Roderick on the Line

Ep. 223: "Sequester John!"


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  hello hi John oh hi Merlin that's going [TS]

  good you sounded really enthused oh not [TS]

  so enthused oh no this is a highlight of [TS]

  my week [TS]

  oh yeah I know just you know and you [TS]

  know how it is [TS]

  yeah sometimes a week well just [TS]

  sometimes the 16 months right now it [TS]

  just was just unfold like like one of [TS]

  those looking to origami life [TS]

  yeah like an advent calendar where every [TS]

  door is just a just to fuck you [TS]

  it didn't okay different kind of animal [TS]

  poop happy holidays coming up to seven [TS]

  that that's Paul Williams with a big [TS]

  middle finger morning [TS]

  yeah so you sound good about that [TS]

  election [TS]

  oh yeah Big Sucker things are fine over [TS]

  here okay yeah it's been raining a while [TS]

  so on them on call this week 40 no jury [TS]

  duty and it's a whole court case it's oh [TS]

  no what is why does that happen to you I [TS]

  haven't been called for jury duty in 24 [TS]

  um jury crack I never don't get called I [TS]

  don't understand it [TS]

  I mean I'm know I'm not good at [TS]

  calculating time and stuff but like it [TS]

  feels like it's as soon as i'm eligible [TS]

  it it comes up and i usually get called [TS]

  that's about the last one I dodged a [TS]

  bullet on the last one [TS]

  yeah i think so but remind that's quick [TS]

  i mean basically it was really weird [TS]

  because I've made it through like [TS]

  thursday if you make it past wednesday [TS]

  it's usually like I had their good i can [TS]

  me and then I called the robot said your [TS]

  journey group [TS]

  well appear at superior court 1 p.m. [TS]

  thursday and it's like what [TS]

  who gets called at one p.m. on a [TS]

  thursday yyyy does your robocall sound [TS]

  like James Urbaniak [TS]

  I like that guy i met him yeah yeah you [TS]

  did meet him [TS]

  I think somebody took a photo together [TS]

  yeah you met him in a hotel room in the [TS]

  hotel lobby of the hotel didn't have [TS]

  television television [TS]

  oh my god I was so fucking mad about [TS]

  that haha i took a photo and send it to [TS]

  my daughters like this is where the TV [TS]

  would be this is a normal hotel room it [TS]

  was like a Gitmo sell you have you had a [TS]

  nice when they put you up in the Rain [TS]

  Man sweet but I was down with the proles [TS]

  yeah I otherwise with no TV in my room [TS]

  either instead there was just like there [TS]

  was a soap carving kit and like five [TS]

  curated vinyl albums pictures of bird [TS]

  houses are that mine had a bed which is [TS]

  an ok bed in middle of this room was a [TS]

  small room but I mean it was really [TS]

  funny it was like there were worried I [TS]

  was going to harm myself there were two [TS]

  little tables into little lamps and a [TS]

  closet [TS]

  no no I'm sorry there wasn't a closet [TS]

  there was a shelf it was like he was [TS]

  like some kind of like I don't know what [TS]

  I imagined like if you went to like the [TS]

  nice juvenile detention unit you [TS]

  remember that was the hotel I still kick [TS]

  myself I opened the door and there the [TS]

  room had been cleaned and was in in [TS]

  perfect order except there was a [TS]

  walkie-talkie lying in the islands right [TS]

  and I was like it's the beginning of an [TS]

  adventure it's a call to adventure [TS]

  there's no question about it yeah but I [TS]

  picked it up and you know looked at it [TS]

  and you know turned on nothing nothing [TS]

  on that channel and I took it down the [TS]

  front desk [TS]

  I think I told the story but basically i [TS]

  should we showed up and did the very [TS]

  short version is that a bailiff you know [TS]

  it looks which basically it's it's like [TS]

  a it's like the parks department act he [TS]

  wants in a guy in uniform and goes [TS]

  alright this will now serve as the jury [TS]

  assembly room it's what it was like 230 [TS]

  there's like a hundred 50 to 250 people [TS]

  in this room and I was like oh my god is [TS]

  this was so this was the bit you know [TS]

  there's the room you go and sit in while [TS]

  you wait to get called and then you go [TS]

  usually to like a court room to be you [TS]

  know what dear whatever our stuff they [TS]

  do in this case the entire rooms like [TS]

  this will now serve as the jury assembly [TS]

  room for group you know 27 or whatever [TS]

  and a judge came in and said basically [TS]

  you know the bad the the what was that [TS]

  the bad news is we're not gonna [TS]

  need you today or whatever the good news [TS]

  is like this is a multi-month case you [TS]

  are and it's like I i am so torn because [TS]

  I really believe in doing my duty for [TS]

  that it's like you know if you want me [TS]

  for a week [TS]

  I can grossly inconvenience my family I [TS]

  can basically not make money for a week [TS]

  out you know that's okay that's that's [TS]

  part of what you gotta do but that it [TS]

  puts so much pressure on my wife you [TS]

  know I take care of my daughter in the [TS]

  afternoon that's my job and like that's [TS]

  the way the light construction i know [TS]

  that's fancy but that's the dad I need [TS]

  to be and holidays coming up and [TS]

  everything and it's just like oh I can't [TS]

  imagine spending election day sitting in [TS]

  the Superior Court jury room and I i do [TS]

  not find that it's fancy though you [TS]

  don't need to apologize for being fancy [TS]

  yes just sits you to your alternative [TS]

  lifestyle will have you ever gone to [TS]

  jury duty and try to make the case that [TS]

  you shouldn't be on well let me let me [TS]

  just say you're saying you just don't [TS]

  get called Ellen I am the one probably [TS]

  the one person in the world [TS]

  maybe I'm not the one person in the [TS]

  world but i am in the very small [TS]

  minority of people that waits like on [TS]

  baited breath to be called for jury duty [TS]

  it has a strange one time in my life [TS]

  when I was 23 years old and I was [TS]

  sitting in the jury selection room and [TS]

  everyone else is just looking like you [TS]

  know somebody just handed them a garbage [TS]

  bag full of water without a twist tie [TS]

  looks good shit ah and i am sitting in [TS]

  that chair literally bouncing on my [TS]

  hands so the ink I got ready to make up [TS]

  we got we got we got to be under coming [TS]

  it was a murder case I hope it's the [TS]

  last for six months because not only was [TS]

  i think the real to be part of the [TS]

  democratic process for the you know jury [TS]

  of your peers to get $13 the thirteen [TS]

  dollars today and being on a jury for [TS]

  six months would have solved so many of [TS]

  my life problem i would give you so much [TS]

  focus well that i'm also allow you have [TS]

  to have clothes ready [TS]

  you have to think about where you need [TS]

  to be in the morning well maybe they [TS]

  put me up in a hotel because they had to [TS]

  sequester sequester John it because [TS]

  somebody like some mafia thing or [TS]

  whatever like a hit man and I that would [TS]

  have solved the problem of not having a [TS]

  place to live at that boy is yeah and [TS]

  and any time you know any time like a [TS]

  girl was like why haven't I seen you I'd [TS]

  be like sorry I'm injuries like and I [TS]

  can't talk about it i guess yeah exactly [TS]

  right I've been out of every problem it [TS]

  would have just solved everything so I'm [TS]

  bouncing up and down the Chairman Ben [TS]

  and you know i'm watching the attorneys [TS]

  trying to get people i'm like oh man [TS]

  I've got a great answer that question [TS]

  come on come on come on ask me ask me [TS]

  ask me ask me like I i wanted to raise [TS]

  my hand when they were asking other you [TS]

  know like have you ever Hunger Games you [TS]

  ready to get service up his tribute let [TS]

  me go let always have people go home [TS]

  happy to do it on behalf of that little [TS]

  child yes for her and then they were [TS]

  like okay we got our jury it like it's a [TS]

  good print ago I was so defeated I was [TS]

  like that's it [TS]

  do you remember why was it just that [TS]

  they didn't need your body not never got [TS]

  they never got to you never got to me [TS]

  they just made a jury and and I was like [TS]

  will will will you guys gotta meet [TS]

  another jury right like we're all here [TS]

  why don't you just make a jury out of us [TS]

  for the next thing that's good idea and [TS]

  and there was just like go home and so [TS]

  then for a long time I waited for the [TS]

  envelope to come like gotta get it again [TS]

  right it's like this this amazing [TS]

  laughter anything it's not even like the [TS]

  draft like it's one thing to say gosh I [TS]

  hope I'm 1a and i hope i get drafted he [TS]

  will you know what you can always just [TS]

  go join in this case you can't just go [TS]

  show up at the courthouse and say I'm [TS]

  ready to serve right yeah I would have [TS]

  done it a hundred times it's like giving [TS]

  blood [TS]

  yeah and and what's crazy is I'm four [TS]

  out of four voter like that I they know [TS]

  where my address is like I'm i am I [TS]

  couldn't be more of a citizen and yet [TS]

  somehow my bill never gets wrong [TS]

  that's a shame John yeah and they're [TS]

  calling you every third day and it just [TS]

  it feels like it just feels a little bit [TS]

  like an injustice to imagine me on a [TS]

  jury [TS]

  I mean I actually I really I i can it [TS]

  calls to mind so many things I see you I [TS]

  see very quickly by unanimous a claim [TS]

  being made the form and maybe [TS]

  even before they're done seeing people [TS]

  they just clearly this this is the [TS]

  anchorman thank you thank you i mean [TS]

  what i don't understand in a when I see [TS]

  like court cases on TV what you do a lot [TS]

  it's very popular thing to have on TV [TS]

  yeah which in its own way is like weird [TS]

  that a major major feature of what we [TS]

  consider entertaining television is just [TS]

  like watching watching a court case it's [TS]

  really kind of strange idea like right [TS]

  eleven percent of all television shows [TS]

  are just watching the antics of people [TS]

  in a courtroom and I mean I guess it [TS]

  makes sense right it's like it's it's an [TS]

  intellectual I think it's kind of genre [TS]

  it's totally Israel but what I don't [TS]

  understand watching a jury on TV is they [TS]

  just sit there and passively like how [TS]

  boring or i mean are you are you [TS]

  severely restricted to every morning do [TS]

  they say [TS]

  now remember don't raise your hand [TS]

  don't say but but right and don't don't [TS]

  audibly roll your eyes right don't like [TS]

  try and do a better job than the lawyer [TS]

  don't say pulleys like how do you not do [TS]

  those things are now I know 13 and [TS]

  everybody last time i was on for a of [TS]

  the four-day trial and had a buddy and [TS]

  we would just give each other look [TS]

  because you know of course [TS]

  well he can't get into this i don't i [TS]

  don't want to cause trouble for myself [TS]

  but there's all kinds of things you're [TS]

  not supposed to do that everybody does [TS]

  because this is in that case whatever [TS]

  I mean you got a phone and stuff you [TS]

  know they're not so don't do any viral [TS]

  research and look like right [TS]

  I'm not gonna break first thing you do [TS]

  is google the guy right [TS]

  it's google map where the accident [TS]

  happened like the whole nine like I [TS]

  don't know the visibility there is a [TS]

  little strange i think i was going [TS]

  pretty fast and that would do that but [TS]

  yeah my buddy and me we just give each [TS]

  other looks through the whole thing but [TS]

  now I'm you get you know general [TS]

  admonitions about these kinds of things [TS]

  and you know the thing is as part of it [TS]

  that is really are [TS]

  there's several parts of it that are [TS]

  absolutely amazing i mean the the folks [TS]

  who are involved in this the bailiff [TS]

  sand all the the court there's like [TS]

  there's like a guy who's like or a gal [TS]

  who's like the [TS]

  manager of the courtroom you've got the [TS]

  judge is frequently in dingus and then [TS]

  you got the person who like manages the [TS]

  jury stuff and whose i forgot what he [TS]

  called the courtroom not the court [TS]

  reporter but it's the person who like [TS]

  basically manages everything that's [TS]

  happening in the courtroom and that [TS]

  person is amazing to watch as a as a [TS]

  retired project manager i can just say [TS]

  watching somebody like that operate is [TS]

  amazing because our uniform early a [TS]

  madman [TS]

  no no it's it's usually somebody in like [TS]

  you know kind of business casual kind of [TS]

  thing and they're coordinating with all [TS]

  the lawyers they're talking to the judge [TS]

  they're dealing with the jury they are [TS]

  your conduit for dealing if anything [TS]

  comes up like if you know that's who you [TS]

  talk to and if you go to the bathroom [TS]

  what do you have to go to the bathroom [TS]

  you gotta wait what [TS]

  yeah if they're in the middle of [TS]

  something and you're like who knows [TS]

  stuff that's what you are no you have no [TS]

  anything they tell you in the thing is [TS]

  they are very least the ones i've been [TS]

  on their very considerate about saying [TS]

  like you know we try to make this as [TS]

  easy and comfortable as possible but you [TS]

  know the process is the process [TS]

  sometimes there's delays something's get [TS]

  changed you know sometimes some days [TS]

  you're gonna go home a little early some [TS]

  days you're gonna stay a little bit late [TS]

  and you know that's just this is just [TS]

  the nature of how this works but right [TS]

  is you know how it is it's always [TS]

  amazing to watch anybody who's good at [TS]

  their job and somebody who does the same [TS]

  thing over and over every day and [TS]

  clearly has been through the wringer of [TS]

  all different kinds of experiences it's [TS]

  amazing to watch somebody like wow [TS]

  that's why i love watching the live feed [TS]

  of your podcast oh thank you your [TS]

  podcast and they've the thing is they've [TS]

  heard it all is the other thing so you [TS]

  know you go and you might have your [TS]

  protestations about this or that and but [TS]

  like you know the judge and the court [TS]

  room manager person are very good at [TS]

  going like cutting straight to the issue [TS]

  of like you know so they basically [TS]

  anything you come up with like as it's [TS]

  one thing to say like okay like I have I [TS]

  have chemo and here's my notarized [TS]

  statement from a doctor and we're going [TS]

  to going i have mixed feelings about the [TS]

  Civil War and they're like okay so [TS]

  you're telling you cannot make an honest [TS]

  and admit I'm gonna look like such an [TS]

  idiot like my daughter is it's cool and [TS]

  it's like really yeah like you know like [TS]

  can you eat chips in the dream and not [TS]

  supposed to eat chips you're not [TS]

  supposed to even pretend that you have a [TS]

  phone I had a really good spot near a [TS]

  charger so I could I could stay charged [TS]

  the whole way to make you can keep your [TS]

  phone in that [TS]

  yeah but you're not supposed to use it [TS]

  at all even to just sit and play [TS]

  solitaire you know it happens helpful [TS]

  for me to when I'm listening to somebody [TS]

  talk to be also playing minesweeper well [TS]

  for me Alec walking like I would much [TS]

  prefer to be pacing while the whole [TS]

  thing is going they should have like a [TS]

  like a like a big Panther cage you could [TS]

  walk around and I would process the [TS]

  information like that I thought probably [TS]

  distracting that 12 to like it don't [TS]

  know just casing what the cork it's one [TS]

  of those one of those things like the [TS]

  use of the head when they're keeping [TS]

  cage uh Milosevic tuna in a blackberry [TS]

  like a Nuremberg pen that's a good idea [TS]

  i should bring that thing going tomorrow [TS]

  on election day for superior capture its [TS]

  beauty are used [TS]

  oh my god well you know I i emailed you [TS]

  i sent ya included you in a bcc blast [TS]

  email last week to save all of my [TS]

  podcast buddies [TS]

  it's that time again it's basically like [TS]

  my municipal period has come it's time [TS]

  for me to go and see aunt flow at the [TS]

  courthouse like I always have to do the [TS]

  job as part of the year no and so but [TS]

  then I you know to get texted you and [TS]

  said hey you know I called it on friday [TS]

  and i was ok for today but yeah yeah and [TS]

  it'll be fine it'll be fine i mean it's [TS]

  not that I don't want to do it and I [TS]

  don't mean to be precious it i want to [TS]

  do it i just don't want to do it for [TS]

  like months [TS]

  yeah it's very I mean I I don't want to [TS]

  be a dick about it but like that is [TS]

  incredibly disruptive now I'm so happy [TS]

  by giving the western part of town it [TS]

  takes me like almost an hour to get in [TS]

  and almost an hour to get home and then [TS]

  my wife was a big lady job is going to [TS]

  have to like do all this extra heavy [TS]

  lifting during that time it's like I but [TS]

  I feel the selfishness and what I'm [TS]

  saying but at the same time it's like at [TS]

  here's what I don't understand right the [TS]

  only people that end up on jury duties [TS]

  are old people and not people who don't [TS]

  have anything else can move that doesn't [TS]

  stop that's the stereotype but in [TS]

  practice that is not true at all [TS]

  oh very cool very cool well and I have a [TS]

  theory about this just accuse thinks [TS]

  it's because people can tell that I'm [TS]

  impressionable which is probably true [TS]

  also but I mean the things I've done in [TS]

  there like the one the first time that i [TS]

  was on a case that went through to a [TS]

  jury verdict [TS]

  it was like the longest day of my life [TS]

  because you got it I got called for two [TS]

  different jury things got pulled away [TS]

  and finally by like lunchtime we were [TS]

  seated for a trial that was that one day [TS]

  and so is but we were there until like [TS]

  almost ten o'clock to the end of this [TS]

  and it was one of the most Kafka ask [TS]

  frustrating days of my life ever tell [TS]

  you the story were basically it was a it [TS]

  was a pretty clear-cut long story short [TS]

  a guy who was a real dick [TS]

  it was a high school student went and [TS]

  picked a fight with a fellow student [TS]

  before school depicted with organized [TS]

  group there are they over 18 [TS]

  no no no they're both their their high [TS]

  school students and school in [TS]

  Tallahassee and this one kid who was [TS]

  kind of a dick when interactive fight [TS]

  with this other kid who'd been i think [TS]

  it was basically just being bullied and [TS]

  the kid bit off part of his ear the bad [TS]

  kid the other kid the kid who had been [TS]

  at attacked and the the so one get [TS]

  started the fight the kids fought back [TS]

  and office here [TS]

  yeah okay so I mean it was that was [TS]

  facts and evidence it was stipulated [TS]

  this is what's going on with the [TS]

  cannibalism in florida by the way [TS]

  there's so much talk about Florida but [TS]

  here's what it came down to you're gonna [TS]

  hear a lot of stuff in here but here's [TS]

  what this comes down to this case comes [TS]

  down to this [TS]

  did this school correctly follow its [TS]

  established policy for teachers [TS]

  supervising students before school [TS]

  started a lot of specificity in that [TS]

  you're not here to decide whether [TS]

  whether ears are good or bad you're not [TS]

  here to decide whether these teachers [TS]

  work hard you have a single fact to [TS]

  determine the single fact is this [TS]

  did the school and its teachers follow [TS]

  the policy of monitoring students and [TS]

  they hadn't because it happened on [TS]

  school ground on school grounds before [TS]

  school and basically a teacher had not [TS]

  been standing in this one spot at the [TS]

  time they're supposed to be standing in [TS]

  this one spot okay so boom game over [TS]

  now you have to decide how much these [TS]

  people should get and then you get to [TS]

  the job much the parents of the bad kids [TS]

  should get for the missing here [TS]

  nope how much this school system will [TS]

  have to pay the kid who bit you got his [TS]

  ear bitten off because he had been [TS]

  improperly supervise [TS]

  so then you get to the really fun part [TS]

  the judge says okay now I realize you [TS]

  you haven't gotten to have your little [TS]

  caesars pizza that arrived right before [TS]

  we call you back and I know you haven't [TS]

  eaten in hours but here's the thing [TS]

  that's gonna take 45 minutes I'm going [TS]

  to read you the jury instructions and I [TS]

  want you to listen very carefully and [TS]

  the judge reads the jury instructions [TS]

  which of course now have you know we're [TS]

  negotiating by by the council and by the [TS]

  judge if it takes 45 minutes to reduce [TS]

  it [TS]

  I want to look at least 20 but i think [TS]

  it was over half an hour and they read [TS]

  to the jury instructions in the same now [TS]

  go back there and decide when you're [TS]

  little caesars pizza at that point at [TS]

  that point the bailiff had already taken [TS]

  the pizza way because they thought it [TS]

  was all done so we didn't get to eat but [TS]

  sounds like a simple trifling matter but [TS]

  you know why I'm either hypoglycemic [TS]

  more impatient depending on who you ask [TS]

  it's so everybody's little loopy it's [TS]

  gonna be past eight o'clock and so you [TS]

  know you did we do the thing we've seen [TS]

  on TV which is we said okay okay we're [TS]

  going to work out you know we're gonna [TS]

  do you know we're gonna do we're gonna [TS]

  find ok that yeah that happened but you [TS]

  know you know you know what you gotta [TS]

  pay a dollar 11 dollar haha one dollar [TS]

  we came back in we gave it yet and we [TS]

  had the same and then have you reached [TS]

  her as anything else yeah yeah yeah we [TS]

  the jury find the case embedded in a [TS]

  state one dollar counsel for the [TS]

  plaintiff who look like Bill Clinton [TS]

  shoots up into the air raises his hand [TS]

  and said some kind of harry potter mumbo [TS]

  jumbo about how he objected because if [TS]

  memory serves I was very very hungry at [TS]

  the time I think he said something like [TS]

  he objected because the the the penalty [TS]

  did not accord with the facts and [TS]

  evidence for the jury instructions right [TS]

  and the judge goes I think he took off [TS]

  his little round glasses off the end of [TS]

  his nose and goes [TS]

  sustained jaw surgery I'm going to read [TS]

  you the jury instructions again and I [TS]

  want you to listen very carefully when [TS]

  we like where we allowed to ask [TS]

  questions about what we did wrong [TS]

  we were not where we were allowed to [TS]

  like basically see where the red marks [TS]

  on our paperwork know you included [TS]

  did you remember to put the date on it [TS]

  all you know what we probably forgot [TS]

  that are we done sign a legal name [TS]

  little brown to write back a long story [TS]

  we had to go back and no people what [TS]

  what was it in the jury instructions [TS]

  that prohibited you from a warning one [TS]

  dollar i don't know i still don't know I [TS]

  was hungry I don't remember we went back [TS]

  we came up with some phony baloney [TS]

  number and then we finally got to the [TS]

  parking garage and go home $1,000 one I [TS]

  honestly have to collect awkward [TS]

  wow yeah so anyway that was that and [TS]

  that's frustrating you really want to [TS]

  award somebody one-dollar it's a shame [TS]

  you can't go and volunteer because I [TS]

  think you'd be great at it you know and [TS]

  it's mine i would go down every couple [TS]

  of months it's interesting your group [TS]

  your original question which is that oh [TS]

  isn't it just like retirees who are [TS]

  looking for somebody to to you know a [TS]

  place to do you somewhere they can get [TS]

  up before in the morning on a necktie [TS]

  her next dress and show up [TS]

  mom I mean use their skills like that [TS]

  Robert De Niro movie where he went [TS]

  it's a movie that you see on an airplane [TS]

  where he went and got a job after he was [TS]

  retired i think is Wi-Fi all right with [TS]

  the girl family miss and was the girl [TS]

  that he was the intern he was the intern [TS]

  right into teaching now in turn he would [TS]

  have been a vice president at a company [TS]

  that made rockets [TS]

  yeah in the very building that she had [TS]

  now started her fashions on my gosh what [TS]

  are the chances and then every morning [TS]

  he got up and he put on his tie is so [TS]

  elegant and then it turned out he knew [TS]

  everything because he was a wise sage [TS]

  yeah he was he was like basically [TS]

  driving miss daisy um but I think the [TS]

  attorneys for each side have something [TS]

  very particular in mind and who they're [TS]

  looking for and and and honestly they [TS]

  don't want somebody who's there to take [TS]

  up a chair [TS]

  they want they want somebody who [TS]

  they might want somebody who's kind of [TS]

  frustrated with the system think about [TS]

  that depending on website or you want [TS]

  somebody who is going to see through you [TS]

  know to not have a preconception about a [TS]

  certain side and if you and maybe you [TS]

  want somebody who's a little cynical [TS]

  about the system [TS]

  what about a guy what about a [TS]

  middle-aged guy who is bouncing up and [TS]

  down in his chair going Oh see on the [TS]

  face of it feels like that should really [TS]

  work right feels it feels like that [TS]

  would be just the thing that would say [TS]

  look at this little fellow here I really [TS]

  want to be here i want to do a good job [TS]

  i will listen to the jury instructions i [TS]

  will really listen to them [TS]

  yeah i will get every little every last [TS]

  every last comment in the jury [TS]

  instructions because that's the type of [TS]

  thing i like to give you a pad of paper [TS]

  that's nice you can write things down [TS]

  you can make notes but no chance there's [TS]

  no chance I can't just go down and like [TS]

  sit out front [TS]

  I should I should go down to the [TS]

  courthouse it out front with a sign and [TS]

  say why like I'm on strike against the [TS]

  court system why I never did know how [TS]

  does taylor swift get called but not you [TS]

  terry taylor swift got called to a jury [TS]

  oh yeah she took selfies with everybody [TS]

  well this is the thing I'm United I [TS]

  wouldn't change it you're both you're [TS]

  both prominent rock musicians if you can [TS]

  take selfies with other jurors I'm gonna [TS]

  be good at that too look I don't think [TS]

  she was probably construction should i [TS]

  do and you would have probably a great [TS]

  outfit every day you look fantastic [TS]

  people think they would be proud to have [TS]

  them to be judged by you to be treated [TS]

  by you [TS]

  thank you i think there'd be you know [TS]

  there'd be a 11 people up there couldn't [TS]

  true and mhm and and and you know i [TS]

  would look like amazing [TS]

  it's too bad you can't just go and like [TS]

  wish it was a little bit more like a [TS]

  cafeteria where you could go and say [TS]

  like you know there's my budget for this [TS]

  like I don't like something it's not too [TS]

  dramatic record be out in 24 days right [TS]

  asian nation in panel juries at the [TS]

  start of the week they should know all [TS]

  their cases [TS]

  mhm and they should say who wants to be [TS]

  on a one-day trial right everybody put [TS]

  their hands up you know and it's like [TS]

  who wants to be on a trial that [TS]

  potentially could go for months [TS]

  yes and they would be there be plenty of [TS]

  people that were like you know what me [TS]

  yeah meet me I want that I oh yeah so [TS]

  anyway you are right here on the cusp of [TS]

  an historic day [TS]

  ya tomorrow yeah it's going to be [TS]

  historic [TS]

  God and everything is happening it's all [TS]

  happening at once all the built up [TS]

  stress of all these months [TS]

  yeah and you're going to be sitting [TS]

  somewhere listening to opening remarks I [TS]

  don't know we'll see i'll find out today [TS]

  find out this afternoon when reloading [TS]

  the website sometimes they put up the [TS]

  notice little bit early [TS]

  mhm oo laga vault is what we say in a [TS]

  situation like this [TS]

  yeah Mazel Tov cocktail yeah and I I i [TS]

  want to wish you good good good speed [TS]

  thank you you sound really good today [TS]

  what's going on you sound the sound did [TS]

  you did you would never make it to the [TS]

  pharmacy I did I did [TS]

  I'm reupped on my on my pharmaceuticals [TS]

  how this is great news [TS]

  yeah and but you know I spent the [TS]

  weekend down in a cabin on the water [TS]

  yeah in the general vicinity of olympia [TS]

  washington uh-huh and I was with the [TS]

  with some friends I brought my daughter [TS]

  my lady friend was there some other pals [TS]

  and we watched the bald eagles fly [TS]

  around all that sounds really nice made [TS]

  some you know is one of those things [TS]

  where you spend eight hours making [TS]

  dinner [TS]

  well that's that's that's a nice day [TS]

  that we decided that we had the big [TS]

  carnival at school this weekend which [TS]

  was which is a lot of work but uh but [TS]

  but it's nice to have something that [TS]

  distracts the mind a little bit with a [TS]

  family that's a nice thing [TS]

  yeah it was it was good and and now i'm [TS]

  back here in the town and this is this [TS]

  is a busy week for me course because [TS]

  several months ago or something someone [TS]

  wrote me an email which often happens [TS]

  and they said hey I've got a great idea [TS]

  why don't you curate a show for election [TS]

  night em and I was like that sounds [TS]

  right up your alley [TS]

  yeah curated show for election night [TS]

  that's a wonderful idea yeah it'll be [TS]

  great curated show for election night [TS]

  okay great but then as time wore on the [TS]

  show is a kind of shit like a regular [TS]

  show that they do and they just have [TS]

  guest curators come in but the Regular [TS]

  Show has a real format [TS]

  ok and so the formatted is not being [TS]

  altered at all for the election night [TS]

  and the format [TS]

  office like okay i guess ii which is [TS]

  what can I ask what the format is well [TS]

  the format is get three songwriters who [TS]

  then sit onstage with one another and [TS]

  interact with each other and like play [TS]

  on one another's tunes which right away [TS]

  is a ton of work for it's a lot more [TS]

  than it sounds like it's yeah you don't [TS]

  just get up and I'll Jam with you on [TS]

  your tune like you have to learn 100 [TS]

  songs have to rehearse them you have to [TS]

  care you have to be into it right you [TS]

  can just pick three random musicians [TS]

  they all have to have respect for one [TS]

  another and be into playing on one [TS]

  another songs and play the right part be [TS]

  supportive it's not always going to be [TS]

  George Harrison eric clapton yeah right [TS]

  and I you know I've seen shows where [TS]

  everyone onstage totally respected one [TS]

  another as songwriters but didn't [TS]

  actually want to jam or want to play on [TS]

  one you know that like like i did a tour [TS]

  one time with like some very notable [TS]

  people who were trying to do this thing [TS]

  on to ER and at a certain point one of [TS]

  the songwriters was like you know what [TS]

  this doesn't really i feel like i am not [TS]

  really into these other people's songs [TS]

  that much [TS]

  creatively I know interesting and it was [TS]

  like hmm what about you know like uh [TS]

  well I guess right that that has an [TS]

  internal integrity to it you know like [TS]

  in a way that the because at first [TS]

  you're like that's not being a very good [TS]

  sport but then when you think about it [TS]

  what the comment was effectively was you [TS]

  know music is sacred calling to me and [TS]

  so I feel like I'm doing everyone a [TS]

  disservice by playing half acidly on [TS]

  this stuff that I can't get my whole [TS]

  soul behind and so at the end of the day [TS]

  or like [TS]

  that's taking it more seriously than i [TS]

  was taking it is out under fashion [TS]

  opt-out jangling jangling I mean you [TS]

  know and and so and I wasn't like one of [TS]

  the players I was just I was just a was [TS]

  actually the driver on that tour but [TS]

  anyway so it's a bigger deal than just [TS]

  ya throat three people up there and [TS]

  they're going to gym with each other and [TS]

  then here's the rest of the format [TS]

  there will also be a poet whose onstage [TS]

  with the three musicians are you with me [TS]

  yes so far see where we're going am in [TS]

  two painters who are painting during no [TS]

  really [TS]

  and so I this all kind of like came out [TS]

  gradually like Al i'll do a show and [TS]

  then I'm kind of a month of silence went [TS]

  by and I was like all right we should [TS]

  start talking about that show okay great [TS]

  its election night what I was thinking [TS]

  is that get up there with some friends [TS]

  we play a song that we talked about the [TS]

  election we talk about the thing we [TS]

  rapidly rap about about the the night [TS]

  and then maybe play another song and and [TS]

  the person who runs the thing what came [TS]

  back was like yeah uh except for that's [TS]

  not how we do the show [TS]

  here's how we do the show was like and [TS]

  that with every iteration of like here's [TS]

  how we do the show I was like oh uh yeah [TS]

  alright yeah I get it [TS]

  female poet and and some painters yeah [TS]

  I've been on stage with painters before [TS]

  this is this i don't know man is that [TS]

  this feels gimmicky well sure that's the [TS]

  thing it's a gimmick but I mean it [TS]

  sounds like a project runway and when [TS]

  they ask people to be inspired by a [TS]

  bridge or a theme park ride and yeah I'm [TS]

  not really sure that talent operation [TS]

  works [TS]

  yeah right two good-looking you can you [TS]

  be inspired by the flashcard go [TS]

  yeah and so and and also like it's not [TS]

  at that point it's not me doing a show [TS]

  it's me filling the role [TS]

  for me the shooting me me now neither [TS]

  UMC roll Yeah right [TS]

  and so as time went on like I kind of [TS]

  get less and less interested in it i [TS]

  procured a couple of great musicians for [TS]

  it but you know my butt and they're [TS]

  gonna be amazing but like em I shit my [TS]

  spot wasn't in it like a I i could I can [TS]

  picture it going down and and I can him [TS]

  see a thing like that because I'm not [TS]

  someone who's like the spirit and soul [TS]

  of my emceeing duties pro precludes me [TS]

  from being a part of this like the dog [TS]

  and pony show [TS]

  yeah like no I will emcee your gamer you [TS]

  get out there MC yeah sure the release [TS]

  of the new chevy camaro i would judge [TS]

  that's a that's a show i'll couple the [TS]

  microphone like you could hand me a [TS]

  microphone at add up and a like legal [TS]

  execution and I would be like thanks [TS]

  everybody for coming [TS]

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  shows that so today we're gonna kill [TS]

  this person with lethal injection [TS]

  uh so is everybody comfortable alright [TS]

  let's get started so but then as time [TS]

  went on it was like now wait a minute [TS]

  this is not just a thing [TS]

  this is not in the category of things [TS]

  that I kind of agreed to do and then [TS]

  just sort of don't want to do as as it [TS]

  gets closer to the show which is which [TS]

  is a a a big category this is actually a [TS]

  night that i would rather be somewhere [TS]

  else because I've been getting a lot of [TS]

  invitations like come to our election [TS]

  night party it's gonna be insane and I'm [TS]

  like I would like to do that rather I [TS]

  would let a rather be a i would rather [TS]

  be somewhere other than onstage with two [TS]

  painters and poets and while you know [TS]

  while three musicians like like [TS]

  good-naturedly labor their way through a [TS]

  show and cologne off Annie just like so [TS]

  this is a song that I wrote a few years [TS]

  back and then everybody else is kind of [TS]

  chin on hand going hm and you know in [TS]

  the end the the main person of the thing [TS]

  is standing in the back around the room [TS]

  is half-full because none of us have [TS]

  bothered to promote it or maybe the room [TS]

  is 18 full which is going to be even [TS]

  better because because its a night where [TS]

  other people also want to be doing [TS]

  something else and the guys are saying [TS]

  this is tomorrow night [TS]

  you have tomorrow and tonight at the [TS]

  2016 presidential election that's [TS]

  correct [TS]

  now we're both in an awkward position [TS]

  here this is proof yeah we are and in [TS]

  fact i sent an email this past weekend [TS]

  was like look we haven't really promoted [TS]

  this there aren't that many people [TS]

  coming [TS]

  clearly we haven't prepared at all so [TS]

  why don't we just put postpone this and [TS]

  the person running it wrote me back very [TS]

  carefully was like haha I totally know [TS]

  we're coming from but we've never [TS]

  postponed to show we are no he said we [TS]

  don't postpone these I was like we don't [TS]

  postpone these um like we don't we don't [TS]

  put our elbows on the table we don't we [TS]

  don't take a crap on the table we do it [TS]

  we do it no matter what right and I felt [TS]

  like well if that's the case then you [TS]

  must have a contingency plan for when I [TS]

  don't do it failure is not an option but [TS]

  i don't but i didn't do that of course [TS]

  because I track its porky the MC yeah [TS]

  and so I was like em right have you have [TS]

  you have you attended one of these no [TS]

  okay no because over them they have been [TS]

  doing this for a long time but this is [TS]

  not the kind of show I typically would [TS]

  go to unless someone specifically [TS]

  invited me and it met the following [TS]

  criteria I cared about the performers I [TS]

  didn't have anything else to do i [TS]

  happened to be in the neighborhood right [TS]

  and someone took me by the hand and said [TS]

  I'd never seen the likes of McNamara's [TS]

  and why not come with them now and none [TS]

  of those things that ever happened and [TS]

  so and everything is it takes place in [TS]

  an old church i think and also it has [TS]

  always big league had a sort of churchy [TS]

  vibe in the sense that you know the [TS]

  Seattle music scene 10 years ago 10 to [TS]

  12 years ago there was a new sort of [TS]

  very evangelical element that came into [TS]

  the music scene interesting that was a [TS]

  thing where a lot of kids that had grown [TS]

  up with evangelical parents were in [TS]

  churches where rock and roll was not [TS]

  only permitted but encouraged ok like [TS]

  the the worship band was a rock band [TS]

  rather than on rock band and so it was [TS]

  an element of you know it's like when [TS]

  the minister's started to have tattoos [TS]

  and started to do you remember did you [TS]

  ever see the long winters on tour where [TS]

  Shawn Nelson bought an extreme teen [TS]

  bible and every you know between songs [TS]

  he would just read excerpts final [TS]

  remember that but i have heard about [TS]

  this is a kind of famous Bible yeah the [TS]

  extreme teen bible where all the Bible [TS]

  verses had been written had been [TS]

  rewritten in in terms you know in in [TS]

  what they imagine where the language of [TS]

  extreme team boy and we had one of these [TS]

  a long time ago we it was a it was one [TS]

  of our gimmicks reread it for one tour [TS]

  at the met the Old Testament would be [TS]

  pretty interesting mean really good so [TS]

  many extreme parts and you know Shawn [TS]

  Nelson is a great reader louder and he [TS]

  did a little bit dramatic interp [TS]

  but anyway so the extreme-teen [TS]

  rock-and-roll things started to come [TS]

  into the Seattle music scene kind of [TS]

  heavy it was just sort of they're all of [TS]

  a sudden and those of us who had been in [TS]

  the music scene for a long time like [TS]

  what the who and david bazan being one [TS]

  of the big one of the earliest and sort [TS]

  of most prominence people in this thing [TS]

  but it turned out that segment of the [TS]

  scene which was a large you know twenty [TS]

  percent probably of the music scene at a [TS]

  certain point produced a lot of big rock [TS]

  bands like the head and the heart came [TS]

  out of that and a and father john misty [TS]

  and you know like a lot and a lot of [TS]

  them lost their a as they became more [TS]

  you know basically let's just say drugs [TS]

  and sex whenever the kind of late [TS]

  transition but a lot of people good and [TS]

  so this venue and this experience over [TS]

  there with the painters in the poet and [TS]

  always had a little bit of a vibe of [TS]

  being part of that scene and that seems [TS]

  always been a little difficult to [TS]

  navigate because it's never over to [TS]

  nobody says nobody ever has said that [TS]

  I've seen from the stage anything [TS]

  remotely proselytizing it's just they're [TS]

  like hey everybody thanks for coming to [TS]

  the show and then they play the show and [TS]

  there's all the kind of in coded [TS]

  language in the songs about lifting [TS]

  oneself up that dog was a face you get [TS]

  all the dog whistles within the tunes [TS]

  but all kind of in extreme teen language [TS]

  and so the people better looking for the [TS]

  people that are there because the band [TS]

  is also in their church [TS]

  um they're all like nodding and going [TS]

  like yes [TS]

  like who this past year at the puyallup [TS]

  fair which is the Washington State Fair [TS]

  there was a there's a tent where they do [TS]

  them and the sort of community cultural [TS]

  events like the the tide answers like [TS]

  people that are in their inner in there [TS]

  practicing their own sort of a culture [TS]

  of of a particular community like it [TS]

  there at one point during the day will [TS]

  be ethiopian drummers [TS]

  and then it will be so forth and so you [TS]

  know and I and I went by I went by the [TS]

  10 at one point and there were these [TS]

  wonderful women doing this sort of you [TS]

  this ballet like but modern like they're [TS]

  doing modern ballet across the stage and [TS]

  there's no one in the audience and so I [TS]

  think this is wonderful and obviously [TS]

  I'm with my daughter and sheep is [TS]

  intrigued and all the women are in kind [TS]

  of like different shades of pastel sort [TS]

  of flowing angelic costume and they're [TS]

  doing this wonderful dancing and so we [TS]

  go over we sit down in the chair and [TS]

  there and and they're obviously like [TS]

  both really talented dancers and also [TS]

  really sincere about what they're doing [TS]

  and I was really drawn in and so was a [TS]

  little one and then at one point one of [TS]

  the because because they're be group [TS]

  dancing and then on either side of the [TS]

  stage they would be the dancers in [TS]

  waiting and there was something about [TS]

  the way that they that they constructed [TS]

  their act so that these dancers would [TS]

  move kind of like a wave over in this [TS]

  direction and then they would pick up [TS]

  one of the dancers that was on the side [TS]

  she would join their little motion and [TS]

  they spin around and then wave around [TS]

  and then two of them would drop off the [TS]

  other side of the stage and then they'd [TS]

  spin around and then one of them would [TS]

  come on from you was like really a fluid [TS]

  motion sensor network [TS]

  it was great you know a lot of work and [TS]

  then at one point one of the dancers on [TS]

  the other side i noticed had one hand up [TS]

  in the air palm out and was eyes closed [TS]

  kind of like head lifted into the [TS]

  heavens [TS]

  hi there there exalting a little bit [TS]

  yeah well at first I didn't recognize [TS]

  what it was I thought maybe it was part [TS]

  of the dance and and I was even more [TS]

  intrigued because i thought oh wait are [TS]

  the dancers in waiting on the side of [TS]

  the stage also in the dance and I'm just [TS]

  not paying attention to them but in in [TS]

  standing there watching the dance [TS]

  they're also actually did that they [TS]

  should be regarded as being on [TS]

  per centum yeah there they are part of [TS]

  the offstage as part of the stage [TS]

  because you know it's all exposed and I [TS]

  was like what is going on and then I saw [TS]

  and she was kind of like singing along [TS]

  with the music and then I then I was [TS]

  like oh is that some exaltation is that [TS]

  like some and I maybe a 1.2 put her hand [TS]

  over heart and then I started to see a [TS]

  couple other of the dancers also [TS]

  behaving in this fashion and so I tuned [TS]

  into the music a little bit more and it [TS]

  was because it was rock music it wasn't [TS]

  they were dancing not to classical music [TS]

  but to like a pretty rock and electric [TS]

  pop I tuned in to the music and started [TS]

  to hear that dog whistling lyrics about [TS]

  i mean i can't duplicate the lyrics but [TS]

  definitely like stuff that was about [TS]

  well it probably like like freedom you [TS]

  made eternity being together forever [TS]

  gress people guiding you not you know [TS]

  like the loaves and two fishes which is [TS]

  a great lyric and then I realized oh my [TS]

  goodness this is a rockin modern ballet [TS]

  evangelical troupe who rather than do a [TS]

  kind of Mennonite costume got into super [TS]

  good [TS]

  I mean they're because they're all while [TS]

  women between the ages of 20 and 25 and [TS]

  they're all great dancers and all you [TS]

  know live in this and so I was like what [TS]

  community of evangelical Christians can [TS]

  produce this like what was that what [TS]

  started it was it like in the church and [TS]

  then someone said hey who wants to [TS]

  audition for the dance troupe or was it [TS]

  did it start as a dance troupe and then [TS]

  they all converted Raven but but there's [TS]

  that idea of using one's talents to [TS]

  serve the Lord right it would just which [TS]

  way to that where did that come from [TS]

  yeah and how do you how do you gather [TS]

  unto you onto your flock 25 great dance [TS]

  it wasn't like there was one really good [TS]

  dancer and a bunch of people kind of [TS]

  just winging it [TS]

  yeah it's not it's not just [TS]

  regular people in the church they're [TS]

  like hey let's use dance it was no we're [TS]

  all we all came we all studied and [TS]

  that's a very interesting project [TS]

  because how do you get 25 really good [TS]

  dancers to do anything regardless of [TS]

  like where they're coming from [TS]

  let alone you know I mean it's just like [TS]

  saying we would we're gonna put together [TS]

  a dance troupe of people that you know [TS]

  like of the greatest chess players in [TS]

  the region who also are amazing dancers [TS]

  and I guess there are probably more [TS]

  there are probably more Christian [TS]

  dancers than there are chess-playing [TS]

  dancers or like top shelf just playing [TS]

  games the top but it's hard to know [TS]

  because it's like it's a it's a part of [TS]

  a pie chart it's like a subset of the [TS]

  pie I mean there's not that many of any [TS]

  of those things but then when you get [TS]

  that down to number of people who have [TS]

  an evangelical bent and then the smaller [TS]

  number that are willing to combine those [TS]

  you can do a pretty thin slice of pie [TS]

  well yeah and it's like it's not just [TS]

  dancers right there there were no there [TS]

  were no people up on stage who had [TS]

  majored in hip-hop dance [TS]

  I mean it's like classically trained [TS]

  dancers are they could all go up on [TS]

  point they were all they were all [TS]

  leapers you know so I so within the [TS]

  within the Seattle music scene there's a [TS]

  similar kind of thing like the the rock [TS]

  the Christian rock overlap here is all [TS]

  very beardy it's all very band Joey and [TS]

  it's all like you know tight pants and [TS]

  and what we formerly would have said [TS]

  were chained wallets but they don't you [TS]

  know nobody wears a chain wallet anymore [TS]

  and and so it's a it's this you know [TS]

  it's a scene within a scene which is all [TS]

  to say this is one more very smart i [TS]

  mean i'm i'm not i'm not kept out of [TS]

  that scene at all some of the people in [TS]

  that scene are very good friends and [TS]

  musical even musical collaborators [TS]

  so what that but it's just another small [TS]

  thing that would have kept me from going [TS]

  to see this painter poet thing because [TS]

  it sort of like known you know like I [TS]

  hear your dog whistle but I'm not a dog [TS]

  you know [TS]

  I do the reason keep turning it over in [TS]

  this particular way is like this [TS]

  did the the you you you put it well with [TS]

  that with the first basic layer which is [TS]

  there's going to be these three [TS]

  musicians that are interacting playing [TS]

  to their songs which as you described as [TS]

  is pretty complicated stuff [TS]

  yeah but it doesn't stop there because [TS]

  they don't you you've got the this other [TS]

  like you know there was it the musicians [TS]

  of bremen or whatever one's called [TS]

  remember that were they animal stand on [TS]

  each other shoulders now the musicians [TS]

  of bremen someone's calm i was called [TS]

  something like that but you get the [TS]

  drift I think it's the music I think [TS]

  it's the biggest the lipizzaner play out [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  dr. stocke music yeah the dot-dot-dot [TS]

  because I guess that stock out don't [TS]

  give me it's not a bad idea i'm doctor [TS]

  doctor dresdin a thousand-dollar the [TS]

  Stardust monkey down and yes but then [TS]

  you add in the poly and then yeah I the [TS]

  painter supposed to be painting based on [TS]

  how they feel of what they're watching [TS]

  or the illustrators of the scene because [TS]

  that they're trying to get at is is that [TS]

  I i I'm sometimes intrigued and often [TS]

  very befuddled by the abstract idea of [TS]

  what other people who find entertaining [TS]

  and almost feels like a stoner chef were [TS]

  like you're going to come up with these [TS]

  really crazy ideas that sound really [TS]

  good in your head might actually be kind [TS]

  of fun if you're super high but for [TS]

  somebody who's not that's not [TS]

  you're not going to get a sitter to go [TS]

  to the stoner restaurant and I'm saying [TS]

  instead I think there's this very fairly [TS]

  abstract idea of look what constitutes [TS]

  entertainment because reasons because [TS]

  like you have a certain way of thinking [TS]

  about things but like that sounds like a [TS]

  first draft of an event to me right that [TS]

  does not sound like something I would [TS]

  return to a lot and maybe that's just [TS]

  because I'm not collect enough to [TS]

  appreciate the the beaux-arts all going [TS]

  together like that but that it feels [TS]

  very abstract so this so in my music [TS]

  career this has happened now several [TS]

  times like there's a there's that show [TS]

  in portland that I often do live wire [TS]

  which is sort of a old old-timey radio [TS]

  show but but new tiny but they have you [TS]

  know they have fully artists they have [TS]

  people doing skits left is another show [TS]

  that that sounds kind of like right like [TS]

  radio radio here we come up here comes [TS]

  more [TS]

  just like you do a lot of garrison [TS]

  keillor fans coming up to defend [TS]

  riparian companion to you sure that [TS]

  you've never heard I got a lot i got a [TS]

  lot of like how you know how dare you [TS]

  and I was like I'm not listen I said [TS]

  very clearly i've never heard very own [TS]

  companion i'm just shitting on it from [TS]

  afar as well you know there's a lot in [TS]

  this culture and I'm I'm guilty of this [TS]

  where you're just you're just shooting [TS]

  on things with a t-shirt cannon right [TS]

  like I see that [TS]

  hey you up there this dance with walk up [TS]

  but button so there was a there was a [TS]

  person named Scott pool who was the poet [TS]

  laureate of a lot of the livewire shows [TS]

  i did who watch the show throughout the [TS]

  show and then at the end of the show got [TS]

  up and performed a poem sort of an epic [TS]

  poem that he'd written about the show he [TS]

  just watched oh my goodness he was a [TS]

  talented poet and a funny person and he [TS]

  would read these bones and you'd be like [TS]

  you know I was wincing as you walked up [TS]

  on the stage at the prospect of thinking [TS]

  it but hearing a poem about this show [TS]

  but that was pretty good you know like i [TS]

  like that that was good i don't know if [TS]

  i would buy a book of them but you know [TS]

  so I've done shows where there was an [TS]

  element of this and then a few times [TS]

  I've been on stage with a painter or at [TS]

  least seen a painter onstage with really [TS]

  one time that I feel like this is the [TS]

  first I've ever heard of that now so [TS]

  this is the best I don't know if it's a [TS]

  thing but it's been enough of us can see [TS]

  somebody doodling at a conference i have [TS]

  a friend is one of those people who's [TS]

  he's a doodler and the conference goers [TS]

  and he brings to get together too much [TS]

  wonderful effect will doodle his version [TS]

  of like have this one big one panel a [TS]

  page of a person's talk that can be [TS]

  really illuminating and one of the [TS]

  better summaries of what you've just [TS]

  seen like I could see that like somebody [TS]

  sitting there with a black pen and a [TS]

  piece of paper so that person that [TS]

  you're describing has actually doodled [TS]

  one of my talks all right and and [TS]

  economic on was done by that this game [TS]

  talk about david gray he's a good dude [TS]

  learns that I kind of me that i use [TS]

  everywhere is is from he did the stuff [TS]

  for the Merlin show remember that show [TS]

  that you won't [TS]

  yeah that was that's all him yeah he did [TS]

  me at added the XOXO conference and [TS]

  you're right there's a central drawing [TS]

  and then around a lot of thought bubbles [TS]

  that I i enjoy this but actually at that [TS]

  same talk another person was doing the [TS]

  same thing like multiple people think [TS]

  that that's a generous i think that's [TS]

  kind of genre but this is not that right [TS]

  now this is a painting or above adopt of [TS]

  the bit is an oil painting [TS]

  well there are two painters two sailors [TS]

  it's just like finding a bunch of [TS]

  evangelical dancers how do you find two [TS]

  painters who will a paint in front of [TS]

  people in the space of an hour and a [TS]

  half the two painters is super [TS]

  interesting to me for negative reasons [TS]

  baseball because it certainly could [TS]

  think about like oh you know uh [TS]

  lin-manuel miranda is obviously the guy [TS]

  who plays Hamilton but have your money [TS]

  as his understudy he understands he's [TS]

  the understudy in your house now is that [TS]

  is one of the primary painter and the [TS]

  other one is the backup and if not how [TS]

  is it not a competition and what is a [TS]

  backup paint [TS]

  well it must be that they're both on [TS]

  snare both lieutenant Colonel's painting [TS]

  it's just that you can help ago that was [TS]

  way better [TS]

  well yeah and so are the painters on [TS]

  opposite sides of the stage facing the [TS]

  audience or are they [TS]

  situated next to one another and like [TS]

  looking at each other's painting as [TS]

  they're painting like me that's right is [TS]

  that I'm going to use brown too i don't [TS]

  like haha i don't know i have no idea [TS]

  having never been to the show right it's [TS]

  just like like if somebody came to me [TS]

  and said all right you have to put on an [TS]

  episode of prairie home companion go i [TS]

  would say alright and I'd step to the [TS]

  microphone and say Lake Wobegon is a [TS]

  little old town where everybody has a [TS]

  good day and people are nice to one [TS]

  another and what's done are you really [TS]

  nailed it and you know here is an [TS]

  advertiser false advertisement for some [TS]

  old-timey flower and now we're going to [TS]

  hear some banjo picking from this guy [TS]

  standard brought awareness and banjo [TS]

  picking from this painter while this [TS]

  painter paints them you know and then i [TS]

  might be able to you know [TS]

  t-shirt cannon bullshitter of my way [TS]

  through an hour and a half of that [TS]

  matters are those shows four and a half [TS]

  hours the two hours long as its [TS]

  presented on the public radio and it's [TS]

  probably in it right it's probably [TS]

  careful editing before our long-term my [TS]

  I imagine it's longer than they added it [TS]

  down I [TS]

  I would imagine 16 hours is right that [TS]

  he writes that show everyone and I mean [TS]

  that's the other guy but i mean god I've [TS]

  always admired that about him that he p [TS]

  wrote that show every week now he's [TS]

  retired he's probably driving around in [TS]

  a in a Volvo station wagon that has a [TS]

  Ford v8 motor in it that was given to [TS]

  him by Paul moment well that's nice [TS]

  let me know what that's really nice yeah [TS]

  that is nice but I so the two times I've [TS]

  seen this done [TS]

  one time I was on stage with john [TS]

  hodgman in tucson arizona and there's a [TS]

  local painter who painted an epically [TS]

  sized mural a mural that went across the [TS]

  entire back of the stage so we're [TS]

  talking about 25 to 30 feet long and 10 [TS]

  feet tall and he painted it throughout [TS]

  the show and it was a picture of cthulhu [TS]

  and cthulhu was with its many tentacles [TS]

  grabbing both hodgman and me [TS]

  wow really well represented and pulling [TS]

  us you know into its cthulhu nightscape [TS]

  it is that while the show is going on [TS]

  all the show was going on and completed [TS]

  it by the end of the show so that it was [TS]

  like a complete work and like kind of [TS]

  amazing so amazing that it felt like a [TS]

  shame too because it's not a thing that [TS]

  anybody would has even have space for [TS]

  and if you did have space for it [TS]

  probably you don't want to an epically [TS]

  like multi-panel oil painting of me and [TS]

  husband being dragged bike tool so but [TS]

  but it also felt like too big of a too [TS]

  great of a thing to just throw in a [TS]

  dumpster and that was like a really [TS]

  impressive work and in the space of the [TS]

  show it didn't really intrude on the [TS]

  show he just work back there doing his [TS]

  thing and it just gradually produced an [TS]

  effect of wow this is a this has been a [TS]

  great show this and that's pretty that's [TS]

  pretty awesome it was inspiring would [TS]

  have to depend a lot on what the person [TS]

  who is doing that work and how it turned [TS]

  out right right and and and i think a [TS]

  lot of it was the sort of tight wire act [TS]

  of when he first started painting on [TS]

  this giant can [TS]

  dislike what this is going to be awful [TS]

  you know this shows only two hours long [TS]

  how can this possibly turn out and it [TS]

  did but the other time I've seen i was [TS]

  playing in a was playing a big show at [TS]

  in the the Oregon State Capitol at a [TS]

  university there and we were the the [TS]

  headliners of the the universities like [TS]

  spring flame and it was one of the great [TS]

  it was one of the great sort of shows of [TS]

  that era for us because all day long you [TS]

  you felt like it was a it was a stage [TS]

  set up on a big grassy field like the [TS]

  quad and it and the audience was kind of [TS]

  milling around as they so often do at [TS]

  those events like sort of sparse on the [TS]

  ground and we've played these shows as [TS]

  not the headliner before like we played [TS]

  a show it at Central Washington [TS]

  University one time where the headliner [TS]

  was somebody like sir mix-a-lot and we [TS]

  played on a stage where you could have [TS]

  you could have said hello to each [TS]

  audience member by name and spoken to [TS]

  them at length about their day and it [TS]

  wouldn't have intruder on the shell and [TS]

  those are terrible [TS]

  I mean even when you're being paid a lot [TS]

  of money to do them to just stand there [TS]

  and play to an empty grass field is a [TS]

  bad feeling alright so we were here at [TS]

  this university we're playing this we're [TS]

  watching the other bands and it's also [TS]

  like 15 bands on stage and uh we're [TS]

  watching the other bands and know the [TS]

  audience is not very big and it's a big [TS]

  field and we're like this is another one [TS]

  of these bogus bogus things we played a [TS]

  ski resort 12 her [TS]

  actually wait a minute we played to ski [TS]

  resorts both times opening for the [TS]

  presidents of the united states of [TS]

  america and one and one time in front of [TS]

  the day lodge and it was another thing [TS]

  where they were a bunch of people like [TS]

  literally on skis watching us play and [TS]

  it felt like this kind of a bummer and [TS]

  then the presidents of the USA took the [TS]

  stage and all of a sudden there were 900 [TS]

  people [TS]

  in ski boots all standing and snow [TS]

  totally rocking out the second time it [TS]

  was a better deal it was at the sundance [TS]

  melts blood i digress and this was the [TS]

  thing where when we took the stage at [TS]

  the show in Oregon all of a sudden there [TS]

  were 900 people there and they were [TS]

  going crazy and it was like this is the [TS]

  greatest night of our lives like how did [TS]

  this happen where did they all come from [TS]

  but anyway the band that played [TS]

  immediately before us was a band that he [TS]

  that you know their name now is is [TS]

  fairly known in in any Rock circles and [TS]

  let's call them like the rainbow [TS]

  happiness band name is somewhat similar [TS]

  to them occasionally rainbow goodtime [TS]

  Charlie happiness band and one of their [TS]

  elements in addition to several other [TS]

  elements there psychedelic music was [TS]

  that one of the members of the band was [TS]

  sort of like des from the happy mondays [TS]

  or there was another band that had that [TS]

  hazel also had a dancer who is just a [TS]

  member of the band [TS]

  yeah but this band had a painter it was [TS]

  a member of the band boy and she painted [TS]

  throughout the show and we're talking [TS]

  about a 45-minute show but made multiple [TS]

  works of art during that time so it was [TS]

  just sort of up there throwing paint and [TS]

  canvas not literally Jackson Pollock and [TS]

  she had brushes but she was like making [TS]

  art is very very kinetic kinetic art [TS]

  related to it wasn't like I'm making art [TS]

  about the music it is i am a member of [TS]

  this art troupe which is making music [TS]

  and also visual arts and it was [TS]

  interesting to watch and at the time [TS]

  like a little bit little bit of a of a [TS]

  of a line somewhere between like is this [TS]

  a gimmick or is this the expression of [TS]

  these people who really maybe all grew [TS]

  up together living in a tree house and [TS]

  maybe they're all brother and sister LOL [TS]

  ok and also kind of feels [TS]

  ok and also kind of feels [TS]

  like something from the mid late sixties [TS]

  late sixties early seventies right it [TS]

  seems like something where you would you [TS]

  would you calm you would all get [TS]

  together and one person would make soup [TS]

  and the other one play the tambourine [TS]

  about it and then somebody would have [TS]

  like an interpretive dance and this guy [TS]

  over here [TS]

  oh and it has no soon and somebody the [TS]

  other day on the internet said that we [TS]

  were a show with a bunch of callbacks in [TS]

  it huh [TS]

  and I was like you know there was a time [TS]

  when I didn't I was very contemptuous of [TS]

  shows that had callbacks [TS]

  yeah it seemed seem lazy but then I [TS]

  realized we do have callbacks and you [TS]

  know go stuff yourself [TS]

  yeah sit on it yeah my cousin our party [TS]

  after nose with a rubber hose [TS]

  yeah Boston Mass go to 134 stifling like [TS]

  how do you like about them apples [TS]

  that's right that's probably the 10,000 [TS]

  time i said them apples [TS]

  in any case indicate the thing is here's [TS]

  the thing here's the thing about things [TS]

  and so yeah right it felt like I mean [TS]

  the grateful dead in the early days the [TS]

  people that were doing and i think it's [TS]

  a it's a person whose name is well known [TS]

  within the within these scenes who sort [TS]

  of started doing those oil-based light [TS]

  shows [TS]

  oh yeah sure like Fred look for the [TS]

  electrical a NASA test stuff [TS]

  yeah where they had you know they had [TS]

  they had overhead projector they would [TS]

  do that we think they did that at the [TS]

  Timothy Leary shows here in San [TS]

  Francisco [TS]

  I'm sure they did you know where you [TS]

  know you're dropping will colored oil on [TS]

  the screen and it's making lobe lobular [TS]

  stuff going around and I think that it [TS]

  was at the time while like considered a [TS]

  crucial part of the performance because [TS]

  i don't know if you've ever seen a [TS]

  picture of the grateful dead but looking [TS]

  at them isn't really i mean like they're [TS]

  not like only expand [TS]

  well FML little drummer is kind of [TS]

  good-looking which one [TS]

  yeah the regular guy owned or Joe normal [TS]

  oh yeah sure Bob where he's not he's not [TS]

  handsome person right but where is the [TS]

  handsomest member of the grateful dead [TS]

  but there's always been something in [TS]

  this [TS]

  give up to i think the MIT know the [TS]

  names of up to three people in the [TS]

  Grateful Dead kreutzman mm I got to go [TS]

  Papa Garcia got Jerry Garcia click on [TS]

  daddy where they callin ya daddy bear [TS]

  the brunt midland was the keyboard [TS]

  player for a long time and I got [TS]

  together with directly a pigpen from a [TS]

  clear case but he died also get popped [TS]

  prob Bob Weir is Tiger get Phil lashed [TS]

  on the world's greatest bass player feel [TS]

  less who will let you don't you ever [TS]

  listen to a phil lesh baseline now I [TS]

  don't know but they thought do to do [TS]

  video game do right [TS]

  that's like that's an example of the [TS]

  rare occasions when a phil lesh baseline [TS]

  is not a trip through the 408 both on [TS]

  the second fret supervillain well [TS]

  located the old well she's just so he's [TS]

  just rolling through the tundra I like a [TS]

  baseline yeah and that and those bass [TS]

  lines are very imaginative he's lucky [TS]

  he's quite an exceptional musician [TS]

  whereas a lot of the time i don't know [TS]

  you know like as I was saying from the [TS]

  early days to the very most recent days [TS]

  Bob we're obviously odd man out in that [TS]

  band strangely youthful looking [TS]

  strangely younger than everyone else [TS]

  yeah what's bob doing to watching the [TS]

  dead you're like what's bob doing [TS]

  yeah he's playing parts he's playing [TS]

  parts the whole time but what's he doing [TS]

  really any then the songs he sings are [TS]

  are all very distinctive he's had his [TS]

  share of of Grateful Dead standards but [TS]

  you also sort of crave Gerry's voice I [TS]

  mean like you listening the tunes you're [TS]

  like that was good let's get back to [TS]

  Jerry let's look Jerry is good you do [TS]

  you think that some people are Bob [TS]

  people and some people grant people [TS]

  well I don't let people about people [TS]

  yeah that's what it is [TS]

  I mean most people are Bob people there [TS]

  are some grant has is and everybody are [TS]

  certain grant songs everybody likes and [TS]

  I know you're not dumping mixmeister do [TS]

  but like there's lots of bands that are [TS]

  like that i mean you take something like [TS]

  that particular band like I I wouldn't [TS]

  have Rick Danko to sing every song but [TS]

  the ones he does things like I find [TS]

  really really wonderful moving [TS]

  yeah they get Robertson sometimes [TS]

  pretends to be singing when it's not [TS]

  I think robbie robertson I don't think [TS]

  can sing because a well no way he didn't [TS]

  do last great American whale that was [TS]

  Lou Reed's late period who was rather [TS]

  frequently levon Helm everything about [TS]

  Robbie's eighties hit remember Robbie [TS]

  eighties hell right he did have a he had [TS]

  on Hanley era like a 1985 shit he must [TS]

  have been writing for soundtracks I [TS]

  think [TS]

  yep I and then he he got he got one of [TS]

  those remember in the eighties this was [TS]

  the amazing thing about the eighties [TS]

  yeah there was a market for middle-aged [TS]

  musicians having not just like a [TS]

  sculpture career but here they all come [TS]

  back right like Peter Gabriel so so may [TS]

  need well again but a lot of them like [TS]

  your EEG look at John wait John Waite [TS]

  have been in the babies wasn't the [TS]

  babies [TS]

  oh just wait hold on wait in i don't [TS]

  know if i go back that far which only [TS]

  John [TS]

  and wait accumulated that's in the WA [TS]

  ite man is Anita had that he was he got [TS]

  a new wave at a certain point i'm [TS]

  missing you missing you I ain't missing [TS]

  you and all you miss you know I mean I I [TS]

  tried to write in here Robbie Robertson [TS]

  eighties hit to you know to do a little [TS]

  bit of that Merlin Mann thing where i'm [TS]

  like i'm going to get a ticket be picky [TS]

  during during a thing where i'm also [TS]

  talking [TS]

  yes just amazing that you do sorry but i [TS]

  but I accidentally miss Rhoda because i [TS]

  don't have my glasses on and I wrote [TS]

  robbie robertson eighties hot-rodding [TS]

  Robertson eighties feet [TS]

  Robbie Robertson eighties net worth I [TS]

  got some very strange yeah Robbie [TS]

  Robertson wife height i got this amazing [TS]

  thing that's right [TS]

  white as another one if you did not type [TS]

  of summer is John running it's like John [TS]

  Roderick wife was like third down the [TS]

  line was cooling man [TS]

  it turns out nobody turns out that's [TS]

  just eric carmen that's another one but [TS]

  I robbie robertson hot i suggest you do [TS]

  because there are a lot of websites of [TS]

  people who are saying out some point [TS]

  like Robbie Robbins in the eighties was [TS]

  hot [TS]

  yeah but the hit was somewhere down that [TS]

  crazy river crazy i don't think i know [TS]

  that at all [TS]

  and well you know I suggest you take a [TS]

  look at the at the music video because [TS]

  it is it is mid eighties and and and it [TS]

  is characterized I i think well let's [TS]

  let's just say if our thesis is that [TS]

  Robbie Robertson can't seem his eighties [TS]

  it somewhere just like that's it doesn't [TS]

  sing I feel like I have a gift when I [TS]

  can sometimes tell when someone is [TS]

  pretending to sing there's a friend of [TS]

  mine in a band in Tallahassee and I i'm [TS]

  pretty sure he was fake backup singing [TS]

  and I was like I have a gift for knowing [TS]

  when somebody's just mouthing and we're [TS]

  doing a a top of the pops [TS]

  well there's a thing that I learned from [TS]

  shawn nelson like I've learned a lot of [TS]

  things from shawn nelson as you know and [TS]

  this is one of the things i learned from [TS]

  him [TS]

  which is if you are lip syncing your [TS]

  song while making a music video you have [TS]

  to sing you have to actually sing even [TS]

  if you're not being even if you're so [TS]

  fascinating to me this this already [TS]

  makes sense to me this feels like an [TS]

  Oliver Sacks think we're using a [TS]

  different part of your brain to to [TS]

  lip-synch vs as against the different [TS]

  part of your brain to actually singing [TS]

  even if they're not recording the audio [TS]

  i bet it looks different looks [TS]

  completely different so if you look at [TS]

  the music video for the decemberists 16 [TS]

  military wives [TS]

  mm which i recommend you look at because [TS]

  i have a cameo role in the music video [TS]

  of 16 military wives but that's not the [TS]

  one where the teacher that's not the [TS]

  west/andersen one that is the one that [TS]

  I'm not sure of his line [TS]

  yeah the west/andersen themed music a [TS]

  hell of a beard in that one [TS]

  yeah right that was that was during the [TS]

  like I don't give a fuck era the first [TS]

  one [TS]

  no not the first one not anywhere close [TS]

  earlier ones maybe it was well let's [TS]

  just say it was one of the mid-2000s [TS]

  where I had lost my way I had I had made [TS]

  to be ultimatum EP but never released it [TS]

  and I was just laying around all day [TS]

  writing screens and then the December [TS]

  likely be in a music video i was like [TS]

  huh [TS]

  all right but you'll notice in that [TS]

  music video [TS]

  colin Meloy is lip-syncing rather than [TS]

  the singing and you feel like you can [TS]

  really tell you can tell you can tell [TS]

  that it just doesn't quite it's not that [TS]

  it doesn't line up a totally lines up it [TS]

  just doesn't look real [TS]

  it's this thing that you're saying it [TS]

  does it looks fake but if you are [TS]

  singing if you're actually singing your [TS]

  tune it looks right you you you have to [TS]

  do it and then once you've seen it you [TS]

  can't unsee it might be cuz loan [TS]

  I'm really think about this all day now [TS]

  and Sean came to this discovery i think [TS]

  by making music videos and you know one [TS]

  of his music videos maybe was I think [TS]

  one of them was actually directed by [TS]

  john Flansburg like before any of us [TS]

  knew him and was his friend he was going [TS]

  through a phase where it was like I'm [TS]

  directing music videos now what they did [TS]

  just receive a call from John friends [TS]

  right [TS]

  hey Justin I'm gonna be directing this [TS]

  video well i think it was the heat said [TS]

  to his manager like you know I'd get [TS]

  my name out there i'm doing music videos [TS]

  and I think he did some prominent and I [TS]

  think one of them might have been [TS]

  directed by ric ocasek or something you [TS]

  know like Harvey danger had had the [TS]

  money the major label money to get these [TS]

  big name people to direct the music but [TS]

  so Sean had this inside or either [TS]

  someone told him this or he realized it [TS]

  himself by watching himself lip sync and [TS]

  yeah it's transformative and so when you [TS]

  see somebody who's not making sound it's [TS]

  you can tell it now you go back and look [TS]

  at the top of the pops videos from the [TS]

  sixties and some of them like adultery [TS]

  always singing at the top of his lungs [TS]

  right doll trees not ever lip-syncing [TS]

  but a lot of those people like you know [TS]

  a marc bolan or whatever they're just [TS]

  they're just moving their lips right [TS]

  it's hilarious [TS]

  oh I enjoy watching Top of the Pops [TS]

  because it's still fun to just see [TS]

  whoever like early performances by bands [TS]

  you like it's still fun but but but [TS]

  you're going down the old grey whistle [TS]

  test rabbit huh oh my god there's so [TS]

  much a meat-like bands that you just [TS]

  don't think about today like I mean like [TS]

  that some of the performances by like [TS]

  dire straits so good on them while the [TS]

  bee gees I just I just tweeted if you [TS]

  can believe it you [TS]

  yeah a link to an early Bee Gees not [TS]

  early Bee Gees right because the early [TS]

  Bee Gees is from the late sixties like [TS]

  they were very British Invasion yeah [TS]

  they had a hit or likely started at Joe [TS]

  that and also with mining disaster and [TS]

  the mind is an island but it was [TS]

  Waterloo station but there were they had [TS]

  a big hit that well all I got the [TS]

  Massachusetts massive the Sun that's [TS]

  just that's the one that's going really [TS]

  good song big hit in the late sixties [TS]

  and then they had a then we kind of you [TS]

  know went dark for a little bit yeah [TS]

  then came back in the mid-70s well they [TS]

  started you get stuff like Jai I think [TS]

  I've talking was a breakthrough because [TS]

  that's when the very first volume if [TS]

  they got into the funky stuff but also [TS]

  its when Barry started singing falsetto [TS]

  which everybody that was super weird at [TS]

  the time because they were thought of as [TS]

  being like the hollies they were thought [TS]

  of as a vocal supergroup like why is the [TS]

  lead singer in diagonal fees lead singer [TS]

  but why is the one guy singing falsetto [TS]

  now that's so strange [TS]

  hmm falsetto right which was what I mean [TS]

  that I'm saying is what they were well [TS]

  known for to us where you know some of [TS]

  our age you think the BG z Saturday [TS]

  Night Fever was the biggest album of all [TS]

  time [TS]

  big big butt but like you know that was [TS]

  that was really strange to people who [TS]

  thought of them as being this like how [TS]

  would you describe them of not full but [TS]

  like a pop-up british pop act [TS]

  yep yep and oh and you know the thing [TS]

  that I the thing that I tweeted was not [TS]

  old grey whistle test it was the [TS]

  midnight special about how we show and [TS]

  those some of that midnight special [TS]

  stuff like if you go watch heart do [TS]

  barracuda live on the midnight special [TS]

  yeah that's right rubber pretty [TS]

  wonderfully rough like there's a very [TS]

  live feeling 22 that like a cheap trick [TS]

  kind of thing like shows but you really [TS]

  see how good those bands i know how to [TS]

  accomplish that like put together they [TS]

  were there's no backing tracks then [TS]

  rolling tape there's not a metronome [TS]

  they're just going for like these are [TS]

  this is how bands were they were good [TS]

  but um but yeah like like I think a lot [TS]

  of us post Saturday Night Fever we got [TS]

  that bee gees Greatest Hits record and [TS]

  and think of all of that music is being [TS]

  sort of a disco but what's cool about [TS]

  the bee gees is they have that greatest [TS]

  hits and the music did all sound like a [TS]

  continuous sort of bee gees experience [TS]

  and not about what that felt like well [TS]

  this is their weird country phase or [TS]

  this was their weird like art metal [TS]

  phase right didn't do like trans they [TS]

  didn't like those other stage but they [TS]

  better but a lot of those tunes like how [TS]

  can you mend a broken heart whore [TS]

  famously nights on Broadway [TS]

  um that's not from Saturday Night Fever [TS]

  that's way before it [TS]

  yeah and if you go on Midnight Special [TS]

  and watch their version of nights on [TS]

  Broadway [TS]

  yes that's like two years before 7i [TS]

  favor and realize yeah you realize a [TS]

  couple of things one Robin Gibb is [TS]

  actually the because during the doing [TS]

  the disco years Robin and Maurice just [TS]

  seems like the other guys [TS]

  yeah the other guys like Robyn rule not [TS]

  so much Morris but Robin was the star [TS]

  for some of the early ones the [TS]

  funny-looking one that mean connect i [TS]

  sing so you want two nights on broadway [TS]

  on now I just wanna watch beaches videos [TS]

  all day so he so first of all Robin is [TS]

  beautiful at the time not the [TS]

  weird-looking one but somehow like the [TS]

  Charmed in the light one so super [TS]

  beautiful [TS]

  he's singing the really high parts he's [TS]

  actually standing there with no [TS]

  instrument one finger in his very [TS]

  naturally had a as the three of them go [TS]

  the lower voice he was like the not fair [TS]

  to me but he had the lower voice your [TS]

  blower of the three and cracking cells [TS]

  yeah and then buries actually playing [TS]

  the guitar rhythm guitar he's actually [TS]

  setting the whole tone and Maurice is [TS]

  playing a very funky bassline Wow and [TS]

  also singing like the third part and so [TS]

  you walk away from me going ok that's [TS]

  really good songwriting first of all [TS]

  nights on Broadway is a good song [TS]

  great i'm just sitting here purple link [TS]

  so i have watched them do this the [TS]

  midnight special nights on Broadway 1975 [TS]

  so i have watched this before [TS]

  yeah and well I suggest you watch again [TS]

  and uh and also they're just a great [TS]

  band like there's no there's nobody on [TS]

  stage with them that doesn't need to be [TS]

  there and there and it's a function so [TS]

  yeah there's a lot I mean I spent a lot [TS]

  of time down those rabbit holes because [TS]

  I'm always intrigued because you go to a [TS]

  show now and everybody's running tracks [TS]

  and everybody's hiding behind a lot of a [TS]

  lot of different sort of screams of [TS]

  production and the only people that [TS]

  aren't really are playing you know like [TS]

  cut very consciously playing strip down [TS]

  rock and roll right like it's not like [TS]

  the white stripes ever ran tracks i [TS]

  don't think [TS]

  but that was their things just like [TS]

  here's our parts around and also to also [TS]

  to keep in mind I'm thinking now of that [TS]

  Ron Howard did that Beatles days a week [TS]

  things on hulu recently it was actually [TS]

  very depressing to watch so depressing [TS]

  because it's just basically about the [TS]

  sad period of the Beatles were they [TS]

  suddenly became unexpectedly popular [TS]

  they all became very unhappy and their [TS]

  live shows [TS]

  I had no idea what I'm you know you [TS]

  always hear about all their drowned out [TS]

  of Shea Stadium what a shitshow what a [TS]

  dangerous dangerous every one of these [TS]

  events people were getting hurt like it [TS]

  was really really bad but like they had [TS]

  to go and be gamers there's they could [TS]

  not hear themselves and i mean the the [TS]

  conventional wisdom about cream in [TS]

  particular what cream was the first band [TS]

  like figured out how to really get the [TS]

  PA thing right but even going into the [TS]

  seventies eighties you could not count [TS]

  on hearing yourself on a monitor [TS]

  there's a who you know they think I [TS]

  think a marshal whatever it was name of [TS]

  Bill Marshall bob marshall i remember [TS]

  his name but I'm but I'm not remembering [TS]

  Marshall Marshall amplifier Marshall [TS]

  yeah Tony Marshall Oh Tony marshal of [TS]

  course english models [TS]

  yeah from the from the marshal Marshall [TS]

  Marshall Burdine but yeah that's right a [TS]

  marshal Bubba patois Marshall yeah I'll [TS]

  take some pain my uh so Marshall became [TS]

  I I think Marshall Johnson's that's I [TS]

  think the who went to him and said [TS]

  listen we need bigger amplifiers and he [TS]

  built the first hundred one amplifier [TS]

  for the who just because they said that [TS]

  we you know we're supporting wasn't [TS]

  Peter I want man [TS]

  yeah well uh i wad I think he started [TS]

  using hi wats little moo maybe later [TS]

  maybe earlier but Marshall Marshall [TS]

  definitely i may be getting this wrong [TS]

  but I'm nobody was just and I'm thinking [TS]

  in particular like you could play loud [TS]

  but it was very difficult for it to be [TS]

  clear i'm more into the late sixties [TS]

  this is what i don't understand because [TS]

  if you watch those beetles those early [TS]

  Beatles things there are no monitors now [TS]

  the whole thought technology of just [TS]

  turning an amp 10 days like an [TS]

  underground stone room like you look at [TS]

  the cavern club and it's basically a [TS]

  cave [TS]

  they're playing and imagine that the [TS]

  acoustics of that room [TS]

  well but I mean that's just the thing [TS]

  where you set your shit up so that you [TS]

  can hear yourself but Shea Stadium where [TS]

  you're playing and the only feedback [TS]

  you're getting is from the sound of the [TS]

  main PA or the sound of like I think [TS]

  them i think the music that was heard by [TS]

  the people in Upper shea stadium was [TS]

  coming through the announcers this [TS]

  planet is sort of like your situation [TS]

  opening the mall where like a monitor [TS]

  that's your hearing in adelaide way is [TS]

  way worse than no monitor at all [TS]

  thousand times worse said that I told [TS]

  you didn't I about Jonathan Colton's [TS]

  first time he played at pax here in [TS]

  seattle where for whatever reason [TS]

  apparently people giving keynote [TS]

  speeches or video game speeches I don't [TS]

  want to dive into that morass who up but [TS]

  don't look that up on your YouTube but [TS]

  it's it's for I don't know why but I've [TS]

  seen this subsequently but there are [TS]

  video monitors at the foot of the stage [TS]

  projecting back-to-back unto you [TS]

  your own performance I don't know if I'd [TS]

  like that at all [TS]

  I've seen this now multiple times well [TS]

  so Colton playing the show had these [TS]

  giant video video monitors at the foot [TS]

  of the stage playing back his own [TS]

  performance with a one-second delay so [TS]

  so he's not not sound but just visual [TS]

  and he's up there like hey here's my [TS]

  zombie song and and he's eq cannot watch [TS]

  it right it's right at your feet and [TS]

  it's like any television that's on your [TS]

  gonna watch because it's you know you [TS]

  know what it is LOL yeah i mean if it's [TS]

  visible yeah yeah it's the it's the drug [TS]

  of the of the youth right i mean [TS]

  television is the electronic little [TS]

  skill scott-heron sure television drug [TS]

  the nation so he huh [TS]

  television yeah television television [TS]

  television [TS]

  I'm not going to Arizona talking the [TS]

  nation so iCarly sun city and that was [TS]

  that I think that was before Colton felt [TS]

  like he had enough a a onstage time to [TS]

  demand what he wanted [TS]

  yeah sure so he was like kind of how he [TS]

  rolls it's not how he rolls but he could [TS]

  have said hey can you turn these off and [TS]

  it would have been super gentle and they [TS]

  would have turned them off right or he [TS]

  could have gotten down as I would have [TS]

  done and just unplug them without asking [TS]

  anybody but you have to think of that [TS]

  and I think they had to they had to [TS]

  think of monitors it wasn't obvious but [TS]

  when we were first starting out when I [TS]

  was first starting out as a band and we [TS]

  would show up at a thing and our amps [TS]

  were too big because we were we were [TS]

  coming from that school like well you [TS]

  need a full stack I mean we're playing [TS]

  for a flame 425 people whom we [TS]

  definitely need eight speakers / [TS]

  musician powered by a hundred and [TS]

  twenty-one amplifiers or your bass amp [TS]

  three hundred waters your friend noise [TS]

  my monitor [TS]

  yeah how is there a way that we can [TS]

  increase the like excruciating high-end [TS]

  like a little razor sharp i and my [TS]

  guitar maybe I got to mesa boogie triple [TS]

  rectifiers and took all of the you know [TS]

  just just posted the mids and highs and [TS]

  took all the base and all just you know [TS]

  just made my made the graphic EQ just a [TS]

  straight 45-degree angle up that's [TS]

  that's a good luck [TS]

  now that's nice let's get the next part [TS]

  right it's like it's on a nice selection [TS]

  yeah it would be like that scene in [TS]

  there in the tom cruise movie a risky [TS]

  business where he slams all the eq [TS]

  straight up right [TS]

  the parametric equations exercise a lot [TS]

  of people crazy to watch it seemed like [TS]

  that yeah that seems really cool but [TS]

  instead of doing that just post the [TS]

  highs and just lower them the lows my [TS]

  mom when she took over when she took [TS]

  over listening to metal in our house [TS]

  when she took over the baton was passed [TS]

  your mom yeah she took over listening to [TS]

  metal in such a way that it was no [TS]

  longer possible for me to listen to [TS]

  metal because i'm not going to be down [TS]

  in my room listening to metal why my mom [TS]

  is listening technically to better metal [TS]

  on a better stereo in her own room [TS]

  laissez-faire that just feels like what [TS]

  what are you this is you are robbing me [TS]

  of my childhood but she didn't care and [TS]

  she had an EQ on her own stereo which I [TS]

  did not have online [TS]

  and she just boosted the base and took [TS]

  everything I mean every frequency that [TS]

  she could above 4k I want five seasons [TS]

  of a network show up on your mom she's [TS]

  just you just put it all down so you [TS]

  hear from her room why would Real Black [TS]

  Sabbath room forever and then 0 0 0 just [TS]

  barely like faintest faintest robert [TS]

  plant that you could imagine [TS]

  uh-huh you like a homeopathic doses per [TS]

  click [TS]

  she's just like how can i get that [TS]

  annoying sound out of my speaker so uh [TS]

  what I what I learned early on was that [TS]

  we just carried an extra amp which was [TS]

  like a pv bass amp amp that none of us [TS]

  really wanted one of those amps that's [TS]

  just hanging around your practice studio [TS]

  they're like where's that damn come from [TS]

  and at first if you ask that question [TS]

  early enough like somebody in your [TS]

  organization will say oh that's that pv [TS]

  bass amp that is that I got from my [TS]

  older brother or my brother's friend and [TS]

  I just needed a place to store because [TS]

  I'd forgotten amp right but if you ask [TS]

  that question after it's been there for [TS]

  six months it was what's the story with [TS]

  this amp it's already too late let the [TS]

  memory how it got here some ring exactly [TS]

  but so we took one of those amps to [TS]

  every show and if the PA was not capable [TS]

  of giving you monitor back you just take [TS]

  a quarter inch out and stick it into the [TS]

  front of this even happen mostly vocals [TS]

  yeah and you just put all the vocals and [TS]

  then you set it down on the basically on [TS]

  the floor in front of you with a [TS]

  cinderblock propping it up there's your [TS]

  there's your vocals [TS]

  I mean it and we never played a room and [TS]

  we were loud we were so much louder than [TS]

  you need to be never played a room where [TS]

  you couldn't hear your vocals if you had [TS]

  a pv base and pointed at your face so I [TS]

  don't understand how that wasn't a [TS]

  technology that was available if you if [TS]

  you took an early tweed fender twin and [TS]

  put it at the feet of John lemon and ran [TS]

  a quarter inch into it with his vocals [TS]

  in [TS]

  a really good question that's a very [TS]

  good question i I'm gonna guess knowing [TS]

  nothing about this i'm gonna guess it [TS]

  has something to do with feedback [TS]

  well yeah but you can control that too i [TS]

  mean even with the technology that they [TS]

  had at the time they would have been [TS]

  able to at least give him some [TS]

  augmentation and at Shea Stadium [TS]

  I mean they're playing through AC [TS]

  thirties I mean you couldn't hear that [TS]

  amp in the first row of it so that had [TS]

  the only thing that people in the stands [TS]

  were hearing was mic'd instruments so [TS]

  their amps actually didn't need to be [TS]

  that loud they are there onstage volume [TS]

  could have been very manageable it [TS]

  would've been if you had just taken some [TS]

  amps and put them at their feet and I [TS]

  just think it was a thing hadn't [TS]

  occurred to them [TS]

  wait maybe maybe we had to you know John [TS]

  Vanderslice hadn't come along would have [TS]

  had to invent him that's a man who knows [TS]

  how to set up a room we did invent John [TS]

  pants is that right that that [TS]

  responsibility is on us we we bear that [TS]

  we bear the cost heavy hangs the eating [TS]

  thing has me in a room and his shows I [TS]

  school with the hottest shows i was just [TS]

  always so amazed with how it sounded it [TS]

  wasn't gonna put this is just exquisite [TS]

  it wasn't too loud you can hear every [TS]

  single note like he really knew like [TS]

  this particular Club this is how to set [TS]

  it up for this room and I wish that [TS]

  everybody had like a John Vanderslice in [TS]

  their life to like make make it sound [TS]

  right for the room and I know that's [TS]

  different for every band but i think he [TS]

  given what he did and they like how how [TS]

  much you value d exquisite subtle sounds [TS]

  and what he was making you know what I [TS]

  mean [TS]

  oh I do because yes I've been on tour [TS]

  with him and also on tour with a lot of [TS]

  other people can spot your trailer [TS]

  included [TS]

  that's right including people know this [TS]

  is strange his trailer he would kill [TS]

  trailer he is just trying to weasel out [TS]

  of paying me the money that I was [TS]

  overdriving to go back to that sometime [TS]

  that was I think we talked about this [TS]

  but all poor sean i'm not sure did we [TS]

  talk about it [TS]

  oh no I'm pretty sure we did because [TS]

  that's that's got to be up there with [TS]

  the north face story [TS]

  oh boy i know that we've talked about it [TS]

  thousand times I just don't know I just [TS]

  didn't know that he's ready to see a [TS]

  side of you that I had not seen I was [TS]

  not ready to see that side of him that I [TS]

  had not seen well sure and I mean I [TS]

  think at the time there was quite a [TS]

  pounding from the from the audience [TS]

  which was what they were five of us [TS]

  there in this abandoned parking lot like [TS]

  Michael Sean that's right now they're [TS]

  forcin you and Madeline was there too [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  oh man was there to do ya and [TS]

  vanderslice and I going back and forth [TS]

  like well i guess i'm going to take this [TS]

  trailer and I'm gonna just drive it into [TS]

  the ocean eyeball-to-eyeball anybody's [TS]

  it was it was barely civil well in [TS]

  what's crazy is he promised me stop to [TS]

  get out of that negotiation that he's [TS]

  been removed on later but I'm not here [TS]

  to talk and hear settle scores let's [TS]

  just say time travel is lonely I think [TS]

  we can all agree on time travel you know [TS]

  vanderslice that was the first time I [TS]

  ever saw a live show where someone was [TS]

  playing tracks it was uh yeah well he [TS]

  made the decision feeling blue billions [TS]

  of the pool while [TS]

  yeah he had that stuff running through [TS]

  the PA and I had never seen it before [TS]

  and you know he wasn't he was an early [TS]

  adopter vanderslice was always an early [TS]

  adopter not just of technology and sound [TS]

  but also you remember his drummer that [TS]

  did the Rising Sun symbol changes you [TS]

  saw those shows right i don't remember [TS]

  that where he hired a drummer from [TS]

  somewhere who was one of those you [TS]

  you've seen the youtube video of the [TS]

  drummer that's in the wrong band you [TS]

  know everything that no google a drummer [TS]

  in the wrong the wrong band [TS]

  let's not do this drummer is at the [TS]

  wrong gig [TS]

  alright yeah drama the wrong gig and [TS]

  better slice hired a drummer at the [TS]

  wrong gig style drummer who first of all [TS]

  how does the whole like playing sharp [TS]

  dressed man yeah [TS]

  oh my god this is fantastic it's ok [TS]

  sorry this is so good opener flies had a [TS]

  guy like this who was a fantastic [TS]

  drummer would be wasn't like a jokey jon [TS]

  wurster throw it in for a little bit of [TS]

  fun this guy was full-on like spin spin [TS]

  the sticks kind of guy [TS]

  this was his show I is dry [TS]

  it was set up in the center of the stage [TS]

  and vanderslice was maybe sitting in a [TS]

  chair on the side of the thing maybe not [TS]

  even in the light and he would do this [TS]

  so he's playing just big big big [TS]

  theatrical drum show and he would change [TS]

  his cymbals midsole he would be playing [TS]

  change his symbols like because he [TS]

  needed to was like breaking a string [TS]

  this was part of the bit [TS]

  yeah he he decided in his interpretation [TS]

  of the music that a certain point in the [TS]

  song he needed a different symbol then [TS]

  he could have never heard of I've never [TS]

  heard that before [TS]

  well because you never will again [TS]

  because it's it's crazy but he would [TS]

  take his symbol off the symbols and now [TS]

  the song is going on and he oh he's [TS]

  continuing to play the drums he would [TS]

  take his symbol off the symbols and [TS]

  unscrew it take it off and then hold it [TS]

  over his head in a in a gesture of the [TS]

  Sun rises in the East reaches its apex [TS]

  and sets in the west like he would hold [TS]

  the symbols as if there's some kind of a [TS]

  movement or dance component absolutely a [TS]

  dance component the Sun would rise in [TS]

  the east set in the West this is all in [TS]

  time with the music he's a great [TS]

  musician and then another symbol would [TS]

  come out of the cymbal bag it would rise [TS]

  in the West my goodness and set in the [TS]

  east upon the cymbal stand where it [TS]

  would then be screwed down and played [TS]

  all this happening in the middle in the [TS]

  middle of time travel is love the 22 so [TS]

  very impressive work but also mean the [TS]

  first time I saw John Vanderslice he had [TS]

  a Chapman Stick player in the hall [TS]

  yes yes yes uh-huh early iteration of [TS]

  his band had a Chapman Stick player who [TS]

  English a trend behind who made Chapman [TS]

  Stick face down everson guitar that's 10 [TS]

  times worse than guitar face you ever [TS]

  googled Chapman Stick faith [TS]

  if you use the internet different [TS]

  spelling right now go get six total tony [TS]

  levin is the only person I can think of [TS]

  when I think of a Chapman Stick iik [TS]

  chapman and tony levin is a professional [TS]

  enough musician that he doesn't really [TS]

  make Chapman Stick face not like [TS]

  somebody could he could he could he [TS]

  could do he he has enough bandwidth he [TS]

  could play to chapman sticks and make [TS]

  travels doing amazing god oh my gosh [TS]

  but we do use the internet in different [TS]

  ways and you know people often write a [TS]

  right little tweets to you and me even [TS]

  email sometimes sure where they say John [TS]

  Robert does not know about technology [TS]

  well or they speculate they speculate [TS]

  whether or not i dunno about technology [TS]

  and pretending not to or I just don't [TS]

  know about technology and don't know [TS]

  that I don't know [TS]

  oh that's right they got one person [TS]

  brought the dunning-kruger effect which [TS]

  I know kind of group right and what they [TS]

  don't realize is that i use the internet [TS]

  all the time to look up chat Chapman [TS]

  Stick face and I doubt that they're [TS]

  using internet that way so who knows how [TS]

  do you just sent me a music video that [TS]

  over 30 million people have seen that [TS]

  never seen or heard anything and I [TS]

  battle got more hits than David pumpkins [TS]

  you know drummer who's you know the [TS]

  wrong band watch David pumpkins have you [TS]

  seen that David pumpkins I never saw i [TS]

  missed our animals writing capybaras so [TS]

  that's true yeah you know again we got [TS]

  some nice feedback from people about the [TS]

  capybaras I think we helped a lot of [TS]

  people with that [TS]

  yeah I think we do every episode i think [TS]

  we we are definitely a harbinger for the [TS]

  future here just bringing up this whole [TS]

  issue I mean you've heard a little bit [TS]

  of a chatter about comfort animals but I [TS]

  i think we have really elevated level [TS]

  discussion about this [TS]

  well sure it's it's easy to it's easy to [TS]

  say it's easy to sit with a t-shirt [TS]

  cannon [TS]

  yeah about comfort animals but when you [TS]

  realize comfort animals are the future [TS]

  of civilization now where are you now [TS]

  which internet are you now which and [TS]

  which in turn am I on yeah right which-- [TS]

  that's it that's a question we don't ask [TS]

  ourselves enough now which what which [TS]

  internet is my internet there's [TS]

  different internets yeah don't don't [TS]

  think that your internet is the same [TS]

  internet is somebody else's internet [TS]

  even somebody sitting in the same room [TS]

  as you thought about badlipreading you [TS]

  seen this too much you've seen [TS]

  you've seen Santana jams oh yeah okay [TS]

  I've seen those I've seen those what [TS]

  about trying to think of some other ones [TS]

  out what about that the hamsters are [TS]

  eating tiny food have you seen that [TS]

  hmm i think you know hamsters eating [TS]

  tiny food is just like spending a [TS]

  weekend with a man look at the burrito [TS]