Roderick on the Line

Ep. 11: "Everybody Knew What Mr. Finnell Did"


  hello hi John how are you I'm Merlin you [TS]

  well I am well get you sound you sound [TS]

  terrific did you make coffee or [TS]

  something [TS]

  wow thank you for saying that no I had a [TS]

  kind of a tumultuous morning but it all [TS]

  worked out who I i had an orthodontist [TS]

  appointment the that I had I had already [TS]

  rescheduled to different times one of [TS]

  which time I arrived at the orthodontist [TS]

  so late that they said they couldn't see [TS]

  me and they had to reschedule and then i [TS]

  had to reschedule it again and this [TS]

  morning it's a disappointment at ten [TS]

  o'clock in the morning and this morning [TS]

  I set my alarm at nine [TS]

  i woke up at nine and I lay in bed [TS]

  playing solitaire on my phone until nine [TS]

  fifty and anna and so then I I looked at [TS]

  myself I was like I didn't actually look [TS]

  at myself but I said to myself are you [TS]

  are or what is the matter with you and I [TS]

  jumped out of bed at nine fifteen I ran [TS]

  downstairs and I got in the car and i'm [TS]

  speeding across town you know it takes [TS]

  it it takes 30 minutes to get to the [TS]

  orthodontist [TS]

  I'm weaving in and out of traffic [TS]

  banging on the steering wheel you just [TS]

  yelling at myself like what is the [TS]

  matter with you and I called the [TS]

  orthodontist was like can you please I'm [TS]

  sorry I'm gonna be late to meet 30 [TS]

  minutes late [TS]

  can you please see me and they and they [TS]

  were like I don't know [TS]

  and so I'm driving across town and I'm [TS]

  like I'm on the verge of putting my hand [TS]

  through the through the windshield i'm [TS]

  so mad 494 and I did this to myself for [TS]

  no reason at all just like dread of [TS]

  going to the orthodontist or something [TS]

  i SAT and played solitaire on my phone [TS]

  which is like clicking I mean it [TS]

  seriously as I myself sitting it's like [TS]

  a four year old man's teddy bear [TS]

  yeah it's like sucking my thumb it's [TS]

  like getting there sucking my thumb and [TS]

  sucking your phone it's like sucking on [TS]

  my phone [TS]

  it's like wow you bed you know what [TS]

  you're in the cards point are you in [TS]

  traffic at this point you're not [TS]

  punching the windshield but you're in [TS]

  traffic [TS]

  I'm weaving in and out of traffic I'm [TS]

  unsafe at any of the slide while you [TS]

  played up today I'm infuriating but the [TS]

  other people on the road playing [TS]

  solitaire talking on the phone tweeting [TS]

  and driving but I find I make it to the [TS]

  orthodontist they take care of [TS]

  everything like they extend my [TS]

  appointment and then I stop and have a [TS]

  nice little sore leisurely rest of the [TS]

  morning and i get home i make a pot of [TS]

  coffee and i'm talking to Merlin and [TS]

  everything is back in place right where [TS]

  it should be in spite of all this [TS]

  self-sabotage here i am right and [TS]

  everything is right with the world so [TS]

  inspired in spite of all of that it's [TS]

  weird though you know it's hard to know [TS]

  you know what they said Peter Schaffer [TS]

  in that exquisite moments snap together [TS]

  like magnets [TS]

  you know that's not a good movie it's [TS]

  pretty good potatoes looking work i get [TS]

  north and south [TS]

  I despite this is my daughter with her [TS]

  trains she's not very bright but you [TS]

  know who knows who knows why they [TS]

  started great i don't know how you how [TS]

  you up all that down i would like to [TS]

  point out one thing that allowing nine [TS]

  minutes to get there something he [TS]

  discussed before I think I think I don't [TS]

  want to take us off track but i think [TS]

  one thing is you might want to slightly [TS]

  recalibrate your what odometer barometer [TS]

  this whatever whatever the broken meter [TS]

  in your head is that says it only takes [TS]

  nine minutes to get anywhere because i [TS]

  think that the solitaire is a way of you [TS]

  making it nine minutes to get somewhere [TS]

  yeah we've talked about this before like [TS]

  do you think it takes nine minutes to [TS]

  get places including from San Francisco [TS]

  to New York City it often takes longer [TS]

  than nine minutes and and I and I swear [TS]

  sometimes I i get places and I'm late [TS]

  and the person at the other end of the [TS]

  thing is like you're supposed to be here [TS]

  half an hour ago and I'm like mad at [TS]

  them for being so far away [TS]

  there's so many reasons to be mad at [TS]

  them you know whatever they're far away [TS]

  why is your office so far across down [TS]

  from me there far away there on time and [TS]

  they noticed two three strikes you're [TS]

  out three strengths but but but this was [TS]

  that this is a special i mean this [TS]

  wasn't a case of me like lollygagging [TS]

  around the kitchen having an extra cup [TS]

  cup of coffee trying to decide what [TS]

  shoes to wear for half an hour [TS]

  this was a case of me watching the clock [TS]

  tick away as i did the dumbest thing [TS]

  that a human can do I mean playing [TS]

  solitaire on your phone [TS]

  I mean is there a dumber thing even even [TS]

  stacking rocks [TS]

  tick tock tick tock tick is stacking [TS]

  rocks in the garden you have a black [TS]

  Queen black Queen red jack of rocks when [TS]

  you're done right you can you can come [TS]

  back an hour later be like see that [TS]

  stack of rocks i made that but the but [TS]

  the solitaire on the phone there it's [TS]

  like you leave no passage it's like [TS]

  walking across the rice paper over and [TS]

  leaving no passage and then you are some [TS]

  foo it that's it maybe is there so many [TS]

  hands I don't know where to pick up this [TS]

  luggage on this dick nigga three-by-five [TS]

  cards [TS]

  oh speaking of which I found some [TS]

  three-by-five cards no kidding [TS]

  yeah some old ones that i had lying [TS]

  around so I'm I i put them in a in my [TS]

  stationery file that's the file it [TS]

  doesn't move [TS]

  that's my file that never moves over the [TS]

  principal is your pal the principal was [TS]

  never my tell the principal called my [TS]

  father that ruins and holy monastery was [TS]

  an internal muscles and said i would [TS]

  like I would like your permission to use [TS]

  corporal punishment on your son and my [TS]

  dad set and visit this guy i'm seeing [TS]

  this guy's always students sitting in [TS]

  this guy's arm and he has he has a [TS]

  cricket bat it has offered like I'd like [TS]

  permission to use corporal punishment on [TS]

  your son I'm sweat is pouring down my [TS]

  face I'm thinking to myself come on dad [TS]

  come through for me come through for me [TS]

  dad and I can hear my dad on the other [TS]

  ahead beat the shit out of him did he [TS]

  hit you with a cricket back a cricket [TS]

  bat he bent me over his freaking desk [TS]

  more than once and hit me with a cricket [TS]

  bat John that is that is so so not about [TS]

  trying to help you [TS]

  this is old-school this is a public [TS]

  school to this i'm not i wasn't in some [TS]

  Catholic penitentiary i was in right i [TS]

  was in public school was prayer was [TS]

  prayer a lot of the time i think you [TS]

  could probably pray at the time with the [TS]

  transition period [TS]

  yeah i was between beating the shit out [TS]

  of kids and make them not have helped [TS]

  will see you and I are this you and I [TS]

  are [TS]

  of an age where the public school [TS]

  curriculum was designed to beat the [TS]

  Russians into space we discussed this [TS]

  I've said this before it's totally true [TS]

  and it really would be you and they [TS]

  would try and beat Jesus into you guys [TS]

  don't think that's what they were doing [TS]

  to the Russians and they're doing it [TS]

  harder and that's why you're guaranteed [TS]

  that the one was a hand yeah who is it [TS]

  now whose hand was the second one to go [TS]

  up and the first one the second one to [TS]

  go ham the monkey is a chimp [TS]

  yeah he went first grade Aaron went next [TS]

  are you sure i think the second mammal [TS]

  in space there's a Russian and then [TS]

  there was that there's a chimp and her [TS]

  did not end well [TS]

  although the dog like a light go was the [TS]

  first that was a camera know like the [TS]

  dog like the dog was the first and they [TS]

  electrocuted those animals to train them [TS]

  to you know that well that's how they [TS]

  treated us in America we're sitting [TS]

  around we're walking around in America [TS]

  afraid electrocute animals and that's [TS]

  why we do not have we don't we never put [TS]

  a monkey on the moon because we were so [TS]

  afraid of electricity it might take a [TS]

  couple more cricket back service to [TS]

  really straighten things out [TS]

  there's a lot of things are we're afraid [TS]

  that are keeping us down and one of [TS]

  those things is saying bad words to [TS]

  people just like to say bad words to [TS]

  people now and and john i'm going to [TS]

  write them okay here's what i'm doing i [TS]

  have one card this is bad and all caps [TS]

  and other ones his words because it is [TS]

  so important that we circle back to that [TS]

  and that there's no way I'm letting you [TS]

  go on the Cricut bad thing though so [TS]

  because I think there's something to [TS]

  this [TS]

  let's get this guy this is the [TS]

  significance new members names in there [TS]

  something you know Frank kupil Frank [TS]

  Cooper will be a frame for the cricket [TS]

  back sadist [TS]

  he wasn't even the principal the [TS]

  principal was some ineffectual guy with [TS]

  like a would like a little uh Trotsky [TS]

  beard who never came out of his office [TS]

  but Frank google google took this [TS]

  cricket bat he drilled he drilled hole [TS]

  it from behind there more [TS]

  yeah we drilled holes in a cricket bat [TS]

  and and this is an Alaska like who would [TS]

  ever seen a connection sure this [TS]

  happening sure this isn't as Oprah [TS]

  memories [TS]

  no I swear to you because I you always [TS]

  hear about the teachers who had drill [TS]

  holes to make it hurt more [TS]

  oh no this was real he had a he had he [TS]

  had a collection in his office a law of [TS]

  coke cans from around the world that's [TS]

  former students and sent him is what he [TS]

  was doing he was it [TS]

  music music nut he was pretty cool to [TS]

  see the vice-principal like latino boys [TS]

  or something like that it was the he was [TS]

  the vice principal and another thing he [TS]

  did he would walk around the lunchroom [TS]

  with a tennis racket that he had duct [TS]

  taped two one-pound weights to either [TS]

  side of the tennis racket and he was [TS]

  just he was just like lackadaisically [TS]

  swing this tennis racket back and forth [TS]

  just practicing his back and practicing [TS]

  his forehead was walking around London [TS]

  front of everybody [TS]

  oh yeah yeah he's on duty is clocked in [TS]

  yeah if he could if he could have been [TS]

  doing that if he could have taken his [TS]

  shirt off he would have done if he could [TS]

  have walked around that luxury with his [TS]

  shirt off he was equally as a fit guy he [TS]

  was a fit guy he was a mean he's the [TS]

  type of guy that walked around [TS]

  practicing his tennis serve like [TS]

  absent-minded professor duct tape duct [TS]

  tape 2 1 pound weights one on either [TS]

  side of the tennis racket [TS]

  I don't think this guy's this guy's got [TS]

  that corpse is under the under the [TS]

  floorboards god you have no holy shit [TS]

  job quick how are you eat you know [TS]

  here's the thing you would come in your [TS]

  office you bring a picture of your kids [TS]

  you bring your international cokes and [TS]

  you bring a fucking cricket back with [TS]

  holes in it [TS]

  nobody's asking any questions about that [TS]

  sort of the creek bed probably frankly [TS]

  to Frank tell me more about the holes in [TS]

  your cricket bat and then he beat a [TS]

  couple of kids and he was like this [TS]

  isn't working and he took it home and he [TS]

  drilled some holes in it and then I [TS]

  always something he rated it [TS]

  yeah Usher within a year or two [TS]

  this was nineteen eighty nineteen [TS]

  eighty-one 1982 maybe within a year of [TS]

  that there was no way he could ever [TS]

  gotten away with beating a kid with a [TS]

  bat again right i mean that was 92 was [TS]

  to possibly the last year this is last [TS]

  days this icon you were his your his [TS]

  helicopter pontoon I was the kid I was [TS]

  the labs the guy on the stairs right and [TS]

  the helicopter took off his ring down [TS]

  easily and all those people still try [TS]

  stairs right there was one there was a [TS]

  last helicopter can't use baby and it [TS]

  hits you with a fucking cricket bat that [TS]

  was me that is so weird I man if I was [TS]

  interviewing you know I think focus for [TS]

  soldiers to get out of the way I think [TS]

  if you're going to interview people who [TS]

  are in a position to even consider [TS]

  corporal punishment they should have to [TS]

  bring with them the object that they [TS]

  intend to use to hit children because we [TS]

  should be actually because they say on [TS]

  the table you should be able to talk [TS]

  about that that should be a bubble up [TS]

  box on the form to talk about that now I [TS]

  there's any this is this is the item i'm [TS]

  going to use this rubber hose right like [TS]

  bring us in a big stick of crazy so we [TS]

  can understand a little bit about where [TS]

  you're going with this look how are you [TS]

  going to solve these incredibly complex [TS]

  problems of kids who aren't sure where [TS]

  they are [TS]

  what will you hit them with now when I [TS]

  was in elementary school this was still [TS]

  a huge thing i'm happy to say I have [TS]

  never had the corporal punishment [TS]

  happening as terrified that I'm really [TS]

  gonna get kid i was there was you know I [TS]

  was terrified kid [TS]

  yeah i think at one point we [TS]

  collaborated on an idea for a shirt for [TS]

  me that was going to say in not too big [TS]

  probably pretty small block letters [TS]

  because of the nature of the shirt [TS]

  driven by fear up one of the shirt we [TS]

  worked on [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah and uh and that's one of [TS]

  my favorite police songs to i'll driven [TS]

  but that's that is pretty good and then [TS]

  you go into the turn down my VCR the I [TS]

  got bad words bad as your mother bear is [TS]

  gonna come back to Edwards um ok so [TS]

  second grade mrs. rightly she had [TS]

  recently come down she was probably [TS]

  right about 4 bucks choosing the [TS]

  emotions close to 400 pounds and she had [TS]

  and this was before that was fashionable [TS]

  it being a fatty [TS]

  yeah this oh yeah 400 being a [TS]

  400-pounder was a serious lifestyle [TS]

  commitment I mean now you can be 400 [TS]

  pounds and you and you have a lot of [TS]

  peers [TS]

  this is eddie eddie van halen was at the [TS]

  time he was 10 years old and had a [TS]

  sticker on his on his I'm a guitar that [TS]

  says yes please fatties cannot possibly [TS]

  having a big event the Buster until [TS]

  nineteen eighty mrs. Bradley was very [TS]

  large she looked like a cross between [TS]

  like I think like I would say Oliver [TS]

  Hardy and Iran and we talked a little [TS]

  bit Dorothy Parker and that's a good way [TS]

  that's a strange combination but I see [TS]

  and I see where you're going and did she [TS]

  warehouse dresses and my viral correctly [TS]

  in 1970 be you know for whatever if you [TS]

  weighed 400 pounds your number of [TS]

  clothing choices was fairly limited it [TS]

  was is mostly like how stresses me out [TS]

  of curtains and what [TS]

  if you get the camping section yeah yeah [TS]

  she's big thick ankles and I assume and [TS]

  she had a ping-pong paddle shipping big [TS]

  ping-pong paddle that she was there was [TS]

  kept in like a special place [TS]

  it's the ritualism this two freaks me [TS]

  out when you say big ping-pong paddle [TS]

  you made bigger than a normal ping pong [TS]

  paddle I have a slightly larger I could [TS]

  have been my eyesight or like some kind [TS]

  of I don't know there's there's like [TS]

  regulations about how big your ping-pong [TS]

  battle you mean now in table tennis play [TS]

  like professional yeah yeah I don't [TS]

  think they're I don't think anybody's [TS]

  gonna it takes a lot of money to tool up [TS]

  a ping-pong paddle factor you're seeing [TS]

  how you're saying you're a second-grade [TS]

  teacher since know how you're not going [TS]

  to be hiring somebody in ICM career [TS]

  Japan come up with a prototype ping-pong [TS]

  battle using table tennis table time [TS]

  sitting there working i think my phones [TS]

  racists ping-pongs racist up ping pongs [TS]

  races that's my sister Kim jong-un say [TS]

  that no I'm saying that I don't think i [TS]

  don't think there were bigger ping-pong [TS]

  paddles I think they're always been the [TS]

  same size and that you will change like [TS]

  Pete like baseballs and now let's go [TS]

  back to your friend let's go back to mr. [TS]

  accomplished Frank couples are correct [TS]

  to cool off of someone from home loan [TS]

  got the recent / is you google not now [TS]

  he has a large head or standard head [TS]

  because you remember your pork around [TS]

  that area started seeing the large head [TS]

  tennis Erica think I think he had a [TS]

  large red tennis racket I think that was [TS]

  where all wait a minute no no that would [TS]

  have been before the lord I don't think [TS]

  night 1981-82 I think if this is the [TS]

  kind of fellow that is going to [TS]

  literally duct-tape weights on to a [TS]

  tennis racket I don't think he's gonna [TS]

  be playing with the latest technology [TS]

  he's got a standard head standard had [TS]

  cricket bat and a standard head is [TS]

  really wasn't aware i i'm i'm i'm having [TS]

  a cents memory now of it and i think it [TS]

  was one of those transitional rackets [TS]

  between the Smallwood old ones that we [TS]

  learn to play Tennyson and the big [TS]

  massive headed ones that came later I [TS]

  think it was one of those aluminum ones [TS]

  from the interim period that was kind of [TS]

  halfway in between getting a content to [TS]

  get comically large though they're [TS]

  ridiculous now but remember when they [TS]

  started talking about the sweet spot and [TS]

  then this racket had a bigger sweet spot [TS]

  and that sweet spot moved around and [TS]

  this was I think from that era with that [TS]

  when the concept of sweet spot was [TS]

  brand-new for people's understanding [TS]

  that so that's it was especially not [TS]

  circa nineteen seventy-four this [TS]

  was not a technology that was going into [TS]

  corporal punishment devices like a table [TS]

  tennis / ping-pong paddle there's not a [TS]

  large head ping-pong paddle mrs. Riley [TS]

  had probably i'm betting not i'm betting [TS]

  if there was she didn't have access to [TS]

  like the cosby talks about the belt you [TS]

  know for Phaeton and Oksana and wouldn't [TS]

  you know it like you imagined it being [TS]

  worse than it actually was so i might be [TS]

  i might be misremembering a large head [TS]

  yeah yeah just seem big coming-out you [TS]

  been anyway but she never hit you with [TS]

  that you're saying she didn't she didn't [TS]

  but but it was always there and it looms [TS]

  large mr. fenell circle fifth-grade [TS]

  african-american guy looks a lot like [TS]

  gay [TS]

  who's the little fishing guy down [TS]

  Travolta was the other guy single [TS]

  Jacksonville and he looks a lot like [TS]

  samuel l jackson dressed as a seventies [TS]

  guy and he had several Jackson dress [TS]

  another way I thought that was his I [TS]

  didn't get in nigeria shrimp [TS]

  yeah I don't know that's a good question [TS]

  that's not all right so anyway yeah I [TS]

  don't see him earlier he tried to have [TS]

  dinner for me head try to have dinner [TS]

  together they have to be in a soundproof [TS]

  room along with robert evans and Jerry [TS]

  less salt was all had these fantasies [TS]

  about insufferable people trying to eat [TS]

  together and like just imagining what it [TS]

  would be like to try to even order with [TS]

  Jerry Lewis there that is that based on [TS]

  some of the dinners that you and I have [TS]

  had together [TS]

  I have to imagine now mr. Farnell I [TS]

  think this is something he had made [TS]

  himself [TS]

  I think this was a project that he had [TS]

  made in some kind of a woodshop he had a [TS]

  multi-ply paddle that was kind of like [TS]

  you imagine like a regular paddle but [TS]

  kind of like with an octagonal corners [TS]

  cut off type situation and it was really [TS]

  was scary it was kind of a dark wood [TS]

  like him [TS]

  it was like I had kind of mahogany kind [TS]

  of thing now but now you knew Mr [TS]

  phenomena business he was the PE [TS]

  teachers this is right around the time [TS]

  we went from gym to PE remember that [TS]

  needs to be jamming with PE I think that [TS]

  right about the time I went to PE ice [TS]

  I did everything I was when I started [TS]

  doing everything in my power to stop [TS]

  letting you go to PE called dressing out [TS]

  J I didn't want I didn't want a dress I [TS]

  wanted to I wanted to go to the darkroom [TS]

  more or get some exemption is racist [TS]

  I i also hated that the transition from [TS]

  library to media center that still [TS]

  sticks in my craw and we didn't have [TS]

  that we were in Alaska I mean it [TS]

  having just having like books on tape [TS]

  was mr. mr. fenelby here's where he took [TS]

  an eternity as he had this big-ass [TS]

  paddle that he had made selections be [TS]

  clear here [TS]

  you're not making a lot of dough as an [TS]

  african-american PE teacher in 1977 but [TS]

  he took the time but she got something [TS]

  on the side that's a good point that he [TS]

  might have been cricket batting so then [TS]

  click about this is this is Florida [TS]

  after all you see are you implying that [TS]

  he's a cocksman or that maybe they [TS]

  didn't exotic dancer singer know i'm [TS]

  thinking i'm singing wasn't that the era [TS]

  in Florida where every single person was [TS]

  importing cocaine from our nuts is back [TS]

  in Ohio so you might have been busting [TS]

  in yellow Ohio remember a goon who [TS]

  could've been a good you might have been [TS]

  a paddlewheel goon em you know that's [TS]

  the kind you can slip in [TS]

  it's like I looks Blackjacks the copies [TS]

  to carry around with you know those guys [TS]

  might have might have liked larger scale [TS]

  ping-pong paddles if you forgot about [TS]

  union-busting Ohio goons so you're [TS]

  saying anything [TS]

  Frankel careful is that right to full he [TS]

  might have been he might have been a [TS]

  union buster [TS]

  you never know well in Alaska aboard the [TS]

  Teamsters ran a tight ship but you [TS]

  wouldn't get away you wouldn't go far [TS]

  they trusted us to use your situation [TS]

  ok here's but ok this is getting dull [TS]

  but Mr finnell he was very tall [TS]

  african-american what he would do is he [TS]

  had his paddle and that paddle came out [TS]

  he was like you get one morning and then [TS]

  I remember one day going into class [TS]

  because everyone knew what mr. fenell [TS]

  did when he hit you with the paddle or [TS]

  not easy being grown-up he he came four [TS]

  digit something is dolphin shorts [TS]

  everybody knew what mr. fenelby that [TS]

  what did he do [TS]

  terrific hurry information I am Scott my [TS]

  friend itty-bitty crouch down and put [TS]

  his hands over his eyes when you came [TS]

  while you hit somebody more than a [TS]

  couple of times they're gonna happen [TS]

  it's got to be somewhere deep in the [TS]

  Cincinnati Public School System there [TS]

  must be a of like a form somewhere a [TS]

  very very very very general form it's [TS]

  gonna have to be filled out in [TS]

  triplicate [TS]

  he's gonna get the goldenrod you know [TS]

  saying there's no probably not [TS]

  I hope I pray John that there is not so [TS]

  specific form as a 57 stroke 15 came in [TS]

  dolphin shorts while hitting child [TS]

  ok ok gonna get the goldenrod better [TS]

  he's gonna get the goldenrod this is [TS]

  going in your essay of gym three more [TS]

  times and we're gonna have to talk going [TS]

  to the permanent record [TS]

  yeah did you get gave him pay for his [TS]

  laundry probably right well the thing [TS]

  about remember those who you know PE [TS]

  coach shorts at the time where were [TS]

  impervious to the liquid right my [TS]

  football football short one said those [TS]

  were made us for that this is still in [TS]

  the dolphin like waving from a parade [TS]

  float kind of shorts the ymca type [TS]

  shorts [TS]

  ok so you remember me graphs remember [TS]

  you get the testing you smell it not you [TS]

  I'm not a lie I one of my first the [TS]

  first things I ever get my the first [TS]

  thing in school that I did to try and [TS]

  distinguish myself from the other kids [TS]

  that I knew were just in my way between [TS]

  me and greatness i started in second [TS]

  grade I started publishing my own [TS]

  newspaper and I i was the only reporter [TS]

  and the artist [TS]

  hi night and it was like a broadsheet we [TS]

  also the Ombudsman I was I was the [TS]

  editor in chief chief reporter I didn't [TS]

  we didn't have an ombudsman but i would [TS]

  go out on the playground and I would I [TS]

  would you know I would investigate [TS]

  goings-on in any case at one point the [TS]

  teacher got tired of many a graphing my [TS]

  newspaper for me although the the [TS]

  teachers loved it and and they taught me [TS]

  how to use the mimeograph machine and so [TS]

  I i had special access to the teachers [TS]

  you know broom closet and I would go in [TS]

  there and I would run off cop [TS]

  of my little second grade newspaper that [TS]

  poems I'd written and you know and [TS]

  events of the day and I would just sit [TS]

  in there and just soak in that [TS]

  mimeograph smells so nice just it was [TS]

  like back in the old days when they had [TS]

  leaded gasoline and you would and you [TS]

  would sit out when your parents were [TS]

  putting gas in the car Tony just tough [TS]

  as much gas as he possibly could [TS]

  while you're standing out there like oh [TS]

  that smell but the mimeograph there's [TS]

  nothing better than a million ground [TS]

  well you know like you know that death [TS]

  by a thousand cuts to the Chinese people [TS]

  would take like a few hours to cut into [TS]

  little pieces [TS]

  you know that rice the people being [TS]

  among you you know about that it's all [TS]

  sure it's done right alesund country her [TS]

  death by a thousand cuts it actually was [TS]

  a thing it was heavily exaggerated in [TS]

  western reporting but this was a thing [TS]

  that the word out what which would you [TS]

  prefer death by a thousand cuts or drawn [TS]

  and quartered electronic quarter in a [TS]

  heartbeat [TS]

  you take drawn and quartered understand [TS]

  that they cut off one of your limbs and [TS]

  then wait awhile they cut off your nose [TS]

  and then wait a while or they literally [TS]

  not a thousand cuts is unusual the point [TS]

  being it's excruciating do not read the [TS]

  wikipedia entry no matter what but we [TS]

  would do now the thing is what they [TS]

  didn't say all the time is that give you [TS]

  at if you could basically I think you [TS]

  could bribe them and your family would [TS]

  family could bribe them and they could [TS]

  come and give you a shit ton of morphine [TS]

  and a lot of times apparently they would [TS]

  give you morphine before this because [TS]

  it's just pretty awful the whole thing [TS]

  i'm gonna give you more freedom than [TS]

  give you death by a thousand cuts that's [TS]

  something that's counterintuitive you [TS]

  don't know anything about the first [TS]

  thing about justice john you're trying [TS]

  to hurt the person why yes you are yes [TS]

  you are but you're it's mainly the other [TS]

  people see them being hurt [TS]

  this is that this is the kind of thing [TS]

  they were doing right ok we're going to [TS]

  teach you some kind of an object lesson [TS]

  we're going to stop at the femur now you [TS]

  get it let you go now it's four other [TS]

  people that's why you hanging from the [TS]

  that watch college at the corner at the [TS]

  thing else is the front this is what [TS]

  happens when you subcontract sadism out [TS]

  to non Satanists like first i thought [TS]

  this up [TS]

  was it was clearly a sadistic person and [TS]

  then it became popular and they're like [TS]

  we need more death by a thousand cuts [TS]

  people were going to contract this out [TS]

  over and then there were all these [TS]

  people that job a backlog said the idea [TS]

  of these people that had been sentenced [TS]

  to death by a thousand [TS]

  and there were there were not enough [TS]

  sadists and so then they got these guys [TS]

  they're like I don't really want to do [TS]

  that that's seems mean time consuming [TS]

  and they're like sorry that's the [TS]

  sentence and so yes maybe if I slip him [TS]

  a little bit of morphine little it's [TS]

  just I it's better than saying that [TS]

  works across purposes that's like [TS]

  somebody going and feeling like mr. [TS]

  cuticles cricket holes [TS]

  yeah right for somebody like oh I've got [TS]

  coupons cricket bat but I'm you know but [TS]

  I'm gonna like put a book I'm gonna have [TS]

  you hold a book between the baton your [TS]

  but you know I don't hurt you but I want [TS]

  other kids to know that I'm like I want [TS]

  them to hear though the sounds [TS]

  that's like let's like strangling [TS]

  somebody with a comfortable electric [TS]

  cord you know exactly the that's [TS]

  pointless is it is i mean it works at [TS]

  cross-purposes if you're going to [TS]

  sadistically torture somebody put your [TS]

  heart any you shouldn't write you should [TS]

  be reveling in how much pain you're [TS]

  causing this is what I want to come back [TS]

  to John Wayne Gacy here's the point I'm [TS]

  saying that like the morphine i think [TS]

  when they give you the math quiz you get [TS]

  a little bit of a if that's nice and [TS]

  fresh get hit you'll hit off the of the [TS]

  mimeograph I think it takes the edge off [TS]

  of the long division so mr. Pennell who [TS]

  took the time with what I imagine is lay [TS]

  there tabletop saw or maybe somebody was [TS]

  keeping in his basement he made a [TS]

  homemade paddle that without any for [TS]

  authorization he brought to school and [TS]

  should use to hit kids now here's what [TS]

  he did in addition taking that time he [TS]

  then took the time to me a graph like a [TS]

  little not a five-star a little [TS]

  five-point like little magical squares [TS]

  like two inch by two inch squares to do [TS]

  with me graph purple stars on them he [TS]

  would tape to the paddle and hit you [TS]

  until the star broke one he would meet [TS]

  took the time so he thought this out he [TS]

  ki graph probably got out of protractor [TS]

  Andrew a ruler and a pen to get the mini [TS]

  graph paper he went and he made him a [TS]

  graph little stars that he taped onto [TS]

  the paddle and they hit you with the [TS]

  paddle until the star broke now what not [TS]

  and then he would stand by the doorway [TS]

  after the class has changed with his [TS]

  arms folded holding the paddle with the [TS]

  busted a star on it and I don't ya [TS]

  horribly weeping child one of the only [TS]

  see which one of the children was [TS]

  horribly sobbing oh wow yeah i mean this [TS]

  get so many levels to that I mean that's [TS]

  like this guy's not running for the [TS]

  Republican nomination right now talking [TS]

  about the Tea Party I love this guy this [TS]

  is a baklava of problematic problematic [TS]

  behavior John it'sit's I I don't see [TS]

  anything problematic about it this guy [TS]

  this guy it deserves a Congressional [TS]

  Medal of Honor any family center [TS]

  I really feel like I feel like he is he [TS]

  wasn't not in an era when being a nut [TS]

  was was right up the middle isn't it was [TS]

  encouraged it was bred he found the [TS]

  place the Ohio Public Schools you know [TS]

  where he could be [TS]

  I mean you know this poor sandusky guy [TS]

  now with his diddling boys in the shower [TS]

  ok so what you're saying is three years [TS]

  ago I was like you didn't even need a [TS]

  license [TS]

  whoo you didn't even need to start a [TS]

  charity you could just be a public [TS]

  school teacher and so you can see it is [TS]

  better you now I'm fine with it [TS]

  you're saying mr. Finelli in some ways [TS]

  not only was channeling his energies [TS]

  into the right place but maybe avoid [TS]

  going to jail because he found a place [TS]

  where it might not have been okay to hit [TS]

  people with a mimeograph star until it [TS]

  broke on his homemade paddle is a kind [TS]

  of interesting kind of what I'm saying [TS]

  is right now if you if you wanted to do [TS]

  that you would have to drive around in a [TS]

  white van and grab boys off the [TS]

  playground and do it and then you have [TS]

  to kill him and stuff of their body in a [TS]

  culvert there's no pension [TS]

  I mean that you're not going to get away [TS]

  with that somewhere there's no a week [TS]

  even if you want to Thailand they'd find [TS]

  you [TS]

  I happen to the rock'n'roll chi that's [TS]

  what happened to him that's exactly [TS]

  right here a lot of trouble with that 40 [TS]

  years ago you do you could retire and [TS]

  and and and have her but he probably has [TS]

  that paddle or he's probably dead now [TS]

  but he probably had that paddle like [TS]

  mounted in his den ya all the memory [TS]

  what about the dolphin shorts now people [TS]

  don't I i I'm going to get rid of those [TS]

  this guy's doesn't let you know what [TS]

  parts to keep and what parts to get rid [TS]

  of it so what is that the soul the the [TS]

  that only recently have we started [TS]

  fetishizing things like the clothes that [TS]

  that's the that stuff happened in you [TS]

  know what I mean like all those are the [TS]

  shorts that I wore me out my channel [TS]

  analysis gallons or something yeah i [TS]

  don't i don't think i mean because [TS]

  otherwise like where's Napoleon's hat [TS]

  right they've got Napoleon's hat you [TS]

  think they have Napoleon somebody that [TS]

  you think somebody's got to pull inside [TS]

  oh I finding the book of lists it's one [TS]

  of the most costly things ever auctioned [TS]

  off at you know what I I there's nowhere [TS]

  I could go to look at something is I [TS]

  think if there if I think if if there [TS]

  was Napoleon's how is still around but [TS]

  I've seen a picture of it because that's [TS]

  the type of thing that I searched the [TS]

  internet keeps you up at night i would [TS]

  have I would have followed some chain of [TS]

  links to a picture of Napoleon's and I [TS]

  would have stared at it for an hour so I [TS]

  don't have i but but even when leaving [TS]

  Napoleon's had a side like right now I [TS]

  just I happened to read in the New York [TS]

  Observer the other day but they're [TS]

  having some auctions of elizabeth [TS]

  taylor's estate she pass [TS]

  I'm afraid she's coming Fred she's gone [TS]

  now what's your perfume couple diamonds [TS]

  no it was called so one white shoulder [TS]

  like diamonds white diamonds screen [TS]

  click originally she's mentally she's [TS]

  honest hours i don't remember but [TS]

  continued their actually writing off [TS]

  Elizabeth Taylor they're having other [TS]

  having an auction of elizabeth taylor's [TS]

  material that lasts [TS]

  it's five full days of auction maybe [TS]

  they got an incompetent auctioneering [TS]

  he's talking really slowly [TS]

  oh no no this is this is that this is [TS]

  being done by christie's this is like [TS]

  this is the auction event of the season [TS]

  they're having one day for her just for [TS]

  her legendary jewelry and then a second [TS]

  day for her run-of-the-mill jewelry and [TS]

  then a day for like undergarments and [TS]

  there's a day for for the for the [TS]

  cocktail napkins that she doodled on I [TS]

  mean there's we have serious like a [TS]

  whole panting day such as this is that [TS]

  subsumed inside of just the day of the [TS]

  auction your kind of embarrassed to be [TS]

  at yeah it's the auction where where it [TS]

  you're really be going by elizabeth [TS]

  taylor's olds pantaloons like it just [TS]

  doesn't [TS]

  I don't understand I mean a granted i am [TS]

  not a fifty-year-old gay male so I don't [TS]

  know why you would go to an Elizabeth [TS]

  Taylor or-or-or Liza Minnelli auction [TS]

  for instance Malik ass [TS]

  I think Liza Minnelli is still dead but [TS]

  when she arms are still alive when she [TS]

  dies [TS]

  yes there will be five days of auction's [TS]

  of her undergarments and blood she was [TS]

  married to Peter Allen which is kind of [TS]

  kind of funny things happen Ellie yeah I [TS]

  know how you can see that one coming [TS]

  yeah no no I and is now that neyo go to [TS]

  Rio feelings for what did you have a [TS]

  later husband who was like who seemed [TS]

  like he had been crafted out of heart [TS]

  David something not David Furnish you [TS]

  know he looked like he looked like [TS]

  something had been discarded from a [TS]

  naugahyde factory [TS]

  yeah right like like like someone had [TS]

  had gone through through a Morgan just [TS]

  taken like random like that second that [TS]

  I was that guy was super disturbing have [TS]

  you ever been someplace we have to look [TS]

  at like famous close people famous [TS]

  cornwall like okay so you got the big [TS]

  Paul Allen museum there but I don't know [TS]

  how this happened but what's already [TS]

  have tricks is closed [TS]

  ok i wanna hear about that one time I [TS]

  don't know how this happened just might [TS]

  be one of those open memories but i'm [TS]

  pretty sure that one time I saw it maybe [TS]

  was when we were in Washington at [TS]

  sansone i'm pretty sure I saw a really [TS]

  really really really long big display of [TS]

  first ladies gowns [TS]

  oh that does sound Smithsonian it's like [TS]

  going to the sewing store it's one of [TS]

  those trips you remember that if your [TS]

  mom is crafty like that but having to go [TS]

  to some kind of a store when you're in [TS]

  kid with his chest it's like having to [TS]

  go to like the members our fabric [TS]

  stories that is the canonical the Ben [TS]

  Franklin or whatever it is not a single [TS]

  item in the entire place like a Snoopy [TS]

  applique that you can take out of the [TS]

  things like the most amusing thing is to [TS]

  get the styrofoam stop foam you put the [TS]

  plants in and get plastic flowers and [TS]

  and then is like like ladies and smocks [TS]

  that's not even remember going to the [TS]

  carpet store right where was like her [TS]

  house full of roles and roll [TS]

  all the different carpet you know what [TS]

  mr. Phelps should have done I don't tell [TS]

  mr. know what to do because that's [TS]

  probably racist did mr. fenell it the [TS]

  pastels w I think if what he should have [TS]

  done is you know what should have done [TS]

  one of those on mr. hand type situations [TS]

  pulled up and it's probably really cool [TS]

  purple car and then taking book carpet [TS]

  store taking you in carpet store 48 [TS]

  hours just folded his arms and stared at [TS]

  you through mimeograph stars as well the [TS]

  thing about don't want to lose you as a [TS]

  small swatches known as I would get is [TS]

  why is it in my carpet was somewhat [TS]

  carpet what was nice about the [TS]

  Smithsonian was that the Smithsonian had [TS]

  it divided up in completely separate [TS]

  buildings right so there was the air and [TS]

  space there was the building that had [TS]

  the first ladies gowns that you just you [TS]

  didn't even have to go in I mean or or [TS]

  you could you can probably part of [TS]

  American history of the american [TS]

  musician okay here's the thing I've only [TS]

  been watching a couple times the [TS]

  American stuff pretty good i would say [TS]

  focus on Natural History and air and [TS]

  space and as you know John I'm not gonna [TS]

  I'm not good yeah was theoretically i'm [TS]

  not good at time management but I knew [TS]

  that every minute I spent looking at [TS]

  ladybirds gown I was not checking out [TS]

  like an Apollo right we're going to be [TS]

  x1 I was not seeing like the the Wright [TS]

  brothers you know hanging from the [TS]

  ceiling or whatever that remember the [TS]

  the whatever that you go to see the film [TS]

  where that your first person kind of [TS]

  flying movie where it goes off a cliff [TS]

  and everybody in the room gasps like an [TS]

  imax type situation yeah yeah but that [TS]

  was before I max existed you know my [TS]

  first time actually was to mount st. [TS]

  Helens now james cameron's titanic I [TS]

  think mount st. Helens a little bit the [TS]

  regional yeah that's true where you have [TS]

  that was about Gunther gable Williams [TS]

  who's come through cable will you [TS]

  remember that the dead lion tamer guy [TS]

  with the giant blond hair who is the [TS]

  star of Ringling Brothers for a really [TS]

  long time maybe I saw him from a [TS]

  distance [TS]

  yeah you probably a lot of tension to [TS]

  like who the Marquis character and [TS]

  rainbows of the first time axis it was [TS]

  him his children just doing things with [TS]

  animals but doesn't seem like something [TS]

  that would need to be I'm [TS]

  x yeah like that could be like a [TS]

  magazine really it seems like it's been [TS]

  super 8 things like you would have [TS]

  gotten a lot of the action like night [TS]

  riding a roller coaster that kind of [TS]

  thing i'm actually want to go to clown [TS]

  school I think you can think you know i [TS]

  don't okay all right did you want to go [TS]

  to clown school is that why you're [TS]

  bringing it up [TS]

  no I mean if I'd gotten a scholarship to [TS]

  clown school I want to turn it down if I [TS]

  could say I think you're contaminating [TS]

  two things that are very similar which [TS]

  is that the tiny silly school that I [TS]

  went to in Florida he was on the grounds [TS]

  of two of the Ringling Brothers homes [TS]

  and adjacent to the Clown College of the [TS]

  club also where it was also with the [TS]

  clown's went in the winter right because [TS]

  in summer they're up by their up in [TS]

  Wisconsin there's a triangle of the case [TS]

  a lot of clown cases are being tried in [TS]

  the summer and they can't be adjudicated [TS]

  how to sarasota that's not i think that [TS]

  was in the Magna Carta the clown a lot [TS]

  clowns you know pee-wee herman will pee [TS]

  wee herman used to live the used to live [TS]

  in sarasota heavy cloud influences that [TS]

  where he got arrested for masturbating [TS]

  in a movie theater [TS]

  yes and it's one less it's what led to [TS]

  are mugshots happening in the exact same [TS]

  room just a couple years apart i'll [TS]

  write your famous mugshot god I loved [TS]

  that mug shot I'd love to know more [TS]

  about what really happened in that [TS]

  theater i still think him something with [TS]

  some kind of a jamup III don't know [TS]

  something so what happened he was he was [TS]

  he was yanking even in Porton but what [TS]

  shoes should have been playing Chinese [TS]

  checkers part myself should be playing [TS]

  checkers [TS]

  what should have been doing it while he [TS]

  was in a point of theater is an exercise [TS]

  in restraint should have been hitting [TS]

  some of the paddle with a star on it [TS]

  what does he didn't know what he was [TS]

  doing theater they masturbate [TS]

  this is the thing about the cops who now [TS]

  you don't have as much experience with [TS]

  the copses as not as likely to rise [TS]

  literally physical letting you live next [TS]

  door to the police but they haven't any [TS]

  release they have never grabbed you and [TS]

  pushed up against a wall [TS]

  i'm guessing but here's the thing about [TS]

  the cops they sit around and and and and [TS]

  they they have seasons there's these [TS]

  seasons of the cops right where it's [TS]

  like when it on a song [TS]

  yeah the seasons of the cob secretary [TS]

  Jack something [TS]

  look please continue I you know I i [TS]

  think i see Donovan all the time now on [TS]

  my facebook because I'm facebook friends [TS]

  with Ione Skye who shot the ones i grew [TS]

  up in the video [TS]

  yeah yeah you know my band had a song [TS]

  called Diane Court really yeah it's [TS]

  actually one of our pretty good songs [TS]

  well I only married Bentley the [TS]

  Australian is much Mary I thought she [TS]

  was married to a beastie boy she dated a [TS]

  bc board but she married Ben Lee who's a [TS]

  loser friend of mine from the musical [TS]

  Bentley the guy we did the Pixies the [TS]

  thing that guy yea he's using adorable [TS]

  what does he know it's like 1600 using [TS]

  he's a great [TS]

  he's a great songwriter a very nice [TS]

  fellow and he and and I love your songs [TS]

  i love that married huh married and they [TS]

  got married in india in a traditional [TS]

  Indian ceremony because ever since [TS]

  Donovan went over with george harrison [TS]

  and the beatles to the Mari she he has [TS]

  PS continue to practice Maharishi ism I [TS]

  guess he stuck with it after Pete [TS]

  Townsend know because the other with the [TS]

  other guy Beach Boys was Mike love and [TS]

  the beatles right and donovan and he [TS]

  stuck to come back and make love at some [TS]

  point and I thought my god of the five [TS]

  shares i'm sorry please computer but [TS]

  anyway so i oniy is at hand and Ben now [TS]

  I mean may like have the dot on the [TS]

  forehead and the whole business little [TS]

  9i think so I mean I don't think I i [TS]

  don't know i don't know for sure but but [TS]

  but that's how they were married but [TS]

  anyway i see so I see Donovan all the [TS]

  time but we're talking about it guys [TS]

  josh is a lot of threads here I'm gonna [TS]

  need some kind of Ben Franklin visit you [TS]

  so first of all de i think a lot of [TS]

  people to understand that despite your [TS]

  varying degrees of modesty and success [TS]

  you know lots of famous people you're [TS]

  kind of famous in your circles you know [TS]

  a lot of famous people i'm one of those [TS]

  you say when you say zoo-wee we talk [TS]

  about zooey deschanel that's because [TS]

  you're kind of friends with her [TS]

  we're not going then haha i know yet to [TS]

  be vetted right but i want to be clear [TS]

  that you're not just reading your not [TS]

  like Bruce Vilanch you're not just [TS]

  reading magazines [TS]

  it's the verification what he says it's [TS]

  not I always counsel we just see now i [TS]

  would say that Zoe is always not sending [TS]

  me any special messages [TS]

  you called me from jail and said you [TS]

  need to be just bailed out whether you [TS]

  know I know she would please [TS]

  she was like she would not bail you out [TS]

  but she would at least know who's call [TS]

  she's refusing correct [TS]

  uh-oh i don't think i ever tell you what [TS]

  we were talking about was the seasons of [TS]

  the cops punk into that so you're [TS]

  telling me [TS]

  so you were you know what you remember [TS]

  that dude put out all those rock and [TS]

  roll family trees i think there's one [TS]

  guy that made all those awesome rock [TS]

  family trees is a really good one for [TS]

  big stars the one somebody tried to do [TS]

  that with the Seattle music scene but [TS]

  the problem of those is there it's [TS]

  always it's always a the Friends of the [TS]

  people who are making the like there's a [TS]

  there is a battle Robert is really [TS]

  remember these that is really other than [TS]

  the old ones were great but the Seattle [TS]

  rock family tree like the center of the [TS]

  of the thing as it sits this thing and [TS]

  EMP it's a huge thing but like they're [TS]

  all these bands that no one's ever heard [TS]

  of it's just that the people that made [TS]

  the diagram is green river want to drop [TS]

  that's the best name to drop Green River [TS]

  sonics reduced Green River produced [TS]

  members of Mudhoney and also a pearl jam [TS]

  or jam yeah okay he's not hungry he's [TS]

  not hungry is that right [TS]

  he's going hungry i'm not on we're going [TS]

  hungry just going hungry i will want to [TS]

  haul around here or grabbing y'all [TS]

  coming yellow sun that's a better [TS]

  surprise left your girl portrait [TS]

  murderer hero diet letting the play [TS]

  that's like--that's like a double J to [TS]

  make fun of pearl jam in Seattle because [TS]

  they're wonderful guys I get that you [TS]

  told me this troubles with the upass [TS]

  with happily who you pals with I'm not [TS]

  pals with any of them but but but I [TS]

  spicy them around and they're super [TS]

  supportive and nice guys I'm any better [TS]

  is a nice guy when he when he does it [TS]

  down if you take him to 13 coins Danny's [TS]

  wherever that he's gonna he's gonna dial [TS]

  it down only guessing he has to dial it [TS]

  down he's always pretty mellow I'm [TS]

  really intense [TS]

  he seems like Bono meet teenage fanclub [TS]

  hair don't [TS]

  maybe when he was 21 but he's playing [TS]

  his mid-40s [TS]

  he's now and he's a mellow duty likes to [TS]

  surface all this nice i'm glad ok I'm [TS]

  glad for that I'm we're getting the [TS]

  threads are gonna make love card here at [TS]

  this is a mistake early years ago I made [TS]

  fun of the hold steady [TS]

  oh my god you're kidding I mean why did [TS]

  you give something like that I made fun [TS]

  of the hold steady and in cmj magazine [TS]

  or something i said that they I said [TS]

  that they sounded like they sounded like [TS]

  a bunch of guys on coffee break at a [TS]

  software company is based in captivity [TS]

  fake fake singing the employee manual [TS]

  yeah a bit in the style of blue springs [TS]

  oh my god no in fact I think I said you [TS]

  guys really nice because that in the [TS]

  style of John Cafferty in the beaver [TS]

  Brown Bag covering Bruce brings too much [TS]

  the clock baby clock the punch [TS]

  I'm gonna have to find me after my [TS]

  clocked out lunch and ever since I ever [TS]

  said something that was pretty good huh [TS]

  that was nice and it's nice you start a [TS]

  band you should call bacon right back [TS]

  but I I ever since i did that what I [TS]

  what I did that day in making fun of the [TS]

  whole study was that I I kind of a [TS]

  little eliminated the possibility that I [TS]

  could ever be offended by anybody [TS]

  leaving an anonymous comment about how [TS]

  my band was playing on an Internet a [TS]

  message board right [TS]

  like like like I should never have W now [TS]

  your heart you're part of the problem [TS]

  its yeah exactly it's a so many so many [TS]

  musicians when you ask them about other [TS]

  musicians they say good luck to all [TS]

  bands i support everyone her a good [TS]

  times and I thought that for years and [TS]

  years I thought that was incredibly [TS]

  disingenuous because all those musicians [TS]

  say terrible things about each other [TS]

  behind their backs [TS]

  nothing like comics though at well I [TS]

  just almost as Batman comics are way [TS]

  more insecure the middle way but you [TS]

  know what you get a response i've heard [TS]

  that guy's he and Danielle her our big [TS]

  palace now I'm sure everybody they're [TS]

  all famous friends and everybody's [TS]

  friendly I know you're welcome off the [TS]

  latch on me you know I'm not that guy [TS]

  but I'm sure I'm sure that they I'm sure [TS]

  that that way [TS]

  what if the long winters come up in [TS]

  conversation those guys are like oh yeah [TS]

  that mr. fucking smartass guy you should [TS]

  eat not gonna get too deep for [TS]

  questioning our I got a lot to get [TS]

  I gotta get to love- 0 and document are [TS]

  you be telling me that you don't like [TS]

  hold steady almost killed me you don't [TS]

  like the record it's not really it's not [TS]

  your wheelhouse something I don't like [TS]

  it but I mean I was frankly and I know [TS]

  I'm going to get a lot of angry she's [TS]

  getting scarce but I don't like Bruce [TS]

  Springsteen oh boy ok here's it i just [TS]

  don't feel like you don't tell me you [TS]

  know like Andy's room [TS]

  he's a very nice man ok support his band [TS]

  has a vision [TS]

  there's a lot of good drumming and stuff [TS]

  that happens one of my favorite Bob [TS]

  Dylan songs at done working I'm sorry [TS]

  let's take a step back John is Bob Dylan [TS]

  okay do you like everybody know I do [TS]

  like Bob going are you sure you don't [TS]

  want to just go with my like some bob [TS]

  dylan don't know it grew on me it took [TS]

  me along the street I'm gonna go I just [TS]

  like the early Bob Dylan I understand [TS]

  Bob doing now and I like Bob Dylan very [TS]

  much nobody understands i don't like I [TS]

  don't want nobody understands the [TS]

  contrary I understand Bob Dylan in one [TS]

  of the movies i think not the pennybaker [TS]

  1i think in i want to say in the martin [TS]

  scorsese one but i forget i look this up [TS]

  on youtube for our extensive shows you [TS]

  enjoy our show notes you know the show [TS]

  notes for the show are better than the [TS]

  show thank you [TS]

  good you guys to show notes and we don't [TS]

  even need to broadcast this podcast you [TS]

  should just you show you should talk to [TS]

  me for an hour and then just write your [TS]

  impressions [TS]

  I'm trying to evolve as a person [TS]

  published over the first time alignment [TS]

  you're harming me on many many levels [TS]

  and moaning that you know what that [TS]

  means but this is one scene and I'm told [TS]

  this is not what it looks like but you [TS]

  know the song uh let me 20 no limit and [TS]

  sunsets and I know the song love plus 1 [TS]

  by haircut 100 so I don't have a dream [TS]

  it's like uh huh something I mean you [TS]

  just you just played the course to sweet [TS]

  Jane how that would be on see [TS]

  yeah keep going [TS]

  oh I don't like when I got to candy says [TS]

  you like that one [TS]

  I'm sorry and I'm gonna solo [TS]

  ok no no stop stop stop until the show [TS]

  this until the show starts up right now [TS]

  ok so hot god this is what we're gonna [TS]

  lose people there's one sitting like [TS]

  music people love music I see my problem [TS]

  is I'm not I'm very very very close [TS]

  I've never been placed the guitar guy [TS]

  i'm getting close skype jam [TS]

  I don't know I just get a little bit of [TS]

  a skeptic I played along with crazy [TS]

  train over skype yesterday and I'm [TS]

  several you feel bad about right now [TS]

  let's get us there like wider and wider [TS]

  Merlyn stopped the skype jam this was [TS]

  epic those people had fish I mean people [TS]

  will listen to anything you find this [TS]

  but you don't do this i'm talking about [TS]

  you know that's not me a little as long [TS]

  as it sounds like every other Dylan song [TS]

  i believe hide its see now where he's [TS]

  sitting there and I office right now [TS]

  doing is doing is listening to this and [TS]

  he's like I was gonna ask that comes out [TS]

  like spinning R&B record now what about [TS]

  little Steven you like little Steven you [TS]

  enjoy this with randos most guys don't [TS]

  spin their own records that's all [TS]

  computer programmed American thing Casey [TS]

  Kasem no no the little steven and Bob [TS]

  Dylan those TV those radio you're saying [TS]

  they need a little spots in between that [TS]

  yeah they sit in front of Mike they [TS]

  talked for half an hour and then [TS]

  somebody else cuz i don't see little [TS]

  Steven doing that because you think he's [TS]

  authentic because you're Bruce [TS]

  Springsteen fan and you think those guys [TS]

  like with and they live in a warehouse [TS]

  somewhere i just want to be clear cuz [TS]

  I'm about to open a new deck of cards [TS]

  are you trying to get you trying to get [TS]

  me to tackle the authenticity you big [TS]

  fucking John fucking rocks right now is [TS]

  working on a motorcycle somewhere and [TS]

  some girl comes in any and offers him [TS]

  like a Khloe my happening [TS]

  God in heaven authenticity are you is [TS]

  this how we're gonna roll we're gonna [TS]

  roll Los Angeles underwear tailored for [TS]

  him i'm sure there's don't have a single [TS]

  pass on the word I some french guy [TS]

  that's like tailoring is underwear [TS]

  here's the barrel here's the fish [TS]

  fucking shut up I didn't mean that [TS]

  here's what I want to cut dammit i had a [TS]

  point to make and I got Liza Minnelli [TS]

  and we still got bad words words better [TS]

  bad words i got into cards that has bad [TS]

  words ok come back to this we should say [TS]

  more bad words to people okay we still [TS]

  do bonus offer for the love of Christ I [TS]

  god damn it everyone I talked to on [TS]

  these programs is making me angry [TS]

  Mike love all you guys got can be like [TS]

  guys with mike love [TS]

  oh my god i would the thing is and I [TS]

  don't have a lot of money John i have [TS]

  almost no money but i would take [TS]

  whatever i've gotten hire someone who [TS]

  never stop kicking him in the balls for [TS]

  eternity [TS]

  I just I think that he should just [TS]

  there's any ideas fucking face I want to [TS]

  just but for eternity you're talking [TS]

  about not that's not a that's not a [TS]

  higher that you can do with money is [TS]

  here is that the more you bounce [TS]

  Transcendental Meditation get the one [TS]

  david lynch does oh that's where you fly [TS]

  yeah don't you balance reply that's fun [TS]

  to watch it watch on youtube you ever [TS]

  seen the flying soon fly so there was a [TS]

  period in i'm going to say 1965 where I [TS]

  you know 50 dispute this but like there [TS]

  was pretty much nobody cooler than Bob [TS]

  Dylan in the true sense maybe like [TS]

  there's a point probably more like miles [TS]

  davis was cooler at some other age you [TS]

  don't mean but like there's this period [TS]

  there was nobody cooler than Bob Dylan [TS]

  because the Beatles now I don't like the [TS]

  Beatles are gonna be loads were really [TS]

  even cool i mean cool about the old city [TS]

  wall set the seagulls thought you were [TS]

  cool [TS]

  you're pretty cool didn't feel like I'm [TS]

  gonna throw out of the weird one here [TS]

  but like mike scott walker like Scott [TS]

  Walker is cool in the sense of like wow [TS]

  that guy is on his own planet i do not [TS]

  get him he's gorgeous and had on cage [TS]

  attributed that have you seen that Scott [TS]

  Walker documentary ah dunno not miss it [TS]

  is on netflix and it's you think you're [TS]

  going to get it then you watch it and [TS]

  there's a turn another turn it [TS]

  completely mind-blowing 65 I'm saying [TS]

  nobody was cooler than down there was [TS]

  this period around the time of the I [TS]

  don't not don't look back [TS]

  so it's called was the one where does [TS]

  subterranean homesick blues [TS]

  yeah yeah that one and then I seen it [TS]

  just seemed room there's a scene in a [TS]

  room there's people floating around and [TS]

  still make me reveal how little I really [TS]

  know about no it's okay i'll always be [TS]

  over before you know it always cover for [TS]

  you say no thank you [TS]

  it's like I've always said though you [TS]

  know and those days we set sliding down [TS]

  the street from the American dream [TS]

  yeah ah he's just in a room he's got the [TS]

  sunglasses on but it doesn't look good [TS]

  dish [TS]

  he's fucking Bob Dylan he's got the cool [TS]

  hair and sit around and you're not [TS]

  trying to be cool he's just fucking Bob [TS]

  Dylan he can't help it and sits down [TS]

  he's trying are you getting any ideas I [TS]

  don't think I think he used to i think [TS]

  is a point now where is good and mad [TS]

  he's mad by 65 he's already mad okay [TS]

  pretty bad by them but the thing is heat [TS]

  breaks so many rules of cool today or he [TS]

  you know what I mean all the things were [TS]

  you and I will go out God get that guy [TS]

  fucking get that guy out here comes in [TS]

  the room he's aloof he's got the [TS]

  sunglasses as pal Donovan is there is [TS]

  maybe tom is there i remember but the [TS]

  point is that simple he sits down with [TS]

  an acoustic guitar and and just start [TS]

  strumming I'll love minus zero and [TS]

  you'll know the song the instant your [TS]

  Madeline's in those anything rather than [TS]

  like the hour than somebody and then [TS]

  I'll he says it didn't and you can see [TS]

  everybody in the room is just wrapped [TS]

  yet again and seriously watch this scene [TS]

  you're just like oh my god this song is [TS]

  fucking perfect it's so good at this is [TS]

  the shot they cut away to this shot of [TS]

  donovan and I've been told this is not [TS]

  what it looked like but the Ottoman [TS]

  sitting there and if you can imagine [TS]

  leaning forward smoking a cigarette with [TS]

  the scientists fake smile you've ever [TS]

  seen another kind of really tense almost [TS]

  like bobbing back and forth fake smile [TS]

  is looking cigarette mr. Donovan you [TS]

  know he's got mellow yellow and talking [TS]

  about bananas and shit but but like [TS]

  Dylan's just sitting there effortlessly [TS]

  playing a fucking three-chord he's [TS]

  basically playing Louie Louie except [TS]

  it's about the human soul and it its [TS]

  supply i just watched that are like God [TS]

  is so brutal to watch but anyway you [TS]

  know his daughter she tied you up until [TS]

  you get your video is Deirdre at a [TS]

  December show going uh out John I'm by [TS]

  spoke poorly I wat ya The Decemberists [TS]

  are their music their why December's are [TS]

  the Dillon to my Donovan Oh fucking give [TS]

  me a break then claim owner does dad [TS]

  let's look at you being serious i [TS]

  thought i do enjoy their you enjoy their [TS]

  music [TS]

  don't say a bad thing about the december [TS]

  and I said you know what I enjoy their [TS]

  music I've been hearing Mumford & Sons [TS]

  everywhere I go [TS]

  recently said that shirt Eddie Murphy [TS]

  we're seeing a movie not a Mumford & [TS]

  Sons is this it's this band [TS]

  but he should talk about for a year I [TS]

  and and I i made a record last winter in [TS]

  in the UK and one of the guys on the [TS]

  record was one of the guys from Mumford [TS]

  & Sons at the time I have heard and I'm [TS]

  like I think it's another name you're [TS]

  making out so we made this we made this [TS]

  record called Mount desolation with the [TS]

  some English guys and some other [TS]

  American guys and then mumford and sons [TS]

  became like the biggest band in the [TS]

  universe and checks out for instance [TS]

  yeah and and they sound they sound like [TS]

  a like the December's if you took most [TS]

  of the character of the decemberists [TS]

  away and just distilled it down to the [TS]

  bits basic elements but these guys are [TS]

  these guys are massive they're like [TS]

  headlining really acid festivals and [TS]

  inoculated won lots of awards their [TS]

  English very big band i believe i [TS]

  believe that they are friends with the [TS]

  g's to also replaces G's which the [TS]

  cheese okay I'm going to rei is that a [TS]

  short name for says it could use special [TS]

  son is that rapper the jeans like jwo [TS]

  not Jeezy not little cheesy [TS]

  ok you have nothing to do a little way [TS]

  in the puppy pussy papi what's up and [TS]

  the genes from the seamless well is the [TS]

  in-laws like g apostrophe s no there's [TS]

  no GM it je easy [TS]

  geez that's not a band that sounds like [TS]

  something out that like like Don [TS]

  Kirshner will come up with for a cartoon [TS]

  no no he is our Lord and favorite the g [TS]

  alright they used to teach about him in [TS]

  public school before they secularized [TS]

  Christmas and turn it into a winter [TS]

  holiday it's really confusing [TS]

  ok I unlost don't you talking about i'm [TS]

  completely confused I'm gonna look up to [TS]

  Jesus got Frank careful careful careful [TS]

  do not present ever tell you how to [TS]

  pronounce unless you want to know what [TS]

  is this is a life hack you want to know [TS]

  that II [TS]

  yeah yeah check it out here is that ok [TS]

  here's the deal you got the diaeresis i [TS]

  pronouncing that right muah muah [TS]

  ok so you've got that over a letter ok [TS]

  so that could be over almost any kind of [TS]

  letter could be over you could be over [TS]

  and I've never stood the end is near [TS]

  think it's no I think you have to be [TS]

  over a bowel right i mean you can't just [TS]

  put in unless you're doing joke yeah [TS]

  metal thing yes correct [TS]

  okay seriously crew ok good example but [TS]

  if in which i think that obviously [TS]

  made-up one but now say the letter that [TS]

  soon loaded looks it [TS]

  you-you-you-you ok but now say it was [TS]

  shaping your mouth the way you would say [TS]

  an e you don't overthink it just do it [TS]

  you have boom that's how you do it you [TS]

  make it eat with your mouth but you say [TS]

  the letter trying to eat with your mouth [TS]

  and you say the letter so you Cee [TS]

  announced that sau e-jets how you do it [TS]

  that's a lie fact i should write a [TS]

  fucking book [TS]

  you sure you should go on the internet [TS]

  do you like Bob Dylan I do like Bob [TS]

  Dylan but here's here's there's always [TS]

  Jesus there's always another city from [TS]

  you use semi-colons at all not really [TS]

  are you i love something so CII [TS]

  everybody says Richard Hugo Hemingway [TS]

  they also don't use some i love [TS]

  semicolons use any problems getting it [TS]

  makes my life is my life any sense of [TS]

  order although you have to remember with [TS]

  a semicolon not you can't just like [TS]

  throw some sentence fragment on the [TS]

  other side of a sentence colon and call [TS]

  it good i think it's what i do i think I [TS]

  literally do that literally there's kind [TS]

  of a sentence fragments on there that's [TS]

  the prob what about an em dash teasing I [TS]

  really ever use em dashes to use em [TS]

  dashes I like em dashes I you know one [TS]

  of the things I've started doing is [TS]

  using asterisk TSA's asked her eyes at [TS]

  the french comic strip ski accidents no [TS]

  excuse excuse excuse excuse an American [TS]

  comic strip astrix is the is the Belgium [TS]

  and this has nothing to do with rent an [TS]

  no but I use astrix is because because [TS]

  apparently it's some kind of HTML code [TS]

  for bolt is a bold and italic you write [TS]

  you a check your writing markdown look [TS]

  at John I saw some how you use it to to [TS]

  reference to 22 I i use it for a while [TS]

  because there's no way to use italics [TS]

  and you want to type in caps and then [TS]

  after a while I just like it [TS]

  I'm just like Oh doesn't dress it does [TS]

  yeah it does but anyway here's the [TS]

  problem with my thing about bobtailing [TS]

  it's my problem with the thing about [TS]

  everything you can [TS]

  here's the thing about your problems is [TS]

  signing I think it's not actually a [TS]

  problem it's a problem that i have not [TS]

  with Bob Dylan but with other people [TS]

  which is that there are so many fans of [TS]

  Bob Dylan the benchmark being a fan of [TS]

  Bob Dylan is set so high people that [TS]

  know every war on Bob Dylan's ass and I [TS]

  don't care about anything that much I [TS]

  don't give a fuck about anything as much [TS]

  as somebody who's not even in the top [TS]

  40th percentile of Bob Dylan fans you [TS]

  know what I'm saying [TS]

  so I I mean this constant I'm this [TS]

  constant problem when people say are you [TS]

  a fan of warrant reverter hurt sobbed [TS]

  and I go yeah sure they're like Oh [TS]

  remember that scene at the beginning of [TS]

  the movie that no one's ever keep that [TS]

  your fuse Nick I get it's like your [TS]

  country and your refusenik it's it's [TS]

  that I'm it's that i am here it is here [TS]

  it is i'm going to say it in simple [TS]

  words as possible okay i am not a fan [TS]

  period it's not that I'm not a fan of [TS]

  Bob Dylan it's not that I'm not a fan of [TS]

  of of you know like totality arianism in [TS]

  the in the nineteen thirties I'm just [TS]

  not a fan [TS]

  i'm not a fan of anything i am a i'm an [TS]

  observer of things i'm an appreciator of [TS]

  things but i do not my appreciation of [TS]

  things never rises to the level of [TS]

  fandom okay about anything except maybe [TS]

  the causes of World War 1 i'm a fan of [TS]

  talking about the causes the potential [TS]

  causes of World War one who so i think [TS]

  that's it the Scottish man and his [TS]

  friend are certain and reference for any [TS]

  man so that was in the Guffin it's so [TS]

  far down the line of causes the world [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  okay what about the main MacGuffin with [TS]

  her MacGuffin the main when they don't [TS]

  think the man that was all that was all [TS]

  fake [TS]

  exactly it was nothing but it's like [TS]

  it's like walking on the moon it didn't [TS]

  happen [TS]

  let me the main was just a quitter so [TS]

  fucking hard i eating a fan of Bob Dylan [TS]

  I'm just not a fan i'm not a fan of [TS]

  anything except for the except for [TS]

  talking about the cause of war [TS]

  yelling about semantics you seem pretty [TS]

  pretty tiny well technically fucking [TS]

  thanks a lot of yelling it's around and [TS]

  yelling about semantics help you at all [TS]

  day and night I semiotic CD semiotic SAT [TS]

  all your bars and half-and-half on [TS]

  semiotic Nikki tell the difference [TS]

  I'll house it i'll sit in a room and [TS]

  talk about I used to sit in a room and [TS]

  talk about guitars and amplifiers with [TS]

  the guys that I thought were otherwise [TS]

  boring but they could talk about guitars [TS]

  and amplifiers but I don't do that [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  what else in my family you know one [TS]

  thing i like about you [TS]

  there's not a lot but I mean one thing [TS]

  and I think I don't have to learn this [TS]

  from you pick this up or just at the [TS]

  point my life when I want to stop being [TS]

  a dipshit but i think it's so [TS]

  interesting that when I meet people who [TS]

  are genuinely interesting and by [TS]

  interesting I mean they express a [TS]

  curiosity about other people and and [TS]

  other ideas themselves is so much like [TS]

  whenever you meet anybody you know you [TS]

  talk about Neil Young and how obvious [TS]

  reasons your kind of move [TS]

  what do I say yeah and like us to talk [TS]

  about model trains [TS]

  yeah you know and this is my thing I it [TS]

  took me years to learn this but and I [TS]

  don't know enough to be useful for you [TS]

  but when I meet people [TS]

  this is actually true i mean people the [TS]

  last thing the world I want to talk [TS]

  about is me I talk about myself all the [TS]

  time [TS]

  I'm really good at it and probably [TS]

  better than you are i would like to talk [TS]

  about you talk to the driver thing this [TS]

  is the taxi driver [TS]

  is the taxi driver [TS]

  problem you get into a car with a taxi [TS]

  driving like one day real rain is going [TS]

  to come and wash all the scum off the [TS]

  streets [TS]

  no no no not that well let's not get [TS]

  into fandom let's talk about how you [TS]

  like taxi drive your light your world [TS]

  has gotten very small John the right [TS]

  there you get into a cat on John's a [TS]

  small world after all the guy the guy [TS]

  macat the guy behind the steering wheel [TS]

  is true [TS]

  they're retreating or ethiopia and you [TS]

  don't want to mix those two up you don't [TS]

  know they are you the opians from online [TS]

  from Eritrea vermont new hampshire [TS]

  greece and turkey exactly you don't want [TS]

  to screw around but but [TS]

  so you start in the guys like oh you say [TS]

  where you from any goes to retrain your [TS]

  tray and Eritrea John in any case i'm a [TS]

  stance you start asking him about oh [TS]

  well were you there during the War I [TS]

  mean how did you feel about haile [TS]

  selassie etc etc and you realize all of [TS]

  a sudden that this guy all day long all [TS]

  he's doing is driving people around [TS]

  he's told the story of how he feels [TS]

  about higher velocity 1,000,000,000 [TS]

  times he doesn't want to talk about [TS]

  himself he wants to talk about you you [TS]

  want to talk about the sports teams or [TS]

  something [TS]

  who is it you have the taxi driver [TS]

  problem you don't talk about yourself [TS]

  anymore i think you get to be 40 45 [TS]

  years old and you've talked about [TS]

  yourself enough you've told every story [TS]

  100 million times who just not [TS]

  interested in yourself anymore [TS]

  yeah I think you can be i mean this any [TS]

  less I know you're not fan and you're [TS]

  not a fan of Mick Jagger or a fan of P [TS]

  towns and then I but you know the two [TS]

  classic examples hope I die before I get [TS]

  old not you know and somebody calculated [TS]

  you know how many times Mick Jagger has [TS]

  song like satisfaction [TS]

  yeah which is a really good song its [TS]

  realy terribly terribly overrated song [TS]

  even first down song it's a good song [TS]

  it's it's not nearly as good as rocks [TS]

  off like that a lot of songs that I [TS]

  prefer you know I know how to play [TS]

  exactly one stone drifted ever tell you [TS]

  that you play smoke on the water who um [TS]

  which one which version live version by [TS]

  travelpod member [TS]

  where am i exactly one stone and refine [TS]

  oh yeah that's exactly one week but if [TS]

  you know that you're pretty much set [TS]

  I top where [TS]

  that's a pattern also not a report on to [TS]

  be good okay uh not you know there is no [TS]

  no do you think the challenge your [TS]

  psycho [TS]

  no I was just I was gonna pick up with [TS]

  no I'm not you know I'm kind of fucked [TS]

  up today I changed a few things around [TS]

  I had some leftover chili main and some [TS]

  mineral water some things around huh [TS]

  and some noodle water no I'm Simon's [TS]

  gonna get chinese neighborhood for too [TS]

  long if you're drinking doodle water [TS]

  well I think that's just ping-pong talk [TS]

  i had some leftover Charmayne and [TS]

  additional point to this [TS]

  i I'm so angry about so many things [TS]

  right now so i want to turn that into my [TS]

  club now Mike love ya you really want to [TS]

  talk about Michael of God he's such a [TS]

  nub [TS]

  I don't even know what I mean the thing [TS]

  is an anus in the butt of life [TS]

  ok but here's the thing there's a [TS]

  certain kind of like inert second guy [TS]

  we've talked about this right there's [TS]

  the inert other guy [TS]

  yeah right like a you know John Oates [TS]

  made his contributions [TS]

  absolutely Andrew originally I'm sure [TS]

  and religious originally had notes that [TS]

  hello Andrew Ridgely is married to the [TS]

  foxy one from Bananarama why do that [TS]

  what and they live enough they live on a [TS]

  farm in southern England then they just [TS]

  like milk the chickens or whatever [TS]

  people do on it yes [TS]

  chicken clucking and it's andrew [TS]

  ridgeley and the Fox you want from [TS]

  Bananarama machinery got the she got the [TS]

  wrong one [TS]

  well I mean if you're gonna marry one [TS]

  guy from Wham [TS]

  yes and it makes your girl your girl and [TS]

  you want to marry one guy from where am [TS]

  I think you picked the right that's the [TS]

  engine that will turn over and he's also [TS]

  i mean i-i don't know like what his [TS]

  publishing arrangement was with when but [TS]

  i think he got some songwriting credits [TS]

  on some of that stuff even I went the [TS]

  lamb records [TS]

  yeah i think she'll sell to I bet they [TS]

  do I back together compilations about [TS]

  some of those Bananarama records so [TS]

  alright and some other good i think [TS]

  they're just they just they milked the [TS]

  chickens and then they drive real fast [TS]

  on those rules don't get off track but [TS]

  ever thought how things might change if [TS]

  you hook up a stock Aitken Waterman have [TS]

  you thought about that all have you [TS]

  thought about other producers i'm not [TS]

  talking about i understand is what I [TS]

  felt right to speak [TS]

  you don't talk about the bouquet you [TS]

  find these guys [TS]

  somebody not very long ago that Cameron [TS]

  Crowe was a fan of the long winters [TS]

  Wow and this is one of those impossible [TS]

  to bury my and he's the one who did say [TS]

  anything with a nice kind of my band [TS]

  with a song about that's right that's [TS]

  correct [TS]

  thank you i can't i can't call Cameron [TS]

  Crowe i'm not even going to tweet [TS]

  cameron crowe and say hey how's it going [TS]

  man mixtape that mixtape movie i'll [TS]

  probably come up and it's gonna be [TS]

  awkward at him was at him or large front [TS]

  rear who made that terrible movie I [TS]

  don't think it was I don't think he made [TS]

  the mixed in cameron crowe but uh but [TS]

  but a but it's one of those things where [TS]

  can I and he just made up of you that I [TS]

  haven't seen yet for maybe won't see but [TS]

  but I clamor here was a jump in here [TS]

  from it's one of those things you hear [TS]

  it in the bin there he heard through the [TS]

  grapevine in the entertainers word on [TS]

  the street is where i was driving camera [TS]

  cronies a big fan of your music you know [TS]

  a song [TS]

  not all black music like not just song [TS]

  but he like has the knows he knows the [TS]

  records down because you know he was [TS]

  married to an esky no wait I know this [TS]

  heart and and wilson from hard nipples [TS]

  man feeling some out women always Nancy [TS]

  Nancy is the one like Bananarama girl or [TS]

  the skinny one from Wilson Phillips [TS]

  right just good one she's the good one [TS]

  well although i think that Ann Wilson [TS]

  down a very talent is very talented and [TS]

  also frankly if but it if you took me [TS]

  back to nineteen seventy-six and asked [TS]

  me which one I would pick it would it [TS]

  would finally found something [TS]

  interesting to talk about its [TS]

  everybody's gonna save it for the each [TS]

  other way Wilson Phillips to I don't [TS]

  like the skinny girls John this is gonna [TS]

  be perfect this is gonna work out great [TS]

  but speaking of Wilson's what I don't [TS]

  like Sheryl Crow there's nothing about [TS]

  truck was she ever married a camera crew [TS]

  at all [TS]

  no that would be weird she just she just [TS]

  take Annie often that you know in some [TS]

  cultures put me under your name you're [TS]

  married by counting crows like getting [TS]

  close now I heard them in the dentist's [TS]

  office so here's the thing i know about [TS]

  you John Roderick is that you uh like [TS]

  your relationship with jon wurster [TS]

  you're not gonna acknowledge the person [TS]

  you keep a distance you have a less lie [TS]

  out of the corner not unlike the way you [TS]

  look at an alien the mirror may not be [TS]

  there slide glance you [TS]

  not gonna go running you're gonna email [TS]

  cameron crowe no okay so what do you [TS]

  wait wasn't us Laura it's got to be up [TS]

  to him you gonna do you make off those [TS]

  deals i dunno i would why would love it [TS]

  if camera car would put along but [TS]

  there's a lot of people i was that [TS]

  somebody who was it somebody interesting [TS]

  had a song on you know was nick lowe [TS]

  nick lowe had a song on the bodyguard [TS]

  soundtrack Niccolo oh god that made him [TS]

  a blow that thing this is and if you go [TS]

  read is such an interesting guy and [TS]

  reading about him today he has chosen to [TS]

  do like three dimensions of himself or [TS]

  at least you know just a couple big ones [TS]

  yeah and he's made a big deal about it [TS]

  because he's pretty comfortable just [TS]

  from the fucking body parts proposes had [TS]

  a song on the the English teeth movie [TS]

  The what's-his-name national powers [TS]

  right accent power I don't think they [TS]

  had a song on that but they had a song [TS]

  on reality bites that is pretty well [TS]

  they still get crazy checks were kind of [TS]

  looking around song golden slumbers I [TS]

  don't know Paul opposing muscles on the [TS]

  sluggers all the numbers we think that [TS]

  first record you like you're 23 I do [TS]

  like it by you know that my relationship [TS]

  with proposes that I add that both guys [TS]

  are great singers and both are great [TS]

  songwriters but they saying they saying [TS]

  constantly on each other songs so that [TS]

  it was a condition of like they were to [TS]

  co-lead singers all the time it sounded [TS]

  like sometimes and I i actually like [TS]

  this in some songs I like this on some [TS]

  of the frosting on the beater tracks but [TS]

  sometimes it sounds like they have a [TS]

  really bats they're not getting anything [TS]

  in the wedges on stage and they don't [TS]

  realize how much louder they're singing [TS]

  in the other person i think what it is [TS]

  is that they're each taking really [TS]

  interesting harmonies off of the other [TS]

  guy and that it's a hit the that [TS]

  basically the two vocal parts are [TS]

  summing each other and it just sounds [TS]

  like now we can easily cancel each other [TS]

  out i gotta cancel each other out [TS]

  because one guy goes up the other guy [TS]

  goes down this is like ken stringfellow [TS]

  is great at finding the conventional [TS]

  harmonies but then like there's that one [TS]

  live record in France and I heard it [TS]

  there were that they do like I think if [TS]

  you surrender no one live poses record [TS]

  from France not you're not a fan [TS]

  ended up know something i'm not a fan [TS]

  it's that I got a fan not it's not that [TS]

  around presenting asterisks not a fan [TS]

  it's i'm not a fan in asterix this is [TS]

  hears the prayer it is i'm gonna break [TS]

  it down for you guys ready for this [TS]

  we're gonna get to make love or backward [TS]

  sorry well we can it will just put those [TS]

  in the hay the three by five card file [TS]

  here's the thing when when we were kids [TS]

  this is about the ghost look you [TS]

  understand me know [TS]

  [Music] [TS]