Roderick on the Line

Ep. 25: "Supertrain"


  hello hi John how are you hi Merlin was [TS]

  going Merlin me he was going pretty well [TS]

  i'm i'm getting a good kind of a late [TS]

  start this year so it's it's March [TS]

  seeming you're getting a march start on [TS]

  the January year or was it Marshall [TS]

  running us alone know so much to do have [TS]

  haven't even sent out my something cards [TS]

  right you know i was in am I really here [TS]

  she's a practice date card yeah i did i [TS]

  sent a relationship for a long time with [TS]

  the person who is as net you know this [TS]

  Anna Karenina right where we never had [TS]

  the same problems but you're in a [TS]

  relationship with anna karenina everyone [TS]

  all right way off the rails [TS]

  oh wow that's hot hold for Laughs we [TS]

  were bad we would have a Christmas tree [TS]

  we buy the Christmas tree late-season [TS]

  holiday tree elementary and down under [TS]

  nomination alone haha it's never never [TS]

  well I was suits certainly not Catholic [TS]

  you know I'm really Catholic tree that [TS]

  would never have a Catholic tree not my [TS]

  home I want to teach my kids either [TS]

  well there's a Catholic tree growing on [TS]

  my street how could you tell the [TS]

  Catholic three come on that was a [TS]

  softball is a million ways you could've [TS]

  taken that I don't know that the kids to [TS]

  touch the kept crying uh I don't know I [TS]

  gettin that's transubstantiation make [TS]

  bread I don't know [TS]

  yeah asian it's hard to say it's got two [TS]

  S's I think it's misspelled a lot just [TS]

  like the spelling i misspell misspell [TS]

  all the time is it has 2 s's yeah that's [TS]

  called recursion which is which is also [TS]

  known as recursion yeah that's recursive [TS]

  transubstantiation as more and more than [TS]

  two as i can tell you're not catholic [TS]

  and i have braces so it becomes very [TS]

  hard [TS]

  halfway through the the word it's one of [TS]

  those words sometimes I bailout of trans [TS]

  and oh yeah you mean jazz Jesus that we [TS]

  call jesus spreading I don't get all the [TS]

  way that Jesus spreading now he's better [TS]

  yeah it's like you got a panko [TS]

  breadcrumbs your old fast [TS]

  around sure got custard I mean you can't [TS]

  prove it but you've got my dad you know [TS]

  Anakin Skywalker didn't have a father [TS]

  either [TS]

  that's not true Anakin Skywalker and [TS]

  father he absolutely did not shimmy [TS]

  shimmy who is mostly machine which i [TS]

  think is a very unfortunate name [TS]

  how did she get impregnated no one knows [TS]

  I think she might be covering up she [TS]

  might happen is that true is that part [TS]

  of this part of the star wars cosmology [TS]

  well at least because i didn't read any [TS]

  of the ideas Joseph at least just Mary [TS]

  had the kind of sham marriage [TS]

  uh-huh he was like the words that it was [TS]

  called a cock hole because cuckold right [TS]

  thing no cuddling is a thing ya know yet [TS]

  that that troubles me [TS]

  um but this is what I see dead because [TS]

  you have a hot wife is a cuckold and [TS]

  German that's cuckolding there's a lot [TS]

  of that it's not everything there are [TS]

  many John I the point is that like our [TS]

  Lord and Savior and yes yours like the [TS]

  man behind the tree [TS]

  Anakin Skywalker also did not recover a [TS]

  virgin birth did not have a traditional [TS]

  yes precisely precisely not enough she's [TS]

  a virgin [TS]

  maybe she and maybe she turned it around [TS]

  maybe should have surgery maybe she got [TS]

  it from a toilet seat [TS]

  Oh might happen you telling you think [TS]

  that toilets on Tatooine better course [TS]

  they do a slave so unless George Lucas [TS]

  devise some some unless they're a [TS]

  special race that's like that that poop [TS]

  sweetgrass judicial nominations like [TS]

  maybe there's me to get drugs to do that [TS]

  no it's a you know they look like human [TS]

  beings in the movies but maybe that's [TS]

  just a maybe that's just a [TS]

  representation maybe they're really like [TS]

  Jodie Foster's father in contact where [TS]

  they just appear in a humanoid form [TS]

  uh-huh because we can understand their [TS]

  true all understand operator stop right [TS]

  there you're getting close to actual [TS]

  religion and i'm going to have to stop [TS]

  you there [TS]

  um no Catholic trees in in what southern [TS]

  southern seattle where are you in the [TS]

  southern part time another Seattle yeah [TS]

  the South tracklist Catholic trees are [TS]

  are they grow mostly in Bavaria not in [TS]

  Romania at all no no [TS]

  wrong anywhere Balkans John Sherlock [TS]

  know you won't see a Catholic tree in [TS]

  that whole area but ok it's alright the [TS]

  docks with the docks right sort of the [TS]

  docs well there are Catholics there [TS]

  yeah but I i made a pact with myself not [TS]

  to talk about the Balkans anymore on [TS]

  this podcast i wanna learn no no please [TS]

  don't think packs that you know what [TS]

  no no no no no no no are you telling me [TS]

  I'm doing it wrong [TS]

  I'm telling you I'm telling my daughter [TS]

  the internet wrong don't don't listen to [TS]

  people you keep every key on the [TS]

  keyboard my friend you keep it plugged [TS]

  in [TS]

  you know I'm saying we're not playing in [TS]

  your case get the bluetooth so there's [TS]

  no solution is why i just bought stock [TS]

  in a double a battery company [TS]

  yeah and yeah we are you know a dar [TS]

  walgreens which is the worst you [TS]

  apparently have everything i do involve [TS]

  walgreens now are walkins you can go and [TS]

  you can drop off your old dead batteries [TS]

  which is nice and then what happens [TS]

  I don't know it's michael stipe say says [TS]

  when you throw something away where is a [TS]

  way that I just blow your mind [TS]

  oh my god whoa where is a way to bring [TS]

  us and I want to go there [TS]

  I know I want to go away lately [TS]

  daughters inviting me to have a picnic [TS]

  at the dump the dump [TS]

  yeah they told her at school that's that [TS]

  there's parts of the dump they're going [TS]

  to try and turn into a picnic ground [TS]

  like if you don't like and ask yourself [TS]

  how much you're going to enjoy seagulls [TS]

  oh and did I mention stinky garbage one [TS]

  time I actually right after the right [TS]

  after the first freight train i ever [TS]

  hopped like it got off the train in [TS]

  vancouver washington because it stopped [TS]

  in Vancouver and I and I didn't [TS]

  understand that they didn't understand [TS]

  matic it was gonna keep going [TS]

  this is the thing i learned over time [TS]

  hopping freight trains they stop [TS]

  sometimes but it doesn't mean they're [TS]

  done this is after you had a pilot's [TS]

  license [TS]

  I had a pilot's license already i can i [TS]

  was learning a new skill learning a new [TS]

  new new thing [TS]

  yeah it's busted Guthrie so it pulls [TS]

  into vancouver washington stops it just [TS]

  sits there and I'm like oh god I guess [TS]

  this was just a really short train to [TS]

  that just went to vancouver so i get off [TS]

  of course immediately the train starts [TS]

  up and and and off it goes [TS]

  and I'm standing by the side of the [TS]

  track in the middle of the night [TS]

  and so I walk across the EU but for [TS]

  those of you who are not in the Pacific [TS]

  Northwest there's a giant river across [TS]

  the color to call the columbia river [TS]

  there's a giant train bridge that goes [TS]

  across the Columbia I walk across this [TS]

  train bridge and walk him looking for a [TS]

  look for a place to sleep it so it's so [TS]

  late and I'm so tired and I'm so stupid [TS]

  and I find this big beautiful open area [TS]

  and i am like oh perfect i'm carrying a [TS]

  10 to this point and I walked over and I [TS]

  walk over this kind of rough ground and [TS]

  I find a clearing and I i set up my tent [TS]

  and in the morning I wake up to the [TS]

  sound of bulldozers all around me haha [TS]

  no and I and and it's it's already hot [TS]

  it's like seven thirty in the morning [TS]

  it's already Hawks middle of the summer [TS]

  and I poked my head out of my tent all [TS]

  sweaty and I look around and I have [TS]

  pitched my tent in the middle of a [TS]

  garbage done on a spa Apache land that [TS]

  had apparently like they laid down many [TS]

  layers of garbage and then they would [TS]

  put dirt over the top of it so I'm I'm [TS]

  very thin layer of dirt [TS]

  you're literally any land fill it in a [TS]

  landfill they're feeling lonely and [TS]

  putting land on top and then more [TS]

  filling right like a big dirty garbage [TS]

  sandwich and all around me are those [TS]

  giant bucket loaders driving around full [TS]

  of garbage and the guys in the bucket [TS]

  loader trucks have never laughed so hard [TS]

  her life and they're doing their job [TS]

  they're they're taking their their [TS]

  buckets of trash but the and they and [TS]

  all every one of them makes a point to [TS]

  just drive as close as you can to my [TS]

  tent and just laugh and laugh tears [TS]

  streaming down their face as i get out [TS]

  in my underwear ahead and get there as [TS]

  fold up my sleeping bag in my tent [TS]

  it really is comical as it sounds that [TS]

  were you amongst garbage hey just found [TS]

  a clear spot I was surrounded by garbage [TS]

  i was just in there was dirt there's a [TS]

  layer of dirt over the top of it so in [TS]

  the middle of the night I thought it was [TS]

  just this really freshly plowed you [TS]

  don't have a Coleman lantern you're [TS]

  busting you like you you said this [TS]

  tenant meeting [TS]

  and you know you need this much I need [TS]

  this much flatland I need this much [TS]

  stuff that doesn't have a washer dryer [TS]

  on it and I can pitch my tent [TS]

  yeah and then and I was 17 so i was i [TS]

  was dumber than rocks and I didn't I [TS]

  mean this is the type of thing that if [TS]

  you were if you were even the ripe old [TS]

  age of 18 you probably would have stood [TS]

  there for a second and thought wait a [TS]

  minute what is this place you would have [TS]

  you would have caught a whiff of it or [TS]

  you would have something with him [TS]

  yeah that's the part is that somebody [TS]

  used to read books this is this is the [TS]

  part of my mind where the Sun result is [TS]

  that I feel like for myself when I'm [TS]

  anywhere even like slightly near at [TS]

  don't there's a very specific smell to a [TS]

  dump i would call it the dumps know it [TS]

  is a dump smell but they had there were [TS]

  a couple of things working here on me [TS]

  that there was all right in the dirt [TS]

  dirt dirt and also it was right it was [TS]

  right next to a river and so the there [TS]

  was a there was a strong breathe it was [TS]

  open country you know I don't know it [TS]

  was very late and now also with the [TS]

  river smell too theres a river smell but [TS]

  but also like the combination i think of [TS]

  the fresh dirt and the breeze disguised [TS]

  the dump smell long enough for me to [TS]

  pitch my tent and fall asleep Boy in the [TS]

  morning in the hot Sun it sure smelled [TS]

  like a dump and then respect you you [TS]

  look at this as a rookie mistake is [TS]

  again I you I i try to be sensitive to [TS]

  these things if we need to cut this out [TS]

  we can I try to be sensitive to to the [TS]

  things that you've learned in your [TS]

  training and auto didacticism right [TS]

  question to you is in retrospect does it [TS]

  scare the living shit out of you to know [TS]

  that you made such a potentially poor [TS]

  decision about location i bet it was not [TS]

  a defensible position i'm guessing for [TS]

  one thing you may have been a lower [TS]

  ground then you would have light [TS]

  well and here's me know it occurred to [TS]

  me later like there was absolutely not [TS]

  nothing keeping one of those guys in his [TS]

  a dumper look easily using always a [TS]

  little bit hungover [TS]

  he rubs his eyes for half a second and [TS]

  pretty soon you have the contents of [TS]

  three days three days ago from KFC is [TS]

  now covering a 17 year old John Roderick [TS]

  that or that they just think like oh [TS]

  it's a piece of tent trash that didn't [TS]

  get much down is everything will help us [TS]

  there 10 trash trash [TS]

  and then the first thing they do when [TS]

  they get up in the morning and see which [TS]

  guy can roll over the bratty tent first [TS]

  haha look a little gay McCoy say just [TS]

  checking in there [TS]

  Hey look up there what's that always [TS]

  something we missed a spot we missed [TS]

  last week let's get it you know i mean [TS]

  any but seriously if I made a list of [TS]

  the top 50 rookie mistakes I've made [TS]

  where I should have ended up right [TS]

  that's covered in KFC buckets buried in [TS]

  it i think at a point when you've been [TS]

  out of the business long enough and in a [TS]

  variety of businesses that you're in it [TS]

  would be very interesting for you to put [TS]

  out and probably unsuccessfully book [TS]

  about the places where you learn because [TS]

  you went a little wrong again the things [TS]

  that you can talk about but we know [TS]

  saying I'm just saying in this case now [TS]

  you i'm just guessing 17 year-old john [TS]

  setting aside you're probably not a big [TS]

  ebook reader that probably wouldn't help [TS]

  you [TS]

  that was that was a lesson you had to [TS]

  learn through and yet and yet i'm just [TS]

  gonna guess you know we can always guess [TS]

  it's like a menu I you get broken up [TS]

  with by some awful girl and you realize [TS]

  you're probably not the first person to [TS]

  do that or in this case probably [TS]

  literally hundreds of women that you've [TS]

  broken up with in this case i'm just [TS]

  guessing hobo in a tent is something [TS]

  they were dealing with a lot between the [TS]

  river and the road that you're on the [TS]

  road absolutely but probably most hobos [TS]

  at that point were seasoned enough to [TS]

  not pitch their tent in a kindergarten [TS]

  stuff they called salty travelers I'm [TS]

  how many guests that I'm in I'm in the [TS]

  decided minority of people I mean surely [TS]

  people pitch tents in garbage dumps that [TS]

  have been capped and turned into parks [TS]

  and picnic grounds that happens all the [TS]

  time [TS]

  capping I got mixed feelings about [TS]

  capping oh yeah I do too [TS]

  that seems that's cool set skeleton [TS]

  saran wrap over something and thinking [TS]

  that like you won't go bad [TS]

  well here's my feeling that all the [TS]

  landfill's that have been captain turned [TS]

  into public parks in America are [TS]

  actually trash minds for the future when [TS]

  the future is mining trash so they're [TS]

  just gonna they're going to uncap that [TS]

  stuff and mine all that all those [TS]

  plastic that's going to be it's going to [TS]

  be the cheapest way to get petroleum [TS]

  products all [TS]

  oh my god you just wrote the beginning [TS]

  of what will be an awesome [TS]

  if it's not already something you're [TS]

  just stealing speculative fiction series [TS]

  on what happens we're talking way beyond [TS]

  Peak Oil we're talking post-post [TS]

  counselor right support my French you're [TS]

  talking about literally the only oil we [TS]

  have is by like melting mr. Potato Head [TS]

  yeah right mining all because by that [TS]

  point all the biodegradable stuff will [TS]

  have at least turned into like pink [TS]

  slime who and then all that's left in [TS]

  there is plastic crapolla that has [TS]

  already it's just ripe to be recycled [TS]

  reused reduced and recycled and then [TS]

  recycled and then re-read every fourth [TS]

  triangle that's a really good point [TS]

  here's the thing they always say I think [TS]

  we discuss this on a previous visit but [TS]

  they always say one thing that all these [TS]

  gloom and doom is get wrong about lots [TS]

  of things whether its population growth [TS]

  or even running on food or whatever like [TS]

  for example they said ever since I can [TS]

  remember that the problem the role in [TS]

  starvation is not really that the food [TS]

  isn't there it's a distribution problem [TS]

  then it's an economic problem of your [TS]

  caring enough to get that on a boat and [TS]

  ticket somewhere right in this instance [TS]

  they say you know we're not thinking [TS]

  enough ahead about how the technology [TS]

  changes i'm still not persuaded the [TS]

  technology is changing fast enough but [TS]

  if i could say i don't see this is your [TS]

  speculative fiction series not mine for [TS]

  the sake of argument let's say we [TS]

  realize how come majorly fucked we are [TS]

  among the fuel situation and we do find [TS]

  some way this cold fusion style way to [TS]

  get way more energy out of way less [TS]

  you're saying if i understand correctly [TS]

  that you could potentially run a future [TS]

  dump of of 10 Slammers and maybe just a [TS]

  few mr. potato heads that have been [TS]

  melted down in the appropriate way [TS]

  setting aside to think slime which we [TS]

  could use for something you're saying [TS]

  may become so efficient uncap we going [TS]

  we fill our tanks with absolutely our [TS]

  heads [TS]

  I mean look at that look at the third [TS]

  episode of back to the future really [TS]

  just days there's something I need is [TS]

  really something i need to write on the [TS]

  card he and I mean we know we know [TS]

  already that that car requires one point [TS]

  twenty-one gigawatts ok and in the third [TS]

  episode or in the end of the second [TS]

  episode I don't know which would have [TS]

  maybe it was the 3000 currently oh well [TS]

  yeah one at one point he comes back from [TS]

  the future to the present in the [TS]

  eighties and he goes and gets some trash [TS]

  out of the kitchen and throws it into [TS]

  the trash compactor inside the house [TS]

  right and i think is that in the first [TS]

  episode ok that's the first episode will [TS]

  in any case he we know it takes one [TS]

  point twenty-one gigawatts huh [TS]

  so he's getting that amount of energy [TS]

  out of like some some coffee grounds and [TS]

  some you know some plastic me I'm gonna [TS]

  get a two liter of pepsi bottle to the [TS]

  Pepsi bottle so we know that energy is [TS]

  in there [TS]

  pepsi free we just have to find and [TS]

  these trash dumps are right in the [TS]

  center of our cities so we but we're not [TS]

  there's going to be a transportation [TS]

  problem it's cheap energy [TS]

  Oh China i'm sorry i've been getting you [TS]

  a wrong you're fucking futurist have you [TS]

  really thought about this are you just [TS]

  are you just doing this from somebody [TS]

  else [TS]

  no I'm not stealing it from someone else [TS]

  I'm offended my real plan my real [TS]

  project is exactly what their two those [TS]

  giant floating seas of plastic to try [TS]

  this that are out in the middle of the [TS]

  Pacific Ocean [TS]

  oh those big those big like those reefs [TS]

  of trash the feather the big picture [TS]

  scary Sargasso Sea sized a dead zone of [TS]

  of garbage are floating garbage and just [TS]

  go out there with some kind of a long [TS]

  net fishing trawler and just gather it [TS]

  all up and process it on my converted [TS]

  exxon valdez future ship captain is [TS]

  already to be like a jonathan coulton [TS]

  character you can that you're going to [TS]

  be the garbages are I'm gardens are and [TS]

  this is you know what and my daughter [TS]

  and i started reading last night we read [TS]

  a batman comic from 1941 which was [TS]

  awesome but you're like a bat or James [TS]

  Bond maybe you're some kind of a [TS]

  supervillain were all there maybe SMERSH [TS]

  rights marsh that's the bad guys right [TS]

  now that's some of the best for all the [TS]

  girls wear combat boots [TS]

  mm and so here's what happens what's [TS]

  going to happen is the people at a mi 35 [TS]

  or whatever are going to be sitting [TS]

  around going we've noticed some very [TS]

  unusual activity right but people are [TS]

  using Swiss accounts [TS]

  uh-huh you probably have lots of pistols [TS]

  in them to to buyout capped garbage [TS]

  dumps across the u.s. I who is cornering [TS]

  the market there seems to be a lot of [TS]

  interest in buying cap dumps near and [TS]

  old decommissioned oil tankers and oiled [TS]

  old decommissioned oil tankers yes but [TS]

  there's a pattern here and they go in [TS]

  and they make the giant you know like [TS]

  every supervillain you gotta have like [TS]

  your giant miniature version of whatever [TS]

  you're building like and I hardware [TS]

  absolute core finger it's one of those [TS]

  know for much with a lot i guess a model [TS]

  exactly need to get a point you got a [TS]

  pointer and then and pregnancy Mitch it [TS]

  you can find one right oh my god they're [TS]

  everywhere that I think the message to [TS]

  go to come to you [TS]

  the thing is when you're when you're a [TS]

  supervillain yes they come to you [TS]

  I think that's where you said you're [TS]

  always a little people too ok not to get [TS]

  my little people become droid take the [TS]

  midgets that's the balance it was the [TS]

  lookout for they're the ones that the [TS]

  caroling vials of poison and blowguns [TS]

  right well is the one little people [TS]

  there's always gonna be there's always [TS]

  gonna be jobs for joy it's you know [TS]

  saying yeah I over munchkins [TS]

  did you know Kenny Baker and Jack [TS]

  purposes to have a cabaret show together [TS]

  the guy who played the guy played r2d2 [TS]

  and the guy who played like yeah some I [TS]

  didn't know they had a cabaret show but [TS]

  then I don't follow the trades through [TS]

  my mind the pattern they notice I'm [TS]

  sorry most 1642 got there here's the [TS]

  thing though is I learned from you [TS]

  fucking John Roderick you know just [TS]

  brought you just brought it all together [TS]

  in a way that will that's blowing my [TS]

  mind in the water you got the dumps you [TS]

  get the trash [TS]

  you got the railroads again we're back [TS]

  to the same things for how did you learn [TS]

  about a fucking City its transportation [TS]

  it's an energy warren buffett knows that [TS]

  he bought all the railroads that's right [TS]

  you know what he says he should but he [TS]

  says you should buy things when they're [TS]

  inexpensive and then sell them once they [TS]

  become expensive [TS]

  see that's all you have to do this why [TS]

  didn't anybody ever say that before that [TS]

  is the one thing that those those Wall [TS]

  Street fat cats don't want you to know [TS]

  what I'm saying is if James Bond or [TS]

  somebody else who has a miniature model [TS]

  and a pointer and some midgets starts [TS]

  pointing they're gonna notice that a lot [TS]

  of the places that is greater than women [TS]

  are garbage dumps and all decommissioned [TS]

  oil tankers have all been bought up all [TS]

  we're all the widgets it's like a lot of [TS]

  trouble finding used pump chili [TS]

  containers but no I'm saying advise it [TS]

  because i find gas station if you find [TS]

  these near a waterway and a railer you [TS]

  have a built-in right there with you [TS]

  find the narrow waterway road they are [TS]

  precisely situated near waterways and [TS]

  real [TS]

  Rhodes eventually this business will [TS]

  grow and you know you're going to need [TS]

  office space can i just say mobile home [TS]

  parks the poor people live in mobile [TS]

  homes in the shittiest part of town [TS]

  low-lying right it's probably near the [TS]

  railroads and the dumps [TS]

  so you're saying that there that there [TS]

  is a potential script for a Bond film in [TS]

  this weather but instead of the bond [TS]

  villain being a super billionaire who [TS]

  the bond villain is a genius white trash [TS]

  dump living if by white travellinlunas [TS]

  rich procrastinating sometimes musician [TS]

  i would have to say yes [TS]

  who am i rich procrastinating sometimes [TS]

  musician who knows how to speak white [TS]

  trash enough to communicate with all the [TS]

  denizens of these outsider communities [TS]

  okay listen I'm totally fine with your [TS]

  head getting big girl and and you [TS]

  getting more self-involved you honestly [TS]

  believe that you can talk white trash [TS]

  that well no I know James I know I can't [TS]

  i consent is getting super super [TS]

  frustrated a little general about two in [TS]

  the morning it's it's it's one of the [TS]

  things that I had a really interesting [TS]

  conversation with a guy many many years [TS]

  ago when I was I had been i've been [TS]

  prowling through America's underbelly [TS]

  America's undercarriage for a few years [TS]

  America's lady basement and um I was [TS]

  talking to this guy [TS]

  it was up in upstate New York house [TS]

  those whose at cornell and and he was a [TS]

  smart kid at Cornell but he was that he [TS]

  was it from these from the Bronx you [TS]

  know there's one of those smart kids [TS]

  from the Bronx where he had street [TS]

  smarts and I was telling her about all [TS]

  these places in west virginia and [TS]

  Alabama tuscaloosa that I had been and [TS]

  how I was trying to communicate with [TS]

  these people in their native dialect and [TS]

  and this kid is there were both kids [TS]

  still you know whatever 19 years old and [TS]

  he looks migos I we talk about native [TS]

  dialect I just talked to people like I [TS]

  talking and uh and and then they [TS]

  understand they respect that i'm i'm [TS]

  speaking in my own language and I was [TS]

  like already talking about you don't [TS]

  want to you know talk to the you don't [TS]

  talk to people around America like [TS]

  you're weird accent you want to try to [TS]

  get inside their minds and get inside [TS]

  their culture and seem like your your uh [TS]

  you know you're from there and he was [TS]

  like what you know we're gonna fool [TS]

  anybody that you from there you just [TS]

  talk like you're talking then they know [TS]

  you you you you who you are and he blew [TS]

  my mind and I at the time that was those [TS]

  that was a that was a heavy heavy lesson [TS]

  I learned from this kid and I stopped [TS]

  making the rookie mistake [TS]

  well which I had been making the rookie [TS]

  mistake of going into places and trying [TS]

  to trying to like figure out how they do [TS]

  it and then are you trying to be trying [TS]

  to pass [TS]

  no not trying to pass but like I mean [TS]

  obviously the first thing i said was I'm [TS]

  not from here but but i didn't [TS]

  understand that but half the time ago [TS]

  hey y'all I'm not from around here he [TS]

  talked IV yo Dawg I'm not right you know [TS]

  like i would i would get i would try and [TS]

  adopt their local mannerisms right [TS]

  because I thought that was how you how [TS]

  you screeched the wheels and this guy [TS]

  from the Bronx was saying no I have a [TS]

  comically Bronx accent and I go [TS]

  everywhere and people are fine and he [TS]

  was a wise man for his 19 years and i [TS]

  was actually embarrassed when I learned [TS]

  when I when it was revealed to me that I [TS]

  was being kind of a turkey by going [TS]

  around by going around like mimicking [TS]

  people's accents back to them who and [TS]

  thinking that I was really that I was [TS]

  really getting inside i've i've done [TS]

  that i have done that I know I continue [TS]

  to do that and what's weird about it is [TS]

  in my head when I'm doing that and a no [TS]

  and now I really notice it when other [TS]

  people do it there's this guy see around [TS]

  the neighborhood and whenever he talks [TS]

  to anybody he acts like they are in ESL [TS]

  like english-as-a-second-language person [TS]

  who is profoundly retarded everything he [TS]

  says to them he explains like this [TS]

  I think that he does things like buy and [TS]

  sell cars but what I want to do is [TS]

  explain to you that i will park it here [TS]

  and then you can get it later [TS]

  it doesn't matter he could bc talks that [TS]

  way to me talk that way to anybody [TS]

  that's how the guy talks but what's [TS]

  funny is like interviews from the Bronx [TS]

  could be i could be maybe there are very [TS]

  candid people there here's the thing [TS]

  though i think that that is ironically [TS]

  enough in my experience it we're kind of [TS]

  provincialism because my provincialism [TS]

  I'm so provincial that I think I'm fancy [TS]

  that's how I don't know enough to know [TS]

  what I don't know [TS]

  uh-huh right so that's how that's what I [TS]

  fucking dumbass i am and so I go out and [TS]

  act like the entire world needs to have [TS]

  the my brilliance dumb down a little bit [TS]

  answer and you know what and understands [TS]

  you but for me and you know what I'll [TS]

  even throw in a little bit extra by [TS]

  trying to catch up with your little [TS]

  code-switching patois my talk for my [TS]

  doctor and coming from Alaska I i really [TS]

  did come to America as though America [TS]

  was a foreign country and and not just a [TS]

  foreign country but multiple foreign [TS]

  countries within one big continent right [TS]

  so the so you you're born so you're [TS]

  pointing what Washington right yeah and [TS]

  then I mean I grew up in between seattle [TS]

  in Alaska and moved so you must move [TS]

  around in oil based computing in base [TS]

  computer and my dad was a was a lawyer a [TS]

  government lawyer for for a long time [TS]

  but in the corridors of power he was the [TS]

  chief counsel of the Alaska Railroad [TS]

  which one time wow I a federally owned a [TS]

  railroad doesn't connect to any other [TS]

  railroads it's just the railroad that [TS]

  goes across Alaska and so he was them he [TS]

  was a big wheel there before he had a he [TS]

  had a pass in his wallet that allowed [TS]

  him get on any train and haha it's like [TS]

  a Europe pass except in America and you [TS]

  can just ride my god it was so amazing [TS]

  oh my god was that was like it was it [TS]

  like from still has i'm going to happen [TS]

  but it doesn't work [TS]

  did I was like okay it was like trains [TS]

  with seats or what were you like as a [TS]

  cargo plane of things with seeds yes yes [TS]

  yes you going to write on like consumer [TS]

  trains not only that I over the house [TS]

  sometimes what he had done what you know [TS]

  when he had a reason you would call up [TS]

  at bay and the Alaska Railroad had a [TS]

  presidential car [TS]

  oh my god which was a three bedroom [TS]

  apartment with a living room and a [TS]

  kitchen and a butler's pantry and a [TS]

  balcony on the back and he would have [TS]

  them attached this train this [TS]

  presidential car which had been Truman's [TS]

  a whistle-stop car [TS]

  are you kidding me you have an attached [TS]

  to the back of any alaska railroad train [TS]

  we would go would go to training around [TS]

  Alaska the ferdinand magellan railcar oh [TS]

  you're looking it up i'm looking for [TS]

  several here and there are what I'm [TS]

  telling you John R I'm sorry to [TS]

  interrupt you but I'm just already i [TS]

  just got such a train boner you can't [TS]

  even imagine you know I can't imagine [TS]

  because i'm not your gender you [TS]

  understand what people pay to do [TS]

  practically fucking anything near Alaska [TS]

  today [TS]

  you mentioned Alaska and wales and [TS]

  people are writing checks as you do that [TS]

  to ride around in a really nice a [TS]

  three-bedroom train car in Alaska to oh [TS]

  my god did you ever get to do it all the [TS]

  time getting my sister and I have [TS]

  pictures of ourselves just partying in [TS]

  this train car leading off the balcony [TS]

  you know sleeping and sleeping in the [TS]

  train sleep and sleep the train because [TS]

  it because we would train we get to fit [TS]

  would sleep on the way to Fairbanks so [TS]

  that we get to Fairbanks and we'd stay [TS]

  in the train car while they turned it [TS]

  around and got ready to go make the trip [TS]

  back [TS]

  we did all kinds of stuff today my dad [TS]

  actually isn't uh I don't remember but [TS]

  this was this was not you were watching [TS]

  TV was not a thing you would have been [TS]

  doing now i would but i mean yet books [TS]

  you have books are games he probably had [TS]

  board games and stuff I mean you're on a [TS]

  train going through Alaska you're likely [TS]

  hanging off the back the whole time we [TS]

  would we would spend hours hanging off [TS]

  the back can already tell in your bio [TS]

  pic you're probably massively over [TS]

  hunter overfunded and behind the heavens [TS]

  gate of a biopic that [TS]

  we'll have some day I can see that now [TS]

  that were me I'd be sitting there going [TS]

  like why can't I watch my can i watch [TS]

  this am I guess I could see you curling [TS]

  up with that with a with a book on the [TS]

  Special Forces Special Ops just getting [TS]

  up in the sky car and just sit and just [TS]

  look at the photo this right now the [TS]

  best way to see Alaska is on the [TS]

  railroad the alaska railroad corporation [TS]

  and i already i I've got a total train [TS]

  or i would love to be in the sky car [TS]

  reading an encyclopedia right now is [TS]

  gorgeous [TS]

  yeah and the thing is that this is [TS]

  something I learned when I was a little [TS]

  kid traveling with my dad because my dad [TS]

  always stayed in in my dad was the [TS]

  high-roller so he would always stay in [TS]

  in high-rise hotels classic hotels [TS]

  hotels that have full-sized swimming [TS]

  pools in them and not in the basement [TS]

  either hotels that full-sized swimming [TS]

  pools on the eighth floor you know what [TS]

  I mean like pretty nice places and train [TS]

  train private train cars in this type of [TS]

  thing and what I learned is that when [TS]

  you stay in a giant hotel or when you [TS]

  stay in a in a in a deluxe train car you [TS]

  can entertain yourself almost [TS]

  indefinitely by finding things to throw [TS]

  off the balcony so if you are if you are [TS]

  in a train car you're going across [TS]

  Alaska you're scouring the train and the [TS]

  thing is that the train is connected to [TS]

  the regular train full of regular people [TS]

  and actually there was a man in alaska [TS]

  railroad employee who was posted at the [TS]

  door of our car to keep the regulars are [TS]

  you kidding me [TS]

  not at all you had a riff raff monitor [TS]

  we had a guy in a little coat and tie [TS]

  who sat on a stool was like oh sorry [TS]

  this is the end of the this is the end [TS]

  of the public train so we would go [TS]

  through the train and we would just [TS]

  collect all the things that might be [TS]

  interesting to throw off the back of the [TS]

  train as the train is speeding through [TS]

  the countryside and I'm not about litter [TS]

  litter wouldn't be interesting but [TS]

  things that might break or things that [TS]

  might fly these were also all the things [TS]

  that I would scavenge hotels for and I [TS]

  would sit because my dad being the guy [TS]

  that he was he would often say um you [TS]

  stay in the room i'll be back in a [TS]

  couple hours and then I be in the hotel [TS]

  room and and I I always took that to [TS]

  mean you stay in the hotel [TS]

  where you stay around those as I got [TS]

  older it was like you stay in the [TS]

  vicinity of my hotel but that's why [TS]

  would collect stuff like I would get a [TS]

  bucket of ice because you're gonna want [TS]

  to throw some I saw off the 18th floor [TS]

  of evidence melts and that's right and i [TS]

  would i would get a lot of paper and i [TS]

  would try and find matches because you [TS]

  want to make you want to make paper [TS]

  airplanes and light them on fire and [TS]

  throw them off the 18th floor out of [TS]

  your aching for hotel room and I would [TS]

  sit and just tuck stuff so tell and I [TS]

  cannot tell you the number of people who [TS]

  looked up from the sidewalk in this busy [TS]

  urban environment stick their fist at [TS]

  the sky because i had slime to them from [TS]

  high up in the air [TS]

  yeah i'm just glad to know that you [TS]

  wouldn't be his power if he had it not [TS]

  at all not at all you know up in [TS]

  addition to having my pilot's license [TS]

  when I was 17 my dad took me down to the [TS]

  railyard one time and I had a man teach [TS]

  me how to drive a locomotive he knew [TS]

  that this is something i would be [TS]

  interested in this summer a plan ahead [TS]

  they put this on your calendar use dad's [TS]

  shop just disrupt things to teach it [TS]

  really tell [TS]

  I think he knew this engine a little [TS]

  fucky up you know they all knew him [TS]

  because he wasn't using at the head [TS]

  office but let's let's let's state the [TS]

  obvious here which is that your father [TS]

  was important powerful whatever enough [TS]

  that he was he was a man you if you had [TS]

  the choice you'd rather not disappoint [TS]

  him even in any role right and let's be [TS]

  honest even if that's it for the hotel [TS]

  serving him he's a big gun in the travel [TS]

  industry [TS]

  mhm and so you wouldn't want him to fill [TS]

  out that card and say I'm Dave Roderick [TS]

  and a and some bellhop chastise my son [TS]

  for throwing a bucket of ice at 11 / 24 [TS]

  swing it's your slut shaming playing set [TS]

  up but also now once I'd like his job [TS]

  please like i want to see this kid bring [TS]

  them to me now that would be funny if [TS]

  every time he got mad he insisted that [TS]

  person's boss that you got to have that [TS]

  person's job for a day but but but [TS]

  driving a locomotive [TS]

  oh sorry look sorry about that look [TS]

  amount of him oh my god so [TS]

  fun because really there's not much to [TS]

  it you have a you have a little handle [TS]

  that's the throttle and you have a break [TS]

  and have a horn but boy when you put [TS]

  that thing in gear and it starts to move [TS]

  also they let me ride they let me ride [TS]

  on the front of the locomotive by the [TS]

  cal catcher [TS]

  yeah you know there's a little railing [TS]

  and you can walk around the very the the [TS]

  no I think that's I think that's for [TS]

  maintenance time it is for maintenance [TS]

  but they let me go out there because I [TS]

  begged I was like come on come on please [TS]

  please please let me right on the money [TS]

  like a Titanic that would be so fun [TS]

  front of the locomotive yeah it's that [TS]

  was very fun but you know I'm sure [TS]

  everybody was shooting bullets because i [TS]

  was was climbing on the front of this [TS]

  training all the guys inside were like [TS]

  that's the boss's kid got great parties [TS]

  your dad would probably have to [TS]

  adjudicate that the case still do the [TS]

  case with that went to trial and the [TS]

  people from the insurance company were [TS]

  there at the time because going to [TS]

  understand that we're going to lawyer [TS]

  the lead counsel for your company asked [TS]

  that the child be pushed to the front of [TS]

  the prowl [TS]

  at the time there was no such thing as [TS]

  child abuse so they wouldn't have they [TS]

  wouldn't have put my dad on trial for [TS]

  letting didn't have a name for it was [TS]

  like autism [TS]

  yeah whenever I was like oh I understand [TS]

  why all these kids are so sad anyway [TS]

  let's do the school's yeah okay well so [TS]

  far I've got three lessons I've got less [TS]

  than one and again if we can cut this [TS]

  out of this is too much but i'm not a [TS]

  lesson number one for your ebook is [TS]

  don't pitch your tent a dump right good [TS]

  number two I don't don't have a fakie [TS]

  pass want to act like you are [TS]

  understanding someone better [TS]

  exactly and if you're going to lean out [TS]

  the window have stuff to throw that's [TS]

  right at you you've nailed it [TS]

  you've nailed all the topic i'm just [TS]

  gonna I may end up being being your [TS]

  Boswell so I'll just capture all of this [TS]

  here i'll keep here in nearby and I just [TS]

  I if you can I don't get too far away [TS]

  from from something much deeper here [TS]

  that which is well you know your show [TS]

  but I I don't wanna get too far away [TS]

  from the idea that yeah I hope is not [TS]

  stealing well I think you may be so far [TS]

  in front of this idea we don't need to [TS]

  worry about it being stolen but i think [TS]

  it's going to be so obviously well [TS]

  here's the thing you've got contact [TS]

  inside the industry you've written the [TS]

  front of a fucking locomotive that you [TS]

  are driving that's right how many people [TS]

  have ever even fans that's a terrible [TS]

  idea [TS]

  that's an awful idea what you've done [TS]

  that you have large way to me to throw [TS]

  things out of high-rise window yeah you [TS]

  used throne throne flaming paper from [TS]

  Harry Truman car like how many people [TS]

  can say they don't so here's all I'm [TS]

  thinking is when you do have this this I [TS]

  don't know what you want to call it when [TS]

  you have this this dystopic future [TS]

  empire that involves tearing up in [TS]

  garbage dumps in order to in order to [TS]

  tell mr. potato heads or what have you [TS]

  I think you can do that by train i think [TS]

  you go from one mobile home park to the [TS]

  other super train is it John supertrain [TS]

  supertrain yankee here's the thing can I [TS]

  just point out into scalable and [TS]

  extensible you can literally hook new [TS]

  cars on you're gonna be so rich and so [TS]

  fucking weird at this point you could [TS]

  have just the new throwing car you can [TS]

  trade with the store throwing a super [TS]

  train can be whatever you want it to be [TS]

  that fucking weak supertrain with a [TS]

  giant claw a like a giant claw crane and [TS]

  you can drive super train ride up to old [TS]

  trash dumps and giant clock crane [TS]

  reaches out grabs the whole trash dump [TS]

  in its giant claw and puts it on flat [TS]

  cars and you take it to your statement [TS]

  that beyond your own train because it [TS]

  seems like but you could here's the [TS]

  thing okay i'm sorry you have all your [TS]

  friends all across you know why you're [TS]

  too much to break it off you call [TS]

  somebody else and you have junior train [TS]

  come in and take care of the rest of you [TS]

  you're saying you you literally care the [TS]

  top off of that but where the children [TS]

  might be camping having a picnic and [TS]

  frisbee and here comes super train to [TS]

  act like a cheap to pay and then mr. [TS]

  clock goes in and grabs that starts [TS]

  filling all the all the potato [TS]

  containers for future feeling it's a [TS]

  fantastic idea [TS]

  the thing is that in the future right [TS]

  like already we know we notice that [TS]

  plastic cutlery is being made out of [TS]

  compressed potato starch right we don't [TS]

  need compostable yes yeah we don't need [TS]

  a oil and petroleum products to make [TS]

  plastic forks anymore because they're [TS]

  making out of potato starch and we don't [TS]

  need a petroleum to power our [TS]

  automobiles anymore because we have [TS]

  these uh these electric automobiles and [TS]

  we'll have hydrogen cars or whatever so [TS]

  we're going to need a lot less petroleum [TS]

  in the future [TS]

  but there are some things that petroleum [TS]

  but you really need petroleum for like [TS]

  lawn mowers [TS]

  yeah and petroleum jelly how are you [TS]

  need petroleum for anything that has [TS]

  petroleum in the man [TS]

  ok I see you're saying there could not [TS]

  be for the sake of argument a UH a [TS]

  solar-powered jelly that we have to have [TS]

  the same performance features except it [TS]

  wasn't really you couldn't have like a [TS]

  hydrogen jealous what about what about [TS]

  other kinds of lubricants like four [TS]

  motorcycles or butt plugs [TS]

  well it because he shouldn't use [TS]

  petroleum month you can use whale oil [TS]

  for some of that stuff [TS]

  how do you how do you get that you have [TS]

  to kill the well you could milk to boil [TS]

  another Michaels the genius to 1500 [TS]

  joyal out of him and get him thrown back [TS]

  okay and and that could be a subset of [TS]

  my of my super tanker has well-well [TS]

  milker here's another obvious I again I [TS]

  know you i'm sure you've already thought [TS]

  of this in your part of your probably [TS]

  very large book of plans but it would be [TS]

  pretty cool also if you basically never [TS]

  had to get out [TS]

  leslie there's one like Truman car that [TS]

  is always yours [TS]

  it's always it's like your bedroom and [TS]

  it goes into the Super Kings you the [TS]

  fucking supertanker the supertrain goes [TS]

  on the supertanker it can be tracked [TS]

  becomes sort of like a like a what like [TS]

  a like a large-scale rascal or al right [TS]

  it's like a super rascal isn't super you [TS]

  know what you know what you're going to [TS]

  be so fucking rich you could potentially [TS]

  have a super rescue on the supertrain so [TS]

  you don't you just move around very easy [TS]

  anything you're gonna have a lot of [TS]

  those cool little levers and knobs [TS]

  maybe even kind of thing like what maybe [TS]

  get one of those one of those with his [TS]

  name of the universe guy we could blow [TS]

  to make a chair move around or two for [TS]

  example say terrible to pay off of this [TS]

  picnic ground and put the contents in [TS]

  inside of my potato car right because [TS]

  i'm not you know when I tear the top off [TS]

  of that off the picnic ground [TS]

  yeah I'm not just harvesting old plastic [TS]

  bags and it's now I'm not just starting [TS]

  that into petroleum now there's also all [TS]

  those batteries that michael stipe threw [TS]

  away fucking 50 years before right that [TS]

  are full of who knows what's in those [TS]

  batteries it's probably they have a [TS]

  solid gold core I've never does not [TS]

  currently a lot of stuff and also i know [TS]

  i know this from san francisco at what [TS]

  people live on the street people will [TS]

  get rid of stuff that is still can [TS]

  and mostly good little bit about Greece [TS]

  and that was trying again so you could [TS]

  also have a goodwill car you could have [TS]

  a goodwill car or goodwill supertanker [TS]

  here's the problem know a lot of that [TS]

  stuff has been sitting in a landfill for [TS]

  50 years probably like I think people i [TS]

  invoke a couch i think the consumer is [TS]

  going to get way less picky when they [TS]

  can run their lawn mower anymore they [TS]

  can't use their butt plugs and they're [TS]

  wondering how they're going to get a new [TS]

  mr. Potato Head I thought they would not [TS]

  be asking questions just gonna say how [TS]

  much what you'll also have generations [TS]

  of hipsters by that point who will be [TS]

  will be so starved for vintage material [TS]

  it will be like this is vintage I I know [TS]

  it's been sitting in a landfill 50 years [TS]

  and it smells like a dump and it's been [TS]

  it's like permeated with batteries yes [TS]

  and whaleoil but this is this vintage [TS]

  couch [TS]

  how much will you pay you think I you [TS]

  think if you think if you think your [TS]

  appreciation of stealers wheel is ironic [TS]

  now just wait until I give you a [TS]

  literally non-functional a track that [TS]

  has little battery acid and human shit [TS]

  on it if someone has an if someone is [TS]

  listening to this podcast and can only [TS]

  appreciate Steelers will i rana CLE yeah [TS]

  i will personally come and be your ass [TS]

  we we go right there on your train [TS]

  because my god Steelers with some beans [TS]

  and that was what was Gerry Rafferty was [TS]

  in that's right [TS]

  mhm um did you see that movie big seen [TS]

  that movie remember that which Oh hard [TS]

  mod who now second star worst ok come [TS]

  back to that I'm sorry please go ahead [TS]

  on things we talked about your talk [TS]

  about the mr pink movie exactly has been [TS]

  tip okay so sorry please continue [TS]

  all I'm saying is I I fear you have a [TS]

  few questions I'd like Desolator [TS]

  follow-up of where you say please [TS]

  continue and talk [TS]

  Kevin you are please continue but my [TS]

  main the main thing I want to ask i [TS]

  would like to get just a rough idea just [TS]

  generally so I know whether i need to [TS]

  start getting weapons is it please don't [TS]

  answer now whenever you're done if you [TS]

  continue what do you think this will be [TS]

  largely benevolent will be we want [TS]

  people to proceed we force people to [TS]

  perceive it as benevolent or our world [TS]

  this will this really truly be like a [TS]

  dark dystopian vision where you were you [TS]

  really run the entire universe based on [TS]

  your capris i think i know the answer [TS]

  no power tends to corrupt yeah absolute [TS]

  power [TS]

  absolutely mr. Lincoln said that was [TS]

  that's that's a George Lincoln no no all [TS]

  on-site a joint like a rug well the the [TS]

  second president the United States [TS]

  George Lincoln is that ok uh but but i [TS]

  think that one [TS]

  what will happen is initially it will be [TS]

  presented as an ecological you know i [TS]

  will be a benevolent eco-warrior it [TS]

  seems like a friendly helpful option [TS]

  yeah and the super trains will all be [TS]

  painted kind of iphone white and it will [TS]

  be and the super crane will also be [TS]

  iphone white and it will look like a [TS]

  very nice you know how I like people [TS]

  will flock to fund this operation I'll [TS]

  have lots of IPOs I'll have seven or [TS]

  eight IPOs and each one will raise [TS]

  billions of dollars and the president [TS]

  will shake my hand and it will and I [TS]

  will out you know i'm thinking i'll [TS]

  dress like Tom Wolfe i'll have like [TS]

  three piece cream colored suits you can [TS]

  trim your beard and get a walking stick [TS]

  a green walking stick I wanna stick made [TS]

  out of park benches that used to be milk [TS]

  cartons right and people will think [TS]

  they'll think John Roderick eco-warrior [TS]

  supertrain founder a like hyper [TS]

  recyclers how about this how about how [TS]

  about this John Roderick white suit eco [TS]

  peacemaker he has he's got children [TS]

  he's giving jobs to children and on the [TS]

  mean way he's excused handing out he's [TS]

  going across the country in a green [TS]

  train that is literally creating energy [TS]

  as it travels across the country you [TS]

  know what maybe it's got Wi-Fi [TS]

  transmitter so you're helping people [TS]

  poor people to get on the internet [TS]

  oh my god what about cfl Wi-Fi train you [TS]

  give out cfl light bulbs and vegan meals [TS]

  but the night is behind this front I [TS]

  like kids right on the back you have it [TS]

  not not in an unsafe way there's a whole [TS]

  section where you can light paper [TS]

  airplanes on fire and throw them you [TS]

  know in a way that will not start a [TS]

  larger fire all all you say this like a [TS]

  renewable airplane a source [TS]

  well let's say it is another one is not [TS]

  non-renewable right looking on with no [TS]

  but I don't have to fall for that in a [TS]

  second you can people go to whole foods [TS]

  they would love that would love this was [TS]

  called supertrain supertrain supertrain [TS]

  but then as time goes on [TS]

  yes of course as I become richer and [TS]

  control more and more [TS]

  our garbage dumps and more and more [TS]

  public parks are disappearing no one can [TS]

  play frisbee anymore [TS]

  there's no place to picnic anymore the [TS]

  supertrain has been there but this one [TS]

  who kissed his BMW and and bear are [TS]

  doing great [TS]

  there have their very happy because [TS]

  under the supertrain system everybody's [TS]

  making money everybody's happy [TS]

  the poor people of cfl light bulbs and [TS]

  vegan meals but things are suddenly [TS]

  changing that's right son to change [TS]

  pretty soon people are addicted to vegan [TS]

  meals and where do they get them [TS]

  supertrain gonna get anywhere else [TS]

  supertrain corner the market pretty soon [TS]

  you can't afford to buy am mobile home [TS]

  anymore so many super super profits [TS]

  parks well and a lot of those mobile [TS]

  homes have been recycled by supertrain [TS]

  they're all green technology so its [TS]

  first it all made sense [TS]

  mm I like this a lot yeah I'm burning [TS]

  sage and fucking drums and become evil [TS]

  super genius i mean it writes itself [TS]

  there's no question about it [TS]

  yeah you know here's the thing to point [TS]

  out with this idea well I see here's the [TS]

  thing i don't think anybody can steal [TS]

  this idea right so you know success he [TS]

  got the execution is a ideas are a [TS]

  multiplier of execution something like [TS]

  that now look it up later [TS]

  the point is does a clever ideas as a [TS]

  diamond doesn't it's how you implement [TS]

  it right and so here's the thing you [TS]

  gotta say to yourself like what would [TS]

  like whoohoo do you want having this job [TS]

  if you had your choice of different [TS]

  dictators I say you want a truly a [TS]

  competent dictator who knows where you [TS]

  shouldn't pitch a tent if you know what [TS]

  i mean i think it was John rock this [TS]

  isn't always that doesn't come along and [TS]

  they're gonna have their own pale [TS]

  version of super train it's gonna it's [TS]

  never gonna run flattered and run flash [TS]

  the battery's not gonna last for very [TS]

  long [TS]

  right but they're gonna be all [TS]

  copycatting on the supertrain program [TS]

  right right and still those garbage [TS]

  dumps are going to sit there with a [TS]

  little hats on nobody's gonna make [TS]

  getting money mr. Potato just sitting [TS]

  there doing nothing [TS]

  yeah I think I think you don't know I [TS]

  just think you can change that already [TS]

  figure just by having spoken about it I [TS]

  mean normally supergenius wouldn't talk [TS]

  about his plan like this until he had [TS]

  the hero tied up in value floating over [TS]

  the shark tank full of acid exactly tied [TS]

  up floating over a shark tank full of [TS]

  acid on the supertanker and the [TS]

  supertrain branded supertanker that is [TS]

  when I would be explaining this whole [TS]

  thing to him as i was about to drop into [TS]

  the [TS]

  shark tank full of acid but I was the [TS]

  reason I'm doing it now the reason I'm [TS]

  talking about it now is that I'm very [TS]

  confident that it will produce some [TS]

  fanart which i'm going to use to [TS]

  galvanize oh they call it where the [TS]

  college instead of grassroots that call [TS]

  it uh the astroturfing is that what [TS]

  you're calling i'm master turfing you're [TS]

  a surfing [TS]

  yeah you don't think about this and I [TS]

  want to say those in the camera might be [TS]

  Billy Jack Kapp pressure is Billy Jack [TS]

  where the guy says the guys the guys [TS]

  facing off with this actually kind of [TS]

  elderly man who actually memory serves [TS]

  may have been dressed as colonel sanders [TS]

  but whatever call is billy jack or maybe [TS]

  maybe different movie I'm told he says [TS]

  something along the lines of you know [TS]

  i'm going to do i'm gonna i'm gonna kick [TS]

  you on this side of your face with this [TS]

  foot and you know what [TS]

  there is not a damn thing you can do [TS]

  about it you know it does he fucking [TS]

  kicks him in the face with that foot [TS]

  yeah and you know what can just say [TS]

  there was not a damn thing that I could [TS]

  go back I could do [TS]

  uh-huh what I want is a blt mmm i want [TS]

  you to hold the lettuce I want to [TS]

  holding your knee tomato between your [TS]

  knees [TS]

  you know once you get into as as the as [TS]

  the president for life of the supertrain [TS]

  industries I think you're going to very [TS]

  easily be able to have these kinds of [TS]

  conversations with people who actually [TS]

  literally can't do anything about it [TS]

  yeah well I hope so you know i got my [TS]

  problem i present project [TS]

  here's my present plan oh I can't wait [TS]

  to hear about this i got a good plan my [TS]

  present plan is that all through silicon [TS]

  valley and in seattle to they're all [TS]

  these startups is a these a tech [TS]

  startups where people who are working in [TS]

  the tech industry are all sort of in [TS]

  this mutual masturbation society where [TS]

  they all think they know what the what [TS]

  the world is made of and what the world [TS]

  needs and they're making apps and [TS]

  they're launching apps and they're [TS]

  launching sites and they're making text [TS]

  and their tech and makes and whatever it [TS]

  is the people are doing and they're all [TS]

  on each other's boards of directors and [TS]

  they're all making ipos thought leaders [TS]

  there thought leaders well they think [TS]

  they are [TS]

  who [TS]

  but but here's the problem is the [TS]

  problem another there's not a single [TS]

  person on any of those boards of [TS]

  directors with real-world experience and [TS]

  I bring that kind of real-world [TS]

  experience to the table so my current [TS]

  plan is to start marketing myself as a [TS]

  potential member of the board of [TS]

  directors of some of these internet [TS]

  startup companies because they really [TS]

  need somebody that can speak truth to [TS]

  power they need somebody who has thrown [TS]

  stuff out of a high-rise they need [TS]

  somebody who once had a pilot's license [TS]

  they need somebody with this kind of [TS]

  real-world experience to help guide them [TS]

  through the rocky because you see a lot [TS]

  of these lot of these companies you know [TS]

  they are like a flash in the pan right [TS]

  they arc across the sky with him and [TS]

  then been to put civil if they had me on [TS]

  their board of directors tell him like [TS]

  it was right [TS]

  tell them hey you guys don't need to [TS]

  speak in a fake southern accent to sell [TS]

  your app in the South you just speak in [TS]

  your regular brooklynny regular stupid [TS]

  Stanford accent just talking to Stanford [TS]

  accent and people are going to are going [TS]

  to buy or not buy it based on whether or [TS]

  not it's a useful app that works on the [TS]

  iphone this is the amazing part that [TS]

  John is these guys the ones who they're [TS]

  taking mix and making Texan and and [TS]

  taken what was your phrase tekken makes [TS]

  it kinda makes them their help that's [TS]

  like tex-mex they're out there doing all [TS]

  this stuff and like the ones I I'm [TS]

  serial entrepreneur I've had all these [TS]

  different startups the ones who consider [TS]

  themselves really smart and really as we [TS]

  say in the business forward-looking if [TS]

  they are really looking as forward as [TS]

  they claim to be with their [TS]

  forward-looking they are going to want [TS]

  to be on the good side of the chi your [TS]

  super that's exactly what not it's not [TS]

  precisely extortion its priests torsion [TS]

  its priests or from it's just a way of [TS]

  saying you know hey you know you're [TS]

  gonna have a real pretty daughter [TS]

  someday it if it would be a shame if at [TS]

  some point something were to happen to [TS]

  her was only being extremely costly [TS]

  train i do that around seattle all the [TS]

  time when people people like you know [TS]

  there are a lot of people at the [TS]

  interact with people at the mayor's [TS]

  office i interact with a lot of those [TS]

  people that are part of the part part of [TS]

  the the the machine here [TS]

  yeah and and quarters power the quarters [TS]

  power and I don't even have to say it [TS]

  it's just understood [TS]

  among these people like I I don't know [TS]

  what Roderick does I don't even know why [TS]

  he's here at this meeting isn't he a [TS]

  singer songwriter is he here [TS]

  why is he so involved in civics but at [TS]

  the same time the mirror is listening to [TS]

  him so there will come a time maybe when [TS]

  I don't want to be on the wrong side of [TS]

  him i don't know why i'm gonna i'm gonna [TS]

  be nice to him and give him what he [TS]

  wants and how your dad started [TS]

  it's a how everybody in power starts you [TS]

  just end up you show up places and [TS]

  people go why is he here and then they [TS]

  go well I'd better not cross them and if [TS]

  enough people do that then pretty soon [TS]

  you walk in a room and everybody [TS]

  applauds which is crazy guy I follows a [TS]

  better applied they have any sense [TS]

  here's the thing there's a guy in my [TS]

  neighborhood we've got a handful of [TS]

  really colorful guys in my neighborhood [TS]

  by which i mean crazy homeless guys and [TS]

  one of these guys who I tend to avoid [TS]

  because he cycles you know as you do [TS]

  maybe use a bicyclist or he is he's got [TS]

  a fixie and went by well he's I think [TS]

  he's bipolar or something or maybe it's [TS]

  me and my girlfriend is so you're saying [TS]

  he cycles through many phases [TS]

  well he has days where he doesn't stand [TS]

  in the street throwing fried rice and [TS]

  pigeons days when he does and that as a [TS]

  kind of cyclic both pieces wheel it [TS]

  turns around and around and here's the [TS]

  thing i avoid this guy because I don't [TS]

  want your fucking fried rice thrown at [TS]

  me [TS]

  I mean I freestanding dresser you're [TS]

  clearly not a pigeon ok and as much as I [TS]

  don't like to admit i do go to the KFC / [TS]

  talk about which as you know is near my [TS]

  home I go in there and probably three [TS]

  out of five times I go in there that guy [TS]

  is in there this guy i'm pretty sure [TS]

  does not have a lot of dough but every [TS]

  time I'm going on but I should smile [TS]

  more he wears a baby like basically a [TS]

  filthy sweatpants any ties lots of [TS]

  plastic newspaper bags around parts of [TS]

  his body and he has kind of an ad-hoc [TS]

  real san franciscans yeah he was kind of [TS]

  like maybe if you took like me like an [TS]

  acid helmet out of you i got like a [TS]

  bandana kind of thing out of like a rag [TS]

  you'd use to clean off tools of the car [TS]

  he was out on his head is very large [TS]

  salt-and-pepper beard it [TS]

  little bit like a young Oliver Sacks [TS]

  need to shit out some fucking chicken I [TS]

  think mind if I was this guy I would be [TS]

  very careful about how close I got to [TS]

  supertrain not like yeah it's looking [TS]

  right might just pluck him hit the big [TS]

  claw with these sounds there is the [TS]

  sound of intersection B when he needs to [TS]

  worry about is being reusable he just [TS]

  super trains gonna have a lot of [TS]

  Technology are definitely better than [TS]

  calculate the captain bird hate is not [TS]

  going to be ready for so it is kind of [TS]

  funny you know me I you know my brain [TS]

  like icic things I tell stories and he [TS]

  said he to kentucky fried chicken but he [TS]

  hates burn fucking he throws he stands [TS]

  in the street taking handfuls looking at [TS]

  people leave food around hehe find some [TS]

  fried rice from like the thai place he's [TS]

  fucking screaming in the middle terrible [TS]

  street and throwing rice at pigeons and [TS]

  the pigeons are just fucking with him at [TS]

  first you're like obviously that guy's [TS]

  crazy then pretty soon what if you're a [TS]

  pigeon and somebody's going to recognize [TS]

  you when I was found exactly although [TS]

  throw me in the briar patch [TS]

  so they're they're they're just fucking [TS]

  laughing they're just seen an arrow that [TS]

  though [TS]

  first of all he has to know that when it [TS]

  but she does know John he's crazy [TS]

  that's the problem so here he is i go [TS]

  into out of 5 times i go to the KFC he's [TS]

  sitting there and and he is [TS]

  I've never seen anybody eat angrier than [TS]

  bird guy he's fucking going after some [TS]

  dark meat [TS]

  it's his beard is shiny he's he's doing [TS]

  it and you know what I've never seen the [TS]

  night ever ever ever pay so I I the [TS]

  things I haven't asked but you know me [TS]

  in my head now I'm wondering about [TS]

  things right you know maybe supertrain [TS]

  has an answer for this at some point but [TS]

  i'm saying is i don't know if they're [TS]

  doing this out of charity I think [TS]

  they're not busy digging in the trash [TS]

  and just pulling out his number he's [TS]

  sitting right at the table next to my [TS]

  daughter and I are enjoying a cookie he [TS]

  is sitting there and literally shoving [TS]

  dead dead fried bird into his face [TS]

  literally you get cookies at KFC taco I [TS]

  don't have to eat the chicken that's not [TS]

  healthy [TS]

  oh no man yeah are and so and so and so [TS]

  i don't know i could come out i'm sorry [TS]

  i'm not precisely sure what you think [TS]

  even fried chicken that's made with [TS]

  Jesus panky I go there a lot all right [TS]

  they have those chicken bits now there's [TS]

  nothing that isn't wrong with KFC every [TS]

  single aspect of KFC has something [TS]

  that's wrong with it [TS]

  the messaging the posters the foot [TS]

  ography certainly the oil that they make [TS]

  things and every single to all the [TS]

  signage don't even get me started on the [TS]

  scientific photograph the signs for you [TS]

  where they got work colonel sanders is [TS]

  no longer a person is just 200 nikon own [TS]

  action figure [TS]

  no no I like that in mind that you know [TS]

  we got a big bucket here but the butt is [TS]

  bigger than you think because of what is [TS]

  known artist for shortening the buckets [TS]

  actually quite large but you're kind of [TS]

  mention one other thing in passing that [TS]

  the you know who likes to sit around the [TS]

  rim of the bucket Birds a bird turds [TS]

  mhm birds so I know what they know which [TS]

  side they're I mean they're they're [TS]

  they're cannibals those but much like [TS]

  the man throwing the rice i think [TS]

  there's a certain kind of a what [TS]

  self-destruction need for self harm but [TS]

  all I know is that guys getting fucking [TS]

  free chicken and I'm not maybe maybe I [TS]

  just haven't asked enough Pauline I [TS]

  don't think listen soldier envious of [TS]

  the guy with the plastic bags around his [TS]

  land is a strong word i was just always [TS]

  rejected and then be so damn jealous i [TS]

  want him to not have it either i see now [TS]

  that's not accurate but I anyway I [TS]

  understand what you're saying [TS]

  I think super trains gonna solve all of [TS]

  those are super trip going to solve [TS]

  these problems but i'm saying there's a [TS]

  lot of there's a lot of complexity in [TS]

  America has a lot of stories to tell ya [TS]

  you know you know and a lot of people [TS]

  are going to need help now [TS]

  hmm actually gets a job I don't want to [TS]

  get away with pink slime do you know [TS]

  what pink slime is this different from [TS]

  grey goo skirt while the guy that makes [TS]

  the keyboards that makes the great great [TS]

  GU that's just ray kurzweil rights while [TS]

  makes the keyboards not Robert yoke [TS]

  tmobile move how do you say that [TS]

  well I you say mood because you're not a [TS]

  dope but if you know only if your if [TS]

  your music industry dope and you want to [TS]

  call him by his real name its mode how [TS]

  do you pronounce the french film [TS]

  festival that is a homonym with what you [TS]

  drink a coke out on I think it's can [TS]

  Kim's I think on is fake white trashy [TS]

  patois I think you're doing I think [TS]

  people sorry alright it's ok you might [TS]

  be united the Cannes Film I don't as [TS]

  your as your as your Boswell or excuse [TS]

  me as your paws well I think you may be [TS]

  at least spending rule number two the [TS]

  patchwork problem how do you how do you [TS]

  pronounce the capital of Vermont up here [TS]

  montpellier montpelier right my peeler I [TS]

  guess montpelier montpelier Montpellier [TS]

  you don't know shit from montpelier like [TS]

  a whole Houston Houston thing and then [TS]

  again this is more ways that New York is [TS]

  trying to fuck us and I'm gonna be glad [TS]

  when super train drops that giant [TS]

  fucking claw on New York no offense to [TS]

  our friends who live there are a lot of [TS]

  people in New most of our friends have [TS]

  moved out of Manhattan and I think [TS]

  that's smart [TS]

  there's a lot of trains in Manhattan I [TS]

  think super train is going to have a [TS]

  huge influence over all of that [TS]

  monstrosity that we call Manhattan this [TS]

  is a good question is will supertrain be [TS]

  able to because as i am working to [TS]

  convert people in America over to my way [TS]

  of thinking will supertrain also be [TS]

  converting the other trains [TS]

  oh IC can happen you will speak train to [TS]

  them [TS]

  collapse it will speak you speak train [TS]

  fluently and not any kind of a junkie [TS]

  Bronx patois I don't you're gonna you're [TS]

  gonna have something like a hundred and [TS]

  sixty years of parallel tracks behind [TS]

  you on all of this i think it is it's [TS]

  again it's like the treaty of versailles [TS]

  let's be honest people are going to be [TS]

  looking for a hero i think there are a [TS]

  lot of trains out there they're not [TS]

  happy with their work there are so many [TS]

  great trains and they're held back by by [TS]

  by people with insufficient vision oh [TS]

  yeah especially the law I mean when now [TS]

  when a lot of those laws were signed I [TS]

  think those trains already felt a little [TS]

  bit and let's just be on a little bit [TS]

  neuter there's things they couldn't do [TS]

  sure [TS]

  well the whole amtrak business I mean [TS]

  why is there even a damn track it makes [TS]

  me so mad [TS]

  this was a should just call it rolling [TS]

  vagina what about what about that train [TS]

  that was going to go from New York to LA [TS]

  and five hours because it was in a [TS]

  vacuum tube under the ground all come on [TS]

  it's not into that train that this can [TS]

  be a tube train you do not ever read [TS]

  popular science magazine I can't know [TS]

  about mag Lau's well that so you take [TS]

  mad Meg lab and put into you put in tube [TS]

  and then you vacuum all the air out so [TS]

  there's no resistance [TS]

  I didn't allowed to have their in the [TS]

  train oh yeah you have them air [TS]

  compression of some kind [TS]

  the train is compressed like an airplane [TS]

  ok the Train the Train is a you know [TS]

  it's a sealed within minutes [TS]

  well yes it would be a super to beat [TS]

  they have incredible food because it [TS]

  would probably cost 20 million dollars [TS]

  to ride this train because it because [TS]

  how much would it cost to build a [TS]

  compressor eyes tube from New York LA [TS]

  would cost a lot of money [TS]

  yes but [TS]

  he probably would have to probably move [TS]

  a few things around if you did it you [TS]

  could have a train that went from New [TS]

  York LA almost as fast as an airplane [TS]

  but being in your underground which is [TS]

  pretty appealing i think it would be [TS]

  even faster i think it I think if you [TS]

  had Meg if it was magnetically levitated [TS]

  and you had no air resistance [TS]

  uh-huh you could go conceivably [TS]

  faster-than-light and even though that's [TS]

  based on science saying that faster than [TS]

  fast you would it would be it would be [TS]

  so fast [TS]

  yeah you'd get there i think you could [TS]

  go as fast as its safe and practical [TS]

  which is which is not true with a plane [TS]

  plans got a lot of problems a lot of [TS]

  overhead you ever do this you have to go [TS]

  somewhere in the like northeast corridor [TS]

  but you have to study you know go [TS]

  through new york i'm telling you i [TS]

  always do the math and it's frequently [TS]

  always do the math and it's frequently [TS]

  think faster jump on a fucking peter pan [TS]

  bus rather than like do anything [TS]

  involving changing at an airport [TS]

  oh absolutely i went to Connecticut I [TS]

  did that when I want the records i did [TS]

  that it was all it's just so much easier [TS]

  I mean if you don't saying that reflects [TS]

  its burden runner car to fly to [TS]

  Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh is [TS]

  still there that still considered [TS]

  incorporated city [TS]

  yeah Pittsburgh is still there and in [TS]

  fact there's that guy that bald that [TS]

  bald kid who's the mayor of like one of [TS]

  those outlying factory towns whose [TS]

  turned his little town into a mecca of [TS]

  entrepreneurship sitting here with this [TS]

  essay NPR story [TS]

  ok I i think i read about it in Parade [TS]

  magazine or maybe I read about it in the [TS]

  United Airlines in-flight magazine [TS]

  pretty but it's but it's a guy and he's [TS]

  like my age is your age [TS]

  he's our age but he's a big guys both [TS]

  part of the supertrain generation he's [TS]

  super trade generations ball these [TS]

  providers 350 pounds and got himself [TS]

  elected mayor of this town where all the [TS]

  factories closed it's like a Billy Joel [TS]

  song yeah and and therefore i'm standing [TS]

  in line [TS]

  yeah the Union people go away I don't [TS]

  know the lyrics so that they know um but [TS]

  eat and he's turning this town into some [TS]

  kind of he's trying to turn it into well [TS]

  if you read Parade magazine yeah he's [TS]

  turning it into utopia if you've ever [TS]

  been on the ground in that part of the [TS]

  country you know that he's just trying [TS]

  to keep like the radioactive devil dogs [TS]

  from eating children like read and write [TS]

  a script they call it a temp incubator [TS]

  you know like he's he's just trying to [TS]

  keep the glacier furs what kind of dogs [TS]

  i want to write this down what kind of [TS]

  dogs radioactive double-dog internal [TS]

  there right through that whole area was [TS]

  a minor league baseball team is [TS]

  basically standing out there with a Bic [TS]

  lighter on that at the at the front edge [TS]

  of a glacier and he's trying he's trying [TS]

  to hold it back he's melted back with [TS]

  his with his leg haha thats its plan [TS]

  uh-huh but anyway he's consistently [TS]

  admire him a little bit though because [TS]

  weight or terror is is prestige it's [TS]

  like you admire him a little bit you [TS]

  look at me do I [TS]

  write your sizing him up thing is you [TS]

  know he is mayor of of like ass people [TS]

  of Pennsylvania you more than i can send [TS]

  you portray needs him and he needs [TS]

  supertrain think it's true that they're [TS]

  going to run out at some point he's [TS]

  gonna have to he's gonna want to shove [TS]

  some mr. potato head into that and [TS]

  that's only available with your giant [TS]

  fucking crane hand [TS]

  well and he's a visionary I'm a [TS]

  visionary we're going to meet at the ted [TS]

  conference because that's where [TS]

  visionaries go [TS]

  what you got destroyed is there anything [TS]

  outside when it's personal favorites [TS]

  were not close enough to do that but is [TS]

  there any chance that you just destroyed [TS]

  the ted conference just replace it with [TS]

  something much more supertrain like [TS]

  having the ted conference is doing a [TS]

  very good job of destroying itself [TS]

  ok you know like if you think about [TS]

  having a conference maybe an apparent [TS]

  literally on a parallel track supertrain [TS]

  here's here's what's happening to the [TS]

  ted conference it has already become a [TS]

  brand it's like I went to I thought I [TS]

  went to marshalls the other day [TS]

  well first of all I went to ross that's [TS]

  the new pill because i was looking for a [TS]

  blanket haha i have enough pillows but I [TS]

  was looking for a blanket because I [TS]

  blankets were dirty and the only way you [TS]

  can only we could watch a blanket isn't [TS]

  one of those super size blanket washing [TS]

  washing machines that at the laundromat [TS]

  which wich supertrain will have 8 to 10 [TS]

  of and I hate going to the laundromat so [TS]

  late what I'm gonna do I'm gonna buy a [TS]

  new blanket i'm gonna put these dirty [TS]

  blankets in the closet [TS]

  I'm gonna go buy any blank and so I go [TS]

  to go to the Ross but all the ross [TS]

  blankets are there that's gross [TS]

  they're gross there so i went to [TS]

  marshalls because it's a higher calorie [TS]

  the higher quality blanket store and i [TS]

  discovered that there are blankets [TS]

  there's a betting let's let's call it [TS]

  betting there's betting branded with [TS]

  Valerie Bertinelli's face it's the [TS]

  valerie bertinelli line of of abetting [TS]

  in home-home out home fun is it [TS]

  remainder items from somewhere besides [TS]

  marshals or is this an exclusive to the [TS]

  Moto Norris brand its remaindered i'm [TS]

  sure the valerie bertinelli line is only [TS]

  available in the finest department [TS]

  stores huh and it's got a picture of [TS]

  Valerie and it's not Nelly blanket [TS]

  yeah and it's not a picture of Valerie [TS]

  Valerie I it's not the one I would have [TS]

  picked yeah you know like I would have [TS]

  picked she's in the baseball cap just a [TS]

  little and live with and Romano well [TS]

  that's the 1i would [TS]

  let me to from my fanfic but no the-the [TS]

  it's a picture of her but it you know [TS]

  they tried to make her hair look like it [TS]

  blown in the wind and she don't know she [TS]

  looks like she did that Jaclyn Smith [TS]

  stay at sears to ya [TS]

  everything about it is well first of all [TS]

  I didn't realize that Valerie [TS]

  personality for Valerie Bertinelli still [TS]

  had enough cultural cachet that that [TS]

  people trusted her to sell them their [TS]

  their household goods but also it was i [TS]

  was really i really noticed how much she [TS]

  and eddie van halen who already looked [TS]

  like when they met grew to look almost [TS]

  exactly aligned now I mean any van Halen [TS]

  looks like a desiccated version of her [TS]

  you know I mean like if you took Valerie [TS]

  Bertinelli and you put her in a fruit [TS]

  dehumidifier it would look like any man [TS]

  hailing but she got pumped up a little [TS]

  bit [TS]

  well no like a dehumidifier she got all [TS]

  the Bibble all he wanted ya to make the [TS]

  raisin back into a grape that would be [TS]

  Valerie Bertinelli yeah wow yeah yeah I [TS]

  didn't inhale and like like god bless [TS]

  and like Mick Jagger well I think it's [TS]

  smoking it does that I think they look [TS]

  they both look like they've been in a [TS]

  smoker i think that it would like wood [TS]

  chips [TS]

  yeah I think they have been that they [TS]

  had been woodchips mode i think they're [TS]

  undercover in some kind of regional [TS]

  sauce in the next couple hours if I if [TS]

  if I was a cannibal there would not be [TS]

  enough meat on any van Halen I mika to [TS]

  get me going through the afternoon [TS]

  you're so bomb my cat they left oh my [TS]

  god guys fry up some folks making steaks [TS]

  i was wrong i was done was wrong about [TS]

  him you know what happened I i was I [TS]

  thought he was the weak link but you [TS]

  realized was on the show this Bill's [TS]

  their ears before the show right now I [TS]

  said this what we've this isn't one of [TS]

  our many many you know the visits that [TS]

  led up to this are only partly [TS]

  conversations when I don't generally [TS]

  other band the beatles I think this [TS]

  might be one of the evergreen ones that [TS]

  I continue to stand behind at least [TS]

  twice or three times [TS]

  and you were adamantly oddly enough [TS]

  adamant about saying I was wrong about [TS]

  what is that was weird [TS]

  is is mike anthony in fact a competent [TS]

  let alone good bass player and ready [TS]

  help to memory serves how to extremely [TS]

  different points of view let's put it [TS]

  this way [TS]

  yes but also was he even a fucking [TS]

  important part of Van Halen and can you [TS]

  can you reiterate your stand [TS]

  I was some fucking wrong about [TS]

  everything my stand was that out my [TS]

  here's my case here's might wanna hear [TS]

  my own I'm here by eight note Mike [TS]

  Anthony joke ready mm-hmm [TS]

  okay here's the thing [TS]

  yeah signature baseline used to make [TS]

  that sound with my mouth when I want to [TS]

  make funny should do plenty of just one [TS]

  measure because that's kind of boring [TS]

  alright and to me that represented and [TS]

  then like to me always biggest movies [TS]

  hey Alexander Jackman's basically do [TS]

  that thing where where that real de [TS]

  lesbianas kind of a dish thing we don't [TS]

  pump your fist UK pump your fist [TS]

  laterally with your left hand while you [TS]

  hit open a or e never lets very winger [TS]

  is really super winger you know what I [TS]

  just say on many counts [TS]

  I was dead wrong on the new record which [TS]

  is not great but ok it's got moments [TS]

  where they have replicated the super [TS]

  important harmonies Edward I thought it [TS]

  was Edward Edwards in there but he's not [TS]

  the crucial harmony right Jamie was the [TS]

  crucial right by harmony Hannah he does [TS]

  him ok so Eddie was singing along again [TS]

  his mouth along was he really singing he [TS]

  he had the linda mccartney Mike I think [TS]

  oh gosh yeeeaahhh McCartney switch if [TS]

  you think okay so like when they're [TS]

  recording with Ted though like when with [TS]

  the stairs like 30 to look at the three [TS]

  harmonies you think Mike was doing like [TS]

  this delicate like a three-part harmony [TS]

  at least is it you know you mind Dave [TS]

  had harmonies that he was like oh hey [TS]

  man give me a microphone Wow [TS]

  but I mean you can hear that on [TS]

  definitely hear that on sun from the [TS]

  first couple records especially when [TS]

  they do you notice there's the tight [TS]

  harmony van Hoek so delicious ticularly [TS]

  van Halen there's the tight harmony like [TS]

  sounds like a fucking glorious machine [TS]

  harmonies and then there's the slightly [TS]

  more rowdy sing-along harmonies were [TS]

  Daytona sing-along Harmons but I you [TS]

  know who knows who knows what he then [TS]

  Helen singing talents are [TS]

  he's a great musician yeah it's like [TS]

  these things along that's nicely a [TS]

  sing-along key element here is where ru [TS]

  uuu it back in the eighties and if [TS]

  anybody had to pick a weak link of REM [TS]

  it would have been bilberry every time [TS]

  haha sickening but it turns out turns [TS]

  out only one is the only one with any [TS]

  taste he's the only one with any sense [TS]

  of what is a good pop song is because as [TS]

  soon as he left the band they couldn't [TS]

  pick their songs they couldn't he was [TS]

  the guy he was like he was there Tommy [TS]

  he's the one who kept the taste up he [TS]

  was the one that was like Michael you [TS]

  know that's not a very good lyric or I [TS]

  don't think that's a good song I don't [TS]

  know what he was doing [TS]

  who but he was the one that decided what [TS]

  the good songs were and once he was gone [TS]

  michael stipe was the only nobody could [TS]

  say anything to michaels next time [TS]

  you're sitting around not drinking wine [TS]

  with mike mills i would like you to have [TS]

  the supertrain stones to ask about that [TS]

  mm because I bet he has a different [TS]

  point of view you know micro myselfi [TS]

  once accused me of being a homophobe osu [TS]

  like houses here because i don't like [TS]

  words that sounded like oh of course I'm [TS]

  sorry I think I'm sorry how a homophobe [TS]

  hmm but but that was because mike mills [TS]

  that had four bottles of wine at that [TS]

  point and he didn't he didn't really [TS]

  meant something else too [TS]

  he was doing was talking people he [TS]

  turned and he was talking to the fern [TS]

  yes next to him at the restaurant and I [TS]

  happen to be you know not on that side [TS]

  of the tape God alcoholic bass players [TS]

  are out there getting in front of this [TS]

  on behalf of our nation's homosexuals [TS]

  it must be nice to have a friend in me [TS]

  any letter brace i'ma show in town a few [TS]

  years back and you know what nevermind [TS]

  he seemed fine hee-hee-hee-hee-hee read [TS]

  a little creepy to me look creepy you [TS]

  know I read creepy red creepy in the [TS]

  room he read as i'm mike mills in like a [TS]

  todd rundgren circus 72 outfit like [TS]

  spangly granny granny good yeah that [TS]

  kind of thing [TS]

  yeah the thing about REM is that in a [TS]

  min [TS]

  way I feel like REM became a cult but [TS]

  but that the mine 82 they were also i [TS]

  mean sure they were called to like to [TS]

  Korsar you mean that you mean that the [TS]

  the talent was a cult [TS]

  yeah I'm saying yes they were called to [TS]

  girls in Rhea Rhea and skirts but they [TS]

  were a cult within that where the [TS]

  members of the band were actually in the [TS]

  cult themselves and it was hard to tell [TS]

  who was making the rules of the cult you [TS]

  know Mike Mills is tremendously talented [TS]

  guy and probably like just a regular [TS]

  indie rock guy but because he was in rem [TS]

  and because they had this kind of weird [TS]

  groupthink policy where you're not [TS]

  allowed [TS]

  you know no one ever says anything on [TS]

  the record you know a or you watch those [TS]

  videos of them when they're really young [TS]

  and they already took themselves so [TS]

  seriously when they're 18 years old [TS]

  whatever Mike Mills just never had an [TS]

  opportunity to have a good time just [TS]

  like a child actor [TS]

  yeah he has been his whole life being [TS]

  shot actor to working on a really super [TS]

  weird common yeah and now he thinks that [TS]

  like this is a theory that was advanced [TS]

  by close friend of mine who ever [TS]

  happened to once have been in rem to [TS]

  standardize a vampire [TS]

  I'm not going to say oh but one of my [TS]

  friends who used to be in rem said that [TS]

  what Mike Mills should have done many [TS]

  many years ago was released a Mike Mills [TS]

  solo album if he just he writes songs if [TS]

  he had just put out a record of his own [TS]

  music then he would be free he would [TS]

  have been free of this like I'm the bass [TS]

  player get out of get out of system get [TS]

  out of the system brand and also break [TS]

  that weird a break that weird spell that [TS]

  was over those guys like Peter Buck [TS]

  ended up getting out and surprise [TS]

  Arielle side projects and stuff to keep [TS]

  them keep them lightly and when was [TS]

  Peter Buck doing right now I guarantee [TS]

  you wherever he is in the world right [TS]

  now he's playing the guitar right now [TS]

  are there is still a mandolin thing he [TS]

  does all that stuff [TS]

  yeah Mike Mills he's living in some [TS]

  hotel you somewhere [TS]

  he's probably put cocaine in his penis [TS]

  he never got out new [TS]

  Wow [TS]

  [Music] [TS]