Cortex 56: Castles Made of Sand


  gray I need your help yeah how do you [TS]

  break a full week sleep cycle home Mike [TS]

  Mike I need your help where have you [TS]

  been [TS]

  we'll get to that tell me what's going [TS]

  on with you well I mean I've come back [TS]

  from my holy day my holy day is over and [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  I'm suffering from pretty bad jetlag I [TS]

  thought that I had mostly gotten over [TS]

  jetlag as a problem in my life like it [TS]

  takes me a day or two and I just we [TS]

  think you thought you thought you saw [TS]

  jet lag no this is a general problem I [TS]

  wouldn't say that I feel like I solved [TS]

  it but it's more that like I've gotten [TS]

  used to my pattern that if I just do [TS]

  things in a certain way for like a day [TS]

  or two just like make sure I stay awake [TS]

  embrace the fact that I won't sleep the [TS]

  next day wake up at a normal time and [TS]

  then I'm good that's usually how I deal [TS]

  with this stuff no matter where I am [TS]

  like even if I'm on the west coast it [TS]

  just takes me like two days and I can [TS]

  get back into it and that's mostly [TS]

  because I tend to live like close to [TS]

  East Coast time in London you know like [TS]

  I'm usually like going to bed at 2:00 [TS]

  a.m. and I wake up yeah you stay up [TS]

  pretty late yeah so so it helps me [TS]

  adjust relatively well but this time [TS]

  this time is not good like I've been [TS]

  home for three or four days and I'm just [TS]

  not sleeping and I feel terrible most of [TS]

  the day and then like it comes to about [TS]

  7 o'clock at night and I'm wired and [TS]

  ready to go yeah you hope you have all [TS]

  of my sympathies jet lag jet lag is the [TS]

  absolute worst surely like how is nobody [TS]

  fixed this problem [TS]

  why isn't there like a surefire pill to [TS]

  take or some kind of beverage to drink [TS]

  it just fixes it yeah that is what I [TS]

  want I feel like there should be some [TS]

  kind of refreshing beverage you could [TS]

  just drink and it's like oh great they [TS]

  just give it to you when you get off the [TS]

  plane yeah now it turned out all I [TS]

  needed all I needed was some [TS]

  electrolytes at the right time [TS]

  and now now I'm set but now I've heard [TS]

  that there are like one of those [TS]

  Dreamliner planes changes the oxygen [TS]

  level and apparently that's supposed to [TS]

  help I'm not sure if I believe that [TS]

  either but obviously jet lag is one of [TS]

  those things because the symptoms are [TS]

  like they're hard to define symptoms and [TS]

  they're slightly different for everybody [TS]

  and this this then breeds a whole world [TS]

  of home remedies and just superstition [TS]

  around what works or what doesn't work [TS]

  just stand on your head and count [TS]

  backwards from ten you fixed it [TS]

  I I have tried so many so many different [TS]

  things and I just I have found nothing [TS]

  nothing has any consistent success with [TS]

  trying to minimize it okay I guess [TS]

  asterisk the only thing I have found [TS]

  that successfully works is simply [TS]

  refusing to acknowledge the time zone of [TS]

  the place that you are in that works [TS]

  yeah that no I have found no doesn't [TS]

  work for a month though like I feel like [TS]

  I would have not really gotten anything [TS]

  useful done if I spent four weeks on [TS]

  London time in various places in the US [TS]

  I feel like I would have I really should [TS]

  have just not made that trip if that's [TS]

  what I was planning to do right yeah [TS]

  it's impossible it's not gonna work out [TS]

  for you Mike so so I I have I have [TS]

  nothing to help you with this you were [TS]

  supposed to be my long-term travel guru [TS]

  oh and this is this is the one thing I [TS]

  truly need you know is this it this is [TS]

  the one this is the one thing that you [TS]

  truly need and I have I have failed to [TS]

  deliver on this you didn't help me with [TS]

  laundry really and or just dealing with [TS]

  emotional crawler so this was the one [TS]

  thing that I desperately need from you [TS]

  that I was hoping for real gist [TS]

  CGP grey Brandt life hack and I have [TS]

  received just deal with it and or don't [TS]

  change your time which is you know never [TS]

  of those things neither of those things [TS]

  are helpful to me now right yeah no I I [TS]

  I understand the reason why I was also [TS]

  asking like I need your help with this [TS]

  is because one I too would like a [TS]

  solution to jetlag that it's in [TS]

  magical but the other thing is I have I [TS]

  have also since this summer I have not [TS]

  been dealing with jetlag like I've been [TS]

  home long enough that jetlag is not a [TS]

  problem [TS]

  but what I have been dealing with is [TS]

  clearly my whole sleep cycle is just [TS]

  messed up from an entire summer of [TS]

  strain schedules and frequent travel and [TS]

  it's not jetlag but it's kind of a [TS]

  virtual jetlag when you're trying to [TS]

  simply iron out your sleep schedule and [TS]

  this has been the like the bane of my [TS]

  last several weeks is is just trying to [TS]

  get my brain back into what I know is [TS]

  the optimal schedule for me for work and [TS]

  for happiness and it's just like I [TS]

  cannot I cannot do it like I can feel my [TS]

  brain resisting getting put back into a [TS]

  regular schedule after two months three [TS]

  months without a regular schedule and as [TS]

  well for me the irony is not lost upon [TS]

  the fact that I have returned home with [TS]

  this terrible sleep cycle and what is [TS]

  probably the busiest two weeks of my [TS]

  year these two weeks are the busiest two [TS]

  weeks of your year iPhone season oh of [TS]

  course I was thinking I was thinking why [TS]

  is Mike so busy in early September [TS]

  but yes by the time of course episode [TS]

  comes out the iPhone will have been [TS]

  shown to the world or will about to be [TS]

  shown to the world so by the time most [TS]

  people hear this they're even getting [TS]

  ready for an iPhone keno or have already [TS]

  seen it that's exciting so they're [TS]

  living in a future where we have or do [TS]

  not have face unlocking we have or do [TS]

  not have touch ID and a big screen you [TS]

  know that the people they know gray they [TS]

  had they lured that over us right now [TS]

  we're stuck in the past we're stuck in [TS]

  the past [TS]

  yeah although somehow while we're [TS]

  recording this show it feels like we're [TS]

  already in in that glorious new iPhone [TS]

  future yeah so while I'm talking to you [TS]

  right now it feels slightly like [TS]

  time-traveling but it isn't but yes of [TS]

  course for for you in particular for a [TS]

  man who does so many tech and tech [TS]

  adjacent shows [TS]

  would be the busiest season and not a [TS]

  good time to have a bunch of jet lag [TS]

  interfering with the rest of your work [TS]

  no luckily they didn't have the event or [TS]

  announced the event before I came home [TS]

  like who or that it just didn't overlap [TS]

  that like it badly luckily when they [TS]

  announced it they announced it was like [TS]

  it's gonna be in two weeks time so I was [TS]

  able to just come home and then try and [TS]

  deal with myself and then get back to [TS]

  work again so unfortunately I will just [TS]

  I will just live with my weird sleep [TS]

  cycle for now and hopefully in October I [TS]

  will fixed it ready to go back to the US [TS]

  again so hooray pray for her jet lag I [TS]

  guess by the time that I get this thing [TS]

  fixed I'll have to break it again this [TS]

  is what happens this is what happens [TS]

  when you have to do a bunch of travel [TS]

  it's just it's it's frustrating and and [TS]

  this cut this kind of thing really does [TS]

  take a while to sort out like getting it [TS]

  getting into I find for me anyway [TS]

  personally like maybe the number one [TS]

  predictor of how well a day is going to [TS]

  go is if I got up at the time that I'm [TS]

  supposed to like if you had to if you [TS]

  had to take a single data point and see [TS]

  if it was most correlated with what I [TS]

  would consider a productive day that [TS]

  would be by far and away the single data [TS]

  point that would matter most and it's it [TS]

  is very because uh like unlike unlike so [TS]

  many other things in our working life [TS]

  sleep is a thing that is is like you you [TS]

  really have no control over it you can't [TS]

  you can't just knuckle down and and get [TS]

  to sleep harder then you're trying to [TS]

  get to sleep at this very moment and at [TS]

  least for me like if you wake up and [TS]

  your body wasn't ready to wake up it [TS]

  feels like you have woken up dead it's [TS]

  it's just awful and it's it's so it's so [TS]

  hard to do anything productive I don't [TS]

  know it's like a thing that is just [TS]

  interesting that at least I find that as [TS]

  as time has gone on like this matters [TS]

  more and more as a thing that is is [TS]

  super important it is the thing that I [TS]

  focus on and try to keep on a regular [TS]

  schedule but yeah after after the summer [TS]

  it like this is a this is a thing that I [TS]

  have personally been struggling to get [TS]

  back into a regular schedule for awhile [TS]

  but it's like I can just I can feel my [TS]

  brain just pulling against against the [TS]

  regular schedule even though of course [TS]

  like it would be better for me in the [TS]

  long run but like it doesn't that [TS]

  doesn't help you in the short run if you [TS]

  could choose to not sleep but lose 25% [TS]

  of your productivity would you take that [TS]

  wait I get an additional third of my [TS]

  life back so you get all the time back [TS]

  okay but you want 25% less productive [TS]

  would you take that deal [TS]

  yeah yeah that seems like a great deal [TS]

  I'm getting 33 I'm getting a third of my [TS]

  life back and I'm only losing a quarter [TS]

  of productivity but it seems like an [TS]

  amazing deal okay what if you lost a [TS]

  third of your productivity so it just it [TS]

  just ended up balancing out would you [TS]

  take it then okay so when you say when [TS]

  you say balance out you mean I get the [TS]

  same amount of stuff done that I get [TS]

  done now but I'm also I never have to [TS]

  sleep yeah yeah what's the trade-off who [TS]

  wouldn't take that but I feel like [TS]

  people enjoy sleeping right I thought [TS]

  that this is why I'm assuming so there [TS]

  are people in or that just will prefer [TS]

  to sleep if wishes have it all just [TS]

  ended up working out the same just take [TS]

  the sleep but like I would say even take [TS]

  the the option where it balances out [TS]

  because I would just end up playing more [TS]

  video games or whatever yeah I mean I [TS]

  mean I guess I guess I could say in a [TS]

  minor in a very minor way I enjoy sleep [TS]

  but that's only because sleep is it gets [TS]

  it's the your brain makes you like it [TS]

  because it's the solution to a problem [TS]

  I only ever enjoy after has happened I [TS]

  never want to do it yeah yeah oh yes [TS]

  right now actually right now saying that [TS]

  I it's half past 4:00 in the afternoon [TS]

  might be pretty feel like I could do [TS]

  have a good nap right now but I guess [TS]

  the answer to your question is now [TS]

  like I don't I don't feel like oh asleep [TS]

  is the best it's like I would much [TS]

  rather have the hours back I don't I [TS]

  don't see sleep as a recreational [TS]

  activity that is worth a third of my [TS]

  life and I can't imagine anybody would [TS]

  would see it that way I think it has a [TS]

  lot to do with how you'd like to spend [TS]

  your time right like part of it is [TS]

  because I would prefer to be working as [TS]

  much as I can when I'm awake and then [TS]

  spend the rest of the time just playing [TS]

  video games and doing the things that I [TS]

  don't want to do but not everybody wants [TS]

  to to work to that amount so I guess [TS]

  like if all you wanted to do was put in [TS]

  eight hours six hours seven hours of [TS]

  work a day or whatever it is that you [TS]

  end up putting in and you're cool with [TS]

  that like that's that's the way that you [TS]

  want to be then maybe you would want to [TS]

  sleep yeah but you could still do spend [TS]

  it as recreation time yeah but I assume [TS]

  that there are some people that enjoy [TS]

  the practice of sleep right they just [TS]

  like get into bed and cozying up and [TS]

  just just going away for a bit I don't [TS]

  think that's cortex listeners I think [TS]

  the people who listen to cortex they're [TS]

  not people who are who are big enjoyers [TS]

  of sleep I want to know in the reddit in [TS]

  the reddit I just want to know sleep on [TS]

  those leaps so you gotta tell me sleep [TS]

  on those sleep I'm interested to know [TS]

  this now if people would like to sleep [TS]

  or what wouldn't like to sleep I'll tell [TS]

  you what I'll do I will post in the [TS]

  reddit just a simple survey that you can [TS]

  click a link it will take you somewhere [TS]

  I just want to get a idea now sleep on [TS]

  those loop you'll be in the reddit [TS]

  thread you'll find it and of course all [TS]

  of the home remedies for how to take [TS]

  care of jet lag unsolicited but [TS]

  doubtless will be there you need to [TS]

  sleep Mike can take a little nap during [TS]

  the show yeah I'll uh [TS]

  I sure I see what's next in our document [TS]

  I'll just get you talking and I'll pop [TS]

  in towards the end assuming that I [TS]

  figure I know what you're gonna say so [TS]

  I'll just go away this is so far behind [TS]

  me I'll just go and sit there for a [TS]

  little bit [TS]

  mm-hmm and then I'll come back when [TS]

  you're done with your frustrations I've [TS]

  just come back from visiting my parents [TS]

  they've moved house and of course [TS]

  setting up a new house is big [TS]

  there's lots of things to do and one of [TS]

  the things you need to do when you're [TS]

  setting up a house is get a mattress for [TS]

  the guest bedroom now of course since my [TS]

  parents listen to cortex there was only [TS]

  one choice of mattress that they were [TS]

  going to get the Casper mattress was [TS]

  delivered before my arrival but as I had [TS]

  never tried one in person they saved it [TS]

  for me so when I got home on the very [TS]

  first day there was no mattress setup [TS]

  for me to sleep on but there was a big [TS]

  Casper box in the room and together we [TS]

  opened it up it was a genuinely exciting [TS]

  family event to open the box [TS]

  my dad and I arranged the mattress on [TS]

  the bed we removed the plastic covering [TS]

  and just like Casper promises the [TS]

  mattress self inflates with in mere [TS]

  moments it was ready to go that night at [TS]

  the end of a day of long travels I [TS]

  crawled into bed onto the Casper [TS]

  mattress for the first time how would [TS]

  mattress be without Springs inside how [TS]

  would a mattress be that came delivered [TS]

  in the mail well I'm here to report that [TS]

  it was good you could even say that it [TS]

  had just the right sink just the right [TS]

  bounce I was very glad that my parents [TS]

  had not carted with them the old guest [TS]

  mattress that I used to sleep on full of [TS]

  Springs and lacking in comfort the [TS]

  Casper mattress vastly superior and that [TS]

  is as it should be the Casper mattress [TS]

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  it's perfect for you [TS]

  and if for whatever reason you don't [TS]

  love it they'll pick it up and refund [TS]

  you everything so you have nothing to [TS]

  lose except the poor quality sleep [TS]

  you're getting on that Springfield [TS]

  mattress that you're currently sleeping [TS]

  on [TS]

  now that you've decided you're getting a [TS]

  Casper mattress all you need to do is go [TS]

  to Casper comm slash cortex and use the [TS]

  code cortex at checkout to get $50 [TS]

  towards any mattress purchase that's [TS]

  Casper comm slash cortex to get $50 off [TS]

  thanks to Casper for supporting this [TS]

  show and thanks to Casper for giving me [TS]

  excellent night sleep at my parents [TS]

  house so of course with the imminent [TS]

  release of a new iPhone comes a new [TS]

  release of iOS iOS 11 is just around the [TS]

  corner it's going to be with us soon and [TS]

  we have because we're the kind of people [TS]

  that we are Mike we've been running the [TS]

  betas for awhile I told myself like I [TS]

  tell myself every year look I'm not [TS]

  going to install the beta I'm gonna wait [TS]

  a while but of course I have to give in [TS]

  so I've been running the beta since the [TS]

  very first public beta that was [TS]

  available and I was not able to resist [TS]

  and just before it goes public I thought [TS]

  this is this is kind of a good a good [TS]

  time to talk about a couple of little [TS]

  frustrations and also what's going on [TS]

  with the doc and our home screens what [TS]

  do you say Mike are you there Mike I [TS]

  mean anytime you talk about home screen [TS]

  so I'm ready to go you said the magic [TS]

  word revival [TS]

  let's do this I think is worth [TS]

  mentioning for a piece of long-term [TS]

  follow-up that you did not get your wish [TS]

  right of the opening of applications via [TS]

  a keyboard shortcut that nobody either [TS]

  maybe people listened to you but [TS]

  nobody's put it into place I'm pausing [TS]

  here for a moment to think about how [TS]

  much I can say I'll put it in vague ways [TS]

  that I I could say that I know this has [TS]

  been received and that there may be [TS]

  reasons that it doesn't happen that [TS]

  maybe I don't necessarily agree with but [TS]

  I don't know who knows who knows knows [TS]

  if an email huh could have been received [TS]

  or sent no no one could know there is no [TS]

  way of knowing yeah who knows if like a [TS]

  frustrating non answer was received [TS]

  nobody know [TS]

  certainly not me a week anyway so yeah I [TS]

  was I was hoping last time that before [TS]

  just just barely just just like the [TS]

  tiniest of of keyboard shortcuts added [TS]

  and that hasn't happened and I don't [TS]

  think it's going to happen in the next [TS]

  two weeks or week until the final [TS]

  version comes out so we can assume that [TS]

  that's that's definitely not the case I [TS]

  think we can feel pretty sure the fact [TS]

  that we are currently at beta 10 we're [TS]

  good we this is what it's gonna be most [TS]

  likely yeah I think so so so around this [TS]

  one of the biggest changes with iOS on [TS]

  the iPad is the introduction of the dock [TS]

  on the bottom screen and for someone [TS]

  like me and someone like you who spends [TS]

  a lot of time working on the iPad I feel [TS]

  like that that dock on the bottom [TS]

  totally changes everything [TS]

  like it it really makes the iPad a very [TS]

  different feeling device to work with [TS]

  than on the previous version of iOS and [TS]

  I've been having just some some [TS]

  interesting interesting things about how [TS]

  do i how do I arrange my dock now on my [TS]

  iPad how do I arrange my homescreen on [TS]

  on my phone and I feel like I'm I'm [TS]

  slowly going crazy because I can't I [TS]

  can't figure out what it is that I want [TS]

  to do even though I've been working with [TS]

  this for a long period of time so I took [TS]

  some screenshots today like would you [TS]

  like to see what my current setup looks [TS]

  like my various devices you know I want [TS]

  to see you don't have to ask me you [TS]

  could send me a message it's just on a [TS]

  random day in the middle of the night [TS]

  and I'd be happy to get them you know [TS]

  anytime if you have your iPad around I [TS]

  am legitimately curious to see what your [TS]

  home screen looks like um I feel like [TS]

  I'm very open to trying to figure out [TS]

  how how have people set up things on [TS]

  their iPads and on their various devices [TS]

  do you want both oh just one hashtag [TS]

  multipad lifestyle and what whatever you [TS]

  will give me I'm going to give you three [TS]

  home screen shots and you can give me [TS]

  back whatever you okay so while yours [TS]

  come through to me I'm gonna go and get [TS]

  my I dive from the other room because I [TS]

  only have one of them with me right now [TS]

  and then I can send the both to you yeah [TS]

  you go do that [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  okay so screenshots have been exchanged [TS]

  screenshots have been exchanged I have [TS]

  yours you have mine okay let me talk [TS]

  about what's what's going on in my mind [TS]

  here my man [TS]

  so in iOS 11 especially on the iPad that [TS]

  the doc is of paramount importance it's [TS]

  the way to get to your apps because if [TS]

  you have an app that's on the dock you [TS]

  can just drag it from the dock right on [TS]

  to the screen yep and so that you can go [TS]

  into the multi app mode or you can have [TS]

  it hover over [TS]

  whereas apps that are on your home [TS]

  screen to me the home screen now becomes [TS]

  like a dead space on your iPad their [TS]

  apps that you can launch but only if you [TS]

  are already at the home screen and [TS]

  there's no there's no way to like get to [TS]

  the home screen to get to an app to then [TS]

  put it into the multi view mode so [TS]

  because of this I have decided that on [TS]

  my iPads the home screen is dead to me [TS]

  huh I don't I don't want to put a single [TS]

  app on my iPad home screen because I [TS]

  feel like what is the point of this all [TS]

  it is is a worse app launcher there's [TS]

  there's no there's no point to this [TS]

  at all so I am I am I have banned all [TS]

  app icons from the home screen on my [TS]

  iPads the dock or nothing [TS]

  you took the nuclear approach well yeah [TS]

  I actually don't think this is the [TS]

  nuclear approach because I feel like the [TS]

  architecture of iOS 11 on the iPad so [TS]

  encourages you to use the the dock that [TS]

  it feels it feels like a penalty having [TS]

  apps almost anywhere else but here's [TS]

  what I'm here's where I'm going crazy [TS]

  Mike because the iPhone doesn't work [TS]

  this way oh okay right again I wanted to [TS]

  say where we are in the world right now [TS]

  mm-hmm [TS]

  because it might we don't know yet right [TS]

  we just as this is as we stand right now [TS]

  who knows what could happen the next [TS]

  iPhone but yeah go on the iPhone doesn't [TS]

  work in this way I understand that [TS]

  yeah the iPhone doesn't work like this [TS]

  now there may be if there is a merciful [TS]

  God in the universe mm-hmm [TS]

  when the next phone comes out the next [TS]

  phone may work more similarly to the way [TS]

  the iPads do yeah there may be a little [TS]

  dock that swipes up from the bottom you [TS]

  know it could be better when the next [TS]

  iPhone come one can only hope one can [TS]

  only hope but you know what it's it's [TS]

  not gonna be it's not gonna be the same [TS]

  because there's not going to be a [TS]

  universe in which you can put a tie cons [TS]

  in the dock on your phone yeah it's only [TS]

  gonna be full right and maybe a fold of [TS]

  still that's gonna be the same yeah yeah [TS]

  and there's not going to be multitasking [TS]

  on the phone presumably huh so lots of [TS]

  things lots of things work differently [TS]

  so I I feel like I am trapped and [TS]

  trapped in this universe where [TS]

  consistency is not possible that there [TS]

  there is no there is no solution that [TS]

  works everywhere the same that I want it [TS]

  to work I feel like when I'm using my [TS]

  phone I'm losing my mind about how do I [TS]

  launch apps on my phone versus launching [TS]

  apps on my iPad and as a result of this [TS]

  like what you are seeing what you were [TS]

  seeing in these screenshots is just my [TS]

  current state of arranging things which [TS]

  is not good but what I can't tell you [TS]

  well well I got what I I don't even want [TS]

  to know is how how many different ways I [TS]

  have tried arranging things how many [TS]

  different placements I have tried like [TS]

  different fault like I'm going crazy [TS]

  because there's a lack of consistency [TS]

  because as listeners to the show we'll [TS]

  know we've talked about home screens a [TS]

  few times and there's been something [TS]

  that for for the entirety of my iOS use [TS]

  has been exactly the same which is three [TS]

  icons in the dock and those icons have [TS]

  been incredibly stable notes launch [TS]

  Center pro and OmniFocus and I felt like [TS]

  that was a real a real sin [TS]

  during location two here is a thing that [TS]

  is consistent across all of the devices [TS]

  that you use there's like a little a [TS]

  little launching station for the things [TS]

  that you want to access quickly and [TS]

  consistently everywhere and it's the [TS]

  same on all of the devices and then [TS]

  above that because I live the multipad [TS]

  lifestyle and because I have a phone as [TS]

  well you can arrange the icons that you [TS]

  use in particular on this device on the [TS]

  home screen all right but it's like but [TS]

  all of that is gone now so I'm just [TS]

  going crazy I I deconstructed my dock [TS]

  I've put some new stuff in there and I'm [TS]

  trying to figure out what to do but I'm [TS]

  just I'm going crazy like I'm going [TS]

  absolutely crazy and I don't know what [TS]

  to do alright so episode 2 episode we've [TS]

  switched the crazy [TS]

  alright that's it's all on you now buddy [TS]

  I have we have a lot I think that we [TS]

  want to get to about this today but I [TS]

  just we need to just go over okay we're [TS]

  gonna come back to the dock alright and [TS]

  like kind of what that is but I just [TS]

  have a bunch of questions first because [TS]

  I'm looking at these images and it's all [TS]

  yeah here's like you you ask questions [TS]

  away because I don't even know what's [TS]

  happening in my world anyway so my god I [TS]

  don't I don't know what I don't [TS]

  understand from a fundamental [TS]

  perspective is you're complaining about [TS]

  consistency but you have inconsistent [TS]

  apps in both the dogs on your iPad's I [TS]

  don't get that I don't get it like you [TS]

  can look at my screen shots and you'll [TS]

  see the docks are the same the home [TS]

  screens stiffer in slight ways depending [TS]

  on what I do on those iPads but the [TS]

  docks are the same what I'm putting in [TS]

  them and where they go and you have like [TS]

  all different apps in all different [TS]

  placements and like some apps are on the [TS]

  dock on one and not on the other like [TS]

  there is no consistency and you are [TS]

  making it inconsistent for yourself okay [TS]

  Evernote look at Evernote just sitting [TS]

  there in the dock my word where are we [TS]

  in 2017 sitting in that in the dock [TS]

  laughing at me I know next - what is [TS]

  that that red fox arrow thing what's [TS]

  that oh that that's a wikipedia viewer [TS]

  oh yeah I've seen those before it's [TS]

  really good [TS]

  it's called vv4 wiki I think is the [TS]

  search for it [TS]

  so it's a really great Wikipedia viewer [TS]

  so here's where I'm trying to focus on [TS]

  consistency in my world okay step one I [TS]

  decided that it was it was time to let [TS]

  launch Center Pro go okay which threat [TS]

  may be one of the longest running apps [TS]

  on my phone that has changed the least [TS]

  it's like that has been around for [TS]

  forever we were just talking about it [TS]

  about the icon well well this is why I'm [TS]

  on the episode out of time it comes up [TS]

  as a thing and I didn't want to specify [TS]

  anything at that point in time but I had [TS]

  already when we recorded that show [TS]

  gotten rid of Launch Center right [TS]

  because on an episode out of time you [TS]

  cannot acknowledge at the time who knows [TS]

  when it a guy's is that the rule for [TS]

  episodes at a times I don't understand [TS]

  how that works [TS]

  so I got rid of that now I have tried I [TS]

  have tried other launchers and I think [TS]

  other launchers are probably fine for [TS]

  other people mm-hm but alright it's like [TS]

  I don't want to denigrate other [TS]

  launchers that people might use because [TS]

  they are they are good and they do but [TS]

  like there's bunch of things I didn't [TS]

  like and I'm very picky about this and [TS]

  there's like the reason I had stuck with [TS]

  launch Center Pro for as long as I had [TS]

  is because I could it solved a [TS]

  particular need very well so I was [TS]

  thinking it through and realizing 95% of [TS]

  what I was using launched Center Pro for [TS]

  in the past year was really as a way to [TS]

  kick off a bunch of workflows so I had a [TS]

  whole bunch of stuff in the workflow app [TS]

  and launch center Pro was just a faster [TS]

  way to launch a workflow than going [TS]

  directly into the workflow app itself [TS]

  this what I'm about to say is going to [TS]

  sound crazy to people but actually is I [TS]

  think is great and is that the part of [TS]

  the system on the happiest with is I [TS]

  replaced launch Center Pro with a folder [TS]

  that just has shortcuts to workflows [TS]

  this is better the way you were doing it [TS]

  was worse like opening launch Center Pro [TS]

  to launch workflows is a I think a [TS]

  slower way of doing it than what you're [TS]

  currently doing which is to save because [TS]

  you can save workflows to the iPhone [TS]

  homescreen with like this weird hack of [TS]

  Safari basically and this is quicker [TS]

  having [TS]

  folder there and then hittin the button [TS]

  that's one less tap the reason I stuck [TS]

  with LAN Center pro is as long as I did [TS]

  is it was lightning fast to do it it [TS]

  actually is a little bit slower with the [TS]

  folder okay because apples like look at [TS]

  our beautiful enemy okay Russian speed [TS]

  okay yeah whereas especially if launch [TS]

  Center Pro was still kept in memory it [TS]

  was essentially instant so there's a [TS]

  little bit of a speed trade-off here but [TS]

  it's fine I still think this is a battle [TS]

  way to do it though might not be faster [TS]

  but I think this is this is cleaner but [TS]

  yeah yeah so this is this is cleaner it [TS]

  does have a disadvantage that I have to [TS]

  manually arrange everything so that it's [TS]

  the same on all of the devices there's [TS]

  no syncing anymore the state of what the [TS]

  launch center is but that's that's fine [TS]

  that's a fine trade-off and if someone [TS]

  looks in the screenshots what they will [TS]

  see is dead center on all of my devices [TS]

  there is a folder and that folder has [TS]

  nothing but buttons which launch [TS]

  workflow yeah it's it's dead center but [TS]

  not always relative what do you mean not [TS]

  always relative it's not relative to the [TS]

  green and red okay no we'll get into [TS]

  this in a second we'll get into this in [TS]

  a second like right for a long time this [TS]

  is like the onion of home screens were [TS]

  in right now no but listen okay listen [TS]

  listen look at those three screens yep [TS]

  the workflow folder is that Center look [TS]

  look at those the little dots that are [TS]

  supposed to show you the home screen or [TS]

  the widgets I can see that is the center [TS]

  right it's fine the folder is directly [TS]

  below those dots are as close as a [TS]

  person can make it yes it is itis I'm [TS]

  sorry it's not it's not perfectly [TS]

  aligned because of some aesthetic [TS]

  choices that Apple has made but we'll [TS]

  just let that slide right now yeah that [TS]

  is we aligned it's finally iPhone not [TS]

  not not fine on the big iPad yeah not [TS]

  not fine on the I on the iPad so that [TS]

  doesn't bother you at all it does very [TS]

  much so okay alright so this is this is [TS]

  the anchor around which we're building [TS]

  everything is gotten rid of Launch [TS]

  Center Pro I have found an adequate [TS]

  solution it's going to go in the center [TS]

  on all of the devices this is where we [TS]

  begin [TS]

  my assumption here is that these are all [TS]

  to launch most likely toggle actions [TS]

  would be my assumption nothing in that [TS]

  center folder is for toggle we'll get to [TS]

  this okay good all right I was gonna be [TS]

  in the discussion and I was gonna lose [TS]

  my mind no actually uh most of those [TS]

  Launch Center things are pre-programmed [TS]

  stuff for OmniFocus and a like a couple [TS]

  of other okay the purple once I assume I [TS]

  OmniFocus and purple ones are OmniFocus [TS]

  stuff that's cool that's all I really [TS]

  need to know I just needed to know what [TS]

  they did and that's enough for me it's [TS]

  all inconsistent now because I haven't [TS]

  quite decided on like what this new [TS]

  setup is going to be so I haven't [TS]

  worried about making sure it's [TS]

  consistent on every single device but [TS]

  I'll get there at some point I've just [TS]

  noticed something else that you've done [TS]

  okay what have you noticed in the iPad [TS]

  folders you've put blank icons in there [TS]

  so it's always the same yes okay so this [TS]

  is this is one way this is one way I am [TS]

  trying to force consistency out of an [TS]

  operating system that is trying to force [TS]

  me into an inconsistent state if you [TS]

  want the three by three grid everywhere [TS]

  because the thing with a launcher is [TS]

  that it's muscle memory right it's [TS]

  you're not like scanning and looking for [TS]

  a thing you're trying to make it muscle [TS]

  memory gosh so the iPhone only allows a [TS]

  three by three grid in the folder so I I [TS]

  am forcing a three by three grid in the [TS]

  folder on the iPad but as you can see [TS]

  that means the 3 by 3 grid is not [TS]

  centered and it can't possibly be [TS]

  centered because the iPads want a four [TS]

  by four grid in the folder so this is [TS]

  this is a trade-off I'm just going to [TS]

  have to make that the grid will be [TS]

  off-center but there's there's no [TS]

  there's no way to manage that for the [TS]

  launcher one and the muscle memory of [TS]

  where the buttons are is vastly more [TS]

  important all of these images are in our [TS]

  show notes so you can play along at home [TS]

  I just wanted to read yeah I think I [TS]

  have to look at this yeah it does you [TS]

  cannot conceptualize this unless you're [TS]

  seeing it so you have to see it if [TS]

  you're driving just wait till later [TS]

  we're all good [TS]

  you need to see this rethink number two [TS]

  okay can't believe we're just done [TS]

  number two okay I know you can't you [TS]

  can't believe we're just not number two [TS]

  I feel like I'm barely halfway through [TS]

  whatever is going to happen like oh yeah [TS]

  so I'm still so dissatisfied like we're [TS]

  just solving our questions like this [TS]

  things I keep seeing things that make me [TS]

  love and I because I know what you're [TS]

  doing but I just need to double check [TS]

  thing number two that happened is [TS]

  there's a change in iOS 11 which I [TS]

  really like which is that you can put [TS]

  notes in control center and so I [TS]

  realized I don't need notes on the dock [TS]

  anymore because the way I use notes is [TS]

  probably different from the way almost [TS]

  everybody uses notes and that I I use it [TS]

  solely to just write down something and [TS]

  then once a week I kind of go through [TS]

  and call all these random pieces of text [TS]

  throughout the week look I don't use [TS]

  notes as an organizational system of any [TS]

  kind notes is just I need to write [TS]

  something down and I know future me will [TS]

  do whatever is necessary with this piece [TS]

  of text at a later point okay couple of [TS]

  questions on that yeah are you writing [TS]

  them down with a keyboard or with a [TS]

  pencil with it with the keyboard all [TS]

  most of it okay and so I'm assuming that [TS]

  you're taking these things and either [TS]

  putting them in a task manager or inside [TS]

  of a project that you're already writing [TS]

  and or inside of your beloved Evernote [TS]

  will be myself yeah it's like it's just [TS]

  anything right like if the simple case [TS]

  like somebody recommends a movie I'm [TS]

  like oh okay and I make it I'm making [TS]

  over the movie title and then later I'll [TS]

  properly sort that into like the place [TS]

  where I keep a list of here's a bunch of [TS]

  movies to watch or books that have been [TS]

  recommended all right it's it's just [TS]

  like little pieces of text that don't go [TS]

  anywhere in particular and it's not [TS]

  worth the effort of properly sorting [TS]

  them at the time right okay this is [TS]

  different to me where like if it's text [TS]

  it goes in notes right if it's not a [TS]

  task because tasks never go in notes it [TS]

  always just like so I would have my list [TS]

  of movies to see would be in notes for [TS]

  example I know that that is the way most [TS]

  people would use it but it's just it's [TS]

  just not the way that I you sure I get [TS]

  that if anybody uses the app called [TS]

  drafts I use notes the way drafts is in [TS]

  tended to be used like yes that's like a [TS]

  little comparison there so it's not a [TS]

  storage facility of any points a [TS]

  starting point for text never the final [TS]

  point yeah exactly [TS]

  and I really like this little change in [TS]

  iOS 11 that you can do it from control [TS]

  center because it also means that it's [TS]

  it's it's much more accessible much more [TS]

  quickly in a bunch of scenario so I love [TS]

  that the phone is locked and I can just [TS]

  swipe up from control center and and go [TS]

  to notes and type something and and it [TS]

  just goes into the system and I never [TS]

  even need to unlock the phone yeah [TS]

  that's that's a great that's a great [TS]

  thing that you can do that now yeah if [TS]

  you want to set it up that way it is a [TS]

  really nice addition and so that that [TS]

  change meant [TS]

  okay well notes doesn't need to be on [TS]

  the dock anymore [TS]

  right notes can just go away yeah and in [TS]

  an interesting way that kind of [TS]

  reinforces your use case it's almost [TS]

  like it's designed exactly for that like [TS]

  Oh someone just said a thing you want to [TS]

  write something down really quickly and [TS]

  you just want it to go into the system [TS]

  are you not [TS]

  you're not filing it at that point in [TS]

  time so I'm glad about that [TS]

  but again I'm all like muscle memory [TS]

  because this is a thing that happens [TS]

  lots so I want I just want to know that [TS]

  whatever device I'm using I've built it [TS]

  into my brain that oh the way you now [TS]

  type down a thing is just pull up [TS]

  control center hit new note and just [TS]

  type it and done right so this is no [TS]

  longer a dock first activity mm-hmm Omni [TS]

  focus has also been removed from the [TS]

  dock but this is a complicated thing [TS]

  we'll just we'll just have to get get to [TS]

  later right for very for various reasons [TS]

  OmniFocus is not going to be on the dock [TS]

  anymore but it's like I can't I can't [TS]

  even articulate a fiower I phone you [TS]

  mean yes it's not it's not on the dock [TS]

  of the iPhone because it's on the dock [TS]

  of one of the iPads I know I know and [TS]

  it's reinforcing the inconsistency but [TS]

  yes I know I know [TS]

  yes that's like well just it's not gonna [TS]

  be on the dock on the iPhone we'll just [TS]

  we'll give it oh I just noticed is there [TS]

  as well [TS]

  Wow look at you would you'd look at you [TS]

  mister to do pants you gotta go into [TS]

  stuff we just stop jumping ahead you [TS]

  shouldn't have given me the images you [TS]

  know like I can't I can't help it [TS]

  okay so there was then a long period of [TS]

  thinking well what the hell goes on my [TS]

  dog [TS]

  now for a while I tried nothing on the [TS]

  dock except that one folder but that [TS]

  looks really dumb and it makes it makes [TS]

  no sense on the iPads because again like [TS]

  you're punished for not using the dock [TS]

  on the iPads and just having the one [TS]

  little launcher folder is is ridiculous [TS]

  what I have eventually settled on for my [TS]

  dock icons there's a green plus and [TS]

  there's a red X and they're from I was [TS]

  trying to think what is that what is the [TS]

  thing that I now do the most in the day [TS]

  I've replaced I've replaced my launcher [TS]

  I've replaced the thing where I'm typing [TS]

  in stuff what is the next most frequent [TS]

  activity and of course that is [TS]

  everybody's favorite topic time tracking [TS]

  time tracking is the thing that I do the [TS]

  most promise we won't talk about things [TS]

  too long listeners I really I just want [TS]

  you we will get through this as far as [TS]

  quickly as we can but yes go on I [TS]

  promise you that we will as well because [TS]

  there isn't that much to say about it [TS]

  except what do these two buttons do [TS]

  they are also workflows yeah so the [TS]

  green one simply launches may a master [TS]

  workflow that allows me to very quickly [TS]

  select what is the activity that I'm [TS]

  doing right now this is what I'd assumed [TS]

  they were and I thought that the middle [TS]

  folder was related to just triggering [TS]

  specific trackers but that that makes [TS]

  sense like the green and red it make [TS]

  perfect sense one is to start and one is [TS]

  to stop I mean and I have these but [TS]

  they're in I have them in my widgets in [TS]

  Notification Center so this is a thing [TS]

  that I had tried for a long time [TS]

  workflow has a fantastic widget it's [TS]

  really really great but basically in in [TS]

  iOS 10 there was an option to say hey [TS]

  your Notification Center it's dumb I [TS]

  don't ever use it I don't care remember [TS]

  what the thing I swipe down last time [TS]

  was so if I've pulled down the widgets [TS]

  always just have the widgets there but [TS]

  iOS 11 seems really proud of their [TS]

  Notification Center and they've removed [TS]

  this option so I like in theory I would [TS]

  want to use the widget to launch and to [TS]

  stop my time tracking like across all [TS]

  devices that'd be a way to do it [TS]

  consists [TS]

  gently but that that extra swipe really [TS]

  annoys me every time doesn't it work if [TS]

  you just swipe to the left okay but this [TS]

  is this is a thing that then becomes a [TS]

  little bit in my mind like it like an [TS]

  inconsistent thing like which device am [TS]

  i using how do i open up that device [TS]

  like am i on the lock screen is the lock [TS]

  screen open or is a lock screen not I [TS]

  tried it with the widget but it's it's [TS]

  just a little bit of an annoyance I [TS]

  don't feel that it's also an annoyance [TS]

  but here's the use case that here's the [TS]

  use case that I will give you which is [TS]

  I'm on the iPad doing something and I [TS]

  want to trigger the timer okay yeah [TS]

  where do I have to pull down I can't [TS]

  home yeah it's right I can't yeah [TS]

  there's like in so it's not the same [TS]

  every time [TS]

  and this it this again is where muscle [TS]

  memory is really important like this is [TS]

  an activity that I'm going to do dozens [TS]

  of times a day it has to be something [TS]

  that I just don't think about so that [TS]

  that moment of being on the iPad with [TS]

  the apps open is like I'd it's I have to [TS]

  think about it for a second and now it's [TS]

  now it's all ruined so that this is what [TS]

  ended up with the like the the most [TS]

  sensible thing to do was to put the time [TS]

  tracking stuff in the dock and so I'm [TS]

  thinking of it from the perspective of [TS]

  the most space constrained device which [TS]

  is the iPhone which you can only put [TS]

  three icons in the dock if you want it [TS]

  to look nice so now I have my three dock [TS]

  icons and so now we come to the iPads [TS]

  okay and so I have given you two [TS]

  screenshots because we live the multipad [TS]

  lifestyle ashtag [TS]

  yes hashtag multi pad lifestyle the one [TS]

  with the standard Apple wallpaper which [TS]

  is like the exploding paint this is my [TS]

  office iPad so this is the one that I'm [TS]

  primarily using for writing and then the [TS]

  one with the black sand beach this is [TS]

  the everything else iPad okay so the [TS]

  writing I've had is reasonably okay [TS]

  because the use cases are are very [TS]

  constrained and this is where I feel the [TS]

  happiest because it's like I want to use [TS]

  Ulysses to write I want to use good [TS]

  notes for the physical writing I use [TS]

  bear as a to organize a bunch of notes [TS]

  and then then of course I have Evernote [TS]

  and a Wikipedia app and it's like this [TS]

  is easily 95 percent at the time I'm [TS]

  going to spend on this iPad so I can get [TS]

  it all in the doc and I can get it [TS]

  arranged reasonably nicely now the thing [TS]

  that I'm trying to do to preserve my [TS]

  mental muscle memory is because since [TS]

  Docs are variable in size there's three [TS]

  muscle memory points here center left [TS]

  hand side right hand side so this is [TS]

  what I want now to be the same across [TS]

  all devices so the launching folder is [TS]

  in the center the plus to start the [TS]

  timer is on the left and the X to stop [TS]

  the timer is on the right this is this [TS]

  is what's going to be the same across [TS]

  all devices and all that means now is I [TS]

  need to put a symmetrical number of apps [TS]

  in between those points so am I writing [TS]

  iPad I have three apps between the left [TS]

  and the middle and on the right hand [TS]

  side I have two apps plus a folder that [TS]

  contains everything else that's on the [TS]

  iPad since I've decided that there will [TS]

  be no apps on the home screen [TS]

  that means everything else goes into the [TS]

  infinity folder that holds all of the [TS]

  other apps that are going to exist on [TS]

  the iPad so this this is this is the [TS]

  idea of my doc solution is you have one [TS]

  folder that's the Infinity folder I have [TS]

  three muscle memory points and then I [TS]

  fill in the rest that's that's the idea [TS]

  of what's going on can I ask you a [TS]

  question about the muscle memory thing [TS]

  please why didn't you put all three in [TS]

  the middle on everything because on the [TS]

  big iPad because you have the recents [TS]

  it's not on the far right in iOS 11 you [TS]

  have this option of because the dock is [TS]

  so important [TS]

  iOS will put three suggested apps in [TS]

  your dock [TS]

  on the right side and these you don't [TS]

  have control over they just they just [TS]

  appear they're the suggestions they're [TS]

  they're what Apple thinks you want to [TS]

  have now there's there's like a funny [TS]

  bit of space that's between these apps [TS]

  and the other apps that makes everything [TS]

  kind of off-center and having the three [TS]

  right in the middle but not exactly in [TS]

  the middle is makes it more obvious that [TS]

  things are off-center to me it just [TS]

  visually bothered me more okay so you [TS]

  tried it yeah okay I tried it but it [TS]

  just looked weird and I can in my mind [TS]

  sort of mentally place those suggested [TS]

  apps in a different location and you'd [TS]

  like the suggested apps enough to keep [TS]

  it on the big iPad because it's not on [TS]

  the well well we're trying with we're [TS]

  trying a few things here all right but [TS]

  we'll get to this in a second it also [TS]

  helped that the the red X I press far [TS]

  less than the start button all right so [TS]

  it matters less that that one is in the [TS]

  exact right spot but for me from my [TS]

  brain this just works even though it [TS]

  should seem like keeping everything in [TS]

  the center would would make more sense [TS]

  but I don't for like for me for somehow [TS]

  this is just what seems to make more [TS]

  sense as put them at the edges even [TS]

  though on one of these devices there [TS]

  isn't quite an edge so that so this is [TS]

  what I am trying but this again like [TS]

  this world of inconsistency is [TS]

  crazy-making [TS]

  because on the iPad that I use for [TS]

  everything I do have these suggested [TS]

  apps because it's it's really useful to [TS]

  have them there but I I don't want them [TS]

  on my dedicated sort of writing office [TS]

  iPad because they're often just [TS]

  suggesting apps to me which are in the [TS]

  dock already right are there things that [TS]

  I've just used and and there changing is [TS]

  annoying like it's it's not helpful [TS]

  because on that device I'm able to get [TS]

  just about everything that I want in the [TS]

  dock in the dock this is this is where I [TS]

  am with the setup of things I have a [TS]

  couple of observations one I enjoy the [TS]

  fact that you have decided that you I'm [TS]

  willing to take the colors of some icons [TS]

  and [TS]

  we created icons of your own books and [TS]

  audiobooks [TS]

  I'm assuming that they are lot they are [TS]

  literally just shortcuts to launch by [TS]

  ebooks and audible and you have taken [TS]

  matters into your own hands and have [TS]

  gone for a more pleasing green to you [TS]

  green color than the yellows I have [TS]

  taken matters in my own hands there's [TS]

  another one that you have missed there [TS]

  was no I I hadn't missed that I had [TS]

  assumed that that wasn't real but the [TS]

  ebooks and audiobooks were more obvious [TS]

  to me yeah flashcards is a shortcut to [TS]

  the program I've been using for years [TS]

  and years which is called Anki which is [TS]

  it's great it's it's a fantastic [TS]

  flashcard program but it has a very ugly [TS]

  app that I don't think has been updated [TS]

  in years and years I can tell how long [TS]

  you've been using it because you keep [TS]

  calling it a program which is very [TS]

  that's you know what that's totally yeah [TS]

  it is a program because I started using [TS]

  it in college on a computer that is the [TS]

  program everything else is an app I love [TS]

  you know that your brain made that [TS]

  distinction this is a this is a computer [TS]

  program yeah I would never have used [TS]

  that and then because Amazon finally [TS]

  introduced proper text alignment in [TS]

  their app I don't switch back to using [TS]

  Kindles which is great but what but but [TS]

  that Kindle app icon is horrific Lee [TS]

  ugly do you know I was like I will not [TS]

  allow that on my screen like I don't [TS]

  want to have to look at that [TS]

  I hate that the apps have the words [TS]

  beneath the app to begin with and then [TS]

  any any app which also has to write its [TS]

  own name on the app icon in addition to [TS]

  the title underneath as I I can't deal [TS]

  with that it's it's horrible it's like [TS]

  Kindle like yeah I get it Kindle like I [TS]

  see the word twice I hate it so I just [TS]

  made a I made a much better icon using [TS]

  using workflows and then they use so yes [TS]

  that's I have some I have some [TS]

  replacements app icons cool for ones [TS]

  that are that are unacceptable except [TS]

  for the fact that you're running three [TS]

  to do apps on your iPhone I think that's [TS]

  most of my general questions [TS]

  on my phone there just just to be clear [TS]

  that that to do row which is four icons [TS]

  yeah it's a two-lane just quickly so [TS]

  people don't think I'm going crazy it's [TS]

  like the do is for reminders that are [TS]

  related to a particular time or timers [TS]

  that I want to run as we've discussed in [TS]

  the past but we don't need to go over [TS]

  here again it is useful to split certain [TS]

  kinds of tasks between to do and [TS]

  OmniFocus so OmniFocus is generally like [TS]

  big project stuff and to do is much much [TS]

  smaller things and then to do issed is [TS]

  what i use to communicate with my [TS]

  personal assistant so that is like [TS]

  shared tasks between the two of us Oh [TS]

  Vonda list is dead oh yes yeah wonder [TS]

  list is gone maybe I should call this [TS]

  one two diced like I have to give this [TS]

  one a new name now because vendor list [TS]

  is gone no you don't know we don't need [TS]

  to do that to joist is actually a pretty [TS]

  funny name I like that but I used to do [TS]

  it and loved it so I wouldn't give it a [TS]

  different name [TS]

  even though vendor list is the way that [TS]

  that app should be pronounced anyway [TS]

  yeah to do it interesting okay what do [TS]

  you think of to do this cuz this one I [TS]

  use every day I mean I install its [TS]

  virtues I like the automation a bit [TS]

  that's pretty good for you if you're [TS]

  using it for shared tasks to have things [TS]

  automated from it it's probably pretty [TS]

  good [TS]

  I actually actually don't use any of the [TS]

  automation features in it this this is a [TS]

  case where basically my assistant now [TS]

  we're running up against some [TS]

  limitations in wonder list we just ran [TS]

  into some things are like this isn't [TS]

  this isn't working great anymore [TS]

  and primarily one of the things was like [TS]

  the need to be able to prioritize [TS]

  certain tasks above others she is the [TS]

  one who is 95% using this and I am I'm [TS]

  simply like adding tasks and adding [TS]

  comments so I feel like I can't really [TS]

  give a fair review of two DUIs yeah like [TS]

  what what I would I do use of it I can [TS]

  say like I'm not a huge fan and it feels [TS]

  like there's some really obvious things [TS]

  that are missing but but I can say that [TS]

  it is definitely a better collaboration [TS]

  solution when your collaboration gets [TS]

  more complicate [TS]

  like that that's clearly the case [TS]

  goodbye Linda list goodbye it's been a [TS]

  it's been a pleasure I feel I feel a [TS]

  little exhausted from all the explaining [TS]

  I've done of this of this setup that I [TS]

  have here Mike and I feel like I've [TS]

  barely even scratched the surface it [TS]

  might be your time for a nap yeah it [TS]

  might be it might be my time for a nap [TS]

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  blue apron a better way to cook what do [TS]

  you use the two different eye pads for [TS]

  like what are those what are the use [TS]

  cases for you of your two devices right [TS]

  now [TS]

  so primarily like the primary use cases [TS]

  are home and out of home so I used the [TS]

  twelve point nine and away from home I [TS]

  used a ten point five but I do use the [TS]

  ten point five a lot at home [TS]

  if I'm going to be doing things like [TS]

  reading Twitter and stuff like that [TS]

  I may just grab the ten point five [TS]

  because it's just easier to hold in use [TS]

  because it's smaller and lighter but [TS]

  like the primary is home and away which [TS]

  is why I take steps to set them up very [TS]

  similarly they're not exactly the same [TS]

  select some of the folders and the [TS]

  placement some apps on the home screen [TS]

  is different but that's not a thing that [TS]

  I worry about too much because if it's [TS]

  not in the dock I'm opening it via [TS]

  spotlight right and so like for me I I [TS]

  am the reason I still have apps on my [TS]

  home screen is because they're really [TS]

  just a organization thing it's just like [TS]

  a place for me to put the apps because I [TS]

  open them the majority of apps from from [TS]

  spotlight all right okay so that makes [TS]

  sense since you are doing the same kind [TS]

  of things on both devices it's it's a [TS]

  simple it's simply the size factor and [TS]

  convenience factor of moving it or not [TS]

  moving it exactly that makes it so [TS]

  that's why you want the dock the same [TS]

  everywhere because otherwise you would [TS]

  be losing your mind and my steps are [TS]

  like so I have less I there are you can [TS]

  have more apps in the dock on the 12.9 [TS]

  but I actually less because I like the [TS]

  consistency I have noticed an [TS]

  inconsistency which I want to rectify [TS]

  that Dropbox on the large iPad is in the [TS]

  dock on its own but on the the small [TS]

  iPad it's in a folder although I expect [TS]

  as soon as Dropbox update for the files [TS]

  app on iOS 11 I won't need it anymore [TS]

  really yeah I'm kind of just waiting for [TS]

  that point so the dock for me is really [TS]

  like these are the apps that I'm using [TS]

  most on my iPad and I think it [TS]

  reinforces the fact that I say I use the [TS]

  iPad for work because they are work apps [TS]

  like all of those that's what they are [TS]

  and the reason that they are all there [TS]

  is because these are the application [TS]

  that I'm most frequently using in split [TS]

  views so I keep them in the dock because [TS]

  it's way easier that way to just flick [TS]

  up and just drag it to where I need it [TS]

  to be which just all the record because [TS]

  there is a lot of a there's a lot of [TS]

  inconsistent opinions about how people [TS]

  feel about this [TS]

  I love the new multitasking in iOS 11 I [TS]

  think it's fantastic I think it is [TS]

  superior in almost every way it just [TS]

  takes time to get used to and learn but [TS]

  I absolutely love it I love all the [TS]

  dragging because I am able to visualize [TS]

  where everything's going to be is is [TS]

  very visual I think that that is a there [TS]

  I think there is a key to being able to [TS]

  work on iOS in the if you like things [TS]

  visual I think that is the thing you [TS]

  have to just get used to is that you'd [TS]

  like to be able to see things you like [TS]

  to be able to see the movement of things [TS]

  and being able to physically drag [TS]

  application to where I want them to be [TS]

  and have them snap into a place and move [TS]

  them all around and the additional [TS]

  flexibility that iOS Elevens [TS]

  multitasking has is amazing and I love [TS]

  it and I've changed some of my workflows [TS]

  and they're changed now and I would [TS]

  never want to change them back yeah I do [TS]

  again just want to make it really clear [TS]

  that I am also like in favor of the [TS]

  changes and I think it's I think it's a [TS]

  really great the way that they have done [TS]

  it I've just been advocating for [TS]

  something on top of that very minor [TS]

  thing on top of that but yeah yeah of [TS]

  course I mean that there are things that [TS]

  I would like to defer that for it to do [TS]

  that are different now um but on the [TS]

  whole I am a real proponent of the [TS]

  changes that Apple has made yeah so a [TS]

  thing that I have found really [TS]

  interesting about using iOS over this [TS]

  long period of time is with my two iPads [TS]

  one that has this dedicated purpose [TS]

  which is writing and research and the [TS]

  other one which is the everything iPad [TS]

  all kinds of administrative work I see [TS]

  both sides of how this works [TS]

  so on my dedicated iPad I feel like this [TS]

  is exactly what Apple is really [TS]

  optimizing for I can put essentially all [TS]

  of the applications that I want [TS]

  use on the dock and on my writing iPad [TS]

  every app does have a consistent buddy [TS]

  that it stays with Ulysses in bear [TS]

  I'm always opening together ones the [TS]

  main writing app and and the other one [TS]

  is for auxiliary notes workflow and do [TS]

  are side by side they're always together [TS]

  like to do an OmniFocus stay together as [TS]

  a little pair so on this device [TS]

  I have consistent pairs which is great [TS]

  it's nice to see the things that I want [TS]

  next to each other next to each other [TS]

  all the time and I also have the vast [TS]

  majority of my work is just there on the [TS]

  dock and easily accessible it's like [TS]

  this is great I feel like this is [TS]

  exactly what this was this was designed [TS]

  for but I do still feel like on my [TS]

  everything iPad like I'm just I'm losing [TS]

  my mind and it's it I still find it very [TS]

  clunky and frustrating to work with [TS]

  because there I just I just don't have [TS]

  consistent pairs of apps and I find [TS]

  myself always wishing it was it was a [TS]

  bit more like spaces on on Mac OS where [TS]

  I could say like I want to define these [TS]

  two APS's together and don't don't break [TS]

  them apart if I happen to go to [TS]

  something else briefly like it's I feel [TS]

  like like like I'm building castles out [TS]

  of sand like for like for example this [TS]

  morning they're doing like storyboarding [TS]

  feedback with the animator and so like [TS]

  that is a process that has a bunch of [TS]

  apps that I want to use and it's like [TS]

  it's just I just keep finding a clunky [TS]

  to be constantly like setting up pairs [TS]

  but then I want to break them down [TS]

  because I want to bring in a third app [TS]

  but I want to go back to the previous [TS]

  thing I'm still finding it frustrating [TS]

  for like intensive use of a large number [TS]

  of varied apps but I got on the smaller [TS]

  case it's it's great and perfect but [TS]

  it's it's more frustrating that the [TS]

  larger number of apps you use I think [TS]

  the fundamental problem of people that [TS]

  feel the way that you do is thinking of [TS]

  apps as pairs I don't think that Apple [TS]

  ever really [TS]

  ever really [TS]

  you to do that you decided to think of [TS]

  it that way on your own right but what I [TS]

  mean about the the pairs though is it's [TS]

  not the thinking of them as pairs [TS]

  it's the switching like here's the use [TS]

  cases like I have one major app so it's [TS]

  like what I was doing this morning is [TS]

  the perfect case so I am watching a [TS]

  movie that's a storyboard so this is [TS]

  like the main thing that I want to look [TS]

  at and then on the side I want to be [TS]

  able to switch between three different [TS]

  things like I want to have notes that [TS]

  I'm taking in bear I need to be able to [TS]

  talk to the animator in slack and [TS]

  there's a couple of other things where I [TS]

  need like I need to bring up good notes [TS]

  to be able to make a quick sketch to [TS]

  make something that's clear and then [TS]

  Dropbox to send a link back to the [TS]

  animator who I'm talking in slack but I [TS]

  never want to close the the movie that [TS]

  I'm watching which is the thing that is [TS]

  being comments I like that workflow [TS]

  which is still very easy to do on a [TS]

  computer is is frustrating because of [TS]

  the the time it takes to switch the app [TS]

  on the side and it's also frustrating [TS]

  because of the inconsistent steps of how [TS]

  do I summon these apps like what where [TS]

  is this app that I'm trying to summer [TS]

  and like let me get it from spotlight [TS]

  when I get it from spotlight I have to [TS]

  drag it over into just the right spot I [TS]

  have to wait for the little animation to [TS]

  show me that it's going to go there like [TS]

  rapid switching between a few things is [TS]

  is noticeably slower than rapid [TS]

  switching between a few things was under [TS]

  the old system and I want to be really [TS]

  clear I'm not asking for that old system [TS]

  that's in iOS 10 you could use the [TS]

  command tab action to switch out just [TS]

  what was in the left pane I understand [TS]

  that I do miss that but I don't want it [TS]

  back there's other weird consistency [TS]

  problems that I sort of thought were [TS]

  bugs at first in iOS but I think are not [TS]

  bugs which is when you do the command [TS]

  tab switcher what apps show up in that [TS]

  list doesn't show everything and I don't [TS]

  understand what it's supposed to be [TS]

  showing that is something that I think [TS]

  is wrong however Apple are deciding to [TS]

  make that list is is wrong because it [TS]

  should [TS]

  everything and it should show pairs but [TS]

  it doesn't yeah and it should show [TS]

  things that I've just touched so it [TS]

  feels like this the thing that it seems [TS]

  to miss the most is I've summon an app [TS]

  from spotlight and dragged it into an [TS]

  overview setting or like an OP main view [TS]

  and like then it doesn't show up in the [TS]

  command switcher it's like I want that [TS]

  thing I was just there like that also [TS]

  adds to this frustration of trying to [TS]

  switch between multiple apps like it's [TS]

  so so like I guess this is this is one [TS]

  of the things that also just doesn't [TS]

  help but like what is my doc setup going [TS]

  to be and how am I going to set these [TS]

  iPads is the use case where I want to [TS]

  have the most number of things I feel [TS]

  like I really need to cram the doc full [TS]

  of stuff and and this is where you can [TS]

  you can see on my everything iPad [TS]

  screenshot like I have I have the [TS]

  Infinity folder I have the launcher [TS]

  folder but I'm also trying to make a [TS]

  little communications folder which is [TS]

  like here here are the little apps that [TS]

  I'm I'm where I'm talking to people and [TS]

  I find myself switching in and out of [TS]

  very frequently and trying to put them [TS]

  in a folder on the dock so I can get [TS]

  access to them more quickly for dropping [TS]

  into the workspace that I'm that I'm [TS]

  using like I'm trying to get around this [TS]

  but I don't I don't have a great [TS]

  solution that feels like wow I'm really [TS]

  flying through my work on this iPad it [TS]

  still feels really clunky for me to do [TS]

  that so I can see in the specific use [TS]

  case that you've posted and that you [TS]

  want to use three apps plus for video [TS]

  right and I'm assuming picturing picture [TS]

  isn't working for you here for whatever [TS]

  reason that might be it's not really [TS]

  worth getting as - yeah the details [TS]

  don't matter but picture in pictures is [TS]

  either the view isn't large enough for [TS]

  the app that use and does support it [TS]

  whatever I can see for that where it's [TS]

  frustrating right but because you're [TS]

  watching a video I think for basically [TS]

  any other work flow issue you can just [TS]

  deal with switching into a different app [TS]

  for a moment right like if you need four [TS]

  apps well just using three of them [TS]

  because you can use three if you slide [TS]

  over and then you just come on tap out [TS]

  to the other app enter what we need to [TS]

  go in there [TS]

  go back the specific use case that [TS]

  you're posing is tricky because you want [TS]

  to be watching the video at all times [TS]

  but you know just I would just say like [TS]

  it's frustrating but pulls the video [TS]

  right like that that's that's the [TS]

  workflow you will end up getting [TS]

  yourself into erican just like well I'll [TS]

  pause for a moment and do what I need to [TS]

  do and go back I get that there have [TS]

  been some workflows I have had to change [TS]

  as well but I take this small [TS]

  frustration because the system as a [TS]

  whole [TS]

  is vastly superior to what has come [TS]

  before it and I really think that a lot [TS]

  of people are getting more frustrated [TS]

  about this just because of how close it [TS]

  is to the Mac now which I actually think [TS]

  is a testament to how good i OS 11 is [TS]

  that people are getting more frustrated [TS]

  about how it's different in the Mac [TS]

  because it is so good and it's so [TS]

  powerful it's almost like an uncanny [TS]

  valley thing where people are less [TS]

  comparing it to what iOS 10 was and [TS]

  comparing it to what they think it [TS]

  should be because of how the Mac works [TS]

  so yeah like I I will agree with that [TS]

  100% because there was no doubt in my [TS]

  mind that it's a bit of a frustration [TS]

  for me because like I don't know about [TS]

  you but on the Mac I am a very heavy [TS]

  spaces user I really like the ability to [TS]

  use lots of spaces I think most heavy [TS]

  iOS users use the Mac that way hmm maybe [TS]

  and so yes it does invite that [TS]

  comparison of on the Mac it's much [TS]

  easier to be fussy about my spaces and [TS]

  which apps go in what spaces and then it [TS]

  feels like I'm switching between a whole [TS]

  bunch of different virtual desktops that [TS]

  have been left just the way I want them [TS]

  to be and so like I will I will [TS]

  completely agree with you on that that [TS]

  that is it is impressive in a way that [TS]

  the comparison is now oh why can't I why [TS]

  can't I do this as lightning fast as I [TS]

  can do it on a full desktop computer you [TS]

  and I have always acknowledged that [TS]

  there are there are many things on the [TS]

  iPad that we have always known it is it [TS]

  is slower to do but it doesn't change [TS]

  the fact that we like working on an iPad [TS]

  way better like and that has always been [TS]

  a that has always been a trade-off that [TS]

  where where [TS]

  to make yeah like I know that dragging [TS]

  from the dock is slower than however any [TS]

  other system would use it even the [TS]

  previous system I don't care cuz I enjoy [TS]

  it more [TS]

  I like the multitasking because of [TS]

  multitasking with my hands like I like [TS]

  it I like the feeling of it but III [TS]

  understand I understand the concerns but [TS]

  like I think this is the best we could [TS]

  have got because any more than this [TS]

  would have been way too complicated I [TS]

  could jump bigger than the jump that [TS]

  Apple have made here would have been too [TS]

  much especially when at this stage that [TS]

  we're at right now and we'll still be [TS]

  out for a few weeks as Apple updates [TS]

  come out [TS]

  we haven't even realized the full [TS]

  potential of what this system is because [TS]

  we don't really have the opportunity to [TS]

  use drag and drop very heavily because [TS]

  the app support isn't there yet because [TS]

  they're not out yet so I think that like [TS]

  there are still things that we've yet to [TS]

  fully appreciate for what this system is [TS]

  doing so I think any more than what [TS]

  Apple is added in 11 would have been way [TS]

  too complicated like the idea of having [TS]

  persistent pairs and having apps that [TS]

  can be open with other pairs in multiple [TS]

  instances inside of the multitasking [TS]

  pane I think that kind of thing might [TS]

  come in the future but if they would [TS]

  have put that in now it would have been [TS]

  like a nightmare scenario to try and [TS]

  understand what was going on I will I [TS]

  will completely agree with that my [TS]

  frustration is is simply the the thing [TS]

  that I was trying to remedy with the [TS]

  keyboard shortcut is like I'm very used [TS]

  to just switching stuff fast with the [TS]

  keyboard yeah and my main frustration is [TS]

  is like I will happily learn complicated [TS]

  keyboard commands if it if it lets me [TS]

  move between a bunch of but it's like [TS]

  there's just no way to do that under the [TS]

  currents it's like it's like come on [TS]

  shift alt tab could change to left app I [TS]

  think I had some great suggestions for [TS]

  app shortcuts but whatever is is I think [TS]

  that that's one of the things that also [TS]

  just it feels like it slows it slows it [TS]

  down but again I keep thinking of the [TS]

  eye like I mentioned last time like for [TS]

  for my aunt who uses an iPad pro was her [TS]

  main computer this is a hell of an [TS]

  upgrade [TS]

  and she is not a very technical user but [TS]

  I think the system is brilliantly [TS]

  designed because I know it will take her [TS]

  no time at all to figure out what to do [TS]

  do you just move it with your hands like [TS]

  it's a physical object or ignore it [TS]

  completely right you can ignore it [TS]

  completely if you don't notice it and [TS]

  it's fine yeah or yeah it doesn't even [TS]

  matter [TS]

  that's why I like its it is a great [TS]

  solution to a very difficult thing I [TS]

  just I just wish for pro users there was [TS]

  like a faster way to do more precise [TS]

  stuff you got some beautiful wallpapers [TS]

  on your iOS devices here Mike thank you [TS]

  two of them are recreations of in 5k of [TS]

  old Apple Mac desktops which I'll put a [TS]

  link in the show notes [TS]

  stephen hackett and amazing designer [TS]

  frank put those together together the [TS]

  one on my iphone is actually a real afm [TS]

  members exclusive wallpaper so if you're [TS]

  really if a member you get loads of cool [TS]

  wallpapers we're just doing another plug [TS]

  here everybody and you yeah you get [TS]

  lovely wallpapers and that's one for [TS]

  remaster which is the video game show [TS]

  than i do you have that same black one [TS]

  on your phone that you've had forever [TS]

  that the fractal one although it's it's [TS]

  better than whatever that out of time [TS]

  homescreen was that weird [TS]

  dusty thing and i'm assuming i assumed [TS]

  that the other two are both apples ones [TS]

  right i think that that that's beech one [TS]

  is - i know the beach ones not apples [TS]

  one the the pink splash is an apple one [TS]

  I feel like in in in beta season I'm [TS]

  more daring with wood wallpapers I'm [TS]

  like use on now yeah so this is this is [TS]

  great gone wild with his wallpaper [TS]

  backgrounds I think after betas season [TS]

  is over what we want we might calm down [TS]

  a little bit and go to something [TS]

  something more more button-down and [TS]

  businesslike but where is the beach one [TS]

  from I don't know actually where that [TS]

  that Beach one is is from I can't [TS]

  remember where I got that original tub [TS]

  nobody wants it because if you don't [TS]

  know where is from I can't give people [TS]

  the links [TS]

  this is why we're mentioning the [TS]

  wallpapers because people always want [TS]

  them this is what reverse image searches [TS]

  for yep that's how people found the [TS]

  original one that you couldn't find oh [TS]

  actually I should I should make a plug [TS]

  yes I don't think I've mentioned I don't [TS]

  think I've mentioned it on the show [TS]

  before but the iPhone wallpaper it's [TS]

  done by this designer who's made a whole [TS]

  series of black wallpapers and they are [TS]

  fantastic and great looking and so it's [TS]

  it's similar to the old one that I used [TS]

  to have it's just less it's less [TS]

  contrasting it's more subtle and I will [TS]

  I'll put this link in the show notes for [TS]

  the designer of that has a whole series [TS]

  of similarly great black wallpapers that [TS]

  people should go check out [TS]

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  Mike I'm exhausted oh I'm sorry I really [TS]

  am because I feel like when we talk [TS]

  about this I have to mentally go through [TS]

  all of my thoughts for the past many [TS]

  weeks about decisions we've barely [TS]

  touched that touch this in in the depth [TS]

  that I feel is adequate but I cannot go [TS]

  on any further we've had we had topics [TS]

  planned for the show which have all been [TS]

  destroyed by home screen discussion [TS]

  which always eats everything everything [TS]

  and so what I really want to know about [TS]

  right now as we're ending the show is [TS]

  tell me more about your laundry I have a [TS]

  lot to say believe it or not about my [TS]

  laundry because I'm back home now and it [TS]

  was halfway through my trip so I needed [TS]

  to do more laundry before I got home the [TS]

  continuing adventure of Mike's laundry [TS]

  yeah I did laundry two more times [TS]

  in fact okay so when we last checked in [TS]

  with your laundry you you had asked for [TS]

  advice for people about what you were [TS]

  gonna do yeah so what happened what [TS]

  happened in America with with your [TS]

  laundry [TS]

  so remember last time I had done [TS]

  expensive hotel laundry and I had done [TS]

  one load of laundry at my co-founders [TS]

  house using a machine I didn't [TS]

  understand and that me and you were [TS]

  talking about the idea and how great it [TS]

  will be to use one of those apps you [TS]

  know like the laundry app so they come [TS]

  pick up the laundry for you I have some [TS]

  bad news gray all of the apps that I [TS]

  tried required a u.s. telephone number [TS]

  for sign up okay [TS]

  and I couldn't trick them what do you [TS]

  mean by trick them like entering a [TS]

  random number or entering a number that [TS]

  was my number but in some weird US [TS]

  format because they all want to send you [TS]

  a text message to confirm the phone [TS]

  number to confirm sign up [TS]

  yeah this is this is what Skype phone [TS]

  numbers are for no I didn't think of [TS]

  that did you know you know what's really [TS]

  annoying is I actually set up a Skype [TS]

  telephone them but two days ago because [TS]

  I needed it for a conference call and I [TS]

  didn't put two and two together can [TS]

  Skype numbers receive text messages I am [TS]

  fairly sure they can okay and if they [TS]

  can't I know a lot of these services do [TS]

  a fallback where they call and give you [TS]

  the pin mm-hmm yeah look at that I know [TS]

  I know for a fact I have verified stuff [TS]

  that demands a u.s. phone number with my [TS]

  skype u.s. phone number like I know I [TS]

  have done this okay you're making me [TS]

  slightly doubt myself about the text [TS]

  message but I know I have used it to [TS]

  verify these fucking is the Col fallback [TS]

  so this is this is a CGP grey brand life [TS]

  hack for everybody out there on this ice [TS]

  is good because this they're not cheap [TS]

  those Skype numbers but I do have one [TS]

  now because every now and then someone [TS]

  needs to call me I need to talk to [TS]

  someone on the phone and it's just like [TS]

  oh can we use Skype and it's like it's [TS]

  just like a whole big deal but now I [TS]

  have a phone number that people can call [TS]

  and we've I think it was about iOS 10 it [TS]

  if I'm signed in on skype it just rings [TS]

  as if it's so yeah that's good I have [TS]

  that set up now I didn't think of that [TS]

  at the time so there there you go you [TS]

  even need that well you can't do it so [TS]

  when I was in Brooklyn which by the way [TS]

  I love Brooklyn obviously loves Brooklyn [TS]

  wow what a surprise surprise surprise [TS]

  dear I you would like Portland to Mike I [TS]

  like Portland I like Brooklyn I also [TS]

  stayed in East like the Lower East Side [TS]

  like the East Village love that too [TS]

  obviously yeah well good all good stuff [TS]

  for Mike lots of my key things in those [TS]

  places and I took my clothes to a [TS]

  laundromat cert like a laundromat that [TS]

  had a wash and fold service I I wasn't a [TS]

  hundred percent sure what that meant but [TS]

  I assumed what it meant was they would [TS]

  wash and fold my clothes that's what it [TS]

  sounds like it's what it sounds like [TS]

  right saw was like I figured that this [TS]

  is what I'm looking for right but I'd [TS]

  never used one of these services before [TS]

  so I just took my I basically took my [TS]

  clothes in a bag into this place making [TS]

  an assumption [TS]

  what would occur and I put it down and [TS]

  said could you can you take care of [TS]

  these and they said yes and they gave me [TS]

  a piece of paper and that was it I was [TS]

  like all right well we'll see what [TS]

  happens that cost me $9 that that load [TS]

  of clothes and it was great and I was [TS]

  very happy and it came back basically [TS]

  exactly the same as the hotel stuff just [TS]

  not with a blue ribbon so you don't feel [TS]

  the need to bleep that number my $9 no [TS]

  I'm fine with $9 - can I let that go [TS]

  through uh-huh there was an unexpected [TS]

  side effect of the last episode for me [TS]

  yeah something I didn't anticipate was [TS]

  the amount of direct messages I was [TS]

  gonna get from friends asking me just [TS]

  one simple question can you guess what [TS]

  that question was how much did you pay [TS]

  for your laundry yes pretty much [TS]

  everybody that I know everybody wanted [TS]

  to know everyone wanted to know and as I [TS]

  assumed would happen all the listeners [TS]

  wanted to know - yeah that's what you [TS]

  get for bleeping yep I mean I knew it [TS]

  would happen I was fine with it but then [TS]

  something really interesting happened in [TS]

  the reddit thread someone with the [TS]

  username funk you put together a Google [TS]

  Form to employ the wisdom of the crowd [TS]

  which I found out was like this is this [TS]

  method of trying to guess something by [TS]

  using multiple people's guesses and you [TS]

  take the averages of the guesses and it [TS]

  gives you something which is expected to [TS]

  be correct now this person put together [TS]

  this survey they weeded out some of the [TS]

  more wild answers which was probably the [TS]

  right thing to do and came up with an [TS]

  answer of one hundred and fifty three [TS]

  dollars and 21 cents over one hundred [TS]

  and eighty three responses mm-hmm they [TS]

  then closed it down after that point [TS]

  just because they felt that they had a [TS]

  good sense of the answer from that point [TS]

  now because this number was so close to [TS]

  the actual number I felt that it was [TS]

  only fair for me to confirm it [TS]

  so the actual number that I paid for my [TS]

  laundry dear listeners was 116 dollars [TS]

  as pretty good for a wisdom of the crowd [TS]

  estimation and I didn't want to share [TS]

  the number at the time or cold because I [TS]

  still believe if I would have said 116 [TS]

  dollars I would have been inundated by [TS]

  people saying how ridiculous that is [TS]

  this bond on laundry it is ridiculous it [TS]

  is ridiculous but also all of my friends [TS]

  that asked me how much did you spend I [TS]

  said to them my first answer for [TS]

  everyone was how much did you think and [TS]

  everyone went higher so I still believe [TS]

  that by not giving that number everyone [TS]

  thought it was worse then it actually [TS]

  ended up being because I still think a [TS]

  hundred and sixteen dollars is an [TS]

  embarrassing amount to spend on the [TS]

  lottery especially when I got the same [TS]

  amount down for nine dollars but I feel [TS]

  better about my 116 dollars on the M [TS]

  because most people thought it was a [TS]

  thousand which was wild to me people [TS]

  kept thinking I spent a thousand dollars [TS]

  I would say keep the clothes right like [TS]

  you can have them I don't want anymore [TS]

  take them a thousand dollars no that's [TS]

  that's ludicrous I'm I spend 116 was the [TS]

  amount so you feel like you've done [TS]

  successful expectation management here I [TS]

  do actually [TS]

  I feel like III I feel like I manage [TS]

  this best for my own personal well-being [TS]

  116 dollars was the amount [TS]

  congratulations to everybody for getting [TS]

  so close with 153 so I assumed that [TS]

  there was just a lot of people that have [TS]

  probably been through this themselves I [TS]

  also did hear from a lot of people that [TS]

  have been through this themselves who [TS]

  had a guess of the amount because they [TS]

  know how much this stuff costs so I [TS]

  think this can close out the laundry now [TS]

  because I'm back at home and I'm doing [TS]

  my laundry at home of a machine that I [TS]

  understand and it's effectively free [TS]

  because I our water is paid for by our [TS]

  building so I don't need to pay the [TS]

  water bill I guess it's just the [TS]

  electric that powell's the Washington [TS]

  anyway I expect it's less than nine [TS]

  dollars a property what do you want [TS]

  you're walking you're walking us into a [TS]

  kilowatt-hour cost conversion [TS]

  calculation [TS]

  that we're all good I'm cool with what [TS]

  it's costing me at home um but there we [TS]

  go so that's the laundry I'm glad you're [TS]

  back to your front loaded washer it's [TS]

  just so much more easy to understand [TS]

  I used a novel one of those top loading [TS]

  washers with some with some more friends [TS]

  because we went for a vacation with [TS]

  friends and I still don't understand it [TS]

  I just don't get it it doesn't make [TS]

  sense to me [TS]

  it's like this big wheel and it has like [TS]

  a million options on it I just I don't I [TS]

  think we're just gonna have to put this [TS]

  aside as cultural differences much it is [TS]

  100 percent I'm not saying it's wrong [TS]

  I'm just saying I don't understand it [TS]

  you know in the same way that I would [TS]

  imagine people that are used to the [TS]

  top-loading machines have to take some [TS]

  time to understand the front loading [TS]

  machines cuz they're different they're [TS]

  not that different I want it just before [TS]

  we before we finish today great I want [TS]

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  episode I feel like this is a thing [TS]

  where I get to just show up and like I [TS]

  I have a lot of fun doing those episodes [TS]

  but I I just I always feel the need to [TS]

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  so I really appreciate that and to you [TS]

  Mike for the I'm going to say insane [TS]

  amount of editing you do to these these [TS]

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  that you add all of the atmospheric [TS]

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  it's it's so I am very grateful to the [TS]

  tremendous amount of work that the two [TS]

  of you are putting into these shows and [TS]

  and I think it would it's what makes [TS]

  them fun to do and I have to say it [TS]

  makes them really great to listen to [TS]

  like I have listened to both of our [TS]

  member episodes multiple times just just [TS]

  out of enjoyment like it's like oh is [TS]

  this work am i listening for edits like [TS]

  I'm just listening because I like it [TS]

  like they're yeah they're they're great [TS]

  shows and there's a lot there's a lot of [TS]

  man-hours that have gone into them so [TS]

  thank you for all the work that you do [TS]

  on that it's a pleasure genuinely is a [TS]

  pleasure because I I really really loved [TS]

  [Laughter] [TS]