Roderick on the Line

Ep. 64: "Sunset University"


  [Music] [TS]

  hello I John hi Merlin how's it going [TS]

  good my got my settings all screwed up [TS]

  here i have to adjust my settings check [TS]

  the little music [TS]

  yeah your presence setting adjustment [TS]

  music i can do that in it and then I was [TS]

  at an architectural salvage yard the [TS]

  other day [TS]

  of course you are and I was digging [TS]

  through some bins and there was a whole [TS]

  bin of old old headphones like you would [TS]

  see you would see in a secretarial pool [TS]

  or a library you know like that funds [TS]

  were used in in the library [TS]

  Oh with the like plasticky cheap not [TS]

  very useful padding correct and I was I [TS]

  was digging through these headphones and [TS]

  I noticed that they had written on them [TS]

  in in black pen the name of my childhood [TS]

  elementary school I said sunset on them [TS]

  all of them i was looking through my was [TS]

  like sunset sunset that couldn't be [TS]

  sunset elementary and I walked up to the [TS]

  to the gala counter and I was like are [TS]

  these did you guys do a salvaged from an [TS]

  old elementary school and she said oh [TS]

  you have some elementary school up in [TS]

  shoreline and I realized these were the [TS]

  headphones these were the actual [TS]

  headphones in the library of the [TS]

  elementary school I went to when I was a [TS]

  little kid and lived in seattle so i [TS]

  bought them all and now I have all of [TS]

  these headphones you you might have [TS]

  watched the the world at war with this [TS]

  on your head [TS]

  absolutely i watched microfiche i [TS]

  watched film strips i want to knows what [TS]

  I I probably took French lessons anyway [TS]

  so i bought these headphones because i [TS]

  was so excited to have the you know have [TS]

  the real a real artifact of that of that [TS]

  school and of course they're terrible [TS]

  headphones [TS]

  that's no reason that that you know the [TS]

  Chinese beat us to the moon [TS]

  we were listening to stuff on these [TS]

  terrible to any headphones [TS]

  well the fidelity is a you know not [TS]

  completely up to snuff they're probably [TS]

  not which called reference headphones [TS]

  right no in fact they are barely a [TS]

  minute [TS]

  yeah it's a it's like it feels like the [TS]

  sound it has to go through a tiny tiny [TS]

  pinhole to come out in into your ear [TS]

  area so no they're terrible but but i [TS]

  love them i have a bunch of them to I'm [TS]

  not exactly just say how about how many [TS]

  did you pick up [TS]

  oh I don't know a bag how much is in a [TS]

  bag haha bag is a 5-2 22 yea right so [TS]

  between five and twenty two metric or [TS]

  imperial an imperial bag [TS]

  it's an imperial bank well I don't wanna [TS]

  you know making me I hate to state the [TS]

  obvious but it seems clear enough to me [TS]

  that day she started school I have been [TS]

  wanting to start a school my whole adult [TS]

  life but you got the headphones i feel [TS]

  like that's what that's what we've done [TS]

  here Merlin with Roderick on the line we [TS]

  have started a school a kind of its it's [TS]

  like it's one of those internet colleges [TS]

  you know me and I don't like to read a [TS]

  to the stating the obvious but the [TS]

  university of phoenix really i think [TS]

  this is this is we should be just as [TS]

  accredited as the University of feeling [TS]

  I got a I got a diploma in some bazooka [TS]

  joe from Phoenix I'm technically [TS]

  electrical electrician now it's been [TS]

  electric electrician who got a typo on [TS]

  it they meant to say engineer John you [TS]

  know I so I don't be too on-the-nose but [TS]

  the love of Christ you have to start a [TS]

  school and you know really in [TS]

  indifference or in honor of of your own [TS]

  sunset time you know and just what it's [TS]

  worth I make a creepy you know I [TS]

  neighborhood I live in is called the [TS]

  sunset so you could have a satellite [TS]

  location here at sunset [TS]

  yeah I means a costly place to build [TS]

  anything but I you know I think once [TS]

  you've got the sunk cost of the [TS]

  headphones taken care of [TS]

  ok just to show people John people are i [TS]

  say this with roo because of the fact [TS]

  that we're going through this right now [TS]

  but it's a real pain in the butt to get [TS]

  into a school is [TS]

  huge pain in the butt to get into a good [TS]

  school and it's an extreme rarity to get [TS]

  into a John Roderick school [TS]

  well I feel like if I named at sunset [TS]

  university you know that it's already [TS]

  sort of like very inviting to him to an [TS]

  older demographic but it's like it's [TS]

  these are the sunset years of your [TS]

  education come to sunset University [TS]

  where the chairs are comfortable and the [TS]

  headphones are like you had an [TS]

  elementary school [TS]

  that's a little long but haha but you [TS]

  know you ever ever get a get a pizza and [TS]

  it says on the box [TS]

  you've tried the rest now try the best [TS]

  of course every pizza box says that it's [TS]

  not probably entirely true but I mean [TS]

  again I don't think you have to be the [TS]

  best pizza place in order to order those [TS]

  boxes and by the same token let's be [TS]

  honest it's not you know this is not the [TS]

  19th century I think you can literally [TS]

  call yourself university without any of [TS]

  fear of you know contradiction anybody [TS]

  universities like me a doctor you just [TS]

  say it [TS]

  yeah well it's like it's like they say [TS]

  about when you and your friend a me to [TS]

  bear on the trail [TS]

  you don't have to be faster than the [TS]

  bear you just have to be faster than [TS]

  your friend that's a great joke i love [TS]

  that check is true it's adding that and [TS]

  that would be the model of sunset [TS]

  university we have to translate in the [TS]

  Latin ok you know [TS]

  faster faster scum bear just have to be [TS]

  faster than the fingers I like this is [TS]

  why bring a pizza is because what you're [TS]

  really saying is you've tried the rest [TS]

  now I try the literally the final school [TS]

  you go to its the Sun sets the last [TS]

  school you need you've been taught you [TS]

  been to a lot of colleges presumably if [TS]

  you're listening to this podcast you [TS]

  have either been to a lot of colleges [TS]

  and none of them have met your needs or [TS]

  you haven't been any colleges you're [TS]

  very curious about them [TS]

  yeah you have the kind of nine job where [TS]

  you can listen to an hour and a half of [TS]

  help from somebody never met [TS]

  I mean a lot of people who haven't been [TS]

  to college good you know they say that [TS]

  did it that everybody's been to college [TS]

  now but I meet people all the time [TS]

  they've never been to concentrate costly [TS]

  John colleges costly it's not worth [TS]

  anything and I was going the other day [TS]

  yeah i'm sorry please continue Matt I'm [TS]

  I'm an Australian couple who are [TS]

  traveling in America and they had two [TS]

  teenage daughters [TS]

  well one was a teenager 13 and the other [TS]

  was nine neither kid had ever been to a [TS]

  school they just were educated by their [TS]

  parents and travel around together and [TS]

  they weren't even hippies they were a [TS]

  little bit Punk a lie saying they had [TS]

  bad they were they were all wearing the [TS]

  entire family mom dad and both daughters [TS]

  worry doc martens which is e I don't [TS]

  know that's that's that's a start if I [TS]

  know if I know what your special things [TS]

  are that that's a start and you know if [TS]

  you know this isn't that wouldn't [TS]

  necessarily be one of those we keep them [TS]

  out of the schools because of the Menace [TS]

  of creationism they might actually be [TS]

  doing it's not that hard to do a better [TS]

  job than school right now which is all [TS]

  the more reason for you to start one [TS]

  it's an opportunity you know apple says [TS]

  hey you know you've never really loved [TS]

  your phone before let's let's give you [TS]

  something that you can really use in [TS]

  this case maybe the reason that you've [TS]

  stayed at a school as you say it's never [TS]

  met your needs or your children scenes [TS]

  you know you know what they need you [TS]

  should be you should be the one that's [TS]

  helping them matriculate I was having [TS]

  another time travel dream the other day [TS]

  except in this case i time-traveled back [TS]

  to high school but I looked like I was [TS]

  in high school i time-traveled back into [TS]

  my high school body and was trying to [TS]

  think if I would do a better job than I [TS]

  did or if I would fuck it up even worse [TS]

  i eat lighter still out i have lots of [TS]

  dreams really really dream about five [TS]

  things and one of them is a kind of time [TS]

  travel I in James I only ever go to [TS]

  shopping malls high school my college [TS]

  church camp and an egg donation the mall [TS]

  the mall with those are those are the [TS]

  five dreams or that is one kind of dream [TS]

  time travel dream and you don't remember [TS]

  on that well in the Ringling Museum in [TS]

  sarasota that's the only is the only [TS]

  places i go in dreams and it's usually [TS]

  I'd like a dark ride at Disneyworld like [TS]

  it's a small world but with you know [TS]

  rubenesque women painting but time [TS]

  travel features heavily a dream I've had [TS]

  a lot [TS]

  yes naked yes flying but also the the [TS]

  precise of the dream you describe which [TS]

  is going back to school but like being [TS]

  me now and I'm just contain for myself [TS]

  the ones like [TS]

  and remember i do equally as poorly [TS]

  because i'm essentially the same person [TS]

  it's just a little heavier with [TS]

  different pants yeah i think i think i [TS]

  would I think I probably get more tail [TS]

  than I did in high school because [TS]

  because in all honesty this makes this [TS]

  may shock you but I got zero tail in [TS]

  high school and that's hard to believe [TS]

  0p what Kelly that you know are [TS]

  purchasing doctor now so we should [TS]

  probably meet mr. around that will know [TS]

  she's a doctor now so she knows [TS]

  presumably now she knows about the human [TS]

  anatomy [TS]

  she's had two kids but you know at the [TS]

  time at the time i think i had this [TS]

  sense that good kids didn't go too far i [TS]

  was very you know I was very governed he [TS]

  said you said on previous occasions we [TS]

  went think we've agreed that we felt we [TS]

  both felt put off by the people who were [TS]

  getting tell whether that was men women [TS]

  or otherwise we felt we felt I felt sort [TS]

  of betrayed you think white people who [TS]

  were able to smoke pot and fingerbang I [TS]

  never I never had access to that and now [TS]

  today I understand that people let's be [TS]

  honest want to be finger-banged there [TS]

  aren't that many there aren't that many [TS]

  people who don't want a little bit of [TS]

  finger banging and i know that i don't [TS]

  have to make it weird but now I know [TS]

  that we talking with something we've [TS]

  discussed is that it for me going to [TS]

  college just made it worse that feeling [TS]

  i just described then it then it had [TS]

  some kind of like brassy patina of [TS]

  political correctness to it and you know [TS]

  i would you finger banging but i would [TS]

  feel bad about it sometimes you know but [TS]

  when i first went to college all that [TS]

  the only difference between college and [TS]

  high school is that that girls were [TS]

  wearing a lot more perfume they were [TS]

  they were using their that there was a [TS]

  there was a lot there was a thick layer [TS]

  of obsession in the air it's not like [TS]

  there was more in college more perfume [TS]

  in college is right my girlfriend as [TS]

  enormous serial monogamist my first [TS]

  girlfriend who became my first college [TS]

  girlfriend during the first week of [TS]

  school big comic line obsession user [TS]

  it's still absolute still when I smell [TS]

  that and thank God people don't worry so [TS]

  much anymore cause i have a great sense [TS]

  memory of it like listen to the cars and [TS]

  finger banging [TS]

  but you know I can do she was really [TS]

  nice jam boxes that could play cassette [TS]

  on repeat and back then you know girl [TS]

  yeah I didn't even need to drink a lot [TS]

  of water and rest then I i went to a [TS]

  Catholic school for the first two years [TS]

  of college as you know and really [TS]

  Catholic school Catholic universities [TS]

  are a place where people really really [TS]

  drink a lot and have a lot of reckless [TS]

  sex with one another because it's it's a [TS]

  it's like when Amish kids go get kicked [TS]

  out of the of their Amish town from [TS]

  springing and it's it's definitely think [TS]

  that's the Catholic Rumspringa and they [TS]

  go to college and advice i think the [TS]

  expectation is by junior year you will [TS]

  have found the person that you want to [TS]

  marry but that first two years it's just [TS]

  their people are just throwing down [TS]

  Jenna tonic and then and then and then [TS]

  hooking up [TS]

  it's basically like hooking up if you [TS]

  took if you have a if you had a frog [TS]

  cannon if you have let's say you had to [TS]

  frog cannons and a sex thing and they [TS]

  were aimed at each other no it's a [TS]

  cannon that shoots frogs [TS]

  ok any and then they were about that but [TS]

  it shoots like multiple frogs at once [TS]

  automatic weapon notice that they're not [TS]

  it's not identidad I it's like a [TS]

  blunderbuss of frog how like a double [TS]

  double barreled frog [TS]

  well except you're shooting and shooting [TS]

  like shotgun frogs so it's alright let's [TS]

  say you can shoot 25 frogs out of this [TS]

  Canyon and you have two of those [TS]

  pointing at each other they're kinda not [TS]

  pointed directly at each other pointed [TS]

  up in the air but in opposite ways and [TS]

  shooting 25 frogs at a time in in two [TS]

  different directions some of those frogs [TS]

  are going to hit and that is what sex at [TS]

  a catholic university is like so like [TS]

  the cold war em don't you think I'm [TS]

  talking to my knowledge is like the cold [TS]

  war not well I mean the elements of it [TS]

  not the actual you know XD an analogy I [TS]

  don't derail you but I mean that seems [TS]

  like the cold war you put a frog can we [TS]

  got a frog can get bigger fraud cannon [TS]

  yeah baby frog cannons Georgetown you're [TS]

  the one who runs the school but it seems [TS]

  to me that [TS]

  if you're one of those people who don't [TS]

  you get a lot of old Catholics running [TS]

  the school wants to get a lot of as I'd [TS]

  like guys in their sixties like it seems [TS]

  to me that if you've got that continuity [TS]

  of care over many many years they know [TS]

  that there's some fraud can is being [TS]

  shot over the well thats related to me [TS]

  when I first arrived at Gonzaga [TS]

  University where I spent my first two [TS]

  years of college or my first year and a [TS]

  half before i was asked to that's the [TS]

  part it was explained to me that there [TS]

  are two types of judgments and the one [TS]

  type of Jesuits the one type of judgment [TS]

  is the is the into the hyper [TS]

  intellectual homosexual man who is [TS]

  either who was either put into the [TS]

  priesthood by you know by they're [TS]

  terrified parents or was like he had her [TS]

  older brother who was going to inherit [TS]

  the family business and he ends up you [TS]

  know going into the priesthood so you [TS]

  know it's the very traditional societies [TS]

  are the other half of the judgments or [TS]

  the other percent i don't know if it's a [TS]

  half it seems like it was about half so [TS]

  half of my professors were incredibly [TS]

  smart clearly gay priests who wanted to [TS]

  just lived at this incredibly like [TS]

  diverse intellectual life the other half [TS]

  of the judgments were former jocks like [TS]

  football players and like just jocks [TS]

  that came up in Catholic school athletic [TS]

  programs basket famous basketball [TS]

  players or whatever and when they're [TS]

  athletic career was over they just sort [TS]

  of were brought for kept in the church [TS]

  family brought back in and given a life [TS]

  in the Jesuitical order so for instance [TS]

  the president of the University while i [TS]

  was there everybody on campus recognized [TS]

  that he was from the jock side of the [TS]

  Jesuits and nobody had any respect for [TS]

  him as a as a thinker but he was a [TS]

  glad-hander and a and a backslapper and [TS]

  and a fundraiser and you know and so all [TS]

  the all the intellectual like queer [TS]

  Jesuits were very contemptuous of of [TS]

  that side of the the order [TS]

  I never understood it because it seems [TS]

  like to become a judgment took years and [TS]

  years and years of study and and whatnot [TS]

  but then as time went on I realized it [TS]

  does take years of study but there's [TS]

  only one book the body [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah so mean you study that be [TS]

  it doesn't even if you're even if you're [TS]

  like a dumb basketball kicker right you [TS]

  can over the course of five years you [TS]

  know it's not like you're expected to [TS]

  understand Chasseur like and james joyce [TS]

  expendable you can spend a lot of time [TS]

  getting good at that one thing [TS]

  yeah you just memorize the one book and [TS]

  you seem like you and said that's it's [TS]

  true it's true of all religions you [TS]

  memorize one book and then when when [TS]

  anybody says anything to you just say [TS]

  something out of the book and it seems [TS]

  like you're a genius [TS]

  the same anyway we're going to figure [TS]

  out at sunset university what are [TS]

  equivalent like demographic split is our [TS]

  equivalent sort of professorial we need [TS]

  I feel like I feel like any university [TS]

  needs tension between be X professors [TS]

  and why professor you need McCartney's [TS]

  and lands we need McCartney's and lemons [TS]

  right icon their own they'll do stuff [TS]

  but when you combined the jocks and and [TS]

  the scholars let's say you miss them [TS]

  when you get your rocks and scholars [TS]

  working together I mean it's like you [TS]

  need two hands [TS]

  I feel like I feel like one side of [TS]

  sunset university should be prissy Bay [TS]

  Area software people who who are really [TS]

  uncomfortable when we started you know [TS]

  when we when we go off book but who are [TS]

  secretly titillated by it [TS]

  mm-hmm and then I think that's a great [TS]

  way to be you you pick up a lot of [TS]

  interesting stuff with that attitude i [TS]

  think my experience yeah and then the [TS]

  other half of the professor's should be [TS]

  like [TS]

  you're talking about you're talking [TS]

  about the faculty talk about the faculty [TS]

  of these would be actually likes [TS]

  literally separate wings separate wings [TS]

  that the prissy prissy Bay Area software [TS]

  designers who secretly you know get a [TS]

  get a chubby when when the rules get [TS]

  broken but they can't they can't really [TS]

  admit it and then the other half are [TS]

  like wild man fischer types who who [TS]

  probably have never been to college [TS]

  themselves but you know where you know [TS]

  40 for a while we're living in a tree [TS]

  outside of jackson hole and then they [TS]

  you know they had checked down to Mexico [TS]

  and they they built a stone fortress out [TS]

  of broken seashells and then they you [TS]

  know where a whitewater river rafting [TS]

  guide guys like that I can lay my hands [TS]

  on some guys like that and if I may say [TS]

  that they represent at least two of the [TS]

  many facets of your personality because [TS]

  you're you are very learning McCartney [TS]

  in many ways and then the other hand I [TS]

  will call you a jock but but you're [TS]

  certainly the kind of man that would [TS]

  travel in a fugue state and having those [TS]

  together with a be decorated differently [TS]

  the two wings but they reflect the [TS]

  interests of the faculty and then those [TS]

  sensibilities you have to bend you have [TS]

  to put the two wings together and you [TS]

  have to pretend that everybody's the [TS]

  same same chairs same chalkboard exactly [TS]

  because without that with it if the [TS]

  wings were just divided then they would [TS]

  be at war with one another or they would [TS]

  be like openly would be openly hostile [TS]

  was like the tyranny of public restrooms [TS]

  right you got an icon on the door you [TS]

  have witnessed United bolinas here is [TS]

  your restroom and in this case it's [TS]

  really it's like one large unisex [TS]

  bathroom we're just gonna have to go in [TS]

  there one who was there before you write [TS]

  that's pretty good [TS]

  well I don't want to get back swing back [TS]

  to two finger banging too fast but you [TS]

  know girls have a weakness to it's just [TS]

  a spritz of months but you going it's an [TS]

  onboard is on your penis [TS]

  yeah retractable penis well I mean I [TS]

  think it's a terrific idea in ways that [TS]

  i am sure you understand I mean you [TS]

  obviously have so much to share with [TS]

  people and if anything it's just that [TS]

  you really need you need the platform [TS]

  for that i'm not i'm not entirely sure [TS]

  what the sort of monetary model would be [TS]

  you could probably get some of those [TS]

  friends [TS]

  viewers to to write some grants or some [TS]

  may be retired senators who would want [TS]

  to have their name on an arch or [TS]

  something [TS]

  I mean you you've walked in the [TS]

  corridors of power you know a lot of [TS]

  people you know you know the mayor there [TS]

  you know the rock'n'roll county [TS]

  Administrator you know a lot of people [TS]

  that but none of those people have any [TS]

  money they can accredited yes but that [TS]

  you know it's a facebook friend of a [TS]

  friend they could go and talk to people [TS]

  in the deeper corridors of power who [TS]

  have access something on this [TS]

  I've been I've been starting this [TS]

  whisper campaign for months suggesting [TS]

  that I be appointed to the board of [TS]

  directors of some hot up-and-coming [TS]

  software company and I've gotten got a [TS]

  few nibbles yeah but it's have that [TS]

  counts as a whisper but you couldn't [TS]

  kill babies [TS]

  nobody's pulled the trigger yet I feel [TS]

  like you know these are my primary simit [TS]

  are wielding year john this is this is [TS]

  this is a huge part of the problem it's [TS]

  like going it's like it you know when I [TS]

  want him to counseling my kids and [TS]

  they're worried wondering about like how [TS]

  to make the job that are like should I [TS]

  should I want better stuff today ask for [TS]

  a raise like no you should counseling [TS]

  your kids you know the you know the [TS]

  answers the listeners and and my things [TS]

  like to talk about Merlin's kids [TS]

  yeah i do that often every year I yell [TS]

  at people have a like a like a chance of [TS]

  help I didn't realize that you bet you [TS]

  that you thought of your listeners as [TS]

  your kids that's really sweet [TS]

  yeah yeah well you know I don't want I [TS]

  don't want to be you know condescending [TS]

  but I think of them as Morales kids a [TS]

  lot of ways i like that i cannot make [TS]

  goofy faces and they kind of a free hand [TS]

  gesture where my hands all limp the only [TS]

  for some vinegar and some baking powder [TS]

  but my personal life I collect cards [TS]

  here the but here's the thing [TS]

  so here's the problem with these suckers [TS]

  in this is true Eastern schools you know [TS]

  it's true and work and for the love of [TS]

  Christ you've taught us that this is the [TS]

  case in rock is that is that there are [TS]

  people out there who are waiting for [TS]

  their benediction they're waiting for [TS]

  their Bazooka Joe that's going to tell [TS]

  them that their electric electrician and [TS]

  what they never think to do is go out [TS]

  and just get it and I'm talking about [TS]

  like to follow your dreams i'm talking [TS]

  about you go out and do that thing [TS]

  you're you're not going to get you're [TS]

  not going to get the kind of position [TS]

  where you wield power by asking for it [TS]

  and in in this instance this is why I [TS]

  think you showing up and about [TS]

  Roman cemetery and literally at the [TS]

  meeting is going to have is gonna be [TS]

  much more impactful than saying may I [TS]

  have permission to bring a cemetery your [TS]

  building [TS]

  you're absolutely right I you know that [TS]

  this is not something i'm going to give [TS]

  you a note here i'm just saying that you [TS]

  understand as a man in a man of power [TS]

  that you don't go in and ask to be [TS]

  empowered it's true that the true i was [TS]

  thinking about this the other day you [TS]

  know Eddie Murphy recorded raw when he [TS]

  was 21 years old 20 even and we are [TS]

  still listening to and debating and [TS]

  arguing about music that the Beatles [TS]

  made when they were at similar same age [TS]

  and like I've said before I encounter [TS]

  sometimes 20 21 year olds who are fully [TS]

  adult fully they're fully actualized [TS]

  they do not appear to be wrestling with [TS]

  how do i how do I keep from crying in [TS]

  public they do not seem to be wrestling [TS]

  with like because I got a tumblr they [TS]

  put another tumblr haha like it took me [TS]

  years to understand that any given meal [TS]

  that you eat out in restaurants with a [TS]

  group of other people you should always [TS]

  a put in more money than you oh and be [TS]

  potentially you should just buy the [TS]

  dinner [TS]

  ah John you should just buy the dinner [TS]

  honorable this is this is core [TS]

  curriculum [TS]

  I mean it should be in the freaking [TS]

  orientation iĆ­ve talked about this but [TS]

  we would go out to eat I think it was [TS]

  this when I have my real job back in [TS]

  Florida and we got to go to some some [TS]

  like sushi BBQ place or whatever there's [TS]

  always like a couple guys who bill would [TS]

  come they'd be a min me and they take [TS]

  out there you know he'll packard [TS]

  calculator and want to like break it [TS]

  down and like you know I mean who had [TS]

  more edamame or whatever and and I would [TS]

  be like look this is back on took work [TS]

  seriously i would look guys let's just [TS]

  either split it anyways or please litter [TS]

  I cannot spell [TS]

  and my twenties listen to you guys argue [TS]

  over a six-dollar tab [TS]

  hand me the bill I will pay it we will [TS]

  never discuss it again and you move on [TS]

  you know anything is a little party [TS]

  Don't Ask Don't Ask if you should bring [TS]

  ice always bring ice don't don't don't [TS]

  ask if you should take out the trash [TS]

  don't worry grab the trash you can find [TS]

  the trash cans they're either in the [TS]

  garage or more likely outside you still [TS]

  see forty-year-olds the bill comes and [TS]

  they are you know they're looking at [TS]

  this bill on the table like it contains [TS]

  some hieroglyphic information that [TS]

  they're afraid you know they're going [TS]

  they're afraid it's going to get [TS]

  translated by the wrong scientists and [TS]

  and you know we're going to instead of [TS]

  instead of animating the good God we're [TS]

  going to animate the bad god oh you grab [TS]

  the the abnormal brain right exactly and [TS]

  so and this you know this this little [TS]

  piece of paper that is telling everybody [TS]

  that they owed want somewhere between 21 [TS]

  and 27 dollars each is vibrating on the [TS]

  table in you know that and some people [TS]

  some people are actually levitating it [TS]

  with their anxiety and it's like you [TS]

  know 27 bucks round you know around 30 [TS]

  please just put out a plan $40 didn't [TS]

  just throw the money down and go on with [TS]

  your life and it says it that that kind [TS]

  of anxiety about money was a thing that [TS]

  I walked into adulthood with I walked [TS]

  into being a twenty-one-year-old with [TS]

  this feeling this this hyper [TS]

  consciousness that I didn't want to get [TS]

  short changed that and and and money [TS]

  seem to be the the the language that [TS]

  human beings used to determine like who [TS]

  was getting over on who and so I spy [TS]

  wasted so many years trying to make sure [TS]

  that i didn't get I didn't get [TS]

  short-changed thirty cents when all [TS]

  along the simple wisdom that you should [TS]

  you should paper the [TS]

  the path in front of you with your [TS]

  gratuities you should put your money to [TS]

  work in MN your number the number one [TS]

  usefulness of money is to make your [TS]

  anxiety about money go away like here it [TS]

  is here's here's forty dollars [TS]

  I'm not like you say I never want to [TS]

  speak of this again and and learning [TS]

  that was a was this you know this [TS]

  turning point for me but it came too [TS]

  late to to have that information when i [TS]

  was 20 21 years old to just free up my [TS]

  spirit so that I was not walking around [TS]

  all the time [TS]

  I mean I i would go I would show up in a [TS]

  town the rain would be pouring down i [TS]

  would be soaked to the skin it would be [TS]

  eleven o'clock at night that would be in [TS]

  Spain and I would see this you know [TS]

  little little side Pensione and I would [TS]

  walk up three flights of stairs I would [TS]

  knock on the door and the little Spanish [TS]

  woman would open the door should go see [TS]

  i would say you know you have a chambre [TS]

  LOL casa de chambre portal or the exact [TS]

  NASA dealt a fake it [TS]

  yeah and and she would say you know yes [TS]

  it's a 1500 per se disz or something [TS]

  like that and i would happen in my mind [TS]

  that our room was the room should be [TS]

  thirteen hundred percent is our 13,000 [TS]

  percentage women and I would and I would [TS]

  try and haggle with her but I was a bad [TS]

  Hagler and she would say no sorry it's [TS]

  that's the price it's eleven o'clock at [TS]

  night and you're standing in the hallway [TS]

  here dripping wet and it's this much [TS]

  money [TS]

  and i would say well no then and turn [TS]

  around and walk the five flights back [TS]

  down into the rainy night and sometimes [TS]

  walk around the town for another two [TS]

  hours late but you get you one but i [TS]

  want you know and I'm looking for this [TS]

  magic room that that was going to save [TS]

  me two dollars and sometimes the great [TS]

  those through the greatest nights of my [TS]

  life for when I ended up back at that [TS]

  woman store two hours later ringing the [TS]

  buzzer and she wouldn't answer and all [TS]

  because all because I will I was [TS]

  imagining that it was that that the two [TS]

  dollars symbolized savvy the two dollars [TS]

  symbolized that I was that that I was a [TS]

  I was a knowledgeable person who wasn't [TS]

  being who wasn't being worked by the [TS]

  70-year old Spanish woman that was [TS]

  renting out a room in her house you know [TS]

  that I was that I was wise and in fact I [TS]

  was a fool and when I what I'm gonna [TS]

  meet somebody who never had that burden [TS]

  who was just by virtue of how they were [TS]

  raised by virtue of the the grade of [TS]

  milk that their mother used in aircraft [TS]

  macaroni and cheese [TS]

  they came into the world with you know [TS]

  either a more generosity of spirit or [TS]

  less confusion about what constituted [TS]

  wisdom [TS]

  this is the problem this is part of the [TS]

  problem with matriculating young [TS]

  students in sunset university is that [TS]

  I've read the older students would be [TS]

  distracted by their envy and resentment [TS]

  as the young people who are you were so [TS]

  much better at this [TS]

  just began their lives of like graceful [TS]

  kind of progress through time and all of [TS]

  us old crouches everything yeah but yeah [TS]

  I mean also you should give yourself [TS]

  credit it's also kind of a wax on wax [TS]

  off situation where we have to we should [TS]

  we may need to teach you something that [TS]

  you can get your head around before we [TS]

  teach you what we just taught you and I [TS]

  think that happens a lot [TS]

  I mean in the case of my kid when like a [TS]

  year or two ago whenever she first [TS]

  started going to soccer [TS]

  well the real goal of soccer is to show [TS]

  up first of all and then to even have [TS]

  the government doesn't have time you get [TS]

  your orange slices you could but you [TS]

  know I mean honestly it's this is what [TS]

  the one of the few things where I will [TS]

  cede the whole like learning to sit [TS]

  still and understand that you're part of [TS]

  it [TS]

  a team thing you know I I think you can [TS]

  take that too far if you take it all the [TS]

  way to your senior year of college but [TS]

  but sometimes sometimes that's what it [TS]

  takes and and you will be a stronger [TS]

  character person out of that and to your [TS]

  point about the money in this is in some [TS]

  ways very related to the Chinese ladies [TS]

  and walking talking over expired coupons [TS]

  for some people as you know and I think [TS]

  sometimes this is true for you it's not [TS]

  a question of the dollars and cents [TS]

  it's a question of what we agreed to so [TS]

  it seems to me that if you show up that [TS]

  place if you want today you would you [TS]

  would be like a gentleman and you say [TS]

  well i'm going to give you I you know [TS]

  you want 35,000 piasters for this one [TS]

  that the money is there but you and your [TS]

  in you do this much they say no when you [TS]

  walk away again like like a gentleman [TS]

  now in the case going to chicken fingers [TS]

  place in tallahassee in 1993 what [TS]

  troubled me was the ones who are the [TS]

  biggest dickholes about the tab where [TS]

  the PhDs with the people that that at [TS]

  the time we're making three times as [TS]

  much money as i did I and I think what [TS]

  it comes down to in some ways is that [TS]

  there are yes there's certainly a lot of [TS]

  personality flaws and player one of them [TS]

  is that money makes it easy to [TS]

  understand [TS]

  where you stand and so if somebody is [TS]

  trying to get more of your money or [TS]

  really any of your money and you hold [TS]

  that dear [TS]

  even if you've got the money I can [TS]

  certainly understand that you don't get [TS]

  rich by spending money i understand that [TS]

  but but at the same time like you're [TS]

  right it's a certain generosity of [TS]

  spirit and this is certainly getting [TS]

  outside of your own stupid head and [TS]

  understanding that that i am not going [TS]

  to be able to get back and finishing [TS]

  summarizing this goddamn deposition if [TS]

  you sit here and argue over a four [TS]

  dollar chicken finger bill you know what [TS]

  I mean like to dance with her school [TS]

  could do is help people understand [TS]

  eventually once they're ready to accept [TS]

  it [TS]

  there's a lot more to it i would i would [TS]

  even argue that you do get rich spending [TS]

  money that was a little reductive but [TS]

  you know what i mean like that is [TS]

  precisely how you become a person with [TS]

  that I mean I without getting too like a [TS]

  loosey goosey Lulu about how money is [TS]

  made i know that the the fashion now in [TS]

  America I think that maybe even the [TS]

  fashion world wide is to think so in [TS]

  certain quarters that making money and [TS]

  being a success in business is a woowoo [TS]

  proposition that if you're if you're [TS]

  Buddhism is correct and your your your [TS]

  spirit is open and your your chakras are [TS]

  aligned that money is going to fall from [TS]

  the heavens and I and I I feel like that [TS]

  is a kind of mind rate that I that I [TS]

  hate with every with every it really [TS]

  makes you small section scimitars every [TS]

  ocean some recent are in your bathroom [TS]

  and make it makes you a very small [TS]

  person i guess i do believe I do believe [TS]

  that spending money freely at being [TS]

  generous rather tipping bellman and the [TS]

  guy that opens the door for your taxi [TS]

  you know handing him some money even [TS]

  though even though it is clear to all [TS]

  parties involved that he has not [TS]

  performed very much of a service opening [TS]

  the door for you is not a thing though [TS]

  that doesn't that that does not cost a [TS]

  dollar [TS]

  except it does cost a dollar because [TS]

  that is what we have agreed he opened [TS]

  the door for you you [TS]

  and I'm a dollar that is the that is [TS]

  part of the social contract and to [TS]

  preserve that dollar for yourself is to [TS]

  live in a world where you are not fully [TS]

  embracing the social contract and [TS]

  therefore not going to prosper by [TS]

  definition you know that the learning [TS]

  that lesson that money that a lot of it [TS]

  the money is fake money is absolutely [TS]

  fake and two to treat it like it's real [TS]

  and to preserve it like it matters is to [TS]

  miss the point of it entirely and it [TS]

  that is not to say that you should be [TS]

  that you should be a like wantin with it [TS]

  you should count it and you should know [TS]

  what it represents [TS]

  but you it's also it is just a symbolic [TS]

  thing and had the last five years of my [TS]

  life i have i have been living in this [TS]

  weird relationship to money we're all of [TS]

  a sudden i have a bunch of it and then i [TS]

  live off of it for a long time and then [TS]

  I have a then all of a sudden I have [TS]

  more and every time i have a bunch of it [TS]

  i think i made in the shade [TS]

  I'm gonna keep having i'm going to keep [TS]

  getting big bunches of money like this [TS]

  money is going to keep arriving in bales [TS]

  and I'm just gonna I should go out and [TS]

  buy myself like a a really useless watch [TS]

  or electric car and then it and then I [TS]

  you know I live off of this bail i'm [TS]

  like the I'm the horse that comes into [TS]

  the barn and nibbles at the end of his [TS]

  bail for a couple years and then the [TS]

  money's gone and I'm and if I said if I [TS]

  succumb to the feeling of like the [TS]

  money's gone [TS]

  I used it all up I blew it I blew my my [TS]

  big nest egg [TS]

  you know I can get into a real panic but [TS]

  then then it just then then all of a [TS]

  sudden the door opens another bail comes [TS]

  in and i just have realized all monies [TS]

  totally fake and and they this business [TS]

  I think when people work for a paycheck [TS]

  that comes very regularly and there's a [TS]

  there's a real clear correlation between [TS]

  I worked 40 hours 40 hours is worth X [TS]

  dollars here come the dollars [TS]

  and and so it's so money and time become [TS]

  very real feeling and it seems like if I [TS]

  stopped working for a moment the money [TS]

  will dry up there will never be more or [TS]

  I have to go find another place like [TS]

  this where i work 40 hours and get you [TS]

  know that money and time are so [TS]

  inextricably time and and I i have just [TS]

  realized that money is just this it's it [TS]

  is absolutely just a handful of [TS]

  seashells and it is not the point [TS]

  it is not the thing to guard it is not [TS]

  the thing to treasure and so yeah that's [TS]

  why I never do anything anymore just [TS]

  that sale got example i'm sorry i just [TS]

  never level on your bail i said and sit [TS]

  in the front window of my house with my [TS]

  you know my elbows folded on the on the [TS]

  the windowsill looking down the street [TS]

  for the truck that's gonna back up with [TS]

  the money bail every day it doesn't come [TS]

  well it's it's easy to see more or sound [TS]

  careless by saying something like that [TS]

  but I happen to agree i think with a lot [TS]

  of that and one of the things is that [TS]

  when you've got let's see you've gotten [TS]

  into a position where you get a job and [TS]

  you're grateful to have a job or any [TS]

  kind of ongoing work it you know it's [TS]

  kind of conditioning where it's been [TS]

  made clear to you that this is the bar [TS]

  and when you hit it [TS]

  the pellet comes out right and if you [TS]

  start doing that for long enough [TS]

  regardless of what it is I mean that [TS]

  could that could be beer too but [TS]

  whatever it is when you hit the bar the [TS]

  pellet comes out you start and these are [TS]

  looking forward to you hit the bar [TS]

  certain number of times and a certain [TS]

  number of pellets have come out that's [TS]

  it's going to cause a lot of anxiety for [TS]

  you to think about a world where you [TS]

  miss a couple pallets right arm and I [TS]

  think that I'm not trying to reduce that [TS]

  because everybody you know has what they [TS]

  need gives you should get what they need [TS]

  but but you're right you lose track of [TS]

  the fact that this is an abstraction and [TS]

  that this isn't the only way it's not [TS]

  the only way you could get it it's not [TS]

  like you just sit around and wait for [TS]

  bales to show up but you know the nature [TS]

  of what you do you would have to be able [TS]

  to tolerate [TS]

  that feast in more feast and [TS]

  occasionally pseudo family for a while [TS]

  because you've got the confidence to [TS]

  know that like Helen put it this way the [TS]

  and I don't know this might be too high [TS]

  level but i think the fact that you even [TS]

  need money a lot or need money a little [TS]

  has very little to do with what's [TS]

  happening in the rest of the universe [TS]

  and because of our own heuristics and [TS]

  hang-ups it's really easy to think that [TS]

  the more i need this money the more [TS]

  likely i think i will do anything to get [TS]

  it but the funny thing is this is also [TS]

  slacker like some kind of a self-help [TS]

  thing but like well the truth is like [TS]

  you know if it's going to be something [TS]

  we're now you gotta drive four hours [TS]

  round trip every day and do dry cleaning [TS]

  and have a job that you hate well yeah [TS]

  you got a bar and maybe you've got a [TS]

  pellet but in some ways that makes you [TS]

  even more enslaved to that same concept [TS]

  instead of going on it's worth it for me [TS]

  to find something that has a bar that I [TS]

  like that reality like you tell it [TS]

  anywhere we get into this bar and pellet [TS]

  a situation and we forget that we are we [TS]

  are actually natively made to eat grass [TS]

  in the field like the pellet is not our [TS]

  natural reward you know the pellet and [TS]

  then and and again we don't want to I [TS]

  don't want to be too woo either but it [TS]

  is very very hard you you get so [TS]

  conditioned to the barn pellet that you [TS]

  will be you you will find yourself in if [TS]

  in like a field of flowers and you will [TS]

  miss the bar you'll you not you it's not [TS]

  just that you miss the pellets you'll [TS]

  miss the bar the connection the clear [TS]

  connection you had between this [TS]

  mechanical action and the and what you [TS]

  what you consider your sustenance [TS]

  so I much my life has been a a progress [TS]

  of learning to feel like money is not [TS]

  the thing and you would think with this [TS]

  when I was 16 years old I was so [TS]

  consumed with the idea of money as an [TS]

  abstraction and has a real thing you [TS]

  know I can i collected Cohen's i [TS]

  collected silver bars [TS]

  I would go to i would go to those gym [TS]

  and numismatic shows in Alaska work [TS]

  where guys who were mining raw or wood [TS]

  comments just sell buckets of dirt to [TS]

  each other and I remember buying [TS]

  rockhopper that had been mined out of a [TS]

  vein of copper just like a it's just [TS]

  like a like us kind of a crumpled-up [TS]

  baseball of just pure copper and i would [TS]

  buy these things for you know look at [TS]

  the time a little baseball a copper was [TS]

  only a buck or two I would buy this [TS]

  metal not because I ever thought it was [TS]

  going to be worth more money or because [TS]

  i was going to take this this raw metal [TS]

  and and trade it with my friends or [TS]

  anything or fashioned it into jewelry i [TS]

  would I just that the idea that that we [TS]

  had we had collectively agreed that this [TS]

  metal was precious appeal to me I wanted [TS]

  to own it for myself and so you would [TS]

  think at 16 17 years old I would have [TS]

  made life choices that would have put me [TS]

  in like a closer or a more direct [TS]

  relationship with money that I wouldn't [TS]

  become a stockbroker or somebody who who [TS]

  sits and just plays with money and [TS]

  invents money makes money out of nothing [TS]

  but for whatever reason I took that that [TS]

  that love of money in all its many forms [TS]

  and then chose to be a dancer basically [TS]

  at you know I chose to I chose modern [TS]

  dance as as my expression of my inner [TS]

  light dinner and entertainment monkey [TS]

  yeah like oh great i love money and i am [TS]

  you know and I and I worship money like [TS]

  you know you've seen on my wall here i [TS]

  have a sheet of uncut bill two-dollar [TS]

  bills and your favorite websites is what [TS]

  your money's worth he melted down [TS]

  yeah what's your money's worth when I [TS]

  mean like what's another hit I i have I [TS]

  got free when I was carrying when I had [TS]

  that chain wallet [TS]

  I used to carry around [TS]

  Bourne Identity style safe-deposit [TS]

  exactly what like six hundred dollars [TS]

  worth of tiny folded up that tiny [TS]

  folded-up twenty-dollar bills and all [TS]

  the different of all the different [TS]

  nations of the world what it what is [TS]

  that it's a kind of relationship to [TS]

  money occur crazed like and a lot of [TS]

  ways it was a simple love I just had a [TS]

  simple love it I just like a little [TS]

  miniature art museum near your ass in [TS]

  some ways right it's like a little [TS]

  display [TS]

  yeah a little display in a little game [TS]

  and a little thing I could sit monkey [TS]

  with with my fingers but to have chosen [TS]

  a life where two chosen a life in the [TS]

  arts where money is is seventeen steps [TS]

  down on your maslow hierarchy you know [TS]

  like you are you're so you're so it's so [TS]

  long after the show before the smoke [TS]

  clears enough that anybody's even think [TS]

  about money again and at that tension [TS]

  that tension has been in my in my in my [TS]

  whole life you know like it is it if if [TS]

  I had gone in to stock brokering and had [TS]

  just been interested in solving math [TS]

  problems to create money and then [TS]

  collecting money i may have been a more [TS]

  that may have been my duck you know I [TS]

  may have been a it in some ways a more [TS]

  realized person if not a Abra as brought [TS]

  a person I would have been more [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  my life would have had that sort of [TS]

  targeted self-knowledge that that event [TS]

  I see in people who like my sister [TS]

  realized 15 years after the fact and i [TS]

  watch the realization hit her like a ton [TS]

  of bricks she realized that she had been [TS]

  put on the earth to have been an Olympic [TS]

  skier and she and she bailed out of [TS]

  skiing because she wanted to smoke pot [TS]

  and hang out with skaters and her all [TS]

  her competitors and all the girls that [TS]

  could never catch her on the ski race [TS]

  mountain ended up being the US women's [TS]

  olympic team for that era like her [TS]

  friends and nemec's went on to be the US [TS]

  Ski Team and none of and they weren't [TS]

  none of our medalists but they were the [TS]

  ski team and they did go to the Olympics [TS]

  and my sister was a better skier than [TS]

  they were and she realized it [TS]

  many years later like oh shit that was [TS]

  my thing I should have if I had been an [TS]

  Olympic skier my whole life would would [TS]

  have this order it would have a context [TS]

  that it's lacking now I'm missing the [TS]

  it's like I'm missing a limb and I you [TS]

  know I often wonder whether whether that [TS]

  that relationship to literally to [TS]

  coinage you know to like bags of coins [TS]

  right when I when I was a little kid and [TS]

  I would get a quarter because people [TS]

  give quarters two little kids I don't [TS]

  know they still do that they should have [TS]

  used to i would put it in a shoebox and [TS]

  I told you this story [TS]

  ok i had a shoebox that I would change [TS]

  it for 25 pennies because it made me [TS]

  feel richer [TS]

  I like that that that's that I like that [TS]

  very much but i would put this I put [TS]

  whatever coin I got any denomination i [TS]

  would put in the shoebox until I had a [TS]

  shoebox [TS]

  that i couldn't i thought i could barely [TS]

  lift I used to keep it on the top shelf [TS]

  of my closet and then I had to keep it [TS]

  under my bed because I couldn't I [TS]

  couldn't lift it and i would i would [TS]

  pick the shoebox up and I would put it [TS]

  on the bed i'm going to close my door [TS]

  lock my door and go sit on my bed and I [TS]

  could take the money i know in big [TS]

  handful now and i would pour it over my [TS]

  head [TS]

  you'd have a little uh quarter shower [TS]

  yeah i would hurt i loved it we can [TS]

  really feel the money I you can feel the [TS]

  money and i was i was literally bathing [TS]

  in my wealth which shoe box full of [TS]

  quarters is you know I know exactly how [TS]

  much it is because i eventually my mom [TS]

  convinced me to take it to the bank [TS]

  handed in and the woman behind the [TS]

  counter gave me a bankbook where they [TS]

  had typed a hundred and seventeen [TS]

  dollars in the bank book and then my box [TS]

  of quarters was gone but in its place i [TS]

  had this bank book which looks like a [TS]

  passport that had this amount of money [TS]

  in it and I could take the bankbook out [TS]

  and stare at my hundred and seventeen [TS]

  dollars in this new form which was you [TS]

  know a promise that was at as satisfying [TS]

  different different different kind of [TS]

  thing it was a different kind of [TS]

  satisfying because I had because my mom [TS]

  was initiating me into the into the [TS]

  culture of adults by taking me to the [TS]

  bank now I had a bankbook now I was you [TS]

  know now my money at had joined the big [TS]

  stream and I was part of the big [TS]

  operation there are so many times in my [TS]

  in my young life where somebody [TS]

  initiated me into like when I got my [TS]

  first check book initiated me into this [TS]

  the big operation the world of adults [TS]

  who were trading money and stock [TS]

  and you know i was fascinated by all [TS]

  that I wanted to be a part of it and and [TS]

  yet there was nobody nobody took me all [TS]

  the way you know nobody explained maybe [TS]

  the next step beyond having a bank [TS]

  account and I mean I and people bought [TS]

  me stock for Christmas when I was [TS]

  because I was one of those kids are [TS]

  holding out hand that so much i got [TS]

  stock for Christmas and I was thrilled [TS]

  that would open up the newspaper and I [TS]

  would look for my little penny stocks [TS]

  and the stock the stock that I had was [TS]

  trading in the 75 cents a share realm [TS]

  and i had a hundred shares and you get [TS]

  to watch that change I would watch it [TS]

  change and sometimes I'd be up and [TS]

  sometimes i'd be down [TS]

  you said that you're so good at like [TS]

  what watching and waiting [TS]

  you're really good at that yeah I like [TS]

  to watch anyway but the problem is with [TS]

  the stocks and with a lot of things I [TS]

  watched my stock go up to a dollar-fifty [TS]

  share and then I watched it plummet to [TS]

  forty cents a share and then I watched [TS]

  it plummet off the bottom of the of the [TS]

  stock exchange who and it felt to two [TS]

  cents a share and then was delisted and [TS]

  that's why you're angry at politicians [TS]

  now up the one of the companies i [TS]

  invested in in like nineteen eighty made [TS]

  some kind of hose that was used on the [TS]

  space shuttle and I thought this is a [TS]

  growing industry and that's cool and and [TS]

  then it turned out you can't really like [TS]

  your business isn't going to thrive just [TS]

  making like one hose that's a pretty [TS]

  specific vertical market [TS]

  yeah you need to diversify but you know [TS]

  I've watched my fortunes go up i watch [TS]

  them go down I am NOT I'm a hoarder [TS]

  you know that's not as crazy yeah i mean [TS]

  i-i don't derail you but like I i think [TS]

  i personally I mean I don't think you [TS]

  should [TS]

  nothing you feel bad that like I think [TS]

  there's an important distinction to be [TS]

  made that at least I [TS]

  at this point and for now feel like I've [TS]

  learned i'm not like a successful person [TS]

  by the longest stretch of the [TS]

  imagination especially money-wise but [TS]

  when you think about what you described [TS]

  like somebody going to wall street or [TS]

  somebody who's going to be in [TS]

  numismatics or whatever like I think [TS]

  it's important that I promise that even [TS]

  anywhere near right now you know it was [TS]

  good like to think about this breakdown [TS]

  though one that I think is interesting [TS]

  in one that's very personally important [TS]

  to me [TS]

  one is like think about the aspects of [TS]

  being a one of those people like you're [TS]

  a banker or you're a mergers and [TS]

  acquisitions person or really your [TS]

  cashier whatever it is like think maybe [TS]

  this goes right back to the bar in the [TS]

  pulpit think about like what aspect that [TS]

  appeals to you because like in the grand [TS]

  canyon going back to the the great [TS]

  Robert Evans he realized never put his [TS]

  own money into a movie like he made a [TS]

  lot of money for himself and others but [TS]

  he did that by realizing it's not like I [TS]

  can be creative block check on the [TS]

  computer I can make five hundred dollars [TS]

  a night playing blackjack on the heat [TS]

  computers i'm really good at it and I'm [TS]

  really i'm on the computer with fake [TS]

  money i am really great at employing [TS]

  basic strategy like I know what cards to [TS]

  play when it's you just basically become [TS]

  a robot who gets free Heinekens well [TS]

  virtual Heinekens but in the casino mess [TS]

  because it might be the dollar table and [TS]

  i'm still screwing up so i guess i'm [TS]

  saying is like if you're somebody like I [TS]

  think a lot of people make the mistake [TS]

  of saying I like money a lot so I'm [TS]

  going to go do this money thing and they [TS]

  kind of leave it at that [TS]

  but that sets aside the part like my [TS]

  daughter collects bottle caps [TS]

  I collect comics and I think it's some [TS]

  ways that's the same kind of impulse as [TS]

  somebody who wants to for example [TS]

  collect money like in your case you [TS]

  really like having those quarters in a [TS]

  box but that gives me the second point [TS]

  which is how you want to spend your day [TS]

  I think people don't ask themselves that [TS]

  enough and and this is real fancy but i [TS]

  really believe this i succeed but we've [TS]

  seen people who go go through like all [TS]

  things we talked about becoming a doctor [TS]

  becoming a lawyer coming all these [TS]

  things and it never completely occurred [TS]

  to them while they were studying let's [TS]

  look at this way the first you aspire to [TS]

  be an attorney and so you watch attorney [TS]

  TV shows or maybe if you're really smart [TS]

  you read books then we do you go to law [TS]

  school [TS]

  and yes i did Allah but really there are [TS]

  in your in your cosmology was aspiring [TS]

  to be an attorney begins by watching [TS]

  attorney TV you're telling me you watch [TS]

  SWAT and didn't want to be on the SWAT [TS]

  team [TS]

  yeah okay you're right ok and so that [TS]

  maybe you go to school for a pretty long [TS]

  time but you know what you are you're [TS]

  not a lawyer [TS]

  you're not a law student you're a [TS]

  student you've gotten good at being a [TS]

  student student and i'm referring here [TS]

  specifically took 214 in particular and [TS]

  a couple other people then you I knew [TS]

  this woman who made all the way into [TS]

  studying for the bar which is not easy [TS]

  is not until she was in a study group [TS]

  studying for the bar that she realized [TS]

  how much she hated lawyers and she did [TS]

  not like being around them so i guess [TS]

  this is long winded but I'm trying to [TS]

  say is that i think one reason a lot of [TS]

  people are unhappy [TS]

  maybe because the bar maybe because the [TS]

  ballot but because they don't really [TS]

  think about what they like to do all day [TS]

  if you become a manager and you don't [TS]

  like going to pointless meetings you [TS]

  have the wrong kind of job if you love [TS]

  money but don't like being around [TS]

  bankers if you you know if you like the [TS]

  idea of making movies but can't get [TS]

  along with the crew [TS]

  you picked the wrong job because i [TS]

  forgot what you like to do and who you [TS]

  like to spend your time with [TS]

  I wanted a job at a stockbroker during a [TS]

  bank that involve me going into a big [TS]

  Scrooge McDuck room behind a giant [TS]

  circular vault door and pouring money on [TS]

  my head [TS]

  everyone's that's just the taking of [TS]

  pelham 123 remember that degree that's [TS]

  maybe original one way yeah yeah yeah [TS]

  well the reason he said that i was [TS]

  immediately taken back to the scene that [TS]

  is totally remember this correctly I [TS]

  guys could be an Oprah memory is such a [TS]

  clear recollection I would never want to [TS]

  spoil the end of the movie because it's [TS]

  a really good movie but it was on a lot [TS]

  when I was a kid and I know it's had a [TS]

  huge influence on like Tarantino and [TS]

  stuff but like i just saw all the time [TS]

  when I was a kid is just another one [TS]

  o'clock movie for me but there's a scene [TS]

  at the end where martin balsam has his [TS]

  cut and if memory serves and martin [TS]

  balsam money is a troglodyte he's in his [TS]

  little tiny crappy room he dumps his [TS]

  entire share of cash on the bed and [TS]

  starts rolling around in it and it's [TS]

  like you know that's kind of appealing [TS]

  not and it's just because like even if [TS]

  you take that money away from me and in [TS]

  a week [TS]

  it kind of fun to get to roll around [TS]

  for all its super appealing and you know [TS]

  I when we were when we were kids growing [TS]

  up the trope of the heist movie the bank [TS]

  robbery movie or the especially any [TS]

  movie where they were going to knock [TS]

  over Fort Knox there's a plan yeah you [TS]

  could also be stuff like the you don't [TS]

  like the that one [TS]

  robertshaw movie i like but the force 10 [TS]

  from navarone right you gotta it's kind [TS]

  of a heist movie right you got to go out [TS]

  and you gotta go let's take this [TS]

  everyone is maybe it's maybe in the top [TS]

  4 she telling the Dirty Dozen and CS is [TS]

  it's not as good doesn't listen I'm [TS]

  sorry I studies but the first time from [TS]

  their owners in the top it's definitely [TS]

  in the top four movies that that [TS]

  informed my entire net that's Harrison [TS]

  Ford younglife Harrison Ford it's the [TS]

  it's the classic film where there's a [TS]

  there's like a british guy who's an [TS]

  explosives expert i love that if gia the [TS]

  the black guy is a hand-to-hand combat [TS]

  guy you know it's and they go on the [TS]

  mission to blow up a dam it's so [TS]

  wonderful of movies like that it makes [TS]

  me so happy but any any movie that [TS]

  involved [TS]

  well and and and to that end any movie [TS]

  that involved a vault full of money [TS]

  it predicts lets a guy a guy pushing a [TS]

  cart that had gold bars on it or a room [TS]

  that was full of a room that you were [TS]

  breaking into that was full of [TS]

  explosives or guns that he and stealing [TS]

  eatery it was totally totally appealing [TS]

  anything in any case those were my those [TS]

  those I I think I've spent my entire [TS]

  life trying to figure out how it is that [TS]

  i am going to be a not just a bank [TS]

  robber but a bank robber who is robbing [TS]

  banks to defeat the Nazis like that i [TS]

  think is was really my job a bank robber [TS]

  who's also fighting the Nazis and I [TS]

  there's a there's like that's my missing [TS]

  limb [TS]

  mm-hmm [TS]

  that's your did that by way of a duck i [TS]

  want to point out just going to quickly [TS]

  searching just make sure that these [TS]

  facts right for 10 from navarone yeah [TS]

  the taking of pelham 123 [TS]

  and I think yeah From Russia With Love [TS]

  all featuring mr robert shaw robertshaw [TS]

  robertshaw and this day and this thing [TS]

  where he gets his be on the other end of [TS]

  the heist [TS]

  yeah in the sunshine i'm in From Russia [TS]

  With Love with blonde hair getting [TS]

  punched in the stomach by that lady from [TS]

  that with that German composers wife [TS]

  mmm mmm good violence profiles wife [TS]

  Oh No kidding mhm she was in a lot of [TS]

  his productions you know there there [TS]

  there was a movie a starring Frank [TS]

  Sinatra where they were they steal a [TS]

  train you know that I want to find Ryan [TS]

  Express on Ryan's express and if you [TS]

  watch fun runs express their the the [TS]

  german girl that they kidnap with the [TS]

  train and listen [TS]

  who was the man who was the mistress of [TS]

  the of the bed the German body and then [TS]

  she becomes like obviously she falls in [TS]

  love with fun Ryan or some shit she she [TS]

  turns the tables this german girl was [TS]

  not German she was Italian and it ends [TS]

  up that she was the girl that did the [TS]

  dancing in the prison colon and Q's old [TS]

  video so put that in here put that in [TS]

  your pipe and smoke it is that exercise [TS]

  thing or reason Poland instant queue [TS]

  zylle have I know that has nothing to do [TS]

  is just a new button [TS]

  no I've never I've never explained to [TS]

  you prison Cola and I've got a card and [TS]

  a pencil and even know what letters to [TS]

  make so this is an industrial band [TS]

  no no there there so there was an [TS]

  italian actor and I'm going to find his [TS]

  name for you right now [TS]

  Prison colon incident easel there's an [TS]

  italian actor named adriano celentano [TS]

  and and he had a like a a he was one of [TS]

  those actors that was kind of the he was [TS]

  the Marlon Brando of Italy or something [TS]

  like that he was the somebody of Italy [TS]

  famous actor and he had a music career [TS]

  in the early seventies [TS]

  and he wrote this song prison colon [TS]

  incident cubicle which is him as an [TS]

  Italian guy who doesn't speak English [TS]

  singing a song of nonsense lyrics that [TS]

  it that sound like what he imagines [TS]

  english sounds like oh [TS]

  english sounds like oh [TS]

  so he has an entire song where he's just [TS]

  singing in made-up the way with a [TS]

  conscience dachuan together the way we [TS]

  would be like always a booboo Sousa long [TS]

  as you can write an entire song in that [TS]

  style record zit and it's a hit in Italy [TS]

  is like a novelty hit well yeah but but [TS]

  here's the thing huh [TS]

  it's a killer song it is killer [TS]

  so you spent three minutes to give me a [TS]

  hand on the spelling so pris en prison [TS]

  some real priest prison colon and I cool [TS]

  there it is there's incontinence and [TS]

  kill so watch this music video the that [TS]

  they're there to videos but the one that [TS]

  you want is the black and white one and [TS]

  he's and they're both recorded like off [TS]

  a TV they're terrible quality but this [TS]

  tune got stuck in my head a couple years [TS]

  ago and I had to watch this [TS]

  I had to watch this thing once a day I [TS]

  watched it once a day for a year because [TS]

  the the the backing track of the tune is [TS]

  kind of a like a crazy loop it's got [TS]

  horns it's it's got kind of proto fuzz [TS]

  distortion and and the way his vocals [TS]

  kinda it it's like he ate in a way he [TS]

  invented rap because it kind of wraps [TS]

  instead of things and I don't know this [TS]

  track is amazing i listen to it still [TS]

  all the time but the woman in the video [TS]

  is the woman from von Ryan's express and [TS]

  I think those are the only two things [TS]

  she did that were that that had any [TS]

  traction outside of Italy and you're [TS]

  like a gene Shalit gene siskel that's [TS]

  amazing that's encyclopedia John reason [TS]

  I so I know I niz one or a it's fine [TS]

  nonsense my nonsense right none of it [TS]

  means anything it's just it's just it's [TS]

  just well then I ever tell you I when I [TS]

  first went to college there was a [TS]

  Japanese kid that lived in the dorms and [TS]

  he didn't speak English dream [TS]

  and one day we were sitting around [TS]

  drinking and smoking pot and my my [TS]

  friend Bob had this kind of moment of [TS]

  insight and he said he said to the to [TS]

  the exchange student he was like how do [TS]

  you imitate Americans in japan and the [TS]

  kid didn't get it at first he was like [TS]

  huh what do you mean [TS]

  and so Bob said well like when we [TS]

  pretend to be Japanese like all my soul [TS]

  corrupt a oh yeah but you're looking for [TS]

  his hit was getting poun for him [TS]

  yeah and he was like oh icic and he [TS]

  stood up any like kinda shocked his arms [TS]

  out of the side like he was gonna like [TS]

  he was on a UH he was doing on a old [TS]

  western town and he said hamburger a [TS]

  hamburger [TS]

  bang bang look at me i could have [TS]

  intercourse without hitting your panties [TS]

  look at me [TS]

  that's awesome Chicago bang bang [TS]

  I love that kind of stuff i love to hear [TS]

  like the onomatopoetic in different [TS]

  languages and we must sound so it's like [TS]

  you never know it's like Russian of [TS]

  course she knows russian and german [TS]

  people like they could be they could be [TS]

  flirting and it sounds like they're [TS]

  about to have a fight [TS]

  russian people sound really mad when [TS]

  they're speaking Russian people are mad [TS]

  is that right there just man we've used [TS]

  to be in the movies go to the y before [TS]

  we have a child and we would go places [TS]

  we go to the y in the morning and night [TS]

  to a little bit of a workout and then i [TS]

  would go into the sauna where everyone [TS]

  spits and they would always be these two [TS]

  you know you know the way the last [TS]

  special Germans right you get this real [TS]

  the real round and shiny and bulbous [TS]

  Chinese to Russian guys with will talk [TS]

  and like just short of yelling they were [TS]

  six inches away from each other [TS]

  everybody spitting and they would they [TS]

  would yell at each other and you had no [TS]

  idea what they're saying but they're [TS]

  clearly friends they kept coming back [TS]

  maybe they were was a long negotiation I [TS]

  don't know they're still up the Russian [TS]

  people are man they are still very mad [TS]

  that peter the great cut off their [TS]

  sleeves [TS]

  there's there they're just they're mad [TS]

  about a white again sorry when he cut [TS]

  off the sleeves [TS]

  why did he cut off thursday metaphor [TS]

  know they actually cut off their sleeves [TS]

  but there was but before before Peter [TS]

  the Great modernized Russia the fashion [TS]

  for centuries there was to have it [TS]

  sounds ridiculous this was to have [TS]

  really really really long sleeves on [TS]

  your garments and I like really long and [TS]

  peter the great felt that this was not [TS]

  in keeping with the Russians that he [TS]

  wanted you know he wanted to emulate the [TS]

  court in france he wanted he wanted [TS]

  Russia to be like a European country [TS]

  instead of what he considered to be this [TS]

  kind of backward like medieval country [TS]

  and Sookie he mandated in the ferry in a [TS]

  very contentious decree that that uh [TS]

  that everyone had to cut the sleeves off [TS]

  and have normal sign under under penalty [TS]

  of law [TS]

  yeah have normal sleeves that ended at [TS]

  at where your hand was people hate stuff [TS]

  like that and he made them shave their [TS]

  long beards he cut their beards and he [TS]

  kept their sleeve [TS]

  how is that not the beginning of a [TS]

  revolution well in fact it was it's it [TS]

  certainly sounds it sowed the seeds of [TS]

  the of the rest of the eventual [TS]

  revolution and also I think why russians [TS]

  in bath houses are yelling at each other [TS]

  to this day it it makes perfect sense [TS]

  they're still upset that stuff sticks [TS]

  with you right i mean the kind of thing [TS]

  that came with your people have suffered [TS]

  indignity in the past I don't think [TS]

  that's the thing that's not the kind of [TS]

  thing that people let go of lightly yeah [TS]

  well it's any kind of forced [TS]

  modernization you still still [TS]

  celebrating candles that the lamps this [TS]

  state lid you know what I mean or some [TS]

  time ago [TS]

  yeah I somebody either a crack somewhere [TS]

  somebody was saying that every jewish [TS]

  holiday is about like bad news you know [TS]

  about like something going wrong [TS]

  it's but this is a huge thing I'm any [TS]

  notion in politics I is a lot like she [TS]

  is the Shiites and Sunnis are still [TS]

  super duper mad about mad at each other [TS]

  mad at each other to the point of [TS]

  wanting to kill each other because [TS]

  somebody somebody says that the real [TS]

  profit is is the cousin of the guy and [TS]

  the other people say no the profit is [TS]

  the mother is the uncle of the guy right [TS]

  and it's like you have to change a lot [TS]

  of icons if somebody literally fetishes [TS]

  like a religious icons you have to [TS]

  change a lot of the architecture of [TS]

  churches if that were the case [TS]

  well you know and I mean the thing is [TS]

  it's all it's all a little bit bananas [TS]

  to begin with all due respect and so I [TS]

  mean when you when you try and introduce [TS]

  even what feels to us like a fairly [TS]

  trivial change right i mean it's your [TS]

  religion right but I feel like I feel [TS]

  like the long sleeves thing if Peter had [TS]

  just demonstrated that shorter sleeves [TS]

  were more efficient by like prancing [TS]

  around in short sleeves for a while and [TS]

  I'm not about short sleeves for timeout [TS]

  just less less long sleeves that what we [TS]

  now consider conventional Kennedy did [TS]

  not set out to kill the Hat industry [TS]

  that Clark Gable did not set out to kill [TS]

  the t-shirt industry but they said you [TS]

  know what let it begin with me let it [TS]

  begin with me [TS]

  that's right and and so you get this [TS]

  problem in in history where somebody has [TS]

  too much power and they're like you know [TS]

  what I'm just I'm drawing a line no more [TS]

  sleeves and that's when the problems [TS]

  started that's when the problems began [TS]

  right if Kennedy had said I hereby [TS]

  outlaw the Hat we would have every tea [TS]

  partier in the country would be wearing [TS]

  a hat right location of people in hats [TS]

  hello Kennedy was just like I don't need [TS]

  to have a cool again how we're proud of [TS]

  my cold dead head but have you seen [TS]

  there's that there's a great shot of [TS]

  kennedy and johnson walking across [TS]

  walking in a in a rainstorm across a [TS]

  across an airfield and Kennedy doesn't [TS]

  have an overcoat on he's just in his [TS]

  suit and Johnson showed up like all the [TS]

  other guys with an overcoat [TS]

  and he realized that he was going to [TS]

  look like he was going to look like a [TS]

  pussy if he had this overcoat on so he [TS]

  takes the overcoat off and he's carrying [TS]

  it is him in his arms and he's been [TS]

  walking across this airfield and Johnson [TS]

  has this look on his face like why [TS]

  aren't you why aren't you wearing your [TS]

  coat [TS]

  this is crazy but he he was savvy you [TS]

  savvy enough to know don't show up to a [TS]

  no code party wearing a coat [TS]

  you know and even handed me the code I [TS]

  don't need a coat is very is very wise [TS]

  man i would never thought of Johnson I [TS]

  mean I know he's was extremely [TS]

  politically savvy and powerful but they [TS]

  eat so that for him though you think [TS]

  guessing that was not something about [TS]

  about vanity and appearances in this in [TS]

  a sense of like people thinking is [TS]

  fashionable it would be because he [TS]

  didn't want to look like some fruity [TS]

  dork was afraid of rain [TS]

  well it's like that scene in the movie [TS]

  MacArthur where he's you know it's [TS]

  during the war and he's reading fan mail [TS]

  or his assistant is reading fanmail [TS]

  allowed to him from people back in the [TS]

  states and they're saying you know [TS]

  they're sending this worshipful mail and [TS]

  then he reads a letter from a little kid [TS]

  who says you know General MacArthur why [TS]

  why are you always walking around [TS]

  carrying a bamboo cane [TS]

  do you have an infirmity are you lame i [TS]

  was just an application it was just an [TS]

  expectation and and everybody in the [TS]

  room like the room gets quiet and [TS]

  everybody's looking at him because [TS]

  MacArthur head the cane he had the [TS]

  corncob pipe he had the glass and grab [TS]

  your lenses the gold braid on his hat [TS]

  like the man had had more applications [TS]

  and Truman Capote he group he had had a [TS]

  duffel bag full of like props and he was [TS]

  like a sartorial carrot top [TS]

  yeah thanks yeah you're right it was a [TS]

  prop comic except he was the general the [TS]

  army and of course I'm wearing this [TS]

  toilet seat for ya and the general as [TS]

  all he and everybody gets quiet because [TS]

  I my god this kid just you know just [TS]

  said the emperor has no clothes [TS]

  basically my heart there walks really [TS]

  slowly across the room I mean I was like [TS]

  this is this is Gregory Peck as [TS]

  MacArthur I wasn't there to see the real [TS]

  MacArthur but i have a good authority [TS]

  from this movie he walked slowly across [TS]

  the room and he throws his bamboo cane [TS]

  in the garbage can and everybody laughs [TS]

  but it is true that from there was a [TS]

  there was a moment during the war when [TS]

  all the sudden MacArthur no longer had [TS]

  his cane and you never saw it again and [TS]

  it was yeah to prove to present the [TS]

  impression of a bigger how important you [TS]

  think that stuff is and again out [TS]

  speaking of another I general i learned [TS]

  about from movies like with patent you [TS]

  know he seemed like I was in military [TS]

  school the guys that you would really [TS]

  respect in the administration we're [TS]

  clearly people who had been in the [TS]

  military and particularly this marine [TS]

  not an ex-marine then the Marine who ran [TS]

  our naval academy he just looked like a [TS]

  million bucks he had no reason to dress [TS]

  like that but he looked great i mean he [TS]

  did not coerce you didn't spot on his [TS]

  seems were impeccable do you think part [TS]

  of that is I mean obviously there's [TS]

  there's a status part of it but there's [TS]

  another part of it is also like I'm out [TS]

  here like in the shit and I still look [TS]

  awesome [TS]

  like I'm getting stuff done but you've [TS]

  got to respect me because I look great [TS]

  in this time of privation and violence i [TS]

  still look awesome [TS]

  like what part of it it absolutely is [TS]

  and I think a lot of the you know Brooks [TS]

  Brothers if you if you get it really [TS]

  inside the whole Brooks Brothers machine [TS]

  you can find the place where Brooks [TS]

  Brothers still Taylor's uniforms for [TS]

  officers like they have a whole state of [TS]

  a whole section of their tailoring [TS]

  department that makes uniforms for naval [TS]

  officers and army officers who come from [TS]

  a certain background and if you are you [TS]

  know if you are a scion of a of a [TS]

  prominent family and you join the Navy [TS]

  you don't just get issued a uniform [TS]

  you're going to get report a you're [TS]

  going to get up bespoke artisanal [TS]

  exactly you're going to have a uniform [TS]

  Taylor just as all of your closer than [TS]

  two [TS]

  and I think a lot of it is that you know [TS]

  I've told you that my dad refused to [TS]

  wear jeans because they were enlisted [TS]

  men clothes and DVD calm down girl hates [TS]

  he did he said I'm a goddamn office i [TS]

  wear khakis I don't wear jeans but but [TS]

  until very recently it was true that the [TS]

  clothes made the man you you could tell [TS]

  by a person's tailoring where his [TS]

  station was in life and at a certain [TS]

  point it people who had as as we can and [TS]

  then and this was because you could not [TS]

  afford clothes like that unless you [TS]

  lived unless you are a member of Estrada [TS]

  and sometime in the sixties when people [TS]

  started to have disposable income and [TS]

  you saw you know you saw first that that [TS]

  guys were spending a lot of money on [TS]

  flashy clothes i mean i guess that [TS]

  started as far back as the thirties but [TS]

  you know guys were wearing flashy [TS]

  clothes but then Ralph Lauren was really [TS]

  the one that introduced the idea of [TS]

  clothes that looked like the close of [TS]

  people with money and you could just go [TS]

  and buy these clothes now [TS]

  you didn't have to you didn't actually [TS]

  have to go to j press or you didn't have [TS]

  to inherit these clothes from your [TS]

  father [TS]

  you could go buy clothes that looked [TS]

  like you had money and now we live in a [TS]

  world where like Seattle there are no [TS]

  dress codes in any of the restaurants [TS]

  here because some of the richest people [TS]

  in the world live in Seattle and they [TS]

  dress like slobs like a dress Steve [TS]

  Ballmer I don't you know I can't imagine [TS]

  he's just one of those guys where you [TS]

  can put him in a ten-thousand-dollar [TS]

  suit and it would look like he'd been [TS]

  sleeping in it like these insane hey [TS]

  pepper not there there there are people [TS]

  here who will show up to the nicest [TS]

  restaurant in town in a fleece jacket [TS]

  and some Dockers and we are all expected [TS]

  to admire them [TS]

  for their commitment to comfort for [TS]

  their commitment to their what they [TS]

  consider to be there like Street [TS]

  credibility they don't they don't have [TS]

  to dress up because they're so rich but [TS]

  what it you know what it's done is it's [TS]

  undermined one of the easiest ways you [TS]

  know and I and intentionally and in a [TS]

  clinic in a cool [TS]

  egalitarianism American Way the [TS]

  traditional ways that we told one [TS]

  another apart and could tell who was a [TS]

  you know who you would off your hat to [TS]

  who are all gone and now if you see a [TS]

  guy walking down the street in a really [TS]

  really great suit chances are he's a [TS]

  young guy who is spending his disposable [TS]

  income on close it is it's it's like it [TS]

  reads as a cup appearance in court you [TS]

  know your price and when you show up in [TS]

  your like a tech entrepreneur is on the [TS]

  one hand it it makes yes it makes you [TS]

  look like a person of the people because [TS]

  your your your dress down it but in a [TS]

  weird way it also Telegraph's a lot of [TS]

  power but if you could be the one at the [TS]

  meeting you know where Stan Smith's up [TS]

  on the table [TS]

  yeah you know it is power it is down to [TS]

  earth but it's a kind of power that is [TS]

  trading on like I am powerful enough to [TS]

  disrespect the right ninja so you know [TS]

  none of you guys should do this yeah [TS]

  right and and so so it is you know it is [TS]

  it is actually the wrong kind of power [TS]

  you know the power of being up being [TS]

  able to disrespect the rules is an [TS]

  adolescent expression that's why you're [TS]

  mad at politicians that's why I'm mad at [TS]

  everybody that's why i'm at the entire [TS]

  world [TS]

  this comes up a lot it's very it's [TS]

  really disorienting to not have a way [TS]

  that we can know this is certainly you [TS]

  and I you know given our own sartorial [TS]

  decisions uh probably benefit from the [TS]

  fact that we don't don't have to get [TS]

  dressed up but i think it's kind of cool [TS]

  in New York there are many things i [TS]

  think it's kind of cool that people [TS]

  still like dress-up I I'm glad I don't [TS]

  have to do it but I think it's neat that [TS]

  people still get dressed up to go out to [TS]

  dinner and stuff yeah how else are you [TS]

  going to know that you're in the [TS]

  pretenders if you're not walking against [TS]

  a tide of guys in bowler hats and [TS]

  umbrellas walking across the Thames [TS]

  like I bet I bet the guys in the [TS]

  pretenders were like all the time [TS]

  thinking of themselves what the fuck who [TS]

  am i again and then alright i'm in the [TS]

  pretenders because everybody else on [TS]

  this bridge is where was wearing a suit [TS]

  mm that's how the guys in pink floyd new [TS]

  knew that they were in a band to band [TS]

  now now the only place you can find that [TS]

  is in is in New York City or Vienna you [TS]

  know the guys in Vienna dress pretty [TS]

  good i believe shot sharp dressers the [TS]

  real close town everything I know about [TS]

  Vienna comes from one Falco song and the [TS]

  third and up like the music in that [TS]

  movie [TS]

  yeah yeah we should Falco song Vienna [TS]

  calling ooo Vienna calling every Falco [TS]

  song had 200 was part of the o.r [TS]

  tourists around commissars in town [TS]

  ooo I guess I you know what i miss West [TS]

  Berlin think I wasn't asking but maybe [TS]

  get Buster in a bus day I angels on me [TS]

  but I like Alexander blog that talks [TS]

  like that silly old man fucks alone and [TS]

  columbia office in coffees was the wings [TS]

  of desire i don't know that i will of [TS]

  course you do it's that movie everybody [TS]

  saw with the angels in the library and [TS]

  the the trapeze lady and colombo [TS]

  remember that circa nineteen [TS]

  eighty-seven about the back wall this [TS]

  big big in German 97 i was already i was [TS]

  already really going from half rack of [TS]

  Schmidt to have recommended you don't [TS]

  get too many movies that way so do you [TS]

  have seen Hitler rage videos where they [TS]

  got with Hitler's freaking out and from [TS]

  that like pretty good movie last days in [TS]

  the bunker or whatever it's called [TS]

  oh yeah i have seen mr. that actor bring [TS]

  against please like it plays an angel in [TS]

  its it's really good but not nearly as [TS]

  good as you remember where i remember [TS]

  this is the problem with this was the [TS]

  problem with with me and culture as soon [TS]

  as I left high school and became a [TS]

  dedicated drinking person for [TS]

  from 1980 values your duck from 1987 to [TS]

  1997 like they're they're huge holes in [TS]

  what i understood what i know about [TS]

  popular culture because i just did I I [TS]

  didn't have any money and I was not [TS]

  living [TS]

  I was subterranean I wasn't living above [TS]

  ground so what in if you were in a bar [TS]

  it wasn't to watch friends know or I [TS]

  would never be in a bar where they had [TS]

  TVs you know they didn't have tvs and [TS]

  the bars that I drink in my hand all the [TS]

  TVs but I think we're not College where [TS]

  there's so much stuff that like is now [TS]

  so much part like your your body the [TS]

  child actor I star trek new generation [TS]

  started and I i I've never been a Star [TS]

  Trek fan or anything against star trek [TS]

  but like everybody I know that's just a [TS]

  little bit younger than me that's a real [TS]

  touchstone for them maybe not quite as [TS]

  much as Star Wars was for me but you [TS]

  know they know so much you know there's [TS]

  something you missed like age-wise I [TS]

  just miss transformers I was more of a [TS]

  micro not sky [TS]

  yeah micronauts of course obviously yeah [TS]

  that Baron Baron Zemo that's many [TS]

  adventures but this the big remember the [TS]

  big black armor guy i still have I still [TS]

  have a little handful really well-made [TS]

  the metal ones were really well made but [TS]

  no I had to you have these ladies I [TS]

  think everybody has these latent periods [TS]

  and i was really in a bubble in a way [TS]

  that i am very happy about in college [TS]

  i'm glad that i was removed from you [TS]

  know even hearing stuff on the radio [TS]

  when I was in college it's nice to have [TS]

  a break from that [TS]

  yeah yeah because when you're in high [TS]

  school you are just you're so hyper [TS]

  aware of everything every new cultural [TS]

  thing and write about the right about [TS]

  when peter gabriel's so came out i just [TS]

  went off the reservation i suddenly [TS]

  associate that with starting college [TS]

  yeah yeah me too and I and I i just i [TS]

  came back came back to the world [TS]

  sometime in 1997 you time-traveled you [TS]

  came you came forward and he said Peter [TS]

  Gabriel he's a good-looking guy you [TS]

  gonna do it dude he's bald as a super [TS]

  creepy weird now yeah and walks walks [TS]

  like with a limp and wears a an [TS]

  ankle-length leather trench coat or am i [TS]

  confusing him with Rob health [TS]

  haha i would love to see Peter Gabriel [TS]

  riding on the stage on a motorcycle very [TS]

  awkwardly I would love to see a [TS]

  collaboration between Rob Halford and [TS]

  peter gabriel huh with with like Moby [TS]

  does the music okay sa9 up here Gabriel [TS]

  place flute and I know Rob how four [TS]

  plays a kind of flute [TS]

  yeah but I I don't know it just written [TS]

  in the tab fuck it we're done here [TS]