Roderick on the Line

Ep. 147: "The Om of Surrender"


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  [Music] [TS]

  hello hi John hi Merlin how's it going [TS]

  good i was just watching videos of young [TS]

  samurais displaying their swordsmanship [TS]

  skills how you know so I'm in a pretty [TS]

  weird mood are you not not young [TS]

  I mean you know i think i'm a samurai's [TS]

  being well a thousand years old [TS]

  even so these samurais were you know in [TS]

  their thirties [TS]

  still 22 acquire that level of swordsmen [TS]

  ship [TS]

  hmm in such a hint at such a young age I [TS]

  mean these guys were using their swords [TS]

  to slice open an edamame beam [TS]

  yeah the guy that does the move with the [TS]

  stick and then kicks over the water [TS]

  bottle you seen that no I love a site to [TS]

  admit it but i love this [TS]

  yeah this guy's somebody was shooting a [TS]

  pellets at him and he cut a pellet [TS]

  somebody shot a pellet at him any chop [TS]

  the peloton half devil does that in one [TS]

  of the x-men movies it's a good move [TS]

  yeah but does this is like a real guy [TS]

  who's we actually doing is very make a [TS]

  video [TS]

  yeah haha not one of these videos it was [TS]

  a Japanese game show you know every [TS]

  trick basketball shot on the internet [TS]

  was faked is that cannot be real [TS]

  that's an area 51 thing can it be real [TS]

  that they are all faked o0 we're through [TS]

  the looking glass because I mean no you [TS]

  just blew my mind you know speaking of [TS]

  blowing mine [TS]

  yeah i was driving today and I the car [TS]

  in front of me had a bumper sticker that [TS]

  said let's see if I can remember it said [TS]

  oma I god oh my g-o-d om ohm I letter I [TS]

  god it's the wet full-on g-o-d Judy [TS]

  easily put God on a license plate [TS]

  no not a license plate it was a bumper [TS]

  sticker oh and so so i read it and i [TS]

  were they upset a lot it's like ohmygod [TS]

  ohmygod right but oh my god was it sits [TS]

  one of the heads one of those that [TS]

  coexist yeah we were visualized world [TS]

  peace yeah we're supposed to be like [TS]

  whoa [TS]

  but then so but then it had [TS]

  effect had a very strange effect on me [TS]

  merlin which is that I said the word oh [TS]

  how loud and then I said it again and [TS]

  pretty soon I was driving down the [TS]

  street going home [TS]

  oh I was like you know George Harrison [TS]

  had a lot to say about this [TS]

  mhm about saying over and over the Holy [TS]

  Word gonna put you in the progenitor the [TS]

  Godhead space so pretty soon a half an [TS]

  hour goes by I've been saying only [TS]

  entire time I feel really calm no way I [TS]

  feel super chilled out and I was like I [TS]

  want to stop saying home I had to park [TS]

  my car and get out and rejoin the world [TS]

  and so I'm walking through the lobby of [TS]

  this building and I'm saying you quietly [TS]

  home [TS]

  whoa and then I encounter someone [TS]

  pushing a cart with a bunch of papers on [TS]

  it and and I have to stop saying home [TS]

  because that would have been a weird [TS]

  experience there smiling like good [TS]

  morning and I'm like oh so I stopped and [TS]

  now I just want to get back in [TS]

  I just want to go back somewhere where I [TS]

  can just say ohm some more because it [TS]

  was really very pleasing [TS]

  it's a it's a very informal version of [TS]

  meditation it's a widow it's all not [TS]

  even walking meditation so walking [TS]

  around meditation [TS]

  yeah yeah walking around meditation and [TS]

  I was omitting and I was like I was [TS]

  reflecting I felt Shanti I was ready for [TS]

  you know I was ready to like spin a [TS]

  prayer wheel and build a man dola I had [TS]

  a whole plan to build a lot of mandalas [TS]

  let's be honest that's they don't have [TS]

  to all be made of sand but they do blow [TS]

  away [TS]

  I like if I had a if I had a permanent [TS]

  men dollar for every sand mandalas built [TS]

  i would have a whole idea of a warehouse [TS]

  and then boom and Allah who I I've been [TS]

  exploring a lot of pretty things lately [TS]

  and I don't need to go into a lot of [TS]

  detail but one of them was uh talk I [TS]

  listen to wear this guy teaches this [TS]

  version he doesn't call it you know it's [TS]

  it's a mindfulness meditation talk [TS]

  he has a version of that word that [TS]

  actually has three parts and it's I'm [TS]

  trying to cockblock your own but but but [TS]

  it's a very but it's a very satisfying [TS]

  three-syllable version of ohm I don't [TS]

  know how to sound imagine imagine that [TS]

  the satisfied [TS]

  ah sound that turns into ohm and ends [TS]

  with kind of a yummy sounding like a [TS]

  yummy yummy food movie sound I starts [TS]

  out high you can do you think it's kinda [TS]

  like this [TS]

  ah that's good as yours but like it is [TS]

  there's several things about the kind of [TS]

  makes your body relax when you do it you [TS]

  sound incredibly crazy [TS]

  yeah well this is the thing I could not [TS]

  do walking through the halls of an [TS]

  office building [TS]

  no I mean oh you get to be known as that [TS]

  guy [TS]

  yeah yeah I have a cousin who is a [TS]

  practitioner of a scream therapy that [TS]

  jenoff thing the tears for fears john [TS]

  lennon thing I'm sure sure that can help [TS]

  you get the screen therapy e you going [TS]

  to screen [TS]

  yeah well they had some kind of my [TS]

  cousin and her husband had some kind of [TS]

  compound in Northern California where [TS]

  people would go and scream it wasn't you [TS]

  know their was like their school they [TS]

  ran a scream therapy school my cousin [TS]

  and her husband and I'm not sure how you [TS]

  measure the success of a program like [TS]

  that i was about to say it was a very [TS]

  successful program but then i would [TS]

  imagine that earning money would be [TS]

  anathemas to you if you were running a [TS]

  screen therapy school in northern [TS]

  coalition of people won't refund so I [TS]

  mean I'm not about a rival therapy and I [TS]

  write it if you I think that you marry i [TS]

  think that you measure your the success [TS]

  of your screen therapy program by how [TS]

  many sacks of of military you have you [TS]

  don't know anything about this stuff up [TS]

  our then how do you like that's Bitcoin [TS]

  my friend how do people pay for do they [TS]

  pay they I'm the paper and hugs are they [TS]

  pay for it in real money i don't know [TS]

  is if you're gonna have a cult called [TS]

  such an ugly word if you're gonna have [TS]

  an alternative therapy I think he you [TS]

  are you come up with the system and you [TS]

  got steps and there's meetings right [TS]

  there's usually a building mean there's [TS]

  materials you probably have a material [TS]

  you you probably gotta buy a mat or or [TS]

  yeah well you have to have the land in [TS]

  the first place under the California [TS]

  they're not giving it away [TS]

  no sir and you gotta get like a scream [TS]

  shirt probably ensure i don't know but [TS]

  you know that first I think the first [TS]

  John Lennon record was recorded while he [TS]

  was in channels panel therapy [TS]

  oh really hot that really that really [TS]

  raw first album hot mother was where he [TS]

  was like where he was putting his hair [TS]

  up in a pompadour and wearing a leather [TS]

  jacket you know that's rock and roll [TS]

  1976 ya again that was much later [TS]

  what is kiss his post people's careers [TS]

  so weird you know he got a lot of credit [TS]

  for that but then of just a few years [TS]

  later [TS]

  Neil Young and the put on put on a [TS]

  picture and a shot of Pink's do I mobo [TS]

  and everybody everybody dropped a ton of [TS]

  shit on it they said that's the end of [TS]

  his career no young has officially going [TS]

  into Sean rahel that's what they said [TS]

  yeah yeah yeahs phrase that phrase they [TS]

  used to waiting for 10 years they kill [TS]

  they kill them for that record and trans [TS]

  let's be honest yeah you're trans you're [TS]

  trans fan right big trans pan and [TS]

  transphobic I am NOT it wouldn't want to [TS]

  come not at all and particularly not [TS]

  that new young record but also and [TS]

  pretend when you when you learn the [TS]

  story of train when you love story [TS]

  really kind of a dick for saying [TS]

  anything it's even quadruple e a amazing [TS]

  but the thing was that I responded that [TS]

  i responded that music really positively [TS]

  the first time I heard that I was like [TS]

  this is great [TS]

  recently this Boko really speaks to me [TS]

  and I liked him with those wraparound [TS]

  sunglasses and the headset microphone [TS]

  the early bluetooth [TS]

  I like the way he kind of stomped around [TS]

  the stage like a like a Godzilla and but [TS]

  i was also a big fan of the new young [TS]

  and the and the shocking pinks [TS]

  I thought the record was great wide and [TS]

  i'm a huge fan of Neil Young [TS]

  and Crazy Horse's reactor another record [TS]

  that gets dog so basically bill Young's [TS]

  late seventies crazy time output yeah [TS]

  was hugely influential about me you know [TS]

  who else loves that all of those are our [TS]

  friends physicist grant Balfour he [TS]

  turned me onto a lot of those records [TS]

  that i had seen and cut-out uh you know [TS]

  alongside the kiss solo albums and lots [TS]

  of examples access 99-cent records for [TS]

  those words were I mean those albums [TS]

  trans wasn't cut out for many many years [TS]

  and reactor reactor was like the [TS]

  canonical cut out albums the only is [TS]

  everywhere [TS]

  absolutely i bought it for ninety-nine [TS]

  cents and i got at home you know I used [TS]

  by those cutout records and i would get [TS]

  them home and be a male you know massive [TS]

  disappointment most of the time the the [TS]

  most profound disappointment was I think [TS]

  this is apple's orchestral record yes [TS]

  see that that's that they should have a [TS]

  stick with the PMRC stickers he was [TS]

  protesting they said they had classical [TS]

  music stickers on their getting into [TS]

  debt but overlooked that don't think [TS]

  they're going by my vibe not intuitive [TS]

  feeling today he's got his tix you know [TS]

  in early Parker uh forgot got big and [TS]

  Bob a lot of the criticism I think [TS]

  specifically with Philip Larkin know it [TS]

  was Cab Calloway Cab Calloway said we [TS]

  call the Chinese music oh and people [TS]

  started knowing that I'm gonna tell you [TS]

  something going to ruin Charlie Parker [TS]

  for you if you're not careful [TS]

  yeah Charlie put Parker his main risk is [TS]

  almost always a version of the woody [TS]

  woodpecker's song haha try good try but [TS]

  it's not bad but it's not that I have [TS]

  about it later but that an intern and [TS]

  some peanuts off me know whenever [TS]

  they're not that they don't but if you [TS]

  had better let me hold on by [TS]

  whoa no wow Larry Bird mind blow mine [TS]

  you know how interesting is the young [TS]

  people who are listening to our program [TS]

  have no idea who Woody Woodpecker is [TS]

  dead and so they're just like home [TS]

  why didn't the Magpies you the John you [TS]

  think they know about heckle and Jeckle [TS]

  I am betting that they do not know about [TS]

  heckle and Jekyll and their and their [TS]

  mysterious hijinks that was my the [TS]

  breeze bits that was my my wife's [TS]

  favorite cartoon as a child she loved [TS]

  technological she always calls on the [TS]

  Magpies heckle and Jeckle it might have [TS]

  been a nod to chippendale uh well you [TS]

  know heckle and Jeckle have a very [TS]

  Mark's brother e and a day it's like to [TS]

  Groucho's right everybody with both like [TS]

  I remember being like always polite to a [TS]

  fault but they always extremely polite [TS]

  with the child was noted with it [TS]

  yes but it was exciting was it was a [TS]

  sardonic polite no it's more like um spy [TS]

  vs spy but they're absolutely spy vs spy [TS]

  movie o.o aragones has some answering to [TS]

  do why we are we are opening up a lot of [TS]

  windows today that anybody under 40 [TS]

  years old is like what are they talking [TS]

  about Sergio Aragones go go worship at [TS]

  his temple he did a lot of the [TS]

  marginalia in mad right yeah you do I [TS]

  think all of it or or no not all of it [TS]

  every once in a while I would see one by [TS]

  somebody else and do and it was [TS]

  confusing and it infuriated me up like [TS]

  stop doing that why are you doing that [TS]

  yeah go back to the 10 go back to the [TS]

  marginalia that belongs there [TS]

  he also you know what else he did the [TS]

  marginalia for our TVs bloopers and [TS]

  practical jokes because that he did the [TS]

  dissolves between segments always nicer [TS]

  ones I've seen that I have some have [TS]

  some faint memory but I was not a I was [TS]

  not a regular watcher of TVs bloopers [TS]

  and practical jokes push off the [TS]

  dickhead man i think i think you know [TS]

  we've talked about this before but there [TS]

  was a cut-off for me in television land [TS]

  oh yes right like up to a certain point [TS]

  anything that was on the television i [TS]

  was interested in and I was fortunate [TS]

  enough to be alive during an era which I [TS]

  now look back at [TS]

  and think of as the golden age of [TS]

  television especially for a kid that's [TS]

  the thing if you think about what was on [TS]

  I think about I'm little two years older [TS]

  than you [TS]

  75 279 there was so much stupid shit on [TS]

  TV that was perfect for kiss so amazing [TS]

  the freaking gong show [TS]

  omigod the fact that we were kids during [TS]

  the tenure of that incredible program I [TS]

  can't believe that shows on TV [TS]

  I can't believe it still and I and I [TS]

  feel so lucky to have been 10 years old [TS]

  right i mean if at but but also like all [TS]

  the garbage TV and the fact that that [TS]

  was the last heyday of all those Jackie [TS]

  Gleason and you know the the class [TS]

  everyone old an age of entertainment [TS]

  Gene Kelly being in Xanadu like you [TS]

  still have Fred Astaire and there was a [TS]

  twilight zone or no no it was someone he [TS]

  was in that letter was in his last film [TS]

  you'll people moving yeah and you know [TS]

  he wasn't into using the necklace but [TS]

  you would still see that you would watch [TS]

  a variety show you could watch you can [TS]

  turn on a variety show and they would [TS]

  still it was still like a Hollywood [TS]

  spectacle but kiss would be on [TS]

  yeah right exactly those were the guests [TS]

  like those were the headliner guests of [TS]

  all the late night talk shows and then [TS]

  and then Robin Williams would be on [TS]

  there and then yeah right like like [TS]

  David Bowie and it's just like what are [TS]

  we watching well so anyway there was a [TS]

  moment in 1982 I feel like 82 83 where [TS]

  where the where it all gave up the ghost [TS]

  and it was all those shows i mean i [TS]

  never i didn't get in Miami Vice we've [TS]

  talked about this many times and I think [TS]

  part of the problem is that it's hard [TS]

  for me to uh it's hard for me to have my [TS]

  intelligence insulted even as a child [TS]

  right and your intelligence is insulted [TS]

  by fantasy islands on but at least i was [TS]

  i was a young enough kid when I mean I [TS]

  even that eight years old I felt like [TS]

  this is insulting [TS]

  it's insulting and if you felt that [TS]

  dumber than love boat [TS]

  uh well yeah because because that was [TS]

  just at the age especially with [TS]

  this must be serious it was serious and [TS]

  I was just at the age where I realized [TS]

  that every single person that arrived on [TS]

  this island would be here to an active [TS]

  sex fantasy if this was true if Fantasy [TS]

  Island were a true thing just be a sex [TS]

  cam how much it costs with $10,000 [TS]

  $10,000 10 that I mean if you could go [TS]

  to a place and they would perform they [TS]

  would give you your you know whatever [TS]

  your fantasy [TS]

  you're not gonna go there to talk to [TS]

  your to reconcile with your dead father [TS]

  you're not going to go there to learn to [TS]

  swim for the first time whatever the [TS]

  those flimsy premises were you would [TS]

  just it would just be a sex farm and I i [TS]

  think at ten years old I was like wait a [TS]

  minute like because I I'm it's not a 10 [TS]

  years old like I had any sex fantasies [TS]

  but I was starting to do was starting to [TS]

  dawn on me and again this was nineteen [TS]

  seventy-eight right so there was a line [TS]

  to fantasize about well there was also a [TS]

  lot of talk about that in the culture [TS]

  I mean that was the era where you would [TS]

  go to somebody's house and they would [TS]

  just be like we magazine on the coffee [TS]

  table right it was that we we was like [TS]

  what will and we sort of the classy [TS]

  version a playboy well I don't know [TS]

  clouds somewhere between playboy and [TS]

  penthouse and a little bit more [TS]

  it was like if you were a sophisticate a [TS]

  you-know-what guy that had a I mean they [TS]

  were all about stereo systems and and [TS]

  and mixing cocktails but we was like [TS]

  what the name it's right there in the [TS]

  name [TS]

  it's a it's yes in French hmm come on [TS]

  you've got it you've got to have three [TS]

  different ferns in macrame plant holders [TS]

  in your house even know what it means [TS]

  yeah anyway I i would just make of this [TS]

  very quickly because I I definitely want [TS]

  to circle back to this i'm on the [TS]

  wikipedia page for fantasy island which [TS]

  i can highly recommend ok [TS]

  in the first hour later and this is [TS]

  under the section called the fantasy [TS]

  subsection costs in the first film it [TS]

  was noted that each guest have paid [TS]

  $50,000 about a hundred ninety six [TS]

  thousand dollars in 2014 dollars [TS]

  yeah yeah in advance mhm just the best [TS]

  the only way should have charged for [TS]

  anything for the fulfillment of their [TS]

  fantasies and that fantasy island was a [TS]

  business in return to Fantasy Island [TS]

  worked old tattoo [TS]

  ok I thought I could do it in return to [TS]

  Fantasy Island Rourke told tattoo that [TS]

  he sometimes drop the price when I guess [TS]

  couldn't afford the usual feet was you [TS]

  believe everyone should be given a [TS]

  chance to have their fantasies fulfilled [TS]

  on see that just strange credit not [TS]

  running a charity here what are you [TS]

  talking about you're gonna give if [TS]

  there's like a there's like financial [TS]

  aid for Brighton you know that i did not [TS]

  wait office i'm fucking 48 fantasy and [TS]

  you know what I think about low [TS]

  logistics I want to know how it all went [TS]

  down I want to come back to that [TS]

  so you didn't like having your [TS]

  intelligence insulted you could roll [TS]

  with it for watching your little younger [TS]

  I think also you know it's a different [TS]

  mindset and now we're really going to [TS]

  lose the young people in the app class [TS]

  is that you watched whatever the fuck [TS]

  was on [TS]

  yeah and you were start for him that was [TS]

  the thing also you were prohibited by [TS]

  adults from watching TV all the time [TS]

  oh yeah when you when you got the chance [TS]

  it didn't matter if there was it doesn't [TS]

  matter what was on it matter that it was [TS]

  on you flip through the five available [TS]

  channels if I'm the best thing in that [TS]

  half hour spot and then you flip around [TS]

  yeah and then you wouldn't you would [TS]

  enjoy it and and I think and I think in [TS]

  seattle when I was a little kid we had [TS]

  four channels right ABC NBC CBS and PBS [TS]

  yep five we also have yahoo local [TS]

  affiliates I told you w xix channel 19 [TS]

  right right well see then you were your [TS]

  big big-time East Coast Ohio people who [TS]

  had an extra channel i caught a pork [TS]

  opolis yeah out here here in Seattle and [TS]

  then in a in Anchorage when I moved to [TS]

  Anchorage in 78 he got half a station on [TS]

  Tuesday skipper yeah we know you had ABC [TS]

  CBS and NBC but they were all on a like [TS]

  a 10 day 07 daytime delay right because [TS]

  the tapes were actually shipped via [TS]

  don't get that does not make sense as [TS]

  tapes is that the tapes and then we [TS]

  played the tapes they're saying this is [TS]

  a pre satellite era where they had to [TS]

  run the tape locally they get Fantasy [TS]

  Island hit the button exactly ten [TS]

  o'clock at a-put play [TS]

  yeah so if you had if you subscribe to [TS]

  subscribe to TV Guide you just made the [TS]

  adjustment that everything was one week [TS]

  later [TS]

  ah and so you know [TS]

  if you add everyone that we have this [TS]

  problem all the time you should go on a [TS]

  trip you'd fly down to Seattle and I I'd [TS]

  run into some old elementary school [TS]

  classmates and of course what's gonna [TS]

  cut what's what comes up in conversation [TS]

  right away you're talking about a the [TS]

  last episode of mash yep right because [TS]

  your kids you're worried about what's [TS]

  happening in the Korean War you're [TS]

  worried about the humanity and and I [TS]

  would always be a weak moment week is [TS]

  brutal but you know anyway so those at [TS]

  that era but then in the eighties I feel [TS]

  like all of American culture began to us [TS]

  a tip to be an assault on my my my [TS]

  blossoming intelligence [TS]

  yeah and bloopers and practical jokes [TS]

  all that kind of stuff [TS]

  uh we're we're like polished hosts were [TS]

  smiling at you and fake laughing as [TS]

  somebody got hit in the crotch with a [TS]

  with a volleyball [TS]

  I was just like what is this yeah the [TS]

  early eighties here's here's the way I [TS]

  think of it at least it's not like i say [TS]

  70 kind of 74 but 75 to 78 79 for me [TS]

  it's booking on the one hand by my dad [TS]

  passing away and me becoming a latchkey [TS]

  child with who got to watch more TV than [TS]

  he should of and it's bookended on the [TS]

  other end by my mom remarrying and mean [TS]

  going to military school in Florida [TS]

  oh you have such a seventies child isn't [TS]

  that is a fucking after-school special [TS]

  like that lime storyland Scarlett did [TS]

  you Ellen man did you have a bowl [TS]

  haircut did you have a did you have a [TS]

  job here kind a home haircut was that [TS]

  approximated bowl weekend affordable did [TS]

  you carry your key around your neck on a [TS]

  on a piece of thread for a while [TS]

  yeah I had a key then I had an on a [TS]

  glow-in-the-dark real estate teaching it [TS]

  was the style at the time until I was in [TS]

  ninth grade ninth grade I carried my [TS]

  house key around my neck on a red piece [TS]

  of yarn see I think that's cool when I [TS]

  would see kids wearing a key around [TS]

  their neck especially if they're younger [TS]

  than like 13 [TS]

  I've always thought that look that was a [TS]

  cool look I was like time your shirt on [TS]

  your waist just look cool [TS]

  I didn't feel it looked cool because [TS]

  every other one of my friends had [TS]

  stay-at-home mom and so I was the one [TS]

  with the house key [TS]

  they didn't have a house key until they [TS]

  went to call my moms really boring she's [TS]

  a she's a pioneering female computer [TS]

  programmer on yet [TS]

  Alaskan pipeline sure yeah i know and [TS]

  you know those guys so boring and that [TS]

  the front door opens for them they don't [TS]

  even have to touch the doorknob because [TS]

  their mom is standing there looking [TS]

  through the keyhole with a selection of [TS]

  delicious hostess products that with a [TS]

  plate of fresh baked cookies and you [TS]

  know and I'm key and into the house and [TS]

  and try to allow no I never even I [TS]

  didn't say hello i knew there was nobody [TS]

  there isn't one mission good get out [TS]

  that would with a bit over his shoulder [TS]

  at me and run upstairs and I'd try to in [TS]

  the furnace to work generally going to [TS]

  your dad dies your latchkey kid get your [TS]

  mom remarries and military school it's [TS]

  like I can already hear i can already [TS]

  hear the theme to bless the beasts and [TS]

  the children and I'm like two different [TS]

  TV movies waiting to happen but you know [TS]

  but for me know now that here's the [TS]

  thing though for those years like [TS]

  especially i would say through 7677 kind [TS]

  of subpoena and 78 [TS]

  I mean I knew I said this before but I [TS]

  literally I didn't need the TV dial that [TS]

  was in the Sunday paper [TS]

  I knew we didn't work we couldn't afford [TS]

  fancy TV Guide but uh but I knew every [TS]

  prime time show exactly what I was even [TS]

  stuff i didn't watch especially stuff i [TS]

  didn't watch because i know you want to [TS]

  watch it but think about the show's meld [TS]

  all the great shows you got Alice you [TS]

  got happy days that followed by Laverne [TS]

  and Shirley you got Barney Miller you [TS]

  got I mean after I could go on and on [TS]

  owners Fantasy Island you have gotten [TS]

  fantasy and you get all in the family [TS]

  and the jeffersons come on you're [TS]

  killing me now i know i don't think [TS]

  about sometimes you gotta god ms Romano [TS]

  over on the one day at a time [TS]

  this is life the time when you get to go [TS]

  and have it all remember Snyder [TS]

  vulnerabilities [TS]

  no I can't remember schneider the guy [TS]

  who like myself into the apartment on my [TS]

  nose nighters but i'm saying that all I [TS]

  can see is Valerie Bertinelli's smiling [TS]

  face oh my gosh she was such as such a [TS]

  tomboy [TS]

  she's a tomboy my bed like that to you [TS]

  know Valerie Bertinelli and eddie van [TS]

  halen are classic example of people [TS]

  marry [TS]

  getting their opposite sex doppelganger [TS]

  triple younger and I'm sure that if I'm [TS]

  sure that they had a dog and I'm sure [TS]

  that the dog looked like them [TS]

  yeah and that Wolfie a wolfgang is that [TS]

  his name [TS]

  I you know I still mention name your [TS]

  child Wolfgang van Halen well you know [TS]

  if you imagine being named mandolin it [TS]

  used to sound so weird I i want to see [TS]

  that that that first reunion tour the [TS]

  the David Lee Roth but with Wolfgang [TS]

  mayo and on-base how and he didn't need [TS]

  a very passable job the young man so you [TS]

  got all of that is so here's here's i'm [TS]

  going to toss out a few things and it's [TS]

  hard it's almost it's virtually [TS]

  impossible for me to talk intelligently [TS]

  about this is on the one hand i don't [TS]

  know the exact details and that's part [TS]

  of the problem but also that I have very [TS]

  strong feelings about this but around [TS]

  that time I went to military school [TS]

  first of all I started being able to [TS]

  watch a lot less TV but which picked up [TS]

  again after as blessedly went back to [TS]

  public school but but think about this [TS]

  think about the early eighties and think [TS]

  about the switch in programming and [TS]

  places like NBC whatever started off [TS]

  coming in well but you also got you also [TS]

  don't know Hill Street Blues is going to [TS]

  change the way we think about dramas ok [TS]

  so i think the drama part of the problem [TS]

  is the big thrust the sitcom's did start [TS]

  getting Dumber but also I mean dumber in [TS]

  a less fun way I mean you know Three's [TS]

  Company was still around but you know it [TS]

  wasn't a universe which mr. Roper was [TS]

  gone [TS]

  yep and you mr. Furley in their early [TS]

  which was you know what's really great [TS]

  is a great comedian don't know oh don't [TS]

  get me started on Don Knotts Knotts but [TS]

  once you like to see all lose Christian [TS]

  sure with the with the subsequent [TS]

  Chrissy's yeah yeah yeahs the other ones [TS]

  yeah you're on cell but then on the [TS]

  other thing is like you say i guess i [TS]

  don't know i think in the eighties [TS]

  everything changed when people today [TS]

  think about dumb sitcoms people who are [TS]

  old enough to have a nostalgia they [TS]

  think of the nineties you think the too [TS]

  many cooks type openings right you think [TS]

  of those like very silly 96 calm sea [TS]

  I've now I have no I people refer to [TS]

  nineties sitcoms and I honestly have no [TS]

  idea what they're talking about [TS]

  oh yeah i think when i was well as I I [TS]

  knew them all I just seen every seinfeld [TS]

  many many times I don't think I've ever [TS]

  seen a full episode of [TS]

  full house now or what's the one with [TS]

  her call [TS]

  like I don't have a family matters like [TS]

  you that was way past my time [TS]

  yeah I demands then I was looking up [TS]

  some place some playmobil toys [TS]

  yeah and Lego toys the other day on the [TS]

  internet because I was like you know [TS]

  what i would like to i would like to [TS]

  have classic legos I was I've been very [TS]

  upset as legos have become more and more [TS]

  kit based in there just aren't those big [TS]

  big bins of red white blue i think we [TS]

  had yellow red white blue yellow [TS]

  mhm green-eyed of them I don't even [TS]

  think there were five colors we have [TS]

  three different colors of green do plus [TS]

  now i realize the other day [TS]

  yeah so I was looking on the internet [TS]

  and i know so i put in I'm trying to you [TS]

  know you tried game ebay with your [TS]

  search terms and I was like a vintage [TS]

  lego lot and i would get I got all these [TS]

  replies that are all these responses [TS]

  that were like 1997 vintage legos was [TS]

  like die a thousand deaths 1997 is not [TS]

  vintage anything but for some people [TS]

  young 1970 is not vintage anything [TS]

  really is that 1997 doesn't even exist [TS]

  it does not exist to me it is a it is a [TS]

  nine-year it's just a nun [TS]

  it's a nun place don't associate with [TS]

  nineteen nineties what happened to you [TS]

  in 1997 trying to remember the year [TS]

  before i moved to even house I was [TS]

  married two years at that point about a [TS]

  year and a half two years and I [TS]

  musically it was before we put out our [TS]

  yeah i don't think i need something [TS]

  happened i think was a point here is my [TS]

  year was a total body but you get what [TS]

  you give what were you uh what were you [TS]

  in one family player second button but [TS]

  it was the little what I guess would be [TS]

  the last year the last full year of the [TS]

  bun family players so some might say the [TS]

  the the heyday of the bun family players [TS]

  as those some being whom you know there [TS]

  are hundred and twenty-five superfans [TS]

  who come for those of you who are not [TS]

  playing Roderick online bingo the bun [TS]

  family players were [TS]

  banned in the nineties like your first [TS]

  big seattle back first real rock band we [TS]

  were called the bun family players [TS]

  because we tried to pick an [TS]

  intentionally difficult to like name [TS]

  that uh that said that she heard the [TS]

  dominant paradigm there was one guy in [TS]

  our band do my best friend who really [TS]

  wanted us to be named something like [TS]

  chunk or pile or a you know dirt because [TS]

  that was the fashion at the time and all [TS]

  the all the bands that were cool we're [TS]

  all called like to land grunts and had [TS]

  dad ass and I was like now we should be [TS]

  called something else we're different [TS]

  were not a grunge band wear something [TS]

  else we should we should have a name [TS]

  that reflects our hard difficulty in our [TS]

  are you know our smartness and all the [TS]

  all the bands that came out of that era [TS]

  where all all had three names and her [TS]

  three word names and they were all hard [TS]

  to listen to and we were one of a bun [TS]

  family players really it's a terrible [TS]

  terrible band name but we were we were [TS]

  not a terrible band but anyway that's [TS]

  1997 was this year where it's like do I [TS]

  remember where i lived in nineteen you [TS]

  can't remember having to fight song from [TS]

  1997 was that my heart will go on [TS]

  nope that's 98 was that about still [TS]

  feels like the arrow where every song [TS]

  had a had a moment where the singer went [TS]

  here ya go ya popped up right like [TS]

  you're like yeah you mean like the the [TS]

  donuts you your own yeah it now my round [TS]

  my mom around my area [TS]

  yeah what song was that that was by a [TS]

  band that i actually went to see later [TS]

  and it's an offspring it turned out that [TS]

  they were there music didn't sound [TS]

  anything like that song else that's how [TS]

  they get you [TS]

  you know what I mean low but like it was [TS]

  kind of their music maybe was better [TS]

  than without it was good very wrong with [TS]

  your Hall was that from [TS]

  that's the earlier no idea i think [TS]

  probably earlier MMOs closing times on [TS]

  closing time we had a bet you I would [TS]

  put that in 97 close [TS]

  time you don't have to go home but you [TS]

  can't stay here [TS]

  yeah that that's a good song was that [TS]

  electrostatic where they called classes [TS]

  I'm you know what you know what that [TS]

  song is a song I Semisonic sorry 1998 [TS]

  from their album feeling strangely fine [TS]

  i feel like that is a courteney cox song [TS]

  it was that there's an entire part of [TS]

  the culture that that that orbits around [TS]

  our generation that I just put in the [TS]

  courteney cox category i would love to [TS]

  get that kind of pitches she was who's [TS]

  the who's the the dummy that she's [TS]

  married to or was married to David our [TS]

  cat David Arquette right so I do i know [TS]

  that horny cogs and what did like [TS]

  fucking know that I want those blocks of [TS]

  my drive back [TS]

  what is a duvet it's like you don't want [TS]

  to do they [TS]

  so she and David Arquette are married to [TS]

  each other and they are the people that [TS]

  are in the in the culture they are the [TS]

  people that magazines are writing about [TS]

  and I remember looking at magazines and [TS]

  saying I could not care less about them [TS]

  I trim trying to kill us about their not [TS]

  i cannot ride when I don't know who [TS]

  people are on the cover of a magazine [TS]

  pride that problem is with us now we're [TS]

  just old we don't know going out because [TS]

  we don't know right but at the time I [TS]

  knew who they were [TS]

  I couldn't care less about them and [TS]

  their and the fact that they were [TS]

  probably listening to closing time [TS]

  oh but that song and all the associated [TS]

  a culture into a into a character look [TS]

  into it was like a swirl now the press [TS]

  the beginnings of old man chunking an [TS]

  old man chuckling we call them where you [TS]

  suddenly just gotten up that's not for [TS]

  me because everything the file is that [TS]

  people a little bit pink huh its latest [TS]

  uh yeah old man chunking but i was still [TS]

  a young enough person that uh that I [TS]

  shouldn't tell because the thing is I [TS]

  did care slightly about Jennifer [TS]

  Aniston's i see i think it's a ginger [TS]

  Marianne type situation [TS]

  ok alright alright I I agree I agree I I [TS]

  was worried about Jennifer yeah i still [TS]

  am worried she seems genuinely nice i'm [TS]

  just i'm not [TS]

  sure she is but I I just worried that [TS]

  she didn't get what she wanted out of [TS]

  life you know she said that here's the [TS]

  here's the double problem with us with [TS]

  the closing time problem is that I later [TS]

  on became good friends with one of the [TS]

  guys in the band and Semisonic yeah John [TS]

  Munson is in that band and John Munson [TS]

  is like this he does the music for John [TS]

  Mo's television show and he and I've [TS]

  played music and watch on months and [TS]

  over here is this hello [TS]

  so I think you and Dan Wilson and Jacob [TS]

  schlichter we're very good man i liked [TS]

  your song chemistry whatever john says [TS]

  jon jon is an amazing guy and I I don't [TS]

  even know if he had any handwriting [TS]

  closing time but it's certainly a you [TS]

  know is a wonderful and one of the guys [TS]

  in his band wrote that very interesting [TS]

  book so it ends up being that I can't [TS]

  hate a closing time or Semisonic mm and [TS]

  now i have to go back and revisit how I [TS]

  feel about David are cast I crazy talk [TS]

  about growing up see you might run into [TS]

  he might be an indie filmmaker now who [TS]

  wants to use car parts first commercial [TS]

  David Arquette you need i don't know i [TS]

  don't follow him [TS]

  this is the problem with this podcast is [TS]

  a said so many things over the years and [TS]

  then one day somebody's gonna come and [TS]

  they're gonna say oh I'd love to you [TS]

  know if I start making movies with David [TS]

  Arquette yeah and then God willing right [TS]

  right and shah and then somebody a who [TS]

  somebody who like I mean the thing is [TS]

  that our are loyalists fans right yeah [TS]

  can get Marmion he's never going to [TS]

  betray us [TS]

  I don't knowingly oh you think really [TS]

  think well I think she's there is a [TS]

  resource you been and if people ways [TS]

  through which she worked for the [TS]

  opposition [TS]

  I think she's like a librarian in the [TS]

  sense that she's not gonna tell you not [TS]

  to read that is here's the propositions [TS]

  agnostic she's like well I think the [TS]

  here's the problem with this show is [TS]

  it's almost impossible to figure out [TS]

  where we talked about something [TS]

  especially if it was more than once and [TS]

  yet it's almost certain that every [TS]

  terrible thing that we've said we'll be [TS]

  we'll find the light of day David [TS]

  Arquette might have you on a short list [TS]

  right now the thing is the David [TS]

  Arquette is probably not right now [TS]

  listening the program but if he and I [TS]

  make a couple movies together somebody's [TS]

  going to say hey David Jerry what he [TS]

  said about you and then you know like [TS]

  I'm still waiting for [TS]

  day and what is but one of my wife [TS]

  watched his watches program on netflix [TS]

  and said it was very funny that his [TS]

  harmontown show [TS]

  oh yeah I'm not awful she said she's [TS]

  been sick and so she's been watching [TS]

  harmontown she said I she said it's a [TS]

  lot like something you guys would do you [TS]

  believe that I said that my wife fucking [TS]

  wife said that to me I really hurts my [TS]

  feelings [TS]

  ok good thing is i am convinced the damn [TS]

  Harmon and I are gonna be once again [TS]

  standing in front of each other looking [TS]

  at each other [TS]

  you gonna give me another chance I don't [TS]

  know I have no idea what's gonna happen [TS]

  and I don't know you know he might he [TS]

  might look at me and say I you keep [TS]

  showing up in my twitter feed [TS]

  because people are like a making jokes [TS]

  did you see the picture of Dan Harmon at [TS]

  south by southwest and a guy in the [TS]

  front row is wearing a rock on the line [TS]

  t-shirt oh shit really standing right in [TS]

  front of him learn his riders on the [TS]

  line t-shirt and I'm like I don't know [TS]

  if Dan Harmon I don't even know if Dan [TS]

  Harmon can see that far because he's a [TS]

  middle-aged guy he probably needs [TS]

  reading glasses like the rest of us do [TS]

  maybe you didn't even see the teacher [TS]

  maybe if you did see that he doesn't [TS]

  know what it means maybe if he does know [TS]

  what it means he doesn't care who knows [TS]

  but one of these days he and I are gonna [TS]

  be stuck in an elevator together it'll [TS]

  come up and maybe Jay Z's gonna be in [TS]

  there and it's gonna you know [TS]

  yeah it would be very confusing yeah [TS]

  okay so here's the thing they uh [TS]

  Semisonic had four singles in 1996 they [TS]

  had two singles in 1998 well they had a [TS]

  single in 1999 see 97 does not exist [TS]

  1997 does not exist it's a by year and [TS]

  nothing happened i can see i could go to [TS]

  Wikipedia and look up what movies came [TS]

  out this year but i'm pretty sure given [TS]

  that is user edit mostly be errors i [TS]

  don't remember anything that happened in [TS]

  1997 I wonder if back put something out [TS]

  of 19 it seems you know what 97 back you [TS]

  would put out like a record single or [TS]

  something yeah like this one better he [TS]

  put out something kind of crazy and then [TS]

  what about what about either or 1998 I [TS]

  feel like it's maybe 8-10 yours 98 [TS]

  excess 99 i'm pretty sure [TS]

  uh-uh harvey danger is where all the [TS]

  merrymakers gone what 97 i wonder if [TS]

  that didn't come out in nineteen and IDK [TS]

  man 1994 I think that's an error [TS]

  no yeah I would know 94 no 94 they were [TS]

  still [TS]

  and at the lake union pub and people [TS]

  were throwing out the bib beer bottles [TS]

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  gender thank you thank you buck you [TS]

  leading the 97 for me and so so here we [TS]

  are now I don't even know what year it [TS]

  is and uh okay wait a minute what year [TS]

  what year did Star Wars a minus-3 come [TS]

  out star wars the the part part 3 does [TS]

  no not really but minus 3 part 3the the [TS]

  first but the nominally first one of the [TS]

  series as our if you used to call [TS]

  episode 1 which i call episode- 3i think [TS]

  it came out in I believe making any 999 [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  mmm [TS]

  and i think the third one came out i [TS]

  want to say in 2005 I was thinking about [TS]

  this the other day i have started [TS]

  watching the better call saul program [TS]

  mhm which I have been enjoying because i [TS]

  like the star [TS]

  I like the actor I know you do replace [TS]

  the star and I like we bonded over him [TS]

  very early on [TS]

  yes we did we made many of our earliest [TS]

  interactions I think we're about mr. [TS]

  show [TS]

  I I think that's true and I feel like [TS]

  mr. Odenkirk is one of the great [TS]

  Americans and I feel like the best thing [TS]

  about Bob Odenkirk is his complete [TS]

  inability to a British accent or any [TS]

  kind of accent also his singing is [TS]

  pretty special you can do it another day [TS]

  I'm the big actor say San Francisco duty [TS]

  city filled with criminality New Orleans [TS]

  full of water [TS]

  he did he's terrible at accents but he's [TS]

  amazing and so I like him and I also [TS]

  like the protagonist of the show which [TS]

  is a character played by bombs the park [TS]

  oh ok I hear it's good to see the pacing [TS]

  take some getting used to but slow the [TS]

  killer guy that works in the parking lot [TS]

  yeah I'm not so sure about that and that [TS]

  is part of the problem it is the prequel [TS]

  problem where I feel like the star wars [TS]

  episodes negative 3 negative 2 and [TS]

  negative 1 [TS]

  I might adopt that you get the entire [TS]

  time you're watching all of them and i [TS]

  can't speak from experience because i [TS]

  have only watched the I only watch [TS]

  negative 1 I didn't watch negative 3 or [TS]

  negative 2 because I couldn't stand even [TS]

  the idea of Jar Jar Binks [TS]

  yeah but i imagine that you're just [TS]

  waiting for dr manner to arrive the [TS]

  entire time [TS]

  yeah right you're just waiting for the [TS]

  things that you know to make their first [TS]

  appearance and so this [TS]

  the problem with better call Saul is [TS]

  that I'm sitting there and I'm wait and [TS]

  you know and and they and their [TS]

  conscious of that they're not dummies [TS]

  and so it's just like when am I first [TS]

  going to see these people that I already [TS]

  know and and what is the surprise what's [TS]

  the surprise of their review will do [TS]

  that like I mean I don't watch the show [TS]

  I've heard several things on fresh air [TS]

  about it but I'm going to plead it [TS]

  really is its own entity it is its own [TS]

  entity but there's just enough they're [TS]

  just seeing the their seating it enough [TS]

  they can't resist it right the first [TS]

  time that Gus fring appears on the [TS]

  screen at the old guy o.o spring was the [TS]

  chicken guy right okay I i don't know i [TS]

  don't remember either his name just [TS]

  popped into my head and I thought I [TS]

  would drop a mint and feel it seem [TS]

  knowledgeable but you must read a little [TS]

  bit too because you're going like oh [TS]

  it's gonna be a young Jesse at a [TS]

  playground right just like I have to go [TS]

  to this school to serve a warrant and [TS]

  there's a teacher there and got a full [TS]

  head of hair and wearing a dress [TS]

  yeah sure is a wimpy guy i don't want [TS]

  that to happen and I feel like this the [TS]

  show runners have to know that that is a [TS]

  risk and let's just see but it but that [TS]

  but that's the thing that that's more [TS]

  information already that i have to have [TS]

  to wrestle with every time I try and [TS]

  watch one of these television programs [TS]

  i'm already wrestling [TS]

  yeah with expectation and that is not a [TS]

  thing that you have with the show that [TS]

  you've never seen but in that case I [TS]

  don't have any interest in seeing them [TS]

  at all so it's tough it's tough i've [TS]

  been really debating whether or not to [TS]

  show my daughter who just recently had a [TS]

  birthday and I want to say anything [TS]

  happy birthday that's nice [TS]

  oh but I've been wrestling with whether [TS]

  or not to show her frozen the film which [TS]

  everybody raves about have you seen it i [TS]

  have not seen it [TS]

  none of us have seen it but she is [TS]

  absorbing it from the culture enough she [TS]

  came into the day and she was like Elsa [TS]

  wears a blue dress and I would this is [TS]

  something I already knew and she said [TS]

  and she has a song and it goes like this [TS]

  let it go let it go let it go let it go [TS]

  and she walks around the house for the [TS]

  next 15 minutes singing let it go [TS]

  a song which I don't know if she's ever [TS]

  heard but she had only had those lyrics [TS]

  let it go [TS]

  Wow and she walked around singing let it [TS]

  go at the top of her lungs and this was [TS]

  else's song and she knew these things I [TS]

  think she just got them for us she [TS]

  picked them off on off the toilet seat [TS]

  they are a contagion he picked up frozen [TS]

  from a she's in there a contagion of ed [TS]

  I think so she's a terrible thing but so [TS]

  so somebody gave her a gift for her [TS]

  birthday with the pros [TS]

  as a component of it because like all [TS]

  great brands you are now i'm sure i am [TS]

  absolutely sure if you wanted to buy a [TS]

  heckler in cock 9-millimeter [TS]

  semi-automatic police rifle you could [TS]

  get a frozen branded one it's got all [TS]

  off right on there right all often that [TS]

  and and uh and also she pronounced no [TS]

  love lost she was like his name is Ulla [TS]

  this is a thing John this is the thing [TS]

  this there's a whole article i want to [TS]

  see the new york times about kids who [TS]

  are in star wars that have never seen [TS]

  Star Wars may not even have seen like [TS]

  the cartoon but you know that there are [TS]

  other are some things that are such a [TS]

  phenomenon the kids like my daughter's [TS]

  never played Minecraft but she loves [TS]

  everything related to Minecraft she [TS]

  bought her ten dollars with a minecraft [TS]

  cutouts at the walgreens because she [TS]

  loves papercraft and made a bunch of [TS]

  little black sheep i feel like i was a [TS]

  member of KISS Army in 1977 and I really [TS]

  i had only ever heard bets that's a [TS]

  perfect that's a perfect example yeah [TS]

  that's exactly it is exactly the same [TS]

  thing like how many kids that one of the [TS]

  KISS Army patch pay five dollars or [TS]

  whatever like how many of those kids [TS]

  like heavy and even own destroyer [TS]

  probably not like they have 9 but like [TS]

  surprisingly few I didn't own destroyer [TS]

  but I i guess i heard detroit rock city [TS]

  but anyway so i'm debating whether or [TS]

  not to show this program and so she [TS]

  brings this little she unwrap this [TS]

  present she brings it in [TS]

  she shows it to my eight-year-old mother [TS]

  who looks at the pictures of the two [TS]

  girls Elsa and Constantine or or [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  Anna maybe a ana oh actually actually I [TS]

  was corrected in the pronunciation of [TS]

  that by my by my a loquacious daughter [TS]

  who said its honor on a new love you [TS]

  anyway my mom looks at the cover of the [TS]

  box and she goes [TS]

  they look like monsters thanks grandma [TS]

  and Marlo you know looks taken aback and [TS]

  I'm a little taken aback and I'm like [TS]

  what do you mean she says look their [TS]

  eyeballs are one-third the size of their [TS]

  face area it's like equivalent to a baby [TS]

  likely that you like the proportions of [TS]

  a baby face but with the sharp angles of [TS]

  a supermodel [TS]

  it's like to the proportions of a baby [TS]

  face if you are talking about a baby [TS]

  Komodo dragon [TS]

  yeah baby gray right there there who [TS]

  photos and so my mom is like they're [TS]

  they're disgusting they're either the [TS]

  big eyes they look like lizards and [TS]

  Marlo's now looking at the frozen [TS]

  characters through the eyes of her [TS]

  beloved nana and I'm like well now wait [TS]

  a minute hold on like I need to [TS]

  intervene i think a little bit here in [TS]

  this conversation because that these are [TS]

  these are characters that every child [TS]

  that she knows every I'm like mom every [TS]

  kid she knows thinks that these are the [TS]

  models of like Beauty and and these are [TS]

  the princess's these these are the [TS]

  princesses and my mom is like they're [TS]

  repulsive and so now Marla was carrying [TS]

  that around today in her mind and i [TS]

  actually took the frozen thing and I was [TS]

  like the frozen game is going to live on [TS]

  a farm and one day we'll go visit it and [TS]

  it will remember you and miles like how [TS]

  that's going to go in on a farm like a [TS]

  lot like is the influence because i [TS]

  don't know i have not resolved i have [TS]

  not resolved how I'm going to deal with [TS]

  the encroachment on our lives of these [TS]

  things that we have not it feel it feels [TS]

  like she came home from school and she [TS]

  was like mom dad have you ever gone [TS]

  clear I'm JK Dooley would you like to [TS]

  take a personality assessment test like [TS]

  it's just a thing that like where did [TS]

  this come from line up with the body [TS]

  thetans I don't want this in my house I [TS]

  don't want I don't want people coming [TS]

  home with these things [TS]

  yeah and yet yet I feel I feel the song [TS]

  i feel be I feel the home of surrender [TS]

  yeah just surrender to frozen it's a [TS]

  fait accompli everybody's doing it [TS]

  really really is it it's the phenomenon [TS]

  of my daughter's childhood where I mean [TS]

  I you know like you go to school I go to [TS]

  volunteer whatever go on a field trip [TS]

  and some little boys but like definitely [TS]

  like a legion of little girls will [TS]

  apropos of nothing [TS]

  suddenly break into let go and sing the [TS]

  entire song and does it doesn't have [TS]

  more lyrics then just let it go [TS]

  over and over yeah you can wear back [TS]

  anymore let you know is it by a popstar [TS]

  never bothered or any kind of thing is a [TS]

  Broadway star which maybe is a lea [TS]

  what's her name [TS]

  it's a little Kim I forget her name dad [TS]

  how we met Helen Mirren i'm not sure but [TS]

  she I want to see it will fit little [TS]

  kitten and helen mirren star in the [TS]

  broad raise an additional I'd almost go [TS]

  to that i would pay money to see that [TS]

  now Helen Mirren you know very [TS]

  attractive lady repairman Helen Helen [TS]

  Mirren and Dame Judi Dench I i heard [TS]

  they don't get this right [TS]

  so for me this isn't the three old lady [TS]

  English actions have a crush on you and [TS]

  Maggie Smith right you got Helen Mirren [TS]

  you gotta judi dench yeah and they all [TS]

  they all have pictures from the fifties [TS]

  where they're like we're like there's a [TS]

  nipple slip or whatever they're all [TS]

  little dirty right really I just feel [TS]

  like there were I feel like they were [TS]

  they were all doing a doing some [TS]

  gossamer blouse photo shoots back in 49 [TS]

  to look into that one day we were [TS]

  watching harry potter out one of the [TS]

  Harry Potter movies i did a lot of [TS]

  maggie smith good length [TS]

  ok but nothing that you know a few [TS]

  things make me feel lower than having a [TS]

  drink while I'm watching harry potter [TS]

  with my daughter and I'm looking for [TS]

  dirty pictures of Maggie Smith and that [TS]

  awful but you gotta do not dirty not [TS]

  dirty but very empowered improvise yeah [TS]

  or perhaps up from its Judy Dench judi [TS]

  dench was a Christian do your hat model [TS]

  no yes in w say if the sixties she's got [TS]

  like a Twiggy she went to a twinkie face [TS]

  she's she is amazing [TS]

  I man heard this james bond movies so [TS]

  great you know I bet I bet on remember [TS]

  because I don't follow these things but [TS]

  I bet there's a lot of dust up when they [TS]

  announced that she was going to BM 0 [TS]

  think it's great that she was going to [TS]

  BM she does that in one of the Bombers [TS]

  make it got some books [TS]

  stop right there [TS]

  ello governor it only 15 years JK that [TS]

  come over right Roger and I just have [TS]

  those Dame's out to anybody [TS]

  you gotta really be em right right that [TS]

  game comes with a cost [TS]

  oh god no the royal family was German [TS]

  [Music] [TS]