Top Four

Top Four 16: Starbucks Cold Drinks


  best Starbucks iced drinks no you can't

  type best we decide to look at the menu

  oh no I pick my pen well it's a little

  pen you think is good for this Brown do

  you have any brown pen people even make

  brown pen yes they make people like

  brown I guess it sparkly gold I guess

  somebody likes all these drinks too

  sparkly gold that's the closest to brown

  let's see it's covered in milkshakes

  everything on this page is a milkshake

  okay Frappuccino brand blended beverages

  in introducing affogato style

  Frappuccino registered trademark blended

  beverage give your Frappuccino blended

  beverage an espresso upgrade don't they

  already contain espresso

  I thought mmm maybe they don't anymore I

  guess you can't take anything for


  oh my god well it says okay yeah I

  forgot a rich espresso creamy

  Frappuccino blended beverage that's a

  lot of words so a regular affogato is a

  shot of espresso poured over gelato or

  ice cream it looks like

  so all these yeah blended beverages are

  made of powder

  really okay so god there's so many of

  them yeah this is the problem how are we

  gonna know what's a cinnamon Dolce

  Frappuccino blended coffee cinnamon

  Dolce light Frappuccino blended coffee

  Java chip Frappuccino blended coffee

  mocha light Frappuccino blended copra

  cinnamon chai cream wrapper Chino

  blended cream does it contain Oprah

  apparently there's Oprah in this coffee

  and it's double creme

  it has creme twice in the name well then

  it must be good right Oprah a cinnamon

  chai creme Frappuccino registered

  trademark blended creme how strawberry

  creme Frappuccino blended I mean this is

  at this point just seems like they have

  they have dropped all pretense of being

  a coffee shop I know there's like look

  we're gonna just finally own it we sell

  milkshake caramel waffle cone creme

  Frappuccino blended creme okay we're an

  ice cream shop like that happens to be

  caffeinated like the these are these are

  $5 ice cream double chocolate chip

  chocolate chip as not to be confused

  with chocolate chip well I think

  chocolate to use one of those weasel

  words and food we're like they can't

  legally call it chocolate oh you call it

  chocolatey yeah no seriously

  is that a term or you just are you

  coining that right now that's a real

  term it's and and like chocolaty is one

  of those things like you know how you

  know food has certain definitions for

  words that you that you try to use a

  caramel cocoa cluster Frappuccino

  blended coffee these are good ice cream

  like it's just ice cream there's a

  s'mores one too there there's no there's

  no more coffee in it now it's just ice

  cream white chocolate mocha frappuccino

  blended coffee why bother with the white

  chocolate and the mocha at this iconic a

  creme Frappuccino blended Craig there's

  a cup cupcake in a cup it's your vice

  then ten you WA cupcake in a cup went oh

  we are the Wiley people look at this

  this is really I mean it caramel waffle

  cone makes me laugh the most is Oprah

  cinnamon one because I don't know it

  over tastes like and I guess we're gonna

  find out green tea creme fraiche eno

  blended creme okay shut up that one's

  amazing crab meat boy it's yeah okay

  creme is twice that will you know that's

  terrible all the green one on the page

  so green is healthy right that's exactly

  the Jews of it is that it's bright green

  it looks like a kale smoothie but it is

  far from it yeah it is pretty far

  they're very sweet I actually really

  like that one

  that one's definitely going on my list

  I'm writing that down okay I don't even

  know where to begin

  I guess do we have to try them all we

  can't I mean there's there are I'm

  counting them hold on wait it's a one

  two three there are 26 in the

  Frappuccino family alone

  five plus there are five smoothies and

  at least four looks like you have four

  iced coffee options whoo

  this is epic we might need like a team I

  I mean where do we even begin okay um

  are there any that are like obviously

  redundant look all the light ones we can

  get rid of because okay I mean if you

  want to have the same flavor but in

  light oh well maybe we should know but

  what doesn't like me does it just

  changed like the milk fat love I think

  it's the milk fat like secret

  syrup let me try yeah that would be

  gross that's problem it's probably what

  it is it's probably like lower it's not

  that milk and light Frappuccino syrup

  yeah so it's super loose a bit potassium

  sorbate citric acid wry bowties and oh

  my god we are Roberto so we're going to

  ingest all this stuff it's this bad what

  what do people actually order because

  that may be I mean maybe half of these

  things there's nobody legal disclaimer

  why do we need a legal disclaimer for

  our beverage all right if we eliminate

  the light that cuts it about in half

  caramel waffle cone creme Frappuccino

  blended creme is different than the

  caramel waffle cone Frappuccino Brent

  blended beverage what wait one is

  slightly darker than the other in the

  photo yeah you're right so the the one

  that has two creams in the name is

  lighter color to it must have more milk

  in it okay what is a creme blended creme

  let's see okay wait we blend waffle cone

  flavored syrup and dark caramel sauce

  with coffee milk and ice

  what is waffle cone flavored syrup oh

  okay creme blended creme has no coffee

  oh wow those really are just like you

  know milkshake just straight up okay I

  think we could since this is coffee

  beverages we can get rid oh no it's not

  it's Starbucks cold beverages and stir I

  mean because that do we need to do

  smoothies too they have they have a

  whole family of smoothies that's really

  cute I was gonna do the green tea one

  well the Oprah is creme blended creme

  are we are we we're not including the TV

  yeah right cuz Teavana probably has more

  Oprah in it than there might be iced

  options there as well how much Oprah

  isn't Ivana I think all of it isn't that

  whole isn't that her thing I don't know

  I don't I have no idea what she's doing

  these days

  what's a physio I mean a cheap TV

  handcrafted soda the new physio orange

  cream Starbucks physio handcrafted soda

  what makes us handcrafted tangy orange

  an employee is assembling it for you

  tangy orange creamy vanilla and fresh

  herbal and floral accents are blended

  together to create a bubbly delight

  that's just 100 calories that sounds


  yeah I actually would enjoy she would

  try that put that on your list I I

  already forgot what you said this this

  is the physio treatment and craft soda


  yeah it's handcrafted I mean this is

  this is really a problem that like the

  menu is massive and we have to like rule

  out some things well we're gonna be this

  is gonna be a lot of money that we might

  have to do multiple trips this selection

  show is gonna be its own show because

  this is diggie time okay well I'm

  definitely putting on a nice caramel

  macchiato cuz that was my favorite hot

  drink this is really hard to narrow down

  star bra Starbucks refreshers beverages

  we there's more what is that ooh a cool

  lime Starbucks refresher beverage a

  strawberry Akai Starbucks refreshers

  beverage I don't think it's pronounced

  acai but I don't remember how exactly

  we're down to that okay it's like

  something weird like a swan or something

  it's it's very strange

  Oishi ah I see II's it's something like

  it's something really weird oh yeah it's

  nothing like what you expected to be the

  ACA i Barry I I think we should we

  should go for a variety of drink types

  not necessarily just trying every flavor

  of every drink just because there's way

  too many and so we have to narrow it

  down somehow okay so we would pick our

  but I I would like a lot of these

  flavors cuz they're all like coffee

  waffle cone caramel explosion that's

  just that's just ice cream we can we

  should go to the Ben & Jerry's store and

  rate all the ice cream would be the

  exact same thing but better probably

  actually that's a good file that yeah

  caramel espresso granita a scoop of

  lightly sweetened freshly shaved ice

  topped with bold espresso shots a splash

  of cream and finished with caramel

  drizzle so it's a coffee snow cone with

  caramel I love how you have to like

  decode these like to read them like four

  times actually figure out what's in it

  what is this really oh it's a fancy snow

  cone okay

  iced milk chocolate melted truffle mocha

  oh my gosh the truffle I guess if it's a

  chocolate truffle that's our signature

  espresso is poured over whole milk

  chocolate truffles melting them right in

  the cup topped with milk and ice to

  create a rich new mocha flavor

  what there there's too much isn't wait

  if you melt chocolate truffle with with

  hot liquid isn't it just going to

  separate because it's based chocalate

  and it's just not good it's kind of like

  gonna like blob up and float around I

  think we're gonna have to order one and

  find out


  maybe that's what that's not like a hot

  drink right nope it's a cold drink

  didn't you listen the this is a pour hot

  liquid over a truffle Miller so is

  poured over whole milk chocolate

  truffles melting them right in the cup

  topped with milk and ice to create a

  rich new mocha flavor something I waste

  of a perfectly good truffle yeah but we

  need to order it and complete cold brew

  is separate from iced coffee yeah both

  well there's there's Starbucks espresso

  beverages and then there's cold brew but

  then I think there's also iced coffee

  iced coffee is separate they so they

  have if cold brew is so great why not

  just make that your regular iced coffee

  maybe we should just head out and figure

  out we're gonna order I don't I don't

  know I'm panicking I I don't know what

  else we can do I really don't I think we

  have to do that because anything else we

  do is gonna be insufficient and the

  website is really not helping well maybe

  our store will have limitations I mean

  that could hit will there's going to be

  limitation we just ask them to make us

  everything that's cold we can try but we

  may have to like bring in help like a

  team of people to help us taste this but

  no but we still have to taste it all it

  is summer maybe we should get interns if

  that's a summer thing right we should

  get summer interns yes every coffee

  intern and compost it everyone else's in

  terms of get them coffee we're gonna get

  coffee for our interns and make them

  taste it all alright so if you'd like to

  apply to the top four summer internship

  program you have approximately 20

  minutes and need to be at the Greater

  New York area in order to qualify we

  will be accepting your submissions via

  Twitter bring your own microphone after

  I tweet about this in about 20 seconds

  should I do it no should we find some

  strangers to be on the show and intern

  for us no I only have two wireless mics


  have two interns oh wait - that's yeah

  mine never mind

  backing away I'm backing I'm leaving I'm

  leaving okay all right I say we just

  write down our favorites and then head

  out and do this yeah I think that that's

  no way really we have to abandon the

  ones that we think we're not gonna like

  anyway because of too sweet or whatever

  reason we're not gonna like it but we

  have to try Oprah okay we can try one

  Oprah okay

  I'm limiting us just a single Oprah that

  sounds good okay all right all right

  let's go all right before we head out

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  better way to cook all right let's go to

  Starbucks all right let's go okay so

  this is breakfast we could order

  everything some of the things weren't

  even available here

  couldn't get the ice to caramelize honey

  and latte or the iced milk chocolate

  melted truffle mocha

  I also limited myself to less of the big

  milkshake drinks because I figured I

  kind of know what chocolate ice cream

  tastes like right

  yeah I know it waffle cone tastes like

  that kind of stuff and I don't think

  that I would like that as a Starbucks

  drink if I wanted like a big milkshake

  II thing I would probably just go and

  get a big milkshake thing although I

  never really feel like that kind of

  stuff anyway so I mean the fundings with

  all the Starbucks stuff like it really I

  means so much of this is just ice cream

  it's just milkshakes like it's it's

  really there's there's not much

  difference between this and a right just

  an ice cream shop I also didn't get any

  of like the regular latte iced latte

  kind of thing because I feel like I

  don't know an iced latte anywhere is an

  iced latte

  I forgot all those things the whole

  whole realm of iced espresso based

  drinks well that's what I have I have

  like for those folks I have a whole

  bunch of them like the the Starbucks the

  little quirky ones not so regular all

  right so let's begin I think we should

  begin with the wit with the blended ones

  because those will start separating and

  melting soon if we don't okay right yeah

  so you can begin with your green tea

  monstrosity what do you think of it I

  love the green tea frappuccino that's so


  it tastes like weird grassy powder

  that's so good yeah it has the the thais

  tea problem where yeah it tastes

  disgusting and then you're like but I

  want more of it it's well it isn't just

  kind that you really like it the first

  sip it just seems weird and then yeah

  but I do want more of this now

  and I should have taught you one more

  it's really just like last time I like

  green tea a lot like real green team

  this tastes barely like it this is this

  very little reason is these like

  Starbucks green tea powder is so much

  better cold than it is hot hot it tastes

  like I don't know

  swampy yeah hot you can tell the

  difference more with real green tea and

  that okay look I bowled it actually

  works pretty well I have always loved it

  and every time I want like a Starbucks

  another cheeky thing the bats that I

  want this like weird flavored green tea

  so I think it's I know I feel better

  ordering that than just one of the

  chocolate monstrosity milkshake e things

  I get those more places alright next I

  think you should buy monstrosity

  with that which is the s'mores

  Frappuccino Glencoe bits on it look at

  the tri polish of this year's yes this

  is the s'mores Frappuccino has a

  Marceline it has marshmallow I'm not

  sure if it's in the drink but it's in

  the whipped cream at least and there's

  graham cracker crumbs on top to like you

  so it basically this whole like s'mores


  and somewhere in there I think there's

  even coffee

  that's even know just drink alright

  let's see oh my god this is it yeah like

  poke through a couple layers did you get

  some of the Graham can you taste the

  Graham mm-hmm

  oh man this is really sweet

  this makes your green tea things seem

  savory by comparison oh my oh my god my

  green tea thing is savory by comparison

  oh my gosh this is like once again this

  is the s'mores Frappuccino oh it's not

  even good sweet it's like fake sweet

  it's Rita that's tough to take and we

  got the smallest size how could you

  drink that I don't even know how that's

  not good that has a weird and a chemical

  taste to it like a bug in my mouth that

  chemical is called sugar but you know

  that's not sugar because there's sugary

  things and then there's whatever that is

  yeah that was something sorry I'm moving

  on to another chai Frappuccino so these

  are our three frappuccinos that we

  decided to get up no I want to oh yeah

  oh there's that I also got the basic the

  basic like default coffee forever

  okay well I'm trying to try one okay not

  to be confused with that Oprah chart I

  have that too no oh this is my Oprah

  this is my yeah this is good it just

  tastes like a frozen Frappuccino frozen


  which I really like again it tastes much

  more savoury than mm-hmm that I mean

  it's sweet no question but it's way less

  sweet than the s'mores it's not it's a

  different kind of husband it has more

  that you know chive black tea flavor to


  yeah I gotta say you so for your Pixar

  yeah so far my pics are pretty good all

  right so far terrible let's taste the

  Oprah you're gonna think I'm weird

  let me see how Oprah's different than

  regular chai it is different with Lucy

  the child is good give me an Oprah Oprah

  does taste different it's it's not a

  huge difference no but I'll play

  tabletop my science if it's weird it's

  hard to tell what the difference

  actually is there's less harsh of that

  chive bite to it you need the little

  from Oprah it adds already later there's

  like a slightly like sweeter almost

  tangy flavor in the Oprah one and it's a

  I think was actually I don't know it's

  in cha is it anise what's that it also

  just stuff oh that was close close yeah

  hope is what has the bite in the chai

  Frappuccino yeah

  but the Oprah doesn't have that it okra

  hands like there's some kind of like

  almost like a like an almost sour

  component to the Oprah one it's like a

  sweet sour thing it's like that's not

  present in the regular child yeah Oprah

  doesn't have the Clos yeah bite to it

  they're even ones better I think by a

  good margin too bumpy over will be more


  yeah the Oakland is is lower calorie

  like this one that I got here this is on

  150 calories that's not because of like

  sucralose or any cheating methods it's

  just it just has less sugar and more

  Oprah okay all right well I'm gonna move

  on to my caramel espresso granita which

  is different what is that it's different

  than the caramel macchiato oh this one

  has the shaved ice on top oh this is

  this is the the fdic the Starbucks I see

  oh that's strange

  look how many of our drinker is being

  with oh that's weird

  yeah it has like shaved ice on top

  there's not like ice cubes in it it's

  not sweet

  oh that is weird but my coffee tasting

  yeah it's refreshing

  it tastes like melted ice coffee it

  tastes like iced coffee it makes all the

  ice is already melted

  it's very diluted it doesn't taste like

  old iced coffee yeah so you probably

  love it I don't find that very appealing

  you know it's not that appealing it

  really does taste like iced coffee

  that's been sitting around for a while

  like all the shaved ice like there's

  cards are there no full-size ice cubes

  in there yeah then shame it's only

  shaved ice so it's it's like the halfway

  point between between a nice drink and a

  blended drink

  yeah but it turns out there's kind of no

  one iced drink in a blended drink had a

  baby and they named a gravy that is very


  okay I meant it's not gonna be a big hit

  no because I think it's it's just like

  if it doesn't make me want another one

  right if I don't want to find it is

  negative that you get a bun to drink if

  you want

  ice cubes you get an ice cube that seems

  like it would be the worst of both


  yeah I don't think that ice people would

  prove of this nah yeah okay moving on

  all right I have any regular coffee

  flavored Frappuccino which I which

  probably used to be the only one or at

  least was one of the first time grouping

  green tea is one of the first ones just

  saying so here it is the regular

  original Frappuccino coffee flavored

  from June

  it's pretty good you know I gotta say

  that's is it better than my pretty that

  diluted cup it's my favorite thing so

  far dad is really good it's like the

  most boring default I didn't get whipped

  cream on it

  so 2% milk let's hope this small size

  here is 170 calories so not too bad the

  coffee's here the sweet coffee's here

  but they use and that is really tasty

  yeah that's the coffee property no I'm

  gonna cancel that one in basic we got 2%

  milk dude which is the I think that

  whole milk was the default in this one

  so it's a little more than specific

  calories but a little under 200 gallons

  from the small sides cut from ham this

  really is not bad that's very good okay

  let me go back to the chai I try such a

  different flavor oh yeah I mean it's if

  you want chai and iced coffees not gonna

  satisfy you and vice versa

  yep you know like it's what you're

  looking for there yeah I think I might

  be fair to put those two on the same

  level because you're gonna have a tie

  and you're ranking well it's this

  they're like different flavors you feel

  like different things how can you you're

  the best

  all right it's your turn you're up yeah

  you have more courage than I do okay I'm

  moving on to the this is the ice

  cinnamon Dolce latte okay I'm not

  usually a fan of cinnamon of coffee so

  I'll see this goes what do you think

  that's horrible hey it's just the worst

  now I really want to try it

  oddly enough I think you want to try it

  was like just liquid cinnamon but it was

  like what have you a default or nothing

  mixed it okay liquid cinnamon a milk

  why would anybody want that

  it's not even adequately sweetened okay

  you really really like cinnamon and you

  really like milk you would totally like

  yeah enemity no it's not a very balanced

  flavor like it's too much cinnamon and

  not enough anything else so it tastes

  character but not in a good way

  he has dinner and almost chalky on the

  tongue that is really really glad we

  tried this because it's terrible yeah I

  mean that's I'd say that is

  substantially worse and weirder than

  mice and worse property know I'm putting

  like a sad face next to it like a big

  fat face and into the treads more than

  ago now I think who the source but like

  the sweet meat the incredibly sweetness

  I'm like the marshmallow favorite it's

  got a big hit of marshmallow but like

  thank myself okay it's hard to know

  which of these works I don't think I

  could take another sip of the cinnamon

  Dolce about they yeah I think I think

  the cinnamon one is worse but just


  because the scent in the cinnamon one is

  like I don't want because it's

  unpleasant the s'mores one is I don't

  want to be that thinking it would

  probably kill me alright I'm moving on

  to the caramel macchiato which is a

  favorite of mine iced or otherwise I

  like to cotton and I like

  a good standard standby Starbucks drink

  refreshing light it's a lot like a very

  good iced latté foot with caramel

  listen this is Colonel macchiato yes

  it's not too sweet

  the light is refreshing

  but it has a little bit of it did not

  better to it that they uh and I like

  that they use Carmel and not just a like

  a flavor syrup well yes it's like

  flavors here caramel whatever they use

  but it's stickier than a regular liquid

  flavors here the only thing is for me is

  this this is the first one we're

  actually able to taste the coffee in

  this in a somewhat level of detail like

  a little beefy and you can tell the

  espresso isn't very good espresso like

  it's more obvious than this like in the

  Frappuccino even the coffee flavor

  Frappuccino like the depot on you really

  can't tell like you can put it in the

  espresso favorite syrup really and they

  happen to put me do they put espresso no

  I think I think it actually is espresso

  in in the trap and she knows we have to

  look that up because I'm not sure

  because it tastes like coffee the crappy

  Frappuccino tastes like coffee syrup

  yeah but it is definitely they dumped

  espresso in it right but but you can

  tell that it's not the greatest story

  cuz I've had way better lattes at very

  good coffee shops yeah it's better but I

  mean it has a lot more of a good

  bitterness and I kind of like stale bean

  bitterness the stale dark bean

  I mean I would still all right let me go

  going back what I really like coffee

  Frappuccino chai you didn't like that

  thing with the shameiess thing oh god

  why did I put that in my mouth man

  it's just getting worse with age yeah

  well cause it's just melting even for ya

  this is be talking about tasting like

  the bad espressos yeah really tasting it

  hits water damn now

  yeah the Oprah one is also not aging

  particularly well that so it's kind of

  it's so tart like it's weird taste the

  aged Oprah sweet tart I don't know

  yeah Oprah isn't aging well what's

  happening to her put her over there

  s'mores and she'll be fine

  yeah the basic coffee Frappuccino is

  aging very well as it melts

  yeah the caramel machiatto H as well -

  all right so you do one more cool one on

  the night I have the cold brew coffee as

  well trap me I'm gonna put a star next

  to that one but it's not I don't think

  it's in my top - I think it's down at

  number courageous I think I'm a natural

  pick me for that I like at all but we

  still have these the three Starbucks

  refresher drinks yes and I have the cold

  beer black coffee

  okay so all right now I have the white

  the iced white chocolate mocha

  which I believe would cancel each other

  out yeah white chocolate white chocolate

  and mocha it's always a great chocolate

  it's not Chuck it's not chocolate is

  mocha isn't that chocolate it's white

  chocolate mocha mocha is copying and


  what that's a good reaction it is just

  liquefied chocolate syrup

  I smell somebody toasting everything

  bagel and I'd rather have that than

  everything in front of us through this

  okay just liquefied chocolates is there

  coffee in here as well yes there is

  coffee in there but it is so much

  liquefied chocolate what like what this

  is like a milkshake it does taste like a

  chocolate milkshake and it doesn't taste

  like an iced coffee because the thing is

  I feel like if someone's going to be

  this sweet it has to have it has to be

  blended that's one of the one drinks

  feel like the black texture drawings

  have to be blended but this is a liquid

  form yeah this is just this is just

  liquid with ice in it and and that's it

  does not it's way too sweet to be bad

  I'm really glad we tried it as this

  version you end the blended version

  because the blended version will just

  taste like kind of like a good coffee

  chocolate milkshake yeah this as a

  liquid form I can't even believe they

  offer us yeah because it just it's just

  weird that that was that it seems if

  you're going to have the the big chunks

  of ice in in liquid that has to be not

  that sweet of a drink to make it work I

  think if I mix this with the caramel

  espresso granita then it might actually

  go pretty good no just be too diluted

  everything we did

  alright I'm gonna try the cold brew

  which is the complete opposite of what

  we just drank is unsweetened cold brew

  coffee as simple as it gets

  for more Starbucks at least so as simple

  as this gets let's see I even milk in

  there huh no just black who likes my

  face but you don't even like black guys

  coffee I try to avoid iced coffee

  because I like it not better but

  this will happen yeah you know what of

  of all the things that I that I would

  order here this would be up on the list

  yes let me try underneath penetrant my

  mouth is on fire from because I don't

  usually like cold brew that much

  what do you think

  yeah actually I saw some but I don't

  think it would make my list but it's not


  it's like normally like what I don't

  like about coal guru usually is that it

  really dolls some of the flavor

  component I like in good coffee

  because like you usually need keep to

  extract some of those mysteries that's

  and the coal grew it it makes Starbucks

  coffee better because it some of the

  flavor components that it doesn't

  include because it because of the

  burning process our components that

  Starbucks does not do well and that

  Starbucks beans like like it shows their

  flaws mike rizzo to a block party yeah

  it cold they're cold groom masks a lot

  of the flaws with their coffee and it's

  it's overall just pretty good I took a

  whole bunch of sips of that I actually

  like it I've gone back to my caramel

  macchiato that was really good yeah I

  could not Chiado I still a little figure

  I thought oh I think but we apologize to

  anybody who's actually Italian to do

  this because chances are the entire

  country of America perhaps of the throne

  yeah we do

  value words that we're probably

  butchering I'm really sorry everywhere

  yeah we apologize okay all three

  Starbucks refreshers beverages okay so

  this one here's the lemon one you didn't

  get your I try it your ginger fish yes

  they don't have the physio in this

  location we tried looking it up before

  and kind of couldn't figure it out so

  what am i drinking so this is the drive

  my throat it looks live and ginger and

  stuff in there what is that

  that is an interesting sound you me I

  feel like I'm drinking nectar okay from

  a flower like I'm a bird or oh yeah

  that's a weird

  okay so there's there's a floral

  elements in it which isn't part of it so

  it's it's like a lightly sweetened

  floral lot of flavor

  yeah it's it's a lot it's a weird

  combination I think it's it needs gin

  gin yeah yeah this would be really good

  with gin I should bring it home like

  these all of these would be really good

  with it okay now I'm gonna try the one

  with the various that's like the very

  berry berry in it but it was supposed to

  be three strike blueberries or whatever

  anybody ever heard of freeze dried

  berries yeah this was really very sweet

  trying to think of what this flavor

  tastes that all right

  some of these are a little sunscreen II

  like like the coconut Lacroix disgusting

  right so this is it tastes like a bath

  and Bodyworks spray think I look like

  it's addictive yeah it's fine it's not

  bad Starbucks and Bath and Body Works

  got together and form this train wreck

  it'll be candles next year with this one

  too this is just like a strawberry

  commercial yeah this is interesting you

  see me try that so it's kind of nice

  having the fruit next after all that

  coffee I mean this is barely fruit

  smells like your sugar butt

  as as like sweetened drinks go these are

  not that sweet like they're kind of in

  the middle they're not but I don't think

  I want to drink an entire one of it I

  don't want to like spritz it on my body

  you want like you want like a single

  shot of this like as I got tasting I

  want this in a cocktail the outside

  actually in Cabana well okay if you're

  if you're a drinker you want these with

  gin or vodka yeah if you're not a

  drinker you can totally drink these next

  to your friend who's having them with

  gin or vodka and not feel left out

  that's that big sense yeah all right I

  think we're actually they are they're

  much more like cocktails slash mocktails

  then yeah then like a drink you really

  want to just down for refreshing

  purposes yeah but but I've had better

  mocktails than this like like these are

  this is an OK version but I don't see

  these on Pinterest in a big jug with

  fruit floating in them exactly yep all

  right let me go back now oh yeah hi

  green tea frappuccino I love you I want

  to try that again

  mm-hmm because I think honestly I might

  live my top 4 guess I don't have a lot

  of actually warm again so watch out for

  the bottom I did ask for it a little bit

  sweet and then it got a lot of sweetness

  I put this drop in the bottom well my

  testing protocol has been to kind of

  like stir a little bit with the straw I

  then kind of separates it from the

  middle yeah I gotta say the green tea is

  pretty good and what was this one good

  tie right there on that on Oprah

  full of the coffee one's good I think

  the coffee one by number one the coffee

  Frappuccino it's just a lot better than

  the other ones sorry general

  you have my list so what I would

  actually want to try again but you don't

  want to try and need the other ones that

  we said we're horrible you want to sing

  out they babes better s'mores why don't

  your amulets if those ridiculous one

  here nope still really ridiculously like

  uncomfortably sweet like the s'mores it

  tastes like you're just squeezing like

  ice cream and caramel syrup into your

  mouth you know like it it's so

  incredibly like too much see I'm trying

  to rank these now Carl macchiato so good

  yeah Oprah's out to refreshing Oprah's

  not bad but like the regular let me see

  how the granita is doing its look at it

  is there any others it's like it's like

  fluffy ice on top yes yeah I would say

  the Oprah one you might as well just

  have the chai it's a coffee from three

  hours ago it's like three hours later

  yeah it really is it's a nice coffee

  three hours later but starting now so

  you can have your three hours later you

  know the coke though this caramel the

  cinnamon Dolce yeah I'd say the

  macchiato Oh God again there's a bit

  between the cinnamon Dolce and the

  s'mores which one you think is the worst

  one we have today let me try they're bad

  in such different ways I think I would

  rather drink an entire one of these

  s'mores thing than another sip of that


  the the cinnamon Dolce I'm not sure I

  would cuz I would I feel like I would I

  would be able to get through the site

  shot option I'd be less happy while

  drinking the cinnamon Dolce but I would

  feel less crappy after this then I would

  after the s'mores and the s'mores I

  would feel really bad like for the rest

  of the day I don't know I feel like this

  cinnamon Dolce it's gonna make my hair

  weird or something I feel like it all

  that soon it's gonna do something weird

  in your hair

  give me a great all right for something

  okay my number one is the coffee for

  epigenome okay my number two is the cold

  brew my number three probably the green

  tea even though you're really sweet also

  and my number four

  yeah the ice chrome off yet I put them

  before done alright my number one is the

  green tea frappuccino because I'm going

  to be taking it home with me and

  producing it my number two is that your

  one on the other after all but I really

  like the room D okay messed up my list I

  got to do this again okay

  number one is green tea frappuccino

  number two is the iced caramel macchiato

  number three is the coffee Frappuccino

  which is surprised to me a minor one and

  number four tied I believe is the well

  I'm gonna say try Frappuccino I'm

  suspecting as an iced chai it's just as

  good total I don't know it's really good

  blended that's a better brother

  flavoring yeah okay then try Frappuccino

  is my number four okay close runner-up

  is the cold brew I mean yeah yeah

  that's a good summary of how we feel

  right now hey you know what I feel less

  mad Navin did after the hot drinks

  because the hot drinks were so much more

  caffeine yes there's a lot of caffeine

  in the hot drinks there's just a lot of

  sugar in this and I think if you listen

  to a recording we're talking a lot

  faster right now but over like him right

  now I don't feel like wow that's a

  vibrate out of my chair no no there's a

  lot of history whereas I did after the

  hot I mean some of these don't have any

  caffeine roll all your like fruit drink

  things don't we only took sips of those

  it's such a waste

  you should bring those home and yeah

  free cocktails in gym mm-hmm I'll drink

  these tonight we're watching the wire

  okay that's good

  please get it to go thingy yeah all

  right let's go get some stuff good job

  yeah I'd say it's a wrap I think so

  there's a lot that we didn't taste but I

  think that that's okay yeah I mean

  filling the waffle cone I mean I were

  going to say that was the s'mores I

  think that's more is again yeah sure

  yeah it doesn't taste bad

  it just tastes like I'm tasting it make

  handy syrup with nothing else in it yeah

  it's like it's so syrupy mm-hmm it's

  candy you're just drinking candy and I

  don't think they paste that's bomb right

  there no it's just there's so much in it

  there's just there's me because there's

  a marshmallow in it

  there's syrup on top there's crumbs on

  top it look really convinced either

  Society things if you're a fan of very

  filled ice cream flavors and you really

  wanted like a big thick ice cream drink

  I think that would be for you well then

  just get ice cream because a real ice

  cream is better that's tricky

  if you want ice cream just get ice cream

  man his ice cream is better than

  Starbucks and probably cheaper how'd you

  like this great tea frappuccino though

  all right what do you do the coffee

  forever Tina yeah yeah this is over over


  yeah she's not doing it well we have a

  disappointment honestly I really don't

  know why she stuck her knee on these

  things because you would expect them to

  be better no look I didn't buy it

  because I had her name on it but I was

  so curious what that would taste like

  taste the white chocolate mocha it's

  like warming up oh yeah

  obviously it's warming up ice is melting

  that's cool yes this is also so it's

  really weird right it was weird to begin

  with it's getting weirder as it gets

  warmer it's it's getting stranger yeah

  it's just like drinking melted chocolate

  it's also that seems

  and then a drink with that much ice in

  it should be able to be right like it's

  there's a chemical reaction going on

  where it's like it's creating heat they

  like is it not melting the ice so now is

  it somehow avoiding being chilled by the

  I mean but look there has more ice in it

  than everything else there has ice yes

  or maybe it's not melting it for some

  reason something's happening and I say

  and we're starting a believer syrup that

  exists that can prevent the melting of

  ice and it tastes somewhat like white

  chocolate mocha I wonder if it gets on

  our skin if we get chemical burns what's

  not sure he'll he already drank it it's

  burning us from the inside Oh God

  alright get it going yeah I'm done all

  right let's photograph this monstrosity

  to mix it let's throw it or not going to

  head on out get you a haircut

  yeah thanks Starbucks

  whoo how do you feel still drinking this

  that's a good sign I kind of feel like I

  don't want anything else ever again

  but I'm hungry because we didn't have

  any real food hmm

  so I'm hungry and buzzed and don't feel

  that great terrible combination yeah

  let's go get some noodles I'm just

  kidding it's all we need isn't really

  good that's the yeah that's our that's

  not on the menu you push the handle it

  pops out it's all cool come on

  I have to say the majority of Starbucks

  employees that we have encountered have

  been extremely nice yeah that's a same

  thing whatever they do to select people

  and train them I think is you know in

  the areas of drink consistency I think

  we've seen a lot of variation but in the

  areas of just like being pleasant to be

  around it's and to order from and to

  deal with I say Starbucks is very well

  in that front mm-hmm their star looks

  and they didn't accept me says oh it's

  probably yours

  that was true maybe there's the right

  movie or too unpleasant to people what

  are you saying yeah have you pretty

  annoyed by everybody you would be

  everybody okay in my mouth yeah it's

  starting to settle in like oh man every

  time you do with food episode we don't

  feel good afterwards however I will say

  we compared to empathetic that's you

  okay they're fun and easy compared to

  Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks hot drinks I

  feel less crappy now than those do yeah

  I do by a pretty big margin don't it all

  the worse I think top for food top force

  God honey I'm gonna be very unhappy if

  those spill in my car

  they're not gonna spill they're in

  little mom's belly coping they're gonna

  be so gross and diluted and hot let me

  get well let me come to that conclusion

  later and then let me dump it you have

  to give me time okay just like this is

  like a fridge I used to let the things

  in the fridge really rot first before

  you feel good about Thursday do it it's

  parked yeah I would say it's still

  arguable whether those drinks even count

  as Starbucks drinks that we had fruity

  soda things we're not so we are from

  Starbucks and they made them that's true

  and they're there our whole thing was

  there on the night drinks from Starbucks

  yeah it's cold it's summertime and they

  made them with like different

  ingredients and put them together and

  sloshed them and then serve them to us

  so it's sloshing one of the official

  steps like at the Fanta phone the

  training book needs to be flushed slosh

  it around well they always give you like

  that little like cup spin with their

  wrists before they put it down on the


  you know it's to make up for their lack

  of stirring the syrups in with me oh my

  god the amount of pumps that they put

  into a tiny cup I'm like why is a third

  of a cup filled with syrup because

  that's what people are going there for

  but I don't it's not for the coffee I

  just want like one pump

  I want a single pump you can ask for

  that you can like that's what I'm one of

  the things to like hear when you that

  you can customize these things like

  crazy the thirty word order yeah so like

  if I wondering that'sa mean there's so

  many this is one of the one of the

  problems of trying to test anything I

  start with some alone cold drinks for

  its and doesn't even more variety where

  like like we tested these all with like

  the default milk option which on most of

  them was 2% I think on the frappuccinos

  was whole but they they have not only

  different milk fat levels but they have

  like coconut milk and soy milk and who

  knows what I was like they have they

  have so many options those would all

  potentially really change the the

  character of some of these drinks

  alright okay I'm gonna talk about my

  number one for a second okay and in the

  future I'm going to suggest one pump of

  sweetness in this the green tea in the

  green team green energy nose 2% milk

  I think event it will really be perfect

  I'm saying even with it not having my

  personal perfect preferences in it

  yeah it's so really good yeah I mean

  like that I would say like the default

  configuration of that green tea

  frappuccino was only not bad I wonder if

  maybe maybe the maybe my number one the

  clock Frappuccino that might actually be

  pretty good with like like roughly half

  the sweetness they normally put it yeah

  because the flavor of the sweetness is

  very good but there was just a lot of it

  towards the end although well the chorus

  you know I think if I if I had to finish

  any of the like sweetened drinks I think

  the coffee Frappuccino would be the one

  that I would be most willing to do that

  for because I don't think I would feel

  quite that bad with it it isn't really

  that big or that ridiculous it's

  something like 200 calories and

  it's you know not that sweet and not

  that fatty