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193: Don`t Worry, We Got This


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  the incomparable number 193 may 2014 [TS]

  welcome back to being comfortable [TS]

  podcast I'm your host Jason Snell and [TS]

  tonight we're going to discuss some news [TS]

  of note something that just happened the [TS]

  other day as we record this which is the [TS]

  cast of Star Wars Episode 7 was [TS]

  announced so this is another installment [TS]

  on our run up to the new Star Wars [TS]

  movies we did that episode when disney [TS]

  bought Star Wars and announced that [TS]

  would be an episode 7 where we all just [TS]

  sort of were shell-shocked and going [TS]

  what this is happening and now we know [TS]

  even more about it and I think there's [TS]

  some interesting wrinkles to this so i [TS]

  thought it was worth spending a little [TS]

  bit of time talking about it and also [TS]

  this is not a bad week to do a star wars [TS]

  episode since that most commercial [TS]

  hallmark holiday of for space holidays [TS]

  may the fourth is coming up like we're [TS]

  posting this episode of me the third so [TS]

  made the third be with you anyway here [TS]

  are my guests to talk about Star Wars [TS]

  things indian taco [TS]

  hello hello buddy open your presence [TS]

  made the mate of the fourth be the star [TS]

  wars day evar star wars day day I like [TS]

  to open one on on the evening of me the [TS]

  third and then we save the rest of them [TS]

  for me the fourth it's just so hard to [TS]

  get the kids wound down and get into bed [TS]

  after the excitement of opening a [TS]

  present that's all good good to know [TS]

  good the good point [TS]

  I like what you're like what you're [TS]

  saying there Dan Morgan is also here [TS]

  hello [TS]

  I you know totally invented may the 4th [TS]

  by the dancing queen greeting card [TS]

  company and I really couldn't be more [TS]

  upset about it totally takes all the all [TS]

  the joy and love out of may the 4th yeah [TS]

  I decide to be adjacent they keep the [TS]

  may Parker in may the 4th that's what I [TS]

  say wow [TS]

  crossing the streams that's extra [TS]

  confusing and all owned by disney [TS]

  certain and serenity Caldwell's also out [TS]

  there hello hi I'm gonna be sleeping on [TS]

  may the 4th because hopefully we'll have [TS]

  just wanted roller derby game so may the [TS]

  fourth be merry and and sleep filled [TS]

  have a Merry maybe for can you celebrate [TS]

  me the fourth when you're in canada i [TS]

  don't know if that's a thing [TS]

  no you can celebrate me the fourth [TS]

  early if they celebrated never like [TS]

  april twentieth ok [TS]

  oh yeah we've already missed it yeah and [TS]

  Lisa Schmeisser is here hi Lisa how are [TS]

  you [TS]

  you'll I know you love casting and so [TS]

  two ideas para el that makes it that [TS]

  makes this extra exciting [TS]

  oh and John syracuse of course we [TS]

  wouldn't do an episode without a mobile [TS]

  we almost did but he he's here hi john i [TS]

  arrived at the appointed time [TS]

  yeah that's what you say maybe but maybe [TS]

  the third be with you or something like [TS]

  that [TS]

  ok so episode 7 it's uh it's happening [TS]

  we already covered that and now i'm now [TS]

  we have cast members so so first off [TS]

  we've got as as rumored as suggested [TS]

  we've got Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher [TS]

  and Mark Hamill all back but they're [TS]

  playing each other's roles so it's [TS]

  really just kind of an interesting [TS]

  exercise that's a mistake don't you [TS]

  Harrison Ford as Princess Leia yeah I [TS]

  think you'll rock the brain [TS]

  yeah alright i agree it's already got [TS]

  the earring i remember they're gonna be [TS]

  doing and ian mckellen and patrick [TS]

  stewart thing where they keep swapping [TS]

  roles every other day of shooting just [TS]

  keep it alive interesting always in [TS]

  mcallen this one because I sort of feel [TS]

  like he doesn't have a lock enough [TS]

  science fiction franchises ya didn't eat [TS]

  there has to be an egot for fantasy [TS]

  franchises so that he can he can win [TS]

  because at this point he's got the x-men [TS]

  he's got that he's got the Lord of the [TS]

  Rings thing going on [TS]

  yeah why not or you know you could throw [TS]

  bonding portion Connery since he penis [TS]

  that on the action and was just in the [TS]

  league of extraordinary gentlemen I [TS]

  think he retired after that wisely [TS]

  probably have probably so yeah crying [TS]

  big Scottish castle somewhere capital so [TS]

  so in addition to those three other [TS]

  returning original stars anthony daniels [TS]

  because you know 30 Daniels literally [TS]

  hasn't done nothing apple this is all he [TS]

  does i love you you're great at it [TS]

  he's so good and could never have been [TS]

  played by anyone else but you it's it's [TS]

  hilarious because it's always by anyone [TS]

  else I understand that that the guy who [TS]

  played miles on Frasier they had to be [TS]

  david Hyde Pierce epi [TS]

  Jim Parsons would be oh no well what is [TS]

  it like Anthony Daniels like laid the [TS]

  groundwork for those to have a career [TS]

  they should send him a fruit basket [TS]

  I'm just saying that I once got like a [TS]

  terrible audiobook I think the i want to [TS]

  say like the dark Empire comic book and [TS]

  Anthony Daniels is playing see-through [TS]

  beyond that there were no other cast [TS]

  members it but damn he is not gonna let [TS]

  somebody else play c-3po it's his [TS]

  character he staked it out [TS]

  yeah so we lost it with motion capture [TS]

  it'll fit back into the suit [TS]

  well with that tells you that would have [TS]

  been the last limiting factor for oh I'm [TS]

  telling you Jim Parsons or or david Hyde [TS]

  Pierce so go see Lisa's already fantasy [TS]

  casting it's amazing what you know it's [TS]

  a superpower Soviet there will be other [TS]

  drugs so so also also I let's see who [TS]

  also the other continuing Chewbacca [TS]

  right Peter may you and and r2d2 Kenny [TS]

  Baker because it wouldn't be the same [TS]

  and let me finger was inside a [TS]

  campaigner shake your most mysterious [TS]

  like what at this point what is he doing [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  yeah nobody can wiggle that suit anybody [TS]

  uh-huh he just makes it have such [TS]

  personality it's an apple is he gonna is [TS]

  there going to be a physical r2d2 onset [TS]

  a lot of the time I figured they were [TS]

  just cg him entirely [TS]

  how dare you never never I'm just going [TS]

  on pad on recent history [TS]

  I feel like that you have upgrading from [TS]

  windows XP but that's all he doesn't [TS]

  want in episode 7just spends the entire [TS]

  time you know her cheating on windows [TS]

  yep he's come on and what you have much [TS]

  of a mac is any droid on that is that [TS]

  what you want to be running [TS]

  yeah you've connected things that should [TS]

  never be connected police other that [TS]

  they're way too many accessories that [TS]

  they didn't have to add onto r2d2 get [TS]

  word Apple Design droid you basically [TS]

  have to keep that you have to buy that [TS]

  probe thing you have to buy the jet pack [TS]

  it up to buy the laser important you'd [TS]

  be supporting an exciting new democracy [TS]

  its commerce and exciting democracy [TS]

  because I'm Betty the Empire probably [TS]

  had first controls and state-sponsored [TS]

  industry and in and in an apple-designed [TS]

  r2d2 world you would [TS]

  the free market would be glorious have [TS]

  you seen a Soviet design TV set [TS]

  that's not the height of design and [TS]

  function that's all I'm saying so in [TS]

  addition to those so let's start there [TS]

  let's start before we get into the new [TS]

  actors are I wanted to talk about the [TS]

  returning actors you know this was all [TS]

  sort of speculation when we talked about [TS]

  it when disney bought lucasfilm and said [TS]

  that would be more star wars movies but [TS]

  i'm interested what you guys think about [TS]

  the prospect now that it's it's clear [TS]

  that you know we're gonna see 30 years [TS]

  later we're going to see Han Solo and [TS]

  Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker again [TS]

  and I'm I'm just you know that's that to [TS]

  me seems to be I would actually say a [TS]

  bigger deal than like the existence of [TS]

  the prequels because now you're not [TS]

  going to be able to look at return of [TS]

  the jedi and say and that's the last we [TS]

  ever solve them and I think that's I [TS]

  think that's kind of a big deal i think [TS]

  it's a huge deal [TS]

  um I realize that this they're also [TS]

  nuking all of the continuity that [TS]

  they've spent the last 20 years building [TS]

  like all the time of these on novels and [TS]

  it got that yeah so they killed they [TS]

  killed Chewbacca and the Expanded [TS]

  Universe and brothers movie so so yeah [TS]

  thank you lovey [TS]

  so has anyone check on timothy zahn is [TS]

  he doing ok you see actually in the [TS]

  video and now it's ok alright i'm [TS]

  announcing that he or you can call the [TS]

  expanding universe though it took is [TS]

  nuking it there just telling it out [TS]

  there being are being selective but to [TS]

  get back to but to get off your cases [TS]

  original point on I don't know if I want [TS]

  to see these people 30 years later and [TS]

  the reason I say that is in my head [TS]

  they're all the age that they were when [TS]

  i first watched that blew my world open [TS]

  and I kind of don't want to see the [TS]

  ravages of time and I'm kind of dreading [TS]

  it as well and not for the same reason [TS]

  though it's not so much that I don't [TS]

  want to see them although i understand [TS]

  that perspective it's mostly because I'm [TS]

  here's what I'm kind of dreading with [TS]

  this i'm dreading being in the theater [TS]

  and each time one of the returning [TS]

  characters comes on the screen a bunch [TS]

  of people applaud like I don't want to [TS]

  be I don't want to be about them [TS]

  I don't want person making the movie to [TS]

  leave room for that applause I want to [TS]

  see new stories in the same universe and [TS]

  maybe they could have cameos but [TS]

  I don't I want them to hand the baton [TS]

  over i'm not that I'm rooting for Adam [TS]

  to divert like I would have been just as [TS]

  I would have felt better if they were no [TS]

  returning characters not just not [TS]

  because I think they're gonna ruin the [TS]

  characters anything it's just that I [TS]

  feel like the way down the the way down [TS]

  this first movie with these with these [TS]

  expectations about having to either tie [TS]

  off old story lines or continual [TS]

  storyline since their their time they [TS]

  did their thing there time is over and i [TS]

  don't like the tri don't like the trend [TS]

  I don't like the trend of nostalgia is [TS]

  fanservice though because I feel like [TS]

  pop culture has kind of become inundated [TS]

  with that its kind of horrifying to open [TS]

  up a browser and see 50 articles on the [TS]

  10th anniversary of mean girls for [TS]

  example it's a movie it happened 10 [TS]

  years ago I get that a lot of people [TS]

  quoted but come on ten years is not that [TS]

  long in the great span of things and I [TS]

  feel like we as a culture like like to [TS]

  ceaselessly dwell on these insignificant [TS]

  landmarks or and here's what they're [TS]

  doing now or or so on and so forth and [TS]

  and I sort i sort of feel like it's I [TS]

  sort of feel like this is where its fine [TS]

  with that is it's you love these guys [TS]

  back in 1978 so you know here they are [TS]

  but we're presuming that the main story [TS]

  is about these characters as opposed to [TS]

  their being sort of a passing the [TS]

  torture basically this is this these [TS]

  three characters with these four [TS]

  characters are there to sort of root us [TS]

  in this world and refresh us it's not [TS]

  gonna be a reboot so much but it's [TS]

  saying we're going to pretend though the [TS]

  prequels were the peak the prequels [TS]

  we're gonna have this continuity of this [TS]

  movies that everybody agrees that they [TS]

  like and I like I like the impression [TS]

  that i get from this that they're going [TS]

  to write this like it's a play which is [TS]

  the way that really every single movie [TS]

  science fiction used to be done where [TS]

  there's going to be a beginning a middle [TS]

  and an end with a linear storyline it [TS]

  would be I would be kind of interested [TS]

  if they were making movie set in the [TS]

  Expanded Universe but my big worry there [TS]

  is there would be like like other [TS]

  franchise movies where you feel like [TS]

  you're seeing the middle of every movie [TS]

  is the middle of a story because they [TS]

  want to basically set up the next movie [TS]

  with different characters and also pick [TS]

  up stuff from a previous movie that you [TS]

  didn't see that had a different name [TS]

  it's the comic-book model that you're [TS]

  talking about whatever Stanley's [TS]

  family's famous a prism every comic book [TS]

  issue a summons first comic book issue [TS]

  every kind of pushes someone's last [TS]

  competition but that's the challenge of [TS]

  time the story and movies and and and [TS]

  movies have begun to pick up that model [TS]

  to the right i mean there they've always [TS]

  fundamentally been episodes though is [TS]

  the thing right like this going back to [TS]

  the initial you know pitch by lucas is [TS]

  these are you know the serials right [TS]

  which were continuing story is back in [TS]

  the you know the ones that he was [TS]

  harkening back to they were these [TS]

  lengthy continuing stories that ran you [TS]

  know every weekend granted they were [TS]

  shorter you know we're talking like [TS]

  20-30 minutes and I cases but you know [TS]

  they're what he was telling an ongoing [TS]

  series of adventures not i want to stick [TS]

  up for the the older cast this point [TS]

  because you know well there has been a [TS]

  lot of talking and i'm sure we will [TS]

  discuss the the issues of the diversity [TS]

  or lack thereof among the cast [TS]

  I at least want to say hey I can't old [TS]

  people have adventures [TS]

  I mean I i kinda want to root for them [TS]

  like it's good to you [TS]

  I like the idea of students on an [TS]

  Indiana Jones movie right i did but you [TS]

  know what that had this one doesn't have [TS]

  George Lucas so I was talking about the [TS]

  Last Crusade the good one Harrison Ford [TS]

  was not the problem with the kids [TS]

  Crystal Skull you know he his age was [TS]

  not did that bastard and I was like I'm [TS]

  saying that there are movies with old [TS]

  people men anyway having adventures but [TS]

  and and it's not like I'm against these [TS]

  people if if she I would almost feel [TS]

  better if the if the old people are the [TS]

  only people sitting in that big circle [TS]

  of ikea couches talking to each other [TS]

  because it's clear that they have a [TS]

  bunch of young actors who are going to [TS]

  be in this movie and so it's not like if [TS]

  you just want to have these guys have a [TS]

  bunch of ventures old people that's [TS]

  that's fine i'll i'll see that story [TS]

  it's just like it's Reds in space [TS]

  I feel like this there's another story [TS]

  with these young actors they have to [TS]

  tell and it is incredible balancing act [TS]

  between how much do we put the old [TS]

  people on so it doesn't feel like [TS]

  they're just talking cameos versus how [TS]

  much they taking spotlight with everyone [TS]

  wants to see Luke Skywalker but what [TS]

  about these new guys and like I it's a [TS]

  really difficult balance its it really [TS]

  amps up i think the degree of difficulty [TS]

  of making this into a good movie but [TS]

  throwing those guys in the neck the [TS]

  rumor is that Michael Arndt script was [TS]

  focused mostly on the new generation [TS]

  with a hat tip to the old and that the [TS]

  JJ Abrams [TS]

  and Lawrence Kasdan version that is now [TS]

  the one that they're gonna do the old [TS]

  cast members are much more involved than [TS]

  they were with you know you would think [TS]

  if Joss Whedon was doing you would think [TS]

  at least one or two of them would die [TS]

  right [TS]

  sure i would wrap that would wrap them [TS]

  up that would wrap up their story they [TS]

  would die heroically they would die as a [TS]

  sacrifice maybe one of them would have [TS]

  troubles and died tragically but like in [TS]

  any way you gotta tie those off [TS]

  yeah and then that and that's not a bad [TS]

  thing I i wanna i mean i actually am [TS]

  sort of Lisa on the fact that I think I [TS]

  you know how people talk about how the [TS]

  prequel sort of ruined their childhood [TS]

  memories of star wars because now [TS]

  they've got these prequels in the way [TS]

  what I think I think this is a riskier [TS]

  move and I actually think this is gonna [TS]

  have a much higher degree of a chance of [TS]

  success than that then the prequels in [TS]

  hindsight being the prequels were [TS]

  failures I i I'm fairly positive that [TS]

  this movie is going to be at the very [TS]

  least fine and maybe good you know right [TS]

  i like James has proven i think with a [TS]

  Star Trek movies especially that he's a [TS]

  he's a capable guy I think he [TS]

  understands why Star Wars popular which [TS]

  George Lucas doesn't like we already [TS]

  made what we might read with the best [TS]

  Star Wars movie in here in which star [TS]

  trek into darkness right so so but but i [TS]

  think it's risky and it's for something [TS]

  that the that i mentioned at least [TS]

  mentioned earlier I think it's risky [TS]

  because you know the prequels backfilled [TS]

  what you thought of this universe but [TS]

  now they're going to tell us this is [TS]

  what happened to han and Leia and Luke [TS]

  and that's it [TS]

  this is this is them 30 years later and [TS]

  that's I feel like that is a bigger [TS]

  gamble because everybody has been able [TS]

  to kind of imagine what the rest of the [TS]

  story was and now they're gonna show us [TS]

  what the rest of the story was for those [TS]

  characters and that that's scary [TS]

  well they skipping skipping 30 years so [TS]

  we can still imagine was 30 years recall [TS]

  what it's like you did that that story [TS]

  ended with ok so they've just like this [TS]

  they disrupted the wedding in the back [TS]

  of the bus now what happens that really [TS]

  was the end of the story where the point [TS]

  was now we don't know what happens but [TS]

  they've done something that they wanted [TS]

  to do and yet the idea that they have [TS]

  defeated the enemy that they needed to [TS]

  be defeated now anything can happen from [TS]

  this point on and we're not gonna tell [TS]

  you what that is but by the by the [TS]

  buildup in the [TS]

  music at the very end we are implying [TS]

  that positive things happen and now [TS]

  you're right if we if we if we rack back [TS]

  40 years later find out that [TS]

  yeah turns out that layout turned to the [TS]

  dark side and killed a whole bunch of [TS]

  people and hand was like actually [TS]

  locking carbon for the past 25 years and [TS]

  he's the only person who knew the access [TS]

  codes to release the oh man you just [TS]

  ruined the opti uplifting ending that we [TS]

  had grown man I've got two words for you [TS]

  trade negotiation as long as I keep that [TS]

  away [TS]

  it's not as if I'm saying that the what [TS]

  we're gonna get is something with some [TS]

  fulfilling but it's going to be [TS]

  definitive and that means that all the [TS]

  other kind of dreams of what the story [TS]

  could have been will be collapsed 21 and [TS]

  which is true but we've also done the [TS]

  same we've already compartmentalize the [TS]

  previous and I reserve the right to [TS]

  totally cut these off of their crappy to [TS]

  sure doesn't those middle movies will [TS]

  stand on their own forever and I don't [TS]

  care what comes before them or what [TS]

  comes after me for crying out loud is [TS]

  all sorts of novels that I probably [TS]

  think you're terrible that came after i [TS]

  just didn't read them and if i had read [TS]

  them i would be like well i'm not paying [TS]

  attention that there was this little [TS]

  story that's good [TS]

  ever you know it's the roommates the [TS]

  removal of mystery that i have the [TS]

  problem with that was my problem the [TS]

  first three movies is that it took all [TS]

  the mystery way from Darth Vader because [TS]

  you think about episodes 4 5 and 6 and [TS]

  you're like what the hell how does a man [TS]

  turned out to be this half machine [TS]

  hybrid with connections to an evil [TS]

  sorcerer and you don't really get a good [TS]

  answer to that and that's what makes the [TS]

  earth better such a tragic and [TS]

  interesting the removal of history the [TS]

  bigger problem is that it was sucky and [TS]

  then you find out like episodes one [TS]

  through three that while he's just kind [TS]

  of a douche nozzle and you're like wait [TS]

  what and how [TS]

  wait why how that this guy because his [TS]

  legs cut off somehow turns into a cyborg [TS]

  and then Ben Kenobi turns out look like [TS]

  a massive idiot retrospect because of [TS]

  inexplicable scripture and decisions in [TS]

  episode 3 blah blah blah and I kind of [TS]

  don't want that to happen with episode 7 [TS]

  through 9 where the mystery as to what [TS]

  happens to han and Leia and everybody [TS]

  else gets revealed I I don't want the [TS]

  answers on because i don't want to I [TS]

  don't want to risk the disappointment as [TS]

  it were you may want to hide for the [TS]

  next six years then you know it and then [TS]

  again the other things I kind of don't [TS]

  care as much like as I would have if [TS]

  right if if I were a child or teenager [TS]

  or younger person you know at this point [TS]

  it's kind of a mess with something i [TS]

  really like and i'll still go to the [TS]

  movies and I'll probably look at them [TS]

  and say okay what if what has been [TS]

  updated to reflect the cinematic [TS]

  sensibilities of the early 21st century [TS]

  but I haven't you know I'm not burning [TS]

  to find out what happened to the old [TS]

  guard i am kind of interested to see if [TS]

  they do manage to do a graceful [TS]

  balancing act or perhaps these trees [TS]

  movies transition away from the founders [TS]

  of the New Republic whatever you want to [TS]

  call it and into the people were like [TS]

  okay yes that's great you took down the [TS]

  Death Star blah blah blah you haven't [TS]

  really done anything interesting last 25 [TS]

  years sense so some out-of-the-way [TS]

  grandpa this is time for Phase two turns [TS]

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  uncomfortable and I would love it if [TS]

  they dislike from fanservice thing like [TS]

  it's just too bad that you walked ending [TS]

  with the rest of the rainforest planted [TS]

  after the rain of debris but you know [TS]

  like if they did something like her [TS]

  actually no consequences i don't have to [TS]

  happen box of the sequel's i'm giving [TS]

  this a thumbs up [TS]

  yeah yeah thank you so so the positive [TS]

  side is you know we're going to see [TS]

  we're going to see Han Solo again I [TS]

  don't you know there is we're gonna see [TS]

  Princess Leia [TS]

  Luke Skywalker get that there is that [TS]

  that's the other way to look and see [TS]

  Lando Calrissian between you gosh-darned [TS]

  move this guy and he was very important [TS]

  by the end of Jedi it seems very likely [TS]

  from adams i'm assuming he's not holding [TS]

  out for not holding out for a lot of [TS]

  money or something [TS]

  still getting cold 45 residuals probably [TS]

  yes I think he would have been in much [TS]

  better shape on Dancing with the Stars [TS]

  Dancing with the Stars because you see [TS]

  everything that picture on the homestead [TS]

  han solo but you're Harrison Ford has [TS]

  always been like ready to grade to pilot [TS]

  a chopper for the entire rest of his [TS]

  life [TS]

  these other two guys were like you know [TS]

  I'm we're kind of retired now we don't [TS]

  necessarily have to work out that much [TS]

  but when you started suddenly see the [TS]

  carrie fisher and Mark Hamill are now [TS]

  trim and looking good [TS]

  like ok they're going to be in some sort [TS]

  of a movie and it's not a direct to DVD [TS]

  release so it must be star wars that [TS]

  that's why i don't think that Billy Dee [TS]

  Williams going to be in this one [TS]

  yeah well we'll see just to Basle it's [TS]

  actually addresses one of the big [TS]

  criticisms about the casting wall when [TS]

  we move from original flavor into the [TS]

  new people they've added which is this [TS]

  is a remarkably white male cast [TS]

  yep I i was thinking about how how Star [TS]

  Trek dodged the bullet on this one [TS]

  because I mean I and part of it is the [TS]

  increased awareness of this whole issue [TS]

  in our little circle that we traveling [TS]

  on the internet but the other thing is [TS]

  like when Star Trek did the reboot they [TS]

  dodged it more or less by saying well we [TS]

  didn't make up these characters these [TS]

  were established characters and this is [TS]

  how many females there are and when I [TS]

  was thinking about that i thought about [TS]

  Battlestar it's like well they have the [TS]

  same situation well here's the [TS]

  characters is what they are they just [TS]

  said no actually we're going to change [TS]

  starbucks to a woman and it wasn't that [TS]

  big of a deal to boomer was also carry [TS]

  out a changed woman is that sound like [TS]

  and so that that that cuts in Star Trek [TS]

  did it no one called them on oh you [TS]

  didn't change spark into a woman right [TS]

  there like what these are the starter [TS]

  characters you have to go but when [TS]

  introducing new characters that's an [TS]

  opportunity to like that I think that's [TS]

  why they're getting slammed this is like [TS]

  you know it HSP it just reads is really [TS]

  retrogressive to me that it's all its [TS]

  most it's one woman and however many [TS]

  dudes and it was an awfully white cast [TS]

  picture and it's not like there's any [TS]

  lack of talent and I mention this to [TS]

  film photos will Lisa it was a long time [TS]

  ago in a galaxy far far away before [TS]

  not that well they do still have slavery [TS]

  on these planets so that there are you [TS]

  know [TS]

  oh my god did with the setting and [TS]

  everything I know the thing about Star [TS]

  Trek actually when i noticed watching [TS]

  star trek into darkness is that they [TS]

  introduced Carol Marcus in the second [TS]

  movie because they realize they they [TS]

  needed another woman and the crew and [TS]

  that is she [TS]

  it's implied at the end that she's now [TS]

  part of the crew and they will bring her [TS]

  back because the fact is that original [TS]

  Star Trek cast had one woman in it and [TS]

  so that was kind of a problem so you can [TS]

  actually see them kind of grappling with [TS]

  that problem and trying to introduce [TS]

  other characters from corners of their [TS]

  cannon just to get a little more balance [TS]

  in some way but we don't know about the [TS]

  new set of Star Trek Star Wars actressy [TS]

  I did it i'm gonna get kicked by people [TS]

  that we do what we don't know is what [TS]

  the balance is we've been given a list [TS]

  so we've got we've got what I don't know [TS]

  how to pronounce all these names John [TS]

  boyega is that right way got from attack [TS]

  the block [TS]

  Daisy Ridley Adam driver from girls [TS]

  which is that makes me laugh [TS]

  oscar isaac a famous motion-capture [TS]

  performance of node andy serkis dumb [TS]

  Domhnall Gleeson and of course the [TS]

  famous classic actor max pondside oh but [TS]

  we don't we don't know what the balance [TS]

  of this cast is and although we look at [TS]

  that we say wow there's only one woman [TS]

  and I and there is only one non-white [TS]

  actor in that group our oscar isaac is I [TS]

  believe our Hispanic hispanic and latino [TS]

  it ok but so here's the thing what what [TS]

  if the what if the three main characters [TS]

  in this our John boyega Daisy Ridley and [TS]

  Adam driver and it's a black man a woman [TS]

  and a white man then if they are the [TS]

  three main characters this movie seems [TS]

  more diverse you know it's not like but [TS]

  but it is true that the seven people [TS]

  they announced our it's not a [TS]

  particularly diverse group but you know [TS]

  if John boyega is the lead [TS]

  there's a weather big deal to that they [TS]

  release this lesson like that's [TS]

  everything Lando's on list all he can [TS]

  have a cameo it's like you figure if he [TS]

  was going to be in the movie would be on [TS]

  this list like they didn't listen extras [TS]

  they didn't list like you know Imperial [TS]

  triple people that they're holding [TS]

  people back specifically for canada i [TS]

  mean it it could be into ever [TS]

  first female so I was joking that the [TS]

  genius about pacific rim is that [TS]

  Guillermo del Toro sold the movie as [TS]

  handsome Charlie Hunnam takes off shirt [TS]

  the beginning of the movie and then goes [TS]

  in fights with giant robots and the [TS]

  movie actually made was a black man and [TS]

  his surrogate asian daughter managed to [TS]

  work some heavy emotional stuff before [TS]

  saving the world so they want with giant [TS]

  robot so I feel like it and it was and [TS]

  what was interesting was when you looked [TS]

  at pacific rim was marketed it was [TS]

  handsome Charlie Hunnam will go and [TS]

  fight monsters with robots and then [TS]

  again I remind you the movie as African [TS]

  if you're handsome black man [TS]

  oh god so handsome handsome black man [TS]

  and is a diet and his adopted asian [TS]

  daughter work out their emotional issues [TS]

  and go fight and go fight aliens and [TS]

  robots and if he--if Star Wars is using [TS]

  that tactic where they're selling it as [TS]

  a fan boys this is the kind of [TS]

  comfortable nerdery cast that you can [TS]

  get used to and then the movie turns out [TS]

  to be and some black guy and his [TS]

  kick-ass female companion do interesting [TS]

  things in the galaxy like my hat is off [TS]

  to stars if that's how they do it but i [TS]

  think that when you're handed the keys [TS]

  to a huge franchise this isn't just a [TS]

  creative endeavor there there are [TS]

  probably really specific business [TS]

  benchmarks they have to hit and big [TS]

  studios tend to be really concerned [TS]

  about things like casting and marketing [TS]

  and and creative product and what [TS]

  they're going to do is look at the [TS]

  bottom line and say what is more [TS]

  saleable a white space captain and you [TS]

  know his crew of bro Himes or somebody [TS]

  else [TS]

  it reminds me of the brian michael [TS]

  bendis interview i tweeted today where [TS]

  he points out that little kids are [TS]

  showing up to see him in handmade Miles [TS]

  Morales costumes because nobody has [TS]

  thought it's a good idea to license and [TS]

  manufacture the spider-man costume for [TS]

  the half hispanic for had a half Latino [TS]

  half black spider-man which to me is [TS]

  crazy like that should be too given but [TS]

  you do have these cross-marketing [TS]

  considerations to play you know it's it [TS]

  which is why again but yet but the look [TS]

  at--look at pacific was presented as [TS]

  opposed to what it is and I question [TS]

  whether star wars going on the same same [TS]

  tack that's absolutely true [TS]

  there's a long list of you compare movie [TS]

  posters of comedies dramas action movies [TS]

  that have non-white non-male leads and [TS]

  they've been you of course they take out [TS]

  the they they pull out the white males [TS]

  as [TS]

  for the movie posters even though [TS]

  they're basically cameos and supporting [TS]

  characters but i think that we we can [TS]

  make this we should make the mistake of [TS]

  extrapolating the entire movie out of [TS]

  this one photo in this one list i do [TS]

  think this was the photo they had to [TS]

  release because they knew that they will [TS]

  get every hashtag every trending topic [TS]

  for two days just on the strength of [TS]

  here all the original cast members from [TS]

  the original over the Holy trilogy and [TS]

  then later on we can talk we can tell [TS]

  you about these people that you may or [TS]

  may not have heard of but it's you're [TS]

  absolutely right thing if they don't [TS]

  diversify the cast then they're not [TS]

  going to start creating new legends that [TS]

  a whole new generation is going to feel [TS]

  connected to and grew up with [TS]

  i mean i-i I would like to think that i [TS]

  will fell in love with the character of [TS]

  Han Solo and I fell in love with the [TS]

  character of Indiana Jones [TS]

  for more reasons than he is simply a [TS]

  white male in America which I can [TS]

  definitely find a connection to but [TS]

  there's here is absolutely right now [TS]

  there you have no idea what it's like to [TS]

  not see you're suddenly the faces you [TS]

  see in the mirror every morning [TS]

  represented in popular culture so Star [TS]

  Wars has a bigger role to play than [TS]

  simply being a mega blockbuster movie [TS]

  and I just hope they take advantage of [TS]

  that opportunity [TS]

  yeah princess leia was me as a little [TS]

  girl I dresses are for Halloween every [TS]

  year and I could identify with her and [TS]

  you know and i want to point out that [TS]

  I'm extraordinary privilege in terms of [TS]

  pop culture relative to say women of [TS]

  color or or people who are not cisgender [TS]

  or anything like that um the reason I'm [TS]

  not so willing to give this photograph [TS]

  that the the benefit of the doubt is [TS]

  again this is an image machine they [TS]

  there they depict a photograph that to [TS]

  send a very specific message and that [TS]

  was a pretty carefully chosen photograph [TS]

  and the message they're sending is hey [TS]

  hey hey fans its more of what you know i [TS]

  love it and that I feel like that's the [TS]

  message they're sending I I will concede [TS]

  to everybody else's point that the [TS]

  message I'm perceiving may not be the [TS]

  final product but I'm not filled with a [TS]

  lot of optimism just based on you know [TS]

  11 photo I mean I I sympathize with all [TS]

  those things and I i guess like you [TS]

  Jason I'm I'm more willing to sort of [TS]

  take a step back and see what the plans [TS]

  are there are still some rumors that [TS]

  there are major parts that have not [TS]

  announced including a major female part [TS]

  so i don't know i mean i agree that it [TS]

  would be I I'm much in favor of seeing a [TS]

  more diverse cast here for all the [TS]

  reasons that have been mentioned but you [TS]

  know at the same time I think there's a [TS]

  lot of there's a lot of reasons not you [TS]

  you know panic about like one photograph [TS]

  and gank assless that's been announced [TS]

  so yeah also I I don't know how much [TS]

  that's going to change you know based on [TS]

  what we say either so there's a question [TS]

  of that as well but I i don't know i'm [TS]

  excited by a lot of the people who are [TS]

  in the cast for their talents if you [TS]

  know if nothing else I think you know [TS]

  John boyega everything I've heard about [TS]

  him [TS]

  sounds awesome he sounds like a great [TS]

  actor I've not seen attack the block but [TS]

  I've heard nothing but good things about [TS]

  it and about his role in that I a lot of [TS]

  the other folks we you know there are [TS]

  some people like I think our Daisy [TS]

  riddle that we don't we don't know [TS]

  anything about her really because she [TS]

  hasn't been in much which is interesting [TS]

  i think in and of itself in terms of [TS]

  casting somebody for a role this this [TS]

  pivotal who is not a known quantity i [TS]

  mean that kind of harkens back to me you [TS]

  know to the original movies for me much [TS]

  less than the prequels in which case [TS]

  they seem to really kind of we're gonna [TS]

  rely more on star power in a lot of [TS]

  those cases and it didn't really work [TS]

  out for them but I think mainly what i [TS]

  end up thinking about me is you know i'm [TS]

  intrigued want to know what the story is [TS]

  now right like that's where sort of [TS]

  going to the gradation of steps where [TS]

  it's like we new Star Wars back and [TS]

  we're gonna make an episode 7 we knew [TS]

  eventually the JJ Abrams going to direct [TS]

  it now we know who's gonna be in it and [TS]

  to me the big question is still what [TS]

  story are we going to tell here you know [TS]

  what is what is the story 30 years later [TS]

  because I I again as I said earlier I [TS]

  don't I don't mind the the older folks [TS]

  in there i agree that it's a it's a [TS]

  bigger risk because it looks much more [TS]

  like the original movies but at the same [TS]

  time I think you know the bigger the [TS]

  risk the bigger the reward potentially I [TS]

  mean it could be very good and in that [TS]

  case you do have a potential touchstone [TS]

  for not only new people you know who are [TS]

  your kids who are entering the franchise [TS]

  for the first time we're seeing these [TS]

  movies like this on the big screen for [TS]

  the first time but also those of us who [TS]

  have enjoyed them for so many years so I [TS]

  again as [TS]

  as with every stage of the process I [TS]

  think I end up feeling of falling into [TS]

  the sort of cautiously optimistic pin [TS]

  yeah I'm on that I'm sort of on the [TS]

  fence in that I i see where Lisa's [TS]

  coming from and I am a little bit [TS]

  nervous for my first impression when I [TS]

  saw the picture after being like oh my [TS]

  god original cast was hey that's not it [TS]

  it's like Daisy Ridley and Carrie Fisher [TS]

  partying over on a couch together and [TS]

  they're surrounded by white dudes and I [TS]

  guess kathleen kennedy is kind of [TS]

  hanging out in a chair but you can't [TS]

  actually see her face she just she is [TS]

  the Emperor and this position next one [TS]

  of the weasleys also the Zapruder [TS]

  filming of like what the significance of [TS]

  where everybody is sitting o it is not [TS]

  it's it's a it's a criminologist we're [TS]

  talking about writing my was the [TS]

  Minister of Agriculture not present at [TS]

  the made a really easy one to call its [TS]

  jayjay is next on solo because if you're [TS]

  the director you get to sing song that's [TS]

  right [TS]

  oh yeah also they have a connection [TS]

  think it was John you remember from our [TS]

  when we saw that JJ Abrams a couple [TS]

  years ago he sat down with him when he [TS]

  like on the first movie he ever wrote [TS]

  which was I think regarding Henry yes [TS]

  yeah yeah so they are they're connected [TS]

  was not a good movie sorry guys that has [TS]

  a really bad movie but oh boy time for a [TS]

  sponsor break i'd like to tell you about [TS]

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  grandmother or maybe her [TS]

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  lines all over it that indicated it had [TS]

  been broken into pieces and superglued [TS]

  together again my kids they'll never [TS]

  notice those lines sure well of course [TS]

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  being too mad when we broke the candy [TS]

  bowl was it was there any significance [TS]

  to the fact that was black and white to [TS]

  be honest before I i saw a description [TS]

  of the photo i thought that this is a [TS]

  vintage photo because there are no [TS]

  laptops there were no other clothes were [TS]

  very seventies all the furniture is very [TS]

  70 and it's at Pinewood Studios is what [TS]

  it was [TS]

  supposed to evoke the feeling that you [TS]

  had when you saw the behind-the-scenes [TS]

  photos and documentaries of the original [TS]

  trilogy because that was one of my first [TS]

  exposure to pop culture's and child were [TS]

  like PBS documentary somehow ilm work to [TS]

  you also see still photos of you know [TS]

  like Princess leaning against the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon and laughing with [TS]

  somebody and behind-the-scenes pictures [TS]

  so maybe it was supposed to evoke that [TS]

  feeling with look you're getting a [TS]

  behind-the-scenes look and and just like [TS]

  we've been giving you since the eighties [TS]

  yeah it was meant to evoke this is all [TS]

  meant to evoke the nostalgia of of this [TS]

  period of the original of the original [TS]

  series so we've got a black and white [TS]

  picture without a lot of Technology and [TS]

  we've got it you know they're shooting [TS]

  the movie where they shot the original [TS]

  films and that's this is all part of the [TS]

  marketing thing [TS]

  also I have to say I you know you plan [TS]

  this sort of thing because I you're [TS]

  about to shoot and people are gonna know [TS]

  where these people are and they're gonna [TS]

  figure it out so you want to take [TS]

  control of the situation reminds me of [TS]

  when you know they announced now they [TS]

  announce who the new actors are who are [TS]

  cast in Doctor Who like two days before [TS]

  they do their location shooting because [TS]

  as soon as they're on location [TS]

  everybody's going to know it so you want [TS]

  to get ahead of it and they announced [TS]

  the Chewbacca's in the movie you know a [TS]

  few days before that they say yeah they [TS]

  expand you force play because it is that [TS]

  it brings up the question so they just [TS]

  laid today this is PR I mean this is PR [TS]

  as its supposed to be so that that's [TS]

  what's that's what's going on here at [TS]

  having seen girls Adam driver i'm [TS]

  fascinated by that bit of casting [TS]

  because I think he's a very interesting [TS]

  actor although again as you know with a [TS]

  lot of casting you've got that you know [TS]

  I attaching remember what their other [TS]

  roles were like and then being like okay [TS]

  just let's you know he will not be [TS]

  playing the same character presumably as [TS]

  his character on girls in Star Wars [TS]

  because that would be really weird [TS]

  although he could yeah he's the Jedi who [TS]

  walks around without a shirt on all the [TS]

  time [TS]

  sure i would not have a problem with [TS]

  that ninety i have a problem with what [TS]

  is this luke why is the entire New Jedi [TS]

  core service look it's a thing that time [TS]

  I love that idea of a look at it [TS]

  obviously haha fascinating fascinating [TS]

  group but it makes sense to speculate [TS]

  about any of these characters these [TS]

  actors being under makeup for andy [TS]

  serkis we should talk about that is but [TS]

  he's going to play a motion-capture guy [TS]

  mean he's a i would assume that he's [TS]

  been a lot of live-action movies as an [TS]

  actor he is NDE could be doing that but [TS]

  there's also the possibility that he's [TS]

  gonna be a completely cgi characters but [TS]

  i think he looks right for the star wars [TS]

  universe like him actually a kind of got [TS]

  a he's got a he's got an email [TS]

  german thing go and all right or even [TS]

  like a bounty hunter I mean like this [TS]

  and he looks like he's gonna looks [TS]

  vaguely alien to that helps right that [TS]

  this was thinking with Adam driver that [TS]

  it's not like you can see oh oh you know [TS]

  would be great in these movies and [TS]

  Cassidy Jones oh my god I'm gonna need [TS]

  to get done Jones movies Adam driver ID [TS]

  to me sounds like he he he feels like [TS]

  the bad guy i have to say i think that [TS]

  is what is behind Lisa's any murder yeah [TS]

  I think he's got my god i just looked up [TS]

  a picture without Jones and he looks [TS]

  like a terrifying Sith Lord [TS]

  oh ya think he's the greatest he does he [TS]

  does a lot of really great body might be [TS]

  missing and you should be glad when he [TS]

  was ambassador he was that helpful body [TS]

  he was the body for oh god for a but [TS]

  what's his favorite band album or a pin [TS]

  hellboy on you know he's a really gifted [TS]

  physical actor and he's also got a [TS]

  reputation for being one of the nicest [TS]

  people in the industry so that kind of [TS]

  fits in with the star wars with because [TS]

  Star Wars does the actors do seem to [TS]

  have a culture of of actively not being [TS]

  jerks [TS]

  so I I feel like needs to work with [TS]

  jerks [TS]

  no I feel like you fit in culturally [TS]

  with both the workplace and and the [TS]

  fandom as it were and he's incredibly [TS]

  gifted physically and he looks like [TS]

  something from another planet and it [TS]

  would be not it would be nice if you had [TS]

  some pretty explicitly Ellen [TS]

  alien-looking people or after to [TS]

  convincingly channel this otherworldly [TS]

  quality you know it could it could be [TS]

  that all the new actors have blue skin [TS]

  and this shot you know like every star [TS]

  trek would say these guys are for and [TS]

  makeup that's that's why it's in black [TS]

  and white parts there in blue face [TS]

  oh my god it's justwell avatar did so [TS]

  well but of course [TS]

  oh no no it's not channel after why is [TS]

  blue such a big science fiction [TS]

  because you don't run into a lot of [TS]

  people with school probably not and DZ [TS]

  what Stacy's last name we really these [TS]

  she's what 19 20 she's pretty young [TS]

  right like I that was the one that [TS]

  struck me the most besides the fact that [TS]

  she was female but clearly she is [TS]

  playing the child of somebody she's [TS]

  either that or they find some random [TS]

  child on a because it's it's very odd [TS]

  right i think the youngest person we've [TS]

  ever seen in the star wars universe and [TS]

  I'm think talking about the cannon star [TS]

  wars universe not the prequels jacobs [TS]

  you've got well you yet [TS]

  well but like not talking about Jake [TS]

  Lloyd for something like talking about [TS]

  the original three movies you've got [TS]

  Leia and Leia is supposed to be like 19 [TS]

  to 24 yeah right so she's well Carrie [TS]

  Carrie Fisher's like 21 she made those [TS]

  movies yeah it was a few times as casted [TS]

  salutes honestly yeah assume that Daisy [TS]

  Ridley is playing Han and Leia's [TS]

  daughter right all right look also [TS]

  heavily rumored did you did you look at [TS]

  her IMDB page it's hilarious because got [TS]

  a picture of her head shot from [TS]

  publishers and the only other photo on [TS]

  the page is that shot of them in the [TS]

  circle of chairs so talk about an [TS]

  unknown [TS]

  it's like she's known for being in this [TS]

  chair she looks like she also like [TS]

  natalie portman around the eyes instead [TS]

  of the mouth too so there's a little bit [TS]

  so there's that that almost looks like [TS]

  your grandmother yeah so the her her [TS]

  real was up for a very very short time [TS]

  and I was able to watch it and then they [TS]

  pulled it down which is interesting it's [TS]

  like why would you pull down a real from [TS]

  an actress unless you want to you want [TS]

  to be the ones launching her career like [TS]

  clearly she has a major role in in the [TS]

  in the upcoming movie we just you know [TS]

  we can speculate on whose daughter she [TS]

  is or or what precisely that role is but [TS]

  needless to say it like she is the [TS]

  person that they're they're clearly [TS]

  pinning some some major star power [TS]

  behind but it can be a defensive action [TS]

  to nobody is going to be an end up in [TS]

  the pr blackout that's going to happen [TS]

  over the next X number of months while [TS]

  this thing is being filmed so much [TS]

  speculation on the credibility of every [TS]

  one of these actors is going to be just [TS]

  filling every single modulus [TS]

  and if you have some kind of roby [TS]

  credits to your name their kind of okay [TS]

  movies for not very good or one scene [TS]

  that is in your real that you kind of [TS]

  wish weren't there [TS]

  that's all you're gonna be about for the [TS]

  next eight to nine months i it's it's [TS]

  it's such a great opportunity it's a [TS]

  great idea so it's a wonderful part 2 [TS]

  thing to be part of this legacy again [TS]

  but i'm not sure if it's a little bit [TS]

  like running for office every single [TS]

  thing you do is going to be scrutinized [TS]

  and they're gonna be a lot of people who [TS]

  are going to be projecting their own [TS]

  fears and their own misconceptions onto [TS]

  you and blaming you for stuff that [TS]

  didn't take long would write do an [TS]

  interview where he just said that this [TS]

  is I hate the fact that I did this movie [TS]

  because there's so many people who were [TS]

  just using my name as an expletive on [TS]

  everything that is wrong and unholy on [TS]

  this planet [TS]

  yeah he claims and star wars are in his [TS]

  life [TS]

  well i think i might have a mutual so [TS]

  adorable little boy is fighting stuff [TS]

  with child actor then he didn't write [TS]

  the script you know like but I'm having [TS]

  I'm realizing how much the prequels [TS]

  messed me up in terms of like another [TS]

  it's like this should be trigger [TS]

  warnings on his casting things because [TS]

  whatever i say like I remember how [TS]

  excited I was like when you and Gregor [TS]

  was cast like these could be the best [TS]

  move would like the caliber of actors [TS]

  are getting in these prequels this is [TS]

  gonna be amazing right even the bit [TS]

  parts like you know Samuel Jackson is [TS]

  good and then when I see all these [TS]

  actors some point I really I really I [TS]

  really like I'm driver I these new [TS]

  actress like I look at them and I don't [TS]

  know anything about them like wow that i [TS]

  can just imagine them being great and [TS]

  then all I office i get a flash of these [TS]

  awesome actors standing as a green [TS]

  screen saying terrible dialogue like no [TS]

  it's just I don't want to remember that [TS]

  happens to disney flying out right here [TS]

  I won't get better i'm trying to have [TS]

  trying to have hope but like that's I [TS]

  mean this is like by lawrence kasdan [TS]

  that's why I wanted this I just wanted [TS]

  to be a good movie it's all like I don't [TS]

  even I don't even need to feel like star [TS]

  wars are needed to like a never think [TS]

  about in terms of the overall plot I [TS]

  almost hope this isn't the case i know [TS]

  is a silly hope but like I kind of feel [TS]

  like the antagonist in the three real [TS]

  star wars movies and the prequels more [TS]

  or less was well it's light side of the [TS]

  forest for the dark side of the force [TS]

  right and I feel like now that conflict [TS]

  was resolved for all eternity at the end [TS]

  of general but more or less the light [TS]

  side one and [TS]

  you know balance has been restored or [TS]

  whatever I don't want all the movies to [TS]

  every movie has to be about let's see [TS]

  how this if they're going to worm their [TS]

  way back in this time and how they're [TS]

  going to be is it doesn't always have to [TS]

  be light side of the force for his dark [TS]

  side of the force forever and ever for [TS]

  the next 15 movies are other stories we [TS]

  can tell in the star wars universe [TS]

  we're gonna find out and I think what I [TS]

  think one of the things that make [TS]

  filming with such optimism is that this [TS]

  that the entire package has been sold to [TS]

  a totally new production company [TS]

  it's a totally new director totally knew [TS]

  everything that people who don't feel as [TS]

  though they have that much of an [TS]

  obligation to pay homage to the previous [TS]

  culture yes there yes they have the the [TS]

  lot of the original cast members but I [TS]

  feel as though a lot of the problems [TS]

  with the prequels came about with [TS]

  wanting to make fans happy with the same [TS]

  characters that they had earlier the the [TS]

  fancy what is Chewbacca doing at the end [TS]

  of the at the inn at the end of episode [TS]

  three what are all these other [TS]

  characters appearing even though they [TS]

  don't make much sense but they're trying [TS]

  to make more toys try to expand expand [TS]

  the line trying to make this whole thing [TS]

  makes sense was not supposed to really [TS]

  make sense you're supposed to have a [TS]

  republic cereal done with really really [TS]

  great ultra-modern 1977 style [TS]

  special-effects keep it simple with the [TS]

  beginning middle and end consistent [TS]

  characters and every character playing [TS]

  exactly one role in the story that [TS]

  nobody no other character can duplicate [TS]

  if you just try to make this as a really [TS]

  really good story and not try not to [TS]

  make it into a Star Wars movie you're [TS]

  seventy percent of the way towards [TS]

  making a great film I think I can't see [TS]

  a political thriller version time for [TS]

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  website [TS]

  yeah i think one of the one of things [TS]

  that might happen here is that is that [TS]

  you know this is going to be franchise [TS]

  that they want to do I mean a new [TS]

  franchise they want to do a movie every [TS]

  year and on the off years it'll be [TS]

  spin-off kind of thing so one approach [TS]

  they might take here is very much not a [TS]

  narrowing of the story to be like let's [TS]

  just tell another set of three movies [TS]

  that are [TS]

  about the return of you know the the [TS]

  tried to sit in the Empire trying to [TS]

  return to glory you know that I I feel [TS]

  like they they are trying to paint a bit [TS]

  bigger picture here partially because [TS]

  that's what movie franchises are now is [TS]

  lots and lots of movies Thank You Marvel [TS]

  but which is also owned by disney but [TS]

  also just because they want lots of [TS]

  movies there the goal the end goal here [TS]

  is not to just tell a 33 story in a 3 [TS]

  movie story and so that I think that [TS]

  might be good in the sense that it might [TS]

  actually take some of the pressure off [TS]

  and let give them a little more room to [TS]

  tell to create you know a new take on [TS]

  this universe instead of doing what they [TS]

  might have done otherwise which is [TS]

  replay the past and tell that same story [TS]

  basically invert that story until it [TS]

  began [TS]

  I think Marvel has the same problem that [TS]

  i was just talking about though in that [TS]

  the problem with all I I don't follow [TS]

  the comics I don't know where the all [TS]

  these things are coming from the [TS]

  conflict or not but the problem with [TS]

  every Marvel movie is that's like are we [TS]

  have these characters that are heroes [TS]

  everybody loves them each one is able to [TS]

  carry its own movie you know like it [TS]

  everything works out but like but we [TS]

  need something for them to do we need [TS]

  them to fight me than to fight an enemy [TS]

  we need the world to be in peril and [TS]

  it's like the antagonist is always the [TS]

  biggest scare factor in those movies [TS]

  like if they pick a bad villain or if [TS]

  it's just a stupid you know if I don't [TS]

  care about them saving the world from [TS]

  think I like what is it that they're [TS]

  doing what is the conflict and I'm like [TS]

  I don't like you're Batman was like he's [TS]

  got a bag of villains witness to reach [TS]

  one this is the real movie this is the [TS]

  whatever movie comic books kind of go [TS]

  that direction too but with the marble [TS]

  ones like well also it has to be in [TS]

  peril everyone points7 movies we have to [TS]

  have the entire Earth be in parallel [TS]

  systems and it's so hard to keep coming [TS]

  up with those that we love the heroes [TS]

  but but you know you need something from [TS]

  the doing Star Wars they have like oh we [TS]

  don't have to have a villain of the week [TS]

  but do we have to keep going back to the [TS]

  light side versus dark side six verses [TS]

  Jedi like I feel like that story has [TS]

  been told and I'm ready for to cycle [TS]

  back around in and movie 10 for the city [TS]

  to come back but I don't want right away [TS]

  after Jedi it's like I just clean this [TS]

  place up to sit there back again who [TS]

  where are these it we're getting in the [TS]

  house so would you prefer like a medical [TS]

  MIT would you prefer like a medical [TS]

  mystery drama were oh my god his [TS]

  midi-chlorian are being killed [TS]

  I have iron continues to attack them [TS]

  it's like an immune system disorder [TS]

  what's going on i'm not saying they're [TS]

  going to do this like I i have no idea [TS]

  what the plot of this movie is going to [TS]

  be and I don't want to be spoiled by [TS]

  brother i really hope that they are like [TS]

  there are many other choices to have I'm [TS]

  sure the extent expanding universe [TS]

  novels did all these choices is this a [TS]

  spy book is this a war story is this a [TS]

  you know a romance is thriller like they [TS]

  can do all these things and I don't know [TS]

  what you're going to do I'm just I'm [TS]

  just expressing my fear is not that I'm [TS]

  gonna hurt anything that they're going [TS]

  to do this but i like the idea of seeing [TS]

  the different you know angles that we're [TS]

  talking about here i mean for example to [TS]

  start going back to another movie we [TS]

  talked about not long ago the captain [TS]

  america the winter soldier was a nice i [TS]

  think twist on the e it wasn't about [TS]

  necessarily the entire world being [TS]

  parallel yeah they did raise you know [TS]

  and feel like they have to raise the [TS]

  stakes a couple points but he had a [TS]

  feeling of like a spy thriller to it and [TS]

  it's like and I could I would love to [TS]

  see a Star Wars movie that's in that [TS]

  vein that's like hey turns out the New [TS]

  Republic isn't that much better than the [TS]

  Empire that we were playing so well but [TS]

  you know what i loved about the winter [TS]

  soldier and i miss that discussion [TS]

  because I think parenting [TS]

  um but yeah yeah parenting small can [TS]

  happen but yeah like a virus [TS]

  anyway I'm what I like about that it was [TS]

  actually it was actually something where [TS]

  people had to use their brains to get [TS]

  out of the situation it wasn't merely oh [TS]

  look he's filled with serum and he can [TS]

  do things with it was it was genuine [TS]

  like you actually saw cap string a [TS]

  couple thoughts together and then get [TS]

  all strategically on you and my hope is [TS]

  that they actually did that with star [TS]

  wars 2 because in theory someone like [TS]

  Princess Leia was already a political [TS]

  operator before she had her adventures [TS]

  with her brother and his best friends so [TS]

  you know I wouldn't mind seeing a [TS]

  princess leia who is basically the [TS]

  Hillary Rodham Clinton of the Republic [TS]

  30 years later and you know and and and [TS]

  was basically operating is as a power [TS]

  player with amusing tumblers devoted to [TS]

  her I think there's room for brains in [TS]

  the franchise that makes sense it's not [TS]

  just in a mystical Muppets yammering on [TS]

  about medical lorians i would really [TS]

  like to see something where where where [TS]

  in its people tackling the question of [TS]

  good force versus bad for sand and maybe [TS]

  somebody i have no problem good versus [TS]

  bad because that's your eternal you know [TS]

  man vs himself type struggle so so what [TS]

  if you do have some takeout drivers like [TS]

  but what if we can use the bad for us to [TS]

  do good thing [TS]

  listen and then you've got an antihero [TS]

  an interesting question to be answered [TS]

  and it turns into a 10cm drama [TS]

  I'd love that was it's a customer [TS]

  optimism that there we are planning on [TS]

  doing a movie every single year now [TS]

  because that's it does its I think if [TS]

  you don't if you have two or three years [TS]

  to do a sequel it seems like the that [TS]

  you have to basically say this has to be [TS]

  the biggest most sprawling epic movie [TS]

  and all and yeah exactly [TS]

  yes there it feels like they can see if [TS]

  one of your people yeah and so if you're [TS]

  writing the story for whatever the first [TS]

  movie is and you have this great idea [TS]

  for we won't be great we should have [TS]

  another character sort of off against [TS]

  this other person so that's great let's [TS]

  do that next year or the year after that [TS]

  let's keep this one movie streamline its [TS]

  like I'll there's the most bizarre thing [TS]

  I'm gonna be throwing into this but it [TS]

  is a little bit like the strength of [TS]

  Woody Allen movies where he just makes a [TS]

  movie every single year and some of them [TS]

  can be kinda weird some of them can be [TS]

  very mainstream and some of them can be [TS]

  exactly what you expect a Woody Allen [TS]

  movie to be you don't have to love every [TS]

  single one of them but over five years [TS]

  he's gonna make five movies of which one [TS]

  you think is great [TS]

  3like and to you don't even bother to [TS]

  see and I would be perfectly fine at [TS]

  this time for bed [TS]

  that's what i was saying bye-bye having [TS]

  the pressure be off a little bit that [TS]

  right that uh you know it it uh it could [TS]

  be really good in the sense that the [TS]

  that the canvas is really wide now and [TS]

  this is like the core right this is the [TS]

  continuation of the old story and that's [TS]

  why it's episode 78 and nine but they [TS]

  don't have to do everything and in fact [TS]

  it's better if the universe is set up [TS]

  for them to be able to tell lots of [TS]

  other stories because they're gonna want [TS]

  to keep telling stories in this universe [TS]

  so you know this may be the you know [TS]

  dark side of the force versus lights out [TS]

  of the forest big story that is at the [TS]

  core of of this universe but it's not [TS]

  the only story and it would be nice to [TS]

  see ya to see something a little bit [TS]

  different from the the two variations on [TS]

  that we've seen with its the original [TS]

  trilogy in the prequel july i think [TS]

  they're doing the inverted Avengers that [TS]

  like like it's an it's it in the [TS]

  Avengers movies and we're gonna do a [TS]

  bunch of small movie some of them every [TS]

  crap so I'm gonna be good what we're all [TS]

  building up to here guys is the Avengers [TS]

  and then after the Avengers we're going [TS]

  to do a couple more small moves into [TS]

  captain america movie do this [TS]

  we and then we're going to have Avengers [TS]

  2 and then we're going to do a couple [TS]

  more small boobs and then we're gonna [TS]

  have interest three this they're doing [TS]

  Avengers 1 2 & 3 upfront and rensing ok [TS]

  here's all the spin-off movies and maybe [TS]

  one of them will turn out like green [TS]

  lantern sorry about that but one of the [TS]

  many deaths in America you know [TS]

  Green Lantern to start your engines John [TS]

  I don't know what I just know that was [TS]

  bad [TS]

  yeah that's good for you have no clothes [TS]

  burned holes all the way to go when [TS]

  you're using fire [TS]

  ya know what I mean that they are i [TS]

  think the plan is to have them alternate [TS]

  so they are going to do sort of like the [TS]

  big movie and then a little movie and [TS]

  then a big movie and then a little movie [TS]

  and and that there are lots of rumors [TS]

  about how you gonna do that it's [TS]

  interesting i was talking to my wife [TS]

  about this the other day that's like you [TS]

  know Star Wars being an active franchise [TS]

  like the Marvel movies are now that's [TS]

  kind of weird [TS]

  it's it me feel it's like it's kind of [TS]

  weird I mean because it's always been [TS]

  something that goes into hibernation [TS]

  right even between like you know 20 [TS]

  years between the prequels and and the [TS]

  original movies right and then another [TS]

  you know decade and it so it's something [TS]

  that comes and goes in spurts and yeah [TS]

  you have other properties like your [TS]

  clone wars you know TV show or the books [TS]

  or the comic books yourself running [TS]

  between but then you have these tent [TS]

  poles that seem to pop up every couple [TS]

  decades so it is really different to [TS]

  think of it being something that's like [TS]

  I mean it's not out of the question that [TS]

  we see a star wars like live-action TV [TS]

  show which is something they had had [TS]

  talked about for years but never really [TS]

  got off the ground but it's certainly [TS]

  with with Disney's backing not at all [TS]

  i've got their own TV network and you [TS]

  know that we've seen that they have a [TS]

  willingness to take the Marvel stuff and [TS]

  do a TV outpost of that so why would you [TS]

  not do that with star wars shirt or [TS]

  camper adventure huh generated Godhead [TS]

  well the Trade Federation the series but [TS]

  one thing I don't want to see is like [TS]

  the like the kevin smith version where [TS]

  hey now we're gonna have a whole story [TS]

  we get to the storm troopers who are [TS]

  like really just kind of jaded and just [TS]

  hang it out and they're saying omen [TS]

  I think it's been done on the internet [TS]

  and sketch looks like a robot chicken [TS]

  sketch way and and a bunch of other [TS]

  things my troop remember Trudy area [TS]

  they're so [TS]

  they're so [TS]

  many things was funny because it was [TS]

  just like a YouTube video but one like [TS]

  once like a movie studio says we're [TS]

  going to work we're too cool to say that [TS]

  star wars is awesome we're really [TS]

  excited about doing a great story with [TS]

  classic characters [TS]

  no actually oh no I'm too cool for this [TS]

  I'm gonna make poke fun and i have two [TS]

  characters talk about a butt man [TS]

  why did we even build a desktop to begin [TS]

  with they could be so easily blown up [TS]

  what's up with that took come on Jerry [TS]

  Seinfeld let's start with what you know [TS]

  what I see are the nexus poor i think [TS]

  was idea was this [TS]

  Star Trek has shown that they are in JJ [TS]

  least I think strikes the right balance [TS]

  between not taking yourself too [TS]

  seriously but taking it seriously enough [TS]

  like it's not that's why i was back in [TS]

  the beginning I was talking about [TS]

  fearing a dead that I a poor director [TS]

  would acknowledge that people are going [TS]

  to apply but Luke Skywalker first [TS]

  appeals and they would build it into the [TS]

  movie in the editing and the directing [TS]

  and JJ will not do that I think you will [TS]

  have the movie go straight forward that [TS]

  the movie the play with a movie plays it [TS]

  will take itself seriously a wink itself [TS]

  perhaps even less we can get itself than [TS]

  Jedi just about the Empire level winking [TS]

  itself but it will never be like that [TS]

  cynical or whatever because like if you [TS]

  look at the star trek movies he really [TS]

  believes in the drama of these things [TS]

  happening and is not gonna be like well [TS]

  as spaceship and the aliens whatever who [TS]

  cares like he's gonna sell he's gonna [TS]

  sell the emotion of everything like I'm [TS]

  really glad that he he's doing this when [TS]

  I think about the star trek movies it [TS]

  makes me optimistic for these movies to [TS]

  strike the right balance because water [TS]

  and he was saying like if someone else [TS]

  was helping this I could see that being [TS]

  a possibility but I feel like with him [TS]

  behind it and presumably his influence [TS]

  on whatever other properties spin-off of [TS]

  it I i I'm hoping that you know [TS]

  everything goes well and Star Wars was [TS]

  his you know he's not his baby but his [TS]

  that was his french fries [TS]

  you know he was practicing with Star [TS]

  Trek as is appropriate i think but if [TS]

  you go back and watch lost like clearly [TS]

  he is a huge Star Wars fan right like [TS]

  that all sorts of jokes about Star Wars [TS]

  monster stuff and you know that's the [TS]

  reason I think we all know that he [TS]

  ultimately took this right even though [TS]

  he was doing the star trek franchise [TS]

  like he could not say no to star wars [TS]

  sounds like he actually was afraid to [TS]

  say yes because it means so much to him [TS]

  and but so so this is something i wanted [TS]

  to close with it's good to talk a little [TS]

  bit about JJ Abrams which you know is [TS]

  there [TS]

  he's got it he's got his critics and [TS]

  he's definitely got some issues in the [TS]

  end of Star Trek movies he's done you [TS]

  know are not are not perfect but I'm I'm [TS]

  really encouraged by his choice because [TS]

  he does love Star Wars and like I said [TS]

  at the beginning of the show I feel like [TS]

  he under he understands why Star Wars is [TS]

  great like hehe i feel like he gets it [TS]

  in that way and that's vitally important [TS]

  that that you've got creative people who [TS]

  actually like understand why people love [TS]

  star wars because I really do believe [TS]

  that was George Lucas's ultimately yeah [TS]

  he can't write dialogue with a lot of [TS]

  things but his fatal flaw was George [TS]

  Lucas never understood why people loved [TS]

  his thing he never got why people [TS]

  actually attached to it and I think JJ [TS]

  Abrams totally gets it and what we saw [TS]

  him do with Star Trek was taking a [TS]

  franchise that was essentially dead and [TS]

  rethink it and and make it in the [TS]

  context of modern moviemaking while [TS]

  still honoring the things that people [TS]

  loved about it and that mean that you [TS]

  that's the perfect template for this and [TS]

  speaking of the guy was sitting next to [TS]

  JJ the more I see about Harrison Ford [TS]

  like how he operates as an actor in the [TS]

  various movies that he's in that in [TS]

  addition to all his grouchiness and all [TS]

  is you know just the way he line reading [TS]

  the reading the gigantic making a [TS]

  vampire book and like I its he has a [TS]

  surprising amount of influence [TS]

  increasing with his you know fame on the [TS]

  movies that he's in for the better [TS]

  I you know like all the all the ways he [TS]

  was contributing to these scenes in [TS]

  Empire where he was more or less just a [TS]

  kid right and now at this point when [TS]

  he's in a movie he feels like he's [TS]

  practically the second director [TS]

  obviously that's going to be reined in [TS]

  by JJ you know i'm assuming he can [TS]

  handle him but like his his influence [TS]

  his understanding i think harrison ford [TS]

  also understands what makes our way even [TS]

  though he's grumpy about it even though [TS]

  he's kind of gets pissed off these han [TS]

  Solo and he likes in the engines better [TS]

  all these other things he's got a head [TS]

  on his shoulders about what makes good [TS]

  movies and so like when I see them [TS]

  leaning into each other and talking like [TS]

  yes listen to him he may be a jerk [TS]

  sometimes but he knows what he's talking [TS]

  about he and almost certain point of [TS]

  view [TS]

  yeah exactly i got that reference I [TS]

  appreciate that reference very good [TS]

  you're fired and nobody knowledge to [TS]

  direct this money I'm different if [TS]

  there's a bad feeling about this in in [TS]

  like I mean I will give him 14 episode [TS]

  7i will happen one bed [TS]

  and that's it and it better be like [TS]

  middle to late movie better be like I [TS]

  have a bad feeling that person just gets [TS]

  shot in the hair yes right that's the [TS]

  that's the amount of linking you're [TS]

  allowed you get one of those preferably [TS]

  the person gets killed before you [TS]

  complete the sentence that's it [TS]

  The Scream don't they'll be with their [TS]

  grandkids there be playing a game of the [TS]

  grandkids hey wait admitted toga shot [TS]

  first at-bats over the line that had [TS]

  long as they don't have those high-fives [TS]

  where they failed to make contact [TS]

  Leah will give to bottom angel and and [TS]

  I'm told you can be arranged but much [TS]

  let's all write a bad for outsourcing [TS]

  this script right here right now if we [TS]

  do it here then they won't do it there [TS]

  that's the idea right we just saved here [TS]

  is like saying bad things before you get [TS]

  on a plane flight just say all the bad [TS]

  things that you don't want to see the [TS]

  star wars movie and they won't happen [TS]

  that's exactly what banks charge of inks [TS]

  Jar Jar Jar Binks guns at all no guns [TS]

  and not even the background shot he [TS]

  walks he walks baby baby walks I i think [TS]

  the opening crawl will just say you know [TS]

  the galaxy is internal turmoil following [TS]

  wake of the Gungan extinction and then [TS]

  just continue on [TS]

  just remember that they're they're not [TS]

  already times can we say we're sorry [TS]

  here here's Hans solo again you like [TS]

  consoles are Wars Episode 7 the apology [TS]

  of your money back on any of the [TS]

  prequels or any of the toys you bought [TS]

  but let's just try to rebuild and that's [TS]

  the scroll to say Star Wars Episode 7 [TS]

  than a big long empty space and then a [TS]

  thing imprint lisa says don't worry we [TS]

  got this [TS]

  yahoo or gotcha team is getting well I [TS]

  mean the message sent by having at [TS]

  having not only hiring JJ Abrams but but [TS]

  having Lawrence cast and involve right [TS]

  that that is a message of like hey you [TS]

  know that guy who wrote that Empire [TS]

  Strikes Back movie that you kinda like [TS]

  he's going to be really deeply involved [TS]

  in in the in the creative aspects and [TS]

  and one question I have and I don't know [TS]

  the answer i don't know whether it's [TS]

  lawrence casting JJ Abrams or or or if [TS]

  it's kathleen kennedy but she's more of [TS]

  a producer which is like the Marvel [TS]

  movies have some cut kinda like a [TS]

  showrunner or a creative supervisor who [TS]

  are plotting what they're doing and [TS]

  I assume you know looking at all the [TS]

  stories that Lawrence casting is sort of [TS]

  doing some of that for Star Wars of [TS]

  franchisees you know they've got [TS]

  somebody has to watch this stuff and say [TS]

  what are we doing and where we going [TS]

  from here and I think that's good i I [TS]

  think it's not just PR but i think it's [TS]

  a little message that this is a guy who [TS]

  understands the franchise and did good [TS]

  work in it and he's we brought him in to [TS]

  make sure that this stuff is okay that's [TS]

  kind of dangerous to like the whole the [TS]

  whole showrunner thing like that the [TS]

  person's the one person's personality is [TS]

  imprinted so heavily on the things [TS]

  they're running whereas again reading [TS]

  the the Empire book you see how how did [TS]

  the Empire story come to be we got the [TS]

  lead bracket thing with the more or less [TS]

  straight away then you had Kasdan and [TS]

  then you had Lucas and Kirshner and the [TS]

  three of them would argue with each [TS]

  other until they figure out what the [TS]

  hell the story was going to be and that [TS]

  the three of them kind of fighting with [TS]

  each other and no one of the you know [TS]

  that was before Lucas was like well it's [TS]

  going to be the way I wanted to be so I [TS]

  just do this like they would argue [TS]

  around the table to see how things were [TS]

  going to go and I think that benefited [TS]

  the movie because it had just been [TS]

  Kazmir gets to do whatever he wants it [TS]

  would have been as good as a movie in [TS]

  Italy because what you want filmic [TS]

  filmmaking the collaborative art by [TS]

  graduation right but like what I'm [TS]

  seeing here is like oh now it's like [TS]

  it's not cast in the nineteen seventies [TS]

  and eighties its casting now and I hope [TS]

  you if I don't I hope there's no one [TS]

  person running the show including JJ I [TS]

  hope that it is more of a like you know [TS]

  it because it's not like around this [TS]

  background to the Soviets yeah it always [TS]

  comes back there [TS]

  well don't like like Marvel you know Jon [TS]

  Jon Favreau was involved from the early [TS]

  stages and now Joss Whedon sort of the [TS]

  the dominant that thing although they've [TS]

  also got Kevin I keefy whose bethpage [TS]

  the pitch fade so he's like a disease [TS]

  anyway the they've got they've got some [TS]

  people who are working on it but that [TS]

  doesn't mean the winter soldier isn't [TS]

  still heavily influenced by the [TS]

  screenwriters and directors of it so so [TS]

  you know there's room for that [TS]

  creativity but there's also sort of like [TS]

  a an overarching vision that I think is [TS]

  kind of important like where we going [TS]

  and how is this all going to relate and [TS]

  I do wonder about that but I like I just [TS]

  like see Lawrence cast in there he just [TS]

  just because it's like he did this he [TS]

  kind of gets it gives you a link to the [TS]

  past and it's somebody who understands [TS]

  the franchise [TS]

  so I think that's a good message to send [TS]

  we'll we'll see what you know what the [TS]

  screenplay is like but I think it's a [TS]

  good message sent [TS]

  well as soon as JJ send us a copy of his [TS]

  script will be will be [TS]

  yeah you got to have about it i was [TS]

  trying to avoid I'm trying to avoid [TS]

  spoilers so I'm i want to go into this [TS]

  movie not knowing what it's about not [TS]

  knowing who dies not and maybe maybe [TS]

  that's a tall order but i'm going to try [TS]

  its yeah that is I mean I accidentally [TS]

  remember I've ever getting the Phantom [TS]

  Menace will quite an active am [TS]

  soundtrack yeah so I'm child would like [TS]

  to avoid that this time around [TS]

  episode 7 the death of Han Solo will [TS]

  anything else we should talk about [TS]

  before we wrap it up anything else you [TS]

  based on sort of like anything that's [TS]

  happened since this was all announced [TS]

  that you've got buzzing around your [TS]

  brains that we should talk I just I just [TS]

  keep thinking again we're sort of [TS]

  touched upon the holster reality of this [TS]

  actually happening i think when we [TS]

  talked about the the disney [TS]

  announcements but yeah I mean the idea [TS]

  that like well it's not gonna be very [TS]

  long before we see like a trailer or [TS]

  something that like I remember that I [TS]

  remember the episode 1 trailer being [TS]

  like a huge you and that we turn out to [TS]

  be crap but i still can't you know can't [TS]

  quite avoid getting excited about the [TS]

  idea of seeing this and let's so fair [TS]

  the episode 1 trailer was pretty cool [TS]

  that original one with the with the [TS]

  breathing that was great [TS]

  if only I had been building the next one [TS]

  was a bad but like yeah if they move [TS]

  they could have made a two-minute movie [TS]

  like it probably could have pulled it [TS]

  off [TS]

  no I'm hopeful i want to be hopeful i [TS]

  want to believe JJ I want to believe I [TS]

  mean it's Star Wars Spencer formative [TS]

  part of my life and my geekdom that I I [TS]

  can't like even if it's terrible even if [TS]

  it's the worst thing ever i can't help [TS]

  but want to love it and i'm going to try [TS]

  and stay positive and want to love it [TS]

  and like John avoid spoilers because you [TS]

  know what it's like as as in adults as a [TS]

  kid I love spoilers and I was like yes [TS]

  give me all the spoilers I want to know [TS]

  everything ahead of time i'll try and [TS]

  download the movie so I can watch the [TS]

  first 10 minutes over and over because [TS]

  the restaurant download it but now I you [TS]

  know [TS]

  I appreciate the move I appreciate [TS]

  stories being told in their in their [TS]

  fullest you know completest extent and I [TS]

  would i I'm excited to see what they do [TS]

  with it they certainly I mean they have [TS]

  a banner cast and they potentially have [TS]

  good screenwriters I don't see you know [TS]

  or sour or skirts skirts i can say his [TS]

  last war zone first vault or seven parts [TS]

  pasta is writing the script we have many [TS]

  people [TS]

  well sometimes their lines end up being [TS]

  lame pasta I just say more zone risotto [TS]

  I exactly terrible building i think [TS]

  through silly has done some excellent [TS]

  work only with all an Italian and it [TS]

  really just you know what the dog for [TS]

  graduation [TS]

  yes plots have great twist though the [TS]

  fusilli wants nicely but I'm bummed this [TS]

  this podcast has devolved now I it's [TS]

  gotten late now [TS]

  it all starts to make sense to me now [TS]

  because that I haven't you you should be [TS]

  very concerned right now you could [TS]

  possibly seek some sort of medical all [TS]

  right anything else we should talk about [TS]

  before we go I am I just gonna want my [TS]

  capper on this movies i predict escaping [TS]

  my music i'm predicting my response was [TS]

  going to be very similar to my response [TS]

  to the star trek reboot but magnified [TS]

  because i'm not as invested in Star Trek [TS]

  is as some other people on this podcast [TS]

  but i do care about it you know a little [TS]

  bit and my reaction to the the first the [TS]

  star trek reboot was like I had I had [TS]

  this things like this should be a really [TS]

  good movie and I'm going to hold it to a [TS]

  higher standard because i really like [TS]

  this franchise right and I did that with [TS]

  the movie and then what i found is when [TS]

  you know I had a little grudge like well [TS]

  that wasn't a bad movie it was actually [TS]

  pretty good but it should have been a [TS]

  little bit better because hey it's Star [TS]

  Trek right and then I found on repeat [TS]

  watchings i gave the movie a break and [TS]

  I'm like you know what I really enjoy [TS]

  this the same guy with a second movie [TS]

  like i was able to like you know and my [TS]

  attachment of Star Wars is even stronger [TS]

  so it's probably no matter how good this [TS]

  movie is I'm gonna be like well that was [TS]

  pretty good but and on repeat viewings I [TS]

  think it'd be like just relax just you [TS]

  know go with it like you just let go of [TS]

  your preconceived notions and how you [TS]

  think this has to be like Godfather Part [TS]

  2 in space with lightsabers because i'm [TS]

  not going to be and just allow it to be [TS]

  biggest star movies I [TS]

  maintain like there are things I don't [TS]

  like about the micellar podcast but [TS]

  every time I rewatched the moment you [TS]

  know what I enjoyed watching that and [TS]

  like every time I watch it gets better [TS]

  that's not a bad thing to have this to [TS]

  say i would like this movie to be fun i [TS]

  would like to enjoy this movie like just [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah i mean i have the worst thing that [TS]

  would happen for me is if they try to [TS]

  make this into we're going to totally [TS]

  reinvent the star wars universe because [TS]

  again this was not designed to ever be [TS]

  ground-breaking taxi drivers style [TS]

  seventies epics and you set the cinema [TS]

  this was designed to be we're going to [TS]

  take the very very classic warriors [TS]

  journey and we're going to make this in [TS]

  the style of a dogfight movies from the [TS]

  nineteen thirties and Republic cereals [TS]

  and we're just gonna deliver a lot of [TS]

  popcorn value for someone's 90 minutes [TS]

  for the running time and my overall [TS]

  attitude is that I'm perfectly fine i'm [TS]

  i'm really looking forward to these [TS]

  movies because if it's a terrible movie [TS]

  the first the movies that i still liked [TS]

  will still be there i will still be able [TS]

  to watch them like them and there's [TS]

  always a chance that they'll be really [TS]

  really good and we have an advantage [TS]

  that a lot of other generations don't [TS]

  have which is even if it's not a great [TS]

  movie we get to reconnect with that part [TS]

  of our childhood that we treasure and [TS]

  all of those influences that star wars [TS]

  had on as both personally and from an [TS]

  entertainment value and how it shaped [TS]

  our word worldview and every great [TS]

  memory that we have that's going to be [TS]

  really triggered and rekindle that we're [TS]

  going to enjoy it even a mediocre movie [TS]

  the way that other with the viewers are [TS]

  just not going to be able to access and [TS]

  certain star trek worked on that level [TS]

  for me exactly right it's like all these [TS]

  buttons that only that you know original [TS]

  set of characters could possibly push [TS]

  and and i'm also reminded i want to [TS]

  mention serenity not called well [TS]

  although i could mention you to the move [TS]

  the firefly a continuation film i [TS]

  remember coming and i said this on the [TS]

  pockets before my wife and I came out of [TS]

  that movie and said pipes fun i haven't [TS]

  seen a movie that was a sci-fi movie [TS]

  that was fun like that in a long time [TS]

  and some of the Marvel movies are like [TS]

  that too and there are there other [TS]

  movies like that but like I would like [TS]

  it to be fun right i would like it to be [TS]

  fun and and fun adventure yet [TS]

  out we're gonna have this burden of [TS]

  expectation we're gonna be like well you [TS]

  know it didn't do this and didn't do [TS]

  that and I don't know about that but in [TS]

  the end [TS]

  god I would if I had to pick one thing [TS]

  for a new star wars movie to be i would [TS]

  choose fun just if you if it's a fun [TS]

  ride and it doesn't check 20 different [TS]

  boxes and it isn't got the Godfather in [TS]

  space and then yeah that's fine as long [TS]

  as it's enjoyable fun and I leave the [TS]

  theater energized right well see even [TS]

  the fun aspects of like in the star trek [TS]

  movie like I was holding against the [TS]

  parts that I deemed not didn't take it [TS]

  seriously enough for example like there [TS]

  are parts of the starter motor resistor [TS]

  week giving it the example from into [TS]

  darkness is like the bikini scene or [TS]

  whatever but like in the first one like [TS]

  when his hand gets puffy I was like well [TS]

  that that's a little bit to slapstick [TS]

  for Star Trek right and i still think [TS]

  that's not the best sequence in the [TS]

  movie but now when i watch the movie I [TS]

  like I don't hold that against that I'm [TS]

  like okay well here's the silly part [TS]

  usually doesn't work because because [TS]

  there are good parts if you don't like [TS]

  their weaknesses in the movie and like [TS]

  and it's I don't want to take those [TS]

  weaknesses and say but you had this [TS]

  weakness but you have this one thing [TS]

  that I think wasn't the best choice and [TS]

  it's like just just ignore that part if [TS]

  the rest of the movie is good like I [TS]

  mean that there's their limits like I [TS]

  can't put the jar level kind of disaster [TS]

  in the middle of the good movie but I [TS]

  really just need to not get obsessed [TS]

  with the things that I know are wrong [TS]

  with the movie and just say what about [TS]

  things that are right about the movie [TS]

  right what about the good parts and [TS]

  especially in like maybe like a real [TS]

  started rebooting when I rewatching I'm [TS]

  like this opening sequence is [TS]

  unbelievable like with the childbirth I [TS]

  guess it's melodrama is ridiculous space [TS]

  opera like yes that's what it's supposed [TS]

  to be yourself seriously it's [TS]

  beautifully shot there's lots of lens [TS]

  the lens flares if you really like those [TS]

  you know really good lens flares contain [TS]

  a coded message for John you love in [TS]

  that like I'm I'm multiple viewings I'm [TS]

  like you know what [TS]

  that's an obvious stylistic choice and [TS]

  it's something interesting it's a little [TS]

  bit different if they use lens flares [TS]

  all the Star Wars maybe i'll be pissed [TS]

  but it's making choices and I think [TS]

  that's what it comes down to for a lot [TS]

  for good direction is making choices and [TS]

  not just being like that whatever [TS]

  whatever works like bunch of people on a [TS]

  catch against a green screen should be [TS]

  time for its making definitive choices [TS]

  sometimes those choices will be bad but [TS]

  a lot of times they'll be good [TS]

  so you know that's kind of what you got [TS]

  to go for ya almost certainly not all [TS]

  right i think this is a good discussion [TS]

  about a movie that's not coming out for [TS]

  a year and a half but you know Star Wars [TS]

  as much on our minds and it's [TS]

  interesting to see this this news [TS]

  continue to progress it is a funny thing [TS]

  to be in a world where star wars is an [TS]

  active franchise actively shooting you [TS]

  know as we sit here were or like in a [TS]

  week's time you know Harrison Ford will [TS]

  be acting in front of a camera as han [TS]

  solo how crazy is that [TS]

  I don't believe it I like the world that [TS]

  I live in right now [TS]

  yeah it's pretty great i didn't i look [TS]

  forward to being back with you guys here [TS]

  in like another six months as we like [TS]

  pick apart the miniature details of the [TS]

  trailer would come back yeah [TS]

  go to frame 107 that's right now advance [TS]

  my lightsaber handle that's being flung [TS]

  away man and enhance yeah alright well i [TS]

  would like to thank my guests for [TS]

  joining me to talk about this [TS]

  thanks Lisa thank you i enjoyed this you [TS]

  guys are making me feel a lot more [TS]

  optimistic about this panel with myself [TS]

  thank you the victory John siracusa [TS]

  thank you very much we'll try to keep [TS]

  you unspoiled most hours more problems [TS]

  Jason sure [TS]

  boy that that's been true lately so [TS]

  let's hope that maybe fewer problems in [TS]

  the future then more and thank you [TS]

  I have a great feeling about this Wow [TS]

  optimism i like it [TS]

  indian taco thank you i know and [TS]

  serenity called well thank you for being [TS]

  here I've I have [TS]

  you have no words alright no words I [TS]

  have no questions the force done [TS]

  use the Force will use the Force to go [TS]

  to sleep and think of quotes and thanks [TS]

  everybody out there for listening to be [TS]

  accountable [TS]

  this is jason still signing up will talk [TS]

  to you next time [TS]