Top Four

Top Four 11: Dunkin’ Donuts 🍩



  you know what sugar in this there's

  there enough sugar what we're about to


  coffee's ready okay let's do it

  took us two trips out well one trip out

  to find these things these circles of

  fat and sugar so today's show is about

  circles of fat and sugar actually many

  of them are heart shaped right now yeah

  they are they are festive holiday heart

  shaped seasonality we Dunkin Donuts is

  the like the only donuts around here I

  don't know what's up with our area but

  we don't really have that many donut

  places when I lived in Massachusetts

  there were Dunkin Donuts everywhere I

  believe it's because their home bases in

  Massachusetts but I lived in Beverly and

  they were probably like 5 or 7 Dunkin

  Donuts locations and so I thought it

  would be pretty easy to find Dunkin

  Donuts around here we have them nearby

  but they're really Shady

  is there such a thing as a nice Dunkin

  Donuts location I don't know I thought

  there were more flavors I was hoping in

  this episode we would have like 6 boxes

  of donuts to join but we only have one

  and a half boxes of donuts to dry yeah

  it turns out we went to the first

  location that we that was closest to us

  and the the racks were there was you

  know not as many as we expected and we

  thought ok let's go to a bigger one so

  we went back into the car went to a

  second location went to a bigger one so

  that we could review as many donuts as

  possible and it turns out it just seems

  like they don't really have a lot of

  flavors at once they have a lot of total

  flavors if you go like year-round and

  you can get all the seasonal ones but it

  seems like at any given time there's

  only a very relatively small number of

  flavors you can get I feel like the ones

  near Boston the ones of a Massachusetts

  though were much more well stocked when

  it came to flavors because my favorite

  Dunkin Donuts dona is not here and I

  remember it being year-round so I might

  need to add it into the race through my

  mind I'm not sure that's fair because

  it's probably a lot better in your mind

  than it really is

  it doesn't matter ok it wins by not

  being here it's like these are bad then

  that might indicate yeah exactly it's

  like you know

  it wasn't shown to be bad so it's

  therefore better hmm okay but yeah I

  won't reveal that I think until the end

  what my favorite might because it's

  definitely not represented here we found

  it funny that when we picked up the

  donuts and we are like we'll take one of

  one of each right we we should just give

  us one of every flavor really give us

  one of everything and the guy was like

  well how many is that and we're like I

  don't know you are the one that's here

  at the Dunkin Donuts don't you know how

  many did you have

  let's take one of every donut so that's

  what we did we have one of every donut

  plus two of each munchkin which they

  only have three flavors of now it seems

  like they eliminated the plane munchkin

  well because whoever wanted that first

  of all I mean do we add that everyone

  always had the leftover box of plane

  munchkins we don't even oh we do have

  the old-fashioned donut which i think is

  a fitting nekkid donut yeah it's like a

  donut with just no glaze or otherwise

  coatings on it which is funny cuz I

  think after all of this sugar bomb

  because we have one here that's full of

  cookie dough covered in chocolate and

  topped with chocolate chips yes the the

  cookie dough donut we also have the

  brownie batter donut oh no it's the

  brownie battered cronut we no no that's

  a donut we have three here we have the

  cookie dough donut uh-huh and then the

  cupids choice donut I don't know what

  China well it shows I guess we'll find

  out yeah and then this over here is the

  brownie batter donut Browdy brownie

  batter donut looks exactly like the

  Boston cream donut yes there's literally

  no T the only way we know which one is

  which is their placement in the box at

  the order because I took a picture of

  the rack and they they put them in the

  box in order so now we know which is

  which we D whirl thing over there that

  I'm sure that tastes just like coffee

  that I really like jelly donut so I'm

  looking forward to that one

  I know it's one of us but they usually

  don't put enough jelly in the jelly

  donut they like have like one little

  squirt in the middle and it's then it's

  all weird oh god no any amount is too

  much you don't like filled Donuts no I

  am anti filled Donuts I can already tell

  you the most likely one of my favorites

  is going to be the regular glazed yeah I

  mean how can you deny the regular what

  about that swirly what's that one the

  the French cruller Oh French cruller I

  don't know I don't know how it's


  I've always called their French

  it might be a Long Island thing it's

  spelled cruller I don't know but you

  know if it's French then the spelling

  has nothing to do with how it's

  pronounced and we don't even have any

  bear claws like they didn't have any

  bear claws you have that what's the rod

  one called

  the the one that has I think the the

  best worst name here the plane stick

  don't stick please yeah it looks like a

  glazed twist like they used in the city

  they have those giant twists know what

  I'm talking about yeah and then they

  also have like they have a I feel like

  they have so many different ones I'm

  disappointed with our selection because

  it's it's a lot of it looks like a lot

  of repetition but I mean Dunkin Donuts

  isn't great and we wish we had like a

  better donut place something like I

  think they're in Portland the voodoo

  donuts that everyone raves and raves

  about how amazing they are

  manaphy oh right probably but I don't

  even know where there's a Krispy Kreme

  around here so I haven't seen a Krispy

  Kreme at all around here I've also I've

  only had Krispy Kreme donuts on a few

  occasions and only the glazed one yeah

  it seems like the only one that most

  people ever get is the glazed one if

  this is like if it's like in a box in a

  store or like you know some other bakery

  I've never actually do they have their

  own stores Krispy Kreme yeah they do and

  they have like a special light that

  turns on when the donuts are fresh and

  you're supposed to like flock like

  lemmings to the donuts that's a little

  bit too creepy even for me yeah it's

  like if the light is on the donuts are

  fresh everyone to the Krispy Kreme Wow

  alright so let's get into this we have I

  guess we might as well go in the order

  in which they are on the rack so we'll

  start out they have across the top the 3

  main core frosted flavors vanilla

  chocolate I mean yeah a vanilla

  chocolate and strawberry frosted donuts

  right so on the bottom is just regular

  donut dough unglazed but frosted done

  glazed oh yeah that's weird

  of course all right so let's let's give

  it a try here all right we're two

  cutting sections out yes we're not gonna

  be consuming entire Donuts because we

  have 18 donut flavors to try and rank we

  thought it would be a good idea since we

  had a coffee episode to follow up with

  Donuts because coffee and donuts go so

  well together although we did not try

  Dunkin Donuts coffee you know as it is

  the worst coffee I've ever had in my


  so instead we brewed real coffee right

  here and we'll be drinking that instead

  okay so let's look at this leg maryberry

  would let's see I know there's there's a

  big gap on the top it is bubble there's

  a big bubble so the bake is only so-so

  ooh I don't like it hmm maybe I do like


  I mean to me this is like the

  quintessential Dunkin Donuts flavor you

  have like sugary rich icing on top of

  relatively average donut it's fine it

  you know most of what you're tasting is

  the icing mm-hmm

  it's not offensive to me at all no at

  first it had like a kind of gross

  vanilla flavor but then when I got into

  it it kind of melded with the plain cake

  doughnut so it wasn't so bad yeah I mean

  it's fine like I I consider that vanilla

  donut to be like if there were a box of

  donuts next to some coffee and I wanted

  like a sugary snack with my coffee and

  that was like the only one left I take

  that mmm I know I'd be fine with that

  all right next up is the chocolate

  frosted donut so baked is better on this

  one there's no gap yeah so basically the

  exact same donut as we had a minute ago

  but with chocolate instead of vanilla

  frosting I don't see how this is yeah

  that's worse yeah I agree I would say

  the chocolate frosting I'm not much of a

  chocolate for breakfast person in

  general I think is weird but this in

  particular I think this particular

  chocolate is a little strange yeah it's

  not appealing it's not like if you

  craved chocolate you wouldn't want that

  like you would want a better chocolate

  than the head no I don't quite know what

  that was I prefer the I prefer the

  vanilla for that one oh by a lot yeah

  all right so I'm pretty sure that's not

  making our top fours all right no all

  right here comes one of my favorite

  donuts here comes the strawberry iced

  donut and we should point it also TIFF

  hates sprinkles I like sprinkles we have

  chosen two to satisfy TIFF because many

  of the other flavors are only available

  in sprinkles so we have a lot of

  sprinkles coming up so these top three

  we're actually we're actually doing

  without sprinkles sprinkles are

  available for those who like sprinkles

  but I don't think it really changes the

  overall taste of the doughnut I just

  don't like sprinkles because they hurt

  my teeth yeah I think it's it mostly

  just changes the texture because

  sprinkles aren't you know it would be

  hard to meaningfully overpower the

  incredibly strong flavor of the frosting


  okay so this is like a medium bake here

  like not as holy as the vanilla one but

  not as bad consistency you know ya know

  it looks really good so strawberry

  strawberry frosted let's go mmm tastes

  like crappy powdered strawberry syrup

  like if you made Nestle click strawberry

  milk yeah that's what it tastes like

  similar to the vanilla very similar to

  the vanilla in overall appeal it's a

  basic donut with some very rich frosting

  on top you're mostly tasting the

  frosting and it tastes like garbage

  satisfaction yeah the berry doesn't

  taste it tastes like powdered synthetic

  versions of these flavors and not actual

  vanilla chocolate or strawberry and

  that's not necessarily you know a

  horrible thing I mean that is a lot of

  times that's what you're going for like

  when you want that when you want like

  some really indulgent junk food you kind

  of want that so I get that it's I don't

  love any of those but again if if I

  wanted a donut and those were the only

  flavors around

  I think I'd honestly I would probably

  skip the chocolate yeah I wouldn't do

  chocolate but between between the

  vanilla and strawberry I think I prefer

  the vanilla slightly but it's it's a

  close call I like the visual appeal the

  pink one it very much reminds me of like

  the Simpsons donut

  well they need sprinkles though you

  can't you that's true all right so next

  up we have good the glazed coffee roll

  which looks just like a cinnamon roll

  with glaze on top so let's say you even

  look like a cinnamon roll because

  there's no cinnamon it's like a swirly

  solid doughnut with the big with glaze

  on top this is 400 calories what the

  first three are like to 80 to 70 to 80

  this is 400 because it's a lot larger

  like there's a lot more why I think it's

  400 calories yeah this is one of the

  reasons why we don't do this every day

  it's a cinnamon roll out of donut dough

  instead of like I said that's pretty

  good yeah it's pretty good it was better

  before the calorie count but I think

  it's I enjoy that quite a bit because I

  as I like regular glazed doughnuts this

  is almost a regular glazed doughnut with

  a little too it is literal yes it's a

  twisted up doughnut with slight cinnamon

  ting I think on the inside maybe overall

  not bad layered cross-section yeah yeah

  that one again if

  if I wanted a four hundred calorie

  breakfast that wouldn't even fill me up

  I'd go with that oh my god you would be

  hungry in like 20 minutes and the only

  thing available would be more of these

  oh this is such a bad idea

  alright so it's alright will not go

  running later like we should do we run

  no no we couldn't run enough in a day to

  burn off what we're doing to ourselves

  here alright so this is all for you

  people it's for you our dear audience we

  are putting ourselves through this for

  you because we are journalists this is

  the important role journalism serves in

  society right here alright so next up is

  the fudge croissant doughnut also 400

  calories and this is one of this is the

  bank gonna say it's a cronut

  oh is that what currents are croissant

  doughnut mm-hmm I never knew that I've

  never I don't think I've ever had I

  probably don't think this is a great

  version of a cronut but we'll think so

  and this one this is the first of a few

  here that is actually a higher price

  actually it's the only one yeah we were

  told that when we were or we're checking

  out the cells boy he was actually a boy

  the sales boy I don't know what do you

  say like the cashier I mean like he was

  like I don't kid the Dunkin Donuts

  employee the doughnut artist I don't

  know what the doughnut ISTA that's

  that's definitely what they call them

  you yeah doughnut Easter okay so the

  donut eater told us you wanted to warn

  us that that this one actually costs

  more this is with 289 I don't know

  whatever regular denim is like a dollar


  that's it on the thing we use got the

  dozen so we just as the calories you pay

  in calories yeah yes you do

  yeah I mean the whole thing getting all

  these flavors getting 18 different

  flavors of things with 12 bucks that's a

  lot better than our coffee

  yeah all right so this is it has much

  croissant doughnut the only it looks

  crispy in the in the mix I think and it

  has like flaky glaze and a layer of like

  chocolate goop it's and it's dual color

  icing to date they dated you know little

  zigzag back and forth icing dribbles on

  top of both brown and white and it's

  glazed though it's glazed below that so

  I can see where this got it's 400

  calories for a black happening

  see my teeth hurt so much already I just

  tastes like sugar there's too much in

  there because the chocolate tastes more

  like like a sugary thing than an actual

  chocolate thing so that that was labeled

  fudge croissant doughnuts oh I guess

  you're supposed to be tasting

  significant chocolate honestly I didn't

  just like you want another wedge no just

  like you I think it's it's mostly what

  you're tasting is is sugar and glazed

  and that to me honestly that's a pretty

  poor use of 400 calories oh yeah we are

  doing a good job here okay and people

  wonder if we always get the question and

  people actually listen to that when we

  tell them about our podcast yeah we'll

  see yes they do

  the real trick is whether whatever we do

  next has any listeners left after we do

  this well we should promise something


  after this all right next up is the

  Boston cream donut now this one is my

  least favorite donut this is many

  people's most favorite donut says this

  is controversy with you know me and TIFF

  not necessarily liking Phil well I don't

  like filled doughnuts usually ever TIFF

  doesn't seem to like cream right is it

  just cream filled doughnuts you don't

  like yeah there's just something about

  the whole Boston cream thing that I

  don't find that appealing I mean like if

  it's there and I really need a doughnut

  I'll eat it you just dissected okay so

  the heart shape it's heart shaped I cut

  off one of like the top lobes of the

  heart and there's no cream in it at all

  so let me see you bet you gotta find the

  cream he's excavating oh god it's

  everywhere all right here's a pretty

  large piece I kind of have to take a

  large piece to get any cream okay thanks

  oh my god how do you cut a second piece

  of it on the piece that's empty yeah

  just dip it like yeah how would you how

  would you eat this like in a car or

  something with no oh it's just when you

  bite them they squirt it out don't they

  uh why would you want that it is my best

  friend's favorite doughnut and I

  understand why because it's the opposite

  of what I like the best so it like I

  understand the extremes I don't


  middle of the road this is like yeah I

  got to eat this before it falls apart

  all right here we go

  all right normally I like sprinkles I

  don't like these sprinkles these really

  do hurt my teeth like these are these

  like the giant heart sprinkles for I

  guess flat and they're like they're just

  like sugar flat little things okay yeah

  these these are not pleasant sprinkles I

  like the regular little like rod kind

  that they have like year-round normally

  I actually like that better than I

  thought I would can I stick my finger in

  it filling my tastes just the filling it

  doesn't taste like much so far none of

  these donuts really have a very unique

  flavor to themselves no it's really it's

  really disappointing I was actually kind

  of suspecting that this might happen see

  where we're helping we're saving the

  world from actually debating and

  agonizing over what donut to get when

  your ads aankhen Donuts because they all

  taste the same yeah you really don't

  have to care just pick your favorite

  color and move along you're basically

  picking the topping yeah but even the

  toppings feel pretty similar yeah I mean

  like of Letha the three main icing

  flavors like what yeah what nice great I

  scraped off the top of the sprinkles and

  then for some reason was sitting on my

  plate and I just like mindlessly just

  popped it into my mouth look what these

  doughnuts are doing to me they made you

  eat extra sprinkles they're making me a

  monster coffee coffee all right moving

  along moving so next up we have that was

  Boston cream next up we have the cookie

  dough donut which sounds insane so let's

  see this is also heart-shaped this one

  has brown chocolate chip sprinkles and

  chocolate icing

  I need another napkin I'm covered in

  chocolate can you get me once right now

  I'm putting the at least that coffee one

  but coffee swirly one had something

  different tasting all right new plates

  reset we've gone through one we've gone

  through six Donuts yep all right

  I'm not feeling that sick yet just a

  little bit sick oh I need some coffee

  all right yeah

  or any another cup of coffee I'll finish

  all the messy ones on the plate like

  cream and chocolate and cookie dough

  filled yeah the the last few

  it kind of amps down I think I hope so

  well and we're finishing off with the

  Munchkins which are they're like little

  round donut hole things now we're

  finishing off with those and the plane

  and the chocolate I think I might just

  prefer them because there's less that's

  it yeah well the reality is like when I

  eat a donut I want really like the

  crispy outside part the inside I really

  I don't really care about and so that's

  why I like I like things like the twist

  or like the doughnut hole things the

  Munchkins where like you're really

  getting a lot more surface area than

  just like a filled doughnut or a ring

  mm-hmm or a torus excuse me here's

  another heart-shaped one yes so there's

  our chasuble filled cookie dough

  doughnut it is 380 calories I see the

  hole on this side

  oh the fill hole look at that all right

  I'm sure to cut down the middle on this

  one okay

  and we try to subdivide from there all

  right so how did it get all the way over

  there there's literally like one line it

  looks like of filling you know so the

  vast majority of this doughnut is just

  dough and there's like a little tiny

  area in the heart it's like by like the

  upper crest where that where the two but

  parts meet it that has a butt crack of

  the heart yeah that is the only place

  where this filling so I guess we'll cut

  this part but that's so much filling oh

  oh my gosh there's like almost nothing

  take it in here no way to eat this

  terrible chocolate topping all right

  cookie dough doughnut I mean I guess

  it's okay but why it again it doesn't

  taste like much it tastes mostly just

  like sugar and dough the cookie dough

  flavor is there but pretty weak yeah

  there's hardly anything in it nope it's

  just these are just too boring yeah I

  would say this is again looks like this

  is a waste of almost 400 calories like

  if you're gonna if you're gonna have

  something decadent I'd want I wanted to

  be better than that all right let's see

  what's in cupid here all right so this

  is Cupid's decision what was this

  Cupid's choice Cupid mistake let's see

  what cheapest shows you keep its regrets

  can we find the fill hole on this one

  there it is all right I think yeah it's

  filled with regrets there's a tire

  episode I think it's built with regrets

  all right so Cupid apparently chose what

  appears to be Boston cream juice let's

  Cupid chose what was in stock yeah it's

  a night special what we had too much of

  so here here is your part of Cupid's

  choice so it's a pink doughnut with pink

  icing heart-shaped and hearts heart

  sprinkles with appear with apparently

  Boston cream inside taking my heart

  sprinkles off well I again I get these

  pretty sprinkles a big thumbs down it's

  just like a like a like a strawberry

  donut with Boston cream filling so if

  you like the strawberry regular donut

  with Boston cream filling you would like

  this that's what this is it's a nice

  combo of the two yeah if you couldn't

  decide which one you want then you

  finally have a doughnut that has it all

  for you but again all being kind of the

  same yeah there's like there's no

  variation so little filling in them Wow

  I think either we have really terrible

  Dunkin donut locations here okay do they

  bake them or do they get shipped in

  first of all I think they're fried

  aren't they okay they're deep-fried so

  well however are they made at these

  locations or they trucked in from a big

  factory that's like nearby that's a good

  question I mean usually with this kind

  of operation like like a like chained

  bagel shops usually bake on premises but

  like places that have bagel like Dunkin

  Donuts has bagels I doubt they bake

  their bagels ever get those essentially

  right I think that's it oh that's like I

  don't know I mean doughnuts like all the

  stuff the reason why usual reasons

  they're never warm even when they

  restock the trays they're never warm so

  I'm thinking there's like a big bakery

  warehouse somewhere and they do bake

  them freshly because if you get a

  day-old donut it tastes so different

  than what we're eating right now but I

  don't think they're doing any of it at

  these locations I bet you they truck

  them all in I let's hear from listeners

  I would that sounds very likely

  especially these locations are often

  very small and that's why there's a lot

  of donuts close by to each other like it

  is super easy to have one big central

  baking facility where they extrude and

  bake big these and then they not peanuts

  donuts donuts and then they you know

  bring them in every morning all right

  next up we have the brownie batter donut

  is basically exactly what we just had

  but chocolate so it's another filled

  heart covered in these horrible heart

  sprinkles that are impossible to chew

  and this has also been kind of

  half-assedly filled with with what

  appears to just be you know chocolate

  filling it looks like probably the same

  filling as that cronut thing that was up

  there that also had the chocolate

  filling in there probably the same the

  same stuff is that looks just like it if

  anyone's ever made box brownies and then

  lick the spoon it tastes like that yeah

  exactly I mean it's really this is

  making me think a lot less of Dunkin

  Donuts and I honestly didn't think that

  hired them before but the fact that

  there's just there just seems like

  there's like no effort it's very similar

  to the accusations against Taco Bell

  that they just like they just have like

  the same five ingredients they just

  combine in different ways to make all

  the different flavors that's how this is

  like all these donuts are basically the

  same like three icing flavors and the

  same like two dough types just remix in

  different ways I think that that's why I

  like the jelly donut because it feels a

  little bit different like a little bit

  different and I also love the chocolate

  cake donut because that looking at this

  now the chocolate cake donut and the

  original donut are the only two that

  have a different base from all the

  others so so far you said it yeah as

  like a halfway point here are there any

  of these that you would say like are in

  your top floor I've written literally

  nothing down I drew a picture of a donut

  just a circle let me see

  okay oh you you did sprinkle the donut

  that's that's iconic it's it's more of

  an icon thing than a personal preference

  I'm not gonna draw you know helps

  distinguish it from like a bagel or

  actually and I wasn't quite sure how to

  draw drippy icing yet so because I don't

  it's not that dimensional alright so now

  we're moving into what was on the bottom

  rack basically yeah like you could

  barely see it over the you know over the

  counter unless like you went on your

  tiptoes and looked yeah but first up

  we're actually gonna like these because

  these look more our speed

  yeah exactly so first up we have the

  regular glazed donut classic and of

  course they did a really half-assed job

  because you can see this whole section

  over here is not glazed oh it's

  because they probably have them all just

  next to each other and then they just

  like ooze glaze all over the doughnuts

  yeah like crisps I will give Krispy

  kream credit for that Krispy Kreme

  whatever their process is yields very

  consistent even glaze I think they dip

  them maybe how you feeling I feel a

  little bit buzzed okay I've had very

  little coffee so it's from the sugar all


  so regular glazed donut that actually

  tastes way better than all the other

  ones not only is is the flavor balance

  better but it's it's a better dough it's

  fresher it's softer it like they

  probably I mean if I had to guess this

  is probably they sell the most of mm-hmm

  so they probably are making them more

  frequently and more freshly but this was

  even this was even substantially better

  than the the basic icing flavors upfront

  like the regular like with vanilla icing

  stuff this is way better than those yeah

  I like that a lot

  yeah that's I mean I can already say

  that's probably gonna end up being my

  number one but let's or at least like

  you know maybe that maybe the doughnut

  hole version of it but let's see we'll

  keep moving along but that was excellent

  that was that's what I want let's not

  get crazy

  I don't think it was excellent

  relatively speaking yeah

  compared to what we've been eating the

  last 15 minutes that was excellent all

  right all right next up is the French

  cruller cruller Crowley railer however

  that's pronounced that's kind of an

  oblong shape here this is these aren't

  the best Baker's in the world let's be

  honest maybe they're doing it on

  premises because they're also these are

  usually more Airy Donuts give you a

  larger piece of those because it's kind

  of it's like a weird like twist and this

  one this one is substantially lower

  calorie than this is only 220 yeah the

  the dough is very Airy it's almost like

  um a like a funnel cake almost yeah

  we're like a cream puff dough or

  something maybe like a choux pastry has

  they'd say yeah it tastes like eggy

  doesn't it yeah it is definitely a

  different dough preparation and it's

  actually I I'm happy to be eating this

  because all the other ones are so the

  same yeah I give him credit for that

  that's interesting I don't personally

  prefer it I I don't really care that

  much more honestly but I give him credit

  for it being different than the rest and

  I get why people would want that I just

  don't and you know it's nice that they

  actually have this one and the

  old-fashioned ones still available at


  I wonder how many they sell here's

  something interesting the old-fashioned

  one which appears to get the regular

  like kind of brownish plane with no

  glaze that was like cakey actually when

  that one has more calories than the

  glazed the regular glazed I don't know

  why it must be different though I bet it

  has like cakiness it has egg and

  everything in it

  yeah maybe alright so that was the

  French crawler sounds like it's it okay

  for you for me it's not great but if you

  know for you to okay right yeah I liked

  it it has a very different flavor but

  it's like um it's it when you chew it it

  kind of glops together very easily it

  doesn't stay Airy alright next up we

  have the regular jelly filled Emma so

  this has this has like the sprinkled

  sugar on the outside not the glaze but

  isn't it kind of like powdery sugar this

  used to be my favorite yeah regular like

  sprinkle sugar on the outside the

  regular Brown though they look how well

  filled that is compared to the other

  bowls filled oops those yeah the other

  half asked filled doughnuts that's good

  all right here you go

  rocket jelly this is regular what kind

  of jelly filled wow this is so brightly

  colored so red it's so unnecessarily red

  and we have a lot of jelly flavors in

  the house because we have a child we

  have a lot of jelly flavors that are of

  like the red family none of them are as

  brightly colored as this this is so full

  of red dye it's not even funny it

  probably has like very little color

  it is really sweet jelly yeah I can't I

  can't even tell you what fruit flavor

  this is supposed to be it tastes like

  you added the water to gummy candy and

  like pushed it all up and then injected

  it into a donut that sounds about right

  I got to wipe some of it out the donut

  itself is fine

  it's inoffensive but the jelly is so

  crazy like horrible junk food miss as a

  whole with the insane ridiculous

  sweetness of this jelly which I believe

  it's it is made of gummy worms like just

  I'm smearing it on the plate and I can

  see of it it feels like creamed gummy

  worm yeah that's that's odd that's

  that's the jelly filled that is

  and I think and just I think you just

  stained our plates permanently actually

  and our throats oh my god my fingers are

  red yeah I like it as a whole but I

  don't like this jelly it's just toxic oh

  my god yeah that that was that was rough

  oh don't get doughnuts you're so old

  school all right so moving along because

  I we have to leave that horrible thing

  behind it's so bad next up is the the

  glazed chocolate doughnut so the regular

  shaped doughnut with the chocolate dough

  that the dark brown chocolate dough with

  glaze and this is similarly half-assedly

  glazed I think the first one I need

  another plate oh wait all right so

  chocolate glaze okay plate number three

  three three plate donut testing my wet

  paper towel is already totally used up

  that little of disgustingness Wow

  they keep fleeing the knife with it

  whenever we have any kind of jelly

  filled thing oh boy all right so can we

  I need to lay down after this again why

  are we okay no more food after this one

  but we need to take a break from food

  only decaf liquids yeah all right so

  this is a glazed chocolate doughnut

  regular glazed chocolate doughnut I'm

  excited about this one because I feel

  like it's gonna be really different this

  is also suspiciously high calories so so

  the regular glazed flavor is 260 this

  the chocolate one is 370 ooh you're

  basically eating cake right yeah it's

  promotion it's pretty much cake yeah

  yeah well they call it they say glazed

  chocolate cake doughnut is the official

  name I don't think we need to eat the

  Munchkin version of this oh no we have

  to for completeness it okay

  I like Entenmann's better yeah

  Entenmann's does the same thing way

  better but this is fine like this is

  decent it leaves a funny aftertaste a

  little bit yeah I mean like it's similar

  to like the to the original three iced

  ones up top we're like if this was in a

  box and I really wanted one and nothing

  else better was available I'd take this

  I'd be fine with it yeah I prefer it

  from the sea of boring we just waded

  through but yeah I mean I would I would

  pick that over any of the like filled

  sprinkle II heart-shaped gummy

  whatever's those were like I would pick

  the chocolate cake over any of those

  but so far I'm just so never wanting

  Dunkin donut Donuts again I think this

  is gonna be very easy to avoid in the

  future so next up is the my favorite

  name the plane stick donut I wish they

  call it the donut rod I mean they didn't

  even take any effort to make this look

  good like there's like this big like

  missing part over here where they like

  it was maybe touching some other thing

  and didn't get cooked properly like oh

  it's it's the same as the original donut

  but with glaze oh that makes sense

  it has like a cinnamon element to it I

  really like this yeah there's there's

  something going on here it's like it's a

  lot more flavor than I would have

  expected it's a lot of flavor there's

  like it's soaked in something see on the

  bottom there mm-hmm it's like it's

  soaked in some kind of flavored it's sir

  it's more cakey then a regular donut

  it's has cinnamon flecks I think in it

  looks like it that's what it tastes like

  and then the glaze it's very good I like

  it I like the

  harad donut the donut right yeah finally

  Donuts that's really good it's not even

  plain its glazed it's the funny thing is

  the plain stick donor it has way more

  flavor than the glazed donut the plain

  stick donut has more flavor than the

  chocolate cookie dough bomb cupid's love

  donut or whatever the hell yeah I think

  it least has a better flavor no they had

  like no flavor that was so nice right

  yeah yeah that was really good that was


  my coming to the rescue Thank You

  cinnamon for being excellent I only

  complained about about the plane stick

  donut besides the hilarious name which

  actually might even be a complaint but

  like it my main complaint is it's very

  rich yeah it is it's like but you are

  eating a donut so I mean all of these

  are rich that's true but even after

  having eaten now like 16 Donuts I look

  at that I taste that and say oh this is

  rich we didn't need all 16 Donuts they

  all now look like pac-man

  yeah we're just cutting a little wedges

  out of each one all right next up is the

  old-fashioned donut I think this is

  gonna be the same contents as this does

  the stick donut but without the glaze

  it's certainly a very dense dough to cut

  through it's it is much more ass

  terrible oh yeah who would ever

  get so it is basically like you know a

  cake it's a ring of cake that's what it

  is the texture is kind of um

  rubbery the outside yeah it's an it

  looks look it's gonna be soft with like

  a little bit of crunch to it but it's

  rubbery I would say it is as appealing

  as it looks it like overall the this is

  one of those cases where you should

  judge the book by the cover it tastes

  exactly how you'd expect it to taste

  based on the way it looks not horrible

  and in fact if I wanted if I wanted a

  circle of cake and not a doughnut that

  might be reasonable if there was no

  other cake available it looks like a

  1950's cartoon donut that you would use

  to dunk into coffee yeah maybe that's

  the purpose of it is that because the

  rest of these give me peace I'll don't

  get in the coffee

  it's for science I'll do it okay the

  rest of these are are kind of not well

  suited to dunking in coffee it looks

  just like a 1950's cop donut that goes

  in coffee

  all right I'm dumping it into Marcos

  coffee oh it's oh it absorbs the coffee

  very quickly

  Bruno might like a little sponge texture

  so oh so what'd you think of it oh it

  was like a soppy grainy mess don't do

  that okay don't don't try it don't try

  that so given that it's not suited for

  dunking either what is the what does it

  mean it absorbed the coffee very well

  but then when you bit into it the

  textured was just so vomity so the idea

  if you have to absorb coffee but not

  drink it like if there's been a coffee

  spill you can clean it up with

  old-fashioned doughnuts well it tastes

  like if you would show if you would like

  taking that a bite of that doughnut

  chewed it up

  spit it out and then eat it again and it

  just happened to be and then poured some

  coffee on it okay so you took a bite of

  it you chewed it up you spit it out you

  poured some coffee on it and then you

  ate it up again with a spoon but that's

  what it felt like and tasted like okay

  so is that in your top four no it is not

  okay all right so all the regular flavor

  try it no that's all right after that

  review I'm not sure I need to so all the

  regular flavors are done now we just

  have the three full

  of merchants they're little mini donut

  hole things just cut them in half like I

  can't even even know oh yeah no I would

  not eat a whole bunch in at this point

  either I've never written anything down

  I didn't even get a notebook for this

  I'm just I knew I wouldn't need what I

  just wanted to draw a doughnut all right

  this is the regular glazed munchkin I

  rather eat that and most of these yeah

  that was great I think I mean it's

  exactly the same as the glazed doughnut

  like it yep exactly the same dough same

  everything same glaze at her surface

  area it was just just as freshly made

  just as soft all right next up is the

  glazed chocolate cake munchkin exactly

  the same doughnut which we suspected and

  finally the velocity we have the

  munchkin that is not represented in the

  full-size Donuts anymore at least the

  powdered sugar cake Buckskin so this

  looks like it's the old-fashioned donut

  coated in powdered sugar it looks like

  let's see wow that makes us so much

  better it still has a little bit of that

  rubbery outside to it

  I found the filling kind of like melts

  in your mouth and not in a good way

  almost like an oozy way like yeah it's

  consider of the inside is not great it

  becomes pasty taste that's it yes

  exactly yeah yeah okay so now little

  fried all 18 donut varieties that were

  available at the biggest Dunkin Donuts

  we could find around us what's getting

  more pasty yeah I think I need some

  coffee all right yeah that's getting

  worse as it ages in our mouths you

  remember those little containers of

  paste when we were in school they had

  the stick at a yellow pad it was the

  Elmer's paste and I had a stick an

  orange cap and like a stick that went

  down you had to like scrape the stick

  inside of the bottle I do remember that

  but I didn't eat them so I didn't eat I

  didn't either

  did you ever eat it I I can't remember I

  don't recall Oh Oh interesting

  we're talking about Donuts yeah okay we

  can do flavor we can uh flavor profile

  pastes later okay all right so what do

  you think are in your top four out of

  these do you have any in your top four

  do I have to

  I guess if you have to pick okay we're

  doing this episode we have to pick

  Dunkin Donuts okay I think that the the

  plane rod donut the plane stick don't

  yeah I think that one's my number one my

  number two is not pictured the maple

  glazed donut okay that's that that's the

  one that we couldn't get in stock that

  you're remembering in your mind so even

  in your mind it only reaches number two

  it might even be number three because I

  know it's very very sweet

  okay I'm bumping it down to number three

  moving the regular glazed up to two so I

  have the the rod stick then the glazed

  then my fantasy doughnut of the maple

  one and and lastly oh oh this is tricky

  because that jelly inside that jelly

  doughnut was so bad

  I'll turn it to face you you can really

  see how bad it is uh okay so I'm

  debating between the chocolate cake

  donut the jelly and the well that coffee

  swirly one was pretty good too

  can we the purpose of ranking is it fair

  to rule out the Munchkins do they were

  just like their parent donuts yeah yes

  yeah all right so unless you want this

  you want the powder one out but I don't

  think either of us want the paste donut

  mm-hmm no that's Elementary School paste

  donut all right rod glazed fantasy maple

  and uh uh jelly I'm just gonna say it

  generally so you're so of all the other

  ones out here that you didn't rank you

  would rather eat a jelly than those like

  them then how about the French cruller

  you'd rather have the jelly than that or

  the cinnamon swirl thing they're just so

  many calories they're just not good so

  so maybe so is none an option that we

  can rank like is not having a donut

  something we can put in our top four

  yeah I think I'd rather I used to love

  the pink glazed donuts and like actually

  craved them actively where we had to

  like I need to run out and get a pink

  glazed donut but now eating them with

  everything else I think my option for

  number four is going to be none okay but

  maybe it's it said now I'm like in a

  stomachache like sugar I don't know what

  would you call this situation that we're

  in right here

  sugar vibration SiC I supposedly the

  option to for it to ask somebody whether

  they want more doughnuts the worst time

  to ask them that is probably after they

  have tried 18 doughnuts it's like when

  you eat too much SpaghettiOs and then

  you can't have SpaghettiOs anymore for a

  really really really long time I'm

  feeling that way about these doughnuts

  and the funny thing is combined we

  probably only each had something like

  two to three whole doughnuts worth of

  doughnuts like how do people put these

  away like in their bodies alright so is

  that your ranking so number one you do

  yours cuz I might jump in let me draw

  them while you talk about your assault

  Rosalyn alright my number one choice is

  going to be no donuts go right for

  number one no dunno

  number one is no thank you if I have to

  if that is an option that we are

  considering if that is my number one

  choice because all of these are

  disappointing to some degree and given

  exactly like once you see how

  high-calorie they are it's like none of

  these are worth it I would even going to

  have that that many calories in a

  breakfast I'd rather have like a like a

  big egg and cheese sandwich or something

  like yeah there's so many things that

  taste a lot better than all of these

  donuts yeah they taste better you feel

  better after eating them they keep you

  full for long or like I it isn't just

  like a responsibility thing it's like I

  don't even enjoy the way I feel enough

  while eating these are after eating

  these to make it worth 2 to 400 calories

  for for these weirdo things so number

  one choice for me is no thank you

  number two is probably gonna be the the

  regular glaze because I do I did really

  enjoy the plain stick donut but it is

  very rich and it is larger so I think I

  would feel worse after eating a whole

  plain stick donut than after eating with

  just a one basic glaze number three will

  be the plain stick donut so number one

  no thank you number two playing glaze

  number three plain sticked on it mostly

  because it really is very good like

  maybe I don't need half of it and share

  it with you or something so that mitt

  that would make it a little better and

  then number four I have a tough time

  with because none of them are

  particularly great if I'm allowed to

  like throw

  the second half of it I might pick the

  cinnamon roll the coffee roll because

  it's way too big for me to finish myself

  and also 400 calories but just I would

  feel really gross after eating that

  whole thing kind of similar to how I

  feel right now that's roughly how I feel

  everything that I don't I don't want to

  feel that but if I had to I would say

  the the coffee roll would be my number

  four so no thank you

  glaze plain stick coffee roll how do you

  feel are you sticking with your list now

  yeah I might even change my first one to

  No thank you thank you but I didn't go

  into this thinking I would never want to

  eat another donut I just don't want to

  eat another one of these donuts anymore


  and you have to I think mommy and daddy

  had enough donuts but do you want to try

  different ones we can cut a little piece

  off so you could try more than one I

  want that one okay I'm gonna cut you a

  piece please don't eat the whole thing

  okay what side this side or this side

  what do you think of the donut yes

  yes what else do you think what does it

  taste like it tastes like hearts and

  what else the cream you want to try this

  one next with the jelly or this pink

  icing or the shiny one strawberry

  frosted dinner oh it's good it's good

  okay we're giving him slices yes okay

  yeah he wants to try the vanilla iced

  donut vanilla frosting but I want to eat

  that whole thing okay he identified the

  Munchkin dip in the powdered sugar

  munchkin I said now this is the vanilla

  donut what does it taste like okay no I

  I'm full thank you though my belly God

  because laughs is it the holding on this

  I know a picture okay let the record

  show because next pick is the regular

  glazed so you're gonna be watching this

  afternoon mm-hmm yep good look at that

  not eating any of the chocolate ones so

  okay all right that's right now would

  that one no that one again well let's

  try this one first

  and then yeah try that this is the

  regular glazed how's that one taste some

  of the glaze fell off eating all that

  that's a good part wasn't that bad which

  one is your favorite that you've tried

  that one the cupids mistake all right

  what's next what's your second favorite

  about this no thank you

  all right a little bit more cupids

  mistake and then we're all done with

  donuts I wonder what was the other one

  what's your number to favor you wanted

  the entire donut hole my my number six

  number two is the French cruller which

  he did not try what about the sugar one

  that was in the shape of a ball did you

  like that one yeah all right well I

  think we can safely say number one for

  Adams cupid's mistake I think he's only

  capable of picking a number one yeah

  everything all living a secondary cool

  what's your favorite pink one okay his

  favorite is also the the strawberry

  frosted can you say my favorite all

  right thank you for your assistance

  which one's your favorite to say my

  favorite is and point to it all right

  Anna's favorite is the French cruller

  but he did not drive great because it is

  bumpy all right

  thanks Adam