Top Four

Top Four 9: Christmas Music


  this is a very special top four because

  we have I'm Mike Anna Deena we have

  another couple it's a double date

  podcast yes oh yeah 2016 you're a double

  date podcasting that's right that's

  where it's all about kids don't watch

  movies with your friends don't go out

  for drinks anymore just sit at home eat

  some steak and sit in recliners and

  podcast yeah that's what the world can't

  see is that we're like in recline the

  seats right now recording shows so TIFF

  what is our topic this evening all right

  so our topic after much deliberation and

  a one Twitter request we the audience we

  would do top four Christmas songs we're

  going theme the last couple episodes

  first we had our Halloween candy then we

  had our takeout food for Thanksgiving

  and now we're going to be doing our top

  four Christmas songs & Christmas songs

  are kind of diverse here because there

  are lots of different versions of

  Christmas songs and as we all know is

  especially some of the old favorites

  some versions are so so bad and other

  versions are really pretty great so I'm

  kind of excited to hear Mike's list

  apparently so do you want me to do I

  don't think mark was prepared alright so

  in number four for me is so I've picked

  the song that everybody knows but a

  specific version mm-hmm so the song is

  it's beginning to look a lot like

  Christmas but it's the Michael Buble

  version Michael Buble in my family over

  like the last few years Michael Buble at

  Christmas has become a bit of a

  tradition thing like it's over multiple

  presents like I bought my mom tickets to

  see him for a Christmas gift one year

  and then bought her a CD is cuz I you

  know we weren't gonna see him on

  Christmas Day so I put like the tickets

  inside of a CD and now every year like

  another Michael Buble album cuz he

  releases Christmas albums every year

  because he is a marketing genius and

  they just keep appearing more and more

  in the house and I love this song but I

  do really really love his version of

  this song

  ah his voice is undeniable I love

  Michael Buble good

  you can't deny that's his voice is gonna

  clean this is very Buble mm-hmm that's

  pretty good

  this is your number four it's mine

  before cuz I love this song like I just

  love this song it's one of my favorite

  traditional Christmas songs but I love

  his version of us it is very and he's

  very handsome he is very handsome

  alright that's a pretty traditional pic

  yeah yeah I wanted to have one

  traditional because the rest of them

  then they're not traditional okay so I

  wonder like a traditional Christmas song

  well does anyone else have any

  traditional Christmas songs that they're

  throwing out there what do you mean by

  traditional this is like a classic right

  okay so the hills that Christmas songs

  come like from various decades and

  they've all become classics yeah well so

  this one like so this song like that is

  a Michael bublĂ©'s version of a song

  that is super old like everyone's done

  that so basically all classic is like

  right so I have a few of those actually

  this is Adina by the way for anybody

  who's wondering who this is podcaster

  well I feel bad to go from mine because

  I have a few traditional in my top four

  and yeah okay I'll go with my first pick

  which is my four and that's I feel quite

  bad about this one for some reason but

  it's Santa Baby Earth sake

  oh the original there she is she's right

  there right in front so let's listen up

  like Santa this is a good pic I would

  not have guessed this pick for you I

  would not have guessed this I just loved

  the shameless request for expensive

  gifts and in my mind

  and in my mind it's this type of Marilyn

  Monroe lady who's super hot and but

  talks in a baby voice well obviously and

  it's just I love it

  I just find it for Christmas requests

  for expensive gifts and sexy yeah it's

  just a wholesome wholesome I like it

  that was a surprise Adina awesome all

  right my number four is Christmas by

  Blues Traveler I like the songs just

  called Christmas is that it didn't even

  bother it is they they just didn't even

  care there's like a Christmas niche the

  Christmas song I made so you will buy it

  at Christmas to fish have any Christmas

  songs I don't think so

  I like it cause it's super wordy okay

  this is pretty good you know that songs

  do when it's is from like what years is

  we're cuz this is sound like Christmas

  for me

  no no soul says Christmas in it yeah I

  think maybe I like it because it sounds

  just like Blues Traveler and non lady

  Christmas yeah I don't know Blues

  Traveler they all sound like this right

  90's band yeah you probably know that

  cover those songs

  it sounds playing it sounds a little

  better naked ladies ish yep

  say narrow it

  yeah that is the Christmas there we go

  sleigh bells in there that's what you

  need that that's what makes it great oh

  and I like it because it's like a

  regular song it's pretty upbeat mm-hmm

  got some rockin elements to it so that

  you feel it's Christmas when you hear it

  I do now so I'm not a big fan of

  Christmas music I really don't care so I

  have a whole bunch of Christmas songs

  that are done by people like I have an

  album called like punk rock Christmas or

  something it just it's totally it's not

  really Christmas but it's songs and

  music that I like doing Christmas songs

  or and I especially love the original

  Christmas songs that are new each year I

  always always seek those out so like on

  that like this isn't in my list but

  there is a song it's a horrible ballad

  by a band called East 17 you will not

  know this and it's the impostor for

  Christmas songs it doesn't say anything

  about Christmas winter or anything but

  somehow it got launched in 1994 I have

  this noted say another day it's the name

  of the song and basically the reason

  this is a Christmas song is in the UK

  there is like a tradition of Christmas

  number one like that whatever song is

  number one at Christmases I could soup a

  big deal

  so you can end up with songs that were

  just released in late December become

  Christmas songs because they were

  Christmas number ones and so if that's a

  lot like what Love Actually is about

  right kind of yeah cuz it love actually

  like so that's the whole idea I he

  continues to make money forever because

  if you have a song it's not one of

  Christmas it's always on compilations

  but this song has nothing to do with


  at all it's kind of like a nationwide

  American Idol but for Christmas songs

  yeah well now like X Factor is planned

  to get the Christmas number one it's

  horrific but it made it to no Christmas

  number one right it was horrific when

  you listen to it now in a few countries

  including yours I assume for that no

  these do down here when is this from the


  yeah you could tell by those hat yeah

  and the duh I think they're all dressed

  in white I'm gonna get out so good

  touching themselves or singing this mic

  is lip-syncing right now

  there's a pickup you know mention of

  Christmas winter anything and this is on

  your list Edina

  it's my imposter song in the way cuz it

  we're googling song for songs today

  lists and compilations this actually

  features a long a lot of very well-known

  it's Christmas songs this is one of the

  biggest like this is one of the biggest

  non Christmas songs that because this

  was number one for like I'm like two

  months after Christmas and it comes back

  every Christmas yep what would make

  somebody want to listen to that more

  than once

  nostalgia totally nostalgia like cuz

  they're laughing that old right well the

  nineties it's old enough yeah yes but

  like when it was new what many people

  want to listen to it enough to make it a

  classic this was the style of music in

  UK at the time like boy band power

  ballads they're something we're in the

  water or something I mean Lauren mm-hmm

  like Christmas in the UK fills that

  everything bad and Keach is actually

  embraced like the ugly sweaters bad

  music it's just Christmas yeah we go for

  terrible traditions from two thousand

  nineteen ninety-seven so yeah that fits

  of a ninety song as well because that

  was very like it had that like that

  isn't the son of an American money song

  and he's seventeen is a UK ninety song

  yeah I think I'm gonna stick with

  America on that one yeah I think you

  should yeah I mean I hate to tell you

  that there's there's been some decades

  where the where the US was woefully

  behind other countries in quality of

  music but I'm pretty sure that in this

  instance I think I think we were all

  right yeah compared to at least the UK

  in the 90s all right Marco what's your

  number for mister prepared over there

  with nothing I have nothing my my list

  includes one entry and it is number four

  and it is the Metallica Carole the

  Belles thing ah hello this is me from

  the future while editing this I learned

  that Metallica actually had nothing to

  do with this song and it's a common


  most likely propagated by miss tagged

  mp3s from the Napster days this is

  actually just trans-siberian Orchestra

  entitled Christmas Eve

  Sarajevo 1224

  you're only really brought one song yeah

  Oh Micah you're lucky we're here yeah I

  don't think we would've done this topic

  because I don't you know it it's not

  that I hate Christmas or anything I just

  I don't get that into Christmas songs

  because almost all of them just get so

  grossly overplayed into the ground that

  and I've heard them all like hundreds of

  times so much so that I just don't I

  don't really feel anything about any of

  them anymore yeah there is no type of

  music like Christmas music because

  there's no music that gets played every

  year a specific time a specific time

  always forever to use like a wintry

  metaphor it's like a snowball effect

  because just we have all of these songs

  and more of them get added over time and

  there's just more and more and more

  Christmas music always always well and

  maybe I think my problem is that at

  least maybe this is just me being

  isolated from the universe because I'm

  just nerd but it seems like the the rate

  at which Christmas songs could add it is

  actually way too slow for me that every

  year you hear like the same traditional

  songs over and over again just with

  somebody doing a different arrangement

  of it maybe it at best but the actually

  getting new Christmas songs is I think

  it's still too rare to the point where

  like that's why I can't enjoy he's like

  oh great I hear someone else singing you

  know Oh Christmas tree great like I who

  cares I don't I don't really get that

  into that you have like no nostalgia

  mark oh well I have nostalgia for

  different things

  yeah I'm okay so I'm looking for this

  this song here and I found an album


  have yourself a heavy-metal Christmas

  it's probably not a million albums

  because and the reason only my number

  four is like this is like when it came

  out in the 90s when I was playing it on

  winamp on my Athlon computer like it

  like at that point it was really cool

  it's like look at listen to this awesome

  like Metallica kind of metal inspired

  but at least Rock version of this Carole

  the belt it's so cool sticking it to

  Santa man exactly and and since then it

  has slowly become popular enough to be

  in every like grocery store Christmas

  song playlist so now you just hear it

  everywhere constantly it now just sounds

  like an old 90 song that you're

  too much and I like nineties music a lot

  so for me to say I'm hearing it too much

  that's really saying something

  well I have to say my number three is a

  Carol the bells song also I really like

  Carol the bells but mine's by Moe is the

  one I prefer the jam band Moe yeah they

  did a Carol why do you like this and I

  don't all right here's the movin by

  flying car of the bells terrifying it is

  time almost all a lot of my favorite

  songs are like a little bit weird and

  depressing I don't know why this songs

  so scary but like it really freaks me

  out because it just gets more and more

  more of a time I don't like it it builds

  too much there's something about it I

  just always really liked it so I could

  not have it on my list this is a little

  less scary well cuz Moe is a pretty low

  key band like among the other among the

  jam bands but that's saying a lot like

  even among jam bands they're pretty

  low-key so I wouldn't expect a lot of

  like you know energy from this - hm

  yes you have to have Kerala bells

  playing at some point right

  I don't have the Metallica when to play

  that's all right we have one song so

  here fired yeah well look I'm doing us

  all a favor because if all if all of us

  had four or five songs that it would be

  too long an episode and I think we

  should let the guests shine tonight

  that's why I prepared nothing not

  because I'm a slacker who hates

  Christmas music haha well already got

  two of mine out of the way so Mike

  you're up next

  my number three is I think the probably

  the best Christmas song of all time so

  it's number three that makes sense yeah

  it's not my favorite I think it's the

  best which is lost Christmas by Wham

  this is the best Christmas song ever

  okay I had last Christmas on my lid on

  my short list

  not on my favorite list by Jimmy Eat

  World and today I was looking up about

  these Christmas songs and I had no idea

  that wham wrote that song yep this is a

  wham song is a beautiful video they're

  on a skiing trip

  I can't believe wham wrote this song

  it's so good and didn't just cover it

  but they actually like brothers versus

  actually it was considering this one as

  well and as I was listening to Christmas

  compilations it started kind of like

  falling a few places until it got out

  the very last day how could it fall it

  cuz surely only rise because the more

  like you love the first time of the year

  you actually hear it but then the more

  you hear it becomes more annoying and I

  I wrote down here that I always

  associated with stores background music

  at Christmas so it is everywhere this is

  so good and it just gets annoying up

  there point is this is the wham version


  which to me is a little bit slow it is

  Erin let me get you the Jimmy Eat World

  version of Italy just ruin it they well

  the band were like all their songs sound

  about the same yeah and I I like them

  for a while so it's like I like that

  sound but they do also is unacceptable

  this is like a Mexican party

  yeah this sounds like Jimmy Eat World it

  goes this is this makes me sad yeah it's

  actually sent this making me not like

  Jimmy Eat World anymore is actually the

  thing is they haven't done enough to us

  like I would have expected them to

  change the song a lot more they really

  kind of just covered it but comparing

  that when to the WAM one no no the Wham

  one is far superior in every single way

  I agree all right Marco I wasn't

  expecting that

  honestly I wasn't either but that was

  terrible oh well people they had so much

  hot when they sang that song they really

  meant it I do you know what's your

  number three so my number three is super

  classic it's Bing Crosby white Christmas

  chase I was actually considering for

  this one the Eagles please come home for

  Christmas as well for number three but

  then going for everything I downgraded

  that one and stuck with Bing Crosby

  because it's just one of those songs

  that feels like a fairy tale Christmas

  and having seen New Year for the very

  first time now and the CDs were superbly

  decorated it kind of made me feel like

  in a fairy tale movie that you see the

  Christmas and this song is kind of like

  that and I we probably heard it

  somewhere on the street being played and

  and also I'm I'm my I'm a firm belief

  that the 50s type of music makes for the

  best type of Christmas music there's a

  background in the home so I thought that

  deserves my third place yeah I agree

  yeah yeah this is a solid but especially

  the way it starts to

  like velvet whose picture dad the

  slippers it is a bit slow is there a

  very few like songs that have become

  such a thing that the white Christmas is

  a thing and it's like mostly import to

  this song because you just know this

  song everybody knows this song

  especially that part yeah I'm feeling so

  festive now so so far all of your pics

  have been that both of you have been

  like kind of slow like the traditional

  musics where it costs in half the

  Hangout oh it's about to change it'll go

  up a notch but if picked a mellow jam

  band yep it was carol of the bells it's

  right it was the most mellowed version

  of that song I've ever heard whatever

  and I like Moe and I still that was

  boring all right well then speaking it

  let's get the boring finished with

  because my number two Christmas song is

  skating by Norman brown which is

  actually a walnut patinas song the

  peanuts Christmas is totally like in my

  wheelhouse that was like when I grew up

  with it

  and it's just instrumental the whole

  thing I like it so I have to fully

  instrumental songs on my layout that's

  very jazzy yeah I don't know this just

  the sound of it feels Christmasy to me

  oh there's some sketches

  yes scatting its vocal instrumentals yep

  yeah I like this I like the kind of like

  jazzy edginess yeah and it's a pretty

  long song it's over four minutes it's

  about four minutes long but practically

  jam bam it is oh my god whoo ant what

  have I become

  before we leave the slow section though

  I did so like the classic section and

  then the way the rest of your list looks

  like it's probably more classic stuff I

  had to give a shout out for Jingle Bell

  Rock whilst I didn't want to put it in

  my top four is my next two songs I love

  them so much and I don't think many of

  the people will pick them jingle bell

  rock is just so fantastic and home alone

  you have a version of jingle bell rock

  that you prefer Bobby Helms original

  classic like this is one of those songs

  that will never go get one sorry Marco

  you like this phone it's forgettable

  because I've heard it a million times

  like I I can look back I can recognize

  like all right as Christmas songs go I

  guess this is okay it's a good one you

  know but I just don't feel anything for

  these songs

  yeah I grieve you Indian I like that

  it's weird that so many of the really

  good songs come from a very specific

  time period here well shoot well Deena

  was mentioning Bing and I had a Bing

  song on my short list but it's from a

  movie that you guys haven't seen well

  not from a movie but they play it in the

  movie and that's why I like it do you

  know this sure is this do you ever hear

  this and in the UK this is a Christmas

  it's feel like Christmas movie I've

  never heard this before really yeah I

  like this song for Christmas it makes me

  smile it's an old Christmas song but

  it's goofy is it a Hawaiian Christmas

  song yeah yeah yeah he says like Merry

  Christmas and in Hawaiian that would

  they call their language I don't know

  I'm sorry if I offended any other hues

  ever than every show

  I assume thats Merry Christmas

  yeah maybe but I guess it's significant

  because in National Lampoon's Christmas

  vacation he has like this fantasy of

  getting a pool for Christmas with like

  his Christmas bonus and okay it's

  playing during that but it's interesting

  that he wrote that song right yeah I

  don't did he write it stuck that that

  was a song that was created then I mean

  Hawaii and all that was so popular than

  yeah I mean so you remember watching Mad

  Men they were going to Hawaii and

  experiencing like that was a huge cool

  thing to do so he was just being cool

  yeah obviously super cool yeah Hawaii's

  super cool

  but I wanted to throw that one out there

  I always thought that was a really good

  one is a good pic actually I quite like

  that cuz that song is crazy

  alright so what are we up to here before

  we change the direction with mics first

  two picks

  I just want and just looking at my list

  because it's super traditional it's

  clear to me that Christmas means

  different things for different people

  and for me this Christmas means

  tradition and tradition is repetitive

  and it kindly gets optimized but doesn't

  make huge lips and I think that's why

  there are so many versions of the same

  song done by so many things so yeah

  that's my comment before we completely

  change direction because I'm gonna stay

  in the traditional area but but I have a

  special mention a weird mention from

  Romania just to make things fun special

  requests by Mike yeah I wanted a weird

  Romanian song so you're gonna get it

  it's not weird it's different did you

  just request it as pick a we remain we

  remain as long as do you have a specific

  one no I was like just pick one Apple

  music let's see

  so it's Andre and it's cold not the

  Divis no you can spell that too right

  yep you got that and oh a Pte alright so

  what is this do you know what is this

  called fairytale night basically okay

  wait for it oh here we go this is

  European from the two nineties 1999 okay

  sounds like 9:00 tonight lang yeah this

  is the most babe I love you so much

  before it was cool yeah and the video is

  just awesome is this music ever seeps

  into the u.s. probably not but literally

  that is Europe right so like ASA bass

  was I think the closest we might have

  gotten to that yeah like in popular yes

  because that like I mean you can kind of

  see how like that mirrors into this like

  it's kind of like it you can see how you

  can get from a sub bass or something

  like that European music are they oh

  look palek shirts there oh yeah

  it's metallic stretch shirts they have

  fun on the album so this is about

  Christmas well they're basically the

  video is with them dressed in lingerie

  and a really young hot Santa also

  dressed in them so you really like sexy

  Christmas songs and they're like they're

  like they're traditional sexy and I

  think this band was like 16 at the time

  and what the song is saying that oh my

  god Santa you're so young and I

  remembered they have their crimped hair

  on the album cover yeah yeah does a

  thing so yeah I thought you might enjoy

  that one I like it

  since I has a piercing his earrings and

  piercings Santa you nasty that when you

  were saying traditional Romanian song I

  was picturing like old world like folk

  folk comes on yet traditional Romanian I

  just had a Romanian wind and that was

  what I got thank you so much for yeah

  that's really really good that's really

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  alright so my number to pick I really

  struggled with this and it's only my

  number two because it's more recent

  mm-hmm because I I think in of the time

  this will become my favorite Christmas

  song and it's one Christmas at a time by

  Jonathan Coulton in John Mubarak oh

  that's a good one I love that Christmas

  album so my have it on my computer I

  don't even have to search Apple music

  because one of my favorite styles of

  music is mailed us

  I love mail Jewett's and there are not a

  lot of like it opens the album doesn't

  it it does yeah it's the name of the

  album sports talk track yeah that's a

  solid pick

  as well I like this this song for a

  bunch of reasons like I love it because

  they sing together I love the sound of

  two men singing together I don't know

  why I just like that sound yeah they

  have such great compliment in voices and

  it also is good because it's got that

  great chorus but also a bunch of comedy

  as well yeah when they start talking and

  making little jokes in the middle during

  the song drum Roderick is proposing to

  his girlfriend and they're talking about

  it she seems like she doesn't want to

  spend any time with him and he's like oh

  don't open that small box right there I

  just love that don't open that little

  bugs this is such a good song like and I

  love that album because it's so nice to

  have like 10 or have many songs songs

  there any other new Christmas songs that

  I like and this is my favorite on the

  album so I think as time goes on like I

  will maybe bump this up to number one

  but I just think it's such a just such a

  solid song that's a really really good

  pick I really like that song too and

  that Christmas this at Christmas album

  has been growing on me alright before

  number ones I want to talk about all of

  our leftover stuff before we do number

  one so good I do okay so alright so

  Adina you're number two back to the

  traditional side of things is this one

  also sexy traditional you all know it

  but I just love it that's Chris Rhea

  driving home for Christmas oh I hate

  driving I can't stand this song oh I

  just love it and I don't even have like

  a specific reasoning I just because it's

  very repetitive it's mostly his voice

  which I just love and because it's like

  the variety type I think it if it was

  like Nicole Scherzinger or on x-factor

  she was always describing this type of

  voice is like hot chocolate butter

  alright so you do like Christmas this

  song is like it's a good song but for me

  it becomes like an ear worm which is why

  I can't stand it whose things this one


  which is like says Chris Rea is it what

  is that video I don't know it's like on

  acid it's very descriptive

  I have no I've never heard this song

  before yes this is like a live version

  of it yeah yeah like like I will not be

  able to stop them so why is this your

  number two it's I couldn't really

  explain it much it just makes me feel

  like Christmas is this another one of

  those like UK know finding the people I

  don't know no shows on this but this is

  actually a Christmas song but I don't

  know where he got no way he's from Chris

  rare it sounds like the kind of song we

  would have here but I've never heard it

  before yeah I haven't either that's not

  the best version but then again the

  album version it's not too far but it's

  not the greatest version of it I don't

  like that song I'm also pointed to a

  seal number two wait till you hear

  number one yeah all right so before we

  get to number ones I want to kind of

  talk about the ones that didn't make it

  yeah and for me one of the big ones I

  want to talk about is the song river

  which is written by Joni Mitchell I

  believe it was on her album

  but I really like the version sung by

  Robert Downey jr. okay I'd like to hear


  yes scenario did he do that it was on

  Ally McBeal which is a TV show about a

  whole bunch of lawyers yeah and I find I

  really like Robert Downey jr. I think he

  is up your street and so I just it's you

  won't believe that this is him singing

  cuz you don't think of him because now

  he's like Iron Man right yep you know

  this song it's actually kind of

  depressing because you know it's Joni

  Mitchell I know that like that tune

  here comes I would not have imagined

  that to be probably Downey jr.

  to escape

  it was too sad for Christmas it's really

  sad it is why I didn't make it from not

  even like Christmas eggs like lost

  Christmas is a sad song but it's

  Christmas sad

  that's just like sad sad well it's Joni

  Mitchell she's pretty sad yeah that's

  pretty sad so but I think I prefer her

  burgers and honestly I know it hers is

  even more slow and sad no but it's like

  I'd rather hear like like that like herb

  that album the her blue album is like a

  masterpiece yeah and that's just kind of

  like a butchering of this thing I don't

  know it's Robert Downey jr. and he has a

  sexy voice but it's like if you're gonna

  cover something from that album you you

  better really like kill it like you got

  like really go all out and do something

  amazing and I just didn't sound amazing

  enough to be a cover of that album you

  know bring it for me it's about the

  voice that's good but anyway it is so

  much better it's different I think if he

  wasn't now this weird movie star that's

  like that makes this interesting I think

  it would be less impressive I liked it

  before it was interesting you want to

  fight alright if I feel like really

  great on a curve she's a movie star now

  no I liked it when it was on Ally it's

  really good I know they feel yeah McBeal

  we don't even need anyway and alright so

  that was my one I have a whole bunch of

  other ones that you know I like like

  more we were saying for much more modern

  Christmas music that came out I mean I I

  could probably list them but I don't

  lumberjack Christmas ever hear that one

  Oh bye um but hey how do you say that

  guy's name suctions Sophie on Stevens

  gun yes anyway he wrote that one I have

  the holiday by Vampire Weekend

  really that's a I love that song I've

  never in fluid Christmas song but yeah

  it totally is yeah that one's really got

  a great big like that yeah I have a

  raise the tree by Trent Babs dabs

  you know I don't know who that is either

  but it's a good song and and yeah and

  together at Christmas by Moe I like that

  one a lot Momo yeah that's amazing

  I'd have miss is good Momo Christmas

  deal dude when do you listen to mo and

  Christmas really and one day I want to

  give a huge huge shout out to my

  favorite Christmas

  album which is twisted Christmas by

  Twisted Sister they have a Christmas

  album and it is amazing because every

  song sounds like we're not gonna take it

  but it's all traditional Christmas songs

  just them yelling come on I need to it's

  exactly what you'd expect lately every

  song sounds the same and it all just

  sounds like Twisted Sister like it's

  it's amazing this is oh come all ye

  faithful it's like they didn't even

  bother we know how to do that one song

  we'll just put all the words to that

  song so much

  it's just like the way they sing it it

  is this is let it snow you did this come

  out pretty recently No

  and people we were in college for them

  that's pretty recent

  just let it snow wait it's coming

  come on

  they got a you know twist it up we can

  play guess what song this is how long

  does hake

  this they're just drunk yeah don't you

  want to hear that again not really no

  you do you'll hear it again tomorrow

  morning I'll play that window makeup

  that will wake me up so I have a I have

  three that didn't make my list that went

  to mention one of them is Jackson five

  Santa Claus is coming to town

  Wow it's like Jackson five FS

  and then there's two other songs that I

  thought were completely British songs

  for Christmas but I heard one of them

  here like I think yesterday maybe when

  we were in Walmart

  maybe I think it was wish it could be

  Christmas everyday by wizard by the way

  we took them to Walmart yep it was


  it was everything we could have wished

  he could be and so much more but lower


  and so this is like in Love Actually the

  idea of like the one-hit wonder

  Christmas that makes money forever this

  is one of those songs like this is

  basically all wizard alone for

  and then I think this one was so

  successful because it plays into every

  child's dream of it being Christmas

  everyday right and then the other one is

  Merry Christmas everybody by Slade

  that's the bit so like that is like just

  a thing in the UK that one that one last

  part and the guy whose name is naughty

  holder that's his name he's known for

  that that that it's Christmas can you

  can you sing that for us Mike

  no no if you want me to finish the rest

  of my list that's there my my kind of

  random pics I want to throw out there

  before I give my number one in a moment

  that's fair Deena do you have any others

  yep you know I'm quite surprised that

  you didn't mention anything from the

  Beach Boys because I think they have a

  Christmas song they do they have a

  little same yeah I don't like oh yeah

  cuz I know you're such a big they always

  fan they are a summer band not Christmas


  they fly south for the winter yeah I

  mean little Saint Nick is fine but I

  don't I'm not a big fan of it it was

  like they made most of the money in the

  summer and they did something to do in

  the winter so doing songs

  California has Christmas too you know

  now I'm like in it I love it but it

  wouldn't make my got the Bell this also

  sounds like all they're like

  stereotypical songs yeah I know there

  are deeper band than they say ah but

  like this sounds just as like

  stereotypical exam why I don't like this

  as much cuz yeah Christmas songs are

  like Christmas wasn't their thing so

  they basically just took the surf in

  songs and turn them into Christmas song

  yeah just add some bells yeah it's not

  their best work and it's kind of the

  lowest of their work really it's kind of

  like it's just like a sellout move

  really it's kind of disappointing that

  like as a family you don't want your

  favorite band to do that nope you guys

  are just trampling all over Adina's

  dreams so that's just a regular day for

  me yeah so the stuff that didn't make my

  list first one is John Lennon and Yoko

  happy Christmas I think this is so

  powerful because the official title is

  happy Christmas worries over and war is

  over okay yeah it's like I just love it

  more now in the context of everything

  that's happening the world I finally get

  why people are so loving in the 7th is



  I have a band-aid version of this yeah

  this son I like this one more

  my other one is super sad but it's

  Darlene love Christmas baby please come

  home and it really reminds me a lot of a

  song that's after laughter comes tears

  it's in that vein if you know it but at

  the same time on I like about it it's

  that it has this The Supremes vibe and

  the kind of music should be like it's

  like it's not the song is really good

  no Darnley loves sang it but it was

  written by yeah

  Oh Ellie Greenwich written by Elia grant

  of course Ellie Greenwich I don't know

  why that means you know one out there

  will know okay you need to go boo blaze

  version of this oh my god so why do you

  say everything just lay the Buble over

  all of our Christmas I don't know how it

  is here but in the UK he's such a

  phenomenon and he only appears of

  Christmas yes all because he's

  phenomenal all of the grannies and

  ladies and Mike loved him anyway

  granny said Mike locking to Buble he is

  caught these quantities audience the

  last one that didn't make my list is

  Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer how about

  the California Raisins version from

  claymation Christmas you can search for

  that one

  Marko's cultural reference in California

  in claymation Christmas how can you not

  go Pinocchio like a light bulb version

  no the callback version listen like

  Pinocchio like monopoly you never heard

  that there's like a response to every

  love Oh reindeer like George Washington

  it might be you eccentric that sounds

  like especially with the Jo Roshan yeah

  give it away it gives it away maybe this

  didn't make it to the UK oh well it's at

  if we ET on number one

  oh wait wait I have one you have another

  I'm sorry forever we'll be editing this

  but I have one that didn't make my list

  because I hate it so much and I hate and

  it's Feliz Navidad oh I love Michael

  Buble he has somebody join him it always

  a female singer who she sings in Spanish

  with him and it's great should I find

  the Buble yeah please this is a really

  good soft at this point I hope all

  number ones will be Michael bublĂ©'s

  version in the actual episode I've

  basically replaced every song I mean he

  has to get out an album every Christmas

  in every year like obviously all songs

  are covered by him by this point people

  like me

  it works just think about how much money

  mike has given him over the years

  yeah none songs he didn't even write you

  stream it only right no I buy the CDs

  for my mom okay and then you rip them

  for yourself

  yes this is great she's singing in

  Spanish lie with me

  I like the secret Buble side of my

  all right I just want a one say that one

  of the most messed up songs on Christmas

  it's I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

  yeah yeah that song creeps me out this

  way it's super awkward it's totally like

  a little kid kept like catching his mom

  cheating right isn't that kind of what's

  going sometimes lucky yeah I mean that's

  the other part of it right but the other

  part but the thing is the little the kid

  thinks his mother's cheating and it's

  totally fine with it Santa yeah yeah so

  awkward right off presents that is oh

  man just if you the more you think about

  it the worse it gets that was the kiss

  see me

  it was creepy with

  terrible I mean but if she was supposed

  to be asleep why is daddy dressed as

  Santa and they're making out in the

  living room in a short space time I mean

  it is sexy Christmas yeah to Adina's

  list all right so are we going to the

  number ones now yeah yeah okay my number

  one is Christmas wrapping by the

  waitresses oh nice

  I don't know this I love this song it

  has a whole big story it sounds like the

  worst Christmas ever in the beginning of

  the story and it ends really well it

  just rocks a little bit and I also

  really like like their voices oh I know

  this yeah this is my number one

  Christmas songs I don't think I've ever

  heard this

  now not ringing the bell I'm gonna let

  it go the build is so good

  Marco's getting an education

  I'm putting as much energy into it if I

  have home education I've never heard

  this is your number one I love this song

  it's happy it's lively that's what I

  like about it I like lively Christmas

  music now Marco nothing I've never heard

  this part I don't know

  anyway she's having like the worst

  Christmas ever and she tells this whole

  story about how she really loves

  Christmas but it it's kind of sucking

  and everything's going wrong and then at

  the very end she meets this guy that

  she's had a kind of crush on and they

  were both like forgot to get cranberry

  sauce and they run into each other at a

  grocery store and end up like getting

  together on Christmas and they're it's

  awesome and his name was Michael Buble

  needs more Buble so my favorite

  Christmas song is a song that is way too

  often forgotten I think but I think it's

  just a flat-out good song even though

  it's a Christmas song which is rare and

  it's Elton John step into Christmas this

  is just just fantastic and it people

  just forget about it all the time it

  like it doesn't mean make a lot of lists

  but I think it is just brilliant and

  it's Elton John is best

  so so far bike every time I type your

  songs into Apple music here this one

  album keeps coming up like four times

  because I have Christmas classics you

  know this album is number one Christmas

  that's where we why

  ah I know this song

  you just think more like your

  lip-syncing here that's fine we want to

  hear it waiting for Michael Buble to

  cover it eventually he'll get to it

  cause he'll run out of Christmas songs

  and then it will transcend another level

  that is my favorite Christmas song and I

  do think that like at some point Colton

  and Roderick will got to the top but in

  nisa status at the time which it hasn't

  yet and this one has nice nice I mean

  he's a solid pick ya know I mean Elton

  John is it just a great pick in them in

  the mail what list you're pickin and so

  alright baby the final number one song

  it's all up to you oh how sexy is this

  one gonna be

  oh oh both well somebody had to choose

  it I had to continue my line of

  traditional or bad Christmas songs I'm

  gonna get a lot of heat for it all I

  want for Christmas I love it I just love

  it is it that all I want for Christmas

  is my all I want for Christmas is my two

  front teeth for Christmas all right oh

  there she is look at her and her red

  jumpsuit of glory you know it was a

  better version of this song them are

  seriously is way better

  does he have one yeah of course the

  variety needs to play his for comparison

  woods so if you're gonna pick it you

  should be kissed no no stem by Mariah

  so when it gets to the good part

  then when is that now that's for sure

  when it's like more hey this is like all

  over love actually so there's something

  right here

  I just love and I'm not even gonna stand

  if you goes some people are dancing

  singing it's clearly working the things

  this is completely infectious so I said

  over here it's contagious like it just

  grabs you and doesn't let go until his


  I can't stand where I carry yeah it's

  not about Mariah it's just about a song

  and what else I had there was that um I

  when I hear the this part is that it

  feels like I want to pull some lame

  moves from the 90s like the scuba diver

  whatever it hasn't appropriate dance

  move for us we'll be frozen can we

  listen to oh there it is yeah right next

  to Mariah mm-hmm

  and he's holding that little red gift by

  his but on the album cover

  probably from Raya maybe that is the

  gift it's a lot slower


  he made it his own did make his own

  that's the most popular expected common

  see that that's Buble yeah I gotta give

  this one to Mariah

  sorry when does it start this is it this

  lace is just chill chill

  my wake me up when it's over just like a

  dream right

  well I like this one like I like all

  Buble songs well yeah I think those are

  soulless solid pics and I think everyone

  like shone light on different parts

  Marko shone light on one song which we

  couldn't find which you couldn't find by

  Metallica on the Internet everyone's

  heard it come on and I should look to

  YouTube at that point but you could drop

  it in yourself you could end with that

  if you want since we are one glorious

  pick up number four I like that it's

  number four as well it isn't good enough

  to be higher so it's there for the best

  no it's it's the worst really all right

  so this is our top four Christmas songs

  and we've learned a lot yeah we've heard

  a lot of Michael Buble a lot of Buble

  yeah and we learned about sexy Christmas

  and Romanian songs and Romanian songs

  special Christmas rest and their Twisted

  Sister Christmas album is actually quite

  I might listen to that's one after I

  live here as well happy holidays

  everybody all right happy holidays from

  all of us at really happen and here's

  Michael Buble Buble this is Michael

  Buble wishing you a very Merry Christmas

  yeah we did it