Top Four

Top Four 18: Childhood Console Games 🎮


  so welcome back to top for everybody

  this week we are talking about this is

  this was a tricky category to define but

  we decided to talk about our top four

  childhood console games yeah because we

  wanted to restrict it in some way but

  our choices were kind of being tricky

  and unrestricted because we wanted to

  jump around between different consoles

  so we didn't want to pick specifically

  consoles because I don't think we could

  pick four out of like every single one

  although I guess if you twisted our arm

  I guess we'd have to but since it's our

  show we're making up the rules and we

  are picking a whole bunch of stuff that

  I guess ranged from our childhood gaming

  experiences of the late 80s through the

  90s kind of into the time when we kind

  of stopped playing games because we got

  like friends and stuff well I mean it

  for me like it you know because we're

  shipping this to console game

  specifically so this kind of this era

  for me ended mostly when I went to

  college but you know and I started

  really just playing computer games and

  buddy that even bled into like late high

  school that the last console I had as a

  child was a Sega Genesis like that one

  console really we've always had console

  games pretty much all of them because my

  dad really liked playing right so he was

  cool with getting them we never had to

  like wait really for Christmas that I

  can remember they just were kind of

  there all the time advantage to having a

  parent who was also into the game but

  yeah I kind of fell out of them when I

  started going to high school and getting

  really busy with clubs and stuff to do

  that I just couldn't play and then my

  brother was coming up he's five years

  younger than me so he started playing a

  lot of like the Nintendo 64 games so I

  didn't really get that into though it's

  because he was playing them the majority

  at the time so I actually had a lot of

  time on n64 so I guess like all my

  friends had the n64 but I didn't so I

  didn't get into like friend gaming until

  Starcraft and so we started playing

  computer games with friends ta so much

  better than Starcraft all right so you

  didn't know you picked the wrong team on

  that one I didn't know it just happened

  to me

  not true anyway so so basically we're

  talking about like our top four console

  games from roughly the 8 and 16-bit era

  but I actually have I don't know if you

  want to start with things that didn't

  make your list quite I have two

  honorable mentions that I wanted to oh I

  have a bunch of honorable mentions too

  but before we say that I think that we

  wanted to say that because we came to

  this category because our son is four

  now well four and a half and he's been

  really enjoying watching us play through

  a whole bunch of these older games he

  watched us play through the Mario's the

  Sonics the Zelda's and we can only

  emulate up to Super Nintendo so I think

  that that is why we are kind of picking

  this games that we have recently been

  remembering because we've been having

  fun reliving them with him yeah it was

  really into them he is really into them

  he can't quite play them yet but he is

  an avid watcher which I'm very proud of

  and it's nice that you know playing

  through these old games it's really nice

  to to rediscover them now to kind of

  look back on them with it with a

  critical adult I also and to really see

  how great most of them are and they

  really you know these not not every game

  that we've like you know I have a whole

  lot of Genesis and Super Nintendo and

  NES roms that we play here on Apple TV

  emulator and many of them don't hold up

  at all many of them you know are in the

  past and should stay in the past but but

  some of the really great ones are are

  still really great even by today's you

  know they don't the graphics don't look

  as good but you stopped paying attention

  to that after the first 30 seconds and

  then you just enjoy how fun the game is

  and it's it's pretty great

  alright so honorable mentions the ones

  that didn't make your list I have to

  hear do you want to start it should I go

  I've been flip-flopping around my number

  three and four anyway and I have a whole

  bunch of honorable mentions one is going

  to confuse and stupefy you okay the

  other ones you'll probably you might

  have the same one I don't know we

  haven't talked about it yet I think it's

  something that we should emulate with

  Adam actually oh not not mine neither of

  my honorable mentions should be emulated

  with Adam one of mine definitely should

  okay so I guess I'll bring that one up


  f zero that's a good one yeah which one

  the n64 the Super Nintendo the one words

  like do nu nu nu nu nu you firmly refer

  to the Super Nintendo one that yes yeah

  Super Nintendo is probably when you're

  talking about yeah is it Super Nintendo

  yeah I guess it was the same one with

  the super scope yeah yeah Super Nintendo

  yeah yeah yeah the n64 one was was also

  pretty good but most people didn't have

  it it seemed like everybody had the

  Super in them yeah I'm picturing the

  cartridge right now and it was a Super

  Nintendo one it was awesome my brother

  and I and my dad played that game a lot

  on weekends it was so much fun and I can

  pretty much remember all of the theme

  songs you're like coming up to this door

  I could I hear that game it was great it

  was a really fun racing game it was

  unlike anything that we've seen very

  often at the time and the music was

  super catchy and it was a little tricky

  I liked going through all the power-ups

  and making the jumps and stuff so it was

  a great game for me because I remember

  with having fun with my family and I

  also think it was a pretty fantastic

  racing game yeah I mean I I didn't have

  a lot of time with it because as I

  mentioned I only had a Genesis for most

  of my for all my childhood I really

  until I went to college and played pcs

  for a while and after college I started

  buying a couple old consoles but we know

  during during my whole childhood I could

  only play non Genesis games at friends

  houses so I was really limited by what

  my friends had I'm willing to play with

  me so that's why I like I have seen

  almost none of the single-player

  Nintendo games like the RPGs and

  everything I've seen very little of

  those yeah so most of my Nintendo

  experience is the multiplayer stuff and

  the Mario games everybody had of course

  yeah we owned f-zero and like a whole

  bunch of others and of course you know

  the big popular ones of course but we

  also rented games a lot at the video

  store it was an expensive luxury we

  didn't have it we would you know we

  would go and we would get a family movie

  or something for the weekend and then

  but you know when my brother and I were

  both old enough to play these games that

  we would we would rent a game for the

  weekend as well which was also really

  fun so we got to play all of like the

  simpsons games that why would you buy

  them but they were super fun to rent so

  bad yeah it was like it was like renting

  all like the garbage candy and if you

  got to just like get a sugar high on

  them for the weekend and then send them

  back because no one actually wants to

  finish those games no nobody even wants

  dark all right so my number my first

  honorable mention that didn't quite make

  my list ties into what I was just saying

  but only having a Genesis it is Street

  Fighter 2 for the Super Nintendo yeah we

  can't play that with my with that yeah

  no definitely not Street Fighter 2 you

  know I I don't know how many of our

  listeners were around playing video

  games in 1992 but if you were this game

  like swept the video game playing world

  it was a phenomenon I mean the one that

  but yeah and it has like you know Ryu

  and Ken and chun-li like all that like

  it's like this game the chick with all

  the boobs and the the looks all the legs

  that you're thinking of but oh that's

  right she choked people yeah okay I

  thinking of some something else that's

  maybe not appropriate no lady with the

  with the legs looked a million leg kick

  it looks like Channel two legs like I

  thought she jumped on someone's head and

  strangled them with her thighs I don't

  know I don't I didn't play as her often

  so I don't know if that was I don't

  remember that is one of her moves anyway

  so Street Fighter 2 I mean either side

  like it this basically took the world by

  storm it is kind of like like what we

  see today when like an iOS game hits it

  really big and like everyone you know is

  playing it everyone was playing this and

  I and this was especially relevant to me

  because I didn't have a Super Nintendo

  and it didn't come to Genesis for like

  two years afterward there was a long

  time and I would say Street Fighter 2

  probably sold more Super Nintendo

  systems than any other game ever for the

  Super Nintendo like it was a I can't

  overestimate how much it swept the road

  and for good reason because it like that

  that style of fighting game like that

  was the original that style like that

  was the first game to really bring that

  to people and there it just spawned a

  genre and now there

  is that style game eighty million

  different wage for every possible system

  that came after that wasn't like in an

  arcade first and then it came to you

  yeah but it I don't remember I mean I

  didn't go to arcades much like I was

  slightly too young to really hit the

  arcade scene like when they were really

  big so I didn't I never really saw it on

  arcade but I know it was an arcade hit

  beforehand and it really took off when

  it came to home consoles and Men it was

  rough to be a Genesis owner at the time

  when everybody was behind the Super

  Nintendo to play that key so yeah I

  didn't play any of those fighting games

  I mean I've seen them and stuff but we

  really didn't have any of those in the

  house we were more racing Mario yeah

  zelda family anyway my other honorable

  mention is talk about not having having

  strange games in the house we had this

  game called vegas dream on nes and it

  was like you were in a casino you need

  to look you need to look up the

  screenshots do this while I'm talking

  about it you are in a casino you show up

  and you have all the games available to

  you and then you can like go to the bar

  and like strange people approach you

  with like propositions for stuff and you

  can you know play special players or you

  can go see a show and they have just

  like this little like ooh these dancing

  girls that don't really dance there's

  just like music playing I don't know why

  but as a child I like a fairly young to

  I don't know how old would I have been

  this looks so bad we played it upstate

  in the Upstate house we had and I would

  play this all the time I really liked

  playing keno I think that that's how you

  say it oh yeah yeah who knows anyway I

  didn't know what I was doing for like

  any of these games I just would gamble

  and bet and play blackjack and yep there

  it is and play play roulette ins up I

  loved playing this game I don't know if

  my parents knew I was playing this game

  but they had to it looks like it's

  fairly adult themed I mean the graphics

  are buttons but oh I just remember the

  music I really love this game I would

  totally play it again and I think that

  everyone should kind of look up and we

  should get this on emulator just so you

  can see it I have no I

  I mean like I I really enjoyed Vegas

  dream yeah and I'm so not a gambler

  either but I just well playing this game

  when I was probably like eight I don't

  know how old was I yeah something like

  that I mean I mean yeah like this is

  like one of the games I really enjoyed

  growing up was California games for the

  Sega Master System that because you

  could play Master System games on the

  Genesis with this like a little like $15

  adapter that sat on top of the Genesis

  and I got the ROM for that I tried

  playing it here it was so bad like and

  not to mention like incredibly like

  sexist and a ho ho well yeah but like

  even the gameplay was horrendous by

  modern standards and that that's one

  that really did not hold up this your

  Vegas dream for NES I have a feeling

  this is going to be that kind of

  scenario but like there are men that

  come up to you and you might get married

  so I don't think it really or women I

  can't I couldn't remember I just

  remember thinking maybe I might have

  been playing as a woman batter know when

  you like leave and you lose all your

  money and you have to play like the

  final slot before they kick you out of

  Vegas and all this stuff then you have

  like this walking away scene where

  there's these four guys in like suits

  you bounced you know you're walking away

  to the airport which isn't a screen shot

  it's like guys in in like hats like and

  trench coats yeah sounds like you're

  getting thrown out by like the Mafia is

  that I don't know what mafia things do

  come up like it's just so you got you

  guys defense right because Nintendo for

  a long time and they still do to some I

  don't know how this game got in my house

  like my my dad again it was definitely

  from my dad but like it was around and I

  would play it constantly like Nintendo

  used to be a lot more strict than they

  are now even about family-friendly stuff

  like everything had to be

  family-friendly like back speaking of

  fighting games when Mortal Kombat first

  came on on Nintendo systems if they had

  to like color the blood I think white or

  yellow to make it the enemy they just

  called it sweat even though it was

  obviously like the same blood from the

  genesis version just like a different

  color well nothing was racy in Vegas

  dream it was just gambling okay

  the the chorus girls they aren't dressed

  so bad they have like you know like a

  bathing suit there's age thing with a

  headdress pool scene here well I don't

  know what that pool thing is I never saw

  any pools themed yeah that's looking

  messed up it's not messed up anyway

  Vegas dream

  it almost made my list because I played

  it that much but I didn't it didn't make

  my list because I had no idea what I was

  doing all right my my second and final

  honorable mention is Golden Eye for the

  n64 ooh

  nice I was hoping you'd say that yeah

  this is so again this is what Street

  Fighter 2 and Goldeneye are not games

  and going to play with Adam at least not

  until he's much older and playing way

  more violent games and these would be

  like the tame ones that I try to lure

  him back to reality with but yeah

  Goldeneye for n64 this this came out in

  97 and this was I you I was in high

  school we were both in high school

  during this time all my friends had this

  the n64 was the first console that came

  with four controller ports and that

  really helped it with like local

  multiplayer like multiplayer in the same

  room with the n64 was amazing and it was

  it was one of the first systems that was

  powerful enough to really do that well

  to actually have four player

  split-screen and do that reasonably well

  and two games really define this for the

  time you know I know later on smack but

  Master others happen but that was kind

  of after my time the first three games

  really defined this where Mario Kart 64

  and Goldeneye 64 mario kart wii had a

  lot of time with that but ultimately

  gold and I we had we spent much more

  time with and that game sold so many

  controllers that game everyone I knew

  every high school kid I knew at that

  time was plenty of both genders by the

  way was playing that game constantly

  like every weekend almost every night

  we'd go to somebody's house for like a

  year and a half and play Goldeneye that

  was like the thing we did every time

  there was a family party at our house we

  would the kids would all go upstairs and

  play Goldeneye yeah that's what everyone

  would play because it was great because

  a lot of people you know relative to

  other games could play altogether and

  you wouldn't have to wait that long

  before you kind of like got rotated in

  exactly yeah and that I mean you know

  now there are much more advanced games

  of like you know the general for player

  like shoot you know first-person shooter

  on a console and you know

  we've gotten much better since then but

  Goldeneye was really the first one to do

  that well did you play the single-player

  I did actually not again not often

  because I can only do it at friends

  houses but I did play it and it was

  decent I only got like a little bit of

  the way through before I got kind of

  tired of it again this was when I was

  older and kind of falling out of games

  my brother was starting to play a lot

  more at this time in the 64 era but yeah

  I mean I played some of it I liked it

  the other thing in typical Marco fashion

  I laid through the entire single-player

  game and played the multiplayer game

  quite a lot years before I ever saw the

  movie so like when I saw the movie I was

  like I know where this is like I'll just

  walk down this hallway and there's a guy

  there oh this is where the crossbow is

  yep exactly


  anyway alright so finally let's move on

  to our number four pigs all right so you

  were talking about honourable mentions

  and I'm gonna talk about this in okay I

  wanted to put a Mario Kart on my list

  because I my brother and I had a great

  time together playing Mario Kart and so

  it was a important game but again it was

  a lot later that we started to play

  Mario Kart so I think it's gonna I'm

  gonna bump it back to my honorable

  mentions because Mario Kart 64 was way

  better than the original Mario Kart yeah

  but we play both so all right yeah ok um

  I'm feel good that's in the honorable

  mentions moving on my number 4 you're

  gonna die you're just gonna you're just

  gonna stop breathing for a second and

  I'm gonna have to revive you it's Mario

  - oh my god that game is terrible I know

  it's terrible I know my god you know why

  I really like real Mario game it is but

  listen it's it's his dream they fixed it

  Thanks his little wet dream yeah it's

  his fever

  drug-induced dream he ate too many

  mushrooms and he went to sleep and he

  had this crazy dream anyway let me say

  my reason I'm not saying the reason I

  was also debating putting Mario Kart in

  here mario 2 was the first time i got to

  play as a girl playing as a female

  character in a game that i already knew

  that was why I loved it I loved playing

  as Princess Peach

  like I didn't care about princesses and

  all of that stuff I just really cared

  that I got to play as a female character

  and I remember being like that being

  exciting to me even as a little kid and

  I would only play as her mm-hm and again

  it wasn't because she was pink or an

  address or anything like that it was

  just because she was a she and I felt

  like I could I don't know I just I loved

  that I loved that I could pick the

  different characters and even though it

  was kind of fever dreamy I remember

  playing it alot and it was right around

  the time that I was getting good and and

  into games so it was a game that like I

  felt like I could play so yeah yeah yeah

  I feel good I feel good about it being

  my number four

  it was almost my number three I almost

  moved it up in the ranks all right well

  I'm glad you left it there at least yeah

  I mean that you gave good reasons that

  is you know that's a perspective that

  was an important thing for me of course

  it was yeah like that makes it the way

  you explained it that makes a lot of

  sense and I wouldn't have thought of

  that obviously cuz I didn't you know

  haven't seen perspective growing up

  right cuz men have the luxury of not

  ever thinking that like the game is this

  game gonna be made for me

  well it right right but so for me at

  that time that was just that was great

  for a little girl who likes to play

  games and I was I was a young I was a

  very young girl who liked to play these

  games that I was playing with my dad you

  know like yeah so so that was good that

  was really good and I actually like how

  weird it is I just recently replayed it

  with Adam it's super weird there's like

  strange mice and but we had it snakes

  that was the only Mario or Sonic game

  that I refuse to play with I tried and I

  got like one at one level in and I was

  like I was like no and I even played

  Sonic Spinball and I refused to remember

  all the secrets were I loved the ice

  level the ice levels so great with those

  little like bees that look like they

  have skis on and oh they're so cute and

  then the whales it's awesome well

  actually no I I misspoke there were two

  Mario Sonic games that I refused to play

  with Adam

  I did play through incomplete Sonic

  Spinball but I did not play Mario - and

  for you know I bailed out after I think

  two levels I also he bailed out after

  two levels of Sonic 3d blast which is

  also terrible yeah oh and man for Mario

  - I love that desert level I just could

  dig for days like I just wanted to like

  dig the whole level and make sure there

  was no sand left that was like a I don't

  know what that would be I mean more to

  like all the Mario games are acid trips

  but Mario to it like take it Mario -

  makes all the other ones seem like IBM I

  love everything come on that like

  funny-looking cactus it's so random

  everything is so crazy random there's

  like pumpkins and turnips and oh - I

  love how weird it is it's so weird so

  bizarre jumping spiders oh man

  congratulations on that

  interesting pic I'm gonna get a t-shirt

  and wear it it's gonna be okay alright

  my number four is probably the most

  boring opposite of that I could have

  possibly picked cuz Mario 2 is the most


  oh it's wacky that's for sure my number

  four is Tetris for the NES ooh is a

  really good one this was 1989 this came

  out it Tetris has an interesting history

  the game actually existed a couple years

  before that but I think what made it big

  and well-known was the NES and then Game

  Boy versions so Tetris I mean it is

  timeless and again Tetris you know like

  like Street Fighter 2 Tetris really

  defined an entire genre that really

  hadn't been done before and it is it is

  so infectious it is so compelling like

  Tetris is playable by everybody like

  whether you're barely even a gamer at

  all or whether you're not a gamer at all

  all the way up to like if you're like a

  pro game competitor they're like Tetris

  tournaments like really intense

  competition with like really customized

  special versions of it this game has

  gone everywhere its ubiquitous it is on

  every possible computing platform that

  can run it even like flip phones which

  had almost nothing would almost always

  have Tetris available for them graphing

  my graphing calculator in high school

  that like Tetris is everywhere our son

  what did he call it the city game

  something like that these big towers of

  blocks yeah I mean Tetris is everywhere

  I spent a lot of time playing it mostly

  on my graphing calculator but it is it

  is a great game and I feel unfortunately

  in the current era of most casual gaming

  happening on touchscreens

  it's kind of a shame because Tetris

  sucks on touchscreens you really need a

  d-pad and buttons to do it well and

  there are iPhone versions but they're

  not very good for that reason I do kind

  of miss Tetris in my in my modern casual

  gaming in the rare times that happens

  because it's almost you know I'm always

  doing that on an iPhone or an iPad and

  Tetris just has no no place on the

  touchscreen at least you have this cool

  test relate that we got you for Father's

  Day that's true yeah oh also I wanted to

  mention Tetris is so good it not only

  did it define a genre but the things the

  other entries in the genre are

  themselves often so good they could have

  made my list like I put dr. Mario as a

  potential like amazing Tetris like game

  like you know if not for Tetris dr.

  Mario wouldn't certainly wouldn't exist

  also poyo poyo which I played as dr.

  Robotnik's mean bean machine that game

  is amazing it's so fun and especially

  multiplayer on both dr. Mario and poyo


  the end like these these were really

  kind of Tetris kind of spin-offs both of

  them amazing games in themselves not to

  mention the amazingness of the original

  Tetris like it's again it's like this

  historic ubiquitous timeless game that

  spawned an entire category of other

  amazing games like that can't that can't

  go pass without getting on my list

  awesome that's a really good pick I've

  totally forgot about Tetris honestly all

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  right so let's move on to our number

  three picks what's your number three all

  right my number three is the Legend of

  Zelda which is the original Zelda game

  on the NES came with a gold cartridge

  yes you got have the gold cartridge

  otherwise you know why live oh yeah um

  so yeah I love this game it was the

  first time I or anybody I guess has

  encountered the Zelda okay and again

  it's a it's very much rooted in my

  childhood and I remember playing it alot

  I remember not getting very far and I

  remember calling up my grandmother all

  the time for all of the tips on where to

  like which bush to burn to get the

  secret staircase to go down and get like

  you know the partial heart from the guy

  that brings back fantastic memories my

  grandma was act

  a really big gamer when it came to the

  Zelda games and the Final Fantasy games

  which I never got into but she did so

  all of the grandkids would always be

  calling up grandma

  for the tips and tricks' get past stuff

  because she's stay up late playing all

  these games and my grandfather would

  yell at her Norma come up to bed stop

  playing that Zelda that's amazing yeah

  it's pretty great

  shout out to my grandma legends of Zelda

  I have recently just played through it

  with Adam and he really loved it and he

  loved it so much that he wants to be

  linked for Halloween so I'm pretty

  excited about that

  that's awesome yeah I feel like that is

  an achievement I have unlocked I'm gonna

  get a badge for that one when I make his

  adorable little Zelda costume I can't

  wait so legends of Zelda it was very

  hard it wasn't that long of a game but

  it was tricky I just really like the the

  dungeon concept I really liked the

  foraging concept and I think that and it

  you know gaining pieces of equipment to

  better your journey so this was the

  first time I had a game like that that I

  really attached to so yeah I'm a big fan

  of the franchise and probably not as

  much as siracusa because I eventually

  stopped playing them at around winwaker

  because i could not stand sailing all

  those stupid boats all over the place it

  was so damn boring anyway Legend of

  Zelda number 4 sound pick thanks I'm

  gonna go with another game from that

  time period that's my number 4 or my

  number 3 rather is Super Mario Brothers

  3 you know the Mario series overall is

  excellent but but to me there there are

  there are a couple of really clear

  standouts here Mario 3 is one of them

  this is considered by many people we

  were like one of the best games ever

  made so I'm not alone here

  Mario 3 at the time if this was a huge

  leap forward in platformer games long

  with Mario - sorry no God no I like how

  it come by how it was I think one of the

  first major platform games to

  incorporate the level map mm-hmm and to

  have the map be like kind of a mini game

  in itself you could like you know that

  you could like find hidden areas in the

  map you could go around and

  hammer brothers moved yeah the hammer

  brothers move the ship moved you could

  skip certain levels optionally you could

  choose like if you really hated like you

  know level one three but you could do

  level one for you can you could go

  around and kind of skip one of them who

  would do forward that's that was the

  floating one I don't actually get that

  yeah four was the worst that was the one

  everyone's gift I know yeah when I was

  playing through with Adam I made myself

  a rule that I had to play all the levels

  and that was when I regret immediately

  was like getting one for like oh god I

  have to finish this but I did I did

  finish I didn't use any warping and

  played every level in the game I did

  like the warping whistle aspect of that

  game and all the secret stuff oh yeah I

  mean that was fun

  although Mario one had had warping

  whistles - or warping at least warping

  pipes but you had to find this yeah yeah

  you can go above yeah yeah yeah but but

  over like Mario 3 I really think added

  so much dimension in this game it

  introduced the the items and the

  inventory that persisted between levels

  you could have like special items and

  choose to use though this level I could

  really use like you know a star for the

  first little quick scene in full of

  Hammer Rose I can get it right through

  that you know it and and the items were

  very varied like and more varied than

  than most other Mario games that I've

  ever played

  maybe all Mario ever played like like

  you know even like Mario world like had

  way fewer items and power-ups you know

  Super Mario 3 had just a ridiculous

  amount of stuff I loved all the suits

  you could wear exactly that was so much

  fun it was the raccoon suit and what's

  the one where it like froze you that was

  the Tanooki suit yeah I loved that I was

  like riding boots yeah yeah there's like

  one level of world 5

  it's the boot level and it's like it's

  so fun and I love the boot level but

  there's so many things in Mario 3 like

  that where it's like you just get like

  one level something really cool or like

  like I mentioned some of us before what

  the hammer brothers suit there the

  sledge hammer suit it's one of the

  power-ups you only you're lucky if you

  get one in the game generally you'll get

  you'll get like one at most I think the

  most they'll give you is two and the

  sledge hammer shoe is amazing you can

  kill everything in the game with

  including like you know things like the

  like the thwomps the big rocks that fall

  on you and the castle is like you can

  kill everything with sledge hammers

  they're so fun but they only give you

  like one of these suits in the game so

  you have it until you get hit and it's

  just gone that's alright well that's all

  you get like the boot they didn't find

  that this whole other mechanic

  that's only in one level and again if

  you get hit it's just over and they know

  the other boot you have to kick the

  dudes out of the boot well yeah but only

  in that one level yeah yeah only in the

  one level and those dude rolling in one

  part of it like it's there's so many

  these little these I like to cut the

  ships too you have to change the ship

  around and fly on the map yeah I mean

  Mario 3 is so intricate and and also a

  very big game considering this is back

  you know back then in in the in the old

  consoles they were very limited by how

  much memory the cartridges had because

  cartridge memory was very expensive so

  they had to fit the game into very small

  memory and that was often one of the

  main limiting factors in how long game

  could be so any game that that managed

  to be on on an affordable cartridge that

  was also very long had lots of levels

  was was pretty impressive and pretty

  rare and then Mario 3 just like if you

  look at all the other games for the NES

  and how good they are and how good their

  graphics are how good their sound and

  music is compare any other NES game -

  Mario 3 and you just like min.i it's

  amazing they fit this game on the NES it

  was it was a huge I don't even think I

  played through the entire game because I

  would just use the warping whistle

  you should play through with that if

  it's fun yeah I should if they're very

  hard they're harder than you remember

  because you don't have the muscle memory

  you used to when you were a kid and

  you're just like let me just fly through

  this section I don't know you're so good

  at it and now I feel like I'm an old

  feeble person like falling over my thumb

  because I can't recreate what I used to

  be able to do so second nature you know

  that muscle memory is just gone and you

  get into it yeah like I I was taking a

  bear thing how bad you are at first

  though yeah I was terrible for using a

  week or so but but after about a week I

  kind of got back into it mm-hmm okay I

  should try it because I really did like

  Mario 3 I played a lot of that it was

  great it really holds up yeah alright

  what's your number two right yeah number

  two I'm going with Super Mario World cuz

  okay that game was a game changer anyway

  so Eddy work anyway so I've loved this

  game it was so much fun to go through

  all the worlds and find the secret

  passages I love the cute little ghosts

  there's no little booze and the big boot

  just finding all of the different things

  and then at the end changing spoiler

  changing the world all different colors

  and the star levels and the different

  color Yoshi is there was just so much

  going on in this game and when you first

  step into this game the first time you

  turn it on and picture yourself is like

  you just came off of NES games and now

  the Super Nintendo shows up and you put

  this game in and you are Mario on top of

  a little Yoshi pretty much eating this

  adorable little fruit off of these trees

  and everything's so bright and

  everything so colorful it's all like

  candy it looks like it just looks like

  visual video game candy and you're a kid

  and you are just ready to devour the

  entire thing because it it was just so

  joyful and wonderful and in addition to

  the joy and the wonder of the game it

  was hard and it was challenging and you

  had to think about stuff and you had to

  go through secret spots and it was it

  was just really great and I have really

  good memories of this game and it was

  kind of I was of the age where I could

  accomplish more in a game so this is

  probably one of the first games that I

  play it all the way through by myself as

  you know as it being a new game you know

  some of the older games I of course went

  back and played through when I was a

  little bit older but this was the first

  one that I could play through right away

  when it first came out so yeah Super

  Mario World so great and I just loved

  every part of it solid pick alright my

  number two and this is kind of a weird

  one I wasn't sure if this counted but

  because it's top four I'm going to make

  it count this is Sonic and Knuckles with

  Sonic 3 locked on so most people don't

  weren't aware of this because this

  wasn't very very big hit I don't think

  but but something in my ears was was

  like kind of the last good Sonic game

  for the Genesis the last like

  traditional styled one at least so

  it had it was a cartridge that wins the

  Genesis but on top of the sonic Knuckles

  cartridge was a second cartridge slot

  and you could put Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 on

  top of the cartridge making this

  tremendous stupid looking pile and then

  it would basically add Knuckles into

  those games so you could play as

  knuckles through Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and

  Sonic Sonic 3 was kind of a half game

  because cyma 2 this was like made

  independently but when Sonic 3 came out

  they made it with Sonic and Knuckles in

  mind so it was kind of like the first

  half of what should have been a much

  larger game and they were like spots in

  Sonic 3 that was like oh here's like a

  rock wall that looks obviously breakable

  but Sonic can't break it and there's

  like oh there's like a path behind it

  and you can't see where it goes like

  there's more level there how do you get

  there and the answer came later which

  was oh you you buy sonic a knuckles and

  then knuckles can break through that

  wall when you're playing as him but it

  was when when you had the two games

  together it formed this like massive

  mega Sonic game that it blows away all

  the other Sonic games it like Sonic and

  Knuckles with Sonic 3 you know first of

  all I thought the whole lock-on concept

  was cool and interesting technically at

  the time but this the resulting game it

  was massive it was it has hours and

  hours of gameplay the levels are huge

  because you basically have to Sonic

  include together you have multiple

  levels you have all their bonus stages

  intertwined throughout so there's like

  six different kind of bonus stages one

  thing I noticed a lot about Sonic and

  Knuckles I'm playing through is that

  compared to the other Sonic games

  it has especially good music like the

  music of Sonic no just sticks in my head

  so much also the enemies are a lot

  harder than most like just like the

  everyday level enemies are much harder

  in Sonic Mode there's an excellent long

  story arc building to what I would

  consider probably the best final bosses

  and final boss levels in the entire

  generation knuckles mode is is not quite

  as good as a little bit shorter but it

  actually is different enough to be worth

  playing if you're a super fan like I am

  and and again like we were saying about

  how Mario 3 kind of embarrassed other

  NES games I would say Sonic and Knuckles

  with Sonic 3 really embarrassed is

  almost everyone

  game in just how incredibly good it is

  graphics music depth even just overall

  fun an amazing amazing game that's my

  number two I never got into the Sonic

  games my brother really liked them and

  we had a Genesis we were one of those

  terrible families that had you've got

  all those two of the same generation

  system we had a Genesis and a Super

  Nintendo at the same time anyway so that

  was the only time that that ever

  happened we then went forth with

  Nintendo holdings and oh yeah

  well honestly I mean the Sega Master

  System really was not a very competitive

  system yet the NES owned that generation

  and then after you know after the 16-bit

  era with the n64 versus Sega Saturn and

  then you know Dreamcast came later and

  they're like say basically the Genesis

  was the only System Sega ever made that

  was really successful

  what was the Sega leg laserdisc one well

  if the Sega CD and then there was a 32x

  I mean like sick I had a long string of

  not great products after the Genesis and

  I don't think either of us really played

  it any original PlayStation either you

  know the original PlayStation was a crap

  system that was it is sometimes they

  were mad at the controllers they hit

  shapes so weird with other time losses

  badly and in that case the market shows

  badly like that the original PlayStation

  was I mean part of the reason was like

  cd-rom games back then they were loading

  off of these 1x cd-rom drives they were

  incredibly slow to load the disk would

  get scratched and break all the time and

  they they these systems were 3d capable

  but they could they couldn't do 3d well

  so you had these like crappy like low

  polygon lobe you know blurry big

  textures everything was like a flat wall

  you walk down the hallways and what they

  would like warp you know that first

  generation of like Saturn and

  PlayStation one was just so bad a 3d the

  the first lesson was your 3d well was

  n64 and even it just barely did it well

  but anyway you're number one my number

  one is Mario to number four and number

  one anyway my number one is the Legend

  of Zelda a link to the past which is the

  Zelda on Super Nintendo this game

  very much like why I picked Mario the

  Super Mario World is because it again

  it just looks beautiful that a suit when

  you go from that 8-bit world of the NES

  and you jump into the Super Nintendo

  unless you were alive during that time

  and it was a big thing for you and the

  first time you saw these games and how

  great they looked how much they looked

  like a cartoon you were normally used to

  watching and just the age of wonder that

  you that we were at that time when these

  came out seeing Zelda and I should say

  seeing link in that light and in that

  world and the way that they were able to

  navigate through the world and the way

  things had so much more texture and

  depth and the puzzles in the water and

  definitely the way the map was just the

  map itself is very beautiful to look at

  and the way you got to interact with

  other characters it just made the game

  come alive like you couldn't believe I

  mean just like playing a little flute

  and seeing the little animals scurrying

  around like having all of that they're

  just brought this game alive and again I

  love that I love the Zelda games because

  of the collecting aspect of it I like

  the sword fighting the arrows I like

  getting all the different boots and

  tunics and all this kind of like I like

  gathering all that kind of stuff you get

  the flippers from the people in the

  water anyway so there's so much great

  stuff I was very into fairies and all of

  that fantasy world when I was younger so

  that just really really appealed to me

  and the first time seeing a Link to the


  it just it was great I loved every part

  of it and again this was another game

  that on my own I was able to play

  through all the way and it was just

  delightful and yes

  Zelda Link to the Past number one a very

  solid pick also thanks alright my number

  one the reason I didn't say much about

  your Mario world picks but my number one

  is Super Mario World for the Super and

  yeah which is and this is this is a

  tough pick to make because I didn't own

  a Super Nintendo as I said I was a

  Genesis owner but you got to play how

  did you play all these games I ended up

  playing mode I mean I some of these like

  Mario actually did play that time just

  at friends houses some of the other ones

  like Super Metroid said I played later

  on like emulated in college but really

  Mario World

  I mean to the rest of the road when I

  was talking earlier about Street Fighter

  to like kind of taking the world by

  storm and like blowing everybody away it

  did that for me but not nearly as much

  as it could've because I wasn't that

  into fighting style games really but I

  was very much into platformers like

  platformers were like might might like

  that that is the only kind of game I

  really played it in in in great length

  at great length on those generation of

  consoles as a Genesis owner very few

  Super Nintendo games ever made me think

  man I wish I had a Super Nintendo right

  now but Super Mario World did that in in

  spades I mean Super Mario World it for

  Genesis owner because the gym just came

  out first for a Genesis owner to then

  see that for the first time to see Mario

  well for the first time I think all of

  us were just like oh crap that's really

  good like oh crap we might have bought

  the wrong system or we wish we had this

  system right now it is so so good and

  you know in all the ways that I

  described earlier about how you know

  compared to other games in the system it

  really does embarrass most of them like

  compared to most Super Nintendo games

  Mario World really does embarrass the

  crap out of them like it's such a game

  but yeah I have to say though when

  you're saying you know you got the

  Genesis and Genesis owners were

  embarrassed when they saw Summer Games

  NES owners were embarrassed once they

  saw Genesis games yeah of course when

  you saw that first Genesis game when you

  saw altered beast for the first time it

  isn't oh that just blew my mind so fast

  I could not believe that a game could

  look like that I am no grave I just it

  was affected me in a very deep way thank

  you altered beast and then Ecco the

  Dolphin after that but it was mostly

  altered it's a big gap between us well

  if by the time we got our Genesis it

  came with Ecco the Dolphin yeah that's

  and when my stall of Sonic in the middle

  of a well

  we got the gate sonic games too but like

  you know my uncle when he first brought

  home the Genesis it came home with

  altered beast yeah and yeah when games

  when consoles used to come with games

  that uh certain bundles do you I mean no

  I mean like my Genesis came with altered

  beast and that was the only game I had

  the flitter over the first six months I

  had a Genesis the only game I had was

  altered fees like for level yeah I think

  it's six yeah it's it was not not a

  great game

  power up anyway welcome to your doom so

  mario world you know going back to the

  Super Mario for the Super Nintendo I

  mean this game like I I remember when I

  first saw it at at my neighbor's house

  who'd gotten you know the soup of the

  brand new Super Nintendo what really

  blew me away about it was not only the

  graphics as you said like that so the

  genesis had focused a lot on sheer

  processor power to drive a whole bunch

  of stuff on screen like so the genesis

  was good if you had like a sports game

  like a football game where you have to

  animate like 16 different sprites on the

  screen at once Genesis could do that

  better than Super Nintendo where the

  Super Nintendo was better was in the the

  level of detail that individual graphics

  could have so it had more colors it had

  I think I had way better sound chip and

  so it'd be it kind of what it was able

  to show on screen was like fewer moving

  on just like fewer things but those

  things could look way better than other

  Genesis and so that's like kind of what

  what I noticed immediately when I when I

  first saw Mario World

  not only how just amazing the colorful

  graphics were like that you could tell

  immediately this was like a massive leap

  forward and then I also do remember the

  sound being a really big thing like when

  he first moved to the cave levels oh and

  all the sounds echo yes I love that I

  don't think I think that was the first

  game I ever saw that where like the

  sound would have echo effects would go

  like the dripping noise and yeah yeah

  that's something it had ambience to like

  it like and a lot of the ambience was

  simply just some of the enemy noises

  being different like when you were in

  the cave hear the birds flapping away

  mm-hmm well when you did it you were on

  the spring in the cave and it how how

  that would echo or like if you if you

  like if you threw a shell you got the

  blue you know with like at that part

  would echo like it was it did such a


  of sound design and of ambience and of

  graphic design that it really made you

  feel like you were moving through these

  different advanced places more so than

  much of the games and of course you know

  I love the sound of the bubbles popping

  in the forest in the fall yeah

  ballistic yeah yeah yeah the level

  reading all the lives yeah yeah I mean

  it's just incredible game and again like

  compared to most other platformers the

  level of depth you have in that game

  there are so many levels first of all

  and so many levels have two different

  ways to leave have you alternate exits

  and you like you have to find the old

  friend I just to get to certain parts of

  the map or to finish certain levels and

  like just the amount of depth in that

  game it was also one of the first

  platforms where you could replay levels

  mm-hmm that was another another

  innovation like most games before that

  most platforms you couldn't replay

  levels infinite times and that was one

  you'd go back to certain levels to get

  certain stuff right or to find the

  second exit so you kind of had to go

  back to different levels you actually

  wanted to play the full game which was

  that was actually very fun was

  remembering oh let me go back here and

  get the blue Yoshi instead and yeah

  Mario World and you know as a Genesis

  owner I only had one Jenna's game on my

  list like this for good reasons like I

  was able to play all these afterwards

  and some during that time and and I

  think overall while there were some

  really great Genesis games the best

  games of the generation were on

  incentive platforms of both 8 and 16-bit

  and and even after it you know even the

  n64 generation I'd say the same thing

  which is you know it kind of hurts as a

  second person to say that but it these

  games were just so good at Mario World

  by far is the one that that like draws

  me back in whenever I see it and like I

  want to play it more than any other ones

  it's pull you back in yeah and now I'm

  probably gonna play it again after this

  cuz I haven't that was that was the

  first one I played on the emulator with

  Adam that was like two months ago so

  like now I want to go back and and start

  that again because I now I played

  through all the Sonics all the other

  Mario's I did the mm mm you know all

  those yeah I have to say that my top

  Zelda pick is my favorite Zelda game

  period yeah the supers had no one yeah

  it was great after that it just started

  getting weird yeah anything all right so

  I think that's it for now

  right that's that's if it's episode

  right yeah I mean I was really expecting

  you to have a lot more sonic games I was

  I fir

  got about Tetris so I'm not surprised

  about that because I do know how when

  she really liked that I've gotten you

  various tetris gifts throughout the

  years but I completely am surprised that

  you went more mario instead of more

  sonic that's the thing I mean like I

  love the Sonic games and I you know they

  will always hold a special place in my

  in my nostalgic heart because that's

  what I had growing up we still have your

  Sega in the Attic yeah you know and and

  Sonic and uncles with Sonic 3 was my top

  with my number two pick so like they are

  really good

  just Mario World is better it's simple

  as that like now you know it and even I

  mean I even I even kind of knew this at

  the time like I Mario World was one of

  the games I would always want to play at

  my friends houses because I just wanted

  more of it like it's so good and I

  played through it a number of times in

  college on emulators and so yeah it's

  it's such a good game we should play

  Mario Kart with Adam I think he'd be

  really into that yeah you seen that

  Mario's the 6401 was especially with the

  balloons on the back yeah I think we're

  probably enough to get some kind of

  Nintendo system pretty soon so we could

  buy all the old games on the Virtual

  Console and fun cuz like we can't go

  past 16 bid on this emulator we were

  happy we have an Apple TV so all right

  we're good shot cool thank you everyone

  for listening and right yeah doo doo doo

  doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

  doo doo are you gonna join in or what no

  the funding is your singing Mario one

  wish I was picked that's okay

  doo dee dee you should be worried too