Roderick on the Line

Ep. 174: "Infuntainment"


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  [Music] [TS]

  the moon Wow boy a little while while [TS]

  while red leather yellow leather [TS]

  whoa Barrow stairs narrow stairs [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  Lula you know probably podcast people [TS]

  talk too much boy and this podcast in [TS]

  particular [TS]

  well you know if people just pause pause [TS]

  just thinking reflect you've been on [TS]

  you've been on a lot of podcasts where [TS]

  I'm guessing there some long pauses yeah [TS]

  that it almost never happens on this one [TS]

  mhm now we don't we don't suffer from [TS]

  silence but now it's good it's good it's [TS]

  nice to just take a momentum [TS]

  it makes people uncomfortable [TS]

  I think so yeah i mean i like i like to [TS]

  reflect in these moments on how much [TS]

  this podcast means to me take a minute [TS]

  you know I took I as i was driving in my [TS]

  drive into into this podcast in [TS]

  particular it's different than other [TS]

  drives you dropped your drive into this [TS]

  podcast as I'm driving into this podcast [TS]

  i am reflecting are you really thinking [TS]

  about the podcast before you're on it [TS]

  no no not the podcast in particular but [TS]

  the hot cast in general [TS]

  mmm i think i am so grateful for this [TS]

  podcast that gives me the opportunity to [TS]

  take this drive from where I was to [TS]

  where i'm going to be every there's [TS]

  something about the some of the [TS]

  scheduling of this podcast in particular [TS]

  somewhere halfway along the road over [TS]

  the route around i know the long drive [TS]

  large that's right somewhere along the [TS]

  line there i have I Drive by a methadone [TS]

  clinic and it's a very very large its [TS]

  industrial scale methadone clinic it's [TS]

  been scaled up to accommodate the the [TS]

  burgeoning population of heroin junkies [TS]

  in the northwest [TS]

  it's a very large facility and it's a [TS]

  large facility that has not it's it's [TS]

  appropriated an old building and it has [TS]

  not accommodated it has made no [TS]

  accommodation for the fact that what was [TS]

  once probably a nut and bolt factory now [TS]

  has 700 people in various stages of [TS]

  recovery trying to make it in the front [TS]

  door you know at at specific times and [TS]

  so the so you're driving along to do [TS]

  here i am thinking about the pot I'm [TS]

  thinking about how much I appreciate the [TS]

  podcast I'm driving into the podcast and [TS]

  then there's a tourney bend in the road [TS]

  and then all of a sudden it's like [TS]

  you've come upon the scene of the [TS]

  defense of the Polish post office in [TS]

  Danzig like people are scrambling across [TS]

  the street cars are parked that you know [TS]

  at like seven different diagonal angles [TS]

  to one another cars are up on the [TS]

  sidewalk people are pushing themselves [TS]

  but people are pushing their friend [TS]

  across the street in a shopping cart [TS]

  their fireworks going off and it's just [TS]

  like whoa you and everybody has to break [TS]

  that you know the trucks are all like [TS]

  we're end and none of the people who are [TS]

  on their way to or from the methadone [TS]

  clinic ever look either way are they are [TS]

  unconscious of there being traffic [TS]

  there's no this is a thing about I don't [TS]

  know how was your experience of heroin [TS]

  junkies is but they supply little they [TS]

  do not practice the principle of keep [TS]

  moving and get out of the way it's a [TS]

  shame the ones that keep the ones that [TS]

  are moving are not getting out of the [TS]

  way and the ones that are maybe a little [TS]

  bit out of the way are not moving [TS]

  okay so everything is you know i have i [TS]

  have not an inconsiderable amount of [TS]

  experience dealing with this crowd is it [TS]

  like driving through a school zone you [TS]

  gotta be extra careful i'm guessing the [TS]

  things kids have been taught to look for [TS]

  for look both ways right right where s [TS]

  whereas junkies have forgotten [TS]

  everything they learned this child so [TS]

  yeah you have to be mean to really make [TS]

  sure that you don't get into a calamity [TS]

  you have to slow 23 miles an hour and it [TS]

  and it throw it throws me out of my [TS]

  reverie which is not you know again us [TS]

  get that my problems are small beans [TS]

  compared to the desire of someone who is [TS]

  on a heroine product to not feel like [TS]

  spiders are crawling underneath their [TS]

  skin [TS]

  those at that's you know that's a [TS]

  different different degree of problems [TS]

  but it does often it does happen then [TS]

  send me into the last 10 minutes of my [TS]

  drive in a different thinking about [TS]

  different things [TS]

  uh-huh not thinking about not just blank [TS]

  not tabula rasa but fabula Blanco Bobby [TS]

  fabulous negros wow are you a top you [TS]

  like gray their second tubular webbing [TS]

  yeah there's it's a tabula but it's [TS]

  covered with scribbles now that you're [TS]

  no alternate route know there are [TS]

  there's no alternate route one of the [TS]

  great things about Seattle is that it [TS]

  was built premise on the idea that there [TS]

  should be as few alternate routes as [TS]

  possible [TS]

  that's forward-thinking because we have [TS]

  a lot of waterways bridges tunnels [TS]

  not surprisingly few tunnels actually [TS]

  but yeah everything you know everything [TS]

  has to get around something else and it [TS]

  all has to just funnel down to the one [TS]

  road though if you live one place you [TS]

  know you know your Road your one Road a [TS]

  September first 1939 they personnel from [TS]

  the post office they defended the post [TS]

  office against the salts from the Nazis [TS]

  well from the you know the SS in [TS]

  particular for 15 hours [TS]

  hmm that's amazing and they were all [TS]

  executed the Vic the thing about Danzig [TS]

  of course free city but lot of Germans [TS]

  there [TS]

  mhm and polish the Polish post office in [TS]

  dancing was not was you know it was like [TS]

  am like an embassy it was like a okay [TS]

  she's your papers worked on stuff [TS]

  well and it was considered like part of [TS]

  it was considered like a sovereign part [TS]

  of Poland almost like an embassy the [TS]

  exactly but apart but also post office [TS]

  you know people used to post office used [TS]

  to really matter was like you go for [TS]

  surgery at your barber right yeah [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  you go to the post office for all of [TS]

  your nose at post offices or is it posts [TS]

  office post office [TS]

  um that's a really good question [TS]

  attorneys [TS]

  girl my I don't know I died since i'm [TS]

  just on this one page advance these [TS]

  talking danskin was dancing [TS]

  yeah uh well it was dead dancing is the [TS]

  german name gdansk is the Polish name [TS]

  they have a lot of diet criticals and in [TS]

  polished on happy to hear that whoohoo [TS]

  load lots which I know of [TS]

  unfortunately a lot of ghetto it's a [TS]

  four-letter word that has three [TS]

  different criticals in it [TS]

  yeah the checks do that to their throne [TS]

  by critical that your right and left and [TS]

  you're like Jesus Christ man just decide [TS]

  how to pronounce the letter C like it's [TS]

  or or or make some more letters or [TS]

  something like a letter c letter c is is [TS]

  it's just it's an innocent character why [TS]

  must you wait and we're asking a letter [TS]

  C to do a lot of heavy lifting already [TS]

  yes sometimes it's a see sometimes it's [TS]

  a que sometimes it's got a city yeah [TS]

  yep sometimes it's a church sometimes [TS]

  it's a a suitor [TS]

  ok it's so there's a lot going on but [TS]

  yeah they so they are so they they [TS]

  barricaded themselves in the post office [TS]

  and they fought fought the Germans for a [TS]

  long time but then this was the best [TS]

  with the bummer of it [TS]

  the Germans decided that they were not [TS]

  what was it they were they weren't legal [TS]

  day they were declared in court martial [TS]

  this is on wikipedia has to be a write [TS]

  the sentence to death by general [TS]

  court-martial as clinically illegal [TS]

  combatants that that's it i'm not little [TS]

  over a little over a month later because [TS]

  they were not they were this is this is [TS]

  how we keep all these people in in [TS]

  Guantanamo we decide that they are [TS]

  illegal that it's there they did not [TS]

  have a legal right to fight us if they [TS]

  were legally authorized to fight us that [TS]

  would be complicated if they were [TS]

  wearing a uniform and it had a button on [TS]

  it that had a that have the name of a [TS]

  country then their legal and then you [TS]

  can't just put them in a shipping [TS]

  container and leave them in the hot Sun [TS]

  for a year you have to have to do you [TS]

  have to deal with meds like a like a [TS]

  representative of the of their state but [TS]

  he got almost almost like a person [TS]

  yeah right you don't have to do that if [TS]

  they're illegal then you can treat them [TS]

  just like a warthog that you found in [TS]

  the fourth it's a lot less paperwork [TS]

  as a frequent fewer of wikipedia pages [TS]

  on battles you will know that one of the [TS]

  features of a Wikipedia page this is [TS]

  easily the most fascinating part of this [TS]

  page over on the right trail where they [TS]

  give the details of the battle you get [TS]

  the belligerence the commander's [TS]

  casualties and losses and then in so you [TS]

  got a column for one side column for the [TS]

  other was on the one side you got poland [TS]

  the subject Nazi Germany and then [TS]

  under-strength you have a description of [TS]

  who participated in the battle [TS]

  oh this is amazing no not see it on the [TS]

  Nazi side you had more than 200 SS and [TS]

  sa you had the the people in black [TS]

  uniforms people in the Brownshirts 200s [TS]

  NSA soldiers policemen paramilitaries [TS]

  and regulars + 3 + 80 Jeezy armored cars [TS]

  you know what they have on the other [TS]

  side 55 postman and civilians and one [TS]

  railway man man and cream dumb like so [TS]

  they were the instrument that the [TS]

  postman's rule i cannot believe this [TS]

  the the Nazis had 10 kill 25 wounded and [TS]

  then out of there 200 people and depth [TS]

  on the inside of the post office yet six [TS]

  killed or two after surrendering 14 [TS]

  wounded and then 38 executed in [TS]

  captivity talk about it talk about being [TS]

  a sore loser [TS]

  that's pretty shitty right 38 executed [TS]

  in Captain a lot that's not hard to do [TS]

  they're in captivity that doesn't count [TS]

  you know the funny thing about the polls [TS]

  in world war two is a lot of them got [TS]

  executed both by the Nazis and the [TS]

  Soviets they were just getting executed [TS]

  right and left because people were [TS]

  people on both sides they were afraid of [TS]

  the of the glow of the the valiance [TS]

  polls they were valued have I mean that [TS]

  didn't the polls have ate like a [TS]

  famously rich history of like I don't [TS]

  know dignified military service didn't [TS]

  have a pretty badass army given the size [TS]

  of it [TS]

  yeah there was that there was a not only [TS]

  one huge army but like very committed [TS]

  people and they were part of that [TS]

  pression idea of like the the officer [TS]

  class was derived from the first [TS]

  families of the [TS]

  of the of the region right now Jacob [TS]

  scraps i mean this isn't considered a [TS]

  very honorable way to live and die for [TS]

  your country [TS]

  yeah and it wasn't a meritocracy nessa [TS]

  it it in principle right it was that the [TS]

  idea was that the the the gentry the the [TS]

  the rich families and the the royal [TS]

  families also produced the best military [TS]

  minds like it was I mean it's that's the [TS]

  that's the way people used to think [TS]

  uh-huh and what's amazing is if you look [TS]

  at the if you look at the leadership [TS]

  like some of the best general Eiling [TS]

  some of the best general ship [TS]

  uh-huh of that war came from these guys [TS]

  who whose fathers were generals their [TS]

  grandfathers were generals the great [TS]

  grandfather's were generals and and [TS]

  you're like wow that's I mean imagine [TS]

  growing up in a family where it's just [TS]

  presumed not that you're going to go [TS]

  into the army but that you will one day [TS]

  be a general and lead your men into [TS]

  battle and that's your whole career is [TS]

  it began when you're 20 years old that [TS]

  begins with this like well here's the [TS]

  next generation of our leader leadership [TS]

  class but didn't of course preceded by [TS]

  20 years of this is going to be a thing [TS]

  that you do you're watching how dad and [TS]

  uncle uncle uncle flawed or whatever are [TS]

  dealing with stuff this is like this is [TS]

  that this is what we do this is what we [TS]

  are not cobblers we're not Cooper's we [TS]

  are not Fletcher's we are we are men who [TS]

  lead in war right we are the bonds and [TS]

  the and the whatever else i guess the [TS]

  bonds but they uh yeah right you're [TS]

  sitting in the front yard playing with [TS]

  with swords made out of little sticks [TS]

  and the staff car pulls up for the [TS]

  carriage pulls up and those are gets out [TS]

  and you know they're marching around [TS]

  with their big plumes in their hat lot [TS]

  of pressure [TS]

  it's it's a it's a big deal but you know [TS]

  but also some really good generally came [TS]

  out of it i mean some shitty generally [TS]

  to let's be honest yeah I mean you know [TS]

  she's gonna always going to get mixed [TS]

  bag [TS]

  wow what a horrible war Oh rule but [TS]

  anyway so back to also you're driving [TS]

  into the podcast back to the methadone [TS]

  and just for what I don't want to let [TS]

  this pass like they're having [TS]

  2.7 I'm also extremely grateful for the [TS]

  podcast that will not be interesting to [TS]

  our listeners but i wanted to [TS]

  reciprocate that I look for yes no it's [TS]

  very good asset is very good at but i [TS]

  but i but I'm house I go past that I go [TS]

  past the methadone clinic and I'm and [TS]

  I'm thinking you know what's my what's [TS]

  my what's my take here at I don't [TS]

  this happens every time so I've never [TS]

  mentioned it before because I didn't [TS]

  want to be I didn't want to sit and talk [TS]

  about the methadone clinic but it but [TS]

  because there are a lot of you know [TS]

  there's a lot going on there there's a [TS]

  lot going on there for me there's a lot [TS]

  going on there for all of them and I but [TS]

  has it is it struck me repeatedly that [TS]

  we're doing it wrong somehow and I don't [TS]

  know I've been been been churning on it [TS]

  I don't know how to do it better but it [TS]

  seems like our current approach and by [TS]

  current I mean for the last 30 years [TS]

  approach to I don't even know if I [TS]

  wanted to hang on cuz I i I've been [TS]

  waiting because i wanted to jump in and [TS]

  ask questions about this if i may [TS]

  because I'm interested in this too i [TS]

  don't know i mean i'm trying not to [TS]

  become a one-issue person about this [TS]

  about the utter desolation the utter [TS]

  just crumbling of the city in which I [TS]

  live because it's bad it's bad and I [TS]

  I've had a little miniature rant about [TS]

  this on the program within a few weeks [TS]

  ago [TS]

  it is really awful what's happening here [TS]

  and I mean for example just as recently [TS]

  as sunday on daddy daughter day as is [TS]

  often the case my daughter and I go [TS]

  downtown to have lunch and watching a [TS]

  movie and you know by a book and stuff [TS]

  like that by a thermos you know daddy [TS]

  daughter stuff [TS]

  sure oh my god did you guys recently by [TS]

  a thermos oh yeah we buy three thermoses [TS]

  what we need my second tell you what [TS]

  that will tell you right now with [TS]

  thermistor by see I don't want to take [TS]

  you off of your story but i know i got [TS]

  stake in the ground here I'm good well [TS]

  let's pull over to the side here and [TS]

  talk about thermistor second what to [TS]

  give me give me your knowledge I have a [TS]

  daughter in school is a wonderful [TS]

  wonderful human being [TS]

  but she's very forgetful the days of [TS]

  having a water bottle for her that she [TS]

  takes the school are over we now have [TS]

  approximately six water bottles of which [TS]

  224 may be available in the house maybe [TS]

  at a given time I finally got smart and [TS]

  realized we need to have a couple cheap [TS]

  ones a couple nice ones eventually will [TS]

  maybe find them in lost and found in the [TS]

  case of her fleece it had been on the [TS]

  playground for a week and we found my [TS]

  wife walked past a a black fuzzy lump [TS]

  with dirt on it and that was the the [TS]

  fleece that my daughter was pretty sure [TS]

  she had left somewhere the missing [TS]

  police which was so we try different [TS]

  ones and i don't i don't have the golden [TS]

  please basically hm armed I and so what [TS]

  we did what I tried one I just think [TS]

  it's on a spark plug right just gonna [TS]

  try one out so I i look at some [TS]

  different ones and one of my [TS]

  frustrations my wife is not a big i sir [TS]

  I put a lot of ice in the thermos or [TS]

  that the thing because I figure what [TS]

  happens to things happen first of all [TS]

  whatever is in there will tend to get [TS]

  warm and when ice gets kind of warm it [TS]

  changes and it turns into water so [TS]

  there's a benefit of putting mostly a [TS]

  ton of ice in there and some water and [TS]

  with your average run-of-the-mill be- or [TS]

  so you know water conveyance that will [TS]

  turn into what is just cool water by the [TS]

  end of the day [TS]

  cool cool water cool water give me some [TS]

  water Mountain shot a man on the Mexican [TS]

  border [TS]

  eduardo de niro I and so just what I [TS]

  tried for fun because it had Batman on [TS]

  it and she wanted it was the thermos [TS]

  brand this is not an endorsement which [TS]

  are not endorsements [TS]

  I speak only for myself thermos brand [TS]

  thermos brand fun [TS]

  taner the thermos brand fun taner is a [TS]

  is a it's room what probably about two [TS]

  inches in diameter [TS]

  not-not-not a wide oh that was small but [TS]

  it but yeah but it's probably about [TS]

  eight inches high [TS]

  it's got a pop-top a little strong thing [TS]

  and had made of aluminum but with [TS]

  insulation it's related aluminum this is [TS]

  not yours is not your father's thermos [TS]

  by which i mean our thermos [TS]

  this is not a world-class that literally [TS]

  literally burly brake brakes planet rock [TS]

  now that this is a Batman thermos fun [TS]

  taner and you get it and the first day i [TS]

  had i'm gonna tell you the truth I put [TS]

  way too much ice in it i put the water [TS]

  in I kept it miraculously end of the [TS]

  first day of school she still has it [TS]

  I'm unloading her backpack full of [TS]

  garbage and take it out and guess what [TS]

  it's still half full of ice yeah till [TS]

  after six hours or so it's still had ice [TS]

  in it my endorsement is for you to try [TS]

  this thermos brand fun taner it varies [TS]

  in price based on whether it has put my [TS]

  little pony or Avengers or Batman or [TS]

  what have you but this is I can see the [TS]

  thermostat and feel good about it takes [TS]

  a beating up a little more for it but [TS]

  it's a it's a good thermos yeah i would [TS]

  put this in the small back [TS]

  it's a fun taylor and i like to this is [TS]

  a thing that we've been struggling to [TS]

  describe our what we provide people the [TS]

  service we provide people and i would [TS]

  like to maintain that it is that i would [TS]

  say it like that was in front ain haha [TS]

  ah huh containment all that really works [TS]

  for me it's really what we're doing here [TS]

  and yet the fun taner I mean what what [TS]

  is the podcast if not a fun taner for [TS]

  our in fun time you get one with the [TS]

  r2d2 Ninja Turtles princesses [TS]

  so yeah check that out i think it's i [TS]

  think it's a good one but you know [TS]

  you're going to get into this more as [TS]

  she goes places where neither of you are [TS]

  mhm and everything disappears it's all [TS]

  you are not interesting this is not fun [TS]

  this is not this is not fun tainment [TS]

  that the reality is that everything you [TS]

  buy goes away and the child has no idea [TS]

  that that it maybe even ever existed [TS]

  it might be lost and found you know it [TS]

  but no it just is she will and then one [TS]

  day she'll probably go for water bottles [TS]

  that she found well so I i send my [TS]

  daughter to school with the water [TS]

  bottles that we have collected from the [TS]

  XOXO festival nice and so she she sees [TS]

  XOXO as her that's her brand of water [TS]

  bottle [TS]

  did you did you have any problems with [TS]

  leakage there were some people on the [TS]

  entitlement channel and XOXO who are [TS]

  complaining about that the water bottles [TS]

  were leaking and they were all leakage [TS]

  their free water bottles were leaking [TS]

  get into it I can keep up um I felt [TS]

  like I feel like no that's a bet brand [TS]

  of water containment vehicle is is solid [TS]

  I'm not worried about it but i think the [TS]

  other thing is called clean teen is that [TS]

  the brand name don't know [TS]

  cancel that with friends yeah you know [TS]

  what that's one of the things that I'm [TS]

  most ashamed of him so bad at [TS]

  remembering brand thoughts on brands but [TS]

  a good friend of mine a very close [TS]

  friend of mine the other day showed up [TS]

  with a with a new thermos and it was a [TS]

  Stanley brand thermos [TS]

  that's a good-ass thermostat green the [TS]

  big green classic the big green class [TS]

  that's that's a fantastic i got life [TS]

  hacks on how to use one of those that is [TS]

  a great thermos [TS]

  yeah the thing is three feet tall it [TS]

  looks like a it looks like a howitzer [TS]

  shell and she plopped down in front of [TS]

  me she was like I got this the other day [TS]

  thought you might appreciate it and I [TS]

  was just like trying to contain the [TS]

  covetousness I felt for this giant [TS]

  thermos and it's just like I don't even [TS]

  care about your thermos and she was like [TS]

  I don't believe you [TS]

  I think that you like this thermostat [TS]

  was like no not interested actually [TS]

  frankly I was just gonna go drink some [TS]

  something out of a plastic water bottle [TS]

  don't care probably going to get about a [TS]

  second [TS]

  yeah she was like neener neener neener [TS]

  and then as soon as she left the room I [TS]

  was just all over this thermos checking [TS]

  it out with its little cup the cop you [TS]

  know what the key is you probably know [TS]

  see that here's the key to the green [TS]

  Stanley classic thermos is before you [TS]

  put your coffee in it you know to put in [TS]

  it [TS]

  well a lot water boiling water you put [TS]

  in boiling water you get this is physics [TS]

  John this is basic physics you fill that [TS]

  thing with fucking hot water and have it [TS]

  sit there for minutes minutes minutes [TS]

  minutes minutes what i want what i would [TS]

  do to turn what i would do for with the [TS]

  bed at night i would fill it with [TS]

  boiling water and close it in the [TS]

  morning you throw out the boiling water [TS]

  you put in your piping hot coffee [TS]

  you're gonna have coffee until 8pm wow [TS]

  maybe it's a little cool but but it's [TS]

  it's an outstanding the old-school [TS]

  thermoses old-school technology [TS]

  yeah well what was astonishing about it [TS]

  i was looking at was measuring it with [TS]

  my eyes you know and imagining how much [TS]

  coffee you could put in this thing you [TS]

  think I was alright well let's stick [TS]

  wall but it's got a handle in a cup [TS]

  yeah oh god it's so grand so I [TS]

  interrupted you no no I interrupted you [TS]

  because you and your dog [TS]

  you're on your way downtown to have [TS]

  father daughter day yeah daddy daughter [TS]

  day and it was great we went we saw the [TS]

  release of iron giant with new scenes in [TS]

  it [TS]

  outstanding i cried and cried it was [TS]

  great we have popcorn but you know even [TS]

  just well I Got News new scenes and iron [TS]

  giant like like scenes where they're on [TS]

  the planet the French plantation or [TS]

  something oh yeah it's like an [TS]

  apocalypse giant they there's two new [TS]

  things one of which you will hardly [TS]

  notice unless you're very familiar with [TS]

  the film and another of which depending [TS]

  on your own theories or reckons about [TS]

  the movie and in particular about the [TS]

  origin of the giant could change a lot [TS]

  it's pretty much exactly it clarifies [TS]

  what's up with the giant so like a cgi [TS]

  job and a hot walks onto the screen and [TS]

  tells you the back story of CGI Harrison [TS]

  Ford comes out and narrates it shoots [TS]

  him first and then explains we call him [TS]

  skinjobs uh-huh okay well that's [TS]

  exciting so long as they don't replace [TS]

  this one yet [TS]

  big screen i'ma tell you is this and [TS]

  like a spoil it for you but so you've [TS]

  seen this film for my favorite movies [TS]

  you know he's a teens scrapyard he goes [TS]

  and stays there [TS]

  37 minutes later he knocks on the door [TS]

  again you know and finally the giant end [TS]

  up spending the night sleeping outside [TS]

  remember Bogaerts goodbye him and leaves [TS]

  new scene all i'm going to say iron [TS]

  giant has a dream [TS]

  what yeah and it's broadcast on a TV [TS]

  inside the Dean is watching [TS]

  well we will see his dream because you [TS]

  know he's an electronic robot sure of [TS]

  course if you a fair if you want all [TS]

  sports well if I tell you was in the [TS]

  dream but did it did this is the [TS]

  question we've been asking for years the [TS]

  dream of electric sheep absolutely will [TS]

  you all we know we know he had the [TS]

  bumping his head which seem to make him [TS]

  forget that he may actually be a gun but [TS]

  then you remember at the end he knocks [TS]

  out that little because they start [TS]

  pulling guns on him and walks out that [TS]

  little bump and get so happy chappy with [TS]

  the gun stuff haha god what an [TS]

  outstanding movie [TS]

  oh my god what a good movie it was such [TS]

  a surprise the first time I saw her I [TS]

  was unprepared utterly unprepared for [TS]

  how good that movie was yep yep yep [TS]

  when and went into watching it with a [TS]

  kind of like of candor 3-nothing three [TS]

  syllables still make me cry [TS]

  super man breaks my heart and I you know [TS]

  what I bitch when i'm not actually [TS]

  sitting in front of the movie I bitch [TS]

  about the end because i think the ending [TS]

  in intellectually feels tacked on in my [TS]

  head the movie should stop at the point [TS]

  when they're hanging out and we see the [TS]

  Dean any other couple and they've got [TS]

  the statue and little whore says how he [TS]

  misses the Giant in my head that's where [TS]

  the movie should stop then of course it [TS]

  ends not spoil it for anyone but it ends [TS]

  with certain implications about what [TS]

  happened to the Giant and you know what [TS]

  every intellectual bone in my body just [TS]

  melts when I actually see that ending [TS]

  and eyeball and I think it's perfect [TS]

  this isn't about that war literally war [TS]

  with myself yeah you think about it i [TS]

  think about it after the fact that it [TS]

  doesn't comport with your your your [TS]

  narrative music is swelling and the [TS]

  camera is flying through and that dumb [TS]

  typeface HS says iceland and it's flying [TS]

  through and then you see the face you're [TS]

  like oh my god [TS]

  oh you want to cry right now this [TS]

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  one downtown we get off we go down and [TS]

  like you know just getting from [TS]

  Palestine station to the metreon it's [TS]

  like aa first one on the trip there [TS]

  there was a clearly what's the proper [TS]

  term no I schizophrenic man a man who [TS]

  got on the train and SAT right next to [TS]

  my daughter cross-legged on the floor [TS]

  pulling his hair and making a high [TS]

  pitched noise when he put his fingers in [TS]

  his ears like a guy who's obviously [TS]

  having like a schizophrenic episode like [TS]

  that's happening like right next to my [TS]

  kid she's super mellow about it we get [TS]

  off we see another guy trying to break a [TS]

  window with his elbow screaming at [TS]

  nobody [TS]

  we see another guy who's screening at [TS]

  tourists at the corner of or just [TS]

  passers-by at the corner of like mission [TS]

  and fifth and just just screaming and as [TS]

  we make our way past that we're about to [TS]

  make the turn you over to target and [TS]

  there's a man is an african-american man [TS]

  sobbing as he walks down the middle of [TS]

  Fifth Street like he's having some kind [TS]

  of an Old Testament experience like its [TS]

  I mean the kind of thing where like you [TS]

  you remember something like that from [TS]

  being a kid and seeing it once and she [TS]

  saw like four things like that in about [TS]

  15 minutes huh [TS]

  and that's that's what's happening on at [TS]

  the street level right now welcome to [TS]

  serve the local San Francisco's very [TS]

  fancy we got a lot of startups in a hell [TS]

  of a place and then of course the poop [TS]

  which is just literally everywhere so [TS]

  much billions and billions of dollars [TS]

  pouring into San Francisco but just [TS]

  every you every into up it's in it's [TS]

  being poured into buckets that just some [TS]

  people never see and the what happens [TS]

  when the money gets poured into those [TS]

  buckets that they don't see has [TS]

  invisible ramifications within weeks and [TS]

  months so now I mean let's put it all [TS]

  just put in one statement or make [TS]

  understand now why people are being [TS]

  evicted and that's changed everything [TS]

  so there's just--there's just notice is [TS]

  going up everywhere for like yeah well [TS]

  here's the thing i just decided to [TS]

  triple your red so you're right [TS]

  seventeen thousand dollars a month now [TS]

  and that's just the thing [TS]

  so you know three days quit that kind of [TS]

  thing so yeah it's happening everywhere [TS]

  I just saw a notice on a place down the [TS]

  street from where i am uh a three-day or [TS]

  quit notice for a guy who owes [TS]

  343 you send you the picture 343,000 [TS]

  dollars in background on a place [TS]

  wow yeah so anyway that's happening [TS]

  here's a question for you this is where [TS]

  it gets back to the methadone see that [TS]

  there's something I've been thinking [TS]

  about i think when you're a person of [TS]

  one way to put it is like a fortunate [TS]

  person another way to put it might be a [TS]

  privileged person how everyone think of [TS]

  it like people who are not currently in [TS]

  a state of dire dress or who have never [TS]

  been faced with tiredness and duress [TS]

  tend to think kind of digitally like you [TS]

  think in terms of let's say haves and [TS]

  have-nots or you think of people who are [TS]

  upstanding citizens and junkies are you [TS]

  thinking all these terms that are very [TS]

  digital you think of like people who are [TS]

  criminals or you know citizens or [TS]

  however going to think about it and like [TS]

  I started thinking my head the phrase [TS]

  I'm not have never utter till this [TS]

  moment is like the ladder of desperation [TS]

  that there are so many as five not even [TS]

  a ladder is probably more than one axis [TS]

  but that's what I'm very interested in [TS]

  methadone because most of us who are [TS]

  whatever on the good side of that the [TS]

  white side of all those things look down [TS]

  and say oh here's the heroin addict that [TS]

  we saw in our health books in eighth [TS]

  grade we know about the heroin addict [TS]

  with who's addicted on the heroin and [TS]

  then over here you got the person who [TS]

  now has written a best-selling book [TS]

  about how they got a heroine or whatever [TS]

  but like the methadone is super [TS]

  interesting because it seems like that's [TS]

  on one of the lower rungs of the ladder [TS]

  of desperation but like what is what is [TS]

  methadone [TS]

  how does met the don't get introduced [TS]

  into a person's life do they want it [TS]

  are they glad they're having it are they [TS]

  are they happy they're off the heroin is [TS]

  methadone to just school me on this [TS]

  because i have never you going to get a [TS]

  cup of her first thing the vancouver you [TS]

  get your method down it emulate some of [TS]

  the effects of heroin without like what [TS]

  is the deal with methadone [TS]

  how does it feel in the life of somebody [TS]

  who is not currently taking heroin and [TS]

  methadone is a synthetic opioid [TS]

  and it's like so you've got your hair [TS]

  when you're on your up and down you're [TS]

  going to get high and then here then [TS]

  you're getting low [TS]

  you're not getting low and and you [TS]

  develop a kind of tolerance for the drug [TS]

  and you're not getting as high anymore [TS]

  begin lower and lower and you want to [TS]

  get off the heroin and so if you take [TS]

  the heroine away and don't you know just [TS]

  take it away they need then you have bad [TS]

  withdrawals and you see it is really [TS]

  like is it was just like trainspotting [TS]

  like you get extremely so you see a [TS]

  robot baby walking on the ceiling you do [TS]

  it's it's terrible and it's also [TS]

  physical like you can I mean you can die [TS]

  from withdrawals you can actually like [TS]

  it could be so bad i remember when i [TS]

  first heard i am all prime Angus a [TS]

  little bit the first hearing like yeah [TS]

  you know you can be psychologically [TS]

  addicted to marijuana you can be an [TS]

  alcoholic you can get addicted to [TS]

  cocaine but everybody says opioids and [TS]

  heroin is very different because I'm not [TS]

  the changes your cell structure but it [TS]

  does something physical to you where you [TS]

  do actually need heroin in order to not [TS]

  feel sick [TS]

  yeah yes the truest like the truest [TS]

  addiction and so what methadone does it [TS]

  goes in there you take it and it goes in [TS]

  there and it's like it's a kind of its [TS]

  slow steady it fills the it fills the [TS]

  whole you know what Phil it fills up the [TS]

  sickness like it keeps the sickness at [TS]

  bay but it doesn't get all the way to [TS]

  your not all the way to euphoria it just [TS]

  it just kind of fills in the low spots [TS]

  and lets you get on with your get on [TS]

  with getting on you're not you're not [TS]

  clean by any means but you're not you're [TS]

  not on the crazy up and down cycle and [TS]

  then the premise is that you can slowly [TS]

  reduce the amount of methadone until you [TS]

  are [TS]

  office and you can you know you can [TS]

  kinda can't slowly wean yourself off a [TS]

  heroine quite it's quite the same way [TS]

  but with hair with methadone you put in [TS]

  there and then you just over time start [TS]

  less and less and less and you can just [TS]

  sort of coast to the ground if you're [TS]

  also practicing the the premise that [TS]

  you're trying you know if you doing all [TS]

  the other hard work of trying to live in [TS]

  the straight world but a lot of people [TS]

  get on methadone and they just stay on [TS]

  for years because they never quite they [TS]

  don't actually want to quite coast to [TS]

  the all the way to the ground you know [TS]

  it's a it's a it's an interim there are [TS]

  a lot of schools of thought on this you [TS]

  want to get off a heroine in there you [TS]

  know there are those people that let go [TS]

  change themselves to a bed somewhere and [TS]

  say no matter what you hear come through [TS]

  this door don't open it don't unlock [TS]

  this door no matter what I say and then [TS]

  and you know that happens to a lot of [TS]

  people that get sent to jail right they [TS]

  they come down the hard way and then [TS]

  there's this other way which is like [TS]

  under the supervision of a clinic you [TS]

  kind of get the you get the the sink the [TS]

  slow coast but you have to be doing for [TS]

  to work you have to be doing all this [TS]

  other work you can't just go and get [TS]

  your and I've known a lot of people who [TS]

  go and get it must be behavioral and [TS]

  like just to hang with like there must [TS]

  be so many changes beyond just feeling [TS]

  of self sounds you're saying method down [TS]

  it fills up or ameliorate the the the [TS]

  extreme physical problems that not had [TS]

  taking heroin but it also it gives you [TS]

  take the edge off a little bit not as [TS]

  much as obviously getting the heroin but [TS]

  it's it's not fun but it'sit's something [TS]

  yeah i mean you know i think it's not i [TS]

  think it's not like super fun fun but [TS]

  it's but it's not you know you're not [TS]

  like getting the getting the mega mega [TS]

  fly who but but you don't but you can [TS]

  just sit in and take your methadone and [TS]

  and still like [TS]

  and still be living the life you know [TS]

  what I mean like maybe you're not maybe [TS]

  you're not shooting up but you are just [TS]

  you're you're you're also not on the [TS]

  straight and narrow and you know what [TS]

  so what I when I started thinking about [TS]

  is like why what is it about us where we [TS]

  want people to be on the straight and [TS]

  narrow [TS]

  what is it about what is it about us as [TS]

  a collective as a people that we as you [TS]

  say approach it with from such a digital [TS]

  binary idea right like the amount of [TS]

  money we poor and not just money but [TS]

  effort emotional effort like energy [TS]

  focus that we pour into the notion that [TS]

  um that we want people to get clean and [TS]

  in the meantime if they're not clean [TS]

  we're not going to provide any services [TS]

  to them [TS]

  we're going to exclude them from the [TS]

  from life we're going to push them onto [TS]

  the street [TS]

  we're going to record you know we're [TS]

  going to insist that that they be kept [TS]

  out such that they become criminal [TS]

  they're forced to rob to support their [TS]

  habits their living in squalor they're [TS]

  spreading disease and uh among [TS]

  themselves you know we absolutely [TS]

  exclude them if they are getting high [TS]

  and this isn't addressing the mental [TS]

  health problem which is which we [TS]

  approach in a similar vein yet [TS]

  absolutely where it's just like you are [TS]

  not taking your medication you are not [TS]

  you know undergoing treatment therefore [TS]

  you are absolutely excluded and then we [TS]

  we seem to be content we tisk tisk right [TS]

  but we are content to see people living [TS]

  it absolutely torturous lives in squalor [TS]

  and and you just [TS]

  cover I mean you see people every once [TS]

  in a while we just covered with sores [TS]

  yeah yeah we get that a lot here when [TS]

  the man math is math is pretty rough on [TS]

  a body all there's there the meth sores [TS]

  but there are the sores of like of [TS]

  complete hygiene failure right you know [TS]

  where you are where you're scratching [TS]

  yourself and then you get to get sores [TS]

  and and you know your you just are like [TS]

  it's almost medieval looking somebody [TS]

  walking through the center of of a [TS]

  wealthy prosperous city and you just [TS]

  have this person that seems like they're [TS]

  gonna like a leper [TS]

  yeah they're from a plague-ridden a time [TS]

  and it's all it all kind of comes back [TS]

  to the idea that we have as a like [TS]

  culturally which feels to me like a very [TS]

  Calvinist premise or a boar or Catholic [TS]

  one even yeah that's what I was gonna [TS]

  say yeah yeah you are you are out [TS]

  you do not accept our are with you or [TS]

  not you know he's done except the you're [TS]

  not saved and so therefore you are [TS]

  you're out and I think about like we [TS]

  have all this new energy which is which [TS]

  I think of his 20th century energy which [TS]

  is all these people who have decided [TS]

  that they are agnostics or atheists they [TS]

  are living in a world unburdened by by [TS]

  mythology and by the sort of what they [TS]

  imagine is this you know this link [TS]

  prehistoric dumbness like they finally [TS]

  they've read Nietzsche and they have a [TS]

  they've been to college they've worked [TS]

  at a software place for a while and they [TS]

  are above all this and they can see with [TS]

  clarity but we're still none of us [TS]

  saying can we eliminate this [TS]

  this is binary notion that you either [TS]

  that successful people deserve their [TS]

  success because they worked hard and the [TS]

  ones that don't work hard deserve their [TS]

  squalor or successful people deserve [TS]

  their success because of whatever other [TS]

  conditions you put on it but there are [TS]

  all these people that just like if they [TS]

  don't if they can't if they can't get up [TS]

  in the morning and and make it to their [TS]

  minimum wage job then fuck them [TS]

  it's it's it's a it's crazy and it's too [TS]

  bad that atheism has attached itself to [TS]

  libertarianism so closely although maybe [TS]

  there may be there there's their clothes [TS]

  their brethren the philosophical [TS]

  brethren and so I guess it makes sense [TS]

  but you would you would hope that they [TS]

  would be a kind of compassionate version [TS]

  of this humanistic thought that where [TS]

  that we've spent the last hundred years [TS]

  kind of working [TS]

  yeah every and every off-the-shelf [TS]

  explanation that i can come up with for [TS]

  why we allow this to go on or why we [TS]

  allow it to feel OK or well get this in [TS]

  a second comes from in my head traces [TS]

  back unintentionally unconsciously to [TS]

  some kind of this is not a slam against [TS]

  religion but it but it is it does go [TS]

  back to the ideas of religious [TS]

  fundamentalism of various sorts from [TS]

  another time and I'm that could be [TS]

  something from a hundred years ago that [TS]

  could be something from hundreds of [TS]

  years ago on the one hand there's a [TS]

  certain kind of basic tribalism where if [TS]

  there's somebody who is the other in our [TS]

  tribe who is not contributing I think [TS]

  there's a very natural reaction of [TS]

  saying that mean whether the other for a [TS]

  reason like either they're marked or you [TS]

  know what I mean they've received the [TS]

  mark there like they're bad news [TS]

  they've got their left-handed or where [TS]

  they done something to deserve this like [TS]

  God knows why they're this way i'm not [TS]

  saying religious people today believe [TS]

  this i'm saying this is the result of a [TS]

  certain kind of toxic religious [TS]

  socio-political connection over hundreds [TS]

  of years that word [TS]

  not entirely comfortable admitting still [TS]

  exists to some extent [TS]

  um so one of those is that person is the [TS]

  way they are because reasons and that's [TS]

  way beyond what we need to understand [TS]

  here but obviously there's a reason why [TS]

  that's the way it is an eye on the way [TS]

  that I am I think that's one really [TS]

  basic one and there's another one [TS]

  there's a reason that's right there's a [TS]

  reason but it's got maybe God's reason [TS]

  and we don't always understand God's [TS]

  reasons but these things do happen as we [TS]

  see around us every day there's a reason [TS]

  why everything happens the way it is [TS]

  otherwise it wouldn't happen the way it [TS]

  does so my my good fortune is explained [TS]

  by the fact that god likes me and their [TS]

  good fortune is explained by the bad [TS]

  fortune is explained by the fact that [TS]

  they're marked for some reason but then [TS]

  you get into other kinds of things that [TS]

  I think you don't have to look back more [TS]

  than a hundred or a couple hundred years [TS]

  to see and and one of those is that why [TS]

  can't we why can't we have more than a [TS]

  digital opinion about this how can we [TS]

  let people like like continue to live [TS]

  like that [TS]

  I think it's it there's there's [TS]

  something like why do we have to put [TS]

  them in jail is one like why is it that [TS]

  we can't help these people and there's I [TS]

  don't I can't trace it to any specific [TS]

  religion or denomination exactly with [TS]

  without being overly dramatic but I i [TS]

  think there is something to saying that [TS]

  if this person wanted to be saved they [TS]

  know the path like they have chosen like [TS]

  let's say they had bad fortune right now [TS]

  maybe looked in smile on them while they [TS]

  that ample opportunities to understand [TS]

  how to be part of our culture and [TS]

  because there's something a [TS]

  fundamentally wrong with them [TS]

  probably but B also that they were they [TS]

  refuse to convert em they are living on [TS]

  the streets and in the condition because [TS]

  they because they haven't converted and [TS]

  if they converted we would be able to [TS]

  help them [TS]

  it's just that there maybe they have [TS]

  weak character maybe they you know [TS]

  whatever but even if you're a slightly [TS]

  more advanced idiot you would look at [TS]

  that and go where there's still a reason [TS]

  why that's the way they are and and [TS]

  really you can come all the way up into [TS]

  the say no to drugs era to show just the [TS]

  fundamental misunderstandings about how [TS]

  we treat people and we're talking about [TS]

  here we're talking about disease from [TS]

  poverty we're talking about class we're [TS]

  talking about drug abuse or substance [TS]

  abuse for large but I mean they would [TS]

  take five shows to talk about this but [TS]

  there [TS]

  as part of my gut that goes you change [TS]

  just a couple dates and nouns and titles [TS]

  in this and it really does it sounds a [TS]

  lot like something from the sixteen [TS]

  hundreds that this person she cannot be [TS]

  allowed to be part of this group because [TS]

  because they have not converted to what [TS]

  the group needs them to do [TS]

  therefore they are now the other and [TS]

  they are dangerous and spending [TS]

  resources on them would not only be a [TS]

  waste of the resources but it would be [TS]

  antithetical to the laws that govern how [TS]

  we work together [TS]

  yeah where I mean we are a we're still [TS]

  Charlemagne taking the Saxons down to [TS]

  the river and a and cutting off their [TS]

  heads if they don't if they don't do the [TS]

  do the one right version of of life that [TS]

  we have that we have in mind and and and [TS]

  the this the you know secular humanism [TS]

  has not done away with that idea so I [TS]

  Drive past this methadone clinic and I [TS]

  start to imagine i start to imagine a [TS]

  world in which we say if you want to do [TS]

  heroin that's fine and we have [TS]

  determined through exhaustive studies [TS]

  that the amount of money it what what [TS]

  what masks in some what is that the [TS]

  amount of money we spend on this whole [TS]

  problem its disbursed among thousands of [TS]

  sort of organizations that don't really [TS]

  communicate with each other and we're [TS]

  not able to say that the cost of the war [TS]

  on drugs let's call it is not just the [TS]

  amount of money that we pay Coast Guard [TS]

  to go out and interdict boats that are [TS]

  coming in to the from the bahamas like [TS]

  we can we can put a cost on the war on [TS]

  drugs in terms of like cost a lot of [TS]

  money for those c-130 is to be flying [TS]

  over central america with their downward [TS]

  looking radar [TS]

  but but the cost of the war on drugs is [TS]

  actually like also all of these [TS]

  ambulances and that we are constantly [TS]

  schlepping people back and forth from [TS]

  emergency rooms all the all the the jail [TS]

  time all the cops just focused on drug [TS]

  problems all of the costs of Breaking [TS]

  and Entering and purse snatching and you [TS]

  know and just like you you there's no [TS]

  way to look at what the real costs are [TS]

  but you can do can get close if you just [TS]

  expand your vision and say like holy [TS]

  shit this is bleeding us in a way and [TS]

  also not solving the problem so okay you [TS]

  want to do heroin you're a person who's [TS]

  like discovered heroin and it feels good [TS]

  and that's the first problem we don't [TS]

  like people to feel good but so here's [TS]

  what here's what we have for you we have [TS]

  a we have this we have a farm beautiful [TS]

  farm big farm and it encompasses [TS]

  hundreds of acres there are a lot we [TS]

  built lots of buildings there and it's [TS]

  heroin farm and you go there and you [TS]

  year you're on heroin there and we don't [TS]

  ask you to pay any money we don't we [TS]

  don't require that you do anything [TS]

  you're a living person and you can go to [TS]

  this place and be on heroin and you know [TS]

  there there's enough of a medical staff [TS]

  there that we you know we don't let you [TS]

  die [TS]

  although you know this is a kind of it's [TS]

  a form of being away [TS]

  you're certainly a way but the cost of [TS]

  maintaining this for what is really a [TS]

  pretty small proportion of people who [TS]

  want to be on heroin [TS]

  it's just worth it [TS]

  it's just worth it for us that you not [TS]

  be [TS]

  it's where this fort worth it for us [TS]

  that you not be causing problems in in [TS]

  the in the town but it's also like this [TS]

  is much easier going to be on heroin [TS]

  anyway if you're living in a tent [TS]

  other under the freeway or if you're [TS]

  living in this hotel discount it's just [TS]

  kind of like bunny Colvin's was going to [TS]

  amsterdam in the lawyer [TS]

  it's a little hamster Danny butBut [TS]

  Hamsterdam you know still or about [TS]

  selling and consuming it just kept going [TS]

  and kept the squalor from from like [TS]

  infecting the city that was it was more [TS]

  of a containment unit will take it out [TS]

  of the high-rises and moving over to [TS]

  Hamsterdam and now you do what you want [TS]

  in this you know on this island of lost [TS]

  souls and you will not get arrested [TS]

  yeah and but but also what it does is [TS]

  you know there's a huge thing about drug [TS]

  addicts right is that they have they're [TS]

  not they do share a lot of [TS]

  characteristics with one another and [TS]

  some of those characteristics are like [TS]

  alcoholics and drug addicts are selfish [TS]

  people and they are there egotistical [TS]

  people like it there's a there's a lot [TS]

  of commonality that's why Alcoholics [TS]

  Anonymous works is because they have [TS]

  identified the fact that every single [TS]

  alcoholic and drug addict feels like [TS]

  they're special person they really all [TS]

  do [TS]

  I'm there's a kind of there's a there's [TS]

  a there's a Colorado a lot of [TS]

  commonality in the way that alcoholics [TS]

  and drug addicts think which is what [TS]

  makes it seem like a spiritual disease [TS]

  and it's why we despise them so much [TS]

  right because because very seldom does a [TS]

  person of you know of [TS]

  true humility become a raging alcoholic [TS]

  either the alcohol turns them into an [TS]

  asshole or they were an asshole to begin [TS]

  with and that's something that fit that [TS]

  even in even in AAA meetings there's a [TS]

  lot of debate about you know where you [TS]

  an asshole and then you were you born an [TS]

  asshole and then became an alcoholic [TS]

  because that's what happens or like the [TS]

  huge douche bags and business [TS]

  development and it seems like i was [TS]

  intended for the other right right [TS]

  which game started actually gonna be a [TS]

  first and so that's part of the reason [TS]

  that we don't want to that we can't [TS]

  imagine just caring for them somewhere [TS]

  because because they infuriate us like [TS]

  each individual alcoholic comes from a [TS]

  family that they have infuriated to the [TS]

  point that they've been kicked out every [TS]

  junkie [TS]

  is already infuriating before they [TS]

  became a junkie but so if you if you if [TS]

  if you built this farm and you're like [TS]

  you want to go sit and sit on a couch [TS]

  all day and not off [TS]

  um you know yeah that's fine we'll have [TS]

  TVs there three squares a day it's going [TS]

  to cost money it costs the town money to [TS]

  sustain you there but and it's very hard [TS]

  for some people in the town to imagine [TS]

  that you guys are out here eating three [TS]

  series and an intolerable just [TS]

  intelligent it's going to drive them to [TS]

  absolute distraction what did you do to [TS]

  deserve this there are people working [TS]

  hard wish i could sit around and be [TS]

  addicted to heroin all the sure why the [TS]

  fuck would you know why can't I be [TS]

  addicted to heroin and said and the [TS]

  thing is you can its open enrollment and [TS]

  and what you discover is that people [TS]

  don't want to 99.9 percent of the people [TS]

  do not want to be addicted to heroin [TS]

  sitting on a cash nodding off they just [TS]

  don't if you said it's free and you can [TS]

  do it [TS]

  most people wouldn't include you know [TS]

  including some junkies they go out there [TS]

  they lived for a year they'd be like wow [TS]

  this is amazing and then they too would [TS]

  say you take away the the you take away [TS]

  the thrill of persecution you take away [TS]

  the from all the energy of the hunt and [TS]

  the feeling of being hunted and that's [TS]

  the thing that we never talk about its [TS]

  apparent it's very hard to talk about [TS]

  the feeling that that I had as an [TS]

  alcoholic and and the thing that was [TS]

  sort of propelling me toward a life on [TS]

  the street which is which was a big part [TS]

  of my early twenties like you know I was [TS]

  dancing with the idea of being a street [TS]

  person types i spent a lot of time sort [TS]

  of seeking out the wisdom of the alley [TS]

  and wondering whether or not i belong [TS]

  there [TS]

  and a big part of it was this idea of [TS]

  like the truth of it the and that when [TS]

  we talk about from a public health [TS]

  standpoint we talk about junkies and [TS]

  alcoholics and we think particularly [TS]

  problematic street ones and these are [TS]

  not this is separate from mental health [TS]

  programs which is very difficult to do [TS]

  but you know to have the conversation [TS]

  you have separated [TS]

  yeah there's a lot of overlap but a big [TS]

  part of that big part of that overlap is [TS]

  like you know how many of what we're at [TS]

  what point do these ideas trend over [TS]

  into mental illness and it isn't a clear [TS]

  there isn't a clear line between bipolar [TS]

  2 and bipolar one you know there isn't a [TS]

  clear line there's a clear the [TS]

  schizophrenia is like okay yeah [TS]

  hello you are having a full-on [TS]

  schizophrenic episode but the bass [TS]

  player of Rage Against the Machine [TS]

  believes that we did not land on the [TS]

  moon so much that he is willing to [TS]

  confront Buzz Aldrin in the public [TS]

  square and yell at him about the fact [TS]

  the fact that we faked the moon landing [TS]

  and if he believes so strongly that we [TS]

  faked the moon landing he has to believe [TS]

  in whole castle of prior notions about [TS]

  what the world how the world is actually [TS]

  transacted that we faked the moon [TS]

  landing right then he also believes that [TS]

  we have that there's a secret great [TS]

  government that is in thrall to who [TS]

  knows what but is he is gets a frantic [TS]

  he sounds like one but he's the bass [TS]

  player of Rage Against the Machine and [TS]

  he lives in a house and he has money and [TS]

  you know like where-- where is the line [TS]

  between him and a guy who's standing on [TS]

  the street corner pulling his hair [TS]

  saying then we break the mold landing [TS]

  right so but but [TS]

  so the idea of like and and junkies [TS]

  aside like we've still we have one here [TS]

  in Seattle a housing complex for chronic [TS]

  alcoholics where they are allowed to [TS]

  drink [TS]

  and we and we finally built it because [TS]

  it was just like these guys we they're [TS]

  released from the emergency room they go [TS]

  immediately to the first package store [TS]

  and bottle up by a bottle of md 2020 and [TS]

  there then they're passed out again in a [TS]

  dumpster in the back in the emergency [TS]

  room 24 hours [TS]

  yeah let's just put them let's just put [TS]

  them all in a building we did and it's [TS]

  been an amazing success but there's a [TS]

  waiting list thousand years for this [TS]

  thing so what do you do if you just what [TS]

  happens if you build a really nice for [TS]

  you take over some old Catholic retreat [TS]

  or some old high school somewhere and [TS]

  you just say this is going to be a place [TS]

  where people can just go [TS]

  the downstairs is going to be a bier [TS]

  stube and it's and it's not going to be [TS]

  squalid we're going to clean it up we're [TS]

  gonna have TVs that are playing sports [TS]

  ball and you can come and there's just [TS]

  beer there's just free beer beer is [TS]

  cheap to make and there's lots and lots [TS]

  of shitty beer that beer companies would [TS]

  donate and just remove the and again all [TS]

  the outcry all I'd like to just sit [TS]

  around all day and drink beer will find [TS]

  here it is [TS]

  you know like go for it you have a you [TS]

  have a sort of monastic sell you don't [TS]

  have a lot of form to go to the soup [TS]

  kitchen [TS]

  it's just that you would probably prefer [TS]

  to go somewhere else yeah right and you [TS]

  would prefer ultimately not to live in a [TS]

  universe very small room with a bathroom [TS]

  down the hall and just getting our drink [TS]

  assumptions behind stuff that we rarely [TS]

  prod at 22 much so and I mean that I [TS]

  guess the closest thing I think I'm [TS]

  afraid like you know sunk cost fallacy [TS]

  you know it would be a dishonor to all [TS]

  the people who died in iraq and [TS]

  afghanistan to get out of Iraq and [TS]

  Afghanistan haha right you know [TS]

  yeah oh yeah it was it would dishonor [TS]

  them so much all the people all the [TS]

  people who died in this in this in this [TS]

  horrible war we have to show them honor [TS]

  by having more people die in this [TS]

  horrible war and this also you know [TS]

  there's a less emotional versions of [TS]

  this with things like you know there's [TS]

  this car that I probably should have [TS]

  sold five years ago and now I have to [TS]

  decide whether to put a new timing belt [TS]

  well you know I just got the air [TS]

  conditioning fixed a couple months ago I [TS]

  should probably get the timing belt [TS]

  fixed on the one hand that makes a lot [TS]

  of sense on the other hand that's really [TS]

  not race [TS]

  possible so you know if you go in you go [TS]

  like look at I mean it's in this really [TS]

  is kind of like the wire writ large in a [TS]

  lot of ways my studies that phrase writ [TS]

  large now but but you know you think [TS]

  about everything we poured into this and [TS]

  what the stakes are too it not going [TS]

  well the last thing in the world you're [TS]

  going to do is have a beer stoop in with [TS]

  with donated beer for for people who [TS]

  don't quote unquote deserve it because [TS]

  like we have a lot invested there's a [TS]

  lot of a lot of our own history and [TS]

  dignity invested in this idea of this [TS]

  thing being a terrible thing all of [TS]

  those planes that were using and all of [TS]

  those those resources are being used to [TS]

  fight this war without asking the really [TS]

  dumb John Rother a question of like well [TS]

  you know what if what if this work [TS]

  what if we hadn't made this into a [TS]

  criminal enterprise we look at that as a [TS]

  criminal enterprise now but why was [TS]

  heroin illegal because we don't like [TS]

  chinese people that's why heroines [TS]

  illegal right let's let's go way back to [TS]

  work why a whole bunch of stuff is [TS]

  illegal because white guys didn't like [TS]

  the people who are doing it and then now [TS]

  today now well how are we doing with [TS]

  that so you know but then there's the [TS]

  one phase which is like how do you talk [TS]

  people out of the criminality of all [TS]

  this stuff and saying like well maybe [TS]

  there should be a crime but the other [TS]

  the other shoe that goes with that other [TS]

  foot isn't what we then how do we treat [TS]

  these people as human beings if we [TS]

  decided they're not actually criminals [TS]

  both of which require a lot of walking [TS]

  back on previous philosophies and a lot [TS]

  of essentially eating crow about [TS]

  something that used to have a real [TS]

  strong feeling about the night there's [TS]

  not that many people in position of [TS]

  power who want to be the one to put up [TS]

  the bierstube right right well like for [TS]

  instance we have made we have made pot [TS]

  legal here now you can go into a pot [TS]

  store show your ID that you are 18 i [TS]

  guess or 21 I don't know what the [TS]

  I've never been into one of these things [TS]

  i would go to fucking gross a spot store [TS]

  but if you want to [TS]

  but if you want to [TS]

  you can go in and and they're not gross [TS]

  they're clean and and they're beautiful [TS]

  and the amount the number of pots they [TS]

  have exceeds the number of pops that you [TS]

  could imagine and because pot technology [TS]

  has you know has had all these years 40 [TS]

  years of people crossbreeding pots there [TS]

  are now I think the general level of [TS]

  stoney stoney pneus in the pots is like [TS]

  Ludacris right i mean what even when I [TS]

  was in high school and college they were [TS]

  still you can buy shake right you can [TS]

  sit around roll a joint out of some [TS]

  shake smoke pot all afternoon and get a [TS]

  kind of hazy cool buzz where you could [TS]

  you know a trick in light beer [TS]

  I mean it's not it's a pivoting light [TS]

  beer and like you know shotgunning [TS]

  everclear yeah but even more i know i [TS]

  mean though the idea of the [TS]

  quote-unquote one hit shit when I was in [TS]

  college vs now I can't even imagine the [TS]

  parents know I look at people who are [TS]

  baked now and I go I know how baked you [TS]

  are and I've been that baked but i'm not [TS]

  even sure i have right like I he [TS]

  wouldn't remember it back in back 20 [TS]

  years ago when I quit smoking pot I had [TS]

  smoked all the crazy University of [TS]

  Washington you know let laboratory pot I [TS]

  had smoked the mountains and perfect i [TS]

  had smoked the top shelf shit in [TS]

  Amsterdam all the you know the northern [TS]

  lights and all the like I had sought out [TS]

  and found the gnarliest shit including [TS]

  some black cash that I smoked in a in [TS]

  tarifa spain which literally made me [TS]

  feel like I was levitating above my own [TS]

  body in a hotel room in tarifa by I had [TS]

  this you know like this experience where [TS]

  I could not believe it i was speaking to [TS]

  mother Mary and she was speaking back to [TS]

  me and I was floating above my body and [TS]

  laughing with joy [TS]

  but i don't i think you could probably [TS]

  get that high off a pot that you buy [TS]

  interest in just a store now I think [TS]

  it's the it is to chronic it has become [TS]

  insane and they need to scale it back [TS]

  they need to breed some pot 44 olds they [TS]

  need to breathe some pot for chill [TS]

  people who just want to smoke some weed [TS]

  like 32 pot some 32 pot exactly but in [TS]

  any case so we have these parts stores [TS]

  but we have very very we have a lot of [TS]

  rules about them and one of the crucial [TS]

  rules is no smoking pot at the pot store [TS]

  it's not a pot cafe it's a pot story by [TS]

  the pot it's a package store then you [TS]

  take the pot away and we used to have [TS]

  liquor stores in Washington which were [TS]

  not bars obviously buy liquor in this [TS]

  grocery store you can't drink it there [TS]

  but there are also bars where you buy [TS]

  liquor and you drink them [TS]

  uh-huh you drink the liquors because you [TS]

  want to do that with other people you [TS]

  don't want to just take your your bottle [TS]

  back to your SRO it's your harmful right [TS]

  right but we don't because first of all [TS]

  we've made it illegal to smoke in public [TS]

  and pot is illegal is split smoke like [TS]

  tobacco but I swear to you [TS]

  ninety percent of the people who are [TS]

  buying pot want to open it right there [TS]

  sit down at a at a picnic table in a [TS]

  kind of dark place order coffee roll a [TS]

  joint smoke it and watch the music video [TS]

  for division bell live [TS]

  Pink Floyd mega lightshow guitar solo [TS]

  wake fest they want to just watch that [TS]

  and trip out but not at home they want [TS]

  to be sitting at a table having a copy [TS]

  and somebody comes over like a man we [TS]

  smoking [TS]

  you're like a good sum sum of this book [TS]

  in maui wowie man what do you got [TS]

  ooh you know did they just want to be [TS]

  around people but that's illegal you [TS]

  cannot chill [TS]

  basically we have made it so you can [TS]

  chill [TS]

  and why I mean I understand from a [TS]

  public health standpoint you know [TS]

  because the people that are serving [TS]

  coffee in this place would be exposed to [TS]

  secondhand smoke and that violates all [TS]

  of these municipal codes that we've [TS]

  established which I agree with right I'd [TS]

  when they took cigarettes out of rock [TS]

  clubs it improved my life a thousand [TS]

  percent as a performing artist right you [TS]

  stand up on the stage and people aren't [TS]

  blowing Winston's in your face and [TS]

  you're like fuck this is amazing why did [TS]

  we do this a thousand years ago but in [TS]

  the in that process we also made it [TS]

  illegal for people to go to have a bar [TS]

  that's like called smoking bar where [TS]

  everybody in there just wants to smoke [TS]

  the bartender wants to smoke you know [TS]

  but that we we've eliminated that from [TS]

  contention you cannot choose to do that [TS]

  now you guys think you can study that [TS]

  San Francisco if its owner operated oh [TS]

  yes yes smoking the smoking is actually [TS]

  an employment health lock interesting so [TS]

  you can choose i don't know it's still [TS]

  the case but in there couple bars [TS]

  there's a place called Amber in the [TS]

  castro really fun bar there was a [TS]

  smoking place and then not the chieftain [TS]

  but what the other places but no that's [TS]

  still pretty rare [TS]

  you can smoke weed before you can smoke [TS]

  a cigarette and a bar here [TS]

  yeah well and so and I do I smell weed [TS]

  in bars now moral and I smell weed [TS]

  everywhere now [TS]

  Oh God but what if you just if you know [TS]

  if you just said like we are going to [TS]

  build a bier stube down in the south end [TS]

  of town [TS]

  it's going to be 40,000 square feet a [TS]

  giant hall it's going to it's going to [TS]

  look like look like a beer hall in [TS]

  munich except instead of pretzels [TS]

  we're going to serve a kitten pieces of [TS]

  wedding cake or whatever it is that [TS]

  donors one right they want something [TS]

  they want like chocolate pudding and I [TS]

  don't you know I mountain dew I don't [TS]

  it's been so long since I've been a [TS]

  stoner I don't even remember what you [TS]

  want SpaghettiOs [TS]

  I don't know but we're going to just [TS]

  have it is gonna be psychedelic music [TS]

  playing or reggae [TS]

  then and you can just get baked and [TS]

  their couches and stuff like that place [TS]

  would be jammed [TS]

  yeah but we just can't picture it and [TS]

  and then you amp that up and say like no [TS]

  that's going to be that's going to be [TS]

  booze but it's going to be free to be [TS]

  free booze is going to be shitty [TS]

  probably maybe not maybe it'll be fine [TS]

  I mean but it's gonna be there's gonna [TS]

  be just enough it's going to require a [TS]

  commitment on your part like I don't [TS]

  know if the commitment is you have to [TS]

  live there [TS]

  I feel like you shouldn't even have to [TS]

  live there i feel like there should be [TS]

  there should be a farm was just like [TS]

  free beer farm i think people in America [TS]

  don't like feeling like they're being [TS]

  tricked or bamboozled and i think one [TS]

  reason people would be against anything [TS]

  like that is because it feels like a con [TS]

  it feels like it's not fair it feels [TS]

  like everybody else has to go out and [TS]

  work for a living why should these [TS]

  people get to do that and it's it's it's [TS]

  comes from the kind of person who is [TS]

  summer or somewhere between a child and [TS]

  a parent in their in their mentality [TS]

  about the about the planet there there [TS]

  there enough of a child to worry about [TS]

  whether everything is just and therefore [TS]

  the parent to worry about whether it's [TS]

  everything is unjust right i don't know [TS]

  i'm not putting that well but people [TS]

  anything if you actually truly cared [TS]

  about people you would worry less about [TS]

  appearances and your own personal [TS]

  feelings about it and worry more about [TS]

  how you can actually accomplish [TS]

  something that's a little daring even if [TS]

  it seems a little bit unusual like if if [TS]

  if a billionaire [TS]

  let's say Elon Musk Elon Musk is a great [TS]

  example the billionaire here he is Elon [TS]

  Musk he's he's working on a Hyperloop [TS]

  train he's working on a spaceship [TS]

  he's working on I saw a tesla today this [TS]

  is that if I thought Tesla today with a [TS]

  Deadhead sticker on cadillac no I saw a [TS]

  tesla [TS]

  with those you know those little batons [TS]

  with the with your football team flag [TS]

  that you put on the back window of your [TS]

  car picking up above the car yeah that's [TS]

  a terrific you have those down to san [TS]

  francisco i'm guessing I'm sure [TS]

  usually you don't know giant usually you [TS]

  can see them honor on a blazer that has [TS]

  maybe 26 inch rims but I saw them flying [TS]

  on a Tesla today and I was just like wow [TS]

  right before yesterday's have this [TS]

  installed at the factory just put this [TS]

  on yourself it's like having a Mercedes [TS]

  or BMW [TS]

  ya see how I can get our market flags [TS]

  and stuff no no you have to buy it's the [TS]

  seahawks branded one it's like it's like [TS]

  the old eddie bauer ford explorer comes [TS]

  with the it's embroidered on the seats [TS]

  they sell that for pretty but they're [TS]

  cutting on the fact that i'm talking [TS]

  about manager but uh but so you on [TS]

  mosques sitting there in his office is [TS]

  trying to make the world better by [TS]

  building may get mega a [TS]

  technology-driven spoilage on what he's [TS]

  doing this I think that he probably [TS]

  right now has an IV and it's got vitamin [TS]

  b complex it's got some sort of maybe [TS]

  some like Hitler speed IC is getting a [TS]

  very very tiny salad from the future [TS]

  that none of us have heard about I think [TS]

  I don't think he does with well yeah but [TS]

  like environmental chopsticks made out [TS]

  of like we recover titanium chopsticks [TS]

  that light up that also convert C water [TS]

  to fresh water [TS]

  thank you but so for your salad work [TS]

  there is he's sitting there with his [TS]

  chopsticks he's got he's talking to [TS]

  scarlett johansson except she's just a [TS]

  model of scarlett o'hara and he says [TS]

  scarlet you know i'm making all these [TS]

  big projects i'm sending it i'm sending [TS]

  sending like drones all-around [TS]

  harvesting you know that I i I've [TS]

  invented a drone that fulfills the role [TS]

  of a bee in the almond industry so we [TS]

  don't need bees we don't up my [TS]

  chopsticks are making water so we don't [TS]

  need water [TS]

  what is my next project what do you [TS]

  think hologram of scarlett johansson and [TS]

  scarlett johansson goes [TS]

  that's a very interesting question he'll [TS]

  on your turn me on you could the little [TS]

  max headroom like wow and then she says [TS]

  why don't you build why don't you build [TS]

  a sin farm [TS]

  why don't you build a pleasure farm out [TS]

  in the desert where people can just go [TS]

  and it's a little bit [TS]

  it's like the pits like the Polish post [TS]

  office in gdansk before huh [TS]

  it's an extra territorial space where we [TS]

  mean we're not violating any laws but [TS]

  it's it's a chicken farm let's say it [TS]

  would be inconvenient as a boat because [TS]

  you could get a ship and go out into [TS]

  international waters [TS]

  that's a lot of overhead for people who [TS]

  don't have a place to live for a job [TS]

  yeah and it's but that's for you know [TS]

  that's where 17 level Satan's only mm [TS]

  thanks I mean that's for but then we're [TS]

  talking about what we're talking about [TS]

  is a hey a place where even a even a [TS]

  first-level like magic users are first [TS]

  level druid first level through is our [TS]

  first level mage who can go and just sit [TS]

  in a big picnic table in the bierstube [TS]

  drink some free beer smoke some ganj [TS]

  maybe across the campus there's a place [TS]

  where you can you can shoot up and be a [TS]

  and not offer take it sounds a little [TS]

  bit like almost like a miniature kind of [TS]

  disney world is different areas to the [TS]

  park with themes [TS]

  yeah right there's there's old west end [TS]

  to be replaced the old west horse town [TS]

  where everyone's doing heroin right if [TS]

  you've got the obviously you've got the [TS]

  old Jonathan Antin beer hall area with [TS]

  with your stupid minute [TS]

  yeah the problem the problem I think is [TS]

  that it would become us it would become [TS]

  a destination for people around the [TS]

  world [TS]

  I like people besides pop or and [TS]

  deranged people want to go there [TS]

  well just like yeah people from Germany [TS]

  be like that sounds good [TS]

  you know it would kind of have to be a [TS]

  movement where you would wear every town [TS]

  would have a place every every you they [TS]

  would be you know they'd be a new idea [TS]

  in in the culture where it's just like [TS]

  instead of [TS]

  rehab facilities I mean the thing is [TS]

  that if you want to get off heroin and [TS]

  you are at one of these sin farms we [TS]

  would also locate our methadone clinic [TS]

  there and so if you want to reenter [TS]

  society those facilities would be there [TS]

  too if you want to get sober if you want [TS]

  to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings [TS]

  if you want to rejoin society we know [TS]

  those facilities are here and we [TS]

  encourage it but again your choice if [TS]

  you don't you can go back down to the [TS]

  lounge and and so what we're going to do [TS]

  so we're going to stop trying to get you [TS]

  to get clean by making you inhuman and [TS]

  we're going to we're gonna offer you the [TS]

  opportunity to get clean if that's what [TS]

  you want and if you lost Elon Elon Musk [TS]

  right well i think this has gone past [TS]

  you on we have to go back to like we [TS]

  have to go back to introducing this [TS]

  conversation into the public sphere [TS]

  where it becomes a kind of like you know [TS]

  what we've tried everything nothing has [TS]

  worked [TS]

  we're still it's 2015 and we are still [TS]

  dealing with drugs and alcohol as though [TS]

  it's a as though it's a moral crisis and [TS]

  you know we've taken away now talking [TS]

  about the mental health side of things [TS]

  like we have we no longer provide for [TS]

  people who cannot live him in within [TS]

  normal Collins quote unquote normal [TS]

  culture we what we've eliminated all [TS]

  services for them we won't house them [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  we won't we don't care for them who [TS]

  people that just need to be maintained [TS]

  you know that the Kennedy sister lived [TS]

  in in an institution whole life the one [TS]

  that they gave all right bottom right [TS]

  yeah but if you can't if you're not a [TS]

  Kennedy if you can't afford to be in a [TS]

  for pee institution we're just [TS]

  gonna let you go out on the street and [TS]

  fend for yourself and and too bad for [TS]

  you [TS]

  that's the best the fallout from from [TS]

  deciding that that some people were in [TS]

  voluntarily institutionalized now all [TS]

  the people that should be [TS]

  institutionalized we're just gonna [TS]

  that's all done and we have to ask the [TS]

  insurance companies and the insurance [TS]

  companies came back and said sorry had a [TS]

  precondition existing condition so it so [TS]

  you're going to be picking at your scabs [TS]

  and throwing your poet people [TS]

  yeah that's what that's what we've [TS]

  decided so you know there's just there [TS]

  is a need within human life for a place [TS]

  for 44 there's a need with for the idea [TS]

  that some people can't care for [TS]

  themselves and and we don't and we care [TS]

  for them without without judgment and I [TS]

  don't know how to introduce that idea [TS]

  particularly since caring for people is [TS]

  a thing that we so often just say well [TS]

  we'll let the religious people deal with [TS]

  that will let the will let that [TS]

  compassion industry deal with that and [TS]

  the compassion industry is made up of [TS]

  religious people with a with a very [TS]

  strong sense of judgment and then all [TS]

  the kind of methadone clinic people who [TS]

  are medical who have a medical approach [TS]

  to it [TS]

  who but still premise on the idea that [TS]

  we are trying to get you [TS]

  we're trying to to get you from there to [TS]

  here right with end and there's the [TS]

  success or failure rate [TS]

  alright alright it's definitely a [TS]

  specific part of the theme park that [TS]

  they would prefer you go to yeah right [TS]

  you're headed out of the theme park is [TS]

  where they want you to go [TS]

  ya know and you know and I've sometimes [TS]

  I think if I were alone musk maybe i [TS]

  would go to the state of Nebraska uh-huh [TS]

  where no one wants to live anymore the [TS]

  state of Nebraska which largely should [TS]

  be returned to a prairie state where all [TS]

  the fences are taken down [TS]

  the buffalo were allowed to roam free [TS]

  and there are still some old people in a [TS]

  bausch and lomb horn-rimmed glasses who [TS]

  are standing in the center of their [TS]

  empty town railing against the federal [TS]

  government and you know just like [TS]

  continuing paint quite a picture that's [TS]

  continuing to farm soybeans even as the [TS]

  giant robot combines move just like the [TS]

  robot combines have a glitch in their [TS]

  GPS and they just combine right over [TS]

  their farmhouse and there's not other [TS]

  than the operator is somewhere in [TS]

  Chicago nobody even that i'm talking [TS]

  about the future now at some point is [TS]

  the last few minutes to turn into a beat [TS]

  poet but I like where it's going [TS]

  listen I actually broke down take you [TS]

  down for the Buffalo to Rome Malik Malik [TS]

  I remember you want with me down to my [TS]

  beer Scoob saw the best minds of my [TS]

  generation come by and by a robot [TS]

  hysterical makeup theme park Elon Musk [TS]

  so what if you went there and in there [TS]

  lots and lots of people who want to go [TS]

  up to North Dakota or Nebraska and by up [TS]

  a-town and turn it into a white homeland [TS]

  you do that so that is gonna get huger [TS]

  and huger I think about that all the [TS]

  time [TS]

  once you get better ability to get good [TS]

  internet way far out the middle places i [TS]

  think more towns are going to be taken [TS]

  over by nuts for sure [TS]

  yeah just like hey this is you know what [TS]

  just this part of North Dakota now is [TS]

  for whites only and come at us [TS]

  feds and the feds will just be like you [TS]

  know what let's get actually know what [TS]

  that's fine i thought you know yeah the [TS]

  more the more angry and more angry [TS]

  vindictive probably insane whites you [TS]

  can get into this area the better off we [TS]

  are our job will get easier if more of [TS]

  you can be attracted here [TS]

  yeah that's actually a good idea so it's [TS]

  like a nag met somewhere in North Dakota [TS]

  we draw we draw a circle and we say hey [TS]

  guess what white homeland and then every [TS]

  person that is that too [TS]

  to whom the idea of a white homeland is [TS]

  appealing they all go there and then [TS]

  that's great that's fucking fantastic [TS]

  like itself select crazy town [TS]

  white homeland and then I don't know [TS]

  whether in the middle of the night we [TS]

  build a like us like a giant Berlin [TS]

  drop-down like oil jar just like hey [TS]

  guess what prison camp wow you didn't [TS]

  see that coming and they're all in that [TS]

  they got all their guns just bouncing [TS]

  off the Belgian yeah and then pretty [TS]

  soon [TS]

  inevitably they start getting gun fights [TS]

  with each other over like-like-like [TS]

  minut like problems in the doctrine [TS]

  well they just eliminate one another but [TS]

  let's so let's so white homelands up [TS]

  there definitely loved her but she would [TS]

  you put that in front of Elon Musk it's [TS]

  a good one [TS]

  some interactive a proactive white [TS]

  homeland instead of solo and tisk tisk [TS]

  tisk to all of you terrible people know [TS]

  we're gonna encouraging this we want we [TS]

  want to basically build a giant land [TS]

  father's mas to fly too well exactly a [TS]

  mint and talk about building an Old West [TS]

  town there [TS]

  I mean just like give them exactly the [TS]

  like flag wavin flag i will tell them [TS]

  we'll have brochures you're gonna be [TS]

  able to get souvenir spoons you can have [TS]

  those big giant three wheeled [TS]

  motorcycles you can ride around on the [TS]

  baby sims will be still be black walmart [TS]

  and Sam's there it's everything you want [TS]

  to be giant parking spaces [TS]

  oh fuck this is incredible you can put [TS]

  as big a tailpipe on your diesel your [TS]

  comings diesel dodge pickup as you want [TS]

  the tailpipe could be as big as a [TS]

  50-gallon drum there's literally no one [TS]

  to say anything that trucks that nitric [TS]

  that's not a problem just put those [TS]

  anyone anything put them on your wife we [TS]

  don't care biggest truck nuts with it [TS]

  will have truck nuts the size of soccer [TS]

  but if we erect proactively again erect [TS]

  the largest truck nuts in the world we [TS]

  make it one of our primary attractions [TS]

  oh fuck yes you can see it 4,000 miles [TS]

  and everyone that's not to come [TS]

  haha come on white homeland you'd be [TS]

  nuts not to come it's so so why don't [TS]

  land up there but then somewhere a [TS]

  little bit further south a where the you [TS]

  know where the air is clean we build [TS]

  another we just draw a big circle and [TS]

  I'm talking about I'm talking about 500 [TS]

  square miles right I'm not touch a big [TS]

  circle [TS]

  yeah the big circle and we just say Sin [TS]

  City no sin city and you go there and [TS]

  it's all it's just fucking any anything [TS]

  goes [TS]

  and you sign a disclaimer walking [TS]

  through the gates like you have no [TS]

  recourse to the law in here and and [TS]

  heads up there are definitely going to [TS]

  be people in here who have decided that [TS]

  they are the law and that's your problem [TS]

  like that's fine too you walk in there [TS]

  and you are going to get immediately [TS]

  it's just like being in a fun prism [TS]

  right there are going to be gangs in [TS]

  here they're gonna be doesn't have fun [TS]

  too fun prison [TS]

  it's a fun prison they're gonna be bad [TS]

  men and a lot of you think that you can [TS]

  go in here and have fun and come out at [TS]

  the end of the weekend and probably [TS]

  eighty-nine percent of you will come out [TS]

  unscathed and let me talk about just a [TS]

  couple of things just to help you manage [TS]

  your expectations when we just need to [TS]

  get right out of the way there's no [TS]

  Boober you're not gonna be able to call [TS]

  someone to pick you up and take you [TS]

  somewhere else [TS]

  yeah right it's going to be a lot more [TS]

  like Oh escape from new york [TS]

  oh I hundred percent but i'm not saying [TS]

  is people who think like oh this is [TS]

  great [TS]

  me and my frat brothers are gonna go [TS]

  here and it's giving an awesome bro time [TS]

  it's much more likely that one of you is [TS]

  going to get a broken nose and possibly [TS]

  sodomized sure absolutely not in any way [TS]

  but that this is that this is a serious [TS]

  Wild West environment under this in this [TS]

  big circle that's right Sin City my [TS]

  friends and you know and somebody I [TS]

  guarantee you after it's been there for [TS]

  a few years somebody's going to appoint [TS]

  themselves marissen city i think a lot [TS]

  of people will I think I probably by [TS]

  eight o'clock on a saturday night there [TS]

  will be a lot to be a lot of people know [TS]

  what it's okay to have guns there can [TS]

  you have a store yes you can its Sin [TS]

  City man let it go where they'll be a [TS]

  lot of shooting up in the air that just [TS]

  might be your way of letting people know [TS]

  you're ready for a refill sure it's [TS]

  shooting up in the air it's just it's [TS]

  gonna be it's gonna be like a [TS]

  Palestinian funeral right it's just [TS]

  every day [TS]

  so and I really and I feel like it would [TS]

  relieve a lot of pressure on the rest of [TS]

  the world and you know some of those [TS]

  frat boys are gonna be up there like [TS]

  which one we go to white homeland or sin [TS]

  city it's like they're only it's a [TS]

  six-hour Drive between one and the other [TS]

  there are a lot more churches in white [TS]

  homeland over uh-huh [TS]

  but you know you know I see maybe you [TS]

  might start with white homeland that [TS]

  becomes like like a Hodge you know like [TS]

  let's go to white homeland we're going [TS]

  to hang out there for a while visit big [TS]

  rock will go to sam's club pick up some [TS]

  brews and then flied out to center or [TS]

  not you know drive down to sin city take [TS]

  the deal it'll be a Hyperloop is what [TS]

  they'll be uh huh [TS]

  oh my goodness i'm telling you I just I [TS]

  feel like I feel like like voluntary [TS]

  sequestering of a of both cranks and [TS]

  crackle helpless substance abusers [TS]

  well you know I don't think about sin [TS]

  city as it wouldn't like the hopeless [TS]

  could go there for sure but but there [TS]

  would be a lot of people who want to go [TS]

  to sin city many people go to vegas and [TS]

  they are you know the difficulty of [TS]

  vegas notwithstanding there are still [TS]

  people in vegas and in amsterdam and [TS]

  frankly in hamburg and New York City who [TS]

  have the money to get what they want and [TS]

  what they want is available there and [TS]

  you just have to go through a lot you [TS]

  have to talk to a lot of Bel hops right [TS]

  my friend and skeezy cab drivers to find [TS]

  the path or I mean probably if you have [TS]

  enough money you know what the path is [TS]

  right but she's going training entree [TS]

  into that into that community that's [TS]

  right and you need and you need to be [TS]

  ready to drop serious coin [TS]

  yeah whereas in sin city he it's a it's [TS]

  there and that and that the thing about [TS]

  i think since it is that there are gates [TS]

  so you can't just traffic a bunch of 14 [TS]

  year old thai girls in there [TS]

  like you have to get through the gate [TS]

  there is there there are people at the [TS]

  gate that's like nope sorry no no minors [TS]

  and no uh you know everybody that comes [TS]

  in here comes in they each person like [TS]

  walks into a room the door closes behind [TS]

  them and then the person behind the desk [TS]

  says are you under duress in any way if [TS]

  someone's course this analysis is the [TS]

  element the prostitute saying to the [TS]

  undercover cop who you are these [TS]

  supposed to John say show me your dick [TS]

  right because you know I know if you're [TS]

  a cop you won't show me your dick if I [TS]

  ask you for a cop you're not gonna say [TS]

  you're a cop but if you actually look [TS]

  whip it out now before we talk about my [TS]

  show me your dick and then we'll talk [TS]

  about the money [TS]

  there might be somebody that event you [TS]

  is sin city the right place for you [TS]

  that's right or do you if you are here [TS]

  and news are having some second thoughts [TS]

  or you're here with somebody who is [TS]

  holding your arm a little too tightly [TS]

  say that's shitty or and now you're in a [TS]

  room and where's what we'll do we have [TS]

  it in the budget to fly you anywhere in [TS]

  the United States and you never have to [TS]

  walk through that door that you just [TS]

  came through you go out this special [TS]

  door they will never know what happened [TS]

  to you and we'll fly you anywhere in the [TS]

  country if you have someone elaborate [TS]

  scheme really leverage [TS]

  well you know you have to make an [TS]

  airstrip in an airstrip course there's [TS]

  an airstrip are you kidding me it's [TS]

  gonna be the biggest airport in the [TS]

  world the airport outside of sin city [TS]

  and the other letters on the luggages SI [TS]

  n at the airport code [TS]

  oh my god i want to run i want to have [TS]

  the cinnabon concession at sin city [TS]

  airport Cinnabon [TS]

  show me your dick think we helped a lot [TS]

  of people with that one [TS]