Top Four

Top Four 17: Movie Genres


  all right so I forced Marco to finally

  do a movie topic da da da da but we're

  not gonna do our favorite movies yet we

  are going to kind of start off pretty

  broad and we're going to talk about our

  favorite movie genres though so I think

  that the rules are for this one it's um

  obviously very personal

  what movie genres you prefer watching

  could be a pretty broad genre like genre

  genre you were the one who just in

  France you tell right yeah you know say

  pop so it could be something pretty

  broad like drama comedy or we could get

  pretty specific like Judd Apatow movies

  mine are somewhat specific yeah minor

  mine are in the middle of specific I

  didn't go like specific like Judd Apatow

  movie is Marilyn Monroe movies movies

  containing a strong female lead that's

  one that Netflix likes to use oh yeah so

  yeah I think we should start for all the

  way up to one make sense we'll go

  backwards for this one and um you want

  to go first since I kind of forced your

  hand does this whole movie thing cuz

  Marco hardly ever watches movies yeah I

  suppose yeah so my disclaimer front is

  that I hardly ever watch movies I don't

  feel that strongly about movies

  generally I enjoy them when I'm watching

  them but I don't really ever think hey

  let's watch a movie tonight we watched a

  movie last night yeah it was actually

  good it was good

  we watched the big short yes we and it

  was very good we both enjoyed it right

  yes very much enjoyed it yeah

  recommended it and it was unnecessary

  right it was yeah that's why I turned it

  on because I like what's-his-face

  what's-his-face right you know from the

  office stop say his name's deeper up I

  like him a lot and you know he was very


  didn't he didn't get nominated for

  something I think he got nominated for

  an Oscar but didn't win won something

  like that anyway very good movie the big

  short so my number for the top movie

  genre is comedies for smart people and

  this is kind of hard to define I'm not

  so wait if I type in comedies for smart


  into google when am I gonna get I did

  exactly that earlier oh I want to see

  for myself hold on all right smart funny

  intelligent comedies that what you

  clicked on the first thing okay this is

  gonna be interesting

  okay well so so what I have in mind for

  my comedies for smart people distinction

  I gotta make some changes on my list

  here okay go ahead

  so basically movies you know first of

  all these movies that a lot of geeks

  find to be like smart comedy so things

  like office space dr. Strangelove like

  stuff like that and then I would also

  put into this category a lot of Kevin

  Smith movies especially you know earlier

  on his own category honestly he almost

  was in my list clerks in mall or ass

  like that kind of you know I think

  they're kind of like comedy for smart

  people all right I would also this was a

  tough one to categorize but I think I

  would put Lock Stock and Two Smoking

  Barrels in this category as well even

  though it is kind of an action movie but

  I would I would mostly consider it a

  smart comedy movie yep some other people

  would too on the internet yeah that's

  right so that's my comedies for smart

  people category and that's only your

  number four mm-hmm that's interesting

  what is your number four my number 4 is

  romantic comedies which it's pretty

  basic and easy

  I like watching romantic comedies when I

  do any kind of repetitive manual tasks

  like sewing or sewing movie in the

  background person that's me while you

  watch them any more than you I if I'm

  gonna watch a movie I want to only watch

  the movie I can't have like a movie on

  in the background to do something else

  oh I will put movies on in the

  background or TV shows you know

  sometimes movie especially romantic

  comedies that I've seen over and over

  again I'll put those on in the

  background while I'm editing photos just

  because it's something to listen to that

  I don't have to pay attention to but if

  I want I need like a visual break

  because sometimes staring into one photo

  for a long time while fixing things is

  just you're you got a lot of ice tray

  and so you kind of like need to move

  away from that and watching a moving

  picture you're watching a movie is

  really helpful for that for me so thanks

  it's that's how I break up my

  editing when I when I feel like my eyes

  are just like drying out so yeah

  romantic comedies and III like the

  romantic comedies based on like usually

  who's in them so it's kind of like you

  know 90s early 2000s romantic comedies

  which is probably people about our age

  in their 30s also kind of flock to those

  I like anything with like Sandra Bullock

  Julia Roberts Hugh Grant Julia Stiles

  you know like all that those kind of

  typical romantic comedy stuff that's

  just super surfacey and not even that

  funny but I don't it's my number four

  because I watch them a lot mm-hmm so I

  wanted to kind of surprised it didn't

  rank higher for you well I have some

  better stuff that's higher that makes

  sense that yeah but ya know the romantic

  comedies are it had to be on there even

  though it's embarrassing because I watch

  them a lot and they're also fun

  girlfriend movies so you have like

  friends over and you were like you

  really just want to hang out and

  chitchat but you want a movie on at the

  same time the the ROM con come right

  that what you say I hate abbreviations

  that sounds so dumb yeah yeah anyway the

  romantic comedy is so a good go to if

  it's not dirty dancing but dirty dancing

  is its own category yeah actually my

  number one is just dirty dancing no it's

  a pretty great movie I mean we're not

  doing our movie list right now don't

  want to give it away we have to have

  we're trying to you know siphon this out

  of siphon it trickle sprinkle okay

  sprinkle this out as long as possible

  yeah trickle you might want to see your

  doctor okay

  so number three is my number three is

  the make me angry liberal documentary I

  love you so much yeah and so this would

  include you know most Michael Moore


  most of what Merck and Spurlock does I

  love the way you categorize this because

  that's the reason documentaries didn't

  make my list is because they made me

  angry yes it's to make them make me

  angry liberal

  you marry this also there's lots of like

  low-budget Wednesday's on Netflix that

  we sometimes watch and of very varying

  degrees of quality mostly terrible but I

  really get a lot of joy out of the make

  me angry liberal documentary and they do

  make me angry and I still like watching

  them I always make I always make you

  pause while we're watching these

  together whenever we watch documentaries

  together I always make Marco pause the

  documentaries so we can like yell at

  each other about it and even though I'm

  like where you were saying the same

  thing or were we're being opposed to

  something that's totally stupid the

  documentary is highlighting purposely to

  make you feel that way

  we still pause it and yell about it and

  I'm usually the one that pauses Marco

  just listens to me yell it's a fun

  watching experience for the family yeah

  I just want to dropkick the TV sometimes

  like oh my gosh yeah I just want to kick

  the TV so hard that's why I can't have

  that on my list because it makes me

  wanna kick exactly that's fights in the

  name alright that's my number three what

  is your number three number three is

  sticking with the romance and going with

  the historical romance which are usually

  not that historical because they are

  it's that its own genre it's it is its

  own specific thing so I had like for

  example even though they aren't history

  related specifically I guess in terms of

  accuracy things like Jane Eyre the

  Duchess Sense and Sensibility Pride and

  Prejudice do you know those type of

  period pieces period romances yeah I

  guess that would be better period

  romances for periods and people who like

  periods that's yeah this is a movie that

  when you when you put it on you you you

  will not put it on if I'm with you

  you'll put it on like either if you're

  home alone or if if I'm gonna be like in

  the office working all night I will come

  out and I will catch you watching one of

  these on you you almost always the

  second you hear me approaching you just

  pause it because a you don't want me to

  make fun of it and be you don't want to

  miss any of the dialogue as I go make

  some noise so you always walk in as

  like the characters have been not

  together the entire movie and then a

  second that they get together that's

  when you walk in you're like what who's

  stupid huh and it's the first time

  they're kissing just stop yeah I'm very

  good at ruining those for you I'm sorry

  ruin them so much but anyway they are a

  guilty pleasure I watch them when I'm in

  the mood for just romantic and I don't

  know just feel good but not not laughing

  at anything you know even though I don't

  even laugh with the romantic comedies

  because they're not that funny they're

  just gonna dumb yeah regular romantic

  comedies are like a brain break and

  these are like you know a little bit of

  crack for the romantic soul kind of

  thing so that's my number three all

  right let's take a break right now and

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  thanks blue apron ding okay so number

  two getting up there now we're getting

  to the good stuff mm-hmm my number two

  which I'm pretty sure is gonna be on

  your list somewhere as well is the big

  heist movie that's my number two all


  ding okay so I would include obviously I

  would say one of the quintessential big

  heist movies is Ocean's eleven or heist

  I'm just kidding may be nice

  hi-yah Ocean's eleven and you know the

  modern remake not the one like from the

  60s or whatever and for the record

  oceans twelve and thirteen well don't

  exist those yeah don't name bother those

  exist even less than the network sequels

  okay so let's talk about this together

  since we both obviously love heist

  movies I love heist movies because they

  are so easy to watch but they're

  incredibly entertaining and you get to

  think and sometimes they surprise you

  and I love any movie that people have to

  synchronize their watches to accomplish

  something that's my favorite I love that

  if it if people synchronize watches it's

  a good movie I also like montages which

  heist movies are usually full of

  betterment montages in some sense

  preparation montage yes recon montage

  any type of time where they're learning

  how to do something and they're getting

  better at it

  amazing yeah yeah betterment montages

  anyway so I want to list a couple of the

  my favorite yeah heist movies that I

  would put in this category how to steal

  a million Taking of Pelham one two three

  that's a good one snack snack snatch

  yeah and actually I put snatch on my

  list as well if for the big heist movie

  and I was torn because I put Lock Stock

  and Two Smoking Barrels the other guy

  Ritchie awesome movie of that type into

  the comedies for smart people like

  anteater akin Teeter yeah is that one

  I've seen on both lists when I was

  trying to do my research for oh yeah

  okay what is what yeah I would say I

  would say snatch is more of a heist

  movie but as much they're also both very

  funny and they're both comedies for

  smart people for sure so it was hard it

  was tough just put those up but yeah I'm

  with you snatches a heist movie in

  general the Thomas Crown Affair which is

  very good heist the bank job the Italian

  Job yep bank job Italian Job usual

  suspects and the Newton boys which you

  have not seen I watched that over at our

  friend's house and it's very good you

  would like it a lot and apparently it's

  based on true story cool but yeah that's

  just a little sprinkling of some

  different heist movies throughout the

  ages because I mean something like how

  to steal a million and taking a Pelham

  one two three are pretty older they're

  older movies so and the taking a pelham

  that I'm talking about is the original

  one with um with George's dad in it

  yes mr. Costanza yeah yeah I even saw

  the modern one the old ones very good

  though yeah I only recommend and this is

  one of those armors to where you could

  like there are a lot of good old heist

  movies like a lot a lot of genres if you

  if you dig back into the back catalogue

  of like movies from like the you know

  30s through 80s or whatever a lot of

  them are they don't hold up as well

  mm-hmm but heist movies like there were

  a lot of good heist movies from the past

  yes there are a lot of historical heist

  movies I mean but and it's also it's fun

  because they it does ban a lot of

  different things they're not all just

  action movies I feel like some of them

  are they could be a little bit more

  funny and others are more serious with

  stuff blowing up oh what some barefoot

  blood parade what's accurate yeah yeah

  that's a heist movie technically I mean

  nothing really gets heisted well it's I

  mean like a heist movies often have

  really good and really big twists to

  them and so that's like a lot of them

  like they seem like they might be heist

  movies but they're not alright so that

  was number two for both of us right yeah

  I'm pretty excited that we had the same

  number four heist movies because we both

  really like watching heist movies

  together because they're also really

  easy to watch yeah so number one but yet

  I know I'm sorry good this was almost my

  number one I'm surprised it was at the

  last minute I changed it it was my

  number one until the last minute so I

  have a lot to say about heist movies I

  think we should even have a top four

  episode about just heist movies I could

  be convinced of that

  okay I have to watch a lot more of them

  first I know me too but that could be

  part of the fun right is watching even

  more heist movies and then ranking them

  I feel like one of this one of those

  awesome things that like we explain to

  our parents like so what do you do for a

  living so well this week I had to watch

  a bunch of heist movies so I could this

  week in my opinion if I had to watch

  crank like I did alright number ones

  actually my number one includes crank in

  its category problem yeah my number one

  top four movie genre my number one

  is action in a variety of fast vehicles

  so this would action in a variety of

  fast vehicle so this includes you

  separate that for heist movies heist

  movies sometimes include some action

  from a variety of fast vehicles but it's

  usually not until the very end and maybe

  it you know but like I'm talking about

  where that's where that's more

  commonplace occurrence for the whole

  movie so that this includes things like

  of course James Bond movies are in this

  category I would say that's pretty good

  yeah right you know things like crank

  the transporter series it's almost all

  Jason Statham movies this category so

  but it's broader than just didn't say

  the movie yes which is its own category

  that that would rank pretty hot is that

  if I separate that out that would rank

  pretty high so far my favorite part of

  this episode are your movie genres so

  number one for me action in a variety of

  fast vehicles what is you can you name

  any others well you do you want to

  expand on your variety of fast vehicles

  action movies like what are some of the

  other ones you're thinking so besides

  Jason Statham movies and James Bond

  movie and James Bond movies so is that

  all you're really thinking of basically

  I mean I got my category there's like I

  mean you know there are things like the

  diehards really you that's a lot of it

  you know it's a lot of action movies

  following the diehards the Mission

  Impossible is kind of do this you know

  like a lot of things that try to be

  James Bond basically like a lot of them

  are in this category what about you

  incredible ziz probably in this category

  like what's the one where they have to

  drive a lot and not stop speed atomic

  train right it's a great Jean run okay

  people if you haven't seen an atomic

  train just go and after this podcast is

  over yeah find it and watch it it is

  just epic the only thing with atomic

  train and it never stops it's an atomic

  train the only thing with atomic

  training speed is that really the

  category is action in a variety of fast


  so ideally meet how Sandra Bullock in it

  too so that's what she's not a fast

  vehicle I there's only one fast vehicle

  in that movie so like ideally and it's a

  but you have I know it's that fast it's

  like 55 right you know it's like you

  must go the speed limit stop don't stop

  driving don't stop drive anyway that's

  my number one Oh

  atomic train yeah I just want to talk to

  everybody about atomic train okay my

  number one is kind of your number four

  but what what do you use for smart

  people yes

  comedy's are smart people but apparently

  according to like IMDB and a whole bunch

  of other like legit places that is

  technically called dark comedies no I

  think there's some overlap there I think

  a lot of comedies for smart people are

  dark comedies but I would not say that

  those are 100% the same genre well okay

  so here are some of the ones I listed

  that are my favorite movies in this

  genre and this is why it's my number one

  so I married an axe murderer Fear and

  Loathing in Las Vegas Little Miss

  Sunshine Juneau Zombieland

  office space Grosse Pointe blank Fight

  Club election Being John Malkovich okay

  I could see that those were all pretty

  good picks yeah

  these are ones that I found to have the

  dark comedy genre I was trying to pick

  about pick out like some of my movies

  that are my favorite movies in

  themselves and then find what that genre

  would be and they all just kind of end

  up being listed as dark comedies okay

  because some of them and also what we

  watch last night Big Short yeah that was

  listed as a dark comedy

  hmm so okay so comedies for smart people

  slash dark comedies I think that they -

  the big short is almost a make me angry

  liberal documentary it is almost to make

  you let's see it it was a good movie but

  yeah whole bunch of those movies that's

  what I like the best that's pretty

  simple really I wish I had better names

  like you did I'm jealous of your names

  anyway some of the things that didn't

  make the

  for me we're like 90s teen movies yeah I

  mean I like - I love those in the 90s

  yeah what maintains watching them now

  I'm like they don't really hold up for

  adults to watch them now I kind of feel

  like that I'm a little embarrassed

  watching them cult classic movies which

  are pretty good like movies from the 80s

  and other cult classic movies I had

  documentaries on mine and Sundance

  movies - as I didn't make the cut but

  genres I was thinking about mmm Judd

  Apatow movies but again some of those

  can be shoved into the dark comedy /

  many of them really so yeah they're

  pretty well covered yeah well anyway

  this is a really good I think a great

  first overview of the types of movies

  that we like and I think it's pretty

  nice that we like the same type of

  movies besides maybe the end of my list

  or the don't watch with Marco movies yes

  yeah but in terms of all the movies you

  like and my top movies we are one of the

  same so I think that's good so I think

  it's only right that we conclude this

  evening by either watching they make me

  angry liberal documentary on Netflix or

  a heist movie ooh

  heist movie all right time to do it okay

  all right thanks everyone for listening

  and we'll see you next month or

  something uh yeah sometime soon we'll

  see you yep cool now we're all primed

  and ready for more movie episodes

  exactly yes atomic train