The Incomparable

353: Young Sexy Harry Mudd


  the Intolerable number 353 may 2017 [TS]

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  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  incomparable we're doing a flash podcast [TS]

  here to talk about trailer that's right [TS]

  people are really just desperately [TS]

  wanted us to talk about that uh that [TS]

  Star Wars trailer and we're not gonna [TS]

  instead we're gonna talk about the Star [TS]

  Trek Discovery trailer that got released [TS]

  this week sorry [TS]

  Star Wars fans but hey Star Trek fans [TS]

  we're gonna talk and speculate a little [TS]

  bit about the much promoted and not yet [TS]

  you know much delayed but now we've got [TS]

  something to talk about about Star Trek [TS]

  discovery joining me to talk about Star [TS]

  Trek discovery are these wonderful [TS]

  people David Jay Laura hello hey may the [TS]

  force be with you Jason thank you David [TS]

  and also with you Tony Sindelar is also [TS]

  there hello hi hi Scott McNulty is here [TS]

  because he's a Star Trek expert and I [TS]

  don't like to talk about Star Trek [TS]

  without him this is a non random Trek [TS]

  for you Scott that is true this is a [TS]

  carefully selected Trek and for Star [TS]

  Wars fans the trailer starts off on a [TS]

  desert planet and you Star Wars people [TS]

  love district planets right yeah totally [TS]

  Moises Giuliana's here hello Jason snow [TS]

  my old friend none of this would have [TS]

  happened if Gene Roddenberry were a lie [TS]

  sure he'd be Ferriero that very very old [TS]

  and again another one of my Star Trek [TS]

  ringers Brianna Wu is back hello what's [TS]

  up I has been we were born to sense [TS]

  death and that's why I'm here I'm here [TS]

  comprable today that's good are you not [TS]

  feeling good about the are you stating [TS]

  off death or are you welcoming death by [TS]

  doing this I I'm welcoming it okay good [TS]

  let's let's do it good that's all that's [TS]

  all for the best so we got we got two [TS]

  two minutes and 24 seconds of a Star [TS]

  Trek trailer to talk about Jason I think [TS]

  we've done two minutes and 24 seconds [TS]

  alright thanks everybody for listening [TS]

  let everybody keep your real nerds but [TS]

  that's good everybody signed off that's [TS]

  great we do start out on a desert planet [TS]

  so I guess we should talk about that icy [TS]

  desert planets in Star Trek and I think [TS]

  Vulcan but it could be Vulcan it could [TS]

  be something totally different I mean I [TS]

  don't know why they'd be walking around [TS]

  in the desert on Vulcan and being lost [TS]

  but that's where we meet [TS]

  the the two characters here we have [TS]

  Michelle Yeoh as Captain George Yeo and [TS]

  also we have our series leads in equal [TS]

  art and green as Michael Barnum and they [TS]

  are walking across the desert having a [TS]

  chat about Burnham's career prospects as [TS]

  you do I should do she doesn't have a [TS]

  she doesn't have a star to guide her [TS]

  because they're in a cloudy desert [TS]

  that's right they Lindy they seem to [TS]

  have tricorders which I would imagine [TS]

  would help them if they were lost but [TS]

  I'm assuming it's a sandstorm of yeah [TS]

  interference Scotty yeah the big [TS]

  billowing clouds suggest that there's [TS]

  she actually glances over her shoulder [TS]

  one point is like like why are we out [TS]

  here we're before tos and after [TS]

  enterprise all bets are off [TS]

  well that's are off so it's Arrakis oh [TS]

  the spice must flow so I'm not sure that [TS]

  this that that there isn't something [TS]

  that whether this is linear or not but I [TS]

  think it's an interesting introduction [TS]

  since since Burnham is going to be our [TS]

  main character throughout the show we [TS]

  get to see her talking to her captain [TS]

  now what what they said in PR which I [TS]

  guess we should believe is that Michelle [TS]

  iya is being it she's the captain of the [TS]

  Shenzhen and that that's supported by [TS]

  this trailer and that's a Western show [TS]

  Sorry Sorry [TS]

  Shenzhen is is where about whether big [TS]

  actions [TS]

  it's the Shenzhen Jojo name you're right [TS]

  of the Chinese of the Chinese space [TS]

  burger and there's a little robot that's [TS]

  got a Shinjo like label on it later for [TS]

  like a half a second which suggests that [TS]

  that brilliant that Liu Sheng Joe is [TS]

  indeed [TS]

  well Star Trek is all about the branding [TS]

  so this is this is obviously from the [TS]

  beginning of the first episode because [TS]

  the idea here is that this is where [TS]

  Burnham starts but she doesn't end here [TS]

  she will go on to beyond the titular USS [TS]

  Discovery at some point none of which we [TS]

  see we see in this trailer so I like [TS]

  that about it that it doesn't seem to be [TS]

  spoiling its entire premise by by what [TS]

  it shows us in this first teaser it's [TS]

  not we don't even see the the starship [TS]

  discovery in the teaser at all yeah or [TS]

  the captain or the composedly yeah it's [TS]

  not bad [TS]

  III don't mind I don't mind being teased [TS]

  and not having the entire pilot of the [TS]

  show strip-mine four parts to show [TS]

  Oh totally I approve yeah that's good so [TS]

  what people think about this the you [TS]

  want you want to break it down bit by [TS]

  bit we've got to start the desert if we [TS]

  do that if you gotta do it let's just [TS]

  take it stick in order that's right I [TS]

  will say that there was a really nice [TS]

  Twitter thread that I liked that Liz [TS]

  Myles who's often on our podcasts did [TS]

  about how just she's blown away by the [TS]

  fact that the very first thing we see is [TS]

  two women of color having a conversation [TS]

  about their career in so it's not about [TS]

  men passes the Bechdel test immediately [TS]

  and she's like this is modern Star Trek [TS]

  and it is pretty cool um so what yeah [TS]

  what do people think about this a little [TS]

  little desert walk that ends with a [TS]

  surprise Kirk like almost like a ha but [TS]

  I can call a spaceship and then we could [TS]

  night I loved it but yeah that for me [TS]

  was a big overriding feeling for the [TS]

  whole trailer that we only get more of [TS]

  as we go which is that it feels like [TS]

  some of the cool nifty sci-fi stuff that [TS]

  we've gotten in other mediums while [TS]

  we've been waiting for a news Trek [TS]

  series to exist [TS]

  yeah Bri would you think about this [TS]

  opening well obviously I'm very psyched [TS]

  uh you know I was out I was out trying [TS]

  to get of town and I was working on my [TS]

  car and I get this frantic call my [TS]

  husband's phone and I pick it up it's my [TS]

  neighbor and he's so upset about the [TS]

  Star Trek trailer I thought it was just [TS]

  absolutely terrible and he's just [TS]

  blasting me I'm like oh go inside Frank [TS]

  and I watch it and it was the same thing [TS]

  like you see two women of color talking [TS]

  to each other and I was just like this [TS]

  is great this is awesome [TS]

  it does worry me I am of the opinion the [TS]

  Voyager is held in low regard by most [TS]

  Trek fans because of unconscious sexism [TS]

  I think a big part of it is that they [TS]

  didn't actually why I also agree with [TS]

  that well to be fair the first season [TS]

  was not good I I don't agree with that [TS]

  so I worry about I worry [TS]

  I worry in talking about the show about [TS]

  politicizing it from the very beginning [TS]

  of it and I'm I'm hyper excited about [TS]

  this like this is like I fought for this [TS]

  so hard in my own career it's awesome [TS]

  this is Star Trek in 2017 and that's [TS]

  great [TS]

  they're not in [TS]

  this opening scene because they're women [TS]

  that's the thing that is just irrelevant [TS]

  they're Starfleet officers having a [TS]

  conversation about her career the the [TS]

  fact that Michelle Yeoh is is playing a [TS]

  Starfleet captain and not just a [TS]

  Starfleet captain who shows up in an [TS]

  episode of something to say oh hello [TS]

  Captain Picard how's it going yes we'll [TS]

  help you with this blockade run that [TS]

  you're doing the the fact that the [TS]

  United Federation of Planets [TS]

  right off the bat feels like the United [TS]

  Federation of Planets with humans from [TS]

  Earth that aren't just from the United [TS]

  States and a couple of their funny [TS]

  friends from other continents every once [TS]

  in a while having her front and center [TS]

  feels like the exact opposite of of [TS]

  tokenism right off the start because [TS]

  yeah she has the poise and presence of a [TS]

  Starfleet captain whether we see her at [TS]

  the forefront of this show as it goes [TS]

  forward I mean we know that Michael [TS]

  Burnham is is supposed to be our lead [TS]

  but her having a prominent role whether [TS]

  we see a little of her or a lot of her [TS]

  she has the kind of presence that a [TS]

  literal cinema legend that to me was was [TS]

  the thing that just as we get this first [TS]

  breadth of things that that really that [TS]

  really made me feel good in particular [TS]

  looking at the demographics of planet [TS]

  Earth and humans on planet earth right [TS]

  the fact that Star Trek has like not had [TS]

  a whole lot of Chinese participation [TS]

  over the years to have Michelle Yeoh as [TS]

  a captain to have the shinzo as the ship [TS]

  it's a big deal I like like it didn't [TS]

  it's not logical that humans leaving [TS]

  Earth would be largely Americans and [TS]

  Europeans right it should be a broader [TS]

  worldview and so this a little bit like [TS]

  having Chekov beyond the on the [TS]

  enterprise looks like oh of course there [TS]

  should be Russians in space so they [TS]

  added Chekov it's like yeah because of [TS]

  you know you're a government stuff yeah [TS]

  yeah like he was a big deal to be the [TS]

  first man in space whatever so to add a [TS]

  Chinese presence and Starfleet here [TS]

  right out of the bat it's like that's [TS]

  smart it's the way the way it should be [TS]

  Tony what do you think of this opening [TS]

  any any any thoughts in the desert and [TS]

  with the reveal of the ship coming [TS]

  through the dust storm I guess I like it [TS]

  it's a dramatic you know if you have the [TS]

  trailer magic where you don't know [TS]

  what's going on in [TS]

  is the context right like are they in [TS]

  dire straits wandering through a [TS]

  sandstorm or you know or they just just [TS]

  doing their job are they talking about [TS]

  this because this might be the last [TS]

  conversation they ever have or this is [TS]

  just you know they don't have a lot of [TS]

  time away from the rest of the crew and [TS]

  she wants to impart this wisdom before [TS]

  they beam up so exciting and fun [TS]

  introduction to these two characters we [TS]

  get some we get some transporter being [TS]

  action too which is nice yeah yeah Scott [TS]

  what do you think of the transporter [TS]

  beam in particular been offended you or [TS]

  you found a sign or anything else about [TS]

  the desert I thought it was interesting [TS]

  I did think about the transporter beam [TS]

  because that's the kind of Star Trek [TS]

  nerd that I am I'm with you and so an [TS]

  enterprise they established the fact [TS]

  that transporters not so reliable they [TS]

  are still trying them out they don't use [TS]

  them a lot so I was happy to see that [TS]

  this is ten years old [TS]

  I forget how what the difference between [TS]

  enterprise in the original series is but [TS]

  this is ten years before the original [TS]

  series [TS]

  so clearly the kinks have been worked [TS]

  out yeah I did like that so it seems [TS]

  like there's like a grid that appears on [TS]

  the the targets of the transporting [TS]

  which I thought was a cool effect of [TS]

  them a little traditional swirl around [TS]

  so thumbs up on the new transporter [TS]

  effect nice that's right I company also [TS]

  like the new Klingons so come at me yeah [TS]

  yeah I'll get there is we do get the [TS]

  following there's some there's some [TS]

  voiceover and we see we we see Burnham [TS]

  on the bridge of her ship looks like [TS]

  this is uh this is michelle yeoh ship do [TS]

  we do we do we have the lengthy [TS]

  discussion about the the meanings of [TS]

  uniforms now or do we save that friendly [TS]

  I think we got to talk about the [TS]

  uniforms right now I think this is sorry [TS]

  I'm but you know no you're right is this [TS]

  is it I bet everybody who is in a [TS]

  Starfleet uniform in this caste doesn't [TS]

  understand how lucky they already have [TS]

  pockets the uniforms because you know [TS]

  back in the day being in Starfleet meant [TS]

  not having any pockets and wearing a [TS]

  body sock I assumed in the in the future [TS]

  I would not have any personal items I [TS]

  would not need any pockets personal [TS]

  items like hands where do hands go okay [TS]

  I've seen some people being bummed out [TS]

  about how it they don't look like [TS]

  original series and while I would love a [TS]

  show that just fully embraced the [TS]

  original series aesthetic nobody else [TS]

  would Jason Jason what what you really [TS]

  need on a starship is a velour sweater [TS]

  mmm [TS]

  this feels a little more like uh taking [TS]

  the enterprise design and evolving it [TS]

  forward toward I think like sort of [TS]

  toward the JJ Abrams Star Trek design [TS]

  it's it's modern but there's it's it's [TS]

  sort of familiar um and there's gonna be [TS]

  a theme for I think many of us perhaps [TS]

  is its different and I'm okay with it [TS]

  being different but what do you think we [TS]

  all think of a lot of blue a lot of [TS]

  little kind of Gold's gold stripes in [TS]

  that famous emblem and as like a zipper [TS]

  it kind of made me think of you know [TS]

  Nick Nick Meyer is involved in this and [TS]

  he was the one who sort of said you know [TS]

  what let's forget the motion picture [TS]

  costumes and let's go naval and military [TS]

  and all that and I think that's that [TS]

  might be a little bit of his influence [TS]

  saying all right the enterprise uniforms [TS]

  kind of made sense but let's do [TS]

  something a little nicer and and it [TS]

  almost feels like it would evolve [TS]

  eventually into the Wrath of Khan era [TS]

  Wow you know Jim I haven't thought of [TS]

  that but I think maybe you're right so [TS]

  leo blue version that's headed toward [TS]

  the Wrath of Khan kind of costumes what [TS]

  right clothes I think that this also [TS]

  doesn't necessarily preclude the notion [TS]

  that ten years from now the right middle [TS]

  manager inside of Starfleet middle [TS]

  management decided you know what [TS]

  everybody's always complaining they want [TS]

  their uniforms to be less stuffy they [TS]

  want to be more relaxed so they go they [TS]

  have not too many pockets yeah too many [TS]

  pockets I mean do you want a different [TS]

  texture black slacks keys and uh [TS]

  everybody gets a cup I got a deal on [TS]

  these colored shirts so no we're gonna [TS]

  go in that now you know it's something [TS]

  that you know you can wear a girdle with [TS]

  it'll look really good yeah and there's [TS]

  an alternate rap for the captain's who [TS]

  are large right right so something I [TS]

  think is really interesting to think [TS]

  about when you last television series [TS]

  came out you know like CRTs were the [TS]

  main way that most of the saw you know [TS]

  Star Trek I mean when Enterprise came [TS]

  out we were just barely like moving into [TS]

  LCD and you know higher def formats [TS]

  so something I notice is if you like [TS]

  look at a Star Trek costume like from [TS]

  Voyager or TNG on ebay it doesn't really [TS]

  have the pop of a movie costume so I [TS]

  look at this I see a live texture in the [TS]

  fabric detail is just subtle it's like [TS]

  it's it's cutting the difference between [TS]

  like a more pragmatic like jumpsuit that [TS]

  you might wear in space and you know [TS]

  like a movie costume so I I like it I [TS]

  think it's splitting the difference just [TS]

  like you said Jason and it's it's [TS]

  awesome I need a costume thoughts we [TS]

  cannot get it out now let it out let [TS]

  your inner cosmic there are pips pips on [TS]

  the badges I like the design I think I [TS]

  would I miss the the you know using [TS]

  color to indicate what what their role [TS]

  is right unless everybody that we see is [TS]

  has the same role I like the more [TS]

  dramatic but I do like the use of color [TS]

  but well they they have different colors [TS]

  I think because the alien but I mean [TS]

  it's the dance color right yeah well [TS]

  they have like those stripes or [TS]

  different colors I think yes yeah that's [TS]

  your rank insignia kind of thingy I [TS]

  think we have we have our first glimpse [TS]

  of a cannon character in the net very [TS]

  next shot which is CEREC who's played by [TS]

  james frain here he has a conversation [TS]

  with Burnham in a couple of places and [TS]

  we'll get more of Surak later there are [TS]

  a couple of cannon characters that are [TS]

  existing Star Trek characters that are [TS]

  going to be dropping into discovery at [TS]

  some point [TS]

  how does every feel about you know 10 [TS]

  years 10 years away from original series [TS]

  you get to sort of do this younger [TS]

  version of characters we saw in the [TS]

  original series thing in Serac's the the [TS]

  example how does everybody feel about [TS]

  about this approach of you know [TS]

  enterprise was harder to do this but [TS]

  with with discovery they're going to be [TS]

  able to do it and this is we've got a [TS]

  new Sarek who's got obviously a personal [TS]

  connection to our main character which [TS]

  is kind of interesting [TS]

  I can't wait for young sexy Harry Mudd I [TS]

  mean I know I'm not alone I I did not [TS]

  think that Harry Mudd was something I [TS]

  needed more of in my life I thought it [TS]

  was free of that and here it comes but [TS]

  how do you how do you filled by Rainn [TS]

  Wilson that's me that's me trying to [TS]

  send Harry Mudd off into the Delta [TS]

  Quadrant and as far away from this as [TS]

  possible yeah hoping for it means that [TS]

  they just won't even touch it I I don't [TS]

  understand how that happens yeah yeah [TS]

  but Zarek i think makes a lot of sense [TS]

  when i heard that they were doing this i [TS]

  was like oh that's kind of cool right [TS]

  cuz welcome to live a long time and he [TS]

  would have been in an important position [TS]

  at that point this is you know 10 or 15 [TS]

  years before journey to Babel yeah and [TS]

  he can be a mentor figure and I mean he [TS]

  doesn't have to be the focus of anything [TS]

  but he can be he can be a nice tether [TS]

  where as Harry Mudd it's like why why [TS]

  why why well we we have this plot about [TS]

  sexy androids and who how would we how [TS]

  would we make sexy androids believable [TS]

  if we didn't have Harry Mudd it just it [TS]

  doesn't work and so here we are the the [TS]

  presence of Sarac ties this to the canon [TS]

  in a way that that in the first glance [TS]

  that this is makes me feel good about it [TS]

  because with the weird divorce of the [TS]

  Star Trek franchise where all the TV [TS]

  stuff is in CBS's hands and the movies [TS]

  or on Paramount's hands and it's kind of [TS]

  a weird like Marvel TV versus movies [TS]

  sort of a thing I'm much more [TS]

  comfortable with the vast majority of [TS]

  the Canon side of things where they're [TS]

  at once visibly doing some new and [TS]

  different things both aesthetically and [TS]

  you know just with it the way that [TS]

  they're telling the story where it's a [TS]

  15 episode show in sort of like 25 [TS]

  episodes of season I like that I'm [TS]

  seeing that mix of things that they are [TS]

  distinctly trying new things and that [TS]

  they are not afraid to dig into you know [TS]

  what when we get to the Klingons [TS]

  with stuff that could be some really [TS]

  weird big time like deep cut Trek nerd [TS]

  lore type of stuff but and that's that's [TS]

  the thing that it really excited me in [TS]

  the beginning was when when they first [TS]

  announced Bryan Fuller is going to do [TS]

  this and it's like yeah Bryan Fuller god [TS]

  has got to start on Voyager and he is a [TS]

  trek nerd and he is he knows you know [TS]

  it's not like one of these people who [TS]

  goes oh yes I was hired I've never seen [TS]

  an episode of Star Trek [TS]

  like Nick Meyer loved him but he had [TS]

  never seen Star Trek before Wrath of [TS]

  Khan [TS]

  and so you know I was I was expecting [TS]

  some deep cuts and I'm glad to see we're [TS]

  gonna get them I love that kind of world [TS]

  building and I if it's done really well [TS]

  uh it should be alright even Harry Mudd [TS]

  I'm okay with Harry Mudd and we'll see [TS]

  how sweet see how it's done I guess I [TS]

  don't understand why we keep returning [TS]

  to this era you know like Tos is awesome [TS]

  but you know Enterprise went back to it [TS]

  and then you've got the movies that are [TS]

  all around this era am i the only person [TS]

  that like wants to find out more about [TS]

  like what happened to the Borg after [TS]

  Voyager what happened to the Dominion [TS]

  after ds9 I mean I want us to I want to [TS]

  find out the next chapter of the story [TS]

  and it's it's sort of frustrating to me [TS]

  that every time again new Star Trek [TS]

  property it seems to be going backwards [TS]

  in time like where's the faith that the [TS]

  ventures that are coming next or you [TS]

  know worthwhile why do we keep like [TS]

  retreading these same concepts because [TS]

  it just it feels like this has been [TS]

  everything we've done yet pretty much [TS]

  this it turned the millennium there were [TS]

  credible rumors that went around right [TS]

  when the show was being announced that [TS]

  this was going to actually be an [TS]

  anthology show which it doesn't seem to [TS]

  be necessarily but I agree like one of [TS]

  the things that struck me as odd was [TS]

  again we're going back in time again [TS]

  we're going back to origin story ish [TS]

  kind of territory rather than just going [TS]

  on the back you know even if you're [TS]

  going to 10 20 years in the future of [TS]

  Voyager why not do that you know why why [TS]

  say that all of the next generation [TS]

  forward stuff is yet to come [TS]

  you know what why are they telling this [TS]

  story is a big question for me but you [TS]

  know again like I'm cautiously [TS]

  optimistic to where I trust that you [TS]

  know I I have a very soft spot in my [TS]

  heart for mirror universe episodes [TS]

  I would love to a mirror universe [TS]

  episode II house new show I would love [TS]

  to see I would love to see this crew [TS]

  somehow end up 150 years in the future [TS]

  and be like the the USS Bozeman showed [TS]

  up in TNG with with beardy mcfreak rain [TS]

  captaining it [TS]

  forward through time and having to deal [TS]

  with having missed a ton of history and [TS]

  be a crew out of time that's something [TS]

  that they haven't really done with one [TS]

  of these crews they've displaced them [TS]

  you know a quadrant away in Voyager [TS]

  they've put them on not a Federation [TS]

  Starship Enterprise with you space 9 I [TS]

  I'm with you in that I would I would [TS]

  like something different and at the very [TS]

  at the base level I feel like I'm [TS]

  getting some of that and I would just I [TS]

  want them to not feel like they've got [TS]

  to hedge their bets and just let loose [TS]

  and go nuts and maybe they might I mean [TS]

  and we still don't know what if there's [TS]

  a second season what that second season [TS]

  will be since the pattern right now for [TS]

  anthology series seems to be a full [TS]

  season and then something new so it [TS]

  might still do that we don't know but [TS]

  yeah I think part of the reason we all [TS]

  come back to the the same era is just [TS]

  because when most people around the [TS]

  world think Star Trek they think Kirk [TS]

  Spock McCoy there's no there's no other [TS]

  Star Trek those are other things they [TS]

  might not even know them and and so it's [TS]

  a calculated thing on the studio's part [TS]

  I'm with you I want to see more I want [TS]

  to see the future I want to see 20 years [TS]

  after Voyager I want to see those people [TS]

  who grew up in Starfleet you know [TS]

  hearing about the stories of Janeway and [TS]

  Cisco and all that I think it's fear on [TS]

  the executive level in part I mean I [TS]

  think Bryan Fuller had a thought he had [TS]

  a good idea of something that sort of [TS]

  calls back but I think the allure of the [TS]

  Kirk Spock McCoy era is also buttress by [TS]

  this fear that people think of Star Trek [TS]

  and they think of that and that if they [TS]

  make a show that is at the end of the [TS]

  Canon as its established that they worry [TS]

  like will it only appeal to people [TS]

  who've seen all of the other shows will [TS]

  it you know will they have to invent new [TS]

  villains because if you keep the [TS]

  Klingons as the villains and the [TS]

  Romulans where you don't have to evolve [TS]

  it at all although then you have to do [TS]

  weird things to get things like the Borg [TS]

  involved so I think it I think it's some [TS]

  fear then again it is a little [TS]

  surprising because maybe good idea from [TS]

  Bryan Fuller here but like the lessons I [TS]

  think this was a hard lesson of [TS]

  enterprise that once you're in something [TS]

  that's deep in the Canon and this isn't [TS]

  set in the movie alternate universe this [TS]

  is said in the prime television [TS]

  basically to Moises [TS]

  point cannon universe like well at that [TS]

  point it's it's much harder to [TS]

  contradict cannon and you have to do you [TS]

  like no we can't show the Romulans faces [TS]

  or we can't show the Borg unless we [TS]

  cheat and even Enterprise tried to cheat [TS]

  a little bit but it was really hard yeah [TS]

  I think it's harder to make a show when [TS]

  you've got this established cannon going [TS]

  on so that III agree I think that it's [TS]

  fear that is preventing them from going [TS]

  further in the future and it's too bad [TS]

  because I'd much rather see a next [TS]

  next-generation then yeah then then sort [TS]

  of retread over the same 20-year 30-year [TS]

  period again and again but deep space 18 [TS]

  this is where we are this is uh we do [TS]

  get a view of this crew and there are [TS]

  some interesting kind of character [TS]

  design things here there's a guy with [TS]

  like a thing wrapped around his head [TS]

  there's another guy who's got like stuff [TS]

  going up the side of his face and then [TS]

  there's Doug Jones as a regular on the [TS]

  show lieutenants aru who is the guy who [TS]

  later will tell us as he sends his death [TS]

  which people were laughing at that [TS]

  dialogue it's like I I could tell you [TS]

  what the context of that dialogue is [TS]

  that it's not quite at this point but it [TS]

  comes later which is you know his speed [TS]

  he's gonna say his species evolved and [TS]

  they were they were prey species and [TS]

  they learned to have this ability to [TS]

  sense you know when when they were going [TS]

  to be attacked and I think that that's [TS]

  you know it's creepy but I think that [TS]

  there's probably a context that makes it [TS]

  a little less silly that you don't get [TS]

  in a trailer yeah it's a little goofy [TS]

  yeah it's still it's still a little bit [TS]

  theatrical a little bit silly I guess [TS]

  but it's a science fiction universe [TS]

  where matter can transport from one [TS]

  place to another with a minimal of power [TS]

  instead of weird you know weird and the [TS]

  face design is kind of fun it's not just [TS]

  a thing on his forehead which is kind of [TS]

  cool right so this at this point the [TS]

  trailer is were just sort of forwarding [TS]

  they find an unknown object and Birnam [TS]

  basically gets out in a spacesuit and [TS]

  fires off her thrusters to go find this [TS]

  unknown mysterious object that obviously [TS]

  is the thing that sets off the plot of [TS]

  this show yes this is I think this is a [TS]

  very Star Trek II scene right there like [TS]

  it's an unknown object and we can't just [TS]

  leave it we have to go look at it [TS]

  because that's what we do and then let's [TS]

  hop into our motion picture [TS]

  pack yeah and fly through the the cosmos [TS]

  and get to this weird thing yeah there's [TS]

  an asteroid belt over there and we are [TS]

  gonna fly over to it we're not just [TS]

  gonna scan it from a distance that's [TS]

  lame yeah that's right [TS]

  I need to touch it our scanners aren't [TS]

  that good we have to do we have to send [TS]

  somebody over we gotta go over there and [TS]

  look at it write a report headed back to [TS]

  Starfleet and it looks like it looks [TS]

  like from the next scene that that [TS]

  there's a there's a lot of interesting [TS]

  stuff happening over there this it's [TS]

  edited together with some other shots [TS]

  that suggests that maybe there's a [TS]

  there's Klingon involvement and maybe [TS]

  alien involvement in that but it's a [TS]

  it's a bunch of quick cuts and it's [TS]

  unclear there's some kind of alien [TS]

  ceremony that there's a quick cut of [TS]

  that III was unclear if that was Klingon [TS]

  or not it it looked ambiguous it's some [TS]

  sort of a Klingon ceremony and as far as [TS]

  I can tell the object that they find is [TS]

  this sarcastic saying you know I read a [TS]

  couple of articles and you know I try to [TS]

  be as skeptical of what people write [TS]

  about the stuff as possible because then [TS]

  I find myself in my head Canon agreeing [TS]

  with what somebody just puts forward as [TS]

  a fact that may or may not be but it's [TS]

  at least a close enough visual match [TS]

  with the minimum amount of stuff that [TS]

  they're showing us in this that that is [TS]

  the thing that they find and I you know [TS]

  I feel I feel like they're pretty [TS]

  heavily hinting at yeah this is the [TS]

  thing that works a bunch of Klingons [TS]

  into into surrounding this one [TS]

  Federation ship and it's a meaningful [TS]

  object to this sarcophagus or whatever [TS]

  it is is a meaningful Klingon object and [TS]

  they want it and our crew finds it a [TS]

  bunch of Klingon symbols appear on on [TS]

  the the screen of the ship suggesting [TS]

  that Klingons are attacking and and [TS]

  that's scary and then we get a shot of a [TS]

  guy whose name is Takuma which is Chris [TS]

  Obi and he is he is the the Klingon with [TS]

  the with the you know it's a very [TS]

  different Klingon look so I guess we [TS]

  should talk about the Klingons you know [TS]

  one of the problems with Klingons is [TS]

  that the original Klingons were like [TS]

  let's get some guys with beards some [TS]

  facial hair and that's what a Klingon [TS]

  will be and then in next generation [TS]

  they're like well we're going to do a [TS]

  little more makeup and we're gonna have [TS]

  a little bit more which was sort of [TS]

  following on the motion picture the star [TS]

  trek into darkness Klingons are [TS]

  are also a little bit different and then [TS]

  Enterprise tried to explain all of this [TS]

  and say well there's the augments and [TS]

  there's two versions and all that and [TS]

  and it's this great thing that kind of [TS]

  doesn't make any sense we do not speak [TS]

  of it right the best thing that any Star [TS]

  Trek ever did was have Worf just say no [TS]

  don't don't even here here's the thing [TS]

  is I feel like this show maybe is going [TS]

  to speak of it here's the thing I hope [TS]

  not either they're gonna speak of it or [TS]

  they're gonna lean in and on this what [TS]

  I'm hoping is they're gonna lean into [TS]

  the idea that you know what every time [TS]

  we show the Klingons they look different [TS]

  it's because it's a different show and [TS]

  the makeup is different and these are [TS]

  better in designing these things and [TS]

  like just you got to go with it just [TS]

  like why do why aren't we wearing the [TS]

  pajamas from the original series because [TS]

  it's a different show and you just have [TS]

  to go with it it's not a photographic [TS]

  representation of what really happened [TS]

  because it's a TV show [TS]

  why does the interior of the TARDIS look [TS]

  different with each dot yeah so I'm kind [TS]

  of going with that which is like [TS]

  historical records from this era or [TS]

  sketchy you know how do you solve how do [TS]

  you solve the problem of like are they [TS]

  guys with beards or are they people with [TS]

  bumpy heads and the answers we're gonna [TS]

  make totally new ones and then you're [TS]

  really not gonna know what the Klingons [TS]

  are but yeah mois├ęs it is also true [TS]

  they may try to explain that I kind of [TS]

  want them to not but maybe they will [TS]

  well here's the thing is I I see them [TS]

  being able to go almost a half measure [TS]

  and and speak to the divide in in in the [TS]

  Klingon homeworld between the the people [TS]

  who look like Takuma and the people who [TS]

  look like the the racial appropriation [TS]

  half fu-manchu's half Russian Jung ons [TS]

  of the original shows the ones like you [TS]

  know the Romulans and Riemann's sorry to [TS]

  bring back memories of Nemesis I didn't [TS]

  think we're gonna talk about that when [TS]

  no yeah that's really uncalled for [TS]

  really unfamiliar with this trip my [TS]

  tests show me on the on the Nemesis DVD [TS]

  where it hurt you yes okay the whole DVD [TS]

  hurt me that's where but there yeah I [TS]

  mean there's you know again because [TS]

  they're going with the TV the TV Canon [TS]

  of things and the deep Canon of all [TS]

  kinds of stuff the untold story in the [TS]

  past of Star Trek lore that does [TS]

  interest me that yes okay we got a [TS]

  billion Klingon episodes in Deep Space [TS]

  nine and there are people who hate them [TS]

  I love them you know there is there is [TS]

  something [TS]

  to be explored in looking at at this [TS]

  relatively early stage of the Federation [TS]

  dealing with Klingons in in a way that [TS]

  establishes a way to move forward with [TS]

  them where they don't necessarily have [TS]

  to look one way or another way or they [TS]

  can look half way between or you know [TS]

  you can you can keep as much or use as [TS]

  much or throw out as much of the [TS]

  production design as you want as [TS]

  behooves you to make something look good [TS]

  on high-def 4k TV screens in the year [TS]

  2017 as opposed to what looked totally [TS]

  fine on a CRT in 1968 what I have seen [TS]

  makes me trust whichever direction they [TS]

  go whether they give in to the stuff [TS]

  that I'm kind of okay with them doing [TS]

  like the deep the deep lore like you [TS]

  know not to say this is the only way to [TS]

  describe the kind of schism but like the [TS]

  difference between Sunni and Shia [TS]

  Muslims that kind of major major [TS]

  conflict within a specific culture that [TS]

  is something that I think is a [TS]

  fascinating thing to explore in a Star [TS]

  Trek show and it's something that as [TS]

  much as Star Trek lore has been steeped [TS]

  in bringing a new perspective to [TS]

  cultures and cultural divisions and [TS]

  political strife that not everybody has [TS]

  the same perspective on I think there [TS]

  there could be something really [TS]

  fascinating to that where it is less cut [TS]

  and dry I so [TS]

  I hear where you're coming from on that [TS]

  this is this is what concerns me and [TS]

  Jason was talking to you about this in [TS]

  slack the other day like you know so [TS]

  many Star Trek's they they kind of come [TS]

  off with a premise that you can explain [TS]

  this and write like TOS is a five year [TS]

  mission [TS]

  you know DSM's Space Station Voyager [TS]

  they're trapped you know a long way from [TS]

  home for this it it I don't see any [TS]

  concept around the show that makes me go [TS]

  that really pulls me in like I feel like [TS]

  the the Klingons and humans and the [TS]

  relations that they had around this era [TS]

  has been so hyper explored that I don't [TS]

  like they can add a new subspecies it's [TS]

  going on or [TS]

  secret treaty which is why you know the [TS]

  the ship looks half Klingon they can do [TS]

  that that doesn't innately like draw me [TS]

  into it and maybe this ends up being the [TS]

  kind of show that's more character based [TS]

  like homeland or billions like these are [TS]

  shows that really aren't built off a [TS]

  premise they are built around characters [TS]

  and maybe you know this show will have [TS]

  the kind of acting and actors that can [TS]

  pull that off but I I just have to say [TS]

  that the everything I'm seeing around [TS]

  the show doesn't make me go oh cool [TS]

  that's a premise I want to watch it's [TS]

  just the Star Trek name that I feel like [TS]

  cashing in on is this this trailer is [TS]

  very much like Star Trek remember Star [TS]

  Trek let's show you all these things [TS]

  about Star Trek yeah like I feel like [TS]

  it's missing because I mean my [TS]

  assumption is that the premise for the [TS]

  show is Birnam gets basically thrust [TS]

  into a command position and has to [TS]

  struggle with that and and challenges [TS]

  are overcome but we don't we don't get [TS]

  that in that trailer right [TS]

  the trailer is Star Trek they're kind of [TS]

  hiding the premise for now it seems yeah [TS]

  which which yeah I think I I think there [TS]

  will be one although I think any [TS]

  expectations there is going to be the [TS]

  show to have a premise yeah yeah the [TS]

  premise is Star Trek yeah that's right [TS]

  there you go to space that's the alien [TS]

  that's that's oh yeah no I think but I I [TS]

  do think that Star Trek that's why I'm [TS]

  fascinated by the idea of the show is [TS]

  Star Trek in 2017 and modern television [TS]

  it's going to be different it is going [TS]

  to be character driven it's going to be [TS]

  a big story arc it's going to not be [TS]

  episodes of the you know week where [TS]

  there's an adventure and then it's over [TS]

  and we move on to the next adventure [TS]

  it's going to be a very different beast [TS]

  than any Star Trek we've seen before [TS]

  I think Eve it is not going to be an [TS]

  episode where Doug Jones teaches Birnam [TS]

  had it like jazz tap or something like [TS]

  that no I mean ever since this is how we [TS]

  apply decontamination gel on my planet [TS]

  anything's possible but but I think I [TS]

  also do think that there this is my [TS]

  suspicion throughout this and the fact [TS]

  that we don't see the discovery in this [TS]

  and all it's like yeah they're trying to [TS]

  keep quiet on what I think they're going [TS]

  to do which is the classic TV fake-out [TS]

  where they show you characters that you [TS]

  think you're going to be seeing for the [TS]

  rest of the show and then very rapidly [TS]

  they are either left behind or killed [TS]

  and I suspect that's going to happen [TS]

  there are a lot of actors that have been [TS]

  named as being on this show I have my [TS]

  doubts that all of them are going to [TS]

  make it through but they're keeping them [TS]

  on that right now because because that's [TS]

  an expensive cast for a streaming show I [TS]

  feel like what they were trying to do [TS]

  with this specific trailer was make [TS]

  people go hey guess what Star Trek looks [TS]

  really friggin expensive by the way [TS]

  looks expensive [TS]

  also the lens flares were brought in [TS]

  spared no expense we bought them in bulk [TS]

  the next shot here is uh is interesting [TS]

  it's Eric again but what we get is the [TS]

  suggestion that Birnam actually has a [TS]

  long-standing connection to Sarah and [TS]

  Vulcan that she seems to have grown up [TS]

  at least in part on Vulcan shit there's [TS]

  a little girl who looks like her with a [TS]

  Vulcan haircut yeah but she can't speak [TS]

  Vulcan right because she has a stupid [TS]

  human tongue and can't do it so the this [TS]

  this line posed a lot of questions for [TS]

  me because so I mean for example do we [TS]

  know that Birnam is human she looks very [TS]

  he was around ears but well jason is you [TS]

  know I mean she could be half-human yeah [TS]

  I got a quarter or something else she's [TS]

  a secret Vulcan aging the entire time it [TS]

  seems unlikely to me because she's got [TS]

  tears welling up and all of that but you [TS]

  know you never you never know I think [TS]

  she's a human her top half as human her [TS]

  bottom half is locusts like I'm like a [TS]

  merman yes although oddly enough now I [TS]

  want to see a show just called Star Trek [TS]

  secret Vulcan so I think totally watch I [TS]

  think I'm intrigued by the premise we've [TS]

  had all this stuff about Spock being [TS]

  like Howard dealing with his human half [TS]

  and and and this is more like Spock's [TS]

  mom this is a was it being a human [TS]

  growing up on Vulcan [TS]

  it sounds like it kind of sucks from [TS]

  this yes let's not look great well it [TS]

  seems like being a Vulcan growing up on [TS]

  Vulcan kind of sucks so yeah they should [TS]

  fix that [TS]

  it's a choice so that's intriguing that [TS]

  what we get out of this is that this is [TS]

  not a drive-by necessarily performance [TS]

  with CEREC but that actually Birnam has [TS]

  a direct connection with CEREC which is [TS]

  kind of it I think in that in that shot [TS]

  he's like a hologram right so I don't [TS]

  know if that she's watching a past [TS]

  message that she always goes back or [TS]

  like you know he's just calling her all [TS]

  the time that he's not a hologram in [TS]

  that there's there's also show where [TS]

  he's not [TS]

  Grammy's but that may be a flashback [TS]

  that flashback of when when she was [TS]

  living with the small girl yeah I think [TS]

  it's totally a flashback yep she doesn't [TS]

  turn into a small girl no a well and [TS]

  cook time travel it is Star Trek well [TS]

  it's true anything is possible [TS]

  they she gets turned to a small group or [TS]

  small girl along with three other crew [TS]

  members they're stuck in a turbo lift [TS]

  for an episode it's yeah can't wait [TS]

  Sarek is there so we get a bunch of we [TS]

  get a bunch of quick flashes of the ship [TS]

  is in the shadow is in jeopardy uh [TS]

  the Klingons do a lot of shouting we got [TS]

  they do they all like to look up and go [TS]

  wrong like they do like Klingons do well [TS]

  to be fair that's what they always do [TS]

  yeah Burnham uh says we need to we need [TS]

  to attack them [TS]

  and Michelle Yeoh says we do not fire [TS]

  Starfleet doesn't fire first just like [TS]

  we got to do this we gotta take them [TS]

  that's a pretty good line um yeah I mean [TS]

  I kind of questioned it as a strategy [TS]

  but like that's that's an ethos it's [TS]

  very Picardie with a good guys we don't [TS]

  fire first it's all defensive our [TS]

  weapons are for defense we're an [TS]

  exploration ship right that's very Star [TS]

  Trek yeah but that's how your ship gets [TS]

  blown up and yeah that's how you die in [TS]

  episode 1 and then episode discovery so [TS]

  that's true I think I'm pretty sure all [TS]

  the Starfleet officers we see in this [TS]

  trailer almost all of them are going to [TS]

  be dead by the end of the first steps [TS]

  except for maybe Doug Jones yeah some of [TS]

  them could be in Klingon work camps have [TS]

  a little strip repented I'll come back [TS]

  yeah good if you're that one of the [TS]

  things that happens is a bunch of [TS]

  prisoners of war taken and somehow [TS]

  they've got to be rescued or or you know [TS]

  satisfy the Klingons forced to sit [TS]

  through a Klingon biology class where [TS]

  they explain the differences of the [TS]

  various excellent actually it's done out [TS]

  for lunch today we will have gone well [TS]

  we have that we have that shot of [TS]

  Michelle Yeoh it looks like from behind [TS]

  looking at the view screen and it's like [TS]

  white like fleN it's like oh that that [TS]

  doesn't look good and then they [TS]

  immediately could they cut to black and [TS]

  then they fade up on John Doug Jones's [TS]

  character saying you know my race [TS]

  evolved to sense death and I sent it now [TS]

  which I you know what I like I really [TS]

  like it cuz it's super creepy I think [TS]

  that's going to like what did they do [TS]

  like get a species of people invite them [TS]

  into the Federation to be like [TS]

  essentially Canaries in a coal [TS]

  and like Harsha presents an idea you [TS]

  hope that they have other skills [TS]

  it's very Star Trek but like I said I [TS]

  think it's gonna be like we're a prey [TS]

  species yeah we know when this kind of [TS]

  stuff is happening and not not as a we [TS]

  were brought in to Starfleet for this [TS]

  but more like we gotta get out of here [TS]

  way to go Jonas you hope that it's just [TS]

  a biological feature they have it not [TS]

  like that their entire culture is based [TS]

  around that like really you guys don't [TS]

  have like one guy that builds spaceships [TS]

  how did we let you into the Federation [TS]

  knowing meerkats it's just a whole race [TS]

  of meerkat people they pop up they look [TS]

  for death and I pop back down Admiral my [TS]

  death sensing officer has something to [TS]

  add one moment please [TS]

  I guess I guess maybe the qualifications [TS]

  to get into the Federation were [TS]

  different back then there'll only know [TS]

  like seven aliens so like I have them [TS]

  get in yeah and this this show is about [TS]

  the reason why they had to tighten that [TS]

  up [TS]

  yes wooly it's could be the reason why [TS]

  we never see them again later yes right [TS]

  a premise it's guys know episodes about [TS]

  people getting evicted for the [TS]

  Federation right yet I always assumed [TS]

  that there there are lots of planets [TS]

  very low populations and so they're [TS]

  happy to be in the Federation but they [TS]

  don't send a lot of people out there [TS]

  just be there's only a few thousand [TS]

  years and they just yeah I mean there's [TS]

  got to be people who are in the [TS]

  Federation they don't like they don't [TS]

  have anyone in Starfleet earning right [TS]

  they're just in the Federation like for [TS]

  paper tax purpose yeah that's right they [TS]

  just got a little an eye on what we send [TS]

  you nobody to be officers and we just [TS]

  let you mine all the ore that you want [TS]

  just don't destroy our biosphere we want [TS]

  replicators in holodeck so that we never [TS]

  have to prepare our own food or work [TS]

  jobs again oh and what could go wrong so [TS]

  the last shot of the trailer is back out [TS]

  in space and burn them in this her [TS]

  spacesuit and and there's like I guess [TS]

  Klingon in a space suit with a big bat [TS]

  left kind of thingy it looks like a bat [TS]

  left if you show it if you slow it down [TS]

  it looks definitely looks like a sword [TS]

  of Kahless a bat'leth I agree yeah and [TS]

  and he swings it at her and that's the [TS]

  end of the trailer that's all we get to [TS]

  see ninja dies at the end how much you [TS]

  want to bet the cliffhanger is her out [TS]

  in space in the suit and the ship is [TS]

  destroyed Oh interesting [TS]

  and the discovery funds er I like that [TS]

  we have to parse parse this out that [TS]

  that they have been now it may [TS]

  that they've been squirrely about the [TS]

  premise of the show in a lot of ways [TS]

  because they've been figuring it out [TS]

  because there's been so much turmoil [TS]

  behind the scenes that maybe but I do [TS]

  like the fact that we we don't really [TS]

  have a great sense of what this of what [TS]

  happens in the first episode [TS]

  beyond this confrontation that that she [TS]

  has out in his spacesuit and what might [TS]

  be happening back on the ship [TS]

  I love that I love the notion of her [TS]

  maybe being demoted or somehow you know [TS]

  somehow stigmatized for screwing [TS]

  something up you know we get an [TS]

  indication of her wanting to be [TS]

  impulsive and her captain thinking [TS]

  better and you know I I just love the [TS]

  idea of lucius malfoy as captain of a [TS]

  starship you know giving her you've done [TS]

  quite enough Glee I think everything we [TS]

  know about Starfleet in that era would [TS]

  reward that kind of behavior yeah yeah [TS]

  like you did something ruthless and [TS]

  brash here's your own starship please [TS]

  enjoy [TS]

  it's there's Klingons and aliens and [TS]

  action and lens flares and a lot of [TS]

  viral effects yeah I like it so yeah so [TS]

  I mean there are a lot of people out [TS]

  there breed mentioned earlier what [TS]

  people are freaking out about this when [TS]

  we go it looks so terrible I honestly I [TS]

  don't get where that's coming from I [TS]

  think it looks really good in fact my [TS]

  worry about it is it looks so good that [TS]

  they're over selling it and there's no [TS]

  way it's going to look this good on a [TS]

  week-by-week basis that they won't have [TS]

  the budget for it I don't understand why [TS]

  people are freaking out about this like [TS]

  it looks I mean I'm not sold on it yet [TS]

  I'm excited for this it it seems like [TS]

  the building blocks are there but I [TS]

  think I think the more interesting [TS]

  questions are how are they going to like [TS]

  bring this to be a show in 2017 because [TS]

  something they're saying earlier about [TS]

  yeah the the the short script and the [TS]

  adventure of the week not working [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  I I can't help but think that we're [TS]

  going to lose part of Star Trek if it's [TS]

  not that you know we have a Star Trek [TS]

  main franchise right now that is [TS]

  essentially action movies in space and I [TS]

  I don't think that I think they really [TS]

  missed the entire point the series I [TS]

  have liked every sequel less and less so [TS]

  I want to I want to see something where [TS]

  there [TS]

  really wrestling with these deep [TS]

  philosophical questions about what it [TS]

  means to be human like where our better [TS]

  nature is you know what is what our [TS]

  epics in war like Star Trek really [TS]

  helped shape my thinking and my politics [TS]

  on that and I think we need a show that [TS]

  can do that very bravely and what I'm so [TS]

  worried about here is you know I feel [TS]

  like I feel like Enterprise in Voyager [TS]

  or two series that never got a fair [TS]

  shake by the audience because I think [TS]

  the half fans the fans at just like half [TS]

  of it and they're just variant ly [TS]

  against the rest of it [TS]

  I really wonder worried that they're [TS]

  going to come into this and they're not [TS]

  going to give it a fair shot [TS]

  particularly because it looks like it's [TS]

  going to start to women into women of [TS]

  color and I just really wonder if the [TS]

  audience is going to hold them to [TS]

  unconscious double standards I'll tell [TS]

  you something based on my experience [TS]

  actually with Doctor Who coming back in [TS]

  2005 which is I think the best thing to [TS]

  do is to not care what the Star Trek [TS]

  fans think because for the future of the [TS]

  franchise and the success of this show I [TS]

  think they need to appeal to a new [TS]

  generation of fans who will be super [TS]

  into this people who grew up watching [TS]

  Star Trek on Netflix not watching it [TS]

  when it aired they're going to be a lot [TS]

  younger if there's anything like the [TS]

  Doctor Who audience it's going to be a [TS]

  lot younger and it's going to be a lot [TS]

  more gender-balanced [TS]

  than the old fandom was and I think that [TS]

  that that the existing fans will come [TS]

  along because it's Star Trek to a [TS]

  certain degree and give it a shot but [TS]

  that they got to expand beyond that and [TS]

  this is actually one of the reasons why [TS]

  I'm a little frustrated that in the u.s. [TS]

  it's going to be on CBS all access [TS]

  because it seems to me like that she [TS]

  should be on CBS it should just be on [TS]

  the network yeah because what they're [TS]

  saying is it's really for the Trekkies [TS]

  and they'll pay for it and that's gonna [TS]

  that's going to limit their ability to [TS]

  reach that new audience at least at the [TS]

  beginning everywhere else in the world [TS]

  it'll be on Netflix and I think it'll be [TS]

  a hit but in the u.s. will people see it [TS]

  I don't see there being harm in giving [TS]

  people who subscribe to all access like [TS]

  a week advance access to it and then [TS]

  playing that episode a week later on the [TS]

  network you could window it that way and [TS]

  achieve the same [TS]

  kind of thing the people who really want [TS]

  it want it now and want to pay for it [TS]

  are going to pay for it piracy is [TS]

  something that if if you think out just [TS]

  putting it on all access is going to [TS]

  prevent people from pirating it guess [TS]

  what and I you know Jason it sounds to [TS]

  me like you're saying that a next [TS]

  generation of fans could be born out of [TS]

  this oh it's a tough one because I also [TS]

  get that they're trying to kind of go [TS]

  back to something that's familiar to [TS]

  people in this in the in the kind of [TS]

  Kirk Spock McCoy era but it's not that [TS]

  same ground I don't know it's a tough [TS]

  one right how do you bring back a [TS]

  franchise that I point to Doctor Who [TS]

  only because that is an example of a [TS]

  completely dead franchise that they [TS]

  brought back to life with a revitalized [TS]

  fan base and they did it in continuity [TS]

  without replaying you're saying no it's [TS]

  we're going to start from scratch and [TS]

  they managed to make it work so I have [TS]

  some hope and they botched that launch [TS]

  in the US and it's still managed to make [TS]

  it after a few years so it's it's I have [TS]

  some hope there that that the a lot of [TS]

  the classic Trek fans will come along [TS]

  but that there will be a new generation [TS]

  of fans will be drawn into this and I [TS]

  have actually a lot of hope Bri for what [TS]

  you said about what Star Trek is that it [TS]

  may be maybe summer tentpole action [TS]

  movies in general can't do which is the [TS]

  classic social commentary and character [TS]

  interaction I feel like long-form [TS]

  television is a place where you can you [TS]

  have the leisure to do that in a way [TS]

  that you can't in a movie and that you [TS]

  kind of can't in a classic TV series [TS]

  that resets every week you can do a [TS]

  little a little parable and then you [TS]

  have to move on so I guess that puts our [TS]

  hope in Bryan Fuller who came up with [TS]

  the story arc that the story arc he's [TS]

  chosen is something that allows them to [TS]

  explore the characters and explore [TS]

  social issues and be Star Trek I think [TS]

  if they haven't messed with it too much [TS]

  since he left [TS]

  I feel like Bryan Fuller gets that that [TS]

  is what Star Trek is and I'm looking [TS]

  forward to them having the the ability [TS]

  to stretch that story out over 15 hours [TS]

  instead of having these hour-long cycles [TS]

  or a two and a half hour long movie and [TS]

  then they have to get out of town where [TS]

  there's no way to do I feel like the the [TS]

  divorce the divorce between the TV [TS]

  franchise and the movie franchise is [TS]

  something that again makes me more [TS]

  optimistic for this TV series because [TS]

  you have Nicholas Meyer working on it [TS]

  you have the movies having doubled and [TS]

  tripled down on [TS]

  action bang bang bang flash and look [TS]

  here sexy people taking off the clothes [TS]

  and here more sexy people taking off [TS]

  their clothes and guess what we've got [TS]

  new sexy people to take off their [TS]

  clothes in the next movie and ride [TS]

  motorbikes I enjoy the new movies [TS]

  they're fine but I don't think that [TS]

  they're trying to do that specifically [TS]

  just you know from what we've seen and [TS]

  from what we can extrapolate from what [TS]

  we know about who they've cast what [TS]

  they've put into it the fact that there [TS]

  are a bunch of people saying that the [TS]

  you know this trailer wasn't white or [TS]

  male enough gentlemen I would like to [TS]

  direct you to literally olive starch I [TS]

  think you've not been watching a show [TS]

  called Star Trek mm-hmm is all a Star [TS]

  Trek still available to those people [TS]

  they have hope that it hasn't [TS]

  disappeared so I know it's gone it's [TS]

  done they deleted it I mean the thing [TS]

  that that excites me about the writing [TS]

  staff is not just Nick Meyer but the the [TS]

  people who stayed behind after Brian [TS]

  Foley left have worked with fuller for [TS]

  years so I don't think they're gonna [TS]

  deviate too far from where he was going [TS]

  with it and and they have Crick visit [TS]

  Kristen or Kirsten Bayer who wrote [TS]

  several Voyager novels which are [TS]

  actually very good they're very good [TS]

  yeah yeah and she's on staff so so I'm [TS]

  I'm kind of trust in the writing staff [TS]

  and the story arc thing it's just like [TS]

  modern modern TV storytelling I'm really [TS]

  excited about that I mean Star Trek put [TS]

  a tan in that with some of the arcs that [TS]

  they had in in Deep Space Nine and [TS]

  Enterprise and maybe a little bit [TS]

  Voyager but here it's going to be you [TS]

  know full-on 2017 TV series it's going [TS]

  to be interesting to see how how that [TS]

  plays out but I am hopeful that we're [TS]

  going to get those moments also for the [TS]

  fact that the trailer is high production [TS]

  value and has lots of action in it you [TS]

  know it's a trailer - that's right [TS]

  they're not going to they start with a [TS]

  quiet introspective moment and then they [TS]

  have lots of explosions in action [TS]

  because they do want to get people [TS]

  excited but III imagine we'll have those [TS]

  moments I don't think we've seen a third [TS]

  of the named actors that have you know [TS]

  had their names out in a variety and [TS]

  deadlines press releases of so-and-so [TS]

  has been cast in circle whole crew of [TS]

  the USS discovery is not in this trailer [TS]

  right and that includes several named [TS]

  actors that we are just not seeing [TS]

  oh the Klingon guy among multiple [TS]

  Klingon guys yeah yeah well it's like [TS]

  you know thinking about that next [TS]

  generation of fans my boys watch the [TS]

  trailer and I mean yes they have been [TS]

  inducted into Star Trek just by osmosis [TS]

  because it's just on in our house but [TS]

  but they're watching it going that looks [TS]

  kind of interesting what's going on [TS]

  I said let's watch it again I don't know [TS]

  and we watched it you know four or five [TS]

  times and and they really want to know [TS]

  what's going on they want to know why we [TS]

  haven't seen the discovery and why we [TS]

  don't know what's going on they said [TS]

  what's it about that's exactly that but [TS]

  they weren't they weren't disturbed by [TS]

  the lack of a premise they just wanted [TS]

  to get to the premise it's like well [TS]

  tell me more so I was just kind of like [TS]

  okay they seem not to be ready to tell [TS]

  her that that tell tell us more which is [TS]

  probably again just speculating here but [TS]

  it's probably that something bad happens [TS]

  to that shape and that she is she is put [TS]

  on a different ship and has to deal with [TS]

  what happens so it starts out with them [TS]

  talking and saying well you're my first [TS]

  officer and you you really need a [TS]

  command you need to move up now and we [TS]

  know that she is not moving up right [TS]

  she's not the captain so no something [TS]

  has to keep her at that level right [TS]

  maybe she just likes it interesting yes [TS]

  is the Riker [TS]

  it's a Riker fan she's a right now she [TS]

  should do the Riker River before Riker [TS]

  was even born [TS]

  did this trailer make people uh excited [TS]

  about new Star Trek to come yeah yeah [TS]

  definitely [TS]

  I watched on my phone and that's not [TS]

  really the place to watch it so I was [TS]

  kind of like well alright but then I put [TS]

  it up on the on the Apple TV on the big [TS]

  screen and and yeah I was I was ready [TS]

  yeah I wanted more [TS]

  I am ready I'm excited I am I'm in it [TS]

  feels like Star Trek to me I am fine [TS]

  with people not liking it that's fine I [TS]

  am NOT fine with people saying it's not [TS]

  real Star Trek which just means it's not [TS]

  the Star Trek I like which is fine it's [TS]

  not real Star Trek says people who have [TS]

  not seen the Star Trek yet [TS]

  in Doctor Who fandom by the way that [TS]

  phrase is it's not proper Doctor Who and [TS]

  those people will exist for this too and [TS]

  they're dumb people of course you didn't [TS]

  like it as I like but it's dark magics I [TS]

  fully expect a lot of hardcore Star Trek [TS]

  fans to watch the show I'd just hate it [TS]

  because there's no Captain Picard [TS]

  they're not wearing colorful Captain [TS]

  Kirk shirts even though that's stupid [TS]

  whatevs [TS]

  why doesn't why why aren't the sets made [TS]

  of cardboard pepper knobs on the inner [TS]

  this is ten years before the my [TS]

  enterprise and it's too advanced and [TS]

  guess what that's dumb and you're dumb [TS]

  for thinking it I I will say I'm not [TS]

  crazy about the title font but it's much [TS]

  better than the next generation it's [TS]

  grown on me fine David [TS]

  I've got a theme song to talk to you [TS]

  about oh yeah well we don't know that [TS]

  like what's the theme song gonna be I [TS]

  guess we're gonna have to find out [TS]

  anything new I hope it's a remix of the [TS]

  Enterprise theme so no I hope it don't [TS]

  know Eric's no let's just go back to our [TS]

  Kestrel I think everybody's learned [TS]

  their lesson it's been a longer oh god [TS]

  don't I will hang up the sky that's [TS]

  right that's right so take a go guys [TS]

  Tony you excited I'm excited I wish I [TS]

  knew when this was coming exactly yeah [TS]

  you know what Falls a big time yeah I [TS]

  think it's awesome that they've really [TS]

  committed to a three-month period that [TS]

  happens in 2017 because I was a little [TS]

  worried this was gonna be coming January [TS]

  28th day because they've only committed [TS]

  to 2017 how many times now I think fall [TS]

  means November 30th I don't know I'm [TS]

  hopeful that that they will run the [TS]

  whole of 15 episodes in in calendar 2017 [TS]

  but who knows they we know that they [TS]

  have been shooting already and they have [TS]

  some stuff that looks like finished [TS]

  effects so I mean yeah you know I I [TS]

  would I would say that I'm bullish on [TS]

  them actually delivering it now it's [TS]

  good and I I don't think they would have [TS]

  previewed it at the upfront if it were [TS]

  in like somewhere within its absolute [TS]

  Oberer absolutely I think that's right [TS]

  plus I want to give it a boost they want [TS]

  to they want to premiere it on CBS and [TS]

  get people really intrigued by it and [TS]

  and then fork out money on CBS all [TS]

  access so I'm excited by it I think [TS]

  we'll probably see more and they'll [TS]

  probably give away the premise and [TS]

  they'll take away all this air of [TS]

  mystery that [TS]

  built up with this with this teaser [TS]

  trailer but new Star Trek right I mean [TS]

  fundamentally how could you not be [TS]

  excited about a new Star Trek my my [TS]

  final thought is I mentioned Mass Effect [TS]

  earlier and I am somebody who came very [TS]

  very late to Mass Effect everybody was [TS]

  talking about a great Mass Effect was [TS]

  and and how fantastic it was and how [TS]

  great the storytelling was and all that [TS]

  stuff and it came during a very dark [TS]

  period of me playing games and there are [TS]

  a lot of people who have kind of dealt [TS]

  with a dearth of I guess you would say [TS]

  spaceship going science fiction shows on [TS]

  TV for a while now [TS]

  not just Star Trek and I feel like I [TS]

  feel like you mentioned 2017 TV [TS]

  serialized storytelling styles I think [TS]

  there is that evolution that we've seen [TS]

  in TV that has affected the way that [TS]

  stories and a lot of games have been [TS]

  told where we have trilogies of games [TS]

  that tell this big like season arc type [TS]

  of a story per game and I like the idea [TS]

  of you know they're being shows like the [TS]

  good place out there that subvert [TS]

  expectations for what you're going to [TS]

  get by the end of a season of that show [TS]

  and by the end of season one it's almost [TS]

  like you're part of the way into season [TS]

  three of how a network show would [TS]

  ordinarily do things business as usual [TS]

  and I I want to I want to say that my [TS]

  optimism will be rewarded I hope so [TS]

  because Bryan Fuller had so much of a [TS]

  formative influence on this and he [TS]

  trusted the right people to handle the [TS]

  show once he left it where we will get [TS]

  that kind of Oh God [TS]

  Star Trek can be this now Star Trek can [TS]

  do this kind of stuff it's not hampered [TS]

  by this it doesn't have to meet a [TS]

  specific order number [TS]

  originally we were told it was going to [TS]

  be what like 10 episodes 12 was going to [TS]

  be 12 it was going to be less than 15 [TS]

  episodes and I don't think that they [TS]

  just wanted to add another three [TS]

  episodes I think they found three more [TS]

  episodes of story to tell and that's [TS]

  just the shape that the story took and [TS]

  that if there's any of that kind of [TS]

  Kremlinology that I can do about this [TS]

  kind of stuff I really want that to come [TS]

  through and deliver on yeah I I hate [TS]

  even using the word franchise with Star [TS]

  Trek even though it [TS]

  help define what we think as a franchise [TS]

  because to me it is about what it makes [TS]

  me feel and what it has philosophically [TS]

  behind it and I feel like we will get [TS]

  will get breeze magic golden trophy of a [TS]

  this is what this show is kind of [TS]

  elevator pitch yeah I know that we're [TS]

  gonna get that and I can't wait for us [TS]

  to get that for it to hopefully confirm [TS]

  a lot of the the optimism that I've got [TS]

  for this show well you know you know [TS]

  what those three episodes are once they [TS]

  signed rain will scenario 3 order yep [TS]

  the hearing but trilogy yes oh my god I [TS]

  wonder where did that Harry Mudd come [TS]

  from [TS]

  I'll just go watch deep space 9 for [TS]

  those uppers yes all right so the the [TS]

  the last thing we got to to do is a [TS]

  tease everybody about what we're going [TS]

  to do at the incomparable about a weekly [TS]

  Star Trek new Star Trek episodes we [TS]

  don't know but I don't know if that's a [TS]

  TV [TS]

  YG's TV series or if it if it's if [TS]

  random Trek does random Trek become [TS]

  linear for 15-week waters and then go [TS]

  back why I don't know what happens I [TS]

  don't know I guess we've got until fall [TS]

  to find out well and of course they have [TS]

  also announced that they're going to [TS]

  follow each episode with yeah talking [TS]

  tracking Trek which is they should hire [TS]

  why have they not hired us to do that [TS]

  yet come on [TS]

  right we're ready we're here yeah CBS [TS]

  you have my numbered les Moonves you [TS]

  know why do you know why all right we're [TS]

  gonna wrap it up here for our flash Star [TS]

  Trek discovery breakdown and enthusiasm [TS]

  podcast and I'm going to thank my guests [TS]

  for being on this last minute last [TS]

  second put together podcast date Laura [TS]

  thank you so say we all geez that's the [TS]

  wrong show wrong show Scott McNulty beam [TS]

  me up we have engaged the Klingons Tony [TS]

  Sindelar live long and prosper [TS]

  good night nerds Moises chu-young we [TS]

  reach use the force Harry no and and [TS]

  Brianna Wu fire phasers fire phasers [TS]

  all right and thanks to everybody out [TS]

  there for listening to the incomparable [TS]

  we'll see you next week goodbye [TS]

  everybody [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  kepta where are we going we have no map [TS]

  and you can't set a course without a [TS]

  star it's hard to imagine you've sucked [TS]

  under me for seven years [TS]

  come on two burner I think it is time we [TS]

  talked about you having your own command [TS]

  to to transport [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  great unifiers a few and far between but [TS]

  they do come often such leaders will [TS]

  need a profound cause for their [TS]

  followers to rally era [TS]

  what am I looking at objective unknown [TS]

  origin we've come all this way captain [TS]

  it would be irresponsible to leave [TS]

  whatever that is unknown where have you [TS]

  done out there on the edge of federation [TS]

  space computer enable igniter [TS]

  captain what signatures detective [TS]

  context Starfleet Command we have [TS]

  engaged the Klingons [TS]

  you will never learn bulken her tongue [TS]

  is too human [TS]

  I'm trying to save you I'm trying to [TS]

  save all of you [TS]

  it's neck cut off its head [TS]

  Starfleet it doesn't fire first we have [TS]

  to [TS]

  my people were biologically determined [TS]

  for one purpose alone to sense the [TS]

  coming of death I sense it coming down [TS]

  Oh [TS]

  Oh [TS]

  you [TS]