Top Four

Top Four 25: Dog Breeds 🐶


  hi everybody top four is back we are

  going to be talking this week on top

  four about our favorite dog breeds yay

  because everyone loves dogs and since

  everything's kind of a little bit crappy

  right now

  in the political world we want to focus

  on our lovable furry companions that

  bring us so much joy and here joining us

  this month is two friends of ours who

  love dogs and they will tell you all

  about how much they love dogs

  it is Joel and Stephanie Houseman hi

  guys hey they're fine Joel does a

  podcast called Ice Station Houseman

  Stephanie tweets awesome stuff and has

  pictures of her adorable baby and dogs

  and lots of dogs so if you love dogs you

  should follow Steph we're gonna pretend

  for the duration of the episode that you

  don't also own cats I'm actually being

  attacked by a cat as we record this

  right now I'm wearing a cat t-shirt so

  like six or seven years ago our

  Instagram feed so it was Instagram

  around six or seven years ago whatever

  we use to trike photos so it was like

  all cat photos and then we got dogs and

  then it became like all dog photos and

  then up until about six and a half

  months ago and then we got a baby and

  now it's all baby photos as you do well

  for a while it was house photos when you

  were building your house oh yeah I

  forgot about that yeah I think it's

  reasonable whoever is youngest in the

  family gets most of the pictures taken

  of them yeah

  it's fair it's only fair some of us do

  try to you know pay attention to how

  many dog follows that we are posting to

  make sure that the dogs are getting an

  adequate amount of attention we should

  have a discussion about your dogs to

  gram oh my god we need to talk about

  Marco and Instagram dogs because let me

  just lay it out there

  the majority of things that he looks at

  now on Instagram are adorable dogs and

  he follows so many dog and dog couple's

  dog couples meeting dogs that live

  together who are not related sometimes

  they are sometimes they are they won't

  get into the breed yet we own a certain

  breed of dog and there's like a cult

  of this type of breed owner on Instagram

  I'm going read now that are obsessed

  with their particular breed of dog so

  much so that the breed of dog is in the

  Instagram username

  oh yeah and she follows like 400 of them

  her Instagram feed is non-stop photos of

  this particular type of breed of dog

  which are the breed we own and so like I

  look at her Instagram and it's like oh

  yeah that's the guy that owns the three

  of them in Texas and that's the guy that

  I think you could spoil it spoil it Joel

  what what breed you guys because

  everyone knows what we have we have a

  ship poop and which is a shih tzu poodle

  mix and you guys have two very spoiled

  and very lovable Cavalier King Charles

  Spaniels I'm George the sixth aka Bertie

  and Lizzie Bennet SM as in like birdie

  the King speech for all of our male

  animals are named after Colin Firth

  characters for or for fans of the new

  Netflix series the crown the king at the

  very beginning that ends up dying

  that's birdie as long as you have a

  system I think it works yeah we do but

  yeah Marcos Instagram feed is pretty

  hilarious and usually while we're you

  know getting settled down to go to bed

  he's like shoving pictures of dogs in my

  face from Instagram look at this one

  my favorite one is um Kirk the floof I

  love his name I can always tell when

  Marco's on Instagram because Twitter

  starts becoming it's always funny when

  you share a photo from Instagram it's

  like if they don't title the photo it's

  like the username shared a photo and

  Marco how many followers did you lose

  over posting dogs on it on Twitter about

  a thousand posted dog photos non-stop

  totally worth it

  did you get a lot of those I only follow

  you for tech to tweet more about tech

  you know I did usually I would just

  block those people figuring well if I

  block you it unfollowed me and so I'll

  just solve this problem for you all

  those people are like I don't know what

  I did Marco blocked me can you and they

  all tweet at me to get them unblocked do

  you do the do you believe them blocked

  or do you do the block unblock trick

  usually if they're just complaining

  about what I'm posting I'll do the block

  on block trick

  bass I love that not many people

  understand how that works it forces the

  other person to unfollow you and then

  you unblock them so they can't see that

  they're blocked anymore they can still

  they can still see your tweets but it

  just forces them to unfollow you if

  there's no paper trail like I kind of

  like people on Twitter complain in I've

  seen a bunch of people complaining

  recently about this alleged unfollow bug

  where they will just find that they have

  just mysteriously unfollowed somebody

  they thought they were following and I

  wonder how many cases of this alleged

  bug are just people who were block I'm

  blocked by that other person I'm I'm a

  hundred percent convinced it's block on

  block yeah this is not a tech show we're

  gonna be talking about some dogs except

  for the time that someone's husband

  muted her because she started a tumblr

  page for all the dogs that she wasn't

  allowed to adopt I need Joel that was

  cool they are heard latest kik as she

  wants a bunny no you don't want that

  there allergy clouds they're just

  they're the worst for any allergy

  anything ever started this recently I

  was like no we we have a seven month old

  baby no no more animals adorable I mean

  you already have a houseful full of

  animals so you're already like you know

  at some minor risk here however yeah

  bunnies are even worse than cats because

  they're for their fur is like as

  irritating as cat fur to certain people

  like me yeah but they're always in

  motion so it makes it just fills the air

  so much faster than cats do and so much

  more severely it like I cannot be in the

  same house as a rabbit i if there's like

  if there's like cats in a house I can be

  okay for like a couple hours without

  having a problem but if there's a rabbit

  I'm out of there in ten minutes

  like it's really it's the worst but you

  can put a bunny hutch outside then why

  bother then they're just gonna freeze

  well I guess you guys don't have winter

  down there anyway yeah let's talk about

  better animals so I think we should

  start at our number fours alright we

  said that these don't necessarily have

  to be dogs that you want to own it's

  just dog breeds that you really like

  also it is not just American Kennel Club

  kind of distinguished dogs I believe you

  could also do any combination

  they're of feel free to mix and match

  your dog breeds as you see fit for your

  top 4 there are so many mixed breeds now

  that are treated as such a high pedigree

  of like a what quote-unquote purebred

  that it's I don't know I think those old

  stodgy roles are way out of date like

  the cabochons do you always cheat on

  Bertie and Lizzie with their so those

  are cabochons so I thought they were

  Cavaliers yeah those are cabochon

  I like the calves Apuzzo oh I really

  like mid Nidhi from Elia yeah so it

  seems like while we're trying to stop

  talking about Instagram dogs never stop

  it seems like there is the best

  Instagram dog community in Australia yes

  I follow so many Australian internet

  dogs I don't know what must be dogs down

  there they're soaked yes yeah like they

  have they just have an amazing Instagram

  dog community in Australia for some

  reason and I really enjoy it well Ned

  has a lot of cute friends yeah that does

  have a lot of cute friends Annette is

  adorable alright anyway alright okay so

  for the role of the top four dice hold

  on I said get something up just rolls

  let me roll something deaf go first okay

  so my list of honorable mentions first

  LD R of course took me a long time to

  narrow this down to a top four look she

  said she's done a lot of research she's

  done a lot of prep for this I did maybe

  a half hour of prep I would also like to

  read some of the American Kennel Club

  descriptions like a very the brief like

  couple word descriptions about each dog

  breed that we choose so once we get into

  our top fours I will be reading a couple

  of those out for everybody oh you did

  some research I just have a webpage open

  okay that counts and I have some cut and

  paste total plagiarism from Wikipedia

  here going on in my - but my I realized

  I am I am for my top fours I am

  definitely not a big dog person like I

  thought I was doing this too much to my


  surprise going on right now because I

  have always wanted a new fee or a

  mastiff or a Bernese Mountain Dog and

  our next-door neighbor is the most

  durable Newfie and is supposed to be

  close to 200 pounds when he is fully

  grown and I literally sat in our

  breakfast room staring into their

  backyard the day he came home and worked

  for an entire day looking into their

  backyard so I could see him when he

  first graced our next-door neighbor's

  property she stalks our neighbor's dogs

  well he was the cutest little fluffy pup

  it was I thought yeah you took some

  awesome poet photos of him I loved him

  but that being said Samoyeds huskies

  Malamutes new fees and Bernie's all are

  in my honorable mention list my top for

  my first is gonna be a boomy what is a

  poo me is that the Zuckerberg dog hold

  on no that is a pulley oh my mistake

  you're right

  the reason the Poli did not make the

  list is because it actually is a

  Zuckerberg that's actually a downside

  downside I'm like no I can't do this but

  they're actually very similar they're

  both Hungarian herding dogs but a poo me

  doesn't shed versus a Puli has dreads

  okay it has no description here on the

  American Kennel Club but underneath the

  Puli it says loyal smart home loving

  strong-willed but trainable and then

  there's a picture of a fluffier version

  without dreadlocks and it looks adorable

  so a poo me has almost how do I describe

  this like little ears that kind of come

  up and flop down Terrier like and will

  sit up on a time legs and beg and that's

  considered what if you look at a lot of

  the YouTube videos what they'll call

  sitting pretty for the poo me and is

  just adorable

  the reason I really liked the poo me yes

  the picture that Marco's showing short

  curly hair yeah it has weird proportions

  like the ears are really distinctive

  either they're so big they offered it

  for the size says that what made you

  pick this dog do you know anyone who has

  a dog like this or you just like it from

  dog shows I liked it from dog shows and

  it was recently and 2016 considered part

  of fish I guess official part of the aka

  see it's recognized now for official AKC

  purposes nice so I just thought it was


  I'm doing all of this based on my

  adorability factor that's that's awesome

  no nope factors are individual and

  personal so no judge like rolling his

  eyes I can hear it from here I'm just

  shaking my head

  well that so I was looking at photos of

  the other one you mentioned the pulley

  the one used you didn't pick is that

  that's the that's the one that looks

  like a mom yeah someone took the stick

  off of a mop and it's just the end of

  the month gotta admit they're adorable

  and they're hilarious when they run yes

  it's like Bob Marley coming at you in

  slow motion slow motion Pooley running

  is should be a sport it's just it's kind

  of impressive that they exist at all

  like and you wonder like first of all

  how did this come to be

  second off secondly like how is this dog

  not tripping over its own dreads yeah

  how to understand what seas or hurting

  dogs so they're hurting sheep with

  dreadlocks are they supposed to blend in

  with the Sheep well actually when I

  watched one of the videos the dreadlocks

  and the the hair and the fur that they

  have actually protects them from wolves

  because if they're attacked they're only

  getting the the dreads they're not

  actually hitting the body of the dog hmm

  that's interesting and so that's part of

  the the natural defense of the dog but

  the grooming that goes into keeping

  their their coat coat using air quotes

  here clean just I I couldn't take care

  of that personally at Burton Lizzy just

  take so much time as it is but um you

  have to pull each individual dread Boyle

  gem there's just a lot of upkeep that

  goes into wow just so let just like a

  human's dread it's not like a natural

  thing you have to maintain them exactly

  yeah okay I could see the wolf also

  going what the hell is this and running

  good camouflage is like like he could

  just hide out in the mops and that are

  nearby like find the nearest mop closet

  just hang out there

  the wolf will never find him in one of

  the episodes of dog whisperer

  I remember him

  Caeser tying back the hair of a dog that

  had hair over its eyes because he said

  that the other dogs will think that that

  dog is weird if they can't see his eyes

  and I think that every single time now I

  see a duck with no eyes because the hair

  is all grown over I'm like up the other

  dogs are gonna think he's weird alright

  Joel what do you got oh we should

  explain that Joel was previously a cat


  and now yeah has seen the light so so my

  criteria for picking were that it has to

  have been a dog that I have not owned

  but interacted with in some way mm-hmm

  through a neighbor or seeing him at a

  farmers market or whatever another thing

  I picked was not necessarily something I

  wanted to own but just a breed that I

  liked for whatever reason and I'll say

  so I would never want to own this breed

  due to maintenance and health issues and

  all sorts of things but the English

  bulldog because they are fairly cute

  actually really smart and trainable if

  they're well trained and well behaved

  they can be really gentle and really

  friendly and we've see them we we have a

  Stephanie as a side business that takes

  us to farmers markets a lot in this

  summer and there's a few that come to

  our farmers markets that are really


  I like their face I like how they're

  they can kind of be like a little snort

  II I think it's cute how they're they're

  like I mean that's part of their health

  issues that they can have respiratory

  problems due to the way they were bred

  that way you had to clean all their

  little rolls yeah and you have to make

  their face area it's a lot to maintain

  because you have to clean them often so

  that they don't become sick if you know

  whatnot but yeah

  English bulldog all right TIFF number

  four number four I kind of have a tie

  nope nope no tie gonna stick with it

  it's gonna pick it focus I'm gonna go

  with a husky because I think they are

  beautiful dogs they I don't know I just

  really like that Spitz face I like the

  dog looking face I like when they look

  like foxes or wolves I think that's

  really cool I love the whole idea of

  sled dogs and working in a team and

  they're so cute and they sleep in their

  little Donuts and then the snow

  well Donna its I just it's so cute even

  though they're very big they shed a lot

  and I like sometimes when they have like

  those crazy two colored eyes I think

  that's awesome

  I had a Keisha and she had the two

  colored eyes

  you had one I did I had a husky Malamute

  mix we've rescued her from the pound one

  day oh I was like dad I want a dog crazy

  the pound she was loyal

  I totally agree with this pic I love it

  yeah I've always been very very into the

  Huskies I think they're really cool but

  they're just too big and too sheddy for

  our lifestyle also I think we live in

  too warm of a climate even though we

  live in New York I feel like those dogs

  when I see them walking around in the

  summertime we just always say like I am

  hot the colder climate I always like

  seeing the videos online of like a puppy

  or even an older malla me that that our

  husky that um uh is doing the little

  like a rodeo trying to sing to music or

  how you know to an owner making noises I

  also love the videos or anything about

  puppies of a larger breed and their feet

  are ODEs very big and they always trip

  over their feet I think that's a perfect

  portions are so out of scale to

  everything else and it just makes them

  so cute they're also very protective

  mm-hmm of children so they're very good

  just they know they're very loyal to

  their families mm-hmm yeah and we used

  to joke that if anyone broke into the

  house they weren't leaving yeah love

  love the Huskies solid number four I

  also want to have my honorable mentions

  I I think sheepdogs are adorable

  because Markel keeps showing me pictures

  of sheepdogs so I can't stop I do really

  like my brothers Australian Shepherd

  mm-hmm he's very fluffy although he

  steals things from the counter but is so

  fluffy and there are a lot of very very

  cute dog breeds out there that I wish I

  could have included in my list but you

  got it you got a focus focus or you can

  do what I did it for my number four pick

  uh oh and my number four pick you know

  because I have our

  specifics for numbers 1 2 & 3 my number

  4 pick is pretty much every other dog

  you can't do that I can do that oh

  you've just picked every dog I said

  pretty much every other dog Oh pretty

  much every other there's gonna be

  there's gonna be three to beat it but

  there's you know but pretty much every

  other dog is like I feel like there are

  so many dogs you know first of all

  there's mutts

  you know mixed breed dogs or who knows

  what they are dogs and they're great too

  and and there's so many dogs that are

  also just kind of like historically like

  very popular breeds that are that we now

  consider fairly boring like any kind of

  like you know Labrador or golden

  retriever like breeds are just like very

  common and have been very common for a

  long time and so now when people think

  about Oh what are your favorite dog

  breeds they often will pick something

  else that's newer or you know more

  exotic or more more like interesting

  looking in some way or something like

  that but all dogs are great like I love

  all dogs and so I they're they're

  they're very very few breeds that I that

  I tend not to get along with if I

  interact with them they're good dogs

  Marcus and and usually like and even

  even when there's been like individual

  dogs that I don't really care for that

  I've met in life usually it's the owners

  fault for like bad training and stuff

  it's not usually like the fault of the

  breed or the the exact dog you know it's

  almost always the owners fault and and

  so it's there really are no like bad dog

  breeds you know they're all they're all

  good and morale can be good if properly

  trained and properly you know kept in

  good physical and mental health and

  that's that's not easy for a lot of

  people like some people obviously pick

  breeds that need lots of work and they

  keep them in their house all day so they

  get restless and destructive and

  everything but that's not really the

  breeds fault that's like a bad fit for

  what the person got for their life so

  it's like there really are no bad breeds

  and so I kind of wanted to use devote my

  number4 to all the other dogs out there

  that are either so often poorly trained

  or you know bought for the wrong reasons

  and that and get a bad reputation for

  being destructive or violent or whatever

  or all the all the dogs out there that


  breeds or that are so boring that no one

  thinks about them when they think about

  the top dog breeds so number four is to

  all of them because they're all good


  you're so dog climatic Wow you should

  you should run for president of dogs I

  might have a good chance dogs tend to

  like me anyway but that sounds great

  honey I'm so glad that you picked all

  dogs actually pick four like solid

  regular picks I don't know I kind of did

  kind of a little bit but I did that for

  the vegetable show so I couldn't do that

  again let's not freak out the audience

  and have you actually follow the rules

  of the show not two episodes in a row no

  it would be madness anyway I want to

  read what because I forgot already what

  I was doing because I can't stay

  consistent anyway

  bulldog calm courageous and friendly

  dignified but amusing you forgot a line

  there that was the Haussmann's need a

  bulldog Siberian Husky friendly gentle

  dignified alert but not aggressive thank

  you everyone

  there you go so for all those people

  that don't know their dog breeds as well

  as we do now you have a little bit of

  context all right staff number three

  here we go I am going with a dog that I

  have not personally had but a good

  friend of mine did for those of you that

  know me will probably read into this as

  well it's the dachshund I have have

  friends that have had little doxies that

  I just think are adorable the Queen also

  has them which also goes along with my

  little royal fix I'm very much into

  Pride and Prejudice and all of like the

  British type things so of course I had

  to include some royal dogs on my list

  that's all I can really say about the

  dachshund I just had to do the dachshund

  all right so underneath the American

  Kennel Club da da Sheehan what we've

  watched a puppy show and they set it in

  a crazy way and we're like that makes


  what was it fashioned know that it was

  they had they there was like an

  Australian narrator of course it was

  like a - hound it sounded more like

  hound yeah i'll take a dodj hound it was

  like - hound - that's what makes total

  sense because they can be

  and stuff yeah and we're like that is so

  much more I get it anyway so here it

  says go look up the word spunky well

  wait did you see a photo of Adashi I did

  not so that's what says that's literally

  thank you I'm gonna do this hold on yeah

  spunky in quotes

  I got adjectives Korean determined sure

  pictures that's images you sure this up

  whoa funky from Rena from yeah nailed it

  yeah I'm seeing that so no I keep going

  this I've seen a lot of pictures there

  of different different letters and

  there's somebody in bikini bikini sorry

  any dodging pictures so haven't either

  but yeah I though they are very cute I

  especially like the long haired ones oh

  yes look so fluffy and when they're

  puppies they're really cute and I just

  like they kind of walk like a slinky

  like Jill I guess slinky was a you know

  the slinky dog is kind of a Dawson right

  they are I think so right I think so

  yeah yeah so cute clothes I mean with

  little kids I think you know they could

  be kind of cute together I like when

  they dress up as hot dogs or tacos for

  Halloween Oh a taco in the classic

  costume what a long edible sandwich type

  thing is a hot dog a sandwich is it

  that's for another show it's for another


  let's not get into it now anyway all

  right Steph anything else to say about

  your - and dachshund or any way that

  anyone wants to say it - hound I'm just

  adding to my list of dogs that we have

  to get like next week you should get one

  of every breed so you have like a full

  deck like you know I plan on it we

  rescue dogs here at the Haussmann Dog

  Rescue Society but we only have room for

  one of each type unless you want to go

  like Noah's Ark style and get two of

  each type dog Factory well it depends on

  which two you get yeah I mean we're not

  going to discriminate yeah we don't

  discriminate all right Jill number three

  an English Springer Spaniel I think I

  know this I'm gonna loose of it I'm

  very pretty they kind of look like and

  I've mainly picked it because of they

  kind of look like that I think they're

  so pretty yeah they're in the spaniel

  fan of course pants spaniel long ears

  but they're more like a there's a

  specific color scheme of Cavalier King

  Charles Spaniel called a Blenheim and

  these more closely resemble a Blenheim

  Cavalier although they're instead of a

  big red and white are reddish and white

  it's more darker brown if they're well

  groomed their coats are beautiful the

  Kennel Club's description of them are

  friendly obedient and playful friendly

  playful beating it at home hard-working

  and steady in the field so they are a I

  think they're commonly used as a bird


  they look like a bird dog yeah what does

  that mean alright I grew up in southern

  rural Virginia bird dogs are if you're

  out say I think it's mostly commonly

  duck hunting or quail hunting some sort

  of hunting sport in which a bird is

  hiding in a tree or on the ground

  and flies from its hiding spot and you

  quickly use something like a shotgun to

  kill it and shoot it out of the sky this

  a bird dog is a is certain breeds of

  dogs that are trained to rush to where

  the carcasses retrieve it and bring it

  back to the hunter so literally the dog

  in duck hunt for the NES yes a springer

  spaniel he always laughed at me that's

  fantastic yes so I had some neighbors

  when I was a in my childhood that had a

  pair of these super friendly super

  loving a little bit bigger than a dog I

  would ever want to own there I would say

  medium sized and they can be super

  energetic they want to run outdoors so

  that's all right yeah they seem like

  they are they probably part of the

  supporting group yeah all right my

  number three is a Portuguese water dog

  nice I think they are adorable I love

  their color scheme it was super cute

  that Barack Obama had one we see a

  couple of them too - sorry sorry - hello

  because that is that they're incredibly

  excited to power to find now cuz

  everybody wanted them once once once the

  Obamas got them so yeah like there's a

  couple around our neighborhood and they

  always have different like their little

  white foot or two white feet it's it's

  very cute that they have the little

  subtle markings also I'm half Portuguese

  so I like that

  yep a little bit and so it says here on

  the American Kennel Club the Portuguese

  water dog is a a student affectionate

  athletic and adventurous so there you go

  they're a little they're kind of like a

  there are medium-sized dog like a

  fortune cookie descriptions like these

  sound like just totally like anyway it's

  the Kennel Club

  but they seem very affectionate loyal

  just like the whole thing said and they

  when they're walking with their owners

  when we see them in the neighborhood

  they're just so dignified you know they

  feel like they're they're kind of classy

  and chill I I like but yet they can turn

  and be put and really playful

  so Portuguese water dog number three

  they seem they seem similar in many ways

  in many of the good traits to Standard

  Poodles yes but I like that they're a

  little bit stockier they're not as long

  and lean as a poodle yeah I probably

  shouldn't admit this on a podcast but I

  totally stocked Bo Obama when the puppy

  not the former president because when I

  works next to the White House I wanted

  to that that's all I wanted to do was

  neat the puppy like I'm just a crazy dog

  person I just wanted to meet the puppy

  do you have the book for your son yet

  the first pup actually no I don't who

  don't buy it I'll buy a firm we have a

  pretty much every dog book known to

  mankind so she has like I want to say

  fifty percent of all the children's book

  we have books we have or somehow dog

  related that sausage first word is gonna

  be dog or puppy C and you don't have

  this one but I read it to Adam because I

  want him to think that Barack is still

  the president cry okay it's focus dogs

  happy dogs but we love our Portuguese

  water dogs yes they're adorable

  all right Marco all right my number

  three so I also you know my standards

  for this were kind of similar to yours

  and that like I it was dogs that I just

  like that like they

  their appearance and temperament seemed

  just make me happy not at all what I

  would want to own for various practical

  reasons one of which is that I'm

  actually allergic mildly to shedding

  dogs not like I could never have a cat

  I'm very allergic to cats dogs I like

  dogs that shed

  I get mild irritation from and so I

  really should probably never own a

  shedding dog including the the ones that

  you know breeders will often tell you

  like the anything mixed with a poodle

  will not shed because poodles don't shed

  and that's not really true yeah and yeah

  that's like if you want a non shedding

  dog the the only really safe way to

  guarantee that is to have both parent

  breeds be non-shedding breeds so just

  having just one being on shedding breed

  doesn't actually work it reduces the

  shedding eliminate it and there's no

  guarantee how much it would eliminate it

  right so all that being said my number

  three dog that just makes me so happy

  that I just love so much is the Old

  English Sheepdog these are another very

  vibrant Instagram community if you see

  it not they'll usually abbreviate it

  oh yes and their usernames cache tag of

  course I do and it's a hilarious looking

  breed because the way they they groom

  and grow their fur out they just had

  this like long fluffy straight white and

  gray fur usually this big gray markings

  like big gray spots somewhere and so

  they're you know they'll be like this

  big mix and they never have any eyes

  like it is so rare to ever see a picture

  of it only holding the sheepdog on

  Instagram where you can see its eyes the

  other dogs think it's weird yeah and

  like some of them like like some of the

  female ones will have like a little hair

  clip like a little like pink clip above

  their eyes like Rosie the sheepdog my

  favorites who like Rosie you know

  everyone knows Rosie

  well like I follow all these dogs now

  and Instagram

  and like it's like it's similar like

  people I follow it's like oh look you

  know there's there's what you know joel

  is doing and oh there's what rosie is

  doing and it's just like I just

  mix them in because I see what they're

  doing all day just like just like the

  people I follow I love when dogs have

  people names like there's a dog down the

  street from us named Dennis and it's

  just like there's tennis yep Dennis all

  right so we're gonna read about the Old

  English Sheepdog AKC adaptable smart

  gentle old English sheepdogs are famous

  for their sweet agreeable nature I've

  never actually met one and so I don't

  know if that counts but I don't care

  they make me happy and and I like

  whenever I see like videos of them and

  stuff on Instagram and they just they do

  seem like they're just like nice like

  laid-back friendly dogs they but they

  don't seem like they're like

  particularly like problematic or

  aggressive or have many downsides

  besides the obvious physical downsides

  of they are quite large at least by

  volume I don't know how much how bucks

  dog is inside of all that fluff but

  they're they are quite large and I

  imagine they have intense grooming needs

  just because they have a very long

  straight fluffy fur so I bet you need to

  get a lot of grooming with an old

  english sheepdog and also it seems like

  they don't usually have tails

  I consider that a downside hey Marco do

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  alright number twos I just realized I

  have five dogs on my list alright well

  you're up next deputies how do you want

  to do this do you want to do two in a

  row I'm gonna combined mine okay Wow

  you can make a mix brief okay so that

  moment that you realize you have mom

  Bremen brain and you actually have five

  dogs on your list because you can't

  count right at the moment that's not mom

  that's Marco brain that's tops

  yes sorry to add to the Marco brain I am

  totally gonna mispronounce this next

  breed so I'm gonna do my best it's

  mostly French so here it goes I

  practiced this it is called the coton de

  tulear yes the cotton dog yes those are

  the best I just think this dog is

  utterly fantastic and it's from

  Madagascar it's the official dog of


  that's awesome I would have this dog in

  a heartbeat if it weren't for the

  grooming needs yeah yes okay keeping up

  with it

  slash because I can't count Corgi and my

  together that would be amazing wouldn't

  it especially if it had the Corgi bite

  Oh porky but huge is these days on the


  it is there is nothing better than a

  Corgi but when you're talking about dogs

  you better ice from the other room Corgi

  but better be our show art for this

  section if it's not Marco I'll send it

  back do you follow

  Zack and Henry on Instagram they're two

  cotton dogs they're adorable

  anyway cotton ah anyway bright

  happy-go-lucky endlessly charming born

  to love and be loved yeah they're just

  they kind of seem like our Cavaliers

  with just a longer coat with maybe a

  little bit more grooming needs and you

  get to do like kind of like Marco sheep

  dogs the little bows to keep your hair

  out of their eyes a little bit more fun

  Mitchell just laughing at me and Corky's

  have another word in front of their name

  usually right what is it

  there's Pembroke or Welsh and I think

  there's maybe a third are those

  different breeds are they just kind of

  different because you know Cavaliers

  there's rubies and plenums and tri

  colors and Black and Tans they sent him

  really tortellini types yeah I believe

  they're actually categorized differently

  because I think they're shown

  differently but I could be wrong Joel

  number two oh I found the Corgi I found

  the cord yeah it's called the Cardigan

  Welsh Corgi

  and it's oil affectionate and smart

  even-tempered never shy it jumps out of

  a helicopter with James Bond to open up

  the Olympics oh the Pembroke one looks

  way more like the regular Corgi yeah the

  Pembroke one I think is the one you see

  the Queen though the one thing you know

  I usually have like four or five of them

  well it's affectionate but not pushy

  bold but kindly unfortunately she's not

  raising any more oh because she's

  getting too old surely somebody will

  help right I mean she doesn't want to

  burden anybody else all right Joel

  number two so my number two is the Pug

  which is basically a miniature English

  bulldog so we have our neighbor across

  the road has a pug Mike Montero and I'm

  his wife have plug named Rupert who has

  his own Instagram account and I believe

  he's featured on mule designs employee

  page at least the last time we were

  what's that my check to was um in in

  pugs sometimes we'll have like a

  snaggletooth like an underbite or their

  little teeth came up that that over top

  of their their upper gums which i think

  is cute but they're they're they're

  usually very friendly I've never met a

  pug that wasn't very friendly although

  they can be very vocal like the pug that

  lives across the street if he sees or

  anyone outside and he happens to be

  outside he will bark in this really

  adorable little bark that I'm sure he's

  trying to make sound very ferocious and

  will continue to bark at you as you walk

  up to him and and then rub up against

  your leg as he's continuing to bark at

  you like he can't decide whether he

  wants to be an attack dog that's like

  you know six inches off the ground or

  wants to love you and then you know

  you'll you'll bend over and start to pet

  him and he'll keep barking at you but

  you know he's he's loving that you're

  petting him I just think that they're

  they're really cute they're they're

  adorable I don't believe I would ever

  want to own a pug because of the some of

  the same health issues that English

  bulldogs have two respiratory issues and

  stuff like that but I

  bugs you're not going for the fluffy

  dogs Joel I see that the I'm splitting

  it to of minor fluffy and to aren't okay

  I'm looking at my list and mine are all

  like major grooming dogs yeah because

  I'm a former cat person and I love cats

  and have cat small my life I tend to go

  for smaller cat like dogs

  although the pug in English bulldog

  aren't really cat-like but as far as a

  dogs I would want to own you know

  smaller dogs that are not as super

  energetic don't have a lot of

  maintenance issues you know they're okay

  just kind of laying around sleeping and

  that sort of thing so the Pug is

  described as even-tempered charming

  mischievous and loving fun all right

  TIFF you're number two my number two is

  this shih tzu yay but only when they

  have short hair when they have long hair

  they look ridiculous

  I would argue this as much as I love

  shih tzus I would argue that they always

  look a little bit ridiculous yes but

  they are very cute when they have their

  little curly puppy cut these are the

  ones that always look absolutely

  ridiculous in the Westminster Dog Show

  when they have a long time they're

  walking with a gown on the one of our

  neighbors that used to walk I cannot

  remember his name for the life of me but

  it used to walk off leash and that we

  were always so impressed it was so well

  trained well because they're kind of

  dumb yeah shih tzus are described as

  outgoing affectionate playful and

  charming and there is nothing said about

  their intelligence say you don't say


  no I I mean I I've met only a handful of

  here red shih tzus but they've always

  been great like you know we have a ship

  ooh he is I we would argue probably a

  little bit better for certain things but

  which we will probably talk about but

  purebred issues are also great and I

  like them a lot too I like them because

  they are slightly dumb so they don't get

  into trouble they are I if they get too

  inbred they get a little snaggly looking

  and it's kind of sad but if you get one

  and it's not totally

  bread it is super cute and again I like

  them with their fluffy hair they were

  bred to guard temples I believe in China

  oh okay yeah they were that's what they

  did they sat around and barked at people

  who came near the temples in modern day

  they barked at UPS drivers delivering

  Amazon boxes they do which is so cute so

  they're very playful and I very rarely

  met it didn't have met a shih tzu I

  didn't like yeah yeah I used to work

  with allay theory that was a breeder for

  shih tzus pug Dingell French Bulldog

  French cheese and some other small

  little toy variety and they would have

  pure breads or cross breeds and no no

  you need to go into this story more

  about how your wife had just had brain

  surgery and you were redesigning this

  person's website and as payment she

  offered you a free puppy she offered to

  pay me in puppies I said no and your

  wife wanted a puppy and you said no and

  I told her no it did then I told my then

  I told Steph months later that she had

  Alford puppies and famous why did you

  ever tell her that

  you're definitely gonna need to find

  someone to pay you in puppies or I will

  send everyone their top puppy please no

  I really I really enjoy having one dog I

  don't have heard about it I've already I

  really I'm very happy with our one dog

  web style all right my number two is as

  previously mentioned the Alaskan

  Malamute I follow a lot of Malamutes on

  Instagram they're my favorite kind of

  doctor follow on Instagram and and it's

  this is this is similar like you know

  kind of like you know a vicarious dog

  selection through podcast and Instagram

  because practically speaking they are

  massive they shed a truly massive amount

  and so it would be very impractical for

  us to ever own a maleate however I love

  watching other people's Malamutes and

  seeing them occasionally in real life

  and very occasionally I realized we

  don't see a lot of them around here but

  very very occasionally on I'll see one

  and you know the entire like husky area

  of dog breeds is great

  Huskies themselves I like them too I

  think they're also awesome for me -

  ma'am you get the slight edge because it

  seems like their personalities tend to

  be a little bit more like laid-back and

  chilled out and kind of like a little

  bit more of like a family dog style of

  personality for them according to most

  of the info that I've read but yeah

  otherwise you know that that whole area

  of dogs is great and my favorite among

  them is the Malamute Alaskan Malamute

  affectionate loyal playful but dignified

  yeah it seems like the Husky that's like

  kicked back a little bit you know it

  because like Huskies can often be a

  little bit serious like you know and

  Malla need seem like they're their

  personality tends to average out a

  little bit more like laid-back and

  playful okay more my style tell

  everybody your favorite one oh it's got

  to be Phil there you go life with

  Malamutes that's yeah life with families

  as their username and it's it's a Phil

  and Nico this pair of Malamutes

  and phil is my favorite of the two I

  think he probably is the favorite of the

  two but they're both excellent Marko

  Piggly Wiggly watching Phil learn how to

  catch a ball

  no that was Malamute moosh oh that was

  moosh I'm sorry oh my gosh I'm so sorry

  use them because moosh has a dog sibling

  that is a - and so there's all these

  like amazing videos of like this tiny

  like incredibly fast running little -

  and like running circles under and

  around this ten-year-old Malamute who is

  the Malamute is able to catch all the

  food that's being dropped because well

  they're starting out higher

  I love the unlikely dog pairs like those

  two and then Brady's dog Audrey and me

  which is a greyhound and a chihuahua

  so together wow they look hilarious I

  love when they're sleeping together and

  the Chihuahua is smaller than the

  greyhounds head I was gonna say that it

  has to be I mean does the Chihuahua just

  was as the greyhound curls up

  a little cut it like see does the

  Chihuahua just sit in the center I all

  over the place yeah a very good friend

  the trio it basically looks like

  somebody dropped like a garlic knot on

  the Greyhound I have to say the cutest

  Chihuahua I've ever seen I have never

  very rarely liked a chihuahua very much

  that just a look of them but Audrey is

  adorable and she's particularly tiny so

  but she just has a very good Chihuahua

  face so thumbs up Audrey and Lulu we

  like you I'm looking at photos of

  Malamutes and I've seen Malamutes before

  in person but I had never seen any as

  large as some of the photos I'm saying I

  didn't realize like they're this one

  yeah they're I think they're they're

  average weight is substantially larger

  than the Huskies like their their have

  similar I think height range but they're

  just a lot thicker they're not as big as

  a cute as though I think they might be

  close there they're very very big and

  this is yet another sign that like you

  know I should probably not ever own one

  not to mention the shedding requirements

  which would be intense but and possibly

  be bad for my allergies however I think

  they're super cool and they seem like

  they seem like a pretty great dog if you

  can handle the size and the shedding and

  they just need area to run to I mean

  they're dogs to exercise if you're if

  you're hiking and trekking and doing all

  of that this is the perfect dog for you

  yeah and like like our lifestyle is

  pretty much indoors hanging out most of

  the time and we will most days but not

  even every day take like a one to two

  mile walk and you know in you know town

  streets like not going in the woods

  they're like you know we might go on

  like you know like a little park trail

  at best but that's it and so like you

  know most of the larger more energetic

  you know working breeds would not be a

  good fit for us because we would not be

  able to exercise them enough and art

  with our lifestyle and that's why we

  don't get them yet we definitely need a

  dog in our life that is basically a rug

  yeah exactly

  all right now I believe it's time for

  everyone's number ones right all right

  so you may go first what is your number

  one I have a combo yes yes and then you

  have two picks or you're picking a mixed

  breed actually it's

  it's a two picks but six really it's you

  you are starting out on this show very

  very well you are really showing that

  you listen to the show you get the

  essence of the show here both are very

  very similar they have very similar

  characteristic so the main difference is

  one is an American English version and

  one is a German French version my first

  pick is obviously the Cavalier King

  Charles Spaniel because they're my

  babies and the second is called the

  Lochan which is obviously very similar

  to the calves

  except for you get a groom them like a


  oh those yes they have the same

  temperament they might be a little bit

  more energetic but they have a very

  specific haircut that you have to groom

  them too evidently they were meant to be

  more of a water heater water bottles

  back in the Renaissance days they would

  sleep next to their owners and so their

  heaters it says right here affectionate

  outgoing strong-willed and brave as a

  lion and there it is would be majestic

  lioness so I couldn't leave them out I

  mean they're very similar very much just

  like our calves but calves are always

  gonna be right up there up there for me

  apparently low chin literally means a

  little lion yes and the Cavalier king's

  affectionate graceful and gentle I love

  my my calves my Berber and my Lizzie so

  they're adorable and they started out

  actually not by a choice as people may

  have picked up from our conversation I

  really wanted new fees to begin with and

  the reason we started out with calves is

  because Joel after watching every

  episode of dogs 101 discovered that

  they're the most cat-like dog yeah out

  there and so I have fallen in love with

  this breed that has curls up with you

  every day

  we'll go on hikes with us which we have

  taken them through shenandoah

  - just running around the house they

  really adapt to apartment living to

  house to being in every situation

  possible which really is adaptive to our

  lifestyle and they've been great with

  our our baby from the day he's been home

  he came home to being seven months old

  and they love to give him kisses and

  they're just very affectionate dogs so

  for us I think they've been the perfect

  breed and I believe you also have a goal

  to have a complete set I do

  colors because they come explain the

  colors that they come in so they come in

  Blenheim which is the stereotypical if

  you think of a Cavalier that's what you

  think of Ruby which is all over red a

  tricolour which is that Blenheim with

  black added in and black and tan which

  is black and Ruby so we will have all

  four eventually at some point in time

  maybe it will come when my show dog

  comes here in the future because I also

  much to my husband's dismay our next dog

  will be a show dog that I want to take

  into the ring because that's my new

  hobby that's awesome though he's not

  impressed we'll be going to our first

  Cavalier show in March that's going to

  be held here in the DC area our dogs

  will not be participating because are

  not participating because they're spayed

  and neutered but we will be attending I

  love that movie Best in Show so much

  that's a good movie highly recommended

  to anyone out there who has not seen it

  that's madness if you're listening to

  the show this long and you haven't seen

  Best in Show or oh shoot it's uh the

  other shows oh my I cannot believe I'm

  gonna it's called finding mr. Darcy or

  something like it's a hallmark movie oh

  my god I'm mentioning this it is your

  shame is showing it is it is actually

  about showing Cavaliers but it's based

  off of Pride and Prejudice as well but

  it was a hallmark movie last year am I

  gonna stop okay everyone look everyone

  look away Joel

  you're up early so the reason I haven't

  said much about this is my number one

  pick is also the caffeine I think it was

  surprised their number one pick yeah it

  might be our dogs Lee right I mean

  there's a reason we picked this breed

  right to get so in researching when

  Stephanie said oh my god we've got to

  have a dog I said okay we'll get one but

  you have to let me decide the breed

  because I didn't want a large dog I

  don't like I don't like like our

  neighbors for instance have a new fun

  the Newfoundland is almost a year old

  he's pushing 120 hundred and thirty

  pounds and he's not fully grown his dad

  at the breeder was 190 pounds yeah I was

  talking to our neighbor the other week

  who was having to repaint the ceiling in

  their foyer why are you doing that it's

  like well when he came inside and he

  shook his head and the slobber and drool

  flew up and hit the ceiling he stands

  off the ground like like the top of his

  head is three and a half feet tall he's

  huge and if he has that much drool to be

  shaking it off that high oh yes also yes

  interesting attribute yeah I didn't want

  a large dog because I don't like drool

  don't always tries to ride him I don't

  like I don't like that kind of like dogs

  smell that larger dogs you know can can

  have and I wanted a smaller dog that was

  cat-like and I wanted a breed that would

  be we had cats I didn't want to

  introduce a dog to the house that would

  like terrorize the cats I wanted a breed

  that would be would get along with other

  animals other dogs if for instance we

  got another one in the future and kids

  that were super friendly and the

  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was

  specifically bred by British aristocracy

  to be a lap dog to sit in your lap and

  not say anything and be quiet all day

  and be perfectly happy just to be beside

  your side all day that's what they were

  bred to be the they grew in popularity

  in England from when was this the 18th

  century king charles ii had one in his

  like official royal porch

  and thus all of British nobility wanted

  to have one too

  and it became kind of like a trend

  within British aristocracy to have a

  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel like king

  charles ii did and they the Blenheim

  name came about because the first Duke

  of Marlborough had a particular cavalier

  king charles that looked like the

  Blenheim color scheme and in he fought a

  battle the Battle of Blenheim and it was

  named after his breed and a lot of the

  other breeds are just named after their

  color you know ruby or black and tan or

  tricolour and the Blenheim got its

  unique name from that the the Cavalier

  breed they're intelligent you can train

  them well they do have some health

  issues related to their heart which

  usually doesn't come about until later

  in life Oh their head issue I was

  Stephanie Stephanie yeah I'm putting up

  my head for a reason yes my wife had

  brain surgery because she has a or had a

  do you have a I still have still have a

  Chiari malformation and it turns out

  this particular breed also can get karey

  malformations and didn't you get your

  first dog right when Steph had her

  surgery a year later we were at the vet

  and the vet was trying to explain this

  what Kyary was like we know oh we know

  but yeah I really like my calves there

  for me not being a dog person they've

  completely converted me they they

  they're the the only drawback because

  they don't enjoy it all when you leave

  the house they have big separation

  anxiety they want to be with you all day

  in the house when I go upstairs or

  downstairs they follow me everywhere

  they sleep in bed with us

  they whenever we move to any room in the

  house they follow you would lay down in

  their favorite spot in that room as long

  as they can be in the same room with you

  yeah people were joking but when we had

  the baby we'd never be alone again and

  I'm like we're never alone now I cannot

  I thought I had the bathroom door shut

  earlier today and then Bert just busts

  on through like a child yes and if the

  door happens to be shut and I have

  locked it properly apostille comes

  underneath the door

  yes he follows her around everywhere you

  you just cannot be alone with with these

  dogs but we still love them well we kind

  of have the opposite problem with our

  dog where he will not go through an

  opening that is smaller or the size of

  his body he does not want to touch any

  side of anything and so he's just the

  most timid thing ever and we can block

  passageways partially with empty boxes

  and he will not go through them it's

  pretty actually it's very easy yeah

  here's a partially closed door and he's

  like I can't handle this this is just an

  impasse it's never happening he will sit

  beside and cry at us like for us to come

  open the door all the way or just look

  ridiculously sad yes he's very good at

  those eyes yeah the sad eyes anyway my

  number one is a shit poo I know well

  let's say a proper sHIIP ah it is a

  combination shih tzu and poodle I guess

  I'm the first one to talk about a mixed

  breed we have won it they are kind of

  because I really like shih tzus they're

  my number two but putting in a little

  bit of poodle kind of live in them up a

  little bit it gives them a really nice

  soft curly coat which I really like

  it varies the colors a little bit and it

  just makes them a little bit more

  playful but still being the affectionate

  little timid rug that they are so big

  fan right hops where are you over here

  he's somewhere being around me and he's

  a little fluffy sausage and we love him

  and I would a thousand percent get

  another chip ooh any day you need a

  barley I know that was the whole thing

  we were planning on having two hops and

  a barley where's the barley Marco I

  really like having one dog he really

  likes having the one dog lifestyle works

  very very well for us but they do

  entertain each other and they play well

  with each other and just doesn't do

  anything he doesn't need to be

  entertained I know I know I know just

  the squirrels outside and he sits upon

  her window seat and he watches outside

  all day while we work and then when I

  take him out for walks

  I know no I actually do agree with Marco

  that a one-dog lifestyle is very nice

  for us that you know

  for us that you know

  sits on my lap when we go on road trips

  very nice we had to it would be tricky

  yeah yeah it's it got a way more

  complicated when we got the second one

  yeah I think you know we we could have

  had a second one maybe if we didn't have

  a kid but I mean with the with our kid

  and our dog we're very happy but I love

  the ship booze so if anyone's out there

  looking for an adorable fluffy little

  companion dog with very low energy but

  will chase the ball if you want them to

  I'm always amused by the videos you guys

  post of hops especially in the winter

  when he has the path through the yard

  and does his laps through the path like

  it is breakneck pace you know and he's

  very fast he looks like one of those

  little bunnies that the greyhounds chase

  that's what I always think he looks like

  seeing him just lay on the ground you

  wouldn't expect him to be as fast as he

  yeah and he loves playing with big dogs

  if they will chase him like in like a

  big park or field or something because

  he he loved getting them chase them and

  then once they're about to catch up he

  can turn on a dime and the bigger dog

  have longer legs can't and so he he is

  this little low to the ground like

  Flying Burrito and he just like he just

  like just like pivots and turns as soon

  as anyone tries as soon as any other

  dogs almost catch him and they just go

  fine past him and he's gone in the way

  again it's it's quite quite fun to watch

  and he's very affectionate with with

  Adam oh yeah everybody just get along

  great and I've never met anyone who

  doesn't like hops so my number one breed

  is hops yeah my number one breed is also

  the shit poo also because of our

  wonderful dog there are lots of times in

  life when I do a lot of research and I

  try to find the best thing and I have to

  like you know buy one of every dog first

  and then figure out like which one is

  the best and this is one of those cases

  where we got it right the first time

  you know like and and I'm not gonna say

  that the ship who is the best breed

  period for everybody but certainly I

  think the best breed for us because you

  know everything you said to if you know

  if they they are playful they are nice

  they are cute and soft and friendly to

  everybody I we've met a handful of other

  shifu's and they've all been like

  like I think this is one of those cases

  where like yeah they're pretty really

  thing like the breed personality traits

  seem to be pretty firm and stable when

  we leave he kind of just goes into

  power-save mode and shuts off yeah he

  just turns off and light that into a

  really sad like a little fluffy log and

  you know owning a ship ooh you know cuz

  they're about 12 to 16 pounds usually

  depending on their parents and and how

  much you feed them hops is currently a

  little bit on the high end there maybe

  it's Seventeen's we fed him a little too

  much with the new food when we switched

  but it anyway and someone hasn't been

  taking him for walks it's funny hops is

  wait and my wait rise and fall together

  because the way that I control my weight

  is by walking with Hobbes is that like

  the the breed the dogs end up looking

  like their owners yeah that's a versa

  yeah Hobson's are both a little bit

  round right now good but yeah you know

  and and like this it's they're a very

  good size of like you know roughly like

  15 15 16 pounds you can you can still

  hold it in one hand you can pick them up

  and move them places when they when you

  need to bring them somewhere that you'd

  like you just pick them up and put them

  somewhere that you need them to be and

  there's a lot of advantages to

  relatively small compact low-energy dogs

  the only disadvantage really is that if

  you need him to do any kind of work he's

  fairly useless but like he really can't

  like carry anything or fetch much of

  anything he qicang fetch a ball a couple

  times then he gets bored and wants to do

  something else or gets tired so he can

  have like you know brief periods of

  guided activity and then he's done which

  is great it for most people like us who

  mostly could want like hang out all day

  and not do that much we also have

  experience of guided activity it's done

  exactly exactly yes they're they're just

  they're fantastic family dogs for people

  who who aren't that active and who don't

  want their dog to do a million tricks

  they're fantastic they're they're so

  good with kids so good with people

  everyone loves hops and and I again I

  really do think this is mostly or at

  least a lot from the breed itself

  because as I said the all the other ones

  you've met have all

  fairly similar temperaments by most

  appearances and by what their owners say

  also hypoallergenic

  yeah exact as not shed yeah doesn't shed

  but is also really super soft and fluffy

  so very very strong qualities there and

  there's there's a whole lot of breeds

  that are kind of similar in many regards

  I would imagine stuff the the cotton de

  tulear whatever however you say that

  sorry all France I would imagine they

  are probably similar in a lot of these

  ways too there's all sorts of like

  little like you know things that are

  mixed with various other small breeds

  that are all kind of soft and fluffy

  like there's a ton of breeds that are

  kind of like this I don't have a lot of

  experience with most of them but the

  ship who seems to be a really really

  good balance of like not being too hippy

  and barky and not being too like you

  know angry or aggressive towards anybody

  like just kind of be like a nice chill

  dog and so I'm very happy with our

  shampoo and I I would strongly consider

  ship who's again for any future dogs

  yep the doodle mixes are very hot right

  now oh yeah yeah everyone loves a doodle

  mix I would do a doodle mix so many poo

  varieties exactly it's kind of funny

  that you mentioned that it would if

  you're gone that hops becomes like just

  a a carpet rug yeah he should do builds

  into the floor you shut off Power Save

  mode earlier this week or last week I

  was on an air getting ready to run an

  errand Joel was just in his office he

  was home still you know just regular

  work day working I had made it started

  the car had not left the driveway ran

  back into the house and Lizzy was

  already on the breakfast room table

  trying to get into something likes like

  she jumped on the chair and jumped on

  the table and standing on the table like

  two and a half minutes maybe there have

  been many times

  Barty birdie will lay down and be asleep

  we leave he continued sleep he doesn't


  Lizzie the second she thinks you're gone

  is into something we have countless

  times pulled the car out of the driveway

  gotten to the end of the row street

  realize oh crap I forgot my wallet or I

  forgot this

  turn the car right around

  back parked I ran inside she's already

  in the powder room having turned over

  the trash can routing through it because

  we forgot to shut the door like we've

  been gone for 30 seconds he wanted a dog

  that was like a cat Joe yeah you do this

  to yourselves all right i wraps it up I

  think tonight yeah I just want to

  mention a couple things that we watched

  recently if for those of you who are

  craving some more dog distractions

  Netflix has a great show called precious

  puppies which we put on last night as

  research mmhmm yeah it made us feel

  really good and let me tell you it's

  full of precious puppies mmm what also I

  don't think you can get on Netflix

  anymore but it might be on Amazon or

  something but I we watched a great

  documentary called dogs decoded was that

  the one I think so yeah talking about

  their their DNA and why they're so like

  weather why there can be so many

  varieties of one species that have been

  bred in such a relatively short time by

  like evolutionary standards and also how

  kind of dogs communicate and how they

  learn it was all very fascinating it was

  really great so if you're into that

  documentaries science and dogs that

  one's for you yeah and yeah we just want

  to thank staff and joel for joining us

  joel of Ice Station Houseman and Steph

  of Old Town suds soaps so if anyone's

  into some homemade soaps Steph makes

  some awesome ones right Steph

  oh thank you yeah III made with beer and

  wine yep yep things you can eat but

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  many people with farmers market she has

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  could eat but it's kind of nice to take

  a shower with you know some wine and but

  yeah she makes some beautiful soaps

  wraps it in very pretty packaging makes

  great gifts um see I'm so good at

  advertising any sponsor reads so check

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  check out Ice Station Houseman we love

  these guys they're good friends of ours

  and we're super happy that they came to

  join us to talk about some dogs thanks

  guys thanks it's been fun

  I'm totally gonna leave you hanging on