Top Four

Top Four 20: Jelly Belly Teaser


  hold on a red apple in my mouth where's

  red apple I missed that one it's really

  good it's red

  oh it's yes okay

  hey top four listeners so we will be

  recording an episode about Jelly Belly

  jelly beans and we highly recommend it

  would probably be pretty fun if you went

  and spent some 15 bucks got yourself a

  tray of jelly beans and then that way

  you can try them with us so if you are

  into that kind of thing and you really

  like jelly beans go to the link in the

  show notes for this tiny little podcast

  and get some jelly beans and then you

  could eat jelly beans with us and that

  would be great because we like you guys

  and no one's here we're all alone in the

  house just the two of us

  so it would be cool if you were kind of

  there also I'm sorry is actually 18

  bucks you're the worst

  we're gonna do refund everyone