Roderick on the Line

Ep. 12: "Cold-Calling the Jewess"


  hello hi John how are you I'm Merlin and [TS]

  the name John you need a better song for [TS]

  me who I have a song for you darlin [TS]

  darlin darlin darlin John alright that's [TS]

  worth of work for me [TS]

  doesn't that kind of it's got a what's [TS]

  that was that ping-pong when you play [TS]

  The Black Keys only that's not Phrygian [TS]

  we call that we do that is something I [TS]

  mean that John Lennon song [TS]

  yeah there's a radiohead song to that so [TS]

  all on the black keys [TS]

  that's really good it's the it's that [TS]

  one that's impossible to learn because [TS]

  it's it's a because it was written by [TS]

  geniuses well guy another one I'm [TS]

  talking about [TS]

  yeah I bet it's no surprises now no no [TS]

  it's the it's the piano one from one of [TS]

  those later records that were the other [TS]

  one of the world leaders and bloops yeah [TS]

  yeah but it wasn't looking but they kept [TS]

  putting up those records that were [TS]

  bleeps and bloops and I and I and I was [TS]

  supposed to not like them and then every [TS]

  one of them had some great songs on it [TS]

  couldn't have been composed by mere [TS]

  mortals and really just like are you [TS]

  assholes I'm hm write that down i'm [TS]

  super intrigued by that it because i [TS]

  took me a really long time i sent John [TS]

  Roderick I took me a long time to warm [TS]

  up to Radiohead and can you get a fair [TS]

  yeah not a huge welcome can you guess [TS]

  the reason why I just I was way over [TS]

  Radiohead and I was fucking tired of [TS]

  hearing about how great Radiohead was [TS]

  but more importantly how I had to we [TS]

  have to listen to the radio head right i [TS]

  was so i like that i like the creep song [TS]

  you know objected to being told that if [TS]

  that if you didn't like them you weren't [TS]

  smart [TS]

  yes and ever that I wasn't you know it's [TS]

  what it would be like it's weird it's [TS]

  like in 10 [TS]

  it's like admitting you don't read books [TS]

  or something yeah well you know I i had [TS]

  a my Radiohead like moment i was i was [TS]

  working in a magazine store and i was [TS]

  reading the English pop magazine [TS]

  assimilates the magazine store [TS]

  i was when i was working a magazine [TS]

  store back in ya back in the sixties man [TS]

  me and Lester Bangs and Tom Wolfe and [TS]

  and I spent it was the best job in the [TS]

  world i had it for its little basically [TS]

  the longest job I ever kept because I [TS]

  would sit find this counter in this like [TS]

  newsstand and people would come in and [TS]

  say you have the local newspaper and i [TS]

  would say hey what kind of newspaper [TS]

  stand with this be if we didn't have the [TS]

  local newspaper and then they would like [TS]

  throw their quarter down on the counter [TS]

  and storm out and I would I think I felt [TS]

  good to feel superior all day and and i [TS]

  would read the English pop magazines you [TS]

  know like before mojo and Q became just [TS]

  about repackaging the beatles every [TS]

  issue talk about nme nme was always hard [TS]

  for me to really swallow because there's [TS]

  a lot of there's a lot of jargon and [TS]

  yeah i was 17 anymore like that that [TS]

  their coverage variable and she very [TS]

  evil and she not use the enemy them yes [TS]

  right but anyway so I'm reading this [TS]

  article about the recording of ok [TS]

  computer [TS]

  yeah very super interesting story yeah I [TS]

  met and the and the the reports an [TS]

  in-depth article on the guys like waxing [TS]

  a romantic about how this records being [TS]

  made and all my god these guys are [TS]

  making this incredible thing and you may [TS]

  know them from their creep song but this [TS]

  thing this record is a is a work of art [TS]

  and so I'm sitting there the newsstand [TS]

  and I pick up the phone and I call the [TS]

  independent record store see this story [TS]

  does take place in the sixties who in [TS]

  the center of Gladstone's yet phones i [TS]

  picked up the the dial rotary phone and [TS]

  I call the independent record store [TS]

  which was down at the other end of [TS]

  broadway central said operator get me [TS]

  the record store got caught up [TS]

  hey you're that yeah Jack can get off [TS]

  the get of this party line i got into [TS]

  emergency is it Christmas Day [TS]

  what about that turkey in the window [TS]

  that goes in the window um and I call [TS]

  down there and I said hey uh so you do [TS]

  know is that radiohead record coming out [TS]

  anytime soon and the prison could answer [TS]

  the phone when [TS]

  oh it came out today and I said really [TS]

  the ok computer he's like it came out [TS]

  today it's the release day and you can [TS]

  hear him he's talking about it like he [TS]

  started to whisper like he's in the [TS]

  church and I said Wow is a good and he [TS]

  said it's amazing and i said well i have [TS]

  to i have now I have to have this record [TS]

  I have to get this record and he said no [TS]

  no you have to get this record Who and I [TS]

  said I know right away you hate him but [TS]

  but this was this was you know this is [TS]

  19 whatever and 97 and and when we were [TS]

  having a that we're having a real a real [TS]

  phone experience the two of us and I [TS]

  said well hey look on i'm working at the [TS]

  magazine store down at the other end of [TS]

  a Broadway and i don't get off till [TS]

  midnight he said all man we close 11 but [TS]

  here's what I'm going to do [TS]

  I'll bring it to you and that's a fan [TS]

  and I said really said I'm going to [TS]

  bring it to you right now and so I SAT [TS]

  there at my job and 20 minutes later in [TS]

  comes this kid with you know like [TS]

  wearing a some kind of whatever the [TS]

  hipster outfit at the time was bug brown [TS]

  Levi's chords with bootcut bottoms and a [TS]

  chain wallet or whatever people wore [TS]

  back in the day and he's like you know [TS]

  he hands it to me with both hands like [TS]

  here you go [TS]

  I was like wow thank you you know and I [TS]

  gave him ten dollars or however much [TS]

  records costs and tuppence [TS]

  I guess I've lived in a copper carry out [TS]

  your outline my cranky gonna run along [TS]

  run along [TS]

  I was that guy was after me I was kind [TS]

  of hoping that you would say that he was [TS]

  in a wheelchair haha like maybe he was [TS]

  going he had some kind of ND were [TS]

  holding on a homemade crunch so anyway [TS]

  all we have left is little stool but we [TS]

  all we all have we all have stories [TS]

  about certain records like how our limo [TS]

  I could matter and that and the fact [TS]

  that this guy at the at the record store [TS]

  like made this trip and just the just a [TS]

  coincidence [TS]

  like I'm reading this article i'm gonna [TS]

  call the record store it's not something [TS]

  I normally do it always made me treasure [TS]

  it be above and beyond the experience [TS]

  the the initial experience i had the [TS]

  music which was I put it in and and and [TS]

  that first song with it's hypnotizing [TS]

  baseline [TS]

  I you know I like I wasn't sure if it [TS]

  pass the smell test at first but it [TS]

  ended up you know of course it's a great [TS]

  record does that mean i can't play [TS]

  whatever what this is what this is not [TS]

  least I said he went always say if they [TS]

  said that he went back to save the [TS]

  airbag and then I i had a gun into [TS]

  lyrics and realize that it's a great [TS]

  it's a fucking great song on my life and [TS]

  that's actually a great image like you [TS]

  could reincorporate that I might take [TS]

  that into that is linked back to save [TS]

  the airbag [TS]

  yeah well they're like all records only [TS]

  one song on it that I despise but other [TS]

  than that it is a pretty much almost [TS]

  flawless record and I didn't I i was [TS]

  very you wanna come back to that you [TS]

  remember that down what sorry oh please [TS]

  right now but you can guess you can get [TS]

  at you can't even guess [TS]

  no I know what song you don't like on [TS]

  the radio and record but what song don't [TS]

  you like on rumors [TS]

  oh daddy are you having not crazy about [TS]

  daddy [TS]

  at least I don't forget my head or you [TS]

  think you can guess it's got 12 song can [TS]

  you guess [TS]

  Radiohead yeah i mean i think it's i [TS]

  think it's the one song if it's armored [TS]

  police now [TS]

  not at all like to later would you call [TS]

  me too sorry i start over [TS]

  it's in the sequence and you've almost [TS]

  flawless and no you enjoy a good [TS]

  sequence election down electric [TS]

  electioneering silly yeah it's fix way [TS]

  out I just punku one skipper it's a [TS]

  skipper but my gosh have so much to [TS]

  follow up with the no way to talk about [TS]

  radio though you might overhear I want [TS]

  to just I just want to say that this is [TS]

  this is bad on me and because you know [TS]

  there's this is a constant availability [TS]

  heuristic as you like to say there are [TS]

  certain things where you see a pattern [TS]

  often enough that you got me not for me [TS]

  right [TS]

  you know this is you do this all the [TS]

  time you're very productive person [TS]

  innovative like what pattern that I'm [TS]

  expecting now is that you're going to [TS]

  segue somehow to talk about Sloan and [TS]

  and you know it's [TS]

  something i want to put the kibosh on [TS]

  okay i want to talk about Sloan you [TS]

  never want to talk about Sloan eric is [TS]

  the only one that would talk to me about [TS]

  salon there are a lot of people in [TS]

  Seattle that will talk to you about [TS]

  Sloan I know it's it's what is it [TS]

  something the name check they try and [TS]

  talk to me about Sloan and I have seen [TS]

  Sloan half a dozen times just came out [TS]

  the same here came up saying here's one [TS]

  chord to another if you're curious about [TS]

  how can you not like d turns to G oh my [TS]

  god the the you know but seriously there [TS]

  are albums like this and i have to say [TS]

  John I just feel like I don't know you [TS]

  you know perfectly well but I feel like [TS]

  I see this all time with you you gotta [TS]

  switch flips and you go the more I hear [TS]

  about this thing the more I'm so fucking [TS]

  never going to consume this personally I [TS]

  mean and I've had a lot of good reason [TS]

  to feel that way there are some times [TS]

  when I've been dead wrong [TS]

  there's a lot of time to write and it's [TS]

  why I fear how I have become the wire [TS]

  guy and the movie guy like you got to [TS]

  watch the wire you gotta listen to move [TS]

  and I do it until everybody sick of it [TS]

  no one likes it and now they're mad [TS]

  couldn't want to listen to the wire now [TS]

  for me I don't know how this happened [TS]

  also was recording the castle I gotta [TS]

  look this one's castle recordings i [TS]

  think i look at it wasn't a little [TS]

  computer castle recording I thought they [TS]

  did it on a on a canal barge ah hmm i [TS]

  think if they can October by you to [TS]

  follow the good women know you to [TS]

  definitely recorded in the castle that [TS]

  without let's start [TS]

  ok computer didn't record it partly in [TS]

  hallways and bathrooms and I think of [TS]

  something else I might be thinking of [TS]

  the planet telex record which i also [TS]

  want to talk about i'm not sure i do [TS]

  know that i do that know that David [TS]

  Gilmore has a studio in a boat on the [TS]

  Thames or something just to get away [TS]

  from roger waters well because at a [TS]

  certain point at a certain point it's [TS]

  like I could either throw my money in [TS]

  the temp yes or i could build a studio [TS]

  in a barge on the Thames like I have too [TS]

  much money and i am i'm just going to do [TS]

  so i'm gonna do this i'm writing this [TS]

  down just so never have to talk about [TS]

  again I I don't like to bring up Mike [TS]

  love I need someone to write things down [TS]

  so you never have to talk about them [TS]

  again write things down for a lot of [TS]

  reasons John I'm gonna get a carton [TS]

  listen listen other Merlin who lives in [TS]

  my head i'm writing this down and we're [TS]

  done talking about it [TS]

  you be quiet you two I'm just think it's [TS]

  super group involving Mike 11 Roger [TS]

  Waters we can come back to that if you [TS]

  wait a minute i'm a Roger Waters fan [TS]

  yeah what wait a minute i don't like 11 [TS]

  things wrong with that your day and now [TS]

  you'll absolutely absolutely [TS]

  he's around her and I my god the what I [TS]

  mean like love could join that super [TS]

  group that we're putting together with [TS]

  anthony kiedis on vocals and we should [TS]

  see this hand think I'm doing right now [TS]

  and robby krieger on guitar but all the [TS]

  best fighters are just a little research [TS]

  on drums uh-huh [TS]

  just just the cream don't think he's a [TS]

  good drummer Lars it i mean he's I don't [TS]

  know who makes his drums uh large should [TS]

  we talk about injustice for all at some [TS]

  point we talked about that with me maybe [TS]

  and justice for all as a tremendous [TS]

  record yeah I like this I like this how [TS]

  you like the highlight this trigger [TS]

  drums I don't know that there's not [TS]

  there's no there's nothing about the [TS]

  drums and metallica this is the thing [TS]

  that sounds like he's playing a phone [TS]

  buck james hetfield is such a musician [TS]

  such a tremendous musician who although [TS]

  his his taste in his judgment or [TS]

  sometimes in question didn't always get [TS]

  the credit but such a tremendous [TS]

  musician that he has made a massively [TS]

  popular band with some classic music in [TS]

  spite of the fact that his drummer and [TS]

  lead guitar player are both like [TS]

  absolute animal they could figure out [TS]

  how to teleport they couldn't figure out [TS]

  a turnstile with a Sherpa and [TS]

  flashlights and I think they're not [TS]

  bright men when you watch the [TS]

  documentaries i always thought you know [TS]

  Hadfield was goofy you know and is [TS]

  setting aside the alcohol stuff I I [TS]

  thought he was just dumb as shit and the [TS]

  Kirk Hammett was the genius the spoolie [TS]

  doodlee doodlee guy but it's clear that [TS]

  like first field does it all and he [TS]

  plays a bunch of the good parts right it [TS]

  was the mall because all the good parts [TS]

  and then everyone you know then he like [TS]

  points through the glass curtain goes ok [TS]

  literally right you got 45 seconds go [TS]

  yeah that's in it becomes like that [TS]

  yngwie al dimeola thing we're just doing [TS]

  runs yes the flowers oranges dad was in [TS]

  Metallica that would be an incredible [TS]

  insight about Bobby Ulrich [TS]

  what's-his-name remember remember he's [TS]

  the little use the little dwarf that [TS]

  lives in [TS]

  toadstool that appears halfway through [TS]

  the movie and like talk shit about all [TS]

  their music [TS]

  he's got great touches beard into his [TS]

  belt right one of those guys I gotta go [TS]

  back and this is just some kind of [TS]

  monster [TS]

  yeah that that movie though that armor [TS]

  just watching terrible record but like [TS]

  that vitamin b12 shot just having feet [TS]

  having seen the film but when you walk [TS]

  away though like you're still pulling [TS]

  forehead field isn't a weird i mean at [TS]

  least i was the whole time I was like oh [TS]

  man he's the Paul like he's appalled [TS]

  he's doing is trying to hold this shit [TS]

  together when he's got you know well not [TS]

  all probably had fewer of the problems [TS]

  that the demons that field demons but [TS]

  you think Paul McCartney had fewer [TS]

  demons the james hetfield I think [TS]

  they're probably easier to market you [TS]

  think it's a team meeting is a hunted [TS]

  man Paul McCartney Paul yeah he's [TS]

  haunted by the board normal texting [TS]

  seriously got divorced from a lady who [TS]

  lost her leg in mine and that's [TS]

  complicated [TS]

  that's a lot of layers to that John [TS]

  noticed it was ugly [TS]

  I'm trying to think I mean Paul [TS]

  McCartney this is the thing about the [TS]

  Beatles that no one ever talks about [TS]

  which is that I mean people talk about [TS]

  it but it but it it's not like the [TS]

  Zeppelin era where people really talked [TS]

  about it with the beatles I mean think [TS]

  about all the birds that they shagged [TS]

  when shagging birds was a thing you [TS]

  could do and then Paul McCartney marries [TS]

  a like a forty-five-year-old one-legged [TS]

  girl and before that it was the the [TS]

  photo lady couldn't sing a photo lady [TS]

  couldn't thing and frankly wasn't pretty [TS]

  ever heard soundcheck was just her [TS]

  monitors i have oh my did you every one [TS]

  of her frozen dinners [TS]

  no no but I see need to hold the door [TS]

  open legally a vegan door okay yeah the [TS]

  pleather I remember walking through a [TS]

  supermarket and seeing her face [TS]

  appearing out of me through the frozen [TS]

  you know like our vegan meals in behind [TS]

  the the freezer compartment and I just [TS]

  thought oh that have that tastes [TS]

  terrible then I don't taste terrible to [TS]

  look at it now she says she is an old [TS]

  paintings she pass [TS]

  oh yeah she's Paul would never have [TS]

  divorced her they were that was like the [TS]

  love of the age of like he's trying to [TS]

  do a yoga thing that you've seen John [TS]

  Lennon ice cream and ice cream [TS]

  no Ben & Jerry's [TS]

  that was the horrible may imagine you [TS]

  know whirled peas or whatever what's [TS]

  called a convention chocolate swirl or [TS]

  whatever you know like everything apart [TS]

  a person the proceeds go to charity [TS]

  ok i encourage you next time you go to [TS]

  your store that sells ice cream and eye [TS]

  to eye [TS]

  I buy a lot of ice cream ice time ago i [TS]

  took photo this point on the internet [TS]

  one time ago and look at the service [TS]

  mark it's just I know this is five shows [TS]

  we can't get into it but it literally [TS]

  says on a John Lennon is it is a [TS]

  trademark of you haha and i know i [TS]

  understand the life is complicated [TS]

  in-laws are the way they are but I was [TS]

  like you are you know what that's that's [TS]

  been true for a pretty long time [TS]

  yeah yeah I got that letter I got a copy [TS]

  that let it being but i can't watch it [TS]

  because the Beatles don't talk about [TS]

  beetles and birds reading glasses right [TS]

  now I they aren't they are my [TS]

  prescription I'm and i don't know why i [TS]

  put them on but it's making everything [TS]

  look super convex but this is like half [TS]

  glasses [TS]

  no no they look like real glasses but [TS]

  they're magnifying glasses instead of us [TS]

  a look at john linnell we got like big [TS]

  eyes super-big I separate the time and [TS]

  generally no had had had absurd jokey [TS]

  like magic store glasses on the meet his [TS]

  eyes look like look like like the size [TS]

  of silver dollars he has very thick [TS]

  glasses but he also has huge eyes are [TS]

  very very handsome man that floppy hair [TS]

  is hard to do [TS]

  yeah he's the kind of handsome that [TS]

  where you feel like you you just feel [TS]

  like just snuggling up in his armpit [TS]

  it's no it's a different kind of [TS]

  handsome and he seems like about the [TS]

  last guy in the world that would let you [TS]

  do that he would not let you do that no [TS]

  man John Vanderslice you could get the [TS]

  dog bed with him just roll around he [TS]

  talked into it you know what funny you [TS]

  should mention that vanderslice is here [TS]

  right now snuggling in my arms again a [TS]

  lucky man like Jim thank you [TS]

  come on i'm doing a podcast was like oh [TS]

  man [TS]

  i'm @hardwick ok here's what I've got [TS]

  right now we got to come back to the [TS]

  beatles I I think we need to tackle the [TS]

  Paul issue at length because I have some [TS]

  very strong Paul feelings i really do [TS]

  too but I don't I don't feel like I can [TS]

  just I don't feel like I can start [TS]

  talking about no need to stretch it's [TS]

  like yoga [TS]

  ok ok I've also got a red hair [TS]

  wheelchair I want to talk about my cured [TS]

  meats I want to control down a little [TS]

  bit more recording in a castle is I [TS]

  don't think that might be a brian eno [TS]

  thing it's a huge the recording a castle [TS]

  that's the bottom thing right that they [TS]

  made all the bottom drum sounds in the [TS]

  in the stairwell of the of the castle [TS]

  and foot aluminum foil is kick drum hear [TS]

  that [TS]

  no I didn't hear that idea here that he [TS]

  would throw he would throw a drumstick [TS]

  at any recording engineer that got [TS]

  within 15 feet of his kit there for him [TS]

  he makes his own drums [TS]

  well they didn't want to he didn't want [TS]

  close miking he want he only wanted the [TS]

  Far mics and if they tried to but you [TS]

  know and recording engineers always want [TS]

  to put my close-up makes their job [TS]

  easier so they'd stayed we stayed sneak [TS]

  in and they start moving the mic stories [TS]

  kid huh KITT he talks tix at them until [TS]

  they got scared and ran away when okay [TS]

  if you get out you can sm57 foreign up [TS]

  far enough up and engineers ask you [TS]

  can't very very dry sound is what they [TS]

  call it in the industry are you speaking [TS]

  from personal experience nobody i [TS]

  mean--is don't you use like forced air [TS]

  will usually sm57 is pretty flexible for [TS]

  four jumps are not on the kick butt like [TS]

  you can you can get by with an sm57 [TS]

  right you put a 757 on and we can hammer [TS]

  nails with that shit all day long do [TS]

  anything you can make an entire record [TS]

  with just one NASA mission I can't tell [TS]

  you how many stinky sm57 that his smell [TS]

  I've smelled some really bad sm57 and [TS]

  they all pretty much work it's always [TS]

  the cord it's very seldom that Mike they [TS]

  smell like there's more like low tide [TS]

  like the tide goes out and then the the [TS]

  crustaceans are kind of rotting there on [TS]

  the beach that's what a lot of those [TS]

  mics Allah low tide [TS]

  yeah whenever we have a ribbon mic guy [TS]

  i've certainly use them i think they're [TS]

  I think there was you bring your inbox [TS]

  and shit [TS]

  ok it's ok it's expensive but they are [TS]

  expensive in the ribbon I mean it's a [TS]

  you know that no sm57 those breaks super [TS]

  easy if you like sing too loud and break [TS]

  the new with the new ones are [TS]

  more robust was that doesn't sound [TS]

  ribbony I want to get back to recording [TS]

  a castle doesn't 57 is like the [TS]

  Telecaster there was a bit they made it [TS]

  perfect the rest i can put it in the [TS]

  trunk you could take it apart and put in [TS]

  the trunk [TS]

  yeah yeah we should come back to that I [TS]

  had telecast recording in a castle what [TS]

  you're thinking of is dr. Quinn Medicine [TS]

  Woman owns a castle that she rents out [TS]

  two bands to record group is that true [TS]

  yeah she lives in a castle and when [TS]

  she's done she's making dr. Quinn [TS]

  Medicine Woman or whatever she makes [TS]

  other films and stuff I think she runs [TS]

  this out to to rock bands her house but [TS]

  making problems simply a web page for [TS]

  that [TS]

  that's my son that's most of it yeah [TS]

  she's an actress she's them and halfway [TS]

  or somebody she was sort of boobies in [TS]

  something once when she was young I [TS]

  don't know who she was she was in a [TS]

  James Bond movie [TS]

  no shoes are peeled monger look that up [TS]

  telecaster I think I've told you this [TS]

  story first of all part b III haven't [TS]

  explored this a little bit offline and [TS]

  talking to some of our non-fans but i [TS]

  think would be interesting to this is a [TS]

  really dumb idea what i was thinking it [TS]

  would be fun at some point to do a [TS]

  series on REM records the ones that I'm [TS]

  familiar with MH she's like I'm just on [TS]

  that green are you somebody that [TS]

  includes green or somebody that that's [TS]

  not what I was just just out of [TS]

  generosity is a monster but Green would [TS]

  be fine with me [TS]

  oh you go all the way to moms now see [TS]

  just because i love internet personality [TS]

  i have to please people charge ya know I [TS]

  stopped a dream i stopped before green [TS]

  up to Green uh I know every note okay [TS]

  what is this how you wanna roll from [TS]

  green on it's like okay whatever you [TS]

  want to stop a life with that rich [TS]

  pageant you're not gonna get an argument [TS]

  from me that you pick your you know pick [TS]

  your tunes or whatever and I'm gonna [TS]

  week as a superfan [TS]

  ok I you know what let's keep it let's [TS]

  keep it tight [TS]

  I think it's okay so what's the one of [TS]

  Elections pageant and that's a screen is [TS]

  a green 86 let's come back to this [TS]

  anyway my point being you know I yeah [TS]

  when you're younger and you have a [TS]

  modest amount of money just expect to [TS]

  the independent record stores thing I [TS]

  was a Tampa to the physical final fever [TS]

  to my record [TS]

  he's like you know half hour 45 minute [TS]

  drive you go there a great record to [TS]

  import is where i bought my level [TS]

  terrorist apart 7-inch it's like where [TS]

  you go to buy your records you still [TS]

  have that level to transport 7u bad idea [TS]

  yeah with the BW packed with you nobody [TS]

  stands for packed with Jenna locksmith [TS]

  bwca cbw don't know what that means is [TS]

  level tears apart BW these days and i [TS]

  bought it in nineteen hundred and [TS]

  eighty-five force in Europe roundtable [TS]

  yes and like a lot of the factory [TS]

  rectory you know it costs a custom [TS]

  literally $17 to make each one of those [TS]

  and only charge to quit [TS]

  nobody even knows what a quit is it was [TS]

  very uh it's a the top [TS]

  how many ok so how much did you got [TS]

  farther you guys how many part you get [TS]

  so many far as shit showings go into [TS]

  going two parsecs parsecs going to top [TS]

  ants and stuff is going to vomit copper [TS]

  how many how many bugs here in a copper [TS]

  I think good i think it's for Bob's to a [TS]

  copper mine got your uncle and then and [TS]

  then Allah 11-team coppers to 26 pins [TS]

  ok and then what's the Exchequer the [TS]

  Exchequer is like the the second [TS]

  secretary of state it's like these a [TS]

  finance person exchequer right well it's [TS]

  a yeah it's like the minister of finance [TS]

  and that's I i had so i had this long [TS]

  list of names that I wanted for bands [TS]

  that were all uniformly awful and I [TS]

  really when I was in high school I [TS]

  really wanted a band called exchequer [TS]

  mmm that's a good name [TS]

  no it's not it's really not X chill it's [TS]

  chill [TS]

  so I heard the reviews I'd heard the end [TS]

  of your lists I'd seen the past and job [TS]

  I've seen it all and I knew clearly in [TS]

  order for me to make this next step in [TS]

  my life I was going to go have to go buy [TS]

  a copy of this album called murmur ok [TS]

  and this is at a time [TS]

  this is a very strange point for me [TS]

  because this is when on a trip to vinyl [TS]

  fever i might walk away with the secret [TS]

  policeman's other wall that the Thompson [TS]

  Twins into the gap and enjoy too much [TS]

  instant she might buy that that zapper [TS]

  record that's all [TS]

  orchestral arrangements i get negative x [TS]

  1 but [TS]

  but like i wanted to i want to Zappa [TS]

  record only 99 cents ship your item too [TS]

  late to save eight dollars in sixty-nine [TS]

  cents so I go in there it's almost [TS]

  closing time you remember this right and [TS]

  you're sitting there this is these kids [TS]

  today to understand this you just going [TS]

  download the entire you know who screwed [TS]

  discography and come back from lunch and [TS]

  you got it all gonna stand [TS]

  no they don't understand that this was [TS]

  this is truly an economic decision and [TS]

  I'm sitting there like I don't remember [TS]

  the other record i i i really do have [TS]

  this weird recollection of it being a [TS]

  Thompson Twins record but i'm probably [TS]

  misremembering that i'm sure into the [TS]

  gap without yet having fun boy three [TS]

  oh sure they think the now they did [TS]

  something with Bananarama right then [TS]

  what I can on the sealed our lips are [TS]

  sealed is that four-minute singer of fun [TS]

  boy three co-wrote are ripped our lips [TS]

  are sealed with jane wiedlin may each [TS]

  did it a different version of it on [TS]

  their respective records mainland wrote [TS]

  that they believe that Jane Wiedlin [TS]

  wrote a lot of the lot of the hits and [TS]

  she was a great songwriter friends [TS]

  started Francis article talks about [TS]

  total super boxes I pixie I tried to be [TS]

  friends with her on Twitter and you were [TS]

  too much fur [TS]

  mmm that was just that there was a there [TS]

  was a culture gap a communication gap [TS]

  got him back to this we got supposes [TS]

  that she was she was like living in a [TS]

  different you know what I did you know [TS]

  what i did this week started following [TS]

  any man so now i'm following ii men this [TS]

  journey is a is she she's a real [TS]

  facebooker she doesn't have Facebook [TS]

  very well because she likes longer-form [TS]

  exchanges have here some longer for us [TS]

  that's not even funny [TS]

  what if I was Romeo in black jeans [TS]

  here's the thing um like Michael Penn [TS]

  record you hear that wont to no myth on [TS]

  it [TS]

  great record bike rider she has so much [TS]

  Mary to write as much on Brian right now [TS]

  he's mentioned Michael jump Ryan's the [TS]

  windows in the pan with the Jason [TS]

  partner okay um Jason fuckers great [TS]

  he's also great he does great also great [TS]

  you seen him lately [TS]

  big gun big fella and he's making [TS]

  records with Susanna Hoffs who's still [TS]

  just as beautiful as ever one [TS]

  the cover of us girls awful the the [TS]

  thing is i'm sorry i'm in the store [TS]

  right i think it's that we're matter [TS]

  came to this a 14 Fletcher Tampa anyway [TS]

  working for so right in the heart of [TS]

  tampa it sits in the bondage gear [TS]

  district yes and so I think it's near [TS]

  that near the left ventricle of us and [TS]

  it's there that University I'm super [TS]

  grateful I didn't end up going to yeah [TS]

  the one that's all that looks like a [TS]

  like a wedding cake [TS]

  no no that's university of tampa totally [TS]

  different totally fancy-looking [TS]

  university it is it is and I think [TS]

  they've got they've got a bookstore in [TS]

  their place where they give up the [TS]

  diplomas so I'm inviting fever and ok so [TS]

  you know you know you know record store [TS]

  guy right [TS]

  it's not that different camera store guy [TS]

  guitar store guy comic book guy you know [TS]

  there's this is a type and i gotta say i [TS]

  also used to be video store guy there [TS]

  was a video store guy in sarasota that [TS]

  loved fucking with people because you go [TS]

  in it was an awesome indie like you [TS]

  could go and get all these crazy you [TS]

  know whatever you know hard to find film [TS]

  you could get and if you ask him for [TS]

  advice any thought your bozo he would [TS]

  recommend something horrible to you [TS]

  right you should try stars and bars like [TS]

  home [TS]

  god this is awful so anyway I go in [TS]

  there and I know told you this but I [TS]

  treasure this story I go in there I'm [TS]

  holding two LPs in my hands and like you [TS]

  know I hate 69 [TS]

  hey you know that's a 69 they can't get [TS]

  anything else right and I'm like this [TS]

  sorry I'm records remember I hear a lot [TS]

  about it and you know is this good [TS]

  should i get this and without missing a [TS]

  beat he goes that's a pretty good feel [TS]

  like keyboard oriental music haha [TS]

  Oh Lou look classic code [TS]

  tick-tock tick-tock the stores closed [TS]

  and i'm now holding something like the [TS]

  Thompson Twins maybe in the name of love [TS]

  and event planning and a record better [TS]

  record with kudzu on the cover that [TS]

  might be keyboard orientation she's more [TS]

  beautiful more oriented music [TS]

  and you know what I i did a bit the [TS]

  bullet and let's look at home I spun it [TS]

  i want to say i got at the same time [TS]

  secret police and other ball but I [TS]

  anyway my friends literally laughed at [TS]

  me because I did the thing that you hate [TS]

  I know you hate this you know you know [TS]

  what I did I did I did the thing i did [TS]

  the needle poppin right i would go for [TS]

  that [TS]

  oh yeah first 10 seconds of every track [TS]

  secondary track oh god I want to [TS]

  strangle you and you do that my friend [TS]

  is still was not out of the closet I [TS]

  went my god it's the country record and [TS]

  then you know the Merlin Merlin of the [TS]

  19th i guess that's probably for the [TS]

  best looking for the game a little late [TS]

  to the game but I'm but reckoning was [TS]

  the one that really really really [TS]

  grabbed me right [TS]

  remember me like a great keyboard [TS]

  country record oh my god if you love [TS]

  keyboard oriented music yeah sure Bob [TS]

  Wills Texas Playboy centerfold i murmur [TS]

  makes a ton more sense i tell my kids [TS]

  this I I say start with the chronic town [TS]

  jump to reckoning and then you're [TS]

  writing maybe former get the remastered [TS]

  version whole different world [TS]

  this is something you Yusei to merlins [TS]

  prices to homeless kids you know when [TS]

  you walk through a store asked if it's [TS]

  keyboard oriented he didn't pass that he [TS]

  was Jerry Lewis is still with us right [TS]

  Jerry Lewis ya juu of the two of us [TS]

  you are the one who would know the [TS]

  current status and whereabouts unknown [TS]

  exactly one person I can talk to you [TS]

  know this is you have exactly one [TS]

  problem Goldwater and go launcher only [TS]

  person I can talk to about general you [TS]

  talk to her about it but mushy mushy [TS]

  matches my shot-for-shot literally [TS]

  literally shot for shot and gentlemen [TS]

  I'm gonna dominate turn I'm gonna I'm [TS]

  gonna I'm gonna blow up the fourth wall [TS]

  here and speak to you directly [TS]

  no don't John that's really that's not [TS]

  yet please don't listen address our list [TS]

  directly and I'm gonna say that Merlin [TS]

  on the topic of Jerry Lewis is a thing [TS]

  to behold he should have a very loose [TS]

  centered podcast all to himself which is [TS]

  its multifaceted as well as deep [TS]

  I think that you you you love Jerry [TS]

  Lewis both earnestly and ironically [TS]

  I love the complexity of Jerry Lewis so [TS]

  I there's plenty of room for irony with [TS]

  the loving giving in the thing this is [TS]

  an industry that fears a genius but [TS]

  there's also there's also there's also [TS]

  the inescapable truth which is that you [TS]

  resemble Jerry Lewis okay you know what [TS]

  here's the deal here's the deal [TS]

  identification ok I'll you know what [TS]

  I'll see your discomfort and raise you [TS]

  an asshole [TS]

  from now on if you really want to get me [TS]

  with you when i go to the land [TS]

  uh-huh you can go Jim Carrey is for hear [TS]

  that one more time I'm gonna fuckin got [TS]

  somebody I'm gonna get it on my shoulder [TS]

  i'm doing your country movies on my [TS]

  shoulder heartworld still beating [TS]

  yeah oh yeah I don't you don't remind me [TS]

  of jim carrey you your face isn't as [TS]

  elastic I got a pretty elastic face I'm [TS]

  aging he's aging but Jerry Lewis useful [TS]

  some pupils Harrison thing to see this [TS]

  is that this is the high-level i'm going [TS]

  to give you the the elevator pitch and [TS]

  Jerry Lewis first of all stop what [TS]

  you're doing [TS]

  go not to a bookstore your computer and [TS]

  by the king of comedy by shawn levy [TS]

  which is the started it started so i'm [TS]

  gonna Lawson thing that Jarrod oh it [TS]

  started as it started as an authorized [TS]

  biography and quickly became totally [TS]

  unauthorized and it is about a man [TS]

  you'll hear you will hear about how he [TS]

  paid a bellboy to crush up as percocets [TS]

  you hear about him throwing a champagne [TS]

  bottle at a wall and saying i christen [TS]

  this hotel motherfucker you will hear [TS]

  how he kept a loaded gun it in the [TS]

  bathroom next to his drugs and his [TS]

  family found I won't go on only Robin [TS]

  understands me on you you know you need [TS]

  a gun in the bathroom i'm i'm with him a [TS]

  hundred percent there any good you know [TS]

  what this is but nevermind I'm not gonna [TS]

  ask you this I've learned with my [TS]

  friends who are here who crazy with the [TS]

  weapons not asking too many questions [TS]

  because there's a certain you need an [TS]

  element of surprise [TS]

  that's right you don't want to if [TS]

  somebody says like where we're all the [TS]

  guns in your house right and you go oh [TS]

  well let me tell you where I say always [TS]

  my worker porn you know you got its [TS]

  distributed it's like get a level your [TS]

  resources you know what I mean you don't [TS]

  want to come home and meet a guy who has [TS]

  been in my house for half an hour and [TS]

  collected all my jumps and he's holding [TS]

  the best gun and the restaurant the [TS]

  coffee table by having an abscessed gun [TS]

  and he's like welcome home [TS]

  John I'm a big fan of your podcast watch [TS]

  and see if you're wondering why I've [TS]

  called you all here i want to talk about [TS]

  the candles to him to come back to that [TS]

  in a lot of fun and the candle [TS]

  oh my god it's so creepy John if you [TS]

  have to be successful i move the candles [TS]

  all onto the piano piano it's creepy [TS]

  I get photographed for the thing [TS]

  creepier REM record or Jane we owe you [TS]

  shoot we drop some threads here any [TS]

  minute she seems cool facebook thing [TS]

  that's a non-starter for me Jim we've [TS]

  already done in the record store and [TS]

  just you know we can pretty much take us [TS]

  anywhere you want i I don't know every [TS]

  kind of lame have a feature on here i [TS]

  think you know part of what makes our [TS]

  online such a national sensation is that [TS]

  it you know whatever podcast blown yeah [TS]

  they really did lose me though I mean I [TS]

  that's why I've said they should be four [TS]

  bands because i really like one of those [TS]

  bands i'm ok with the second band and [TS]

  then you know i'm just glad they're [TS]

  successful I'm happy we talked about REM [TS]

  well we don't have to talk about Sloane [TS]

  for you talk about right now about him [TS]

  REM you know the the great insight that [TS]

  I had to get can strengthen the job done [TS]

  nothing wrong with that better is so [TS]

  much wrong with that you know that they [TS]

  just prolong his life but I get a new [TS]

  places to find fresh blood when peter [TS]

  buck was living here in Seattle I [TS]

  learned through my good friend shawn [TS]

  nelson who was recording some songs with [TS]

  him but the way that REM write songs is [TS]

  that Peter writes 600 songs and record [TS]

  them in his attic with baseline guitar [TS]

  mandolin and all that stuff he just [TS]

  makes he makes cds with 30 tracks on [TS]

  them every one of them sounds like a [TS]

  classic REM song truth and then he sends [TS]

  those cds to the other guys and michael [TS]

  stipe like pics which ones he likes to [TS]

  start you know writing his parts to he's [TS]

  always done that mean apparently on [TS]

  reckoning this is it [TS]

  well you have the remaster three [TS]

  releases I don't us you know I'm not [TS]

  that guy but I'm just telling you at it [TS]

  you know how murderer is such a [TS]

  headphones album most people don't [TS]

  realize how much of a headphones out and [TS]

  that is you're not even gonna believe [TS]

  Homer sounds in the new version and you [TS]

  know I have my ears are dead my ears are [TS]

  totally dead reckoning and also the [TS]

  bonus stuff on both the bonus concert on [TS]

  both are great but seriously you need to [TS]

  get this you know what I help you with [TS]

  that the classic liner from the from the [TS]

  recording of of murder was just like [TS]

  here's the it's the first band in [TS]

  history where all four guys keep saying [TS]

  can you turn me down [TS]

  you turn me down in the mix like I like [TS]

  my parts to be lower in the mix like the [TS]

  only band in history that all four guys [TS]

  were fighting to to be i can't i can't [TS]

  believe like it man [TS]

  bilberry got a lot of guys drawing he's [TS]

  like these of Ringo you know the guy [TS]

  she's so fucking solid and i don't know [TS]

  i mean some people say he has a limited [TS]

  palette but I just I love his drumming [TS]

  so much wrong with limited palette [TS]

  drumming well that's an electrical arc [TS]

  in the rain [TS]

  Oh My Christ you know what I'm going to [TS]

  move this car for other way to put it [TS]

  over here the music I listen to rain [TS]

  when people when people get that that [TS]

  bullshit about Ringo not being a great [TS]

  drummer like go listen to rain [TS]

  usually the people that don't like [TS]

  Ringo's drumming are large Lars Ulrich [TS]

  ask for incidentally megadeath fans [TS]

  oh I like making death there's nothing [TS]

  about megadeth to like nothing at all [TS]

  nothing but I don't think he's kind of [TS]

  interesting i do not think he's [TS]

  interested I think maybe death of the [TS]

  like the big four is like a little [TS]

  overrated [TS]

  I think they're gonna do I think they're [TS]

  a little I think they're little campy [TS]

  compared to the other stuff of the time [TS]

  here's what maybe that is megadeth is a [TS]

  jar of pre-mixed ketchup and mayonnaise [TS]

  expression is stressing well but but not [TS]

  mixed like master master day is not [TS]

  mixed together like so that its kind of [TS]

  light orange i'm talking about mixed [TS]

  together like that peanut butter and [TS]

  jelly that is kind of swirling epoxy [TS]

  with the captives ok it's like that he's [TS]

  like metal epoxy is terrible and you [TS]

  know what he's really nice sound like [TS]

  mayonnaise and ketchup for the not want [TS]

  anyone talking about five years he has [TS]

  been pretty money immediately into the [TS]

  jeans [TS]

  it's not really your official name for [TS]

  our Lord and Savior the gene that [TS]

  changes is that right because the sudden [TS]

  all the sudden I understand what the [TS]

  fuck you're talking so you're talking [TS]

  about [TS]

  yeah the jeans the chase okay [TS]

  Jesus the thing is that G there has been [TS]

  a process over the last 15 years [TS]

  yeah of really making Jesus more and [TS]

  more hip all the time you know like 50 [TS]

  years ago [TS]

  rock and roll music was was still like [TS]

  like devil jiggaboo music I really [TS]

  really miss the John a three-parter I [TS]

  still want to talk about all of this now [TS]

  rock and roll is like now it's Jesus [TS]

  music certainly in seattle there's a lot [TS]

  of Jesus what mr. Zant about this much [TS]

  did we talk about it almost seems like a [TS]

  nice guy so we're unconscious from lack [TS]

  of oxygen looking up with him I'd like [TS]

  to meet that guy i will put you guys [TS]

  together no you're not calling him and [TS]

  keep me up to me up with Carmen you [TS]

  don't run girl name is no I i know well [TS]

  I just myself when I introduced myself [TS]

  what's up once a new pornographers show [TS]

  like my first introduction to John Doe I [TS]

  was a good rule how many how many sheets [TS]

  to the wind can you be have your victim [TS]

  huh [TS]

  he see no he's a very ECI he strikes me [TS]

  you know except he's getting crazy with [TS]

  the hockey on the Twitter and he's a [TS]

  very easy strings of you know not shy [TS]

  but he's not like the runaround go out [TS]

  and get out there kind of guy and I try [TS]

  to be my shine in fact I would even go [TS]

  that far [TS]

  okay well I'm doing my best like don't [TS]

  be creepy that I can do given that i am [TS]

  the world's may be single and giantism [TS]

  paano fan of all time and an old-school [TS]

  from the first note new pornographers [TS]

  fan and it went very very badly very [TS]

  badly so I don't even want to talk about [TS]

  that but well the thing about Carl [TS]

  Newman in my experience I mean I was [TS]

  always a I was always a massive fan she [TS]

  likes upon oh how can you not like my [TS]

  Sean ohh Sean legs upon you and is in [TS]

  Photoshop zapatos amazing everything [TS]

  there on Sub Pop Sean and and Eric [TS]

  course and former bass player the long [TS]

  winters are that they both introduced me [TS]

  to the pond and former i'm writing that [TS]

  town but in any case it's not know that [TS]

  I didn't you know Carl was like I like a [TS]

  hero and then after a show one time we [TS]

  played it we played in New York [TS]

  after-show nabil our drummer was like oh [TS]

  yeah I was just hanging out with their [TS]

  Carl Newman [TS]

  sounds like he was a seal-a-meal used to [TS]

  have a record store and now runs a label [TS]

  and run the local feels like I was just [TS]

  hanging out the problem i was like he [TS]

  was here and he was like oh yeah yeah [TS]

  he's a he's a long winters fan of the [TS]

  show as we're hanging out afterwards and [TS]

  I was like what [TS]

  why didn't you come get me and he was [TS]

  like oh I don't know just hanging out [TS]

  together with him im gonna be and I [TS]

  don't think about these things when had [TS]

  some dinner even and I was like oh you [TS]

  bastard so I knew that he liked the long [TS]

  winters and that he had seen us play and [TS]

  so the next time we were standing [TS]

  together as we had done before kind of [TS]

  standing backstage at a rock show [TS]

  I kinda cycled over to him like hey [TS]

  how's it going i'm john you know and [TS]

  he's like oh you know and yet didn't [TS]

  know you're in the pail [TS]

  yeah i mean he knew who I was yesterday [TS]

  as i say he has seen me play right but [TS]

  there was that there was that feeling of [TS]

  like so I so yummy [TS]

  here we are right standing next to each [TS]

  other now and we know each other and [TS]

  know each other's music so it's okay for [TS]

  me to say hey I really like that is [TS]

  Sylvia hotels only did I really like [TS]

  that that record you made and it [TS]

  immediately went completely sideways [TS]

  because he was just like oh thanks and [TS]

  kind of like um and uh really so was it [TS]

  awkward [TS]

  well only because i made it awkward like [TS]

  he wasn't being awkward he was being [TS]

  normal [TS]

  I was being all right you know what John [TS]

  I retract my request i already feel bad [TS]

  about asking i don't wanna freak that [TS]

  guy out no but this is the thing so [TS]

  overtime now we have seen each other [TS]

  multiple times we communicate via email [TS]

  we so to tweet back and forth and it [TS]

  just is [TS]

  it's just one of those things where you [TS]

  don't you cannot you can't assign up to [TS]

  him and and expect him to [TS]

  um yeah he's not going to like he's like [TS]

  a cat right get away from to come to you [TS]

  yeah exactly he's not going to say oh my [TS]

  god [TS]

  hi a superfan you know car parts boom [TS]

  because he's just he's you know he's shy [TS]

  Shier he's on the gyre end of the [TS]

  spectrum and but I find him [TS]

  amazing songwriter and a super super [TS]

  super get incredible songwriter any and [TS]

  they have thumb if you can get [TS]

  underneath you something I like to but [TS]

  their version of that jimmy webb orange [TS]

  arrow song flipside of BW of the [TS]

  wraparound shades is date somebody out [TS]

  there might be the same dude who linked [TS]

  to all those up they did like a whole [TS]

  session of watching web it up like [TS]

  backrack David songs and you know and [TS]

  they're not even doing that whole would [TS]

  just get background David bacharach by [TS]

  however backhaul David oh IC ok did you [TS]

  think I meant was that you think it's in [TS]

  the Jewish thing and I thought we were [TS]

  doing a yoga thing ever and entities [TS]

  walk on by will understand that joke not [TS]

  a fan of the boxset bitch I got [TS]

  back-to-back box set up the last one to [TS]

  be anyway I cut you out how did how did [TS]

  you just get reverb on your voice almost [TS]

  70 you step back from the my content [TS]

  chris wallace thing you know chamber [TS]

  yeah no I know it's because i have great [TS]

  mic skills unitronic that's why it's so [TS]

  over driven when I do what happens if I [TS]

  back off from my mic that do i get [TS]

  reverb oh my car parts [TS]

  I'm sorry I cut yeah I'm really sorry I [TS]

  cut off the Skycam by the way I'll never [TS]

  do that again I'm sorry okay so you got [TS]

  a little shit for cutting off the skype [TS]

  gym i saw on the internet people were [TS]

  saying why did you cut off the scamp [TS]

  with listeners were mad your girlfriend [TS]

  the other 1pm so I cut you off before [TS]

  Carl Newman you and was posting me man [TS]

  god this is a star fucky 00 p Buck it [TS]

  buck [TS]

  yeah what about people oh I've heard I [TS]

  heard a pic slide I heard don't make me [TS]

  get that out what does car parts is in [TS]

  is in a or c what sit in car parts and I [TS]

  learned it all the way through one time [TS]

  in d i think ii [TS]

  that first half second of that song ahh [TS]

  takes the win do the beginning of a [TS]

  relationship with a news is never see it [TS]

  coming you don't see it coming that's [TS]

  the thing about pop music you never see [TS]

  it coming and then poof there it is [TS]

  let's see another some songs you can [TS]

  never create this without it being [TS]

  stupid but that song [TS]

  Oh Mother of God [TS]

  hello its me I there's some people songs [TS]

  like this but where there's the little [TS]

  like you know what I mean if you tried [TS]

  to do this would be really stupid but [TS]

  when you've got the little like before [TS]

  the song thing you know you remember the [TS]

  hidden track deal my band always do this [TS]

  and was totally stupid [TS]

  remember the nineties thing of always [TS]

  having a hidden track course you have [TS]

  never hidden it was so played out now [TS]

  wait a minute now you would go with the [TS]

  dog in your dad singing that's that is a [TS]

  hidden track [TS]

  well here's the problem with that truck [TS]

  great song so we needed 10 songs for the [TS]

  first record to fulfill 240 lat bar soup [TS]

  yeah and i only had mine is the Josh [TS]

  what's up these nine songs are gonna [TS]

  work it doesn't kids need to ya mean a [TS]

  cover song about a shack see and I had [TS]

  nine songs and and it was plenty long [TS]

  enough record it could have been nine [TS]

  songs but we needed 10 song and this [TS]

  this song a little grass shack was the [TS]

  song my dad used to sing to me when I [TS]

  was a little kid and he's saying it to [TS]

  my whole life when we would 11 my dad [TS]

  and I were driving in the car if we were [TS]

  driving for very long one of us would [TS]

  start singing and the other one would [TS]

  take the harmony parts and we would sing [TS]

  the little grass shack so I'm like well [TS]

  I don't have a tenth song I mean I did [TS]

  but I didn't have one that I i was ready [TS]

  to record and and so we did little grass [TS]

  shack well then it turns out i thought [TS]

  that this song was just some song that [TS]

  that's the slaves together i just really [TS]

  is like pete seeger hurt nobody [TS]

  it is it is a song but still was under [TS]

  copyright is written by somebody and the [TS]

  sheet music was still out there and and [TS]

  it was owned by one of the big music [TS]

  publishers you know [TS]

  sony BMG year which you get asked apt [TS]

  well no because we put it on the record [TS]

  and just didn't mention that it was on [TS]

  the record like there's not there's only [TS]

  nine songs technically on that record [TS]

  the tenth song isn't really hidden [TS]

  because it's it's it's not tap to have [TS]

  it be a truly hidden track on her on a [TS]

  90 style pop record their needs to be 27 [TS]

  minutes of silence [TS]

  yeah what so it's comes on as a surprise [TS]

  nah lets her back [TS]

  what was the record it was there was the [TS]

  one that had select 17 minutes before I [TS]

  went into the it might have nothing [TS]

  which wasn't Michelle shocked door or [TS]

  maybe a indigo girls there was one of [TS]

  those records that had a hidden track [TS]

  John we're coming up with these [TS]

  shell-shocked or George Winston like hum [TS]

  i don't have stand over the girls how [TS]

  are the leaders like us keep charity 87 [TS]

  or something like that x and and and [TS]

  we're all baked and taken out and [TS]

  reducing the michelle shocked you don't [TS]

  like you did [TS]

  uh-huh like you did can provide around [TS]

  the campfire an elastic Resnick me were [TS]

  listening to you know he got a fast car [TS]

  tracy chapman all that that was the time [TS]

  when you could be a dude and listen to [TS]

  you girls really fast car right now all [TS]

  sides [TS]

  to say having to see the doctor of this [TS]

  in identity that's a total abuse of the [TS]

  DC source for I should be the fucking [TS]

  mayor of DC source for that that music [TS]

  really you were high and sleeping in a [TS]

  car in Alaska and listening to listening [TS]

  to the the lesbian song about the car i [TS]

  was high and sleeping with a girl who [TS]

  packed the end this was before girls [TS]

  like turning into Mickey Rooney route [TS]

  before girls relentlessly shaved all the [TS]

  hair off of themselves you go [TS]

  this is when girls were like you know [TS]

  natural girls and they do they were like [TS]

  boys basically but with girl part yeah I [TS]

  got a Japanese shrub situation [TS]

  yeah and we would you know you'd sleep [TS]

  with each other and listen to lesbian [TS]

  guitar music hey Dad the eighties [TS]

  anywhere and so we fall asleep or we're [TS]

  not a hundred percent of sleep or just [TS]

  like ninety-eight percent of sleep and [TS]

  baked that the being baked was taking [TS]

  care of the last 2% of awakeness who and [TS]

  then this this record with the 17 [TS]

  minutes of silence like another song [TS]

  comes on I don't think it was Michelle [TS]

  shot something up another song comes on [TS]

  we both like jump up out of bed because [TS]

  it was you know it's kind of cranked and [TS]

  and last thing we were expecting jump [TS]

  about a bit like into into combat pose [TS]

  while you're high [TS]

  yeah just like haha and then it turned [TS]

  out it was it was a secret trackpad to [TS]

  the songs might be baked and going to [TS]

  sleep in college for me i don't i think [TS]

  it was i want to say i don't know by one [TS]

  of the one of the replacement songs i'm [TS]

  pleased to me but it's a song where you [TS]

  hear this like it here this like my [TS]

  coming out of like stereo right and look [TS]

  and there's a church song it does the [TS]

  same thing even more so to get almost [TS]

  with you it's but it-it-it the things i [TS]

  listen to record every night is you [TS]

  never go to sleep records [TS]

  well I now that's not how you listen to [TS]

  music harlem yeah I was probably was [TS]

  that was so so was the lady here the [TS]

  head you listening to [TS]

  yeah yeah I went through a phase where [TS]

  my roommate was having sex with his [TS]

  girlfriend really loud [TS]

  and I had to put on music to drown them [TS]

  out and in that case might go to sleep [TS]

  record was Lovelace by so my bloody [TS]

  Valentine's to catch I would just crank [TS]

  that LOL you're fighting that I was [TS]

  doing well I wasn't fighting back until [TS]

  he climbed out of his loft which was you [TS]

  know we lived in a huge warehouse and [TS]

  there were no walls so he was at the [TS]

  other end of this house so this is sick [TS]

  she sound that going around your sound [TS]

  echoing around yeah it was terrible we [TS]

  were just we were competing over hate [TS]

  loud sex we were we were creating you're [TS]

  creating like a sound apocalypse 20 feet [TS]

  above the ground and 30 feet from either [TS]

  of us there was this place where the [TS]

  sound meshed but he would climb down you [TS]

  could hear him coming down the ladder [TS]

  and walk over and turned down my bloody [TS]

  valentine because it was it was [TS]

  interfering with like the lovemaking he [TS]

  was trying to do [TS]

  ironically enough when you sleep and [TS]

  really really laughs and then he's got [TS]

  back up the ladder conquering and I'd [TS]

  wait until he was all the way up the [TS]

  ladder and back in bed and you could [TS]

  hear them start giggling canoodling and [TS]

  all that shit things to do and then i [TS]

  would get up and comfort out to the [TS]

  stereo and crank it all the way back up [TS]

  again and then go back to my little bed [TS]

  and he come down the stairs and he would [TS]

  never come over come all the way around [TS]

  to my better be like fuck you man you [TS]

  know you just turn the stereo down again [TS]

  and then I had some I had like a Kip [TS]

  Winger record some great i'm just a tip [TS]

  i found on the street that I would that [TS]

  was my like nuclear option I would put [TS]

  that in at that [TS]

  what is that this is the shaggs maybe [TS]

  like the first underground good i had on [TS]

  the head an extra you're saying a pretty [TS]

  nice girl i think she had the guy one of [TS]

  those little like four-day crushes on [TS]

  not to get on somebody in college she [TS]

  had like me a little bit and she we both [TS]

  really like is like that reminds me [TS]

  Jim Carrey mm I don't like Jim Carrey [TS]

  then I look like how did you look like [TS]

  the guy from princess bride [TS]

  oh yeah i'll combine with Michael Palin [TS]

  like early Dave pirner and somebody with [TS]

  a restraining order [TS]

  they have her give her the cartoon song [TS]

  that used to be really good for the [TS]

  everybody decided everything ready in [TS]

  Minnesota eventually they start out [TS]

  wanting to selling hüsker dü and the [TS]

  end up fucking up sounding like they're [TS]

  the bad not bad but the later [TS]

  replacements you know that [TS]

  yeah but look at the look at the the [TS]

  heroine guy with their with an [TS]

  underwriter like he started out this the [TS]

  you using the first you Lemonheads [TS]

  records their day I know from history do [TS]

  but that that clam dip another device [TS]

  that's a great price great record oh [TS]

  yeah and you know the crossover one that [TS]

  at Stacy and produced this is literally [TS]

  the most boring podcast has ever been [TS]

  done except for maybe two people and [TS]

  it's musicians don't listen to us but [TS]

  the one now hang time and i'll put the [TS]

  video for cartoon it's got there there [TS]

  are there are three songs i started a [TS]

  band in college to play three songs to [TS]

  play all summer girls by big star [TS]

  cartoon yeah by soul asylum and that's [TS]

  when I reach for my revolver by mission [TS]

  of burma that's the three songs that [TS]

  made me want to start my first band once [TS]

  you play those three songs why did you [TS]

  keep why did you guys keep playing [TS]

  together [TS]

  I know what we were using your songs now [TS]

  but seriously what we get to that what [TS]

  we did to couldn't just tell you by todd [TS]

  rundgren I should be in a Turkish [TS]

  fucking prison for the rest of my life [TS]

  for many reasons again also don't I was [TS]

  personally Keller to scott miller i was [TS]

  sitting in a cafe in like 1991 and [TS]

  that's so much follow john and i was [TS]

  looking I i felt like i was looking good [TS]

  that day I comb my hair and I had on a [TS]

  sweater or something I was sitting here [TS]

  drinking coffee and this was i was still [TS]

  at the age where is really trying to [TS]

  figure out I knew that guys picked up [TS]

  girls [TS]

  I understood that this happened right it [TS]

  wasn't like my experience of dating [TS]

  girls was that we had a class together [TS]

  and she sat next to me in the class and [TS]

  then pretty soon we we we were going out [TS]

  but I knew that there are right there is [TS]

  a process but she knew there are people [TS]

  that like I do their guys that walked up [TS]

  to girls in bars and cafes and then they [TS]

  were like 20 minutes later they were [TS]

  ripping each others clothes off back in [TS]

  one of their little shitty apartments [TS]

  and I was like I will i would like to be [TS]

  one of those guys i would like to try [TS]

  this out [TS]

  and so I was sitting in the cafe was [TS]

  drinking coffee and there's this girl [TS]

  sitting hadn't had a neighboring table [TS]

  and all she's she's she's really pretty [TS]

  she's got she's wearing glasses since [TS]

  dark curly hair [TS]

  she's also may be wearing a sweater with [TS]

  honors for juices and that right [TS]

  I like Jewish girls and she was Jewish [TS]

  enough that it but you called Jewesses [TS]

  is that I don't use Jewess now know hehe [TS]

  eeprom in Hebrew mine is remind ya right [TS]

  and see what's up to her so I so I'm [TS]

  like and this was very hard for me to do [TS]

  to like just cold call somebody [TS]

  hi good cold calling the Jewish i'd like [TS]

  i'd like to talk to you about your [TS]

  insurance or whatever and I you know I [TS]

  kind of like lean over and say that she [TS]

  might have had headphones on and my [TS]

  opening game but might have been ashamed [TS]

  to say what are you listening to God [TS]

  Almighty was that can I sniff your [TS]

  panties it was just this bad you know [TS]

  and she responds positively like oh hi [TS]

  you know I'm listening to solo style [TS]

  haha [TS]

  and when is for uses 91 okay and I said [TS]

  oh soul asylum [TS]

  I know about soul asylum and started to [TS]

  talk to her about soul asylum and we you [TS]

  know what I Cannock school my chair over [TS]

  and pretty soon i'm sitting at her table [TS]

  and we're talking and I am so excited [TS]

  that this girl is like receptive to my [TS]

  to my you know my entree that i'm just [TS]

  i'm giving her everything right I'm [TS]

  giving her the shotgun blast like of [TS]

  everything I know and I think I start to [TS]

  perspire because I'm like am I doing [TS]

  this right is this working [TS]

  yeah our do you like me edge should [TS]

  should we go [TS]

  are you married would you like to be [TS]

  married and after about 20 minutes [TS]

  she said this is something I this is [TS]

  something I still I i still am ashamed [TS]

  she she starts putting her books in her [TS]

  bag and she leans in kind of clothes and [TS]

  with a kind of rye like almost ani [TS]

  difranco look on her face she says I I [TS]

  think you're just I think you're just [TS]

  trying to our and she put her stuff in [TS]

  her bag and like i said bye and like [TS]

  walks out you're so close you are so [TS]

  you're on the wire between almost the [TS]

  other side [TS]

  i SAT there like absolutely certain [TS]

  first of all in this crowded cafe there [TS]

  were you know 90 people in this place [TS]

  espresso machines going music playing I [TS]

  was certain that everyone in the room [TS]

  had heard it had heard the line like as [TS]

  if it had gone out over the public [TS]

  address system and and and of course [TS]

  realized bathed in shame that i had been [TS]

  trying way too hard and about the same [TS]

  times asking myself I thought that [TS]

  trying was about the trial was what you [TS]

  wanted her with a that's what people was [TS]

  like that you're trying i don't and i [TS]

  immediately I think stop trying and [TS]

  didn't try again for 14 years old you [TS]

  get in the interim [TS]

  well smoke pot for the first four and [TS]

  then for the next ten i just set their [TS]

  sneering sat in the corner sneering and [TS]

  checking checking the closet door every [TS]

  every minute have to make sure that knob [TS]

  is still locked mr. is to wash of [TS]

  occasionally changing guitar strings and [TS]

  appearing in court sneer sneer people [TS]

  come over and say hi is this seat taken [TS]

  and go you know what fuck soul asylum [TS]

  you okay [TS]

  what you doing horse you rode in on [TS]

  and then maybe like oh good that's all [TS]

  sound record what fuck you and the horse [TS]

  you rode his only hit the horse there in [TS]

  on pretty close to it yeah [TS]

  huh it's it's a tragic tale one of many [TS]

  that's an awesome unless I hate those [TS]

  stories I yeah yeah you know i wish i [TS]

  wish you know it's one such a porcupine [TS]

  one of my one of my room on my December [TS]

  resolutions to stop talking about what [TS]

  I've learned big because it's nobody [TS]

  fucking cares you know but you know [TS]

  it'sit's this is the problem John this [TS]

  is the false dilemma because on the one [TS]

  hand every douchebag guy on the one hand [TS]

  thanks like me you start out with a very [TS]

  earnest and I think nice thing which is [TS]

  like I tell girls that they're nice and [TS]

  i like them they will like me which in [TS]

  retrospect is incredibly creepy a total [TS]

  turn off their horses on the other end [TS]

  you get the fucking you know seduction [TS]

  community dickheads [TS]

  yeah which is you know which is like you [TS]

  know I think it's time would say it's [TS]

  date-rape with a persuasive theory you [TS]

  know it's like a lot of big big house [TS]

  and nose rooms [TS]

  you said the r-word i know we we we've [TS]

  been taken to task but one on the on [TS]

  some internet comment pages [TS]

  yeah for light of rape [TS]

  oh I'm sorry I'm sorry well no no in [TS]

  this case i'm not i'm certainly not when [TS]

  I say I ok but my position is that we [TS]

  have never made light of rape [TS]

  no I'm very upset about this very upset [TS]

  about this because you because we were [TS]

  our podcast was posted on metafilter yes [TS]

  we know I saw the comments on a comment [TS]

  was like I can't listen to this even [TS]

  though I love both these guys and I [TS]

  think it's really funny because they [TS]

  made a joke about rape ya know I made a [TS]

  joke about rape jokes which is entirely [TS]

  different matter [TS]

  so matters like you understand we were [TS]

  making a joke about rape he didn't [TS]

  respond to John no cackling responding [TS]

  know i know i know enough i know enough [TS]

  not to respond i just don't know enough [TS]

  not to read the things is your problem [TS]

  these team [TS]

  I you know I was your anything honesty I [TS]

  got some coffee and unfortunately my [TS]

  refrigerator at the government has some [TS]

  meat going bad [TS]

  we talked about that I i was urinating [TS]

  occurred to me that I would never [TS]

  you're John Roderick right you know what [TS]

  I mean on the I can't think of a [TS]

  sidekick but you know I'm not [TS]

  is it really that gay yeah I don't know [TS]

  not robbing a Cato know but see that's [TS]

  the problem can you gonna ping pong [TS]

  again you can't do that i was urinating [TS]

  and occurred to me that I would never [TS]

  understand i will do nothing to impinge [TS]

  on what you have to share with people on [TS]

  how you help people but if I were going [TS]

  to state rules and I'm not and I hate [TS]

  talking about the thing i'm doing wrong [TS]

  doing it i would say i would say no [TS]

  computers [TS]

  I no politics no addressing the audience [TS]

  and no discussing people's response but [TS]

  not broken all of those which is [TS]

  seriously ping pong in a lot of ways on [TS]

  this podcast we have broken all the [TS]

  Masons rules and then once we [TS]

  Masons rules and then once we [TS]

  once they want to do it again an hour [TS]

  later and now it's not a serious role [TS]

  that I've got I doubt this took me a [TS]

  long time to learn i'm sorry i was not [TS]

  i'm talking about how creepy i think i'm [TS]

  not encouraging Cape i'm encouraging [TS]

  that we say what these fucking seduction [TS]

  community douche bags are well the thing [TS]

  about seduction is that it is in [TS]

  position in the community it's not [TS]

  seduction to community it's more about [TS]

  the forum the seduction it's more about [TS]

  the you know leveling up [TS]

  yeah yeah anyway let's not get into that [TS]

  but here's my rule my room after year [TS]

  and again one of my rules is this [TS]

  be careful where you met that person [TS]

  this is going through my head the entire [TS]

  time I was thinking about the nose [TS]

  before after never mind that you are you [TS]

  purchase this was during nevermind [TS]

  this is like fall it was simultaneous [TS]

  sweater weather was a sweater weather [TS]

  sweater weather so we're talking about [TS]

  nevermind and 10 by program has been [TS]

  released and wagon desk they have not [TS]

  swept the nation yet how was that man [TS]

  that lasts like the pregnant moment [TS]

  after that summer like I just didn't [TS]

  know where to turn there are so many [TS]

  records i loved oh my god that was an [TS]

  amazing time that wasn't you know [TS]

  there's a golden age of indie rock maybe [TS]

  not for the kind of shit you listen to [TS]

  but for me I think of it like is this [TS]

  mad or merge era but there is this [TS]

  period from about i want to say pavement [TS]

  was your very heavy yeah but for me too [TS]

  but also like god this is so fucking [TS]

  boring [TS]

  it's really boring wonder we start [TS]

  talking what we're like nobody cares [TS]

  about music John everything record store [TS]

  people there are even record stores [TS]

  running horse people want to talk about [TS]

  facebook and vampire shows here's my [TS]

  rule is not you like guided by voices we [TS]

  couldn't we could have just said that I [TS]

  don't know why this is such a problem [TS]

  for you to like sliding out of voices I [TS]

  know you're not a fan [TS]

  did you watch the video to watch the [TS]

  video to watch the video i watched the [TS]

  vid what you think it's fine but stick [TS]

  of his expression it's fine okay little [TS]

  shack I'm gonna find out the proven to [TS]

  that when we land I give up [TS]

  Amy and I see not any man i'm gonna keep [TS]

  a distance I know she'll never like [TS]

  really hoping this thing we've learned i [TS]

  would strike up a kind of friendship see [TS]

  that one up for me that's a level-two I [TS]

  mean to me that would be hard frenching [TS]

  and I'd stop it there because that's [TS]

  that's getting John you know what I [TS]

  don't encourage your ping-pong [TS]

  doc here's the rule the rule is be [TS]

  careful where you met somebody yeah okay [TS]

  don't explain that because I don't like [TS]

  the sound ok well there's that there i [TS]

  think there's there's once again you [TS]

  know me you know there's two kinds of [TS]

  people and so there's two parts to this [TS]

  right now right you inspire people to [TS]

  parts ok and you know the stories were [TS]

  you know the story of how i met my lady [TS]

  right you know the story you were in [TS]

  line at a pharmacy getting your [TS]

  description field getting some fashion [TS]

  contact lens holders head [TS]

  yeah i was there i wrote about myself a [TS]

  link to this for our for our anniversary [TS]

  right about this but I wear to think of [TS]

  fellow show and so I remember this whole [TS]

  story your actual yeah and-and-and we [TS]

  were introduced by a mutual friend who [TS]

  to gas lighted desolate gas like i was [TS]

  saying saying to my wife [TS]

  oh you gotta meet this guy he really [TS]

  wants to meet usual and you saying to me [TS]

  you got to meet my friend she's really [TS]

  interested in money for like that is to [TS]

  do this to me all the time with the [TS]

  girls the girls know your cousin really [TS]

  wants to play on your new record i'd say [TS]

  oh alright and then and then I'd call [TS]

  her up and be like sorry I never asked [TS]

  John because I know I'm not I i know [TS]

  that i know i know that i'm no I Scott [TS]

  McCoy but I'm just saying if you ever [TS]

  want me to do nothing in a studio i [TS]

  would love to be there isn't that [TS]

  awkward though bring the bring up the [TS]

  track us with some more Merlin in there [TS]

  let me out like Jim Carrey me just one [TS]

  here knows I have allergies right now [TS]

  really bad i tried taking some herbs for [TS]

  it maybe nauseated [TS]

  where have I must telephone you come [TS]

  back to my mind when you're done with [TS]

  the to come back don't talk about my [TS]

  rule i wanna talk about mandolins don't [TS]

  know what's going on the rules because [TS]

  the rules when I got okay listen we're [TS]

  running running along here I've got [TS]

  mandolins I've got my rule I've got your [TS]

  candles planet telex and scott miller ok [TS]

  ok here's my rule [TS]

  you got to be careful where you met him [TS]

  ok then be careful where you met someone [TS]

  my wife this is should never have worked [TS]

  out i'm sorry about my allergies are not [TS]

  actually cooked up [TS]

  I don't you how did how is that possible [TS]

  that you meet somebody that you that [TS]

  you're with you this lesson this is the [TS]

  exception that proves the rule whatever [TS]

  the fuck that means i stopped understand [TS]

  that means we're in a bar [TS]

  uh what we've been drinking this is her [TS]

  one at the time her favorite band [TS]

  thinking fellers and I we made out [TS]

  we grabbed your started making out in a [TS]

  bar which I found the show [TS]

  yes which I did once ever wow she got my [TS]

  back we went home three weeks later she [TS]

  moved in I got the kid or whatever so [TS]

  this is totally breaks the rule in a lot [TS]

  of ways in an amazing night I not as big [TS]

  a hickey fellers panel like the turtle [TS]

  song but i'm not into it she is right in [TS]

  front of the tortoise flu you see now [TS]

  that have been opposed to show it [TS]

  wouldn't worked out because ken [TS]

  stringfellow would've taken her back to [TS]

  his coffin [TS]

  yeah remember that let's complete talk [TS]

  tonight about that night we met this [TS]

  because you remember can insisted on [TS]

  driving in the car with my wife while i [TS]

  drive with you in the van [TS]

  absolutely and I was thinking the whole [TS]

  time I hope he doesn't put spiders in [TS]

  her haha [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  fine to stop right there [TS]

  [Music] [TS]