Roderick on the Line

Ep. 246: "Night Burrito"


  hello hi John [TS]

  hi Merlin has gone super good sir Lee [TS]

  oh nice just barely had time to splash [TS]

  some water on my face and eat half of a [TS]

  cold sausage hmm it's kind of Dickensian [TS]

  hmm please sir they have some more cold [TS]

  sausage hmm careful what you ask for [TS]

  with the Jew Fagin okay here's a [TS]

  question for you yes this is probably [TS]

  actually a question for Don Schaffner no [TS]

  I'm happy to speculate how long can you [TS]

  leave up like a pan of cold grease on [TS]

  the stove before the grease goes bad [TS]

  before it gets rancid [TS]

  strictly speaking as always it won't [TS]

  thinking there's two angles here one [TS]

  angle is that like you made some lamb or [TS]

  something okay well how many days is it [TS]

  before you really want to be careful [TS]

  that you don't put your spoon in there [TS]

  and accidentally lick it well I don't [TS]

  think it's I don't think it's gonna go [TS]

  bad in the sense of it was hazardous [TS]

  like you wouldn't want to like pour that [TS]

  into a coffee cup and then like you know [TS]

  drink out of it I'm not sure that [TS]

  hazardous is the is the standard I think [TS]

  it is more it's more taste whether it [TS]

  becomes because you know butter sits out [TS]

  it never did it's not gonna get where's [TS]

  my part - my part - was that like I'm [TS]

  used grease I'll reuse I'll reuse some [TS]

  grease all uh si I've recently moved to [TS]

  lard and as when I use the hell out of [TS]

  some grease yeah exactly I think that [TS]

  used to be like a tradition and we used [TS]

  to keep it I remember in the later parts [TS]

  of my youth we kept um we would pour [TS]

  bacon grease into a coffee can Moses so [TS]

  we could throw it out but I think I [TS]

  suspect that had its origins in we're [TS]

  gonna put this in here and then reuse it [TS]

  oh yeah for real [TS]

  what was so yeah they my mom always had [TS]

  didn't just throw perfectly good grease [TS]

  away my good pal Bob wood up in Alaska [TS]

  easy down the mo with the mom [TS]

  Bob had the mom she lifted a bookcase [TS]

  this may be our and drank laps on sushi [TS]

  T yep that's right that's Bob's mom got [TS]

  your cut I love MA here so good bye good [TS]

  yeah yeah [TS]

  Oh Bob wood used to keep you know he had [TS]

  a big he had like a like a 10 gauge or a [TS]

  12 gauge cast-iron pan that he left on [TS]

  the stove at all times and it always had [TS]

  an inch of grease in it serve you know [TS]

  maybe not an inch but like a blue cover [TS]

  the bottom though no no thicker than [TS]

  that yeah you know it was like a it was [TS]

  let's say between a centimeter and a [TS]

  half an inch of of bacon grease was [TS]

  always sir coagulated in this pan and [TS]

  when when he would because he you know [TS]

  all these guys up in Alaska they're all [TS]

  fishermen he would get some five pounds [TS]

  of halibut cheeks or something some guy [TS]

  would come into town and he'd be like [TS]

  hey Bob I'll trade you five pounds of [TS]

  halibut cheeks for two gold pans and a [TS]

  pickaxe and so that's why I was [TS]

  interested in the community yeah yeah [TS]

  Bob would have all this fish all of a [TS]

  sudden and so he'd throw the halibut [TS]

  cheeks in the in the bacon grease and [TS]

  cook em right he wouldn't just throw [TS]

  them in there and leave him there for [TS]

  the afternoon he heated up snot [TS]

  coronating them no he's cooking them and [TS]

  they were the bet you know that's the [TS]

  best way to cook fish of course is [TS]

  flash-fried and some hot bacon grease [TS]

  and then he would turn the the studied [TS]

  turn the the gas off and then the grease [TS]

  would just stay there he would pluck the [TS]

  fish out it's not like you ever the [TS]

  grease was just there and so I never I [TS]

  wasn't living with Bob I never said like [TS]

  how often do you turn this grease around [TS]

  but then I thought about it and a lot of [TS]

  people in Alaska had a pan of grease on [TS]

  the stove so anyway I've been adopting [TS]

  this lately and but I just I need some [TS]

  guidelines [TS]

  because I don't want to be making some [TS]

  classic mistake I don't want it to be [TS]

  one of those situations like you know [TS]

  when I used to drink heavily [TS]

  I'd go out drinking every night and some [TS]

  friend of mine would always come with me [TS]

  and I just assumed that all my friends [TS]

  drank every night when in fact they just [TS]

  really they got super fucked up one [TS]

  night a week with me oh you were there [TS]

  weekend but I was I said right I was [TS]

  there weekend but I was doing it seven [TS]

  nights a week mm-hmm you but I would um [TS]

  pray at this point I was pro and I but I [TS]

  was confused because there was always [TS]

  somebody with me and I figured everybody [TS]

  was doing it [TS]

  but now they all had jobs and I don't [TS]

  want it to be one of those situations [TS]

  where as soon as I leave they dump the [TS]

  grease out but and then I come back and [TS]

  there's a new pot of grease because they [TS]

  made bacon that morning I understand I'm [TS]

  thinking oh shit there's they're just [TS]

  leaving this grease around for for weeks [TS]

  and months and you and one of your [TS]

  despite any other side effects of your [TS]

  profession you I believe you said you [TS]

  never you weren't much of a blackout guy [TS]

  like you would still remember lots of [TS]

  things about what happened Oh me as a [TS]

  yeah no no I never blacked out that's [TS]

  why I'm mentioning again because that's [TS]

  that's quite a performance [TS]

  characteristic that's that's very [TS]

  unusual [TS]

  I didn't blackout and I hardly ever [TS]

  vomited I've just when rare occasions [TS]

  would would vomit but even in those [TS]

  situations I would usually sort of [TS]

  excuse myself from the table go outside [TS]

  vomit like like a rhinoceros would vomit [TS]

  like standing up beer still in hand and [TS]

  then go back in and sit back down at the [TS]

  table and say like where were we [TS]

  it was a great advantage it was a great [TS]

  advantage if that had been a competitive [TS]

  sport you know what I mean like there [TS]

  are people that can run I'm a great [TS]

  vomiter four-minute mile I'm a really [TS]

  gifted vomiter is that right yeah I [TS]

  don't get to use it as much as I would [TS]

  like uh it's I don't know what it is [TS]

  because it's funny it's one of those [TS]

  things where uh you know when you're a [TS]

  kid like obviously to me hypodermic [TS]

  needles were the height of fear [TS]

  hypodermic needles and corporal [TS]

  punishment were the two things I'm most [TS]

  feared I never got the second and I only [TS]

  very occasionally got the first but it [TS]

  was like a guiding principle [TS]

  my life is I don't want to be hurt yet [TS]

  but but you know a far third was [TS]

  probably I didn't want to vomit I little [TS]

  kids don't like to vomit no no at some [TS]

  point and it wasn't even a drinking [TS]

  thing I just at some point I just got [TS]

  really good at vomiting I like I want to [TS]

  let God I just accepted it and I just [TS]

  said this is a thing we're gonna do it [TS]

  I've said this to you before I believe [TS]

  but I think one problem is that people [TS]

  don't like nausea but the nausea just [TS]

  makes them more anxious about vomiting [TS]

  when really want to just get it over [TS]

  with [TS]

  that's what a pro does uh I should have [TS]

  taken that advice a couple of weeks ago [TS]

  I had him I went out got a burrito in [TS]

  Portland Oregon at two o'clock in the [TS]

  morning and night greet him a night [TS]

  burrito and it was you know it was a [TS]

  perfectly respectable place in Portland [TS]

  that I'd been before but it's a you know [TS]

  it's a shabby late night burrito but I [TS]

  got the one that you know I did what I [TS]

  do right I ordered a little bit off menu [TS]

  and even as I was eating it I was like [TS]

  this is the wrong choice not not not [TS]

  because there was anything fishy about [TS]

  the burrito but it was just like this is [TS]

  the wrong choice you don't need to eat [TS]

  this burrito at 2:00 in the morning but [TS]

  you know it's we're party and I'm [TS]

  showing off look what I can do listen [TS]

  it's not like you everybody Subway [TS]

  sandwiches over soon you gonna finish [TS]

  that no I'm not going to finish that [TS]

  we're standing over it super high I took [TS]

  the liberty of ordering one of each of [TS]

  the Subway sandwiches you know they've [TS]

  got 14 I ordered want to be I got a [TS]

  flight of subways and I would say was [TS]

  for the table but there's no table [TS]

  because we're sitting over sewer we're [TS]

  standing on a sewer that's hearing me [TS]

  Jonathan Coulton pollen storm probably [TS]

  uh no drew drew drew his armies yeah I [TS]

  don't think I'm not sure pollen storm [TS]

  you know usually those guys storm likes [TS]

  to stay out late Paul likes to get home [TS]

  back to the hotel he's got things to [TS]

  take care of he does he's got anybody [TS]

  else Drive he wants to Skype home anyway [TS]

  so then the next day I had nausea oh no [TS]

  from your night three toe and all day [TS]

  long I [TS]

  the nausea oh I drove back from Portland [TS]

  to Seattle the entire way just like [TS]

  speeds are sweat just dripping down the [TS]

  sides of my face just like I am I am [TS]

  gonna you know because I have a very [TS]

  good Constitution in the sense that I [TS]

  can eat poisonous food and survive it's [TS]

  like The Princess Bride you've been [TS]

  practicing your whole life our whole [TS]

  life right now is Ida Kane like even [TS]

  you've been taking little bits so that [TS]

  you go up against you know the Sicilian [TS]

  when death is on the line that's right I [TS]

  have I have inured myself to Ida Cain [TS]

  and also to ecoli and also to whatever [TS]

  else we can I can eat I can eat almost [TS]

  anything and I said you know this [TS]

  burrito is not gonna get the better of [TS]

  me [TS]

  so all day I'm just oh I've just feel [TS]

  awful sweat and just blue green around [TS]

  the gills and by the time I get to my [TS]

  house I'm really incapacitated by food [TS]

  poisoning and not acknowledging it and I [TS]

  get into the house and I'm just I have [TS]

  this I guess I I thought of you [TS]

  what would Marilyn do mmm WWF MD mmm PE [TS]

  well Marcus Welby MD let's pull it and [TS]

  uh and so I went into the bathroom and [TS]

  then boy hmm did I did I let fly and and [TS]

  you know I felt uh I felt better I felt [TS]

  no longer that feeling of nausea that's [TS]

  come on it can be a kind of relief cuz [TS]

  you like alright it's finally happening [TS]

  it was except that I think by incubating [TS]

  the food poisoning for an entire day but [TS]

  you know like by will I could have [TS]

  thrown up at 9:00 in the morning you [TS]

  know by spending all day really really [TS]

  really integrating it into my whole [TS]

  corpus well the things when you when [TS]

  you're sick whether you this goes for [TS]

  downstairs basement situations too or [TS]

  upstairs situations is that you are [TS]

  you're there you're going to be there [TS]

  for as long as this thing needs to do [TS]

  what it's going to do there are no there [TS]

  are really not any shortcuts that I'm [TS]

  aware of because like even if you had [TS]

  vomited at 9:00 a.m. that's no guarantee [TS]

  you wouldn't still be vomiting all day [TS]

  long you're [TS]

  writing that initial vomit but it's [TS]

  going to work its way through your [TS]

  system one way or another and you just [TS]

  have to decide in your case you decide [TS]

  to fight it and drive sweaty but yeah [TS]

  that's part of what makes it you're [TS]

  really in its thrall you know you'll get [TS]

  to post bail and get out of nausea well [TS]

  and this is one of the things that I I'm [TS]

  not a hundred percent certain if I [TS]

  didn't make it a thousand times worse to [TS]

  the incubating it incubated and then I [TS]

  was sick for three days which is a lot [TS]

  longer than you should be normally sick [TS]

  on food poisoning right you should be [TS]

  able to kick it in a day but I continued [TS]

  to really struggle and I think it's [TS]

  because you know rather than rather than [TS]

  get this stuff out I let it get in there [TS]

  and just you know set up housekeeping [TS]

  and rent a trailer and you know those [TS]

  guys were I'll cook up utilities and [TS]

  basic cable yep yeah yep they have their [TS]

  did their their dish yes yeah so uh I [TS]

  should have just should have just taken [TS]

  it take you know taking the axe to it [TS]

  let me tell you if there's anything it's [TS]

  dawn and Ben right from from doctor [TS]

  doctors dawn and Ben there's anything [TS]

  that I've learned it's made my life more [TS]

  complicated it's it's food safety is it [TS]

  turns out business there's all the [TS]

  stutters I think you've been on their [TS]

  program I've been this is what's called [TS]

  food safety talk we both been on there I [TS]

  really enjoyed it [TS]

  uh the thing that I feel like I'm [TS]

  learning from them is that like it's [TS]

  sort of one of those everything you know [TS]

  about food is wrong type situations [TS]

  because the primary one being and I we [TS]

  discussed this at length when I was on [TS]

  their show and I think you might have [TS]

  discussed this but there's that whole [TS]

  idea this is this matrix of what makes [TS]

  food safe in terms of how hot you cook [TS]

  it how long you cook it and there's this [TS]

  this amazing graphic that Ben showed me [TS]

  of because I'm a sous vide guy right [TS]

  that's the thing where you vacuum up [TS]

  food and then you cook it in a warm bath [TS]

  um that's very specific temperature and [TS]

  you vacuum it up I'd pop for the vacuum [TS]

  thing and it was really worth it you [TS]

  could do in a ziplock bag too but the [TS]

  basic idea when we first hear this this [TS]

  sounds mental but you get this thing [TS]

  looks like a lightsaber you stick it in [TS]

  water and you say I went and get this [TS]

  water - exactly [TS]

  132 degrees now I've I've aged [TS]

  dried and prepackaged really nice rib [TS]

  eyes with time and the whole nine I've [TS]

  got it in a little plastic bag I pulled [TS]

  that out at you ready for this [TS]

  brace yourself I pull this out of the [TS]

  freezer you take that out of the freezer [TS]

  you did not hear me wrong 132 degree [TS]

  water you forgot it's not very hot I [TS]

  mean most will tell you like usually for [TS]

  like a this is fascinating steak talk [TS]

  but a lot of times when you think of a [TS]

  medium-rare and there's so many ways to [TS]

  get a medium-rare wrong that's what I [TS]

  want about one somewhere in the low one [TS]

  40s usually like oh right yeah I think [TS]

  it's not usually no hard like a 142 and [TS]

  what do they tell you you're cooking [TS]

  chicken you're cooking pork chops it's [TS]

  got to be 160 because it's not 160 [TS]

  you're gonna die with pork worms oh [TS]

  isn't that what they tell you that's all [TS]

  the time all the times I've had pork [TS]

  worms okay let's go this is where you [TS]

  get into the turns out though because [TS]

  guess what I do I throw frozen meat in [TS]

  plastic into a warm bath 132 degrees not [TS]

  what your mutts I heard talk about [TS]

  boiling a bag it's like about on a bag [TS]

  but it's not boil its bag no boil it's a [TS]

  delicious rib eye and then you know what [TS]

  I do I tell my dingus I say remind me to [TS]

  take out steaks in two hours so you [TS]

  think I would have left the time off of [TS]

  there first of all but but but assume [TS]

  let's assume that you like the taste of [TS]

  time oh you don't like see people have [TS]

  strong feelings cilantro rosemary thyme [TS]

  people have strong feelings I feel like [TS]

  time is the stuff that that you smell [TS]

  when you're walking through Joshua Tree [TS]

  like when you're walking through the [TS]

  desert somewhere and you're kicking up [TS]

  brush yeah I she smell I don't want that [TS]

  put on my steak okay I'll leave it off [TS]

  yours all right so there's so much about [TS]

  this that is bananas so first of all the [TS]

  fact that you would have meat that 132 [TS]

  degrees sounds crazy and the way that [TS]

  you would cook a steak for two hours [TS]

  sounds mental well that you would be [TS]

  using the lightsaber at all in this [TS]

  process my saber it's plugged in in the [TS]

  water you're putting electric in the [TS]

  water and then fort you put frozen meat [TS]

  in but long story short probably too [TS]

  late the thing is 132 for if you do it [TS]

  long enough kills and please do your own [TS]

  due diligence don't die from what you [TS]

  hear on a podcast but the idea is that [TS]

  you don't need to cook pork to 160 I [TS]

  cook pork to 140 to come on and and the [TS]

  thing is you do it long enough it kills [TS]

  the pathogens and the thing is mainly [TS]

  the longer you leave it in [TS]

  more it becomes it's sort of like when [TS]

  you um smoke or slow cook pork over a [TS]

  long time it gets kind of you get that [TS]

  kind of pulled pork sort of thing so if [TS]

  you put your ribeye in there you could [TS]

  put it in there for 24 hours you could [TS]

  put a rib roast in there but if people [TS]

  to steak in for 24 hours it would still [TS]

  be medium-rare it would just be kind of [TS]

  mealy and that the physics of that which [TS]

  I don't begin to understand but it has [TS]

  been explained to me and I still don't [TS]

  understand it [TS]

  all I know is that knee of two years ago [TS]

  the idea of taking frozen steak and [TS]

  throwing it into a bathtub 132 degrees [TS]

  for two hours is the crazy idea in a bag [TS]

  yeah but it but it does works but this [TS]

  is where you get into the turns outs and [TS]

  this is where we get into your grease [TS]

  specifically yeah I'll bet you there's [TS]

  it turns out - how long to keep the [TS]

  grease if I have my druthers it would be [TS]

  like McDonald's I would just have grease [TS]

  sitting around like Bob all the time you [TS]

  know good to go hmm let me get back to [TS]

  the steak in a bag thing it does not [TS]

  sound like you would have a very [TS]

  appetizing outside it does not yeah so [TS]

  that's where you go to the next level [TS]

  yeah so as you know we basically live in [TS]

  a hovel built in the 20s but we do have [TS]

  arranged a little describe it as a [TS]

  hobble but yeah I like our house um you [TS]

  uh so what you do is you take it out you [TS]

  dry it thoroughly at this point you [TS]

  don't really have to let it set up you [TS]

  talk about Pat it dry with some towel I [TS]

  do some paper towels on either side and [TS]

  then you it you get the oil of your [TS]

  choice the lubricant of your choice you [TS]

  might call it let's call it bacon grease [TS]

  and a pan for me it's lard okay I've [TS]

  gone down on lard where do you buy lard [TS]

  a local grocery store made by the I [TS]

  think made by the armored company Oh [TS]

  all right Beast can you see this large [TS]

  okay this can be show notes you see this [TS]

  lard and you're gonna oh yeah that lard [TS]

  I'm gonna talk about no vegetable stuff [TS]

  ain't talking about no Crisco I'm [TS]

  talking about Mountain tikka [TS]

  I'm talking to get armored lard and your [TS]

  edits are more right arm is on the wall [TS]

  it's from the from the French yeah [TS]

  remember when they have a website [TS]

  discover the lard of difference hmm this [TS]

  is that a pun [TS]

  discover the lard of difference discover [TS]

  the lard difference Oh [TS]

  the lard difference back to basics being [TS]

  a trusted family tradition to your kit [TS]

  this is the lard [TS]

  from the stone and ye shall be King of [TS]

  England you can have to save versus the [TS]

  lot of difference um but uh well I'm [TS]

  really fascinated by this nice essential [TS]

  link oh no on the armor site maanteeeca [TS]

  maanteeeca in espanol and I'm just real [TS]

  quick real quick side road I don't want [TS]

  to derail our conversation that's so on [TS]

  track but this started for me when I got [TS]

  I got a blue apron and the blue apron [TS]

  was to make some kind of like a [TS]

  delicious Mexican dish with carnitas and [TS]

  it comes with the tiny little you know [TS]

  like if you get like if you make [TS]

  cinnamon rolls at home and you get the [TS]

  jizz and a little package like they give [TS]

  you a little jizz sized package of lard [TS]

  to cook the carnitas with and I was like [TS]

  lard that's not very healthy man I did [TS]

  it and it was fantastic it browned up [TS]

  really well in the pan and that's why I [TS]

  use it for the stick so you Pat your [TS]

  steaks well I'm going right here to if [TS]

  on the armor site yes one of the top one [TS]

  of the top navigation bars is why lard [TS]

  my lard question mark you get down you [TS]

  get in there discover the lard [TS]

  difference it's better for you it has [TS]

  better taste and better results lard is [TS]

  better it seems so obvious now pure [TS]

  natural goodness that's why your [TS]

  grandmother's grandmother trusted lard [TS]

  oh they're dropping some science on us [TS]

  bring out the big guns of grandmas [TS]

  Lauren not not because your [TS]

  grandmother's grandmother didn't have [TS]

  anything but lard it's because he knew [TS]

  it was pure natural because about the [TS]

  lard difference yeah the lard difference [TS]

  so you patted it dry yeah now you don't [TS]

  want us to get too hot but I will I will [TS]

  go to a medium setting which is still [TS]

  pretty hot especially if you're cooking [TS]

  with maanteeeca [TS]

  and so so you got your sticks it's it's [TS]

  the heated up your oil of choice your [TS]

  lubricant of choice and then you gently [TS]

  put it in there now here's what I do [TS]

  here's a life hack I have an old a [TS]

  cast-iron pan that you know got kind of [TS]

  janky but I keep it around as a pressing [TS]

  pan look I put I put I put a stake with [TS]

  the with them on take off the lard into [TS]

  the new lodge cast-iron pan I use the [TS]

  Old Lodge cast-iron man I put on top [TS]

  like a brick like you'd make a chicken [TS]

  a brick I press it down you sit under [TS]

  when you had chicken under brick this [TS]

  show is going off the rails no no no [TS]

  people I I happen to know from feedback [TS]

  the people love when we talk about food [TS]

  and recipes that is that something gets [TS]

  under the grandmother's grandmother [TS]

  taught you checking under names like the [TS]

  chicken difference and then see it [TS]

  within like let in less than two minutes [TS]

  you get a great sear that does not [TS]

  overly medium a fie the right next to [TS]

  the delicious medium-rare nests oh [TS]

  that's the other thing with this cooking [TS]

  in the sous-vide is it is uniform every [TS]

  single cubic millimeter of that steak is [TS]

  exactly the same doneness [TS]

  but then you sear it at the end you want [TS]

  a little bit extra kosher salt or what [TS]

  would have you you can use butter you [TS]

  can use whatever you want steak and [TS]

  butter pretty good and you've got [TS]

  yourself now at this point I will drop [TS]

  that into some aluminium foil I'll fold [TS]

  it up and I'll let it set up a little [TS]

  bit I'll finish the sides because as you [TS]

  know I like all my food to be hot and [TS]

  finish at exactly the same moment cotton [TS]

  finish got the Merlin man different [TS]

  Dustin bulbous so then that's that's all [TS]

  time that's right the mascara snake uh [TS]

  okay we might be a little off the rails [TS]

  and I still gotta talk to you about the [TS]

  beetles and I still talk to you about [TS]

  parking so we have a lot to talk about [TS]

  today this can be a very little the [TS]

  thing is there's a lot of new beetles [TS]

  news which we can't always say no it's [TS]

  such a you know a week for the beetles [TS]

  but you have to be awesome [TS]

  okay uh I say something me okay good you [TS]

  fussed out a minute but you're back yeah [TS]

  you fuzz doubt - oh no no I exciting [TS]

  gonnigan hacks we gotta act you think [TS]

  it's the Russian hackers it's ransom [TS]

  where are they taking our our social [TS]

  security number Nana Ford I'm gonna use [TS]

  domain tools to get to the bottom of [TS]

  this oh I'm in I cracked the encryption [TS]

  there's green letters on my screen or in [TS]

  hmm so that's how you make a stake and [TS]

  so here's the thing though I think we [TS]

  should probably reach out to friends at [TS]

  the show doctors dawn and Ben and ask [TS]

  them for their opinion and now do we [TS]

  want to pose this in a specific way is [TS]

  it a question of how long how long is it [TS]

  safe for me to leave bacon grease in the [TS]

  pan and how long is it safe for me to [TS]

  reuse it is that kind of the question [TS]

  well but I think I think that my [TS]

  suspicion is that the word [TS]

  that the word we're looking for is not [TS]

  safe because I think the darts are moves [TS]

  like is it proper yeah or yeah basically [TS]

  sound it's gonna be one of those things [TS]

  that they you know the my experience of [TS]

  talking to those guys about food safety [TS]

  was pretty much first of all every time [TS]

  I said is it safe to eat this one of [TS]

  them would say yeah [TS]

  yes and the other would go mmm no hmm [TS]

  and it kept flip-flopping between the [TS]

  two of them and the lesson the ultimate [TS]

  lesson was in every situation you have [TS]

  to make a judgment call it's not one vet [TS]

  that's the thing is turns out there's [TS]

  not one vector to this right is it safe [TS]

  for me to eat is it safe for me to eat [TS]

  right now do I choose to take the risk [TS]

  of eating this because what they said [TS]

  was everything you put in your mouth so [TS]

  there's some risk like you know somebody [TS]

  could have pooped on your popsicle sale [TS]

  okay is it safe this thing's been frozen [TS]

  for a month is it safe to eat the easy [TS]

  answer is yes but the huge asterisk is [TS]

  well what happened to it before it was [TS]

  frozen mmm right [TS]

  right what if somebody put that chicken [TS]

  under a brick if so I put these open [TS]

  under a brick might be half a cock in [TS]

  there you don't know you don't you don't [TS]

  want to be putting that in your mouth [TS]

  just because somebody said see this is [TS]

  the this is this is the problem with the [TS]

  internet so I don't know a lot of time a [TS]

  lot of times when I have a piece of food [TS]

  that I have left out too long and I [TS]

  think this food is now into this range [TS]

  of like is this been sitting out too [TS]

  long I'll put it in the freezer and I [TS]

  figure if I leave it in the freezer for [TS]

  a month by taking your severed finger [TS]

  and putting it in a box of band-aids put [TS]

  in freezer for a month without a week [TS]

  the freezer will do something I don't [TS]

  know what and but what's the primary [TS]

  thing the freezer will do is cause me to [TS]

  forget that is out on the counter for [TS]

  too long yes and it will make the choice [TS]

  for me because when I find it in there [TS]

  later I'm gonna be like oh I didn't know [TS]

  this was in here right and then I'll [TS]

  make it out and and it'll be trouble [TS]

  free so you need to go ahead and make it [TS]

  though because I forget I forget that I [TS]

  put it in there because it had been [TS]

  sitting out on the counter I don't I [TS]

  know all along when I'm doing it's not [TS]

  the way my wife basically when she saves [TS]

  any tiny bit of food so he basically a [TS]

  garbage plus a plastic bag [TS]

  you know nobody's gonna eat that last [TS]

  you know chicken leg or the wing or [TS]

  whatever like the right of burnt wing [TS]

  like why are we keeping this I don't [TS]

  want to waste food we'll know you're [TS]

  wasting food and a bag in that case it's [TS]

  like just I just had a glimpse inside [TS]

  your marriage it's so beautiful [TS]

  I like so much about my marriage yeah [TS]

  now you're wasting food and a bag but [TS]

  loved I really am a joy to have around [TS]

  Stella Sora breakfast treats wanna be [TS]

  down there not on this thing like the [TS]

  river boy stop what are you doing [TS]

  breakfast yeah Stella d'Oro [TS]

  we're doing somebody else's bit but like [TS]

  this is still a thing I do like the [TS]

  easily 5 to 60 times a day I walk by the [TS]

  cat and she's just sitting there in the [TS]

  hallway staring she's sitting on her [TS]

  cushion by the heater cuz she's an old [TS]

  frail lady I look her I go what are you [TS]

  doing ha ha my family's to stop doing [TS]

  that you're scaring her and the cat [TS]

  looks me like what right Stella d'Oro [TS]

  breakfast treats yeah no the cat knows [TS]

  cat knows melador Oh breakfast chance [TS]

  you know you know I would album so much [TS]

  there's so much on that this we're [TS]

  talking about feeling kind of Patton and [TS]

  I well I think first comedy wall long [TS]

  time ago there's much on there that is [TS]

  not for sensitive ears uh but boy is [TS]

  that funny yeah I there's a website that [TS]

  I let me recommend it to you guys yeah [TS]

  it's called folk streams dotnet folk ok [TS]

  Volk streams net ok and it's a place [TS]

  where all of the documentary films about [TS]

  American roots cultures are archived oh [TS]

  my gosh like an it's it's like a free [TS]

  it's a net it's an it's a I feel like [TS]

  I've been to this site National Preserve [TS]

  of all these documentaries made in the [TS]

  70s I think I think I watched a movie [TS]

  here recently yeah it's just like [TS]

  whatever happened to the paddlewheel [TS]

  steamer well this is where this is where [TS]

  I got a copy of talking feet solo [TS]

  southern dance bucks my foot and tap and [TS]

  because you know why this is [TS]

  an important substrata of a very [TS]

  important movie uh what's it called [TS]

  dance and rebel yet with a guy with the [TS]

  cost of sunglasses you ever seen that [TS]

  movie oh gosh this is a terrific I'm [TS]

  sorry I'm taking you off folks dreams [TS]

  yeah talking feet I wish we had shown us [TS]

  I would put it in go Google talking feet [TS]

  solo southern dance buck flat foot and [TS]

  tap and it's an amazing documentary I [TS]

  think she came out in mid 80s but was [TS]

  made in the early early 80s and it's [TS]

  just documenting these very very old men [TS]

  who do that southern like tap oh yeah [TS]

  but like oh yeah well it's like let's [TS]

  like locking it's not a group it's it's [TS]

  a solo performance but these guys are [TS]

  amazing and they just live out in the [TS]

  sticks and they're incredible well I'm [TS]

  sorry folks dreams net folks rooms done [TS]

  that so if you want it like I'm just [TS]

  scrolling down here it's like Edie Prez [TS]

  Mel the dulcimer maker or ironworking [TS]

  yeah finish Americans a 1982 portrait of [TS]

  finish American culture in Upper [TS]

  Michigan Florida shrimping traditional [TS]

  man some change here's some Gandy [TS]

  dancers more Gandy dancers Gandy dancers [TS]

  are that uh you know they're like that [TS]

  they're singing singing as they as they [TS]

  as they build railroad tracks 1978 [TS]

  documentary mermaids frog legs and [TS]

  fillets it's about basically about hip [TS]

  hop on the streets in 1978 yeah alright [TS]

  so anyway so I am on here a lot and I [TS]

  was watching a movie about the decaying [TS]

  so this movie was made in about 1981 or [TS]

  82 and it's a guy that's like there used [TS]

  to be a lot of Irish in the Bronx but [TS]

  the Irish are getting pushed out so I'm [TS]

  gonna go around all the Irish par all [TS]

  Irish bars and I'm gonna talk to all the [TS]

  Irish guys what are you doing and so [TS]

  walking over and watching this movie and [TS]

  he's just it's it's you know the guy [TS]

  like he rode his narrative out before [TS]

  you know he doesn't boys over narration [TS]

  and he's a real Irish poet so as his [TS]

  narration is very colorful language in [TS]

  his and but he goes to these bars in [TS]

  this hall as you can imagine cops and [TS]

  firemen and then a bunch of people from [TS]

  the old country who [TS]

  who've been living in the Bronx since [TS]

  the 40s and I'm like this part of the [TS]

  Bronx is not a part of New York that I [TS]

  know mm-hmm and so I started looking up [TS]

  to start looking into this part of the [TS]

  Bronx and you know I bet like you've [TS]

  been all around it but just sort of [TS]

  didn't realize like oh I guess this was [TS]

  the center of mean if you go to this [TS]

  part of the Bronx arrggh [TS]

  there's 400 Catholic churches all [TS]

  involved you know within 10 blocks [TS]

  anyway the Stella d'Oro Factory was [TS]

  right there that's where they made him [TS]

  no kidding and then just recently they [TS]

  were purchased by you know by Armand or [TS]

  by Armand Hammer or somebody buy buy a [TS]

  big breakfast cookie yeah that's right [TS]

  and then they then there they moved it [TS]

  there moved their manufacturing to the [TS]

  Alamo or something in that it's all it's [TS]

  kind of the reverse it's like New York [TS]

  City accepts reverse you watch so much [TS]

  of the same TV like that I Texas New [TS]

  York City get a rope it's my turn to [TS]

  operate I'm the sole survivor so anyways [TS]

  that you spend hours and hours on this [TS]

  because it's it never gets here there's [TS]

  Morgan Sexton the Bull Creek banjo [TS]

  player of course [TS]

  oh wow mouths music I highly recommend [TS]

  this a boot camp count off-chance [TS]

  jumprope rhymes and carny barks are [TS]

  featured in this fast-moving sampler of [TS]

  proto music wow that made me kind of [TS]

  tingly right boot camp count off-chance [TS]

  jumprope rhymes and card you can't count [TS]

  off chance boot camp that's like camp [TS]

  rat laughs had a good job at I left [TS]

  right left [TS]

  they call it attic cadence we used to do [TS]

  those when I was in military school [TS]

  c-130 on taxiway tear morphing she's [TS]

  gonna jump today sound off 1 2 sound up [TS]

  p4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 hmm we should start [TS]

  our own paramilitary unit that let me [TS]

  hear one of your let me hear one of your [TS]

  count offs I don't know [TS]

  until let's see I'm trying remember [TS]

  confusing it with Full Metal Jacket but [TS]

  I this is 1979 I was hearing these yeah [TS]

  we had lots of body Cadence's and body [TS]

  camp songs a lot of songs about vaginas [TS]

  there was a lot of references to vaginas [TS]

  even though none of us had ever seen [TS]

  vaginas your time body like B aw aw [TS]

  maudey but e body body body but where [TS]

  are we um night burrito grease dawn and [TS]

  bend gun we've gotten all the way to we [TS]

  have two beetles and parking yet I think [TS]

  so I think we got real real close to the [TS]

  bueno we're here at we're mouth music [TS]

  here's op lair the sled maker I can [TS]

  leave this I see the problem is I [TS]

  prepared a little bit for this because I [TS]

  had an experience yesterday with parking [TS]

  it's not nearly as interesting as [TS]

  talking about the Beatles oh but I just [TS]

  I feel like I had to tell you this you [TS]

  don't usually take notes so let's hear [TS]

  it [TS]

  it's quick it's just yeah I don't want [TS]

  take us off Beatles but I just want to [TS]

  say like okay so yesterday as you record [TS]

  this it was today's Memorial Day thank [TS]

  you for your service yesterday was the [TS]

  day before Memorial Day we went down to [TS]

  Santa Cruz go to the beach boardwalk [TS]

  we're gonna you know go on some rides [TS]

  get ripped off by some games just have a [TS]

  little little very short fun family day [TS]

  and of course it's the day before [TS]

  Memorial Day so the place is mobbed and [TS]

  this place was never meant it's [TS]

  basically like a small coastal [TS]

  residential neighborhood where someone [TS]

  built a boardwalk that now is like a [TS]

  small theme park and it is not it is not [TS]

  like arriving at Disney World like a [TS]

  full teenage vampires - right yes [TS]

  skateboarding vampires many of them [TS]

  teens it's real sketchy it's got that [TS]

  kind of like beach sketchy feeling [TS]

  anyway long story short it's packed the [TS]

  parking is it takes us you know 45 [TS]

  minutes just to get from like from [TS]

  somewhere to like finding parking [TS]

  there's parking lots tiny parking lots [TS]

  we finally find a parking space the Sun [TS]

  is blaring down I don't know why I'm [TS]

  telling you this except I think you'd [TS]

  appreciate it we arrived there we park [TS]

  oh god we got a space there's a meter [TS]

  alright let's go run our card through [TS]

  the meter because try put your card into [TS]

  the meters at well up to a 12-hour [TS]

  parking meter pretty great [TS]

  try to get your card in card doesn't fit [TS]

  this does not take credit cards okay [TS]

  I'll take quarters well we're going to [TS]

  put in four or five hours where the [TS]

  quarters no nobody has that anymore [TS]

  right [TS]

  so we discover they say if you want pay [TS]

  for this [TS]

  so I look around every single one of the [TS]

  meter says expired and zero zero on it [TS]

  I'm like honey maybe they're just not [TS]

  doing them today and she's like you want [TS]

  to pay for a ticket and I said no I do [TS]

  not want to pay for a ticket but I also [TS]

  do not want to interact with an app [TS]

  because guess what [TS]

  to pay for the parking you need to get [TS]

  an app Oh see that's how they have this [TS]

  is how this is they get into hack you so [TS]

  know what I'm telling you this so I see [TS]

  there's a service called park mobile and [TS]

  I want park mobile I don't want to die [TS]

  once in a fire I want to survive and go [TS]

  through painful recovery to go die in [TS]

  another fire yep you've used park mobile [TS]

  before no no oh you don't hate pad for [TS]

  parking like an adult you put in a few [TS]

  quarters if you're going to the comic [TS]

  store or you use your credit card like [TS]

  an adult you don't you went into this [TS]

  just completely uh like you're just a [TS]

  virgin to this totally to this and I and [TS]

  I but you know and I'm you know how I am [TS]

  right yeah okay so anyway there's a [TS]

  service called Park mobile and then [TS]

  their thing is it's parking made simple [TS]

  okay what you do you're either gonna get [TS]

  the app or you can call and set up an [TS]

  account and I'm like and I'm my families [TS]

  are I'm getting that Dessie to look in [TS]

  their eyes cuz they say I'm going to a [TS]

  certain place yeah you're telling me [TS]

  that in order to park the car I've got [TS]

  to get an app or microphone or you make [TS]

  a phone call it really simple I'm [TS]

  starting to get the app so you go to [TS]

  their website their website points you [TS]

  to the App Store you go to the App Store [TS]

  you download the app you wait because [TS]

  remember you're not on a wireless [TS]

  connection you need an app to pay for [TS]

  parking so you wait you wait you wait it [TS]

  down let's okay alright alright how do I [TS]

  pay for this that's a fast Johnny guess [TS]

  what now you go go you got to create an [TS]

  account [TS]

  you gotta create a me so I say Madeline [TS]

  would you please use your iPhone and [TS]

  please call to set up an account while [TS]

  I'm doing this cuz I'm going to Hulk out [TS]

  in a minute so now you know me now I [TS]

  don't just go type a bunch of letters I [TS]

  go to my password app where I have to go [TS]

  create a new login yeah with with the [TS]

  secure password I gotta go copy that now [TS]

  I go in I create a new account pretty [TS]

  soon your garage door opener is going up [TS]

  and down that's how they get you they [TS]

  hack and hack it how they do so now I go [TS]

  enter my new account information I put [TS]

  in my email address I paste in my new [TS]

  money work you're ready to go cut pay [TS]

  for this now oh hang on a minute hang on [TS]

  now you need to configure your account [TS]

  know your license plate number oh sure [TS]

  sure sure right still part of [TS]

  configuring me very got a configure the [TS]

  account cuz now they got a license plate [TS]

  number you got to give it a name like a [TS]

  memorable name for the car for all your [TS]

  cars that you have you would give a [TS]

  memorable name called Pookie [TS]

  mine was fuck me gently and then there's [TS]

  like the Elvis song and then C name it [TS]

  well guess what now me Jackie [TS]

  but never let me go is based on orally [TS]

  so now okay this is like seriously 10 to [TS]

  15 minutes okay fine whatever you know [TS]

  week I have to pee so bad we didn't stop [TS]

  we've been driving for two hours I've [TS]

  been selling slammin seltzer the whole [TS]

  time you didn't tell me this park Oh God [TS]

  and I'm getting cross I didn't cross I'm [TS]

  in the Sun I'm already burning off some [TS]

  of my 100 SPF sunscreen that I've been [TS]

  counting on take care of me all day I'm [TS]

  you're starting up down my daughter is [TS]

  just watching the roller coaster with [TS]

  like tears in her eyes like why are we [TS]

  still here configuring it out okay can I [TS]

  do this no not yet you got one turn on [TS]

  notification so we give notifications [TS]

  about your parking okay yeah I guess [TS]

  what guess what we need your payment [TS]

  information cuz why the hell would we [TS]

  put a credit card dingus into the [TS]

  parking meter you need to enter it in [TS]

  the app with the account you just put in [TS]

  that's fine get two boys flash right you [TS]

  sure [TS]

  so guess what though you can take a [TS]

  photo of your credit card feeling great [TS]

  about this fine I enabled the camera I [TS]

  set it on this steaming hot top of our [TS]

  automobile I attempt to take a photo of [TS]

  five times it doesn't get anything oh [TS]

  that's fine let's just start over now I [TS]

  go now I go into my password app I get [TS]

  my credit card information now I gotta [TS]

  go copy 1 Z 2 Z go copy and paste all of [TS]

  that in am I done [TS]

  no now you gotta enter what parking zone [TS]

  you're in well tell you the parking zone [TS]

  please oh you can shoot the QR code now [TS]

  that you've enabled the camera on your [TS]

  fucking phone to be able to pay for the [TS]

  parking signal right I goddamn roller [TS]

  coaster on a Sunday and I entered the [TS]

  parking zone and it goes beauty Lord now [TS]

  completing your parking you have up to [TS]

  this time in the countdown you want us [TS]

  to send you reminders no we have pretty [TS]

  good time we had some fried food we I [TS]

  went on I went on a roller coaster they [TS]

  went on a sky ride it was all good then [TS]

  we got back easy you close the session I [TS]

  got four emails from all this got four [TS]

  emails I'm getting benefit Asian welcome [TS]

  so I could write this is so that I could [TS]

  have my car be somewhere for a while [TS]

  yeah give thought on this [TS]

  am I being am I you know me in my peers [TS]

  to me you're saying the machine had some [TS]

  facility to take a card just not a [TS]

  credit card yes what was the card it [TS]

  could take I think I didn't think to [TS]

  take a picture of the meter I think it [TS]

  was probably the classic prepaid card [TS]

  and and in a sensible move for once you [TS]

  would not want that to be a size that [TS]

  would accommodate a standard credit card [TS]

  because that would be very confusing to [TS]

  people right right so this was a thing [TS]

  that if you were a Santa Cruz resident [TS]

  you would get a little card that was [TS]

  your parking we have that I mean we have [TS]

  that for public transit in Union for [TS]

  parking you buy like a throwaway $20 [TS]

  card for to pay for parking [TS]

  I just let's move on to the Beatles but [TS]

  like yet you feel me on this i I I am so [TS]

  I'm so filled with sympathetic rage um [TS]

  you got a good nap you got a doubt you [TS]

  got a go somewhere and what if you don't [TS]

  have a smartphone what you don't have a [TS]

  credit card you know what you would have [TS]

  done you would have walked over to the [TS]

  nearest bodega store $20 in quarters [TS]

  I know you would have said what's the [TS]

  deal with parking around here and they [TS]

  would have said oh we sell the parking [TS]

  cards 20 bucks see you're smart and you [TS]

  would've gone we all know for next time [TS]

  I think right but maybe not maybe the [TS]

  guy at the counter would have said like [TS]

  yeah get it out but I feel like this is [TS]

  when I look around and I see every one [TS]

  of these that says 0-0 and expired on it [TS]

  and I'm thinking you but that's an [TS]

  argument you're having with your wife [TS]

  not with not with the meter you want to [TS]

  get a ticket [TS]

  I said yeah honey I want to get a ticket [TS]

  that's why I'm sitting here configuring [TS]

  a nap in the Sun so stuck him in a [TS]

  sulking camu novel the problem is that [TS]

  year that even Santa Cruz now is too [TS]

  close to San Francisco to ever be a real [TS]

  town again the cops they bring in the [TS]

  apps and so I I just played this [TS]

  festival right the long winters got back [TS]

  together we played this upstream music [TS]

  festival it's being put on by Paul [TS]

  Allen's company Vulcan it's all a lovely [TS]

  or organization and I know a lot of the [TS]

  people there I actually am on the board [TS]

  which apparently was not a conflict of [TS]

  interest when they asked me to play [TS]

  because they never gave any information [TS]

  to the board or asked us to any [TS]

  questions at all but when we got our [TS]

  packets because when you're playing a [TS]

  big festival like this right you get [TS]

  packets sure you're gonna get a packet [TS]

  I'll give you a packet and Sean Nelson [TS]

  got his packet first and Sean has each [TS]

  Sean has become somebody I guess who [TS]

  does his due diligence there's any an [TS]

  editor he is yes and make sure that [TS]

  things are proper he does and so he on [TS]

  behalf at own he also he lives in [TS]

  Pioneer Square so on behalf of the band [TS]

  he said I'm gonna go down and and figure [TS]

  out what the deal is which is great if [TS]

  you're playing a big festival and you [TS]

  have somebody you know you have somebody [TS]

  doing advanced listen in any situation [TS]

  if you want to make yourself suddenly [TS]

  very useful be the person who decides to [TS]

  go and figure out what the deal is yeah [TS]

  go find out was always a deal to be [TS]

  figured out your your your recon right [TS]

  your your your the your your Ranger you [TS]

  could spend four hours guessing or 20 [TS]

  minutes finding out what the dealio is [TS]

  find out what the deal is so Sean comes [TS]

  back this is all happening via text and [TS]

  he said here's the thing you have to go [TS]

  to the you have to go to the football [TS]

  field to the to the box office there get [TS]

  your packet and then you have to you [TS]

  have a wristband but you have to [TS]

  activate the wristband what it's as much [TS]

  as a smart wristband and to activate the [TS]

  wristband you have to get the app oh my [TS]

  god and once you get the app then you [TS]

  activate the wristband but there is a [TS]

  full full typewritten page with a second [TS]

  page of addenda of instructions about [TS]

  how to activate the wristband and like [TS]

  all this stuff like if you if you do [TS]

  this wrong then you're you can't get [TS]

  into the festival for the rest of the [TS]

  day no evil I'm John now enjoy that's [TS]

  right and just on and on and he's sean [TS]

  is reading all these like rules and [TS]

  regulations about the wristband and and [TS]

  but he said since we're playing we have [TS]

  two wristbands but the instructions are [TS]

  saying do not [TS]

  activate two wristbands if you activate [TS]

  two wristbands its null and void you can [TS]

  only activate one but it doesn't say [TS]

  which one and it's just like this uh [TS]

  it's just this thing that state you know [TS]

  Shaun is getting very frustrated and [TS]

  very like what is this is madness and [TS]

  it's the same thing like you can't [TS]

  download the app because he's standing [TS]

  in the middle of a parking lot and so [TS]

  Eric and Nabil both like sitting in [TS]

  their respective homes like went through [TS]

  all this process downloaded the app got [TS]

  prepared for the for the for the event [TS]

  for the day and I did what you might [TS]

  expect you guess what I did I did [TS]

  nothing about it until it was too late [TS]

  to do anything about it [TS]

  yes okay I took the the under that [TS]

  strategy [TS]

  I took the envelope with both of my [TS]

  wristbands and all the instructions and [TS]

  several VIP drink tickets and what up [TS]

  whatever else and I put it in the front [TS]

  pocket of my jacket and I walked around [TS]

  the festival and I went everywhere that [TS]

  I wanted to and when I would walk up to [TS]

  a place and they would say do you have a [TS]

  wristband I would say yeah it's here and [TS]

  I would Pat my jacket as I walked past [TS]

  them well no one stopped me and when [TS]

  when it was time to to park in order to [TS]

  do the to do our show there's I was like [TS]

  where's the artists parking and they [TS]

  said oh there isn't any and so I had [TS]

  time to get wristbands with apps but [TS]

  they don't have time to figure out a [TS]

  place for loaning they designed it they [TS]

  design an app but they didn't think [TS]

  about loading so I just parked my truck [TS]

  right in front of the venue like on the [TS]

  not on the sidewalk but it was like a [TS]

  Plaza and I took one of the VIP drink [TS]

  tickets and I put it under the [TS]

  windshield wiper and it work there's so [TS]

  many ways it might end up working I'm [TS]

  not going to use it as a drink ticket [TS]

  right and it says VIP on it so I put it [TS]

  under the windshield wiper that's kind [TS]

  of all and I sat there and watch and all [TS]

  day long cops on their beat swinging [TS]

  their nightsticks would walk by they [TS]

  stopped but look at this thing it is [TS]

  look at them the VIP drink ticket and [TS]

  they'd be like amen all they'd stroll [TS]

  you know because should be good and uh [TS]

  and I end and then it was [TS]

  for the show the big show the night show [TS]

  and we're standing out front we're [TS]

  talking people are coming up to the [TS]

  shoulders line of people trying to get [TS]

  in and the bill walks over he says I [TS]

  just talked to the woman at the front [TS]

  door and she says they don't have the [TS]

  guest list and I was like what this is [TS]

  not good you know we're going on in 45 [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  I walked over and said uh I just heard [TS]

  that you don't have the guestlist what [TS]

  do we have to do and she said oh it's [TS]

  not that I don't have the guest list [TS]

  it's that we have no provision for us [TS]

  having a guest list nobody said it word [TS]

  about guest list and we're not supposed [TS]

  to have that here I said how does that [TS]

  work [TS]

  she said well the guests your guests are [TS]

  supposed to go down to the football [TS]

  field and get the wristband and get the [TS]

  app and activate the app are you kidding [TS]

  me and I said oh that's not gonna work [TS]

  at all and she said well I that's the [TS]

  that's the deal so I so I called my guy [TS]

  the the person that had been repping us [TS]

  to the festival and I was like or the [TS]

  our festival rep rather and I said hey [TS]

  what's the story and he said well it's a [TS]

  festival it's not every club doesn't [TS]

  have a guest list it's like a fast and I [TS]

  said yeah but you're describing it as a [TS]

  fest like Bonnaroo or something where [TS]

  there's one door one gate and you stop [TS]

  at the gate and you get everything you [TS]

  need before you go through the gate but [TS]

  this is you're having this event in a [TS]

  town this is your first year [TS]

  this isn't how things are done we're you [TS]

  know like people are they're gonna show [TS]

  up for the show they're not going to go [TS]

  to the football stadium and he's like [TS]

  well I don't know what to tell you you [TS]

  know this is the I didn't design it this [TS]

  is the thing and you got you got to have [TS]

  your your app and it's just I mean it's [TS]

  just implicit in all of this though is [TS]

  that everybody has a smartphone from a [TS]

  major vendor that will allow them to [TS]

  number two then wirelessly go to a site [TS]

  get an app yeah I mean it's I guess it's [TS]

  probably a fairly safe bet but oh my god [TS]

  all system that you have you know then [TS]

  you put in all this information [TS]

  foundational yeah and then you then you [TS]

  have to you have to enable the [TS]

  microphone just in case it needs to hear [TS]

  you scream or you need to you know it's [TS]

  gonna send you notifications now for the [TS]

  rest of the year and so forth give [TS]

  yourself a memorable nickname fuck me [TS]

  general so I'm on the phone with this [TS]

  guy and I said listen it because you [TS]

  know I've been practicing for a long [TS]

  time like you know you've said to me [TS]

  many times that I should be nicer have a [TS]

  and well you know read between the [TS]

  launcher and I've heard this from a lot [TS]

  of people you should be nicer and you [TS]

  know for every time that I put a VIP [TS]

  drink ticket under the windshield wiper [TS]

  of my truck and I get away with murder [TS]

  all day there's another time when I'm [TS]

  like angry to somebody and that makes [TS]

  them sad and that's not what so I remain [TS]

  not just calm but very friendly and I [TS]

  say to this person let me let me [TS]

  describe what's gonna happen what I want [TS]

  what's gonna happen is about 15 minutes [TS]

  from now my eighty two and a half year [TS]

  old mother is gonna walk up to the door [TS]

  of this venue and she's gonna say hello [TS]

  I'm on the guest list they're going to [TS]

  say we've never heard of this guest list [TS]

  thing you need to go eight blocks to the [TS]

  football stadium download get your [TS]

  wristband download an app and the guy on [TS]

  the other end of the line is he's he's [TS]

  already with me right he's with me now [TS]

  and I said see that is just not gonna [TS]

  work at all right my 83 year old mother [TS]

  82 and a half I'm sorry it's not it's [TS]

  not I'm not gonna ask her to make this [TS]

  Trek particularly not because she showed [TS]

  up here 10 minutes before we went on [TS]

  right and he's like right right right I [TS]

  see I see I understand and I said so [TS]

  there's gotta be some kind of situation [TS]

  where you can send someone here to [TS]

  handle this someone here to the venue to [TS]

  handle this situation because I can't [TS]

  handle it and you can do it the people [TS]

  at the door can't handle it but it needs [TS]

  to get handled [TS]

  and he said let me let me let me let me [TS]

  call you right back and I said okay so [TS]

  I'm standing there and about four [TS]

  minutes later here comes a guy up the [TS]

  street and he's exactly the guy you want [TS]

  to see because this is a festival being [TS]

  put on by by Paul Allen and Vulcan right [TS]

  so all the security at all these events [TS]

  are the same people that work the [TS]

  football games because they don't [TS]

  they've never put on a music festival [TS]

  before so they don't understand that [TS]

  that's a thing that's a different kind [TS]

  of thing right there are production [TS]

  people who do it for a living production [TS]

  is an actual job event production is a [TS]

  high level job it's our intent planning [TS]

  it's it's you know anything we think [TS]

  like oh I can be an event planner it's [TS]

  like because I schedule meetings and [TS]

  people come to them it's like no you're [TS]

  really shooting a bullet with a bullet [TS]

  there's so many things even if [TS]

  everything you plan goes flawlessly you [TS]

  haven't accounted for the even be the [TS]

  beginning of your job when everything [TS]

  doesn't go as planned you see this in [TS]

  tech all the time people are just like [TS]

  oh I can do this anyway the guy shows up [TS]

  he's uh he's dressed head to toe in [TS]

  black which is what you want black jeans [TS]

  black sleeveless t-shirt he has a radio [TS]

  with a with like a microphone on his [TS]

  shoulder good signs out signs [TS]

  yep he has a Maglite and a Leatherman oh [TS]

  yeah this is Jade on the sides of his [TS]

  heads are shit sides of his head is [TS]

  shaved but on the top he's got a like [TS]

  black hair pulled back into a ponytail [TS]

  he's got a Maglite he's probably got [TS]

  some got some tape he's down the gun the [TS]

  leather man he's got it all going on he [TS]

  walks up puts his hand out he says hi [TS]

  John we've worked together before [TS]

  and I said it's great to see you and he [TS]

  said what do you need I said here's a [TS]

  situation he said don't worry about it [TS]

  show me your guest list and I pulled it [TS]

  up on my phone and he sat while I'm [TS]

  holding my phone and he wrote all the he [TS]

  didn't want me to email it to him [TS]

  whew he just sat and like tapped in all [TS]

  the names into his own phone really fast [TS]

  and I was like I can just email this to [TS]

  you and he was like nope I got it and I [TS]

  you know and I'm do [TS]

  in this while people are talking to me [TS]

  right like he's not demanding any [TS]

  attention either he's just like I [TS]

  understand I got this covered and then [TS]

  immediately everything was fine and I am [TS]

  I grabbed him by the elbow and I was [TS]

  like why are you not doing this already [TS]

  and he said when they when they announce [TS]

  this festival six months he's like leans [TS]

  in or quiet when I they announce this [TS]

  festival six months ago I sent them an [TS]

  email and I said hey I'm like I'll [TS]

  handle security and production for you I [TS]

  have a production company I'll do this [TS]

  work for you and I didn't hear back for [TS]

  that from them for five and a half [TS]

  months and two weeks ago they wrote me [TS]

  and said will you please help us a [TS]

  little bit of a fire fest type situation [TS]

  yeah and he was like so I'm working for [TS]

  him I could have done all this I could [TS]

  have made all this a long time ago it [TS]

  could have been fine [TS]

  but anyway now it's fine I've got your [TS]

  stuff fret not [TS]

  and so I heard let so I left and went up [TS]

  on the stage and I heard later that as [TS]

  my people showed up at the door they [TS]

  were like I'm on the guest list and the [TS]

  people in throat were like welcome so [TS]

  nobody got the app nobody nobody got the [TS]

  wristbands they didn't even know that [TS]

  they had to that's the beautiful thing [TS]

  about this story Merlin they never even [TS]

  learned that there was a thing that they [TS]

  were getting around this doesn't get [TS]

  some kind of an award you know what he [TS]

  does get he gets the reward of being a [TS]

  professional that kicks ass at his job [TS]

  yeah I mean then I hope that they paid [TS]

  the shit out of him because I mean I [TS]

  keep to praise upon him and was like [TS]

  thank you but the thing is as soon as I [TS]

  saw him coming down the street I was [TS]

  like oh someone from my tribe like here [TS]

  I recognized what I see this person and [TS]

  no TV you've met this Ranger before oh [TS]

  yeah you know this kind of Ranger that's [TS]

  walking up to you because he's walking [TS]

  up with the with also the astride of [TS]

  someone who is not like this is not a [TS]

  guy who is going to follow orders and [TS]

  one day be convicted of a war crimes but [TS]

  you know somebody's just the way a fella [TS]

  carries himself you just know whether or [TS]

  not he'll illy he'll be a charged with [TS]

  the war crime yeah this is not a second [TS]

  lieutenant with his helmet on backwards [TS]

  calling down artillery on his own [TS]

  position yeah this is somebody who's [TS]

  like at a certain point when he gets an [TS]

  order that's that's fubar mm-hmm he's [TS]

  gonna be like that order he's gonna [TS]

  pluck that order that's right he's gonna [TS]

  say and down sir yeah he's gonna say I [TS]

  love your G sir I would prefer not to [TS]

  I do not prefer it uh so anyway all by [TS]

  way of saying you sit in this podcast [TS]

  game the fucking app oh yes I don't want [TS]

  any more apps I want fewer apps oh oh oh [TS]

  oh I didn't tell you I know you want to [TS]

  get to the Beatles but there's one more [TS]

  thing we have a loyal listener to our [TS]

  program who lives in Portland and she [TS]

  runs a she runs an operation called [TS]

  strange vacations which is a like it's a [TS]

  motorcycle clothing and lifestyle [TS]

  company for women and vacation strange [TS]

  vacations [TS]

  synthetics it's in PDX that's right and [TS]

  she's got a you know a great collection [TS]

  of it's not just that they do leather [TS]

  jackets but they do events oh my God [TS]

  look at this stuff yeah they they do you [TS]

  know they're it's like a it's like a an [TS]

  organization to bring like motorcycle [TS]

  women who ride motorcycles of all of all [TS]

  stripes [TS]

  technically it's a Squarespace site not [TS]

  just like us so she sent me a thing the [TS]

  other day uh and I you may have heard of [TS]

  it you may not have but it's a www.the [TS]

  light phone calm are you familiar with [TS]

  the light phone [TS]

  no looking now the light phone the [TS]

  lights on you said I saw this I thought [TS]

  of you I thought you thought you might [TS]

  like it the light phone oh my god [TS]

  it is fun it is a phone the size of a [TS]

  credit card also Squarespace site and it [TS]

  has it has 10 preset people and then [TS]

  just numbers on it it is just a phone [TS]

  it's it's real little you can't text on [TS]

  it you can't do [TS]

  anything on it's just and any thing is [TS]

  it's tethered to you're not tethered [TS]

  it's somehow connected to your normal [TS]

  phone so it's your same phone number so [TS]

  for sometimes about four times when you [TS]

  don't want a smart phone when you [TS]

  literally just want to be reachable by [TS]

  phone right so you leave your smartphone [TS]

  at home you put this in your pocket that [TS]

  you can call the ten people you most [TS]

  regularly call and they can reach you [TS]

  people can reach you but otherwise you [TS]

  are free from having to look at your [TS]

  thing I could use that I can so use that [TS]

  right now and I think I think they said [TS]

  it's like five bucks a month I mean it's [TS]

  there they're doing everything they can [TS]

  to make it like just like Thomas hey you [TS]

  noticed a namaste I was kind of so she [TS]

  was gonna make us a leather jacket kind [TS]

  of bombed well you know I said to her at [TS]

  one point Alex if you want to make me a [TS]

  leather jacket I would accept it where's [TS]

  where's that where's the rock swag and [TS]

  she was like oh next time we get a big [TS]

  order in and then I never you know she [TS]

  sends me this kind of shit but never [TS]

  says like oh yeah something dangerous [TS]

  somebody takes the time to reach out and [TS]

  offer us something useful or like that's [TS]

  all very interesting oh here's my free [TS]

  shit that's great but well what about [TS]

  the leather jack what about the [TS]

  thousand-dollar leather jacket that you [TS]

  never said that you would make us anyway [TS]

  well I thank you for your service [TS]

  so I I was uh I was looking around the [TS]

  other day somebody suggested that there [TS]

  was a new Beatles documentary and so I [TS]

  Lewin well so I went around looking for [TS]

  it it was made by Ron Howard ha ha ha [TS]

  heartbreaking and I couldn't find it [TS]

  except on Hulu it's made made by and for [TS]

  Hulu and I went to Hulu and they were [TS]

  like you got download the app and then [TS]

  you have to put in your you have to pick [TS]

  a pick a name pick like a cute nickname [TS]

  for yourself [TS]

  get 30 days free but then you know but [TS]

  then we're just gonna suck 15 dollars [TS]

  out of your life for the rest of your [TS]

  life I was like there's got to be a [TS]

  better way and so I went on the internet [TS]

  and I was like I want to watch this for [TS]

  free how do i watch this for free and I [TS]

  oh I never do this and I hate to do it [TS]

  hunc is always awful it says good odds [TS]

  with how you approach this industry but [TS]

  I found a place where and I think it had [TS]

  Japanese subtitles [TS]

  something this sounds legit started [TS]

  watching this movie and I was just like [TS]

  oh it was you know you think there's no [TS]

  new Beatles news Under the Sun there's [TS]

  no new footage there's no new stories [TS]

  you've heard it all you know every [TS]

  cliche backwards and forwards chapter [TS]

  and verse it's so wonderful when you [TS]

  discover that there's more Beatle stuff [TS]

  and great Beatles stuff like all this [TS]

  live footage the cleaned up audio and [TS]

  you can hear how great they are live and [TS]

  when they did that sound great to [TS]

  themselves they couldn't ring ring go [TS]

  could not hear anything but here it [TS]

  couldn't hear a thing but they hear but [TS]

  there they are and then about halfway [TS]

  through watching this thing it stops oh [TS]

  no and I go try to refresh it and it's [TS]

  gone like I am watching some pirate shit [TS]

  as it's being taken down it's like it's [TS]

  like the the light of another Sun and by [TS]

  the time he gets here that that sounds [TS]

  actually dead that Sun was gone right I [TS]

  was just watching the I was watching the [TS]

  master nice might have been dead when [TS]

  you started watching it it's right the [TS]

  dying embers of I mean I heard millions [TS]

  of souls cry out and all were [TS]

  extinguished at once [TS]

  seven seven sided lighthouse made of [TS]

  dreams right that's right so that's no [TS]

  moon mmm you know what I'm saying [TS]

  wasn't it sad though I mean it's you [TS]

  just feel the melancholy I so much [TS]

  there's so much Beatles news this week [TS]

  I'm currently reading a book called [TS]

  Beatles 66 and it's an entire book [TS]

  length book all about starting really in [TS]

  December 65 it's the length of a book [TS]

  yeah it's a whole book about what [TS]

  happens with the Beatles in 1966 great [TS]

  year for the beetle which is easily the [TS]

  most interesting really the most [TS]

  interesting Beatles year and just in [TS]

  short that means it's basically Rubber [TS]

  Soul comes out to getting December 65 [TS]

  they do a small tour in the UK they take [TS]

  three months off which if you know the [TS]

  Beatles and go look at some of the [TS]

  infographics on the Beatles that [TS]

  happened I think once period this is [TS]

  this where they went down to the islands [TS]

  they were in Greece in pre Maharishi I [TS]

  believe but I haven't got that part of [TS]

  the book yet but it's the thing to know [TS]

  is that a lot of their interests as [TS]

  individuals developed during this period [TS]

  they didn't have the same haircut [TS]

  anymore etc etc I mean there's [TS]

  lots of what those three months to come [TS]

  back they record revolver they release [TS]

  revolver they do a little at this point [TS]

  now so now they're done touring they're [TS]

  done touring at this point and then they [TS]

  start recording Sergeant Pepper at the [TS]

  end of the year [TS]

  end of the year [TS]

  along with lots of life stuff I mean [TS]

  Paul and John's relationships break up [TS]

  Jon meets Yoko Ringo meets Charlie [TS]

  Chaplin there's all these things that [TS]

  happen there's questions about what the [TS]

  next movie can and should be I mean [TS]

  these are things were today this all [TS]

  seems normal because you're used to help [TS]

  pop culture and culture works back then [TS]

  the idea of the most popular and [TS]

  successful band in the world is gonna [TS]

  stop touring like that's what rock music [TS]

  is rock and roll rock and roll is [TS]

  touring putting out records touring [TS]

  putting out records who do you think you [TS]

  are what are you you know Leonard [TS]

  Bernstein you're gonna sit around and [TS]

  write songs about love like get out [TS]

  there mean amok ciao yeah that's right [TS]

  but then the idea that like they [TS]

  wouldn't just jump into an ill-advised [TS]

  third movie when they didn't like the [TS]

  script there's all these things that [TS]

  they did were people like well this is [TS]

  it [TS]

  put a fork in them finally finally the [TS]

  Beatles are going to be exposed for the [TS]

  frauds that they are there's a career [TS]

  there are little things a fluke [TS]

  you got read reviews of Rubber Soul in [TS]

  like an enemy and melody maker and like [TS]

  has kind of a nice song and it's you [TS]

  know in my life is like oh it has like a [TS]

  nice piano melody but you know none but [TS]

  it's finally over yep this is it I mean [TS]

  really these guys they they the songs [TS]

  know where man is so repetitious fool on [TS]

  a hill like look that just this they [TS]

  tried you know it's swinging to miss [TS]

  next man please mm-hmm [TS]

  sorry so anyway 1966 but in this case it [TS]

  wasn't it heartbreaking though you know [TS]

  that for years they were playing [TS]

  sometimes three shows a day they like in [TS]

  Liverpool they would play a a lunchtime [TS]

  show at the Cavern Club and then to [TS]

  evening shows at different venues they [TS]

  were for a time playing up to three at [TS]

  least three like gigs a day [TS]

  I think they honestly legitimately did [TS]

  love it and then they become successful [TS]

  and now it's the worst it's like it's [TS]

  like they're trying to swim around in [TS]

  jello it's so not rock and roll I mean [TS]

  it is rock and roll to the audience like [TS]

  oh my god and we've been watching so [TS]

  much because I told you last night we [TS]

  watched a hard day's night and my [TS]

  daughters request that's such a great [TS]

  that iconic you just look at a [TS]

  silhouette of those four guys and I [TS]

  explained the appalls over on the left [TS]

  because you know he's left-handed and [TS]

  that makes this stage set up like so [TS]

  iconic it is the a conic but you show a [TS]

  silhouette of the four Beatles with [TS]

  wrinkled up on the drum riser you [TS]

  instant there's no question in your mind [TS]

  who those four people originally were [TS]

  then they can't laugh is not fun life is [TS]

  not fun life is pulling teeth they feel [TS]

  like they're treading water they're [TS]

  musically they feel like they're moving [TS]

  backward musically I'm confused what [TS]

  role did Charlie Chaplin play in the [TS]

  breakup of the Beatles not the breakup [TS]

  of the Beatles since is 66 this is just [TS]

  from the first chapter of this book [TS]

  explaining why this was such a momentous [TS]

  year it's just in the service of saying [TS]

  that really the short version is that [TS]

  from depending on when you start [TS]

  counting let's say 62 through 65 it was [TS]

  just a non-stop series of escalating [TS]

  craziness as you saw in that documentary [TS]

  they were increasingly I mean you you [TS]

  already know like oh the Beatles [TS]

  couldn't walk around cuz you know young [TS]

  people would chase them like everybody [TS]

  knew is that you've seen a hard day's [TS]

  night that was partnered dinner but the [TS]

  truth was their life was unmanageable [TS]

  people were threatened the Ku Klux Klan [TS]

  political groups the people were [TS]

  threatening their lives at this point [TS]

  they could not go anywhere they really [TS]

  really were stuck for guys they're [TS]

  mostly indistinguishable to strangers [TS]

  for identical looking guys who played [TS]

  terrible music and then all the people [TS]

  who wanted to possess them that's what [TS]

  it was and all the only only people in [TS]

  their lives were a handful of like [TS]

  girlfriends and music professionals and [TS]

  so it was the first time since the [TS]

  Beatles got anywhere near popular that [TS]

  they had any air at all to go and [TS]

  develop new interests you know go get [TS]

  into you know Stockhausen or go out and [TS]

  get into like whatever it is go out and [TS]

  discover these things that would become [TS]

  hugely important in the giant middle [TS]

  phase of the Beatles well I'm sorry I'm [TS]

  talking a lot because it's such a big [TS]

  Beatles week what struck me about that [TS]

  documentary I mean there were 50 things [TS]

  that struck me about hard but one of the [TS]

  interesting things that it just that had [TS]

  never been had never been shown to me in [TS]

  exactly that way was how much the [TS]

  phenomenon of the Beatles was [TS]

  registering as world historical to the [TS]

  people of the time like the the [TS]

  journalists were saying this is an [TS]

  unprecedented crowd of people this has [TS]

  never happened before no one has ever no [TS]

  one expected this [TS]

  right no one knows what to do about this [TS]

  this this sense of that that guy that [TS]

  followed them on tour who you know his [TS]

  boss said you want to go out with the [TS]

  Beatles he was like no why would I want [TS]

  to do that that seems like a dumb thing [TS]

  why are you sending me a seasoned [TS]

  reporter on this dumb junket and then [TS]

  two weeks in he's like I'm basically I [TS]

  am living out the most extraordinary [TS]

  event in the 20th century and this is [TS]

  this is what uh 20 years after the end [TS]

  of World War two most adults are you [TS]

  know World War two is going to be their [TS]

  formative tentpole moment for the 20th [TS]

  century but this is like something above [TS]

  and beyond what anybody could have ever [TS]

  seen or known what to do and and that [TS]

  hearing those voices and realizing that [TS]

  from inside it I mean they were we you [TS]

  always see the picture you know that [TS]

  that like yeah there's never been a [TS]

  Beatles before right like Beatle mania [TS]

  sure it's but we're we're all post [TS]

  beetles and to to hear those people [TS]

  talking having been pre Beatles and now [TS]

  being like trying to make sense of it it [TS]

  was so thrilling but also just [TS]

  terrifying because it had never happened [TS]

  before and so who wants to keep that [TS]

  tonight tonight being the night that [TS]

  that everybody dies right I mean every [TS]

  seconds you felt even even taking into [TS]

  account whatever Johnny rays and Frank [TS]

  Sinatra's of the past it felt it felt [TS]

  unprecedented it felt weird so once it [TS]

  started it seemed really exceptional [TS]

  once it escalated it seemed even more [TS]

  uncanny once it went to like 10 times [TS]

  that people like well this has to end [TS]

  like so it really becomes the in a [TS]

  relatively short you were talking about [TS]

  like a year and a half or less you go [TS]

  from like they had a small single with [TS]

  like love me do if you like a year ago I [TS]

  think let me do have like 18 months [TS]

  between when it first came out and like [TS]

  when they really caught on they're a [TS]

  popular band but there are tons of [TS]

  popular big beat bands they call them [TS]

  Merseybeat bands but then the entire [TS]

  time you're a grown up it's like it's [TS]

  not so different for the condition I [TS]

  have today where I'm just going like [TS]

  okay it's another day how long can this [TS]

  go [TS]

  on can this this there's no way this can [TS]

  go on in another week let alone another [TS]

  month talking about something different [TS]

  here but think back then if you're one [TS]

  of the burgers and Meister's like you [TS]

  just be going like there's no way this [TS]

  can continue this has got to be exposed [TS]

  as a fraud and blow up in a shower of [TS]

  sparks yeah yeah yeah right Oh or [TS]

  something awful is going to happen you [TS]

  know like it like people are going to [TS]

  die [TS]

  there's just no we we didn't prepare it [TS]

  was only because it was an era of [TS]

  greater civility that people didn't die [TS]

  because they you know there were 25 cops [TS]

  and all of a sudden there are 25,000 [TS]

  people there and they just didn't have [TS]

  the if the crowd had been unruly or less [TS]

  rouille [TS]

  you know they could have just stormed [TS]

  the storm the doors or whatever it was [TS]

  that you see all those scenes where [TS]

  there's like 10 bobbies holding hands [TS]

  with their hats getting knocked off and [TS]

  they're like you know no stay back [TS]

  but effect but that's effective right [TS]

  the ten bobbies holding their hands and [TS]

  the girls are like well we can't cross [TS]

  the police line right now you know it [TS]

  would have been I mean everyone would [TS]

  everyone would have would have been I [TS]

  mean it's astonishing to think no one [TS]

  was crushed to death and nobody was [TS]

  thinking about and improvised explosive [TS]

  device right no none of those Ku Klux [TS]

  Klan guys actually did ride in and ran [TS]

  burn the place to the ground [TS]

  and and you know and these four [TS]

  ding-a-lings are riding the crest of [TS]

  this wave and you know and it's so [TS]

  lovely to see that they did have each [TS]

  other in those in those years and they [TS]

  did have that sort of I I didn't know [TS]

  about thee about the fact that they had [TS]

  they decided internally that they were [TS]

  absolutely democratic and if one if one [TS]

  Beatle didn't want to do something then [TS]

  they wouldn't do it [TS]

  and I just thought that was that was a [TS]

  miracle I couldn't I I couldn't fathom [TS]

  that they actually made all the [TS]

  decisions that they made from 63 or 61 [TS]

  to to whenever you know that the [TS]

  decision to stop touring was just like [TS]

  George saying [TS]

  I can't do this anymore and they were [TS]

  all like right right sure [TS]

  done and that's like that's so lovely [TS]

  and considering like how fast that all [TS]

  fell apart and by two years later they [TS]

  couldn't stand to be in the room with [TS]

  each other but yeah imagine imagine [TS]

  having them it's all damming through [TS]

  this either bad you know right they're [TS]

  young they're in their early 20s they're [TS]

  they are very young their life is [TS]

  changing very very quickly and yeah I [TS]

  mean that's the thing is when you look [TS]

  at the stuff and you look at the the [TS]

  pictures in the movies and everything we [TS]

  feel you know we're so nerd toward [TS]

  toward those images but they were they [TS]

  were living that this was all new to [TS]

  them and they didn't know where was [TS]

  going to go either [TS]

  they basically it was understood the [TS]

  question they would get in almost every [TS]

  interview was okay so this is clearly [TS]

  this is gonna end soon what are you [TS]

  gonna do John and Paul would say well [TS]

  we'll probably be songwriters and it was [TS]

  generally I'm just quoting this book at [TS]

  this point Beatles 66 is the oh well you [TS]

  know for Ringo and George whatever money [TS]

  they end up with they should probably [TS]

  invest in business yeah obviously this [TS]

  this will be over with any day now and [TS]

  there are a couple of scenes in the [TS]

  movie where Paul's like well you know I [TS]

  think it'll last another six months and [TS]

  and he's in a rare instance you know [TS]

  being sincere they're not being snarky [TS]

  they're like yeah I know you know who it [TS]

  can't last right right like this is [TS]

  madness oh poor Beatles horrible this [TS]

  week so much so I was so the Beatle 66 [TS]

  thing highly recommended [TS]

  I had heard I just want to stipulate I [TS]

  really liked the band The Beatles um [TS]

  Sergeant Pepper on a good day is my [TS]

  fourth favorite Beatles album probably [TS]

  is like I would cite and the top ones [TS]

  change but Rubber Soul revolver white [TS]

  album Rubber Soul revolver white album [TS]

  are always going to be to me jockeying [TS]

  for top position and then you get down [TS]

  into like with the Beatles or Abbey Road [TS]

  but like you know surgeon peppers [TS]

  hasn't aged well - there's a lot of [TS]

  rubber sole is 51 years old and still [TS]

  sounds like they're inventing a new kind [TS]

  of music and obviously revolver I think [TS]

  is I don't know fight me it's the best [TS]

  album revolver is well I mean I've all I [TS]

  want to say is that its conventional [TS]

  wisdom I feel like this I don't know if [TS]

  it started with this but I I feel like [TS]

  the 25th anniversary whenever that was [TS]

  of twenty years because it was twenty [TS]

  years ago today so I guess that would be [TS]

  90s or 87 rather there's this whole like [TS]

  all you know Sergeant Pepper there would [TS]

  be no this and that without Sergeant [TS]

  Pepper and they were definitely know the [TS]

  Beach Boys and the Beatles were playing [TS]

  off each other at the apex and there [TS]

  would not be psychedelia there would not [TS]

  be multitrack like I it is I try to [TS]

  stipulate it's a good album and it's got [TS]

  some great songs it's a gestalt album no [TS]

  no I accept and understand the [TS]

  importance of Sergeant Pepper there are [TS]

  so many other albums I would put on [TS]

  first so I just wanted to just want to [TS]

  prepare you for my adulation here by [TS]

  saying that's my position on Sergeant [TS]

  Pepper would you like to share your [TS]

  position on Sergeant Pepper [TS]

  so I also AM ace my feeling has always [TS]

  been that Sergeant Pepper is a little [TS]

  bit of a mixed bag of fruit and there's [TS]

  a lot of stuff on there that yeah III [TS]

  don't go back to over and over obviously [TS]

  there are some great songs and obviously [TS]

  it's the Beatles and every song is great [TS]

  yeah well like do you come home from [TS]

  working at the bar and put put on for [TS]

  the benefit of mr. kite hmm typically no [TS]

  yeah but um and and you know in it and [TS]

  it foreshadowed a lot of the stuff on [TS]

  the White Album that is kind of like you [TS]

  know a little bit a little bit [TS]

  responding to what I imagine is what [TS]

  they think is the culture in you know in [TS]

  downtown London that I mean you know you [TS]

  those guys are still young guys and so [TS]

  I think sensitive to being called a [TS]

  you-know-what at the point at which the [TS]

  Beatles became an epithet that the cool [TS]

  art kids would use to describe something [TS]

  that was cheesy or for teens I think the [TS]

  Beatles themselves were really sensitive [TS]

  to that and and really a lot of the the [TS]

  exploratory nature of their later work [TS]

  was both driven by their own sort of [TS]

  desire to to be uh to not be static but [TS]

  also you know we can't know what it's [TS]

  like for them to go out to some club in [TS]

  London and have hipsters sneer at them [TS]

  it was in a really different culture and [TS]

  time the music the music magazines were [TS]

  very important back then and like [TS]

  anybody who's ever going to abandon [TS]

  England you get frustrated with the [TS]

  press because they got their own thing [TS]

  going on but unlike today where you [TS]

  might more easily be criticized for [TS]

  being unsophisticated back then it would [TS]

  just be article after article about how [TS]

  their days are up because they think [TS]

  they've forgotten how to make a catchy [TS]

  song and so they were trying all this [TS]

  like putting a sitar on stuff which they [TS]

  described as an Arabian guitar in the [TS]

  press like they they were the Beatles [TS]

  were two or three steps ahead of the [TS]

  entire mainstream in that way and the [TS]

  music was described I'm getting quoting [TS]

  this book I don't have in front of me [TS]

  but I remember very clearly their music [TS]

  was became described as dark starting [TS]

  around Rubber Soul although I think you [TS]

  really could uh [TS]

  Beatles for secretary feels resale is [TS]

  very dark yeah you can hear it and help [TS]

  oh god yes and like but they but they [TS]

  but dark considered dark in an industry [TS]

  where promoting good feelings is the [TS]

  stock-in-trade so it was considered like [TS]

  these guys have really lost the thread [TS]

  on what they're doing here well so [TS]

  there's that but there's also all those [TS]

  I mean you think about like the John [TS]

  Mayall & the Bluesbreakers or that that [TS]

  whole movement of events even the stones [TS]

  like there's so much cooler than the [TS]

  Beatles [TS]

  yeah just happening I get sixties in [TS]

  England where it was like you know oh [TS]

  we're not we're not making this like pop [TS]

  music we're playing the Blues we're [TS]

  serious white British dudes playing the [TS]

  blue [TS]

  and whatever else you know that they [TS]

  were under all that social pressure [TS]

  people doing avant-garde dance [TS]

  performances and whatnot and the Beatles [TS]

  are trying to be on the vanguard of [TS]

  everything because of who they are you [TS]

  know they want to be they don't want to [TS]

  I mean that was that that was what was [TS]

  so profound about that about Dylan at [TS]

  Royal Albert Hall and the effect that [TS]

  that had on John just that they went to [TS]

  see Dylan and you could hear a pin drop [TS]

  and John was like why don't people [TS]

  listen to us like that like that that [TS]

  feeling that he could get up there by [TS]

  himself and be so serious so respected [TS]

  so unimpeachable and I mean then again [TS]

  Dylan is another phenomenon where you go [TS]

  well there's never going to be another [TS]

  one of those I mean imagine imagine what [TS]

  it would be like to be somebody that [TS]

  that really was unimpeachable for for [TS]

  unimpeachable to all the people that you [TS]

  desperately as an artist want to be [TS]

  unimpeachable to that's the crazy thing [TS]

  I mean there were the plenty of critics [TS]

  of Dylan but all of the but none of the [TS]

  critics of Dylan were the people that [TS]

  Dylan cared about it would be almost [TS]

  like at a time when there were comic [TS]

  strips in the paper it would almost be [TS]

  like there was a comic strip that got [TS]

  really popular and then it got popular [TS]

  with your smart friends and pretty soon [TS]

  it was generally agreed to not only be [TS]

  the most important comic strip of all [TS]

  time but one of the great works of [TS]

  literature we be going how could how [TS]

  could a comic strip in the paper be one [TS]

  of the greatest pieces of literature [TS]

  that's antithetical these are pop groups [TS]

  these are pop that's the other thing the [TS]

  Beatles did not call themselves a rock [TS]

  band they called themselves a pop group [TS]

  they were a product in a lot of ways for [TS]

  the beginning of their career who would [TS]

  look at them we're doing like this guy [TS]

  what folk music is going to become this [TS]

  really important thing folk music come [TS]

  on this is 1961 guys break up right it's [TS]

  not 1935 and yes sorry ma kettle is not [TS]

  going to be on the charts and then there [TS]

  and there it is I as an artist as [TS]

  somebody working in this in this [TS]

  vernacular you know you you always want [TS]

  to be the you desperately want to be the [TS]

  band that not only that everybody loves [TS]

  but even more importantly that everybody [TS]

  respects and and you see you see artists [TS]

  throughout time that kind of come out [TS]

  with a thing people love it they respect [TS]

  it and then there's there's two ways you [TS]

  can go right you can be respected and [TS]

  then your popularity falls off or you [TS]

  can be popular and your respectability [TS]

  falls off but those few sorry it's so [TS]

  rare data to obtain and sustain both [TS]

  it's very unusual stay up on that Ridge [TS]

  and also step on that Ridge and seam and [TS]

  make it seem like it's effortless you [TS]

  know Dylan did everything he could to [TS]

  dislodge himself and all it did was put [TS]

  him put him back up there and and you [TS]

  know and you think about like the Eagles [TS]

  who were one of the most successful [TS]

  bands in history and desperately craved [TS]

  critical acknowledgement which they [TS]

  which you know the critics just denied [TS]

  them and you think about I mean even [TS]

  bands of our of our age the The Strokes [TS]

  that first strokes record like everybody [TS]

  loved it but they weren't able to [TS]

  maintain it they couldn't stay up there [TS]

  somehow they and I think it was you know [TS]

  it was a big big factor in Harvey [TS]

  dangers kind of Harvey danger was [TS]

  motivated by a desire to be respected by [TS]

  the music critics much more than they [TS]

  were by desire to be internationally [TS]

  famous and you know those those [TS]

  pressures really took their toll on [TS]

  those guys um and Death Cab for Cutie [TS]

  you know my my pals who have who have [TS]

  done this career where they I think [TS]

  worked very hard to get this to get on [TS]

  this particular Ridge that they're on [TS]

  which is that their critical appraisal [TS]

  and their fan and the passion of their [TS]

  fans has remained constant throughout [TS]

  their career always growing at a steady [TS]

  pace you know they've never [TS]

  made a record that the critic said this [TS]

  is the you know they've lost it they've [TS]

  never really lost their fans but they've [TS]

  never they've also never like hit the at [TS]

  the big time considering how long their [TS]

  career has gone like by this point and I [TS]

  mean the death caps been a band for 20 [TS]

  years um yeah I don't listen him to them [TS]

  for 18 years that means when I started [TS]

  listening to Death Cab for Cutie a baby [TS]

  born on that day would now be getting [TS]

  ready for college Yeah right [TS]

  I know exactly right or I mean if if if [TS]

  it was a par if you overlaid our EMS [TS]

  career onto Death Cab for Cutie's career [TS]

  we're into the 2000s in the REM canons [TS]

  right Wow [TS]

  so so Death Cab could have at any point [TS]

  along that way had a record that was [TS]

  their automatic for the people and they [TS]

  never have but by the same token they've [TS]

  never they've never like had a record [TS]

  where it was like well you've had a [TS]

  couple of million sellers and then the [TS]

  next one sold a hundred thousand copies [TS]

  well they don't have a den in self [TS]

  portrait yeah our Metal Machine music [TS]

  they never they never went crazy or been [TS]

  different version of Metal Machine music [TS]

  you know I know it you never you never [TS]

  know you never know what comes I can see [TS]

  Chris wallet and that maybe but for me [TS]

  you know the the the desire to be [TS]

  critically loved is so powerful even [TS]

  even if you sit with your friends and [TS]

  this is what all artists do they said [TS]

  make it wow they don't know anything but [TS]

  you know the critics are all black you [TS]

  know the shit-talking critics is number [TS]

  one thing you do on a Saturday afternoon [TS]

  with your musician friends but you also [TS]

  just want like I for some reason I don't [TS]

  know what happened I went and looked at [TS]

  pitchforks top albums of 2002 mm or mm [TS]

  yeah I don't know why why would you look [TS]

  at that that's a strange way I don't [TS]

  even occur to you to look at I know it [TS]

  was weird it's weird I'm going by what [TS]

  they thought about that year also create [TS]

  just looking I was just looking folks [TS]

  dreams I think and I just got isn't it's [TS]

  just checking out 2002 just look back [TS]

  then looking to see what and you know [TS]

  the number [TS]

  album pitchforks number one album of [TS]

  2002 was Interpol's turn on the bright [TS]

  lights love will tear us apart and you [TS]

  know and there were there were a lot of [TS]

  bands in the top 20 that that I don't [TS]

  think anybody's heard of since [TS]

  ml knows by the trail of dead [TS]

  oh yeah Arctic Snow Patrol monkeys its [TS]

  way up there sure [TS]

  sure the Arctic snow patrol monkeys were [TS]

  were there I get I get it maybe a Franz [TS]

  Ferdinand maybe you get a dog's die in [TS]

  hot cars what do you get I think maybe [TS]

  those even those came a year later okay [TS]

  um you know you get some shins you get [TS]

  some gonna be born on occurs but uh oh [TS]

  yeah that would be like a blown speakers [TS]

  era maybe New Pornographers pitchfork [TS]

  2002 elmo's or is they called them then [TS]

  LPS LPS 2002 LPS can't here we go songs [TS]

  Ohio songs Ohio that was a great record [TS]

  actually yep okay line from Sonic Youth [TS]

  mm-hmm yeah no oh then no twist I always [TS]

  forget the name of that band I like the [TS]

  new DOS list yeah kill the moonlight [TS]

  very good especially when you listen to [TS]

  it backwards that is a good good record [TS]

  girls can tell is better trail of dead [TS]

  bleeps and bloops Yankee Hotel Oh Yankee [TS]

  Hotel Foxtrot that was the one I really [TS]

  shook my fist at yeah really [TS]

  at the time you like the more tinsel [TS]

  ones well no I felt like that I felt [TS]

  like the long winters uh worst you can [TS]

  do is harm oh that's right you had that [TS]

  album come out around that time the [TS]

  worst you can do is harm ya just [TS]

  wouldn't believe me that that just wants [TS]

  in Italy coincidentally uh and if you [TS]

  know I felt like if you put a worse you [TS]

  can do is harm an Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [TS]

  side-by-side yeah you know there I mean [TS]

  I you know I'm probably the not the one [TS]

  to ask [TS]

  I really feel those I feel like the long [TS]

  winters uh record holds its own in that [TS]

  competition yeah but one of them was all [TS]

  anybody could talk about and the other [TS]

  one was not [TS]

  talked about the last trip but on here [TS]

  all covered by all music guide yeah paul [TS]

  music i did a nice guy was hard on the [TS]

  first one right they were yeah they [TS]

  didn't undertake no on it and and they [TS]

  were wrong you know but uh but you know [TS]

  a review like that goes out and it just [TS]

  hangs there for years he Travis Morrison [TS]

  yeah that's right [TS]

  um have you I realize in spring this on [TS]

  you late and I I'm thinking we should [TS]

  make this homework for the next episode [TS]

  have you had an opportunity to listen to [TS]

  the remix of Sergeant Pepper yet no I [TS]

  would like to if you don't have it I [TS]

  would like to gift you with that and if [TS]

  the stereo remix or a mono well that [TS]

  part is that part of the story George [TS]

  Martin in his later years was having a [TS]

  lot of trouble with his hearing and he [TS]

  brought in his son who has done lots of [TS]

  production stuff to be as he says his [TS]

  ears and they work together on love a [TS]

  long story short um uh shoot what's his [TS]

  name a Clive was George Martin's son's [TS]

  name I'm totally spaced um but a son [TS]

  Martin Martin Hannett um emmerich [TS]

  ethanol Masterson Tiger Woods Masterson [TS]

  marnik matches insider woods Wow you [TS]

  know what they did they went in Janet [TS]

  Janet Martin Janet Janet Martin Maher [TS]

  way mole shauna malwae-tweep [TS]

  Martin Martin and Martin on the tame [TS]

  they camels upon Martin bucket uh they [TS]

  went in and they got they got I guess [TS]

  they got the source tracks that became [TS]

  this is the pre bounced down what tracks [TS]

  I forget those alone I don't know cuz I [TS]

  can't believe no one ever thought to do [TS]

  this before now take all the original [TS]

  stuff no there's this what yeah what [TS]

  come on they got all of that stuff you [TS]

  trying to kid well no come on [TS]

  yeah and then they they remixed it with [TS]

  the idea of saying here's the problem [TS]

  you take something like a day in the [TS]

  life the the drum sounds at the [TS]

  beginning [TS]

  dan like don't bump bump like the mono [TS]

  version everything that blah blah blah [TS]

  good research beetles nerds preferences [TS]

  on stereo vs. mono the true story is [TS]

  that for most of the Beals career they [TS]

  were heavily involved with George Martin [TS]

  in the production of the mono but like [TS]

  increasingly they would go like man you [TS]

  just go do something for the stereo so [TS]

  they could be actually kind of different [TS]

  versions with different parts you hear [TS]

  different things and a lot of times the [TS]

  stereo was really just ring goes over [TS]

  here on the right Ringo Impala over here [TS]

  nobody else is over here is pretty [TS]

  simple and and there's for a long time [TS]

  but understanding that like boy you know [TS]

  essentially what they did was they said [TS]

  we want to make a 3d stereo sounding mix [TS]

  that's got the propulsion and fullness [TS]

  of the mono version and you're going to [TS]

  hear low-end like you have never heard [TS]

  before I don't wanna spoil it for you I [TS]

  would just I would like if you would [TS]

  please to consider and we will put this [TS]

  in the budget for the show so here's [TS]

  what you get you're gonna get you're [TS]

  gonna get this you're gonna get the new [TS]

  remixed Sergeant Pepper but that's not [TS]

  all but that's not all if you buy two [TS]

  and pay a separate fee huh you um it [TS]

  also includes whatever take they used of [TS]

  the base track unadorned hmm so you know [TS]

  you're gonna hear what it sounded like [TS]

  and you nerds have been able to get [TS]

  these in the various trucks and back [TS]

  corners for a while but I think that a [TS]

  lot of time on YouTube listening to this [TS]

  stuff if I can what I got I mean I went [TS]

  pretty deep into the like oh the MS FL [TS]

  AB it's kind of revolver and all these [TS]

  different versions and I had all the [TS]

  stereo in all the mono I'm just saying [TS]

  like once you sat down I on Saturday I [TS]

  listened to Sergeant Pepper probably for [TS]

  the first time my life I listened to [TS]

  Sergeant Pepper three times in one day [TS]

  can VIN I listen to the bass tracks and [TS]

  it's a new album and I'm gonna leave it [TS]

  at that would you consider doing this [TS]

  for homework yeah I will do this I'll do [TS]

  and then we'll come back next week and [TS]

  amongst our other topics we will talk [TS]

  about the 1967 album sergeant pepper's [TS]

  Lonely Hearts Club Band all right [TS]

  can't wait can't wait to can't wait to [TS]

  to dig into this because as you know I [TS]

  like the Beatles yeah me too [TS]

  I think I'm ready to reappraise this it [TS]

  sounds like The White Album in a good [TS]

  way if you think Liam tracks just [TS]

  floating around for the other albums [TS]

  good question the thing is it's sort of [TS]

  like John Syracuse's position on the New [TS]

  START Star Wars uh you know the updated [TS]

  editions [TS]

  it's like Empire Strikes Back is [TS]

  actually not very marred whereas the [TS]

  first Star Wars movie is just massacred [TS]

  I'm guessing that's what it's like I bet [TS]

  you know revolver sounds pretty great [TS]

  yeah but if they exist I will kick start [TS]

  the shit out of that get in there and do [TS]

  this for every one of these albums oh my [TS]

  god what is his name it feel terrible [TS]

  now but you want George Martin to be at [TS]

  the helm the day that George Martin [TS]

  isn't helming the thing then it just [TS]

  becomes Lyle's Martin and he's so [TS]

  specifically though yes he's going to [TS]

  keep in mind what his father would do [TS]

  but even more importantly he's going to [TS]

  ask the two living beatles and going to [TS]

  try to infer what the other Beatles [TS]

  would want its retrying to do it in the [TS]

  spirit of what they would want to deal [TS]

  with this ask the living Beatle ask the [TS]

  living Beatles I just wish that I wish [TS]

  that Paul was more trustworthy you you [TS]

  have not directly super directly [TS]

  addressed this you have some credibility [TS]

  issues with Paul McCartney [TS]

  sir sir sir mr. Lord Paul McCartney yes [TS]

  and will you you parse you parse hard on [TS]

  Anna McCartney quote I just yeah I just [TS]

  I'm just I'm hoping that Paul just [TS]

  hoping that Paul does the right thing [TS]

  here Paula at this point is probably [TS]

  overwritten a lot of the original tape [TS]

  in his mind that's what I'm worried [TS]

  about he might have done he might have [TS]

  done too many punches and like there's [TS]

  just stuff that he remembers a version [TS]

  of it that he started telling slightly [TS]

  differently in 1972 and he's kind of [TS]

  operating off of that broken bit of tape [TS]

  yeah I'm just I'm just afraid that it's [TS]

  you know I mean what was his thing where [TS]

  he was like I don't see what's not cool [TS]

  McCartney linen Oh Lucy knew for the [TS]

  Bob's your uncle [TS]

  please I know and actually the credits [TS]

  that has been that has been corrected [TS]

  what it's now McCartney Lennon some-some [TS]

  that basically a credit has [TS]

  a portion based on contribution and I'm [TS]

  trying to remember I don't have the hard [TS]

  copy I've got the streaming version on [TS]

  Apple music but yeah yes Moseley is [TS]

  actually good for Giles Martin good [TS]

  Giles Giles you know it's good for Giles [TS]

  everybody's got to earn a living [TS]

  mmm-hmm that's what they say yeah John's [TS]

  Martin's 47 there's a 47 year old guy [TS]

  producing Beatles albums now mr. presser [TS]

  that's it the junker than you write just [TS]

  barely just barely yeah so I let them [TS]

  pick me [TS]