Top Four

Top Four 13: Bagel Flavors


  she tries 10 do I have to yeah yeah you

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  you don't deserve nice pens that is a

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  it's like it's like saying if somebody

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  willing to recognize whether an SUV is

  nice or not there's a bunch of

  children's soccer balls in it

  yeah I'd also don't I'm not sure I can

  name a nice SUV actually I don't know

  anyway so we're doing top 4 yes

  bagels top four bagels now do I forget

  where we land on whether we're including

  obviously we're gonna talk about bagel

  flavors but are we also going to talk

  about like entire bagel sandwiches like

  what all goes on that bagel your

  favorite bagel flavor you have to have

  reasons behind it and one of those

  reasons should obviously you have

  reasons it should include sandwich or

  not so you want to decide you know like

  the reason you like the bagel is based

  on its application in your life that you

  prefer so if you like if you're a

  sandwich person and you prefer bagels

  most with sandwich you're obviously

  going to pick the superior bagel

  sandwich bagel but if you like it with

  butter or you like it with cream cheese

  that's gonna be your preference is

  whatever your favorite bagel is with

  those accoutrement I guess you would say

  okay that makes sense though

  so that so that should inform your

  listing decisions because I mean no one

  just eats a plain bagel I mean who does

  that you're like yes somebody does

  children with no teeth like little

  babies that gnaw on bagels yeah even

  they tended like so memory isn't better

  yeah well they like anything cuz they

  just like gumming it to death and then

  it becomes like a big messy lump cuz

  they're so cute yeah it's so cute when

  they eat anyway babies they're all just

  gumming on bagels first yeah I could go

  first I have a toss up for my number

  four because okay I have for right

  perfectly just for the record you know

  all the other ones okay two and three

  I'm also waffling but number one is the

  cure two and three are waffling between

  each other and number four is okay let

  me tell you why I'm feelin all weird

  here because my number four choice

  potentially would be a bagel that I do

  not get access to very often which is

  asiago cheese

  I have not hat don't say anything yet

  stop looking at me like that

  okay asiago cheese I've only had it in

  Ohio from a bagel place that were

  Brooklyn people who came and started a

  bagel place so it wasn't just like

  bruger's or something like that out

  there none of the blocks yes I had it a

  blocks okay so it was sure I didn't they

  offered that flavor yes I had it with a

  chicken salad on it and it's very very

  good with chicken salad okay maybe I did

  have it at bruger's oh my gosh so I saw

  your cheese bagels I mean so I know my

  world is just okay my number four bagel

  is a blueberry bagel because it is

  accessible everywhere that our great

  bagels are accessible which is all of

  the New York lower area which has the

  best bagels the New York the lower New

  York region yeah okay pocket that's okay

  keep going yeah so blueberry yeah I was

  gonna say asiago cheese because I really

  do like it I haven't had it in a very

  long time I think it's kind of a really


  savory it has like the cheese melted I

  don't know it's just very good but it is

  kind of a base of a plain bagel with

  kind of a mild cheese on it melted kind

  of like into it ish

  so yeah honorable mention Accio which is

  number four blueberry because blueberry

  bagels are excellent and they sound

  really weird and they sound like

  something a child would have but I like

  them a lot they do not taste like

  blueberry cake donuts that is very sweet

  this is more of a weird savory blueberry

  happening and I really like it with

  plain cream cheese interesting no see

  like eye or butter yeah usually I would

  expect the the fruity bagels the

  cinnamon raisin and the blueberry to be

  toasted with butter most of the time

  well toast with butter does bring it

  like a little bit more sweetness to it

  especially because you know you have

  sweet cream butter and all that has

  stuff but if you want more of a

  substantial breakfast I guess blueberry

  with cream cheese is there is really

  really really good and it's way better

  than all of the other weird seeded

  bagels that are out there I should say

  lonely seeded bagels we will get there

  better man those are terrible and plain

  why bother why bother we are in complete

  agreement on that yeah plain to me a

  plain bagel plain bagels are delicious

  however there are so many better bagels

  I would rather get any other bagel than

  plain I feel like then you're just

  eating like a dough ring like well I

  mean okay bad bagels our dough rings

  good bagels are malted nice and

  delicious but like a plain bit it's just

  like you might as well I don't know I

  rather pick a croissant you know I

  actually that's a tough call between

  like it's been the mode of meeting if if

  I have like you know a croissant with

  you know stuff in it or like a plain

  bagel like you know maybe with with some

  flavored cream cheese on it or toast it

  with some nice butter like I would

  rather have other bagel flavors if I

  have the option but if I don't have the

  option if my option is either plain

  bagel or like just plain old bread I

  would take the bagel over the bread even

  if it's plain however there are so many

  good breads now like all the crazy

  breads that come out the focaccia and

  something-something and the flat this

  and the I suppose I see that I don't

  know but like there's lots of different

  breads out there that if I'm gonna have

  a bagel I'm gonna want my favorite bagel

  flavors my top four bagels favorite play

  baby before favorite bagel flavors or

  something else that's okay that's a

  difference in opinion yep

  speaking of another difference of

  opinion that was almost the same my

  number four bagel is yes I go cheese

  bagel really good stir over there

  because I pick the same thing thinking

  that you wouldn't have so my number yeah

  so I cheese bagels you know they most

  New York bagel places don't even offer

  them that's why I kind of was like

  honorable mention waffling because no

  it's not around here it's not a true

  bagel flavor well it's not an old-school

  bagel flavor it's alright it isn't the

  traditional bagel flavor and I think a

  lot of places don't offer it or don't

  consider it or even look down on it

  because it isn't one of the like

  old-school traditional like New York

  slash Jewish previously how fast did the

  cinnamon sugar a french toast bagel

  we're all into everyone's baskets in the

  in the bagel places sure similar that

  jumped the that that jumped in pretty

  quickly and now it's like a standard in

  most places that's true I mean maybe

  maybe that one sells a lots of kids and

  that's one of the reasons I don't know

  anyway regardless people like Sarah the

  usher good cheese bagel I it seemed to

  become really big in like the early

  2000s with with the spread of the big

  chain bagel stores and and then ideas

  and and I feel a New York don't even

  know what those are no they would never

  survive here exactly so I first had them

  at bruger's and Panera and actually

  first Panera I think then bruger's I

  think they are kind of swept the nation

  with the I see I go cheese bagel then

  everyone else kind of followed suit but

  what I like about it and I think it

  deserves more respect than it gets

  because it has brought a lot of people

  like Midwesterners in to bagels a lot

  more effectively than previous attempts

  had do you think that there's a secret

  bagel cartel happening in New York State

  that keeps out the chain bagel places I

  think it's the I first of

  do we know that I mean they they have

  Panera's in the New York area but no one

  buys their Pagels I don't know I don't

  even think they make they make them for

  the sandwiches I guess but that's about

  it I mean if you know one going in

  buying a dozen bagels from Panera I mean

  I bet sigh but people do I mean people

  having shoes at Subway in the city I

  will judge them so hard if someone

  brought a dozen Panera bagels to our

  house I'd be like what are you doing

  yeah not not so much that that like

  they're bad but just we have so many

  problems better like I rather they go to

  a really crappy bagel place then bring

  Panera because at least so the bagel

  place that that were I'm not going to

  name it because it's mean but there's a

  bagel place that's near us that is I

  think worse than Panera hotring of

  garbage yeah so I don't know anyway I

  shall go cheese bagel I think deserves

  special mention here because it really

  has advanced bagel flavors past the old

  cartel flavors and it was like one of

  the first ones to do that and it really

  has brought in a lot of people from the

  rest of the country who did who aren't

  in like bagel strong areas and also as

  just a you know the reason why I thought

  my number four is not just for honorable

  mention because it really is a very good

  bagel for sandwiches I don't think it's

  very good toasting it I it's actually

  kinda difficult to touch with it making

  a catch on fire because the cheese tends

  to burn but anyway so don't toast them

  but for sandwiches I I think they're

  actually quite good if you're gonna have

  like like Turkey or something like you

  know exactly right yeah it works it

  totally works

  so I think it is great for that it is my

  number four for that reason so my

  brother he moved out to Moline Illinois

  and he lives out there and works for

  John Deere and being a New Yorker in you

  know the the corn Heartland out there a

  whole bunch of people they eat bagels in

  their shop and the bagels they get are

  like lender's bagels from the grocery

  store like in bags right that's what I

  grew up on in Ohio which is right

  I love them they were so good so they're

  barely bagels but okay so when he went

  home he was telling us about this he's

  like I can't believe the bagels they

  have out there they're so terrible so he

  brought to them a whole bunch of New

  York bagels like we packed them all up

  and and he he brought them back to

  Illinois and when he put them out for

  everyone at breakfast they were all

  really confused that they weren't cut

  and they're like what kind of cheap

  bagel place do you get these from that

  they don't cut their bagels and he's

  like you're so used to them being from

  the package that you just expect them

  all to be cut whether they're from a

  fresh bakery or they're from the grocery

  store and that to me is just astounding

  so I put a lot of people listening right

  now are like wow yeah yeah we don't cut

  our bagels they just arrive in a brown

  bag do you think there are any listeners

  that have made it this far into both

  knowing us and also into listening to

  this episode who don't know like proper

  East Coast bagels it's possible Wow if

  you I mean look at the the guys that my

  brother was working with you know and

  and guys and and women who my brother

  was working with but they aren't listen

  to our show they're not listening to our

  show but I mean they're out there and

  they didn't expect that to show up when

  he you know my brother tells them oh I'm

  gonna bring you real bagels and then he

  shows up and they're like no I'm just

  surprised that those people would be

  tolerating us this long I figured if he

  were that much if you were that far from

  like bagels snobbery culture I figure

  you would have turned this off long ago

  well some people like to get knowledge

  regardless right well for those people

  we salute you know if there are people

  listening out there who have not had a

  like coastal bagel california bagels are

  kind of weak i mean i mean but there are

  plenty i mean look at the place blocks

  in in columbus you know there are plenty

  of places where brooklyn natives or

  someone New York native has gone out and

  brought bagel making technology to the

  rest of the world no it's serious like

  in a kettle yeah I mean a lot of places

  don't boil their bagels that's like a

  weird thing not weird but that's like

  the way to make

  people a lot of people don't know how to

  make an authentic New York bagel yeah

  it's just you know they think they're

  making bagels but they're just making

  rings of dough right they're making

  circular bread with a hole in the middle

  yeah and oftentimes that doesn't even

  work out no all right what's your number

  three all right

  my number three is the cinnamon raisin

  interesting I know I have two sweet ones

  so that yeah number three double yeah

  cinnamon raisin is my number three it

  was almost my number two as I really

  like it but it's my number three and I

  love it with scallion cream cheese a

  little salty sweet that is weird

  it's so awesome and you don't think as

  well you think it's weird every time but

  you totally know my order it and see I I

  totally respect both the cinnamon raisin

  bagel and scallion cream cheese on their

  own and in other combinations I love

  both of those things however the

  combination of those two is really weird

  oh no it's so good okay listeners out

  there you're gonna first you're gonna

  tell us if you're from the Midwest and

  have never seen a real bagel second

  you're going to tell us you're going to

  go out right now if it's the morning and

  you're gonna get yourself a bagel and

  you're gonna get yourself some scallion

  cream cheese and you will put them

  together and you will be amazed at how

  delicious it is that's right I should

  also point out to you said if it's the

  morning to go to bagels it is not

  possible to get good bagels after about

  2:00 p.m.

  oh no yeah yeah you cannot no yeah don't

  do it like it really goes later get an

  early bagel and then wrap it up and and

  keep it I don't know because they leave

  them out in the baskets that's the

  problem so if you get early bagels

  you can always wrap them up and keep

  them a little bit more moist in like a

  paper bag in a plastic bag paper and

  then plastic over that and then your

  bagel will last exactly all right so my

  number three it's kind of a valley to

  find flavor it's kind of the general

  category of like medium brown

  whole-wheat honey kind of like wheat

  bagels that usually have oats adhered to

  the outside yes I know what you're

  talking about but I can't believe that's

  on your list it is because the first one

  my list is short as you'll see well it


  for yes and they're thinking about it

  yeah I see that for you

  yeah yeah so yeah I actually a travel

  coming up before

  that's how blueberry got on my list

  exactly crazy thing so so these these

  kind of like you know we honey wheat

  whatever whole wheat whatever with oats

  on the outside those are excellent

  when toasted with butter and that is

  it's such a nice like um kind of unique

  combo of like texture and flavor and

  everything I really enjoy that as a

  breakfast combo just the whole wheat

  with oats on the outside toast with

  butter I always feel like that the whole

  wheat bagel has a little bit of bagel

  guilt that you're eating a whole wheat

  bagel because you feel guilty for eating

  a bagel so you're really oh the whole

  wheat because it's better right yeah I

  mean I hold none of those illusions but

  or whatever that word is there but

  delusions delusions there we go that's

  much better

  yeah English major obviously yeah so I

  hold none of those delusions I know that

  every time I eat a bagel it's just the

  way too much carbs and gluten and

  everything for what we should be doing

  but yeah that combo whole wheat with

  oats and an side with toast with butter


  bagel guilt okay my number two is the

  everything bagel I do not like all these

  seeded bagels I do not like regular

  poppy seed or sesame seed I do not like

  the single bagels I all a single seeded

  bagels I only like the multi seed bagel

  and the reason the multi seed bagel is

  the best because it has salt and it has

  garlic on it and it doesn't have those

  flavors so exclusively like there's so

  much it's so it's not just like a salt

  bag or bagel which exists if everyone is

  surprised by that who is not from over

  around here or a garlic bagel which is

  just way too much garlic because a lot

  of times they do put the garlic in the

  dough as well so it has yeah John I've

  never seen that I mean I should point

  out like garlicky those are garlic

  bagels I should point out about bagels

  too they have it in the dough

  they have salt in the dough you

  well yeah they put that it's extra salt

  like it there's chunks of salt in the

  dough sometimes mmm that's weird is it

  no I mean so I should point out so I

  worked at bruger's in high school in

  Ohio and so my my experience of like how

  the bagel restaurants work is solely

  based on that which was granted

  something like sixteen seventeen years

  ago and was also a provers in Ohio so

  obviously I don't know I've never worked

  in like a like a you know quote a real

  bagel store but I do know from back then

  like all the flavors that they did you

  know like the all the seeded bagels and

  the salt and Moe which kind of council

  those were all based on the plain bagel

  dough you know just whatever seed you

  put on top you know many of the flavors

  just have the same plain bagel dough in

  the middle and you just put different

  things on top some of them are a little

  bit more complicated than that certain

  bagel places its but yeah it's possible

  like hot bagels I'm pretty sure they put

  it all in it's it's tricky you know what

  what makes garlic and onion so good on

  the outside of a bagel

  is that they are baked so it gets kind

  of toasted garlic right when it goes on

  it's not it's raw when it goes on it

  gets toasted in the baked and so if you

  if you put these on the inside in the

  dough it doesn't really work it doesn't

  really develop that that nice toasty

  flavor so it act that that's you know

  even you can think about it like you

  know when you bake things at home you

  have the same issue of like when

  something's inside something it takes on

  a very different characteristic when

  cooking than when it's on the outside

  being toasted or heated directly okay

  for the sake of argument then we can say

  it's only outside but anyway regardless

  of what's on the outside I don't like

  when they are singular things on the

  outside I find them too strong and so I

  but for an everything bagel I like the

  combination and the balance that it

  brings and I believe that the best

  interior for an everything bagel is

  chicken salad because it it's not as

  it's not like you're biting through a

  wall of meat or a wall of vegetables

  depending on what you put on your sliced

  kind of sandwiches or like a wall of

  cheese those type of things taste much

  better on the asiago cheese bagel and

  but for the everything bagel the

  the the velvety texture of a really good

  chicken salad balance is super well with

  all the flavors of an everything so I

  love everything bagels I would not toast

  it with butter I find it that to be too

  strong there's like too much seed going

  on well there's a lot of salt if you do

  that because you have salted butter on

  top of a salty bagel it's okay with

  cream cheese scallion cream cheese is

  very good with an everything bagel but

  there are other bagels which is my

  number one bagel that is better off with

  cream cheese so chicken salad on and

  everything bagel is my number two and

  also want to point out that oftentimes

  everything bagels they get quarantined

  in their own little bag because people

  get horrified when everything bagels

  kind of assault all the other bagels in

  the bag yeah you know acid step yeah

  that's totally fair because that that is

  obviously what happens like you know you

  put a but especially good like when you

  put good bagels into a bag they're

  probably still warm so you have this bag

  worth if there's all this like kind of

  like semi like steamy moisture in there

  and the moisture makes the onion and the

  garlic on the everything bagel is very

  sticky yep and it makes it stick to all

  the other bagels that are near its it's

  very like it's it's kind of like a bagel

  faux pas to package everything bagels

  into a mixed dozen touching everything

  there's are a lot of people that do not

  like everything bagels at all like they

  really don't like them so it's a strong

  flavor and any of the other flavors

  don't seem to contaminate each other but

  the everything definitely does yeah I

  mean I'm sure you know if you got only

  onion or only garlic yeah those should

  probably be quarantined too but honestly

  I don't know I've never seen anybody a

  quarantine onion or and well I've ever

  seen anybody even buy them with the

  exception of what I worked at bruger's

  well you know people would would buy

  them there but not often absent in the

  rest of the world now in civilization

  where like you know I've just been a

  customer going these places and you know

  just be ordering myself ordering with

  friends you know ordering dozens and

  everything I've never seen anybody I

  don't think order a garlic or onion

  bagel or at least it's very very rare

  because to me it's like if you're gonna

  have those flavors I'm with you on like

  I don't want that much of them as when

  they're when they're so low

  i if you're gonna have those flavors at

  all I feel like you're probably gonna

  like the everything bagel better because

  it has so much more and it's I think

  it's in better balance yep that's the X

  that's exactly why I said um but so but

  when you go up to the counter and you're

  like hey give me a dozen and they give

  you 15 because that's the New York dozen

  I guess don't they just throw in no you

  tell me what you want I mean if you just

  I'm sure like you're bringing the bagels

  to somebody and so you don't have

  specific orders like oh yeah I was just

  gonna say have you ever gotten bagels at

  school of course not because your school

  isn't Ohio so you didn't get bagels in

  school but we had teachers bring us

  bagels in school because my school was

  amazing and movie school yeah we had our

  robot to go to the bagel store and get

  us bagels and then we swam the pool and

  looked at stars in the planetarium so

  after we did all that we had some bagels

  none of those things were jokes yeah

  it's a public school so like you if

  you're freaking for a group of people

  just breakfast occasionally bought

  bagels like for the office to bring in

  you don't know who's gonna like what so

  you just go up to the guy and you're

  like just give me a dozen of everything

  like give me something of everything

  I've never I've always specific made it

  just cuz I'm me and I like to control

  things but I've never specifically order

  things like that and I would even argue

  that if you're getting a sort of bagels

  for an unknown audience or people with

  unknown tastes I would argue that garlic

  or onion and even poppy maybe would be

  bad choices because not enough people

  like that much of those things salt too

  is risky my own that's my mom's favorite

  bagel assault bagel your mom is the only

  person I've ever met who eats salt

  bagels including the time when I worked

  at burgers and sold them every day no

  I've never met anyone who really but she

  loves him but she when she gets them she

  takes some of the salt off the top

  because it's too much because it's

  literally like crusted with salt yeah

  the salt bail is when I was recruiters

  those were always the ones that you'd

  have the most left at the end of the day

  like every other flavor you know you'd

  be baking them throughout the morning as

  to run out of things the salt bagel

  you'd only have to bake once and you'd

  only you'd throw on like maybe six of

  them for the whole day and there would

  always be some left and I mean there's

  no reason to even have them except that

  like those like for people who would

  come in during the day wanting a salt

  bagel would you like if that's what you

  want and you're out of that like there

  is no substitute that is not salty the

  everything comes a little bit of along

  the way but it's no but then you have to

  have all the other flavors too if you

  don't want all that and you just want

  like a very like if you like a lot of

  salt like that's yeah it's it's

  basically a pretzel at that point that's

  right you're right that's exactly what

  it is but it's it's salt people who

  really like pretzels but it's even

  saltier than most salty pretzels yeah

  yeah as I said my mom she always thumbs

  off half the salt right yeah yeah so

  there she was one of those very few

  people who eat salt bagels yep I always

  got to get a salt bagel from one in the

  dozen for my family so as your number

  two my number two is also a kind of

  vaguely defined flavor but it's a little

  more narrow it is the the Rye family so

  this includes rye pumpernickel and

  marble which is right plus pumpernickel

  is pumpernickel really is a rye weight

  so your top four bagels are not for

  bagels we're not doing top four families

  of bagels

  well it's pumpernickel is rye and

  there's also some times where I with

  seeds in it and there's also sometimes

  marbled rye which is yeah so it's well

  you got a pick one because it doesn't

  matter when there's sometimes you got to

  pick which one if you went to the most

  beautiful perfect bagel place ever and

  you and they have had everything that

  you ever ever had and you you want to

  try it or you want to taste so they have

  a rye and the marble of rye and a

  pumpernickel what would you pick that's

  a really tough call I think I'd probably

  go rye but I also use the bagel shop of

  our mind

  I wouldn't go marble because to me you

  got to commit one or the other okay so

  you got to take that off the list but

  but if only one of these is available it

  still gets that slot that's what I'm

  saying okay all right and I like these

  for the same reason I like the the wheat

  with oats on the outside toasting it

  with butter is just awesome like a nice

  Rai family bagel toasted with butter

  with or without the caraway seeds I

  don't mind I don't mind them and that in

  bread they don't belong there but in

  vehicles I don't mind them that is a

  fantastic combo just the you know like

  the nice ride flavor with the butter all

  through it and a nice crisp coating on

  the outside that that is fantastic and

  again hard to beat for for the butter

  combo most of your bagels seem to be

  preferable with butter well there's a

  reason for that that I'll get to but so

  yeah I mean so you know number four is

  Asiago that's not a butter bingo that's

  a sandwich bagel so I have a sandwich at

  the bottom I know two are both kind of

  butter only bagels like I wouldn't put a

  sandwich on a rye or a wheat so what's

  your number one my number one bagel is

  the best universal bagel that is great

  with cream cheese it's great with plain

  cream cheese or flavored cream cheese of

  pretty much any flavor it is wonderful

  with sandwiches

  it is wonderful with sandwich salads it

  is just the best

  it is fantastic toasted with butter it

  is just the universally it's like it's

  like the o-blood type of bagels right

  it's not the no I well it's like

  versatile receiver baby I think oh is

  the donor I don't know anyway it's it's

  the most universal blood bagel of bagels

  I'm getting crazy here okay it's the egg

  bagel the egg bagel is the best bagel it

  has a flavor but yet it can carry all

  other flavors it is just no don't listen

  it is amazing

  think of it it is it is just crisp and

  it has its own like rich texture and

  flavor that with just butter or it can

  carry like a really sweet cream cheese

  like strawberry cream cheese or it could

  carry more of a savory cream cheese like

  a scallion or vegetable Oh egg bagel

  with vegetable cream cheese come on it's

  amazing yeah and you could have it with

  sandwiches it's so good with like turkey

  and cheese I agree with most of what

  you've said so it is my best most number

  one for sure' top of the charts bagel

  because it goes with

  everything and I always feel like it

  there is never anything that I would

  feel like going on a bagel that wouldn't

  be great with an egg bagel don't didn't

  ah egg bagel see I wonder if the egg

  bagel is really very similar to the

  plain big don't say that oh no no I'm

  not saying it's that's horrible just

  take it back that in our kits very

  similar the a bagel is not that much of

  a departure from the plain bagel it's

  really a very subtle difference it's not

  very subtle it is bright yellow

  first of all in color it's effective all

  in flow

  there's flavor if you bite into a plain

  bagel you're just like bagel whatever

  but if you bite into an egg bake oh you

  were like wow this feels like a plane

  because there's not a lot of you know

  crazy texture going on there and that's

  a reason why it's so universal because

  it doesn't like distract from a whole

  bunch of things but it has this great

  rich flavor to it that you feel like

  you're eating something and not just a

  ring of dough like it's like an eggy

  bread like it's like when you have a

  slice of challah bread versus a slice of

  you know like white Italian bread or

  something you know the challah bread has

  like something to it you got some like

  mmm right like it's there I I loved

  challah bread and I and I like egg

  bagels like a mop-up some sauce it's

  okay don't mean I agree with with how

  much you like the a bagel but I think a

  lot of that applies to the plane it's

  the egg bagel is better for sure I'm not

  gonna doubt that but I don't think the

  difference between egg and plain is as

  big as you the plain bagel cannot carry

  butter the way an egg bagel can a plain

  bagel cannot carry plain cream cheese

  the way an egg bagel can no contest I

  wonder I love to do it I'd be willing to

  do a blind test with you to see if you

  can actually I take that on against

  plain blind

  tomorrow morning let's go you mean we're

  going Ardsley okay do it I wonder I mean

  and I mean you try what happened when be

  a little hard to control because like

  the two bagels might might have been

  like differently made or differently

  we're going 6:00 in the morning I am

  yeah well I'm saying we may have to do

  multiple tests to really make it valid

  hey when our friends didn't believe us

  that we did not like that one bagel

  place and thought that the bagel is that

  we go to was superior and they tried to

  bring over those bagels that time and

  they tried to trick us and be like oh

  here take this bagel

  we knew the second that bagel came out

  of the bag that that was from the bad

  bagel place oh not the good bagel place

  and they were very surprised by that and

  said okay from now on when we get you

  bagels we'll get it from the good place

  because they're amazing friends but I

  bet that I will be able to taste test

  this no problem blind and I will be able

  to tell the difference I think you

  probably will be would you be doing it

  plane like totally unadulterated with

  anything or would we toast both of them

  with butter or something on them see I

  mean the more variables you put in the

  harder it is to control but as long as I

  have the same variables yeah I mean I

  would say toast with butter would be a

  good overall test cuz day and more

  certain I will get it right right well

  cuz but plane you play would actually be

  easier because there be fewer like the

  the salty fetters the butter is going to

  actually distract you from the make

  bagel I am ready okay and it's like my

  superpower I think you probably will be

  able to tell the difference but I I

  really I'm hoping that you'll really be

  honest but like how different is it

  really and I want to I want to tell to

  like you know how I have no promises

  about being honest about how different

  it is okay that's all right so I reserve

  the right to exaggerate that's yeah

  that's fine me too that that's us the

  original preference is that strong all

  right so overall I think I think that's

  a solid pick I don't agree with it but I

  do think the egg bagel is good and I see

  I respect I respect that other choice

  Thanks what's your number one bagel you

  know everyone knows when everyone knows

  my number one bagel is the everything

  bagel you know for all the reasons you

  said about both the reason you like

  everything bagels and I should clarify

  too because you didn't quite we didn't

  quite say it yet and everything bagel

  includes the following seeds only sesame

  garlic poppy

  onion and salt that's it no caraway

  seeds no sunflower seeds no other seeds

  go on and everything bagel sesame poppy

  garlic onion salt and it has to have all

  five of those if you omit the salt

  that's a way we core bagel so the really

  install the bring all go this is this is

  new I know you are looking at me like of

  course but you know I'm trying to

  remember the George Carlin shower

  routine oh that's a rbirtle crotch and

  teeth thank you anyway

  so everything bagel has to have those


  ideally there there should be seeds on

  both sides and the the the whatever the

  bottom side of the bagel is doesn't need

  to necessarily have as much seating as

  the top half but there should be some

  that have like fallen around the edges

  and maybe maybe when they were flipped

  maybe with it maybe some guy on the back

  either way there should be some on both

  sides so that when you if you slice the

  bagel in the traditional way one side

  isn't just totally blank right so you

  can insert you can have it open face

  without exact lain bagel exactly exactly

  that's burnt exactly so that that is the

  parameters with which I'm defining

  everything bagels that being said one of

  the reasons they're my number one is

  because of their incredible versatility

  you can get an everything bagel at a

  place where the bagels aren't that great

  and it's still pretty good any kind of

  like diner or restaurant anything in

  most of the country even if they offer

  an everything bagel as an option to put

  a sandwich on her as an option to have

  toasted we know with butter or something

  it's actually pretty passable most

  places I forgot about the egg sandwich

  right situation yeah everything's best

  for egg sandwiches yeah so to me and

  everything bagel is kind of the

  universal bagel in that you can have it

  everything you said about the egg bagel

  I think about the everything bagel where

  I think it works in every circumstance

  whether you're toasting it with butter I

  don't think it's too much oh I don't

  like a test day with butter so it is it

  is strong but I don't think it's too

  much of whether you're toasting with

  butter whether you're putting cream

  cheese on it and I would say almost

  strawberry cream cheese on an everything

  bagel I don't like sweet cream cheeses

  so it may be maybe for me that doesn't

  matter but you know for me every other

  kind of flavor whether your hat whether


  plain cream cheese or one of the

  vegetable ones scallion anything like

  that to me everything bagels carry

  everything sandwiches

  cream cheese butter toasted or not

  toasted they are the universal bagel to

  me where they make all those things good

  not just not just decent but they make

  all of them like great and the flavor I

  just love the that flavor combo of the

  of those five seeds well for C its plus

  salt well two seats plus two or

  anybody's matter the five things that go

  on top of an everything baby to me that

  there's it's very hard for me to go into

  a bailer shop and order anything else

  when that's an option you know I mean

  and if I'm getting a toast with butter

  it's it's easier for me to get something

  else I guess but like if I'm if I'm in a

  sandwich no contest if I'm in a bagel

  sandwich for a bailer shop chicken salad

  or meat or any you know we're like you

  know turkey deli meat any of those

  things eggs I'm putting all those on an

  everything bagel if they're available as

  long as they're not like totally old and

  rock-hard which fortunately they hardly

  ever are because they're so popular that

  they're always baking them throughout

  the day chances are everything bagels

  your bigger risk wanting everything

  bagel is that they'll be out of them

  now that they'll be old once Dale would

  you bring it on a plane no you would not

  you would bring an egg baby on a plane

  on a plane I would opt for a different

  choice you're right just saying you're

  right one step more universal to egg

  bagel well so big baby bagel to your mom

  who learns to eggs no so no well that's

  a different story

  well say okay if you're gonna if you

  want the true universal bagel without

  regard to how much you love it it's the

  plain bagel because the plane bail

  couldn't really go everywhere but you

  know the plain bagel can't be given to

  people that are allergic to wheat

  neither can any of the bails the egg is

  not going to help you there they don't

  replace the flour with ace there's no

  gluten free bagel I'm sure somebody has

  made that somewhere that I label like

  clay please don't make it illegal ah

  it's bad enough that we made flat bagels

  and then people call them that stupid

  combo word flagel don't the words like I

  can't sit I just can't can we talk about

  weirdo bagels bialys the new crazy

  rainbow bagel I mean come on go home

  Bethel you're drunk like that's insane

  that's crazy yeah I like I like a bialy

  and again toasted with butter to me the

  alleys are amazing especially what is

  that in the middle onion it's kind of no

  it's I think it's all onion and I think

  I think the dough is even an onion IDO

  it's like dough a little bit doughy in

  the middle I don't know bialys are

  really good and we always have a strange

  property for us that that our favorite

  bialys are just from our grocery store

  bakery like thank you stop and shop yeah

  like I don't know if stop and shop has

  particularly amazing bakers and like

  their bagels and their roles and

  everything are all mediocre at best but

  they're beyond these are really good

  yeah and those rainbow bagels I mean

  come on people don't you know you're

  just eating like a gallon of food die

  like yeah and it's just bagels it's a

  plain bagel like swirled with they dial

  the dough and then they swirl it all

  together and then they bake it I'm like

  people are around the lot like around

  the block and Lions waiting for these

  rainbow bagels with like yeah with with

  cream cheese that's pretty much full of

  sprinkles like with more dye like this

  is that's just so weird your people

  colors don't have flavors like they

  don't taste like anything just get off

  the line and go get an egg bagel

  I'd go everything hi everyone the

  morning after we recorded as we

  threatened do during the show we

  performed a blind taste test to see if

  TIFF could reliably distinguish between

  plain and egg bagels here's how that


  first I gave her a piece of an egg bagel

  this is not egg I mean youyou can just

  take bites out of them you don't have to

  actually eat them

  next a plain bagel I think that one was

  egg next another plain bagel let me see

  that one see it let me taste the other

  one what do you think this is a gig or

  not I'm thinking not and it tastes bland

  and horrible next another plain bagel

  this is egg absolutely 100% I can feel

  it in the texture so I'm really good

  let every egg you raise the next one

  Oh enjoy my egg bagel next an egg bagel

  it's also eggs finally another egg bagel

  this is not egg taste it's plain this

  alright that was the last one you ready

  to take your blindfold off and yeah I

  did mmm-hmm okay you did very poorly you

  got most of them wrong I think I have to

  go back and double-check but I'm pretty

  sure so it turns out my favourites

  you got many of them wrong how do you

  how do you feel about this so good but I

  do want more bagels there are a little

  kitchen thanks