Roderick on the Line

Ep. 90: "A Small Archipelago of Noses"


  hello [TS]

  I John hi Merlin is going really meant [TS]

  got a phone call with John Roderick when [TS]

  was the last time you had a chili dog [TS]

  can ask a question wasn't really you [TS]

  don't do double chili talks count [TS]

  I big so I answer just now uh my potluck [TS]

  place has introduced a new product [TS]

  called the double chili cheese dog who [TS]

  is too big old dogs on a bun with chili [TS]

  and cheese two dogs one but you don't [TS]

  just look at video that was not every [TS]

  one of those a tease people haha what do [TS]

  you mean you're gonna scare the test [TS]

  Iraq where I just had a great Matt a [TS]

  bachelor meal [TS]

  whoa you know I'm very busy right now [TS]

  these are busy times you're very busy i [TS]

  can't believe you found time for this [TS]

  you you are on TV a good will a few [TS]

  minutes ago I was on TV I was on TV [TS]

  literally one hour ago and I'm just [TS]

  stopping by stopping by the writer from [TS]

  the line studios to try and try and talk [TS]

  to you for a little while I said John [TS]

  Roderick found it and and so you're into [TS]

  that you're doing more media others just [TS]

  it's it's just a medias it's just a [TS]

  storm media and as you know there was an [TS]

  election in Seattle [TS]

  recently I heard we should talk about [TS]

  that is that ok but but I got home I got [TS]

  home and I was like I need some food i [TS]

  am still not eating carbohydrates and [TS]

  it's very difficult to continue to get [TS]

  food in your body so hard so I got home [TS]

  and I was like what do I have and I go [TS]

  into the refrigerator and I'm like I [TS]

  roasted and I've I pan-fried a couple of [TS]

  chicken breast and olive oil the other [TS]

  day and I had those I was like right but [TS]

  i need but there's I can't just eat two [TS]

  chicken breasts that's just a little bit [TS]

  to fern bar you know what I mean [TS]

  olive oil chicken breasts too firm bar [TS]

  so I was like what else do I have [TS]

  well because I have a daughter i have [TS]

  string cheese so I took some string [TS]

  cheese out and I stringed it you know [TS]

  you pull it apart and mixed rings and I [TS]

  covered the chicken breast with string [TS]

  cheese and i was like but it needs [TS]

  something else and then i saw that i [TS]

  have some roast beef so i covered the [TS]

  string cheese with roast beef and i [TS]

  microwaved it and I tell you it is the [TS]

  greatest food I've had in weeks [TS]

  my mind is spinning it see now nothing [TS]

  is your brain i be thinkin noodles [TS]

  noodles noodles [TS]

  I can't have noodles what am I going to [TS]

  do you took in another direction you've [TS]

  invented an entirely new kind of Cordon [TS]

  Bleu it's basically a cordon bleu except [TS]

  with with children string cheese and [TS]

  sandwich meat roasted salmon Josh and [TS]

  the whole page so i ate it with a knife [TS]

  and fork and everybody was like it can [TS]

  the next might be better than the last [TS]

  and everybody was better than the last [TS]

  you'll be good a little bit of hot [TS]

  mustard on that [TS]

  oh now that you say it I should i have [TS]

  some hot mustard about some of that [TS]

  great German or some or some horseradish [TS]

  have you been back to your right to I [TS]

  don't really even back to your German [TS]

  Lenny or shoppy know because i'm so busy [TS]

  that I I'm afraid to stock up on [TS]

  anything but no I here's what i did [TS]

  there is a butcher in in Seattle's [TS]

  columbia city neighborhood which [TS]

  actually point of order my family lower [TS]

  Mike my great-great-uncle Junius the [TS]

  racist the races lawyer I think his [TS]

  brother another great uncle of mine not [TS]

  my great grandfather george alfred [TS]

  Caldwell rochester but their third [TS]

  brother all of whom escaped from [TS]

  Tennessee after the Civil War to make [TS]

  their way out west [TS]

  the third brother was somehow [TS]

  responsible for the planting and selling [TS]

  of columbia city in my family that he is [TS]

  regarded as the founder of columbia city [TS]

  now and and you know within my family [TS]

  that you have to take that someone with [TS]

  a grain of salt but it's been said so [TS]

  much that I believe every time I Drive [TS]

  through columbia city i'm like well it's [TS]

  basically belongs to me this whole part [TS]

  of town [TS]

  there's a butcher their name Bob the [TS]

  butcher and he's like one of these last [TS]

  remaining storefront butcher shops and [TS]

  his Bob just recently died but his son [TS]

  who looks exactly like Jeffrey Dahmer [TS]

  used to you know give me like butcher [TS]

  butcher treatment the butcher could [TS]

  picture a business where he trap I'd [TS]

  pick a piece of meat out and he wrapped [TS]

  in white paper and it was it felt very [TS]

  much like how i wish the world still was [TS]

  who I went in there the other day and [TS]

  there is a little Korean gal and then [TS]

  her mom a little Korean gal and they [TS]

  both were given me the hard sell on on [TS]

  my butcher experience they're like you [TS]

  know what do you want [TS]

  let's go let's get moving you want that [TS]

  we can do that they want oriental [TS]

  efficient ceiling working with you want [TS]

  two of those you want for those right I [TS]

  was like ah yeah well m 16 hours we're [TS]

  starting to get over here and i got [TS]

  these porterhouse over there like listen [TS]

  what you want is you want one of these [TS]

  bulk rates and they handed me a piece of [TS]

  paper and it was like four hundred and [TS]

  sixty-seven dollars you can get five [TS]

  pounds of bacon five pounds of sausage [TS]

  five pounds of chicken to whole [TS]

  free-range chickens a rump roast for [TS]

  porterhouse steaks and 10 pounds of [TS]

  hamburger or something like that and I [TS]

  was like yes I do want that that is the [TS]

  way a man wants to shop be give me a [TS]

  piece of paper with a lot of meat on it [TS]

  and then give you some money [TS]

  yeah I 110 3 pork roasts and a half a [TS]

  dozen pork steaks and I was like well I [TS]

  want that but I don't want this and the [TS]

  other one was like that's fine we can do [TS]

  that we do it all by weight and so all [TS]

  then all of a sudden it gets into it [TS]

  turns into this crazy transaction [TS]

  they're like all right we're taking two [TS]

  pounds off of that we're going to give [TS]

  you two pounds more of this and [TS]

  writing it all down and putting it on [TS]

  the scale and I kind of feel like she's [TS]

  putting her thumb on the scale and the [TS]

  daughters weighing something over across [TS]

  the room that I can't see I'm trying to [TS]

  like run over there and see that and [TS]

  then I come back and and the mom has [TS]

  already wrapped up for porterhouse [TS]

  steaks that I kind of like was like [TS]

  women i didn't know that's that'sthat's [TS]

  big-city butcher and you don't want that [TS]

  it was super big city butchering and [TS]

  then all of a sudden I'm like whoa wait [TS]

  a minute it's all in bags and it's like [TS]

  a hundred sixty-seven dollars please [TS]

  and I didn't want to have a it was [TS]

  another one of these like difficult [TS]

  cultural exchanges where it's like do I [TS]

  go back and have them unwrap all this [TS]

  stuff and weigh it all in front of me [TS]

  no i don't i accept that this is the way [TS]

  this this transaction ran I'll know [TS]

  better next time [TS]

  and I walked out of there with two bags [TS]

  of meat that were that each bag required [TS]

  both women to lift it over the camera so [TS]

  I i'm walking down the street with to [TS]

  basically meet and villains and people [TS]

  are getting out of my way on the street [TS]

  because they say just now they like [TS]

  instinctively sense here comes a lion [TS]

  with a wildebeest in his mouth like I [TS]

  had so much meat on me and we have been [TS]

  eating through this meat and frankly it [TS]

  was worth a hundred sixty-seven dollars [TS]

  even if she was putting her thumb on the [TS]

  scale any thought about seeking redress [TS]

  with Bob jr. well that's the thing but i [TS]

  can only assume either Bob jr. has sold [TS]

  a portion or the entirety of his [TS]

  business to these women or perhaps Bob [TS]

  jr. is married to one of the moon and [TS]

  the business is that and they were like [TS]

  listen Bob jr. we got this we got what [TS]

  will take care of the business from here [TS]

  on out and he's just sitting in the back [TS]

  chopping up teenage boys or I don't know [TS]

  what he's doing [TS]

  I haven't seen him in a long time I know [TS]

  his dad died but you know the meat is [TS]

  all from local farms but but the butcher [TS]

  shop does not advertise itself in any [TS]

  kind of hippie-dippie way there's no no [TS]

  there's no sign out front that says [TS]

  locally-sourced artisanal anything it's [TS]

  just like yes we get our meat [TS]

  from the following farms that are around [TS]

  the town but we're not precious about it [TS]

  and the meat is actually much cheaper [TS]

  than it is even in the groceries i'm not [TS]

  usually the type that was my hand held [TS]

  in situations like that if it's [TS]

  something you know really [TS]

  straightforward you know if I go in and [TS]

  I say i want to punch recipe finder [TS]

  wanna have a conversation about it but I [TS]

  think in that case they're leaving [TS]

  behind a little bit of the high-touch [TS]

  service that would make you seek out a [TS]

  Bob jr. yes and that's what Bob jr. used [TS]

  to sit and talk to me about every kind [TS]

  of meat is this is the guy used to talk [TS]

  to you about grass-fed things uh know [TS]

  that Bob jr. was a little bit i have to [TS]

  say a little bit on the spectrum [TS]

  mm so he could talk about the job that's [TS]

  a good job good job good job [TS]

  yeah he he could talk to me about the [TS]

  meat but he wasn't like a scintillating [TS]

  like wide-ranging conversationalist [TS]

  but but that and I realized something [TS]

  the other day a lot of my problem in the [TS]

  world and I feel like this is true [TS]

  youtube is that I do not like salesman [TS]

  and it doesn't matter what they're [TS]

  selling [TS]

  I so don't like salesman that I feel [TS]

  like in the course of my life i have [TS]

  made bad decisions or or I have thwarted [TS]

  myself repeatedly because the person on [TS]

  the other side of the table was trying [TS]

  to sell it to me and I was like you know [TS]

  what fuck this place [TS]

  I threw garbage can through the window [TS]

  and I burned it down and you know like [TS]

  like a robbery t.i Roger it instead of [TS]

  since Ted of indoor five minutes of some [TS]

  guy selling me something in that voice [TS]

  and in that tone and it's why I don't [TS]

  like it's why I don't like pastors it's [TS]

  why I don't like mortgage brokers or car [TS]

  salesman but it feels it feels whenever [TS]

  I totally agree and I think that i do [TS]

  share that with you but it's probably i [TS]

  always feel like I'm a mark you know I [TS]

  they may see me as Ali but I feel like a [TS]

  mark you know the whole thing as long as [TS]

  the salesman is still talking still [TS]

  closing [TS]

  you know as long as the President as [TS]

  long as I'm still there yelling at the [TS]

  guy at the door like there's still a [TS]

  transaction [TS]

  that could potentially happen yeah and I [TS]

  guess it is that they aren't they are [TS]

  never ever ever interested in me in any [TS]

  way other than that I am a human-shaped [TS]

  cut out with a bull's-eye on his face [TS]

  you know like there's whatever feigned [TS]

  interest they are displaying like I i [TS]

  went to my dentist the other day [TS]

  oh she has a new dental hygienist two [TS]

  years because my tennis drives me insane [TS]

  with that stuff [TS]

  well and I'm a my dentist i like very [TS]

  much but she has a new hygienist who's [TS]

  like a young gal who was talking about [TS]

  like when i graduated from high school [TS]

  in 98 and I was like stop right there [TS]

  but she was given me that whole business [TS]

  of like so where you from [TS]

  so what do you put it there and I was [TS]

  like Lady seriously don't like be [TS]

  friendly but we're not trying to learn [TS]

  about each other like don't pretend that [TS]

  you are trying to learn about me for [TS]

  anything other than some kind of mental [TS]

  rolodex of like how's your daughter type [TS]

  of comments that you're going to [TS]

  sprinkle through the years like this let [TS]

  it ride [TS]

  you know you know just chill baby chill [TS]

  well with my dentist he's very [TS]

  charismatic very handsome but he and his [TS]

  whole staff and by the way his mom is [TS]

  his hygienist but just super she's the [TS]

  one who always gives me the printouts [TS]

  about how you can get heart disease i [TS]

  don't floss enough she's giving me the [TS]

  same xerox about how i'm going to get [TS]

  I'm gonna it'sit's I guess it's a real [TS]

  thing but apparently if you don't floss [TS]

  enough to get heart disease because the [TS]

  plaque goes through your gums into your [TS]

  heart because science [TS]

  yeah and but the problem with this guy [TS]

  is I always feel like he's he noted is [TS]

  it I do feel like he's selling me [TS]

  something like he's selling me a deep [TS]

  clean that's coming he's telling me some [TS]

  kind of you know like any of those folks [TS]

  to trust your mechanic right back to the [TS]

  Dead Kennedys like he's looking for some [TS]

  inroads about my own fears or [TS]

  sensitivities to find some way to sell a [TS]

  dental product again and what it comes [TS]

  down to for me is like I feel like this [TS]

  is and this is me maybe I maybe I want a [TS]

  bad doctor but I want a bad doctor I [TS]

  want to go to somebody who [TS]

  like yeah yeah you got fucking up the [TS]

  same but we gotta fight that shit you [TS]

  mean bad doctor like bad lieutenant that [TS]

  kind of like taking out of he has two [TS]

  without putting something awful but [TS]

  something like a lawyer like I want [TS]

  someone who's on my side I want somebody [TS]

  who's like fighting fighting the the [TS]

  health problem with me resident being [TS]

  like the mediator with the health [TS]

  problems like well I've been talking to [TS]

  your heart disease i'm pretty sure it's [TS]

  because you need a deep clean it [TS]

  probably makes you feel pretty bad you [TS]

  got a kid you really don't want to die [TS]

  and it is you know what I mean I don't [TS]

  feel like when I go in there I want [TS]

  somebody who's gonna buy want to clean [TS]

  my teeth you know not show me endless [TS]

  slides of the furniture that he has made [TS]

  god bless him but I just I just like [TS]

  being sold and that puts me on the [TS]

  defensive and now I'm that guy [TS]

  yeah I feel like the only sales pitch [TS]

  that I respond to is I don't give a fuck [TS]

  whether you buy this or not it's the [TS]

  like i'm selling it because I believe in [TS]

  it or because I made it and if you don't [TS]

  want it then your spin your dumbass but [TS]

  it doesn't matter to me [TS]

  yeah but if that's something we're like [TS]

  you're in there as a motivated buyer if [TS]

  you go in there and say i wanna i want [TS]

  to get this certain what's the big [TS]

  international harvester that's the big [TS]

  transporter what's the name of the big [TS]

  car you want super been like if you go [TS]

  to if you go to Bob's Bob suburban and [TS]

  and and Bob you know Bob senior absorb [TS]

  suburban senior is there you go in there [TS]

  and he can help you make a decision [TS]

  about like what fits your budget in your [TS]

  needs that's kind of cells when I could [TS]

  use what I don't need in there is [TS]

  somebody going you know you really are [TS]

  dickless wonder you should get a [TS]

  suburban right all those guys on [TS]

  craigslist you are like why I think I [TS]

  told you right attacks more pictures and [TS]

  looked at a suburban and I wrote the guy [TS]

  and I said yeah its burdens got a lot [TS]

  more rust than you said it had like ice [TS]

  is to send me some pictures and you sent [TS]

  me some pictures of the parts that [TS]

  weren't rusty but then i went looked at [TS]

  it and it's got all this rust on it and [TS]

  he writes back and he says well that [TS]

  rust is typical for 73 was like really [TS]

  like my love my lying should have been [TS]

  anticipated [TS]

  yeah thank you for the education about [TS]

  what is typical and what is not [TS]

  but in fact like like if you're if if [TS]

  you if the thing is honest it sells [TS]

  itself right and if it's like I won't [TS]

  look [TS]

  the Cadillac the other day there's [TS]

  another one I'm going to I'm going out [TS]

  looking at a lot like an old like giant [TS]

  Cadillac it was a 65 Cadillac was a [TS]

  massive cadillac and he had taken these [TS]

  cool pictures about a of it and I was [TS]

  like so many recipes like none at all i [TS]

  said is how big the motor need it's like [TS]

  it's a 500 and I was like this Cadillac [TS]

  seems like my kinda cadillac and I went [TS]

  to look at it and as I Drive up I'm like [TS]

  what the and i said is that has the [TS]

  suspension been modified and he was like [TS]

  oh yeah the guy before me like lowered [TS]

  it but he only lowered in the front end [TS]

  because he couldn't figure out how to [TS]

  take the suspension out of the back end [TS]

  I was like haha so the front bumper is [TS]

  dragging on the ground because some kid [TS]

  tried to put it on air bags but didn't [TS]

  know what he was doing and that is a [TS]

  thing that you now that I look at the [TS]

  photographs you took you took these [TS]

  photographs with it with the stick a [TS]

  look at Peter Jackson angle [TS]

  yeah with the sure knowledge that that [TS]

  was not being revealed you said nothing [TS]

  about it in the ad we talked about it [TS]

  you include the line please don't waste [TS]

  my time in your ad and now i'm out here [TS]

  and i'm looking at a car that is [TS]

  basically a halloween pumpkin and like [TS]

  you know I i have learned not to look at [TS]

  a guy like that and say like by the way [TS]

  fuck you because i don't i cannot afford [TS]

  to walk around thinking that my time is [TS]

  worth money because if I did think that [TS]

  I would be I would be just so depressed [TS]

  it's if I think if I thought my time was [TS]

  with money so I'm just like you know [TS]

  what this was this was a nice drive in [TS]

  the country out to your suburban house [TS]

  to look at this thing for one and a half [TS]

  seconds and know that what it needs to [TS]

  be put back together and I'm not gonna [TS]

  stand here and argue premio he was like [TS]

  seven thousand dollars firm and I'm like [TS]

  yeah firm like the suspension probably [TS]

  is because it's sitting on the axle [TS]

  anyway go go fuck yourself but you know [TS]

  like go fuck yourself is implied in [TS]

  those situations [TS]

  yeah I just you know it'sit's what [TS]

  hardens me as a person though not a good [TS]

  way is that it makes me continually feel [TS]

  like I have to protect against like I [TS]

  want to be somebody who trust people [TS]

  because that's my nature but then you [TS]

  have enough experiences like that or [TS]

  somebody who who doesn't tell you about [TS]

  the black mold in the basement of the [TS]

  house that you're buying or whatever you [TS]

  know it's like it's just you just keep [TS]

  you almost have to approach each of [TS]

  those situations assuming that there's a [TS]

  body in the trunk like there's something [TS]

  you're gonna have to figure out about [TS]

  this that they're just not gonna tell [TS]

  you [TS]

  and so you know you got something you [TS]

  can just say like what's really fucked [TS]

  up about this that you're not telling me [TS]

  you know yeah there will be so nice to [TS]

  have that conversation with somebody [TS]

  well you know actually I'm Dominator [TS]

  might not be right [TS]

  I'm not sure give me the five word [TS]

  answer of the thing you are most afraid [TS]

  that I'm gonna find out about this [TS]

  product that's really good you can go [TS]

  into it and say to somebody i'm going to [TS]

  tell you what might what I'm worried [TS]

  about you tell me what you're worried [TS]

  about right like I'm I'm worried this [TS]

  mean I get great mileage but like I want [TS]

  it so much that I leavin you know what [TS]

  are you worried about him or you'll find [TS]

  out that it's sitting on the axle boom [TS]

  we're gonna find out the people we're [TS]

  better people than that [TS]

  yeah the door souls are stars are full [TS]

  of moldy cocaine [TS]

  I don't buy that car yeah that's the [TS]

  exact opposite effects i think cocaine I [TS]

  think even moldy cocaine has some street [TS]

  value for somebody who's always somebody [TS]

  you probably had that at some point what [TS]

  moldy cocaine while you're at a party [TS]

  and somebody says we're out of the [TS]

  regular cocaine always left is the multi [TS]

  cocaine [TS]

  ok I heard I heard you have okay I [TS]

  definitely had some drugs that were [TS]

  transported in a gas tank [TS]

  oh no because they smelled like gas and [TS]

  they were the only drugs in that town at [TS]

  the time small mountain town and [TS]

  everybody knew that it was the really [TS]

  the worst possible thing but they were [TS]

  the only drugs available and so you'd be [TS]

  sitting around you drinking beer at [TS]

  somebody's house and they'd be like [TS]

  a certain point they'd pull out the bag [TS]

  and everybody like is that the gas stuff [TS]

  it smells like VW Bug did you know and [TS]

  you just like the gassed up and it came [TS]

  across the border in a gas tank and it [TS]

  wasn't sealed properly or something and [TS]

  everybody was like getting i'll discuss [TS]

  so even though you the provenance you [TS]

  know the provenance is fucked up you [TS]

  know you you know that at at this at [TS]

  least been against yet let alone what [TS]

  you can't smell on it [TS]

  oh yeah and half but half the high is [TS]

  just chlorofluorocarbons from like it's [TS]

  just like smoking unleaded gas is di [TS]

  seems like i'm going to pass out [TS]

  sometimes when i was driving my VW bus [TS]

  I mean that the smell of gas was was so [TS]

  strong everything pretty much every old [TS]

  school BTW been it's like that [TS]

  yeah it's a part of the air-cooled [TS]

  engine it routes the exhaust through the [TS]

  dashboard very clever [TS]

  yeah why feel like this thing you know [TS]

  like one of the one of the unexpected [TS]

  and nice things about the about the rise [TS]

  of the Internet and the and and all of [TS]

  the kind of social media a shin is that [TS]

  you and I both like the word is out [TS]

  about us right everywhere I go people [TS]

  already know they already know where the [TS]

  rust is in my door cells because it's [TS]

  part of my online brand even you know [TS]

  and what when when the name of your [TS]

  superhero rust that's right but when the [TS]

  internet first came up i don't mean I we [TS]

  can we can set the Wayback Machine it [TS]

  wasn't that long ago but you know i [TS]

  remembers people telling me like don't [TS]

  post on message boards you need to keep [TS]

  your privacy and the mystery about you [TS]

  as an artist and and I was very worried [TS]

  about privacy we were all so worried [TS]

  about privacy but the reality is that [TS]

  the truth of me is available to anybody [TS]

  that that wants to look forward at all [TS]

  he can you put out a 200-hour craigslist [TS]

  ad [TS]

  Yeah Yeah right that step is it says no [TS]

  flakes and read the whole thing you'll [TS]

  probably figure it's in all caps [TS]

  there's no punctuation a keyword search [TS]

  for Hitler this this podcast is for men [TS]

  and manly women no facts don't waste my [TS]

  time don't waste my time and and and [TS]

  that is a that is a tremendous relief in [TS]

  a way now because because it feels like [TS]

  in the aggregate over time the true [TS]

  story of of of any person who is like [TS]

  pursuing a public life [TS]

  the true story is ultimately revealed in [TS]

  just the you cannot manage your story [TS]

  completely over time in a sort of daily [TS]

  posting and people posting about you you [TS]

  cannot hide the the truth and and and [TS]

  it's not like I ever wanted to I always [TS]

  felt like I'm you know that that that [TS]

  that disclaimer business on a first date [TS]

  with somebody or the first time you meet [TS]

  somebody and you want to sit down and [TS]

  say like here's the thing nine games [TS]

  here's the thing i'm afraid i'm most [TS]

  afraid you're going to find out about me [TS]

  right [TS]

  and then the person goes oh shit you're [TS]

  like yeah I know right i have two huge [TS]

  dicks and then we have to navigate like [TS]

  what's that mean what does that mean for [TS]

  us what does that mean for you with [TS]

  everybody listen this is going to come [TS]

  up [TS]

  listen eventually I don't want I don't [TS]

  be surprised and so but but now like all [TS]

  of that is out there right it and and [TS]

  the presumption is that people you know [TS]

  before they sit down with you for the [TS]

  first time have already done at least [TS]

  that first swipe of like who the fuck is [TS]

  this person [TS]

  and I think it you know in on that first [TS]

  page of results it's like all the infos [TS]

  there you can tell that this guy this [TS]

  guy like Merlin Mann is going to be a [TS]

  challenging interview John Roderick is [TS]

  going to be a difficult a boyfriend like [TS]

  this stuff is basically in our Wikipedia [TS]

  page and and I no longer feel like [TS]

  privacy issues in in that sense it's [TS]

  like what [TS]

  it's maintaining your privacy about [TS]

  about certain things is like so easy [TS]

  really [TS]

  as long as you're not trying to hide the [TS]

  the essential truth about you [TS]

  yeah that won't let you know when you're [TS]

  a public basket case i think people [TS]

  really the country a break [TS]

  that's what i like to think anyone well [TS]

  that's yeah that's why we have pursued [TS]

  this this public baths basket case [TS]

  personalized one funny part of it with [TS]

  social media stuff though is that you [TS]

  know i think yeah a lot of people are [TS]

  looking forward to the day when somebody [TS]

  sees them and goes oh you posted that [TS]

  funny thing on facebook or your [TS]

  Instagram photo of some telephone wires [TS]

  was really inspiring to me and you know [TS]

  and and they keep waiting for that and [TS]

  the day that happens it's really magical [TS]

  but then after that you know if your if [TS]

  your Instagram photos of telephone wires [TS]

  inspiring people eventually you're [TS]

  you're like Instagram telephone wire guy [TS]

  alright again that story's not yours [TS]

  anymore that's that's the thing is like [TS]

  whatever it is whether you intended it [TS]

  to be that way or not like screech [TS]

  probably didn't think he was going to be [TS]

  screened she went to the screen test [TS]

  because he just showed up here or [TS]

  screech screech I found some photos of [TS]

  Mason Reese yeah he's a handsome kid [TS]

  he's a club owner she's even get a get a [TS]

  bigger this place for this mark III had [TS]

  an interesting experience the other day [TS]

  i'm doing a lot of media recently and a [TS]

  like a DJ posted a link to an interview [TS]

  that I did on one on his podcast this DJ [TS]

  Marco Collins who was a famous somehow [TS]

  yeah the market Colin sessions [TS]

  Marco Collins he was a big big proponent [TS]

  of grunge and indie and he just i know [TS]

  from that silkworm records he was here [TS]

  local DJ yeah he was he was like the [TS]

  alternative rock DJ before there wasn't [TS]

  such a thing as indie rock like a [TS]

  rotting on the rocks kind of career [TS]

  maker John Boyle County enter he was the [TS]

  one who discovered and made the career [TS]

  of harvey danger [TS]

  wow I and he used to live across the [TS]

  hall from me we have a long history [TS]

  together but he thought he had me on a [TS]

  podcast he does and he posted a link to [TS]

  it on his facebook page which he told [TS]

  the connected to me and so I went [TS]

  followed the link to where was posted on [TS]

  inside and there were a series of [TS]

  comments underneath it and as i'm [TS]

  reading the comments i realized that [TS]

  some of the comments are hidden from me [TS]

  all this is like a facebook thing right [TS]

  was like some stuff you just can't see [TS]

  on facebook or i can only imagine that [TS]

  it's because the people who those people [TS]

  have blocked me [TS]

  I don't know they're not like a friend [TS]

  of a friend or something because there's [TS]

  some stuff where you can see can see it [TS]

  in certain places in certain situations [TS]

  but but you think you think it's like [TS]

  they willfully like blocked you from [TS]

  seeing things that they do well know the [TS]

  reason I know that they're there is that [TS]

  that the that you know 5 or 6 comments [TS]

  down there's a comment from a guy who's [TS]

  like oh and I suppose you've ever done [TS]

  anything as brilliant as when I pretend [TS]

  to fall in your life mr. guy who then I [TS]

  was like that that curious i was like [TS]

  who's that in response to and I read the [TS]

  five things before that were like you [TS]

  know first or whatever and I'm like this [TS]

  is he's woozy talking two and then three [TS]

  or four comments down he's like [TS]

  well uh in my experience john robert has [TS]

  never been anything but the nicest guy [TS]

  and he let my band opened for him once [TS]

  in san diego and they were super cool [TS]

  towards you want to see what ppl are [TS]

  defending you against on and i'm like [TS]

  who is he arguing with and then further [TS]

  down another person chimes in who is [TS]

  like who is obviously responding to of [TS]

  second person and saying like I happen [TS]

  to think that the John Roderick is like [TS]

  a prince and a sweetheart and I'm like [TS]

  who are you arguing with that what are [TS]

  they say and I you know I I realized [TS]

  just from looking at the reflected [TS]

  argument that through the course of this [TS]

  you know however many long comments I [TS]

  you could tell that the that whoever it [TS]

  was that had an axe to grind was [TS]

  grinding a personal acts they weren't [TS]

  saying like I hate his band they were [TS]

  they were 10 st. John Roxanne asshole [TS]

  they would ya ever similar and it was [TS]

  coming from a place where they were [TS]

  probably somebody that I once punched in [TS]

  the nose like they're there is this [TS]

  small archipelago of noses that i have [TS]

  punched in the last 20 years who are [TS]

  probably also on facebook and who are [TS]

  they continued to live after I punch [TS]

  them in the nose they did not they did [TS]

  not go very weary and wait and be gone [TS]

  they are can they are alive people in [TS]

  the world who I have forgotten [TS]

  completely but for whom that punch in [TS]

  the nose was a singular event that they [TS]

  have not let go of they are still they [TS]

  may remember being and I still the end [TS]

  the end the idea that I'm out there [TS]

  doing well having fun still infuriates [TS]

  but you could tell you could tell by the [TS]

  tenor of the people defending me that [TS]

  were visible to me that that the [TS]

  complaints against me were didn't make [TS]

  sense to [TS]

  anyone in the context of this post this [TS]

  podcast yeah it was some kind of a [TS]

  little like just a dive bomb [TS]

  yeah people were like what's your [TS]

  problem and but but but was curious to [TS]

  me was that there were at least two [TS]

  people owe on this on this facebook [TS]

  thread that that were like grinding [TS]

  pretty serious axis and and you know it [TS]

  caused me to reflect like what is the [TS]

  what's the worst thing I did to somebody [TS]

  that i have forgotten completely about [TS]

  but that they are probably will nurse to [TS]

  their grave that sounds like the basis [TS]

  for a game show that would run for [TS]

  probably four or five seasons it's kind [TS]

  of like it's kind of like this is your [TS]

  life meets what's my line is like you're [TS]

  the one is blindfolded and somebody [TS]

  comes in you have to with a minimum of [TS]

  information try to remember what you did [TS]

  them [TS]

  Yeah right there like there's still so [TS]

  mad you can just hear the seething in [TS]

  their voice and you're like what what [TS]

  did i do you know it turns out like Oh [TS]

  Rachel was your ex-girlfriend [TS]

  oh I only come out with her for a couple [TS]

  of weeks and the person's like yeah I [TS]

  broke up with her eight hours beforehand [TS]

  and she like hooked up with you that [TS]

  night and I will I'll hate you forever [TS]

  it's like I never even met you dude she [TS]

  didn't say anything about it I was just [TS]

  like I met her at a show you know hey we [TS]

  do wish you had equal time [TS]

  no I mean that's the thing if I cared i [TS]

  think i could probably game the facebook [TS]

  system used to get one of your non block [TS]

  friends to go and look at it right yeah [TS]

  and I'm sure having now talked about it [TS]

  you know somebody from the internet army [TS]

  will figure it will find out what it was [TS]

  but a better but no ultimately I don't [TS]

  care because ultimately everyone of us [TS]

  has left probably enough of a trail of [TS]

  hurt [TS]

  it's just that it's just that in this in [TS]

  this case because the because the forum [TS]

  where it was happening was on this rock [TS]

  and roll djs facebook page [TS]

  it was it kind of opened the door to all [TS]

  these people out in the world who may be [TS]

  still are mad at me about my punk rock [TS]

  article or maybe we worked together at [TS]

  the end of pizza parlor 20 years ago and [TS]

  you know like all that weird stuff from [TS]

  now from when you're 21 it's like always [TS]

  that a drug deal gone wrong [TS]

  where the stakes were fifteen dollars [TS]

  and you are still convinced right that [TS]

  that I am like an evil person because [TS]

  like you didn't get your fifteen dollars [TS]

  with the weed that time when you can't I [TS]

  can't carry that forward because i know [TS]

  i mean when i think about what's the [TS]

  worst thing I ever did I always come to [TS]

  this blank space where it's like well [TS]

  probably the worst thing I did was some [TS]

  mostly inadvertent active dis courtesy [TS]

  or you know like in considerateness that [TS]

  where I was oblivious and the other [TS]

  person was left embarrassed standing [TS]

  there but I mean if that's the worst [TS]

  thing you ever did to somebody I think [TS]

  it's like I can live with it you know I [TS]

  never I never look somebody in the eye [TS]

  and said i will love you forever like [TS]

  that the thing about what you're [TS]

  describing them and I you know I don't [TS]

  know I guess I've been in situations [TS]

  like that is is you know 25 30 years ago [TS]

  that would have been what we would just [TS]

  simply call talking behind someone's [TS]

  back where somebody tosses out something [TS]

  that they heard or believe or reckon [TS]

  about somebody and somebody else comes [TS]

  back with what they've heard or believe [TS]

  or reckon and you know that could be [TS]

  about John Davidson like who knows like [TS]

  you're going to sit there and have a [TS]

  conversation about whether a football [TS]

  player is gay [TS]

  you could have a conversation about [TS]

  whether Rod Stewart drink semen la [TS]

  whatever entity do it i still wonder so [TS]

  rod stewart at some point in the early [TS]

  eighties probably heard that there's a [TS]

  certain myth about him and Judaism but [TS]

  like he but he never had to go [TS]

  yeah he's knee-deep in Rachel Hunter at [TS]

  the time and he didn't sure you know [TS]

  yes dehydrated [TS]

  somebody probably you know came across [TS]

  that just using professional said that [TS]

  but the am but but it's just today it's [TS]

  happening right in front and in your [TS]

  case you can't even see part of the [TS]

  reckoning [TS]

  yeah that's the crazy part of though is [TS]

  that you know it is the part about [TS]

  that's kind of funny as it sounds like [TS]

  some of those people know you a little [TS]

  bit but it's interesting to watch people [TS]

  fight and extremely abstracts fight via [TS]

  proxy and via reckoning well because [TS]

  that's what a lot of that I heard John's [TS]

  really nice well I heard one time John [TS]

  you know it you and it's true of [TS]

  everybody anybody's ever seen something [TS]

  like that it really it feels like your [TS]

  dad at your own funeral or something [TS]

  like what are you people talking about [TS]

  this is weird [TS]

  yeah well and and what you say about [TS]

  this talking behind people's back like [TS]

  I've struggled with that my whole adult [TS]

  life because there is absolutely a [TS]

  segment of of the world the segment of [TS]

  the world that we both grew up in [TS]

  definitely a big part of the culture in [TS]

  Alaska but it's part of rock-and-roll [TS]

  culture it's part of Southern culture is [TS]

  this idea that you don't talk shit about [TS]

  people and I think it's not classy [TS]

  it's not classy but it but but taken to [TS]

  a butBut taken to like an old-west [TS]

  extreme [TS]

  it you know it becomes a I mean what i [TS]

  have always considered it to be like a [TS]

  very strange rule when applied to [TS]

  situations where like well somebody did [TS]

  something bad and I to not mention it is [TS]

  a kind of gross oversight you know [TS]

  anyone amongst people you know I'm [TS]

  discussing someone that you personally [TS]

  know like this person cheated on that [TS]

  person this person I know cheated on [TS]

  this other person yeah [TS]

  yes the whole idea of like of because [TS]

  because I've always admired that that [TS]

  kind of image of a man who is incredibly [TS]

  reticent who keeps quiet and doesn't let [TS]

  you know doesn't let on what he's [TS]

  thinking make snow makes no verbal [TS]

  judgment never lets you in like that [TS]

  that step Clint Eastwood squinty-eyed [TS]

  sort of Appalachian quietude that is in [TS]

  such contrast to my like verbal [TS]

  processing my like sort of exuberant [TS]

  like that that the kind of exponential [TS]

  way than I talk and think and so that [TS]

  that culture of difference I've always [TS]

  I've always wished that I could be a [TS]

  little bit more quiet and swaggering [TS]

  instead of so instead of so verbal and [TS]

  Andy it it is it's it's the most that [TS]

  different the the the the tip of the [TS]

  blade of that difference is always in [TS]

  exchanges i have in the music scene with [TS]

  punk rockers or rockin rollers like the [TS]

  tough tough kids [TS]

  who make a point to who just don't who [TS]

  don't talk but are also very protective [TS]

  of being talked about you know they're [TS]

  they're hyper worried about being talked [TS]

  about and like for me that disparagingly [TS]

  at all ready yeah and for me for the for [TS]

  the last 20 years like if somebody was [TS]

  talking about me i had a secret pride or [TS]

  secret joy I i remember a girl the girl [TS]

  came up to me in a bar one time and she [TS]

  said there's a there's something really [TS]

  interesting read about you on the [TS]

  women's room wall [TS]

  I was like what she said I'm not going [TS]

  to tell you and all the sudden I'm [TS]

  sitting in this crowded rock bar looking [TS]

  around and thinking every woman in this [TS]

  bar has read this because you know [TS]

  because it came out over time like other [TS]

  people would say like haha haha i read [TS]

  that thing about you on the crocodile [TS]

  bathroom wall and I was like what does [TS]

  it say nobody would nobody would tell me [TS]

  it was fun and and over time I was like [TS]

  I'm not gonna go in there and look at it [TS]

  i love that there's something written [TS]

  about me on the bathroom wall that [TS]

  everybody thinks is like I would say is [TS]

  it means an unflattering and they say no [TS]

  not unflattering ones one of John's two [TS]

  giant dicks is crooked [TS]

  yeah exactly like one of John's two [TS]

  giant dicks really satisfied me forever [TS]

  but the other one well listen to into it [TS]

  was crooked yeah I couldn't I couldn't [TS]

  get it to work and so but the knowledge [TS]

  that that was on the bathroom wall [TS]

  what-whatever anxiety I felt about it as [TS]

  soon as i understood that it wasn't it [TS]

  wasn't saying like John Roderick gave me [TS]

  tooth decay for John Roderick was mean [TS]

  to my lady parts like from that point on [TS]

  I was like hooray [TS]

  there's something written about me on a [TS]

  bathroom wall somewhere like I'm gonna [TS]

  I'm gonna [TS]

  right about that in my journal and it [TS]

  was a it was it was something that i [TS]

  took pride in but there are i know for a [TS]

  fact most of my rock-and-roll peers [TS]

  would be seriously bothered or not most [TS]

  but let's say half of the people i know [TS]

  will be seriously bothered that was in [TS]

  there and they would want to erase it [TS]

  immediately you know they would not want [TS]

  to be singled out in that way called out [TS]

  publicly and I i have this long-range [TS]

  long-standing dispute with a local [TS]

  producer who came up to me drunk and [TS]

  built to spill show one time he said I [TS]

  hear you're talking shit about me and I [TS]

  said what are you talking about and he [TS]

  said I just heard that you were talking [TS]

  shit about and I said you mean that we [TS]

  had a recording session together that [TS]

  went really badly because you were a [TS]

  snob and he said I'm not going to tell [TS]

  you who said it but don't talk shit [TS]

  about me i said i don't think it's [TS]

  talking shit about you when I relate to [TS]

  another musician what my experience of [TS]

  working with you was like and he said [TS]

  quit talking shit about me like you mean [TS]

  it was a drunk exchange but then every [TS]

  time I saw him for the next two and a [TS]

  half years he would have most of the [TS]

  time be drunk with his fists kind of [TS]

  clenched his side's swaying back and [TS]

  forth trying to figure out whether he [TS]

  was gonna punch me or not trying to [TS]

  figure out if he could if he could punch [TS]

  me basically was he trying to trying to [TS]

  suss out and he is punished [TS]

  well it's you know just I mean that it's [TS]

  basically what's happening in every bar [TS]

  south of the mason-dixon line at all [TS]

  times but he's standing there you know [TS]

  you talking shit about me and I'm like [TS]

  really like five years ago now is that [TS]

  what was that what we're is that we're [TS]

  talking about now and each time he was [TS]

  just trying to figure out if you can [TS]

  punch me any number [TS]

  he never could and it but it but it kept [TS]

  hammering home this point of like [TS]

  talking shit talking shit what it what [TS]

  does that represent to people because i [TS]

  have never ever not only have I never [TS]

  said to somebody stop talking shit about [TS]

  me but I have never felt that you know [TS]

  when when somebody says I heard from I [TS]

  heard from somebody who will remain [TS]

  nameless that you blah blah blah like I [TS]

  always feel like well either it's true [TS]

  in which case I deserve to have that [TS]

  report about me or its false in which [TS]

  case who cares like it's false [TS]

  this person is saying something false [TS]

  about me and that's anybody who believes [TS]

  it is not a friend of mine and I don't [TS]

  care like outside of like my friends [TS]

  don't care what a bunch of ding-a-lings [TS]

  think you could say i'm at people and [TS]

  I'm sure to tell lies about us all so I [TS]

  never understood like what is talking [TS]

  shit is it saying something true about [TS]

  you that you don't want people to know [TS]

  in which case that's your problem wasn't [TS]

  saying something false about you in [TS]

  which case who cares there it's just [TS]

  people are lying about [TS]

  I guess I mean when you say talking shit [TS]

  i mean i would take that to mean that [TS]

  you someone is deliberately undermining [TS]

  somebody trying to incite some kind of a [TS]

  whisper campaign where enough people [TS]

  know about something i could just be [TS]

  there just shoot the shit you say oh [TS]

  well you know this guy was real drunk in [TS]

  the studio or something like that if it [TS]

  feels like it feels like that is that is [TS]

  human not as humanity or that is that [TS]

  that is one of the foundational elements [TS]

  of civilization you get I mean I mean I [TS]

  mean this preschool with my daughter [TS]

  what the hell do these moms stand around [TS]

  talking about after a certain after [TS]

  you're after you're done talking about [TS]

  what a dumb little idiot and shitty [TS]

  roommates your kids are [TS]

  they just start talking about the other [TS]

  moms and yes it's insidious yes it's [TS]

  usually talk about things that have [TS]

  disappointed them in my experience [TS]

  that's the common that's the common [TS]

  parent topic is is what's disappointing [TS]

  disappointing about oh you know just [TS]

  about about just something that didn't [TS]

  go their way it could be and it could be [TS]

  something germane like talking to a [TS]

  teacher [TS]

  it could be something with a cleaning [TS]

  person it could be I don't know that the [TS]

  yoga studio change the recipe for their [TS]

  lattes I don't know but I mean you know [TS]

  it's I think there's the the effort [TS]

  other people say this but the one the [TS]

  one topic the that almost every American [TS]

  can talk to someone else about as bad [TS]

  customer service [TS]

  I think we're always willing to bitch [TS]

  about how we feel like we've been [TS]

  treated by other people [TS]

  that's pretty much what almost every [TS]

  conversation eventually comes down too [TS]

  well and I guess that is the definition [TS]

  of talking shit right maybe talking [TS]

  about the bad customer service you got [TS]

  from a friend or co-worker or something [TS]

  operation artist its kind of that you're [TS]

  being malicious in saying those things [TS]

  you know we all have opinions that we we [TS]

  have we may have opinions may be strong [TS]

  opinions may be controversial opinions [TS]

  some of which we keep to ourselves in [TS]

  some of which we don't think the talking [TS]

  shit opponent is that you're out there [TS]

  like deliberately trying to undermine me [TS]

  with friends and strangers by saying [TS]

  something that I that person probably [TS]

  feels is not true i'm guessing [TS]

  yeah it's a design on the number is [TS]

  right or wrong but I think that's what [TS]

  most people mean it's like you're saying [TS]

  untrue things about me behind my back [TS]

  and trying to make me look bad and I [TS]

  guess I feel like that is that is a that [TS]

  is pretty rare like what type of person [TS]

  goes out and intentionally says [TS]

  something untrue to make another person [TS]

  looked at it seems like that hat that [TS]

  would have to be a lot rarer occurrence [TS]

  then people saying something that they [TS]

  kind of know is true about a person that [TS]

  I knew that they had a little Christian [TS]

  in in like in dishonest inaccurate part [TS]

  that's the part you think is rare [TS]

  well you bad things to say about people [TS]

  without having to make them up [TS]

  yeah like this local producer he felt [TS]

  like i was talking shit about him [TS]

  because some musician that came to work [TS]

  with him since wait till now [TS]

  talk i talked to John Roderick and he [TS]

  said that you were a snob about hit the [TS]

  the music that you made together and [TS]

  it's like well uh that isn't talking [TS]

  shit that is like a yelp review that is [TS]

  or maybe yelp reviews are talking shit [TS]

  but like how else do we know who to work [TS]

  within who told rain right if you don't [TS]

  consult your other friends who have [TS]

  worked with people and they give you an [TS]

  honest and and I think his expectation [TS]

  and the expectation in in this community [TS]

  would be that I would say you know it's [TS]

  that it's that whole business of [TS]

  recommendation letters right where the [TS]

  recommendation letters like they [TS]

  performed their duties and I was like [TS]

  the damning with faint praise yeah like [TS]

  that's not really much of a [TS]

  recommendation and the expectation that [TS]

  some users would say how was it working [TS]

  with du DX and i would say it was [TS]

  sufficient [TS]

  I mean you know maybe that's that seems [TS]

  like just as much shit talking it's just [TS]

  saying straight out like the guy was not [TS]

  very good at every story the other day [TS]

  about Jack Lemmon she's things on this [TS]

  wiki page but the story goes that you [TS]

  know Jaclyn and lemon as much as he was [TS]

  like a cursing guy and stuff like that [TS]

  he is a very very kind person who always [TS]

  made time for other people he mentored [TS]

  Kevin Spacey he just didn't sound like [TS]

  he was just a really splendid guy but he [TS]

  was pretty famous apparently in the [TS]

  industry for never saying a bad word [TS]

  about anybody and you can read this for [TS]

  yourself with the story goes on Burt [TS]

  Reynolds approached him about working [TS]

  with this one director and general guy [TS]

  you know he's okay he's okay Burt [TS]

  Reynolds what work on any chemically [TS]

  what we'll be talking about that guy [TS]

  that guy's like the biggest asshole i've [TS]

  ever met in my life is like the worst [TS]

  gig i've ever had that well yeah I can [TS]

  see how you say that you know so in a [TS]

  way its you like kind of also be saying [TS]

  well like that like it like it like a [TS]

  incomplete [TS]

  let's say recommendation letter [TS]

  quote-unquote you're actually doing a [TS]

  disservice because you're you're kind of [TS]

  conveying [TS]

  I guess depending on the tone of [TS]

  conversation using at least having [TS]

  somebody you're conveying approval tacit [TS]

  Leon somebody where you probably should [TS]

  give more information [TS]

  well yeah it going with the producer guy [TS]

  you would want to say to somebody about [TS]

  spend money or give points or whatever [TS]

  to say like oh this guy's this guy's [TS]

  this is a guy you know you know it's [TS]

  hard to make music it's hard to be in [TS]

  the studio it's even in the best of [TS]

  situations it's stressful and costly and [TS]

  you know you would want to believe that [TS]

  somebody you go in there with somebody's [TS]

  gonna be looking out for you unlike my [TS]

  dentist be looking out for you and [TS]

  making sure that the best product [TS]

  possible is being made in a way that [TS]

  makes you look good makes music looks [TS]

  good and where they go out of their way [TS]

  and and you wouldn't you didn't have [TS]

  that experience with this person kinda I [TS]

  feel like I feel like culturally the the [TS]

  attitudes that don't talk to the cops [TS]

  attitude is like I is against society it [TS]

  is not you know if they don't talk to [TS]

  the cops is is this kind of stuff don't [TS]

  don't snitch culture yet don't snitch [TS]

  it's this sort of like urban circling [TS]

  the wagons against the like the [TS]

  perceived enemy of the cops but in fact [TS]

  don't talk to the cops don't snitch when [TS]

  that becomes endemic in a culture what [TS]

  you end up with is a culture that is [TS]

  root ruled by the Mafia you know like [TS]

  the the way the Mafia gets power is that [TS]

  it circulates this idea that that's [TS]

  niching to the cops is ineffective and [TS]

  is and is destructive to your you know [TS]

  the unity of your of your smaller [TS]

  community but what you end up then with [TS]

  is no recourse to the cops no recourse [TS]

  to the culture you only have recourse to [TS]

  the ever-shrinking like snake eating its [TS]

  tail of this of you know what the the [TS]

  separate the separate law a of the kind [TS]

  of the outsider law and I feel like that [TS]

  is that is up [TS]

  absolutely true with this in a different [TS]

  way [TS]

  with this like I never say anything bad [TS]

  about anybody culture because what you [TS]

  end up with is like like Walter Matthau [TS]

  maybe was a very sweet man but I would [TS]

  not trust his word about a thing you [TS]

  know like I I you end up you end up [TS]

  being trustworthy because if [TS]

  everything's fine [TS]

  well clearly everything isn't fine right [TS]

  and I you know I I have always felt like [TS]

  my friends are people about whom I speak [TS]

  candidly end and I expect them to speak [TS]

  candidly about me and that is the found [TS]

  that is the foundation of our trust [TS]

  not that they keep my secrets and I keep [TS]

  theirs but rather that the what I like [TS]

  about them is that there's no uh that [TS]

  that candor isn't a threat to them and [TS]

  Anna ultimately I feel like anyone to [TS]

  whom candor is a threat is a district is [TS]

  an untrustworthy person but I think [TS]

  that's kind of endemic to things like [TS]

  movies music politics i mean if you [TS]

  speak outside of a certain kind of code [TS]

  then you get your comeuppance because [TS]

  when you when you speak as you say [TS]

  candidly in certain ways about certain [TS]

  things especially I think in politics [TS]

  it has a very specific meaning to it it [TS]

  means you're kind of you know taking off [TS]

  the gloves [TS]

  well yeah that but i but I increasingly [TS]

  feel like that is our that is our duty [TS]

  as people who are who want the world to [TS]

  be a better place we cannot keep living [TS]

  in in this new speak era of no bad news [TS]

  no bad talk to me but i'm going to put [TS]

  in politics though you know you have to [TS]

  have that certain level of decorum you [TS]

  know in order to keep working together [TS]

  even when we disagree with each other [TS]

  and but you know you never want to get [TS]

  it to the point where like look what [TS]

  happened with the we know with the [TS]

  sequester whatever it's called you know [TS]

  what we was getting kind of uglier and [TS]

  uglier and more and more at this [TS]

  it was it was you know you get beyond [TS]

  that kind of surface level of like we [TS]

  disagree on these things [TS]

  this person is wrong it's down to this [TS]

  person's bad but then pretty soon [TS]

  and when you really strip it all away [TS]

  you start to get to the basics of what [TS]

  real bear bare-knuckle politics is which [TS]

  is that we're all yeah we're all part of [TS]

  the same hypocrisy much or whatever the [TS]

  line is you know that they were all [TS]

  they're all in this game where we where [TS]

  we learn to circle our wagons around the [TS]

  one who's growing in power and to [TS]

  marginalize the one is falling out of [TS]

  power and all the meeting that is not [TS]

  part of politics it's about it but it's [TS]

  the ugliness of politics i mean i feel [TS]

  like the I feel like my main complaint [TS]

  about the Obama administration is that [TS]

  he never takes the gloves off [TS]

  I wish that obama had been had had [TS]

  spoken truth to power at the beginning [TS]

  of his administration their their [TS]

  decision to not prosecute the bush [TS]

  administration for war crimes to not [TS]

  ever speak ill of the Bush [TS]

  administration which was a criminal [TS]

  enterprise but in order you know in [TS]

  order to preserve the Republic he he [TS]

  entered office with this you know [TS]

  basically like Ford pardoning Nixon this [TS]

  blanket part of of ten or eight years of [TS]

  in of total insanity and they never [TS]

  revisited and and the Obama [TS]

  administration never says like the [TS]

  problems that we're having today are a [TS]

  direct result of these and these maniacs [TS]

  from you know from eight years ago they [TS]

  just it's just like all happy talk and [TS]

  I'd and I don't believe in it because [TS]

  and this is the this is the problem with [TS]

  monitoring language instead of ideas you [TS]

  know at a certain point we we as a [TS]

  culture we said we no longer use the [TS]

  word nigger and then it was like we no [TS]

  longer use the word Negro and then we no [TS]

  longer use the word black but racism [TS]

  survived and people like David Duke [TS]

  learn just to use the word urban and all [TS]

  of his followers knew that urban meant [TS]

  black and in most cases all elements [TS]

  followers knew that urban myth nigger [TS]

  but the butt so that so the the work [TS]

  that we did two to expunge the language [TS]

  of its ugliness [TS]

  had very little effect on expunging the [TS]

  rotten core of a all it did was was [TS]

  masking under seven layers of euphemism [TS]

  and I am I am absolutely a proponent of [TS]

  cutting through euphemistic language [TS]

  when talking about [TS]

  I i don't think i do not think and this [TS]

  is that this is the thing that this is [TS]

  bellingham ahead its core the idea that [TS]

  civic discourse that civility is the [TS]

  thing that preserves our comfort and our [TS]

  way of life and that if we all step [TS]

  aside to let one another go through the [TS]

  door first that that is what constitutes [TS]

  civilization and in fact it's just it's [TS]

  just ever deadening layers of politeness [TS]

  that mask our you know what that mask [TS]

  this this like growing animal hatred we [TS]

  have for one another [TS]

  I wish there was more more honesty like [TS]

  that when Clinton was when Clinton was [TS]

  was pilloried for his blowjob in the [TS]

  Oval Office or whatever and he's out [TS]

  there you familiarize unless and right [TS]

  and lot bare faced lying and revealing [TS]

  himself revealing himself to be a you [TS]

  know a stupid duplicitous and-and-and [TS]

  obfuscator and all this like you watched [TS]

  his character just kind of come apart [TS]

  through that whole experience when I i [TS]

  still cannot understand why he didn't [TS]

  sit in his chair and say none of your [TS]

  business next question like ultimately [TS]

  it was it was none of anyone's business [TS]

  it did not affect [TS]

  the the the execution of his office none [TS]

  of it had anything to do with his [TS]

  effectiveness as president was not [TS]

  anybody's business and she of all people [TS]

  have the power at that moment to say I [TS]

  will not answer this line of questioning [TS]

  it is irrelevant to the to the conduct [TS]

  of this office and in any argument like [TS]

  that his character was on trial here [TS]

  your e people's character like that is [TS]

  what elections are for you judge a [TS]

  person on their character and then you [TS]

  elect them and then the you're no longer [TS]

  they're no longer running you know their [TS]

  character is no longer the question and [TS]

  so I feel like I mean with my mayoral [TS]

  candidate yesterday lost his election [TS]

  the other guy 1 and in is like the load [TS]

  the day that basically the day of the [TS]

  election i got an e-mail appointing me [TS]

  to a commission and i am now a [TS]

  commissioner the the city arts and film [TS]

  and music commission i am now on that [TS]

  Commission it's a three or four-year [TS]

  appointment [TS]

  well congratulations man and you mean [TS]

  now call me the commish it try and stop [TS]

  me and it this commission meets every [TS]

  month in the city hall in a hearing room [TS]

  which is open to the public and I think [TS]

  maybe our Commission meetings are [TS]

  broadcast on the public access channel [TS]

  leave and like citizens can come in and [TS]

  standard microphone and comment and we [TS]

  will conduct some business of the city [TS]

  and like this is the this is and this is [TS]

  a committed as a commission i have [TS]

  accepted [TS]

  and I i can understand politically like [TS]

  is this is this one of those things [TS]

  where like the president pardons 50 [TS]

  people on his last day in office [TS]

  I don't understand why was appointed to [TS]

  this like for your position was [TS]

  thanksgiving us at the time of year when [TS]

  you save one turkey from the table up [TS]

  but anyway now i am i am an officially [TS]

  appointed Commissioner Roderick that [TS]

  sound like [TS]

  sound like [TS]

  sounds like you got a double-breasted [TS]

  blazer for that but i it's going to be [TS]

  very interesting to me sitting on this [TS]

  commission which is now in the public [TS]

  record and then the public sphere in a [TS]

  in a in a small way and I think and an [TS]

  ineffectual way or I can't imagine that [TS]

  this commission it i don't believe i am [TS]

  granted the power to tax i do get a [TS]

  parking pass for City Hall flow sweet [TS]

  right she can i use the bathrooms too i [TS]

  can use the bathrooms at City Hall I [TS]

  mind again they can't throw ya i might [TS]

  have a by might even get a laminated [TS]

  card that says Commissioner but it's [TS]

  going to be very curious to see like how [TS]

  I how this tiny little toe in the water [TS]

  of like public life how it plays out for [TS]

  me because I you know I don't think [TS]

  there's anything at stake but I'm going [TS]

  to be sitting up on a day as well as [TS]

  some KY when some guy with dander on his [TS]

  fleece vest stands there and yells at me [TS]

  about how how they closed down his [TS]

  Street to film an episode of mad about [TS]

  you and that's not still shows and I'm [TS]

  gonna be like listen guy you know you're [TS]

  talking about that's okay I got better [TS]

  things to think about [TS]

  I'm trying to get ziplines put it in [TS]

  this hole so don't waste my time if [TS]

  yelling at me you got how many bags you [TS]

  got how many grocery bags have you got [TS]

  there we got like 14 grocery bags get [TS]

  out of here [TS]

  yeah I mean I know it's early early [TS]

  goings early days but i can't wait to [TS]

  hear the planks in your platform [TS]

  well yeah now i'm actually get a [TS]

  platform I feel like you're your caution [TS]

  the other day where you were like hey [TS]

  are you sure that you should be talking [TS]

  about this on the on the internet on the [TS]

  on the airwaves you know I feel like I i [TS]

  have to keep at first of all there's [TS]

  nobody listening to this program that's [TS]

  going out us em right it's all within a [TS]

  message was talking shit it's a total [TS]

  cult audience now everybody is like [TS]

  they're all they're all it moving the [TS]

  deck chairs around the Titanic who's [TS]

  gonna who's going to say I i think that [TS]

  i think Merlyn John are dangerous and [TS]

  must be stopped [TS]

  I don't think there's any I mean it's [TS]

  good only some random person that swings [TS]

  and misses 21 episode you can take them [TS]

  out no process these people are maniacs [TS]

  that's right we'll just lonely got [TS]

  called up again we could certainly have [TS]

  the seventh circle the wagons around [TS]

  that person you know they're going to [TS]

  come out of their apartment and in their [TS]

  hallway there's just going to be super [TS]

  train stickers that right girl on every [TS]

  flat surface so they're gonna be like oh [TS]

  fuck i had no idea who is messing with [TS]

  the name of the actual Commission the [TS]

  Seattle film and music Commission wow so [TS]

  presumably like some like michael bay is [TS]

  going to come and and may try to make a [TS]

  dinosaur movie in seattle at some point [TS]

  and I'm gonna have to approve [TS]

  I'm gonna have to be one of the [TS]

  commissioners who approves or denies his [TS]

  permits to you know to block off the [TS]

  streets for taking a moment to review [TS]

  your Brachiosaurus easement objects here [TS]

  that are used to uh made transformers [TS]

  and i have to say that was a shooting a [TS]

  movie gotta have your personal assurance [TS]

  that will we're not gonna be facing a [TS]

  situation which she had looking like [TS]

  it's going to be beaten up by robust it [TS]

  might also be trucks but I've got one [TS]

  pair of glasses down on the end of my [TS]

  nose [TS]

  what information is Commissioner Roger [TS]

  talking like that you know glasses on a [TS]

  gold chain one pair of glasses on top of [TS]

  my head [TS]

  Oh bigger party so I need to get some [TS]

  white three piece suits made you do you [TS]

  do and I'd like to see you have like a [TS]

  cane with like a tip on that you can tap [TS]

  on the table when you're getting [TS]

  restless [TS]

  look at me i'm the big actor haha we [TS]

  still talking about this [TS]

  right [TS]

  [Music] [TS]