The Incomparable

188: Game Show II


  welcome to the first episode of the [TS]

  incomparable race i'm your host Jason's [TS]

  now let's meet our contestants glen and [TS]

  Monty Seattle lights John and Greg [TS]

  cranky old men [TS]

  dan and Scott embassies David and Erica [TS]

  Midwesterners Steve and fill the [TS]

  baseball fans [TS]

  ok now teams let me explain your first [TS]

  clue for the incomparable race is [TS]

  outside in the 2015 chevy equinoxes that [TS]

  are parked on the corner now good luck [TS]

  travel safe go after our let's start the [TS]

  podcast where they go oh this is a bad [TS]

  idea [TS]

  it's the in time purple basil number 188 [TS]

  April Fool's 2014 [TS]

  welcome back to be uncomfortable podcast [TS]

  on your hostess and snow and it is time [TS]

  to do something differently like to do [TS]

  something different when it's around for [TS]

  fools day and so for this time we're [TS]

  going to revisit something we did two [TS]

  years ago which is a game show [TS]

  this is the second incomparable game [TS]

  show i'd like to introduce our team's [TS]

  first joining me here on the west coast [TS]

  the best coast team pacific time Glenn [TS]

  fleischmann hello [TS]

  oh holy welcome to team pacific time one [TS]

  of your teammates Steve let Steve hello [TS]

  hello Jason you call this team pacific [TS]

  time but i can't help notice it doesn't [TS]

  seem all that different from Team old uh [TS]

  it's very well the old people come to [TS]

  count for at seems to me you just [TS]

  saddled us with two additional crusty [TS]

  old farts and change the name thinking [TS]

  would be too senile to notice [TS]

  indeed you know Jason I'm yes [TS]

  essentially what i did also geography [TS]

  help Philip Michaels is also on Team [TS]

  pacific time he's a new person to this [TS]

  hello [TS]

  I didn't agree to this no and why are [TS]

  you here [TS]

  I don't know it's an error of some sort [TS]

  well stick around i wandered into the [TS]

  room maybe win some rice a roadie later [TS]

  it's possible [TS]

  Greg moss also team pacific time hello [TS]

  team not as sleepy as other team [TS]

  yes that's right you have wakefulness on [TS]

  your side home field advantage baby use [TS]

  the general wakefulness and Monty Ashley [TS]

  also team pacific time hello hi [TS]

  you're supposed to say i'm on a business [TS]

  trip I place ago and although i rode out [TS]

  into the ocean so i can be a hawaii how [TS]

  good good for you [TS]

  well then you're way ahead of us [TS]

  surprise is such a good internet [TS]

  connection now let me introduce the five [TS]

  people who comprise team not pacific [TS]

  time or as i like to call a team east [TS]

  and also canada Scott McNulty is in [TS]

  Philadelphia so he counts his team East [TS]

  hello hello hello [TS]

  what a great his boats got his catch [TS]

  phrase [TS]

  hello Dan more'n also hear from the [TS]

  Greater Boston area hello [TS]

  I just saying the team Pacific is old [TS]

  cuz they're living in the past you know [TS]

  it could be it could be [TS]

  John siracusa also from the Greater [TS]

  Boston area and therefore part of team [TS]

  east [TS]

  hello I prefer to think of us as team [TS]

  real-time yeah it could be depends [TS]

  is there really a real-time x rays and [TS]

  greenwich mean time is real-time know [TS]

  now [TS]

  can any part of boston really be called [TS]

  great alright we have nobody from that [TS]

  time so I was here that time is just too [TS]

  mean if you're in greenwich mean time [TS]

  you're listening to this podcast you win [TS]

  team Zulus you go [TS]

  yeah that's right leaving Laura from the [TS]

  great state of indiana indiana has many [TS]

  time zones I'm very confused but you're [TS]

  a smoker [TS]

  hello hello I'd like to buy a vana you [TS]

  can't do that now team Eastern also [TS]

  Canada here is our Canadian entrant from [TS]

  north of the border previously for [TS]

  wisconsin now from Edmonton it's erica [TS]

  and sign hello hello [TS]

  yeah I've been here like two and a half [TS]

  weeks but I officially count now [TS]

  timezone why is your very close to team [TS]

  pacific time but we're going to put you [TS]

  in team Eastern also Canada just to [TS]

  balance it all out [TS]

  I protest it's it's a very Canadian [TS]

  thing to do [TS]

  yes yes i will be very polite about it [TS]

  and just define with that going on 19 [TS]

  East that's really team lousy weather [TS]

  isn't it and and also give all your [TS]

  answers and French to right here is [TS]

  what's going to happen I just like last [TS]

  time I'm going to have a bunch of [TS]

  ridiculous questions that I ask you or [TS]

  have ridiculous tasks i asked you to [TS]

  perform this proves nothing [TS]

  I will award points based on your [TS]

  performance in the end the team with the [TS]

  most arbitrary number of points for me [TS]

  not the most points just the ones that [TS]

  were the most arbitrary i guess i just [TS]

  said that will be declared the winner [TS]

  and get nothing [TS]

  so that's how this is gonna work i do it [TS]

  and then already angry here I thought [TS]

  about doing this like survivor and they [TS]

  decided that would be there'll be sad [TS]

  although there's so many of you maybe I [TS]

  should have been anyway so round one is [TS]

  the general trivia warm up i'm going to [TS]

  ask each genex i'm going to ask each of [TS]

  you a question and then you need to [TS]

  answer in turn and you don't get help [TS]

  from your team in this part so we will [TS]

  begin with individual humiliation or [TS]

  individual units [TS]

  well put well put oh I'm Way ahead of [TS]

  you guys that all right Glenn here's [TS]

  your hunt he's not Alec Holland he's a [TS]

  plant that thinks it's alec Holland who [TS]

  is he [TS]

  well it's a sad story of a man and a [TS]

  girl and a love affair think there's a [TS]

  girl in it and there is a girl he Swamp [TS]

  Thing O you right wow good Johnny's [TS]

  don't know if you would get that never [TS]

  heard of Adrienne Barbeau important [TS]

  Barbosa free [TS]

  yeah definitely a girl I would not count [TS]

  the Roman well depends on to the cannot [TS]

  be like there's a romance and son was [TS]

  killed and he turns into a thing and [TS]

  these bits just true good point kind of [TS]

  thing I got multi here's your question [TS]

  hello hello the answer to every question [TS]

  regarding yeah but we started over how [TS]

  do you greet people [TS]

  hey yes here's a question people he [TS]

  played the trashcan man a time-traveling [TS]

  fraud on Star Trek a creepy dr. on [TS]

  orphan black and a famous eighties TV [TS]

  pitch man who is he [TS]

  I have no idea what his name is but I [TS]

  know who you're talking about [TS]

  wait for backup backup from the team [TS]

  partial credits from partial credit you [TS]

  can tell me who he is who he is as in [TS]

  the eighties icon max headroom yes [TS]

  ok you get one point for that it's [TS]

  someone steal no you can't steal it [TS]

  matter where is the name of the actor [TS]

  was max hey it you get so you can have [TS]

  you got half-credit Scott that's pretty [TS]

  good so I want [TS]

  yeah that's that mean that's that's the [TS]

  east coast two points it's worth you [TS]

  know it's really I arbitrary points they [TS]

  might be externally already be in the [TS]

  lead I gardens are these points and [TS]

  operations by everybody's got the winter [TS]

  we that was that Steve Steve let's what [TS]

  became the bat like character who is a [TS]

  recurring character on the tick [TS]

  come on man i think i know that's what I [TS]

  did everything I know this is very true [TS]

  crisis it's not not Arthur he's not a [TS]

  bad he's not that like can I ask for [TS]

  clarification on his behalf I i will [TS]

  accept any right answer here uncle I [TS]

  don't baby other questions you will not [TS]

  accept any recognition that check the [TS]

  instruction book that comes with the [TS]

  comics [TS]

  whoa whoa violation would it be [TS]

  batmanuel did you get that yourself or [TS]

  was that your back-channel it snow is [TS]

  not in the back channel i guarantee you [TS]

  that the bags and was mostly Steve [TS]

  making porn Jersey where did you get it [TS]

  I I that's really stressing to remind [TS]

  everybody no no searching the internet [TS]

  searching the internet is of course not [TS]

  come on that would violate the sacred [TS]

  trust that is inherent in any plot guess [TS]

  all right [TS]

  yes Batman well we would also have [TS]

  accepted deflator mouse i think i [TS]

  remember himself whenever he is a draft [TS]

  of some so yeah so very good [TS]

  all right Dan hello hello [TS]

  quit stealing Scott's line goodbye [TS]

  George RR Martin's a game of thrones [TS]

  takes place in a world experiencing an [TS]

  extremely long season what season is it [TS]

  i think i live in that world right there [TS]

  is another which is that it but it's a [TS]

  tribe [TS]

  wow yeah well okay so they're [TS]

  experiencing a very long summer actually [TS]

  because winter is coming [TS]

  that is correct very good i said well [TS]

  defined beyond Falwell well done Stephen [TS]

  giving the other team a clue that it was [TS]

  a trigger West Bank slots good job you [TS]

  know somebody's got to show these [TS]

  youngsters the way east coasters the way [TS]

  our and I show them the way you mean [TS]

  give them the answers to victory yes [TS]

  show them the way to victory [TS]

  that's nice that's very nice Phil [TS]

  Michaels I didn't do nothin huh [TS]

  youyou this is a question I know your [TS]

  wife can answer so it may have reached [TS]

  via osmosis and we probably don't want [TS]

  to know the answer in in DC Comics oh [TS]

  god the emotional spectrum is divided [TS]

  into the seven colors of the rain [TS]

  no willpower as you know is championed [TS]

  by the Green Lantern's while Sinestro [TS]

  and his gang wear yellow outfits because [TS]

  they're Yeller name what emotion any of [TS]

  the other colors go back to the part [TS]

  about the lanterns about the letters [TS]

  George which color represents impotent [TS]

  rage juice now it actually can you can [TS]

  you repeat the last bit of the question [TS]

  right the emotional spectrum is divided [TS]

  into seven coated skip ahead [TS]

  greenleaders stuff that it really has a [TS]

  little yellow invests in disaster has [TS]

  yellow because it again they're afraid [TS]

  huh name what emotion name the emotion [TS]

  of any of the other colors of the [TS]

  rainbow [TS]

  skittles one of them skills is all [TS]

  that's an emotion right races taste of [TS]

  emotions [TS]

  excuse me red is blinding raid your [TS]

  right and I thought the whole together [TS]

  at ready and excited to building real [TS]

  good job tapping into that rage just it [TS]

  works for you [TS]

  it's that's that it's a good one greed [TS]

  is orange by the way I don't know what [TS]

  that's about hope is blue compassion is [TS]

  indigo and love comes in violet baby [TS]

  alright so the thing with feathers [TS]

  moving on David how many sequel novels [TS]

  to 2001 a Space Odyssey did arthur c [TS]

  clarke right [TS]

  30 so much so much for drama 3 is bad [TS]

  we'll go to put his hand 2065 what's the [TS]

  word 120 61 and 3001 [TS]

  yep the final horrible 3021 2065 yeah [TS]

  but yeah other than 3,000 one that's [TS]

  always asking what the years were doing [TS]

  another hero our 3,000 10 right 3001 and [TS]

  Howard me the mostly took place at the [TS]

  mcdonalds is collaboration with mitch [TS]

  albom the computers have computers you [TS]

  South how is played by how Holbrook [TS]

  which is delightful that's confusing [TS]

  it ends with how murdering mitch albom [TS]

  so it's a very happy and in making it up [TS]

  yeah Greg moss we need anyone in [TS]

  greatness [TS]

  how many actors have played Anakin [TS]

  Skywalker / Darth Vader in Star Wars [TS]

  live-action movies stunt men don't count [TS]

  voice actors do [TS]

  I don't want to screw this up when you [TS]

  come to the wrong place [TS]

  do physical people who are non voice [TS]

  acting count [TS]

  yes physical people count voice actors [TS]

  count stunt men don't count is using his [TS]

  fingers i'm using my fingers [TS]

  five how many fingers do you have on [TS]

  that hand yes five is the answer my god [TS]

  john david because james earl jones [TS]

  Sebastian Shaw Hayden Christensen and [TS]

  jake lloyd good job John siracusa [TS]

  Lieutenant Commander data is creator and [TS]

  con have a name in common [TS]

  what is it yes me a star trek question [TS]

  is a calorie to our areas of expertise [TS]

  you are definitely not [TS]

  I I know almost nothing about Lieutenant [TS]

  Commander data or con [TS]

  I could I was gonna guess that they [TS]

  share the same first name but I remember [TS]

  the hell the first name is Bob I got [TS]

  nothing even have a first name [TS]

  oh yeah let's talk about the tank [TS]

  commander data's creator right we're [TS]

  right on the neighborhood I got it [TS]

  alright well well John you can't have [TS]

  nothing I let me give me a couple [TS]

  seconds of the great name because it'll [TS]

  what the health just watch wrath of khan [TS]

  like it's getting good sir [TS]

  Manny leprechaun the wrath of leprechaun [TS]

  I'm not gonna get it its new nyan nyan [TS]

  which but both both named after a friend [TS]

  of Gene Roddenberry's apparently yeah i [TS]

  was going like the indian thing in but [TS]

  however Ricardo Montalban is the wrong [TS]

  accurate play that ethnicity but i could [TS]

  not come up with the name and we also [TS]

  would have accepted Noonan doesn't [TS]

  really give you anything Cumberbatch's [TS]

  want to give it a scam me cut will begin [TS]

  to Benedict in a minute [TS]

  Monty here's your question name someone [TS]

  who isn't jonah Jameson and Peter Parker [TS]

  who is employed by the Daily Bugle [TS]

  robbie robertson alright nice office [TS]

  baby would have also accepted that leads [TS]

  Betty Brant Ben Urich many many options [TS]

  there and Erica here's your question [TS]

  right [TS]

  which of these has Benedict Cumberbatch [TS]

  never portrayed in a movie or on [TS]

  television [TS]

  here's the list a detective a dragon an [TS]

  American a murderer Superman a revealer [TS]

  of Secrets a king [TS]

  the Prime Minister of Great Britain mm I [TS]

  detective that was a lot of choices here [TS]

  sad daughter on the internet he didn't [TS]

  say the internet [TS]

  there are there are some that i know for [TS]

  sure aren't it but I'm i will say the [TS]

  prime minister he played the Prime [TS]

  Minister of Great Britain on the [TS]

  simpsons the King he's never been the [TS]

  king [TS]

  strangely enough Wow well he's the king [TS]

  of my heart that was a half right I knew [TS]

  I knew the answers to most of the other [TS]

  ones so invariably the one that I got I [TS]

  was not going to know that was a very [TS]

  strong round for the west coast [TS]

  whoa they currently hold the lead but [TS]

  there's plenty of time left now are you [TS]

  they need an early bank and I folks our [TS]

  next game we need somebody on Team east [TS]

  to sit out and I'm not going to tell you [TS]

  what the game is until you decide [TS]

  so who who's not going to play the next [TS]

  game I'll sit out [TS]

  oh you're gonna regret this [TS]

  so well that is a volunteer if this is [TS]

  related to Doctor Who I am protesting [TS]

  Monty is going to sit out because Monty [TS]

  is going to host this round [TS]

  hello boy this is family a few years 77 [TS]

  addition to having money has to drive to [TS]

  each of our houses and give us a kiss on [TS]

  the cheek [TS]

  yes well adding feasible for me [TS]

  yeah everybody press three days later [TS]

  enjoy your body's working Hogan's Heroes [TS]

  so Monty I want to start with a question [TS]

  for Team Pacific team west coast your [TS]

  favorite team [TS]

  ah alright I'm gonna go arbitrating in [TS]

  order here of our back channel so Glenn [TS]

  placement but 100 people were surveyed [TS]

  the top seven answers are on the board [TS]

  this is 1977 name of politicians voice [TS]

  you'd recognize Gerald Ford Gerald [TS]

  forward is the number 5 answer three [TS]

  people would recognize Gerald for that [TS]

  was a stretch good with children face [TS]

  Greg Kraus richard nixon richard nixon [TS]

  number to answer 31 people would [TS]

  recognize Richard loosen this before TV [TS]

  and radio right [TS]

  no wait a second [TS]

  I think that's right they would just [TS]

  kind of load family feud onto a truck [TS]

  and drive it around [TS]

  Philip Michaels there are still five [TS]

  answers on the board [TS]

  you have no strikes name of politicians [TS]

  voice you'd recognize James Earl Carter [TS]

  number one answer [TS]

  frankly you present at the time 43 [TS]

  people would recognize the president of [TS]

  lots we have already heard Jimmy Carter [TS]

  richard nixon and Gerald Ford there are [TS]

  still 4 answers on the board about that [TS]

  John Fitzgerald Kennedy no I'm sorry was [TS]

  it because you have a zombie voice at [TS]

  not my John but I do find your brain lot [TS]

  more brains brains nothing bad ever [TS]

  happens to a Kennedy our groove we're [TS]

  called to moon ask not what your brains [TS]

  can do for you [TS]

  that's too soon what the hell 1977 [TS]

  there's one strike to come back around [TS]

  to Glenn Glenn name of politicians voice [TS]

  you'd recognize my gosh what's up on the [TS]

  board we got carded me Carter and [TS]

  Richard Nixon the top two answers and [TS]

  Gerald Ford is number five answers still [TS]

  the same verse 3 4 6 & 7 [TS]

  well it's not going to be but it might [TS]

  be Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan number [TS]

  six answer three people shoe redness [TS]

  little before his time but there are [TS]

  three answers on the board [TS]

  Toto it reset Reagan was my answer and [TS]

  Glenn took it yeah [TS]

  johnson Johnson no straight andrew [TS]

  johnson all Azzam b johnson the Masters [TS]

  and Johnson Philip Michaels yes sir two [TS]

  strikes still three answers on the board [TS]

  I've got a good one to Knobloch fill [TS]

  this the other team will get a chance to [TS]

  steal [TS]

  I'm going to go with [TS]

  Edward Kennedy or Ted as his friends [TS]

  call him Edward Ted Kennedy oh yeah we [TS]

  go over to the other team team East you [TS]

  have a chance to steal the idea to get [TS]

  to consult or do a cigarette after he [TS]

  would have been huddled for the last [TS]

  five minutes and now why you're gonna [TS]

  line with everybody shouting nonsense ok [TS]

  that's a good answer [TS]

  big money in the bank money so I Scott [TS]

  no whammies [TS]

  yeah then what were the are what's [TS]

  already on the board again Jimmy Carter [TS]

  Richard Nixon Gerald Ford and ronald [TS]

  reagan shot number three four and seven [TS]

  answers i will say Henry Kissinger and [TS]

  Henry Kissinger ah i was gonna be my [TS]

  next answer 18 that I'm not technically [TS]

  a around he wasn't elected to anything [TS]

  to sit politician what places he he was [TS]

  number four [TS]

  wow the names that were not guests [TS]

  number seven [TS]

  George Wallace it was going out with one [TS]

  person and number three Alabama [TS]

  representing number three [TS]

  Hubert Humphrey is gonna find anyone to [TS]

  do a Hubert Humphrey impersonation right [TS]

  now that's what I'm Hubert Humphrey what [TS]

  I may sound like Dwight David Eisenhower [TS]

  TVs stole that one where does the [TS]

  Minnesotans a time later song about him [TS]

  but I don't think this all right it is [TS]

  time for the next question and this goes [TS]

  to team East that McNulty we surveyed [TS]

  100 people in 1977 in 1977 most of whom [TS]

  are probably dead haha we can only have [TS]

  one of whom who loves George Wallace [TS]

  that's actually the three of them love [TS]

  George while Mike I top-eight answers [TS]

  are on the board [TS]

  no name of food often used as a term of [TS]

  endearment [TS]

  in 1977 them in jars the pumpkin pumpkin [TS]

  number have four answer six people said [TS]

  that then more and we go to you [TS]

  there are seven answers on the board a [TS]

  cupcake cupcake show me cupcake number 8 [TS]

  answer three people eat get out three [TS]

  people are just as demented as Dan [TS]

  trying to show you my cupcake [TS]

  well nobody looking less and copy there [TS]

  he doesn't believe was not the same [TS]

  hundred people as it may be what it [TS]

  could be [TS]

  I assume that they just ask these [TS]

  questions really quick before that sure [TS]

  that you're that famous picture of a [TS]

  cupcake standing in the door the school [TS]

  in a hundred people locked up in a room [TS]

  behind on the list it's a weird survey [TS]

  all right little additions voice would [TS]

  you recognize the name of food that lot [TS]

  is your mother's name was the password [TS]

  was equally mana every corner [TS]

  oh yeah name of honey honey you say [TS]

  honey [TS]

  alright honey number one answer area [TS]

  giving people call somebody honey good [TS]

  one [TS]

  good answer good answer good answer [TS]

  mundo Network know Amy's John siracusa [TS]

  there are still five answers on the [TS]

  board [TS]

  we have seen honey pumpkin and cupcake [TS]

  little glimpse into the romantic lives [TS]

  in East Coast team i'm gonna help there [TS]

  are some senators on a survey and say [TS]

  peach peach show me [TS]

  each now sorry you have one strike [TS]

  you're not a peach [TS]

  well it's the pits got Mykelti MLB other [TS]

  team is huddling up the cheese's so yes [TS]

  we are i'm going to say pie as in [TS]

  sweetie pie [TS]

  show me some pie good number 7 PI / [TS]

  sugar pie but not sleep i'm in no [TS]

  pitcher yeah he's fine [TS]

  and more oh great I'm racking my brains [TS]

  right now and it's going really for this [TS]

  worldly therefore this geez a peanut by [TS]

  little peanut [TS]

  you have two strikes on Jimmy Carter [TS]

  wasn't in the survey no Limburger David [TS]

  Laura your team has strikes i'm going to [TS]

  try no pressure [TS]

  pi and cupcake I'm gonna try plum plum [TS]

  judges I need a ruling I'm giving it to [TS]

  you for sugar plum number 5 answer who [TS]

  I'll take it [TS]

  of course you will John back to you don [TS]

  services can bring it often used as a [TS]

  term of endearment your teammates going [TS]

  to go out of suggestions your team is [TS]

  staying with a stick with the diner [TS]

  theme and go with yuki tenderloin cookie [TS]

  who-o-o-o-o-a cozy cookie that ok team [TS]

  West gets to steal paying west coast [TS]

  what you got 14 which does know how to [TS]

  love you become free team was the essay [TS]

  mikado i think i think as as George [TS]

  Wallace once called his lovely wife I [TS]

  think we're gonna go with sugar [TS]

  good answer good answer nice job good [TS]

  job [TS]

  give me some sugar and is the number to [TS]

  answer the west coast has successfully [TS]

  stolen from the east haha hoon [TS]

  oh you're alright George Wallace all [TS]

  things are right in the world the [TS]

  regulatory counting up from the bottom [TS]

  was cupcake pi / sugarpie dumpling [TS]

  dumpling sugarplum sugar love [TS]

  I was gonna gloat about how about [TS]

  knowing that one but i would have been [TS]

  no help on the politicians one so I'm [TS]

  just going to keep quiet and the final [TS]

  one nobody got was apple in parentheses [TS]

  of my I uh I said maybe had my back and [TS]

  I because LOL swinging kind of food I [TS]

  think those were ridiculously high term [TS]

  of endearment [TS]

  ok alright alright point i want you got [TS]

  a couple more [TS]

  oh yeah all right trust me i'm gonna do [TS]

  two more there the whole box is time for [TS]

  Team West one of our time it's only a [TS]

  pity we can't see the little yellow [TS]

  plastic tab sliding to the sign [TS]

  yeah that's part of the game are you [TS]

  going to get my mind's eye [TS]

  yeah sure personally I rank money ahead [TS]

  of Louie Anderson but below Steve Harvey [TS]

  just what's interesting maybe it's [TS]

  dangerous for today which all twenties [TS]

  Drew's rig around the dead on the drew [TS]

  carey skill [TS]

  ok I i like this category we're gonna [TS]

  start with Greg because we move down one [TS]

  we already started at glen the last time [TS]

  Greg I think we're all familiar with our [TS]

  family feud works literally so 100 [TS]

  people were surveyed the top five [TS]

  answers are on the board name a person [TS]

  who is famous for his sayings exactly 77 [TS]

  they say the market wien Mark Twain [TS]

  you have one struck sharply subways [TS]

  reset 1877 right Philip Michaels name a [TS]

  person who is famous for his sayings I'm [TS]

  tempted to say George Wallace I'm gonna [TS]

  go with my answer as Will Rogers will [TS]

  rogers is the number five answers 6 [TS]

  people have heard of his a lot of crazy [TS]

  people [TS]

  Steve let's I don't want to steal if it [TS]

  comes back to us for people above him [TS]

  name a person who is famous for his [TS]

  sayings well in my opinion it ain't over [TS]

  till somebody's pic Yogi Berra you're [TS]

  now one step closer to it being over dog [TS]

  oh 2 strikes when play was by guest to [TS]

  that was a good guess I get ready two [TS]

  strikes on the board we have a Syracuse [TS]

  a point i'm going to say [TS]

  confucius and fuchsias number one answer [TS]

  through back to drink commercial 15 off [TS]

  the board [TS]

  oh I see where this is going Winston [TS]

  Churchill Winston Churchill what kind of [TS]

  uneducated hundred people in the long [TS]

  term that when they haven't seen an [TS]

  added the internet or a game show in [TS]

  1978 of the Richer your eyes for char oh [TS]

  I'm talking about all in the heart of [TS]

  malaya in the studio audience in 1977 [TS]

  Cardinal is he meets you get a steal [TS]

  right now and when doing three advanced [TS]

  yes an original with your guests then [TS]

  all right yeah [TS]

  Benjamin Franklin Betty Frank number to [TS]

  answer you ready [TS]

  it said mommy i was gonna guess Jesus [TS]

  yeah jesus would have been myself up the [TS]

  film family through the East Coast Yogi [TS]

  Berra 1977 Jesus would have gone without [TS]

  saying you don't even need to put on the [TS]

  list i had Shakespeare on my short list [TS]

  i would you sell the five people be [TS]

  wisest people available in 1977 Robert [TS]

  Plant Confucius Benjamin Franklin [TS]

  William Shakespeare nipsey Russell and [TS]

  well this is a game chess around [TS]

  remember this would imply i wanna see [TS]

  the Venn diagram of people who said [TS]

  nipsey Russell and joy is your hand okay [TS]

  one more task group I don't want to see [TS]

  us man time for one more and this will [TS]

  be 14 East dan will start team East 100 [TS]

  people were surveyed the top 10 answers [TS]

  are on the board and we're starting with [TS]

  you what and name a man's hobby [TS]

  I'm gonna go with fishing fishing number [TS]

  to answer 16 points [TS]

  David lower it is 1977 you're a man what [TS]

  is your hobby [TS]

  wow I know it involves a call of duty [TS]

  that was a writing plays don't already [TS]

  plays possible hai karate [TS]

  I'm gonna go with woodworking [TS]

  woodworking wait wait we have to clarify [TS]

  whether that's a euphemism or not if we [TS]

  get double points of a table could be [TS]

  with all these / sugar woodworking [TS]

  sugarpie number 5 answer is carpentry [TS]

  like they called was working back then [TS]

  yep you disagree with Jesus now I think [TS]

  that'll actually working is working is [TS]

  more sort of self-directed with no end [TS]

  carpentry is a job and you're going to [TS]

  get something out of it that's the dense [TS]

  right Johnson related a man's hobby [TS]

  going to go with hunting hunting number [TS]

  six answer [TS]

  hello right now we have the number to [TS]

  five and six answers out of ten all [TS]

  revealed they are fishing carpentry and [TS]

  hunting Scott McNulty bowling bowling [TS]

  number 9 answer [TS]

  he's really have your finger on the [TS]

  pulse of the 1977 man Dan Morgan I'm [TS]

  gonna go with golf golf is the number [TS]

  one answer [TS]

  oh I i have a 1977 man if there ever was [TS]

  one [TS]

  casual sexism that's that's a devotion [TS]

  more than just to give it to ya like [TS]

  Jesus on a hobby it's a full-time job [TS]

  emotional repression also hold of Atari [TS]

  starship withholding love drinking [TS]

  yes never telling my son Phil how much I [TS]

  love to one person had that answer [TS]

  we're waiting for David lower to name a [TS]

  man happy [TS]

  billiards or pool billiards or pool now [TS]

  just thinking rumpus rooms are gonna [TS]

  hope that there were some nerds in 1977 [TS]

  I'm gonna go with model trains model [TS]

  trains that's not an arm and talk about [TS]

  the child tabhi know men like trains are [TS]

  you talking about they don't have it's [TS]

  not old man's hobbies come on their own [TS]

  men 1977 and they had model train [TS]

  Computer Club arose out of the model [TS]

  train hobbies like sitting sitting [TS]

  someone's house is filled with model [TS]

  trains I assume this has is a model [TS]

  train it was a wonderful image i wish it [TS]

  were not being multi got McNulty you [TS]

  have two stripes there are still five [TS]

  answers on the board you get this wrong [TS]

  with you get a chance to steal and what [TS]

  are the answers on the board we have [TS]

  real bowling hunting carpentry fishing [TS]

  and golf and if you do all of those your [TS]

  entire be a man [TS]

  uh let's see uh I want to say drinking [TS]

  but I don't think that's actually after [TS]

  their last time speak for yourself [TS]

  family yeah [TS]

  Family Feud record to say swimming you [TS]

  like to swim in 1977 3tf coast team west [TS]

  wing wasn't invented until the early [TS]

  eighties I think we have a I think we [TS]

  have a consensus don't we chill [TS]

  yes the consensus is tennis and model [TS]

  and 77 play tennis [TS]

  he so he's a menace [TS]

  ah alive [TS]

  you failed to steal his disco on the [TS]

  list because I'm gonna be angry just [TS]

  goes on the most is TV watching a hobby [TS]

  and say baseball i was gonna say [TS]

  football feetball like a poker [TS]

  those are nobody's they don't you ever [TS]

  watch foot but this is what people will [TS]

  answer right driving a tiny cars are [TS]

  wearing buffalo horns make our a tax [TS]

  football [TS]

  ok tell my cocaine what where are other [TS]

  choices there the number sponsor was [TS]

  stamps it mentally pursued so how many [TS]

  liars gave that answer there was [TS]

  football at eight the number 7 answer [TS]

  was cars for industry just cars by its [TS]

  Tarzan now just a cover to secure with [TS]

  your hobby cars to fix charlie really [TS]

  like that hours number 4 enter was girls [TS]

  your lifestyle man and the number three [TS]

  answer in spite of the presence of [TS]

  football and golf is sport boards would [TS]

  get attention doesn't fit in there you [TS]

  know and we think that included if you [TS]

  have people has not increased really [TS]

  doesn't [TS]

  alright so that was interesting [TS]

  your word for it so so we go we are now [TS]

  a team East is now slightly ahead [TS]

  because they did very well family feud [TS]

  yeah yeah lumen three out of the four [TS]

  rounds good job team [TS]

  the uncomfortable game show is brought [TS]

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  and so now Monty America your back on [TS]

  your team's we move to our next round [TS]

  our next round is about television [TS]

  ensembles i'm going to give you the last [TS]

  names of television ensemble characters [TS]

  and you need to tell me the show [TS]

  characters not amateurs not actors [TS]

  character that's important [TS]

  team Phoenix West yes [TS]

  Harris Dietrich Levitt well we need a [TS]

  plan know who they are [TS]

  I wonder they are where they would put [TS]

  the TV show when you know what r harris [TS]

  d Barney Miller Barney Miller all right [TS]

  very nice i once I once how some Barbary [TS]

  out of the way because she was in my way [TS]

  once that first its truth is my favorite [TS]

  telugu top and Angel brag about you [TS]

  imagine the burning your theme now try [TS]

  imagining the Night Court theme all [TS]

  right [TS]

  ah was shoving women on the last ten the [TS]

  board but this time it's a given the [TS]

  list [TS]

  Calvin and right magnum p.i happen [TS]

  good grievin with even without Higgins [TS]

  you got that was good a team West Tucker [TS]

  read and mayweather we don't know that [TS]

  is that unpleasant WKRP shoot i know [TS]

  anyone there [TS]

  they're stealing his real name that was [TS]

  at Emory was the actors name [TS]

  yeah that was Henry doesn't happen to [TS]

  think they run to get a ride crap didn't [TS]

  take never fly traps that buddy me [TS]

  whether this talker region may never [TS]

  fully to Mayweather we have Starsky no [TS]

  that's not too much because neither [TS]

  stars nor much better looking for or [TS]

  huggy bear bear teddy bear Mayweather of [TS]

  course of the Chicago Bears [TS]

  oh he whether all right this time right [TS]

  now [TS]

  alright seem to your auntie meet you get [TS]

  a chance to steal it [TS]

  Star Trek Enterprise Architect [TS]

  enterprises the right answers don't want [TS]

  to watch a trailer park i watch slapping [TS]

  his hands and I've game shell writing [TS]

  live bands bad taste in television pays [TS]

  all right do you usually work i watch [TS]

  the whole floor gets a soft ball over [TS]

  the plate at the magnum p.i characters [TS]

  and you're asking about a star wars show [TS]

  that people can't abide look just listen [TS]

  to the Babylon 5 episode here in oh yeah [TS]

  that's exactly right okay I team East [TS]

  Perkins Dwyer and Wyatt that's parks are [TS]

  able and parks and recreation [TS]

  alright very good you can ask the [TS]

  Indiana guy perks and we are sorry it's [TS]

  just how it had to be uh team West [TS]

  rosenberg harris and chase [TS]

  Oh Buffy yes very well does [TS]

  and Tim East McNeil James layer Corelli [TS]

  I'm gonna go and Larry to that on that [TS]

  one [TS]

  McNeil was sorry repeat those from [TS]

  McNeil James girly news radio news radio [TS]

  you got in our yeah it's okay that [TS]

  wasn't good for the star wars and it's [TS]

  usually his name's his last name's Kelly [TS]

  Kelly made his radio bit nobody'll [TS]

  understand that because he was the show [TS]

  Jimmy James I could've made that even [TS]

  more obscure honestly nobody remembers [TS]

  lisa miller anyway her already have my [TS]

  point to both andy dick and Joe Rogan [TS]

  critical yeah let's move on to another [TS]

  another group we're going to call this [TS]

  liar's club I've asked each of the teams [TS]

  to create two fictional definitions for [TS]

  sci-fi terms as well as of course [TS]

  presenting the real definition the other [TS]

  team has to guess which one is the real [TS]

  definition so first-team West what is [TS]

  your term and then who's going to be [TS]

  giving our definitions please hold all [TS]

  right i think i can tell you 30 west [TS]

  team West's word is far away would our [TS]

  term is far roid the definitions will be [TS]

  given by me Marty Glenn and then fill [TS]

  all right a thyroid is the mathematical [TS]

  name for the auricular polyhedron more [TS]

  commonly known as a seven sided die a [TS]

  thyroid is a prince in the Micronauts [TS]

  universe only addition to the series and [TS]

  has a really wonderful totally unrelated [TS]

  figuring that was created from him kind [TS]

  of egyptian themed a far ride is a [TS]

  splinter group of farscape fans who [TS]

  objected to the methods other farscape [TS]

  fans used to get the sci-fi channel to [TS]

  renew the show [TS]

  alrighty means you have to tell me one [TS]

  of those is correct to is telling the [TS]

  truth no one can you spell fried for a [TS]

  PA [TS]

  j.r well I talk about right thank you [TS]

  thank you thank you [TS]

  fitzy I i was gonna dismiss the [TS]

  Micronauts one as pandering but since [TS]

  Jason make this that's awesome Eric [TS]

  what's up what we can I think the fire [TS]

  escape one can't wait because it's not p [TS]

  the car the show doesn't begin with the [TS]

  ph not that my spelling was thrown a [TS]

  stone freakers I don't know I'm I i kind [TS]

  of want to go with the microphones now [TS]

  because the Egyptians Pharaoh yeah i [TS]

  feel like i was i would deserve the [TS]

  point if it's not correct how about that [TS]

  I i would we always read the same once [TS]

  because i'm sure i'm fine with it [TS]

  alright we're going to the Micronauts 10 [TS]

  Roy glue he glowed in the dark [TS]

  he's a microdot yes you know I I wish to [TS]

  lodge a protest with the judges about [TS]

  spelling [TS]

  yeah the entire when we have to get [TS]

  asked yeah so far escaped thing was [TS]

  entirely based on the phonetic haha [TS]

  might do if they hadn't asked how to [TS]

  spell it but they were smart enough to [TS]

  figure that out now see I just wanted to [TS]

  start all of our answers with steroid is [TS]

  a micro not and then come up with [TS]

  increasing the ridiculous sounding [TS]

  micronet that would have been great but [TS]

  how that might have worn it [TS]

  see I like the double bluff terribly [TS]

  could be pandered to Jason or it could [TS]

  actually be a micro not all right team [TS]

  East you are going to define for us the [TS]

  term jet Rukh alright we are where we [TS]

  are going to start that everybody will [TS]

  be I will let Jesus spell it as we [TS]

  decide j eff is e que no that's not it [TS]

  it's j eth rik [TS]

  also my or not alright I'll micronauts [TS]

  all the way down Jeff Rick was a bluish [TS]

  mineral that was a vital component for [TS]

  certain types of warp drive engines on [TS]

  Doctor Who Erica with the Doctor Who [TS]

  term of course [TS]

  ok so Dan to Jeffrey is a bounty hunter [TS]

  from the sixth season of the clone wars [TS]

  animated series the end with the star [TS]

  wars reference ok i like where this is [TS]

  going [TS]

  jeth rick is the name of the waterlogged [TS]

  billiards like being in Star Trek five [TS]

  the final frontier only mentioned by [TS]

  name in the novelization by JM Dillard [TS]

  alright guys let's start over with David [TS]

  lower to say that all right team West [TS]

  you have to decide who is the one who is [TS]

  telling the truth I don't even know who [TS]

  to believe here so we had doctors are [TS]

  working on Star Trek yep [TS]

  you betcha of the Doctor Who migrana [TS]

  teasing a fraud [TS]

  yeah they're using an appeal to [TS]

  Authority and get in here could use that [TS]

  one and it did I just feel like the the [TS]

  term only used in a novelization is [TS]

  unfairly obscure more obscure than [TS]

  microsoft's reference [TS]

  although I can't imagine a young Jason [TS]

  pouring over the stash star trek five [TS]

  novelization it's not on jetsetter just [TS]

  never laughing and weeping bitterly [TS]

  actually probably just turned to the [TS]

  most tier stained page and found the [TS]

  word Jethro there for my money the [TS]

  return of the jedi the return of the [TS]

  jedi novelization was the best of the [TS]

  non was a agree with that I think we're [TS]

  all our own Star Wars yeah actually it [TS]

  was more think so why not [TS]

  so so your choices dance i'll let me [TS]

  read i will read the the what I was [TS]

  given on my card it says please create a [TS]

  definition [TS]

  well Jett rink is a mineral found in [TS]

  your favorite episode of dr. holy God [TS]

  not just from Doctor Who but from my [TS]

  favorite episode of all thing you fools [TS]

  will somewhat episode Erica what episode [TS]

  from the rebus operation of course in [TS]

  the key to time series of blows i was [TS]

  going to believe that my teammate Glenn [TS]

  fleischmann knew something about Doctor [TS]

  Who yeah only know things about him all [TS]

  you're saying district point zero zero [TS]

  one percent it must be mistaken it's [TS]

  right and yet and yet [TS]

  okay we're gonna move it happens he does [TS]

  he is a well acquainted with one of the [TS]

  craft services people that was on the [TS]

  set during the film and he pushed her [TS]

  that anyone involved with doctor who is [TS]

  looking out for one next year all right [TS]

  here we go [TS]

  our next round is I'm going to alternate [TS]

  between teams anybody can answer and [TS]

  this is called the fake sci-fi cursing [TS]

  glossary i'm going to give you a bad [TS]

  word from a sci-fi show or movie and you [TS]

  need to tell me which one which show or [TS]

  movie it's from its really freaking [TS]

  stupid lizard team team West Frell are [TS]

  scape scape you got TVs frak balanced [TS]

  plan to go the reboot and the original [TS]

  actually an intensity is the original [TS]

  okay in west coast [TS]

  felgercarb all star Galactica the [TS]

  original that's right very good you [TS]

  they were dirty 33 people team east [TS]

  coast to do i'll come on ma are all star [TS]

  wars prequels alright team west coast [TS]

  garam Oh shameful Firefly Firefly very [TS]

  good teams coast [TS]

  shazbot Morgan morning communities [TS]

  teemix is an old guys he went team west [TS]

  coast [TS]

  smeg red waters for red dwarf good team [TS]

  East Coast Tunsil [TS]

  that's tons a new smeg I got my happen x [TS]

  640 Buck Rogers or something but I got [TS]

  nothing on tensile council if yes can [TS]

  you spell it for education and using [TS]

  decided to use it isn't origin please [TS]

  vun SEL how's your console council is a [TS]

  useless object found on a ship in the [TS]

  Micronauts universe [TS]

  yeah George Wallace get your father [TS]

  other space namespace show but whatever [TS]

  yes let's go because I actually go with [TS]

  that [TS]

  sure it is from Star Trek the original [TS]

  Star Trek this is when that episode [TS]

  where Captain Kirk is replaced on the [TS]

  bridge by the computer they start [TS]

  calling him captain pencil because he's [TS]

  useless [TS]

  that's lawful all-western GN two teams [TS]

  asked about that team West patak with [TS]

  that [TS]

  Oh getting harder to talk that sounds [TS]

  that sounds some separation need to me [TS]

  that's very Klingon patak agree that was [TS]

  like four times that's Klingon that is [TS]

  clear yet from starts to starboard [TS]

  mr. conductor like the document 15 it is [TS]

  Klingon well done and four teams coast [TS]

  dren bikes in [TS]

  oh that doesn't even sound familiar [TS]

  I am thinking i don't know i don't think [TS]

  i've heard it i have I forgotten i was [TS]

  thinking what is it like family feud of [TS]

  these often 1977 that's why I get some [TS]

  riders and we take to retake Babylon 5 [TS]

  we haven't covered that one yet [TS]

  I we could pick it but i just watched [TS]

  the whole thing and don't remember here [TS]

  is it from like stargate one of those [TS]

  terrible to learning miller i want to [TS]

  say it's farscape it sounds like it [TS]

  could be part of a pea yeah sure let's [TS]

  go with it sir [TS]

  Farscape [TS]

  final answer David saved your bacon [TS]

  there that's also a fan of foul mouth [TS]

  sci-fi series for escape [TS]

  well done there lashing our escape [TS]

  courses I could have kept going with [TS]

  that alright that was good very good [TS]

  everybody know the bar rides would have [TS]

  really much in the president's gonna [TS]

  smell it [TS]

  how how do you spell that I'm glad [TS]

  nobody asked me to spell to talk because [TS]

  i was at wellington those legs with the [TS]

  Klingons and oh no all right here we go [TS]

  we move on to the next round it's called [TS]

  you are George Lucas oh I am NOT and I'm [TS]

  sorry to have insulted you in that way [TS]

  take that back are you sure we're not [TS]

  George Wallace you don't sound like [TS]

  George Wallace I'm not I I know George [TS]

  Wallace's voice yeah exactly so you are [TS]

  George Lucas and what that means is he [TS]

  of course George Lucas famously is a [TS]

  revisionist he likes to change his work [TS]

  since George Wallace what about our [TS]

  society over and nothing the and I just [TS]

  want to very quickly go around award you [TS]

  arbitrary points for this fix one thing [TS]

  in pop culture if you could fix one [TS]

  thing what would it be that you could [TS]

  fix if you have the power of space and [TS]

  time like George Lucas has to fix one [TS]

  thing in pop culture and we'll start [TS]

  with team east and also canada Scott I [TS]

  since i've been playing a lot of [TS]

  Dungeons and Dragons as a plate [TS]

  I would fix the 2,000 release movie [TS]

  called Dungeons and Dragons past which [TS]

  was awful and I would fix it by erasing [TS]

  it from history right very nice i [TS]

  thought it was gonna have the Germans [TS]

  were more to override surprised by that [TS]

  answer contain sensitive that's going to [TS]

  answer I dan could have cashed Tom Hanks [TS]

  for mazes and monsters he was in the in [TS]

  the spirit of the category I'm i was [TS]

  going to fix the fact that that Greedo [TS]

  shoots first and remand and go back to [TS]

  haunt shooting first the way it should [TS]

  always be all right very very nice Lucas [TS]

  into anti revisionism internet little [TS]

  condom resistance vision revisionism [TS]

  David what's your revisionism well much [TS]

  like when wrath of khan was in in [TS]

  production and this [TS]

  boilers started coming out and Nicholas [TS]

  Meyer stopped everything and said you [TS]

  know what i'm going to rewrite the movie [TS]

  and changed everything so the spoilers [TS]

  didn't spoil it [TS]

  I would go back in time and make JJ [TS]

  Abrams do something more than just say [TS]

  no he's not con and make into darkness a [TS]

  better movie [TS]

  alright John a tough choice ef-2 [TS]

  possible ideas i thought one of them [TS]

  would be taken and neither one was [TS]

  because I'm gonna have to go with my [TS]

  heart instead of maybe that the better [TS]

  logical answer i'm going to say that [TS]

  Firefly runs 48 wonderful season [TS]

  yeah and to and to not so good season [TS]

  yeah but haha after Billy of having a [TS]

  kid was really a mistake when they added [TS]

  pucci it was no good not good you by i'm [TS]

  home because I'm all over get off the [TS]

  ship that brought in the CDI I you know [TS]

  I aim to adopt misbehavin orphan Erica [TS]

  what's your revisionism i would go back [TS]

  in time and muffle Johnson who played [TS]

  the master in the new doctor who and not [TS]

  let him tell russell t davies that he [TS]

  would like to be in the finale of david [TS]

  tennant's run so that he would stick [TS]

  with his original idea of an intimate [TS]

  little spaceship and the tents dr. [TS]

  sacrificing himself to save a family [TS]

  ah I could get behind that one all right [TS]

  team west coast it's time to change [TS]

  history glenn oh I've been waiting for [TS]

  this it tell you this answer for decades [TS]

  space food sticks should never have been [TS]

  discontinued it was a very important [TS]

  part of my popular culture upbringing [TS]

  and they there's no taste like it left [TS]

  in the universe i was searching for that [TS]

  taste my entire life and I'll never [TS]

  happen again so that's clearly something [TS]

  I would change from my childhood I don't [TS]

  understand a word you just said i would [TS]

  stay ojala real i can remember i don't [TS]

  know about very young about very very [TS]

  young still like the holidays were here [TS]

  the Raiders want to die before the [TS]

  ambrosia [TS]

  I'm about your born I'm still confused [TS]

  by look like birds that google it [TS]

  I think you already changed the past [TS]

  behind her back on a you're talking [TS]

  about reals or something I i am the life [TS]

  of heavens what like a light an [TS]

  astronaut ice cream herb ashes are not [TS]

  like last password silly astronaut ice [TS]

  cream has been to converge pops are you [TS]

  talking about a child I stables why sure [TS]

  i'm talking about hanging a lot of [TS]

  george wallace George Wallace yes Steve [TS]

  it look what are changing all right what [TS]

  happened lens it you can change the lens [TS]

  answer to what if what if s is hot is [TS]

  dismounting from his tante on his pants [TS]

  fall down [TS]

  no areas apology to know it may take [TS]

  this Lucas thing too seriously [TS]

  no as George Lucas my ability to fix [TS]

  things extends far beyond what's on the [TS]

  screen fix being in huge quotation marks [TS]

  here obviously I have enough money to [TS]

  buy politicians so I'm going to spread [TS]

  some of that filthy lucre around [TS]

  Washington and get the cutoff for [TS]

  copyright pulled back from now on you've [TS]

  got 25 years to squeeze as much money [TS]

  out of a given recorded work that's like [TS]

  an edit or song an edit of a song or a [TS]

  cut of the film and then its public [TS]

  domain [TS]

  ah because the fact that i can't buy [TS]

  copies of every episode of mst3k or [TS]

  watch WKRP in its original pure form is [TS]

  quite simply pudhu that's from Star Wars [TS]

  very good very good [TS]

  I like that one a lot Phil you're gonna [TS]

  love this one [TS]

  I think you'll all agree i think [TS]

  everyone here will agree that the [TS]

  greatest american musical is guys and [TS]

  dolls and the big screen adaptation [TS]

  stars Marlon Brando romantic singing [TS]

  lead role and as he sings as he murders [TS]

  his way through luck be a lady tonight I [TS]

  think I might actually use all the cgi [TS]

  at my at my considerable disposal to put [TS]

  in someone else be it [TS]

  Frank Sinatra who's already [TS]

  the movie and strangely cast in the [TS]

  comic role even though he has no comic [TS]

  ability or even Jar Jar Binks to be Sky [TS]

  Masterson anyone but look be a lady [TS]

  tonight just know bob grimm mystery [TS]

  disease [TS]

  he's like all those years the notes get [TS]

  me to the church on time right what are [TS]

  you fixing I am I didn't understand the [TS]

  scope of the question so I came up with [TS]

  two answers one of which is to remove [TS]

  all sequels from every creative work [TS]

  ever [TS]

  that's like finally finally and [TS]

  definitively settling the question that [TS]

  a new hope is better than our oh that [TS]

  would be your only chance and my my [TS]

  smaller scale change would be to make [TS]

  everybody in the wrath of khan not look [TS]

  like they escaped from Olivia [TS]

  newton-john exercise video alright but [TS]

  it of your first and cancels out the [TS]

  second cuz that's a sequel so what's up [TS]

  on Monty whether your changes mind turns [TS]

  out to be kind of a subset of Greg's I [TS]

  don't think I be both George Lucas and [TS]

  Steven Spielberg and only make one [TS]

  Indiana Jones movie you can have greater [TS]

  zakar getting rid of Temple of Doom Last [TS]

  Crusade and crystal skull like my the [TS]

  original superman trilogies the only [TS]

  thing that loses out by dumping the [TS]

  sequel's but why is godfather and [TS]

  started to but yesterday's ok Greg I [TS]

  think you ate too many space food States [TS]

  Superman that I'm not money was going to [TS]

  say was going to add the guns back to [TS]

  eat i really like this movie called [TS]

  aliens it is see good done is far better [TS]

  than the bad my backup incidentally was [TS]

  more steve lets him and commercial solve [TS]

  nice my backpack was extra points for [TS]

  Team east [TS]

  ok I backup was the x-files ends after [TS]

  six seasons my backup was taking Sofia [TS]

  Coppola out of Godfather three my backup [TS]

  was redoing hunt for red october so that [TS]

  everyone on the Red October actually had [TS]

  a Russian accent ultimately i think was [TS]

  in there Tower of Babel that they're all [TS]

  played by sean connery every single [TS]

  person I want to see a mid 40 Steve [TS]

  let's doomed to doing human come [TS]

  the rest was like Skeletor is gonna be [TS]

  you get my by the power of metamucil all [TS]

  right here we go [TS]

  next up is what I call debate club [TS]

  debate club i'm going to give you a [TS]

  topic and then you get to choose pro or [TS]

  con and i would like you to argue for [TS]

  roughly a minute in in in your favorite [TS]

  pro or con whichever you choose and then [TS]

  the other team gets a chance to respond [TS]

  for about a minute with the other side [TS]

  of the argument this is completely [TS]

  impromptu you have not been given any uh [TS]

  any pre work here so this will be [TS]

  completely unscripted team easter [TS]

  slightly ahead [TS]

  would you like to go first or second oh [TS]

  no you guys missed second is the second [TS]

  and yeah yeah alright team team team [TS]

  West you get to go first you can choose [TS]

  pro or con for this topic car [TS]

  Bravo i'm pro that the shots that [TS]

  permitted your turn [TS]

  yeah okay here's here's your question [TS]

  the Star Wars prequels are bad but the [TS]

  matrix sequels are worse pro or con [TS]

  matrix sequels are worse pro or con [TS]

  The Matrix sequels ruined something all [TS]

  the Star Wars prequels can be dismissed [TS]

  out of hand [TS]

  oh it's that procon okay yeah beside [TS]

  that would make that would make the the [TS]

  the matrix sequels worse [TS]

  youyou broken them it is kind of tough [TS]

  to go pro or con on the I mean like just [TS]

  it's a minute just something I'm going [TS]

  to step up and say I don't think that [TS]

  difficult i could pick either side here [TS]

  they just we're going to say the matrix [TS]

  sequels were definitively worse [TS]

  alright that's it you can begin when [TS]

  you're ready [TS]

  well obviously the Star Wars movies you [TS]

  have a discrete Star Wars chunk of [TS]

  movies that you can still watch you [TS]

  still have three good start wars movies [TS]

  but the matrix you as soon as you get [TS]

  into the trilogy starts falling apart [TS]

  immediately it's as though Empire [TS]

  Strikes Back were replaced with episode [TS]

  to each subsequent matrix movie makes [TS]

  you hate the earlier matrix movies more [TS]

  and makes them more unwatchable where [TS]

  you can at least preserve the original [TS]

  Star Wars films you can pretend the peak [TS]

  prequels on existing you can still [TS]

  appreciate them [TS]

  let me grab the baton here fellas the [TS]

  matrix invented a new a lexicon for [TS]

  filmmaking that the following two movies [TS]

  immediately on did [TS]

  what's more is matrix to was filmed in [TS]

  my current hometown of alameda [TS]

  california and when I mentioned that to [TS]

  people they are not impressed they [TS]

  pointed me and laugh and as a final [TS]

  point let me just say that characters [TS]

  must be destroyed [TS]

  thank you excellent work Scott Scott [TS]

  gets that that was good i haven't [TS]

  actually seen either of the matrix [TS]

  equals but I know that if my cohorts on [TS]

  this team say they are worse than the [TS]

  star wars prequel then they are very [TS]

  very very very bad [TS]

  there's a rave see bears in one of the [TS]

  matrix sequels that lasts for about 30 [TS]

  years yeah still watching you're going [TS]

  on Team East somebody needs to step up [TS]

  movie explain why the Star Wars prequels [TS]

  are actually much worse than the matrix [TS]

  equals we're going to take turns but I'm [TS]

  glad that they pick the actual incorrect [TS]

  answer so we have the truth on her side [TS]

  which is much easier to debate that [TS]

  so the first matrix movie tells more or [TS]

  less the complete story of the first [TS]

  Star Wars movie ends with darth vader [TS]

  still alive [TS]

  obviously there will be sequels after [TS]

  that so that for that reason alone [TS]

  The Matrix sequels unlikely using the [TS]

  prequels can be dismissed and the matrix [TS]

  equals can be dismissed because the [TS]

  first matrix movie tells the whole story [TS]

  there's nowhere to go after that whereas [TS]

  in the Star Wars prequels there is [TS]

  definitely something that we need to [TS]

  know what you know how Darth Vader came [TS]

  to be how did he get this way it used to [TS]

  be Luke's father now look at him [TS]

  we need to answer and then our dreams [TS]

  are crushed by the form that answer took [TS]

  and i will pick up the the relay to [TS]

  point out that the matrix sequels don't [TS]

  really have a terribly whiny kid who [TS]

  doesn't seem to be able to deliver a [TS]

  single line of dialogue in Keanu Reeves [TS]

  is playing kind of emotional character [TS]

  so I'm gonna give him a pass on that one [TS]

  also [TS]

  ok Jana Reeves and carrie-anne moss you [TS]

  know are possibly the only people who [TS]

  have slightly better chemistry than [TS]

  Anakin and I Madonna and 44 as bad as [TS]

  the as the acting is in a few points in [TS]

  the matrix films overall it's not that [TS]

  bad i would say pretty consistently [TS]

  almost across the board and the prequels [TS]

  it's it's crap it's so much farther to [TS]

  fall i think is the point the matrix [TS]

  great movie you know it's equals not so [TS]

  great but like Star Wars the original [TS]

  trilogy really good and then really bad [TS]

  and you have some really good actors who [TS]

  are just stinking it up in the prequels [TS]

  whereas in the matrix sequels it's just [TS]

  like theirs theirs Laurence Fishburne he [TS]

  was great in that movie about chess you [TS]

  remember our Bruce Spence though the [TS]

  crazy looking dog debate club debate [TS]

  club is over now you begin the big 1i [TS]

  challenge their point that this is over [TS]

  it's just going to slaughter point of [TS]

  order rebuttal it's just that's it we've [TS]

  we've seen it all i'm going to score [TS]

  that 132 east to west in my arbitrary [TS]

  scoring system so many lies many sequels [TS]

  and three prequels you mean you chose [TS]

  wrong why would you ever let a team with [TS]

  me and an onyx have to explain why the [TS]

  prequels are bad for Jason into oblivion [TS]

  actually uh yeah actually that's like [TS]

  some point John it's now [TS]

  for bad game theory okt placed team is [TS]

  here is here is your thing you can [TS]

  choose procon on this statement in a [TS]

  battle of deranged billionaires Tony [TS]

  Stark beats Bruce Wayne every time [TS]

  well ya know in a battle of deranged [TS]

  yeah there's you're trying to say that [TS]

  something I'm saying with tony stark and [TS]

  Bruce Wayne if they were battling each [TS]

  other as these crazy billionaires with [TS]

  all their little outfits [TS]

  who would win and defend that well you [TS]

  can't people know better like I'm [TS]

  leaning towards like me that man doesn't [TS]

  beat band to feed everybody me I gotta [TS]

  go con on this I gotta go back on this I [TS]

  think it's calm okay i will rattle [TS]

  comfort to all right you guys you guys [TS]

  go ahead and i'm gonna go ahead and [TS]

  argue the Bruce Wayne beats Tony Stark [TS]

  go ahead Bruce Wayne is a deal like go [TS]

  fast alright Bruce Wayne is a psychopath [TS]

  Tony Stark is a narcissist I think [TS]

  Psychopaths tend to beat narcissist [TS]

  because among other things Tony Stark [TS]

  going to be really smart but he just [TS]

  doesn't have the levels of depravity and [TS]

  like personal tragedy to draw upon like [TS]

  Batman's not going to pull punches gonna [TS]

  figure out exactly how to disable the [TS]

  Iron Man suit in about 30 seconds and [TS]

  then Tony Stark really doesn't have much [TS]

  of a chance beyond that because Bruce [TS]

  Wayne is just gonna kick the crap out of [TS]

  him so yeah I think that in terms of [TS]

  sheer darkness i think i think there's [TS]

  more reserves for Bruce Wayne to draw [TS]

  upon to you know murder Tony Stark [TS]

  murder but you're not making it totally [TS]

  murder [TS]

  Tony Stark now Batman doesn't kill [TS]

  people so like you know he doesn't kill [TS]

  me just making sometimes yes unless you [TS]

  really want it doesn't save you [TS]

  I mean if you could give people the [TS]

  Joker would just not be afraid not [TS]

  anyways you betta much yourself in your [TS]

  fantasy scenario what he does to Tony [TS]

  Stark after he's beaten and we'll move [TS]

  on a team west coast you need to defend [TS]

  the honor of a long time west coast [TS]

  resident Tony Stark i just want to point [TS]

  out that what those two were doing was [TS]

  masturbating that's different that Tony [TS]

  Stark is one of the smartest people ever [TS]

  the second only to have the same amount [TS]

  of money Tony Stark can build almost [TS]

  anything including a suit that can [TS]

  withstand the Hulk he can certainly [TS]

  mentioned to Bruce Wayne that his [TS]

  parents died and during that moment of [TS]

  of sobbing piteously take him into [TS]

  little pieces and Bruce Wayne has a [TS]

  psychological block about using god [TS]

  which i think is going to be a weakness [TS]

  against a man who owns his own enormous [TS]

  munitions company also i think we're [TS]

  taking into where where where were wrong [TS]

  in thinking that Wayne industries and [TS]

  Stark Industries is a battle of equals [TS]

  the balance sheets of Stark Industries [TS]

  the profit-and-loss sheet far tilts in [TS]

  favor of Tony Stark meaning he has far [TS]

  more resources at his disposal than [TS]

  Bruce Wayne who also is a [TS]

  psychologically damaged in a way that [TS]

  Tony Stark is not and let's consider the [TS]

  secret identities Tony Stark much better [TS]

  playboy billionaire than Bruce Wayne [TS]

  Tony Stark has no boy ward to drag down [TS]

  we rest our case and she subject pepper [TS]

  potts would kick the crap out of Alfred [TS]

  the butler anything that I'm gonna I'm [TS]

  gonna call that it was gonna be it was [TS]

  gonna be 4224 west until Dan Scott [TS]

  started fantasy arguing about exactly [TS]

  the extent of iron man's injuries and [TS]

  then took a point away for that was my [TS]

  team on that I needed my background on [TS]

  I'm gonna move on we I i'm actually [TS]

  going to skip a section that was a fan [TS]

  of weird fantasy draft because we've [TS]

  been going on forever and we don't need [TS]

  to do that so we're going to move on to [TS]

  met to what i like to call because I [TS]

  stole it from here the match game we are [TS]

  playing the match game and here's how [TS]

  this is going to work I need using using [TS]

  our sophisticated messaging system that [TS]

  we have all we record this episode I'm [TS]

  going to read a sentence and then and [TS]

  then one person on the team is going to [TS]

  message me what they think their answer [TS]

  is and then we'll see if it matches the [TS]

  answer from the other four members of [TS]

  the team that's how this will work [TS]

  because it's like the match game so so I [TS]

  asked you to think of something and not [TS]

  change it when you hear somebody else if [TS]

  they match that's fine [TS]

  so Glenn you're going to guess first [TS]

  and so Steve Phil Greg and Monty you [TS]

  need to fill in the blank so you're [TS]

  gonna tell me your answer and then we'll [TS]

  see if they match it here it is so you [TS]

  guys everybody who isn't going on the [TS]

  west coast think of their answer [TS]

  Glenn I need you to send it to me Tommy [TS]

  the Time Lord was so dumb how does he he [TS]

  thought the TARDIS is were blank on the [TS]

  inside going blank when you need to give [TS]

  me your answer so we'll see if it will [TS]

  take this time the whole west covina [TS]

  something pops is gonna write something [TS]

  in German doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo [TS]

  doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo [TS]

  alright Steve Tommy the time we're so [TS]

  dumb he thought TARDISes were blank on [TS]

  the inside i had boobies [TS]

  all right good one [TS]

  you know there's a surgery that they're [TS]

  going to talk to you Phil what's your [TS]

  what's your what's your response [TS]

  chocolate all right very nice [TS]

  Greg low-budget good very good and Monty [TS]

  I said filled with chocolate [TS]

  very nice unfortunately Glenn's guess [TS]

  revealing glenn black all black holes i [TS]

  do not understand this game is not your [TS]

  physics letters gonna reface six escaped [TS]

  from ya dollar I don't know be done [TS]

  anywhere with this at all right here it [TS]

  is scott is gonna guess finally anybody [TS]

  who did not say boobies has failed [TS]

  yeah Scott Scott is gonna get this one [TS]

  and Scott don't say something crazy like [TS]

  kind of the same little answer that [TS]

  we're not gonna trade your fucking [TS]

  career during their strong it wasn't [TS]

  crazy is here it is here it is after the [TS]

  events of em de magneto lost all his [TS]

  powers but when he got them back he was [TS]

  no longer attracted to metal he was [TS]

  attracted to blank [TS]

  black holes all right she got it all [TS]

  right here we go then what do you say [TS]

  after every day maybe he lost his powers [TS]

  we got the back he was no longer [TS]

  attraction to metal he was attracted to [TS]

  blank professor around that's a good 1i [TS]

  david i-i have to defer to mr. Lutz and [TS]

  say boobies [TS]

  yeah you know John I don't know it's got [TS]

  robert i'm just going to say would these [TS]

  answers are always been this good Anna [TS]

  Erica what do you say my answer was boys [TS]

  the obvious answers x-men for God's sake [TS]

  x-men [TS]

  yeah but also if you if you know Ian [TS]

  McKellen's persuasion you might answer [TS]

  what Scott did which is women [TS]

  ok no match sorry you're trying to be [TS]

  too clever clever to close the first I [TS]

  was going to say black holes but the [TS]

  headache this tuner ok ok Monty you get [TS]

  you get to be the matter here you get to [TS]

  send me a little text message [TS]

  all right here is the question or the [TS]

  whatever take all these things i don't [TS]

  even know Darth Vader was embarrassed [TS]

  now embarrassed was he angry [TS]

  looky said I'm not your father I'm your [TS]

  blank i got my answer right here [TS]

  can we just go for the simplest dumbest [TS]

  answer guys we have some points to catch [TS]

  up [TS]

  that's not how the magic game works [TS]

  simple and dumb is exactly how the magic [TS]

  drunk and hilarious how the match came [TS]

  to take that back [TS]

  tipsy Russ have we been hilarious that's [TS]

  the question here is Fannie Flagg anyway [TS]

  have been why we playing jeopardy [TS]

  that's a definite Glenn things all the [TS]

  time [TS]

  ok Greg what's your answer [TS]

  mother I'm not your father I'm Your [TS]

  Mother got Phil gonna go all poland on [TS]

  you and your sis Lord ok [TS]

  steve-o I had mother and Glen Rock [TS]

  pathologist people not as easy as it [TS]

  looks is again he's going for a space [TS]

  sticks theme guys bodies introduce [TS]

  daughter daughter what a twist [TS]

  it's a shocking twist okay Erica the [TS]

  points were just hanging there [TS]

  this had to reach up and take the [TS]

  americas next one's for you two to [TS]

  message me about we've gotten John [TS]

  syracuse all wrong when he tells us he's [TS]

  playing journey [TS]

  he's not experiencing a classic video [TS]

  game he's playing the song blank and [TS]

  John Syracuse's says he's playing [TS]

  journey [TS]

  he's actually playing the song blank all [TS]

  right here we go [TS]

  Scott don't stop believin nice Dan any [TS]

  way you want it [TS]

  David separate ways [TS]

  john thinks we're just going to cover [TS]

  all the bases of faithfully [TS]

  congratulations to do more in any way [TS]

  you wanted to be able to know what what [TS]

  journey songs Erica know she was like I [TS]

  hope that something [TS]

  yeah my full answer with any way you [TS]

  want it [TS]

  god I hope that the journeys on that was [TS]

  which was the first draft that was in [TS]

  parentheses [TS]

  alright here's one for Team west [TS]

  I'm coming anyway what table answer i'm [TS]

  going to change the order here all right [TS]

  Oh Phil Phil this one's for you before [TS]

  this bit still going on [TS]

  yeah I could never it's almost over we [TS]

  got our last two nigger on the inside [TS]

  and I'm gonna blow you sounded like a [TS]

  confused brain injury patient what's [TS]

  happening going on [TS]

  yeah the title in bed nurse here is the [TS]

  title of the new Star Wars movie is out [TS]

  it's called Star Wars Episode 7 return [TS]

  of the blank all right Glenn our Wars [TS]

  Episode 7 return of the blank morons [TS]

  ok some black hole will i'm brigitte on [TS]

  movies coming out there all that with [TS]

  Steve I'm gonna go with return of the [TS]

  shut-ins Davis Alex campaigning nerd [TS]

  Greg cash machine cash machine and Monty [TS]

  actors from the movies you liked and [TS]

  fill your answer was well that's nice [TS]

  lens flare good one [TS]

  they said yes are you know I'm actually [TS]

  literally in film [TS]

  yeah yeah it's true alright this is the [TS]

  ATV sister last one I'm going to give [TS]

  this to David I'm I and i'm going to say [TS]

  a friend boobies is not the answer do [TS]

  not answer [TS]

  yeah censorship these movies it is able [TS]

  to hear hear is that he requests Jason [TS]

  boobies is always the answer [TS]

  yeah I can't think of anything else [TS]

  right all right Captain Picard said I [TS]

  just saw the strangest alien instead of [TS]

  having to arms he had to weigh my fly [TS]

  and David whore jealous of his wallet [TS]

  i'll be in my bunk alien having only two [TS]

  boobies in strange that isn't nipsey's [TS]

  Russell I've seen Total Recall and how [TS]

  things work they would hear that [TS]

  whistling sound is our traffic numbers [TS]

  plus this week my digital tumble bee [TS]

  instantly Parliament silently [TS]

  Squarespace Scott what's your answer [TS]

  heads had since the two arms all right [TS]

  Dan noses knows this good for playing [TS]

  wind guys jaan vikary Pete answers right [TS]

  yep [TS]

  and because i was gonna go with noses as [TS]

  well which is frightening me that I was [TS]

  the same day yeah absolutely you've been [TS]

  matching Erica wait that wasn't just [TS]

  dance twice i was a on the same [TS]

  wavelength of Scott because I was [TS]

  thinking heads that's what was your [TS]

  answer evil twins [TS]

  you said you've been officially you're [TS]

  already won't try the mat here David do [TS]

  you know it's a movie that's not fair [TS]

  but how can you have to evil twins are [TS]

  the triplets [TS]

  it was either that or space creates two [TS]

  quad through blue don't think you're [TS]

  taking this seriously you might be in [TS]

  trouble you might not be all right it is [TS]

  time for our last round which I've [TS]

  stolen fraud many other podcast is [TS]

  defend the indefensible i will give you [TS]

  a statement you have to agree to it and [TS]

  give me reasons why you agree for 30 [TS]

  seconds and when it's any points for the [TS]

  match game segment I know Dan got during [TS]

  this all the journey song one point yep [TS]

  i watch on other ones so here different [TS]

  opinions about indefensible i will give [TS]

  you a sentence you must agree with it [TS]

  vociferous Lee for 30 seconds [TS]

  immediately after i read your sentence [TS]

  to you and then i will check those two [TS]

  things maybe I'm really we will start he [TS]

  might be judging us already [TS]

  we will start with Steve oh boy [TS]

  Steve yeah this worked out so well the [TS]

  last time I can't wait to go to [TS]

  comic-con and be with all those sweaty [TS]

  people i am really excited about that [TS]

  because if there's one thing that I [TS]

  enjoy about cons is getting to meet lots [TS]

  and lots of people who have lots and [TS]

  lots of gravity and there's plenty of [TS]

  gravity to go around at comic-con [TS]

  also I if if you want your olfactory [TS]

  bulb to get a real good workout that's [TS]

  the best possible place [TS]

  something i'm getting all on new years [TS]

  and I you know my nose doesn't work [TS]

  quite as well as it used to but boy does [TS]

  it work when i go to comic con man [TS]

  clears the sinuses right up [TS]

  it's gonna be a very exciting time I [TS]

  think this year's comic-con 30 seconds [TS]

  there [TS]

  thank you Steve I'm going to award you [TS]

  three points nice out of 20 [TS]

  I all right Scott much [TS]

  yes here's your question this may be the [TS]

  same question again the last time I [TS]

  don't actually know you're here it is [TS]

  books stink give me a video game for [TS]

  real story telling [TS]

  well I mean this is obvious and I don't [TS]

  even know how you think i could not [TS]

  defend this because the video games are [TS]

  a feast for the eyes are actively [TS]

  engaged a book just lays there and [TS]

  doesn't do anything it doesn't challenge [TS]

  you I remember as a kid [TS]

  try to get maryo to kill those Koopas [TS]

  and it was it was very difficult [TS]

  it taught me amazing life lessons I've [TS]

  learned literally nothing from books [TS]

  they are a waste of space [TS]

  they don't enrich anyone's lives and [TS]

  they're not as colorful as video games [TS]

  so clearly don't waste your time on the [TS]

  Yogi on the books here here right I say [TS]

  that the air [TS]

  yeah I two points for you but that's [TS]

  again and that was the same question you [TS]

  give yeah i think so that was all it was [TS]

  only out of 10 now so i think it was [TS]

  going to see a defend last yeah so you [TS]

  needn't have to do video games was not [TS]

  forgotten [TS]

  Phil what what what have you learned [TS]

  from books anyways go [TS]

  nothing everything else is all true [TS]

  Phil here's your defend the indefensible [TS]

  you ready yes I am Jason magnum p.i shah [TS]

  TJ hooker is where it's at [TS]

  that is so true and I'm glad that you [TS]

  finally brought this up magnum p.i has [TS]

  his stupid Hawaiian shirts and has his [TS]

  his little british manservant TJ hooker [TS]

  just has himself baby and heather [TS]

  locklear you don't see Heather Locklear [TS]

  of magnum p.i you know why this magnum [TS]

  p.i blows TJ hooker rules and I've never [TS]

  seen magnum hold onto the hood of a [TS]

  r 4 20 miles while the the bad guys [TS]

  trying to shake him off and give me [TS]

  hooker anytime I'm hooked [TS]

  ok alright 5 out of 5 NB hooker anytime [TS]

  definitely a sound bite you take away [TS]

  from that one 5 out of 5 for Phil David [TS]

  lower you ready [TS]

  I hope so magnum p.i shah night rider is [TS]

  where it's at [TS]

  well I mean come on right there you've [TS]

  got a talking car [TS]

  I mean how much cooler is at the little [TS]

  British manservant and what was going on [TS]

  with them anyway I mean there's a lot of [TS]

  bickering and everything where is the [TS]

  car no matter how much they bickered [TS]

  still had to drive you know and he got [TS]

  he's got one outfit black leather come [TS]

  on black leather in jeans beats Hawaiian [TS]

  shirts in Detroit Tigers cap I mean come [TS]

  on detroit tigers seriously so yeah [TS]

  Knight Rider all the way car car little [TS]

  silence of this low-class surrender the [TS]

  rest of my top three points out of 5 for [TS]

  that all right I two of them were just [TS]

  for um car car guy was your he's [TS]

  referring of course to the kitty arrre a [TS]

  car yes enemy car that's right alright [TS]

  glad it's your question here agree with [TS]

  this statement after there need to be [TS]

  more sci-fi novels about puppies [TS]

  well i think a lot of sci-fi genre [TS]

  already been explored we've had all the [TS]

  songs and all the dread and the end of [TS]

  the universe and things blowing up [TS]

  puppies are popular give people what [TS]

  they want and I think we've already seen [TS]

  kittens explored in the science fiction [TS]

  genre poppies time has come we have [TS]

  ponies they're sort of magical we have [TS]

  kittens in in a some novels we need [TS]

  puppies to take over the sonra and their [TS]

  magic will be eternal [TS]

  very nice you hit it right on the dot 30 [TS]

  seconds I'm gonna give you four out of [TS]

  five if you had youyou said August you [TS]

  didn't get in a storm and drawn [TS]

  that wouldn't put you over the top 25 [TS]

  but very close there is a shuttle i read [TS]

  Erica ok turn here it is there should [TS]

  totally be an American TV series version [TS]

  of Doctor Who oh yeah absolutely are you [TS]

  kidding [TS]

  the Brits have had that show for like 50 [TS]

  years is completely our turn [TS]

  I think it's only fair that we have [TS]

  somebody I mean you know when it [TS]

  actually came back the Canadians wanted [TS]

  to overdub christopher eccleston with [TS]

  somebody with a Canadian accent and I [TS]

  think that the US should take it one [TS]

  better and have an actual us actor [TS]

  because I think everybody around this [TS]

  continent would really appreciate the [TS]

  doctor better and be able to relate to [TS]

  him sometimes they use some of that [TS]

  british slang and he just seems so [TS]

  stuffy it's really a little bit tough to [TS]

  follow I think for a lot of people and [TS]

  it would be a show for the masses if [TS]

  they had one of us one of our own as the [TS]

  main character right I think that's [TS]

  important i am going to give you three [TS]

  points for that if you admit I'm gonna [TS]

  go shoot myself you know by the way you [TS]

  imagine a butler at any point you would [TS]

  have got more points but that's fine [TS]

  Greg Knox diagnostics your turn [TS]

  yes that's that is not supposed to make [TS]

  you feel good it's supposed to make you [TS]

  feel bad that I would like to Anfield [TS]

  we're always on be very sad greatness [TS]

  here's your here's your statement you [TS]

  must agree when always angry Jason [TS]

  anyone who would make an appt to remind [TS]

  their wife they love them is a monster [TS]

  much worse than a monster the sociopath [TS]

  they walk among us without the basic [TS]

  ability to do something like merely [TS]

  communicate with another human being i [TS]

  suspect they need apps to prevent them [TS]

  from hurting animals in fact why not [TS]

  make it even more than a simple app for [TS]

  reminders when I have the app actually [TS]

  communicate with the significant other [TS]

  as God intended [TS]

  we can't replace ourselves with machines [TS]

  completely yet i'm looking forward to [TS]

  the day when we can i was at 30 seconds [TS]

  car sir [TS]

  go and throw notice maybe say something [TS]

  about carpet I got confused at the end [TS]

  when you start talking about replacing [TS]

  us everything with absolute because I [TS]

  guess the opposite of what was intended [TS]

  but that's ok that's great very [TS]

  confusing [TS]

  alright I think I'm very convenient [TS]

  there Dan Morgan I get notices what [TS]

  you're saying it's no i get i gave you i [TS]

  give you a point [TS]

  yeah damn or it's very close by the way [TS]

  the morning why don't you text your wife [TS]

  and let her know [TS]

  yeah it's your turn down here is your [TS]

  statements please [TS]

  and you you referenced this earlier so [TS]

  this will be great [TS]

  dan grito shot first [TS]

  well of course he did I mean frankly if [TS]

  everything had gone according to plan he [TS]

  would just kill console right then and [TS]

  there because Han Solo's we all know [TS]

  kind of wimp greed okies bounty hunter [TS]

  is hardened he's got those a you know a [TS]

  fancy orange jacket and everything he's [TS]

  on his game he knows what he's doing is [TS]

  not just gonna let him get shot under [TS]

  the table he's not an idiot [TS]

  ok so I i think what it comes down to is [TS]

  we're talking about a highly-trained [TS]

  professional here and if he doesn't get [TS]

  at least a shot off then you know [TS]

  there's clearly something wrong this [TS]

  guy's a high-caliber bounty hunter he's [TS]

  not just some schmuck that they found [TS]

  off the street I mean boba fett I don't [TS]

  know the stupid helmet can't really see [TS]

  very much but Guido Guido is the man I [TS]

  would keep my greater action figure in [TS]

  your condition are also is green really [TS]

  a bounty hunter I i yes he is about this [TS]

  although he's not a man get next now [TS]

  he's mortified as more he's done makeup [TS]

  Thank You Benjamin yeah he's yeah but [TS]

  it's about creating look it up [TS]

  look it up nice and you got my research [TS]

  had a couple points for that I had a [TS]

  couple points please I got confused and [TS]

  switch conflicts around [TS]

  Yeah Yeah right Monty is everybody [TS]

  putting here you go Monty pretty simple [TS]

  one game of thrones does not kill off [TS]

  enough characters [TS]

  well I've been saying this for years and [TS]

  I'm like to thank you for giving me a [TS]

  chance to use this venue to tell people [TS]

  about this [TS]

  the fact is that there are thousands of [TS]

  characters in Game of Thrones and most [TS]

  of them never die at all [TS]

  they just go to an endless series of oh [TS]

  the Imps almost dead no he's fine he's [TS]

  just got a head wound [TS]

  look out the kids brands been kidnapped [TS]

  know he's been kidnapped at all they [TS]

  need to her brother george RR martin [TS]

  needs to stop dicking around and start [TS]

  killing people off left and right it's a [TS]

  shame that from book to book more than [TS]

  twenty percent of the characters are [TS]

  people I recognize all right can't [TS]

  really argue with george RR martin needs [TS]

  to stop dicking around back [TS]

  that's powerful powerful words it's [TS]

  gonna take a big one from John siracusa [TS]

  to put this one over the top that was [TS]

  actually why I stopped reading the books [TS]

  because I got tired of him not killing [TS]

  people off fast enough [TS]

  nice i'm sorry i'm reading the grito [TS]

  entry on wikipedia has an elaborate [TS]

  backstory [TS]

  maybe what I don't say thank you had a [TS]

  life before he was gunned down in the [TS]

  prime of it okay [TS]

  yeah it's true alright John it's down to [TS]

  you no pressure okay a little bit of [TS]

  pressure [TS]

  please agree with this sentence I don't [TS]

  like sand all sentence that's it [TS]

  well who likes and really they say no [TS]

  all sand is very small rocks and if if [TS]

  you want a bunch of very small rocks [TS]

  that are so pointy and tiny they can [TS]

  stick to your skin literally stick [TS]

  themselves into your skin and cling to [TS]

  you so that when you sit on any other [TS]

  surface that is driven further into the [TS]

  surface of your skin and God forbid that [TS]

  sand ever gets moving in the wind [TS]

  because then it's just like sandpaper [TS]

  going against your skin playing it off [TS]

  of your body is just miserable stuff on [TS]

  it did you ever get a piece of sand in [TS]

  your eye especially one coated with salt [TS]

  it's like taking shoving a tiny rock [TS]

  filled with salt into your own eyeball [TS]

  it's just a torture device and sand you [TS]

  think you can escape it [TS]

  there's entire Beach is full of it [TS]

  there's an entire section of Africa is [TS]

  just covered with sand [TS]

  it's a menace to society we something [TS]

  needs to be done about this and we just [TS]

  push it all off into the ocean and keep [TS]

  it i knew i knew he'd get to work his [TS]

  way up to it although i would also car [TS]

  where did you just compare shoving a [TS]

  piece of rock with salt on it in your [TS]

  eye to shoving a piece of rock salt on [TS]

  it in your eyes you're saying the [TS]

  station using a piece of salt in your [TS]

  eye [TS]

  with having a sharp Rock coated in salt [TS]

  because the sunlight disintegrate when [TS]

  it comes to contact with the liquid in [TS]

  your eyewear at the Rock will not [TS]

  descend a great movie can get you to be [TS]

  pointing device he is still going [TS]

  Johnson her cues on ladies and gentlemen [TS]

  please give freely there sandy sections [TS]

  in Africa [TS]

  wow yeah and yet no reference to anakin [TS]

  skywalker's just like skin have seen I [TS]

  didn't get I didn't get your reference [TS]

  in the end that was sometimes you're [TS]

  talking and he just needed to read [TS]

  Anakin's dialogue don't like sand [TS]

  graphics cards i can like natalie [TS]

  portman yeah it gets everywhere and we [TS]

  like things that are like natalie [TS]

  portman that's how we measure that I dad [TS]

  is a good weight loss of you so jon [TS]

  renau so we played it you played we [TS]

  played a long time we I gave out a lot [TS]

  of arbitrary points now it's totally [TS]

  arbitrary told the east team will score [TS]

  is 66 265 and quite quite honestly the [TS]

  east team led most of the like most of [TS]

  the game they were have had their and [TS]

  all all the east team had to do to close [TS]

  the deal was to make to have John make a [TS]

  star wars reference and he didn't so [TS]

  team West you're the winners backing [TS]

  into i would like to appeal this ruling [TS]

  this is your time we formally finally my [TS]

  fryer you yes I don't like sands and I [TS]

  totally really it's affected I don't [TS]

  know what to do now see I I was gonna [TS]

  see get points for not making the star [TS]

  wars are exactly zero and car if your [TS]

  car is an extra point come on why is [TS]

  Knight Rider being better than magnum [TS]

  p.i in defence but our artificial [TS]

  balance because it Jason really is in [TS]

  aligned with the mold that maybe the [TS]

  West your naughty mold we are team [TS]

  pacific time I went through and what [TS]

  time zone jersey we can't we can't start [TS]

  podcast at 11pm locals are both played [TS]

  so well that we get a handicap for being [TS]

  sleeping it came down to the end of I [TS]

  didn't want we had to go to bed early [TS]

  the nurse show so yes team west team [TS]

  westwinds online i knows by hair by [TS]

  agreeing coughs I nose hair gray I'm [TS]

  never coming on this irrelevant game [TS]

  through again it's right [TS]

  this is you'll be invited alright well [TS]

  that was that was something and until [TS]

  next time i would like to i would like [TS]

  to thank all my contestants for playing [TS]

  feud and other other various games i'm [TS]

  not sure the show is entirely honest i [TS]

  might not be when fleischmann thanks for [TS]

  being here thank you [TS]

  black holes for every base logs or [TS]

  whatever those things you're gonna get [TS]

  letters sticks [TS]

  alright sure other 46 year olds sure ok [TS]

  team let's thank you for being here on [TS]

  behalf of the evil twins you are very [TS]

  well your excellent people twins Phil [TS]

  Michaels thank you for being here [TS]

  it was a pleasure yeah that's very [TS]

  polite of you gotta lie its indefensible [TS]

  to green moss dramatic in the App Store [TS]

  today how about tomorrow Greg about [TS]

  tomorrow want to Ashley thank you thank [TS]

  you for having me [TS]

  Scott McNulty over on the east coast [TS]

  goodbye hello Dan Morgan we was robbed [TS]

  yeah sure David Laura um car evil twins [TS]

  just John siracusa did i mention that i [TS]

  did another to our podcast right before [TS]

  this movie marathon man your marathon I [TS]

  was just a kiss your informant that's [TS]

  what is the point isn't it was just an [TS]

  accident and that one was all about sand [TS]

  and Erica and sign [TS]

  thank you for joining us from Canada yes [TS]

  thank you this is actually by 3rd pipe [TS]

  cast today and i'm going to take my [TS]

  jetta can go home that's right you gotta [TS]

  you get the blue ribbons that was born [TS]

  rate of Jethro mix it with water yes [TS]

  wall literally and that's it [TS]

  until next time I am doing some more [TS]

  money once again to have your pets [TS]

  spayed and or neutered and goodnight as [TS]

  the and more [TS]

  just because we know we throw you know [TS]

  if you've got a very thorough [TS]

  now i can do that one that was crazy [TS]

  oh that one's great as opposed to the [TS]

  other ones that were soon [TS]

  well what I'm skipping is named a kind [TS]

  of stew and the four answers are beef [TS]

  Irish Mulligan and holder made with [TS]

  hobos are this but whatsoever [TS]

  maybe I used too many hobos when you get [TS]

  the AP real fatty you got and you just [TS]

  get that way i prefer farm-to-table [TS]

  hobos quite frankly suddenly of mice and [TS]

  men takes a very dark turn [TS]

  never telling my son Phil how much I [TS]

  loved him wait no oh god I was going to [TS]

  say masturbation but I can't follow that [TS]

  with masturbation then you're not trying [TS]

  hard enough [TS]

  actually one kind of leads directly to [TS]

  the other you can follow everything with [TS]

  masturbation friend George Wallace [TS]

  masturbation that's perfect [TS]

  anonymous where were we [TS]

  we're not even streaming live and I want [TS]

  to apologize to the chatroom we're [TS]

  waiting on David David you're up [TS]

  David is visiting the bathroom where he [TS]

  will produce some Jeffrey which [TS]

  coincidentally is blue and could power [TS]

  at artists curtis did you guys by the [TS]

  way team west coast you guys know what a [TS]

  dino gay is never heard of it [TS]

  one of the two mountains and yosemite [TS]

  isn't it it's an old it's an old-timey [TS]

  wagon with two cars see John I think [TS]

  they wouldn't got seemed like it was too [TS]

  easy [TS]

  well that's because john not john an eye [TS]

  on everyone you and so John and I [TS]

  wouldn't know that's why I gave it to [TS]

  you [TS]

  i know but i didn't know what made it [TS]

  yeah that's very ironic on Stoga a dino [TS]

  go was a telepathic alien in Star Trek [TS]

  Deep Space nine [TS]

  it was affiliated with the dimming all [TS]

  know it was the creature in the trash [TS]

  compactor in the original star wars that [TS]

  was totally alive full of lies [TS]

  it's a sin to debate yourself then [TS]

  men's hobbies thing you'll go blind [TS]

  doing that phil was just all sit inside [TS]

  appreciation of the google image search [TS]

  of sex i'm just looking at space with [TS]

  sticks you grew up in amsterdam by some [TS]

  chance Glenn I'll get you in your little [TS]

  space food stick to cover game show a [TS]

  little looser than this locally produced [TS]

  game shows you find out the television [TS]

  this is all I'm saying we'll fix it in [TS]

  post Jason [TS]