The Incomparable

167: Space Wizard Musical


  the Intolerable number 167 November's [TS]

  welcome back to being comfortable [TS]

  podcast I'm your host Jason snow and [TS]

  this is our second edition of our old [TS]

  movie clip we travel back in time and [TS]

  laundry and watch movies that are very [TS]

  old in this case 61 years old and that [TS]

  we may or may not have seen before i had [TS]

  seen none of these movies they're all [TS]

  from 1952 they were selected by our old [TS]

  movie so Mellie a fill-up Michaels who [TS]

  is here with me now hi Phil hello [TS]

  I let me introduce our panel before we [TS]

  get to these three movies [TS]

  yes it's an epic it's an epic cast [TS]

  almost like a Selby didn't film it's [TS]

  practically a sensibility milk [TS]

  production [TS]

  I can't wait to see who the killer clown [TS]

  is it's probably Steve let's hi Steve it [TS]

  biggity Jason always dignity [TS]

  uh you heard the laughter of Lisa [TS]

  speiser there hi Lisa [TS]

  hi it's a pleasure to be here good to [TS]

  have you here David lower is also here [TS]

  hi David hi this is like a clown car you [TS]

  just panelists keep coming out this is [TS]

  great [TS]

  mahdi ash we also joins us haimanti draw [TS]

  partner haha theres another movie [TS]

  there's another movie good reference and [TS]

  Erica and sinus back on the podcast hi [TS]

  Erica [TS]

  hello welcome back thank you [TS]

  so okay Phil tell me your your-your-your [TS]

  you suggested this premise it's all [TS]

  based on the Academy Awards of 1952 can [TS]

  you explain a little bit about what we [TS]

  did I want to take you back in time to [TS]

  see you're not not all the way back to [TS]

  nineteen fifty-two now let's let's just [TS]

  go back to the nineteen eighties when I [TS]

  was a little kid and well medium-sized [TS]

  alright and getting into movies and [TS]

  thank you know i'm going to learn all [TS]

  that I can about movies and I'm gonna do [TS]

  it by watching the very best movies I [TS]

  can obviously the very best movies are [TS]

  the ones that when the best picture [TS]

  oscar course and one Sunday afternoon I [TS]

  think channel to up in the bay area was [TS]

  showing the greatest show on earth and [TS]

  so I decided to sit down and and and [TS]

  watch this epic sprawling sesame the [TS]

  middle story of loves and life's lost on [TS]

  the circus [TS]

  five hours later with commercials five [TS]

  hours later in fact I believe they [TS]

  actually broken up into two consecutive [TS]

  weekends is how long aired on commercial [TS]

  TV and I got it through and I that was [TS]

  when sort of the scales fall off the [TS]

  eyes and you realize you know maybe [TS]

  films that may be the best picture [TS]

  doesn't always win the best picture [TS]

  award and over the years I've seen other [TS]

  movies that that came out that year and [TS]

  you know you get your years like crash [TS]

  winning the the best picture that's [TS]

  often cited as the most recent example [TS]

  and who knows if the movies that came [TS]

  out that you will stand the test of time [TS]

  like a brokeback mountain or for capote [TS]

  i think was nominated that year but we [TS]

  we do have a pretty good track record of [TS]

  1952 where the movies sort of fit in the [TS]

  pantheon there and other movies that [TS]

  came out that you're included two that [TS]

  were what that we watch this part of [TS]

  this exercise [TS]

  singing in the rain quite possibly the [TS]

  the greatest musical ever made i would [TS]

  argue and high noon which is certainly [TS]

  one of the iconic westerns and actually [TS]

  a movie with something to say about the [TS]

  human condition and the Academy looked [TS]

  at both those movies didn't even [TS]

  nominate singing in the rain and said [TS]

  hey let's get to the circus movie and so [TS]

  so here we are now having this [TS]

  discussion in 2013 [TS]

  alright so we watch singing in the rain [TS]

  high noon and the greatest show on earth [TS]

  some of us watching I made that sort of [TS]

  optional because I didn't want to be I [TS]

  don't want people to hate me [TS]

  basic you're not cruel yeah I brought it [TS]

  on yourself you need to block out a good [TS]

  chunk of your evening to watch the [TS]

  Creator show hundred because it is it it [TS]

  feels like it's a thousand years long [TS]

  it's only 800 the life I had to break it [TS]

  up over two nights [TS]

  yeah I didn't hack it got to the first [TS]

  musical number and I said that's enough [TS]

  for now [TS]

  it took me three days to get through it [TS]

  i gotta say but we gotta remember the [TS]

  greatest show on earth is just it is [TS]

  just a title not a description which [TS]

  they were on earth [TS]

  yeah it was worth it that way to show [TS]

  their children [TS]

  it wasn't freaking mean large that it [TS]

  would convene a few things I guess yes [TS]

  exactly let's just look at great as [TS]

  meaning large in the sense the largest [TS]

  show [TS]

  that was the longest of the three films [TS]

  that we watched that was the greatest [TS]

  and links for shy for you could fit like [TS]

  three high Noons into that it's alright [TS]

  it's more description of volume that [TS]

  high 2pm hi 430 yeah that would that be [TS]

  exactly right it would have been the [TS]

  high 3 325 actually be low side 420 all [TS]

  right we should start with we're going [TS]

  to start with the from the outside going [TS]

  in for the Oscars which means we're [TS]

  going to start with singing in the rain [TS]

  which is generally regarded i think is a [TS]

  movie classic and it was not even [TS]

  nominated for best picture this is a [TS]

  film actually directed by Gene Kelly and [TS]

  co-directed yeah so directed and Stanley [TS]

  Donen yeah [TS]

  mhm I and starring of course Gene Kelly [TS]

  a musical comedy Hollywood oriented a [TS]

  lot of songs lots of dancing it set it [TS]

  said in the nineteen-twenties just as [TS]

  the movies are going from the silent [TS]

  film era to the talkies it's it's it's a [TS]

  big vibrant let's put on a show type [TS]

  picture the origin story on of singing [TS]

  in the rain is i believe the studio but [TS]

  a whole catalog of songs and and [TS]

  basically said let's make let's tie [TS]

  together a movie based on these based on [TS]

  these songs which have really nothing to [TS]

  do with each other when they haven't had [TS]

  a guy named freed or something right who [TS]

  Arthur Arthur freed wasn't sure if the [TS]

  mirrors and division of that those are [TS]

  all his songs [TS]

  yes right those and i think most of the [TS]

  most of the songs in this film had been [TS]

  used several times already before this [TS]

  film never came out so it's like a chick [TS]

  body and musical in a way especially I [TS]

  not to get ahead of ourselves but [TS]

  especially towards the end where there's [TS]

  that moment of like oh and then we'll do [TS]

  a scene that set in the present day and [TS]

  it'll be like this and then there's a [TS]

  random musical number that just [TS]

  interminable is really yes [TS]

  so that is the obligatory in every gene [TS]

  kelly movie there's there's a scene [TS]

  where he discussed i'm going to dance [TS]

  now select a Broadway [TS]

  the good news is you can get up and go [TS]

  get a snack or go to the bathroom to [TS]

  clean something and you can come back [TS]

  and you've just got the end of it you [TS]

  feel super productive i think i think is [TS]

  that the one where where it ends with [TS]

  the they cut back to the producer and [TS]

  he's like well I can't picture it can't [TS]

  quite yeah yeah that was good that was [TS]

  good that was a good joke I i was so i'm [TS]

  not a big i'm not a big dance aficionado [TS]

  i'm just going to admit that and I know [TS]

  that that there are some people on this [TS]

  podcast know Erica enjoys dance stuff [TS]

  and I ate like I feel like dancing [TS]

  illiterate it's just I don't get it [TS]

  it's not that I hated I just don't [TS]

  understand it I didn't I did notice [TS]

  because my wife likes musicals and in [TS]

  advanced stuff and she was pointing out [TS]

  how hard it was because they had to do [TS]

  all the like fully of the tap dancing [TS]

  and and and i totally broke the spell by [TS]

  saying well you know you can tell [TS]

  because there's this most famous dancing [TS]

  maybe in film history where he's out in [TS]

  the rain and and I'm i am totally taken [TS]

  out of it by the fact that the tap [TS]

  sounds don't match where his feet are [TS]

  which means i'm a horrible human being [TS]

  and I'd like to apologize to get out [TS]

  right now [TS]

  that is correct also the tapping off the [TS]

  podcast which i understand it doesn't if [TS]

  you're actually trying to tap-dance in [TS]

  giant bubbles like he was [TS]

  oh yes either you now since so there [TS]

  I've said I've had my say so Jason what [TS]

  does it feel like to have no soul yeah [TS]

  and what do you put the mission is to be [TS]

  reduced or comic books there is what I [TS]

  actually really enjoyed this movie [TS]

  because although like i said i'm sort of [TS]

  dance illiterate I thought it was funny [TS]

  and light i love the idea that we are [TS]

  its people processing that the [TS]

  transition to the talkies and of course [TS]

  you get was Lina Lamont yes who is doing [TS]

  great the great chain Hagen all she's [TS]

  fantastic glamorous glamorous stars of [TS]

  the screen until you she opens her mouth [TS]

  and you discover that [TS]

  yeah so uh you know really funny [TS]

  uh so I I even although i have no soul [TS]

  and cannot appreciate the sheer joy of [TS]

  gene Kelly's dancing I actually I I [TS]

  really I i was entered I was very [TS]

  entertained by this movie and I thought [TS]

  that there were lots of funny funny bits [TS]

  and you know you look at movies at 61 [TS]

  years old and you don't expect it to [TS]

  have a meeting with the fact that there [TS]

  was a Hollywood satire aspect to this it [TS]

  was you know a little more modern than i [TS]

  would I was going to give it credit for [TS]

  i guess i would say one of the things [TS]

  that I I I kind of pick up on over the [TS]

  years and maybe I'm seeing things that [TS]

  aren't there [TS]

  there's a real you can kind of spot the [TS]

  influence this film might have had on [TS]

  someone like the Coen brothers because [TS]

  there are just the shots of these kinds [TS]

  of grotesque background people that that [TS]

  pop up like at the the movie premiere [TS]

  and though the party at the producers [TS]

  house and it [TS]

  where where is people just pop onto the [TS]

  screen for kind of comic effect and [TS]

  feels like early coen brothers in that [TS]

  way there's there's use of a lot of a [TS]

  zoom shots and and I I kind of wonder [TS]

  how much influence that had on them [TS]

  early on maybe none whatsoever but it's [TS]

  something that I've always kinda [TS]

  appreciated about singing in the rain [TS]

  yeah I've never seen this before either [TS]

  and in fact I've never actually seen a [TS]

  gene kelly film before they're not all [TS]

  like this [TS]

  no no God no back in fact I thought that [TS]

  I thought Fred Astaire was in this [TS]

  originally before i turn it on [TS]

  no no friends Jael nightmare diamond [TS]

  answer guy yeah yeah Fred Astaire I've [TS]

  never really cotton to Fred Astaire [TS]

  movies but I I enjoy watching Gene Kelly [TS]

  features in my name is pretty [TS]

  prominently whereas I'm the opposite [TS]

  see the thing is Fred Astaire so [TS]

  disturbingly boneless that it's all its [TS]

  supernatural not know not in a good way [TS]

  it's kind of a also one killed a dancer [TS]

  and buried in a pet cemetery now let's [TS]

  come back find away it's like Slenderman [TS]

  the musical and what this is exciting [TS]

  people who like dancing disagree about [TS]

  dancers fight fight it out dance it out [TS]

  there's much more artistic dancers Gene [TS]

  Kelly is a very physical dancer [TS]

  well that's good i was impressed with is [TS]

  he's just show started [TS]

  he's very is staccato and precise [TS]

  whereas Fred Astaire is more fluid and I [TS]

  prefer sort of the more fluid kind of a [TS]

  dancer and I like it looks more relaxed [TS]

  whereas Gene Kelly looks like he's [TS]

  working for it and he's excellent [TS]

  it's fun i think of West Side Story [TS]

  style rumbles about to break out here [TS]

  I've seen that I've seen that this movie [TS]

  maybe want to go back in time to take [TS]

  the branch where I become a dancer [TS]

  actually it was so impressed with the [TS]

  dancing and the Donald O'Connor is [TS]

  diagnosed as well [TS]

  oh yeah walks away with this movie in my [TS]

  opinion in fact his facial expressions [TS]

  are enough to sell me on the movies he's [TS]

  utterly fantastic but yeah gene kelly [TS]

  kind of blew me away i was surprised [TS]

  that the counters dance for make him [TS]

  laugh is amazing because he put so much [TS]

  energy to it is practically all in one [TS]

  shot and then you go on the internet [TS]

  find out who's smoking four packs of [TS]

  cigarettes a day and had to be [TS]

  hospitalized after that didn't have to [TS]

  do it twice because the camera had a [TS]

  malfunction and so he probably had yeah [TS]

  you do produce that he had to perform [TS]

  that whole punishing sequence twice and [TS]

  make it look like it was nothing [TS]

  and I like the the Blythe witty element [TS]

  that he brings to the film it's a smart [TS]

  film and there's a lot of women back and [TS]

  forth to it but I i think that O'Connor [TS]

  nicely undercuts the treacle that [TS]

  develops between the gene kelly and [TS]

  Debra Debra Reynolds characters [TS]

  temporary extension very formal the show [TS]

  is going to properly i haven't been [TS]

  properly introduced do you happen to [TS]

  know princess Leia's mom had no idea [TS]

  that Debbie Reynolds was ever so cute [TS]

  oh yeah social button in this movie [TS]

  whatever she never stopped being cute [TS]

  what are you talking about she's the [TS]

  jennifer aniston of the nineteen fifties [TS]

  and like several different although she [TS]

  has absolutely no chemistry with Gene [TS]

  Kelly whatsoever not out all they did [TS]

  not get along apparently on the set the [TS]

  King James Kelly was a difficult person [TS]

  to work with and for Biola can't don't [TS]

  you understand he made fun of her lack [TS]

  of dancing skill [TS]

  yeah everybody in this movie was [TS]

  miserable the whole time but you can't [TS]

  tell at all from the movie everybody's [TS]

  smiling and cheerful and dancing their [TS]

  little hearts out [TS]

  yeah it's called acting if the smiles [TS]

  are almost too big that we almost too [TS]

  much i think it's a little like like yes [TS]

  I'm happy because i have to be I think [TS]

  they're a little bit i think it's your [TS]

  paper reality of the whole because the [TS]

  fashions are so vivid the dialogue is so [TS]

  stylized the colors are so saturated I [TS]

  think the whole point of the movie was a [TS]

  little bit of high [TS]

  a reality where because you're dealing [TS]

  with something as filled with hyperbolas [TS]

  the entertainment industry you have an [TS]

  aesthetic that matches the outside sense [TS]

  of reality and the slight untethering [TS]

  from from the aesthetic that we have an [TS]

  everyday life and and I think that's why [TS]

  it holds up on as opposed to other [TS]

  musicals yes i was jumping back to the [TS]

  dancing for a second Jason it's [TS]

  interesting that you [TS]

  you mentioned that you know that I like [TS]

  dancing because i believe i mentioned [TS]

  that when we were talking about the [TS]

  matrix yes video and one of the reasons [TS]

  i was talking about it then is because i [TS]

  was saying that i'm not a huge fan of [TS]

  action sequences but I like dance [TS]

  sequences and then somebody went on to [TS]

  point out that action sequences that [TS]

  don't have any that aren't furthering [TS]

  the plot are the ones that are the most [TS]

  boring and I actually feel that way [TS]

  about dance sequences if there's a bit [TS]

  if it's just dancing for the sake of [TS]

  dancing I get bored and there's a lot of [TS]

  that in this movie which is why is it's [TS]

  not my favorite musical [TS]

  how dare you whiteboards fighter yes i [TS]

  think probably my favorite would be top [TS]

  hat i think i think that's more like it [TS]

  more because i like the plot of top hat [TS]

  it's paper thin but what it is [TS]

  yeah you could get my God we're getting [TS]

  into musical snobbery ya up all these [TS]

  are actually going i'm here for comics [TS]

  and sci fi I don't understand what's [TS]

  happening oh I don't know what's going [TS]

  on i'm going to start with the [TS]

  stormtroopers begin dancing because i'm [TS]

  really confused i would watch them movie [TS]

  i quite like singin in the rain is just [TS]

  it i don't love it i have a weird [TS]

  ambivalence to it because there are bits [TS]

  and pieces of it that i just adore and [TS]

  then there are the parts where i do look [TS]

  at what you said we don't want to get up [TS]

  to go clean the house instead [TS]

  oh my god Lu come join me we will rule [TS]

  the universe together but first we dad [TS]

  that there was the Flash Gordon from [TS]

  1980 what I like about singing in the [TS]

  rain the most is that it's actually [TS]

  about one of my favorite areas in movie [TS]

  history which is right after they [TS]

  started having sound they knew they had [TS]

  to have musicals but they didn't have [TS]

  any idea what movie musical should be [TS]

  like yeah see we had like the broadway [TS]

  melody movies which are just ziegfeld [TS]

  follies and what yeah it's just a [TS]

  cavalcade of people's terrible [TS]

  vaudeville acts and then you suddenly [TS]

  had Busby Berkeley making a leica [TS]

  footlight parade with James Cagney [TS]

  which just allegedly it's about somebody [TS]

  who puts on stage shows that go in front [TS]

  of movie screens while they're changing [TS]

  the movie over but then when they start [TS]

  all the sudden it takes up like three [TS]

  football fields and there's waterfalls [TS]

  and stuff missing it lasted on fire and [TS]

  spangled ingrained what's when the the [TS]

  opening of Temple of Doom where they do [TS]

  anything goes in Mandarin and and that's [TS]

  a real really nice tribute to that kind [TS]

  of thing where you have this really [TS]

  simple stage show in a club that all of [TS]

  a sudden the camera zooms in and you've [TS]

  got you know all these fields worth of [TS]

  space where they have all the fabric [TS]

  that they're flying around and that I [TS]

  mean that's my favorite part of Temple [TS]

  of Doom you but it won't release his [TS]

  mind [TS]

  I don't remember this way to bring it [TS]

  back to a movie I've seen David you know [TS]

  I'm here for you [TS]

  I don't remember I don't remember this I [TS]

  I now have to go watching HSN just [TS]

  judges have watched the first 15 minutes [TS]

  you know what Stan Aykroyd shows up you [TS]

  can physically get off [TS]

  yeah your wkn a crisis i haven't seen [TS]

  this since it wasn't the theater who [TS]

  think it clearly made an indelible [TS]

  impression of pointless mother today I [TS]

  remember being very very angry that that [TS]

  was the film that her daughter was [TS]

  family winter season with musical number [TS]

  up eating and quickly descends into [TS]

  eating monkey brains much like any [TS]

  friends here his greatest works well are [TS]

  you saying it's good until shortround [TS]

  shows up oh no it's but it'sit's great [TS]

  until they land in India that's when it [TS]

  falls apart without you [TS]

  ok so you're including the rubber raft [TS]

  flying through the air [TS]

  no no when they jump out of the plane [TS]

  that's yeah jump out of the plane really [TS]

  you know if it's worth be catching up on [TS]

  the Indiana Jones wants the first 51 [TS]

  making of your families so that is like [TS]

  singing Lorraine Temple of Doom was also [TS]

  not nominated for an Oscar nothing have [TS]

  two very similar good time together so [TS]

  let's talk about this real fast at the [TS]

  the whole Oscar element here [TS]

  alright yeah what what is the cause I [TS]

  frankly don't give two craps about Oscar [TS]

  most of the time for sure hot cast what [TS]

  is the record for musicals as far as [TS]

  being nominated or or winning best [TS]

  quickly they do pretty [TS]

  well in fact yeah the year before [TS]

  singing in the rain a gene kelly musical [TS]

  an American in Paris won best picture [TS]

  really know did that win best picture [TS]

  good lord Oscar what you see [TS]

  yeah I I that's pretty much the same [TS]

  time so it could very well have just [TS]

  been Kelly one last year so let's skip [TS]

  over this year and Chicago one recently [TS]

  took John recently in the 1960s you [TS]

  would think the 1960s would be this wild [TS]

  experimental time for the movies but [TS]

  Oliver and hello dolly I think my one [TS]

  day they talk about higher lady [TS]

  well they talk about how hello dolly [TS]

  gonna list a claim it was showing how [TS]

  out-of-touch the Academy was with the [TS]

  forces that were overtaking filmmaking [TS]

  right [TS]

  hello dolly and Barbra Streisand are [TS]

  pretty much used as your haha the [TS]

  Academy doesn't get it and at the time [TS]

  you know American Paris was seen as this [TS]

  you know really great gene kelly film [TS]

  and it had the huge ballet sequence and [TS]

  then he comes back with this spoof of [TS]

  Hollywood [TS]

  yeah it was it was seen as a very [TS]

  lightweight film in 1952 yeah well it is [TS]

  it and it is [TS]

  yeah infection but there's nothing wrong [TS]

  with that because it's really well-made [TS]

  yeah it's a really nice confection like [TS]

  this movie we have a rear about circuses [TS]

  yeah god no it's not an infection that [TS]

  is that is like that's like a TGI [TS]

  Fridays like cookie skillet sunday with [TS]

  five scoops that's like having a whole [TS]

  wedding cake jammed down your gullet the [TS]

  toilet plunger I saw situations in the [TS]

  in the creditors like oh well I wonder [TS]

  what part she'll play and the answer is [TS]

  i drop into dance scene all she's the [TS]

  legs i enjoyed the i believe i turned to [TS]

  Lauren and said I'm sure that's exactly [TS]

  how the Hollywood story meetings go when [TS]

  they're like hey let's let's add a plot [TS]

  here it is little called the dancing [TS]

  cavalier it's like in in like two [TS]

  minutes they come up with this whole [TS]

  asinine modification for this the silent [TS]

  film to turn it into a into a talkie [TS]

  I've gotta to DVD set of like a hundred [TS]

  musicals some of which are only 40 [TS]

  minutes long [TS]

  that's like a pretty much certainly how [TS]

  they made those movies [TS]

  yeah it well it's like they will patton [TS]

  oswalt routine about dr. Scott's about [TS]

  how he's brought in to do script [TS]

  doctoring work on animated movies and [TS]

  they put a lot of terrible jokes in the [TS]

  background too [TS]

  mask the fact that nothing interesting [TS]

  is happening on the screen and that's [TS]

  that's kind of your your 1920's 1930's [TS]

  musical planning in a nutshell [TS]

  so in the famous singing in the rain [TS]

  seen one of the things I liked about it [TS]

  is at the end i love I've actually love [TS]

  that he's dipping his feet in the water [TS]

  in the deep water by the by the gutter i [TS]

  think that's pretty cool and i love that [TS]

  it ends with with the cop and he's like [TS]

  oh I've been dancing in the street like [TS]

  a crazy person and a cop has noticed did [TS]

  nothing to see here I'm just gonna [TS]

  continue my walking now and here you [TS]

  here sir enjoy this umbrella i like that [TS]

  touch [TS]

  yeah that's it I'm done left how that [TS]

  scene like many of the Dancing's is done [TS]

  in a wide shot that's held continuously [TS]

  so you can actually see the person [TS]

  dancing and what they're doing [TS]

  I mention that because i saw battle of [TS]

  the year recently which is a dance movie [TS]

  where you can see no dancing [TS]

  let's that's awful people jumping around [TS]

  it's all people starting to do a [TS]

  backflip and they cut to a different [TS]

  angle and somebody else starts to do a [TS]

  backflip and you continue that for five [TS]

  minutes and they say that's a damn you [TS]

  you just doing gymnastics except that [TS]

  all you do is you show the girl with the [TS]

  ponytails sprinting down and jumping on [TS]

  a springboard and then you show them [TS]

  losing the landing you do that because [TS]

  you're making a dance scene where no one [TS]

  can actually dance whereas when you [TS]

  ought at gene kelly and a dozen other [TS]

  people can dance I've seen them do it [TS]

  they can at least do backflips you don't [TS]

  get to see all of those are just the [TS]

  same thing is dancing though it is now [TS]

  alright let's step away from old-time [TS]

  movies for just a second and talk about [TS]

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  you very much once again to our good [TS]

  friends at hostgator for sponsoring the [TS]

  incomparable I have a question for you [TS]

  musical historians out there [TS]

  yeah what percentage of early musicals [TS]

  are about making a musical for like [TS]

  sixty to ninety five percent roughly the [TS]

  first five or six years practically all [TS]

  of them certainly all the broadway [TS]

  melody and big broadcast movies are i [TS]

  want to say that Oklahoma was kind of [TS]

  unique in the fact that it was actually [TS]

  a musical that was that told a story [TS]

  that wasn't innately about putting on a [TS]

  show but i might be wrong on the time in [TS]

  there even the ones that aren't innately [TS]

  about putting on a show are often and [TS]

  have that sort of like thrown in there [TS]

  like top hat it's not about putting on a [TS]

  show but there's a bit of that in there [TS]

  even like the sound of music that's not [TS]

  about putting on a show but they sure [TS]

  put our show yeah right i think Oklahoma [TS]

  is considered to be important because [TS]

  the first one where the songs are [TS]

  actually advancing the plot and so we [TS]

  have somebody stops sings and then three [TS]

  minutes later picks up their [TS]

  conversation where I assume they were [TS]

  Broadway musicals before this is it that [TS]

  certainly can't have been a new [TS]

  innovation for musicals in general while [TS]

  you're all the way back to nineteen [TS]

  twenties and back then as far as i can [TS]

  tell from [TS]

  reading PG Wodehouse musicals back then [TS]

  they were very much like reviewed by [TS]

  media and they bring out the girls and [TS]

  then you keep the girls there cause [TS]

  that's all anyone wanted the kind of [TS]

  stuff that plays an oatmeal Nebraska [TS]

  yeah right you want you to be able to [TS]

  dip things in and out and go okay this [TS]

  doesn't work at all let's put in a [TS]

  different song and it was it wasn't in [TS]

  the early thirties when they started to [TS]

  say okay let's there's there's a shape [TS]

  of a story to the show and you know like [TS]

  now with anything goes the actual [TS]

  musical Cole Porter was sick and tired [TS]

  of people coming late to his shows [TS]

  because that was the fashionable thing [TS]

  so we'll come five or ten minutes late [TS]

  so he knew that I get a kick out of you [TS]

  is going to be the hit from the show and [TS]

  he said that's the first song in the [TS]

  show and so all his friends came 15 [TS]

  minutes late the next morning everyone [TS]

  is talking about this great songs are [TS]

  like what song was that we didn't hear [TS]

  that song what's that hold that and then [TS]

  and then you know current and [TS]

  Hammerstein and Rodgers and Hart started [TS]

  to make story and then you know from [TS]

  their kind of went on and then when [TS]

  Rodgers and Hammerstein got together [TS]

  then they said hey we can make a story [TS]

  that doesn't actually involve show [TS]

  people putting on a show [TS]

  I like this the fact that it had to be a [TS]

  paradigm buster is is is kind of sad [TS]

  yeah well the meat the musical is such a [TS]

  strange onra and I say that as a fan of [TS]

  music gasps where where you're just sort [TS]

  of walking down the street and then [TS]

  suddenly you to do I fear and I throw do [TS]

  it just grew out of oven music hall [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah I actually headed to drag [TS]

  my spouse kicking and screaming to watch [TS]

  this with me he hates musicals for that [TS]

  very reason he doesn't understand he can [TS]

  he can totally get behind some space [TS]

  wizard fighting another space wizard [TS]

  with a sword made out of light but you [TS]

  can't handle somebody's stopping in the [TS]

  middle of the street and suddenly [TS]

  singing a song [TS]

  are these filthy revolutionary singing [TS]

  about to France great Ally every time a [TS]

  song came on i had to be like see it's [TS]

  diegetic they're actually singing that [TS]

  song there's a reason for it and then [TS]

  there were a couple of numbers where it [TS]

  was like I got nothing i'm sorry they're [TS]

  just paying for no reason and and how [TS]

  did the Albatross ultimately enjoy [TS]

  singing in the rain actually in this [TS]

  case I think he lifted it up because he [TS]

  had a lot of fun looking at the just the [TS]

  filming techniques and the fact that [TS]

  when you'd be the camera would move from [TS]

  one room to the other you see the edge [TS]

  of the wall and this that if you said [TS]

  yeah fascinated by that he complained [TS]

  about the badly time fully and the dance [TS]

  numbers he actually did mention the flat [TS]

  all right oh yeah yeah you're right also [TS]

  not enough space wizard related musicals [TS]

  by the way in hell Hollywood hello don't [TS]

  give them ideas [TS]

  Oh God so I i was inoculated a with the [TS]

  King and I at a young age because that [TS]

  was my mother's favorite movie and and [TS]

  then I remember seeing that prevents [TS]

  mom's right yeah it does it does and [TS]

  others but not for the king he doesn't [TS]

  even it's very cute guys [TS]

  yeah really support horn yeah where's [TS]

  the cake and I know this is your brother [TS]

  I die at the end of the king and i [TS]

  please do not smoke off my daughter [TS]

  yeah yeah anyway is why I saw that and [TS]

  then west side story obviously when I [TS]

  was probably 14 or something like that [TS]

  and and then so I get it I I don't find [TS]

  it as maybe as totally nuts as a as [TS]

  Erica's husband does but I I it's not my [TS]

  favorite genre but i like so I mean what [TS]

  I'm saying is hey I like singing in the [TS]

  rain especially then later I watched [TS]

  other movies made this year huh and I [TS]

  really like singing in the rain and [TS]

  wished i could watch it again and again [TS]

  instead of other movies but you know [TS]

  that much more likely referring to [TS]

  well he certainly isn't referring to [TS]

  high noon no no which was nominated for [TS]

  a there was too much singing in high [TS]

  noon know as far as I'm yeah well yeah [TS]

  that's actually my my least favorite [TS]

  part about High Noon is focus on [TS]

  Freddie's yeah continuously it that's my [TS]

  favorite part of the Mad Magazine parody [TS]

  of high new not for shake Muriel mod or [TS]

  we could only afford one song you think [TS]

  there's a lot of zipper in the third man [TS]

  oh but there is no that texture that I [TS]

  like how that texture song sets the mood [TS]

  and then it never stops playing which is [TS]

  kind of crazy like I said ever it [TS]

  actually did remind me of the relentless [TS]

  scissoring of the third band where it's [TS]

  like we got we're gonna go with this is [TS]

  it [TS]

  music yes let's do that here it's like [TS]

  hey Tex Ritter he's great play it it's [TS]

  like fight the power [TS]

  yeah I did me actually of I've never [TS]

  seen I've never actually seen the doctor [TS]

  who cereal the gunfighters but from [TS]

  everything I've heard about it the last [TS]

  chance saloon if the song that plays [TS]

  over and over again in that story it it [TS]

  seems like it must have been that same [TS]

  experience because people say they hate [TS]

  that sign from hearing it so many times [TS]

  I was like I finally know how they feel [TS]

  we've got we've got one song we do you [TS]

  want us to do play the song initially [TS]

  that some kind of bug me but after a [TS]

  while it was actually serving to sort of [TS]

  ratchet up the tension wraps it around [TS]

  yeah i think it's the Stockholm Syndrome [TS]

  kind of spoilery that really i like to [TS]

  imagine the text later played [TS]

  continuously throughout the movie like [TS]

  he's just off off the off-camera just [TS]

  put keep singing text [TS]

  yeah so okay so high noon AKA one hell [TS]

  of a crappy day for will Kane yeah just [TS]

  what i would call it [TS]

  yeah yeah so so the he's it's and it's [TS]

  and it's is his wedding day it's [TS]

  supposed to be a good day and he's [TS]

  retiring isn't town marshal he's leaving [TS]

  new marshals coming tomorrow you can [TS]

  tell how excited he is with that kissy [TS]

  plants on his new wife to it is [TS]

  passionate Grace Kelly I yeah but the [TS]

  bad guys are coming on the noon train [TS]

  and when they get there they're gonna [TS]

  come and find the old Marshall and [TS]

  they're gonna they're gonna take the [TS]

  revenge [TS]

  that's right and and the movie is [TS]

  essentially told in more or less real [TS]

  time as the clock [TS]

  oh by the way this town is a town where [TS]

  there are lots of clocks visible and [TS]

  lots of Cour at all times [TS]

  yes and and that woman that's the that's [TS]

  the very cool thing about about this [TS]

  movie is that it's it's it's sort of [TS]

  setup as the standard Western and it [TS]

  turns out the bulk of the running time [TS]

  is him trying to put together a posse to [TS]

  fight these bad guys we're going to [TS]

  cover the town and kill him and the the [TS]

  people of the town or unmoved and [TS]

  they're like well thanks for imposing [TS]

  order and making sure that we were safe [TS]

  but you're on your own now we got two [TS]

  things in this town clocks and Tex [TS]

  Ritter but we don't got it is a lot of [TS]

  courage know so so having never seen [TS]

  this movie before I want to say up at [TS]

  the top here this movie was shot in [TS]

  on a back lot in LA and on location [TS]

  where I grew up and in fact parts of the [TS]

  town are columbia state historic park [TS]

  where i went to elementary school to [TS]

  where I grew up and I the countryside is [TS]

  absolutely the countryside outside the [TS]

  town that I grew up in and the train [TS]

  that pulls in bringing the bad guys at [TS]

  the end of the movie is actually the [TS]

  same train that's in back to the future [TS]

  three and it is admin at the rail town [TS]

  historic park in jamestown California so [TS]

  this uh i watch this movie almost as a [TS]

  mean it was I grew up in high noon [TS]

  essentially with cower ask as it turns [TS]

  out he was 60 was almost crushed by a [TS]

  clock no wonder you're sick of the song [TS]

  so now you know why there's no sheriff [TS]

  in your home terrorism o'clock downtown [TS]

  so I noticed that Jason also didn't help [TS]

  Marshall I didn't so but what he's [TS]

  saying a lot but anyway I i really [TS]

  enjoyed that because the high noon at [TS]

  Grace Kelly stayed at the at the Senora [TS]

  in town centre when they were filming [TS]

  this movie it's a I think they actually [TS]

  have it like on a sign somewhere so yeah [TS]

  I grew up I grew up in high noon but uh [TS]

  but uh i love that this movie supports [TS]

  that expectation that you know the first [TS]

  thing we see are our hero do after he [TS]

  gets married is is run away right before [TS]

  he thinks better of it turns around and [TS]

  realize that they'll just gotta find the [TS]

  right word [TS]

  well well okay so so in the end like the [TS]

  town gets shot up and um he could have [TS]

  just left right I guess they would have [TS]

  I guess they would have a you know gone [TS]

  wild the bad guys would have gone wild [TS]

  in the town or something but they would [TS]

  eventually tracked him down because he [TS]

  was having sure you're coming back right [TS]

  so it really wasn't entirely brave move [TS]

  for him to turn around and come back as [TS]

  he says there's more stubborn as they're [TS]

  rolling away but it's also partially [TS]

  clearly because he feels like he's he's [TS]

  on the hook for the town still even [TS]

  though he's technically retired right [TS]

  and there's there's some talk that you [TS]

  know some people were very much looking [TS]

  forward to the bad guys coming back at [TS]

  ya [TS]

  as things things was lively then and [TS]

  there was a lot of money to be made so [TS]

  that's one of the things I liked about [TS]

  the film was the fact that they didn't [TS]

  draw a hard line as to whether it was a [TS]

  good idea for him to come back or not he [TS]

  had this idea that they were gonna run [TS]

  run roughshod over the town but then you [TS]

  know that the fellow with the church was [TS]

  saying you know if you leave we probably [TS]

  won't have any trouble at all they think [TS]

  they're really never makes it clear if [TS]

  if it's good or bad and I think that's I [TS]

  like the gray in fact business in town [TS]

  was better when the bad guys were [TS]

  hanging around right so a lot of people [TS]

  are waiting for my comeback [TS]

  they say that but the first thing the [TS]

  bad guys do is start smashing windows [TS]

  and stealing bonnets [TS]

  yeah but the guy who makes the windows [TS]

  loves that guy makes the bonnets lot of [TS]

  fat [TS]

  yeah good for some it's now my favorite [TS]

  kid my favorite character in the movie [TS]

  among the ancillary characters is the [TS]

  sneering hotel clerk always man cursor [TS]

  to EB Farnum on you know what [TS]

  yeah I love that they flush out the [TS]

  hotel clerk is this really smarmy [TS]

  bastard i mean it's it's it's not you [TS]

  know Western it's to have the incidental [TS]

  characters have real personalities seems [TS]

  really unusual to me and all of these do [TS]

  it and i also really like the way this [TS]

  with this movie is structured it it [TS]

  doesn't give you a lot of exposition [TS]

  upfront kind of lays out the back story [TS]

  in dribs and drabs and it's kind of like [TS]

  we're seeing the end of a much longer [TS]

  story and Aaron are standing what [TS]

  happened before is just sort of being [TS]

  meted out bit by bit I think that's [TS]

  great because there's some mystery about [TS]

  why you know all of his deputies are [TS]

  gone and what happened between him and [TS]

  Helen Ramirez and all the other things [TS]

  why is lloyd bridges so bitter [TS]

  yeah was he tipped off about so yeah I [TS]

  thought this was really cool [TS]

  no Lloyd Bridges why does he sound the [TS]

  same in this movie is he does 30 years [TS]

  later theme playing the whole time I was [TS]

  just like Oh Lloyd Bridges come on Lloyd [TS]

  Bridges by this time my lungs were [TS]

  aching for air i like i love the Helen [TS]

  Ramirez character that's that that's a [TS]

  really nice nice thing and she's got her [TS]

  she's got her business she's like all [TS]

  right I'm gonna sell them getting down [TS]

  how young is one tough customer which is [TS]

  nice and she's like I hate that I hate [TS]

  this pit [TS]

  I'm getting out and getting out of seven [TS]

  eat my dog you people disgust me I've [TS]

  taken everything from you I can sign or [TS]

  a circle [TS]

  yeah i did like her I like the fact that [TS]

  this was a Western with two very [TS]

  a strong prominent female characters i [TS]

  mean it still doesn't quite pass the [TS]

  bechdel test but i like the fact that [TS]

  they were they were right in your face a [TS]

  lot of the time yeah the Grace Kelly's [TS]

  character is is she's interesting I mean [TS]

  she's had she's headstrong I like that [TS]

  she goes to the train and she's like [TS]

  well alright i have stormed off in a [TS]

  huff and i'm at the train station [TS]

  I'm it's hot i'm gonna go way back boat [TS]

  oh it's hot in there is three ruffians [TS]

  staring at me lewdly but you can tell [TS]

  this movie was made in the fifties as [TS]

  opposed to now when the ruffians would [TS]

  probably make be making life really [TS]

  uncomfortable for her [TS]

  um there's there's a more genteel code [TS]

  at work even though the whole film is [TS]

  about we're going to kill this man once [TS]

  our friend gets to town the fact that [TS]

  they don't think to go after any any of [TS]

  those civilians is pretty notable but i [TS]

  think they didn't want to commit any [TS]

  crimes until everybody got their right [TS]

  because they did that was part of why is [TS]

  he going to punish them somehow tell [TS]

  them they can't attend that will know [TS]

  that will give him the ability to lock [TS]

  in the impetus to lock him up and then [TS]

  it's then there's any you have only has [TS]

  to shoot one guy instead for half the [TS]

  reason that that Helen Ramirez is [TS]

  leaving town is because she's afraid of [TS]

  what he's gonna do when he gets back but [TS]

  he sees her on the way she's getting on [TS]

  the train and does nothing which i think [TS]

  is interesting [TS]

  she's second on his list state bigger [TS]

  fish to fry but do you think maybe [TS]

  that's also commentary on the railroad [TS]

  is being one of the civilising [TS]

  influences that was beyond like the idea [TS]

  that the railroad and the infrastructure [TS]

  was bigger than the law or anyone town [TS]

  and the cloak locks other the Glocks [TS]

  well no because that's actually one of [TS]

  the big themes in American frontier life [TS]

  is the idea that even when you have [TS]

  people who try to go to the small to try [TS]

  to you know homestead or or start [TS]

  civilizations would have them there is [TS]

  inevitably some sort of entity whether [TS]

  it's the government or some corporation [TS]

  or something that ultimately infringes [TS]

  on their autonomy and imposes the will [TS]

  and i'm not saying that [TS]

  High Noon did that explicitly but I [TS]

  think it's kind of telling that the the [TS]

  train is seen as some sort of Governor [TS]

  Burrell authority that shapes people's [TS]

  lives [TS]

  it's sort of reflects the subconscious [TS]

  of recognition that even these tiny [TS]

  frontier towns which are perceived as [TS]

  being laws into themselves art you know [TS]

  they're all part of a vast web that [TS]

  somebody else's problem controlling from [TS]

  a boardroom back east [TS]

  well I actually clocks are synchronized [TS]

  the railroads and high noon may have [TS]

  just been in this town noon is when the [TS]

  train gets there i mean it's it's [TS]

  entirely possible but that's true so the [TS]

  trip the train is this force of nature [TS]

  that's bringing in this this change to [TS]

  this town with this guy who got you know [TS]

  another comment in this movie is boy the [TS]

  laws in Texas stink they like this guys [TS]

  coming back [TS]

  it's stupid texas which we call that a [TS]

  documentary Jason there's also you can [TS]

  accuse texted being easy on criminals [TS]

  yeah that's true yeah i was impressed [TS]

  that this is probably one of the most [TS]

  tense films i've seen in quite a long [TS]

  time we headed [TS]

  it's just very as time is sort of taking [TS]

  ever away and and you're slowly [TS]

  realizing that no one's gonna come to [TS]

  this guy's rescue and you know he's [TS]

  getting increasingly worried and sweaty [TS]

  and it towards the middle to fill me [TS]

  just looking genuinely pants crapping [TS]

  Lee terrified which is great that I was [TS]

  surprised i mean i don't think i've seen [TS]

  a movie this old that really kind of [TS]

  ratchet things up for me quite that bad [TS]

  it's an expertly written movie and its [TS]

  really well shot by by Fred Fred [TS]

  Zinnemann yeah it's super compact to [TS]

  there's not a minute of it that's wasted [TS]

  I mean that every gallery gene is when [TS]

  you don't see any dissolves from from [TS]

  scene to scene it's all just straight [TS]

  cuts which is sort of adds to that the [TS]

  speed and the tension I think the fact [TS]

  that this is in real-time really helps [TS]

  here [TS]

  yeah it's it's a masterclass I think and [TS]

  how to in how to write a good tense film [TS]

  without the extra fat not an acting [TS]

  showcase though now we were talking [TS]

  about that where it's probably the best [TS]

  work Gary Cooper's down but that's not [TS]

  saying a lot because this is Gary Cooper [TS]

  and his job was really ever to act his [TS]

  job was to be stalwart and and and look [TS]

  vaguely feeling about things I think [TS]

  he's fairly terrific in this though [TS]

  because he's called to look pained a lot [TS]

  yeah oh yeah no it'sit's right in his [TS]

  wheelhouse the character being sad about [TS]

  what he has to do but well i like i like [TS]

  to the mean one of the themes of this of [TS]

  this is I mean we can talk about the [TS]

  people in the town being cowardly and [TS]

  how hard it is to get a nucleus of [TS]

  people together because nobody wants to [TS]

  go first but I think also it's the [TS]

  alienating nature of being the the law [TS]

  on the frontier I think it's a part of [TS]

  this to it they're all kind of remove [TS]

  from him as the marshal he's he doesn't [TS]

  seem like he's one of them he's the guy [TS]

  who was the marshal he was kind of their [TS]

  town employee for a while and nobody [TS]

  really needed to like him and the people [TS]

  the person's the fun of all the guys in [TS]

  the bar [TS]

  yeah the person who didn't like him you [TS]

  know she's you know you once she's [TS]

  getting out of town at the same time [TS]

  right with Helen Ramirez so I think [TS]

  that's really interesting that you know [TS]

  this is like a guy who is trying to call [TS]

  in all his chips at this incredibly [TS]

  dramatic time and realizes he has no [TS]

  chips he is he just he doesn't nobody [TS]

  knows him [TS]

  there's the one guy the one guy who's [TS]

  like yeah sure I'll stand with you and [TS]

  then he comes back at the end and says [TS]

  what you didn't get anybody else [TS]

  well you know I got a family and that's [TS]

  it that's it [TS]

  it's a nice it's also nice commentary on [TS]

  the selfishness of the public to and [TS]

  while you're a public servant service [TS]

  yeah you dancing we hate they paid you i [TS]

  love that moment where one of the [TS]

  townspeople says you what do we pay you [TS]

  for all this time [TS]

  yeah yeah well I was just I mean that [TS]

  that's something you could hear today [TS]

  and it's just this amazing amazing [TS]

  entitlement that the these people have [TS]

  to this guy that it's like you know we [TS]

  paid you what do you want from us just [TS]

  do you know do whatever do your job [TS]

  we're not we're not going to get [TS]

  involved and i gave at the office yeah [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah man meanwhile the clock [TS]

  ticks down no one gave me a hand out it [TS]

  does become tense and then ok so then [TS]

  we've got the the shootout and and i [TS]

  would say it did it delivers like the [TS]

  the end of this movie [TS]

  there is action and there's like burning [TS]

  barnes and jumping on horseback and lots [TS]

  of shooting and you know the one thing [TS]

  that I knew for sure is that his wife [TS]

  would never get involved because she's a [TS]

  Quaker and therefore is opposed to [TS]

  violence so I knew that she wouldn't be [TS]

  involved later if convenience that is [TS]

  neat because when they talk about why [TS]

  she's a Quaker it's not like while I was [TS]

  raised in the SEC know she's a genius is [TS]

  a conscientious objector [TS]

  yeah it was my brother got shot and so [TS]

  as a result I veered to this [TS]

  philosophical creed that i'm going to [TS]

  discard when my conscience friend lyrics [TS]

  up and so I feel like the quicker thing [TS]

  is more of a plot complication than [TS]

  actual here is a code of non-violence [TS]

  and the consequences that that has [TS]

  because she she decides she doesn't like [TS]

  consequences so she rejects the code you [TS]

  have what they did to save her to save [TS]

  her husband she does yeah yeah yeah it's [TS]

  a nice i mean that's that's I think a I [TS]

  mean it's intended as a plot twist like [TS]

  she's forced into this corner and she [TS]

  needs to do this what twists yes I i [TS]

  really love that that sequence so i [TS]

  think it's i think it's a lot of fun i [TS]

  really like that I like I left like when [TS]

  he's in the barn and they throw the [TS]

  first thing in and it's like well that [TS]

  didn't work and then they throw the next [TS]

  thing hits the hay was like oh crap ok i [TS]

  got a lot of that a lot of that shoot up [TS]

  shootout is filmed from Cannes [TS]

  perspective yeah he's trying to find the [TS]

  guys where they can they see me oh jeez [TS]

  the shoot me now [TS]

  wala wrap up here comes a lantern maybe [TS]

  i shouldna picked the hayloft I did ya [TS]

  bring a lot of shootouts of westerns of [TS]

  that era were kind of the the phrase was [TS]

  the Chuck and duck shootout where it's [TS]

  it's just guys behind barrels with a [TS]

  pop-up and shooting each other in that [TS]

  and then eventually someone would go you [TS]

  got me yeah it a gunfight at the ok [TS]

  corral with kirk douglas and Burt [TS]

  Lancaster is I I think kind of like this [TS]

  like whack-a-mole [TS]

  yeah just keep popping up and then [TS]

  eventually one of them is gone and the [TS]

  game trope the other thing about that [TS]

  shootout is I just being versed in the [TS]

  standard Western I keep expecting that [TS]

  the town's full gonna rally at the last [TS]

  minute I know and they don't i like that [TS]

  they don't I do too [TS]

  oh yeah no it would ruin the film if [TS]

  they had me I'd be a bit be a BS message [TS]

  and I like Kathy and he throws the [TS]

  started yeah alright know the iconic [TS]

  endings of West man you people can suck [TS]

  it the next comes with that glare at the [TS]

  end that's that that's all to come up [TS]

  and see me yeah they come out of the end [TS]

  they don't come out until it's all said [TS]

  and done he drops his tin star and he's [TS]

  out of there that's the incision great [TS]

  the next day a new marshal is coming and [TS]

  he's gonna be really confused however [TS]

  when ax ya know ya gonna give him the [TS]

  star and the third avoiding his gaze yea [TS]

  high noon to the next day would be a [TS]

  very interesting movie in 1980 CBS did a [TS]

  high noon part to turn god Kane and [TS]

  white with guess who [TS]

  Lee Majors guys are all came it's all [TS]

  coming back to me now like a horrible [TS]

  nightmare and if it does well see that's [TS]

  like the murder isn't around perhaps I I [TS]

  didn't see it at the time because i was [TS]

  nine but I watched it a couple years ago [TS]

  just because I figured it was gonna be [TS]

  awful it's you know like 15 minutes [TS]

  longer than the original so of course [TS]

  it's going to be good and it's not awful [TS]

  I mean it's not very good but I present [TS]

  mr. quite awful put that on the DVD [TS]

  cover not awful [TS]

  maybe it's david Lord the script is by [TS]

  Elmore Leonard and if you just if you [TS]

  sort of ignore the fact that it's a [TS]

  crappy TV movie with nothing good [TS]

  actress the script isn't that bad [TS]

  soft a grave let this become that this [TS]

  decode an infant yeah I i had forgotten [TS]

  about the return of well can I do know [TS]

  that they did a remake in the nineties [TS]

  with tom skerritt in the will can roll [TS]

  and it will not know it will not shock [TS]

  you to to know that the part of the [TS]

  lloyd bridges part of the callow deputy [TS]

  was played by read diamond I come on the [TS]

  edge from homicide life on the street if [TS]

  i want to see a high noon remake i will [TS]

  go with Sean Connery and outland yeah [TS]

  yes no that was essentially high noon [TS]

  which is a pretty good movie actually [TS]

  for a you know early 80 sci-fi movie [TS]

  it's and it is the the bat the assassins [TS]

  are coming on the on the shuttle from [TS]

  Jupiter or something and he knows [TS]

  they're coming and he's got a very [TS]

  limited amount of time to figure out [TS]

  what he's going to do before they get [TS]

  there it's very much i knew he throws [TS]

  his star into the ground but it floats [TS]

  up influence away mrs. its base location [TS]

  should have known things are going to go [TS]

  bad the minute that he realized that [TS]

  uncle Billy was in town before we move [TS]

  on I want to say how greatly Van Cleef [TS]

  is you have lines but he's such a cool [TS]

  creepy leering figure that I just know [TS]

  he's gonna do something as he never say [TS]

  anything that as as as this movie is in [TS]

  Gary Cooper's wheelhouse not saying [TS]

  anything and looking community is just [TS]

  about the van cleef skill set yeah and [TS]

  that he opens his mouth and that's the [TS]

  end that's why he didn't open his mouth [TS]

  yeah exactly rate [TS]

  I got to get another drink before we go [TS]

  on to the next movie [TS]

  yeah i'm going to go out and we get some [TS]

  ginger let's uh ok so let's fill what [TS]

  was the best picture winner for 1952 [TS]

  well Jason and the perfect world it [TS]

  would have been high noon I i think we [TS]

  can say I yes you know yes I would [TS]

  prefer we all we've all rented and raved [TS]

  about it but unfortunately it was a [TS]

  thinly-veiled allegory for McCarthyism [TS]

  which was certain going strong at the [TS]

  time and indeed I believe the [TS]

  screenwriter was blacklisted you know [TS]

  it's time you see what about the time of [TS]

  the academy awards coming out so just a [TS]

  reminder that artists always stand for [TS]

  moral clarity and courage [TS]

  remember that's what they tell you every [TS]

  year the Academy what about ivanhoe Ivan [TS]

  how we didn't watch ivanhoe i did not [TS]

  what I have not I have not seen [TS]

  Eisenhower I've seen some other movies [TS]

  that came out that year the quiet man [TS]

  um we already seen all of us subscene of [TS]

  lavender I want that you know year [TS]

  actually i have not you missed you mean [TS]

  you were not on that old movie club when [TS]

  you should go watch it's funny [TS]

  yeah exactly is the cary grant monkey [TS]

  business is this year and i think my [TS]

  point is that all of those movies would [TS]

  be better than the actual winner of the [TS]

  greatest show on earth says will be the [TS]

  mill sesame the mill produced produced [TS]

  and directed aerated narrated yes [TS]

  edited ruined mill doing that over our [TS]

  marinara yes that is something that [TS]

  accessibility milk as he does the same [TS]

  thing in the Ten Commandments to and [TS]

  it's every bit as effective there as it [TS]

  is here that he was in charge of turning [TS]

  the knob to make it more technical is [TS]

  sinews of sawdust and blood [TS]

  yeah at least at least in the Ten [TS]

  Commandments though he's like doing is [TS]

  talking about a biblical epic as opposed [TS]

  to you and then you go to the circus [TS]

  circus clowns any peanuts [TS]

  did you ever think of the people who [TS]

  rigged the tents spun sugar on paper [TS]

  cones [TS]

  yeah it was like half documentary half [TS]

  yes yeah again that but yeah I wrote [TS]

  down that if they hadn't had all that [TS]

  stock circus flitted footage and [TS]

  overwrought narration this movie would [TS]

  have been 10 minutes long yeah and and [TS]

  far better so we were trying to [TS]

  it out and over the best that I can come [TS]

  to get the idea here was people will [TS]

  experience the spectacle of the actual [TS]

  circus but also behind-the-scenes the [TS]

  human drama that occurs and I guess why [TS]

  I greater than any trapped is a kind of [TS]

  get the idea but then you're just [TS]

  watching a crappy circus for 20 minutes [TS]

  on end [TS]

  you didn't like the Disney parade is [TS]

  that what you're saying like Oh with the [TS]

  way to run down [TS]

  Wikimedia costume like this it's [TS]

  generally a pretty good circus as such [TS]

  things go except we see it from the [TS]

  cheap seats have yes yes he's wide shots [TS]

  from way back in the back i actually [TS]

  liked a lot of the circus teens better [TS]

  than I like the scenes of the [TS]

  quote-unquote characters interact and [TS]

  well yeah yeah I met Kelly is a hell of [TS]

  a clown i watch this documentary on PBS [TS]

  a couple years ago called circus which [TS]

  was about the big apple circus and [TS]

  actually delves into the [TS]

  behind-the-scenes stuff and I really [TS]

  think whoever made the greatest show on [TS]

  earth like all of their instincts were [TS]

  completely off maybe just the topic [TS]

  matter the narrative structure all of it [TS]

  because I who wants to know that clowns [TS]

  commit murder or more that that reaction [TS]

  actually expected haha its you think [TS]

  excuses [TS]

  it's just this movie is just a sustained [TS]

  marathon and lunacy beginning to end and [TS]

  not the the only the argue the one [TS]

  argument i can make a favor this movie [TS]

  is Gloria Grahame kind of rises above [TS]

  the material and I have my love [TS]

  everything that she's in oh my god she's [TS]

  I was excited to see violet Bick in [TS]

  there she actually took the the Best [TS]

  Supporting Actress Award away from g [TS]

  negin for a different movie of course [TS]

  that's right yeah yeah but the bad and [TS]

  the beautiful but yeah she won this year [TS]

  if if you go to Amazon you can see the [TS]

  trailer for the movie which is like a [TS]

  six-minute thing of sesame the middle [TS]

  talking about the movie and saying we [TS]

  traveled 6,000 miles following the [TS]

  circus you all the step then he goes [TS]

  through you know it's again it's got [TS]

  charlton Charlton Heston we call him [TS]

  Chuck and you know Gloria Grahame and [TS]

  and clowns world-famous clouds and then [TS]

  he starts listing the clowns in each [TS]

  clan has [TS]

  the shot you know just a full head shot [TS]

  in the screen and it keeps going it's [TS]

  like no one will be seated during the [TS]

  dramatic Charlton Heston drives a [TS]

  tractor seat is like and john higgins [TS]

  and peanuts and you know the rules and [TS]

  so much a clown and it well it finally [TS]

  gets to and of course Emmett Kelly and [TS]

  here's a special crown we want to [TS]

  introduce to you [TS]

  buttons i bet you can't recognize who [TS]

  that is beneath the makeup [TS]

  he never takes off that makeup for a [TS]

  mysterious reason will remove it you [TS]

  know [TS]

  oh god you're painting quite the word [TS]

  picture there if you weren't scared of [TS]

  clowns before seeing the trailer you [TS]

  will be actually i have to say i am [TS]

  generally scared of clowns but I'm not [TS]

  scared of sort of the classic clowns [TS]

  because back in those days people still [TS]

  like them and thought they were fun and [TS]

  funny I don't know where along the line [TS]

  constantly became scary but I was [TS]

  alright with these ones until this movie [TS]

  maybe this was a button says very [TS]

  cheerful cheerful clown smile there but [TS]

  he's the crying on the inside kind [TS]

  things until that Higgins plays a clown [TS]

  episode of Magnum where things really [TS]

  turned around so look we want to I mean [TS]

  what what what there's a so so this is [TS]

  as the Ringling Brothers Circus it's [TS]

  being run by Charlton Heston he's an [TS]

  expert at every aspect of the circus as [TS]

  we learned at the very beginning he [TS]

  knows he he has sawdust in his veins [TS]

  Judas Priest that's right all the tricks [TS]

  give the give the elephant's gin and [TS]

  ginger a giraffe has a sore throat just [TS]

  Rama pool cue down yeah give that [TS]

  gorillas some more lettuce and he'll be [TS]

  fine [TS]

  people say he's circus more often than [TS]

  McNulty gets told he's good police you [TS]

  know ya got sawdust to his veins i tell [TS]

  you i want to be circus and those fake [TS]

  circus peanuts he's got those in his [TS]

  veins too that's why it's a very sick [TS]

  meant anyway he running log he runs the [TS]

  Ringling Brothers Barnum base or circus [TS]

  and the and the business types wanted to [TS]

  reduce show because the economy is not [TS]

  very good but he demands that they do a [TS]

  full show and they say well okay as long [TS]

  as it stays in the black and his his [TS]

  great scheme is to bring in the amazing [TS]

  Sebastian the great Sebastian but not [TS]

  amazing Jason know he's the great [TS]

  Sebastian is a decent really what he's [TS]

  artists / lothario [TS]

  Oh Barry yeah but he's got that he's got [TS]

  some good blood wheelers laid by he's [TS]

  played by Cornel Wilde and i always want [TS]

  to say played by Cornell west which [TS]

  would be a totally different than it [TS]

  would be under mirror [TS]

  yeah I'd watch that movie anyway he's [TS]

  got a girl he's got a girlfriend and [TS]

  she's a trapeze artist and she's very [TS]

  upset because the great Sebastian comes [TS]

  in [TS]

  ok so can I interrupt here just because [TS]

  I'm never really sure if holly is [TS]

  actually Brad's girlfriend or if she's [TS]

  just kind of declared by Fiat that she [TS]

  is inbred hasn't bothered to correct her [TS]

  because he certainly doesn't show her [TS]

  any any that's because he's a retired [TS]

  circus [TS]

  yeah he can't show favoritism no he [TS]

  can't he's trying to keep the circus [TS]

  alive [TS]

  the circus is his mistress is dating [TS]

  lady circus and just sold a weird [TS]

  stalker it's it's it's it's almost like [TS]

  she's this unhinged remember him like [TS]

  Wayne's World Laura flynn boyle is the [TS]

  deranged ex-girlfriend follows waiting [TS]

  around like that's kinda / got off of [TS]

  Holly following brown around the [TS]

  greatest show on earth it's it's it's [TS]

  almost like it's over Holly he would [TS]

  have said and she's off Brad and then [TS]

  you know flung herself around on the [TS]

  trampoline song a few songs and it would [TS]

  have gone out of her pea brain so she [TS]

  really kind of reminded me of sean young [TS]

  so yeah stalker you get ya [TS]

  not really not really grounded in [TS]

  reality the Betty hunter character now [TS]

  of course she's not grounded she's [TS]

  attractive because she's on ya I want to [TS]

  thank everybody hot and really quickly [TS]

  and that she at least has shoulders that [TS]

  imply she could be a trapeze artist [TS]

  yes she did a lot of her own stunts [TS]

  actually I learned that in the six and a [TS]

  half minute trailer [TS]

  she's a great shape a lot of movies [TS]

  would just cast East girl and say [TS]

  pretend she's a trapeze artist but she [TS]

  looks like she could actually do some of [TS]

  the thing our character WMC she I think [TS]

  this is the first time in history that [TS]

  someone has defended and actresses work [TS]

  by saying she has the shoulders first [TS]

  shoulders [TS]

  so she gets kicked out of the center [TS]

  ring by the great Sebastian and that [TS]

  makes her very upset with Charlton [TS]

  Heston but not with the great Sebastian [TS]

  who she turned absolutely her affections [TS]

  to including the line that was the one [TS]

  that Lauren and I had to stop the movie [TS]

  for a little bit which is where she says [TS]

  the great Sebastian you can hit me if [TS]

  you like that it won't change how I feel [TS]

  about you [TS]

  I wow yeah [TS]

  low self-esteem much there oh no it's [TS]

  when it's when it's when angel goes to [TS]

  make bread coffee inches lol you know do [TS]

  you feel like you want to bite someone [TS]

  who says yes and you as well pick your [TS]

  spot and feel like I'm like codependence [TS]

  and the circus freaks they love [TS]

  wow there's there's a great moment in [TS]

  that scene to where the the wisdom of [TS]

  actually hiring circus performers to be [TS]

  actors is questioned where Holly yet [TS]

  here's yells Tuffy tear down my rigging [TS]

  and Tuffy just cheerful as the day is [TS]

  long goes ok yeah it almost see the [TS]

  thumbs up its off-screen but you can [TS]

  totally feel it it's too cold Tuffy love [TS]

  that Tuffy now I understand why this [TS]

  movie was this picture now me now you [TS]

  get it now your job is the glue that [TS]

  holds this movie or at least tears its [TS]

  ringing okay we missed an important plot [TS]

  point here which is that there's a [TS]

  there's a shadowy criminal who Charlton [TS]

  Heston refuses to let sully the [TS]

  reputation of the of the circus played [TS]

  by Lawrence Lawrence Durrell back by [TS]

  lawrence tyranny of reservoir dogs fame [TS]

  yeah yeah and so they he cleans up the [TS]

  the Midway there's like thieves out [TS]

  there and there's a guy who's robbing [TS]

  people in one of the one of the little [TS]

  booths and he kicks them out and he's [TS]

  like oh I'm gonna get you child neston [TS]

  and and in the end they uh.they he [TS]

  employs the services of Klaus the [TS]

  demented elephant trainer who jealous [TS]

  control system because angels [TS]

  changed her affection to Charlton Heston [TS]

  because EML anyway [TS]

  yeah because it's all Sebastian's fault [TS]

  totally likes class for his elephants [TS]

  there's a lot of Love's lost and [TS]

  craziness [TS]

  it sounds way more intriguing than it [TS]

  actually yeah I'm actually kind of liked [TS]

  the story if something this was written [TS]

  out as a novel with West circus stuff [TS]

  and more character development [TS]

  I probably would have enjoyed it is just [TS]

  sort of like a fluffy beach read but as [TS]

  it was the performances were so bad that [TS]

  there's a movie i mean if you said hey [TS]

  what if we did a movie that showed you [TS]

  backstage at the circus and they're [TS]

  surprising drama and there's human you [TS]

  know human emotions and and you know all [TS]

  this stuff it's gonna be really great [TS]

  material I'd be like okay I could see [TS]

  that I don't love circuses but I could I [TS]

  could totally see that it would not be [TS]

  this movie though this would not hear be [TS]

  you can't not have the circus [TS]

  performances in this film though because [TS]

  without that you don't get the best part [TS]

  of the movie which is the audience [TS]

  reaction shots [TS]

  Oh with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby I just [TS]

  really wanted ice cream after watching [TS]

  all this gravity oh yeah fact I eat ice [TS]

  cream [TS]

  oh yeah thats why it on the ice cream he [TS]

  is riveted and he's got a whole big dome [TS]

  of ice cream and he takes like two bites [TS]

  and it's gone and it's a kid sitting [TS]

  next to him just totally unimpressed [TS]

  yeah it's it's funny you should say that [TS]

  the the story itself separate from the [TS]

  movie would be good [TS]

  back in 1952 1953 they actually had [TS]

  categories for Best Writing of a story [TS]

  and best writing of the actual movie and [TS]

  this one food for the best story and the [TS]

  best screenplay went to the Lavender [TS]

  Hill mob mm go figure [TS]

  yes I don't think this is the best story [TS]

  of anything I heard but that either but [TS]

  it was yeah yeah so anyway the bed that [TS]

  the gangster well what else we have your [TS]

  own so there's Jimmy Stewart he's the [TS]

  clown right buttons a cloud button a [TS]

  clown and turns out and fill your fill [TS]

  four years has been telling me about [TS]

  this movie and I've never seen it [TS]

  I made the mistake of agreeing to this [TS]

  topic so now I've seen it and the only [TS]

  thing I know but she gotta kill the [TS]

  things you like that's it only thing I [TS]

  knew about this movie yeah you know what [TS]

  they say [TS]

  who says that buttons who says that [TS]

  unless you kill the thing someone who [TS]

  killed the 51 mm yeah so that was the [TS]

  only thing I knew about this movie was [TS]

  was that and at that moment comes and [TS]

  I'm like who this is but the clown is [TS]

  that yeah sometimes you gotta kill the [TS]

  things you love [TS]

  things you love [TS]

  there's something I think is really cool [TS]

  about the buttons story which is that [TS]

  even though they never show us buttons [TS]

  outside of his makeup we are expected to [TS]

  recognize him in the photo right because [TS]

  obviously we know that Jimmy Stewart I [TS]

  recognized his voice [TS]

  so here's a picture of Jimmy Stewart you [TS]

  guys know who this is right for all the [TS]

  hand holding this movie does this one [TS]

  moment that they said hey we don't [TS]

  really need to show an offside that make [TS]

  that it's jimmy stewart come on [TS]

  well at the time he was probably the [TS]

  biggest actor in the in the movie [TS]

  because this was Charlton Heston's like [TS]

  one of his first film's was certainly is [TS]

  for starring role and Betty Hutton was [TS]

  sort of big at the time but not you come [TS]

  off of annie get your gun right brand [TS]

  this is this is the best decade for her [TS]

  program [TS]

  yeah but did Jimmy Stewart who was by [TS]

  far the superstar of the movie which is [TS]

  why he gets the but the title at the end [TS]

  and James Stewart as buttons a clown [TS]

  clown SC he apparently agreed to do it [TS]

  on the condition that he never took the [TS]

  makeup and the makeup off that you'd [TS]

  never see his real face seriously and [TS]

  that the check cleared before focus on [TS]

  him [TS]

  I've seen that I think the last I think [TS]

  the last 20 minutes of this movie is [TS]

  actually not bad [TS]

  or at least it's it's like a release [TS]

  from the boredom that comes before it [TS]

  and and that's the moment where so [TS]

  Sebastian falls he he's horribly injured [TS]

  teammate Falls roughly two feet into the [TS]

  ground to the ground you passed out as [TS]

  though he landed on a waterbed strangely [TS]

  enough I what I like is how you can see [TS]

  that the little canvas for this stunt [TS]

  guy and you can see and just gently [TS]

  sinking into the mat that's a completely [TS]

  different textures generally sinking he [TS]

  disappears around a lot of give there in [TS]

  that second house hot a few frames [TS]

  earlier anyway so Sebastian it turns out [TS]

  though buttons the clown notices that [TS]

  sebastian has some feeling in his [TS]

  extremities and then his kalai and [TS]

  buttons is a doctor which is how is able [TS]

  to recognize what this is its own FBI [TS]

  agents looking for a doctor who killed [TS]

  his wife or yeah because he also does [TS]

  the doctor had these strange hobby of [TS]

  clowning and the only reason we know [TS]

  this because Philip I actually stopped [TS]

  and red [TS]

  the prop newspaper that Betty Hutton is [TS]

  reading the fishes [TS]

  look here the doctor killed the thing he [TS]

  loved well then the FBI band says that [TS]

  he always dreamed of growing up and [TS]

  leaving and taking all the trainers [TS]

  around as you can so on a hunch I'm just [TS]

  gonna follow the shortfall of my own [TS]

  expense account what the hell right [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  I'm the only government work can you [TS]

  imagine the razzing he got from his [TS]

  co-workers like you know they're busy [TS]

  busting speakeasies or-or-or [TS]

  segregationists or whatever and they're [TS]

  like how is the clown detail going buddy [TS]

  looks like the reporter in the in the [TS]

  incredible hulk TV series he was on the [TS]

  Hulk beat ya he was not well regarded [TS]

  his paper it's just expense account [TS]

  abuse is what's happening both of these [TS]

  cases to get on the train and there's an [TS]

  end a scene with between Charlton Heston [TS]

  and James Stewart where where he [TS]

  basically discovers that he has medical [TS]

  knowledge and points out that there is a [TS]

  an FBI guy who's going to be looking for [TS]

  for taking fingerprints so you might [TS]

  want to make himself scarce however [TS]

  ar-ar-ar villainous underworld thug has [TS]

  has a headset is the developer who do [TS]

  just teamed with Klaus the same blouse [TS]

  decision he and clouds like set the [TS]

  rigging on the on the train so the net [TS]

  raise that there are two trains there's [TS]

  the the train that has all the equipment [TS]

  on it and then there's the follow train [TS]

  yeah and this is more thought than [TS]

  anyone has ever given this so I [TS]

  apologize in advance so they stopped the [TS]

  early train because that has all the [TS]

  money and they're going to Robert and no [TS]

  that's gonna that's gonna get Charlton [TS]

  Heston where it hurts accept that excuse [TS]

  geniuses didn't account for the fact [TS]

  that the other train would be right [TS]

  behind shortly and what happens is that [TS]

  a train wreck of a movie becomes a [TS]

  little tree is the first time I've ever [TS]

  seen a train wreck inside another train [TS]

  wreck which i will give that there is [TS]

  that wonderful moment where you're [TS]

  looking on [TS]

  there's the actual trade wreck their [TS]

  this yes you're overlooking the [TS]

  important moment where Klaus realizes [TS]

  that his beloved what's her name is Joe [TS]

  only screams at 20,000 times in the [TS]

  movie Monty yeah so he has to save her [TS]

  and doesn't my driving the car directly [TS]

  at all yeah the rocket scientist [TS]

  payments on that turn and [TS]

  angel hasn't spent most of the her [TS]

  circus going life moving about the US [TS]

  entry and here's the thing that the [TS]

  money is exactly right [TS]

  his instinct to stop the trade is to [TS]

  drive his truck right in front of the [TS]

  Train and wave hit anyway dramatically [TS]

  oh I can't you see the lights [TS]

  why you're not stopping horrible train [TS]

  crash happens that car gets flipped good [TS]

  to the Lions all escape but it does lead [TS]

  to my favorite shot at the end of the [TS]

  movie which has just closest boot [TS]

  sticking up from the record and a [TS]

  monkey's ER doctor already know for him [TS]

  over his ill-gotten money because it's a [TS]

  big stack of money next to his boots to [TS]

  death with dignity [TS]

  the monkeys are counting now angel is [TS]

  the best part of this movie so anyway [TS]

  that the beauties but the doctors [TS]

  knocked out the circus dr. Charlton [TS]

  Heston is is believed that wounded and [TS]

  bleeding out all the while continuing to [TS]

  bark orders about how to handle he knows [TS]

  how to handle a train crash and save the [TS]

  circus which is really really terrible [TS]

  at delegating Authority because the next [TS]

  train that's undoubtedly coming along a [TS]

  few hours from now is not to be [TS]

  concerned but no no no we have to make [TS]

  the show the show must go on show must [TS]

  go on so he as he's bleeding out he's [TS]

  giving these orders and and but the [TS]

  doctor is knocked out so who's going to [TS]

  save him and he's gonna need a blood [TS]

  transfusion and it turns out that that i [TS]

  can raise a clown the great Sebastian [TS]

  has the right blood type and buttons a [TS]

  clown is dr. and reveals himself there [TS]

  by doing himself to going to prison in [TS]

  order to save charlton well he reveals [TS]

  himself only after only after Holly begs [TS]

  him and MPs reasons that pass beyond [TS]

  understanding in any form [TS]

  he's a sucker for Holly I mean God knows [TS]

  why because she spends the entire movie [TS]

  hysterically proclaiming all of her [TS]

  wants and needs to anyone within [TS]

  striking distance and yet was cool of [TS]

  course Holly maybe her voices in the [TS]

  exact frequency response to like a dog [TS]

  whistle guys it's because he wants to [TS]

  kill her [TS]

  yeah you are [TS]

  did they really really like the great [TS]

  Sebastian's attitude during the blood [TS]

  transfer yeah oh yeah where he he's not [TS]

  gonna be lucky with the ladies now it's [TS]

  being Noble and donating his blood to [TS]

  his romantic rival out of spite and he's [TS]

  still saying things like when you have [TS]

  babies [TS]

  now let me be me looking up into your [TS]

  left yeah he didn't turn it off [TS]

  I don't know about yeah i know i thought [TS]

  that i actually think we train wreck and [TS]

  thereafter is actually really great it's [TS]

  just that you've got to go two hours and [TS]

  20 minutes to get there [TS]

  yeah it's it's the longest episode of [TS]

  The Fugitive ever [TS]

  yeah it's so anyway the FBI man shakes [TS]

  buttons a clown's hand and then put the [TS]

  cuffs on and takes away and what did [TS]

  dark ending for that character I mean he [TS]

  was like the heart of the film for my [TS]

  way through i was just like i love sighs [TS]

  which do you know what they do to do [TS]

  this in clown makeup in the state pen do [TS]

  you suppose they strapped in the [TS]

  electric chair he's got his clown makeup [TS]

  on but i think what they do to child [TS]

  molesters is bad you should see how they [TS]

  treat guys who show up in greasepaint [TS]

  let me put on a show they put him in a [TS]

  really crowded cell with a whole bunch [TS]

  of other clans it's a much more [TS]

  enjoyable movie if you view it as the [TS]

  the origin story for Pennywise the clown [TS]

  from we kill the things we love down [TS]

  here down here at all for doubts hopple [TS]

  so i think i think that isn't child has [TS]

  to Charlton Heston is a hoping that the [TS]

  show go on but this terrible thing and [TS]

  and and all wrapped up here eei he [TS]

  attempts to the tents gone they put up [TS]

  the flag pole for the tent but there's [TS]

  no tent and what's going to do how can [TS]

  you be a circus without a tent but they [TS]

  still have the stands in the whole town [TS]

  that they're going to comes and watches [TS]

  the circus with presumably like the you [TS]

  know the bear with the broken arm and [TS]

  the Lions who ate some of the elephants [TS]

  and all the monkeys we could catch the [TS]

  entire town came to the circus peak us [TS]

  it was either that or they had to help [TS]

  the town marshal with the with a guy who [TS]

  was coming back on the train [TS]

  actually the recent at the town came to [TS]

  the circus is because they were fleeing [TS]

  the liens that are running [TS]

  they were going to sell tickets to see [TS]

  the train wreck which i think is a [TS]

  pretty good idea for 1951 I hear the [TS]

  train wrecks are fascinating and you [TS]

  can't look away look away yeah well I [TS]

  watching all two hours and 33 minutes of [TS]

  this movie and proof of that [TS]

  oh ok here's my here's my review of the [TS]

  greatest greatest show on earth [TS]

  you guys can tell me if this equates [TS]

  with you it's so bad in so many [TS]

  different ways i would say it's one of [TS]

  its it's one of the worst prestigious [TS]

  movies every day i'll say that yes I've [TS]

  seen Frankenstein island [TS]

  I you know I've seen many terrible mst3k [TS]

  movies pound-for-pound this movie has [TS]

  stars and a budget and sisal B DeMille [TS]

  and won the Academy Award and it's bad i [TS]

  mean it's it's like painful bat like [TS]

  steve was it got me very excited when he [TS]

  was talking about how he was sort of [TS]

  mst3k through the first 15 minutes and i [TS]

  watch the first 15 minutes I was like [TS]

  yeah I can see that [TS]

  well you know after about an hour i was [TS]

  like no no the reason that rifftrax [TS]

  hasn't done this movie is that you can't [TS]

  go back about more than 40 minutes in [TS]

  before you have to shut it off and walk [TS]

  away [TS]

  it's not unlike Batman and Robin in that [TS]

  respect we manage that one [TS]

  Lisa and I've always talked about doing [TS]

  that with ten commandments which is [TS]

  another sessle bj movie except it's like [TS]

  foot four hours long i want to say it [TS]

  probably easily cut out an hour and a [TS]

  half and also you will go to hell I I do [TS]

  it every year on Twitter and and I did [TS]

  it years and years before that it's just [TS]

  there was my Easter tradition just do [TS]

  the 10 commandments it's wonderful that [TS]

  the problem with trying to rip this [TS]

  movie is because is that you'll run to [TS]

  the interminable circus scenes and [TS]

  there's only so many things you can say [TS]

  about oh look it's another stupid clown [TS]

  look Dorothy Lamour is singing her [TS]

  contract early mandated song [TS]

  yeah the disney parade was stupid and [TS]

  the disney parade just keeps being [TS]

  stupid and no let's set that what they [TS]

  do the Marie Antoinette parade part that [TS]

  I yeah baffling and confusing like I I [TS]

  was like two people really want to see [TS]

  what was that I enjoy the the two women [TS]

  sitting in the little car waving and [TS]

  smiling to the crowd while they say [TS]

  horribly caddy things to 12 and Holly [TS]

  yeah what the one thing I shame as you [TS]

  this favor is that it has the most [TS]

  delightfully caddy dialogue [TS]

  you will ever find in a motion picture [TS]

  it outside of say the women or uh which [TS]

  we should watch for the officer watch ya [TS]

  the money it is Oscar it's like you're [TS]

  nervous a tooth there's just a lot of [TS]

  backbiting and always a global circus [TS]

  people you know [TS]

  yeah no angels angels great she just [TS]

  keeps swinging just keep swinging the [TS]

  lines left right and Slattery rolls [TS]

  right off me call it tight [TS]

  although she does have the absolute [TS]

  worst come online i think i have ever [TS]

  heard in form of I used to fill my dad's [TS]

  pie piya o let's get to me that like [TS]

  kind of like my closest you get to be [TS]

  speaking some horrible abusive past that [TS]

  she ran away from and she's like a super [TS]

  circus is better than this horrible [TS]

  Truman Capote gothic small-town [TS]

  nightmare i'm living [TS]

  yes Steve that's her that's remove is is [TS]

  yeah she could fill a pipe but we're [TS]

  going to make it really set the mood I [TS]

  thought [TS]

  except for Charlotte intestine didn't [TS]

  think a woman could know we didn't if [TS]

  you know what he likes didn't even know [TS]

  I don't [TS]

  the only thing that will keep me warm as [TS]

  if I'm wrapped in a marriage license why [TS]

  not it would be something new [TS]

  yes it's perfect look it actually in the [TS]

  war I Drive a tank is probably a better [TS]

  come on them to tell my dad that is a [TS]

  good come on there's a steal [TS]

  steven spielberg influence with this [TS]

  movie because this was apparently the [TS]

  first movie I ever watched over remember [TS]

  going to see ya horse uh Charlton [TS]

  Heston's look with the fedora cap and [TS]

  the and the leather jacket very [TS]

  reminiscent of the of another steven [TS]

  spielberg character Oskar Schindler all [TS]

  this bug-eyed reaction shots that he [TS]

  loves so much are just people watching [TS]

  the greatest show on earth [TS]

  yeah that's his direction every time [TS]

  lookup I'm gonna put this light on you [TS]

  imagine you're watching the greatest [TS]

  show ever mention the circus and [TS]

  actually as I was watching the train [TS]

  crash I was like well super 8 was better [TS]

  but in the future I am you know train [TS]

  crash was actually not bad [TS]

  yeah yeah I was I mean you could tell [TS]

  that they were little train cars but no [TS]

  it was just it was a the last 20 minutes [TS]

  of this like I said I I i have no issues [TS]

  with that because that was when all of [TS]

  the it's ago now we need to end our [TS]

  story so now it's like to be steward and [TS]

  the doctor and the FBI guys on the train [TS]

  and they're they're gonna plot in this [TS]

  but elephant handler and he's very angry [TS]

  and there's that you know and it all bit [TS]

  pays off and then somebody's gotta save [TS]

  Charlton Heston that all you know that [TS]

  all was a quite watchable I just you [TS]

  know I must admit I I recognize that [TS]

  this is a terrible terrible terrible [TS]

  film but I i quite enjoyed it [TS]

  oh that's sort of wrap around the good [TS]

  way yeah I enjoyed it too [TS]

  it might just be because I like terrible [TS]

  movies about circuses I like the Elvis [TS]

  movie roustabout and yellow face that's [TS]

  not a circus that's a carnival mr. quite [TS]

  close and I we're gonna have a circus [TS]

  cardiff right this is great [TS]

  oh we're not there 10 shots okay and [TS]

  he's out the dancing fight was bad you [TS]

  know i didn't i didn't hate this movie I [TS]

  I never ever ever want to have to watch [TS]

  it again but i'm very glad that I saw it [TS]

  oh yeah it's a badge of honor just have [TS]

  seen it at the very least [TS]

  yeah and I mean I liked I like I said I [TS]

  i quite liked the story I just hated all [TS]

  the characters except for buttons whom I [TS]

  like a clown and then yeah an angel [TS]

  angel was also good to yes he was there [TS]

  are a couple of shots in the movie i [TS]

  thought were actually pretty cool [TS]

  there's one I can't remember where it [TS]

  happens in the movie which is probably a [TS]

  problem but they're outside the tent [TS]

  arguing about something but the big wall [TS]

  of the tent is open and you can see the [TS]

  circus going on behind them [TS]

  I thought circus makes a good backdrop [TS]

  to a movie [TS]

  I feel like this entire film was filmed [TS]

  in one take you've got you've got circus [TS]

  performers were clearly flooding their [TS]

  lines you've got the shot of the kid in [TS]

  the audience digging into his nose [TS]

  detect very sure that you intend to [TS]

  capture bad guys with your screw it just [TS]

  it just the whole thing seems like it [TS]

  was just thrown together [TS]

  oh you know the one scene where she's [TS]

  doing the flips around she's trying to [TS]

  set a world record in the audience is [TS]

  counting along with her [TS]

  yeah yeah no I forgotten about that [TS]

  15-minute seed I would be pretty bored [TS]

  sitting in a circus tent counting to a [TS]

  hundred i was impressed that the crowd [TS]

  as a whole [TS]

  could could do like a hundred 200 300 [TS]

  for those actors lots of syllables for [TS]

  them to keep in unison and they managed [TS]

  to do it [TS]

  this was before fun was invented that [TS]

  was fun you guys [TS]

  haha [TS]

  I like how Charlton Heston runs in and [TS]

  you know is the killjoy and lowers her [TS]

  down and she's so furious that he's [TS]

  lowering her on her first sad now it's [TS]

  like sad little rope tip to be fair he [TS]

  does have clowns running around [TS]

  underneath her like they're gonna catch [TS]

  that just showbiz aspect of it is the [TS]

  most of the people in the crowd liked [TS]

  was that supposed to happen i guess [TS]

  there are clouds yeah i'm getting again [TS]

  not exactly a Death with Dignity when [TS]

  they're not misunderstand little fool [TS]

  only buttons can bring true death [TS]

  dignity [TS]

  he's the only climb with dignity don't [TS]

  worry folks once we fished her out of [TS]

  the water but she'll be fine [TS]

  yeah Emmett Kelly's really kind of a [TS]

  depressing clown [TS]

  yes essentials great ukulele bit kind of [TS]

  his stick [TS]

  he appears without his makeup he appears [TS]

  without his makeup in the movie there's [TS]

  a very brief scene where he's like I [TS]

  think it's on the train wreck where his [TS]

  his face paint which he very rarely [TS]

  allowed himself to be photographed doing [TS]

  but apparently thought so much of this [TS]

  movie that he guys this is it this is [TS]

  what i'm going to do it because we will [TS]

  finally bring dignity to my profession [TS]

  the movie I've always wanted to make and [TS]

  makeup for Jimmy Stewart never taking [TS]

  his office but it's ready to clown world [TS]

  has to balance out clown karma this will [TS]

  be my legacy this in the velvet painting [TS]

  have to admit that Emmett Kelly actually [TS]

  raised a smile once or twice which is [TS]

  more than I can say for any other clown [TS]

  ever [TS]

  well yeah yeah it was a movie yeah sort [TS]

  of i think you'll probably spend longer [TS]

  editing this podcast then they did [TS]

  editing this but i guess i devoted for [TS]

  high noon [TS]

  yeah if you really can't be awarded [TS]

  better I don't even like westerns and i [TS]

  still would have voted for hanging yeah [TS]

  that wasn't a Western though it was it [TS]

  was a human drama within Western [TS]

  backdrop yeah it'sit's don't Western [TS]

  almost westerns were just kids [TS]

  shoot-'em-ups this was about man mature [TS]

  decisions [TS]

  ok then I don't like movies with Western [TS]

  backdrops but they still have taken ok [TS]

  not forsake merica and so I don't like [TS]

  movies set in california i always need a [TS]

  drink of water i don't like I don't like [TS]

  movies near deserts I like movies that [TS]

  were shot where I grew [TS]

  so you know pretty much of its high noon [TS]

  or back to the future part 3 i'm sure i [TS]

  grew up not too far from the source of [TS]

  the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey [TS]

  Circus so i can't i have to say that no [TS]

  just because I grew up close to they're [TS]

  still in saying that one yeah no you [TS]

  don't need to take credit for the no one [TS]

  needs to take any more credit [TS]

  I apologize for showing her and I [TS]

  apologize from mccarthyism while I'm at [TS]

  it I'm sorry behalf of Wisconsin I [TS]

  apologize [TS]

  how much of this movie was just financed [TS]

  by the Ringling Brothers the whole thing [TS]

  is like an ad for them so um yeah really [TS]

  and John and John Ringling north appears [TS]

  in it he does as himself as himself what [TS]

  range it's strangely they actually feel [TS]

  that he's got enough name recognition [TS]

  that they have Charlton Heston saying [TS]

  get me John north [TS]

  well this is a docudrama this all really [TS]

  happened [TS]

  it's just you know it's a recreation of [TS]

  the great train circus train wreck of [TS]

  1948 right all of the people who [TS]

  survived and were eaten by the lion it's [TS]

  a their City told their stories and [TS]

  lived to tell their thai really that is [TS]

  the moment that like that I keep coming [TS]

  back to is that they they have like [TS]

  there's the lions are like jumping out [TS]

  of their cages that one line the kind of [TS]

  struggles to get out of the cage looks [TS]

  kind of like my cat if you know he's [TS]

  trying he's trying to get up on the [TS]

  couch and he's very old neighbors like [TS]

  Kelly come online you can get out there [TS]

  and I'm thinking what happens now that [TS]

  there's probably like because he says [TS]

  check out the guerrillas my glass [TS]

  probably shattered and I'm imagining [TS]

  like gorillas with shards of glass and [TS]

  meanwhile the lions are always pieces [TS]

  incontinent gorillas incidentally [TS]

  because they need enough lettuce yeah [TS]

  the good clients around the sink honest [TS]

  which is blocked up those poor straining [TS]

  girl is are now sitting on the shards [TS]

  and elephants all lit up on gin the fat [TS]

  guy who had to hang out with the hippo [TS]

  because he couldn't fit on any other [TS]

  part of my god that was the one [TS]

  pissed-off giraffe shattering all the [TS]

  pool cues in the local pool hall yeah [TS]

  they said the fact that would be with a [TS]

  hypocrite make me ride with this ship [TS]

  all it seems weird that they didn't have [TS]

  a plan for that they've always got a guy [TS]

  whose entire actors he's pretty fat [TS]

  that's a good line though agenda [TS]

  elephants just who's nate pink humans [TS]

  ladies thank you i liked the bit where [TS]

  somebody asks Dorothy Lamour who's that [TS]

  and she responds oh that's the china and [TS]

  the fat boy [TS]

  just so you know that was that was also [TS]

  CBS drama in the nineteen eighties [TS]

  children in the fifth [TS]

  anybody want to wager as to what the [TS]

  Academy was smoking when they came up [TS]

  with this as the best picture circus [TS]

  peanuts and probably really expensive [TS]

  cigars provided by Cecil B DeMille I [TS]

  think it just felt really big it's a [TS]

  long movie it's super Technicolor it's [TS]

  got animals and it just feels epic i [TS]

  think that was the Oscar bait of the day [TS]

  like it now it's certainly not this type [TS]

  of filming here back then the giant [TS]

  extravaganza it's a spectacle thing you [TS]

  know now it's movies that nobody saw but [TS]

  had their hearts in the right place [TS]

  quality aside this is the movie it's [TS]

  like you will be in the circus and you [TS]

  will see the whole circus and the [TS]

  stories around the circus I mean I get [TS]

  it [TS]

  it is a big idea yeah which raises the [TS]

  question of why I would want to do that [TS]

  trainwreck was in innovative for its [TS]

  time the the shooting of them [TS]

  it's not often you can make a toy model [TS]

  look that spectacularly but mostly they [TS]

  were smoking the we don't want we don't [TS]

  want the house and American Activities [TS]

  Committee to come out let's give the [TS]

  statute to the nice old man who makes [TS]

  circus movies [TS]

  yes a couple years later the winner was [TS]

  around the world in 80 days which is [TS]

  also not a very good movie that is [TS]

  certainly Technicolor and spectacular [TS]

  and and a quick cast of thousands you [TS]

  like the fact that their vote against [TS]

  High Noon kind of makes the whole point [TS]

  of that film [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah we're not standing with [TS]

  him either [TS]

  how about that yeah he should've left [TS]

  shouldn't have been a movie no irony [TS]

  here [TS]

  alright I Phil what it would say you [TS]

  have we have we covered this topic to [TS]

  your satisfaction i think i think it is [TS]

  done and dusted I think we have said [TS]

  more words about the greatest show on [TS]

  earth in it then it merits and I that I [TS]

  can only hope that we have stoked [TS]

  people's interest in watching the other [TS]

  two movies which are very good yes and [TS]

  very peppy and on evening well spent i [TS]

  agree with that and if we have brought [TS]

  just a little joy into your otherwise [TS]

  humdrum lives we know all our hard work [TS]

  it been in vain for nothing as the [TS]

  trailer for the greatest show on earth [TS]

  said I think this podcast is quote [TS]

  unquote [TS]

  for the happiness of the world yeah wow [TS]

  yeah wow so what you're saying is this [TS]

  podcast is the greatest show on earth [TS]

  that is that what I think but the [TS]

  transitive property yes indeed [TS]

  I'm all raised me into the air again [TS]

  because you are circus m2 and [TS]

  comfortable the greatest podcast on [TS]

  earth the tiger podcast running through [TS]

  my veins you not forsake me oh my [TS]

  darling didn't do i have to say i have [TS]

  not taken off my clown makeup is I'm [TS]

  sorry that you played music throughout [TS]

  things when they were coming to a close [TS]

  David feed those gorillas Phil not [TS]

  forsake me or my podcast got a tight you [TS]

  gotta tighten up the Riggin over there [TS]

  Lisa those uh those monkeys [TS]

  I need some lettuce and sugar i only [TS]

  like you for your elephant is the ginned [TS]

  up my clown face will be the last thing [TS]

  you see before you die [TS]

  haha sometimes you gotta kill the things [TS]

  you love film i just realized something [TS]

  you know you know why Holly wasn't [TS]

  concerned about being killed by buttons [TS]

  a clown what because clowns are funny [TS]

  people they only love once that's [TS]

  righted that's true that is actually the [TS]

  only funny thing about clouds all right [TS]

  we're gonna close up the old movie club [TS]

  1952 I think we rated rated the wrong of [TS]

  the Oscars now take that Senator [TS]

  McCarthy that's right [TS]

  Hollywood Hollywood fat cat sitting in [TS]

  their homes i like to imagine this kid [TS]

  coming home saying mom I got arrested he [TS]

  gave me a puppy can I keep it all part [TS]

  of the greatest show on earth to board [TS]

  the greater show on earth when the Lions [TS]

  came to live in our town the greatest [TS]

  show on the move [TS]

  so what we'll wrap up old movie club [TS]

  here i wonder what field will have for [TS]

  us next time i'm a little scared after [TS]

  this this go-round but again we got we [TS]

  saw again like we did last time to good [TS]

  movies and then we also saw nothing that [TS]

  was that was fun and it's so weird maybe [TS]

  it's a 667 average and that would get [TS]

  you into the Hall of Fame like that [TS]

  yeah it's a hall-of-fame kind of thing [TS]

  definitely [TS]

  alright i would like to thank my guess [TS]

  for for participating in the silliness [TS]

  and watching these movies which was a [TS]

  lot of fun [TS]

  Monty Ashley thank you for being here ok [TS]

  David Laura thank you insert claim joke [TS]

  here [TS]

  Oh fair enough Steve what's thank you [TS]

  it's all for nothing Jason it's all [TS]

  Erica and sign thanks for coming back [TS]

  thank you you know i just wish that [TS]

  podcast guest appearances paid because [TS]

  then i'd make more money than Calvin [TS]

  Coolidge put together [TS]

  Oh what am I dama some moisturizer you [TS]

  did Lina Lamont in our radio drama you [TS]

  basically did that voice I did yes thank [TS]

  you for being here if he should thank me [TS]

  for not document lil mama hope I yeah I [TS]

  stands and you know she actually does [TS]

  get better at talking throughout that [TS]

  movie like she does issues rounded vowel [TS]

  she just can't change your voice I think [TS]

  that's a great time around low tools and [TS]

  that leaves five so goodbye to everybody [TS]

  except for Michaels fill at earlier on [TS]

  you said that you would be in my Posse [TS]

  and stop these guys when the train comes [TS]

  but I couldn't get anybody else can hear [TS]

  you still with me I've got a wife and [TS]

  family I'm out of here [TS]

  Oh angel is not that trade oh well [TS]

  there's nothing to be done [TS]

  thanks for putting together the old [TS]

  movie club but you're very welcome i [TS]

  regret nothing yeah thanks Phil [TS]

  all right everybody out there listening [TS]

  to this we're uh very happy if you've [TS]

  decided see high noon or singing in the [TS]

  rain and if you watched the other one [TS]

  well wait for the rifftrax your own [TS]

  fault [TS]

  no refunds until next time I remain just [TS]

  until your host alone at the train [TS]

  station waiting for the men to shoot me [TS]

  goodnight goodnight [TS]