The Incomparable

149: Gleekless (A Superhero Draft)


  the incomparable number 149 july 2013 [TS]

  welcome back to the uncomfortable this [TS]

  is one of my very favorite sorts of [TS]

  episodes we do these every so often [TS]

  i'm your host Jason smell and tonight [TS]

  we're going to do a draft if you are [TS]

  familiar with sports or fantasy sports [TS]

  you know draft is a is a meeting where [TS]

  people select things in order once [TS]

  something has been taken it can't be [TS]

  taken by another person we used in that [TS]

  kind of draft is that kind of draft i [TS]

  thought this was the beer episode I just [TS]

  left my door open i invited you put a [TS]

  little shocked like a big big sock [TS]

  underneath the bottom of the door so [TS]

  that it doesn't get in started writing [TS]

  something but i thought back and edit [TS]

  again [TS]

  yeah the second round I i joined the [TS]

  army that yes it will just end this [TS]

  episode here this is this gold [TS]

  thanks for being here everybody want to [TS]

  thank my guess what I didn't introduce [TS]

  so it's me in the past we've drafted [TS]

  we've we've drafted characters from all [TS]

  television shows ever [TS]

  we drafted movies at one point have we [TS]

  done any other drafts that I'm [TS]

  forgetting are those times we draft [TS]

  canceled shows i believe at one point we [TS]

  drafted old cancelled TV shows that we [TS]

  love yes that's right well so this in [TS]

  this episode we're going to draft [TS]

  superheroes [TS]

  yeah let me explain well let me explain [TS]

  the rules i am going to be the final [TS]

  arbiter of whether somebody is a a hero [TS]

  or a villain villains are not eligible [TS]

  what if if you want to draft a pure [TS]

  villain you are not going to be allowed [TS]

  you have to draft heroes and wrap that [TS]

  takes Skeletor out that does take skill [TS]

  around the running its trail I've done [TS]

  this podcast is over i also let's see [TS]

  what else i want to point out here one [TS]

  of the ground rules is we're not going [TS]

  to have multiple versions of the same [TS]

  superhero and in specific i'm talking [TS]

  about for example Green Lantern there [TS]

  are many different Green Lantern's there [TS]

  are many different and Men you can pick [TS]

  one but everybody doesn't get their own [TS]

  ant-man or whatever why would you want [TS]

  one or their own for your own green [TS]

  lantern and again i will be the arbiter [TS]

  of whether a hero is is enough of a [TS]

  variation to not qualify so if that [TS]

  comes up because my panelists tend to be [TS]

  checks and man off the list [TS]

  and to be cheaters so hello mindless [TS]

  hope i have seriously read whole day [TS]

  whole my whole list is just the word [TS]

  hulking giant letters i would allow Red [TS]

  Hulk separate from-from critical Tennis [TS]

  Hall just a lot of walks out there there [TS]

  there are plenty so i have before the [TS]

  show I selected randomly a draft order [TS]

  will go in order and then we'll just [TS]

  start from the beginning again we're not [TS]

  going to any of that fancy snake stuff [TS]

  that's what the people at Hydra do [TS]

  here's the order it's good and i'm going [TS]

  to introduce my panelists in the order [TS]

  where they'll pick and and the first up [TS]

  will be Lisa Schmeisser hi Lisa [TS]

  hello you get the first pick [TS]

  congratulations i did get the first to [TS]

  pick now or do we want to have to really [TS]

  guess we wait until everybody gets [TS]

  introduced second paper p [TS]

  oh yeah come on Dan more in your the [TS]

  second pic i think it's only appropriate [TS]

  if we be introduced as a rogue's gallery [TS]

  today oh thank you that's very nice go [TS]

  back in time and do that Scott McNulty [TS]

  is the third pic hi Scott [TS]

  hello it's good to have you your neck [TS]

  it's your superhero expert aren't you [TS]

  I well I think my my knowledge of [TS]

  superheroes kind of ends the late [TS]

  nineties so it'll be good but it'll just [TS]

  be all Rob Liefeld Chris okay fair [TS]

  enough if you got the life help Steve [TS]

  let's you're the fourth pic oh man I'm [TS]

  forth you are i am so gonna get sniped [TS]

  your first in our hearts but 4l that's [TS]

  good at least and number five is Monty [TS]

  Ashley hi Monty hello good to have you [TS]

  thank you I as the host and I'm a [TS]

  generous person and I will go last [TS]

  the goal here we're going to we're gonna [TS]

  draft somewhere between five and seven i [TS]

  don't know how many because these tend [TS]

  to go really long and the idea here the [TS]

  premise that at least i have is that [TS]

  you're creating a superteam these could [TS]

  be themed in some way or just the finely [TS]

  honed super team that will keep the [TS]

  planet safe from injury any anything can [TS]

  go and get based on our past rafts [TS]

  anything we'll go and we'll have [TS]

  ridiculous super teams at the end i have [TS]

  no idea what you mean I don't suppose [TS]

  you do Lisa you uh the time has come [TS]

  you can make your first election and [TS]

  then explain if you if you would like [TS]

  why [TS]

  you why you've chosen this this hero [TS]

  with the vaunted first pick in the draft [TS]

  see I was actually expecting to go like [TS]

  third or fourth so high pressures on [TS]

  and yeah he's out but I'm the first one [TS]

  the first I'm gonna pick is Emma Frost [TS]

  oh good one who was a villain but then [TS]

  became a hero hero and the reason I'm [TS]

  gonna pick her also that's on the table [TS]

  yeah sure get to know good to know good [TS]

  to know in there and the reason going to [TS]

  pick hers because i think every good [TS]

  superhero team needs to have somebody [TS]

  who can monkey around in people's brains [TS]

  and see if they're lying or not and also [TS]

  having a psychic on the team tends to [TS]

  keep other people honest [TS]

  huh I was the comic book version of the [TS]

  january jones version i wanted a useful [TS]

  pic i think the economic contraction [TS]

  version I i was looking I looked her up [TS]

  in the Marvel encyclopedia and had a [TS]

  laugh because the picture of her in the [TS]

  Marvel encyclopedia is even by her [TS]

  standards she's wearing a skimpy outfit [TS]

  and I do think oh it's rich is she is [TS]

  she allergic to clothing know this stuff [TS]

  from the eighties is absolutely [TS]

  ridiculous even that even 90 z was very [TS]

  weird because I only ever recall her as [TS]

  a villain [TS]

  diamonds don't need clothing like I [TS]

  think I stopped I stopped reading before [TS]

  she had a change of heart i love her as [TS]

  cycleops his girlfriend actually was a [TS]

  great great change ya know and I would [TS]

  love it if they if she actually were [TS]

  closed closed you know what we grant [TS]

  morrison did the reboot they gave Jean [TS]

  Grey a full set of clothing to wear and [TS]

  many other people and poor Emma was [TS]

  still running around in that [TS]

  midriff-baring top with the with the [TS]

  cutouts and I kept thinking maybe this [TS]

  is like her way of keeping people off [TS]

  balance maybe there's some sort of quasi [TS]

  feminist explanation for this but yes I [TS]

  whatever that [TS]

  yeah whatever it is that we even if it'd [TS]

  be nice if the woman could put on [TS]

  something that covered her midriff [TS]

  everyone I mean she knows what they're [TS]

  thinking [TS]

  yes yes she has a very sensitive naval [TS]

  yeah are diamonds and diamonds don't [TS]

  need clothing that's now you know now [TS]

  but now she's really interesting because [TS]

  she's the one who I'm took Bobby Frost & [TS]

  and one she had possession of his body [TS]

  back to her villain days sheshe amped up [TS]

  his his mutant powers and so she knows [TS]

  how to amplify people's powers and again [TS]

  that seems [TS]

  a pretty useful skill to have so all [TS]

  right that's uh that's a good pic we're [TS]

  gonna move on Dan the tell us what you [TS]

  got [TS]

  so I mean I'm of the opinion that you're [TS]

  not really a super team unless you have [TS]

  a billionaire philanthropist playboy no [TS]

  yes yes going to take my mom's being [TS]

  yeah is that you had with the legal i [TS]

  doing up [TS]

  no I i'm choosing Oliver Queen also [TS]

  known as green arrow ok also qualifies [TS]

  as a billionaire philanthropist play [TS]

  with no that's not a genius that's what [TS]

  you left out genius on how i did c.c. [TS]

  I'm all your coloring with our hands [TS]

  here and yeah I watched her ova no [TS]

  cheese no now I liked that show i would [TS]

  love to talk about that show so yeah I [TS]

  was gonna say i have been watching that [TS]

  I've been kinda marathoning that this [TS]

  weekend I actually really enjoy it it's [TS]

  actually pretty good [TS]

  maybe you guys could go off some time [TS]

  into an arrow episode that could be when [TS]

  I'm not on which has got a while yeah [TS]

  those he's got I i like i like both the [TS]

  the TV version of him and also I've been [TS]

  watching a lot of a justice justice [TS]

  league cartoon recently and i like that [TS]

  version of all equally into so I Molly [TS]

  Quinn fan now I've converted all right [TS]

  oh he's my he's my lead pick green arrow [TS]

  got the white queen and Ally queen so [TS]

  far right or or we've got white queen [TS]

  and green arrow so who will be the next [TS]

  color theme superhero care to make it [TS]

  into effector my backup was was Freddie [TS]

  Mercury who is in queen and also queen [TS]

  elizabeth the second strange [TS]

  hello she is a greater she with a [TS]

  Corey's man Scott Morgan Scott it's your [TS]

  turn [TS]

  it is my turn i am going to buck the [TS]

  Queen trend [TS]

  well I'm sorry although this this [TS]

  characters aren't coming [TS]

  ok the thing from the Fantastic Four [TS]

  it's clobberin time [TS]

  it's clobberin time Jewish these four [TS]

  burn more do you need to know he's a [TS]

  he's got a blind blind girlfriend he is [TS]

  a black girlfriend because he's ugly [TS]

  she's an artist she's a fabulous modern [TS]

  artist that's true the scroll take her [TS]

  every once in awhile for the cruel [TS]

  whatever the hell those girls yes its [TS]

  cost [TS]

  I my girl was never guy my colorful [TS]

  college is very shaky but i do enjoy the [TS]

  thing and he hits things sometimes you [TS]

  have spikes he's very strong [TS]

  he's misunderstood all right the thing [TS]

  the thing interesting first pick but [TS]

  there's lots of good things about the [TS]

  thing [TS]

  don't judge the thing no I'm not judging [TS]

  I'm judging you for picking up well [TS]

  that's fair enough [TS]

  Steve you're up with your first-round [TS]

  pick like Scott I to enjoy the thing but [TS]

  he's off the board he is this point so [TS]

  also all versions of the thing kid thing [TS]

  alternate universe thing in the universe [TS]

  thing thing and a half that's right [TS]

  they're all gone thing from earth-616 [TS]

  number one thing to know no well you [TS]

  could try anything and I'll rule but I [TS]

  think I don't think that you know [TS]

  everything is right any sign of thing [TS]

  yeah go ahead Steve I'm gonna take a [TS]

  slightly different tag then since thing [TS]

  is off the board and I'm gonna go with [TS]

  silver age Aquaman em because I know [TS]

  you're all ready to take what [TS]

  differentiates the Silver Age Aquaman [TS]

  from the other Aquaman we might have no [TS]

  idea ask Wikipedia Delta is the one with [TS]

  the stupid orange shirt right silver age [TS]

  actually still has both his hands [TS]

  greater accra man is in fact though [TS]

  isn't he the lamest of Aquaman but he's [TS]

  officially the son of an Atlantean half [TS]

  Atlantean at that point as as I think [TS]

  distinguishes him from Golden Age [TS]

  Aquaman what what distinguishes him from [TS]

  her friend cultural man-thing what [TS]

  distinguishes them from Superfriends on [TS]

  this is super super friends Aquaman I'll [TS]

  get the lamest of Aquabats are exactly [TS]

  right i see where you I see where you're [TS]

  going here see partly on taking him [TS]

  because he's taken away more than your [TS]

  share of crap over the man's back but [TS]

  this is this is not a mere pity [TS]

  selection you know over seventy percent [TS]

  of the earth's surface is covered in [TS]

  water haha so by picking Aquaman I've [TS]

  already covered more raw surface area [TS]

  than any other single hero can possibly [TS]

  hope to services 90 cockpit [TS]

  I mean your heroes might be good on land [TS]

  your things I want it's not to be it's [TS]

  not that he talks to fish god it's that [TS]

  first talked to him because anyone can [TS]

  talk to fish did they don't even have to [TS]

  talk its telepathic man group from a [TS]

  long ways away he can communicate with [TS]

  the fish [TS]

  these which is odd because sound carries [TS]

  better in water than it does on land i'm [TS]

  just laying in a in a fistfight i would [TS]

  go with the thing over Aquaman well what [TS]

  about your first appointment could have [TS]

  a hook wanted when some sort of maritime [TS]

  emergency arises far out what he's got [TS]

  what containing up to achieve and God [TS]

  forbid actually be under the sea [TS]

  all right i mean if you if you think [TS]

  that shark repellent is going to cut it [TS]

  when Lex Luthor built a secret base in [TS]

  the Mariana Trench you gotta be more [TS]

  might I think might have something to [TS]

  say that I think I i think steve makes a [TS]

  good point about what happens under the [TS]

  sea Sebastian from The Little Mermaid by [TS]

  the way not eligible not a hero just [TS]

  can't clear want a much better down [TS]

  where it's wetter just yeah oh yeah but [TS]

  he's not here he's more of a [TS]

  song-and-dance man [TS]

  Monty you're up I believe every [TS]

  superhero team needs the brains the guy [TS]

  who comes up with the plan [TS]

  the question that Justice League [TS]

  Unlimited version [TS]

  oh I thought you're heading towards like [TS]

  the question is what kind of bring are [TS]

  we supposed to get your pic with also [TS]

  you get fun Abbott and tell tell me [TS]

  about the question Monty i'm not very [TS]

  familiar with the question this is is is [TS]

  this the guy that was one of those [TS]

  charlton heroes [TS]

  yeah he was kind of turned into Rock [TS]

  right right watchman but the Justice [TS]

  League Unlimited version is one of the [TS]

  best superhero characters ever created [TS]

  I wouldnae Montoya turn into the [TS]

  question after 52 yeah like because they [TS]

  got rid of the guy but you're a convict [TS]

  sage is it ok well you know that's his [TS]

  original he's got a mass that makes them [TS]

  have no face which is fun so easy to [TS]

  cosplay as you just take out a blue hat [TS]

  and a trenchcoat nice nice had and he's [TS]

  a completely crazy conspiracy theorists [TS]

  in one episode [TS]

  he's off-screen just investigating [TS]

  baskin-robbins see if he really has 31 [TS]

  flavors when he's being interrogated all [TS]

  you can say is useless information like [TS]

  the things that the ends of shoelaces [TS]

  are Aglets is he's great italia alright [TS]

  the question is not hearing from jail [TS]

  you he's he's gonna be the brains of the [TS]

  of the outfit that's good does he or [TS]

  does not break pinkies as a matter of [TS]

  course I that is [TS]

  he was in jail you mm-hmm [TS]

  all right he should I moving all shit [TS]

  it's my turn to close out the first [TS]

  round and I cannot believe that you guys [TS]

  allowed me thank you you're very kind to [TS]

  leave spider-man on the board [TS]

  I want you to take a micro not [TS]

  understand what might run out or not if [TS]

  you're not ready superheroes though [TS]

  they're just how it goes [TS]

  people that's like is Captain Kirk a [TS]

  superhero not really he's just a guy on [TS]

  a spaceship the amount of bed do that is [TS]

  he doing that maybe that maybe so that [TS]

  they Peter Parker the amazing spider-man [TS]

  my all-time favorite superhero and I [TS]

  need I need an a-lister to two lead off [TS]

  my team and Spidey is the one that I [TS]

  choose how could i not he's he's the [TS]

  pastor IIT was supposed to have a [TS]

  listers on them because I gotta rethink [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  yeah well you may have a different [TS]

  approach and that's fine for you but not [TS]

  for me i wanted to go with somebody big [TS]

  in the first round glad he was still on [TS]

  the board [TS]

  you can't argue with with Spidey that [TS]

  Lisa we begin the second round and back [TS]

  to you okay i think that every superhero [TS]

  team does need a genius and a plotter [TS]

  and somebody who can think 10 to 20 [TS]

  steps ahead of everybody else and my [TS]

  pick for that is Barbara Gordon as [TS]

  oracle because she's not you know say [TS]

  Tony Stark level but she's smart she has [TS]

  a history of out-thinking the [TS]

  competition she has a history of [TS]

  anticipation that she told that she [TS]

  learned from Batman and she also more [TS]

  importantly had as a history of being [TS]

  underestimated and I like to think that [TS]

  she would act as a good check to my [TS]

  frost because no matter what a metra no [TS]

  matter what Emma tries to put Babs will [TS]

  have anticipated it is very nice i like [TS]

  that and and the Oracle Oracle version i [TS]

  guess that means the Barbara Gordon is [TS]

  Batgirl is off the board [TS]

  oh yeah probably [TS]

  I'm pics for the price of one yeah this [TS]

  is true what were there other bad girls [TS]

  other bad girls always there are many [TS]

  many guys are also make it that early [TS]

  like Cassandra Cain there's some some of [TS]

  them are bat wings are also available [TS]

  alright that was just so we're clear [TS]

  that's good that's that's great you've [TS]

  got Marvel and DC living together their [TS]

  least of which I appreciate [TS]

  well Dan yeah my next pick is I think [TS]

  you know I think my team needs some some [TS]

  kickass lady and that there are a lot of [TS]

  options i think to choose from here but [TS]

  I'm going to pick Ororo Munroe also [TS]

  known as storm specifically in her [TS]

  whatever is the seventies or eighties [TS]

  where she is the badass mohawk that's a [TS]

  really nineties eighties and nineties [TS]

  and yeah is that whenever it doesn't [TS]

  version where she's got like a black [TS]

  leather vest in the mohawk and she's [TS]

  just really really think she has it [TS]

  again now too because she's feeling you [TS]

  back to that I haven't read an x-men [TS]

  comic in 20 years [TS]

  yeah well your sound very current good [TS]

  job well I thanks thanks i try i mean [TS]

  she has power over whether that's nice [TS]

  is true [TS]

  that's a nice that's nice thing to have [TS]

  its handy you know in a variety of [TS]

  circumstances you can fly way better [TS]

  powers than green arrow now you know [TS]

  everybody's got everybody's gotta pull [TS]

  their own weight [TS]

  he's got money though that's the green [TS]

  and green arrow I guess indeed real [TS]

  indeed and archery don't underestimate [TS]

  what he's always been one of my favorite [TS]

  DC characters though I realize this is [TS]

  especially about storm but green arrows [TS]

  always been fun [TS]

  I like that he that he gets a little [TS]

  love pain in the ass especially around [TS]

  Hawkman and that actually store storm is [TS]

  kind of sassy too so that's a good [TS]

  combination she never liked any credit [TS]

  she keeps Wolverine in line [TS]

  oh she's great that way the Assessors [TS]

  between Ali's fancy mustache and storms [TS]

  fancy mohawk you're going through a lot [TS]

  of hair product on your there's gonna be [TS]

  some hair [TS]

  you probably want any flame producing [TS]

  heroes and a detective detective bodies [TS]

  to characterize what you want to reading [TS]

  the michael jackson Pepsi's Shawnee [TS]

  every storm is still sitting in the [TS]

  green room hoping to be picked [TS]

  it's all Scott you're up yet now you're [TS]

  gonna make i have the thing everyone [TS]

  knew I think I did anything [TS]

  ap have the thing [TS]

  now you might notice a trend I don't [TS]

  want to play my hand too soon but I [TS]

  can't resist everything does need a [TS]

  genius so i'm going to pick Reed [TS]

  Richards mr. fantastic nice he said that [TS]

  being the fantastic five you are you're [TS]

  out [TS]

  this is a very strange combination Reed [TS]

  Richards and the thing I know who would [TS]

  have thought it takes a genius like me [TS]

  those together i'm thinking if we go [TS]

  over for pics we're in some trouble here [TS]

  is getting out now i'm tempted to stop [TS]

  just to get the reaction we don't need [TS]

  to be me doing that's hardball drafting [TS]

  their strategy and how can you know when [TS]

  the doctor who calls himself mr. [TS]

  fantastic well i think yes well and i [TS]

  will be happy to hear that you chose him [TS]

  because Indiana is a big fan of mr. [TS]

  fantastic Lisa and I have been known to [TS]

  on this very podcast a mockery Richards [TS]

  i have i have heard some kind of a [TS]

  journal but you know when you're when [TS]

  you're super rich and you invented the [TS]

  material that most superheroes used for [TS]

  their you know their costumes unstable [TS]

  molecules from you can be known as much [TS]

  more entertaining and Reed Richards [TS]

  would ever be though I didn't have to [TS]

  read and invent unstable molecules are [TS]

  just discovered them Scott really he [TS]

  probably is that a belies that I think [TS]

  he probably invented them he went to [TS]

  some alternate dimension alright created [TS]

  Kaiba you gotta see he's going to be [TS]

  using pretty fantastic [TS]

  he has several spaceships fantastic are [TS]

  fantastic is he and he's also a [TS]

  millionaire fast and that is great i [TS]

  mention tripping he's boring he's got [TS]

  that you know he has great great temples [TS]

  because he's so wise if like Israel but [TS]

  not smart enough to figure out how to [TS]

  make a plausible hair dye is while [TS]

  that's true he took his whole family [TS]

  into an experimental rocket make sense [TS]

  smart enough not to use Grecian formula [TS]

  so that's a plus [TS]

  Reed Richards isn't about pretense man [TS]

  he just leave it all out there natural [TS]

  like yeah it doesn't have time he's [TS]

  breaking big thoughts and and yeah [TS]

  stretches and he's going to this yes I [TS]

  say he invented yoga too is that we're [TS]

  going with no he didn't but he perfect [TS]

  match I'm study of a little bit [TS]

  exasperate yoga instructors because [TS]

  they're all okay now do this thing where [TS]

  you take your your feet behind you [TS]

  isn't balance on your wrist and riches [TS]

  all yeah amateur hour he's busy yeah and [TS]

  bows with his feet [TS]

  I'm imagining read retiring and [TS]

  replicate any setting up a yoga studio [TS]

  and people walk in and they're like oh [TS]

  no forget it they just turned and walked [TS]

  back out you're gay existed before Reed [TS]

  Richards but it was substantially less [TS]

  fantastic exactly what she's reading a [TS]

  philanthropist or you just have a [TS]

  billionaire genius i think i just really [TS]

  ingenious yeah okay does not like to [TS]

  give back to the consumer power [TS]

  billionaire genius so many other [TS]

  outplayed gun could go on all those [TS]

  fantastic cars and I can needs test [TS]

  strip on the Baxter building someone has [TS]

  to pay for the upkeep [TS]

  yeah that the mortgage on that thing is [TS]

  parental there is a plot where they get [TS]

  evicted [TS]

  haha i'm not surprised old man Baxter [TS]

  come and kick them out [TS]

  Steve it's a you picked the goal the [TS]

  Silver Age Aquaman sorry nothing to [TS]

  correct her doctor man and you're up [TS]

  with your second pic alright i already [TS]

  know i'm going to need an official [TS]

  ruling on this one so okay i'll i will [TS]

  put on my my judges hat so let's suppose [TS]

  we have more than one physical hero but [TS]

  they are useless as a single unit so in [TS]

  other words without more than one have [TS]

  no powers can i pick them both as so you [TS]

  know no you know no God we know [TS]

  yes i think i may allow it but I need to [TS]

  hear more who is it [TS]

  I in that case i select zan and jayna uh [TS]

  no i'm going to my questions typically [TS]

  go [TS]

  just click belong there too yes this is [TS]

  Greek thrown in know glee cast out here [TS]

  ok like list then that's a sad wanted [TS]

  anything i will allow and we'll call [TS]

  this the cloak-and-dagger ruling if [TS]

  you'd like cloak-and-dagger you can have [TS]

  them both or hawk and dove Hawk Hawk and [TS]

  Dove can't I don't even know who they [TS]

  are but sure [TS]

  so the Wonder Twins one of them sieve [TS]

  one of them forms an animal and the [TS]

  other one forms something based on water [TS]

  yes I frankly only care about the one of [TS]

  them but i have to have the other one [TS]

  because what happened hours only [TS]

  activate when in fact they aren't [TS]

  physical you doing gasps so which ones [TS]

  do you actually want which I which I put [TS]

  up to the down to the fact that they are [TS]

  in fact identical twins so their shape [TS]

  from the same genetic [TS]

  matter and thus they really are a single [TS]

  hero 101 are you email like it don't you [TS]

  impose your outmoded from an eccentric [TS]

  gender normally exordium you've never [TS]

  faced people you got a good point there [TS]

  there could be four or five different [TS]

  genders out there what do you know [TS]

  so is your plan to turn the one of them [TS]

  into an ocean and then a Aquaman jump [TS]

  into it [TS]

  there you go you know either one will be [TS]

  a fish [TS]

  I do it all CG can as she can act as a [TS]

  dolphin or fish or something if if need [TS]

  be if she's the various other sea [TS]

  creatures under Aquaman's control [TS]

  requires some leadership but ya know i'm [TS]

  thinking you know we all know we all [TS]

  agree that Aquaman is pretty impressive [TS]

  in the oceans you know what is his [TS]

  powers do stop at the water's edge huh [TS]

  so what's and provides a walking talking [TS]

  body of water yeah he can take [TS]

  instructions eager to please and now [TS]

  Aquaman is considerable powers span the [TS]

  entire globe are making him that much [TS]

  more Wow a genius Steve and and the [TS]

  initiator arm Sam can create water-based [TS]

  whether formations as well so think [TS]

  about it and we're talking like piranhas [TS]

  tsunami or a tornado sharks you know who [TS]

  that wouldn't bother to put our ratio [TS]

  sharknado sharknado I like that [TS]

  all right we should hire you see you got [TS]

  the one two twins you can have them both [TS]

  buy-one-get-one-free Monty you can I use [TS]

  that is half a pic that you know you [TS]

  took the question money what's your next [TS]

  pick [TS]

  I'm going to need a heavy hitter on my [TS]

  team and I've been to go outside comic [TS]

  books entirely what the world george RR [TS]

  martin before rules [TS]

  oh the Great and Powerful turtle yeah [TS]

  wildcards books [TS]

  oh well the Great and Powerful turtle he [TS]

  is my favorite character in those books [TS]

  and he might be my favorite character [TS]

  that george RR martin has anything to do [TS]

  with he's he's a guy who's he's [TS]

  telekinetic right yeah he's a super [TS]

  powerful telekinetic but he's very [TS]

  insecure so he can't do it in front of [TS]

  people so what you guys is he's inside [TS]

  like an old 57 buick with battleship [TS]

  armor plating on it and once he's in [TS]

  there he feels safe so we picked it up [TS]

  with his telekinesis and just flies [TS]

  around [TS]

  yep those are good books especially the [TS]

  early ones and he and that is a great [TS]

  character i love the Great and Powerful [TS]

  turtle I'd like 7,000 pages each or no [TS]

  no they're super super speed and they're [TS]

  like in ecology is there there is a [TS]

  shared world so there's a bunch of [TS]

  different writers who write different [TS]

  stories but they're setting the same in [TS]

  the same universe in there they're back [TS]

  to republishing them now and that george [TS]

  RR martin is super famous but therefore [TS]

  they're fun they're there a lot of fun [TS]

  so Martin doesn't write many of them but [TS]

  like the first story in them is by [TS]

  Howard Waltrip who's amazing Walter John [TS]

  Williams does some of them yeah it's [TS]

  theirs that's really good stuff I read [TS]

  that all right when it first came out I [TS]

  still have some of those on my bookshelf [TS]

  the Great and Powerful turtle that's a [TS]

  good one [TS]

  it's my turn i am going to go it's a [TS]

  character it's a character who's been in [TS]

  comics he's been in cartoons he's been [TS]

  in live-action television it is i have [TS]

  to pick the tick [TS]

  yes spoon [TS]

  my kids love the tech to the tick is [TS]

  that doesn't know who he is he may think [TS]

  he's actually a tick [TS]

  he is not a particularly competent hero [TS]

  but he's very strong and and just full [TS]

  of justice and love of sweet sweet [TS]

  justice and we need that kind of guy and [TS]

  i would love to see the interaction [TS]

  between spider-man and the tix oh I i [TS]

  I'm I'm going are you sure you don't [TS]

  want at ant-man you have a theme going [TS]

  I well who would take at me and that [TS]

  person would be crazy [TS]

  stay tuned anyway I don't think we're [TS]

  being set up [TS]

  all right before we continue let's stop [TS]

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  uncomfortable [TS]

  okay now back to the draft uh round [TS]

  three begins now uh Lisa you've got Emma [TS]

  Frost and oracle so Marvel and DC and [TS]

  what's your next pick my next pick is [TS]

  you every team needs a heavy hitter [TS]

  we've already got our psychic we've [TS]

  already got our genius who has the [TS]

  highly flexible moral code but she's [TS]

  incredibly faithful to it so now we need [TS]

  a strong man or strong woman and I'm [TS]

  gonna go with big barda oh that's my [TS]

  next pick through way too seriously [TS]

  yeah with who big Barda and mortar name [TS]

  she's am [TS]

  yes of the Immortals a new gods but the [TS]

  the one who is married to scott free the [TS]

  one who is dead mr. president you have [TS]

  since been revived revive she's super [TS]

  big she has she cheese she's a she was [TS]

  bracing the battle culture she's [TS]

  basically amazon amped up to 11 she can [TS]

  take on Wonder Woman and fighter to a [TS]

  standstill if necessary and she's that [TS]

  kind of a goofball personality which [TS]

  given how intense both em IM and Barbara [TS]

  can be you kind of need [TS]

  so we've got we've got our big barda [TS]

  that's great [TS]

  she's very Kirby like i just looked her [TS]

  up she's got the little horn things [TS]

  around her head and oh yeah our cosmic [TS]

  that's good [TS]

  ya know she's fun and you know she [TS]

  doesn't spend a lot of time bash your [TS]

  head into wall boiling her fate or or [TS]

  wondering why can't you just be normal [TS]

  or whatever and and it helps that again [TS]

  she was she's got a back story where [TS]

  she's like yeah I'm kinda awesome or [TS]

  less the deity [TS]

  I like it and I'm one indictment [TS]

  yeah Mike in your group this is nice ya [TS]

  know it was between her and power girl [TS]

  except that the writers can never quite [TS]

  figure out what power girls backstory is [TS]

  and there was a mini-series on her back [TS]

  and like I want to say the early two [TS]

  thousands were they were supposed to [TS]

  iron it out accepted basically ended up [TS]

  being four episodes the first thing on [TS]

  her underwear you know having an [TS]

  existential crisis which I'm sure was [TS]

  fun to draw but you know didn't really [TS]

  do a whole lot for the character and [TS]

  also power girl kind of hates Barbara [TS]

  Gordon so that would have been a bad and [TS]

  our personal team dynamic well she's [TS]

  still on the board should be an [TS]

  auxiliary member maybe down the road [TS]

  yeah Dan you maybe not dan you've got [TS]

  green arrow and storm [TS]

  well you need somebody who's going to [TS]

  provide a certain amount of moral Center [TS]

  and direction for your group and in in [TS]

  my case I think you need someone who's a [TS]

  bit of a patriot as well so I think I my [TS]

  next pick in Jason usual i hope [TS]

  appreciate this is a comparison the [TS]

  Crimson Dynamo the Crimson Dynamo [TS]

  american-made nice [TS]

  Oh from the tick from the tech yes [TS]

  indeed what ad the most capable i would [TS]

  argue of almost a superhero in the tick [TS]

  by possibly the only capable superhero [TS]

  in the tick what every neighbor for the [TS]

  tvs here I captain Liberty I believe [TS]

  yellow right or do something captain [TS]

  every day [TS]

  yeah yeah so but she she does though she [TS]

  has no superpowers I believe she is a [TS]

  acrobatic she has an olympic-level [TS]

  acrobatics yeah and she has a stiletto [TS]

  high-heels in a tiara that you can throw [TS]

  I mean you know legally distinct from [TS]

  other superheroes [TS]

  yeah she's good she is the only way and [TS]

  she also is very good at fending off [TS]

  deflator mouse's advances honor yes that [TS]

  is let's do it well that is very [TS]

  important because he's a you know that [TS]

  they have a little bit of a dispute [TS]

  going on a little oil and water yeah I [TS]

  prefer american-made to captain Liberty [TS]

  but i think i do prefer batmanuel oh [TS]

  yeah to deflate mouse that's exactly [TS]

  because the crazy wears eyeliner racing [TS]

  with nestor carbonell he doesn't need [TS]

  any eyeliner know he really doesn't [TS]

  that's his superpower is that is he was [TS]

  my next pic damn you might maybe he will [TS]

  be reliable [TS]

  I have a logistical question Jason as [TS]

  long as we're as long as we're here [TS]

  yes I are there in fact as many rounds [TS]

  as you have you stipulate here because [TS]

  man I did not plan for that many rounds [TS]

  and i will start thinking now [TS]

  well I we could go up to seven i think [TS]

  five is the Milgram so I've been told [TS]

  five so I I came prepared with five I [TS]

  can scramble and get a couple others [TS]

  well you just keep pondering I've got [TS]

  your back list we got some grease got [TS]

  some great people still on the board [TS]

  Scott you're up you've got the thing and [TS]

  in a head scratcher mister fantastic [TS]

  it's crazy and I don't know where I'm [TS]

  going next but i think that i did a [TS]

  little firepower and who better to then [TS]

  provide firepower to a team of maybe for [TS]

  people i don't know that's just I'm just [TS]

  guessing but a man who in fact can turn [TS]

  into flame perhaps a human torch of [TS]

  sometimes I want to pick Johnny Storm [TS]

  the human so you're not gonna pick the [TS]

  original Marvel human torch that was the [TS]

  and robot the robot 10 know that was [TS]

  like you're gonna go with Johnny Storm [TS]

  gonna go with that one Jillian but [TS]

  Johnny Storm is awesome yeah Johnny [TS]

  Storm is awesome yes awesome he can fly [TS]

  around shoot things go supernova he's [TS]

  exactly like got played by chris evans [TS]

  who also played Captain America so you [TS]

  don't have an architect i get for [TS]

  Captain America and the humidor you [TS]

  don't believe how I'm thinking Christian [TS]

  Bale you didn't pick precise don't know [TS]

  but yes she would Johnny Storm and he [TS]

  has a superhero name install that's true [TS]

  then we struck me as kind of a whiny [TS]

  dude now he's the only one on the team [TS]

  that's not wine yes Angie yeah now you [TS]

  see true he's just he's just a hothead [TS]

  huh [TS]

  he has poor impulse control but he also [TS]

  is he's also made of fire [TS]

  yeah well he's key he's currently assess [TS]

  that he's currently assess the [TS]

  opportunities for behaving like a total [TS]

  baller and and like that is that this [TS]

  whole thing is is hey I'm a superhero [TS]

  why shouldn't I get bottle service at [TS]

  clubs why shouldn't I go home without it [TS]

  yeah no I think it's nice to get you [TS]

  gotta pick up with you you know you [TS]

  gotta take what you can get exactly true [TS]

  all of it [TS]

  exactly Steve you have Aquaman and the [TS]

  Wonder Twins you are praised basically [TS]

  going to move into the Hall of Justice [TS]

  at this point it's true well yeah I'm [TS]

  gonna take a different tack now okay [TS]

  so I realize this while watching those [TS]

  dumb Carl's jr. Man of Steel tie and [TS]

  commercials where Superman is creating [TS]

  potholes for the the local [TS]

  municipalities to clean up and I [TS]

  realized that I disagree that you [TS]

  necessarily need a genius in your group [TS]

  i certainly don't have one or more a [TS]

  moral Center command i guess i'm not [TS]

  having one example but there is one [TS]

  thing that I think in this modern world [TS]

  you do need and that is a good lawyer [TS]

  and to this end I take harvey birdman [TS]

  attorney-at-law significance a good [TS]

  lawyer as you as you might have guessed [TS]

  my general plan here is to assemble the [TS]

  most incompetent possible group that [TS]

  might still have some hope of fighting [TS]

  crime [TS]

  so it seems like you know the harvester [TS]

  Mike to might be a useful asset to the [TS]

  team so you could have gone with the [TS]

  she-hulk there cuz she's also a lawyer [TS]

  is everywhere there's nothing for you go [TS]

  and she-hulk does she get to mr. across [TS]

  though and and burst out of her now she [TS]

  actually goes into the core sizable [TS]

  panting we're taking out Big hulked [TS]

  helped out with a big big pantsuit on [TS]

  you [TS]

  I like that well she's still out there [TS]

  and I may need to rethink what you could [TS]

  you could form a law firm [TS]

  I like harvey birdman with your future [TS]

  fix exciting that's a different way to [TS]

  go [TS]

  plus I think it's also crucial that you [TS]

  can sue into retirement any other heroes [TS]

  that might horn in on your turf you know [TS]

  you know i think really hard about your [TS]

  team's lawyer doug already it's a third [TS]

  around he's already worried your perfect [TS]

  lame we don't want it haha surface my [TS]

  turf is the entirety of the oceans and [TS]

  and olives and so around said yes I [TS]

  understand [TS]

  generally no no I will let you know that [TS]

  sand can in fact absorb or join with any [TS]

  neighboring body of water so is and is [TS]

  not just sand sized and shaped at all [TS]

  times [TS]

  alright keep that good good to know [TS]

  so if you're done if you were to drop [TS]

  him off in Chicago he quickly become [TS]

  like Michigan well you certainly could [TS]

  if you chose to yeah we could drown [TS]

  Aquaman save him what my thinking is if [TS]

  you're gonna go that far then he should [TS]

  be able to fuse with the water vapor in [TS]

  the air and basically take whatever size [TS]

  body of water that he was [TS]

  said anytime you'd like to be the ocean [TS]

  he got there he can't he's not that good [TS]

  form of the ecosystem but I find that in [TS]

  the super bowl of underwear he generally [TS]

  fits in a bucket [TS]

  oh yeah that's something limits the [TS]

  options so I'm children of the ninety [TS]

  percent of water that makes up your body [TS]

  see that's creepy don't do that yea [TS]

  Monty you pick the question and the [TS]

  Great and Powerful turtle where are you [TS]

  going next [TS]

  well I really was going to pay big barda [TS]

  next but since that you are getting you [TS]

  know it's right there so i'm going to go [TS]

  to my next choice which is almost as [TS]

  good as big Barda and I prepared to have [TS]

  an argument over this red sonja yeah ma [TS]

  now Red Sonja pic technically in a comic [TS]

  and marvel comic book and had a team up [TS]

  with spiders with spider-man is it has a [TS]

  current comic book i believe written by [TS]

  fantasy author Peter Brett well I have [TS]

  the star wars comics can I take on solo [TS]

  no did he teamed up with spider-man [TS]

  oh my god i would read that I don't need [TS]

  to have a lot of that i'm going to allow [TS]

  it because of the spider-man team-up [TS]

  which I knew about to Monte and I think [TS]

  that that puts it over the interval or a [TS]

  fireman Claus well red Sonia is awesome [TS]

  and kills things as good as any man so [TS]

  that's why i'm picking she kills like a [TS]

  man yeah like he's friends with [TS]

  spider-man and she's friends with [TS]

  spider-man [TS]

  yeah she got brought to the future man [TS]

  2x somehow took over Mary Jane's body [TS]

  yes and help spider-man attacking museum [TS]

  or something that's it always you made [TS]

  better to die [TS]

  seems it was an evil museum what do you [TS]

  know about this episode was going to be [TS]

  ridiculous [TS]

  no serious business that's what their [TS]

  lawyers present [TS]

  alright it's my she-hulk you're with [TS]

  it's my turn I have separated and why [TS]

  would that not a legal drama basic a [TS]

  stir in the remake they're doing a fire [TS]

  inside I'm spider-man in the tick right [TS]

  now in my in mine and at the risk of [TS]

  showing my hand here i'm gonna i'm gonna [TS]

  pick a DC character i'm not a big dec [TS]

  comics fan but I actually really enjoy [TS]

  this character and how they have [TS]

  rebooted him the last few years both in [TS]

  animation and in his own comic a couple [TS]

  of times [TS]

  oh no I know who did I know [TS]

  but it's always it's Jaime Reyes san [TS]

  antonio's favorite superhero the Blue [TS]

  Beetle you can see he's a teenage kid [TS]

  who inherited a suit of armor from space [TS]

  that tries to kill people but he tries [TS]

  to talk it out of it and the Scarab [TS]

  stuck in the back of his neck and he [TS]

  can't get out of it and he wants to do [TS]

  good but you know it's a it's the [TS]

  classic Team superhero story and I [TS]

  really love the Blue Beetle and i like [TS]

  that it said in inaction is that it's a [TS]

  classic teen story everybody's got a [TS]

  scarab second only I didn't want to [TS]

  aliens care of war machine suit of armor [TS]

  but but actually this this is actually [TS]

  another charlton character that got [TS]

  brought over when DC but Charlton and it [TS]

  was I think the what is nite owl [TS]

  basically a blue beetle kind of knockoff [TS]

  yeah yeah yeahs member nite owl's little [TS]

  analysis basically be at all have got [TS]

  the same costume visually even and [TS]

  they've got the whole Ted Kord is pretty [TS]

  much a direct analog for gotta listen to [TS]

  the characters in now [TS]

  um but yeah four tet for dan dreiberg [TS]

  yes said quote headquarters drink is dan [TS]

  dreiberg down to the glasses and the [TS]

  pining for super heroines you're kind of [TS]

  out of his league and the idealism and [TS]

  the fact that he's always overshadowed [TS]

  by people with last year personalities [TS]

  and more flexible morals so they said [TS]

  they killed him and they gave the the [TS]

  suit of armor and the Scarab did to [TS]

  Jaime Reyes who is a very much in the [TS]

  ultimate spider-man kind of mode of this [TS]

  kid who's trying to deal with this power [TS]

  that he doesn't really understand and i [TS]

  like it a lot and so he's on my team now [TS]

  I i if you're sensing a trend just go [TS]

  ask ya singing at least it [TS]

  we're in here in the fourth round now [TS]

  i'm such a good friend from scott that's [TS]

  the strongest of sensor for class around [TS]

  a trend for i just want to point out [TS]

  that the invisible woman is still out on [TS]

  the board [TS]

  you don't know that no you can't see her [TS]

  well that's right that's true actually [TS]

  right guys I just really want to find [TS]

  out what happens around 5i just she made [TS]

  she may be out of the board [TS]

  Lisa what is your next election about [TS]

  Emma Frost oracle and big barda kitty [TS]

  pryde oh great pic kitty try yet well [TS]

  helipad captivity quality and overwrite [TS]

  or you just just the whole the whole [TS]

  Penelope but you're talking about [TS]

  somebody [TS]

  who even without the mutant powers she's [TS]

  very smart even genius level and she's [TS]

  got a pretty for moral compass she can [TS]

  fight she's got she's good tactical [TS]

  thinker and she can also make a [TS]

  spaceship [TS]

  um go go through the earth without [TS]

  hurting anybody [TS]

  which i think is a handy think that's a [TS]

  valuable skill it kind of is because [TS]

  there's always a lien invasions that's [TS]

  basically the theme for first [TS]

  civilization as we know it is is where [TS]

  but to secret events away from being [TS]

  nuked by the aliens so so I think before [TS]

  I think Kitty Pryde make a solid [TS]

  addition to the team [TS]

  I'm gonna prove anything involving kitty [TS]

  pryde because i always look Kitty Pryde [TS]

  and that was a great character so yea [TS]

  and all her uses in the regular and the [TS]

  ultimate marvel universe actually i'm [TS]

  all for it yeah probably i love her in [TS]

  the Marvel Universe especially when she [TS]

  teams up with spider-man fight crime [TS]

  yeah that's that's a good one that's one [TS]

  of the nice things they did in the [TS]

  ultimates is is sync up the ages so [TS]

  these characters could be contemporaries [TS]

  of each other always like that [TS]

  yeah Dan you have green arrow storm and [TS]

  american-made where are you going next [TS]

  well I my next one's might be kind of a [TS]

  kind of a left-field pickle a lot of [TS]

  people think you have to say it's just [TS]

  not like my previous we've been down the [TS]

  middle here so uh he's a lot of people [TS]

  think he's just sort of a big by the way [TS]

  by the way Superman and Batman or just [TS]

  general family I just was going to go [TS]

  that's obvious is all never heard of [TS]

  their not team players alright so I'm a [TS]

  lot of this a lot of people think this [TS]

  guy's just have a big dumb barbarian [TS]

  he's got really long hair and a beard he [TS]

  just punches people really hard is an [TS]

  obvious it is becoming forget someone he [TS]

  knew I wasn't gonna allow it but Jesus [TS]

  did do a Marvel team-up with spider-man [TS]

  so well didn't that more and red Sonia [TS]

  it was quite the comic book also if [TS]

  you've seen men of steel like it's jesus [TS]

  is that movie too [TS]

  so actually this is eric of whom it may [TS]

  seem them many of you may not know but [TS]

  goes also known as XO Manowar XO Manowar [TS]

  around [TS]

  what in case you don't know it's really [TS]

  comics were in the night she was a [TS]

  barbarian he was a like a Visigoth yeah [TS]

  basically he gets kidnapped by aliens [TS]

  and then he steals a suit of super [TS]

  powerful armor [TS]

  this is like incredible weapon and he [TS]

  comes back and shows up in the present [TS]

  day where he is a barbarian but with a [TS]

  super-powerful suit of armor and [TS]

  proceeded to i think at some point at [TS]

  least the original version ends up [TS]

  becoming like a like a like an [TS]

  industrialist essentially it's very it's [TS]

  very odd the value I was a huge fan of [TS]

  valiant comics in the nineties that was [TS]

  like I read that way more than I read [TS]

  Marvel or DC comics and Jason Reitman [TS]

  who is on our Comic Book Club a lot is a [TS]

  huge value in comic is tonight stuff [TS]

  anyway great shooter at some point to it [TS]

  which is perfectly they have also [TS]

  recently revamped yes not bad experience [TS]

  and back and XO Manowar has been one of [TS]

  the I think was the first line they [TS]

  revamped and I've been reading a lot of [TS]

  its quick it [TS]

  that's cool okay XO Manowar and he's [TS]

  basically a barbarian with a supersuit [TS]

  so that's his power is he's like strong [TS]

  and has this yet suit and barbaric enemy [TS]

  is barbaric [TS]

  he's a man he's a fish out of water in a [TS]

  man out of time that's right Scott [TS]

  okay Scott you have the thing mr. [TS]

  fantastic and Human Torch [TS]

  yes where would you like to go next [TS]

  well since Dan picked XO Manowar that [TS]

  only leaves sooo Richards the invisible [TS]

  woman for my fourth pic rounding out [TS]

  these four pics [TS]

  I i we can test a dog make an appearance [TS]

  randomly chosen out I'm Danny there's an [TS]

  obvious bit picked for the team that you [TS]

  guys aren't say oh there there are many [TS]

  Spiderman was also easy there was a time [TS]

  portal freezer and then there's more [TS]

  than one configuration fantastic four [TS]

  get it isn't Franklin the obvious choice [TS]

  for this 15 now well I don't know she [TS]

  hulk might be a good fifth pick behold [TS]

  there's also on the fairy's gonna make a [TS]

  shop for a duct and she's a lawyer I [TS]

  hearsay and Herbie the robot [TS]

  oh I thought you meant her being that [TS]

  fat little kid or highly the love bar or [TS]

  cousin Oliver from the area bunch but [TS]

  invisible woman she can turn invisible [TS]

  she can erect force field she's the [TS]

  bedroom she is the most competent of any [TS]

  of the people you've selected in fact [TS]

  that he is very complicated and very [TS]

  powerful idea remember there was some [TS]

  kind of like fantasy for annual where [TS]

  they were showing all of the characters [TS]

  doing their different powers which [TS]

  basically consists of the thing breaking [TS]

  something mister fantastic stretching [TS]

  the human torch blowing something up and [TS]

  then they they showed super Richards [TS]

  creating invisible knives of force and I [TS]

  thought it didn't have some amazing [TS]

  readers a doting hows Yusei fantastic is [TS]

  she she's pretty fantastic i'm amazed [TS]

  that Steve went through that entire [TS]

  thing about the others Invisible Woman [TS]

  erecting force fields and didn't say [TS]

  anything I i'm on my best behavior here [TS]

  as usual he he's hanging out with [TS]

  Aquaman Aquaman just not go for those [TS]

  trillions [TS]

  alright alright Steven I you're up Scott [TS]

  I don't know what you're going to do [TS]

  next Steve you have I command hold back [TS]

  on the White Queen Queen helping to [TS]

  raise other people's powers then i can i [TS]

  can hang out with the well you just did [TS]

  what you did there [TS]

  Aquaman Wonder Twins and harvey birdman [TS]

  yes sir I'm loving my team so far i am [TS]

  too [TS]

  I we may need to judge to weigh in on [TS]

  this one I'm sitting in a pool of water [TS]

  here so of course home [TS]

  yeah so you can love water-based things [TS]

  i do that explains it [TS]

  so I I'm gonna I'm gonna pick iron man [TS]

  aren't you afraid he'll rest why would I [TS]

  why would why would I need to rule on [TS]

  that one you you can choose an Ironman [TS]

  if you like but not iron man i'm not [TS]

  picking the Tony stark/iron man i wanted [TS]

  one in the black sabbath song you can't [TS]

  have that one [TS]

  wait a minute wait wait he's a hero he's [TS]

  super he's vaguely super know my room [TS]

  and make a waiter's here's what we know [TS]

  about iron man okay [TS]

  he traveled time for the future of [TS]

  mankind definitely heroic definitely [TS]

  super later he was turned into stealing [TS]

  a great magnetic field except for his [TS]

  boots which were apparently turned to [TS]

  lead for some reason then at some future [TS]

  point vengeance [TS]

  the grave killed people he won't save [TS]

  that admittedly is not entirely heroic [TS]

  however it's safe to presume that there [TS]

  was a period of time after he was turned [TS]

  to steal but before his vengeance [TS]

  unfurled when he was still effectively [TS]

  heroic although perhaps beginning to [TS]

  feel the overwhelming bitterness towards [TS]

  those who refuse to help him but instead [TS]

  just turn their heads so I'm thinking [TS]

  superhero I see what you wanted a lawyer [TS]

  under team haha yeah [TS]

  yes Steve I i can't i can't allow it oh [TS]

  my god you're gonna be stark this [TS]

  destroys everything I don't have to go [TS]

  with something even more of a stretch [TS]

  alright fine i'm going to i'm going to [TS]

  risk stealing one of jason's pics and [TS]

  i'm going to list so long with go ahead [TS]

  all right on the advice of of my [TS]

  attorney Harvey Birdman and in the [TS]

  interest of furthering diversity in the [TS]

  superhero of your community [TS]

  i hereby draft the brown Hornet who I'm [TS]

  gonna get stinger in the bargain you [TS]

  don't know stinger he could he could be [TS]

  your sidekick draft [TS]

  all right you've got a pretty good theme [TS]

  song so the brown Hornet was a segment [TS]

  on fat out that Albert in the car kids [TS]

  yes he always saves the day he brings a [TS]

  much-needed urban vibe to the team [TS]

  yeah and if you're not careful you might [TS]

  learn something before he's through [TS]

  there's always that risk with the brown [TS]

  Hornet that's good that's that's that's [TS]

  a good picture like that hard [TS]

  alright hey fat Abbot head have a Talbot [TS]

  it's all I can do you like school in the [TS]

  sub her before but yeah we'll watch Fat [TS]

  Albert I can't believe UD cute iron man [TS]

  yeah sorry he's a dude made a metal with [TS]

  anger issues in a flexible moral compass [TS]

  you can travel time when we do the for [TS]

  me to the song draft when he has his own [TS]

  when he has his own imprinted image you [TS]

  can pick up that might understand that [TS]

  always lose called iron man he's [TS]

  actually made of steel and led yeah [TS]

  I must've gotten boring black sabbath [TS]

  not going on in your attic table [TS]

  metallurgy was not Ozzie strong suit now [TS]

  ok Monty you have the question the Great [TS]

  and Powerful turtle and red sonja well [TS]

  looking at these heroes I'm a little [TS]

  worried that I'm not powerful enough so [TS]

  I'd like to turn it all the way to 11 [TS]

  can I have death from the Sandman comics [TS]

  oh come on she not and she's the [TS]

  personification of an idea [TS]

  she's a character she's the [TS]

  personification hood idea she's super [TS]

  here achievers in account book she's [TS]

  lots of people things appear in comic [TS]

  books by that logic humans will have dr. [TS]

  doom because you're some comics walk [TS]

  tonight KC I think the endless should be [TS]

  thrown out of consideration because all [TS]

  they are are personifications of ideas [TS]

  the individual characters are merely [TS]

  interpretations of those ideas for [TS]

  cultural filters harvey birdman your [TS]

  rebuttal it's been shown in its been [TS]

  shown in the same continuity that these [TS]

  it cut that these different incarnations [TS]

  of of the immortal of the endless do [TS]

  occasionally pass on and then new ones [TS]

  are selected and chosen what happened [TS]

  how do you explain destruction he's no [TS]

  longer destruction but he still exists [TS]

  that he has a discrete personality [TS]

  no he stepped down that's that's [TS]

  different he's refusing to discharge the [TS]

  duties of his office but that's [TS]

  completely different experience baby [TS]

  edward windsor ok he's basically the [TS]

  edward windsor of the endless except he [TS]

  fell in love with paintings and dogs [TS]

  instead of wallis simpson alright I [TS]

  Monty I'm gonna I'm gonna [TS]

  because I already set a precedent with [TS]

  steve i'm going to go ahead and just [TS]

  allowed death I don't think you're gonna [TS]

  get death that doesn't qualify as a [TS]

  superhero I blame you for this [TS]

  Steve haha well as the osborne al [TS]

  accepted [TS]

  ok in that case the Phantom Stranger who [TS]

  who's another dude who goes around in [TS]

  the pedorra i'm going to read the [TS]

  description of him I found online [TS]

  he seems to know nearly everything about [TS]

  any character and situation he [TS]

  encounters in the DC Universe and in the [TS]

  JLA offenders crossover this extends to [TS]

  the marvel universe as well he knows [TS]

  everything about everything [TS]

  not possibly hurt have a guy in my team [TS]

  who knows everything happening in every [TS]

  universe simultaneously so so much does [TS]

  the Great and Powerful turtle is he [TS]

  wearing a fedora in the turtle shell you [TS]

  guys might as well be okay are you ready [TS]

  are you building that are you rebuilding [TS]

  the trenchcoat brigade hat squad if [TS]

  that's John Constantine up next man [TS]

  could travel time for Steve don't get it [TS]

  trying traveler alright i I'm up [TS]

  I've got lots of choices here I'm [TS]

  feeling like I'm feeling like I need [TS]

  somebody on my team to balance out the [TS]

  the genders a little bit because I i [TS]

  look at that look at least his team [TS]

  especially and I think I a lot of leavin [TS]

  I'm lacking i'm lacking in fact i think [TS]

  my I'm the only team without a woman so [TS]

  far so I'm gonna go that way [TS]

  rangeley insect insect themed and bug [TS]

  themed women heroes are limited [TS]

  huh wonder who he'll pick well youyou [TS]

  guess I've got two choices here [TS]

  Spider Woman or you know is I was [TS]

  thinking of going with spider wasp is [TS]

  also my list i'm going to go with [TS]

  Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow [TS]

  adventure [TS]

  scarlett johansson player in the movie [TS]

  and she was pretty cool she said she's [TS]

  for somebody has no powers and just like [TS]

  its people really hard and stuff said [TS]

  that she's pretty cool and she's a spy [TS]

  so she knows all that's buy stuff so we [TS]

  what are her powers exactly is based on [TS]

  the the poster for the eventual pitches [TS]

  all that i have seen her personal [TS]

  superpower is facing her ass to the [TS]

  camera [TS]

  she has other powers too although [TS]

  they're not as impressive as that one [TS]

  that's a good one anyway that's a bad [TS]

  power she's a black she knows all she [TS]

  was a Soviet spy she knows all the [TS]

  secrets and she knows all of our other [TS]

  cool spy stuff and now she's a good guy [TS]

  or is she yes she is or issue yes yes so [TS]

  that's my pick the Black Widow to go [TS]

  with spider-man the tick and the Blue [TS]

  Beetle Lisa you have worried around five [TS]

  it's very exciting I thing can happen [TS]

  you have emma frost oracle big Barda and [TS]

  Kitty Pryde where are you going next [TS]

  huh let's see i have on my list [TS]

  I haven't had anybody in the crazy [TS]

  freaky biology division yet and I don't [TS]

  know I'm gonna break the all-female [TS]

  streak and go with Jimmy madrix also [TS]

  known as multiple man what the woman yes [TS]

  i love multiple man he balances on the [TS]

  team by himself heard that ya know and [TS]

  the thing I because I loved when he [TS]

  released his little duplicates into the [TS]

  world and ordered them to pick up trades [TS]

  and have experiences and then he just [TS]

  reabsorbs them and this way he learns [TS]

  easily and painlessly and you hook him [TS]

  up with somebody like a psychic who can [TS]

  also broadcast information to other [TS]

  people too and he's basically a more [TS]

  reliable and less biased version of [TS]

  wikipedia that the whole team and he can [TS]

  also be deployed to multiple places and [TS]

  do things and if one of his deep-set [TS]

  eyes it's it's it's not as big a deal as [TS]

  if you're into my eyes the externalities [TS]

  he's a pretty handy guy to have around [TS]

  and he's also kind of a weasel but I [TS]

  feel confident that any one of my [TS]

  previous pics could probably keep him in [TS]

  line [TS]

  you know my favorite thing about [TS]

  multiple man is pieces still the case is [TS]

  power is triggered when he's hurt [TS]

  yes ok that was one of my favorite [TS]

  things because I just remember if you [TS]

  smack him you get to him [TS]

  I just remember an issue of some comic [TS]

  book where he he sticks his hand down [TS]

  the throat of like a feral wolf or [TS]

  something and then just hits himself [TS]

  really hard on my chest in the multiple [TS]

  spawns inside the thing and exploit it [TS]

  that's just like how that is that is [TS]

  some inventive thinking there [TS]

  yeah now the only have to watch out for [TS]

  is if he gets drunk he sends multiples [TS]

  out to make time with his teammates and [TS]

  then there's horrific things happen but [TS]

  but i don't think this would be a risk [TS]

  here he is he should learn from that [TS]

  mistake [TS]

  no Emma Frost & and Barbara Gordon will [TS]

  keep them in line [TS]

  oh yeah if and if they need lots of him [TS]

  big bird will pound him and yet the [TS]

  problem [TS]

  ultimately it works out beautifully it [TS]

  is and then Kitty Pryde stands behind [TS]

  them all goes yes yes good because it [TS]

  makes a lot of sense you got about four [TS]

  women and multiple man [TS]

  yes it all works out not Dan your green [TS]

  arrow storm american-made and XO Manowar [TS]

  you've used spread you spread your [TS]

  choices around i have a next I'm going [TS]

  to continue to spread my choice around I [TS]

  I i think this team what this team [TS]

  really needs is that [TS]

  a mild-mannered scientists who at points [TS]

  loses control little bit and turns into [TS]

  a giant rage monster so I'm gonna pick [TS]

  dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde from League of [TS]

  Extraordinary Gentlemen haha movie [TS]

  version know Gotye much as I like Jason [TS]

  Fleming no god no [TS]

  yes the original alan moore a collection [TS]

  from cheese homestead published late [TS]

  nineties i like the first one it's [TS]

  pretty good some of the other ones not [TS]

  so good [TS]

  the movie really really bad he's a big [TS]

  Sean Connery yeah that was kind of a [TS]

  soft spot the comics way better than [TS]

  movies sure actually like Dorian Gray in [TS]

  the movie and he was yeah yeah [TS]

  and for some reason Tom Sawyer which was [TS]

  a community 30 minutes they really yeah [TS]

  they really needed an American [TS]

  apparently he was cool it was the thing [TS]

  I liked about the movie which was better [TS]

  than the other stuff that there was [TS]

  something in that movie that was good [TS]

  credits were nice they never made a [TS]

  sequel was it i'm a big fan of that it's [TS]

  good [TS]

  yes there are more books and that's in [TS]

  the comic series there were no more [TS]

  movies [TS]

  it's a good thing Scott we have to go to [TS]

  you now you have the thing mr. fantastic [TS]

  human torch in the invisible one I would [TS]

  say that's a pretty fantastic group of [TS]

  four but its remaining for your fifth [TS]

  selection what we need be we need a [TS]

  little bit more power I think and Monty [TS]

  has already predicted who i am going to [TS]

  pick franklin richards England some [TS]

  argue is the most powerful mutant of the [TS]

  mall since he has complete control over [TS]

  reality which is a pretty cool power [TS]

  it's not bad it's not know that's not [TS]

  scarlet witch or anything well it's true [TS]

  it's not dazzled gasps Larry doesn't [TS]

  have you know what happened master was a [TS]

  bug i would have picked her already [TS]

  ok how I want to draft a team with the [TS]

  gas lever and Jubilee on it is that [TS]

  related to really they're still there [TS]

  still look a little bit yes they're [TS]

  still out there so i think that this is [TS]

  a pretty fantastic five i have so far [TS]

  alright that's good so far so far Steve [TS]

  you've got Aquaman and the Wonder Twins [TS]

  Harvard man yes and the brown Hornet [TS]

  yes and all from the twilight's are not [TS]

  eligible but man is it ever shaping up [TS]

  okay well I ironman notwithstanding i [TS]

  guess i have to move on and I think what [TS]

  I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna pick [TS]

  plastikman em another stretchy guy yet [TS]

  you mean the plastic man from the comics [TS]

  or is there some heavy metal song called [TS]

  Plastic Man want to compete here I'm not [TS]

  telling you just assume it's the one [TS]

  from the comics alright he's you know [TS]

  he's a stretcher guy and why not elastic [TS]

  man [TS]

  well I did what I just like the IRA [TS]

  advisor those cool glasses he wears yeah [TS]

  I like this I like it [TS]

  I like this I like it [TS]

  and funnier come to think of it he's [TS]

  really funny I like the duality of [TS]

  Plastic Man he's he's basically immortal [TS]

  and then he can change his shape is his [TS]

  density you can make you know hammers [TS]

  out of his hands he can become [TS]

  incredibly strong it will he's basically [TS]

  totally overpowered and yet he's so [TS]

  phenomenally lame that it all it all [TS]

  balances out i think doesn't have a son [TS]

  that is disappointed in him he has baby [TS]

  plaz yeah would you say that he can you [TS]

  could do the things that plastic can i [TS]

  would say that he can't yes interesting [TS]

  ya know if you if you ever witness the [TS]

  late seventies early eighties TV show [TS]

  you will understand how thoroughly [TS]

  thoroughly lame he in fact is but i do [TS]

  like his glasses [TS]

  yes he has a real real but huggles kind [TS]

  of feel to him which I enjoy [TS]

  yeah that's good and the chicken for [TS]

  obvious reasons sure of course it's not [TS]

  saying yeah same reasons they did mr. [TS]

  fantastic [TS]

  that's right but you know plastic man [TS]

  doesn't feel compelled to call himself [TS]

  mr. fantastic [TS]

  no it's just truth in advertising agency [TS]

  lets the plastic speak for him [TS]

  fair enough Monty you have the question [TS]

  the Great and Powerful turtle red sonja [TS]

  and the Phantom Stranger who what what [TS]

  fedora gentlemen will you choose next or [TS]

  were you surprised us [TS]

  well first i have to ask are we stopping [TS]

  at five like this my last pic i think [TS]

  we've got room [TS]

  what will will play through a couple [TS]

  more pretty fast but not going pretty [TS]

  fast [TS]

  ok and i want to CDM and steve its [TS]

  allies God squirm so I've been doing my [TS]

  video my resistance and when murder that [TS]

  room I am taking recommendation [TS]

  ok alright come on to go ahead [TS]

  alright I am going to go a little high [TS]

  tech with my next pick because my guys [TS]

  are all kind of low-tech especially red [TS]

  sonja and take warlock the weird robot [TS]

  from New Mutants oh it's a great pic [TS]

  thank you sob we're gonna go with [TS]

  machine man but warlock is a great [TS]

  choice [TS]

  he's a he's from a planet of intelligent [TS]

  machines right now we're gonna get it [TS]

  before after he bonds to Doug programs [TS]

  dr. MC um I was hoping for during that [TS]

  issue because i really liked it [TS]

  all right around means number 10 or so I [TS]

  think [TS]

  yeah the clock that's good [TS]

  there you go i have a cool crazy-looking [TS]

  robot on my team alright that this [TS]

  getting more and more awesome alright so [TS]

  my team i have spider-man the tick Blue [TS]

  Beetle and black widow [TS]

  um wow I have so many choices here I [TS]

  think it's time to choose [TS]

  I'm gonna go with ant-man that one in [TS]

  your pocket I i think it i think i'm [TS]

  going with Scotland it Scott Lang and [TS]

  man who's more workmanlike and not [TS]

  hateful like pink my camry Pam is I [TS]

  Prince so you don't want a genius [TS]

  scientist on your team is resting choice [TS]

  i do have a genius scientist on my team [TS]

  Monty spider-man Peter Parker is [TS]

  ingeniously Parker remember that [TS]

  spider-man movie where he couldn't [TS]

  figure out how to unplug the machine [TS]

  that was great [TS]

  yeah i'm not using that guy with [TS]

  Medicare for that movie forrest gregg [TS]

  nice likes to point out he's a good he's [TS]

  guy a guy who you know has trouble doing [TS]

  his laundry but still i love i love [TS]

  spider-man okay we're moving around six [TS]

  and and the pacemaker pick up a little [TS]

  bit but I think we can get through two [TS]

  more rounds Lisa you've got a frost [TS]

  Oracle Big Bird up kitty pryde and [TS]

  madrox the multiple man [TS]

  mhm okay next division in I was gonna [TS]

  get i admit i was going to go for big [TS]

  power with Rachel gray / Rachel summers [TS]

  she's the daughter of Scott Summers and [TS]

  Jean Grey from a dystopic alternate [TS]

  timeline [TS]

  she's one of the handful of i think [TS]

  they're called alpha or alpha and omega [TS]

  level mutants which means that she can [TS]

  bend reality and time and space and but [TS]

  she's just so lame all my jobs up so i [TS]

  can't i'm going to actually go with amna [TS]

  man also known as no.1 Grayson from [TS]

  involved in from invincible yes yes yes [TS]

  because although he started off as a [TS]

  sleeper agent for a sinister alien [TS]

  invading army he has actually made the [TS]

  hero's journey and come back around but [TS]

  he's still really super-strong [TS]

  very pragmatic and not afraid to get his [TS]

  hands bloody and i like that in my team [TS]

  members [TS]

  yeah let's go there we go on demand he's [TS]

  got that fine mustache that he and all [TS]

  of his people have he is like the Tom [TS]

  Selleck of superheroes with that [TS]

  mustache in general I got all the Volt's [TS]

  home right Matt it that accounts for [TS]

  their speak of priority is that much [TS]

  better because it like it is like it is [TS]

  like a race of militant tom selleck's [TS]

  yeah and I mean how can the universe not [TS]

  fail now you've got me interested yes [TS]

  how can the universe not fail to tremble [TS]

  before that site [TS]

  I'm you know great choice creatures good [TS]

  good to get some some invincible in on [TS]

  the action too [TS]

  oh my god yeah i love the little lesbian [TS]

  densely yeah Daniel Green Arrow storm [TS]

  american-made XO Manowar and dr. Jekyll [TS]

  and mr. Hyde [TS]

  yes well to that we'll add a my team I [TS]

  think needs a someone to oversee things [TS]

  a little bit someone is looking solid [TS]

  maybe a little more emotionally reserved [TS]

  but can also fly and become in [TS]

  substantial because those are always [TS]

  handy things to have around [TS]

  so I'm going with the Martian Manhunter [TS]

  jon jones who [TS]

  that's a good school also excited love [TS]

  Jon Jones he's being substantial is a [TS]

  superpower now you're all the yeah [TS]

  because then you can like turnip [TS]

  substantial like a honey I've got a [TS]

  superpower he can also become super [TS]

  dense is that something you're [TS]

  interested in [TS]

  that's true and he can shake any he can [TS]

  shape-shift as well as he's actually [TS]

  just got quite the Swiss Army toolbox [TS]

  thereof powers he's a pretty cool here [TS]

  although when they always list the [TS]

  members of the Justice League it's like [TS]

  famous famous famous famous and Martian [TS]

  Manhunter I get really sad because [TS]

  injustice league he gets like in the [TS]

  first two seasons he gets knocked out in [TS]

  every single fight Indiana Jones oh yes [TS]

  it's all o.o i feel like--okay also in [TS]

  the earlier years when his weaknesses [TS]

  fire like also kind of a bummer I i like [TS]

  it when he says you stole my space [TS]

  modulator or a smile that's it kills me [TS]

  so all right so dad takes marvin the [TS]

  martian is everything okay Scott here we [TS]

  go [TS]

  bling mr. fantastic the human torch [TS]

  Invisible Woman and franklin richards [TS]

  well I was not as i would like to stop [TS]

  there but [TS]

  since the rules of the game make me pick [TS]

  another person i think that this group [TS]

  needs some sort of protégé that can [TS]

  can add a little color to the group and [TS]

  perhaps bounced around so i am picking [TS]

  speedball and he may or may not have his [TS]

  cat with him I don't know but Robbie [TS]

  Baldwin bounces around as clear balls to [TS]

  fly around him he can control kinetic [TS]

  energy [TS]

  Wow part of the New Warriors speedball [TS]

  that is that that is a wild choice got [TS]

  you went I you went deep with you have [TS]

  1i just string you along you want to [TS]

  handle a false sense of security also [TS]

  you could have chosen Batman but you [TS]

  didn't it's good for you speeding ticket [TS]

  Batman and the Fantastic Four really [TS]

  would not gel I I think you're right [TS]

  the end yeah human resources would have [TS]

  advised you not to hire Batman so good [TS]

  job [TS]

  ok Steve what's the chatroom come up [TS]

  with for you [TS]

  well I asked the chat room and they [TS]

  responded with a along the lines of [TS]

  Deadpool Doctor Strange the punisher [TS]

  good choices [TS]

  basically those are cool heroes so [TS]

  they're completely doing it wrong [TS]

  as far as I'm concerned like as if come [TS]

  on I I'm gonna go with a question I [TS]

  respect him [TS]

  I'm sorry to show something don't you [TS]

  have a question yes does the shmoo count [TS]

  as a superhero I don't think he's an [TS]

  alien i don't think he's a USA his [TS]

  exploits with the the flintstones don't [TS]

  know care for anything with stones also [TS]

  not superhero sorry no Martian Manhunter [TS]

  is an alien [TS]

  how about the Martian Manhunter is [TS]

  affiliated with a non-superhero agents [TS]

  of the shmoo is not a hero sorry hours [TS]

  to hi I'm going to take matter eater lad [TS]

  who because matter eater lad be bland [TS]

  awesome any hero with Ladd is you know [TS]

  what superpower is he eats matter he can [TS]

  eat it smell you know he can no matter [TS]

  what it is he is he is an alien by the [TS]

  way wikipedia tells me he's an alien [TS]

  from the planet bismol which is great [TS]

  because they were in war [TS]

  is against the planet pepto for many [TS]

  years or no there's no they were not [TS]

  there before with narrator is matter let [TS]

  the Legion of super-heroes yes you have [TS]

  to warm to the Legion of super-heroes [TS]

  well that's because they better widen [TS]

  their name [TS]

  why could it be matter eater lad is not [TS]

  compelling enough stuff for you [TS]

  I I guess I i feel like i should connect [TS]

  with Saturn girl in cosmic boy and in [TS]

  phantom girl and ultra boy and bouncing [TS]

  boy and come off the boy that time so [TS]

  glad [TS]

  don't forget yes there's a lot of boys [TS]

  and lads and girls and it honestly just [TS]

  feels like the setup for a really [TS]

  horrible lawsuit down the way where it [TS]

  turns out that some some man and a [TS]

  scouting uniform isn't terrible things [TS]

  that there are their product of their [TS]

  time the 33rd century [TS]

  yeah i will say that a google image and [TS]

  I read the review aggregator lat thanks [TS]

  very if i'm not mistaken that particular [TS]

  League of super heroes was formed [TS]

  partially by Aquaman right [TS]

  how you doing buddy that's actually true [TS]

  oh my god you know i just realized i [TS]

  read the i read the Legion of [TS]

  super-heroes when it was a weight kitson [TS]

  book back in the early audience and it [TS]

  all just slid off my brain by the way [TS]

  don't take matter eater lad to the [TS]

  all-you-can-eat night [TS]

  uh well it doesn't go well no because [TS]

  he'll eat it all [TS]

  Monty what do you have for us I can [TS]

  research [TS]

  yes you would search on google mometrix' [TS]

  one of my level head see he's about to [TS]

  eat [TS]

  yeah he's eating rebar in one of those [TS]

  shots greater ladies around like garnish [TS]

  he might be useful for something only I [TS]

  i really enjoy the google image search [TS]

  puts up other suggestions of other [TS]

  heroes you might enjoy it [TS]

  being including arms fall off boy yeah [TS]

  he's good and hindsight last i'll add [TS]

  you know what you know what are [TS]

  following superpower is his head comes [TS]

  off I don't know now was the dog welder [TS]

  as Legion of super-heroes guy he welded [TS]

  all things good [TS]

  Monty what do you have for us I'm gonna [TS]

  take one that Steve has mysteriously [TS]

  left on the table [TS]

  what freakin freakin saw good boy is [TS]

  going to the dance floor sir [TS]

  freakazoid freakazoid will provide [TS]

  much-needed energy tried team [TS]

  yeah he has his own show he did you ever [TS]

  ate two seasons [TS]

  I my own at least i think part of it on [TS]

  the idea has his own rogues gallery [TS]

  yeah and he did that parody of Hello [TS]

  Dolly that what time is great enough [TS]

  shit alright i I'm up and I'm going to [TS]

  choose a it it's a somewhat obscure [TS]

  character it's another Marvel character [TS]

  he's currently affiliated with the [TS]

  guardians of the galaxy but you may know [TS]

  him for his original appearance and I [TS]

  don't micronauts Oh his name is this [TS]

  Batman name is bug he comes you don't [TS]

  pick the raccoon he comes from the [TS]

  planet of calc lack his powers are that [TS]

  he sticks to things and he has a little [TS]

  lamb study fires that's got a rocket on [TS]

  it and he makes ticking noises because [TS]

  he's a bug guy and he's in the guardians [TS]

  of the galaxy something completely [TS]

  legitimate and I'm picking him because [TS]

  he's also a micro not and now we have [TS]

  entered the final round legend you hear [TS]

  it is around seven Lisa ring a bell or [TS]

  something something being bring out your [TS]

  dead [TS]

  Lisa what's your final pic to close that [TS]

  you do [TS]

  hey my final pic is a mighty his marble [TS]

  heavy metal heavy and i can't help it [TS]

  was just the way it's made the guy i'm [TS]

  going with is a guy named josh Foley [TS]

  also known as a lick sir and he has the [TS]

  power to heal anybody and even bring [TS]

  them back from the dead [TS]

  conversely he can also lose his temper [TS]

  and kill people and horrible and painful [TS]

  ways useful [TS]

  oh yes also useful he has in fact and [TS]

  his character however is easily [TS]

  dominated by old stronger strong strong [TS]

  older women so I feel confident again [TS]

  that big partner and company can give [TS]

  him life and he's basically he's [TS]

  basically their medical unit he can [TS]

  fight but most but really they're just [TS]

  going to bring him in to clean up [TS]

  everybody else after they've done [TS]

  fighting [TS]

  alright elixir got it another yet [TS]

  another mutant on the team that's always [TS]

  yeah you can come up with a clever name [TS]

  for your team with an exit if you want [TS]

  all our it [TS]

  dan what do you have I it's time for [TS]

  someone who knows their way around a gun [TS]

  so I'm going to choose Christopher [TS]

  chance aka the human target who is an [TS]

  expert martial artist and marksman and [TS]

  if you read the comic version he [TS]

  actually disguises himself as the person [TS]

  that he is his bodyguard sorry he goes [TS]

  to protect somebody it's disguises [TS]

  himself as that person so he's also a [TS]

  master of disguise so it's not because [TS]

  you really okay yeah I'm gonna pick the [TS]

  mark valley version because I love my [TS]

  really cool yeah like park valley we did [TS]

  in that case he does not disguise [TS]

  himself as much but I'm I I really have [TS]

  to say i read a collection somebody gave [TS]

  me a couple years ago and now we're [TS]

  trying to remember who wrote it but it [TS]

  was really really trippy because [TS]

  involved like multiple human targets and [TS]

  he's like forgets who he is and like [TS]

  takes on the personality I think was the [TS]

  vertigo vertigo version of him [TS]

  it was very very weird so I'm not [TS]

  picking that version because that was [TS]

  really creepy i'm picking the mark valid [TS]

  version because he's kind of charming [TS]

  alright excellent Scott what do you have [TS]

  left [TS]

  well I have and I don't want and yes [TS]

  Herbie photo from the wizard fast I [TS]

  Savage Dragon he's he's green [TS]

  he's angry he's not the Hulk yes he's an [TS]

  independent comic character he's an [TS]

  independent cover and he was recommended [TS]

  to you with the chatroom I believe [TS]

  wasn't really didn't even know [TS]

  alright I don't know i-i've always he [TS]

  was one of my you know I in case you [TS]

  haven't noticed my favorite comic book [TS]

  was the fantastic for my second what I [TS]

  yes now favorite comic-book the savage [TS]

  dragon so i had to pick the substrate [TS]

  mostly because the savage dragon Erik [TS]

  Larsen has this ability to create [TS]

  completely ridiculous characters which [TS]

  he does a very often but the savage [TS]

  dragon is like a police officer he has a [TS]

  mysterious past she doesn't know what [TS]

  happens he wakes up he's a dragon [TS]

  she's angry he has a badge but what more [TS]

  do you need to know [TS]

  alright great Steve you get one more [TS]

  alright well i was going to take Electra [TS]

  woman and or diner girl but I'm afraid I [TS]

  don't wanna break up the set so good [TS]

  move good Mia no you really can't have [TS]

  one without the other i think you know [TS]

  so maybe traumatic yeah i think i think [TS]

  that maybe I do need some brains behind [TS]

  my team and this particular hero in [TS]

  addition to just being darn cute i think [TS]

  is probably smarter than anybody else on [TS]

  the team i'm i'm gonna pick Krypto the [TS]

  Superdog 50 people I did suggest him [TS]

  earlier tonight before we started the [TS]

  show did I miss that that was what my [TS]

  headphones were off [TS]

  yeah yeah he's a good one you know he's [TS]

  dog but he's super and you know he has a [TS]

  human intelligence which i think it sets [TS]

  him above most of the rest of the guys [TS]

  on my team [TS]

  not including the lamented ironman great [TS]

  who by the way can quite possibly [TS]

  control the dead did you know that [TS]

  yes but we don't know if he's alive or [TS]

  dead that's fail ready as thoughts [TS]

  within his eyes but we don't look at the [TS]

  difference objection last this is the [TS]

  point he also writes a crazy train [TS]

  wait now I think here you get crossing [TS]

  streams here Monty what do you have [TS]

  well I'm is something that Uncle Scrooge [TS]

  isn't a hero [TS]

  ok we need a bankroll with your Huey [TS]

  Louie and you think there's a package [TS]

  set or I think that's a big assumption [TS]

  if you go back to our holiday movie [TS]

  fault episode i believe somebody does [TS]

  suggest that he is the hero of that [TS]

  story so i'm not going to pick him judge [TS]

  present disallow it anyway [TS]

  judges a big New York yeah I feel like [TS]

  my team is kind of all over the place [TS]

  that they get a strong Center somebody [TS]

  who can deal with lots of crazy things [TS]

  and yet is clearly the leader of a crazy [TS]

  team meeting with Tom strong [TS]

  oh good good from where they top 10 come [TS]

  America's best comics [TS]

  yeah it's tomtom strong as the same [TS]

  publisher has topped with alan moore but [TS]

  it's Tom strong with his own his own [TS]

  thing yeah get them out more in here [TS]

  yeah that's good finally get some alan [TS]

  moore hey I had a lot more like a down [TS]

  together right about my team good [TS]

  finally [TS]

  yeah I love a good team exactly right [TS]

  ok so it's my turn to close it out I i [TS]

  could I have so many here that I could [TS]

  could have gone with i was i'm really [TS]

  sad that nobody pic poncho man which [TS]

  Bruce Willis from unbreakable because [TS]

  he's a good Hero Phoenix still on the [TS]

  board talk about your omega-level [TS]

  mutants and then just in my own little [TS]

  little Jean rely had the wasp obviously [TS]

  the Green Hornet would be a fine choice [TS]

  but the brown Hornet you know I can't [TS]

  beat that this scarlet scarlet spider [TS]

  but I already have a hero from Texas [TS]

  Peter Parker's daughter spider-girl but [TS]

  i don't really want that father-daughter [TS]

  dynamic i would have to appeal to the [TS]

  judge to see if spider-man 2099 would [TS]

  count as a different hero from [TS]

  spider-man so [TS]

  so instead I and although and I what did [TS]

  you do the real hard as I'm tempted to [TS]

  draft Batman only because I'm afraid [TS]

  that he would eat all the other insects [TS]

  as some sort of like it so I'm gonna go [TS]

  with Jessica drew Spider Woman Who and I [TS]

  if pressed i'm going to pick the jessica [TS]

  g spider-woman from the Ultimate [TS]

  Universe who is a clone of Peter Parker [TS]

  and now an agent of shield and she's a [TS]

  very interesting character who befriends [TS]

  Miles Morales the new spider-man after [TS]

  the old spider-man spoiler alert dies so [TS]

  although the dot only descendants did [TS]

  everywhere now more or less so it's [TS]

  really depressing just like you that you [TS]

  have three spiders and for insects on [TS]

  your team if I'm not me I wouldn't mess [TS]

  with a teen yeah the short-lived team [TS]

  though if you ask me [TS]

  yeah its popular Reed Richards has [TS]

  invented some bug spray that will take [TS]

  care of that now [TS]

  now before I wrap this up i want to [TS]

  point out that fantastic doesn't make [TS]

  bug spray that Tony sindelar one of our [TS]

  frequent panel has sent me a list of who [TS]

  he would have drafted and it he gave me [TS]

  five and only one of them was actually [TS]

  drafted Tony gets batman because he [TS]

  loves Batman Batman is his favorite [TS]

  thing dr. spend he also chose dr. [TS]

  strange forge Rorschach and the question [TS]

  who doesn't get workout and the [TS]

  questions yeah I don't think I get along [TS]

  together there yes he is [TS]

  I believe his name was paranoid and the [TS]

  premise is the Batman workshop and the [TS]

  question open the ultimate detective [TS]

  agency and Doctor Strange less integral [TS]

  to the premise but i believe he is he [TS]

  runs the daily group therapy sessions [TS]

  can and forges their growth but why is [TS]

  IT consultant if he doesn't have [TS]

  detective chimp on that team he is not [TS]

  playing i'm sure that would be six or [TS]

  seven picks for him so let me recap [TS]

  these fine we get to justify our teams [TS]

  or at least provide a premise for it yes [TS]

  yes you can [TS]

  so this is what I'll read them off and [TS]

  then you can justify them if you like or [TS]

  you can just leave them on their own i [TS]

  am going to start with Lisa her team [TS]

  which i have i have tentatively titled [TS]

  x-women because the x-men have women on [TS]

  the mic annex women have men on them [TS]

  exactly Emma Frost I work a lot of that [TS]

  big barda giving back [TS]

  nice nice work [TS]

  yes Bravo Steve thank you Lisa Lisa um [TS]

  frost oracle big barda finally added [TS]

  some value kitty pryde multiple man army [TS]

  man and elixir did you have any any [TS]

  other thoughts about your team now that [TS]

  you've picked it [TS]

  no I was pretty clear as to why I picked [TS]

  them all alright good good yes it's [TS]

  excellent [TS]

  Danny Green everybody going to say no [TS]

  nobody else I proved that sounds like a [TS]

  great team the x-women did a Greek your [TS]

  team i'm calling Manowar green arrow [TS]

  storm again men but there are also women [TS]

  on that consumers I green arrow storm [TS]

  american-made XO Manowar dr. Jekyll and [TS]

  mr. Hyde martian manhunter and human [TS]

  target [TS]

  well I had an implant because you didn't [TS]

  have when you have an archery when you [TS]

  make so many ways lightning was a pun [TS]

  coming [TS]

  yeah it's common not really brace [TS]

  yourself more of a dirty Limerick when [TS]

  you have an archer and a guy and someone [TS]

  who controls thunder and lightning and a [TS]

  patriot and a guy in a suit of armor and [TS]

  a giant rage monster then you throw in [TS]

  you know crazy like marching band and [TS]

  some guy with guns [TS]

  I think it's only appropriate that this [TS]

  is the revengencers those the Cuban and [TS]

  the Apple they are they are part of a a [TS]

  government agency called the Special [TS]

  Warfare organization for rapid [TS]

  deployment or sword [TS]

  yeah mental ward is uh Scott Wow [TS]

  come on i worked on the freaking hard on [TS]

  that the revengencers the big the [TS]

  punisher is moderate and I think you [TS]

  missed out because you know what you're [TS]

  all right you got Scott here Scott [TS]

  here's your team which which thanks to [TS]

  the chat room for helping me workshop [TS]

  this one I'm calling the sensational [TS]

  seven [TS]

  I don't know where you got that thing [TS]

  mr. fantastic human torch Invisible [TS]

  Woman franklin richards speedball and [TS]

  their intern the savage dragon think [TS]

  speedball probably would be the intern [TS]

  so it should i can this kind of like [TS]

  there's their their security security [TS]

  guy okay yeah fair enough and they're [TS]

  all very happy in the Baxter building [TS]

  yeah that's good when we do our building [TS]

  draft will see if you get the Baxter [TS]

  building [TS]

  uh-huh Steve you have an excellent team [TS]

  Aquaman you receive Wonder Twins harvey [TS]

  birdman to turn [TS]

  a law the brown Hornet plastikman matter [TS]

  eater lad [TS]

  yes and Krypto the Superdog indeed and [TS]

  I'm calling your team moist justice i [TS]

  like that i like it it's better than [TS]

  what I had which was just the in [TS]

  competence the whole purpose of mine was [TS]

  that I love the idea of a group of [TS]

  superheroes who I just really suck at [TS]

  what they do and yet they still managed [TS]

  to successfully fight crime on some [TS]

  level so mr. Magoo like in spite of [TS]

  their their weak abilities not that they [TS]

  have no superpowers but their [TS]

  superpowers are just garbage right past [TS]

  the Kobayashi Magoo today still managed [TS]

  they still managed to win out something [TS]

  in fact head captain kirk made the cut [TS]

  he would have been a good member of this [TS]

  team [TS]

  I agree excellent work I Monty the [TS]

  question the Great and Powerful turtle [TS]

  Red Sonja the Phantom Stranger warlock [TS]

  freakazoid and Tom strong i'm calling [TS]

  your team fedora squad guess you could I [TS]

  was gonna go with the Federalist Party [TS]

  because i don't think anybody's using [TS]

  that right now actually how about the [TS]

  Federalists sold the fedora lists and [TS]

  man with dan ground you know you're in [TS]

  trouble [TS]

  yeah and housing me and of course [TS]

  undermine my team which I think we're [TS]

  simply going to call the bug squad [TS]

  spiderman the tick Blue Beetle Black [TS]

  Widow ant-man bug and spider-woman yes [TS]

  so that there you go there you have it [TS]

  we've solved all of comic books problems [TS]

  with these seven teams each of which [TS]

  will be deployed to their own alternate [TS]

  reality to keep the peace [TS]

  The Phantom Stranger can monitor the [TS]

  peace and all of your realize i think [TS]

  there's only six teams if there's a 1700 [TS]

  Tony's Tony hope Tony's tolerant [TS]

  anything [TS]

  yeah we all will stick some extra [TS]

  players on and do you need you need I [TS]

  think he would a you can run moon knight [TS]

  who is also insane [TS]

  yeah why would I was thinking we could [TS]

  just do the Batman clone team I almost [TS]

  went that way but as rail and what I did [TS]

  for the alternate versions of other [TS]

  reality superheroes where it's the [TS]

  knockoffs from oh yeah you can get like [TS]

  bizarro no pressure like how Captain [TS]

  Marvel is a knockoff Superman yeah I [TS]

  feel better do you feel bad for Superman [TS]

  to feel dissed about all of this [TS]

  he's doing but he's just too good Batman [TS]

  to him maybe they can make their own [TS]

  little too busy they got other things [TS]

  that they're not [TS]

  maybe they're sitting by their podcast [TS]

  player quietly crying there where they [TS]

  are had made their fortress of solitude [TS]

  of Superman this very sad right now he's [TS]

  not a team player [TS]

  why do they think I'm not a team player [TS]

  he has his own team work for taking [TS]

  people think we have exactly what I [TS]

  think we have exactly like one [TS]

  individual superhero on this list who [TS]

  had their own like movie francese well [TS]

  so you know we didn't go in for the [TS]

  a-listers there were red so get moving [TS]

  off [TS]

  well I'm task for iron man from home [TS]

  wait there to want ya said for Steve [TS]

  yeah resident use the only one on this [TS]

  who was the solostar of a movie take [TS]

  that everybody else has quite a movie to [TS]

  analyze right-hand man is coming and [TS]

  spider-man i think i'm going to bed and [TS]

  we had like five so if anyone was very [TS]

  bad so Aquaman had a movie but only in [TS]

  the universe of entourage [TS]

  alright well I I think we've done i [TS]

  think this dystopic university darkest [TS]

  timeline [TS]

  all right I think we've done enough [TS]

  damage for one draft so I want to thank [TS]

  my guests for assembling these amazing [TS]

  super team so the Creator Stanley [TS]

  presents the super teams creator of the [TS]

  x-women Lisa Schmeisser thank you for [TS]

  being here thank you i had fun [TS]

  yeah this was a lot of fun dan more'n [TS]

  the the creator of men of war [TS]

  thanks for being here Avengers [TS]

  reassemble I think the revenge was [TS]

  actually a team in the Marvel euros but [TS]

  at me you spent all day making an [TS]

  Avengers clone and carefully picking [TS]

  everybody who's like got the Avengers [TS]

  powers and it just falls flat [TS]

  let's call what's called from the new [TS]

  revengencers about that that's how you [TS]

  fix everything about you stick the word [TS]

  new in front of Henry 1980 yeah [TS]

  sensational seven creator Scott McNulty [TS]

  I he shares this title with Stan Lee and [TS]

  Jack Kirby I thanks for being here Scott [TS]

  I I may need a lawyer [TS]

  yeah yes well the she-hulk keeps the [TS]

  chosen her she was later she was she was [TS]

  enough for many years that doesn't work [TS]

  yeah true you want to speak my eighth [TS]

  pick okay good luck [TS]

  she's always one on the out it's it's [TS]

  too bad for her [TS]

  Steve the man who broadest moist justice [TS]

  thank you for being here my pleasure [TS]

  and my lawyer is available for a very [TS]

  reasonable retainers got in case you [TS]

  need any kind of service i'll keep that [TS]

  in mind [TS]

  excellent excellent Monty Ashley the [TS]

  Federalists i love it thank you [TS]

  we're going to go fight evil good as you [TS]

  should [TS]

  yes you should in the Federated way and [TS]

  of course i am the creator of the bug [TS]

  squad your host Jason snow [TS]

  thanks to everybody for participating in [TS]

  this ridiculousness and thanks to all of [TS]

  you for listening to the uncomfortable [TS]

  we'll see you next time [TS]