Roderick on the Line

Ep. 235: "Where the Wind Lives"


  [Music] [TS]

  hello hi John how's it going oh Maury [TS]

  rather things are good [TS]

  Oh smashing to hear pip-pip gallery as [TS]

  how does enjoy one skype calls with [TS]

  one's friends and swarming house [TS]

  yes lottery dollars corset membership [TS]

  has its privileges [TS]

  mm-hmm [TS]

  so you say mm oh I got some really [TS]

  really tiny espresso Boateng is Russell [TS]

  tank i love their first three records [TS]

  mm-hmm tanki yep yep yep everything's [TS]

  going pretty good pretty you pick up [TS]

  your books yet little gonna be one of [TS]

  those episodes I who knows what it is [TS]

  and you know what handling as you say [TS]

  what good my shows and everything that's [TS]

  in the show is in the show it's [TS]

  happening in the show that's how you [TS]

  know it's in the show that's precisely [TS]

  right receives the moment [TS]

  merly murderer man John right three keys [TS]

  watching you [TS]

  that's in the show that's in the show [TS]

  everything in the show it's part of the [TS]

  show [TS]

  that's how you pointed out the other day [TS]

  that every time you look at a picture of [TS]

  Halla notes [TS]

  Paul is on the left notes on the right [TS]

  ah this is true I've chinesse i have [TS]

  found a couple candid shots but pretty [TS]

  much every this goes all the way back to [TS]

  like 73 maybe Paul's going to told me [TS]

  this might be it might be a total lot of [TS]

  people about this [TS]

  yeah but yeah I know it's a it's always [TS]

  hall on our left [TS]

  yeah hall on our left to call on our [TS]

  left but is watching you [TS]

  man your Android they're really [TS]

  underrated we've gone over this heavily [TS]

  oh and you know what we can talk about [TS]

  holidays it's like time travel around [TS]

  like talking on [TS]

  what's going on in your world maritime [TS]

  in the woods [TS]

  it's been awhile now it's good it's good [TS]

  I yeah I got strong feelings [TS]

  yeah like a strong feelings about the [TS]

  walking dead but I also strong feelings [TS]

  about rei let's start with rei because I [TS]

  don't know anything about the walking [TS]

  dead so no I don't talk about let's not [TS]

  talk about time travel [TS]

  no no but I want to talk about re I've [TS]

  got to see I've got a history with rei [TS]

  and it all comes back to this basic [TS]

  point i go into that store for article [TS]

  of clothing or gear is going to have [TS]

  some kind of a fairly specific non [TS]

  adventure role in my life he wanted to [TS]

  wick away sweat [TS]

  well i mean i wouldn't mind that mhm [TS]

  they wanted to be lightweight but still [TS]

  durable yeah that would be nice [TS]

  I i would like it to be a modern [TS]

  technical a lot of cases but I think I [TS]

  told you the story the first time I [TS]

  remember ever buying something at rei I [TS]

  went in and it was buying a pair of what [TS]

  was then you remember in the late [TS]

  nineties there was a vogue for kind of [TS]

  like high-tech cargo pants like urban [TS]

  outfitter pants that were like a hundred [TS]

  fifty dollars and also we were still [TS]

  wearing we in the dot com biz we're [TS]

  still wearing like a hiking boot toward [TS]

  yeah I was kind of a look it's an [TS]

  evergreen look and was it that was a [TS]

  royal robbins brand paints I've had I [TS]

  have a royal robbins shirt from around [TS]

  that time that I still where it's been [TS]

  very durable and it works and [TS]

  lightweight durable lightweight for my [TS]

  active lifestyle right works with what [TS]

  so anyway anyway I mean this is just as [TS]

  she set the tone from rei problem which [TS]

  is I must say my problem not yours is [TS]

  problem but you never know [TS]

  well here's the thing i went in there [TS]

  and shop like a dude you know I tend to [TS]

  just kinda like I barely stopped moving [TS]

  the entire time i'm in the place i put [TS]

  on these shoes and then they offer me [TS]

  this device that they prefer a role it [TS]

  has this little device where you can [TS]

  like it emulates rock and what is so it [TS]

  looks kind of like an organic [TS]

  hasook like almost like the world's [TS]

  worst ottoman like if you have the lag [TS]

  might that was an ottoman an organic [TS]

  have shower organic cast cassocks [TS]

  cassock ass off half the Catholic is a [TS]

  dancer a Catholic as well as a kind of [TS]

  Russian in rhythm is a dancer is that [TS]

  right rhythm is gonna move you okay what [TS]

  about you can see there's a part of the [TS]

  rhythm nation [TS]

  I thought I was okay i was until miss [TS]

  Jackson said I was nasty [TS]

  wow that's right it all comes back to [TS]

  early man so they had this I tried them [TS]

  on and they're like the guys talking [TS]

  about things like torsion control so you [TS]

  got to have that and all this in the [TS]

  wide foot base and he offered me the [TS]

  organic asslick to try to tread upon the [TS]

  whole test performance characteristics [TS]

  of my new footwear and he said yeah what [TS]

  are you gonna wear you be doing this [TS]

  I'll never forget i said i was on a long [TS]

  lunch break from a dot-com job and I [TS]

  said I said we're gonna do it be said [TS]

  these are webpage making shoes i was he [TS]

  was not mad i mean i think he was maybe [TS]

  not exactly disappointed but like I let [TS]

  him down because I'm even then I was a [TS]

  middle-aged white guy had nothing much [TS]

  has changed but I don't think you're [TS]

  supposed to tear away the veil as [TS]

  abruptly as i did know you're supposed [TS]

  to say well you know I do like hiking a [TS]

  lot of weekends stop and get out there [TS]

  trying to get out and get my tool a box [TS]

  and clear my Subaru and I go to the [TS]

  front face of the mountain climb and you [TS]

  know gets no tell you the dogs drag it [TS]

  out there are you know I always try to [TS]

  get out there that's why I got super you [TS]

  know love is what makes a Subaru a [TS]

  Subaru well-loved and yeah Rockets love [TS]

  love and and you know what coexist all [TS]

  coexist [TS]

  yeah Mr exist oh I'm also yeah [TS]

  wagging less than barking 10 waiting on [TS]

  you like I'm part of the elizabeth [TS]

  warren wing of the bumper sticker [TS]

  community so so now fast-forward to [TS]

  today so we don't go to the mall [TS]

  very much but I want to visit some [TS]

  friends in corte madera and corte madera [TS]

  is where they have to really nice malls [TS]

  when we go to court in madera or pass by [TS]

  corte madera I make a point of saying to [TS]

  my to my ladies I say let's go to the [TS]

  mall because one thing they got a [TS]

  bookstore got a barnes and noble single [TS]

  book start by some books they also know [TS]

  what I'm started running on please today [TS]

  when you say let's go to the mall you [TS]

  already stipulated to really nice malls [TS]

  and pull the Madeira yeah look these up [TS]

  about you did everyone know which mall [TS]

  you're referring to or is everything [TS]

  we've got stonestown we've been to [TS]

  stonestown you and me that's near us [TS]

  that's that's kind of a sad mall and [TS]

  it's it's kind of on its way out but [TS]

  corte madera so there's two malls [TS]

  there's the village at corte madera and [TS]

  there is the town's there's the village [TS]

  at corte madera and then there's the [TS]

  town centre corte madera concern for [TS]

  having me a PM no it's not a sentra it's [TS]

  not at the atra it's a so in there [TS]

  across the highway from each other now [TS]

  my friends live like a stone's throw [TS]

  from this mall so we go to the mall [TS]

  because the barnes and noble and we go i [TS]

  go to the rei because i said to my wife [TS]

  I says I said I I'm very happy that is [TS]

  why I says Wi-Fi I'm very happy with my [TS]

  rain jacket that they got me for my [TS]

  birthday [TS]

  your two ago I love it love it i think [TS]

  it's a marmot it's got a liner it's [TS]

  really nice it's blue it's everything I [TS]

  could want in a jack and i think let's [TS]

  be honest I think we bought it at rei [TS]

  right it should it sheds rain but it was [TS]

  a waste what it's got performance [TS]

  characteristics and torsion control so [TS]

  now you know flash for this is some 16 [TS]

  17 years since my first re-experience [TS]

  and I still feel like an utter fucking [TS]

  poser because here's me me is I want to [TS]

  go in there and I want to get some kind [TS]

  of a jacket that's not quite a rain [TS]

  jacket I want to be not quite a [TS]

  Pendleton shirt I want something that's [TS]

  like a jacket that a man would wear and [TS]

  not look like he's caused playing some [TS]

  role right now I'm not gonna make a big [TS]

  deal about this people should do the [TS]

  things that they like to do and have [TS]

  nothing against cosplay or large [TS]

  for fronting the face of the extreme [TS]

  mountain sure [TS]

  with that said I went in there and I [TS]

  looked at every single item they had in [TS]

  their jackets section I almost made us [TS]

  late for dinner because i was determined [TS]

  to find something and we're here [TS]

  it wasn't even a money thing it was [TS]

  because they're all kind of costly I was [TS]

  ready for that but there's gotta be [TS]

  something here I could wear where I [TS]

  don't look like I take yoga right where [TS]

  I don't look like a nothing again I [TS]

  think that's the yoga community co-exist [TS]

  but I want something that like looks [TS]

  like something I would wear and my [TS]

  cosplay my default cosplay is to look [TS]

  kind of like a lesbian janitor right [TS]

  kind of a carhartt Dickie look a lot of [TS]

  the time my sanity lesbians have the [TS]

  best haircuts ing or less i would cue [TS]

  ball pretty good here yet but you don't [TS]

  struggling i'm struggling that's a whole [TS]

  different issue i'm thinking about my [TS]

  friend Alex who is part of the tribe she [TS]

  goes to supercuts I'm thinking ago she [TS]

  has a great haircut i'm thinking of [TS]

  going to supercuts i don't know i don't [TS]

  know if i don't know how it's done [TS]

  apparently grass you just grows back but [TS]

  I've been following I've been following [TS]

  this phenomenon the lesbian haircut for [TS]

  27 years [TS]

  how do i do it what is like a house for [TS]

  it what is it up but anyway so there you [TS]

  are in your car hardened dickies looking [TS]

  for the perfect coat to communicate that [TS]

  you are you well to communicate honestly [TS]

  it's or the I don't see the opposite of [TS]

  what you do but i want to communicate as [TS]

  little as possible [TS]

  I at this point I want to just not be [TS]

  noticed and what I want to do it in a [TS]

  way that's comfortable here some of my [TS]

  points I would like it to be something [TS]

  that doesn't look too much like a rain [TS]

  jacket because I got a good rain jacket [TS]

  I need something for when it's maybe [TS]

  gonna rain but probably not i want to be [TS]

  warm but not polar i would like pockets [TS]

  i was i would like some pockets on it [TS]

  and one velcro closure i like a Velcro [TS]

  sleeve dingus [TS]

  I don't mind snaps in their little class [TS]

  here and i looked at one by a company i [TS]

  think it's called i want to say cool [TS]

  k uhl I'm not sure he had some nice [TS]

  things but they had kind of a yoga [TS]

  construction worker vibe [TS]

  and a little bit of a of they had a snap [TS]

  clasp which ones i say i'm not against [TS]

  they also have their own apparently rei [TS]

  has their own bespoke brand of super [TS]

  fancy it's called after its or something [TS]

  like that [TS]

  oh yeah and and those jackets are seven [TS]

  hundred fifty dollars which is a little [TS]

  bit out of my price range plus again [TS]

  we're back to the dot-com shoes I feel [TS]

  like I cannot live up to this clothing [TS]

  so anyway I walked out of there feeling [TS]

  kind of sad i went and looked at shirts [TS]

  because I can always use another long [TS]

  sleeve shirt i ended up buying nothing [TS]

  which is ok but but I you know I'm [TS]

  frustrated with myself I don't want to [TS]

  say I'm frustrated with rei because i'm [TS]

  pretty sure everybody goes in there is [TS]

  pretty extreme but I feel I feel I have [TS]

  trouble finding the clothes that are for [TS]

  me and now series you know they're not [TS]

  going to carry the Trump stuff anymore [TS]

  macy's they're not doing great honey I [TS]

  don't know where to turn and I'm trying [TS]

  not to just buy things on the internet [TS]

  because it seems weird [TS]

  well yes that's why am I frustrated with [TS]

  the walking dead a little bit and I do [TS]

  not find a jacket that's saying to me [TS]

  you have you've hit on the thing I'm [TS]

  afraid [TS]

  Merlin who you did on the real thing and [TS]

  this thing is the what I would describe [TS]

  as the decline and fall of a outdoor [TS]

  gear haha [TS]

  we've talked about is fine i think you [TS]

  had a part of decline with was there a [TS]

  time when you would you bet your life on [TS]

  this equipment there was a time when you [TS]

  can be hanging from MH we became there [TS]

  with your with your with your user [TS]

  jagermeister in your pocket dangling off [TS]

  a rock somewhere in Germany not even [TS]

  sure where we're feel like you're [TS]

  wearing borrowed feet and you're hanging [TS]

  on by a zipper there was a time hanging [TS]

  on by a zipper there was a there was a [TS]

  sweet spot right I feel like there's a [TS]

  sweet spot when things had things have [TS]

  progressed from wool and and wax cotton [TS]

  yeah there were new fabrics there were [TS]

  knew there was this new kind of science [TS]

  that we [TS]

  saying like oh we don't have to wear [TS]

  keeley hands and rubber every time we go [TS]

  out into the rain we can start to wear [TS]

  these lighter fabrics that breathe that [TS]

  wick away the sweat that have technology [TS]

  but those items were still built at the [TS]

  built in the fashion and of you know [TS]

  like it with the accoutrements of [TS]

  earlier coats so what what what it was I [TS]

  guess was years and years of time tested [TS]

  a apparel design by which i mean like [TS]

  the the actual shape of the garment and [TS]

  the situation of the pockets the shape [TS]

  of the hood who did the use of certain [TS]

  kinds of clasp zip heavy zippers you [TS]

  know huh [TS]

  but we have these new fabrics and it was [TS]

  and now you can have a jacket that was [TS]

  read holy cow [TS]

  yeah and the and the the wicking of [TS]

  course being a big thing I keep [TS]

  mentioning looking is important [TS]

  oh my god Wiccans important then someone [TS]

  you want those things like a like a [TS]

  microwave where you don't really realize [TS]

  how much you need it until you have it [TS]

  then you're going how did I ever do [TS]

  without waking how did I do [TS]

  although i know people that don't have a [TS]

  microwave if you can believe that so i [TS]

  made my first pee in a cup [TS]

  we should come back to that oh you did [TS]

  in fact that I'm but now i'm with you [TS]

  i'm thinking hear about also and you see [TS]

  no i'm not a ski person but I'm thinking [TS]

  about when ski gear changed at some [TS]

  point i'm guessing the seventies whereas [TS]

  like when I was a kid you get bundled up [TS]

  to go as we would say play in the snow [TS]

  you had all these layers and you look [TS]

  like Ralphie's brother and you know [TS]

  Christmas story and then they came out [TS]

  with these a-z colors in these more [TS]

  lightweight garments and but then things [TS]

  got very the to use a phrase I learned [TS]

  from my wife she refers to her clothes [TS]

  she wears to exercise what she does [TS]

  every day she calls it technical gear [TS]

  yeah that's right technical gear yeah [TS]

  there's where that that's where we got [TS]

  off the rails think so yeah because [TS]

  because as you say it's not just you [TS]

  you're not alone in sitting on your [TS]

  technical gear and more than writing [TS]

  software codes know [TS]

  no like one in a thousand people that [TS]

  buys a that buys this stuff that's [TS]

  advertised with a photograph of someone [TS]

  summiting machu picchu there is good to [TS]

  say somebody machu picchu yeah they've [TS]

  never summit much would be too nope and [TS]

  I and never will write what they but [TS]

  they but the gear you know it's like it [TS]

  like you say because you're you live in [TS]

  a climate you're gonna go outside is it [TS]

  gonna rain [TS]

  I don't know is it gonna you know like [TS]

  it could be 60 degrees when i walk out [TS]

  the door and by the time i get where I'm [TS]

  going to be 40 degrees and like hailing [TS]

  and I want something that doesn't that I [TS]

  don't like it I don't like it doe mhm [TS]

  partly they don't want to look like a [TS]

  dope like I get there and I'm not [TS]

  prepared you want to be prepared for [TS]

  anything even if you're not leaving that [TS]

  and it's just everything else in your [TS]

  house and they could totally happen this [TS]

  is climate is a very complicated she got [TS]

  butterfly wings i I'm with you on the [TS]

  seattle thing though in the sense that [TS]

  what while I think it's sweet that my [TS]

  daughter likes an umbrella i do not do [TS]

  an umbrella [TS]

  no no I'm gonna love above umbrellas I [TS]

  got it I got a hood and I got my [TS]

  personal will my willpower [TS]

  that's right what if you let's say you [TS]

  are let's say it's a walking dead [TS]

  scenario and all of a sudden your [TS]

  zombies everywhere and you've got it [TS]

  like I don't know what go walking [TS]

  amongst the top walking amongst the dead [TS]

  and presumably like hitting them with [TS]

  machetes sometimes and you got a [TS]

  souped-up truck i'm i'm just i'm [TS]

  guessing about this from seeing [TS]

  billboards in the New York subway [TS]

  yeah you're not you know how far off but [TS]

  so you're out there and it's a you're on [TS]

  this death trail and I gum guessing [TS]

  you've heard rumors that somewhere [TS]

  there's a community of people that have [TS]

  survived and I want way to present this [TS]

  you're headed there right [TS]

  meet up with the band it may just be a [TS]

  myth this is gonna be the one [TS]

  this is going to be the place may just [TS]

  be the myth that they're there but then [TS]

  you keep you have to keep going because [TS]

  what else [TS]

  why else can turn back mhm you can't [TS]

  just surrender you have to keep fighting [TS]

  are you gonna be carrying a fucking [TS]

  umbrella [TS]

  not unless it's a poison-tipped umbrella [TS]

  unless you replace your hands chopped [TS]

  off by the guy at the last immunity to [TS]

  save your life [TS]

  alright so you got your hand chopped off [TS]

  but somehow the poison blood of the [TS]

  zombies did not infect you yeah you [TS]

  haven't turned and now you can now you [TS]

  can take the umbrella to your hand and [TS]

  you become umbrella man's just like the [TS]

  guy the kennedy assassination [TS]

  why is he there you may be the zombie is [TS]

  coming anyway forget to bring an [TS]

  umbrella with a pretty sunny day to me [TS]

  haha maybe it's a situation where if you [TS]

  get infected with a cold the zombie gets [TS]

  right in your face but he can't smell [TS]

  you because they only want two kills [TS]

  well people em right now that's one just [TS]

  you know not to spoil anything but one [TS]

  common way to disguise yourself is to [TS]

  cover yourself with guts like zombie [TS]

  guts and then they have to one of them [TS]

  and you can you give some a poncho and [TS]

  you put zombie guts on you can walk [TS]

  around now you know again that poncho [TS]

  you would want something with wicking [TS]

  when performance characteristics you [TS]

  want machu picchu well and arc'teryx [TS]

  actually makes a zombie guts [TS]

  terex you know the name of course i do [TS]

  so arc'teryx is an rei grand they are a [TS]

  comedian super adventure tech brand em [TS]

  and they're getting Seattle like John [TS]

  Sherlock mm no no flu bug is longtime [TS]

  Seattle company arc'teryx eventually [TS]

  Canadian people things I know they are [TS]

  Jesus Christ check that out [TS]

  arc'teryx i think is made in bangladesh [TS]

  play and that was utilized for [TS]

  Bangladesh's you're gonna want some [TS]

  performance characteristics right and [TS]

  arc'teryx if you pick up one of those [TS]

  jackets that cost seven to 17 hundred [TS]

  dollars [TS]

  yeah it's like you become lighter the [TS]

  jacket is so light that that there's now [TS]

  like there's like a bounce in your step [TS]

  the the jacket is lifting you up off the [TS]

  earth it takes 20 pounds away but i [TS]

  cannot i cannot personally paid hundred [TS]

  dollars for a technical jacket so I have [TS]

  to go I have to longingly paw through [TS]

  those things i can't even justify the [TS]

  customer patagonia jacket which is only [TS]

  four hundred and fifty dollars [TS]

  yes to me it's like expensive wine where [TS]

  it's lost on me like you know it'sit's [TS]

  dropped bits like if i were to spend I [TS]

  mean you know you know it's a common [TS]

  thing people idiots like me say it's [TS]

  like you never seen a twenty dollar [TS]

  bottle of wine and a thousand-dollar [TS]

  bottle of wine a lot of money but like [TS]

  I'm not sure I would appreciate it that [TS]

  much more than say a forty dollar bottle [TS]

  of wine with my gender dollar jacket I [TS]

  go hey this is pretty nice like that [TS]

  since two-hundred-dollar jackets that [TS]

  are pretty nice right right but but you [TS]

  know 7702 seventeen hundred dollars is a [TS]

  lot for a particular it is and it's a [TS]

  lot for the thing about so i do not [TS]

  remember the first time I went to rei [TS]

  because i was going to rei when I was a [TS]

  little kit because my dad was like a [TS]

  very early member of rei and he knew all [TS]

  those people personally and like Jim [TS]

  Whittaker was I don't they weren't like [TS]

  pals but they were high five and white [TS]

  guys for sure like we would see jim [TS]

  whittaker and there'd be a lot of like [TS]

  high-five and joshan and so we were that [TS]

  was just they grew up in the rei kind of [TS]

  and then in Anchorage the rei was like [TS]

  it was almost a social place if you went [TS]

  there you were absolutely certain to run [TS]

  into one or seven people that you knew [TS]

  and you'd stand around to them and [TS]

  somebody was there for cross-country ski [TS]

  wax and somebody was there because they [TS]

  needed you know five new pairs of wool [TS]

  socks and somebody was there you know [TS]

  and i was there because i needed some [TS]

  kind of shoelaces or you know it was [TS]

  like where you went to sort of the [TS]

  general store and I and all my friends [TS]

  that was you know like keep it oh and [TS]

  they also have the they also had what [TS]

  was at one point called the Attic then [TS]

  it was the basement was the Attic again [TS]

  and re i had one of those nordstrom [TS]

  policies where you could return anything [TS]

  tho single-a Stefan clear-cut yeah you [TS]

  by somebody would buy a pair of [TS]

  rollerblades use them once break their [TS]

  arm bringing back was a pair of [TS]

  rollerblades that have been used once [TS]

  but it was like [TS]

  18 that cost so i mean in fact i got my [TS]

  first pair of rollerblades there is also [TS]

  my life [TS]

  ok alright alright it was the one pair [TS]

  of rollerblades I brand alright but I [TS]

  thought I was an early adopter i got [TS]

  these rollerblades pretty early on nice [TS]

  and and i enjoyed them but it was but it [TS]

  was very definitely a thing where it's [TS]

  like oh I am I going to use rollerplate [TS]

  yeah no I'm not is what it turned out [TS]

  but so anyway but there was absolutely [TS]

  was a moment where I started to feel [TS]

  alien in an rei and I and it was a [TS]

  devastating time because it's been such [TS]

  a like it was like I felt like such a [TS]

  family operation to a general store [TS]

  cooperative it is a co-op at heart right [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  oh it out and still is you know they [TS]

  still send me a check at the end of the [TS]

  year around for my small portion of the [TS]

  profits and then you take check down to [TS]

  rei and spend it on stuff you know you [TS]

  get yourself a new headlamp like I have [TS]

  40 headlamps in this house because they [TS]

  never die and it's a it's like an easy [TS]

  christmas present back in back in the [TS]

  day like there'd be a bin by the can be [TS]

  a bit of them by the cash register and [TS]

  you go you don't like a headlamp for [TS]

  Christmas John Roderick that's where [TS]

  they be in the stockings and I never the [TS]

  thing is I never said I've already got a [TS]

  headlamp I was always thrilled to get a [TS]

  headlamp I should get a headlamp I'm [TS]

  like that with flashlights I've spent [TS]

  more on flashlights then I should every [TS]

  time I see a flashlight that's nicer [TS]

  brighter better made the 1i already have [TS]

  i'll pick it up and it sits in the did [TS]

  the two digit range it's not a always a [TS]

  cheap thing but last year for example [TS]

  we're trying to find a cat fight back [TS]

  behind our house without going shot for [TS]

  nothing just it bae that they it's [TS]

  called it's called the glide it's got [TS]

  its got a nice lumen heavy heavy lumens [TS]

  light plus you can slide it open and [TS]

  then you get a get a little lamp [TS]

  oh sure you and then you can hang it on [TS]

  a tree [TS]

  sure but your campus they're badass [TS]

  magnet on the end so you stick on the [TS]

  refrigerator which my wife loves let me [TS]

  ask you this cazombi see light at night [TS]

  is that a threat or do they go to sleep [TS]

  at night or what are the only awaken [TS]

  right well no they are awake that there [TS]

  are some problems with science without [TS]

  you guys here to your townhouse at any [TS]

  point and close all the windows like [TS]

  yeah the the problem with the walkers is [TS]

  that especially when there's large [TS]

  numbers of them like they nuttin not [TS]

  there's not one of them that's going to [TS]

  figure out how to open your fence but [TS]

  when there's 1500 of them and they lean [TS]

  forward your fence goes down it's not [TS]

  that kind of situation will do they here [TS]

  and do here dancing and noise and use [TS]

  one another's bodies to climb up over [TS]

  big walls [TS]

  well as far as the dancing they [TS]

  definitely respond to sound they have [TS]

  used sound as a way to attract or dis [TS]

  distract Walker's at various times and [TS]

  that's what we can really you can screw [TS]

  somebody to play some live music there [TS]

  somebody want to get watered pro who [TS]

  yeah in your face [TS]

  I just walk toward you rules have [TS]

  changed my friend the rules have changed [TS]

  and you in the great in the in the [TS]

  Native American fashion from a herd of [TS]

  Walker's off a cliff [TS]

  oh let me style well that's that's that [TS]

  ends when I don't spoil it for you [TS]

  because you're saving these for prison [TS]

  and then Shakespeare chicken else after [TS]

  i presume i'll be in prison long enough [TS]

  to call for water please [TS]

  they tried that and you know it seems [TS]

  like there's always some smart talk that [TS]

  end up screwing things up at one point [TS]

  they were trying to like run mall into a [TS]

  pit that was you at one point but I took [TS]

  your topic be so sorry I for you and [TS]

  your family was a person if increasingly [TS]

  you felt you felt out of place there I [TS]

  felt this strange i would go in at [TS]

  wander around and what happened was all [TS]

  the all the technical fabrics I think [TS]

  aloud al1 also the the pressure to have [TS]

  new stuff every season it turned [TS]

  adventure gear into this thing that [TS]

  wasn't it was no longer in will exploit [TS]

  for I best I like what is a novel [TS]

  solution [TS]

  what's an inexpensive way to manufacture [TS]

  this while still maintaining [TS]

  the the sort of fun like false front [TS]

  that is super durable right its [TS]

  technical without being durable it's [TS]

  called they want i wanted to blow up on [TS]

  you they wanted to be they wanted to [TS]

  look like five years ago so you have to [TS]

  get a new one and i'm not saying this is [TS]

  this is rei generating this from within [TS]

  their cooperative heart I think it's [TS]

  just the it's just a pandemic of outdoor [TS]

  gear and and I'll tell you something I [TS]

  heard now this is third hand but i [TS]

  remember i had a friend of a friend and [TS]

  I heard from a friend of a friend who [TS]

  worked at the limited limited the the [TS]

  younger girls clothing store that was so [TS]

  popular community all things interesting [TS]

  yeah interesting uh that you know [TS]

  limited at the time anyway famously had [TS]

  a very permissive return policy which [TS]

  would allow you to bring in pretty much [TS]

  anything and exchange it I don't think [TS]

  they would give you cash but he would do [TS]

  an exchange now there's several [TS]

  interesting points here interesting [TS]

  point is I mean maybe setting aside the [TS]

  esprit stuff stuff that was very [TS]

  inexpensive to make and they charge [TS]

  quite a markup on it so they there was [TS]

  some wiggle room to be able to afford [TS]

  exchanges probably good to the wiggle [TS]

  that's how they get you but then here [TS]

  the other thing is what they discovered [TS]

  was turns out people who come in to do [TS]

  their free exchange haha put it to the [TS]

  man and a bunch of stuff along with it [TS]

  haha to the music goes around pretty [TS]

  soon everybody's wearing nothing but [TS]

  limited you're basically turning limited [TS]

  or wearing limited all the time right [TS]

  because they can't because yeah right [TS]

  there in there in the whole tell your [TS]

  underwater as they say I used to take my [TS]

  shoes back to the north from and get a [TS]

  new pair of shoes and then wear them out [TS]

  and then taken back to nordstrom because [TS]

  that I was poor and I was you know and I [TS]

  still there i was poor but I still felt [TS]

  like I shop at nordstrom yeah and I [TS]

  brought I finally brought a parent to a [TS]

  guy and he was a shoe salesman whose [TS]

  about my age and I was like yeah these [TS]

  shoes i just feel like my time to take [TS]

  him back you know what I'm saying and he [TS]

  looked at me was like I think you've [TS]

  gotten a lot [TS]

  you sound of these shoes don't you [TS]

  interested and he shamed me into taking [TS]

  those shoes and walk me out the door on [TS]

  and I was like oh my god that the the [TS]

  salad days are over [TS]

  uh-huh he didn't say no he just employed [TS]

  something much more effective than no [TS]

  yeah you can get you thinking [TS]

  yeah he knowed me in a way that I never [TS]

  did it again like I don't take anything [TS]

  back now if i buy something and it [TS]

  doesn't work for me I take it to the [TS]

  thrift store [TS]

  I let me ask you this if you're going to [TS]

  buy a house will have I wonder why I've [TS]

  never heard of this before but yeah if I [TS]

  were building a giant a McMansion right [TS]

  now where i was designing it instead of [TS]

  a panic room I would build a wiggle room [TS]

  why has nobody done this what has never [TS]

  even heard of the idea for a little room [TS]

  and I'm fascinated by a build a pumping [TS]

  wiggle room and then it first of all it [TS]

  gives you wiggle room says it says it [TS]

  right there on the 10 right and then who [TS]

  doesn't want a room where thats [TS]

  expressly the point of it right going [TS]

  there wiggle i love this idea [TS]

  yeah you got kids like God you kids [TS]

  going to wiggle wiggle wiggle room and [TS]

  wouldn't have to be that big just has [TS]

  been big enough to wiggle in well yeah [TS]

  but you want to be you'd want to be big [TS]

  enough for four you know if you needed [TS]

  wiggle room but also write on friday [TS]

  night you and the lady looking for [TS]

  something you know looking for a little [TS]

  bit of a strange go down to the wiggle [TS]

  room [TS]

  oh man get your will put the tarp on the [TS]

  floor so what I'm saying is why is that [TS]

  not why why are people not just in every [TS]

  month here but why are you on boards you [TS]

  should get more boards you can help so [TS]

  many people with these ideas [TS]

  I mean you're pioneering this idea you [TS]

  want you want to get the monk holes in [TS]

  their you want to escape valves get [TS]

  secret walls of wiggle room [TS]

  I mean this is you this is just money on [TS]

  the table [TS]

  mommy on the day all so we suggest let [TS]

  me suggest a thing to you which is that [TS]

  within the sailing community [TS]

  which is it so sorry i didn't thing [TS]

  where they went from just sort of [TS]

  mountain alpine they expanded at 1.2 [TS]

  prosumer goods right and this happened [TS]

  Eddie Bauer to eddie bauer became more [TS]

  and more prosumer until they just [TS]

  presumed that way right out of the pro [TS]

  and they just became Sumer rei still has [TS]

  enough pro you call him prosumer but [TS]

  there's a lot of sooner we get in there [TS]

  pro but within the sailing community [TS]

  which is you know a forgotten side of [TS]

  the adventure sport community you know [TS]

  that they go on some gnarly adventures [TS]

  one might say even getting on a sailboat [TS]

  begins an adventure because the cell [TS]

  could sink in anytime and then where are [TS]

  you [TS]

  that's true but if you had a shipping [TS]

  container in the middle of the South [TS]

  Indian and motion putting idea what are [TS]

  you gonna do you're gonna you're gonna [TS]

  try and build your boat back but that's [TS]

  not gonna work on my ladies from sailing [TS]

  people ya say we are very very nautical [TS]

  my mom or my brothers-in-law installs [TS]

  high-end electronics into high-end [TS]

  seacraft so that could be your [TS]

  navigation system you know communication [TS]

  system often enough let's be honest it's [TS]

  an entertainment system but that's what [TS]

  he does and he's doing quite well with [TS]

  it is very nautical now when I met my [TS]

  wife she had was a helly hansen was at [TS]

  the name of it [TS]

  ya better pronounced helium civilians [TS]

  all ok larger see but that's that's also [TS]

  how they get you is a secret [TS]

  annunciation but she said she had a [TS]

  sailing jacket that she had inherited [TS]

  from her much-loved not inherited well [TS]

  as before he passed away but anyway she [TS]

  got her dad's old jacket which is in [TS]

  beautiful condition and that was really [TS]

  cool as ever let go to giant rain jacket [TS]

  and had a little thing we could like [TS]

  string a rope through it how cool is [TS]

  that [TS]

  yep get that you have really learned [TS]

  shirt on Mariner is a spoon tailored [TS]

  shirt [TS]

  yes it is spoon good grab good grab sits [TS]

  in that shirt red shirt it was fitted [TS]

  fitted shirt fitted shirt they don't [TS]

  make them like my dad's old furniture [TS]

  nope but so within so sailing is the [TS]

  place where I have found [TS]

  there is still just take you away it [TS]

  takes me but it does sailing takes me [TS]

  away [TS]

  that's not a firearm paradise at least [TS]

  it's not for me and the wind it's listen [TS]

  when you see the Southern Cross Merlin [TS]

  yeah that's when you know [TS]

  yeah about how many times i have right [TS]

  yeah how have surprised the roads must a [TS]

  man walk down before he is a before he's [TS]

  a bad man behind blue yeah before he's [TS]

  reluctant to travel because it is a [TS]

  violation [TS]

  anyway I think about riding fences [TS]

  alcohol yeah so you go to you so you put [TS]

  in you put into the googs just something [TS]

  simple [TS]

  ok i'm out like sailing clothes sailing [TS]

  ok and you get this you get websites [TS]

  like apps limited VIP absolute [TS]

  absolutely west coast sailing sailing [TS]

  pro shop and then you go in then you [TS]

  start looking at jackets in there and [TS]

  almost some they're all these brands you [TS]

  never heard of you can and you go [TS]

  there's other brands that I never heard [TS]

  of in what I would consider to be the [TS]

  Outdoor Adventure Gear world [TS]

  wow there's this this this is these are [TS]

  some unusual designs because you're out [TS]

  there sailing and you're trying to you [TS]

  know when you come into the harbor [TS]

  you've got a whole different group of [TS]

  people that you're trying to communicate [TS]

  with bilo you're gonna rep different [TS]

  you're going to wrap a very different [TS]

  thing and if you're if you i'm sure [TS]

  there are people coming into Harbor in a [TS]

  in an arc teryx mhm but the sailors no [TS]

  oh you're trying to get trying to get [TS]

  away with the double duty here writing [TS]

  your work or you recently skiing like I [TS]

  wasn't skiing i was just sailing and [TS]

  that's why I'm wearing this Gil or Zeke [TS]

  or henri lloyd outfit is it a little bit [TS]

  like wearing a football jersey to a [TS]

  baseball game [TS]

  well it depends like how much do you [TS]

  want to [TS]

  how much do you want to culture jam how [TS]

  much are you see if you're not actually [TS]

  playing the game [TS]

  professionally and kisses that's enough [TS]

  that much but in San Francisco you show [TS]

  up in a in a jacket that that it is like [TS]

  sailing identifying them if you sailing [TS]

  identify yeah [TS]

  ninety-nine percent of the people out in [TS]

  there who are just two are just the [TS]

  cotan just writing code yes for [TS]

  computers and they're not gonna know the [TS]

  difference [TS]

  I gotta be honest with you I i said i [TS]

  don't recognize I don't read a lot of [TS]

  these as nautical where this is cool [TS]

  this is one here the Gilo as to ceiling [TS]

  jacket looks kinda like the colorful [TS]

  character Deadpool there's a lot of you [TS]

  get Nantucket shorts i guess that gives [TS]

  you like waterproof but but now honestly [TS]

  if I saw a lot of this would not [TS]

  necessarily read as a sailing gear to me [TS]

  right and there's looking just at the [TS]

  first pulldown menu [TS]

  hmmm you see you see things like shirts [TS]

  and rash guards rashguards now I don't [TS]

  think I don't think Aria Aria has a [TS]

  separate category for rash guards so and [TS]

  then over here this is an interesting [TS]

  combination sunglasses hats and me pads [TS]

  hmm like those are grouped together [TS]

  through the sunglasses have to me pants [TS]

  just keep the sleepwalking get to wear [TS]

  knee pads just FYI wilshire because [TS]

  you're in combat mode right and can hang [TS]

  on tires [TS]

  well you put yeah right you put together [TS]

  your own this is one of the great things [TS]

  about a post-apocalypse environment you [TS]

  get to build your own armor rightly [TS]

  that's true you get to build your own [TS]

  armor and it's a very it's a very sort [TS]

  of mad Mac see armor you're thrown [TS]

  together some some bits and bobs yeah it [TS]

  could be it could be made out of like [TS]

  old cans using a helmet made of a water [TS]

  bottle there's things hockey helmet is a [TS]

  good one oh my god John [TS]

  oh my god john i'm on apps ups lifted [TS]

  and it's got a pop-up will live chat [TS]

  from mike mike wants to say hello thank [TS]

  you for visiting can I help you in any [TS]

  way [TS]

  oh my kids like he's like paper [TS]

  clippings oh my God he's like i fear [TS]

  writing a document would you like some [TS]

  help [TS]

  I see you don't know whether to shit or [TS]

  go silent i seed yeah you're writing a [TS]

  letter of resignation [TS]

  hello i am closing out here because I [TS]

  want to talk to Mike and I don't like [TS]

  might be in there but no one's gonna [TS]

  close the window i'm still find me [TS]

  well he's there and he's like well gee [TS]

  all I wanted to do was help [TS]

  yeah that wasn't me that was kind of [TS]

  rude of me well it depends to Bailey did [TS]

  you did you allow them to leave cookies [TS]

  is my other problems i don't like [TS]

  talking about coupons I i had to deal [TS]

  with that the mall to but the whole [TS]

  separate issue and I just don't want to [TS]

  talk to people i don't want to know I [TS]

  don't want to know that this coupon is [TS]

  good today I don't want I don't want the [TS]

  coupon and then we're going to use the [TS]

  coupon I don't you talk to me about the [TS]

  coupon which you tell me you're gonna [TS]

  give me the coupon hang onto because I [TS]

  can still use it until februari 14 now [TS]

  do you have a barnes and noble [TS]

  membership card no I don't I don't [TS]

  well you know if we can sign up today [TS]

  and you can get a MasterCard oh yeah you [TS]

  know I just really what I want to do is [TS]

  be anywhere but talking about my coupon [TS]

  also a member of any loyalty [TS]

  organization [TS]

  yes which ones i technically i mean i [TS]

  have a safeway number but I don't use it [TS]

  much the only 1i use much is walgreens [TS]

  because it's on my watch which makes it [TS]

  easy to there twice a day there twice a [TS]

  day and it and it does sometimes it did [TS]

  I frequently when i'm buying something [TS]

  there will be something I am purchasing [TS]

  at walgreens that is at the rock bottom [TS]

  prices but i only get the discount if i [TS]

  use my watch [TS]

  yep yep and you is it a is it a is a [TS]

  bigger is a fob or is it to type in your [TS]

  number [TS]

  well you can also enter your phone [TS]

  number which I'm not don't love doing [TS]

  but no you hold your watch up in the [TS]

  scan it [TS]

  yeah I don't know this game you want to [TS]

  John so you'll be anything you want to [TS]

  do that you think you want to have a [TS]

  watch people scan when you go to [TS]

  walgreens if you'd like that some kind [TS]

  of bob baum so but you don't have an rei [TS]

  number i do I just don't I don't have it [TS]

  with me and I'm not gonna make them my [TS]

  phone somewhere i think even a fob [TS]

  basically okay i can tell you i can take [TS]

  a look at my wallet i can tell you i got [TS]

  i got us not to be creepy [TS]

  I got a San Francisco Zoo card good i [TS]

  belong to the zoo you upgrade that every [TS]

  year [TS]

  yes are we used to belong to the academy [TS]

  of sciences but that's super expensive [TS]

  how many there you and me yeah we have [TS]

  and I've been there now several times [TS]

  they have a shark [TS]

  they also all have a great aquarium they [TS]

  have a an albino alligator they're not [TS]

  allowed to take pictures up [TS]

  oh uh let's see we used to block that [TS]

  will degrade the paint on it over time [TS]

  absolutely that's how they get you i've [TS]

  also got I've got a library card that i [TS]

  use very very frequently good but also [TS]

  all i got several I've got several [TS]

  sandwich cards [TS]

  oh so you get punch cards for some [TS]

  calories in one place there's a place in [TS]

  my neighborhood where my daughter and I [TS]

  go couple three times a week and I've [TS]

  got five full cards at this point so I'm [TS]

  going to put the place out of business [TS]

  at some point [TS]

  yeah here you go I'm a party then I [TS]

  strongly sandwich with that with crab [TS]

  salad on it so there's not a single [TS]

  fucking I've this i'm just going to say [TS]

  this and that only we don't need to talk [TS]

  about it no it's not a single goddamn [TS]

  delhi in seattle model not a one [TS]

  there are places it is a diaspora John [TS]

  have they left wider Delhi's there are [TS]

  places that purport to be down as a god [TS]

  but whatever the study cute is like [TS]

  using mechanic is like a cute like [TS]

  DeLeon in like Eric where quotes kind of [TS]

  thing and now it's like it's like [TS]

  articles it's not cute at all it's like [TS]

  real authentic New York City delhi [TS]

  telling you walk angry angry tattoos [TS]

  guys with the sink stoppers in their [TS]

  ears [TS]

  yeah we're like this Kelly would do it [TS]

  new york-style you go there and you're [TS]

  like oh no one here has ever been to New [TS]

  York yeah because there is a new york [TS]

  style deli it is a wonderful thing and [TS]

  this is not it and loving it it's not in [TS]

  some simple ways that you could rectify [TS]

  in afternoon if you had ever been to New [TS]

  York or New at all but your whole foods [TS]

  pound-for-pound whole foods probably [TS]

  closer to New York Daily than a lot of [TS]

  that bullshit [TS]

  well I think it's true and you know [TS]

  Seattle you have a vibrant jewish [TS]

  community lived right in the center of [TS]

  town and now the the Orthodox community [TS]

  has moved south of town and they but [TS]

  somehow inexplicably they have not built [TS]

  any Delhi's down there and I think it's [TS]

  because Orthodox does something else [TS]

  they don't need they don't need to get a [TS]

  matzo soup in a neighborhood they just [TS]

  do I don't know where they're doing it [TS]

  out there his lungs there used to be a [TS]

  grocery store qfc ar-ar-ar premier brand [TS]

  Ryan I don't qfc with you there was a [TS]

  qfc that had a very large kosher section [TS]

  but then that qfc closed and the safeway [TS]

  picked up the slack and so the safeway [TS]

  if there's a safeway that has the that [TS]

  has a kosher section but it's also the [TS]

  safeway that is that that is the main [TS]

  safeway of the hood for lack of a better [TS]

  way of putting it and by that I mean [TS]

  everyone in the south end which is as [TS]

  you know America's most diverse ZIP code [TS]

  you live in the most no no don't be [TS]

  creepy about it but you live in the most [TS]

  diverse ZIP code in understates the [TS]

  americas most diverse ZIP codes so this [TS]

  seat is trying to be everything it's [TS]

  trying to be all things to all right and [TS]

  so you walk in and there's like 100 over [TS]

  here you got a Jewish deli over here [TS]

  they are no soup [TS]

  there's like a big I'll me not me [TS]

  there's a big pile that appear to just [TS]

  be menudo there's a bit like I don't [TS]

  know how you can have as many minutos as [TS]

  can be in a whole island at our safeway [TS]

  there is there's something like a deli [TS]

  which is mainly it's basically a step [TS]

  above a 7-eleven hot bar it's just [TS]

  basically uniformly golden brown food [TS]

  you know foods and like and like salads [TS]

  from a 5-gallon drum and frozen seafood [TS]

  fuck that are I'll we've been out here i [TS]

  believe it's called international oh [TS]

  really so there's there's everything you [TS]

  need to know about America today but [TS]

  they didn't say foreign but the internet [TS]

  if you want something if you like if you [TS]

  are from anywhere in the continent of [TS]

  asia here 11 feet that might interest [TS]

  yeah or with a world where your pace [TS]

  picante sauce [TS]

  Oh international sit with the rideau [TS]

  yeah I do not be so I have a I have a [TS]

  couple of so I have a little bit of a [TS]

  advantage here because I'm joins every [TS]

  program [TS]

  every loyalty program oh ok [TS]

  there they are all coded into her phone [TS]

  number which i happen to know [TS]

  Oh beep boop right so if somebody's like [TS]

  oh you want to buy cupcakes these are [TS]

  ninety-nine percent off but only if you [TS]

  have a loyalty card I bee-boop her [TS]

  you're also doing a little bit of [TS]

  culture jamming I like this bandage if [TS]

  there's any benefit to a crew she can [TS]

  accrue it right you can use those points [TS]

  i was i'm i'm paying in I mean you know [TS]

  like I'm giving back but I don't have to [TS]

  deal with it now i don't know if you [TS]

  know i don't know if you know the great [TS]

  Dan Savage [TS]

  dan Savage has a you know we all try to [TS]

  compensate for our our lifestyles on the [TS]

  road we all try to do we all have habits [TS]

  will have little quirks dan Savage a [TS]

  very interesting thing which is he keeps [TS]

  every single key card from every hotel [TS]

  he station and because damn tours [TS]

  extensively doing his savage love shows [TS]

  and various you know he's a he does [TS]

  speaking he goes out with the it gets [TS]

  better' campaign he's been all over the [TS]

  world and he has collected a week's [TS]

  collected not just a stack of key cards [TS]

  but he had to then move over and and go [TS]

  to a second stack i approve this hobby [TS]

  this is an interesting hobby [TS]

  yeah it's a so he keeps a very small [TS]

  group of things that right on his mantle [TS]

  and it's just too enormous stacks of key [TS]

  cards and as you know from living at [TS]

  some point in your life in a keycard [TS]

  economy as soon as you leave the hotel [TS]

  you no longer you can no longer look at [TS]

  the keycard and and know anything about [TS]

  when you stayed there what it was about [TS]

  like today is just another marriott it [TS]

  yeah exactly it's just like it this is [TS]

  meaningless it has no dates on its it [TS]

  tells me not them now maybe if I had a [TS]

  key card reader i could put it in and it [TS]

  would say something about me know all [TS]

  that it does but as far as i know and a [TS]

  lot of our just blank it but he's kept [TS]

  them all and I think that it's admirable [TS]

  and it's just an exhibit just it's up on [TS]

  the the mantle and it's like that i love [TS]

  that it's like my grandpa was used to [TS]

  grab a a book of matches and then put [TS]

  the big brandy snifter on top of the TV [TS]

  you [TS]

  like my dad had that exact collection [TS]

  and I inherited it [TS]

  oh now i have a giant urn of of nineteen [TS]

  seventies and sixties matchbooks which I [TS]

  cannot use because of course I chair you [TS]

  know like I treasure them [TS]

  yeah and so something like you got a [TS]

  match and I'm like nope sorry yeah [TS]

  you're amazing my ass [TS]

  yeah I have missed 11 and look at justin [TS]

  gets me from it's just mad when you've [TS]

  done all the time and now it never [TS]

  happened you're embracing my collapse [TS]

  you have a point particularly by a [TS]

  20,000 matters but yeah I got a match [TS]

  i also have a swivel dick you know [TS]

  remember your hearts cards are [TS]

  interesting because i'll bet you up that [TS]

  should they are [TS]

  I would be surprised if large hotel [TS]

  companies were not using that data for [TS]

  reasons [TS]

  oh yeah not that there's all kinds of [TS]

  interesting stuff that they could get [TS]

  out of that data I mean at the very [TS]

  least you can understand stuff I traffic [TS]

  patterns right you can understand that [TS]

  like oh you know this this person goes [TS]

  like this place where you gotta like run [TS]

  the card to get to the ice or whatever [TS]

  right [TS]

  just basic traffic patterns because that [TS]

  affects their margins are so fucking [TS]

  thin on those hotels and they're cutting [TS]

  corners all the time and just just think [TS]

  about the basic optimization that seems [TS]

  to me that the most basic optimization [TS]

  and probably one of the biggest cost [TS]

  centers is turning rooms over with [TS]

  housekeeping etc right right so like [TS]

  that i'm only checkout guy every time [TS]

  late check-out i always ask but you know [TS]

  i mean for example you know you know [TS]

  they recently a lot of the places have [TS]

  taken many bars out of the rooms do you [TS]

  know why I'm grateful because i hate [TS]

  those things [TS]

  well here's why they do it because turns [TS]

  out it was more costly to maintain them [TS]

  in the aggregate the money that they [TS]

  were making so good it wasn't even [TS]

  apparently was even worth the labor of [TS]

  that guy coming knocking on your door [TS]

  1045 why the fuck are you check anymore [TS]

  but they're still here still there buddy [TS]

  so good all good what makes sense but [TS]

  you know there's a lot of data to clean [TS]

  now tell you another thing if you live [TS]

  in san francisco and you're like me get [TS]

  what's called a clipper card your [TS]

  clipper card clipper card is the thing [TS]

  that lets you basically put money on [TS]

  it and use it on all the different [TS]

  bahria transit things what a lot of [TS]

  people don't know is that you can go in [TS]

  and you're here history of like where [TS]

  you've traveled where you ran your card [TS]

  it's all in awe dog really i've done [TS]

  i've got to look at it because we have [TS]

  orca cards up here now because the work [TS]

  of course is the symbol of the Northwest [TS]

  yes and the orca card allows you to [TS]

  travel everywhere but there's a system [TS]

  apparently where you blew up your card [TS]

  and then i get i haven't read up on it [TS]

  but I guess when you get to where you're [TS]

  going you one blew up your card and I [TS]

  like on bart for example Bart's weird [TS]

  because I'd I still don't understand how [TS]

  this works or why this works i guess it [TS]

  makes sense because the nature of part [TS]

  is you pay for how many like how far you [TS]

  want how many fractions so you run bar [TS]

  you use part you with this is different [TS]

  from uni for people who don't know or [TS]

  care unit is the San Francisco one where [TS]

  if you're an honest citizen you run your [TS]

  card charges you two dollars and [TS]

  twenty-five cents and you can ride as [TS]

  much as you want for 90 minutes with [TS]

  with Bart you run your card and it [TS]

  doesn't charge it but then when you get [TS]

  off to get out of bart you have to run [TS]

  it again and that's when it takes the [TS]

  credit off your account right well sew [TS]

  up the way Seattle has decided their [TS]

  thing works is it's sort of like [TS]

  Amsterdam you get on and there's no [TS]

  turnstile you just go down and get on da [TS]

  touch and yeah if you if you are an [TS]

  honest person you blew up your car if [TS]

  you're not you just are a scofflaw and [TS]

  you ride it until some a security [TS]

  officer comes on and starts walking down [TS]

  the thing asking to see everybody's [TS]

  think and then he has a little handheld [TS]

  thing he blew up your car if it's if you [TS]

  haven't looped it then you're I don't [TS]

  know what you're in big trouble you [TS]

  gotta get somebody takes to get your [TS]

  Shakespeare but the thing about that [TS]

  this is true and amsterdam and it's true [TS]

  I'm i guess in the seattle thing is if [TS]

  you're watching and the train pulls in [TS]

  and you see because i think in Amsterdam [TS]

  at least a different they have their [TS]

  p.m. [TS]

  they have five enforcement officers if [TS]

  the trains that day have five doors and [TS]

  so the train pulls up in there and a [TS]

  person gets on each door oh IC but they [TS]

  don't check the people who are getting [TS]

  off at that stop [TS]

  also you just you just wait it out yeah [TS]

  youyou look for him and if you pull up [TS]

  to a train in there they're like all the [TS]

  all the scofflaws all like this is my [TS]

  stop and then they're free and so it's [TS]

  only grabbing the scofflaws who are [TS]

  paying attention i don't know how it [TS]

  works in Seattle because I've never seen [TS]

  one of these guys get on but I'll I'm a [TS]

  law-abiding citizen I want to do the [TS]

  thing I brought my card I feel terrible [TS]

  I feel terrible if for some reason like [TS]

  I so dumb the two things I sweat are the [TS]

  library and muni I feel so guilty [TS]

  because I have a car for me in a car for [TS]

  my daughter I pay full adult fare for my [TS]

  daughter because I can't be bothered to [TS]

  go and buy a kid's card downtown and so [TS]

  it's cost us five dollars each time we [TS]

  ride the train no big but sometimes you [TS]

  just know how kind and I did you wrong [TS]

  with you wrong well it's that means like [TS]

  we ran out of credit and I didn't [TS]

  realize it and i forgot to add more to [TS]

  it and I'm like God's I'm scurrying to [TS]

  the front of the train to go pay cash [TS]

  just like I feel so guilty when i do it [TS]

  no you don't want to be that guy but so [TS]

  I never on boob and I guess what that [TS]

  means is i pay full fare to go [TS]

  everywhere interesting it's like parking [TS]

  it's like you know if you leave your car [TS]

  there they just assume that yeah exactly [TS]

  yeah to assume you've been there the [TS]

  whole time you know i mean right to [TS]

  judge the whole month or pay the maximum [TS]

  charge yeah so so I haven't quite [TS]

  figured out the orca card and i'm [TS]

  guessing that if I went and looked at my [TS]

  history it would just say every time you [TS]

  get on the train you go all with the end [TS]

  interesting well there was a movement [TS]

  while back to go back to your membership [TS]

  cards there was a movement a while back [TS]

  people saying hey look you really have [TS]

  safeway parties where people would go [TS]

  and it's just an excuse for you might [TS]

  just be everybody a table at a bar but [TS]

  everybody would swap safeway cards [TS]

  why'd ya every time you meet a friend [TS]

  you swap safely cards [TS]

  why because the discount is identical it [TS]

  screws with their chronic graphics and [TS]

  data gather and I right culture jamming [TS]

  culture jam because the thing is you go [TS]

  all you know this is this [TS]

  this 22 year old woman is suddenly [TS]

  buying a lot more organic products and [TS]

  vitamins right uh-huh sure thing and so [TS]

  this is that means she's gonna have a [TS]

  baby and like so now you're into what's [TS]

  called chronic graphics which is once [TS]

  you're able to figure out how old [TS]

  somebody isn't what they do you can [TS]

  tailor many things to them and then at [TS]

  walgreens that give you a goddamn coupon [TS]

  coupons i get the coupons i get i buy i [TS]

  buy claritin and they gave me a coupon [TS]

  for claritin yeah sure people who bought [TS]

  this also bought Claire people who [TS]

  bought a clock also bought three clocks [TS]

  but here's what I'm worried about [TS]

  why would I want to start getting [TS]

  special offers for being pregnant [TS]

  here's the thing it's a lot like tour [TS]

  you gotta ask yourself I don't know what [TS]

  or is but if I did I would say the [TS]

  problem is the onion right towards the [TS]

  tour is the onion that's right Joe Biden [TS]

  and so the the thing is though you gotta [TS]

  ask yourself well you know yeah maybe [TS]

  it's going to cover up you know whatever [TS]

  it is that I'm doing but remember your [TS]

  IP is also being used for whatever [TS]

  somebody else is doing [TS]

  yeah exactly you get your hands right [TS]

  and you don't get that also you going to [TS]

  dance his guards it is my beautiful [TS]

  house [TS]

  that's right how did I get here ok so i [TS]

  get the culture jamming yes aspect of it [TS]

  I so basically culture jam jam style who [TS]

  the when i go to the supermarket [TS]

  basically the supermarket is receiving [TS]

  two pieces of information one is coming [TS]

  from an 82 year old woman who goes to [TS]

  the grocery store or the or the [TS]

  drugstore every single bank and buys [TS]

  like a completely random old lady set of [TS]

  things because my mom is a you know [TS]

  she's not not a normal old lady right [TS]

  she's buying like like I who knows what [TS]

  she box frankly and then I go go in [TS]

  there and typically the only things i [TS]

  buy anywhere are a chocolate cake edible [TS]

  and cream for my coffee right again half [TS]

  and half a piece of chocolate cake and [TS]

  so they've got to be like this little [TS]

  old lady first of all she's up at five [TS]

  yep because she's at the store of the [TS]

  day it opened the moment it opens to buy [TS]

  itouch Brett's I don't know what she's [TS]

  buying sure little little thing she [TS]

  likes to go [TS]

  she's like old-school she likes to go to [TS]

  the store every day kinda like you and [TS]

  then generally at eleven-forty-five 15 [TS]

  minutes before the store closes she [TS]

  comes back and bi's chocolate cake and [TS]

  half-and-half yeah like what are we to [TS]

  make of this how do we tailor how do we [TS]

  tailor the circular you gotta yeah how [TS]

  to shape the algorithm right you think [TS]

  everyone just like pull the tape on that [TS]

  and go look and see what's going on [TS]

  it's all you know oh oh my god you're [TS]

  gonna love this [TS]

  my mom called a phone tree the other day [TS]

  she called the place [TS]

  oh you know what it was it was a the [TS]

  printer printer stop work ok and so she [TS]

  called the helpline and she made it [TS]

  through the phone tree and she put in [TS]

  her you know her home address or social [TS]

  security number [TS]

  not really she didn't put in your social [TS]

  security number I've told her not to do [TS]

  that but she put in the number on the [TS]

  printer and all this stuff and then [TS]

  finally she got somebody who had never [TS]

  heard of her and need her to tell them [TS]

  all that information has and then she [TS]

  talk to that person for 20 minutes [TS]

  person was like struggling to solve the [TS]

  problem and then they got cut off [TS]

  Oh God back right it's all the thing [TS]

  back and the first voice came on hello [TS]

  welcome to epson and she yelled into the [TS]

  phone i just spent 70 minutes talking to [TS]

  your person and I did you know and it [TS]

  according to her clicked immediately to [TS]

  an operator well and so she was we were [TS]

  driving in the car and she was she was [TS]

  thinking about what had happened because [TS]

  she felt like she had discovered a hack [TS]

  if you if you yell at the phone it will [TS]

  understand and it will take you [TS]

  immediately to an operator what she [TS]

  couldn't die either i've i've done this [TS]

  house on right now yeah because it used [TS]

  to be time so i cut off your story [TS]

  please go ahead [TS]

  well she couldn't decide she was toying [TS]

  with two options did the did the [TS]

  algorithm understand her words did the [TS]

  algorithm understand her tone I think [TS]

  it's purely volume try this next time [TS]

  this happens to you so used to be in the [TS]

  nineties if you're a smart cookie new [TS]

  knew a thing which is in an early days [TS]

  of phone trees everybody eventually [TS]

  learned if you just keep your kids 0 [TS]

  over and over and over and eventually [TS]

  we'll go through well now remember your [TS]

  options have recently changed something [TS]

  I haven't done this in a while because I [TS]

  don't call that I can't be helped i [TS]

  won't call places anymore but now I [TS]

  don't say the word but if you just [TS]

  scream the f-word repeatedly whoa i [TS]

  don't know i'm suddenly so careful about [TS]

  this no way real green the f word over [TS]

  and over in your but it'll cut over to a [TS]

  operator justjust fun try it [TS]

  collapse and collapse and see if it [TS]

  works just for fun now you probably [TS]

  could be yelling tom bombadil and it [TS]

  would take you any way I don't know [TS]

  right well the door tom bombadil would [TS]

  show up which will be cool [TS]

  troublemaker John it's hard to know [TS]

  ok he may be the oldest living thing [TS]

  maybe the personification of of of [TS]

  nature [TS]

  oh my goodness but there is some [TS]

  suggestion that he's older than the [TS]

  Rings older than the oldest elves [TS]

  Wow and that he has chosen be pretty [TS]

  precedes the ring he precedes the be [TS]

  precedes at all room and he's chosen to [TS]

  live you know self constrained on this [TS]

  little plot on the town the oldest of [TS]

  the old the most ancient and so if i [TS]

  could conjure him and he'd show up here [TS]

  at my house and I do like Tom I'm god I [TS]

  can't find my computer [TS]

  and and tom bombadil he never seems to [TS]

  get bored right tom bombadil never see [TS]

  all the photos of him he looks like he's [TS]

  doing a little dance looks very jolly [TS]

  yeah he's you know what he's bored by [TS]

  the ring which has no effect on it [TS]

  oh interesting idea takes the ring BB is [TS]

  messes with it for a while you fools [TS]

  with it and he's like board gives it [TS]

  value the one thing that everybody else [TS]

  is obsessed with the he's bored by the [TS]

  register so i feel so here's my question [TS]

  dan Savage style do you think there is [TS]

  anyone listening to our program that has [TS]

  kept every fob like I'm other room keys [TS]

  know not everyone will like the room [TS]

  keys but it's not room keys it's fobs so [TS]

  like donkeys like when you go to a [TS]

  library in your library card you get a [TS]

  normal-sized like whatever that is for [TS]

  by to whatever standard credit [TS]

  card-sized goes into the wall trying to [TS]

  get that and then you get a little thing [TS]

  like your gym membership thing that's [TS]

  running a farm like the little guy yeah [TS]

  the little one that's supposed to go on [TS]

  your keychain [TS]

  yeah is there someone out there who just [TS]

  their own little peccadilloes they carry [TS]

  around the keyring with all of the [TS]

  little oh IC ok so you're saying is [TS]

  there anybody in our audience who gets [TS]

  the fob uses the fob keeps using the fob [TS]

  and they just get a big-ass keychain [TS]

  full of fobs keychain fob now that's one [TS]

  spin doctors record because you see [TS]

  right people that and I don't remember [TS]

  you know I've seen there's a key culture [TS]

  we've talked about this there's a table [TS]

  filter the the 900 keys on their key [TS]

  ring who um but there's got him now be a [TS]

  of pop [TS]

  of pop [TS]

  culture mhm right because i keep getting [TS]

  at and i'm not even talking about [TS]

  let's leave aside the ones that you get [TS]

  from walgreens that are a little paper [TS]

  thing on your keychain people keep [TS]

  giving me fobs that actually are the [TS]

  size and shape of a cookie like an [TS]

  actual like keyboards cookie-like [TS]

  keebler elf who are still younger than [TS]

  tom bombadil and they are they [TS]

  because they're elves not dwarves right [TS]

  are the dwarves little people don't want [TS]

  to talk about the ones that live in a [TS]

  tree when they come and they called an [TS]

  elves but they don't look like what [TS]

  we've come to believe elves look like [TS]

  no they're not like we're closer to what [TS]

  we would think i think is a tour right [TS]

  with the hat they have the Hat [TS]

  yeah LOL jobs i think of as being those [TS]

  elegant creatures that look like the guy [TS]

  from the matrix sure you know exactly [TS]

  where that outrageous that actress with [TS]

  the father and Aerosmith like isn't she [TS]

  an elf [TS]

  I think she's an elf yeah what about [TS]

  Claire Danes you know she had wings in [TS]

  that soul asylum video on Homeland [TS]

  I don't know that's a really good [TS]

  question remember she can't angel wings [TS]

  in that time that video [TS]

  oh no I stopped watching your errand [TS]

  arrow a Smith was after a while you know [TS]

  what's the one the one the be not Claire [TS]

  Danes but the but the one chance [TS]

  keep pushing yeah keep winching yeah I [TS]

  think she's an elf and then you get the [TS]

  name is Hugo Weaving he's the guy who is [TS]

  V for Vendetta [TS]

  there's also the agent the sunglasses in [TS]

  the jello movie do you know what he you [TS]

  know what I learned he was the v for [TS]

  vendetta i was i was very I was that it [TS]

  could have been a better guy because boy [TS]

  what an emotive performance you know [TS]

  what I heard I heard that was actually I [TS]

  heard that they attempted very briefly [TS]

  I'm just repeating something her on a [TS]

  podcast but I heard the attempted very [TS]

  briefly to have a stand him for him and [TS]

  having just do the voice but I've heard [TS]

  pretty much that whole movie is that [TS]

  actor in a mask [TS]

  yes and it's his performance is amazing [TS]

  i really like that movie [TS]

  yeah it would have to it would have to [TS]

  be him because you couldn't duplicate [TS]

  that kind of body [TS]

  language yeah that amount of sensitivity [TS]

  to to the physicality of that role of [TS]

  guys on the internet I i really think [TS]

  that's how they look [TS]

  Orson a white lady a lot of lot of the [TS]

  glove gracious gestures words [TS]

  yeah jukebox swords and sorcery these [TS]

  big sorcery who could be i've been to [TS]

  actual in oregon i know how much sorcery [TS]

  there is i thought what about that place [TS]

  in Arizona was called fredonia was no [TS]

  that place that's got like crystal [TS]

  energy what's called sits in sedona so [TS]

  that we don't you [TS]

  babilona Arizona public persona got to [TS]

  meet a stoner but this [TS]

  well there's that place north joshua [TS]

  tree with be a giant pyramid made out of [TS]

  copper tubing know what yeah I've been [TS]

  to Twentynine Palms well on your Marines [TS]

  we were talking about this which I [TS]

  talked about this with your family [TS]

  twentynine palms together nice [TS]

  aspiration gonna stay there now it's [TS]

  very interesting it's got a lot of [TS]

  military training and hippies [TS]

  yeah yeah um I how the trip go by the [TS]

  way they have fun at Joshua Tree [TS]

  I think everyone had fun i don't think [TS]

  they went to joshua tree that's partly [TS]

  why they had fun i think they stayed in [TS]

  Palm Springs the entire tunnel [TS]

  interesting and but I recently was [TS]

  looking at real estate in Joshua Tree [TS]

  okay and here's what's confusing [TS]

  here's what's confusing about buying a [TS]

  vacation home in joshua tree but they're [TS]

  there so you go you go on you go on your [TS]

  whatever your real estate your favorite [TS]

  real estate any interest in or an [TS]

  Anglophile yeah SAR has better worker [TS]

  stands yep and you go on there and you [TS]

  put in Joshua Tree a vacation home or [TS]

  joshua tree home real estate and up pops [TS]

  a lot of things and you can buy 50 acres [TS]

  in joshua tree for five thousand dollars [TS]

  or you can buy 50 acres in joshua tree [TS]

  for a million-dollar [TS]

  and location location location right i'm [TS]

  looking at 24 pictures of both plots of [TS]

  land bearing indistinguishable as far as [TS]

  I can see there's no water on either one [TS]

  of them there is nothing green on either [TS]

  one of them they look like the surface [TS]

  of Mars and as far as i can tell both of [TS]

  them have manufactured homes situated on [TS]

  them with enough parking for 40 vehicles [TS]

  and you go [TS]

  he helped I five-thousand-dollar ones [TS]

  that sound right but i don't know like I [TS]

  guess you who unlike almost every other [TS]

  place you really would need to go to [TS]

  Joshua Tree forget a local by the short [TS]

  hairs and walking out there and say why [TS]

  is this 15 thousand that one is a [TS]

  million and then they are going to say [TS]

  oh the five-thousand-dollar one is [TS]

  haunted by the ghosts of our ancestors [TS]

  and the million-dollar one is where its [TS]

  lower the ancestors had wriggled is good [TS]

  AT&T coverage there [TS]

  sure that might be a to write to get [TS]

  length if you're going to build a house [TS]

  in joshua tree like here in Seattle you [TS]

  buy a lot you get a bulldozer in there [TS]

  you flatten out the dirt [TS]

  maybe you dig a hole bill that yeah [TS]

  there you would have to use dynamite [TS]

  okay Ronnie yeah just like lobby right [TS]

  you would have to use dynamite just to [TS]

  clear a space for the bulldozer work so [TS]

  so I I got pretty close to abandoning [TS]

  the whole idea of a vacation home in [TS]

  joshua tree in one session one session i [TS]

  was confused in one session of looking i [TS]

  was confused enough that I felt like if [TS]

  i'm going to go to joshua tree for [TS]

  vacation i'm just going to Aaron BB a [TS]

  place you know you could learn more but [TS]

  I think you're talking about something [TS]

  that's just smart in general you know [TS]

  that old line about like if you don't [TS]

  know who that the asshole is it to you [TS]

  you don't have a customer is it to you [TS]

  if you don't know who the product is its [TS]

  you through is same here like you know [TS]

  in a case like that we like wait a [TS]

  minute will be aware of situations where [TS]

  you know less than any other person [TS]

  involved that can be a very costly [TS]

  decision [TS]

  yep oh sure right you don't want to be [TS]

  the one that's like you know what I got [TS]

  this all this seems this seems nice [TS]

  where bird nearest [TS]

  I mean there's a there's a grocery store [TS]

  and you like huh [TS]

  but you don't know about the haunting [TS]

  yeah what about the haunting you didn't [TS]

  think about the haunting could be like [TS]

  that place that the FBI keeps busting [TS]

  because they think all the terrorist [TS]

  cell phones are there to hear about well [TS]

  is that out in eastern oregon there was [TS]

  a place i forget where but there was [TS]

  this big mystery about this one location [TS]

  nobody can figure out why this this nice [TS]

  little normal hipster couple lived in [TS]

  this house and like all they kept [TS]

  getting raided by different places where [TS]

  they getting docked by fortran I don't [TS]

  know because bad feels like a good docs [TS]

  yeah this house this hipster house is [TS]

  full of terrors [TS]

  I'm just saying beware of real estate [TS]

  agents bearing gifts on saying well sure [TS]

  because you know there's another rule of [TS]

  thumb least him at least in these rainy [TS]

  con yeah don't buy the lowest house boy [TS]

  right do not buy the geographically [TS]

  lowest this is the joke John and it's [TS]

  not even that funny once you understand [TS]

  why it's a joke better because all you [TS]

  know what is it what is it tornadoes [TS]

  have against mobile home [TS]

  haha well what tornadoes having its [TS]

  mobile homes is they're built in the [TS]

  cheapest lowest-lying place in the [TS]

  entire community which is always wiped [TS]

  out by tornadoes hahaha whether hates [TS]

  poor people do people keep their [TS]

  stupidness near the stupid tornado I we [TS]

  had a similar thing in in Anchorage [TS]

  which is there's a there's a gap in the [TS]

  mountains outside of Anchorage that is [TS]

  basically a giant wind tunnel that [TS]

  funnels all wind tunnels the entire wind [TS]

  all the wind every bit of the wind it [TS]

  funnels down through this valley and the [TS]

  valley is pointed like a blunderbuss at [TS]

  a certain neighborhood of Seattle called [TS]

  Muldoon and Muldoon is a place where a [TS]

  where their trailer home parks and what [TS]

  the wind really gets cooking which it [TS]

  does every you know it's like a hundred [TS]

  years storm that happens every eight [TS]

  years [TS]

  the wind comes down that blunderbuss and [TS]

  the thing about it is it's the gap in [TS]

  the mountains is not straight on like if [TS]

  you're standing in Anchorage you look up [TS]

  the mountains you don't see a valley [TS]

  pointed at you [TS]

  okay it's coming at you at an angle so [TS]

  the mountains just looked like a kind of [TS]

  contiguous mountain range with lots of [TS]

  interesting sort of depth to it but [TS]

  somewhere up there there's a spot that [TS]

  if you look at it from the side [TS]

  wow you can see all the way up to where [TS]

  the wind limbs em this thing sheets that [TS]

  wind down there and we'll pick up a [TS]

  mobile home and just take it just take [TS]

  them or you'll never see it again as it [TS]

  tested negative things that come out of [TS]

  nowhere [TS]

  uh well they there so there are what [TS]

  they call sustained gusts and for me [TS]

  that seems to be like contradiction in [TS]

  terms of her a gust is like by [TS]

  definition not sustained sustained gusts [TS]

  which is like at a certain point you get [TS]

  these hurricane-force winds and they're [TS]

  just picking up trailer homes and they [TS]

  are destroying them like flapping them [TS]

  like matchsticks and also taking them up [TS]

  to the sky where you never to be seen [TS]

  again taking them up and the yapping [TS]

  dogs inside and gone forever [TS]

  yeah and it's the same thing like why do [TS]

  they keep why does the wind hate the [TS]

  trailer home like well those are the [TS]

  only things that get built in that area [TS]

  probably be for this very same reason [TS]

  huh [TS]

  tornado alley huh wind wind killer zone [TS]

  when he doesn't just persistent guess I [TS]

  was sharing some of your wisdom with my [TS]

  daughter just last week this thing you [TS]

  taught me about learning to look at the [TS]

  look at the land like where people [TS]

  decided to settle in like why they [TS]

  settled there and like notice how often [TS]

  it's like near a body of water that [TS]

  could be used for shipping or it's not [TS]

  on the top of a mountain because it [TS]

  would be hard to build a house there and [TS]

  this is a good place for a railroad I [TS]

  still think about that all the time [TS]

  yeah right to get you wired why why is [TS]

  it there on the river well because [TS]

  that's the place that you could cross [TS]

  the river and everywhere else on that [TS]

  River it would be much harder to cross [TS]

  it and also that's the place where the [TS]

  waters running fastest where we can [TS]

  the wheel and use it for power must have [TS]

  tried to teach me this in school you [TS]

  know [TS]

  no i don't i don't think so i don't [TS]

  think this is the type of business and [TS]

  friendship thing I feel like some some [TS]

  bleeding-heart liberal in the seventies [TS]

  must have occurred to them to go [TS]

  you ever wonder why Cincinnati's built [TS]

  on what we call the Ohio River hmm i [TS]

  don't think so i think they were so busy [TS]

  saying now what what year was the war of [TS]

  yeah right that they didn't you know [TS]

  they're just trying to take off boxes [TS]

  and they're not sitting there saying [TS]

  let's think about this let's go and take [TS]

  a look and see and and dream [TS]

  let's dream mm-hmm the hippie teachers [TS]

  didn't have the kind of the the [TS]

  wherewithal that's a set just didn't [TS]

  have permission to dream they didn't [TS]

  have permission to dream in fact their [TS]

  dreams their dreams did not become [TS]

  reality their dreams were thwarted and [TS]

  capped and I don't think I think what [TS]

  we've lost now is even the knowledge [TS]

  that there once were dream [TS]

  oh my goodness right nobody's going into [TS]

  the schools and say why is Cincinnati [TS]

  built on the Ohio River [TS]

  mar you know it wasn't called Cincinnati [TS]

  or the Ohio River at one point nope nope [TS]

  nope nope we what we got three naming [TS]

  rights agency park 4a state but you know [TS]

  when people are coming into a turf we're [TS]

  coming in and taking a territory away [TS]

  from somebody that might have been [TS]

  already there huh [TS]

  they're not taking away that you're not [TS]

  bouncing them off of their territory [TS]

  that they spent 900 years figuring out [TS]

  was the best and then building something [TS]

  a mile and a half away just to be [TS]

  different [TS]

  huh they're bouncing off the best land [TS]

  and then they're building their thing [TS]

  they're very nice [TS]

  well you know that's not they weren't [TS]

  thinking in terms of nice [TS]

  no but what's the big here let me [TS]

  quickly let me query yes it does matter [TS]

  yes what's the big diagonal street in [TS]

  Cincinnati that is a major thoroughfare [TS]

  but appears to not conform to the grid [TS]

  hell cheese I don't know I wasn't there [TS]

  when i was driving age we live in a [TS]

  northwest part of town mostly so I mean [TS]

  I've been downtown a lot we drive by [TS]

  downtown a lot but i'm not sure i don't [TS]

  think i know the answer to that any [TS]

  their version of market street basically [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  typically in a city there [TS]

  is a generally going to be 1 and this is [TS]

  you know starts in the old part of [TS]

  terror and one street that doesn't does [TS]

  not conform to the grid that's a major [TS]

  that's like--that's at the ER road [TS]

  yeah that's the indian trail ok right [TS]

  that's the one that that they built the [TS]

  road right along the indian trail [TS]

  because that was obviously the best [TS]

  route is likewise a drive right it's [TS]

  like Chief lacquer probably done right [TS]

  wacker drive here and then they build [TS]

  the town up around it and somebody comes [TS]

  along like we need to put this town into [TS]

  a grid but we can't do that to wacker [TS]

  road because hair hair wacker the [TS]

  original chief of this area [TS]

  yeah really original illinoisians yeah [TS]

  like all the buildings are on that road [TS]

  already but we're going to build a grid [TS]

  around it and then this roads going to [TS]

  be either the shortcut or the confounded [TS]

  inconsiderate road that would be market [TS]

  street for us [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah what is that what is that [TS]

  in Seattle you have one of those [TS]

  well so there's so Seattle is very [TS]

  confusingly built the following way one [TS]

  of the early so the early settlers came [TS]

  and they all they all claimed a sort of [TS]

  well a claim of a certain portion of [TS]

  what became downtown seattle and one [TS]

  person thought that the roads should be [TS]

  parallel to the water [TS]

  uh-huh which made sense right first [TS]

  avenue second Avenue third Avenue as [TS]

  they come up from the water because the [TS]

  water there was a a assure that was [TS]

  fairly even that short does not point [TS]

  north-south it is sort of northwest by [TS]

  southeast but this the streets downtown [TS]

  are parallel to that Coast that was one [TS]

  guy's idea and then another person [TS]

  thought that the street should be [TS]

  oriented true north south so he started [TS]

  building on his claim [TS]

  north south and then a third person [TS]

  thought that their roads should just be [TS]

  built according to their own with half [TS]

  way and there might even have been a [TS]

  fourth person that thought that the road [TS]

  should go according to the the ridgeline [TS]

  of the of the hill one he'll back and so [TS]

  when they finally get through [TS]

  everybody's got their own program here [TS]

  right [TS]

  and so when the city grew up enough that [TS]

  these areas needed to be connected [TS]

  nobody said alright we're going to tear [TS]

  down your whole neighborhood and rebuild [TS]

  it because this is dumb [TS]

  they just connected at all and so if you [TS]

  look at an overhead map of Seattle you [TS]

  will see that the streets go every which [TS]

  way it's like a it's like a broken [TS]

  window or if you gave LSD to a spider [TS]

  and I don't know if you've ever given [TS]

  alicito spider-boy i think i remember [TS]

  seeing photos of LSD spider webs in [TS]

  health class [TS]

  yeah well they were basically every one [TS]

  of them at Seattle em but the main so [TS]

  the main thoroughfares are a demi which [TS]

  goes all the way up and over and down [TS]

  and that of course is named after mr. [TS]

  Demi is area that was and then there's [TS]

  born which goes the other way [TS]

  cattywampus canoodle over this way and [TS]

  that's named after mr. Bourne and uh you [TS]

  know then you had James which is named [TS]

  after mr. James and yesler named after [TS]

  mr. yesler and there are consistent in [TS]

  the naming if not on the implementation [TS]

  right they're all going their own way [TS]

  they can go their own way hm [TS]

  good call there all day that's right and [TS]

  it makes it if you know what you're [TS]

  doing in seattle you can go from a demi [TS]

  to born to yesler and you get there get [TS]

  there a lot faster take Danny to born [TS]

  born to us left over [TS]

  you don't know what you're doing and you [TS]

  think that you just will drive down this [TS]

  one street that has a number and it will [TS]

  take you to somewhere else [TS]

  you're a fool because you will not get [TS]

  there get there right you'll end up [TS]

  going [TS]

  until somebody until somehow you get [TS]

  funneled down to born meant yesler but [TS]

  when I sort incurred averaged a chance [TS]

  right but i think you know like it in [TS]

  the New York City you're gonna get your [TS]

  Broadway that goes from together to from [TS]

  heather to do that either right [TS]

  Broadway's out batteries down [TS]

  that's right well yet the idea [TS]

  well it wasn't what I know from New York [TS]

  I've learned from musicals yeah the [TS]

  Bronx is up in the battery's down okay [TS]

  which one of my the year the bronx ok [TS]

  you know I went I went finally on a tour [TS]

  a self-guided tour of of the bronx [TS]

  proper oh nice trick just a couple [TS]

  months ago i was there i was given a [TS]

  tour of New York to my lady friend my [TS]

  millennial girlfriend down driving [TS]

  around and we were coming back from [TS]

  somewhere up north coming back from [TS]

  Poughkeepsie or something and i was like [TS]

  even down here over here off the freeway [TS]

  here you'll see the bronx and i started [TS]

  giving Korea a description of the [TS]

  history of the Bronx Bronx has gotta a [TS]

  long and storied history and fort apache [TS]

  there in the bronx fort apache the bronx [TS]

  and she said well I want to see the [TS]

  bronx and i was like oh well generally [TS]

  you don't see the bronx generally just [TS]

  refer to the bronx you point to the [TS]

  bronx on a map or you look at the Bronx [TS]

  as you go over it on the freeway and she [TS]

  said why I would prefer to get off the [TS]

  freeway and see the bronx i said i said [TS]

  this will be fun and we got down on the [TS]

  freeway and we drove around the bronx [TS]

  all night long and it was extraordinary [TS]

  really a lot going on in the bronx and [TS]

  you wouldn't know it by looking at it on [TS]

  a map [TS]

  you have to be down there on the streets [TS]

  of the Bronx looking at it and yeah so I [TS]

  learned a new thing [TS]

  well I learned two things listen to what [TS]

  my little girlfriend sense [TS]

  yeah and also then go to the Bronx [TS]

  definitely changing the way that wine is [TS]

  sold [TS]

  they also changing their also changing [TS]

  our idea of how we interact with the [TS]

  bronx right right then we have a lot to [TS]

  thank the Millennials social for [TS]

  millenniums yeah and and I'm learning [TS]

  every day every single day [TS]

  did you you look at it that way you look [TS]

  at it as a learning experience well you [TS]

  gotta look at it somehow and you know [TS]

  after four after 40 different people [TS]

  wrote me emails telling me not to use [TS]

  the term Bernie bro because it's racist [TS]

  20 bases against him Bernie bros tony [TS]

  hill by the way BTW they don't do not [TS]

  exist btdubs so it's it's a racist white [TS]

  people [TS]

  yeah Bernie bros who are who don't exist [TS]

  but its equivalent to races are all its [TS]

  equivalent to radio so that's everything [TS]

  now that hurts your feelings is [TS]

  equivalent to racism this is another [TS]

  thing that I learned from millenniums we [TS]

  switch this generations racism with [TS]

  soldiers crystals tonight [TS]

  hey never asks for another cup of my [TS]

  racism for Bernie Americans [TS]