The Incomparable

190: The Cloud is Run by Hydra


  the incomparable number 198 april 2014 [TS]

  welcome back to the incomparable podcast [TS]

  I'm your host Jason L we have joined [TS]

  together here to be a little more [TS]

  current you know when a recent episode [TS]

  we talk about a movie that came out in [TS]

  the early eighties we're gonna mix it up [TS]

  a little bit we're going to talk about a [TS]

  movie that came out last week as we [TS]

  record this [TS]

  it's captain america the winter soldier [TS]

  and with our snap judgments well with a [TS]

  week to consider what we think of this [TS]

  movie we thought we would talk about it [TS]

  and be a little card for once so those [TS]

  of you in 2016 who are saying that this [TS]

  movie came out a long time ago why are [TS]

  they talking as if its current it was [TS]

  new to us [TS]

  joining me to talk about the winter [TS]

  soldier are a it's a stellar panel Tony [TS]

  sindelar i'm going to introduce you [TS]

  first how about that that's really weird [TS]

  hello hello Dan Warren I always [TS]

  introduce you [TS]

  hello just working your way down the [TS]

  list i see how it is [TS]

  yeah that's that's it or up I don't know [TS]

  Mark Tonio no moisture is too jaan is [TS]

  here hello in Winter Soldier America [TS]

  captain's you [TS]

  yeah if you had the over-under at one [TS]

  minute for Moises doing a voice you pick [TS]

  the under a new one [TS]

  good job all a returning panelist for [TS]

  the first return hehe one guy didn't [TS]

  like it when he talked about iron man [TS]

  and you know what I say to that I invite [TS]

  him back to talk about another Marvel [TS]

  movie it's guy English hi guy [TS]

  alright have to be here that's right so [TS]

  take it that guy can you that time you [TS]

  were on talking about i like i like this [TS]

  guy way better than that i like this guy [TS]

  does that guy that guy doesn't know guy [TS]

  and I believe his first visit to the [TS]

  incomparable am i right Rene Ritchie [TS]

  hail Hydra Jason indeed [TS]

  yeah well done i think Canada may just [TS]

  be Hydra that's my theory [TS]

  you and I are gonna get us running and [TS]

  hiding in our play tennis Marvel phase [TS]

  2i guess this is that this is our second [TS]

  Marvel I haven't I haven't seen i'm [TS]

  going to make a confession i still [TS]

  haven't seen thor 2 so I don't know what [TS]

  the hell happens in that one but uh a [TS]

  lot of have agreed i'm sure i'm sure [TS]

  there is a lot of thighs and figures [TS]

  that there's a whole there's a whole lot [TS]

  of portal in there [TS]

  I can't believe you aren't up to date [TS]

  that makes me so Thor yeah Wow any [TS]

  anyway uh but here we are [TS]

  avengers the avengers is is coming on [TS]

  and we get another post avengers movie [TS]

  like iron man like Thor 2 it's a captain [TS]

  america the winter soldier interesting [TS]

  decisions they had to make for this [TS]

  movie because of course the original [TS]

  Captain America is spent spent mostly [TS]

  during World War Two and I coming into [TS]

  this movie what do you do when when [TS]

  you're you're telling a modern-day story [TS]

  up steve rogers and you know I I thought [TS]

  for a long time they were going to do [TS]

  one of those like you fade you know back [TS]

  and forth and times they could do a lot [TS]

  of of period stuff and they didn't this [TS]

  is this is this is a thoroughly modern [TS]

  story and it's kind of like Captain [TS]

  America and the adventures of shield [TS]

  because there's so much shield in here [TS]

  there's a plaque there's black widow [TS]

  there's Nick Fury lot lots of shield [TS]

  stuff so I thought that was interesting [TS]

  i owe you [TS]

  I don't know people are making for puns [TS]

  in the chat room by the way that's [TS]

  really nice [TS]

  it has to be done so let's start with [TS]

  what do we think of the original Captain [TS]

  America i should i should start there I [TS]

  thought it was really good and I liked [TS]

  that it was a it was a world war two [TS]

  movie and this was a very different very [TS]

  different tone this was a super [TS]

  seventies conspiracy movie i think what [TS]

  we have the first one which was Joe [TS]

  Johnson who also directed the Rocket [TS]

  right here at all you know [TS]

  yeah and so I mean I think they picked [TS]

  the perfect person for that job if if [TS]

  you know Steven Spielberg was again sit [TS]

  down and do another action adventure [TS]

  world war two movie which is pretty much [TS]

  that he won't [TS]

  so you know I I thought it was really [TS]

  cool and I like the idea of switching [TS]

  gears because especially when you have a [TS]

  character like Captain America who is [TS]

  such a patriotic figure it's so much [TS]

  more interesting to bring him into the [TS]

  modern era where things are not as black [TS]

  and white as they are in world war two [TS]

  right in world war two we all knew who [TS]

  the bad guys were Hydra clearly you know [TS]

  and in a modern day things are not so [TS]

  cut and dried and so it's interesting to [TS]

  see you know how Steve Rogers as a [TS]

  character deals with the fact that in [TS]

  even in world war two he is like the [TS]

  most clean-cut like he's the white hat [TS]

  tonight like he is the most clean cetera [TS]

  jazz yes [TS]

  yeah well and that's what makes him so [TS]

  perfect for that you know like for the [TS]

  whole super-soldier project is that he [TS]

  is the is the weak man who knows the [TS]

  value of strength right so you know [TS]

  putting him in a modern day where he has [TS]

  to contend with the fact that the the [TS]

  battle lines are not as clearly drawn [TS]

  and America does not have quite as [TS]

  untarnished an image it makes it more [TS]

  interesting character i think in that [TS]

  that really fuels lot of the story for [TS]

  me I wouldn't the the thing that i would [TS]

  throw in is I gotta find this this link [TS]

  that made me want to burn the internet [TS]

  down this this guy you know alleging [TS]

  that well Captain America's only [TS]

  interesting when he's a jerk [TS]

  which I think misses the point of why [TS]

  you tell Captain America story and I do [TS]

  i i'm i'm going to say this right now [TS]

  and I'm gonna be so mad be so mad at mr. [TS]

  rails into a man of steel conversation [TS]

  but characterization is very important [TS]

  with easy these iconic characters [TS]

  because they are built around [TS]

  iconography and when that doesn't quite [TS]

  jive you're telling a different story [TS]

  and it's for me it's it's the cheapest [TS]

  kind of a cop-out where we see [TS]

  everything is getting dark and super emo [TS]

  and super gritty and gravely and like [TS]

  you're gargling razor blades with these [TS]

  superheroes and i like that we get to we [TS]

  get to we get to balance the you know [TS]

  the man out of time the good-hearted [TS]

  white hat man dealing with the the moral [TS]

  quandary of the modern world which is [TS]

  what we you know what comes from the [TS]

  original comics but that I I feel like [TS]

  they they put a nice fine polish to it [TS]

  you know the best elements from the [TS]

  original winter soldier story or in here [TS]

  but they don't go too far overcorrecting [TS]

  in either direction either the you know [TS]

  the the paragon of virtue or the world [TS]

  full of moral conflict you know we we [TS]

  get we get enough of both ingredients [TS]

  that it it feels balanced it doesn't [TS]

  feel out of character [TS]

  it's still jives with the first movie [TS]

  though i would i would say that there's [TS]

  a there's a character relationship [TS]

  between Steve Rogers in a particular [TS]

  character that I wish they'd established [TS]

  more firmly more indelibly in the first [TS]

  movie especially with what this movie is [TS]

  and what represents I don't know four [TS]

  different spoiler territory yes we [TS]

  should say we are firing up the spoiler [TS]

  warning you should not listen to this [TS]

  podcast if you have not seen this movie [TS]

  what is wrong with you [TS]

  so 22 very plainly see what I was [TS]

  alluding to [TS]

  I really wish if there is one big thing [TS]

  that I wish I could you know go back and [TS]

  tweak from the first movie i really wish [TS]

  that we've gotten a stronger more [TS]

  indelible kind of touchstone to the [TS]

  relationship between cap and Bucky where [TS]

  there was some interplay but it you know [TS]

  when we in this movie [TS]

  flashback to pre winter soldier Bucky [TS]

  there it's it's it's almost like OMG [TS]

  this guy was in the first movie that's [TS]

  right that that they didn't they didn't [TS]

  sign post it quite well enough to [TS]

  shorthand to get to the end with with [TS]

  him in the present day in Captain [TS]

  America means that we we miss that [TS]

  there's like a montage of like and then [TS]

  they had many exciting adventures and [TS]

  instead of it being like we really get [TS]

  to know [TS]

  Bucky's there from the beginning it's [TS]

  not written as if mucky is going to come [TS]

  back right that's basically what it is [TS]

  the first we've not really written with [TS]

  the wow we're really gonna pay this off [TS]

  later [TS]

  even though they might have had an [TS]

  inkling that was what going to be what [TS]

  was gonna happen and it's all I think [TS]

  because they had to compress there and [TS]

  you know many exciting adventures in [TS]

  World War two but let's get to the end [TS]

  now I mean what were they going to do [TS]

  other than winter soldier jump straight [TS]

  to death of Captain America that doesn't [TS]

  make any sense you know I it feels like [TS]

  they they they knew that this was going [TS]

  to be the next logical step [TS]

  if the first one did well enough if [TS]

  there was going to be a sequel that this [TS]

  was going to be the next story that they [TS]

  were going to do and and I feel like it [TS]

  they they had to know that because I I [TS]

  don't see what else they laid the [TS]

  groundwork for because they planned this [TS]

  stuff so far in advance you know they [TS]

  have no card outlines going out to like [TS]

  20 26 years i'm not sure that they knew [TS]

  that so so clearly that it was so clear [TS]

  with Captain America Renee go ahead [TS]

  you're going to say something was gonna [TS]

  say that I agree with that i think that [TS]

  there was some odd structuring issues [TS]

  with the first movie i loved it [TS]

  completely but I think there's a lot of [TS]

  the setup and then that montage and then [TS]

  the conclusion and it didn't really [TS]

  allow them to establish that [TS]

  relationship and one of my favorite [TS]

  version because there have been many of [TS]

  Captain America [TS]

  is when he I think it's going to stop [TS]

  the missile at and the missile blows up [TS]

  and he falls into the ocean but but he [TS]

  is there with him till nearly the end [TS]

  and you see him seeing Bucky die and [TS]

  that's a very powerful visual at the end [TS]

  of his plummet into the ocean and in the [TS]

  movie it happens so early on and then [TS]

  you have all the Howling Commandos and [TS]

  all the other characters in there [TS]

  I think he does get lost amid all the [TS]

  characters in the first movie in this [TS]

  myth in the Smithsonian there's a UH [TS]

  Howling Commandos exhibit which is funny [TS]

  because it is like hey it's the guy from [TS]

  that montage to note though [TS]

  Sebastian Stan you play Bucky has been [TS]

  signed apparently for like nine pictures [TS]

  so they clearly knew they were going to [TS]

  dosometing with him yeah they're gonna [TS]

  kill captain america so yeah I think [TS]

  that's it down cavity pretty likely that [TS]

  the word for future movie star yeah boys [TS]

  have you just speculative little [TS]

  speculation pure speculation but you [TS]

  know you know these comic books even is [TS]

  good and they're not killed [TS]

  ok i wanna i want to rewind a little bit [TS]

  ok so if we talked about Captain America [TS]

  being this moral force and in in a kind [TS]

  of a a world with a lot of the greys and [TS]

  a lot of questions and that's one of the [TS]

  nice things about Robert Redford who is [TS]

  I think a lot of fun in this movie [TS]

  playing the kind of grizzled a spymaster [TS]

  who's actually like in these Nick Fury [TS]

  is boss he's got like he's on the the [TS]

  secretive world Security Council examine [TS]

  efforts which has been upgraded to full [TS]

  body hot body Holograms from the google [TS]

  hangouts that I mean they have injures [TS]

  technology [TS]

  yes it's improved the 10 and and but I [TS]

  like him because he he just radiates in [TS]

  that hole early scene with with Captain [TS]

  America with Steve Rogers this you know [TS]

  we compromise and do what we must in [TS]

  order to keep America safe and he's he's [TS]

  laying it out it's like I exist in a [TS]

  moral gray area for America and Captain [TS]

  America's like totally that is not [TS]

  captain america right he's not about [TS]

  moral gray areas but he is for America [TS]

  and i love that I love that combination [TS]

  and I thought that was a really nice [TS]

  because we get you get some of that from [TS]

  nick fury but but I'm a robber was like [TS]

  the perfect person to [TS]

  having that in that part and saying that [TS]

  stuff in the end he's not the [TS]

  compromiser really right with me hurry [TS]

  and whipping been compromised like the [TS]

  guy in the middle was like I'm trying to [TS]

  please too you know like my both my [TS]

  moral sense as well as like the [TS]

  practical sense you know Robert Redford [TS]

  yeah I was funny because i really expect [TS]

  him to be that sort of politically great [TS]

  figure guys I operated a gray area but [TS]

  i'm going to usher in a fascist you know [TS]

  what I mean world government turns out [TS]

  trust me on this one my gray area is [TS]

  called Hydra I believe in a mixed free [TS]

  market economy but with fascism over all [TS]

  of it [TS]

  have you seen my drones they're very big [TS]

  emphasize those drones that matter what [TS]

  that's like i like i like this movie [TS]

  better when it was three days of the [TS]

  Condor to otherwise known as four days [TS]

  of the Condor the captain america has [TS]

  always been most interesting when the [TS]

  values of America and America itself [TS]

  have diverged and he sort of the person [TS]

  around which all of that gets to play [TS]

  out right right where he's running for [TS]

  president or or even generally America [TS]

  is not the greatest country in the world [TS]

  Renee belgium has freedom [TS]

  nah okay yeah-oh call me when Captain [TS]

  Belgium's movie i would watch that i [TS]

  would totally watch that there'll be [TS]

  lots of waffles [TS]

  this is a outrageous this is [TS]

  anti-american nonsense and I won't stand [TS]

  for it anyway I i want to mention so we [TS]

  were talking about the the first movie [TS]

  and although thatthat's not our topic [TS]

  today it is worth talking about it to [TS]

  one of the things that's in here that [TS]

  I'm really glad made it in even though [TS]

  it's sort of dumb have a lot to do with [TS]

  the plot of this movie he goes and [TS]

  visits Peggy Carter his sort of [TS]

  girlfriend from the first movie and [TS]

  she's an old she's a very very old lady [TS]

  with a bad memory and they reminisce a [TS]

  little bit and then she forgets that he [TS]

  was there and I but I love that because [TS]

  we never got that in the first movie in [TS]

  the first movie they say goodbye [TS]

  he crashed the plane he's frozen for a [TS]

  long time and then he wakes up and then [TS]

  we have the Avengers and that's a very [TS]

  busy thing and he's got lots to do so [TS]

  that was great because we finally steep [TS]

  you know IM and with the other seems [TS]

  like the the where he writes down things [TS]

  that he needs to like the marvin gaye [TS]

  album or or what he has seen more games [TS]

  that was good that was a relief I really [TS]

  this however [TS]

  versions of that notepad depending on [TS]

  what country you see the movie in those [TS]

  certain things are universal including [TS]

  Star Wars and Star exactly so i really [TS]

  like that they finally got to do some [TS]

  more man out of time stuff and they got [TS]

  to pay off him meeting not meeting but [TS]

  no being with Peggy Carter again I I [TS]

  loved that they did all of that because [TS]

  they could have just swept by and I [TS]

  think as a viewer of that somebody [TS]

  really like that first movie i'm glad [TS]

  they went back to that and said look no [TS]

  he is he's a man out of time and then it [TS]

  pays off a little bit later with Arnim [TS]

  Zola who's a seventies computer now but [TS]

  it's nice that they don't they don't [TS]

  overplay it like it could have turned [TS]

  into you know sleepy hollow or something [TS]

  like that place was rocking to turn into [TS]

  a gag and they use it they deploy it [TS]

  perfectly in the sense that also keep in [TS]

  mind this guy is incredibly smart and [TS]

  like a you know tactical and soldier was [TS]

  right [TS]

  he's going to figure out and adapt like [TS]

  that's kind of what he does he's not [TS]

  going to be like the bumbling uh you're [TS]

  using automatic weapon right you know [TS]

  he's gonna figure that out pretty quick [TS]

  and so it i like that they did the nice [TS]

  throwback to it's like he's writing [TS]

  stuff down in a notebook right right and [TS]

  you got a record player but he's [TS]

  never-before-told by technology right [TS]

  because that would be we'd all be really [TS]

  said if Captain America is just like [TS]

  wait which key to a hit i can never [TS]

  remember my password directors actually [TS]

  said they taught a modern combat styles [TS]

  for this movie because they wanted it to [TS]

  look like he done all his research and [TS]

  get caught up with everything that i was [TS]

  totally going to note that because if [TS]

  you watch his fighting style here as [TS]

  opposed to the Avengers and the original [TS]

  Captain America he clearly knows martial [TS]

  arts in this movie which is again I [TS]

  think I'm brilliant move because yeah [TS]

  he's a he's a soldier he is the soldier [TS]

  he's not going to sit around be like and [TS]

  I don't know you guys who invented all [TS]

  these crazy Marshall started using the [TS]

  band just stick with punching people [TS]

  really hard to feel like they gotta work [TS]

  Hitler on the chin he has he has nothing [TS]

  else to do [TS]

  I mean that's the other thing is this is [TS]

  what he does right and that's that's [TS]

  actually i think one of the point things [TS]

  about his early scene with Robert [TS]

  Redford is you know the the questions [TS]

  what else would you do [TS]

  I mean this is all you're not only are [TS]

  you a soldier through and through but [TS]

  you're out of time you you know if you [TS]

  quit [TS]

  there's nothing this is this is you this [TS]

  is your entire identity or or is it i [TS]

  mean that's the question but so course [TS]

  you learn [TS]

  it's all the cool stuff you can because [TS]

  that's what else he's got that it's that [TS]

  and watching movies is barbershop [TS]

  quartet is all dead [TS]

  yeah mentioning that that's that's the [TS]

  same it's in the trailer where he jumps [TS]

  out of the jumps out of the airplane arm [TS]

  i want to talk about the action scenes [TS]

  in this movie because i think it's [TS]

  really interesting we you know we've [TS]

  done comfortable we did our man of steel [TS]

  episode we did you know we did it was [TS]

  one of the quibbles about iron man 3 I [TS]

  feel like I'm getting I'm gonna don't [TS]

  speak for everybody but I i feel like [TS]

  i'm getting a little exhausted with the [TS]

  kind of scenes of gigantic urban [TS]

  disaster even in the Avengers which I [TS]

  candle did fairly well it's still a [TS]

  giant things blowing up buildings and [TS]

  one of the things I liked about that the [TS]

  action in winter soldier is it felt more [TS]

  personal and more constrained like [TS]

  hydrophobic there's a boat there is a [TS]

  buzz literally a scene in an elevator [TS]

  that there's a boat raid there's an [TS]

  elevator fight there's a car chase and [TS]

  there and even in the last the last [TS]

  scene that's got that super crazy like [TS]

  three helicarriers and crashing into [TS]

  buildings in reality it's a showdown [TS]

  between two men in an enclosed space its [TS]

  that's and that's the action so I like I [TS]

  thought they did a really great job with [TS]

  that especially after some of the [TS]

  previous movies it's like you know even [TS]

  I you know I like iron man but it's like [TS]

  I feel like every action shot and I [TS]

  remain is like CGI are in man shooting [TS]

  missiles at cgi you know other robots [TS]

  right right and you need to be watching [TS]

  it at like a hundred and fifty frames a [TS]

  second but like it it it's a lot more [TS]

  kinetic and a lot more exciting watching [TS]

  Captain America punch somebody or [TS]

  struggle with somebody I mean there were [TS]

  multiple knives get home people kicking [TS]

  each other it's different than just like [TS]

  people like zapping each other and [TS]

  shooting it [TS]

  I like it's very physical it's very nice [TS]

  role even that just the first scene [TS]

  where he's running across the boat and [TS]

  he's just knocking people down yet felt [TS]

  me up a little video game ask but even [TS]

  that was still kind of exciting in a way [TS]

  where it's like I'm sure there's tons of [TS]

  CGI in all the shots but they're not [TS]

  100-percent cgi like many of the shots [TS]

  at ironman you get the sense with a bow [TS]

  trade that it's a he's almost like [TS]

  challenging himself like how many people [TS]

  can i take out before the parachute guys [TS]

  get down here but i like the stuff with [TS]

  the shield every time somebody get hit [TS]

  with that she'll by actually having a [TS]

  little bit oh wow that looks like it [TS]

  hurts [TS]

  I was way more violent than I thought it [TS]

  was gonna be like he was tearing through [TS]

  people on that boat and they were [TS]

  breaking like it was it was pretty crazy [TS]

  you thought you thought I was gonna hug [TS]

  him no but I mean you know what I mean [TS]

  like to get like like you said with the [TS]

  death drunk they don't just pop it on [TS]

  the head and fall down [TS]

  yeah exactly that she looks like the [TS]

  dental yeah Drake invention stuff it's [TS]

  beautiful [TS]

  the one thing I was gonna know is you [TS]

  know and guys don't tell me to shut up [TS]

  in a second but that was all very [TS]

  Ultimates inspired that's Mark Miller [TS]

  captain america from jumping out the [TS]

  helicopter with no parachute being the [TS]

  person of mass destruction taking out [TS]

  the entire terrorist camp but i think [TS]

  they stop themselves before they got [TS]

  into the worst of the Millers let's [TS]

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  smell sent me for so thank you to [TS]

  squarespace for supporting five-by-five [TS]

  and the incomparable I wanted so let's [TS]

  talk about the car chase i thought was [TS]

  great car chase did this is you know I I [TS]

  thought for a second [TS]

  this movie is called captain america and [TS]

  this huge car chase that's Nick Fury [TS]

  it's like this suddenly the Nick Fury [TS]

  movie comes in but it's i really enjoyed [TS]

  this to that was a mainstream you know [TS]

  big-budget superhero movie that manages [TS]

  to make of exciting car chase through [TS]

  the streets of Cleveland posing as [TS]

  washington DC i think uh but I thought [TS]

  that was great too and again not not [TS]

  giant superhuman maybe cgi creatures [TS]

  throwing huge objects but instead [TS]

  something where I understand the physics [TS]

  I kind of understood the geography and [TS]

  then it also had the sense of humor [TS]

  where Nick Furies cars talking to him [TS]

  and telling him what's broken but the [TS]

  air conditioning works and that was nice [TS]

  because Nick Fury hasn't I mean he's [TS]

  obviously has a lot of presence but he [TS]

  doesn't have got to do a lot in all the [TS]

  movies where he's been it right i mean [TS]

  he he's freaking shows that places and [TS]

  he you know sometimes you give stirring [TS]

  speeches you know pep talks and whatnot [TS]

  right yeah I gotta work yeah she knows [TS]

  you know appears that the entire at the [TS]

  end of the Avengers like he's not [TS]

  running around shooting guys as this new [TS]

  york swelling down [TS]

  yeah it in the Avengers he pointed out [TS]

  doors like check it out i got a rocket [TS]

  launcher guys I'm gonna shoot this [TS]

  rocket launcher and that's all I'm going [TS]

  that's all i do now i got i got a [TS]

  PowerPoint deck i gotta work on I gotta [TS]

  get on the phone with these shadowy [TS]

  figures and talking about new lot of [TS]

  paperwork I can see it coming so here [TS]

  he's doing yeah he's doing his thing and [TS]

  and and the tension builds and and then [TS]

  unfortunately the trailer gives a way [TS]

  that is going to run a [TS]

  into the winter soldier but even then I [TS]

  know why didn't they just start with [TS]

  that when you just shoot the thing that [TS]

  catches the bottom of the carb load up [TS]

  see you later there's a few blocks away [TS]

  he just wasn't ready yet they had to be [TS]

  a car chase Danner now sorry I don't [TS]

  know why do I have this good it was good [TS]

  car chase there's a there's am a flash [TS]

  drive that is doesn't work like any [TS]

  flash drive ever seen the MacGuffin [TS]

  flash drive [TS]

  yeah yeah that wasn't my favorite thing [TS]

  it runs on shield OS chase and you [TS]

  wouldn't understand you're right it's [TS]

  true [TS]

  they've got extra advanced technology [TS]

  they're open source and so let's see [TS]

  what other one other big action set [TS]

  pieces are there's the bunker in in New [TS]

  Jersey that I thought was pretty cool [TS]

  the weather it's his old base and we get [TS]

  the flashback to the first movie and [TS]

  then go inside the bunker and i like [TS]

  that not only was there a picture of [TS]

  Peggy but there was a picture of Tommy [TS]

  Lee Jones who had never started and oh [TS]

  yes Howard Stark and they talk about a [TS]

  young Howard Stark confusingly that was [TS]

  no accident [TS]

  uh and then they go downstairs and they [TS]

  meet its like the hatch from lost theirs [TS]

  in their seventies computers moving [TS]

  around and Arnim Zola has digitized [TS]

  himself [TS]

  unfortunately digitized himself in the [TS]

  seven days after to AP a great great [TS]

  move [TS]

  I'm not against that i'm not convinced [TS]

  that he is gone [TS]

  oh no I never come back yeah digital [TS]

  they backed him up [TS]

  yes on the cloud i would imagine that [TS]

  that was just like the version that they [TS]

  left down there and then he's also [TS]

  floating around last year mi the am I [TS]

  the only one on that still watching [TS]

  agents of shield I know now I know what [TS]

  I know I'm water [TS]

  nevertheless for watching is no I'm all [TS]

  I'm not like that it's got a better i'm [TS]

  convinced Arnim Zola's the real [TS]

  clairvoyant [TS]

  yeah that would make a lot more setup [TS]

  would make a lot more energy like that [TS]

  payoff that will totally work if we get [TS]

  that sometime in the next six episodes [TS]

  probably get Tony Jones to do that Toby [TS]

  Jones who's John so long they yeah it [TS]

  made someone's guess that's me like on [TS]

  the way back from the movie and I was [TS]

  like it yeah yeah that makes a lot of [TS]

  sense it does it does kind of take tick [TS]

  all the boxes on that one and this movie [TS]

  makes me even happier that the guy point [TS]

  Arnim Zola also played karl rove so [TS]

  happens the dream [TS]

  Lauren doctor who I'm so god yes he is [TS]

  so I let's talk about access since i'm [TS]

  taking off the the the action scenes big [TS]

  the big action scene at the end you know [TS]

  there is a large-scale aspect to it like [TS]

  iron man 3 right where it suddenly Oh [TS]

  lots of people are doing lots of things [TS]

  at once and their big vehicles moving [TS]

  and lots of stuff is happening and yet I [TS]

  felt like it really [TS]

  they did a great job of having it makes [TS]

  sense that they're sort of because [TS]

  they've got lost I got the three [TS]

  MacGuffins right so they got the three [TS]

  chips that have to go into the three [TS]

  things so they've got three different [TS]

  missions for that and so it there's some [TS]

  sort of clarity we see what you know we [TS]

  see what the Falcon is doing and there's [TS]

  some really nice like if you've got a [TS]

  falcon backpack [TS]

  you're way more maneuverable than a than [TS]

  a fighter jet and then in the end it's a [TS]

  it's a showdown between captain america [TS]

  the winter soldier and it's meaningful [TS]

  and yes there are explosions happening [TS]

  all around but that showdown is really [TS]

  small and meaningful in a good fight [TS]

  scene 2 and and i really i really like [TS]

  that seemed to that even though we got [TS]

  the sense that this was a big stage the [TS]

  most important stuff and actually the [TS]

  stuff that's got the emotional resonance [TS]

  is happening in a small enclosed space [TS]

  where we can understand it [TS]

  yeah two deaths cartridge yeah good [TS]

  evening ladies can ya got a man's guy [TS]

  wins he got it love it love it but let [TS]

  me out an ad in education [TS]

  let me ask a question how come in like [TS]

  the 60 years that they've been like [TS]

  freezing and unfreezing with your [TS]

  soldier like nobody get my haircut [TS]

  I'm just saying it seems like it gets in [TS]

  his eyes he likes its style it makes up [TS]

  it makes people scared of him he doesn't [TS]

  even know how long is areas he wakes up [TS]

  every time he's all groggy and [TS]

  everything the Hydra guys do it for them [TS]

  they will they really liked it there in [TS]

  in in Hydra or Russia or where wherever [TS]

  he yeah they love that stuff [TS]

  I think it's great i think makes them [TS]

  super spooky because I had a moment work [TS]

  with during the unmasking I did hear [TS]

  someone behind me gasps could not tell [TS]

  if they were being a rock and I heard a [TS]

  lot of people gasping okay but is what I [TS]

  was in I was in this like super early [TS]

  fan screening that like they did in a [TS]

  few different cities like three weeks [TS]

  ago and even among the superfans [TS]

  you know in an audience with people [TS]

  dressed up which doesn't generally [TS]

  happen for the promo screenings there is [TS]

  there's a surprising number of gasps but [TS]

  then there is also that there was also a [TS]

  lie i heard an audible reaction that [TS]

  wasn't surprised but it was it was the [TS]

  like they felt it hit them in the middle [TS]

  of the chest the way that hit Steve the [TS]

  moment he recognized it was and that [TS]

  like that's what really paid off the [TS]

  most for me was they could have they [TS]

  didn't have to play it up as a secret [TS]

  for as long as they did I think that the [TS]

  emotional beat worked way better than [TS]

  trying to play it as a big surprise and [TS]

  it would be a surprise to some people [TS]

  but ensure that's a lot less important [TS]

  than it actually hitting hitting Steve [TS]

  between the it's interesting because i [TS]

  think the what I found fascinating [TS]

  especially about the Marvel movies is [TS]

  they've really for the most part tossed [TS]

  out the device of the secret identity [TS]

  you know starting with iron man the end [TS]

  of the movie is I am ironman like they [TS]

  don't really take the time like think [TS]

  about the Avengers there's almost nobody [TS]

  in the Avengers whose identity is a [TS]

  secret anyway everybody knows who Steve [TS]

  Rogers Sam you know Sam knows who he is [TS]

  immediately right there is everybody [TS]

  seeing them on TV at this point you know [TS]

  defending Manhattan and all of that and [TS]

  I kind of like that we haven't played [TS]

  with it so it's interesting to get a [TS]

  situation in which a plot [TS]

  I mean need whether it be a plot point [TS]

  an emotional point is actively like who [TS]

  is this person [TS]

  it sort of turns the idea on its head a [TS]

  little bit from what we've seen so far [TS]

  in the Marvel continuity that said I was [TS]

  really just impress anybody could [TS]

  recognize him with a really long hair [TS]

  yeah yeah I i was noticing the [TS]

  flashbacks mean like yeah you gotta [TS]

  really pay off you got it you got it yet [TS]

  get can't we talk to the same thing we [TS]

  talked about earlier with the word [TS]

  choices were saying like you gotta bring [TS]

  up this relationship a little more and [TS]

  solidified a little more for it to mean [TS]

  something to the audience as opposed to [TS]

  to Steve I felt like they had to put in [TS]

  those earlier scenes or else all the [TS]

  people who haven't seen captain america [TS]

  in like three years since it came out [TS]

  would be alright who's that who's this [TS]

  and what's going on please note that guy [TS]

  with which white guy with brown here was [TS]

  he was either one of the torch or lifted [TS]

  will shoot version of solar that fucking [TS]

  but the winter soldier is dum-dum Dugan [TS]

  that's right i'm shocked [TS]

  Neil MacDonald needs work he's gonna [TS]

  tell you how Great America is that they [TS]

  didn't have when we work all through the [TS]

  summer time and make a great Cadillacs [TS]

  that's right I we should talk we [TS]

  mentioned briefly the elevator scene i [TS]

  thought the elevator scene was great and [TS]

  in the trailer you see it's aftermath [TS]

  but you don't see the actual thing and [TS]

  and and also early on the movie is the [TS]

  scene where they're riding down in the [TS]

  elevator and I'm thinking to myself man [TS]

  that's a really nice elevator and I [TS]

  think and I think to myself why is this [TS]

  elevator here and I think well they're [TS]

  showing us go into the ground to the [TS]

  sub-basement to see the that's why it's [TS]

  in there and then he gets in the [TS]

  elevator for that fight scene where the [TS]

  guys keep which is a really nice piece [TS]

  of work because the rain choreography [TS]

  with them keep getting on [TS]

  yeah and he's sort of putting it all [TS]

  together yeah that you know it's really [TS]

  really good at it even there Steve [TS]

  Rogers right [TS]

  he doesn't just start fighting them he [TS]

  acknowledges what they're going to do [TS]

  and give them an opportunity to get off [TS]

  her and then they find it is a threat i [TS]

  thought was a really well-done scene and [TS]

  I like the elevator set up to its like [TS]

  if you're gonna build you have a bunch [TS]

  of good scenes in an elevator built a [TS]

  really awesome giant elevator with a [TS]

  great class background and they did that [TS]

  like it was a real fight to like he [TS]

  wasn't even just wiped the floor with [TS]

  them [TS]

  yeah well I'm getting hacked the pack so [TS]

  many people has 10 against one or [TS]

  whatever and they did have to tie one of [TS]

  his hands behind his back yeah yeah but [TS]

  it was good like it [TS]

  I you know when I saw the setup I [TS]

  thought it was just that would be it [TS]

  right see what we saw in the thing yeah [TS]

  you you know you just beat the crap out [TS]

  of them but it actually it worked too [TS]

  well again really visible and like super [TS]

  tight cover a few I'd say that's the [TS]

  best fight scene in the movie [TS]

  I mean I like some of the stuff with [TS]

  with Captain America and Bucky the like [TS]

  that that one fight that Tony lu2 with [TS]

  the knives work he keeps pulling knives [TS]

  and everywhere I felt like that mean [TS]

  that's a really good fight but it's like [TS]

  I felt this one night something [TS]

  interesting about the choreography and [TS]

  the constraint i mean reminded be I mean [TS]

  for the for those of using the original [TS]

  old boy the scene in the hallway like it [TS]

  had sort of a similar feel in terms of [TS]

  like let's play with the you know the [TS]

  this space like let's explain experience [TS]

  but this space is gonna be like [TS]

  happens if you have a fight in a [TS]

  physical location rather than just like [TS]

  sprawling all over the place [TS]

  my sis just in the chat room that would [TS]

  be really funny if like a somebody in [TS]

  the elevator when Steve Rogers says [TS]

  anybody want to get out is like I look I [TS]

  just need to get done before the part [TS]

  that really be out of place when a guy [TS]

  with like the tray of baked goods or [TS]

  something yeah I just I i got i mean the [TS]

  pizza delivery guy is your friend Marty [TS]

  on is what the guy in iron man 3 these [TS]

  guys are so weird i hate working here [TS]

  you recognize that guy i love that kind [TS]

  of Daniel you're right that this is I [TS]

  think you make a really good point that [TS]

  the you know all the superheroes are [TS]

  like iron man's got his armor any flies [TS]

  he's got stuff the chutes and all that [TS]

  and everybody's got their thing and [TS]

  Captain America you know he fights good [TS]

  he's a good fight guy and so that's what [TS]

  it should be is is we should see him [TS]

  being a good fighting guy in the [TS]

  elevator [TS]

  you know you and really smart too i [TS]

  think the other one likes it but he's [TS]

  there's no point being or writer using [TS]

  energy blasts he's a good soldier he's [TS]

  just yeah and i think that the part of [TS]

  like the Avengers part which really [TS]

  drills at home for me is the part where [TS]

  you know when the team finally gets [TS]

  together and and Tony Stark is saying [TS]

  alright you know captain america and you [TS]

  tell us what to do because you're the [TS]

  only person here who's really trained in [TS]

  any sort of like tactic right or [TS]

  soldiering right everybody else is like [TS]

  you've got some assassins and stuff like [TS]

  that but you don't have really anybody [TS]

  else who's used to working with a team [TS]

  right which is the one thing that [TS]

  Captain America has over all of them [TS]

  which is that he worked with 18 [TS]

  yeah well it's like what I'm saying the [TS]

  other day leadership is kind of [TS]

  superpower [TS]

  yeah he can compel people to action [TS]

  that's good I like that it's true and [TS]

  then that's it that's always the [TS]

  challenge with him is that he is the [TS]

  symbol and he's a leader and you know [TS]

  honestly that was that always made [TS]

  shield kind of a weird fit right i mean [TS]

  the first time he wakes up in the [TS]

  present day he saw he's the ra she'll [TS]

  Jason and its general mine its natural [TS]

  he's inspired by him that synergy Jason [TS]

  but he wakes up they're faking the past [TS]

  right and so I I felt like there's [TS]

  always this tension between him and [TS]

  shield and Nick Fury because he you know [TS]

  he's got his he's got his standards and [TS]

  and [TS]

  he's already he's a leader but he's not [TS]

  the leader of this group and and that [TS]

  was the natural tension that was there [TS]

  so having can be kind of rebel and [TS]

  having to run away from shield I worked [TS]

  really well right because then he's in [TS]

  charge [TS]

  yeah and that final scene and fury [TS]

  literally just tell him like looks like [TS]

  you're calling the shots now cat [TS]

  yeah we're giving me one looks like yeah [TS]

  yeah exactly right i like that nobody [TS]

  else like that was one of the [TS]

  interesting follow things for agents of [TS]

  shield for me was that even though you [TS]

  know fury acknowledges like all right we [TS]

  got it like yeah we gotta get rid of [TS]

  everything right [TS]

  nobody tells that to anybody she hoped [TS]

  but they're also like going like alright [TS]

  we can kind of salvage this whole Hydra [TS]

  situation right little spin on it and [TS]

  maybe we can just yet other than Marino [TS]

  and Maria Hill clearly had her resume [TS]

  ready to go right she's like I'm gonna [TS]

  apply to that job at Stark Industries [TS]

  now it in the movie Pepper Potts is way [TS]

  better adjusted than any of these idiots [TS]

  am i imagining things or what was there [TS]

  not look at a time lapse after the fall [TS]

  of hydrate the Triskelion in the movie [TS]

  where I think I think the series is [TS]

  catching up to where we end up at the [TS]

  end of the yeah I think you're right i [TS]

  mean you're sort of a dissolve like he [TS]

  was picking up the pieces [TS]

  a few months later I am black widow [TS]

  Manning and i am here to wikileak [TS]

  congress right that's right because it's [TS]

  cuz she says I'm here to not tell you [TS]

  anything so suck at Congress something I [TS]

  really appreciate about that mechanic is [TS]

  that I did not [TS]

  throughout this movie like question [TS]

  where are the other adventures why is [TS]

  you know why isn't Captain America like [TS]

  callin for help because because he is [TS]

  cut off right he's cut off from shield [TS]

  he doesn't trust where is like basically [TS]

  like the second half of iron man 3 on my [TS]

  flight isn't you know like he knows [TS]

  these guys who are really good at stuff [TS]

  maybe he should like call back up the [TS]

  phone and call them and it's like you [TS]

  know something I'm willing to believe [TS]

  that captain america a feels he cannot [TS]

  trust anyone and be probably doesn't [TS]

  have an address book right you know he [TS]

  doesn't have a smartphone oh yeah and an [TS]

  iron is no pain lost it [TS]

  yeah that last start start thinks he can [TS]

  just handle it himself but like you know [TS]

  like when he doesn't have his suit and [TS]

  he's like walking through the snow it's [TS]

  like you know what that's when you call [TS]

  for you call for exact [TS]

  right now I thought this also what [TS]

  happened so fast right it's like yeah [TS]

  this is all happening fast he's in [TS]

  Washington it's all cut off he doesn't [TS]

  know who to trust and and it just [TS]

  happens too fast for them I i I've [TS]

  talked to some people who have seen her [TS]

  like just having the Avengers hanging [TS]

  over them it's always an issue like I [TS]

  don't know I never I never felt that [TS]

  like I didn't iron man 3 that he he [TS]

  really needed to call Tony Stark for [TS]

  help and I get Tony's Tony Stark's had a [TS]

  jerk he's not gonna you know you don't [TS]

  even call for help you get it was like [TS]

  we say I was your altar is like Captain [TS]

  America is on the run from the only [TS]

  thing that he knows in the world where [TS]

  is his shield and he's he's now [TS]

  completely cut off he's cut off from [TS]

  time he's cut off from the one job he's [TS]

  ever had and you know he doesn't have [TS]

  access to the Avengers any more of the [TS]

  other Avengers that he would contact I [TS]

  mean Stark is the one who right at the [TS]

  beginning Furies like yes stark improved [TS]

  all of our engines and guns and now they [TS]

  are super Kelly and they can kill a [TS]

  million fellows in 12 seconds [TS]

  I wouldn't call Bruce Banner either like [TS]

  that just the fellow might be more [TS]

  interesting are each monster in dallas [TS]

  solve a lot more panel long distance [TS]

  charges to Asgard are just you know [TS]

  through the roof [TS]

  you know on a on a veteran salary that's [TS]

  you know [TS]

  yeah i did find it was a little odd [TS]

  though that for example shield wouldn't [TS]

  call in iron Patriot because that's just [TS]

  a cgi insert or you know Hawkeye my [TS]

  ten-year-old godson salt with me and his [TS]

  first question was where's Hawkeye [TS]

  because he'd been well you use also who [TS]

  knows if he was Hydra so here's here's [TS]

  what I what I was thinking about both of [TS]

  those is that if they had wanted to do [TS]

  it [TS]

  what they should have done is had like [TS]

  iron patriot is off somewhere he's they [TS]

  have conspired to make him off the [TS]

  off-the-grid somewhere for Hawk I feel [TS]

  Michael and I were talking about this [TS]

  because he was complaining about the [TS]

  Avengers not being in it and and I said [TS]

  I imagine Hawkeye like getting off a [TS]

  boat on a tropical island for his first [TS]

  real vacation in a long time and as he [TS]

  steps off the boat onto the shore [TS]

  there's a thing that says you need to [TS]

  get back something's happening is like [TS]

  oh man [TS]

  and that's it because it's gonna take [TS]

  him another 12 hours sir 15 hours to get [TS]

  back [TS]

  see I imagine more mundane he's like in [TS]

  his apartment and he's like building an [TS]

  ikea couch [TS]

  it's like stuck in boys Hawkeye could be [TS]

  easy but all he busy dealing with those [TS]

  little ok and then beyond this but ok [TS]

  that's it he's trying to look at this [TS]

  time you are it's very complicated [TS]

  deleting shawarma you just can't [TS]

  the place yeah I cannot see Jeremy [TS]

  Renner as not the martin be calm [TS]

  expression haha its kind of but I want [TS]

  that movie so bad time for a quick break [TS]

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  soaked immediately gifted he's so [TS]

  intelligent that you know you can't [TS]

  contain his mind like a little box where [TS]

  he's you know he came up [TS]

  refill Riley right exactly and he came [TS]

  up with with this character at a time [TS]

  when that was still a big thing he made [TS]

  it something far bigger and better than [TS]

  I ever thought it would was going to be [TS]

  I beyond is still getting tortured in [TS]

  his tortured castle right right at the [TS]

  dreadfort which we saw yeah it's in the [TS]

  opening credits with a little flayed man [TS]

  and everything that we didn't actually [TS]

  go there I'm so happy to see that the [TS]

  opening credits because i love the name [TS]

  the dreadfort [TS]

  yeah but it's also a lot of serious [TS]

  marketing for those guys they're like a [TS]

  we play people did you know that and a [TS]

  dragon stone is in the opening credits [TS]

  so we could rising status and his novels [TS]

  under is closing the door a standard [TS]

  action are minor action out some [TS]

  interaction unless you want to like Oh [TS]

  somehow market item wouldn't know how [TS]

  but I'm going alright so i'm gonna i'm [TS]

  interested amazingly powerful warlocks [TS]

  lot or not using and honor the love the [TS]

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  don't know or you don't love that she's [TS]

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  master podcast feed with all of our [TS]

  shows in it so a list of characters who [TS]

  are in this movie because obviously even [TS]

  though its captain america and we have [TS]

  the winter soldier we have some other [TS]

  characters we mentioned Black Widow so [TS]

  there's your there's your Avengers time [TS]

  right now and i thought i thought that [TS]

  was a really great use of the character [TS]

  that she is really the [TS]

  the number two character in this movie [TS]

  and i like how she's got a really i like [TS]

  that relationship she's got captain [TS]

  america where it's not a you know [TS]

  there's sexual tension and you know [TS]

  what's going to happen it's like she is [TS]

  a pro he's a pro their co-workers and [TS]

  she's kinda got you know she's looking [TS]

  out for him and I trying to fix him up [TS]

  with people yeah yeah yeah but I thought [TS]

  she was coming I thought that was just a [TS]

  good elaboration on on Scarlett [TS]

  Johansson's character that from the [TS]

  Avengers and and from yeah well let's [TS]

  not talk about her and iron man two [TS]

  because that wasn't so good but I I [TS]

  liked I liked her I felt this movie made [TS]

  her even more well-rounded I thought [TS]

  that was a good a good use of black [TS]

  widow [TS]

  yeah i agree i think this is one of the [TS]

  it's nice to have her not be there just [TS]

  to be a loving trust right all right and [TS]

  they definitely gave her own stuff more [TS]

  cameo right right right i mean yeah i [TS]

  agree with you that they have more they [TS]

  have more of a co-worker sibling type [TS]

  relationship than anything else here and [TS]

  it works because it's you know [TS]

  especially when we get to the point [TS]

  where he needs somebody he can trust you [TS]

  know and even that even then I like [TS]

  spent like you know part of the movie [TS]

  wondering like oh man they're not just [TS]

  gonna have her flip on him at the end [TS]

  right like that was originally said [TS]

  that's her client she's an LG I mean [TS]

  she's an assassin [TS]

  yeah but she's got a heart of gold and [TS]

  turns out the only major he should you [TS]

  definitely i'll lead superhero character [TS]

  Marvel has at the moment [TS]

  yeah yes I am glad that I'm glad they [TS]

  put her to use that I think that balance [TS]

  balance the movie out nicely to have her [TS]

  working with Captain America let's talk [TS]

  about the Falcon I thought the Falcon [TS]

  was great [TS]

  yeah I really like him Anthony Mackie is [TS]

  fantastic actor [TS]

  yeah and we we see that relationship [TS]

  from the beginning I liked how they I [TS]

  like how they visualize the Falcon with [TS]

  his backpack with the with a jet wings [TS]

  and stuff like the way he moved didn't [TS]

  feel like super Shaky's shaky cgi it [TS]

  felt like you know we got a backpack [TS]

  with the jets on it i guess i would like [TS]

  to see more interactively I felt like [TS]

  they were setting up for him to be more [TS]

  of a person and then we didn't really [TS]

  get as much of a payoff and it's hard [TS]

  because they're kinda trying to pair [TS]

  captain america with black widow is kind [TS]

  of you know buddy coworker and then [TS]

  Falcons there and so it's a little [TS]

  crowded a lot of it they get a lot of it [TS]

  up front [TS]

  and so right because they're the better [TS]

  the veterans and this weekend a lot up [TS]

  with you know he's he's been on your [TS]

  left-right for really can be seen at the [TS]

  very beginning where he's passing them [TS]

  over and over again while they're [TS]

  running around the reflecting pool and [TS]

  then he visits him at the VA and that so [TS]

  I felt like they did that ground work [TS]

  early so when the time comes I found [TS]

  that a little tricky double to one thing [TS]

  I kind of struggled a little bit is like [TS]

  I mean theoretically has this work at [TS]

  the VA that seems important but like [TS]

  Captain America's like I need your help [TS]

  to take down the government now he's [TS]

  like i'm free i don't have a job I don't [TS]

  know the family I don't have I don't [TS]

  even have a befitting your valuable [TS]

  everybody how's everybody knows he knows [TS]

  and shield and then there's this guy who [TS]

  you know I just get the sense that he [TS]

  doesn't have that many friends and this [TS]

  guy he trusts because they're soldiers [TS]

  and they kind of bonded they're jogging [TS]

  buddies he went he's looking out to him [TS]

  and he has he literally has nowhere else [TS]

  to turn [TS]

  plus he's gonna be the Falcon Captain [TS]

  America calls you to serve you serve [TS]

  I just you might need to make a call [TS]

  first right no I was explained to my [TS]

  wife afterward how awesome it is [TS]

  she's like so the Falcon did they work [TS]

  together in the comics I'm like oh my [TS]

  god in the seventies they like me they [TS]

  like made the comic captain america and [TS]

  the Falcon it was the and it was gonna [TS]

  was also Marvel his costume was a little [TS]

  different yeah my magic tiara it was but [TS]

  the idea that they are they also did [TS]

  that was when Marvel was realizing that [TS]

  the other superheroes were white and [TS]

  they're like you know we need to do [TS]

  something about this and so to take that [TS]

  classic pairing and and put it in the [TS]

  movie and I I thought it was really fun [TS]

  i thought i thought he worked and of [TS]

  course at the end like blow up his [TS]

  backpack [TS]

  he's like well I'm grounded sorry origin [TS]

  they gave him the Falcon i think was a [TS]

  great shorthand almost as good as you [TS]

  just casting downey junior Ironman the [TS]

  origin that gave to the Falcon just let [TS]

  you put them right into all the action [TS]

  yeah well I wish it was great i noticed [TS]

  too i wasn't thinking about it but when [TS]

  we may be said you know my my buddy got [TS]

  shot down all that I was like you know [TS]

  they're not really mentioning the plane [TS]

  they're just implying flight and that [TS]

  was a really great I like that a lot [TS]

  where it's like it never sent a plane at [TS]

  the end and that it's you know he is [TS]

  this is what he did in the military so [TS]

  it's not only let him bring it home and [TS]

  so his origin story will know right they [TS]

  had steel and they they didn't let him [TS]

  forget [TS]

  but that was his origin story is I was a [TS]

  soldier they taught me how to fly this [TS]

  crazy contraption and I've semifluid web [TS]

  and it also explains why you know as [TS]

  good as it would be to have just like [TS]

  any other soldier on your side you know [TS]

  in order to keep up with Captain America [TS]

  you do need a certain like you need to [TS]

  be like an elite soldier right i did [TS]

  like the fight between the Falcon and [TS]

  winter soldier is usually just gets his [TS]

  ass kicked like brutally like hold his [TS]

  own a little bit but it's it's [TS]

  over-the-top not like them taken out [TS]

  like when the winter soldier just steals [TS]

  his steering wheel [TS]

  yeah that didn't know about it up right [TS]

  so there's that excuse me like a car [TS]

  chase [TS]

  that's really good and then there's the [TS]

  that kind of overpass urban combat kind [TS]

  of kinda like the winter soldier has a [TS]

  bunch of guys that basically just [TS]

  provide covering fire and then hand [TS]

  they're going to the winter soldier is [TS]

  like that those guys Tony goes with like [TS]

  the background singers of weaponry [TS]

  yeah okay they're like there to provide [TS]

  you know a little a little flair and [TS]

  then showcase the main star right like [TS]

  where the winter soldier doesn't carry [TS]

  his own guns he carries his own knives [TS]

  but guns that's you know he's got it [TS]

  he's got people for their yeah takes [TS]

  them where we're here we know where you [TS]

  can get them that's all he's like that [TS]

  he's superstitious like that [TS]

  what about Nick Fury how well you will [TS]

  have more to say about your eyes and [TS]

  hearing wasn't actually dead [TS]

  I kept waiting for the little tell that [TS]

  was gonna make me realize he wasn't [TS]

  actually dead and when it did when I [TS]

  didn't get one I was like wow maybe you [TS]

  know Sam Jackson has been a lot of [TS]

  movies maybe this is out there no [TS]

  comment workout can't kill anybody [TS]

  yeah that's not maybe I it was going to [TS]

  be looking lmd in a catch apartment [TS]

  yeah I great with the life model decoy [TS]

  thing as well i wasn't sure i think you [TS]

  should consider surgery to obscure [TS]

  especially at this point with what [TS]

  they've done with Coulson it's like no [TS]

  no one has ever done know every year [TS]

  no I like that there was a there was a a [TS]

  hint between again agents of shield and [TS]

  the movie with the thing that Samuel [TS]

  Jackson uses like his way out of the car [TS]

  i think that what they call it muscle [TS]

  they call the mouse hole in the changes [TS]

  you know episode and with that and fury [TS]

  really nice scene where were cap find [TS]

  them in the apartment he's like in the [TS]

  shadows and he's hiding and [TS]

  he gets shot and all that but that's [TS]

  nice i like that because that is that is [TS]

  your seven-day spy movie scene 2 [TS]

  right right just like I brought you this [TS]

  information and you know don't trust [TS]

  don't trust anybody that he died right [TS]

  it's like I journey I did not see that [TS]

  coming out there this shit was kind of [TS]

  brutal because it's like right in the [TS]

  middle of a sentence on what [TS]

  yeah it's also when you can catch [TS]

  apartment you feel probably safe but [TS]

  guess not that record players not gonna [TS]

  protected like the thing with the whole [TS]

  like you know that everything's bugged [TS]

  and then Bryan Pierce tries to play that [TS]

  like off by pointing out that you know [TS]

  was furious that was different yeah I [TS]

  said was true but you know again I got [TS]

  it in a comment on the robert redford [TS]

  casting because he's one of the few [TS]

  people who know you can't believe would [TS]

  be able to give make sure your didn't L [TS]

  tell Sam Jackson want to do an interview [TS]

  he would do it you know they have a good [TS]

  dynamic who I like the fact i like that [TS]

  whole story about Bogota about you know [TS]

  fury going in [TS]

  despite like against orders and that's [TS]

  how he gets promoted to director [TS]

  basically I mean it's interesting [TS]

  because it has that whole double sided [TS]

  thing where it's like a proved his worth [TS]

  in the same time it's like kind of using [TS]

  him as a puppet you know the casting [TS]

  Redford I mean just the first off he [TS]

  bring Robert toss me brings the gravitas [TS]

  he's great shorthand I mean because [TS]

  everybody ready you know recognizes him [TS]

  and he did a great job he he did not i [TS]

  was actually a little afraid that it was [TS]

  gonna be one of those things it's likely [TS]

  well sleep well it's kind of [TS]

  embarrassing Robert Redford was no [TS]

  marvel comics movie late in his career [TS]

  and we don't really speak events like [TS]

  you know he's really great [TS]

  I don't even really bad he dies at the [TS]

  end because I thought he was really [TS]

  great he makes he makes the shooting [TS]

  that housekeeper totally brutal [TS]

  yes oh yeah like that about that likely [TS]

  run apartment gray area and then right [TS]

  up till that point you're like nope he's [TS]

  a bad guy like it that you had to do it [TS]

  because he's too sympathetic when it [TS]

  when the housekeeper had those like [TS]

  off-camera lines of like she's gonna get [TS]

  can I was like the winter soldier is [TS]

  gonna kill killer and then Robert [TS]

  Redford's gonna be angry that's like now [TS]

  we have to like you know cover up this [TS]

  and it's like not revered that whatever [TS]

  cologne housekeeper [TS]

  lucky you there's that knife's edge [TS]

  moment where he walks in and sees the [TS]

  winter soldier and [TS]

  you're sitting there would be like the [TS]

  that brief moment well alright is the [TS]

  guy there to kill him or is he a bad guy [TS]

  yeah and for me I was like as can't [TS]

  either because I didn't want him to be a [TS]

  bad guy you know I wanted this product [TS]

  and never trust a three-piece suit never [TS]

  huh [TS]

  ironically there's nobody to clean up [TS]

  after the dead body of the plane left he [TS]

  tires a new clean it's their first time [TS]

  guys had carry all the way to children's [TS]

  guns just take care of that kind of mop [TS]

  it up and it's fine that mandroids for [TS]

  that we got agent 13 got a little bit of [TS]

  her she's great [TS]

  Sharon Carter yeah they have her have [TS]

  her across that so so in the comics at [TS]

  least and and that's the implication [TS]

  she's the niece of Peggy Carter right [TS]

  and and speaking of having listening [TS]

  devices in the in the apartment they [TS]

  also planted a SHIELD agent across the [TS]

  hall as the girl next to her so I think [TS]

  we'll be seeing her again and emily [TS]

  vancamp who is I think currently on [TS]

  revenge [TS]

  yeah but it doesn't add ice machine was [TS]

  on that everybody was great on that show [TS]

  I still always think of her as Amy [TS]

  Abbott but yeah she's great in this too [TS]

  and she just have that girl nextdoor [TS]

  quality and then I really like it when [TS]

  she's in the day that moment with its [TS]

  the scene of cameos word and booty from [TS]

  community and who else is in there god [TS]

  there's there's a bunch of the people [TS]

  who you recognize who you you kind of [TS]

  get the feeling like I'm being a Marvel [TS]

  movie make it's like yeah we got one day [TS]

  we're gonna shoot this scene in the [TS]

  control room and you can all be in it [TS]

  but but she's in there and that's great [TS]

  because it's the the people that shield [TS]

  standing up and saying you know we're [TS]

  going to fight back against hide rod and [TS]

  she has a little heroism that's the most [TS]

  confusing things like that is everyone's [TS]

  pointing guns at each other like who's [TS]

  on whose side you don't know nobody a [TS]

  little unclear how did the Hydra people [TS]

  know who else is hydroxy they had Sandra [TS]

  handshakes yeah come on Tony will get [TS]

  with did that is everyone shake hands [TS]

  every day I get my hamburger handshakes [TS]

  but you know hydrilla peloponnese for [TS]

  everybody they all have the lowell [TS]

  nobody looked at the lapel pin actually [TS]

  what you do is you just shout hail Hydra [TS]

  know like that one that was a good i [TS]

  like the scene agents of shield was like [TS]

  I know some of your Hydra so like shoot [TS]

  the other night and it will turn so you [TS]

  get yeah so just like do this now and [TS]

  like hopefully you know i mean at least [TS]

  they'll be one high [TS]

  the guy left even if Hydra guys to each [TS]

  other right it's like that works but it [TS]

  seemed like it seemed like everyone in [TS]

  that control room knew who was on the [TS]

  other team somehow I i have to have to [TS]

  buy have to brag my college roommate I [TS]

  the the guy that is there you know [TS]

  quote-unquote bringing Coulson is a [TS]

  prisoner the guys like other bringing [TS]

  Coulson right here that those my college [TS]

  roommate and he gets decked by Bill [TS]

  Paxton and that is officially the [TS]

  coolest thing that friends got to do in [TS]

  a Marvel movie or TV show I'm gonna [TS]

  argue that this is the best Stanley [TS]

  cameo ever [TS]

  yeah yes that was I've far [TS]

  well deployed which is which is that [TS]

  time I'm so gonna get fired because [TS]

  Captain America steals his old outfit I [TS]

  thought I like you I like the symbolism [TS]

  of stealing the outfit that's a yes [TS]

  it also if you look in the first scene [TS]

  in the Smithsonian joss whedon is coming [TS]

  down the escalator yeah so I saw yeah I [TS]

  when I saw that I weren't happening [TS]

  architecture because he's cut its kind [TS]

  of fuzzy you can't quite tell but I was [TS]

  pretty sure it was totally Joss Whedon's [TS]

  got to be and it was not an object from [TS]

  community works at shield although it [TS]

  wasn't dumb person i did like the [TS]

  callback on Samuel Jackson's tombstone a [TS]

  lot [TS]

  oh yeah you're 25 seconds yeah right [TS]

  from pulp fiction but I I'm glad it was [TS]

  that and not a quote from like the [TS]

  prequels happy I I i really liked that [TS]

  that one of the 2i guess attending [TS]

  scientists to the winter soldier was at [TS]

  Brubaker the creator of the character [TS]

  and the writer of the whole winter [TS]

  stories winter soldier storyline from [TS]

  the comics i think one of the other ones [TS]

  was the screenwriter for the movie too [TS]

  yeah we have two horned everybody in [TS]

  there like all right everybody get a [TS]

  roll today everybody working here is a [TS]

  light code [TS]

  yeah it will marvel they do that but [TS]

  just rozinsky who I think it's some [TS]

  polish on the door screenplay and wrote [TS]

  several issues of Thor is the farmer who [TS]

  finds the hammer in right right and Thor [TS]

  so you know they they like to drop in [TS]

  there they're writers and other other [TS]

  people it was nice the Brubaker got in [TS]

  there because i mean this is this is the [TS]

  fastest turnaround from a bit of [TS]

  intellectual property made by Marvel [TS]

  comic to being on the screen because [TS]

  winter soldier that story was what five [TS]

  years ago maybe once asked it yeah it [TS]

  like the turnaround on it was super [TS]

  super fast and i was at San Diego the [TS]

  year that [TS]

  announced this and I was standing in [TS]

  hall h and I was tweeting it at Brubaker [TS]

  and he was like this is news to me but [TS]

  this is awesome that like he had no idea [TS]

  whatsoever and it like it took him [TS]

  completely back [TS]

  that's great that's awesome speaking of [TS]

  other characters i thought it was nice [TS]

  that Maria Hill got some stuff to do [TS]

  yeah cobie smulders good for her and [TS]

  she'll be she's unemployed now yeah i [TS]

  would actually be great if they if they [TS]

  if they had her at least recur on agents [TS]

  of shield next season now that she's [TS]

  sprung from how i met your mother i just [TS]

  really like that scene in the van when [TS]

  like you know when they've got them all [TS]

  walked out the end she shoots the other [TS]

  or stuns the other guys and you know in [TS]

  the back of the truck [TS]

  it was nice to have her like usually [TS]

  also the scene i thought that was the [TS]

  best with her was when she's in the [TS]

  control room she started running [TS]

  everything she sees the two guys coming [TS]

  in she's sort of rolls back in her chair [TS]

  is like bam bam [TS]

  all right back to work yeah she's [TS]

  totally being a badass and she knows [TS]

  what to do she's I mean it that's why [TS]

  should hurry relies on her and it was [TS]

  nice to see her do that i mean this [TS]

  comes back to this being a shield movie [TS]

  as much as it is a captain america right [TS]

  right what else what else have we talked [TS]

  about i mean i wanted to mention just [TS]

  that this feels more than a lot of these [TS]

  other Marvel movies this feels like I [TS]

  think this is almost like an and a new [TS]

  kind of genre because this is an [TS]

  installment in an ongoing story line and [TS]

  it feels like it more and is not in a [TS]

  bad way but it's like this movie is [TS]

  enhanced by the fact that you have this [TS]

  whole supporting cast who we've seen [TS]

  before and we know we're going to see [TS]

  again the whole shield stuff and I but [TS]

  it's kind of funny right knee doesn't [TS]

  captain america was a movie that had a [TS]

  tag that tied into the Avengers captain [TS]

  america the winter soldier is a movie [TS]

  about all of the stuff that happens with [TS]

  these people after the Avengers is over [TS]

  it's just a really different kind of [TS]

  feeling well you know makes me wonder [TS]

  given the ending like and with them like [TS]

  art we're off to like deal with some of [TS]

  the sweep up sort of the what's left [TS]

  like how they're gonna pull cap back in [TS]

  for the second avengers movie where like [TS]

  I yeah we know you're busy cleaning up [TS]

  the mess that she left but we got this [TS]

  of thing we really need you to deal with [TS]

  no I didn't call you for the Mandarin [TS]

  but i kinda need your help for all [TS]

  yeah it's it's an interesting spread [TS]

  where Furies headed to Eastern Europe [TS]

  the there's there's something said in [TS]

  the shield show about like the like [TS]

  African strongholds and we know that [TS]

  Avengers 2 is shooting partially in [TS]

  Africa and in loads of other places all [TS]

  over the world the only movie we've got [TS]

  in between now and Avengers 2 is [TS]

  guardians of the galaxy and find out [TS]

  there so yeah you know it always out [TS]

  there yeah [TS]

  one might say 10 minutes and uh and mid [TS]

  credit sequence is directed by joss [TS]

  whedon and is is with the characters and [TS]

  eventually the Baron and Baroness phone [TS]

  struggle and then and it's got Witch and [TS]

  Quicksilver who were gonna be in [TS]

  Avengers 2 so you know that is that you [TS]

  know that's the setup for Avengers 2 [TS]

  clearly all followed by the post-credits [TS]

  scene which is the setup clearly for the [TS]

  next Captain America movie he right just [TS]

  to keep it going entirely yet sure you [TS]

  know course anybody else anybody else [TS]

  will feel like they would prefer they [TS]

  switch the order of the yes ages yeah [TS]

  it's like one main course I didn't yeah [TS]

  they wanted the Avengers leading for the [TS]

  people who were going to leave [TS]

  basically what you want to close the [TS]

  book on that story and then have a [TS]

  little thing at the end your identity [TS]

  flipped him out for for marketing right [TS]

  i mean it really was like an Avengers [TS]

  good i guess he did well at least at [TS]

  least it's not Clark Gregg saying sir we [TS]

  found it [TS]

  close-up of a hammer I don't know that [TS]

  they've gotten that more elaborate with [TS]

  their their credit sequences now did [TS]

  anyone else laughs about the part where [TS]

  nick fury has to like take his eye patch [TS]

  off for the retinal scan because I was [TS]

  like wait [TS]

  okay so explain the myth explain the [TS]

  logistics of this to me he scanned his [TS]

  own other I in and they just like didn't [TS]

  catch that one that wasn't there some [TS]

  identity management database that's just [TS]

  back it needs to be to rehire side well [TS]

  it's like what he had the file that he [TS]

  couldn't open that was locked by him and [TS]

  I think the I think the answer is just [TS]

  say it's a marginal party under the mat [TS]

  heartbleed guys its consumers can see [TS]

  computers are just moved here early [TS]

  actually that was the moment there was a [TS]

  moment early on this mirror is like [TS]

  really are we going to do this stupid [TS]

  computer hacking [TS]

  like come on gonna be a better MacGuffin [TS]

  and because you're I was just waiting [TS]

  for fury to say this is a unix system [TS]

  right now and then apple store Jason was [TS]

  all the apple stores that apple store [TS]

  scene is kind of hilarious though [TS]

  yeah yeah we should talk about the Apple [TS]

  product place but before we go so it's [TS]

  it's like hey we're not were in an apple [TS]

  store they can find us in seven minutes [TS]

  from this apple store first off its a [TS]

  flash drive [TS]

  couldn't you like turn off your [TS]

  networking and see what's on it for guys [TS]

  like the NSA come on shield shields all [TS]

  in the cloud this is actually a [TS]

  crippling problem it's a commentary [TS]

  really about how we have become [TS]

  completely dependent on the cloud and [TS]

  and if the cloud is friend by Hydra it's [TS]

  very bad although it did provide that [TS]

  interesting see you know seeing where [TS]

  they have to make out to avoid being [TS]

  detected and I do I did love the you [TS]

  know the the Black Widow making fun of [TS]

  him for being like this is your first [TS]

  since nineteen forties maybe Steve [TS]

  Rogers such a schmuck in another [TS]

  relationship that would be a you know oh [TS]

  look at their chemistry and this one [TS]

  it's about embarrassing Steve that's [TS]

  what it's about [TS]

  hilarious yeah so before we go I want to [TS]

  just do the official uh how we feel [TS]

  overall did we enjoy it we like it but [TS]

  it's just because we haven't done that [TS]

  yet Dan you liked this movie [TS]

  yeah it's a big fan of it i really [TS]

  enjoyed it was funny it was great action [TS]

  and I thought in some ways it held up [TS]

  better than the first one as much loved [TS]

  the first one [TS]

  the big problem of the first one was [TS]

  always for me the ending which felt like [TS]

  it was like let's just leave this setup [TS]

  and this one kinda does that but since [TS]

  we've had that sort of like rested and [TS]

  already I feel like it works for me like [TS]

  now there's like it's like a continuing [TS]

  cereal kind of thing so I liked it a lot [TS]

  as big fan [TS]

  alright is what's your verdict [TS]

  alright is what's your verdict [TS]

  I love it it's definitely at the very [TS]

  least one of my top three favorite of [TS]

  the Marvel movies so far if not maybe [TS]

  maybe one of the top two for me it just [TS]

  it plays great it plays great on its own [TS]

  it plays great as part of this big [TS]

  overall serialize story that you're [TS]

  telling but it doesn't have the pitfalls [TS]

  of iron man 2 where it is shackled to [TS]

  and now we will introduce puzzle piece [TS]

  separate yep [TS]

  Tony what's your verdict i loved it i [TS]

  mean i think captain america is great [TS]

  and I really like him more than some of [TS]

  the other Avengers on this may be my [TS]

  favorite you know of right below [TS]

  Avengers you know just waiting on that [TS]

  Hawkeye movie any data [TS]

  yeah sure anytime guy what do you think [TS]

  so i'm not a cat fan really considered [TS]

  the characters just seems kind of [TS]

  Canadian you have haha but he's like [TS]

  Superman right is problematic to write [TS]

  for i'm with you i think he's a [TS]

  problematic character in the comics that [TS]

  they they struggle sometimes to figure [TS]

  out what the heck to do with him [TS]

  yeah but I'm Christmas cats and yeah i [TS]

  think it's great had there's the first [TS]

  movie really surprised me how much you [TS]

  liked it [TS]

  remember when I was the human torch [TS]

  right that was bad when he was the human [TS]

  torch but his complete he's in charge [TS]

  right yeah he's just totally believable [TS]

  and one thing we didn't touch on was [TS]

  when he get when they break into the [TS]

  Triskelion and he gives the spiritual [TS]

  the loudspeakers oh yeah that is that's [TS]

  like the most cap thing he can do right [TS]

  it's just like okay I'm going down [TS]

  fighting if you guys want to do the [TS]

  right thing and I know it's a symbol [TS]

  he's gonna inspire you [TS]

  yeah and it totally worked because i [TS]

  loved it right he totally didn't write [TS]

  that down very happily surprised and I [TS]

  think this made him be the best sequel [TS]

  that i can think of in in in the Marvel [TS]

  Universe I didn't like I'm at two with [TS]

  you as much as for fun but this is a [TS]

  strong if not stronger than the original [TS]

  at ya captain captain america movie [TS]

  Renee what do you think I also i liked a [TS]

  lot better than the first one I do like [TS]

  Captain America in the comics but I had [TS]

  the good fortune of cherry-picking the [TS]

  captain america stuff that i read and it [TS]

  was always when it was Captain America [TS]

  you know standing up for what was right [TS]

  and what was decent [TS]

  and with really great you know setups [TS]

  like things like the winter soldier and [TS]

  the captain america civil war and stuff [TS]

  and i think the the movies that really [TS]

  distill doubt that best part of them and [TS]

  I I liked him the ultimate stew and [TS]

  doing really interesting things about it [TS]

  and I think this is like my favorite [TS]

  version captain america over now and I i [TS]

  was surprised i was a little worried [TS]

  this was going to be the Marvel [TS]

  Cinematic Universe equivalent of [TS]

  spider-man 3 there's just too many [TS]

  characters too many villains too much [TS]

  stuff going on too much set up you know [TS]

  too much franchise disease dancing and [TS]

  it wasn't it was fun [TS]

  the the action was good and constrained [TS]

  and not you know urban disaster porn [TS]

  which is nice and and they use captain [TS]

  america effectively chris evans is [TS]

  really good the supporting cast is good [TS]

  so i was really surprised I was kind of [TS]

  not sure what I was going to get out of [TS]

  this and it yeah i think it is among the [TS]

  best of the marvel cinematic movies it [TS]

  helps when you're bought into the series [TS]

  because then you get the continuity with [TS]

  all the characters from shield and stuff [TS]

  like that but you know it was it was a [TS]

  lot of fun the action was good it was [TS]

  and no point other than some of the [TS]

  computer stuff whereas i come on [TS]

  other than that I just I enjoyed the [TS]

  whole thing I thought it was really way [TS]

  better than ever had a right to be and [TS]

  was gym when we said that about the [TS]

  Avengers to sort of but um and genuinely [TS]

  just fun [TS]

  i I just thought it was really fun and I [TS]

  was surprised because that's not what I [TS]

  expected I expected it to be kind of led [TS]

  in jam packed with junk and everybody [TS]

  got their moments and everybody was used [TS]

  correctly it was a kind of brilliant [TS]

  characters are so good i don't mind the [TS]

  store equals I would otherwise have you [TS]

  know it's funny Renee you make you make [TS]

  that point about a other characters [TS]

  I mean that's one of the great [TS]

  advantages of this Marvel movie series [TS]

  is that you get to see these characters [TS]

  evolve like a TV series you get to spend [TS]

  more time with them that a standalone [TS]

  movie would let you do and it works [TS]

  I mean that's one of the great [TS]

  advantages that of this and having joss [TS]

  whedon kind of involved now and as well [TS]

  as all the people behind the scenes of [TS]

  Marvel I mean they're applying like the [TS]

  lessons learned from great TV shows to [TS]

  what they do with these movies and it [TS]

  and it helps because dad's to that [TS]

  richness in a way that a standalone [TS]

  movie [TS]

  just can't can't do it alright well I [TS]

  think we've successfully parts are our [TS]

  panel with two Canadians on his [TS]

  successfully indoors captain america USA [TS]

  USA [TS]

  hail Hydra no no one at the end guy [TS]

  reveals that he's actually a Hydra spot [TS]

  you know this was like this a lot of fun [TS]

  like like a lot weekend onward to [TS]

  guardians of the galaxy I guess that [TS]

  looks crazy awesome [TS]

  yeah cool bradley cooper is a record [TS]

  Rocket Raccoon he's not an actual [TS]

  machine guns andy dwyer is a superhero [TS]

  yeah that's not his natural I no actual [TS]

  character Christopher dad but yeah it [TS]

  basically looks like you and Karen [TS]

  Gillan from doctor who shaves her head [TS]

  to be a and Vin Diesel as root the [TS]

  illegitimate daughter of thentis we got [TS]

  all that to look forward to but for now [TS]

  we're going to say goodbye for this [TS]

  edition of the cotton comparable [TS]

  superhero movie club something like that [TS]

  so I'd like to thank my guests for being [TS]

  here Dan Morgan thank you as always for [TS]

  being present it was a pleasure to be [TS]

  here [TS]

  hail shield sure why not [TS]

  is she on thank you for coming back [TS]

  thank you for having me i really listen [TS]

  to join sighs we're going to do a [TS]

  captain america episodes right DSN dot [TS]

  fm4 moisey SNM yeah i do want your [TS]

  podcast oh yeah you should go only civil [TS]

  are thanks for being here [TS]

  thanks Jason you and the captain make it [TS]

  happen that was really good [TS]

  you win I take it that guy doesn't win [TS]

  you win renee Richards thank you for [TS]

  being here [TS]

  Excelsior Jason excel soon Bravo and [TS]

  that leaves me with guy English are [TS]

  trader guy English tell me how how does [TS]

  it feel to be your Canadian your name is [TS]

  English how do you think you can judge [TS]

  captain america and I you know we burned [TS]

  the White House down one point LOL gonna [TS]

  threaten soon think that that guy who [TS]

  didn't like you on this podcast was onto [TS]

  something yeah [TS]

  I'm just proving him right just proven [TS]

  right Thank You guy English thank you [TS]

  everybody and we'll see you next time on [TS]

  compliment [TS]

  so guy english now that you have been [TS]

  revealed as a Hydra traitor what do you [TS]

  have to say for yourself [TS]

  sorry haha story Canadian Hydra so lame [TS]

  canadian hundred feels really really bad [TS]

  about killing millions of people [TS]