Top Four

Top Four 24: Vegetables 🍆🥒🌽🥕🌶


  Happy New Year everybody Happy New Year

  yeah so we have a special New Year show

  and we figured you know a lot of people

  make resolutions for New Year's and a

  lot of people choose those resolutions

  to be something to make you healthier

  and so I guess we decided we would take

  a break from our usual gluttony of food

  episodes of things like donuts and ice

  cream and stuff and TIFF what are we

  doing this week we are going to talk

  about vegetables mm-hmm everyone needs

  some some recommendations and some new

  vegetables to eat since you're probably

  there's a there's a better-than-average

  chance that you've made some kind of New

  Year's resolution to eat healthier

  because that's what pretty much

  everybody does at least that's what we

  do and so we'll just assume everyone

  else does too

  so we spent the last two weeks thinking

  about vegetables mm-hmm for you yes this

  is entirely research for the show and

  for you to help serve you better and to

  tell you what the best vegetables are to

  eat because apparently the fun is now

  over for us we can't do anything else we

  have existing vegetables we can't think

  of anything else to talk about

  just kidding we have a lot of topics but

  when I decided I thought about

  vegetables and I turned to Marco I was

  like how about we do vegetables and then

  we just resilence out laughing so we're

  like that's the one that is how the best

  ideas are born all right so I actually

  have an honorable mention and a number

  five I I made a list of what I thought

  were four then forgot how many I had and

  it turns out I have a top 5 list plus

  honorable mention you know we've been

  doing this for a while I had always been

  four how did you accidentally get 5 it's

  me either I have no list or I have too

  much of a list so anyway my one

  honorable mention in top 4 vegetables is

  tomatoes because they're not really a

  vegetable yeah

  tomatoes are you know no matter what the

  government says tomatoes are very

  clearly a fruit keep your government

  hands off my tomato fruits vegetables

  Wow tomatoes to me are kind of like

  there's so much greatness that is based

  in the tomato like if you think about


  not only is there like tomato sauce and

  ketchup but lots of things that are

  derived from that like barbecue sauce

  which is based on ketchup and tomatoes

  and everything basically without

  tomatoes I think there are so many food

  they would be no condiments there would

  be very few condiments only like the

  vinegar based ones that nobody likes

  except mustard I guess my looks pretty

  good but anyway you know we wouldn't

  have good pizza we wouldn't have tomato

  water we wouldn't have tomato water what

  would we do without tomato water I

  really don't know what to do with tomato

  water but anyway uh pizza pasta pretty

  much all Italian food would be gone

  without tomatoes barbecue I think would

  be I this is controversial but I think

  barbecue would be less interesting

  without a tomato based sauce so the

  tomato is really to me the best

  vegetable that isn't a vegetable if it

  were a vegetable officially like by

  science standards it might be my number


  so how strict are we getting for our

  list here because I had tomato on my

  short list also but the problem with the

  tomato is it's extremely seasonal it's

  very picky when you get a good tomato

  when you get a bad tomato it's so mealy

  and gross and flavorless or just like a

  bad flavor just biting into a terrible

  tomato even cooked on a pizza or

  something it is just not good making

  sauces out of bad tomatoes the sauces I

  mean guess making sauce out of anything

  bad is bad okay no but that's a moot

  point well one of my considerations for

  for my ranking was things like

  consistency and how easy it is to get in

  store did you think about raw taste

  versus cook taste on some of them yeah

  yeah because I think that that's

  relevant Oh doesn't decision making I

  was curious what your criteria for

  decision-making was we'll get their

  judging categories so judging them each

  individually as we do on top forum

  because we have no consistency

  whatsoever well yeah I mean I'm feelings

  it's all about feelings yeah our show is

  about feeling exams and food ooh

  so anyway do you have an honorable

  mention that is before I do my number 5

  I'm gonna read my short list which can

  which contains one herb that's a tricky

  designation but I think like if it's

  like a dried

  leaf or seed or something I think that

  counts but as a fresh leaf okay I'm

  gonna have basil as my own honorable

  mention it's hard to draw a definition

  between to draw a line between herbs and

  like because basil if you know you're

  eating the whole leaf of it I guess

  maybe it's about volume like bulk it's

  like you wouldn't like if you look at

  like basil versus spinach like they have

  about the same size leaf but like you

  wouldn't eat a whole bag of basil at

  once necessarily although I guess if

  you're eating pesto that's a lot of

  basil such a picky jerk when it comes to

  living well basil seems to grow

  perfectly for everyone else in the roast

  of us but it seems like everyone else in

  the world was able to grow massive

  amounts of basil because people water

  their plants oh do that yeah that's why

  we we only have succulents now yeah my

  my theory on on succulents we have we've

  had them in our house for a while my

  theory is that succulents are already

  dead when you get them it just takes a

  really long time for you to notice that

  they're dead because they take so long

  to dry out and fully show that they're

  dead so all the grocery stores are just

  selling us dead plants that's why it's

  so many of them sell succulents and why

  they don't cost that much because you

  can get something that looks fairly

  alive and oh look it's some kind of

  weird cactus shaped thing and it just

  takes years - yeah it actually died

  three years ago and they've been keeping

  in the back all this time but doesn't

  matter it won't look dead for another

  three years and water you can water it

  as much or as little as you want to give

  it as much as little son as you want in

  your house never let succulents really

  easy to take care of turns out there's

  dead the whole time I think the same is

  going for air plants too they're just

  dead yeah I think you're right those are

  BS yep okay so now we are established

  succulents dead air plants BS and

  there's tomato vegetable basil not a

  vegetable and tomato also not a


  exactly all right we're doing great all

  right so people are great resuming my

  number five

  you're fired

  yeah so my number five which is an

  accident but it kind of ties into the

  storyline of the rest so I had to

  include it broccoli

  so my rationale here is you know what

  not a lot of people love tons of

  vegetables and you know as you're a kid

  like you know you really hate them

  usually and then as you get older you

  realize oh these aren't so bad and you

  can actually make good stuff with them

  and and some of them are actually good

  broccoli I feel like kind of splits the

  line of like I don't know a lot of

  people who love broccoli but if like

  I'll get broccoli on pizza I like I like

  that like broccoli is inoffensive

  broccoli is just there

  exactly it's inoffensive but it's

  healthy and I feel like on the scale of

  vegetables some of them are like worth

  more points than others like health

  points you know like like some of them

  are kind of a cop-out like I think corn

  is a total cop-out corn and like

  potatoes those are bit those should not

  even be counted as vegetables because

  those are just like well they're starchy

  bombs right like that's but those count

  like so I actually looked up to

  Wikipedia I actually did some research

  so in so in the US the top consumed

  vegetables in the US potatoes potatoes

  number one and this is from the USDA

  this is 2014 corn so number ones

  potatoes and it's mostly in French fries

  which I think it'll really sad and again

  I as previous data I don't think

  potatoes should count fried potatoes

  okay number two tomatoes mostly from

  pizza again that's not really a

  vegetable America number three onions

  which I know that was pretty good at

  least I guess they're in a lot of things

  number four even onions yes of God

  number four iceberg lettuce we have the

  worst taste that is number five not just

  corn but specifically canned corn oh

  well candy corn is way better than

  frozen corn that's true I will canned

  corn is delicious again though I'm not

  sure it should count like it's not

  particularly healthy and and then

  finally number six you have leaf or

  romaine lettuce that's like the first

  like real vegetable think this yes

  romaine is bordering on like it's almost

  iceberg lettuce like it is barely a

  green and these are all things that are

  served by like McDonald's yeah so

  depressing yeah and then number seven

  this was the last one this is I'm a

  little curious about this canned chili

  peppers huh is that like roasted red

  peppers like you get on in like Italians

  like chopped green chilies the little

  green chilies probably does everybody

  put those in cornbread like we do or is

  there another use for those things I

  don't know I don't know why you can't

  just get a chill

  and chop it you chef why is it why are

  all these things that they can I don't

  know anyway so going back we have the

  technology now to have fresh vegetables

  like all the time and you know there are

  fewer bomb shelters I'm pretty sure well

  that's why everyone would get buy canned

  vegetables that's my mom was talking

  about anyway everybody's doing like a

  survivalist crap and all it Unitarians

  they're all buying the canned goods and

  the Mormons anyway so it's number five

  broccoli you know I feel like you know

  it's inoffensive you get a lot of points

  like you get all the credit for it it's

  like a good vegetable and I've also for

  for my top five that I've done here I've

  also true shows called top four just so

  everyone's aware we didn't change the

  name of the show yeah I just messed up I

  just couldn't count I've also chosen for

  each to five for each of my vegetables

  well except for my number one so I've

  chosen for the four what's happening

  my preferred cover-up method because you

  know a lot of vegetables are disliked by

  like kids or teenagers whatever and you

  need to be like a reliable way to cover

  up their their bitterness or their fault

  or whatever else so broccoli the best

  cover-up is clearly cheese right because

  cheese is awesome and I'm the best

  vegetable to put cheese on I think is

  pretty easily agreed on broccoli and so

  therefore broccoli is awesome

  so that's my number five you really did

  spend a lot of time thinking about

  vegetables I did my homework I did a

  little bit too much of it but I did my

  homework so what's your number five I

  don't have a number five I follow the

  rules I mean if we wanted to do like top

  ten here I have a whole bunch so I could

  I can rank them but we're sticking a

  four because we're professionals

  anyway so I November four is asparagus

  mmm fresh asparagus oh yeah do not like

  to canned asparagus it's all soggy and

  terrible but it is down at number four I

  love asparagus it's very tasty but it

  does make your urine smell awful if you

  eat too much of it so it does not get

  any higher in the list even though it is


  and it's wonderful especially with like

  aioli sauce on it oh that's really good

  that okay you're talking about cover-up

  method mm-hmm yeah just a little boiled


  like parboiled real quick so it's nice

  and bright still a little bit crunchy

  and you got to take off those terrible

  root ends of course when you're cooking

  it and then some salt and pepper a

  little drizzle of aioli oh so good

  that's that's my number four solid pick

  mmm I'm thinking about right now we

  haven't had that in a while

  ooh I should make something vegetable

  that's why I should make some chicken

  cutlets with some asparagus we are

  almost as far from spring as we can

  possibly be and so that's why we haven't

  had it oh we do we try and eat

  seasonally a little bit because the

  things taste better if you get them in

  the right season oh yeah go figure

  alright my number four is kind of like

  broccoli taken to the extreme

  it's Brussels sprouts hey because I feel

  like I'm the scale of like what's worth

  health points

  I think Brussels sprouts are like about

  as good as you can get like it they're

  basically little tiny heads of cabbage

  that you fill with oil and roast somehow

  like each one feels like I'm getting a

  lot of vegetable credit by eating this

  this little tiny cabbage head thing the

  only major downside I think to Brussels

  sprouts is that they are relatively

  difficult to cook well yeah that's why

  they didn't make my list at all I love

  Brussels sprouts and I love when you

  cook them and I love them doused in

  balsamic vinegar I don't like when a lot

  of other people cook them only like very

  good restaurants mm-hmm and so I didn't

  make the list I guess that would be my

  number 5 if I had to pick there we go

  see now you're getting in the game yeah

  getting out of the game and and in my in

  my typical fashion here the best

  cover-up method for Brussels sprouts a

  for people who don't like the flavor

  that much I think is aromatics so things

  like garlic shallots spice blend kind of

  things it takes well to that look at you

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  you but it has opened up a whole new

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  my number three is a total blue apron

  turnaround vegetable so want to go into

  it yeah I kind of do all right what is

  your number three blue apron turnaround

  vegetable radishes I also come around a

  little bit cuz they often had you

  pickled them yeah like you know in like

  a quick pickle with vinegar and stuff

  and they don't like just like a nice

  shaved radish on top of something like

  it's crunchy it's it's very peppery

  they've had a whole bunch of different

  types of radishes like those really

  pretty they're the watermelon radishes

  this one's the purple or the Evoque it

  looks like a watermelon when you slice

  it it's so cool so yeah radishes are my

  number three because they are brand new

  I'm super excited about them they have a

  very unique flavor if they're really

  good raw and they're also good pickled

  and I think we've had them slightly

  fried in certain things did I ever have

  no I don't know if we ever applied heat

  to them in any way I think they're

  they're almost always like some kind of

  thin slice with a quick pickle or

  something like that yeah but before I

  never knew what to do with a radish I

  never thought I would like it and I very

  much like them and I find myself putting

  extra radish unto things

  whenever I have radish available turns

  up turns out thanks believer in like

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  it's great for that and so if if you

  like try to eat healthy every new year

  this is a good way to in addition to all

  the other benefits so anyway my number

  three is the complete opposite direction

  something that I'm not sure we've ever

  gotten from blurry from because it's so

  incredibly boring

  it's Peas I don't think yeah I don't

  think they've ever owned oat they have

  sent us peas and I've had to bust them

  out of the pods oh yeah okay that I like

  - I like the Grayson's like fancy Peas

  yes but you gotta work for it Peas we're

  like I'm expending more calories getting

  these keys out of the pot than I am all

  right so the reason I like peas so much

  like you know to make my number three

  here there's not a lot you can do to

  screw them up there they're pretty

  inoffensive I know even when I was a kid

  I liked peas like I know some kids

  absolutely hate them I don't really know

  what their parents could have possibly

  done to them to make them hate them so

  much because they just tastes like very

  little there's very little flavor there

  but what is there I think is nice and

  pleasant and so they're they're pretty

  versatile they're as you mentioned

  earlier with like you know versatility

  and stock and consistency you can buy

  really good peas in frozen bags and for

  very little money and you can just keep

  them in your freezer pretty much all the

  time so it's really easy to keep them

  and to you know they're just like

  they're very practical vegetable that's

  probably why you see so many people

  eating them like they're pretty common

  and that's probably why peas didn't make

  my list because I feel like they're not

  great naked yeah well so and my my cover

  up recommendation if for some reason you

  don't like peas but also just a good way

  to prepare them peas take very well to

  fat so my recommendations are butter and

  bacon yes these are very fatty unhealthy

  things that are offsetting a lot of the

  benefits of eating the vegetables but a

  little bit of butter or bacon and the

  silly fats and particularly salty fats

  at ya know nians pea onions mm-hmm

  they really go a long way towards making

  Pease awesome what is are we up to your

  number two now yeah my number two is

  also possibly controversial in true

  fashion I can switch my number one in my

  number two here I have the option

  because it's our show and I do what I

  want host privilege alright yeah so my

  number three is garlic vac totally

  counts yeah cuz I looked it up it says

  listed as a vegetable garlic is a

  vegetable and it is but I mean you can't

  possibly eat enough garlic to like eat

  some garlic like I'll say it's like I'm

  gonna have a meal of garlic you can't

  you can't do that yeah I kind of feel

  like it's almost in the category of

  basil of like yeah it's like an aromatic

  it's well I think it I think it just

  barely might count but if it counts I

  think we might have to allow basil

  mm-hmm I don't know but it's like a root

  it's like a root vegetable but again

  it's like so strong and potent right

  although I like the the ramps the garlic

  ramps that like come off you can use

  those also so that's is that count as

  garlic or is that kind of like that the

  broccoli vegetable which is like

  actually 20,000 different vegetables you

  know we what do we listen to about that

  that was a episode I believe nine of the

  surprisingly awesome podcast yeah highly

  recommended it with outs it's all about

  broccoli it's like this one this one

  species of plant has a handful of

  cultivars they represent a pretty good

  portion of the vegetable section of the

  typical American grocery store it's like

  broccoli kale collard greens

  Brussels sprouts these are they're all

  from cabbage they're all the same

  species just just different cultivars of

  it and so it's kind of funny to think

  about that's all really basically the

  same plant just with site variations

  what's that crazy broccoli one that

  looks like little teepees I like swirly

  teepees little cones yeah that is called

  broccoflower it's a broccoli cauliflower

  it's so collectively a cauliflower

  member and it is called broccoflower

  which is an awesome name it is awesome

  looking oh it's just bonkers it looks

  like a little uh sure painting yeah it's

  a fractal

  it's a fractal vegetable there aren't a

  lot of fractal foods that grow in nature

  so it's pretty cool oh man I wish I had

  a mochi version of that yeah

  how'd be great anyway so yeah garlic is

  my number three but if I have to do you

  mean sorry number two garlic is my

  number two because it's just so good in

  everything it makes everything taste

  better I will always have garlic with

  things I don't care what my breath

  smells like it doesn't matter I love it

  you can also cook garlic the whole

  cloves if you cook it the right way you

  they'll be sweet like a slow cooker kind

  of like meaty yeah if you like cook them

  slower and yeah or roast them you can

  like do so but should I should I

  substitute for something else because no

  that's your number two it might not

  count as a vegetable I don't care number

  three it was a member of everyone list

  of vegetables that I saw when I did my

  research on what vegetables were before

  the show garlic was always included well

  I could move garlic anywhere on my list

  depending on how much everyone thinks

  it's a vegetable or not so if you go

  back down to number four and everything

  else can just move up a notch alright my

  number two building on my list of my you

  know building on that my number three

  being peas number two is carrots oh


  so no listen so carrots are so good so

  what's nice about carrots are doggies

  carrots that's part of the reason

  they're so good even dogs love them


  nearly anything you do to a carrot is

  fine like it is I'm not sure it's

  possible to cook a carrot badly and to

  me like when I was growing up my mom was

  not the best chef with vegetables and so

  I thought I really hated all these

  vegetables like things like broccoli cuz

  she would you know burn them or whatever

  else carrots I feel like even bad home

  cooks can cook carrots to a degree that

  they're fine at worst they they are

  bland it tastes like nothing like if

  they're just like boringly steamed or

  whatever but your number two is

  something that's just fine well because

  it's so incredibly versatile you can

  have them raw all the way up to like

  fancy like you know maple or brown sugar

  glazed and it's good all those different

  things are course it's good maple

  brown sugar glaze and raw carrots are

  like chomping on a piece of bark like

  it's just lately it's really got a party

  or something in the crudité platter out

  I will almost always eat a pretty good

  amount of the baby carrots yeah but what

  are you dipping at and having come on

  some of them I'm not some of them I'm

  eating just by themselves now I'll dip

  some of them in the ranch dressing but

  not all of them but I must have a

  different taste buds in you guys carrots

  to me tastes like just rods of nothing

  and they're orange they're even a fun


  yeah they don't taste like how fun they

  look they really don't be so boring I

  might as well she want to stick chewing

  on a stick and eating a carrot to me is

  pretty phenomenal I will gladly eat raw

  carrots on a crudite platter with

  nothing on them and be very happy about

  that I would eat them if I were starving

  and I wouldn't like it anyway yeah so my

  best cover-up method for carrots is the

  sugar family of cover-ups maple syrup

  brown or stuff like that

  Marko's cookie show cooking with marco

  today we're going to saute some carrots

  since the maple brown butter hey my

  clears carrots are awesome they are

  that's right you are very good at

  glazing vegetables

  you are very good at infusing vegetables

  with fat those carrots it's actually

  almost no oil at all it's its eye

  because the first time I made them I

  used like a regular amount of oil that

  you'd use to fry things in and it was it

  was way too much so now butter yeah I

  don't use that in carrots I don't use

  butter really either I really just use

  like a very tiny amount of oil and then

  a large amount of maple syrup

  it's it is a lot of sugar but it's not

  it's not fat okay so you're number one

  now all right my number one vegetable

  number one pick for two pharmacies I

  know it's vegetable arugula ah I love

  arugula see I like all the peppery

  vegetables yeah I like that I love

  arugula I crave the blue I can't say it

  that well arugula close enough anyway

  arugula I love it it's peppery its leafy

  its dark green it's delicious it goes

  well with salads it goes well with like

  little side dishes it's good when you

  warm it up

  been like toss it with some things it's

  really delicious with a fried egg on top

  I mean what isn't but making fun of me

  for like glazing some maple sugar with

  my carrots and you're like this

  vegetable is fine if you put a fried egg

  on top I didn't say it was fine if you

  put a fried egg I said it was also good

  with a fried egg it's good with

  prosciutto it tasty and wonderful I

  craved it like crazy when I was pregnant

  and it is just it just exudes healthy

  but it's it's just savory in a very

  different way that I find most

  vegetables aren't and I love it that is

  food pepper me up I also love pepper on

  everything a lot of pepper that I think

  that you listed two vegetables that

  taste to what most people describe as

  peppery mm-hm and you are like the

  pepper Queen so that that does radishes

  on arugula Oh with an egg put an egg of

  course yeah put it I got everything all

  right my number one is the onion the

  onion because onions also count there on

  every little hey if garlic counts onions

  count cuz to be damned you cannot bite

  into it and onion right yeah onions

  obviously required preparation I think

  not like raw onions likes not like

  sometimes people will put r onions

  unlike certain salads or whatever oh

  yeah sandwiches I hate raw onions

  because my mouth just tastes like raw

  onion for the next hour I think one of

  the funniest visual gags is somebody

  taking a full onion bulb and just biting

  into it I think it's really funny

  anyways yet my number one onions because

  you if you you know saute or you know

  cook some good onions it makes every

  other food better like it makes other

  vegetables better it makes meat better

  like stock make sandwiches yeah it's

  like onions make almost every kind of

  food you can think of better when used

  properly caramelized onions see

  everything exactly like they are the

  universal condiment to almost any other

  kind of food and as you mentioned with

  saucers they're often included for

  flavor and other things like the it was

  so universal I chose not to pick it but


  you're making a lot of sense onions I'm

  really glad you picked it and I'm glad

  that we're married to combine our lists

  execute them together exactly and you

  don't need to cover up onions because

  they are a cover up no you do you have

  to cover them up by cooking cuz raw

  onion is rough

  I don't think cooking counts as a cover

  up method because you can cook onions in

  basically nothing like you cook onions

  and other onions and it's fine yeah you

  could like I will often if I'm trying to

  soften up some onions in a relatively

  healthy way I'll just put a little bit

  of water in a frying pan with them and

  the water will evaporate in a couple of

  minutes and then you have caramelized

  onions without any crap in them it's

  pretty great so yeah onions highly

  recommended my favorite kind are Vidalia

  of course because there was sweetest but

  pretty much like I like all of them like

  every kind of onion I like they're

  they're just great they make everything

  else better they're in lots of things

  that are delicious and they for some

  reason count as a vegetable and so I'll

  take it onions and grilled cheese

  exactly caramelized onions and cheese

  exactly of course that deco to that

  saying and buy caramelized I mean just

  like cooked a lot not necessarily cover

  in sugar no I in fact I almost never add

  sugar if I do add sugar to my frying of

  onions it'll usually be in the form of a

  dash of barbecue sauce if I'm putting

  them on like a hamburger or something

  I'll put a little barbecue sauce in with

  them but that's that's not a cooking

  YouTube channel only if John Syracuse

  who agrees to join it with us cooking

  for the internet one of my dreams has

  long been to create a cooking show with

  John siracusa but just him cooking and

  me just filming it and publishing it no

  I think it should be him watching you

  cook and freaking out just him in the

  background just be like oh just John

  watching other people cook yep and then

  like pushing them aside and showing them

  what to do the show that's kind of

  amazing alright it'll be like comedians

  and car was a coffee but John watching

  other people cook will come over to your

  kitchen oh my gosh will like just oh but

  he hates traveling will have to drug him

  you get one of those telepresence robots

  and there's just like the iPad on a

  stick with wheels no no because his

  physicality in the space with you and

  like yeah that'd be so great John we are

  signing you up for this

  you're going to make thousands of views

  okay all right so I guess I'd say right

  well no I want to talk about what I

  didn't pick okay yeah okay so I had on

  my list I had spinach tomatoes Brussels

  sprouts basil bok choy cucumbers sugar

  snap peas regular piece yeah that's why

  God not bad that's anything like as an

  adult I pretty much like all vegetables

  now like I mean I can't no no they're

  definitely some vegetables I don't I'm

  still not a huge fan of the texture of

  large pieces of mushroom yeah they just

  like ear it's biting into an ear yeah

  but no but I loved mushroom flavor like

  I you know at thanks to blue apron

  actually for the first time ever I have

  recently bought mushrooms like I never

  bought mushrooms before and I recently

  bought them to remake this awesome

  tie it's like a it's like a Tom Kha gai

  soup but it's like it was a chicken

  katsu so it's like a slight variation

  yeah I've been enjoying mushrooms but I

  do not like biting into a big mushroom

  it does just tastes like nibbling on an

  ear that you just found in your plate so

  you're welcome everybody now you have

  that image also beets taste like dirt to

  me and will never ever be good I like

  beets enough to get like beet salads at

  restaurants because then someone else is

  preparing them they're good they have

  like a little bit of goat cheese it's

  great but I don't love them so much that

  I buy to myself but otherwise like me

  also I really like kale I really like

  kale it's just a matter of knowing how

  to cook it I think those like big green

  leafy vegetables I think it's just a

  matter of knowing how to cook it and

  when it's actually done I think

  blueprint is also shown us how you can

  shove kale and pretty much anything

  somehow yeah pretty much any recipe you

  can shove kale into it in a way that is

  like an inoffensive and totally fine and

  then you're eating kale and you get you

  get points for that too

  yeah and it's not like a weird half outs

  like shoving kale into things and being

  like oh yeah this totally goes and kales

  super popular oh it was like popular

  like what three years ago so it was like

  the kale craze but it is legit good in a

  lot of different things yeah alright I

  guess that's it right I guess so yeah

  vegetables thanks everyone for listening

  it's a vegetable episode good luck with

  your with your vegetables out there your

  vegetable travels we'd love to hear

  about the vegetables you're trying this

  holiday season I don't know I'm sorry


  I like a radio announcer the hope is

  there also over and that's true this new

  year the holidays are why we have to eat

  vegetables now yeah because of the

  holidays yeah it's like oh crap that was

  a lot of sugar and stuff that we ate

  over the last few weeks now we have to

  eat a lot more vegetables and a lot less

  of everything good don't you find that

  after you eat a whole bunch of sweet

  stuff for like holidays season

  overindulgence you just crave salad I

  mean like what was the first thing we

  had when we got home was a big salad you

  have just nailed why I will often go for

  the raw carrots on a crudite platter

  because usually it is in the context of

  a bunch of crap food there's like you

  know chips and junk food at a party or

  something and there's a crudite platter

  that no one else is touching and so I

  will grab some carrots and eat them

  plain because I feel like it kind of

  balances out all the other crap meeting

  at that party there you go boom that

  convert you or no