The Incomparable

181: You`re the Christopher Reeviest


  quinn marc production in color [TS]

  tonight's episode singing the song hey [TS]

  diddle diddle the cat and the bird [TS]

  special guest star tony franciosa act 1 [TS]

  and unusual delivery and Tom couple [TS]

  number 181 february2014 go back to the [TS]

  incomparable i'm your host Jason smell [TS]

  and i'd like to introduce my panel we're [TS]

  going to be discussing something not a [TS]

  particular work more like a trend little [TS]

  bit about casting a little bit about [TS]

  franchises departure for us i think it [TS]

  will be fun but I've been wrong before [TS]

  so let's try it and see what happens [TS]

  Andy and Nicole joins me for this [TS]

  adventure the down strange paths hi Andy [TS]

  hi Jason I today I good to have you here [TS]

  Jason brightman is here not this is not [TS]

  a comic book club episode but and it's [TS]

  getting to where i am it's been a little [TS]

  while but your back and it's great to [TS]

  have you here back it's great to be here [TS]

  thanks Erica and sign also joins us on [TS]

  our adventure [TS]

  hello hello David Laura also joins us [TS]

  hello there the other day I'm i read a [TS]

  new story about how Disney and paramount [TS]

  and Lucasfilm which is owned by disney [TS]

  now may I came to an arrangement for the [TS]

  disposition of the Indiana Jones [TS]

  franchise and most specifically the [TS]

  first four or as we like to call it [TS]

  three movies Indiana Jones series [TS]

  why would we call it for I don't [TS]

  understand that's a strange joke it [TS]

  doesn't make any sense there are only [TS]

  three Indiana Jones movies so they [TS]

  remain in the possession of paramount [TS]

  and of course Lucasfilm has its existing [TS]

  relationship there and they share the [TS]

  profits and whatever that is so future [TS]

  blu ray sales and downloads and whatever [TS]

  40 and a time will be shared but new [TS]

  movies with the question was new movies [TS]

  in the Indiana Jones series if ever [TS]

  there would be some who would do them [TS]

  what with the deal being so as a part of [TS]

  this deal what terms undisclosed disney [TS]

  can now make Indiana Jones movies and [TS]

  that franchise can move forward and [TS]

  Steven Spielberg and George Lucas [TS]

  occasionally talk about [TS]

  another Indiana Jones movie and it [TS]

  struck me that Harrison Ford not a [TS]

  spring chicken [TS]

  he has as my notes say getting very old [TS]

  he's he's you know he looks great but [TS]

  he's getting up there [TS]

  time time happens to everybody and I [TS]

  thought to myself you know they're [TS]

  inevitably they will cast a new Indiana [TS]

  Jones at some point and that led me down [TS]

  this interesting rabbit hole which is no [TS]

  you can be the judge about with this [TS]

  rabbit hole is interesting i can tell [TS]

  you that there's been a rabbit down here [TS]

  it's what happens when a character goes [TS]

  from being a attached singularly to is [TS]

  to an actor the character is the actor [TS]

  and that's just how it is and that [TS]

  moment where it becomes something [TS]

  different now this this happens all the [TS]

  time in let's say the theater where [TS]

  you've got different actors playing the [TS]

  role in different productions you know [TS]

  Shakespeare's famous parts there's no [TS]

  one definitive romeo juliet or King Lear [TS]

  or any any character you can name [TS]

  because that that part has been played [TS]

  there may be ones that we like better a [TS]

  hamlet that we like better or worse but [TS]

  many actors play those parts but Indiana [TS]

  Jones has only ever been at least as an [TS]

  adult I know the young indiana jones bit [TS]

  ly let's not go there [TS]

  it'sit's Harrison for he is the main [TS]

  Indiana Jones this was true with all the [TS]

  Star Trek characters from the original [TS]

  Star Trek until JJ Abrams reboot brought [TS]

  in a new crew led by chris pine as james [TS]

  t kirk instead of william shatner it's [TS]

  also the moment in Doctor Who when they [TS]

  decided that doctor who wasn't always [TS]

  going to be a show starring william [TS]

  hartnell but that they were at as [TS]

  detailed in in the excellent TV movie an [TS]

  adventure in space and time at the [TS]

  moment where they said we're going to [TS]

  get somebody else to play this part and [TS]

  he's going to transform and become [TS]

  Patrick Troughton James Bond another [TS]

  good example so i thought that's what we [TS]

  would talk about a little bit you know [TS]

  worth worth an hour to check talk about [TS]

  the pitfalls of making that transition [TS]

  you know maybe what we would hope to see [TS]

  in the future of the you know some [TS]

  franchises do we do we like this idea [TS]

  they've been for I think for Jack Ryan's [TS]

  now on the movie screen but you know it [TS]

  started with alec baldwin we thought [TS]

  okay he's going to [TS]

  with us a long time and then that was [TS]

  one movie and out and about casting in [TS]

  general you'll win when is apart so [TS]

  iconic that should never be touched is [TS]

  there could there ever be such a thing [TS]

  you know so casting and franchises and [TS]

  when franchises decide to move on and [TS]

  move to a different actor this is what [TS]

  this is what prompted me to have this [TS]

  conversation now that I've kind of get [TS]

  done my little brain dump of what I [TS]

  wanted to talk about i guess i should [TS]

  throw it out there to you guys we know [TS]

  Eric let's start with you I know that [TS]

  you and I definitely share a great [TS]

  affinity for Doctor Who I that was [TS]

  certainly one of the first things I [TS]

  talked I thought about if if they the [TS]

  producers of that show had decided that [TS]

  it William Hartnell was the only person [TS]

  who could play the doctor this show [TS]

  would be essentially a footnote about [TS]

  one of it like like quatermass it would [TS]

  be this kind of quaint black-and-white [TS]

  show on the BBC in the sixties that [TS]

  nobody remembers anymore i really mean [TS]

  more or less that's what has mostly [TS]

  disappeared [TS]

  heck yeah it's very hard not they're [TS]

  just gone yeah what it would more of [TS]

  them have even survived with it even if [TS]

  business as a distributed [TS]

  internationally if they had only had [TS]

  those first two or three seasons [TS]

  no probably not and I think I mean in in [TS]

  addition to longevity which certainly [TS]

  being able to change actors gives you [TS]

  that I think a lot of people have argued [TS]

  that the show [TS]

  doctor who became what it was the day [TS]

  that Patrick Troughton took over and not [TS]

  because he was great although he was [TS]

  definitely great but just because that [TS]

  added that entirely new facet to the [TS]

  show and took it in a different [TS]

  direction for the first time ever I [TS]

  think it was an incredibly bold move and [TS]

  I'm it could have turned out terribly [TS]

  and people could have could have [TS]

  rebelled and stopped watching the show [TS]

  and they didn't which you asked a [TS]

  question a minute ago [TS]

  are there any parts that are so iconic [TS]

  that you just should never ever try to [TS]

  recast them and personally I feel that [TS]

  there's there's no such thing I think [TS]

  it's always worth a try [TS]

  most of the time it's probably not going [TS]

  to work especially like remake some say [TS]

  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I [TS]

  was not a fan of that remake because I [TS]

  thought that part was was perfectly [TS]

  played by Gene Wilder but sometimes it [TS]

  works out really well like in the Doctor [TS]

  Who case [TS]

  yeah and it ends up defining the show in [TS]

  that show is I feel like that moment [TS]

  when they when they cast Patrick [TS]

  Troughton to replace William Hartnell is [TS]

  the moment that the show went on its [TS]

  path that would end up meaning that it [TS]

  survived for 50 years and if you know [TS]

  not just not just that there's no way if [TS]

  you could have a show with one act for [TS]

  50 years but that it it changed how we [TS]

  thought of that character and and how [TS]

  they defined that that show so it could [TS]

  renew its itself David you are in [TS]

  addition to writing crazy radio dramas [TS]

  for us and appearing on almost every [TS]

  panel that damn or it doesn't appear on [TS]

  you write plays and so I i'm interested [TS]

  in your perspective on this from the [TS]

  theater side because obviously in the [TS]

  theater you know the this isn't parts [TS]

  aren't aren't sacred right it's not it [TS]

  it's only in movies and TV where we [TS]

  really see like oh no I can't believe [TS]

  anybody else would be Indiana Jones [TS]

  other than Harrison Ford [TS]

  oh yeah I mean I'm you were used to [TS]

  understudies you know if somebody gets [TS]

  sick someone else is going to step into [TS]

  that role and you'll find a little slip [TS]

  in your ear playbill program that says [TS]

  the role of so-and-so will be played at [TS]

  this performance by blank and you know [TS]

  even even roles that are iconic i mean i [TS]

  don't know like Hello Dolly you know you [TS]

  think of Carol Channing you might think [TS]

  of probaly or Ethel Merman that hasn't [TS]

  stopped hundreds and thousands of groups [TS]

  from putting the show on you know you [TS]

  always have that souvenir of say the [TS]

  original cast recording for a musical [TS]

  but that's that's how you learn the [TS]

  songs when you gonna do in high school I [TS]

  was thinking about an iconic stage stage [TS]

  character set of characters might I gave [TS]

  myself a laugh through my own stupidity [TS]

  as I so often do when I thought you know [TS]

  I I'm really proud of the fact that I i [TS]

  well I was very lucky to see the [TS]

  original cast of the producers on [TS]

  Broadway so I got to see Nathan Lane and [TS]

  Matthew Broderick which is great except [TS]

  of course that the original characters [TS]

  were zero mostel and gene wilder and his [TS]

  right so they made it their own [TS]

  you know you ETA you forgot all about [TS]

  the move [TS]

  be at least halfway through the show you [TS]

  know at least in that production [TS]

  I don't know about other other castes [TS]

  but Mei remember when they were [TS]

  previewing it and Nathan Lane went on I [TS]

  guess was David Letterman and they did [TS]

  the opening song basically and up until [TS]

  that point it had been kind of you know [TS]

  and I don't know if this is gonna work [TS]

  and then they do the number and i think [TS]

  was you know five minutes long and at [TS]

  the end of this it's nito 1230 at night [TS]

  I'm going [TS]

  yes I want to see that now um so and i [TS]

  love the move right there was no no sir [TS]

  no sense of sacrilege happening there [TS]

  no no not at all it's it's sort of like [TS]

  you know you can ask people who was the [TS]

  first actor to play James Bond nine out [TS]

  of ten people are gonna go home Sean [TS]

  Connery it was a guy named Barry Nelson [TS]

  in 1955 1956 they did a one hour version [TS]

  of casino royale for a CBS show called [TS]

  climax [TS]

  it's awful huh [TS]

  he plays he plays them as an American [TS]

  Jimmy bond we think of James Bond and [TS]

  he's the closest thing we have to a Time [TS]

  Lord who is not a Time Lord you don't [TS]

  even people now saying i want to see [TS]

  Idris Elba as James Bond well why not [TS]

  yeah although the the Jimmy bond thing I [TS]

  mean that I think some of this isn't is [TS]

  not about who goes who goes first as [TS]

  much as a who everybody meets in apart i [TS]

  think there's something about that I'm [TS]

  Connery right that that is it was on my [TS]

  list for sure the idea of it that [TS]

  Connery left we left why'd you only live [TS]

  twice 11 and they replaced him with [TS]

  George Lazenby but but that moment [TS]

  Connor left i mean there is there is [TS]

  also one of the issues here is will [TS]

  audience acceptance I mean will the [TS]

  audience except somebody other than sean [TS]

  connery in a major motion pictures james [TS]

  bond will they accept George lasenby [TS]

  maybe not although I I think history a [TS]

  lot of people now look back in that [TS]

  movie and say it's actually not a bad [TS]

  movie and he's fine or you know when [TS]

  when Roger Moore you is another [TS]

  larger-than-life figure replaces Sean [TS]

  comic will people accept that will you [TS]

  no will people accept [TS]

  Zachary Quinto as Spock right we'll [TS]

  we'll people except somebody as the [TS]

  second person in the in the part and [TS]

  then you know Indiana Jones again to [TS]

  come back to that will people except [TS]

  some you know modern 35 year old actor [TS]

  getting cast as Indiana Jones movie yeah [TS]

  what it's like back in the fifties when [TS]

  the Lone Ranger was you know a popular [TS]

  show on television and supposedly [TS]

  clayton moore asked for a raise because [TS]

  well it's a popular show and they said [TS]

  that anyone can put on the mask so for [TS]

  one year in the middle of that run the [TS]

  lone Ranger's played by an actor named [TS]

  john hart and the audience revolted and [TS]

  one year later boom there's clayton [TS]

  moore and he got his rays and and you [TS]

  think he's wearing a hat and a mask the [TS]

  whole time [TS]

  what's the difference but there's just [TS]

  something in the way he played it i [TS]

  don't know there's definitely a [TS]

  difference [TS]

  I mean I just thinking of Babylon 5 when [TS]

  I'm not often on character who is under [TS]

  so much makeup you can barely tell who's [TS]

  who [TS]

  they changed actresses for a one-season [TS]

  i think it was [TS]

  yeah and yeah I was displeased you can [TS]

  tell I'm not the same person [TS]

  yeah yeah I mean she was fine but just [TS]

  to die it wasn't the Natasha had come to [TS]

  normal huh [TS]

  Andy what do you think about this [TS]

  subject [TS]

  well we talked about a whole bunch of [TS]

  different circumstances here you have I [TS]

  i also had a Hello Dolly though i was i [TS]

  have the more the more glaring [TS]

  difference between is did the diviners [TS]

  check Carol Channing and Barbra [TS]

  Streisand who was a high-wattage [TS]

  Broadway superpower even at the time so [TS]

  i can understand why that deal was [TS]

  struck but what a damn shame that Carol [TS]

  Channing's performance was not recorded [TS]

  for posterity [TS]

  although perhaps given how bad that [TS]

  movie was it was ok i mean you have you [TS]

  have heavy [TS]

  ok I'm sorry will begin looking back on [TS]

  track there are lots of its on the stage [TS]

  there's a tradition that here is the [TS]

  here is the script for the players the [TS]

  music for the play we're going to cast [TS]

  and we're gonna mount various production [TS]

  so that's kind of goes with those par [TS]

  for the course and then there are also [TS]

  times when a character just fails to [TS]

  launch with the original casting [TS]

  yeah you were brought up course James [TS]

  Bond but also peter sellers wasn't the [TS]

  first person to play clue so that was [TS]

  actually Alan Arkin hookah who else [TS]

  could play lieutenant Columbo but Peter [TS]

  Falk but there was an acrobat by the [TS]

  name of bird freed who played the [TS]

  trombone the original pilot and you [TS]

  could certainly say that those [TS]

  characters and those actors prove that [TS]

  these characters weren't really great in [TS]

  and of themselves that required exactly [TS]

  the right actor to bring them to life [TS]

  but it's a different thing when you [TS]

  start talking about you have an [TS]

  established character like hella like [TS]

  Indiana Jones i almost said Harrison [TS]

  Ford because it's it's her husband Lord [TS]

  will now be played by decra spine see [TS]

  all the hairs Lord story you'll get [TS]

  chris pine you put on for you would put [TS]

  on press the prosthetics to make him [TS]

  look like Harrison Ford and then put [TS]

  prosthetics on top of that to make it [TS]

  look like Harrison Ford wearing makeup [TS]

  I think Chris Pine should play every [TS]

  part that gets it gets expensive it gets [TS]

  it gets complicated right every part now [TS]

  it is it's it's hard to contemplate [TS]

  though because on the one hand we want [TS]

  to say that but these Indiana Jones [TS]

  movies are fine they're perfect they're [TS]

  great [TS]

  there's really no need to start them all [TS]

  over again if not for the fifth not for [TS]

  the the necessity of Hollywood to say [TS]

  that we need to reboot the franchise me [TS]

  to start creating new movies we can't [TS]

  the weed we can't just simply rely on [TS]

  the equity that we built out of these uh [TS]

  these four movies that we can keep [TS]

  selling forever and ever and ever and [TS]

  the thing is they're not going to cast a [TS]

  35 year old actor they're going to cast [TS]

  a 23 24 25 year old actor and it's [TS]

  probably not going to be somebody who [TS]

  starts off with so that brings so much [TS]

  to the bank as Harrison Ford did [TS]

  remember that by the time that he was he [TS]

  was that he was the guy we knew from [TS]

  Star Wars it was it was Han Solo in the [TS]

  thirties as an archaeologist and he [TS]

  brought that with them from frame 1 of [TS]

  that movie and you can't imagine even [TS]

  someone 35 years old to 35 year old [TS]

  actor today who could jump into that [TS]

  role and instantly kick-started that way [TS]

  you certainly can't imagine a 25-year [TS]

  old actor [TS]

  doing that particularly given that they [TS]

  have two sisters from frame 1 they have [TS]

  to make us forget about Harrison Ford [TS]

  and it's it's I know this how Hollywood [TS]

  works but you're kind of frustrated by [TS]

  that the last guy I just like I think [TS]

  everybody else they can come off their [TS]

  list of you know trying to say someone [TS]

  is gonna be the first to say Darren [TS]

  Stevens so I can't say there and Stevens [TS]

  but i found as i was writing up this [TS]

  list I can I was surprised to find [TS]

  myself writing down charlie brown that [TS]

  sort of proves two sides of this of this [TS]

  coin that of it was very radical when [TS]

  they in the city in the sixties when [TS]

  they cast actual children in the voice [TS]

  of the Peanuts characters for the first [TS]

  TV commercial then the then the first [TS]

  special and as they age out of the role [TS]

  they would hire new children to play [TS]

  those roles you don't have a consistency [TS]

  that you would have liked of of a bart [TS]

  simpson so but that's kind of okay [TS]

  because you know the you understand that [TS]

  that's that's how they do that through [TS]

  the character however now that we know [TS]

  that they're working on a new version [TS]

  new peanuts movie that is going to be [TS]

  done in 3d and to me this is almost [TS]

  exactly like recasting the character [TS]

  because in the UK even in traditional 2d [TS]

  animation you could not get animation [TS]

  that was flattered than the animation [TS]

  you'd have in the peanuts specials and [TS]

  the penis movies [TS]

  I mean it really is like looking at [TS]

  flatland you had characters that [TS]

  couldn't even that they build lenses [TS]

  which was talking about how how hard it [TS]

  was the first time they had animate [TS]

  Charlie Brown and Snoopy because these [TS]

  characters had never been designed to do [TS]

  something as simple as touch the top of [TS]

  their heads they're so flat and so now [TS]

  they have to sort of recast them and try [TS]

  to figure out how does this work in 3d [TS]

  how does this not only doesn't work in [TS]

  three dimensions but how does it work in [TS]

  something approximating natural lighting [TS]

  where they finally have to say finally [TS]

  have to answer the question of what does [TS]

  Charlie Brown's head really look like is [TS]

  he bald or does he have just like light [TS]

  blonde hair that's like--that's so short [TS]

  that it it gets drawn as just a few [TS]

  wisps of hair [TS]

  and so it's it's just part of it but [TS]

  quick gets down to in all these cases is [TS]

  the user interface between the the [TS]

  viewer and the movie itself that if a [TS]

  character is so closely matched and [TS]

  people's heads to Harrison Ford or to [TS]

  the way we see Charlie Brown all the [TS]

  time it's just going to be such a [TS]

  failure of user interface will not be [TS]

  able to get into this movie because [TS]

  we're going to say [TS]

  Shia LaBeouf is not Indiana Jones I [TS]

  don't see anybody don't see him [TS]

  I don't see him getting out of a problem [TS]

  of not being able to open a carton of [TS]

  milk let alone being face-to-face with [TS]

  temple by a giant rolling stone ball [TS]

  that's that's the problem facing he goes [TS]

  into the big the big cavern and there's [TS]

  a sitting on the pedestal is the is a [TS]

  carton of milk and he's like Africans [TS]

  we're gonna go where do they make this [TS]

  so hard for you could've ended then you [TS]

  pull damn so Andy's a gonna just going [TS]

  to subtitle this this episode when they [TS]

  ruin everything everything you know the [TS]

  same let me just post script that it's [TS]

  it's always worth trying because because [TS]

  there's always if if it's horrible the [TS]

  original movie is still there [TS]

  I i agree with you that I'd that the the [TS]

  remake of Willy Wonka absolutely did [TS]

  nothing for me but that didn't affect [TS]

  the fact that there's still the gene [TS]

  wilder version is still perfect and [TS]

  there's always a chance it'll be very [TS]

  very good so he gotta get you got it you [TS]

  got except that just because you know [TS]

  are the new generation Spock might not [TS]

  be the same as the spot we grew up in [TS]

  its / is a perfectly valid Spock it's [TS]

  perfectly sturdy dr. it's a perfectly ok [TS]

  no it's fine it's fine it'll work [TS]

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  think i mentioned Shakespeare earlier i [TS]

  think that was that was the pitch the JJ [TS]

  Abrams I know took to the actors when he [TS]

  was trying to cast them in the in the [TS]

  Star Trek relaunch he said look I don't [TS]

  don't do a wave Shatner impression [TS]

  oh god don't do that i'm going to do you [TS]

  know consider consider all those you [TS]

  know classic Shakespeare characters that [TS]

  everybody brings their own [TS]

  interpretation of the part you know [TS]

  interpret Captain Kirk interpret mr. [TS]

  Spock don't do an impression although [TS]

  there are a few moments and JJ Abrams [TS]

  first Star Trek movie where there [TS]

  are some uh I think intentional [TS]

  impressions uh Karl Urban does a divorce [TS]

  Kelly in a couple of parts that's great [TS]

  and that's not linked the its brief but [TS]

  it's it's a good scowl and continuity [TS]

  exists he was cast for his eyes his [TS]

  eyebrows yeah he's going to have [TS]

  articulated eyebrows to be McCoy after [TS]

  that do whatever you want just inhabit [TS]

  behalf but think of the character don't [TS]

  think the actor think of the character [TS]

  and try to be true as an actor to this [TS]

  to this character now I you know any [TS]

  other Jones III wasn't even suggesting [TS]

  that they would remake raiders of the [TS]

  lost ark got that terrifies me but just [TS]

  the idea that they make new Indiana [TS]

  Jones would say this is Indiana Jones in [TS]

  the you know and just like let's pretend [TS]

  it never happened and just go on a new [TS]

  YouTube in the twenties and I you know [TS]

  jason reitman you've been a little [TS]

  you've been a little quiet i want to get [TS]

  you into the action here what do you [TS]

  think about all this [TS]

  yeah well i think the and he brings up a [TS]

  good point about being too close to the [TS]

  one that comes before I think the [TS]

  superman movie superman returns with [TS]

  Brandon Roth oh yeah it was too much [TS]

  like trying to be Christopher Reeve in [TS]

  the movie was a little bit too much like [TS]

  an homage to the ones that come before [TS]

  and it didn't work he definitely was i [TS]

  you got the sense he was cast because he [TS]

  was the most Christopher Reeve like [TS]

  after not right and certainly the most [TS]

  Superman like just read like of all the [TS]

  Christopher Reeves around here the [TS]

  Christopher radius exactly anything like [TS]

  the the ones that i think are really [TS]

  successful or like the doctor who's or [TS]

  James Bond where they don't try to it [TS]

  they reinvent the show or the movie not [TS]

  just recast the character because the [TS]

  the first three doctors those shows bear [TS]

  no resemblance to each other they're [TS]

  completely different shows the little [TS]

  bit less so in the modern era but in the [TS]

  James Bond like Daniel Craig is a [TS]

  completely different bond then all the [TS]

  ones that came before because it's the [TS]

  movies are of a different time and [TS]

  they're not trying to be the spy drama [TS]

  anymore at least not in Casino Royale [TS]

  which was his most successful the the in [TS]

  that one [TS]

  I forget who was it said that you had to [TS]

  sort of like captured from the very [TS]

  first moment i was against Daniel Craig [TS]

  when he was cast because he didn't look [TS]

  like bond he was you know blonde and [TS]

  Jack and I was completely against it [TS]

  even as the movie began but by the last [TS]

  scene where he finally says bond James [TS]

  Bond I had like he was the only bond [TS]

  yeah yeah yeahs that point and they sort [TS]

  of used the movie to transition the [TS]

  audience as it's all about the magic of [TS]

  casting where I was having a discussion [TS]

  met at the Denver Comic Con on a panel [TS]

  ones because they're people who they're [TS]

  getting also they're getting all worried [TS]

  because there's rumors that oh my god [TS]

  they're thinking about the new Fantastic [TS]

  Four reboot they're thinking about [TS]

  casting a black actor as a human torch [TS]

  we cannot have this happen and the thing [TS]

  is it's it's all about casting the right [TS]

  actor with if the if you cast the right [TS]

  actor guaranteed like three minutes [TS]

  after they make their first appearance [TS]

  you the the audience forgets all about [TS]

  whatever they thought this character [TS]

  look like getting back to the producers [TS]

  i also was lucky enough to see the [TS]

  producers during the Broadway run and to [TS]

  me whenever I think of max max [TS]

  Bialystock now I style i think of Nathan [TS]

  Lane I don't think of you know I I don't [TS]

  think of the original actor i still [TS]

  think of gene wilder as as Leo because I [TS]

  don't think Matthew Broderick really [TS]

  worked but again if you cast right it [TS]

  thatthat's 95 percentile our 10 months [TS]

  tellin it and Matthew Broderick are [TS]

  sitting on the sidelines clutching their [TS]

  blankies now the phenomenon of of making [TS]

  it different enough and not trying to [TS]

  get two copies is similar to just kind [TS]

  of in a flipped way what actors go [TS]

  through when you have an actor that's [TS]

  known for playing one particular role [TS]

  when they move on and leave that show or [TS]

  whatever it is to try to do something [TS]

  different or do something else if they'd [TS]

  pick another role that's very similar to [TS]

  the first roll [TS]

  it's just like a pale carbon copy of [TS]

  that and I think a lot of x axis actors [TS]

  really excel when they tried to change [TS]

  it up and go for something different and [TS]

  I think it works the same way with [TS]

  characters if you are trying to copy [TS]

  make you know another Christopher Reeve [TS]

  ease Superman it's it's it's clearly [TS]

  just imitation and it falls on its face [TS]

  real fast [TS]

  I guess that's the genius of casting and [TS]

  originally he wasn't going to be Indiana [TS]

  Jones forecasting Harrison Ford is in [TS]

  the energy [TS]

  was it really played off of his success [TS]

  as han Solo and it was essentially the [TS]

  same people involved in doing it and so [TS]

  maybe that's the exception that proves [TS]

  the rule but I i think that's true okay [TS]

  you knew this guy he was a lovable rogue [TS]

  he is lovable rogue ear again over here [TS]

  when it's it's really weird to imagine [TS]

  Tom Selleck was the first choice and the [TS]

  only reason he couldn't do it was [TS]

  because that they picked up the pilot [TS]

  for magnum and so you know when magma [TS]

  zone and that story came out of it [TS]

  well MB be interesting i don't know and [TS]

  you know I saw high road to China and [TS]

  when no no I see what they were going [TS]

  for the right i mean david hate you and [TS]

  I are right [TS]

  RRR Meg me I aficionados we can say and [TS]

  and like Indiana Jones like Harrison [TS]

  Ford is Indiana Jones magnum he's all [TS]

  again one of those heroes who is human [TS]

  and gets hurt and is not you know Johnny [TS]

  square job but actually is like you get [TS]

  the sense that it's a lot of hard work [TS]

  and it sometimes is quite painful to be [TS]

  an adventurer and and and I so I get it [TS]

  I get what they were going for with with [TS]

  him thinking of him for that part [TS]

  because you know I could see him playing [TS]

  something like that but you don't know [TS]

  not Harrison and in i think was like [TS]

  maybe the next last episode or two [TS]

  episodes from the end of magnum they did [TS]

  an episode called legend of the lost art [TS]

  and and he's got the leather jacket in [TS]

  the fedora he's doing the whole Indiana [TS]

  Jones thing and and when I watched that [TS]

  the first time I went now now this is [TS]

  why i think the most part actors who are [TS]

  smart they don't get they don't get too [TS]

  upset that I like I was supposed to be [TS]

  Marty McFly and I can they precast me [TS]

  and I think I could have been this [TS]

  legendary guide had these three movies [TS]

  sorry [TS]

  the old sarum exactly that but that's [TS]

  but that that I think I think the smart [TS]

  actor says no this became a huge success [TS]

  because they put that person in that [TS]

  role of my it might have been a [TS]

  different kind of success had I had that [TS]

  movie but this is not they could have [TS]

  just put anybody in that role and had [TS]

  Indiana Jones casting is huge right [TS]

  casting there are there are TV shows and [TS]

  in movies too but I think about it with [TS]

  TV shows especially the ones that they [TS]

  go on to last eight or nine years that [TS]

  that I look at it and say you know [TS]

  sitcoms yes there are better set comes [TS]

  in there are worse that comes but there [TS]

  are also lots of succumbs that are fine [TS]

  they're mediocre they're fine they're [TS]

  they're funny they're good they're well [TS]

  written but what are the ones that last [TS]

  and become huge hits and without without [TS]

  fail i would say it's because of the [TS]

  casting because they got the right [TS]

  actors i watched a actually watched a [TS]

  documentary on Three's Company last [TS]

  night and I hadn't realized that the [TS]

  that the the pilot that actually aired [TS]

  was the third version of the pilot [TS]

  because they had to change actors i mean [TS]

  they had John Ritter from the very [TS]

  beginning but they just at first didn't [TS]

  did not hit it with the first two girls [TS]

  and then try to get and then finally on [TS]

  the third time they ended up with [TS]

  Suzanne Somers and George do with her [TS]

  name is escaping just wait yes thank you [TS]

  very much and like that was the magic [TS]

  the magic key and then when Suzanne [TS]

  Somers left they tried to replace her [TS]

  and didn't do it right the first time [TS]

  and ended up with one season and out and [TS]

  and then hit on the nurse after that I [TS]

  think Jack Tripper also sitting on the [TS]

  nurse after that I'm sorry [TS]

  singing man i don't want your baby later [TS]

  the the original pilot was written by [TS]

  Larry Gelbart who did mash and you know [TS]

  funny thing happened on the way to the [TS]

  forum and all these you know great [TS]

  things and it didn't work either [TS]

  and you don't see his name associated [TS]

  with threes company anywhere except in a [TS]

  flip so so it's inside combination of [TS]

  you know I mean pretty much john ritter [TS]

  was it and as soon as they fixed [TS]

  everything around him that kind of work [TS]

  yeah cap I'm casting us is is so huge [TS]

  and and you can see when they get it [TS]

  wrong when they get it right well a [TS]

  coupling which we mentioned before on [TS]

  the show that they took Steven Moffat [TS]

  scripts which are brilliant and coupling [TS]

  is one of my favorite sitcoms of all [TS]

  time and and I designed that the DVD [TS]

  packaging for that just throwing that [TS]

  out [TS]

  yes that's right i have that DVD have [TS]

  the right to have them [TS]

  yes that was it in an earlier life jason [TS]

  reitman design that packaging and then [TS]

  they just took those scripts and made [TS]

  them in America with new people [TS]

  some actors of whom have gone on to have [TS]

  other roles and shown that they're [TS]

  perfectly fine actors and it was a [TS]

  disaster [TS]

  it was a disaster and it wasn't the [TS]

  scripts were bad it was that the the [TS]

  scripts and the people didn't go [TS]

  together and it failed and you know and [TS]

  the UK the same scripts were brilliant [TS]

  and it wasn't the accents and was not [TS]

  the accidents that were the problem is [TS]

  totally the accidents there's a little [TS]

  bit more sense i think i think that's I [TS]

  think that's part of the key here that [TS]

  if they were to cast a new actor as [TS]

  Superman as Indiana Jones as any bending [TS]

  famous name as Colombo's any famous name [TS]

  you want to mention and they tried to [TS]

  tell the audience that this is the exact [TS]

  same movie series this is Indiana Jones [TS]

  chapter 5 this happens after crystal [TS]

  skull try to ignore the fact that this [TS]

  is not Harrison for the role but this is [TS]

  the same story that you spent the past [TS]

  20 years watching we would not buy or [TS]

  lease would be a and B inhumanly [TS]

  difficult thing for that movie to pull [TS]

  off whereas if you say that this is a [TS]

  brand that we're rebooting it this is a [TS]

  brand new series we're starting a brand [TS]

  new Superman series we're starting a [TS]

  brand new star trek series with new [TS]

  actors there is some legacy with the old [TS]

  one but we're not saying that this has [TS]

  any sort of logical through line from [TS]

  whatever stories or whatever scenarios [TS]

  were from the original then when you [TS]

  start off with this clean slate like [TS]

  that i think it just prepares the [TS]

  audience to accept that this is going to [TS]

  be some things that are brand-new from [TS]

  here on out I mean doctor who is [TS]

  certainly going to be is the difference [TS]

  here because they're they're sort of [TS]

  explicitly saying no this is this the [TS]

  the doctor regenerates so there's going [TS]

  to be a new people even in James Bond I [TS]

  think that part I think that most James [TS]

  Bond fans write a little bit of [TS]

  backstory a little bit of that says that [TS]

  at some point this there's no way that [TS]

  james bond that the the the spy who is [TS]

  carrying the name james bond is going to [TS]

  live forever he's gonna get killed in [TS]

  action at which point they simply take [TS]

  his car they take his ID they take his [TS]

  stuff and give it to the next guy who's [TS]

  going to be dead in three in three years [TS]

  anyway and make him James Bond because [TS]

  it wasn't under where it says that on [TS]

  the back and in the opening in the [TS]

  opening scene of on her majesty's secret [TS]

  service George Lazenby [TS]

  his bond hinted that he says this never [TS]

  happened to the other guy the other guy [TS]

  yeah this is this is why I always I [TS]

  always I i like the rock a lot more than [TS]

  I probably should because i always see [TS]

  it's a James Bond movie i always see it [TS]

  as this this is again at the at the end [TS]

  of shark honorees last likes to do it [TS]

  that adventure ended with James Bond [TS]

  being thrown into jail and of course his [TS]

  Majesty's Secret Service had a disavow [TS]

  them completely so he's just been [TS]

  rotting in jail for 30 years and we're [TS]

  seeing a great james bond money with [TS]

  nicolas cage as a Bond girl that's where [TS]

  it falls down [TS]

  it's not as noted that when you know [TS]

  kissing royale is a good example where [TS]

  we're seeing behind the beginning and [TS]

  yet it's not as sort of like made to fit [TS]

  into some continuity although the most [TS]

  recent bond they get the old aston [TS]

  martin and it's like oh it's this old [TS]

  car and he's like supposedly knows about [TS]

  it it's like but it's like 2013 and this [TS]

  but it doesn't really make any sense a [TS]

  but other than as a nod to the past but [TS]

  I liked that it was it was 15th [TS]

  anniversary it was common sure we're [TS]

  starting fresh and it's and it's fine [TS]

  and Batman Begins is the same way right [TS]

  there's no there's no baggage there it's [TS]

  like here's Christian Bale he's Bruce [TS]

  Wayne he's gonna learn to be Batman and [TS]

  we're coming on that journey with him I [TS]

  I can't believe we haven't mentioned [TS]

  we've talked about so many seventies TV [TS]

  shows which is the direction i didn't [TS]

  think this would go [TS]

  colombo Three's Company magnum p.i SATs [TS]

  ok old TV shows we haven't talked about [TS]

  Batman which is another thing which is [TS]

  not quite original actor because there [TS]

  were lots of original actors like with [TS]

  Superman and yet that's it that's a case [TS]

  to where you have to keep rethinking the [TS]

  part well yeah every version of that is [TS]

  different we add the the cereals in the [TS]

  forties which are wonderful when you [TS]

  watch them with rifftrax and then the [TS]

  Adam West the Adam West one which is [TS]

  intentionally funny and then let's see [TS]

  didn't really I mean you had the cartoon [TS]

  version in the seventies which was okay [TS]

  right and then you didn't like a [TS]

  live-action Batman until Michael Keaton [TS]

  who is again completely different p.m. [TS]

  at least in that case the source [TS]

  material had gone through so many [TS]

  iterations from the 30 to 40 to 50 right [TS]

  that it [TS]

  there is so many aspects to that [TS]

  character that you can take all these [TS]

  different takes already exists in the [TS]

  source material of the bob kane Batman [TS]

  the neal adams Batman the john byrne [TS]

  Batman the frank miller Batman that they [TS]

  looked around had already been played [TS]

  pretty well yeah yeah one of the [TS]

  earliest examples of this is back in the [TS]

  forties there was a series of films [TS]

  about a hero named the Falcon didn't [TS]

  dresses anything he was like this ain't [TS]

  where it's just sort of the suave [TS]

  debonair crime-solving guy and he was [TS]

  played by george sanders and after a [TS]

  couple of movies Sanders said you know [TS]

  what I don't want to do this anymore and [TS]

  so they they wrote a film called the [TS]

  Falcons brother and his brother shows up [TS]

  and they solve a crime together and then [TS]

  tom conway keeps playing the Falcon he [TS]

  just assumes the name from his brother [TS]

  and that's the rest of the series which [TS]

  that's a different way of doing it but [TS]

  it's kind of inspiring middle segment [TS]

  there though [TS]

  yes Alan and his brother into this and [TS]

  it sounds set so sweet i was find the [TS]

  audience reaction to this very [TS]

  interesting i think i think it's a [TS]

  little different when you have a show as [TS]

  andy said like doctor who were or film [TS]

  franchise like James Bond where by now [TS]

  it's become expected but for the at the [TS]

  first time you know people i'm sure [TS]

  freaked out I wasn't around back in the [TS]

  sixties but i have to it [TS]

  expect a lot of people went through the [TS]

  same freaked out that other people are [TS]

  going through now thinking about a new [TS]

  Indiana Jones or a new Luke Skywalker or [TS]

  whatever it might be and I wonderful get [TS]

  to the point down the road where people [TS]

  are just expecting another Luke [TS]

  Skywalker every 10 years or so I mean [TS]

  not that people don't scream and yell [TS]

  and throw hissy fits at every single [TS]

  actor that's cast as the doctor and [TS]

  doctor who but they're there they're [TS]

  screaming after the casting as opposed [TS]

  to before and you're not screaming about [TS]

  the casting just that it exists it's who [TS]

  gets cast no no it's totally different [TS]

  now do all these two young we work with [TS]

  the big talker talking online with [TS]

  something about the the new robocop [TS]

  movie and I don't have any sort of [TS]

  emotional attachment robocop was it was [TS]

  cool movie but I'm not gonna be dear mr. [TS]

  Twitter person [TS]

  he brung into think I don't really care [TS]

  about it [TS]

  not like this one of the Internet's [TS]

  foremost robocop Ian's I am how to raise [TS]

  your cooperation of the franchise as the [TS]

  leading editor of the robocop wikipedia [TS]

  page of which you should be aware if you [TS]

  report to you screen writer every [TS]

  robocup movie [TS]

  do not ignore robocop 3 the [TS]

  direct-to-video sequel that has [TS]

  important continuity in it [TS]

  you're clearly using mark 7 robocop leg [TS]

  armor that was made after they made [TS]

  Peter whether complained about teaching [TS]

  in the lower calf area is once the [TS]

  original little cup by the way but it [TS]

  was allergic to paint [TS]

  yes yeah my god you broke me all the but [TS]

  sees it that was with buddy ups and make [TS]

  good for losing the Tin Woodsman got to [TS]

  get they get they gave them what they [TS]

  gave him once piece of sunday start work [TS]

  also his is his second surance was [TS]

  lapsing so if they gave him one day of [TS]

  work for the work he get his insurance [TS]

  read so that was it wasn't it was a nice [TS]

  nod to the classical it to the past it's [TS]

  called Robo sheriff back then energy [TS]

  would watch burnaby robocop they did a [TS]

  rewrite yeah uh I don't know I kind of [TS]

  think that Robocop is more of a Mannix [TS]

  type you know sort of a touch Conners [TS]

  sort of you know it gets a lot of use [TS]

  sort of sort of armor pattern sort of [TS]

  thing [TS]

  yeah and good good theme music anyway [TS]

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  uncomfortable when i was about to say is [TS]

  that as it doesn't I don't get upset [TS]

  about it but it's more like I wish that [TS]

  they would create a brand new iconic [TS]

  character for a new generation of moving [TS]

  goers instead of doing something that [TS]

  plugs into my generations nostalgia [TS]

  I mean we're we're in our forties now [TS]

  we're probably not going to go see a [TS]

  movie go go to the movies to pay $11 to [TS]

  see I'm a character were probably got [TS]

  sick of 15 years ago want to create what [TS]

  where where is where is the wonderful [TS]

  new character that how it was going to [TS]

  reel in 20 years from booting and [TS]

  rooting for this generation he can't [TS]

  just remake things you also have to make [TS]

  new things [TS]

  vibro i wrote down in that email that I [TS]

  said to you guys the you know who knows [TS]

  the star wars will do this we're talking [TS]

  about they're gonna do you know episode [TS]

  7 and it's going to have the original [TS]

  actors I apparently it needs in these [TS]

  roles but i'm sure that unless the new [TS]

  Star Wars movies become you know [TS]

  gigantic cultural hits forever i mean [TS]

  i'm sure it's inevitable that they will [TS]

  go and remake star wars right they'll [TS]

  tear it up and we use it when we make it [TS]

  will be a new ally and just the money [TS]

  the money I feel like it's an almost [TS]

  inevitable that they will 20 years from [TS]

  now this feels like the smartest thing [TS]

  for them to do is to cast the 17 hours [TS]

  elderly older like older Jedi people [TS]

  from from the original cast so now again [TS]

  the middle of the people in there the [TS]

  their forties and fifties and sixties [TS]

  are wow great we get to see Harrison [TS]

  Ford as han solo again but also have [TS]

  Bert make most of the movie about brand [TS]

  new characters because I get it shocks [TS]

  us to say this but people who are like [TS]

  in their teens early twenties they don't [TS]

  have the same [TS]

  connection to Luke Skywalker that we [TS]

  have the phone and I'm just I'm just [TS]

  saying there's a difference there [TS]

  standing and now in there they're gonna [TS]

  do that but I just feel like it's [TS]

  inevitable that eventually they're gonna [TS]

  be like and let's just go back to the [TS]

  like with the slight with Star Trek [TS]

  build those said let's go back to that [TS]

  original and tell that story again the [TS]

  first one was really good let's use that [TS]

  Chris Pine can be obi-wan Kenobi because [TS]

  we'll be old enough to find that i [TS]

  really like the clone wars series and [TS]

  that was stuff that had absolutely no [TS]

  nostalgia factor for me at all and that [TS]

  that's where I see that I i love the [TS]

  fact that Frances that in the star wars [TS]

  universe that there is a star wars for [TS]

  pretty much every generation out there [TS]

  that has very little contact with its [TS]

  part of the same shared universe but has [TS]

  very little contact with the star wars [TS]

  the seventies and eighties or the star [TS]

  wars of the nineties for the star wars [TS]

  of a of the first decade of the 21st [TS]

  century [TS]

  that's how you keep a franchise alive [TS]

  not by always replaying the the first [TS]

  three scripts but by finding a way to [TS]

  just expand the territory and find new [TS]

  ground i agree with you i just i I'm so [TS]

  cynical about the way that Hollywood [TS]

  does three makes things shamelessly the [TS]

  broadcasting is maybe darken with ok [TS]

  I've turned my back on hope and love [TS]

  each James Bond movie [TS]

  aside from the kind of daniel craig [TS]

  stuff was kind of the same and that was [TS]

  sort of comforting and no I when I went [TS]

  and saw them with my dad when I was a [TS]

  kid and you know it was my kid gets [TS]

  older i'm going to take him to see James [TS]

  Bond stuff and you it's you know he's [TS]

  always gonna end up in the the the life [TS]

  preserver with the girl at the end of [TS]

  the movie [TS]

  yes with you'd be unlikely button that [TS]

  he presses that summons the yacht right [TS]

  and that I don't necessarily think they [TS]

  do need to remake something for every [TS]

  generation there's like subtle shifts at [TS]

  to make it more kind of contextually [TS]

  relevant i guess but the the heart like [TS]

  all of my fears about remix went away [TS]

  with Star Trek and I never thought like [TS]

  anybody but William Shatner would be [TS]

  Kirk and and you know i have no problem [TS]

  leaving Chris Pine is Kirk yeah Chris [TS]

  David overwhelming casting they did a [TS]

  good job Natalie yeah and and that that [TS]

  works a lot and i agree with you I think [TS]

  it's funny the fear of it and yeah I [TS]

  noticed also that phantom fear just like [TS]

  no sacrilege sacrilege but good actors [TS]

  and good scripts and fun and and with [TS]

  Star Trek we mentioned this i think on a [TS]

  previous episode 1.1 the problems with [TS]

  Star Trek is there was such a length of [TS]

  time before between when they finish the [TS]

  show and when they start doing the [TS]

  movies that all those movies ended up [TS]

  being about the original crew getting [TS]

  older and dealing with mortality when in [TS]

  fact the thing that people loved about [TS]

  the original series was that they were [TS]

  young and having adventures and they [TS]

  never got to do that in the movies and [TS]

  so by rebooting star trek and casting [TS]

  young actors are like hey we get to do [TS]

  that now we get to have movies that are [TS]

  not about Kirk breaking his glasses [TS]

  because he's very old man can't see very [TS]

  well and that's good that's that's [TS]

  that's uh that's nice but it did require [TS]

  going over that line and as a as an [TS]

  original Star Trek fan from when I was [TS]

  you know before I can even remember that [TS]

  was a that was a big thing like okay [TS]

  how's this gonna go is this is this [TS]

  gonna be okay and and now we're in a [TS]

  different world where I feel like of [TS]

  course these are iconic characters I [TS]

  would you know I went to track in the [TS]

  park in portland this summer which is [TS]

  they do a star trek episode in the park [TS]

  on a stage in front of several thousand [TS]

  people every sunday during the summer [TS]

  they did it for five years and and I was [TS]

  primed for having already seen you know [TS]

  the James Abrahams reroute but it was at [TS]

  that moment of like these are great [TS]

  characters and it's in the scripts are [TS]

  funny and it doesn't matter that these [TS]

  are sort of random actors playing these [TS]

  parts because i know these parts i know [TS]

  that Scotty is going to get into a fight [TS]

  on the Klingon space station because [TS]

  they insult the enterprise and it wasn't [TS]

  James doing and it wasn't simon pegg and [TS]

  it didn't matter because you know [TS]

  because it was Scotty and I know who [TS]

  Scott he is and and it's funny to come [TS]

  that way from from it only being one [TS]

  actor for the first 40 years of that [TS]

  characters existence and I mean even [TS]

  Shakespeare his plays were mostly [TS]

  remakes and things cobbled together from [TS]

  other stories that people probably [TS]

  already knew at the time so they were [TS]

  familiar with with who handle it was you [TS]

  know he added his own spin on it but you [TS]

  know the the ideas were already there so [TS]

  what you're saying is that you're a [TS]

  better play right then he [TS]

  was because your radio dramas are [TS]

  original oh yeah say at least have the [TS]

  courage to say that's all I'm saying [TS]

  good we all feel better now [TS]

  hey at least I change the name yeah [TS]

  change the 60s right have to do change [TS]

  the names nobody's given gonna know one [TS]

  thing that I think makes it a little [TS]

  easier to swallow is when or I guess [TS]

  it's more than on the flip side it makes [TS]

  it harder to swallow when I feel like [TS]

  they are either rebooting or recasting [TS]

  somebody just to sort of make a quick [TS]

  buck and appeal to the the crowd [TS]

  whereas when it's something that I feel [TS]

  like the creator's really truly loved [TS]

  that what came before and are trying to [TS]

  to remake it for a new audience to to [TS]

  share that love as opposed to raking in [TS]

  the Bucks that helps which is why I [TS]

  think doctor who has been so successful [TS]

  because both Russell Russell T Davies [TS]

  and Steven Moffat huge huge fans of the [TS]

  show I mean they're probably some of the [TS]

  biggest fan boys in the entire world and [TS]

  i think that they put their heart and [TS]

  soul into the show and that that shows [TS]

  whereas i don't know maybe I'm [TS]

  completely wrong about the robocop thing [TS]

  but from everything that like that i [TS]

  keep seeing and hearing I feel like it's [TS]

  more of a cash grab [TS]

  oh yeah yeah Hollywood cash grab know [TS]

  you can but you don't think so so much [TS]

  for green-lighting movies marketing now [TS]

  it's like how do you sell this movie if [TS]

  you can say well it existed before you [TS]

  act like you know Star Trek yes there [TS]

  you go [TS]

  so does everybody else 80 million [TS]

  dollars please [TS]

  that this man a check i love this man [TS]

  franchises are their own you know are [TS]

  problematic in their in their own way I [TS]

  when I was thinking about this and I'm [TS]

  thinking this is fundamentally a topic [TS]

  about things that are not singular works [TS]

  of art but our artful though they may be [TS]

  they are now product lines and what [TS]

  you're doing is you're changing almost [TS]

  like changing the spokesman for your for [TS]

  your product line what will we do [TS]

  without the Aflac duck will get a new [TS]

  athletic that's what we're going to do [TS]

  and nobody will notice the difference [TS]

  but but this is this is what this is and [TS]

  so there there's a corporate [TS]

  calculations happening to when you [TS]

  change an actor [TS]

  that I don't know it's um yeah yeah it's [TS]

  just it's just but it's it's good that [TS]

  we're not abandoning account a really [TS]

  good character just because you know the [TS]

  actor has aged out of the system so to [TS]

  speak [TS]

  i meanwhat wouldn't be horrible if we'd [TS]

  how many different interpretations have [TS]

  there been of sherlock holmes at this [TS]

  point and how many can you say have been [TS]

  truly great you can probably come up [TS]

  with at least four truly greater all i [TS]

  want to create Sherlock Holmes's yeah [TS]

  yeah and so weak i would hate to say [TS]

  it's it's hard it's hard to think of [TS]

  anybody but Frances McDormand playing [TS]

  the part of chief margin Fargo but i [TS]

  have to admit that one of the things I [TS]

  really really want to see is this is too [TS]

  great a character to never ever have any [TS]

  new stories about her so I'm really [TS]

  curious to see what this new series is [TS]

  going to be bucks i want to see more [TS]

  chief Marge [TS]

  ok so how come it if a lot of this [TS]

  recasting is about actors aging out of [TS]

  Parts wife whenever we are I can't think [TS]

  of a single example of where they recast [TS]

  kids to keep sort of the kids in a show [TS]

  at the same age o.o that you don't [TS]

  belong with all the time [TS]

  yeah i mean they they did that on [TS]

  bewitched there were several different [TS]

  Tabitha's before before she actually [TS]

  would they decided to let her be a child [TS]

  I think with child actors it's a lot [TS]

  harder because it's so hard to find a [TS]

  good child actor in the first place and [TS]

  the the field is fairly limited so [TS]

  trying to find somebody else who's going [TS]

  to be able to play the part who's going [TS]

  to be able to play period i think it's [TS]

  probably just not worth the while of the [TS]

  creators of the shows and films you do [TS]

  end up with a problem with it with the [TS]

  kids are getting older and if the if the [TS]

  premises that every year is a year [TS]

  that's not a problem if the premises [TS]

  like I was noticing that with Carl on [TS]

  the walking dead that uh you know they [TS]

  mean he's getting he's growing up and I [TS]

  guess you can say well Carl's growing up [TS]

  in this hard environment where there's [TS]

  always everywhere he's growing up but [TS]

  it's also he's growing you know he's [TS]

  getting older faster than time is [TS]

  passing on the show because they don't [TS]

  it's not a one to one thing or the best [TS]

  example there is is walked on Long swear [TS]

  it's like just gonna forget it [TS]

  whoa we got to take waltz [TS]

  way because that kid that kid grew like [TS]

  two feet in a year and will also look at [TS]

  look at look at Happy Days like with the [TS]

  first year you already had actors who [TS]

  were probably about their their 22 23 [TS]

  years old playing 16 17 hours old [TS]

  by the end it's like I Pazzi we got it [TS]

  we're about to graduate from college [TS]

  yeah I can't make it good time I gotta [TS]

  pick up my kids from the orthodontist [TS]

  well that's the that's the 90210 problem [TS]

  right with which is then you can cast [TS]

  you can cast a twenty-five-year-old as [TS]

  2418 and maybe get away with it there [TS]

  are youthful 25 but the problem is then [TS]

  the show last seven or eight years this [TS]

  was you know Buffy is my favorite show [TS]

  but the fact is those guys were more [TS]

  plausibly 16 then they were plausibly 22 [TS]

  well that's it that's best skilled [TS]

  writing what you do is you establish [TS]

  that they've got they were became very [TS]

  very heavy smokers around the 3rd season [TS]

  various unhealthy lives and age doesn't [TS]

  really give these states at back by [TS]

  Howard leaving recognize myself anymore [TS]

  they're just be a spanish expel that [TS]

  happens and they all seem older than [TS]

  they actually are [TS]

  let's see I know you don't want to talk [TS]

  about Darrin Stephens but go ahead but [TS]

  we already talked about colombo Three's [TS]

  Company and magnum p.i that we haven't [TS]

  talked about the West go ahead the thing [TS]

  that bothered me as a child watching the [TS]

  show because you know it was on every [TS]

  day right and all of a sudden one day [TS]

  there's Dickie work the next day blink [TS]

  sorry sergeant now I'm like what five or [TS]

  six and i'm trying to figure out okay [TS]

  and doors already turned him into a cow [TS]

  horse a duck a donkey [TS]

  why doesn't she just turn him back to [TS]

  the way he looked did Samantha suddenly [TS]

  decide she really liked this tall skinny [TS]

  guy better i don't know i just nobody [TS]

  noticed that it's a disease Aaron sure [TS]

  Larry Tate would have voted since and [TS]

  it's like here's a show where you could [TS]

  actually legitimately have that excuse [TS]

  oh now you got a facelift like that [TS]

  magic [TS]

  no it's just an example of how a lot of [TS]

  people always do the instruments Stevens [TS]

  vs i dream of jeannie who's more [TS]

  powerful it's clearly samantha stephens [TS]

  because she decided she wanted a [TS]

  different husband and she went out and [TS]

  got it and she's powerful enough to make [TS]

  everybody else not notice grabbed a [TS]

  drifter [TS]

  with the pic erase his existence those [TS]

  those actors were very different [TS]

  I mean that's something to get me that I [TS]

  mean I don't agree with her personal [TS]

  taste in men I at all but to each her [TS]

  own on the other hand you you do like [TS]

  the fact that at some point the [TS]

  producers say look it's just a TV show [TS]

  we can do stuff we have to do stuff like [TS]

  when like when Harry Morgan was cast as [TS]

  Colonel Potter on mash that if it's [TS]

  worth if this relaxed at interbay [TS]

  internet-based casting they say no week [TS]

  he can I know he's great for the party [TS]

  be perfectly totally revitalized the [TS]

  series but he's already been established [TS]

  as the guy who plays major general [TS]

  Bradford Hamilton steel in the episode [TS]

  the general flips at dawn we meet you [TS]

  people blow people's minds if he shows [TS]

  up again [TS]

  no no what will happen is that maybe [TS]

  four people remember him from three [TS]

  seasons ago and will probably be cool [TS]

  with it because the fans of the show if [TS]

  they were picky about that in Doctor Who [TS]

  they would have like fifty percent less [TS]

  cast and all of the classic series [TS]

  technology philip matic would have been [TS]

  out of a job right to to doctors and at [TS]

  least a couple companions have been on [TS]

  in different characters before they [TS]

  ended up as the as the meanwhile the [TS]

  doctor who you could always say like [TS]

  well they like that person filed it away [TS]

  for later like a maybe i'll be that [TS]

  person later I'll regenerate into that [TS]

  guy who was that who was that actor on [TS]

  on Babylon 5 that game apple juice again [TS]

  see this J michael Straczynski just like [TS]

  him so much that he just kept casting [TS]

  overcasting mean the guy who's the [TS]

  Inquisitor and then he brought back his [TS]

  lorien when Alexander and like a man [TS]

  wasn't he was an artist into yeah you [TS]

  keep putting back under makeup makeup [TS]

  the river just like working with them so [TS]

  much [TS]

  yeah yeah it's like Jeffrey Combs on on [TS]

  like deep space nine and enterprising I [TS]

  think he was a pussy on Voyager at some [TS]

  point you might yeah he was [TS]

  yeah the the one TV show growing up that [TS]

  really bothered me when they change the [TS]

  cast was Dukes of Hazzard oh god yes [TS]

  identical cousins they look just like [TS]

  them suddenly the blonde is wearing the [TS]

  blue shirt and the brunette is wearing [TS]

  the yellow shirt that was it and it was [TS]

  we gave our cousins are car that we love [TS]

  and our lives our parents right us so we [TS]

  can go off and racing now [TS]

  car will be back after our contract is [TS]

  settled [TS]

  hey it really seems they couldn't tell [TS]

  if they wanted to recast the roles or [TS]

  bring in different characters so they [TS]

  try to do both but they weren't that [TS]

  different right let's race anything [TS]

  similar as we can [TS]

  yeah well you know soap operas always do [TS]

  it where they just say the part of [TS]

  so-and-so is now being played very much [TS]

  like in the theatre with an understudy [TS]

  they just replace the part and just say [TS]

  have or or they get blown up and they [TS]

  have bandages on their face for a week [TS]

  and then the undo the damage is like out [TS]

  it's a new actor you look different to [TS]

  send a message to the rest of the cast [TS]

  during contract negotiations we have [TS]

  arbitrarily fired the actor playing [TS]

  Clint dark club or sometimes it really [TS]

  is an understudy because of a cast [TS]

  member gets sick and when you're [TS]

  shooting every day so you get some I [TS]

  remember when I would watch soap operas [TS]

  when i was home sick as a kid and I [TS]

  would just be so confused because I [TS]

  tuned in after the so-and-so is being [TS]

  played by so-and-so and I would be [TS]

  really confused and then the next week [TS]

  it would be back to the same person and [TS]

  I would be even more confused i was very [TS]

  upset when when Robin Brady became John [TS]

  black on days of our osmeƱa Taylor [TS]

  really not the same guy probably not the [TS]

  same guy and then it turned out of [TS]

  course there was a plot twist later and [TS]

  it wasn't the same guy [TS]

  oh you did we drink to of course it was [TS]

  a different actor you should not along [TS]

  beau soap operas they're the worst [TS]

  what's like we were watching Iron Chef [TS]

  all afternoon because the kids suddenly [TS]

  went hate this is really cool and [TS]

  there's one episode that we saw where [TS]

  the Chairman is so heartsick over the [TS]

  losing streak of the Iron Chefs that [TS]

  he's boycotting this battle and ICU [TS]

  category is the acting chairman and and [TS]

  i happen to know for reading the Iron [TS]

  Chef book [TS]

  shut up i had in my bookshelf i have [TS]

  that ok bookshelf if you been all my [TS]

  life [TS]

  anyway but he he was the actor himself [TS]

  was on tour in the japanese version of [TS]

  lame is that lame as he's on the world [TS]

  the world soundtrack where it's [TS]

  different people and lame is from all [TS]

  over the world he's one of the one of [TS]

  the people on that he's representing [TS]

  Japan is the chairman Sir Michael [TS]

  learned so much tonight you guys [TS]

  actually it makes me mad that Iron Chef [TS]

  USA has the guy who supposedly like the [TS]

  nephew of of the Chairman he is not the [TS]

  Chairman is a kick but he's also [TS]

  unaccepting he [TS]

  also no fat on the new hawaii five-o now [TS]

  the chairman on Iron Chef America it's a [TS]

  whole evil conspiracy is brilliant [TS]

  wow did that means that you know that [TS]

  now the chairman has a carry permit [TS]

  how does that influence your thinking [TS]

  about what's going on inside the inside [TS]

  kitchen stadium now this this has gone [TS]

  in directions that I never expected and [TS]

  yet you know i should expect that from [TS]

  this podcast by now just not where we go [TS]

  which I i used to me is when when when [TS]

  Ninja Warrior start airing on the g4 [TS]

  network [TS]

  I always decided that I'm gonna start [TS]

  believe that this is how they choose [TS]

  they train and choose the palace guards [TS]

  for kitchen Stadium [TS]

  yeah I like that yeah I like this a [TS]

  unified collection of continuity time [TS]

  for another sponsor break and this is a [TS]

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  of reboots the guys who were involved in [TS]

  rebooting the star trek movie were [TS]

  behind the new hawaii five-o series [TS]

  which isn't bad because I you know [TS]

  because in the grand tradition it's like [TS]

  hey we've got a production facility in [TS]

  Hawaii we need to show here and there [TS]

  were guys who did lost and itself that's [TS]

  right plus what's more popular with the [TS]

  kids today than hawaii five-o I wouldn't [TS]

  you know I'll never accept a new [TS]

  McGarrett I its it has like the jetta [TS]

  Jack Jack Lord cosplayers at comic-con [TS]

  you can't even get through the key with [TS]

  the complex for without another Jacob [TS]

  Jack Lord cosplayer why I was amused [TS]

  that the only thing that they've really [TS]

  kept from the series they actually went [TS]

  back and use the right orchestration for [TS]

  the theme music so the theme music [TS]

  center [TS]

  great rest of the show totally different [TS]

  like very same character names and you [TS]

  you know what was important that's about [TS]

  it was the song [TS]

  yes yeah that's true but breasts were [TS]

  two threes company the theme song was [TS]

  the whole life I've oh that's right [TS]

  Larry Larry I'm telling you [TS]

  Larry you keep keeping the baby also [TS]

  heals on a nice rack [TS]

  certainly in later seasons yeah Larry [TS]

  mr. well actually there there's in [TS]

  threes company i can't believe i can [TS]

  bring Three's Company up again but did [TS]

  you know they didn't replace the rotors [TS]

  with mr. Furley that was another a spun [TS]

  them all that wasn't about raid [TS]

  yeah yes agreed on knots over North [TS]

  sorry Norman fell sorry [TS]

  bc i respect I respect your work I I [TS]

  respect what you did to launch this [TS]

  series but the much much like this the [TS]

  this much like the saturn for rocket [TS]

  whose only job it was to send those [TS]

  astronauts on the way to the Moon your [TS]

  soul role in threes company was to make [TS]

  sure the show was in good shape when Don [TS]

  Knotts was ready to land [TS]

  wow this is here if you tuned in late [TS]

  this is an insurance company episode of [TS]

  I take full responsibility for this so [TS]

  you can send your hate mail to me it [TS]

  wasn't gonna be this way but there was a [TS]

  misunderstanding at the beginning that [TS]

  really should have been cleared out and [TS]

  yet nobody asked me questions and we [TS]

  just ended up here it's really [TS]

  embarrassing [TS]

  so before we go I wanted to you know [TS]

  circle back around to this idea of how [TS]

  you replenish how you how you did go in [TS]

  a different direction with the franchise [TS]

  it seems like we've got a couple good [TS]

  examples here we got one where you take [TS]

  the change and change and embrace it and [TS]

  you embrace the change in your franchise [TS]

  and I think James Bond is a good example [TS]

  of this when and it in a way the doctor [TS]

  who is too which is you change the actor [TS]

  you change the show the show is [TS]

  different you don't worry too much and [TS]

  doctor who is more continuity but really [TS]

  you don't worry too much about being [TS]

  like the last guy and like the last one [TS]

  and the the feeling of those James Bond [TS]

  movies is very different from from actor [TS]

  to actor and then the other way you go [TS]

  is to say you know there's this core [TS]

  character in this character is who [TS]

  they are and we're going to be faithful [TS]

  to them which is definitely more of what [TS]

  the JJ from Star Trek movies have done [TS]

  which is say you know we're not going to [TS]

  rethink captain kirk and make him [TS]

  different in some way we're going to do [TS]

  captain kirk we're not going to do a [TS]

  shadow impression but we're gonna do [TS]

  Captain Kirk David which we so which way [TS]

  does Indiana Jones go to get back to my [TS]

  original premise here d is this is this [TS]

  something where they just keep on going [TS]

  and drop a new actor in 32 the fifties [TS]

  or sixties or wherever they want and [TS]

  have him have more adventures or do they [TS]

  say i want somebody who is basically [TS]

  going to continue doing the things that [TS]

  that Harrison Ford did not an impression [TS]

  but do do it like Harrison Ford which [TS]

  way do you go with with something like [TS]

  Indiana Jones if you're the producers i [TS]

  would have gone but the thing is [TS]

  disappointed me about Christmas the [TS]

  thing that was the one thing that could [TS]

  at this point about talking about [TS]

  crystal skull was partly that it's a [TS]

  monkey's it wasn't the monkeys exactly [TS]

  this the one thing I'm sure i'm gonna [TS]

  choose to do for this podcast given that [TS]

  your signal that we're nearly into this [TS]

  this and we did not only have another I [TS]

  don't have another hundred 30 gigabytes [TS]

  worth of storage on this computer i'm [TS]

  recording this on it just it just seemed [TS]

  like you could they could in such a cool [TS]

  story by established that essentially [TS]

  now do the same attitude as they did [TS]

  with the first movie only now doctor at [TS]

  dr. henry jones is now in the markets [TS]

  Brody role he's the guy who is sort of [TS]

  like advising the young brash [TS]

  archaeologists think you'd be on the [TS]

  audience knows that dot this this [TS]

  seven-year-old like head of the head of [TS]

  the department [TS]

  honey I've been there I've done that [TS]

  I've seen Nazis face melted melting i [TS]

  have i have saved a indian villages all [TS]

  the supernatural crap that you think [TS]

  doesn't exist really does exist and oh [TS]

  boy do you not know what you're getting [TS]

  into and will be wonderful to see that [TS]

  go full circle now that he doesn't have [TS]

  any no longer has the ability really [TS]

  physically to do the sort of stuff that [TS]

  he needs to do as a field archaeologist [TS]

  and again it's a great way to establish [TS]

  the continuity to sort of hand off the [TS]

  Roll to a younger actor who is now 30 [TS]

  years old or [TS]

  that is late twenties or let's say a [TS]

  newly minted PhD and the in the 1950s [TS]

  and 1960s then take it off that way [TS]

  that's the way that I would like to do [TS]

  what I i do think that you have to if [TS]

  you really want to extend the life of a [TS]

  franchise you give it new wife you you [TS]

  that's why human existence is not about [TS]

  life extension for anyone of us it's for [TS]

  creating children that they can get that [TS]

  then go on and take what we've done and [TS]

  take another 10 yards further so that's [TS]

  what I would do if I were had a [TS]

  continually Indiana Jones franchise new [TS]

  character but some continuity with the [TS]

  old witch sphere theoretically what [TS]

  they're doing with Star Wars Episode 7 [TS]

  although there are some reports that [TS]

  they may be doing that a little less [TS]

  than we thought but that's the idea [TS]

  there is there they're doing episode 7 [TS]

  and they're going to introduce new [TS]

  characters and they're gonna be the [TS]

  children of or you know there abouts of [TS]

  the characters we know but they're not [TS]

  going to go back and make new versions [TS]

  of the characters we know so i would [TS]

  argue i would do exactly the opposite [TS]

  alright just the silly young sins but [TS]

  for the same reasons because like yes [TS]

  but real life there's mortality and your [TS]

  kids replace you and new generation and [TS]

  all that kind of stuff so who wants to [TS]

  be reminded of that in their fiction [TS]

  that if you go that way [TS]

  yeah you have a new character you've [TS]

  handed off to but it's not Indiana Jones [TS]

  but don't but don't you want to see what [TS]

  the end of the Indiana Jones of stories [TS]

  like that it doesn't please you a little [TS]

  bit to find out that he wound up with [TS]

  Marion Ravenwood at the end of this is [TS]

  just when you say that we're going to [TS]

  sort of a bad we're not what it's worth [TS]

  I'm different I i would like to i would [TS]

  like to see what happened well i think i [TS]

  think there is it there there's [TS]

  definitely there should be that episode [TS]

  of what is the end you know the the when [TS]

  Roger Moore Sean Connery came back for [TS]

  never say never again and he was kind of [TS]

  this old bond who couldn't do anything [TS]

  more and you got the sense like okay [TS]

  he's going to go and retire and that's [TS]

  the end of him and that's you you want [TS]

  an end to the legend but you only want [TS]

  to see that once and then you want to go [TS]

  back to like let me see their adventures [TS]

  when they were young again [TS]

  yeah so my spider-man goes back to high [TS]

  school all the time so do you do I mean [TS]

  I mean it would be a cute idea to have [TS]

  indiana jones and his twenties back in [TS]

  you know back in time in the twenties or [TS]

  thirties you can change the timeline if [TS]

  you want [TS]

  two and then have and then have Harrison [TS]

  Ford play Marcus Brody or play his [TS]

  father and but he's not Indiana Jones [TS]

  anymore read but so those that's two of [TS]

  two ways to go right you you you said it [TS]

  back in time or two and this point you [TS]

  don't recast the part and you just kinda [TS]

  pass it off to the next generation [TS]

  except the problem areas [TS]

  Andy I think all of us would like to see [TS]

  Indiana Jones back in the thirties and [TS]

  forties and you can't do that without [TS]

  saying it's a new you know it's a new [TS]

  story with you a kiss but you can't have [TS]

  that again again we get you can't you [TS]

  can't keep reliving with its you see [TS]

  these people walking down the street and [TS]

  there they were like their forties or [TS]

  fifties and they're still wearing like [TS]

  the dressing there weren't cut off [TS]

  shorts and flip-flops and already [TS]

  t-shirts because that's the way they [TS]

  dress when they were 22 years old and [TS]

  they feel that's the best part of their [TS]

  lives and they just want to be locked [TS]

  into that same temporal loop over and [TS]

  over again [TS]

  you can't live your life that way you [TS]

  have to move forward forward forward [TS]

  it's shameful to simply say that this [TS]

  this character as I was first introduced [TS]

  to it is the only valid way of [TS]

  expressing this character well but but [TS]

  see here's the thing with Star Wars and [TS]

  Star Trek you have a larger universe [TS]

  it's more than just one character [TS]

  whereas with raiders of the lost ark in [TS]

  all its Indiana Jones and he I mean he [TS]

  is what it is it's not that they're all [TS]

  these supernatural adventures it's not [TS]

  that there's this archaeology [TS]

  adventuring thing it's Indiana Jones [TS]

  himself like Sherlock Holmes like the [TS]

  pulp characters that inspired Indiana [TS]

  Jones I mean there's no continuity over [TS]

  hundreds of Shadows stories and you know [TS]

  it's it's okay to recast him i think [TS]

  because I'm interested in him [TS]

  I don't care about his world and if you [TS]

  he's adventuring in the seventies in the [TS]

  cold war right then it and you know you [TS]

  both sort of get what you want right and [TS]

  you can have those adventures and you [TS]

  know it's sort of like Michael Chabon [TS]

  did a survey sherlock holmes novel where [TS]

  he is elderly and retired and beekeeping [TS]

  and sussex downs and he p still end up [TS]

  solving a mystery and and you can still [TS]

  have those sort of offshoots and those [TS]

  stories where you see his ending or UC [TS]

  close to his ending or you know the [TS]

  lorry King novels where Sherlock Holmes [TS]

  is married to a beak [TS]

  super I think she's a beekeeper what's [TS]

  with the be anything is be keeping an [TS]

  allegory for something or is it in the [TS]

  doctor mentioned let's make it means [TS]

  couple of times yeah but you know you [TS]

  can still have Cumberbatch's Sherlock [TS]

  you can still have jonny lee miller is [TS]

  Sherlock and it's still you still have [TS]

  jeremy brett is Sherlock and you still [TS]

  have basil rathbone and they're all [TS]

  different and they're all still sherlock [TS]

  holmes they're still recognizably that [TS]

  character and I think that's okay [TS]

  Star Wars I don't want another loop sky [TS]

  great i agree i want more stories in [TS]

  that unit yes i agree me to agree that [TS]

  getting back to your original question [TS]

  just for Indiana Jones in the short-term [TS]

  to go either sort of the that James Bond [TS]

  route or the data Abrams route I think [TS]

  for me personally I would rather see [TS]

  sort of the JJ Abrams which is just sort [TS]

  of really playing the character with a [TS]

  slightly different take on it but I [TS]

  could see down the road or perhaps the [TS]

  younger generation being more just fine [TS]

  with something almost completely [TS]

  different in the the James Bond vain i [TS]

  have enough emotional attachment to the [TS]

  character that I think it would be hard [TS]

  for me to watch somebody do something [TS]

  that was very different with it but i do [TS]

  think that eventually that could work [TS]

  kind of like somebody who is really [TS]

  wrapped up with William Hartnell is the [TS]

  first doctor may have balked at the idea [TS]

  of this you know funny little guy with a [TS]

  recorder you know waddling around the [TS]

  TARDIS and eventually he did win them [TS]

  over but so i would i would be [TS]

  reasonable and waiting and see but i [TS]

  think i would rather see something more [TS]

  similar well in and one of my favorite [TS]

  examples which I just remembered now the [TS]

  movie maverick which was a you know a [TS]

  remake of the James Garner Western from [TS]

  the fifties and sixties where mel gibson [TS]

  is Bret maverick and jim garner is this [TS]

  law man who's after him and you think [TS]

  well that's cute because James Garner [TS]

  and okay great and then spoiler ORN [TS]

  it turns out that he's actually Bret [TS]

  maverick in disguise and mel gibson is [TS]

  Bret maverick jr. and you go [TS]

  alright alright that works mmm so-so the [TS]

  Indiana Jones question I I think I that [TS]

  I think Erica that was a really [TS]

  interesting answer the the continuity [TS]

  plays into it a little bit for me where [TS]

  I feel like one of the one of the [TS]

  beauties of having a different actor is [TS]

  that you get to ignore unless it's [TS]

  doctor who and it's sort of like it [TS]

  actually happened we want we watched it [TS]

  happen with James Bond it's like you [TS]

  don't have to say uh huh you know you [TS]

  can't say that this has never happened [TS]

  before in the English agent office [TS]

  because in a previous movie it happened [TS]

  because if they're not you know right [TS]

  it's like don't worry about that so if [TS]

  you read it Indiana Jones you would you [TS]

  wouldn't have to say well you know you [TS]

  can have him meet Marion and you know [TS]

  and and have this outcome because we [TS]

  learned raiders of the lost ark this is [TS]

  the timeline and this is when they met [TS]

  and this is then then they you know they [TS]

  separated and he didn't see her again [TS]

  until raiders of the lost ark and the [TS]

  beauty of of changing that story and [TS]

  changing the part is that you could say [TS]

  you know we're gonna not whether we tell [TS]

  those stories or not we're not going to [TS]

  worry about those stories and let them [TS]

  preclude us from telling the stories we [TS]

  want to tell because that's one of the [TS]

  worst things about continuity I'll of [TS]

  continuity as somebody who reads a lot [TS]

  of comic books and and sci-fi and all [TS]

  sorts of things like that [TS]

  I'll of continuity and yet i also hate [TS]

  continuity and the reason I hate [TS]

  continuities because continuity [TS]

  sometimes gets in the way of telling a [TS]

  good story and that's the beauty of [TS]

  recasting apart is that you're breaking [TS]

  the opportunity to break some continuity [TS]

  and say look I just want to tell some [TS]

  stories with this great character and I [TS]

  don't really care about the backstory I [TS]

  care about the character and good [TS]

  stories so that's that that would be [TS]

  where I would go to and like the shadow [TS]

  on the radio which was concurrent with [TS]

  the pulp magazines of the shadow on the [TS]

  radio he was Lamont Cranston that was [TS]

  his that's who he really was and in the [TS]

  books in the in the pulp magazines [TS]

  he was really can't allard and Lamont [TS]

  Cranston was just another person whose [TS]

  identity he would take [TS]

  sometimes when Lamont Cranston was off [TS]

  on some other part of the world and all [TS]

  these other identities that he took and [TS]

  he would occasionally make jokes about [TS]

  the radio version of him and but then [TS]

  the radio version overtook that because [TS]

  that's what everyone remembers and [TS]

  somewhere along the line about 10 years [TS]

  into the magazine all of a sudden Margo [TS]

  Lane who was only on the radio show is [TS]

  suddenly his faithful companion and the [TS]

  only person who knows who he really is [TS]

  and and bend the readers were upset they [TS]

  they said no no she's from the radio [TS]

  show that's not right you know this [TS]

  isn't right [TS]

  you know there's a dropped joke in the [TS]

  50th anniversary of Doctor Who that was [TS]

  a shot of the the posters [TS]

  yes from the s from the sixties Doctor [TS]

  Who movies and fishing starring peter [TS]

  cushing and the indeed the joke was [TS]

  going to be and this is baffling tube [TS]

  that they couldn't get through there [TS]

  really was going to cost too much to [TS]

  show them on camera it's like come on [TS]

  BBC life surely the license i guess but [TS]

  the joke was going to be that was [TS]

  actually in continuity and some [TS]

  companion we never met squealed about [TS]

  the doctors adventures and wrote it like [TS]

  wrote a screenplay wrote a tell-all book [TS]

  that became these movies and so that [TS]

  ended in Doctor Who's world the peter [TS]

  cushing movies were going to be real and [TS]

  just sort of like not accurate [TS]

  depictions of what was really going on [TS]

  which would be a funny little weight I [TS]

  so wish that hadn't happened [TS]

  ya got the job that's why I like I i [TS]

  like that i like when a creator or and [TS]

  editors of a comic book at some point [TS]

  they reflect on the fact that look it's [TS]

  just fiction [TS]

  yeah we don't have to just like the the [TS]

  line in the monsters university that is [TS]

  invited monsters incorporated where you [TS]

  know where where where [TS]

  Sully and and Mike like supposedly met [TS]

  and fourth grade and but they can't have [TS]

  the monster they want to have the meat [TS]

  in college instead for this is the part [TS]

  of monsters University and they went [TS]

  through all of these different [TS]

  permutations really heavy lifting and [TS]

  try to justify that one line including [TS]

  well if you we we even saying that tree [TS]

  since we were in fourth grade well [TS]

  that's just like so [TS]

  buying and monsters world that's all and [TS]

  then probably at some point like act [TS]

  during stormy they said look I'm got [TS]

  thank god bless you for doing all this [TS]

  work to try to just make this all makes [TS]

  sense for monsters incorporated but it's [TS]

  okay if we just simply pretend that line [TS]

  ever happens the easiest answer its and [TS]

  that's what we're gonna do [TS]

  they met on a field trip in fourth grade [TS]

  and realized later when they looked at [TS]

  the pictures but we're not going to [TS]

  mention that movie because it seemed to [TS]

  care again this is not a documentary [TS]

  about how they met about that there's a [TS]

  comic book fan out there whose head is [TS]

  just exploded what do you mean [TS]

  continuities the tapestry the whole [TS]

  thing together and yeah well you know [TS]

  like i said it's fun but the good [TS]

  stories are far better doctor who has [TS]

  been stomping on its own continuity for [TS]

  50 years now so I'm fine with that [TS]

  tradition [TS]

  really oh yeah right anything else [TS]

  before we were we're rapidly running or [TS]

  have run out of time anything else that [TS]

  you guys want to talk about before we go [TS]

  you should talk about it now I a picture [TS]

  film Michaels sitting there going [TS]

  Gunsmoke mentioned Gunsmoke because when [TS]

  because it because it was originally [TS]

  radio show and when it became a hit CBS [TS]

  said I let's take it to this new medium [TS]

  television but part of the reason it was [TS]

  a hit was because of the cast and submit [TS]

  the star of the show Matt Dillon was was [TS]

  William Conrad and they took one look at [TS]

  him and said this is there is no way and [TS]

  you know an enormous fat Marshall this [TS]

  and that's something that man right [TS]

  right and and they tried to get John [TS]

  Wayne and John Wayne said I'm not doing [TS]

  television and so they finally found [TS]

  james arness indicate they say [TS]

  reconfigured the character a little bit [TS]

  he's much more i mean the TV shows fun i [TS]

  prefer the radio version but but Conrad [TS]

  was shattered for a couple years and [TS]

  just went into directing until until [TS]

  cannon it was Quinn Martin productions [TS]

  said hey let's let's get that guy back [TS]

  an old he's got a great voice [TS]

  alright well I feel like we have done [TS]

  this this thing that flittered flitted [TS]

  through the transom of my mind at one [TS]

  point I said that should be an episode i [TS]

  think we've done it [TS]

  justice so it's fun joining in your [TS]

  delusional thinking Jason thank you Andy [TS]

  and Nicole I appreciate you being a part [TS]

  of this adventure / delusion David Laura [TS]

  thank you for a diluting or adventuring [TS]

  with me too [TS]

  I'm anyway i can only say vice versa my [TS]

  goodness but we're replacing you with [TS]

  the next episode with a different actor [TS]

  sorry glass lives [TS]

  sure no you're not dan more'n know not [TS]

  how this works [TS]

  Erica and sign thank you for being back [TS]

  I think [TS]

  thank you very much for having me i [TS]

  can't wait to see you place me in the [TS]

  next episode and well you'll never know [TS]

  it's gonna be done syracuse oh that's [TS]

  just how it's gonna be [TS]

  you can't say hey like alcohol [TS]

  hey there's a bright move move for [TS]

  things great to have you back on we [TS]

  should have your face on your topic [TS]

  state [TS]

  yeah and for everybody out there I i [TS]

  will be passed [TS]

  what are we played by blackstreet next [TS]

  week but until then thanks for listening [TS]

  being comfortable [TS]