Top Four

Top Four 12: Star Wars Movies


  hi everyone back at top four central

  here in our office I don't know I don't

  know it's been a month we were high on

  donuts last time and now we're back

  buzzing caffeine before that very

  special top for this month cuz

  apparently we're now a monthly podcast

  something like that something like that

  and we are going to be discussing our

  top four


  anyway we're gonna be we have two

  special guests two special guests and

  their last name is Margot take it away

  siracusa good enough but usually every

  time someone says that you say good

  enough near Liza I was telling TIFF that

  she was going farther and farther away I

  probably say it wrong Tina how do you

  say it

  syracusa did I say that wrong inside her

  head about it she's gonna get all

  self-conscious about it she this is not

  a problem so you guys are making it a

  problem let's see you've never said that

  any pronunciation of it was correct you

  only ever say like good enough or that's

  fine or whatever it's never correct but

  you won't say it either

  oh damn Benjamin said it right I have a

  recording of him saying it right and

  Tina just said it fine whatever we have

  two of these people on the other end to

  discuss our our top four favorite Star

  Wars films hey this should be


  I would imagine at least John I know you

  have strong opinions Tina I imagine you

  probably do too

  sure different scene different opinions

  well yeah and that's what makes the show

  interesting well we decided on our show

  after we had Mike and Adina on that we

  are going to be doing couples only so we

  convinced Tina Sara cue said Sara close

  enough to join us sir close enough close

  enough to join us

  and usually we like to provide our

  guests with the steak dinner before we

  record but since you guys are up in your

  own state and we are down in our state

  that that was not possible this time but

  no fair yeah anyway so I believe

  somebody has some rules for our podcast

  and it's not us someone's gotta have

  rules that one was a very upset and sent

  like 23 lines of instant messages this

  morning about rules he won this 10

  devices can drift off course let's say

  I'm trying to give you guys some

  boundaries and I have a way that I think

  this show could go so as opposed to the

  past few episodes where you guys talk

  about all your choices kind of all at

  the same time I thought we would go

  around in a structured style and start

  with our number one picks and then

  number two number three in each of us we

  got to say whatever we want about our

  number picks and then when we all do our

  number four is we will be done that

  sounds like a great ideal this idea is

  not out of reach we'll see okay my

  captain I'm ready let's go yeah and I do

  have a brief opening statement on

  picking a top horse though I'm shocked

  for I'm sure if you listen to the show

  you've listened to it before you know

  what it's like the whole idea on this is

  like Marco has his top four ntfs most of

  the time and yeah well you know in

  theory but the idea that they have

  separate lists is the clue to what this

  show is about we're going to list our

  favorite things favorites can vary from

  person to person this top four has never

  been a show about what is the best

  whatever because then you'd be trying to

  find some consensus instead it's

  individually what is your top four what

  is my top four all this is to say that

  as we go through these lists keep in

  mind that these are favorites and not

  bests and this is a distinction that is

  not often made by the show but

  implicitly this entire show is about

  favorites so if one of us picks a

  favorite that you think it's crazy

  because movie X is better and let me

  tell you why remember it's not about

  best it's about a favorite and favorite

  is an entirely personal thing that's all

  I want to say in trying to preempt all

  the the potentially angry people here

  well thank you that actually kind of

  solidified one of my choices because I

  had a little double arrow and a question

  mark for my number two and three I'm

  glad you said that because my favorite

  is actually Attack of the Clones

  then we need we need an order

  Jason El style if we're gonna have a

  draft we could have we could I have an

  order so I guess you know you guys

  should pick who's gonna go for a second

  third and fourth and then we can decide

  when we get to the end if we're gonna do

  a snake draft I feel like someone needs

  to open up a spreadsheet at this point I

  don't know what a snake is I don't know

  what to think is it in the parking lot

  you guys have been compromised thanks or

  you know your sports names I guess well

  I guess we'd have to fire off our

  spoiler dong for this episode just in

  case anyone listening hasn't seen you

  know the Star Wars movies for some

  insane reason but stop listening now if

  you have seen them because if you have

  seen them let me know

  wait thanks Tina stop listening now if

  you have seen them because we're

  probably going to just make you angry or

  you haven't seen them regardless ya

  listener here and John before we get

  started you you seem to have a strong

  opinion that we should go best to worst

  and that a lot most of the time I think

  we go the opposite direction what why

  did you why do you think we should do it

  from best to worst because I think there

  is general consensus among the listeners

  if not among the panelists about the

  best but as you start tailing towards

  the end of the four it gets sketchier so

  I think the more dramatic choices are

  towards the bottom than the top all of a

  sudden we're all official and panelists

  this is that we have somebody here to

  put some structure in this show because

  normally we don't you know that or

  you'll never invite them back a little

  bit of a break is like when you've got a

  whole bunch of cups full of coffee and

  you're in a public place and you know

  that's can be chaotic and you've got a

  whole bunch of donuts on a table it's

  hard to keep it together but I'm not you

  know the old style format where you're

  not stuffing your faces and making

  yourself sick to your stomach and

  teasing your poor child while you eat

  doughnuts in front of I just had an

  amazing idea

  something that we can do next time you

  guys are in person with us jarred tomato

  sauces your tomato sauce and I'll make

  my de Pape tomato and sneak him into the

  rank yeah all right i-i've Oh Tina goes


  I don't agree somebody has to go first


  I'll go first all right dudes my number

  one pick four favorite Star Wars movie

  not best favorite is the force awakens

  actually it is my favorite Star Wars

  movie officially I freaking love this

  movie cannot wait to see it again fifty

  thousand more times it was just great

  and the reason I chose it as my first

  pick is because it has tons of diversity

  it has like powerful women in in roles

  that you know they before weren't

  playing and I love the whole as you know

  all the podcasts have spoken over and

  over again about the details of the

  movie but the you know don't hold my

  head like why are you holding my hand

  just like small little details about her

  character about the character of Rey

  being just such a competent amazing

  woman that does not lose any clothing

  during the movie that is like I love

  that has every other movie women always

  lose clothing like every time they're in

  some sort of action movie and she

  actually gets to be the hero the concept

  of the force makes her equally powerful

  to the men when they are doing battle so

  you're not really saying like wow that

  woman couldn't really do that she

  doesn't have enough strength well the

  force gives them the strength so they

  are able and equal and I just absolutely

  love that

  and it's it has a lot of throwback to

  the older movies but at the same time it

  brings like a fresh perspective so I

  just really enjoyed it as a new modern

  Star Wars and I just loved it and this

  is coming from someone who I want to say

  I do have a history with Star Wars and I

  really love the original movies so this

  one being my favorite is pretty big it's

  my question for you is when like before

  you saw the movie like were you were you

  like watching the trailers and getting

  excited about it or you were just like

  oh I guess they're making another Star

  Wars movie maybe it'll be good like what

  was your what was your lead-up to

  watching this movie I was so burned by

  the by the prequels that I really didn't

  care that they were making a new Star

  Wars movie because I hated the prequels

  so much so obviously they're not gonna

  be on my list spoiler dawg but you know

  they were just so terrible that they

  kind of ruined Star Wars for me for a

  long time and I just kind of stopped

  watching the original movies because I

  didn't like those and so the idea of a

  new one I was just like oh there's gonna

  ruin it again so I think that the I and

  I watched one of the trailers and I was

  like well it looked pretty good but I

  still wasn't excited so maybe going from

  the whole idea and mental state of I'm

  gonna hate this movie and they're just

  gonna continue to ruin Star Wars - oh my

  gosh this movie was amazing it kicks so

  much butt and I just want to see it

  constantly like the factor we saw it I'm

  like I want to turn around and go see it

  again if we wouldn't have to pick up our

  son from preschool we would have totally

  been in there watching the movie again

  don't you agree Margo oh yeah I mean and

  this is I I have this movie very high on

  my list as well yeah it so pumped like

  it got me so pumped and it made me love

  Star Wars again and I think that that's

  why it's my number one it's because it

  it reinvigorated my love for the whole

  franchise and we went back and we

  watched all the movies again and it just

  it made my my heart full of Star Wars

  nerd eree again and I think that that's

  why I respect it so much I have a

  similar impression of the force awakens

  I I also had no expectations of it I

  didn't know anything about it because I

  had been burned by the prequels and

  because I wasn't that big of a Star Wars

  nerd like I liked the movies I saw the

  movies but I hadn't seen any of them

  recently and I'm not that much into them

  and so I didn't know anything about this

  going in I didn't know which actors

  would be in it I didn't I didn't know

  anything about it I

  I do I wasn't reading spoilers I wasn't

  even watching the trailers I knew

  nothing about it

  and so going into it knowing nothing and

  being so incredibly blown away by how

  good it was and how just how how

  entertaining it was how well done it

  wasn't mean this has been well covered

  on other podcast many books you've been

  on John OH

  so you know I don't thing we need to go

  over in great detail why exactly it is

  so amazing but I just think it blew me

  away and how good it was and I would

  actually have it as my number one almost

  I think if I had to just rank right now

  my favorite I think I might do you have

  to rank right now consult your list

  you're you're beautiful I phone I have a

  list on the iPhone in my hand and I so

  my I had initially written down Empire

  Strikes Back is my number one and then

  the force awakens and my number two

  you're doing the reason why I that's my

  job on the show is to ruin to ruin

  whatever structure there might have been

  so the reason why I I have a hard time

  eccentric these two is that III just

  think it might be too early in the force

  awakens to declare it my number one

  because like it hasn't aged it we

  haven't we haven't had a chance for like

  the excitement to just settle down from

  it but the show is happening right now

  this is when you're making the choice

  this is it you know we're not gonna

  submit this into your bio here and

  you're like you have to stick to this

  list it just it feels dangerous to

  because it had that film not come out

  yet or at all Empire would be my number

  one like probably many Star Wars fans

  but I think the excitement of that is so

  strong right now that it's easy for me

  to say that's my number one now but I

  might regret that in like a year because

  I've only seen it you know we've only

  seen it twice and it's coming out in

  video soon and so we'll probably see it

  again soon we could have paid 6 bucks to

  watch it again on the plane really

  you're just done yeah I might have done

  that actually that's on those crappy

  little screens but yeah so alright so

  you know what you've convinced me screw

  it that's my number one force awakens


  peer pressure wife pressure well I

  wanted to put it but I knew you'd make

  fun of me and and I I thought like again

  he's like I didn't want to know

  I I didn't want to to jump the gun on

  judging it so highly no I understand

  where you're coming from that plays into

  where I have force awakens is the fact

  that it is new and I've only seen it a

  few times so it's hard to know if it has

  staying power or not exactly well it

  sounds like it's your turn then Tina so

  my number one is has a lot to do with

  nostalgia reasons and seeing it as a kid

  but my favorite is is a new hope I just

  remember as a kid just any time I saw it

  on TV I was watching it didn't matter if

  it was 15 minutes in I were in if it was

  on TV I was watching it my parents at

  various points in time had cable but not

  all the time but I just have distinct

  memories of having cable at one point in

  time and having like those HBO free

  preview weekend type things and I just

  remember one weekend that Star Wars was

  on and HBO was free and I must have

  spent the whole weekend watching Star

  Wars because that's all I wanted to

  watch I just it's the first movie it's

  it's you know sets up the whole universe

  of Star Wars and the characters and it's

  just sort of it's a new beginning

  there's just something about new things

  that there's there's so much hope for

  what's gonna happen later in the story

  and you're just all excited about it so

  just like for a nostalgia reasons like

  that's just my all-time favorite even to

  this day if it's on I have a hard time

  not watching it if it's on so when like

  Alex was going through his Star Wars

  phase of watching the movie over and

  over again I suppose I didn't watch it

  all the time but I watched it a lot more

  than I probably had time for how old was

  Alex when you guys started him watching

  Star Wars

  it was around kindergarten so has he

  seen the prequels yet um he's a really

  delicate parenting question he hasn't

  seen the prequels in this house I don't

  know he does the friends house it yeah

  like a sleepover or something and they

  showed Revenge of the Sith I think is

  that the one they should I think that's

  the one he saw and then I think John

  showed him the Darth Maul fight scene

  yeah I have that clipped out as I turned

  that when he was very young that the

  lightsaber fight from the Phantom Menace

  with I care that we don't care about

  with with the Jar Jar

  things like cut out of it so it's just

  it's just the fight scene no dialogue so

  out of curiosity so so suppose Alex is

  at a friend's house at a sleepover or

  something would you rather they

  accidentally see the Phantom Menace in

  its entirety or somebody has a beer


  drinking beer wouldn't I always wouldn't

  drink the beer and he's gonna watch the

  movie eventually he know he'll be he'll

  be bored of it he knows he's not allowed

  to see it here and it bothers him watch

  like the whole movie on YouTube by now

  you realize like what he does is you

  know YouTube they don't let the entire

  movie be up because of their copyright

  restrictions things that people do like

  fan edits and put them on YouTube and

  that's what he watches so he's seen all

  these weird cut up versions of the movie

  which it's fine because now it's just

  like it's just as big a mishmash as the

  actual movie so now Tina when you and

  John like first met was Star Wars

  something that you guys first bonded

  over or did that come later on that you

  discovered your mutual love for Star

  Wars I don't think it was anything we

  first bonded over I think we just had

  both assume that everybody already love

  Star Wars and so did we yeah I mean like

  we did go through the whole when they

  did the release of the original trilogy

  we were in college then yeah yeah yeah

  late 90s right yes so we would go to the

  quote unquote best theater in Boston to

  go you know it's called the sherry I

  don't even think it exists anymore but

  you know we stood in line we you know to

  go to those movies on opening night and

  you know so I saw the first three and

  actually ended up seeing Phantom Menace

  there too when that came out but I mean

  yeah I mean I was always a fan of Star

  Wars I don't know that it was something

  we talked about in our mutual you know

  making sure we could date each other we

  had to make sure that liked all the same

  things or whatnot so yeah we didn't bond

  over it but if you would have seen the

  Phantom Menace on your first date do you

  think you would have been able to

  continue their relationship

  well probably considering our first date

  was on a boat well no no I'm meaning

  John motion sickness right so if we

  could Johnny grew up on an island

  floating you know it's ground it's like

  a whole island you know like it's

  there's boats everywhere all around I

  know I took some lessons as a kid we

  have a little sunfish thing well it was

  it was a phantom that a sunfish but

  anyway no I know it was not a menace it

  was just a fact maybe there's a menace

  to you I've learned to sail on it it's

  you know I had no problem with that

  okay all right Jim what's your number

  one everyone knows what my number one is

  because I've been on a million Star Wars

  podcast but if you've never heard me I'm

  one of those that my number one it just

  happens to also be the best Star Wars

  movie but that's not why I'm thinking I

  think it because it's my favorite that's

  the Empire Strikes Back what more can I

  say about the Empire Strikes Back Marco

  will dutifully put in the shownotes many

  hours of me talking about this movie I

  will show no I think you just signed

  yourself up for the show knows Jim

  congratulations Casey when I need them

  Empire like so it's hard for me to talk

  about why is my hair without getting

  into why I think it's better than for

  example a new hope it benefits from

  being the middle movie because you don't

  have to introduce all the characters you

  already know them you already like them

  because a good movie came before it that

  made you know them and like them it I

  think it takes it's sort of if you saw

  if you're similar age to I am and you

  saw these movies sort of as they were

  were created Empire aged with the

  generation of kids that might have seen

  Star Wars so now it was a little they're

  a little bit older and Empire was a

  little more sophisticated the sort of

  relationships were less Disney a little

  bit slightly more adult the fear factor

  was cranked up instead of you

  Vader just being a big tough guy now

  you're really scared for these heroes

  that you care about there are actually

  some genuinely scary moments with Yoda

  and you're worried about Luke there's

  dismemberment and it's not played off at

  the same kind of light way as it is in

  Star Wars where like in the cantina

  scene yeah the guy gets his arm chopped

  off but this is Luke man because his

  hand chopped off and of course you know

  Vader chin has to be it turns out to be

  his father and all that stuff really

  this I feel like Empire is the heart of

  the entire franchise for me as far as

  I'm concerned all the stuff and dig

  about all the stuff with Yoda all

  setting up the this struggle with Luke

  because the first movie was like you

  know sort of the the on-ramp to look

  like he's a farm boy and then he becomes

  us here or whatever but it's all in one

  direction Empire is like but where is

  this really going because you can't have

  just Luke come and he's gonna try and

  forget and again like it's a James Bond

  movie where all you do is what make

  another Star Wars movie and at the

  beginning the Star Wars movie Luke is

  there and he's our hero and he wins in

  the end

  Star Wars is not James Bond so Empire

  really sets all that up and just

  everything about it is wonderful the all

  the actors look the best they've ever

  looked in the entire series their

  performances are amazing the set

  dressing the outfits and everything all

  all the locations just that's just what

  Star Wars is to me the Imperial March

  makes its first appearance in this movie

  it's the song that I hear my young

  children humming to themselves the most

  not like the Star Wars theme that TIFF

  tried on before they hum the Imperial

  March themselves people don't realize

  that that song was not in Star Wars it

  came from Empire Strikes Back I really

  like this movie it's my number one it's

  awesome so I was on the fence to whether

  to make this my number two or my number

  three because I also loved Empire very

  much Hoth for the Hoth planet scene was

  actually the first Star Wars we showed

  Adam during the blizzard this year I was

  trying to find every movie or anything

  with like a whole bunch of snow in it

  and I'm like you know what I'm gonna

  show him with like you know the snow

  planet with the Imperial walkers is that

  we like fast forwarded through a couple

  parts of it but that was it and he cried

  when we turned it off because you show

  him the shining through parts of it yeah

  fast forward to the creepy parts no no

  he loved it

  and he cried when we turned it off

  because he wanted to see more of it was

  so upset he was so mad and we're like

  you know I don't think you're ready for

  this because like I turned it on

  thinking like oh I love the ha splat

  it's like I love that opening I think

  that's so great I think there's so many

  like iconic moments in the beginning of

  that movie that it just it's it just

  rings back so many memories to me of you

  know watching these with my dad and so I

  loved it and we played it for Adam owes

  like ooh ooh now I'm trying to like now

  I'm watching it as if I'm like a

  four-year-old watching it so it's like

  oh this is kind of rough and we

  fast-forward through a lot but like he

  he really liked it so now I'll overfor

  up forever have that great memory of it

  also was that that was babies for Star

  Wars and we haven't had to address the

  difficult questions about prequels with

  him yet yeah exactly

  but I mean there is that I love the

  scene of like the asteroid field when

  they're in the asteroid field with the

  money in Falcon and all that kind of

  sits just a great movie but I ended up

  with my number two I decided ultimately

  to go with Return of the Jedi because

  that was the very first Star Wars movie

  that I actually saw and I know pretty

  much every line and which is kind of it

  which got Marko pretty mad that I

  started to say things though I mixed

  that within five minutes yeah he's like

  you you've got to stop I can't be

  watching movie with somebody who's

  reciting the lines I just can't job on

  Obata can't do it well anyway I guess

  it's kind of funny that's my second in

  contrast because you have like slave

  girl Leia which is kind of super

  degrading but she also kills Jabba

  so that's pretty excellent and she tries

  to rescue Han from you know posing as

  the bounty hunter so III obviously I

  really like strong female leads but but

  yeah so this is it's just for me the

  same reason that like as you're growing

  up you feel like one of the movies with

  you guys two is one of the movies says

  to you like this is Star Wars and that's

  why Return of the Jedi is my number two

  even though I think Empire is a better

  movie not bothered by the Ewoks

  I mean I grew it like like I said that

  was the Star Wars movie I mean my

  godmother dressed up as an Ewok when I

  was like a young kid and as like

  Halloween costume so and then they had

  that okay John what is that weird movie

  what do you walk in adventure yeah and

  there's like the young girl with the

  blond hair and they're kind of like Land

  of the Lost style

  yep that's the Ewok adventure I might oh

  my gosh I've seen that movie that I

  watched that all the time as a kid so

  like I said this is it's more I don't I

  don't love the Ewoks or anything but I

  feel more attached to this movie through

  history because that was it's the first

  Star Wars movie that I saw and then I

  saw the other ones after that so yeah

  I'm much more emotionally attached to it

  than it actually being a preferred movie

  that I would watch now so that's why I

  got my number two yeah that's fair go

  ahead mark oh you're up all right so my

  number two is Empire because my number

  one was force awakens so number two

  Empire for me you know I'm not as much

  of a nerd as I think any of us hear

  about Star Wars I think I'm probably the

  least Star Wars nerdy I've probably seen

  them the least number of times and have

  given it the least amount of thought but

  I can still clearly recognize that

  Empire is just a great movie it's just

  fantastic I like it compared to New Hope

  seeing them again you like I don't you

  know all of you guys saw them at much

  younger ages than I did the first time I

  ever saw them as far as I know was the

  special editions of the 90s I never saw

  the originals first like I saw the

  originals later but I might the first

  time I saw it was was in the 90s because

  I just was you know very sheltered I

  guess isn't that insane I think that's

  insane it is I'm sure yeah I'm losing

  all my whatever credibility I had left I

  have now lost it but knowledge of pop

  culture in general yes

  did you see mall rats before seeing Star

  Wars because in mall rats they have a

  very in-depth discussion about what

  movie is better and they also come up

  with their the best movie being Empire I

  mean I saw them at a at a similar time

  but I think I probably I probably did

  see mall rats first anyway continue

  starwars I saw them all right before

  seeing clerks which I'm sure is also

  illegal but I didn't see both just in

  the wrong order anyway it doesn't matter

  so come on give you break I'm from Ohio

  so it has it has strengths but you know

  yeah anyway so all of that discussion

  there so yeah so yeah my number two

  empire because yeah it's just it's

  really good it ties everything together

  in the middle as John said I think John

  covered it pretty well

  I would also say that like having no

  attachment to them and seeing them kind

  of you know as an older person than most

  people saw them at first and then seeing

  them less frequently and we recently

  weary watched all the the original

  trilogy and some of the prequels about a

  month ago - right right right after

  seeing Fort force awakens we went and

  re-watch all the originals we didn't

  request them before free watch them

  afterwards and and that solidified a lot

  of stuff in my memory too because I

  hadn't seen them in probably ten years

  and so seeing them now as an adult with

  a little more critical eye and a little

  more distance from you know seeing them

  the first time like in high school

  basically I could see a lot of the lot

  of the flaws in a new hope and it's not

  that it's a bad movie but it's just that

  you can see they laid a great groundwork

  but you can kind of see like the

  limitations of the technology the

  limitations of their budget it kind of

  shows and doesn't age as well whereas

  Empire they clearly had advanced in so

  many ways technologically skill wise and

  they had way bigger production budget

  obviously just from you know all the

  different locations and sets and

  everything and I feel like that's really

  where it came into its own and it was

  before it got a chance to be stupid and

  as John was saying it you know it came

  at a really good point in like the story

  arcs of all the characters and tying the

  whole thing together it was just a

  really solid movie and I think seeing it

  now I having not seen them for like a

  decade Empire of all the ones that

  existed before the force awakens Empire

  I think clearly holds up the best over

  time so Tina you're number two so I had

  time picking my number two and I think a

  lot of it had to do with your reasoning

  for having trouble picking force

  awakens' for number one but I think I'm

  gonna go with force awakens' for my

  number two the hesitation is just

  because it is a newer movie and I've

  only seen it a few times but it is a

  movie that I want to see again like

  maybe after I see it a few more times

  maybe my feelings will change but for

  right now it's a movie that got you know

  it's got me really excited about Star

  Wars again it's it's just it's exciting

  I the story was great I loved the way

  they tied back to I mean I know a lot of

  people complain about a lot of the

  similarities in the storyline you know

  following what Star Wars was like but I

  didn't really that didn't bother me or I

  enjoyed it or I I just really liked the

  way to find out what the characters have

  been up to and where they are now

  I loved the new characters I loved the

  strong female lead leads in the

  characters and I also my favorite which

  I can't believe anybody hasn't nobody's

  mentioned is I love bb-8

  he's just the coolest joyed cute he is I

  mean just like r2 is cute but I don't

  know BBB bb-8 is just loads better he's

  like a little baby

  he totally he Trump's r2 for me he

  really does for me as well I mean just

  the fact that like his head moves and

  all the expression and in motion they

  can have him you know do throughout the

  movie I just I just love him like he's

  just my favorite little droid you know

  it's just especially the scene where

  what was it bb-8 was trying to convince

  or no sorry Finn was trying to convince

  bb-8 to give them the what was it the

  location of their resistance yeah to

  live for him base until I for him in

  like just just to see the way he was

  bopping his head back and forth like

  what you know what I don't know about

  this and he's just the cutest Roy so

  anyway I just I really liked the force

  awakens I think I've I've seen it three

  times actually there was one time where

  a co-worker of mine we were kind of like

  being a little bit slacker II at work

  because it was like between the holidays

  and we were just you know trolling

  Fandango found that oh look the theater

  right nearby has some seats available

  oh you know somehow you know tickets

  were purchased and don't tell anybody

  yeah sorry I don't know I just it's a

  movie right now that like I just I want

  to see again I can't wait to see it

  again when it comes out on video if I

  had the time I'd probably go see it in

  the theater again again it's that new

  beginning type of movie that's just got

  so much potential and I've got so much

  excitement about it that you know who

  knows the second movie if for whatever

  reason it's a flop and horrible maybe I

  won't feel as excited or you know fond

  of force awakens but right now it's just

  this one of those movies that just has

  me really excited about where the Star

  Wars franchise is going so that's my

  number two awesome I'm so excited

  alright John you're number two my number

  two after I get through number one it

  gets difficult because I want to pull a

  Marco and be like and then there's the

  rest of the movies see it's hard you got

  you got a stick to the format actually

  I'm sticking to it and really when I

  thought about I don't think there's

  there's much movement it's just that it

  feels bad for me to put any of these

  movies as like number four you know what

  I mean because I like all them so much

  but you do have to rank them so that's

  the exercise do you have any two-way

  arrows in your list like I don't in

  question we have any ties or skipped

  numbers I do not have numbers with names

  next to them

  alright so my number two may surprise

  some people who have listened to me talk

  about Star Wars for 70 hours I'm gonna

  list Return of the Jedi

  as my number two not because it is the

  second best Star Wars movie because it

  probably isn't but here's why since

  Empire is the best movie and the heart

  of the franchise for me and my favorite

  part of the reason I like it is the

  story is the way they set up the larger

  story arc like you can almost discount

  the first movie as introduced the

  characters the universe and the ideas

  it's kind of like like you know the

  original Star Wars is kind of like The

  Hobbit where it's like yeah they find

  the ring and that's an important thing

  but in the course of the hop but the

  ring is just like another thing that's

  part of it they also find you know sting

  and also some other things like well

  it's all part of the same soup of like

  you find some magic stuff and you have a

  band of people on the end there

  that dragon and blah blah blah and

  that's all well and good but you don't

  realize that ring was actually really

  really important and then they have the

  whole Lord of the Rings set of books and

  you realize oh that's the real battle

  here for middle-earth that was just like

  a you know The Hobbit was just like a

  fun kind of adventure to introduce you

  to the characters the world and all the

  things and you didn't even know it but

  during that thing you know they found

  the ring then you find out how super

  important is also the original Star Wars

  sets up the characters the world the

  force gives us our hero Luke and it's

  almost as if like instead of Frodo being

  in Lord of the Rings that Bilbo can

  continued on right so he continues into

  the next story and you have to set up

  the real problem here which is Jedi are

  gone except for this dude with a you

  know a mask who sounds like James Earl

  Jones and he's a big problem and you are

  like you are potentially the only other

  person who can fight him but you don't

  even know what the force is and you have

  to learn from these old people and this

  weird green guy and by the way he turned

  out to be your father does that

  complicate things a little I don't know

  and also he kind of kicked your butt in

  that second movie so what are you gonna

  do about the how do you how are you

  going to fight and by the way the Empire

  is you know you blew up the Death Star

  for the Empire's coming back and by the

  time of Return of the Jedi they're

  rebuilding and you know this is this is

  the climactic battle and I love Luke

  Skywalker I love his arc from farm boy

  to the end and in particular return the

  Jedi as I talked about in the on the

  episode the icomparable Return of the

  Jedi is such a novel movie in the the

  final battle is it between Luke who has

  been trained as a good Jedi and the

  light side of the force battling Darth

  Vader and the Emperor and you've got the

  whole space battle and you've got yes

  the walks down there and Endor and and

  all sorts of other things that are

  basically like amped up versions of what

  they were in a new hope because they

  have so much bigger budgets and better

  technology but the real battle for the

  heart of the movie is going on on the

  Death Star and instead of Luke winning

  by killing Vader he wins by refusing to

  kill Vader like he like when he gets the

  upper hand in the fight they play sad

  music because he is actually like in so

  many movies like oh the good guys we

  care about you know kindness and

  strength but in the end the good guys

  killed the bad guys right or at least

  defeat them or dominate them physically

  or do something like that and Yoda

  during the whole second movie is like no

  you know for knowledge and defense never

  for attack

  I can look like yeah yeah yeah but I

  gotta go save my friends and that I'd be

  handy if I could kill people to do that

  um and in this movie all that you know

  all that stuff about knowledge and

  defense and never for attack and you

  know to be at calm at peace and not to

  give in to hate he actually listens he

  figures it out so like when he gives in

  to hate it he starts winning the fight

  they play sad music and wait he's

  winning now isn't it be like triumphant

  yay we're killing Vader no his the whole

  pacifist philosophy of the force pays

  off in him figuring it out throwing his

  lightsaber away and say I am a Jedi like

  my father before my fruit he's not going

  to fight he's he's refusing to when if

  you had an action movie where the hero

  wins by realizing you know what I

  shouldn't fight I should I should

  essentially concede the feat by throwing

  away my weapon not trying any more than

  the upper goes and is about to kill him

  it almost kills him and his father who

  he has redeemed spiritually if not

  practically speaking because he's adult

  still did terrible things

  throws damper overboard and the good

  guys win but the real victory was Luke

  staying true to his philosophy and so

  even though Return of the Jedi is a week

  or movie and the Ewoks are kind of silly

  and there's lots of sort of knowing

  winks to the audience in that movie

  that's slightly unbecoming for a

  franchise that I took as seriously as I

  did after Empire so I expect the fact

  that it connects that arc into like the

  story of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader

  that Luke's story without it's

  incomplete because you can't you can't

  you need return the Jedi to finish Luke

  story and it's an amazing finish and I

  love the way the story turns out I also

  love the space bow at the end I can even

  tolerate some of the silliness with the

  Ewok so Return of the Jedi number two in

  my heart if not in the eyes of the world

  that's fair III first of all I would

  love to have a new youtube series of

  movies where the dialogue is replaced by

  your summary of the dialogue like a

  director's cut but Syracuse yeah guys I

  can kill some people here you know if

  you leave now save them you could but he

  will sacrifice all fortune they've

  fought and suffered and he's like well I

  gotta do it cuz I'm a good guy alright

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  all right TIFF number three

  all right so like I said I'll keep this

  short but number three for me is Empire

  because that was my debate between 2:00

  and 3:00 so sorry Empire you're number

  three but for all the reasons that

  everyone has stated but Wow please leave

  no John yeah please yeah but yeah man

  Empire was great

  I like Empire a lot okay anyway ends on

  such a downer

  mark oh my number three is a new hope I

  like it but I just don't like it as much

  as the other ones so I mean it's getting

  weak now it's my number three because I

  like it more than my number four but

  less than my number too earlier like a

  new hope is good it's a solid good movie

  it didn't quite aged as well as it had

  in my head like once I saw it again I

  was like oh yeah that's that's kind of

  quaint at certain points but but overall

  still a great movie so number three for

  me do you know this one's a hard one for

  me I don't know which one to pick so I'm

  gonna be the waffler um somebody has to

  John won't let me do it this episode so

  it's gotta be you I mean it's it's a

  close call between Empire and Return of

  the Jedi right a knife to the heart to

  John I'll give like a lukewarm I guess

  I'll say Empire it's not it's it's

  really is far from my favorite it's it's

  a good movie I like it but I guess part

  of it just being like that middle movie

  I'm not as enthralled with it in terms

  of like wanting to watch it again and

  again I mean it was a very good movie

  it's just not my favorite so that's it

  now did you guys reveal your list to

  each other before starting the show no


  I'm just curious I wanted to know had

  you ever had this conversation

  yourselves separately of the show like

  had you ever just talked about this and

  rank your favorite Star Wars movies in

  order for each other

  nobody would know my number one is but

  well that's obvious and I would have

  known what her number one is too but

  beyond that now I was somewhat surprised

  he picked Return of the Jedi is number

  two all right John

  but you were number three number three

  this whistle speaking of a knife to the

  hearts will be a knife to the heart of

  so many big Star Wars fans my number

  three is the force awakens whoo sorry

  I'm just really excited about that movie

  the same problem everyone else has in

  judging this and that it's so new and I

  mean I loved the first right off the bat

  I could say I loved watching it I had

  fun I saw it four times I had fun every

  single time I saw it every time I saw it

  like I wanted to see it again I didn't

  get sick of it it didn't lose its luster

  like and I just had so much fun seems

  like all the callbacks to the original

  movies I am the audience for those

  callbacks and I felt like they were done

  in in a way that was sophisticated and

  like I grown more at some of the

  callbacks in Return of the Jedi

  because we're trying the jelly there's

  lots of callbacks to an open Empire and

  some of those like yeah whatever the

  force awakens did them all with enough

  of a twist because it's new characters

  this is a new situation it's not just

  the same character saying the same lines

  they said and new hope going oh yeah

  Hans got a bad feeling about this again

  like it was even when they pulled that

  one out in the force awakens the context

  was you know novel and it's you know

  when an old Han says these things it

  takes on a different twist than when the

  young one does but I you know I just had

  a great time seeing it like I was afraid

  for this movie I tried to stay away from

  spoilers I did watch the first trailer

  didn't watch anything else about it I

  wanted to go in as clean as possible to

  give it the best chance and I think that

  really helped because that first view in

  the force awakens I'm going to remember

  for a long time

  because I just knew nothing like I

  forgot was who was even in the movie

  like it was just so great to just see

  like here's a new movie in the Star Wars

  universe and I have to say all the stuff

  about having different people be heroes

  and different people be in the movies

  and the idea that one of the main

  characters used to be a stormtrooper and

  the idea that at various times multiple

  people pick up the lightsabers but to

  have the heroic moment be a young woman

  instead of a young man I mean it just

  makes sense to me

  like like why would you make the same

  movie again why would you actually have

  like another guy

  like Luke we already have Luke Luke is

  Luke right make a new movie about new

  people and new stories there's so many

  stories you could possibly tell and I

  love it that it is that these are the

  characters they're choosing to do it

  with I found myself just wrapped up and

  rooting for Rey as much as I was wrapped

  up in Luke and rooting for him and I

  love I love the actress in the movie I

  love Daisy Ridley I think she can

  totally carry the franchise I like

  seeing the old faces from my old movies

  I think they were given noble roles and

  and like they they weren't squandered

  and but they also didn't sort of take

  over the movie it's well balanced yeah

  and I'm pretty sure this is I'm pretty

  sure this is a pretty good movie like I

  get a lot of it leans a lot of it on the

  fact that you know I love Star Wars so

  much that of course I'm going to love

  this one

  and it leans on the fact that the

  callback the script and stuff all

  written by clever people so who know how

  to make it interesting and sophisticated

  enough to entertain me as an adult so I

  don't feel like they're pandering and I

  don't feel like it's simplistic or

  whatever and I feel like it was overall

  pretty well structured and I think but

  some of my hang-ups about the movie are

  related to it not being exactly like one

  of the other movies so I think as I get

  more distance from it I will those

  hang-ups will go away but the essential

  goodness of the movie will remain it

  could be that the force awaken closets

  way up these rankings and in years as

  they go now but Empire and Jedi they're

  like they're they're a linked pair

  because I feel like I'm I was so

  satisfied with the ending of with the

  end of the original trilogy with Luke's

  story arc that I can't I can't separate

  them I can't say empire and then force

  awakens and then return the jibe is then

  returned today would start falling

  because then you're saying return the

  Jedi it's on its own so Luke's story arc

  isn't always will be the hardest or Star

  Wars for me mostly because I don't know

  what the rest of for a story arc is so

  I'm ready for someone to come in and

  change that but it's gonna be really

  difficult because I saw Star Wars when I

  was little and it's such a big part of

  my life and you know all that stuff but

  anyway the force awakens was a good

  movie it's my number 3 fair enough

  all right TIF number 4 number 4 I have

  as a new hope sorry Tina

  but disturbing lack of love for a new

  hope well for me it was I was the

  furthest removed from the a new hope I

  think when I when I saw the movies

  originally also I find Luke very whiny

  in that movie so I'm not I'm not coming

  at that movie from a place of it being a

  huge part of my childhood so that's why

  I totally I totally get why it's your

  number one teen I do and but so yeah

  it's number four for me just when we

  especially when we watched it and we

  really paid attention to a lot of the

  things that we're going on and it were

  like oh yeah that scene didn't age too

  great and that's you know that's really

  not a reason to not like the movie but

  it is a reason for it to be my number

  for now so yeah I have a new hope at my

  number four but it is a thousand times

  miles better than any of the prequels so

  it has that plus you know it's the

  origin story just like John said it's

  it's the you know it's it's the start of

  the whole thing and it definitely has a

  great place after you remove all of the

  terrible edits from it isn't that where

  they like stuck Java in in that hangar

  like that oh so I hate that as the worst

  why the hell they do that it ruins Java

  for me I know well he's supposed to like

  he's that he appears you know at the end

  that that you know at the Return of the

  Jedi he's this big slug in a new hope

  he's this like skinny sort of yes but he

  doesn't have the same presence

  no no he's looked he looks diminished it

  like he's tiny and and Han steps on his

  tail and it's more laughable it's so

  goofy and he like squeaks like one of

  those toys that you squeeze and it's

  eyeball shoot out that's what it were my

  but yeah yeah people out there are

  special all you young people I mean come


  watch these movies with

  all of the garbage edits associated with

  them because it makes it so much better

  we were smarter what we would have done

  for for this episode instead is ranked

  our top four Star Wars movies but

  including the special editions as

  separate movies would that have changed

  any top four though I don't know some of

  them aren't changed that much like for

  example is Empire special edition better

  than whatever your number four movie is

  for me anyway like because I'm bars my

  favorite and special instrument part

  they change stuff and made it worse but

  not that much worse so you rather see

  Empire twice than another then that'll

  be complicated it's very difficult

  figure but I agree that the changes in

  and a new hope are just terrible yeah

  you had Marco all right my number four

  if anybody had been doing the math you

  kind of roses only one left that's

  actually good and that's Return of the

  Jedi for me as we were watching them

  that was the one where I felt like the

  like the Camp eNOS of a lot of it just

  it it it detracted enough from it for me

  that I feel like and and looking at them

  separately not considering it you know

  like John is not considering it part of

  empire like like the conclusion that

  story and part of the reason I can do

  that is because I don't really like Luke

  like I I just don't really identify with

  Luke in any meaningful way I I it was

  not a part that was incredibly

  well-written I think it was decently but

  not like amazingly written I think the

  acting that Mark Hamill did for that

  part was also decent but not amazing and

  and I just it you know as you said like

  looks kind of like whiny like he's not

  the best Jedi I mean no way is obviously

  the superior Jedi clearly yeah but

  overall like I because I'm just not that

  crazy about Luke it's because she's a

  Kenobi definitely that's the direction

  they take but I unfortunately think it's

  unlikely but I hope that's the direction

  they don't take oh yeah why I don't want

  her to be a Kenobi that would just be

  kind of like so Kenobi how like Ben you

  know Obi Wan's daughter they've entered

  granddaughter everyone came Randall

  makes me but then okay how did he have a

  kid and why did he abandon you know like

  it just makes me sad to think about like

  how would she have gotten abandoned in

  the first place and then I'd feel less

  kind towards the Kenobi clan I guess

  that's that's fair I mean like it

  ideally she's brand-new and has no

  lineage to one of the established

  families right well that's what I hope

  yeah but I think if she's gonna have a

  lineage to one of the families I'd

  rather her be a Kenobi than a Skywalker

  true yeah I think that the Kenobi's are

  better Jedi's than the Skywalker's yeah

  the history proved that out but anyway

  so yeah the one who actually stayed true

  to the teachings obi-wan is the one who

  thought he could train someone better

  than Master Yoda but he was wrong he

  ended up creating Vader accidentally and

  the only way he could help was by dying

  nobly in front of Luke the true hero who

  eventually came through in the end this

  is I will not stand for this Luke do to

  kylo Ren yeah Luke made the same thing

  the track record of the Skywalker's is

  pretty weak

  everyone's failing all over the place

  everyone everyone's whining in the first

  movie he was in Empire he was he was bad

  at training but Anakin whines throughout

  the entire he wasn't afraid he's gonna

  do what it takes if he didn't quite

  understand the force he was a bad

  student but he was trying yeah but he's

  not a super powerful Jedi I mean Ray's

  kicking some serious butt you'll die you

  haven't learned the lesson of Jedi as

  the whole idea is not to be super

  powerful and destroy everybody now even

  ray didn't kill kylo Ren Rey after she

  found she defeated colorin didn't leap

  over there and stab him through the

  heart with lightsaber she continued on

  her she hasn't even been trained in the

  force yet but she knew she's much more

  likable than Luke whoo yeah she's much

  more likable because she wasn't complain

  yeah she's got a horrible life you know

  orphaned abandoned on some desert

  planets eating green she's pretty

  well-adjusted given that yeah exactly

  yeah I know I like Ren - I'm just saying


  Luke Ren unite Ren yeah I read ray

  cuz the the force makes her mentally

  strong and she's like ready for it it's

  so stable she's like you know if you if

  you held your hand out

  you know Luke's the guy with you know

  yeah little shakey shake here and then I

  feel like it's just like boom straight

  as an arrow we don't know at the end of

  every story is gonna be like whatever

  it's bad I'm closing my eyes to it like

  the prequels yeah I mean would you

  rather have your life in the hands of a

  Skywalker doing their job correctly or

  or Rey doing her job correctly I don't

  know we don't know enough about Ray yet

  she just learned about the force I'd

  still trust Rey me too

  alright so Tina you're number four so my

  number four um that would be Return of

  the Jedi so this right um this was I

  think well this is definitely the first

  Star Wars movie I saw in a theater and

  was could have been the first movie I

  ever saw in a theater I'm not sure about

  that one first like I don't understand

  the I don't quite appreciate the the

  hate for the Ewoks and maybe it's

  because when I first saw this movie I

  was seven eight years old which is you

  know prime age group for who would want

  to who would like the Ewok so I don't

  know they don't bother me near as much

  as they bother most people but um I

  don't I I really like Return of the Jedi

  you know not my favorite obviously but I

  think it was a good movie a good end to

  the story and much better than anything

  that came after it or before it in terms

  of prequels right Japan you like it so

  that's my number four John so obviously

  obviously my number four is a new hope

  you're gonna see attack of the clones

  for I'm pretty excited yeah I mean and I

  like a new hope like a new hope is it

  complicated because it is so important

  like outside of the favorite thing it is

  so important as in setting up the

  franchise and just important in terms of

  movies in general and it is a really

  good movie like you watch it and despite

  all the things that mark

  find out before which are totally true

  like the the creepiness of the sets and

  even some of the acting and the script

  has some terrible parts in it like

  there's lots of hints that George Lucas

  can't write dialogue in a new hope

  but the essential goodness and the

  essential structure of like it's an

  exciting adventure you get wrapped up in

  it like that whole like in the final

  sequence with the trench run and

  everything it is so sort of silly and

  simple and by the numbers but you still

  get wrapped up and it's a weld

  constructed action sequence and you care

  about Luke because you could see them

  you know complaining too you know back

  on his home planet and complaining about

  having do chores and stuff and all of a

  sudden ease in the trench run it's a

  wish fulfillment fantasy of like you can

  go from farm bar right to saving the

  universe in the course of one movie is

  exactly the what kind of movie this is

  they get medals at the end for crying

  out loud there's just a good hearted

  happy quality movie and and the most

  important thing it has going for it just

  introduced the entire Star Wars universe

  the forest lightsabers x-wings TIE

  fighter it's just everything that is so

  amazing about Star Wars that caused us

  people of a certain age to just go gaga

  for it to make it the phenomenon it is

  all that starts off in a new home but I

  if I had to choose one Star Wars movie

  to watch I would pick any of my top

  three above this one simply because

  they're they're just better movies and

  I'm an older person and I have most of

  my nostalgia is wrapped up in Empire

  rather than a new hope it's probably

  because you know I was too young to

  really appreciate a new hope when I

  first saw it and so Empire was the one

  where my brain had grown enough to

  really get you know wrapped up in it

  like you know a new hope I'd see and it

  was like x-wing sigh where's lightsabers

  and it wasn't critical or interested in

  the movie at all and then Empire came it

  just really got me all wrapped up in it

  what age do you think you were when you

  saw Star Wars and Empire I don't know

  because you certainly didn't see either

  or at least the first one in the theater

  my parents took me one year DT come out

  my parents took me to see et in a

  theatre and it scared the pants off me

  ET is horrifying Return of the Jedi came

  out in 83 I know well what I'm saying is

  like it's conceivable that my parents

  took me to an age inappropriate movie

  like I'm my using ET is my citing an

  example of a movie they should not have

  taken me to at the time they took me to

  it those sand people creeped me out too

  and I was a kid yeah I'm pretty sure I

  didn't see like Kassar was released


  seven but is released in 79 I believe

  and I might have seen it then because my

  parents were Star Wars fans and they

  would be like oh baby he's old enough to

  see this now because I would have been

  you know five ish in 79 that's when Alex

  saw Star Wars so it's conceivable I saw

  it them but I don't know I don't

  remember exactly it's not like I have

  some recollection of seeing a new

  openness theater so so I don't know but

  for whatever reason like it's not like

  my critical facilities for such that I

  realized it was it wasn't as good a

  movie it's just that like Empire was

  just so amazing and and you know it did

  crank everything up even to a level of

  like a you know a young kid can realize

  everything is bigger better and faster

  here and more serious and more grim and

  even at a young age that appealed to me

  so yeah a new hope like it's hard to say

  it's the weakest movie because it's so

  important and it is so solid and sturdy

  and it's not like the same time to think

  if it's on yeah I'll watch it I'll keep

  watching I've seen in a million times

  like there's nothing like bad about it

  it's just not quite as sophisticated as

  the of the three movies that I listed it

  is a little bit more a little bit more

  on the nose a little bit more Pat and in

  a little weaker and it's not even like

  the effects that bother me it's it's

  mostly the script and some of the

  logistics of the story the other three

  movies even the one with the Ewoks just

  seem like they just appeal to me more

  fair enough alright now that's the end

  of our top four lists however I think we

  should totally do top four worst there's

  only three left but III totally think we

  should do five through seven here oh yes

  called top four not top seven it's the

  name of the show you name the show you

  made up the show all right this episode

  is now called top seven no no no it's

  not four but you're got four worst

  movies but only three left so so you're

  three you're three worst so so obviously

  we all have the three prequels left

  nobody put the prequels on the top floor

  because we are saying so so I think we

  can all paint do we all agree at least

  that is episode three the least bad of

  them I don't agree no I didn't agree

  there okay

  so I think there's some discussion to be

  had here that who is the least bad oh

  listen uh we got a lot of discussion



  for me I think two was worse than what

  happened in - nothing no no the middle

  of the movie was the really really long

  feminine hygiene product ad yeah they're

  frolicking by the waterfall with a giant

  bra like I've ever seen it was such a

  painful for all the two really focuses

  on the romance between and it's it is

  one of the worst at one of the least

  plausible love stories that's when

  Anakin gets super creepy yeah yeah so so

  I would say like much so I don't even

  think I can rank them because they're so

  bad I mean see at least like in in three

  there's enough action going on and most

  of it it doesn't matter and is way too

  long drawn-out but there's enough action

  going on in three that the plot does

  meaningfully advance in a way that is

  not as boring as the first two so I

  think three is the least bad of the

  prequels right where he like just

  doesn't fight for half of it what's his

  name doesn't matter he dies anyway is

  not it's not police bad as far as I'm

  concerned because as as I've talked

  about again on the apparel like the

  whole the whole idea of the prequels the

  whole reason we have prequels is like

  could we get we've got the original

  trilogy we've got Darth Vader and we

  learn that it used to be a good guy at

  hang out with obi-wan right and so the

  the job of the prequels is I how did

  this good guy turn into Darth Vader like

  that's the whole job that's the whole

  reason the movies exist we don't care

  about anything else in these movies

  except we know that this guy's gonna end

  up as Darth Vader and we're like how'd

  that happen cuz he was nice and then we

  got like three sentences about it and it

  became bad so they got three movies to

  explain what he turns bad and they blow

  the first two not explaining that they

  make two terrible movies don't explain

  that they got one movie left explain to

  me why this guy becomes Darth Vader

  right because the first two movies

  nothing could explain to

  he could become Darth Vader he explained

  to you why he is annoying jerk but not

  because Darth Vader is a particular

  character who hit three movies to see

  and we kind of know what Darth Vader's

  deal is and those two movies by the way

  the first two you're like there's no way

  and help this guy is Darth Vader I just

  don't see it right but you know one

  movie left maybe you can pull off and I

  don't it's it's dreadful it's boring

  it's inexplicable that he makes this

  turn like there's no there's no

  explanation for why he becomes Darth

  Vader he's mad about stupid stuff for no

  reason it's it's like he he's not it's

  just I don't these movies exasperated me

  but I having that one because I can't

  enjoy the movies I'm like this is your

  last chance to explain it and this is

  all you've got and they have long

  drawn-out battle sequences but I don't

  care about them anymore

  I dislike Anakin I he's never gonna be

  Darth Vader obi-wan doesn't come off

  very well either they have the

  inexplicable death of Luke and Leia's

  mother and just and like the whole thing

  is like oh they gotta play the big Darth

  Vader mask on him he's becoming Darth

  Vader like that payoff was totally

  undercut by like they didn't earn that

  pay I was like no just get that outfit

  off the screen this is not Darth Vader

  there's no way in hell this is Darth

  Vader you didn't explain to me how this

  is gonna be Darth Vader so that's why I

  throw Revenge of the Sith out it is

  actually at the bottom of my list so you

  actually I hate that death where she

  dies cuz she's sad yeah no we're useless

  robots we can't tell you and by the way

  we couldn't tell you the gender of your

  child before and/or that it was twins

  yeah we have spaceships we maybe not oh

  don't tell me I want to be surprised

  do you want to be surprised there's two

  babies in there too is that what you

  want to be surprised yeah I was like why

  isn't she getting like you know checked

  out isn't there like science it was a

  second you want to keep it a secret but

  it's like just for the health of the

  baby you have to do some minimal stuff

  and then when they do like the you know

  the prenatal care no is she taking her

  vitamins that's why she died yeah that I

  mean I totally agree with all of that

  criticism of three however I think one

  and two were worse technic ones is

  giving it a run for money just because I

  feel like tank phones is just really bad

  and if I take away the

  fact that your this is the last movie

  and you blow it and you dare to bring in

  Darth Vader's costume and for pretend

  this guy is Darth Vader if I take that

  away Attack of the Clones may be worse

  because really just some of that love

  scene dialogue is like like seriously

  this made it to film in front of

  audiences I don't understand I mean see

  to me the rise of this jerk as Darth

  Vader makes perfect sense if you look at

  it as wouldn't you be mad if you grew up

  in that stupid world I am so mad there

  are no personal connections anywhere I'm

  so mad that no dialogue happens in my

  world that makes any sense at all and

  every event that happens is literally

  just people sitting around a conference

  room talking to each other that's the

  that's everything that matters is just

  spoken as exposition in a conference

  room and all the actual action doesn't

  matter yeah my my best of the prequels

  we talked about this in the income from

  we we all had to have the same

  uncomfortable conversation and like I

  have to pick a best one and we kind of

  not came to consensus but enough like

  there was a majority I think of voting

  saying that the Phantom Menace was

  actually probably the best one mostly

  because you can divorce it so much

  because the anagen is a little kid and

  who cares little kids are stupid and

  silly and it's like a self-contained

  adventure movie kind of like a new hope

  was and you can separate it from any

  Darth Vader stuff and then the Jar Jar

  making the movie terrible you know

  lightsabers at the end and fighting and

  obi-wan is young and it's interesting to

  see him like that and it's just it's a

  terrible movie but c-3po being built by

  Anakin I mean come on like why doesn't

  he remember any like that's this but ah

  it just makes me so mad that those

  droids are in the prequels at all I'm

  like why are they there it's ruining

  everything like Artoo's like dark who

  becomes like a rocket ship like in like

  powers go when he was like older in the

  other movie is like Oh r2 lost all of

  his jetpacks I think God I can fly I

  mean I want to smash everything like I'm

  I totally agree that three is horrible

  but I think one and two or worse and see

  for me I actually would rank these as 3

  being the least

  bad one being in the middle and two

  being the worst because while they're

  all horrible at least one has you know

  as you said it's like things are

  happening like a kid's movie you can

  forgive it oh you can say oh this is a

  movie for three-year-olds right like

  things are happening they don't really

  matter they're not very well written but

  at least something is happening in three

  things are happening that do matter just

  in batlike they're happening in bad ways

  like they're just not well written in to

  nothing happens like it's it's like it's

  like two and a half hours of almost

  nothing and you wonder like as you're

  sitting there I think - as I sat through

  - felt the longest it's just like I

  can't believe this isn't over yet

  and it looks like a screensaver and like

  I what what is going on here I rather

  browse my iPhone during - than any of

  the other movies that's why I'm gonna

  rank it as better because I can ignore

  it eat more easily and it has less

  extreme things that make me insanely mad

  where it does number one has Jar Jar so

  like oh my that yeah I get very easily

  perturbed about things like that and he

  just gets under my skin so badly I can't

  handle even seeing his face

  number three gets me so mad because she

  dies of sad and he also like goes around

  killing children so like that's pretty

  disturbing and number three by the way

  Padme is like she was like an action

  star in the first movie and I don't know

  what she was wearing outfits in the

  second by the third movie she does

  nothing she sits in a little hotel room

  she's with child

  all she does is lose clothing yeah yeah

  the second one she gets her midriff

  scratched off but at least she's like

  clambering around and fighting and

  trying to like whatever in the third

  movie she is confined

  yeah but the Jedi see the male Jedi's

  still have like their robes with creases

  like iron creases in them that they're

  so pristine and not a speck and she is

  like mauled and half dressed by the end

  of that battle how fair is that

  ridiculous yeah I mean like for me I'm

  like from a strong female character

  point-of-view 3 I think is the most


  she's totally sideline yeah yeah and

  she's she like you know in

  in the first one and part of the second

  I think she like cares about politics

  and is really good at her job and

  senator yeah she's really involved and

  and you know has is very politically you

  know driven and everything and then like

  oh now I'm pregnant and I just stopped

  caring about the entire government

  what's going on out there any but it's

  like the writing of her in that is so

  insulting to women is so bad it's so

  implausible that she would fall for him

  in the second movie that she would stay

  with him in the third movie at all right

  what's with that bondage outfit they put

  her into and they're like the romance

  scene in front of the fire I'm like oh

  we're all the choices were wrong that

  whole it's just like it's an the whole

  love story was little I was just mad he

  was just absolutely it was like it was

  written by a 15 year old geek 15 year

  olds are more sophisticated

  they're pretty good alright so I guess

  our did we are we done do we know our

  rankings for the provider no we were

  just talking the loudest talk once we

  get through the four all bets are off

  and we could we could just list off our

  rankings of the from from the number

  five six and seven seven being the worst

  all right so - five six seven two three

  one okay all right and I go 3-1 to Tina

  and I go one three - all right another

  number two in the bottom I find the

  numbering confusing I'm giving you the

  number five Phantom Menace number six

  attack of the clones number seven

  Revenge of the Sith tackle clones is a

  real contender for worst agreed on that

  okay so on that note yeah I think I

  think we're all done yeah guys thank you

  for coming and joining us and I'm super

  excited to get another great lady into

  podcasting miss Tina

  oh I hope maybe you join us or someone

  again I think it was did you have fun

  was it good

  this is your podcasting debut it is the

  question is will you ever do it again

  like did we did we

  scare you off are you now kind of into

  it I have to hear myself first but yeah

  I like bringing all the new voices out

  on top for the most important

  influential podcast oh you know I know

  what I wanted to mention if a really fun

  show that I was watching with Alex

  recently about Star Wars that I find

  absolutely hilarious especially when it

  comes to the prequels is it's on I guess

  it's on Disney XD but it's the Lego Star

  Wars droid tales mmm and it's it's like

  it's a c-3po r2d2 story that that takes

  place after the Return of the Jedi

  celebrations where r2d2 gets kidnapped

  and c-3po is going to go try and find

  him and they're they do a lot of

  flashback scenes where c-3po is telling

  various people who are helping him you

  know the whole story starting from

  episode 1 through Return of the Jedi and

  there's some really funny zingers in it

  in references to like to the first three

  movies like there was this one scene

  where it's like the it was around the

  pod racing scene in episode 1 where

  qui-gon and and whoever they were

  talking with somebody about entering the

  pod race and in the background is um

  Watto is he the flying guy yep yeah he's

  like in the in the background and he's

  waving a red flag and he's saying red

  flag get your red flag and like it was

  sort of you know in reference to you

  know they're talking about Anakin doing

  in the podrace and it's like you know

  red flag Anakin is gonna turn into

  something bad you know and they just do

  all sorts of little quips like that

  through it but I don't know I thought

  that was a really fun serious I think

  there's like five episodes and it's all

  done in Lego yeah it's very like you

  would you would think that George Lucas

  was not involved because it makes fun of

  the prequels merciless yes you would

  think like that that someone made this

  on youtube and it's not a sanctioned

  thing but it totally is well no it's

  Disney so it was I think post Lucas I

  know I know but on this thing it's like

  you would think it's not official like

  Star Wars but it is and I maybe it

  wouldn't have gotten made of Lucas was

  still involved but I mean it makes fun

  at all the movies it makes yes you know

  it is irreverent about all of them but

  every joke you can think of making for

  the prequels they make it on the

  so it's it's it's worth watching it's

  funnier than you think it's gonna be if

  you know a lot about Star Wars you know

  check it out cool all right thanks a lot

  for coming on mr. mrs. siracusa and I

  think we're all done for the night right

  yeah yeah cool

  all right we'll see you whenever we do

  the show next I don't know next month

  what are we doing just too much of oh I

  don't know what we're gonna eat next

  Sunday we got to do this mio sauce one

  next next let me see you guys in person

  somewhere we're doing tomato sauce

  alright stay on target all right yeah

  thanks everyone don't end this one on a

  gargle wait well I suppose end it on

  you'll find something okay sour sound

  effect there's a million of them are

  there any Star Wars gargles