The Incomparable

175: War on Christmas


  the incomparable number 175 christmas [TS]

  welcome back to be uncomfortable [TS]

  podcasts are special flash cast edition [TS]

  meaning it's unedited unexpurgated we [TS]

  say stupid things and then you hear them [TS]

  we talk over each other and you hear [TS]

  that because it is Christmas and we're [TS]

  not giving doing the editing on [TS]

  Christmas in the incomparable podcast [TS]

  and contract and as we've done for the [TS]

  last several years were here very [TS]

  quickly talk about the Christmas episode [TS]

  of Doctor Who on the day that it air [TS]

  joining me I'm Jason smell your host as [TS]

  always i have four lovely guests David [TS]

  laura is here by David there Dan Morin [TS]

  is here I dan how many years will be [TS]

  doing this now too many years [TS]

  sooo many years what it's like it's like [TS]

  eight or nine years that doctor who's [TS]

  been doing it which it boggles my mind [TS]

  but wow really wasn't that long [TS]

  it's so it's been I don't think we I [TS]

  don't think we did a flash cast of of T [TS]

  david tennant's last episode I do [TS]

  believe we've done one for all of the [TS]

  mat smith specials so it's been awhile [TS]

  it's that it's already called well I [TS]

  heard you there hello yes I cannot [TS]

  believe that it's been three years of [TS]

  matt smith and and matt smith is gone is [TS]

  gone he's gone all right Pete and [TS]

  regenerated peace and that never happens [TS]

  and Scott McNulty is here hi Scott [TS]

  oh I thought this was the who cast about [TS]

  the flash so I'm woefully about the flag [TS]

  is this cindy lou who casts the button [TS]

  important here so who cast unfortunately [TS]

  that's flash gordon dr. seuss involved [TS]

  somehow about Flash Gordon yeah i mean [TS]

  the veronica was George about the flash [TS]

  earlier this makes perfect sense that it [TS]

  all comes together to bring it [TS]

  yeah that's what you do Scott that's why [TS]

  you're here try so well yeah so doctor [TS]

  who happened uh that this was the time [TS]

  of the doctor to go with the name of the [TS]

  doctor in the day of the doctor in this [TS]

  little trip th of moffitt eNOS as saying [TS]

  goodbye to matt smith i watch the BBC [TS]

  america version which is interesting [TS]

  because the last commercial break is at [TS]

  the worst possible moment [TS]

  that's always good where you have the [TS]

  climax and the shocking sudden [TS]

  resolution [TS]

  version of it that is interesting [TS]

  intercut with a bunch of commercials [TS]

  well gotta pay the bills wish they had [TS]

  cut it somewhere sooner than that so so [TS]

  Matt Smith is gone this is very strange [TS]

  I thought episode in terms that it is [TS]

  unlike almost every Christmas episode [TS]

  doctor who is done since Steven Moffat [TS]

  took over [TS]

  unlike any I think it Christmas [TS]

  Christmas seem to Christmas was in it [TS]

  because he he goes to a town called [TS]

  Christmas that is the Christmas macias [TS]

  place in the universe and and we have [TS]

  Clara making Christmas dinner for her [TS]

  family who have almost never seen that [TS]

  there they are [TS]

  but it didn't seem very Christmas we see [TS]

  to me it's it felt a you know just to [TS]

  start out it feels a little perfunctory [TS]

  to me like you know like some of the [TS]

  russell davis air especially smaller was [TS]

  like what's on Christmas i need to [TS]

  include a Christmas element but it's or [TS]

  didn't seem to be the point and in fact [TS]

  I thought that the the the fact that [TS]

  spoiler horn can I have a spoiler [TS]

  warning flash guess i don't know i hope [TS]

  it happened that the fatback should [TS]

  really lost you should really watch the [TS]

  episode the fact that that that [TS]

  Christmas Town is on trenzalore is a [TS]

  very strange connection of like oh it's [TS]

  this cute down a Christmas were the [TS]

  greatest battle in the universe and [TS]

  hundreds and thousands of people are [TS]

  going to be dead was the same place that [TS]

  seems very strange so any thoughts about [TS]

  just have the the Christmas e ness of [TS]

  this episode you know I thought it was [TS]

  strange but I actually love it i think [TS]

  it i have been kind of a sap for the [TS]

  russell t davies Christmas episodes [TS]

  where I kind of like the interest first [TS]

  and the holiness mixed with the [TS]

  outrageousness of oh it's Christmas or [TS]

  maybe not quite christmas is just a town [TS]

  called Christmas I I kind of like that [TS]

  that's acknowledged so blatantly [TS]

  actually where it's no it's July it just [TS]

  happens to be a town called Christmas so [TS]

  a also that we after several years of [TS]

  very very Christmasy episodes from [TS]

  Steven Moffat because we had you know [TS]

  what the christmas carol and the snowmen [TS]

  and was the other one was there another [TS]

  doctor the widow and a doctor with me we [TS]

  had a lot of really Christmassy episodes [TS]

  i feel like and so we sort of have you [TS]

  know I think he's got that out of his [TS]

  system and so we got something that was [TS]

  a little more doctor who even Christmas [TS]

  I guess [TS]

  david scott thought I was entertaining a [TS]

  politic silence haha i want all the way [TS]

  with us about all things christmas [TS]

  christmas on tonight [TS]

  I didn't mind that the 10 was called [TS]

  Christmas i didn't see a point to it but [TS]

  that was about the only thing i liked [TS]

  the show [TS]

  oh wow you know Todd done but some [TS]

  foreshadows right let's get changed [TS]

  let's let's get let's get out there you [TS]

  know this was a yeah yeah David i would [TS]

  like you to talk a little bit about your [TS]

  feelings i think that's as it as a host [TS]

  i'm going to ask i'm going to probe a [TS]

  little bit back for more about your [TS]

  negative feelings about this because you [TS]

  know as everybody knows out there any [TS]

  cover we don't always just rained down [TS]

  love on individual episodes of Doctor [TS]

  Who I love Doctor Who very much but I [TS]

  know some episodes are not so good so [TS]

  I'm fascinated to hear what David has to [TS]

  say well you know I was i I rewatched [TS]

  the name of the doctor and the day of [TS]

  the doctor leading up to it just to you [TS]

  know get it all fresh in my head and the [TS]

  more I thought about it today because i [TS]

  watch the stream from the BBC so I I've [TS]

  had like nine ten hours to fulminate [TS]

  you're in England [TS]

  yes yes I am me and deanna England we [TS]

  call the dog Indiana and it seems i mean [TS]

  even though all three episodes are [TS]

  written by steven moffat they all play [TS]

  as if they were written by complete [TS]

  strangers all had a bunch of you were [TS]

  you know that the British trenzalore [TS]

  Gallifrey graves regeneration you know [TS]

  it was just T words there was disliked [TS]

  know through line to any of them there's [TS]

  no connection and translator is just [TS]

  sort of random here and there and [TS]

  Gallifrey is randomly here in there and [TS]

  you know as much as I loved the day of [TS]

  the doctor and I did that is easily one [TS]

  of my favorite episodes of the whole new [TS]

  series old series any of it [TS]

  this is the complete opposite for me I [TS]

  just all the goodwill [TS]

  all everything that made up for [TS]

  everything that I was dissatisfied with [TS]

  Moffat for a while [TS]

  it's all in this episode it's like oh my [TS]

  god what did you do [TS]

  can we at least agree that the time of [TS]

  the doctor greater than the name of the [TS]

  doctor because I thought that one was [TS]

  among the nadir before the series and I [TS]

  everything in this that harken back to [TS]

  that I was like oh yeah that episode [TS]

  yeah where they brought up a bunch of [TS]

  stuff and now they've kind of right [TS]

  Conda bunch of stuff that happened there [TS]

  with ya need to try and make a little [TS]

  bit more sense you know name of the [TS]

  doctor is just incomprehensible but then [TS]

  things in this I mean we've gone from [TS]

  impossible Clara saving all the doctors [TS]

  too clever Clara too clueless idiot [TS]

  Clara in this one you know she just he [TS]

  keeps tricking her in sending her back [TS]

  she's got a turkey to cook ok you know [TS]

  you don't know if I'd call her idiots [TS]

  clue no Clara she's not by a long shot [TS]

  she's serving a sound or narrowing oh [TS]

  right she is and he's there for support [TS]

  she's not super Clara right to say it [TS]

  but she's not supposed to be super Clara [TS]

  anymore tonight [TS]

  also the report the report in the last [TS]

  couple episodes since the name of the [TS]

  doctor has been clearly different [TS]

  between them like since we went into the [TS]

  whole Clara's the impossible girl we've [TS]

  taken her out of the time vortex and [TS]

  just you know a little more stable and a [TS]

  little more normal i like this Clara I [TS]

  think she's not necessarily as [TS]

  fantastical or as manic pixie is some [TS]

  people may be liked about her original [TS]

  characters and some people disliked but [TS]

  i like the way that they are shaping her [TS]

  like how they're shaping her i like when [TS]

  she decides to ask for help versus when [TS]

  she decides to go off on her own [TS]

  I think the night it's a nice touch of [TS]

  her basically clinging onto the TARDIS [TS]

  for 300 years while it tries to make its [TS]

  way back to the doctor and the fact that [TS]

  she looks you know very upset but at the [TS]

  same time you know what you're worth it [TS]

  it's I'm i signed up for for a task and [TS]

  I'm obligated to see it through [TS]

  did anybody else think she's gonna be [TS]

  really old when they would you give [TS]

  actually there was something about the [TS]

  whiting that almost from when [TS]

  he kept shooting her from behind while [TS]

  she's holding onto the TARDIS [TS]

  kinektron maker show that she was cold [TS]

  like she was like programs were kind of [TS]

  photos to meet her here to me your hair [TS]

  look gray and maybe it was just the [TS]

  coloring of what i was looking out but [TS]

  it was the Frog yeah but still it was it [TS]

  was I was like oh my god what if she [TS]

  turns around and she's president she's [TS]

  like 80 now said you know I mean I think [TS]

  that would be creepy twists I mean [TS]

  lockers been on there for 300 years and [TS]

  Clara is clearly a normal human girl [TS]

  possible [TS]

  not any more experienced a normal girl [TS]

  impossible possible [TS]

  she's at that point is that blood [TS]

  improbable girl employment no applause [TS]

  look at that point the thought I was [TS]

  just shaking my head so I mean I didn't [TS]

  I didn't buy anything that led up to [TS]

  that point so I wasn't buying the point [TS]

  really [TS]

  no that's not that had some major [TS]

  problems with the whole oh we're so the [TS]

  spoiler horn with Scott off so you know [TS]

  the whole point of the Gallifrey is [TS]

  sending a signal through the crack in [TS]

  the universe that no one can decipher [TS]

  but you would think that they would want [TS]

  the one person they're sending the [TS]

  signal to to be able to decipher it but [TS]

  he can't decipher it a bunch of Superman [TS]

  she began head can so we can pause for a [TS]

  second because the Cyberman head is very [TS]

  very strange and I'm not really sure [TS]

  where that came from and I was really [TS]

  like to know i will not have any that [TS]

  anything Bad's said about handle sandals [TS]

  adorable i just don't know I was just um [TS]

  I'm just like to be there with ya in [TS]

  terms of the signal that made complete [TS]

  sense to me because the idea being that [TS]

  Gallifrey has been erased from this [TS]

  world and is long dead and everyone has [TS]

  basically forgotten Gallifreyan [TS]

  including the doctor himself [TS]

  I mean that seems entirely logical to me [TS]

  and also no one's really looking forward [TS]

  all they know is that whatever this [TS]

  transmission is its filling them with [TS]

  dread which I mean if you heard a [TS]

  language that you were expecting to be [TS]

  long dead and maybe it was coded into [TS]

  you bye-bye all of your evil ancestors [TS]

  to be like hey if you ever hear this [TS]

  language again maybe run in terror [TS]

  because it might signal the end universe [TS]

  don't evil ancestors those so the Time [TS]

  Lords are bastards generally so is it [TS]

  really bad for [TS]

  the rest of the the races in the [TS]

  University not want the Time Lords to [TS]

  come back know what I mean that's what [TS]

  makes it kind of interesting to me is [TS]

  the fact that it's left and he's like [TS]

  it's left in that stalemate situation [TS]

  right where it's he's not bringing the [TS]

  back and he's also not you know not [TS]

  bringing you know he's guy he's the [TS]

  doctors kinda like the one guy standing [TS]

  in the middle there and I think he [TS]

  doesn't wanna bring the back in part [TS]

  because they'll get killed but in part [TS]

  because they're also damn jerks and [TS]

  we'll start the entire time we're all [TS]

  over again and i think the part that's [TS]

  what the prior episode to this the 50th [TS]

  anniversary episode kind of sets up is [TS]

  its Gallifrey is a horrible horrible [TS]

  place but there are also things worth [TS]

  redeeming about it and you know David [TS]

  thought that was step one in terms of [TS]

  Gallifrey can be looked on as a [TS]

  potential location a potential place for [TS]

  good again this is step two in i'm no [TS]

  longer willing to sacrifice Gallifrey [TS]

  because of what I have been through [TS]

  prior to this step three is do we ever [TS]

  see them get another chance and I think [TS]

  that's what the next season will really [TS]

  grapple with except for its profit [TS]

  actually I just want to say that when [TS]

  fleischmann has joined us now out here i [TS]

  think i heard breathing hello it it's [TS]

  just a model very well just thinking [TS]

  about started by going to stop the [TS]

  conversation I was thinking that the [TS]

  that you know everyone's afraid of [TS]

  Gallifrey who's afraid of the big bad [TS]

  Gallifrey but the problem was the whole [TS]

  point of the the end of the University [TS]

  episode was the Daleks of all destroyed [TS]

  themselves are going to love everyone [TS]

  blew up everyone else they think and [TS]

  Gallifrey is hidden somewhere but then [TS]

  you have this issue of the Daleks can [TS]

  never die so now you have this whole of [TS]

  previously you know seen reform Dalek [TS]

  army that's massive it has a huge amount [TS]

  of force and can bring in more and more [TS]

  reinforcements and all the bad guys this [TS]

  i remember there they apparently were [TS]

  never destroy even though we saw that in [TS]

  previous episodes was one cyber at left [TS]

  and so forth so we're left with all the [TS]

  villains back and in their full evil [TS]

  strength [TS]

  no I don't think they are at all [TS]

  actually I think I mean clearly they're [TS]

  they're back in there around but that's [TS]

  established in years and years of cannon [TS]

  where [TS]

  it's you know these enemies will never [TS]

  truly die they're just slowly rebuilding [TS]

  themselves back up the Daleks are clear [TS]

  i mean if the Daleks we're at full [TS]

  strength the entire planet would be [TS]

  surrounded by Dalek armies instead we [TS]

  have maybe one or two ships of Daleks [TS]

  and one ship of what looked like [TS]

  hibernating Cyberman well but that's [TS]

  ridiculous then bring the Time Lords [TS]

  back in the blow a couple big ships out [TS]

  of the air and I mean I think that's the [TS]

  flaws like is it if there's not a [TS]

  massive Dalek army out there then bring [TS]

  back the full strength of Gallifrey and [TS]

  just what model phrase not at full [TS]

  strength either gal phrase I'm hiding in [TS]

  a pocket dimension for years and years [TS]

  and probably tell it wasn't anything [TS]

  there for example they got those people [TS]

  weapons and lasers and stuff so yeah [TS]

  you're talking about [TS]

  here's the thing about about the the [TS]

  dollars in the toilet is the dogs aren't [TS]

  going to disappear forever so the [TS]

  original sacrifice that the end of the [TS]

  time was very impressive because we [TS]

  killed them both but of course they [TS]

  couldn't stay dead so they brought him [TS]

  back and they got bigger and bigger and [TS]

  bigger [TS]

  at which point you have this weird [TS]

  conundrum of well I sacrificed you know [TS]

  this damn the time-worn destroy the [TS]

  Daleks too but they weren't destroyed so [TS]

  why did i do that and I felt like the [TS]

  50th anniversary episode tried to undo [TS]

  some of that right i will say it where I [TS]

  agree with David is what I really liked [TS]

  about the 50th was it it's sort of put [TS]

  Gallifrey out there and said that's [TS]

  where I'm working and then I look at [TS]

  this episode I'm like really it's the [TS]

  entire plot device of the very next [TS]

  episode I was really disappointed by [TS]

  that because i was hoping i would be a [TS]

  new direction for the show and become [TS]

  out there and instead it just now I look [TS]

  back on the 50th and it actually devalue [TS]

  the little for me because now it feels [TS]

  like sort of a cheap set up for the next [TS]

  episode which is not at all what I was [TS]

  hoping for anyway [TS]

  but but I do i do take the point that [TS]

  you know it's an interesting place we [TS]

  get to where the Daleks if if he's got [TS]

  the ability to let the Time Lords out of [TS]

  the bottle which he wants to do well [TS]

  eventually but he realizes if he doesn't [TS]

  hear all that happens is the time where [TS]

  comes back so he's not here to do it he [TS]

  had a plot device you have to do which [TS]

  is they got they had to figure out how [TS]

  you get another regeneration without [TS]

  bringing the value our din yet last [TS]

  value is less to come in the Canon [TS]

  somewhere now I didn't know [TS]

  well there's a little talk about [TS]

  well you they mentioned him in the name [TS]

  of the doctors that was one thing I was [TS]

  sitting there thinking wait a minute let [TS]

  me know many of the value and already [TS]

  the values the post regeneration that's [TS]

  the lessee to lean mice between my [TS]

  twelfth and last which now goes on have [TS]

  remember exactly so it's it never needs [TS]

  to be dealt with the morning i'm not [TS]

  there for the master to write down [TS]

  everything her generation a freedom but [TS]

  river gave him one of her regeneration [TS]

  energy which was limited so we actually [TS]

  already did a regeneration just an [TS]

  account because it wasn't his own right [TS]

  we go around regeneration of the 10th [TS]

  doctor without his own that was [TS]

  something yet with the Dixie Mafia [TS]

  definitely had so here's here's the [TS]

  thing I i I'm mostly going to agree with [TS]

  David here as an episode i think this is [TS]

  work i think a lot of moments worked in [TS]

  it one of the things that bothered me [TS]

  about it though was I felt like Steven [TS]

  Moffat was checking boxes off and the [TS]

  regeneration thing he was checking that [TS]

  box off [TS]

  I think he wanted he wanted to clear the [TS]

  decks of all the sort of like loose [TS]

  threads of the Matt Smith era to the [TS]

  point where there's that scene in the in [TS]

  the haunted hotel episode where he looks [TS]

  inside room 11 and and sees what's in [TS]

  there his greatest fear and says of [TS]

  course it's you and then we never see it [TS]

  there's a flashback to that in this [TS]

  episode that shows that it's the crack [TS]

  because I said like check check check I [TS]

  want to close out all the loops i wanna [TS]

  i wanna mark everything off all he does [TS]

  he does all of that but you know it it [TS]

  just reinforces the old line that [TS]

  sometimes the mystery is better than the [TS]

  solution to the mystery because I felt [TS]

  like that was what we were watching as a [TS]

  writer checking off boxes but I was [TS]

  really really glad he did it for a [TS]

  couple things because that stupid who [TS]

  blew up the TARDIS thing has been [TS]

  sitting and I know remind me to isn't [TS]

  there was driving like either like well [TS]

  recently I was like you never explained [TS]

  that did they like it sends the [TS]

  officially licensed now but they're just [TS]

  priest and they're just priests anyway [TS]

  Clayton I love the idea of so here's the [TS]

  thing about the entire Matt Smith era [TS]

  and the plot of the silence and the [TS]

  great intelligence and silence of [TS]

  holland cetera [TS]

  I think Steven Moffat came up with a [TS]

  brilliant idea which is the you know [TS]

  there's this church and I skin at church [TS]

  has been friendly for the doctor for the [TS]

  long time [TS]

  I'm and then a schism of this church [TS]

  after seeing what happens at trenzalore [TS]

  discover decides no this cannot happen [TS]

  we're gonna go back in time and screw [TS]

  with the doctor to prevent him either [TS]

  from a ever getting to trenzalore be [TS]

  making sure he dies at trends lore and [TS]

  this you know the answer to this [TS]

  question is never had answered because [TS]

  we don't want Gallifrey to come back [TS]

  into the world when you look at his [TS]

  storyline literal linearly it's like oh [TS]

  man that's actually a really cool story [TS]

  line [TS]

  the problem is he's been dealing it out [TS]

  and tiny bits and pieces throughout this [TS]

  entire season so we finally get the [TS]

  interesting you know in important parts [TS]

  in this episode where it's like yeah [TS]

  this is a church that the doctor was you [TS]

  know it vitally integrated with because [TS]

  we've seen them before we've seen them [TS]

  when the Angels first popped up [TS]

  we've seen them elsewhere too although [TS]

  they've never been named the sect was [TS]

  the sect that kidnapped melody like [TS]

  there's there's so many little bits and [TS]

  pieces that have been hidden truck all [TS]

  throughout this series but it's well no [TS]

  it's just the it just wasn't put [TS]

  together properly did this [TS]

  yeah i'm gonna get out there was a good [TS]

  pit that the fact that they always [TS]

  thought that the silence was trying to [TS]

  portray itself as the good guys right [TS]

  there is a recurring theme of the [TS]

  silence as evil as they come across and [TS]

  as sort of cruel and unpleasant and and [TS]

  sadistic that they actually see [TS]

  themselves like no no we're saving the [TS]

  universe here like we were were awful [TS]

  awful people but the point is that [TS]

  you're going to destroy the universe and [TS]

  we're not having any and that was kind [TS]

  of in that was sort of reaffirmed here [TS]

  in a slightly nicer way [TS]

  well I kind of agree with Ren that I [TS]

  think this story looks it looks good [TS]

  from like 30,000 feet [TS]

  the problem is if usually not any [TS]

  particular point the execution kind of [TS]

  falls down at it it's like I mean like [TS]

  going afterwards I was like reading the [TS]

  wikipedia articles trying to remember [TS]

  all these various like things that [TS]

  happens like that's kind of cool that [TS]

  there are these tiebacks to all these [TS]

  things and there is kind of a long [TS]

  jesting plot when you look at it from [TS]

  like zoomed out but i agree that you [TS]

  know on am less macro level when you're [TS]

  actually in those episodes a lot of them [TS]

  don't go as well as you would hope but [TS]

  it is a cool idea was ambitious it just [TS]

  did fail whatever makes go ahead never [TS]

  anyways okay that never at any point did [TS]

  I feel like I was seeing the resolution [TS]

  of something that had been set up [TS]

  it felt to me like those were just [TS]

  didn't mean honestly it felt a little [TS]

  bit like this is a writer who got taken [TS]

  by surprise about the quick departure of [TS]

  his star and felt need to wrap [TS]

  everything up in an episode and i don't [TS]

  think the facts bear that out and yet it [TS]

  felt like that like like this wasn't on [TS]

  him the master plans final act so much [TS]

  as I want to I want to tie up some loose [TS]

  ends in passing for the fans on my way [TS]

  out and and that was gonna be my other [TS]

  larger point about this is i oftentimes [TS]

  when this since they've been doing [TS]

  Christmas episodes of Doctor Who there's [TS]

  a lot of criticism those episodes [TS]

  because they're these big loud [TS]

  spectacles and their emotional and [TS]

  there's explosions and at the end you [TS]

  know everybody's had a good time but [TS]

  it's not like it there can be kind of [TS]

  runaround and they're just kind of fun [TS]

  and and what shocked me about this [TS]

  episode is that it's just totally not [TS]

  that it this is a for the fans take off [TS]

  all the boxes resolve strange plot holes [TS]

  and I and I think a regular kind of more [TS]

  casual viewer who's watching this [TS]

  especially you know on the BBC on on on [TS]

  christmas eve and christmas night is a [TS]

  would be like what the heck was that in [TS]

  contrast to the most of the previous [TS]

  episodes it just felt very very much [TS]

  like it was about fans and continuity [TS]

  and the show itself and that's you know [TS]

  that's fine it is a regeneration episode [TS]

  but it surprised me that it didn't make [TS]

  more of an attempt to have a story that [TS]

  held together more than just by the fact [TS]

  that you can go oh that's why it said [TS]

  silence will fall on oh that's why [TS]

  Madame Kovarian was bad and now it's [TS]

  that crack man but did this kill us that [TS]

  like if I mean so the the day of the [TS]

  doctor was so good i mean i-i don't die [TS]

  what's on the flash caster that everyone [TS]

  hated it [TS]

  no it was so good and i loved i thought [TS]

  it was developing it was be it was [TS]

  beautiful and the cinematography even [TS]

  like it felt like a movie and it was big [TS]

  in scope and it tied up a million loose [TS]

  ends and it didn't drive us nuts even [TS]

  that weird weird Tom Baker thing in this [TS]

  one I'm like oh they brought back Amelia [TS]

  for like just a little like by like all [TS]

  come on it's always we are not that was [TS]

  beautiful and it was the best thing that [TS]

  I've seen was the best thing in the [TS]

  entire pie how is ours and [TS]

  9 I did not like that when we were young [TS]

  we don't worry probably died again why I [TS]

  like maybe comes out it was not there [TS]

  was time he beginning yeah yeah [TS]

  to be perfectly honest Jason I agree [TS]

  with you in a large part in that it [TS]

  doesn't it does not feel like a [TS]

  resounding and our episode but i think [TS]

  that was his intention i think that [TS]

  Moffat was looking at this as alright [TS]

  this is the send-off to matt smith and [TS]

  it's going to be beautiful and it's [TS]

  going to incorporate all the former [TS]

  enemies and we're gonna tie up the the [TS]

  story thread because we're finally going [TS]

  to find out about the silence and we're [TS]

  going to find out why his name is the [TS]

  most important question in the universe [TS]

  because really when you think about it [TS]

  throughout the previous seasons of the [TS]

  show you're like really his name really [TS]

  but here it actually makes some [TS]

  semblance of sense [TS]

  the problem is in the execution like I [TS]

  liked this episode and I thought it was [TS]

  fun but as a as an arc tire it didn't [TS]

  really work as you know anything more [TS]

  than a collection of beautiful moments [TS]

  it didn't quite work [TS]

  I like that we're seeing more of Clara I [TS]

  hope that we'll see more of her you know [TS]

  in her you know competent self in future [TS]

  episodes but I think Moffat as you said [TS]

  Jason you know kind of looked back at [TS]

  this entire storyline is like well i [TS]

  tried to do something big and ambitious [TS]

  and it didn't quite work out the way I [TS]

  had planned it so but we still need to [TS]

  give it a good send-off and we want to [TS]

  move into stage two which is all about [TS]

  Gallifrey and I really don't think also [TS]

  that I that this sort of introduction [TS]

  Misty's of Gallifrey was just the entire [TS]

  payoff that we're going to see what did [TS]

  the doctor [TS]

  no no I mean like I don't even think [TS]

  that it was supposed to be so much like [TS]

  we're gonna blow our wad so soon after [TS]

  showing all of this it's very much a [TS]

  here we just want to make sure that you [TS]

  understand that Gallifrey is not going [TS]

  away anytime soon that we didn't just [TS]

  bring in Gallifrey for day of the doctor [TS]

  as a like look we can do really [TS]

  beautiful epic stories but never going [TS]

  to mention it again for 10 more episodes [TS]

  I think Moffat really wants to keep make [TS]

  sure viewers understand that the world [TS]

  is changing and the scope is changing [TS]

  its not just going to be little mini [TS]

  arcs about you know Daleks for three [TS]

  episodes or Cybermen [TS]

  three episodes we're going to delve into [TS]

  a giant more unified connected universe [TS]

  and I'm really excited for that [TS]

  assuming he can pull it off i did--like [TS]

  i think that i was surprised to find out [TS]

  what the what why there was a question [TS]

  the question and answer finally made [TS]

  sense like why is the question Doctor [TS]

  Who I like oh it's a password because [TS]

  it's the only thing in the universe that [TS]

  the Time Lords could actually rely on as [TS]

  something that only one person [TS]

  ostensibly nose in a river song or [TS]

  something maybe Clara and that memory [TS]

  was erased from her [TS]

  I thought clear was about to go over and [TS]

  get the recovered memory from the [TS]

  journey to the center of the TARDIS and [TS]

  say oh it's you know it's Phil Phil [TS]

  Jones and you know a little letting that [TS]

  she wouldn't let in the the Time Lords [TS]

  though because she knows that is not [TS]

  what the doctor ordered [TS]

  she's there to save the doctor and she [TS]

  didn't dr. even though her timelines a [TS]

  race because she never went to [TS]

  trenzalore and got into his timeline so [TS]

  it's time that timeline still exists [TS]

  that time I mean hurt her prime timeline [TS]

  still exists yeah but she has never [TS]

  jumped into whether some future point he [TS]

  comes back and it comes back again and [TS]

  this is crazy but here's the thing Scott [TS]

  our IT expert can tell us about the [TS]

  wisdom of using your name as a password [TS]

  for anything let alone the uniform right [TS]

  i did when i was watching this I thought [TS]

  that's an awful password [TS]

  well I mean the password destroys the [TS]

  University Ansan you know I mean from [TS]

  from the beginning since he's been in [TS]

  charge of muffins just love doing the [TS]

  little doctor who ya jokes which I and [TS]

  every time I've wanted to throw [TS]

  something at the TV and you had you know [TS]

  what 46 years where we managed to not do [TS]

  that and now every other week he's [TS]

  making up for lost time that he needs to [TS]

  that door you know it's like I'm seeing [TS]

  him do this it's like oh don't do it [TS]

  don't do it and then of course he keeps [TS]

  getting it you know building thinking [TS]

  more about the bright side man he's [TS]

  gotten it all of his system no probably [TS]

  not everything's good but you know it's [TS]

  it's really exciting that he's got [TS]

  Gallifrey but then he's basically put [TS]

  Matt Smith's doctor in stasis for 300 [TS]

  years [TS]

  what kept you know you know well i [TS]

  managed to solve this impossible thing [TS]

  in the last episode with all 13 [TS]

  mean for all 12 incarnations well all 13 [TS]

  really i was 10 and now this time he's [TS]

  just gonna stay here for 300 years what [TS]

  do you think something he thinks he's [TS]

  dead [TS]

  I don't see it but I don't want his part [TS]

  no of course but i mean i think the [TS]

  doctor at some point is when he realizes [TS]

  that it's Gallifrey with that moment [TS]

  work early on when when the Cybermen is [TS]

  like Gallifrey seeing Matt Smith's face [TS]

  fall is Paris second only to the what [TS]

  planet is this trenzalore where it's at [TS]

  step one of him just basically like [TS]

  being like run this is this is important [TS]

  and this is a problem and of Gallifrey [TS]

  is back then i'm going to have to deal [TS]

  with a lot of problems will be soon not [TS]

  imagine it's like my everything caught [TS]

  up with me kind of like I've been [TS]

  running in keeping one step ahead of [TS]

  everything for so long and now we can no [TS]

  longer run but how does that connect to [TS]

  the last episode that ends with him [TS]

  going i'm gonna go find it [TS]

  did he did he found it it's great yeah [TS]

  it's right it's right here and now he's [TS]

  taking care of it with the only way but [TS]

  he knows how which is unfortunately the [TS]

  end of his life staying in one place [TS]

  guarding it from the onslaught of [TS]

  potential the universe's monsters [TS]

  waiting to crush his people he doesn't [TS]

  want to bring his people back but he [TS]

  doesn't want to just abandon him to die [TS]

  and other hand the village like how many [TS]

  people are in that village they keep [TS]

  getting killed and shot the building and [TS]

  Loan up and they just keep those are [TS]

  they make a worthy crossovers quiet [TS]

  Martin I think about coming this is just [TS]

  a metaphor for the war on Christmas [TS]

  yeah just keep in mind they should've [TS]

  run dismissed oh my gods gods but I'm [TS]

  yes found it now but he was hopeful at [TS]

  the end of the last one he was hoping to [TS]

  find yeah and so he finds it and he's [TS]

  depressed to put night I don't like [TS]

  solitaire found a surrounded by every [TS]

  enemy that he ever faced i mean i-i [TS]

  would be kind of the rest if I found my [TS]

  home like that to also but it's not [TS]

  hurting and the dollars on the table for [TS]

  one at a time folks the time just got a [TS]

  little more Killy as any kinda in the in [TS]

  the day the doctors killing all kinds of [TS]

  Daleks and so forth [TS]

  this one is like high every generated [TS]

  boom you're dead you're dead in the UU [TS]

  whole ship you're dead to it seems a [TS]

  little romantic dollars go and they're [TS]

  not how you know this but its shade off [TS]

  a little [TS]

  it's come you know usually save it save [TS]

  diverse at the end of you know drivers [TS]

  trying to destroy everything in the [TS]

  University reached out his hand now get [TS]

  your chance but after after nine hundred [TS]

  years he's tired as a crap and I did I [TS]

  didn't like the fact that Steven Moffat [TS]

  took the opportunity with a doctor [TS]

  leaving to say what I and obviously this [TS]

  is what he did he said what what can i [TS]

  do that i can't do in any other episode [TS]

  one of the things haven't been there for [TS]

  hundreds of years and get old because [TS]

  it's the last episode he's gonna [TS]

  regenerate at the end anyway I'm and so [TS]

  I thought that was a fun conceit that [TS]

  although it can't shave his head too [TS]

  yeah that's why not why not just for fun [TS]

  it's a wig which it was because his his [TS]

  hair was too short so we had to wear [TS]

  wigs so they just have him wear a wig I [TS]

  you know bien yet and yet i will i watch [TS]

  the first 40 minutes or so thinking you [TS]

  know this is but this is so strange it's [TS]

  just like how did we end up here how do [TS]

  we end up with him forever in this town [TS]

  in this in a stalemate and maybe some of [TS]

  it was just like I I couldn't it wasn't [TS]

  that the idea of him being in a [TS]

  stalemate where he can't make the [TS]

  decision because all the options are bad [TS]

  was a bad idea it's just that the the [TS]

  way we got into it I felt like it was [TS]

  kinda like we stumbled into it and I [TS]

  felt like there were there were no [TS]

  decisions really being made it just sort [TS]

  of happened and now he was stuck there [TS]

  and yes to Rennes point the idea that [TS]

  the doctor could willingly you know we [TS]

  could not figure his way out of a [TS]

  situation for hundreds and hundreds of [TS]

  years also seems kind of crazy other [TS]

  matt smith seems to be you know the [TS]

  doctor who enjoy is taken some taking [TS]

  some leisure time off on his own so [TS]

  maybe this was his retirement he didn't [TS]

  you know he didn't want to go so he said [TS]

  and I'll solution Marysol there too [TS]

  yeah we also know that he kind of loses [TS]

  his head when it comes to Gallifrey you [TS]

  know who's never thought calmly about [TS]

  that just like your cameraman [TS]

  yeah i agree about the execution part [TS]

  where it comes to the idea that it i can [TS]

  picture an episode that pulls that [TS]

  conceit off much better in terms of [TS]

  feeling like you're entrench but in this [TS]

  one we keep popping back and forth right [TS]

  so there's not that feel [TS]

  thing because the the siege of it is [TS]

  condensed to you know montage [TS]

  essentially yeah [TS]

  whereas it could be a lot different if [TS]

  you were like you you know didn't have [TS]

  those constant pressure valve releases [TS]

  where we go and see Clarence family or [TS]

  go up to the ship to talk to the nun [TS]

  that you know if you really felt like oh [TS]

  my God we're in the trenches here and [TS]

  he's like staying here because this is [TS]

  the only thing he can do to keep these [TS]

  people alive and to keep the you know [TS]

  the Time Lords life i think that could [TS]

  have been pulled off a lot better i [TS]

  don't mind that the idea i just i think [TS]

  the execution [TS]

  that's all I was horrible at time travel [TS]

  or time ironically time travel [TS]

  he's been horrible at opposite sides [TS]

  that span a long time period pieces yeah [TS]

  he's facing his pacing goes all the way [TS]

  out the window whenever he's trying to [TS]

  do something epic look at a look at what [TS]

  was the first Amy and Rory one with the [TS]

  with the Pandora's box that was like [TS]

  lets span thousands of years and yeah [TS]

  anytime he employs a narrator you know [TS]

  that the episode is going to be weeping [TS]

  I was going to mention the narrator and [TS]

  say that I thought this was very strange [TS]

  because Tasha LEM the the mother [TS]

  superious not superior also known as [TS]

  mrs. Bishop from fringe [TS]

  oh yeah Walter bishops wife and Peter's [TS]

  much is the narrator here she's the the [TS]

  disappearance of the papal mainframe and [TS]

  i found that weird because it's a [TS]

  character we don't know she um she turns [TS]

  into a Dalek at one point and yet she [TS]

  comes back later in a Dalek again which [TS]

  also doesn't make any sense and and she [TS]

  continues narrating and then she just [TS]

  and then her narration stops at one [TS]

  point I found that I found that really [TS]

  bizarre because it was like trying to [TS]

  make it like a fairy tale like Steven [TS]

  Moffat has done with dr. had several [TS]

  points and I I don't mind that [TS]

  and yet it seemed weird really weird and [TS]

  inconsistent like it didn't it didn't [TS]

  really belong but there was no other way [TS]

  for him to get this to the story to make [TS]

  any sort of sense and and we don't even [TS]

  know who she is nor is it really reveal [TS]

  to she is and and the interaction that [TS]

  he has with her is also we felt to me [TS]

  like she's almost river song with the [TS]

  name changed which which seemed bizarre [TS]

  to me and I kept waiting for a line [TS]

  where she said well you know I'm [TS]

  actually just you know river song with a [TS]

  hologram projection or I'm the uploaded [TS]

  river song from the library in a you [TS]

  know you know it [TS]

  in the papal mainframe or something and [TS]

  there was just sort of nothing it's just [TS]

  kind of left there which was very seems [TS]

  a little bit the end at the end of said [TS]

  she gives a little bit about like she [TS]

  was almost a companion but didn't quite [TS]

  get there but you're right it's almost [TS]

  as if they'd written apart for Alex what [TS]

  you're facing an ATM [TS]

  thank you Alex Kingston and then decided [TS]

  not to cast her she can do it had that [TS]

  feel like I'm missing like in the day [TS]

  the doctors like something's missing [TS]

  here there's a piece because she's too [TS]

  familiar and he's both to enter an order [TS]

  enough it was wait and river got you [TS]

  know I thought rivers final scene in [TS]

  name of the doctor was great and that [TS]

  that was a good ending for her and if we [TS]

  see her again out of sequence that's [TS]

  fine I don't need to see her [TS]

  I think feel like that's our final death [TS]

  but but he just touched so that the [TS]

  narration was weird and the character [TS]

  was weird and which is not to say that [TS]

  the the character didn't do some [TS]

  interesting things but I you know that [TS]

  was one of those seasons they just stuck [TS]

  out like a sore thumb especially so full [TS]

  of thin characters though is like you go [TS]

  into the spillage they have a really [TS]

  good get the really hilarious exchange [TS]

  about the truth field and in the [TS]

  explanation of why there would be a [TS]

  truth field like okay i bought it i was [TS]

  not a great gimmick and then it's [TS]

  essentially totally dropped in the [TS]

  villagers are cardboard that get blown [TS]

  up after that point with little [TS]

  exceptions even you know Clarence family [TS]

  I'm like it's Donna's family it's the [TS]

  mother who's the Shrew is trying to get [TS]

  them married the grandmother who's all [TS]

  got folk wisdom and like Bernard [TS]

  Cribbins and so for someone like I [TS]

  didn't feel like there was any [TS]

  uniqueness in the family and the [TS]

  villages for backdrop and the and they [TS]

  added new characters in there so it i [TS]

  don't know and they really should be [TS]

  Clara and the doctor they kept [TS]

  separating them so kind of waiting for [TS]

  things to happen [TS]

  I just thought they lost some of the [TS]

  core there because it's not that he [TS]

  wouldn't keep trying to send her away [TS]

  but when they sent her away like four [TS]

  times or something I was relieved though [TS]

  that they did finally get the turkey out [TS]

  of there because i was waiting for the [TS]

  fans to be like a turkey is still cold [TS]

  nevermind connected the bone to the NICU [TS]

  now I don't like this game even her [TS]

  family is sitting there for 300 years [TS]

  waiting for her to come back i had when [TS]

  i saw handles I thought handles I was [TS]

  merely thinking Tommy know Tom Hanks [TS]

  it's well she is that the beautiful [TS]

  I just enjoyed the the exchange with the [TS]

  cart is irrelevant was like that better [TS]

  information in here [TS]

  that was my face of the interactions of [TS]

  the rest of the show I was like well [TS]

  they bonded there are those guys to [TS]

  think that the Cybermen are becoming [TS]

  more and more like the board which I [TS]

  know the border basement Cyberman but [TS]

  the seems like this coming into this [TS]

  weird nexus of cyborgs will be the [TS]

  sweetest joke but the Cybermen have [TS]

  always had problematic right so I [TS]

  thought that wasn't that wasn't bad to [TS]

  be like what can we do with them to make [TS]

  them there's def a dip some desperate [TS]

  move to make them more interesting i [TS]

  think i thought i did like that i did [TS]

  like the head and I like the wood [TS]

  Cyberman I don't like the woods and that [TS]

  was really a funny thing and and of [TS]

  course we know it doesn't work on wood [TS]

  right there's futurama episode which [TS]

  bender replicates himself in wood and I [TS]

  that was immediately my thought there's [TS]

  a wooden bender and I'm like are they [TS]

  know it's totally related only with i [TS]

  also did like the funny bit worried like [TS]

  shows up on the Dalek ship with the sky [TS]

  stock then you're like well that's funny [TS]

  that he's got the Cybermen head and a [TS]

  cyber mashup I was like okay I'm so good [TS]

  and it was good twice why is a Cyberman [TS]

  head like you know it's got sort of gets [TS]

  in here to pick up things that you've [TS]

  been traveling 400-year you because you [TS]

  didn't companion with a bunch of scary [TS]

  people [TS]

  yeah i could just regenerate because you [TS]

  have never seen as Cybermen head by [TS]

  itself before they could assembly the [TS]

  entire planet [TS]

  wait we have yeah okay so at the end [TS]

  Matt Smith's the solution apparently to [TS]

  this this endless bitter standoff on [TS]

  trenzalore is that the that uh Clara has [TS]

  a firm i chat with the crack in the wall [TS]

  and tells it to do things think about [TS]

  how what it's done and do things [TS]

  differently and be nice to the doctor [TS]

  yeah and so the crack in the wall leaves [TS]

  and goes up into the sky and sprinkles [TS]

  regeneration magic on the dr. Parrish [TS]

  Christmas in which which he inhales nn8 [TS]

  apparently give some new regenerations [TS]

  because they do not inhale Jason well no [TS]

  way I'm afraid he did [TS]

  I'm afraid of force the the fairy dust [TS]

  forced his way in there and he violently [TS]

  exploded as we saw David attended to and [TS]

  this explosion destroys like all the [TS]

  Dalek stuff that is attacking the planet [TS]

  and there's a big shock wave and who [TS]

  knows how many of the Christmas people [TS]

  survive but that's that's the big that's [TS]

  the big rescue [TS]

  should've made it part yes you did the [TS]

  cardboards all they could speak the ones [TS]

  ok tiny tim was fine time each other [TS]

  behind me why me why me time is finality [TS]

  so so that that happened advantage in [TS]

  which i did I didn't which I didn't love [TS]

  because I thought it was like a on one [TS]

  level was clever because it's like hey [TS]

  those explosive regenerations are [TS]

  finally good for something I thought [TS]

  that was kind of funny but that was that [TS]

  was that was that part was weird i liked [TS]

  when Clara goes back into the TARDIS I [TS]

  liked the rest of it I liked I i liked [TS]

  the the fake-out where we see Matt [TS]

  Smith's kind of clothes and stuff all [TS]

  over and we're led to believe that we've [TS]

  now seen him regenerated and Peter [TS]

  Capaldi is gonna walk out and it turns [TS]

  out to be young matt smith who basically [TS]

  says goodbye and then you know snaps his [TS]

  head back and turns into Peter Capaldi i [TS]

  like and i love sudden oh ok yeah and I [TS]

  love to speech I thought his speech was [TS]

  was beautiful [TS]

  actually I thought that was a really [TS]

  well well done my dad is best and the [TS]

  most care that Moffat took with the [TS]

  entire episode and quite rightly so is [TS]

  that last little bit where where where [TS]

  Matt Smith is on the stage for the last [TS]

  time and and make some interesting [TS]

  contrast to the discussion that david [TS]

  tennant had about not wanting to go and [TS]

  about how another man saunters away and [TS]

  and in this being about the acceptance [TS]

  of change and I thought that part was [TS]

  really beautiful i don't really the plot [TS]

  mechanics of the end of Iowa I'll [TS]

  explode and solve this [TS]

  I'm not sure really work for me but I [TS]

  but once once clara was in the TARDIS I [TS]

  thought they nailed the rest of it [TS]

  didn't David Tennant's dr. only lived [TS]

  for hundreds of years this guy live for [TS]

  like isn't the man more than 1,000 or [TS]

  600 VA is crazy it was over 20,000 20 [TS]

  over 2,000 years old so kind of like [TS]

  because there's a lot of hundred years [TS]

  sometimes it's well-known a 1200 a long [TS]

  time ago sweeter money was here already [TS]

  which 1200 before he went out actors to [TS]

  on gaps the way [TS]

  yeah there's the gap in the inn in the [TS]

  between season five season six where [TS]

  he's traveling with that with amy and [TS]

  rory staying at home and so the younger [TS]

  version of him [TS]

  is is called by the older version who [TS]

  supposedly dies so that several hundred [TS]

  years 3 and here this time you have here [TS]

  is similar these three hundred years so [TS]

  he's had like I just wonder if they're [TS]

  trying to say like a little bit like the [TS]

  the war doctor also maybe if this has [TS]

  been enough time where tenant was [TS]

  describing that character was more still [TS]

  in the prime and felt it was UCS like [TS]

  everybody's matt smith is is dying of [TS]

  old age here there's no doubt about it [TS]

  and the one thing I saw a lot of people [TS]

  on Twitter freaking out about this [TS]

  afternoon was that regeneration was too [TS]

  fast all of a sudden these Peter Capaldi [TS]

  and I just assumed and and maybe maybe [TS]

  i'm assuming right because he set it up [TS]

  for no good reason in the beginning I [TS]

  just assumed that he was holographically [TS]

  presenting himself as Matt Smith to [TS]

  Clara and all of a sudden he's Peter [TS]

  Capaldi I thought he did all the cover [TS]

  of all the energy and it was he like [TS]

  this is the reared and then they led [TS]

  into the whole thing like you know to [TS]

  fly this so this is a bad regeneration [TS]

  like this out of the earlier that was [TS]

  funny well that happens you know that [TS]

  happens regularly but who didn't love [TS]

  the idea of the kidneys though I was [TS]

  away I don't like the color I like the [TS]

  color it but it's good you know that you [TS]

  can tell the color [TS]

  alright i did feel like throwing a [TS]

  Malcolm Tucker bleepity bleep at the end [TS]

  so yes yes yeah i'm not sure if that was [TS]

  my reaction when he was just thinking [TS]

  about my reaction it's interesting [TS]

  because you know I went regenerating [TS]

  Smith I think a lot of people were like [TS]

  you know had grown so attached this man [TS]

  tera to david tennant they're like wow [TS]

  this new guy is you [TS]

  whereas i feel like with Capaldi I'm [TS]

  like I'm very interested to see what he [TS]

  does like I mean I i love Smith and I [TS]

  was always excited to see what he did [TS]

  but Peter Capaldi is and you know he's a [TS]

  known quantity in some ways right in a [TS]

  way that matt smith was not and so [TS]

  coming into that was like alright I'm [TS]

  kind of curious to see what this doctor [TS]

  does and how this doctor different also [TS]

  the point that he's the he's the oldest [TS]

  you the same age as William Hartnell and [TS]

  the oldest doctor since since William [TS]

  Hartnell not so that makes it a very [TS]

  different change from the gentlemen [TS]

  we've had for the last several years it [TS]

  was a my wife said this to me as we're [TS]

  watching because uh [TS]

  we were watching the exact same place [TS]

  where we watching even when the last [TS]

  generation happened kind of strangely [TS]

  and and she said you know it's the same [TS]

  it's the same every time this with new [TS]

  fans have to learn which is you know you [TS]

  love you love the doctor and Easter dr. [TS]

  and then he leaves and you're like I [TS]

  don't want him to leave and then you [TS]

  regenerate this like who is this new guy [TS]

  i don't like him and then he comes in [TS]

  you're like well okay maybe he's not so [TS]

  bad and then a few years pass and he's [TS]

  your guy and then he leaves and you're [TS]

  like wait I don't want him to leave and [TS]

  the Duke comes and you're like I don't [TS]

  know about this guy i'm not sure I like [TS]

  him and it goes on that's just how it is [TS]

  shorts and I felt that night too [TS]

  yes I kind of excited to see Peter [TS]

  quality marier and all that because i [TS]

  like matt smith and something else to [TS]

  say to say you know maybe we should you [TS]

  give a moment to reflect on Matt Smith's [TS]

  tenure i mean overall I thought he did a [TS]

  great job [TS]

  I mean you can tell you something he had [TS]

  some terrible writing on some episodes [TS]

  but you deliver out and everything I i [TS]

  I'm so why didn't like him exactly even [TS]

  in this one the the parts that I I [TS]

  really didn't like he sold it [TS]

  he sold getting old he sold sitting [TS]

  there for 300 years i think it was ok [TS]

  with that [TS]

  I hated the writing I think he was never [TS]

  not i think it was never not good and [TS]

  let's remember that he was cast it was [TS]

  kind of a shock because you know so [TS]

  young and nobody expected that and then [TS]

  everybody kind of roll their eyes and [TS]

  said oh you know there's always going to [TS]

  be they're gonna get younger and younger [TS]

  and and you know you're turning this [TS]

  into a you know a kids show run by you [TS]

  know starring kids and and you'll all [TS]

  the eye-rolling all the complaining [TS]

  about it and you know at the time the [TS]

  producers said look he has this amazing [TS]

  combination of things and when he walked [TS]

  in the room we were just blown away that [TS]

  he could be old and young at the same [TS]

  time and he was totally the doctor and [TS]

  you know what they got it they nailed it [TS]

  he was all of those things he did a [TS]

  fantastic job you can't I mean I can't [TS]

  fault ya some of the episodes he he was [TS]

  in were quite problematic although i [TS]

  think that's true of pretty much every [TS]

  actor I could you know David Tennant [TS]

  went out with a whimper because most of [TS]

  the specials weren't very good either [TS]

  but you know what they always made it to [TS]

  rise above their material so yeah you [TS]

  know as actors barring that role that [TS]

  role somehow always floats to the top [TS]

  i feel i agree and that's what's [TS]

  interesting is if you remember [TS]

  when they cast him off and said we were [TS]

  actually looking for an older man yeah I [TS]

  wanted an older I got a theory that [TS]

  Peter Capaldi was in the mix then to [TS]

  yeah yeah I'm interested this awesome [TS]

  this is maybe what he was planning then [TS]

  yeah he changed everything because he [TS]

  really like matt smith and thank [TS]

  goodness [TS]

  yeah yeah it was a good good call when a [TS]

  you know I think they were they were [TS]

  lucky to find him and got to love his [TS]

  lithium his last fish fingers dosage [TS]

  there at the end that was pretty cute [TS]

  that was that was his fingers so here's [TS]

  the thing about the day at the end of [TS]

  regenerations we often will see dr. Zira [TS]

  revisiting old companions or remembering [TS]

  them i'm reminded that when Tom Baker [TS]

  regenerated when Peter Davison [TS]

  regenerated they actually were kind of [TS]

  revisited by their old companions as [TS]

  visions and so to have that happen with [TS]

  amy and with Amelia and Amy who was [TS]

  first face that he ever saw and his [TS]

  story you know started and essentially [TS]

  with a crack in the wall ended with with [TS]

  her story to have her appear at the end [TS]

  and tell him that his story was over I [TS]

  thought that was beautiful and it was [TS]

  just enough it wasn't really a me it was [TS]

  his memory of a me to say you've done a [TS]

  good job raggedy man and now it's a it's [TS]

  over and I thought that was a that [TS]

  product here to me I happy that I did I [TS]

  did expect river to show up after that I [TS]

  did have a pretty little bit of taking [TS]

  her and Ramona she had like she had her [TS]

  moment but i kinda you know your back [TS]

  some weights be you know that that seems [TS]

  like that would have driven drama [TS]

  curtain entirely on that whole thread [TS]

  but it's going for the top of the [TS]

  mountain goshti spin-off series i'm [TS]

  waiting for that because that would be [TS]

  great but hasn't communicated astra [TS]

  Madame vastra that's and Jenny yeah [TS]

  yes tracks i won't struggle as I want I [TS]

  want all stripes all the time we 20 [TS]

  minutes animated be fine but just the [TS]

  centaurans because we didn't see the [TS]

  waning about things but those sent those [TS]

  centaurans yeah the Sun arms yeah I like [TS]

  that I can't see the controls invisible [TS]

  that's good [TS]

  cute yeah yeah yeah what I say go ahead [TS]

  and highlight the we're sorry about your [TS]

  death [TS]

  yes it's rather nice apology very very [TS]

  Douglas Adams I i kinda like the fact [TS]

  that they've kept going for years and [TS]

  years this whole religious army thing [TS]

  has been consistent and it's actually [TS]

  very amusing [TS]

  that being specifically sacrilegious [TS]

  it's more like it actually makes sense [TS]

  it makes perfect sense so seen in the [TS]

  past will see in the future I'll say [TS]

  this about all of the red cons and and [TS]

  tying off of loose ends in this episode [TS]

  the one that i found hilarious was that [TS]

  the silence as we've known them are [TS]

  essentially the confessional priest of [TS]

  this organization because after you [TS]

  confessed you know nobody remembers what [TS]

  happens that was good that was looking [TS]

  at solution inja also because they seem [TS]

  so they seem so menacing when they're [TS]

  advancing on Clara right at the [TS]

  beginning there right just use for keeps [TS]

  forgetting them and you're sitting there [TS]

  thinking what's the small the silence [TS]

  was this building to you know what's [TS]

  what evil thing is going to happen and [TS]

  then it turns out that they're actually [TS]

  not exactly harmless but look kind of [TS]

  not really the enemy here right duh you [TS]

  notice that was a kind of bored Queen [TS]

  vibe there too i notice that it would [TS]

  know this this is better than the board [TS]

  queen i gotta say but there was that [TS]

  whole like we lose the mother superious [TS]

  the middle yeah alright inviting [TS]

  somebody else's cannon now and long on [TS]

  canon law [TS]

  we're going i did like you know i'm i'm [TS]

  kind of tired of the week the weeping [TS]

  angels to just become a know what else [TS]

  you gonna do with machinery and [TS]

  shameless insertion of the weeping oh [TS]

  that was great but that was a wonderful [TS]

  i did like that because it was like okay [TS]

  this is something we haven't seen with [TS]

  them and yet it would be tough in a [TS]

  blinding snowstorm they're buried in [TS]

  snow that little soul also i like to [TS]

  have enough time to do anything else [TS]

  today we didn't bother coming back to [TS]

  the mutants like other two yellow [TS]

  tickets you want to get into town [TS]

  ok here's here's my here's my nine year [TS]

  old sons question which was very smart [TS]

  of him after the episode was over he [TS]

  said ok I think the people who wrote [TS]

  this episode forgot that when the angels [TS]

  touch you you they send you back in time [TS]

  and they touched her on the phone and I [TS]

  said I you're right i don't know maybe [TS]

  they didn't the only force field they [TS]

  actually want to grab number [TS]

  no but they're there but they're holding [TS]

  onto her ankle yeah but they got the [TS]

  whole force field they've held on to [TS]

  people before they held on to a really [TS]

  held onto river the week when held their [TS]

  songs are commercial break her wrist [TS]

  yeah that's what that's what I'm saying [TS]

  sometimes they don't want to send you [TS]

  back in time I guess is the answer but [TS]

  I'm just saying nine-year-olds want to [TS]

  know [TS]

  why the weeping angels are not portrayed [TS]

  consistently was it almost doors it's [TS]

  just the cherubs that set you back in [TS]

  time [TS]

  oh well they haven't read when you're [TS]

  not done much fanfiction can be written [TS]

  on this topic friend pointed out to me [TS]

  at the end of the episode that the [TS]

  doctor lies ostensibly in the truth [TS]

  field but he said that has a plan and [TS]

  then he says now I don't have a plan [TS]

  writer I'm not many people i know that [TS]

  this is once we crack it closes a [TS]

  warrior the crime wanted that one one or [TS]

  the other is a lie [TS]

  yes is a clean has been played it [TS]

  doesn't have a plan right you can't have [TS]

  it both ways i have a fiendish plan is a [TS]

  plan within a plan and we've been no [TS]

  point I think it's wrapping up and the [TS]

  plan wrapped will even know place that's [TS]

  right just as a trick is just that good [TS]

  more of a trick that a plan is the [TS]

  doctor yeah [TS]

  Eli's trick that's true dr. yes so it [TS]

  sounds like so some of us some of us [TS]

  like it and acknowledge its flaws and [TS]

  some of us didn't like it but father had [TS]

  good bits in it does that sound about [TS]

  right [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah i can go there and it was [TS]

  hard coming off to the doctor because [TS]

  that was I know Atlas in the fan was one [TS]

  of their for that was pretty pretty good [TS]

  i do you think day of the doctor is [TS]

  where we're going bell like I had hope i [TS]

  have saved that money is basically like [TS]

  we're going to be friends with a long [TS]

  way around [TS]

  Scotty the interview for the we have to [TS]

  regenerate matt smith she was gonna [TS]

  let's take care of that now and now [TS]

  let's go off and do other stuff yeah [TS]

  don't forget the Christmas episode the [TS]

  Christmas episodes are always sillier [TS]

  and little off camera and I just for [TS]

  anyway I found it wasn't one to do i [TS]

  just found this wasn't that and it was a [TS]

  lie i do think that Steven Moffat caught [TS]

  between a rock and a hard place where he [TS]

  had to do the 50th anniversary and he [TS]

  did they knocked it out of the park I [TS]

  thought but couldn't end that then he [TS]

  could you could move that had to be on [TS]

  that date and then he only he only had [TS]

  one more episode with matt smith and it [TS]

  had to be on Christmas so he was working [TS]

  within very clear restrictions which is [TS]

  you got to have some Christmas element [TS]

  and you got to regenerate massive and [TS]

  give him a send-off and wrap up all the [TS]

  stories that maybe you know i would [TS]

  argue maybe he should have tried to wrap [TS]

  some of those up on it at the end of the [TS]

  previous season right maybe he maybe he [TS]

  thought he would have [TS]

  another six or seven episodes yeah maybe [TS]

  he thought he'd have more episodes with [TS]

  matt smith and and that didn't work out [TS]

  yeah yeah whoo whee we may never know [TS]

  but uh it was it that was a tough task [TS]

  and welcome our next guest even morpheus [TS]

  ma the consuming he burned out all of [TS]

  his creative energy on day of the doctor [TS]

  and I'm figuring out and bring Sherlock [TS]

  back and this just kind of filling [TS]

  between like they have to write that too [TS]

  honestly if you're gonna do one right do [TS]

  the 50th anniversary episode right and [TS]

  then and make sure you get the last time [TS]

  we see the doctor before he regenerates [TS]

  right and get those interests [TS]

  yeah you don't have to the middle takes [TS]

  care of itself yeah yeah I just sent my [TS]

  spirit I just I like David Tennant and [TS]

  that david tennant regenerated in a [TS]

  really terrible i think episode the end [TS]

  of time but but at the very end what'd [TS]

  he do he sacrificed himself for a [TS]

  regular person and I thought that was [TS]

  kind of beautiful this was interesting [TS]

  in the sense that he sort of does [TS]

  sacrifice not only himself but I'm you [TS]

  know all those years for this little [TS]

  village I thought that was nice [TS]

  I just you know again the execution [TS]

  wasn't wasn't so great for me and [TS]

  there's giant spaceships that he blew up [TS]

  with regeneration powers even if it is [TS]

  something we must talk about going to [TS]

  the texts like he does this gives Peter [TS]

  Capaldi's doctor a clean slate for the [TS]

  first time in years where there's [TS]

  nothing left over all the mat smith pots [TS]

  are gone [TS]

  even the pre-match slippery mess with [TS]

  plots like all the entire history of the [TS]

  show now has been wrapped up in the last [TS]

  two episodes so that there's almost [TS]

  nothing dangly out there so they have a [TS]

  fresh slate let's hope it doesn't [TS]

  immobilize Moffitt and he's incapable of [TS]

  producing anything that would get with [TS]

  the fresh ideas it is an interesting [TS]

  position the show finds itself in [TS]

  because this is a like when David [TS]

  Tennant took over it's the same [TS]

  production team by the new doctor and [TS]

  and returning companion so it's not [TS]

  quite the clean slate and I think [TS]

  everybody's expecting that [TS]

  Capaldi will probably end up working for [TS]

  some other showrunner because i don't [TS]

  think anybody really expecting off to [TS]

  stick around more than maybe another [TS]

  year or two so that might be interesting [TS]

  too is Moffat kind of setting him off on [TS]

  a direction and then walking away and [TS]

  letting someone else take the reins who [TS]

  knows what [TS]

  will happen there but it isn't Clara [TS]

  yeah this is no magazine 3 stars don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  yeah that could be is that he wants to [TS]

  get the show fresh and ready to go he [TS]

  said as much for the next 50 years what [TS]

  he says he wants it to be able to be on [TS]

  a on a new path and and matt smith says [TS]

  at one point that this is you know he [TS]

  has a new regeneration cycle so he's [TS]

  essentially been granted by the time [TS]

  lords a new set and and so in some ways [TS]

  Peter Capaldi is like regeneration he's [TS]

  the first doctor of the next set which [TS]

  is interesting you know you just blew my [TS]

  mind [TS]

  stock 2.2 that explains why he's so old [TS]

  that's right get younger and younger [TS]

  yea struggling she was with my mother [TS]

  who has not she knows nothing about [TS]

  Doctor Who so she was quite confused but [TS]

  at the end and when it strikes by know [TS]

  you know he regenerates clever because [TS]

  they can get a new actor so he [TS]

  regenerates into Peter Capaldi and she's [TS]

  like why is he so haha like well I just [TS]

  too much [TS]

  yeah i watch it with my mom later who [TS]

  also hasn't seen the show and and and [TS]

  she was she was sorry to see Matt Smith [TS]

  go with the inches like a hole but is he [TS]

  gonna come back and maybe that's maybe [TS]

  it's a trick I'm like no it's veterans [TS]

  that coming back but I don't think it's [TS]

  interesting my mom started watching this [TS]

  very real actively and she's like so [TS]

  stupid i don't understand we're watching [TS]

  this and at the end it was like a that [TS]

  unfortunate commercial break actually [TS]

  watching on the beach in my hand just [TS]

  like is that the end of the show yeah I [TS]

  don't know there's more but i was [TS]

  watching when you are with my cousins [TS]

  who are all die hard fans including out [TS]

  my eye I 19 year old cousin who that the [TS]

  vote for her when he takes off the bow [TS]

  tie and drops and she's like oh ya know [TS]

  what Dan who doesn't like the movie [TS]

  diehard or die hard fans [TS]

  yeah I'd like yeah a lot of official [TS]

  twitter feed put out of thing before the [TS]

  show this morning of a just a close-up [TS]

  of the the boat I was just his last bow [TS]

  Sherlock reference there is fine exactly [TS]

  that's the face about 100 [TS]

  it's amazing how is cool anything we [TS]

  missed anything we should mention before [TS]

  we go [TS]

  tied up and mismanagement [TS]

  oh yeah just a second forward to Peter [TS]

  Capaldi though it's a little bit more [TS]

  time to play with her character [TS]

  yeah that'd be nice yet because i didn't [TS]

  like learning center [TS]

  yeah she was she was good she was I like [TS]

  this straight sassy supportive smart [TS]

  from the 50 of 2i think she I think the [TS]

  more and more clear like the last couple [TS]

  episodes definitely I mean I've [TS]

  basically like to throughout the the [TS]

  only false note i really had from her [TS]

  tonight was just you know don't change [TS]

  why do you have to change except of all [TS]

  the Companions ever had she's the one [TS]

  who probably should understand that he [TS]

  changes and then it's ok you know [TS]

  because you seen them all [TS]

  she's are standing at that point the [TS]

  audience yeah I know I know I know but [TS]

  maybe you're not familiar like it was [TS]

  right there there there wasn't a pun [TS]

  so we didn't get nuggets I did like oh [TS]

  yeah but don't change your clothes [TS]

  people always to control her eyes at the [TS]

  in that time crash special about how [TS]

  David Tennant sister Peter Davison you [TS]

  were my doctor I like that in this [TS]

  episode matt smith business [TS]

  hey I was my doctor haha yes i'll always [TS]

  remember being me and loved it [TS]

  goodbye everybody but that was cool [TS]

  school bowties are cool know for those [TS]

  references are sad little right I'm [TS]

  hoping to do i'm hoping they'll be when [TS]

  when Peter Capaldi arrives and he's [TS]

  figuring out what what he's gonna where [TS]

  he'll pick up fares and say something [TS]

  like good god what was I thinking that [TS]

  we'll be able to i can picture it some [TS]

  good jokes they're all right well that's [TS]

  it for dr. 11 onto onto dr. 12 sometime [TS]

  I don't even know of all oddest [TS]

  generating 2017 Sherlock schedule now [TS]

  what isn't [TS]

  yeah that that joke about how come again [TS]

  came back before Sherlock still slaves [TS]

  me that it was a creature [TS]

  it's amazing ok I would like to thank my [TS]

  flash cast yes for staying up late on [TS]

  Christmas night i love spending [TS]

  Christmas night with my friends from the [TS]

  incomparable [TS]

  and I did it again all my family's in [TS]

  the other room [TS]

  this video's after she should be a [TS]

  flasher cast after all the duty by the [TS]

  way [TS]

  oh yeah we didn't talk about the new [TS]

  Holograms that was like there are lots [TS]

  of coupling level it's in here [TS]

  yeah you don't need to yeah yeah we can [TS]

  never talk about it again let's all [TS]

  explain later Scott McNulty thanks for [TS]

  being here thanks for having me i am [TS]

  happy to always have you and we talked [TS]

  about something that was tv-related in [TS]

  my book related which is also a special [TS]

  it's true [TS]

  yeah i'm reading a book you recommended [TS]

  by the way I hope you like it hey end [TS]

  time heart tells me that a last [TS]

  Christmas day I was also reading a book [TS]

  specifically recommended by you so thank [TS]

  you for taking this is my Christmas card [TS]

  utilizes have you you are Mike same but [TS]

  you are my Christmas miracle skies right [TS]

  you complete me guess you get a real [TS]

  good inflation thank you for being here [TS]

  thank you for having me it was glad we [TS]

  caught you to pop in there at the last [TS]

  minute David Laura thank you as always [TS]

  and thank you as always and Dan Morgan [TS]

  thanks for skyping in from far-off lands [TS]

  where there's no there's so much now [TS]

  well Papa needs a brand-new set of [TS]

  generations yep it had happened it was [TS]

  it was a moral imperative answer any [TS]

  cold well thanks for thanks for popping [TS]

  and also from a land of snow and ice [TS]

  you're most welcome sitting by the fake [TS]

  fire so that works well we'll keep you [TS]

  fake warm so that's good [TS]

  yeah all right and everybody out there [TS]

  for listening thank you for tuning into [TS]

  this crazy flash cast addition we'll be [TS]

  back right after the new year for our [TS]

  exciting annual clips show / best of [TS]

  2013 episode and yes that we will [TS]

  remember when Steve picked that moment [TS]

  where he picked that moment where he [TS]

  picks Skeletor so stay tuned for that in [TS]

  this is wrapping 2013-14 comfortable by [TS]

  everybody [TS]