Roderick on the Line

Ep. 42: "Your Hands Would Be Your Passport"


  hello hi John [TS]

  hi Marilyn that's going [TS]

  mmm-mmm-mmm still like yours better [TS]

  I've heard that in a while all bomb 20 [TS]

  well I with John Roderick and he's on [TS]

  lunch today [TS]

  that's pretty good although i'm not sure [TS]

  like what the shit splat sound that will [TS]

  be the baby they are not John go John [TS]

  Roderick way two people loves is a new [TS]

  wave parodies with fart jokes [TS]

  mmm i just recently signed them to stop [TS]

  saying that no my god i got it just it's [TS]

  one of those jokes that nobody gets but [TS]

  us and once we're dead [TS]

  there will be no one left i can think of [TS]

  at least one and possibly two of our [TS]

  supposed listeners who I think will get [TS]

  they may not think it's funny but I'll [TS]

  get it [TS]

  you're right you're right i can think of [TS]

  at least one who will get it and think [TS]

  it's funny i selected his band name [TS]

  I know today is not it's not my python [TS]

  joke it's a yahoo the other is the music [TS]

  guy from the Rutles what's-his-name you [TS]

  know I mean Neil Innes illness it's [TS]

  annie lennox banjo right no one has been [TS]

  junk haha what is the catalog you know [TS]

  it's better you know it'll get a lot of [TS]

  people think a lot of people let's be [TS]

  honest a lot of a lot of people don't [TS]

  think though who you know what let's [TS]

  circle back to that a lot of people [TS]

  think Monty Python joke is pretty nerdy [TS]

  but I think Neil Innes joke is sublime [TS]

  it's very it's very deep like riddles [TS]

  that you ever see that rubble spooning [TS]

  it was the thing with the Reynolds who [TS]

  hey I i don't know about you but in this [TS]

  in the late seventies I got a lot of my [TS]

  early music from the the one-dollar LP [TS]

  rack who cut out that at the drugstore [TS]

  and you know my mom would go to the [TS]

  drugstore because she needed to buy some [TS]

  a sum like [TS]

  that rubbing alcohol and some band-aids [TS]

  and the drugstore was always a thing as [TS]

  a kid where I mean even now as an adult [TS]

  I walk into the drugstore I'm like what [TS]

  are all these Isles what what are all [TS]

  these things are they splints are people [TS]

  buying like like face masks and stuff [TS]

  here what why does the drugstore need so [TS]

  many hours I know you go to the [TS]

  drugstore all the time maybe you can [TS]

  help me with twice a day but so i would [TS]

  go to the drugstore and there was a big [TS]

  selection of of dollar LLP's and that's [TS]

  where i got Frank's at Frank Zappa's [TS]

  orchestral record as recorded by the [TS]

  London Philharmonic and that's where I [TS]

  cod a Neil Young and Crazy Horse's [TS]

  reactor a record i still listen to and [TS]

  that set that set quite comfortably next [TS]

  to the gene Simmons solo record for [TS]

  about forty two years that's right 99 [TS]

  cents everyone you were never in your [TS]

  life never more than a quarter mile away [TS]

  from the cut copy of reactor yeah [TS]

  reactor still out there that's where i [TS]

  got Terrapin station by the Grateful [TS]

  Dead I think Machinehead by deep purple [TS]

  i found one time in the 99-cent rack so [TS]

  while my friends were buying foreign or [TS]

  four and Billy the Squires emotions in [TS]

  motion [TS]

  I was hopeless thing to machine head and [TS]

  reactor and wondering why I was out of [TS]

  step with my peers but one of the [TS]

  records that i bought at that on the [TS]

  99-cent racket that at the bartells [TS]

  drugs was the Rutles album which I [TS]

  thought from the you know a lot of these [TS]

  things i just bought because of the [TS]

  cover and walking ago I look so good [TS]

  yeah like you walk in there with a copy [TS]

  of trouser press you know you're gonna [TS]

  you're gonna take some chances and it's [TS]

  only a buck it's 1969 you know so i [TS]

  bought us about the rebels record and I [TS]

  mean I was at the at the beginning of [TS]

  what became a lifetime people's [TS]

  obsession [TS]

  and-and-and but you know what it was i [TS]

  discovered the Rutles before i [TS]

  discovered Monty Python wow that's weird [TS]

  i know so the rebels were [TS]

  the rebels were the gateway to monty [TS]

  python rather than the other way around [TS]

  and so nice Thai definitely struggled at [TS]

  first to understand every all the [TS]

  nuances it was it before you were really [TS]

  into the beatles I was getting into the [TS]

  beat so a lot of it must have seemed a [TS]

  little nuanced it was we know because [TS]

  until I was 10 years old my [TS]

  understanding of music was that count [TS]

  that count basie was a contemporary [TS]

  artist but however its innovative I [TS]

  can't do that if you're in Paris the [TS]

  only pop records that we had were eight [TS]

  track tapes and they were Jackson 5's [TS]

  greatest hits and a studio 54 a the [TS]

  disco compilation and I Simon and [TS]

  Garfunkel's bridge over troubled water [TS]

  and the beatles revolver those were the [TS]

  four pop 8-track tapes we had so up [TS]

  until I was ten like that was the only [TS]

  exposure i had to music that was not [TS]

  being played on a clarinet I my god [TS]

  that's brutal did you feel relieved [TS]

  well I had all that stuff memorized [TS]

  their nets in excess can be rough [TS]

  tell you what but it was it was when I [TS]

  was in fifth or sixth grade and started [TS]

  to meet those kids that that that that [TS]

  feathered their hair with a with a giant [TS]

  plastic comb that they carried in their [TS]

  back pocket that stuff like six inches [TS]

  of above their pants when I started to [TS]

  meet those kids that were a little bit [TS]

  rougher and they turned me onto the the [TS]

  radio basically they said you don't [TS]

  listen to the radio you know there was [TS]

  those the heyday of album-oriented rock [TS]

  and so they said you know you need to [TS]

  listen to what what was at the time in [TS]

  Anchorage 10 2.5 the the rock station [TS]

  and the the first this kid was over at [TS]

  my house and he's like I had my right [TS]

  and my radio i did i did have a clock [TS]

  radio but it was set to the station [TS]

  I think maybe my mom found a radio [TS]

  station when she put the group the clock [TS]

  in my room and it was just always on [TS]

  there i didn't i guess i didn't I was [TS]

  not one of those kids that looked at a [TS]

  radio and thought turn the knobs [TS]

  I was a kid that looked at the radio and [TS]

  went knobs and we eat just listen to [TS]

  whatever came on [TS]

  well so she turned to to the radio [TS]

  station that played like seals and [TS]

  Crofts and that was that was that era of [TS]

  of like what [TS]

  asia maybe a little bit priagent what [TS]

  was that what how would you describe [TS]

  that music like my yacht rock sort of [TS]

  like super soft drop ya damn and/or [TS]

  Christopher Cross Christopher Cross [TS]

  there was a period where there was a lot [TS]

  of very gentle so gentle so gentle it [TS]

  was like it was like petting a rabbit's [TS]

  vagina [TS]

  yeah now you could not have mentioned it [TS]

  that sounds really oddly appealing know [TS]

  what I mean like I find it so comforting [TS]

  rabbit and you're just like pad skipper [TS]

  habit to that the rabbits happy you're [TS]

  happy [TS]

  yeah and then this friend came over he [TS]

  that he was wearing his baseball hat on [TS]

  backwards before that was even a thing [TS]

  and he had a giant comb in his back [TS]

  pocket and feathered hair and a puka [TS]

  shell necklace he was like why you [TS]

  listening to this crap any tune he just [TS]

  wants obtain the radio and the first [TS]

  thing that came on i am the walrus [TS]

  oh ok on the radio on the radio and I [TS]

  was like what is this in seen music and [TS]

  he said are you kidding me it's the [TS]

  Beatles I thought that first time I [TS]

  heard that I thought it was so scary [TS]

  it was totally terrifying particularly [TS]

  since I thought I understood the beatles [TS]

  I've been listening to revolver I got [TS]

  that was one of you knows one of my [TS]

  favorite records right up there with you [TS]

  know Count Basie's jumping at the [TS]

  Woodside and and this this music comes [TS]

  on the scene scene music and I just [TS]

  stared at the radio like I'm [TS]

  comprehending and and and completely it [TS]

  just transformed me in and in a moment [TS]

  you know just as it just as it would [TS]

  have done to somebody 10 years earlier [TS]

  in 1968 this is 1978 and I was like mind [TS]

  blown [TS]

  instantly blow [TS]

  so they make you to make you curious for [TS]

  more well yeah then I immediately went [TS]

  and you could you could talk about you [TS]

  talk about the Blue Album you could get [TS]

  the blue album and the red album also at [TS]

  the drugstore that those were 599 those [TS]

  were not one dollar records that was [TS]

  that was a pricier but it was a double [TS]

  album and i bought them immediately and [TS]

  then I was basically all I listen to you [TS]

  until you know my first my first [TS]

  teaching those albums which you know I [TS]

  knew there was at my cousins were five [TS]

  and ten years older than me and so [TS]

  they're really into the beatles and [TS]

  enjoyed this is never touch you [TS]

  inappropriately not not to my mind I was [TS]

  that it was all appropriate far as I was [TS]

  concerned was a good good i'm gonna say [TS]

  that's how it is in your family [TS]

  ok so that's how it is in there was a [TS]

  ferris bueller that's a little Ferris [TS]

  Bueller reference for some of the sort [TS]

  of young people remember her knees roush [TS]

  the female lead the girl belongs here [TS]

  and off [TS]

  yes everybody's she had one really cute [TS]

  knees i have to say that admit we may [TS]

  have discussed Susanna Hoffs earlier in [TS]

  the back in episode which ID gentleman [TS]

  about it but I felt I always felt like a [TS]

  like Sloan she just wasn't my type she's [TS]

  too skinny [TS]

  oh my god she was like she wasn't my [TS]

  type because she was unattainable she's [TS]

  very cute i have to admit it mentioned [TS]

  in my ad Diane Court pile here like the [TS]

  girl from The Wonder Years [TS]

  oh well Whitney with me you know she has [TS]

  math things that she teaches kids math [TS]

  sections asking that she doesn't mapping [TS]

  google any sexy math I i will not only [TS]

  am I gonna try googling I'm gonna put it [TS]

  in my broom my menu bar i'm gonna put on [TS]

  my special place might my cousins have [TS]

  been really into the beatles they had [TS]

  never and remember this bed on the floor [TS]

  idioms it there Ohioans oh no one in [TS]

  Florida listen to the beatles right now [TS]

  but used to be back in the day so my [TS]

  cousin my eldest cousin is 10 years [TS]

  older than me i had an original copy of [TS]

  the white album with serial number and [TS]

  everything and he had the forefoot [TS]

  working with the four photographs of [TS]

  then I like onyx photographs on his door [TS]

  so you know I've been around the [TS]

  Whitehall looks like a milk cow [TS]

  well I think that's maybe one of the [TS]

  classic john lennon pictures i mean he [TS]

  he just looks so John Lennon it is but [TS]

  you know I I hate that look on John you [TS]

  don't like always get along here I'm a [TS]

  sergeant pepper John guy everything from [TS]

  everything from rubber sole to sergeant [TS]

  pepper I think he looks amazing and then [TS]

  he started growing his hair long he just [TS]

  looks like Williams photographs when [TS]

  they're recording rubber soul especially [TS]

  revolver and Paul had the glasses [TS]

  no she has man they are they are up [TS]

  there they're like Chet Baker buddy [TS]

  holly like they're up there in the wow [TS]

  you guys look so cool and you have no [TS]

  idea so cool no idea how cool you look [TS]

  well this is the thing about the fifties [TS]

  and sixties and connect to my records [TS]

  were done [TS]

  yes you can just go ahead and it's very [TS]

  unusual that you are the one who wants [TS]

  to return to a story there are stairs [TS]

  there's a ceiling I've tried to tell [TS]

  three times before finally going to get [TS]

  out today but we're three by five card [TS]

  here i'm going to write it down we're [TS]

  gonna circle back to that and if it's if [TS]

  it's bad I can't i'll cut it out up in [TS]

  any case any good haha in the fifties [TS]

  and sixties they changed car designs [TS]

  every year they changed the the fashion [TS]

  but like the men's and women's clothing [TS]

  fashion designers had a slide rule in [TS]

  their pocket every year they and for a [TS]

  period of 20 years every year they they [TS]

  designed a brand-new car and brand new [TS]

  clothes and brand-new everything for for [TS]

  the for for a year and that some of the [TS]

  best designer in in history some of the [TS]

  best Americans industrial design every [TS]

  one of those years now you know the [TS]

  chrysler sebring has been in production [TS]

  since 1989 and all they do is change the [TS]

  air freshener and the that you don't [TS]

  like right they don't even change the GT [TS]

  cars from 5256 and 59 and i'll bet you [TS]

  could eyeball with in like a year like [TS]

  what your that came out without you take [TS]

  night 92 and 96 and 99 forget it now I [TS]

  mean they look like tylenol [TS]

  when it went in 1985 if you had a 15 [TS]

  year old car from 1970 right now think [TS]

  about that Vietnam experience they had [TS]

  an ltd it was really hard to tell or [TS]

  continental it was hard to tell how old [TS]

  that was because I mean buicks and old [TS]

  all those kinds of cars that my mom had [TS]

  an early eighties car that look pretty [TS]

  much like a smaller version of a car [TS]

  from making 73 [TS]

  well yeah that started have that started [TS]

  happening in the mid-seventies but I [TS]

  mean a big guy like me i can tell you [TS]

  the model year of every American car [TS]

  from 85 to 92 64 65 Mustang absolutely i [TS]

  can see it from across the street [TS]

  contrast the grill because the little [TS]

  doesn't think the guy at the hexagon [TS]

  versus the rectangular grill had a [TS]

  friend with a 60 64 and half mustang [TS]

  with pony interior [TS]

  i SAT an argument voices run across the [TS]

  seat John that's very nice i already [TS]

  argued with a Danish guy one time about [TS]

  the headlight surrounds on a 65 cadillac [TS]

  seville versus a 66 cattle and I guess [TS]

  that this is a man it was intimidating a [TS]

  dane dane it's very similar to when you [TS]

  when you when you start a story by [TS]

  saying i was at the model train store [TS]

  that you don't have to specify your talk [TS]

  okay [TS]

  who is that the dungeon dice Waterhouse [TS]

  was it was the model train store and [TS]

  just talking to somebody always a guy I [TS]

  was that I was it a steely dan meetup [TS]

  haha but anyway yes there's gas in the [TS]

  car [TS]

  it's 2012 right now could you I mean [TS]

  legitimately if you saw a car from 1997 [TS]

  would you be able to even place it [TS]

  within 10 years of when it was built now [TS]

  and i think i started i think there's [TS]

  always a five-year what the fuck period [TS]

  around most cars and I remember this [TS]

  starting do you remember when the [TS]

  fucked-up Thunderbirds came out about [TS]

  8345 and this is a little cancel it is [TS]

  taking that you call them the fucked-up [TS]

  Thunderbirds because hate him [TS]

  there were so many people who thought [TS]

  that would mean that the federal bird [TS]

  was the first the first pregnant [TS]

  porpoise who it was that it was the [TS]

  moment when the cars in America went [TS]

  from being a shoe box on top of the shoe [TS]

  box [TS]

  to being around you like a like a beluga [TS]

  whale pumping in the American cars and [TS]

  internet the the Nissan's the Toyotas [TS]

  started the back over there is one car [TS]

  and underground where it looked like an [TS]

  ATM machine or our night deposit every [TS]

  word or a doorstop something you'd kick [TS]

  precisely japanese or stopped up you [TS]

  have to get think i had to go pink phone [TS]

  for just a minute to take surprised [TS]

  they're very surprisingly but then think [TS]

  about the thing about the way the music [TS]

  and the culture change between 1960 in [TS]

  1970 and and think about how the music [TS]

  and culture has not changed between 2002 [TS]

  and 2012 nights it's staggering I mean [TS]

  this is such a cliche but it's still [TS]

  just in my head all the time if you take [TS]

  the whatever major label period of the [TS]

  beatles it's 1963 to 1970 which is like [TS]

  2005 till now right which is basically [TS]

  the amount of time it's been since I [TS]

  last recorded an album is a good record [TS]

  my entire that the entire beatles career [TS]

  could be fit into the time between the [TS]

  labrum from please please me to let it [TS]

  be [TS]

  well technically to be right technically [TS]

  later right [TS]

  it was it was it was didn't record let [TS]

  it be first they did but you know it's [TS]

  all they were done by I think that [TS]

  canonical can't let it be you don't [TS]

  count let it be [TS]

  put it on a card put a bird on it i [TS]

  heard i was driving on the on the road [TS]

  the other day listening to the radio [TS]

  really and you lose up that I thought [TS]

  you didn't do that I don't know i'll do [TS]

  it sometimes and a tune from let it be [TS]

  naked that caused so much better [TS]

  well better accept [TS]

  except it's basically star wars without [TS]

  the soundtrack starts it's basically [TS]

  hand shooting second let you know yeah [TS]

  you know quickly save this this is a big [TS]

  show you know what we're going to do the [TS]

  paul mccartney show i will give you one [TS]

  track from that record that is [TS]

  surprisingly astoundingly better i think [TS]

  you know the song ever there's one song [TS]

  on there that nobody in the band was [TS]

  matter about them especially Paul than [TS]

  one particular song because it's so [TS]

  fucking over-the-top but if you go back [TS]

  into this long when you read which I [TS]

  love the films but i love that respect [TS]

  it's coming now if you go back and [TS]

  listen the original it's like listen to [TS]

  Paul play yesterday or something if I [TS]

  heard that one first [TS]

  sure i would go on my god i get you [TS]

  think about yesterday in fact it's so [TS]

  unadorned yes is so perfect but you know [TS]

  now when I go back I'm in my head I'm [TS]

  going bump bump bump bump absolutely i'm [TS]

  adding strings in my head I don't care [TS]

  ok on base like to not have that in [TS]

  there is like yeah okay playing your [TS]

  fucking demos yeah okay I but to your [TS]

  point okay so I there was a thing I [TS]

  think it came on the I think it came [TS]

  with the AH the stupid nineties whatever [TS]

  when they put out the lose everything [TS]

  else we had that you stop pirating by [TS]

  this but there was a little maybe it was [TS]

  maybe it was on the PBS thing but there [TS]

  are these little featurettes they were [TS]

  kind of annoying but they were little [TS]

  like motion graphic featurettes for each [TS]

  record there were like 10 minutes long [TS]

  and I could watch the 14 revolver over [TS]

  and over just because Paul look so [TS]

  fucking cool and just because you've [TS]

  never heard the altar i think i sent you [TS]

  this [TS]

  you heard the two alternate takes well [TS]

  there's one an alternative and your bird [TS]

  can sing with and without background [TS]

  vocals never heard it i use them it's [TS]

  really different but you can hear is one [TS]

  take when they're trying to add [TS]

  harmonies to it and they're so high and [TS]

  all they do they cackled with laughter [TS]

  John and Paul cackle with laughter [TS]

  through the entire take completely [TS]

  freely and I swear to God I get sad and [TS]

  happy and set every time I listen to it [TS]

  like a happy because it's so awesome to [TS]

  hear these guys having fun and it's so [TS]

  set because you realize there may be [TS]

  three more times that [TS]

  we're in a room together and didn't want [TS]

  to fucking kill each other John was so [TS]

  unhappy [TS]

  yeah but there's I and laughing [TS]

  recording one of my all-time favorite [TS]

  song I just think that song is [TS]

  astounding [TS]

  it's great and I i frankly I have a [TS]

  videotape of me in nineteen who wouldn't [TS]

  be 1989 trapped in a bathroom at my drug [TS]

  dealers house with another friend and [TS]

  his cockatiel didn't try to make out [TS]

  with you [TS]

  no no this was different you really [TS]

  understand your second 89 and you're [TS]

  trapped in a bathroom with a cockatiel [TS]

  not strapped but somehow trapped inside [TS]

  you can't get out the UN the birds just [TS]

  as stuck as you are oh it wasn't that I [TS]

  wasn't that I was trapped but that but [TS]

  rather that I had trapped the bird in [TS]

  the bathroom [TS]

  we were we were we were there where's [TS]

  your self and he was he was it was one [TS]

  of those it was like right after the [TS]

  harvest and the whole every flat surface [TS]

  in the house was covered with marijuana [TS]

  they were sorting it and clipping it and [TS]

  drying it and doing it all the stuff [TS]

  that you do when you have a big harvest [TS]

  of marijuana and we were there and we [TS]

  were so incredibly stoned at a certain [TS]

  point and then and of course he's a drug [TS]

  dealer right so he has birds [TS]

  yeah yeah we get drunk times you have a [TS]

  snake or a popular pig or a a tarantula [TS]

  or something like that he had a cocktail [TS]

  and the bird was just flying freely [TS]

  through the house calling Bob Marley [TS]

  haha haha [TS]

  it is a great bird at a certain point [TS]

  I'm very stoned and I start trying to [TS]

  catch I want to get the bird and so I'm [TS]

  walking around the house of the birds [TS]

  can't stay away from me like hopping [TS]

  from the lamp to the table and I'm like [TS]

  I gotta get the bird is he clipped well [TS]

  no so so at a certain point like I'm [TS]

  gonna get this bird and the bird figures [TS]

  out that it's not going to be enough to [TS]

  just go from lamp the lamp and he starts [TS]

  to fly and then he's flying around this [TS]

  apartment and I'm running after him like [TS]

  falling over the the couches and my [TS]

  friend joins the chase and the bird goes [TS]

  in the bathroom and and and purchase on [TS]

  the shower curtain rod and I go in there [TS]

  and my friend goes in there my friend [TS]

  has his video camera [TS]

  and.and I shut the door because I'm [TS]

  trying to keep the bird i want to get [TS]

  the bird not not to do anything bad to [TS]

  and I just want to pet the burn [TS]

  I just want to say i just want to see [TS]

  the bird and we're in the bathroom and [TS]

  the bird is like oh shit I did the wrong [TS]

  thing coming in here now I'm trapped in [TS]

  this bathroom and I'm trying to get it [TS]

  and he starts on he starts flying around [TS]

  this bathroom which is you know eight by [TS]

  eight and i'm falling into the tub and I [TS]

  grabbed the shower curtain and pull the [TS]

  rod and the curtain down on top of [TS]

  myself and the shower goes on and the [TS]

  bird is flying in circles squawking [TS]

  we're all week none of us can breathe me [TS]

  the friend or the bird because we're all [TS]

  so high it's the funniest thing that [TS]

  ever happened and the fact that i have [TS]

  that videotape not a thing I would ever [TS]

  show to anyone in the world I can't even [TS]

  believe I'm describing it but i never [TS]

  have to smoke pot again because i have [TS]

  that moment recorded that is as high as [TS]

  you ever need to be and if I want if I [TS]

  ever feel like I need to get higher feel [TS]

  like I want to feel what it's like to be [TS]

  high [TS]

  I'm just watch that did you know that's [TS]

  right did you see here i am I to infer [TS]

  hear that she serenaded the bird with a [TS]

  paul mccartney song i know i think at [TS]

  that point it was where every 180 but [TS]

  you didn't you and your bird can sing to [TS]

  the bird know everyone at that party was [TS]

  on a strict led zeppelin diet at that [TS]

  point who I the bird included so no I [TS]

  think if I think the battle of evermore [TS]

  was probably playing with loud and [TS]

  eventually the door somebody opened the [TS]

  door and the bird got out and I was in [TS]

  the bathtub covered with shower curtain [TS]

  with the honor thought it was the [TS]

  greatest the greatest moment of my life [TS]

  it might have been it might have been [TS]

  right at I want a peek right then and [TS]

  the rest is just been a 0 an arduous [TS]

  slog a long slog in a brown advil long [TS]

  and winding slong anyway who what I want [TS]

  to talk about right now is your cousins [TS]

  ok talking about the Beatles i was just [TS]

  all I was gonna say was and now it's [TS]

  it's it's less impactful as we used to [TS]

  say office phone number [TS]

  well no I I you know whenever I would go [TS]

  to the mall i like my mom when I would [TS]

  go to the mall because I didn't have a [TS]

  car or anything it's just the mall [TS]

  manager videos but i was thirteen [TS]

  fourteen fifteen sixteen go to the mall [TS]

  Oh what about 16 17 18 25 talking to the [TS]

  mall with your mom you know what you [TS]

  like the chick-fil-a together with she [TS]

  would she buy you some kettle corn [TS]

  maiden have kettle corn in up but she [TS]

  put would you buy you a orange julius [TS]

  try orange julius like a feather rub [TS]

  clip earring now I'd say that my mom [TS]

  can't borrow five dollars and of course [TS]

  I would never pay it back bar because [TS]

  you want to take one for your parents [TS]

  you always ask if you borrow it right [TS]

  there was no never never paid their [TS]

  parents back anything ever [TS]

  I didn't I once asked my dad if I could [TS]

  borrow some money to buy a man it's like [TS]

  instead borrow I was like yeah borrow [TS]

  you've never borrowed it sounds like [TS]

  you're gonna make me say it tomorrow [TS]

  hey guys I only one is a van and a [TS]

  little bit of dignity [TS]

  yeah i'm gonna make me say give me the [TS]

  money on borrowing it had taken out of [TS]

  your allowance about but yeah i would [TS]

  really go to Annie know and and what I [TS]

  think we've talked about this at length [TS]

  but you know when when you're don't have [TS]

  a lot of dell any buying records you [TS]

  don't have that many chances you do a [TS]

  lot of research and and stuff but I [TS]

  can't go to other people just go to the [TS]

  drugstore and buy the one getting to [TS]

  that well so we would i would go to [TS]

  record bar and Camelot because those are [TS]

  the two stores and flip it through all [TS]

  the albums but let me tell you what I [TS]

  with three dollars less than it usually [TS]

  costs as you say my first appeals albums [TS]

  because i estimate with the white album [TS]

  and so I and until like probably college [TS]

  I still refer to it as the red album is [TS]

  them in the blue album sure which are [TS]

  those for those of you who don't know [TS]

  shame on you but I was the Beatles [TS]

  greatest hits up to about paperback [TS]

  writer is a double album of right up to [TS]

  like the break like paperback writer and [TS]

  everything changed and well I guess some [TS]

  people would say [TS]

  I'll show us what the gringo drumbeat [TS]

  single 0 for tomorrow never knows now [TS]

  the one with the big single where I [TS]

  important matter anyhow the first room [TS]

  mmm the best wrinkle beat ever i think [TS]

  might be rain team interesting it's [TS]

  really colorful now you know the song i [TS]

  mean the the John song for when you [TS]

  still writing good songs and we're [TS]

  talking about the Beatles on this [TS]

  podcast so we're doing anyway I from my [TS]

  mom and I went to a person's and that's [TS]

  right mr. biome elves the end my god I'm [TS]

  glad I don't date you [TS]

  haha just so many levels is the shirts [TS]

  is the birds [TS]

  yeah it's the bells as the candles [TS]

  that's my favorite him know that movies [TS]

  with the bells in the candles [TS]

  there's a lot of doesn't sell can do all [TS]

  the things you treasure there are a lot [TS]

  of reasons that everyone who used to [TS]

  Damien doesn't now is glad that they [TS]

  don't date me now but there's a little [TS]

  but there's a little taste of melancholy [TS]

  and that's not to get herb alpert making [TS]

  78 I come home from school [TS]

  there is an innocuous looking a thick [TS]

  album shaped box on my doorstep you're [TS]

  16 at this point I was 11 and I picked [TS]

  up picked it up and went inside [TS]

  yeah and it's album shape walk walk my [TS]

  dog and it was from RCA when you left [TS]

  the box unopened and walk your dog came [TS]

  inside so to speak and I walk my dog [TS]

  whatever point being there's a box I [TS]

  open this up its it gets sent to the [TS]

  wrong person that you do you open up [TS]

  other people's stuff right [TS]

  oh I don't do that and it was somebody's [TS]

  like six for a penny box of RCA joining [TS]

  up records and this is a business became [TS]

  a very important day for me when I tried [TS]

  to explain this data for many many years [TS]

  know that long be and 1878 some of the [TS]

  age so what would have been best of the [TS]

  Beach Boys Frampton Comes Alive kiss [TS]

  destroyer and rock and roll over the [TS]

  monkeys greatest hits and the best of [TS]

  Dolly Parton [TS]

  people oh oh my god that explains this [TS]

  time a guy this is that this point i [TS]

  owned the star wars soundtrack write the [TS]

  story of Star Wars write an entire now [TS]

  my mother and father had been were [TS]

  veterans of the RCA music club so we [TS]

  also had five thousand eight tracks of [TS]

  mantovani and Percy Faith uh-huh ok [TS]

  check off the easy listening boxer Roger [TS]

  Whittaker any of that ship was already [TS]

  hitting hard the term or her for her [TS]

  sure yeah he's good Whistler you know he [TS]

  started out as a whistle like slim [TS]

  whitman he was slim slim yodeled and i [TS]

  whistled and I believe he whistled and [TS]

  Roger Whittaker was primarily a Whistler [TS]

  you know i'm i'm actually not a bad [TS]

  Whistler beer to throw please continue [TS]

  that was very again very popular in the [TS]

  cross the Christopher Cross period the [TS]

  the reformed America period right right [TS]

  right well you know i was listening to [TS]

  some of my dental records the other day [TS]

  and I and we're really looking forward [TS]

  to the to the vocal style the male vocal [TS]

  style of Who coming back because that [TS]

  the tremulous crude about like really [TS]

  like old like dancing your stuff and [TS]

  yeah it is it's such an unappealing [TS]

  vocal style I cannot believe [TS]

  well it explains why so much of the big [TS]

  band music was instrumental [TS]

  because when somebody started to sing [TS]

  maybe in the swing era but in the big [TS]

  band era there were some really mr. [TS]

  Sinatra started you know it was a Tommy [TS]

  Dorsey and there was a lot of apparently [TS]

  I'm your father-in-law where you're [TS]

  explaining to me where Sinatra got to [TS]

  start let me get a fucking three by five [TS]

  card here [TS]

  oh you tell me you know more about Frank [TS]

  Sinatra let me write this down [TS]

  Merlin knows about Frank Sinatra Tommy [TS]

  Dorsey in any case so I commit so here's [TS]

  the thing again you should understand [TS]

  that at this point I don't own a lot of [TS]

  LPS I going to have mostly remember uh [TS]

  was called you have sesame street fever [TS]

  no time this is the nineteen seventies [TS]

  what the fuck you talking about i had [TS]

  show-and-tell had a show-and-tell [TS]

  remember show-and-tell you get it was [TS]

  kind of like a an audio-visual version [TS]

  of like a few master you got this little [TS]

  thing had a little [TS]

  screen and required yeah you mean like a [TS]

  little slide show you learn about having [TS]

  Hillary or whatever i'm sure i don't [TS]

  think i had 1i think of friend had one [TS]

  that's what i play my records on to [TS]

  understand seriously like for Christmas [TS]

  in 1977 i want to say I was a Star Wars [TS]

  Christmas you know i got like I got the [TS]

  soundtrack [TS]

  that's the records that i had then I [TS]

  came home and there was six well [TS]

  together [TS]

  discounting is Dolly Parton six rocket [TS]

  rockers only record yeah i mean i know [TS]

  you know giant kiss fan but with the [TS]

  imagine being 11 and getting to suddenly [TS]

  go to kiss records [TS]

  well i heard of an eleven-year-old boy [TS]

  in Florida is absolutely ohio ohio right [TS]

  then listen to kissimmee florida uh that [TS]

  is that is right in kisses we'll have to [TS]

  chill in particular I mean I was kind of [TS]

  scared of kiss even though i have [TS]

  friends that were in to kiss i still [TS]

  thought they were kind of scary the [TS]

  blockheads certain service you know it's [TS]

  true i wasn't nights [TS]

  they're all the kids in st. service at [TS]

  all that's even better that's so much [TS]

  better [TS]

  good service rawr but there are two in [TS]

  particular I mean I was familiar now in [TS]

  your case like you're talking about the [TS]

  clock radio is just listen am radio all [TS]

  day long I mean I knew every song but [TS]

  like them and i watch The Monkees of [TS]

  course so the monkeys greatest hits and [TS]

  the best of the Beach Boys which is a [TS]

  really good best of but those two in [TS]

  particular like I just I would just play [TS]

  those first comes alive even it wasn't [TS]

  that into it because you know what it's [TS]

  not that good it's arguably one of the [TS]

  most overrated records of all time I [TS]

  think close to if not the most overrated [TS]

  records that you do go get your copy a [TS]

  friend comes alive could trade it for a [TS]

  copy of odyssey in oracle everything [TS]

  will change everything will change but [TS]

  what people like about frampton comes [TS]

  alive is that it sounds like the smell [TS]

  of marijuana [TS]

  yeah you know exactly what sounds like a [TS]

  one-hitter I think people should trade [TS]

  their frampton comes alive for a Judas [TS]

  Priest's live album unleashed in the [TS]

  East that the one with the long green [TS]

  manalishi sell up [TS]

  yes yeah now unleashed in the East is [TS]

  going to take you if your little if you [TS]

  are not a Judas Priest fan or you are [TS]

  like a um ambivalent to Judas Priest [TS]

  anyway if you listen to unleash in the [TS]

  East which is one of those live albums [TS]

  which is arguably just a bunch of [TS]

  overdubs right over the sound gets [TS]

  inspired a lot of people people people [TS]

  screaming in in Japanese if you don't [TS]

  mind I don't mind this sound for 46 [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  yeah it sounds like somebody left a [TS]

  steam valve open [TS]

  it's either but this album is it is [TS]

  absolutely phenomenal crying now knows [TS]

  that it said this is when he still had [TS]

  hair and stuff right that's but this is [TS]

  before British steel right [TS]

  yes it is and it's and it's effectively [TS]

  a greatest hits of Judas Priest up to [TS]

  nineteen seventy-nine or whatever came [TS]

  and you all those albums that just [TS]

  priest in the early to mid seventies [TS]

  they were all concept albums they all [TS]

  had like side to was just one giant song [TS]

  and six movements and watching old [TS]

  videos of him when he had like his bald [TS]

  head long hair when you look like The [TS]

  Rocky Horror guy like the idea were much [TS]

  closer to prague in a lot of these [TS]

  efforts [TS]

  absolutely they were made they were like [TS]

  coming out coming out from Queen rocky [TS]

  horror very much but Michael didn't meet [TS]

  again no real singles it wasn't until [TS]

  the new wave of British heavy metal that [TS]

  people understood what heavy metal [TS]

  should really look like I mean between [TS]

  like I know I know you wouldn't count [TS]

  Motorhead nap between like to set [TS]

  Motorhead but definitely what like Saxon [TS]

  Iron Maiden those bands with the spikes [TS]

  like that's what people figured out what [TS]

  heavy metal should look like he's he [TS]

  looked like he looked like a leathery [TS]

  gay man is what he looked like it just [TS]

  happened to fit in with what metal [TS]

  became but people used to look more [TS]

  don't you think people with on measures [TS]

  they used to just look more like stoners [TS]

  in in heavy metal unless you Ritchie [TS]

  Blackmore or running change do i think [TS]

  that i think that there was a time and [TS]

  this may be just because we were we were [TS]

  kids then and so adults some adults [TS]

  seemed especially scary anyway but but [TS]

  we were alive in a time when the the net [TS]

  amount of mail scariness like the mean [TS]

  scariness of adult men was much higher [TS]

  than it is now I'll astoundingly hire [TS]

  you know like everything everything was [TS]

  scarier than you ever did not have to [TS]

  and it's not just because we work [TS]

  because i remember being a teenager and [TS]

  feeling this way to that it that adult [TS]

  men were not to be trifled with [TS]

  and they did not need to advertise that [TS]

  they were scary by wearing clown makeup [TS]

  or by going i 4get just a man in a denim [TS]

  jacket with a cigarette in one hand in [TS]

  and a wrench in the other hand was an [TS]

  unpredictable and dangerous animal that [TS]

  you have that you if you could avoid you [TS]

  did a voice and now men like adult men [TS]

  are so defamed they are not scary and so [TS]

  you have this cart these these men and [TS]

  you see them all over even just among [TS]

  the hipsters guys who have tried to [TS]

  replace their lack of of like adult [TS]

  nurse or the the lack of like actual [TS]

  masculine scariness that should be in [TS]

  them and isn't they think they mask it [TS]

  with tattoos or they have the you know [TS]

  that they try to be weird together a lot [TS]

  more deliberate leader iki deliberately [TS]

  dirty thank you [TS]

  hey there's nothing there's something in [TS]

  like every time I see somebody with a [TS]

  really old [TS]

  timbuk2 bag and a bunch of tattoos and a [TS]

  moustache on a fixie look at all mad [TS]

  with like a got another cuff on the [TS]

  wrist [TS]

  unlike you understand you live in a city [TS]

  where costs a hundred thousand dollars [TS]

  here to live here like I want to [TS]

  understand you live with your friends [TS]

  and you make fifty thousand dollars a [TS]

  year but it's like you're not you're not [TS]

  living fucking West Virginia cooking [TS]

  meth in every single cisco down they [TS]

  have a jar of like beard conditioner [TS]

  that they forty dollars for that's made [TS]

  out of like bees wax from the Himalayas [TS]

  or something and keels hires lesbians [TS]

  asshole and and and what when when I was [TS]

  you know [TS]

  well certainly that that generation of [TS]

  British heavy metal that that spawned [TS]

  that look that became a cartoon [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  I mean the guys in Saxon just looked [TS]

  like they were guys that had though [TS]

  we're rebuilding a Camaro you know like [TS]

  four guys rebuilding a commander they're [TS]

  like wipe their hands off on a dirty [TS]

  angulated it they were like costumes [TS]

  they weren't costumes they were just I [TS]

  mean like you look at ACDC certainly [TS]

  ACDC had their costumes but Bon Scott [TS]

  that they'd all been fired from a garage [TS]

  yeah bon scott who was five feet tall [TS]

  looked even if he was just wearing jeans [TS]

  and no shirt he looked like the scariest [TS]

  motherfucker you ever saw and a great [TS]

  guy least somebody totally want to party [TS]

  with it hang out with but also like [TS]

  somebody who I mean I'm six foot three [TS]

  and and and you know and eight bon scott [TS]

  looks like somebody who would climb up [TS]

  my pant leg to bite me on the neck you [TS]

  know like the fact that i have twice as [TS]

  tall as he is would not like stop him [TS]

  for a second like he would climb me in [TS]

  order to in order to like he would he [TS]

  would he would mount me basically and [TS]

  and and that whole generation of guys [TS]

  like they were just they were harder [TS]

  they're scarier their creepier creator [TS]

  there was there was just a cultural [TS]

  creepiness and whether I mean there's a [TS]

  whole kind of key party looking shit I [TS]

  mean I've seen the pictures i know [TS]

  you're making me enjoy not making me [TS]

  you've led me Gerry Rafferty and I'm [TS]

  enjoying it [TS]

  I haven't seen a picture of Gerry [TS]

  Rafferty yet read like a child molester [TS]

  well yeah Gerry Rafferty was obviously [TS]

  like enjoy a drink [TS]

  he was also drinking himself to enjoy it [TS]

  but now i just i told you the story you [TS]

  know where my dad showed up at a [TS]

  Wobblies meeting and I should have told [TS]

  you this story [TS]

  what was he like wigs now the wob the [TS]

  Wobblies they were that they were the [TS]

  original hardcore a sort of unionized [TS]

  I'm sorry yes [TS]

  ok sorry yes it's such a union is ok I [TS]

  got it yeah and and he my dad shows up [TS]

  and you know that the Wobblies were the [TS]

  Industrial Workers of the world the IWW [TS]

  where that they were they were tough [TS]

  they were they were they were thugs nice [TS]

  logo this is like dock workers [TS]

  and my dad my dad was he became the [TS]

  lawyer for the for the long shoreman's [TS]

  union in Washington in the fifties but [TS]

  in the thirties when he was 18 he and [TS]

  somebody's went down to the docks in a [TS]

  late at night to go to this Wobblies [TS]

  meeting and it was seriously the type of [TS]

  thing where I think like the parking lot [TS]

  was lit by torchlight you know that [TS]

  there were four guys just sitting there [TS]

  you know rhythmically slapping a giant [TS]

  pipe wrench into the palm of their hand [TS]

  and these kids walk up to the door of [TS]

  the my dad and his friends and walk up [TS]

  to the door of this warehouse and inside [TS]

  it's just like another just like yeah [TS]

  and there's a guy standing at the door [TS]

  and he grabs the kids by the shirt he [TS]

  goes [TS]

  show me your hands ok rough they are and [TS]

  you know and and all four of them show [TS]

  the palms of their hands and he points [TS]

  to the three better my dad's friend and [TS]

  he's like you three have never worked a [TS]

  day in your life get the fuck out of [TS]

  here [TS]

  well he looks at my dad and he goes [TS]

  you're all right kid and it's because my [TS]

  dad was on the crew team uh he's a rower [TS]

  his hands were covered with calluses [TS]

  from the oars any and the guy goes you [TS]

  can come in and so my dad goes into this [TS]

  meeting by himself what year is this [TS]

  1938 holy shit and went into this [TS]

  meeting in it and became sort of a [TS]

  lifelong labor organizer but you know [TS]

  the prettiest of all sports really the [TS]

  the crew ya like it but like anything [TS]

  like a lacrosse callous but this was an [TS]

  arrow went out when a guy would stand at [TS]

  the door and and your hands would be [TS]

  your passport [TS]

  that's a that is I think that's the [TS]

  thing that does not exist anymore or not [TS]

  on any world I live in [TS]

  I just sent you a photograph that uh [TS]

  it's a you won't believe the year when [TS]

  you look at it from 1981 but it's from [TS]

  an IWW picket in i guess in Australia [TS]

  home on Scott and wow these guys either [TS]

  look like they're in the band or some [TS]

  kind of a of a violent pederasty club is [TS]

  like that look you know the thing about [TS]

  1981 is that it was such an in-between [TS]

  pivotal pivotal time like there's [TS]

  they're like that the fact that the [TS]

  labor union guys would look like hippies [TS]

  at that point and yet there's also a guy [TS]

  in a leather blazer with kevin from the [TS]

  wrens he really does yeah he looks like [TS]

  he's like heaven is not a pederast to my [TS]

  nose like a newscaster um it's a times [TS]

  are really changing in 1980 dad made out [TS]

  laughs mass day knowing that you're that [TS]

  you're Dale Bozzio speech today all lost [TS]

  our and break destination unknown your [TS]

  hands would be your passport [TS]

  that's not a fortune cookie i like that [TS]

  you said that somebody tweeted me some [TS]

  weird of some weird uh fortune the other [TS]

  day in the voice of a soothsayer like a [TS]

  dwarf soothsayer from the from know like [TS]

  Leonardo DaVinci's town and he said you [TS]

  know that he said the crows were going [TS]

  to visit visit pain upon your something [TS]

  like that well this happened on the [TS]

  tutor [TS]

  yeah that doesn't get that sounds like a [TS]

  curse John you better watch out what you [TS]

  said when you check yourself [TS]

  well you know people are always some do [TS]

  you get classic question when cut this [TS]

  out we need to do you receive a lot of [TS]

  curses your knowledge no but but that [TS]

  but there isn't in in a in cantore [TS]

  element to things that people send me [TS]

  haha [TS]

  thanks and like an existentialist [TS]

  serving suggestion [TS]

  well it's it it's more I I don't know [TS]

  what it is about because i don't [TS]

  typically attract a lot of like people [TS]

  don't want to roleplay with me i don't [TS]

  think but there are some like [TS]

  scandinavian black metal people that [TS]

  just want to check stuff out the run [TS]

  stuff by me i'm not sure what it is but [TS]

  I do get a lot of like weird spells the [TS]

  jargon would you put this knife into and [TS]

  I don't know I don't know what that big [TS]

  long time fan john quinn question if [TS]

  you'd killed this in a field band which [TS]

  bone with you now on first I think it's [TS]

  because I recognized expert on the the [TS]

  duty of lithuania I get a lot of again a [TS]

  lot of Central European learn about that [TS]

  lithuania here well you know I came to [TS]

  stand for example just for what it's [TS]

  worth I I've been something to think [TS]

  about for a while there are lists of [TS]

  people who want to be on talk shows [TS]

  there are you can sign up to be on a [TS]

  list of people you could say what you're [TS]

  fucked up about and then some Jerry [TS]

  Springer s Show have you want to throw a [TS]

  chair you can register for this you can [TS]

  see people that have done it more than [TS]

  once [TS]

  it seems to me that given the kinds of [TS]

  information you have in the ways that [TS]

  you can help people it might be useful [TS]

  for you to have some kind of a registry [TS]

  I mean I don't know whether that's a [TS]

  web-sight I don't know if it's an agency [TS]

  of some kind but for example if you [TS]

  wanted to find out what kind of but [TS]

  singer bones to eat first and needed [TS]

  some kind of kind of somebody who is [TS]

  familiar with lithuania I don't know how [TS]

  to find you [TS]

  I mean this is the problem and part of [TS]

  the problem is that i am a that I you [TS]

  know I'm you're busy you're very busy [TS]

  man i'm busy and i'm also an expert on [TS]

  everything so how would I register do [TS]

  you want to do you need somebody that [TS]

  knows about it ask John you know like [TS]

  that's not gonna tell ya I think a lot [TS]

  of people think of themselves as knowing [TS]

  everything about everything [TS]

  well how do you distinguish yourself in [TS]

  that crowded market apart from taking [TS]

  people down a peg one of the time that's [TS]

  time consuming you're busy as we said he [TS]

  stipulated you know I think a lot of the [TS]

  people that end up on TV are the [TS]

  specialists they're the people that know [TS]

  just about the Battle of Gettysburg or [TS]

  they know just about how aliens built [TS]

  the ancient pyramids get a horse it's [TS]

  very hard to be a polymath anymore and i [TS]

  think it's it's just one of those things [TS]

  where you have to have just enjoy the [TS]

  satisfaction [TS]

  of knowing everything that must be that [TS]

  must be so frustrating for you have to [TS]

  do I mean first of all the burden you [TS]

  say it's not a burden I think it's [TS]

  because you're a gentleman but you walk [TS]

  around with a lot of knowledge [TS]

  that'sthat's it's sitting there and it's [TS]

  boiling in that I don't know how you [TS]

  keep the lid on [TS]

  well here's the problem in America and [TS]

  particularly on the west coast nobody [TS]

  wants to know about lithuania nobody [TS]

  wants to know about the three means i [TS]

  have you tried I tried all the time to [TS]

  bring some just glazed eyes the only [TS]

  people that care about lithuania are [TS]

  lithuanian 'he's or not even the [TS]

  children of Lithuanian want to know [TS]

  about it so you just it's just like the [TS]

  winds and then people in Scandinavia who [TS]

  are trying to like reanimate both [TS]

  columns who are living in the attics of [TS]

  decommission synagogues those people are [TS]

  taking you [TS]

  he gave me an order-of-magnitude [TS]

  estimate on how many as there are uh [TS]

  good columns in in the Attic civil [TS]

  synagogues and other people who want to [TS]

  reanimate them [TS]

  OIC people in scanning as far as you [TS]

  know it's seasonal I've changed it gets [TS]

  a little warmer it's it's kind of a [TS]

  thing that's really actually kind of [TS]

  localized in Finland and Sweden that [TS]

  decode the Norwegians are on a different [TS]

  trip [TS]

  well it's like Christians on on Easter [TS]

  and Christmas [TS]

  I mean you have gotten knocked everybody [TS]

  gets up and tries to get shit [TS]

  Oh column knocked at such a time finger [TS]

  bring your ex singers bones [TS]

  the thing is a lot of those synagogues [TS]

  in Eastern Europe you know they've been [TS]

  converted into rec centers or their you [TS]

  know their video game parlours now or [TS]

  internet cafe lounge all appearances [TS]

  you don't even know that it's a former [TS]

  synagogue except for the giant star of [TS]

  david rose window so you know who know [TS]

  that this could be a thing actually this [TS]

  could be one of those like mayan [TS]

  calendar events we even your little [TS]

  leading consultancy are you talking [TS]

  about the general holiday every [TS]

  animating columns that comes our columns [TS]

  I think of a golem is being a Jewish [TS]

  thing it a dnd thing in a Jewish thing [TS]

  it is but when you're talking about [TS]

  reanimating clay a tama ton's I think [TS]

  entrails I'm not thinking of wrinkles [TS]

  when you're talking about who is the [TS]

  constituency for people who want to [TS]

  reanimate automatons [TS]

  soo hoo hoo come back to to you know to [TS]

  wreak havoc who wants to do that more [TS]

  than scandinavian metalheads it's [TS]

  chocolate buttons aren't into that [TS]

  anymore they're thinking soup [TS]

  yeah there's somewhere else and I [TS]

  finally done with the way the body as [TS]

  board has not been interested in [TS]

  environmental for some time now he [TS]

  doesn't remember a thing [TS]

  no it's all these kids it's all these [TS]

  black metal kids that are serious about [TS]

  black metal they're not the ones that [TS]

  are wearing like a cartoon lipstick but [TS]

  but the ones that are better dressing [TS]

  like normal people [TS]

  other passing through passing myself but [TS]

  I've got a book about black metal and [TS]

  about the whole that whole scene with [TS]

  some ways the name of that band that [TS]

  they're all you know nouns like artists [TS]

  are harvested raaz and you know what [TS]

  forget this is chandra of Scandinavia [TS]

  noun I'm gonna look I'm gonna start a [TS]

  list of fake Norwegian black metal bands [TS]

  and the first peacock Carbonaro i'm [TS]

  looking at a book on my shelf right now [TS]

  that is the book is just called gothic [TS]

  and though the title is written in comic [TS]

  lettering and i have not looked at this [TS]

  book in many years i'm pulling it off [TS]

  the shelf now nobody their house smells [TS]

  like clothes cigarettes or has an [TS]

  interesting arch those kind of come up [TS]

  smelling I can have all got the guards [TS]

  that's the only the ceiling the only are [TS]

  checking ball know really well I columns [TS]

  you know I didn't mean so many archers [TS]

  we had we had a class in high school [TS]

  called humanities which I'm really kind [TS]

  of sorry I didn't take it was very [TS]

  tedious but it's something I could [TS]

  really use I can't download or a column [TS]

  from dirty column and display a [TS]

  derivative kollam that's Factory Records [TS]

  joke that wasn't very fun all very [TS]

  interesting this is really a book on the [TS]

  whole gothic movement don't don't don't [TS]

  happen to have this year do decide do I [TS]

  remember mystery their ministry before [TS]

  they were all like angry you know I [TS]

  bottom without about which ministry [TS]

  became a thing i had already gone a [TS]

  different Road [TS]

  yeah but they weren't that song with you [TS]

  remember that song was everywhere i do [TS]

  it was that it was the very first time [TS]

  I was in a band with a guy who shaved [TS]

  the sides of his head but left the top [TS]

  will grow long handsome and it was it [TS]

  was that I think that made me that [TS]

  divorce myself from mr. likes the link [TS]

  i'm not saying trent reznor but i'm [TS]

  saying i like a young trent reznor still [TS]

  figuring it out back surface sure before [TS]

  before and had before becoming [TS]

  entrenched like at AC that just like me [TS]

  it's everything from Chicago lobbying [TS]

  parent paler here in this thing you know [TS]

  there was a real there's a lot i know [TS]

  that was i've been i've been to [TS]

  Wrestlemania it marked in any way did [TS]

  they go for the tourist dollars there [TS]

  transylvania who I could see them really [TS]

  really saying look you know what I mean [TS]

  what kind of industries do you have in [TS]

  in the transformation living today I [TS]

  guess it's probably not called that [TS]

  unless it's a dookie was worth spreading [TS]

  apart like Romania yeah it's part of [TS]

  Romania it was traditionally Hungarian [TS]

  it's part of Romania this is part of the [TS]

  fucking world war one bullshit [TS]

  I'm afraid so often we know what about [TS]

  Austria hungry what about it or play [TS]

  diplomacy is that a game or is that a [TS]

  sex game you play D&D I put sex [TS]

  diplomacy diplomacy diplomacy and if you [TS]

  ever played judge being the person you [TS]

  are somewhere between a million military [TS]

  historian and a paladin national palette [TS]

  and you'd be an anti palette and I think [TS]

  you are you always seem like a military [TS]

  or story because that's what we end up [TS]

  talking about but I I polymath your [TS]

  polymethyl things you can't talk about [TS]

  everything at once everything that once [TS]

  was a bangles who who did that [TS]

  everywhere once everything hits at once [TS]

  that spoon [TS]

  okay I like that advanced cassette song [TS]

  my thinking on this is diplomacy [TS]

  okay here's the thing the other is a [TS]

  like-for-like avalon hill games like [TS]

  that is like risk right [TS]

  oh no this is this is well I mean it is [TS]

  but Reno risk feels like fucking like [TS]

  playing trouble or sorry compared to [TS]

  diplomacy diplomacy you have a board [TS]

  and the board is pre World War One [TS]

  europe and russia and you don't feed the [TS]

  the I think maybe the only element of [TS]

  chance and the entire game is which [TS]

  country you are and I forgive me then [TS]

  who'd I will probably get this wrong but [TS]

  everything was the rescue just slow slog [TS]

  through the point where you have no [TS]

  choices you have no idea you have no [TS]

  idea [TS]

  no way to hear everybody gets and i'm [TS]

  going to try to guess the number but [TS]

  everybody gets a certain number of [TS]

  armies and where appropriate navies and [TS]

  the only different one is Russia which I [TS]

  think it's one more Navy you become a [TS]

  country and here's what you do you try [TS]

  to take over Europe and how do you do [TS]

  this you go and you talked to everybody [TS]

  from the other countries not in the [TS]

  presence of other people and then you [TS]

  write your orders [TS]

  alright so put the parlor game where you [TS]

  go like a parlor game it's very [TS]

  sophisticated military trying to the [TS]

  bathroom and they make a bigger plan and [TS]

  then the two people go into the kitchen [TS]

  and make a plan type 88 wrap a cockatiel [TS]

  and you bring up on ya shes Christ do [TS]

  not understand very if I show you the [TS]

  picture of me and diplomacy close in [TS]

  diplomacy club did you know that this [TS]

  was a thing that they endorsed in school [TS]

  well known as a military school so it's [TS]

  a picture of me and dress blues in front [TS]

  of diplomacy again sent this to me man [TS]

  so why can't I i did not grow up playing [TS]

  board games just hate pork and we just [TS]

  I'm sorry this is I don't like to go mad [TS]

  but we talked about four games a lot on [TS]

  you look nice today and exact fucking [TS]

  hate board games [TS]

  I hate board game people don't hate them [TS]

  I despise them but I don't hate them I [TS]

  you know I feel love for everyone [TS]

  especially people that I want to help [TS]

  here's my helping stop with the board [TS]

  games i sat at a table one time watching [TS]

  people play settlers of catan and I and [TS]

  I found it to be very a very soothing [TS]

  and very much it was set in sensory [TS]

  sellers of catan settlers of catan which [TS]

  is one of the what they call the German [TS]

  board games which are board games that [TS]

  are that the Germans popularized some [TS]

  common choice it there there there yet [TS]

  government so they are the hair their [TS]

  strategy games and you everybody at the [TS]

  board is given a certain number of [TS]

  natural resources and they they used in [TS]

  a trade with one another and they use [TS]

  those natural resources to [TS]

  gain territory is what you like risk and [TS]

  sins and making on they build they build [TS]

  little civilizations on the board and [TS]

  stuff I I went into this situation I [TS]

  didn't actually play the game but I went [TS]

  into the situation of being an observer [TS]

  of the game the you know somewhat with [TS]

  the feeling like I'm gonna sit here for [TS]

  three minutes and this is going to bore [TS]

  me selling I'm gonna leave and instead I [TS]

  SAT there through an entire game and and [TS]

  and found it very interesting not that [TS]

  it still wasn't a thing that i would [TS]

  that i would do myself but but I [TS]

  understood i started to understand the [TS]

  board gaming culture because it was very [TS]

  relaxing and everybody's got their [TS]

  everybody's got their little duplicity [TS]

  they're trying to scope out what other [TS]

  people are doing but at the same time [TS]

  it's let's call me what I like about it [TS]

  i like i like that everybody's into it [TS]

  and I respect things where everybody [TS]

  there's into because there's not that [TS]

  many things where everybody's into it [TS]

  and like I actually i have have a friend [TS]

  and occasional of business person whose [TS]

  sister was one of the co-creators of I [TS]

  think this is correct of magic the [TS]

  gathering so they still got like the [TS]

  original like cards from Magic the [TS]

  Gathering so she just sells one of those [TS]

  cards every year and puzzles me is [TS]

  another yacht was another helicopter [TS]

  carrier now but he's a really typical [TS]

  guy very nerdy and like a but yeah [TS]

  especially the photograph I knew a guy [TS]

  whose job is where the building is how [TS]

  i've tried to remember where i met this [TS]

  guy but have been to his house and he [TS]

  has an entire floor of his house that's [TS]

  just for legos and his job is to sit [TS]

  with little Lego bits and build new lego [TS]

  cars for Lego like a second Imagineer [TS]

  he's an Imagineer and then he sends [TS]

  these things off and then lego produces [TS]

  them as kits that's his job [TS]

  I don't know where i met this guy some [TS]

  guy picked up in a bar he picked me up [TS]

  took me home [TS]

  I don't have no idea how this that you [TS]

  get a lego hook up but but I I but I met [TS]

  this guy and and he showed me all of his [TS]

  bins it was pretty hot [TS]

  alright i'm looking at the pictures that [TS]

  he sent okay here we go [TS]

  some flicker a an old technology [TS]

  oh my goodness look at you front and [TS]

  center in your little restless uniform [TS]

  you guys look so amazing [TS]

  that's the same apprentice maybe a [TS]

  seaman navigator and and you gave [TS]

  everybody of the you gave everybody the [TS]

  let's look at my favorite part is just [TS]

  look at my hands [TS]

  ya hear they're there they're crossed in [TS]

  a very calm adult way from the guy the [TS]

  guy to your left with the eyebrows yet [TS]

  was I was it a plan Eric but maybe he [TS]

  was my roommate we were in lines but [TS]

  you'll be gave everybody the animal [TS]

  house where are they now captions [TS]

  well not me my friend John multidecadal [TS]

  grass but no but I mean look at look at [TS]

  look at every person that picture I mean [TS]

  isn't this people they're gonna be very [TS]

  dangerous someday [TS]

  all right you know what I'm gonna have [TS]

  to do i'm gonna have to dig up a [TS]

  photograph of me in the Civil Air Patrol [TS]

  same era is there is this your flight [TS]

  suit wearing my dress blues [TS]

  oh brother and I may even be standing at [TS]

  attention and saluting the camera i was [TS]

  on was on the drill team not know you [TS]

  want the girls with thighs i have [TS]

  marched i marched did move to the right [TS]

  here in military school but if i'm not [TS]

  mistaken these uniforms are navy [TS]

  auxiliary uniform [TS]

  we're in that we are in the wash like is [TS]

  a NJ in JROTC right the naval Junior [TS]

  ROTC at straight a's entire year so this [TS]

  is how to satisfy don't have the red [TS]

  star I don't you can see above my anchor [TS]

  on my little anchor have a star at the [TS]

  red four-star strays the radford star [TS]

  the naval Junior ROTC the guy to my [TS]

  right Glenn lucker that guy was looking [TS]

  tough [TS]

  yeah it looks good on look at all that [TS]

  we call him a shot at how its and sour [TS]

  chicken salad heavenly hash we call it [TS]

  chicken him know on the each it got [TS]

  scrambled eggs if it's on a hat but it [TS]

  when it's a bunch of ribbons on the [TS]

  front parents just called I don't let [TS]

  your ribbons ribbons yeah easy shot he [TS]

  was the company guidon i think it was [TS]

  called accuse the flag carrier you are [TS]

  very cute kid Merlin you haven't had a [TS]

  very cute underbite who had a lot of [TS]

  freckles [TS]

  there's a lot of kids in this who's [TS]

  ears are bigger than the rest of their [TS]

  face yeah and Backlund maggio i think is [TS]

  the most distinctive he's the one who [TS]

  looks a little bit like Wally hands he's [TS]

  got that kind of gentle touching hands [TS]

  oh he does yeah but that bored what do [TS]

  you think of that looks really simple [TS]

  but you walk around with paper for like [TS]

  11 hours trying to undermine your [TS]

  friends [TS]

  it's a lot like a reality show after [TS]

  World War 1 / 1 Europe as writers all [TS]

  the affection for pre World War One [TS]

  europe i never understood it [TS]

  this type of thing this this board game [TS]

  playing and so forth because I board [TS]

  game let's think for the most part I you [TS]

  know when school was over I ran home [TS]

  that's what you're being chased [TS]

  no no because I big change because it's [TS]

  a prescription chicken with my elbows in [TS]

  my side and my hands down [TS]

  stop like a jockey caper [TS]

  no I ran home because I because my first [TS]

  air w wouldn't do this [TS]

  I was so consumed with the little my [TS]

  imaginary life the life of my [TS]

  imagination that interacting with other [TS]

  kids around the topic of of world war [TS]

  one or like or who's going to take over [TS]

  Europe would have been so it was it it [TS]

  was unimaginable to me that would be [TS]

  more fun than me just sitting alone in [TS]

  my room staring at the wall imagining [TS]

  myself taking over Europe [TS]

  oh my gosh I should've peed first I want [TS]

  to hear so much about first of all you [TS]

  are you know it's a word that we've all [TS]

  learned in the last week was fabulous [TS]

  how true is that kind of it's really [TS]

  true for real [TS]

  it's so true how much did you know if I [TS]

  could say for background where are you [TS]

  know we're talking about when you're 11 [TS]

  12 13 and so you had at this point even [TS]

  so you your steep as you said you were [TS]

  literally he said you're literally [TS]

  steeped in military history [TS]

  yeah so you ever had you already knew [TS]

  your father shot Japanese zero out of [TS]

  the sky with a 45 right it's [TS]

  the sky with a 45 right it's [TS]

  we're already surrounded with truly [TS]

  truly astounding stories during that [TS]

  period from fourth grade 2 10th grade [TS]

  when when they said it very brief window [TS]

  3.42 10th grade [TS]

  whenever I was assigned a research [TS]

  project i would write up i would write a [TS]

  paper on some aspect of world war one or [TS]

  war two and in tenth grade I started to [TS]

  write about Marxism but from fourth [TS]

  grade to tonight's great let's say I [TS]

  just I i wrote I wrote a hundred reports [TS]

  on world war 2 in world war one so i [TS]

  would sit and I night my my [TS]

  understanding of those things was very [TS]

  incomplete still but I had the had the [TS]

  sense that Hitler had made it had made a [TS]

  mistake not it or had made a mistake [TS]

  invading russia that that i did not [TS]

  fully understand like the Russian [TS]

  contribution to the war but I understood [TS]

  that the Japanese had made a mistake in [TS]

  bombing Pearl Harbor and I would I just [TS]

  you know I repeat the mistake a mistake [TS]

  beyond that wasn't very nice but a [TS]

  tactical like waking the sleeping giant [TS]

  well a little bit and and and [TS]

  particularly like the the idea that the [TS]

  idea of the the Navy the Navy's of all [TS]

  these countries in 1938 we're still very [TS]

  battleship oriented you know the [TS]

  battleship was the was right the leader [TS]

  of the fleet it was the flagship of the [TS]

  commander of the fleet all because the [TS]

  party because the planes couldn't go as [TS]

  far and supplies had to go somewhere [TS]

  it wasn't the same kind of air based [TS]

  warfare even then that wouldn't happen [TS]

  today that had never that hadn't [TS]

  happened still slog in some ways right [TS]

  everybody's for everybody's always [TS]

  fighting the last war who so before the [TS]

  war it was like battleship battleship [TS]

  battleship battleship and there was a [TS]

  growing understanding that aircraft [TS]

  carriers we're going to play a bigger [TS]

  role but but still everybody was fixated [TS]

  on the battleship so they attacked Pearl [TS]

  Harbor and they destroyed all of our [TS]

  battleships [TS]

  but it ended up that aircraft carriers [TS]

  were the definitive certainly in the [TS]

  Pacific aircraft carriers with the [TS]

  definitive ship and when we sank for [TS]

  carriers at the Battle of Midway for you [TS]

  know Japanese carriers they never [TS]

  recovered from that so there-there error [TS]

  was thinking that that they could sink [TS]

  our fleet quote-unquote and basically [TS]

  put us out of the war in the Pacific but [TS]

  they didn't get a single carrier at [TS]

  Pearl Harbor [TS]

  Oh interested not sink a single American [TS]

  carrier can just get a general question [TS]

  serious general question tom is battle [TS]

  ship is that a general term like what's [TS]

  it what's a destroyer to destroy is a [TS]

  kind of battleship it's a small fast [TS]

  ship yeah a battleship is one is [TS]

  something like the USS Iowa that has [TS]

  giant cannons that is it closer to like [TS]

  a sea-based base of operations for other [TS]

  ships [TS]

  I mean with your the command guy if [TS]

  you're like an admiral and you're going [TS]

  to run next on amaranth i guess but i [TS]

  mean you don't saying like I you know [TS]

  like so even if you're an admiral the [TS]

  battleship would be the center of a [TS]

  flotilla operates an operation ok so [TS]

  maybe i'll shut up for fucking minute [TS]

  and we give me to superfast rough as [TS]

  fast as you like to rough taxonomy of [TS]

  fighting at sea because I don't really [TS]

  understand it well in the old in the old [TS]

  days you you brought your ships up to [TS]

  within range of your guns and the your [TS]

  enemy ships would be a raid opposite you [TS]

  and you would fire fusillade of cannon [TS]

  shells at one another until somebody [TS]

  sank the other guy you know like really [TS]

  just get within range of your guns and [TS]

  go that's the equivalent like two guys [TS]

  fighting with clubs just he's gonna last [TS]

  longer before they go down [TS]

  yeah and two little fleets I mean you [TS]

  know battleship would never be sitting [TS]

  out there in the open it would always be [TS]

  surrounded by destroyers and you know a [TS]

  tenders and pocket battleships and all [TS]

  these other little you know every [TS]

  different size of the ship but at the [TS]

  time you had one yet he had different [TS]

  sizes of cake [TS]

  women and torpedoes that was that was [TS]

  what you had to work with open minds i [TS]

  guess you could lay mines right before [TS]

  that was naval warfare that was what you [TS]

  would want you in mind like a harbor you [TS]

  and minding mines were mostly defensive [TS]

  right [TS]

  no no you could you could you could mind [TS]

  the english channel as long as before [TS]

  submarines were heavily used you can [TS]

  also use mine just take out a ship my [TS]

  mind big for submarines eventually right [TS]

  but I mean this is for ships I thought [TS]

  you might like a harbor you absolutely [TS]

  mind Harbor but you could you could mine [TS]

  anywhere that you didn't think your own [TS]

  ships would go like mining I think [TS]

  mining was channel would be a bad idea [TS]

  because everybody's using it so it would [TS]

  be that would be much more than like [TS]

  mining chick-fil-a that's how would be [TS]

  much more than an anarchic war strategy [TS]

  like you know what fuck everybody that's [TS]

  it that's it that's it that's the jet [TS]

  the Japanese 1945 kind of questions like [TS]

  fucking combined we're just we're gonna [TS]

  we're gonna lose this shit and style but [TS]

  when you got to the point where ships [TS]

  had first of all cannons that could fire [TS]

  over the horizon and then of course [TS]

  submarines and airplanes you know your [TS]

  strategy and the importance of a fleet [TS]

  really changed if you if you could [TS]

  station an aircraft carrier somewhere [TS]

  you [TS]

  I mean you basically could contribute [TS]

  you can what war two tortoises if you [TS]

  control the air you control the whole [TS]

  game and and I mean we still practice [TS]

  this form of aircraft carrier diplomacy [TS]

  the United States is that is the main [TS]

  practitioner of the world war one the [TS]

  plane thing was to tell if i'm wrong but [TS]

  the painting was still pretty novel and [TS]

  not nearly as reliable as it would be [TS]

  yeah don't [TS]

  airplanes are like me now at [TS]

  at like the Bombers in world war one [TS]

  seriously there's a guy who leaned out [TS]

  of the open and shower job they shot the [TS]

  bomb captain exactly held a bomb at arms [TS]

  like it was like I'm take that there was [TS]

  actually like a bowling ball with a few [TS]

  it's you know there was no take that [TS]

  Jerry yeah like step ones were a bigger [TS]

  factor i love Zeppelin's about world war [TS]

  one in terms of bomb [TS]

  um but it in the you know by the time [TS]

  World War two came along the airplanes [TS]

  that was the whole war but they look [TS]

  like they came up with the technology to [TS]

  be able like fire fire fire your fire [TS]

  between the propeller I mean it wasn't [TS]

  like a really big deal you don't like [TS]

  synchronized that CD she propeller oh [TS]

  yeah well because before before they had [TS]

  the synchronized guns they had to mount [TS]

  the either mounted machine guns on top [TS]

  of the other wing of the biplane yes [TS]

  training training with that yeah so [TS]

  you're flying with your flying with one [TS]

  hand and you reach up and grab the [TS]

  trigger of the gun and I like right try [TS]

  this try walking out try holding 238 at [TS]

  arm's length and try to hit something [TS]

  within a couple shots are 238 up above [TS]

  your head like like you're like a robert [TS]

  rodriguez make that area take that chair [TS]

  I'm sorry I got you off it safely it's [TS]

  like it's like it's like the infantry in [TS]

  the sense that there's this big massive [TS]

  thing there's the outline get the spies [TS]

  a lot of this for me comes for strategic [TS]

  stratego so forgive me but you've got [TS]

  like you know like I like Kennedy like [TS]

  the book Kennedy was in was for doing [TS]

  close-in attacks BBT but would go like a [TS]

  PT boat would go flight you told me this [TS]

  you go getting real close and sneak in a [TS]

  little attacking what it was a torpedo [TS]

  boat so it was basically a fast and [TS]

  torpedoes out of that little boat [TS]

  yeah they had they had torpedoes [TS]

  actually on the deck in tubes and they [TS]

  would happen you know they had really [TS]

  powerful motors would boats that would [TS]

  just get up on steps so dangerous it was [TS]

  incredible they would they would they [TS]

  would weave in between the mines get [TS]

  into a harbor and they're flying between [TS]

  these boats at night guys are shooting [TS]

  at him in the dark and they're like [TS]

  unleashing torpedoes at [TS]

  that ships that are like in Harbor it [TS]

  was it was totally ball z game the PT [TS]

  boats but but before before world war [TS]

  one certainly and even up to war two [TS]

  ships like what other way was there to [TS]

  assert your colonial authority over your [TS]

  far-flung territories then with your [TS]

  Navy who you know you if you if you had [TS]

  if if if you had a colonial governor in [TS]

  goa you took him there on a ship and you [TS]

  maintain your your hedge emoni over that [TS]

  territory by having a navy and that was [TS]

  so you're new so control of the Seas was [TS]

  control of the world and write you would [TS]

  have these days of economies of scale [TS]

  also write any ships obviously have [TS]

  different shapes different purposes but [TS]

  but but this is what Spain did right i [TS]

  mean that ability to control the Seas [TS]

  whether that was with trade [TS]

  I mean you needed things if you're going [TS]

  to trade with a ship you've got to have [TS]

  you can have multiple not defensive [TS]

  ships right i mean you got to protect [TS]

  those ships there's gotta be a way of [TS]

  making sure that this the ship full of [TS]

  gold and spices or whatever is not gonna [TS]

  just get hijacked by whoever comes along [TS]

  exactly what that is that's the the [TS]

  birth of insurance the entire concept of [TS]

  the insurance industry was born in italy [TS]

  during the Renaissance when you had all [TS]

  of these ships and it the this Italian [TS]

  you know a navy that was trading all [TS]

  around the world and people realize like [TS]

  I'm invested my entire fortune is in [TS]

  this one boat full of frankincense and [TS]

  if it goes down I'm I'm ruined [TS]

  but if I pull my money with some other [TS]

  guys who have their ships floating [TS]

  around and we all get together and kind [TS]

  of like it decrease our risk by being [TS]

  partners and and and share share the [TS]

  concept of shared risk [TS]

  was you know it basically invented in [TS]

  his studies [TS]

  it is so interesting and so far away [TS]

  from what it means today my god that's [TS]

  unbelievable [TS]

  yeah yeah so it was just a way of of [TS]

  people who now were trading today we [TS]

  just assume that nobody ever get sick [TS]

  yeah let's see available to imagine like [TS]

  I i have i've worked my entire life I've [TS]

  got this bag of gold and i'm going to [TS]

  buy peace these this blue painted [TS]

  porcelain china and i'm going to try and [TS]

  sell it for a profit here in in Florence [TS]

  and then the ship gets attacked by [TS]

  pirates in the Straits of Malacca and [TS]

  you're like oh oops that was it or you [TS]

  know I mean so anyway and and the fact [TS]

  that the spanish armada was what was [TS]

  sunk by that's that freak storm as I had [TS]

  happened and Elizabeth's England was [TS]

  preserved like to talk about the tides [TS]

  of history tells us it's virgin this [TS]

  isn't james burke shit talking about a [TS]

  turning point if God did not love [TS]

  England the spanish armada would have [TS]

  survived and we would this would be a [TS]

  whole different world with the fucking [TS]

  English for so long they had so many [TS]

  they had so many things to make them [TS]

  feel that they were really lucky really [TS]

  did was really really they were merely [TS]

  lucky they stood on the shore and they [TS]

  watch this Armada of Spanish ships [TS]

  approaching they get to see them coming [TS]

  see them coming and it was the largest [TS]

  Armada ever mounted England was [TS]

  straight-up thought and then of freak [TS]

  storm destroyed the armana how do you [TS]

  account for this Merlin if it is not [TS]

  that God loves England i'm sitting here [TS]

  thinking about it i'm not a papist I'm [TS]

  not an Anglican I'm trying to figure [TS]

  this out [TS]

  yeah now you see the Germans the Germans [TS]

  what you know worship berries you have [TS]

  to do you think and you think a country [TS]

  full of the Anglican right nutrition [TS]

  England is that where we call it [TS]

  thank ya wanna see implicants we thought [TS]

  episcopal because we're not Catholic [TS]

  light media we we tried to make a little [TS]

  division between us and england [TS]

  boy tried that but yeah you know I I [TS]

  know your big believer in the power of [TS]

  prayer but that boy that's that's [TS]

  unbelievable it is miraculous ok so my [TS]

  question to you [TS]

  december 7041 where the carriers with in [TS]

  Seattle [TS]

  haha haha the big question how the wrong [TS]

  place asshole haha they were Arizona she [TS]

  marries they were in San Francisco and [TS]

  they were you know they were arrayed [TS]

  kind of a round but we but it was still [TS]

  unclear that carriers were were so [TS]

  important let's find out where the [TS]

  carriers were that's a great that's a [TS]

  great question [TS]

  they weren't in pearl harbor they were [TS]

  at sea they were everywhere but there [TS]

  this is getting ahold of the show and my [TS]

  congratulations to us on keeping the [TS]

  Hitler going up but the person you know [TS]

  what somebody said to me the other day [TS]

  they listened to our Hitler episode [TS]

  there like units numbered talk about [TS]

  Hitler at all [TS]

  I'll please well that's the Austrian in [TS]

  the room [TS]

  come on Hitler you don't have to you [TS]

  have to talk about Hitler to be talking [TS]

  about Hitler if you know what I mean [TS]

  no no they say when you stop talking [TS]

  about nuclear war and that's when [TS]

  everybody's worried that some kind i [TS]

  don't be a dick about it could ask to [TS]

  point out two two two syllables and [TS]

  stuff em and stuff it's Hitler related [TS]

  stuff often and learning stuff right now [TS]

  is tough [TS]

  there's been some question as to whether [TS]

  stuff has one effort to alert install [TS]

  two questions like I cancer free right [TS]

  now first of all it is ' and it's and [TS]

  second of all these 2s and stuff for [TS]

  fear and often fluffin often slip [TS]

  yeah dude perfect oh no white polish we [TS]

  should spell with this this this cool [TS]

  esas yeah there's no learning us to [TS]

  learn students may be like in Congress [TS]

  right we could do it the ligature or [TS]

  something up [TS]

  ah yeah let's go need a thing you know [TS]

  about all the 88 thing what is the [TS]

  eighth thing into infinity [TS]

  um that's pretty good you took it turned [TS]

  it literally you took them and turn them [TS]

  omgawd 8i guess [TS]

  this is a test think it is 88 white [TS]

  supremacy you know what this is going to [TS]

  have to mean all the show I don't really [TS]

  follow the whole white supremacist [TS]

  numerological like code system as much [TS]

  as I should [TS]

  one of the very first things i use my [TS]

  computer for in one box finally bought [TS]

  my own computer and like 1988 i had my [TS]

  first mac with your floppy disks and [TS]

  where the first things they did I bought [TS]

  this book up about like the little pale [TS]

  horse know now is that George RR George [TS]

  Martin [TS]

  now behold the behold a pale horse is a [TS]

  like the the crucial conspiracy theory [TS]

  book the best the one that that has all [TS]

  the documentation that ties the [TS]

  Trilateral Commission to the the oh my [TS]

  god i got the Trilateral Commission talk [TS]

  around the time i was in diplomacy club [TS]

  oh I had a very interesting to talk [TS]

  about ah yes before I knew about batshit [TS]

  insanity i had a very interesting talk [TS]

  with my parents take house but I fear [TS]

  you just go horse if i'm not mistaken [TS]

  our scholars pale rider no pillars at it [TS]

  it ties all of the the Masons and [TS]

  everything together and then makes a [TS]

  very compelling case that in fact all of [TS]

  these groups are working at the behest [TS]

  of our extraterrestrial overloads oh [TS]

  that's tiny since it is very tidy [TS]

  it's a unified field theory of bananas [TS]

  that's correct and it and and i read [TS]

  this book at a time when I was doing a [TS]

  lot of recreational use of oh that [TS]

  already mined real human real open to [TS]

  new ideas [TS]

  yeah exactly and this is iris I was [TS]

  smoking a lot of I was enjoying that [TS]

  with an appeals open my mind a lot in [TS]

  1988 well this was this often with Plan [TS]

  B and this was when I was making the [TS]

  transition from all of the nice drugs [TS]

  that allow one to play frisbee for [TS]

  several hours without ever wondering [TS]

  what you're doing with your life [TS]

  oh all of those nice kind drugs that [TS]

  make that make you think that you can [TS]

  talk to dogs [TS]

  and i was i was trying to teach me [TS]

  amazing the kind of thing that makes you [TS]

  capture cockatiel in the shop for [TS]

  exactly who doesn't look that that's a [TS]

  great way to feel you just wonder what [TS]

  you do today I felt on the shower trying [TS]

  to catch a cockatiel just I just wanted [TS]

  to just wanted to give I didn't want to [TS]

  hurt him i wanted to get with him so [TS]

  that we could have an understanding but [TS]

  then I was not suddenly changed I was [TS]

  transitioning from those drugs too bad [TS]

  drugs drugs that are made by human [TS]

  beings that are full of evil forces you [TS]

  used to smoke and then getting a bathtub [TS]

  and now you're getting stuff that was [TS]

  made in a bathtub that you smoke [TS]

  that's exactly right and stuff that once [TS]

  you so much you just shot want to get in [TS]

  a bathtub at all didn't want to do [TS]

  anything nice didn't want to play [TS]

  frisbee you did not think you could talk [TS]

  to dogs making real focused and not want [TS]

  to play frisbee dogs are looking at you [TS]

  in a way that you that makes you very [TS]

  uncomfortable and it was during that [TS]

  period that i read the whole pale horse [TS]

  bad timing i was i was obviously you [TS]

  know i did not even even doing these [TS]

  terrible things did not make me into a [TS]

  stupid person who believed that the [TS]

  aliens were controlling our government [TS]

  through them through the Masons but it i [TS]

  did at one point lying in bed under a [TS]

  spell [TS]

  let's say of sub various like powders I [TS]

  lay in bed and I said to myself if [TS]

  because my apartment was right into the [TS]

  flight pattern for the local airport i [TS]

  said to myself self if aliens were [TS]

  transacting daily business with America [TS]

  would they know [TS]

  not disguise their spaceships as 747 if [TS]

  they disguised them as something like a [TS]

  bowl of fruit [TS]

  it would seem pretty weird that the [TS]

  fruit was flying if you need something [TS]

  to fly and have it not seem weird [TS]

  you're either gonna be a bird work or [TS]

  football or a plane maybe even maybe [TS]

  even maybe it could be a minute to be a [TS]

  passenger plane isn't getting anywhere [TS]

  in eastern so you're not going to hover [TS]

  your like anti-gravity orbit over the [TS]

  center of the city if you don't want [TS]

  them to know that you're here you just [TS]

  change your anti-gravity orbit into the [TS]

  shape of a 747 and you make it very loud [TS]

  and you fly it right over the top of all [TS]

  the people you want to drive through a [TS]

  factory in the middle of the night you [TS]

  don't go through a fucking clown car you [TS]

  get a blue van you drive through like a [TS]

  gentleman nobody needs to wave you [TS]

  through your not in a black jetta you [TS]

  are in a blue van [TS]

  likewise we should have said that I [TS]

  related and so I'm lying in bed and I up [TS]

  with you know with various powders on my [TS]

  person didn't I person and I'm thinking [TS]

  to myself you know this is just a little [TS]

  too sensible what I'm saying right now [TS]

  and and I had to I had to quiet the [TS]

  growing feeling I was having that maybe [TS]

  people were living in the center of the [TS]

  earth [TS]

  how would a disguise that they would [TS]

  pretend that they would pretend that [TS]

  they're trolls or hobbits are some kind [TS]

  of what we have in middle-earth John who [TS]

  lives in middle earth is that what is [TS]

  that where the hobbits live everybody [TS]

  lives in middle-earth even the humans [TS]

  lived there before the elves window [TS]

  across the ocean [TS]

  I guess number 5 elves and stuff LOL is [TS]

  this right where is the shower is the [TS]

  shower inside of the earth [TS]

  shire well actually like a token guy the [TS]

  shower is not inside the earth know the [TS]

  Shires so the heights don't live in [TS]

  middle-earth middle-earth only means [TS]

  that it was in between the one place in [TS]

  the other place [TS]

  Oh like Midgard at it [TS]

  is to ask card okay right so it wasn't [TS]

  inside the earth know the shower was [TS]

  just in the shower was really merry old [TS]

  England let's be honest okay and but [TS]

  they have their own son there at least [TS]

  theoretically is I think it's the same [TS]

  Sun I think it's like it never gets the [TS]

  battlestar galactica of cosmology it [TS]

  happened a long long time ago [TS]

  oh you can you can cover up a lot of a [TS]

  lot of Earth related inconsistencies by [TS]

  putting it someplace else happened a [TS]

  long time ago for instance a long long [TS]

  time ago it was a regular occurrence for [TS]

  God to come down to earth and meddle in [TS]

  people's like what they were eating and [TS]

  and where he was like kill your kid [TS]

  oh no ya don't kill your kid haha oh [TS]

  kill him nope don't so he was dressed up [TS]

  like a bush for Moses when he came to [TS]

  Abraham so to speak now he's just a [TS]

  voice now the Rams in the thicket or the [TS]

  physical silver the thicket but that was [TS]

  just a voice of God telling him to kill [TS]

  his child I but the thing is that and [TS]

  that's the guy who started all religions [TS]

  they got three religions based on the [TS]

  guy who thought he should kill this kid [TS]

  has a voice told him that's right well [TS]

  and the and the problem is that this God [TS]

  are routinely a said confusing things to [TS]

  people but it was a long time ago and so [TS]

  it makes perfect sense because it was a [TS]

  long time ago old testament got kind of [TS]

  a dick Old Testament God is a soup dream [TS]

  asshole [TS]

  yeah he's really terrible and you know [TS]

  what New Testament God also very [TS]

  confusing [TS]

  it could be he could be a little uneven [TS]

  my friend Dave did a very funny on radio [TS]

  play based on job it was very very funny [TS]

  and but I mean the closing line was so [TS]

  what is the lesson of Joe likes to pitch [TS]

  your friends are dicks and God's a [TS]

  bettin man haha job is a pretty rough [TS]

  rough slog if you really hear about it [TS]

  it really is it really hard that some [TS]

  people find that such an inspiring thing [TS]

  is very very troubling to me into that [TS]

  makes you are a problem like as on a [TS]

  daily basis like what am I going to do [TS]

  today [TS]

  what's on my to-do list of jobs ass boy [TS]

  I could really you know using job as a [TS]

  model I could oh boy I could really go a [TS]

  lot of different directions but but [TS]

  honestly the the New Testament thing I [TS]

  mean a lot of the stuff in the New [TS]

  Testament is very smart it's it so it's [TS]

  wonderful [TS]

  the book I highly recommend it you know [TS]

  what the brand hi I'm almost touching [TS]

  that third rail [TS]

  I'm very close i get very frustrated [TS]

  about the Gospels because i think it's a [TS]

  goddamn shame [TS]

  yeah I'm it's a goddamn shame Hollis I [TS]

  might have to cut this out again Arn I [TS]

  you know what we're gonna do more name [TS]

  fame taking well I'm just saying I mean [TS]

  you know you don't have to be you know [TS]

  Heraclitus to dip into the river you [TS]

  know saying do hear what you're saying I [TS]

  was not all of it sounded like the [TS]

  description of an egg it woman that you [TS]

  know from the on the wikipedia page for [TS]

  eighty eight precepts ok what is it i [TS]

  think i sent to hear em assists yeah [TS]

  it's an essay or manifesto let's make up [TS]

  our minds white supremacist written by [TS]

  David Lane who has two first names [TS]

  this is because of high Hitler h8 letter [TS]

  of the alphabet ABC let's 8888 is [TS]

  totally code i'm using white supremacist [TS]

  now the important thing that you need to [TS]

  know is that i pasted this into the [TS]

  wrong window and right after my wife had [TS]

  sent me a beautiful thing my daughter [TS]

  made I sent her a link to think about [TS]

  white supremacy we have to be careful [TS]

  and not Jerry I'm gonna be careful the [TS]

  internet what you said people are gonna [TS]

  send him a little diagram of you making [TS]

  horse another another picture of my team [TS]

  is this is awkward i know they seem [TS]

  especially since I was sticking like [TS]

  pins and needles in it if you see my [TS]

  horse head somebody sent me know [TS]

  somebody said your said well i'm missing [TS]

  you have not mr. Walt sense now know [TS]

  somebody uh of a friend of a friend of [TS]

  entry is freaky [TS]

  I have this as bill most hey you've met [TS]

  bill w uh here he was gone before I love [TS]

  to have a drink with that guy sometimes [TS]

  a little dr. Bob to those two guys [TS]

  really had a muppet thing was dr. pop is [TS]

  he trying to build w dr bob was Bill WS [TS]

  first buddy we friend your friend Bill W [TS]

  on some level right [TS]

  oh yeah absolutely take it one day at a [TS]

  time I still do [TS]

  awesome ouch i almost put us on Twitter [TS]

  god dammit i got too much communication [TS]

  going on you know what you are social [TS]

  networking like out your yin yang [TS]

  it was clouding my tutor it's so hard [TS]

  for me right now to social network I [TS]

  really do yes this is very nice [TS]

  yeah that's something i had my Amazon [TS]

  wish list now you see my daughter where [TS]

  my daughter my daughter who runs around [TS]

  naked all the time I walked into the [TS]

  room and she goes I and she was a naked [TS]

  4-year old was wearing this extreme i [TS]

  would say for a forty dollar product [TS]

  that is an extremely realistic Horsehead [TS]

  it's amazing and and i think it's it's [TS]

  there on a chair it scares the shit out [TS]

  of me if you were willing even you know [TS]

  even and this is a very tricky thing [TS]

  because as a father [TS]

  there's nothing wrong with you making a [TS]

  short film of your naked infant daughter [TS]

  running around water do not but when you [TS]

  try and sell that for ten thousand [TS]

  dollars to a Japanese collector right [TS]

  now you've crossed the line we're going [TS]

  to want to see if the horse because the [TS]

  Japanese laws [TS]

  well what have you sold it wrapped in [TS]

  the Horsehead uh hold z the collector no [TS]

  horse this whore said yet to have a [TS]

  meeting of the horse minds [TS]

  I don't know there's horse people I I [TS]

  joke about horses but look at those [TS]

  nostrils what do you think of that I [TS]

  think that's two more entry points than [TS]

  a human e [TS]

  like a speak at spankers [TS]

  [Music] [TS]