Top Four

Top Four 6: Board Games


  okay dogs in silent mode dog is silenced

  well I should say stealth mode okay

  let's uh let's do this thing

  you know today's topic I picked board

  games no we love playing board games yet

  we are both big fans and we have played

  many of the geeky board games that have

  mostly originated from Germany at least

  at least a while ago and we always try

  to get people to play board games with

  us but sometimes you never know what

  kind of crowd you're with if they want

  to play board games or not so we know

  not to ask Merlin yes there's certain

  people you know not to ask not like

  Merlin's been over our house at all ever

  Oh million times you know how much you

  love to travel unnecessarily yeah anyway

  so yeah I have a short list I bet you

  have nothing prepared because there's

  nothing in your lap right now I'm

  looking at you and you are devoid of any

  kind of information I have a list oh you

  picked up your iPhone my god I do have a

  list it is not though strictly ordered

  and it is only six things long oh that's

  pretty short I have a lot yeah cuz I

  went into the game closet and just wrote

  down all the games oh that's a good move

  I should have done that do you want my

  shortlist first so maybe you can add

  some things yeah let's try that okay TIF


  we have Settlers of Catan we have Puerto

  Rico Scrabble Agricola power grid power

  grid factory manager Mille Bornes corkle

  blackest Ticket to Ride balderdash the

  construction game pictionary monopoly

  clue and Bananagrams okay those are the

  games I have on okay my short list in no

  particular order my order was meant to

  deceive I believe everything on my list

  is on your list that's no surprise we

  play games together so yeah so I want so

  first of all let me disclaim upfront

  there are certain games like Settlers of

  Catan or Agricola Agricola there are

  certain games like this where we are

  probably not pronouncing the names


  Agricola that sounds pretty good I

  thought it was Agricole of it I don't

  know Agricola I don't know it's like

  well it's agriculture agriculture I

  don't know right

  so it sounds like Agricola yeah kula

  however you pronounce that there's

  somebody screaming while listening to

  this right now that they know the

  correct the right answer and we are

  butchering it and they were just

  screaming do you think we should never

  had a chatroom show maybe maybe if the

  listeners demanded enough there because

  they're demanding all ten yeah they were

  really ten people in there it would be

  it would be not a lot of people

  so especially because we record so

  erratically whenever we can yeah we

  would give people like thirty seconds

  notice oh we're recording right now

  alright so do you want to talk about

  maybe some of the games in your list

  that didn't make your top four before we

  go into the top four um well I have a

  really big list so a lot of the games

  didn't make it and I'm pretty sure

  probably some of them didn't make it for

  the same reason that yours didn't make

  it because I know you don't like games

  with a lot of chance correct and that

  drives you crazy when there's too much

  chance and you feel like that nothing

  you do will help you win or lose so you

  want to feel in control of your gameplay

  and the possibility of winning if every

  game has a small amount of chance but

  you're more happy with games with the

  least amount of chance right in fact so

  I mean I could I because I haven't even

  picked my number my number one yet I'll

  talk about the first one I put on my

  list which is Puerto Rico it's the very

  first one I thought of we haven't played

  that one in so long I have it I don't

  have it on my top 4 list because we

  haven't played it in so long I don't

  know and I feel like now that I know

  spoiler if you buy your own boat you win

  every time well not not every time I

  approach win every time when I when you

  get to buy your own boat I think well so

  I've played a lot more than you except

  played on the iPad and I've played it

  more recently just because of that I pad

  ones boring oh I like it anyway so and

  one thing that very few of these like

  awesome board games actually have good

  iPad or computer versions and so it's a

  pretty rare luxury when you find one and

  Puerto Rico and Agricola Agricola

  however it is they both have good iPad

  versions neither of them are great but

  both are good enough that if you enjoy

  the game you will enjoy the iPad

  versions anyway so I like Puerto Rico

  because is what you just said that that

  it doesn't have almost any luck like the

  only random element in the game

  is you know who you choose to go first

  and and then the order in which the the

  tiles come up for the the plantation

  choice like when you get those tiles are

  random that as far as I can't remember

  that's the only random element in the

  game and so almost everything you do is

  a choice

  you know you have made this decision it

  will affect you like it is yours to win

  or lose and besides that it is it you're

  about to buy or not exactly it is you're

  about to buy or not or you can buy all

  the boats and blocked if out of them but

  everyone knows I'm going to be buying

  the boat get out of my way what is it

  the wharf is the item that's it's one of

  like the nine or the eight yeah

  something like that but I always just go

  for the boat and then there's one other

  one too that if you get with the boat

  the harbor I believe is so there's like

  it's the one where you get one bonus

  victory point for everything you ship

  yes if you have those two together

  because you're shipping on your own boat

  yet is a clincher you are always gonna

  win yeah it would you'd have to be very

  bad at the game to have both of those

  things and not win and I think see I

  can't put it on my top four because now

  that I figured that out as a player I

  can't I know that that's the strategy to

  win and I know if it doesn't happen for

  me in the game I'm not going to win so I

  kind of like it the magic is lost on me

  well see to me that see what what makes

  this game great is that everything you

  do affects everyone else as well like

  like you know in a game you take turns

  and and like there's a certain number of

  things you can pick from and you when it

  comes to your turn you pick the thing

  you want to do that round and you as the

  person who picked it gets a small

  advantage of that but every but whatever

  you picked everyone else gets gets most

  of that same benefit so if you pick for

  instance the the mayor rate which which

  lets you add more people to your

  plantation then you know everyone else

  gets to add people of their plantations

  also you just get one more than they do

  so it's a game where you have to very

  much consider not only what is best for

  you when it's your turn trying to pick

  what to do but you got to make sure that

  you're not going to really super

  strongly benefit someone else you know

  it to actually agree that it might hurt

  you but at the same time if you don't

  pick that thing then they probably will

  when it come to comes around to them

  so it's it's as weird tragedy that you

  have to think about but I disagree with

  you about about your hardware plus Wharf

  thing in that that isn't just the one

  strategy to win that is that is a

  strategy that can win if if other people

  are doing certain other things are not

  doing them but the great thing about

  this game is that you can't do the same

  thing every game because whether that

  can win will depend on what everyone

  else is doing and if if so if the game

  conditions are such like for example the

  harbour and Wharf combo takes a long

  time to get because those are two very

  expensive items and money is pretty

  scarce in this game so at least early on

  so those are very hard to get for that

  to work you have to you have to be in a

  game where it's gonna it's gonna go on

  for a while it's gonna take a lot of

  turns and if if someone else is racing

  towards one of the other conditions that

  can end the game like filling up their

  space with cheap buildings or filling up

  their plantation you know with or

  running out of people I forget some of

  the other ones running out of victory

  points in other ways like that strategy

  only works if you have a long time with

  those things to ship tons of goods with

  them see now I think that this is where

  you're getting all bogged down your

  stupid iPad game because we play when we

  play with people it's often someone who

  hasn't played it as much as us and it is

  or the or they are people who just

  aren't as from like or they're just

  totally new to the game right so they

  either are less skilled than us or

  totally new I don't think we've ever

  played with someone who is at our skill

  level of the game because we just don't

  run into gaming nerds that cook that

  often when we feel like hey let's play

  so important go so whenever we're

  playing live and in person no one else

  has aggressive strategies so I get bored

  playing it because I feel like I can

  just slaughter everybody you should play

  the iPad game it doesn't sound fun I

  like anyway so Puerto Rico is it might

  be my number one they thought it's close

  and and I'm not alone in this decision

  BoardGameGeek calm which is I think one

  of the biggest if not the biggest

  authorities in the geeky board game

  world I already have to put a link in

  our show notes you

  BoardGameGeek maintains this like top

  ranking list of like the top ranked

  board games you know every you know

  whatever all time every year whatever it

  is and Puerto Rico was number one on

  that list for a very long time four

  years I think and I think it's still I

  don't think it's number one anymore but

  but I think it is still within the top

  of you you know I I think all of my top

  games are gonna be games that I haven't

  really played much so I'm not very good

  at yet because I find it enjoyable when

  I can actually play the game and write

  and enjoy the strategy of it without

  knowing exactly how to win and play it

  so yeah I'm totally bored of Puerto Rico

  it's over for me

  so what do want to talk about next I

  think we should talk well I don't know

  what what's yon you're shorty short list

  so the next one I have on my list is

  Agricola yeah that's my number one

  really that's so it right now I have it

  as number two below Puerto Rico but that

  that's soft I could change that of

  course Agricola's don't leave my number

  one so why do you like it so much

  I like it because you can stack all of

  the animals so you like it because I

  know as you're waiting for other people

  to take their turns too slowly you can

  have something to fidget with that's

  pretty cool yeah they have very good

  stackable pieces I love like making a

  little cow towers good so yeah I like a

  good fidget piece and I like when

  they're stackable so that's a major plus

  on why it moved up to number one slot

  also it's fairly complicated I think

  there's a lot of elements to the game

  that even if you play it a lot you don't

  get a chance to play every part of the

  game in one round in one sitting of the

  game so there was like a whole bunch of

  things that you didn't get a chance to

  do whether it's like some of the

  occupation cards or building certain

  types of cooking apparatus --is well

  yeah you know you can that helped the

  improvements yeah because I'm like once

  the game starts going it starts off slow

  but then it it just it rolls so quickly

  into the end and everyone's like whoa I

  just got a hang of this game and now

  it's over and so you want to play again

  and we've often played two rounds in

  one night of that of that game because

  once you get the hang of it and you

  remember and you know because it goes a

  long time between playing them when you

  play it with people that you you just

  want to play it again to see where how

  far you can go and how far you can take

  it and I still don't feel like I've

  maxed out this game there still parts of

  it that I find really intriguing and I

  find yeah I don't always win and you

  don't always win and you know that it's

  it's still very random on who wins but

  yet the luck factor is not that like the

  chance the chance luck factor isn't very

  great in this game either it's I think

  it's a lot more skill yeah I'm trying to

  think so B so I guess the most random

  element in this game is the cards that

  you're dealt the occupation and minor

  improvement cards right but then you

  kind of have a chance to get more and

  you can kind of like use them or not use

  them you don't have to focus on like the

  randomness that you get it's more of

  your deciding how you're filling up your

  board and where you're focusing your

  attention and if you're improving your

  house if you're making a lot of grain if

  you're making a lot of cooking a lot of

  meat like you know so it's basically in

  the game you have to the goal of the

  game is to feed your family right yeah

  and then to build like a big farm and

  build a big farm and then make your

  family larger and then so therefore you

  can do more things if your family is

  larger because you have more people in

  order to accomplish more tasks and then

  at the end of the game you have rounds

  so the rounds go pretty regularly

  there's nothing you can do to stop or

  halt around from approaching you just

  have to make sure you can feed your

  family at the end of each round and

  unless you then you get a penalty if you

  can't then at the end of the game you

  kind of tally up what you have and you

  gain points from that and then the

  winner it's the person with the most

  points and there's also elements in the

  game that will subtract points from your

  total score so if you it it's also that

  so it's all contingent on your own

  gameplay you know there are other people

  playing but you're kind of only playing

  against them in the end right and and

  it'll start competing for certain

  resources but it's not as aggressive as

  I'm gonna take this resource from you

  it's more of this might be running out

  or there's only one

  so if you buy that first then you have

  to buy the more expensive oven-like but

  you know no one's gonna get locked out

  of things completely well that's a big

  game I don't know because there's only

  two ovens if you play with more than two

  but there's more there's more ways to

  cook this you can't like you won't get

  locked out of being able to you know

  cook your own you know or or you can you

  can just avoid cooking your animals and

  get food in other ways right but at the

  same time if you were you know gaining

  money to buy your oven then that and

  then the other person who wasn't with

  gaining something else you know what I

  mean so there's always a give-and-take

  of what someone is working on I mean

  plus they should have spotted you

  stacking up all your clay exactly yeah

  no I mean and that that game like you

  mentioned the scoring like such certain

  things will subtract once what I like

  about it is you know it's your building

  this farm and it's like you know you

  have a house with a certain number of

  people in it that you have to feed and

  then you have you have cattle and you

  have sheep you have all the animals you

  have the pastures and they really get

  this deck yeah and and you have like

  these you have different crops you can

  plant vegetables and and and grain to to

  grow that and any of these things that

  you don't do let's say you get to the

  end of the game and you have no cows you

  actually lose points for things that you

  don't do so you really have to diversify

  yeah like it it kind of forces you like

  you you basically can't win if you like

  hunker down and only do one strategy

  because it's also there's a maximum

  number of points you can earn from any

  one category so it kind of forces you to

  to really like try to do everything and

  I think it is a little more competitive

  than than what you just how you just a

  curette described because every round

  there's like certain spots on the board

  that you that you can choose what to

  take and whatever you take you only you

  get that no one else gets that's true

  that's where it's different from Puerto

  Rico we're not like a round where it's

  like okay you do you plate you decide to

  play this way and then everyone else

  gets to do it too and you get a bonus no

  this is like you take the spot and

  you're the only one that can so a field

  or something for that entire round then

  and and so and you know if you have a

  bigger family which is a risk because

  you have to feed them every round but if

  you have a bigger family then you can

  take more spots and so like there's the

  there it's this game of really

  calculated risk of like how long can I

  wait before feeding time comes I don't

  have enough food but if I pee it you

  know if

  by if I instead of getting food right

  now if I take the risk that I'll be able

  to find some later and right now I go

  for that other cool thing on the board

  cause no one's taken it yet you know

  there's all these calculated risks you

  have to you have to figure during that

  game and and the bolder and riskier you

  are generally the better you will do

  like you know spanning your family

  earlier so you can you can do more

  things per turn but then you have to

  feed those people so it is actually I

  think pretty competitive I like it a lot

  it is it if I would have played it more

  than I have it might have become my

  number one but because I played Puerto

  Rico so much both in person and on the

  iPad right now Puerto Rico is my number

  one but I think Agricola is a solid

  number two for me and it might

  eventually become number one that's so

  funny that your criteria for number one

  is playing more and mine is playing


  no it's Agricole is a great game you

  know and and we haven't I mean as you

  mentioned earlier we've barely scratched

  the surface because there's this whole

  this whole like different deck of cards

  that you can that you can blend in and

  we have used none of those we've only

  there's like a super simple family mode

  we don't play that we play that the

  standard mode so it's like it's not the

  super simplified one but it's the

  regular set of cards with no extra cards

  and that's all we've played so far and

  even that like one one thing that that

  Agricola has which I think Puerto Rico

  does too but I think I recall is the

  most aggressive on this front that the

  game all of a sudden just ends like it's

  over it's like I was planning I was

  building this thing up and I was gonna

  do it and then yeah like it's like these

  awesome German games like a style of

  this is like is it right as everything

  starts to get going the game's over so

  your biggest challenge really is is just

  number of turns time it's like it's how

  much you can get done before the game

  ends and the game always ends before you

  want it to like there's never enough

  time and that I think that that alone

  just doing it that way I think is a cool

  way to do it because it's not like and

  I'll get to things like monopoly in a

  bit it's not like traditional style

  board games where they just go on

  seemingly forever

  please monopoly people don't worry I got

  your covered there but you know it it's

  not like that these games they end

  before you even want them to so it's

  really hard to get boy

  while playing these games yeah exactly

  you don't get bored on these board games

  nice thanks all right you want to take

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  of real AFM

  so we have Puerto Rico we have Agricola

  and also I want I do want to mention

  again Agricola has a great iPad version

  the only thing is that it it try it

  mimics too closely the board like Puerto

  Rico you just in order to fit everything

  on screen it has to like real rings away

  certain things look and kind of compress

  it down to its essence Agricola doesn't

  do that it just like pans around this

  giant so it's a little clumsy yeah if

  you play Agricola you really need like a

  pretty big table yeah because there

  everyone has an individual board and

  then there's like all these Center

  boards and all these cards and yeah it's

  it's pretty spread out you almost need

  to play it on the floor yeah so anyway

  moving on I wanted to next talk about

  power grid the power grid didn't make my

  list because I played it too much I'm

  thinking good so one really good game

  think of it one of the problems with

  power grid is that our most common board

  game player friends

  our tips parents and it is among all the

  games that we seem to play like this

  they they've they've played almost all

  of them and they are like they're not

  geeks and so what's interesting is like

  teaching them these games because some

  of these games I think like oh this is

  gonna be way too geeky for them they're

  not gonna want to sit through all these

  rules and everything and I'm wrong about

  that every single time yeah like they

  always get into it they always like it

  even games like Agricola or Puerto Rico

  that have a lot of rules and it's very

  complex and takes a long time to set up

  they first look at it and they're like

  oh God

  but then as soon as like as soon as we

  explain it all and we start playing then

  everyone's into it and there has never

  once been a game where where anyone that

  we've introduced it to whether it's them

  are like you know my sister or brother

  in law or anybody else like or you know

  tips brother like we've introduced games

  to lots of family members who are not

  normally geeks you and Ryan my brother's

  name is Ryan when you guys played power

  grid like after everyone else did like

  everyone else is kind of done like we

  all probably around and you wanted to

  play another round together and you play

  like this lightning-fast round and that

  was fantastic yeah guys yeah so anyways

  a fun game these games are are if you

  have been withholding these games from

  like non geek members of your family or

  friends because you don't think they'll

  get it give them give them credit give

  them a try because we have had only

  fantastic luck introducing non geeks to

  all these geeky games but we also kind

  of hostage situation put them into

  playing these games because we refuse to

  watch movies with them because our taste

  in movies are so different so it's

  either like well if you want to spend

  time with us at night we're gonna have

  to play a board game that's there it in

  our defense board games are way better

  than watching movies with your parents

  oh well because at least you get to talk

  during board games and see each other

  and during movies everyone just falls


  exactly it's so late and everyone's

  tired yeah so power grid so yeah as you

  mentioned this this was this is the most

  commonly picked game by your parents it

  is their favorite it seems

  and so you are sick of it I am not yet

  your brother-in-law's 11th plains game

  that's true yeah I have not yet sick of

  power grid and part of that is because I

  generally don't get sick of things I can

  have the same thing and do the same

  thing every day and be very happy really

  you yeah surprising and but but part of

  that also is is

  I really do like it I don't think it is

  I don't think it's number one I would

  never put it as number one but it is a

  really good game all around and I think

  it is it might be among all the games

  that we have introduced people to I

  think it is one of the more accessible

  ones and I think it's definitely we can

  definitely say that it is like the

  committee favorite it the crowd favorite

  of like if you survey everyone like what

  do you want to play tonight we have all

  the different choices you know I'll want

  to play something like power grid or

  like Puerto Rico Riker Cola that's Mike

  more complex or more crazy everyone

  always agrees on power grid it's like

  the cheese yes we can all agree on power

  great pretty much that's how it happens

  I mean the power grid also has like that

  element of monopoly to it where you are

  making money you know see you have

  there's money in the game you have like

  the paper money just like monopoly you

  have little houses that represent towns

  that you you know very similar to

  monopoly where you have hotels that

  you're you're taking land I guess in the

  game and you have to kind of go through

  a round in order to gather your

  resources to power your town to then

  make more money so and then the next

  round starts and then you spend that

  money getting what what's the word


  yeah well game resources to buy power

  plants to to power your power plants and

  then therefore power your cities and

  then build more cities and so it's it's

  very it's logical when you think about

  how it's played it's not deep nothing's

  buried in like secret cards or anything

  it's all kind of laid out on the table

  really simply but at the same time

  there's a lot of strategy involved

  there's very little luck and there's

  very little chance right and and in

  power grid it really is first and

  foremost it is an economics game and it

  is and you have to kind of judge like

  you know what is the value of this power

  plant to me and they're like the power

  plants are sold by auction so you can

  have to fight against everyone else but

  that kind of gets fun because you get to

  bid out loud you know and it's more

  interactive it's not so stuck on the

  board that's yeah that's a good point

  that becomes more of like talking to

  each other and making

  jokes and bidding people up and you know

  watching their eyes you have someone

  that needs to play auctioneer because

  otherwise someone would sit and think

  about purchasing a power grid for like

  80 years so it gets really fun yeah and

  and it is also competitive like and

  we've been lucky in areas like like you

  know you it is kind of like a true

  market on the resource side in that like

  every round there's like only a certain

  number of you know things of coal things

  of oil etc and then your power plant

  needs like one of those things and the

  more people are buying something that

  more expensive it gets automatically and

  you can also run out of something

  entirely so like if you buy resources

  before someone else which is a strategic

  element like if you kind of hang behind

  in the game the way it's scored you get

  all the advantages kind of like Mario

  Cart so anyway there's all these

  different facets of this game and you

  can you can like screw somebody out of

  like the last of the coal or something

  and you also want to diversify from your

  other players because if everyone's

  going for coal powered power plants then

  there's not going to be enough coal

  resource in order to power these power

  plants so if you see that everyone else

  is bidding on coal power plants then you

  might want to bid on the one that like

  converts garbage into power so because

  then you eventually will be paying less

  than everyone else on your resource yeah

  and in our games because our family is

  either liberals or liberals in denial we

  no one ever wants to buy garbage or

  nuclear and so the and and whenever

  someone's not buying something it

  automatically gets cheaper and so

  usually the eventually like I'm like I'm

  like art fine I'll take the nuclear

  because it's so cheap at this point it

  makes no sense to buy anything else and

  no one else wants it like yeah it helps

  to kind of know who you're playing with

  and and the clean-burning power plants

  always the bidding the prices they go

  for absolutely insane and that's the

  thing there's no cap on how much you can

  spend on a power plant right you just

  how much money you have yeah it says

  kind of what it's worth on the card but

  as the bidding goes on you can just you

  can spend as much as you want I mean

  Ryan was went crazy and even over a

  hundred dollars right yeah and kind of

  paid off right or did it no it didn't he

  lost by a dollar at the end of the game

  yeah and so at the end of this game so

  so you

  can win by other means but we've had

  many games where it's like you know you

  win by a number of cities you power in

  the last turn but if you tie with

  somebody on that which often happens

  then whoever has the most money between

  those two players wins and so then like

  all of your decision-making for the

  entire game with like who do I spend the

  extra two dollars for this expensive

  coal here all that catches up to you at

  the very end if you tie with somebody

  which happens all the time

  and we have we have really had many

  games to be decided by one dollar or

  three dollars yeah it's it's crazy like

  how how tight it gets cuz it really is a

  it's it's all about economics and and

  cost efficiency and managing cost

  efficiency and it does this in a way

  that isn't boring because it sounds

  really boring if we say the head but it

  doesn't know what it isn't boring and

  that people really get into now I want

  to talk about power grid factory manager

  which is a game we just recently started

  playing I think we even played it just

  once I think we did only played it last

  Christmas because that's when we bought

  it yeah it has very little to do with

  power grid it really it's like the same

  really different but it has very good

  stackable pieces because it has a little

  working men yes they stack in very great

  little triangles and they look like

  little cheerleader yeah like the


  but I have that impossibly entering into

  my top 4 list because I don't feel like

  it's overplayed and I'm very interested

  in playing it again I'm very excited

  about it I had a lot of fun when we did

  play it I can't remember the gameplay

  for the life of me I can picture the

  board but I can't remember how to play

  it but it actually might make mine odd

  because it doesn't bore me that's

  amazing so and we should also point out

  like power grid also has a pretty good

  number of add-ons that you can buy to

  either add more cards to the game which

  we haven't done yet or what we have done

  they actually sell alternate boards so

  it comes with tool I can come to the

  board is too sorry I did a lot like

  Ticket to Ride from what I'm hearing is

  that ticket to like which is what I have

  on my short list but it didn't make the

  top four I don't think it made the top 4

  for you there's no a lot of chance in

  that game but power grid and Ticket to

  Ride also have varying maps that you can

  play on that that bring more diversity

  to each round yeah if you get bored

  alright so I do feel like I have before

  we get too far into anything else we

  have to mention Carcassonne

  because this is a game that is extremely

  popular that we've never played so I'm

  not judging it because I've just never

  played it okay so many and check yeah so

  just know that tell us about it we know

  it exists it is on our list of things to

  try but I like your feedback I do I like


  oh yeah no feedback about everything

  else is fine just know that we are aware

  of Carcassonne existence and we have use

  never played it okay I want to talk

  about the construction game it's still

  closed in our closet because we've only

  played it at my parents house but it's

  another game that I feel like is very

  interesting the dynamic is really great

  it's really fun to play in a group it's

  competitive it is also kind of a it's

  it's like a finance monopoly game again

  yeah I would say it really bears a very

  strong resemblance to Monopoly but it's

  not just like monopoly the lost edition

  you know it's not like that it's not

  like construction monopoly it's not like

  that it's actually called the

  construction game it looks kind of just

  like monopoly and you have to buy

  equipment and you have to perform you

  have to do jobs and you have to get win

  bids to do the jobs with your equipment

  and if you don't have the right

  equipment to do the job

  you know like anything you spend your

  money to do all the stuff and then you

  eventually win the game with the most

  money is that right

  they made it a long time we've played

  Italy twice I know but it sounds like

  five years ago I know and it lasts a

  really really long time it is a

  ridiculously long game but it's a lot of

  fun it's it's very competitive it's very

  energetic when you're playing with a

  whole bunch of people who care very much

  about playing the game yeah and I'm not

  bored of it so it's like hovering I have

  three I have three games that are

  starred that I never get to play much

  while you're on the subject let's

  briefly talk about monopoly okay because

  I need to talk I need to I need to talk

  about it if you don't yeah I don't need

  to talk about monopoly all right I'll

  make it quick

  okay so I have I have a history of when

  I was growing up I was a massive

  monopoly geek during the summer as I had

  this group of friends that I see every

  summer and we would play almost every

  day at least once almost every day for a

  good three or four summers that's a lot

  of Monopoly we were really bored I mean

  we were nerds we were too young to do

  anything interesting and there weren't

  any good German board games yet

  we I mean we were like you know 13 or

  something mean we were you know it

  wasn't it wasn't a good time so so we

  could do that so we did anyway so so

  I've played a lot of Monopoly I've read

  a couple of Monopoly books when I was a

  teenager like the various strategy books

  yeah I got my library anyway so monopoly

  gets it gets a worse rap it is a better

  game than those people think and there

  have been a couple of other podcasts

  about this I there I believe there was

  an episode of unjust Amon lying about it

  anyway I'll find it link to it but any

  more links sorry more show notes anyway

  you're the one dropping all these show

  know that all over the place anyway so

  monopoly gets it gets a worse rap than

  it deserves because most people don't

  actually do the rules most people have

  House Rules

  that quote make it more fun that usually

  and involve injecting more money into

  the game and when and then then they all

  complain that takes forever and they

  don't never connect the two dots to

  realize monopoly ends when people go

  bankrupt so if you inject money into the

  game it will take longer for people to

  go bankrupt that never crosses people's

  mind and and so they and or they've just

  they think they know how to play the

  game and they never actually read the

  rules like because they were just taught

  when they were a kid and they just keep

  playing the way they always have and

  they ever actually read the rules which

  are surprisingly short and so yeah rule

  Monopoly rules are pretty much word of

  mouth at this point yeah one's gonna

  pick up that book like have you ever

  read the rules to Scrabble I haven't no

  I don't even know I have no idea what

  the rules are I just know how to play I

  think you know yeah it's one of those

  things that you just learn how to play

  right you're like as you're

  indoctrinated into being a human you

  just kind of play right so but you know

  in in short if you think that you get

  extra money for letting on free parking

  or if you think that you don't get to

  collect rent or anything in jail or if

  you think that there's no auctions you

  need to go read the rules no it's like

  the big ones that most people don't know

  turns out jail is awesome in late game

  and free parking does nothing and

  auctions are a critical part of the game

  and yeah also buy the oranges anyway

  everyone knows that by now I think

  anyway monopoly is a very good game now

  there there was a thing that was put out

  some article I will not be able to find

  this for the show notes but some article

  that was put out about like what makes

  games seem more fun and fair versus

  others and monopoly does very poorly on

  this kind of test so like one thing that

  makes you gain like more fun for most

  people to play is like do people get

  eliminated midway through and they just

  can't play and have to wait for everyone

  else to finish the game because like

  that's no fun for those people you

  talked about that in our first show I

  did youdid I know I talked about it was

  on ATP anyway no sorry it was our very

  first show of anyway games all right so

  so there's there's that kind of thing

  where like you know they're there or

  certain factors like you know does one

  person like really tear away at the

  beginning and just have a huge lead that

  just is insurmountable and you can tell

  early on and then it's not fun to

  continue that game right so there's

  there's things like that that makes

  certain games more or less fun a

  monopoly does very badly on all those

  things it is really a very old-school

  kind of game there is a lot of luck

  involved although not as much as most

  people think if you if you kind of you

  know know the numbers and you know the

  stats of what could land it on but

  anyway I'm gonna start cutting you off

  about your monopoly time let's know but

  so so I do think overall though I'll

  close it out here I do think overall

  monopoly is a better game than most

  people give it credit for and it is

  overall a pretty good game it does not

  make my top 4 but it would probably make

  my top 10 okay I have another old-school

  game I want to bring up okay it's clue

  really I really really like clue I do


  well come on monopoly is monopoly but

  clue is not clue clue clue it's clear

  there was a movement it was really good

  I love clue the movie okay so I really

  like the game clue no one ever wants to

  play clue I had it as a kid and no one

  ever wants to play this is the story of

  your life but no one ever wants to play

  or you know whatever wants to play my

  favorite games I don't know I just like

  the little rooms and I like the little

  pieces and I'll you know having them all

  in the different rooms and making

  guesses and accusing people I was like


  where you get to talk to people a little

  bit yeah so I clue as a contender I

  don't know if I'm gonna put it on my

  list there's there's one slot open on my

  list for a power grid factory manager

  construction game or clue is what I have

  hovering in the lot but I don't know

  thank you so Peregrine factory manager

  and concession game are both games that

  you've played almost never and clearly

  there's a game that what was the last

  time you played games that I haven't

  played a lot because I'm not bored with

  them it's not like you just hate games I

  love I don't like tired games I don't

  like things that I'm tired of yeah well

  you're the kind of person you get sick

  of things pretty easily and I'm I'm the

  guy to never get sick of things on from

  everything you've been like jobs you're

  the only thing that's stuck around

  everything except me yeah I like you

  maybe our dog and kid yeah our dog and

  kid are good too games and stuff and

  yeah hobbies I just move on I'm a

  renaissance woman I know a little bit of

  a little a whole bunch of things okay

  well I think that's a fair analogy we're

  gonna move on in case it isn't so I've

  only played clue maybe twice and it was

  a play clue I I can't judge it I like I

  don't think I've ever played it as an

  adult and so I don't really know like

  objectively I might like it also because

  I do really like the movie so maybe them

  together that's most like movie and the

  game I really like together is that what

  if you watch the movie while playing the

  game sounds of me it's like my dream of

  eating Chinese food while people in

  movies are eating Chinese food well I

  really I just want to be eating Chinese

  food out of a box with chopsticks while

  I happen to accidentally be watching a

  movie that the characters do that to and

  I will feel so satisfied if that happens

  because I always want Chinese food when

  I see people eating Chinese food that

  makes sense okay anyway please somewhere

  on your list maybe a number four yeah

  about another game that nobody ever

  plays with me let's do it it's


  I love the game folder - I think it's

  balderdash close enough and I played it

  for the first time when I was a kid at

  my friend's house and ever since then I

  have asked for it for Christmas and I

  never got it my entire childhood my

  entire young adult life my entire

  teenage life like I just I would always

  be like what you offer Chris Ivy I love

  that game folder - and no one would ever

  ever get it and then one day one amazing

  amazing Christmas my dear loving husband

  finally finally after like six years he

  finally bought me the game of balderdash

  and now nobody plays it with me yeah and

  no one ever ever plays it with me

  everyone wants to play something else

  every time and I and I feel so bad now

  because I like beg people I'm like it's

  gonna be really fun and then I get

  nervous it's not gonna be fun because I

  really like it because you've hyped it

  up so much how many so I was high wait

  wait wait and in addition to that so the

  incomparable they play balderdash

  and every time I have not been able to

  join them yeah I've had something really

  like I really could not change the times

  that I could play like I could not play

  any time they've invited me to play it's

  the game that just is just right at the

  reach of my fingertips and I cannot grab

  on to it I love balderdash

  and so after all that how many times

  have you actually played the game

  probably like six times but it's so good

  I love making up stuff and I love when

  people make up stuff it's funny it's

  like pictionary but words and it's great

  maybe we're doing you a favor by not

  playing it with you because I would've

  liked it otherwise it wouldn't make my

  list yeah because you just hate

  everything you play too much we don't

  want to keeping me interested maybe like

  I like the mystery will agree to play it

  like every 10 years I love the mystery

  that is bolder - and this one of this

  game is to where you need more than two

  people right

  you do it yeah it's not as fun you need

  like a group and you need to be in a

  certain mindset to like you have to be

  like an active group that's willing to

  start like making up stuff and being a

  little funny and you know you can't just

  be a sleepy well let's play a board game

  kind of group you have to be ready for

  it right and it's and like that's one

  thing to mention like a lot of these

  games unfortunately like a lot of the

  best ones can't be played with just two

  people you know lots of people can get

  one other person who agree to agree to

  play a game with them you know whether

  it's your partner or your sibling or

  whatever like lots of people can get

  like you know one person to agree but

  but many of these games require at least

  three people

  yeah and that's where we get all tripped

  up yeah that we never get to play those

  games cuz we're just two people yeah and

  then by the time Adams old enough he's

  not gonna want to hang out with us no no

  no or or he will hate all these games

  cuz they'll be they'll be you know when

  he's younger

  they'll frustrate him you know and when

  he gets older then he won't wanna hang

  out with us yeah yeah we'll find out

  eventually anyway maybe when he's 30

  he'll be willing to play with us why do

  you have one game on my list that we

  have a two-person version that we've

  never played well PowerGrid has a tube

  that's how ryan and i played but what's

  your what you--what is your other one

  block Asst yeah block is totally made

  like my list i love block and it made my

  list as well really yeah that's so

  surprising because it's a really really

  it's a really really simple game it's

  pretty much like it's almost like a

  board game version of Tetris with other

  players yeah you you're the goal is you

  have a gridded a gridded did you have a

  grid board yes it has like ridges and

  you have little clear kind of colored

  tie like um and they look like Tetris

  pieces but it isn't just things with

  five blocks in them and you eat each

  person has a color and you have to fit

  them on to this grid in a certain way

  touching the other players pieces in one

  certain way and the goal is to get rid

  of all of your pieces and fill up this

  board so it's kind of like a land grab

  kind of game and it's really very fun

  because you can play it very quickly

  there's an almost notes that there's no

  setup really besides giving out the

  pieces but we have them all in neat

  little bags because we are totally nerds

  so the setups really easy the teaching

  people how to play is really easy so

  there's almost no

  um what's that word when there's no

  learning curve learning curve to play

  this game and it's it's just really

  simple and fun and it's difficult to be

  bored of it because it's every game is


  yeah Blancas has often been our dessert

  game like we will play one of the big

  complicated or an appetizer game yeah

  right yeah like so we'll play like one

  of the big complicated games like I

  could Cola or Puerto Rico that takes it

  the whole table and lots of setup time

  we'll play one of those and at the end

  of that it'll be like you know 10:30 I'm

  like well we don't really want to start

  a whole other one of those but how about

  a quick round of blacas or while

  someone's cleaning up the kitchen which

  is usually unfortunately my mom and the

  rest of us are like let's play a game

  real quick but while we wait for

  everyone to be done you know to go down

  and actually play the big game then we

  play a quick round to block us because

  it's so quick yeah but they have a - you

  have to buy a separate board to play two

  people yeah there's also a three player

  like a triangular version right there's

  that one yeah I saw it online there

  there is a three player version but the

  so that's so the only limitation with

  placas is that you have to play four

  players yeah you can't play like three

  to five people on the same board it's

  like no this board this board requires

  exactly four flame so you really have to

  think about strategy and how you're

  gonna play these gonna place your pieces

  and how you're gonna block somebody and

  how you're going to because if you play

  a certain piece at the very end you get

  super bonus points and you're super cool

  but it is actually it's very very

  difficult to to play all of your pieces

  yeah it is it is a surprising like it

  looks really simple but it is not easy

  you it yeah you can learn it very

  quickly but it is very hard to master

  yeah and it's it that's another game

  where like everybody we have introduced

  it to not only gets it immediately but

  also likes it pretty much you know

  pretty well yeah and every time you play

  it you're like okay let's play again

  yeah another one yeah dump it out play

  again or like if you if you have a

  situation like a bigger gathering where

  you have like multiple people cycling in

  and out of playing the game then it's a

  good it's a good game for that because

  like a round of lock it only takes like

  a half-hour maybe and then you can you

  can like bring in a new a new person in

  case oh yeah okay I'm done whoo let's

  play next and it's it you can rotate in

  and out it's really great that way

  that's cool we should have one of those

  out next time we have a party yeah it's

  a good idea the block is station yeah I

  would rent I rank block is right now I


  Blagh into my number-4 spot i have

  blockage I might move it up we'll see I

  think I might move it up to number two

  because my number two spots empty now

  that we're talking about it I thought

  that once we started discussing these I

  would start loving them more or less

  depending on how we talked about them

  out loud so I think Bacchus will be my

  number two nice because it's exciting

  you know it's fun and it's quick it's

  great and the only other other game on

  my list is that we talked about which

  kind it was also on your list and then

  we'll talk about any extras that you

  have is Bananagrams I have Bananagrams I

  love that that's another quick fun it's

  another game because it has you know

  it's basically like speed Scrabble

  almost like it's it's very you I mean

  because real Scrabble is just too long

  it is it takes too long everyone thinks

  about their words too long yeah and like

  everyone gets bored waiting for the

  person like waiting for each person to

  think about their word oh yeah you know

  words with friends is actually better

  than playing Scrabble better it is

  because you don't have to actually like

  you could go on with your life while

  you're waiting for someone to play yeah

  what it feels like when you're really

  sitting there playing Scrabble you're

  like I could just be doing anything else

  right now yeah yeah I don't really do

  not like playing Scrabble in person and

  and most games I would prefer to play

  like the hardcopy Scrabble is one of the

  few where that's not the case

  me too but anyway so but Bananagrams is

  really great because so you know so it

  literally is a bag shaped like a banana

  full of little Scrabble tiles and

  there's no points to them it's just the

  letters and the game is you dump them

  all out in the pile in the middle and

  then like you like speed try to assemble

  what is basically a valid Scrabble board

  in your own little place at the table

  that's like low Scrabble board yeah like

  so you aren't competing with anyone else

  on anything except so on yeah all your

  words have to connect and they have to

  all be real words yeah but and there's

  no scoring so it's like whoever whoever

  wins first basically right once all the

  tiles are gone whoever has like a legit

  finished board first wins right like no

  no word no tiles that you haven't placed

  in 2,000 words yet yeah yeah and I so it

  it's a very quick very low effort

  in a very low barrier game so again

  perfect game for the end of a night or a

  time when you don't have a lot of you

  know a much time to play it also is is

  very tolerant of different numbers of

  players and you could probably play with

  anything to an upright probably yeah

  yeah so you're on a piece is basically

  another game like this so that we should

  mention is corkle that a lot of people

  have really liked and we've showed them

  that game and that is matching colors

  and shapes so it's not good for your

  colorblind friends but other than that

  all sergeant

  yes that it that's also a really good

  fun kind of making grids of colors and

  shapes in different patterns and

  configurations yeah it's almost like

  dominoes in a way but it's like it's

  different rules you know yeah if you

  haven't played corkle and you like

  little fast kind of appetizer dessert

  games then you should check out corkle

  it so it's a good one to buy for

  Christmas actually because yeah it's fun

  family game yeah if you if you have a

  family gathering and and you want to

  like bring something for the family to

  do quark roll Bananagrams and block it

  yep those three things are our solid

  picks and I also really like the sets

  the card game set set set that's right

  yeah I like that one a lot

  that one hurts my brain I like that

  one's really fun I love that game the

  best thing either the colorblind not

  compatible no game the the best thing

  about set is how ridiculous you look

  while you're playing it because

  everyone's just staring at yes like have

  a grid of cards that you placed out and

  everyone is silently very intently

  almost never blinking staring at this

  game it looks so weird if you walk fast

  a group of people playing with that they

  look like they're possessed it's it's

  amazing that that to me is the best part

  it isn't a bad game it just I don't I

  don't like it as much I love that game


  so that's that's my whole list what do

  you what else do you have on yours that

  we haven't talked about on the big list


  pictionary I guess would be one of the

  big ones that we haven't really talked

  about I've had a number of pictionary

  birthdays yes it turns out a pictionary

  Ballack we just play it kind of like the

  old TV shows

  where we just have groups of people on

  teams and we go back and forth and we

  just try and draw like an entire card in

  what five minutes or less yeah well you

  knew it like when when you first wanted

  a pictionary party like six years ago I

  went and bought like the cheapest like

  office easel stand I could get in Haven

  and the giant flipchart paper pads it

  ended up being so much fun everyone got

  really really into it yeah you spend

  like 40 bucks and you have like this

  awesome pictionary set and we played it

  multiple times with at the end of

  parties and it's gone over really well

  and again we don't really adhere to the

  rules very much it's more like here's a

  card let's draw the whole card as fast

  as you can and have your team guess yeah

  or you know you have two minutes draw as

  much of the card as you can and then you

  know it's like tally points and yes we

  do it really very um yeah I don't

  laissez I'm not sure I've ever used the

  board in pictionary no the board's

  pretty boring yeah like when you do it

  actually it's like yeah it's too boring

  drawing on a giant flip chart is is much

  better like speed speed drawing and you

  like every one and it it's a fun game

  whether you can draw or you can't

  because people who can it's amazing how

  much they can get out but yet people

  still can't guess it and the people who

  can't draw that's what's also extremely

  funny seeing horrible stick figures and

  like just completely deformed animals

  that they're trying to convey pictures

  of and it's great but what I like about

  about that though is that artistic skill

  does not seem to correlate to how good

  you are pictionary exactly like it

  because it isn't about draw a version of

  this that looks good it's it's closer to

  like icon or sign design in that it's

  more like you have to communicate this

  idea with imagery how how quickly and

  effectively can you communicate this

  idea which is it's it's a similar but

  not the same skill and so like like I

  can't draw for crap but I'm a little bit

  better at that at that other skill than

  I am at drawing so I can I can do okay

  in fiction airy and I'm okay in picture

  you do very long pictionary

  yeah well it's icon design basically but

  you also need a good to a team that can

  guess - I mean we yes I'm the worst

  guesser someone the true like this

  amazing pagoda right or

  something like that they drew it it

  looked exactly like it but nobody on the

  team knew what a pagoda was so they

  couldn't get yeah it's like that was

  such a good drawing but it's still fail

  yeah yeah I'm much better at the drawing

  part that I'm the guessing part yeah I

  think you are a very good guesser aren't

  you I don't know I just really like

  playing the game it's it's one of those

  things like the same kind of group that

  would get into playing balderdash would

  get into playing pictionary the way we

  play it you just want us to play

  balderdash so much only cuz we know

  whatever plays balderdash with me

  alrighty more no just being sad about

  balderdash alright so but we have Mille

  Bornes that was the other one I forgot

  my Mille Bornes man you played that I

  played that a lot in my childhood my

  parents with my mom yeah my mom was

  really into it as well and so I

  discovered that like as a teenager she

  really brought it back out there's old

  ones in the 70 yeah I've played the one

  from the 70s too and then we went on

  eBay when we became our own little

  family and also bought a set from the

  70s because that's what we were used to

  playing the new ones look really weird

  yes it was like because the arts the

  arts all different now and yeah and this

  is this is a French driving game it's

  played with cards and you have to get up

  to speed and drive and so you get like

  these speed cards it's show you how fast

  your car is going but then same time you

  get sabotages where like your tire gets

  flat you run out of gas or and you have

  to accomplish a thousand miles that's

  yeah it's a meal mi yeah yeah Mille

  Bornes 2000 1000 miles yeah and it's all

  the games also call a thousand miles in

  some places but yeah like France maybe

  but yeah so and that too else yeah that

  yeah I haven't played in a long time but

  I did play it a lot recently together

  you know and when we lived above Pizza

  Grill so five years ago yeah so yeah ok

  so so we played it recently five years

  ago and before that like I I had that

  game on my Palm Pilot and so I played I

  played it a lot I remember like when I

  worked at Staples in college I played it

  a lot in the staples break room nothing

  else to do well meal war is a really

  good game so if anyone hasn't played it

  and hasn't heard of it I highly suggest

  it it's a really fun it's again you can

  play with two players so that's really

  good yeah it's one of the few it's a

  really good rainy afternoon

  if you want to teach your kids to it's a

  kid-friendly game

  yeah and it's and there's a little bit

  of a little bit of aggression because

  you can't like throw hazards at people

  like cuz like you you don't just come

  upon a flat tire you're you know wife or

  mom gives you the flat tire and yes

  anyway it's it's a good game it is not

  like - the level of quality oh you know

  what we should really talk about

  settlers oops

  no I don't want to talk about Sadler's

  but we if you don't talk about settlers

  we're gonna hear from what time is it

  well this is the last thing we're

  talking about so and then well then

  we'll say our list and we'll be done

  yeah so settlers settlers we have so

  many expansion packs that we've never

  ever opened because we play this game

  there's and for us and especially I

  think for you how we open the show I

  guess it's a good way to close the show

  is this is a game with tons of chance

  yes and so the chance aspect of this

  game kind of keeps us from really

  enjoying it I like playing it a lot more

  than you do because I find that the

  chance element actually keeps a little

  bit more fun for me but yeah it's not I

  I want to play other things more than I

  always want to play settlers yeah

  settlers to me it's a I say this with

  all the good and bad that comes with

  this it is the Starbucks of modern geeky

  games in the sense that Starbucks kind

  of rescued the world in a way and that

  they weren't the only ones to do but

  they're like the biggest like the

  headliners and the most popular who

  rescued the world from like the old like

  50s way of just like the cheapest

  possible cheap crap Coffee gas station

  coffee Folgers etc and they introduced

  the world to the concept of you know

  what coffee can be better than that and

  I don't like Starbucks really I think

  you can do way better than Starbucks if

  you put some care and effort into it

  yourself but I can't deny that Starbucks

  has had the effect on the world of

  reintroducing the world to good coffee

  and I feel like settlers has kind of

  done that to boardgames like it geeks

  have known about settlers since the late

  90s early 2000s it has come like

  our mainstream and I'd say the last you

  know five years or so but it's not new

  and and it was the game that geeks who

  knew about it could use in like 2002 to

  introduce the rest of their friends to

  the concept of better board games than

  monopoly in Candyland you know it's very

  accessible board game yeah and so it is

  often the first or only modern and geeky

  board game that people have played and

  so I give a credit for that it does

  deserve that credit we loved it in the

  beginning you played it a lot and we

  really really liked it but then we just

  started finding new things yeah I used

  to go to Starbucks every day for like a

  year I'm gonna Starbucks every day we

  still go to Starbucks over on road trips

  we have no choice don't tell anybody

  sorry I took that picture of you once my

  miserable face yeah no I mean Starbucks

  you know Starbucks is fine it's not

  great it's fine that's what I think

  about settlers it's fine

  you know it is better than a lot of

  games that came before it and it really

  does deserve credit for assuring in the

  mainstream to the idea of better newer

  geekier games than what we all played

  growing up but you can do a lot better I

  think yeah that makes sense

  that's how I feel all right so what you

  talk for oh okay so number one I have

  Agricola number two I have block as'

  number three uh I kind of want to like

  dump all the quick board the quick games

  all like together like oh so you have

  three number three's is that what you're

  saying this is going horribly I want to

  put balderdash on there but I feel like

  I love it so much and no one ever ever

  plays it with me it's like it's so hyped

  up in my mind I did I'm so nervous about

  playing it with other people at this

  point because I think it's just gonna go

  horribly I'm melting I'm melting okay

  Agricola block is balderdash and

  Bananagrams that doesn't feel good clue

  Bananagrams that doesn't feel good clue

  also doesn't feel good power grid

  factory manager that you played once did

  I played once here we go this this is

  how bad I was video games this is how

  bad you are at the board game ranking I

  feel so bad good like wow okay Agricola

  I'm blackest and balderdash and a whole

  bunch of others Wow

  I love you alright my top four number

  one Puerto Rico number 2

  Agricola number 3 block s number 4 power

  grid Wow see for me it's all about what

  didn't make the list

  alright now we have some important

  follow-up yeah it's now follow-up what

  is it oh I don't know news new it is

  news I guess yeah good isn't something

  we missed you know or got wrong mmm-hmm

  so in our last episode so now that's one

  to ago right we did an episode on the

  the top four worst Weezer singles not

  worst Weezer songs the worst songs that

  Weezer has that we chose to release as

  singles yes for their albums and let me

  just say right now we have heard el

  Scorcho so many times since that I I'm I

  hey I ended the show saying I liked el

  Scorcho so I I stopped well I like it

  even more now I don't hate it as a song

  but it was a terrible choice of a single

  for that time like that was yeah anyway

  and you keep playing the greatest man

  that ever did something or other

  yeah in the bathroom anyway it goes

  great there so I got stuck in my head

  too it's like you know how it's the the

  most frustrating thing to have a bad

  song stuck in your head it's a bad

  single and and to be fair and Weezer

  actually is pretty good at releasing bad

  songs as singles that gets stuck anyway

  so what we're getting around to is that

  apparently Weezer released another

  single yeah they released a single today

  yeah and a whole bunch of people were

  tweeting it at us and I started

  listening to women on the couch and

  Marko runs in he's like no no no stop

  because we're gonna listen to it on the

  show yeah I don't and I I just could

  tell that's what it was

  I haven't heard it yet at all except for

  like the little bit that you played in

  the couch and like that

  first about like five seconds yeah so

  this is gonna be the first time we are

  hearing it at all we're doing it live on

  the show okay you're gonna have to put

  clips in right yeah

  not the whole thing all right let's go

  okay I'm ready I'm scared I'm scared of

  Amy here we go she's trying to be Eminem

  I like it

  what's he saying thank God for girls

  they just say getting sweaty over rolls

  I think so this is terrible

  I like it

  it's catchy come on is it I like all the

  crazy lyrics I think that's the first

  time a Ganesha was ever in a song yeah


  that's it I really liked when they were

  like rap talking I like that part

  I like when all of a sudden they throw

  in a lyric that doesn't rhyme or just

  like stops everything kind of dead in

  its musical tracks I think that's really

  finally that's a very Weezer of them

  they do that a lot that see to me I kind

  of like it

  I don't think that was bad enough to

  make my top four worst singles no I it's

  too it's too catchy mmm yes you to me

  maybe it's only cuz I only heard it once

  I don't care for the subject matter the

  whole thank God for girls things what

  about the cannolis in echinacea I don't

  know I like a hope I like words so I had

  a lot of words I like a lot of words yes

  they can guarantee you that there were a

  lot of words in that song besides I hear

  this again that's not gonna happen right


  oh yeah not right now but I think I

  would listen to it again so I don't

  think I would put it on my top four

  I wouldn't even play it in the bathroom

  whoa be it be it not because it's worse

  than the greatest man who ever lived but

  because it has nothing going for it like

  it is it the greatest man that ever

  lived is at least somewhat catchy at

  least get stuck in your head I like this

  because I like Macklemore and like that

  kind of stuff and you don't like that so

  right right you're not gonna like this

  right like they are doing what is more

  likely to be popular today and I give

  them credit for that because they are

  keeping themselves relatively Road

  relevant I feel like they're keeping

  themselves modern but they're kind of

  sticking to who they are with their

  quirkiness and thence a lot like

  barenaked ladies kind of thing where


  lot of lyrics sometimes it sounds like

  it doesn't make sense together it's kind

  of nerdy it's I really like it but

  they're a little bit more rock than make

  it then barely a few ladies but like our

  is I don't know what is that

  I think if you're if you're if you're

  English then like companies and bands if

  are plural right but if you're American

  and they're singular

  I don't know when a band's name is

  barenaked ladies that's yeah but they're

  one band it's pretty second hands know

  ladies right sometimes they're naked

  though yeah anyway so I like it I think

  it lacks what usually makes Weezer songs

  catchy and memorable

  it is neither I would say it's neither

  of those things really I think it fits

  into the whole modern music stuff this

  stuff that's coming out now that people

  really like that's fair so I don't think

  it's a bad choice I mean and we haven't

  we haven't heard much the album yet but

  it's like one sweater song came out

  sweater song was super weird but it fit

  into the grunge culture that it came out

  of so that's why I never made our list

  it's a weird single but it fit when it

  came out but sweater song I would say

  sweater song was a much better song than


  yes sweater song wasn't much better song

  but you also don't like modern music you

  old man that's true