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  no no don't let that happen this is [TS]

  hypercritical a talk show ruminating on [TS]

  exactly what is wrong in the world of [TS]

  Apple and related technologies and [TS]

  businesses nothing is so perfect that it [TS]

  can't be complained about by my friend [TS]

  and yours John Siracusa I am Dan [TS]

  Benjamin today is Friday December 24 [TS]

  2012 this is our 99th second last [TS]

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  5 by 5 do you have any opening opening [TS]

  statements about the t-shirt before we [TS]

  begin show proper ah yes that's right we [TS]

  do have an update here about the t-shirt [TS]

  so if you remember last week on episode [TS]

  number 98 we did a we did a poll [TS]

  hypercritical t-shirt poll and I'm going [TS]

  to go in and close the poll right now [TS]

  but we have results from this poll we [TS]

  asked the listeners on the show we said [TS]

  what what kind of t-shirt would you want [TS]

  would you want a t-shirt for [TS]

  hypercritical that excuse me that has [TS]

  just the word or you know the stylized [TS]

  text hypercritical on it that was one [TS]

  choice another choice was it could it [TS]

  could just it could have the there are [TS]

  many things wrong with this shirt text [TS]

  and your avatar on it and then the final [TS]

  choice was your avatar with hyper the [TS]

  word just hyper the word hypercritical [TS]

  on it we had 3330 votes and I am now I'm [TS]

  now turning it off it is [TS]

  off now though a voting is closed of [TS]

  those 3330 votes 1661 voted for just [TS]

  hypercritical that's forty nine point [TS]

  eighty eight percent thirteen hundred [TS]

  and fifteen voted for the Siracusa [TS]

  avatar plus there are many things wrong [TS]

  with the shirt at 39.4 nine percent and [TS]

  closing it out 10.6 three percent voted [TS]

  for siracusa avatar plus the word [TS]

  hypercritical 354 votes there so the [TS]

  clear winner as you I believe you [TS]

  predicted and we we both thought would [TS]

  happen just hypercritical far and away [TS]

  the winner so if it again you you get [TS]

  final choice here but that sounds like [TS]

  what's going to happen that sounds like [TS]

  the the winner that sounds like where [TS]

  we're going with this yeah unless you're [TS]

  gonna make two shirts there you know the [TS]

  one to pick and that people have pointed [TS]

  out that it's not a majority it was only [TS]

  you know forty-nine percent and then [TS]

  other people who were who didn't want [TS]

  just that shirt said well if you combine [TS]

  the other two items it makes a larger [TS]

  percentage than the 49 so that shows [TS]

  that people at least one and avatar [TS]

  because the other two items have an [TS]

  avatar in the one that one doesn't but [TS]

  that doesn't make any sense because if [TS]

  you combine the first and third choices [TS]

  you can say see people want the word [TS]

  hypercritical and it and that [TS]

  combination becomes the majority so [TS]

  anyway we're not gonna have 18 polls and [TS]

  runoff elections or whatever it seems [TS]

  like if you wanted to get everybody you [TS]

  can make the top two shirts but if you [TS]

  want to get the most people and just [TS]

  make one shirt it's got to be the one [TS]

  that got the most votes right so there [TS]

  you have it so the one with the most [TS]

  votes wins yep and we will produce this [TS]

  shirt we need to figure out a color [TS]

  that's a inconsequential me and a font I [TS]

  mean like I don't know if they can [TS]

  exactly match the night course I can we [TS]

  will create the art so I mean like the [TS]

  color the color of the shirt itself not [TS]

  the thought on it like you know like the [TS]

  because the what he called the cover art [TS]

  for the show what would you call that [TS]

  yeah whatever color green that is like [TS]

  that with white text on it seems like it [TS]

  would look good or whatever but yeah [TS]

  just you know once you have some design [TS]

  to send it my way and I will give it a [TS]

  thumbs up or thumbs down [TS]

  but there's not much room for variation [TS]

  and what we're going to do in the past [TS]

  the last time that I did that I did [TS]

  shirts I did a run of five by five [TS]

  shirts and in addition we did the back [TS]

  to work the back to work that's fine for [TS]

  Merlin shirt but logistically figuring [TS]

  out and separating out because I you [TS]

  know you you will you will get profits [TS]

  from the shirt you're gonna you stand to [TS]

  make some money here you might you might [TS]

  even know they might even be able to [TS]

  quit your job but these shirts you will [TS]

  profit from them so it was it was a [TS]

  logistical nightmare to separate the two [TS]

  different shirts because just the way [TS]

  the systems are set up and splitting it [TS]

  out so these are just going to be doing [TS]

  hypercritical shirts and Hattie and I [TS]

  will be packaging the shirts ourselves [TS]

  there you go by hand you're gonna put [TS]

  like a mint into each one a mint maybe a [TS]

  sticker for some people like if we know [TS]

  who you are if we recognize your name [TS]

  from the chat room or something maybe [TS]

  you get a sticker I'm just saying all [TS]

  right that's it shirt up date pull [TS]

  closed ok and i hope by everyone i hope [TS]

  everyone who answered the poll buys a [TS]

  shirt it's the dangers that people [TS]

  really want to vote in a poll but don't [TS]

  want to buy a shirt obviously i don't [TS]

  expect the people who voted for the [TS]

  other shirts to buy the shirt that they [TS]

  didn't vote for but surely the people [TS]

  who voted for this shirt now that [TS]

  they're going to get it i hope they buy [TS]

  it I do too yeah alright some follow up [TS]

  a little bit before we begin our wii u [TS]

  topic for the day first come most common [TS]

  piece of fall from last week is everyone [TS]

  lunch tell me about command l in itunes [TS]

  which brings you to the currently [TS]

  playing track I last week we're talking [TS]

  about iTunes 11 the point I was trying [TS]

  and apparently failing to make was about [TS]

  hidden state and making the UI simpler [TS]

  than the functionality of the app so let [TS]

  me give you one more brief try here i [TS]

  think i think i've got this time to [TS]

  clarify what it is I'm talking about ah [TS]

  it's just one play pause stop button [TS]

  like the big circle button and on iTunes [TS]

  the old version and like the center [TS]

  button on the new version there's just [TS]

  one of those [TS]

  buttons right when you select a track in [TS]

  the interface that button may or may not [TS]

  apply to the thing you just selected [TS]

  depending on one of those pieces of [TS]

  hidden state so the functionality of the [TS]

  app is more complicated it should really [TS]

  have not i'm saying it should have more [TS]

  than one button but they there's it [TS]

  there's just one button but there's more [TS]

  than one thing it could possibly apply [TS]

  to and so and it depends on this thing [TS]

  that you can't see so internally it has [TS]

  to ask okay all right so you selected a [TS]

  track does that big button apply to the [TS]

  track you just select it but first ask [TS]

  to ask is a track currently playing if [TS]

  the answer to that question is yes it [TS]

  says is the track you selected the one [TS]

  that's currently playing if the answer [TS]

  to that is yes then make it a pause [TS]

  button and have it apply to the to the [TS]

  track that you just select it if the [TS]

  answer is no then how'd it be a stop [TS]

  button and have it applied to the track [TS]

  it's not the one that you selected but [TS]

  rather the track that's currently [TS]

  playing and backing out one letter C I [TS]

  wish I have curly braces in the show or [TS]

  you know begin end or whatever the Ruby [TS]

  people like in 15 I lanius curlies there [TS]

  yeah if there's not a currently playing [TS]

  track then it's a play button and it [TS]

  does apply to the track you've selected [TS]

  this is like three level nesting of [TS]

  logic just to explain when i click a [TS]

  track what does that button apply to and [TS]

  what does it do so it does different [TS]

  things and it applies to different [TS]

  things all depending on this piece of [TS]

  hidden state information internal this [TS]

  in this internal logic of the [TS]

  application would it be more or less [TS]

  confusing to have multiple buttons maybe [TS]

  it would be more confusing I'm not [TS]

  proposing a solution to this problem [TS]

  just saying the way it's set up is the [TS]

  user interface tries to provide this [TS]

  very simple thing like they don't want [TS]

  you to have tons of controls in seven [TS]

  different windows and five different [TS]

  things to look at but then you're just [TS]

  pushing the complexity on to the user to [TS]

  understand uh-oh when I select this [TS]

  track what is that middle button going [TS]

  to do and if you don't think about you [TS]

  just reach for you let go accidentally [TS]

  hit stops and I've lost my playback [TS]

  position and I didn't do what I wanted [TS]

  to do and it really should have applied [TS]

  to that thing so it's not so much about [TS]

  finding the be currently playing track [TS]

  it's about the fact that when you click [TS]

  on something that button may or may not [TS]

  apply to the thing that you clicked on [TS]

  which is not you know a simple interface [TS]

  would be like you click on a thing and [TS]

  then you click one of [TS]

  button somewhere else that applies to [TS]

  the thing and that's not really the case [TS]

  in itunes so and command l i would say [TS]

  as a symptom of this because it's like [TS]

  well we know that we have this multiple [TS]

  state thing so we want people to be able [TS]

  to quickly go back and do something to [TS]

  this track that's playing so that you [TS]

  know because if you go back and pause [TS]

  the track that's playing then when you [TS]

  go to a different place now when you [TS]

  selected the middle button will apply to [TS]

  the track this plane because you can [TS]

  start playing the new one because you [TS]

  pause the old one but if you haven't [TS]

  balls the old one the button stops the [TS]

  old one de yucky so that's what I was [TS]

  trying to get up not so much that the [TS]

  iTunes makes it too hard to find the [TS]

  currently playing track but that itunes [TS]

  even requires you at all to find they're [TS]

  currently playing track because of this [TS]

  mismatch between what the application [TS]

  can do and the simplified interface that [TS]

  they want to present to you and related [TS]

  to iTunes 11 many people wanted to point [TS]

  out that my guest for when iTunes 11 [TS]

  might have been released with November [TS]

  31st which is not a day hmm yeah I I do [TS]

  not know how many days are in months [TS]

  period the end I want to try to learn on [TS]

  your knuckles or what it on the knuckles [TS]

  yeah i know the knuckle thing but i [TS]

  forgot the knuckle think so right forget [TS]

  but this reminds me of you know because [TS]

  i don't know these things because dates [TS]

  are annoying anyone who's been a [TS]

  programmer for a while so annoyed by [TS]

  dates I remember maybe I told the story [TS]

  already but i think it was in formics [TS]

  the IBM on database yeah a is no not and [TS]

  then in denen did that was the follow up [TS]

  to it right Oh ax is an operating system [TS]

  in formics is like their crappy version [TS]

  of oracle likes primary database really [TS]

  old i forget what its origins were so [TS]

  it's gonna be X I'm sure it did that's [TS]

  what I used on I think I mean I'm Watson [TS]

  trading lots of date things that lots of [TS]

  databases have date functions and then [TS]

  because you don't want to do date [TS]

  Matthew want to be able to do you know [TS]

  select date created plus one day from [TS]

  orders because you don't want to figure [TS]

  out what you know the date plus one day [TS]

  as you want the database there was got [TS]

  some manipulation libraries it knows [TS]

  that it's a state store internally suici [TS]

  select date plus one day there's [TS]

  something some sort of syntax that [TS]

  expresses that and informix provided [TS]

  these functions where you could add and [TS]

  subtract units you just say one day one [TS]

  year one week one month or whatever I [TS]

  don't know if you could do month but [TS]

  that's a whole weekend worms but but [TS]

  certainly days you could [TS]

  created plus one day the problem was [TS]

  that if the date created was April [TS]

  thirtieth informix would gladly add one [TS]

  day to it and come up with April 31st [TS]

  and then it would immediately explode [TS]

  because April 31st isn't a date so I was [TS]

  the worst of all possible was like why [TS]

  even provide a date library if you're [TS]

  not gonna do actual date math and then [TS]

  when you do the date math wrong you the [TS]

  whole query blows up and you if your [TS]

  throws an exception so that was [TS]

  maddening anyway that's why I date [TS]

  manipulation library should exist and [TS]

  maybe I should have used one in my brain [TS]

  when I guessed what day iTunes 11 was [TS]

  released but alas all right a couple [TS]

  more pieces here we speculated about the [TS]

  order of authors on academic [TS]

  publications briefly when discussing a [TS]

  paper about changing programs at runtime [TS]

  and Kieran Healy was the first to [TS]

  provide a nice link for this that I put [TS]

  in the show notes it's an answer on the [TS]

  academia stack exchange that talks about [TS]

  the water authors and publications and [TS]

  the short answer is it depends of course [TS]

  it depends so you can read the answer [TS]

  for the longer version and academics can [TS]

  all debate each other about what is the [TS]

  correct method but it really just [TS]

  depends um all right one more thing last [TS]

  show I talked about those glasses that [TS]

  invert your vision yeah you said these [TS]

  are the things where if you put you put [TS]

  on these glasses and inverts your vision [TS]

  in the new saying that your brain will [TS]

  adjust to having your vision upside down [TS]

  and they you'll be able to function [TS]

  after short period of time in that way [TS]

  yeah I don't remember that topic came up [TS]

  but anyway uh Gordon Shepherd wrote in [TS]

  to burst my bubble that apparently this [TS]

  was a scientific study that was done but [TS]

  it was done in 1897 by George Stratton [TS]

  and it was called vision without an [TS]

  inversion of the retinal image and he [TS]

  wrote about it experience with the [TS]

  glasses and said after a while it seemed [TS]

  right side up to him and everything [TS]

  which is all well and good except that [TS]

  you know scientists have tried to [TS]

  reproduce that study and none of them [TS]

  have been able to reproduce it everyone [TS]

  who tries in the most recent was in 1999 [TS]

  said eventually you get used to it being [TS]

  upside down but it never looks right [TS]

  side up to you so this is one of those [TS]

  things that is too good to be true it [TS]

  seems like and although this experiment [TS]

  did exist and get spattered it around [TS]

  and kind of an urban legend type of [TS]

  thing if people can't reproduce it then [TS]

  you have [TS]

  George Stratton was talking out his butt [TS]

  in 1897 so bummer there I like the idea [TS]

  that it would eventually look right side [TS]

  up they did say that you know that they [TS]

  do things where they have glasses that [TS]

  distort your vision by making it look [TS]

  like a funhouse mirror or whatever and [TS]

  your brain does eventually make that [TS]

  look normal total inversion it doesn't [TS]

  it doesn't account for oh so oh well oh [TS]

  god I thought it was only a little bit [TS]

  of follow-up I guess has two more semi [TS]

  big things right the first one is I [TS]

  tried to find it back to work episode of [TS]

  this refers to but I couldn't because it [TS]

  was just a minor one off point do you [TS]

  remember the episode when you're talking [TS]

  to Merlin and he mentioned that he was [TS]

  he said I'm gonna learn the terminal dan [TS]

  I'm gonna learn it it was it was [TS]

  dedicating himself to trying to learn [TS]

  wasn't just a relatively recent episode [TS]

  though yeah it was like one or two [TS]

  episodes ago but I couldn't find a buddy [TS]

  but he was saying that he wanted to [TS]

  learn more about that part of the system [TS]

  who knows if he's actually going to do [TS]

  it but anyway when I heard that like so [TS]

  I know what he means when he says and I [TS]

  hear this low I'm gonna learn the [TS]

  terminal learning the terminal in Mac OS [TS]

  10 we all know what that's community is [TS]

  shorthand and and it's clear that the [TS]

  idea has been communicated I've talked [TS]

  in the past that you know writing and [TS]

  speaking of rubber regardless of what [TS]

  you're saying that the main point is [TS]

  that you're supposed to be communicating [TS]

  something IQ successfully communicate [TS]

  that idea then it doesn't really matter [TS]

  so much about how you said it like [TS]

  that's the details it's better to be [TS]

  successful at communication but not be [TS]

  strictly correct or formal or whatever [TS]

  then the reverse of being correct and [TS]

  formal but then you don't communicate [TS]

  your idea but unfortunately what's also [TS]

  being communicated when you say you want [TS]

  to learn the terminal is the idea that [TS]

  the terminal application is where all [TS]

  the stuff that you're want to learn [TS]

  resides like that if you deleted [TS]

  terminal app from your Applications [TS]

  folder that all that stuff is gone uh [TS]

  and I I'm sure Marilyn didn't mean that [TS]

  because he probably knows that's not the [TS]

  case but i think that additional piece [TS]

  of communication that you're [TS]

  accidentally sending along by saying [TS]

  learning the terminal is bad and it [TS]

  ended grates on me and so my advice to [TS]

  merlin and others is don't say learn the [TS]

  terminal because if you really want to [TS]

  learn all the stuff that the terminal [TS]

  provides you access to you can start by [TS]

  being clearer about communicating what [TS]

  it is that you're actually learning and [TS]

  learn [TS]

  the words in the vocabulary and [TS]

  everything because i think you know part [TS]

  of the the entry point to learning the [TS]

  unix velocity Munich's is learning what [TS]

  unix actually is and how it manifests [TS]

  itself and the terminal application is [TS]

  very very far from that that is merely [TS]

  you know a window into that world it's [TS]

  an application that simulates a [TS]

  character-based input and output device [TS]

  remove that application all that stuff [TS]

  is still there you haven't removed any [TS]

  of the eunuch stuff it's yeah so that [TS]

  that is like step zero in understanding [TS]

  unix is that it's not inside the [TS]

  terminal application so don't say [TS]

  learning determine that's my advice for [TS]

  the day oh one more final piece of [TS]

  follow-up here I think before we get to [TS]

  the Wii U which may be long um so Gruber [TS]

  did an article this week called a [TS]

  dropbox colon the linchpin where he [TS]

  cites an article by warren ellis who [TS]

  describes how he uses his ipad to write [TS]

  and uh Gruber says that it's good that [TS]

  people like to use their iPads to get [TS]

  work done but the scary part is a [TS]

  recurrent theme that he sees whenever he [TS]

  sees someone's story about how they use [TS]

  the iPad is that the dropbox is the [TS]

  linchpin of the workflow like they [TS]

  couldn't get any work done if they [TS]

  didn't have grok box and Gruber says [TS]

  it's scary because drop box outside [TS]

  apples control and if not for dropbox a [TS]

  lot of these people wouldn't even [TS]

  consider using the ipad to work with and [TS]

  it's scary because Apple's iCloud fall [TS]

  short iCloud falls short of short of [TS]

  Dropbox ah I think I mean my experience [TS]

  echoes if you see someone who uses an [TS]

  ipad I know in my own iPad usage Dropbox [TS]

  is a key part of getting stuff done and [TS]

  if you took away Dropbox from those [TS]

  people like I mean I guess we'd come up [TS]

  with something else that sort of works [TS]

  but you know I cloud does not work the [TS]

  way a lot of people want file management [TS]

  to work and I would think would make a [TS]

  lot of people said so Gruber concludes [TS]

  by saying long time readers know that I [TS]

  seldom opine that Apple should acquire [TS]

  other companies but Apple should buy [TS]

  Dropbox right now the second piece of [TS]

  this is Michael psy whose blogs also [TS]

  gradient should read if you don't he [TS]

  cites Gruber's article and quotes that [TS]

  he says [TS]

  Gruber says that opposite by Dropbox [TS]

  this might be a good move for Apple but [TS]

  I doubted we would be good for dropbox [TS]

  users and what I thought when I read [TS]

  this I guess its third level commentary [TS]

  because Gruber's comments hannah warren [TS]

  ellis and sighs commenting on Gruber's [TS]

  commenting and one else is it this is [TS]

  how you can tell that Apple is still no [TS]

  good at network services and that Apple [TS]

  doesn't really understand them when the [TS]

  prospect of Apple buying a popular well [TS]

  implemented network servers causes [TS]

  people to fear for that service that's [TS]

  how you can tell that Apple still is not [TS]

  I mean as you can say all you want I was [TS]

  pretty good and apples not as bad as [TS]

  people think or whatever but if you [TS]

  throw out there hey there's a popular [TS]

  service meeting apples buying it [TS]

  everybody goes no no don't let that [TS]

  happen until until that changes that's a [TS]

  bad sign for Apple because we say oh [TS]

  they'll just screw it up or they'll just [TS]

  make it Apple only and that's what [TS]

  another way that Apple doesn't get it it [TS]

  network service is made much less [TS]

  valuable when you can only use it with [TS]

  one brand of device and so nobody wants [TS]

  helpful to my dropbox feels like don't [TS]

  put apple anywhere near my dropbox that [TS]

  they're gonna make a mac only your iOS [TS]

  only remove the web interface or just [TS]

  screw it up in some way and that is the [TS]

  most telling thing i think of about when [TS]

  we stop having that opinion we will know [TS]

  that apple has truly turned a corner on [TS]

  network services and Google understands [TS]

  this philosophy like you know for all [TS]

  the things you may hate about Google [TS]

  they understand this philosophy of like [TS]

  you know when they buy a company they [TS]

  may destroy it and ruin all the good [TS]

  things about it but they don't like [TS]

  confine it just Android like you know [TS]

  Apple maps is on iOS right they want you [TS]

  to be able to get to your gmail from [TS]

  anywhere than not saying okay well we [TS]

  can provide the best integration if we [TS]

  only allow you access gmail from Android [TS]

  devices now that's not how how it works [TS]

  they understand the value of network [TS]

  services they got to be available [TS]

  everywhere work everywhere all that [TS]

  stuff so ah that's something to watch [TS]

  for in the coming years then the next [TS]

  time you know Apple is going to buy some [TS]

  popular network service look at people's [TS]

  reactions and see if the fans that [TS]

  service say no don't let Apple by me [TS]

  it's kind of trying to think of an [TS]

  example like we used to be afraid that [TS]

  Microsoft would buy a company that we [TS]

  liked because that would sort of crush [TS]

  it and it's kind of the same way we're [TS]

  afraid that Google's ever going to buy [TS]

  like a software company that makes [TS]

  applications like we didn't want Google [TS]

  to buy Sparrow because you know they [TS]

  kill it off [TS]

  alright so this is the reverse that we [TS]

  do so we don't want Google to buy like [TS]

  native applications companies and we [TS]

  don't want Apple to buy network service [TS]

  companies what if they just owned a [TS]

  portion of it a portion of what of the [TS]

  company what if they just had some money [TS]

  they were just in that in that way [TS]

  because i feel like if they owe them [TS]

  let's say they own a minority stake in [TS]

  it but they still in a stake in it [TS]

  because i think i think even though we [TS]

  know Dropbox is doing really well like [TS]

  there's always that fear that it could [TS]

  go away and somehow having like a [TS]

  significant apple investment in it would [TS]

  make me feel really good like well [TS]

  that's never going away now you know for [TS]

  a while there was nothing for Apple [TS]

  really to buy with Dropbox it was only [TS]

  once native applications started [TS]

  integrating Dropbox into them like using [TS]

  the dropbox api for one within their [TS]

  applications that's when Apple really [TS]

  are now you have something because Apple [TS]

  could have made what Dropbox made on its [TS]

  own like technically speaking you know [TS]

  in Firefox start as a bunch of Python [TS]

  scripts and on Apple's got good [TS]

  developers they could have made exactly [TS]

  what Dropbox is they didn't though they [TS]

  didn't want to make that they wanted to [TS]

  make something different but at any [TS]

  point until Dropbox starting getting [TS]

  integrated into all these apps Apple [TS]

  could have said okay well you know this [TS]

  iCloud document container thing is not [TS]

  working out let's just make Dropbox they [TS]

  just don't want to do that and I'm it [TS]

  makes me wonder why it you know the [TS]

  rumor is that Apple tried to buy Dropbox [TS]

  why just to eliminate a competitor [TS]

  because you could have made something [TS]

  just like back when Apple was supposedly [TS]

  bidding for dropbox there's no reason [TS]

  that Apple couldn't have uh just made [TS]

  that themselves Brian that makes me [TS]

  think the only reason they wanted to buy [TS]

  it was just to get it again remove that [TS]

  distraction from the screen so now [TS]

  everybody let's all just concentrate on [TS]

  iCloud document containers and don't be [TS]

  distracted by the drop box but now it's [TS]

  too late like applications are written [TS]

  against Dropbox and have apple bought [TS]

  they would have to continue to support [TS]

  the API for at least some period of time [TS]

  and if they killed that people would [TS]

  hate them and it's just it's too late [TS]

  for that to happen like Apple buying or [TS]

  investing in dropbox doesn't that you [TS]

  know Apple benefits now Apple is [TS]

  benefiting now from a healthy [TS]

  independent thriving Dropbox even if it [TS]

  is like a thorn in the side of their [TS]

  supposed one true way to do document [TS]

  management that we all hate huh so I [TS]

  don't know I don't know how this comes [TS]

  but there yeah at the time the time to [TS]

  strike is fast in anyway apparently [TS]

  Dropbox didn't want to sell because I [TS]

  supposedly they had bid [TS]

  a lot of different people and didn't [TS]

  take any of them yeah they have not they [TS]

  have no interest in selling and I don't [TS]

  know what their I mean the one interview [TS]

  that I recall reading with them is that [TS]

  they didn't they don't want to sell the [TS]

  simple reason that they want to build a [TS]

  big business i remember being that being [TS]

  one of the quotes is that they were [TS]

  saying their goal is to be a big [TS]

  business they want to have a cool office [TS]

  they won't have lots of employees they [TS]

  want to do amazing things and they don't [TS]

  see an exit through acquisition as a [TS]

  path to that and that makes sense and [TS]

  guess what there they've got a great [TS]

  service I my opinion they're like the [TS]

  number one service out there for this [TS]

  and I don't yeah but don't you think [TS]

  their service has like a date stamp on [TS]

  it like it's got an expiration date can [TS]

  you tell me what do you mean like you [TS]

  think of think of a company like Dropbox [TS]

  in the 80s or something I don't know [TS]

  maybe you'd have to be like some company [TS]

  that sold like this defragmenting [TS]

  software okay for das or something and [TS]

  it's like we sell the best disk defrag [TS]

  trading software and we don't want to [TS]

  sell to anyone else because weird like [TS]

  and people say oh you just got one [TS]

  product but like but no just everybody [TS]

  uses our product you really need to [TS]

  defrag your desk and eventually [TS]

  defragging your desk isn't something [TS]

  that regular people do anymore and like [TS]

  that that business that map application [TS]

  has expired that business of selling [TS]

  that one application it's no longer [TS]

  relevant like it didn't become bed [TS]

  didn't get beat by competitors Justin [TS]

  own cameras about that anymore and in [TS]

  theory what Dropbox does dealing with [TS]

  network-based files in a folder like if [TS]

  Apple had its fantasy way and said we [TS]

  have a better way to do files and will [TS]

  convince the whole world and eventually [TS]

  it will seem barbaric that we ever [TS]

  manually dealt files and folders then [TS]

  drop box you know through no fault of [TS]

  their own except sticking with their one [TS]

  product for too long like then its just [TS]

  oh well so much for that makes just fade [TS]

  away and I feel like a one product [TS]

  business like Dropbox seems to be has an [TS]

  expiration date on it may be a long [TS]

  expiration data may be an expiration [TS]

  date after the entire current management [TS]

  is retired or dead but it exists versus [TS]

  like I want to build it becoming like [TS]

  Apple where in you know 30 years it will [TS]

  be doing things unimaginative at the [TS]

  time the company was founded uh you know [TS]

  basically Dropbox needs to show that it [TS]

  is more than I mean when your company is [TS]

  named after your one product like where [TS]

  can you go from there I don't know like [TS]

  I'm not saying Dropbox needs to start [TS]

  making like a social networking tool [TS]

  with a [TS]

  image filters all I have it recently out [TS]

  of that camera crap but I know I work I [TS]

  think Dropbox does have an expiration [TS]

  date none I just don't know what that [TS]

  date is it's not next year but it's [TS]

  there that's it for the follow-up but ok [TS]

  first sponsor yeah hover com simplified [TS]

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  chat room a complain there was only 20 [TS]

  minutes of follow-up don't worry guys [TS]

  the wii u might take a while and then [TS]

  after the wii u if we have any time left [TS]

  dan can ask us questions well I have [TS]

  some questions there you go so I think [TS]

  it'll be fine all right [TS]

  today's topic today's one and only topic [TS]

  the wii u hopefully provided by Dan now [TS]

  thoroughly play tested by myself and the [TS]

  rest of my family very cool what overall [TS]

  overall impressions thumbs up thumbs [TS]

  down let's start with that we end with [TS]

  the overall impressions you can end with [TS]

  the conclusion yeah but and there's a [TS]

  lot of people who want you know they [TS]

  want to read that last thing first and [TS]

  then diamond yeah I don't know if I can [TS]

  give it a thumbs up or thumbs down see [TS]

  before i got this thing I really you [TS]

  know like I'm thinking about what I'm [TS]

  going to talk about on the show when I [TS]

  talk about it I really did not think [TS]

  that I would spend much time or perhaps [TS]

  any time talking about the setup process [TS]

  of the console but in fact that is what [TS]

  I'm going to do now the first part of [TS]

  this hmm surprisingly the setup process [TS]

  itself was a significant part of my [TS]

  experience for this device and not in a [TS]

  good way ah alright so i think i have a [TS]

  lot of advantages when it comes to [TS]

  setting up electronics you know i'm i'm [TS]

  electronic guy i'm a computer guy i have [TS]

  a basic understanding of networking if [TS]

  somebody I can't figure out I know how [TS]

  to use Google I good that's all that's [TS]

  already like a big leg up on most people [TS]

  aren't you when you get a bite [TS]

  electronics device don't you sometimes [TS]

  think man uh I can set this up but if I [TS]

  just threw this to some random person [TS]

  who doesn't know anything about [TS]

  computers they would struggle yeah then [TS]

  nothing calls record yeah they can never [TS]

  get it right i mean maybe that's being [TS]

  unfair to the murder but basically what [TS]

  I'm saying is I feel like I'm not a [TS]

  dummy here like I know I know what I'm [TS]

  doing I have many many advantages when [TS]

  it comes to setting up devices i also [TS]

  have a couple of disadvantaged just when [TS]

  it comes to setting of devices and other [TS]

  people might not have first is I have a [TS]

  lot of electronic devices which means my [TS]

  setup is extremely complex I don't have [TS]

  just one flat screen TV and then this is [TS]

  the first thing I'm connecting to it [TS]

  right uh and the other one the big one [TS]

  that gets me a lot is my network is [TS]

  locked down a much more than most [TS]

  people's maybe foolishly maybe I'm doing [TS]

  this for no reason I shouldn't but you [TS]

  know like most nerds like well okay I [TS]

  gotta turn on the SuperDuper Wi-Fi [TS]

  security and all the other stuff and so [TS]

  these two things combined I think it [TS]

  should be a wash most of the time like [TS]

  I'm good at setting stuff up but i have [TS]

  i'm making things harder for [TS]

  myself because of you know the way I've [TS]

  had everything set up here and the [TS]

  complexity of my setup so it should be [TS]

  it should you know even now but the the [TS]

  wii u setup process conspired to push [TS]

  things over into the negative a little [TS]

  bit more despite my supposed advantages [TS]

  uh and the first thing is this happens [TS]

  not just in the wii u bahn a lot of [TS]

  devices uh most things that you can buy [TS]

  the do network in these days prefer to [TS]

  use Wi-Fi for networking sometimes they [TS]

  only have Wi-Fi for networking like your [TS]

  you rarely see ethernet ports on things [TS]

  well a lot of things come with Wi-Fi [TS]

  because who has ethernet cables running [TS]

  to the back of their TV you know except [TS]

  for me right but most people don't know [TS]

  don't have a gigabit switch sitting in [TS]

  their entertainment center right so they [TS]

  use Wi-Fi for everything and that makes [TS]

  perfect sense and people like Wi-Fi it's [TS]

  like magic you just plug in your blu-ray [TS]

  player and it can magically see Netflix [TS]

  right and you didn't you know just it [TS]

  just worked and they work hard to make [TS]

  that just work and most you know most [TS]

  isp's routers include Wi-Fi remember [TS]

  when they start doing that i'm like wow [TS]

  that's gonna means everyone's house [TS]

  people just assume you have Wi-Fi like [TS]

  if you have an isp you know comcast or [TS]

  verizon where everyone just assumes you [TS]

  also have Wi-Fi in your house because [TS]

  the routers they give you a little [TS]

  antennas on okay gifted way to disable [TS]

  that yeah if you don't want it like so [TS]

  ever that's why all these things come [TS]

  with things you know one has cables [TS]

  ethernet cables running all over the [TS]

  house and Wi-Fi just you know it's user [TS]

  friendly technology but what that means [TS]

  is it during the setup process most [TS]

  electronic devices want to get on the [TS]

  network and a lot of them want to get on [TS]

  the network early in the setup process [TS]

  like not like at the end because they [TS]

  didn't work at all if you don't get on [TS]

  the network and my problem when it comes [TS]

  to all these wireless devices is that i [TS]

  do mac address restriction on my [TS]

  wireless network maybe I'm crazy do you [TS]

  do this stand at your home I too much [TS]

  much more diligently I have stopped [TS]

  doing it just because the hassle of it [TS]

  just think is the hassle yeah now like I [TS]

  think every time I run into this think [TS]

  like why am i bothering to do mac [TS]

  address restriction you know cuz it's [TS]

  not like it's one of the security things [TS]

  like look if someone can crack my wpa [TS]

  two keys or just even just sniffing [TS]

  stuff going on they can see the mac [TS]

  address as i'm assuming they can see the [TS]

  mac address is flying through the [TS]

  wireless error on my house and they can [TS]

  just take one of them and spoof that mac [TS]

  address but my hope still like the [TS]

  reason it or enable it is like okay so [TS]

  fine they can eventually crack the [TS]

  security and see the mac address and [TS]

  they can just say okay I'll going to [TS]

  make that my mac address I'm assuming if [TS]

  they did that it wouldn't be a good [TS]

  experience for them because I have a [TS]

  device on the network with the same mac [TS]

  address and if you have two devices the [TS]

  network could say mac address both of [TS]

  them are going to get screwed up so the [TS]

  only thing it would be good for is sort [TS]

  of a denial of service attack on [TS]

  whatever a device that they steal the [TS]

  mac address so they wouldn't have a good [TS]

  experience using my network by spoofing [TS]

  a mac address that's also being used by [TS]

  an active device on the network so [TS]

  that's why I keep it there I think it [TS]

  actually is I think it actually is a a [TS]

  reasonable way to keep people from [TS]

  stealing my wife I basically because [TS]

  just because they can grab my mac [TS]

  address and use it does not mean that [TS]

  they can successfully use my network it [TS]

  will be very frustrating for them and [TS]

  then we'll stop it you know it would be [TS]

  easier for you so I think mac address [TS]

  restrictions are still worthwhile maybe [TS]

  maybe not that I'm gonna have a lot of [TS]

  fall upon the on the next and final [TS]

  episode but if someone has some concrete [TS]

  reason why mac address restrictions just [TS]

  does not help at all I will consider a [TS]

  disabling but the point is right now I [TS]

  have enable and most the time it's not [TS]

  that bad because how many times the new [TS]

  devices coming to the house right you [TS]

  don't have to deal with that much but [TS]

  anyway when I get to that step in any [TS]

  setup process where it says okay now [TS]

  it's time for you to get on the network [TS]

  I need to know the mac address so I can [TS]

  go to my little thing and add you know [TS]

  add the mac address for the dua so on [TS]

  ahead uh and i have yet to see a single [TS]

  device that asks for net access really [TS]

  early like before the rest of the system [TS]

  is set up and you can't get out of it [TS]

  like you know it stops you you know you [TS]

  can't go to the main menu I've yet to [TS]

  see a device that does that and tells [TS]

  you or gives you a way to find the mac [TS]

  address and i don't understand why they [TS]

  wouldn't do this like all you gotta do [TS]

  is give me some way to get to a menu [TS]

  where i can see the mac address or just [TS]

  put it right there on the screen or have [TS]

  a button with a little eye on it [TS]

  something that lets me see the mac [TS]

  address otherwise i'm stuck now i'm sure [TS]

  there are devices out there that do this [TS]

  just I haven't run across any of them [TS]

  and to be fair maybe some devices I have [TS]

  do do this but if they have an ethernet [TS]

  port adorning bother with the wireless i [TS]

  just plug in ethernet so maybe I never [TS]

  see that process and the wii u [TS]

  supposedly has a USB Ethernet adapter [TS]

  but I don't have one I don't have one [TS]

  yet maybe I do have one but anyway there [TS]

  I am in any DS devices including me you [TS]

  stuck at this step cannot proceed with [TS]

  this setup process because it's [TS]

  I need to get on the network and I can't [TS]

  get you in the number because I don't [TS]

  know what your mac addresses uh so you [TS]

  know worst-case well if I can't continue [TS]

  at all what I have to do is just go turn [TS]

  off mac address restriction on my [TS]

  network and because Apple stupid routers [TS]

  offer and require you to reboot every [TS]

  time you change any kind of setting than [TS]

  a knock everyone off the network and [TS]

  people are sad and it's just not a good [TS]

  experience but in the case of the wii u [TS]

  you know I eventually got past that [TS]

  process got it on the network and [TS]

  continued found the mac address but the [TS]

  restriction back on did all the things [TS]

  but that's a bad start for the wii u [TS]

  like they're always usually think of [TS]

  everything with the setup process I'm [TS]

  gonna make this easy as possible and [TS]

  here's a case where I feel like it [TS]

  wouldn't take that much more effort to [TS]

  provide some sort of expert option for [TS]

  me to find the mac address and put it on [TS]

  the box put it you know cuz I was [TS]

  anywhere somewhere that's the kind of [TS]

  thing it's like you're saying it's like [TS]

  that goes along with that device forever [TS]

  it's not like it's not like pro l [TS]

  printing it on the box it could chant [TS]

  you know I'm saying like it's it's [TS]

  pretty much set in stone yeah and this [TS]

  is a case where you know being an expert [TS]

  user is biting me more like a novices [TS]

  would have an easier time they have [TS]

  totally unprotected networks and they [TS]

  not to worry about any of this right but [TS]

  I'm an expert user I know what I know [TS]

  what I need to know I know and I know it [TS]

  knows the information that I need it [TS]

  just won't give it to me because it you [TS]

  know it wants to do this friendly setup [TS]

  process uh alright so so with the wii u [TS]

  i get it on the network the next thing [TS]

  wants me to do is set up a user account [TS]

  ah and you know I this is a case where [TS]

  being an expert user I think kind of [TS]

  help but kind of freaked me out a little [TS]

  bit because I know about Nintendo's [TS]

  crazy drm system that they have or like [TS]

  originally would the wii i think i [TS]

  mentioned this before with when they [TS]

  originally sold the wii they said any [TS]

  game that you buy like over the network [TS]

  on the we will be tied to that console [TS]

  not tied to a user account not tied to [TS]

  you as a customer but tied to that piece [TS]

  of hardware which seems crazy to me [TS]

  because it's like how does that make any [TS]

  sense can't you at least tie it to me as [TS]

  a person you know as if you got your we [TS]

  repaired that have to give you another [TS]

  one or only Nintendo can do the super [TS]

  secret process that transfers your [TS]

  assets the new console and stuff like [TS]

  that so I knew going into this thing [TS]

  when it maybe wanted me to make a user [TS]

  accounts like okay well now they're [TS]

  going to type to an account which is [TS]

  better but I also knew that I wanted to [TS]

  bring over all my user information and [TS]

  stuff from the week and I knew it was [TS]

  this [TS]

  really crazy one time move only process [TS]

  for games like you could take things off [TS]

  of the wii and put them on the wii u but [TS]

  you can only do that one time and they [TS]

  were gone from the wii when you did that [TS]

  why because thats that crazy drm god [TS]

  forbid you have the you know game that [TS]

  you bought in two places at once oh no [TS]

  what would that mean piracy everywhere [TS]

  uh and i believe there is a move still [TS]

  not a copy operation but a move [TS]

  operation for your game data but but you [TS]

  can at least copy the game data pack you [TS]

  can't copy the games back ah so I didn't [TS]

  want to set up an account because I I [TS]

  just wanted all my info from the we on [TS]

  here I don't want to make a new person [TS]

  with a new me and said all stopped up [TS]

  with a new name and stuff like that i [TS]

  mislike know I've already got like my [TS]

  own me on the wii and I've all the stuff [TS]

  uh I want that on to my we already know [TS]

  what I want I want the wii stuff on my [TS]

  wii u but you have no choice you have to [TS]

  all right fine i'll set up but set up a [TS]

  thing you know so i can just start using [TS]

  but you can't get to the park that lets [TS]

  you bring stuff over the wii yet you [TS]

  have to set up an account and i was like [TS]

  maybe i'll just call this user temp [TS]

  right but then I was afraid I'm going to [TS]

  be stuck with the username temp if I [TS]

  can't delete it you know so I had to [TS]

  give it the name John but I'm like well [TS]

  what if only allows one user with the [TS]

  name John then by can won't be able to [TS]

  transfer over my thing like I'm [TS]

  second-guessing everything about this [TS]

  they know how brain dead their entire [TS]

  system is and and the way this should [TS]

  work the way this it should actually [TS]

  work is when i plug in the wii u it [TS]

  should find my we on the network and say [TS]

  hey i see you have a weed you want me to [TS]

  set this wii u up just like your wii was [TS]

  set up right and it could do this like [TS]

  it could do this even before it gets the [TS]

  network you could do this with like [TS]

  local proprietary networking or some [TS]

  other things doesn't even require to get [TS]

  on the Wi-Fi because Nintendo makes both [TS]

  of the boxes I mean they already making [TS]

  a proprietary Wi-Fi thing to control [TS]

  their gamepad like there's no reason to [TS]

  Nintendo boxes sitting next to each [TS]

  other both with wireless networking [TS]

  cannot find each other without access to [TS]

  my network and then it could ask the [TS]

  other wii u box of it you know this [TS]

  wouldn't help in my case with the mac [TS]

  restriction but it should be able to ask [TS]

  hey we i know you're on the Wi-Fi [TS]

  network can you tell me the setup info [TS]

  and which SSID you're connected to and [TS]

  what the password like that's how it [TS]

  should work it should be like because [TS]

  you are a Nintendo household you bring [TS]

  in this new thing and it just it sets [TS]

  itself up and it should configure [TS]

  everything it would still be screwed [TS]

  because the mac address restriction you [TS]

  know because I'm crazy but [TS]

  but that's how it should work there's no [TS]

  reason this can't be done and then when [TS]

  it finds the way it should copy over all [TS]

  my stuff not move it in a destructive [TS]

  one time if anything goes wrong during [TS]

  this transfer process you're screwed [TS]

  type of process that that isn't credible [TS]

  you know so it should either be a one [TS]

  step or a zero step process depending on [TS]

  how crazy your network is but it is not [TS]

  so instead this is what I had to do ah [TS]

  so again I'm lucky that I read about [TS]

  this all over the net before I tried it [TS]

  to see what this process was so I was [TS]

  prepared so I had that SD card that i [TS]

  knew i would need that was not too big [TS]

  to be read by the way you a big enough [TS]

  to fit all my stuff on and everything ah [TS]

  so the first thing you do once you get [TS]

  in and it's on your Wi-Fi network and [TS]

  you have your account set up or whatever [TS]

  uh is to do a system update of course [TS]

  you do because every time you buy an [TS]

  electronic device now and you plug in [TS]

  and immediately needs to have a so do [TS]

  assistance actually look I was a little [TS]

  surprised by that I guess it's I guess [TS]

  it shows me out i'm not a touch i am [TS]

  with consoles and stuff because when we [TS]

  i have one here too and that was you [TS]

  know the first thing that it makes you [TS]

  do once they're in the network is the [TS]

  system update a and you're saying that [TS]

  standard that's a no-no is ever like if [TS]

  you get you know an xbox ps3 especially [TS]

  on launch especially ones like you know [TS]

  launch day of the thing because they [TS]

  have to go to manufacturing before the [TS]

  software is done to software oh you know [TS]

  software is always late right it's [TS]

  always more you can do so they go the [TS]

  things that they put on the machines in [TS]

  the factory that's always like you know [TS]

  a month old version of the software or [TS]

  whatever and it and if unlaunchable yeah [TS]

  and even when even later when you buy [TS]

  one off the shelf that may have been [TS]

  sitting in the back stock room for a [TS]

  couple weeks or a month or whatever and [TS]

  there's been a system update since then [TS]

  so even if it was the current version [TS]

  when it was made in the factory it's not [TS]

  anymore so you just expect that uh to [TS]

  happen right so i started the system [TS]

  update and the little progress bar [TS]

  filled in a tiny little bit and i just [TS]

  sort of let it sit there and then i came [TS]

  back in i noticed the progress bar [TS]

  wasn't moving it had moved on like you [TS]

  know a couple of millimeters but it was [TS]

  not moving over like 15 minutes and I [TS]

  start getting paranoid about Wi-Fi [TS]

  reception this despite the fact that my [TS]

  wii u is on the television entertainment [TS]

  center that's only one room away from [TS]

  where my actual router is but in line of [TS]

  sight between that room and the other is [TS]

  a wall and in the middle that wall is my [TS]

  gigantic brick chimney so I'm like you [TS]

  know and also the Wii U is on the far [TS]

  side of my giant metal receiver box [TS]

  whereas the wii is on the near side so [TS]

  now i have the chimney and this big [TS]

  box I'm like maybe he's just not getting [TS]

  good Wi-Fi reception from where it is [TS]

  and like I really need needs because I [TS]

  have the ethernet switch right like two [TS]

  feet away just plug it in but I'm like [TS]

  oh I'm paranoid about the the wireless [TS]

  not working but the progress bar isn't [TS]

  moving uh now i had read this story [TS]

  about uh poor Ben Kuchera who of the [TS]

  penny arcade report who bricked his wii [TS]

  u during the system update because they [TS]

  give you all these dire warnings during [TS]

  the system update do not unplug your [TS]

  we'd like you always messaging you [TS]

  always breathing like who's gonna unplug [TS]

  their thing in the middle of a system [TS]

  update who unplugs their things ever [TS]

  that's just idiotic right it seems like [TS]

  messages for dummies like you know they [TS]

  do not eat thing on the silica gel pack [TS]

  it inside you come on who's gonna eat [TS]

  these right uh but Ben who is not [TS]

  unfamiliar with games having been a [TS]

  spending his career as a game writer in [TS]

  dealing with consoles out the wazoo [TS]

  including you know Deb consoles on her [TS]

  stuff like that ah you can read the [TS]

  story I put in the show notes the [TS]

  incredible true story of high brick my [TS]

  wii u uh you can see what he did like [TS]

  it's not he what he did anyone could do [TS]

  it you could forget that what you're [TS]

  actually doing is is turning a thing off [TS]

  because you know he had i know you read [TS]

  about and see how he got himself into a [TS]

  situation where wasn't clear to him that [TS]

  the update was still going on and it [TS]

  wasn't clear to him that he was [TS]

  unplugging it and he got into a bad [TS]

  situation so i have this bad Wi-Fi [TS]

  reception i'm like you know what if i [TS]

  could just if I could just get the wii u [TS]

  console clear of the big metal receiver [TS]

  box maybe you would have a better line [TS]

  of sites i know this is not how a [TS]

  wireless works please don't write me and [TS]

  tell me the Wi-Fi is not lying upside i [TS]

  know i know i'm just i'm just thinking [TS]

  the progress bar is not moving maybe the [TS]

  signal is not as strong in this location [TS]

  for whatever reason and maybe if I just [TS]

  pull it out of the entertainment center [TS]

  who'll be clear but all the while I'm [TS]

  pulling this thing Adam like do not [TS]

  brick this thing make sure the power [TS]

  cable stays in like I'm pulling it [TS]

  forward setting up these little wooden [TS]

  blocks for it to sit on so it's clear [TS]

  and the second I pull it clear of the [TS]

  the receiver the progress bar started [TS]

  moving and that could have been totally [TS]

  unrelated maybe it was just a stall in [TS]

  their servers who knows what the heck [TS]

  the problem was but yeah but you know I [TS]

  I mean if this makes you relax a little [TS]

  bit I saw the same exact kind of [TS]

  behavior where it was [TS]

  it had stopped for quite a long time and [TS]

  then would start and I didn't touch [TS]

  anything but who who knows yeah you [TS]

  can't diagnosable you have the progress [TS]

  bar so like I thought maybe wireless was [TS]

  a problem and it perhaps fooled me by [TS]

  all of a sudden jumping as soon as I [TS]

  cleared the thing from and maybe maybe [TS]

  the Wi-Fi signal strength was a problem [TS]

  so I don't know so I managed to keep the [TS]

  power cord in and the progress bar went [TS]

  through and a medical assistant up they [TS]

  went through of course while it was [TS]

  running I was googling around for Wii U [TS]

  ethernet adapters which apparently [TS]

  exists but or not I found like a third [TS]

  party would I'm like how could there be [TS]

  a third party USB to ethernet adapter [TS]

  for the Wii U but not a first-party one [TS]

  so anyway I might still look into that [TS]

  alright so next the time to transfer [TS]

  stuff for my week because all I've done [TS]

  now is have an updated system with the [TS]

  user account that I don't want to use I [TS]

  want my stuff from my way so you have to [TS]

  run this week for a transfer we you [TS]

  transfer application which has really [TS]

  long very wordy instructions that tries [TS]

  to get you prepared for what you're [TS]

  going to do which is nice they're trying [TS]

  to guide you but bad that they need 17 [TS]

  paragraphs of text to explain a process [TS]

  that you shouldn't be involved in it [TS]

  anyway because Nintendo makes both of [TS]

  the boxes up eventually it asks you to [TS]

  insert your blank SD card into the wii u [TS]

  and then it prepares the card bit of the [TS]

  heck that means maybe formats it maybe [TS]

  put something on it or whatever and all [TS]

  the while it's also communicating with [TS]

  the server so this process is going to [TS]

  involve the Wii the Wii U and SD card [TS]

  and also Nintendo's servers and all [TS]

  those things have to work in concert [TS]

  with us to be pulled off so it's a lot [TS]

  of moving parts here I then you have to [TS]

  go on to your we make sure it's got the [TS]

  system update then go to the Wii Shop [TS]

  Store to download the wii u transfer [TS]

  application which is free but you got to [TS]

  go through that whole thing and now you [TS]

  have the wii u transfer application on [TS]

  your way which is confusing because it's [TS]

  we you transfer anyway at some point it [TS]

  wants you to take the SD card out of the [TS]

  wii u and put it into the wii but it [TS]

  does not make it very clear when it's [TS]

  when you're supposed to do that like it [TS]

  should say it should have like you neyo [TS]

  next next term you do each step it [TS]

  should have a thing that says you hit [TS]

  next and it says okay now please take [TS]

  the thing out but it doesn't it just [TS]

  leaves you at the end of the current [TS]

  instructions and you're like I guess I [TS]

  take it out now like because the the wee [TS]

  one says please insert the SD card so I [TS]

  guess I'll take as soon as you take it [TS]

  out of the wii u the screen changes to [TS]

  confirm that what you did was the [TS]

  correct thing but i was so paranoid [TS]

  about screwing this thing up that it was [TS]

  not clear to me that was going on and i [TS]

  read those instructions and I read [TS]

  online and I read the instruction [TS]

  manuals I read [TS]

  everything I'm making sure that I'm [TS]

  doing the right thing but it was you [TS]

  know I didn't make any mistakes but it [TS]

  was not for all the texts they provided [TS]

  it was not as clear to me that what I [TS]

  was doing was the right thing even [TS]

  though it was so you put the SD card [TS]

  into the wii and a copy stuff onto it [TS]

  there's a cute little Pikmin animation [TS]

  that runs uh but unfortunately nothing [TS]

  can hide the fact that this copy process [TS]

  takes forever and I don't know why is it [TS]

  because the SD card is slow is because [TS]

  there's lots of data is because it's [TS]

  communicating with a server in between [TS]

  doing each move who knows why but it [TS]

  takes way too long to do this and [TS]

  finally you take the SD card out of the [TS]

  we put it back into the wii u oh and by [TS]

  the way when you're doing this that [TS]

  means of course you have to have both [TS]

  the wii and the way you don't have to be [TS]

  on at the same time you can do it so you [TS]

  turn what off on the other but it's you [TS]

  know again i want to keep them both on [TS]

  because i was paranoid so that means you [TS]

  have to be controlling both the wii in [TS]

  the wii u at the same time so you have [TS]

  to make sure that you didn't repair all [TS]

  your wiimotes with one or the other [TS]

  let's not show you enjoy the whole [TS]

  remote sharing thing alright so you put [TS]

  the SD card back from your way into your [TS]

  wii u and you see more pigment [TS]

  animations and a more really really long [TS]

  wait and at the end of that process all [TS]

  of your wiiware games and all the things [TS]

  that you bought on your we are now only [TS]

  on your wii u and even though I knew [TS]

  this was gonna happen during the cottage [TS]

  how did you know that was gonna happen [TS]

  well because I'd read every article [TS]

  about I mean it research ahead of time [TS]

  like the hell is the regular consumer [TS]

  would would have been too what does it [TS]

  tell you the process or what it [TS]

  emphasizes in the process that it's [TS]

  gonna be a moves not a copy like it [TS]

  tells you many many times but you it's [TS]

  kind of like the shrink wrap stuff on [TS]

  software how many people are actually [TS]

  gonna read that like they tell you many [TS]

  many times keep in mind you know a if [TS]

  this screws up your screw they kind of [TS]

  say that and be this stuff will be gone [TS]

  from your wii and will only be on your [TS]

  wii u and even though i knew that you [TS]

  know intellectually when it was copying [TS]

  us it wait a second you know what that [TS]

  means that i won't be able to play mario [TS]

  64 with a gamecube controller anymore [TS]

  because my way is the good one that has [TS]

  the Gamecube compatibility and I like [TS]

  playing the mario 64 with my gamecube [TS]

  controller can't do that anymore because [TS]

  now Mary 64 is only on the Wii U and the [TS]

  Wii U has no way from you use a gamecube [TS]

  patrol and I don't have a pro controller [TS]

  I don't think you're gonna like it [TS]

  better than the gamecube controller [TS]

  anyway ah so that was sad but my [TS]

  solution was just to brute force and say [TS]

  fine i will just repurchase mario 64 on [TS]

  the wii so i can play with the gamecube [TS]

  so that's what I did I'm trying to stop [TS]

  doing that for every game I like to play [TS]

  with the gamecube controller but i gotta [TS]

  keep mary 64 around it's a favorite so [TS]

  after that was done the next thing i did [TS]

  was i tried Skyward Sword on the wii u [TS]

  because i wanted my son was in the [TS]

  middle of one of his i think a second [TS]

  playthrough of Skyward Sword I wanted to [TS]

  see can we just like not use the wii any [TS]

  more like basically pretend that we as a [TS]

  gamecube pretending that wii u is both a [TS]

  way in a way you can we stop using that [TS]

  for wii games so that i compare all my [TS]

  remotes with the wii u and only leave [TS]

  the the wii for gamecube stuff and this [TS]

  gets into something we talked about in [TS]

  the television episode so you run the [TS]

  wii application on the wii u and it [TS]

  turns the wii u into a week oh god this [TS]

  this this sounds like the other foreign [TS]

  language or nonsense words with all this [TS]

  wii u wii stuff and you launch the game [TS]

  but it shows skyward sword with a with a [TS]

  black border around the entire screen [TS]

  top bottom left and right like it [TS]

  doesn't fill the entire screen and i [TS]

  realized the reason it's doing this is [TS]

  because i have my HDTV set to i don't [TS]

  know what you would call this like the [TS]

  correct native resolution like you know [TS]

  HDTV has a certain resolution whatever [TS]

  it is 1080 x whatever the other [TS]

  resolution that i can never remember is [TS]

  that's how many pixels are you know [TS]

  picture elements are in the image but [TS]

  most hdtvs comes set up so that actually [TS]

  what you're seeing is like it chops off [TS]

  the top bottom left and right borders [TS]

  like a top saw chops off a margin of the [TS]

  image and zooms the rest of the image up [TS]

  a little bit i don't know why they do [TS]

  that well actually i dunno why do I they [TS]

  do that because the legacy of crts is [TS]

  that CRT's used to not be able to show [TS]

  that the picture around the edge or [TS]

  cathode ray tube was distorted and bad [TS]

  and so they would build television sets [TS]

  with a little plastic rim around the [TS]

  edge that would prevent you from even [TS]

  seeing you remember when you had a TV [TS]

  set like that it was like a tube shaped [TS]

  thing and it wasn't a rectangle it was [TS]

  kind of like a rounded rectangular [TS]

  bulges yeah you know because the plastic [TS]

  bezel was covering all that stuff up [TS]

  like and so literally was not a [TS]

  rectangle it was his weird rounded shape [TS]

  there was sometimes picture being shown [TS]

  underneath them but you couldn't see it [TS]

  because it was you know covered up by [TS]

  the [TS]

  plastic bit as televisions eventually [TS]

  became actual rectangles they continue [TS]

  this practice I think they called that [TS]

  was like the title safe area maybe we [TS]

  think something else but they were [TS]

  basically your television signal back in [TS]

  the CRT days they would always hide the [TS]

  edges of the screen because they assumed [TS]

  that would look crappy eventually [TS]

  display technology advanced to the point [TS]

  where display technology was good enough [TS]

  that the image on the edge of the screen [TS]

  was just fine and then all you're doing [TS]

  is losing information and scaling things [TS]

  up and making them ugly so when the wii [TS]

  u sends out the signal for a wii game [TS]

  over its hdmi cable it sends it out just [TS]

  as that little inset image assuming that [TS]

  the television set is going to take that [TS]

  image and zoom it so that those black [TS]

  borders disappear and the actual an [TS]

  image part of the image just touches the [TS]

  edges of the screens ah but i don't want [TS]

  that i don't want the black border [TS]

  around it i mean for burnin purposes [TS]

  alone like why would i want that why [TS]

  wouldn't i want to fill my screen just [TS]

  fill my screen up with it now when i'm [TS]

  running it on the way i have it [TS]

  connected with component video and it's [TS]

  an analog output and that does fill the [TS]

  screen so this upset me because like my [TS]

  television has a setting that can change [TS]

  it they be mine on Panasonic's they call [TS]

  it size one and size to size two is like [TS]

  the correct size but you get to see [TS]

  every single pixel the video signal that [TS]

  you're paying for and size one says [TS]

  throw out the top bottom left and right [TS]

  sides and zoom the screen slightly [TS]

  making everything blurry so that's why I [TS]

  have my television always said to size 2 [TS]

  and all my input but with this setup [TS]

  what I would have to do every time my [TS]

  son wanted to play Skyward Sword is [TS]

  trained him to ensure that he does go to [TS]

  the stupid television menu with these [TS]

  super advanced picture settings which [TS]

  like nine menus and change the thing [TS]

  from size to back to size one right but [TS]

  only when he's playing the wii games cuz [TS]

  when you come back come play the wii u [TS]

  games you gotta change it to size two [TS]

  and you can't do different inputs [TS]

  because you know it's all the same but [TS]

  it's all the wii u so Skyward Sword on [TS]

  the wii u out the window that still has [TS]

  to also be played on the wii which means [TS]

  i have to keep at least one motion [TS]

  control remote tied to the wii to play [TS]

  the wii games that was kind of [TS]

  disappointing because i was hoping I [TS]

  could you know retire the wii for [TS]

  everything except for gamecube games but [TS]

  that is not possible so i also copied [TS]

  all of my save game data back to the way [TS]

  again why does it move it when it could [TS]

  copy it it just does the game data games [TS]

  save data can be moved back to the way [TS]

  so you can have your Skyward Sword save [TS]

  games back over there so we can play it [TS]

  successfully you can't transfer back [TS]

  save data for any game that has a [TS]

  network component [TS]

  I think like mario kart wii where you [TS]

  can play people over the network because [TS]

  i don't know they tie that to your [TS]

  network ID or some stuff like that you [TS]

  can't transfer that back so some games [TS]

  some wii games i can now only play in [TS]

  the wii u 0 give a thumbs down to that [TS]

  alright so finally now I've got [TS]

  everything over there including my meez [TS]

  and everything I finally create a new [TS]

  user account associated with the me that [TS]

  I transferred from my wii because we [TS]

  have Me's for the whole family over [TS]

  there apparently i couldn't just [TS]

  reassign the me of the original user i [TS]

  made i pretty sure i tried that it [TS]

  didn't take good notes on it but like I [TS]

  didn't want to assume that all I can [TS]

  make a temporary user and then just [TS]

  change the me associated with it and I [TS]

  believe it's actually not the case and [TS]

  like my paranoia would paid off there i [TS]

  made a new user gave it my actual name [TS]

  associated with my actual me and after [TS]

  me the new user allowed me to leave [TS]

  delete the old user so good so far then [TS]

  I had to make a Nintendo network ID and [TS]

  I had no idea what the hell that is so [TS]

  back to the manual back to Google what [TS]

  the hell is an attender no cry do you [TS]

  know what is this thing they give no [TS]

  good explanation for it in tendo's own [TS]

  website like has very bad information [TS]

  they try to explain it like friendly [TS]

  turn since like no explain to me in [TS]

  technical terms what does this mean [TS]

  right so I hadn't you'd enter an email [TS]

  address a username and by the way every [TS]

  time they want you to enter username it [TS]

  says please enter username and make sure [TS]

  you don't use any personally [TS]

  identifiable information and of course [TS]

  my username I always use like on Twitter [TS]

  and everything is my last name right and [TS]

  so it's like it is that like forbidden [TS]

  do they not want me to use my last name [TS]

  is my username do I have to make up [TS]

  something I guess it's like to protect [TS]

  kids so you know nothing to get on your [TS]

  yeah cuz I like if you're if you're [TS]

  grown up and you're John siracusa like [TS]

  who cares you know what I mean like oh [TS]

  it that's John sirak used to running [TS]

  around but I think I think you're like a [TS]

  little kid it'll raise that not like so [TS]

  much like a suggestion but like it was a [TS]

  requirement so I was afraid I think I [TS]

  ended up just using Syracuse I actually [TS]

  forget what i pyxeas I don't think this [TS]

  name comes up a much in there but that I [TS]

  don't I mean because every what are you [TS]

  gonna pick like you know uh duty head 65 [TS]

  like you back I gotta pick something it [TS]

  doesn't have any personally identifying [TS]

  information not based on any of my [TS]

  name's or any where I live or anything [TS]

  like that so I guess people probably [TS]

  just picking their their names were just [TS]

  fine uh then I wanted to add users for [TS]

  and [TS]

  network ID you know I mean I understand [TS]

  that you need to use it to play online [TS]

  games and stuff like that my questions [TS]

  about it were not like what is an [TS]

  attendant at work addy but like how does [TS]

  it manifest itself in the rest of the [TS]

  system so when I went to add users for [TS]

  the rest of my family you know both my [TS]

  kids in my wife because we have the [TS]

  little me set up my choices were and [TS]

  this is from memory i think this is the [TS]

  wording it was like add a new user and [TS]

  it says for first time users or [TS]

  something like that and the other choice [TS]

  was add to an existing nintendo network [TS]

  ID and I didn't know what to choose or [TS]

  what the implications were despite [TS]

  reading the manual reading all the stuff [TS]

  like would I have to log out every time [TS]

  my son wanted to play if I made a [TS]

  separate account from him would separate [TS]

  accounts not share saved a their [TS]

  unlockables like uh you know on the wii [TS]

  and on like all pastel de games and [TS]

  stuff like that when you play the game [TS]

  there's like three or five saved game [TS]

  slots so like one game could be yours [TS]

  the one game could be your son's right [TS]

  and that's all the same slots you get [TS]

  with those save slots be a new set of [TS]

  save slots through him if we use [TS]

  different network IDs or where they you [TS]

  know if we if I want to play part of the [TS]

  game and unlock things so that he can [TS]

  play them like if I wanna unlock boards [TS]

  on you know we you married kart game and [TS]

  I want my son to see them do we have to [TS]

  share the same account is it even [TS]

  possible to use a single Nintendo [TS]

  network ID with multiple like we me [TS]

  account things on here would we share [TS]

  funds when i buy things or get a gift [TS]

  certificate but he not be able to see [TS]

  them with my son Nina's on credit card [TS]

  or his own email and like this is what I [TS]

  want to know what are the implications [TS]

  of this thing is it like a Mac os10 user [TS]

  account is it like Netflix where you can [TS]

  have one account but everybody different [TS]

  people can put things on a cure you can [TS]

  have separate queues for that's what you [TS]

  know maybe regular people don't care and [TS]

  they just do whatever they want but I [TS]

  didn't know what the right choice was I [TS]

  kept reading it from what I can tell if [TS]

  I had selected add to an existing [TS]

  Nintendo network ID I would have [TS]

  disassociated that network ID with the [TS]

  me that represented me and associated it [TS]

  with a new one that's I didn't try it [TS]

  but that's as far as I understand i [TS]

  think that's what would happen uh very [TS]

  confusing maybe more confusing to nerds [TS]

  than regular people who wouldn't think [TS]

  about this but I'm immediately thinking [TS]

  about what the implications of this [TS]

  choice are or how it works and the [TS]

  wording does not make it clear nor does [TS]

  any of the helpdesk text and i even [TS]

  googled then you saw a couple people [TS]

  asking the same question but no good [TS]

  answers because I guess the console is [TS]

  too new all right so eventually i just [TS]

  decided look I'm going to make separate [TS]

  Nintendo network IDs for everyone so I [TS]

  had to make a username for everyone and [TS]

  for Mike [TS]

  I didn't want any personally [TS]

  identifiable information so it couldn't [TS]

  contain the first or last name or [TS]

  anything about them so I had to make up [TS]

  names for them which I got they don't [TS]

  even know what those names are because I [TS]

  don't think they would like them but [TS]

  tough luck kids uh and a password for [TS]

  each person and I have to remember their [TS]

  passwords right because you know they're [TS]

  not gonna remember their passwords right [TS]

  and when I set up my wife's account [TS]

  which was second one did I had to set up [TS]

  an email for our we just find she's got [TS]

  an email but when I did the kids I'm [TS]

  like well kids don't have email [TS]

  addresses because I too young yet well [TS]

  they can't they kind of do but they [TS]

  don't actually know about them or use [TS]

  them uh and they don't have credit cards [TS]

  obviously right but what the first time [TS]

  I set up an account because it asks for [TS]

  your birth date when you're setting mine [TS]

  account if you pick a birth date and [TS]

  they determined that's a child based on [TS]

  the birthday you then have to prove that [TS]

  you're an adult setting it up and they [TS]

  do that by charging you fifty cents on [TS]

  your credit card like non-refundable [TS]

  which is fine whatever that's your way [TS]

  in doing you just have to do it one time [TS]

  not once for each kid once you've proved [TS]

  that you're an adult setting up the [TS]

  thing it says fine ah it's very weird [TS]

  and very non obvious but I think all [TS]

  this stuff supports the idea that I made [TS]

  the right choice because by making a [TS]

  separate Nintendo network ID for them [TS]

  it's clear that they don't expect [TS]

  everyone to tender network at eight to [TS]

  be an adult that it's clear that they [TS]

  might be a kid and you just have to [TS]

  prove as their parent regarding that [TS]

  you're allowing this to happen and they [TS]

  don't ask for an email for the kid they [TS]

  don't require the kid accounts that have [TS]

  a credit card I still don't quite [TS]

  understand what this means about you [TS]

  know especially the point in the set up [TS]

  process say I login is me and buy a game [TS]

  and the you know downloadable game did [TS]

  they see it when they log in as them [TS]

  like even though I bought it with my [TS]

  network ID and password can they play it [TS]

  like all these questions are not [TS]

  answered i'm assuming the answer she'll [TS]

  be fine but it's the uncertainty that [TS]

  bothers me all right so i got everyone's [TS]

  account set up and finally I said okay [TS]

  now wait now let me look at all the non [TS]

  game stuff hadn't started any game discs [TS]

  finally the system is updated the [TS]

  accounts are created the data is [TS]

  transferred let me look at all this [TS]

  other stuff that's there you know then [TS]

  let me look at the netflix app let me [TS]

  look at their TV control thing let me [TS]

  get everything set up every time I [TS]

  launch one of those things the [TS]

  individual applications also want to [TS]

  download an update Michael what the hell [TS]

  are you doing when you're doing a system [TS]

  update if you weren't updating like the [TS]

  netflix app and all the other stuff [TS]

  isn't that part of the system software [TS]

  so each one of those icons that I tapped [TS]

  on I was like up sorry you can't launch [TS]

  it I have to download [TS]

  update and then I go do something else [TS]

  uh the total time it took me to get the [TS]

  system from out of the box well I'm not [TS]

  ignoring the connecting to television to [TS]

  get from like all rights all connect to [TS]

  the television everything is set up [TS]

  start the clock now you're turning [TS]

  system on for the first time right five [TS]

  hour from 8pm to 1am five hours to set [TS]

  this thing and I'm not let's not like [TS]

  I'm doing crazy stuff here all I wanted [TS]

  was like make it like my we was with the [TS]

  counts for everybody no games played [TS]

  nothing installed like just bare bones [TS]

  and transfer the stuff from the week [TS]

  that is not a good first launch [TS]

  experience no I can set up a mac pro [TS]

  computer from being in the box and [TS]

  considerably less time that it took me [TS]

  to set this stupid thing I but a lot it [TS]

  to be fair a lot of that time was [TS]

  waiting for the stupid downloads to go [TS]

  and maybe it's because their servers [TS]

  were slow or you know my wife I say it [TS]

  was bad but this is not it's not a good [TS]

  experience did you do have you said you [TS]

  have one and you set it up by assume [TS]

  your experience was not five hours in [TS]

  college because you're not as obsessed [TS]

  as I am making it look having these [TS]

  where all your family and making it look [TS]

  like your we know I mean we I have a wii [TS]

  but that's at home and I set this up at [TS]

  here at the the world headquarters five [TS]

  by five world headquarters so I was not [TS]

  concerned at all about migrating [TS]

  anything I had what could be described [TS]

  as essentially a vanilla install kind of [TS]

  experience where I set it up plugged it [TS]

  in and let it do its thing downloading [TS]

  and I think it yeah the download itself [TS]

  of the update was the long part and I [TS]

  think that probably took an hour so for [TS]

  me it was more like a 90 maybe 120 [TS]

  minute kind of thing but still it was [TS]

  still a long time did you launch any [TS]

  other apps did you look at the netflix [TS]

  client or the hulu client or the amazon [TS]

  video like all the did you launch each [TS]

  one of those because each one those also [TS]

  triggered and download yeah for me i did [TS]

  and i saw at this all my guests at 120 [TS]

  minutes would include the you know like [TS]

  that little like then how is the weird [TS]

  thing is like you're saying it's like [TS]

  you launch something and you think it's [TS]

  just going to be there but no then that [TS]

  has to do it but those were much shorter [TS]

  those are like more like a five or ten [TS]

  minute yeah although each other like for [TS]

  the netflix one you had to go to the [TS]

  netflix website and type in this code or [TS]

  go to this URL to confirm these device [TS]

  to be able to you know it's like [TS]

  to be able to you know it's like [TS]

  just interminable setup and in all cases [TS]

  I feel like you know because all this [TS]

  stuff came out of the box it's not [TS]

  third-party that the nintendo stuff [TS]

  should be able to set this absolves you [TS]

  know this is not Nintendo strength [TS]

  system software is not their strength [TS]

  traditionally they didn't have any [TS]

  system software you shoved in a [TS]

  cartridge in your nes turn it on the [TS]

  game took over that was it there's you [TS]

  know and as that becomes less and less [TS]

  the case an intent was weakness and [TS]

  system software is becoming apparent all [TS]

  right so you want to do on the sponsor [TS]

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  alright so the setup process or clear of [TS]

  that now and really it is a one-time [TS]

  thing and maybe you know it's like well [TS]

  fine whatever its pain in the butt to do [TS]

  but everything went fine and you got [TS]

  through it and you won't have to do it [TS]

  again it's still black mark I'll briefly [TS]

  about the console itself which really is [TS]

  not you know I mean the actual thing [TS]

  that you stick the disc into right [TS]

  that's not a big deal sis on your TV [TS]

  whatever it's a little bit bigger than [TS]

  the wii console [TS]

  curved on the sides and stuff the noise [TS]

  level seems i'm gonna say lower than the [TS]

  wii if it's not lower by like measuring [TS]

  in decibels at least it's a nicer sound [TS]

  kind of in the philosophy of apples [TS]

  thing with their asymmetrical fans where [TS]

  if it's going to be just as loud just [TS]

  make it like less irritating it's almost [TS]

  as if it has a larger diameter fan [TS]

  that's going at lower RPM I don't know [TS]

  if that's actually the case but that's [TS]

  the quality of the sound it's like less [TS]

  high pitched whiny and obnoxious and [TS]

  that that's a trend because I've got a [TS]

  gamecube a wii and wii u all connected [TS]

  to my TV and the gamecube is the most [TS]

  sort of kissing and annoying and the wii [TS]

  is a little bit better and the wii u is [TS]

  better still so thumbs up on that i [TS]

  would like it if it was even quieter but [TS]

  at least we're making at least we're [TS]

  going in the right direction right the [TS]

  recess sync button in the front is a [TS]

  little bit hard to press if you don't [TS]

  have good finger nails and even if you [TS]

  do kind of feeling around trying to [TS]

  press it in there that's only a problem [TS]

  if you know how often do you think we [TS]

  remotes but now that I have two devices [TS]

  that want to share and fight over the [TS]

  wii remotes and i don't have enough to [TS]

  put four in each one right i am now [TS]

  opening the stupid battery doors and [TS]

  taking off the wii remote condom opening [TS]

  the battery door person that little red [TS]

  button and going up to the TV pushing [TS]

  the red button on a little thing that is [TS]

  not a fun or good process for you know [TS]

  the sinking works fine but it's a pain [TS]

  to resync things from one to the other [TS]

  and it's difficult for the kids to do [TS]

  when they get frustrated if they don't [TS]

  do it right and yeah but that's all i [TS]

  have to say about the console itself [TS]

  it's mostly non issue with the slot [TS]

  loading drive is nice and sturdy it does [TS]

  not feel cheap unlike the new super slim [TS]

  ps3 with a sliding door and just shove [TS]

  the disc in there that looks and feels [TS]

  cheap this feels nice and expensive so [TS]

  the gamepad controller now that I [TS]

  finally got one of these in my hands [TS]

  actually brought it and it's sitting on [TS]

  the desk next to me in case I need to [TS]

  refer to it and or fondle it while [TS]

  speaking although i'm not going to turn [TS]

  turn it on to the screen in the middle [TS]

  of the thing the viewing angle is not up [TS]

  to the standards set by the best iOS [TS]

  devices i guess that's to be expected [TS]

  like cuz those are I OS devices cost a [TS]

  lot of money and there you know it's a [TS]

  basically a big battery in a screen and [TS]

  a little tiny printed circuit board so [TS]

  yeah this is not forget about retina [TS]

  just in terms of color saturation and [TS]

  viewing angle this is not up to the [TS]

  standards of of even an iPod [TS]

  sure certainly not an iPad screen which [TS]

  is fine i understand it has to be cheap [TS]

  and whatever but like i don't know what [TS]

  i've paid fifty dollars more for a [TS]

  better screen maybe maybe not maybe [TS]

  they'll actually improve the screens [TS]

  like years later in newer versions the [TS]

  touch the screen is touchscreen is [TS]

  pressure sensitive not capacitive i use [TS]

  palm devices for years so I was kind of [TS]

  used to pressure sensitive touch uh but [TS]

  of course then I always came along and I [TS]

  got used to capacitive touch yeah for [TS]

  people who don't know capacitive touch [TS]

  like you don't actually have to press on [TS]

  the glass it doesn't doesn't sense how [TS]

  hard you press so please stop pressing [TS]

  really hard on your iPad's because it [TS]

  makes me cringe but pressure sensitive [TS]

  touch you actually have to press with a [TS]

  certain amount of force and the screen [TS]

  deflects not a lot but it deflects and [TS]

  that's how it senses that you're [TS]

  touching it but now going back to using [TS]

  a touchscreen after using capacitive [TS]

  touch is really weird feeling like an [TS]

  early example or in the setup process [TS]

  they had like you know text for you to [TS]

  read or something on the gamepad screen [TS]

  and they have this gigantic like [TS]

  comically big like brontosaurus scroll [TS]

  thumb did you see that anything like it [TS]

  it's like a proportional scroll thumb [TS]

  that fills up more than half the screen [TS]

  is comically huge it's like it's like [TS]

  super sized and so you see that and [TS]

  you're like uh you know right away this [TS]

  is weird because it's like wait wait [TS]

  this is a touchscreen why aren't they [TS]

  using the iOS way we're like you don't [TS]

  see a giant squirrel thumb and iOS like [TS]

  don't scroll them only appears that you [TS]

  grabbed the whole page and you drag it [TS]

  why don't they do that but I kind of see [TS]

  why they don't do that because when I [TS]

  went to grab this girl thumb and move it [TS]

  it was like hit or miss because I'm not [TS]

  used applying enough pressure especially [TS]

  when you're sliding your finger like you [TS]

  want to put your finger on this girls [TS]

  come and move it down the touchscreen [TS]

  but it's not you realize you have to [TS]

  apply constant pressure otherwise it [TS]

  thinks you've stopped pressing the [TS]

  screen because it has no idea that [TS]

  you're your finger is touching the [TS]

  screen unless you press and so it's kind [TS]

  of like stop start or sometimes we would [TS]

  register at app instead of a drag and [TS]

  you know all sorts of fumbling problems [TS]

  like that because you're not used to and [TS]

  it's uncomfortable to apply pressure [TS]

  like that and so now I see why they [TS]

  didn't just make you grab the whole [TS]

  region because he tried to grab the [TS]

  whole region and scroll it if it if you [TS]

  let up pressure and it suddenly [TS]

  interprets what you're doing is a tap [TS]

  that could beat apple stuff in there [TS]

  like links or buttons or other things so [TS]

  they want to give you a dedicated region [TS]

  here's where you screw up you're [TS]

  scrolling you [TS]

  growing over here and eventually I guess [TS]

  it will train us to apply the right [TS]

  pressure with our fingernail or whatever [TS]

  to to scroll the thing but that said the [TS]

  scrolling was surprisingly responsive if [TS]

  you provided enough pressure like the [TS]

  the jitteriness was not because it [TS]

  couldn't keep up with my scrolling and [TS]

  that was one of my fears from seeing the [TS]

  videos was that they couldn't even get [TS]

  like a scrollable region of text to [TS]

  perform well that fear was unfounded the [TS]

  performance and the menus for just [TS]

  growing text areas perfectly fine very [TS]

  responsive if you applied the right [TS]

  pressure and you can also scroll using [TS]

  the analog sticks in the d-pad and stuff [TS]

  so you don't need to mess with the [TS]

  screen scrolling if you just want to do [TS]

  with those then advantage that the iOS [TS]

  devices don't have is this a million [TS]

  other giggles around the thing there's [TS]

  also a stylist so according to Steve [TS]

  Jobs intend to blew it but you know [TS]

  using using a stylus on a [TS]

  pressure-sensitive screen really does [TS]

  take me back to my palm days because [TS]

  that's what it was got these little [TS]

  plastic stylist things and a [TS]

  pressure-sensitive screen and it's like [TS]

  going back in time it what that was [TS]

  actually i did not know maybe you know [TS]

  i'm just shows how out of loop i was i [TS]

  did not know that this thing had a [TS]

  stylus period until at one point it's [TS]

  like get the style and i was like oh why [TS]

  of course it has one day what does it [TS]

  not have it doesn't have like a solar [TS]

  powered generator ain't nothing they [TS]

  know and I'm like oh I guess it has a [TS]

  stylist that's weird and I found that I [TS]

  did not want to use it yeah well you [TS]

  know it makes some sense because some [TS]

  parts of the interfacing system allow [TS]

  you to draw pictures you know you can [TS]

  draw pictures to yourself that you see [TS]

  in the me verse and intend to lend stuff [TS]

  and drawing pictures you do not want to [TS]

  draw with your finger on a precious [TS]

  industry and let me tell you and solace [TS]

  is perfect for that so it totally makes [TS]

  sense of this styles and therefore for [TS]

  the drawing type activities and you know [TS]

  the thing is so big and it got [TS]

  everything why the heck not uh one [TS]

  problem with the stylist we already [TS]

  almost lost it like in the first day we [TS]

  had is like whereas the style it's right [TS]

  because the kids take it out and they [TS]

  use it because it is actually use in [TS]

  gameplay which I'll get to in a little [TS]

  bit they do sell these though and like [TS]

  Target and wherever else for they're not [TS]

  too expensive yeah so I felt like you [TS]

  know the things should come out of the [TS]

  box with like a packet of 17 of these [TS]

  little cheap plans it's just a little [TS]

  stick of plastic so I know should just [TS]

  go out and buy them I should just [TS]

  preemptively by all pack of them just [TS]

  assume they're going to be lost and I [TS]

  prefer them to be lost than to have it [TS]

  attached with the string which something [TS]

  like the leappad does [TS]

  for little kids but they attach the [TS]

  stylus with a string that is terrible [TS]

  because the string is always in the way [TS]

  and yeah yeah so I would prefer to lose [TS]

  it then and have attached by string but [TS]

  this they will get lost so next up to [TS]

  the analog sticks on these things the [TS]

  analog sticks is two of them were on the [TS]

  bar on the right and left side of the [TS]

  gamepad controller I hope everyone is [TS]

  from the past shows knows what the [TS]

  gamepad controller is not gonna you know [TS]

  go back and read ascribe to thing but [TS]

  now that have it in my hands we're just [TS]

  going to the detail so if you don't know [TS]

  what I'm talking about and don't [TS]

  understand what I'm talking about with a [TS]

  screen and a stylist and sticks just [TS]

  look up we u gamepad and you will find [TS]

  it up the analog sticks are commendably [TS]

  typed a very little slop slop is like [TS]

  when you there's a dead spot in the [TS]

  center where you can move the stick in a [TS]

  certain direction and nothing happens [TS]

  yet because you haven't actually sent a [TS]

  signal to the council all you're doing [TS]

  is moving in an empty space between like [TS]

  the lever that controls the little [TS]

  thingy so these things feel super tight [TS]

  as they showed out of the box but they [TS]

  feel very very tight oh and when I was [TS]

  noting that tightness it when i was [TS]

  first using the thing and playing with [TS]

  it it made me think about oh my god what [TS]

  the heck am I gonna do if they start to [TS]

  loosen up because you know my original [TS]

  GameCube controller the one that came [TS]

  with my original purple Game Cube has a [TS]

  huge amount of slop and it like this is [TS]

  gigantic dead zone all around center [TS]

  point of that thing because you know the [TS]

  plastic internal parts with whatever [TS]

  we're out from just years and years of [TS]

  abuse especially if you have super smash [TS]

  brothers for the Gamecube you will [TS]

  destroy your analog stick so over the [TS]

  years i purchased many new game [TS]

  controllers and i'm purchasing not [TS]

  because the old ones bro quit because i [TS]

  want a tighter stick lots of innuendo in [TS]

  the show ha i mean you can't play monkey [TS]

  ball with it with a loose analog stick [TS]

  you just can't needs to be tight so if [TS]

  the analog sticks on the game pits start [TS]

  to loosen up after you what do I have to [TS]

  do I have to buy like a new game pad for [TS]

  $85 or whatever it costs I don't want to [TS]

  you know that's I don't want to have to [TS]

  buy a whole new game pad in the ifixit [TS]

  teardown they showed that the internal [TS]

  parts are easily replaceable so maybe [TS]

  they'll be like aftermarket things where [TS]

  i can buy new analog sticks but i'm not [TS]

  looking forward to the day that the [TS]

  analog sticks loosen up in this game but [TS]

  maybe they've made a breakthrough in [TS]

  technology and they won't loosen up and [TS]

  they're made of like adamantium [TS]

  internally or something I don't know but [TS]

  I feel like super smash brothers for the [TS]

  Wii U or for any console can destroy any [TS]

  analog stick with enough usage [TS]

  so anyway the sticks themselves are a [TS]

  lot like the analog sticks on the wii [TS]

  nunchuk and there's no octagonal [TS]

  surround as i already planned about so [TS]

  I'm sad about that and if you really pay [TS]

  attention when you're first just [TS]

  flicking around the pads you'll notice [TS]

  that there's this tell me if you notice [TS]

  this may be just me there's this tiny [TS]

  sticky sensation and sound just off [TS]

  center so if you move the stick just a [TS]

  little bit in any direction you hear [TS]

  this little sound almost like a sticker [TS]

  is being partially peeled off a surface [TS]

  like right you feet and you also feel a [TS]

  little hitch ah and that sensation which [TS]

  is weird is giving you a clue it's that [TS]

  sensation is part of the mechanism that [TS]

  allows both sticks to be pressed in word [TS]

  for an additional input you can press [TS]

  the sticks in you can do is I think on [TS]

  the xbox too and I don't know if you can [TS]

  do the ps3 but anyway a lot of these [TS]

  makers for you like we can add one more [TS]

  possible button just push the stick [TS]

  inward right and what you're feeling [TS]

  when you're not pushing this big gamer [TS]

  but just using a stick as a normal stick [TS]

  is that little off-center stickiness is [TS]

  the hint them that mechanism exists i [TS]

  don't think it's an attentional hint but [TS]

  that's what i'm attributing to it all [TS]

  right so here's the problem I don't mind [TS]

  that sensation the office Anderson [TS]

  station with the sticky thing maybe [TS]

  that'll go away when they loosen up [TS]

  which you don't want to happen but [TS]

  actually doing this actually pressing [TS]

  one or both of the sticks inward to get [TS]

  that press which some things some games [TS]

  actually do require this as part of the [TS]

  gameplay doing that feels and sounds [TS]

  awful it I mean there's no slop it's not [TS]

  it's not like you know it has slapping [TS]

  anything but like is that's the one [TS]

  thing is like if you have a press and [TS]

  you're like oh every time I'm just using [TS]

  the stickers normal stick accidentally [TS]

  press it in and that feels bad too but [TS]

  that doesn't happen here but when you [TS]

  press them in it's like you're cracking [TS]

  the gamepad's knuckles and and I'm not a [TS]

  person who's grossed out by knuckle [TS]

  cracking sounds for the most part but [TS]

  pressing downward on those gamepads fix [TS]

  just feels like he gives it just like [TS]

  nails on a chalkboard just makes me feel [TS]

  icky and the other sensation that comes [TS]

  to mind again bringing back to my palm [TS]

  days is the spine crunching sound that [TS]

  you would get when you took an old palm [TS]

  thing with a big proprietary multi-pin [TS]

  port on the bottom when you put one of [TS]

  those into their dock you remember ahead [TS]

  doing that like I do like at an angle [TS]

  and it would like crunching that was [TS]

  like a dry crunch the game [TS]

  and pressing in that is a wet knuckle [TS]

  cracking noise you should get your have [TS]

  how to get your your gamepad controller [TS]

  now press that thing and tell me that is [TS]

  not like the the worst sensation that [TS]

  you know intentional I don't sentential [TS]

  sensation but it's something you're [TS]

  going to feel and it's not just a sound [TS]

  it feels like wet and gross and [TS]

  unsatisfying is not good and the bottom [TS]

  line is it actively discourages me from [TS]

  using the features in the game the [TS]

  required pressing in like boost the [TS]

  boosting mechanic in the Metroid blast [TS]

  game Nintendo land I just avoid boosting [TS]

  ever because I don't want to feel that [TS]

  feeling of pressing in that you know I [TS]

  don't like that mechanic in general I [TS]

  don't like pressing in the sticks for [TS]

  any type of movie feel like you should [TS]

  be able to use the face buttons and the [TS]

  triggers that are there especially if it [TS]

  requires fine you know analog [TS]

  directional control i don't want also [TS]

  have to shove the thing in but this is [TS]

  just this is a key maybe this is the [TS]

  personal thing you can try it yourself [TS]

  and see if you agree that indeed a key [TS]

  you want me to go get it I don't you [TS]

  have people to do that yes can you go [TS]

  get please Robin the here's the key in [TS]

  the they do you want me to bring I have [TS]

  the pro controller you can want to ask [TS]

  me about that I'll have ever get it [TS]

  right now yeah you can give me your gear [TS]

  bags I suppose that we controller the [TS]

  one with the screen and the other one [TS]

  thank you Hattie's on a plane so Rob [TS]

  Robin is going to get hey go there she [TS]

  goes so uh next bit while you wait the [TS]

  trigger is on the thing triggers in the [TS]

  shoulder buttons I think they're good [TS]

  they fall under your fingers readily [TS]

  than uh talk word to hit they feel good [TS]

  it's kind of a shame that they are all [TS]

  digital buttons rather than analog [TS]

  meaning you're either pressing the [TS]

  button or you're not there's no like [TS]

  halfway so you can't use it as like a [TS]

  fine-tuned throttle in a racing game [TS]

  where you press it in partially uh the [TS]

  the gamecube controllers analog trigger [TS]

  buttons we're kind of crappy but the [TS]

  analog triggers on the xbox controller [TS]

  actually are good and useful you can use [TS]

  them for throttles and racing games but [TS]

  that's not gonna happen you're busy to [TS]

  just on/off buttons unless it's a shame [TS]

  but the texture on the buttons thanks [TS]

  i'm very very much trouble how you got [TS]

  announced she has them thank you you can [TS]

  give it a try first of all did first of [TS]

  all did I before I mentioned this did [TS]

  you even know that that was a thing you [TS]

  could do with this controller pressing [TS]

  me out [TS]

  sticks no no never never I mean you [TS]

  would have eventually known if you play [TS]

  one of the games that instruct you to do [TS]

  it but it never occurred to you that [TS]

  that was a thing that could be done so [TS]

  now do it tell me how it feels that's it [TS]

  do you hear it and I hear it I mean it's [TS]

  not gonna sound the same over you know [TS]

  over Skype over it is not it's not as [TS]

  bad as you're making it out but it's not [TS]

  it's not good maybe you got a defective [TS]

  one no I mean I mean it's not you're [TS]

  right it's not terrible i'm doing i'm [TS]

  doing right now with mine too it just [TS]

  does not feel good to me maybe really [TS]

  it's not it's not like it I get what you [TS]

  mean when you because I hadn't even [TS]

  tried this I get what you mean that it [TS]

  feels more like a like something like [TS]

  like you're your prey you're pushing the [TS]

  boundaries of the the way that this [TS]

  thing has been a fixed in there as [TS]

  opposed to somebody you should be doing [TS]

  yeah is like yeah like you're not [TS]

  breaking your fingers or making them do [TS]

  something they're not supposed to do but [TS]

  on the other hand it's also like not the [TS]

  normal operation of fingers to be [TS]

  cracking the knuckled and it makes a [TS]

  similar sound and feels a similar way [TS]

  maybe you know again I'd rather have it [TS]

  be this tight and have an icky sound [TS]

  than be loosened annoying me when I'm [TS]

  just using analog controls but I find it [TS]

  not satisfying and that's what the [TS]

  things that make a controller these fine [TS]

  details like it's about to mention [TS]

  before you got the controllers and that [TS]

  the texture on the shoulder buttons if [TS]

  you flip it over and look at those like [TS]

  it that's a nice plastic texture like [TS]

  it's a matte finish off I knit you know [TS]

  he can't even answer he's gonna have a [TS]

  show anymore yeah would would find this [TS]

  texture of plastic right at home on a [TS]

  BMW console like for the texture that's [TS]

  on the shoulder button in the trigger [TS]

  buttons it's a nice matte finish [TS]

  expensive feeling and you know those the [TS]

  details that make up the great [TS]

  controller you know all the little parts [TS]

  that you touch and feel have to feel [TS]

  good now I'm holding the pro controller [TS]

  now does it do the same thing it does [TS]

  exactly the same thing it's a little [TS]

  it's a little cheaper feeling when you [TS]

  press it down but it feels like it goes [TS]

  down a little bit more it does it feel [TS]

  like the little the squishing do you [TS]

  feel like the wet squish or is it are [TS]

  kind of a dry thunk is more dry than [TS]

  what [TS]

  like when you're taking walk and does it [TS]

  have like cinnamon or nutmeg [TS]

  connoisseurs of the controller a bit of [TS]

  a blackberry no time getting here and [TS]

  the finish is like cherry and horse [TS]

  manure a little bit of a musty and [TS]

  there's a taste of the barnyard in this [TS]

  one yeah yeah it it does not feel as [TS]

  good as the main controller but it does [TS]

  not feel bad it looks good it feels [TS]

  great the Wii U pro controller it feels [TS]

  great though yeah I'm gonna get when I [TS]

  was and check it out although I don't [TS]

  think it will displace the Gamecube no [TS]

  I'm sure it won't so the d-pad speaking [TS]

  of things to feel good the deep head on [TS]

  the the gamepad controller after the [TS]

  embarrassing d-pad on the gamecube [TS]

  controller which was the low point in [TS]

  the history of Nintendo's d-pads this [TS]

  d-pad on the gamepad controller is great [TS]

  it's really big it's they got the nice [TS]

  finish on its nicely curved it's a [TS]

  beautiful d-pad maybe people might [TS]

  complain that they want to load impul in [TS]

  the middle I don't I think it's great [TS]

  the way it is and you know the material [TS]

  choice is overall in the game Pettit [TS]

  really nice like that the glossy finish [TS]

  on the top I thought maybe that's going [TS]

  to be lame and of course you know glossy [TS]

  black finish plastics gonna show [TS]

  fingerprints and it does it shows [TS]

  fingerprints and it gets all mucky and [TS]

  everything but like in practice it [TS]

  doesn't bother me like look this is the [TS]

  thing you're gonna hold in your hand [TS]

  it's gonna get your monkey finger grease [TS]

  all over it fine I think it works I [TS]

  think having the glossy top with the [TS]

  matte finish buttons and matte finish [TS]

  you know controller things combined with [TS]

  like the non-glossy bottom where you [TS]

  grip it it all it all works out because [TS]

  I want more traction on the bottom but [TS]

  I'm okay for being slippery on the top [TS]

  in fact it might even be a benefit so I [TS]

  can differentiate by texture that you [TS]

  know the controls and everything so I [TS]

  give a thumbs up to to that design the [TS]

  main button area with a B and X and Y [TS]

  arranged in a diamond pattern [TS]

  disappointing to me because all the [TS]

  buttons are the same size and they're [TS]

  arranged in a perfectly symmetrical [TS]

  diamond pattern because that looks nice [TS]

  not because that's the best way to put [TS]

  them for your fingers which is a shame [TS]

  the buttons are also not in the primary [TS]

  control position but having played [TS]

  several dual-stick games with the [TS]

  gamepad controller I can see why they [TS]

  did that like it's much better to have [TS]

  none offset analog sticks than to put [TS]

  the buttons in the primary control [TS]

  position on the right side what burns me [TS]

  more is the pro controller does the same [TS]

  thing you've got in front of it also [TS]

  doesn't have the buttons in the primary [TS]

  position it's like you gotta do that [TS]

  with both of them [TS]

  I can only hope the next real Mario or [TS]

  Zelda game like not the 2d ones or [TS]

  anything we'll use the wii remote and [TS]

  the nunchuck or something so i don't [TS]

  have to play an 80-hour game with my [TS]

  left thumb 3 inches higher than my right [TS]

  thumb because they're offset you know I [TS]

  that may upset me but for now I [TS]

  understand why they did the way they did [TS]

  it make sense with the the games that I [TS]

  played on the gamepad gripping the [TS]

  gamepad controller it's got a minor case [TS]

  of Dreamcast syndrome Dreamcast [TS]

  controller syndrome a Dreamcast had a [TS]

  controller where the sides were straight [TS]

  and you sort of put your fingers under [TS]

  little ridges on the side that's very [TS]

  much like the gamepad only it's much [TS]

  wider and the sides of the gamepad are [TS]

  exactly perpendicular to the front and [TS]

  back I mean it's curved it's got curve [TS]

  you know corners and everything but it's [TS]

  a rectangle shape and that's also mostly [TS]

  true of the gamecube controller the game [TS]

  coupe with all doesn't flare out in the [TS]

  same way that the ps3 controllers horns [TS]

  do but the design of the game controller [TS]

  with the actual little horn nubby things [TS]

  is such that your arm can still come in [TS]

  from an angle and you can comfortably [TS]

  grip the thing using a little horns you [TS]

  don't have to make like for example your [TS]

  the line from your elbow to your wrists [TS]

  you know have to make two parallel lines [TS]

  like go like you know Tyrannosaurus Rex [TS]

  where you get your elbows together so [TS]

  they're so that your elbows are two [TS]

  inches apart because so your hands can [TS]

  be two inches apart you don't come in [TS]

  from an angle right well if you try to [TS]

  come in from an angle on the gamepad [TS]

  controller it feels awkward because all [TS]

  you've got us that little ribbed ridge [TS]

  on the bottom to put your fingers [TS]

  underneath so it forces your hands to [TS]

  start to become parallel with the edges [TS]

  of the gamepad which means you have lots [TS]

  of risk deflection this would much be [TS]

  much better with a diagram but if you're [TS]

  holding your gamepad controller you can [TS]

  kind of see this you know it's hard to [TS]

  keep alignment between your forearms and [TS]

  your wrists it's hard not to let your [TS]

  hands just go flat to the side and then [TS]

  your arms go out at an angle and that's [TS]

  very bad if you have our sire even if [TS]

  you don't to have to make be making [TS]

  constant repeated to find motions of [TS]

  your fingers while your tendons go [TS]

  through a risk that's bent at an angle [TS]

  you want you want your wrist to be [TS]

  straight so you want your arms to come [TS]

  in from an angle from it so again I hope [TS]

  not to use the gamepad in the majority [TS]

  of the time that I use that I play like [TS]

  my serious games no serious my like my [TS]

  real Zelda game that I'm going to play [TS]

  on the thing in the real 3d Mario game [TS]

  that I'm going to play maybe [TS]

  fooling myself and I should just resign [TS]

  myself to the fact that I'm gonna be [TS]

  playing zelda for 80 hours on a by [TS]

  holding a gamepad but I will be sad [TS]

  about that because the ergonomics are [TS]

  not great then why the ergonomics not [TS]

  great there's no reason they couldn't [TS]

  made this thing some crazy shape that [TS]

  was perfect for gripping onto listen no [TS]

  we got to make it look like a rectangle [TS]

  that's like you know I understand why [TS]

  they did it with the wii remote it's [TS]

  supposed to look like a television [TS]

  remote control at least they curve the [TS]

  bottom up but that worked out okay for [TS]

  them there's no reason this thing has to [TS]

  be a rectangle except for them saying [TS]

  well we wanted to look kind of like a [TS]

  tablet I mean it does looks like a leap [TS]

  pad not a not an iPad but you know I [TS]

  wish they would have said you know what [TS]

  there's no reason this has to look like [TS]

  a tablet make it so that if not you [TS]

  don't have to be adult hands there make [TS]

  it so that it has handles that you know [TS]

  you can grip from an angle and have your [TS]

  hands full readily on the controls it [TS]

  doesn't have to look like a tablet at [TS]

  all and in fact they've already because [TS]

  it's made kind of like a tablet [TS]

  frequently you know we'll put it down on [TS]

  the couch for a second or put it down on [TS]

  a lap or on a pillow on someone's lap [TS]

  and it will accidentally activate the [TS]

  left or right shoulder buttons causing [TS]

  the screen to jump and then you know the [TS]

  kids are confused about why the screen [TS]

  keeps changing and they're not touching [TS]

  it it's because they're activating the [TS]

  shoulder buttons because the shoulder [TS]

  buttons you know touch the ground when [TS]

  you put it down because it's made kind [TS]

  of like a flat tray so I do wish that [TS]

  they had made it much uglier looking and [TS]

  weird-looking but there was more [TS]

  comfortable to hold and than it is but [TS]

  what can you do video lag once you turn [TS]

  the thing on like if you use a game that [TS]

  shows the same image on the TV screen as [TS]

  I goes yeah what did that I was very [TS]

  curious to hear your thoughts on this [TS]

  yeah remember the video that I think of [TS]

  putting the show notes of showing some [TS]

  guy like showing it was like 17 frames [TS]

  of lag between like it would you know [TS]

  Remy look we learned that the game pad [TS]

  gets its signal 160 of a second later [TS]

  than the tell the back of the television [TS]

  set gets that same signal but then we [TS]

  also learn from that video that many [TS]

  television sets introduced tremendous [TS]

  delays and that causes it to look like [TS]

  the gamepad is actually way way ahead of [TS]

  the television because the television [TS]

  even though we got it signal first it [TS]

  had to be processed through all these [TS]

  different steps and by the time it gets [TS]

  displayed the gamepad is way ahead uh in [TS]

  my setup with my television set into [TS]

  like you know the game mode that [TS]

  supposedly removes all the processing [TS]

  and everything I have like a custom game [TS]

  mode the tweaks the color settings so [TS]

  though not hideous by the way if you [TS]

  have game mode for your television don't [TS]

  just set it to game mode because game [TS]

  mode always cranks up the [TS]

  eration and brightness to insane levels [TS]

  and makes everything look cartoonish try [TS]

  to actually adjust the color bounds but [TS]

  also try to disable all the noise [TS]

  filtering stuff that slows down your [TS]

  processing so what I did was played the [TS]

  new super mario bros u which mirrors the [TS]

  screen in both locations and hold the [TS]

  thing out in front of me and see if i [TS]

  could detect visually any difference [TS]

  between what i see on the TV screen and [TS]

  what i see on the gamepad screen and i [TS]

  could not I couldn't tell if one was [TS]

  ahead or they look it looked exactly [TS]

  dead-on maybe it's because my television [TS]

  introduces a 160 of a second delay and [TS]

  now they're exactly in sync or maybe [TS]

  it's because I can't detect the 163 of a [TS]

  second delay but suffice it to say that [TS]

  it is a non issue with my setup it is ah [TS]

  perfectly support someone else then chat [TS]

  room off my TV s THX mode it does I [TS]

  don't know how that helps me though is [TS]

  that THX mode still leave some [TS]

  processing on it leave um so system [TS]

  menus and stuff i'm also gonna skip [TS]

  these because they're boring with the [TS]

  miiverse and all that stuff but suffice [TS]

  it to say that the load times between [TS]

  menu screens is way way way way way too [TS]

  long I guess imagine if you were using [TS]

  iOS and every time you hit the home [TS]

  button it was a 15 second delay before [TS]

  you saw a springboard again okay that's [TS]

  what it's like using this thing because [TS]

  it has a home button and you press it [TS]

  you're like all right come on I shall we [TS]

  throw me out screaming all the icons [TS]

  again and you're staring at it there's [TS]

  no progress bar there's no waiting [TS]

  cursor you're just staring at a thing it [TS]

  says like we liked it frees you is it [TS]

  dead no it's just that's unacceptable as [TS]

  Lemongrab would say I actually did see [TS]

  that episode damn should be excited [TS]

  about that I'm thrilled to hear that I [TS]

  had no idea that you had just seen that [TS]

  i paid a season pass for words but i [TS]

  thought the kids might like it and i [TS]

  showed it to him and they did not like [TS]

  it but one of them says they watched was [TS]

  uh unacceptable huh yeah i don't [TS]

  understand why these menus are so slow [TS]

  because this entire thing like the OS [TS]

  and all those like you live in a [TS]

  springboard that's all n flash on the [TS]

  wii it's not like there's an optical [TS]

  just to slow it down it's not like we're [TS]

  waited waiting on game load times are [TS]

  seek from some little optical you know [TS]

  laser reading a spinning disk why is it [TS]

  so slow why is it take so long to go [TS]

  back to the screen so i really hope [TS]

  system updates improve this mine fed and [TS]

  chat room says supposedly there's [TS]

  already a update to help fix this i I [TS]

  believe they can fix it and it amazes me [TS]

  that a company so obsessed with [TS]

  responsiveness in the actual games is so [TS]

  bad at making just you know menus that [TS]

  can travel between like it should be [TS]

  instantaneous you know but it's not all [TS]

  right so I want to talk about the two [TS]

  games that i got and then some overall [TS]

  comments but do you want to do another [TS]

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  apps they built and I guarantee there's [TS]

  a few of them you've used and probably [TS]

  on your iPhone right now go check them [TS]

  out source bits com all right I have two [TS]

  games for my wii u I've got a Nintendo [TS]

  land which came with the console right [TS]

  which was really I think the only game I [TS]

  needed to get a measure of the system [TS]

  because it is kind of the UH that's the [TS]

  purpose that game and I also have what [TS]

  does the full title this thing uh okay [TS]

  imma know it's a new super mario [TS]

  brothers you it's kind of long longer [TS]

  title yeah I think that's I think it [TS]

  should i'm looking it up right now but I [TS]

  just delete everything about your super [TS]

  marry you did you delete that yeah my [TS]

  notes like maybe I just leave okay it is [TS]

  called new super mario brothers you oh [TS]

  there it is I just Kim and I put it into [TS]

  the show notes which [TS]

  by the way can be found at five by five [TS]

  TV / hypercritical / 99 yeah that's too [TS]

  much like how long can you put new in [TS]

  front of Super Mario Brothers and it's [TS]

  obvious they already had new super mario [TS]

  brothers like was like originally on the [TS]

  des or something like you can't still be [TS]

  new why see why do they need to put new [TS]

  I think it's Ben's like we stop making [TS]

  2d Mario's for a while and then they [TS]

  said you know we're gonna make more 2d [TS]

  Mario's and now it's like the new super [TS]

  mario brothers you to distinction I [TS]

  don't know and how it would wait so it [TS]

  there's there isn't a super mario [TS]

  brothers you buy without the new yeah [TS]

  new super mario brothers parenthesized [TS]

  that expression that i get at indicates [TS]

  the second second run at making to do [TS]

  marrow games that nintendo started a [TS]

  couple years but on it okay and now it's [TS]

  the U version of that I wondered that I [TS]

  wondered that I do having been out of [TS]

  this for a long time I'd I had no idea [TS]

  and I thought that they would just were [TS]

  calling it new because hey like the Wii [TS]

  U is new you know yeah it doesn't make [TS]

  sense and once again proves that uh [TS]

  spoken and written languages should have [TS]

  parentheses just like programming [TS]

  languages do because it really helps to [TS]

  aid an understanding of precedence I [TS]

  don't think it's gonna catch on though [TS]

  alright so let me start by saying as you [TS]

  might have noticed that i am not a fan [TS]

  of 2d Mario games yes you did mention [TS]

  that you said you don't like [TS]

  side-scrollers in general you would [TS]

  prefer the 3d type games yeah I mean not [TS]

  that I think the terrible and don't like [TS]

  them but it's certainly they were you [TS]

  know mesmerizing when the NES came out [TS]

  to see the little guy run to the right [TS]

  and jump like it was awesome right but [TS]

  once the 3d versions came out I like how [TS]

  I left those behind alright so I enjoyed [TS]

  them when they were the state of the art [TS]

  but once they weren't 3d gives much more [TS]

  of what I wanted from that but the [TS]

  reason I got it was that I just really [TS]

  wanted to see uh I finally see Mario in [TS]

  high definition this ain't was just like [TS]

  it's been too long it's a long time [TS]

  coming i waited so long was so [TS]

  disappointed to the wii was in high [TS]

  definition i just want to see the little [TS]

  guy with the plumber hat and the [TS]

  mustache running in high definition and [TS]

  it definitely delivers on that the new [TS]

  super barbells you looks really really [TS]

  really good it doesn't look like a [TS]

  groundbreaking it looks like what you [TS]

  would expect a 2d Mario game [TS]

  fuckin high definition but it really [TS]

  yeah the backgrounds are beautiful [TS]

  everything is nice and crisp and sharp [TS]

  and I like how they designed everything [TS]

  it's not like they didn't go for like [TS]

  dark and edgy or whimsical is just [TS]

  straight on right down the middle 2d [TS]

  Mario game that's that it didn't get [TS]

  very far on the game because I stink at [TS]

  it and you know for the most part it [TS]

  plays like a traditional 2d Mario game I [TS]

  don't know if they've ever tweaked the [TS]

  acceleration curves and stuff like that [TS]

  certainly they have tweaked the graphics [TS]

  but it feels the same that slow build up [TS]

  that you can move around in the air and [TS]

  all the different moves you can make and [TS]

  they add extra things with the squirrel [TS]

  suit and all the other spin moves that [TS]

  you can do it's a little bit the [TS]

  controls a little bit weird because you [TS]

  can use the wii remote but then you have [TS]

  use it sideways and i hate using the wii [TS]

  remote sideways it is terrible [TS]

  controller i'd rather have a i would [TS]

  rather have an actual nes controller [TS]

  than the wii remote sideways that tells [TS]

  you how bad in terms of comfort level [TS]

  the wii remote being sideways especially [TS]

  but as the motion pro success around it [TS]

  it's just a mess but then you have like [TS]

  shake it to do a certain effect and you [TS]

  don't wanna be shaking the thing while [TS]

  you're trying to do precision [TS]

  platforming you can use the triggers on [TS]

  the gamepad to do it so the gamepad is [TS]

  actually a superior controller for this [TS]

  up one frustrating thing while playing [TS]

  games like this that you can play in [TS]

  either place is that when you choose to [TS]

  play on the television ah you know I [TS]

  don't want to be distracted by seeing [TS]

  the same images moving around on the [TS]

  gamepad screen all right like I mean I [TS]

  guess I could just say well just don't [TS]

  look down there because there's no [TS]

  reason for you to look in there but it [TS]

  but it's it's emitting light right and [TS]

  if the room is a little bit dark and the [TS]

  changes you know it I find a distracting [TS]

  what I would really like is a simple way [TS]

  to turn off the gamepad screen while [TS]

  playing on the TV and there is a system [TS]

  controlled way on the gamepad to turn [TS]

  off the gamepad screen but every time [TS]

  you tried to do that it turns right back [TS]

  on as soon as I start using the gamepad [TS]

  to control things I mean I guess I could [TS]

  put a piece of paper over it or [TS]

  something else to block it but you know [TS]

  I suppose I'll just get used to ignoring [TS]

  it but I would like it would be nice if [TS]

  there was like a button bland there's a [TS]

  hardware volume control on like a and [TS]

  peppered is great I would like a [TS]

  hardware just turn off the screen pun [TS]

  but I guess probably people would [TS]

  accidentally turn off the screen and [TS]

  then not figure out what the heck is [TS]

  going on and think the thing is [TS]

  defective and return it so again I [TS]

  understand why they didn't include it [TS]

  but it would be nice ah the two player [TS]

  aspects the playing this game with the [TS]

  gamepad not particularly exciting the [TS]

  second player can add blocks for their [TS]

  first player and this is a place where [TS]

  the stylist might come in because you [TS]

  might want it you're looking at the [TS]

  gamepad screen [TS]

  all you're seeing is what I also see on [TS]

  the television but you can tap with the [TS]

  stylist to place blocks for me to jump [TS]

  on adore a series of blocks you can also [TS]

  stun enemies with your styles and stuff [TS]

  like that so that's kind of fun but not [TS]

  that earth-shattering in practice the [TS]

  most effective use of that skill at [TS]

  least for this household of people who [TS]

  are not good at 2d Mario games is to [TS]

  just place blocks preemptively place [TS]

  brock's blocks on top of bottomless pits [TS]

  just in case the person who's playing [TS]

  this is a jump they'll land on your [TS]

  blocks like it's not using blocks to [TS]

  help them to get tuned out of reach area [TS]

  so much is just blocking off the [TS]

  bottomless pit so if they miss a jumpy [TS]

  they'll still survive I think there's [TS]

  also a multiplayer mode were multiple [TS]

  people complain Mary's at the same time [TS]

  sort of like the previous New Super [TS]

  Mario Brothers games what we didn't try [TS]

  that one and we didn't try that one [TS]

  mostly because my son was raised on 3d [TS]

  games and has very meager 2d skills like [TS]

  I'm not good but I can you know clear [TS]

  the first couple levels with no problem [TS]

  you know yeah I don't expect to die and [TS]

  tell them you know four or five levels [TS]

  in he couldn't get past the very first [TS]

  level this is not someone who's [TS]

  incompetent of games is someone who's [TS]

  like you know played through Twilight [TS]

  Princess twice and in the process of [TS]

  playing through Skyward Sword twice and [TS]

  I wouldn't wake her twice as well he's [TS]

  played 80-hour complicated games all the [TS]

  way through to the end but he just has [TS]

  no concept of how you know these 2d [TS]

  controls work differently than 3d [TS]

  controls and it's just too unforgiving [TS]

  like if you miss one jump you fall into [TS]

  the pit that's it you don't you can't [TS]

  save yourself you know and he doesn't he [TS]

  doesn't find it fun enough to continue [TS]

  playing like he almost made it to the [TS]

  end of the first board is like man you [TS]

  know then ran into lives and that was it [TS]

  hmm so you know I I don't blame and I [TS]

  don't I didn't try to give him a 2d [TS]

  gaming education because I think 3d [TS]

  games are more fun so there we have it [TS]

  with this game when I did play on the [TS]

  game pet only I did notice a slight [TS]

  softness of the image compared to what [TS]

  it looks like on my fancy shmancy HDTV [TS]

  because it is lower resolution you know [TS]

  that the gamepad screen is not full [TS]

  1080p HD resolution so it does have to [TS]

  be scaled down and it looks a little bit [TS]

  softer and part of that is also just [TS]

  that my cell phone screen is higher [TS]

  quality than this not-so-great LCD [TS]

  screen here in terms of color saturation [TS]

  in response time and all that stuff but [TS]

  it's perfectly acceptable I would be [TS]

  very happy [TS]

  playing game just on the gamepad uh if [TS]

  it was my only option and I was in the [TS]

  middle of something and people wanted to [TS]

  use the TV but you know I didn't really [TS]

  have that problem I think it's more of [TS]

  an appeal for kids because if you're an [TS]

  adult no one gets to take the t be away [TS]

  from you except for maybe your wife but [TS]

  if you're a kid grown-ups are always [TS]

  coming in and saying all right well you [TS]

  know we want to watch whatever you want [TS]

  to watch and you want to keep playing [TS]

  your game and so you can on the gamepad [TS]

  controller and I think that use case [TS]

  actually will come in for kids playing [TS]

  things and it's perfectly fine to play [TS]

  on the device although I tested out the [TS]

  range like how far away from the way you [TS]

  can you get with the gamepad right and [TS]

  still play with the thing and they kept [TS]

  saying like it was like 26 feet but you [TS]

  could actually go like a hundred feet [TS]

  maybe you can go 100 feet in an empty [TS]

  field but in my house with walls [TS]

  apparently filled with metal or what I'm [TS]

  that is going on here I just go into the [TS]

  next room just one room over and that's [TS]

  it can't get the signal anymore like I [TS]

  couldn't even bring I couldn't even [TS]

  bring the gamepad over to my computer in [TS]

  the other room to look at the mac [TS]

  address because the screen and the worst [TS]

  thing about is that screen turns off and [TS]

  says oh sorry lost signals the wii u was [TS]

  like just leave the previous image on it [TS]

  had the mac address that I me or [TS]

  whatever I needed to copy down uh yeah I [TS]

  can't use it in any other room than the [TS]

  room the television this which is fine [TS]

  like those couches in that room and or [TS]

  whatever but don't expect that you're [TS]

  gonna be able to go three floors up in [TS]

  your house and keep playing your mario [TS]

  game because you want maybe if your [TS]

  house is more radio transparent than my [TS]

  ancient house you'll have better luck [TS]

  but i think it probably has very long [TS]

  range as long as there's no obstructions [TS]

  but once you get obstructions like the [TS]

  gamepad just says no sorry lost signal [TS]

  which makes some kind of sense because [TS]

  it has very stringent latency demands [TS]

  that you know to provide the performance [TS]

  that it wants so it's not like Wi-Fi in [TS]

  the house where if you can just barely [TS]

  get a signal you know TCP we'll just [TS]

  keep retrying and eventually your [TS]

  packets will get through that's not the [TS]

  same area has to be kind of real time so [TS]

  that's Mary are you well that's not the [TS]

  actual that's why i like to call it [TS]

  because it's less of a mouthful then [TS]

  there's nintendo land nintendo land is [TS]

  trying to fill the role that wii sports [TS]

  played kind of showing what's possible [TS]

  with the system because when you get a [TS]

  wii comes with wii sports and it'd be [TS]

  like oh you can do this is what you do [TS]

  with you wave your arms around like [TS]

  crazy person and you can bowl and stuff [TS]

  alright uh and so nintendo land is ok i [TS]

  got this crazy system with this weird [TS]

  control over the screen on it how is [TS]

  this supposed to work what are you [TS]

  supposed to do and mario does not show [TS]

  that off because Mario was like good [TS]

  samaria game have fun right it doesn't [TS]

  show [TS]

  all the millions of ways you can use [TS]

  think but that's the role of [TS]

  nintendoland but it's very different [TS]

  than wii sports in terms of the game is [TS]

  actually like so first big differences [TS]

  that is far far less accessible than wii [TS]

  sports was wii sports you know you had [TS]

  some constructions that showed like hold [TS]

  the thing like this and they'd show like [TS]

  a stick figure saying roll this way or [TS]

  whatever before the game started and you [TS]

  could basically go yeah yeah yeah and [TS]

  not pay too much tension it and anyone [TS]

  be able to quickly figure it out like it [TS]

  may be because they were analogies in [TS]

  real life like tennis you don't have to [TS]

  now to play tennis just swing your hand [TS]

  it looks kind of like you're swinging at [TS]

  a tennis thing and it would work and you [TS]

  didn't have to spend time poring over [TS]

  the instructions and people would pick [TS]

  it up like that like you know if you've [TS]

  ever been bowling before maybe it's a [TS]

  little bit tricky to fare with the be [TS]

  trigger but you know some some gamer [TS]

  person who's there to assist says I [TS]

  don't know you hold them be and then you [TS]

  let it go once you figure that out it's [TS]

  natural but you know especially things [TS]

  like tennis perfectly natural right [TS]

  Nintendo laying games are much more [TS]

  complicated as much more sophisticated [TS]

  instructors that you actually have to [TS]

  read even if you're a gamer otherwise [TS]

  you won't know what that you're doing [TS]

  even if you do read them it's so [TS]

  unnatural like their interactions that [TS]

  even gamers aren't used to that you just [TS]

  it takes a while for you to sort of [TS]

  figure it out so you cannot take grandma [TS]

  plop or down in front of an tenderloin [TS]

  game and have her go nuts because it's [TS]

  just it's too much I think too many too [TS]

  many things move it too many moving [TS]

  parts too much do you actually have to [TS]

  read and the odds of a first time user [TS]

  correctly guessing how a game works [TS]

  without actually reading and paying [TS]

  attention the instructions are very very [TS]

  slim like if you say you just skip [TS]

  through the instructions on the wii game [TS]

  you could probably figure out tennis [TS]

  without seeing them but if you skip to [TS]

  the instructions of some of these games [TS]

  you will have no idea what's going on [TS]

  you will not have a fun experience you [TS]

  will not figure it out even if you're a [TS]

  gamer you'd be like let me try this this [TS]

  because sometimes you just you just [TS]

  can't guess what they're trying to make [TS]

  you do because you've never played a [TS]

  game like this before ah and once the [TS]

  controls are understood it requires some [TS]

  of the games require substantial gaming [TS]

  experience to effectively use the [TS]

  controls like you may understand how it [TS]

  works but there's a lot of stuff to do [TS]

  in multiple screens and triggers and [TS]

  sticks and and some people using remotes [TS]

  and where am I looking on the screen [TS]

  you're supposed to look over there they [TS]

  try to help you saying like you know if [TS]

  you're looking in the wrong place [TS]

  they'll be a messages says please look [TS]

  down on the gamepad if you're like me [TS]

  the gamepad you're not supposed to [TS]

  assess please look up the TV screen but [TS]

  uh having to see that message all the [TS]

  time and not understanding what's going [TS]

  on is not good like it's hard enough in [TS]

  a split screen game I [TS]

  you know mara kart double dash on the [TS]

  gamecube or something where you you know [TS]

  you play with somebody and you have to [TS]

  tell your the upper left corner just [TS]

  look over there don't look at my guy was [TS]

  there looking at your guy and think [TS]

  they're doing great when really they [TS]

  just driving off into the water right [TS]

  that's hard enough now double the number [TS]

  of screens and some people have a remote [TS]

  control and some people have a gamepad [TS]

  and it's just yeah it's computing [TS]

  sometimes you have to point the gamepad [TS]

  at the TV screen which people are now [TS]

  also not used to doing uh and you know [TS]

  just understanding how control inputs [TS]

  translate into motion in a 3d space is [TS]

  hard enough like ignore everything just [TS]

  have a TV screen and a controller just [TS]

  getting people to understand how to [TS]

  control a little dude in 3d space is [TS]

  hard enough now add to that the [TS]

  possibility of moving the controller [TS]

  itself in 3d space which changes the [TS]

  viewport on the on the gamepad screen [TS]

  and now figure out how now when i move [TS]

  the analog stick now that i've moved the [TS]

  gamepad to change the viewport now what [TS]

  does it's it's like another degree of [TS]

  indirection in figuring stuff out and [TS]

  for gamers it comes pretty easily but if [TS]

  you if you don't if you have trouble [TS]

  moving around a simple character 3d [TS]

  space you are not going to like moving a [TS]

  character on 3d space while moving the [TS]

  gamepad around in 3d space which changes [TS]

  your view of that space it will not be [TS]

  good right now it's not an [TS]

  insurmountable barrier by any means it [TS]

  is just a huge contrast with the amazing [TS]

  accessibility of wii sports in the way [TS]

  where everyone was did the whole [TS]

  families happily wave and wii remotes [TS]

  around within five minutes that will not [TS]

  happen with Nintendo land unless your [TS]

  whole family is whole hardcore gamers so [TS]

  there and I think they're there will be [TS]

  a longer period of confusion and [TS]

  possibly also frustration within ten [TS]

  dolan and i'm not sure some people may [TS]

  not last because if you try to show aunt [TS]

  sue how to play nintendo land and it's [TS]

  frustrating she's got like a timer and [TS]

  like three minutes goes by she's like [TS]

  yeah you know not for me right it [TS]

  doesn't if it doesn't become within a [TS]

  certain threshold then that's it i don't [TS]

  think this is bad for nintendo [TS]

  necessarily i'm just characterizing [TS]

  intend Elena's not like we sports uh as [TS]

  for showing what's possible the system [TS]

  in tenderloin does a really good job uh [TS]

  because it tries out many many many [TS]

  different possibilities now certainly [TS]

  not all the ones but it shows the range [TS]

  of what you might be able to do [TS]

  unfortunately many of the possibilities [TS]

  explored don't result in games that I [TS]

  want to play you know it's a lot of [TS]

  experiments and some of them are failed [TS]

  experience some of them maybe I consider [TS]

  cautionary tales like you could do this [TS]

  but does it make a fun game actually no [TS]

  it does not so [TS]

  maybe third party game makers don't do [TS]

  this because it's not fun but I think [TS]

  that's an important role to play like [TS]

  show all the different things you can do [TS]

  the interaction i find most off-putting [TS]

  is any game that requires me to look at [TS]

  the television screen and the gamepad [TS]

  like interleaved look at the television [TS]

  screen now like while you're playing now [TS]

  if you look at the television screen now [TS]

  to look at the gamepad now I've looked [TS]

  at the elegant screen back to the game [TS]

  pet they use it a lot to heighten [TS]

  tension where you have to like take your [TS]

  eyes off something briefly to look at [TS]

  the other screen and you know that when [TS]

  you're taking your eyes off something [TS]

  bad could be happening but you have to [TS]

  do something on the other screen all the [TS]

  while worried that you're missing some [TS]

  piece of information is only visible on [TS]

  the screen you're not looking at it [TS]

  that's fine it does increase tension but [TS]

  maybe I'm an old man now but the [TS]

  constantly changing your focal distance [TS]

  is not not friendly to old people eyes [TS]

  right now the constant look not [TS]

  something you look forward to doing it [TS]

  actually makes you feel tired when you [TS]

  think about doing that yeah and like [TS]

  maybe young people it's not a big deal [TS]

  to them but for all people it is a big [TS]

  deal it's not comfortable to constantly [TS]

  change your focal distance it's just not [TS]

  uh so that you know that makes those [TS]

  type of games you know I give those with [TS]

  thumb down do not make me during [TS]

  real-time game place which one's going [TS]

  to that it's fine if you wanna use it [TS]

  for like an inventory or a map screen [TS]

  where it's like task-based then the game [TS]

  is paused when you're going down to it [TS]

  like that type of thing would be fine [TS]

  but you know real-time things combing in [TS]

  one direction or the other on screen I [TS]

  don't think what is that word chroming [TS]

  know anyway there's a word that I mean [TS]

  that sounds something like that but it's [TS]

  not that word moving around on the [TS]

  screen I don't want to be added to add [TS]

  to this to be constantly refocusing my [TS]

  eyes it makes me not feel good so thumbs [TS]

  down on that Oh for me two types of [TS]

  games work to the best with the set up [TS]

  the first for the games where the second [TS]

  screen was used to create an imbalance [TS]

  and information where the person with [TS]

  the gamepad screen could see things and [TS]

  new things that the people who are [TS]

  looking in television didn't know or [TS]

  nice person right that works really well [TS]

  because no one has to look for one [TS]

  screen to go you either play the whole [TS]

  time looking to the TV you play the [TS]

  whole time looking at the gamepad ah and [TS]

  that imbalance and information it's the [TS]

  same type of imbalance information you [TS]

  have an online multiplayer game only you [TS]

  can have it with the whole family [TS]

  sitting in the same room which is great [TS]

  so there's a whole bunch of multiplayer [TS]

  chasing capture games that use this [TS]

  mechanic [TS]

  and there they are very fun surprisingly [TS]

  fun for how simple they are some of them [TS]

  are even just on one screen where [TS]

  nothing actually moves like you just [TS]

  filling your television with one board [TS]

  looks like a maze and that's the whole [TS]

  game those are surprisingly fun simply [TS]

  done with the imbalance information the [TS]

  other type of game it was very [TS]

  successful was the time that uses the [TS]

  second screen to allow multiplayer [TS]

  cooperative or a competitive gameplay [TS]

  without having to split the television [TS]

  screen and it may not seem like a big [TS]

  deal was like all right well so used to [TS]

  split screen multiplayer who cares you [TS]

  all find so you get your whole screen [TS]

  back to yourself is that really that big [TS]

  of a deal I think it is first of all [TS]

  because I think split screen is very [TS]

  unfriendly even experienced players can [TS]

  find themselves accidentally thinking [TS]

  that there are the other side of the [TS]

  screen and forgetting which side they [TS]

  were on and thinking that they're doing [TS]

  great when really they're you know [TS]

  driving off into a ditch uh and seeing [TS]

  the full screen for your stuff is good [TS]

  but also because you can see you know [TS]

  again you can have the imbalance [TS]

  information for competitive games you [TS]

  don't want the other person's to see [TS]

  that you're sneaking up on him and you [TS]

  know Goldeneye or whatever now you can [TS]

  actually have that experience both of [TS]

  you sitting in the same room not having [TS]

  to be on pcs or bring in some weird [TS]

  setup or whatever slang one console [TS]

  system but having real true two-player [TS]

  game where you both have the proper you [TS]

  know multiplayer experience now as a [TS]

  bonus a lot of these games also track [TS]

  the motion of the gamepad as if were you [TS]

  pour it into a larger world so the [TS]

  person who uses the gamepad actually [TS]

  gets a different control experience [TS]

  because it's not you know the person who [TS]

  is playing the regular thing maybe has a [TS]

  camera control or something like that [TS]

  but the person who is playing the game [TS]

  pad is two analog sticks but also can [TS]

  just by moving the gamepad controller [TS]

  look in a different direction the best [TS]

  games that allowed you to do this type [TS]

  of thing also let you move the camera [TS]

  with one of the analog sticks and again [TS]

  it's getting its like expert games well [TS]

  okay to change where I'm looking I can [TS]

  actually you know move the gamepad [TS]

  around to be facing in their direction [TS]

  but I can also move the camera with the [TS]

  thumb stick and you know this this [TS]

  combination would be this is kind of [TS]

  expert controls but this combination [TS]

  being able to change the camera with [TS]

  both the stick and a thing that's [TS]

  essential to keep you from ending up [TS]

  facing backwards basically like if you [TS]

  want to turn around look behind you but [TS]

  if you don't realize that you can [TS]

  control the camera with thumb sticks [TS]

  you're gonna find yourself sitting on [TS]

  the couch twisting your body entirely [TS]

  around backwards like it's not come [TS]

  bonus weird right so they have to give [TS]

  you they have to give you a way to [TS]

  combine them so that may seem like it's [TS]

  bad it's like well so am I supposed to [TS]

  look with the camera shy use a thumb [TS]

  stick maybe I'll just you know ignore [TS]

  the stupid gamepad crap and I'll just [TS]

  use it the way the way you would [TS]

  normally use it with you know I'm used [TS]

  to first-person shooters on on a console [TS]

  so I'm just gonna control my camera [TS]

  control where I'm aiming with with the [TS]

  analog stick is fine with me i don't [TS]

  could do anything i'm not going to twist [TS]

  my body around at all right and i'm not [TS]

  a fan of first-person aiming with analog [TS]

  sticks like they have in console games [TS]

  uh I find you know aiming that way is [TS]

  terrible and the mouse and keyboard is [TS]

  better right uh and so when I was using [TS]

  this thing with a camera control to [TS]

  places like oh well once i figure that [TS]

  out why am I ever gonna like you know [TS]

  turn my torso to look in a slightly [TS]

  different direction it seems insane why [TS]

  would I just use the thumbstick well the [TS]

  reason you wouldn't is because aiming by [TS]

  moving where the gamepad is not for the [TS]

  big moves for the small fine-tune move [TS]

  yes way more precise and accurate it's [TS]

  not mouse and keyboard accurate but it's [TS]

  really close yeah it's so much better [TS]

  than using the stick and if you don't [TS]

  realize that cuz you're like an old [TS]

  grumpy gamer like the first time you do [TS]

  it you like I don't like this I can pick [TS]

  these guys off by dusting up this small [TS]

  movement so I use the thumb stick for [TS]

  the gross movements of like I want to [TS]

  look to my left now and when I'm aiming [TS]

  i'm using and the gamepad the gyros that [TS]

  we talked about with all those six you [TS]

  know six different accelerometers [TS]

  wherever the heck it was it is rock [TS]

  solid it is very responsive no matter [TS]

  where I point the thing I have never had [TS]

  to recalibrate or reorient it except for [TS]

  like the you know during the game start [TS]

  up it feels really good so whatever they [TS]

  did inside this thing to make it since [TS]

  it really feels like you know I could [TS]

  just move it where I want and it's very [TS]

  accurate and feels really good like [TS]

  Metroid blast is the game that combines [TS]

  the most of these things because uh it [TS]

  metro a blast i give you a warning to be [TS]

  anything like this is the nintendo land [TS]

  game most geared for advanced players [TS]

  like so they warn you going in like [TS]

  don't maybe try to get grandma to play [TS]

  metroid blast but it is my favorite game [TS]

  and i like to play as the ship you can [TS]

  play as samus's ship and you play on the [TS]

  gamepad and you can fly around level and [TS]

  everyone else is on foot and they either [TS]

  they divide up the screen if there's [TS]

  more than one of them and the ship is [TS]

  controlled with both analog sticks with [TS]

  a kind of weird arrangement [TS]

  one stick makes you with higher and [TS]

  lower like altitude and lets you twist [TS]

  the ship left and right the other stick [TS]

  moves the ship forward and backwards and [TS]

  strafe seeeeee I don't know how about [TS]

  that word came from like doom I guess it [TS]

  really means no does it I don't know I [TS]

  can never decide if strafe is accurate [TS]

  but everyone who plays for a certain [TS]

  games knows what I mean so the other [TS]

  stick you know it translates you [TS]

  laterally without twisting right and so [TS]

  you have two sticks to control a thing [TS]

  in 3d space and you can pull off some [TS]

  pretty sophisticated maneuvers once you [TS]

  can get your head wrap your head around [TS]

  the controls and the aiming is done by [TS]

  positioning the camera with you know [TS]

  with the gamepad by looking in one [TS]

  direction or another I mean you can also [TS]

  aim by you know moving left to right [TS]

  twisting your ship left to right but you [TS]

  can also be aiming in a direction that's [TS]

  slightly different from the direction [TS]

  you're traveling so it's a very [TS]

  complicated control screaming you can [TS]

  choose some pretty amazing things with [TS]

  it and it's fun game or you know it's [TS]

  all these games are not let's not like [TS]

  real Metro supposed to like you're an [TS]

  amusement park and you dress up like [TS]

  Metroid and you fight against [TS]

  animatronic versions of Metroid enemies [TS]

  which are sort of comical wooden block [TS]

  creations that resemble you know that [TS]

  looks like cray but it's not actually [TS]

  great ah that's a fun game and I like [TS]

  being able to fly on the level you can [TS]

  pick up the little guys and they can [TS]

  grapple onto you and you can you know [TS]

  swoop down and you know get power-ups [TS]

  for them and drop them off and save [TS]

  people who are injured and you only lose [TS]

  the game when everyone loses all there [TS]

  you know they have a collective health [TS]

  bar for everybody combined when my son [TS]

  was playing on his own he chose to play [TS]

  the Zelda battle quest game which is [TS]

  sort of kind of like the Zelda fide [TS]

  version of the sword game from wii [TS]

  sports resort where you don't you know [TS]

  it's on Rails they move you for you [TS]

  don't you don't control where how you [TS]

  wall right right hope you stop or go and [TS]

  you the gamepad shoots arrows and the [TS]

  Wii Remote fights with the sword huh so [TS]

  intend to land overall I would say if [TS]

  you have a wii u you should get nintendo [TS]

  land if only to see all the things that [TS]

  are possible and i guarantee you will [TS]

  find at least one or two games that are [TS]

  worth the purchase nothing maybe no not [TS]

  worth 60 bucks maybe be better if it was [TS]

  like 30 bucks but if it's a packing game [TS]

  that's why you should get the black one [TS]

  so why everyone should get the black one [TS]

  ah I give him 10 to let a thumbs up and [TS]

  if you like to do Mario's I suppose I [TS]

  give New Super Mario Bros u a thumbs [TS]

  upses well [TS]

  one frustrating aspect of the gamepad as [TS]

  we talked about this before the two to [TS]

  five hour battery life that really does [TS]

  end up being a problem it's not so much [TS]

  that a single person is going to play [TS]

  you know we--you for two to five hours [TS]

  because you know you hear your mother [TS]

  scolding are you playing that game for [TS]

  five hours you're gonna stop right [TS]

  although that can certainly happen when [TS]

  you have you know long-running games [TS]

  that's just something the gamers do is [TS]

  go on this gaming binges the social [TS]

  gamers who don't have young kids or [TS]

  families because they can actually have [TS]

  that ability in other words gamers ya [TS]

  know i'm a gamer and I have it right but [TS]

  but you know even in the case of my [TS]

  house while the kids running around like [TS]

  on that first day we got the thing set [TS]

  up it wasn't just me playing like [TS]

  everyone was taking a turn right [TS]

  everyone gets a turn with a thing and by [TS]

  the end of the whole family having a [TS]

  turn you know two and a half hour three [TS]

  hours go by and your battery is dead and [TS]

  you know someone still wants to be [TS]

  playing and it comes with a charger like [TS]

  a charging cradle that you can stick it [TS]

  in to charge it and the charging cradle [TS]

  is attached with like a detachable cable [TS]

  you can detach from the cradle and [TS]

  attached directly to the gamepad so you [TS]

  can and it comes like a really long [TS]

  skinny table so you can be charging it [TS]

  while you're using it's like it's clear [TS]

  they realize the battery life was not [TS]

  sufficient so they needed a way for you [TS]

  to be able to plug it in and continue [TS]

  playing your game of course the cord [TS]

  that comes with is just a bit too short [TS]

  to reach my couch of course it is it [TS]

  always is but it's clear that they they [TS]

  should they realize that battery life [TS]

  would be an issue ah and you know [TS]

  remember when we did the look at the I [TS]

  fix it we you tear down I put this [TS]

  picture in relation though and they [TS]

  showed that inside the battery [TS]

  compartment on the gamepad the [TS]

  rechargeable battery that ships with it [TS]

  barely fills half of the available space [TS]

  in the battery compartment ah a