The Accidental Tech Podcast

214: Christmas Phone


  maybe you can switch to maybe maybe you [TS]

  have sufficient girth to do a one-legged [TS]

  thing where like instead of putting a [TS]

  lot of talk on both legs can it can it [TS]

  can it sit on one leg you could have one [TS]

  laptop on each leg you would do a [TS]

  wielding cool I think we're all set so I [TS]

  have notes on everything that happened [TS]

  but I didn't check the notes in the [TS]

  doctor okay yes your own personal notes [TS]

  well guess what I have notes shared [TS]

  notes follow up you of course you do we [TS]

  can breathe we can breeze through it [TS]

  these are all quick oh why don't you [TS]

  again Marco into a long tangent about [TS]

  your deep 20-minute feelings in each one [TS]

  of these items we can get through it [TS]

  shots fired its gonna be like that I [TS]

  would like you to listen to recent [TS]

  episodes and see what percentage of [TS]

  follow-up items IE MIT a single word [TS]

  about yeah but it just takes one it only [TS]

  takes one it gets you going and that [TS]

  becomes half the show anyway we can get [TS]

  through this quickly because marco is [TS]

  not interested oh my god every time you [TS]

  say that all that means is everyone is [TS]

  looking at the chapter mark to see where [TS]

  the first stop it begins look at the [TS]

  chapter markers just just listen to the [TS]

  show just be just experienced the show [TS]

  be in the mom be the show be in the [TS]

  moment alright so Stephen Empson rights [TS]

  in case nobody mentioned turns out turns [TS]

  out the Wii U gamepad had less display [TS]

  lag than most TVs and we'll put a couple [TS]

  links in the show notes John you're the [TS]

  only one of us with wii u i believe so [TS]

  you want to tell us about this I think [TS]

  John's the only one with a wii u yeah [TS]

  very well maybe yeah it was last week [TS]

  where I was saying that I like to use [TS]

  the gamepad for Mario Kart because it [TS]

  felt like there was actually less live [TS]

  than a TV which seems crazy because it [TS]

  is wirelessly sending video to the thing [TS]

  so i actually i had read this article [TS]

  back when I came out I just forgot about [TS]

  because I'm old apparently it's measured [TS]

  to be about 33 milliseconds of lag for [TS]

  the video on the Wii U gamepad which [TS]

  sounds like a lot until you realize that [TS]

  TVs especially TVs that are either not [TS]

  in game mode or can't get into a decent [TS]

  game mode that where they turn off all [TS]

  the image processing the input lag for [TS]

  TVs especially if you went through a [TS]

  receiver and then through a TV can be up [TS]

  to like 100 milliseconds so I wasn't [TS]

  imagining it [TS]

  it is very likely that my complete TV [TS]

  set up as configured at the time i was [TS]

  doing this is actually slower than using [TS]

  the wii u gamepad itself so good job [TS]

  Nintendo I minimizing that lag bad job [TS]

  whole rest of the AV industry on having [TS]

  horrendous leg input lag for television [TS]

  set ups what's the mechanism that the [TS]

  video is being broadcasted gamepad is [TS]

  that like a private Wi-Fi or something [TS]

  yeah I think it's like an h.264 stream [TS]

  over wireless thing I think the prior [TS]

  Terry I don't think it is just like [TS]

  liberal Wi-Fi but I don't know actually [TS]

  so it could be like a is an airdrop like [TS]

  a peer-to-peer thing that's kind of [TS]

  stood up just in the moment and then [TS]

  destroyed after you transfer the file or [TS]

  files or something like that maybe it's [TS]

  maybe it's one of those sort of [TS]

  scenarios who knows mm-hmm fair enough [TS]

  right in this in the interest of speedy [TS]

  follow-up for the first time ever tell [TS]

  us what happened with your Zelda HUD [TS]

  playing zelda as everybody knows and [TS]

  Zelda does have a HUD so is every pass [TS]

  Zelda game they always have something on [TS]

  the screen that's showing like a little [TS]

  mini map or like Skyward Sword had this [TS]

  giant honking picture of the wiimote [TS]

  which you could turn off and I did turn [TS]

  off a little status indicators a breath [TS]

  of the wild has the traditional line of [TS]

  hearts in the upper left hand corner and [TS]

  the lower right it's got a little [TS]

  circular map thing and some other little [TS]

  icons underneath the hearts it has a [TS]

  couple of other items that appear as you [TS]

  progress through the game don't want to [TS]

  spoil anything for people problem with [TS]

  those items is that they are white much [TS]

  of the time one hundred percent [TS]

  completely opaque white and my TV hates [TS]

  that and so after playing breath of the [TS]

  wild friday now 20 or 30 hours i noticed [TS]

  i'm getting into retention in the upper [TS]

  left corner for the white items luckily [TS]

  breath of the wild has a HUD option [TS]

  which i saw when i first start playing [TS]

  the game because of course being a nerd [TS]

  i always go into all the options first [TS]

  before starting anything and they called [TS]

  they call it the pro HUD which turns off [TS]

  basically everything except for your [TS]

  hearts and i said well i don't want to [TS]

  turn everything off it's a pretty [TS]

  minimal HUD to begin with it's very [TS]

  minimal very pushed off to the side so [TS]

  it's nice but and i like seeing the [TS]

  thing someone were useful like [TS]

  interesting the compass direction and [TS]

  stuff like that so i left and on that [TS]

  turned out to have been mistakes now i'm [TS]

  using the pro HUD which only shows [TS]

  hearts the hearts are one hundred [TS]

  percent britt red and opaque so they are [TS]

  causing some heart-shaped image [TS]

  retention in the upper left but they do [TS]

  vary a little bit as you [TS]

  take damage at the very least and one [TS]

  hundred percent red is much better than [TS]

  hundred percent white so I'm not kicking [TS]

  Zelda off my TV yet and moving it to the [TS]

  to the the gaming monitor or anything I [TS]

  think I'm just going to accept the [TS]

  amount of image pension because I know [TS]

  from our destiny experiment that yes you [TS]

  will get image retention but it is not [TS]

  permanent if you're merely wait a year [TS]

  it will go away and someone is [TS]

  suggesting that I get OLED oh let also [TS]

  has image retention guess what you know [TS]

  if you had brought a TV with a proper [TS]

  technology that doesn't have image [TS]

  retention this would have been a lot [TS]

  easier but no you had to have you had to [TS]

  have the blackest black sand the dark [TS]

  you stop saying even LCDs have image [TS]

  retention mine has it mine has it worse [TS]

  yeah well and and vibrant colors like [TS]

  seriously on my gaming monitor it is [TS]

  such an incredible difference in what [TS]

  the game looks like compared to what it [TS]

  looks like on tv and breadth of the [TS]

  while it's the type of game they want to [TS]

  experience and if there's not a lot of [TS]

  HUD in breadth of the wild it is [TS]

  actually pretty darn minimal so I want [TS]

  to see the full rich experience and to [TS]

  get the 5.1 surround sound with just [TS]

  they don't take that much advantage of [TS]

  what the speakers are better anyway I'm [TS]

  not kicking it off yet we'll check back [TS]

  in next week fair enough Carsten Weiss [TS]

  maybe vice rights in to talk about [TS]

  high-end desktop processors which I [TS]

  really don't care that much about so [TS]

  money you can take this this is in [TS]

  reference to be asking Oh a shelf if [TS]

  Intel makes any processors that are not [TS]

  Zeon's that have more than four cores [TS]

  that in theory could be used in an iMac [TS]

  and Marco said no and a lot of people [TS]

  tweeted that actually they make these a [TS]

  bunch of processors within decipherable [TS]

  numeric alphanumeric names that have 10 [TS]

  cores and eight cores and six scores and [TS]

  other people trying done on Twitter to [TS]

  say actually those are basically two [TS]

  Zeon's rebranded and rename but without [TS]

  ECC ram and different chipsets that [TS]

  require them either way it seems like [TS]

  however you want to slice it there are [TS]

  other options that are not the same as [TS]

  the processors in the mac pro that Apple [TS]

  could put in the imac if we wanted to so [TS]

  maybe if they make an imac pro instead [TS]

  of having a xeon in there they could [TS]

  have one of these in between easy on [TS]

  things which would be kind of cruddy [TS]

  because i really want ECC ram so I from [TS]

  you know if I'm going to pay for an imac [TS]

  pro but anyway I'll buy whatever they [TS]

  put out because what the hell choice do [TS]

  I have yea sorry I'm going to talk to [TS]

  Sean during follow-up [TS]

  this is the x 99 series that people keep [TS]

  talking about I honestly don't know much [TS]

  about it I had it in the back of my mind [TS]

  and just forgotten about it but it seems [TS]

  like if if you're going to go to the [TS]

  trouble of having a very expensive [TS]

  processor that puts out a lot of heat [TS]

  and needs a big socket and everything [TS]

  else like why not just use eons at that [TS]

  point like I bet the engineering [TS]

  constraints and cost constraints and [TS]

  everything else around using these is [TS]

  probably not that different from just [TS]

  using Zeon's in the first place which is [TS]

  probably why apple doesn't just put one [TS]

  of these in an imac Jason Breckenridge [TS]

  rights in to say more about the mac pro [TS]

  a macro delay is likely due to wait for [TS]

  AMD to produce something that they can [TS]

  leverage to get intel xeon prices down [TS]

  that seems bold to me but anyway he [TS]

  continues margins are everything in Tim [TS]

  Cook's Apple not sure how you can know [TS]

  that but I'll continue especially for [TS]

  low-volume products maybe I don't know [TS]

  what do you guys I put this in here for [TS]

  not to address it directly but just for [TS]

  the larger issue because it's [TS]

  interesting to me that the three of us [TS]

  on this show seemed to all come to a [TS]

  sort of no I'm going to say unspoken [TS]

  agreement but chances are we spoke about [TS]

  it because we talked about the knife bro [TS]

  a lot agreement that there is no new Mac [TS]

  Pro coming and yet when I see people [TS]

  like when listeners right in or tweet or [TS]

  whatever there is still a contingent out [TS]

  there that is on a different page than [TS]

  we are that they believe that there is a [TS]

  delay like the Mac but there is a mac [TS]

  pro delay the new Mac Pro is coming and [TS]

  maybe i'm wrong but do we all basically [TS]

  do the three of us like obviously we [TS]

  don't know we're just guessing right but [TS]

  do we all kind of agree there is no new [TS]

  mac pro coming in in the terms that we [TS]

  understand it to be basically like a [TS]

  thing that you buy from apple that is [TS]

  their their fastest computer that [TS]

  doesn't have a screen attached to it I [TS]

  don't know your your the yearly what [TS]

  you're the one holdout I mean I think [TS]

  Marco agrees right yeah pretty much I've [TS]

  been on the page for a while that just [TS]

  like there is no new Mac Pro coming and [TS]

  all I'm thinking of is low you know in [TS]

  the way that we understand it I'm I'm a [TS]

  hundred percent pinning my hopes on and [TS]

  I'm [TS]

  mac pro at this point but the mac pro [TS]

  like so many people right into talked [TS]

  about what do we think the next Mac Pro [TS]

  is going to be and what might be [TS]

  delaying the next Mac Pro and I feel [TS]

  like writing back saying I I've lost my [TS]

  faith like I what what new Mac Pro what [TS]

  are you even talking about it's there is [TS]

  no new Mac Pro the rebel never will be a [TS]

  new mac pro except for something [TS]

  different than in terms of yet again and [TS]

  when I say it I'm talking about a box [TS]

  that you buy that doesn't have a monitor [TS]

  built into it from apple that is their [TS]

  fastest computer I think that's that's [TS]

  gone yeah i mean like all right like [TS]

  i've been using this imac since 2014 [TS]

  because it it just fit my overall [TS]

  desires better like I really wanted [TS]

  retina like I desperately want a desktop [TS]

  retina and I thought for years that it [TS]

  was it was further away and so and then [TS]

  when they released the 5k imac it like [TS]

  it blew my mind and it was so good and [TS]

  it still is so good you know I decided [TS]

  then like okay I will trade some [TS]

  processing power and I will trade the [TS]

  freedom of this external cylinder or [TS]

  tower and having it separate my monitor [TS]

  I'll trade that for this awesome screen [TS]

  experience and the time there really was [TS]

  no great way to get 5k externally now [TS]

  well maybe you could argue that the LG [TS]

  still sucks so badly that make me maybe [TS]

  there still isn't agree we can fuck [TS]

  external in that is what broke me if you [TS]

  recall that was the end I was like I now [TS]

  I accept I accept it up you're telling [TS]

  me and no uncertain terms give up yeah [TS]

  maybe I don't anyway so I the the [TS]

  problem is like I hear from various [TS]

  tipsters and rumors and birdies and [TS]

  everything else I hear a different thing [TS]

  like every month every month I here oh [TS]

  the mac pro is really dead this time or [TS]

  oh no it's not dead yet it's coming you [TS]

  know they're they're starting up a new [TS]

  thing yeah but every time I hear that [TS]

  like I think does what I'm hearing fit [TS]

  into the idea of an imac pro and every [TS]

  time i go that totally could be an imac [TS]

  bro all i want is for them to address [TS]

  high-end needs and for the current imac [TS]

  series as we know it to not be the [TS]

  highest they ever go because it is very [TS]

  limited in you know limiting itself to [TS]

  the primarily for core desktop line and [TS]

  not having desktop class [TS]

  high-powered GPU support and desktop [TS]

  class high-powered CPU support and [TS]

  workstation class i should say cpu [TS]

  support you know there's there's a huge [TS]

  ceiling above the current imac series [TS]

  and it isn't just about getting a higher [TS]

  clock speed on single core it's about [TS]

  like like if you want if you need [TS]

  multi-core performance which lots of [TS]

  things use these days it isn't it isn't [TS]

  a matter of just wait till next year's [TS]

  imac and the four core line will be will [TS]

  be good enough that a mac pro won't be [TS]

  necessary it's literally like the imac [TS]

  grows like five or ten percent [TS]

  performance a year and a mac pro with [TS]

  more cores could have like it could have [TS]

  like six times the performance like [TS]

  that's that's the difference we're [TS]

  talking about here it's not it isn't [TS]

  something that we can just wait a couple [TS]

  years and the need goes away because a [TS]

  couple years down the road the [TS]

  multi-core high-power workstation chips [TS]

  have gotten better too so this having [TS]

  having a gap like there's a big gap [TS]

  between what the imac can do and what a [TS]

  computer that has a much higher power [TS]

  and heat budget and and money budget can [TS]

  do and that use for the Mac Pro and now [TS]

  it's it's kind of gone and that huge gap [TS]

  is just being unserved and the people [TS]

  who need that huge gap are going to [TS]

  windows and hackintosh is another crap [TS]

  like that that's what I hope Apple [TS]

  addresses whether it has a screen built [TS]

  into it or not I would prefer if it [TS]

  didn't just for additional flexibility [TS]

  but I don't really I'm not going to be [TS]

  massively disappointed if they give me a [TS]

  new high-end 16 core xeon workstation [TS]

  that happens to have a 5k screen in [TS]

  front of it which is by the way the best [TS]

  screen i've ever seen yeah I'm actually [TS]

  like now that I know there's no [TS]

  third-party monitor that's what makes [TS]

  the imac pro so much more palatable to [TS]

  me because i will still have an apple [TS]

  monitor that's what i want and so I'm [TS]

  just paying my hopes on the insides of [TS]

  that I Mac Pro being all that they can [TS]

  be right here to you to you have had [TS]

  your talking privileges revoked for the [TS]

  remainder of follow-up I was trying to [TS]

  get things quickly and then I said those [TS]

  two curse it goddamn words Mac Pro and [TS]

  then everything took a turn as it always [TS]

  does [TS]

  uh anyway I mean in our defense I'm [TS]

  pretty sure you started it well I died I [TS]

  didn't put this in the show notes but I [TS]

  did I reading this I was dutifully [TS]

  reading John's show notes and here's [TS]

  where we ended up so anyway we'll move [TS]

  on to talk about how Americans are cheap [TS]

  so Jake rights in to say I wanted to [TS]

  tell you all what I've seen with a [TS]

  family member that has been in education [TS]

  for almost 30 years and this person's [TS]

  family member works for a 12,000 student [TS]

  school district in America in this [TS]

  district there several schools need [TS]

  repairs or renovation keep students safe [TS]

  over the last two years the district has [TS]

  presented referendum which goes to a [TS]

  public vote to the public which gets [TS]

  voted down a secondary referendum for a [TS]

  lesser amount of money which is also [TS]

  voted down and now there's a third [TS]

  referendum on the table the current [TS]

  referendum has a lot of opposition this [TS]

  time at this time and according to Jake [TS]

  they don't play nice so Jake summarizes [TS]

  people aren't really not fond of taxes [TS]

  being raised sport education I've seen [TS]

  this every day for the last uh decade or [TS]

  two of my life even when kids safety is [TS]

  on the line there is still opposition [TS]

  it's really sad and this is an exact [TS]

  retelling of my childhood in in n what [TS]

  now how do I say this because however [TS]

  it's i pronounced it apparently everyone [TS]

  was very very upset just putting the you [TS]

  just putting the emphasis on the wrong [TS]

  syllable that's all right what what what [TS]

  flight attendant movie was that I never [TS]

  actually saw but that preview that was [TS]

  on the initials is very popular I parted [TS]

  back in middle schools i don't know the [TS]

  original origin asst and anyway i have [TS]

  fluent is what you're trying to say [TS]

  thank you so you said about yes [TS]

  apparently and very there were a lot of [TS]

  people it's probably an alternate [TS]

  pronunciations because everything is [TS]

  yeah i always have that defense you can [TS]

  look it up I'm sure I'm sure that's true [TS]

  but whatever so affluent is that correct [TS]

  yep anyway it doesn't matter whatever we [TS]

  lived into an area that had a lot of [TS]

  rich people in it so there we go so the [TS]

  point is this was the exact same [TS]

  behavior that I saw at my school [TS]

  district which we went over last episode [TS]

  we had several other people right in to [TS]

  say very very similar things that were [TS]

  equally depressing and this was just a [TS]

  really great summary [TS]

  how Americans are cheap and and I hate [TS]

  all of us so i just thought i'd share [TS]

  that little anecdote speaking of things [TS]

  that we won't talk long about at all i'm [TS]

  quite sure twitter twitter if it for mac [TS]

  the kickstarter made it and the stretch [TS]

  goal of 100 thousand dollars to get [TS]

  basic things like direct messaging [TS]

  support also made it which is super [TS]

  exciting so congratulations John [TS]

  Syracuse the this moment is yours yes [TS]

  this is a right victory lap for the [TS]

  project and for all of the listeners to [TS]

  this show who I'm sure heard my plea and [TS]

  pledged support and it amazes me like I [TS]

  was just at the goal I set for everybody [TS]

  says ignore the fact that the goal is 75 [TS]

  grand the stretch goals 100 grand and we [TS]

  need to get that because that's where [TS]

  like direct messages come in as much as [TS]

  I love terrific I really don't want to [TS]

  use a mac Twitter client doesn't support [TS]

  direct messages so we did it 108,000 is [TS]

  the total we passed 100 k as a marker [TS]

  was pointing out now I have to pay the [TS]

  money that I pledged towards it and [TS]

  there are a lot of people i know on [TS]

  twitter told me that not only did they [TS]

  pledge because they heard my [TS]

  encouragement to do so but they also up [TS]

  their pledges when they saw that it [TS]

  wasn't close to its goal or whatever so [TS]

  thank you to everybody who did that I'm [TS]

  sure this will turn out great the one [TS]

  the one bad thing for me is that of [TS]

  course I can't alright may not be able [TS]

  to run this project if it's Sarah only [TS]

  until and unless I get a new mac that [TS]

  runs I mean it's not supposed to be done [TS]

  until much later nice is really is gonna [TS]

  be not as expensive Twitter client ever [TS]

  free huh yeah well I want to get the new [TS]

  mac anyway but gonna be a few bucks for [TS]

  Twitter and average for tweet button key [TS]

  thousand bucks for a new mac i'm also [TS]

  lobbying them through certain channels [TS]

  to perhaps try to support back dale cap [TS]

  but i don't know if that will happen but [TS]

  either way I want a new mac the run [TS]

  Sierra and I want to be able to run this [TS]

  thing and it's not done yet so fingers [TS]

  crossed everybody but thanks to [TS]

  everybody who helped this is awesome [TS]

  congratulations John siracusa I'm very [TS]

  very very excited for you I know this [TS]

  was uh this was a big deal for you could [TS]

  just use tweetbot but that's cool Cirie [TS]

  has multi-language support several [TS]

  people wrote in with regard to our [TS]

  ladies in the cylinder conversation last [TS]

  episode to remind us that in it is we [TS]

  needed a reminder that that what is the [TS]

  the the the Amazon [TS]

  which I'm stumbling so hard to say our [TS]

  name yes the echoes lady I didn't want [TS]

  to say the AL exa word um the echoes [TS]

  lady does not have a lot of [TS]

  multi-language support whereas the Apple [TS]

  lady does have considerable by [TS]

  comparison multi-language support and [TS]

  that's a big deal for anyone who doesn't [TS]

  speak English and obviously we tend to [TS]

  be more myopic than we intend when it [TS]

  comes to these sorts of things but for [TS]

  people outside of the United States [TS]

  Britain etc Australia to before we get [TS]

  people emailing us about that um people [TS]

  outside those areas you know the only [TS]

  choice I really have a Serie and that's [TS]

  kind of a big bummer so anyway it's [TS]

  worth considering we didn't really give [TS]

  any thought to that last episode what is [TS]

  it wasn't uh somebody wrote in to get [TS]

  onto the they will actually for the some [TS]

  someone run in there in a foreign [TS]

  country and they said that they had to [TS]

  speak to whatever thing they were [TS]

  speaking to in their native language but [TS]

  they had to pronounce things the way an [TS]

  English feature English speaker would [TS]

  try to say the words in their language [TS]

  in order to be understood which I [TS]

  thought was interesting that like even [TS]

  though it purports to understand your [TS]

  language if you speak sort of [TS]

  colloquially and just like casually as [TS]

  you would it doesn't work as well if you [TS]

  think like how would an American trying [TS]

  to speak my language say this and say it [TS]

  that way then then the cylinder picks [TS]

  out which I thought was funny I mean [TS]

  it's working on works the same way here [TS]

  you kind of think like how would [TS]

  somebody in California say this like the [TS]

  way I say it never works right you just [TS]

  gotta add in a groovy and you know and [TS]

  whatever the other lingos reckon can you [TS]

  get me a Jaguar with an automatic [TS]

  transmission Wow that'll work perfectly [TS]

  don't forget the passive aggression no I [TS]

  mean so I think what about what bugs me [TS]

  about a lot of the times i see this [TS]

  pointed out is when it's used as a [TS]

  defense for areas in which siri is not [TS]

  doing so well or as stupider than it [TS]

  should be so to me these should be [TS]

  carefully considered as separate factors [TS]

  yes sirree is better at international [TS]

  and multi-language support amazon sucks [TS]

  internationally they have terrible [TS]

  coverage outside the US for all of their [TS]

  services [TS]

  and the echoes voice service is no [TS]

  exception to that but what Amazon's even [TS]

  better at is in the like one language in [TS]

  that they support well it simply works [TS]

  more reliably and I know there are there [TS]

  areas in which Siri is better and and [TS]

  that's fine there's areas in which [TS]

  amazon is better but these are separate [TS]

  discussions and I don't think it's a [TS]

  valid excuse for apple or four for Apple [TS]

  fans and commentators to use just [TS]

  whenever anybody points out that Siri [TS]

  does something less well than it should [TS]

  or that Amazon does something really [TS]

  well it is not a valid excuse to say [TS]

  well series report supports you know 75 [TS]

  different languages it's like well okay [TS]

  it does the sky is also blue these are [TS]

  separate facts these are separate [TS]

  discussions right like so that's I see [TS]

  this a lot in a way that bothers me but [TS]

  that is an attribute that should be [TS]

  commended you know it is great this here [TS]

  supports all the different languages and [TS]

  if you speak one of those languages [TS]

  that's a huge factor for you in the same [TS]

  way that other factors of these products [TS]

  might influence other people's decisions [TS]

  I would just be careful how we throw [TS]

  that around because so often it's used [TS]

  in this kind of invalid defense fair [TS]

  enough all right so I've a very quick [TS]

  question about the Apple watch which is [TS]

  kind of a call to listeners to tweet at [TS]

  me and me alone and then I'd like to go [TS]

  to your lawfully i am going to regret [TS]

  this but i'm curious and then marco has [TS]

  a tale of waffling ideas a lot less [TS]

  delicious than it said you have a brief [TS]

  tale of waffling right Marco yeah very [TS]

  bright well I do I wasn't I wasn't aware [TS]

  you guys knew about it somebody put in [TS]

  the show notes we know everything we're [TS]

  watching always watching cool all right [TS]

  well anyway I I wanted to want to ask [TS]

  the audience and you can tweet at me and [TS]

  me alone you don't need to bother mark [TS]

  when John do you I've been doing this by [TS]

  the way I know if you have a Syria what [TS]

  we calling this a series 0 an original [TS]

  Apple watch do you find that the battery [TS]

  is starting to get a little long in the [TS]

  tooth and starting to wear out a little [TS]

  more quickly than you use than it used [TS]

  to be cuz i got i took delivery of my [TS]

  apple watch in early May [TS]

  and the last couple days it has been [TS]

  nice enough out that I can go for my [TS]

  afternoon or really evening walk with [TS]

  Declan and i'll do a walking exercise on [TS]

  my Apple watch and as soon as I've [TS]

  started doing that last few days at [TS]

  unreasonably early hours my Apple watch [TS]

  is going from oh I'm fine everything I'm [TS]

  asleep and power reserve mode is on and [TS]

  I basically don't have a watch at all [TS]

  anymore and this only started when I [TS]

  when I started doing these exercises and [TS]

  eat well for loose definitions of [TS]

  exercise but anyway exercises in the [TS]

  evening and tracking these like 15 to 30 [TS]

  minute walks and I'm curious those who [TS]

  listen if you had only if you have a [TS]

  series 0 original Apple watch do you [TS]

  also find your heaven having battery [TS]

  woes let at kc list no i'm curious to [TS]

  hear that's all for now you can you [TS]

  restore your phone I have a series 0 [TS]

  watch and my battery is awesome as it [TS]

  sits there on it's charging thing on top [TS]

  of my dresser we are sponsored this week [TS]

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  calm thanks a lot to fracture for [TS]

  sponsoring our show so tell me about [TS]

  your waffling but I'm gonna say this is [TS]

  by my count your third mac laptop order [TS]

  since the new mac laptops are released [TS]

  again oh my god Marco here's here's what [TS]

  happened oh here we go yeah you had to [TS]

  do it why did you have to do it here's [TS]

  here's what happened all right I'll try [TS]

  to be brief as we have all of us talking [TS]

  about on my I recently came back from a [TS]

  trip on the way home I was I was [TS]

  supposed to have downloaded a TV show [TS]

  for TIFF and I to watch on the plane and [TS]

  last minute at the airport I realized [TS]

  like at the departure airport I realized [TS]

  I had not done it over the hotel Wi-Fi [TS]

  overnight like I had planned and i had [TS]

  to very quickly download episodes of a [TS]

  TV show and of course nothing was [TS]

  available in any legal fashion so I was [TS]

  going to ship them to myself on a truck [TS]

  and there are numerous ways to do this [TS]

  on airport Wi-Fi none of which are very [TS]

  good and the only way I found for this [TS]

  show that I was supposed to downloaded [TS]

  but didn't download the only way that I [TS]

  could find it is a certain kind of truck [TS]

  that let's say it forms a torrential [TS]

  downpour [TS]

  data pieces into a TV show I knew like [TS]

  you know if I could just use a group of [TS]

  newspaper delivery trucks that would be [TS]

  better but the the torrential downpour [TS]

  of trucks was the only thing I get to [TS]

  work in a reliable fashion from the [TS]

  airport Wi-Fi that I was on and the [TS]

  plane was taking off in like a half hour [TS]

  and I just had to get something quickly [TS]

  so I installed a type of torrential [TS]

  downpour truck that I had trusted in the [TS]

  past even though I knew that you know [TS]

  that they I heard they kind of got shady [TS]

  with bundling smaller satellite trucks [TS]

  with it install yahoo search toolbar in [TS]

  your browser installed java it did set [TS]

  my homepage to yahoo and all of my [TS]

  browsers that's the stuff and on my home [TS]

  mac i have an older version of this [TS]

  truck that has note i downloaded years [TS]

  ago that has no problems but on on the [TS]

  the new version that i could get off the [TS]

  website quickly it did a bunch of weird [TS]

  stuff that I don't trust and so because [TS]

  of this I now consider my 15 inch touch [TS]

  bar macbook pro compromised and I need [TS]

  to format it and reinstall basically for [TS]

  my own sanity do you guys remember what [TS]

  made my curly quit his job oh god it was [TS]

  him having to buy a new pair of [TS]

  shoelaces and yet how does that justify [TS]

  you getting a new damn computer I was [TS]

  gonna say to remind everybody this story [TS]

  about him forgetting to download a TV [TS]

  show and trying to do to the airport is [TS]

  going to lead to him buying a new [TS]

  computer just whoever's on the same page [TS]

  all right so basically the gist of it if [TS]

  I can summarize my curly story about how [TS]

  he of what made him finally quit a job [TS]

  become a professional podcasters is that [TS]

  he he was going to his his office job [TS]

  where he had to dress up and he broke [TS]

  the shoelace on his shoe and he was [TS]

  thinking acquitting for a while and that [TS]

  finally pushed him over the edge because [TS]

  he's like you know I I don't want to buy [TS]

  a new pair of shoelaces for these shoes [TS]

  because it was kind of like reinforcing [TS]

  and reinvesting in the world he was he [TS]

  was not happy with and trying to leave [TS]

  so you decided to just stop at that [TS]

  point I'm sorry if you butch [TS]

  I bunch of that in case you remember [TS]

  offhand what episode of analog people [TS]

  should listen to no i don't but i'll [TS]

  have it in the show notes okay i don't [TS]

  remember which episode it is but we go [TS]

  into detail about this and it is it is [TS]

  one of the better episodes of analog if [TS]

  i do say so myself so it's worth [TS]

  listening to ok so when faced with the [TS]

  need to reformat my 15 inch touch bar [TS]

  macbook pro at the end of this trip [TS]

  probably the third or fourth trip I've [TS]

  taken it on I was already not loving [TS]

  this computer on this trip in so many [TS]

  things about it that I that I when I [TS]

  bought it I was like you know I don't [TS]

  love this but I'll get used to it maybe [TS]

  and some of those things I've gotten [TS]

  used to decently enough some of those [TS]

  things I haven't I I just have no [TS]

  motivation to fix this computer even [TS]

  though it's a software you have to [TS]

  reinstall the OS which I have to do even [TS]

  if I get a new one I will then start on [TS]

  a fresh one and then I'll have to you [TS]

  know put everything back on that one I [TS]

  don't want to this this is my shoelace [TS]

  and I don't want to fix this laptop [TS]

  because I just don't like it and I'm [TS]

  finally admitting to myself you know [TS]

  what the 15 inch touch bar macbook pro [TS]

  it's not a bad computer it's just really [TS]

  designed with different priorities and [TS]

  different needs than what my needs and [TS]

  priorities actually are and i thought i [TS]

  would get past it i thought i'd get used [TS]

  to it and I thought certain things would [TS]

  would stick better than they have like [TS]

  for me honestly the touch bar doesn't [TS]

  work for me it may be down the road it [TS]

  will but right now it doesn't and there [TS]

  it causes a lot of problems like [TS]

  accidentally brushing against it and and [TS]

  other issues bugs incident so anyway so [TS]

  I thought you know what I can't do this [TS]

  anymore i'm going to switch to a [TS]

  computer that i actually like and my [TS]

  original plan was i'm going to wait for [TS]

  the next update to the macbook one and [TS]

  give that a solid try again because with [TS]

  that when i first got the first one and [TS]

  really hated it part of the reason i [TS]

  hated it was the keyboard but well now [TS]

  they all have that keyboard and it's [TS]

  like well I i I'm forcibly getting used [TS]

  to that keyboard it's like all right [TS]

  well that's that that is kind of now an [TS]

  equal between them almost I mean though [TS]

  the one on the map book one currently [TS]

  has less feedback it is still the same [TS]

  low travel but it has less feedback then [TS]

  the ones that are on the new 2016 [TS]

  macbook pros I'm used to that one now on [TS]

  MacBook Pros I still don't like it but [TS]

  I'm used to it so I can tolerate that [TS]

  and I was assuming that the next update [TS]

  to the macbook one would get that [TS]

  keyboard also the original map book one [TS]

  I mean all the map ones are very slow [TS]

  but in in the 2016 update was it they [TS]

  dramatically increased the speed of the [TS]

  SSD which it which dramatically [TS]

  increases the performance of lots of [TS]

  things in the system and so the gist of [TS]

  what owners have reported basically is [TS]

  that the the second version of the [TS]

  macbook one which is the one that's been [TS]

  on for about a year now is significantly [TS]

  faster than the first version was also [TS]

  thanks tipster the GPU is also a lot a [TS]

  lot faster which also helps so so I [TS]

  thought you know let me just wait for [TS]

  that and then I'll make a decision well [TS]

  I'm about to go on a trip in like a [TS]

  couple of weeks to Ireland to the [TS]

  all-conference and like like Arthur [TS]

  friends I will pimp the OL conference [TS]

  not because they've asked me to not [TS]

  because I feel obligated to but because [TS]

  if you are anywhere near Ireland or can [TS]

  get to Ireland in a couple of weeks you [TS]

  should go to the all-conference it's [TS]

  amazing so go to the old conference [TS]

  everybody ull dot IE is cool anyway I'm [TS]

  going to Ireland this is the perfect [TS]

  kind of trip where I want to have a [TS]

  laptop with me but I don't really get a [TS]

  lot of work done I'm trips anymore I try [TS]

  I always try and I just I don't you know [TS]

  it's very rare that actually get a lot [TS]

  of work done since the 15-inch was not [TS]

  for me i speaking you know this would be [TS]

  a great time to have a new smaller [TS]

  laptop to try to use to enjoy and since [TS]

  the 15-inch is not working for me for [TS]

  lots of reasons and one of the main [TS]

  reasons is the touch bar that really is [TS]

  not working for me I think my choices [TS]

  were basically the macbook law under the [TS]

  macbook escape or an old macbook pro you [TS]

  know like I can get the old 13 of the I [TS]

  already have my old 15 so I took out the [TS]

  old 15 figured I'd boot that up for a [TS]

  little bit use that for a couple days [TS]

  see how that goes and it's fine but I'm [TS]

  ruin now for the weight difference on [TS]

  the new one even though going from the [TS]

  old to the new 15 is only a half pound [TS]

  savings went from like four point five [TS]

  to four point oh that's enough that to [TS]

  ruin me so now I pick up the old one in [TS]

  it and it feels really old the then the [TS]

  the event or the announcements rather [TS]

  the other day yesterday the other day [TS]

  came out and I thought apple is sure to [TS]

  update the macbook one so let me wait [TS]

  for this announcement and then I will [TS]

  probably just order a macbook one which [TS]

  with the new hopefully with the new [TS]

  keyboard and with the new you know maybe [TS]

  maybe faster Thunder maybe Thunderbolt [TS]

  until just us bc or whatever else okay i [TS]

  was going to do the same thing for the [TS]

  record i had every intention of buying [TS]

  myself a macbook adorable / macbook 1 / [TS]

  officially called macbook the 12 inch [TS]

  macbook but right i was planning to buy [TS]

  one yesterday i was locked and loaded [TS]

  ready to go and then not so much so what [TS]

  did you do see I I know how I know how [TS]

  to not spend money but if there's [TS]

  anything you know how to do it not [TS]

  spending money is not on that list you [TS]

  you do not know how to not spend money [TS]

  all I can do is rationalize spending a [TS]

  little bit less money than I was going [TS]

  to spend anyway but anyway the the the [TS]

  day came and went they had their big [TS]

  browser press releases which people get [TS]

  to don't worry everyone will get to that [TS]

  and they didn't release basically [TS]

  anything I wanted but but yeah they [TS]

  didn't they didn't release the macbook [TS]

  one so I decided you know what let me go [TS]

  to the apple store now that everything's [TS]

  in stock I'll spend some real time with [TS]

  the macbook escape and the macbook one [TS]

  side by side and to just see like should [TS]

  I just wait for an escape or I'm [TS]

  strikers by an escape now or should I [TS]

  wait for the map of one update that [TS]

  might happen in a couple of weeks or it [TS]

  might happen in six months or it might [TS]

  never happen we have not liked it this [TS]

  is modern Apple who knows when things [TS]

  will come out there's no relation [TS]

  anymore to like Intel schedules so it [TS]

  could come out anytime or never so [TS]

  anyway so I went to the store side by [TS]

  side macbook escape to MacBook one the [TS]

  weight difference between them is [TS]

  noticeable it's two pounds versus three [TS]

  pounds so it's a noticeable weight [TS]

  difference it's a noticeable size [TS]

  difference but the macbook Escape is the [TS]

  same approximate size and weight as the [TS]

  13-inch macbook air has always been it [TS]

  feels great it's small you know and and [TS]

  critically it is basically a retina [TS]

  macbook air in its internals and so it [TS]

  has amazing battery life the best [TS]

  battery life in the whole lineup and one [TS]

  of my problems with the 15 inches that [TS]

  the battery life is just not that great [TS]

  it's it's not horrible [TS]

  all but it's not great and it varies [TS]

  tremendously with what you're doing [TS]

  because it has that high-powered GPU and [TS]

  the nice big four core cpu and [TS]

  everything else so 15 inch varies a lot [TS]

  and isn't even great to begin with the [TS]

  macbook escape has and by the way I [TS]

  should clarify my stupid name for that [TS]

  that's the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 with [TS]

  two Thunderbolt ports and also known as [TS]

  the non-touch bar 13 inch MacBook Pro [TS]

  all these want to see at my name is [TS]

  better than apples right okay so anyway [TS]

  the macbook escape it is not as small [TS]

  and light as I would love it to be but [TS]

  it's pretty small in light the macbook [TS]

  one now again this is this is the now [TS]

  year old version so maybe this will [TS]

  change in the new one but the keyboard [TS]

  different side by side is not a big [TS]

  difference but it is noticeable and the [TS]

  macbook one keyboard is worse by you [TS]

  know a noticeable amount the ergonomic [TS]

  difference is more noticeable than I [TS]

  would have guessed you know the macbook [TS]

  one feels great when you're holding it [TS]

  when you pick it up when you when you're [TS]

  carrying it around feels great I don't [TS]

  care for how you have to open the lid [TS]

  basically with two hands because it's so [TS]

  thin and so small that you kind of you [TS]

  can't really like wed your thumb under [TS]

  like the little lip area and push down [TS]

  on what's below it like you can with the [TS]

  bigger ones you don't have to that's the [TS]

  babbles all big thing you can do with [TS]

  one hand and the bass stays down yeah it [TS]

  does it really does i tried all the time [TS]

  the apple store on them amazing how [TS]

  often how it works actually try it [TS]

  you're right that it's hard to get your [TS]

  finger under it but it's if you'd let go [TS]

  of the notion you actually need to hold [TS]

  the base down and you can manage to get [TS]

  through a little finger under the lip I [TS]

  swear to you that the base will stay on [TS]

  the table oh I don't realize that okay [TS]

  anyway so it didn't feel as good it felt [TS]

  like a little bit like flimsy to do that [TS]

  like just like it's not a huge deal but [TS]

  when you compare them side-by-side it's [TS]

  an obvious difference also when i had [TS]

  the macbook escape for like a day and a [TS]

  half when it first came inside of epic [TS]

  14 day and a half and a first came out [TS]

  one problem i had with it was it [TS]

  actually on my lap it was too narrow and [TS]

  it would likes it too low on my legs as [TS]

  a result like it wouldn't quite span [TS]

  across my leg gap quite well enough and [TS]

  i actually found it not that pleasant to [TS]

  use on my lap it would be great on like [TS]

  an airplane tray table [TS]

  and it'd be totally you know suitable on [TS]

  a desk and anything else but on my lap I [TS]

  actually found it was actually not quite [TS]

  wide enough to really be comfortable [TS]

  there and and the biggest difference to [TS]

  me is that the macbook ones trackpad is [TS]

  truly awful it is horrendous how how [TS]

  differently when you when you feel them [TS]

  side by side even on the same settings [TS]

  on the same like force touch firmness [TS]

  level or whatever the difference in the [TS]

  cliq feel and the responsiveness between [TS]

  the macbook one and the macbook escape [TS]

  is massive on the on the trackpad it's a [TS]

  huge difference I basically decided then [TS]

  that you know I actually don't think I [TS]

  want a macbook one again even if it gets [TS]

  updated so i played with the escape a [TS]

  little bit longer play with the one a [TS]

  little bit longer firm but my decision [TS]

  went home and ordered a maxed-out [TS]

  macbook escape except for that I didn't [TS]

  get the terabyte I got the 512 it's [TS]

  still time for you to cancel that order [TS]

  again I already canceled the same order [TS]

  16 months ago I know I'm saying I'm [TS]

  gonna make it this time is it gonna make [TS]

  it I I'll see how it goes and ask me [TS]

  again you know in a couple of weeks what [TS]

  are you doing with your with your old [TS]

  one um once once i'm sure that i'm going [TS]

  to keep the escape i'll sell the 15 [TS]

  unless casey wants it i can sell to you [TS]

  so you were like the the proverbial [TS]

  little lady only drove to church on [TS]

  sunday if you want a lightly used yeah [TS]

  laptop for a reasonable price just wait [TS]

  for Marco to get bored of it exactly oh [TS]

  goodness I don't even know what to do [TS]

  with you though I'm most disappointed [TS]

  that you didn't get a macbook one [TS]

  because I would have bought that off of [TS]

  you in two weeks or two weeks a day when [TS]

  you decide that you don't want this one [TS]

  but as it turns out that's not you [TS]

  bought but I have the complete opposite [TS]

  of 15 inch no I don't want a 15-inch [TS]

  like that either interest me but I don't [TS]

  want that like I I'm not saying that [TS]

  it's bad I'm not sad just at today with [TS]

  my needs today I don't want it because [TS]

  it what I really want is a new 15 inch [TS]

  touch bar for work but I'm not gonna get [TS]

  another computer for work for like two [TS]

  or three years so alas anyway like what [TS]

  the reason I got the 15 to begin with [TS]

  was that I had originally ordered this [TS]

  exact same macbook escape configuration [TS]

  that I guess reordered on day one I [TS]

  ordered [TS]

  and because it was day one there was [TS]

  like a two-week delay or something [TS]

  because I they were all backed up and in [TS]

  the meantime I convinced myself you know [TS]

  whatever I think it's like 2200 hours [TS]

  like 2200 dollars for effectively a [TS]

  souped-up MacBook Air is kind of a lot [TS]

  and I didn't feel good about the value [TS]

  of that and the 15 inch it for bang for [TS]

  the buck the 15 inch is a way better buy [TS]

  than any of the other laptops and so I [TS]

  kind of rash on myself into into a [TS]

  15-inch and I also thought the touch bar [TS]

  would be a bigger deal and I and I [TS]

  should have some experience with it and [TS]

  and it turns out that I in an effort to [TS]

  get the best value for my money I got a [TS]

  computer that was actually not the right [TS]

  computer for me so there's a lesson [TS]

  there somewhere I don't know and the [TS]

  touch bar ended up not really sticking [TS]

  for me so there we go alright 45 minutes [TS]

  into our recording we can finally be [TS]

  done with follow-up told you John it was [TS]

  gonna be a quick one that was a topic [TS]

  come on somebody spent some while on a [TS]

  particular topic but not gonna say Oh [TS]

  Casey oh yeah totally me we are [TS]

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  then you can move on it's wonderful [TS]

  squarespace com offer code ATP to get [TS]

  ten percent off Squarespace make your [TS]

  next move I wanted to cover something [TS]

  before we go to big into the last 48 [TS]

  hours worth of announcements there was a [TS]

  little bit of talk but not a lot about [TS]

  the apple shareholder diversity proposal [TS]

  and this always struck me is a little [TS]

  weird and how Apple's handling it is a [TS]

  little weird but if you recall for the [TS]

  last couple of shareholder meetings [TS]

  maybe in several now there's been some [TS]

  sort of um and I don't know the [TS]

  appropriate terminology but there's been [TS]

  a thing that they had to vote on that [TS]

  that shareholders had petitioned Apple [TS]

  for where the the general premise of [TS]

  this particular thing they're voting on [TS]

  is to adopt an accelerated recruitment [TS]

  policy to increase the diversity of [TS]

  senior management and its board of [TS]

  directors that's actually coming off a [TS]

  verge article put the show notes and [TS]

  this has been voted down yet again and I [TS]

  have mixed feelings about this which I [TS]

  probably shouldn't because on the one [TS]

  side I feel like well they have an [TS]

  executive team that everyone but Marco [TS]

  thinks is working okay it seems a little [TS]

  silly to just throw one or more of them [TS]

  out for the sake of diversity but but on [TS]

  the other side of the coin diversity is [TS]

  a good thing I [TS]

  think that having a more diverse [TS]

  executive team might help get rid of [TS]

  some of these issues that we've seen I [TS]

  don't know which one specifically but [TS]

  just a different thing I was gonna say [TS]

  outside the box thinking butts not even [TS]

  outside the box thinking just different [TS]

  thinking could be helpful which to [TS]

  Marco's credit is I think a lot of the [TS]

  point that you were trying to make last [TS]

  week I'm disappointed by this like I'm [TS]

  not entirely surprised that this is the [TS]

  way the the the vote came and I know [TS]

  that Apple was was pushing pretty hard [TS]

  for for shareholders to say no to this [TS]

  but and so I am disappointed I'm not [TS]

  surprised but I'm disappointed and and I [TS]

  kind of wish that apple would say [TS]

  something more directly about their lack [TS]

  of diversity really across the company [TS]

  but particularly amongst executives and [TS]

  yes I'm aware that they've been making [TS]

  this big push for diversity or so they [TS]

  say but I feel like it's not really [TS]

  hitting the upper echelon of Apple and [TS]

  that's that's not a good thing and I [TS]

  guess maybe my conflicting feelings are [TS]

  just about I think it would be good to [TS]

  do what this what this shareholder but [TS]

  whatever is trying to do this just seems [TS]

  like a peculiar way to go about doing it [TS]

  but I guess this is the only way a [TS]

  shareholder can force apples hand I [TS]

  don't know it's I know that's very muddy [TS]

  in gray but do you guys have any [TS]

  thoughts on this oh they're not this [TS]

  thing doesn't ask them to throw out [TS]

  executives like that's not the choice [TS]

  they're making your oh I doubt this [TS]

  proposal and you have to can one of your [TS]

  top executives know they totally don't I [TS]

  think we talked about this the maybe one [TS]

  of the earlier times that it came up and [TS]

  I think the situation is still the same [TS]

  and it boils down to companies don't [TS]

  like being told what to do right so the [TS]

  fact that this is a shareholder proposal [TS]

  and that is coming from the outside and [TS]

  that the shareholders trying to say [TS]

  Apple you should do this specific thing [TS]

  I think just institutionally all [TS]

  corporations are like you're you're not [TS]

  the boss of me you can't like an apples [TS]

  answer is always this weird sort of [TS]

  vaguely hostile mumbo-jumbo to say look [TS]

  we already have we already have our own [TS]

  initiatives about diversity that are [TS]

  actually broader than this very narrow [TS]

  proposal therefore we reject it but [TS]

  every time I look at this thing go I [TS]

  have to think like it's this this is not [TS]

  even actually about of river [TS]

  diversity it is totally about the idea [TS]

  that big companies and especially Apple [TS]

  their default position on every single [TS]

  share over the proposal is no no no no [TS]

  we have board of directors we are the [TS]

  bosses of ourselves even though you [TS]

  technically owned the company are some [TS]

  large portion of the company through [TS]

  your shares or whatever there are not [TS]

  enough of you there is not enough of a [TS]

  coalition to make it worth our while [TS]

  listen to you you cannot tell us what to [TS]

  do and doesn't matter what it's about [TS]

  whether it's about you know a renewable [TS]

  energy or executive compensation or [TS]

  diversity over the years and looking at [TS]

  these type of proposals and seeing all [TS]

  the stories about like just Apple read [TS]

  it apple always advises to reject all of [TS]

  them and it's kind of ashamed of this [TS]

  one is specifically about diversity I'm [TS]

  not sheriff I'm not sure if the proposal [TS]

  it would be better or worse at advancing [TS]

  the cause of diversity with an apple [TS]

  than what Apple is already doing it's [TS]

  difficult to tell because again these [TS]

  are you tend to be very focused and kind [TS]

  of not vindictive but like like come on [TS]

  Apple you gotta whatever you're doing [TS]

  it's taking too long and it is being [TS]

  ineffective so here is a more aggressive [TS]

  thing that may or may not have as much [TS]

  regard for the success of the company [TS]

  overall just saying look at we gotta go [TS]

  off your butt so it could be the most [TS]

  important function of these is to let [TS]

  Apple no and no in certain terms that [TS]

  they're not doing a good enough job [TS]

  right that and that's why enough [TS]

  shareholders got together to make this [TS]

  proposal to vote on Apple's still going [TS]

  to recommend against that Apple still [TS]

  going to think their plan is good but [TS]

  hopefully the message is getting through [TS]

  that whatever it is that you're doing [TS]

  you're not doing it fast enough or well [TS]

  enough but I continue to think that [TS]

  Apple will reject every single one of [TS]

  these proposals are Apple Apple will [TS]

  encourage the rest of the shareholders [TS]

  to reject their mother because these go [TS]

  up for a vote for all the shelves and [TS]

  Apple has a recommendation we think [TS]

  shareholders should vote this down and [TS]

  in the end they tend to because the [TS]

  shareholders of Apple there are you know [TS]

  at a certain point it's a small number [TS]

  of very rich shareholders who are [TS]

  inclined to do with the corporation says [TS]

  versus a much larger number of not quite [TS]

  as with shareholders who are backing [TS]

  this type of proposal so it is kind of a [TS]

  difficult in a comfortable situation but [TS]

  I think Apple Apple should be getting [TS]

  the message [TS]

  Apple needs to change what it's doing [TS]

  even if it continues to reject all its [TS]

  continues to encourage its shareholders [TS]

  of all these down and those challenges [TS]

  continue to do so that's it's just a [TS]

  tough situation and I wish that there [TS]

  was a easy turnkey answer but I just [TS]

  wanted to call attention to that so [TS]

  breaking news just before we recorded in [TS]

  a rare stroke of good luck for ATP it [TS]

  seems that Apple clearly the executives [TS]

  listen to this program because we're [TS]

  getting a new Mac Pro wait nevermind I [TS]

  guess they don't listen but anyway uh [TS]

  yeah they seem to all the Apple [TS]

  executive seem to always want to do [TS]

  apple news on Thursdays which is the day [TS]

  after we record but in a rare stroke of [TS]

  good luck on this evening like an hour [TS]

  or two before we started recording it [TS]

  was announced and I first saw it on [TS]

  TechCrunch my friend of the show Matt [TS]

  Panzer II know that Apple has bought the [TS]

  app and the company that makes it called [TS]

  workflow which if you listen to any of [TS]

  the shows of some of our friends you'll [TS]

  know that people like my curly and [TS]

  Federico vtg for example are huge into [TS]

  workflow I've used it a bunch i really [TS]

  like it i'm nowhere near their level but [TS]

  i do like it and use it and this is a [TS]

  trick just whether or not workflow has a [TS]

  place in your life it is a phenomenally [TS]

  impressive app and basically it's sort [TS]

  of kind of like Automator is on OS 10 or [TS]

  excuse me mac OS that that's not a truly [TS]

  fair analogy but sort of that's kind of [TS]

  thing where you can you have a series of [TS]

  different actions that you can string [TS]

  together also vaguely similar to if this [TS]

  than that and you can string these [TS]

  actions together to do to create [TS]

  workflows and and to do these just [TS]

  unbelievably complex things so Apple has [TS]

  bought workflow and the I guess the [TS]

  three founders of the company are going [TS]

  to be working for apple and that's [TS]

  really really exciting now I'm also [TS]

  hearing breaking news that I haven't yet [TS]

  confirmed that apparently they're [TS]

  already they've already made the app [TS]

  free good but they're already removing [TS]

  chrome support and Street View actions [TS]

  because Apple yeah well actually there [TS]

  might be something else to that okay so [TS]

  so a couple of weeks ago or recently [TS]

  like a week ago so like that I got an [TS]

  email from workflow I don't want to go [TS]

  into too many details because I don't [TS]

  know if they wanted this to be public or [TS]

  not so I'll try to be tasteful here but [TS]

  basically workflow has supported [TS]

  overcast URL scheme for quite some time [TS]

  and I got an email basically with from [TS]

  asking me to sign a legal document that [TS]

  basically says it's okay for them to [TS]

  call my app via its URL schemes [TS]

  something on the lines of like if you [TS]

  want us to continue supporting this in [TS]

  the future please sign this document in [TS]

  my best guess at the time which turn out [TS]

  to be true is that somebody is about to [TS]

  invest a lot of money in them or acquire [TS]

  them and is doing due diligence and [TS]

  somebody's lawyer told the somebody with [TS]

  all the money bind them or investing in [TS]

  them you know they should really sure [TS]

  this up in some kind of legal fashion to [TS]

  make sure that none of the apps that [TS]

  workflow calls via URL schemes would [TS]

  later threaten them in any legal way for [TS]

  using like an undocumented API or using [TS]

  an API without permission or something [TS]

  like that my best guess with the [TS]

  immediate removal of the Google related [TS]

  features is not that Apple is being a [TS]

  jerk to Google but the Google probably [TS]

  just didn't respond and didn't even [TS]

  consider signing this document because [TS]

  like it's a it's it's it was basically a [TS]

  very very simple but still legal [TS]

  contract like document I i I'm not a [TS]

  lawyer I can't tell you exactly what it [TS]

  was but it looks like a very simple [TS]

  contract so you would imagine like [TS]

  emailing Google to say hey sign this [TS]

  contract please we can keep calling you [TS]

  from art from our iOS app like I don't [TS]

  think that's going to be a high priority [TS]

  for Google's legal department to review [TS]

  but they're usually so responsive to [TS]

  people it's so out of character for them [TS]

  exactly so basically I'm guessing that [TS]

  it again this is not some kind of like [TS]

  you know Apple immediately being a jerk [TS]

  to Google because their Google it's [TS]

  probably google didn't feel like it was [TS]

  worth responding to that or hasn't [TS]

  gotten to it yet or legal decided it [TS]

  wasn't worth the the legal implications [TS]

  of it [TS]

  and so you know after the acquisition [TS]

  Apple probably just says all right well [TS]

  this is this is your deadline that [TS]

  anybody just for legal protection [TS]

  reasons for themselves anybody who [TS]

  hasn't signed this document saying you [TS]

  can call their secret api's or URL [TS]

  schemes or whatever you can't do it [TS]

  anymore that's interesting take yeah so [TS]

  the the bigger issue on workflow though [TS]

  is like after saw this acquisition what [TS]

  I immediately felt was I felt bad for [TS]

  fatigue E and Mike and all the other [TS]

  workflow enthusiasts because when apple [TS]

  buys a company that does something like [TS]

  this it can go a couple different ways [TS]

  they can be what they call an aqua hire [TS]

  where the whole point is they're just [TS]

  buying it to get these employees who are [TS]

  proven that they're really really good [TS]

  iOS developers and so we tap or Apple we [TS]

  would love really good iOS developers [TS]

  let's buy the company and now we've got [TS]

  those developers and then the product [TS]

  just gets sunsetted becomes free it [TS]

  hangs out for a while is it's sunset sun [TS]

  sat yeah and then it just goes away [TS]

  other possibilities like what they did [TS]

  with test flight where they buy it and [TS]

  it continues to exist but now as an [TS]

  apple internal thing but here's the deal [TS]

  even in that scenario Apple's priorities [TS]

  are different than the priorities of an [TS]

  independent workflow company even for [TS]

  strategy tax things like even though we [TS]

  this chrome thing is probably not that [TS]

  right but Apple has different priorities [TS]

  different things are important to Apple [TS]

  as the platform owner then they are [TS]

  someone writing an application on the [TS]

  platform so even in the best case [TS]

  workflow is going to change in ways that [TS]

  are better for Apple and probably not [TS]

  better for existing workflow customers [TS]

  it it could change in ways that are [TS]

  better for both because they now work [TS]

  all has access to private api's and [TS]

  notice about the roadmap or whatever [TS]

  workflow itself could be integrated into [TS]

  the next major version of iOS as a core [TS]

  feature of the OS to stop being an [TS]

  independent application or become a [TS]

  bundled application like there are good [TS]

  scenarios but either way it is a [TS]

  disruption to the workflow of all the [TS]

  people who use this application as part [TS]

  of their daily work even if you just [TS]

  have to rejigger all your scripts and [TS]

  change things around so I there there [TS]

  baby it may be a really bad situation [TS]

  for people who love workflow but as [TS]

  someone who has workflow and uses a [TS]

  little bit but don't have my work is not [TS]

  intimately tied into [TS]

  but I think I'm hoping that it is a yet [TS]

  another sign that Apple is trying to do [TS]

  things to make iOS a more powerful [TS]

  platform for people with more demanding [TS]

  needs because I like I don't want to [TS]

  believe that it was purely these guys [TS]

  are good IRS developers get them and [TS]

  have them do something I want to believe [TS]

  it's because they recognize that the [TS]

  people who are using iOS devices in the [TS]

  in the most sophisticated way love [TS]

  workflow and that's something those [TS]

  capabilities should be part of the [TS]

  operating system to make iOS on the iPad [TS]

  or even on the phone for that matter a [TS]

  more capable system so I think overall [TS]

  it's encouraging but for anybody who [TS]

  really really love workflow I think the [TS]

  very near future is either slightly [TS]

  painful or very grim but the longer term [TS]

  future for the platform I think it's [TS]

  better yeah I think that's right i mean [TS]

  the way workflow you know where flow has [TS]

  a lot of different features these days [TS]

  but kind of the core of it and the first [TS]

  part of it before had all these all [TS]

  these new like API related features well [TS]

  is it was just calling URL schemes for [TS]

  apps and using X callback URL and [TS]

  everything else and you know X callback [TS]

  URL i I don't I don't say this to brag I [TS]

  say this as historical context Greg [TS]

  Pearce that I actually invented that [TS]

  that's Greg Pearce is the developer of [TS]

  drafts and and also a couple other apps [TS]

  and one of them is terminology and which [TS]

  is like it's like a fancy dictionary app [TS]

  basically and back in 2010 he contacted [TS]

  me asking like is there a way that we [TS]

  can make Instapaper basically shell out [TS]

  to terminology for its dictionary [TS]

  lookups and we we basically went back [TS]

  and forth over a couple days via email [TS]

  and worked out this URL scheme called x [TS]

  call back and that and you could just it [TS]

  had these parameters and it was [TS]

  basically the first thing i knew of on [TS]

  iOS where there was a defined protocol [TS]

  that you could launch you could sell it [TS]

  to another app VAR URL scheme and give [TS]

  that app a way to call you back when [TS]

  it's done at the time i think both of us [TS]

  look at this as [TS]

  a tremendous hack and and and you know [TS]

  an event and it became big anyway like [TS]

  you know and Greg Greg went and and [TS]

  really kind of took the ball and like [TS]

  and ran with it and made a whole site [TS]

  and directory about X callback URL [TS]

  formally documented this little you know [TS]

  fairly simple URL scheme spec that we [TS]

  had come up with and then made this big [TS]

  directory of all the different apps that [TS]

  used it and document all the URL schemes [TS]

  and naturally what made the the world of [TS]

  x callback URL take off was that big [TS]

  site that he ran and publicizing it and [TS]

  everything else but even back then this [TS]

  is 2010 remember even back then I think [TS]

  both Greg and I looked at it as this is [TS]

  really a temporary need that surely in [TS]

  the future iOS is going to add some [TS]

  better ways of interacting and scripting [TS]

  and things like that like wait other [TS]

  other ways to solve this problem that [TS]

  isn't calling URL schemes in the [TS]

  background and launching apps and then [TS]

  kicking you between different apps and [TS]

  having them all come to the program for [TS]

  a second and kick you back like that is [TS]

  kind of a terrible hack and now you know [TS]

  almost seven years later iOS has added [TS]

  extensions which helped tremendously but [TS]

  only in certain ways like only in the in [TS]

  the extension points and only in the [TS]

  very strict ways those are defined and [TS]

  in the very limited areas that they [TS]

  exist in so extensions help a little but [TS]

  what they need is something bigger and [TS]

  on the Mac they have the entire [TS]

  applescript interface not to mention [TS]

  everything from the UNIX you know system [TS]

  below it all the different scripting and [TS]

  IPC mechanisms that are all over the mac [TS]

  OS like the Mac has it's very well [TS]

  covered but iOS still really doesn't so [TS]

  there is very much a need if if Apple [TS]

  wants to keep pushing iOS into [TS]

  productivity which is especially [TS]

  important for the ipad business i'd say [TS]

  and it sure wouldn't help the icer [TS]

  wouldn't hurt the iphone business either [TS]

  but to keep it happy wants to push [TS]

  people into more productivity use on iOS [TS]

  they need automation systems like this [TS]

  they need mechanisms in in the in the OS [TS]

  itself for apps to communicate with each [TS]

  other automate each other and for users [TS]

  to help [TS]

  you know define write and edit and chain [TS]

  together those automations and and you [TS]

  know again on the mac that have [TS]

  know again on the mac that have [TS]

  while this already have had it for years [TS]

  decades even if I was a user of workflow [TS]

  I would not feel great about the future [TS]

  of that app right now because in any [TS]

  acquisition the future of the app that [TS]

  and this is I think clearly mostly an [TS]

  aqua higher and in like the official you [TS]

  know story to the press I think they [TS]

  said it wasn't but I think it pretty [TS]

  clearly is everyone always says it isn't [TS]

  everyone always says their product going [TS]

  to keep going indefinitely and it's [TS]

  going to be wonderfully a great plan to [TS]

  the future and then it gets you know [TS]

  sunset so I would not depend on this app [TS]

  being there in say a year or two but I [TS]

  do think that there's a good chance that [TS]

  the reason they bought this app and and [TS]

  you know the reason they hired this [TS]

  talented team who's really good at iOS [TS]

  automation probably has something to do [TS]

  with an effort to improve iOS automation [TS]

  at the system level and again I think [TS]

  pretty much everything John side I agree [TS]

  with that I would not expect this app to [TS]

  continue to exist in you know two years [TS]

  say i would bet that you know it's too [TS]

  late probably for iOS 11 but i would bet [TS]

  by iOS 12 or 13 there is something there [TS]

  is some kind of system or new technology [TS]

  in the OS that is better in in some way [TS]

  at automation than URL schemes and [TS]

  things like that which would make say [TS]

  you know seventy percent of workflow [TS]

  unnecessary and Apple would consider [TS]

  that good enough and then they would [TS]

  kill the app I don't know I my first [TS]

  reaction is oh this app is going away [TS]

  immediately and then as I thought more [TS]

  about it I thought you know the most [TS]

  obvious answer to me is what you said [TS]

  marco which is it'll get sucked into iOS [TS]

  maybe in 12 if not 11 but or whatever on [TS]

  now god I'm losing and keep on losing [TS]

  track but anyways it was knocked into [TS]

  some version of a hot yeah thank you [TS]

  it'll get sucked into some version of [TS]

  iOS and then it'll go away and that will [TS]

  be that but then I got thinking about it [TS]

  more and the reason I felt like you [TS]

  would get sucked into iOS is because it [TS]

  feels like this is wrong for Apple to [TS]

  make an appt [TS]

  is so feature-rich and offers so much [TS]

  functionality that isn't part of the OS [TS]

  itself and that very well still could be [TS]

  but then I got to thinking about like [TS]

  iMovie or garage band or you know some [TS]

  of these other apps like that and it [TS]

  occurred to me that you know those are [TS]

  pretty full featured apps and yeah it's [TS]

  less of a system-level thing like the [TS]

  the problem domain i think is a little [TS]

  more bounded but they're really really [TS]

  big complex kind of intense apps that [TS]

  are apple-branded but are downloaded [TS]

  optionally from the App Store and so [TS]

  this may not be any different I'm [TS]

  disappointed by but like you said Marco [TS]

  maybe it's for good reason that that [TS]

  some of the third party stuff is already [TS]

  getting neutered but nevertheless I'm [TS]

  pretty optimistic about this probably in [TS]

  part because I don't rely on it to get [TS]

  my job done but I'm pretty optimistic [TS]

  about this because it's kind of a [TS]

  win-win right either a lot of this [TS]

  functionality gets built into iOS makes [TS]

  iOS more powerful or if it's if it's [TS]

  kept in some vague form like it is today [TS]

  well it's a great darn app and so that's [TS]

  a win too so I'm I'm very tentatively [TS]

  optimistic about this well the other [TS]

  thing that that people that workflow [TS]

  users I think should find somewhat [TS]

  comforting is that most of the app you [TS]

  know it's not doing things that only [TS]

  these developers and only this app could [TS]

  do it's doing things that are possible [TS]

  for anyone else to step in and recreate [TS]

  with a new app I don't say this to [TS]

  insult the app or or to say that it was [TS]

  easy to make but that it is bit is a [TS]

  combination of things that each one of [TS]

  which is fairly easy and so I wish like [TS]

  most apps honestly but but the point is [TS]

  like if workflow disappears if it shuts [TS]

  down or it it is made to suck in a way [TS]

  that people find intolerable there will [TS]

  be a new one someone else will make a [TS]

  new one it might take a few months but [TS]

  someone else will make a new one because [TS]

  there's clearly a market demand for it [TS]

  there and and these are high-end you [TS]

  know technical and and very devoted [TS]

  users if workflow disappears there's [TS]

  going to immediately be a not massive [TS]

  but very passionate [TS]

  very desperate market who would probably [TS]

  pay like 10 15 20 bucks for an iOS app [TS]

  to replace it so I wouldn't worry too [TS]

  much about that unless Apple actually [TS]

  starts prohibiting apps that are like [TS]

  this which would be possible that is [TS]

  certainly a risk I wouldn't say it's [TS]

  incredibly likely but it's it's [TS]

  certainly a risk but anyway basically [TS]

  workflow people there might be some [TS]

  disruption I don't mean that in the tech [TS]

  guy sense I mean that in the literal [TS]

  meaning of the word there might be some [TS]

  disruption to your workflows I'm sorry [TS]

  but god this is terrible phrase in this [TS]

  market but I think in the long run [TS]

  you'll be okay so we brought up test [TS]

  flight already which is I think one of [TS]

  the most best example of an application [TS]

  that was bought and contented and change [TS]

  the icon today the test flight continues [TS]

  to be called test flight yeah as a [TS]

  separate application and Apple uses it [TS]

  for the purpose the test flight was [TS]

  created so it's like it survived the [TS]

  acquisition right and then of course [TS]

  your applications that totally go away [TS]

  or become free and disappear serenity [TS]

  call will just point on Twitter that [TS]

  Siri Siri was an independent company [TS]

  about the people you know like same [TS]

  thing if they had an application on the [TS]

  store and it went free when it got [TS]

  bought back in 2010 but eventually it [TS]

  got rolled into the OS so that's another [TS]

  possibility for this is that you know we [TS]

  hope that this what this means is that [TS]

  Apple wants to make automation better on [TS]

  iOS like it's that seems clear like why [TS]

  you know in some fashion whether you're [TS]

  just gonna have these people do a new [TS]

  thing or you're going to incorporate [TS]

  that but you could have workflow [TS]

  appearing as an apple application with a [TS]

  different icon perhaps bundled with the [TS]

  OS perhaps free downloadable you know as [TS]

  an apple-branded thing until the big new [TS]

  we have big improvements automation come [TS]

  in iOS 12 or something so it could be [TS]

  the application like becomes part of the [TS]

  OS in terms of it's still called work [TS]

  floats still more or less works the same [TS]

  maybe gets a new coat of paint and while [TS]

  that sits there doing its thing those [TS]

  people who made that application are [TS]

  working on the next big thing in terms [TS]

  of automating workflows maybe [TS]

  incorporate maybe you know working in [TS]

  conjunction with whatever [TS]

  possible multitasking improvements they [TS]

  may be coming anti OS that will see the [TS]

  summer or whatever so there are a lot of [TS]

  possibilities and I see all of them [TS]

  point towards to me anyway automation [TS]

  becoming better on the mac but it's [TS]

  really especially with the portability [TS]

  like will my workflow sport over to the [TS]

  new Apple one will the my workflows [TS]

  carry over to the new world of [TS]

  automation that's going to happen in iOS [TS]

  12 who knows but I think I think these [TS]

  are going in the right direction even [TS]

  though it might be a little painful [TS]

  short term I did you mean iOS there you [TS]

  said the Mac yeah yeah I know I got Mac [TS]

  on the brain yep you know just replace [TS]

  what I said but the words you know that [TS]

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  hello fresh for sponsoring our show [TS]

  alright so there was yesterday and we've [TS]

  made several references to this already [TS]

  in this episode yesterday there was an [TS]

  announcement or series of announcements [TS]

  of new apple products and so I'm going [TS]

  to try to run through just a very high [TS]

  level each of them and then we'll step [TS]

  in and do a deeper dive through each of [TS]

  them after that so there's now a red [TS]

  iphone 7 it is a product red which means [TS]

  some subset of this money is donated [TS]

  towards some aids research etc etc [TS]

  except in China except in China which [TS]

  we'll get to in a minute well I think [TS]

  they actually got clarification on that [TS]

  I think cook gave some statement to [TS]

  somebody somewhere saying that actually [TS]

  yes a portion of the proceeds are also [TS]

  being donated from china sales I think [TS]

  it just doesn't brand it as such Oh [TS]

  interesting that makes you feel a little [TS]

  better there's a new there there a [TS]

  couple of new iphone SE storage sizes as [TS]

  far as anyone can tell the internals are [TS]

  otherwise identical but the SE no longer [TS]

  has the 16 gig option which means that [TS]

  there are no more 16 gig iOS devices [TS]

  John siracusa how happy are you right [TS]

  now I should have looked up the timeline [TS]

  so this like how long do we have to wait [TS]

  from the first introduction of 16 gig to [TS]

  it disappearing it's taken long enough [TS]

  but I'm glad it's happened although and [TS]

  Apple always manages to frustrate me [TS]

  with the sizes because they changed it [TS]

  now what is the SE comes in 32 and 128 [TS]

  sounds like boy 664 seems like the [TS]

  perfect size but nope nope you got a pic [TS]

  32 which at this point it doesn't feel [TS]

  small 16 obviously 32 is great right [TS]

  it's been pretty huge you know kudos to [TS]

  getting rid of the 16 gigabyte finally [TS]

  but for me personally like I'm really [TS]

  well 64 if I was recommending it for [TS]

  somebody i would say well 32 will be [TS]

  fine right and 128 is probably too much [TS]

  64 would be great but now they just [TS]

  skipped that size so I mean that's this [TS]

  part of this ready like they want you to [TS]

  step up they want you to pay the premium [TS]

  that you pay for the larger size but I'm [TS]

  glad 32 is no longer ridiculously [TS]

  painfully way too small so thank [TS]

  goodness right there is a new 9.7 inch [TS]

  iPad everything that's old is new again [TS]

  we've gone from ipad ipad 2 or something [TS]

  like that i forget the timeline but it's [TS]

  ridiculous right to display to ipad air [TS]

  and blah blah blah blah blah but a fret [TS]

  ipad 4th generation and ipad air 2 so [TS]

  this the like 7th ipad is called the [TS]

  ipad 5th generation yeah remember the [TS]

  new idea yes that was originally for the [TS]

  ipad 3 yep they're just called the new [TS]

  ipad yeah anyway this this new ipad is [TS]

  is the basic spec bump and price drop [TS]

  which would be boring i think if it [TS]

  wasn't seemingly so rare these days [TS]

  because you either get a spec bump with [TS]

  a price increase or it just something [TS]

  just lingers on but this is like the old [TS]

  style it's like we make it faster [TS]

  because new stuff is available and it's [TS]

  not it's like the middle of the road [TS]

  product so we can actually make it a [TS]

  little bit cheaper because there's just [TS]

  not much in there and it's not getting [TS]

  the top of the top-of-the-line [TS]

  system-on-a-chip it's getting a better [TS]

  one so I think this this 9 17 inch iPad [TS]

  has become more attractive to people who [TS]

  would otherwise by you know who are [TS]

  shopping for a full-size iPad but don't [TS]

  need an ipad pro especially the [TS]

  education because they've they've [TS]

  brought it down below the magic three [TS]

  hundred dollar mark so it's it's 299 for [TS]

  education buyers and it's it's thicker [TS]

  than the one that it replaces presume [TS]

  he's got a little bit more battery the [TS]

  system on a chip is faster but not as [TS]

  fast as it could be so it looks like a [TS]

  good middle aerobic iPad yeah it's act [TS]

  so when when this was first announced I [TS]

  was kind of puzzled on like you know [TS]

  it's kind of weak but if for some reason [TS]

  I had miss parsed the price in my head [TS]

  as for 29 and actually 329 and and I and [TS]

  that's actually that's a bigger deal on [TS]

  the price point than I originally [TS]

  thought and and it's you know as we get [TS]

  more you know detail on it it's it seems [TS]

  like you know it's kind of arguable [TS]

  whether it's a whether it's like a speck [TS]

  bumped air to or whether it's more of a [TS]

  cut-down 9.7 pro it's kind of in the [TS]

  middle really with with some cut with [TS]

  some new ways to cut the price [TS]

  down like you know it only has the the [TS]

  two speakers I like the like the older [TS]

  iPads it does not have the laminated [TS]

  screen like it like the when the pros [TS]

  came out they came with this really nice [TS]

  beautiful laminated screen where there's [TS]

  no there's like a smaller or basically [TS]

  zero screen gap like between the glass [TS]

  and the screen and all the all the you [TS]

  know at the iphone did this a couple [TS]

  couple versions back to and the ipad [TS]

  finally did it i think with the nine [TS]

  point seven pro if not the heir to and [TS]

  anyway so this one has the old-style [TS]

  screamer there's like that gap there [TS]

  like it's kind of a visible gap between [TS]

  the glass and the screen so there's [TS]

  there's things like that where it's cut [TS]

  down and it lacks all the all the pro [TS]

  you know the quote ipad pro feature so [TS]

  does not have pencil support it doesn't [TS]

  have doesn't have a smart connector but [TS]

  for a lot of ipad buyers that's pretty [TS]

  great I you know for 329 it's an amazing [TS]

  value it compared to the rest of the [TS]

  lineup whether you think it's an amazing [TS]

  value compared to other tablets like [TS]

  from amazon or other android weirdos [TS]

  that's up to you it probably isn't but [TS]

  oh well I don't think Apple cares but [TS]

  compared to other iPads it's a fantastic [TS]

  value for the money and you know as long [TS]

  as you don't need any of those Pro [TS]

  features but I think if you're willing [TS]

  to like drop 160 bucks on a keyboard you [TS]

  probably aren't that price sensitive [TS]

  about the purchase price of the initial [TS]

  iPad it's obviously being targeted [TS]

  strongly at educational buyers but I [TS]

  think it'll also just be a really good [TS]

  entry-level iPad I think that's going to [TS]

  be you know they're probably going to [TS]

  sell a lot of these things just like and [TS]

  and the fact they that it has fairly [TS]

  modern internals is really nice sermon [TS]

  from a user perspective from a developer [TS]

  perspective it's really really nice I [TS]

  mean to me the oh and also I wanted to [TS]

  point out Stephen Hackett wrote a [TS]

  wonderful article on 512 pixels citing [TS]

  the interesting marketing copy [TS]

  differences between the way Apple brands [TS]

  this new cheaper iPad versus the way [TS]

  they brand that I'm point 7 pro and this [TS]

  new cheap one is all about fun it's like [TS]

  you know casual fun and games and the [TS]

  pros like this is your new supercomputer [TS]

  it's like totally different marketing [TS]

  guidelines but I think that makes sense [TS]

  for how [TS]

  they're targeting it the only major [TS]

  question I have about it is it kind of [TS]

  leaves the ipad mini in a weird spot [TS]

  because the they also discontinued the [TS]

  old mini so now there's only one iPad [TS]

  Mini available it's more expensive than [TS]

  this it's it's the it's the four hundred [TS]

  dollar mini for 128 gig and so this to [TS]

  me kind of looks like this is their [TS]

  gradual way of maybe killing the mini I [TS]

  don't know but short like this this new [TS]

  9.7 is now I think better than better [TS]

  than that mini in most ways and this is [TS]

  clearly their new entry-level ipad so i [TS]

  don't i don't think the mini has a lot [TS]

  of places to go anymore but i don't know [TS]

  I've never been a big fan of the mini [TS]

  and if it's not going to be cheaper than [TS]

  this than I don't know why anyone would [TS]

  be into it unless they really love that [TS]

  size but I mean in all fairness they do [TS]

  still sell the ipod touch I'm gonna side [TS]

  by the way there is actually one 16 [TS]

  gigabyte model out the ipod touch which [TS]

  everyone forgets exists is thing though [TS]

  even at all markets it exists it almost [TS]

  doesn't count but hey you know what you [TS]

  can get the ipod touch and you can get [TS]

  it in 16 32 64 and 128 no gaps no 256 [TS]

  model but whatever so but for this for [TS]

  this ipad this I think is what one of [TS]

  the things that we would be on the show [TS]

  at least would probably love it if Apple [TS]

  did with this a laptop or desktop line [TS]

  which is take a middle-of-the-road model [TS]

  and make it cheaper and thicker like [TS]

  trade like I bring the price down you [TS]

  know make something that is you know [TS]

  make it more powerful bring the price [TS]

  down by sacrificing like the nice to [TS]

  haves the laminated screen the couple of [TS]

  millimetres of thickness there's a [TS]

  little bit of extra weight in exchange [TS]

  for like in this class like do you need [TS]

  the fanciest most laminated screen do [TS]

  you need true tone wouldn't you just [TS]

  rather have a machine that is like a [TS]

  hundred bucks cheaper but also pretty [TS]

  darn fast and sacrifice like a [TS]

  millimeter of thickness yes like that's [TS]

  what a middle the road mouth should be [TS]

  it makes the expensive one look like [TS]

  what am I getting for money you're [TS]

  getting fancier crap right it is [TS]

  actually faster it's nicer it's it's [TS]

  got the laminated screen on it it's got [TS]

  the smarts connector or whatever you see [TS]

  what you're paying for their but it is a [TS]

  thing that gets bumped and doesn't just [TS]

  you know it's not like the iPad to that [TS]

  stays the same and it's just like super [TS]

  crappy and you feel like you're getting [TS]

  a terrible model um and the fact that [TS]

  they made this thicker like I think [TS]

  that's great that's exactly what we're [TS]

  looking for please make those trade-offs [TS]

  in the middle models to make a machine [TS]

  that has better it gives people better [TS]

  value for the money and so I'm [TS]

  encouraged with us and I think someone [TS]

  pointed out that the the ipad line is [TS]

  now much simplified over its previous [TS]

  thing now we have to ipad pros one of [TS]

  which is a little creaky we'll talk [TS]

  about later to iPad pro is that they [TS]

  going in the small one and then you have [TS]

  two other iPads which are not pro is the [TS]

  big one in the small and and it's weird [TS]

  that the mini is called like the ipad [TS]

  mini 4 and i agree that it's a weird [TS]

  product in it with a rear price and [TS]

  maybe it will go away or maybe it itself [TS]

  will get bumped in the same way [TS]

  inevitable there will be a faster mini [TS]

  for that is cheaper and that sacrifices [TS]

  i don't know what you could sacrifice [TS]

  what's left sacrificing on the mini i [TS]

  don't know but overall i think this was [TS]

  a good announcement and especially [TS]

  especially for education i think they [TS]

  need to drive it down farther for that [TS]

  purpose is like kind of like the ipad 2 [TS]

  was in the end of its life when it was [TS]

  just so incredibly behind the times that [TS]

  they could probably sell to education [TS]

  for much less money but anyway thumbs up [TS]

  so continuing with the summary and then [TS]

  we'll come back and talk about each one [TS]

  individually like i said there are not [TS]

  that's not happening i was on board with [TS]

  that plan but i did see i did like the [TS]

  fact that we still be cruise through the [TS]

  the red iphone on the SE in appropriate [TS]

  with appropriate speed we don't need to [TS]

  circle back to them it's red it looks [TS]

  cool it's nice yeah so i guess since [TS]

  we're talking about this now sorry Casey [TS]

  oh my god the you deserve this for all [TS]

  your follow-up complaints yeah yeah the [TS]

  red iphone it's nice that it's product [TS]

  red this is you know the in you know as [TS]

  you mentioned about the charitable [TS]

  donation part of this it is nice they [TS]

  finally for the very first time brought [TS]

  that to their most profitable product [TS]

  the iphone like I guess maybe back in [TS]

  the ipod days it might have been but but [TS]

  anyway it's been a while you know you'll [TS]

  be able to get red stuff from Apple you [TS]

  know the right ipod touch has been there [TS]

  for a while which by the way looks a lot [TS]

  like the new read the you know that you [TS]

  had like the product red watchbands [TS]

  stuff like that [TS]

  it's really nice to be able to finally [TS]

  get on the iphone I hope you know for [TS]

  when basically before the before we saw [TS]

  the seven and there were some rumors of [TS]

  new colors I believe I made some comment [TS]

  back then about how like I would love [TS]

  for them to replace all of the like old [TS]

  metal colors like the silver space grey [TS]

  gold rose gold I would like you know [TS]

  those all I think look stale to me now [TS]

  like all four of those I would say look [TS]

  fairly overdone and dated these days I [TS]

  and most of the products especially the [TS]

  iphone so to have new colors is very [TS]

  very welcome I was you know this and I [TS]

  think this phone looks great I do think [TS]

  it looks a little bit like the old ipod [TS]

  touch and a little too uncomfortable [TS]

  degree and and i agree with with mike's [TS]

  complained that it should definitely [TS]

  have a red circle around the touch ID [TS]

  button because all the other phones have [TS]

  metal color matching circles so there's [TS]

  also have a black front i do not like [TS]

  white-fronted phones I don't like white [TS]

  fronts of the things but a lot of people [TS]

  do so like it if they're not going to [TS]

  make it in two colors like hey here's a [TS]

  red back in a black front and I read a [TS]

  black and a white front like they have [TS]

  to pick one of them and it's just a [TS]

  personal taste thing honestly I think [TS]

  the white front looks really good i [TS]

  would never want to own it for the [TS]

  reasons I've talked to him before by [TS]

  putting some reflective white surface [TS]

  Nexus screen just makes you screen look [TS]

  the engineer because it can never [TS]

  compare to the sun shining off a white [TS]

  thing like I think it's a I don't want [TS]

  it and but it's totally personal [TS]

  preference i think it looks I think it [TS]

  looks really it looks like a Christmas [TS]

  phone looks like a piece of candy people [TS]

  say it in like a bad way like oh this [TS]

  looks like the ipod touches the ipod [TS]

  touches look cool I and you know and [TS]

  because this is entirely a fashion thing [TS]

  and a taste thing I I have no complaints [TS]

  about the white front despite the fact [TS]

  that I would never ever ever buy one [TS]

  because you know they make phones that [TS]

  some people are gonna like it looks [TS]

  that's why they make them in different [TS]

  colors all point of different calls you [TS]

  know like this color pick a different [TS]

  color and I love the fact that now there [TS]

  was a color that is not silver black or [TS]

  some tint thereof like it is a bold [TS]

  color for a phone and last time you saw [TS]

  that was like the 5c I guess which I [TS]

  thought were also really fun well I i [TS]

  would say jet black was and it was a [TS]

  bold color of that scale like it wasn't [TS]

  it wasn't expected you can get any bold [TS]

  color as long it's black ya know like [TS]

  like it wasn't it wasn't like something [TS]

  I would have predicted or expected [TS]

  good and ended up being but i would say [TS]

  jet-black is is one of those like game [TS]

  changer colors that really did really [TS]

  did feel new and awesome that being said [TS]

  I do wish this was like you know jet red [TS]

  like I wish it had the finish of the jet [TS]

  black like the tacky because it would [TS]

  increase grip and everything and and I [TS]

  think it might look a little bit more [TS]

  modern because again i don't think i [TS]

  would like more like the 5c which was [TS]

  also very glossy and colored yeah but [TS]

  look you know more saturated and newer [TS]

  and you know thinner and everything else [TS]

  I think that would help but not look [TS]

  like an old ipod touch but I do think [TS]

  this is overall very nice looking phone [TS]

  the the timing is interesting of it [TS]

  being mid-cycle this is about this is [TS]

  about when they launched the the SE last [TS]

  year right this is you know the cynical [TS]

  take on this is this is a nice way for [TS]

  them to boost sales in a very slow [TS]

  traditionally quarter you know that it's [TS]

  a nice way for them to boost sales on [TS]

  their most profitable product line i [TS]

  wish i did this more often like who [TS]

  would complain if they if they treated [TS]

  the phone back like watchband it's like [TS]

  go out the year every couple months came [TS]

  out with different colors of phones [TS]

  because it i mean it's you know it gives [TS]

  them the freedom to have lots of [TS]

  different ideas and honestly does get [TS]

  people more excited because phones are [TS]

  very much faster and accessories and if [TS]

  you can come up with different colors [TS]

  and different parts of the year people [TS]

  like it does renew your interesting [TS]

  getting the phones especially if you see [TS]

  the phones and you're like I don't know [TS]

  if I need a new phone I'm not sure I [TS]

  like all these new colors especially if [TS]

  it the same as last year where it's like [TS]

  gold rose gold and maybe you don't like [TS]

  the jet black or whatever if you knew [TS]

  you could wait three months and they [TS]

  would be like you know a teal one or a [TS]

  purple one or a yellow one I mean I [TS]

  still see five Cs that are white now [TS]

  like that's a cool looking phone right [TS]

  it you know if it's fashion and the [TS]

  watch is certainly are and the phone is [TS]

  at this point too by all means do this [TS]

  as many times as you want Apple I think [TS]

  it's think it's great yeah also by the [TS]

  way I think a jet white phone like with [TS]

  the same finish but in white that would [TS]

  look amazing oh yeah but yeah how are [TS]

  you allowed to say that and I'm sitting [TS]

  here quiet you're thinking it's a jet [TS]

  white phone with a black front on it tho [TS]

  i guess but that's true well i think [TS]

  that would look better yeah i agree with [TS]

  you i think the red with the white front [TS]

  i think that does look better even [TS]

  though i agree also that i wouldn't want [TS]

  the white front but i think a black back [TS]

  or I mean a white bag I think would only [TS]

  look good with a black front [TS]

  anyway there's a storm trooper phone [TS]

  yeah exactly anyway uh Michael Harmon [TS]

  and I want to wait found that god you're [TS]

  killing me as big as it's a pleasing [TS]

  shape so it does look good in white oh [TS]

  oh my god what do I do to deserve this I [TS]

  just try to keep you two in lines that [TS]

  deserve that's just that this is a [TS]

  foundational theory of white car is if [TS]

  we not gone over this no we have we had [TS]

  think we started with this I think we [TS]

  did yeah so anyway I hope I hope you [TS]

  know I would just love to see more color [TS]

  and apples line in general so angry so I [TS]

  hope they keep this up you know this is [TS]

  great I don't really I'm not going to [TS]

  you know go trade in my you know still [TS]

  perfectly fine working iphone 7 that's [TS]

  halfway through its cycle for this but [TS]

  if I were buying new today I'd seriously [TS]

  consider it although I Sultanate Lee I [TS]

  still want the grip of the jet black [TS]

  finish so i would probably slow side [TS]

  against it but give me jet red and jet [TS]

  white and we'll talk but anyway i hope [TS]

  this fall when presumably new iphones [TS]

  come out again all those it's hard to [TS]

  say with that but when things will come [TS]

  out but presumably this fall i hope they [TS]

  continue with even with the new products [TS]

  to offer cool new colors yeah I would [TS]

  agree with that I really liked the look [TS]

  at this I really do wish it was a black [TS]

  front there's something to be said for [TS]

  white perhaps being a better match but [TS]

  the back of this does look awesome and [TS]

  they've also released a couple of new [TS]

  colors for iphone cases and i believe [TS]

  was sapphire on screen anyway looked [TS]

  really nice haven't seen it in person [TS]

  and they've also released a bunch of [TS]

  watch bands which largely matched the [TS]

  case colors they've also started selling [TS]

  nike+ bands separately which if you want [TS]

  something that is for the most part [TS]

  visually extremely loud power to you i [TS]

  guess and now you can buy the band as a [TS]

  sport band having all those holes in it [TS]

  is really nice for ventilation because [TS]

  the regular support band is pretty [TS]

  sweaty because it just you know that's [TS]

  solid surface that does not breathe it [TS]

  all so the nike bands actually are nicer [TS]

  for sport use for any kind of you know [TS]

  if you're going to be hot and sweaty if [TS]

  they are way nicer because they have [TS]

  those holes my wife picked that when she [TS]

  bought her watch [TS]

  she bought the nike plus one and i think [TS]

  in part because of the way she didn't [TS]

  get like the neon one but the holes and [TS]

  she's she likes it yeah like you know it [TS]

  does look like some kind of crazy alien [TS]

  creature but it is highly functional but [TS]

  anyway one more thing before we get off [TS]

  the phone the red phone one at one angle [TS]

  I think might be interesting to consider [TS]

  or I guess we'll see is like so there's [TS]

  two there's two cynical takes and this [TS]

  one I mentioned you know to boost sales [TS]

  in a slow quarter the second is will [TS]

  they release a product red phone with [TS]

  the charitable donation portion of its [TS]

  profits during the peak season in the [TS]

  holidays like will will the will they [TS]

  release it on day one basically for the [TS]

  next phone because that could cost them [TS]

  more money in donations that's the kind [TS]

  of thing that I hope they would say you [TS]

  know it's worth it and knowing Tim Cook [TS]

  I think they probably would he you know [TS]

  Jim cook he cares a lot about like [TS]

  charitable causes and things that are [TS]

  good for the world and for people's [TS]

  health and everything else so I can see [TS]

  him saying you know what screw it we'll [TS]

  take the hit but it's so much money at [TS]

  that scale at during the peak order that [TS]

  it's it might be a tricky balance it did [TS]

  back in the day they they did introduce [TS]

  several iPods at the time when the ipod [TS]

  was still very important product that [TS]

  when a new line came out he would come [TS]

  with the product red one like there was [TS]

  no delay like what you're talking about [TS]

  here are the new ipod nanos and you can [TS]

  get by these five colors plus product [TS]

  red that happened routinely i know is my [TS]

  fought plot of the red ones because they [TS]

  were cool neighbor red so i totally [TS]

  think they'll do it i think it's just a [TS]

  question of like manufacturing ramps and [TS]

  how many different colors they can [TS]

  handle and being able to deal with [TS]

  multiple skews and the color variant [TS]

  like we always have problems with that [TS]

  like an era how well they try to predict [TS]

  what the color mix will be there always [TS]

  off by a little bit and it scales they [TS]

  do it makes you frustrated they got like [TS]

  look for a jet black one or remember [TS]

  when people couldn't find the gold [TS]

  phones for the very first gold one it's [TS]

  difficult so I feel like if they don't [TS]

  do it it will mostly be for inventory [TS]

  control reasons clips for iOS a [TS]

  forthcoming app that will how are they [TS]

  pitching this it will basically let you [TS]

  make little videos and I think it's [TS] / clips what a link in the [TS]

  show notes it's like snapchat for olds [TS]

  it's not but it's not like snapshot know [TS]

  this too many people who have who have [TS]

  heard from Apple about this topic this [TS]

  appears to be surprisingly to you know [TS]

  we were all looking at the announcement [TS]

  yesterday surprisingly perhaps the most [TS]

  important announcement from Apple's [TS]

  perspective of all the things we just [TS]

  listed even though it is software not [TS]

  hardware and even though it seems like [TS]

  great you made an app that we can make [TS]

  videos with unlike snapchat and [TS]

  Instagram and all these other [TS]

  applications that people use to take [TS]

  videos of themselves and put words over [TS]

  those videos and six stickers on their [TS]

  faces and do all the other stuff that [TS]

  they do this is not a ping version 2 [TS]

  point 0 this is not an apple social [TS]

  network this is not a way for you to [TS]

  share videos for people this is a video [TS]

  production tool this is a way for you to [TS]

  make impressive looking videos that you [TS]

  then shove on to all those social [TS]

  networks run by companies that are not [TS]

  Apple and it's leveraging Apple [TS]

  strengths we know how to make nice [TS]

  looking video transition effects we know [TS]

  how to take video and incorporate other [TS]

  elements in the video we know how to let [TS]

  you somehow edit video with your fingers [TS]

  on this tiny little phone screen we can [TS]

  help you in the same way that I movie [TS]

  helped you make like family movies that [TS]

  looked a hundred times better than the [TS]

  family movies they were cut together and [TS]

  edited on someone's mini DV camcorder [TS]

  like literally on the camcorder like you [TS]

  can you use your mac to do it you got [TS]

  these amazing transitions and effects [TS]

  and things that are previously only [TS]

  available and professional software you [TS]

  know like you made that yourself even if [TS]

  you just use one of the stinkin [TS]

  templates or keynote made you let people [TS]

  make tasteful presentations it didn't [TS]

  look like they were made in PowerPoint [TS]

  because they weren't like just by [TS]

  providing good tools and templates [TS]

  that's what this seems to be a very well [TS]

  done application for video production [TS]

  whose output is targeting all those [TS]

  services that people use to share video [TS]

  of themselves yeah I think it looks [TS]

  really good like I this is this is [TS]

  trying to tie together like three or [TS]

  four different worlds none of which I [TS]

  really understand or participate in very [TS]

  much so it's hard for me to have a smart [TS]

  take on how it will do but how it looks [TS]

  on this page it looks good and I'm going [TS]

  to play with it you do participate in it [TS]

  because i watch videos of you on these [TS]

  services often [TS]

  taken by your wife I mean you do you do [TS]

  periscope a lot that is one of these [TS]

  services I know it's not like a [TS]

  pre-produced thing where you put stuff [TS]

  on but it is like hey I want to take [TS]

  some spur-of-the-moment video that [TS]

  immediately gets shared with people onto [TS]

  a social network type of thing and it is [TS]

  is perhaps the least invasive where [TS]

  they're not putting little stickers over [TS]

  your head or writing words on the screen [TS]

  but you know for Instagram I follow [TS]

  people who post daily Instagram stories [TS]

  or whatever they're called where it's [TS]

  just a series of small clips with some [TS]

  text occasionally over it or some audio [TS]

  and I got to tell you of all those [TS]

  things that look at they look pretty [TS]

  rough and if someone could use in it you [TS]

  know it's a question of like do people [TS]

  care enough about the quality to go into [TS]

  an external app and like you know hit [TS]

  the share button and share the Instagram [TS]

  versus doing it from within the [TS]

  instagram app but this this should be [TS]

  Apple strength in the same way that I [TS]

  movie was a you know demonstrated Apple [TS]

  strengthened back in the day I photo [TS]

  used to less now they make good software [TS]

  for dealing with media and they're able [TS]

  to do it even on the phone to leverage [TS]

  all the hardware they have there that [TS]

  makes it like a you know a little [TS]

  magical video production studio to make [TS]

  clever wit and was one of the things [TS]

  they were saying there was clever says [TS]

  it is facial recognition to know who's [TS]

  in the video matches up with your [TS]

  contact photos to say oh it looks like [TS]

  in this video of these three people if [TS]

  you want to share with them here are [TS]

  their faces it does dictation for the [TS]

  text so you don't have to type it in and [TS]

  supposedly like when you dictate the [TS]

  text if you dictate the test the text [TS]

  with a certain cadence it will appear on [TS]

  the screen with that cadence so you can [TS]

  you know basically by speaking in a [TS]

  certain manner make text appear in a way [TS]

  that emphasizes the point of your video [TS]

  as opposed to trying to time that with [TS]

  like a bunch of curves you know and I [TS]

  could be like lots and lots of clever [TS]

  touches so what regular people do things [TS]

  that are much more interesting I think [TS]

  it will probably create a middle-tier [TS]

  class of produced videos in the same way [TS]

  that they were like professional people [TS]

  producing vines presumably using like I [TS]

  don't know if I even let you do this but [TS]

  some it you know for other other types [TS]

  of services where it's clear that there [TS]

  is a group of people using tools way [TS]

  more sophisticated than our available on [TS]

  the social services native app to [TS]

  nevertheless share that video on that [TS]

  app so like they would make a video like [TS]

  an final cut basically with a bunch of [TS]

  cool effects and everything and trim it [TS]

  down and share it on a social network [TS]

  the same way that I take pictures with [TS]

  my fancy camera and put them Instagram [TS]

  and some people get cranky because like [TS]

  it's only supposed to be pictures you [TS]

  take with your phone like that's not how [TS]

  I'm using Instagram I would imagine [TS]

  there are people who are sharing things [TS]

  through social services that are made [TS]

  with very complicated tools but not [TS]

  everyone can do that so this is like an [TS]

  in-between thing you have you could use [TS]

  the built-in tools for the sharing [TS]

  services and make an okay video you go [TS]

  one step back which is just a separate [TS]

  application that's also on your phone [TS]

  and still pretty darn easy to use but [TS]

  you get a nicer result and then the [TS]

  final one is you know use Final Cut the [TS]

  pro to spend a week making this amazing [TS]

  video that you hope will go viral and [TS]

  you know dude do it anyway there's a [TS]

  there's a video on the / clips [TS]

  and the the section is called say it see [TS]

  it and there's a little video of a [TS]

  gentleman who is saying how to tie a bow [TS]

  tie and you see the words pop on screen [TS]

  just like you were describing John it [TS]

  looks really clever I don't I have a [TS]

  snapchat account I only ever use it to [TS]

  send or receive pictures with Aaron and [TS]

  Declan so often times when he wakes up [TS]

  from nap she'll go in there and like [TS]

  take a goofy picture with one of the [TS]

  goofy filters and I gotta say it is [TS]

  actually quite delightful I don't have [TS]

  the faintest idea how to use the actual [TS]

  features of snapchat that you're [TS]

  supposed to be using because I'm old I [TS]

  do like Instagram stories I don't find [TS]

  myself doing it very often because my [TS]

  day is usually pretty boring but I think [TS]

  they're super cool and I like that the [TS]

  features they've added and so this to me [TS]

  I think Marco I know you were being [TS]

  snarky but I think you're right to some [TS]

  degree to a small degree I do think this [TS]

  is snapchat for old people but I'm [TS]

  really amped about this I think this is [TS]

  going to be super neat to play with and [TS]

  it may be that i play with it twice [TS]

  never use it again but i really think [TS]

  this is apple firing on all cylinders in [TS]

  theory anyway we'll see what it when [TS]

  it's released but it's embracing all the [TS]

  stuff they're good at just like you guys [TS]

  said in and ignoring the stuff they're [TS]

  not so rather than making another paying [TS]

  they're just using this to create [TS]

  content and then pushing it to the [TS]

  places where you want that content to be [TS]

  which is awesome and a lot of really [TS]

  nice little touches on here like the oh [TS]

  you have Aaron in this video do you want [TS]

  to send it to early this all sounds [TS]

  really really cool and I'm really [TS]

  looking forward to playing with it i'm [TS]

  not entirely sure why it was announced [TS]

  today like i'm not sure what that really [TS]

  buys them because it's almost done I [TS]

  guess but Lexi [TS]

  that's the thing though like like what [TS]

  they did all these announcements via [TS]

  this barrage of press releases but after [TS]

  these announcements were over and [TS]

  throughout the entire day yesterday when [TS]

  they're getting all this press you still [TS]

  can't pre-order the red iphone you still [TS]

  can't pre-order the new cheap ipad you [TS]

  can't download the clips app or even [TS]

  they didn't even do like the App Store [TS]

  notify me thing like they did from Mario [TS]

  run like there's nothing we can do about [TS]

  this like we're interested now give us a [TS]

  way to turn that into something for you [TS]

  later Apple but no instead we just have [TS]

  to try to remember about these things [TS]

  and then when they are available in you [TS]

  know a week or three then go get them [TS]

  then but like why why couldn't they do [TS]

  anything what like why do they have to [TS]

  announce this yesterday when none of [TS]

  this stuff is even ready to pre-order [TS]

  exactly no they're trying to be trying [TS]

  to space it out you know like they have [TS]

  other announcements they don't want to [TS]

  push it up against them like I don't [TS]

  really because I think the Apple line [TS]

  and this is that they're not the type of [TS]

  products that there's going to be a mad [TS]

  rush for people to get like it doesn't [TS]

  really matter when I tell you about [TS]

  clips being a thing because it's going [TS]

  to be like a slow burn even though it's [TS]

  not even available it requires I was [TS]

  10.3 actually so no one's gotten it [TS]

  until iOS emily three comes out and 10.3 [TS]

  is not coming out until you next month [TS]

  sometime probably but it's not this may [TS]

  be the iphone you could argue like there [TS]

  could be a potential rush for that but [TS]

  you know i don't know why they all came [TS]

  together i don't know why they're all [TS]

  not available but i don't think it [TS]

  matters that much because for all these [TS]

  type of products it's not the type of [TS]

  thing where you have to strike while the [TS]

  iron is hot and build up a frenzy of [TS]

  activity is just going to be cool new [TS]

  stuff that Apple's coming out with just [TS]

  so you know here it is it'll be here [TS]

  it'll be here before you know it but [TS]

  it's not a big deal like I don't think [TS]

  anybody is it has money burning a hole [TS]

  in their pocket for that new iPad even [TS]

  though it is better than the old one [TS]

  just lets you know if you were thinking [TS]

  ab item on maybe wait a little bit and [TS]

  for the application it'll be coming out [TS]

  soon but it requires the new OS and you [TS]

  know I I you can question why didn't [TS]

  they wait until like one of the items is [TS]

  available and like it was announced [TS]

  because that one's all that one's [TS]

  available the other ones aren't because [TS]

  you can't really make try to make them [TS]

  all simultaneously [TS]

  particularly mind that they they talk [TS]

  about it ahead of time especially since [TS]

  like there is something to be said for [TS]

  having all the sights talk about it you [TS]

  can't get this net but here's our [TS]

  exclusive look like you know here here [TS]

  is it was the red iphone that you can't [TS]

  get your hands on and here is the clips [TS]

  app that if anybody has a Clips app that [TS]

  won't be out until 10.3 that is another [TS]

  way to build hype so who knows I don't [TS]

  think anyone even has it i mean like the [TS]

  reviewers we at least know like [TS]

  reviewers seem to have read iphones but [TS]

  i don't think i haven't heard anybody [TS]

  mentioned that they have eclipse anyway [TS]

  it doesn't matter although the clips out [TS]

  by the way getting back to that string [TS]

  of playing to their strengths oh the [TS]

  more negative tech I'm playing To Your [TS]

  Strengths is it is a further emphasis of [TS]

  your weakness because like it if you had [TS]

  to pick who do you want to be the [TS]

  company that is really good in making it [TS]

  like a high-quality clever nice [TS]

  interface powerful application it takes [TS]

  advantage of your phone's hardware to [TS]

  make cool videos or the company that [TS]

  owns the social network where all those [TS]

  videos will be posted whether it be [TS]

  Instagram or snapchat or whatever I [TS]

  think Apple would trade in a second to [TS]

  be the the company that controls the [TS]

  social networks where that because [TS]

  that's there's more value in being the [TS]

  place where people post all their stuff [TS]

  than there is in making the application [TS]

  that lets people post their stuff and i [TS]

  like when i gave the hierarchy before [TS]

  was that most people are going to use [TS]

  the app a second tier is much fewer [TS]

  people who care more about quality will [TS]

  use this thing and then a third tier is [TS]

  even fewer people use professional tools [TS]

  so they're not even getting the fat part [TS]

  of that market right i think if they [TS]

  could choose they would say boy we [TS]

  really wish we were instagram or boy we [TS]

  really wish we were snapchat or whatever [TS]

  but they aren't and they can't be and [TS]

  they're bad at that stuff so at the very [TS]

  least this is always talking about like [TS]

  people who sell apples good at software [TS]

  and they make good interfaces the [TS]

  dimensions like are they what [TS]

  application have been made recently that [TS]

  shows that Apple actually knows how to [TS]

  make good applications get workflows an [TS]

  example and a phenomenal application [TS]

  like we get to the point where I feel [TS]

  like the ABA winners I think workflow [TS]

  one and a da da da winners are like all [TS]

  those applications are better than [TS]

  what's Apple is doing whereas this feels [TS]

  like a return to form or Apple saying [TS]

  the ABA sr4 a cup for people making [TS]

  software that we feel like exemplifies [TS]

  the ideals and the api's that we're [TS]

  promoting or whatever then we at Apple [TS]

  are interested in and we at apple also [TS]

  want to make applications of that level [TS]

  and for a long time it seemed like Apple [TS]

  was no longer able to make really great [TS]

  applications consistently and clips [TS]

  looks like a modern version of really [TS]

  great application and rather than being [TS]

  a Mac application or like a pro [TS]

  application it's like this is this is an [TS]

  application to do a simple thing so I [TS]

  was like one of the thing then was the [TS]

  use of WC so you want to make an [TS]

  application that does video those people [TS]

  make videos for social services what [TS]

  kind of features could you add to it if [TS]

  you took advantage of all our api's and [TS]

  could you make a really clever interface [TS]

  and use all our you know new systems for [TS]

  laying out the UI and use everything you [TS]

  learn from like it looks like a really [TS]

  good third-party application which at [TS]

  this point is a high compliment for [TS]

  something that Apple puts out yeah i'm [TS]

  looking forward to trying this and who [TS]

  knows that like i said if i'll ever use [TS]

  it but i'm really excited about yeah and [TS]

  the application itself like I'm less [TS]

  concerned about like you know whatever [TS]

  maybe no one will ever use it but I'm [TS]

  excited to see Apple making really good [TS]

  iOS applications again I always [TS]

  applications that even third-party [TS]

  developers say that's a good I osf in [TS]

  the same way we all say that about you [TS]

  know workflow or whatever that's that's [TS]

  what's encouraging to me about there's [TS]

  not the specifics of like always he made [TS]

  an appt to chair video or whatever so I [TS]

  did briefly want to address the other [TS]

  thing that happened when all these [TS]

  announcements dropped which is a bunch [TS]

  of people got really mad at things that [TS]

  weren't announced and I was one of them [TS]

  you know as I mentioned earlier I was [TS]

  hoping for a inch macbook update that [TS]

  didn't happen yep many people have been [TS]

  waiting for imac updates that were [TS]

  supposed to happen last fall didn't [TS]

  happen lots of people expected the nine [TS]

  point seven and twelve point nine inch [TS]

  iPad pros to be updated because the nine [TS]

  point seven is due now the 12.9 assuming [TS]

  it has the same cycle as the other ones [TS]

  is now past due by about half a year and [TS]

  so a lot of people are mad you know like [TS]

  and there was the rumored 10.5 inch iPad [TS]

  and I think John Gruber's take on this [TS]

  on daring fireball is probably right [TS]

  which is like it probably never made [TS]

  sense to launch that in the spring that [TS]

  probably see that sounds more like a you [TS]

  know let the iphone debut the new design [TS]

  language and then release the iPad [TS]

  afterwards kind of thing or do them both [TS]

  it wants to be a big bang [TS]

  you know or so but I get it also things [TS]

  make more sense than what what was [TS]

  predicted which was like you're gonna [TS]

  get 20 new iPhones in mar 22 iPads in [TS]

  March and they're gonna be weird sizes [TS]

  that aren't consistent with each other [TS]

  and one of them is going to be amazing [TS]

  it's like really it's not know exactly [TS]

  never sounded right and we keep hearing [TS]

  rumblings to about major iPad [TS]

  enhancements in iPad productivity [TS]

  multitasking things like that major [TS]

  enhancements that were originally [TS]

  supposed to be coming out about now with [TS]

  iOS 10.3 and that we've heard recently [TS]

  that those have been delayed until iOS [TS]

  11 presumably in the fall so if that's [TS]

  the case it also might make sense to [TS]

  hold back this new 10 and a half inch [TS]

  crazy awesome iPad pro and maybe an [TS]

  update to the 12.9 as well that's going [TS]

  to happen to hold those back until like [TS]

  whatever september-october event is the [TS]

  public launch of iOS 11 that's usually [TS]

  what they do like you know though that [TS]

  they will show us all at WTC in the [TS]

  summertime like the core features and [TS]

  then when it when it comes time for [TS]

  launch day for that OS in the [TS]

  september-october event there will be [TS]

  new hardware that makes it even better [TS]

  usually as an iphone event but you know [TS]

  as John just said it could be both so [TS]

  that makes sense but I think the reason [TS]

  why people were so mad and still are so [TS]

  mad is that you know traditionally at [TS]

  most Apple products have been on a [TS]

  predictable schedule you know like the [TS]

  ipad and iphone is about one year max [TS]

  were about one year to maybe 18 months [TS]

  for most families we complain about the [TS]

  Mac Pro and people complain about the [TS]

  mac mini those have honestly always been [TS]

  on ridiculous schedules usually not this [TS]

  ridiculous but but like you know that's [TS]

  not new for those families but like most [TS]

  most mammals products you could pretty [TS]

  much extrapolate based on their previous [TS]

  release schedules okay this one will be [TS]

  out in about a year this will be updated [TS]

  in about a year and a half etc and so [TS]

  even even if Apple has said nothing [TS]

  about future products which is usually [TS]

  the case you you as like if you're [TS]

  waiting for an updated like if you're if [TS]

  you want to buy an imac today and if you [TS]

  do any research at all which many people [TS]

  do you know people people in the geek [TS]

  sphere often think that like you know [TS]

  quote normal people just walk into an [TS]

  apple store just buy whatever's there [TS]

  and they don't do any research but [TS]

  that's wrong [TS]

  a lot of people do research and a lot [TS]

  more people than we give credit for do [TS]

  the kind of research that can tell them [TS]

  like you know I should probably wait and [TS]

  not by this yet because the new ones are [TS]

  becoming soon anyway so when the product [TS]

  that you're waiting for is past due for [TS]

  an expected update every announcement [TS]

  that Apple makes every event they have [TS]

  every new product release that passes by [TS]

  that you don't get the thing you're [TS]

  waiting for that feels like a delay even [TS]

  though they never said they were gonna [TS]

  release it because it isn't officially a [TS]

  delay because they never announced it [TS]

  but it feels like you were told this and [TS]

  you might even been told that by Apple [TS]

  experts by the apple press by Apple [TS]

  commentators who you know the rest of [TS]

  the year they tell you oh you're being [TS]

  impatient just wait until wdc or the [TS]

  fall event or the spring event like it's [TS]

  always I'll just wait till the next X it [TS]

  just keep waiting keep waiting that's [TS]

  what you're told when you look into this [TS]

  kind of stuff and so when that event [TS]

  comes and goes and you still don't have [TS]

  your update that you thought was do that [TS]

  feels like something was taken away from [TS]

  you it feels like it was delayed even [TS]

  though Apple never never officially [TS]

  promised it and when there's only a [TS]

  couple of products that are on these [TS]

  delays like the mac pro in the mac mini [TS]

  well those are always on these delays I [TS]

  think that's no surprise but but you [TS]

  know as we mentioned in past shows it [TS]

  does seem like there's more of those [TS]

  product lines than usual right now 2016 [TS]

  was an especially bad year we're still [TS]

  you know at least the laptops recovered [TS]

  from that now that was a big one but you [TS]

  know there's still some of these [TS]

  products like the 12 point on a tripod [TS]

  that was kind of sitting around waiting [TS]

  for an update and you know as I said [TS]

  earlier I think the new reality is that [TS]

  there is no apple product line except [TS]

  probably the iphone that is on a regular [TS]

  schedule anymore every other one they [TS]

  could they could have updated at every [TS]

  year for the last five years and then [TS]

  well now it's on a two-year cycle now [TS]

  it's on an 18-month cycle what like we [TS]

  can't depend on that that way of [TS]

  predicting long schedules anymore like [TS]

  whatever interval they've been on in the [TS]

  past is now totally irrelevant for [TS]

  possibly every product but if not [TS]

  probably not the iphone but but probably [TS]

  everything else [TS]

  so there are some speculation there [TS]

  might still be like an April event there [TS]

  was like on the WTC wall of text that [TS]

  was on the big walls downstairs there [TS]

  was like Hello April is at April [TS]

  eighteenth what was the event was the [TS]

  date on that deal I don't remember I [TS]

  know what you're talking about but I [TS]

  don't remember somewhere on the teens i [TS]

  think in april that was like printed on [TS]

  there as a possible easter egg so there [TS]

  might still be in april event maybe [TS]

  they're going to be at the new Steve [TS]

  Jobs theater on on the new apple campus [TS]

  who knows but if I had to bet money on [TS]

  it i would guess they probably aren't [TS]

  done announcing things for the spring [TS]

  yet because the other thing is like WTC [TS]

  in recent years has really been a [TS]

  software-only event for the most part [TS]

  there's usually there's so much to talk [TS]

  about during that keynote because there [TS]

  is usually so many changes to iOS watch [TS]

  OS TVO as like there's so much to cram [TS]

  in there that they have they have in [TS]

  recent years been minimizing or [TS]

  eliminating any kind of hardware release [TS]

  talk from that keynote and they also [TS]

  don't tend to do any other events in the [TS]

  summertime besides that one because you [TS]

  know everyone's on vacation in july and [TS]

  august and everything so so i'm guessing [TS]

  if they have anything more to announce [TS]

  before September we're probably like [TS]

  hardware and product wise not software [TS]

  wise we're probably going to still hear [TS]

  about it maybe you know maybe in April [TS]

  we'll see if I had to bet whether or not [TS]

  they would be an event in April right [TS]

  now I'd say probably yes but I wouldn't [TS]

  bet Casey five bucks on it you know it's [TS]

  funny you bring all this up I was um I [TS]

  was thinking about this earlier today [TS]

  and we've also gotten a couple emails [TS]

  and I don't have them in front of me but [TS]

  somebody wrote in saying you know [TS]

  listing this scenario i don't know maybe [TS]

  five years ago and like snow leopard was [TS]

  about to come out or something like that [TS]

  and you know hey here's the scenario [TS]

  everyone was upset about a b c d e f and [TS]

  g we all thought the world was ending [TS]

  all the pundits all the all the [TS]

  podcasters everyone thought the world [TS]

  was ending turns out it really wasn't [TS]

  that bad and yet i left yesterday I [TS]

  didn't go anywhere but you know at the [TS]

  end of yesterday I felt like me and I [TS]

  don't know if I was too excited about [TS]

  all this like I knew I that Clips looked [TS]

  kind of cool but the rest of it I just [TS]

  didn't really care [TS]

  and the first constructive thought I had [TS]

  was well it's just that these weren't [TS]

  for me these announcements weren't for [TS]

  me does make them bad and in fact [TS]

  reflecting on them now today with you [TS]

  guys they're pretty good truth be told [TS]

  but they weren't for me and most [TS]

  specifically I don't have my damn [TS]

  adorable refresh but that's okay but I [TS]

  started thinking you know why is it that [TS]

  I feel disappointed about this in a way [TS]

  that I don't think i would have a few [TS]

  years back and I think a lot of it marco [TS]

  was what you said was that there was a a [TS]

  pretty reliable cadence to how Apple [TS]

  release stuff up until fairly recently [TS]

  and that's not quite so reliable anymore [TS]

  which on the surface I should be excited [TS]

  about because it means things are less [TS]

  predictable and more exciting but I'm [TS]

  not that excited about it because I'm [TS]

  not always excited about levels [TS]

  releasing any more I am always excited [TS]

  about new iPhones because every single [TS]

  time I think there's been an improvement [TS]

  but everything else that's hit or miss [TS]

  right like I've not used to touch bar [TS]

  for more than a couple of minutes to [TS]

  this day but I'm not overwhelmingly [TS]

  amped to go get myself one and stuff [TS]

  just but I've been trying and I haven't [TS]

  come to any great conclusions but I'm [TS]

  trying to figure out you know why am i [TS]

  less excited about late announcements of [TS]

  late than I have been in the past and [TS]

  the only other thing I can come to is [TS]

  that I feel like there was always [TS]

  something in every single product that I [TS]

  could be like holy hell that looks [TS]

  awesome and so maybe a product that I [TS]

  didn't really care about so as an [TS]

  example the twelve point nine inch iPad [TS]

  pro I don't have any desire for that in [TS]

  my life but I can see cool things about [TS]

  it and similarly like the smart keyboard [TS]

  for both sizes that's cool and that was [TS]

  fairly recent in fairness but I don't [TS]

  know I just I feel like in years past [TS]

  everything had something really cool [TS]

  about it maybe I'm just becoming a [TS]

  cynical old man maybe that's the problem [TS]

  but I'm just less excited about it and I [TS]

  think a lot of that is the cadence some [TS]

  of that is that these products just may [TS]

  not be for me anymore [TS]

  or and and maybe I just gotta get okay [TS]

  with that you know what still is [TS]

  possibly for you what the macbook escape [TS]

  man it's a really good computer I think [TS]

  asked me a few weeks yeah I'll ask you [TS]

  in 15 days after the lag if it's not a [TS]

  real computer I might have a macbook [TS]

  escape to sell you yeah funny about four [TS]

  people being angry about this like I [TS]

  mean I think it's what we talked about a [TS]

  lot a lot of the other announcements for [TS]

  it's like it is not so much about what's [TS]

  announced is just like sort of simmering [TS]

  desire / resentment for things out that [TS]

  aren't getting updated and so every time [TS]

  something happens it does include the [TS]

  thing you want just makes you angry but [TS]

  everyone knew this was going to be like [TS]

  there was no event where people were [TS]

  going out to sit in a room to listen to [TS]

  someone talk this was a press release [TS]

  only thing right it wasn't it wasn't [TS]

  like they they had everyone come out to [TS]

  a location you know so everyone knows [TS]

  when when it's a press release only [TS]

  thing its lesser stuff the idea that [TS]

  they were to release a new 10.5 inch [TS]

  iPad you know with an entirely new [TS]

  physical design without calling a bunch [TS]

  of press to come to a room and sit there [TS]

  and get a presentation like that's not [TS]

  you know the the amount of ceremony [TS]

  surrounding the announcements matches [TS]

  the the magnitude of the announcements [TS]

  so this is going to be hey it's just [TS]

  going to be a bunch of press releases [TS]

  and some journalists will get briefed in [TS]

  various locations but we're not [TS]

  gathering everybody into a room we're [TS]

  not doing a live Sheeran you know what's [TS]

  the caliber of the stuff that's going to [TS]

  be there so being disappointed that you [TS]

  didn't even get like a macbook refresh I [TS]

  mean it's conceivable that you could [TS]

  have got a macbook refresh with with [TS]

  this caliber of announcement but what I [TS]

  don't think is that it doesn't actually [TS]

  reset like are now now it's almost like [TS]

  a delay because they're not going to [TS]

  have a vent right after this I think [TS]

  it's entirely conceivable that they [TS]

  could have here's the press release only [TS]

  stuff and then here is an event where [TS]

  ever we actually invite people out in [TS]

  the near future that it doesn't push any [TS]

  future announcements out at all because [TS]

  very often they have the thing where [TS]

  they dump a bunch of pre-announcements [TS]

  and press releases sometimes they do [TS]

  like the day before like the real event [TS]

  where actual you know people sit in a [TS]

  room and get it get a little song and [TS]

  dance from Apple right so I totally [TS]

  understand [TS]

  the idea that like every time apple says [TS]

  anything and it doesn't include the [TS]

  thing that you think should be coming [TS]

  that it's painful but the actual things [TS]

  that were announced here all seemed fine [TS]

  and I actually don't think it pushes [TS]

  anything back it doesn't mean that [TS]

  there's an imminent announcement or [TS]

  anything you could still be cranky about [TS]

  the fact that the ipad pro does need an [TS]

  update and hasn't got one and when is it [TS]

  going to come and if it doesn't come in [TS]

  April does that mean I have to wait to [TS]

  the beauty like you can continue to be [TS]

  sad about that but honestly like I guess [TS]

  it's just people getting over the idea [TS]

  that the ipad pro might not be updated [TS]

  every time there are obvious technology [TS]

  upgrades to it like you would think oh [TS]

  well surely the big iPad pro will get [TS]

  the truth on screen out of the small and [TS]

  has it and you wait and wait and wait [TS]

  but you know talk to my pro people about [TS]

  waiting like you're cranky because [TS]

  you're like it's one year come on chop [TS]

  chopping like one year haha so young so [TS]

  young lease your product will still be [TS]

  released thanks to our three sponsors [TS]

  this week hello fresh Squarespace and [TS]

  fracture and we will see you next week [TS]

  now the show is over they didn't even [TS]

  mean to begin as it was accidental oh it [TS]

  was accidental John didn't [TS]

  money research Marco and Casey wouldn't [TS]

  let [TS]

  cuz it was accidental it was accidental [TS]

  and you can find the show notes at ATP [TS]

  FM I live for into twitter you can [TS]

  follow them at cas eyl ISS so that's [TS]

  Casey list and a osseo a RM Angie Marco [TS]

  are men and I are a c-usa Syracuse we [TS]

  have important after show facts about a [TS]

  PFS I know you guys are dying for an [TS]

  exciting after-show on that my god I'm [TS]

  so ready what mailing list is on this is [TS]

  on one of apples one of apple's mailing [TS]

  lists people complaining about bugs [TS]

  being closed about a PFS on iOS [TS]

  obviously because it's you know it's not [TS]

  officially for the mac actually it's [TS]

  still beta for iOS to anyway the bug was [TS]

  closed with this explanation iosh best [TS]

  normalization and unicode names i have i [TS]

  oh Sh of us normalized unicode names [TS]

  which was we know like they folded it [TS]

  all into a particular normalization of [TS]

  their thing and so that's why you would [TS]

  you no matter how you enter the file [TS]

  name it would all fold it into a [TS]

  particular form so you can only have one [TS]

  file name cafe with an e an accent on [TS]

  the end no matter how you encode it up [TS]

  as you can you can write that in 20 [TS]

  different ways in your code with [TS]

  combining characters and stuff a PFS now [TS]

  treats all files as a bag of bytes on [TS]

  iOS and so they closed it as closing the [TS]

  bug report so if you use apple's api's [TS]

  you don't care about this because it [TS]

  does all that sort of normalization for [TS]

  you but if you use the direct file [TS]

  system API you like the bsd you know the [TS]

  unix layer it is a PFS behaves like like [TS]

  a plain old UNIX file system which is [TS]

  basically give him a buffer full of [TS]

  bytes and I will write that to the part [TS]

  of the file system that says it's [TS]

  supposed to hold the file name and and [TS]

  that's it so if you want to write one [TS]

  file name in utf-32 and one file name [TS]

  and a ski and one file name in utf-8 and [TS]

  normalization I'm just a filesystem man [TS]

  you just gave me a sequence of bytes [TS]

  when you ask me later what the name of [TS]

  this file is i'm going to give you that [TS]

  sequence of bytes back i hope you know [TS]

  what encoding it's in good luck which is [TS]

  exactly how i believe linus torvalds of [TS]

  linux fame really wished hfs+ behaved [TS]

  because he hated the fact that it did [TS]

  normalization he said just just take the [TS]

  bytes that I give you and stick them in [TS]

  your file system and that is apparently [TS]

  how a PFS works and I felt the bog on [TS]

  this as well to say look I don't know [TS]

  this is a bug or feature but hfs+ dude [TS]

  hit this way and your new replacement [TS]

  behaves that way and it seems to me that [TS]

  could possibly cause something [TS]

  compatibilities down the line so is this [TS]

  something you intended to do or what and [TS]

  I don't remember what the status of that [TS]

  bug is but this this bug report of if it [TS]

  is to be believed that this radar that [TS]

  was close is like on iOS anyway that's [TS]

  totally what we meant it's now just the [TS]

  Bagel Bites user api's you'll be fine [TS]

  but it certainly simplifies the file [TS]

  system because thousands of no longer [TS]

  needs to be concerned about what the [TS]

  heck is in the the file names it's just [TS]

  it's just a big data buffer and [TS]

  everything else is handled it at a [TS]

  higher level and arguably that is a [TS]

  cleaner layering but it is definitely a [TS]

  definite break with how it was done [TS]

  before so be careful out there so are [TS]

  you excited for a PFS like i know we've [TS]

  talked about this in the past but [TS]

  sitting here now have you been it seems [TS]

  like you're keeping up with it keeping [TS]

  up with it at least a little bit I am [TS]

  I'm excited for it I'm a little bit [TS]

  worried about compatibility things [TS]

  because of this encoding issue and I'm a [TS]

  little bit worried about bugs and stuff [TS]

  but I bought a new fastest then and I'm [TS]

  getting one and you know I'm still I [TS]

  still think about it and get sad about [TS]

  the the lack of data integrity features [TS]

  and stuff like that but there there are [TS]

  enough new interesting features that I'm [TS]

  that I'm still excited for it i just do [TS]

  worry about you know maybe i'll just [TS]

  like I should really upgrade my synology [TS]

  to btrfs which it now actually supports [TS]

  with the new thing but I don't know a [TS]

  way to do it in place and they don't [TS]

  have any place to copy all this data off [TS]

  to and put it back on except for the [TS]

  network and so anyway I would like it if [TS]

  my backups at least were someplace where [TS]

  I knew that they were not bit rotting [TS]

  I'll just continue to have to sort of [TS]

  bury my head in the sand about the state [TS]

  of the data I'm actual max because if [TS]

  that's not self [TS]

  is not helping me there hi titles uh [TS]

  what is it that you and I suggested [TS]

  simultaneously Oh Christmas phone yeah [TS]

  that was that yeah that's it what was [TS]

  the shoelace thing I've already lost the [TS]

  thread on the what was the amount of [TS]

  thread hey what was the analogy for the [TS]

  show I was the macbook pro like once you [TS]

  had to reformat it right okay yeah yeah [TS]

  if you listen to analog John you would [TS]

  know the story of I know the shul a [TS]

  story I've heard that episode stop it [TS]

  I've heard that episode you can jump in [TS]

  anytime John you don't have to go to the [TS]

  back catalog everyone knows the shoelace [TS]

  story and and if you had and if you [TS]

  didn't hear in an analog in here Mike [TS]

  talk about it on eight thousand other [TS]

  episodes of other shows so it's not like [TS]

  you can avoid the shoelace but he told [TS]

  the best with me dammit I know I didn't [TS]

  I heard it first there I still like [TS]

  Christmas phone although span across my [TS]

  leg gap actually starting to edge that I [TS]

  don't like them either like gap what was [TS]

  the true light shoelace is rising this [TS]

  is my shoelaces rising and oh boo just [TS]

  going to hear Mike talk about how [TS]

  awesome e is for inspiring the title [TS]

  awesome e is for inspiring the title [TS]

  and I don't want to deal with that but [TS]

  he is he is that awesome because that [TS]

  was an amazing story we don't need but [TS]

  we don't need to tell him that we don't [TS]

  need to give him that moment what is he [TS]

  doing with the shoelaces that they're [TS]

  breaking that's my real question I can't [TS]

  remember the last time I had a shoelace [TS]

  break like is he being very rough with [TS]

  them is he rubbing his shoe against [TS]

  something there fraying like who [TS]

  shoelaces break maybe the style in Great [TS]

  Britain is to have really tightly laced [TS]

  shoes like to really tighten them up you [TS]

  know this is very thin I don't know it's [TS]

  it's it's a suspicious story my shoelace [TS]

  just broke as I pulled really partner [TS]

  snap oh I can't I have to put my job now [TS]

  hey should check to check his lightning [TS]

  cable how are they doing like that's it [TS]

  like if I if I replace this lightning [TS]

  cable I'm I'll just use this iPad pro [TS]

  for another year [TS]