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154: Seahorse on Line One


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  go back everybody to the uncomfortable [TS]

  i'm your host Jason Snell and tonight [TS]

  we're going to talk about a really great [TS]

  comic this is technically a comedy club [TS]

  episode of the Lisa and Jason my usual [TS]

  compatriots are here but I've got a [TS]

  great group of people who have read this [TS]

  comic it's from an image comics it's by [TS]

  Brian cable on and Fiona staples and [TS]

  it's called saga will talk about it a [TS]

  little before firing off the spoiler [TS]

  horn what we're going to cover in this [TS]

  episode in total will be the first 12 [TS]

  issues of saga which is volume 1 volume [TS]

  2 of the trade paperback so you can buy [TS]

  on Amazon will have links in the show [TS]

  notes really weird and good comic and [TS]

  I'm looking forward to talking about for [TS]

  the next hour with these three excellent [TS]

  guests Dan Morgan hi dan I Jason it's a [TS]

  pleasure beyond the complicated i'm an [TS]

  occasional comic readers time comic book [TS]

  club burr yeah it's exciting to have you [TS]

  in the comic book club I didn't know you [TS]

  read comic books and I read many comic [TS]

  books [TS]

  Wow not as many as many times as many as [TS]

  Tony sindelar you heard skeptically [TS]

  questioning down there that is why I get [TS]

  most of my comics from tony and so and [TS]

  Tony you also i are famous for your love [TS]

  Batman it's true was not in saga i [TS]

  should say this is not the saga of the [TS]

  Batman and not yet i'm really happy to [TS]

  be here [TS]

  um you know saga is has been described [TS]

  as some people as a star wars for [TS]

  perverts and you guys are two of the [TS]

  let's say biggest star wars fans yeah [TS]

  thank you and Merlin Mann is also back [TS]

  for his third time on the incomparable [TS]

  can you believe it [TS]

  hat trick and never thought would happen [TS]

  thanks for having me I'm glad I'm glad [TS]

  you could you could come so bryan cave [TS]

  on you know i first discovered his work [TS]

  with y the last man which is excellent [TS]

  and then i also read his entire run on [TS]

  will run his entire encompassing story [TS]

  of ex machina with which lisa Schmeisser [TS]

  recommended to me and I actually liked a [TS]

  lot and he closed both of those books up [TS]

  finish their stories and his next big [TS]

  project in the comics world because he's [TS]

  also executive producing under the dome [TS]

  the Stephen King summer TV show and he's [TS]

  got screenplays and TV shows and all of [TS]

  that but it worked [TS]

  and then work on lost they did work on [TS]

  lost for a while and read some good [TS]

  episodes of lost and now his new comic [TS]

  project is saga which has been out for a [TS]

  little more than a year and it is i [TS]

  don't i don't even know where to start [TS]

  with this how it when the non spoiler [TS]

  spoiler light portion before we fire out [TS]

  the spoiler horn you know how would how [TS]

  would we describe I mean Tony said it [TS]

  was a it was a star wars for perverts i [TS]

  was going to say it's a it's a fairytale [TS]

  but not the nice friendly kind of [TS]

  fairytale especially given that the [TS]

  first thing we hear a character say is [TS]

  is is the f-word as she's got a leg [TS]

  splayed and she's giving birth so uh huh [TS]

  it's late it's more historically [TS]

  accurate fairytale yes general Grimm's [TS]

  fairy tales right it's got that dark [TS]

  aspect that's exactly what my wife said [TS]

  and so much so I'm inclined to agree [TS]

  with you can just as I'm inclined to [TS]

  always agree with what my wife says yes [TS]

  Dan yes I mean sure we're on a podcast [TS]

  together I think we're married in some [TS]

  units and on and the podcast marriage [TS]

  you start with the podcast marriage [TS]

  where do you go from there to lying cats [TS]

  i think so people have read and [TS]

  understand that yet [TS]

  Merlin how would you did how would you [TS]

  describe saga if you were trying to [TS]

  describe it to somebody and tell them [TS]

  why they should read it [TS]

  um I've heard a lot of people make the [TS]

  star wars comparison and that never I [TS]

  didn't and I guess I kind of get that [TS]

  superficially but without spoiling it i [TS]

  would just say it's it's it's a love [TS]

  story in a world of proxies it's a in [TS]

  some ways it is very much the Romeo and [TS]

  Juliet story about these two sides are [TS]

  part of a huge proxy war in this fantasy [TS]

  world it is full of really remember the [TS]

  first time you saw the cantina scene and [TS]

  you're like wow that guy has a [TS]

  hammerhead and just about every couple [TS]

  of pages there is some new it's like an [TS]

  alligator Butler it's full of fancy of [TS]

  creatures that is totally delightful and [TS]

  you know what we will talk i'm sure in [TS]

  some detail about the gosh half-dozen [TS]

  aspects that make this really unique but [TS]

  i would say it is a really big fantasy [TS]

  story that it probably oscillates [TS]

  between like the deepest like [TS]

  I'm sobbing two or three times in some [TS]

  issues with some of the most graphic [TS]

  violence and extreme extreme like really [TS]

  graphic sexual content i've ever seen [TS]

  yep such that i can read a bunch of it [TS]

  to my daughter skipping two pages of it [TS]

  at a time but I really really really [TS]

  need to skip those two pages because it [TS]

  might be a crowd lady with a vagina or [TS]

  her intestines hanging out [TS]

  no spoilers but i know i think it's i [TS]

  think it's a big story told in small [TS]

  details about a world where even love is [TS]

  not with proxies it's that's the theme [TS]

  that comes through for me and doesn't [TS]

  really begin to describe what makes it [TS]

  so special and human oddly enough but [TS]

  yeah well I mean how much you guys [TS]

  describe it you know what came to mind [TS]

  when i was reading was it's like it it's [TS]

  a family drama in some ways right like [TS]

  it and that's what I one of the things I [TS]

  really appreciate what about is that it [TS]

  oscillates as you were saying between [TS]

  this like stuff that's just crazy like [TS]

  insane like I think they legitimately [TS]

  almost set out to top themselves right [TS]

  in every issue like okay you thought we [TS]

  couldn't get any weirder for me hard [TS]

  yeah exactly and so but it this but the [TS]

  stuff that's important to it is the the [TS]

  Corvette is mundane and it'sit's but [TS]

  it's beautiful and it's monday nity [TS]

  right like it's about being a parent for [TS]

  the first time and about how you're [TS]

  gonna raise your child and about all [TS]

  these these concerns are just getting [TS]

  buy-in that I think resonate very well [TS]

  with the kind of situations that a lot [TS]

  of people run into even if they don't [TS]

  run into Giants you know with clubs and [TS]

  you know general hanging out like you [TS]

  know like you do [TS]

  yeah it's I i wouldn't call it Star Wars [TS]

  either I i love the fact that it is [TS]

  almost say it's a a a fairytale style [TS]

  story or a fantasy story you could say [TS]

  but it's so much of our fantasy is it is [TS]

  a tradition from 50 years ago or a [TS]

  hundred years ago or 200 years ago [TS]

  there's a lot of medieval is amanda lynn [TS]

  a lot of fantasy not all but a lot of it [TS]

  and what strikes me about this is this [TS]

  is fantasy for people who know all the [TS]

  sci-fi tropes know the star wars tropes [TS]

  and so I think the best example is the [TS]

  first to get they get a pirate map i [TS]

  should say in the amazing first issue [TS]

  and and again we're being light on the [TS]

  spoiler so far [TS]

  you cannot fire Matt they're ready to [TS]

  throw out because it looks so stupid [TS]

  yeah because it's a pirate map and it's [TS]

  got written on it [TS]

  rocketship forest and i love that [TS]

  because it's it's all of this fantasy [TS]

  shorthand but there it's the rocketship [TS]

  forest so there-there is all that sort [TS]

  of sci-fi stuff and these are alien ish [TS]

  people somebody on one planet somebody [TS]

  on another planet they're on a different [TS]

  planet they there there's a species with [TS]

  sort of the ray guns in the species with [TS]

  magic but it's able to play with all the [TS]

  sci-fi stuff to which is not to say that [TS]

  i would call it syfy but i would say [TS]

  that it's got all of those campaigns [TS]

  yell at all those colors in its palette [TS]

  that it can use to on top of the pirate [TS]

  maps and the strange give ghosts in the [TS]

  forest and things like that they stumble [TS]

  on through these first 12 issues and i [TS]

  mean i don't know i i've read so little [TS]

  of the fantasy genre i would not be [TS]

  welcome in the Syracuse home runs for so [TS]

  many reasons but you know and not take a [TS]

  deeper dive but like it has really big [TS]

  fan expensive really big themes it is it [TS]

  is very Shakespearean in the way that [TS]

  it's approached in many ways but then [TS]

  you've also got a guy who's phone locks [TS]

  up because it's trying to download an [TS]

  app he has his spaceship makes a boob so [TS]

  when he locks it and I mean there's [TS]

  there's endless references everywhere to [TS]

  like get like this mechanics place has a [TS]

  garage door [TS]

  it's just it's made out of Dragon bone [TS]

  right that constant juxtaposition of the [TS]

  familiar with the completely outlandish [TS]

  look is non-stop there are a couple of [TS]

  phone calls that happen because [TS]

  everybody's got their cellphones and [TS]

  where they actually comment on I've got [TS]

  a really crappy signal here and they're [TS]

  calling like across the galaxy but they [TS]

  still have all of these all of these [TS]

  shorthand things from our modern world [TS]

  put in this crazy sci-fi world there's [TS]

  apparently still still high school and [TS]

  super super space what you would call [TS]

  high school [TS]

  well one yes one race has high school [TS]

  and the other does not know what must [TS]

  that be like uh-huh that's alien man i [TS]

  don't understand it well I my problem is [TS]

  I'm when it comes to comments i'm new to [TS]

  this but I'm also extremely chris farley [TS]

  about it when that guy is just like it [TS]

  was really good you should read it but [TS]

  just for one big picture part of it [TS]

  and I think it does help to just think a [TS]

  little bit about how nice a proxy was a [TS]

  proxy war going on it's been going on [TS]

  for years I explain this to my daughter [TS]

  today [TS]

  yes about how you know this is a lot [TS]

  like what happens in the real world [TS]

  where their first of all you got two [TS]

  sides that have been fighting about [TS]

  something for so long that nobody knows [TS]

  why they're fighting they don't know why [TS]

  it began but in the case of something [TS]

  like you know the troubles in in Ireland [TS]

  or in South Africa it doesn't matter [TS]

  Hatfields and McCoys like your people [TS]

  have been killed enough that it goes on [TS]

  forever [TS]

  there's a giant planet that is like that [TS]

  the Empire maybe but the giant ruling [TS]

  planet which is people with wings and in [TS]

  this case there's basically this small [TS]

  moon of what are essentially terrorists [TS]

  that are magic people with horns right i [TS]

  mean is that one way to frame it and [TS]

  it's been in but it's all being fought [TS]

  mainly by proxies at this point right [TS]

  like you've got the robot people and all [TS]

  that stuff but that's one way to think [TS]

  of it is like that yes against the [TS]

  tapestry of this war has been going on [TS]

  for a very long time that nobody has any [TS]

  stake in apart from the fact that they [TS]

  just have to keep fighting it looks like [TS]

  i'll give the let me see if I can give a [TS]

  top-level summer here so what saga is [TS]

  about is about two soldiers in this war [TS]

  one from a race that has pointed ears [TS]

  and wings but otherwise looks like [TS]

  people and one that looks like people [TS]

  but has horns like ram horns like curly [TS]

  ram for antlers or antlers i guess you [TS]

  could say whatever the little ram horns [TS]

  anyway [TS]

  ram antlers fine i apologize to the rams [TS]

  the the st. Louis well but then there's [TS]

  the one guy interrogation I think these [TS]

  varieties like races is also the Rhino [TS]

  guy [TS]

  yeah there's around some of them are [TS]

  clearly analyst getting some of them [TS]

  have appointed deer antlers [TS]

  yes sir yeah well known and the wings [TS]

  are different too right yeah the guy [TS]

  that gets interrogated by Prince robot [TS]

  like smoking right now so that so their [TS]

  wing people and they're like the horn [TS]

  people and the horn people use magic and [TS]

  the wing people use technology it seems [TS]

  more or less and star-crossed lovers you [TS]

  know we meet them [TS]

  havin they're havin a baby there from [TS]

  these two different races we very [TS]

  rapidly discover that this is this is [TS]

  not just a little bit bad oh it happens [TS]

  sometimes it's really bad and both sides [TS]

  are trying to kill them [TS]

  Andy and take their baby because this [TS]

  just can't be done it would be bad for [TS]

  optics for the president of the one [TS]

  group to have this be knowledge that [TS]

  their that any cohabitation any [TS]

  interaction that isn't war could happen [TS]

  between these two races so that it's set [TS]

  on the scale of this planet that is [TS]

  beset by war where they were both [TS]

  fighting and they run away and they have [TS]

  a baby and just after they have the baby [TS]

  there they're caught and they're there [TS]

  they have to escape and they're on the [TS]

  run and they're trying to get off this [TS]

  planet because both sides in this giant [TS]

  galaxy-spanning war are trying to kill [TS]

  them and essentially that's the story [TS]

  and and the side stories are involved [TS]

  the bounty hunter who is hired to kill [TS]

  them and and take the baby back a a [TS]

  prince who is also a robot except he's [TS]

  got the body of a man but the head of a [TS]

  television set who just lost his leg [TS]

  fighting a hellish war for two years [TS]

  right but had it reattached or or had a [TS]

  new leg attached or whatever very [TS]

  strange and he's sent also to go to go [TS]

  get them [TS]

  so I it so there are a bunch of [TS]

  different players in this crazy crazy [TS]

  story but it's essentially about these [TS]

  two star-crossed lovers who were just [TS]

  trying to get away and they just had a [TS]

  baby and they're being pursued by [TS]

  everybody else in the galaxy and we [TS]

  should also say one of the really [TS]

  wonderful touches in this story is that [TS]

  it's narrated by the baby as an adult [TS]

  and she's telling you the story and this [TS]

  is where you get some of that fairytale [TS]

  tone she's telling you her life story [TS]

  from the beginning but because it's her [TS]

  as an adult you get those moments where [TS]

  she's alluding to things that are going [TS]

  to happen in the future just to give it [TS]

  some extra ominous tone Eileen normally [TS]

  when you read something like that you'd [TS]

  see a box in Marvel anyway you see a [TS]

  rectangular box usually in the upper [TS]

  left-hand corner [TS]

  yes the narrow for the narration right [TS]

  in this case there's like a girl's [TS]

  handwriting just kind of you know i'm [TS]

  guessing the narrator feels like a young [TS]

  young adults and older team but it's [TS]

  written in this kind of girls you know [TS]

  handwriting just kind of background the [TS]

  page around the graphics it and it's [TS]

  like you say there's a lot to it that's [TS]

  it's a nice it's almost 36 [TS]

  is almost like a chorus a lot of times [TS]

  it's something that contrast heavily [TS]

  with what we're looking at and reading [TS]

  we do you know what I mean it kind of [TS]

  puts it in relief and and very much from [TS]

  the very beginning is dropping these [TS]

  hints about stuff that you don't you [TS]

  know the one man who broke my heart like [TS]

  who's that like I don't know that is you [TS]

  know about it that's the framing device [TS]

  for all of this is that and it opens the [TS]

  door to this took being told slightly [TS]

  out of sequence at certain points i [TS]

  almost feel like the narration with just [TS]

  the text right over the sum of the [TS]

  visuals kind of feels almost a little [TS]

  bit more like the style and some [TS]

  children books which is of course then [TS]

  weird with the very adult image and [TS]

  sometimes seven [TS]

  yeah like a children's books did you [TS]

  read geez [TS]

  acceptable losses sob without but that's [TS]

  part of the combination that makes this [TS]

  very interesting is this is a rated M [TS]

  for Mature comic book and yet it has [TS]

  this very interesting mixture of tones [TS]

  this is a story for adults but it is a [TS]

  story told in the two you know in the [TS]

  all the tools of something we think of [TS]

  as a as a mythical kind of story for [TS]

  kids but this isn't for kids it's a it's [TS]

  a fascinating combination Merlin I'm so [TS]

  glad that you mentioned the the way the [TS]

  narration is written I was going to [TS]

  mention that it's great and I i was [TS]

  especially noticing there's a bit where [TS]

  she points at a at a rocket ship while [TS]

  she's describing it in the narration and [TS]

  at the end of the sentence there's a [TS]

  little arrow drawn and pointing at the [TS]

  rocket ship that is being annotated [TS]

  almost like it's a journal we have Fiona [TS]

  staples you know just her artwork and I [TS]

  believe she does the handwriting that's [TS]

  it i just got a tooth from my friend [TS]

  image Jennifer reduced lunches said that [TS]

  the narration saga is actually and [TS]

  staples yeah right it's amazing and and [TS]

  so it looks great and that is that adds [TS]

  to the quality of it that it's [TS]

  handwritten on there it doesn't feel [TS]

  like every other comic book with the box [TS]

  with the text in it right it's it's not [TS]

  all a straight line or anything it's [TS]

  being written in a journal basically i [TS]

  am more of a story person an art person [TS]

  with comics but the art in saga is just [TS]

  it's really impressive and I mean I've [TS]

  been reading brand cave on stuff for a [TS]

  long time and not to say the art in [TS]

  his other titles was bad but the art in [TS]

  the end up in saga is particularly [TS]

  noteworthy it's really impressive and [TS]

  people to check that out [TS]

  yeah they have not already flipped [TS]

  through yeah probably want to buy it [TS]

  yes it doesn't it doesn't you know it [TS]

  when I just try to describe this you [TS]

  know i'll be that guy about stuff like [TS]

  that I'm here talking about totoro or [TS]

  you know the wire or arrested [TS]

  development all these things like in the [TS]

  case of some of those things where you [TS]

  have to have a huge investment to like [TS]

  basically commit to this big thing and [TS]

  I've always feel like soccer has such a [TS]

  place in my heart it such a small amount [TS]

  of time that has been out and I want to [TS]

  describe people to people in the way [TS]

  that's gonna kind of most you know [TS]

  resonate with them and it's it's really [TS]

  difficult to pick out the one part of [TS]

  this that grabs you the most because you [TS]

  don't want to say like oh there's some [TS]

  family stuff in here that really hits [TS]

  close to home [TS]

  I mean whether you have kids are not [TS]

  especially if you have kids but if you [TS]

  don't have kids you definitely have [TS]

  grandparents and their stuff about this [TS]

  is going to like really grab you even [TS]

  though they're Rams or whatever you do [TS]

  you know what I mean yeah it's not it's [TS]

  not important I mean it's the same way [TS]

  that you felt like you made a Star Wars [TS]

  comparison a couple times with the same [TS]

  way you felt like when you're like wow [TS]

  okay maybe Yoda is just a puppet but [TS]

  like you know there's an actual there's [TS]

  an actual emotion conveyed by that right [TS]

  star wars is not just about gunfights [TS]

  right superficially it's about one thing [TS]

  but it's hard it's really about [TS]

  something else [TS]

  I'm sorry I I couldn't talk way too much [TS]

  about this because it's found such a [TS]

  place in my life today I had absolutely [TS]

  no problem reading all 12 issues again [TS]

  up and and I IE there's so much to it [TS]

  first of all in some ways I can't [TS]

  believe how little happened over 12 [TS]

  issues in some ways but at the same time [TS]

  it's astonishing like how many quotable [TS]

  lines and I don't know and I don't [TS]

  overstate it but like really i'll just [TS]

  say extremely memorable characters come [TS]

  up in the space of those few issues [TS]

  I'm I'm gotta be one of the in the top [TS]

  5% of x-men fans of all time but you [TS]

  could you could you could slide your way [TS]

  through you know a hundred and fifty is [TS]

  clear and not come up with quite this [TS]

  mini like amazingly memorable lines and [TS]

  characters even if they're just they're [TS]

  like I say that the alligator Butler [TS]

  just things that are in there for a [TS]

  couple fart fart isn't in there for more [TS]

  than what like four pages five pages but [TS]

  nobody's ever going to forget the first [TS]

  time they see fard [TS]

  you know but it never it never gets away [TS]

  like we should i say though about like [TS]

  you or whatever Kermit the Frog you know [TS]

  if if you know if Wayne Newton had sung [TS]

  the rainbow connection that might have [TS]

  been very touching but the fact that [TS]

  it's a little felt frog in a boat with a [TS]

  banjo like why does that make me want to [TS]

  sob you know there's something about [TS]

  this that makes it even more human in [TS]

  some ways [TS]

  well it touches something that it [TS]

  touches something that is innate right [TS]

  like that isn't yeah I don't know what [TS]

  it is it's hard states in that is that [TS]

  very intangible nature of it where it's [TS]

  like anything when you watch a movie and [TS]

  it's not like okay yeah there's [TS]

  something that is that is texturally sad [TS]

  about this because like what is [TS]

  happening is sad but it makes you think [TS]

  it's the it's the empathic response [TS]

  right where it's like oh my god what if [TS]

  that was me in this situation and like [TS]

  you know what if I especially you know [TS]

  we think about stuff and you talk about [TS]

  me having kids [TS]

  everybody's got parents to write like [TS]

  think about your parents it's like oh my [TS]

  god you know here's an example of [TS]

  somebody losing a parent right like [TS]

  everybody can relate to that to a [TS]

  certain extent like everybody can relate [TS]

  to the idea of losing a parent or a [TS]

  loved one and i think that you know that [TS]

  strikes home and makes us and especially [TS]

  when it's done in a very genuine fashion [TS]

  as opposed to in a very artificial [TS]

  fashion which we see a lot of times in [TS]

  certain things i think you know a lot of [TS]

  a lot of superhero comics are prone to [TS]

  do that like let's kill off a person [TS]

  just like get a visceral response right [TS]

  you know and it doesn't really have [TS]

  necessarily the same kind of thing [TS]

  especially because in most comic books [TS]

  you know death is merely a temporary [TS]

  obstacle whereas you know this it saga [TS]

  does not seem like that kind of world [TS]

  right you know stuff is permanent stuff [TS]

  happens and it makes you leave scars and [TS]

  and makes marks on people [TS]

  alright let's talk for a moment about [TS]

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  I mean I'm let's start on the up-and-up [TS]

  here but you know the Micronauts are not [TS]

  in print anymore and if i want to read [TS]

  them on my iPad I can't imagine why them [TS]

  anywhere so I have them downloaded i [TS]

  know it is hard to well this legal [TS]

  I'm just saying because I I think you [TS]

  you may be the only person to have [TS]

  invested in i don't i don't think that's [TS]

  true [TS]

  there there are many of us out there Dan [TS]

  but very small sure your evil they are [TS]

  the microbots they're tiny dancer can't [TS]

  even see it anyway so you take a sheet [TS]

  cbrc beezies pdfs these are comic book [TS]

  formats and you can read them in they [TS]

  don't read in something like comiXology [TS]

  read them in an app like chunky comic [TS]

  reader so chunky comic reader runs on [TS]

  the iPad you can connect it to your mac [TS]

  via or pc i suppose if you are that way [TS]

  by USB and just drag the comic files [TS]

  over you can also hook chunky comic [TS]

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  your files over from dropbox and there [TS]

  are other comic readers out there on the [TS]

  app store but the cool thing about [TS]

  chunky comic reader is that it makes [TS]

  them look great it makes the comics look [TS]

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  which is the whole thing that is that's [TS]

  kind of the point right of of a cop III [TS]

  mean you don't want you don't read [TS]

  comics look Carol that is looking at [TS]

  them is the whole point so this [TS]

  obviously it's only working with the drm [TS]

  free stuff like we said see crc beezies [TS]

  and PDFs but what they've done is the [TS]

  developers have done a ton of work [TS]

  behind the scenes to make them look [TS]

  sharp and clear there are a couple [TS]

  different modes if you're on an ipad 2 [TS]

  or an ipad mini i was looking at this [TS]

  earlier there's a mode that does some [TS]

  really nice work so when it's assumed [TS]

  out it does this nice [TS]

  it's sort of like downsampling to make [TS]

  it clear even though you're you're [TS]

  looking at a much larger image in a [TS]

  smaller space if you're on a Retina [TS]

  display and you zoom really into it it [TS]

  does some work to make it not look [TS]

  blotchy it makes it a lot clearer by [TS]

  upsampling it so that the whole idea [TS]

  here is that it's gonna look good [TS]

  turning the pages is kind of fun the [TS]

  flipping effect is is this like it's [TS]

  like a little almost like a blurry kind [TS]

  of like the slides and [TS]

  get the next page and it is i will say [TS]

  this the best library organization that [TS]

  I've seen from any ipad comic reader you [TS]

  drag your files in and you open the app [TS]

  and it's figured it out i don't know how [TS]

  it does it I don't know how it knows it [TS]

  automatically groups your comics by the [TS]

  individual comics that they're in so [TS]

  you'll see like particular series and a [TS]

  bunch of covers and tap on one to read [TS]

  it when you get to the end it'll prompt [TS]

  you for the next one it's really really [TS]

  nice [TS]

  you might say that sits superpower it [TS]

  could be I don't know how it gets it [TS]

  could be a mutant app it's amazing apple [TS]

  left to do this mutant app through the [TS]

  app store did the Sentinels of the App [TS]

  Store not sense for the cerebro if you [TS]

  will if you want to go that way i don't [TS]

  know i mix XP well all the better for us [TS]

  right i mean that's that's really what [TS]

  kind of sense so really chunky comic [TS]

  reader show your comic some love it's [TS]

  four bucks [TS]

  although for the rest of august it's [TS]

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  looking at right now six is very old and [TS]

  it really does look good I was opening [TS]

  up by open but micronauts i opened up [TS]

  pdf I've got of the x-men i opened up a [TS]

  PDF of sorts of the swashbucklers which [TS]

  is a graphic novel that was available in [TS]

  PDF that's by film at low in and which [TS]

  guys who did micronauts because it all [TS]

  comes back to the microphones with me [TS]

  and and a bunch of other stuff so it's [TS]

  just a really nice ipad comic reader so [TS]

  if you are comic fan and you've got an [TS]

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  chunky comic reader its four bucks and [TS]

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  it's a no-brainer chunky comic reader [TS]

  and thanks to chunky comic reader for [TS]

  fortuitously sponsoring this very [TS]

  episode of the uncomfortable so before [TS]

  we go any further I i think i'm going to [TS]

  use this opportunity to fire off the [TS]

  spoiler horn before you know we spoil [TS]

  even more from these 12 issues [TS]

  but before we get too deep into it i [TS]

  wanted to say something immoral and [TS]

  talked about these 12 issues and have a [TS]

  hundred and fifty fifty issues with [TS]

  chris claremont into trades 12 issues [TS]

  and and some of these are these are [TS]

  actually longer than your your standard [TS]

  comic it and what impressed me about it [TS]

  is is on one level on what level you [TS]

  could say well what happened in these 12 [TS]

  issues they were on one planet they got [TS]

  their spaceship they floated around and [TS]

  almost got sucked in a in a time suck [TS]

  and then they went to visit the favorite [TS]

  author of one of the main characters and [TS]

  you could say not a lot happened but the [TS]

  trade-off for not having it be like you [TS]

  know I think they told the entire plot [TS]

  of star wars in four issues in 1978 [TS]

  right [TS]

  what you get is the richness you've got [TS]

  multiple storylines and you've got all [TS]

  this detail and so although we don't we [TS]

  don't have you know you get the sense [TS]

  that the story may take awhile in terms [TS]

  of issues what we get is so rich that [TS]

  that really impressed me that that I'm [TS]

  you know that one point I think we go an [TS]

  entire issue or an issue and a little [TS]

  bit where we've literally we haven't [TS]

  gone back to the will who is the bounty [TS]

  hunter he's exactly where we left him [TS]

  like an issue and a half ago [TS]

  it's that decompressed a story and i'm [TS]

  not complaining about just I'm kind of I [TS]

  think that's why they're able to provide [TS]

  the richness that the story doesn't have [TS]

  those characters is is they don't rush [TS]

  it that that they take the time to have [TS]

  character moments in in ways that some [TS]

  some comics don't because they rush and [TS]

  just wanna rip off as much plot as [TS]

  possible and i don't want to say that [TS]

  things don't happen to my god [TS]

  lots of things happen thats exactly that [TS]

  it's exactly what i was thinking I mean [TS]

  you'll see [TS]

  yes like me you may be able to describe [TS]

  the main plot point of the story in a [TS]

  paragraph without much problem but that [TS]

  doesn't get you anywhere near what's [TS]

  actually happening in and just to be [TS]

  clear it isn't like a bust a gut thing [TS]

  where somebody goes into a monologue for [TS]

  six pages you know it's [TS]

  it really there's no Bendis meetings in [TS]

  this one [TS]

  what do you think Black Panther nothing [TS]

  no no absolutely end but but but you [TS]

  might be interrupting also think about [TS]

  the relatively small number of locations [TS]

  i mean the Prince robot you know jumps [TS]

  around and so forth but I mean there [TS]

  aren't there like it isn't like you're [TS]

  in a woman's i love about star wars is [TS]

  marching towards parts stores is how and [TS]

  especially the first movie how elegant [TS]

  the storytelling is about moving from [TS]

  location location and you get the white [TS]

  and now we know that your little car is [TS]

  driving into this crazy City where the [TS]

  planes go [TS]

  ok now we're in place this is most [TS]

  likely right understand it there's a lot [TS]

  of lot of very great pacing of the scene [TS]

  changes but every scene change at least [TS]

  from the family's point of view every [TS]

  scene change every spaceship change and [TS]

  I'll has a lot of portent to it you know [TS]

  they don't just jump in like you know [TS]

  they don't like Steve McQueen they don't [TS]

  just jump into a different Mustang or [TS]

  something [TS]

  getting into this particular wooden [TS]

  spaceship ends up having a lot of [TS]

  significance to it and and that allows [TS]

  them to let this story unwind in its own [TS]

  way and something as simple as I mean [TS]

  one more quick side note but there's [TS]

  nothing about the delightfulness of this [TS]

  that you can explain to anybody without [TS]

  it sounding incredibly stupid [TS]

  father-in-law that you just met made you [TS]

  this really sexy bulletproof outfit out [TS]

  of plants [TS]

  what okay all right I not only to get [TS]

  another one [TS]

  okay there's this guy who has an [TS]

  ex-girlfriend is kind of a crab with [TS]

  lots of weapons and he has a cat can [TS]

  tell whether you're telling the truth [TS]

  ok anything no matter what no more no [TS]

  matter what I tried none of the details [TS]

  matter right for selling it to something [TS]

  where's this pink blowing teen ghost who [TS]

  has nothing is there a unicorn is there [TS]

  a rainbow you like books with what with [TS]

  guys with horns and you like books with [TS]

  guys wings you're gonna love this one [TS]

  couple i hope my opening line to every [TS]

  person i try to turn onto this comic and [TS]

  generally somite with there's no Hawkeye [TS]

  and Sokka are the 2 comments were like [TS]

  I'm gonna tell you once but then i'm [TS]

  going to just buy your copy [TS]

  dan does that sound familiar I read both [TS]

  of those recently thanks to thanks to [TS]

  its yeah basically those are the two [TS]

  ones i'm recommending well no I just [TS]

  thought i did it today i took my friend [TS]

  comic store and bottom the two traits of [TS]

  Hokkaido I'm gonna buy you this comic [TS]

  and I want you to at least read the [TS]

  first is [TS]

  you have it but the thing I say to all [TS]

  of them is let me just be upfront about [TS]

  this nothing about this should work [TS]

  describing this story to somebody [TS]

  pitching this is somebody like like [TS]

  totoro I guess nothing about this should [TS]

  work [TS]

  it sounds even the best parts of it [TS]

  sounds so clichĂ©d I I go so far as to [TS]

  say this is the kind of work that could [TS]

  only come from somebody who had the the [TS]

  background and the clout of bryan cave [TS]

  on who had had these successful comics [TS]

  in the past because otherwise I don't [TS]

  know how you would even sell this and I [TS]

  don't know who would pick it up but [TS]

  people picked it up because it was the [TS]

  new bryan cave on project and somebody [TS]

  said yes because well you know bryan [TS]

  cave on will let him do it and and I'm [TS]

  not sure somebody else would have been [TS]

  allowed to do it which it doesn't change [TS]

  the fact that it's it's fantastic it's [TS]

  just it's so hard to describe and it's [TS]

  such a weird cell [TS]

  yeah somebody else might have had a [TS]

  harder time even if they produced it [TS]

  getting it picked up right and in terms [TS]

  of getting past five issues or six [TS]

  issues right so we should let's let's [TS]

  talk about the characters a little bit i [TS]

  got that rather than trying to walk [TS]

  through the plot I i think that the [TS]

  merlons gotta write that the characters [TS]

  here so interesting and since I fired [TS]

  the spoiler horn and were free to talk [TS]

  about these these characters so we [TS]

  should start with our our protagonist i [TS]

  guess i really want to talk about the [TS]

  line cat but let's tighten and let's [TS]

  start with our protagonist who are Marco [TS]

  and Alana right yeah [TS]

  mhm so Marco has he's the one with the [TS]

  horns [TS]

  yeah the muny he's a Moonie he's from [TS]

  the moon the moon free and and and Alana [TS]

  is this the soldier from the the main [TS]

  planet whose landfall boo in done so uh [TS]

  so Marco Marco is he's got horns we are [TS]

  we established that he has vowed not to [TS]

  use his sword B&B we learned that he is [TS]

  a conscientious objector [TS]

  whoo-hoo-hoo I'll tell you re reading it [TS]

  was fascinating because not only do i [TS]

  pick up a lot of the of subtle things [TS]

  that I know I didn't notice before but I [TS]

  picked up a lot of things that I said oh [TS]

  he's planning that there to pay off [TS]

  later like you think this is not [TS]

  important now but in 13 issue [TS]

  i'm going to say haha do you remember [TS]

  when I said that her shirt was [TS]

  bulletproof [TS]

  well so Marco is conscientious objector [TS]

  he's not going to use a sword anymore [TS]

  he's taken prisoner and I and that's [TS]

  where he meets Alana he surrendered on [TS]

  the field yeah yeah because he didn't [TS]

  want to fight anymore and then of course [TS]

  he does eventually use his sword and [TS]

  like kill an entire squadron of Whitney [TS]

  people he's a little bit of a badass he [TS]

  goes he goes totally berserker his wife [TS]

  has to shoot him to get him to stop [TS]

  killing people many breaks the sword in [TS]

  order to get the the rocketship so so [TS]

  and then he's got a family [TS]

  I'm you know he's his mom and dad show [TS]

  up in a wonderful wonderful sequence [TS]

  that the last thing I think i was [TS]

  expecting in the story with to have his [TS]

  mom and dad show up that time my [TS]

  grandparents up on the rocket ship they [TS]

  were shooting at me i was shooting at [TS]

  them anyway and he's got a he's got an [TS]

  ex-girlfriend and their wedding rings [TS]

  are actually the ones that he was [TS]

  supposed to use with her but he gave it [TS]

  to alana instead you know [TS]

  good good character interesting [TS]

  interesting i mean i-i didn't so much of [TS]

  the so much of this is on the on the [TS]

  richness of the supporting cast that I [TS]

  think it's easy to to you know the these [TS]

  guys are a little more straightforward [TS]

  in some ways because they're there the [TS]

  there who we expect to be our our [TS]

  protagonist right I'd like to bryan cave [TS]

  on you just a little bit here and the [TS]

  terms of groundwork I think it's worth [TS]

  mentioning it [TS]

  Marco he's a vicious well trained killer [TS]

  yes to the first time he sees battle [TS]

  says you know what I'm done I can't do [TS]

  this but his family I you know I don't [TS]

  use that term terrorist his he says I'd [TS]

  like to be called freedom fighters but [TS]

  that they're there they are the store [TS]

  looking for the guerrillas right that [TS]

  the people on on the moon is the [TS]

  resistance that what's the moon called [TS]

  mamuni 33 but people have wreaths are [TS]

  basically they're like what they liked [TS]

  the vehicon they're like the contrast [TS]

  they're the ones who are trying to [TS]

  undermine through guerrilla warfare this [TS]

  big planet so just I think it's worth [TS]

  mentioning that his parents are hundred [TS]

  percent like died in their hardcore that [TS]

  this is what we do this is what we do [TS]

  and you know and and of course back on [TS]

  land fall they just got they've got all [TS]

  the power they've got all the money [TS]

  they've got the ability to hire all [TS]

  these people to work for them but it's a [TS]

  disproportionate war has been fought you [TS]

  know for years and you know that they [TS]

  hit the end of the video [TS]

  neither one of them has that much skin [TS]

  in the game until they realized the skin [TS]

  they have in the game is like for the [TS]

  this relationship that's when they get [TS]

  really passionate anyway just want to [TS]

  mention that his parents are bad assets [TS]

  you know that his dad obviously a little [TS]

  bit on the softer side that his mom [TS]

  yes like seriously I mean I loved I you [TS]

  know it's such an interesting way to [TS]

  introduce them as we were saying and I I [TS]

  really came to love his dad so quickly [TS]

  totally only only to ya hard on the [TS]

  spoiler hard right [TS]

  yes we did get all the only to have him [TS]

  taken away from us so its mission i [TS]

  cried twice so I he did he did warn us [TS]

  and say that he didn't have long to live [TS]

  and boy was he right but he's great [TS]

  because he used the spinning wheel and [TS]

  he makes the clothes and and and he he [TS]

  sees what his son season Alana and the [TS]

  mother is a little more wrapped up in [TS]

  the warrior part of it and the father he [TS]

  gets it you know in a way that I thought [TS]

  was pretty cool [TS]

  well he reminded me of like I don't know [TS]

  like not like my uncle or something [TS]

  right like there's a certain amount of [TS]

  that that a funkier charm that he has [TS]

  that he's like oh he could never really [TS]

  be mad at anybody for that long right [TS]

  I don't know it's just it yeah he does a [TS]

  great job of drawing that that character [TS]

  in just a couple subtle strokes like [TS]

  several brushstrokes and you said that [TS]

  you have an idea of who that character [TS]

  is right right [TS]

  this is part of what i was trying to [TS]

  play my kid today without going you know [TS]

  about ruining her for life worse that i [TS]

  have is you know without getting a hard [TS]

  not to [TS]

  I think it's a fascinating piece of of [TS]

  not just contemporary life of kind of [TS]

  just of the human condition that we get [TS]

  entrenched in these these kinds of [TS]

  ongoing Wars where we dehumanize the [TS]

  other side and you know when I say [TS]

  something like the troubles or south [TS]

  africa or whatever what you might [TS]

  remember it you know you know it started [TS]

  because somebody has a different opinion [TS]

  about whether this blood is there this [TS]

  piece [TS]

  bread is jesus what it really means is [TS]

  like my brother lost his leg because of [TS]

  the orange marchers or whatever like [TS]

  what you really remember is like this [TS]

  Hatfield got killed because of that [TS]

  McCoy and that's why we fight back and [TS]

  so on and so forth [TS]

  what I got on this reading I like what [TS]

  you said Jason about that because as [TS]

  much as I've devoured these going back I [TS]

  picked up a lot [TS]

  the one that I got this time reading it [TS]

  straight through was that horrible word [TS]

  miscegenation what I really got this [TS]

  time is how much you know and I mean I'd [TS]

  love to come back to proxies at some [TS]

  point that everybody's always hiring [TS]

  someone else to do something whether [TS]

  it's Jack termine bone or kill their [TS]

  their enemy or capture someone's baby [TS]

  everybody wants this baby and they want [TS]

  these people captured because it's [TS]

  almost like somebody screwing a monkey [TS]

  like these people are so nobody can even [TS]

  believe that like the the times that [TS]

  these free combinations of horns and [TS]

  wings have happened the baby hasn't [TS]

  lived because it's such a horrible like [TS]

  abomination of nature you see this may [TS]

  be my daughter sees baby she I can't [TS]

  take the comic away from her because [TS]

  she's looking for pages with the baby on [TS]

  it it has horns and wings and it's [TS]

  completely adorable you know it's you [TS]

  know what I mean it's the the way that [TS]

  either side in this battle sees the [TS]

  other side first of all as a complete [TS]

  monster but the only thing worse than [TS]

  that monster is somebody on your side [TS]

  who would have a baby with that monster [TS]

  and it just makes both sides so mad and [TS]

  there might be more to this that we get [TS]

  you down down the stream but like I [TS]

  think at the beginning it helps [TS]

  understand it [TS]

  everybody's after because they're like [TS]

  the Duke boys right everybody's added [TS]

  that a part of it is there so that they [TS]

  hate that this has happened but they're [TS]

  also angry that that that they would so [TS]

  not only betray their side but then they [TS]

  would make this abomination of the baby [TS]

  is the one thing everybody agrees on [TS]

  outside of this family is that this baby [TS]

  should have never ever happened I I [TS]

  think that's yeah there is something [TS]

  very much in that in this whole idea of [TS]

  the other right of vilifying the other [TS]

  just because that's that's unfamiliar an [TS]

  alien and I think you know in this comic [TS]

  to those reading it [TS]

  everything's kind of alien right so you [TS]

  know I think there's not a lot of [TS]

  Allegiance you come in like one way or [TS]

  the other right like all those guys have [TS]

  wings as important as well that's all [TS]

  kinda weird so what gets I don't really [TS]

  you know think too hard about that but [TS]

  but even then they did you know there's [TS]

  kind of these faceless forces on either [TS]

  side but they then make the kind of the [TS]

  operatives for each team you know become [TS]

  these characters that there and explore [TS]

  so you know we're gonna find out about [TS]

  the freelancer who has been employed by [TS]

  by the wings and we're gonna find out [TS]

  about the you know the robot friends [TS]

  right [TS]

  you know if not there they're not [TS]

  looking well I could I was a faceless [TS]

  poor choice of words for the robot [TS]

  prints but um you know that he's got a [TS]

  facebook is a CRT monitor [TS]

  yeah well to face you know they're gonna [TS]

  they're gonna be characters that we're [TS]

  gonna learn about to tell you know so [TS]

  Alana strange happenings one of the [TS]

  things about Alana as I as I sort of [TS]

  vaguely push through various characters [TS]

  is uh is that she she's an interesting [TS]

  character because she's an outsider that [TS]

  way there's a scene where she is like in [TS]

  the guard room or something and and the [TS]

  squid who's in the in the plastic mole [TS]

  says to her her other guard partner boy [TS]

  she's you know basically she's miserable [TS]

  to be around because she she's excited [TS]

  about this book that is you know this of [TS]

  turns out to be the sort of really big [TS]

  incredibly boring yet subversive in its [TS]

  boring this book which is a very funny [TS]

  recurring bit and you know and then she [TS]

  you know she actually beats the crap out [TS]

  of Marco because you won't shut up but [TS]

  it but she that was their meat cute but [TS]

  they've they fall in love and she shoots [TS]

  his chain off and says go not a [TS]

  euphemism [TS]

  and if she says go go go get out of your [TS]

  escape and they ended up escaping [TS]

  together i gotta talk about the book [TS]

  first I know because I'm yes you talking [TS]

  upon it i think i think i love the I [TS]

  love that in its be goes back to what we [TS]

  were talking about before about those [TS]

  elements of manatee like that's what the [TS]

  book is right it's the mundane it's [TS]

  literally like you want to order a pizza [TS]

  tonight y'all thinks it's a potboiler [TS]

  anything like that sucks [TS]

  heroes like I rolling 30 books like who [TS]

  cares i was just trying to get a [TS]

  paycheck but it'sit's like you can [TS]

  understand from her perspective why it's [TS]

  so powerful and why it's so important in [TS]

  a in a world where everything the [TS]

  mundane is like violence and war right [TS]

  like that's the everyday is we're stuck [TS]

  in this war and have been stuck in this [TS]

  war for so [TS]

  one that we don't remember so what's [TS]

  comforting is this idea like let's just [TS]

  hang out and watch TV you know I and [TS]

  it's almost like limping into all of our [TS]

  back into all of our own lives which is [TS]

  a little weird because it gets kinda [TS]

  self-reflective they're like oh I guess [TS]

  my life is sitting around reading comic [TS]

  books about aliens and tried to get away [TS]

  and therefore the people who are the [TS]

  aliens in the comic books a reading life [TS]

  about getting away into my reality it's [TS]

  a rock monster who enjoys sitting on the [TS]

  couch and watching to ordering takeout [TS]

  you know what did you guys I mean I [TS]

  think i can get this as much until this [TS]

  secondary but I also volunteers to see [TS]

  if you guys agree with this but I i got [TS]

  that seriously [TS]

  Alana was not a great soldier no no I [TS]

  like the second she wasn't nobody liked [TS]

  her but also she wasn't particularly [TS]

  distinguished in any way i like the idea [TS]

  that she was like oh she was like she's [TS]

  like the Maria Hill of this operator [TS]

  they did they say where she was [TS]

  they say that she was parked on this [TS]

  world and and somebody actually says [TS]

  seriously they still send people there [TS]

  but that was an urban myth that's like [TS]

  that was a joke right that you can't be [TS]

  that bad and she's a private right [TS]

  ladies he literally like the [TS]

  lowest-ranked she's given the guard duty [TS]

  on this terrible world she's not even [TS]

  really that good at that because she's [TS]

  it's around reading her books all the [TS]

  time [TS]

  I mean yeah there's this very [TS]

  interesting because she is paired up of [TS]

  course then with marco who is like a [TS]

  total badass so it is a very bizarre [TS]

  it's a little bit of an odd couple going [TS]

  on [TS]

  yeah okay can we talk about the will of [TS]

  the will but the will is the is the [TS]

  freelancer bounty hunter the first the [TS]

  first real answer [TS]

  yeah he he he is an interesting cat he [TS]

  also has a cat the lion cat who is his [TS]

  sidekick and does nothing except growl [TS]

  and say lying when somebody lies which [TS]

  is inconvenient even for the will [TS]

  sometimes and somebody is why haven't [TS]

  you killed that cat misses believe me [TS]

  I've tried and you're a lying cat [TS]

  doesn't say lying at that burn that what [TS]

  I mean like there's so many so many you [TS]

  know you see all these these ridiculous [TS]

  plot devices that people throw into [TS]

  things thinking they're being clever and [TS]

  I've never had seen a plot device that I [TS]

  love more than one [TS]

  and cat and it comes up at the most [TS]

  immediate at the exactly perfect times i [TS]

  just posted a picture of this earlier [TS]

  the one with the phone rings and it's [TS]

  fucking coming call from the stock and [TS]

  and and with the will is like I'm [TS]

  expecting a call from that keyword again [TS]

  the cat goes my and then we'll just [TS]

  stares at her [TS]

  yeah yeah there's there's something [TS]

  fascinating about that too because then [TS]

  you have this whole like philosophical [TS]

  thing like well was he lying does he [TS]

  pick it up because the cats that he was [TS]

  lying or ya know but he relies on he [TS]

  also relies on her to say he looks to [TS]

  her is like the person telling the truth [TS]

  he's a key like that the cat is a key [TS]

  partner in this in this range and so [TS]

  much so that when the cast life is in [TS]

  jeopardy which was the other point where [TS]

  I was like oh my god you know it gets [TS]

  blown out into space yeah because it's [TS]

  like okay this is this is a character [TS]

  that it literally has like one line and [TS]

  yet they do such a good job of being [TS]

  like oh my god no don't get the wine cat [TS]

  no no don't get the lying cat and you [TS]

  know there is a moment of feeling like [TS]

  you're watching the will be like no okay [TS]

  now I'm not gonna let the cat right like [TS]

  in that there's something there's [TS]

  something very effective in that which [TS]

  is strange that you should feel that [TS]

  much empathy for a character that is a [TS]

  cat with one but it works yeah it worked [TS]

  and that's that's across an issue break [TS]

  so there's a and its really well setup [TS]

  where I think that's also the woman [TS]

  grandpa there's a there's a panel [TS]

  there's a set of panels yet is where [TS]

  they terrible where where they showed [TS]

  the the damage that's being done to the [TS]

  spaceships is after one is acceptable [TS]

  loss and then and then flip the page at [TS]

  the narrator says that and then you flip [TS]

  the page to see the line cat drifting in [TS]

  space and we and then it's not until the [TS]

  next issue where the will basically [TS]

  jumps out into space to get the line cat [TS]

  and bring it back so use you also have [TS]

  the whole month where you don't know if [TS]

  the lion cat is gonna make it we keep we [TS]

  keep the railing so the will is a [TS]

  freelancer sorry i keep the railing no [TS]

  no we're talking about the will the will [TS]

  is interesting too because he gets this [TS]

  job and he obviously got this [TS]

  ex-girlfriend or sometime girlfriend who [TS]

  is this complete badass a freelancer her [TS]

  own self [TS]

  who's like a crab net crab lady and and [TS]

  then she is killed by Prince robot [TS]

  sure about the fourth we call it for [TS]

  which will get 2i and so that's upset [TS]

  him and then he also has this whole [TS]

  diversion where he's on this he decides [TS]

  to take the the credit card that's been [TS]

  given to him as an advance for going and [TS]

  finding his targets finding our friends [TS]

  and he decides to go to the sex planet [TS]

  with it to just have a good time except [TS]

  he doesn't have a good time I and he [TS]

  finds a young girl who's been sold into [TS]

  sex slavery and decides he's going to [TS]

  free her so there's this whole diversion [TS]

  with him that is fascinating in some [TS]

  ways because you've got this example of [TS]

  how he is and it like he kills people [TS]

  together murderer out he went he pops [TS]

  the head of the guy who leads him to the [TS]

  the underage roll let's just say he [TS]

  didn't go there to free a slave girl he [TS]

  went there and was approached by the the [TS]

  creepy groomer guy because he wanted [TS]

  like something extremely dangerous [TS]

  beyond like spanking men in a window [TS]

  like he wanted something serious [TS]

  he's not a nice guy yea he's not a nice [TS]

  guy and yet he has these he has these [TS]

  moments like trying to trying to free [TS]

  the slave girl so he's a fascinating [TS]

  character because he's not and he's [TS]

  completely the muzzle and he's the most [TS]

  visually human-looking character [TS]

  yes yes right he's basically a bald [TS]

  human yeah yeah you're right with the [TS]

  with a cloak that blocks bullets [TS]

  yes and fire to it all just sucks fired [TS]

  nine and he's he's had a fancy spaceland [TS]

  yes he said he says he's a badass but he [TS]

  is um yeah he's interesting in that he's [TS]

  awful and yet also redeemable in there [TS]

  yet in the words of one of our earlier [TS]

  pocket he has a code [TS]

  yes right is that there's a little bit [TS]

  of both fenton you know [TS]

  yeah yeah that's got a man's got him [TS]

  code boba fett without a hat [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah but of course heated that [TS]

  makes us like him just enough to be [TS]

  concerned about the fact that his goal [TS]

  in life is very specifically to find our [TS]

  friends and kill them and that's his job [TS]

  and that's what he wants his money for [TS]

  then he's joined by marcos ex-girlfriend [TS]

  who has motivation to have him killed [TS]

  and she also wants her wedding rings [TS]

  back for translation wanna get up again [TS]

  the proxies they like a yes to me this [TS]

  is so prevalent because they have an [TS]

  agent the [TS]

  stock in the Delta stopping the will [TS]

  Sharon aj do they have amazing yeah [TS]

  because they have this guy who's like [TS]

  this Robert Evans character who likes [TS]

  its on each the seahorse the sea horse [TS]

  on the beach is like he's exactly is a [TS]

  seahorse on line one and you see I'm [TS]

  gonna take this i got an incoming call [TS]

  here again because he is exactly like [TS]

  that happen well as well I hear your [TS]

  buddy i hate but you gotta do this for [TS]

  me I those characters like him and like [TS]

  the one guy who's like that with the [TS]

  shield guy forget his name the guy with [TS]

  the the guy with the with the cell phone [TS]

  this is characters that you instantly [TS]

  recognizable i mean i could see i forget [TS]

  that i forget the guys name the guy from [TS]

  the guy that's working for the king [TS]

  you know is from ya special ops [TS]

  specialist with that means I could [TS]

  totally see like sam rockwell playing [TS]

  that guy he's a very sound Sam Rockwell [TS]

  in you know iron man two kind of like [TS]

  like Greece a character reminds me of [TS]

  Ellis from die hard [TS]

  no yeah we'll Bobby yeah so who else we [TS]

  have four let's talk about the robots [TS]

  because this is fat this is one of the [TS]

  things that I think is bizarre and [TS]

  fascinating about this is we have so [TS]

  many questions that the royal family of [TS]

  robots as far as we can tell they are it [TS]

  looks like they're kind of the client of [TS]

  that the primary people that have been [TS]

  hired by landfall to fight this war at [TS]

  scale right right so there there it's [TS]

  unclear to me whether they are sort of [TS]

  under there like a a a colony of land [TS]

  father they talk because there's there's [TS]

  a little bit where they talk about it [TS]

  it's like they have like you know they [TS]

  have like a an arrangement but they're [TS]

  not and it's like they say like or they [TS]

  are customers are they [TS]

  oh yeah i'm skeptical about what the [TS]

  power relationship is between landfall [TS]

  in the robot ralph is the robot seem to [TS]

  be important they do they seem to be [TS]

  very important and yet they do have a [TS]

  people with wings giving them partial [TS]

  orders so it's kind of unclear about [TS]

  whether there are truly sort of [TS]

  employees or whether they may be a [TS]

  little more sinister devious the map i [TS]

  mean i think we can understand that it's [TS]

  not something they can slough off [TS]

  I mean it seems to me that this robot [TS]

  for is the son of the king and he's just [TS]

  thought in what I would perceive to be [TS]

  42 years he's been fighting their [TS]

  version of like the Battle of the Bulge [TS]

  has been in this incredibly hellish war [TS]

  and again [TS]

  completely unsympathetic character that [TS]

  you end up feeling sympathy for he's had [TS]

  this horrible experience he's trying to [TS]

  have a baby [TS]

  he apparently can't get a boner he's [TS]

  confused about what we know what he what [TS]

  he [TS]

  what's going to happen in his life he's [TS]

  a totally like hateable character and [TS]

  yet very human even though he has a TV [TS]

  forehead you should describe what they [TS]

  look like [TS]

  yeah so the robot people they when we [TS]

  first see them they're dressed up and [TS]

  they've got a TV for ahead it is [TS]

  literally a big bulbous TV set and the [TS]

  men have rabbit ears and the women [TS]

  apparently don't but but Prince robot [TS]

  the fourth has wrapped that has ever [TS]

  happened to your eyes and know that [TS]

  either on the back of his head and yet [TS]

  then not too long thereafter of course [TS]

  as Merlin alluded to we see Prince robot [TS]

  and his and his princess having sex and [TS]

  I get that page with my daughter yeah I [TS]

  think I was not widely I don't [TS]

  understand and uh in an unconventional [TS]

  slight slightly unconventional position [TS]

  all the better to anyway they're naked [TS]

  and their human-like accepted android [TS]

  humanoid and you actually it's not even [TS]

  like you don't get the sense that [TS]

  they're cyborgs because the skin is like [TS]

  the next skin it's all smooth up into [TS]

  the TV set [TS]

  they almost kinda look they look kind of [TS]

  like you know classical Greek statues [TS]

  with TV it's because our kind of like [TS]

  grace Tony looked so they're they're [TS]

  called it's Prince robot but he's not [TS]

  really a robot at least so far as we can [TS]

  see because he appears to be completely [TS]

  sort of fleshy other than the he can [TS]

  turn his arm into a gun he can turn his [TS]

  arm into so cool so its energy also you [TS]

  know Merlin is right there's a there's a [TS]

  great moment while he's having sex with [TS]

  his lady where he something shows up on [TS]

  the TV set and he's unable to perform so [TS]

  there's this week it is weird biological [TS]

  and everyone's got TV PTSD [TS]

  yeah it's crazy so I I mean anywhere [TS]

  you're right he's a fascinating [TS]

  character because he is he's introduced [TS]

  is really being a monster and and and [TS]

  yet you start to realize that [TS]

  essentially his biz pregnant wife it's [TS]

  being basically held hostage by the [TS]

  ruler [TS]

  of landfall even monsters have jobs [TS]

  Jason yeah and he's being sent to go [TS]

  kill our friends but uh you know he [TS]

  doesn't want to do it because he not [TS]

  because it's wrong but because he really [TS]

  would like a vacation and everybody has [TS]

  a box and he spoiled obviously you get [TS]

  the sense because he's a prince is the [TS]

  son of the king and all that it's just [TS]

  so bizarre one of the most bizarre [TS]

  characters understand it's like it's a [TS]

  horrible combination because obviously [TS]

  his father has sold him out he's been if [TS]

  we if I understand this correctly he's [TS]

  been in this two-year war that everybody [TS]

  and this is sounds like this is one of [TS]

  those if i'm reading this right this is [TS]

  one of those wars were heavy casualties [TS]

  were felt on both sides i'm going [TS]

  through this kind of world war two jag [TS]

  right now but hey it sounds like one of [TS]

  those Wars we're like there was a lot of [TS]

  atrocities on both sides a lot of people [TS]

  lost their friends a lot of people did a [TS]

  lot of stuff that they're not happy with [TS]

  and this guy went through that and the [TS]

  thing is he's royalty you know he is [TS]

  he's the whatever your highness not your [TS]

  majesty whatever anyway he's right he's [TS]

  he but he's been there for two years he [TS]

  comes home his wife desperate his wife [TS]

  who is a serious partisan she's very [TS]

  much in the camp where is this guy's [TS]

  mostly you know he's a soldier but he's [TS]

  got a job to do and and right at the [TS]

  moment when he's ready to like it [TS]

  through his TV PTSD and have a have a [TS]

  baby you know why my him like but he's [TS]

  compelled to go back out into that and [TS]

  so he has a lot of skin in the game more [TS]

  about skin in the game like and that is [TS]

  not quickly as possible so he can get [TS]

  back to you know having this family [TS]

  first remember when I thought you were [TS]

  going to say that his wife is a serious [TS]

  hottie and I was going to say man that [TS]

  console he / she wants to keep her baby [TS]

  don't ask about our resolution okay no [TS]

  that's not cool [TS]

  its lucky am i right yeah that I i was [TS]

  thinking in particular that the [TS]

  flashback that we get from him in the [TS]

  issue 12 where we see you know basically [TS]

  in getting wounded on the battlefield in [TS]

  which i think was another one of those [TS]

  excellently moving scenes where [TS]

  basically you know the medic comes over [TS]

  impact your blouse mother Mouse very [TS]

  adorable mouse madman and you're like [TS]

  alone its mouth guard oh no I using [TS]

  school it's got his face when he says [TS]

  they didn't give you wouldn't get a mask [TS]

  oh my god table and you see the you know [TS]

  but the prince is actually concerned [TS]

  right yeah like the princes like get [TS]

  your game [TS]

  mass come on like you just saved my life [TS]

  you know don't you can't die here and [TS]

  then the just explodes and it's just [TS]

  really tries to increase consultant to [TS]

  he goes users [TS]

  oh I didn't think of me asking so well [TS]

  it's alright i'm sure it'll be fine and [TS]

  then explodes [TS]

  he's trying right he's trying to but [TS]

  like you know into Merlin's point about [TS]

  the PTSD like you know he sees this [TS]

  happened right in front of it right like [TS]

  so there's and you know despite being a [TS]

  quote on quote robot-like clearly that [TS]

  affects him in some way we see that he's [TS]

  thinking about its on his mind was also [TS]

  thinking about something else in a [TS]

  rather famous panel that cause image to [TS]

  withdraw this and I don't wanna I don't [TS]

  wanna you know pop the clutch here but [TS]

  it's something I want to talk about what [TS]

  causes what to appear on the screen [TS]

  because i am still not figured it out i [TS]

  I'm a little unclear how much of it into [TS]

  did does he have control of it Jason do [TS]

  you want to talk about the screens let's [TS]

  talk about what appears on the robot [TS]

  face screen there's there's we could say [TS]

  there's gay sex on the screens sometimes [TS]

  it's something like we're just like he [TS]

  got a little busy zout the famous one is [TS]

  there's there's getting it looks sort of [TS]

  like gay porn basically on the screen [TS]

  door and that's the one where the the [TS]

  word comiXology didn't submit to apple [TS]

  or something like that there was a minor [TS]

  but there's there's weird stuff before [TS]

  yes he has reclaiming the user screaming [TS]

  at once you get a dollar sign like an is [TS]

  no I find get the incoming call from [TS]

  yeah yeah [TS]

  the caller ID well because it's from [TS]

  there it's the Imperial security yeah [TS]

  right there is he is he is the four by [TS]

  three [TS]

  I guess he is absolutely fine it looks [TS]

  cool it's impolite to ask i guess i [TS]

  guess my basic question is is that [TS]

  something he felt and showed [TS]

  involuntarily is it something you don't [TS]

  mean is it something that he had to show [TS]

  or not because I get the feeling he [TS]

  doesn't control it [TS]

  no I think it's involuntary I guess I [TS]

  wasn't sure cuz like in the last couple [TS]

  pages where he's interrogating the [TS]

  author and at one point like his screen [TS]

  goes all swirly and I wasn't sure if [TS]

  that was supposed to be like him [TS]

  reacting or him trying to intimidate the [TS]

  there's some part I think it's [TS]

  involuntary and I started to wonder if [TS]

  you know so that that flashback is the [TS]

  key see more like he's good shot right [TS]

  and they say like oh he's frizz you know [TS]

  and it's like is that is there something [TS]

  that happened there that has caused him [TS]

  to lose control to a certain extent like [TS]

  these impulses right you know that he's [TS]

  which is you know again kind of like [TS]

  there's an analogy to the to the scene [TS]

  combat in like the shell shocked that [TS]

  kind of thing where it's like our he [TS]

  just he can't quite control his impulses [TS]

  in the way that he used to do you notice [TS]

  in the same he bleeds blue blood [TS]

  yes he is literally literally a blue [TS]

  pillar called The Bistro see it i just i [TS]

  love it like the first couple pages when [TS]

  they're in like the mechanic shop and [TS]

  they refer to a grease monkey and you're [TS]

  like I like a mechanic and it's like no [TS]

  it's literally a monkey right we'll be [TS]

  okay as long as they don't have a [TS]

  blueblood and then there's a blue but [TS]

  that's so can you believe that we just [TS]

  spent the last five minutes talking [TS]

  about what the meaning is of the images [TS]

  that flash on the screen of the robots [TS]

  who have fleshy bodies but TVs for their [TS]

  heads in a comic book i can't i can't [TS]

  believe I'm sitting here in my underwear [TS]

  wednesday night talking about comics the [TS]

  whole thing is completely perplexing to [TS]

  me [TS]

  yeah so you get the stalk you got the [TS]

  will you got the robots are we kind of [TS]

  talked about is about some yes Isabel I [TS]

  was gonna say that leads us to our next [TS]

  major character Isabelle who is a who is [TS]

  a ghost with her intestines dangling out [TS]

  of her bottom side as she kind of floats [TS]

  because she was blown up by a landmine [TS]

  the best babysitter you can find the [TS]

  Haunted Forest yeah that actually is one [TS]

  of my favorite turns in the story is [TS]

  where they they meet are our friends [TS]

  meet the stock who is this horrifying [TS]

  spider crab lady naked spider crab lady [TS]

  and the following their following the [TS]

  goofball pirate map that yes 22 this [TS]

  Bishop for us [TS]

  exactly and she shows up and she's like [TS]

  I'm gonna kill you all now and shoots [TS]

  Marco and she's gonna shoot Lana right [TS]

  there except that she's got to take the [TS]

  baby alive and then the you know you you [TS]

  do yours [TS]

  the ghostly sounds come from the forest [TS]

  and a freak the stock out she's like oh [TS]

  jeez those Horrors yet you know if you [TS]

  if you're thinking correctly old kill [TS]

  your own baby yourself but i gotta go [TS]

  goodbye [TS]

  can I read 31 line from the stock sure I [TS]

  once saw pack of them rip a man's spine [TS]

  out through his urethra [TS]

  that's not an exaggeration I saw that so [TS]

  says the spider Lee so the spider lady [TS]

  runway that's horrifying spider lady [TS]

  runs away and what we see then is this [TS]

  group of ghosts who like to freak people [TS]

  out with like [TS]

  fake images of horrible things but [TS]

  Isabelle is just a teenager who died and [TS]

  I you know she's got an attitude and [TS]

  things like that but these the horrors [TS]

  turn out to not be horse at all and I [TS]

  thought that was a really great turn [TS]

  that they're ghosts yes and they show [TS]

  people horrible things but they're okay [TS]

  and yet the the the crab lady ran away [TS]

  but I mean there there it's also great [TS]

  because they're mutilated children who [TS]

  have become ghosts a but also like be [TS]

  like Isabelle doesn't know whose mind [TS]

  did it like it's just such a mess but [TS]

  the kids who died on this planet turn [TS]

  into ghosts because the other great [TS]

  thing is Isabelle for her entire life as [TS]

  a dead person has been have more than [TS]

  happy to scare the living crap out of [TS]

  people [TS]

  it's just that now because of the [TS]

  wonderful storytelling she has a reason [TS]

  she needs these people you know what I [TS]

  mean I think she would have scared him [TS]

  like anybody else except that she sees [TS]

  an opportunity here because of what she [TS]

  knows and that's why this story she can [TS]

  connect to Hazel the baby and you get [TS]

  awfully planet and B and she also she [TS]

  you know she's a teenage girl so she's a [TS]

  good babysitter [TS]

  she's a little babysitting money yeah [TS]

  but a little pocket change and she can [TS]

  she can she can make giant scary [TS]

  gorillas to yeah she can get some new [TS]

  shoes [TS]

  Oh apartment if I don't take [TS]

  relationship advice from a teenage girl [TS]

  with no vagina that's it [TS]

  the so many great lines [TS]

  yeah yeah Isabel who are so so Isabelle [TS]

  has to be able to the idea is the only [TS]

  way she can get off of this planet is by [TS]

  finding with hazel just a connector soul [TS]

  exactly yeah and they asked a little [TS]

  hurt and she says it won't hurt when we [TS]

  connect it'll hurt when we disconnect [TS]

  which we all miss you little for today [TS]

  in the future then yes you know as a [TS]

  babysitter [TS]

  you know of course you would use a ghost [TS]

  that has no legs [TS]

  sure that seems perfectly logical to me [TS]

  or intestines her intestines let's be [TS]

  clear her intestines are literally [TS]

  hanging out from our hipster t-shirt [TS]

  yes yeah well that's what else you gonna [TS]

  do with the hipster t-shirt really I i [TS]

  need such a fast again [TS]

  need such a fast again [TS]

  one of those long lines of like every [TS]

  every issue where you read something [TS]

  you're like now this can't get weirder [TS]

  and then it's like what about ghosts [TS]

  yeah it's like okay alright you beat me [TS]

  you got weirder and she knows more about [TS]

  kids and a lot of them the moment when [TS]

  she takes them to the the the forest the [TS]

  the spaceship forest and reveals the the [TS]

  spaceship tree thing that was that [TS]

  moment of like that was really a great [TS]

  moment that that this law and she gets [TS]

  the the part where she gets banished by [TS]

  Marcus we answer to a nearby asteroid [TS]

  which is mounted by the egg [TS]

  uh-huh my god is so good anything with a [TS]

  Giants with his parts resolve fard hard [TS]

  was that line you don't you know that [TS]

  you don't fly a rocket ship you're right [TS]

  it can't believe that's not already that [TS]

  such a great sister great line but I [TS]

  mean but you know it's gonna give me I [TS]

  mean not to be all you know whatever [TS]

  brainy but like it's the economy of the [TS]

  storytelling like in all this madness [TS]

  and all these generals and all these [TS]

  robots like they're still every every [TS]

  bit of this is essential like every one [TS]

  of these relationships is important to [TS]

  propelling the story forward but it [TS]

  doesn't feel like a story you know what [TS]

  I mean I just I was flipping forward and [TS]

  I just got to the you know the scene [TS]

  where you know his Marco's father dies [TS]

  and and Hazel from the future you know [TS]

  talking back to us as I still have a [TS]

  scrap of the output he made for me i use [TS]

  it as a bookmark which is like again you [TS]

  know sort of playing with the whole like [TS]

  is this a journal like this is sort of a [TS]

  recounting you know and that's the end [TS]

  of a chapter to write so it kinda it [TS]

  kinda works very very cleverly as a like [TS]

  it's holding my place right here and i [TS]

  think yet again all of those little [TS]

  things that just yeah they do such a [TS]

  good job of just like turning the like [TS]

  you know like your interest like peeking [TS]

  you just a little bit and like yeah okay [TS]

  i understand that I mean even with the [TS]

  way it starts right it doesn't start [TS]

  with Marco and a lot of meeting and like [TS]

  well you know and escaping and running [TS]

  away it starts with the birth of the [TS]

  child and then we're gonna find out [TS]

  about that other stuff later [TS]

  via flashback right it's the ground [TS]

  running and just keeps keeps going [TS]

  yeah I also want to say the the other [TS]

  interesting thing we were talking about [TS]

  stuff that differentiates like yeah okay [TS]

  you it's is an interesting that we can [TS]

  do all this sort of you know violent [TS]

  stuff but also really touching stuff and [TS]

  all these little little you know the [TS]

  handwriting these little details I [TS]

  thought that the use of language both [TS]

  with a capital L and with a lowercase l [TS]

  was interesting as a differentiation for [TS]

  so you know we have this idea that these [TS]

  these two cultures despite being very [TS]

  close proximity you know like there's a [TS]

  moon and there's the main planet [TS]

  they're separated of course by a [TS]

  language in most of the text that we get [TS]

  is in what is I think capital L language [TS]

  yes it's like there's like a language [TS]

  and what they speak on landfall which [TS]

  which the them from the people from [TS]

  wreath do not they speak a language blue [TS]

  right as their native language which is [TS]

  written in blue text right and when [TS]

  Marco speaks language the soldiers are [TS]

  gassed and they say they should cut his [TS]

  tongue out [TS]

  it's like Planet of the Apes I mean it's [TS]

  like people are just like what is this [TS]

  monster is speaking like what is what [TS]

  kind of magic is easy right and the [TS]

  fascinating part for me is the the [TS]

  bravery of doing panels that are [TS]

  entirely in this language right which [TS]

  are not in blue which are not translated [TS]

  and you basically have to get from [TS]

  context which is federally is the [TS]

  flashbacks especially experiment makes [TS]

  Merlin cry in the episode where Markos [TS]

  dad dies and we don't get me started on [TS]

  the grasshopper [TS]

  I'm literally begging it and also it's [TS]

  just close enough to spanish that that [TS]

  is apparently Esperanto or based on its [TS]

  anto I looked this up because I was very [TS]

  curious to know I did not know that I [TS]

  was fascinated to know that because then [TS]

  it sent me down a rabbit hole of reading [TS]

  wikipedia ya blue maybe cry with the [TS]

  grasshopper I'm not gonna lie to you and [TS]

  that because you know and also in that [TS]

  issue I was not expecting that there's [TS]

  there's the whole scene with like what [TS]

  happens to those remember when your dad [TS]

  taught you to write a grasshopper for [TS]

  the first time I mean let's remember he [TS]

  didn't Esperanto I said dad I and [TS]

  language language but it's very [TS]

  effective and also like all my gosh how [TS]

  much do you love it when the loop [TS]

  ordered the part when the one that when [TS]

  the magic people come blasting into the [TS]

  garage the first time you see the blue [TS]

  language and you get like oh man this is [TS]

  the this is the rules are different in [TS]

  this universe and the magic people come [TS]

  in and the spells and it's just [TS]

  and some of the magic they don't really [TS]

  explain how it works but it's nice when [TS]

  they do get a little into it it's like [TS]

  the magic is more than just technology [TS]

  that we understand you have the secrets [TS]

  that this is something that is needed a [TS]

  secret that can has never been spoken [TS]

  when we last drippy Jason you're on [TS]

  Isabel's that where we left off [TS]

  yeah who's left who else do you want to [TS]

  talk about i do we do we cover Gwendolyn [TS]

  wendelin we don't see her a lot [TS]

  true she's she reason that people can [TS]

  understand what Marco is saying is [TS]

  because he has a pair of magical and [TS]

  chanted rings that I guess is like the [TS]

  babelfish right yeah that kind of yes [TS]

  yeah yeah with babelfish with with a GPS [TS]

  in it [TS]

  alright certainly android thing yeah but [TS]

  at but we learn later and that Alana is [TS]

  very unhappy to discover is that those [TS]

  belong to someone else [TS]

  right which is another great one of [TS]

  those melding of like oh they're magical [TS]

  rings that can translate things wait you [TS]

  took these from your last fiancĂ© like [TS]

  there's that jarring like transition [TS]

  back into the something that everyone [TS]

  can understand right like wow okay that [TS]

  was a bad move market now what makes it [TS]

  worse is that there's all she also has a [TS]

  pendant and and the the freed sex slave [TS]

  girl can tell that dependent is calling [TS]

  out for its friends and they used that [TS]

  as a homing beacon which is also really [TS]

  interesting but yeah hit marcos [TS]

  ex-girlfriend we see why he wasn't into [TS]

  her because she's hardcore she's kind of [TS]

  like store meets lelu and a good in a [TS]

  good way both multipath she's got the [TS]

  outfit yeah lt+ yeah but they but then [TS]

  you get the sense that she would be a [TS]

  non-player character that like that we [TS]

  would never see this this girlfriend [TS]

  yeah although I gotta say the problem i [TS]

  have with a girlfriend is it does seem [TS]

  like this is an awfully small world then [TS]

  that she's also a player and all of this [TS]

  and ends up with you and with the will [TS]

  that with that pussy is she's connected [TS]

  right you know she is I just I just had [TS]

  the moment of like wow this is and maybe [TS]

  this is part of the story is the reason [TS]

  that Marco is as important as he is is [TS]

  also because of the [TS]

  shoot that he has with his fiancee and [TS]

  maybe that's why that one of the reasons [TS]

  they were initially were looking for him [TS]

  but just that was a moment of like wow [TS]

  everybody there aren't that many [TS]

  characters and yet they all seem to be [TS]

  very closely connected with each other [TS]

  sometimes it's a small universe [TS]

  yeah it's only that planet moon and a [TS]

  whole other galaxies but then all the [TS]

  funny little animal guys [TS]

  yeah don't don't get attached to them [TS]

  they don't they'll go so we don't it [TS]

  doesn't go well for them [TS]

  yeah especially the this mold guys as [TS]

  more guys on sextillion get pretty mad [TS]

  they're my favorite thing is i love that [TS]

  page you know it's like the little seal [TS]

  guys on the White House plain old then [TS]

  the seals the seal guy on so he's [TS]

  weirdly already hit walrus with ya and [TS]

  I'm not gonna go back here where the [TS]

  author the author lives of the of the [TS]

  world's most by the guy with the yellow [TS]

  like overalls [TS]

  yeah there's a seal guy and and like a [TS]

  walrus monkey [TS]

  yes I mean that the seal guy kind of [TS]

  looks like he's out of a miyazaki movie [TS]

  a little bit totally does [TS]

  I'm glad I'm I'm really glad he doesn't [TS]

  get cut in half in tomorrow [TS]

  yeah that's a you know a good day with [TS]

  you can say that I got I got a little [TS]

  attached to this charming more guys in [TS]

  it you know that didn't pay off for me [TS]

  you know [TS]

  did you bring him bottles mr. hice likes [TS]

  it when ladies bring in bottles are you [TS]

  lady folk anyway I enjoy enjoy the [TS]

  author who is just you know i'll be [TS]

  talking a little bit before with just [TS]

  the bike is a cyclone has just yeah I [TS]

  just right now i'm sitting here with my [TS]

  dreams like Catholics like Ernest [TS]

  Hemingway with this is like oxygen LOL [TS]

  samuel jackson as nick fury as Ernest [TS]

  Hemingway a lot of people don't know [TS]

  that about us having left and dan did [TS]

  you not notice that the 12 issue of this [TS]

  is essentially constructed as an episode [TS]

  of Columbo I because essentially Prince [TS]

  robot comes in interrogation he just [TS]

  stays around irritates him to irritate [TS]

  him until he gets the information and [TS]

  the first half of the story we are we [TS]

  have this turn word this supposed to be [TS]

  this great subversive work and we need [TS]

  the author and the author one robot is [TS]

  supposed to be interrogating him the [TS]

  authors like sorry that book is just [TS]

  crap and you get to that last scene [TS]

  where robot is gonna head out the door [TS]

  and be like all right well I gave it a [TS]

  shot this was a shot in the dark [TS]

  and then he goes actually one more thing [TS]

  which he doesn't actually say but he [TS]

  comes back around and basically like [TS]

  what does he do exactly what battle [TS]

  which battle did you say your son was [TS]

  killed right right there and then it all [TS]

  turns because it turns out his son died [TS]

  in a battle his son killed himself and [TS]

  this is his motivation for writing this [TS]

  subversive work and it you know it kind [TS]

  of goes down from there he pulls a gun [TS]

  and and Prince robot can turn his arm [TS]

  into a gun and shoots him in the knee [TS]

  and we end up with him Prince robot [TS]

  saying that he's gonna stay there and [TS]

  wait around for our friends to come but [TS]

  anyway that's the colombo trick right [TS]

  you give you another guard down you talk [TS]

  to him for a while you think you're [TS]

  gonna get away with it and then he comes [TS]

  back in the room and he and he destroys [TS]

  you which is basically what happens here [TS]

  except then we get the last panel which [TS]

  is the end of the 12th issue in the end [TS]

  of the second trade which is the [TS]

  revelation that all of our other [TS]

  characters that we've been following for [TS]

  the first 11 issues have been upstairs [TS]

  in this house the entire time where you [TS]

  know how they got there and all that [TS]

  still to be explained but they've been [TS]

  they've been listening to this entire [TS]

  conversation the entire episode of [TS]

  Columbo that's been going on downstairs [TS]

  that's pretty cool pretty good [TS]

  cliffhangers pretty good yeah okay and [TS]

  saga has been doing this kind of [TS]

  interesting thing for folks who you know [TS]

  or sometimes hesitant about picking up [TS]

  comics were you know they put out six [TS]

  issues then they collected in a trade [TS]

  and then they they proceeded almost like [TS]

  with you know TVC and something so it's [TS]

  like we're usually I don't I always wait [TS]

  for the trades to come out it's usually [TS]

  like I'm you know I'm Way behind people [TS]

  are chatting about things that I can't [TS]

  read about yet and so far that's not as [TS]

  big a problem with saga [TS]

  well you know we're running out of time [TS]

  but what else should we talk about [TS]

  before we go you guys have anything more [TS]

  you want to get off your chest before we [TS]

  wrap it up it's a recent list all the [TS]

  weird thing now ladies with no torsos [TS]

  dudes they're only torsos [TS]

  oh my god 16 can imagine i don't i'm not [TS]

  super familiar with the honest eight [TS]

  balls outside of Seattle saga but it [TS]

  must have been so much fun to just go [TS]

  nuts with sextillion or like any of the [TS]

  times where I you know I'm always [TS]

  interested in reading how people write a [TS]

  script and have somebody and collaborate [TS]

  and very interested in that process but [TS]

  my gosh what a tremendous amount of [TS]

  creativity must take to come up with [TS]

  some of that stuff you know [TS]

  yeah well I and i enjoyed reading i'm [TS]

  gonna turn over whatever i think was at [TS]

  the end of one I had one of the single [TS]

  issues I think it was issue 12 actually [TS]

  and reading at the end [TS]

  bryan cave on talks about how much like [TS]

  how important use the whole front like [TS]

  she's not just the artist right like i [TS]

  bounce ideas off her and she comes up [TS]

  with sometimes with stuff that's like [TS]

  way better than what I came up with my [TS]

  you know and i think that's that's so [TS]

  important is it seems like they really [TS]

  have it's nice to see a creative [TS]

  partnership where they're clearly not [TS]

  only just on the same wavelength but it [TS]

  really is just this it's a partnership [TS]

  in the truth is not like alright the [TS]

  words you draw the pictures like they [TS]

  seem to be working together to tell this [TS]

  story and I think it's enhanced by that [TS]

  yeah i'm also used in the letter column [TS]

  where in several letter columns he says [TS]

  oh here's what Fiona said when she got [TS]

  to the gym when she read the script and [TS]

  one of them is just she gave a sad face [TS]

  reply colon parentheses sad because i [TS]

  think that was when we when we see the [TS]

  stock get killed I think maybe or maybe [TS]

  it was when the line cat gets me there [TS]

  was a double whammy like two straight [TS]

  issues of like pop rank upon what are [TS]

  you doing to me to Street issues 12 [TS]

  straight issues so yeah that the covers [TS]

  are great the the interior artist great [TS]

  though we talked about the the narration [TS]

  being handwritten you know this is a [TS]

  weird book but it's great and it's great [TS]

  kind of in all phases i think it's okay [TS]

  but you know I guess we're probably went [TS]

  down I mean it to me one of the reasons [TS]

  I feel like alongside Hawkeye right now [TS]

  one reason i can feel really good about [TS]

  recommending this to somebody and I [TS]

  don't hate this to come out the way it [TS]

  sounds but like if you are the one hand [TS]

  like if you can't get into this then [TS]

  maybe comics aren't your thing because [TS]

  there haven't been no stories or maybe [TS]

  you're not into maybe there's not [TS]

  dependable maybe you don't like love [TS]

  maybe you're literally dead inside [TS]

  maybe you're really into Mary worth very [TS]

  rare Mary worth the both like Hawkeye [TS]

  you've got a big you got a big [TS]

  understandably a big hurdle to go over [TS]

  because nobody likes Hawkeye and you can [TS]

  explain to people enough like no really [TS]

  like just what is the guy shoots of [TS]

  people with bow and arrow [TS]

  this is the guy from that gulf war movie [TS]

  buff guy no no this is it's a guy with a [TS]

  dog trust me just try it but you know in [TS]

  that case you've got some baggage but in [TS]

  this case I mean if you're even open to [TS]

  the idea of comics folks out there [TS]

  listeners at this is a this is worth [TS]

  this is worth picking up because there's [TS]

  a very it's so awkward to say human that [TS]

  suddenly sounds incredibly self-involved [TS]

  it's very human story is a very personal [TS]

  story at the middle of this and I'll [TS]

  return to what I said at the beginning [TS]

  because I'm obsessed on second and third [TS]

  reading of this with the proxies with [TS]

  the fact that that so much of what's [TS]

  happening throughout this entire book is [TS]

  a bunch of people who are who are being [TS]

  ground up in a system of proxies like [TS]

  you hire proxy to fight your war your [TS]

  higher proxies to go find your own [TS]

  soldiers who wrote runaway you hire [TS]

  proxies to Jack you mean bone like [TS]

  whatever you're going to do [TS]

  there's somebody that you can hire with [TS]

  your black card to go out and do that [TS]

  for you and the people who are standing [TS]

  athwart that system are trying not to be [TS]

  ground up in those gears that people [TS]

  used to be part of that system and [TS]

  obviously they still are to some extent [TS]

  but now they have like serious serious [TS]

  skin in the game they've got this little [TS]

  baby [TS]

  neither one of these people is like any [TS]

  parent they feel totally incapable of [TS]

  taking care of this thing that suddenly [TS]

  means everything to them and and even as [TS]

  they like you see the concentric circles [TS]

  moving out of people who then begin to [TS]

  care about that like you know in the [TS]

  case of the grandparents or even meet [TS]

  somebody like the will you realize like [TS]

  we don't know why the will want to save [TS]

  that girl from the comet but but he [TS]

  obviously went out of his way to do it [TS]

  you know these little these little weird [TS]

  little human moments and like if you put [TS]

  off by comics and the whole idea of like [TS]

  you know perverts in underwear with [TS]

  mutant powers i just think this is a [TS]

  great place to start as graphic as it is [TS]

  because it is there is at the heart of [TS]

  it something that's very human which is [TS]

  that [TS]

  we get we get very torn up by these big [TS]

  systems you know like the wire we get [TS]

  torn up by big systems but the heart of [TS]

  it where were you know there's there's [TS]

  love in the middle of all that and it's [TS]

  hard to express that without sounding [TS]

  mawkish and I think this does that [TS]

  extremely well I i would put it up there [TS]

  with I mean and again I'm not like super [TS]

  broadly well read and comment whatever a [TS]

  decent number and I I easily even after [TS]

  12 issues feel like this is going up [TS]

  there would say like Sandman which for [TS]

  me use is one of the this is the great [TS]

  examples of what this John work what [TS]

  this medium can do it's worth checking [TS]

  out even if you're not going to go out [TS]

  and fill the bookshelf with comics [TS]

  yeah it's perfectly yeah it's a great [TS]

  it's a great piece of art that stands on [TS]

  its own regardless of whether or not [TS]

  it's a comic right like that's it it's [TS]

  just it's a good story unless you don't [TS]

  want to see robot TV people having sex [TS]

  you may not want to see that but it's a [TS]

  cost of doing business with you maybe [TS]

  you should [TS]

  what's guess if you don't want to see [TS]

  that what is wrong with you what about [TS]

  far too far to get a cream is there [TS]

  anything you can do for that I think [TS]

  might be in trouble with living on an [TS]

  egg yeah your options are limited when [TS]

  you're good Jason yeah yeah it's not the [TS]

  end for him by the way is he being [TS]

  fatalistic their ways as well [TS]

  no this isn't a planet sure and then [TS]

  like the egg thing also had three eyes [TS]

  and he had three hands and it's like [TS]

  well you know I don't want to be like [TS]

  well 3i guys you got you know you know [TS]

  each other but is that there's an ego [TS]

  sum symbiotic relationship here I i look [TS]

  forward to be farmed spin-off series so [TS]

  this looks bad but this looks bad yeah [TS]

  fart fart and pizza dog fight crime [TS]

  I hate animation I mean I hate [TS]

  enchantment I don't like the whole idea [TS]

  of like things being enchanted normally [TS]

  I'm like God really the stick is real [TS]

  you know but in this case the idea of [TS]

  the rocket ship with a walk in the woods [TS]

  got a full year there's a foyer like [TS]

  what is that so delightful to me and [TS]

  looks like it's like buying a house [TS]

  right like it's it's like you okay there [TS]

  the rocket about rocket ship owners now [TS]

  right maybe that right never thought [TS]

  they'd have enough money to put a down [TS]

  payment on a rocketship but I never you [TS]

  want to be a druid it just seems so [TS]

  fruity and and and now with this one [TS]

  going to I'm going to worship a bush you [TS]

  know about that in this case like [TS]

  there's something that's very resonant [TS]

  about it that that whatever stupid [TS]

  comment [TS]

  and on that note I'm gonna close up this [TS]

  edition of the comfortable comic book [TS]

  club saga check it out [TS]

  you know you just heard that you just [TS]

  heard it everybody likes it [TS]

  you should read it issue 1 i believe [TS]

  it's free on comixology to go out and [TS]

  get it unless again you don't like what [TS]

  let's run down unless you don't like [TS]

  comics you don't like stories [TS]

  you don't like love you don't like [TS]

  people and you don't like images of [TS]

  robots having sex [TS]

  those those are only excuses you should [TS]

  not be listening to podcasts maybe you [TS]

  can buy a nice collection of dilbert [TS]

  reprints oh alright so i would like to [TS]

  thank my excellent guess for their [TS]

  excellent work discussing this wonderful [TS]

  piece of a piece of art Dan Morgan thank [TS]

  you as always for being here [TS]

  a pleasure to be here for this rare [TS]

  comic book yes it's nice you should read [TS]

  more comic books [TS]

  okay done alright Tony sindelar you [TS]

  shouldn't read more comic books you read [TS]

  enough it was great to have you on again [TS]

  that's always fun to be here I'll go [TS]

  make can read some more so I can't wait [TS]

  for Batman to be a saga that will be [TS]

  great when that happens I'm so excited [TS]

  what is Batman spaceship look like well [TS]

  bat ship like a bat yeah I mean you know [TS]

  it's easy [TS]

  he doesn't really he doesn't really get [TS]

  outside the consistent is conceived in [TS]

  the box is bad shape yes and merlin mann [TS]

  thank you for being on the uncomfortable [TS]

  for a third time [TS]

  thank you i appreciate this is a special [TS]

  thing you guys are a gentleman thank you [TS]

  it's enjoyable to to talk about [TS]

  something you're so enthusiastic about [TS]

  too so it's great and thanks to [TS]

  everybody out there for listening to the [TS]

  incomparable and we will see you next [TS]

  time [TS]