Roderick on the Line

Ep. 121: "Homeland Freedom Station"


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  [Music] [TS]

  hello hey John hi Merlin how's it going [TS]

  good is moon and man i think i might [TS]

  have them accidentally just alert you to [TS]

  one of my great life hacks as i call it [TS]

  oh you you little bit of a life hack [TS]

  yeah you could I figured out you could [TS]

  figure it out yeah yeah okay all right [TS]

  which is why wait until the person is on [TS]

  the skype and ready to go and that's [TS]

  when I go pee right because that gives [TS]

  you the longest possible amount of time [TS]

  over to podcast between peas [TS]

  yes yes and I I just feel like I don't [TS]

  want my biology such as it is to get in [TS]

  the way of your helping people by [TS]

  biology did you do [TS]

  yeah well the thing about having to go [TS]

  to pee all the time is that you don't [TS]

  want to get you don't want to like start [TS]

  i Meanwell women now I was about to say [TS]

  you didn't want to do this but the more [TS]

  I think about it I feel like maybe you [TS]

  do want to start doing this which is you [TS]

  need to start thinking about yourself as [TS]

  an astronaut [TS]

  oh you mean like training myself to for [TS]

  opportunities [TS]

  no i mean like like you know like like [TS]

  sr-71 pilots right they they were on [TS]

  long missions strapped into their chair [TS]

  they had to devise a system by which [TS]

  they could believe themselves in cockpit [TS]

  ever you know what I'm saying so you're [TS]

  sitting there in your podcasting cockpit [TS]

  you need to get one of those pilots [TS]

  friends pilot helper [TS]

  oh yeah and just like rig it up to say [TS]

  you know you're right you're right here [TS]

  get into your pressure suit get rigged [TS]

  up free podcast and then you know what [TS]

  whatever happens you don't you're not [TS]

  going to take your eyes off the prize [TS]

  for sometimes when your podcast you're [TS]

  going Mach 3 you're going Mach 3.5 [TS]

  in podcast mock yeah and then it seems [TS]

  to me that you know you learn from day [TS]

  one in the training it's really it's all [TS]

  about the mission [TS]

  that's right right yeah well I'm halfway [TS]

  there [TS]

  I don't have a pressurized suit that i'm [TS]

  going to share but I still livin on a [TS]

  prayer [TS]

  yeah halfway was pretty good thanks [TS]

  and that's what that's almost a Merlin [TS]

  Mann is before you want me know when [TS]

  you're doing the glutens you couldn't [TS]

  pull that fast now I couldn't I was I [TS]

  would you know at one at one point 2 g's [TS]

  I was out of the game but now i'm [TS]

  pulling sixties sometimes sixties your [TS]

  mock turtle I'm a market uh oh man [TS]

  that's been troubling me iie here's the [TS]

  thing you know human dignity [TS]

  I've let so much stuff go just because I [TS]

  know I'll never have to me but there's [TS]

  something about the panic of realizing [TS]

  that there's some very hot helpful [TS]

  sharing going on and knowing that you [TS]

  know I could just reach down and grab [TS]

  something like I say a bottle [TS]

  mm I don't like to do it but I've done [TS]

  favorite bottle get rid but sure we'll [TS]

  call gatorade yeah but something [TS]

  something where you could you know what [TS]

  about you [TS]

  I'm telling you this is more there's [TS]

  there this is systematized if you go [TS]

  down to a pilot supply store and you and [TS]

  you uh you-you-you strike up a [TS]

  conversation with the guy behind the [TS]

  counter now he's going to be initially [TS]

  suspicious of you because he's going to [TS]

  recognize you don't you're not a pilot [TS]

  he's gonna be like what are you doing in [TS]

  here he's gonna smell it on yeah but you [TS]

  strike up a rapport with them and then [TS]

  you say so you know you're what you're [TS]

  what you're trying to get to is like [TS]

  what he's got under the counter the [TS]

  pilot friend the pilots help her pilot's [TS]

  friend sure there's gonna be stuff like [TS]

  sweatshirts and duffel bags right to say [TS]

  NASA that any sucker tourists can come [TS]

  in and buy exactly what a legitimate [TS]

  like Neil Armstrong piddle pad you're [TS]

  gonna have to know a guy you have to [TS]

  know guy or net the more i think about [TS]

  it you could probably just find it on [TS]

  the internet [TS]

  yeah i would go to a pilot supply store [TS]

  you would probably just find it on the [TS]

  internet is probably something like [TS]

  supplements where you want to make sure [TS]

  you're getting that the best version of [TS]

  it you want to hear you want the bet you [TS]

  want to add the neil armstrong [TS]

  autographed form-fitted oh yes Cynthia [TS]

  plaster caster who [TS]

  pilots friend pilots and crew seems like [TS]

  and I mean most of what I know about [TS]

  space travel is from an episode of the [TS]

  simpsons but and and mythology about the [TS]

  space pen but you know I I know you [TS]

  don't want stuff floating around [TS]

  shouldn't be floating around I've seen [TS]

  gravity is on the theater and I know you [TS]

  don't want stuff floating around that [TS]

  velocity is going to be problematic [TS]

  the same is true in your podcasting [TS]

  capsule yes and you don't want you don't [TS]

  want little orbs of of like a pearl jam [TS]

  em floatin around the room you think [TS]

  through you know I understand you about [TS]

  to get where you're going to ask if I [TS]

  think masturbate yeah yeah i mean i have [TS]

  to be something it seems to me that like [TS]

  I remember like reading something about [TS]

  i think was Sally Ride where they're [TS]

  like well you know you're gonna have [TS]

  your lady time up in space would need [TS]

  like a hundred pads like how many like [TS]

  they were so manifestly includable about [TS]

  how lady bottom works my eyes and and [TS]

  I'm going to do what did they end up [TS]

  they just made a hole they made a suit [TS]

  out of pads she said just give me a [TS]

  couple of those don't worry about i'll [TS]

  be fine [TS]

  uh-huh but you know I I guess I you know [TS]

  probably this is true anytime you're in [TS]

  the armed services but especially if [TS]

  you're an astronaut training you've got [TS]

  to look past a lot of the things that [TS]

  you'd rather not talk to people about i [TS]

  think they need to know obviously if [TS]

  you're going to get diseases they need [TS]

  to know if you get claustrophobia and [TS]

  can't stare at a wall 6 inches from your [TS]

  face they need to know all of that and [TS]

  you know but if you're going to the [TS]

  Space Center the space but it's called [TS]

  the ISS what's called a second second [TS]

  space second space going to second space [TS]

  whether your rescue a real American at [TS]

  some point you're gonna you're gonna [TS]

  need to spend a penny you know what I [TS]

  mean [TS]

  well or do I you know or will you just [TS]

  hold it [TS]

  well I think I think give me that I [TS]

  think that might be one of the things [TS]

  that they try to reduce they just hold [TS]

  it [TS]

  I mean think about it well wait a minute [TS]

  right i mean if it buzz buzz aldrin can [TS]

  take a holy communion on the moon and [TS]

  nobody finds out about it [TS]

  well they gave the given space communion [TS]

  no he gave himself space communion [TS]

  license you have you have to contact a [TS]

  lot of people at the Vatican to to make [TS]

  that official [TS]

  anything but you didn't hear that story [TS]

  because then that would mean if I [TS]

  understand transubstantiation which I [TS]

  probably don't [TS]

  that means that Christ was literally on [TS]

  the moon Christ was for his body his [TS]

  body and his blood his body and his [TS]

  blood around the moon don't numbers [TS]

  sometimes you know what confuses me is [TS]

  like you can't use your you can't like [TS]

  put something in your mouth because your [TS]

  hands have clubs on them right so that [TS]

  so the the the wafer would have to be [TS]

  kind of like in your it have to be in [TS]

  your helmet in such a way that you could [TS]

  lean down and stick your tongue out and [TS]

  grab it when they put a tube I don't [TS]

  think I don't think they did anything [TS]

  about think but this was buzzed off the [TS]

  reservation here he a rogue space [TS]

  communion operation going he had he had [TS]

  rogue space Communion and we and we [TS]

  didn't find out about it too many years [TS]

  later and now he expresses regret he [TS]

  says he said hes regretful about having [TS]

  taken space communion because he feels [TS]

  like going to the moon was on behalf of [TS]

  all humans and he at the time sort of [TS]

  did like a you know made it made it just [TS]

  for Christians he was there for [TS]

  Christians and and that's how he thought [TS]

  of at the time like I think he's being [TS]

  awfully hard on himself [TS]

  well you know I mean that I think that's [TS]

  part of the astronaut training you've [TS]

  got to be hard on yourself and smart and [TS]

  his number one is you know Petey much I [TS]

  more tears enough for other stuff you [TS]

  gotta be hard on yourself again and I [TS]

  think part of that is you don't pull one [TS]

  off in space [TS]

  yes because they're because just I mean [TS]

  even if you had it all nailed down even [TS]

  if you were like even if you had space [TS]

  communion levels of secrecy [TS]

  what happens if one little you know one [TS]

  little something about mary glob gets [TS]

  away [TS]

  yeah and it's flying around the space [TS]

  station that's some sensitive equipment [TS]

  John you know you do not want that in [TS]

  your Lander that's right that that you [TS]

  know what that will that will arc its [TS]

  introducing viscosity is going to some [TS]

  awkward as expensive phone calls to make [TS]

  sure you know and here comes your [TS]

  Russian space friend he's coming through [TS]

  the tube or she's coming through the [TS]

  tube and you're like chasing your little [TS]

  glob the other direction and then [TS]

  oh no look out so you sayin well are you [TS]

  saying we should keep Catholics out of [TS]

  space because it seems to me it could be [TS]

  could be kind of a mixed blessing on the [TS]

  one hand they might try to sneak in some [TS]

  this communion but on the other hand am [TS]

  I feel super guilty about space [TS]

  masturbation I think that it the that [TS]

  that the ship has sailed the rocket has [TS]

  launched on Catholics in space [TS]

  I think it's too late to keep Catholics [TS]

  on space I think they're there and now [TS]

  we just have to make the best of this [TS]

  sea of tranquility under the bridge now [TS]

  what about Jews have been used on the [TS]

  moon i think by this point in time there [TS]

  have not been well maybe not on the moon [TS]

  let's see let's see what the internet [TS]

  says about Jews on stage she was on the [TS]

  moon choose on the moon [TS]

  Google doesn't come up with anything [TS]

  wait Jews on the moon is that there's a [TS]

  book called Jews on the moon she's on [TS]

  the moon [TS]

  oh and don't forget wikipedia provides a [TS]

  list of Jewish astronauts there it is [TS]

  I just on the moon is a series of books [TS]

  so all the first Jew in space was a [TS]

  cosmonaut Thank You Soviet Union Boris [TS]

  slowly enough [TS]

  Rowley enough for ya and then the first [TS]

  American a Jewish person was a woman [TS]

  Judith Resnik and she died in the [TS]

  Challenger disaster so oh my god she [TS]

  looks like your type John she's very [TS]

  very pretty [TS]

  Judith Resnik yeah I'm just saying now [TS]

  that set that's a John profile right [TS]

  there look at that she's a space lady [TS]

  she's got that look that you like she's [TS]

  really a very pretty because your hand [TS]

  in that hair look at that I'm sorry that [TS]

  she is gone you know from the world you [TS]

  know my you know my chemistry teacher [TS]

  was like a runner-up for that I told you [TS]

  that right yeah yeah she's standing out [TS]

  there standing out there is like a year [TS]

  after i graduated it's a really big deal [TS]

  she been in there that'll just million [TS]

  times but he just imagine standing there [TS]

  and watching that happen standing there [TS]

  golf comprehensive high school and [TS]

  watching that thing and then you got [TS]

  talk to the media no good [TS]

  hello you know there was a there was an [TS]

  Israeli astronaut on the Columbia I knew [TS]

  that we knew that already other than [TS]

  that one Israeli astronaut and the first [TS]

  cosmonaut the first Jewish cosmonaut [TS]

  every other Jewish person to go into [TS]

  space has been an American check your [TS]

  privilege and there's good are quite a [TS]

  few quite a few i would say not not as [TS]

  many let's try Catholics on the moon [TS]

  I'm glad we did this because I'm really [TS]

  feel like I'm learning i decided that i [TS]

  did not know this [TS]

  I'd I had no idea do you think there [TS]

  might be an optimal faith for someone [TS]

  who's going to the moon [TS]

  I think just like if you want to be [TS]

  President of the United States your [TS]

  chances are better if you are from [TS]

  Virginia Ohio offer i think if you are [TS]

  trying to go to space your chances are [TS]

  better just just statistically if you [TS]

  are a Christian I bet you more [TS]

  Christians than other Protestant [TS]

  Protestant Christian Protestant [TS]

  Christian after I think that's probably [TS]

  just those are the people who join the [TS]

  airforce and those are the people who [TS]

  join the airforce have a better chance [TS]

  of going to the moon [TS]

  ya hear that of course Catholics on the [TS]

  moon the first thing we get is Eucharist [TS]

  on the moon ? ? on the Catholic Answers [TS]

  forum and that is probably talking about [TS]

  buzz aldrin and that they're probably [TS]

  debating it there probably are probably [TS]

  getting mad there's that I mean there's [TS]

  a lot of rules for how the communion [TS]

  works i went to a at i went to a [TS]

  Catholic wedding over the summer and I [TS]

  think it's probably still going on [TS]

  somebody to do a candid wedding I like a [TS]

  full mass yeah it's it's it's like a guy [TS]

  got as a marathon [TS]

  yeah well there-there God is the old God [TS]

  right they they have the old gods they [TS]

  keep the old gods although not the guy i [TS]

  have been not to a Orthodox Christian [TS]

  wedding but I've been to an Orthodox [TS]

  Christian mass and that stuff but you [TS]

  really feel like you're in the presence [TS]

  of the old gods there it gets a great [TS]

  seats amazing suits their swing in that [TS]

  that sensor the Indian testing it [TS]

  doesn't matter it [TS]

  incest around yeah they are switching [TS]

  the full body experience I mean you [TS]

  really you get it all [TS]

  you get it all in there and there's a [TS]

  lot at least the Catholic one there's a [TS]

  lot of kneeling [TS]

  and I i find it confusing i have been a [TS]

  person of Christian faith not a Catholic [TS]

  but for my poor six-year-old daughter [TS]

  was super confusing about when you're [TS]

  supposed to get on a little railing and [TS]

  stuff you know you Neil sometimes you [TS]

  stand sometimes you see it sometimes but [TS]

  I get it I get I think I can totally [TS]

  understand wanting to go to church and [TS]

  have the the full-body Christian [TS]

  experience I think totally makes sense [TS]

  now listen to this [TS]

  Kevin astronaut Kevin children shared [TS]

  the body of Christ with Sid gutierrez [TS]

  and Bob Cabana as we floated weightless [TS]

  on the flight deck grateful for this [TS]

  moment of comradeship and communion with [TS]

  Christ that's nice so they're out there [TS]

  uh they're out there having having the [TS]

  Eucharist in space all the time now this [TS]

  isn't like job [TS]

  this isn't a thing that they have to [TS]

  sneak anymore it's a thing that's just [TS]

  going down it's not a shameful thing [TS]

  they probably have a kit they probably [TS]

  have a chaplain who is empowered to to [TS]

  transubstantiated the kit [TS]

  well now let's say I became an astronaut [TS]

  and I wanted to take P otay as part of [TS]

  my tradition of American heritage [TS]

  yeah my native heritage I wanted to have [TS]

  a p.o Traore like am I I'd like maybe an [TS]

  eye on ayahuasca ceremony in space and I [TS]

  made the argument that was but that was [TS]

  part of my part of my faith now what [TS]

  what is NASA going to say they're not [TS]

  gonna let that they're going to see [TS]

  here's your short sleeve shirt black tie [TS]

  up and you get your smokey smoke in [TS]

  front of this monitor your weaker [TS]

  running you're running the space toilet [TS]

  was actually you know i would say you [TS]

  know I my kid I've seen slicing space [TS]

  movies seems like there's a huge amount [TS]

  of sacrifice goes into that stuff you [TS]

  know [TS]

  yes I'm window when do we stopped we [TS]

  stopped in the end what like the [TS]

  mid-seventies what going to the moon [TS]

  yeah yeah that's that was all that was [TS]

  all done all done by the Carter [TS]

  Administration I think and it makes me [TS]

  sad it makes me sad you know they're you [TS]

  know you know about the the space [TS]

  elevators right [TS]

  there's just a solitary cell adage that [TS]

  says that anyone must thing i'm not sure [TS]

  Elon's actually got his worry about this [TS]

  it this is a new technology [TS]

  yeah the the idea being that you are you [TS]

  here we go up in space you put a [TS]

  counterweight up in space and they need [TS]

  lower a carbon-fiber ribbon down you [TS]

  know you lower it slowly down through [TS]

  the atmosphere you got colonial window [TS]

  gotta wait that goes up and down like a [TS]

  later time a like a double-double how [TS]

  long window [TS]

  yeah yeah something like that you lower [TS]

  the thing down and then you attach it to [TS]

  the earth and then the counterweight is [TS]

  in geosynchronous orbit so it just flies [TS]

  straight above this spot on the ground [TS]

  and the and the little ribbon is just [TS]

  connected from the earth all the way up [TS]

  into space and then you can start [TS]

  sending stuff up the ribbon on little uh [TS]

  in a little crawlers like a little [TS]

  rascals thing he said something up in a [TS]

  basket you send out a puppy yeah that's [TS]

  right and then the more stuff you sent [TS]

  up into space you add it to the you add [TS]

  it to the counterweight and then the [TS]

  bigger the counterweight is the more [TS]

  stuff you can send up into space so I [TS]

  think you attach a little teeny ribbon [TS]

  at first and then you start sending [TS]

  puppies up and you add the puppies to [TS]

  the counterweight and then of course in [TS]

  your hopefully the puppies are also [TS]

  breeding up there [TS]

  yeah not willing and then when you get a [TS]

  big enough when you get it big enough [TS]

  ribbon to start sending buckets a dirt [TS]

  up there you just start sending dirt and [TS]

  you build a planetoid up in space so [TS]

  it's a little like The Great Escape [TS]

  yeah yeah but a little bit it's just a [TS]

  little bit of dirt in your pockets [TS]

  that's right little at a time and I [TS]

  think what ends up happening is you [TS]

  start building a second earth and little [TS]

  by little you take all the dirt from [TS]

  Earth and send it up the ribbon to [TS]

  Second Earth you remake earth maybe like [TS]

  four miles away from instantly someday [TS]

  boom where the counterweight with that [TS]

  mm sighs that's right then you're the [TS]

  counter [TS]

  oh man that's good haha and then I [TS]

  that's right the people left on earth [TS]

  are all crowded around the counterweight [TS]

  sending puppies back [TS]

  so and then so the so the smart idea of [TS]

  course is then you make another space [TS]

  elevator from space to the moon and then [TS]

  you can send stuff back and forth in [TS]

  space between the two counterweights and [TS]

  you can start mining the moon [TS]

  oh wow that's right your mind the moon [TS]

  for the moon rocks moved us and that's a [TS]

  big project and but the thing is you're [TS]

  going back and forth between the two [TS]

  space elevators that doesn't take any [TS]

  fuel right now all you have to do is you [TS]

  get a super squirter and you know two [TS]

  guys super squirt out the back of one [TS]

  space shuttle and it that's all the [TS]

  power you need to get to the other space [TS]

  elevator it's a vacuum and then [TS]

  everything else is done on elevator so [TS]

  you get so no more [TS]

  you don't need Rockets anymore point [TS]

  that seems pretty possible you just you [TS]

  just need the will to to start the [TS]

  little tiny thread that's right and if [TS]

  you can build the interstate highway [TS]

  system why can't you build space [TS]

  elevators from here from your mouth to [TS]

  buzz aldrin is God's here much my god [TS]

  and then and then of course then it's [TS]

  easy to build a big space station not [TS]

  one of these like crappy little space [TS]

  stations where you have to get where [TS]

  you're dodging is basically crazy not to [TS]

  at that point [TS]

  sure you build a space station like in [TS]

  2001 a Space Odyssey variable the space [TS]

  station like in that neighborhood in any [TS]

  night [TS]

  yeah that hard to watch a movie with the [TS]

  with the with the little hunting in your [TS]

  book know that was hard to watch but [TS]

  that other hard to watch one where he [TS]

  was a space commando mm and Jodie Foster [TS]

  was the president of have bad space [TS]

  station many people as a contact first [TS]

  contact star trek with you know I think [TS]

  the movie was called like check your [TS]

  privilege it really is like all the [TS]

  people on earth were all like like a [TS]

  Benetton ad and all the people that were [TS]

  up in space were just these the worst of [TS]

  the whites I like those birthday parties [TS]

  on the Brady Bunch word is very [TS]

  carefully a segmented with minority [TS]

  groups [TS]

  well that idea i think i think it was it [TS]

  was a case it was basically if Charles [TS]

  midday wrote a space movie it was it yet [TS]

  was a thing where everybody that was [TS]

  left on earth was poor [TS]

  mmm [TS]

  and have like what you're talking about [TS]

  dad and sad and bad and they were gonna [TS]

  be good will hunting check your [TS]

  privilege [TS]

  yes yes because this night don't know [TS]

  it's hard to watch I think I wanted on [TS]

  an airplane and I was like oh my god [TS]

  this must have sounded so good in a [TS]

  committee in a in a conference call but [TS]

  there it is [TS]

  yeah elysium ok so and there but there [TS]

  was a very nice rendition of a orbiting [TS]

  space station in Elysium that was like [TS]

  you know it looked like a garden space [TS]

  station right not like the 2001 space [TS]

  station kinda look like a like a hamster [TS]

  exercise wheel who still pretty nice [TS]

  yeah but there were no like hanging [TS]

  gardens there were no fountains by [TS]

  adding these beautiful I feel like [TS]

  making of I feel like the space station [TS]

  that we want to make has got to have [TS]

  some fountains it's got to have places [TS]

  where you can masturbate in private [TS]

  yes it's gonna be it's gotta be a nice [TS]

  place that you want to go to an American [TS]

  project it needs to encompass all of our [TS]

  dreams and aspirations [TS]

  that's right it's an American project [TS]

  should be able to victory garden and [TS]

  anime be an alcove where you could space [TS]

  masturbate [TS]

  yeah and i think i think it should be [TS]

  built in the shape of a giant american [TS]

  eagle like an eagle clutching some [TS]

  arrows and one claw talent we just set [TS]

  them up one area at a time on the space [TS]

  elevator space elevator [TS]

  I I mean and the problem is this is the [TS]

  first inkling of a thing where I feel [TS]

  like oh man I was born I've always felt [TS]

  like I was born too late i should've [TS]

  been born in in 1820 or whatever but now [TS]

  this is the first thing where I felt [TS]

  like all right the future is just a [TS]

  little bit ahead here of me and I'm [TS]

  gonna be an old man and they're going to [TS]

  start to work on this garden space [TS]

  station in the shape of a giant american [TS]

  eagle [TS]

  yeah it's gonna be called freedom [TS]

  station homeland freedom station and I'm [TS]

  gonna be too old to to dig it [TS]

  no i mean like i wish i was i was born [TS]

  right now maybe I'd be the right age to [TS]

  be like space station Johnny over [TS]

  and the thing is you think about how [TS]

  many things happen we always see this [TS]

  all the time now where somebody comes up [TS]

  with something everybody thinks is a [TS]

  squirrely idea or like you know a [TS]

  dangerous idea and they stick with it [TS]

  and they make it you know could be [TS]

  something like the Wright brothers it [TS]

  could be something like an iphone app [TS]

  but you come up with something that [TS]

  everybody thinks is implausible suddenly [TS]

  it's plausible at some point it goes [TS]

  from plausible to like this is kind of a [TS]

  good idea to like wow [TS]

  most of the heavy lifting for something [TS]

  potentially cool is already done and [TS]

  that's what all those jackals dive on it [TS]

  they want to take it over so the space [TS]

  elevator by the time they have a viable [TS]

  ribbon going up into space [TS]

  you're gonna have a lot of these jackals [TS]

  jumping on that and want to take it over [TS]

  and corporatize it you you put up an ad [TS]

  in app purchases and then that changes [TS]

  the whole the whole tenor of the project [TS]

  but what I worry about you cannot but [TS]

  you could be an ombudsman for the space [TS]

  elevator button or the space free to [TS]

  meet my I'm worried of course is that [TS]

  once you get a space elevator going and [TS]

  everybody sees oh wow ok that works then [TS]

  there it's gonna it's not that hard to [TS]

  put one up there right so they're gonna [TS]

  be space elevators everywhere everywhere [TS]

  you look and then the earth is gonna [TS]

  start looking like a hairy ball because [TS]

  its space elevators you know it's good [TS]

  it's going to look like it has [TS]

  dreadlocks space elevators are going to [TS]

  be popping up everywhere everyone and [TS]

  Harry's gonna throw a space elevator up [TS]

  from their house [TS]

  yeah and we like minecraft is gonna be a [TS]

  thing we get on your phone and you send [TS]

  more stuff to space try to build up the [TS]

  counterweight right keep your eyes [TS]

  supporting maybe you work with other [TS]

  people and then you know this guy over [TS]

  here's got a big counterweight that guy [TS]

  over there it's got a little [TS]

  counterweight what's going to happen you [TS]

  think that you think the big [TS]

  counterweight guys just going to sit [TS]

  there while the little guy builds up his [TS]

  counterweight know there's he's gonna [TS]

  like preemptively attack the little guy [TS]

  his next-door neighbor he's going to cut [TS]

  the ribbon whatever skills counterweight [TS]

  there's going to be a lot that's right [TS]

  once that stuff's up in space it's where [TS]

  it's got a lot of value because you're [TS]

  gonna see and numerous instances of [TS]

  weight checking right you're gonna [TS]

  there's going to be weighed jacking [TS]

  there's going to be a ribbon cutting [TS]

  room it's gonna be a whole new dimension [TS]

  of competition and and war and how are [TS]

  you going to regulate that you can have [TS]

  terrorists trying to cut people's [TS]

  ribbons [TS]

  for espionage ribbon cutters and and [TS]

  wait jackers the thing is if somebody [TS]

  cut the ribbon right then the weight [TS]

  then then they're counterweight is what [TS]

  like public domain first guy to get to [TS]

  the to the unattached counterweight gets [TS]

  to glom that counter weight onto his [TS]

  company like a weight pirate eat some [TS]

  space guys to go ahead and collect the [TS]

  counterweights see now there's a job [TS]

  that I could do wait pirate he'd be [TS]

  created that right you have your own [TS]

  like Lenny and fucking type thing and [TS]

  just just jammin around jacket people's [TS]

  weights and like selling the weights to [TS]

  the highest bidder kilometer on wait [TS]

  let's see that like pounding like bounty [TS]

  hunters you have cable shows about the [TS]

  guys here wait jacking or or ribbon [TS]

  snatching and at that and I think [TS]

  probably so anyway then the next thing [TS]

  you want to do is start jacking [TS]

  meteorites you wanna be startin [TS]

  meteorite jacket because I think a lot [TS]

  of those meteorites have water on them [TS]

  right frozen water okay in the in [TS]

  meteorites and comets and stuff yeah so [TS]

  then once you graduate from like [TS]

  counterweight jacking turn into a [TS]

  meteorite am i right [TS]

  you can read our babies get a rock [TS]

  meteor and that's like a trip to the [TS]

  bodega now you don't have to make you [TS]

  can get the water from that and the [TS]

  resources and stuff that you could use [TS]

  for your yeah so you jump on a meteorite [TS]

  i think a meteorite is something hit the [TS]

  earth I think it's a meat-eor ok so you [TS]

  jump on a meteor and you saddle up [TS]

  saddle it up somehow you put some [TS]

  rockets on that little rockets like like [TS]

  like like super soakers for food and [TS]

  then years then then then you'd [TS]

  basically harness it and then you're [TS]

  you're jammin around on this meteorite [TS]

  given people you know selling water [TS]

  water also being of course rocket fuel [TS]

  and space fuel they put your super [TS]

  soaker [TS]

  well not only that but hydrogen oxygen [TS]

  right you can burn the shit out of this [TS]

  crap both oh yeah [TS]

  ceiling fan this is way more exciting [TS]

  than the library [TS]

  now Jesus Christ John there's so many [TS]

  cockamamie ideas that have been that [TS]

  have been sprocket up over the years [TS]

  because they were either interesting or [TS]

  had some money in them [TS]

  I can't believe the space program has [TS]

  not been allowed to get super freaky [TS]

  it's a real bummer [TS]

  it's such a bummer and it'sit's again [TS]

  it's another example of the fact that [TS]

  the people that are running things are [TS]

  the dummies dummies are running things [TS]

  and now thank God we got Elon Musk who [TS]

  was like you know what I'm not a dummy [TS]

  i'm making me i'm making invisible cars [TS]

  i'm gonna build space elevators like [TS]

  Elon Musk who knows what that guy is [TS]

  thinking right now he is basically he's [TS]

  basically the emory Lola gasps of a lots [TS]

  of space cars to get it says bang ya is [TS]

  the bank is like bang you know what I [TS]

  mean he's got like ideas he's nice he's [TS]

  putting some seasoning on there banging [TS]

  huh that is Elon Musk e is the he's the [TS]

  he's the chef [TS]

  he's the Louisiana chef of getting [TS]

  things exciting happening [TS]

  it's amazing how close it is to like a [TS]

  supergenius supervillain though like you [TS]

  really you want somebody who's thinking [TS]

  two or three steps ahead you don't want [TS]

  some guy who goes out well i'll make a [TS]

  green car that doesn't need to be [TS]

  recharged we've got that you know we [TS]

  want something started way way way ahead [TS]

  of this [TS]

  thanks mr. behind the curve guess what [TS]

  guess what do you want musk is doing [TS]

  right now something way more far out and [TS]

  freaky spine a lot of space ribbon right [TS]

  now here's a question for you is Elon [TS]

  Musk a pan man I isn't European well [TS]

  he's got a weird own south african south [TS]

  african south african-born [TS]

  canadian-american business magnate it [TS]

  says here [TS]

  God so he was born in Pretoria is he a [TS]

  pan man i don't think he's a pan man I [TS]

  think Richard Branson is much closer to [TS]

  a powers right he's pretty panties panty [TS]

  he gets figured photos of himself on jet [TS]

  skis with ladies but i'm looking at elon [TS]

  musk and i'm picturing a chin beard [TS]

  and it's not hard to picture you know [TS]

  what I'm saying like like he might be [TS]

  Abby might be a shaved pan man I think I [TS]

  don't want to upset anybody John but i [TS]

  gotta tell you i think you know German [TS]

  accent still reads a certain way to [TS]

  Americans and I think it'd be much more [TS]

  evil sounding accent to me is the Dutch [TS]

  accent em before the Dutch accent as as [TS]

  transmogrified through the South African [TS]

  oh yeah [TS]

  yes when you hear those guys talk man [TS]

  did you see that Dad that the movie with [TS]

  the giant bugs for South Africa was [TS]

  called this district nine is that what i [TS]

  did i did see it and it was an example [TS]

  of a movie that I i really liked the [TS]

  writing i like the premise I like [TS]

  everything about it except the design of [TS]

  the space bugs was to me [TS]

  biologically him implausible / [TS]

  impossible that the products the [TS]

  products that cross like this get the [TS]

  skeletal structure of them seemed to [TS]

  have been designed by a videogame comic [TS]

  book artist and not by somebody that had [TS]

  a grounding in biology and so it was [TS]

  like I did not feel from the moment they [TS]

  came on-screen that anything would [TS]

  actually evolve in that shape it felt [TS]

  like a thing that was designed by a [TS]

  teenager to look cool [TS]

  rather than designed by somebody who [TS]

  primarily was thinking how would a thing [TS]

  evolve if a prawn was going to become [TS]

  bipedal how would how would that look [TS]

  and it would I did I did not feel like [TS]

  it would look like that and so the whole [TS]

  movie which I otherwise enjoyed every [TS]

  time those things came on-screen I was [TS]

  like you know what [TS]

  no no we're getting a little baby was [TS]

  kid I Ron you know cute baby prawns not [TS]

  that's not what I go to movies [TS]

  yeah you know when when when the alien [TS]

  came on the screen in the particular [TS]

  alien particular alien in the film alien [TS]

  like maybe not maybe not anymore [TS]

  plausible but but at least believable [TS]

  realistic right you look at it you're [TS]

  like it yes I could see this is kind of [TS]

  like a cockroach lizard dinosaur dragon [TS]

  HR giger dragon [TS]

  yeah but they're very other-worldly [TS]

  other-worldly scary but also like the [TS]

  things about it that were scary where [TS]

  like where we're meaningfully scary it [TS]

  was slimy and had it had teeth and then [TS]

  more teeth like you know it it felt like [TS]

  a thing that that that but that could [TS]

  live [TS]

  yeah but the prawns and district nine [TS]

  felt like not a then felt like a cgi [TS]

  fake monster [TS]

  yeah and you know a lot of people talk [TS]

  about this especially with regard to [TS]

  things like alien and jaws but one thing [TS]

  that makes those kinds of monsters so [TS]

  successful is that they don't get that [TS]

  much screen time you don't get that much [TS]

  time to see them in the baking hot Sun [TS]

  of johannesburg for 15 minutes at a time [TS]

  there's something much more i mean so [TS]

  much scarier in some ways that you so I [TS]

  mean that's what I think there's that [TS]

  one scene at the end where she's in her [TS]

  underwear where you can kind of see what [TS]

  the thing looks like a kind of looks [TS]

  like a guy in a suit your talk about [TS]

  alien alien yeah yeah yeah well I mean [TS]

  you know that there there's nothing [TS]

  about the jaws shark that looks like a [TS]

  shark when you look at it right it looks [TS]

  like a it looks like a donation bath toy [TS]

  yeah and and yet that's a scary movie [TS]

  yes very may have lots of technical [TS]

  problems with the various sharks [TS]

  yeah thing I've read the IMDb have you [TS]

  frustrating it you know my problem with [TS]

  the district nine guy is not his face [TS]

  it's not his it wasn't the personality [TS]

  of the guy [TS]

  it wasn't the little lobster claws it [TS]

  was the joint between the backbone and [TS]

  my hip bones right that kind of like [TS]

  exaggerated a you know where the pelvis [TS]

  the pelvic bone into the inn [TS]

  to the hips it just looked like it [TS]

  looked like they had designed to thing [TS]

  and then try to make it cooler by [TS]

  cantilever ringing it's it's be hips and [TS]

  hands it's like you know what that was [TS]

  not necessary and it's that and I don't [TS]

  like it believable I like the angle of [TS]

  the guy getting the hand though I [TS]

  thought that was pretty cool [TS]

  yeah that was good yeah okay I see what [TS]

  you're saying you know what I mean like [TS]

  it just feels like a little bit like uh [TS]

  huh yeah okay I get it I get it [TS]

  robot robot a fetishist river [TS]

  well you know justjust say you're ready [TS]

  when your daughter is old enough and the [TS]

  ants in a bug's life have four limbs the [TS]

  ants have four limbs [TS]

  yeah well that's like it's like a Jerry [TS]

  Seinfeld and right it's like a cross [TS]

  it's a it's a crossbred crossbreed what [TS]

  half Jerry Seinfeld half and I you might [TS]

  be confusing it with ants with a Z which [TS]

  i think the Woody Allen version of bugs [TS]

  life so there's but there's bugs lives [TS]

  and there's and I think there's a you [TS]

  know this happens very Seinfeld and I [TS]

  think this definitely pretty definitely [TS]

  not a bug's life that you got you got [TS]

  your Kevin Spacey's you got your day [TS]

  fully oh you know you guys got Elaine [TS]

  from Seinfeld us in it [TS]

  oh she's the the princess aunt bug's [TS]

  life is pretty great [TS]

  it's pretty great movie but like you [TS]

  know even though I I like to think of [TS]

  myself as not being that guy I I still [TS]

  kinda wish they had you know six legs [TS]

  OIC I thought you were going to say you [TS]

  wish they had Jerry Seinfeld better i [TS]

  wish she wasn't exactly anatomically [TS]

  correct Elaine Benes okay yeah i I don't [TS]

  I don't I cannot I can't watch movies [TS]

  yeah because they're so disappointing [TS]

  showing 1-1 with lots of buzz or just in [TS]

  general just I mean the other day I went [TS]

  to see a movie I want to see the movie [TS]

  the guardians of the galaxy [TS]

  boy they're not say bad words oh no oh [TS]

  no you didn't like it I thought it was [TS]

  great [TS]

  oh my god i love you i want to watch it [TS]

  again the second it was over it was [TS]

  really really great [TS]

  india thesaurus it was an example of a [TS]

  movie that was great because it was it [TS]

  was great at every level and the writing [TS]

  was just good it was just good and the [TS]

  casting was good and when I see a movie [TS]

  like that where and that I know [TS]

  everybody has the same experience when [TS]

  you see a movie like that he go [TS]

  why is it if you can do that then why is [TS]

  it every fucking movie like that now [TS]

  there are tens of thousands of people in [TS]

  Hollywood making movies is it really [TS]

  true that only like four of them are [TS]

  smart or or what [TS]

  like all you have to do is see a movie [TS]

  like that and go okay well that that's [TS]

  what we should be doing that's what all [TS]

  movies should be like right so go for it [TS]

  everybody that's your standard if your [TS]

  script isn't as funny at least as [TS]

  guardians of the galaxy then throw it in [TS]

  the garbage can and don't make the movie [TS]

  but it but but you get what you get one [TS]

  guardians of the galaxy every five years [TS]

  ten years you know i'm a big marvel fan [TS]

  and I'm our family has seen all of the [TS]

  mini Marvel movies many many times we've [TS]

  seen that you know that the x-men movies [TS]

  the spider-man movies not the spider my [TS]

  brother lives in spider and once we've [TS]

  seen all the x-men movies numerous times [TS]

  using all the Iron Man movies i love the [TS]

  the captain america movie but it's weird [TS]

  how like the movies i think are most [TS]

  successful of the Marvel movies are the [TS]

  more slight ones like the first Thor [TS]

  movie which some people really hate I i [TS]

  thought was hilarious because they take [TS]

  the mickey out of Thor you know he's not [TS]

  even like just pretentious when he's [TS]

  pretentious it's funny or like you know [TS]

  obviously the first Iron Man movies [TS]

  really great but like you know the [TS]

  Avengers is still it's really really [TS]

  good but it's really fucking long and [TS]

  it's kind of three movies it's long and [TS]

  it's it's very self serious [TS]

  the whole middle part that could for a [TS]

  long time we don't do this much now so [TS]

  don't watch as much but we're watching a [TS]

  lot we would watch basically up to the [TS]

  point where they start arguments to each [TS]

  other and skip the entire Middle like [TS]

  our and then go straight to the Chitauri [TS]

  attacking because that's what the you [TS]

  know where the fun is [TS]

  well except that I felt like that was [TS]

  the first in a long series of movies [TS]

  where hundreds of thousands if not [TS]

  millions of people died in collateral [TS]

  damage and current little attention was [TS]

  paid to them [TS]

  well you [TS]

  Hawkeye and BlackWidow were on the [TS]

  ground trying to help but you know it's [TS]

  funny is if you some weak-ass characters [TS]

  on the ground running around trying to [TS]

  save me seat x two or three babies [TS]

  anything on that bus window for you [TS]

  while whole wall well-built whole [TS]

  building full of people are probably a [TS]

  lot of people's beef with the Superman [TS]

  you know I couldn't even watch that [TS]

  one's outlook that was so terrible [TS]

  terrible movie get but the 1i want to [TS]

  contrast guardians of the galaxy with is [TS]

  that pretty terrible hitchhiker's guide [TS]

  to the galaxy movie which had if you do [TS]

  as I was watching guardians of the [TS]

  galaxy I was like this is exactly the [TS]

  tone can ! information is going into [TS]

  this but you get that that those are [TS]

  super peripheral characters historically [TS]

  we're how familiar were you with the [TS]

  characters in the general mojo of Thanos [TS]

  and all that hopefully where you with [TS]

  that part of the Marvel mythology [TS]

  let me put it to you this way Marlon [TS]

  what's nice for me about the Marvel [TS]

  Comics universe is that they are all [TS]

  peripheral characters to me this episode [TS]

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  ok when I was really putting Wilberforce [TS]

  when I went to see The Avengers I was [TS]

  like where's the stretchy guy [TS]

  what is the stretchy got command a [TS]

  Silver Surfer why isn't the Silver [TS]

  Surfer here like I like peripheral comic [TS]

  characters are everybody that's not [TS]

  spider-man and Batman to me like even [TS]

  green lantern seems he's super fertile [TS]

  or whatever I mean like I like totally [TS]

  tell [TS]

  and the thing is like Hodgman spends a [TS]

  lot of time trying to school me on the [TS]

  different engr darkside don't see and [TS]

  are asked dark side versus danos don't [TS]

  get him started [TS]

  yeah and I'm like which one has which [TS]

  one is the Julia set comics in it [TS]

  because I don't give a fuck [TS]

  so when I want to see the matter if it's [TS]

  different when I want to see the [TS]

  adventures I was like okay all these [TS]

  people are in the same world all right [TS]

  and there's a flying aircraft carrier [TS]

  and then the guy from pulp fiction's in [TS]

  this one and uh there's a lot of like [TS]

  this guy's from the this guy's from [TS]

  world war two and discuss from another [TS]

  he's a God on another planet like wow [TS]

  you guys will really watch anything so [TS]

  when guardians of the galaxy came out [TS]

  and I was reading all the all the stuff [TS]

  in there like these are some really [TS]

  peripheral characters i was like oh my [TS]

  good if you know and when I saw the [TS]

  raccoon I was like if why isn't this [TS]

  raccoon the star of all media why is [TS]

  every movie not about this raccoon and n [TS]

  again n via and the dude the group the [TS]

  not well not good no group was [TS]

  interesting i like right there was never [TS]

  a problem with the Duke the star-lord [TS]

  star-lord like the casting of this guy [TS]

  when he first appeared on screen I was [TS]

  like oh here's a biz pretty boy actor [TS]

  that guy from that thing he's 28 years [TS]

  old he was here and then I realized he [TS]

  was at the guy [TS]

  zero dark thirty which is a movie that I [TS]

  really haha wow you're right he played [TS]

  the Navy ceilings are zero dark thirty i [TS]

  think it is amazing the doofy Guy from [TS]

  Parks and Rec well see i have never [TS]

  watched that show except I've seen it on [TS]

  an airplane if he plays a doofy Guy well [TS]

  but in in zero dark thirty he played he [TS]

  was the gig was the guy that gave me the [TS]

  real insight into Navy SEAL culture that [TS]

  i did not have before that that great [TS]

  line that she says when they're like [TS]

  they're there they're looking at the [TS]

  Black Hawk helicopter at area 51 and [TS]

  they're like what's the plan and she and [TS]

  then the CIA lady says you know what I [TS]

  didn't even want to use you guys with [TS]

  your dip and yours velcro and your [TS]

  students if straps and their the hell [TS]

  kind of look at each other like she's [TS]

  she's slamming the Navy SEALs as being a [TS]

  bunch of redneck dip weeds and i was i [TS]

  was so excited by that scene in the [TS]

  movie I was like yeah the CIA gal is [TS]

  Colin the Navy SEALs a bunch of dip [TS]

  weeds little bit and then they really [TS]

  played and this guy in particular played [TS]

  that character of like he is he is the [TS]

  he's America's like the tease the tip of [TS]

  the spear but he's also a redneck dip [TS]

  weed and that makes so much sense to me [TS]

  that the tip of our spear is a are a [TS]

  bunch of deep weeds [TS]

  I really appreciate that they're all [TS]

  they're all really smart at dealing with [TS]

  the implementation but you wouldn't want [TS]

  to ask him a lot of super high level [TS]

  strategy stuff [TS]

  yeah they're great at like working the [TS]

  gears of the of the gizmos that they've [TS]

  been given their basically exactly the [TS]

  people that I imagined populating the [TS]

  world of cobra in the GI Joe universe [TS]

  back when i was fighting little wars [TS]

  between GI joe cobra in my bathtub long [TS]

  past the point where i should have [TS]

  stopped playing with those toys [TS]

  in the early eighties anyway long way of [TS]

  saying that that that that particular [TS]

  actor cast in that role he had all of [TS]

  the kind of like swagger like don't like [TS]

  kind of dumb swagger of Han Solo but he [TS]

  was just he was just like.he was [TS]

  charmingly dumb but then he also liked [TS]

  was good good fighter and a good he's [TS]

  funny actor I just thought that movie [TS]

  was wonderful i love zero dark thirty [TS]

  that one but also guardians of the [TS]

  galaxy right right and and so I and I [TS]

  felt like like part of the part of my [TS]

  problem with our culture is this [TS]

  insistence on all these fantasy [TS]

  universes that feel kind of charmless [TS]

  and even gormless like if this is really [TS]

  a this is a world you want to live in [TS]

  this is Right there--see way over [TS]

  thought way over engineered and but I [TS]

  mean with guardians of the galaxy I mean [TS]

  it's you know I was really looking [TS]

  forward to it i like the comic i like [TS]

  this the characters are very fun to me [TS]

  my daughter loves them but you know it [TS]

  was such an improbable like when you [TS]

  slog through something like iron man 3 [TS]

  or whatever it's like you know it's good [TS]

  i mean Robert Downey jr. has redefined [TS]

  that character he's quick he's so you [TS]

  don't you seen any of those with the [TS]

  first ones like particularly really good [TS]

  but you know really well done but like [TS]

  that this improbable combination of [TS]

  characters even comic fans may not be [TS]

  familiar with with this totally [TS]

  wackadoodle you know a far-out cosmic [TS]

  story that's kind of hard to follow the [TS]

  casting this script the script which had [TS]

  if it had been a little bit more clever [TS]

  would have been too clever too clever [TS]

  that's right like I know what if ever [TS]

  there was never a moment in the film [TS]

  because I'm always watching ya up for [TS]

  the moment we're in order to make [TS]

  something happen in the script they [TS]

  violate some core laws of gravity [TS]

  looking people actually communicate [TS]

  things like that right and and and and [TS]

  at no point in the script did anybody [TS]

  have to violate any universal laws at [TS]

  all just seemed like sure of course like [TS]

  there's some fantastical stuff happening [TS]

  but I [TS]

  am I believe in gravity still I believe [TS]

  in I believe that light goes fast [TS]

  yeah but i also there's some people like [TS]

  I think about people like John Woo orbit [TS]

  what's his headgear mal del Toro there's [TS]

  a certain kinds of directors that make [TS]

  these movies that are on the face of a [TS]

  completely implausible but i buy into it [TS]

  because they pull it off they pull off [TS]

  what they intend to pull off which is [TS]

  this crazy adventure and like in this [TS]

  movie even through a young last maybe [TS]

  the end of the second act gets a little [TS]

  bit of a slog with the friendship and [TS]

  friendship but you know what i buy it is [TS]

  like Roger reviews where people are [TS]

  walking on top of trees [TS]

  yes you like karate movies where people [TS]

  jump up in the air and are a capable of [TS]

  flipping around six times I when they're [TS]

  well done if you want something like [TS]

  nothing just crushing tire with [TS]

  something like it man or something like [TS]

  yeah I do I like the specimens when [TS]

  they're done well it's yeah it's a where [TS]

  there's one called shiro you're seeing [TS]

  hero even I think I recommended that to [TS]

  you [TS]

  that's one that I think really stands [TS]

  out with you what's your feeling on this [TS]

  wire when it comes wire-walking wire [TS]

  training well you know the that when I [TS]

  saw crouching tiger hidden dragon that [TS]

  was the first time I ever saw somebody [TS]

  like it and saw it as a plot point that [TS]

  using the ancient chinese secrets you [TS]

  could conceivably like walk out like a [TS]

  sashay across all like in tangible [TS]

  objects to to the top of a 40-foot like [TS]

  thing of bamboo and just stand up on the [TS]

  top of it on top of a leaf and I was [TS]

  like whoa okay I if you know if I'm [TS]

  gonna watch a movie with wizards in it [TS]

  that isn't any greater of a suspension [TS]

  of disbelief than this so i am well I'm [TS]

  along for the ride like absolutely i [TS]

  like that movie a lot and I was along [TS]

  for the ride but what it did was it [TS]

  opened the floodgates for every action [TS]

  movie to have just normal people were no [TS]

  supernatural skills involved like we [TS]

  were because you're angry enough and [TS]

  Karen if you can suddenly when a bar [TS]

  fight with five guys [TS]

  or you can jump 60 feet from one [TS]

  building to the next or you can run up a [TS]

  wall and flip over kick two guys in the [TS]

  middle of the air fire your guns and you [TS]

  know and land on land then land on a [TS]

  piece of bamboo and all you are is bruce [TS]

  willis and it's like me [TS]

  no no that is that is that has that [TS]

  crossing dragger could Crouch and [TS]

  dragger hidden dragon introduced into in [TS]

  the same way that the matrix did [TS]

  introduced into the world of filmmaking [TS]

  technology that was immediately adopted [TS]

  by people with no imaginations right and [TS]

  and it just turned that whole genre into [TS]

  kid garbage kid garbage that were [TS]

  feeding kids that are turning them into [TS]

  garbage adults kid garbage what I [TS]

  believe people believe things to believe [TS]

  things are real they're not real fine i [TS]

  think of a little since before I think [TS]

  of a little bit like a Joni Mitchell [TS]

  problem we're like you know man I i if [TS]

  you can't get into jenny mitchell album [TS]

  blue like I can't help you because i [TS]

  think it's just about perfect but for [TS]

  the love of Christ think about how many [TS]

  dozens and dozens of people like or [TS]

  buffy sainte-marie or whoever somebody [TS]

  with that trilling like folk style [TS]

  picked it up and you just please stop [TS]

  doing that please [TS]

  it's the in somebody's done done very [TS]

  well you can learn from that but please [TS]

  stop doing that please stop doing that [TS]

  don't you think [TS]

  well I have this problem a lot because [TS]

  i'm i'm often asked to consult with [TS]

  young songwriters right people say hey [TS]

  I've got this young songwriter and i [TS]

  would love you to listen to their demo [TS]

  and talk to them and the number one my [TS]

  number one thing that I that I have when [TS]

  listening to demos is and and oftentimes [TS]

  i will be i'll be very pleasantly [TS]

  surprised 20 year old singer who has [TS]

  great songs interesting lyrics really [TS]

  good song structure the number one thing [TS]

  I say is please stop singing like that [TS]

  why are you singing like that like an [TS]

  affected style and and every young [TS]

  vocalist now is singing in an affected [TS]

  style either really pressing [TS]

  e or whole way back in the back of your [TS]

  throat or low like with the trails or Oh [TS]

  kind of you know it's 60 spoke or what [TS]

  or I like none of them can just sing in [TS]

  their voice because no contemporary [TS]

  singer singing their voice over here is [TS]

  the people that they're trying to affect [TS]

  we're seeing in some version of their [TS]

  voice you know I mean some somebody who [TS]

  is doing that trying to just strict like [TS]

  straight-up ape Jim Morrison you know [TS]

  wouldn't count on you've got you've got [TS]

  to have your own take on right but that [TS]

  is no longer true like like music now [TS]

  his is such a jigsaw puzzle of [TS]

  influences and the end and I'm fine with [TS]

  that in the songwriting and I'm fine [TS]

  with that in the production of albums [TS]

  but but I'm astonished that singer after [TS]

  singer after singer i come to me with [TS]

  these voices that are just like you are [TS]

  just pretending to sing like somebody [TS]

  and they will look at me very earnestly [TS]

  and say like what that's my style what [TS]

  are you talking about like that's the [TS]

  key to my whole style and they really do [TS]

  feel like that of all the things that [TS]

  they were hoping that I would tell them [TS]

  to change of all the things that they [TS]

  are willing to change their vocal [TS]

  affectation is the is what they think is [TS]

  their style and you know and for myself [TS]

  when I think back to my early days of [TS]

  singing like sometimes i wish i had [TS]

  affected my book voice a little bit more [TS]

  because I here guys all the time my age [TS]

  I'm saying with the little bit more [TS]

  gravel in the board and I go yeah if I [TS]

  had a little bit more of that maybe I [TS]

  would be more [TS]

  maybe i would be part of a tougher [TS]

  tradition which is something I kind of I [TS]

  can't think of anybody that you're [TS]

  singing of reminds me of when people [TS]

  compare the long winters other bands are [TS]

  frequent frequently flummoxed because I [TS]

  just don't I don't hear it either in the [TS]

  songs or installer is that somebody who [TS]

  maybe was a terrible Allmusic reviewer [TS]

  million years ago was singing sound a [TS]

  lot like REM and I can hear some REM in [TS]

  like sum REM in instrumentation but i [TS]

  don't hear it all in the songwriting for [TS]

  the proponents and you know and michael [TS]

  stipe is an example of a guy who's [TS]

  singing like himself [TS]

  I mean you know that these things he [TS]

  sounds like him right [TS]

  I don't know I think bono had a big [TS]

  influence i think there's still a lot of [TS]

  people today that are I mean it just [TS]

  seems like there's so many people today [TS]

  that really are selling they're still [TS]

  doing a version of bono circa wore em I [TS]

  mean that's like you know Coldplay or [TS]

  like the killers or like somewhere [TS]

  between like Bono and maybe a little bit [TS]

  of morrissey there is a certain kind of [TS]

  plaintiff style that is way above the [TS]

  caliber of the music lyrics in terms of [TS]

  its effect [TS]

  yeah yeah well that's you know and [TS]

  that's like what people hear is the [TS]

  sound of stadium rock but the the one [TS]

  that confuses me [TS]

  i think is the confusing me the most is [TS]

  the joni mitchell voice or I mean I [TS]

  understand the christina aguilera voice [TS]

  because that is a kind of that's a [TS]

  version of stadium Rock I guess you know [TS]

  like like that where it feels like the [TS]

  song is a very interesting so let's put [TS]

  in a lot more note with acrobatics and [TS]

  sizzle yeah let's go from one note to [TS]

  the next Mariah Carey really really [TS]

  helped pioneer that [TS]

  yeah she was the she was the shoes the [TS]

  original war criminal [TS]

  but uh but they but the the weird folk [TS]

  like the joni mitchell voice the like [TS]

  super in your head voice the way way [TS]

  back in the back of your throat voice [TS]

  their the up in your nasal cavity voices [TS]

  these are the ones where it just feels [TS]

  like why what are you afraid of [TS]

  why don't you just sing like in your [TS]

  voice and I mean time and time again I'm [TS]

  just looked at what these blank faces [TS]

  until I kind of am inhibited now to even [TS]

  say something when I hear somebody [TS]

  singing in fake voice it feels like one [TS]

  of those things where I'm the guy from [TS]

  old-fashioned town was like why are you [TS]

  saying you're fake voice that they were [TS]

  expecting you sit down pencil and paper [TS]

  and talk about couplets and minor chords [TS]

  yeah look at the song how the song could [TS]

  be stronger better bridge that kind of [TS]

  thing and I definitely do that type of [TS]

  thing but the but the thing that any [TS]

  thing that keeps me out of the of their [TS]

  music more often than not it's just that [TS]

  they're doing it in this style and I [TS]

  mean and I guess if you were if you were [TS]

  a young metal singer in 1980 and you [TS]

  came out and when like that was the [TS]

  style of the music you were making and [TS]

  you perceived that to be necessary to [TS]

  the music you were trying to do and so [TS]

  it was in the style that you you thought [TS]

  you belonged maybe not how you would [TS]

  have some if you had come up in a [TS]

  perfect vacuum but but these weird folk [TS]

  voices and weird head voices that people [TS]

  sing in now i don't i guess maybe it's [TS]

  either that I don't perceive I don't see [TS]

  a musical vein or a tradition that other [TS]

  that that maybe they see maybe they see [TS]

  themselves as descendants of of joni [TS]

  mitchell in a way that I is like [TS]

  incomprehensible to me i'm not sure but [TS]

  this is this intrude more often than not [TS]

  and and back in the indie rock days it [TS]

  was just that everybody was whispering [TS]

  all that all the boys singers were [TS]

  singing quiet and faith i think yeah [TS]

  like you think about the stuff that came [TS]

  along and again I'm followed me to close [TS]

  in awhile but in the two thousands of [TS]

  thinking of like an [TS]

  iron and wine kicking it off kind of you [TS]

  know real whispery or even but you know [TS]

  but then you also get stuff like you get [TS]

  the mark I'd souls and you get the the [TS]

  we know the red house painters and that [TS]

  kind of stuff which was much more like [TS]

  plaintiff but that kind of became a [TS]

  thing when you were first putting out [TS]

  records was the whole whispery bearded [TS]

  guy [TS]

  yeah it did it is kind of a thing right [TS]

  yeah i was now I was not ever really I i [TS]

  obviously I loved some of that music but [TS]

  I did not feel akin to it because it [TS]

  felt like why are you doing that was [TS]

  pretty gimmicky yeah right and and it at [TS]

  it it has i mean it's not as bad as the [TS]

  Eddie Vetter voice but it just feels [TS]

  like what it is this song would this [TS]

  song if you just saying it straight but [TS]

  it still be an emotional song right if [TS]

  not then singing it you know like you [TS]

  are whispering it through the through [TS]

  the electrical outlets in your prison [TS]

  cell here to the guy in the prison cell [TS]

  next door like I'm I it's just it's just [TS]

  it's a song about fucking nothing in the [TS]

  first place so so whispering it to make [TS]

  it seem intense is pretty lame and [TS]

  they're probably very grateful for your [TS]

  input that right the young people [TS]

  everybody wants to hear what I think [TS]

  thank you guys thank you for help [TS]

  the number one thing that young people [TS]

  want to hear is the advice of a guy [TS]

  whose band they've never heard of who is [TS]

  old and who does not phrase things very [TS]

  nicely thats what young people want you [TS]

  can always go to chris wallace anecdotes [TS]

  nobody knows who he is anymore [TS]

  oh snap like anymore uh the the young [TS]

  people a you-know-what fast John it's [TS]

  moving really fast and had this [TS]

  conversation before they only listen to [TS]

  electronic dance music now they do not [TS]

  care about rock [TS]

  yeah care about guitars Merlin yeah [TS]

  the guitar is the clarinet of 2025 i was [TS]

  watching a BBC documentary on let me do [TS]

  its bit its kind of it [TS]

  what about 1962 it's kind of about the [TS]

  MIT leading up to you in the making of [TS]

  and release of let me do then they were [TS]

  reading back some of the projections [TS]

  that Brian got from the labels I'm sure [TS]

  you seen her but you know the Beatles [TS]

  deals will never succeed in pop music [TS]

  guitar music is on the way out you know [TS]

  they're wrong that once that I'm you [TS]

  know that but it now get a powerbook and [TS]

  show up you take your shirt off and [TS]

  dance around a little bit there was a [TS]

  time when the violin was the number one [TS]

  instrument [TS]

  hmm and not anymore there was a time [TS]

  when it was the clarinet and not anymore [TS]

  and young people look at guitars and [TS]

  they're like yeah I can make every [TS]

  single sound of the guitar can make on [TS]

  my ipad with the 25 programs i have and [TS]

  i don't even like the sound guitar makes [TS]

  so why would I do it [TS]

  here's what I want to hear but the [TS]

  bathroom dsr bills [TS]

  sorry I'm working on it organized the [TS]

  essence when you go back and [TS]

  retroactively lead es other times as [TS]

  fast as I don't even know what that [TS]

  sounds like a more i know i've been [TS]

  bewildered and bewildered want to put on [TS]

  the radio sometimes sometimes I get it [TS]

  sometimes i get it i enjoy it i learned [TS]

  about music now mostly from trailers to [TS]

  movies because we're going with my [TS]

  daughter go see a movie every kid's [TS]

  movie now in the trailer you hear some [TS]

  kind of hit song at you [TS]

  kind of hit song at you [TS]

  often involving someone called pitbull [TS]

  and and you your beer pitbull Katy Perry [TS]

  Katy produced by bit by Pitbull she [TS]

  seems like she's got some chops Katy [TS]

  Perry she looks pretty heavily processed [TS]

  em go [TS]

  she's got some have you got any jobs mhm [TS]

  mhm [TS]

  you can watch the movie which one [TS]

  hi it's got her into heavy cha heavy [TS]

  chops yeah i'm ron jeremy [TS]

  yeah you can be Perry is one of those [TS]

  people that empirically takes a lot of [TS]

  boxes for me if you look at somebody and [TS]

  we're like does she have darker no [TS]

  problem katy perry i gotta tell you i [TS]

  got a lot of people have big eyes big [TS]

  bazooms good dancer [TS]

  yeah funny funny videos yeah but i do [TS]

  not but but I just I feel like she's not [TS]

  a she's not a hundred percent of a real [TS]

  person or something I don't know [TS]

  yeah yeah did you remember that show [TS]

  everybody likes Raymond yes sure you [TS]

  know wife in that show [TS]

  yes exactly a the Thompson no no [TS]

  it'sit's Scientologist lady right Yoshi [TS]

  Scientology double-check sorry I should [TS]

  do you know what I got all this out you [TS]

  know what but that maybe it will maybe [TS]

  what I'm talking about because she's an [TS]

  example of a TV start but i would look [TS]

  at I would watch that show and I would [TS]

  look at her and I would say em I [TS]

  attracted to you i want they can invite [TS]

  the clicking of a king of queens maybe [TS]

  oh I'm very attracted to her she's a [TS]

  Scientologist for sure she's the one [TS]

  that tried to find trying to find out [TS]

  what's going on with David Miscavige is [TS]

  a white friends right [TS]

  that's and that bouncer out of [TS]

  Scientology because they were some they [TS]

  were so mad that she they were so mad at [TS]

  her that it changed her religion because [TS]

  Wow right but even they let you stay in [TS]

  you gotta let go go live in a mobile [TS]

  home and scrub toilets and stuff do you [TS]

  write that book right [TS]

  yeah you notice how often that happens [TS]

  though that somebody will leave a [TS]

  religion only after the people in that [TS]

  religion get super mad at them [TS]

  it's yes it's crazy that like you could [TS]

  be such a true believer for so long in [TS]

  something that is so we're you know it's [TS]

  way beyond all your family going oh my [TS]

  god what happened to you were like your [TS]

  even when you become just a little bit [TS]

  of an insider just what you would know [TS]

  about that shit and still be hanging [TS]

  onto it it must take it takes a lot to [TS]

  get somebody to want to leave that alone [TS]

  don't you think it's pretty clear it it [TS]

  doesn't have the thing is the reason [TS]

  that I'm interested in is I'm trying to [TS]

  figure out exactly how to structure my [TS]

  own culty a religion / futuristic [TS]

  society you gotta think ahead there's a [TS]

  lot of planning and you want to get the [TS]

  scale right for example don't say that [TS]

  note III is the highest you can go now [TS]

  luckily that's a numerical system right [TS]

  you can always a DJ at the forefront for [TS]

  a long time three was as high as you can [TS]

  go and then they discovered like a in a [TS]

  cavern already started and he had like a [TS]

  bonus levels you find out you find a [TS]

  boss Scientologist and you move up you [TS]

  become before using callosity was still [TS]

  alive with that he was still strapping [TS]

  on levels i think when he was living on [TS]

  the boat [TS]

  yeah yeah well that's a hell of a book [TS]

  the your top of the big book Dianetics [TS]

  yeah I never read it never regret going [TS]

  clear Henry Dianetics watching that [TS]

  movie with the with the world philip [TS]

  seymour hoffman morning yeah [TS]

  yes i was i was impressed with his [TS]

  portrayal of l ron has being somebody [TS]

  who just got really petulant like a big [TS]

  diaper baby whenever somebody pointed [TS]

  out even the smallest stephanie with dr. [TS]

  P we should mention for legal reasons [TS]

  that that is romana clay he is not [TS]

  betraying l ron hubbard and we're [TS]

  grateful for the support of the [TS]

  scientologist community thank you very [TS]

  much thank you to all our Scientologist [TS]

  let me know what you want to [TS]

  Scientologist on the moon don't [TS]

  overthink it [TS]

  what do what I want when I was at me a [TS]

  good faith to send to the moon [TS]

  sure they're going with their eyes are [TS]

  open if you've reached it i don't want [TS]

  to say too much because it's copyrighted [TS]

  material but i think if you get to 95 96 [TS]

  you're gonna be ready frog seen all [TS]

  kinds of shit that most people would be [TS]

  really blown away by yeah basically any [TS]

  religion that Germany has outlawed I [TS]

  think belongs on the moon [TS]

  okay that might be good right there [TS]

  what [TS]