Roderick on the Line

Ep. 138: "MSG Denier"


  this episode of Roderick on the line is [TS]

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  month they asked Molly Lewis to help me [TS]

  say hi John [TS]

  hello [TS]

  I John time rollin how are you oh I'm [TS]

  fun [TS]

  yeah i'm full of sushi full of sushi you [TS]

  are you went up for a big lunch a bit [TS]

  blown shoot for her [TS]

  it's a little bit you know it's a little [TS]

  rainy misty in Seattle and I i I've been [TS]

  trying to walk a little bit more used to [TS]

  be used to be a somebody walked all over [TS]

  your famous for walking i was bout mr. [TS]

  walk everywhere guy that used to call me [TS]

  hard to fit on a shirt right and and now [TS]

  i don't and i feel i feel like it's [TS]

  having a profound effect on my life to [TS]

  go this many years without walking [TS]

  everywhere so I'm trying to walk [TS]

  everywhere again and it's interesting [TS]

  how many encounters i have with other [TS]

  human beings walking around you telling [TS]

  me that when you leave an area where [TS]

  you're seated and not walking you will [TS]

  not only see you will experience and you [TS]

  and often interact with other people [TS]

  that's absolutely right i am interacting [TS]

  with people and they're they're saying [TS]

  this to me and I'm saying things back to [TS]

  them and people are because i live in [TS]

  the city people shaking their cups full [TS]

  of pennies at me and i'm having [TS]

  encounters with them down in my I'm you [TS]

  know I'm tipping match people bumping [TS]

  into people in the street I'm gonna see [TS]

  old friends [TS]

  it's a it's it's a really great i bumped [TS]

  into a guy the other night he was coming [TS]

  out coming out of target and I I caught [TS]

  a glimpse in his bag and I started [TS]

  commenting on the things that he bought [TS]

  in the middle of the night and that said [TS]

  that's not a thing you're going to get [TS]

  when you're sitting at home just [TS]

  commenting on people's facebook page [TS]

  that's something you definitely not [TS]

  lonely right unless the guy huh [TS]

  that's the guy hey you got exotic dancer [TS]

  was looking stuff if he takes a picture [TS]

  of what's in his target bag and puts it [TS]

  on his facebook page then yeah sure your [TS]

  comment on a pending about daily daily [TS]

  carry i was doing that right in the room [TS]

  i would write in the world I was like I [TS]

  wasn't in a room that's the crazy thing [TS]

  when it was like out on the streets like [TS]

  real life [TS]

  comments are enabled that's right i was [TS]

  like hey looks like you gotta you gotta [TS]

  like a fiber one bar there you got some [TS]

  some toothpaste from your shopping for [TS]

  these things that at one o'clock in the [TS]

  morning he was like well I was downtown [TS]

  it was open it was great it was amazing [TS]

  just like the old days [TS]

  oh god you remember the old days but you [TS]

  know what you know what there wasn't a [TS]

  target downtown in the old days [TS]

  no sir no nope so something you gotta [TS]

  take the good with the bad you can't [TS]

  throw the the baby out with the [TS]

  bathwater [TS]

  no sir i love target do i do i do i like [TS]

  target I mean the mall is hard on me i'm [TS]

  not good with the mall but I i enjoy [TS]

  target and there's a target in this big [TS]

  downtown supercenter where my daughter [TS]

  and I go to the movies a lot so going on [TS]

  mr. big supercenter called the metreon [TS]

  and that's kind of part of our journey [TS]

  is that we always stop by target that [TS]

  whoshere you get their food they have [TS]

  Christmas supplies that chocolate bars [TS]

  super get shirts spatula there a spatula [TS]

  you can [TS]

  yeah and we have a bar candy for the [TS]

  movies they don't tell anybody [TS]

  here's the oh that's a little bit of a [TS]

  life hack that's a huge lifehack here's [TS]

  my problem with target though all the [TS]

  little boy clothes pretty cute and cool [TS]

  motorcycles who crossbones minecraft [TS]

  then you go over to the little girl [TS]

  clothes and it's there just that's just [TS]

  waitress outfits from the pantyhose [TS]

  junction very very under verse there are [TS]

  not many options there's a lot of like [TS]

  you know it is i think it's a place to [TS]

  go and shop for a nice you don't really [TS]

  like I see [TS]

  yes I buy my daughter a lot of boys [TS]

  clothes their they got cool superhero [TS]

  shirts and stuff but like all she likes [TS]

  there's not that much that she finds [TS]

  attractive there they have more like [TS]

  dress-up princess close to an actual [TS]

  little girl clothes [TS]

  yeah right dress up princess close [TS]

  that's exactly what I'm talking about [TS]

  I think that we've got we've reached we [TS]

  reached peak princess in this culture [TS]

  uh-huh and I am ready to follow all the [TS]

  princess that could be easily gotten out [TS]

  of the ground we've reached that point [TS]

  more than fifty percent if the customer [TS]

  says from now on it's only going to be [TS]

  like in shale readied princess fracking [TS]

  that's right and I feel like you can you [TS]

  take any more princess out of the ground [TS]

  and we're gonna start having cavin so [TS]

  we're gonna start getting sinkholes [TS]

  president colts you know and thatthat's [TS]

  damaging to the whole economy because [TS]

  people lose faith they lose faith and [TS]

  solid assault solidity of the ground [TS]

  yeah you know if you don't have that [TS]

  there's no point are you saying you [TS]

  think you think it's as popular as it's [TS]

  gonna get you think we have truly like [TS]

  we're not going to see it bigger [TS]

  this is what I don't know I don't know [TS]

  because i cannot like I I've talked [TS]

  about this on the program before I have [TS]

  a little girl she likes pink princess [TS]

  crap and i understand that disney has [TS]

  figured it out they have figured out [TS]

  just the right the right amount to [TS]

  inflate the eyeball so that it looks [TS]

  somewhere between a baby doll and a grey [TS]

  / right like the eyeball is too big if [TS]

  real human being said I balls that big [TS]

  they would be horrifying but on these [TS]

  little princess very vulnerable it have [TS]

  their face with the eyeballs [TS]

  yeah right that's exactly right you may [TS]

  not want to go into battle that we don't [TS]

  have they don't have the kind of brow [TS]

  structure that would protect them from [TS]

  like a playground ball or something [TS]

  right for loads like alia caviar just a [TS]

  raindrop that's right the surface [TS]

  tension alone on those eyeballs is [TS]

  unsustainable but so i appreciate like [TS]

  why it's happening like there's no part [TS]

  of me that feels like that it's part of [TS]

  a grander conspiracy i think it's one of [TS]

  those small level conspiracies where [TS]

  people are making money off of it and [TS]

  they're they're tapping this this [TS]

  pent-up desire which is just which is [TS]

  just crazy [TS]

  this desire for a pink poofy frilly [TS]

  stuff which is which just seemed to be [TS]

  in my daughter from the day she was born [TS]

  and yet i don't think there's room for [TS]

  any more princesses in the world like at [TS]

  first of all groan i do not think that a [TS]

  princess would make a very good driver [TS]

  um she's not just she's not dressed for [TS]

  it tell me why you think that what would [TS]

  you like to be behind a princess on her [TS]

  on highway huh [TS]

  I mean she's a true princess first she [TS]

  was wearing the shoes [TS]

  well probably yeah yeah and she's not [TS]

  she's definitely not thinking about [TS]

  other drivers just thinking about her [TS]

  Princess shit her high level like she's [TS]

  got balls to have and slippers to lose [TS]

  and pumpkins to get in and stuff i mean [TS]

  i don't know what all that new [TS]

  princesses are doing i think that i [TS]

  think it's it's there's a tradition also [TS]

  got a tiara [TS]

  I think any time you wear any kind of a [TS]

  tall hot in the car it's going to be [TS]

  distracting so you don't so princesses [TS]

  are going to be very good drivers there [TS]

  probably wouldn't want to be behind a [TS]

  princess in line at a store or in a [TS]

  restaurant [TS]

  yeah I wouldn't want to be I wouldn't [TS]

  want to have a princess be my server [TS]

  error or get on an airplane and there's [TS]

  a princess there I wouldn't want to be [TS]

  on an airplane with the principal stop [TS]

  so what I'm saying is as we get more and [TS]

  more princesses there are fewer and [TS]

  fewer public spaces that I would want to [TS]

  share with the princess and so we're all [TS]

  these princesses gonna go my way yeah [TS]

  yeah I guess you could I mean you know I [TS]

  haven't met that many princesses one [TS]

  thing that's interesting is a that seems [TS]

  unsustainable but is interesting and [TS]

  weird is that for so long like when well [TS]

  when we were kids and even before that [TS]

  the whole narrative of princesses was [TS]

  about being rescued mind by a dude and [TS]

  that's still like maybe a subtext but I [TS]

  definitely nearly as prominent a story [TS]

  as it used to be [TS]

  it is a lot more about just wearing pink [TS]

  and purple well and also like magic [TS]

  right magic happens two princesses I [TS]

  think magic happens two princesses me [TS]

  yeah so there's magic you're not being [TS]

  rescued anymore but even if you're an [TS]

  empowered princess [TS]

  it's not like princesses are laboring at [TS]

  the wheel well that's the trouble still [TS]

  skin [TS]

  oh right well she shipped is laboring a [TS]

  wheel of memory so she was she was right [TS]

  but I mean what she been since I don't [TS]

  remember the original here with letters [TS]

  daughter or a cobbler's wife or [TS]

  something and it's not a wife she wasn't [TS]

  a wife she wants to see jump around and [TS]

  in turn inside out [TS]

  Rumplestiltskin yeah I don't you doesn't [TS]

  do a little happy dance and then turn [TS]

  inside out for no particular reason he [TS]

  does have a damn so we split himself do [TS]

  that's it right there ze splits is often [TS]

  too gross i'm pretty sure me to look [TS]

  this up run wire so there are two [TS]

  Rumplestiltskin's are there too it's a [TS]

  terrible terrible fairytale it's not [TS]

  even like a good cautionary tale [TS]

  it's got all of the worst habits of [TS]

  fairy tales in one like it's really long [TS]

  it takes a long time to tell really [TS]

  fucking obvious story and then at the [TS]

  end there's an unexpected twist that [TS]

  makes no sense and as [TS]

  nothing to do with the rest of the story [TS]

  and he split himself in half again for [TS]

  himself and I think that's right i don't [TS]

  have to look that up and i like that [TS]

  that's a little bit like a it's a little [TS]

  bit of cut the baby into one of my [TS]

  favorite joke Bernie songs got to be [TS]

  yeah that guy's great you like that guy [TS]

  Heinze get to within one point I did I [TS]

  did I did a lot of touring with The [TS]

  Apprentice brother instrument he did and [TS]

  they would do a hell of a pops on my god [TS]

  let me tell you the prettiest brother's [TS]

  crew [TS]

  oh they had a couple records there and I [TS]

  guess the early two thousands that were [TS]

  pretty great bulletproof pop songs in [TS]

  the UH in the boy guitar singer vain [TS]

  yeah and I can't remember any of them [TS]

  here's a couple baby into those pretty [TS]

  late before that they had that involved [TS]

  in working girls don't think you have to [TS]

  work in girls a little bit of a British [TS]

  accent yep yep yep yep matter and I saw [TS]

  them live and they were good there a [TS]

  little bit [TS]

  photo of what was it Jackie sexual what [TS]

  we call it number number Jackie although [TS]

  proper little lumbersexual yeah i think [TS]

  i think that's one of the reasons that I [TS]

  always account for a you know Joe pretty [TS]

  should have been a lot more famous who I [TS]

  accept it look like Bob via and so was [TS]

  suddenly he did elvis costello honest at [TS]

  first I remember seeing pictures of him [TS]

  as enhancing Slenderman and then all the [TS]

  sudden he didn't Elvis Costello and he [TS]

  had a peculiar beard and gain some [TS]

  weight [TS]

  yeah and just sort of looked like he was [TS]

  here too he was here to to put a new [TS]

  porch on the on the back of the house [TS]

  and then he gets up any singing these [TS]

  beautiful pop songs but his philosophy [TS]

  he had a whole philosophy of rock music [TS]

  which was that rock music get that it [TS]

  was a working-class it was working class [TS]

  hero and he was making pop music for the [TS]

  people and he was intended to get big [TS]

  and famous he was just doing it in the [TS]

  old style you know like he would do [TS]

  these tours was just like schenectady [TS]

  tipsy of awfully funny but funny words [TS]

  wakey wakey wakey six towns in [TS]

  Pennsylvania that like maybe you heard [TS]

  of because the name was on the bottom of [TS]

  an oil can like like not uptown you've [TS]

  ever not a time you would ever think to [TS]

  get like like allentown was the big town [TS]

  next to the this little consolation of [TS]

  towns where they did they made the they [TS]

  made the little castle you go quicker [TS]

  quicker quicker quicker to put on your [TS]

  back with your state [TS]

  yeah that's right so little towns like [TS]

  that and i would say that you know I'd [TS]

  be like why are we play like what about [TS]

  what about like Philadelphia it was like [TS]

  well sure we could play Philadelphia but [TS]

  wouldn't you rather play when you were [TS]

  rather play six shows in little towns [TS]

  where the church is boarded up you know [TS]

  when they start boarding up the church [TS]

  in a town its kind of it that's the [TS]

  that's the end of the season if you [TS]

  reach peak town you know [TS]

  yeah but this piece princess business [TS]

  Merlin I'm serious significant John [TS]

  excuse me Rumpelstiltskin in his rage [TS]

  drove his right foot so far into the [TS]

  ground that it sank in up to his waist [TS]

  that's angry then in a passion he sees [TS]

  the left foot with both hands to the [TS]

  floor itself in sick outside you now [TS]

  wait a minute that sounds like you I've [TS]

  tried that exact move it can't be done [TS]

  imagine putting in your foot up to the [TS]

  waist and then like you know what at [TS]

  that makes me so mad [TS]

  go grab my other foot and just turn [TS]

  myself right into a horrible what a [TS]

  horrible way to end of story [TS]

  yeah they just they ran out of ideas and [TS]

  a Grimm brothers it's gotta be right [TS]

  yeah the Grimm brothers huh yeah joe [TS]

  prince was good [TS]

  I'm sorry i I'm really sorry i'm so full [TS]

  of msg i had about a pound of chow mein [TS]

  and fried fish for lunch [TS]

  am i under my understanding was that you [TS]

  were in msg denier oh yeah I you know I [TS]

  go back to fourth I've got the skeptics [TS]

  bored sometimes but describe your [TS]

  feelings right now [TS]

  yeah and then tell me do you attribute [TS]

  those feelings to msg or do not okay [TS]

  right now I think my feeling has to do [TS]

  with grease and wheat which is one of [TS]

  the great one of the great cat stevens [TS]

  records you can group that Joni Mitchell [TS]

  I can never remember Teresa when you [TS]

  that's what this whole country is [TS]

  founded upon the Quakers brought the [TS]

  wheat and then the the pilgrims brought [TS]

  the grease almost at schoolhouse rock [TS]

  III had a lot of that and then some [TS]

  coffee and so like a conversation we've [TS]

  had before [TS]

  I'm kind of on the bubble a little bit [TS]

  about the msg thing I think your dirt [TS]

  your teeth talking to my teeth my teeth [TS]

  chatter inside loose comes and I can I [TS]

  can smell colors I don't know why some [TS]

  people complaining they feel msg [TS]

  strongly suddenly and in a way that that [TS]

  they can only describe as I can msg [TS]

  headache [TS]

  more like I think those things too like [TS]

  your sinuses sometimes people have like [TS]

  an allergy kind of thing so I I don't [TS]

  get that I feel like I have like I still [TS]

  have food in my mouth sometimes they're [TS]

  still taste thereafter there's no food [TS]

  there [TS]

  what do you is because i'm giving [TS]

  believe you yet you have an msg sixth [TS]

  sense you ever [TS]

  when you were when you were younger guy [TS]

  and everyone smile you have to wear a [TS]

  tie and maybe you'd wear thi like to a [TS]

  show or something and you'd sweat in my [TS]

  shirt and then you and they get home at [TS]

  night and you try to take the tie off [TS]

  but because the time i got wet it kind [TS]

  of just like it as you try to pull the [TS]

  time off it just sort of titans on [TS]

  itself [TS]

  oh yeah i got like a prank where you're [TS]

  swimming in somebody at times your pants [TS]

  and not [TS]

  hey yeah you're swimming in pants and [TS]

  somebody time in that same thing [TS]

  yeah so I didn't you try to get the time [TS]

  off and you can get it on a little bit [TS]

  but it's like the time and becomes a [TS]

  news [TS]

  so then you try and pull it over your [TS]

  head and it gets like over your nose but [TS]

  now i can't go past your nose so it's [TS]

  like pulling your nose up and then you [TS]

  like get it out you know and then when [TS]

  you're in the tie the wet [TS]

  ty is basically tied around its tight [TS]

  it's like it's like it's like a binding [TS]

  your nose to the front of your face [TS]

  well that's my intent and have [TS]

  interrogation and it almost is and then [TS]

  you're wandering around here like now [TS]

  now i might have to cut this tie off [TS]

  like you don't like that is the feeling [TS]

  of msg for me like it like there's a wet [TS]

  ty that's around the front of my face [TS]

  Wow and it's cutting off the blood to my [TS]

  scalp so do you try to avoid it if you [TS]

  can [TS]

  what can you do i learned that i live in [TS]

  the Pacific Rim and beyond people just [TS]

  flatly lie about it [TS]

  do you know you're welcome you're like [TS]

  the mysterious food and the guy is these [TS]

  bees using a yardstick to smooth the msg [TS]

  off the top one of those four up if you [TS]

  know one of those four right [TS]

  measuring cups and he's like no msg what [TS]

  are you talking about [TS]

  and just in that is just poor oh just [TS]

  pours that msg into everything they're [TS]

  cooking because they don't believe that [TS]

  we the the msg users do not believe that [TS]

  we msg sufferers are our have real [TS]

  problems so you're saying if i [TS]

  understand it most msg users are on the [TS]

  face of it [TS]

  msg deniers i would say i would say you [TS]

  can't be an msg user and an msg suffer [TS]

  you have to be an msg tonight because it [TS]

  seems like to get back to the fairy [TS]

  tales little bit of Princess and the pea [TS]

  like there's no [TS]

  way since this doesn't actually do [TS]

  anything there's no way anybody could [TS]

  ever tell that I just before cups of [TS]

  this into the food you provide exactly [TS]

  but it's like it's like trying to talk [TS]

  to somebody who has chronic fatigue [TS]

  syndrome or chronic pain [TS]

  yeah and you're saying you're talking to [TS]

  them in their I i suffer from this [TS]

  syndrome and it is impossible for you to [TS]

  get inside them and know what they're [TS]

  experiencing irritable bowel syndrome [TS]

  mm which i think you know a thing or two [TS]

  about I i thought i had that but I don't [TS]

  have a different thing that's hard to [TS]

  diagnose but I BS it's the harness [TS]

  crankiness ok let's put myself into [TS]

  oh no what the ids is the worst because [TS]

  you say oh my gosh I'm i feel really [TS]

  Crimea I don't know this is not what i [TS]

  have but people go une you really feel [TS]

  better what's wrong [TS]

  oh my god i have i have diarrhea but [TS]

  yesterday I had constipation and there's [TS]

  no way to prove that i have it so you're [TS]

  crazy person [TS]

  it's one of those unknown etiology [TS]

  unknown anything things [TS]

  sure come to the bathroom with me for a [TS]

  week and you will feel a lot of sympathy [TS]

  for me but nobody wants to do that let [TS]

  me have the showtime series i don't want [TS]

  to watch [TS]

  I had a lot of fatigue a couple years [TS]

  ago not anything close to what i would I [TS]

  imagine chronic fatigue syndrome seems [TS]

  like but even a small amount of constant [TS]

  fatigue and depression is a tremendous [TS]

  burden now imagine having something that [TS]

  you would even that you would even [TS]

  bother to characterize as chronic [TS]

  fatigue syndrome right like what it [TS]

  sounds like a total nightmare and I [TS]

  think the biggest night at the biggest [TS]

  part of the nightmare for those people [TS]

  is that everywhere they go people like [TS]

  what you just lazy have a mountain dew [TS]

  uh-huh and you're like no I seriously [TS]

  like chronic fatigue syndrome that why [TS]

  would I make that up [TS]

  I mean you know it's not it's not a very [TS]

  thing you want to announce like with [TS]

  pride but it also things I wonder how [TS]

  you do a differential diagnosis from [TS]

  from like a million other things that's [TS]

  what about the last thing a doctor was [TS]

  to come up with because then that kind [TS]

  of means they're out of ideas [TS]

  yeah it was like depression right i mean [TS]

  so they're going to be so many things [TS]

  you have to rule out to get to that [TS]

  yeah well it's like we've talked about [TS]

  before the the fact that there is no way [TS]

  to measure pain except what this like on [TS]

  a scale one [TS]

  254 have made her sad face to a happy [TS]

  face [TS]

  you know I've started doing that with my [TS]

  daughter though I'm like because she'll [TS]

  be like wow and I said what is the [TS]

  matter she's like I want a candy cane am [TS]

  I on a scale of one to five how big of [TS]

  an issue is this for you emotionally and [TS]

  invariably she said 01 like right [TS]

  exactly so we take a minute to really [TS]

  step away from it reflect for a minute [TS]

  about that how big of a deal is this and [TS]

  then the other day the other day she was [TS]

  she was doing her new routine which is [TS]

  like I like everybody except daddy [TS]

  mm and I was like em on a scale of one [TS]

  to five how much do you not like Daddy [TS]

  she thought about it she was like three [TS]

  and that was the top scorer of anything [TS]

  she's ever she's never gotten to a three [TS]

  on any scale patients had account and i [TS]

  was like wow okay of three you know you [TS]

  guys really don't like Daddy moving [TS]

  getting there [TS]

  I can handle that sixty percent not [TS]

  liking daddy it's so nice my daughter [TS]

  being able to right now it's so nice to [TS]

  wake up in the morning and she'll come [TS]

  in and feel like leaving envelope like [TS]

  at night to leave an envelope so you can [TS]

  open this until the morning till morning [TS]

  yeah I said it's really sweet you know I [TS]

  you for years I get a little messages [TS]

  like a little heart drawing or something [TS]

  I open one of the other day and it said [TS]

  I in in in broken English you are going [TS]

  to die haha oh thanks honey [TS]

  thanks sweetie it's not a three climb [TS]

  inside your stone [TS]

  yeah feeling good about it i'm at my [TS]

  office and I'm looking out at our people [TS]

  and the you know it's kind of cloudy [TS]

  windy day and I just feel very good [TS]

  right now I don't have chronic for till [TS]

  fatigue syndrome i had four have a belly [TS]

  full of sushi syndrome [TS]

  oh that's a nice afternoon it's much [TS]

  better i was looking at is a site that [TS]

  my daughter I referred to simply as our [TS]

  favorite website which is just a tumblr [TS]

  there's nothing but pictures of cute [TS]

  animals people scraped off of read it so [TS]

  i looked at that and I read most of a [TS]

  very long article about outrage on the [TS]

  internet from slate good [TS]

  uh-huh is the is the witch one of those [TS]

  two articles [TS]

  is the one where you found the picture [TS]

  of the rat eating the cookie i'm talking [TS]

  about crime challenge the donuts yes [TS]

  lady had a feature on a 2014 in outrage [TS]

  and they went through each day of the [TS]

  year and have all they have a whole [TS]

  giant calendar to show you what people [TS]

  were most outraged about on any given [TS]

  day i think i would actually find that [TS]

  pretty interesting and for you find a [TS]

  very calming [TS]

  yeah right I you know I I one of my good [TS]

  friends on the on the Twitter made a [TS]

  thing called the social justice kittens [TS]

  calendar [TS]

  oh yeah that's a liar town that's my [TS]

  time that's right and I got last sounds [TS]

  funny [TS]

  he's very funny he sent me a copy of the [TS]

  social justice kittens calendar so I've [TS]

  been looking at that every every day and [TS]

  just taking taking a little bit of peace [TS]

  I think I think people I link to that on [TS]

  the tumblr and a lot of people got mad [TS]

  and I'm I i think it's a shame that they [TS]

  don't didn't get why it's funny because [TS]

  it's your money for like five different [TS]

  reasons [TS]

  you can if you can't find something to [TS]

  laugh at when looking at that calendar [TS]

  you just that there is an actual joke [TS]

  there there's no one being harmed their [TS]

  that is pictures of kittens saying [TS]

  exactly the kind of asinine things that [TS]

  people with internet access say about [TS]

  how beleaguered they are and exhibits a [TS]

  cat saying it's really fucking fun it is [TS]

  funny it's funny but you know not being [TS]

  able to get the joke is kind of the [TS]

  character of the people that are being [TS]

  mocked in the lobby that that is my new [TS]

  theme song not [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  love is wandering in Starflight his [TS]

  words to that [TS]

  no yeah really i think because beyond [TS]

  the rim of the Starlight something like [TS]

  that my love is always connect our [TS]

  flight it's it's pretty bad [TS]

  now you are pretty pretty pretty big [TS]

  star trek fan as a kid right [TS]

  ah well if you had said which are you a [TS]

  bigger fan of Star Trek or the twilight [TS]

  zone [TS]

  I would have absolutely said the [TS]

  twilight zone hmm um and this i'm [TS]

  talking about at a time when there were [TS]

  three channels on TV and then public [TS]

  television and late at night on one of [TS]

  the channels you sometimes would see [TS]

  Star Trek reruns or twilight zone reruns [TS]

  or both [TS]

  that's interesting we would I feel like [TS]

  we very consistently got star trek [TS]

  solidly at five to six pm [TS]

  oh and when I discovered right after [TS]

  Gilligan's Island and when I discovered [TS]

  twilight zone it was squarely at like 11 [TS]

  on 11 a.m. [TS]

  yeah and for whatever reason in seattle [TS]

  we had gilligan's island of course and [TS]

  then we had tokens heroes without any [TS]

  funny and then we add then we had the [TS]

  monsters and then we had leave it to [TS]

  beaver alright and that was what went [TS]

  into the afternoon between like two and [TS]

  five star trek was I think for Western [TS]

  Washington audience is considered more [TS]

  sophisticated and it was later on at [TS]

  night I remember 1030pm we had cross [TS]

  wits never get across with the game show [TS]

  with crossword puzzles in funny funny [TS]

  celebrities no are you kidding me people [TS]

  here we're at 1030pm they were busy [TS]

  sharpening their whittling tools no time [TS]

  for crossword puzzle based so I shows up [TS]

  and sharpness you grew up in Leeds I [TS]

  mean that doesn't even make any sense to [TS]

  me now around ten o'clock we started [TS]

  putting coal our faces for the next day [TS]

  Gene Roddenberry at one point I forget [TS]

  the reason why but he had someone was [TS]

  called upon us to say what the lyrics to [TS]

  the song where I will not sing them i [TS]

  will read them into four lines via it's [TS]

  beyond the rim of the Starlight my love [TS]

  is wandering in Starflight I know he'll [TS]

  find in Star clustered reaches love [TS]

  Strangelove a star woman teaches wow it [TS]

  kinda doesn't even match the song know [TS]

  and it feels a little bit like you know [TS]

  gene roddenberry's coming out of that [TS]

  fifties and sixties science fiction [TS]

  author all icons science fiction [TS]

  yeah like Harlan Ellison land where [TS]

  there where unreasonable [TS]

  well and ultimately it's like they are [TS]

  picturing the cover of heavy metal [TS]

  magazine over an original sure you know [TS]

  where Conan is standing there with a [TS]

  sword and the and the and the girl in [TS]

  the ripped bikini so I think I mean [TS]

  there's a lot of that in Star Trek and I [TS]

  think that song is is like the poetry [TS]

  that maybe that maybe you would if you [TS]

  were on a different planet [TS]

  maybe it sounds better on it it [TS]

  translated from its original language [TS]

  Strangelove a star woman teaches you're [TS]

  gonna go out past the star clusters and [TS]

  what I say and i'm not going to raise [TS]

  lanes woman a woman is going to teach [TS]

  you strange love my love don't give me [TS]

  prisons [TS]

  oh I think that that's a big part of [TS]

  that early science fiction is that a lot [TS]

  of teenage boys were not getting earth [TS]

  love and they were looking for a strange [TS]

  love that Karen love they were getting [TS]

  some of that that you know they wanted [TS]

  some of the strange if you know time [TS]

  soon [TS]

  makeup coming from like mars mars women [TS]

  can wear the green lady who glides the [TS]

  green glider wasn't there green gliding [TS]

  lady another green lady but there's a [TS]

  lady like you didn't hear walk she just [TS]

  kind of floated oh yeah oh yeah yeah i [TS]

  just see i'm still super into that shit [TS]

  fuck you me both [TS]

  if I better green waited but just glided [TS]

  forget it [TS]

  org lid as we say if you just get from [TS]

  place to place you got her star cluster [TS]

  reaches soul the UM so I feel like Star [TS]

  Trek there's a cup the street come and [TS]

  hear he was a little bit older than I [TS]

  was and his last name was Klingon oh [TS]

  that's rough Klingon but he was he was [TS]

  the oldest kid in the neighborhood so he [TS]

  was actually really cool polish not [TS]

  cleaning it might be anything like an [TS]

  American ization of something from [TS]

  Europe maybe a German person but who [TS]

  lived in gdansk ok sorry I'm not gonna [TS]

  dance cross that prog like a pasta the [TS]

  the Germantown of that now we call [TS]

  gdansk it's the the singer from that [TS]

  band from the misfits [TS]

  Oh God dancing Danzig right [TS]

  Danzig is what we call gdansk now is [TS]

  that right yeah used to be dancing it [TS]

  was all germantown all Germans but in [TS]

  what we think of now as Poland well the [TS]

  pair of hands and I think maybe they had [TS]

  names like calling all right there [TS]

  that's a tough name to grow up with [TS]

  except so he had one of those [TS]

  oh this was the option of them i'm i'm [TS]

  having like a six will reactivate I'm [TS]

  different I'm tripping because he had [TS]

  one of those giant models of the [TS]

  starship enterprise and Israel like one [TS]

  that you could take the top off and see [TS]

  inside the the bridge and everything and [TS]

  and his bedroom was kind of like oh so [TS]

  my neighborhood was all one story houses [TS]

  except the Clintons his name was Gary [TS]

  Klien that's horrible it sounds like [TS]

  he's mispronouncing Klingon yeah it does [TS]

  and and even at the time now is removing [TS]

  hehe their house was the only house in [TS]

  the neighborhood and this is crazy to [TS]

  say they were you know there were 200 [TS]

  houses in my neighborhood [TS]

  his was the only one with a second story [TS]

  and his bedroom is on the second floor [TS]

  so that was already pretty amazing even [TS]

  without the stairs in this guy's house [TS]

  it was just like wow stairs in a house [TS]

  and then he had this starship enterprise [TS]

  in his room and it was just like I'm I [TS]

  mean I didn't go in his room a lot he [TS]

  was older than I was this was like a [TS]

  lucky treat when you could get to go in [TS]

  to his room and see this spaceship [TS]

  pretty hot stuff and then you know he [TS]

  grew up and got a car and drive away and [TS]

  I never saw him again but uh but Star [TS]

  Trek I mean I can't say that Star Trek [TS]

  was not very prominent on my on my [TS]

  landscape particularly in the years [TS]

  before Star Wars oh yeah right because [TS]

  we were nine 9 ten years old Star Wars [TS]

  came out right let's see i was ten yeah [TS]

  yeah so I i would have been 9i guess and [TS]

  you know from the age of four I was [TS]

  pretty invested in startrack even just [TS]

  not not watching the show but just like [TS]

  the toys and there and how the animated [TS]

  show on saturday mornings [TS]

  mmhmm yeah r us are you sorry because [TS]

  you're afraid of talking about Star Trek [TS]

  no no no i'm not i'm thinking about it I [TS]

  i never got into it and it's it's it's [TS]

  one of those things that that you know [TS]

  there are some things that I [TS]

  accidentally came across one or two [TS]

  times and its really fell in love with [TS]

  and star trek really seem stiff to me [TS]

  when I was a kid and you know I some of [TS]

  my nerdy your friends really liked it [TS]

  Star Wars everybody everybody I knew [TS]

  like Star Wars and if they did my star [TS]

  wars I didn't want to know that was that [TS]

  was huge for me Star Wars was like on [TS]

  you know it took over my life for two [TS]

  years [TS]

  did you have a friend that had the trash [TS]

  compactor place that I [TS]

  did I got it I got it for all your [TS]

  kidding it was pretty was pretty crappy [TS]

  well yeah it was gonna pantheon only in [TS]

  the pantheon of Star Wars toys it is not [TS]

  high up it was might have been crappy to [TS]

  own but it was the only star wars toy [TS]

  that I knew anybody but the tab was the [TS]

  only one I ever had access to a very [TS]

  limited and restricted access to it [TS]

  because it was over at my friends house [TS]

  and I could only play with it [TS]

  occasionally and boy did I think it was [TS]

  pretty impressive had a little garbage [TS]

  compactor with the new therefore yeah [TS]

  and the little monster when I was a very [TS]

  but that was a a scene that really made [TS]

  an impression of course [TS]

  well I think if I could pick one and [TS]

  still have today even with a really [TS]

  cherry one even then was Hans blaster [TS]

  that Becca will the light blaster the [TS]

  batteries that was kind of heavy and [TS]

  like you know felt really solid that was [TS]

  awesome i had an x-wing fighter with [TS]

  little are you push the r2d2 and make [TS]

  some noise [TS]

  yeah I think i mighta know the weight i [TS]

  think of anyone care to d2 the wings go [TS]

  out doesn't seem very plausible but that [TS]

  was a great toy but just a the trash [TS]

  compactor didn't have great build [TS]

  quality [TS]

  yeah yeah you're all the figures i had [TS]

  them all you know what might you did i'm [TS]

  sorry that you don't no idea i still [TS]

  have my game my daughter wrestling [TS]

  oh that's right and she chewed off the [TS]

  lights and no doubt have they came off [TS]

  and they can 78 told you that story [TS]

  right yeah you did you have mailed off [TS]

  to the the counter people and one day in [TS]

  the mail for Star Wars characters [TS]

  arrived incredible greatest and my life [TS]

  almost as great as the day that I got [TS]

  this kiss albums for free [TS]

  incredible my daughter is John a lot of [TS]

  memories my number-one playset was the [TS]

  Guns of Navarone playset did you inherit [TS]

  that from somebody help the Guns of [TS]

  Navarone plates that was a mid seventies [TS]

  a playset not based on the i think it [TS]

  was based on the original Guns of [TS]

  Navarone film but what what caused it to [TS]

  be put into production was be4 Sten from [TS]

  Navarone now sheriff it's gonna never [TS]

  based on something else is it based on [TS]

  what am I thinking of [TS]

  also the the kind of thing that's best [TS]

  seven samurai nevermind i don't think [TS]

  this is based on something else [TS]

  Guns of Navarone was like a strange a [TS]

  retelling of like the battle for Crete [TS]

  all right again yes yes yes I'm sorry of [TS]

  course of course David Niven was in it [TS]

  and you love David did i do love i love [TS]

  David Niven is that whereas the bomb guy [TS]

  oh he's the British bomb guy [TS]

  more like Miller that's right he never [TS]

  got he never got promoted [TS]

  uh but he was very aristocratic but you [TS]

  know he's a risk credit guy playing a [TS]

  playing like a you know just a man of [TS]

  the people but very upset and anthony [TS]

  quinn is an air attack it looks like [TS]

  Gregory pack is an amazing film and and [TS]

  then so then force 10 from navarone [TS]

  that's the was Robert Shaw at Harrison [TS]

  for + barbara bach look at that right [TS]

  that's right and so that movie came out [TS]

  it had nothing to do with the tower with [TS]

  the with the mountain forced to her guns [TS]

  of navarone is about a mountain force 10 [TS]

  from navarone is about a damn and [TS]

  somehow force 10 from navarone came out [TS]

  in the seventies but they but but hasbro [TS]

  or whatever some toy company made the [TS]

  Guns of Navarone playset because [TS]

  presumably everything that they had [TS]

  rights to every eight-year-old kid in [TS]

  America the time had watched that movie [TS]

  that was then 20 years old [TS]

  black-and-white with their dad at night [TS]

  on The Late movie you know it anywhere [TS]

  get back in here that's right come on [TS]

  come on you gotta want this late movie I [TS]

  mean I said I saw the longest day 42 [TS]

  times because my dad never never turned [TS]

  off at the late movie and it was always [TS]

  a war two movie and I mean that's how I [TS]

  learned about the world just like here [TS]

  we go for 10 from navarone so this was a [TS]

  giant playset it had two cannons it had [TS]

  an elevator it had like multiple tiers [TS]

  and you could sit at a you could assault [TS]

  this that's for [TS]

  is this mountain fortress I mean I'm not [TS]

  saying you could let one could assault [TS]

  this mountain fortress with your little [TS]

  green army men every day for a thousand [TS]

  years and never get bored sounds I see [TS]

  if I still had it i think i would still [TS]

  play with this the forst forst are not [TS]

  for I'm sorry [TS]

  don't mess around guns of navarone [TS]

  playset that's right [TS]

  some of my favorite toys for ones that i [TS]

  had reason I'm asking you is inherited [TS]

  was some of my favorite I like toys that [TS]

  actually held up and more fun for a long [TS]

  time where the ways that i got from [TS]

  other kids from like the 60 mm mm mm you [TS]

  know like I like the Tarzan or like I'll [TS]

  shoebox full of original batman cards [TS]

  from 1966 like a remote control car [TS]

  there's like 10 years old and still [TS]

  worked [TS]

  I can't even imagine that shit my [TS]

  daughter gets today I can't even imagine [TS]

  that stuff but even so would still work [TS]

  after 10 years I the the toy that I [TS]

  remember inheriting from an older cousin [TS]

  was the james bond db5 aston martin a [TS]

  little Corgi the corgi diecast wow those [TS]

  were amazing my friends collected those [TS]

  they were so cool and they had all the [TS]

  like the license plate flipped the [TS]

  passenger seat was an ejector seat there [TS]

  was a little uh resettling detailed a [TS]

  metal shield that sprung up that was [TS]

  bulletproof in the back window think the [TS]

  headlights were guns like all these [TS]

  things and they all worked and these are [TS]

  my cousin's bought that toy in 1964 and [TS]

  used it and then I inherited in 74 and [TS]

  it all still worked [TS]

  I wish I still had that I feel like I'm [TS]

  gonna spend all night on ebay tonight [TS]

  looking at diecast corgi cars from the [TS]

  signal before you do that you're going [TS]

  to want to go to youtube and watch a [TS]

  really poorly shot video in some guys [TS]

  basement showing off his famous world [TS]

  war two battle of Navarone giant playset [TS]

  because it was [TS]

  doesn't have a beachhead they're like [TS]

  and like and the infamous vehicles up [TS]

  your mountain with ladders on it [TS]

  what am I googling oh my christ our [TS]

  sanity in the dingus [TS]

  oh yeah it's got ladders and it's got [TS]

  almost everything it's like army man [TS]

  like to the 10th power like the army men [TS]

  but they're they're cool-looking army [TS]

  men they got infiniti vehicles in a raft [TS]

  and a flag with them so there's a great [TS]

  there's a good there the great army men [TS]

  who are the Nazis and the green army men [TS]

  are the Americans the yanks and the [TS]

  British to lesser extent let's be honest [TS]

  to a lesser extent the Allies the AL ice [TS]

  that's right the Americans and then the [TS]

  allies who are being a motley group both [TS]

  of explosives experts a ragtag a ragtag [TS]

  group of Greeks and you know but come [TS]

  food people you know people that you [TS]

  need to do we need to win four people [TS]

  become food people the Greeks the Brits [TS]

  you gotta have those people on your side [TS]

  to win a war but it's the Americans [TS]

  front-and-center get pregnant middle [TS]

  Gregory god damn pack [TS]

  yes yeah making the call ultimately [TS]

  making the call [TS]

  somebody's got to make the call and it's [TS]

  got to be sure you don't yank there are [TS]

  you gonna want to get for that this guy [TS]

  also has something in his basement it's [TS]

  a thought technology that i still find [TS]

  kind of fascinating it's what I can [TS]

  clearly identify as something I believe [TS]

  it's called a video game chair [TS]

  uh-huh you wear an aeron chair [TS]

  nope you wear videogame chairs [TS]

  apparently I'm not as scary by to play [TS]

  video games in does it have a cup holder [TS]

  now this one has a pillow on it for [TS]

  extra comfort looks like go on the [TS]

  bottom of that video game chair you get [TS]

  a chance to play video games in it it's [TS]

  kind of like like a shitty little [TS]

  footless rocking chair and sit there you [TS]

  sit there on the floor is that way you [TS]

  can sit on the floor without sitting on [TS]

  the floor [TS]

  ok get like sex beanbag kind of except [TS]

  for video games and you're alone [TS]

  hi aisi I can't want to use a real cell [TS]

  in pairs [TS]

  I can't watch that youtube video because [TS]

  uh because my operating system is sold [TS]

  that it's blocked plugins all please [TS]

  watch to watch but oh I'm looking at the [TS]

  video game chair and let me tell you [TS]

  I feel like how how many fraternity guys [TS]

  do you think die every year going [TS]

  downstairs in a video game chair [TS]

  oh because if i had that the first thing [TS]

  i would do back when I was drinking when [TS]

  I was a good person I would take that to [TS]

  the top of the biggest flight of stairs [TS]

  and it seems like such a natural fit [TS]

  John I got to tell you I have not just [TS]

  another link i think you should be able [TS]

  to see this 1i I had never actually [TS]

  spent that much time looking in to be [TS]

  get chairs month but the first of all [TS]

  the first he goes wow this is a really [TS]

  high-tech and the second thing is they [TS]

  look a lot like children's seats you put [TS]

  in a car [TS]

  yeah exactly like ah yeah except there's [TS]

  a guy holding a controller in his hand [TS]

  and look at him go [TS]

  and he's got your glasses on he's got [TS]

  short hair some of these actually look a [TS]

  little bit like Captain Kirk's chair [TS]

  why did somebody not design a video game [TS]

  chair that is an exact replica of the [TS]

  cup I you know what that sounds like [TS]

  something that is probably out there i [TS]

  think that you if you bought that if you [TS]

  if you put that for sale it would be a [TS]

  big hit because people apparently are [TS]

  buying enough of these things that there [TS]

  are literally this is a little little [TS]

  bit almost like a love doll like it [TS]

  would take so much self knowledge to [TS]

  spend a lot of money on one of these you [TS]

  know you really have to be okay with who [TS]

  you are to have something like this is [TS]

  you scroll down a little bit there's [TS]

  something almost like a dentist's chair [TS]

  with you like Soloflex arm overhead to [TS]

  have your screens on i mean i don't want [TS]

  to say that these are built just for [TS]

  jacket [TS]

  no but what they did not know my gosh [TS]

  they might as well call the masturbation [TS]

  chairs they don't look comfortable in [TS]

  the lower back area like that they [TS]

  they're curved in a very like like a [TS]

  sloppy sort of supine that's not how you [TS]

  would sit well better if you say if your [TS]

  car seat was anything like ours i mean i [TS]

  always felt I have a terrible [TS]

  relationship with car seats [TS]

  I hate them I hate putting them in i [TS]

  hate taking them out [TS]

  I hate trying to make the secure and I [TS]

  somehow end up cutting my hand when I [TS]

  have to like do anything seriously gonna [TS]

  rent a car like this one really invasive [TS]

  stuff with it [TS]

  I've got a I've got a bad scar on my [TS]

  hand from the freaking car seats i got [TS]

  I'd literally there was blood on our [TS]

  stairs from the disease cut i got from [TS]

  the kids car seat like a graco car seat [TS]

  but but to think that the really [TS]

  distinguish quality and I don't need to [TS]

  be the apple guy here the most amazing [TS]

  thing about my kids car seat is there [TS]

  was no way it was almost like something [TS]

  they can experiment MIT there's no way [TS]

  to put my kids car seat down that it [TS]

  didn't fall over [TS]

  click the button down but no matter what [TS]

  and that's what he stands up on its own [TS]

  your site no no no and thats hanging [TS]

  with these some of them look there's a [TS]

  place to put our you can have a remote [TS]

  control [TS]

  you certainly have a drink holder my [TS]

  goodness [TS]

  would you have one of I mean this is the [TS]

  thing like I remember remember a little [TS]

  TV show called friends i do and remember [TS]

  Joey and Chandler had the two chairs [TS]

  oh yeah Joey and Chandler had like old [TS]

  beat-up chairs that they loved it was [TS]

  their chairs [TS]

  oh I'm not sure that right think I think [TS]

  you're remembering a different think [TS]

  you're remembering all of the things I [TS]

  don't know if I've ever seen a whole [TS]

  episode of friends so my understanding [TS]

  is that Joey and Chandler at a certain [TS]

  point somewhere in the series which ran [TS]

  from I was like massage chairs at it [TS]

  something like they got Joey I think [TS]

  probably did it may be Chandler which [TS]

  Joey Chandler was nicer and she was [TS]

  Chandler was that could you be more [TS]

  something yeah he would be but he would [TS]

  do nicely and chandler and they got lazy [TS]

  boys it looks like they got some ways I [TS]

  think it's lazy boys they got that were [TS]

  like their TV watching chairs yeah and [TS]

  it was a big moment in the show when [TS]

  these two guys it was part of their male [TS]

  friendship and they just said like we [TS]

  are we got these chairs and we're [TS]

  watching TV and I think all across [TS]

  America there was a collective sigh of [TS]

  relief from men between the ages of [TS]

  probably 15 and 50 because these guys [TS]

  had validated the idea [TS]

  at getting a getting a chair for the [TS]

  sole purpose of sitting and watching TV [TS]

  was like not just a not just a valid [TS]

  life choice but like it was it was a [TS]

  progressive and that is like bonding is [TS]

  really arrived we got these chair we [TS]

  have arrived [TS]

  like what else do you need we've got a [TS]

  TV and we've got these chairs for for [TS]

  watching TV and at the extension of that [TS]

  now that that of that thinking now to [TS]

  this world of of a thousand lampreys as [TS]

  a good friend grant sure I knew not [TS]

  Remora a brad lastly is I did say eels [TS]

  yeah these these lampreys and I think [TS]

  the Fed and i think that the the video [TS]

  game chair is you know it's just a form [TS]

  of like that maybe it maybe what it is [TS]

  it's a way of saying ma I'm never [TS]

  leaving over like this chance this is my [TS]

  flag i'm planting the flag or or [TS]

  conversely i just made I just made four [TS]

  hundred million dollars in my initial [TS]

  public offering and i own an 11,000 [TS]

  square foot house space sixty dollars on [TS]

  a masturbation seat 11 square thousand [TS]

  square foot house in Palo Alto and the [TS]

  only furnishing is to to jackoff chairs [TS]

  and my and my and my a-level in my [TS]

  station 12 or whatever i ate person [TS]

  jacuzzi tub is empty and full of dirty [TS]

  laundry [TS]

  that would be so set it's like and [TS]

  there's one lamborghini poster like on [TS]

  my bedroom wall to give me something to [TS]

  look at as I go to sleep at night [TS]

  Oh Nick you paint quite a picture [TS]

  well you know it's not been around yeah [TS]

  travel I've traveled I've seen a little [TS]

  bit of the world [TS]

  well you know even just just because [TS]

  you're not on a lot of boards of [TS]

  directors right now doesn't mean you [TS]

  haven't been asked I'm sure [TS]

  well I haven't been asked enough [TS]

  yeah i mean i really do so I really do [TS]

  feel at some point Merlin that there is [TS]

  going to be someone some listener of our [TS]

  program who who has us tremendous good [TS]

  fortune but professional good fortune or [TS]

  political confusion and when he really [TS]

  here she when they really search their [TS]

  feelings they're going to say everything [TS]

  that i know i learned from John Merlin [TS]

  and when that happens they're gonna send [TS]

  a white hummer limo to your house and [TS]

  mine and we're going to open the door [TS]

  standing there in our bathrobes now [TS]

  y'all pours the bitcoins you're probably [TS]

  going to be holdings like a half-eaten [TS]

  hot dog [TS]

  I'm gonna be holding a sword maybe I [TS]

  won't even be wearing a bathrobe and [TS]

  there's gonna be a driver and he's going [TS]

  to say mr. man or conversely mr. [TS]

  Roderick we're gonna go yes and then [TS]

  yeah that's right it's gonna he's gonna [TS]

  be like here is a giant filson bag full [TS]

  of bitcoins foo and an engraved [TS]

  invitation to be on the board of [TS]

  directors of the most famous gun company [TS]

  in the world something you brought up [TS]

  numerous times that at first I wasn't [TS]

  sure about and i'm very interested in is [TS]

  I like that you're very forthcoming [TS]

  about saying to people [TS]

  yeah that's all well and good we do [TS]

  stuff in the future I want to know how [TS]

  to make money off of something that [TS]

  you've already made money off of i like [TS]

  the idea that you seem to be socializing [TS]

  an idea that you might be excellent as [TS]

  like a retroactive co-founder like [TS]

  retcon leader retroactive continuity [TS]

  going to change some of the original [TS]

  papers [TS]

  John will in retrospect have been [TS]

  profound her right eye because I feel [TS]

  like what what ends up happening is that [TS]

  people found a thing based on lock it up [TS]

  they found a thing based on like that [TS]

  that their arrogance in the moment and [TS]

  they run it into the ground and a [TS]

  certain point they have a reckoning they [TS]

  have a they have a come-to-jesus moment [TS]

  they're walking out in the forest snow [TS]

  is coming down to like what is wrong [TS]

  with me God and then they think how did [TS]

  I get here [TS]

  oh shit and then [TS]

  and it goes to view flip yeah that's [TS]

  right and then I'm like I appear in the [TS]

  snow [TS]

  yep I'm and I'm basically lemmiwinks no [TS]

  I'm not let me winks I'm the Frog Prince [TS]

  and I go Lambie Winx laughing Winx I [TS]

  don't have it [TS]

  let's sing a little song when i tell you [TS]

  about the journey you're about to go on [TS]

  and then you realize shit he is a [TS]

  co-founder his doctor never realized [TS]

  that his part technologies got me here [TS]

  and yet I ran yet turning my back on him [TS]

  i have doubt been deposited into this [TS]

  hell into the snowy hellscape 44 and i [TS]

  needed i need to walk back down the path [TS]

  and and again as you say retro actively [TS]

  acknowledged i guess the contribution [TS]

  and then start receiving direct input [TS]

  yes tap into the direct input of the now [TS]

  it's not it would not be that [TS]

  complicated to give you undiluted shares [TS]

  that basically make you the equivalent [TS]

  of a co-founder money-wise I think you [TS]

  ask for something more [TS]

  it sounds like you're asking that they [TS]

  go in and actually literally change the [TS]

  founding records to make you have been [TS]

  that person for years before and I think [TS]

  maybe give you an apology [TS]

  there's a fixer sort of as a sort of us [TS]

  that character from pulp fiction of the [TS]

  wolf the wolf comes in never actually [TS]

  touches anything stands there a tuxedo [TS]

  with his accurate and excess pointing [TS]

  nsx the driver asked show up order [TS]

  people around and point [TS]

  yeah and just say like you clean up the [TS]

  brains you throw your closing in a in a [TS]

  bag and and then john cusack's brother [TS]

  or sister I was Joan Cusack in that [TS]

  movie wasn't it [TS]

  oh it's um I'll see now you're going to [TS]

  make me look this up that john cusack is [TS]

  going to essentially Sweeney no Julia [TS]

  Sweeney it's going to take and take this [TS]

  take your take this conflict there [TS]

  Julius wings and pulp fiction that's so [TS]

  weird [TS]

  he's gonna take this carpet dead bodies [TS]

  gonna take it to her father's junkyard [TS]

  and that's where it's going to disappear [TS]

  and for this problem solving [TS]

  I get paid an astronomical sum [TS]

  it seems like a lot to John Travolta but [TS]

  you needed the wolf you need somebody [TS]

  calling their meeting somebody who knows [TS]

  what's what can keep your head in a [TS]

  situation like that and I feel like [TS]

  that's me in corporate America and I and [TS]

  I don't think the old guard the old [TS]

  guard isn't ever going to relinquish [TS]

  that that authority to somebody like me [TS]

  who comes from a from an outsider [TS]

  perspective really like the young people [TS]

  particularly young people listen to our [TS]

  program the young people who were spread [TS]

  collar shirts the and who have [TS]

  potentially videogame chairs they're [TS]

  going to say at a certain point I am [TS]

  over my head here i'm surrounded by [TS]

  former google vice presidents who have [TS]

  degrees in finance who are telling me [TS]

  what I should do I don't trust any of [TS]

  them [TS]

  you smell that gamma ring you know [TS]

  here's the thing John everybody here's [TS]

  the problem [TS]

  ok so here's my pitch for you you're an [TS]

  early stage on disruptor so here's what [TS]

  i mean by that first of all what is what [TS]

  does every company got way too many [TS]

  people fucking disrupting too many [TS]

  things are just making a big mess right [TS]

  and then right around to it still it's [TS]

  too late i think you come in there or [TS]

  what I said early stage maybe an angel [TS]

  round on disruptor you come in you say [TS]

  sit the fuck down [TS]

  let's everybody let's everybody just [TS]

  calm down if you don't stop disrupting [TS]

  things moving right but I smirk off your [TS]

  face [TS]

  that's right get up out of that video [TS]

  game chair and go surrounding a [TS]

  gentleman at the table that's right and [TS]

  whatever you're drinking throw it in the [TS]

  garbage we're drinking coffee here [TS]

  drinking straight coffee out his silence [TS]

  oil out of coffee cups that paper cups [TS]

  coffee cups and if one person says core [TS]

  competency well I'm in the room and kick [TS]

  in the balls now make sure you get into [TS]

  this scroll now let's get down to brass [TS]

  tacks and the thing is there's gonna be [TS]

  I'm not saying that they're going to be [TS]

  50 people who listen to this program who [TS]

  find themselves in this situation we [TS]

  don't need 50 Johnny 20 like 33 people [TS]

  over the course of the next 25 years yet [TS]

  wake up one day and say holy shit i'm [TS]

  over my head Jason really ready to be [TS]

  undisrupted that's right i have more [TS]

  resources that i know what to do with [TS]

  I'm surrounded by sharks [TS]

  and by a by people i do not like or [TS]

  trust i'm surrounded by 22 year old man [TS]

  i can't trust and fifty year old man i [TS]

  can't trust all those people get point [TS]

  but you know when you open up a window [TS]

  back up a catalog now there's always one [TS]

  gray beard guy in there who who's [TS]

  wearing a like two skinny jeans and a [TS]

  and a and a and two shirts over a [TS]

  sweater and all this weird shit yes but [TS]

  relaxed serious but relax and he is [TS]

  there to he's there as the kind of like [TS]

  oh that's the guy he runs my company or [TS]

  whatever the young CEO is only 55 you're [TS]

  surrounded by those guys and you say [TS]

  there's none of these people have what I [TS]

  need I need a sim attar refer need some [TS]

  I need somebody who's gonna come in here [TS]

  and tell us what we can drink first [TS]

  first off before we go another step [TS]

  because all these guys that all these [TS]

  guys that went to thunderbird business [TS]

  college they roll in there and they see [TS]

  it they see a meeting table strewn with [TS]

  Starbucks cups and they don't see shit [TS]

  about it because they're not thinking [TS]

  about the you know they're not thinking [TS]

  at the micro-level night like this this [TS]

  board of directors is not going to be [TS]

  able to make a single worthwhile [TS]

  decision if we are all sitting here [TS]

  drinking starbucks out of paper cups [TS]

  that's not how business gets done I'm [TS]

  done I'm here to tell you about the race [TS]

  and you start with some of the little [TS]

  sex that's right I'm afraid to tell you [TS]

  and you and you and you sit up in your [TS]

  chair god damn it and put your shoes [TS]

  back on [TS]

  look at you know I'm yeah that's right i [TS]

  just put your shoes back up [TS]

  I'm the old guy being worried about that [TS]

  you have to come in itself but the [TS]

  shoots put your shoes on there in office [TS]

  the first thing we're going to do in [TS]

  this office is built some goddamn walls [TS]

  between people's desks and the ping-pong [TS]

  table goes I'm sorry I'm sorry I'll guy [TS]

  everybody shinee the rich guy [TS]

  no i think that's that's your forecast [TS]

  right the balls [TS]