut

  butter oh wait and back in the back I'm

  gonna dig in the middle maybe it's like

  ice cream I get a very slight aftertaste

  of cinnamon but that's about it

  yeah sorry pumpkin spice peanut butter

  there's not much going that's different

  than regular B no sorry exactly all

  right next up is the Blue Diamond

  pumpkin spiced almonds wait we need some

  water because nowadays peanut butter I

  would say those are all right the

  pumpkin flavor is a little that's

  there's something there's a weird

  element to it that you get a lot of the

  aftertaste of it's hard to describe

  whatever it is it's not working for me

  and it's it tastes artificial at the end

  right well what it is it's the Burnie

  spices like the burning hot spicy spices

  like that like an anise spice it's yeah

  that's what you're finishing with and it

  doesn't taste yes I'm kidding yeah

  that's a weird spice blend on that one

  there's there's some flavor in there

  that doesn't belong yeah that's not good


  oh we're not the Old Dominion butter

  toffee pumpkin spice peanuts I'm

  thinking this is gonna be easier to rank

  than we thought because it's all kind of

  terrible butter toffee pumpkin spice

  peanuts they taste fine but they don't

  taste like pumpkin spice at all nope

  rejected oh I have to make oatmeal all

  right and we also have to make it we

  have to brew some hot chocolate and some

  tea and I got the tea and some Starbucks

  instant coffee you have a cup of hot

  water we can we can put one of these

  packets in oh my god this is wait how

  big is this how much is that supposed to

  make there's only four of them in here

  this only makes four because it's not so

  it's the Starbucks of via

  instant latte it's the comes in the big

  box I was expecting this to be like the

  Starbucks via coffee packs which a box

  like this would have like 20 of the men

  probably but this they just has four of

  these I guess it's a lot of powdered

  milk in here what is it yeah dairy

  powder sugar instant and micro ground

  coffee so yeah it includes milk which is

  why this is so much bigger okay I just

  tried the hot chocolate from the hot

  chocolate mix it just tastes like hot



  yeah can you pass me the pumpkin spice

  whipped cream we also have fall

  favorites brand artificially flavored

  pumpkin dairy whipped topping and this

  he looks like pumpkin ready whip yeah

  it's hard why is this so sharp it's to

  stop the whip its kids

  I can't just pinch it just get past it

  over here there we go

  you're right pinching apart I know your

  hands squirt into your mouth like a real

  person I'm putting in the hot chocolate

  that is delicious and from into my mouth

  but tastes very little like pumpkin

  spice mmm it turns out sugar ready-whip

  stuff is always pretty good it tastes

  more caramel II yeah they taste it's

  almost like a butterscotch oh man that's

  good it's really good but it's not

  pumpkin spice oh it's so bad for you oh

  my gosh I'm pretty oh man you want

  another squirt of this sucker yeah yeah

  you do Wow we're definitely going to

  take an after photo of us just

  demolishing all of this stuff all right

  next up since I'm going to things that

  are right here that are even remotely

  maybe protein II by the tea first

  okay good teeth good I like the teeth I

  would recommend a pumpkin spice tea it's

  nice and light cuz you're just having

  water it's very weakly flavored I mean

  it's it's almost yeah I would say

  there's almost nothing there there's way

  more here than the hot chocolate so

  that's speaking a lot about how horrible

  the hot chocolate all right I'm gonna go

  prepare the Starbucks via instant

  pumpkin spice latte so we can try it

  against the actual Starbuck from

  spice latte and see how they compare

  I'll be right back we are brought to you

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  apron a better way to cook okay we're

  moving on to breakfast okay oatmeal so

  you have oatmeal you have like a

  cinnamon bun like a dinner roll kind of

  cinnamon button

  we have pop-tarts we have cream cheese

  wait do we heat up the pop-tart is that

  fair if we just taste it without heating

  it up I would say yes because I would

  bet most pop-tarts that are eaten in the

  world are not heated we also have two

  types of cereal oh my gosh how are you

  this okay I don't know we have enough

  time in one episode to actually try a

  list all right so I'm opening up the

  pop-tarts you have just made oatmeal

  yeah a cinnamon roll cools down a little

  bit I'm gonna try the donut from Dunkin

  donut oh yeah


  again it doesn't taste like pumpkin

  spice that much like I don't know why

  you would wait and get excited to have

  this separately it just tastes like a

  glazed doughnut there's not there's like

  there's nothing else to it there's no

  pumpkin flavor at all all right we also

  got a muffin from Dunkin Donuts which

  I'm gonna try that too while you're

  working on the muffin I'm going to start

  the pop-tart there is a lot of false

  advertising going on all over this place

  there is nothing oh there's no muffin

  crumbs all over your office floor sorry

  oh my god the pop part does not taste

  that different from other so it's it's a

  it's an iced pop-tart and the middle is

  slightly pumpkin colored and it has some

  kind of like fall colored sprinkles on

  top it just tastes like a sugar and

  sugar and ice to filled pop-tart like it

  he's like all the other pop-tarts that

  look like that or the no pumpkin about

  it all the pop-tarts that ever did pop

  ohaf just come in and clean up my crumbs

  here good boy yeah you're right but I

  mean the pop-tart has a little bit of

  pumpkin flavor really not much the

  muffin has a little bit of pumpkin

  flavor and a little bit of cinnamon

  flavor but not the muff our Dunkin

  Donuts total miss like everything Dunkin

  Donuts has told us that his labelled

  pumpkin spice flavor has tasted very

  little or nothing like pumpkin sorry

  Dunkin Donuts your alap tarts tasted

  nothing like pumpkin right well how

  about this this dinner roll

  that you made from like cinnamon or

  whatever it is like yeah yeah cinnamon

  roll you should not have this for dinner

  no one of those like you know instant

  cinnamon rolls that we found in the

  grocery store like that see in the

  fridge section Patrick farmer what was

  it was berry yeah yeah Pillsbury yeah

  they kind of comes in a little cylinder

  and you rip it apart and bake them it's


  I am so underwhelmed I get zero pumpkin

  spice out of this nothing it just tastes

  like a roll mm-hmm I mean maybe that's

  maybe it's a wonderful branding trick

  because cinnamon basically is the

  pumpkin spice it's one of the components

  like well we already have cinnamon rolls

  why don't we just label them with an

  orange label in the fall and we'll some

  more of them I'm trying to this is a

  mess which I made with milk because it's

  the best way to make oatmeal and any

  other way it's terrible man this just

  tastes I'm so disappointed

  here that tastes like actual pumpkin

  goop like from the can like the

  unsweetened pumpkin canned stuff yeah

  this oatmeal is not good no yes I'm a

  Quaker Oatmeal instant Quaker instant

  oatmeal it does I will give them credit

  it does taste different they're regular

  like a lot of people are trying taste no

  different than their regular

  counterparts this does taste different

  it's just worse oh you have a spoon over

  there yeah let's get some yogurt well

  first before we leave the breakfast

  category I have Philadelphia Cream

  Cheese pumpkin flip pumpkin spice flavor

  to Philadelphia Cream Cheese

  it's very orange cream cheese is fine

  although I like the cream cheese yeah I

  mean it tastes like cream cheese there's

  there is a slight pumpkin spice flavor

  there I'll give them credit it's a

  slight flavor it's subtle I like the

  cream cheese yeah I like it that's good

  yeah it's not bad

  it tastes you know it's a good cream

  cheese if they're a good pile or is that

  it it's a very small pile what before we

  leave breakfast and we should eat this

  yogurt so I could put it back in the

  fridge oh yeah and with the cream cheese

  and maybe the butter yeah that's all

  right so we're in the dairy section now

  we're just we're just gonna jump around

  we're gonna section it up oh there's

  some stuff in the gonna stir that one up

  yeah here tell the people so this is new

  sub-brand yogurt this is one of my

  favorite yogurt brands if they're very

  very sugary though it's the only

  outside of new sub but their flavors are

  excellent that's very good I like that a


  I'm actually gonna write that down with

  the cream cheese but you know what okay

  this just says pumpkin theirs is not

  pumpkin spice is it disqualified it

  certainly hurts it in the ranking yeah I

  would say the new C yogurt is good I I

  would not say that pumpkin and yogurt go

  well together I don't think that's a

  good combo like it doesn't taste bad

  it's just weird it's it doesn't it

  doesn't fit the cream cheese is one of

  my favorite so far the the the generic

  ready whip is amazing the the so before

  we leave here you know here's a Danone

  you have also have it right

  no it's yeah it's cuz it's like so I

  tried flavor yogurt I tried to get any

  of the big yogurt brands so but I could

  not find one from fy'y or from Chobani

  shabari i don't how it's pronounced yeah

  they should stay limited I think this is

  the what's the brand is it Danone I

  think is their greed Annan eCos

  something it's their Greek yogurt week

  oh so it goes something yeah that's

  pretty bad yeah ooh

  it gets worse the longer it in your

  mouth well actually can we try that

  again I think it's kind of it's maybe it

  has the Thai iced tea effect coming back

  yeah I think I like it now oh god I

  hated it for the first days and now I

  kind of like it I'm just kind of

  thrilled that it has a flavor at all

  yeah from some of these yeah it is it is

  a more prominent flavor than about half

  of what okay alright and before I forget

  I do want to

  since then made the Starbucks via

  instant pumpkin spice latte I do want to

  compare that against the real Starbucks

  pumpkin spice lattes I have them

  side-by-side and they're both still hot

  so let me see the via I'll try that now

  it's kind of it's it's a lot less sweet

  than the real one

  yeah less sweet and a very strong bitter

  way terrible

  all right now hearing I try that try the

  real one again the real ones turning

  orange it has like an orange oil slick

  on the top of it I would say I think the

  the Starbucks via instant pumpkin spice

  latte I think is better than the real

  one that we got I

  agree it's it's more but the real one is

  just too sweet the real one just tastes

  like sweetened milk the instant one

  actually tastes a little bit like coffee

  and I would say and you know with

  Starbucks it's always tricky because

  it's so inconsistently you can have

  different locations or different people

  make the same drink two days in a row

  and it's totally different from each

  other you know so like the one I got in

  the store today is just - it's just

  sweet milk basically the one that in the

  via instant packet is really pretty good

  I wouldn't say it's amazing it's

  probably not gonna make my top list and

  let the rest of this stuff is are really

  crappy which is possible but but overall

  pretty good and yeah I would bring this

  on a plane which is the best the best

  freezing on a plane well the only thing

  is it because it's like this giant tall

  packet of dried milk powder along with

  the coffee it needs a good deal of

  stirring and a good deal of liquid

  volume so maybe on a plane it wouldn't

  actually the best deal alright let's

  open up this butter okay we got to get

  some of this dairy back in the fridge oh

  my goodness it looks like peanut butter

  oh that is not a Colorado to be pumpkin

  pie spice butter spread a lot of words

  it's not see this or this this has

  pumpkin pie spice I wonder if that's

  different see I'm also a little

  concerned this has butter spread and of

  just butter like typically with food the

  more words you add the the weirder and

  worse it is

  oh it's limited batch let me see it has

  a box top for education we can give us

  to Adam oh my goodness this is weirdly

  soft well it's been sitting out but it

  has a pumpkin spice flavor to it if you

  were looking for lots of pumpkin spice

  flavor I can't not recommend you have

  this but yeah I don't know what you

  would use this for but as far as meeting

  the criteria of being tasty and with a

  strong flavor of pumpkin spice I think

  this butter would be really good on like

  cinnamon toast or not cinnamon toast the

  like raisin bread or something yes oh

  and he's delicious on raisin bread yeah

  that's yeah so I guess I

  so I bet I tasted it with the

  Philadelphia Cream Cheese also they're

  both really good I would give the slight

  edge depending on what you're doing I

  would give the slight edge I think to

  the butter the butter has a stronger

  pumpkin spice flavor but because it's

  butter based it's like a little bit you

  know saltier and fattier so I rather

  spread this on toast then eat another

  one of those cinnamon rolls oh

  definitely by far yeah yeah they're

  alright I couldn't definitely be with

  you on that alright so so far if you are

  doing your pumpkin spice themed shopping

  for the year Land O'Lakes

  pumpkin spice pumpkin pies pies butter

  spread and Philadelphia Cream Cheese I'm

  gonna spice cream cheese is um so far

  recommended yeah I'm down those those

  actually work I was so surprised I

  really surprised so we also have these

  Velveeta pumpkin spice like cracker

  things though it's like a portable

  packet of cookie cracker things these

  are fungus by slavered and I figured we

  can use these to dip into the pumpkin

  spice caramel dip that we got a

  Christmas tree chefs who actually the

  butter might be good on that yeah you

  can spread the butter you're supposed to

  be dumping apples into that oh well we

  don't have any apples wait we have a

  whole bowl of apples that has no pumpkin

  flavor whatsoever no I just say it's

  like a dry biscuit yeah well when we

  don't get in some pumpkin things all

  right let's let me try this let's try

  the caramel pumpkin pumpkin spice

  caramel dip for apples another from the

  well-known brand Concord foods it's if

  it just tastes like caramel as that's

  what I'm expecting there's a little bit

  of flavor to it there's like a small

  amount of like on the aftertaste so

  while I'm coming spicy flavor but it's

  not very good but I don't want to dip

  anything in this anyway yeah it doesn't

  I mean caramel dip is a weird product

  why do you need to add caramel dip

  caramel caramel whatever caramel what do

  you need to add this to fruit like

  fruits already really sugary yeah it's

  like you take the take like nature's


  and add some candy dip it in some more

  concentrated sugary to really juice

  yourself up just close that up let's

  open up the cereals and get away from

  this breakfast yeah we're still in the

  preference category you

  because we still have oh my gosh alright

  so you have the natural birth and you

  have the puffins and I have the pumpkin

  spice Cheerios this is made with real

  pumpkin limited batch puffs in cereal

  we should really make a bull this and

  pour milk over it but I'm not gonna do

  that again another pumpkin spice they

  have does not taste pumpkin II at all

  it's so subtle

  it's almost indistinguishable between

  roe flavored things like just regular

  cinnamon flavored something what you got

  yeah so Cheerios they claim it's made

  from real pumpkin puree and a delicious

  blend of cinnamon nutmeg and clove to me

  it just it tastes almost exactly like

  honey nut cheerios so yeah like if you

  put those Cheerios you know they would

  look different but I think they would

  taste different they might have like a

  little bit more of a cinnamon bit to

  them but oh no in the back a little bit

  I bet you it will make the milk

  flavorful maybe did these puffins are

  really bad these are awful close up so

  far they're not making the short list


  alright so the breakfast grouping mostly

  was a failure with a few surprised

  standouts the the the butter and the

  cream cheese really did pretty well and

  and the Starbucks via instant pumpkin

  spice latte actually did surprisingly

  well also all right should we move on to

  like chocolates and snack cakes and

  cookies sure okay well I have for us

  open up a Little Debbie roll here

  pumpkin spice Little Debbie roll it is

  kind of like a cake roll with some white

  cream filling and some white hard melted

  ice an icing yeah it like pulled up on

  the bottom that's always a good sign

  it's like some kind of like spiral roll

  right or is it just cream in the middle

  of a round cake it's like a yodel

  without chocolate on top okay I mean for

  those garbage kind of snack cakes in a

  box it's fine it's very sugary it's very

  bland and very little pumpkin yeah I

  would say it tastes like pretty much

  every one of those things like any kind

  of like little Debbie's snack cake roll

  but in some plastic that you get at a

  gas station like it tastes like alright

  we have a pumpkin spice Twinkie official

  hostess brand pumpkin spice Twinkies I

  stopped making Twinkies no someone

  bought the factory and brought them back

  I who knows they also make razors okay

  so basically the cake doesn't seem to be

  pumpkin flavored but the cream inside is

  a different color with a little like

  some brown flecks so I should just claim

  you have it your beard god I should

  disclaim I have not had a regular

  Twinkie in a very long time so it's hard

  for me to compare however it doesn't

  seem different

  and now the regular cream is like white

  bright white I know that and it's

  probably sweeter this has more flavor

  than a regular Twinkie because regular

  Twinkies taste like just nothingness I'm

  sorry they taste like Twinkies well

  right but but err and sugar this tastes

  like a pumpkin spice Twinkie it does it

  just tastes like a pumpkin spice Twinkie

  I can't fault it for it isn't falsely

  advertised yeah I wouldn't say it's it

  wasn't unpleasant at all it was just no

  I wouldn't I wouldn't want one during

  pumpkin spike season I wouldn't be like

  oh yeah we gotta go run out and get

  those Twinkies man like people do with

  the lattes and stuff but like if you

  were already shopping for Twinkies you

  would probably choose this though yeah

  if I was shopping for Twinkies I would

  be like yeah I'll take a novelty Twinkie

  oh I'll go for that I feel you know it's

  fall it's festive I I can it actually

  taste like what it's promised unlike

  some of these other things so yeah good

  job Twinkie all right oh you got pass

  them to me I can't move anymore

  we're doing some back-to-back mulana

  back-to-back Petrich farm action here

  yes I have the pumpkin cheesecake

  pepperidge farm cookies and I have the

  Milano's which if you don't know what a

  melon looks like after the storm bio

  Malaya yeah they're really good alright

  it's kind of has like a layer of orange

  cream inside next to the chocolate these

  taste pumpkins spicy they're very good I

  like them alright I would say the Milano

  is pretty good little pumpkin ooh nice

  Milano action pretty decent I would not

  say such nice things about

  the beverage firm pumpkin cheesecake

  cookies oh they taste so chemically like

  yeah they're just chemical soft cookies

  they do not taste like a good savory no

  sweet balance it is just gummy like I

  yeah like they're I tore off a small

  chunk of a cookie and I would not like

  any more than that no they're not that

  I'd never want to eat any of those again

  whereas the Milano's don't seem that

  note that notable to me but they're not

  bad they don't like they don't taste

  horrible alright these are um what are

  these called pirouettes yeah this is big

  things that are filled with cream right

  yeah yeah it says right on the top right

  yeah purely no yeah whatever they're

  alright you smoking spicy I like these

  anyway I'm into these kind thing like

  then wafer straw cookies with cream

  inside mmm it's pretty good it's very

  sweet the cream inside is very very

  sugary but the thing is like you know

  that form like the pirouette or whatever

  it's called form it's pretty hard to go

  wrong with that and that is pretty good

  and I give them to give them credit

  it does have good pumpkin flavor mm-hmm

  so now you have a pumpkin pizzelle

  mm-hmm a little Italian flat cookies

  with the nope nope nope what makes it

  not good is it barely taste like

  anything and when it does taste like

  something it tastes terrible

  Oh like I can't even describe it just um

  cinnamon cardboard yeah but but like

  that like when you open up a can of

  pumpkin like a canned pumpkin it smells

  kind of bad or if you open up an actual

  pumpkin it smells kind of bad it tastes

  like that it tastes like the bad smell

  it's like they just kind of opened some

  pumpkins and wafted some puzzles into

  them and what you got look alright so

  next up we're gonna go with one of the

  surprises of this episode I think is the

  pumpkin spice latte flavored peeps those

  wonderful marshmallow chicks that we get

  at Easter the official peeps brand has

  pumpkin spice latte flavored peeps

  delight did they look like death dipped

  in decadent white fudge the packet and

  and we we looked at the store here and

  they had lots of these and they all look

  like these flat

  custom things like we'll take a picture

  it's like they deflated so they're

  they're low they're kind of wrinkly

  they're they're not like the Cryptkeeper

  and every single one in the store look

  like this

  they're basically undead peeps that's

  what they look like all right so the

  white fudge like raft that it's sitting

  in is by far the dominant flavor it's

  just like to eating white chocolate the

  actual peep itself it's hard to tell

  what it tastes like but I don't think

  it's good and you just spit yours out so

  that's probably an indicator that you


  oh the aftertaste is pretty poor too

  it's like weird like chemical ooh that's

  not yeah let me get some water oh it's

  really good this packaged stuff

  why does people why do we buy this oh

  he's going for the no-strike Frappuccino

  I'm gonna open up the marshmallows the

  campfire campfire brand pumpkin spice

  marshmallows shaped like pumpkins nice

  touch it's a little sticky and a little

  stinky actually they're all stuck

  together and you're like do you hit like

  peel it apart it's supposed to be

  something to like I don't know fix a

  hole in your house yeah great stuff foam

  yeah that's real putty you're gonna

  insulate your walls oh please don't

  vomit in my office yeah

  there's very little that's good here

  yeah that marshmallow it's just like oh

  it's just like dry and cheap and bland

  and doesn't it's not even sweet like

  everything you like about a marshmallow

  that doesn't have like the it's lacking

  in all the marshmallow attributes I'm

  trying the Entenmann's Poppins because

  at least we know well you have to

  compare those against the Dunkin Donuts

  many things no I'm not eating that

  Dunkin Donuts thing again these are good

  but they just taste like Entenmann's

  donut hole things they're not very

  pumpkin spicy yeah oh the Entenmann's

  Poppins are delicious but they're always

  delicious like every flavor of

  Entenmann's pop pop um donut holes is

  delicious and that tastes like they're

  regular glazed ones it does not taste

  any any different so I agree all right

  we're running finally running out of


  got some chocolates to eat and some of

  these wafers if you've you know seen any

  of these like old-people wafer cookies

  do we even have to try I love these

  things normally they taste like

  cardboard and I like them let me have a

  cardboard wafer it's making me think it

  does taste pumpkiny okay yeah but no no

  it's going to a bad place

  it started off with nothing and then it

  slowly faded into a nice Pleasant

  pumpkin spice flavor and then turned

  into a pretty much just a just a sad

  sugary hellscape here I don't want that

  it's fine just try it oh my goodness

  what do we have left we have the

  chocolate ice cream and liquor groups I

  have a here won't you pronounce that

  first the gear our gear our deli squares

  and the base pumpkin spiced caramel milk

  chocolate square we're putting that up

  against the ND lint Lindor truffle the

  ghirardelli square is really good it has

  really nice pumpkin flavor the truffle

  doesn't have much more than a truffle

  flavor at so I always have problems with

  those truffles they just taste like one

  thing I could probably never tell the

  different variety between the two I

  disagree I do think that I do think the

  Lindor truffle has good pumpkin flavor

  but I think the Ghirardelli Square is

  significantly nicer your deli where is

  good yeah that's a really good showing

  no that is gonna be my top for sure I

  don't write that down that's a very good

  no I think the liquor but no get the ice

  cream out of the freezer go go go run

  run run you know where it is you get it

  all it goes down crickets honey two tiny

  cups of ice so we okay we looked at the

  liquor store has this little like

  airplane sized bottles of both that

  Bailey's pumpkin spice and the capital

  Morgan Jaco blast pumpkin spice rum I've

  opened up the liquor you got the ice

  cream I'm gonna try the Bailey's pumpkin

  spice rum or whatever this is Bailey's

  limited edition

  what is the alcohol in Bailey's I don't

  even know I'm trying it I find the

  Bailey's pretty awful

  and I'm really glad I didn't buy a big

  bottle of that mm-hmm yeah it just

  tastes like the spices yeah it's not

  like like real ease and I don't like

  spiced cider

  I like regular cider I don't like it

  when it's now I'm gonna try the cap okay

  I think this will be good after

  Thanksgiving I don't think so

  like you know like late after

  Thanksgiving is have a little it's too


  all right now I'm gonna go to captain

  Morgan's Jack Oblast pumpkin spiced rum

  Oh drinking that well it makes the

  Bailey's look pretty good by comparison

  oh so the big bottle of this was a big

  pumpkin or a little pumpkin

  um wet and those those are both pretty

  pretty berry I'm gonna smell it first

  because what the heck there are very few

  things here that I would like more of it

  smells like rubbing alcohol it tastes

  not that different from alcohol

  next I've never tasted rubbing alcohol I

  don't really know that but oh so captain

  captain Morgan's not a positive review

  you've steered us wrong so so wrong

  let's wash that down with some ice cream

  let's do some day drinking like these

  are these are so not good I don't even

  want to enjoy some day drinking with

  them it's just unpleasant

  the captain is so strange are you

  actually liking it no I'm not liking it

  I'm trying to figure out a way to

  describe it I think the best way I can

  describe the captain Morgan's thing is

  don't just don't don't bother um get

  real alcohol if you want a drink

  don't don't bother with that I mean it

  is spiced rum with pumpkin spice flavor

  so it delivered what it promised yeah

  it's exactly what it is it's captain

  what pumpkin spice so I'm having a hard

  time making fun of it because they

  should have made it a rum cream but they

  didn't it's it's a non cream rum and and

  now and it suffers as a result all right

  let's try this ice cream all right I

  think this episode might be my undoing

  with the eating yeah I can't handle this

  is much well because there's so much


  this is all different stuff it's not

  we're not overloading on like you know

  seventeen ice creams alright this is the

  pumpkin cheesecake Ben and Jerry's ice

  cream limited-edition

  I had to order this mmm the graham

  cracker swirl oh that's good mm-hmm yep

  Jerry's nailed it Ben and Jerry's did

  nail it what a surprise right the whole

  thing no just oh why do you would even

  think about that at this point taking

  small bites of everything right and we

  have Edie's pumpkin spice latte ice

  cream which halfway melted in our car

  that was our fault it tastes like a

  French silk kind of ice cream with a

  vague pumpkiny flavor hands-down ben

  jerry's wins this batch oh man yeah this

  battle between the ice creams definitely

  benefits yeah it's not even close this

  is this tastes fine it does not taste

  anything pumpkin spice she's fine

  it takes a little bit like pumpkin spice

  but nothing like the flavor blast that

  you get from Ben & Jerry's yeah very

  good oh my gosh we have wreaked havoc

  there are so many torn open boxes God

  have we any Winkies there's okay the

  things that we didn't try which I don't

  even think I want to try cuz doesn't you

  there's some pumpkin butter and there's

  a couple pumpkin candies there's the

  caramel but I honestly I don't even

  think I can stomach eating that I'm

  gonna just try the butter real quick not

  to be confused with the butter spread

  yes this is just like apple butter

  butter I'm not entirely clear on what

  that means like it's really slow cooked

  I can't open this that maybe try and

  tell you something yeah it says don't

  eat this it's doing you a favor alright

  I can't I can't open it

  yeah pumpkin butter it's it looks like

  it's apple butter so it's just like slow

  slow cooked pumpkins we should ask Joel

  ask him about his family always makes

  apple butter but there is some gourmet

  pumpkin butter spread in here but I

  honestly don't think it's going to make

  the cut I'm gonna judge it because I

  can't open the jar and I also don't feel

  good um which I'm ranking after

  will definitely do our ranking tonight

  we have to take a break because I need

  to let all of this settle in my stomach

  and I need to wash my hands with some

  nice pumpkin soap that we found spiced

  hand soap yes we're gonna go wash our

  hands let this settle think about it

  maybe to retry some things and come back

  with the rankings in a little bit all


  where we last left our fools we still

  have a few things left to try we ate for

  an hour in the last session and again it

  wasn't eating the whole thing it was

  still tasting but oh my gosh I felt

  horrible I just I felt like a horrible

  sniffing cake I lay down the couch and I

  slept for like an hour

  it was likely in the kitchen hey I

  cleaned up you slept first and then I

  cleaned up or did you play farming

  I played farming yeah you slept anyway

  yeah so it it turns out we got way too

  much stuff and we still I still I went

  shopping again today just for other

  stuff and I still was unable to find the

  pumpkin spice Oreos yeah but yeah that

  seems to be the only thing that was

  really on our list that we couldn't get

  and we did not get to the beers that we

  had so we're going to be testing those

  and a few other things we have a kind

  bar we have some pumpkin butter if we

  can manage to open it we got some

  pretzels covered in pumpkin spice yogurt

  some caramels a taffy right yeah we

  might give the alcohols another shot now

  that they are cold okay so I already

  have some opinions irie tasted this

  morning I managed to rally Emmy to watch

  some other things into my mouth that I

  didn't think I would ever be able to eat

  again yeah I also found I found a lot of

  good things I think what we we have

  found so far is that the makeup brand

  stuff is actually pretty decent yeah and

  it's all this no-name garbage that is

  really Ferring the worst which kind of

  makes sense that's probably true of most

  things like let's get started with you

  want to start with the the beers and

  then we'll go to the foods afterwards

  beer me Marco selecting beers for this

  was actually very challenging because

  there's a billion pumpkin beers now so

  what I did was I picked the two that I

  thought were for major brands and that

  seemed to be very popular

  and I even asked the guy at the store

  the beer guy at the store like you know

  what is the best selling one of these

  and his answer by far the best selling

  one for them is the southern tier

  honking Imperial ale I don't know if

  this is available nationwide or

  worldwide probably not but here in the

  East Coast southern tier pom King is

  basically the king of pumpkin beer and

  then I the second one I got was what is

  usually the one I go to because I like

  the brewery so much it is the dogfish

  Head pumpkin ale and they do this every

  year around this time and it seems to be

  also very well regarded so I'm going to

  start with the southern tier the more

  popular one

  the pom Qing Imperial ale also noting I

  don't like beer so we'll see how this


  all right that is a really strong

  pumpkin flavor it doesn't taste syrupy

  or artificial it is pretty heavy on the

  spice really cuz all I'm tasting is beer

  no give it a second in your mouth like I

  did there's what second is there to give

  the entire aftertaste is full of pumpkin

  to me the entire aftertaste is full of

  beer okay you don't like beer clearly so

  I and we're just qualified for once I'm

  finally disqualified from at four all

  right I actually this is that my first

  time having the the pom King I can judge

  the label I can say if if you want tape

  a lincoln beer that's a really good one

  it's very pumpkiny it's very you know

  like if you want subtlety it doesn't

  have that but it's pretty solid all

  right so now I'm gonna try the dogfish

  Head pumpkin ale let me taste that one

  see if it also tastes like beer yeah so

  I guess I'm not surprised by this result

  at all I like the dogfish Head better

  but the pumpkin flavor is much more

  subtle in it and this is typical of most

  dogfish Head flavors it's a pretty

  subtle flavor it's mostly a brown ale

  that happens to be slightly pumpkiny if

  you really want a dogfish Head brown ale

  in October get that one if you really

  want a pumpkin flavored beer and you

  really want to be reminded that tastes

  like pumpkin a little more strongly then

  the southern tier pumpking is the one to

  get these do not taste any different to

  me they both taste like beer

  but fair enough I would say I'm very

  happy with both of them though but but

  again the the dogfish head is so subtle

  that I feel like if you really want

  pumpkin flavor it might not be the one

  for you if you want beer flavor they are

  beer flavored beer flavored beer well to

  be fair in the world of like you know

  geeky hipster beer having beer that

  actually tastes like beer is not a given

  like you get the weird like you know

  barley wines or sour beers or fruit

  beers and they can get really weird all

  right I'm gonna try the Bailey's again

  Bailey's pumpkin spice yeah I don't hate

  it today after all of the other pumpkin

  spice stuff that we had so much of

  yesterday I don't hate that now as much

  as I hate it I didn't like it yesterday

  and it's nice that's cold it is better

  cold I don't hate it as much but I think

  I still hate it let me tell you it again

  I think I like it

  the the aftertaste like the you know but

  you get that like kind of like milk

  mouth afterwards that is not that does

  not play well with the pumpkin flavor I

  think that kind of clashes with it and

  it makes it a little bit weird on the

  aftertaste all right I like this I like

  it as a novelty I don't think I would

  you crave it ever and be like oh I wish

  it were pumpkin spice season so I could

  have my pumpkin spice Bailey's yeah

  that's not really how I feel I think the

  good thing about the Bailey's too is

  that it's salt in an airplane sized

  bottle because I would not want to buy a

  whole bottle of that like maybe it's a

  have one drink of it would be

  interesting but to buy a whole bottle of

  it I think would be a tedious sick of it

  I think pretty fast okay Captain Morgan

  Jack Oblast definitely is a blast of

  pumpkin flavor in rum it is exactly as

  advertised yeah I just I find it

  unpleasant and maybe I mean I don't

  usually drink rum straight like usually

  like I enjoy some drinks that are made

  with rum I maybe I just don't like rum

  enough to really enjoy this but I find

  it pretty unpleasant I would much rather

  have the Bailey's over this I think I'm

  in a better mood today that I haven't

  spent an hour eating pumpkin spice

  things and now this is tasting pretty

  good to me it's not terrible yeah I

  would rather have the Bailey's and I

  honestly I'd rather have either beer

  than either of the liquors I'd rather

  have both liquors combined than have

  either beer

  Wow that would be an interesting taste

  it might I do it oh god I'm gonna open

  them both and I'm gonna shot them from

  little airplane bottles there we go

  that works that works

  it totally that's totally awesome I am

  pouring one to the other and I'm

  drinking this for the rest of the show

  oh it's moving up oh god that's not good


  you're not good man okay so let's move

  on now that we're in a slightly better

  minute I had a really good mood

  oh you got you a little bottle are you

  shaking to undo I am shaking my phone

  yes dip it you look like a fool I do for

  God's sake this is why nobody ever does

  this I accidentally deleted my note for

  this okay that's back Oh No

  shake to undo does usually you know what

  actually nothing bothers me now that I'm

  drinking from this tiny bottle that's

  good okay so let's open up the kind bar

  next this is the limited edition kind

  caramel almond pumpkin spice bar yeah

  you know kind is that you know for

  anyone who doesn't know it everyone

  knows that these things are granola bars

  lots of sugar

  that's way better than either thing of

  nuts that we tried yeah I would say it

  if you like kind bars you know it's a

  little bit little dry

  it's not that sweet but if you like kind

  bars you will like this the pumpkin

  spice angle on it I think is fairly

  subtle it's mostly just like a slightly

  yogurty comedy bar I like it the pumpkin

  brings the spices bring it down yeah I'd

  like it to but it's it's not it's it's

  done pretty subtle pretty subtly and

  it's probably honestly probably a

  benefit because they've had so many

  things that were not done with subtlety

  but but it's done with the right

  subtlety like it has all of you I like

  it yeah it tastes like pumpkin spice but

  it's very subtle I'm writing it down

  enough that it's gonna make the you know

  top ish list yeah the kind Barbara's

  good mm-hmm all right and then you want

  to try these generic brand pumpkin

  spiced yogurt pretzels I sure do

  so I would say the the scent when I open

  the bag and I got the whiff of the air

  inside the bag

  it smells like artificial like here oh

  yeah food it smells like rubber or

  something it smells like an animal made

  of rubber it smells like a dog's toy

  okay so for you go into a pet store and

  you walk down the toy aisle it smells

  like that you need to try these the look

  on your face adequately convey is my

  opinion of them which is what the hell

  is in my mouth that is just there's

  nothing good about that no not even a

  little on the bag it says real good feel

  good snacks no you know those folks down

  with some dogfish Head I'm gonna wash it

  down with my Bailey's my captain

  Bailey's here oh my god that was really

  okay it might be possible to do yogurt

  covered pumpkin spiced pretzels well but

  they didn't do it oh my gosh yeah that's

  nope not have another one of those how

  do you plan to open this jar of whatever

  pumpkin butter is haha nice sound thanks

  alright oh it's really liquidy I don't

  think they're supposed to be that liquid

  like oh it's you rate your sniffs

  smelling it and making bad sounds I

  maybe we shouldn't try it it just smells

  like a can of pumpkin I don't I'm not

  trying this okay good consistency I am

  not trying it cool okay okay so we have

  now as far as I really fried everything

  right yeah hold on let me try this

  Bailey's captain again try a little more

  this pumpkin ooh

  pumpkin is really really not subtle with

  that pumpkin flavor I'm gonna call this

  Morgan Bailey I think what I'm learning

  here more is a Liam pumpkin

  I don't like something flavor that much

  like I think trying all this crap has

  ruined something before me like I really

  don't want pumpkin much of anything

  anymore hmm I guess one question is

  where we stand

  yeah so alright what are some of the

  ones take a minute to rank

  I don't know if there's so much of

  ranking as its top four oh yeah that's

  right look we have to rank it okay let's

  take a second play some pumpkin music


  for me our mention goes to both beers

  because they're both great I would even

  say the Bailey's because even though

  it's a little too weird for me it is

  pretty good

  the Philadelphia pumpkin spice cream

  cheese I would give honor mention too

  because that was also pretty tasty the

  only thing with and I also include the

  Land O'Lakes pumpkin spice butter the

  only thing with this we're but the cream

  cheese and the butter is that I don't

  think I would ever really used them like

  it's a fun thing it's a fun idea to mix

  those flavors into those things and the

  result is actually pretty tasty if you

  take a little sample bite of it but I

  don't know what like am I gonna spread

  that on toast or a bagel I don't know

  like I don't think I would really ever

  think to do that so I think that's the

  kind of thing that I would buy and just

  sit in the fridge for all for the whole

  month and we throw it away like in the

  next fridge clean out you know two

  months later no I'm sorry that's kind of

  a long term product right like you have

  to use it multiple times in order to

  make purchasing it worth it unlike

  something like a starbucks Frappuccino

  where it's like a one-time thing you buy

  it you drink it is done yeah you'd have

  to like spread pumpkin spice butter on

  your toast every morning for the whole

  month to me true so I don't know that's

  why you're changing my mind I almost had

  that as number one I really did because

  it was the best pumpkin spice flavor

  which one the butter or the crab butter

  yeah it's really good and it's like the

  cream cheese was really close second

  behind it because they had the best yeah

  pumpkin spice flavor like it was a solid

  tasty pumpkin spice without being super

  sweet which is I think what I liked we

  had a hard time I really wanted to find

  savory foods with a pumpkin spice flavor

  but we came across so many sweet things

  and I think that that that's a tricky

  situation to enjoy yes something that

  sweet a twit and to try and distinguish

  it from other sweet things just because

  it has pumpkin flavor yeah exactly

  I would also give onra mention to the

  Pepperidge Farm Milan

  pumpkin spice variety and the Milano

  cookies are you know it's a good

  standard you know old-school cookie the

  only thing is for me I didn't think the

  flavor was very strong and so it's fine

  it tasted good but any Milano tastes

  good to me like I've never had one that

  didn't taste good so it was fine but it

  wasn't you know stellar or noteworthy to

  me so that concludes my honorable

  mentions do you want to do yours I'm

  gonna say the the new say yogurt was

  really good that Dan yeah that was two

  different ones dan dan go sir no no not

  the day Nomikos yeah new say yo Gert


  yeah the new and again like it that

  wasn't a producer vice product so I

  don't think I can actually say it as a

  thing also honorable mention I think is

  the Ben and Jerry's because again it's

  not a pumpkin spice product it was a

  pumpkin cheesecake

  yeah but the Ben Jerry's that was

  excellent they could have called it

  pumpkin spice they might have just had a

  naming situation there so hmm I might

  want to move that up even if it's not

  officials but because it had the pumpkin

  spice flavors it just wasn't put on the

  label that way because the cake it

  tasted like pumpkin pie which is

  essentially pumpkin spice right yes

  because pumpkin spice is pumpkin with

  like cinnamon cloves and some stuff and

  I got some mulling spices and this one

  just happened to be like cheesecake with

  some graham in it and that was really

  good so okay it's going to it's not in

  my honorable mention to moving or in my

  real list here I promoted my number four

  is now Ben and Jerry's pumpkin whatever

  they call it pumpkin cheesecake and my

  previous number four is now in our

  mentioned which was the Entenmann's

  pumpkin spice pop-up donut holes that's

  my that was my number four now it's on I

  mentioned those are excellent and they

  we've had this box sitting on our

  counter all day and we keep going to me

  in them the only reason I didn't rank

  the intima they don't taste pumpkin

  e-exactly they just they're good yeah

  like Entenmann's donut holes are amazing

  no matter what flavor they are and we

  pitch them directly against the Dunkin

  Donuts and the Dunkin Donuts were

  garbage compared to the enter the Dunkin

  Donuts were way more pumpkin spice

  flavored but it was less pleasant or it

  was more of a burnt pumpkin spice it was

  bad it was they use too much of I think

  too much cinnamon that it was a little

  bit too bitter I think it was too much


  maybe yeah but yeah too much of the

  bitter spices and the Dunkin Donuts ones

  and it ended up being fairly unpleasant

  whereas the Entenmann's are so sugary

  because they're glazed that you don't

  even taste any pumpkin but they're

  they're better and like regardless of

  pumpkin content you would rather have

  more of the Entenmann's than the Dunkin

  Donuts so that wasn't number four now

  number four is the Ben and Jerry's ice

  cream so what is your number four or our

  mentions I've already done with the

  other oh yeah a bunch is there that's


  okay I'm just so very confused about

  what I'm still ranking I'm still going

  through ok honorable mentions starbucks

  Frappuccino pumpkin spice because I

  really liked it but it was very very

  sweet yeah and I don't think I would

  ever get another one because I'm

  generally trying to avoid that kind of

  food in my life oh I will not get

  another Frappuccino but in terms of

  pumpkin spice it was good yeah so

  honorable mention yeah that's fair I

  agree I I actually found the Frappuccino

  I think was one of my favorite things it

  was is really good and that and I

  actually did go back to it a few times

  during the tasting just like to get a

  little flavor of it cuz it was that good

  alright my number 3 - number 4 right I

  know that was my honorable mention oh

  sorry have you done number for you I'm

  having a problem well ok alright my

  number four was the unbranded whipped

  cream that was my number three the brand

  name is fall favorites yeah all over it

  that canister for a real brand name I

  looked where it was distributed I found

  none so my generic name like food

  company it looks like I was basically

  writing like a research paper on that

  bottle because like I could not find it

  they like the kind of brand that you'd

  stick in a gift basket it's like just

  like a random fake brand name it doesn't

  mean anything I read it for so long you

  know - really weird but yeah I couldn't

  find any name brand but yeah the whipped

  cream yeah it's any can like an aerosol

  like the ones that you know yeah it's

  it's from yeah it's like a generic ready

  whip but flavored with pumpkin spice and

  it's that was a good pumpkin spice

  flavor as my number four alright what's

  your number three alright my number

  three the kind bar interesting okay I

  respect that it was very good it

  again I'm looking for a little bit more

  of a savory side to pumpkin spice

  instead of an overly sweet side so I'm

  going to be tipping it to the kind

  going to be tipping it to the kind

  barré I really liked it I think it was

  well-balanced and it had enough pumpkin

  spice flavor to satisfy it was good and

  it felt like it was a special thing

  because if you do buy kind bars and you

  have them in replace of a breakfast or

  as a snack or something like that the

  seasonal I guess delight of getting a

  pumpkin spice one feels really good

  alright my number two is the gear our

  daily chocolate pumpkin spice caramel

  squares those were really good I have

  them on my list I'm not sure if they're

  gonna make the top but they're at least

  an honorable mention for me you still

  don't know where yeah yeah I'm flying by

  the seat of my pumpkin pants here I have

  no idea yeah I know the Ghirardelli

  buckets by squares were really good

  that's another thing we're like you know

  I think after this tasting most of this

  stuff we're gonna try to give away to

  friends and anything that nobody wants

  we're probably gonna throw away but

  there's a few things that that I intend

  to keep and actually go through you know

  and finish ourselves and I think that's

  gonna be one of them they were just

  really good yeah we're really good they

  might actually can can they tie for

  number three for me sure yeah you're

  captain Bailey's or whatever it is and I

  think it's however you want

  it's my JPMorgan Chase I'll keep

  drinking my - pumpkin beers at the same

  time alright what's your number two my

  number two is another tie because I

  couldn't decide between the Ben &

  Jerry's ice cream and the Starbucks chai

  pomp c'n latte the chai pumpkin latte

  the shy one yes be interesting I hated

  that one

  hi well I really like chai and I think

  the element the added pumpkin whether it

  was a sweetener that they put into it or

  something I think it really brought it

  together it wasn't just an assaulted

  spice blend mm-hmm so I feel like that

  pumpkin and chai go together really well

  and it was a nice addition to that drink

  and I like chives so that's my number

  two and then on kind of a similar vein

  to that but cold is the Ben and Jerry's

  ice cream which was pumpkin cheesecake

  and it's limited batch so that's why I

  feel like I couldn't quite find a place

  for the Ben and Jerry's all by itself

  but it was really high up there because

  it was so good

  yeah I really hope they bring it back

  every year cuz I could see us buying a

  pint about every like every October

  mm-hmm it was very tasty especially with

  the gram swirls in it I think anything

  with Graham swirls were really really

  good at that

  and it works too because one of the one

  of the flavors in Graham is cinnamon

  right this kind of it works with the

  pumpkin that's why a lot of these things

  I feel like are pretty balanced I mean

  just like the kind bar right like the

  nuts and the spices like that kind of

  thing it all works together with a

  pumpkin spice yeah exactly

  all right my number one which is

  probably it was a surprise to me my

  number one is the Starbucks via instant

  pumpkin spice latte pumpkin field

  Lemkin patch whoo that's it that's it

  so I really think the Starbucks pumpkin

  spice latte in general really nails it

  no follow the Starbucks pumpkin latte is

  basically the Great Pumpkin yeah like I

  there's a reason why I think that has

  made everything else popular with

  pumpkin spice because it's really good

  it they they managed to you know combine

  it with good flavors good sweetness and

  bitterness from the coffee some chemical

  addiction the result is really good and

  if I had to rank if we if we were

  redoing our Starbucks hot drink test

  where we test all those dark hot drinks

  if that was available that might make it

  that might rank higher on my list than a

  lot of the things that in that test but

  it was the instant when we had to buy a

  box of it at the register so here's

  what's something you can like just have

  made at a Starbucks exactly so here's

  why the iced pumpkin spice latte was

  very good that's probably if I had to

  pick like a second place that that's not

  my number two because I'm weird that

  would be it and third place would be the

  Frappuccino those are those were both

  very good the only thing is the hot

  drink that I got and I don't know if

  they're normally made this way or not

  but the hot drink I got as I'm as a

  remark during the tasting what it was

  just very very sweet you could barely

  taste any coffee at all it was almost as

  if they forgot to put the shot in but I

  know there was some coffee in there but

  it wasn't balanced enough and I and this

  is often a problem with Starbucks hot

  drinks they are not prepared

  consistently so you might go

  different day and it's totally different

  or to a different location or have a

  different person make it and it's

  different the instant packet tasted very

  very close to how to have the fresh ones

  taste in terms of like freshness and

  strength of flavors and everything but

  it was better balanced it had a

  appropriate coffee flavor it liked it

  balanced out the sweetness with that

  little bitter note of the coffee so it

  was I assume the packet version is what

  the regular one is supposed to taste

  like but the one I got didn't taste like

  that so the packet version is actually a

  way to get a more consistent and a more

  correct pumpkin spice latte not to

  mention the benefit of you can do it

  anywhere that was better than any of the

  drinks that we got from Starbucks

  yesterday but yeah that's the number one

  Wow all right well I have an equally

  shocking number one the beer No yes all


  it is the Captain Morgan jackal blast

  all right I have a very good reason it

  doesn't have to be mixed with the

  Bailey's to each or number one oh okay

  it doesn't which is strange because what

  I did the other day I was not a fan but

  you didn't like but I tried it again

  today and it kind of washed over me in a

  warm pumpkin II enveloped you know a

  little hug of alcohol which is super

  nice I was thinking about all the other

  products that we've just recently

  consumed way too much of and generally

  in my life and in our life we do not go

  around eating tons of cookies and donuts

  and whipped cream out of cans and

  Starbucks lattes we try and eat fairly

  simple and clean we have nice blue apron

  dinners we have expensive stupid salads

  for lunch

  and we have eggs for breakfast a lot of

  these products would never make it into

  our shopping carts even on a non pumpkin

  spice seasonal situation alcohol is a

  different breed when it comes to

  indulgences I feel like right now in the

  fall it's kind of super fun to have a

  really festive beverage that tastes like

  pumpkin and you know what this really

  really does and it's not heavy like the


  I feel like a Bailey's drink is very

  very kind of milky heavy it doesn't

  scream yeah exactly it's very sweet it's

  very heavy this is a cleaner alcohol

  spiced flavor and because it's the

  spiced rum again like a lot of the other

  products it goes really well with the

  pumpkin flavor so it's not like a

  strange pumpkin flavoring inside of

  something that wouldn't accept it and

  they're just trying to shove it in there

  it goes kind of great with the spiced

  rum and it's very tasty and it's light

  and it's festive and seasonal and it

  makes me smile and it is something that

  if I'm already indulging in something

  special like a cocktail I would like to

  have this stirred into go by the pumpkin

  bottle yes you do need to go by the

  pumpkin bottle it's the pumpkin blob

  it's so cute

  are you crazy surprised because I'm

  crazy surprised I think you've had too

  much captain Bailey's but it's a little

  orange bottle and it has a little green

  cap wow it makes me feel warm and happy

  like you want to feel in front of a fire

  on a nice fall day all right well let's

  go do that instead of continuing to talk

  about this garbage voice hey hey we have

  found some diamonds in the rough that we

  have raised to the top of the pumpkin

  patch like the great pumpkin we're gonna

  make a lot of pumpkin butter toast

  there's a lot of weird stuff in our

  fridge right now yeah yeah all right

  thanks listening everybody everybody so

  we apologize in advance for anything

  that you might have bought as a result I

  do not apologize go out and buy yourself

  a tiny pumpkin of Jacko blast captain

  Morgan's Jackyl blasts