Roderick on the Line

Ep. 241: "Some Corgi Movement"


  [Music] [TS]

  hello daejeon Merlin man John ah how's [TS]

  going savior of the universe um bum [TS]

  Queen just gets better with age oh [TS]

  really oh wow mm-hmm that's quite a [TS]

  statement I yes I I really think that I [TS]

  think their strongest stuff in the mid [TS]

  70s still sounds really fresh I think [TS]

  killer quo oh i thought you said weaned [TS]

  oh oh I'm just gonna be like well you're [TS]

  off to the races don't get too close to [TS]

  my fantasy haha no queen is wonderful [TS]

  totally access I can see the confusion [TS]

  hey Josh how's it goes like and then you [TS]

  were like yeah there's stuff in the 70s [TS]

  a hug I am NOT following this yeah they [TS]

  had to make their own Scotchgard back [TS]

  then mmm scottsburg because we sure did [TS]

  well they claim that they used to inhale [TS]

  Scotchgard hmm i think that's plausible [TS]

  yeah they're they're held the pan but [TS]

  Queen give much thing that was go ahead [TS]

  I would cause you say close the loop on [TS]

  Queen all i'ma say about those loop I [TS]

  got two things on Queen one is that [TS]

  their stuff from especially the mid 70s [TS]

  which i think is some of their strongest [TS]

  stuff really still holds up great and I [TS]

  think something like like I say like [TS]

  killer queen or especially a song that [TS]

  just gets better every time I hear it is [TS]

  somebody to love I've heard that's not [TS]

  probably a hundred times and I still [TS]

  think it is I mean but Union Rhapsody is [TS]

  great I mean it really there's a reason [TS]

  that that was what ever the greatest [TS]

  selling single in UK history or whatever [TS]

  but I really think somebody to love has [TS]

  so much going for it that's part one and [TS]

  you can feel free to respond part two is [TS]

  songs I did not like from queen or I [TS]

  thought were off brand for Queen have [TS]

  really grown on me over the years yeah [TS]

  don't stop me now don't stop me now I at [TS]

  the time I was like oh I don't know but [TS]

  it's really growing on me over the years [TS]

  I 12 [TS]

  my bicycle wanted to ride my bag well I [TS]

  like he said coke I said game yeah yeah [TS]

  yeah yeah anyway it's my feeling on that [TS]

  you know Roy Thomas P honor Thomas say [TS]

  about that uh yeah Metro Roy Thomas [TS]

  Baker talked about him he's got great [TS]

  hair guys build is that late did Mike [TS]

  again hitter Mike Oh something happens [TS]

  hang on it's it's popping and locking [TS]

  yeah yeah no no it just it needed to pop [TS]

  and lock it's a little bit of a I've [TS]

  gotta break dancing like it's oh is that [TS]

  right left evenly left to lock it beat [TS]

  street the king of the beatsie rocking [TS]

  that be from across the street boo boo I [TS]

  watched Rita what is the one what's the [TS]

  wild style i watch wild style a couple [TS]

  weeks ago uh oh nothing up well you know [TS]

  what it was i watched that uh hip-hop [TS]

  documentary hip-hop evolution oh yes and [TS]

  you know it's funny you know there's a [TS]

  term the millennium to use triggering so [TS]

  like yeah you just show me the tiniest [TS]

  clip a grandmaster flash uh beat mixing [TS]

  in his in his little kitchenette while [TS]

  fab 5 freddy looks on you just show me [TS]

  who sends you right back yeah well you [TS]

  know the ceilin talking about it's it's [TS]

  it's I didn't know it was from well [TS]

  stock because I'd never seen while [TS]

  stopped but I've seen in many of the [TS]

  documentaries I've seen over the years [TS]

  there's a very famous scene you know in [TS]

  Grandmaster Flash invented like three or [TS]

  four of the most important things that [TS]

  we consider turntablism today and you [TS]

  see this on displaying whatever that was [TS]

  by that time 1982 and that does set me [TS]

  back it's a pretty good movie the [TS]

  story's kind of flimsy but you get the [TS]

  graffiti you get the breakdancing you [TS]

  get the turntable it's a hell of a thing [TS]

  over the over the years this is not a [TS]

  thing I ever would have guessed let's [TS]

  say 1987 I never would have said if [TS]

  you'd come up to me said would you over [TS]

  the years subsequent to now ever find [TS]

  yourself in a romantic situation with a [TS]

  fly girl [TS]

  oh I would have said there's very little [TS]

  chance of me being in a romantic [TS]

  scenario with a fly girl with a girl [TS]

  that is even remotely fly like a little [TS]

  a lot of my girl a lot of preferential [TS]

  and practical reasons why that just [TS]

  seemed like a non-starter yeah right i [TS]

  mean if you said i don't do a lot of fly [TS]

  girls to begin with think the well I or [TS]

  I sir I wouldn't I wouldn't have at the [TS]

  time thought to myself I'm gonna be [TS]

  seeking fly girls I was seeking Pixies [TS]

  if you had said how many you know what [TS]

  do you think you'll ever be in a [TS]

  romantic situation with a pixie I would [TS]

  have said yes God willing if he said [TS]

  what about someone with the bangs that [TS]

  covered most of their eyes I would have [TS]

  said yes God willing uh but but not a [TS]

  fly girl I would not have thought that I [TS]

  would have been uh with anybody that had [TS]

  ever done any kind of fly dancing well [TS]

  it just kind of wasn't your scene right [TS]

  but time is a funny task mistress and as [TS]

  time has gone on and my path has gone [TS]

  its stumblebum way stumblebum way we [TS]

  will and there you know and fly girls of [TS]

  course are out in the world going along [TS]

  their own paths it's turned out that my [TS]

  path and fly girl paths have inner [TS]

  intersected more than once and it's [TS]

  really an eye-opener yeah to be exposed [TS]

  to flag or fly girl culture it's very [TS]

  it's very fly could give me a rough idea [TS]

  on date range here when this fly girl [TS]

  incident happened incidents over the [TS]

  corset on over the course of time you [TS]

  know because I know if you're saying [TS]

  this wasn't a one-off fly girl no no no [TS]

  it's uh it's a it's a thing where I [TS]

  think fly girls uh you know they're [TS]

  speeding along right they achieve a [TS]

  certain velocity in their own lives yeah [TS]

  and then somewhere out in a distant [TS]

  point where you think [TS]

  once upon a time when I was listening to [TS]

  Van Morrison in some ski lodge outside [TS]

  of Spokane trying to see if I we could [TS]

  if everybody at the table could scrape [TS]

  scrape their pipes enough to get enough [TS]

  resin to get us all I and somewhere [TS]

  somewhere else you know uh there was you [TS]

  know like living color was on and people [TS]

  were you know we're wearing like a [TS]

  hammer pants and doing fly moves maybe a [TS]

  cankle never the twain shall have met [TS]

  right but then later on in life yeah [TS]

  you're standing around you're like here [TS]

  we all are you know waiting for the [TS]

  waiting for the minor key to open [TS]

  because we all we all got everybody's [TS]

  got muffler problems at a certain point [TS]

  right gotta get muffled you're standing [TS]

  around my car's loud mine too why are [TS]

  you here at eight in the morning well [TS]

  it's the only time I could get because [TS]

  of this because of that own place is [TS]

  wick wick wack and then it's like well [TS]

  we got an hour to hour to kill while our [TS]

  mufflers are getting changed do you want [TS]

  to go get a cross screen get a donut [TS]

  sure you know and one thing 10 trends [TS]

  into another and you're like where you [TS]

  from I'm from Hiromi not and uh yeah [TS]

  yeah you're like your mic again isn't [TS]

  that's what I'm saying it's the [TS]

  hypocrites it is a hip-hop it's not my [TS]

  dream it's the hip hop hippity hop and [TS]

  you don't stop rockin that's what the [TS]

  problem and so started it started and [TS]

  this is the funniness of this task [TS]

  mistress it started in a minor key [TS]

  muffler shop that's that the genesis yes [TS]

  how does one ask this question what was [TS]

  the ethnic makeup of the fly girl well [TS]

  the thing about fly girls it's often [TS]

  ambiguous you know as time as time has [TS]

  gone on but was she stressing it was [TS]

  she's strictly white John mmm no okay [TS]

  and it's not it's not just she you know [TS]

  Lorelei's this well you see why I asked [TS]

  though because there's a really big [TS]

  difference between meeting a white fly [TS]

  girl in a minor key muffler waiting room [TS]

  mmm and having her be be a not not one [TS]

  hundred percent white flight girl cuz [TS]

  that's a different kind of fly girl [TS]

  the thing is that that fly is a as an [TS]

  appellation that can be attached to a [TS]

  lot of different behaviors you can be [TS]

  very I mean I consider myself now [TS]

  extremely fly but also yeah right hip [TS]

  hop dance was a thing that was that was [TS]

  an early melting pot in the music [TS]

  cultures everyone was everyone that [TS]

  could dance you know could get up and [TS]

  dance so yeah I mean but also you know [TS]

  Merlin were all trending I think in the [TS]

  direction of being just sort of [TS]

  Mochaccino that's our future that's [TS]

  great that's the great arc of history [TS]

  yeah the art history is toward toward [TS]

  Mochaccino dome and and so i know god [TS]

  bless it beyond love see no color oh [TS]

  yeah yeah ja I had I have many many [TS]

  miniature memories here what one is i [TS]

  remember in a circa nineteen [TS]

  eighty-eight most most white people were [TS]

  still saying rap music and you know the [TS]

  rap is music hip hop to the culture [TS]

  however you want to break it up but but [TS]

  hip-hop was emerging as the the 0 [TS]

  current term even in the late 80s in 88 [TS]

  really among people that you knew or is [TS]

  this something your documentary well no [TS]

  this is near the height of my interest [TS]

  in this music in particular you know the [TS]

  break dancing in the graffiti in the [TS]

  whatnot wasn't so much but like no [TS]

  really digging what public enemy and of [TS]

  course the piece i mean i think i would [TS]

  have said i would have I think looking [TS]

  back I would have kept saying rap for a [TS]

  lot longer rap and then but then wrap [TS]

  feel it kind of in the culture rap made [TS]

  a big comeback as a term as disparaging [TS]

  term during like the ice tea and and 2 [TS]

  Live Crew controversies you know rap [TS]

  became kind of code it's like say an [TS]

  urban in some ways but hip-hop hip-hop I [TS]

  thought was the only reason I mentioned [TS]

  this is hip hop was on is sent as a term [TS]

  and now i'm gonna say this and this is [TS]

  not going to sound [TS]

  funny in 2017 but in about nineteen [TS]

  eighty-eight I said to my my best friend [TS]

  college said to Michael hey where's a [TS]

  name of your girlfriend so she's this [TS]

  one she's teaching hip hop dance lessons [TS]

  and I laughed harder than I think I'd [TS]

  ever laughed in my entire life that [TS]

  there was a white college girl teaching [TS]

  something that they're even existed [TS]

  something called hip hop dance lessons [TS]

  but then it was taught by by a live Yoga [TS]

  taking brunette girl now it's a it's a [TS]

  full-fledged exercises yeah it's like a [TS]

  jumbo or Mambo it's called you but zumba [TS]

  zumba is the vacuum what's the one they [TS]

  do at the tennis court near my house [TS]

  that zumba ball handball that's it [TS]

  there's all kinds of ways you can [TS]

  incorporate uh you know hip hop into [TS]

  your zumba there it is the there was a [TS]

  time when you could name a sport [TS]

  handball and nobody would laugh it's got [TS]

  to dick jokes in it yeah I couldn't do [TS]

  it now right yeah no come didn't call [TS]

  something handball now that's why [TS]

  nobody's really funny I really thought [TS]

  about that i was driving yesterday I [TS]

  decided I there was there's one place in [TS]

  Washington that I I'm sorry not in [TS]

  Washington but in in King County in my [TS]

  neighborhood basically that I couldn't [TS]

  quite figure out and it's one of those [TS]

  things maybe you've had this to where [TS]

  you're coming in for a landing on an [TS]

  airplane and you're looking out the [TS]

  window and you look down you go yeah I [TS]

  know where that is i know where that is [TS]

  but there was always this thing where i [TS]

  was like what is that like where's that [TS]

  how do i get from hither together and i [TS]

  would see it out the airplane right but [TS]

  it wasn't between anywhere and anywhere [TS]

  it was a it was a place that I was gonna [TS]

  need to dedicate a day did you know you [TS]

  know roughly geographically where you [TS]

  were oh I knew well I knew where it was [TS]

  it's just that you know because Seattle [TS]

  was once under a large glacier the [TS]

  entire region was covered by glacier and [TS]

  as a consequence there are long ridges [TS]

  that run north-south [TS]

  from you know Canada down to let's say [TS]

  the Columbia River and the glacier the [TS]

  extent of the glacier now I'm talking [TS]

  about be the Pleistocene is that how you [TS]

  pronounce it pleistocene Pleistocene is [TS]

  that yeah a time of that era like the [TS]

  the ice sheet ice sheet glacier it was [TS]

  like it didn't go all the way to [TS]

  Portland but it did cover this region [TS]

  anyway so there are a lot of these long [TS]

  thin north to south running uh like [TS]

  hills right through Capitol Hill is one [TS]

  queen anne Hill Lake Washington is a [TS]

  dredged long north-south dredged Lake [TS]

  puget sound really created by these [TS]

  glaciers I did not know any of this yeah [TS]

  it's a young plug your mic again Oh hip [TS]

  hop hippity hop don't stop the rocket to [TS]

  the thing so is it popping or is it [TS]

  gonna be popping is Marco gonna write a [TS]

  article about it is grutas Gruber gonna [TS]

  write an article about there's a pretty [TS]

  good pretty good chance I'll see also [TS]

  mark says you're using the wrong [TS]

  headphones just say no no matter what [TS]

  you want to the wrong headphones I just [TS]

  ordered a pair of headphones he met you [TS]

  know you're not using the sm7b right uh [TS]

  right now no I'm not you know is he's [TS]

  had he's had with you please knee sm7b [TS]

  marcos out of that i'm using the be [TS]

  castor and marcos gonna have to get [TS]

  himself he's gonna have to get right [TS]

  with time right with history but the [TS]

  other day I i was looking at headphones [TS]

  and i went to wire cutter and there were [TS]

  75 hundred different cutter that's [TS]

  exciting i didn't know you knew about [TS]

  wire cutter yeah 7,500 different options [TS]

  and they were telling me the best ones [TS]

  if i wanted bluetooth noise canceling [TS]

  headphones that would look really good [TS]

  if i lived in an apartment in London [TS]

  that overlooked the Thames and then I [TS]

  saw my trusty old sony 75 0 sixes which [TS]

  i'm using right now and i've had since [TS]

  1999 and they're completely thrashed and [TS]

  oh my god are they LP ly o thy peeled [TS]

  all the peeling off oh god Sophie Lee [TS]

  that I just peel them off it's all foam [TS]

  and the the jack has been jacked so many [TS]

  times that I have to put it exactly [TS]

  right to get it to be in stereo [TS]

  otherwise it just Manos itself but I [TS]

  ordered a new pair of them which are I [TS]

  believe arriving today all exciting [TS]

  because I was like I want to hear things [TS]

  in stereo all the time I don't want to [TS]

  have to futz with it anyway so this this [TS]

  very large glacier that used to cover [TS]

  all of Washington which created a lot of [TS]

  Washington's geography was created by [TS]

  glaciation and its attendant affects [TS]

  their the glacier would come down and a [TS]

  giant lake would form behind it that [TS]

  would encompass most of Montana and then [TS]

  the ice dam would break Merlin the ice [TS]

  dam would break periodically and and [TS]

  biblical floods would scour the entire [TS]

  region that's what causes the [TS]

  north-south ridges the scrapes no no no [TS]

  the scrapes are from actual glaciers [TS]

  like scraping hello but though but the [TS]

  floods were so big that if you go into [TS]

  eastern Washington now you can go if you [TS]

  go up at an airplane you can see ripples [TS]

  in the ground like the ripples you would [TS]

  see it under at the bottom of a little [TS]

  stream gigantic ripples across the [TS]

  entire landscape that formed when Hugh [TS]

  massive floods would roll over the [TS]

  ripples that when you're on the ground [TS]

  it just seems like rolling hills but [TS]

  from up in from up in the sky it it you [TS]

  know you can see that it's actually like [TS]

  wait formed by waves this is out in the [TS]

  desert in the country Wow pretty [TS]

  interesting but selling so I was coming [TS]

  down for landing and on one of these [TS]

  ridges that characterized the northwest [TS]

  it's a ridge it's a ridge without a home [TS]

  right on the one side it drops a giant [TS]

  cliff down to down to the Green River [TS]

  Valley and the valley is very flat and [TS]

  it's used to be all farms and now it's [TS]

  all [TS]

  distribution warehouses and so so on one [TS]

  side it's a huge cliff and there's only [TS]

  like that maybe a half a dozen roads [TS]

  that go up the side of it and on the [TS]

  other side is I five so there's this [TS]

  long long long strip that goes the top [TS]

  of this Ridge that goes all the way from [TS]

  Seattle to Tacoma and it's very narrow [TS]

  the the top of it and there's no reason [TS]

  to be there right up here if you want to [TS]

  go for Tacoma you can go down this [TS]

  freeway that's right there and if you [TS]

  want to go down the farm country you can [TS]

  go down the farm side why would I drive [TS]

  this Ridge you know it's not and there's [TS]

  no like one rose it's not it was very [TS]

  confused very confused you knock your [TS]

  mic out again and I hope they don't talk [TS]

  there's something very interesting about [TS]

  today mm-hmm you know what it is before [TS]

  I resume that story let's see uh let's [TS]

  see civil war officially ended I think [TS]

  yesterday mmm misty well let me ask you [TS]

  this is it an anniversary or is it a [TS]

  nonce as they say in England uh it's a [TS]

  nonce okay um is the story okay uh so [TS]

  today is the first day of spring break [TS]

  here in Seattle and so my little girl is [TS]

  here with me today and we've never [TS]

  experimented with this which is um I'm [TS]

  podcasting while she's here and I said [TS]

  now go because usually she's in school [TS]

  at this time I said now go to go play on [TS]

  the big carpet and daddy will be doing [TS]

  his podcast and she said okay and I said [TS]

  now don't come up with any kind of [TS]

  little invented problem and she said [TS]

  that's fine so uh now as we've been [TS]

  talking there's been a creeping shadow [TS]

  in my doorway and at one point I think [TS]

  you might have gotten a corgi I could [TS]

  sound like some quirky movement yeah [TS]

  there was a little bit of movement that [TS]

  sounded Korg you like then she peeked [TS]

  her header [TS]

  on the door and I said and then she in [TS]

  an attempt to be very quiet some bunch [TS]

  of marbles tumble down the stairs so she [TS]

  was being very quiet and I think spilled [TS]

  like 14 month it's a lot to ask of [TS]

  somebody her age it is it's actually I'm [TS]

  not being I'm not kidding it's a lot to [TS]

  ask no it is uh I don't know if you've [TS]

  ever heard 14 marbles go down a set of [TS]

  stairs I bet you have but it's not the [TS]

  snot like strictly in the family of [TS]

  being quiet like daddy asked and now [TS]

  she's lurking in the doorway playing [TS]

  with a stuffed rabbit and I'm not so I [TS]

  have to just chhabria check in okay [TS]

  sweetie is everything okay yeah you just [TS]

  wanted to see what daddy was doing but [TS]

  you don't need anything no okay okay [TS]

  good you're doing a very good job yes [TS]

  that is a good question she said when [TS]

  the UPS guy comes cuz I told her that [TS]

  the UPS guy was coming I said don't be [TS]

  worried if a UPS guy comes on the steps [TS]

  she just said if he comes to the door do [TS]

  I have to answer the door good question [TS]

  and I'm gonna say no you do not have to [TS]

  answer the door the door is locked if [TS]

  you want you can look out the window and [TS]

  point down and say put the box in front [TS]

  of the door and then am-scray but you [TS]

  don't have to do that either you can [TS]

  hide in your room the UPS guy will [TS]

  figure it out sound good ok good as by [TS]

  way of saying yes she just with her [TS]

  tongue when I've been a bit up mm-hmm [TS]

  orcs from which I international sign up [TS]

  saying yeah rings ring yeah spring break [TS]

  so work we've got a lot of action [TS]

  planned what oh yeah what would you you [TS]

  plan anything special oh we're just [TS]

  gonna go around you know we carry potter [TS]

  land we don't have that here i know i [TS]

  know you could go see a glacier we may [TS]

  we may a little bit of a drive but put [TS]

  your weather like right now I'm [TS]

  schooling for myself [TS]

  this has been the coldest rainiest [TS]

  winter in a long time and I think maybe [TS]

  even the rainiest winter on record mmm [TS]

  while I'm saying something right yeah it [TS]

  is none of the flowers are blooming the [TS]

  rhododendrons aren't blooming the [TS]

  rhododendrons usually will would have [TS]

  blooms a month ago I have no tulips I [TS]

  know there's nothing it's just like pure [TS]

  desolation the only thing growing is [TS]

  like scrub grass and dandy lines you you [TS]

  would not believe how different things [TS]

  are here because we finally got rain [TS]

  there's been a historic drought for [TS]

  years and yeah it's but I mean it's [TS]

  actually it's one of the small bits of [TS]

  good news in the last long but like [TS]

  first of all the the official official [TS]

  double secret probation drought has [TS]

  finally been called off the e like [TS]

  really well yeah I mean it's been pretty [TS]

  pretty bad and so Governor Brown finally [TS]

  said okay we're going to take off the [TS]

  double secret probation uh you know [TS]

  restrictions but which is good but you [TS]

  know it's good we've all learned to be [TS]

  much more careful with water but here's [TS]

  the amazing part I think you'd enjoy [TS]

  this anecdote when we did our little [TS]

  trip for spring break we drove which is [TS]

  so much better than flying oh my god it [TS]

  was amazing to drive around California [TS]

  rather than fly around California um but [TS]

  you know what's happened is a in [TS]

  addition to you know less of the need [TS]

  for super strict conservation that's [TS]

  still a good idea uh it's brought back I [TS]

  mean used to be you know it's like you [TS]

  drive to California everything's Brown I [TS]

  mean just not just burns not just parks [TS]

  but like those beautiful like rolling [TS]

  hills you see in central California like [TS]

  those have been brown for as long as I [TS]

  can remember not only one big shafte [TS]

  like was just so awful everything and [TS]

  you know Tahoe I think everything has [TS]

  been affected by this but the great news [TS]

  is first of all the green is back and [TS]

  which is nice but here's the other cool [TS]

  thing wild flowers that have not bloomed [TS]

  for something like a decade are blooming [TS]

  for the first time in years and it's [TS]

  gorgeous like people are like in places [TS]

  with like I had no idea that we're even [TS]

  wildflowers here and it's gorgeous it's [TS]

  really Liz really you know it sounds [TS]

  but it's kind of lovely to drive around [TS]

  and have it not just you know look like [TS]

  Mad Max or something it doesn't sound [TS]

  silly i I've been I've been blown away [TS]

  by you know because the first times I [TS]

  went to California and drove you know [TS]

  drove throughout the state it was during [TS]

  a wet period I guess you know the the [TS]

  late 80s mid to late 80s and it was like [TS]

  that the hills around San Francisco were [TS]

  you know for for a lot of the spring and [TS]

  into early summer and then starting in [TS]

  the fall they were green and lush and it [TS]

  was like a it just seemed like paradise [TS]

  down there and Shasta was all the way [TS]

  full and the rivers running high and and [TS]

  you know you really got the feeling of [TS]

  what a garden California was and then [TS]

  when the drought started and the lakes [TS]

  went down it was kind of like oh boy [TS]

  this is a bad couple of years but then [TS]

  it never stopped and the lakes went down [TS]

  and down and down and everything died [TS]

  and it was I mean it was a tragedy for [TS]

  me even as a Washingtonian who was [TS]

  sitting up your gloating you know I was [TS]

  like lawl water wars law but then when I [TS]

  would drive in California I was like oh [TS]

  no I love it here and all those cranks [TS]

  up in Northern California who were [TS]

  putting billboards on the side of the [TS]

  road and saying like this used to be [TS]

  good farmland but the government killed [TS]

  it with the damn you know didn't they [TS]

  didn't agree to them they're not giving [TS]

  us the water for political reasons and I [TS]

  was like are you fucking kidding me yeah [TS]

  there's no water ding-a-lings it's [TS]

  already such a precarious system I mean [TS]

  yeah you can't grow strawberries up here [TS]

  anymore like all almonds maybe they [TS]

  should I coal mining John I understand [TS]

  is coming back bigley clump coal mining [TS]

  Bigley yeah it is it's big lead I was [TS]

  just up at a in a coal neighborhood here [TS]

  in in Seattle just yesterday did you see [TS]

  the whole mining Museum in Kentucky the [TS]

  switching to solar it's not financially [TS]

  feasible do not grow not switch to [TS]

  similar at this point [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  uh yeah there's a there's a town here [TS]

  called Black Diamond oh I thinking [TS]

  thinking gather with the Black Diamond [TS]

  the the titular black diamond as a [TS]

  tribute to the Kissel mm-hmm but no it's [TS]

  about coal oh sorry lack in my [TS]

  dictionary that's the third definition [TS]

  you get happy is yeah you got like your [TS]

  Paul Stanley song right you got skiing [TS]

  thing mmm then you got yet make an [TS]

  actual diamond now do they actually grow [TS]

  diamonds there did that happen uh no [TS]

  blackdiamond is a way of describing cool [TS]

  oh I see okay black gold oil text tool [TS]

  well Texas t8 but you know Cole is uh is [TS]

  shimmery like like like pyrite shines [TS]

  brightly diamond yeah it does it does in [TS]

  the dark and Seattle I mean one of the [TS]

  first big the first big things that that [TS]

  justified the creation of Seattle was we [TS]

  found really rich coal deposits just [TS]

  sort of up in the hills next to here [TS]

  Cole of course being the produce of many [TS]

  years of compressed vegetation and we're [TS]

  famous for our lush vegetation in the [TS]

  region so big thick big thick seams of [TS]

  coal and we remind those and we sent it [TS]

  guess where San Francisco no kidding we [TS]

  sent our coal and our lumber to San [TS]

  Francisco and that was what made Seattle [TS]

  an economic powerhouse in the early [TS]

  years they say that all of San Francisco [TS]

  pre-fire was built with Washington [TS]

  lumber oh my goodness and then you [TS]

  burned it all down with your dumb you [TS]

  know Mary's cow tipping over a bucket of [TS]

  fire whatever the hell that was well i [TS]

  guess it was an earthquake yeah mrs. [TS]

  O'Leary's earthquake mrs. O'Leary's [TS]

  earthquake but uh but so there are still [TS]

  coal mines just right to the east of [TS]

  town we one of our favorite hiking spots [TS]

  is up on coal creek road and you can [TS]

  still there still [TS]

  mine shafts there and the smell of like [TS]

  underground coal comes up and there's a [TS]

  place called flaming geyser State Park [TS]

  which a guy was drilling a hole to see [TS]

  if there was any coal down there and um [TS]

  and then a bunch of gas started escaping [TS]

  a line like come coming up out of his [TS]

  hole so of course you know he's a guy [TS]

  what's he gonna do make a fart joke he [TS]

  sets it on fire oh jeez Louise well I'd [TS]

  imagine like let's see what happens if I [TS]

  like this and then like old faithful but [TS]

  with fire yeah so up out of the ground [TS]

  came up came not bubble and crude but a [TS]

  three a three-foot-tall of like tower of [TS]

  flame and it's been burning ever since [TS]

  are you kidding oh so they built a they [TS]

  both look at that it's got its little [TS]

  stone with a flame coming out of it [TS]

  right holy how is it how is it so [TS]

  regular though it seems like you would [TS]

  come in dangerous pockets I think that [TS]

  it sort of just gradually sometimes it's [TS]

  a little higher sometimes a little lower [TS]

  but it doesn't like it never flames like [TS]

  okay it just kind of sits out there day [TS]

  and night flamin it's a beautiful park [TS]

  right next to the green river you can go [TS]

  look at this little thing it's kind of [TS]

  overwhelming when you get there because [TS]

  it's like flaming geyser that sounds [TS]

  incredible like it's gonna be 30 feet [TS]

  tall it's about the size of a campground [TS]

  barbecue yeah right it just looks pretty [TS]

  it's very modest it looks like it's [TS]

  inside of maybe a memorial park they've [TS]

  got some some stones around it it's very [TS]

  very modest to say the least yeah it's [TS]

  not even more they just put some [TS]

  somebody put some stones around it i [TS]

  think at one point maybe because in the [TS]

  1950s people couldn't resist somebody [TS]

  like opened up 14 bags of concrete and [TS]

  built something they poured concrete [TS]

  around it and because i couldn't because [TS]

  a lot more brutalist yeah like I got [TS]

  this concrete great hey I know let's go [TS]

  put it around the flaming geyser [TS]

  but right next to it is two ponds where [TS]

  they where they're like farm not farm [TS]

  but like there it's like a fishery [TS]

  they're making trout on the waterfall [TS]

  there this is very pretty well yeah and [TS]

  but the thing is it's really then you go [TS]

  up into the gorge there's a green river [TS]

  gorge there and it's awesome just [TS]

  completely gnarly you wouldn't even [TS]

  think that it could be so awesome so [TS]

  close to a big town the Black Diamond is [TS]

  there and you can still smell the coal [TS]

  coming out of it there's just for what [TS]

  it's worth there appears to be a small [TS]

  but loyal genre of people being [TS]

  photographed next to the flaming geyser [TS]

  and making it this is it face should [TS]

  have done it myself yeah basically it's [TS]

  the size of the flame is kind of like if [TS]

  I didn't get our burner lid on the first [TS]

  try it goes yeah that's nice and it just [TS]

  fluffed there nobody guards it there's [TS]

  nothing around it you can probably go [TS]

  put a coffee can over it and snuff it [TS]

  out pretty easily but it's been burning [TS]

  for a hundred years and there it is [TS]

  flaming geyser that's cool I'm a little [TS]

  things like that but it's seriously [TS]

  underwhelming we considering that the [TS]

  that the natural setting of it is pretty [TS]

  grand what's a MacGuffin right you come [TS]

  for the guys who you stay for the tubing [TS]

  that's right or the best if you like and [TS]

  the huge park that's there it's one of [TS]

  those parks that in the summer you will [TS]

  never get in there's no place to park [TS]

  your you know it's like just jammed [TS]

  because the beautiful big big spacious [TS]

  park next to the river but it's one of [TS]

  those outdoor recreation areas where [TS]

  10,000 people come and only 45 people go [TS]

  more than a hundred feet from the [TS]

  parking sure sure sure right it's just [TS]

  blankets get laid out barbecues get Liz [TS]

  it like camping kind of thing yeah yeah [TS]

  ribs get eaten and seriously 200 feet [TS]

  away you're in a largely like natural [TS]

  environment untampered with natural [TS]

  environment it's like a forest primeval [TS]

  yeah if you like I'm sure it's been [TS]

  logged more than once but it but a long [TS]

  time ago and now it's back to now [TS]

  crazy forest uh and it's wonderful and [TS]

  especially when it's when it's lightly [TS]

  misting when it's slightly raining which [TS]

  it often is up here it's a great place [TS]

  to hide cuz nobody's there magic it's [TS]

  yeah it's just it's so magic huh it's [TS]

  kind of as mad it's magic like um like [TS]

  being in California after the drought is [TS]

  lifted I mean it's a small thing that it [TS]

  was nice it's not a small thing it's an [TS]

  enormous thing like you guys are now all [TS]

  uh you got a little like a reprieve from [TS]

  your um your death from thirst you were [TS]

  you were all there was like millions of [TS]

  people on the verge of thirst death [TS]

  there's thurston that still happen I [TS]

  mean like places like Bakersfield still [TS]

  I mean it's no Flint but things are not [TS]

  great there I mean it's there she just [TS]

  here like you know California reports [TS]

  stories on stuff like you know where [TS]

  it's actually cheaper to buy pop at a [TS]

  you know convenience store than water [TS]

  it's like it's just it's so depressing [TS]

  um I have a question for you though but [TS]

  here's bill was never that great let's [TS]

  beyond well the music's nice we that i [TS]

  would say about the campground we stayed [TS]

  at in Bakersfield I feel like I probably [TS]

  did I don't think you know when you when [TS]

  you're when you're picking a place to go [TS]

  you're not always aware of the exact [TS]

  surroundings and my lady playing out [TS]

  this really nice trip for us is probably [TS]

  out of ten fifteen years ago at this [TS]

  point but included a stop in Bakersfield [TS]

  i think was is that is that on the way [TS]

  is that one of the on the ways to yeah [TS]

  that's one of the on the ways to los [TS]

  angeles right sort oh I mean it's down [TS]

  there but you would have to be going [TS]

  through fresno you haven't eat vine and [TS]

  all that stuff yeah i mean you could pop [TS]

  over there but in any way i remember it [TS]

  was enroute to somewhere else we want to [TS]

  not do the whole drive in one day so [TS]

  this is not particularly interesting but [TS]

  we ended up stopping at like a like a [TS]

  KOA and we got in what's called a cozy [TS]

  cabin with 2 k's and a cozy cabin I was [TS]

  like this is great we're gonna stop it's [TS]

  you know they've got a place there they [TS]

  got it they got a bathroom you know they [TS]

  got like a little shop and then you go [TS]

  to your cozy cabin and number one the [TS]

  cozy cabin was sort of like this is more [TS]

  of a warm weather climate thing but you [TS]

  know in Florida a lot of people have a [TS]

  shed in the backyard that's hot and full [TS]

  of bees it's like a step above that it's [TS]

  like there's [TS]

  like cots there's like you know bunk [TS]

  beds in this thing but it's pretty well [TS]

  weighted it that let me just get back to [TS]

  Florida shed of bees yeah is that is it [TS]

  full of bees on purpose movies because [TS]

  they they just haven't been in there in [TS]

  a while well I think it started not [TS]

  being on purpose and eventually just [TS]

  became a way of life you know you got [TS]

  there ok we got the madwoman in the [TS]

  Attic he got the bees on the shed uh so [TS]

  create crazy crazy camp also we should [TS]

  come back to Don Rickles um so yeah so [TS]

  that was okay it was fine it wasn't [TS]

  particularly comfortable but a it was [TS]

  right next to the highway that we had [TS]

  just gotten off of so it was [TS]

  particularly as rustic as the cabin was [TS]

  the setting was not that great the other [TS]

  thing we discovered it was like just [TS]

  past the highway was a regional airport [TS]

  so not only did you get the 18-wheelers [TS]

  going by but the occasional plane just [TS]

  going straight over your head literally [TS]

  all night long never have this kind of [TS]

  harrowing nights those kind of harrowing [TS]

  like this is just going to go on whether [TS]

  that's maybe that's mosquitoes or maybe [TS]

  that's a light source or something just [TS]

  one of those this is going to be an [TS]

  inescapable night we just need to get [TS]

  through it was one of those nights yeah [TS]

  those are the best one thing we had were [TS]

  nights at another night camping our air [TS]

  mattress deflated and we did not realize [TS]

  that we were camped on top of the roots [TS]

  of a tree and we didn't realize until [TS]

  the mattress deflated oh my god you know [TS]

  like this problem with deflating [TS]

  mattresses I know you're all the [TS]

  deflated mattress problems with the [TS]

  bands I do know about them but that is [TS]

  the worst when you when you realize like [TS]

  oh you know what it's only 10 15 p.m. [TS]

  that dog is in a bark all night I feel [TS]

  ya this is already the worst night of my [TS]

  life of him and it can only go one [TS]

  direction from here Carl are you know [TS]

  well in the I mean might the one of one [TS]

  of my signature worst nights was a night [TS]

  in Hungary where as soon as I turned off [TS]

  the light beak the clacking of the [TS]

  gigantic roaches Oh God uh was was loud [TS]

  enough that I could not get to sleep [TS]

  from the clacking oh that end this [TS]

  eldritch horror yeah and then I would [TS]

  turn the light on and I would go to war [TS]

  these giant roaches uh until it was just [TS]

  Roach just bit was just a pure carnage [TS]

  it was like at the armenia of roaches [TS]

  and I'm sorry sorry sorry that I'm sorry [TS]

  that just called Armenia here's the [TS]

  things you never go up against the [TS]

  sicilian when death is on the line and [TS]

  you never go to war with roaches uh-oh [TS]

  they mocking the clacking is a whole [TS]

  Alaska and then I turned off the lights [TS]

  and I was like listen you know I just [TS]

  need to you know just need to get with [TS]

  my happy place I need to just get into a [TS]

  zone with God here yeah the clacking [TS]

  like I did not make the roaches the [TS]

  roaches are here sharing the world with [TS]

  me I am you know kumbaya and then a [TS]

  roach fell off the ceiling onto me uh [TS]

  like Haun to my head area and I was like [TS]

  okay and that's not a nice Florida thing [TS]

  is you just wake up with roaches on you [TS]

  sometimes yeah just because they're [TS]

  everywhere people don't call them [TS]

  roaches they call them water bugs yeah [TS]

  we're Potter metal bugs that doesn't [TS]

  make them feel nicer yeah up here in the [TS]

  northwest we don't have them every once [TS]

  in a while I think a boat would come in [TS]

  from afar from low far form locale and [TS]

  it would drop off some weird little [TS]

  brown chairman roaches uh but you know [TS]

  like I've lived in this house for ten [TS]

  years I've never seen a road trip I [TS]

  roaches it like the little critters [TS]

  right yeah the ones that kind of live in [TS]

  them I don't know where they live say [TS]

  living little sinks and stuff the ones [TS]

  in florida i haven't of florida are like [TS]

  a couple inches long and well over half [TS]

  an inch wide and you can fly I lived in [TS]

  Washington DC for a while and saw them [TS]

  pouring out of places it's just like [TS]

  this sorry now you can dance you get [TS]

  ants and you get spiders that's your [TS]

  that's your too big critters right ants [TS]

  and spiders are big critters we get like [TS]

  little thing we could like weird potato [TS]

  bugs and stink bugs and stuff but [TS]

  they're not they don't cause anybody [TS]

  problems we get mods this Banette like [TS]

  bananas moms [TS]

  just getting a little bit of commentary [TS]

  kids feedback little side commentary [TS]

  here um uh yeah just little like they're [TS]

  gentler a lot of bugs in the ground that [TS]

  are busy like churning there we have a [TS]

  lot of churning bugs turning turning the [TS]

  the earth into that deep black earth [TS]

  that we like to that we formerly farmed [TS]

  and now build distribution centers on [TS]

  black diamond black diamond Washington [TS]

  oh so I was driving on this road I [TS]

  finally got up onto this Ridge and I was [TS]

  like I'm gonna conquer this Ridge I have [TS]

  no idea what this is up here I've never [TS]

  heard it referenced by anybody there's [TS]

  only one person I know in the entire I [TS]

  think the entire world that even has a [TS]

  chance of having really explored up here [TS]

  and that's my friend Chad who has been [TS]

  on every Road in in I don't know from [TS]

  Canada to Mexico but even he has never [TS]

  referenced it and it's just this giant [TS]

  this giant bridge that goes I mean for [TS]

  seriously from puyallup to tukwila if [TS]

  you will really two of the two of the [TS]

  hardest to pronounce cities in the area [TS]

  I couldn't spell as if I tried puyallup [TS]

  in tukwila and this this is like it's a [TS]

  giant but basically a mountain that goes [TS]

  from bill up to talk well I'd never been [TS]

  on so I get up on this thing and I start [TS]

  to drive and I realize why I've never [TS]

  been on it and no one has is that it is [TS]

  it's a it's completely suburban eyes and [TS]

  there are no connecting north-south [TS]

  roads all the roads are east west and if [TS]

  you want to go north south what you do [TS]

  is you go two blocks and then you take a [TS]

  left and you go left for a block and [TS]

  then you go south again for four blocks [TS]

  and then you take a right and go three [TS]

  more blocks like it's seriously there's [TS]

  not a single arterial there's one Road [TS]

  called military road that kind of goes [TS]

  diagonal but but it's not very effective [TS]

  and going like this and so I'm driving [TS]

  through this neighborhood and it's this [TS]

  weird conglomeration of like [TS]

  well there were houses up here back when [TS]

  it was farm country and then there were [TS]

  some houses built that when it was first [TS]

  suburban eyes dan den now they're [TS]

  McMansions going in implausibly on [TS]

  streets that have otherwise have 60 [TS]

  split-level homes and now that are this [TS]

  giant McMansion just I could not I could [TS]

  not couldn't like find a center to this [TS]

  place and I come around the corner and [TS]

  there's a playground and at the very [TS]

  back of the playground are three [TS]

  concrete handball courts huh of the [TS]

  style that they that used to be on [TS]

  playgrounds everywhere you remember in [TS]

  the in the 70s like handball courts I do [TS]

  the funny part of my handball is I [TS]

  remember handball courts always being [TS]

  around and never being used for handball [TS]

  you might eventually get used for kind [TS]

  of an outside air SATs racquetball yes [TS]

  yeah I have never seen a living soul [TS]

  play handball on an outdoor handball [TS]

  court that wasn't in New York City right [TS]

  I figure it was like stickball I figured [TS]

  something a couple did couple kids did a [TS]

  few times in the 30's and nobody's not a [TS]

  sense and and and there really was as [TS]

  they were building those giant municipal [TS]

  like playgrounds during the era of all [TS]

  right what i think of as being the late [TS]

  60s early 70s the the the crest of the [TS]

  social engineering wave where it's like [TS]

  we're going to create outdoor space for [TS]

  healthy youth and you know we're gonna [TS]

  beat the Soviets to the moon and we're [TS]

  gonna yes we're health and sports we're [TS]

  going to build big sporty sport areas [TS]

  and they put handball courts in and [TS]

  maybe on the opening day some people [TS]

  played handball and then the rest of the [TS]

  time it was just where you went to smoke [TS]

  pot right in my [TS]

  head I'm gonna say remember the [TS]

  kerfuffle in the early 80s when I don't [TS]

  even know this is exactly precisely [TS]

  right but there were changes odd what [TS]

  was that oh there's so many kerfuffles [TS]

  uh under the Reagan administration it is [TS]

  said that in school lunches catch-up was [TS]

  reclassified as a vegetable in order to [TS]

  meet a basic requirement of some kind [TS]

  that was we did the basic level this is [TS]

  awful but it was basically the idea was [TS]

  that it was there it was a little bit of [TS]

  a hack to like be able to tick a box I [TS]

  think that's what handball is you think [TS]

  about everything out there including i'm [TS]

  going to say basketball what is the [TS]

  maybe besides what foursquare and [TS]

  hopscotch what is the least what's gonna [TS]

  have the least need for maintenance I'm [TS]

  gonna say I'm gonna say a right angle [TS]

  mm-hmm you know right you know you don't [TS]

  know what the way you know it's a budget [TS]

  a teacher for it look you don't need to [TS]

  replace a net that's right that's right [TS]

  there's no net yeah uh there's an [TS]

  elementary school over here by my house [TS]

  and it's you know old-style late fifties [TS]

  elementary school and it has like a lot [TS]

  of the elementary schools like the one [TS]

  the one that I went to when I was a kid [TS]

  it has such an enormous amount of land [TS]

  surrounding it there is a full-sized [TS]

  olympic-sized soccer field and a [TS]

  full-sized baseball diamond associated [TS]

  with this what is an elementary school [TS]

  right so when's the last time you saw [TS]

  elementary kids playing baseball um you [TS]

  know that's it's not a thing that people [TS]

  do anymore there's only most places you [TS]

  have one filled with a track around and [TS]

  everything that can be done on the field [TS]

  is done there and then you run around [TS]

  the track and that's it and that's that [TS]

  one the one footprint of athleticism at [TS]

  most modern schools I think yeah right a [TS]

  track around the field but this is that [TS]

  you know in the 50s and land was just [TS]

  was cheap huge playground and I go over [TS]

  there all the time i used to go there [TS]

  when Gibson was alive and taking walk [TS]

  him around it's just on my it's on my [TS]

  like walk circuit my kid and I go over [TS]

  to the playground there sometimes [TS]

  and this enormous field is never used by [TS]

  anyone like no one's even playing [TS]

  frisbee on it Wow somebody comes in [TS]

  moe's it but I have never seen I would [TS]

  go throw the stick for the dog and every [TS]

  once in a while somebody else would be [TS]

  walking from one corner of it to the [TS]

  other corner of it like there was a kind [TS]

  of shortcut through the neighborhood but [TS]

  not even enough of a shortcut where a [TS]

  trail had been beaten down in the middle [TS]

  of the field sure because there's no no [TS]

  one actually wants to go from that side [TS]

  to the other side there's not there's [TS]

  nothing either place and so I would I'd [TS]

  be out on this field and I'm just like I [TS]

  could be launching model rockets from [TS]

  here I could have organized I mean there [TS]

  are so many intramural soccer teams [TS]

  around the city who are trying to book [TS]

  time at one of the five like soccer [TS]

  fields that are on their registration or [TS]

  card or whatever yeah you could you can [TS]

  completely colonize these spaces if you [TS]

  wanted to start an RC modeling club or [TS]

  wanted to I don't know play Ultimate [TS]

  Frisbee I mean they're just fields all [TS]

  over town why you think they're not [TS]

  getting used I because I think people [TS]

  aren't getting outside maybe and also [TS]

  like schools don't um I mean I think if [TS]

  you tried to organize a baseball team we [TS]

  used to have rock and roll softball up [TS]

  on Capitol Hill was different bars would [TS]

  play each other but I don't know like [TS]

  when was the last time you saw a group [TS]

  of people just playing a pickup baseball [TS]

  game you don't see that a lot there are [TS]

  some semi organized adults like so many [TS]

  adults some semi organized adults that [TS]

  play softball in our parks sometimes our [TS]

  Park is mainly used its heavily [TS]

  segmented into different areas and used [TS]

  for like two or three kids soccer games [TS]

  at once when was the last time you saw a [TS]

  flag football game oh god probably when [TS]

  I was in high school or a movie [TS]

  yeah yeah I I played flag football a [TS]

  couple of times in college in the late [TS]

  80s and I have not seen or heard of [TS]

  flight football sense and and and maybe [TS]

  it's that we don't live in Montana and [TS]

  maybe people maybe like grown-up people [TS]

  are playing for but think about those [TS]

  pictures of the Kennedy brothers at [TS]

  Kennebunkport yeah they weren't in [TS]

  Kennebunkport they were at diana's I am [TS]

  I am sport right but they're out there [TS]

  throwing footballs around in their front [TS]

  yard and they were all full grown men [TS]

  yeah and I haven't you know I haven't [TS]

  even had a football in my hands you [TS]

  should write a medium post on this [TS]

  because I think there is something to [TS]

  this I think I saw a couple articles [TS]

  this week that are going around about [TS]

  teenagers and how they spend their money [TS]

  that was very interesting that amongst [TS]

  other things supposed supposedly [TS]

  teenagers are spending yeah the [TS]

  millenniums they're spending a lot less [TS]

  money on things like clothes and more [TS]

  money on food and events and when we [TS]

  were that age man you poured as much [TS]

  money as you could in a closed yeah but [TS]

  he's better cared about events and [TS]

  they're not you know they're not buying [TS]

  handballs let's be honest yeah yeah well [TS]

  events events used to take care of [TS]

  themselves am i right oh my goodness [TS]

  they sure did self-organizing yeah i [TS]

  read an interesting thing that said [TS]

  millenniums uh millenniums of far from [TS]

  being a monolithic demographic [TS]

  millenniums much to the much to the [TS]

  demographers surprise are much more [TS]

  likely to think that the woman should [TS]

  stay home and take care of my god this [TS]

  they talked about this on double X [TS]

  gabfest I was very surprised to hear [TS]

  that do you have it give a record on why [TS]

  that is uh I think it may be it may just [TS]

  be that generations react to the world [TS]

  in which they came up you know if you [TS]

  think about obviously I'm fond of [TS]

  talking about the the boomers and what a [TS]

  what an execrable you know like awful [TS]

  experience the world has suffered under [TS]

  their leadership but when you think [TS]

  about the boomers and their and their [TS]

  identity their cultural identity as [TS]

  understood by everyone when they were [TS]

  between the ages of 16 and 26 right we [TS]

  all thought that the boomers were [TS]

  anti-war music-loving pot-smoking [TS]

  free-loving uh like progressive people [TS]

  who were tearing down the walls and [TS]

  building a building an advanced new [TS]

  society and by the time they were in [TS]

  their 30s they were Reagan sort of [TS]

  Reagan Democrats who were who were [TS]

  investing in the stock market and going [TS]

  great gangbusters and now the exact same [TS]

  generation it makes up the Trump [TS]

  universe and it's like the you know the [TS]

  boomers are not monolithic and they [TS]

  react they react to their time and and i [TS]

  think the millenniums are probably tired [TS]

  of being called millenniums first of all [TS]

  yes and also there's no such thing as [TS]

  Bernie Bros we should all we should all [TS]

  know others are all bots right yeah well [TS]

  are the spots if Hillary invented it [TS]

  it's racist basically to use the term oh [TS]

  that's that's very offensive to the [TS]

  Bernie bros when you call them Bernie [TS]

  bros yeah well that's the thing they [TS]

  don't exist so take it home culturally [TS]

  insensitive John I think so I think it's [TS]

  appropriate of em but but so right now I [TS]

  think you've got a lot of millenniums [TS]

  that were probably raised there probably [TS]

  educated in public schools where the [TS]

  platform the education platform was [TS]

  developed by people who went to college [TS]

  in the early 90s and the kids are tired [TS]

  of being lectured at and they want a [TS]

  return to some kind of traditional thing [TS]

  that never actually existed but what [TS]

  they imagined did [TS]

  well that's true that's true for me too [TS]

  no parent I'll parrot what I heard on [TS]

  that podcast which is very good podcast [TS]

  slates double X gabfest um but what one [TS]

  of their what are they reckons that a [TS]

  couple angles one is that this is a one [TS]

  thing that makes this particular study I [TS]

  forget the name in source of it but one [TS]

  thing that makes this particular study [TS]

  so valuable is that it's been around for [TS]

  a very long time and they've asked this [TS]

  a particular study the study from which [TS]

  we learned how many millenniums uh [TS]

  seemed to one stay-at-home wives two men [TS]

  ok this is a very long like well I want [TS]

  to say longitudinal I don't know if [TS]

  that's quite the word but this has been [TS]

  going on for a long time like every year [TS]

  they asked this something like what 20 [TS]

  30 40 years they've been asking these [TS]

  same questions to the same age people so [TS]

  in some ways it's very effective but in [TS]

  other words maybe not so I'm not sure [TS]

  exactly how it was worded but it could [TS]

  also be a backlash type situation or a [TS]

  nut backlash that's a loaded term but [TS]

  yeah maybe it's black backlash but it's [TS]

  also probably yeah you want stability [TS]

  you know when when suddenly you went [TS]

  from like everybody you knew had parents [TS]

  that were married to everybody knew had [TS]

  parents that were divorced you know [TS]

  let's seem like that it's just normal no [TS]

  just you know what I mean and like maybe [TS]

  there's a desire for I don't saying it's [TS]

  right but that could be where it comes [TS]

  from I wondered you do you did you have [TS]

  mostly kids whose parents were still [TS]

  married or mostly kids whose parents [TS]

  were divorced when you were growing up [TS]

  nicely mostly married and I think that [TS]

  had something to do with raised [TS]

  middle-class status but also that we [TS]

  were church people there weren't that [TS]

  many divorced people at our church did [TS]

  you read that article in the Atlantic [TS]

  magazine about the about the fact that [TS]

  that people on both sides of the [TS]

  political spectrum are going to church [TS]

  less and that conservative people who [TS]

  actually still go to church tend to be [TS]

  more accepting of different races tend [TS]

  to be more you know like less [TS]

  politically radical and more um seeking [TS]

  you know like a kind of saying Christian [TS]

  values Christian values right and [TS]

  they're saying that what's what what [TS]

  people expected [TS]

  was that you know the the tendency in [TS]

  the past even until recent memory even I [TS]

  think now is to mistake radical like [TS]

  reactionary conservativism and racism [TS]

  and all that stuff to associate that [TS]

  with evangelicalism but in fact it's not [TS]

  true as and so that so when we would [TS]

  read statistics about like people [TS]

  becoming secularized fewer and fewer [TS]

  people going to church we always made [TS]

  the mistake of thinking that that was [TS]

  going to produce a more like a like a [TS]

  more progressive society because we we [TS]

  naively thought that leaving the church [TS]

  meant that you left it because you were [TS]

  what becoming more evolved but in fact [TS]

  people are leaving the church and just [TS]

  descending into a like a like a miasma [TS]

  of their worst impulses and the people [TS]

  that go to like they sow 75% of Trump [TS]

  voters considered themselves Christian [TS]

  but did not go to church and that this [TS]

  then I think a very very large [TS]

  proportion of people that did go to [TS]

  church vote for Ted Cruz and and and you [TS]

  know Trump they can they held their nose [TS]

  this is is an article called breaking [TS]

  faith yeah okay and then likewise on the [TS]

  left right the churchgoers all voted for [TS]

  Hillary and the non churchgoers people [TS]

  that didn't go to church overwhelmingly [TS]

  voted for Bernie especially to the [TS]

  church yeah and yeah and you head to the [TS]

  outside is what happens you get more [TS]

  extreme than less it just also depends [TS]

  on how you want to slice the cake you [TS]

  know I mean or it's almost it is a kind [TS]

  of political political gerrymandering I [TS]

  guess that sounds really obvious but it [TS]

  depends on how you choose to like cut up [TS]

  these sections and you know what pieces [TS]

  how far until it basically becomes like [TS]

  some kind of crazy fractal because well [TS]

  sure a lot of people who go to church [TS]

  voted for Hillary Clinton cuz a lot of [TS]

  black people vote of raillery Clinton [TS]

  and a lot of I think still you know [TS]

  amongst Democrat [TS]

  to go to church I bet there's a pretty [TS]

  good chance a lot of them we're going to [TS]

  vote for Hillary Clinton a lot of them [TS]

  maybe you're in unions am I being too [TS]

  broad here I mean that kind of support [TS]

  seems pretty straightforward the [TS]

  Republican candidate support is a much [TS]

  more complicated thing and I that the [TS]

  idea that these are people who consider [TS]

  themselves Christians with don't go to [TS]

  church that does not surprise me a bit [TS]

  mmhmm yeah well it's the old like [TS]

  traditional values thing of like what [TS]

  what tradition what tradition exactly [TS]

  what traditional values yeah right but [TS]

  no I do feel like the the idea the idea [TS]

  that the church was the source of [TS]

  intolerance was a very popular such a [TS]

  sampling error total sampling error I [TS]

  mean it's it's the loudest the loudest [TS]

  loudmouths are those people and like [TS]

  it's it's big it's a constant annoyance [TS]

  of mind it's not popular in my [TS]

  particular community to have any [TS]

  tolerance not for religious or spiritual [TS]

  thinking mostly but like I it's very [TS]

  frustrating to me that everybody who's [TS]

  spiritual or religious or deist in any [TS]

  way is is not I might be doing my own [TS]

  strong man here but I feel like there is [TS]

  very much like a bozo a bit thing where [TS]

  people just write that whole group off [TS]

  as a bunch of nut sounds like ah it's so [TS]

  unfortunate because so many of the best [TS]

  people I know and have known my whole [TS]

  life are very faithful service oriented [TS]

  humans it's it's a really it's a pity [TS]

  that they get tarred with that same [TS]

  brush well and I just wonder what I [TS]

  wonder if they're like the idea that [TS]

  that secularism was the goal that we [TS]

  were that we were aspiring to a world [TS]

  dominated by reason and that reason [TS]

  would produce the reason inevitably [TS]

  produced altruistic action you know that [TS]

  whole question that you that you hear a [TS]

  lot in in debates on 4chan [TS]

  which is if there's no God then why be [TS]

  good you know and i think that i think [TS]

  that uh secular people always assumed [TS]

  that you know that they that that a [TS]

  world of reason produces people who [TS]

  behave if not if not like well i guess [TS]

  this is the problem right if if you [TS]

  believe in a vengeful god or in ultimate [TS]

  like a an afterlife your justification [TS]

  for being good is self-evident if you [TS]

  believe in a sort of a rational [TS]

  scientific base life also your desire to [TS]

  be good or your rationale for being good [TS]

  is self-evident but but much more [TS]

  difficult to describe in a sentence [TS]

  right i mean and it isn't just like [TS]

  selecting for the best possible outcome [TS]

  it kind of goes hand in hand with being [TS]

  it kind of goes hand in hand with being [TS]

  educated and understanding collectivism [TS]

  and sort of etcetera etc but how what a [TS]

  surprise that we would be in at a [TS]

  juncture now so soon after that so soon [TS]

  so soon after I mean I was educated to [TS]

  believe that and within my own [TS]

  generation to be in a position where I'm [TS]

  like longing for the days that most [TS]

  Americans went to church and had and had [TS]

  a weekly reminder to be good to each [TS]

  other a weekly reminder that because [TS]

  what they were saying is that people in [TS]

  church are less likely to be racist [TS]

  because they understand that we're all [TS]

  brothers in Christ oh yeah right there's [TS]

  much more likely to see that logic [TS]

  weekly reminder to be kind and weekly [TS]

  reminded up to be grateful weekly [TS]

  reminder to sing weekly reminder to put [TS]

  on a suit I mean there's a little a lot [TS]

  of a lot of good secondary effects uh [TS]

  you just broke down some serious science [TS]

  on me right there but then a weekly a [TS]

  weekly reminder to put on a suit a [TS]

  weekly reminder to sing yeah a weekly [TS]

  reminder to gather together in a fucking [TS]

  Hut somewhere yeah a big house into the [TS]

  big house and when that's when that's [TS]

  missing sure why don't we all just [TS]

  become as you know like as gross and [TS]

  grubby as we can there's no we don't all [TS]

  have to stand on the steps shake the [TS]

  minister's hand and say loved your [TS]

  sermon this week or have him say haven't [TS]

  seen you in a couple of weeks like wow [TS]

  how is that replaceable Merlin well it's [TS]

  it's definitely an interesting thing in [TS]

  San Francisco where I don't know if [TS]

  you're aware there are a lot of people [TS]

  of different sexualities gender [TS]

  assignments you name it and like there's [TS]

  like not too far from where I live [TS]

  there's this big giant purple lesbian [TS]

  church like it's just a big old church [TS]

  where everybody's welcome but you're [TS]

  especially welcome if you're a lady who [TS]

  likes ladies and they're very vocal and [TS]

  they're very religious but they're also [TS]

  very lesbian and like that's [TS]

  there we are fortunate to have a lot of [TS]

  places even still I don't wanna get into [TS]

  San Francisco but but the people worship [TS]

  but do they worship but Jesus based [TS]

  religion where is it more of a like a [TS]

  yoni based no well I don't you know I [TS]

  don't think so i must like just see it [TS]

  on the way to the grocery store [TS]

  sometimes but you know there's a fair [TS]

  amount of that in our neighborhood there [TS]

  are a lot as you can probably guess for [TS]

  some reason there seems to be a lot of [TS]

  attraction amongst I didn't let's put it [TS]

  this way there's enough Chinese people [TS]

  who are Baptists to have several [TS]

  churches there's there's a fair amount [TS]

  of Protestant like just down the street [TS]

  like really two blocks from here there's [TS]

  a mostly Chinese attended Christian [TS]

  Church there's like a fair amount of [TS]

  them around they're not huge some of the [TS]

  mushroom that my next-door neighbors are [TS]

  Vietnamese Catholics and they have very [TS]

  strange ceremonies in the yard sometimes [TS]

  oh yeah no that's not the people who [TS]

  sing is it is that the carrier you know [TS]

  that's the people those are the people [TS]

  across the way who are a very i'm not [TS]

  sure what their religion is in its and [TS]

  it gives me it gives me pause struggling [TS]

  well you know this is I I don't want to [TS]

  secularize this too much but you know [TS]

  first of all yeah you know there's lots [TS]

  of ways that you could end up having the [TS]

  equivalent of church once a week for [TS]

  some people maybe that's going to AAA or [TS]

  for other people maybe the small number [TS]

  people who still bowl or whatever it is [TS]

  but the community aspect of that I i [TS]

  sorely miss the community aspect of [TS]

  going to church um it was really really [TS]

  just the best to be a little kid where [TS]

  there were just endless events and just [TS]

  super nice people and eating together [TS]

  and that was just it was it was almost I [TS]

  don't know I mean like you wanted to go [TS]

  it was it was of course you know he [TS]

  didn't want to get dressed on a Sunday [TS]

  morning it was kind of a pain but like [TS]

  it was a part of what we did but with [TS]

  that said I mean this is another nice [TS]

  thing about I San Francisco maybe this [TS]

  goes on a Capitol Hill but like when a [TS]

  lot of gay people start to come in here [TS]

  or we're out gay people starting really [TS]

  in the 60s and 70s when everybody moved [TS]

  over the hill to get away from the [TS]

  heroin to what was then called Eureka [TS]

  Valley that became almost like people [TS]

  started forming their own families right [TS]

  they there's that idea of like you can [TS]

  generate your own [TS]

  unity you are not stuck you don't have [TS]

  to always be stuck with a community [TS]

  somewhere you will find people that you [TS]

  can call family and somewhere you will [TS]

  find a building that might as well be a [TS]

  church zoms but I you know the thing is [TS]

  I feel like we're going to get a lot of [TS]

  letters from people that are like try [TS]

  Unitarianism have you ever been to the [TS]

  have you ever been to the theosophist [TS]

  society or whatever yeah and I and I [TS]

  think what's interesting about the the [TS]

  church as the other role of the church [TS]

  is that it wasn't optional you know [TS]

  we're I think there are a lot of there [TS]

  are a lot of opportunities for people [TS]

  that are that they'll feel like they [TS]

  want that in their lives to find a find [TS]

  a thing that suits them right whether [TS]

  it's a big purple church or whether it's [TS]

  Zoroastrianism or whether it's a or [TS]

  whatever but what was so important about [TS]

  the old church was that there was all [TS]

  that social pressure which we now [TS]

  consider to be you know we are now [TS]

  liberated from right no there's no [TS]

  longer cultural expectation that you can [TS]

  answer the question what religion are [TS]

  you yeah or that you be expected to do [TS]

  anything I mean I still read articles [TS]

  all the time and I read a lot of ads for [TS]

  like the untucked shirt company or [TS]

  whatever that still make it seem like oh [TS]

  the day that we could wear our fleece [TS]

  pajamas to work was a day of liberation [TS]

  for us all like the great the Great [TS]

  unwell I've read some articles or some [TS]

  interview with Richard Branson where he [TS]

  was like I never wear a tie that's a [TS]

  power move that's a total power move [TS]

  yeah it is and it's also it's still [TS]

  business like that it's operators that [TS]

  is a totally forgive my saying that is a [TS]

  totally privilege Power Move to say that [TS]

  and then act like everybody else is [TS]

  allowed to do that well and that's but [TS]

  that's his brand right but but the idea [TS]

  and I said I still hear it all the time [TS]

  I hear it from people whenever I say [TS]

  please don't wear flip-flops on an [TS]

  airplane i get twenty-five miles really [TS]

  like why are you trying to intrude on my [TS]

  comfort or something the and the idea [TS]

  that we don't that all of these uh all [TS]

  these things that we've eliminated all [TS]

  the [TS]

  social strictures mores what we what we [TS]

  once called polite society that that was [TS]

  all you know the the that now we can [TS]

  dismiss like with a broad brush as again [TS]

  you know you pick your intersectional [TS]

  word and apply it here but in fact like [TS]

  everybody in a town wit was expected to [TS]

  go to church not by any higher authority [TS]

  but just by their neighbors by the [TS]

  general sense of of the way that those [TS]

  towns were collectively organized and so [TS]

  you didn't go you didn't pick your [TS]

  church due to affinity you didn't say [TS]

  like I'm gonna go to this church because [TS]

  they because it seems fun or because i [TS]

  feel like i need companionship or i need [TS]

  a little bit of structure in my week you [TS]

  know you went to church because you were [TS]

  expected to go to church on Sunday and [TS]

  you dressed in a suit because you were [TS]

  expected show up correct and sound it's [TS]

  like wanting to waiting for the right [TS]

  DMV like well no God just got that eyes [TS]

  you're don't overthink it just getting [TS]

  up different there's a new zmv that [TS]

  really caters to people that are just [TS]

  like me except there I sit in that DMV [TS]

  and that just playing music I really [TS]

  relate to and somehow the idea that to [TS]

  be released from any and all expectation [TS]

  that you that's externally imposed so [TS]

  that we can all be completely self [TS]

  determining we pursue this idea for the [TS]

  second half of the 20th century it [TS]

  didn't even exist in the first half or [TS]

  at any time prior but the idea now that [TS]

  we should each of us or that the highest [TS]

  stood for each of us is that we all find [TS]

  exactly what we personally want we all [TS]

  tailor our our RSS feed to be the news [TS]

  that that appeals to us most and we each [TS]

  have our own playlists and that that is [TS]

  some kind of that that's the freedom [TS]

  we've all been looking for and it's just [TS]

  producing a like more [TS]

  more fury at one another and more less [TS]

  understanding less love basically yeah [TS]

  and not more is I mean it's a shock I [TS]

  think to us all and a shock even to me [TS]

  it's a shock to the whole notion of like [TS]

  that if you have universal education and [TS]

  you have and you have freedom to make [TS]

  art like what what that will produce is [TS]

  this enlightened society and what it has [TS]

  produced is is the opposite I mean and [TS]

  what point do we stop and take stock and [TS]

  say we I mean you know none of us want [TS]

  one structure imposed upon us well it [TS]

  did to me it's part of what makes the [TS]

  idea of a personal DMV so funny is like [TS]

  that's not what the DMV is for is [TS]

  particularly not that it's an economies [TS]

  of scale issue and it's this an [TS]

  imperfect analogy but one note I've got [TS]

  at least a couple times when this topic [TS]

  is come up here or elsewhere is nice a [TS]

  friendly note from a often church-going [TS]

  life life life long church-going person [TS]

  saying you know this isn't really that [TS]

  complicated like while instead of like [TS]

  sitting here and making continuous [TS]

  continued a list of like what your [TS]

  perfect church needs to be why don't you [TS]

  just try going to a different church [TS]

  like one just even if you're not a [TS]

  church-going person just try going to a [TS]

  church in your neighborhood like find a [TS]

  church near your house that you can walk [TS]

  to even if possible but whatever just go [TS]

  just go and check it out and when I hear [TS]

  that from people i always think that [TS]

  this is such an interesting idea but it [TS]

  also reminds me a little bit of a [TS]

  running bit on back to work we're Dan [TS]

  and I talked about you know in my case [TS]

  like how I've thought and read way more [TS]

  about meditation than I've ever actually [TS]

  meditated and I think that's a very [TS]

  similar phenomenon when like the last [TS]

  thing you want to do as somebody who's [TS]

  interested in meditation last thing you [TS]

  wanna do is read about it you sit down [TS]

  and do it and in this case you know i [TS]

  i'm not at advocating for this but i [TS]

  think it's an interesting idea to say [TS]

  well if you've got a temple near your [TS]

  house I but they'd let you come right in [TS]

  there you might have to learn over today [TS]

  we have to put some shoes on but like [TS]

  maybe you go to the Chinese Baptist [TS]

  Church like whatever like there's no [TS]

  church that is going to say you're not [TS]

  allowed here that would be very [TS]

  be not no church that'd be very very [TS]

  anti church it's not a very childlike [TS]

  unless it was like one of those white [TS]

  homeland churches I would go there I'll [TS]

  try that I bet you got good mac and [TS]

  cheese one of the things I think that [TS]

  happens and and and and some of our [TS]

  listeners may have experienced this when [TS]

  you first go into alcoholics anonymous [TS]

  or some kind of like recovery program [TS]

  that's based on on that notion and I'm [TS]

  not saying that our listeners [TS]

  necessarily have done this themselves [TS]

  but maybe you've experienced this when [TS]

  someone you knew went into that kind of [TS]

  world is that after you're there for a [TS]

  little while and it really starts to [TS]

  take and you feel this euphoria of of [TS]

  like enlightenment for lack of a better [TS]

  term there's a period where you really [TS]

  you know you become very evangelical and [TS]

  it it's and you wish I remember doing [TS]

  this myself you wish that everyone in [TS]

  the world would have had such an awful [TS]

  problem as being an addict so that they [TS]

  were forced to come to this place this [TS]

  place of understanding because you know [TS]

  what you're describing what the [TS]

  religious people are saying like go to a [TS]

  church in your neighborhood it requires [TS]

  again some affinity some seeking for the [TS]

  for that experience right i mean if [TS]

  you're looking for a church it's not [TS]

  hard to find one if you're looking for [TS]

  something to do on sunday morning it's [TS]

  not hard to figure out what to do you [TS]

  just go you know go in your neighborhood [TS]

  but what's what's fascinating about AAA [TS]

  is that e that's not what you're looking [TS]

  for right you are I mean what what the [TS]

  reason you end up in those places is not [TS]

  that you were looking for a gathering of [TS]

  like-minded Souls you were trying to get [TS]

  high and you did it until your life came [TS]

  apart [TS]

  oh I never thought about it that way [TS]

  it's you know Buddhism there's this idea [TS]

  of eventually having less of a sense of [TS]

  self and in some ways you don't you [TS]

  don't necessarily end up going to AAA [TS]

  because you want to make it all about [TS]

  you it ends up being useful because you [TS]

  realize you're part of something bigger [TS]

  right yeah and and you are not there by [TS]

  choice no one goes to AAA by choice you [TS]

  are forced there and if you go there if [TS]

  you I mean generally if you go there by [TS]

  choice in the sense of like you know [TS]

  what I'm gonna be an AAA / yeah it's not [TS]

  gonna work or I mean or you're not [TS]

  alcoholic or something you know like and [TS]

  people that are forced to go there by [TS]

  the courts it doesn't work there it [TS]

  doesn't work that way right right right [TS]

  right you are forced to go there by [TS]

  making somebody go to the gym yeah it [TS]

  doesn't work right but if you are so I [TS]

  mean what works is like you just had a [TS]

  heart attack and your doctor said if you [TS]

  don't get in shape you're gonna die in a [TS]

  year right sure sure um and so what what [TS]

  when you go to when you want it works [TS]

  it's not that you got there and you met [TS]

  a lot of people in there they're your [TS]

  new best friends like I mean when I went [TS]

  to a and I think this is kind of [TS]

  universal you look around and you're [TS]

  like oh my god these are the worst [TS]

  people in the world literally the word [TS]

  the last thing I ever wanted to do was [TS]

  be stuck in a room with alcoholics but [TS]

  you're there because you have to be and [TS]

  that's when the religion aspect of it or [TS]

  you know that's when the meaning what's [TS]

  meaningful about it becomes super duper [TS]

  profound and you and there's a moment [TS]

  and there was for me certainly when I [TS]

  was about six months sober that I said [TS]

  god I wish everybody could have could [TS]

  have fallen as far as I fell because the [TS]

  only way you could feel the way I do now [TS]

  and have this sort of insight is to have [TS]

  gotten to that place to have been to [TS]

  have bottom and and now like to sort of [TS]

  see that we could all be that we're all [TS]

  perfect children of God [TS]

  and we just need to do the work and and [TS]

  that is what's that was what was so [TS]

  profound about frontier religion or or [TS]

  religion I guess that you would call [TS]

  primary religion which is that it's not [TS]

  happy fuzzy it's not there because it [TS]

  wants you not there to make you feel [TS]

  better no it's not about you at all it's [TS]

  not there to say like hey what are you [TS]

  doing this sunday come have some food [TS]

  it's like did your did like seven of [TS]

  your 11 children died um well on Sunday [TS]

  you know like you can sit quietly in [TS]

  this pew while somebody talks and then [TS]

  feel briefly relieved but but at that [TS]

  time I mean in that time at that time in [TS]

  that community those kinds of [TS]

  communities were being very general here [TS]

  but like there was I would have to guess [TS]

  much more of a cultural imperative to be [TS]

  a church-going person for a variety of [TS]

  reasons not least of which is people [TS]

  probably going to come to your shop if [TS]

  they think you're not a Lutheran right [TS]

  there's that but there's also like you [TS]

  know what you really you need to know [TS]

  the gossip you need to know who's in and [TS]

  out and but you also need to know for [TS]

  the frontier stuff you need to know like [TS]

  the news and the rules like if you're [TS]

  not going to church you could be seen as [TS]

  what kind of revolutionary like you you [TS]

  need to be here like knowing what's what [TS]

  one thing yeah exactly and think of all [TS]

  the think of all the cannibals down [TS]

  there who never actually ate anybody [TS]

  because when they were inspired to yeah [TS]

  uh they remembered whatever passage it [TS]

  is in the Bible that says thou shalt not [TS]

  eat anybody okay but right didn't see [TS]

  that coming yeah sure and sure and [TS]

  nobody knows those passages anymore and [TS]

  cannibalism is rampant in today sis my [TS]

  daughter's reading a comic book about [TS]

  the Donner Party right now very funny [TS]

  it's a very funny story [TS]

  um sorry I need to take off your very [TS]

  serious talk but you know guys seriously [TS]

  whether or not you consider yourself a [TS]

  religious or secular you guys don't [TS]

  people come on seriously listen real [TS]

  talk I can't quote exactly in the Bible [TS]

  where it says don't know you know it's [TS]

  gonna be the Old Testament you know it's [TS]

  gonna be like a Leviticus or in numbers [TS]

  or a Deuteronomy that is a law that's a [TS]

  long-standing problem you know there's a [TS]

  lot there's a lot of duplication in [TS]

  those books it's all it's very confusing [TS]

  it's like The Silmarillion or maybe the [TS]

  Similan is like it to part on a happy [TS]

  note please go look in your skype robot [TS]

  dingus or I could text it to you did you [TS]

  see what I said to you uh it was a thing [TS]

  was it a amazon gift card no I wanted to [TS]

  say I'm not interested well okay here's [TS]

  the thing if you have if you have a [TS]

  field anywhere and you're wondering how [TS]

  to use it I just text it to you as well [TS]

  I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna say how to [TS]

  use a field according to me and my [TS]

  daughter of an empty field the an empty [TS]

  field so you know maybe you're not gonna [TS]

  play handball you know maybe there's not [TS]

  gonna be organized sports your Bowling [TS]

  Alone what's the matter with Kansas [TS]

  turns out all of these kinds of modern [TS]

  things here's what I'm here to tell you [TS]

  if you were to round out if you took [TS]

  every toy my child us have a lot of toys [TS]

  if you took all of her toys and I had to [TS]

  just say out of all of them which one [TS]

  have I personally enjoyed the most to [TS]

  the point where now is really more my [TS]

  toy than her toy I want to introduce you [TS]

  to the zing sky rippers the sky rippers [TS]

  it's a little bit a little plastic [TS]

  handle with a rubber very sturdy rubber [TS]

  to be rubber band on the end you grasp [TS]

  it in your hand and then reviews the [TS]

  number been using this very aerodynamic [TS]

  super light rocket with a whistle in it [TS]

  you hook it onto that rubber band and [TS]

  you shoot it most I like generally get [TS]

  pretty close to 80 90 yards you're [TS]

  kidding me it's a physical [TS]

  the best whistle and I'm putting here [TS]

  the triple pack you don't you could get [TS]

  the single pack we have to triple packs [TS]

  so we can do multiple flights without [TS]

  having to go collect them this thing is [TS]

  so freaking fun if you get the wind [TS]

  behind you and you rip your sky Ripper [TS]

  you're going to be a happy guy you're [TS]

  gonna be glad that feels empty it's [TS]

  gonna really go brother so what happens [TS]

  when you do this it's actually described [TS]

  it's called ripping you don't you don't [TS]

  fly it you rip you rip a sky Ripper well [TS]

  I'm not in a club or anything I don't [TS]

  have a vest but like with us it's just a [TS]

  fun thing we got on i might have been a [TS]

  stocking stuffer we got for her and it [TS]

  was so much fun that we have over the [TS]

  years of course you eventually lose them [TS]

  or they break but I'm just saying I know [TS]

  you're a person who has enjoyed rockets [TS]

  and shooting things and fields this [TS]

  could be this could be right in your [TS]

  wheelhouse sky Ripper I'm gonna go rip a [TS]

  sky Ripper I'm gonna come and start [TS]

  ripping sky rivers right now do you do [TS]

  you think that I mean how many times do [TS]

  I have to do it before we do get vests [TS]

  oh now this is a church I can get behind [TS]

  right now yes yes the sky rippers you [TS]

  got a potluck meals there's community [TS]

  service maybe we have songs but mainly [TS]

  we were a suit into a field and you [TS]

  shoot rockets likes this picture of this [TS]

  kid that's shooting the sky Ripper he's [TS]

  got his baseball is mesh baseball cap on [TS]

  backward is pretty dope and I love that [TS]

  look like vests yeah besh caps on [TS]

  backwards obviously ties and suit pants [TS]

  sure like a gentleman but you know you [TS]

  develop your own personal style and just [TS]

  like you'll develop your own personal or [TS]

  personal stuff for how to shoot your [TS]

  Ripper I like to shoot mine of course at [TS]

  a 45-degree angle and I give it just a [TS]

  little bit of whip to the to the wrist [TS]

  as I let it go and it is deeply deeply [TS]

  satisfying we've done we gone to the [TS]

  field at the school near our house and I [TS]

  can typically pretty easily get 70 yards [TS]

  which is you know not too not too shabby [TS]

  no no that's not that's not shabby it's [TS]

  very it's a very very satisfying thing [TS]

  to shoot a rocket down a football field [TS]

  okay well I have a I have a very big [TS]

  field available right over here and I'm [TS]

  gonna get a sky Ripper and I'm gonna rip [TS]

  some [TS]

  this is Don Rickles oh my god I miss him [TS]

  I I spent you know what we used to [TS]

  listen to Rickles in the in the van when [TS]

  we were on tour Diaz live 68 live album [TS]

  the hello done yeah we I mean every [TS]

  every every live Rickles we could get in [TS]

  fact there was a there was a time when I [TS]

  had a little gaggle of gal pals and and [TS]

  they were a bunch of they were they [TS]

  worship talkers these gal pals different [TS]

  from the flag girls these were very [TS]

  different although oh one of the gal [TS]

  pals was a former fly girl interesting [TS]

  backgrounds but this gallus group of gal [TS]

  pals uh I used to call the Rickles ha's [TS]

  oh because they were so they were such [TS]

  they were such potty mouths and so then [TS]

  they played the Dozen so hard that I was [TS]

  like you guys are a bunch of Rickles is [TS]

  and then they adopted the Rickles azaz [TS]

  there as their little like gang gang tag [TS]

  for a while but you know I obviously [TS]

  he's a character from a from a time [TS]

  before but the other night I SAT and [TS]

  watched Don Rickles on Johnny Carson [TS]

  it's all I've been doing for 30 days [TS]

  there are saying sir I had no idea there [TS]

  was so much Johnny Carson Tonight Show [TS]

  on YouTube that's incredible is its I've [TS]

  been texting with friends like over the [TS]

  whole weekend we've all just been [TS]

  sitting there watching like Burt [TS]

  Reynolds Dom DeLuise Don Rickles just [TS]

  watching these panels but the Don [TS]

  Rickles stuff is gold and the repeating [TS]

  themes Johnny's a millionaire who who do [TS]

  who hates people don know has a [TS]

  successful TV show it's so freaking [TS]

  funny oh he's gonna you know he makes a [TS]

  line and then he stands up and he's like [TS]

  well I'm done here and start to walk off [TS]

  the stage he does that every time I was [TS]

  talking to our friend Shawn about this [TS]

  because as you know sean sean is is is a [TS]

  fan and we were trading some of our [TS]

  favorite non sequiturs what was his when [TS]

  he see he says the tall Shaffer wanted [TS]

  to put a skate on your face and go skate [TS]

  yeah Oh son says that all the time basic [TS]

  skate here's a cup [TS]

  other of my favorite ones you look at me [TS]

  like I'm a chemistry set that's good [TS]

  what am i a mal mal fighter pilot I hope [TS]

  I wind up in a wheat field with fungus [TS]

  on your elbow what does that mean this [TS]

  means nothing but he gets remembered for [TS]

  like oh boo politically incorrect on [TS]

  Rickles the best part is the speed with [TS]

  which he could deliver so many [TS]

  non-repeating non sequiturs in such a [TS]

  short period of time he would come up [TS]

  with so much bananas some stuff that [TS]

  made absolutely no sense yeah let's get [TS]

  on your face escape did you seen the one [TS]

  work uh where Letterman uh that wrinkles [TS]

  is filming CP 0 Sharkey Oh in red when [TS]

  we broke Johnny's a cigarette box uh oh [TS]

  no oh that is that that's what it was [TS]

  right it was it was when hosting the [TS]

  night before and I know I'm sorry Bob [TS]

  Bob Newhart was the host Rickles was the [TS]

  guest and he starts banging on Johnny's [TS]

  desk and broke the cigarette box it he'd [TS]

  have his desk since the show moved to LA [TS]

  and the next night he's Johnny's talking [TS]

  to Doc yeah and he goes interrupts EPO [TS]

  sure yeah pretty great uh if you got the [TS]

  netflix uh there is a John Landis today [TS]

  did a movie about Don Rickles I think [TS]

  it's called mr. warmth that's really [TS]

  good oh really oh that's John Landis [TS]

  mmhmm yeah yeah you got on itunes but as [TS]

  i watched it last night for the third [TS]

  time on netflix you know Rickles is an [TS]

  example as a as we entered into this way [TS]

  weird uh era that we're in now and I [TS]

  don't mean to use the word weird no no [TS]

  is that that's out of the way you're [TS]

  gonna hear from the Wiccans yeah I'm uh [TS]

  that's right uh uh but but that that [TS]

  difficulty that you and I and a lot of [TS]

  our friends a lot of our era you know [TS]

  dan savage had this problem this making [TS]

  this transition to a world in which [TS]

  words add all this extra power to to [TS]

  shape people's lives words could damage [TS]

  as well as fists and then as time went [TS]

  on sort of words became more damaging [TS]

  than fists and we all had to monitor [TS]

  carefully what we were saying in order [TS]

  to not do damage to people and Rickles [TS]

  is like a not just an example but like [TS]

  the prime example of an era when when it [TS]

  was the the idea was just very different [TS]

  and and dawn obviously was not done was [TS]

  was like not a racist and Dawn was not a [TS]

  he didn't he wasn't trying to hurt [TS]

  people and he used awful awful language [TS]

  in ways that thats called people's ears [TS]

  now but an environment I think you could [TS]

  not see I think it I can completely [TS]

  understand a hundred percent why [TS]

  somebody would be offended by that I [TS]

  don't think he believed that in his [TS]

  heart I think that was it was a bit he [TS]

  didn't believe it in his heart and all [TS]

  of his listeners understood you know [TS]

  like like there was and and and you know [TS]

  this has been written about a thousand [TS]

  times I'm not making a case but it's an [TS]

  example I think of not being able to [TS]

  judge history on contemporary terms you [TS]

  know you can't go back and say the [TS]

  founding fathers are i impeach the [TS]

  founding fathers on the you know because [TS]

  they were slave owners are because they [TS]

  didn't you know i impeach Christopher [TS]

  Columbus because he was a mass murderer [TS]

  and even then it was considered badge on [TS]

  mass murder mm-hmm Christopher Columbus [TS]

  did set out uh uh to sail the ocean blue [TS]

  with the idea of mass murder in his [TS]

  heart you know what I mean like for [TS]

  Columbus was trying to find a back way [TS]

  to India we've heard the stories but you [TS]

  know what i mean like it if you try and [TS]

  if you try and look at Don Rickles and [TS]

  say and and judge his work on [TS]

  contemporary terms you just can't it's a [TS]

  it's other it's otherworldly now you [TS]

  just try that for Richard Pryor I mean [TS]

  would you want to throw out the work of [TS]

  Richard Pryor because of the standards [TS]

  like I hope not well they've been trying [TS]

  to throw out Mark Twain my whole life um [TS]

  and when I say day I mean you know yea [TS]

  though the liberal coastal elites [TS]

  the liberal coastal elites haven't [TS]

  rented or the poor the Christian [TS]

  demagogues of Oklahoma you know [TS]

  everybody's trying to throw up Marcus [TS]

  Club I'm like I get that vest I don't be [TS]

  in the club no I Reapers are but our [TS]

  vestas guy River clubs and that's that's [TS]

  the only best all we're from here on out [TS]

  that's where I'm that's where I'm gonna [TS]

  be Sunday morning mmm we need a song [TS]

  written the sky sky river rippers could [TS]

  be or not sky um we try this week I [TS]

  thought so what will I try yes I don't [TS]

  really like it I'll order it right now [TS]

  you know I've been meaning to get amazon [TS]

  prime and this is the reason all right [TS]

  do it so this is this finally my reason [TS]

  to get amazon prime fighters are [TS]

  religious right off given that you're [TS]

  creating a church now uh absolutely [TS]

  right all right well I'm trying to I'm [TS]

  trying to resume my policy of writing [TS]

  off everything that entertains me even [TS]

  slightly for a moment because I'm in [TS]

  show business and so entertainment is [TS]

  it's all right offer if you're not happy [TS]

  the audience are gonna be happy right [TS]

  right my happiness is is preeminent [TS]

  that's why I'm wearing but this fleece [TS]

  onesie with a hood on on the airplane [TS]

  I'm taking tomorrow oh yeah you know why [TS]

  your flip-flops flip-flops in a onesie [TS]

  look pop in a onesie and the ones he has [TS]

  animal ears it's like a.m. you know [TS]

  let's be honest it's a sex onesie [TS]

  you [TS]

  [Music] [TS]