Roderick on the Line

Ep. 248: "Hubris of the Moment"


  [Music] [TS]

  hi John hi Marilla how's it going it's [TS]

  going good thanks for letting me sleep [TS]

  in today did you sleep in a little bit [TS]

  yeah you gave me a little buffer uh I [TS]

  was up until 4:30 in the morning again [TS]

  because hmm because I made the wrong [TS]

  choices I had a piece of cake now for [TS]

  late-night dinner snack and I'm [TS]

  realizing that a piece of cake is like a [TS]

  piece of cake at 11:00 is going to sleep [TS]

  at 5:00 really what why you think that [TS]

  is the sugar stimulate you well it's a [TS]

  it's always a chocolate cake and uh and [TS]

  it just I don't know what I don't have [TS]

  it I go to sleep like a normal person [TS]

  when I do have it I feel like I just [TS]

  States uh you know a big huge slice of [TS]

  chocolate cake no that's no good you [TS]

  know that's a finite situation yeah then [TS]

  I fly across the fly fly across the [TS]

  night on my my wings of Destiny but uh [TS]

  but I so at five o'clock in the morning [TS]

  I was like I have to get up in five hour [TS]

  in four hours to talk to Marilyn hmm [TS]

  butBut I wrote your text middle of the [TS]

  night text take and I sleep in you are [TS]

  like yes and now here I am NOT with four [TS]

  hours of sleep but with six hours of [TS]

  sleep and I feel like there's a huge [TS]

  difference between those things so thank [TS]

  you - difference I told you before about [TS]

  my concept of like I have trouble [TS]

  getting back to sleep sometimes and I I [TS]

  told you bout my concept of bonus sleep [TS]

  right you get double bonus sleep triple [TS]

  bonus sleep if you're able to go back to [TS]

  sleep for a period of time after you [TS]

  wake up that's a huge win but I've also [TS]

  found it very difficult because then you [TS]

  also have to be that person who says if [TS]

  I pull this off I'm going to be sleeping [TS]

  into the daylight part of the day when [TS]

  other people are doing things and I [TS]

  think they are very difficult and I feel [TS]

  resistance and it's hard to do yeah part [TS]

  of the advantage well let's see I don't [TS]

  know if I should say advantage but part [TS]

  of the experience of living alone is [TS]

  that I can pull the curtains and I hear [TS]

  people out [TS]

  in the neighborhood doing doing day work [TS]

  mm-hmm but I pulled the curtains and you [TS]

  know for a long time all the way to noon [TS]

  you can say to yourself well carpenters [TS]

  get up early sure those guys are out [TS]

  there hammering but they're the 7 a.m. [TS]

  carpenters so obviously I mean that's [TS]

  their whole stock in trade is the early [TS]

  guys right but if you're living with [TS]

  other people like when my daughter stays [TS]

  here with me it's I have to get up and [TS]

  fucking crack a dawn this what's art [TS]

  with a task if it's not too private [TS]

  what's her what's her usual go to on her [TS]

  own wake-up time well you know so there [TS]

  are three she has three homes right or [TS]

  my home her mother's home and my [TS]

  mother's home and in the course of a [TS]

  regular week she stays in all three [TS]

  places and her natural wake-up time is [TS]

  has three different [TS]

  she has three different times Oh [TS]

  interesting she wakes up differently at [TS]

  my mom's house on the rig like she's [TS]

  always up and happy and playing in her [TS]

  uh playing in a room before my mom even [TS]

  comes in to wake her up and at her [TS]

  mother's house she wakes up always kind [TS]

  of like uh like eyes squinting what mad [TS]

  at the same time of day and at my house [TS]

  she will sleep until 11 o'clock in the [TS]

  morning if you let her jiminy Christmas [TS]

  really yeah and there's no accounting [TS]

  for it because we've looked at every [TS]

  variable it's like well does the Sun [TS]

  come in and wake her up no the Sun I [TS]

  mean the Sun does come in some places [TS]

  but not others but it's that it's not [TS]

  like it can't you can't account for it [TS]

  because of that is it because of traffic [TS]

  noise or is my house quieter something [TS]

  something you're missing something not [TS]

  obvious but we've tried we've thought of [TS]

  everything and it just doesn't seem you [TS]

  know the [TS]

  it could just be that my mom wakes up at [TS]

  4 o'clock in the morning and even though [TS]

  she's quiet as a church mouse her the [TS]

  energy of awakeness and and aliveness is [TS]

  in my mom's house earlier and the energy [TS]

  in my house is like yeah you know it's [TS]

  like a sleepy bear cave and I don't I [TS]

  don't know how much you can I don't know [TS]

  how much you can in this modern era lean [TS]

  on the idea that that not only does the [TS]

  house have an energy but the energy of [TS]

  the people in the house is affecting the [TS]

  energy of other people in the house to [TS]

  the degree that they will sleep three [TS]

  extra hours a night but but yeah she's [TS]

  she has a very different experience and [TS]

  um and in my sometimes she'll stay in a [TS]

  in a bedroom upstairs at my house and [TS]

  she wakes up at a different time than if [TS]

  she stays in the bedroom in the bottom [TS]

  of the house as you know John I don't [TS]

  like to get into the topic of magic [TS]

  magic and time travel or two things I [TS]

  prefer to avoid on our show anything [TS]

  else don't talk I'll talk I'll talk [TS]

  about anything else on this show but two [TS]

  things I try to avoid magic and time [TS]

  travel this might be spooky action at [TS]

  distance but I didn't read the article [TS]

  but I saw a headline not long ago about [TS]

  I guess some scholarship into that [TS]

  feeling when you know someone is looking [TS]

  at you give her the feeling you're like [TS]

  I'm me turn and like somebody on the [TS]

  subways looking at you or something like [TS]

  that you ever you know it's not you know [TS]

  that feeling that weird feeling the [TS]

  right eye I use it all the time in a [TS]

  crowd of people I'll sit and look at [TS]

  somebody in a crowd of people and wait [TS]

  for them to feel it and look over at me [TS]

  I mean I said it's a few I mean yeah not [TS]

  strangers right I'm not just like oh [TS]

  hello girl in poodle skirt it's like oh [TS]

  I see it I see a friend across a crowd [TS]

  and rather than each my way through it's [TS]

  like hey is that hey lamb you wait you [TS]

  wait for their amygdala to get the John [TS]

  signal that's right I shoot the mind [TS]

  bullets at them and then mine their mind [TS]

  blanks they're not like dead building a [TS]

  brain squib yeah they're like they're [TS]

  like paint balls mind paint balls mmm I [TS]

  think it's more often than not and it's [TS]

  not that they're sitting and scanning [TS]

  the room it's more often than not they [TS]

  can look up in the [TS]

  like oh hey so yeah magic I just wonder [TS]

  if it's something like that is what was [TS]

  what I'm saying because I've had the [TS]

  same experience where like it's [TS]

  difficult for me to know you know I've [TS]

  tried all the variables with sleep and [TS]

  I've tried enough of them it's sort of [TS]

  like somebody going and getting a test [TS]

  for cancer everyday like eventually [TS]

  you're probably gonna die from the test [TS]

  rather than the cancer so many things [TS]

  with sleep and like my results have been [TS]

  so weird like I assumed that sleeping [TS]

  with earplug and the things I quantify [TS]

  this I've got by a tracking device that [TS]

  tells me how long and how well I slept [TS]

  every night and I can look at that in [TS]

  the morning go hmm that was very [TS]

  interesting I had this much deep sleep I [TS]

  had this much REM sleep I had this much [TS]

  light sleep and like I I can't tell fuck [TS]

  all about it I mean like you know I even [TS]

  have an app that says like you know I [TS]

  got this app that tries to be helpful [TS]

  and says things like you know um you [TS]

  know you you get more workouts when you [TS]

  take more steps well you spend more time [TS]

  awake when you get up early I like [TS]

  thanks buddy [TS]

  thanks love God let's try some of the [TS]

  same would agree you you weigh more when [TS]

  the days get longer which is very [TS]

  categorically untrue that's all it's so [TS]

  strange one of them I did some [TS]

  screenshots of these one of them was [TS]

  something like um you have more sunny [TS]

  days when you're in Washington DC that's [TS]

  you know I bet there's something to that [TS]

  that's true but kind of good so anyway I [TS]

  don't want to talk about time trouble [TS]

  and I don't talk about magic maybe I [TS]

  want to talk about spooky action at [TS]

  distance but I wonder if there's some [TS]

  explanation for this it could be the [TS]

  ether in the air it could be ghosts [TS]

  maybe they're myself loose it could be [TS]

  could be you have an unknown monk : [TS]

  maybe someones coming up and trying to [TS]

  fix shoes like you don't know you know [TS]

  so what about about wormholes it could [TS]

  be wormholes it could be the tubes that [TS]

  run the internet how do you know you [TS]

  don't have a wormhole you can't get a [TS]

  decent home inspection these days how [TS]

  are you gonna find out if you've got a [TS]

  wormhole or not and I can't tell you you [TS]

  can't even tell if the your electrical [TS]

  outlets are grounded let alone uh [TS]

  whether or not you have a wormhole you [TS]

  never get a house inspector yeah a [TS]

  wormhole you got to get a psychic house [TS]

  inspector you have to get somebody who's [TS]

  open to moving beyond the the quality of [TS]

  the laminate floor to get down to the [TS]

  plywood underneath somebody who's able [TS]

  to come in and give you a high-level [TS]

  vision of the unseen [TS]

  what do you feel about spooky action at [TS]

  a distance boy boy boy there's all kinds [TS]

  of stuff where I would like to think [TS]

  that I'm like a full-on full-bore pedal [TS]

  the metal james randi motherfucker and [TS]

  that I am out there being John [TS]

  irrationality all the time [TS]

  snowman science down even where where [TS]

  science isn't needed I would like to [TS]

  think that I'm you know scientifically [TS]

  woke that I'm out there and I'm like I'm [TS]

  seeing problems in the world and fixing [TS]

  shit with my mind but science is the [TS]

  laminate floor over the plywood subfloor [TS]

  how do we even know where the floor is [TS]

  all we see is the laminate right so you [TS]

  can feel it you feel it under your [TS]

  tongue your toes but uh but you know I [TS]

  know on the one hand I do a fair amount [TS]

  of magical thinking I know that I do [TS]

  that I don't want to do that but I know [TS]

  that I do do that and and I know that I [TS]

  I don't think or choose to believe in [TS]

  omens and portents and thus and such bad [TS]

  signs good signs and yeah I know I do [TS]

  I know I know lucky thing I have lucky [TS]

  things I do have lucky things and I have [TS]

  lucky lucky signs [TS]

  do you have Jeff jinxes sorry idea are [TS]

  you like Billy Beane in Moneyball you [TS]

  friend go to the French go to the [TS]

  stadium and watch the game cuz you're [TS]

  gonna jinx it I probably do I probably [TS]

  do it's probably not anything that's [TS]

  even that it's not even that sensible [TS]

  it's not even I don't even have like [TS]

  real-world superstitions that make any [TS]

  sense [TS]

  sometimes it will be I've thought that [TS]

  thought too many times today so it's [TS]

  pretty definitely gonna happen oh that [TS]

  kind of thing and I know that that's an [TS]

  emotional and mental health issue and [TS]

  I'll own that but glad I do I don't feel [TS]

  proud saying this but in trying to [TS]

  figure out how to get your daughter [TS]

  consistent sleep I'm willing to open [TS]

  open my box here is that I do sometimes [TS]

  wonder if there are perhaps unseen [TS]

  things that we cannot be aware of that [TS]

  could be having an effect on how we live [TS]

  our lives I'm not married maybe what I'm [TS]

  open I feel like that is still basic [TS]

  science in the sense that we have just [TS]

  in the 20th century discovered so many [TS]

  things that we didn't know [TS]

  before some things that we didn't even [TS]

  know existed that to presume that we are [TS]

  now at peak understanding is I think [TS]

  also like not scientific right it's the [TS]

  hubristic [TS]

  of the the heat the hubris of the moment [TS]

  the hubris of the present moment where [TS]

  you feel like history you feel like [TS]

  we've got it all we got a whole bunch of [TS]

  books with all kinds of stuff in it yeah [TS]

  history has new Under the Sun exactly [TS]

  history stops with us and in fact you [TS]

  know political systems will ich will [TS]

  continue to evolve and science will [TS]

  continue to evolve of course there are [TS]

  like 10,000 million things we don't know [TS]

  yet but it's so hard to situate yourself [TS]

  in a timeline where the future and I [TS]

  don't want to talk about time travel hmm [TS]

  but where the future is [TS]

  you know unknowable and you can only see [TS]

  yourself at in history like as part of a [TS]

  continuum of history but from a [TS]

  perspective that you can never have and [TS]

  yeah I feel like I feel like spooky [TS]

  action at a distance is not a thing that [TS]

  we can even imagine how we would [TS]

  discover the the process but it doesn't [TS]

  mean that you know it doesn't mean that [TS]

  some young Einstein isn't sitting in her [TS]

  Garret and feeling up you know like wait [TS]

  a minute uh [TS]

  time is relative or or action isn't [TS]

  spooky it's actually it's yeah right [TS]

  it's friendly action at a distance well [TS]

  as you know I'm not a scientist but [TS]

  alright but you look at like the history [TS]

  of stuff and you get somebody who gets a [TS]

  reckon about how the world works and [TS]

  maybe that could be a guy throwing [TS]

  lightning bolts from the sky sure [TS]

  something with somebody whittling and [TS]

  turns out the whittling stick is really [TS]

  yeah and you know you could even before [TS]

  you even understand what something is [TS]

  you get to give it a name and once it [TS]

  has a name and then becomes an idea that [TS]

  you can you can share with other people [TS]

  maybe at some point you get evidence [TS]

  about whether that is a thing or not [TS]

  right right and then then eventually [TS]

  maybe you discover oh no no no that [TS]

  happened because of this and then you go [TS]

  oh but now we know what this thing is we [TS]

  give it a new name we eventually get the [TS]

  ability to measure it and then once we [TS]

  get the ability to measure it eventually [TS]

  we get the ability to measure it more [TS]

  carefully until right [TS]

  refit it into our understanding of [TS]

  things and I just I just don't know [TS]

  which stage of those things I'm at with [TS]

  some of my reckons about the world right [TS]

  I don't have a way to measure the spooky [TS]

  action in a distance that makes my [TS]

  daughter get up at 6:00 a.m. every day [TS]

  yeah oh she gets up regularly at 6:00 [TS]

  every day pretty on the regular this is [TS]

  that shitty time of year when it's just [TS]

  so goddamn bright all the time it's [TS]

  bright on that bedtime we try really [TS]

  hard we try so hard to encourage and [TS]

  enforce a like we're moving toward [TS]

  bedtime at 7:30 no later than 8:00 and [TS]

  these days it's not unusual for her to [TS]

  be reading until 10:00 and then books up [TS]

  at 6:00 and that's not enough time for a [TS]

  little kid so you know you start you [TS]

  start rattling the chicken bones trying [TS]

  to figure out what to do it's all I'm [TS]

  saying yeah right well you put you [TS]

  you're right you take two electrons you [TS]

  Miriam put them in separate boxes take [TS]

  them across the world they stay married [TS]

  that's uh you know we don't know why but [TS]

  they like try maybe maybe maybe [TS]

  electronic love electronic marriage yeah [TS]

  right right so it's uh it's an electron [TS]

  that's the same-sex marriage - they're [TS]

  they're you know they're both negative - [TS]

  like a sex marriage yeah and then if you [TS]

  bring in a third partner you call that [TS]

  an open eye on like you bring in [TS]

  somebody else you know but with consent [TS]

  sure and now you've got you got [TS]

  something more we're open involving [TS]

  electrons maybe a bathrobe but but [TS]

  that's a polyamorous kind of molecule at [TS]

  the atomic level I feel like there's a [TS]

  there's a lot more acceptance of a poly [TS]

  lifestyle mm-hmm and that's a thing that [TS]

  we're evolving normative though you [TS]

  don't think like everything wants to [TS]

  bind a carbon you don't think that's a [TS]

  normative from an elemental point of [TS]

  view like a lot I think a lot of a lot [TS]

  at the atomic level a lot of things do [TS]

  want to bind to carbon but not [TS]

  everything well it could be controlled a [TS]

  high charisma and everybody just likes [TS]

  carbon what what I don't understand is [TS]

  how to apply that how that is affecting [TS]

  what we think of as personality [TS]

  mmm right like how much of your [TS]

  personality how much of mine which seem [TS]

  you know which we're always curious [TS]

  about is this genetic but like at some [TS]

  level is it atomic at our consciousness [TS]

  and and our curiosity about from whence [TS]

  it derives like where does our [TS]

  consciousness leave what where where is [TS]

  it not biological but but atomic also [TS]

  mm-hmm something I'm saying it's not [TS]

  just like I go to this ice-cream place a [TS]

  lot because I like this ice-cream place [TS]

  there could be something deeper go on [TS]

  like which I'm genetically predisposed [TS]

  to go to this ice-cream place but what [TS]

  if it is happening at a much deeper do [TS]

  where I atomically need to be at this [TS]

  ice-cream place and I don't know sure [TS]

  like yeah like where we can kind of [TS]

  accept that when the moon is closer to [TS]

  the earth or when the moon is full [TS]

  although I'm not exactly sure how that [TS]

  would work but like it is cool John it's [TS]

  all it's all about its optics that's [TS]

  right [TS]

  it's optics but but but we do talk about [TS]

  the way the moon pulls on us we can see [TS]

  it pull on the oceans that's measurable [TS]

  but what we don't think about is that [TS]

  there's nothing that has ever happened [TS]

  in our entire like the entire awareness [TS]

  that isn't affected by gravity we're [TS]

  bathing in it all the time and we don't [TS]

  know what it is and gravity is like it [TS]

  has a real pull on us hmm and so what it [TS]

  what role is that playing it's playing [TS]

  every role mm-hmm and we don't know we [TS]

  don't know what it is we don't know how [TS]

  to really measure it and we don't know [TS]

  how it changes we don't know like I mean [TS]

  does is gravity a wave or a particle or [TS]

  is gravity changing all the time under [TS]

  our feet in imperceptible ways oh I like [TS]

  that we're too close to it yeah right I [TS]

  mean you know it from day to day our are [TS]

  your moods which seem because because I [TS]

  see all the time someone's mood [TS]

  our product of their emotions and they [TS]

  and those emotions and that and their [TS]

  then [TS]

  sense of what is reasonable and rational [TS]

  it feels very real to them this is but [TS]

  this is their rational mind is telling [TS]

  them that this you treat them on the [TS]

  street and ask them about the situation [TS]

  they would very likely give you a [TS]

  completely different answer about what [TS]

  the right thing to do is but you don't [TS]

  pause for a minute because of some [TS]

  atomic emotional decision yeah right I [TS]

  mean and it's part of it's part of kind [TS]

  of wrestling with depression [TS]

  what makes depression insidious is that [TS]

  it does not it it acts upon your [TS]

  rational mind so you can you can explain [TS]

  your feelings very articulately and it [TS]

  is hard to refute it's hard to argue [TS]

  with because you're using that part of [TS]

  your mind it's just that it's broken yes [TS]

  and so underneath us right there like is [TS]

  gravity I mean I feel like all of [TS]

  physics sort of is like well gravity [TS]

  here women we understand it's like the [TS]

  thing or one of the big big things one [TS]

  of the major forces but it's the it's [TS]

  the weakest force pospos idli mm-hm and [TS]

  it acts upon the it acts at the greatest [TS]

  distance and is it underneath is it [TS]

  underneath everything is it the is it [TS]

  the static or is it the governing hand [TS]

  hmm so looks like Eugen you've had that [TS]

  experience where you're on a bus and the [TS]

  the bus next to you starts moving and it [TS]

  feels like you're going backwards right [TS]

  I don't talk about time travel but it [TS]

  but in that instance so you say oh I got [TS]

  my grown ass man I know what's happening [TS]

  here that's just because of proximity [TS]

  parallax effect you you notice that [TS]

  because you notice that but like the [TS]

  thing is if you're on a green screen and [TS]

  you're on a bus next to another bus and [TS]

  you both were going exactly 100 miles an [TS]

  hour it would feel like you're both [TS]

  standing still is what I'm saying even [TS]

  if you had 500 buses all I can't do the [TS]

  math I'm not good at word problems but I [TS]

  think in that case you're saying gravity [TS]

  could be the same same kind of thing you [TS]

  don't you don't notice the gravity [TS]

  because because the gravity is doing [TS]

  something spooky right you're in right [TS]

  now how would you know so you look over [TS]

  at a [TS]

  cap right as the cars driving at a [TS]

  certain point certain sort of rpm it [TS]

  suddenly looks like the wheel is [TS]

  spinning back where laggin wheel effect [TS]

  the wagon wheel effect but what happens [TS]

  if you look over and it has that [TS]

  appearance but the person in that car [TS]

  actually has a spinner hubcap right and [TS]

  the spinner hubcap is actually spinning [TS]

  a weirdly relative to the RPM of the [TS]

  wheel but you have taught yourself that [TS]

  that's the wagon wheel effect but then [TS]

  it's just some trippy donk that's got as [TS]

  bitters turns out what boy that's a huge [TS]

  that's a huge turns out look at all your [TS]

  fancy college education reading [TS]

  Wikipedia know that what you gonna do [TS]

  about that now maybe that's just a [TS]

  spinner asshole [TS]

  so maybe sneaky action boo-ki action at [TS]

  a distance is just some shit that's [TS]

  bouncing off some layer of gravity's [TS]

  that we can't know at this at this [TS]

  juncture mm-hmm and popping up somewhere [TS]

  else and it's just a ricochet that's the [TS]

  simplest the simplest thing in the world [TS]

  it's being transmitted through this [TS]

  gravity pipeline that's all around us [TS]

  all the time it's a quantum computer hmm [TS]

  uh and and someday right someday [TS]

  somebody's going to have a better theory [TS]

  of gravity and we're gonna all go oh it [TS]

  was that all along or you know because [TS]

  it's so it's so all around is it's so [TS]

  pervasive and it's it seems like almost [TS]

  just that we don't have that it's a [TS]

  thought technology like trying to [TS]

  scratch your fingernail with the same [TS]

  fingernail picking up the tweezers with [TS]

  tweezers like how you gonna do that [TS]

  right what at how can you know if we're [TS]

  living in a Giants thumbnail how would [TS]

  we even know is do when you see green is [TS]

  it the same green that I see but [TS]

  actually real science they're gonna need [TS]

  to address in the coming days yeah what [TS]

  if our whole universe is an atom inside [TS]

  of the fingertip of a giant beam and now [TS]

  the thing is what if you have an entire [TS]

  universe living in your nails which I [TS]

  was life a garden or whatnot I would [TS]

  totally believe that was really very [TS]

  disturbing you know what it is it's [TS]

  fractals fractals I'm in a bra tie and [TS]

  physics action at a distance is the [TS]

  concept that an object can be moved [TS]

  changed or otherwise I know you know [TS]

  this or otherwise affected without being [TS]

  physically touched as in mechanical [TS]

  contact that is it is the non [TS]

  local interaction of objects that are [TS]

  separated in space pioneering physicist [TS]

  Albert Einstein described the phenomenon [TS]

  as spooky action at a distance he was so [TS]

  smart mm-hmm he knows what to do this [TS]

  whoa he sure does around for nighttime [TS]

  travel but yeah like so sore we're gonna [TS]

  talk about such so so I sit here and I [TS]

  think about a friend and then the phone [TS]

  rings and it's that friend ah do you [TS]

  think that's like a deja vu type [TS]

  situation cuz I've had I've had that [TS]

  happen a lot of places where I go I have [TS]

  this sudden feeling of like oh this [TS]

  thing is about to happen and then that [TS]

  thing happens did you cause that call to [TS]

  happen or to gravity change the way you [TS]

  perceive the calls reception yeah at [TS]

  some point it's it would be one thing [TS]

  for me to say I you know I am I shook my [TS]

  I shook my moneymaker mm-hmm over here [TS]

  and a friend uh in Boston who had a who [TS]

  had the same moneymaker we bought him at [TS]

  the same time my friend in Boston [TS]

  decided shake his moneymaker [TS]

  okay okay that's Samson right that's one [TS]

  thing mm-hmm [TS]

  where it feels like there's some kind of [TS]

  energetic bonding within the object [TS]

  though we make a huge differentiation in [TS]

  the world of ideas I had an idea of my [TS]

  friend and my friend also had the idea [TS]

  of me and we both thought to talk on the [TS]

  phone and and and who had the idea first [TS]

  right my friend called me first but but [TS]

  did I trigger that with my idea or did [TS]

  he have the idea and I was the one being [TS]

  triggered or did you know like and not [TS]

  to talk about time travel but demand we [TS]

  had how would you know yeah did he send [TS]

  something out that that arrived at me [TS]

  before the call but we make that [TS]

  differentiation because the ideas feel [TS]

  like we're generating them they feel [TS]

  like they belong to us and that we are [TS]

  their source but are we what if the song [TS]

  is singing us well that's the thing you [TS]

  experience so much as an artist where [TS]

  you're like I'm sitting down at the [TS]

  today and just going to take her around [TS]

  and all of a sudden you write your best [TS]

  song right and it's like where the fuck [TS]

  did that hiding that I mean how do you [TS]

  have you how do you regenerate that [TS]

  tomorrow you know yeah and is it is it [TS]

  are there just other I mean I think a [TS]

  lot of artists even ones that are [TS]

  agnostic or even ones that are [TS]

  science-based artists like like dr. [TS]

  Demento uh we all kind of agree that [TS]

  sometimes fully formed songs come to us [TS]

  in a in an envelope you know then but [TS]

  that almost a collision yeah but so [TS]

  God's ready like a Kubla Kahn type [TS]

  situation it just comes where you go [TS]

  down for your opium nap you wake up wake [TS]

  up and you got an epic poem in you yeah [TS]

  except it feels like you're working I [TS]

  mean you're you're not just sitting [TS]

  there taking dictation although that is [TS]

  a that is a phrase luckily the [TS]

  well-prepared yeah yeah and you sit down [TS]

  you're like this this board this chord [TS]

  follows that and then you're like this [TS]

  court I would never have done that [TS]

  before but I did it today because I am [TS]

  creative but it happened so fast that [TS]

  you feel like if I if creativity is a [TS]

  thing that I can that I have perfectly [TS]

  harnessed or if creativity is a thing [TS]

  that's just the product of my own [TS]

  components why am I so incapable of [TS]

  doing this on demand you know and why [TS]

  when it works and when it happens is it [TS]

  does it feel so miraculous to me and [TS]

  it's just like why did I choose that but [TS]

  I did and pow how would you know I mean [TS]

  in my case how did I remember and [TS]

  without getting a reminder I just [TS]

  remembered that it's trashed and I had [TS]

  to take out the trash before I get the [TS]

  reminder then I get the reminder later [TS]

  and it's like alright it's trash day it [TS]

  must because I already took out the [TS]

  trash how does that happen [TS]

  is that is that location specific [TS]

  gravity is that spooky tree Austin's [TS]

  that could also be one in seven chance [TS]

  okay there's also ice it's a bit the [TS]

  birthday party problem the another thing [TS]

  is though like for example here's [TS]

  another thing I'm very interesting that [TS]

  idea of naming and measuring because [TS]

  once you can name things and then name [TS]

  them more precisely you can measure them [TS]

  and they can measure them more [TS]

  I think stuff gets super interesting I [TS]

  don't get into a spectrum disorder the [TS]

  whore time travel no please no but but [TS]

  you know I think it's super interesting [TS]

  that all the kids who get tossed into [TS]

  this one classroom when I was even let's [TS]

  say an eighth grade but there's so many [TS]

  different ways to name and measure like [TS]

  what's going on and we're able to do [TS]

  better things for those students because [TS]

  now we have a way to name and measure it [TS]

  I'll give you another one okay I [TS]

  mentioned before I don't talk about [TS]

  about wearables but but I I have have [TS]

  dingus that attracts my motion like my [TS]

  sleep and one of the things that can do [TS]

  is my dingus can tell when I have walked [TS]

  up steps and you know how it works [TS]

  cuz I'd really understand how it works I [TS]

  think it might be local gravity specific [TS]

  mainly what it's doing supposedly is [TS]

  it'll detect you just walked up you just [TS]

  took 13 steps and the barometric [TS]

  pressure changed a certain amount in [TS]

  that 10 feet what your dingus is also a [TS]

  barometer it's got it does barometric [TS]

  pressure so for example yesterday we [TS]

  grilled out which means going up and [TS]

  down a bunch of steps even though I [TS]

  didn't leave the house all day I got in [TS]

  I got in 16 16 flights that's not [TS]

  counting going down that's just going up [TS]

  that it does that it doesn't does see I [TS]

  wouldn't be able to detect that I [TS]

  wouldn't be able to tell you oh I just [TS]

  walked this many stories unless I was [TS]

  counting did see that seems a little a [TS]

  little magical we've had a way to name [TS]

  it and now I have an easy way to measure [TS]

  it and it's usually pretty accurate what [TS]

  you think about that I think that that [TS]

  is absolutely true I I just spent the [TS]

  weekend at Lake Arrowhead in California [TS]

  with these Judy that's fun con yeah [TS]

  televisions famous Mac's phone call good [TS]

  for you and Lake Arrowhead is at 1 mile [TS]

  height it is same height up there as [TS]

  Denver Colorado but it's not a city it's [TS]

  the mile-high Lake and you immediately [TS]

  because because there's no period of [TS]

  acclamation you go from the deserts of [TS]

  San Bernardino where people are having [TS]

  swap meets at old drive-in movie [TS]

  theaters where they're selling each [TS]

  other Chevy truck parts and the air [TS]

  feels like it is made out of play-doh [TS]

  and then all of a sudden you're a mile [TS]

  up and you can I mean you [TS]

  wave your hand through the air and you [TS]

  feel that there is less of it mm-hmm and [TS]

  it rate isn't just that you're tired and [TS]

  it isn't just that you're dehydrated and [TS]

  it isn't just that you're kind of [TS]

  panting for breath but there's just less [TS]

  of what we know I mean there's just less [TS]

  of what we depend on up there and uh the [TS]

  squirrels are smaller yeah you know [TS]

  small squirrels are that's a that's [TS]

  something you you don't want to see [TS]

  right the first time I makes you feel [TS]

  first time I saw a fat squirrel blew my [TS]

  mind there's two things do two things [TS]

  about on would be ping-pong but but I [TS]

  spent a lot of time growing up with [TS]

  Florida where we have super skinny [TS]

  squirrels I mean they are crazy skinny [TS]

  guys how skinny they were until my lady [TS]

  friend and I went to her home in [TS]

  Baltimore and I saw a squirrel that was [TS]

  fat and black it was super fat and super [TS]

  black and it changed my life well and [TS]

  that's probably it probably has to do [TS]

  with the specific gravity of Towson and [TS]

  and also the fact that or excuse me [TS]

  Phoenix it was Phoenix ethnically they [TS]

  have a Phoenix in Maryland - and and did [TS]

  you know that rose from the ashes it [TS]

  rose from the ashes of whatever of like [TS]

  Frederick's town ah this is something [TS]

  bringing the wars by by the city and [TS]

  other ones by the river but in any case [TS]

  I went back to Florida and I had a whole [TS]

  new squirrels eye view of I realized it [TS]

  was probably it was very very normative [TS]

  of me to expect squirrels to be a [TS]

  certain way well you know Florida does [TS]

  not have a lot of squirrel food line on [TS]

  the ground in there and you know it's [TS]

  the fit and they have mange Florida [TS]

  squirrels remain James high specific [TS]

  gravity you got whatever can survive [TS]

  everywhere right I mean squirrels are [TS]

  fucking everywhere but here in Seattle [TS]

  squirrels are their sides [TS]

  size of cats no kidding there yeah [TS]

  there's so much squirrel uh it's like a [TS]

  squirrel banquet here Seattle squirrels [TS]

  the girls are 15 a great name for a [TS]

  pretty Oh the Seattle squirrels Seattle [TS]

  squirrels that feels like a softball [TS]

  team look at those little eyes yeah [TS]

  and Seattle squirrels are super adorable [TS]

  and their their tails are so fluffy [TS]

  they're just fluffy up here and they're [TS]

  they're friendly they're they feel very [TS]

  de mess [TS]

  dick I have squirrels all over here I [TS]

  just was sitting in my kitchen making a [TS]

  pot of coffee and I watched a squirrel [TS]

  do a thing that always amazes me which [TS]

  is he was going along a fence but he [TS]

  wasn't going along the top of the fence [TS]

  which seems like again if you are if you [TS]

  have a relationship to gravity like I do [TS]

  and you're you're traversing a fence you [TS]

  would get up on top of it [TS]

  and run along the top of it it's what [TS]

  you see squirrels do they're certainly [TS]

  capable but this squirrel was who kind [TS]

  of running across the side of the fence [TS]

  like skittering like skittering [TS]

  skittering as though the fence was lying [TS]

  flat except it was upright just going [TS]

  straight across the side of the fence [TS]

  magalie like us the the squirrel [TS]

  matrix-like it's it's like a bullet time [TS]

  squirrel that's think that's insane yeah [TS]

  like it's running up the side of a wall [TS]

  except it's running sideways along a [TS]

  wall and I'm like squirrel why are you [TS]

  doing it Shirley takes more effort then [TS]

  either to run along the ground which [TS]

  you're only four feet from or along the [TS]

  top of the fence which are also only [TS]

  four feet from it's an eight-foot fence [TS]

  he must have his wires he had some [TS]

  squirrel reason but he has the [TS]

  athleticism and the fluffiness to pull [TS]

  that shit off up at Lake Arrowhead the [TS]

  squirrels are the size of a teacup I [TS]

  think they're called the teacup [TS]

  squirrels like arrows yep yep yep mm-hmm [TS]

  and they are freaky right I mean those [TS]

  squirrels can hide in a pine cone which [TS]

  is not what you say is that was that [TS]

  what John circus would call an [TS]

  adaptation and evolutionary determinism [TS]

  adaptation is that what that is [TS]

  yeah I bet I bet they'll they either [TS]

  they evolved uh to live in a pine cone [TS]

  because that was the I mean they're you [TS]

  know pine cone would make a nice house [TS]

  if you were a small it's good maybe it [TS]

  took dozens of years of trying to sleep [TS]

  in different things before arriving at a [TS]

  pine cone and against but they've got [TS]

  two different tracks here that are [TS]

  coming together you get the pine cones [TS]

  over here you get squirrels over there [TS]

  and you found some kind of a kind of a [TS]

  relationship maybe maybe the pine cone [TS]

  likes to be slept in sure both things [TS]

  were evolving toward each other because [TS]

  they wanted it mm-hmm right untied but [TS]

  untouched spooky action at a distance [TS]

  I feel like up at Lake Arrowhead right [TS]

  so gravity waves they have got to be [TS]

  different up there - no no question but [TS]

  but how would we even know I don't [TS]

  there's even way to measure it the funny [TS]

  thing about going this year was and you [TS]

  know this true you know this - from past [TS]

  experience yeah there are a lot of these [TS]

  things in our lives that that I mean I [TS]

  used to look at a calendar of the year [TS]

  and it just looked like a giant empty [TS]

  mystery to me I would sit at New Year's [TS]

  Eve and I would make some uh some dumb [TS]

  pronouncement about the coming year but [TS]

  it you know the things that were the [TS]

  things that loomed were Presidents Day [TS]

  Valentine's Day st. Patrick's Day [TS]

  dot dot dot yeah but Labor Memorial Day [TS]

  yeah the last day of school fourth of [TS]

  July [TS]

  Labor Day Halloween oh my birth I am and [TS]

  and beyond that I had no idea what was [TS]

  going to happen I mean none and then as [TS]

  I and that frankly persisted well well [TS]

  well into my late 20s and 30s even and [TS]

  then when I did when I actually had a [TS]

  career in music it involved a certain [TS]

  amount of booking a tour in October but [TS]

  we're booking it in April or June and it [TS]

  was this amazing thing of like well up [TS]

  ahead there's this thing that I know is [TS]

  coming right and it's and it's real and [TS]

  and so everything that I'm doing now is [TS]

  in the shadow of this event and in my [TS]

  future that I that's unknowable to me [TS]

  although it's been meticulously planned [TS]

  and you talk you talk to another person [TS]

  about it it isn't like you said I'm [TS]

  going to lose 400 pounds by Flag Bay [TS]

  it's like you actually talk to somebody [TS]

  else you won't talk about time travel [TS]

  but you were both able to to work [TS]

  together to wrap your head around the [TS]

  set of dependencies that would enable [TS]

  you to be in some college town I'm not [TS]

  getting paid enough to do a rock show [TS]

  you were able to see past those [TS]

  signposts and [TS]

  your birthday to be able to put together [TS]

  a package sure somebody and not just [TS]

  that somebody in st. Louis just wrote my [TS]

  name down on their calendar and it [TS]

  stayed and they and it stayed and that [TS]

  and that calendar went to the local [TS]

  alternative newspaper even though it [TS]

  hasn't happened yet [TS]

  right and that became that became a [TS]

  really trippy thing that I that I [TS]

  started and I I remember it was kind of [TS]

  like the moment that you go from having [TS]

  one key to four keys on your key ring it [TS]

  was like uh by 2003 I could not only [TS]

  tell you what I was doing in October but [TS]

  because South by Southwest was a [TS]

  flagpole in a calendar it became the [TS]

  first thing that wasn't on everybody's [TS]

  calendar right that wasn't Valentine's [TS]

  Day it became the first thing that was [TS]

  on my calendar and my gangs calendar but [TS]

  it was going to be there every year [TS]

  South by Southwest you knew what you [TS]

  were going to be doing during South by [TS]

  Southwest because we all went there and [TS]

  then there were these tours that moved [TS]

  around and these record release dates [TS]

  that moved around that you could see in [TS]

  the future oh but in the last eight [TS]

  years I have planted so many of these [TS]

  fucking flags Sketchfest in San [TS]

  Francisco Joko Cruz Max von Khan for a [TS]

  while there it was Comic Con was in [TS]

  there and you know planting all these [TS]

  different things see Fair in Seattle and [TS]

  so forth where I knew I had a table gay [TS]

  shion's it was it was the way my year [TS]

  was built and there were there were [TS]

  several years there where it felt like [TS]

  well this is my life now I have I have [TS]

  lots and lots of of events in the course [TS]

  of a year that are cemented in there [TS]

  like standing standing events standing [TS]

  events right where I can where I could [TS]

  put it into my calendar app and then [TS]

  scroll down and say every year like [TS]

  someone's birthday mm-hmm but then after [TS]

  you do that seven years in a row you [TS]

  start to feel like oh am i doing that [TS]

  again mm-hmm [TS]

  like as now my life become a thing where [TS]

  where I'm not evolving anymore I'm doing [TS]

  all these things like I'm just making [TS]

  the rounds right hmm and and that had [TS]

  and that can be a bummer and this year [TS]

  on my way to max funk on I stir I had [TS]

  that feeling I was just like I've done [TS]

  this a lot and is this what I'm doing [TS]

  again and I got up to the mountain and [TS]

  by the time I left the mountain after [TS]

  three days it felt like everything old [TS]

  was new again right it was a really good [TS]

  year and and it validated at least that [TS]

  standing event you know that and that's [TS]

  and that seems to be now a new process [TS]

  for me go around and check in with all [TS]

  these pylons and you know and have to [TS]

  have to re-up with them and say this you [TS]

  know this isn't a part of this isn't an [TS]

  involuntary part of my life I can uproot [TS]

  all these fence poles if I want but if I [TS]

  go to them and and they then they still [TS]

  work or they work in a new way I guess [TS]

  um it's also okay to keep them and and [TS]

  not have to and not feel like evolution [TS]

  into it into a bigger but into a new [TS]

  person I automatically negates these [TS]

  things you're not just adding a bunch of [TS]

  compulsory flag days like stay right or [TS]

  or um you know or reflexively tearing it [TS]

  all down because that's how you become a [TS]

  new person [TS]

  that's it's it's been a it's been kind [TS]

  of a weird year because 2016 was such a [TS]

  shit show from start to finish uh that [TS]

  and and and it and it washed over into [TS]

  the first half of 2017 so it felt like [TS]

  talking with you personally or as a bezu [TS]

  culture for me personally for everyone I [TS]

  know personally and for the culture seem [TS]

  a little bit cursed it really did [TS]

  nothing good happened in 2016 as far as [TS]

  I can tell uh but and and first part of [TS]

  2017 it said [TS]

  really felt like is this our new reality [TS]

  like everybody good dies out but like [TS]

  everybody good dies and not and nothing [TS]

  good happens but now it feels like [TS]

  people are starting to pick up the [TS]

  pieces and you know we are living at a [TS]

  new reality but but we feel may be even [TS]

  more charged to build good things I [TS]

  don't know I don't know it's I'm feeling [TS]

  up feeling a little hopeful well that's [TS]

  it that's wonderful to hear [TS]

  I another thing is how you described [TS]

  that whole thing like okay you look at [TS]

  your calendar coming up for the next [TS]

  year and you going you know last day of [TS]

  school I can imagine what that will be [TS]

  like for me and Christmas I can imagine [TS]

  what that will be like for me but [TS]

  another funny thing and maybe this is an [TS]

  old man thing but is that as that speeds [TS]

  up and it's really felt like it's been [TS]

  speeding up since especially high school [TS]

  like whoa what happened there how did [TS]

  that go by and you know and like for [TS]

  example I use google photos and Google [TS]

  photos well every few days like throw up [TS]

  a like hey relive this day I'm just [TS]

  other services that do this be like [TS]

  really this day from you know five years [TS]

  ago no way is that five years ago and [TS]

  then I look at my kid in the picture I'm [TS]

  like that was totally five years ago so [TS]

  the other excite thing is it isn't just [TS]

  that I can look at my calendar and see [TS]

  how I will feel about that day but more [TS]

  increasingly think about the people [TS]

  around you and go like oh man [TS]

  this is just gonna be ten this year [TS]

  that's fucked up like how did that [TS]

  happen I don't want that on my calendar [TS]

  I'm not trying it just smoking I think [TS]

  she's getting very tall the weird thing [TS]

  about babies too is and I think this is [TS]

  a this has been a huge lesson to me was [TS]

  when my baby was born and people would [TS]

  come by to drop off a casserole mm-hmm [TS]

  like congratulations you had a baby I'm [TS]

  bringing you a casserole and they [TS]

  brought their babies who were a year old [TS]

  hopelessly older than your child and [TS]

  also grotesque you know a girl you know [TS]

  I never hated anything more than a [TS]

  seven-year-old my kid was born as like I [TS]

  used to keep this thing around at this [TS]

  point is worse than puberty these little [TS]

  boys are the worst now they're so gross [TS]

  and and the beat you know baby's head [TS]

  grow faster than their bodies and so you [TS]

  know there would be these nine month [TS]

  olds or 1 year olds that would come with [TS]

  their moms to drop off a casserole and [TS]

  you're just like what kind of [TS]

  encephalitis does your child have um [TS]

  they just look just look unproportioned [TS]

  or just like you spend all day staring [TS]

  at a baby you get you can share it [TS]

  you're uh you imprint on the baby yeah [TS]

  and then your baby's one year old mm-hmm [TS]

  and what's funny is when you look at a [TS]

  newborn baby that baby doesn't look [TS]

  strange it looks like a little baby I [TS]

  mean a little wrinkled rotten little [TS]

  acorn of a baby yeah but it doesn't look [TS]

  weird right but then you look at a [TS]

  three-year-old when you have a [TS]

  one-year-old you're like whoa it's a [TS]

  grotesque [TS]

  yeah and that continues so I go to [TS]

  elementary school now my kid is in [TS]

  kindergarten and there are all these [TS]

  fifth graders running around and I feel [TS]

  like why are these people not building [TS]

  trail I was mistaken it's not a junior [TS]

  high thing it started fourth grade from [TS]

  fourth grade till they're 22 they should [TS]

  be working for the National Park Service [TS]

  what 4th grade to 22 so proximately 12 [TS]

  years of trail building think of the [TS]

  trails we would have we have tremendous [TS]

  tremendous trails and in the things at [TS]

  first it would seem weird that they've [TS]

  been conscripted into building trails [TS]

  but I think really after a couple [TS]

  generations it's just gonna feel like a [TS]

  normal thing the thing is you're bonded [TS]

  to your 10 year old so or your [TS]

  nine-year-old so when she turns 10 is [TS]

  fine you're tight Mia but you're not [TS]

  gonna think I've had enough of this [TS]

  child I want to send her to uh to work [TS]

  for the forest [TS]

  mm-hmm right she seems she seems normal [TS]

  and like and like a wreath it's been a [TS]

  reasonable progression yeah but from my [TS]

  standpoint watching nine-year-olds run [TS]

  around I'm like isn't there something [TS]

  better we can be doing with these like [TS]

  the good friar could be a private vote [TS]

  you know maybe maybe there could be [TS]

  something more like when you you make a [TS]

  note maybe maybe the kids have like a [TS]

  barcode or a QR code you can scan and [TS]

  you know this kid looks like trouble [TS]

  have enough people scan that kid trail [TS]

  oh well yeah right why not I mean I knew [TS]

  as tribute for them for the parks [TS]

  department it's the lottery [TS]

  except yeah instead of throw stones you [TS]

  got to make your own clothes out of shit [TS]

  you find by the road I've always thought [TS]

  that that should be a thing that is true [TS]

  on the roads every car has a barcode [TS]

  if enough people scan your your your [TS]

  barcode and put in asshole then your car [TS]

  pulls over to the side of the road and [TS]

  stops running enough people catch you [TS]

  speeding and the governor kicks in guess [TS]

  what now you're not going over 20 miles [TS]

  an hour for a week it's like it's like [TS]

  you go too fast you get too fast on your [TS]

  internet and you use too much of your [TS]

  internet and then they kick your way way [TS]

  down as punishment for using too much [TS]

  Internet [TS]

  yeah they kick you down for using their [TS]

  service I know I don't but but it feels [TS]

  like it feels like maybe that is a way [TS]

  that we could recapitulate the village [TS]

  where everybody in the village knows [TS]

  everybody else's business it takes this [TS]

  village to scan a child that's right we [TS]

  take away the anonymity of of our [TS]

  metropolis I'd like to have a little bit [TS]

  magnanimity there's a couple questions [TS]

  like this into the trail I mean you know [TS]

  don't go don't go out is one of the one [TS]

  solution but also I mean yeah you don't [TS]

  want to you don't want to be in in a in [TS]

  a black mirror yeah well we're sitting [TS]

  around the quad I just sit in the [TS]

  cornfield I just want them to build [TS]

  trail for no money for 12 years I don't [TS]

  think that's too much to ask some of [TS]

  these kids are a real problem John I you [TS]

  know the thing about kids is that they [TS]

  could self-select because I'm around [TS]

  people all the time who because I'm [TS]

  living in a world of liberal like modern [TS]

  contemporary parents uh Ron people who [TS]

  say well let me go ask my four-year-old [TS]

  and see what she wants to do we always [TS]

  do that yeah and it's like it's good to [TS]

  take that into consideration but your [TS]

  four-year-old sometimes just wants to [TS]

  poop in their hand and throw it on the [TS]

  wall that's true and if you're and you [TS]

  are the grown-ups here and so eventually [TS]

  you're gonna have too big a choice and I [TS]

  think a lot of but but at a certain [TS]

  point when they're 14 or even 10 I guess [TS]

  what they want to do is a much bigger [TS]

  part of your calculation and I think a [TS]

  lot of 10 year olds just want to go do [TS]

  something like weird and mechanical and [TS]

  wouldn't it be great if we could also [TS]

  it's like all those dummies that are [TS]

  running on treadmills at the gym if the [TS]

  Energy's going nowhere yeah if we could [TS]

  just turn that into work [TS]

  somehow tears in rain well this this [TS]

  really hits close to home for me because [TS]

  my daughter she's I don't say that she's [TS]

  late to this she's been doing it a long [TS]

  time but she's into the Minecraft which [TS]

  is a video game that's kind of like Lego [TS]

  you build stuff everything is a is a [TS]

  cube and there's different kinds of [TS]

  cubes and you can make this all this [TS]

  amazing stuff so I'm just saying at this [TS]

  point she already definitely has an [TS]

  interest interest in infrastructure and [TS]

  maybe I could leverage that if somebody [TS]

  scan her hard enough five six people [TS]

  scan her you know maybe she maybe she [TS]

  goes to Oregon and makes a trail well [TS]

  and minecraft does feel this is again on [TS]

  the continuum of history and we're in [TS]

  the middle of it minecraft has attracted [TS]

  so much mind energy and so much time and [TS]

  focus and like creative focus of such a [TS]

  huge number of kids that we had never we [TS]

  formerly didn't the all those kids were [TS]

  not coordinated their efforts all across [TS]

  America kids were building things with [TS]

  Legos but there wasn't any central [TS]

  repository they were they go under a [TS]

  bushel basket right [TS]

  I mean gravity was just pulling them and [TS]

  in their own little muddy corner yeah [TS]

  now we have all that collected energy [TS]

  but we're still basically doing it and [TS]

  making it making a thing that just is a [TS]

  thing of itself it doesn't those [TS]

  minecraft buildings aren't real hmm and [TS]

  we're I think still thinking maybe in [TS]

  terms of well we're all headed into this [TS]

  virtual reality there we have the doors [TS]

  are open the garage door is open down [TS]

  we're gradually transferring our energy [TS]

  into this space where think we're [TS]

  unphysical things do become real because [TS]

  they're real in this in this clewd mmm [TS]

  they're only not real to us they're very [TS]

  real to the people that are making them [TS]

  right but they don't do actual work but [TS]

  but increasingly if they're generating [TS]

  bitcoins and how do you separate them [TS]

  from things that are you know how do you [TS]

  separate them from a windmill that's [TS]

  turning that you know that's grinding [TS]

  wheat in and making bread and windmills [TS]

  don't make bread I know that so don't [TS]

  please don't write in No [TS]

  but but I don't necessarily know if that [TS]

  we can't know right now if we are all [TS]

  moving in there or if something is going [TS]

  to come along and say wait this was a [TS]

  this was a cul-de-sac and what we're [TS]

  actually going to do is this you know [TS]

  we're going to start using this [TS]

  technology this way instead or you know [TS]

  we're not settling this wild-west [TS]

  of of minefield land where we're [TS]

  building giant Eiffel Towers that [TS]

  everybody can come see that was fun but [TS]

  what that taught us is this what that [TS]

  taught us is actually we're going to [TS]

  start using phones that don't have [TS]

  screens anymore we're gonna go back [TS]

  we're gonna go back to flip phones right [TS]

  back to mono mm-hmm who knows who knows [TS]

  hmm how can we know how could we know [TS]

  unless we wanted to talk about contract [TS]

  mmm it's gonna have to come up at some [TS]

  point but so I didn't use it as part of [TS]

  it that minecraft is a little bit like [TS]

  the exercise bike in the sense that like [TS]

  do you think that should be actually and [TS]

  again this when I'm not talking about [TS]

  time travel but do you think those [TS]

  should actually be generating something [TS]

  for someone to live in somewhere where [TS]

  that's another child in a Minecraft it [TS]

  could be a squirrel who's tired of [TS]

  living in a pine cone it could be could [TS]

  be Jesse thorn who's up on a high [TS]

  mountain shouldn't somebody be living [TS]

  that or should we be harnessing the [TS]

  energy in a spooky action sort of way to [TS]

  direct all that activity is something [TS]

  else some kind of an activity sink where [TS]

  we could store all this like a battery [TS]

  well what do you that's that is what I'm [TS]

  saying [TS]

  right like right so develop the first [TS]

  one of these that we did was the the [TS]

  widely distributed SETI work right [TS]

  everybody right all the nerds around the [TS]

  country set their computers so that when [TS]

  they weren't actively working on them [TS]

  they were using their distributed power [TS]

  of all these IBM pcs with 128 K to to do [TS]

  the you know the back-breaking labor of [TS]

  of looking through all this data data [TS]

  data data data data we don't have enough [TS]

  room on our Cray supercomputer to [TS]

  calculate all this fucking static and so [TS]

  it's we're going to distribute it across [TS]

  all these dumb compacts [TS]

  and so but said he seems to be and and [TS]

  and you know and part of like the [TS]

  implication of the cloade [TS]

  and oh and then the next thing was [TS]

  file-sharing right then that that if you [TS]

  went on and said I want to watch [TS]

  Braveheart starring Mel Gibson uh I'm [TS]

  gonna find it it's available out there [TS]

  Emily announced ur type situation yeah [TS]

  and the funny consequence of that was [TS]

  the previous model of the last two [TS]

  hundred years or whatever has been based [TS]

  on privation and the idea of a limited [TS]

  physical copy sitting in a store that [TS]

  someone has a license to sell you going [TS]

  to buy it that's one less copy in the [TS]

  world not only was that up ended with [TS]

  file-sharing but in fact turns out if [TS]

  Britney Spears is mp3 was the most [TS]

  popular mp3 you actually got it faster [TS]

  not slower right right right that's not [TS]

  just the license to sell that's a [TS]

  license to ill mm-hmm-hmm but let you [TS]

  look at somebody like an Elon Musk what [TS]

  if what if an Elon Musk under you're a [TS]

  fan of his work you could [TS]

  similar-looking Elon Musk what if he [TS]

  said hey who says batteries are only for [TS]

  storing energy what if what about [TS]

  battery the store different kinds of [TS]

  things the obvious thing would be that [TS]

  when you make your minecraft village [TS]

  somehow I don't maybe your attention [TS]

  goes into that you get attention sync [TS]

  you get kind of a time battery are there [TS]

  other kinds of things that could be [TS]

  stored for future use inside of a [TS]

  potentially renewable battery is that is [TS]

  a cloud technology anybody is working on [TS]

  right now exactamundo [TS]

  so we know it's going somewhere all that [TS]

  attention is going somewhere where are [TS]

  we not capturing that if they're not [TS]

  going to be building trail they should [TS]

  at least be filling whatever the battery [TS]

  is is is holding at a basic physical [TS]

  level all of the typing that we all do [TS]

  on our computer listen we think that [TS]

  when we push the button down what we're [TS]

  producing is a letter on our magic [TS]

  screen okay but in fact we're also [TS]

  generating heat that is dissipating [TS]

  right and I don't mean battery heat but [TS]

  you're pushing up and down on these [TS]

  buttons so thermodynamically yeah right [TS]

  on though we're pushing up and down on [TS]

  these buttons and they are tiny levers [TS]

  and they have resistance built into them [TS]

  like there is resistance to make it feel [TS]

  tactile we could be just using those tie [TS]

  weird like unroll a piano key like in [TS]

  big and dance a jig but we have these [TS]

  little buttons because we like the feel [TS]

  of them and we like the clickety [TS]

  clackety sound but then all these are [TS]

  the letters and all that heat makes [TS]

  words the words make sentences so [TS]

  science of something's accumulating it [TS]

  is but what we're what we're missing is [TS]

  that we could also be harnessing the [TS]

  energy the tiny little energy if we had [TS]

  little generators attached to the keys [TS]

  of the keyboard sort of like we need a [TS]

  kid you get one of those flashlights she [TS]

  goes use use use use you it looks like [TS]

  one of those things MOOCs use to get [TS]

  their hands strong you go Zhu Zhu Zhu [TS]

  you and that charges up the battery [TS]

  similar kind of situation there's some [TS]

  kind of a kinetic potential kinetic [TS]

  energy that there's moving moving [TS]

  through the device and is then getting [TS]

  snowed in Elon Musk battery well yeah so [TS]

  we we think of power generation through [TS]

  through friction as being something that [TS]

  we do on a large scale like at out of [TS]

  the at a hydroelectric dam [TS]

  we're running tons and tons of water [TS]

  through these giant generators but if [TS]

  every computer in the country had a tiny [TS]

  little had tiny little generators under [TS]

  every key but they were all linked [TS]

  together in such a way that we were [TS]

  generating megawatts of electricity just [TS]

  from the action of our fingers pushing [TS]

  these buttons up and down we think we're [TS]

  doing one kind of work which is making [TS]

  words but the actual but we're also [TS]

  actually generating electricity just [TS]

  like we were just like we are if we're [TS]

  running on a treadmill [TS]

  we're actually generating power [TS]

  experience if this is not diminished at [TS]

  all in fact we like we like the the [TS]

  frisson as you say that that met shot in [TS]

  the experience we like that but then [TS]

  like where's that going to go [TS]

  it's the regenerative braking concept [TS]

  like if you take your battery-powered [TS]

  car up to 80 miles an hour and then you [TS]

  put on the brakes why don't you put some [TS]

  of that energy back in the battery the [TS]

  more you stop the more energy you get [TS]

  the love you love you make is equal to [TS]

  the love you take mm-hmm but so if you [TS]

  then figure out a way to use mind to [TS]

  capture mind energy the same way all [TS]

  these kids out there making my [TS]

  Kraft Eiffel Towers I don't mean to [TS]

  suggest that we that we invent a game [TS]

  that employs that power to actually [TS]

  create something that the kids don't [TS]

  that they're not aware they're creating [TS]

  their play yes it they wouldn't miss it [TS]

  they're already doing nothing to help [TS]

  society at least we did whatever their [TS]

  pleasure is and find some way to put it [TS]

  into like a into a into a device a [TS]

  storage device so kind of a kind of [TS]

  existential hard drive or that they are [TS]

  building a larger structure that they're [TS]

  not aware of because the game that [TS]

  they're playing like for instance I sit [TS]

  in place fucking threes all day hey now [TS]

  because I got back on the habit I [TS]

  thought I I thought I had kicked it I [TS]

  thought I could do it I thought I could [TS]

  go bad I was bummed but I just play play [TS]

  game on New Year's Eve yeah just to [TS]

  celebrate my you know my independence [TS]

  but what if moving those numbers around [TS]

  was actually somehow also calculating [TS]

  something and I shall show you something [TS]

  here I just sent you a link to something [TS]

  in Skype you don't have to click it but [TS]

  let me just explain to you yes I have [TS]

  them at how a problem I have home [TS]

  automation I have things I have I have [TS]

  the brand of light cloud Philips hue [TS]

  lights [TS]

  hey nerds present you're saying this out [TS]

  loud I know I know I don't get hacked [TS]

  but the thing is did you say hey I gotta [TS]

  get hit I'm saying like micro [TS]

  sister-in-law [TS]

  every every time she uses the same [TS]

  username and password and tells me she [TS]

  got hacked yes I got hate I got hacked [TS]

  that's cuz you using bits here's the [TS]

  thing this is the thing that changed [TS]

  this whole thing I'm going somewhere [TS]

  with this is called the Philips hue tap [TS]

  switch and this is the thing that [TS]

  changed everything is any room where you [TS]

  got these dingaling lights do you want [TS]

  to be a person who's using your phone to [TS]

  turn the lights on and off no you won't [TS]

  have a switch on the wall now this which [TS]

  is really cool kind of costly but it's [TS]

  really cool because it's got four [TS]

  buttons on it and you can program the [TS]

  buttons to do all kinds of stuff in most [TS]

  cases these are that big fat button is [TS]

  usually the off button and then you can [TS]

  have what's called a scene associated [TS]

  with it but wait the whole thing is a [TS]

  button so it's four buttons do you see [TS]

  each of the I'm looking at it I have [TS]

  three buttons then that's got four [TS]

  because the big one the one with the one [TS]

  dot is actually a big button oh the hole [TS]

  so big stuff anywhere that's not a [TS]

  button is also a button [TS]

  oh right that would that put that your [TS]

  battery in store it yeah things the but [TS]

  this things its revolutionary it's [TS]

  changed everything in the house but [TS]

  here's the thing about this if you're [TS]

  looking at that specifications ready for [TS]

  this this thing it doesn't have a [TS]

  battery it doesn't have an electric it [TS]

  is powered by wait for it kinetic energy [TS]

  by using this thing you power this thing [TS]

  there it is there it is there it is [TS]

  kinetic energy what every one of our [TS]

  computers could be doing this right now [TS]

  the energy that we put into them starts [TS]

  small let it begin with me you limit my [TS]

  bullshit typing here on the keyboard how [TS]

  is that not powering my computer and [TS]

  generating Bitcoin isn't that something [TS]

  that could be happening it has a [TS]

  background called a background process [TS]

  beebeep people be but could it put it [TS]

  into the storage facility I don't know I [TS]

  don't think I get too small I mean yes [TS]

  we're all interested in batteries yes we [TS]

  would like for these things to last [TS]

  longer but I mean let's look for cases [TS]

  where people just do a normal shit gives [TS]

  us diable resources much like the game [TS]

  minecraft when your computer is sitting [TS]

  on your lap and it makes your crotch hot [TS]

  yes your crotch is also making the [TS]

  computer hot now why are we not [TS]

  harnessing why are we not wearing like a [TS]

  cameo codpieces now that that are okay [TS]

  you're saying that are no reckoning that [TS]

  heat okay it's a touchless near-field [TS]

  maybe it's touched it could be a touched [TS]

  crotch but the point is they're in [TS]

  proximity to each other and in the same [TS]

  way that you use SETI to pick up [TS]

  non-existent radio noise that may or may [TS]

  not be an alien in this case educate me [TS]

  a crotch blocker that is that is drawing [TS]

  that out your Europe your recharging the [TS]

  codpiece now as well as providing a [TS]

  buffer and it's win-win-win-win-win well [TS]

  or you could you could build a whole you [TS]

  could build it you could I guess [TS]

  probably with with tools just around [TS]

  your house they make the whole suit out [TS]

  of codpiece just like a black box right [TS]

  yeah it feels like that that would be [TS]

  like that suit that that guy was trying [TS]

  to make where he could go out and live [TS]

  with the grizzly bears and not get eaten [TS]

  alive [TS]

  panda suits in China when they've got [TS]

  they've got pandas that they're vicious [TS]

  they eventually will reintroduce into [TS]

  the wild the people dress up in panda [TS]

  outfits to handle them it's so cute [TS]

  although the works it could just be that [TS]

  they're furries god bless them yeah and [TS]

  they just want to be interacting with [TS]

  the pan doesn't have a special suit but [TS]

  the house rug is that I wonder if one of [TS]

  those people goes into the Panda [TS]

  enclosure after dark after horse [TS]

  enclosure after dark after horse [TS]

  but panda reintroduction after dark [TS]

  what's up but I I was thinking about a [TS]

  codpiece where you actually it was like [TS]

  a it was like a radiator you ran cold [TS]

  water in one side warm water out the [TS]

  other you're you're you're heating up [TS]

  your shower also cold fusion or Sullivan [TS]

  generator you're able to the suit [TS]

  generous you're going to generate things [TS]

  like like bait based minerals you're [TS]

  going to get I mean cold cold cold [TS]

  coming back could be like super train [TS]

  right we you're collecting trace amounts [TS]

  of platinum and gold out of your crotch [TS]

  sheet [TS]

  we just throw so much away you know and [TS]

  we really throw it away really where is [TS]

  away have you ever looked at your body [TS]

  under a blacklight I mean really really [TS]

  looked at yeah yeah you know it's it's [TS]

  not good I'll take a crime scene the [TS]

  thing about the thing about a black [TS]

  light african-american light sorry a fat [TS]

  fat black light is we use them in Alaska [TS]

  as part of a gold-mining operation [TS]

  because uh you cuz you see as a Santa we [TS]

  see the color right it highlights it [TS]

  like a like a fluorescent Led Zeppelin [TS]

  poster you just see it right there gold [TS]

  right well yeah and you can you can put [TS]

  a black light you know and and and [TS]

  discern the minerals in obscene would it [TS]

  otherwise is a bucket of sand oh it's [TS]

  pretty hot that's amazing you're working [TS]

  at a gold mine yeah [TS]

  and you're living in a cabin that [TS]

  doesn't have electricity and you turn [TS]

  out the gas lights that are on the walls [TS]

  at night because it's time to go to [TS]

  sleep and in the process of laying there [TS]

  being tormented by the sound of [TS]

  mosquitoes that are flying around you [TS]

  you find a black light in order to see [TS]

  the mosquitoes so that you can kill them [TS]

  in the dark [TS]

  because you're not gonna light the [TS]

  fucking lamp again and then because [TS]

  you're a teenager you shine the black [TS]

  light on yourself and then you see all [TS]

  of the stuff that's on you all the [TS]

  dander but you couldn't see in the [TS]

  fingerprints and the crazy like things [TS]

  on your body that are glowing naming [TS]

  naming and measurement John that's right [TS]

  right so you're seeing you're seeing the [TS]

  unseen was that stuff not there until [TS]

  you saw it nay right [TS]

  it's always been there you've always the [TS]

  dander has always been on you what stuff [TS]

  is on me right now that would glow if I [TS]

  only let it glow and how would you know [TS]

  let your let that light under a bushel [TS]

  shine let it glow let it glow yeah yeah [TS]

  I love this Phillips hue tete well you [TS]

  know the big mind fuck for me was when [TS]

  you sent me that um keyboard for my [TS]

  computer that was solar-powered is how [TS]

  crazy is that [TS]

  I'm never this right this isn't using [TS]

  the Logitech k760 the Logitech k76 I use [TS]

  in a row now using right now as we speak [TS]

  and you know what the energy is going [TS]

  fucking nowhere all that playful Sun [TS]

  being captured so I can sit sit here [TS]

  look up pictures of the Adventure Time [TS]

  minecraft [TS]

  mashup that isn't out yet what a waste [TS]

  what a terrible waste but as we know [TS]

  your office has no Sun in that at all [TS]

  Sun cannot penetrate no way that's to [TS]

  where you yeah you're back by the [TS]

  toaster oven in the bath ah so I fucked [TS]

  up I bought the wrong kind of lightbulbs [TS]

  I thought I was being smart I got the [TS]

  1600 lumens check but I also got there [TS]

  6,500 K so the super blue tube rights to [TS]

  blue tube now that's blue I don't want [TS]

  to blue I don't want to yellow this has [TS]

  always been my beef with these goddamn [TS]

  lights and now I'm sitting here I'm [TS]

  sitting here I feel like I'm I feel like [TS]

  I've just been like taken up into the [TS]

  firmament it's awful yeah right you're [TS]

  trying to get pink right you're trying [TS]

  to find them or as we say up here in the [TS]

  northwest pink pack yeah I don't know [TS]

  you know you get spoiled with these [TS]

  ding-a-ling expensive light bulbs [TS]

  because you can make it exactly how you [TS]

  want my new jam at home isn't making an [TS]

  entire house red it's like it's like [TS]

  it's like being in a dark room literally [TS]

  a dark room but but after damn brothel [TS]

  hmm don't have to turn on the red light [TS]

  roof it's amazing it's a mate it's so [TS]

  relaxing [TS]

  you don't realize how blue light is [TS]

  until you sit around till you sit around [TS]

  in some red light and then you go to the [TS]

  bathroom because you get you gotta you [TS]

  gotta spend a penny boom blue light [TS]

  blinded ouch [TS]

  yeah but can I get on I mean there's [TS]

  there's no reason we can't be putting [TS]

  this everywhere like when you walk down [TS]

  when you walk down a staircase and [TS]

  you're holding onto the handle that [TS]

  should be generating energy well it will [TS]

  be once we get our all-over body suits [TS]

  that are [TS]

  first of all solar solar collecting they [TS]

  also collect all of the friction that we [TS]

  generate in the course of a day every [TS]

  time we hug somebody you tell me I can [TS]

  get a codpiece where friction on the [TS]

  codpiece would actually generate energy [TS]

  or in the case of Elon Musk other things [TS]

  that can be stored in batteries it could [TS]

  could store emotions but all I know is I [TS]

  need to get that codpiece rub it on [TS]

  something because environment because [TS]

  right now your arms are swinging you're [TS]

  climbing stairs and all that energy is [TS]

  just being collected by your Fitbit just [TS]

  tell you things is sickening but and I [TS]

  still have two children every couple [TS]

  days I still got to charge it it's not [TS]

  charging itself like if I were to do [TS]

  something with my right hand I think [TS]

  that should get registered as as [TS]

  potential in and kinetic energy [TS]

  somewhere it should you're swinging that [TS]

  hand all day up and down back and forth [TS]

  hmm why the fuck isn't it generating [TS]

  enough energy to keep itself owners in [TS]

  rain but so we put on these bodysuits [TS]

  right they're probably also going to be [TS]

  like they're also going to be like plus [TS]

  two against swords and stuff oh that's [TS]

  that's a sorry you know you build that [TS]

  in from the beginning yeah right I mean [TS]

  you see Karina's base you know it's [TS]

  going to be cold you don't want to have [TS]

  to wear a spacesuit plus a sweater [TS]

  let's account for that in how we make [TS]

  the suit you want to spend twenty [TS]

  million dollars like developing a pen [TS]

  that can write upside down or do you [TS]

  want to use a pencil or do you know for [TS]

  example maybe you don't want to carry [TS]

  your lunch around maybe it's got cargo [TS]

  pockets where you could put you to put [TS]

  beverages you could have a Lacroix you [TS]

  could you could put you can put a [TS]

  sandwich in there right no no the [TS]

  Lacroix is going to come from the [TS]

  hydration bag that's that's that's down [TS]

  in your and smaller you're saying you [TS]

  have on-site onboard Lacroix ization of [TS]

  your fluids the fluids are whipped away [TS]

  alien style and then pass through some [TS]

  kind of a high-pass filter and that [TS]

  comes back to you as Pomplamoose Lacroix [TS]

  in well or it'll be what it'll be like [TS]

  your little pump activated right you [TS]

  know water fizzy or visitor yes [TS]

  SodaStream yes the SodaStream but you'll [TS]

  have little packets of Lacroix like [TS]

  vague imperceptible flavors which are [TS]

  perceptible yeah really I do [TS]

  disappointing flavors but but and even [TS]

  opening the packet would generate energy [TS]

  and reuse all the resources of your body [TS]

  and possibly your lunch that's a really [TS]

  good idea even though we're moving away [TS]

  from a Minecraft universe back into a [TS]

  flip phone universe that's why we make [TS]

  the suits [TS]

  plus two against swords and and sharp [TS]

  objects [TS]

  because we're actually going to be [TS]

  living in a medieval world except the [TS]

  suits will also be animal characters [TS]

  because we're moving into a furry world [TS]

  chess with Javy what we're moving into a [TS]

  um like a medieval [TS]

  could you look like a pantry when you're [TS]

  weird yeah it's a creative anachronism [TS]

  world it's gonna be like a governor it's [TS]

  gonna be the Robin it's basically we're [TS]

  moving into the animated Disney Robin [TS]

  Hood we're all we're all animals who are [TS]

  also in medieval times that made [TS]

  marrying the ox and our she literally [TS]

  and and we're all gonna be Polly too and [TS]

  we're going to be and that spooky action [TS]

  at a distance is going to be cooling our [TS]

  codpieces Polly wanna cut it [TS]

  oh that's more like it [TS]