Top Four

Top Four 8: Take-Out Food


  you ready I'm ready we're back top four

  chief I can't anyway was that was that

  our intro we're gonna use that we'll see

  anyway so this week I picked the topic

  again that's gonna be getting old saying

  that over and over and over because

  Marko never picks the topic but we I've

  decided to do a special for Thanksgiving

  since we just had our Halloween special

  and this one is a Halloween

  tinea says Halloween she says she says


  and so now I'm I'm infected you've

  become a Halloween person no I don't

  know what I am I'm confused

  yeah we got to work on that okay so

  since we did oh he wouldn't silence hops

  come here house all right I'll tell you

  all what we're doing d well Marco is

  financing comps we are going to talk


  he's so distracting he's looking hurt I

  heard that everything is loud okay so

  we're gonna do a special for

  Thanksgiving and I thought that we

  should talk about our favorite takeout

  food because everyone gets takeout food

  the day before Thanksgiving so because

  no one wants to have that food in their

  house too because they're cooking the

  big meal so you want something quick and

  easy that you don't have to clog up your

  refrigerator because it's full of food

  or you're traveling so you don't want to

  have a whole bunch of food laying around

  so I think this early week of the

  holiday week start kicking off

  Thanksgiving for America Markov is

  takeout food so yeah let's talk about

  our favorite takeout food yeah so this

  is actually a pretty broad topic I

  thought when you first mentioned this I

  thought could we do a whole episode on

  that and then I started to take notes on

  what I think my top ones would be and


  and I very very quickly filled up an

  entire iPad page with notes Wow yeah

  well the small iPad know okay yeah not

  the giant the giant one would have been

  impressive it would have been but I'm

  not that impressive

  so so I have a lot of notes on this okay

  how do you want to do it aren't you good

  why don't you start with your

  well when we first started listening

  then we could only less three but I said

  we can open it up to possible lunch

  foods as well if we need to but I really

  don't think we need to I have my three

  favorite foods takeout food types all

  right for forum this is top four I have

  my four favorite takeout food types

  pretty set so do you want to go least

  favorite to favorite

  let's do least favorite to favorite okay

  what do you have well so I have a whole

  I have like more way more than four on

  the list of course I don't know how much

  you want to talk about the ones that

  didn't really make the top four one of

  the ones that didn't make the top four

  for me was burritos it didn't make my

  top four either but I do have it on the

  the sideline list

  Yesi and so my burritos made it for me

  likes it about number six or so I like

  burritos a line this would include

  places like Chipotle at that day I have

  little Baja Fresh stuff like that you

  know how fresh was so good yeah yeah

  they still exist like in terrible

  versions and rest stops but I haven't

  actually are they really that fresh then

  no they will they they they call

  something different the ones in

  restaurants are called Baja Fresh

  Express or something like that it's a

  variant on the name and I tried it once

  I would not recommend that you know cuz

  their whole thing was originally no can

  openers no freezers right so everything

  was pretty like yeah it was actually

  fresh yeah yeah this this place was was

  nothing like the the actual Baja Fresh

  places were when I last had them in

  Pittsburgh I used to prefer Baja Fresh

  way over to pull a yeah it's so much

  different and and Chipotle's good I've

  we actually had one of the first

  Chipotle's on my block growing up like

  it opened up while I was still in high

  school really well yeah it was it was


  yeah well because Columbus was a test

  market city for a lots of things it's

  very it's like it's like the most

  average city in America and it's fairly

  cheap to develop stuff in so generally

  the big chains like Panera was was visit

  was there that was the first time I ever

  had Panera wasn't was in Ohio

  exactly yeah generally chains they don't

  they don't often originate in Columbus

  but they usually hit Columbus pretty

  close to the beginning of their

  nationwide expansion for

  for that reason anyway so I would say

  burritos I like burritos but the reason

  they didn't rank high for me was that

  they just there just isn't that much

  variety at most burrito places for

  things that you would actually order

  it's like generally you figure out the

  one burrito that's your favorite and you

  get that pretty much every time and you

  really don't take it home do you it's

  more of like a lunchtime office takeout

  food if you know you're with a group of

  people or you want something quick or

  you're driving somewhere and you need to

  stop I we take we get Chipotle home

  because we never leave the house but

  other than that I really don't it's not

  like our dinner to take out kind of


  exactly so burritos for me are fairly

  low in lists only only because not

  because I don't like them but only

  because I just tend to get the same one

  every time and and it's it never really

  blows me what I've never had a burrito

  with you maybe with the exception of

  Baja Fresh yeah ten years ago but

  otherwise I mean I never get like a

  really great Brittan like from the

  places in California where everyone says

  California burritos are incredible and

  they're pretty good well you got to find

  the really good places yeah I'm all

  places in the city that's true yeah like

  you got to find the good halal cart you

  can't just get any halal cart because

  it's not the same right exactly

  alright so anyway I also had a whole

  bunch of stuff on here that we don't

  need to really go over ahead like the

  whole Boston Market category you had

  that on there I don't even write it down

  that well just it's an option for like

  dinner takeout it's like you know a

  place either Boston Market or places

  like Boston Market where it's like

  chicken and side dishes and stuff that

  you can pack up and take home the I

  didn't rank that highly enough I enjoyed

  please like that sometimes but it's not

  just not high enough I also I just write

  a lot of people get like KFC yeah like

  bucket the chicken to take home and eat

  yeah we don't do that

  no we're not really well that's I would

  classify that as really fast food like I

  think Fried Chicken it's fast food

  roasted chicken with fatty side dishes

  for some reason doesn't feel like fast

  food yeah but people don't really take

  home McDonald's but people will take

  home a bucket of chicken cuz they

  advertise it as like a family dinner

  that doesn't mean yeah I think it's

  often times one person even that bucket

  just kind of said anyway I also put

  burgers down kind of low on a list and

  again similar reason to bar

  I mean two burritos not because I don't

  like burgers but because it's kind of

  like a one-hit wonder you know like you

  get a good burger somewhere and yeah you

  can change up the toppings here there

  but like the variety possible isn't that

  wide and you never come away from it

  saying like this is an amazing burger or

  the best burger I've ever had it's

  always like yeah this is pretty good

  yeah it's never good places that are

  specifically burger places like or if

  they're a restaurant that happened to

  specialize in burgers like we used to

  have a restaurant in town that

  specialized in burgers that we would get

  takeout from but I think those are

  different and a little bit higher class

  status wise in the takeout food chain to

  the fast food burger but yeah they don't

  make the list for me either

  yeah I think they try to be special but

  they aren't always hmm well you got it

  cooking a burger as we know from

  watching Top Chef is actually kind of

  hard to do because you have to get the

  ratios right you have to get like the

  flavors right you can't just kind of

  slap anything on there and hope it's

  good because it doesn't work exactly all

  right so anyway moving up the list now

  so let's see I had oh I want to I want

  to mention the red menu Chinese places

  it's not on my list not at all but it

  used to be I guess because I grew up

  with getting really good read menu

  Chinese restaurant places on Saturday

  nights with my family and then we'd

  watch a movie so but that was a

  particularly very very good place that

  we went to and all of them since then

  have just been like salt attacks yeah

  those are those are also highly variable

  in quality yeah but I would say like the

  the ceiling of quality from those the

  best they can possibly get isn't that

  great like it's it's decent it's like

  it's like a good burger place it's like

  most great burger place is like the best

  you can get from a good burger place

  usually is decent pretty good you know

  but it doesn't like blow your mind how

  good it is and those type of places you

  really can't even judge the place where

  you go to get the takeout from because

  it could be like the grossest looking

  place and end up being good food oh yeah

  remember that one in where did you live

  Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

  yeah where that it was like that dirty

  little hole where that guy was just like

  sweating over that huge guy really good

  yeah it was so good yeah it was like and

  you get out of there for like six bucks

  and have no idea how it's even possible

  to get the amount of food you got for

  six bucks and it just but it's just one

  guy in like the tiniest closet ever of a

  room with no tables just like one guy

  behind a counter with a giant wok and it

  was good it was good yeah yeah so well

  it wasn't that good it was really cheap

  it wasn't it was remarkable for its

  cuteness not as good as anyway yeah

  maybe it wasn't that good yeah it was it

  was yeah remarkable but not good I was

  drugged so anyway I would say moving up

  the list now into my top four my number

  4 is Indian food oh that's your number 4

  yeah Wow

  yeah so it's it's not that it's my

  fourth least favorite taste necessarily

  it's it's about all overall factors and

  and as I move up you'll probably figure

  out why but for me it's so Indian food

  first of all it is the best if you're

  going for some kind of shared or buffet

  situation where if you have a bunch of

  people and and I know I know Indian food

  in reality is a very very large category

  I'm referring to like this stuff you get

  at an American Indian restaurant like

  it's you know it's gonna obviously be

  I'm pretty sure British Indian

  restaurants are the same but way better

  from like the two I went to I can say

  that's probably sounds about right but

  they're the same they have all the same

  dishes but they're just a lot better

  yeah but there's like there's like

  different like different regions of

  India like northern Indians of the

  versus oh that southern Indian food and

  what we usually have is only one of them

  and I forget which one unfortunately but

  anyway so I'm talking about you know the

  kind of like Indian food with the with

  the thick sweet curries and you know

  that use a lot of like the clarified

  butter and cream curries and everything

  that's that's the kind of things I'm

  referring to that's what we usually end

  up getting talking about what we usually

  order because Indian food is on my list

  but much higher than it is on yours okay

  that's fair but I don't know I could I

  could change cuz I panic in the middle

  of list making once we start talking

  about it but we just talked about when

  we order Indian food we order what we


  call the traffic light which is a red

  yellow and green curry yes Chenoa

  chicken tikka masala saag paneer and

  malai kofta yeah and those are is the

  trifecta of delicious oh definitely all

  of them together

  well no you don't mix them together be

  like there on your each other on the

  plate you know you scoop with the naan

  oh it's so good yeah

  my strategy for Indian food is rice or

  naan pick only one yeah you can't do


  yeah and you have a good mango lassi

  with that really fills you up

  super good I love when the places have

  the rice with the peas in it right peas

  in the rice they do it at some of them

  yeah yeah that's really good or sliced

  umm what do they put all that sliced

  almonds on and yeah yeah a little raisin

  sometimes I'm getting hungry yeah all

  right so so I I love Indian food but one

  thing about that that I think is

  interesting is that at least for our

  purposes it kind of has this feeling of

  being like a special thing rather than

  an everyday thing like you can get

  something like pizza every day for like

  you know three or four days straight and

  kinda not think about it or or doesn't

  seem that weird

  whereas Indian food you feel it feels

  like an extravagance for some reason and

  and so it kind of feels like you can

  only do it maybe once a week at most and

  generally even less than that maybe once

  every two or three weeks

  yeah and it's better when company comes

  over because like you said it's it's the

  dishes come in like a large portion the

  way we like to order and when people who

  we normally don't eat Indian food with

  come and they have their own favorite

  dishes it's really great to try

  everyone's favorite dish without having

  to be committed to something that you

  know you wouldn't necessarily you might

  not end up liking but I mean everything

  I've had Indian food wise I have liked

  so that's not really a problem

  you still want my lentils well that's

  because there are lentils I mean they're

  delicious anyway so that's that's why

  Indian was number four for me it's that

  it's like it is kind of restricted to

  like special occasion status it's also

  it's not incredibly hard to find good

  Indian food but it's not that easy

  either there are a lot of places in

  good Indian food just simply isn't

  available really every place I've lived

  - that good Indian food

  well maybe not Cortland you never lived

  in the Midwest no I haven't except for

  in college but that's not really that

  far up I didn't even know Indian food

  about Indian food when we were in

  college right right so good thing

  because we would have been really

  miserable where we were anyway so that's

  my number for at least we had 10 cent

  wings my number four I have as Greek

  food oh I forgot about Greek that's

  interesting okay yeah I love good Greek

  food I like this is gonna be so

  embarrassed in a Greek restaurant when I

  was in high school and early college or

  maybe just early college can't remember

  but I remember just early college early

  college okay thanks you're the best for

  multiple summers I worked at a Greek

  restaurant and I am still embarrassed

  about saying the word gyro

  in a greekish way I don't know I just

  feel silly

  sorry saying gyro but I don't know it

  sounds it I feel silly even though I

  know that's really the right way to do


  this is a debate there's there's

  arguments on both sides of how it should

  be said when two Americans are talking

  to each other and other Americans about

  it you should say zero it's kind of like

  a combo of both so that way you offend

  everybody yes well yeah I guess if

  you're gonna be you can be an equal

  opportunity offender you can offend

  everybody equally that makes sense okay

  so so Jiro what was that it what how do

  you really say how do you just say my

  fake way yeah zero okay so getting these

  zero no they're so good I know I like

  well you know actually an actual gyro

  however we're gonna say it an actual

  gyro I always like the idea of it better

  than the actual practice of it I much

  prefer a gyro salad to a gyro in a PITA

  for two reasons first of all you know

  pitas are delicious but they're also

  giant and very filling and very calorie

  dense and so I I'm kind of not that into

  that and but the the permit the primary

  reason why I prefer the salad first of

  all the the sandwich version of it is

  usually very very poorly mixed so you

  have like one bite that's all

  one ingredient she like one bite it's

  all lettuce one bite it's all meat

  because like they're just they're not

  they're layered rather than blended and

  then put in so it's it's not easy to get

  a good blend of flavors and then

  secondarily the salad is way cleaner to

  eat which is usually the opposite but in

  this case like eating a gyro sandwich

  the whole thing like stuff is falling

  out of it you're getting the the grease

  from the meat and possibly the dressing

  all over your back hand is holding up

  the back of it like it just is creepy

  it's not that greasy because all the

  it's because it's it's cooked on a spit

  so all the rips down off of it and then

  they shave it so you're not left with

  like a greasy pile of meat so maybe it

  maybe maybe the stuff that coats the

  back hand is just like you know tomato

  water and it's all the water from the I

  don't want to say the wrong one to Zeki

  sauce yeah yeah yeah so so you get a

  good Greek restaurant with a good 2zq

  sauce cuz if you don't have a good

  flavorful 2zq sauce that's it's over but

  I mean come on there's so many great

  things in Greek food and you totally

  took my thunder and trying to describe

  the whole salad thing because we order

  gyro meat on top of a Greek salad which

  is wonderful and also you can control

  your portions with how much goes into

  the pita like you can scoop and I also

  like getting the Greek dressing and all

  the other Greek all the other vegetables

  that are in a Greek salad combined with

  the gyre with the gyro me in like a

  little tiny like bites of pita uh yeah

  that's just great yeah it's so much

  better than an actual taro sandwich but

  I mean that's like the gateway drug to

  Greek food right yeah totally

  it's that baklava and spanakopita which

  is the spinach pie I also maybe hummus

  and stuff but

  Oh Bahamas so and chickpea like you know

  marinated chickpeas and things but

  that's you know that's a lot now

  everybody has something yeah everyone

  has that kind of stuff and I've got

  lemon Oh soup if you haven't tried this

  you really should it's chicken lemon and

  rice in its like an egg base maybe oh

  I've never watched them make it at the

  restaurant I went to that IO that I

  worked at I mean it looks like there's

  something there's something like foggy

  that's not free well it could be the

  rice that they cans it up maybe

  anyway yeah it's delicious I was always

  a skeptic you got it forever and I and I

  didn't it's very lemony and very

  delicious and now Marco loves it

  yep you converted me on the algal amino

  soup and there's also this wonderful

  dessert that my brother really can't

  pronounce ever and it's really kind of

  fun to say

  it's a Gattaca boutique oh oh it's like

  a custard with phyllo dough kind of

  fluffy flakiness to it with drizzled

  with honey sauce that's also a really

  good dessert yeah there's a lot a lot of

  good things that Greek restaurants and a

  lot of great unpronounceable things it's

  all delicious and a lot of it's very

  vegetable and meat you like you don't

  have to do a lot of car B starches and

  the cheese is only you know some crumbly

  feta here and there so it's not so true

  yeah if you're eight here's Ryan I go

  like paleo and stuff I you'd probably

  have an easier time there than many of

  these types of places oh yeah you

  definitely would and the yogurts just

  you know the your the sauces is a it's a

  mild yogurt so right and you know that

  dairy heavy and you could always leave

  that sauce off you know you don't have

  to go you don't have to coder on Greek

  dressing to is vinegar it's oil and

  vinegar base so yeah it's great and

  Greek is easy to take out it's easy to

  have at home if you're gonna transport

  take it out take it out a lot of places

  have Greek takeout right don't they

  isn't it like a thing I have my there's

  like a Greek restaurant thing at other

  places I don't know

  I have diners but those don't count do

  not count Greek diners as Greek food no

  there and greet diners are a respectable

  food choice in many conditions but it's

  not the same thing as a proper Greek

  restaurant or Greek takeout place

  yes yeah alright so moving on what's

  your oh do you want to do your number

  three my number three on how you want to

  do this okay so we both did our number

  four so my number three is Thai food

  interesting but I might be able to I we

  haven't had tired a lot recently and now

  because we are trying to do less carbs

  and stuff that's why I think it moved

  down my list from Indians my number two

  right now and so I I moved Thai even

  though I prefer the flavors and things

  in Thai food so like it's a lot of times

  it's our date night we

  we get time especially we go to a good

  Thai place that's a little bit further

  than we would like it to be it's like a

  half hour away it's a little bit further

  than we would like it to be it's totally

  worth the drive because they're at we've

  looked and as far as we have been able

  to find there is not a better one closer

  than that but bad Thai is real bad so

  here actually is really good

  I have Thai as my number two see I

  thought you would yeah so but that's

  that's what I'm explaining why it didn't

  make my number two is because right now

  I'm hesitant about it because of how

  carbee it is and I'm trying to do a lot

  less carbs and sugar and dairy and all

  that stuff

  I mean staying within let the general

  very broad category of Asian cuisine

  it's pretty good to minimize dairy and

  so then then the issue becomes carbs and

  you know hands and sugar stuff and salt

  and how you want to do those things but

  I would say I mean the things we usually

  get from Thai restaurants are usually

  have rice or noodles

  what they have many other options that

  don't so you have options there anyway

  but I agree with what you said a minute

  ago which is one of the issues Thai

  faces which is it's incredibly variable

  in quality between between places you

  know like certain kinds of things like

  you know like burritos I mentioned

  earlier like the range that you that you

  generally find in the world of bad or

  mediocre burritos - great burritos in my

  opinion that range is fairly compressed

  relative to other types you know it's

  not it's not that huge of a range with

  Thai food I think the range is very big

  and the good thing is bad Thai food

  doesn't taste bad it usually is bland

  yeah I also don't like when Thai food

  when they get too nutty when they start

  throwing lots of nuts all over the place

  oh no it's well if they're cashews

  that's or peanuts that's perfectly

  cashews are fine I don't like when they

  throw the peanuts around i I don't well

  I don't order pad thai I don't like red

  Thai most people when they think Thai

  food think pad thai that isn't all that

  that's out there I'm a Tom Kha gai soup

  person it's like a lime unlike all these

  soups yeah it's like a lime coconut e

  chicken soup that's delicious and I'm

  also a

  you had chemo noodles yeah pad chemo but

  that's also different everywhere like

  they used for noodles I like the really

  wide almost translucent goopy noodles I

  don't know what they are I'm really


  that's offensive I'm so sorry I really

  think it's delicious I just don't know

  what they're called yeah we

  unfortunately are extremely uneducated

  in most of these non American food and

  we also like a basil fried rice and we

  like pineapple fried rice and and all

  the curries that they have there which

  are very different than Indian curries

  for anybody who doesn't get these type

  of takeout foods and you are interested

  in trying if you try one it does not

  taste anything like the other so if you

  don't like one at that you know try the

  other anyway because they're gonna be

  completely different right like if you

  don't like Indian curry or if you don't

  like curry powder then you know that

  doesn't mean you won't like Thai curry

  like these are all all three of those

  things are very different yes you know

  like chicken coated and curry powder has

  a very different flavor from Indian

  curry which has varied in flavor flavor

  and texture from Thai curry so yeah very

  different foods they could share one

  word so if we inspire anybody to go out

  and try new foods that you haven't tried


  go forth and try yes boldly yes but I

  would say for me Thai food I would say

  that the when it's good that it is the

  best for me it is my number one for for

  taste when it is good Thai food that's

  true a good crunchy spring roll or a

  good curry

  fantastic red curry I mean come on oh

  yes red curry you're convincing me and

  fried rice hi iced tea I like a fast

  food with its own drink as well that

  really sells me because Indian food has

  a delicious mango lassi and Thai food

  has a Thai iced tea Thai iced teas are

  one of those things that you try it the

  first time because you're like oh this

  is interesting what is this Thai I see

  you try it and you're like I don't think

  I don't like it I'm not weird sure if I

  I don't know if I like this and then you

  take another sip of it you're like I'm

  still not sure I like this and then you

  finish the whole thing and you're still

  not quite sure you you like it and then

  the next time you can

  not order another one and you're like oh

  this is my favorite drink like it just

  that's everyone that I've talked to you

  has had that transition when it comes to

  Thai iced tea because it's so delicious

  after you've had it like a full one and

  decided it was delicious

  I've never met anyone that took one sip

  of Thai iced tea and was like this is

  amazing it was like I'm not sure I like

  this I've also never had anybody take

  one sip and say I hate this and I don't

  want any others and like I don't want

  any more you know you just it you take a

  little thing you're like after a while

  the aftertaste makes you want to drink

  more sounds like it's there pretty

  strong in in dairy and sugar so you know

  you can put a lot of dairy and sugar and

  pretty much any flavor and most people

  will like that flavor

  okay I'm going back diet restrictions

  aside I'm moving Thai up to my number to

  an Indian down all right so you have

  some coherence now yeah ooh I might even

  you know float up to number one cuz I do

  like I do like a takeout with a drink

  see but but might what's keeping it from

  number one for me is what I said earlier

  that you know the the quality range is

  huge well and you can't have it all the

  time and exactly so I have that here too

  it's the same thing I said it about

  Indian food which is like it doesn't

  feel right for some reason to have Thai

  food every day even though yeah that's

  my theme is in the richness of it it I

  know but I don't think there's any

  logical basis for that that's just how I

  feel like it just seems like Thai and

  Indian are like these special things for

  some reason and that is that makes no

  sense like logical it makes no sense

  there's no reason why those should be

  special occasion of foods and something

  like pizza shouldn't be there there's no

  reason for that but for some reason

  that's how it feels

  well if we had like a good agent fusion

  kind of place around I would eat like a

  variety of different Asian cuisines like

  every day if I you know I could I'd not

  sushi though sorry all you sushi people

  and yes we have had good sushi everyone

  says well you haven't had good sushi so

  that's why you don't like sushi I like

  fish I am a seafood eater and I do not

  care for sushi there's just a flavor in

  it that I just don't care for it's just

  not it's not my thing but almost every

  other Asian cuisine I think we are are

  pretty into yeah we're into many of them

  but yeah we neither of us like sushi so

  sorry sushi people we yeah really say

  anything more about it cuz I'm sorry

  yeah Japanese and sushi in general I I

  have a tough time with unless I do like

  ramen now yeah is ramen classified as

  Japanese cuisine neither of us know

  anything about Japanese cuisine however

  I'm pretty sure it is it is well I like

  a very specific type of ramen and it's


  and you asked for half the ingredients

  to be removed yeah and some other ones

  Oden I like the bok choy yeah I don't

  like the fish cake fair enough okay

  and so my number 3 which I skipped over

  because we because of our order here my

  number 3 is pizza

  oh no I'm curious what your number 1 is

  so don't throw in a creepy lunch food

  you are the means I know I see your

  smile I see your smirk I keep I can veto

  ahh I honestly don't know you mean but

  anyway number it so number 4 is Indian

  number 3 is pizza number 2 is Thai so

  why is Pizza number 3 for me it with a

  good thing about pizza is that it does

  feel acceptable to have you know

  multiple times a week and and so it's it

  feels acceptable of you to have multiple

  times yeah I have pizza guilt when we

  accidentally don't remember to cook or

  make meals or anything we have to go get

  pizza it's fine I feel so guilty

  there's so and pizza also there's

  there's a lot of variety at a pizza


  but within a like a pizza place usually

  has a relatively small number of forms

  that this that the stuff can take that

  you get but what is in or on those

  things can be highly variable so it's

  like first we need to say we are very

  lucky where we live because we are

  surrounded by amazing amazing pizza and

  even our worst pizza is better than most

  people's best pizza that is true so we

  have exceptional pizza in our area that

  it can make our list as high as it is

  because I believe my pizza I have right

  now at number one even though I totally

  always feel guilty about eating it but

  we need to talk about something about

  pizza it's not just Italian food we're

  talking about pizza right

  because there's also calzone restaurants

  around here that like are they also sell

  pizza but there are places that are way

  better at calzones which are very

  different that's like a separate thing

  like like like I know the food like

  there are separate calzone restaurants

  well the calzone places will often sell

  pizza also but there are placed pizza

  places that are better at calzone than

  they are a pizza okay I guess that makes

  I feel like you don't go to the same

  pizza place if you want a calzone or if

  you that you is you know the same place

  that you want I'm saying that's wrong

  you don't go to the same place where you

  get your best pizza and your best

  calzone they're usually two different

  places that's interesting okay does

  anybody ever actually want a calzone oh

  yeah when you find a good place you

  really want a calzone and we had it yeah

  remember I brought you the satellite

  Pizza Island yeah I don't know to me

  like I always they made a damn good

  calzone it was amazing

  a seat to me I think it's easier to make

  a good calzone than to make a good pizza

  no no no because you got to get the

  ratio right inside you have to get the

  fluffiness level you can't have the

  dough too thick you have to have a

  really good marinara to like pour on the

  top and you it just has to have the

  right ratio of I'm gonna say this weird

  deal with it the mozzarella - the

  ricotta it has to be a good ratio inside

  with the filling and it has to be like

  salted the right way it can't be like a

  shredded cheese that there that's put in

  there you can't cheap out like there's a

  lot and and it can't be burnt you know

  and it has to be a little bit bubbly

  it's amazing and the good calzone places

  always have the best that police okay

  cuz that sort of thing that's it's well

  because they use the same dough it's the

  same dog that wraps the filling of the

  cow like that wraps the calzones as it

  is to make the zeppoles does that please

  just don't have any filling and they're

  coated in powdered sugar coz I mean

  every culture has their fried dough

  of course yeah you got you got to have

  your fried dough so I wanted to classify

  want to clarify that that the calzone

  place is separate than the pizza place

  now for pizza places I also wanted to

  talk about this is serious I know this

  is I mean come on Long Island New York

  area that we're all about the pizza so I

  need to talk about the garlic knot


  hmm now garlic knots with your pizza or

  not because not or not because yeah

  because some places you know it's just

  like balls of dough they don't do a good

  garlic knot but other places do a great

  garlic knot but you're already getting

  so much bread and stuff with your pizza

  so what do you do it is that is a

  difficult choice and it just it depends

  highly on whether your pizza place of

  choice makes good garlic knots and in my

  experience most places don't we had a

  place that put garlic knots on the crust

  that is insane yeah it was like four or

  three and a half garlic knots per slice

  of pizza see now I come from the land of

  the Midwest which is the land of putting

  crazy stuff in and under and between

  pizza because the pizza itself is

  usually pretty mediocre

  so the idea is you get you know the

  stuffed crust where you get like you

  know the the I don't know put wings in

  the crust god knows what they're crust

  it's just an addition so you can get a

  whole pie and you get garlic knots that

  surround the pie so you don't have to

  order both it's not it was a thing it

  happened when I was in high school it

  was a strange time my favorite as an

  aside here my favorite thing is when you

  see like a pizza ad for a place like

  Pizza Hut or whatever we want to do we

  are not talking about Pizza Hut no I'm

  just saying for the people out there I'm

  sorry if Pizza Hut and Domino's and

  stuff for the only or Sbarro is the only

  thing you have to associate with your

  takeout pizza this is not what we are

  talking about it is a completely

  different food yeah and I cannot wait

  for all of you who have never

  experienced New York Pizza to come to

  New York and experience it because it is

  amazing yeah yeah but yeah anyway I love

  when the when you see like these

  commercials for these big pizza chains

  and they would say you know you get like

  the the two pies with toppings and then

  they say make it a meal by adding wings

  it's not already a man like breadsticks

  and two liters of soda that's currently

  it's like that

  that makes it a meal like oh now it's

  before I thought it was a snack right

  yeah I guess the pizza is the side dish

  anyway people are people are not always

  healthy but anyway so yeah for me pizza

  is pizza is the default for dinner not

  necessarily for lunch but it's a it's

  the default for dinner which is if you

  can't figure out what else to get just

  get pizza see I'll always like a slice

  of pizza

  I'll always eat a slice of pizza if

  someone says we're having pizza we could

  all agree on pizza pretty much because

  it's so it's so easy and good to find

  something you love on it and it's

  usually extremely tasty like I've never

  had I think that that's why I would say

  it's my number one because I feel like

  most places that we go we can find a

  really good pizza

  we even fell in love with pizza and

  Pittsburgh yeah I found the right place

  oh good as long as you go to a place

  that is actually making their pizza and

  cares a little bit about it even outside

  of the New York metro area you can find

  really good pizza yeah yeah like good

  pizza is not only in New York it's just

  more common in New York right well I

  think like major cities will often have

  like a couple different competitive

  pizza places that you can find yourself

  a good pie or a good slice yeah

  gotta go to Aiello's if you're in

  Pittsburgh anyway so so that was your

  number one right it was you got to get

  the good pizza otherwise there's a hot

  ring of garbage I think it's a circle of

  anyway so yeah it is hot circle of

  garbage yeah it's like eating a hot

  circle of garbage my number so if if we

  were restricting it to only dinner okay

  then pizza might might be my number one

  for all those reasons

  wait so okay ready give me your dinner

  list dinner would be maybe burgers you

  forgot about Greek originally so you can

  add that back in I think read better for

  lunch okay so okay my generalist my

  dinner menu would be I think just off

  the top my head

  unprepared now I think you I think it

  would be I just took away one thing you

  just got to move some stuff up the list

  and then yes well so I think it would be

  burgers Indian Thai pizza so with pizza

  number one so that's

  okay now my dinner list no you're not in

  my overall list huh melding lunch and

  dinner together into one category what I

  thought we were doing I changed it up on

  you number four Indian number three

  Pizza number two Thai

  number one the lunch deli slash sandwich

  place I mean yeah I if we were doing

  lunch I think lunch is different than

  dinner you have to have a separate lunch

  and it I don't care what I said before

  you have to have it because otherwise is

  it a whole different discussion I have

  whole different things to add to this

  list I don't want any of these things

  for lunch

  I wanted a totally different list for

  lunch many of like I think like Indian

  and Thai well Indians a little heavy I

  mean you can do it but you got to be

  careful no Indiana's feels more dinner

  but I often find ty Franck

  but Panera needs to be thrown in there

  maybe right so cuz they're like a suit

  or I shouldn't say Panera but I should

  say like soup sandwich places which is

  different than the deli well so I have

  this kind of as one category because

  there's a lot of overlap so maybe this

  is my number one this is this is the

  lunch deli slash sandwich place now I

  have to clarify similar to our pizza

  disclaimer there are certain places that

  I am explicitly not including that

  includes subway and Quiznos and anything

  like subway or Quiznos those places

  they're just terrible

  I mean I've it's not that I've never had

  them I've had them plenty of times

  because I haven't always lived in a

  place with good sandwiches I've had I've

  had subway and Quiznos frequently or

  often mmm a lot and you're talking about

  the East Coast deli yeah yes because

  they have them up in Boston Kelly from

  the deli they even had some in

  Pittsburgh like they were either pretty

  easy to find in Pittsburgh I started

  going one every day yeah so you can find

  them yeah they do exist the deli that

  just you know the kind of place that

  makes sandwiches and whatever sandwich

  you want oftentimes but not always the

  bagel place because because or some kind

  of bakery because they will often put

  these sandwiches on the bread or bagels

  that they're baking I do include Panera

  and bruger's and in this category okay

  they aren't necessarily the best

  examples but that's you can find that

  did yeah yeah I would exclude Einstein

  bagels because I have every time I've

  been to one I've been disappointed by it

  all right

  yeah you you and your New York stuff

  it's all awesome but I would say Panera

  and bruger's are in Einstein subway and

  Quiznos are out but generally you're

  looking for a place it isn't the chain

  now usually the non chain places are

  substantially different and better but

  there is still a lot of the road also

  because when they cut the deli meat they

  actually have a deli slicer in the place

  and they exactly slice it from the meat

  log instead of having it you know pre

  sliced slimy slimy slabs better bit more

  shit yeah like you get you go to Subway

  you got like exactly the four slices

  they're always so thick if you really

  want a good deli sandwich you have to

  get it like so thin that it's

  practically like falling apart like it's

  confetti it's meat confetti and it's so

  good yeah and let's let's not even talk

  about the subway cheese tessellation

  ripoff ah I know total complete bytes

  without cheese because no subway is an

  expert in giving you as little as

  possible for your money and making it

  like I'm convinced that most people who

  assemble deli sandwiches for a living

  including all these chain places but

  even a lot of actual like you know

  defend delis it seems like most of the

  people who assemble these sandwiches

  don't eat deli sandwiches

  yeah the sandwiches are assembled by the

  people that eat deli sandwiches right

  like it's similar to how like like we

  have to go to this place in Manhattan

  called called chicken deli on 28th

  Street yeah 28 chicken goat and and we

  always knew it was a fantastic deli in

  almost every regard but we always knew

  don't get mustard on the sandwich

  because the people who who would

  construct the sandwich every day you can

  just tell that they didn't eat mustard

  themselves because they would apply an

  amount of mustard that like in fact if

  that were mayonnaise it would be

  excessive and for mustard it's like oh

  my god it's like overpowering craziness

  so you usually like you know just if you

  get a mustard sandwich just ask from the

  side and you apply it yourself when you

  get back to the office so okay there are

  things like that you got to learn every

  place you go right exactly exactly so

  and everything else about that deli was

  great except for the mustard and so you

  know when it comes to these places it

  just seems like many of them they'll do

  things like you mentioned like they'll

  slice the meat too thick or rather than

  laying it laying each piece of

  like a half fold over so you get the

  kind of like alternating half fold like

  stack that looks all pretty and has like

  the little ruffles in the side that's

  the good way to do it sometimes they

  will do it they'll just like lay that

  lay the slices flat in a stack oh and

  then fold them over oh it's oh yeah see

  this is the kind of thing like if you go

  to a place like bruger's or Panera or

  you know any deli getting the right

  employee matters law but anyway that

  said I I would say that the the

  variability with with minor things like

  that aside the variability that you get

  between delis is actually not that big

  compared to these other options so you

  can generally find a decent deli or

  sandwich place in most places and you

  can get them to construct a sandwich

  that you're used to so you're not really

  reliant on a menu per se like if you

  like let's say you know you like pepper

  Turkey with pepper jack cheese on a

  croissant mmm this is one of us like

  that I don't know one of us might like

  that but if you like that you could

  probably get something similar to that

  at most any deli the same thing if you

  like it she can call it sandwich with

  certain toppings on it you know you can

  get that recreated for the most part at

  various different places and it won't be

  so different that you know you won't

  like it right and and delis also they

  have the great advantage that they they

  also don't feel weird getting them every

  day like you can go to it you can go to

  the same deli for lunch every day I've

  done this Melton most of my adult career

  you can go to the same deli every day

  and it's not that ridiculous

  and no it's great because they know your

  order and there's always regulars

  everyone goes to the same daily everyday

  exactly and and you know and compare you

  know you could also and we've done this

  in at various bands as well you could

  also just go to the grocery store and

  buy deli meat and buy bread and make

  your own sandwiches at home and and

  there are a lot of advantages to that

  but when you go to a deli it's fresh

  sliced every day for you it's at least

  any reasonable deli not Subway but hey

  do not walk out of a deli if you see a

  whole bunch of pre sliced deli meat

  sitting in their shelf like if you see

  that sitting around just leave and go

  find a different deli or if the deli

  smells like fish yes really feeling like


  cow it shouldn't smell like it should at

  most smell like a fresh-baked bagel well

  that's what I always tell you at seafood

  restaurants if you walk into a seafood

  restaurant and it smells like fish

  you walk out yeah like good rule it

  should never ever ever smell like fish

  cuz fresh fish does not smell bad yeah

  so anyway so yeah a deli is in my

  opinion just overall the best takeout

  food but you can't get it for dinner

  that there's not an open past like two

  o'clock yeah that's that's the big

  problem is that they it is a lunch only

  option breakfast they do eggs that's

  true they did they do serve every daily

  is open early yeah but and there's also

  like you know compared to buying stuff

  at home there's a lot of specialty

  things that a deli will have that you

  either can't easily keep on hand at home

  or that you probably wouldn't keep on

  hand at home so things like really weird

  cheese's like we probably wouldn't buy

  an entire package of pepperjack

  but we're okay getting a slice of pepper

  jack on your sandwich every day okay now

  we got a distinct we got to make a

  distinction here because we happen to go

  to a great deli that is also very good

  at making bagels so they're not only a

  bagel shop they're also a full deli

  there are a lot of those around here

  because they're pretty conducive to each

  other because a lot of people like to

  have their bagel for breakfast or have

  lunch food on a bagel like right right

  you have that option or you have the

  deli that just has like stacks of rolls

  that they put everything on and then

  they import their bagels from somewhere

  else where and that's that's fair you

  know warm bagel sandwich like when the

  bagels are fresh-baked I mean there's

  nothing like it it's amazing

  oh yeah and that's that's pretty hard to

  get usually because the bagels are not

  fresh-baked near lunchtime but you know

  you can find it if you're lucky but yes

  so anyway that's what that's why number

  one is the lunch Dolly's sandwich place

  which is often a bagel place

  but that doesn't count for our take out

  in substitution for pre Thanksgiving

  dinner food right so for dinners it's

  Thai all right Thai food the highs are

  the highest you know like when when Thai

  food is is great it is my favorite

  flavor and which one is the lows of the

  lowest I think maybe pizza mmm

  bad pizza is really bad like like a hot

  cement carpet like bad Thai Indian food

  is usually just bland yeah but still

  that's terrible

  like bad pizza is like uh nap it's like

  greasy or you know I don't know bad

  pizza can be really quite unappetizing I

  think but I mean I guess so could a bad

  deli sandwich like I said like a Subway

  sandwich is uh hey are good deli when

  they slice my meat stick it is not

  appetizing yeah well that's that's why

  you got to get chicken so it's like

  biting into a bouncy ball that's yes

  this is one of the reasons I get chicken

  salad but even chicken salad can be

  really bad right but I know at this

  place it's consistently always gonna be

  man easy right no I mean that's the I'm

  a chicken salads not pickin because like

  you know you with deli meat you're

  generally seeing the same meat you know

  most places will have Boar's Head around

  here like you know like you're generally

  having the same meats available in most

  delis but stuff like chicken salad can

  vary because they usually make it there

  or at least they buy it in but they're

  buying it from different layers I'm

  really bad chicken cutlet sandwich to is

  really bad

  yeah like when the meat sauce in Yui and

  disgusting yeah that's true and they

  they make it too thick like the chicken

  go laters take this like fry a chicken

  breast you're like no you need to slice

  that thin and pound it and then bread it

  like there's a lot to do it's a lot of

  work stick some bread on a chicken and

  call it a chicken cutlet I mean what do

  you oh my god all right are we done did

  we go through both of our lists yeah I

  have starting at number one pizza Thai

  Indian Greek cool yep so happy ordering

  everybody for pre Thanksgiving and Happy


  traveling yeah yeah don't look at me

  like that you offer up any kind of

  clothing help here that's that no I just

  let you go it's way better to just have

  you awkwardly do the entire outro

  yourself it's just so painful it's the

  best I don't know why you do this to me