Top Four

Top Four 21: Fifty Flavors of Lies


  hi uh good

  hey good hey to YouTube good hey to you

  as well it's fall it's good hey season I

  don't know I still are the different

  even hay and straw are we talking about

  top 4 grass types here yes but you know

  a lot of but he's never gonna talk about

  something we know almost as much about

  and that is top 4 Jelly Belly jelly bean

  flavors now we decided though to mix it

  up a little bit because Jelly Belly

  flavors easy I assume everyone knows

  what these are these are the fancy

  little jelly beans the Jelly Belly a

  stamp in the side that are really good

  and way better than regular jelly beans

  the problem is that many of them are

  really really good and I think both of

  us have a very hard time picking our top

  four favorite flavors and I think almost

  everybody who loves Jelly Belly's has

  the same problem that we do which is we

  like so many flavors really we like

  almost all the flavors except a handful

  of flavors that we absolutely hate so

  we're going to be doing top 4 worst

  jelly bean flavors Jelly Belly jelly

  bean flavor is it because I don't know

  about you but I am just vilely opposed

  to certain flavors like they just oh I

  remember that we were throat we threw

  stuff out of car windows once I'm

  getting off the rails here those that

  was runts I'm so confused

  yeah anyway but they're terrible and

  they go instantly in the garbage we pick

  out our worst flavors and we throw them

  away so we have compiled some lists and

  we also happen to have a huge box of

  jelly beans ready to go with all 50

  flavors and we're sticking to the 50

  we're not gonna go to like the booger

  beans or whatever the heck they have yes

  it's what's currently the 50 official

  flavors now there was some question

  about how many official flavors there

  actually are I always thought they were

  40 do you know there you go they're all

  here in this tray what's nice about

  about the tray as opposed to like the

  just getting like a big big jar of them

  or a big bag is that the the tray has

  I'm all separated by flavor and they has

  like it has a big legend on the lid so

  you can clearly see what the 50 flavors

  are and you can tell them apart from

  each other we sorted yea pre-sorted we

  went with the luck

  shuri pack yeah we couldn't be bothered

  sorting beans yeah we shouldn't even

  believe it was a little jewy as $15 on

  Amazon mm-hmm anyway so I was on their

  website unlike you I prepared and did my

  homework and there are certainly the 50

  beans the 50 flavors that are the

  quintessential like solid flavors that

  are available from Jelly Belly there is

  50 it's a clear list sometimes they

  change but very rarely and then you have

  like all the bonus flavors that are in

  different packs so we are totally

  ignoring the bonus slavers and we're

  just going with the 50 flavors and let

  me tell you it is hard to find a bag

  like 50 flavors because I went to like

  seven stores looking for them and all I

  could find were the little little dinky

  xxx flavor packs it's like come on just

  put 20 more beans in each bag and it's

  like all the flavors just go forth why

  what is happening at this Factory just I

  don't know just duh well III think like

  when you when you have these these giant

  like gift box style ones like most

  people who are just buying it for

  themselves they're gonna be buying just

  the bags or the jugs or whatever like

  the the tubs but they're not gonna be

  buying like these these big fancy gift

  boxes most of the time and they take up

  a lot of space in a store shelf so I can

  see why it's hard to find yeah but I

  mean but in the little bags they have 30

  flavors in those little tiny bags in all

  the grocery stores in everywhere that I

  went but it it leaves out 20 flavors and

  so I was assuming because we were

  planning on doing our worst the most

  hated flavors because it was only 30

  flavors in a bag that they would

  probably eliminate some of the worst

  flavors because let's all admit there

  are horrible flavors so yeah we had to

  make sure that we had all 50 so that way

  we can try and you know reassure

  ourselves that yes this is terrible and

  honestly though I think of my list I

  think they would all be they would

  certainly all make the cut for 40

  flavors I think they might also be in

  the 30 flavors I'm gonna do some

  research and see but the ones that I

  have as my worst I I think we would have

  had them also in these smaller flavor

  things because certainly there are times

  when I will buy like a small pouch of

  beans to snack on like you know if on a

  trip or something or Furla plane

  knocking beans yeah of course and and I

  almost always encounter my least

  favorite flavors no matter what the

  packaging is that the beans came in all

  right so I'm gonna start here and first

  of all my number four least favorite

  flavor so it is the least less favors of

  the flavor the flavor that you are least

  offended by out of these four I guess so

  uh well then that's not the same thing I

  want to start with my number three

  because I wanted to talk about this

  particular one first because I already

  started so the one I want to talk about

  it's cinnamon cinnamon is horrible it

  ruins everything you think you're gonna

  be getting like a nice sweet cherry or

  strawberry or a watermelon I don't know

  there's like a lot of red beans you

  think you're just gonna pop in something

  sweet and you get cinnamon and there's

  two terrible cinnamons so there is a

  sizzling cinnamon and a regular cinnamon

  but what the heck why are you wasting a

  bean flavor on a sizzling cinnamon so

  they are literally in this box they're

  they're legit there's a cinnamon and

  there's a sizzling cinnamon and they

  both look pretty much the same and I'm

  gonna try them to make sure I hate them

  that's always good so interestingly

  wrestling cinnamon is dotted yeah the

  sizzling cinnamon has little orange

  flecks on it so you can't like they're

  both red beans I'm just gonna come out

  right here and say cinnamon was my

  number one because for for similar

  reasons I also am highly offended when I

  encounter one unexpectedly because the

  regular cinnamon like I've learned the

  speckled orange ones are also terrible

  cinnamon and I I too have no idea why

  this is two separate flavors could I

  taste them both a few minutes ago and it

  tastes the same to me I really can't

  tell them apart like okay and the

  regular cinnamon looks exactly like the

  very cherry or the sour cherry and again

  why are the two cherries pens are that

  different from the red apple because

  pick a cherry put the sour in with the

  sour ones that are totally separate

  group why are they involved in the 50

  flavors I don't know alright sizzling

  the cinnamon is the first one up I'm

  going to try to make sure I hit it

  yeah the worst thing is like when you

  eat cinnamon like it ruins your palate

  but the next couple of minutes like you

  just taste cinnamon in your mouth like

  it ruins everything for it for a bit I'm

  having a problem but I kind of like this

  it tastes like what big red gum yeah

  that's also terrible i cynical flavor it

  by um I don't know whole rant and I'm so

  angry this is the egg bagel thing oh no

  my world alright are you call the

  cinnamon ones i I've just so well

  sizzling cinnamon was good let me try

  the regular cinnamon what's the

  difference I hope that's all we're doing

  I'm eating it on the other side of my

  mouth to make sure is that fair

  alright I think your tongue symmetrical

  with their taste but maybe and I front

  to back is not they taste identical

  that's not see Danakil that's what I


  like there's no reason to hat so like

  the main problem with cinnamon is that

  right it's hard to avoid if you're gonna

  eat any of the red ones there's a high

  risk here to accidentally bite into a

  cinnamon one at some point why have the

  one that is unmarked why not just keep

  the sizzling cinnamon that has the

  orange flecks on because they pretty

  much taste the same any nuance of

  different flavor just isn't it's it's

  not different enough yeah it is matter

  anyway maybe cinnamon even though I kind

  of just liked it Rick just now it might

  make the list because it's annoying yeah

  mine it's my number one because it is

  both the most offensive taste to me and

  the hardest to avoid well I don't know

  what's happening today because I really

  just like that Wow the world has turned

  upside down

  alright Sinan's all Celeste I can light

  it Wow you gotta find a new number 3 yep

  that's ok I have a whole bunch I'm ready

  to go yes alright what do you want to

  talk about one I kind of just did I told

  you sometimes with my number one but

  right you see it back to you well you're

  the one that went and tasted all the

  beans before we started recording and I

  was trying to be cool and taste all the

  beans kind of like with everybody cuz I

  had no way to rank you didn't have like

  an idea no I had some ideas but I really

  wanted to see them and to see like how

  bad are they really my decision was that

  most of them are that bad but you might

  be going the other way

  ok I have found that like you mentioned

  earlier that like that you were like

  like some of them just seemed very vile

  to you my opinion of the ones I disliked

  was much stronger

  when I was younger and maybe that's

  because I had like more taste buds they

  hadn't all died off yet I don't know

  what the reason is maybe I just had

  stronger opinions or were just more

  uptight I don't know but as an adult I

  find the flavors I don't like less

  offensive than I did when I was younger

  all right I'm gonna go to another

  typically hated one and that is licorice

  and then I'm gonna try that see where

  that you should try that I agree all

  right so I will begin this discussion by

  saying licorice wasn't my number three

  because ah yeah do you like licorice I

  don't I don't know I mean like so I in

  my research before the show see I did do

  some homework

  I discovered that I'm knitting it out

  though well I suppose with me

  so I discovered that anise and fennel

  are not actually the same thing as

  licorice like they're not the same plant

  I always thought that like anise was

  licorice flavor but it's not it they're

  similar tasting but they're not the same

  plant and I like anise and fennel

  flavors in a lot of things sometimes but

  licorice just always seems too extreme

  for me and I tried this before the show

  and I did not actually like it it was

  like one of the only ones that I was

  really like I really don't want this

  again I didn't spit it out though what's

  happening to you I don't know I had all

  these ideas do we have to change the

  topic of the show uh to the topic of top

  four Jelly Belly flavors that TIFF

  thought she didn't like but turns out

  she doesn't hate that top four

  turnarounds I just keep going because

  this is yeah just keep going it's a TIF

  show so what did you want to say about

  licorice before you f you try didn't

  realize that you secretly liked it all

  this time I was gonna say I don't like

  it moving on to another flavor that I

  typically do not like and I'm really

  scared that I might like it now and

  that's bubblegum since I have no list

  that's a good one bubble comes a good

  one I that that one did not make my list

  but I find it I have something something

  related that kind of includes this

  embalming licorice so it's kind of a

  weird combo they have their whole recipe

  book to I don't know if I want to dive

  into that but oh yeah we definitely want

  to do the recipes so what do you thing

  about we'll go yeah I don't like this

  one at all yep so bubblegum I I don't I

  wouldn't say I hate it but I would

  certainly be disappointed if I if I

  found myself eating one and then

  actually it's getting better

  oh my god it's sugar its sugar that's

  what it is you like sugar and they

  something like all these flavors even

  the flavors that taste gross when you're

  a kid like they're still just sugar and

  so like sugar is good you know you're

  still gonna enjoy a part of it I feel

  like I feel like the Jelly Belly

  corporation is pulling something over on

  us because we would throw away these

  flavors and now I still do I we have

  like a little short like like a little

  like 4 ounce cylinder of these in the

  cabinet that we bought a couple weeks

  ago on a trip and I've been snacking on

  them but I've left behind all the ones I

  don't like because I'd rather just and

  part of it is like I'd rather not even

  spend the calories on flavors I don't

  like very much just a bean yeah but I

  like to have like you know a small

  handful of them like all right do you

  have one alright so while we're on the

  subject of the pink the bubblegum flavor

  my number four so we've already talked

  about my number one and three here are

  your crazy ordering my number four is

  kind of a meta category all of the

  various pink ones because what do you

  have against pink man the pink Jelly

  Belly flavors there there's lots of

  flavors that look vaguely pink and

  they're all pretty mediocre and it seems

  and this is probably just like I'm sure

  this is some kind of bias that isn't

  real but it's it seems to me that

  whenever I get a container of Jelly

  Belly's that I seem like I'm always

  fishing through a million different pink

  ones to fish out the better flavors that

  I actually want to eat candy is awesome

  why wouldn't you like candy it's just

  none of all the Penguins I don't I don't

  like hate any of them it's just they

  just don't there's all mediocre there it

  just tastes like a sea of mediocrity to

  me and like I really like all I love

  someone like the fruit flavors like the

  citrus ones I love the toasted

  marshmallow and the Frank vanilla and

  though and the pear the juicy pear is

  wonderful like I love swinging these

  flavors strawberry cheesecake you don't

  like that one it just is just pink it's

  all the pink one they all taste I mean

  they're fine but it

  it's not like they're not amazing you

  know I will say that the strawberry

  daiquiri is the one because I recognize

  the look of that that's the one Bible

  that I will pick out and eat if I if I

  want something think but all the rest of

  them just kind of clutter up the

  container and get in the way as I'm

  trying to fish around for the good fruit

  flavors strawberry daiquiri and

  strawberry cheesecake tastes very

  similar see I think I think 50 flavors

  kind of BS it has more like maybe 36

  like unique flavors it's stretching them

  out a little bit I don't know all these

  people it tastes good to me I laid all

  the penguin alright good there's a whole

  bunch of them in the cabinet a little

  cylinder oh I'm gonna get one with more

  dots and that's another thing too like a

  lot of these are only identifiable by

  their certain dot patterns and

  Jellybelly seems fairly inconsistent

  with how many dots you get on each one

  so he's pretty taste just like bubblegum

  yeah exactly because all the pink ones

  tastes about the same no tutti fruity


  she's totally different one cotton candy

  and cotton candy tastes totally

  different from the two strawberries

  anyway so you're number three is my

  number four is all the pink ones number

  three is licorice number one is cinnamon

  with a honorable mention towards

  sizzling cinnamon in number one but at

  least sizzling cinnamon has the orange

  flecks on it so you can tell it apart

  from regular from everything else

  whereas real cinnamon is both offensive

  and can't be told apart easily from the

  cherry flavors I'm adding two D fruity

  to the Bubblegum because they're

  basically the same yeah that's fair

  totally fair alright now I think we have

  to make C because the only one left on

  my list is number two I have to mention

  it cuz I'm sure it's on your list and

  it's if I had to guess what is the most

  controversial Jelly Belly flavor the one

  that is most hated and most liked at the

  same time I think it has to be buttered

  popcorn everyone either loves it or

  hates it and there's there's no there's

  no middle opinion nobody is just like

  yeah that's that's decent no everyone

  either like throws away the better

  popcorns like violently out of their car

  windows when they find them or they go

  and want to buy a whole bag of just

  buttered popcorns let me anyone you

  should i I I ate one before the show and

  and see there's there's also

  the new kindle new ish candy corn flavor

  which you should also try it looks like

  butter popcorn but the the flecks are

  kind of orangey instead of yellow and I

  I tried them both I found the candy corn

  was was okay I don't think I would want

  to eat it oh it's like licking a movie

  theater oh it's so bad so now I'm

  curious all the other ones you hated you

  came around to while eating them and

  said oh that's actually kind of good is

  that going to happen with this one I

  feel like it's licking what a movie

  theater smells like that's a very good

  description yeah all my teeth now we

  curious I don't know if you need to if

  you want to cleanse your palate on it

  but try the try the candy corn one which

  it's like airlie caramel corn whatever

  it is you're confused as I asked you to

  buy candy corn yes because it's more in

  season candy corn is awesome all right

  so try try the caramel good otherwise

  just like a little hard you have to buy

  candy corn in season okay caramel corn

  yeah caramel corn has some of the same

  offensiveness as buttered popcorn but

  it's not I I think I think it's it's a

  better taste but that is vile too that

  is terrible

  interesting so neither of these flavors

  have redeemed themselves do you see I

  actually found like like the the the the

  caramel corn one was not offensive

  enough to make my bottom for however I

  still won't eat it if I come across it

  in a bag of Jelly Bellies okay but

  sitting here really thinking about it

  really tasting it absorbing the flavor

  of the two corn flavors they are

  terrible but I didn't spit it out

  and it's kind of fun getting a terrible

  one in the middle of a whole bunch of

  stuff I have to say that's kind of fun I

  think you've just uncovered why they do

  this I think so too because it's fun

  anyway so let me try I also had banana

  on my list cuz I usually hate the flavor

  of fake banana so I'm gonna go this is

  even on here I couldn't see it I know

  it's usually yellow with brown specks

  where there it is hot banana top banana


  I'm the top banana see I can't enjoy

  that so like I have an actual real-life

  banana allergy we're being as an avocado

  just give me a massive stomachaches your

  top banana thank you and so because of

  that even within a flavor I can't enjoy

  anymore because I feel like it'll give

  me a stomachache even though it doesn't

  in this kind of flow yeah bananas not

  good and so I just I can't like it just

  tastes like I shouldn't be eating it I

  do not like the banana so that also

  doesn't redeem itself after after

  tasting no you want to a sponsor and I'm

  gonna eat some more all right now I need

  to reconstitute my list here so I'm

  pretty sure both of the corns and some

  banana and Toodee free okay all right we

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  better way to cook okay I found a new

  one I hate the most

  Wow more than liquor or night so what's

  the deal so licorice you decided you

  kind of liked it was it's like tolerable

  I don't know okay so licorice and

  cinnamon you will know I kind of like

  the commercial tolerate I don't know is

  happening to me I'm getting old

  something's happening in my mouth and

  these things that I used to hate I'm not

  hating some of him are you okay do you

  like go see somebody or I don't know I

  don't know I don't know okay anyway

  lemon lemon is the worst so let me try

  let me tell you why lemons the worst

  because it tastes like floor cleaner it

  is terrible you did not just eat a lemon

  did you there's two different lemons see

  you just ate the Sunkist lemon yeah the

  Sun cos lemon is good lemon drop it

  you've got to have the lemon drop

  because that was earlier it's bad yeah

  it tastes like Lysol

  it really does Oh Terry it's a very bad

  yeah it was not bad enough to make my to

  make my bottom four lemon behinds all

  that so it tastes like yeah yet a lemon

  drop flavor is really quite revolting

  because I completely agree it tastes

  like lemon chemicals like it does not

  taste like actual lemon the actual lemon

  flavor so the the lemon drop flavor that

  we're talking about is should be

  cleaning your house with it yes eating

  it is a clear issue yellow bean with

  with opaque white spots on it and the

  regular lemon is just the clearest

  yellow bean yep Island punch was pretty

  bad too but yeah lemon the lemon drop

  you're talking about Lemon Drop terrible

  that is my new number one Wow might even

  be worse than licorice that's pretty

  impressive is that are you interested

  about this now because I made those

  macaroons last week to taste like lemon

  lemon flavor no I just always I never I

  didn't like those macarons either well

  any terrible yeah but lemon fake this

  fake lemon is really really bad at least

  licorice taste like real licorice and

  I've never cleaned anything with a


  cent lower flavor that tastes like the

  way this lemon tastes maybe because you

  know you like lemon think that maybe we

  should only leave lemon things

  maybe we should only clean things with

  flavors that we don't like so that way

  they won't ruin any flavors that we do

  well because I still like lavender and

  mint and all that kind of stuff but this

  is just lemon is different than whatever

  this was is there anything else you want

  to eat or if you just eaten them all

  secretly without me I've eaten all these

  the whole time no I mean like I I really

  do love a lot of these flavors I'm a

  huge fan of jelly but that's why I

  wanted to do this episode because I

  can't like I like almost the entire set

  there's only a few that I really really

  don't like but really most of them I

  like a lot I also will give honorable

  crappy mention to coconut coconut almost

  made my top my bottom for here what Kobe

  that's one of my favorites what I don't

  like about it it's similar to your to

  your lemon issue

  it tastes like artificial coconut

  flavoring Sunkiss lime is also terrible

  really let me say where's oh my gosh

  it's just the same as the lemon one but

  a lime version mm-hmm that's bad no that

  one I like mmm it's getting worse hmm Oh


  the worst ones the pear one no the pears

  good no the pet no I'm trying the lemon

  lime for comparison it's just gonna be

  both of them together in one awful bean

  lemon lime is excellent it's one of my

  favorites Sunkist lime I I don't I'm not

  as offended by it as you are but it's

  it's not too bad I wouldn't I would

  still eat it you know

  all right I'm changing my list because

  now this is Terrell the worst one is

  pear the second one is lemon and the

  third worst one is lime I think then

  followed by um banana oh my god who are

  you who are you these are horrible at

  least at least now I like you're not

  gonna be competing for me with the pears

  that often times the pear it like I save

  it for last in in a grouping because I

  like it so much that the pear if I had

  to pick my number one favorite flavor it

  would be a tough call between probably

  pear toasted marshmallow maybe some of

  the citrus ones lemon lime is just as

  bad as the other one

  it seemed like you just really do not

  like the citrus flavoring method they

  use no it is okay yeah Wow pear lemon

  lime lemon lime whichever ones you want

  which of these 50 flavors of Lies they

  are oh I wish we had that kind of title

  maybe we should use it yeah so I'm

  pretty much done III the main things I

  don't like about about the the flavors

  that I chose to put here keep talking

  and keep eating okay

  my the main things that offend me with

  Jelly Belly's are when a certain flavor

  is very difficult to distinguish from

  what I like and it tastes very very

  different from what I'm expecting from

  that look so that's why I like cinnamon

  is my number one because it looks so

  much like the cherry ones it's almost

  impossible to tell them apart the the

  buttered popcorn sometimes the the

  yellow spots on the white bean are a

  little faded and and not that many of

  them so sometimes buttered popcorn hides

  and you think it's like a coconut or

  french vanilla or toasted marshmallow

  and you find out very much so it's not I

  try to avoid the ones that will confuse

  me into thinking there's something good

  when there's something very very

  different have you tried the margarita

  one I don't know it's good it almost

  hates alcohol II just kind of neat it

  can be very easily confused with all the

  other green yeah which one of which

  isn't lime and terrible sorry Sunkist


  sorry Sunkiss bad branding when did they

  start doing this cross-promotion brain

  anything but like so many the flavor is

  now labeled Sunkist something well dr.

  pepper yeah well they always had root

  beer and cream soda which are now


  AMW I don't know if they always were so

  I just tried this margarita one I

  actually I'm not crazy about the mercury

  one I think it has the similar problem

  that you're complaining about with the

  citrus ones of tasting kind of

  artificial leaf oh no I like that one

  awesome yes I agree dr. pepper is a very

  good one I also I'm not a big fan of the

  various coffee flavored ones it seems

  like most of those have been booted out

  the cappuccino one is that I think the

  only one that's left

  honestly watermelon isn't that good the

  watermelon does not taste like regular

  other candy watermelons I actually like

  the water my I don't love it I won't go

  out of my way for it I when I was a kid

  I loved it a lot more it's it's okay

  but I I like the cappuccino I don't

  dislike it it's just like it doesn't do

  anything for me it tastes like crap

  Pacino winter chases which is pretty

  much what my brother calls powdered

  cappuccino mix all the crappuccino you

  have to beat that the cantaloupe one is

  excellent is it it really is like I've

  always liked this flavor I it's I had to

  try it again to just make sure top row

  fourth one it it's I love that flavor

  it's really good and I don't like I

  don't like it we can cloves is that much

  like I'll eat them they're fine that is

  really good right it looks really good

  oh man everyone listening to this you

  just get this box and eat because it's

  so awesome people put the affiliate yeah

  please do because everyone should order

  this box and then listen to this podcast

  and eat it yeah haha what sorry about

  all my wheel noises because we're

  rolling back what was in front of the

  box what you need to try I tried earlier

  the chili mango the top right but then

  one in set diagonally from it I I was

  not crazy about this because it is spicy

  and it was kind of weird to have a spicy

  like that kind of heat in a jelly bean

  mmm I like that though just wait a

  second that's got some serious Heat

  Jessie I just read the grapefruit and I

  like grapefruit flavor things a lot they

  great for it's only just okay though

  it's cut it's really forgettable it's

  there's nothing really real there are we

  sure we've gotten all these flavors

  before cuz I don't remember ever

  accidentally eating one of these chili

  mango and that very good eye well first

  of all it's really there's heat there I

  know first of all I think we almost

  always get 30 or 40 flavors not 50 and

  then second of all that might be a new

  flavor because as you mentioned earlier

  these do occasionally rotate out and get

  new flavors in so that that might be a

  new one I do love me some peach though

  peach vanilla coconut those are like my

  go-to favorites but a lot of these other

  ones now that we're trying I really kind

  of like them like the margarita and the

  chili mango that was good in the

  cappuccino cherry is a good standby to

  also I'm a big fan of the the cream soda


  and the dr. pepper is very good because

  it tastes so much like actual Dr Pepper

  watch out for Island plum what is that

  and probably a plum that was no island

  punch it's not very good there's no

  grape is there really no great you know

  it's like it's a probably purple no I

  mean like every other tracks chocolate

  pudding every other jelly bean company

  or whatever makes grape they're always

  the purple one and so like if they don't

  really need to make great chocolate

  pudding could be better that's not


  cream soda is still amazing I'm also a

  big fan of orange sherbert like it's

  these these are flavors are just like

  remind me of childhood because they

  existed forever ago like when I first

  discover these as a kid and they like

  every like no kid is offended by the

  flavor of cream soda or on short word

  like that's pretty much universal like

  then I wouldn't put them in like my very

  very top list but I always will hit

  those when I'm grabbing a handful sour

  cherry tastes awesome sour cherry just

  like all the things that were candy with

  in the eighties plums good

  I like the plum yeah I've had that one

  I've had them a lot before alright

  I'm definitely sure pear is the worst I

  love the pear it is the worst

  I wonder if payors is controversial but

  a popcorn because I like butter popcorn

  way better than I like that pear but you

  know that crazy about paired I buy a

  pair a little time and you never eat one

  no I don't cause I don't like pear right

  so there that might have something to do

  that because the flavor of the pear one

  is fairly authentic like it does taste a

  lot like real but I'm okay with like

  little pieces of pear in my salad that

  doesn't really count that's like I'm

  okay with pair of all I can cover it

  with dressing and a billion other

  vegetables that cheese I don't put

  cheese on my salad

  sometimes your salads includes you if

  you're getting a salad that is prepared

  by somebody else that has pear in it it

  is very likely to also have goat cheese

  okay possibly walnuts I'm going with

  pear lemon lime and then lemon lime you

  got that yeah what is it so I'm very

  confused what is it what is your what is

  your list my list stays the same as what

  I said earlier

  what is your list again alright the ones

  that I thought would be the most

  offensive I'm not offended by as much as

  I am offended by and my number one worst

  one is pear number two is lemon number

  three is Lyman number four is lemon lime


  my remain number one cinnamon number two

  buttered popcorn number three licorice

  number four all the pink ones I can't

  believe I like licorice more than all

  four of those flavors well it's all

  yours I'm shocked I don't really want to

  eat it though

  but I don't want it I would eat it

  before I do all of those other ones so I

  guess that that's why the list is the

  list all right so it sends you these

  combos recipes yes so the the Jelly

  Belly box has come with a recipe book

  that gives you a couple we have six here

  there's six combos that form recipes

  seven there's seven combos there's one

  on top

  oh the banana split is on top we almost

  forgot the banana split how could we

  possibly forget that one you can't have

  it so I'll make myself I can have it oh

  right it's a real stomachache it just

  reminds me of the real stomachaches that

  should be fun yeah so let's let's read

  some and split here we get me need a

  banana excuse me a top but you read and

  I'll make all right so your apron yes

  made two copies all right a top banana

  french vanilla strawberry jam chocolate

  pudding and very cherry so we just like

  shove it in our mouth and chomp them all

  up basically at the same time yeah



  it just tastes like a whole bunch of

  jellybeans yeah I mean it's been a very

  very long time they've had a banna split

  like since childhood I think but I'm

  pretty sure this tastes nothing like it

  just tastes like a whole bunch of

  jellybeans yeah okay next one that one's

  ant yeah banana splits definitely a dud

  all right tiramisu is next so it's cream


  cappuccino two cappuccinos yeah two

  cappuccinos each yeah well I guess they

  don't have like a Kahlua flavor or a

  ladyfingers flavor so they can't they

  can't make a true tiramisu and chocolate


  yeah just for being so dough might

  actually make it better to have like

  fewer flavors

  feeding for attention all right here

  goes yep you know what that's kind of

  good I think that one works so I've had

  a lot of tiramisu recently like I have

  it all the time like we were at

  restaurants we definitely taste the most

  like the crappuccino I would say it

  tastes almost nothing like tiramisu and

  it tastes mostly like a bunch of jelly

  beans but this time the the chocolate /

  cappuccino flavor is strong enough that

  it tastes you know the first one tasted

  like an explosion of sugary fruit this

  wouldn't taste like an explosion of

  sugary chocolate okay yeah it is mostly

  the cappuccino since there were two

  beans yeah all right what's next all

  right next is fruit salad which is

  probably not gonna help that that issue

  it seems it seems like a BS one that's

  called jelly beans like just eat jelly

  beans in it so I I would also propose we

  might want to skip the root beer float

  because it's just - root beer than a

  cream soda yeah okay next one what's our

  next one this one has more promise this

  is s'mores

  all right so this is although hmm

  there's a caramel corn it's a risk all

  right caramel corn chocolate pudding and

  two toasted marshmallows what's a s'more

  s'mores only have one marshmallow no

  they have two graham crackers well

  bye-bye volume I think they're mostly

  marshmallow it's not marshmallow

  chocolate oh gosh my mic fell apart yeah

  okay that not twist that part I'll just

  hold it okay

  waggle around look at me I'm a monster

  okay all right so let's try these

  s'mores one ruined my caramel corn

  chocolate pudding into toasted

  marshmallows lot chewing and well me my

  teeth are starting to hurt why we always

  hurt ourselves for the show

  hmm no that doesn't taste very good

  no and and this is I love the toast

  marshmallow flavor by itself it's one of

  my favorites I told you it's too much

  marshmallow not this much marshmallow in

  sports well the biggest thing is like

  we're missing the graham cracker like

  that's and the under chocolate

  putting element here is barely chocolaty

  so that doesn't work at all I just

  my entire master's taste now like the

  caramel corn flavor and it ruined this

  perfectly good toasted marshmallows that

  I would have enjoyed separately so now

  I'm mad okay now the next one is pink

  lemonade and this is kind of interesting

  because like they didn't reduce their

  fractions here it's two cotton candies

  and two Sunkist lemon so why not just

  have one cotton candy in one lemon no

  the Sunkist lemon though not at least

  not the Lemon Drop I ate the caramel


  so it's cotton candy and lemon yeah this

  is supposed to make a pink lemonade does

  pink lemonade have an official

  definition like what is usually pink

  about it there are pink lemons that's

  true but it probably was supposed to be

  from pink lemons and then we just made

  it sugar powder because we're modern and


  that was pretty good I found that is

  good yeah that's not here for one well

  yep so far it well there's one more

  although it's also kind of BSE

  chocolate-covered cherries and it's just

  chocolate and two very cherry I'm gonna

  try one chocolate one very cherry do we

  even have two chocolate left we really

  have one exactly - all right we're gonna

  deplete our chocolate supply for you our

  listeners alright so okay so one

  chocolate and two very cherry well that

  the ratio is off though yeah like the

  other one reduced cleanly but this is so

  full jellybeans right now do it alright

  last one

  chocolate-covered cherries that doesn't

  taste anything like chocolate-covered

  cherries no it's better than some of

  these other ones but pink lemonade works

  yeah pink lemonade works because it's

  only first of all you could reduce the

  fractions one of two beans instead of

  like the four that most of the ones

  require and also it's a much scent like

  it's only when you only combine in two

  flavors it's a lot better to have

  something that's a little like that you

  can at least tell what it's supposed to


  yeah but they think of those combined

  combined yeah yeah they did well

  together yeah yeah the pink lemonade is

  by far the best for these recipes

  the rest of them are almost all either

  forgettable or kind of BS you like

  fruits out recipes not worth it

  nope just eat them one at a time or

  handful at a time but don't bother with

  recipes or lemon

  don't drop it don't drop it it's warping

  don't be a really good sound but it's

  the bouncing all over the floor oh

  please don't no it wouldn't