Roderick on the Line

Ep. 05: "Carry on, Maude"


  [Music] [TS]

  hello hi John how are you I'm fine [TS]

  Marilyn I'm on the line that's going to [TS]

  be my new catchphrase [TS]

  oh I'm on the line we had previously [TS]

  have you want you know I should come [TS]

  back to that I i got a lot of reasons [TS]

  why i like that i can discuss with you [TS]

  have you had previous catchphrases [TS]

  Oh part like everyone like it's not you [TS]

  it's me you should probably go [TS]

  I never said any of that you know what [TS]

  we have yes and I guess I always good [TS]

  it's you it's you got any matches I had [TS]

  some catchphrases yeah or some of my [TS]

  catchphrases boy you know i don't know [TS]

  they're all Italian so italiano that's [TS]

  what i was gonna guess I never knew what [TS]

  i was saying pick up so fire [TS]

  I think there's a there are times in [TS]

  one's life when one is very susceptible [TS]

  to catch phrases and in this one's life [TS]

  that is not now they really make me [TS]

  extremely angry been having said that I [TS]

  used to really like them a lot [TS]

  yeah you had some I bet tampoco god [TS]

  well mmm i think it's a little bit like [TS]

  when people know you you probably got [TS]

  this i'm guessing with i'm gonna guess [TS]

  you get the space needle you get the [TS]

  place where they throw fish [TS]

  yeah on you know I don't absolutely that [TS]

  place is actually kind of cool but like [TS]

  you know the san francisco de alright [TS]

  people come here to write Cerrone got we [TS]

  got chocolate the mobile version of [TS]

  rice-a-roni is the cable car obviously [TS]

  which is you know it's fine it's it's [TS]

  fine [TS]

  fisherman's wharf it is super fun that [TS]

  cable car [TS]

  you know I'm highroad cable car one time [TS]

  and I was hanging i was on the front you [TS]

  know I got I got on the front and I was [TS]

  hanging off the side and we went by [TS]

  another cable car and everybody gave [TS]

  each other high-fives your hand too far [TS]

  off the side guy i would like I'm in San [TS]

  Francisco think if your ding ding ding [TS]

  ding I felt like Marlo Thomas and that [TS]

  girl [TS]

  oh god I would kill Mr Thomas and that [TS]

  girl mm I would kill to have Marla [TS]

  Thomas another oh my god that flip man [TS]

  Marlo Thomas fat girl Emma Peel and [TS]

  Marla Thomas there's not a woman in the [TS]

  world that could save me from what [TS]

  they've done to me that there was a that [TS]

  was without an outfit without a special [TS]

  outfit [TS]

  let's just put it that way Marlo Thomas [TS]

  in in the early seventies that was still [TS]

  when it was it was sexy to be like a [TS]

  ballbusting feminist if you hadn't come [TS]

  trying it hadn't become deeply [TS]

  profoundly annoying it was still hot [TS]

  like yeah yeah tell me that I'm tell me [TS]

  that I'm Neanderthal and i have bad [TS]

  thoughts on Lady Arthur well as carrion [TS]

  mod movies he's going on short time I [TS]

  don't remember those I remember mod and [TS]

  I be Arthur never I don't think I don't [TS]

  think norman lear's take on things has H [TS]

  particularly well that's interesting [TS]

  isn't it you you want you want you want [TS]

  Archie Bunker to be eternal and because [TS]

  it was so far ahead at the time but [TS]

  first things first the first season in [TS]

  kind of sexy with the first season when [TS]

  that first episode came on it was it was [TS]

  Lou what not even like the Beatles it [TS]

  was like the sex pistols or the clash of [TS]

  TV shows people had no idea what to make [TS]

  of it [TS]

  yeah so far had my mom talks about going [TS]

  to work [TS]

  she worked at the oil companies you know [TS]

  she would go to work and make the the [TS]

  other guys in her car pool [TS]

  what's been the whole drive into work [TS]

  talking about the show [TS]

  not realizing that arguably Archie [TS]

  Bunker wasn't the hero that's the [TS]

  important part of the beauty is I think [TS]

  it was it's like Robert De Niro in taxi [TS]

  driver you can pick which side front you [TS]

  can be here rnt here are depending on [TS]

  you know how much you like you know [TS]

  political campaigns and jodie foster [TS]

  same here i think a lot of people say [TS]

  now finally there's a voice for me [TS]

  mm no I'm just saying I'm just saying I [TS]

  think that I think meathead was very [TS]

  unlikable to a lot of people don't know [TS]

  what all except for maybe Edith were all [TS]

  deliberately insufferable well Edith was [TS]

  a meathead she wasn't meathead [TS]

  no she doesn't think that I'm sorry she [TS]

  was sitting bad she was bad [TS]

  yeah that's right catchphrase there you [TS]

  go no i didn't i didn't identify with [TS]

  any of the characters but anyway I think [TS]

  you're right i've seen it recently and [TS]

  it's not even always manage mrs. [TS]

  Jefferson mrs. Jefferson nothing I you [TS]

  know I think I think I probably what the [TS]

  person identified with was everytime [TS]

  everytime meathead brought home some [TS]

  draft dodger or a friend or you know [TS]

  there was always some kind of some [TS]

  dinner guests who had a beard and an [TS]

  army jacket and halfway through the [TS]

  dinner he revealed that he you know that [TS]

  he'd been in Vietnam War that he was but [TS]

  that he had hepatitis C or whatever that [TS]

  guy I always felt like that guy [TS]

  hey kind of typifies on a day-to-day [TS]

  basis by Lionel Jefferson I could see [TS]

  myself aligning with Lionel you have an [TS]

  excellent haircut and you're always [TS]

  always calm and collected and you mean [TS]

  you give as good as you get [TS]

  that's right lyle didn't take it lying [TS]

  down and myla Thomas so she was also [TS]

  part as you know in the late sixties [TS]

  they had this night of the Long Knives [TS]

  because i like to get a Hitler anyway [TS]

  the point is it's a little early to the [TS]

  point is it's Rome was gay and the idea [TS]

  of a place for the essay anymore and so [TS]

  the so so late sixties they decided i [TS]

  guess its CBS they decided this is it [TS]

  you know this right you know we've had [TS]

  it [TS]

  there's too much of this corn pone crap [TS]

  you have the beverly hillbillies [TS]

  you got the petticoat junction you got [TS]

  all these shows that are that are [TS]

  turning [TS]

  off the ostensibly urban audience that [TS]

  we want and so they clear them all out [TS]

  right one back of the neck that's right [TS]

  there was there was a Holocaust it [TS]

  literal and so in their stead they [TS]

  brought in all of these I think starting [TS]

  with I believe Mary Tyler Moore Show [TS]

  interesting so I would have said it was [TS]

  a it was good times [TS]

  oh i think there's a little later i [TS]

  think a little bit later but I mean that [TS]

  the chronology i think is you know and [TS]

  I'll seen stuff like hija right i mean [TS]

  he how he hung around for a long time I [TS]

  think I think right right Clark had a [TS]

  lot of dirt on people was the one about [TS]

  the pink submarine [TS]

  Oh operation petticoat operation [TS]

  petticoat operation operation colon [TS]

  petticoat and was based on a film where [TS]

  a usual disruption right you know you [TS]

  can't have women on the boat gonna title [TS]

  94 uterus is and boats he got his like [TS]

  the unit cost boot meets magazine right [TS]

  right and they were painting they were [TS]

  painting the submarine and then the only [TS]

  color of the only color of primer they [TS]

  had was pink and then and then [TS]

  oh no they had to get out of Port really [TS]

  faster dive-bombers dive-bombers so they [TS]

  had to sail in the end and they're stuck [TS]

  in a pink submarine you gotta go to work [TS]

  really hard to fuck up a submarine movie [TS]

  we're going to think the thing that the [TS]

  thing is that movie was terrible but the [TS]

  television show is hilarious it was like [TS]

  Hogan's Heroes on a submarine with girls [TS]

  my cards are already full of some rent [TS]

  on this year's now i think i'm gonna [TS]

  need to look this up we have any we [TS]

  brush we have a listener i found out and [TS]

  listening to the listeners we have found [TS]

  that we have a listener and Elizabeth [TS]

  thinking they're thinking I don't like [TS]

  it when Merlin types 00 somebody [TS]

  complained there was a complaint about [TS]

  the typing as you know John I've been [TS]

  talking to you about this for years I we [TS]

  never look at the camera and you don't [TS]

  talk about the thing you're doing right [TS]

  you know I'm saying is you know you [TS]

  don't clear throat it's just pure Louie [TS]

  having said that don't need a peanut [TS]

  butter sandwich while you're doing a [TS]

  podcast that I something I learned [TS]

  ok I have to disagree on that you know I [TS]

  mean what you're typing and this is [TS]

  bothering somebody I mean [TS]

  you know if you don't want a little [TS]

  moisture on the mattress maybe you [TS]

  shouldn't have gone to the bar you know [TS]

  what I'm saying you know you don't [TS]

  that's a that one that's gonna [TS]

  understand even turn myself finally one [TS]

  went past me that I just what i need and [TS]

  Ezra Pound I need somebody to get in [TS]

  there and just a big fucking pencil and [TS]

  just cross out whole pages you've seen [TS]

  that you're now you can write the big [TS]

  big red X no no no four chapters later [TS]

  there's a good page [TS]

  wait let me just get this straight tom [TS]

  you want to call it he do the police in [TS]

  different voices but yes actually I [TS]

  think that would be like that now the [TS]

  second thing let's talk about the [TS]

  English accent you are from Missouri red [TS]

  is the cruelest month reading lilacs [TS]

  outcome that flag isn't online version [TS]

  of that you can get the print version [TS]

  but the online version you can see just [TS]

  how i went through there like five [TS]

  pictures of time so sure [TS]

  yes so anyway that's that Raymond Carver [TS]

  story right i mean about drinking you [TS]

  mean no no like I with a guy who liked [TS]

  actually get all the work right now [TS]

  write the editor that took nine hundred [TS]

  pages of drunken scribbles in turn it [TS]

  like where I'm calling from and that is [TS]

  life like oh you want to release the [TS]

  unexpurgated version of the book [TS]

  everybody's like yeah it's like it's [TS]

  like six cocktail napkins and each one [TS]

  each one of them says alcohol suburb [TS]

  telephone something [TS]

  all work and no play makes Jack a dull [TS]

  boy all working out exactly where i'm [TS]

  drinking from I know I'm gonna check [TS]

  this for so typing boys probably already [TS]

  gone away but i'm going to check by the [TS]

  way I don't know if you know I had the [TS]

  loudest keyboard in the entire world you [TS]

  know that but it sounds like it's it's a [TS]

  heads up [TS]

  it's like constructed out of pulleys and [TS]

  wheels there's no wheels [TS]

  it sounds like it I can hear like little [TS]

  rubber bands and years [TS]

  mhm it would appear i got this slip [TS]

  oh my god i just got i just got a whole [TS]

  truckload of wood are you talking about [TS]

  Marlo Thomas flippers about the [TS]

  now-discontinued flip video camera was a [TS]

  good camera I've had two of this i know [TS]

  you encouraged me to get it and then [TS]

  they are LOL dat right they stopped [TS]

  making it [TS]

  well it's not just that this is it is [TS]

  since the first time we met every time [TS]

  we get together you encourage me you [TS]

  don't you don't encourage me exactly but [TS]

  you you hold up some talismanic new [TS]

  electronical device and you go oh my god [TS]

  this is amazing i couldn't live without [TS]

  this thing right this is the thing with [TS]

  buttons you can use to call people and [TS]

  then happen I go home I go back to [TS]

  Seattle and I go wow I should really [TS]

  maybe one of those little electronical [TS]

  devices would transform my life and I [TS]

  would be more I would have more [TS]

  something i would have more of something [TS]

  that i'm missing and so I go by I think [TS]

  on some level I'm a smart guy i do [TS]

  things i see things i could use this I [TS]

  use this trinket stores this so i buy [TS]

  this flip and I picture myself out [TS]

  making 30-second videos of butterflies [TS]

  having sex with each other or I'm gonna [TS]

  become a YouTube phenomenon because I'm [TS]

  you know I I'm the guy on the spot with [TS]

  my little fucking cigarette pack camera [TS]

  over and I'm going to make these [TS]

  fantastical little videos and i'm going [TS]

  to be on funny like you're like you're [TS]

  like so la metes like Truffaut like [TS]

  you're out there and you're fucking [TS]

  keeping it real [TS]

  that's right one on the frame at a time [TS]

  i'm on the street and the street is [TS]

  eighteen eighty Paris but it's instead I [TS]

  get the thing and I and i'm scrolling [TS]

  through menus trying to set it up and I [TS]

  have to download some code and I have to [TS]

  find some is he's gonna jump in here to [TS]

  download some code that some town load [TS]

  some some access code and honor I had to [TS]

  read the manual is verify your RSS [TS]

  probably back up that you don't have six [TS]

  or seven RSS is I haven't very much [TS]

  write what you know why you know why you [TS]

  got a handshake them with the slave [TS]

  server [TS]

  yeah but your deaths what you're doing [TS]

  if the download tour and go on the Deep [TS]

  Web was up what the flip man instance of [TS]

  that I have a drawer of I i have [TS]

  explored that I call the Merlin drawer [TS]

  which is the island of lost fucking PA [TS]

  where you if we've cut off bits of my [TS]

  hair [TS]

  no there's nothing like that it's just a [TS]

  bunch of blackberries and and cameras [TS]

  and I think there's a minidisc player [TS]

  there there's like a there's like a [TS]

  four-track that record to us you know [TS]

  that record still like scotch and you [TS]

  seen the new teac nano not even a [TS]

  one-track oh this is the neat part put [TS]

  scotch tape then it's double-sided [TS]

  scotch tape that you really have to get [TS]

  from Scotland huh record it can record [TS]

  everything onto the cloud under the [TS]

  clothes the clothes also to set another [TS]

  zip you know now I just want to make a [TS]

  case for this you're right it looks kind [TS]

  of like a a black or african-american [TS]

  package of more 100 cigarettes it's like [TS]

  it's like that like a pack of cigarettes [TS]

  and i gotta say that you need i have had [TS]

  several iphones several information [TS]

  friends and to this day I still say the [TS]

  best stuff i've gotten was from turning [TS]

  around that extra zip I got I got I mean [TS]

  notnot to go all real but like one night [TS]

  we shot a like giving her daughter a [TS]

  bath in a little bucket you've done that [TS]

  right you get a little bucket i did i [TS]

  did this entire thing on the flip the [TS]

  paper is going to computer has paid for [TS]

  itself that does want to do with other [TS]

  kids you know [TS]

  wait for yourself you're saying why are [TS]

  you such an inexpensive babysitter [TS]

  haha and and you know what I seriously [TS]

  it paid for itself the night and that [TS]

  have must tell you right there i have a [TS]

  whole time I paid for itself in [TS]

  emotional currency [TS]

  well i mean i think i said it was not it [TS]

  was Michael was not costly to buy and [TS]

  it's like it is very easy to use I mean [TS]

  it's got that you USB USB thing for [TS]

  computers [TS]

  it's got that little thing and you have [TS]

  been and then you grab it and you get [TS]

  your stuff but anyway I'm sorry I mean [TS]

  you're ready so you don't want to pounce [TS]

  on us be ok alright huh hmm did you try [TS]

  did you try rebooting the pc i'm doing [TS]

  that now [TS]

  ok but it but it's spinning beachball it [TS]

  has been for a month-and-a-half spinning [TS]

  flip of dim and I don't continue I am [TS]

  listen we met [TS]

  pardon me we met as chuckles chili dog [TS]

  is getting worse every week we got kind [TS]

  of getting the chili dogs in the same [TS]

  place you're going to different location [TS]

  I know it's the same place it somewhere [TS]

  suffering I'm suffering like several [TS]

  doors from here and don't be creepy but [TS]

  several doors from here and each week [TS]

  it's getting worse they started using [TS]

  that kind of relish that it's like the [TS]

  color of grass in the spring [TS]

  you know you're really great when are [TS]

  you getting regular relish my regular [TS]

  rush right now nowhere away are we are [TS]

  way off the reservation here relish on a [TS]

  chili dog i can tell you should see [TS]

  their Chicago dog you know how like you [TS]

  have to be licensed to like sell you [TS]

  know it's all kind of different licenses [TS]

  to sell beer in England you know certain [TS]

  kinds of things we got if you're gonna [TS]

  call the champagne and going broke for I [TS]

  understand no that's correct if you if [TS]

  you want to have a bar you cannot sell [TS]

  rockford beer it's very small be right [TS]

  yeah you got exactly Roquefort so [TS]

  they're showing you there sorry missed [TS]

  you as a Chicago there's not a fucking [TS]

  license in sight these guys are making [TS]

  shit up [TS]

  this is the Chicago dog is like if that [TS]

  thing with the carl sagan thing we put [TS]

  the gold plate in the Mars spaceship [TS]

  with the people and the victim people in [TS]

  the record most the song Chuck Barry [TS]

  Chuck Berry was no I thought it was a [TS]

  photo was twinkle twinkle little star [TS]

  now you know much I didn't write that [TS]

  you're kidding hero variations on that I [TS]

  think that's the sonar rice cooker makes [TS]

  my point is if that had been if somebody [TS]

  had hastily drawn a very simple chili [TS]

  dog [TS]

  etched into the gold of the most i [TS]

  called Viking well you know it came back [TS]

  in Star Wars or Star Trek for the whale [TS]

  one [TS]

  yeah right it came back and it could [TS]

  talk to the whales and the whales told [TS]

  that don't destroy the earth and where [TS]

  did that take place san franciscan [TS]

  system can be used to go to that you [TS]

  still go to that aquarium here Scotty [TS]

  works there now reading writing credits [TS]

  that my point is these biscuits are not [TS]

  licensed to do shit [TS]

  god bless them I'm glad they've started [TS]

  their business their the Chinese what do [TS]

  you think everyone in your neighborhood [TS]

  is chinese but you and the top is it is [TS]

  it racist if it's about chinese people [TS]

  be honest I think it is ok now what if i [TS]

  get a mexican coke is that is that is [TS]

  that racist [TS]

  no because that's what they're called [TS]

  okay somehow for some reason where we [TS]

  can we call the Mexican pokes what if it [TS]

  tastes sleepy [TS]

  what if the coach a sleepy or the hotdog [TS]

  JCP you going to this place your order [TS]

  Chicago down okay first of all [TS]

  it's not interesting pics on my card [TS]

  hang on [TS]

  so mexican coke mixes racism but you [TS]

  know when I order a mexican coke do you [TS]

  think there's a better way because i [TS]

  want to try a couple things this weekend [TS]

  mixing it up [TS]

  first of all I took off my pants because [TS]

  I thought I want to try something [TS]

  different and second i went with a a non [TS]

  got a mexican coke instead of a non [TS]

  mexican coke if you actually put my [TS]

  parents on I've never had my pants on [TS]

  for this broadcast will see this is why [TS]

  I think this is like you know as angina [TS]

  like like making the iceberg and the and [TS]

  the jagwire I think we're putting our [TS]

  rings together and doing something [TS]

  special here pantsless that's right form [TS]

  of your mom and I say it's broadcast [TS]

  tech is useless [TS]

  wow I just makes me angry alright guys [TS]

  are used was that call was at the [TS]

  Justice League the Superfriends [TS]

  Superfriends know that was the wonder [TS]

  twin powers bro today want them and the [TS]

  little fucking dog was a part [TS]

  Superfriends I thought it was speed [TS]

  racer speed racer if they don't speed [TS]

  racer it's a pretty good canadian band [TS]

  called Super Friends that the guy from [TS]

  Sloan is in I should find that for any [TS]

  left alone i do anything Sloan touches a [TS]

  solid gold so you're mexican guy and you [TS]

  go into the shitty chili dog place [TS]

  surely will you know i'll change the [TS]

  name will call it shitty make chili dogs [TS]

  and even though the other was Josh's [TS]

  will in which you go and you ever go [TS]

  into a place in order a pesto dog would [TS]

  you order a hot dog with pesto and [TS]

  cheese that they put a little oven and [TS]

  heat up would you do that [TS]

  absolutely not that you figure that's a [TS]

  rhetorical question you know i would [TS]

  absolutely i might as well ask if you [TS]

  would hold in your ass for a year you're [TS]

  not that patient i don't and that's what [TS]

  they say I go in there you know what I [TS]

  John when I go into a place and it looks [TS]

  like a place that could work with I go [TS]

  in there I always say the same thing but [TS]

  you're surveying it from the moment you [TS]

  walk in can I work with this blows [TS]

  yeah I know you do this you always last [TS]

  one off the train let's circle back to [TS]

  that off the train [TS]

  I go in there and I say such a critical [TS]

  question [TS]

  hey you know a lot of stuff looks good [TS]

  well what do you guys recommend what's [TS]

  your what's your favorite thing [TS]

  absolutely absolutely always know first [TS]

  of all you know the red flight what is [TS]

  the red flag answer to that from the [TS]

  cute waitress [TS]

  what is the red flag answer well the [TS]

  first red flag answer is I'm a [TS]

  vegetarian and I don't either [TS]

  good i'm a vegetarian so I haven't [TS]

  really tried anything on the menu but [TS]

  people say it's good people that I work [TS]

  in a fucking hamburger joint but I'm a [TS]

  vegetarian [TS]

  uh and i have at that's like working an [TS]

  abattoir not liking knives doesn't make [TS]

  sense if you want to learn networking a [TS]

  crystal knocked and liking Jews well or [TS]

  like or like like out here's the thing [TS]

  you go in there then you say to them [TS]

  what's good or what do you like to get [TS]

  this i like it all [TS]

  well yeah that's the second worst answer [TS]

  I think is a lot of people uh you know [TS]

  like the like the the gelatin and [TS]

  espresso dog 'let me was not really what [TS]

  I asked you you know about the west [TS]

  coast answer you would never get that [TS]

  answer in new york city or in Boston or [TS]

  in Philadelphia baby [TS]

  oh you got one I got one answer that get [TS]

  the room the Heisman on it like a lot of [TS]

  people like it's because people always [TS]

  came out but you spam that no no they [TS]

  can't and that is the part of the [TS]

  problem and in this case you walk you [TS]

  again somewhere in New York and already [TS]

  they're mad at you like that that's good [TS]

  which is good like they're them to make [TS]

  food i'm there to eat it and anything [TS]

  else is just pure noise right that [TS]

  service right so here's what happens you [TS]

  go to place it in New York and you walk [TS]

  in and you say what's good and they go [TS]

  what the fuck you talking about the [TS]

  exact could get the p2 asshole [TS]

  oh no no it's good to treat that never [TS]

  heard of it try the lobster thermidor [TS]

  that should fit your ass now what I want [TS]

  to Katz's Deli one time I exactly that's [TS]

  what can I get Swiss cheese on that [TS]

  sandwich and the guys that if that's [TS]

  what you want i would do it but if [TS]

  that's what you want that's one place [TS]

  where the not what right now you get the [TS]

  hall and then what's the one forever is [TS]

  linear that is the same thing but with [TS]

  difference right [TS]

  I'm sure is jus okay i gotta get that [TS]

  great i think poster Jewish rule all [TS]

  Islam same thing [TS]

  ok it's the same book basically same set [TS]

  of Voodoo rules name but one of them but [TS]

  you going and yet either one of those [TS]

  restaurants if i can say you go in and [TS]

  ask for an Abrahamic sandwich [TS]

  they're not gonna be happy that's real [TS]

  funny that is all you need to know what [TS]

  that is because all the people in both [TS]

  the whole all restaurants and the Jewish [TS]

  restaurants are all from the Dominican [TS]

  Republic now [TS]

  ditto chinese restaurants that racist i [TS]

  said Chinese restaurant [TS]

  no it is a Chinese restaurant you [TS]

  wouldn't say it's asian food it's not [TS]

  asian you know challenging for it's an [TS]

  oriental carpet tell me [TS]

  mm-hmm cuisine and then chinese food [TS]

  okay well that's not bad right now what [TS]

  about the ancient secret thing Chinese [TS]

  is that racist the ancient chinese [TS]

  secret now that's dry cleaning [TS]

  no no it's right there that day it just [TS]

  seems like it ok who and if it is [TS]

  literally a fire drill inside of the [TS]

  asian american restaurant you can have a [TS]

  fire drill inside of a place that would [TS]

  not be a chance fire drills but your [TS]

  tire fire drill by definition you leave [TS]

  the place it's a car if you're in a car [TS]

  it's a Chinese fire drill if it's in a [TS]

  Chinese restaurant it's a regular fire [TS]

  drill in an Asian restaurant [TS]

  ok what if it's what if it's a Chinese [TS]

  car but all the cooks are Mexican is [TS]

  that still so your Chinese cars every [TS]

  single restaurant I have worked in now [TS]

  back in high school this is not true but [TS]

  since then every restaurant I've either [TS]

  working or have familiarity with has [TS]

  been largely populated from people with [TS]

  people from Mexico the Dominican [TS]

  Republic and i want to say like Honduras [TS]

  that's right and I think it's part of a [TS]

  I think it's part of a global plan huh [TS]

  that one day that last restaurant that [TS]

  still employees an old Italian guy he's [TS]

  going to retire or die and then the the [TS]

  the the mexican government will like [TS]

  blow whistle they got a government [TS]

  well okay in the South they do they'll [TS]

  blow some kind of whistle and America [TS]

  will starve like we will be cut off [TS]

  there will be guys available kind of [TS]

  sleeper cells yourself it's a mentor and [TS]

  candidate thing again [TS]

  yeah not much people working a lot of [TS]

  the people working in red robins and [TS]

  stuff they don't even know that they are [TS]

  sleeper cells gonna find out more about [TS]

  red robin so that somebody has a Mexican [TS]

  whistle just wait for my card [TS]

  I don't I've been to Mexico several [TS]

  times and I didn't notice that they had [TS]

  a whistle technology that different from [TS]

  ours but right [TS]

  I'm what these videos secret things just [TS]

  people suddenly place you get a beetle [TS]

  for a long time you know when they close [TS]

  down the Beatles and by the way i did do [TS]

  some more research [TS]

  thank you very much in Argentina to is [TS]

  not would have a mistake on my car to do [TS]

  is go to that place that we're going to [TS]

  that charity replace you ever go to that [TS]

  when you were here [TS]

  no but I've been to blame sarees and let [TS]

  me tell you they are not kiddin around [TS]

  when they put steak on fire [TS]

  get on the swords they do it on the [TS]

  sword walk to the restaurant with the [TS]

  steak on the swords and it's not you [TS]

  know if you go to that in San Francisco [TS]

  it's like getting a freaking Chicago dog [TS]

  in the sunset but if you're in waves are [TS]

  I comes in it and the way you know and [TS]

  we can say big pants there's no they're [TS]

  not like dressed like Gauchos they're [TS]

  dressed in tuxedos because there's a 65 [TS]

  year old men that still believe that [TS]

  being a waiter is not just a good job [TS]

  how I love that but it's a kind of you [TS]

  remember I where are our waiter at the [TS]

  couches at wait a minute [TS]

  oh right at yes am I wrong LOL show ouch [TS]

  oh holy shit i think we just blew [TS]

  something open at El Gaucho he's one of [TS]

  the one of the top maybe five maybe one [TS]

  of the top three you know what that [TS]

  might be the best experience we've had [TS]

  that guy was very tolerant and he was [TS]

  old and he had a shit ton of dignity he [TS]

  did and our are like stupid-ass rap [TS]

  where were where everything is a joke [TS]

  yeah we're making like us wanted to [TS]

  thank him like us from the very [TS]

  beginning wanted you know we wanted to [TS]

  let him know that we were on his side he [TS]

  just took it all he bore it with with [TS]

  the with a total Signy with dignity and [TS]

  wisdom [TS]

  this isn't this is not a girl there's [TS]

  not a girl with small ankles and small [TS]

  nipples [TS]

  this was a man who is near 80 and not in [TS]

  great health he looked like he was not [TS]

  working this job in order so that he [TS]

  could work on his screenplay [TS]

  that's a really good point you know what [TS]

  I mean he was working this job because [TS]

  this was his job and that's when you go [TS]

  to a place like when you go to places [TS]

  like Argentina or chili or even places [TS]

  in Spain's doing it's less true in Spain [TS]

  all the time [TS]

  it used to be very true waiters are old [TS]

  people and they are meant that and they [TS]

  are proud and this is [TS]

  also helps that they're not part of the [TS]

  whole Hollywood System you know I think [TS]

  they're not making as many movies there [TS]

  and you know I think there's just not [TS]

  that inertia that people feel to write [TS]

  some kind of script you know what maybe [TS]

  like a romantic comedy [TS]

  I I agree completely there's a place in [TS]

  town i'm gonna find out now let me ask [TS]

  you one question [TS]

  there's a I think it's just that the [TS]

  style of painting versus a kind of [TS]

  brazilian steak players about your [TS]

  oscuro Thatcher's is a chart sakura or [TS]

  your roster eyes the steak and ok sharp [TS]

  chair oscuro is the is the the use of [TS]

  light in a dark painting it's not one of [TS]

  the things like chocolatey instead of [TS]

  chocolate i think i think that i think [TS]

  they try to screw us with that espetus [TS]

  we've never been desperate to see eat [TS]

  food off of sorts of very large pants [TS]

  okay all right all right well I'm gonna [TS]

  put that on another card which is next [TS]

  time if you ever come here again we're [TS]

  going to go to one I always confuses me [TS]

  as baklava horses of balaclava right and [TS]

  one was a gun right and the other one's [TS]

  got spinach what one is a mask one is a [TS]

  face mask that you wear when you are [TS]

  either in those special air service or [TS]

  on a snowmobile and the other is some [TS]

  kind of disgusting Greek how it's made [TS]

  of files you're feeling desk at the very [TS]

  thin del right here's my problem with [TS]

  the Greeks they another of the there the [TS]

  cradle of civilization but they there's [TS]

  not a single Greek dessert or Turkish [TS]

  dessert well no that's not true there [TS]

  are some Turkish deserves but greek [TS]

  desserts name a good Greek dessert I [TS]

  like now [TS]

  betta yogurt its its its receptor [TS]

  desserts and that's why they're there [TS]

  countries finds a weak link in the [TS]

  gustatory chain for the Greek i totally [TS]

  agree its family very inexpensive you [TS]

  know if you don't do those mix-up Greek [TS]

  people in Turkish people they do not [TS]

  like that there's a difference [TS]

  oh man i was a place in pink is a place [TS]

  in england and i saw i know if you see a [TS]

  guy with a little coffee pot and he's [TS]

  making like a little espresso style look [TS]

  and coffee thing with little flame under [TS]

  it [TS]

  what do you call that kind of coffee [TS]

  it's Turkish going i said no it looks [TS]

  like you're making some turkish coffee [TS]

  and he's a Greek coffee [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  but like wow you know what here's the [TS]

  pier funny things trying to him to the [TS]

  Greek Turkish border and there isn't a [TS]

  lot of most of the Greek Turkish border [TS]

  is the Aegean Sea right it's not really [TS]

  a boarder who it's just an ocean that [TS]

  they that they agree to disagree about [TS]

  who owns the islands in ID like that I [TS]

  like that as a sentence I think it's [TS]

  great and I think it must have had a [TS]

  huge effect on why you never agree to [TS]

  disagree you're learning from the Greek [TS]

  that's right look from the Greeks and [TS]

  the Turks but I've been to the front of [TS]

  the route was like Rios the root [TS]

  disagree owes meaning to contend with [TS]

  anyway this border is is a fortified [TS]

  border like barbed wire jeeps running up [TS]

  and down both sides machine-gun nests [TS]

  pointed at each other and i'm walking [TS]

  along this this fence line with my with [TS]

  my little backpack on and there are guys [TS]

  it was like walking along the berlin [TS]

  wall there were guys with machine guns [TS]

  pointed at me looking at me through [TS]

  binoculars the whole time and I said [TS]

  both of these countries are our inmate [TS]

  oh they're both you know like they both [TS]

  inspire at least to be in the EU and and [TS]

  it's like east berlin west berlin here [TS]

  for a long time turkey want to be in [TS]

  that European deal right [TS]

  isn't that the European it was the [TS]

  European deal or the ya-ya European [TS]

  Union p.m. because the Greeks are having [TS]

  a lot of problems of money now here [TS]

  oh they really are and it's because [TS]

  desserts [TS]

  well i think its large part of that they [TS]

  don't have a good dessert and so they [TS]

  steal the Greeks that they start a lot [TS]

  of money from themselves [TS]

  all i know is that when I was a waiter [TS]

  engine now that's racism now we're going [TS]

  to get some angry letters [TS]

  yeah I make week that you have made a [TS]

  new so rain recruitable when I was a [TS]

  waiter at all the dough trying to use [TS]

  I'm sorry sorry p.m. when I was a waiter [TS]

  all the dough was in stuff like desserts [TS]

  and and and nappies and and [TS]

  details about money are you talking [TS]

  about actual phyllo dough [TS]

  are we back the phyllo dough the actual [TS]

  cash money if you wanted to have value [TS]

  added money that's what you try and sell [TS]

  what I'm saying is I don't know what the [TS]

  margins are like on something like [TS]

  spanakopita and euros or if there's [TS]

  other foods I don't know if there are [TS]

  they probably have something with grape [TS]

  leaves [TS]

  I you're not gonna make a lot of dough [TS]

  if you don't have a good dessert if you [TS]

  don't have like a flourless chocolate [TS]

  cake [TS]

  I mean you know come on that's what I'm [TS]

  saying exactly you sit down to a Greek [TS]

  dinner the first course is tomatoes and [TS]

  cucumbers on in like and like I [TS]

  vinaigrette with some vinegar on I like [TS]

  that I like that it's nice but you [TS]

  you're not it's not like you it's not [TS]

  like you just sold somebody a platter of [TS]

  bloomin onions know right i mean bloomin [TS]

  onions get the markings are like a [TS]

  bloomin onion that's all you're you're [TS]

  raking it in [TS]

  but the operations order to make $42 on [TS]

  everyone the thing about a bloomin [TS]

  onions you look at it and you don't see [TS]

  how cheap the onions and you don't see [TS]

  how cheap the greases what you see is [TS]

  Labor you think wow a lot of work went [TS]

  into making that onion bloom [TS]

  whereas if you just cut up some tomatoes [TS]

  and some some whatever cucumbers that [TS]

  everybody can see that didn't take [TS]

  anything [TS]

  nobody no nobody is willing to pay ya [TS]

  for anybody that came out of things like [TS]

  a 5-gallon bucket [TS]

  exactly and then the second course in a [TS]

  Greek meal is some yogurt with some [TS]

  lemon honor or or falafel on a bed of [TS]

  lettuce I mean none of these things [TS]

  because these are not impressive foods [TS]

  this isn't like now that your next [TS]

  course is like well some it's not [TS]

  ramping up its not ramping up the [TS]

  experience at the same time apparently [TS]

  people are constantly breaking plates [TS]

  they think that's good luck [TS]

  so there wasn't money all the time on [TS]

  that you mean that's gonna bring your [TS]

  margins down if you're breaking [TS]

  literally breaking your own plates in [TS]

  the restaurant okay how happy you are [TS]

  well and they're shooting their [TS]

  blunderbusses in the air right right [TS]

  exactly that lead pellets the hall rains [TS]

  down somewhere [TS]

  yeah yeah I know they they didn't learn [TS]

  from Gettysburg [TS]

  here's the other problem no you go out [TS]

  now your grease and you need money so [TS]

  what do you do you start seeing [TS]

  everybody look we need some money and i [TS]

  said look we gave you some money that [TS]

  didn't work out i think at this point we [TS]

  say let's give you some dessert that [TS]

  gives it will loan you some dessert [TS]

  I think I think we get behind this I [TS]

  think we have the French have the German [TS]

  the Germans god bless them if you do not [TS]

  give a German a piece of cake after a [TS]

  meal they will they will literally put [TS]

  you in a camp because that's not a meal [TS]

  if you didn't get cake has got to be [TS]

  doubly bread there are crazy with the [TS]

  bread and the sugars you know saying [TS]

  they make a pretty good dessert right [TS]

  you know saying if you took all these [TS]

  Germans can't do is make a fucking [TS]

  entree to save their law [TS]

  My Christ day you know you guys can if [TS]

  you guys could make an entree like you [TS]

  make a tank it's a sausage and a potato [TS]

  is a German entre you can you call that [TS]

  a meal like can you dress this up [TS]

  sausage piece of parsley potatoes they [TS]

  don't they don't even put they don't [TS]

  bother with the parsley [TS]

  no i mean i have spent so many so many [TS]

  months in Germany saying do you have [TS]

  anything that isn't a fried pork cutlet [TS]

  and like then the waiter goes then we [TS]

  have a fried pork cutlet with an egg on [TS]

  it up now is that sauerbraten know what [TS]

  is that [TS]

  no exception it's often faster it's a [TS]

  Venus minutes which is the one with the [TS]

  riddles on the lid that's often referee [TS]

  and rougher yeah a private stock and [TS]

  then you've got the hospital for anyone [TS]

  I've ever is rabbit okay we'll see I [TS]

  think step two in this implementation [TS]

  process I think that the the Greek [TS]

  gustatory influx I think step two is [TS]

  going to be improved the entrees I think [TS]

  step number one [TS]

  see I don't love flan but some people [TS]

  love a flan i think a little I think [TS]

  flan is going to be a lot better he [TS]

  likes a floor on huh [TS]

  you know its width is the caster be [TS]

  Arthur is the is the is the target [TS]

  audience for a flawed you have to be you [TS]

  have to be in 85 year-old I living [TS]

  influence i could say John I think fun [TS]

  is a fairly phallocentric desert you [TS]

  know I'm saying you think it's men like [TS]

  form who some maybe a ten percent now I [TS]

  think first thing is ten percent of men [TS]

  would fuck off lon [TS]

  I thought I think I fucked the shit out [TS]

  of line ok everybody wants to eat of one [TS]

  when i was 12 i would fucking thing they [TS]

  made the flying in [TS]

  I would i arrested my book you know you [TS]

  wouldn't fuck the recipe book you could [TS]

  have open it when i was done [TS]

  I i see i was the I was picturing like a [TS]

  little flan mold with some some little [TS]

  bits of flan sticking to the sides i'm [TS]

  kind of thought well sure you don't drop [TS]

  out how tall is she [TS]

  but a flan mold and my point being [TS]

  now the French there's so much we can [TS]

  say about the French I you know I have a [TS]

  hard-on for the French I do not like the [TS]

  French right now [TS]

  yep yep i'm just saying but they make [TS]

  that they make a hell of a desert now [TS]

  they do airy a pretty great killer entre [TS]

  tu and appetizer course from the start [TS]

  to the finish [TS]

  say what you will about the French and [TS]

  we could go on all i got a pole card [TS]

  right here [TS]

  constructing French is called this is [TS]

  called the card front say but if you sit [TS]

  back and let capful SE lekar know yet to [TS]

  speak French here blue there [TS]

  the fact that you sit down and you can [TS]

  shut up [TS]

  Lamberg air little cheeseburger from [TS]

  naval joy is phony baloney you sit down [TS]

  at a table in a French restaurant the [TS]

  waiter is going to be a dick the [TS]

  tablecloth is not going to be clean the [TS]

  place is gonna smell like bleach and [TS]

  roaches but my god every one of the [TS]

  seven courses they put down in front of [TS]

  you is going to blow your mind was going [TS]

  to redefine but that particular course [TS]

  of food for you i would have a [TS]

  restaurant one time and I ordered i [TS]

  swear to you i ordered the chocolate [TS]

  mousse at the end of the meal and the [TS]

  guy came over with a champagne bucket [TS]

  full of chocolate mousse which had been [TS]

  switching which had spoon marks in it [TS]

  where they hid it must have been [TS]

  spooning a moose he had a moose bucket [TS]

  had a champagne bucket full of moose and [TS]

  he set it down on the table and he said [TS]

  help yourself well into the kitchen and [TS]

  I was left alone with the I mean I might [TS]

  have had a dining partner I don't even [TS]

  remember now [TS]

  lesson learned tracks with the purpose [TS]

  of out and I just you think there's a [TS]

  much more noticeable dent in the most [TS]

  fucking when you're done [TS]

  no that's the thing i just had a six [TS]

  just a six-course meal it probably was [TS]

  40,000 calories and put this bucket of [TS]

  moose on the table as a challenge [TS]

  it was absolutely a challenge it was [TS]

  like here you do your worst [TS]

  do your worst American fuck you hear [TS]

  that champagne bucket full moon there [TS]

  and the first spoon the first spoonful [TS]

  of moose was like eating a celery stick [TS]

  of butter eating a stick of butter that [TS]

  had been you know that was had been [TS]

  warmed by the Sun and I mean I i thought [TS]

  i was gonna was gonna eat this bucket [TS]

  moves but i could not I really you know [TS]

  three spoonfuls and I surrendered see [TS]

  the play miss you know where please call [TS]

  me over there when you're ready to like [TS]

  you say serlin get I i was thinking to [TS]

  myself yet you spent four years fighting [TS]

  a trench warfare against the Germans and [TS]

  you had this secret weapon like you [TS]

  you're out there you're out there [TS]

  shooting you know pellets at each other [TS]

  uh-huh yeah you had 50,000 men died or [TS]

  in one day on the psalm and you could [TS]

  have just sent this bucket of moves [TS]

  across and I mean the Germans had the [TS]

  Germans we've had no defense they're [TS]

  used to you know they're used to [TS]

  somebody giving them a piece of dry [TS]

  bread and some flourless cake at the end [TS]

  of a meal they would have a really want [TS]

  to capitulate in an hour to work its [TS]

  magic no line at that didn't take a [TS]

  weekend that was a lot of fucking work [TS]

  to make this the more the most useless [TS]

  things ever [TS]

  you can spend all that time on imagine a [TS]

  line when you could have made you could [TS]

  have made not just like a moose table [TS]

  they were stopped right there [TS]

  you learn that's right a folding table [TS]

  two guys sitting on one side of it and a [TS]

  bucket of moose and they would have been [TS]

  like lineup take all you want helmet [TS]

  that's right [TS]

  hey here this is it this is all we have [TS]

  in front so you can take as much of your [TS]

  wants and easy do you remember our guy [TS]

  wish I could remember his name we should [TS]

  go back there but remember and I [TS]

  remember he like unexpectedly brought us [TS]

  a lovely plate of fruit he just been an [TS]

  not like the kind of fruit you get like [TS]

  like at that the soup and crackers or [TS]

  whatever he puts down like a plate of [TS]

  whole fruits like something from hans [TS]

  holbein painting anywhere there's a [TS]

  bunch of fruit I just like bringing your [TS]

  like we're like god bless you old man [TS]

  yeah I felt like there should have been [TS]

  a piglet in the middle of this in this [TS]

  basket of fruit and we actually sat with [TS]

  our knives and we're cutting out a [TS]

  couple cutting up apples full apples and [TS]

  eating them at this time so you should [TS]

  feel like you know you you go to Greece [TS]

  and what are you doing you're peeling [TS]

  away layers of phyllo dough wondering [TS]

  what this what this [TS]

  don't like substance what is this what [TS]

  is this mulch inside of here if I was [TS]

  lucky they'll give you like some hot [TS]

  nuts [TS]

  mmm this is something I've never [TS]

  understood that didn't happen to be in [TS]

  Turkey all the time it's like in Turkey [TS]

  they're always handy hot nuts would you [TS]

  like hot nuts [TS]

  can I have a test John is not a certain [TS]

  point I had to start there [TS]

  there are store friends in Turkey are [TS]

  all they sell hot nuts like every kind [TS]

  of not hot and there's a there's a guy [TS]

  behind the counter [TS]

  I swear to you in a bow tie and a [TS]

  stripey shirt and a little paper cap and [TS]

  he's like would you know pick hot nuts [TS]

  that are your pleasure and after a while [TS]

  in Turkey I was like you know what I'd [TS]

  like some nuts at room temperature and [TS]

  at that point you think we are Greek [TS]

  you're insulting their culture at that [TS]

  point that's not how we do it Mike i I [TS]

  just I love nuts but not hot [TS]

  I don't want to haha I I like I i tried [TS]

  them now I just like some regular nuts [TS]

  and the guy said at one point some guy [TS]

  said by the nuts take him home what I'm [TS]

  cool now is the solution i was a [TS]

  solution because all he had were hot [TS]

  nuts sir we just sign language anyway I [TS]

  don't speak to how would you like to [TS]

  have a Hertz donut it punches in the [TS]

  arms of any money please for the love of [TS]

  God stop hitting your nuts mexican coke [TS]

  okay she had one more promise so Marlo [TS]

  Thomas 1966 was the premiere of that [TS]

  girl has described anne-marie which I [TS]

  thought was kind of funny and she's got [TS]

  to Amarista struggling actress living in [TS]

  new york city in between trying to find [TS]

  jobs she has time for her boyfriend [TS]

  Donald Hollinger now interesting here [TS]

  now Donald Hollinger first of all eight [TS]

  this is where I learned the the word [TS]

  fiancee I love the word fiancĂ© from [TS]

  that girl when I was a boy really uh huh [TS]

  i learned them the word moved from rick [TS]

  springfield points probably mood and [TS]

  Sheila it's a great song and the end [TS]

  that you never saw us to plan something [TS]

  something every night of it I love it I [TS]

  love that song [TS]

  the point is probably mood at the time I [TS]

  so I remember saying to my sister kind [TS]

  of smugly as it [TS]

  the world I think he means mute and my [TS]

  sister who was a ten-year-old said it's [TS]

  moot and I was like me I don't think [TS]

  there's a I don't think there's a word [TS]

  moot when Tina went negligently mute [TS]

  around that time probably one night in [TS]

  1981 someone asked me that much group of [TS]

  adults said what you want to go for [TS]

  dinner I said that matter me I'm [TS]

  expendable the letter that a Warner [TS]

  Brothers cartoon but here's the thing [TS]

  about that girl I think this is an [TS]

  important thing because i think that [TS]

  girl [TS]

  yes she's got the father-figure yes [TS]

  she's got the fiance but she's trying to [TS]

  strike out on her own I think this is [TS]

  the network trying to get into this [TS]

  whole youth culture thing in a way that [TS]

  people will be able to understand i [TS]

  think she's a very important precursor [TS]

  to mary tyler moore i say all this [TS]

  because did you know that for the mary [TS]

  tyler moore show based initially she was [TS]

  supposed to be divorced scandalous she [TS]

  was supposed exactly but here's the big [TS]

  problem I think eventually was implied i [TS]

  think was implied eventually that there [TS]

  was an engagement that broke off that [TS]

  she was actually never married [TS]

  this concern on all fronts was that [TS]

  people would think she had gotten [TS]

  divorced from Dick Van Dyke who can't [TS]

  divorce dick van dyke [TS]

  no no no he's got a lot of you know he's [TS]

  been alcoholic you don't get the ground [TS]

  like mad he is not well i mean if if I'd [TS]

  been married to Dick Van Dyke just his [TS]

  british accent in many problems enough [TS]

  to divorce him and keeps changing like [TS]

  like not even like not even a paragraph [TS]

  that even a sense like from whatever of [TS]

  the moaning demonium or whatever [TS]

  yeah phoneme I guess phony phony that [TS]

  may not know [TS]

  boney m I don't know what that is that's [TS]

  a great that's a great name for a French [TS]

  girl though [TS]

  have you met dr. Joe moneim mean that [TS]

  money right that many of you know who's [TS]

  British accent I can't stand who don [TS]

  cheadle is even fake British accent don [TS]

  cheadle plays he just tries to a cockney [TS]

  accent in those oceans 11 movies I and [TS]

  every time he's on the screen [TS]

  my skin is crawling like it's covered [TS]

  with spiders and I I got nothing against [TS]

  Don Cheadle I like that actor i like [TS]

  that i say he's a great actor and he's [TS]

  in a lot of movies i feel like you he's [TS]

  many plays the same role in every film [TS]

  but that's alright except for this one [TS]

  movie where he doesn't talk me accent [TS]

  and I makes my skin crawl and somebody [TS]

  suggested to me that maybe I could enjoy [TS]

  the oceans 11 movies more if I thought [TS]

  that he was intentionally doing a bad [TS]

  fake British accent through and I [TS]

  haven't tested that theory out food [TS]

  that's like saying I get you get you [TS]

  know enjoy it because she's acting like [TS]

  she's doing a crummy handjob you know [TS]

  she's really bad in it I mean like I [TS]

  matter what you think that's kind of an [TS]

  interesting idea [TS]

  mm relax and you know enjoy it because [TS]

  she's acting like she's giving a [TS]

  chromium job i'm gonna try that you know [TS]

  she's given up a lot just even be there [TS]

  yeah it's like that this is an economy [TS]

  and job this is a performance of the [TS]

  core me handjob also i cut you off on [TS]

  the match thing I think matches another [TS]

  thing they like the on the family where [TS]

  it really it was a little heavy-handed [TS]

  pretty quickly but i think it really [TS]

  really really has not aged well it has [TS]

  not aged well some of those particularly [TS]

  the later episodes you can't even watch [TS]

  it it's like it's like being sent to the [TS]

  principal's office and have like happy [TS]

  days yes and like happy days and like so [TS]

  many shows that were on for way too long [TS]

  and they got less and less careful about [TS]

  even trying to make them look like it [TS]

  was that era [TS]

  right right i just started really judgey [TS]

  cybergun was watching really that's [TS]

  that's the way people had here in 1961 [TS]

  you kidding me chachi you know I mean [TS]

  every every everybody looks like John [TS]

  casals in dog day afternoon so what he [TS]

  is doing this haircut in the Army for [TS]

  every x chachi came on the set for me it [TS]

  was like when scrappy-doo walked walked [TS]

  out into into the scene [TS]

  chachi was the scrappydew of happy days [TS]

  they all have them [TS]

  I mean [TS]

  there's I'll jump the shark site i think [TS]

  that yes absolutely you know like Oliver [TS]

  on on the Brady Bunch all over all my [TS]

  god anything they have that lame attempt [TS]

  to try to make using one episode where [TS]

  they were trying to make us a spin-off [TS]

  with through multiracial kids and how [TS]

  did that all overlooked however was like [TS]

  a like a three-foot-tall John Denver who [TS]

  menus on Big John Littlejohn with her [TS]

  Battlement well you just took it to a [TS]

  higher level don't recommend you do that [TS]

  all the time you drop a major science [TS]

  probably just rubber wristbands now I [TS]

  think he's a producer something who is a [TS]

  really douchebaggy picture him [TS]

  oh my goodness the ultimate example of [TS]

  that of course is the little is the [TS]

  little Cooley child in the second uh [TS]

  Indiana Jones movie is equally I don't [TS]

  know it's at now what about that keep up [TS]

  with your casual racism ok alright [TS]

  alright well I'd like to move onto [TS]

  black-tie racism at some at some point [TS]

  just so we can raise it raise that to [TS]

  tell you a little bit wanna you want to [TS]

  go to black tie racism are [TS]

  african-american and African American [TS]

  Tycho one will know what the hell you're [TS]

  talking about will be we will be [TS]

  drowning in euphemism because there [TS]

  there's nobody more racist than Black [TS]

  Tie p.m. have arrogant I people don't [TS]

  move okay so we got just a couple of [TS]

  things and moose buffet is best gotta go [TS]

  to espetus normally Oh Hogan's Heroes [TS]

  got the whole thing on Hogan's Heroes [TS]

  talk about in Margaret for a second all [TS]

  you bet we can [TS]

  God target in in in the that movie [TS]

  always as the 70s the queen she was the [TS]

  models in the mom it was the mom on man [TS]

  or like in that up by birdy opening [TS]

  sequence from bye birdie and Margaret [TS]

  have you seen her appearances on the on [TS]

  the Dean Martin television program no i [TS]

  haven't she's every bit as foxy and [TS]

  the foxiest thing that ever walked the [TS]

  earth she's transferring this on the [TS]

  robot no just absolutely absolutely i [TS]

  mean like she's very close to what she's [TS]

  different she's a different strain of of [TS]

  hot girl from she's not in my like [TS]

  canonical fallax of hot girls but she's [TS]

  awful tentacles that likes em yeah right [TS]

  that's from the Greek yeah yeah they're [TS]

  on factory records band didn't didn't [TS]

  didn't do very well disagree as to [TS]

  create the greek word gosh i got so many [TS]

  of these I could somewhat time isn't [TS]

  going to lose ok send an economical [TS]

  fouling son said i watch that video i [TS]

  look at my cards i'm supposed to I'm [TS]

  we're doing a podcast know what you're [TS]

  gonna be here a little while you're [TS]

  making here to watch a little bit and [TS]

  i'll just talk to myself here i got my [TS]

  classes might think you know it's a that [TS]

  she's so a redheaded know she's [TS]

  extremely redheaded and she's very low [TS]

  she's so petulant and mm she riding her [TS]

  roller left she could cause a lot of [TS]

  trouble for a lot of people she's [TS]

  flouncing her hair around that's the [TS]

  thing that's the thing that girls don't [TS]

  do now don't want their hair like this [TS]

  although i think zooey deschanel [TS]

  probably does [TS]

  you know I i think it's something where [TS]

  I totally agree and I think it's [TS]

  something that that like a slutty girl [TS]

  would do what she wants you to pick up [TS]

  the tab but i think all girls use it [TS]

  just slipped their hair is a thing [TS]

  that's like guys wearing hats that was [TS]

  just what you did she flips her hair she [TS]

  flips her hair like like a like an [TS]

  Olympic sensor like every single little [TS]

  flick of her hair is intentional [TS]

  it is it is it then there's somebody and [TS]

  you can see there's nobody with a fan [TS]

  right behind the camera pointing the fan [TS]

  and her and giving her a little bit you [TS]

  know a little bit of wind [TS]

  he works pretty much for Neil Young now [TS]

  the fan guy everything Young has always [TS]

  been a fan [TS]

  well yeah you know I i saw a million i [TS]

  saw the new young production from the [TS]

  side of the stage at one point and wow [TS]

  he hires everybody that works for Neil [TS]

  Young has worked for young for 45 years [TS]

  the fan guy probably started with neil [TS]

  and 67 you know he did this and mari did [TS]

  bye birdie and many he went over to meal [TS]

  and they all have huge handlebar [TS]

  mustaches they look like Muppets haha [TS]

  it's amazing it's like being it's like [TS]

  being in a biker bar except everybody's [TS]

  super friendly [TS]

  that's so cool he seems extremely [TS]

  down-to-earth i'm shy reserved and [TS]

  down-to-earth is what explains a little [TS]

  shy some of that is that he's stoned LOL [TS]

  i stuck his home shook his hand at just [TS]

  I i just said i stuck his home but I [TS]

  didn't stick his home i did shake his [TS]

  hand to get that just the German phrase [TS]

  as i stood his home he shook his own but [TS]

  I shook his hand and his hand was so [TS]

  soft and he would end so gentle and we [TS]

  stood and we talked about model trains [TS]

  and this isn't his kid likes model [TS]

  trains i'm guessing kid likes model [TS]

  trains but he's a big model train guy [TS]

  and I knew that and I like model trains [TS]

  so I was you know I was like what am I [TS]

  going to say to neil young because you [TS]

  know Neil Young was a he was a figure [TS]

  for me when I stopped doing drugs i [TS]

  remembers this was the this was the this [TS]

  was the thing that popped into my head [TS]

  because when you stop doing drugs a lot [TS]

  of things pop into your head a lot of [TS]

  stupid shit who pops into your head for [TS]

  months and years afterwards but one of [TS]

  the things that stop popped into my head [TS]

  right at the start was well okay smart [TS]

  guy is stopped doing drugs but what are [TS]

  you gonna do if one day [TS]

  Neil Young offers you would hit off of [TS]

  his joints to be are you going to say no [TS]

  to Neil Young offering you a hit off of [TS]

  his doobie and so for 15 years of [TS]

  walking around not doing drugs [TS]

  this is in the back of my mind I didn't [TS]

  have a definitive answer for this this [TS]

  but this was the challenge this was the [TS]

  test [TS]

  what are you gonna do smart guy what [TS]

  Neil Young offers you hit off his dob [TS]

  it's one thing to not be like searching [TS]

  the carpet for that little piece of [TS]

  crack that suppose that somebody thought [TS]

  they dropped but it's another thing it's [TS]

  one thing to not want to do that anymore [TS]

  like it's like Dennis Wilson asking you [TS]

  to look through the [TS]

  matching his car for coke right it's [TS]

  nothing is not brian wilson sitting in a [TS]

  cat box saying pitches like my like this [TS]

  poop for me is this is this hash or is [TS]

  this cat shit [TS]

  no it's it's this was the thing what are [TS]

  you going to do and one of the one that [TS]

  I had a a short test of it [TS]

  well I one night I was out to dinner [TS]

  with mike mills of REM a guy you know I [TS]

  admire and he he ordered like probably [TS]

  eleventeen bottles of wine while we were [TS]

  at dinner and and and i was thinking to [TS]

  myself do I have a glass of wine with [TS]

  mike mills this is like a big moment for [TS]

  me having dinner with mike mills and [TS]

  what did I I didn't have a glass of wine [TS]

  and why not because I said well it's not [TS]

  really offering you a hit off of his [TS]

  tippy get the SPECIAL yeah that's the [TS]

  thing right so then anyway here I am a [TS]

  deal and I'm backstage and neil young [TS]

  thing and unique armor from death cab [TS]

  for cutie he comes he grabs me and he [TS]

  says you gotta come with me you know i [TS]

  were backstage everybody's it's like [TS]

  backstage and over blah blah blah [TS]

  Nick comes he sick he kinda you know a [TS]

  gets me away from the herd and he says [TS]

  come with me come with me and we walk [TS]

  out into the hall and I say what's going [TS]

  on things like just stand here with me [TS]

  and just talk to me for a second I was [TS]

  like alright we stand there and talk and [TS]

  just making chitchat and I'm like so [TS]

  what are we doing here and he's like [TS]

  just if we just stand here for a few [TS]

  more minutes Neil Young is going to walk [TS]

  out of that door and i'll enter one I [TS]

  want you to meet him and I said oh [TS]

  alright and it added a very moment the [TS]

  door opens and out walks Neil Young with [TS]

  his wife and his band and everybody is [TS]

  smiling and they walk right over and [TS]

  Neil goes hey nick how's it going and it [TS]

  goes great deal i want you to meet a [TS]

  good friend of mine John Roderick and [TS]

  Neil goes hey John how's it goin and [TS]

  puts out his hand and we stand there [TS]

  it's been 10 minutes talking now this is [TS]

  a gift that Nick harmer gave me that I [TS]

  think it says volumes about [TS]

  Nick armor first of all the time but I'm [TS]

  standing talking to young and I'm [TS]

  thinking to myself what am I gonna do if [TS]

  he offers me and offers doobie you can [TS]

  even have a constant enjoying the moment [TS]

  because you just kept waiting for the [TS]

  moment where he pulls out like a cheech [TS]

  and chong sighs actually your fingers [TS]

  the smell of pot is wafting over us as [TS]

  we're talking and over here and you can [TS]

  hear when the basement of this stadium [TS]

  right you can hear the crowd one they'll [TS]

  do you know like chanting heels on his [TS]

  way to the stage right he's not like [TS]

  they're not they're not stopping to chat [TS]

  on their way to the bus [TS]

  they're stopping to chat in their show [TS]

  closed headed to the stage and he stops [TS]

  and he's like I'm gonna take 10 minutes [TS]

  and talk to this guy 10 minutes [TS]

  yeah we stand there and talk outside [TS]

  making like nothing seems awesome so I [TS]

  represent that's like not your mo you're [TS]

  like get out of the way guy you know you [TS]

  must have been so nervous I was like so [TS]

  so yeah uh so the bridge benefit is a [TS]

  cool thing [TS]

  uh so it's only gonna get you going to [TS]

  Chris Perry going to chris farley mode [TS]

  hot so you're Paul McCartney that and [TS]

  that and the whole time I'm thinking [TS]

  don't offer me head off your dubito [TS]

  please don't do it I don't want it I [TS]

  don't want it I'd I what I want it but I [TS]

  don't want it it's you know this is the [TS]

  thing and he didn't thank god bless them [TS]

  he can probably sin city give it even [TS]

  even in his terrible terrible [TS]

  uncontrollable marijuana Hayes he could [TS]

  probably tell that you felt awkward [TS]

  about 2 b's it was like if you know i'm [TS]

  sure a lot of guys settle up to yonder [TS]

  like to be 2b 2b 2b dooby dooby dooby [TS]

  dooby dooby and I wasn't given the [TS]

  doobie vibe and I've been given the [TS]

  doobie vibe I mean I know what that is [TS]

  here in San Francisco you must get it [TS]

  every time you walk out the door it's [TS]

  the most the primary five dozen other [TS]

  people in San Francisco that have lost [TS]

  the ability to tell when they're giving [TS]

  the doobie vibe to somebody no an [TS]

  anxiety disorder and wants them to doc [TS]

  it's just there's too much to be too [TS]

  much vibe like downstairs are I think [TS]

  our neighbors both of them must have [TS]

  some very bad glaucoma [TS]

  because that it's medicine that's making [TS]

  its yeah it is it's it's it's a kind of [TS]

  medicine [TS]

  yeah yeah I would just be hoping you [TS]

  would go like so did you have any [TS]

  incredibly detailed questions about my [TS]

  after the gold rush album what I wanted [TS]

  to do was sit and talk about his guitars [TS]

  the whole time so man that guitar [TS]

  yeah that one guitar so can I like touch [TS]

  it a time-weighted so then eventually [TS]

  they're like ok man we'll see you guys [TS]

  later you know they didn't say like we [TS]

  gotta go we gotta go records there [TS]

  because there are 20,000 people chanting [TS]

  my name was just like all right man was [TS]

  any one last thing [TS]

  well what the fuck was up that wandering [TS]

  song i love that song [TS]

  of course you do Apple era of new young [TS]

  in the end up in the pink like its [TS]

  graphic work with his craft work songs [TS]

  to wonder and that's great and i liked i [TS]

  like trans to it was saying that when [TS]

  he's doing kraftwerk that's sweet you [TS]

  know you know about that record right [TS]

  yes okay well that's sweet we can make [TS]

  very much money with this kid but he [TS]

  should have done was a broken arrow or [TS]

  mr. solo I mean we have Mr so Dez you [TS]

  know come on a fan of all that stuff [TS]

  somebody posted something on the [TS]

  internet the other day talking shit [TS]

  about about the song t-bone from the [TS]

  reactor album like it was the reactor [TS]

  wow you go deep catalog that was some [TS]

  kind of bad thing [TS]

  30 there in gene simmons is a solo [TS]

  record were in Camelot cut out for [TS]

  probably still to this day don't bring [TS]

  gene Simmons into it but yeah reactor [TS]

  was one of those records right like the [TS]

  like the frank zappa orchestral record [TS]

  remember that Zappa made an orchestral [TS]

  record no vocals don't know what they [TS]

  got that but i can but yeah that's [TS]

  available [TS]

  these were the records that were [TS]

  available for ninety-nine cents who ship [TS]

  arriving too late to save a journey [TS]

  which was catching seems pretty good [TS]

  company all the way through high school [TS]

  for me and i own them all [TS]

  although some of them stayed with me and [TS]

  some of them went z [TS]

  go out into the snow was something i [TS]

  mean you know i think one of the best [TS]

  things you can do for a kid today is it [TS]

  is given mania that was a call decade [TS]

  needs to be a triple album absolutely i [TS]

  mean there's not there's not there's not [TS]

  a bad song on there like I've ever each [TS]

  one is better than the last all I did [TS]

  girl for a long time back in the old [TS]

  days who was a big fan of this w-end [TS]

  girlsongirls would be near you [TS]

  this was when girls would be near me and [TS]

  she was a fan of the yodeler she was a [TS]

  hipster girl and she liked the she like [TS]

  the cat power and she likes she met [TS]

  Jimmy much see Papa no not not the [TS]

  actual belittle others aren't I but I'm [TS]

  fairly slim whitman she loves Roger [TS]

  Whittaker about the autistic indie-rock [TS]

  yodelers Oh hotel a bonnie prince billy [TS]

  the the singers who killed who maybe can [TS]

  really sing but but what they do instead [TS]

  is yodel can whoa [TS]

  and I would listen to my offer [TS]

  always playing in her house and she was [TS]

  you know she was a hipster she was very [TS]

  smug about music whoo [TS]

  and at a certain point we've been dating [TS]

  for years certain point I was sitting in [TS]

  her and this was a type of thing that I [TS]

  would tolerate that lovely dark haired [TS]

  girl I met it's a dark-haired girl she [TS]

  was lovely [TS]

  she was very lovely girl in and and I [TS]

  would tolerate this type of thing this [TS]

  this like smugness about music she was [TS]

  far too pleasant for you if you know you [TS]

  didn't you never saw the unpleasantness [TS]

  yeah but anyway let's leave that to [TS]

  another target yelling but uh but at one [TS]

  point I said have you ever listened to [TS]

  neil young like just have you ever gone [TS]

  to the source of this and listen to this [TS]

  listen to the real thing of this and she [TS]

  went [TS]

  Neil Young classic rock double block all [TS]

  right I said oh oh my god [TS]

  right I said oh oh my god [TS]

  you've never listened to neil young [TS]

  she's a waltz rubber are some kind of [TS]

  hipster you know but gibberish that I [TS]

  didn't bother to decode and I got decade [TS]

  and I gave it to his brand I got it on [TS]

  final rites how I had it I got another [TS]

  awesome liner notes she couldn't there [TS]

  was nothing she could say about it right [TS]

  she couldn't turn their nose up at this [TS]

  here's the thing here's the thing [TS]

  listen to this thing and in bye-bye the [TS]

  gifting of that single album i [TS]

  transformed this person's idea of this [TS]

  thing that she loves she already loved [TS]

  this thing which was murdered our [TS]

  leaderboard are our burner and then she [TS]

  had this record which you can twitch [TS]

  moss would not grow on [TS]

  uh-huh this is an internal thing this [TS]

  decade album came through the whole [TS]

  thing [TS]

  well it became the only thing she [TS]

  listened to the first first side is you [TS]

  know I think you enjoy the first side [TS]

  more after you listen to the other sides [TS]

  but that's a thought but we're talking [TS]

  about feeling we talked about doing with [TS]

  the hipster person where the more the [TS]

  more impenetrable of the thing is at [TS]

  first the assumption is that it is is [TS]

  better i like broken arrow is a rather [TS]

  than I and mr. solo are both a little [TS]

  bit of a slog if you're you know not [TS]

  ready for it but if you've been [TS]

  listening to like Cat Power b-sides me [TS]

  and yeah yeah yeahs powers for cat [TS]

  Power's one of those ones like forgive [TS]

  me sleater-kinney I'm just like IE I [TS]

  just accepted a lot of people like this [TS]

  and it's good but it i just do not get [TS]

  it [TS]

  I'm surprised to hear that you don't [TS]

  like Slater can I I although at a [TS]

  certain level i'm not surprised that's [TS]

  nothing compared to heavenly oh my [TS]

  christ is that it no not heavily not [TS]

  heavenly heavens to Betsy happens to the [TS]

  heavenly was sweet heavenly was a great [TS]

  like girl singing and no don't open [TS]

  heavens to Betsy don't get me started [TS]

  we're talking about if we're going to [TS]

  sit here and talk shit about riot girl [TS]

  I'm gonna need another two-and-a-half [TS]

  some of that's fine [TS]

  like you know but boy that was still is [TS]

  just a whole lot of bad man [TS]

  that was a lot of bad i suffered through [TS]

  that era I was not meant for those times [TS]

  I open for Louis and tiger trap one time [TS]

  back in the day and add it was [TS]

  delightful that Louis good look at Louis [TS]

  was delightful she did that song on [TS]

  that's the area where you would have [TS]

  been super coming [TS]

  depending on who you're working with you [TS]

  would have been sequestered from the [TS]

  backstage area because it was like it [TS]

  right what we want mine all mine only [TS]

  yeah they were throwing their tampons [TS]

  and she's actually really sweet you sign [TS]

  my record [TS]

  you don't need me for Muslim you know [TS]

  what I mean that's not funny [TS]

  that isn't funny okay I gotta go I've [TS]

  got listen um I've been narrowing down [TS]

  on the REM issue want to come back to [TS]

  REM i want to talk about specific albums [TS]

  they could possibly as part of a series [TS]

  i want to talk a lot more about Hogan's [TS]

  Heroes I think that gets Hogan's Heroes [TS]

  is very near the center of what we're [TS]

  getting at with this program and I think [TS]

  I don't consider girls in the [TS]

  encapsulated I don't know concerns maybe [TS]

  the the bottleneck between the past and [TS]

  the nao em when you see that little [TS]

  doghouse with the dog in it rise up [TS]

  yeah and then who is it is it the bow is [TS]

  underneath there are kinch can't [TS]

  remember maybe Larry Hovis your watch [TS]

  the liar's club [TS]

  no I don't even know what that looks [TS]

  good and I want to talk about like bank [TS]

  know sending me very many links [TS]

  oh yeah yeah I troubles you my troubles [TS]

  seemed so far but i was there i kind of [TS]

  like gird my loins this time I was like [TS]

  he's gonna be sending me links so i need [TS]

  to be prepared to have I need to be [TS]

  prepared to have a schizophrenic [TS]

  conversation where I'm it's like not all [TS]

  those conversations I used to have when [TS]

  i was playing minesweeper I'd be on the [TS]

  phone and I'd be playing minesweeper [TS]

  back when I had IBM computers people of [TS]

  that minesweeper out my slippers an [TS]

  amazing game and it was great about it [TS]

  is that i could talk to I could talk [TS]

  about the music business with somebody [TS]

  on the phone for an hour and be playing [TS]

  minesweeper the entire time and it will [TS]

  it was a perfect [TS]

  it was a perfect place to divide my [TS]

  attention because the music business [TS]

  conversation was not enough to cheat to [TS]

  to have all my attention but the [TS]

  minesweeper game took took the unused [TS]

  portion [TS]

  of my attention and give it something to [TS]

  do you like pieces of a puzzle thing [TS]

  together [TS]

  yeah because otherwise that unused part [TS]

  of my attention would have been trying [TS]

  to sabotage the music business [TS]

  conversation by asking impertinent [TS]

  questions that is not always worked out [TS]

  for you [TS]

  no no no it's bad it's bad so I get give [TS]

  it something to do and so I was prepared [TS]

  in this conversation [TS]

  oh merlin is going to be sending me [TS]

  weird links room 222 things that in [TS]

  real-time apply to our conversation and [TS]

  I'm gonna be I'm gonna be prepared to [TS]

  click on these links and the only thing [TS]

  you sent me was a video of and market [TS]

  i'm still looking at right now I'm [TS]

  looking at right now she's great and I'm [TS]

  thinking to myself that like if you just [TS]

  if God would just let me see her hips [TS]

  just a hip lineup i could tell you she's [TS]

  a redhead and I'm talking about it from [TS]

  the side even how yeah she's managed [TS]

  quite a claim you don't get you don't [TS]

  get full boy you don't get a lot better [TS]

  than this huh by my burden of knowing [TS]

  seen bye birdie boiled well know that [TS]

  there's that there's like a clip of her [TS]

  with Elvis here and then she's doing a [TS]

  lot just with her face [TS]

  inexplicably you got that girl christina [TS]

  hendricks from mad men [TS]

  well they had mad men today aight you [TS]

  know they do that thing where it's like [TS]

  what happened but now what happened and [TS]

  so they did a bye bye birdie ish thing [TS]

  and a commercial it is what that is [TS]

  mostly yeah I'm trying to reduce the [TS]

  number of shows I'm committing to i'm [TS]

  already I'm already behind my wife on on [TS]

  the breaking bad so I've had to just [TS]

  have to break off it looks really good [TS]

  but I can't keep up there was so much [TS]

  talk about breaking bad on the internet [TS]

  that and it was so laudatory her but I [TS]

  didn't know what to do with that [TS]

  information I can tell you what she did [TS]

  with it I know exactly what you do with [TS]

  it and watch it [TS]

  that's right right I've never seen an [TS]

  episode you should check out Johnny's [TS]

  check out our arcade fire you know each [TS]

  check out and shot you check out you [TS]

  know hey you know it's great to have you [TS]

  heard handlebar sooo check the mountain [TS]

  yeah from Olympia Olympia Olympia [TS]

  Olympia your saskatchewan literally [TS]

  nobody has heard of them [TS]

  eskimo iceberg they put all of the about [TS]

  all the records on scotch tape [TS]

  but yes I you know you should check out [TS]

  who you should check out asking Weisberg [TS]

  oh i just got my-- spur scotch tape [TS]

  tapes ok they're capable you can't get [TS]

  them anymore though and there there's [TS]

  this is that so wait now that's the [TS]

  vibrant monist from spunk flower he was [TS]

  originally in it and move about it [TS]

  anymore seen one of those exactly is one [TS]

  of those drag city guys right here and [TS]

  play the other side of the vibraphone [TS]

  very quietly right what's amazing is [TS]

  that that when he left the band there [TS]

  the their biggest fan had learned all [TS]

  the upside down vibrant parts and they [TS]

  were like what are we going to do and [TS]

  then this kid just stepped into the job [TS]

  right [TS]

  only by they probably brought them up on [TS]

  stage like when keeping and passed out [TS]

  exactly they're like does anybody know [TS]

  these upside-down vibraphone parts and [TS]

  they have anyone can manage their very [TS]

  quiet who had his own vibraphone to get [TS]

  him up on stage and now he's like he's [TS]

  been in the band [TS]

  he's sharing some running credit so [TS]

  that's that said that nothing that's [TS]

  kind of a thing right anything that you [TS]

  know that who think it happened at the [TS]

  cow palace here in San Francisco em that [TS]

  you know that really happened no thank [TS]

  you [TS]

  yeah that that guy wasn't very good no [TS]

  no they didn't replace keith moon with [TS]

  him [TS]

  no I think passed out keeping probably [TS]

  to play better yeah but dear the deer [TS]

  hunter there's a deer hoof dear huh oh [TS]

  Jesus Christ [TS]

  deerhoof one of the lead guitars to dear [TS]

  have quit the band there that make up [TS]

  the pick up their biggest fan out of the [TS]

  crowd is what you just priest it now all [TS]

  about their the other have the fake [TS]

  singer for awhile answer he said journey [TS]

  got the fake singer from the Philippines [TS]

  what about that what about that Weezer [TS]

  guys are muscle-bound Android user [TS]

  that's muscle-bound yeah I think I think [TS]

  he owned oh um I think he might be like [TS]

  a session guy I think I guess session [TS]

  guy who works out and you know drama [TS]

  from user and the drummer from Radiohead [TS]

  discuss who I am very very very very [TS]

  very barely slightly acquainted with the [TS]

  drummer from weezer just just from doing [TS]

  a podcast with him he's extremely nice [TS]

  but you you're you have a voluminous [TS]

  weezer knowledge I [TS]

  the fair amount of weezer knowledge with [TS]

  that the amount of knowledge goes way [TS]

  down after their second record all I see [TS]

  you're one of those bright be i am i'm [TS]

  one of those Pinkertons people and like [TS]

  actually one of my most moving Pinkerton [TS]

  moments we all remember them was walking [TS]

  around seattle last time i was there was [TS]

  a time I walked all the way to the rei [TS]

  and was raining you know and I had a [TS]

  very I had a very moving a Pinkerton [TS]

  thing happened you were carrying a [TS]

  flaming torches I recall [TS]

  well I was a thing we're doing for the [TS]

  fan club is for breast cancer haha we [TS]

  sponsor my torch and then you ran into [TS]

  all those people that are coming the [TS]

  other way with torches and pitchforks [TS]

  and you're like no no I'm not one to you [TS]

  I'm not a racist [TS]

  can I just give you money no support the [TS]

  torch asshole you have the sign up for [TS]

  every mile I carry this torch [TS]

  yeah 18 you you never get into the [TS]

  weezer i'm guessing I you know this is a [TS]

  tweezer is one of those things it's like [TS]

  blink-182 oh come on and it's like it's [TS]

  like it's like Dora the Explorer to me I [TS]

  just feel like I was too old [TS]

  I've been such a gentleman about this [TS]

  entire turgid Neil Young anecdote by not [TS]

  bringing around dinosaur jr home i am [TS]

  pretty convinced you've never actually [TS]

  listened to know that's not true i [TS]

  listen to them before they even had a [TS]

  junior on they're not God right now [TS]

  that's not a good record but you're [TS]

  living all over me is a record did you [TS]

  should listen to it's really quite good [TS]

  and bug those two records are really [TS]

  good and the other ones are dinosaur jr [TS]

  records sounded like he was singing with [TS]

  a bran muffin his mouth that was part of [TS]

  the effect that's that's called that's [TS]

  called the Boston bakery and teach you [TS]

  that an amorous they got over Berkeley [TS]

  go to Berkeley didn't make a bran muffin [TS]

  your mouth go for your amps up louder oh [TS]

  no no I just felt like I was too old for [TS]

  all that stuff is somebody asked me the [TS]

  day I made a reference in there like oh [TS]

  you mean like silver spoons silver [TS]

  spoons no that's not Silversun Pickups [TS]

  was I never watch silver spoon of silver [TS]

  spoons with that with the kid with the [TS]

  rich kid [TS]

  the rich kids yeah it's like a rich you [TS]

  recently that's even allowed to be a [TS]

  reference somebody made our Silver [TS]

  Spoons reference and I was like oh [TS]

  too old for silver spoons I'm sorry it's [TS]

  it's an age thing right if you're two [TS]

  years younger than me you'd be watching [TS]

  silver spoons and you'd be thinking that [TS]

  it was as good as a good show it was a [TS]

  it was a different strokes ripoff and [TS]

  different strokes was not even a show [TS]

  that deserve to be ripped off and was [TS]

  looking for stocks of life for different [TS]

  strokes and facts of life was a [TS]

  Diff'rent Strokes soon it was a [TS]

  different strokes of mrs. Garrett that's [TS]

  right yeah but she was on a sharp [TS]

  blushes are some there are some thoughts [TS]

  about 1800 girl i'm joe yeah joe gentile [TS]

  she like a secret thing you know what [TS]

  also their pinky Tuscadero and can I [TS]

  just say like she fits your profile if [TS]

  she had cut her hair and a little bit of [TS]

  a mustache I'm just saying actions to [TS]

  shoes nike she looked like she had been [TS]

  and she looks like she could have been [TS]

  in- tiger trap i think you're starting [TS]

  to trap know what's the what's the band [TS]

  where the girl has a moustache queen [TS]

  [Music] [TS]