The Incomparable

172: The Incomparable Holiday Vault 3


  the incontrovertible number 172 december [TS]

  to enter 13 welcome back everybody to [TS]

  the incomparable i'm your host Jason [TS]

  snow and this week we're going to be [TS]

  talking about holiday TV for the last [TS]

  couple years we've had an episode where [TS]

  we've conducted films into what we've [TS]

  called the uncomfortable holiday TV [TS]

  fault it's sort of a conceptual vault [TS]

  where we place things we like I guess [TS]

  although the by the sound of it also [TS]

  could be someplace we lock away things [TS]

  we don't like and never want to see [TS]

  again anyway although with that was the [TS]

  holiday movie volt we did actually [TS]

  induct some TV in there and last year's [TS]

  movie selections we start to realize [TS]

  there aren't that many great holiday [TS]

  movie so this year we're going to induct [TS]

  some TV shows and put them in the vault [TS]

  which is no longer the holiday movie [TS]

  fault is now the holiday movie and TV [TS]

  and who knows what other things we might [TS]

  stick in that vault later when we run [TS]

  out of things to talk about anyway so [TS]

  we're conducting some holiday a TV that [TS]

  we like in our our little fault it's [TS]

  it's it's red with green door our little [TS]

  vault as about has a bow on da yeah cute [TS]

  so join me to induct things into the [TS]

  vault are three fine gentleman David [TS]

  lower hello welcome hello [TS]

  I think tonight is a perfect definition [TS]

  of the old saying shows before hohos [TS]

  wow thank you thank you [TS]

  I'm here all week impressed heavily by [TS]

  that joke is Steve life by steve i'm [TS]

  usually impressed i and i'm pleased as [TS]

  punch to be here to stink up the holiday [TS]

  vault once again right here you keep it [TS]

  real wit you are the booby trap at the [TS]

  frontier the false front of the vault [TS]

  that that people don't look beyond what [TS]

  you pick for the true value that's in [TS]

  the back and think that's right that's [TS]

  right and incidentally was this was not [TS]

  the holiday movie vault [TS]

  initially i would like to point out as I [TS]

  was accused of cheating during that [TS]

  first season when when I selected a [TS]

  Charlie Brown Christmas but in fact your [TS]

  email clearly [TS]

  stated the TV shows were eligible so [TS]

  yeah so it shifted a little movie of all [TS]

  things a bit of retconning there you can [TS]

  see your colony on it well now it's [TS]

  proven that it is not just a movie volt [TS]

  because the tvs stuff is in there it's [TS]

  really officially now so why I write I [TS]

  give in it just just like I gave up on [TS]

  John siracusa picking on solo from the [TS]

  Christmas special Star Wars Christmas [TS]

  special somebody pick that going to try [TS]

  to explain that one to me it is my goal [TS]

  in life to try to make you give up [TS]

  yeah basin it's the holiday special and [TS]

  here for thanksgiving not Christmas [TS]

  well this is the holiday vault though [TS]

  not the Christmas fault so who knows [TS]

  what might happen it was for life day [TS]

  didn't somebody pick a groundhog day [TS]

  last year it's a holiday dude yes yes [TS]

  indeed and that was Monty Ashley you [TS]

  were there hi Monty welcome hello [TS]

  happy Holidays Happy Holidays whatever [TS]

  all happy life day to all our wiki [TS]

  listeners I think we should all mmm [TS]

  alright so the way this is gonna work is [TS]

  because at this point every episode we [TS]

  do is just a draft that's it pretty soon [TS]

  I'm just gonna change the name of the [TS]

  podcast to draft world just everyone [TS]

  every week another draft or we draft [TS]

  next we don't know rapping rapping table [TS]

  draft [TS]

  yes I'll do that so but you know this is [TS]

  we're gonna go around and each of us [TS]

  will choose something and hopefully will [TS]

  not overlap on pics that's why the draft [TS]

  format works so well but of course if [TS]

  somebody pick something that you love [TS]

  feel free to talk about it because they [TS]

  don't get to like steal away all of the [TS]

  precious love for that thing we can [TS]

  should share the love it's the holidays [TS]

  were sharing the love just try to stop [TS]

  us we're gonna get started with Monty [TS]

  well I'm not starting with a Christmas [TS]

  episode because my favorite holiday [TS]

  episode of a television show is my [TS]

  favorite episode of any television show [TS]

  the series is WKRP and sound that no [TS]

  yeah it across that one off right and I [TS]

  didn't even put it on just in case very [TS]

  early in their run their seventh episode [TS]

  they did turkeys away on the theme of [TS]

  thanksgiving and it is a great great [TS]

  episode incredibly funny and watching it [TS]

  now which I did a couple of days ago [TS]

  what you're really struck with her I was [TS]

  anyway is that the stars of the show [TS]

  where loni anderson and howard hesseman [TS]

  as jennifer and dr. johnny fever but [TS]

  they do very little in this episode all [TS]

  the heavy lifting is done by richard [TS]

  sanders as Les Nessman the key moments [TS]

  of the show when the turkeys are dropped [TS]

  from a helicopter and plummet to the [TS]

  ground like sacks of wet cement is [TS]

  Turkey's do I assume so you only see [TS]

  through les Nessman eyes as he's [TS]

  describing them to you over the humanity [TS]

  and it works so well and it all builds 2 [TS]

  i'm gonna say one of the best punch [TS]

  lines in television history sitcoms [TS]

  rarely have the guts to just build to a [TS]

  final line that a character says and [TS]

  then you end the show but they did back [TS]

  in the seventies and in fact the end [TS]

  credits have already started running [TS]

  when Gordon jump as Arthur Carlson comes [TS]

  out and says as God is my witness I [TS]

  fucking to Turkey's can fly it is one of [TS]

  the best sitcom I don't know if it's my [TS]

  favorite WKRP but it probably is i love [TS]

  the episode with a where's the bomb [TS]

  threat at the remote transmitter and the [TS]

  flaps are gonna come with johnny fever [TS]

  but but it is this episode is so great [TS]

  and that last line is so perfect and yet [TS]

  what I always forget when I watch it is [TS]

  the the right before it what happens [TS]

  which is less appears finally and it is [TS]

  as if they were organized its today's [TS]

  describes the turkey counter-attacks [TS]

  matters have to the helicopter is later [TS]

  she gets short shrift that is brilliant [TS]

  and so like a hallucinatory and it's [TS]

  because it's great [TS]

  wow well Monty you win all right [TS]

  measurement back it up [TS]

  yeah that's the definitive take that [TS]

  holiday vault that's right of Alton's [TS]

  all the vault grew three sizes that day [TS]

  will make up for the rest of my [TS]

  ridiculous pic step [TS]

  alright David it's your turn alright one [TS]

  of my favorite holiday episode of [TS]

  anything is from homicide life on the [TS]

  street and [TS]

  investors could it is it really is it's [TS]

  called all through the night is from the [TS]

  third season was the third season and it [TS]

  starts off with a a sidewalk Santa Claus [TS]

  getting brutally murdered so you know [TS]

  Oh real that's real obsolete and Richard [TS]

  Belzer and Ned Beatty are the ones who [TS]

  catch that homicide so they find out [TS]

  that this person apparently this man [TS]

  apparently has a son so they they go to [TS]

  tell the Sun and when they when they get [TS]

  to the the guys apartment they find out [TS]

  the kids all by himself he's about 10 [TS]

  years old and Ned Beatty says we can't [TS]

  we can't just do this you know we can't [TS]

  just tell him this is this is wrong this [TS]

  is Christmas Eve you just you stay here [TS]

  with the kids i'm going to go out and [TS]

  look into this [TS]

  so he leaves Richard Belzer with the [TS]

  smartass little ten-year-old and he goes [TS]

  off and investigates the case and [TS]

  meanwhile the kid is like why are you [TS]

  here [TS]

  what's going on and.and Belzer this is [TS]

  the last thing he wants to do on a good [TS]

  night little on Christmas Eve and I mean [TS]

  there are other stories that go in and [TS]

  out of the episode with the other [TS]

  characters but mainly the focus is on [TS]

  this this story and of course but you [TS]

  know it just keeps getting darker and [TS]

  darker because you think they're gonna [TS]

  have to come to a point where they have [TS]

  to tell this kid his father's not coming [TS]

  home and of course you know Belzer is [TS]

  getting more and more uncomfortable and [TS]

  just you know the longer this goes is a [TS]

  where the hell is Ned Beatty and finally [TS]

  at the end of the episode I mean it's [TS]

  almost too good to believe Ned Beatty [TS]

  comes in with the guys father and it [TS]

  turns out that the other that the [TS]

  murdered sidewalk Santa had stolen his [TS]

  wallet and that's how they identified [TS]

  the guy was from the skull while ago [TS]

  heartwarming haha so it's a Christmas [TS]

  miracle somebody else's father's day [TS]

  yeah that's right kids 11 he just wanted [TS]

  money to buy his kid a little bicycle [TS]

  and the kids sold all of his bicycle [TS]

  gear by his father know that [TS]

  and the best part is now the doubt the [TS]

  dad has his wallet back [TS]

  that's right once it gets out evidence [TS]

  yeah it was just a wonderful you know [TS]

  just a dark humored twisted bizarre [TS]

  christmas story the winds up having a [TS]

  happy ending [TS]

  I didn't think you were going to go [TS]

  there let's see we've had dead turkeys [TS]

  we've had a dead Santa yeah this is a [TS]

  dark but I take it back this bolt is not [TS]

  read with a green door this is a black [TS]

  black volt as black as your hearts [TS]

  that's great because black christmas [TS]

  can't kill anything that's already does [TS]

  exactly right all right Steve while so [TS]

  if with something [TS]

  yeah I don't know about the wedding part [TS]

  of that well when you pick something i'm [TS]

  going to say wow yeah well your mouth [TS]

  may open slightly [TS]

  wow I actually almost didn't join in [TS]

  this year's holiday vault because i feel [TS]

  i perfected in the last two years yeah [TS]

  no not really actually although i've [TS]

  seen a lot of holiday TV frankly when I [TS]

  sat down and rack my brain to try to [TS]

  come up with one to induct I couldn't [TS]

  really think of any that stood out other [TS]

  than the WKRP Thanksgiving episode which [TS]

  I knew would already be taken by [TS]

  somebody else by the time I got to pick [TS]

  so and of course i already used a [TS]

  Charlie Brown Christmas two years ago [TS]

  when when we learned that i'm actually [TS]

  the only person including yourself who [TS]

  read your emails [TS]

  oh yeah I thought about pulling out the [TS]

  star wars holiday special because that [TS]

  actually has become thoroughly enjoyable [TS]

  with the addition of the rifftrax but [TS]

  I've already talked that up on more than [TS]

  one occasion and and frankly I'm getting [TS]

  sick of hearing about it uh so I you [TS]

  know I almost opted out completely and [TS]

  then I thought about it a bit and I [TS]

  realized oh wait there is one Christmas [TS]

  TV show i could mention that has some [TS]

  sentimental value to me at least [TS]

  explicitly to me although apparently not [TS]

  to anybody else on the planet [TS]

  they're probably been I don't know [TS]

  probably more televised adaptations of [TS]

  Dickens Christmas Carol than any other [TS]

  story by a wide margin i would guess [TS]

  they're probably hungry [TS]

  if not thousands probably hundreds this [TS]

  this pick is definitely one of them in [TS]

  1979 just one year after the [TS]

  aforementioned star wars holiday special [TS]

  there were at least two TV movies based [TS]

  on the Christmas Carol one of those was [TS]

  an American Christmas Carol that's the [TS]

  one with henry winkler playing an [TS]

  American depression-era Scrooge it was [TS]

  received fairly well and in fact it's [TS]

  it's currently available for purchase on [TS]

  DVD [TS]

  the other has been almost completely [TS]

  forgotten and is not available anywhere [TS]

  amazingly not even on YouTube where you [TS]

  can usually find everything that was [TS]

  televised and horrible but not in this [TS]

  case [TS]

  Jason I know I know you like to play TV [TS]

  executive i have let me run a pitch by [TS]

  all right lay it on me [TS]

  alright I don't a lot of time go ahead [TS]

  here comes I here's the idea we take [TS]

  Dickens Christmas Carol I love it [TS]

  already [TS]

  keep your car it's it's good right I [TS]

  haven't read it but I've seen many [TS]

  adaptations of my love it keep going for [TS]

  cocaine [TS]

  well this this adaptation is musical and [TS]

  and all the major characters will be [TS]

  played by big-name country music stars [TS]

  from the late nineteen seventies it's [TS]

  really thick interesting that was pretty [TS]

  much the pitch that said that's pretty [TS]

  much what about it i bought that not I'm [TS]

  I is it the late seventies now I guess [TS]

  it is yes but I say yes fantastic [TS]

  then what about history let's do you and [TS]

  somebody NBC apparently to my amazement [TS]

  both greenlit my pick for this year's [TS]

  holiday vault it is called skinflint [TS]

  colon a country christmas carol it [TS]

  features hoyt axton as Cyrus Flint who [TS]

  is our country 5 version of Scrooge it [TS]

  has stuttering mel tillis as country Bob [TS]

  Cratchit Lynn Anderson is his wife has [TS]

  appearances by larry gatlin and Barbara [TS]

  Mandrell and Tom T hall and the statler [TS]

  brothers it has famous character actors [TS]

  like Martha Raye and dave madden better [TS]

  known as Reuben Kincaid and oh yes in [TS]

  the role of TJ the country music version [TS]

  of tiny tim is a perky seven-year-old [TS]

  wat by the name of Steven lots of [TS]

  nepotism [TS]

  that's right an odd casting move i think [TS]

  to fill the semi major role with [TS]

  somebody who can either act nor saying [TS]

  but that's traditional for tiny Taylor [TS]

  is from the chi Frank we got to figure [TS]

  these TV people know what they're doing [TS]

  right [TS]

  that kid is going places that's right [TS]

  sure is yeah i was produced and directed [TS]

  by the great mark Daniels who also [TS]

  directed episodes of believe it or not i [TS]

  love lucy Gunsmoke Hogan's Heroes kungfu [TS]

  Alice the man from Atlantis and perhaps [TS]

  most importantly 15 episodes of Star [TS]

  Trek the original series including the [TS]

  mantrap space seed and spots yeah your [TS]

  interview I'd like to quote now from [TS]

  IMDb I think you should which so holiday [TS]

  reading which says Steve lots is an [TS]

  actor known for skin flayed the country [TS]

  christmas carol 1979 see full buy em [TS]

  right you know if they put commercials [TS]

  in there would probably say Skeletor but [TS]

  that's that's not something IMDb covers [TS]

  just yet [TS]

  Wow yep and believe it or not but a [TS]

  skinflint colon a country christmas [TS]

  carol was even nominated for an emmy for [TS]

  outstanding individual achievement dash [TS]

  special class for the technical director [TS]

  and camera operators it did not in fact [TS]

  a good camera operating voice was [TS]

  castigated with special amounts of class [TS]

  we gotta come up with something nice to [TS]

  say so have you have you not ever seen [TS]

  it or since it was on [TS]

  ah you know what I further for the [TS]

  reasons of the existence of this show [TS]

  that was what my parents bought the [TS]

  gigantic VCR that we used to tape it and [TS]

  I do in fact have it on videotape [TS]

  I'm probably the only person to have it [TS]

  on videotape my understanding is it [TS]

  showed up on country music television [TS]

  maybe once about 15 years ago but since [TS]

  then it's effectively been buried [TS]

  I and given its sterling credentials you [TS]

  might wonder why that is [TS]

  and the answer is it's it's it's fairly [TS]

  terrible [TS]

  I i remember watching it at the time you [TS]

  do are you kidding me again no I'm [TS]

  serious it made enough of an impression [TS]

  on you that you recall well as a big fan [TS]

  of that one gallon the kid who plays [TS]

  tiny tim is great i'll guarantee that [TS]

  good [TS]

  he had a big impression on me no I i [TS]

  still remember the full-page ad in TV [TS]

  Guide oh yes there was a really creepy [TS]

  black and white image of some sort of [TS]

  artist's rendering of me in that yeah [TS]

  sure that his terrify remember the [TS]

  creepy quite accident but yeah of course [TS]

  there would be a creepy tiny tim to ya [TS]

  down in the corner I look like I'm about [TS]

  to cry it's wonderful but ya know I i [TS]

  watched because my grandparents we lived [TS]

  with my grandparents at the time and my [TS]

  grandfather loved country music soul of [TS]

  that country music you know the old [TS]

  energy and so is like Marty Robbins and [TS]

  pop goes the country and he hot and so [TS]

  yeah country version of christmas carol [TS]

  fired that's a no-brainer [TS]

  yeah I get that thing on the team right [TS]

  now and then get you off immediately [TS]

  hey what's going on i play with mr. [TS]

  triples ok [TS]

  wow that's um it's amazing to me that [TS]

  you actually remember that because I I [TS]

  you may be the first that has said that [TS]

  sense I think 1978 itself [TS]

  wow yeah yeah I mean it's not the worst [TS]

  thing ever it's certainly not it doesn't [TS]

  rise to the level of awful dumb that [TS]

  that the star wars holiday special did [TS]

  but the dialogue is it's pretty cheesy i [TS]

  mean the songs are pleasant enough but [TS]

  it's not the kind of stuff you find [TS]

  yourself singing in the shower [TS]

  afterwards [TS]

  ah obviously almost nobody in the lead [TS]

  roles other than hide accident done any [TS]

  acting and and code has hit show [TS]

  actually I think they might have hired [TS]

  me to make the other actors look [TS]

  somewhat competent by comparison and [TS]

  it's filmed on that same stock that they [TS]

  use for soap operas so even as the [TS]

  opening credits roll is blatantly [TS]

  obvious that this is a really cheaply [TS]

  made TV movie but it was a pretty cool [TS]

  experience for me I my parents listen to [TS]

  mostly country music and I knew most of [TS]

  these guys were and almost all of them [TS]

  turned out to be really super nice [TS]

  down-to-earth people who you know they [TS]

  they were just all good folk good [TS]

  country full good except for the people [TS]

  you're now going to list and describe [TS]

  they're not [TS]

  well I would never do such a thing let [TS]

  Boyd accident rest in peace [TS]

  actually there's only only one person [TS]

  with whom i had a minor running and as a [TS]

  seven-year-old so you know I'm not gonna [TS]

  I'm not gonna go into great detail but [TS]

  suffice it to say that some people who [TS]

  may or may not played my mom were [TS]

  somewhat primadonna ask which is kind of [TS]

  a pity because I always really liked [TS]

  your music but what are you gonna do so [TS]

  what we're saying is call right email [TS]

  country music TV and demand that they [TS]

  order a blu-ray remastered HD ready to [TS]

  go rerun version of skinflint to play [TS]

  yes this with the massive the massive [TS]

  audience muscle of incomparable behind [TS]

  this thing and ensure that my shame can [TS]

  be broadcast to millions of people want [TS]

  to get or Steve you should just you know [TS]

  post that stuff on youtube I you know [TS]

  I've given that some thought and I have [TS]

  absolutely no idea who I would actually [TS]

  request the rights to do so 20 don't [TS]

  request the rights youtube youtube [TS]

  copyright doesn't count on youtube don't [TS]

  you know that I I'm just yeah I've heard [TS]

  something along those lines I just fear [TS]

  that i would spend some some effort to [TS]

  to convert it to a digital format only [TS]

  to have it wiped for existence almost [TS]

  immediately but at some point it may it [TS]

  may actually have to happen but yeah in [TS]

  some ways it's a pity that it's never [TS]

  resurfaced because it does feature one [TS]

  of my proudest kidda moments which is [TS]

  that in the final scene where the whole [TS]

  group is eating Christmas dinner at [TS]

  Flint's nephews house and everyone was [TS]

  told to ad-lib dinner conversation we [TS]

  all will have some sort of food item in [TS]

  front of us so that we could actually [TS]

  eat during moments when we were not [TS]

  supposed to talk and my item was this [TS]

  little bowl of fruit cocktail and during [TS]

  one of the many many many takes of that [TS]

  scene because remember these were not [TS]

  actors and i was working with myself [TS]

  least of all I noticed something odd [TS]

  floating in my bowl of fruit cocktail [TS]

  so I exclaimed in my squeaky [TS]

  high-pitched seven-year-old voice hey I [TS]

  think there's a booger in my fruit [TS]

  cocktail [TS]

  guess which take they used wow you can [TS]

  hear it it's already clear if you know [TS]

  what to listen for you can hear [TS]

  hey I think there's a booger in my free [TS]

  culture which raised the the rating of [TS]

  this TV movie at least up to PG well [TS]

  that's the clip you're gonna have to [TS]

  post on YouTube it'll get there someday [TS]

  but for now you'll just have to imagine [TS]

  its wonders you have been listening to [TS]

  inside the actors studio with Stephen [TS]

  lutz and believe me I'm not blending [TS]

  when I bring this anything I should be [TS]

  hiding this so skinflint a country [TS]

  christmas carol inflated the colon a [TS]

  country christmas carol in the vault do [TS]

  not omit the colon clink clink it's in [TS]

  the vault now thank God it's in the [TS]

  vault [TS]

  yeah so now we're can never hurt anybody [TS]

  alright I am going to go next and i want [TS]

  to ask you fellows where were you in [TS]

  1989 you know where we were [TS]

  Steve Monty you were at the university [TS]

  of california at san diego know you [TS]

  UCSD and pretty sure so here's the thing [TS]

  in 1989 there was a an animated [TS]

  christmas special that aired on fox [TS]

  this happened because although it was [TS]

  just an episode of a new TV series that [TS]

  the fledgling fox TV network had ordered [TS]

  they they decided not to error it in the [TS]

  fall or the episodes weren't ready in [TS]

  the fall and yet one of the episodes was [TS]

  a Christmas episode so they had to pull [TS]

  it ahead and broadcast it at Christmas [TS]

  time even though the series itself [TS]

  wouldn't premier until early of 1990 [TS]

  this ancient history is only relevant [TS]

  because this is the first episode of a [TS]

  TV show that is still on the air today [TS]

  it's the simpsons roasting on an open [TS]

  fire episode of the simpsons the first [TS]

  two air it's why their dog is called [TS]

  Santa's Little Helper [TS]

  and although it's not in fact it as a [TS]

  first season simpsons episode it's quite [TS]

  primitive in many ways and it is sort of [TS]

  in the middle of a transitional form [TS]

  between the two very weird and strange [TS]

  tracey ullman version of The Simpsons [TS]

  and the more refined [TS]

  on model version of The Simpsons that [TS]

  emerged after a couple years there's a [TS]

  lot i remember watching it was on [TS]

  there's a lot to accredit it's a lot of [TS]

  fun and a lot of the aspects of the [TS]

  simpsons are already there [TS]

  Homer learns a lesson they adopt the [TS]

  they adopt their dog and you know it [TS]

  started something that continues with [TS]

  you know whatever 500 episodes later and [TS]

  I think that makes it particularly [TS]

  notable to I do not appear in it in any [TS]

  way by the way I'm not and I was just a [TS]

  college student as well as you know show [TS]

  is still on you and that one of the [TS]

  things i like about the simpsons [TS]

  roasting on an open fire and this [TS]

  actually was the only other one that I [TS]

  considered 44 mention because the only [TS]

  one I can remember is that if it has [TS]

  that same kind of feel that all the [TS]

  first season simpsons does where it's [TS]

  really almost more of a it's almost more [TS]

  standard city family so I'm absolutely [TS]

  but not not really in you know in [TS]

  conventional ways and but it but it [TS]

  always it still has some sort of a [TS]

  sentimental feel to it which you i think [TS]

  from second season on it was it was rare [TS]

  to have that sort of you know Homer [TS]

  isn't a complete a-hole and all times he [TS]

  is occasionally a loving father and [TS]

  that's always kind of liked that aspect [TS]

  too early simpsons yeah into the show [TS]

  has gone through many different forms [TS]

  syndrome it since then you know it here [TS]

  Homer you know he's obviously a complete [TS]

  screw-up but he's trying to do the right [TS]

  thing and you know he just he isn't [TS]

  capable of it [TS]

  well it has it has a sweetness to it [TS]

  that I think the show has always had [TS]

  that it's tried to mix that it isn't [TS]

  completely a cynical with its characters [TS]

  they did they do try to come back to [TS]

  some sort of center of those characters [TS]

  by the end of an episode even as wacky [TS]

  as some other episodes of will sometimes [TS]

  get so yeah I'm throw it in the vault [TS]

  there goes it's in there looks good in [TS]

  their flying hey i'm ok i miss the ball [TS]

  let me try again [TS]

  good now it's in their time for a break [TS]

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  ok Monty you you stole the best one what [TS]

  are you going to do for a follow-up I [TS]

  well I had a list prepared but Steve's [TS]

  entry reminded me of egg rain experience [TS]

  I had were automatically have any sweet [TS]

  Jesus [TS]

  so it's 1979 Steve you are an HBO [TS]

  executive ok i am too [TS]

  I I tell you does it have boohbah know [TS]

  then it's not on that I want to do an [TS]

  adaptation of the christmas carol does [TS]

  it have boobs [TS]

  no but here what it does have ok [TS]

  WC Fields Ebenezer Scrooge Paul Lynde is [TS]

  Bob Kraft you got a little Johnny Carson [TS]

  richard nixon Humphrey Bogart Groucho [TS]

  Marx colombo edith bunker Jack Benny [TS]

  Inspector Clouseau they're all in this [TS]

  and you only have to pay one guy really [TS]

  is i'm talking about rich Little's [TS]

  christmas carol had performance [TS]

  yep which I remember vividly he would [TS]

  have to run out the door and then run in [TS]

  another door just really putting on [TS]

  another wig or something [TS]

  it's everything you are imagining what I [TS]

  say rich little christmas carol it with [TS]

  him doing Paulie and as Bob Cratchit wow [TS]

  I'm having flashbacks well as we speak [TS]

  but it's just him standing there in [TS]

  various wigs and then running backstage [TS]

  periodically know it's it's edited [TS]

  together with you know he's in costumes [TS]

  and yeah he's in costume but like he'll [TS]

  jump back and forth to do the different [TS]

  parts tools write WC Fields as Ebenezer [TS]

  Scrooge yelling and then [TS]

  jump to another part of the stage and [TS]

  turn around he's Pauly D's Bob Cratchit [TS]

  talking back and then Richard Nixon as [TS]

  Jacob Marley appears as the ghost they [TS]

  don't they don't use some sort of [TS]

  terrible split screen effect where he's [TS]

  standing next to himself doing all this [TS]

  he's actually jumping back and forth [TS]

  yeah as i remember there were no special [TS]

  effects except the magic of his voice [TS]

  which if you ever watch some rich little [TS]

  on youtube is really really unimpressive [TS]

  well also yes impressions not really [TS]

  made to be watched [TS]

  he's a boring looking guy but it didn't [TS]

  do the voices as well as you remember [TS]

  yeah yeah by the way the tiny tim in [TS]

  this production was him doing Truman [TS]

  Capote classic so there's my late [TS]

  seventies christmas carol adaptation for [TS]

  the vault [TS]

  thanks Monty so it turns out there are [TS]

  no good TV shows about holidays I i have [TS]

  some decent ones but i did too but I [TS]

  threw it out so I can wash this 18k [TS]

  Steve had it cued up for a second round [TS]

  pick [TS]

  well well done Monty well then that'll [TS]

  that'll provide some again some good [TS]

  security at the front of the fault [TS]

  um David what do you have well um let's [TS]

  see [TS]

  intern remember which year it would be [TS]

  1990s you're gonna say 1979 nineteen [TS]

  ninety years CBS executive someone comes [TS]

  to you and says hey I want to set a show [TS]

  in the middle of nowhere with nobody [TS]

  you've ever heard of and it's about a [TS]

  guy who wants to leave that place as [TS]

  soon as he can [TS]

  can we should in eastern Washington [TS]

  possibly and he's not a contestar [TS]

  network with all these great ideas a [TS]

  terrible terrible network we all work [TS]

  for different hypothetical networks will [TS]

  never get together on this [TS]

  that's true anyway that would be [TS]

  northern exposure about a doctor from [TS]

  New York City who to repay his [TS]

  medical-school bills winds up in this [TS]

  little town in Alaska [TS]

  and it was on for two summers of i think [TS]

  eight episodes each and you know barely [TS]

  getting any ratings but they finally [TS]

  said I let's bring it back it's you know [TS]

  people like it so in their first full [TS]

  series their first full season they did [TS]

  they finally got to do a Christmas [TS]

  episode called soul mates and it's [TS]

  spelled soul is in Korea because the one [TS]

  character Maurice Minnifield former [TS]

  astronaut and town mogul is lamenting [TS]

  the fact that he's alone he's like you [TS]

  know this is a horrible holiday you have [TS]

  you ever noticed that suicide rates go [TS]

  up at Christmastime you know it's [TS]

  horrible because it's just everyone [TS]

  makes you feel bad for being alone and [TS]

  you know what I like being alone [TS]

  D'Arnot and all of a sudden this family [TS]

  from korea shows up and it turns out to [TS]

  be the woman he had an affair with and [TS]

  her son and the grandson who is the only [TS]

  one who speaks English so he's the [TS]

  interpreter for them and Maurice is [TS]

  horribly uncomfortable with all of this [TS]

  and at the same time the town is getting [TS]

  ready for their their celebration of the [TS]

  the holiday but it's the Raven festival [TS]

  and so everything is all Ravens and [TS]

  darkness and Chris in the morning is [TS]

  reading at Ground po on the radio and [TS]

  you know and finally Shelly the waitress [TS]

  at the bar where everybody hangs out [TS]

  who's kind of an innocent she's still a [TS]

  young girl and she's she's here because [TS]

  she fell in love with the owner of the [TS]

  bar and moved in with him and then [TS]

  married him [TS]

  and she says you know this guy i miss [TS]

  Christmas this isn't Christmas it's very [TS]

  nice i like Ravens and all that and it's [TS]

  not even that i miss Church i just i [TS]

  miss the songs i miss Christmas you know [TS]

  this just isn't an old-fashioned Charlie [TS]

  Brown Christmas you know and so they [TS]

  managed to balance the celebration of [TS]

  the Christmas and a more traditional [TS]

  holiday for her with the Raven festival [TS]

  in the Native Americans in Alaska and [TS]

  it's it's open so just the lovely [TS]

  balance of all these stories and you go [TS]

  well there's more than one festival [TS]

  going on huh [TS]

  and that's one of the things I loved [TS]

  about that season of northern exposure [TS]

  it kind of went way downhill the next [TS]

  season but that third that the first two [TS]

  seasons and then that first full season [TS]

  are just beautiful i love that show I [TS]

  always we i watch that show was on I'll [TS]

  I i discovered that because it was it [TS]

  was what was a to summer short runs [TS]

  yeah yeah two summers in a row of like [TS]

  eight episodes yep that's why I [TS]

  discovered it at that point and then yes [TS]

  that was a that was a fun show fun [TS]

  quirky our it be rare your rare [TS]

  hour-long comedy basically dramedy thing [TS]

  when I moved to Seattle I made a point [TS]

  of stopping off in rosslyn which was [TS]

  where they shot all the exteriors for [TS]

  that you remember [TS]

  Roslin's cafe yeah right that's actually [TS]

  the rosslyn cafe the TV show just drew [TS]

  an apostrophe s on it that made up a [TS]

  story about somebody named roslyn [TS]

  founding it and i miss that show it was [TS]

  a good show [TS]

  yeah everyone good 1i haven't thought [TS]

  about that game time so thank you [TS]

  thumbs up the so further coming through [TS]

  it is TV shows that i wrote spec scripts [TS]

  for so how many of those that do we have [TS]

  exactly David well let's see there's all [TS]

  the next generation ones [TS]

  yeah let's not go there Steve what do [TS]

  you have next [TS]

  I not skinflint yeah you know i'm at a [TS]

  loss i literally don't have anything [TS]

  except that [TS]

  so skinflint round two skinflint colon [TS]

  country christmas carol uh our previous [TS]

  holiday vault episodes we we talked for [TS]

  kind of a long time on each of these and [TS]

  we each only got 11 item and no I [TS]

  actually I actually came up with ok why [TS]

  but i'm not really prepared to say [TS]

  anything much about it other than that [TS]

  it's awesome [TS]

  ok and and you know I could talk about [TS]

  Charlie Brown Christmas again but that [TS]

  would be that would be already in the [TS]

  vault is already in the world it it is [TS]

  the definitive holiday TV special it is [TS]

  it there by myself [TS]

  ah so instead i will bring up the great [TS]

  dr. Seuss's how the grinch stole [TS]

  christmas the 1966 animated television [TS]

  special animated by chuck jones there's [TS]

  really no getting around the fact that [TS]

  Chuck Jones animated this where it's [TS]

  above cartoon with but if with Thomas's [TS]

  characters inserted those mid-sixties [TS]

  truck Jones eyebrows on everyone [TS]

  that's right it is of course the [TS]

  retelling of the the children's book by [TS]

  dr. Seuss we're the grinch forces his [TS]

  dog Max to take him into Whoville and [TS]

  steal away all of the Christmas presents [TS]

  and the trees and all exclusively [TS]

  because he just hates the who's and [TS]

  can't stand all of their Christmas and I [TS]

  know how he feels like you know what I [TS]

  do too especially when they bust out [TS]

  that yahoo door a song you have lived [TS]

  next to noisy neighbors who sing all the [TS]

  time it is annoying [TS]

  yeah and that's a particularly cloying [TS]

  song I i feel i unlike the excellent [TS]

  you're a mean one mr. Grinch performed [TS]

  by general Ravenscroft where r is [TS]

  crafted a magnificent [TS]

  ah so yeah good music quality animation [TS]

  a good story kind of a sweet the meaning [TS]

  of Christmas isn't really consumerism [TS]

  ending i think it was a requirement for [TS]

  all 1960s TV specials [TS]

  yes brought to you by tied that's right [TS]

  in fact if it was the Charlie Brown [TS]

  Christmas actually sponsored by kokor [TS]

  something i believe it was [TS]

  something like that yeah you're a [TS]

  hypocrite Charlie Brown haha anyway even [TS]

  my sponsors gone commercial hard but [TS]

  yeah it's the grinch it's a classic is [TS]

  what I very few holiday well Christmas [TS]

  TV shows that is considered a classic [TS]

  that I think legitimately deserves it [TS]

  unlike some I could mention rankin/bass [TS]

  yeah which may or may not be mentioned [TS]

  here later but yeah the grinch gotta [TS]

  love the grinch yep gotta love the fact [TS]

  that everybody knows the Grinch and I [TS]

  don't really have to say much about it [TS]

  you're right i love that especially yes [TS]

  alright here's my selection reminded of [TS]

  this over Thanksgiving when they live [TS]

  streamed the turkey day marathon for [TS]

  Mystery Science Theater 3000 I haven't [TS]

  watched you know much mystery science [TS]

  theater 3000 someone went off the air [TS]

  even though i loved it so and it [TS]

  actually the livestream ended with a [TS]

  reprieve of a patrick swayze Christmas [TS]

  so I have to have a big mama de santa [TS]

  claus conquers the martians episode of [TS]

  mystery science theater 3000 it is funny [TS]

  it's got that great Patrick Swayze [TS]

  christmas song in it and it's a great i [TS]

  mean it's a great set of riffs to it's a [TS]

  great Christmassy mst3k so I i love it [TS]

  and it's a it's a winner so I pick it it [TS]

  has Pia Zadora as a little little girl [TS]

  as a small child of pia zadora yeah and [TS]

  featuring drop oh it's so right for [TS]

  riffing they did a whole new set of [TS]

  risks for rifftrax and cinematic titanic [TS]

  did it to have a novelization of santa [TS]

  claus conquers the martians that was [TS]

  written decades later it's very strange [TS]

  and i don't like it exists [TS]

  was it post MST yeah must be I look like [TS]

  exist it would not exist but we're not [TS]

  for MSD it's printed in green ink and [TS]

  came with a DVD of the movie case you [TS]

  wanted to I don't know watch it while [TS]

  you read it so you can experience it [TS]

  through two ways at once why I was felt [TS]

  bad when i watched because the the [TS]

  the actor who played drop oh I had seen [TS]

  him on Broadway [TS]

  he was the guy who sort of came in when [TS]

  mr. Hooper passed away on sesame street [TS]

  so he took over the store was like oh I [TS]

  have all this association with him and [TS]

  now [TS]

  oh dear god what did you didn't back it [TS]

  was like but you gotta get a paycheck [TS]

  when you're when you're young [TS]

  they couldn't have been babe giving out [TS]

  big paychecks on this movie new now it's [TS]

  a spectacularly bad movie originally [TS]

  buddy ebsen was supposed to be in that [TS]

  purpose he was allergic to the green [TS]

  paint the hooray for Santi Claus aw yeah [TS]

  kick check it out maybe they're making [TS]

  their you spell it sa NT acla us right [TS]

  but it's pronounced throat Warbler [TS]

  mangrove know it's pronounced Santy [TS]

  Claus apparently ok far sandy close [TS]

  yeah pretty dreadful but a great riff [TS]

  raff great episode misstated a few [TS]

  Christmas based episodes if it is as I [TS]

  recall [TS]

  well yes there was also the one cause [TS]

  Santa Claus or satellites the devil yeah [TS]

  i could say the versatile scratcher one [TS]

  more gypsy gives Mike a sweater that [TS]

  says join key on it started with sewing [TS]

  it under the other no Jo ik yeah yeah [TS]

  man what a great not actually the turkey [TS]

  day streaming has made me want to go [TS]

  back and watch more episodes again and [TS]

  although i do have I think I think we [TS]

  all may be admitted that I that we have [TS]

  some VHS copies of likes literally [TS]

  sticking tape on the turkey day marathon [TS]

  press record walk away let the tape Phil [TS]

  I definitely have those somewhere but I [TS]

  don't even III and I have a VCR [TS]

  somewhere I don't know where fortunately [TS]

  amazon has episodes streaming so yeah [TS]

  they have a lot [TS]

  yeah netflix still has a couple yeah but [TS]

  they're gone away [TS]

  yeah there's a bunch on youtube of I [TS]

  don't know [TS]

  yeah if they're supposed to be there but [TS]

  the right there like it said in the [TS]

  credits keep circulating the tubes or [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  yeah well that that's why we [TS]

  we kept watching after after they [TS]

  finished the streaming the other day so [TS]

  then we watched the day the earth rose [TS]

  which is just on you after seeing the [TS]

  ads for it all day by the 25th [TS]

  anniversary set to get this hard to find [TS]

  impossible to watch you know it's only [TS]

  here we want to 10 minutes later sorry [TS]

  yeah and then we just been watching all [TS]

  weekend alright another round in the [TS]

  books [TS]

  let's get back to it in just a minute [TS]

  but first I want to tell you about our [TS]

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  for sponsoring the incomparable alright [TS]

  time for the lightning round of [TS]

  introductions the lightning round monte [TS]

  give us another one [TS]

  ah 30 rock season six leap day [TS]

  essentially the premise here is that Liz [TS]

  Lemon has been out of town every four [TS]

  years so she never learned that [TS]

  everybody else celebrate sleep day as a [TS]

  full holiday yes and the best thing [TS]

  about this episode is that you see clips [TS]

  of a fictional movie called leap Dave [TS]

  Williams which absolutely perfectly [TS]

  stars Jim Carrey and andie macdowell [TS]

  yeah and you see clips of jim carrey [TS]

  turning into leap Dave William because [TS]

  he has the same name and that movie is [TS]

  everything that would exist if leap day [TS]

  were an actual holiday instead of just a [TS]

  quirk of the gregorian calendar that is [TS]

  a great episode that is one of my very [TS]

  favorite 30 rock episodes in fact [TS]

  because it's so absurd and yet it goes [TS]

  with that premise to the fullest extent [TS]

  possible and at the very end you [TS]

  actually see leap day William as he [TS]

  gives heartfelt advice to someone [TS]

  Tracy probably and then looks at the [TS]

  camera and opens his pointy teeth and [TS]

  lunges for the because the william is [TS]

  the is the Santa Claus of lipa yes he [TS]

  has gills and he gives out candy in [TS]

  exchange for children's tears and he's [TS]

  played by John column from northern [TS]

  exposure [TS]

  oh yes good point which was really weird [TS]

  with it he played Marley in skinflint [TS]

  mentally but what if it was actually Tom [TS]

  T hall the great storyteller that's with [TS]

  a great storyteller is all this time [TS]

  turns out did you not out [TS]

  turns out I didn't the great storyteller [TS]

  go figure [TS]

  he's good all right David what do you [TS]

  have I've got the one twilight zone that [TS]

  I watch every year at this time a night [TS]

  of the meat I'll cross that one off my [TS]

  list [TS]

  good where r Kearney as an alcoholic [TS]

  department store Santa whose is there [TS]

  any other hide well seriously he's [TS]

  killing time in a bar of course and he [TS]

  comes across this sack in the alley [TS]

  between the bar in the department store [TS]

  and he read me I forget how exactly he [TS]

  discovers that it's full of gifts and he [TS]

  starts handing out gifts to all the [TS]

  children that come in come up to him and [TS]

  of course a policeman assumes that he [TS]

  has stolen all of this from the [TS]

  department store any calls in the the [TS]

  former boss from the department store [TS]

  and it turns out that anyone else who [TS]

  reaches into this sack full of gifts [TS]

  pulls out a tin can [TS]

  there's nothing but tin cans only Art [TS]

  Carney can pull out gifts and it's [TS]

  always a gift doesn't like a cat emerged [TS]

  from it at some point I can't well but [TS]

  GI john fiedler who's who's the the the [TS]

  boss from the department stores mr. [TS]

  Peterson from bob newhart and piglet [TS]

  from winnie the pooh and red jack from [TS]

  Star Trek he reaches it and he's like [TS]

  let me see this thing pulls out a cat [TS]

  ass backwards and freaks out and the cat [TS]

  didn't look too happy either [TS]

  and you know finally he says yeah well I [TS]

  you know fine if you can pull out [TS]

  anything i want i want this specially [TS]

  aged bottle of brandy and sure enough [TS]

  people that a bottle of brandy and there [TS]

  he goes and it's always the one gift [TS]

  that each person wants most in the world [TS]

  and at the very end and he's thinking [TS]

  okay this is just weird and I'm drunk [TS]

  you know I don't know what's going on [TS]

  and it turns out that the one gift that [TS]

  he always wanted was to be Santa Claus [TS]

  and the bag you gave him that gift and [TS]

  he flies away on a sleigh and it's it's [TS]

  heartwarming in a way that the twilight [TS]

  zone didn't always succeed and they [TS]

  tried frequently but yeah they had a lot [TS]

  really work out as well as it does in [TS]

  this episode [TS]

  yeah we made by the 1985 twilight zone [TS]

  series with Richard Mulligan as [TS]

  as Corwin the aircard apart and of [TS]

  course the store owner William Atherton [TS]

  you know I don't love me some Richard [TS]

  Mulligan but at the same time I just I'm [TS]

  not seeing it [TS]

  I'm not seeing him as a substitute for [TS]

  hard cardi it did not work but William [TS]

  Atherton as the as the store owner that [TS]

  is solid but he was yeah it is solid and [TS]

  everything yes that episode was directed [TS]

  by Martha Coolidge who directed real [TS]

  genius directed william atherton in real [TS]

  genius it all the time [TS]

  genius doesn't it yeah alright night of [TS]

  the meat that's a great one rod set is a [TS]

  great one [TS]

  I wish I'd thought of it yeah no see [TS]

  you're supposed to say damn that was on [TS]

  my list i was gonna give that one now I [TS]

  don't know what I'm going to choose but [TS]

  it's your turn so what do you have for [TS]

  us you know it the relief that has that [TS]

  just the great weight has been lifted [TS]

  from my soul just talking about [TS]

  skinflint colon a country girl [TS]

  it's like everything just kind of rolls [TS]

  off my back right now in fact I didn't [TS]

  pick anything else you know that I [TS]

  didn't prepare anything else besides [TS]

  that I just don't even care [TS]

  it's all good man you're putting a [TS]

  really impressive about ever into [TS]

  plugging this thing that nobody else [TS]

  anyway of NRC it's true [TS]

  that's the best part nobody can ever see [TS]

  it I could I could make up i could say [TS]

  there's like dragons in it or something [TS]

  somewhere on the internet somebody's [TS]

  like team did you hear about that that [TS]

  country music holiday special where [TS]

  there's dragons it's pretty sweet [TS]

  yeah I tell my telescope his stutter the [TS]

  dissolution of skinflint alright if I [TS]

  must pick something [TS]

  mmm December 1985 a month that will live [TS]

  in infamy of the month the remake of [TS]

  megami cared [TS]

  well during that month something even [TS]

  better aired on television not featuring [TS]

  william atherton but featuring a far [TS]

  more wonderful a character by the name [TS]

  of Skeletor I'm speaking of course of [TS]

  he-man and Shera colon a Christmas [TS]

  special [TS]

  Steve let's likes Colin's I gotta be [TS]

  honest I've never actually seen this [TS]

  good it didn't see it in 1985 I did not [TS]

  see it when it was released on DVD and [TS]

  to the state still have not watched [TS]

  he-man and Shera a Christmas special [TS]

  I really i never really got into the [TS]

  cartoon as it happens but I love me some [TS]

  Skeletor why is that Steve and I have a [TS]

  feeling he makes an appearance [TS]

  oh yes he does according to wikipedia he [TS]

  does one can only hope he wears a santa [TS]

  hat at some point over his purple he [TS]

  sets off the entire plot i think really [TS]

  imagine that [TS]

  yeah it's always making trouble Skeletor [TS]

  yeah I think Orko probably features [TS]

  prominently to which is a bit sad but [TS]

  you know Skeletor he can overcome [TS]

  yeah Orko Skeletor can do it all he can [TS]

  do Christmas specials is a [TS]

  song-and-dance man really sees he's the [TS]

  best [TS]

  yeah and so I hereby pick a show that i [TS]

  have never seen and probably will never [TS]

  see he-man and Shera colon a christmas [TS]

  special the vault [TS]

  you know i recommend it because i [TS]

  haven't seen it that's two colons you [TS]

  put the Volt yeah it's true [TS]

  uh I'm going to put well how can i [TS]

  follow that choice we with practically [TS]

  anything practically anything alright so [TS]

  I every year since 2005 the BBC has done [TS]

  a doctor who christmas special [TS]

  they range from being well most of them [TS]

  are only tangentially related to [TS]

  Christmas like they'll say hey it's [TS]

  Christmas [TS]

  look over there an alien and then the [TS]

  Christmas sort of falls away and it's [TS]

  not important anymore because it's very [TS]

  hard to come up with science fictional [TS]

  premises that also legitimately involved [TS]

  Christmas [TS]

  well here i am on the Victorian set [TS]

  again it must be Christmas must be [TS]

  Christmas [TS]

  oh and look there's Dickens yeah so so [TS]

  here so here is the one that where I [TS]

  think they nailed the Christmas the the [TS]

  Christmas episode it was I am I think [TS]

  Steven Moffat first christmas episode [TS]

  it's called a christmas carol of course [TS]

  and it uses the time-travel mechanics of [TS]

  Doctor Who to cause the ghost of [TS]

  christmas past present and future [TS]

  to be manifestations involving time [TS]

  travel around this very angry man played [TS]

  by Michael Gambon in who does a great [TS]

  job [TS]

  who is he a very grumpy Scrooge like [TS]

  fellow and uh and he is standing in the [TS]

  way of the of of the doctor saving his [TS]

  friends and the doctor has a moment [TS]

  races [TS]

  hey I know how i can solve this a [TS]

  christmas carol i can do that and so [TS]

  then so it's all-out me open i'm gonna [TS]

  do this I'm going to use my time machine [TS]

  to show you yourself in the past and the [TS]

  present the future and so it's a very [TS]

  fun jumping around between the different [TS]

  timelines and the and the very best part [TS]

  is when he brings a he brings the old [TS]

  man's younger self and they come into [TS]

  the and they come into contact with each [TS]

  other and the old man says I know what [TS]

  you're doing you're bringing me my you [TS]

  know this is the ghost of christmas past [TS]

  and you know you think I'm gonna change [TS]

  my ways but it won't work and the doctor [TS]

  says no I'm showing you to him so he'll [TS]

  be horrified with what he becomes and [TS]

  change his ways and many takes them back [TS]

  to the timesheet great very great stuff [TS]

  and so all the way I enjoy the doctor [TS]

  Christmas specials for what they are [TS]

  this one extra Christmassy extra good [TS]

  and there's even a couple of funny star [TS]

  trek jokes that are that are made in [TS]

  passing complete with lens flares [TS]

  actually so it's actually pretty pretty [TS]

  funny so at goodwin is this the episode [TS]

  with the cgi flying sharks it is yes it [TS]

  is the right there are sharks and other [TS]

  fish that that swim in the air and and [TS]

  and they end up i think that the episode [TS]

  ends with a flying shark hitched to a [TS]

  carriage flying through the sky [TS]

  mhm this was pre sharknado right just so [TS]

  i know yet who pre sharknado wow these [TS]

  are space sharks though the flying [TS]

  station ok one expects them to fly [TS]

  through the air [TS]

  remember what the world was like before [TS]

  sharknado that is all got visuals I [TS]

  can't believe we didn't put your [TS]

  Tomatoes sharknado should be in the [TS]

  holiday ball even though it isn't [TS]

  holiday-related and [TS]

  hey I can't believe we missed it well [TS]

  maybe sharknado 2 will be holiday-themed [TS]

  maybe have to find out [TS]

  yes flying sharks you're right Monty it [TS]

  also in addition to time-travel it had [TS]

  flying sharks and Anna subplot involving [TS]

  a singer whose casts a character and she [TS]

  has to sing to save the world in the end [TS]

  and that wasn't as good but the stuff [TS]

  with a michael gambon is really great [TS]

  and there's a flying shark [TS]

  so what more do you want michael gambon [TS]

  flying sharks check check ya dun dun set [TS]

  star trek jokes [TS]

  yep oh wow thats just frosting at this [TS]

  point it is before we get to the final [TS]

  round one extra thing not a sponsor [TS]

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  this concludes Christmas episodes of [TS]

  such shows as dr. Kildare Alice chips [TS]

  eight is enough [TS]

  I believe that's a two-part episode [TS]

  welcome back kotter and much more [TS]

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  considered [TS]

  alright so that that we've we've [TS]

  conducted an interesting array of things [TS]

  in this vault this bulging of vault that [TS]

  has now many many many different parts i [TS]

  wanted to ask before we went if anybody [TS]

  had any extras i know Steve doesn't i [TS]

  cannot text know that you want to [TS]

  mention that didn't make it in your in [TS]

  euless but you'd like to give a [TS]

  shout-out to this would be the time i do [TS]

  in my haste to rush the rich little [TS]

  Christmas [TS]

  royal onto my you're getting that now I [TS]

  unfortunately had to bump the episode of [TS]

  The Muppet Show with Vincent Price like [TS]

  Halloween show [TS]

  yep yeah that's a good 1i I was thinking [TS]

  four episodes of The West Wing and yeah [TS]

  I've shift tonight or I i have shovel it [TS]

  down my Thanksgiving one of the two [TS]

  Yanks giving up assets of west wing is [TS]

  it that you have one I was thinking of [TS]

  the the dragnet christmas episode that [TS]

  they they loved it so many so much they [TS]

  did it like twice on the radio that it [TS]

  like two or three times in the TV show [TS]

  you where it's the the the local church [TS]

  calls up Joe Friday and says are the [TS]

  baby Jesus from our nativity is missing [TS]

  and they they go all over the place [TS]

  looking for thing and it turns out that [TS]

  the little boy took the baby Jesus in [TS]

  his red wagon to take him around the [TS]

  town and show him around because he must [TS]

  have really boring life just sitting [TS]

  there in the church and it's you know [TS]

  it's a heartwarming thing was like my [TS]

  father's favorite Christmas thing when [TS]

  he was a child so you know because they [TS]

  kept showing it every year and there's [TS]

  things there's an episode of nothing [TS]

  sacred which is in pog in like skinflint [TS]

  in the hospital done w anywhere yeah [TS]

  which is a ah those other people [TS]

  probably actually sad about that one [TS]

  yeah well you know actually I don't know [TS]

  if it's still there but the entire [TS]

  series showed up on YouTube speaking of [TS]

  copyright issues i managed to suck them [TS]

  all down [TS]

  I don't know if they're still there but [TS]

  i got them before they vanished because [TS]

  you know but it is a lovely episodes it [TS]

  was a show set in the Catholic Church [TS]

  and the priest on Christmas Eve opens up [TS]

  the church is a sanctuary for this [TS]

  family of refugees and he gets in [TS]

  horrible trouble and gets arrested and [TS]

  it sort of all the chaos that goes [TS]

  horribly wrong by the priests doing the [TS]

  right thing and so that was a lovely [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yeah I actually quite like Mickey's [TS]

  Christmas Carol from 1983 mm oh yeah [TS]

  which-which it was one of the records [TS]

  that I had that I used to go to sleep [TS]

  listening to and you know that that [TS]

  tends to make one sentimental about [TS]

  things [TS]

  no but it's also [TS]

  very entertaining telling of christmas [TS]

  carol yeah it has some good shorts that [TS]

  lead into it including a terrific one [TS]

  where Donald and kiwi Dewey and Louie [TS]

  you're having a snowball fight that I [TS]

  think has some great gags in it that I [TS]

  really enjoy speaking of of Christmas [TS]

  carols and and one man versions of [TS]

  Christmas carols the pet patrick stewart [TS]

  who is no rich little shits [TS]

  I would have made for an interesting [TS]

  next generation episode [TS]

  you haven't lived until you've heard [TS]

  Patrick Stewart's ronald reagan [TS]

  impression though man who [TS]

  Oh uncanny now hehe did this is a stage [TS]

  production for a couple years and then [TS]

  they did an audiobook version of it and [TS]

  it's it's patrick Star just doing the [TS]

  entire text of a christmas carol it's [TS]

  fantastic and then they DNT signed them [TS]

  to do a movie version of it and I [TS]

  thought that'd be great [TS]

  thought that'd be great [TS]

  and they just did a traditional movie [TS]

  and it's you know it's fine [TS]

  he's good but it's boring but if you can [TS]

  find the audio version it's fantastic [TS]

  and Patrick Stewart doing every role in [TS]

  its I've never liked the original [TS]

  Christmas Carol that's the first one I [TS]

  ever like i'll mention to I i looked up [TS]

  according to the internet the trouble [TS]

  with tribbles was aired a couple days [TS]

  after Christmas it was considered the [TS]

  holiday gift to the TV viewing public by [TS]

  the producers of Star Trek okay why not [TS]

  and i wanted to mention the year without [TS]

  a santa clause which is the rankin/bass [TS]

  animated special featuring the heat [TS]

  miser and me [TS]

  mais old miser and I bring it up because [TS]

  I remembered that years after I watched [TS]

  it I could remember the song like [TS]

  decades after before there was an [TS]

  internet and before that became a retro [TS]

  thing and they started to show it again [TS]

  it's stuck in my mind now I watched [TS]

  again and it's not very good so I'm glad [TS]

  I didn't have to put it in the vault but [TS]

  boy was it memorable [TS]

  it was really memorable man he's mr. [TS]

  heat blister he's mr. son he's mr. green [TS]

  christmas we wouldn't want anything bad [TS]

  in the precious holiday ball so we [TS]

  wouldn't want something bad in the [TS]

  holiday ball and that would be terrible [TS]

  I you know I gotta I gotta give a [TS]

  shout-out to the SNL episode that had [TS]

  they're actually quite a few SNL episode [TS]

  that could've mentioned there have been [TS]

  some good some good Christmas events in [TS]

  some of those SE te to one that i wanted [TS]

  to mention was the the bit where they [TS]

  see how the ending of it's a wonderful [TS]

  life played out post the actual ending [TS]

  of it's a wonderful life in which all [TS]

  the people who are gathered at George [TS]

  Bailey's house then go down to the bank [TS]

  and beat the snot out of mr. Potter tip [TS]

  him out of his wheelchair and start [TS]

  kicking away it's it's a great bits well [TS]

  done it's all in black and white 2 [TS]

  i think phil hartman ends up being mr. [TS]

  Potter in that then and Dana curvy is [TS]

  jimmy stewart and that he does very good [TS]

  Jimmy Stewart in that and [TS]

  yeah it's it's very entertaining you [TS]

  mentioned phil hartman management at [TS]

  Newsradio had a really good christmas [TS]

  episode that's all that was going to [TS]

  bring news radio because I feel like [TS]

  WKRP that's one of the shows that was a [TS]

  brilliant and it's not as as a father as [TS]

  remembered as it should be and I did do [TS]

  a great christmas episode [TS]

  alright that brings us to the end the [TS]

  Holly bolt is full surely there can be [TS]

  no more room in the holiday but surely [TS]

  not there can't be anything we could [TS]

  possibly inducted into the holiday ball [TS]

  next year it's out of room well it's [TS]

  certainly not a filmed entertainment if [TS]

  we have to put other things in the vault [TS]

  building to be smaller and fit in the [TS]

  little like crevices of the corner of [TS]

  the fault [TS]

  yeah alright well that wraps this up and [TS]

  I want to thank my guests for taking the [TS]

  time to spend it especially Steve who [TS]

  really put a lot of fun that's all [TS]

  you're so welcome Jason happy merry [TS]

  christmas happy hanukkah and guess a [TS]

  happy life day and a happy life day two [TS]

  you might be actually thanks for being [TS]

  on i repent all my ways [TS]

  good finally all of them you only run on [TS]

  down to the market and get your turkey [TS]

  yeah the one has because you sure i'm [TS]

  just gonna throw it away in front of you [TS]

  haha and David Lord thanks for being [TS]

  sure I'm gonna go do a duet with David [TS]

  Bowie now very nicely sure you don't [TS]

  want to it's dead sing songs from [TS]

  skinflint yeah [TS]

  David Bowie yeah you're pretty sure yeah [TS]

  okay David Bowie wills will punch you in [TS]

  the threader if you do [TS]

  yeah as well you should don't do that [TS]

  alright so that's it Happy Holidays to [TS]

  everybody out there from all of us here [TS]

  at the incomparable and we'll see you [TS]

  next time [TS]

  god bless us [TS]