Roderick on the Line

Ep. 133: "Secret Pope Songs"


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  [Music] [TS]

  hello hi John hi Merlin has gone [TS]

  uh pretty good pretty good pretty good [TS]

  pretty good pretty pretty good fair to [TS]

  Midland pretty pretty pretty pretty good [TS]

  pretty sound good sounds like you're on [TS]

  the mend cloud target it's really hard [TS]

  to say you know what some I woke up this [TS]

  morning I don't know now [TS]

  yeah and I was sunny to brush my teeth [TS]

  are now and then I had a couldn't tell [TS]

  whether i was sick or not and now no now [TS]

  we're so uh so that's where i met yeah [TS]

  i'm having i'm having some coffee i'm [TS]

  numb coming alive [TS]

  yeah I've been talking to friends and I [TS]

  mentioned this already been talking to a [TS]

  lot of friends they all get a seven [TS]

  o'clock in the morning she doesn't [TS]

  matter of course that's when they get up [TS]

  they just seven o'clock in the morning [TS]

  they and they talk about it like you [TS]

  know I but so I've been pulling people [TS]

  in informal poll [TS]

  yeah what time you get up in the morning [TS]

  seven o'clock oh yeah I know I'm asking [TS]

  you now what time you get up [TS]

  uh I i wake from sleep whether I like it [TS]

  or not at six or a little before my [TS]

  daughter wakes up my well my wife [TS]

  blessedly lets me sleep a little later [TS]

  most days unless it's my drop off day [TS]

  but left to my own devices i think i [TS]

  would wake up at seven or 730 see see [TS]

  people talk about this like this is [TS]

  normal behavior got even are you also as [TS]

  you're pulling them regarding their [TS]

  they're going to bed time [TS]

  yeah i mean everybody seems to go to bed [TS]

  at eleven um I i was in a cafe today and [TS]

  there was there were a couple of people [TS]

  sitting across the table from one [TS]

  another was a there's a guy sort of [TS]

  indeterminate age probably 50 and a [TS]

  woman about 35 baby and they both had [TS]

  their day planners out and she was [TS]

  saying well what about what about it you [TS]

  know like 330 we get the ball rolling [TS]

  and he's like great that's perfect that [TS]

  works for me and he writes it down in [TS]

  his day planner and she writes it down [TS]

  under a platter and I was like [TS]

  how yes people are fucking getting shit [TS]

  done having efficient meetings and [TS]

  they're deciding to accomplish things [TS]

  look at three-thirty they're going to [TS]

  get the ball rolling on a date in their [TS]

  character and I bet you both of them got [TS]

  up at seven o'clock in the morning some [TS]

  kind of thing people get up at seven in [TS]

  the morning to you is right now and a [TS]

  timer [TS]

  mhm so for me at nine-fifteen hitting [TS]

  the snooze button again here's how i get [TS]

  out of bed who might i wait for this for [TS]

  years [TS]

  yeah I wake up I throw the covers off i [TS]

  set up [TS]

  I recognize that the day is there and [TS]

  then I grab the covers back and I pull [TS]

  them back over my head and I die I go [TS]

  back under the big burrow under the [TS]

  pillows and hope that some through some [TS]

  magic time will stop [TS]

  uh-huh i could sleep forever and then [TS]

  wake up finally fully refreshed and [TS]

  ready to begin what will be the ultimate [TS]

  day which is the after forever [TS]

  ok after forever then there will be an [TS]

  ultimate day [TS]

  oh and that's and that's I start every [TS]

  single day like this very masculine [TS]

  belle and sebastian saw it does not it [TS]

  does not happen at seven in the morning [TS]

  uh-huh but i was i was riding in a cab [TS]

  the other day around seven o'clock in [TS]

  the morning and all the people are out [TS]

  there people running I was in New York [TS]

  there were people fishing people fishing [TS]

  at seven in the morning they didn't get [TS]

  up at seven okay we gotta put six or [TS]

  five gonna have your equipment ready to [TS]

  get your night crawlers yeah so that's [TS]

  how i'm doing i'm thinking a lot about [TS]

  seven o'clock in the morning right now [TS]

  and I'm thinking about it like it's a [TS]

  it's a it's a brand-new thought [TS]

  technology is just it's burning it's [TS]

  searing its brand into the haunches of [TS]

  my mind 7am you know what i like about [TS]

  you John Roderick is your interest in [TS]

  infrastructure it seems to me that a lot [TS]

  of your about technologies involve many [TS]

  levels of infrastructure personal public [TS]

  social municipal you're very interested [TS]

  in how this stuff should operate my [TS]

  wrong [TS]

  no that's absolutely true i mean you're [TS]

  not you're not you're very efficient in [TS]

  a certain way which is that you're not [TS]

  looking for the onesie twosie solutions [TS]

  you're looking for the big ideas and [TS]

  you're saying that this is not going to [TS]

  change unless we change the way this [TS]

  whole operation works okay well have [TS]

  will have good days and bad days [TS]

  no no we gotta figure out a much larger [TS]

  scale and that that is it to me you're [TS]

  interested in if you like engineering [TS]

  and infrastructure [TS]

  oh you're wrong no that's true that's [TS]

  true yeah yeah this uh i've been i've [TS]

  been toying with a new version of an old [TS]

  thought technology be small bag em been [TS]

  thinking a lot about the small bag and [TS]

  with the small bag represents oh my gosh [TS]

  thats there's a lot to the small bag [TS]

  there's a lot of the small bag and you [TS]

  know part of my trying to stay organized [TS]

  and trying to keep my life together [TS]

  involves a process of trying to figure [TS]

  out what I need to eliminate right you [TS]

  look around here like I got you know [TS]

  yeah most people out there thinking how [TS]

  do I a get a bigger bag so that i can be [TS]

  add more stuff to it you're saying know [TS]

  how do I make this smaller how do I make [TS]

  this the perfect the ultimate small bag [TS]

  right but I'm starting to think about [TS]

  holistically across my entire life the [TS]

  question is not what do i get rid of to [TS]

  fit into a small bag the question is [TS]

  what do I absolutely need and everything [TS]

  else is just in the bin [TS]

  uh-huh and I think if you can start [TS]

  answering that question a lot of the [TS]

  rest of your life starts making a lot [TS]

  more sense but but the the problem is [TS]

  where is my belt buckle collection fit [TS]

  into that [TS]

  mm that's violent that's a really has a [TS]

  really good question right i found a big [TS]

  tray a big wooden tray that we had [TS]

  dividers and it would probably been used [TS]

  as a as a typesetters tray on ice and [TS]

  the bend the little dividers were [TS]

  perfectly sized for belt buckles [TS]

  and I realized i have 30 belt buckles [TS]

  and I don't always wear a belt with a [TS]

  buckle and when I do I kind of generally [TS]

  stick to the old classics the Indian [TS]

  Arrowhead the check the cover art from [TS]

  appetite for destruction [TS]

  then there's the one that says John I [TS]

  left [TS]

  that's nice if you wish to see him when [TS]

  you become a character in a comic book I [TS]

  i would like to see really large buckle [TS]

  belt buckle that just says big brass [TS]

  belt buckle justice john i have that 1i [TS]

  have a big bear brass belt buckle it [TS]

  just says John and I where who [TS]

  but you know I also have a couple of [TS]

  scrimshaw belt buckles huh i have more [TS]

  formal affairs and I have belt buckles [TS]

  that are enamel I have it I have an [TS]

  Indian Head enameled belt buckle that is [TS]

  the size of a rodeo winners belt buckle [TS]

  but it's like enameled in six Little [TS]

  Indians with ahead guys [TS]

  yeah it looks like looks like an Indian [TS]

  looks like a cigar store Indian except [TS]

  it's it's the size of a pie plate and [TS]

  it's a belt buckle [TS]

  I don't know people used to live a [TS]

  different life huh i actually have a [TS]

  radio around a rodeo style you know tex [TS]

  econo belt buckle polished silver plated [TS]

  belt buckle with a giant are on it [TS]

  let's be clear and there was a time when [TS]

  if you want a rodeo you got a belt [TS]

  buckle [TS]

  oh yeah but not right like I just wanna [TS]

  clarify for Alicia's not everybody is [TS]

  steeped in the western addition as you [TS]

  are or bad about what buckle is the way [TS]

  that you you wear your trophy if you are [TS]

  rodeo Victor and one time oh and don't [TS]

  give you one if you please [TS]

  yeah well maybe you get a third-place [TS]

  belt buckle [TS]

  you know you're different looks like [TS]

  shit doesn't work very well you where [TS]

  the you wear the ribbon that you that [TS]

  you earn right you if you if you if you [TS]

  earn a white ribbon you wear the white [TS]

  ribbon [TS]

  yes so I was in a i was in a bar one [TS]

  time in the southwest and the waiter [TS]

  was this kid who was who had a giant [TS]

  rodeo belt buckle and I started talking [TS]

  to me was like oh yeah I'm you know [TS]

  rodeo champ and it i have this black [TS]

  flash of realization that just like [TS]

  being kind of a rock-and-roll star being [TS]

  a rodeo champ doesn't mean that you [TS]

  don't also sometimes have to work as a [TS]

  waiter and he he was wearing these [TS]

  Wranglers this was the I've gone back [TS]

  and forth with Wranglers over the years [TS]

  and by back and forth i mean in five [TS]

  times in my life i have purchased it at [TS]

  some somehow have acquired a pair of [TS]

  Wranglers and I thought I'm gonna you [TS]

  know I'm gonna wear wranglers regulars [TS]

  are going to be my new thing and then I [TS]

  put Wranglers on and they don't they're [TS]

  just made for somebody else but it's [TS]

  it's not a hundred percent sure i [TS]

  thinkyeah language for me are kind of [TS]

  like going vegan where it's not to say [TS]

  it has never crossed my mind but as soon [TS]

  as I spent any time with that I realize [TS]

  it's not for me and jonathan richman has [TS]

  a whole song about about jeans and how [TS]

  they fit differently YG they are Ryan [TS]

  and their lead people simply jeans right [TS]

  yeah they do [TS]

  absolutely i mean i don't know there's a [TS]

  brand awareness that they used to have [TS]

  but but there are different body types [TS]

  and I think ladies are very aware of [TS]

  this men we don't care how they fit they [TS]

  just put them on unless you're you know [TS]

  artists alike we are [TS]

  but but now I think makes a huge [TS]

  difference now that the Wranglers and [TS]

  they write a little higher the other [TS]

  high rise and I feel like Lee jeans are [TS]

  what you wear if you are a long-distance [TS]

  truck driver [TS]

  ok but wrangler jeans I don't know you [TS]

  have to be made out of you have to be [TS]

  made out of like sticks to wear [TS]

  wranglers but this kid this rodeo guy [TS]

  was wearing wrangler jeans and he was [TS]

  just like made to wear wrangler jeans [TS]

  and he he looks so fantastic in these [TS]

  regular jeans with this giant rodeo belt [TS]

  buckle that i actually went out and [TS]

  bought another this was the last time I [TS]

  tried Wranglers I went out and bought [TS]

  another pair of Wranglers just in homage [TS]

  to this guy [TS]

  uh-huh and then I put them on and i just [TS]

  am i just looked like somebody had [TS]

  somebody had tried to cover a crime [TS]

  scene in denim [TS]

  ya see I'm I feel like you're posing [TS]

  deliberately posing a little bit your [TS]

  question to me because I am i [TS]

  understanding of the small bag this is [TS]

  not purely a super train thing it's a go [TS]

  bag for any situation think about what's [TS]

  in think about what's in the the lockbox [TS]

  in Switzerland right for us for Matt [TS]

  Damon got that kind of go back stuff [TS]

  right right right one that you can think [TS]

  about in terms of passports and and [TS]

  weapons and money there's the other kind [TS]

  of go bag which is you know like if you [TS]

  have a hurricane [TS]

  if you have a a natural disaster do you [TS]

  have a bag packed that you that is ready [TS]

  and up to date that you can grab and [TS]

  without even having to look in and I [TS]

  think this is very important to the [TS]

  small bag know that everything you we [TS]

  will not everything you'll need just the [TS]

  most essential stuff you'll need that it [TS]

  here's the last part you've got to be [TS]

  able to carry it [TS]

  it's not a small bag if you can't carry [TS]

  for what 10 miles who I mean if it's if [TS]

  it's so it's a roller bag sorry you [TS]

  don't know you might be in a desert and [TS]

  need that small bag [TS]

  well but here are the things they're [TS]

  here are some of the factors right you [TS]

  don't want to put everything in the bag [TS]

  like I say this to people all the time [TS]

  you know what they sell shampoo in [TS]

  Europe so you don't have to bring right [TS]

  they they have toilet paper where you're [TS]

  going you don't have the packet unless [TS]

  you're going someplace where they don't [TS]

  have toilet paper makes a difference a [TS]

  different small back everybody small bag [TS]

  is different you should know you should [TS]

  know and frankly I always carry toilet [TS]

  paper [TS]

  yeah but you know that's an experience I [TS]

  don't want to give too much away [TS]

  oh yeah it's dustin imodium into that [TS]

  empty space use again with a small bag [TS]

  as always attacking use all the [TS]

  available space put things into the [TS]

  whole of the tube that's right that put [TS]

  things into the whole the tube that's [TS]

  exactly right but also do you do you [TS]

  bring what you need or do you bring the [TS]

  tools to acquire what you need when you [TS]

  get there right like in a lot of ways [TS]

  the smallest bag is an American Express [TS]

  black card unless the grids down unless [TS]

  the grid is down exactly and in that [TS]

  case can't wear you can't wear one of [TS]

  those in that case the smallest bag [TS]

  egg is a buck knife right like there are [TS]

  small bags that have a buck knife in [TS]

  them and their small bags that do not [TS]

  what about like a leather man [TS]

  well you know what I don't know me not [TS]

  only the gentleman castro I mean some [TS]

  kind of a multi-tool like a of a [TS]

  lightweight multi-tool I go back and [TS]

  forth on multi tools because in a way it [TS]

  seems like jack of all trades master of [TS]

  none [TS]

  you got a leather man there and it's not [TS]

  we can't really not really not actually [TS]

  useful it's gonna be heavy [TS]

  yeah you don't other ones are mostly [TS]

  like a cute thing you keep in your [TS]

  briefcase so now you got a bottle opener [TS]

  that's what i have i have a couple [TS]

  couple or three full-size like fancy [TS]

  leather man knives and your tools and [TS]

  they're the real heavy [TS]

  i mean i-i don't notice when there's an [TS]

  ipad in my backpack but I notice when [TS]

  there's another man in my backpack [TS]

  yeah I have a Swiss Army knife that was [TS]

  made a long time ago that has in [TS]

  addition to all the things that would [TS]

  that you would say we're on a Swiss Army [TS]

  knife to make somebody laugh yeah it [TS]

  also has a magnifying glass a [TS]

  fire-starting kit an airplane signaler a [TS]

  wedding a mirror [TS]

  well a mirror with the hole in the [TS]

  middle of it so you can you can look [TS]

  across the great distance tonight with [TS]

  you can also hack that into a pinhole [TS]

  camera right or you could start a fire [TS]

  with it was another camera obscura I [TS]

  mean get me every way to be entertained [TS]

  later on so i have one of these things [TS]

  but you know it's the size of a of us [TS]

  like a like a 16 ounce can of beer and [TS]

  and you know ultimately yeah i guess if [TS]

  I fell out of an airplane and that thing [TS]

  was in my coat [TS]

  I could make it back to civilization [TS]

  with the tools at my disposal but i'm [TS]

  not sure that that would be the first [TS]

  that would be my go-to kit [TS]

  yeah I think that's heavy and bulky for [TS]

  what you get i have like an executive [TS]

  sighs this army knife that has a pen [TS]

  built into it helped him it's got four [TS]

  executives it's an executive knife [TS]

  yeah but now I think you're absolutely [TS]

  right i mean so I think there has to be [TS]

  some some clothing lightweight warm [TS]

  clothing probably for most people don't [TS]

  you think [TS]

  lightweight clearly that you can wash [TS]

  out in the sink but but i'm talking [TS]

  about something I'm talking about a [TS]

  larger philosophical and more profound [TS]

  small bag a more profound small bag [TS]

  that's right which is to say like I have [TS]

  the small bag that I grab when the [TS]

  electromagnetic pulse turns off all the [TS]

  microwaves [TS]

  yeah but there's another small bag a [TS]

  small bag that i want to but I want to [TS]

  inhabit a small bag where instead of [TS]

  five white shirts that all are a half [TS]

  size too small in the neck [TS]

  I have one white shirt that is the [TS]

  correct size m and that is 0 quality to [TS]

  talk about the ligand an essential [TS]

  here's the thing this goes back to me I [TS]

  told you about our stupid hurricane [TS]

  earthquake kit because one year ever [TS]

  tell you this like we got Seattle this [TS]

  we got smart one year we're finally like [TS]

  it takes an earthquake to make you go [TS]

  okay we really need to get an earthquake [TS]

  kit anything and we went totally balls [TS]

  out we bought a really nice like like a [TS]

  really nice garbage can start with a [TS]

  nice garbage can because the thing is [TS]

  with the earthquake kit don't have in [TS]

  your house because you know what happens [TS]

  your house falls down now you don't [TS]

  quite get wow you have to write [TS]

  waterproof a very like raccoon proof it [TS]

  is much as there can be such a thing and [TS]

  you put in there enough for sophistry [TS]

  you put it up in a tree right right and [TS]

  you can have a tree this earthquake [TS]

  proof to right it's a complicated [TS]

  maneuver you but you get eat obviously [TS]

  you get enough [TS]

  the basic idea is to have enough stuff [TS]

  for however many people are in your [TS]

  family to be able to be completely off [TS]

  the grid and screwed for three days [TS]

  well sounds like you need a lake house [TS]

  that would be nice [TS]

  yeah it's a nice learning about little [TS]

  some lakes near here anyway do you fill [TS]

  this with water you put in like energy [TS]

  bars basically all the shit you would [TS]

  never want to eat when you're at home [TS]

  you know the stuff you donate to charity [TS]

  you end up putting into this thing [TS]

  here's the thing you put in there we did [TS]

  this and we forgot about it right [TS]

  yeah hey we're settled and then of [TS]

  course you go out and look at it and [TS]

  maybe that lid got off a little bit and [TS]

  it's kind of moldy inside now [TS]

  representations raccoons and you know [TS]

  all the water expires because you know [TS]

  what John water expires lecture goes you [TS]

  know and and so you [TS]

  that's the thing about that what I'm [TS]

  trying to bring to this it as much as I [TS]

  can [TS]

  is that you don't pack a small bag once [TS]

  you're constantly packing a small bag [TS]

  even if it's just in your head [TS]

  yes don't you think that's part of the [TS]

  catalyst optical component you can sit [TS]

  around and say like oh I'm gonna put the [TS]

  silverware in the pistol in here but [TS]

  like now but like what do you need now [TS]

  yeah you're cycling a a small bag is it [TS]

  isn't a live thing [TS]

  yes small bag is is a is not a static [TS]

  animal it is a it's an evolving yes [TS]

  right a creature of friends because like [TS]

  you think about like well okay in that [TS]

  case in that one you know we had been [TS]

  there a bunch of extremely tiny diapers [TS]

  and by the time was moldy our kid didn't [TS]

  wear diapers diapers anymore so i have [TS]

  not kept we had not kept up if it had [TS]

  happened in the interregnum we would [TS]

  have a kid with some really super tiny [TS]

  diapers right we didn't treat it like a [TS]

  living thing [TS]

  well and yes and you know honestly I [TS]

  people you know people have these like [TS]

  our organization strategies like well [TS]

  you know turn it backwards on the hanger [TS]

  and put a put a pin in the neck and if [TS]

  you don't wear it in six months in six [TS]

  months you go through and you take all [TS]

  the things on backwards hangers out and [TS]

  those people have day planners and get [TS]

  up at seven in the morning or or or [TS]

  earlier [TS]

  yeah I try to touch every single thing [TS]

  in my house at least once in the course [TS]

  of a day and a half including the guests [TS]

  i just i go through and they just number [TS]

  put my fingers on everything all the [TS]

  time just Pauly everything [TS]

  are you still here are you still here [TS]

  are you still here or where I left you [TS]

  that's right you done good book are you [TS]

  okay are you okay [TS]

  like shoes are you all right are you [TS]

  okay the shoes I'm wearing today my [TS]

  sister gave me as a gift in 1997 [TS]

  christmas present it was probably a big [TS]

  investment for her and they are [TS]

  shoes of their time right they are 1997 [TS]

  shoes and in the in-between times [TS]

  between now and 1997 there have been a [TS]

  lot of shoe fashions come and go [TS]

  pointy shoes for guys little shoes right [TS]

  flat shoes little-little it's not shoot [TS]

  little shoes we went through a phase [TS]

  there were little shoes where all the [TS]

  way now we're in a place where everybody [TS]

  comically small yeah just like like woe [TS]

  cometh their toes shoes for running [TS]

  shoes club rockers we're in a phase now [TS]

  where every single guy is wearing some [TS]

  kind of suede wingtip in a non-canonical [TS]

  color with a blue Sol or a yellow soul [TS]

  tried love to see them walk in the rain [TS]

  in this think it's very fancy time we're [TS]

  living in right now [TS]

  true if i had seen any one of those [TS]

  shoes 25 years ago i would have [TS]

  seriously flipped out but now you know I [TS]

  get there the shoes of the time right [TS]

  and in 10 years from now 15 years from [TS]

  now you walk around a pair of blue wing [TS]

  tips with yellow souls people can be [TS]

  like other shoes from 2014 [TS]

  she's an unsuccessful clown it's like [TS]

  it's like the architecture that that is [TS]

  flying up all around right now you look [TS]

  at that you look at the the new 10-story [TS]

  condo buildings that are going up and [TS]

  it's just like oh that's alright already [TS]

  looks like 2013 when it was designed [TS]

  it's really not like the idea of comic [TS]

  books they haven't read a lot of comic [TS]

  books you have an idea of know they have [TS]

  an idea of the future but it's not [TS]

  particularly well thought-out are [TS]

  tasteful women are there people that [TS]

  like the idea of comic books but haven't [TS]

  read comical cautious [TS]

  it seems like the idea of comic books is [TS]

  to read comic books [TS]

  yeah well you're you're you're vibrating [TS]

  on a different level and a lot of people [TS]

  in any case these shoes are very much of [TS]

  their time which is what they look like [TS]

  John well Merlin they are black leather [TS]

  they have very chunky souls right this [TS]

  was the this with the chocolate soul [TS]

  time [TS]

  oh yes this is still the wallet chain [TS]

  years wallet chain years chill [TS]

  be so lucky souls tall heal but in the [TS]

  front there kind of pale almost look [TS]

  like Clark's right there kind of a of a [TS]

  chunky style or like a desert boot smile [TS]

  yeah but they're made out of like like [TS]

  pretty thick leather almost to a sort of [TS]

  horsehide but but the thing that sets [TS]

  them apart is this business big chunky [TS]

  black soul and honestly if I'm sure that [TS]

  there are people who are of the moment [TS]

  people out there right now walking [TS]

  around with Macklemore haircuts and [TS]

  handlebar mustaches who would look at [TS]

  these chunky shoes I don't know what I [TS]

  don't know whether they would say like [TS]

  cool because those are retro because [TS]

  there are from when I was five years old [TS]

  or whether they're like so so out there [TS]

  out but here they are and I looked at [TS]

  him this morning and I was like well you [TS]

  know I haven't touched you guys in a in [TS]

  a little while right it's been a couple [TS]

  of weeks since i put my hands on these [TS]

  shoes and said are you are you still [TS]

  here are you okay [TS]

  and I put them on i'm wearing them today [TS]

  if they feel great I feel great in them [TS]

  but they are there in the they're kinda [TS]

  there on the bench [TS]

  let's say they're in there they're in [TS]

  reserve [TS]

  well like second string cheese yeah I'd [TS]

  say these were third-stringers right [TS]

  because I wore them a lot [TS]

  all right back in the day and now [TS]

  they're just kind of you know they put [TS]

  that there [TS]

  they're all the way they're not quite [TS]

  mothballed but there but they're in the [TS]

  they're not the definite regular [TS]

  rotation right there in the garage yeah [TS]

  but um but I got it I got to bring them [TS]

  out and touch them and say you know [TS]

  are you with me still and then we're um [TS]

  I'm gonna spend a day or two in these [TS]

  shoes we're gonna have a great time [TS]

  together but ultimately the trajectory [TS]

  of these shoes is that they are they're [TS]

  making their way to pasture but it's [TS]

  been spending the weekend with a [TS]

  middle-aged child from her first [TS]

  marriage [TS]

  yeah I like right it's just checking in [TS]

  and look around hey how many of these [TS]

  weekends are we gonna have together [TS]

  right yeah how you doing how you doing [TS]

  right doing still did I do a good job [TS]

  did I do a good job with you and I mean [TS]

  from 97 96 97 to 2002 boy these shoes [TS]

  and I had some times together but i [TS]

  wasn't able in 2002 to say like fly be [TS]

  free shoes off to the off to the [TS]

  goodwill with you because you're my [TS]

  sister gave him to me but they're not [TS]

  eternity shoes right there not like my [TS]

  life hat that I'm gonna have for my life [TS]

  right you have a life hat right to I i [TS]

  assume everybody's gotta gotta life hat [TS]

  i was gonna let go by I don't know what [TS]

  a life hat is or whether i have one [TS]

  well it's a hat that when you you know [TS]

  over time you always go to this hat when [TS]

  it's cold [TS]

  ok it's your it's your number one cold [TS]

  hat and then after a while you got your [TS]

  number one cold hat and and it starts to [TS]

  be like well you know you start to feel [TS]

  like what if I lose this cold had what [TS]

  if I lose this hat i'm gonna miss it [TS]

  this kind of has been with me for a long [TS]

  time and then he starts to kind of put [TS]

  the hat away a little bit like I don't [TS]

  need to wear this at this is my good hat [TS]

  well ya know I think I know what you [TS]

  mean but wait then you come back you [TS]

  come back after a little while and you [TS]

  say because that's my hat that's my hat [TS]

  what am i saving it for its for wearing [TS]

  and then you bring the cold hat back at [TS]

  you that you that you put into like [TS]

  sentimental retirement and once you [TS]

  bring it back you realize oh shit this [TS]

  is my life hat [TS]

  I'm gonna wear this hat until I'm gonna [TS]

  wear this hat until I can no longer wear [TS]

  this hat because i had is not a mean [TS]

  that's a happen the cold that is not a [TS]

  30 your life that is not a thing that [TS]

  you're going to accidentally leave in a [TS]

  cab right because you're cold as your [TS]

  life hat it's your life that's right [TS]

  when you get up to get out of a cab your [TS]

  your your last thought is to have my [TS]

  life huh [TS]

  each Center leave your phone that's [TS]

  right because you don't have a life [TS]

  phone not your phone is just that your [TS]

  phone is just a temporary friend and [TS]

  it's not even that good [TS]

  of a friend yeah it's like somebody [TS]

  something college yeah with somebody in [TS]

  college this like that's pretty hot that [TS]

  maybe is a little bit little bit cooler [TS]

  than you and you feel kind of lucky to [TS]

  be its friend but you also resent it a [TS]

  little bit and you don't like it you [TS]

  don't like that friend very much [TS]

  yeah but-but-but that friend gives you [TS]

  an opportunity that's good for each [TS]

  other in different ways [TS]

  mm whoo anyway so here i am i'm in my [TS]

  clunky shoes I got my life and I'm [TS]

  looking at it sitting right here in [TS]

  front of me [TS]

  what else do I need really uh-huh [TS]

  I mean I'm halfway to a small bag right [TS]

  now yeah is that it is very [TS]

  philosophical because I mean the thing [TS]

  is here's the thing and I'm gonna make [TS]

  this a little bit turns out i think most [TS]

  of the stuff if you had people go and [TS]

  especially people who don't travel a lot [TS]

  let's say four people who don't do a [TS]

  carry-on and you ask them to put [TS]

  together their small bag i think by the [TS]

  time they pack that bag for a fifth time [TS]

  they're gonna be surprised what went in [TS]

  the first time the first time somebody [TS]

  that doesn't travel very much some of [TS]

  the first time somebody starts to pack a [TS]

  small bag first thing they put in their [TS]

  shampoo right they start packing it with [TS]

  a bunch of with a bunch of shit [TS]

  a you know they're combing their [TS]

  toothbrush in there all this stuff is [TS]

  usually good way to put it with stuff [TS]

  that you're likely to find in other [TS]

  places [TS]

  yeah stuff that you can boost from any [TS]

  drugstore but there were a zombie like [TS]

  my wife watches the walking dead show so [TS]

  i end up having to watch it freaks me [TS]

  out but I end up watching it I think you [TS]

  can learn a lot from that show they get [TS]

  by fine with one shirt one shirt yeah I [TS]

  mean it's the thing is like you know how [TS]

  many should what you're not trying to [TS]

  recreate civilization yet [TS]

  first you need to stay alive right right [TS]

  well the the concept of the small bag [TS]

  for me began in 1989 in a town called [TS]

  every old France solar pond to having [TS]

  you very familiar with it an adults-only [TS]

  Donaldson I don't know that particular [TS]

  shots on I i know there was a pope there [TS]

  and because of paint suckers from there [TS]

  that's right there was there was a there [TS]

  was a panic i am I [TS]

  refer to myself as the the X of avenue [TS]

  and all the time and nobody ever left a [TS]

  Christmas heart [TS]

  its part number two or pump number one [TS]

  depending on who you're talking to [TS]

  I'm sure but surely you know [TS]

  surely no soul upon daven your own a [TS]

  Donahoe named ansa that is a song about [TS]

  the bridge of having me on [TS]

  ok on which we all danced which is you [TS]

  know it's a bit since the Pope's on [TS]

  let's be honest it's a it's about it's [TS]

  about the pump but I like there's so [TS]

  many secret pop songs i'm gonna write [TS]

  that down and what a fine let's be [TS]

  honest it's about the Pope you could do [TS]

  you know what you could make a hell of a [TS]

  mixtape of secret Pope some blood so [TS]

  late one night I was on I was on a train [TS]

  and and I i arrived in avenue old and I [TS]

  didn't have money for a hotel I but I [TS]

  had a backpack and the backpack had in [TS]

  addition to you know a couple of pairs [TS]

  of jeans and then some shirts and and a [TS]

  tie in case I got asked to a nice dinner [TS]

  it had a carton of camel lights it had a [TS]

  Walkman and a banana and some cassette [TS]

  tapes including traveling wilburys vol.2 [TS]

  and Tom Petty's first solo album like I [TS]

  like to think I know you and it had it [TS]

  had a like a rain jacket made by the [TS]

  spider skiwear company and it had some [TS]

  picture of courtney cox it had some nike [TS]

  lava dome boots tied to the outside of [TS]

  it and it had a it had a hitchhiking [TS]

  sign look at that I'd written on a piece [TS]

  of cardboard that said anywhere you know [TS]

  it was like this is my bag right and in [TS]

  addition to that it had a patch sewn on [TS]

  the back of this of the of the bag [TS]

  this is this was my small bag concept at [TS]

  the time and a patch on the outside [TS]

  from from the Minnesota outward-bound [TS]

  the voyagers outward bound and [TS]

  underneath the patch there were three [TS]

  100-dollar bills in a plastic little [TS]

  haha dammit that's smart em all that's [TS]

  late john just sewed on the patch so [TS]

  that worse comes to worse yet music [TS]

  stops hatch rip up the patch you got 300 [TS]

  bucks it had a pair of yeah it had a [TS]

  pair of sunglasses in there [TS]

  what else did I have you know obviously [TS]

  socks and underwear journal camera you [TS]

  know it had this was a small bag that i [TS]

  was living out of it had been living at [TS]

  up for a oh well for years and the bag [TS]

  but the backpack itself was made by the [TS]

  company mountainsmith like I had [TS]

  everything in this bag that a person [TS]

  could possibly need to go around europe [TS]

  and america and just be kind of dirty [TS]

  all the time and shower and gas stations [TS]

  and yet be ready for anything right and [TS]

  and by and large hard work but didn't [TS]

  know how to work out for you [TS]

  it was incredible for months and months [TS]

  and months i lived out of this bag i had [TS]

  i bought a switchblade in Italy so I had [TS]

  my you know a switchblade to in addition [TS]

  to probably like the multi-tool that I [TS]

  came with can you must really like [TS]

  yourself then that sounds like a fun [TS]

  time when I was I was a hot hot hot hot [TS]

  tamale and so I get off the train avenue [TS]

  and i'm walking around it's dark it's [TS]

  kinda late at night I don't have money [TS]

  for a hotel and I walk over and there's [TS]

  this kind of park over by the you know a [TS]

  little ways away from the train station [TS]

  kind of over by the by the freeway [TS]

  interchange [TS]

  and they're like six or seven guys [TS]

  sleeping in this park already they've [TS]

  got their small bags are using their [TS]

  small bags as a pillow [TS]

  they're sleeping out in the park and I'm [TS]

  like out here here are my people I'm [TS]

  gonna I'm gonna pull up a piece of grass [TS]

  in this park and catch some z's and in [TS]

  the morning i'm gonna go figure out my [TS]

  next move on zee palsy we so I i lay it [TS]

  all out i gotta go I gotta have a [TS]

  sleeping bag in the in the back and pull [TS]

  the sleeping bag out my climb into it [TS]

  now a lot of the guys that are sleeping [TS]

  rough in this Park do not have sleeping [TS]

  bags i would say them the vast majority [TS]

  of them they're just curled up in with [TS]

  all their clothes on and their bag as [TS]

  their pillow but i have a sleeping bag [TS]

  putting me in in the rare you know the [TS]

  one percent of people sleeping in this [TS]

  avion park my passports around my neck [TS]

  in a little cotton a passport bag around [TS]

  the just bag the size of my passport [TS]

  that's around my neck and I wake up [TS]

  about an hour later and there's a guy [TS]

  standing over me in the dark and my bag [TS]

  which I had been snuggling with is gone [TS]

  oh my god and this guy's he's actually [TS]

  straddling me one foot on either side of [TS]

  me and he's bending over his face is [TS]

  very close to mine [TS]

  I think that's what woke me up the face [TS]

  vibration many yeah you know you know [TS]

  and there's a face nearby face [TS]

  vibrations [TS]

  yeah I wake up and here's this face kids [TS]

  and I can't really see him because it's [TS]

  very dark i'm in a park and he is [TS]

  looking he's trying to find a way to get [TS]

  that passport from around my neck [TS]

  oh my gosh he is prepared to reach into [TS]

  into my shirt and he knows that when he [TS]

  goes for it then it's better that than [TS]

  the fights gonna be on but he's like [TS]

  setting himself up for this grab right [TS]

  he's got this is and i think i think [TS]

  what he's gonna do is he's going to cut [TS]

  he has a knife he's going to cut the [TS]

  wire [TS]

  the strap and grab this thing and then [TS]

  I'm gonna wake up and maybe I'm gonna be [TS]

  serious because you're in a sleeping bag [TS]

  and he's already running through a venue [TS]

  right that's the strategy that's the [TS]

  strategy well so i wake up [TS]

  he's there he sees my eyes open [TS]

  we look at each other in the dark and [TS]

  then she starts to run and I am nothing [TS]

  if not able to eject from a sleeping bag [TS]

  in like a like a crossbow bolt like I [TS]

  come out of that bag in my bare feet [TS]

  already running at 15 miles an hour and [TS]

  I'm right on his heels and he is he is a [TS]

  thin guy and he's moving fast and i'm [TS]

  right behind him and I am so I'm cursing [TS]

  him and I chased him and chased and [TS]

  chased him over hedges and roads and [TS]

  streets and I'm right on his heels and [TS]

  my feet are shredded but i'm not i don't [TS]

  care and I feel very close to don't [TS]

  think I'm gonna wear him down i think [TS]

  i'm actually out of pure fury gonna [TS]

  going to accelerate that last little bit [TS]

  to actually take him down and he leaps [TS]

  over a a metal railing on to the [TS]

  actually onto the highway and I'm right [TS]

  on his heels and my toe catches on the [TS]

  top of the metal railing and now and it [TS]

  sends me right down onto my face and [TS]

  then he's and then he he he goes off [TS]

  down the road at it at a kind of a trot [TS]

  now he's looking over your shoulder and [TS]

  just sort of like just a cool-down trot [TS]

  uh-huh as I lay there just splattered on [TS]

  that on the pavement and i limp back to [TS]

  my campsite and everything is gone [TS]

  oh my god because in the in the chase [TS]

  his friend or friends chaotic as [TS]

  accomplice his accomplice came and got [TS]

  the sleeping bag and the [TS]

  shoes and everything what dicks well you [TS]

  know what's on the game it's all in the [TS]

  game that's right and they are they by [TS]

  you know by the e at using my powers of [TS]

  perception and a guesstimate i would say [TS]

  that they were Algerians and that they [TS]

  were here in France and that they and [TS]

  that this was part of the this was part [TS]

  of the nature of colonialism really want [TS]

  to get down to it this is one of I was [TS]

  one of the victims other ones cozy and [TS]

  his sleeping bag that's right gets his [TS]

  comeuppance how much you lost 300 box [TS]

  too [TS]

  oh yes in addition to a fucking carton [TS]

  of camel lights when even then when the [TS]

  Cardinals won a camel and join our [TS]

  reporter yeah that's a lot of money [TS]

  anyway I spent a couple i spent the next [TS]

  few days I mean the first thing I did [TS]

  was limp over to a hotel like a like a [TS]

  cheap blue mama mamas on Pensione type [TS]

  of place and I said listen I don't have [TS]

  any money and I'm covered with blood and [TS]

  mud but I'm an American [TS]

  how do you do nice to meet you i am able [TS]

  to get money because I'm an American [TS]

  well once will you let me stay in your [TS]

  hotel tonight and i will pay you later [TS]

  and the power at the time of being an [TS]

  American maybe its power still exists [TS]

  I don't think maybe it exists less now [TS]

  but at the time that the little uh madam [TS]

  who ran this Pensione was like yeah that [TS]

  seems reason she got the sense that [TS]

  you're good for it right [TS]

  so it wasn't scared of you she respected [TS]

  you well we're a little bit of maybe a [TS]

  little bit of both but a little bit of [TS]

  like right you are an American and you [TS]

  can go down to the American Express [TS]

  office it has American right in the [TS]

  title and express it will be fast [TS]

  that's right go down there and say hey [TS]

  somebody in America send me some money [TS]

  and that's what I did I went down to the [TS]

  American Express office and I said send [TS]

  me the money that i can get [TS]

  it's been so i can pay this lady for the [TS]

  hotel and then i spent about a week [TS]

  scouring the garbage cans of having home [TS]

  because I was missing my journals I [TS]

  didn't care about the bag and care about [TS]

  the the lava domes I didn't care about [TS]

  the spyder jacket and I knew the carton [TS]

  of cigarettes was gone and I never [TS]

  expected to find anything but I thought [TS]

  maybe that they would toss those [TS]

  journals in a garbage can and I wanted [TS]

  those journals and i never found them [TS]

  but in the course of this week of [TS]

  walking around and you know and I by got [TS]

  some shoes [TS]

  Adam at some you know little place [TS]

  this was back when the dollar was strong [TS]

  against the Frank uh-huh so I had my [TS]

  shoes i had my shirt that i've been [TS]

  wearing i had my pants that i've been [TS]

  wearing and I went to one of those [TS]

  street markets and i bought a Greek [TS]

  fisherman sweater you know one of those [TS]

  like Saturday markets and i think at the [TS]

  time in Europe every saturday market had [TS]

  a had someone sitting there selling [TS]

  Greek sweaters because Greece was a was [TS]

  still a poor country and knitting [TS]

  sweaters was was that was one of the [TS]

  things that they did for export so i [TS]

  bought a Greek sweater and walking [TS]

  around the town looking for my stuff [TS]

  when I would get tired i would just kind [TS]

  of sit down on a park bench and doze off [TS]

  and then when i woke up i would just [TS]

  wake up and stand up and start walking [TS]

  and the men and the tragedy of losing [TS]

  the bag started to fade as I realized [TS]

  that I hadn't needed any of that stuff [TS]

  and prior to that i thought that i was [TS]

  at the barest minimum i thought i [TS]

  thought i had just the minimum of what [TS]

  you needed but now I had none of it [TS]

  just the just these clothes and if i was [TS]

  invited to a fancy dinner i did not have [TS]

  a time but I was not going to get [TS]

  invited to a fancy dinner and the [TS]

  condition I was in but I felt for the [TS]

  first time a kind of Liberty I had never [TS]

  I didn't even know existed which was the [TS]

  liberty of total possession lessness and [TS]

  I left a me own sometime in let's say [TS]

  August this would have been 1989 left me [TS]

  on in august of 89 and i continued to [TS]

  bitch I can travel and and sleep around [TS]

  and eat and live until christmas and i [TS]

  never replaced the bag [TS]

  Wow or bought another item and you get [TS]

  by okay i was i I was as free as a as a [TS]

  man could be i would wash my clothes [TS]

  sometimes you know in in a sink or [TS]

  whatever and hang them up to dry that [TS]

  got harder and harder as the winter came [TS]

  on in the you know in the summer you [TS]

  wash your clothes you put them on and [TS]

  they dry as you walk around but that was [TS]

  that was less easy to do not into the [TS]

  safe you know you just you develop [TS]

  calluses in the right places and you [TS]

  develop those them inner thigh calluses [TS]

  that all true great travelers have yeah [TS]

  but but I've ever since them and I mean [TS]

  honestly I must have smelled to high [TS]

  heaven [TS]

  I mean this is the thing you can't [TS]

  you're not you're not doing it for other [TS]

  people [TS]

  you're not trying to like make a good [TS]

  impression but I've been trying to to [TS]

  replicate that feeling of complete [TS]

  Liberty ever since and and the first [TS]

  thing you add to that you know the first [TS]

  time you're like well if I had a little [TS]

  bag maybe it would help you know i have [TS]

  i have a bag for my life hat change [TS]

  socks you need these are the true [TS]

  essentials but still in that bag is an [TS]

  attractive nuisance you get put stuff in [TS]

  it now [TS]

  well and when you wake up you know like [TS]

  you're on a train you open your eyes you [TS]

  look out the window [TS]

  oh shit you're in the town that you [TS]

  meant to go to like you have arrived and [TS]

  then the train starts to move and you [TS]

  realize you you slept through your stop [TS]

  if you don't have anything you just [TS]

  stand up run down the corridor open the [TS]

  door and step onto the station platform [TS]

  and the train takes off and you're like [TS]

  that uh I did not miss my stop [TS]

  but if you have a bag em you gotta turn [TS]

  around and get that bag and that few [TS]

  seconds hesitation particularly if you [TS]

  opened the bag and it's true in your [TS]

  stuff around and you gotta throw your [TS]

  stuff back in the bag and then the [TS]

  trains moving too fast to get off and [TS]

  then you're going to the next town and [TS]

  then your destiny has changed huh [TS]

  I am so far from that Liberty right now [TS]

  if you're thinking about a bag for your [TS]

  belt buckles you're probably not quite [TS]

  there yet [TS]

  I got a rack for the belt buckles uh-huh [TS]

  so that if on the if one day I'm sitting [TS]

  in my living room and somebody is there [TS]

  and they're like I really like your [TS]

  candlesticks I'm like your globes [TS]

  will you show me your other collections [TS]

  i can stand up and say where would you [TS]

  like to begin [TS]

  I suggest we start with the belt buckles [TS]

  and i can bring the rack and belt [TS]

  buckles it out [TS]

  they're all there yeah i mean any good [TS]

  tour guide will open by saying have you [TS]

  been here before and how much time do [TS]

  you have [TS]

  that's right i think when you say I'm [TS]

  gonna give you an appropriate fee if you [TS]

  look at six or seven hours [TS]

  let's start with the belt buckles yeah [TS]

  the place to start is not not out in the [TS]

  barn looking at the collection of five [TS]

  horsepower motors place to start is [TS]

  right here on a comfortable couch would [TS]

  you like to see some tea would you like [TS]

  some tea and then I'll of what I think [TS]

  the part of the place to start is with [TS]

  the lapel pins from various secret [TS]

  societies but then we move to the belt [TS]

  buckles what about the what about the [TS]

  backstage passes for shows that you were [TS]

  not playing at that's not contain oh [TS]

  that's a cigar box ser box right I've [TS]

  got about 20 cigar boxes and they all [TS]

  have different like there's movie [TS]

  tickets from movies from the eighties [TS]

  there's four sports events i went to [TS]

  with my dad backstage passes for [TS]

  concerts that i was there fully as a [TS]

  guest arranged by level of access [TS]

  yeah and I can and we can sit all [TS]

  afternoon sheriff wants more tea [TS]

  I mean you know I'm i basically had a [TS]

  kid just so i could have somebody that I [TS]

  could force to sit in and get this tour [TS]

  once right [TS]

  the entire to her when she's about 11 [TS]

  years old gonna be like okay time to get [TS]

  to know daddy [TS]

  I'm not a operating anywhere near your [TS]

  level but something I picked up when I [TS]

  was traveling more often is first of all [TS]

  just a basic realization i think my hype [TS]

  action was a kid I think about how I [TS]

  packed even through college and even [TS]

  through college it was farcical how much [TS]

  stuff i would bring with me that I never [TS]

  even touched and that was a big thing in [TS]

  my head it's gotten a little bit better [TS]

  slowly over time but finally got to a [TS]

  point where I realized you know I wear [TS]

  the same thing every day [TS]

  basically i need what I wear every day I [TS]

  need clothes for the the event that I'm [TS]

  there for which is like if i'm going to [TS]

  talk or something i have some clean [TS]

  clothes and I need something to sit [TS]

  around in right and everything else is [TS]

  as extras last two times i'm with you [TS]

  the last two places I went I've stayed i [TS]

  asked them for toothpaste and shaving [TS]

  cream I didn't bring that with me and [TS]

  they bring it w man bring up some pretty [TS]

  nice toothpaste sure they will have been [TS]

  nice to you [TS]

  this is what I call the the you know the [TS]

  freedom of david bazan right Dave [TS]

  Davidson something i don't know on the [TS]

  freedom of tapers on a certain point [TS]

  they've realized that what he likes to [TS]

  wear was a black t-shirt a red hoodie [TS]

  with a white zipper and some jeans and [TS]

  get you can get that stuff you get it [TS]

  and you got it you're done you can get [TS]

  it anywhere and he just decided like he [TS]

  did like clothes just didn't he didn't [TS]

  want to use even the small part of his [TS]

  brain that it would have required to [TS]

  really like worry about close let alone [TS]

  the big part of your brain if you're [TS]

  really gonna worry I like this stuff has [TS]

  to match and contrast to be interesting [TS]

  just like a band and you Klingon you [TS]

  look at yourself in the mirror you go is [TS]

  that means this me [TS]

  Oh boys had a rathole you take it off [TS]

  and you put on another reason for a [TS]

  better man than that i am ok that but so [TS]

  dave was just like eliminate all of this [TS]

  from my from my existence and I'm just [TS]

  going with this [TS]

  this thing this is going to be me and he [TS]

  he doesn't he doesn't and it is his it [TS]

  you know if UC Davis on in a collared [TS]

  shirt he might as well be wearing a fake [TS]

  mustache you wouldn't even right on top [TS]

  of his regular must eat cisco who's that [TS]

  guy kind of looks like they've been [TS]

  somebody's in a college [TS]

  hurt so so he's freed himself he is [TS]

  liberated himself from all these free [TS]

  nage bezane that's right all the free [TS]

  all these small tyranny 'he's of like [TS]

  does this thing fit right and once they [TS]

  won't stick to him [TS]

  hey they're ineligible this those [TS]

  problems right [TS]

  he's just he's got a he has basically [TS]

  like his superhero costume and it's so [TS]

  it's a red hoodie [TS]

  here's my other thing though and this [TS]

  has actually been really helpful and [TS]

  this is ally fact but the time that I [TS]

  think about what i really need for a [TS]

  trip the best time for me to think about [TS]

  what i need for a trip is when i'm in in [TS]

  my case like a hotel room i'm already in [TS]

  a hotel room and I'm thinking about what [TS]

  i really need so i started this text [TS]

  file a couple years ago of like when i [TS]

  write think of something I really want [TS]

  my small bag for packing now has gotten [TS]

  very simple it's basically what i just [TS]

  described to you right [TS]

  I don't bring all the entertainment [TS]

  equipment anymore really you know you [TS]

  got an iphone or ipad for the kid or [TS]

  whatever but in my case you know what I [TS]

  like I like a large cup to drink water [TS]

  out of my drink a lot of water i want a [TS]

  large cup bring a large cup its small [TS]

  you can stuff stuff in it things like [TS]

  that we're in a large cup [TS]

  well it's like my brother towel right [TS]

  okay all right here's what I'm trying to [TS]

  say is that like when you're sitting [TS]

  there and you're stressed out and [TS]

  thinking about packing stress to me is [TS]

  what makes people jam way too much stuff [TS]

  into any kind of bag is thinking there's [TS]

  innumerable things [TS]

  the thing is what happens if I get [TS]

  invited to a nice party I better I'd [TS]

  better put how to stuff like you're [TS]

  invited to three nice parties [TS]

  yeah right and and so but then you end [TS]

  up doing its kind of similar problems of [TS]

  like the way people deal with backup [TS]

  which if they're constantly kind of [TS]

  blindly backing stuff up here and there [TS]

  it's not that useful because they would [TS]

  know where to get it if they needed it [TS]

  so in my case I try to really dumb all [TS]

  that way down to like what's the most [TS]

  essential stuff i need you know pretty [TS]

  much almost anywhere I go I'm your mall [TS]

  so if I shit myself I can't are over to [TS]

  the mall and get another pair of pants I [TS]

  don't like the word pairs of pants [TS]

  that's not gonna be a nice trip over to [TS]

  the mall but hey you know you can't plan [TS]

  for everything is an evony own at the [TS]

  depth at the w hotel you can send you [TS]

  can call down to the front desk and say [TS]

  hi I'm smelling up in room 1404 I just [TS]

  shit myself can you get somebody to run [TS]

  little and we're fucked [TS]

  yeah I just a giant shit my benefits [TS]

  could you bring me up some 3430 anything [TS]

  happen but hey i got my shoeshine the [TS]

  other day and the shoes are gonna give [TS]

  me give me a shout out there for that [TS]

  idea the idea is this is very very high [TS]

  level but if you end up traveling a lot [TS]

  and what I'm trying to give you a [TS]

  freebie here for working on the small [TS]

  bag idea because the problem is on the [TS]

  one hand yes let's take it as read [TS]

  let's say it because it needs to be said [TS]

  you need to be fucking thinking about [TS]

  your small bag a little more than you [TS]

  think but you don't be acting on the [TS]

  small bag also more often than you think [TS]

  so the thing is thinking about thinking [TS]

  in when you're in your house all that [TS]

  junk in your belt buckles that's not the [TS]

  greatest time to think about a small bag [TS]

  no no force yourself into some probation [TS]

  and figure out what you really need the [TS]

  best small kine 89% the best small bag [TS]

  the best go bag is the bag you're [TS]

  already living out of em but it's not [TS]

  small [TS]

  well it has to be small and it's small [TS]

  it's a small bag and concept is the [TS]

  concept of the small bag or the go bag [TS]

  and then there's the idea of the always [TS]

  Reddy back so you're saying like you're [TS]

  already probably got most of what you [TS]

  need like a backpack [TS]

  I feel like most people small bag is [TS]

  actually their car [TS]

  yep they already have a small bag and [TS]

  it's their car and they have everything [TS]

  their office their desk i was i I got my [TS]

  shoes shined at the airport and the [TS]

  shoeshine guy was telling me this story [TS]

  about how he was a twin of fraternal [TS]

  twin but his sister was like she was 9 [TS]

  pounds when they were born he was four [TS]

  pounds he was he was trying to tell me [TS]

  that he was the runt but a and it was a [TS]

  pretty involved story interesting and [TS]

  unusual thing to bring up when you're [TS]

  Shannon somebody's shoes [TS]

  well you know I mean you got to talk [TS]

  about something teaches that but at a [TS]

  certain point he must have recognized [TS]

  something in me and he looked up at me [TS]

  and he said you carry up to carry a fork [TS]

  and spoon with you and I was like huh [TS]

  no I don't he was like you gotta carry a [TS]

  fork and spoon and I said [TS]

  how am I going to get on an airplane [TS]

  with a fork and spoon and he said oh I [TS]

  mean it can be plastic it can be would [TS]

  but he said I don't go and do you [TS]

  traveling constantly the wooden for said [TS]

  I don't join like that looking at him [TS]

  and I was like there was a time when I [TS]

  did carry a fortune spoons and now I [TS]

  mess kit [TS]

  yeah now i somehow i think i'm too good [TS]

  to carry a fork and spoon [TS]

  I'm not too good to carry a fork and [TS]

  spoon was a wake-up call wake-up call it [TS]

  was I was like I should fucking have a [TS]

  fork and spoon [TS]

  well a few hours later I'm on the subway [TS]

  in New York City and I'm looking around [TS]

  you remember the story about the guy [TS]

  with the with the nice boots on the [TS]

  subway in New York City [TS]

  yes of course the guy with dignity [TS]

  that's right well I'm looking around the [TS]

  subway in New York City and everybody [TS]

  set somehow either everybody in New [TS]

  York's been listening to our podcast or [TS]

  times have changed but everybody on the [TS]

  subway had some like really expensive [TS]

  pretty cool boots like the era of small [TS]

  shoes / we are in the area of like [TS]

  written as episode 60 written his boots [TS]

  written his boots right we are in the [TS]

  area now of like it ya like it as the [TS]

  small just imagining like almost like [TS]

  foot-binding people in like in like park [TS]

  slope that's what specialist that's what [TS]

  it looked like to me fucking small shoes [TS]

  was it like forced perspective but now [TS]

  now everybody's wearing these work boots [TS]

  then do not actually a like comport with [TS]

  the jobs that they do [TS]

  yeah it's the f-150 with no scratches in [TS]

  the bed yeah and I'm looking around on [TS]

  the subway and I'm like wow everybody's [TS]

  got really cool boots in new york and [TS]

  i'm wearing my travel shoes clarks my [TS]

  travel shoes are actually a pair of like [TS]

  you know they're like pull on boots just [TS]

  like these Australian yeah that's that's [TS]

  why didn't you get out you know you like [TS]

  it there [TS]

  the purpose but I went from thinking I [TS]

  should have a wooden fork that I carry [TS]

  with me everywhere in case somebody [TS]

  offers me some stew like if somebody's [TS]

  like you want a little bit you want to [TS]

  get in on this too and you and you're [TS]

  like yeah and they go get your fork [TS]

  Oh me and around footwork [TS]

  I don't have a fork and then the answer [TS]

  is going to be like sorry [TS]

  the offer was for students to present [TS]

  you with a full yeah what did you want [TS]

  me to do like set you want to carry that [TS]

  works for everybody [TS]

  I'm going into my meeting with works i [TS]

  opened the can and put it all over a [TS]

  fire if you want since to get your fork [TS]

  if you don't if you don't have a fork [TS]

  then you must not need to stick once you [TS]

  know you can get your fork [TS]

  yeah and so I went from that and just a [TS]

  few hours later I'm sitting on the [TS]

  subway and I'm like shit I'm I'm not rep [TS]

  I'm not ripping any boots here like I [TS]

  got boots on but they're not i mean it's [TS]

  like red wing redwing redwing redway [TS]

  whites boots and and chippewa boots I [TS]

  mean there's the subway was just it was [TS]

  like a boot store and I've got some [TS]

  boots but in order to be in order to be [TS]

  reppin those boots on that new york city [TS]

  subway i would have had to pack an [TS]

  entirely different small back i think he [TS]

  made the right decision [TS]

  I think so too but you know it's funny [TS]

  where your mind can go [TS]

  uh-huh half of my mind is thinking you [TS]

  can you just need to do you need to get [TS]

  on that plane with a fork and that's it [TS]

  you're going to New York bring for what [TS]

  am I i might be thinking like what could [TS]

  have been different for me like how many [TS]

  things with words it was my perception [TS]

  way off because I knew in my heart I did [TS]

  not have a wooden fork with me yeah [TS]

  right you don't even walk over and say [TS]

  means two spells good oh my gosh so many [TS]

  doors that won't even walk up to because [TS]

  you're like shit i don't have a fork I'm [TS]

  like you know just turn around just walk [TS]

  away and then a few hours later I'm [TS]

  thinking I should have brought a bigger [TS]

  bag so that I could have some boots to [TS]

  be part of this boot party here on the f [TS]

  train and it's just like no no no quiet [TS]

  down quiet down chorus of of [TS]

  haberdashers ok needle you need a fork [TS]

  that you can take through security and [TS]

  everything else is gravy [TS]

  mhm [TS]

  you know I never would have thought of [TS]

  that I never would have thought of [TS]

  having a wooden fork [TS]

  I've got some silicon silicon silicon on [TS]

  bowls that I got from like a camping [TS]

  store and you get this package that one [TS]

  big ball one little Bowl and if you [TS]

  imagine something that looks like the [TS]

  size of a grapefruit with the top cut [TS]

  off [TS]

  it's made out of very thin black [TS]

  silicone so the job is collapsible right [TS]

  and that's actually surprisingly handy [TS]

  to have in situations [TS]

  well it's true but it takes up no space [TS]

  in no way in my experience of eating a [TS]

  campfire stew you can you can always eat [TS]

  out of the pot [TS]

  yep you're going to pot is already pot [TS]

  there which gotta have a fork and in the [TS]

  absence of fork honestly you can use a [TS]

  sharpened stick but you're not going to [TS]

  get that through security [TS]

  I you know what I i feel like when i [TS]

  leave here today I'm gonna go buy a [TS]

  wooden fork and spoon [TS]

  yeah I don't plan on it not a giant one [TS]

  sign of the game is on a small like a [TS]

  little cap kit [TS]

  yep but you can get you can get onto an [TS]

  airplane John this is the entire point [TS]

  this is the entire point it was not the [TS]

  entire point but it's a point it's a [TS]

  point that that's the thing you never [TS]

  would have thought of if you hadn't had [TS]

  that little kismet serendipity [TS]

  experience with the crazy shoeshine guy [TS]

  you would have thought about colory now [TS]

  you're rethinking got a whole new [TS]

  thought technology for the small bag you [TS]

  want to pack he's helping me by asking [TS]

  me the right question right like he he [TS]

  looked at me and was like what is this [TS]

  guy need to know today man and you know [TS]

  and he interrupted himself because he [TS]

  really was in the middle of this story [TS]

  about how his his big sister got all the [TS]

  milk she weigh twice as much as it hurt [TS]

  yeah but he looked up he looked up and [TS]

  he was like I don't he stopped his story [TS]

  was like you you caring for containing [TS]

  he just tell and I was like you know and [TS]

  I was sitting there like I'm getting my [TS]

  shoeshine I'm big-time big wheel [TS]

  I'm looking around hey everybody how's [TS]

  it going checking out an airplane [TS]

  anytime now hey right but my my flights [TS]

  just a few minutes but I get my shoe [TS]

  shop [TS]

  shop [TS]

  and then immediately I'm be reset like [TS]

  fuck you fuck you prepare yourself for [TS]

  that you never know in this moment [TS]

  you're gonna come along but it's right [TS]

  he was right and it's and that is the [TS]

  right that's the right knowledge so [TS]

  where are you two as you stand here [TS]

  today where do you stand with the small [TS]

  bag because I because it seems to me [TS]

  like you're not really talking about the [TS]

  canonical John Roderick small bag you're [TS]

  talking about like this secondary small [TS]

  bags the like I mean like in my case [TS]

  like we don't even have all of our [TS]

  yearbooks in the same place like if we [TS]

  wanted to save like family photos there [TS]

  in like five places in the house that's [TS]

  the kind of thing that with the belt [TS]

  buckle that's what i get with the belt [TS]

  buckle is like if I had if this place is [TS]

  on fire and I can grab like three things [TS]

  what would I grabbed the kind of what [TS]

  you're saying well and the thing about [TS]

  your books that I let's get ready to get [TS]

  your daughter and your wooden fork and [TS]

  your boots right it's like what's next [TS]

  you got it you got to train your [TS]

  daughter to the egress the building on [TS]

  her own you know like you gotta say [TS]

  listen when the house is on fire when I [TS]

  yell what I yell it out sorry fire house [TS]

  on fire hit the bricks [TS]

  you've got to you gotta handle that you [TS]

  gotta have that angle because I'm gonna [TS]

  be grabbing your books and stuff yeah [TS]

  everybody knows their job but what I [TS]

  discovered about your books is you can [TS]

  get any yearbook on on the internet [TS]

  there you go to let your yearbooks burn [TS]

  what are you somebody wrote on their [TS]

  Merlin stay sweet see you next year's my [TS]

  hopefully less fat and biology class [TS]

  yeah not me like a sis here got it but [TS]

  shadow photos family photos you gotta [TS]

  get they only have to be in one network [TS]

  grab back but uh I think about this [TS]

  every once in a while like the whole [TS]

  house burns down everything is gone [TS]

  yeah what is freedom what's the one [TS]

  thing that you that you would be like oh [TS]

  shit [TS]

  and um I can tell you I couldn't tell [TS]

  you one thing I couldn't tell you either [TS]

  this is the i think of something else be [TS]

  fine i would personally I'm sad to say [TS]

  be fine with almost nothing [TS]

  well and that's a mat is illustrative [TS]

  right now it's sad it's sad i mean like [TS]

  we are we did a big perch a few years [TS]

  ago before I was before we moved we did [TS]

  one of these when i read this book about [TS]

  about getting rid of clutter in your [TS]

  life and we had a really big impact on [TS]

  me [TS]

  the basic pieces of the book is don't [TS]

  have anything in your life that's not [TS]

  going to be closer to the life you want [TS]

  which means systematically ruthlessly [TS]

  getting rid of everything that cleaves [TS]

  you to a life you never had or no longer [TS]

  half what you think about it goes for [TS]

  almost everything and that's where you [TS]

  get into like all these clothes that [TS]

  don't fit anymore and stuff like that [TS]

  and I was ruthless I mean I really work [TS]

  the system and i went in the two things [TS]

  are you this is gonna sound down but two [TS]

  things I regret [TS]

  there there were some actually not [TS]

  wholly not disgusting rock-and-roll [TS]

  t-shirts i kinda wish I can't like a [TS]

  couple of them i throw every t-shirt i [TS]

  had bought a rock show or been given [TS]

  like we had a convention or whatever I [TS]

  throughout pretty much all those bags [TS]

  and bags and bags of shitty t-shirts so [TS]

  i kind of miss some of those the other [TS]

  one is by accident we had very [TS]

  systematically taken all of our many [TS]

  different bags like Timbuktu bags cool [TS]

  backpacks and put them all in one [TS]

  contractor bag which accidentally got [TS]

  thrown away [TS]

  oh I wish I hadn't thrown away like [TS]

  eight bags all the bags and you know how [TS]

  I am with bags [TS]

  yea yea though I do i do know so that I [TS]

  regret but you know it comes up once a [TS]

  month or so I think boy that was a [TS]

  really cool you know that good that [TS]

  microsoft event in seattle where they [TS]

  put up the W and they gave me that cool [TS]

  messenger bag going gone [TS]

  that was a nice messenger back as a [TS]

  messenger bag felt like a briefcase and [TS]

  now I'm gonna cry I promised myself I [TS]

  wouldn't cry [TS]

  I don't know what would be that I [TS]

  grabbed you know ever since I started [TS]

  calling this half my life had yeah i [TS]

  would i would grab it now I didn't see I [TS]

  I gotta go over this with my daughter [TS]

  though because first of all I have to [TS]

  convince my daughter first of all honey [TS]

  you say you're gonna carry this we're [TS]

  going to ride scooters well first of all [TS]

  you do not need to bring a stuffed [TS]

  animal to ride a scooter or do you want [TS]

  to bring a stuffed animal to ride a [TS]

  scooter you need to put in a backpack [TS]

  that goes on your back correct does not [TS]

  mean mommy's tiny purse that you put on [TS]

  your wrist that was not count because [TS]

  let me explain everything you think [TS]

  you're going to carry for even 10 [TS]

  minutes I am going to end up carrying [TS]

  everyone writes and I got to be that guy [TS]

  when we get there and we but we're not [TS]

  even up to the point where we start [TS]

  shooting she goes could get you a whole [TS]

  rabbit friend [TS]

  okay you know what I love rabbit friend [TS]

  but this is exactly just so you know [TS]

  what I sound like a crazy person back at [TS]

  the house [TS]

  this is what I'm talking about so now [TS]

  i'm carrying my wife's personal my [TS]

  wrists with a rabbit in it [TS]

  yeah and that doesn't work for me know [TS]

  so but so on so first of all I have to [TS]

  help her understand what a bad person [TS]

  she is and second of all show her that [TS]

  if rabbit friend got dropped on muni [TS]

  like you'd be bummed [TS]

  yeah you not bring heirloom-quality [TS]

  stuffed animals onto things because you [TS]

  will eventually forget and beset that's [TS]

  right i mean the people that have dogs [TS]

  that they equipped with saddle bags that [TS]

  are carrying their food i got pannier [TS]

  that go on here it's right I i always [TS]

  feel like right on like that dog is that [TS]

  dog is totally its own barge scary [TS]

  thought you might like you had had the [TS]

  companion sandwich you're saying it's [TS]

  got cable [TS]

  this guy's got cables bags got cable in [TS]

  one side and and and you know thanks [TS]

  probably killing the other side and and [TS]

  the thing is I think I I admire those [TS]

  people the people that tie their dog [TS]

  shit to the dog's collar want in a bag [TS]

  that but you haven't seen this where the [TS]

  dog poops never be co-owner picks up the [TS]

  poop in a bag [TS]

  no and then ties the bag to the dog's [TS]

  collar is that sounds like that's that's [TS]

  something riddle is the right punishment [TS]

  i don't think so i think it's just that [TS]

  they don't understand never put them [TS]

  they they claim to be animal lovers they [TS]

  claim to love living animal companions [TS]

  but they have never put themselves in [TS]

  the dogs pause long enough to imagine [TS]

  how would i like it if my shit was tied [TS]

  around my neck like I I'm a dog i am [TS]

  shitting on the ground and i expect to [TS]

  leave it behind [TS]

  yeah you guys usually some kind of [TS]

  little someone's fantasy Opera where you [TS]

  pick up my poop that's fine you don't [TS]

  you drop it to my head [TS]

  are you gonna be fucking carrier my [TS]

  collar and you're going to be [TS]

  enthusiastic I see this all the time I [TS]

  don't know what I've never seen that and [TS]

  that that's miserable i don't know what [TS]

  garbage cans can't just throw away [TS]

  well it's like they maybe maybe what [TS]

  they are expressing is like I didn't [TS]

  throw my dog's poop in your garbage can [TS]

  maybe it's some kind of martyr thing yes [TS]

  several martyr thing but they are [TS]

  million eyes only [TS]

  thicker but with poop that's right [TS]

  they're making their dog bear the bear [TS]

  the burden but if I could carry my [TS]

  kibble in a saddlebag yeah i think i [TS]

  would I think I would do it [TS]

  strap it to your daughter you keeping [TS]

  yourself but I say that but I say this [TS]

  to do I say this to my daughter to like [TS]

  pack in and pack out like you again [TS]

  Bed Buddy does not leave the bed first [TS]

  of all it's right in the names right in [TS]

  the name of bad bunny sad bunny not [TS]

  living room bunny not carboni there is a [TS]

  car bunny foo foo that's a totally [TS]

  different funny that's right you leave [TS]

  that money in the bed yet carbon in the [TS]

  car but if we're going out on an [TS]

  adventure you've got to schlep your own [TS]

  stuff you got to put your own barge get [TS]

  a lift your own bail [TS]

  yes I think if you told a barge people [TS]

  are gonna expect you to lift the bail as [TS]

  well you can just lift the bail you also [TS]

  have to tilt the barge took you took the [TS]

  barge and then you lift the pail can [TS]

  also just give you thought on twins [TS]

  I just want to say i want to get this [TS]

  out of the way i'll probably cut this [TS]

  out because I realize how normative it [TS]

  is I'm first of all kind of freaked out [TS]

  by twins as a thing all networks or just [TS]

  an identical to the whole idea identical [TS]

  twins i think are pretty freaky but the [TS]

  thing about identical twins if you claim [TS]

  to be an identical twin and that [TS]

  identical twin is still alive we can put [TS]

  you right next to each other and we can [TS]

  tell if you're telling the truth you can [TS]

  you say you're an identical twin right [TS]

  there should be away [TS]

  well you know you put them next to each [TS]

  other i think a lot of people who say [TS]

  the fraternal twins [TS]

  I'm not saying they're lying but it's [TS]

  very difficult if that man's sister [TS]

  literally weigh twice as much as him at [TS]

  birth [TS]

  I'm not sure that fully qualifies as [TS]

  twins and I think he might be making it [TS]

  up [TS]

  dunno dunno who Nels Cline is I don't [TS]

  think so [TS]

  nose client is a guitar player he has a [TS]

  female Nelson notice Holden's those guys [TS]

  are twins ok [TS]

  Nels Cline is a is in Wilko right now [TS]

  but he's played with my quad is done a [TS]

  lot of jazz type of music he's an [TS]

  avant-garde guitar player let's call it [TS]

  met [TS]

  and a very nice man and he is a mirror [TS]

  twin you know what a mirror twins but [TS]

  like he has the same features but but in [TS]

  the opposite side [TS]

  mhm his brothers lazy eye on one side [TS]

  than the other way [TS]

  his brother is an identical twin but but [TS]

  so identical that they are mirrors his [TS]

  brother parts his hair on the left nails [TS]

  parts here on the right on is his [TS]

  brother you know like is left-handed or [TS]

  nails is left-handed his brother is [TS]

  right-handed nose is left-handed but he [TS]

  plays the guitar right-handed on my god [TS]

  like twin twin science at a much higher [TS]

  level and and Nelson's like you know my [TS]

  brother and I have very very different [TS]

  personalities [TS]

  oh it's like there's always an evil twin [TS]

  like it in a way like we are opposite [TS]

  and I'm like you guys are identical [TS]

  twins but mirror images of one another [TS]

  and that includes the personality you [TS]

  don't want you don't watch enough [TS]

  science fiction though it's always been [TS]

  able to use that required by law to have [TS]

  a goatee [TS]

  well yeah maybe I should have asked him [TS]

  does his brother have a goatee but his [TS]

  brother is some kind of like scientists [TS]

  in california girls is a guitar player [TS]

  take this could be one of those are [TS]

  liars paradox cretins things where like [TS]

  if you ask them think about that we r uu [TS]

  acid to you take two twins and you ask [TS]

  them are you the evil twin there must be [TS]

  a way there must be a logical puzzle [TS]

  where you can ask the right question to [TS]

  make them prove which was the evil to [TS]

  net Mel's cannot tell a lie exactly is a [TS]

  woman yeah they're going to tell evil [TS]

  twin would you say what would your twins [TS]

  say that you are the evil twin [TS]

  it's gotta be where you can add a good [TS]

  time not a magician right man [TS]

  nails his middle name is Courtney no [TS]

  really [TS]

  Nels Courtney Cline committed an [TS]

  identical twin brother alex klein is [TS]

  that right i see no honey middle name to [TS]

  Courtney climb yeah that no he doesn't [TS]

  appear to have a middle name see this [TS]

  whole thing's already falling party [TS]

  see what I'm saying is you supposed to [TS]

  name them and funny pairs right if you [TS]

  have if i had twins i would definitely [TS]

  name them in some kind of book match [TS]

  twin named like a little too clever i'll [TS]

  let you know I my i gave my daughter a [TS]

  clever name and she's actually wearing [TS]

  that forever and I think about it all [TS]

  the time I think back a three-and-a-half [TS]

  years ago to my three-and-a-half years [TS]

  ago self and I want to just you know not [TS]

  the type of clever neighbor I want to [TS]

  grab my three-and-a-half-year-old [TS]

  three-and-a-half year ago self and like [TS]

  shake him by the lapels but i do want to [TS]

  put an arm around him up to the [TS]

  whiteboard and walking through something [TS]

  and just be like hey yeah I i get it i [TS]

  didn't you ever has the same name as two [TS]

  other kids I know what the same name and [TS]

  all three are spelled differently haha [TS]

  but i but I i just want to be like you [TS]

  know this is I I love everything about [TS]

  this but you know maybe just settle down [TS]

  a little bit [TS]

  settle down settle down you know like [TS]

  this is great this is the impulses great [TS]

  didn't go with the Bell tones which is [TS]

  good my kids class there's to Ayden's a [TS]

  jade indication i might be concatenated [TS]

  some of that from last year but there [TS]

  are certain names we've got having a [TS]

  letter after it you know you're going to [TS]

  bkk deaf or whatever [TS]

  yeah I feel like when you and I were in [TS]

  school when we were kids [TS]

  everyone was named Jason Todd chef oh [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  dr. maybe maybe a Rick you get Jennifer [TS]

  annalisa but Joe know you know a john [TS]

  but we should do more Kate's I'm really [TS]

  i love the name Kate oh I know some [TS]

  Kate's well i don't think i don't i [TS]

  don't know if you do want to know some [TS]

  case it's just like it sounds right [TS]

  I've known some fuckin Cates Cates Cates [TS]

  Cates out a handful [TS]

  kate is a fucking handful is exactly [TS]

  right because of pictures like [TS]

  Catherine's are already a problem [TS]

  gather the care gather the see either [TS]

  one Catherine's with the KR a much [TS]

  bigger problem captain with the sea but [TS]

  you know as soon as they start going by [TS]

  cat [TS]

  oh forget it no like get away but but a [TS]

  Kate [TS]

  is kate is just a cadence just trying to [TS]

  convince just trying to convince you [TS]

  that she's not a cat and so you should [TS]

  be you should assume that she's [TS]

  reasonable right she's yeah it's a cat [TS]

  in Kate's clipping you know what I mean [TS]

  like a decade [TS]

  kate is some cases a gala can wear jeans [TS]

  came from Turkey cakes perky has a high [TS]

  ponytail sure she'll help you clear she [TS]

  been working since she was really young [TS]

  she'll help you clear the yard like [TS]

  cages yes she's down with the struggle [TS]

  but oh what a handful kate is carrying a [TS]

  fucking pistol [TS]

  what about Kat oh come on come on Kat I [TS]

  mean catus cat you guys have sometimes [TS]

  but you're not gonna let cat and we're [TS]

  going to let her use your wooden floor [TS]

  first of all don't like at know where [TS]

  you live [TS]

  ok oh yeah Kate's one of those names [TS]

  though I always I always fantasize is [TS]

  the wrong word but I always aspired to [TS]

  have a girlfriend named Kate [TS]

  yep yep yeah great name I mean who could [TS]

  not love Kate you say i want to [TS]

  introduce you my friend you're my friend [TS]

  Kate you're already falling in love you [TS]

  having this matter [TS]

  yep this is Kate huh Katie no no you get [TS]

  a different thing at 8080 is so [TS]

  different [TS]

  who it is a graphic designer I think I [TS]

  think Kate has a garden but like a kind [TS]

  of foxy garden [TS]

  ok has a garden for sure and and she's [TS]

  growing you know she's growing some [TS]

  plants that need to be explained [TS]

  wooden fork [TS]