Top Four

Top Four 22: Thanksgiving Side Dishes


  hi everybody welcome to top for the

  Thanksgiving Black Friday leftover a

  special extra bonus show that's kind of

  amazing Thanks I love that like we're

  like this is the leftover show because

  we're recording our Black Friday slash

  Thanksgiving episode after Thanksgiving

  and at almost the end of Black Friday

  and we just ate a whole bunch of

  leftovers so we decided that this

  episode we would talk about our favorite

  American Thanksgiving side dishes and I

  think there should be two judging

  factors I think the first one should be

  the the factor of it being the day of

  how much you like it

  and then how good it is as a leftover

  and then on a smaller scale you know

  we're dropping down the chart level here

  what's that called we're indenting we

  have a small a it is the sandwich or

  plate factor on its leftover ability so

  that's what we're going to be talking

  about that is pretty good yeah I mean I

  think a lot of this will ride on you

  know for the dear listeners a lot of us

  will write on whether you are a leftover

  consuming family or not who isn't why

  who mad not like there has to be left

  for leftovers at Thanksgiving there

  always is so whether you begrudge

  initely eat them or you lovingly eat


  they are there for you I will say that

  like if if you if you either host

  Thanksgiving at your house or if you are

  staying like with your family for a

  multi-day thing at their house it

  dramatically increases your chances of

  having to eat leftovers like if you are

  just in and out that same night then I

  feel like you can probably escape

  without any leftovers or with minimal

  leftover well someone's definitely gonna

  push it to go box on you I mean yeah and

  you have to eat the leftovers otherwise

  you're a wasteful monster exactly

  because there's a lotta so and and I

  think like it's interesting when you

  think about it as we're gonna talk about

  it when we think about like which which

  parts of Thanksgiving meals are better

  or worse including their ability for

  leftovers it figure like you're only

  eating the the fresh hot version for one

  meal and you're also like during that

  same meal you're eating so much other

  stuff that the the individual amount of

  any particular side that side dish that

  you might take any

  for that one fresh meal where they're

  all hot could be really small and that's

  just one meal whereas if you then eat

  leftovers you could be eating a lot of

  something for one meal or you could be

  eating these things for like two or

  three or four more meals after the

  initial dinner so I feel like the

  leftover factor for many of these things

  is almost more important than how good

  it is on that first that first dinner

  mm-hmm yeah probably but you could also

  depending on what time you eat your

  Thanksgiving dinner you could be

  essentially having leftovers that same

  day like if you are a two o'clock dinner

  family at seven o'clock you're ready for

  a pilgrim sandwich you know like you're

  ready to get it going put it on some

  bread or some rolls if you could find

  them the rest of the country since New

  York has the best rolls and they're

  apparently nowhere else to be found

  other times when we've had Thanksgiving

  other places and we have not been able

  to find rolls just a tragedy tragedy

  anyway so yeah let's uh let's list some

  things and then we can pick from them

  because we didn't prepare yeah TIFF

  decided to not let me prepare her for

  this and just basically let's plow her

  into it record our thought process so

  yeah so uh I think for me I'm gonna have

  to start with stuffing you know stuffing

  which I some people call dressing but

  it's not the kind of stuff you put on

  salad is the kind of stuff that you

  theoretically stuff a large bird with

  but I don't know if anybody actually

  does that or if you just serve it on the

  side these days I think there's two ways

  to do it depends on how long you want to

  cook your turkey if you wanna cook your

  turkey for a very long time or you're

  not doing one of the new trendy hipster

  cooking methods of smoking or

  deep-frying your turkey then I believe

  you you can stuff it or not but

  stuffings tricky stuff it or not

  so stuffing it's tricky because it's

  very particular it's like it's like red

  sauce right you you have your stuffing

  that you like there's also vegetable

  stuffing which tastes totally different

  than the delicious sausage stuffing


  I think so wet soggy croutons we've also

  had oysters dressing at one point so

  there's lots of different things out

  there that people have for their

  different family traditions but yeah I'm

  gonna say my mom

  stuffing which is made with breakfast

  sausage kind of meat I don't know yeah

  it's very good

  what is a special sausage she always

  uses she talks about all the time I

  think it's just like regular brioche no

  there's like no it's not just regular

  breakfast it's not like links it's Anna

  it's in a tube okay it's like loose

  sausage meat yeah things and you crumble

  it up oh it is just there's one

  particular brand

  I think it's Jones's or something like

  that who knows I don't know but there's

  one brand that's like super good that

  you put in the stuffing and you mean the

  Turkey drippings and all that business

  but it is the best stuffing I have ever

  ever ever had regardless of having to

  grow up with it everyone who has it

  thinks it's amazing and everyone who had

  it this Thanksgiving thought it was

  amazing so stuffing is pretty high on my

  list it might even be my number one I

  think it's my number one two because it

  is it is not only you know it from a

  from a pure like you know first day

  taste perspective it's just awesome like

  and and you know and it really helps

  that your mom makes really good stuffing

  but even when I've had less good

  stuffings I still love them because it's

  you know usually the stuff like if it

  starts from one of those big bags of

  stuffing mix at the grocery store is it

  those are basically crew tights like a

  bag of croutons basically I know like

  add butter and stuff and so it's

  basically saturated bread cubes with

  butter that are then squished down into

  something else with lots of other

  delicious things where the record is not

  from any kind of bag situation

  sure okay that's fine but I'm just

  saying like it's pretty hard to make a

  stuffing taste bad you know like your

  mom's is exceptional and I and I it is

  by far my favorite however I've I've

  almost never had a bad stuffing nope and

  it's so good as leftovers it's the best

  leftover food and you know what there is

  nothing like a cold fistful of stuffing

  after a Thanksgiving meal and I don't

  know about cold oh my gosh the morning

  after the Fistful of tea just grab some

  stuffing out of the bowl I need to eat

  it it is just the best

  I'd rather crumble it up a little bit

  and put the toaster oven for a few

  minutes hey I got you over to the side

  of leftover pizza in the morning for

  breakfast nice cold slices you like it

  now you will come over to the side of

  the cold fist full of stuffing the first

  thing the morning after Thanksgiving

  maybe a few more years

  you can work on me a few more years on

  that but yeah and I agree like a toe it

  reheats very well you know and it's as

  you mentioned like the reheat ability is

  very important for this ranking yeah

  it's it's good hot or cold mm-hmm it is

  good as a plate it is great on a

  sandwich hmm a little disc and yep it's

  one of the layers of the sandwich the

  turkey sandwich so it is an overall


  yeah there there is never a Thanksgiving

  meal or a leftovers meal in which I

  don't want stuffing like that is always

  part of it and I will eat it until

  there's no more all right so a pretty

  firm on stuffing as both are number one

  yeah definite Art in hi

  all right let's let's move down the

  ranks here this is top four we got to

  pick four yeah not the stuffing episode

  and then we have to consider the turkey

  itself no we don't its side dishes

  everyone is Turkey everyone cooks it

  different it's fine it's Turkey no one

  cares but we'll see and I think it's

  interesting to note that the dish that

  Thanksgiving is known for which is the

  turkey even if you were to permit it on

  this list I bet it would be on very few

  people's top four and I believe it take

  it or leave it Turkey I don't really

  mind busy and I actually really enjoy a

  nicely cooked turkey which is not all

  not all turkeys of course but I really

  when a turkey is cooked well I really

  enjoyed I really do like Turkey a lot of

  people who just don't like it and I

  understand that I really do like it but

  but it's rare to get it well made

  unfortunately we have we have good cooks

  in the family so ours usually are well

  made so we look at in that department I

  might rank the turkey somewhere in that

  list near the bottom maybe but the

  problem with turkey is that it really

  does not reheat very gracefully like you

  if it's if it's cooked well and with

  skill you can get it to be nice and

  moist and juicy and amazing on that

  night when it's when it comes out but

  the second you reheat it it becomes very

  dry well not even dry it just has that

  strange reheated turkey taste yeah it

  gets it gets I don't know what that is

  wait a sec it's altered slightly and not

  in a good way

  I don't know science happens overnight

  and it just doesn't taste good yeah


  all right moving on what would you think

  I'm thinking I'm debating between mashed

  potatoes and sweet potato casserole

  they are both potatoes but extremely

  different one

  practically a dessert the other is just

  delicious mashed potatoes and gravy it

  has of the gravy so I should point out

  we should point out what sweet potato

  casserole is for any of our listeners

  who don't know because I've actually

  found that fewer people that I expect

  have have heard of this dish though it

  might be regionally think maybe or

  anyway so this is basically mashed sweet

  potatoes if you're lucky canned if

  you're not but mashed potatoes which are

  yams to some people I think there's a

  difference but nobody cares and they're

  interchangeable as far as this dish is

  concerned yes orange sweet potatoes it

  depends on how orange you want your

  casserole to be depending on which yummy

  product you decide to pick yeah anyway

  whatever your local version of that is

  you basically make a mashed version of

  that so it's full of like you know

  butter and maybe maybe cream or is there

  butter yes sugar yes you had brown sugar

  usually a regular sugar or both so you

  basically make a really good sweet match

  base you could put eggs in it that's

  right yeah tooth and then you put it in

  a baking dish like a big rectangle

  baking dish and you sprinkle on top of

  it either brown sugar crumbles

  marshmallows or both well the brown

  sugar crumbles are like the same topping

  that you'd have on a coffee cake yeah um

  cake yeah so it's a crumb cake

  essentially toppings basically it's like

  sugar and butter and yeah balls with

  with pecans chopped pecans in it yeah

  optionally chopped be yeah absolutely

  guys yeah I'm not a huge pecan fan but

  actually do like this dish with them it

  does add something but yes so you know

  this is very very sweet potato mash base

  that has added sugar in it already then

  you add a sugary crumb topping to it and

  then you bake that so the sugary crumb

  topping kind of like caramelized yes get

  hot then you put the marshmallows on the

  last like last five minutes yeah so they

  post right on top so you have like a

  crunchy layer of marshmallow with the

  gooey marshmallow underneath yeah yeah I

  mean yeah it's basically a hot ice cream

  sundae like it there's like everything

  everything about it is Sunday yeah

  everything about it is like incredibly

  sugary but it's delicious and it reheats

  really well yes that's another thing

  about this like it's in most casserole

  old-type dishes do reheat well and this

  one is no exception this ruthless

  religious reheat very very well and so I

  think I might put this as my number two

  because I really enjoy it it it sounds

  like a vegetable even though it's far

  from it but it sounds like a vegetable

  so it has some kind of tastes like

  dessert yeah it's delicious

  that's why I think it's falling down my

  list is because it tastes like dessert I

  don't care desserts good oh yeah that's

  not a side dish no number two and it's

  another one we're like every

  Thanksgiving meal and reheated meal

  afterwards I always want some of this as

  part of that meal so sweet potato

  casserole is my number two all right I'm

  gonna put it at my number three actually

  because I'm filling in my number two

  slot with mashed potatoes and gravy

  because you know I love my mom's mashed

  potatoes again it's all about like what

  you grew up with my own SMAP mashed

  potatoes has a whole bunch of onion salt

  in it mm-hmm oh they are just so

  delicious no little lumps at all

  anywhere in them they are wonderful with

  some nice gravy on them with onion

  pieces in the gravy oh it's just divine

  see I'm not sure I'd put my fuse in my

  list at all maybe because I will see how

  what I get when it when I get down to

  three and four but the problem with

  master Cato's is that they are really

  good but you could not only do you have

  those all year round you're like you can

  get mashed potatoes any time and I love

  them every time I do too but I'm

  Thanksgiving there's so much stuff that

  you can only get on Thanksgiving really

  that you don't really cook the rest of

  the year and so like it's against the

  law you can cook this stuff the rest of

  the year but nobody does so basically

  like I feel like mashed potatoes are

  kind of drowned out by the the novelty

  and and like the wow factor of other

  Thanksgiving side dishes because the

  master haters are kind of they're kind

  of an everyday thing no for me when

  we've had Thanksgiving dinner without

  mashed potatoes I sorely missed them no

  I can get that also one more but you

  need a break so like everything is so

  rich and every I just I like that's what

  the Turkish for yeah yeah they're very

  filling and on Thanksgiving you you kind

  of you really have to control what

  you're eating that is very filling

  because you could very easily get

  carried away and all of a sudden you're

  full of mashed potatoes and you don't

  have room for anything else no I like I

  like a good May

  mashed potato lots of flavor I like it

  it's my number two number three sweet

  potatoes it's so deserty

  it's just so dude it's so deserty yeah I

  mean I get that so I don't know what my

  number three would be I mean I really do

  enjoy the green bean casserole that's

  one so we should also describe this for

  anybody who does not who's unaware of

  this green bean casserole wait before

  you get into green bean casserole I want

  to go back mashed potatoes have great

  reheat ability and they are also

  necessary as a layer in the sandwich

  yeah you do not you do not put the sweet

  potatoes into the sandwich no they use

  out you can't do that you're right they

  only have plate ability for leftovers

  that's true I will say though that the

  that a layer of a of a disk of stuffing

  can serve the same purpose it can do

  both but why why wouldn't you that's

  fair I mean you can do both and that's

  fine I like the distinct layers that's

  fair okay so yeah green bean casserole

  this is another dish that I don't know

  how many people know about so I will

  describe I forgive me if you already

  know but basically also called string

  bean casserole sometimes yeah right yeah

  whatever those beans are called french

  beans are they said the same I've never

  heard it called French bean casserole

  but yes there it is they're just

  skinnier versions of green be long green

  beans that you all hated as a kid but

  it's an adult you realize hey there

  aren't too bad just like most vegetables

  so anyway green bean casserole is an

  excuse to eat crispy fried onions that

  are that you buy in a can you sprinkle

  on top everything below that is less

  important so what why don't you doesn't

  have your side dishes crispy fried

  onions I'm okay I do eat them straight

  from the can when they're around I

  always like kind of sneak some some

  handfuls of him but it's more that

  nobody would really accept that as a

  valid side dish choice

  so my valid side dish choice is green

  bean casserole because it's I like it

  you know it's perfectly good perfectly

  good but so describe for the people what

  the what makes it a casserole you put it

  in the oven and then you put something

  delicious on top which is crispy fried

  onions no you you're missing an entire

  chunk of the ingredients here okay so

  the bottle oh the crispy fried onions

  you're supposed to have a layer of some

  kind of combination of green bean

  mushroom soup all right here

  talking about I made this so I will talk

  about it you have green beans and you

  boil them so that you know they get

  bright and green and cooked then you

  make kind of like a mushroom cream soup

  type of sauce for it so you have like

  the mushrooms and cream and it becomes

  soup yes and the magic and cooking and

  some garlic and you know you're good and

  you get some magic and some cooking and

  garlic that's all it takes to cook it's

  not that hard that's true

  cooking you're a grown person you should

  learn how to cook so you put the salt

  you put the the green beans then into

  the sauce and kind of like mix it up

  kind of like you would a pasta and then

  you dump all of that into the casserole

  dish and then you top it with crispy

  onions you can make the onions yourself

  by deep-frying some very thin sliced

  onions after you dip them in flour and

  some like panko breadcrumbs and some

  salt and pepper and then you can fry

  them up in like a canola oil something

  that can tolerate a high heat and then

  you can put that on top and it all kind

  of crisps and bubbles up together and

  it's delicious so here's what I like

  about green bean casserole which is or

  you can make it all from canned goods

  exactly green beans you can mushroom

  soup yeah and see the great thing of and

  you can and you can get the canned you

  know the little tub of crispy fried

  onions and you just sprinkle the top set

  and so it's an easy dish to make it as a

  filler so you have something green on

  your plate or you can kind of it acacia

  cameras greenish greenish yeah but it's

  okay I mean like it's still a thing

  right like there's a whole bunch of

  different ways to make all of this stuff

  well this is like one of the reasons

  first of all one of the reasons why I

  think this is a popular dish in this in

  at least in this part of America I've

  had all of America who knows but this

  and and these people tuna casserole are

  both able to be made basically as

  freshly and as skilled as you want or as

  canned and unskilled as you want like it

  doesn't really I wouldn't say it doesn't

  matter at all but you can have a green

  bean casserole it's made of canned green

  beans and Campbell's mushroom soup and

  just mix together with you know whatever

  Frank's just frightened is it are

  sprinkle on top and it's delicious it's

  absolutely delicious and like so and

  it's this year you actually made all


  stuff like basically from scratch I did

  it's my dream it has yeah he's like you

  know growing up like you know I would

  had these dishes almost every

  Thanksgiving we didn't have a lot of

  fancy cooking happening in my household

  we had you know the basics happening in

  my household so we had all you know the

  can versions of these things I I like

  them then too

  like these kind of dishes work whether

  you use fancy ingredients with like

  skilled cooking methods or whether you

  just dump things from a can into the

  oven and sprinkle stuff on top that's

  the beauty of these dishes well and it

  also depends on - how much of the meal

  you're cooking right like if you're one

  person and you're trying to cook this

  tremendous elaborate meal for people

  sometimes you just need a you know a

  dump side dish that you just like take

  some things and you put it all together

  and then you can focus your culinary

  efforts on different parts of the meal

  to me and so it depends on what you

  yourself are happy cooking right to

  clarify using the term dump there as

  like the method not like the

  classification ya know like you know you

  open a can and you put it in add say

  yeah you can add anything and stuff to

  to heighten the experience but in

  general it keeps that dish simple so you

  can then focus on something else yeah

  and I would say really you know like

  that your freshly made ones this year no

  question they were better than the

  canned stuff but I would say my

  enjoyment of the canned one it's only

  maybe you know 60 or 75 percent as much

  as I enjoy your fresh one well I'm good

  I only made a couple dishes other people

  made dishes and then some exact like we

  split the cooking between three families

  so we were all able to focus our efforts

  on our like couple dishes that we were

  making and then make them really good so

  I think that that's why this

  Thanksgiving turned out so delicious

  my fingers still smell like the smoked

  turkey is pulled apart no it just smells

  really good cuz it's not it's not like

  smoked turkey we've had leftovers

  leftover dinner like right before

  recording this yeah our friends you can

  wash your hands a few times and the

  smoke smell so doesn't come off had a

  nice ring around it to the turkey yeah

  delicious anyway okay so you're number

  three is sweet potato casserole all

  right look is mostly a delivery

  mechanism for crispy fried onions yeah

  so crispy fried onions is earrin

  I also discovered over dinner of course

  we still have the can of crispy fried

  onions because TIFF made her own so I

  bought the can as a backup just in case

  they didn't turn out yeah I also bought

  mushroom soup as a backup and myself

  didn't turn it exactly and so now we

  have is all these extra crispy fried

  onions are around every I don't know why

  we don't normally have using the cabinet

  all year round with maybe a try that you

  did that before you had that in

  Larchmont and you would always just

  sneak in there for like a fist they're


  it's like it's just like salt but bigger

  I think we're both into eating fistfuls

  of food like randomly

  yeah that's we walk path sir okay so I

  discovered tonight that so basically we

  we've reheated our plates of leftovers

  and I took the can of fried onions and

  kind of sprinkled some extra ones on top

  of my green beans and I thought you know

  I wonder so I went over and sprinkled

  someone on the mashed potatoes too

  so we had mashed potatoes with with

  gravy and crispy fried onions and I'll

  tell you what that works that really

  works parently you can just crisp fi

  onion everything whenever yep and then

  everything you eat will just taste like

  crispy fried onion they're really good

  at least ours were from Whole Foods so

  you know yes it's organic junk food we

  are good little hipsters exactly all

  right we each have one left or our

  number four slot mm-hmm what do you

  think yours or do you have any in mind I

  do it's kind of maybe controversial

  we'll see it between us I guess because

  we're the only ones that can dispute

  each other controversy I'm going with

  cranberry sauce with mandarin oranges in


  okay I'll give you that I love the

  cranberry sauce that I've learned how to

  make from my mom

  it's pretty much you take whole

  cranberry sauce it's from a can and then

  you dump another can of mandarin oranges

  into it and if you do or do not like

  walnuts um you choose to put them in hey

  Pete a lot of people like nuts and nuts

  on Thanksgiving are big things lot of

  people have bad taste

  oh come on so that's really one that's

  are terrible people like them you can

  tell they're terrible to us but people

  like them so anyway I love the cranberry

  sauce I think it is the perfect side

  dish compliment on Thanksgiving and has

  that brings that tart element to the

  plate that a lot of the other dishes

  don't because there's just so much sweet

  and there's so much buttery richness and

  when you bring in the freshness of the

  citrus from the mandarin oranges and the

  tartness from the cranberry sauce it

  really balances everything out and it is

  absolutely necessary for leftovers

  because not only does the cranberry

  sauce help the turkey taste better the

  second day with it's like weirdness that

  happens to it but it is also the main

  moisture delivery device for a sandwich

  I do not put any mayonnaise on my turkey

  sandwiches my leftover sandwiches I only

  use the cranberry sauce so it's

  necessary then delicious and yeah it's

  just that's why it has to be my number4

  you know what I'll give you that that's

  a really good pick and you know and I I

  wasn't that into it this year because

  the turkey was so good but like if you

  have like an overcooked turkey at dry

  for here just a bland turkey then it

  really does help a lot and I agree with

  you they're like having that extra

  element that that like tart that nothing

  else in the plate tastes like that right

  right so yeah I actually might agree

  with you I might go number four on that

  - really awesome so I think about

  everything else that you have you know

  you have the turkey which I do like

  turkey I like Turkey a lot well it's

  kind of a side let's face it it's it's

  really not the star of the show

  it's the sir of the show like out of

  obligation but nobody actually cares

  about that much but if I were able to

  put it on my list I might put the turkey

  at number four because we do tend to

  have really good turkeys in this family

  and I really do enjoy Turkey when it's

  when it's done well yeah we've had a lot

  of different turkeys over the years

  we've had like the standard baked type

  we've had a maple brined turkey we've

  had a beer turkey some sort of beer can

  turkey there was a beer can up its butt

  or something and it was cooked we just

  had smoked turkey mm-hmm

  I don't think we've had a deep-fried

  turkey yet III at least no I haven't

  have you know I haven't I've seen it on

  Instagram a lot but it was lit and it's

  like insanely dangerous dick well yeah I

  love like the Alton Brown Alton Alton

  Alton Alton Brown setup with the ladder

  to drop it in for safety reasons oh my

  god yeah that's that just seems like a

  nightmare like the whole logistics of

  deep-fried Turkey it's like no but yes

  we've had a lot of

  different types of turkey so yeah where

  are we going with this I got lost I was

  think about whether to put Turkey as a

  number four or cranberry sauce gotcha

  there's really nothing else in the meal

  that I think is like a star you know

  like there's like bread and stuff but

  you know I you're pretty good

  no yes you your rolls that you made from

  scratch are really good thanks

  but again that's not just for

  Thanksgiving no and pretty much

  everything else you know almost

  everything else that we would have on

  the on that plate or on that table you'd

  also have a different other parts of the

  year I would like to try a homemade

  cranberry sauce it just doesn't seem

  worth it it's like making your own jam

  yeah I've had it before it's fine but

  it's it's not worth the effort you can

  add homemade cream sauce yeah it's it's

  fine but you know you could like the K

  it's one of those it's one of those

  things were like just get the canned one

  because it's just as good nobody knows

  the difference nobody cares about the

  difference in many ways it's actually

  better and it's just no effort

  whatsoever and a canned version is you

  know if you want to get super cool

  organic with whole cranberries in it

  like we do you can if you want to get

  the one that cost 40 cents that is just

  like a big you know jello cylinder okay

  fine okay I don't like the jello a

  cylinder one but I do think funny funny

  I don't like that jellied

  version I like the whole berry one that

  you like smoosh up and it's like puffy I

  don't know what would you call that it's

  just like uh it's like a like a Jambi

  yeah it's more like a jam or and but

  know that the cylinder ones you can you

  can like serve as a disc you like stick

  a note I was gonna say it's so great is

  that the ridges of the inside of the can

  show you where to cut it you guys cut it

  on the ridge line wow that's a life hack

  right there that's awesome I never

  thought of that

  yeah I still don't know how you get it

  out of the can with those lines I like

  that I think you have to open up both

  sides like for those old juice

  containers where you had to punch two

  holes to get some air in it yeah yeah

  maybe mm-hmm and is that white cranberry

  cans are usually upside-down leave it

  like the label on the minute like it's

  they're cut they're aligned upside-down

  compared to other cans I think so it's

  so that it sits right side up so when

  you cut it no that doesn't make any

  sense it's upside down right yeah there

  whatever reason I was a Fadel it's

  probably so that the air pocket of it is

  at the top so when you open it because

  it's upside down

  the cranberry sauce is already at the

  precipice of escaping so you can open it

  and then it slides right out that makes

  sense I bet you're right because the air

  is behind it well for all of our

  listeners who work in the cranberry

  sauce canning industry please write in

  and explain this to us I'm sure at least

  one of you like science that you're

  probably right but I would love to hear

  it from an audience member in case

  they're in the business okay the canning

  the Canon cranberry sauce for

  Thanksgiving business so again you're

  the member of the cranberry cartel let

  us know yeah so I I am gonna pick turkey

  at number four unless it isn't allowed

  in which case I'll pick cranberry sauce

  okay I think that's legit yeah as long

  as you have a backup yeah that's me

  that's my backup in case just in case

  turkey was excluded from this from this

  classification all right cool well

  thanks everybody for joining us for this

  episode of top four I'm sure you wanted

  to hear more about Thanksgiving food

  right now you're tired of these dishes

  already by now yeah because my time is

  to get release will be like two days out

  from Thanksgiving yeah exactly

  super planners we are we are awesome at

  podcasting uh yep cool you want to go

  have some pie yeah pie all right thanks

  everybody for listening and I will talk

  to you next time ala mode or not well

  come on I mean if I screws available if

  you take it okay heated or not depends

  on the pie apple pie yes most most apple

  like pausing other fruit pies heated

  with ice cream what do you mean just

  nothing ice cream no why would you do


  what wait so you would have cold pie

  with cold ice cream oh no you you you

  heat the pie first yeah then you take it

  out of the heating instrument then you

  put your ice cream on it I need it but I

  all scream my self is not getting heated

  no no no I mean you know slowly melting

  from the but slowly getting heated from

  the pie yeah just yeah I just had to

  quiz you had to see ad to see where you

  stood I mean I know you but just

  checking yeah

  now maybe the question is like other

  kinds of pies things like pumpkin pie or

  it's more of like a moose style

  I don't heat those normally no an ice

  cream is probably the wrong choice with

  cream probably a better choice for those

  alright shout-out to my best friend

  Tania's pumpkin pie which is the only

  pumpkin pie I have ever truly really

  liked Thank You Tonya be my eyes I mean

  she is my soul mate so she makes your

  soul mate put my ladies on me that makes


  you tell me thanks alright how many

  Thanksgiving Day after two days after